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An lloriovahle Pronmllloii? Mr. Phis Ion,
the inventor of the Chemical Hair Balsam. i>ropo?cs to any
pen 111 whose hair is beginning to fall out or to those who are
t <ou lilail with tl iiidruir, th it if tliry uae lu< 13 a Is i n tun d n a,
-ii I it duet not entirely atop filloi t out or remove the dandruff,
t > refund the money. The success which has attended in ap
11icatiou in all instances, haa induced the p:oprietor to make
tin. otrer.
Sold Ken nine only by F.dwird Pinion, Professor of Wif ma
king and Hair cutting, 214 Broadway.
For Ageuta, aee advert iaeineut.
Portable Slnivlii^r C uses?The Mubucilbei'*
having perfected and finished a variety of the above, offer the
same a* tin- in at complete yet invented, auitible to the wmita
of the travelling public, containing all that ia nereaaary for
the toiler, with the addition of the Metallic Tablet Strop, for
aharpeui ig and keeping razors in the moat perfect order
O. SAUNDLRS Hi SON". 177 Broadway,
Opposite Howard's Hotel.
Profe??or Pluntbe.?In one of bin recent
leltrra, Willi* apeak* of a Troubadour who waa ?o idolized by
the women, th it after Ilia death they bore li m to hi* grave upon
their shoulders Should a similar cuetom ever prevail iu this
country, we doubt not Professor Plumbe will he buried with
the same honors, for though he has never sung the praises of
woman, he 'ha* donelinnre than any other inan living to
transmit to posterity, faithful aud imperishable portraits of his
fair countrywomen. _
Let all who wish to enjoy an hour of unalloyed pleasure vi
sit Ins gallery, 251 Broadway, and they Will readily endorse our
A Common Cold and Cougli.-It should be
renumbered that a cough is alwaya an evidence that some im
purity ht? lodgtd iu the lungs, and wnirli il not speedily re
moved will so irritate these delicate or alis, us soouer or later
l,> bring on an inflammation of the lunga?a form of di ease
which we all know is the high rea l to consumption.
Wr-gift's Indian Vegetable Pills are a most delightful nudi
cuie f r carrying otf a cold, because tliey etpcl from the s>s
tem all in irlnd aud corrupt humors, the cause of every kiud of
diaei se, in so easy ai-d ua ural a insiuier, that the body i? re
lieved isf all its suffering, as if by magiug. Keur or live of said
ludmo Veget ilile pills taaeu every night on going to bed, will
in a short tune remove the most ebstmatc cold, at the same
time th digestive organs will be restored to a healthy tone,
and the blood so completely purified, that inflammation of the
lungs, consumption, orauy other form of disease will be abso
lutilv impossible.
It s'houldnlso be remembered that a man by the name of Wm
M Spears, who sell* medicine purporting to he Indian Pills, at
III? corner of Race mid Front sts, Plula,. is not an agent of mine,
neither can I guarantee as genuine any that he lias for sale.
The only security sgauut imposition is to purchise of person*
of Unblemished character, or at the office aud general depot,
.No. *38 Greenwich street. New York
Illll'ii Infallible Unguent tar preserving
and I beautifying the Hair ?Owing to frequent inquiries from
individuals of both sexes iu and about the central se etion of the
city, why I didn't appoint an agency up there, I would atate
that such lias now been done at J. Jarvia'a thread, needle and
fuicy store. No. 035 Broadway, where a goodly supply of the
Unguent will alwava be found, aud no person afflicted with
pityriasis or any exfoliation of the cuticle or scalp, falling of
the hair, dryness, baldness, Ac , should be wjthout it. Prin
cipal office, No. 13 Nassau street For certificates aud other
agenciessre advertisement.
Friday, Nov. 14-0 P.M.
1 ho (took market appears to bo in a very unsettled
state, and prices fluctuate from day to day several per
cent. The daily sales are very largo, and whether at an
advance or a decline, there seems to be extensive opera
tors in the market, determined to speculate in some way.
1 he cornering business is now confined almost entirely
to Stoningtou and North American Trust; and the two
rival Railroad stocks?Norwich and Worcester and Long
Island?are falling back to the old range of prices. Quo.
tations for Stonington went up to-day >4 per cent: North
Ameriaan Trust lj ; .Morris Canal j j Farmers' Loan J|
Illinois j ; Reading Railroad lj ; and Harlem 1 ; Canton
closed fi;m at yesterdays prices; while Norwich ai d
Worcester fell off 1 per cent; Long Island 1} ; and Penn
sylvania Fives J. Government and State stocks are very
quiot, and tho sales mado are generally at a decline in
There has boen, within the past few days, a very great
change in the operations of some ot the most prominent
speculators in the street. Some of the most rabid bears
have become roaring bulls, and are as loud in their pro
phesies that prices will go ten and twenty per cent,
above those now ruling, as they wore a short time since
that prices were going as far below present quotations.
These changes are continually going on in the market,
and it would be something out of the usual order of
things should the same operator remain the same side of
the fence more than a week or two ot a time.
The bills of the City Bank of .Montreal are no longer
redeemed in this city at the agency. .Many have been
deceived in taking these bills, supposing them to be the
isiqies of the City Bank ot this city, which they resemble. I
The explosion of the agency may drive them out of cir
culation, which very few would regret.
The demand to-day for foreign F.xchange was model
rate, and the supply of bills offered was large. We quote
prime bills on London at 8J a gj per cent premium. On
Paris Sf. 26j a &f. ifi. Amsterdam 39J a 39j. Hamburg 1
3f>jJa 36. Bremen 78j a 79.
Counterfeit five dollar notes, purporting to be on tho !
Orange Bank of New York, are in extensive circula- I
tion in Philadelphia.
W i an nex the current quotations for State and oth6r
stocks, in tnis market, compared with those ruling at two
previous periods :
Pricks or Stock, in the New York Market.
? i)n? t(r:e,n' 1845. 1845. 1845
United States.'? log
:: U
4 1816-7-8-9 - - _ J _ I Z i
4 l8,')0-!-3 ? a ? - J _ ,02
4 I8J4-58 101 a- - ?oi _ " ni
m " u !?8^r ,o-i V-* z ioi?z
Ohio, , ? jgj,, 96 a 96>* 96!**? 9.V* gat*
4 97^a - 97!** 97J* 97?*a ? '
ii - IivHr-jo a? ? a ? US h 87
Kentnekv 1 I04)*al0j ? a ? 101'*a 1
Kentucky, 6 __ 10IV101,1* lOOXalOI)* -*101'*
ISISS' ? 'f 37 a 37f| 37 * ? V a
Arknisas, s !L1**" ~ H 38 * _
Alabama, r, ? a? fj? a ? Z " _ {
rixi:r:,i E iK?- " W'i" !
NVorkCty.7 ,8,7 ?"? {^uT 1,7 **,U |
t? * ? 1?7 a ? ? a ? i
5 lRM-a - 99 *100 - a 99
BkCom'eN. Y.^full ' ^ ii*
-f !=
^k rfulS'in Va ?%? i ?
Syracuse 8c t he* Railroidf' - I f J128 127 ',2?
Auburn Ac.SvraruaF lr.ili'sf ?
K U- 'g^'grj
o increasing excitement in relation to the Oregon
question,and tho certainty that exists of the decided tone
of the resident's message, in relation to the claim of this
country to the whole of the territory in dispute, have had
a very unfavorable influence upon price, of government
and State stocks, and a steady declu ? has been expe
rienced during the past few weeks. Private advice, from
London, f'om the highest sources, state that the govern
ment of Orcat Britain will not be trifled with upon this
quest,on-that they have claims to a portion of Oregon
that must he respected, and that the British
government seriously entertain the idea of giving
the required notice to this government, for a cessation o!
the mutual occupancy, should this session of Congress
pan without its emanating from our government
It is necessary that this question should be brought to
a final settlement as soon as possible. So long as it re'
mains open, commercial and financial affairs must bo a I
all times unsettled-subject to all kinds of fluctuation,
and the uncertainty that must hang over every interest
of the country, foreign and domestic, must restrict opera
tions very much, and seriously check every enterprise
of our citizens. We want permanency in all our com
m. tciHl relations; there must be a stability in all our fo
reign affair, that will give confidence to the merchant, the
manufacturer, the mechanic and the capitalist. So long as
this question remains open, the market value of all our
best securities will he depreciated, and capitalists
feariul of tho effect of any agitation of this subject from
timo to time upon these investments, will be induced to
withdraw their funds altogether, and sutler them to ro
maia on deposit in tho vaults of our banks, rather than
ru n the risk of loss on stocks. Our commerce must feel
the evil effects of a continual agitation of this affair, and
our merchants will restrict their foreign operations, ra
ther than be liarrassed with the doubts and foars antici
pated difficulties with Great Britain must produce. The
manufacturing classes neither gain or lose much by the
uncertainty that hangs upon these questions, but the re
sult of ncmal hostilities between this country and Great
Britain would be rather favorable to this interest than
otherwise, a. a non-intercourse with the prncipal manu
factoring country of Europe would build up manufac
tories in tho United States more rapidly than My tariff
ever invented or adopted could in an age
It has been the fate of every interest of this country
since its earliest history, to he continually unsettled bv
the agitation of some question, upon the issue of which
depended in a groat meastiro the prosperity of ovory oi
involved- During tho thirty years of peace with every
foreign country, wo have not been been free from some
political or commercial movomont, deranging tho legiti
mate laws of trade, and from time to time depressing the
markets, deranging our hanking systems, and producing
panics In everything connected with commerce, which
?ro ma do use of hy the most doaporate speculators and
frequently p.ovo immensely profitable to that class of
npeiators. The careful, legitimate merchant is fright
?ned iron, his usual course ofbtisinoss, and contracts his
movements, which is taken advantage of by those hav
mg nothing to loso, and everything to gain. Tho result
of nil these panic* has shown that a steady course
would hava been unattended with the ruin predicted
and that the excitement produced at the timu, wo* aug
mented as much us possible by those wishing to mske
foitiiues out of the depression.
Until our foreign and commercial relations are perma
nently settled, there must be, at all times, imminent dan
ger of these panics. It is necessary for the establish
ment of u healthy prosperity that all causes for these de.
rangements should be done away with as much and as
rapidly us possible, and on this ground all parties, both iu
this country aud in Europe, must be extremely anxious
for a speedy settlement ofthe Oregon, anj all otherques
tious at issue.
The probability of a resumption of payment within the
next year, of at least two States in the Union?Mary land
and Michigan?and the great improvement permanent
peHce must produce in the value of all State securities,
within the next live years, will make these stocks a bet
ter investment than many capitalists imagine. The cur.
rent low prices oi the bonds of Illinois has induced the
formation of a company for the purchase of the Spring
field and Meredosia Railroad of tho State, which will
probably draw at least $200,000 from the market. Laige
sales ot State lands have been made for the bonds, one in
dividuul having puichased $30,000 worth for that pur'
pose. All tnese things improve the finances of the State
bring about improvements in the internal works, and in
crease the'prosperity and population of the common
Wealth. The completion of the canal?the improve,
mant of the Illinois river?and the transfer of the
IUilioad to the hands of individuals ? will advance
the market value of the productions ofthe State by fur
nishing outlets for the surplus. There are about 660,000
acres of ruilroad and canul lands in the State, whioli are
rapidly being settled. The population is increasing
faster than that of any other State in the Union, and tho
value of taxable property will in a few years be so
great that a very moderate rate of tasation will suffice
to produce a revenuo large enough to meet tho annual
demands upon the Treasury. Bonds ef the Slate of Illi
nois of $1000, with four years interest, making the whole
$1,240, are selling in this market for $S70 or $870 less
than the par value, which is equal to about eighteen
years interest at six per cent; it therefore appears that
at present prices, theso bonds are a good investment
should the State not pay the interest on her public debt <
before 1803. Every delinquent State in the Union will
eventually pay every fraction of the interest in arrears
on their debts, and we have no doubt but that the full
annual ir.terest ou the debt of Illinois will he paid every
year promptly in lesa than ten years, which makes the
bonds of the State, at present prices, a twelve percent
Old Stock Kxchaiiet.
'6J 109>s 400 shs Morris Canal 22 V
16000 Ohio 7 ? 101 200 do h00 2vi
WOO do 10IV 50 do SaS
2000 Ohio 6'a '60 97V 25 do hsn A*
?J2JJ _ do TO 97 50 East Boston Co -16
20000 Peun 5's 73V 100 do ifii
S000 .do *60 73V 50 do ,90 6'
5000 do s30 73V 100 Erie Kit b60 35
4000 do 73J. 60 do 3? V
5000 do b90if 30 74 125 do 31'
?000 Reading RR Bds 69 HO do 35
'innn 111- b i VI** ,0 Honsstomc RR 31
5000 Illinois Special 37 50 do b90af 30 32
8 50 Manhattan Bank 100V 10 Stouingtou RK 41
55 Bank Com full 96?, 75 do 42
10" V?ck?bn'g B?"1< ?* 50 do s30 4 2
100 N A Trust 1J 300 do 43
124 do 14 100 do 42V
250 do 14 V 50 do b30 42V
5> ?4 do 14 V 65 do 421^
>5? r b70 14!, 100 do t60 43
225 Farmers' Trust 33!, 50 Nor It Wor RR 85
100 do b30 33?% 50 do blO 8154
200 Canton Co 4?V 50 d , bM 1 ?
100 Harlem RR b60 67 100 do 1.30 81 v!
50 L Island Kit ?60 7. 300 do
50 do s30 75 200 Reading RR
'on d? 76V 350 do M
50 do blO 76.V 200 do a 10 56
1? do 76V. 150 do b60 56
50 do 76!, 150 do blO 5534
25 Mohawk RR 56!* 50 do b60 5"V
125 Wilin RR 47 50 do b 111 55 *'
150 do a90 47 50 do \\r
50 do s60 47 200 do 551"
50 do 47 V '*
Second Board,
50 Morris Canal 23 550 Reading RIt b60 54V
100 <10 23V 50 do 5V
225 Stoningtoii 42 100 Nor St Wor b60 84
do 42 50 do blO 8)
50 do b30 4 2 250 do b30 81
50 N A Trust b20 15 50 <lo gj
50 do 14V 50 do b3 84U
do ?90 13 50 Farmers'Loan 33'.
6000 State NY 103
lew Stock Kxchange.
50 ihs Farmers' Trust 33V 25 shi Erie RR 35
25 Canton Co s3 44?J 25 Stoningtoii RR 41V
25 do 44V 75 do 4W
50 East Boston ca?li 16 25 Nor St Wor rash 85
25 L Island RR 1.3 763s 50 do cash 84 V
50 do sS 76V 25 Reading RR b3U 56 V
% do c"^\Xk * J" sl0Wt
On the evening of the 13th, by the Rev. Dr. Hutton
Mr. Chas. H. Tink to Miss Evei.iisA Camf.iii.kn,all of this
813 J
56 V
On Thursday evening, Wm. C. Scott, jr., in the 14th
year of his ago.
The friends of the family, and the members of Grove
Lodge No. 58 1. O. of O. F , Hancock Division No. '23 8
of T., and Ark Tent No. 61, I. O. of R., are respectfully
requested to attend the funeral from his father's resi
dence, No. 187 Franklin street, on Saturday afternoon
the 15th inst., at half-past 3 o'clock.
On yesterday, at 4} o'clock P. M., Mrs. Frakcis Ma
thixu, widow of Andrew Mathieu, Dative of France.
Her funeral will take place to-morrow (Sunday) at H
o'clock P. M-. from tho residence of her son, Joseph Ma
thieu, No. 97 Dunne street.
? n Friday morning, Nov. 14th, of consumption, Mr.
Jamkj Rccihow, in the 31st year of his age.
Funeral services will he performed at his late resi
dence, 55 Courtlandt street, 011 Sunday, the 16 inst., at 2
o'clock P. M , at which time the relatives and friends of
the family are invited to afend. His remains will he
conveyed to Brooklyn for interment.
On yesterday morning,the 14th inst., Mill Mary Htir
widow of Andrew flyer, aged 83 years.
Her friends and acquaintances, and those of her sons
Andrew, John and Oeorge, and those of her son-in-law '
John Evans, and the New York, pilots, are respectfully
invited to attend the luneral on Sunday afternoon next at
4 o'clock, from tier late residence, No. 10 Essex street
without further invitation.
At Nowark, N. J., on Thursday morning, 14th inst.,
Kuward Marrknah yo- gest son of William and Eliza
beth Penne, aged 7 months and 23days.
The relatives and friends of the family are invited to
attend the funeral at Newark, on Sunday, leaving hero
by the 9 o'clock morning train,
New York, Novemlier 14th 1815. S
for the above steamer will be cloaed at this cffice oil Situ
day, the 15th inataut, at 3X P. M. Postage on all letters mint
be prepaid 10 Boston. Letter! of half an ounce or under 5 cents;
and each additional hall ounce 5 cents.
nil 2trc ROBERT H. MORRI8, P. M.
N Tfi-MORKOW, (Sunday,1 the Hev. John Fletcher, VI.
A.. ofEieter College, Oxford, will preach in the Anglo
American Free Church of Saiot George the Martyr No IOC
Broadway, in the morning' at MX; land the Rev. Professor
Height, Rector of All Saints'.Cluircli, in the evening at 7>f
Seats Free?British Emigrants and English Residents are
part cularly invited to a'lend. nl5 lt*rc ]
^f-{\ BALES English Seine Twine, assorted sires,
fx' 450 Buiidps 2 and 3 thread India do do
100 Bales Cotton Seinpand Wrapping (0
2000 Casks Cut Nails, Brads and spikes.
75 Bales Shoe Thread, assorted qualities
2 and 3 cord (Jilting Twine, Wool do; Brown do: Ma- |
nilla and Hemp Cordage; Carpet Warp; Matting, Sic , Ike , for
sale by CK.BRA Si CUMINO, !
n!5 It'r 106 Pearl street.
The Twelfth Number of Alexander Flcteher's
f|3HIS Edition of the Holy Scriptures lias already received
A the approbation of the American Clergy of all denomina
tion. Mr. Kb teller's abilitiea for the task he has undertaken,
are well known. The notes, like the engravings, are so con
trived, as not to interrupt the sscred text. The examination ol
the work's its best advertisement No 12 has a beautiful en
gr tviiig of "Jepti.ali's Hit urn " The twelve numbers already
issued allow good evidence that the publisher s department will
nit vary, except for the belter. Single numbers 25 cents.
ll!5 lt*r 26 John street.
This Day Published, at 12? Cents, No. 3 of
Edited by clahkson t collins, m. d , Dupe?
sary Physician, formerly connected with the New York
Asylum for Lying-in- Women, nlso late Ward Vaccine Physi
Professor Mott'a Cliniqoe at the Medt al Department ofthe
University, Saturday, Ort. iter lllth, 1815. Professor Parker's
Cliniqueat the College of Physicians andSurgenns,Monday, !
October 20th, 1845. Pit.feasor Mott'a Ciinione, Saturday, Oct.
25th, 1845 Professor Parker's Clinique, Monday, Oct. 27th.
1815 From the New York Hospital, Case of Acute Olossitis,
by Dr Moses, Kesideiit Plijstcian Vitalism, No. I, by John
B. Newman. M. D. Turning, in Artn and Shoulder Presenta
tions. by S. B. Phillips, M. D. Editorial Department?Tying
the Subclavian Artery within the Sealetii Mttsc'es of the left
side for Aneurism. A Case of Compression of the Brain, hi
which Dr. Mott operated. New Publications. Weekly Re
yortol Dealhstn New York City. Terms $1 per annum, ptya
me in advance. Subscription received bv the Proprietor, at 173
Eat; Broadway To be had also of J. <k 11 <2. Ling lev. 8 Aster
House; Wiley Ik Putnam, 161 Broadway; S. S. (x W. Wood,
261 Pea'1 street. nl4 3t*rc
rpEETH iuserted without pain, and warranted good as the
JL natural ones, for biting and m miration.
A complete dotthie let of best mineral Teeth on
line gold plates, $50 IK)
A set of best mineral Teeth, on fine gold p'ate,
for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric
pressure, 30 00
Single Tooth, from $1 00 to 5 HO
Plugging Teeth with (Jnld.frotn 75 to 1 50
By l)r JONES, corner of Canal street and Broadway, en
trance in ('anal street nIS It'rr.
A ND OPERATIVE SUHOEON, attends to Diseases of
X\. the Eye and to nil Imperfections of Vision, frotn It to 4
o clock at hia residence, 261 Broadway, coiner ol Warreu at.
Ophthalmia. Stoppage ofthe Tear Paatage, Cataract and
Opacities, effjwiuajfy removed.
AMAUnUola treated with gre t attention and iQCCfM.
Inveterate cases of STRABISMUS, or Sqiiintii g, cured in
a lew minutes.
ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted that can scarcely he dts
(iiignished Irom the natural.
Office! and residence 261 Broadway?entrance IH Warten
?'rc?t n!5 It'mc
|A FATHERS?4,000 lbs. Live Oeese Feathers recently rv
r reived uud lor ?*le by E. K. COLLINS li CO ,
D mo 56 Sonth it.
JMf 10,WO AIL ANTIIUS, fro-e ten to twenty feet iu height,
JKHwill b- fold low, by the dozen or more, rating irovlly
_4ta?-tri>iri iO cent-to SI i"Cti Alio, splendid Lnidei ?, Silver
Maple, Weeping Kim, English auif Scotch Elm*. \ great
number <?( B lm of G lead Fir, of verv splendid and regular
loini, and from four to Afteeu (?<?' in height.
l td Fulton atreet.
Prince'a Nuraen?s, Fltl?hing. Nov ISI1 "II 3tU*rc
? A CAS or Rocks way Carii ige, eigtlier new
or Rightly useJ, iu best running order, and
either with or without a ttroug servicable
? .uuit-.a W. W., box 2,317, Principal Pott Ofce.
UT AN'l'hb?by two respectable young wi met,aituatiout,
one to do plaiu cookn g. wtialin g and ironing, or to do
clumber work and inuid ? hildren. and the other to do chamber
Wirkauduaitt the washing and iiouing, or aeauiatreat and
children'a nurse The beat city refe/encca given. Please a p
fly at ill Crag y atreet, in the basement. lilt lt*r
/ 1 ENTLEMEN and Families cau obtain the full value lor
VI nil kinds of snpertlaona effects they with to dispose of,
audi a? l.idie- and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Fire
Anna, Furniture, Sic. (jeutlcuo 11 leaving or reluming to I he
c ity will find it to their advantava to aeudfortle >ubac ile*r,
who jiltdn ? himself to give a I ir pure lor all arliclea olfered.
N B?Aline through the I'oat Olhce will Ire promptly at
tended to T. LEVENHTYN,
i>27 lin'mo ltd Bnrdway, up stairs.
VKEW ACTIVE YUUMJ MEN to go South or West, to
act aa A.-i uta lor tlie a lie of new aud |>opu! r t ubliealious
$300 over anil above their eipetiaea will be luanred to tl.rin in
writing, w.lh au opportunity >?f clearing SlOOtl per year -S- me
men now in our employ w ill, no doubt tnaiV over $|00U per
year clear of lle?|ieu?e. Each will liave hit district It will
he neceasary lor th.in t have at lei.i f.oin t!6 to $10 to obtain
a good fitting out. Apply it KHl NCH'S Publishing Hall. 295
Uro. dway, up alaira All It Itera inuitt he poat paid
o4 iin r
'I'HE PROPHla.Tt)R of tliia Sanative bega rea| ectfully to
1 infoiiu the inhabitants of this city and the pu lie generally,
tli >t he la iiow prepaied to furnish them with tint invaluable
remedy. And ,0I presenting t hia great remedy to the public, tic
proprietor deems it only uecea.ay to state tliat he alone ia ac
quainted with the art of preparing it, and frutn long and practi
cal acqu uutance w<th the iugredieiita ol which it ia composed,
and tin ir ample and auuative effects iu preserving and rea ormg
health, he it fully enabled to assure t oil, III it thia m-lllctue
it one poaseaaiug medi'-uial properties far auppaaaing any thing
heretofore offered for the rehel ol autfeiiug liuinanity,or for the
restoration of health; indeed, an loteul arc ita po?era for good
over the humaii frame that it requires a iloae ao small to accom
plish ita effects, that many might feel diao sed, from that cir
cumstance, to rank it among the many use [eat noa'ruina of the '
day Bui the day of superstition and ignorance has passt d by, |
and the highly cultivated inind of man has discovered that the
curative virtue and quality of any of the medicinal plants and
herbs, does not so much depeud upon quantity as upon the
quality fair I v extracted and fully understood Although this ;
sanative it thus almost all powerful iu restoring henllh, and ar- |
rotting diseased action, yet ?o p-rfectly safe and certain is it in J
its administration, that it cmi be taken at all liines and under
nil oicumst inees. The proprietor, therefore, under the fullest
assurance tlct this sanative will accomplish ail that he states,
unhesitatingly recommends it aa a general remedy for disease
(believing as he does thai disease is but ohe and the same thing
although presented in different forms,) but esia-cially for th t
following viz:?Asthma, Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Bron
chitis, Dyspepsia, Liver t 'omp ami in nil its forms. Indigestion,
Costiveiiesa, Headache, Palpitation and other diseases of the
Heart, want ol appetite. Hypochondria and other di.euses of the
Nerves, Palsy, Gout, Gravel, and all affection of the Kidneys,
and Scrofula in all its various forms. Dose five drops for au
adult person?younger |*-rsons iu proportion. Full directions
w ith each bottle. Sold wholesale and retail by the Agent, 330
Hudson street, New York.uud the principal druggists through
oat the city and country. ull lm*r
"VALUE and importance OF TEETH, li
'| HI OS If. suffering from a deficiency of these iuvsluable or
A (ana,can hava artificial substitutes, so beautifully adapted
as even to deceive the mm. and that, too, without having to
tind.rgo any painful ope'stions?facilitating the speech and
preventing that exhaustion of the lungs and chest, consequent
upon the increased quantity of breath required iu speaking
where the teeth are gone. Dr. Castle's methods are in strict
accordance witti anatomical mechanism and dental science.
Dr. C refers tu the Spanish, English and French Atnbassa
dors; the British and Snauiih Consult, N, Y ; Dr. 1-'. U. John
ston; Dr. Russel, U. a. A.; Lieutenant Ohuliiclt, U, 8. N.
Lieutentant Johnson, U. S N., Stc. Sic.
A. C. CASTLE, M.D.. Dentist,
nl.'i lt*mc 381 Broadway,
UOI I cheerfully comply with the request of Lieutenant
.Vlclutosh, to state that he was invalided home ill consequence
of total dealuess anil and discharges from the ear?that while in
New York, on his way h. me, he placed himself under the pro
fessional care of Drs. Castle St Edwards, Aurists. Under tneir
skilful treatment he recovered his hearing, and has returned to
his military duty. Signed,
H. McNEVIN, Surgeon to
H B. M. Forces, Jamaica.
ACOUSTIC DROPS?A sure cure cure for incipient deal
uess, pains iu mid discharges from the ears, buzzing*, ringings
or tinging sounds, collections of hard wax, or vitiated secre
tions of these organs. nil lin'mc
AF AVING just received from Europe, with a new assortment
AA of fiue Gold aud Silver Watches and Movements, a lot of
Independent Seconds, and double time Watches and Move
ments, of an entirely new style and of superior finish, we take
this opportunity to call the attention of all persons in the wnt, h
business to visit our stock, which, in every respect, will be
found advantageous, both for price and quality
No. 127 Fulton Street, New York.
P. S ?Engaged also in the watch making bnsiness, we con
tinue to attend to the repairing of all kinds of watches, and par
licula ly those of fiue and difficult works. nl4 lm*tn
who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold
Chains Gold Pencils, Keys, Ike., will find it greatly to their
advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip
tions of the above a> retail much lower than any other house
iu the city. Gold Watcbes as low as $28 and $21 each. Watch
es and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All watches warranted
to keep good time, or the money refuuded.
O. C. ALLEN, Imitorter of Watches and Jewelry,
Wholesale and Retail, 11 Wall street,
n 12 ltn*re upstairs.
A FEW Gentlemen with their families, or single gentlrmen
only, can be accommodated with pleasant rooms with board,
during the w liter, at No. 17 Broadway, a few doors below
Tri.iity Church.
Th French and Spanish languages are both constantly
spoken iu th- house, thus affording one of the best opportuni
ties to such gentlemen as may wish to pefect themselves iu the
said languages. For further particulars, please enquire as above,
n 14 2w*rc
Boarding and Rooms on the European Plan. '
WHICH is more convenien', comfortable and economical
than uny other plan I'ur travellers, and nnrchants whose
business requre them to be absent frequently.
The quiet and healthy location of th' hotel, opposite Duane
park, tetired from the noise, bustle and confusion of (treat tho
rougl lares, yet adjacent thereto, and all the steamboat land
inics, I'resents the most desirable residence. 1611 Dnaue at, op
posite Duane park. nil >m*toc
THE PROPRIETOR of this long established Hotel, takes
occasion, respectfully, to apprise his old ftiends and the
public generally, that in a determination to keep full pace with
the spirit of enteiise now prevalent in h s line he has, within
the last few months, had his spacious establishment thoroughly
overhauled throughout. That, without regard to prills or ex
pense , he has added to his splendid accommodations another
new Ladies' Ordinary and Lad.es' Drawing Room, fronting on
Pennsylvania Avenue, bothof which are elegantly executed in
fresco This Drawing Room it very magnificently furnished
in every particular in the in-.st modern style, and has elicited
the high admiration ol the hundreds who have visited it. Ad
joiuing this Drawing Room, are several new and delightful
chambers, also handsomely fursished.and so arranged that they
can be made entirely private from svery other part of the house.
With these improvements, he confidently believes that his es
tablishment canuot be excelled in any part of the I 'nited States,
and he respectfully solicits a continuance of that patronage
which has been for so many years extended to "brown's In
dian Queen." J ESSE BROWN.
W ashington City. Nov. 11, IMS, nil 2wrc
5'48 Pearl Street.
JETWEKN Centre and Elm streets.?Warm, Cold and
13 Shower Baths, equal to any in the city, 12X cents each
Good clean single beds. 12>? cents each. Meals I2>4 cts. each
Board and lodging, $2, JO per week.
Newxim|iers from Loudon, Liverpool, Canada auJ all the
principal cities in the United States, on file. jvra*
Nntionnl Lioaii JPtimt Lire Aasurance Society
of l.oitdon.
PPHE following are among the advantages held out by this
A Institution :
The Loan Fund, from which the assured are entitled to draw
two thirds of their pnyments.
The payment of premiums annually, half yearly, quarterly
or monthly.
A large sum to be permanently invested in the United States
in the names of thee of fhe Local Directors as Trustees, as a
guarantee fund.
Travelling leave extensive and liberal; anil extra premium,
on (he most moderate scale.
Conditions of policy less onerous to the assured than in most
Life Insurance Offices.
UnitkuSta i ks Local Board sp Directors
JACOB H -VRVY, Esquire, Chairman,
GEORGE BARCLaV, Esq. New Y,)rk'
SA.M'L H. HOWLANll, Esq.
SEA naiy. wALat.K, Esq. pi ,i.,i ink:.
LOUI4 x i.iiiicv Philadelphia.
>iu r.b a>1. PUA, p..sn.
\RS C. WALKER, I.sq.
WIS A. 4.0DEY, tini.
Physician i In I he Society, (Medi
J. KEARNEY HODGElts; M. 1)., I
ledical Kxaminers.)
, .... D., lit Bleeeker it.
ALEX. E. HOSACK. M. D.. 101 Franklin st.
E. AKNOULT, M. D? 367 Broadway.
The Merchants' Bank of New York.
WM. VAN HOOK, Esq. 39 Wall st.
General .igent Jar the United States, and British 1Vorth
American Colonies.
J. LHANDF.R STARR,resident In New York.
Office 74 WALL Street, N. Y.
Pamphlets containing the last Annual Report of the Society',
rate., also blank lorms, and the Inllest information, may be ob
tained ii| on pplicafion to the snhariibrr.
J LEAN DF.K STARR, General Agenl
jy 24 3taw in 3m*rre
Ofkick or thf jFrrvHanrt Isiuuacx Co., i
New York, July 24, 1845. S
7|7HF. Stockholder* of thia Company are requested to call at
I tlie office of the Company and cgniiy whetlier it he then
wish to fill up their respective shares,or to receive a number of
.hares equal to the present value ol their stork.
The Stockholders residing ont of the city are requested to
convey their intentiou by pott, to the office No. JO Will at.
T. W.THORNE, Pres'l
Geo T. Hopf, See'v jv2S rre
kJ ter, Mass.
President?Hon. John Davis, of Worcester.
Vice Presidents?Hon. Isaac Davis, Worcester.
Stephen Salisbury, Esq do
Treasurer?Willism Dickenson, Esq. do.
Secretary?C. Harris, Esq. do.
This institution is now prepared to receive applications for
insurance 00 lives from $100 to $JOOO at rates of premium less
bin those now chained by other companies. It has a gnarsn
:ee capital of $100,000, for which, 7 per cent, interest only is
isid .All the profits are dividod amongst the nsnired,offering
rreater inducement* than auy other company. Application lot
(Sin rati re may he made to E. I). SAATON,
4 Agent of the Company in this city,)
44 Wall street.
A. Sirussv Dosrtr., M. D., Vfrdicnl Examiner. 32 Warren
itreet o7 lincod'r
rpHE superiority of Dr. Hull's instrnmeuti over all others,
I is s, knowledged by the most eminent physicians in En
rope and America.
Office 4 Vescy street, Aitor House. A female in attendance
in the ladiai' department, -<tlm*mc
A. C. Tl TTl.K, Aactinrcr.
f~10LI> WATCHES GOLD JEW! LRY, fc<- ., fcc.-Jacob
" JT 8. Piatt will sell Tbia Dsy, (Saturday, V.v 16 l> ) at 10
o'clock, *t the auction room, * large invoice of Gold Lever,
I. l ine, Verticil! and Duplet YY'alcht-a, mostly of superior
quality and fine mm ?
Also, SO Shell ileal! two airs, slightly injured.
Also, an iayoi ? YV ? u tcriiis, cot listing of Vn,:1 e
Anchor Maiu-8|. in? , Key i ipet, SU.I H u.dt, Lever H i.r
Springs, be.
Also, (i ipi Kings, Broaches, Tins, Ear Kings, kc , be.
?JTerms rash. "li li'inc
A LEVY will sell on Saturday B veiling, litis infant, ste-Y
ills o'clock, stSM Broad say, an invoice of Ancient and M -
dern Paintings, just received, among w Inch ate saany pieis tag
pictures Call and see them nl4 tl*r
14HE PROPRETORS have great pleasure in announcing
that to th-ir already rstensive place they have added us
new Saloons, deaivned lor the acc mmodatton o? private pat
tin, with a private entrance, first door Mike right, N" 60
lle.ule street The Cafe Toitoni is situated on the corner of
lleade street ?iid Broadway. nil lw*?nc
A MAT' II will come oir over this course on Saturday
Nov. Ii;l?, at 2 o'clock, P. M , mile he .ts iu harness, for
C Bartine names ....... g g George Washington
Mr I) G names bg Gilbert
Immediately after a Purse of $20. mile heats, hi hart ess, for
trotters that never won a putse over $111 three or more to in<ke
a field, to close at the course the same day, by 1 o'clock P. M
Mto, Sweeps! ike, mile lieata, best three iu five, under the
saddle, f re for all p.tcers escept J. K. Polk; subscription $26
each, ii p. with a yu'te of$10 added,wh'ch will be given to the
second heat horse, three or more to in ike a field, to close at
Gteau (tLoaee'a, ly 9 o'clock P. M.on Saturday, Nov. 16th.?
This p ice to come off about the 19th of Nov.
IOKL CONKLlN, Proprietor.
Contreville, Nov, 11th, 184S. nil 2l~inc
WE would sdv sc those ladies who have not supplied them
selves with \luffi. to call at YV.Y1 COOPER'S FurStores.
and look at his extensive assortment of Kancy kurs,nud we w ill
assure them that they will find his Mud's not alone superior but
cheaper tlo n any other store in the city.
IVm Cooper'? Fur Manufactories,
Isat fil Bi.wery 5 doors above Walker street?and 95 .Maideil
Lane, near G >!d atreet.
N. B.?All Furs bought at his stores warranted to he what
they are represented. ulilm'r
SIONOU PALMO respectfully informs his patrons and the
public, that he has opened a Restaurant, at his well known
and popular old stand, ailjoiiig the Opera House He will serve
Breakfasts Dinners and Suppers, in the French Ame
and Italian style, at all hours, and iu a maimer unsurpassed by
any mnilar t stablisluneat in the city.
Signer I'nliiio trusts that many of his old irieiida will kindly
remember his peculiar abilities as a caterer for epicures. A
dinner of three disliea at choice, with half a bottle of claret
or ale. porter. Ike. may be had daily for 3'>i cents only. His
bill of lare will comprise all the choice dishes of the season,
at the lowest prices, and seived in the best inauner.
N. B.?Hot and cold Baths supplied at the above establish
ment as usual " F PALMO,
li 12 lm*r 39 Chambers st
A NEATLY Furnished Parlor aud Bed room fui a gentle
man, with or without breakfast and lea. Also, two attic
rooms?68Barclay stn-fct nil lw'mc
a93 Broadway.
J CHICK EKING would inform the public, that he ha* re
? moved lus Pianos from the corner ol Broadway mid Park
Place, to Rooms No 6and7 Lafargc Building, 293 Broadway, 6
doors above Keade street, wliereheavill keep a general assort
ment at. the same prices as at his factory in Boston ?
The public are invited to call at his rooms and examine the
present stock. nB lm*'
OF ANY DIAMETER, but not exceeding 16Y? feet
^ length; tliickuesiMif metal from II to 14, wire gua^e.
There are the only Tuben used by the English and French
government steamers, and other fast steamboats, and can te
procured only from the Patentee.
o22 Im'rc THOS. PROS8ER, S Liberty st. N. Y.
Or Ilnlr Invl^orutor.
A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair and its
restorative, in alt cases where Balduess is not beyond the
reach of art.
Merits or the Chkmicl Balsam or Hair Iiwioortor.?It
prevents Baldness. It removes Dandriff audCutaiieous Scruff.
It keeps the Hair in its natural color and prevent* it from
turning grey. It is uotv presented to the world, with a firm be
lie/, that as a beautiful and healthy restorative of the Hair it
will be found on trial unequalled. Prepared solely by E Pha
Ion, No. 214 Broadway.
Agents?0. Fish It Co., Washington, D. C.t Ayer (kPhelan,
76 Broad St., Columbus, Georgia; Tuttle, Assembly Build
ings, corner of Tenth anu Cheanut sts., Philadelphia; II. Kiee,
corner of Court and Howaurd; streets, Boston ; C B. Brow
er, No. 106 Fnltou St., Brooklyn; M. 8. Fletcher, Marebou,
Ulster Co.. N V ; V. B. LocBrow, No. 64 Beaver street,
Albany; John B. Watson, Charleston Hotel, South Carolina;
8. Tousey, Syracuse, N Y.; O irton Anderson, Newport, R.
I.; and No. 173 Division atreet, opposite Ludlow, N. Y.
o38 lin'mc
THE SUBSCRIBER has just opened a splendid assortment
of SolarLamns of various patterns; Suspending and Bracket
Solars; Chandeliers with from (me to five lights; Gilt and
Bronzed Girandoles, of entire new patterns, t rimmed with
English prisms of the finest lostre, iu sets and pairs.
Also, an assortment of Japanned Tea Travs, of Gothic and
oval p.tterus, which he offers for sale at wholesale and retail,
upon the most reasonable terms.
164 Fnltou atreet one door e ist ol Broadway.
N B.?Wanted at the above establishment, a gooil journey
man hmi maker. nil Im'mc
JAMES THOM respectfully informs the publicthat he has
opened the Ouarry formerly belonging to Mr. Richard Coe.
ill Clarkstown, Rockland Cu., where iron and glass manufac
turers can be furnished with stone for building their furnaces
o the very best quality. The stone is well known to the pub
lic in the above line being used from the same quarry upwards
nl seventy years. Likewise, stone fu'nislied in the rough, or
in a finished state of finer quality, and more equal color than
any other now in use; and twenty per cent cheaper than any
other stone used in the city of New York. Architects and
builders can have an opportunity of introducing entire stone
("?Milts and ornaiiieutiiig them with this stone at a cheaper rate,
being easy eut^and hardens by es|?isure, and proof against fire
or frost. Any individual can nave en opportunity of seeing the
same kind of stone hnilt in farm houses in ilie vicinity ot the
quarry, and now in asoitutl state, after bring exposed to the
| weather over ninety ve,-s. Orders received at the qu irrv, or 1
I' at Mr.AVilliam Young's stone yard,corner of Barrow and Wash- !
ington streets, New York. Oct. 89 3w*rc
ABOUT S33.000 in Mexican Scrip, bearing 8 per cent interest '
per annum, and payable in J2 quarterly instalments, for sale
by the present holder, who is ilftut to remove tq Europe.
Offers received until the 25tli October, proximo, addressed .
to K. P., 292 Broadway.
Capitalists will find this a profitable and secure investment. j
s!!#it rre ,
BY E. DU BUISSON, a. M.?All Erenmg Class is now !
being formed, at No. 1(7 Oreen street. Hours of attendance |
6'o 7 ana 7 to 8 o'clock. By this system the student is sooner
able to converse with rapidity and ease, besides acquiring a I
thorough knowledge of tne language, with all its idiomatic pe- I
culiarities. than by any other method.
Kuither particular*. terms, Sec, will be made known on ap- !
plicatiou at Mr. Buokbam's select School, No. 147 Oreen, cor
ner of Houston street, between the hours of 9 A.M. and 3
o'clock I'. M. nil 2wrc |
WHICH is now extensively uied in the European capitals,
is now for the first time introduced into the U. States.?
It is made from the best sifted and cleaned coffee, and about
one teaspoon full, more or less, according to the Bute, diluted
wttli hot water or milk, furnishes a cup of excelleut coffee.? j
The undersigned is convinced that the sagacity of the public i
of this country will immediately perceive the numerous con- |
veni meet it oners to house keepers iu general, travellers by I
laud or sea, restaurateurs, 8cr.., and indulges in the hope to be
rewarded (or the great sacrifice the introduction of s novelty
always demands, by a liberal patronage, which cauuot fail to
he awarded to him by every person who will make atrial of |
Ins Essence.
It is for sale at wholesale by H. D. Hill, No. 7 Water street, i
and retail by Bunker (k Co., 13 Maiden Jane, J. (I. (iottabrrger,
corner Chambers and Centre streets, Vv. S. Cortvin, 639 Broad
way. E. L. 8ZADKTZKY,Sole Manufacturer
sltlm'rc in thelJ. States.
PERSONS having Flour of the following marks?
.'Etna Mills,' 'Kingston Mills,' 'J B Emu,' Emerald
(Mills,' II B W ill nuns,' 'island Mills,'' Valley Si ills,'
or any other property, saved Irom the above named vessel, cap
sited off Stratford Point, totli instant, will ph ase call upon or
transmit early aud aia-cihc information to the subscriner, agent
for owners. CALVIN STEVENS,
IIli 3t"re No. 13 Front street
,1st of Decembw?The splendid packet ship PRINCE
j ALBERT, \Vm S Sebor, master, will s ill as above,
regular day.
Hat mg superior accommodations ftir cabin, second cabin and
steerage passeugers, persons wishing to embark should make
immediate application oil board, foot of Maiden lane, or
to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAV.
Corner of Pine aud South streets, New York.
The P icket Shin ST. JAMk'8, F It Myer, master, will suc
ceed the PRINCE ALBERT, aud sail on tlie first of January,
her regular day.
'P. S.?Persons .wishing to send lor frieuds, ran have them I
brought out to this country bv the above splendid ship, or auy
of the line, sailing from London oil the 7th, 17th and 27th of .
carta month by applying as alaive nliro |
EOR LI VERPOOL? Regular Pa?k<t of 6tn Dec- i
-The anleudnl packet ship ASHBl'RTON. Wm
iHotvUnd. master.will sail as abort, being her regu
lar nay
Having very superior arcoinmodatioua fur cahin, aerond ca
bin and soeragt passengers, persists wishing to embark I
should make early application ou board, foot of Maiden Lane,
Corner ol Pine and South streets, N. Y.
The new and elegant packet ship Henry ( lay, E/.ra Nye.
master, will succeed the Ashhur on, and tail the htta of Jauua
ry, her regular day. _
P. 8 ?Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have \
them brought out on the most reasoable terms, by the above
splendid pnokeis. by applying as above. nlirc
uSfWPOOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, ouly regular
JKPflfapacket of the 16th November.
The new, magnificent mid crlebrated fast sailing favorite
packet ship HDELIA, burthen 1132 tons. Captain W. O.
Harkstaff, will positively tail on Monday, the 17th of Nov.
It it well known that the accommodations id' the Fidelia,
are fitted out in a very superior manner, with every conveni
ence that ran add to the comfort of those embarking.
Persons proceeding to the old country, or sending for their
friends, will find it their interest to select this conveyance.
For passage, in cabin, second cabin aud steerage, and to se
cure the best berths,early application should be made on board,
foot of Beekman at, or to tlie subscribers,
nI ire 33 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank
OWEN PREKt I) PT. Pilot between the port of N
.York. iuil all the Eastern pons to II Jtton.iSag Harbor,
?New Lurioii.Stnnington. Newport,Providence.New
Nam ticket Shoals.anil nil parts as far East as theKenue
bee River. Outers left st 11. L Straw's Nautical Store, corner
oi Beekman and Water sirei t, or to Adama' Express, Boston,
three davs belore wanted.
N.B.?Takes charge as Master,if required. Satisfactory r?
fetence, Ike., (kc. nl4 2w*mc
WANTED I'll CHAR PER-A Ship I mm ten to
.30# ions hurt hen, for New Orleans, which ts ill have I
iimmnliate despatch Apply to
J HERDMAN It CO. 81 South st
k'AMM, a*-*
Saturday KvuilitR, Sovrmber lbtk,
Will be i?rformed
Brown Mr Blind
Adelle Mrs Abbot
After which <id act of
UiComte lAoni, Frederick
Nathalie Md'lle Auguit i
A Grand S|> inish Dance La Rondeja. b? Md'selle Augusta,u
%i?trd ny the Curpi lie Ballet.
To e-iucludc wun,
Zolo- Mad'slle Augusta
Tlie Unknown Mr 3 Pearson
Prn:? ol Admission?Boms, $1 ; Pit, J# cents , i.Hilary,
15 re mi.
Door- . n.t 6X :/cl;>-k, md Ike Ugmn wil'ma precisely
?t ' o'eioca
KdUhltt THKA>r<i?.
balurilay Kveiling, November 15Ui.
The Performance to roinrnence Willi
Choureneur J K Scott
After which ilie
Sylphioe) v
Salsdma > The Aerial Spirits < ...By the Rivers Family
>y the
Oiraldi Duval MrClaike
To conclude with
Viv iau Mr Darke
O'Smirk Vnclie
Klixa. Mrs I'hillii <
L,i.?cr Bote* 3V cents; Second tad Third Tiers. fj cti..
Pit end Gallery, 121* cent*.
Doom will open at half |>a?t 6. the cnrtaie will riw 7.
Xo. 559 Broaiiivay, (between Spring and Prince )
Saturday KvenliiK, Nov. 15th.
dr valentine,
lu hii eccentric del neatii'M >.f comic character!.
Mr. T. < HRlsTIAthe Auuderful
And ralmo'i popular OPERA COMPANF, consisting of
Mcsdaincs I'll I I.LI PS, ai.il
Messrs. HOLMAN,
Performance to commence at T/i o'clock. Admission 25 cu.
ulJ lt'r
Greenwich Theatre, Corner of Varick and Charlton streets.
Arul every Saturday at Afternoon Performance
For Families aud Juvenile*.
Who Challenges the World
Mr. Moteley, the most graceful rider in this country. Hiram
Franklin, the only Double Homers tt man ill the world, and un
equalled as a black Rope Performer, Rider, Sic. Madame Gul
leu, Alex^R <ckwe!l. j and F VVIiittaker, Mr Count r. tiarduer,
Sweet, Stiller and others, me all ol the company. The public
lit" this lime need not the assuiance that at the Greenwich
'I lieatre the performances were ut ver equalled in the United
States or Euroi*.
Doors open at half past 6, i>erformance to comm ence at 7
Private Boxes $5?Dress Circle, 10 cents? Upper Circles. 25
cents?Pit t2)J cents. nil lw*r
(JlkkU'J slUKki'i LUHiAlivE
W. E. Qf.'f.70i? Lksskf. avd Mssiris
Sixth Night of the
English Opera Company.
Saturday Evening, Norrmbcr 15th,
Will be prosented the Opera of NOR >'A?<'laudian AlrFra
xer; Urovesa, Mr Seguiu; Norma, Mrs Begin-, Albert,Miss
Alter which w ill lie performed. 1st time in America, a new
Kariecal ed the IRISH DRAGOONS?Sir Brown Sher
ry, Thayer: Mr Mt low fear, Eherle; F rgig, Owens; Mrs
Bloomlv. Mrs McLean.
/v ttt.is o iiti'.iF i siiKAdlttVi
Stscc Msks-kb Mil. H. E. St * rr.n
Saturday Evanlng, \ovember 15th.
Will be presented LA TOUR DE NESLE?Capt Buridau,
Air Morris; Alarrarrt .Mrs Burke.
After which i'HIl IP 41UAKI.-Philip Quarl, Mr Wood;
Marmotte, Master VV Wood.
To conclude with THE CHEROKEE CHIEF?Paltipaw,
Mr Wood; B rlhi, Airs Burke.
Saturday, Idiith November,
THE MEMBERS of the New York .Musical Association
respectfully beg leave to auuouure to ti.eirfrieuds aud the
public, their intention to give a series of Instrumental Conceits
during the winter season, consistiugof Overtures, Pot I'ourns,
Wul-7.es, Quadrilles, etc., etc., by Strauss, Lanuer, Labitzky,
Alusard, Julien,Guuf,'l and other celebrated composers
Such musical entertainments having created In* gieatesl ex
cirement in the musical circles o. Europe, the ssid association,
at the request ol numeroustriends ol mus e, hare procured all
the uewest and best competitions of moderu times, which are
now in rehearsal by a full and effective Orchestra of
In order to secure themselves from auy loss which might oc
cur from the large number of performers, and the heavy ex
penses necessary, it has been thought advisable to issue sun
scriptiou lists to the various Aln?ic Stores, in order that those
who desire to attend the performance, may subscribe, and
guarantee to the prelectors aceitaui number of tickets.
PRici _
Tobe raid on the delivery of tickets for the first concert; extra
tickets for subscribers can be obtained by i pplyiug to tbe< OOP
mittee, for 50 cents each; at the door ou the evening of the con
certs, 75 cents each.
Committee of Arrangement!:
Broadway. I Crosby st.
Mem/>er? of the Orchestra:
O.K. Brfktow, Milon, A. Reiff,
J. Helfenritter, C. Herxog, 8. Knaebel,
A. Hell wig. H. Schneider, J. Kehl,
H. Otto, J. Lenhard, J. Leis,
C. Saner, E. Wiese, J.FWolter,
A.Tyte, K. Stier, C. Schuti,
L. Wiege's, F. Wiese, H. Konig,
S. Grrtiurr, O. Uoeller, O. Seuia,
A. Poppenberg, G. Schneider, H Timm,
A. Uerloff, O Fullgraff, J. Uebhau.
Py Subscription list o|ien st tne principal Music Stores.
fjp H ERE will be a Spen >1 Rehearsal of the Oralorin of Sam
mm at the Coliesenm,450 Broadway, on Saturday Evening,
15th instant, at 7 o'clock.
Every Performing .Member of ihe Society is reqpested to be
present. By order, HENRY R. YENNI, Secretary,
nil 2t*r
OF THE PURDY GUARDS will lake place on Monduy
evening, November 11th, at the Apollo Saloon, 410 Broan
Tickets t? be had Ht the Other House, corner of Broome and
Wooster streets; D. C. Brodericks, comer of King and Hudson;
or of auy ol th? following Committee;?B. F.Steward, J. Kent,
J.F.Murray, David Murray, F. Aires.
J. HICKS, President.
J. SMITH, Seeretary. nil lwis'mc
\f R. AND AIRS. COLLINS, (the popular vocalists,) are
IvA prepared to receive engagements for Concerts, Soirees,
kc , during the forthcoming season.
Airs. C. also acts as Pianist, and can be engaged for private
Cotillion Parties. Further particulars on application to
MRS. NEWTON, Teacher of the Piano Forte
u7 lra'r and Singiug, 4?1K Grand street.
4th Season. lit Concert.
T'HE public are respectfully informed that the first Concert
!? of the present season will take place at the Apollo Rooms
on SATURDAY, November ?2d.
Subscribers, and those intending to subscribe, who have not
yet giveil in their names, are requested to do so st their earli
est convenience, at the store of Messrs. Scharfenberg k Luis,
361 Broadway. By order.
u!37tis*rc JAME8 L. ENSIGN, Secretary.
HAS the honor of announcing to his friends and patrons iu
New York, that previous to his departure for the south,
he will, in compliance with the solicitations of numerous par
ties, who wars unable to gain admission on former occasions
at P lino's Opera House, give a night at the Tabernacle, on
?MONDAY EVENING, November 21th, particulars ol
which will be duly aunounced.
Mr Templetou takes th? sam- opportunity of apprisin g his
kind friends ill Bro iklvn. that lie will also hive the pleasure
of giving them a night during the .ame week.
Air T. will also hare the honor of appearing before a New ?
ark audience lor the first time, of winch due notice will be
given. n!2 tf rc
MOST respeetfnlly returns his sincere thanks for the liber
al patronage he has experienced since opeuing in New
York. Having re'eivedso flattering a reception lie is induced
eof his triends to remain ONE VV'KKK LONGER
by the advice of his
?during which time be wi'l use his utmost endeavow m repai
his patrons, and deseive a further coutitinance of their favors
bv so chan.ing his imrformancvs as to render each veningan
entirely different exhibition.
Thli and every Kvenlug this week
Tickets Fifty Cents.
Doors open at 7?Performance commences at 7)k o'clock.
nlO 6t*r
1511 and 14)1 Croslty Street,
Having been completed, will be open for subscription on
Monday, 17th instant. Those pe'sons who have given then
names will procure certificates at the office of the Institution,
before entitling them to membership. Boys will he lequtrcil
to take their exercise doing tlir day, auJ will be classed ac
cording to age and strength. Teachers having their scholars
attending may select anydiour for their instruction. '1 he Di
rector will st all limes be in attendance to give instruction and
prevent any improper exercise, particularly by boys. lie
regulations of tbe Institution srr believed to be good, aud will
uvaiiably be enforced. The vatiou* departments nreiosr
ranged as to accommodate a great number with every couve
Lrasons in Sparring and Fencing by Mr. C D'Lanry
Lessons in Wrestling by Mr. VV. Prire.
VVe have the privilege of referring to the following medical
gentlemen:?Valentine Nlotf, Al l>.; J. E. Cheesinan. M. D.j
Kearney Rogers, M. D.; A. C. Post. M. D.
JAS. J. HATFIELD, Proprietor
HENRY L. TWIGGS. Director.
New York, Nov. Uth. 1845 n!5 HtMtf rc
J HUDSON having rrinrned from the South, announces
? to his old friend* and pupili, that he will M " foaml at
home" at his new rewdence, 235 Broadway, second floor where
he will devote hit ime in ffivmif instructions in the noble art
of Self-Defence. . . ,
Term* modemte Open daring the day and in the evemug.
o19 lm*re
J HAVE at my Vn rd, 256 KI i / a bet h atreet, and corn e r Ham*
a. meraly uid Bedford, ('eachOrchard Red Ash Coal, at low
prices, vii :?B5 50 for broken, $5 75 for egg nnd stove, large
iiut,S515 ; Lehign, egg aud atove, $5 75 per ton, re-screened and
jelierered. Also, Liverpool. Blosshtirgh, fce.
Orders received at the Yar'l
?H lm*re JACOB WEEK*
[(*orr??|K>nJfDce of the New Turk Herald.]
Washington, Nov. 13, 1945.
The I'ubl Prinl -ng?if Relative
Thereto ? P, peels of Mr. iuchunan.
Who will be printer 1 Aye ! there's the rub. I
j hive examined matters in reference to this point
I pretty closely, and I have come to a conclusion in
which 1 (eel pretty certain I shall not be mistaken.
T lie Calhoun clique are tilled with deep seated an
imosity against the administration. They know
j that if they succeed in defeating the Union on the
printing, that the right arm of the administration is
palsied, and the efforts they are putting forth, the in
trigues they are contriving and executing, and the
subtlety of their plottings are incredible. John C.
Calhoun is a disappointed man?his spirit always
was to rule or rendjmnd relying upon his omnipotent
sway over the South Carolina delegation and his
personal t riends, he does not doubt he will be suc
cessful in this Ins last great move. If he should fail,
he would cut Ins throat out of .-heer chagrin Now
what are bis hop s fixed on ! lie only expects to
succeed by means of the whigs. He will not unite
with the U. S. Journal clique, except as a dernier
j resort, nor they with him ; this would be out ol the
question. Jf, then, lie talis in making a coalition
with the Clay men, he will make the best move he
can on the board. But he will be sure to tail, what
ever he attempts; lor John C. Calhoun never sue
j needed in anything yet, and he never will. He lacks
! all the essential qualities of a great political leader.
1 He shifts his pulley too often?lie is subject to ca
prices which change las plan of action, and he is too
; impatient to persevere.
The U S. Journal men are ra6h, bold, dashing,
clever fellows, who can do little except in ticking a
splash in the waters?they don't like the idea of the
President having an orgun?they think it smacks
of aristocracy?it is not democratic?and all that ?
in a word, they want the printing, and that is all
they want?but they will lose it?they have very lit
tle reliable force. It is said here, and I am inclined
to believe it, that they have made to, or received
from, the Constitution, overtures for a coalition?
and that if all else fails they will unite in giving the
printing to the Intelligencer. This may be a deep
laid plot of the whigs?it may already be a bargain
?a coalition. It there be any truth in the report,
the administration must take care of it P's and Q'a.
Iiut all they are alter is the loaves and fishes?these
cliques could all be bought up lor a pretty lew price?
they would sell out cheap. But Mr. Polk is not a
man to make bargains of this kind. lie will not
budge one inch?he will neither make nor receive
propositions from any of thetn, until they wheel
back into the ranks of the democracy, buiy the
h utehet, and, if need be, weep over its grave.
With Mr. Ritchie it is not only nor solely a ques
tion of dollars and cents. lie would be glad ol the
' printing,without doubt, as a private consideration ?
he would do any thing honorable to get it, and lie
will have it; but there is a higher reason why he
1 feels so anxious on this subject. He was selected
i by the President, in company with Major lieiss,
! without solicitation on their part, because the Pre
! sident knew they were men to be trusted. Mr.
Ritchie, particularly, had grown grey in the servtco
I of the democracy? unflinching, unwavering in his
1 attachment to the policy and the principles of Jeffer
son, he was known?he was confided in. I am per
! suaaed that if Mr. Polk had even thought it possible
he might run a second term he would have chosen
j a different man. Mr. Ritchie has no more intrigue
i about him than a child?he is one of the most ami
I able and lovely men in private life in the world. He
understands Mr. ,1'eHPs policy, and principles, and
spirit?he represents that policy and those princi
ples, and I doubt not Mr. Polk chose him because
such was the simplicity of his character and the
frankness of his heart Ifl am mistaken put me
down as a dull reader of mankind.
Mr. Polk makes clear work of his administration.
He knows there are cliques and combinations among
friendB (apparent) and open foes. He knows how
much money they have raised for corruption, and
how much they can raise, and what they will do
with it. He is kept aware of every new movement,
and yet he is not disturbed. From a gentleman
here, who had a long conversation with him yes
terday, I learn that lie said, "that although he re
gretted that any disaffectjon existed among those
who had professed to be his friends, yet such gentle
men would soon discover that he should redeem his
pledges to the people?that he should yield to no at
tack, subtle or simple; but calmly and boldly pur
sue the course he had settled on, till he had been
deserted by his country, or had been able trturn
phantly to consummate it." Such sentiments are
worthy of the admiration of tlie country; and I
should not be astonished to find that he received
more accessions from the ranks of his enemies
(whigs) than he has defections from his own party.
This will almost certainly be the case in all his
great measures. This spirit is now becoming so
clearly and fully manifested by his administration,
that a feeling of respect is rising for it, that hus not
shown itself before. Men will respect frankness,
and independence, and honesty. And let the
c iques beware, lest they do not raise more sympa
thy for Mr. Polk, by tneir subtleties and intrigues,
than they diminish his strength by their desertion.
J. M. Bead, of Pennsylvania, came in town 10
: day, and will make a push for the bench of the Su
: preme Court, if Mr. Buchanan concludes to give
t way. Mr. Buchanan will give way, if he thinks it
! best to run for the Presidency the next term. If it
be good policy!,for him to do that is now his ques
tion. It he says he will try. Mr. Cameron, the Se
nator from Pennsylvania, will resign without hesita
tion, and the Secretary will go back to the Senate.
There he will be again in hts element, and be will
stand a chance of final success, which I esteem
worth more to htm than any Judgeship under hea
ven. You shall know more anon.
Washington, Nov. 13, 1846.
Oregon?A Nice Dutinrtion?The Printing?A
itill Nicer Arrangement.
tTheie is a nice organic distinction to be consider
ed in all discussions of the Oregon Question. The
last number of the Union explains it. It is this, and
let it be borne in mind by everybody, that the ad
ministration has not declared through its organ it,'
determination to have " the whole of Oregon o
none," but mark you, that as far as our title is con"
cerned, we have a title to the "whole of Oregon or
none." The door is not barred. There is a chance yet
that it will be opened to a compromise or postpone
ment of the question. The late war-blast was a feel"
er, like the compromise of last summer, in the 4!hh
parallel, which Mr. Buchanan suffered to leak out,
with the express design of ascertaining the tone of
the popular pulse. The 49th parallel would not?au
swer? the public pulse shrank from it as a mesmeri
zed subject shrinks from a stranger's hand when
such subject is in the clairvoyant state. And the
public press has heard the war-blast, " in sorrow
and in anger," that the organ should be driven to
such a stroke of policy as a war with England, in
volving all the world in its consequences, inert ly lor
the great desideratum of self-preservation?in the
concentration of the whole democratic party in
Congress upon the administration as the war party,
and necessarily upon the organ as the exponent i>i
the administration. But now the organ opens the
door a little, and whispers in the voice of an oracle,
ambiguous to the uninitiated, but "clear as mud" to
the knowing ones: "Don't be alarmed, gentlemen,
its only the title that we were talking about; our ti
tle is clear to the "whole of Oregon or none," but
that does not imply as a non tei/uiter, that we are
going to insist upon sll. By no means. But we t* II
the organ, on the main question, that having de
clared and assumed, apd proved our title to the
whole, it will be about asdilficult and dangerous to
to give away a parcel for the preservation of peace,
as to rush headlong into war for the preservation of
the whole.
The better policy, once for all, is the policy of Mr.
Calhoun, to let the matter stand, with tins addition
?open the way of communication to OregoH?pro
tect it?give to emigrants the means and munitions
of defence, the same as to volunteers, and they will
settle the question in good lime, and when tht y are
ready to annex, we'll annex 'ent, from fifty-four for
ty to the Mexican line, or further down by a few
thousand miles, with the assent of all concern'd.
That's the way te do it, without stopping the people,
who are
" Buiy in the cotton trade,
And sugar line."
And without stirring up the pesky abolitionist, ai d
the niggers.
But we have a still nicer arrangement than war
for the securing of the printing to the organ?an ar
rangement talked of, but which is very likely to
turn out a Simon Pure compromise. Ann we'll tell
you about it, right away. 1 here are three democra
tic papers here for the printing of Congress, and only
two houses to divide among them The organ
must have the House, and either the Constitution ?u
the {/. S. Journal must turn up a blank for die ."-'en
ate. vV ell. now, what's to lie done? Let us tee.
Suppose we, send Mr. Win. A. Harris?flute a rti? ru
ber of the House from the tenth legion in Virginia,
and an excellent mnn in every respect?suppose we
send him as a Charge to the Argentine Republic, or
some other Republic in South America, such ai
they are ! Hood, now. Well, then, suppose we
give Mr. Hart, the other editor of the Constitution ,
a good clerkship, hey 1 Suppose we give Mr. Hart
a clerkship ? Well, let us think a little. Y ?, I

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