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m -j? .? j- ? -
New Yob*, Friday afternoon. May 98.
Sale* of Uene*ee Flour wera freely made to-day at
about $8 ! !>?. One or two parcel* eold in the early part
of 'changeat $8, and another lot of a few hundred bbla.
waa reported sold at $8 95 Hale* of Michigan were reported
at $8. A lot of mixed brand* Ohio eold at $8
19X. and another of Oewego not in very good order, sold
at >7 87X. For future delirery, sale* were very light;
$8 waa offered for June, and refuaud. Seller* appeared
disinclined to enter upon new time contract*. Uenesee
receding to the above quotation*, caused thipper*. with
parties who held order*, to enter the market, and to
purchase freely on foreign account, which gave stiffness
to the article, at (8 li>?, causing it to close firm at that
price, consequently sale* were larger than for some day*
past. Several samples of Wheat were on 'change, but
llwlll > ? <>.. .1 ?L- - ' -> -
?-? ? viewi ui ouyen. ruruiuv u>
Illinois. 192c. was offered, and for another of Genesse
white, $2. Corn was some leu Arm, especially for mixed,
which sold at 106c, with sales reported at 105 and 104o.
Northern yellow sold at U3Xc. a 110c., and one parcel
at 106c Sales of mixed were also made, for July, at 93 a
93c. Oats were lower. Sales were reported at 66 a 68c ,
and at 65c. At the close of 'cbango they were considered
dull at 65c. A sale of rye was made at-fl 20. Provisions
continued firm. There was an Increased demand
for beof.and sales of city mess made at an advance.
Country mess and prime also sold at very full prices.?
Pork also was firm, and sales made at full prices. Groceries
werg libout the samo. Sales of Rio coffee were
made ?> 7>^o, an(i st. Domingo at 6>fo, aud of Cuba at
O^c. Sales of sugar were light, without change in
Rrcti/its down the Hudson Hay 27th, 1947.?26.992
bbls. flour; 1070 do corn meal; 27.800 bushels corn; 3,700
do wheat; 6.800 do rye.
Ashes.?Pots?We report sales of 100 a 200 bbls at
$4 97yt. and 100 do. at $4 90. 50 do. Ptarlt sold at
$6 50. .
Drxadituffs.?Flour?We report solos of 700 bbls.
prime Genesee at $8. and 11,000 a 12.000 do., in hand, at
$8 12 SJ ; 600 do. mixed brands Ohio at the same price ;
2000 do., part Michigan, sold at $8 ; 400 do. at >8 2I.S ;
800 do . deliverable next week, at $8 12W : and 500
do. Oswego, in bad order, at $7?87)$. Wheat ?
No sales cf consequence transpired ; 192 was
offered (tot Illinois red, and $3 for (Jenesee white. Corn.
? We report sales of 6000 a 6000 bushels Northern yol'ow
at 112)$c, and 6000 a 6006 inixed do. at $1 10 a
->1 11; 10.000 a 11.000 do sold at *1 06 ; 2600 do white
mixed at $1 05, and 4000 a 6000 at$l 04; 1000 do yellow
Northern sold at $1 00 ; 10,000 bush. Western
mixed sold, to arrive In July and August, at 93c, seller's
option, and 10.000 do. sold, to arrive in the same months,
at 95c ; 2760 bnsh mixed do. sold by auction at $1 06
cash. Rye?A part of a cargo sold at $1 30. Indian
Meal?Sales of about 1600 bbls. New Jersey were made
at $6 25 ; 700 do Western New York sold at $5 31>$, and
60'j Jo. sold, to arrive in July, at $6. Oofs?Sales of
*00 a 400 bush, were reported at 66c a 66c, and 2000
do at 65c. The market closed rather heavy at the latter
figure. Barley ?Sales of 2200 bush, were mado at
82c a 83a.
Candles.?Sperm were steady at 31c.
Coffee.?Wo report sales ?f 400 bags Rio at7.!4c ; 200
do. St. Domingo at 6%c ; 100 do. Cuba atO.'.ic ; 100 bags
Rio sold by auction nt 6\o ; 10 do. Cuba at rt)$o cash.
Cotton.?The sales to-day amount to about 800 bales
without any further change In prices, the buying, as
heretofore, being confined entirely to the wants of
Kisii?Sales of 300 quintals of Dry Cod were made at
3 87>i, and 4 a 600 bbls Halifax Mackerel were sold,
the No. 3's at 7 60, and No. 3?* at 6 43, which showed an
Khuit?Nothing of consequence to report.
Hemf?Nothing new.
Lead?Market quiet at $4 50.
Molasiej ? No sales of Importance transpired, though
prices for foreign were steady. New Orleans we quote (
at about 31c; Cuba at 23c; Porto Rico at 29 a 30c.
Navai. Storks?The market continued inactive, and i
sales of Spirits of Turpentine were made at 35o. A sale <
was also reported at 34o cash. The last sale of Rosin '
was reported at 75 a 80c for common.
Oils?Linseed was very dull to-day. 1,100 gallons
city pressed American were sold at 66c cash. Sonic 1
sales of English were made at 01c, cash. In country, we |
have no sales to report. ,
Provisions?We report sales of 100 bbls new Mess ,
Pork at $16 37)$; and sales of now Prime were reported
at $14. Beef was firmer, and 100 bbls country Mess sold
at $12 ; 300 a 409 do City Mills sold at $13 ; and
300 do city Prime sold at $9 35 ; an advance of 26
oents. 20 tierces Pork Ilams sold at 8% cents, and 119
barrels do at 9 cents. Towards the close of 'change
there whs an improved demand for beef, and 50O bbls.
city mess were reported sold at $13 25, and 100 do at j
$13 13)$. The whole amount of sales made at $13. were
estimated at about 1000 bbls. J.ard was firm, and 9%c
offered and refused, for 100 barrels. Butter, 100 packages
western sold at 17>$c.
Rice.?The market was steady for all kinds, though i
sales were small; 50 tierces of good quality, sold on the >
wharf at $6 18%o, and 60 do, strictly prime, sold at '
$6 26c, and some 30 tlorces. more oommon quality, sold 1
at $5. '
Sue:*n.?75 hhds. Porto Rico were sold at 61$a6)$c; 168
boxes brown llavaua damaged, sold by auction, at '
$5 76a6 81 per 100 lbs., cash.
Tallow.?Very little doing.
Whalebone.?More enquiry, without sales of mo- i
meat. >
Whiikev?Was dull at 34)?c.
Kheiohts?To "fill up" 1000 barrels wers engaged by i
a British vessel at 2s for Liverpool; 4000 bbls. flour were
engaged in a first class American ship at 2s 3d for the
same port.
Family Provision Market.
Very little alteration, for the better, in the meat
markets, since our last, with the exception of veal and
lamb, which id quite plenty, and at more.rcasonablc ,
prices. With fish we hare the usual full supply, with j
lobsters, oysters, shrimps and clams, that are now very <
line .1 nd just in season. Poultry, with spring chickens. |
a lair supply. Green vegetables, with any quantity of
radishes, begin to fill the country markets?with lots
of tlie rheubarb plant,.some,very superior, from liarsiinus,
N, J. i
table r prices. 1
Apples, bbls... .$1 25 a 3 ? Turkeys 11 30 a 1 AO
Beef, ch'e pes.. 0 10 a 6 16 Sen Bass 0 8 a 0 10
Do., cornea ... 0 5 a 0 8 Striped do 0 8 a 0 10 |
Herts, bunch.. . 0 G a 0 0 Flounders, bu'h 0 10 a 0 12
Limn Bus hjpek 0 15 a 0 18 Kels. per lb... 0 6 a 0 8 .
Gar rots, liu ich. 0 (i a 0 0 Fresh Cod, lb.. 0 5 aO 6 ]
Turnips, bunch 0 3 aO 0 Black Fish.... 0 0 aO 8
Oiious, bushel. U SO a U 62j% Clams, 100.,.. 2 0 a 0 SO '
Veal, pound... 0 7 a (I 12 Crabs.. 0 12 a 0 18 c
Potatoes.. ... .1 0 all 0 Lobsters...... 0 6 aO? .
Pork, fresh... . 0 11 a 0.12 Butter, fresh... 0 IS a 0 18 1
llaui 0 12 *0 It Kuks, per dor... 0 ? a Jo 12
Tonsues 0 62Ka 0 75 Clietse, per lb. 0 8 a 0 10
TnmeDucks,do 0 62>Ja 0 0 Lard, do 0 9 a 0 10 '
Fowls, do 0 62>?a 0 87 Tame Pid's.dor.. 1 0 a 1 25
Teal 0 31Ma 0 00 Salsify, dor..... 0 25 aO 0 1
Chickens, do... 0 37>,.t 0 82 Black Duck.... 0 G2j{* 0 0 J
. . ? t
Market*. i
BirrrALo, Friday Afternoon, May 29.
Tbe flour market continued dull to-day. Tbo receipts <
were large, and difficulty in obtaining storage room, en- *
countered. We report sales of 1000 barrels Ohio and t
Indiana at $6 62>tf. Wheat also had a downward ten- *
dency?sales of 2000 bushels Ohio sold at $1 30. Corn n
sustained greater firmness, and 7000 bushels yellow sold t,
at 65c. Whiskey was eery dull at 20c. Freights are s
falling; the present rates to Albany for flour we quote J
at $ 1 per barrel, and for grain 38o per bushel. Fork was >|
in belter demand, and we quote No. 1 mess Arm at $14, |,
and thin do at $13. Hams were steady at 8 a 8>f, and j?
butter at I3c. ,,
???^????^ oi
Married, ['
On Wednesday, 26th Inst., by the Rev. 8. M. Isaacs, ?
Mr. K. B. Dk Yoijnu to Miss Mart Davis, daughter of
the late Mr. Mioholl Davis, both of this city. h
Died, tc
On Friday, the 28th Inst , suddenly, Sarah Ellen,
eldest daughter of Willard H. and Elizabeth Ann Smith,
aged I years 0 months and 26 days. *
f.ql'he relatives and friends of the family, also the mem- (.
hers of Washington Chapter No. 2 1. O. of W. A., and w
the Order in ireueral. are resDectfullv invited to attend ii<
her funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at half paat4 o'clock,
from No. 7 Division at. *'
On Friday evening, the 28th Inat., after a long and ' ,
painful lllneaa, F.sriiva Jakk, daughter ofThotuaa ilyatt.
The friends and aci|ualntaucea of the family are respectfully
invited to atleud her funeral, on Saturday afternoon,
at ft o'clock, at her late realdenoe, No. 68 Divi- -a
ttion street, without turther invitation; from which place i
lier remains will be taken, on Sunday morning, to White in
i'laina for interment. vi
1 . . ... _ . j. __j._ . J.1;
POST OFFICE, New V.irk, May 2!i, I8?7.?The Veiled m
States Mail Steamer WASHINGTON, from New Fork, ?t
for F.urope.?'1 lie mail for the abova Steamer will close at this ei
elfin- oil Tuesday, the lit day of June, at 1 o'clock, P. M. K
The postage IS to be ore-paid ; eicept on letters, packets aud
new |M|iers mailed to lirtmen. Mail matter to Bremen, either
for ih livery or distribution, may lie sent either with or without
trie postage being previously paid. f
The postage on all lettera aud packages not exceeding X ?
an ounce in weight 21 cts. '
Ove-s and not rueeding one ounce iii weight. ... 48 "
And lor every additional ounce or fiaction of a ^ , 1
ounce.... 13
Oil ??ch newspaper, pamphle', or once current 3 " ,,
mv2!?-!t.r ItllBF.IlT It. MtmillS. IV M1 .u
PUsT OFFICE, New S orit, May 2'J, 1847.?The ve
STEAMER BRITANNIA will leave Boston on th
THF.SDAV the 1st of June. Her mails will close at the th
office on Monday, the 31st inat., at 4}^ P. M. Postage on all an
lettera must he prepaid to Boston. Letters of half sn ounce or
under, 3 cents, anil each additional half ounce, 3 cents,
my21) 3trre ROBERT 11. MORRIS, P. M T w
REWARD.?The above reward will be paid to C
any |iersna who will restore to her disconsolate ,
parents their daughter, MARV FOX, or one half of said re- .
ward for such information aa will lend to her recovery. Said '
M irv left school about ft P. M.. on the 30ih insf.. and since that
time has not been seen. 8he ii only 15 years of age. 4 fwt 9 rn
inch*! high. black hair. small black fyr?, rather thick pouting w
li|>a. red checks small features, pretty, and quite girlish in 1,1
appearance. She wore a imall | laid calico dress, pink, purple j)(,
and bine, black ailk cape aad apron, black gaiter boots, pink w
silk slurred bat ai d green veil, two ainnll chased finger rings, ,j,
and Iter mule quite short from biting them. It ia strougl y au>- ()|
pccted that she baa beau abducted by a person named Michael )t
alias Martin Hire who absconded about thit time from this
eiiy, deserting his wife.'and leering her entirely destitute of '
support. Seid H ,re ia about 28 years of age, 6 feet 5 orll inches
high, .loops .s little, dark bai>. somewhat cuily, 110 swuskers,
fair compleii.in, and rather genteel sppearance Me Iras seen
lurking 111 thene ichhnrhondnl hei school ashort time previous,
disguised with filse whiskers. r.
Any informatiiMi to be immediately commuu.cated to Geo. .
\V. Matsell, Chief of folice, New \ ork, who ia authnrirrd to '
p 1 v the above reward. W)B it'r J"
PUH8K LOST.?Lost by a Ladv on Friday afternoon, while
letting one of the K.mpire Line of Omnibuses, on the
corner of Washington Plaee and Broadway, a purse containing
from twenty-five to thirty dollars The finder w ill be suitably 6t
rewarded by leaving it ft 24 Washington Dace, or 14 and?7 Y
Naaaanatmt. mUXiart
-4 Relief Commute* Room, Prime'*Building,M Well Hjmi,
NOW V"rk, May 27th, 1847.?The total amount of the donation,
in cull received between the 8th of February and the date of
tlua report, and which have all been acknowledged in the
uewapapera of thi* cite, lu detail, i* $111,171 #1.
Tim turn of mouey haa been paid u follow*. and the article*
purchaaed tranamitted to the order of Joaeph Bowley and Jonathan
Pirn, Secretaries of the Central Committee of the society
of Friends, in Dublin, via :
For ?3000 iterliug,exchange at |ier ct. premium, $14,066 67
For cargo of the bark Victor, Win. R. Clark, muter,
for Cork and a market, 30}] bbla 200 hf do kiln dried
corn meal and charge*, , 26,82* 47
By brig Kama, for Limerick, 748bbla K. D. corn meal, 3,819 36
For cargo of brig Duncan. H. Oilchiial, muter, for
Sligoand Westport or Qalway, 1822 bbla coru meal,
1886 buahela corn and aacka, 11,118 II
For cargo of brig Boston. Torry, muter, for Cork and
a market, 1743 bbla K. D corn meal, 600 buahela coru
and the tug*, 12,223 81
Cargo of bark New Haven, John W Down*, muter,
for Cork and oue other port, 2078 bbla K. D.corn
meal, 10,280 12
By btrk Liabou, Geo. Fiaher, muter, for Liverpool,
300 bbla K. L>. com meal, 2,471 91
By the ship Bavaria, lioue, muter.for Liverpool,600
bbla K. D. corn meal 2,938 00
By ahip Europe, for Liverpool, 300 bbla K. D. corn
meal, 1,179 23
Cargo per bark Expreaa, 8aundara, muter, for Cork
and a market, 2638 bbla K. D. coru meal, 12,798 72
Ship Liverpool, for Liverpool, 679 bbla K. D. corn
meal. J,I02 39
Slop Siddoua, for Liverpool, 1300 bbla coru inval and
cnirges, /,jiu jt
Cargo of the first Albany ship, the British brig Minerva,
of Ayr, A. Parker, muter, for Cork and n
market, part of $2000, received from the Albany
Committee. 1817 bbla. K. D. corn meal, charges
and cartage, _ _ 7,770 23
To till up the Brooklyn ahip, the British brig Auu
Maria, of Limerick, Dillon, muter, for Cork auda
market 782 bbli. K. L). corn meal, lighterage and
cartage, 3,698 03
Cargo of the second Albany ahip, the British ahip
Malb.ir, of Glasgow, Alexander Adams, master,
lor Dublin, mi.i bbls. K D. corn meal, til bugs of
rice, cartage, dec.?Albany proportion, $12,220 77;
New York Com $0003 13. 21,123 90
lusurance here, $7282; do do 38 30; freight 2120, 132 12
Expenses, clerk hire, collector, stationary, printing,
tic, 818 33
Balance on hand May 27, 18(7, 10,369 33
$133,122 61
The Victor, k'ame, Duucan, Boston, New Haven,
Lisbon, and Express, had arrived safely at their
porta of destination?some of them early iu April,
and all urbeforu tbe 2d May, up to which date our
udvices extend
DONATIONS....... .
Not connected with the cash accouut, but in addition thereto,
und which have been acknowledged in the newspapers, with
names of douors in detail
Sent by the bark Victor?6(9 bbls corn meal; (I half
do 13bbls.and 80 bags corn;2bbls.rye tlonr;3( bis
bread; 1 do peas; 2 do potatoes; 2 boxes sous niscuit;
I do rice; 1 bbl beans; 2 boxes arrow root; 1
do lisb; 4 bales hops, and 14 packages of clothing?
?total estimated at $1,168 67
Sent by the brig Boston?32 bbls flour; 23 bags do; I
box; I ham; and 126 b <gs corn, 476 10
Sent by the bark New Haven?24 bbls ry40Ponf; 10
bags corn, and I box, 190 60
Sent by the British bark Lisbon?120 bbls coin meal;
80 do flour, and 36 bags corn, 1,233 00
Sent bv the snip Europe?312 bbls com meal; 40 do
rye flour, * 1,678 60
Sent by the bark Kxpress?121 bags corn; 37 bbls
meal; 1 do buckwheat; 1 bag peas; packages clothing;
1 half bbl lish;and 1 roll leather, 614 86
Sent by the first Albany ship, British brig Minerva?
363 bbls Hour, 413 do corn, 78 do beans, 24 4n> pork,
28 iikgs clothing, J6 bbls corn meal, 1 hhd cheese, 38
bbls barley, 16 do wheat, 12 do rye, 2 hhds bacon, 4
bbls buckwheat, 2 do oats, 16 do com, 4,402 00
Sent by the Brooklyn ship, the British brig Ann Maria?
128 bbls flour, 22 do com, _ 831 80
Sent by the second Albany ship, ihe British ship
Malabar?2 bags flour, 1 box bacon, 142 bbls corn,
307 do aud I half do corn ineal, 21 bbls rye flour, 3
do bread, 199 bags corn, 16 boxes and 6 bbls clothing,
2 do white beans, 8 bags and I bbl rye flour, 2 do | opotatoes,
1 do oat meal, 2,889 90
Kstimated value in New York, $16,327 62
i a u nevaiiuN
GEO. McBRlDK, Jr..
Committee on Proviiioui and Clothing.
New York, May 27th, 1817. m*9 Itrc
and vicinity are respectfully informed that there u an oflice
opened in t)u? city, for the pur|>ose of forming well suited
connexion for Marriage. Circulars statingte.ms, kc. can be
had by applying at the Office, 36)* Liajtenard street. Communicatiuns
with real names, |>est paid, will receive prompt attention,and
the strictest confidence observed. m29 lt*rc
TTTcoD N TR Y~M E RC han T S? ll row tPf^e e t in gs~aud
Shirtings of every style and width, nil the known brands,
both heavy and fine?Stark Mills, LawrenceIndian Head,
( abut A, premium heavy Merrimack, Exeters, Unknowns,kc,
may be had at manufacturers' prices, on the second floors of
No. 18 and 20 Cedar street, half a block above Pearl street.
Yard wide Sheetings 6 cents per yard; also, Bats, Wick,
Twine, W irp and Wadding; also, best Southern Cotton Yam,
Nos. 6 to 11, and 7 to 12.
m29 lt*r Nos. 18 and 20 Cedar at.
WRAPPING PAPER.?15,000 reaigs cap, crown and double
crown rag, straw and tea wrapping, of a superior quality,
just received and fur sale by
in27 HOI vr ________ No. 65 and 67 Nassau st.
BLACK CLOTH SACKS.Caslimereite do, Alpacca do,
Linen do, Gingham do, Merino do?At G. B. Clarke's
Clothing Establishment. 1IG William street. Also, a large
nisi new assort incut of Cloths. Cassimeres and Vestings, made
a) measure, lower and better tnan any house in the city. The
public are requested to call. my29 lt*r
THE WAY TO SAVE MONEY is to have a suit ol
J. clothes cleaned, and the color restored, and spots of every
lescriptfou extracted, without altering the set of the article,
cid fixed in a first rale manuer, at the low charge of $1. Also,
Winter Clothing cleaned so as to prevent the moth gettiug in.
Diess dyed and watered for 75 cents to $1 25. Blacks altered
o other colors. All articles returned in one week. Carpets
cleaned from 5 cents to 10 cents per yard.
m29 3t*rc T. 8MITH, 70 Allen st.
O UPPER ORE.?200 tons of Bi-Suipliuret and purple Cop
A-/ per Ore, taken from the Bruice Mines," belonging to the
Lake Huron anil St. Mary's River Mining Compauy for sale,
sample* of which are with the Agent.
New York, May 28th, 1847. No. 3 Hanover street,
my2!) 8t*r
LEIJKR KKEHES BRANDIES?Constantly received ami
for sale by the subscriber, (entitled to debenture) a full
isaortinent of the fereral brand* of the above well known
handles, consisting of Cognac, RoChelle and Bordeau flavor*,
it a great variety of vintage*, new and old, in %,)-?iiid W
>ipe?, which are olTered at the loweit current price* by the
miiorter. Dealer* are invited to call ?nd examine (ample*.
henry leoek,
my29 30t*r Office No. 104 Wall itreet. New York.
1A AAA ACRES OK LAND, in Gilmer, late Lewi*
xv/)UV/V/ County, Virginia, on the water* of the Little
(unaivha, near the Ohio river. AI*o,
Zii.OOO Acre* in the State of New York, near the Erie Canal.
Kor tale, or exchange for property id New York or Brookyu.
Enquire of Walter Mead, 5 Wall (treat, office No. 7.
May 39*t? r
New mantillas., visits and shawls.-Juat
received, 200 splendid Paris made Mantilla* and Viait* of
uitirely new and richly embroidered atylei.in black and apring
'lain Grenadien Shawls and Scarf*,
" Crape " "
" Barege " "
Ml of which will be sold cheap, at
m797ti*eod*r JAMES BECK It Co.'*, 339 Broadway.
E JOHNSON will sell at auction on Tuesday, June I,
at 9}^ o'clock, A. M., 300 cases Boots anil Shoes, adapted
o the spring trade, at the store of A. D. GALE, No. 227 Pearl
treer, near Piatt stieet.
N. B ? A large assortment constantly on hand, at private
ale my 29 3t? r
Ls Revised Statute*?Vol.1, title 4, page 437, section IS.?
',very master of a coasting vessel aliall nay to the Health
Commissioner, at his office in the city of New York, within
t hours after the arrival of his vessel in the port, such hospital
noiiey as shall be demanded from him under the provisions of
his title; and every master for each omission of such duty,
hall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars
Copy 11 sectiou of act to provide for sick and disabled sea
Sec. II. The President of Mid Trustees sh.sll demand, and
e entitled to receive, and in case of neglect or refusal to pay,
hall sue for and recover in the name of the people of this
itate, the following sums from the master of every vessel that
hall arrive at the port of New York, namely: First, fiom the
taster of every vessel from a foreign port, lor himself, one
ollaraud fifty cents; for ench mate, sailor or marine, one dolir.
Second, from thy master of each coasting vessel, for each
erson on board composing the crew of such vessrl, twentyre
cents; but no coasting vessel from the Slates of New Jersy,
Connecticut and Rhode Island, ah.allgpay for more than
ne voyage in each month, computing from the first voyage in
sell year; and the said President may sue for the penalties
npnsed by law on masters of coasting vessels for not paying
ny hospital money.
The State tax imposed by the above act, including that part
eretofore collected at the Custom House, will in future be
aysble at the office of the Seamen's Retreat, No. 8 Did slip?
) take effect on the first of June, 1847.
ROBERT HAZARD, Jr., Collector,
... Under above act.
Office 10 to :i o clock. _ m29 I It rc
X highest prices can be obtained ky gentlemen or families
ho aie desirous of converting their left off wearing apparel
to cash.
Families and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing redeuces,
having any superttoiis effects to dispose of, will find
much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will
tend them at their residence by appointment.
J. LEV F.NHTYN, 486 Broadway, up stairs.
Ladies can he attended to by Mrs. J. I.EVENS! YN.
mtt SMItWit'c
LrECKOPATilY, (Or the Nl RVE < I RE).?Dr. IIOL'
LI CK is now practising on the new principles explained
Ids Books and Lectures. Instead of Drugs he employs (Jalmism,
in various modes, it heing now well known thai this Is
e only agent capable of curing disease. Even Medicines, of
ery kind, or Cold Water, only art by the flalvauisin they
oduca. They are,however, vary inferior to (talv inic in
rumenti, which, in proper hands, and applied mi slrictly ?ciitilic
principles, are astonishingly efficacious, particularly in
einale Disrates. .
Office, 47 Warren st. Hours from 10 A. M. till 3 T. M.
LVOII K FROM BOSTON.- iimtlirr 'undeniable test
inmiy of the value of SCHiiNCK'8 PUI'MONK'
VRUP.?One of the moil disagreeable cull wilh
Inch the bumaii race are afflicted, are tlic?c colds
d coughs, abont which every bniy ia complainiug and every
>dy la professing to cure. "How ia that cold of ynura I" a*k?
ie. "Dear me, what a bad r ingh vou bare,"sty* another.?
iVhy don't you get this or that medicine I It will he sure to
ire 1 on, for it ha? cured me." "Vea, Bcbercli'a 8vrui> ia die
ry beat r?medy for coughs orcnlda I ever knew.'' Such ia
e tratunnny that every < ne renders, who haa made uae ol
is Hyiup, and scarce adiy passes without persona making
me such statement as the following
uosroiv, March 10, 18(7.
Meaira. Redding It Co?Some lime siuee, I was attacked
itli a very violent eold, which, though I resorted to all the
neral remedies made uae of in auch cases, and to several meral
prescriptions, yet'they, none of themdhad the least effect
haterer, aud my cold soon, as colda will always do. >fnoi atnded
to or removed, assumed a serious aud Hied form, railing
in a strioua inflammation of (the ihroala and I mips, pain
my head, lightness in the chest, difficulty of breathing, aempanied
at times with violent attacks of coughing, which
mid leave me only in the greateskktate ofexliaustiou and delity.
In this way some time pmsed, whilst l%acli day was
coming weaker and less able to withstand these afflictions, ,
hich weie dragging me adrith fearful spend to the consum|i- |
re'? grave. Due day a friend asked me if I had ever made use |
S-lienck't Syrup, and if I had not, he advised me to procure |
at once, as it was moat highly recommended f ?r ila cuiative |
operties In romplianee with his wishes, I did so, and have
Ulr.". .?i in to i.r inanainii.ir tin- kiikkcsiioii, lor *00:1 inii 1 1
trm to fori 11 mml happy chaii^c?the inliaiumation ia my
roat eeaaed, aud after uainz the Syrup for .1 feu daya, my
iiizh was entirely removed, and I *ai enabled to at ?-ii<i to
y hiuim na aa wrll a man aaever I was in my life, ami I .In
I l ie that I owe my relief and cure entirely to Mr Scheu. k
iiiign sy i ii p. a medicine which I riyard ai the Ixrat for eulda
d rniifhi fhat hare ever Iwen offered ai a relief to the snfring
from tlieie affliction!. I am.resiiertfiilly, ?
Maine F.itension Railroad Depot, Boaton.
Prepared by J H. Schenek, and for ?ale atlkn principal of- 1
:e, 33 Soitth-aiath itreet, Philadelphia! 4 Oourtland street, N.
m* Wxu***10ft<M<i bv <ruWi*u I
Mi. Bibb, will iJdun the congregation at the Wasleyan I
Church. King street, on Sunday afternoon next, at 3 o'clock,
*ud iu lii< evening at 7>? o'clock.
All interested in the cause of humanity, are respectfully turned
to attend, aud especially tlioae who advocate slavery.
tny39 U*r
A RESPECTABLE siugle gentleman wishes to dud a iieal
furnished room, with or without board, in a respectable
a,1(1 clean house, and as lie wants it to be permanent,prices tnust
be moderate |No objection to go to Broohlyu, or any other
place about the saute distance. A resjiectable private faintly,
with good references, preferred. Terras, with full particulars
and real name, poet paid, to C. T. E., No. t Battery Hotel.
m? 3t*jr
ANTED IMMEDIATELY a youttg mau, who writes a
v v good and quick hand. Apply at this omen. nyW ltrrc
A SPANISH YOUNG MAN, having some leisure hours,
would like to give some private lessous iu his native language
This is a good opportunity to any yonng man wishing
to learu the Spanish st moderate terms. References. given.
An introduction can be had by addressing a note to L. Espana,
st this office. in? Zf r
.\ ENGLISH LADY, who has had the advantage of
acquiring the French lauguage at Paris, with the addition
of uiusic, Italian, German, tic., wishes to enter a gentle
uiau i IAIBII) as UOVVrilVN. runner wimiuian ?UUIC?*IU|
(prepaid) P. F. (J., New York Po?t Office. No ohjectiou to
the South. my26 7t?r
NURSE WANTr.D.?Wauted a woman who 11 a good
aeamatreaa to lake caae of a child; one who apeak* French
and English preferred. Apply at 13 weat 16lh atreet, between
ilh and 6th avenues, between 9 and 12 A. M. m2M 2*rc
WAN I ED?A situation by a respectable young woman a*
chambermaid, or waaher and irouer, in a private family,
the beat of city reference given. Pleaae call at No. 27 23d at.
in29 2t * re
Family Grocery Store. On* who ha* lived in the city
and ia fully competent, inav apply at 76 Naaaau atreet. To
save trouble, none other* need apply. m28 3t rrc
WAN t EL)?A young man who ia thoroughly acuuaiuted
with the Haidware Business, and can keep book in
double eutry. it will be uaeleaa to apply, uuleaa undoubted
reference can be given. Addreaa A. Ik Y. at thi* office, giving
reaidence. reference, who aerved with, age, Itc. m27 3t*rc
WANTED.?A few active young ineu to go South or Weat,
to act a* agent* for the aale of new and imuular publication*?$300
over and above their expenses will D* inaured to
them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per
year. Some men now in onr employ will no doubt make over
$1000 per year clear, of all eipenaea. Each man will have hi*
uistric^ It will be neceaaary for rliem to have at leaat $2ito
$i0 to w obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S
Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs. Office of the Flag of
our Union. Ail lettei* must be post-paid. mv23 30t*r
struck commemorative of layiug the corner stoue ol Odd
bellows Hull ou the 4th of June ueit. One sidsof the Medal
bears a correct view of the frout of the building as it will a|>
pear on Graud street.-' Ou the reverse are emblems of the order
For sale, wholesale or retail, by KOBElt'f LOVETT,
in28 3tis*rc 6 Dey street.
PRINTS BV THE POUND. ? Tremendous bargains.?
Just opened, at DUFFV8', 486 Grand, corner of Columbia
street, 60,000 yards of English fast colored Prints, which are to
be sold by the pounJ;aIso, Euglish Long Cloths, Jaconets and
' Cambric Muslins, Stc. Ike., together with a full and complete
stock of Dry Goods, bought recently at auction, and offered at
extraordinary low prices.
m28 FSalM3t?rc _ 480 Grand st. corner of Columbia.
1 The subscribers will receive and forward letters per
steamer Brittaeia, 1st Juue, to all parts of Europe.
Bags will close at \\ Monday, 31st inst.
6 Wall street.
P. S? Letters can be prepaid as above to all parts of the
Continent. _ my 283trc
SPANISH LANGUAGE.?A gentleman having a few
leisure hours in the afternoon of each day, would be willing
to occupy them in giving instructions in the Spanish language,
provided he could obtain sufficient encouragement to form a
class. Gentlemen desirous of acquiring the language can
apply by letter, addressed to E. c., at the office of thia paper.
WATER ( ASKS?16 Iron Bound Water Casks, on hoard
the brig Wakulla, from Galway, foot of Jones'Lane,
for sale by PERSSE it BROOKS,
inv28 3trc No. fib and fi7 Nassau street.
Havana tobacco 'lkaf.-jo bales, ail of The uew
crop, most all Wrappers, and good quality, will be sold
low for cash or approved paper, by
pkanuiscu j. hances, Importer,
m28 2tis*r No. 7 New street, near Wall.
Inventors will please to take notice,
that all letter* aud plana of new iuveu'ioii* intended to
reach the Inventors' Institute, must be directed to the subscriber,
at Perth Aniboy, N. J. This notice is given because it is
believed that many letters and plans intended for the Institute 1
have been retained by the names to whom they were addressed.
Not one ha* reached the Institute which lias not been answered
by the subscriber in person. Inventors by tin* can
judge of toe whereabouts ol their letters, and if necessary cau
forward duplicates to the Institute.
N. B.?A meeting of the stockholders of the lnventors'alustitule
will be held at the Merchants'Hotel, in Courtlaudt st .
New York, on Monday evening, June 7. at 8 o'clock, to appoint
their Board of Directors lor the ensuing year.
FOR SALE?A CHARIOT EE. or Uristkcha, bavin* room
for four persons; a strong aud handsome carriage, and light
enough to be drawu easily by one horse, with pole, Stc , for
two horse*. Has been but little used. Cau be seen at Ell
Gilbert's Carriage Repository, 78 Canal street.
Kor price, which will be low, apply at II Barclay street
(basement), from 2 to 3 I*. M. m27 7t*r
Left okk wardrobe ' and" h knituke
WANTED.?Gentlemen and families having any superfluous
clothing, furniture, jewelry, Ike.. which they desire to
dispose of to the best advantage, lor cash, have the best opportunity
of doing so, by seudiug for the subscriber, who will
attend at their residences by appointment.
h. levett.
Office No. 2 Wall st, corner of Broadway.
N.B.?A line addressed through the post office, or a call,will
receive prompt attention. piy27 3t*rc
mn oan/'VDB?ti.. -.i-?-I? #? * : \ '
JL about 21, w*?u a clerkship; has had ?ever*l years experience
in both the wholesale and retail trade; writes a good
band, uuderstauda book-keeping, and if employed ia a w holetale
store, could intlueuce considerable good city trade.
N. B.?Would acce|>t employment at any resectable business
either here or elsewhere, or would invest $J00 iu a safe
business. Address W. W. O. V., at this office.
m27 3tis*rc
GENIN, HATTER, 214 Broadway, opposite at. Paul's.?
The |subscriber has been compelled, by the very liberal
patronage of the public to enlarge hit list and Cap Manufactory
and Sales Room, to as to make hit establishment the largest aud
most commodious establishment of the kind in the United
States. The successor the system upon which he commenced
business a few years aiuce at Ins present location, induces him
to adhere strictly to the following rules, which were then
laid down, aud which have been ever since invariably maintained.
Every purchaser and visiter may rest assured that
1. No effort will be spared to render his purchase in every
respect satisfactory.
3. No importunity will be made to induce him to buy an unbecoming
or inferior article.
3. Every article shall be, as heretofore, of the very best style
sad quality.
4. Prices are uniform, more moderate than most, and as moderate
as any other establishment in this city or elsewhere.
By observing these rules?keeping his unrivalled assortment
alwaysifhll and complete,by close tie rsonal supervision of every
branch and stage of manufacture (the whole of which is done
on the premises) and by careful attendance to the ustes and
wishes of his pa'rons, the subscriber confidently trusts not
only to maintain his former standing but also to conduct that
branch of business with a satisfaction to the public hitherto
unequalled:?1st quality of Nutria, or Beaver ilats, $t 10;
2nd do., t'i 50; Castor, Brush, Black and Drab Cassimeres,
Leghorns, Manillas, Panamas, Canadians sud imported (received
monthly,) Mole Bkins, from the most celebrated manufacturers
of Parts. Hilk Hats, Istquality. $<; 2nd do., i3; for
the superiority of which, he respectfully refers to tne premiums
awarded to him by the American Institute, for the last
two years. Hie celebrated Summer Gossamer, invented by
the subscriber, which has in a great degree supplanted all other
summer hats, being lighter cooler, and not liable to be at all
injured by dust, rain, or perspiration.
Hentleieen whose tastes do not accord with the fashions of
the day, can at all times be suited from the extensive assortment,
of almost every conceivable style, always kept fully replenished.
His stock ol Caps, comprises cloth, 1st quality,
S2; 2nd do., f I 10; 3d do., $1. Eur, Plush, Velvet, Oilrd Bilk,
Leghorn, Hair Cloth, and other Caps, adapted for winter and
summer wear; Array and Navy Caps, as per regulations of
the service; Youths and Infants' Hats and Caps of every
style, (including beautiful styles from Paris,) as per samples
and book of patterns, which those interested, are invited to
examine. Also, American and French Umbrellas, Carpet
Unas, una every other aiticle in liu Iineol business.
The subscriber feel* warranted-in declaring hi> establishmrnt
able to meet any and every demand of the bean monde,
the economiat, and of tho?e who prefer to follow their own
tastes, iustead of complying with the dictate* of fashion.
_ J. N. GENIN, Hatter.
m\27 21t*rrc 214 Broadway, oppoaitr Ht. I'aoi'a.
OLEOSTATIC LAMPS.?L. Chapdslaine, No. 372 Broad
way, haa received |>er late arrival*, a large and splendid a*sertiaent
of French patent Oleottalic Lamp*, ol' different pat
tern*. Theae lam|>? were invented by the celebrated A. Thilorier,
of the French Academy, and are conaidered the heat
lamp* now in uae. Theae lamp* are for *ale only at 375 Broadway
in thia city,
Alao, on hand, a large aaaortment of rich plain and cut glasa,
cutlery, girandole*, vaaea, china ware, toilet aeta, and every article
in the furnishing line. ml4 30t#rc
REED FISHING POLES?5000 for aale in lota at the loweat
market nrices. Alao ahovel, hoe and fork haudlea, together
with a full aaaortment of hardware, by
> m27 3t?r O. W (JUION, No. 174 Westat,N. T.
IN OBEDIENCE to a certain order of the District Couit
for the City and County of Philadelphia, the Sheriff publishes
the following :?
Philadelphia, Sheriff'* Office, May 13, 1847.
City and County of Philadelphia, as.
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to the Sheriff of Philadelphia
county, greeting:
We command you that you attnrh Theodora* Van Tine,
late of your county, hy all and singular his good* and chattels,
aud tenements, in whose hands or possession soever the same
may be, so thai he he and appear before our District Court for
the city aud comity of Philadelphia, in and for said city and
con illy, nil ihe first Monday of June neat, to answer Fernando
Wood ofa pirn of trespass on the case.
And we alao eotnrnaod you, that you summon all persons in
whose hand* or possession the said good* or chattels, or any of
tlirm may lie attached, so that they and every of them be aud
appear before the said court, at the day and place aforesaid, to i
answer what shall be objected against lliein, and abide the
lodgment of the court therein. And have yon then there this I
writ. I
[i.. a ] Witness the Honorable Joel Jone*, President of onr
said court at Philadelphia! the thirteenth dty of May, in the
yearol'our Lord c-e thouAnd eight hundred and forty-seven.
EDWIN T. CHASE, Pro. I'rothenotary.
Description of property attached by virtue of the above
A certain lot or piece of ground, situate on the north aide of !
Morris s'reet, in the district of Spring Garden, and county of
I hiladelphia, beginning *t a point distant ninety-four feet east 1
from the east side of eairmouiit street, being the comer of a
twenty feet wide alley and arid Morris street, extending 1
thence eastward along Morris street ninety-six feet to a twenty '
feet wide street, called Chatham street, thence northward
along the west side of said Chatham street, one hundred and
si. lily feet to a certain thirty feet street, called Hill or Centre
st-eet, thence westward along the 'south side of Hill or Centre '
street ninety-six feet to the corner of the twenty fret wide
alls y ahovv mentioned, and thence southward by the east ,
side of said alley one hundred and eighty feet to the beginning.
my2l laetw'r
ENGLISH LAW BOOKS?Juat unpolled", anil a e now I !
sale, at a great reduction, by the subscriber, st 110 Nassau < '
street, (between Hrekman and Spruce,I nnlil next Saturday,
29th May? consisting of Modern Reports, Coke's Reports, PttTidorfs
Abridgement, Evans' Statutes, Presron on Estates, i
Conveyancing, Grant*. Chancery Practice, Harrison's Digest, i J
Archibald's Practice, 8tc. ,
m?fii*r THOH. D. BENNETT. '
Si f r. A r .n ? I ma vamauir nun nnii?i?rii??*uiw mm ui< n
?liscovery, which has recently attracted the attention, and re* f
ctited the approbation of the members of the Royal Society,
in London, for testing the lungs, and judging their state in
health and disease, is now in lull practical operation, in the c
hands of the proprietor and inventor, at 218 Ninth street, where
he will he in attendance from 10 o'clock, to 1, daily. On
Mondavs, Wednesdays and Fridays, gratuitous advice will j
be given to the poor, from 0 to 11 o'clock invKT 30t*r j
IjlilOIVl AI ( TION.? \ lot ft i1 striped lacouet Mas line if t
2? per yard, nsnallv sold at 2s t>d.
A lot line Needle work Collars, at 2*. f?d. usually sold 4a. *
Under HHkfs 8*. " " I2s. , n
White Demi Veils Is. M " )?? r
A lot very cheap black Brussels Trimming Laces; einbrei
lered Muslin Robes, from lis; a larre assortment rieli Needle
Work Collars; Cambric and Lawn tidkfs; real and imitation
hares; Gloves. Ribbons, Lace Capes, Caps, lie. lie. 20 per cent i i
>elow the usual prictc. W. 8C0TT 8i CO., J
vnyttfttia'rc No. 377 Broadway. [
t? imrsW6mU^Mrn^'
C_ JACOB H. FLATT. Aut(i?H<r
cob 8. I'lett's 9tli weekly sale ol iM Iota suitable lor Couni
try Dealer*. Grocers, Retailers and others, will lake yl'.ce poai|
lively, without postponement, on Monday, Slat instant, at 10
I clock, in the Urea Sales Koom over the Aye'.ion Store, cori
"?r of Flatt and (fold atreeu. Conaistiius til a general aaaort,
uieiit ofC C ware and edged waie, v?? 1'Ltet, Dishes, Jugs,
i Nappies.,etc.
Also, Dint ware, a general e-.aortuient. _ _
Alto, Blue I tola Ball* ware, vit?Tea sets. Tean, Toilet
I wVf' , *!? ?"d Ba.ii-., Platea, Muffins, Twifflera. etc.
I '* a i ' " flowery Blue ware
Also, M crates new ware, now landing. among which ii a
I complete assortment of white grnnlte and flowing blue ware.
Also. 20 Diniii(| and Tea acta complete, of varioua patlerna,
| worth the attention of private families, aud will be told in teI
parate lots.
1 &'"? a '*w , M of Ivory Kniret and Forks, J1 pieces each.
N. B.?An arrangement lias been made with the Glass MenuUfturnig
Company, to aupply every aale with abeut fO lots of
*ss ware, among which will be 1 umblera,-. Lemonades, Decanters.
Lamps ol every description. Nappies, Butter Tuba,
Camp Glasses, Dithsa, kc. kc.
N-B.?This tale will be of new gooda and all of tha beat
qualttv. and the Cetalngue will not contain any of the damag'd
ware from the late Package aale, and aa all will be exhibited i
the unnlitv can h- ,?n....l l... .11
mit Itrr'c ' *
PAINTINGS AT AUCTION.?A. Levy will .ell on Satur
dav Evening, it 7>i o'cluck, at 293 Broadway, an iuvuice of
I valuable Oil Paintings, just received from Amsterdam, and
I winch liave uot bean aaen belor* iu thii coontry. The colleci
tlon is a good one, end we iuyite bo yen to call and sae them.
I Alio, after the paiiilinga, will be eold an invoice of Hue
Jewelry and fancy articlea. my2B2t*r
t NOTICE.?A MEETING of the White Hall M
Guards, will take place at the Broad Street Home, on A
.ay eveuinj, 2Sth instant, at 8 o'clock. Tl
By order ol ft. SILVEV, CapUiu. Ji
up etna i attendance is required. in 29 It rrc
the Union Kitle Company are hereby notified to attend the
regular Mouthly Meetiujr of the Company, at their New
InHrV* NA1 lONAL, HALL on Tuesday evening, June
lat, at 8 o'clock. By order of
, ... JOHN P. ELLIS, Commandant.
Gentleman wishing to unite with thia company, and avail
themselves of the privileges under the uew law, can do ao by
calling in person, and giving reference aa to character, to the
coininandaut, at hia quarters, 400 Pearl alreet.
1 he new law providing State Ritlea for the company, the
Mffnae ol rquipiung haa become exceedingly moderate.
'. (J,. ". 1 O LET?An Armory, (sufficiently large for sqnad
drills) fitted up ui an cxcelleut uiaiiuer for meetings. Kent SM.
Enquire aa above. m29 SatYVlkSat Jfrc
i AND DEALERS? The patent "Congress Boota and
W Shoea."? Liceuaea to mHiiufactnre the Congress Boota
and Shoea. under Dupont fc. Hyatt'a I'Atent, and uuineroua
patenta granted Charlea Goodyear, and the undersigned,
are now offered to manufacturera in the city of New York,
and other placea throughout the United Stater lint yet disposed
of, on liberal terma, or the eacluaive right wilhont tariff, ia offered
for aale. The underaigned, owner of all the patenta, ten
in number, uaed in the production of there boota and MOM,
hereby muifiea all peraona, both makera and daalera, tlmt every
pair made ny authority ia duly at imped with the name and date
of the pateut, according to law.
Any infringement, either in making or selling there boota
aud shoes, will lead to the unpleasant necessity ofprosecution.
Trusting, however, that no honorable man wiahea to aleal or
filch the property and excluaive right of another, licenaca are
offered under a small tariff, until the right shall be sold, with
the aaaurauce that licenaea and purchaaers will be fully protected.
m28 30t rc Aaaienee and owner of the Patent.
jJ^KNOX, No. 128 FULTON STREET, haa jnaijJL
opened for public inajiectiou an unequalled alock of Summer
HaU and Caps, at Ilia well known eatabliahment in the Sun
Buildings, on the ahady aide of Fulton atreet, juat a step from
the heat, duat, turmoil, and confuaion of Broadway. Everything
about hia celebrated store ia cool and comfortable, but
hit, hata are remarkably ao,and iu addition to theae mdiapenaahle
summer qualitiea, tliey unite iu an eminent degree, other qualities,
desirable at all seasons, aa lightneas.c heapuesa, elegance,
novelty, and heitthi-of-fashionablenrsa. The proprietor will
take quite aa much pleasure in showing aa in selling his beautiful
hats; although, for the sake of the public, and from feelings
of pure philanlnrnphy, he would be glad to see every man
in the city with on# ol them on his bead. m28 6tis*rc
summer arrangement.
On the
Cars will run as follows, uutil further notice. Up trains
will leave the City Hall for
For Morriaiana,Fordhain,
Williams Bridge,Tuck- For White Plains,
Yorkville, Harlem, alioe, Hart's Corner, Pleiaautville.New
and Morriaiana. and White Plains. Castle, Medianti
A. M. 7 A. M. icsviilr and, Cro8
A. M. 10 A. M. ton Fnlla.
11 A. M. 4 P. M. 7 A. M.
2 P. m. 5 30 P. m. 4 P. M.
3 30 P. M. Freight train.
4 r. M. at I P. M.
7 P. M.
Returning to New York will leave?
Morriaiana and llarlem. Williams'Bridge, l'leasantville.
7 A. M. 8 A. M. 8 14 A. M.
8 20 A. M. 9 08 A M. 4 14 I'. M.
9 A. m. 1 10 p. m.
I P. M. 6 08 P. M. Newcastle.
3 P. M. 8 A. M.
4 30 P. M. Tuckahoa. *4 P. M.
6 P. M. 7 38 A. M.
1 28 P. M. 8 42 A. M. Mrchanicaville.
8 P. M. 18 44 P. M. 7 48 A. M.
4 43 p. m. 4 48 p. m.
Ford ham.
8 08 A. M White riaius. CrotonFalls.
? la j\. m. t iu a. ivi. 7 30 a. >1.
I 2(1 P. M. R 35 A. M. 4 30 PjM.
C 15 P. M. 12 30 P. M. Freight Train
5 35 P. M. 10 A. M.
Freight Train will leave 32<! street for Croton Falls and
intermediate |>lares at 4 A M., and City llall at 1 P. M.
Returning, will leave Crotnu F ills at 10 A. M. and 9X P. M.
The trains will run as follows, viz :?
Leave City Hall Leave Croton Falls
F'or Croton Falls. For City Hall.
7 A. M. 7 30 A. M.
4 P. M. 4 30 P. M.
Leave City Hall for White Plains Leave White Plains
and Intermediate Places. For City Hall.
7 A, M. 7 10 A. M.
10 A. M. # 15 A. M.
4 P. M. 12 30 P. M.
5 SO P. M. 5 35 P. M.
Kstra trains will be run to Harlem, Fordham, and Williams
Bridge, on Sunday, when the weather is flue.
The trains to anil from Croton Falls, will not stop on New
York Island, ezcept at Brooine street and J2d street.
A car will precede each traiu ten minutes to take up passengers
in the e.ty.^^ FR0M NKW yoRK .
To Croton Falls and Somers $1 00
To Mechanicaville 87)?
To Newcastle 75
To Pleasantvilie 62X
To White Plains 50
m25 tf r
Kx.r iiLit in v r.iv.? 1 nr ouoscrioers respectiuiiy niiorm
the public that they will forward to and from Boston, in their
own cars, mercliaudize of every description; bundles, |>ackages,
specie, bank notes, lie. Drafts for acceptance, collections,
and all other business entrusted to them, attended to
Office. New York, 1 Wall St., corner Broadway. Office,
Boston.7 State st. OAV & CO.
m24 :)0t f h
FLja^Ws. ijO M A Y 30? Oneninr of the Season at Coney
MMcMSHBh Island I'm ilion.?Th? new an I magnificent
Steamboat /Kill YIt, (.apt.... O v? ells, will in ike three trips
between New York and Court Island on iMiiidny next, as follows:?
Leaving pier foot of Pike street, 10 o'clock A. M., 12j^
o'clock P. M ;2& o'clock P.M. Leaving pier foot of Court*
Inudt street (north side of Jersey I ity Ferry), lONf o'clock
A. M., I o'clock P. M , 3 o'clock P. M. Leaving Coney Islaud,
ll>a o clock A. M., 2 o'clock, P. M.. S o'clock P. M.
N. B.?The Boat will makes landing each way at Fort Hamilton.
_Fare, 12X cents. _ ^ mW 2t*rc
?r-wv? A< (.(IMMOLATION DAY LINE for 1
ALBANY and intermediate places?The new
wflfaM^Hmand Splendid steamer ALIDA, Cspt. G. <). 1
Topper, will leave the pier, fool of Robinson street. every ,
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at7 o'clock; poo- '
s .pi- Ml cents; hir ikfast anil dinner mi board. m v27 7t rr
AND BREMEN.?Passengers by
f^X3U9UQr_this steamer, who have engaged their
berths, but not yet taken ont their passage
receipts, are requested to rail for the same, at the Ocean
Steam Navigation Company's office, 44 William stieet, on or
before Saturday evening, 29th inst.
The ship will leave pier No. 4, N. R., on Tuesday, 1st June,
at 2N P. M.
Passengers will please send their baggage on board on Monday,
and have all that is not wonted on the passage marked
" below."
All letters and mailable matter must pass through the post
office. my29 4t re
MAui hiiftON, No. it??
XV <len |.iii6, hnviiic now romi>Utc(l their ar raj urrtn ruts. heir
leave to announce to their friends and the public, that passages
to and from the Old Country can be secured on the most reaiioiiable
terms, in first class packet ?ln|n, tailing regularly from
New York and Liverpool. They alao guarantee that there I
shall he no detention, but that emigranta will be forwarded on c
preaentation of their tirketa. I
Drafts payable on demand on the Iloyal Dank of Ireland, t
and oil Messrs. Preaeott, Orute, Ainet k Co., London. 7
N. 11.?'To prevent mistakes, we beg leale to say that we I
have no connection with the tirin of Roche Brothers k Co.,
Wo. 31 Fulton at. myt3 ?f rc I
JHHK.KKOM LIVKRPOOL?The splendid fast sailing '
JMMMaeoid favorite packet ship NT. OKOROK, 1000 tons
i.iurii.in. < apt. Ferris, will tail from New Vork on Tuesday,
June 1st, her regular day, arid from Liverpool on the 10th
ller accommodations for cabin. Id cabin, and steerage paslengers,
cannot be surpassed lor comfort and convenience. I
Those about proceeding to Knrope, or those wishing to tend
for their friend i to rome out in tins splendid packet, should .
make early application on hoard, at Pier 9 North lliier. or to
my 9$ re 86 South itrMt, tj door bgloBirlini Slip
K(>!< N .W ORI.hANS Id.ui * ami New
vrrVW Vork liue of packets. Positively the first and onlyillilbM'Uiiliir
packet to nail on Monday 31?t May. The
iv v\ ami s|>lendid fust sni ling packet ship CLIKTON, Capi.
lugersoll, is now loading and will tsisitively sail aa above, her eglilariliv
For freight or passage, having splendid furniahed accnmmolalions,
apply on hoa# at Orleans w harf, font of Wall afreet,
,rto K. K. COLLINS
id South street. a
Agents in New Orleans, John O. Woodruff It I o., who will h
lrnmplly forward all goods to their address. Positively no
roods will he received on board aller Tnit Saturday evening,
Slay 20th. Passengers will please ha on boaid at Orleana
aliarf, foot of Wall street, Monday, May 31st, at 12 o'clock,
W, at which time the ship will sail. mTO rc
AAii NOTlCK.?Packat ship LOU IH vTlL K ,"(7s | ,u in |
Hunt, ia now discharging at Orleans wharf, font t
iMfatif Wall street. Consignee* will please attend to the
ecripl of rheir goods immediately. m28 rc
KOH LIVKKrOOL-New Line-Regular pack- 1
a of 26th J une .--The splendid, fast tailing packet *
Hfa *nip OAHKICK, Captain B. J. H. Trask, will
losinvoiy tail as shove, Iter regular day, '
Kor freight or twasag*. having superior furnished arcommo- f
lations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall *tr*vt. .
>rt<> K K. COLLINS. M South at. !
Price of pasaage fT5
The picket ship ROdCHTS, Capt. Asa Eldndge, will ?nc- T
eedthe Warrick, anil Mil the 24th nf July, her regular day
mv 2D
FOR LIVkRPOOL?Only Ilmebar Packet of the
MrW^Wfith June.?The new magnificent. faat sailing and I'-i- J
Ailb>''n<r l .rU-t .lop 11EN H V < I. A V , hi.. ?. n l.vm "
.1 ... i 1,1. Nye, will sail jioailivrly on the 4th 'it Jim w
The accommodations lor cabin, 2d caliin and a'cernge pasenter,
are tine'|nalled by any otlo-r rea??l in port; "t"1 * ui
nmbcr ol her passenger. ?'r already engaged, llm.e desirous [)
if securing bertlu aliould make a.rly appliealmn o board,fool .
if Maiden Lane, or to JUSEPH .Mr.ML'RRAY ,
ttlW re corner Pine and South iti. |n
X*d*~ CAUTION.?All persona are forbid treating any m
?SWW,,f tl.e r re w of the Hrin.li hark Lady If untie . . ' apt. in
WRhOldia, from Ltrerpoel, aa no debts of then contractnt
e ill be sanctioned <n paid by yitber tin- captain or eon%'
w i
. JK I - LB^
PAKK Tilt A 1 UK.-S.iiiril.iv r.mi?, May n, will be
I performed thecomedy of NICHOLAS FLAM?NichoUl
Maui, Mr Ban; Shriuip, A Andrews.
After which a u?w ballet, mulled LE LAC DE8 FEES?
Zelis, Mile llliuigy; Artav. Miaa Vallee.
After which a grand ballet dance LA OITANA, by Mil*
To conclude with A RACE FOR A DINNER?Sponge.
Mr U Barrett, Doric, O Andrew a
Boies SI; I'u'jO cent*; Uailery Xi cents.
Doors open at T o'clock?lira performance will conuMaM
mWEKV THEATRE.?A W. Jacaaoia, Proprietor?H.
i. Htcvkms, Suae Manager?On Saturday Evening,
May JK, will he acted iric IRON CHEST?Hi/ Edward Mortimer,
Mr Booth: Fitxliarding, Mr Keeue; Wilford, Clarke:
Adam Wiutertou, Vaclie; Kawbold. Booth,Jr; Lady Helen,
Mrs Wilkiuson: Sampaou Kawbold, Hadaway.
After which, the SVVISH COTTAGE?Corporal Ma*, Mr
Jordan: Luetic, Mrs Booth. _ _
To conclude with SIETEEN STRING JACK?John Ran,
Mr Booth.
Urea* Circle, 2d cents; Pit and Gallery, UK cents
Doota open at 6K o'clock. Performance commences at TK.
A honor to luform his numerous (ricuds and the public that
his BENEFIT will take place on MONDAY, Jlst May, whe
by general request, the entire opera of
will he |>erformed. 8ig.il. will execute ou the riolin the
Solo Introductory to Lucia's Cavatiua
Many Professors having kindly volunteered their services
for this occasion' the Orchestra will be greatly increased.
The evening performance will he preceded by a Grand Coacetlants
Piece, by Lindpaiutcr. Flute, Clarionet, Oboe, Bassoon,
and French Horn obligato.
Between the acta, Siguor Raretti will have the pleasure
of producing befere the public, one of his pupils. Master
Jauiea I erltius, a young Ameiicauartist, with whom he will
play the brilliant Duo by Maurer, (the same Sig. R, has lately
mui v.. oivori.) my23 tf rrc
HOUSE. Chambers street?June 1, 1817.
Admiuion 60 centa. 1'rivttc Boxes, $6. SeaU can be aecured
by aiiplving at the Box Office Ml IDM 4 o'clock on the
day of |ierformauce. Doors o|*jo at 7 o'clock, jierfortnauce to
commence at half-|>aat 7.
Coatumer, Mr. J.O.Taylor. Leader nl the Orcheatra, Mr.
II. Marka.
The following ladiea and gentlemen, member* of the Sliakapeare
Dramatic Association, will appear:?Messrs. A. Macdonald,
Jr., Couuor, D'Artiat, Youug, Marshall; Mittea Newkirk
and 8tanho|ie.
Performance to commence with Hliirl's celebrated play of
DAMON AND PVTH1AS?Dainon.Mr.Macdouald; Pythias,
Mr. D'Artiat.
To conclude with the farce of the 1RI8H LION?Tom
Moore, Mr. Young. my27 fitia*r
MEX ICAN MUSEU M?SPLENDID performances, thu
Afternoon and Evening, at 3 and SL to f o'clock.
Is engaged Tor a few days. together with lli* celebrated
Mr. HARRISON, the Impromptu Singer,
Mr.Conover. I'muie Vocalist; Mill Hobers, Mis* Julien, lie.
Will also be exhibited at each ana every performance.
Admiation 23 eenta. Children under II years 12X cents.
aayt w
for engagements in the Orchestra and the Musical
Departments in general to be made to Mr. ST. LUKE, who is
engaged as Leader, Composer, and Director of the establish
mrnt, at Kirth, Hall St Pond's music store, Broadway.
m20 lt*r Al.VAH MANN.
mrs. mason's "benefit.
The complimentary benefit to mrs. ma
SON, will take place on the evening of Fhidat, June 4th,
Tickets can be obtained from any member of the Committee,
or at the Box Office?at which place only scats are to be se
cured. Boxrs $2?Pit $1.
Philip Hone, Wm. Henry Le Roy,
Hamilton Wilkes, Thus. Addis Emmett,
W. E. Lsiglit, Bache McEvers,
Robert Emmett, Samuel B. Rnggles,
Ogden Hoffman, Beverly Robinson,
J. Preacott Hall, (Jeo. Washington Cottar,
Denning; Duer, J. Beekman k inlay,
June* Thomson, Samuel Glover,
Nath'l Bloodgood, John T. Brigham,
H. Le Roy Newbold, Herman Le Roy,
Robert H. Morris, Wm. Edgar,
Mortimer Livingston, Joseph Blunt,
Joliu Stewart, Jr. H. <>. Le Roy,
Clias. A. Clinton, James Monroe,
Geo. L. Schuyler, Clins. L. Lieingstun,
W. G. Knot, Delaiicey Kane,
Campbell P. White, Henry S. Iloyt,
O. Mauran, Alex r Hamilton, Jr.,
David Austen, Jr., Lewis M. Rutherford,
David C. Coldest, Authouy L. Robertson,
Clias Aug. Davis, Heurv Breevoort.
tntt llt^jrc "
("tAH'l'LE tiYHDKN is opened tor the season?li, the
J Kvruinp Cotieeru of Instrument*! Music will be tiiveu
by the (Jermuii Brass Band, under the.direction of Mr. Monk,
consisting of selected compositions from l.aliitzky, Strauss,
Lauiier, Oungl, Slraeck, anu others, commencing uu Monday
neat, May 2*.
Intermission of half an hour during the evening for prouiemuding,
refreshments, and viewing the Cotinnramas, which
have been re-arranged.
Admi sion 12>kcents. Concert commences at 8 o'clock.
H rrc
Musical Entertainment will be given in the above
popular place of resort every evening until further notice, under
the direction of Mr. Austiu Phillips, assisted by Miss .Ylnrtin.
Miss Jeume Reyuoldsou, Mr. (tuayle, Mr. Ray, Re., kcc ?
Concert tickets cent', admitting a Oeinleinan and l.sdies.
Free admission to Garden. m?3 it re
MECHANICS' 1IALL. No. 472 BKuACWAV, between
(fraud and Broome sts_
Have the honor of announcing, that by the desire ol
the heads of numerous families, they will continue for one
week longer their unpreccdeutedly popular Concerts, which
lor a sue cession of thirteen weeks have been nightly crowded,
by the elite and fashion of the city.
Admission 2.7 renin to commence at 8 o'clock. tnv2J t| re
I^AUIOI I turn rAhMTIKU!) KJM hALE.?The four
M-J large Pictures of "Christ Rejected," "Christ Bearing the
Cross," "Calvary," and "The Three Days m I'aria," painted
DJT the late Wm. Dutibtp, Ei'j., will he sold or let for eiliibituia
on very moderate and accommodating term< to a rrsiioiisible
party. Apply to It. K. ERASER,
m273tis*rc Art Union, 322 Broadway.
PURSE OK $30?Two inile heata, in hanieal; free for trotrin|
lioraea that never won a purse over $30 ; to come off
ou Tuesday, June 1.
Entrances to close at Green St Bevins's, at 9 o'clock A. M ,
on Haturday, three or more to make a field.
m2? ?fje O. SPICER.
MONDAY, MAY 31sl, St 2 o'clock P.M., purse $30, mile
heats, best 3 in 3, in harness, for pacers.
Wm. Smith enters gr (.Tormentor.
C. S. Ilartine enters eh. g. Boss Batcher.
K. I. Nodine enters hr. m. Village Maid.
At 3 o'clock, match for $100, two mile heats, iu harness.
Mr. Stevens uemcs b. g. Bullelt,
Mr. Jones names h g welch Rarebit.
At I o'clock, match for $100, two mile heats, under the
R. Rogers names gr. m. Lady Loon
D. Stevens names b. g. Stevens,
AHmnmoii to ttll parts of the ? nurse 30 cents. m2H 4t?j>~TROTTl.NU.-l'HIL.\DELITIIA
n I
THE SPRING MEETING over the above Course will
commeuee on Monday, the 31st of May, and continue two
First Day?Stake $25? $100 added by the proprietor, 2 mile
leata, to harness, Irre for green horses.
Same Day?Pnrse $130?2 mile heats, under the saddle, free
Tor horses tnat never won a purse over 1200.
Second Day?Stake of $23?$100 added, free (or horsea not
aver su vt-ars old this spriug, two mile heats, in harness.
mmi UI)?rune ?i ni. nine neais, um in live, 1" n?{uui,
wagon and driver to weigh 300 lbs., free fur lionet diameter
won a purse over $200.
Kutries to be made llie evening previoua to each trot, not
later than 6 o'clock, at the course. Two or more to miike a
trot for each purse or stake. m27 St'je
?n KOU BALK?A Bay Mare, t? years old. I . htmli
.XjEj^whigh, a stylish, free driver auil last trotter, warf
^ r.ni. it .omul anil kind iii every respect, sold on account
of die owner having no use for a horse. Trice $ I to.
dsn be secu at the Livery Stable in Warren street, near
Broadway. mM It* re
?n ' Mill SAI.K- V KINK IIAV IIOIiSK. kind,
IliP' sound and young. Also, a large bay horse, fine
( j f f "."'"i r,u 11 mde in three iiunutes to a wagon,
md a line family horse. Apply at M. H. Underbill's stable,
No. 4 Rivington street, near the Uuwery. rn2B2t*rrc
en. KOR 8ALK OR KXCIIANOK?Kor unproved
*TS t "* unimproved property in thisntyor llrooklyn, a
' ' sa n.ir of er..?m n.lnr>d well matched M A It KB, pe rectly
sound, kind and gentle in every way, with harness and
carriage, well ada|ited Tor family use; the ow ner having no
ise for them any more, will sell or eirhange them at anar;ain,
if applied for immediately at 110 Pearl street, up staira.
an be aeeu at Mr. P. Murray's stablei, near the South Kerry,
Irooklyn. mytl lw*rc
LOT OK MOCKING BIRDB-Ouly bird I* worth
VT? rage room, and swecpa all kind bird species long away
day or night.
iWa'. Alan very fine collection Long Breed I miary Pools |
Also, lot short breed tierinan llirds, lancy (.'ages ami Seed,
To be aeen at Ml Bowery, between Id anil 4th si.
mytt ?0t?re H. WILLIAMS.
-. mm MUSIC?THB PIANO taught an very
mode rile terms, by a lady who has had r nI
| lt | aidrrahlr experience iu leaching. She profea'I
II area to teach II in a scientific manner, with the
henry which she undertakes to impart a thorough knowledge
if. Terms three dollars par month. A line addraased to
'Music," at the Herald amee, shall he attended to.
mv27 .lOtis*rc I
private table, to let to a family. Also, Rooms with
lire.(blast ami Tea to single (sentleinrii. The situation
< very desirable, being li ss than five minute s w.dk of the ferry.
Ipplicition to be made Ic No' 11 Sidney Place, near St (te St.,
hiiilh Brooklyn. niyI9 7t*re
a TO LkT?At llohoken thirty ?n email honeea. ami.
alile for mrrhanira anil laborer*. Unit low, ami "nn<<
iliate poaaraaion |tirtn. Knotilre ar the olncf ni tlir Ili>uikrn
Company, at tlir rerry Laadiug, Hohnke , of
in2# 7l re W. W. Him Pf N, Agent.
ak KIR m'aLK-A Farm ai k oukrii, ebnnt M mil'a
(S? from ill* -'iv, dm mil* from tin- rtilm ad aboay two
LaMLfrnin t'nnkei < laiiilinn containing . in lit i3 ncin ol land
n a good state of rnl.iT itiou; liarn, our home*. iic. A large
'art of the purchase tnouf y may ''m',Bll,!lI?",^j,***1_AppTf
r> n. U. HUI' III MH%
m?Tlt?r W Johaat. I
ii~VIH<HNIA LAN Hit I- OK HA IjK ? 100,000 acres of 1
I an 'I ia tin COIIlriM ofTlMVll MT MM Wf I
JtaL-ni Virginia. Thrae I inda are wall w iwrrrd anil heav ily
imbrred.ihe anil n nch and enduring, ..nd suitable lor ruination.
No "elections having been m idr from this tract, tha
rholn i? offered err> low , or, if drain d hy persona who vari.t
a settle npon and impror# a considerable portion of rhe a one,
ae prire will be put equally low. Tarma en*',', with perfn t
t|r Thear Wnalt r in be approarlieil by water to a |?nnt,
mi bin fill milra through the Dig Sandy liner, at an eipamsr ol
I from thiacity. Applk to
m2fi 7t*r No. 1 Hanover at., New Yoik.
Kg KOK HI,!, -WKHI'i HhKI KIl LtNII I " genKH|tlenien
ill ? nit ofaiteifort mi.ti, Sriia? To Vlai -I
gaa t ra rile ue r, in want ol I mil IV t t far'*-" i > il 'n all peraona
i,hill it a loeation in the neighborhood of Ne Vnrk
'lOflarrea ( I,and in the town of Weatrh*iter, within nine
ilea of the I 11v Mali, with right of |aeeamg over Harlem
rota* free ol loll, arr now offered al prune as , l.wlota. runi
hi ne from fire to ftlty arrea each The laiida are within
teen minutes walk ol the railroad; front on gn..d road a; are
the neighborhood of arhoola, and churches of different de
rninationa; the water ia good, and loeation healthy. Title
diaputahle. Tenna inoileratr. Apply to
Mnriieania, YVestcheater Co.?or to
nliSOt'r 1? Nassau aoraat, New York
AIMn In WMhiiurtan.
WaeHiifOTOir, May 37, 1M7.
Partiian War/art?Rtlaliation?Indignitif I* Mtxiemn
There la too much reaeon to apprehend that ia thr
present poeture of affair, in Mexico, the war 1< about to
: aaeume a mo?t aanjuiuary and vindictive eharaeter am
both sides, unless prompt bmiutm bo adopted to UTMt
Its present tendency Uhould bootllitloo continue, tboy
will consist ou the ono eidc at least of a oarioo of ttarba*
rouo and revolting murders In the highways and byeways,
our men will bo cut off by tha ranebero's ??? and
tbs assassin's knlfa.
It Is ossential to tbo bonor of o<y country. this
barbarous example bo not imitated by us We owe It to
our own cbaraeter and to tbo position we bold In the
rank of Christian nations, to witness our abherrenco for
this murderous system, by abstaining from its practise.
It Is difficult to restrain our Impetuous soldiery from
avenging the blood of their oomra doMPlHod treacherously
and foully, but that restraint must be exeroUed In
such a large army as we have now In Mexico, there must
neeesssuily be a great number of men regardless of aH
restraint, save that exercised over them by the discipline
of the serviee. It is vain to attempt to disguise that
many atrocities have already been oommitted by rush
men attached to the army in Mexioo, and that, notwithstanding
the measures taken by the two commanding
Generals to control them. It is hard that the glory of
our arms should be tarnished by such barbskrities, which,
however, it is but just to add, are fewer than in any
army equal in number, ever engaged by any other nation
in foreign service.
but while the murderous system now pursued by the
Mexicans, 1* to be avoided on our pert. It U nevortheleee
indispensable that a itop ahould bo put to the butobery
of our troopa. For this purpose order* are about to be
issued to our generals, to giro notice to the Mextaaas,
that for every soldier assassinated, a number of Mexican
prisoners of war, say two or three, will be put to death
by the sentence of a court-martial. This system of retaliation
cannot be deemed unreasonable, and the mod*
of carrying it Into execution will divest it of all appearance
of haste or passion, and give it the character of
dignified retribution. It is a most melancholy alternative,
but it is unavoidable.
^The letters from the captured cities in Mexico, represent
the soldiers as practising many acts of gross licentiousness
on tbe persons of unoffending Mexleaa citlxens.
I understand that it is Intended to curb effectually this
lioentiousneas, as far as there is a possibility of doing so
by the maintenance of strict discipline Wo do not war
with the unarmed population of Mexico; and as far aa
the discipline of tbe servicegoes.it is intended to streteh
it for tbe purpose of enforcing the observance of a proper
respect for the rights of nou-combatants and females, in
all the cities coining under our rule. Complaints have
already been made of souiu officers of inferior grade, not
only countenancing in others, but b?lng themselves
guilty of offering indignities to Mexican cltixens. It is
determined to degrade such officers from their rank, if
convicted of the alienee with which they stand charged
Waihisoton, May 37, 1847.
The Pout Oflice Department and the Steamer
JVaeh/n gton.
Major S. H Hobble, of tiio Tost Office Department,
was escorted to the depot to-day by Mr. Cave Johnson,
IV M. G., and his assistauts. and there dismissed on his
outset to Kurope, via New Vork uud the steamer Washton,
to arrange at Southuuiptou. Bremen, and various
places in Oeriuuuy for the transportation of the LrantAtlantlu
mails. He cannot fall of a successful mission.
The epoch?all the rip urn lances of the times, point to
the great advantages of thi- cup r, rise
And we ha?e to say. that if the Britannia bents the
Washington over, (and they both, we understand, start
on the same day) she will have to run by the deep nines,
and put in moru coal.
We shall have, in two years time, a system of Atlantie,
Gulf, and Tuciflc steamers in operation that will tell a
brilliant story for the enterprise of Brother Jonathan
We are bound to go ahead, and steam is the agent of
ik. if -
.u. ? <1 Mpmi yei id nee inn <lny when a traveller
will be able to loavo New Vork, and going east* ard all
the time, will bo enabled to inako the circuit of the
earth, coming in by Huascualco, !u the nommtr interval
betwoen two session* of < ongrn i, spending a month or
two in the Mediterranean on tho way. W.
WiiHinsTon, May 37, 1947.
State of Jiff air i in Mexico.
We can't maku it out what U to be done. Reorulta
are going down to 8cott and Taylor by hundred*, to bo
sure. but the volunteer* are coming away by thouaancU.
Some few are dying off along the whole line, and otbere
i are disabled, from wounds or disabilities incurred in the
It appears that the whole disposable foree of Ueneral
Scott, after the discharge of the twelve months-volunteers,
and after deduotlng the necessary garrisons for
Vera Our, Jalapa, and Perots, will not exceed MOO men:
ho that hie march Into Mexloo, or, at It has been styled
by Santa Anna, the " imperial oity of the Aitecs, It a
cont-ummation not to be expected, either with or without
an Invitation It would be plain sailing to at. into the
Mexican capital by invitation; but it would be a question
worth considering in advanet, how are wo to get
out again ' or, what did th ey Invite us here for '
_ Old /ack will be compelledlto stand still. It will be aa
muoh as he can do to hold the line open between Monterey
aud the Braxos, after the subtraction of his thirteen
regiments of twelve months men, whose terms are rapidly
By late account* there were some 1600 men at New
Orleans awaitiuir transnortation for nr ?-ii
| destined for lien. Hcott From thin, it would seem that
all active operation* in the north are to be suspended ?
that Gen. Taylor 1* to itand * till but that the War
Department i* bent upon pushing down the necesaary
force* to Vera Crux, for the march to " the hall* of the
Montezuma* "
Krom the exclusive information from General Taylor'*
wiug of the army, in Wedneeday'* lltratd, it appears
that General Scott had *rnt an expree* to old Rough and
Ready, which wa* very likely a demand upon him for a
| few more men, or a pressing invitation lor old Buena
Viita to oouio down and join the Mouthern division in
the march to Mexico, if he could poeeibly get off. We
nhould like to see a copy of that letter of General Scott.
The general-in-chlef i* entitled to especial cotnmenda!
tlon in diHcbargtng a portion of the twelve months' men
in advance of the expiration of their term of service, so
a* to afford them an opportunity of esoaping from Vera
| Cruz before the vomito seta in. This humane consideration
of the value of the live* of their men Is scarcely a
IrNrt iliatinirililitiinir trait of Krfttt ?.1 T-41 *w-i_
efll o.lency and intrepidity in the houro^battla.
A cepy of the Jalapa American Star Ilea before na ?
From mi original poem on tha flrat page, to "The Flag
of my Country," *u attract tlia following aample of
army poetry
" Ob ' think not theae wrong*, unavenged, will paaa over,
While tha murder'd Croat atlll lira* in onr heart* ;
With memory of friend* whom we ne'er oan rtcorer,
The eye * tearful tribute in aorrow obitruct.
The .Star la a neat little paper ; and we are Indebted
to Mr Fry tor the pleaaure oi the peruaal of the oopy
j upon our table W
Waiiiirotow, May 37, 1H47.
1 The 1'rrn.irnt i North Carolina Excurtion?Off Tomorrow.
The I'reaideut and family and the Secretary of the
, Navy, leave thin eity to-morrow at nine o'clock, rn routt
1 for i Impel Hill I 'ulveraity, North Carolina '
We hear of great preparation* to receive thene dintlnj
guinhed vinitern, not only at lliirligh. hut at ail the inter!
mediate town* along the route, including Frederick*
burgh, Richmond, l'i temburgh, fcc.
The weather la lowering, aud maybe unfavorable toj
morrow; but rain i* worth every thing at thin time, and
j we hope it may come down freely.
He propone to nee the President and party aafely
through their journey, and nhall therefore be off in the
niornltig. with ttie view of a few railroad nketchen of the
trip . ItenpoetfUUy, THF DOCTOR
BtuviMoar., May 3t, 1847.
.1rm\j Newt Jt Dnerved I'erdict.
Nown from the army ia now looked for with oonaiderahie
interent. and an the road* arc good, the famou* pony
exprens bidn fair to aweep the course.
Tha jury in the cone of the nogro Walker, who committed
the outrage on a litti" white girl, yesterday,
after an absence of twenty-four hour* rendered a verdict
of guilty, and the beastly fellow will be inoet <leaervedlv
hung There I* nti'l another negro in jail,
_.:n. i- . . - . ? i vi i.i
dowa In the etn rt, at ni^ht. and r*?i?blti|c her '?he
lew ftkyf hang them, hi: i ptihlio opinion cooMdor* thv
Ihw h juet one, oo th?t their fat* I* NtM.
.?nlr? of fltnelu nt 11 ?l II more.
Mat 27.?Sto< a UoAltb ?$il'00 Maryland t>?, 9?)*; mo Cily
?. I?n, 101; 1000 tin, tune, lb! a, $ MM ( itv (t rwh. 101 >t
I until Staler Or, H07, rloard nt KM. arked, Ibi*, bid. Traaaarv
note*. 0>. rlmni al 100 a-knl, 101% hid. that* 0 per rentr
dosed at 90% aakid, 901* bid. Cily 6 pet cent*, of 11K, c|<>?rd
at 101% naked, 100% bid.
ArpniSTMKNT* iiY Tun PRESIDENT.?Seth Barion,
uf I.nui.,1 hi , to h?' C'lvirRe d'Ariair of the
United S alt , tn ^liili, tire William ' rump, recalled at
hi* own rmtut Mt. HaiuNMn H. CiUetl. t>l New Vork, to
be Solicitor of the J'resniury. in pu>ooi ,7?th lUrten, reai|fnrd
Daniel lltkhatO, of 'I emir" "?. t i be Hogl'ler of
the Traaaurer.alce Kntiaom H. GllUit. rtripi'tl.-Paho
Sale* of Stor k* nt lion ton.
V.tcHANuc lluraii, May 27?9 abaa Wratrin Railroad, 108%;
15 do. 102%; 3 Old Colony Railroad, lit to Merrhanta' Ban*,
milt; I State Hank. M%: Naahaa and I.owrll Railroad, 114 .
*J Boaton aad Maine Railroad Ki|hla, 21a, 1 Verai nil Centra I
Railroad, lilt; 1.5 Reading Railroad, 29%; tl Loaf Irland Railroad,
?7u; 25 do, a3*da, 27%, 50 Nnrmrh and Worce.fri
Railroad, MJR; 25 do. 50k; ? do, t It d, 501* . 2.5 Kaa4 Boatot
Co, 2*k; 50 do, a ao da, j?\; 25 do, 2#v

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