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Vol. XIII. Ho. 140?Whole Ho. 4746.
North-west ramtr of Fulton uid " its.
DAILY HERALD?Every day, Pnee 3 cents per copy?T
U per milium?payable in advance.
WEEKLY HKRALD-Every Saturday-Price (X <???
per cony?(3 cents per Annum?payable in advance.
I HERALD KOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrice
cJa cents per cepy?$3 tier annum, payable in advance.
HOLIDAY HERALD?Publiahed on the 1st of January and
lato; July of each year?single copies sixpence each.
ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual j.rices-el ways cash in
a'.v i.ce. Adverti iments should be writteu in a plain, legible
miuiiiu The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors thai
may occur u lham. . . . ,.
PUINTINO of all kinds executed beeutilully and with
deapatch. . .... . ?
All letters or communications by mail, addressed to ths
tstahli.hment, must be^'oat paid, or the postage will be dadumad
from ri?e ichirnsriAn moiiav r.initrait.
a TO LET?At Hoboken, thirty six small houses, suitab
e for mechanics and laborers. Rent low, and iinme
dinte possession giieu. Enquire at the office of the Hotioki
u Company, at the Kerry Landing, Hobo ken, of
mijlt 7 *rc _ W. W. 8H1PPEN, Agent.
TO LKT-^Pos.es-iou give-i immediately?Olficeajn
'J,c V uiesued ripply [II J.l.lir.a
ULB. DELVLCCHIO, in the buildirg, or to
mI8 Mt*rre No 59 Wall street
private table, to let to a family. Alto, Roomi with
Breakfiut anu Tea to aiiigl* Gentlemen. The ituation
i? v?,y desirable, beiogltss thin five uiinutea walk of the ferry.
Aplilic oioii to be made ti No' 11 Sidney Place, near Slate at.,
South Brooklyn. my29 7t*rc
MBKEKMAN HOUSE, No. 5U Beekinan street, (late
Mrs. Floyd's.)?The proprietor begs leave to anuouiice
to hie friends and acquaintances, that he has opened the
aiiuve,mmed house, and flatters himself that, by strict attentiou
to business, to merit a share of public patronage. The finest
liquors that can he procured are at his bar, and the best flavored
segars. He will be happy to see his old friends, and respectfully
solicits a call. There are over thirty single lodging
rooms, which will at least be equal to any in the city, in point
of cleanliness and respectful auction. Single meals at all
hours of the day and evening Open till 2 o'clock, A. M.
a. free lunch served up every day at 11 o'clock,
mat 2w*rc JQ8EPH WILSON.
M HAMILTON HOUSE, at the Narrows near Fort
Hamilton, L. I. The Subscriber begs to inform his
friends and the public, that this favorite place of resort
is now open for the reception of company.
Steam i tats wi'l commence running about the 15th of May.
Stages leave Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, at 10 A.M., and 4
P. M.
Fort Hamilton. May 5.1847. mS 2w*rc
proprietor begs to iufnrm hit friends and the public,
that ne has made considerable alterations and improve
Bieiits in this establishment since the last sesaou. He hat erected
a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether
disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These
rooms are. intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable
size, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all resperti
to those generally denominated single rooms in the various
waiering places throughout the country.
Tlie proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties
wishing to engage rooms for the sesjun. Letters addressed to
' him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention.
A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at
the following hours, vix:?
From New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M. and 8 and 5:20 P. M.
From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At 9 A. M. and 13
M, and 3J<, 5 and 6 P. M-, and more frequent communications
will be established as the season advances.
The Paviliou is now ready for the reception of Company.
ap25 tfrc K. BLAN' A IIP.
Alt NASSaU HOUSE, Main street. Sag Harbor, L. 1.
O. V. OAKLEY. Proprietor ?Tbe Nassau Home,
J^J&aud its furniture, is entirely new, and its proprietor
nui spare no pains ui mute u an sgrecaute visiting |iiace lor
the traveller.
N. B. A Livery Stable i* attached to the house, and conveyance
can be had to any part of the Island Carriages in readiness
nn tne arrival of tfre steamer, to take passengers to any
part ul" the port. my2l lw?rc
newly constructed Hotel, nearly finished, situated in
the heat and most accessible part of the City of Moutre.1,011
the Cuqum Hi use Square, overlooking the wharf,
commanding a beautiful view of the River St. Lawrence, the
Islnud of St. Helens and the shipping, 'lie river steamboats
laud in the immediate vicinity and It is the first hotel of its
class that presents itself to tourists. The building is of cut
stone, iu the best style of modern architecture, and in the
interior arrangement will be louud all the details of an extensive
establishment, including a spacious Diuii g Room, Parlor
and Bitting Rooms, with (oity-fire Bed Rooms, and every
other requisite of domestic comfort
For further naviculars, apply to the proprietor,
Montreal, May 2fi, 1847. WILLIAM DOW.
mi!S Hit* re
IBvtflgood land, in the counties of Tazewell and Logan, West.
ilas ern Virginia. Thi-se lands are well watered aud heavily
timbered: ihe soil is rich aud enduring, aud suitable for cultivation.
No selections having bi en made from this tract, the
wh de is offered very low;or, if desired by prrsons who wish
to settle upon and improve a considerable portion of the same,
the price will be |mt equally low. Terms easy, with perfect
title. These lands can he approached by water to a point,
within 60 milea through the Big Bandy River, at an expense of
$8 from this city. Apply to
m2G7t*r No. 3 Hsnover St., New York,
in want of sites for Country Beats?To Market
sins Gardeners in want of land for Gardens; and to all persons
wishing a location in the neighborhood of New York.
600 acres of Land in the town of Wcstcheater, within nine
miles of the City Hall, with right of iwssing over Harlem
Bridge free of toll, are now offered at private sale, iu lots, containing
from five lo fitly acres each. The lauds are within
fifteen minutes walk ol tin' railroad; frout on good roads; are
in the neighborhood of schools, and churches of different denominations;
the water is good, and location healthy. Title
indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to
Morrisania, Westchester Co.?or to
ml6*lt*r 79 Nassau street. New York.
?The great attraction for the city is now at
jjmg ARCHE Y'S. No. 6 John street, where nature's song
"v-a^s. in its most select variety, is only to be obtained from
tin little Robin to the Cock of the North,
As usnal, King Charles Spaniels, Italian Greyhounds, Set
lers. Pointers, Newfoundland and every variety of fancy Dogs;
also Shetland Pomes, kc. kc. kc.
P. 8, Letters post-paid, will at all times meet with prompt
attentiou from A. GRIEVE, 5 John street.
N. B. Four Isle of Sky Terriers, imported expressly.
m63tt?r '
fhi BUMMER ffATS Economy aud Fashion ROv^llHRTSON,
of the I'henix Hat and Cap Manufactory,
formerly of No. 103. but now of 89 Fulton street, New York,
and 63 Fulton street, Brooklyn, whose constant aim it has
been to produce superior articles at tlie lowest possible prices,
has introduced his summer style of Hats consisting of beautiful
pearl and drab Castors, trimmed in the iieculiar maimer
which has hitherto given such universal salisjacti oi,inasmuch
as it prevents 'he perspiration from staining the outside ol the
Hat. and at the same time insures comlort and coolness.
REDUCTION IN PRICES.?Robertson gives notice that
he has reduced the price ol his Pearl Hats to S3 60, and his
ilr.tb Hats to S3; and at the same time prices challenges manu
lactureji to produce a better article even at 26 per rent higher.
J. TUTNKETT. m22 30f_r
f/it Viifactored entirely of silk and straw, latest JWjk
vMN|rstyle *nd fashion.to be had at 17 Division at.,
at the oit reasonable prices. m2230t*rc
j*. MRS. M. WILSON, 231 Urauu street, respectfully
wTaXinforms her friends, aud strangers visiting the city,
BPy that she hat now on hand a large and very handsome
assortment of Spring Millinery, to which she
invites their attention. Mrs. Wilsons stock comprises
an assortment of the richest and most lasbionable Hats, tnch
as Chjp,-.Crape, Rice, and Shirred, with achoiee assortment ol
Straws, which she flatters herself cau be sold more reasonable
then at any other establishment in the city. Country Milliners
w ill do well to cell hetorr purch osing.
Mr?. M. WILSON, 291 Grand at..
between Allen and Orchard sts.
Ten good Millinera wanted at the above establishment.
al3 2rn*rc
L W aX-H k BRUTTTERS.Freiich liont Makers, No.
HAin street, New York. Frem h < all Boots of the latest
fashion made to order for SI 90. usually sold for $G and
S7 ; one French Calf Boots $3 90, usually $9 Patent
te oilier Boots $7, usually aold lor $10 Also. Congress Boota
with Intent spring* G. iith men's gaiters, shoes and slippers
constantly on nana, soil mul-to order at the shortest o tice.
Repairing; kc , done iu the store
my79 30f r No G Ann street.
lUlINO k IONr.6. 4 Ann stiret, are selling tine
TFrench calf boot* at $4 90. equal to any sold in this city
If for SG or $7. Fine French boots at $3 90, usually $9 Best
JK Frencli patent leather boots $7, equal to those usually sold
nt $9 sud $10 A great assortment ot shoes, gaiters and slipiters
always on ha ul, and made to order at short notice. All
goods warranted to give satisfaction. Mending, tic done In
the ..tore. Please cull and csamine our slock.
m23i0t?rc YOUNG Ik JONES, 4 Ann ft., near Broadway.
_ Nr.W FRKNCHTBOOr 81 ORfe-The latest Parii
If style of French Calf Hewed Boots for $4 90. rqual to
If those n-up.lly sold for $6 and $7; line French Boo's for
^V$> 90. rity made, equal to those usually sold for $9 ?
olso. Congress Boots, wi'h patent springs: Knots, Shoes,
Gaiters, fcr , constantly on hand, and made to order in the
shortest notice, v.ending, kc. done in the store, corner of
Fulton and Nassau streets, opposite the Herald offier, N York
t inv'1' 3Pt*je
jj(^ AND DEALERS?The patent "I oiigr-ss Boot-and
Shoes'"?Licenses to inaunfarture the Congress Boots
,uid .Slioes. under Dupont k Hyatt's Patent, and numstnus
patents granted Charlea Goodyear, and the undersigned,
are now offend to moinf.ictu'ers in the ci'yof Nsw York,
end other places throughout the United States not yet disposed
of. on liberal tei mi, or the eiclttsire right without tariff, i< offered
for sale. The undrrsigneil, owner of all the patents, ten
iu number, used in the Produstiou of these boots and shoes,
hereby notifies all persons both makers and dealers, that every
pur made by authority is duly st mped with the name sud date
of the patent, according to law.
\nv iiifrinireme> t, either in making or selling these boota
and shoes, will lead to the unpleasant usee sity of prosecution.
Trn ting, how ever, that no honorable man wishes to steal or
filch the property and cielusive right of another, licenses are
offered under a small tariff, until the right shall be sold, with
the assurance th i licen.ea and purchasers will be fully protected.
Horace h day,
tn2l)3Ctrr Assignee anil owner of t e Patent.
,)Ch W ATCHlGB( el wnolesale orilv ?Louie I'erret, No
i 7aJ W John street, npstairs, i mpnrter and agent for seveial
nSroK Swiss manufacturers, offers to the trade a most complete
.oooiiineiit of Swise Watches of every description, of this
Spring's importation-TCnantry merchants and dealers in general
will find It fre.1 ly to tht.r advantage to call aa above before
purchasing elsewhere aM lm*r
a-?I i'l ANO b OR I'K, kc.?A variety of new
1 ' seeond hand Piano Fortes for sale or hire.
Sh'.* fT! Also, a general aasortment ?f Music aud Mn*
V V "'"I li'sinrments.at No, 268 Washington sf?
ar Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn.
*?*? J. WALKER.
uoda watf.r and apparatu8-j. Matthews. No.
131 I bird avenue. New \ ork, manufacture, of all the
modern apparatus use.[lor the maiinfhetmr, drawing or bottling
ofBoda Water A lithographic plate, with printctT direction!
for the making of Soda Watei and Syrups, also for the putting
up onhe apparawe snu Its usti ?., will sceompaa^sach ap.
& . d(C. d(C.
[From the New Orleans Picayune .May 21.]
The Highlander arrived yesterday from Brazos Santiago.
whence she sailed on the 14th inst. We hare a copy
of the Matauorae flag of the 12th.
Gen. Cushiug Is doing eery wed. It woe his right leg
which was broken, not his lett. The flag thinks he
wid shortly be able to attend to bis various duties. He
treats his injury as very slight. The general was to
have pronounced au oration at MaUmoras, on the occasion
of a celebration in honor of the victories ol the 8tn
and 9th of .May. His accident prevented the celebration.
A clerk in the employment of I'apt. .Sinclair, was dangerously
stabbed on the 11th inst. by a Massachusetts
vomnieer.mr rerusinu the latter a plana of rum. Tuc
Flag nays there hag been gome difficulty in the Muuchusett*
regiment, growing out of the endeavors of the
officers to put an end to iutemperance among the men,
hut ail wan quint on the Idth.
Reports are in circulation at Matamoraa. that gome
iutlucntiul Mexicans at Victoria are engaged in a project
to proclaim the State of Tamaulipua independent of
the Mexican confederacy. A leading Mexioan ia said to
hare arrired in Matamoraa, with a view to learn what
cooperation hH could obtain from the commandant of
that port. He requires men, money and arms. The Flag
thinks his overtures will not be listened to.
The Flag says that considerable parlies of Indians
have been seen at different times within the last few
days, only a few miles from Matamoraa. The editors
had been informed that three Mexioans and one American,
who had been collecting together some mules on the
Texas side of tne river, opposite Matamoraa, were found
killed with arrows. A party went out to bury the
bodies. A gentleman who came down the river ou the
11th, on the steamer Warren, reported that Mexicans
were deserting their ranchos on the river, and at several
places where the boat stopped to wood, the Indians bad
been depredating upon the horses and cattle of the
rancheros, and in two instances had eommitted murders.
?The road between Point Isabel and Fort Brown is considered
unsafe, and the editor of the Flag cautions persons
travelling it to be on their guard.
The Hio Grande is so low that boats of the lightest
draught cannot get to Camargo. No vessels have lately
been above the new depot, and but two or three so higli
up. lteynosa is about as far as boats can aseend with
any success, and the Flag says there Is a design of establishing
a depot there.
The Flag leurns from the Tomaulipas Defensor, that
one hundred and fifty of our infantry, with one field
piece, were lying off the town of Soto la Marina on the
:24th ult., and that one hundred cavalry, with a Impounder.
reached the town of .Magisoatzin on the 17th ult.,
but had received orders to countermarch to Tampico.
The Registro Ofieial, published in Durango, repels the
chnrge that the inhabitants of that State are friendly
disposed towards the Yankees, but speaks in no respectful
terms of the Sovereign Congress, which, it says,
withholds 'their arms Jand leaves them exposed to the
ravages of the Indians. "The Sovereign Congress,"
further adds the same paper, " taxes without number the
Durangenos to pamper the corruption and vices of the
Cybaritea who calumniate" them.
The editor of the Dtftneor de Tamaulijian thinks the
analogy between the two States so very striking, that he
publishes the article above alluded to.
A Mexican woman who was washing at the lake in
Motamoros. was lately accidentally killed by a Massachusetts
volunteer, who was at the time shooting fowl.
The woman was fUlly four hundred yards distant from
him when he discharged his musket. The ball skipped
upon the water and hit the woman.
The report has reached Matumoros that the troops
encamped at Palo ?Alto are to be sent to Vera Crux.?
The Flag cannot credit it.
(From the New Orleans Picayune, May 31.]
Last evening we had the pleasure of a conversation
with Mr. Stoizel. a German gentleman, who has been
some time reeding as a trader at Durango. He left that
city some time in the latter part of April, taking the
route oy rarras. naiimo and the KIo Grande Anxious
to know how well informed Mr. Kendall was of the disposition
of the people of Northern Mexico to detach
themselves from the Central Government, we have made
Inquiries of Mr. Htoizcl on the subject, and he informs
us that the States of Durango, Zacateca* and Hun Luis,
though reluctant to invite our arms into their territory,
still when there our armies will be received as friends.
There is, he says, u perfect indifference as to whether
tho States are governed by Mexicans or Americans In
fact, he inclines to the opinion that they would prefer
the Americans should rule.
Previous to leaving Durango. Mr. Stoizol visited California,
and left Mazatlan on the morning of the dth of
April, much the latest dates we have nad from that
quarter. When ho left the Americans were in quiet
possession of all the conquered territory, and the coast
was closely blockaded.
Mr. Stoizel heard nothing on his travels later from
Col. Doniphan than has been already learned through
the papers at Mexico. From gentlemen of the army we
learn that he has been ordered to join Gen. Taylor, and
there was a report at Saltillo that he had been out off on
his march from Chihuahua, but however, not the
slightest credit was attached to the report.
Advices from Merida have been received to the 10th of
April. The picture given of the politics of the peninsula
is by no means satisfactory or very intelligible, but we
append all the Havana papers tcQ us.
The provisional governor had issued a decree declaring
in full vigor a prior decree of the 11th January, issued
at the village of Ticul. which established the blockade of
Sisal and the whole mast from Desconoclda to Yalajau.
Another decree had been published commanding the
militia who took part in the jnonunciamimlo of the 01th
February, to be disarmed; depriving of their employment
all office-holders engaged in that nffair who should
fail to submit to the present Government within twenty
days, and banishing strangers involved in the same attempt.
Another decree declares that those members of the
permanent militia who pronounced the 31st February in
the vicinity of the town of Peto, shall be punished, and
moreover, that in those towns which do not submit to
the present Government, all individuals whose property
is less than $300. shall pay a personal contribution of
two reals?those whose property exceeds that amount,
shall pay four reals.
The troops sent to take the capital met with a stout
resistance, from the prnnunriadoi having refused to lay
down their arms
On the 30th March, a division of 300 men with two
pieces of artillery marched from Merida to preserve order
in the district of Tizimin, where, on the 34th. some
outrages had been perpetrated, and guns tired iuto the
most respectable houses.
If there be anything more preposterous than the
squabbles of theso Yucatecos among themselves, we are
in error. It is next to impossible to say what party is in
power at any time; and even if you can learn that fact,
thelattle of another month Is quite sure to throw everything
Into confusion again.
The United States revenue outter Kwing, Captain
Gay Moore, arrived at the 8. W. I'ass on the 18th inst.
from Vera Cruz, via Tabasco, leaving the latter port on
the 12th in?t. The Kwing left at anchor outside the bar
at Tabasco, the frigate Ilaritan, tbe sloop of war Albany
and a Spanish brig of war. The United States revenue,
cutter McLane, was in the river, and a brig name unknown.
Com. Perry was daily expected with the steamers
at Tabasco. There was no uews when the Kwing
JFrom the New Orleans Delta, May 31.]
w e understand tnat mm hdi? ana sagacious olltcer
expresses the opinion that the prospect of peace in
Mexico In more remote now than it wae after the battle*
of Palo Alto anil Heeara. The Mexieana think It will
be impossible for into hold the country long, on account
of the immense expense to which our government will he
subjected, and also from the expectation that the division*
of parties and differences of opinion among our
people will eventually cause the withdrawal of our armies
from the country.
Oen Patterson thinks that we ought not to look for
or eoliclt a peace, but should proceed in the most
prompt and vigorous manner o conquer and occupy
the whole of Mexico. When we have done this, a government
should be organized, officers appointed throughout
thv c'ountry, and a large army distributed through
the State* to maintain onr authority and exact obedience
,to our officers Forty thousand men are deemed
adequate for this purpose. The expenses of this government
and army will not exceed the ordinary revenue of
the Kepubiio, or at least the amount of taxes paid by
the people. Indeed, with judgment and economy, the
requisite sum might be raised from a much lighter taxation
than that to which the peoplo have been generally
Wlien we have gone to work and shown the Mexicans
that we are in earnest, and determined to seize and possess
the whole eountry, they will soon be brought to
their knees, and will be ready to accept of any terms
we may offer. Very fortunately the only alternative
which we can now with honor adopt, is commended by
consid* rations of expediency and economy. The occupation
of Mexico will, In our opinion, be a safe and
econcmical substitute for the present expensive war.
In the phrase of the exchange, "It will pay." It Is far
preferable to the expensive, uncertain, and veiatlous
system so vigorously maintained by some of our statesmen
and public Journalists, of drawing a Una and maintaining
it against a hostile neighbor. Perpetual war.
never ending expense, continual and harrasslng inroads,
an unsettled ana desolate frontier, would be evTls Inevitable
upon the adopting of this system Bat possessed
of the whole country, with a strong military force, and
with the large emigration of Americans that will follow
our occupation of the country, and by a Judicious exercise
of liberality and generosity towards the Mexican*,
we think it will be practicable and wise to oceupy and
hold the country until our just claims are fully satlsiled.
Orricr. or OoMMsvnr a-iv-f hii f, 111. Militia j
SrsiNoriKMi. May 19. 1847. j
The following companies are reported, alter the full
complement of the Fifth ltegiment Illinois Volunteers I*
received, and consequently will not tie called into service,
unless to fill a vacancy in Che regiment, or In case
of an additional requisition by the Qeneral Government.
In which event the oompaalcs will be received in the order
reported, aad be notified thereof
lam or CoMrAfix*.?Capte. Nile#, Madison isuty
Dill*, do Jo, Lee, Fayette do; BrUtow, Greene do: Totrick,
Macoupin, do; Hugtn'n, Cook do; Shepherd, Boone
do; Jon kino, Will and Iroquois; Bowman, Jefferson ?o.;
Wright. Jo. Daviess do; ColUn*. do do; Pattereon, Jersey
do; Harvey, Kane and MoMenry do, Burn*. Washington
The following companies have been accepted by the
government, vis:
1. I.taking Rangers. Cavalry?Captain Duncan. 3.
Rough and Ready Cadet*?Capt.Brough. 3. The Young
Guard?Capt. Mobr. 4. Richland Volunteer*?Capt
Weaver. 6. Columbus Volunteer*?Capt. Zerckel. 6,
Franklin Guards?Capt. Lilley. 7. Sandusky Company
?Capt. Thompson. 8. Millersburg Company?Capt.
Nos. 3 and 6 are German Companies. Two of the
above aro Cincinnati, and two more Columbus Companies.
There are three companies yet receivable, and
more than double that number are progressing to organise
themselves. Those that are first filled anu reported,
will of oourse exclude the rest.
Wab' Dr.FABTiirvT,
Adjutant General's Office,
Washington, April 38, 1847.
General Ordbbi?No. 19.
Organization of the ton Regiments authorised to be
raised by the aot entitled " An act to raize for a limited
time an additional military foroe," &.C., approved Febru
ary 11, 1847: and order of precedence and relative rank
of the officers of each grade, aa established by the President,
according to law.
Third Rkoimknt U. 8. Drauoons.
Namet, rank and date af com- Born *1pp'td
AV minion. Co. in. from.
Edward G. W. Butler, April !>,
I847; former commlRslon, 1st
lieut. art ; resigned 1831 La.
Lieut. Colonel.
Thomas P. Moore. April 9, '47 Va. Ky.
1 Lewis Cass, jr., April 9,'47 Ohio. Mich.
S William H. Kraory, April 9, '47;
former commission, 1st lieut.
top. eng. Md. M A
Kdward H. Barton, April 9, '47 Va. La.
Jlssistant Surgeons.
1 F. J. Robertson, April 9, '47 Tenn. 1'enn.
3 Corydon 8. Abell. April 9, '47 N. Y. Ky.
1 Green W. Caldwell. April 9,'47 A N. C. N. C.
3 John Butler, April 9, '47 B Pa. Pa.
3 Kdgar B. Gaither, April 9, '47 C Ky. Ky.
4 Lemuel Ford, April 9, '47; former
commission, captain dragoons;
resigned 1837 D Va. Ind.
5 William II. Duff, April 9, '47 ? Eng. N. Y.
6 John 8. Sitgreaves. April 9, '47 F N. C. 8. C.
7 Alphonse M. Duperu, April 9, 47 O Va. La.
8 Richard T. Merrick, April 9, '47 11 Md. Md.
9 James Hagan, April 9, 47 I Ireland. Ala.
10 Andw T. McReynolda,April 9, '47 K Ireland. Mich.
First Lieutenants.
1 Walter H. Jenifer,Aprll9, '47 Md. Md.
13 Daniel Petigru, April 9, '47 S. C. 8. C.
30 8am'l B. H. Vance, April 9,'47 Pa. Ta.
33 Kodolphus8choonover,April9,'47 Pa. Ind.
43 (ieorge J. Adde, April 9,'47 Va. La.
54 Joseph A. Dlvver, April 9, '47 N. Y. N. Y.
65 George E. Maney, April 9. '47 Tenn. Tenn.
74 John T. Brown, April 9, '47 Mich.
81 Wm. B.Cook, April 9,'47 Va. Ala.
93 Edward C. Davidson, April 9, '47 N. C. N. C.
Second Lieutenants.
10 William Walker, April 9, '47 Ala.
16 Hermann Thorn, April 9, '47; former
commission, 3d lieut. inf., N. Y. N. Y.
34 J. C. D. Williams, April 9, '47 Mich. Mich.
37 Joseph C. Wallace, April 9, '47 Pa. Pa.
44 Wm. C. Wagicy, April 9, '47 Ky. Ky.
53 Joseph H. Maddox, April 9. '47 Md. Md.
64 John K. Harrison, April 9, '47 N. C. N. C.
78 John Merryfleld, April9, '17 Ky. Ky.
85 Wm. J. Mag ill. April 9, '47 S.C. 8. C.
101 Alfred A. Norment, April 9, '47 N.C. N. C.
108 Francis Y. Gaines, April 9, '47 Ala. Ala.
133 Francis Henry .'April 9,'47 ill. Wis.
135 Langdon C. Jonnson, April9,'47 S.C. S.C.
145 Charles Radzimlski, April 9,'17 Poland. La.
157 John V. S. Hariland, April 9,'47 Pa. Pa.
158 James J. Moore, April 9, '47 Ky. Ky.
173 F.dw. McPhcrson, April 9, '47 Md. Md.
179 Wm. Merrihew, April 9, '47 Mass. N. Y.
183 Wm. Blood, April 9, '47 N. Y. Ind.
Ninth Rkoimknt Unitko Siatks Infantry.
Trueman B. Ranson, April 9,'47, Vt. Vt.
Lieutenant Colonel.
A. B. Thompson, April 9,'47, Mass. Me.
1 'i'hos. II. Seymour, April 9, '47, Conn. Conn.
3 Foiliot T. I.ally, April 9, '47, N. Y. Me.
Justin E. Stevens, April9.'47, Mass. Mass.
1 John B. Walker, April 9, 47, N. H. N. H.
3 Francis L. Wheaton, Ap'19, '47, H. I. R. I.
1 JoAcpli 8. Pitman, April 9,'47, A N. H. R. I.
3 Theodore F. Rowe, April 9, '47, B N. H. N. II.
3 Stephen Woodman, April 9,'47, ('Me. Mc.
4 K. A. KimbaU. April 9. '47, D N. H. Vt.
5 Andrew T. Palmer, April 9, '47, E Me. Me.
0 Nathaniel 8. Webb, April 9, '47, F Conn. Conn.
7 Jas. W. Thompson. April 9. '47, (1 N. H. Me.
8 Daniel Bachelder, April 9, '47, II Vt. N. H.
9 Lorenzo Johnson. April 9, '47, I Conn. Conn
10 Charles N. Bodflsh, April 9.'47, K Me. Me.
Vint Lieutenanti.
9 Alexander Morrow. April 9,'47, Me. Me.
14 Lyman Bissell. April 9, '47, Conn. Conn.
31 John 8. Slocum, April 9, '47, R. I. R. I.
39 Charles J. Bprague. April 9, 47, Me. Mass.
4ft George Bowers, April 9,'47, N. H. N. H.
60 John H. Jackson, April 9, '47, N. H. N. H.
61 Thoa. J. Whipple, April 9,'47, N. H. N. II.
79 Albert Tracy, April 9,'47, N. Y. Me.
88 Justin Hodge, April 9. '47, Conn. Conn.
100 James F. Bragg. April 19, '47, Me.
Second Lieutenanti.
4 Daniel II. Cram. April9, '47, N. II. N. 11.
16 Asa A. Stoddard, April 9, '47, Conn. Conn.
38 Thos. P. Pierce, April 9. '47, N. II. N. II.
38 Nathaniel F. Swett. April 9,'47. Me. Me.
4ft Josiali P. Chadbourne, April 9, '47, Me. Army.
67 Jesse A. Ooee, April 9, '47. N. H. Vt.
66 Thompson II. Crosby,April 9, '47, Me. Me.
7ft Alplieus T. Palmer, April 9, '47, Me. Me.
87 Richard C. Drum, April 9, '47, Pa. I'a.
93 John Ulackin, April 9, 47, Mass. U.I.
100 Edwin A. Whltten. Aprll9,'47, Me. Me.
Ill Robert llopklns, April 9.'47, Ky. Vt.
134 George W. May. April 9. *47, Army.
133 Charles Simmons, April 9, '47, Me. Me.
143 Levi Woodhouse. April 9, '47, Conn. Conn.
161 Henry DeWolf, April 9. 47. R. I. R I,
160 Wm. A. Newman, April 9, '47, Vt. Vt.
168 James P. Archer, April 9, '47, Md. Md
180 Charles L. Low. April 9, '47, N. H.
193 JohuM. Hathaway, April 34, '47 Conn
Tentii Regiment United States Infantry.
Robert E. Temple. April 9,1847;
former commission, 1st lieutenant
artillery; resigned 1839, Vt. N. Y.
Lieutenant Colonel.
John J. Far, April 9, '47, N. Y. N. Y.
Major t.
1 Fowlet Hamilton, April9, '47; former
commission, 1st lieutenant
dragoons, N. Y. M. A.
3 Justus 1. MoCarty, April 9,'47 N. Y. N. Y.
Thomas R. Spencer, April 9, '47 N. Y. N. Y.
' Jinittant Surgeoni.
John Conger, April 9,'47 N. Y. N. Y.
1 Matthews. Pitcher, April 9. '47, A N. Y. N. Y.
3 Wm. L. Walradt. April 9, '47, B N. Y. N. V.
3 Wm. R. Andrews., April 9, '47 C Conn N. Y.
4 Caleb Wilder, April 9, '47 D N. II. N. Y.
b Samuel Dickinson, April 9, '47 E N. J. n! J.
6 Thomas Postley, April 9, '47 F N. V,
7 Joseph A. Yard, April 9, '47 O N. J. N. J
8 Joshua W Collett, April 9. '47 H N. J. N.J.
9 William W. Tompkins. April 9,
1847; former commission. captain
dragoons; resigned 1838, IN V. N. V.
10 Alexander Wilkin, April 9. '47 K N. Y. N. Y.
t'irtl Lieutenant).
H Oeorge W Taylor. April U. '47 N. J. N. J.
18 Samuel K. Dummer, April 9, '47 N. J. N. J.
08 Frances M. Cummins, April 0, '47 N. Y. N. Y.
38 Robert C. Morgan. April 9. '47 N. Y. N. Y.
47 Stephen Powers, April 9, '47 Ma. N. Y.
03 Joseph II. Howard. April 9,'47 N. Y. N. Y,
83 Squire Mooa, April 9, -17 V. V. N Y.
71 Samuel I.ra. April 9, '47 V Y. N. V
85 Robert A. llouton. April 9,'47 N. Y. N. Y.
97 Wm. C. M. l.ewla. April 15.'47 N. J. N. J.
Hn ond Lieutenant).
9 Edward McOarry, April 9. '47 N. Y V Y.
10 i.orimer (Jrahani, April 9,'47 V Y. N. Y.
30 James MeKown, Jr., April 9,'47 N. Y. N. Y.
31 lliram Russell, April 9,'17 N\ Y. N. Y.
48 Benjamin Yard. April 9, '47 N. J. N. J.
58 Peter II. Bruyere, April 9, '47 N. J. N. Y.
81 Thomas S. Griffin, April 9. '47 N Y. N. Y.
77 Ira S. Konover, April 9, '47 N. J. N. J.
83 JobnS. Nerius. April 9, ' 17 V J. N. J
94 Calrin J. Mills. April 9. '47 N Y. N Y.
99 John Magee. April 9. '47 N. Y.
116 Edward Harte, April 9,'47 N Y N Y.
136 Charles Bennett, April 9,'47 N. J. N. J. i
138 Da Witt Clinton, AprU 9.'47 N. Y. N. Y
146 Charles A. Johnson. April 0, '47 N. Y. N. Y.
164 Charles Van Alen, April 9,'47 N. Y. N Y. i
166 Isaac W. I'atton, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
191 (Jersbam Mott, jr , April 33,'47 N. J. N. J. I
Klfvkstm Rr.r.imc.*<t L'sitio States Iniaistrt.
Albert (J. Ramsey, April 9, '47, Pa. Pa. 1
Lieutenant Colonel
William M. Oraham, April 9, '47;
former commission, major infantry.
Va. M. A,
I Edwin W. Morgan. April 9, '47;
former commission. 1st I leu ten.
ant artillery, resigned, 1839. Pa Pa
3 John F. Hunter, April 9, '47, H. C. Ta.
| William J. Barry, AprU 8,47, Md M4.
ORNING, MAY 30. 1847.
Atliitant Surgeon*.
1 Job* H. Weir. April 9. '47, Pa. Pa.
2 Samuel D. Scott April 9, '47, Pa. Pa.
1 Wm. B. Taliaferro, April 9, '47, A Vi. V*.
2 Martin M. Moore, April 9, '47, B Pa Pa.
3 Kllsha W. MeComas, April 9, '47, C Va. Va.
4 Wm. H. Irwin, April 9, '47, D Pa. Pa.
8 Pemberton Waddell, April 9, '47, E Pa. Pa.
0 Oeo. W. Cbaytor. AprU 9, '47, F Md. Del.
7 Lewii Citr. April 9,'47. O Pa. Pa.
8 Pre idle N. Guthrie, April 9, '47, H Pa. Pa.
9 Arnold Syberg, April 9, '47. I Primula. Pa.
10 Arthur C. Cummlng#. Apl 9, '47. K Va. Va.
Firtt Lieutenant*.
4 John Moti, AprU 9, '47, Hanv'r. Pa.
13 Chaa. T. CampbeU. April 9, '47, Pa. Pa.
23 John I. Gregg. April 9, '47, Pa.
31 Franklin Mehaffy, April 9, 47, Pa Pa.
41 JotephS Hedge#, April 9.'47, Del. Del.
67 Thoma# F. McCoy. AprU 9, '47, Pa. Pa.
00 Daniel S. Leo, AprU 9, '47, Va. Va.
76 MarehaU llannon, April 9,'47. Pa. Pa.
82 Geo. Daridaon, April 9,'47, Kr.
04 Jaa P. Ifnmlatt i r..H d ?? ? *
Second Lieutenant!.
8 Wm. H. Gray. April 9, '47, Pa Pa
19 Columbus P. F.vang, April 9, "47, Pa Del
93 John Beddon. April 9, '47, Va Va
40 Joseph Samuels, April 9, '47, Va. Va
41 Benj'n V. Harley, April 9, '47. Pa. Pa.
64 Horace Haldenian. April 9, '47, pa'
88 George C. McClelland, April' 9,
1847; former commission, ad
lientonant Inf., resigned. 1846, Pa. Pa.
74 Weidman Foster, April 9, '47, Pa!
86 Andw. H. Tlppln, April 9, '47, Pa. Pa.
91 Alonzo Loring, April 9, '47, N. Y. Va.
102 Geo. B. Fitzgerald. April 9, '47, Va. Va.
US Wm. H.'Scott, April 9, '47. Va.
MS Washington Meads, April 9, '47, Pa. Ta.
1S1 Mitchell Btever. April 9, '47, Pa. Pa.
144 Androw Ross, April 9, '47, . Pa.
1S6 H. B. Kuhn, April 9, '47, Pa.
149 Wm. O. Mury, April 9, '47. Pa.
173 R. H: L. Johnston, April9, '47, Pa.
167 Spear Nicholas, April 14. '47, Va. Va.
Twelfth Rkoimk.it U.vitkd States Infantry.
Louis D. Wilson, April 9, '47 N. C.
Lieutenant Colonel.
Mllledge L. Bonham, April 9, '47 8. C. S. C.
1 Maxcy Gregg, April 9, '47 8. C. 8. C.
9 (Vacancy.)
Robert R. Ritchie, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
Jhiittant Surgeons.
1 Alfred G. Howard, April 9, '47 8. 0. 8. C.
2 Leonard Randall, April 9, '47 Texas.
1 F.dward Manigault, April 9, '47 A 8. C. 8. C.
2 Nathaniel B. Holden. April 9, '47 B Mo.
3 Allen Wood, April 9, '47 C Pa. Ark.
4 Oliver P. Hamilton, April 9, '47 D 8. C. 8. C.
5 James M. Wells, April 9, '47; former
commission, 1st lieut. infantry;
resigned, 1839 E Md. Texas.
6 J. B. Anthony, April 9, '47 K Ark.
7 Wtaler P. Richards, April 9. '47 O N. C.
8 James W. Denver. April 9, '47 11 Va. Mo.
9 William J. Clark, April 9, '47 I N. C. N. C.
10 C. C. Hornsby, April9, '47 K Texas.
Firit Lieutenant!.
6 John V. Hoke, April 9. '47 N. C. N. C.
19 Charles R. Jones. April 9, '47 Pa. N. C.
25 Washington L. Wilson, April 9, '47 N. Y. Ark.
34 John J. Martin, April 9, '47 8. C.
42 A. C. Jones, April 9, '47 8. C.
5S Charles Taplin, April 9, '47 N. Y. Mo.
70 Nathaniel 6. Dial, April 9, '47 N. Y. Texas.
78 John H. II. Felch, April 9. '47 Mass. Ark.
86 John C Howard, April 9?'47 Texas.
5S William 11. Giles. April 9, '47 Va. Mo.
Second IAeutenanti.
6 Charles M. Crcanor, April 9, '47 Texas.
20 Oscar D. Wyche, April 9 '47 Va. Texas.
26 Thomas T. Conway, April 9. '47 Ark.
33 Abner M. Pen-in. April 9, '47 8. C. 8. C.
60 Edward Cantwell, April 9, '47 S. C. N. C.
66 James F. Waddeli, April 9, '47 N. C. N. C.
62 Christ. R. P. Butler, April 9, '47 8. C. 8. C.
79 J. P. Miller, April 9, '47 Ark.
81 Henry Almstcdt, April 9, '47 Hanov'r Mo.
97 William A. Linn, April 9, '47 Mo. Mo.
98 Ormsby Blinding, April 9, '47 8. C.
117 Robert Patton, jr.. April 9,'47 Va. Texas.
118 John J. Whecden, April 9, '47 N. C. N. C.
130 Lloyd Magruder, April 9, 47 Ark.
147 Edward N. Saunders, April 9, '47 N. C.
150 William Reese, April 9, '47 Texas.
164 Alexander E. Steen, April 9,'47 Mo. Mo.
171 John D. Otterson, April 9, '47 8. C. 8. C.
176 Alden M. Woodruff, April 9, '47 Ark.
181 John M. Bronaugh, April 9, '47 D. C. Mo.
Thirteenth Reuiment U.vitkd States Infantry.
Robert M. Echols, April 9, '47 Ga. Ua.
Lieut. Colonel.
Jones M. Withers, April 9, '47;
former commission, 2d lieut.
drag., resigned, 183S Ala. Ala.
1 Jeremiah CImnm, April ?, '47 Ala. Ala.
'J Allen U. Johmton, Aprils,'47 Oa. Fla.
John T. Lamar. April 0, *47 Oa.
Jltsitt Surgeoni.
1 Robert T. Olbbs, Aprils,'47 Va Ala.
3 rtanltlin Malone, April 9, '47 Ala. Ala.
Cap taint.
1 John Wofford, April 9, '47 A Tenn. Ga.
3 John Tyler, jr., Aprils, '47 B Va. Va.
3 Walton Kctor, Aprils. '47 C Oa. Ga.
4 Alexander Hcott. April 9, '47 I) Md Ga.
6 John W. Rice, April 9, '47 K 8.0. Ala.
6 Hiram 11. Higgias, April 9, '47 F Ky Ala.
7 John B. Campbell, April 9, '47 G B.C. Ga.
8 Hugh L. W. Clay, April 9, '47 H Ala. Ala.
9 Hngh I'. Wataon, April 9, '47 I Ala.
10 Henry K.W. Clarke, April 9, '47 K Oa. Ma.
Firit Lieutenant!.
10 Adam Ilawk, April 9, '47 Ala.
11 Duncan L. Clinch, jr., Ap'l 9, '47 Ma. Ga.
37 Kly P. Howell, April 9 '47 N.C. Ga.
3.1 Joseph A. White. April 9, '47 Ga. Ga
49 Henry C. Bradford, April 9, '47 Ala. Ala.
58 James M. Dyo, April 9, '47 Ga Oa.
OS George W. Clatter, April 9,'47 Va. Va.
73 Robert 8. Hay ward, April 9,'47 Md. Ma.
83 John C. Marraefr. April 9, '47 Ala.
90 John 8. Hale, April 9, '47 Tenn. Ala.
Strand Lieutenant!.
7 Nicholas Davis, jr., April 9, '47 Ala. Ala.
31 Kite II. Ripley. April 9, '47 Ala.
33 Powhattan R. Page, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
57 John N. Perkins, April 9, '47 Ala.
63 Daniel Kirkpatrlsk, April 9, '47 Ga. Ga.
70 Nathaniel Grant, April 9,'47 Ga. Ga.
80 Edward J. Dumrnett, April 9, '47 Ma. Ma.
88 JohnC. Maugham, jr . Ap'l 9, '47 Oa. Oa.
104 DaridO Wilds, April 9/47 S C. Oa.
114 Isaac llulae, jr., April 9, '47 Md. Kla.
119 William 1). Grey, April 9,'47 S C. Ga.
137 Mann P. Hunter, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
140 Oliver II. Prince, April 9,'47 Oa. Oa.
148 John P. Wallaoe, April 9, '47 Ala.
106 Oliver Lowell, April A, '47 Ala.
170 Samuel H. ( rump, April 9, '47 Ga. Oa.
178 John C. Wellborne, April 9, '48 Ala.
189 Wm. A. Morrison, April 19, '47 Ala.
190 Marcus L. McMUllon, April 19, '47 Ala.
193 John 81ms, April 34, '47 Ala.
Fourteenth Reoimewt U. S. Ikpantrt.
Wm. Trousdale, April 9, 1847 N. C. Tenn.
Lieut. Coloneli.
Paul O. Hebcrt, April 9, '47; former
commission, 3d lieut. engineers;
resigned, 1846 La. La.
1 John H. Savage, April 9,'47 Tenn.
3 John D Wood. April 9, '47 Va. III.
Lewis W. Jordan, April 9, '47 Tana. Tenn.
JltFl Surgeoni.
1 Robert McGlnnls, ApriM, '47 Mass. Ohio.
3 Edward B. Prico, April 9, '47 111.
1 Robert H O. Beale, April 9, '47 A La.
3 Pieree B. Anderson. April 9,'47 B Tenn. Tenn.
3 Kdwd. V. Nichols, April 9, '47 C La.
4 Benjamin F. Fulton,April 9. '47 D La. La.
6 Edgar Bogardns, April 9, '47 E N. V. 111.
8 Thomas Glenn, April 9, 47 F Del. La.
7 James M. Hcantland, April 9,'47 G Tenn.
8 Julian P. Breedlove. April 9,47 11 La. La.
9 Joseph VV. Perkins. April 9 '47 I Tenn. Tenn.
10 Creed T Huddlestone, Ap. 9, 47 K Tenn
Fit it Lieutenant!.
3 lumen Blackburn, April 9, '47 La. La.
20 C. M. Halle, April 9, '47 La.
24 Thomas Shields. April 9, '47 Ml. La.
33 Philander A. Hickman, April 9,'47 Va. La.
4H George W Morgan, April 9, '47 Tenn. Tenn.
59 llenry B Kelly, April 9, '47 Ala. La.
67 Robert Humphreys, April 9, "47 Tenn. Tenn.
73 Thomas Smith, April 9, '47 Va. 111.
84 Nelson MoClannahan, April 9, '47 Tenn.
91 Proton O llayues, April V, '47 Tenn. Tenn
Second Lieutenant!.
1 A J. McAllon, April 9, '47 Tenn. Tenn.
14 Richard Steele. April 9. '47 N Y. La.
22 Richard T. Kastln, April 9, '47 La.
35 James (1. Kltxgerald, April 9, '47 Ky. La.
46 Samuel B! Davie. April 9, '47 La. La.
33 Wm. II. Heawell, April 9, '47 Va. Tenn.
99 Albert G. Moon, April 9, '47 Va. Tenn.
72 John T. Sanford, April 9, '47 Va. La.
84 Robert XV. Bedford, April 9. '47 Tenn. Tenn.
92 Samuel H. Martin, April 9, '47 111.
|i)8 Hngh C. Murray, April 9, '47 Mo. III.
|09 Perrin Wataon. April 9, '47 Tenn. Tenn.
127 Alexander C. Layne, April 9, '47 Va. Va
129 Andrew J. Isaace. April 9, '47 La.
142 John Chatter, April 9, '47 Tenn. Tenn
|64 Andrew J. Hudson, April 9, '47 Tenn. Tenn.
181 George W. Cheney, April 9, '47 La. La.
184 Charles C. Hay*, April 12. '47
188 Samuel T. Love, April 15, '47 Tenn.
KiKTr.aaTH Rkuimbmr U.S. l*n*Ti*
George W. Morgan, April 9,'47, Ohio
Lieutenant Colonel.
Joshua Howard, April 9, 1847;
former eommUaion. captain Infantry,
reelgned, 1836 Mae* Mich
1 Krederick'^#Mille, April 9, 1847, Conn Iowa
2 Samuel Wood*, April 9, 1847
former commlteton, Capt. Iuf , lad M A.
James B Blade, April P, 1847 N. C. La.
.flli'iliini Surgeon.
1 William I). Carlln, April 0,1847 Ohio. Ohio
i Charles O. Waters, April 0, 1047, Iowa.
1 Lucent Van do Venter, April P.
1847 AN.Y. Mich.
9 Dixuicl Chine. April 9, '47 B Conn. Ohio.
3 James A Jones. April 9. ?47 I'.N.Y. Ohio.
4 LJ ward A. King, April 9, '47 DN.Y. Ohio.
5 Isaac D. Toll. April 9. 47 L N Y. Mich.
0 Augustus Qtiurle*. April!?, '47 K Wi?.
7 Krazey M. WlDsn*. April 9,'47 ON.J. .Mich.
8 John 8 Perry. April9. 47 H Ohio. Ohio. !
9 Mows Hoaglaud, April 9, '47 1 Ohio. Ohio.
10 Edwin Outhrle, AprilP, '47 K N Y. Iowa
J'irsf Lieutenant!. 1
9 George W. Bowie. April 9, '47 Md. Iowa. I
17 Win. 8. Tanneyhill. April 9, '47 Md. Ohio.
94 Thomaa H. Kreulou, April 9, '47 Vt. Mich.
30 Thornton V. Broadhead, April 9.
1847 N.ll. Mich
60 Diedrich Upham, April 9, '47 Ilanov'rWl*.
66 Lari Khoads, April 9, '47 N il. Ohio.
64 John B. Miller, April 9. '47 N Y. Ohio.
76 AhlraU. Laitman, April 9, '67 Mich.
I 88 Edward C. Marahall. April 9. '47 Ky Ohio.
vi Aiuen u. auuou. April 9, 17 N.J. Ohio.
SrcQnd Lieutenants.
5 John 0. Goodman, April 9, 47 Pa. Mich.
17 Win. R. Stafford, April 9, '47 Mil. Ohio. J
99 Daniel French, April 9, '47 Ohio. Ohio.
30 Win. D. Wilkin*. April 9.'47 Pa. Mich.
42 Charles Petemell, April, '47 Baden. Ohio.
09 .lame* W. Wiley, April 9, '47 N.Y. Ohio
65 1 It-man M. Civljr, April 9. '47 N.Y. Win.
76 Cornelius Ketch urn, April 9. '47 N.Y. Ohio.
82 Samuel K. Beach. April 9, '47 N.Y. Mich.
95 Krancli O. Beckett. April 9. 47 Me. Iowa.
103 Daniel McCleary, April 9, "47 Ohio. Ohio.
112 Thomas B. Tilton, April 9. '47 N.Y. Ohio.
191 l.lcwcllvn Boyle, April 9,'47 Md. Md.
136 Wm. H. 11. Uoodloo, April 9. '47 Ohio. Ohio.
141 Michael 1'. Doyle, April 9, '47 Ireland Mich.
153 Kdwin R. Merrifleld, April 9, '17 N.Y. Mich.
163 Abel W. Wright, April 9.'37 Conn. Win,
174 Louis W. Templeton. April 9, '47 Ohio. Ohio.
175 Piatt 8. Titus, April 9, '47 N.Y. Ohio.
184 John K. Bennett, April 9,'47 Md. Iowa.
Sixteenth Rmuimknt U. S. Infantry.
Colonrl .
John W. Tibbatts, April 9, '47 Ky. Ky.
Lieutenant Colonel.
Henry L. Webb, April 9, '47 N. Y. 111.
1 Ralph O. Norvell, April 9, '47 Tenn. Ind.
2 James M. Talbott, April 9, '47 Ind. Ind.
George Barry, April 9, '47 Va. Ind.
Assistant Surgeon.
1 Allen T. Noe, April 9, '47 Ky.
2 (Vacancy.)
1 Leslie H. MeKenney, April 9, '47 A Canada 111.
2 Charles Wicklilfe, April 9, '47;
former commission, 2d lieut.
drag.; out of service, 1842 B Ky. Ky.
A John A. llendrick, April 9. '47 C Ind. Ind.
4 Richard Owen, April 9. '47 D Seotl'd ind.
6 Theophllus T. Garrard, April 9,
1847 F. Ky. Ky.
6 F.dward A. Graves, April 9, '47 F Ky. Ky.
7 Edmund B. Bill, April 9, '47 G N. Y. ill.
8 Joseph P. Smith. April 9, '47. II N. Y. Ind.
9 Thomas F. Bethell, April 9, '49 1 Ind. Ind.
10 James W. Brannon. April 9, '47 K Va. Ky.
First Lieutenants.
7 Patrick H. Harris, April 9, '47 Ky. Ky.
16 George W. Singleton, April 9, '47 Ky. Ky. I
29 Edward Curd, April 9. '47 Ky. Ky.
37 John T. Hughes, April 9,'47 Ky. Ind,
46 David W. Soott, April 9, '47 Va. Ind.
52 Charles J. Helm, April 9, '47 N. Y. Ky.
69 James Hughes, April 9, '47 N. Y. Ind.
80 Joseph Kellogg, April 9, '47 111.
98 William Hamer, April 16, '47 Ind
99 Joab Wilkinson, April 19, '47 111.
Second Lieutenants.
2 Henry K. Ramsey, April 9,'47 Pa. Pa.
18 Orlando B. Griffith, April 9, '47 Army.
23 James M. Smith, April 9, '47 Ky. Ky.
34 Edward C. Berry, April 9, '47, Ky. Ky.
49 William H. Slade, April 9,'47, 111 III.
60 Wklllam W. Carr. April 9, '47, Ind Ind.
67 Oliver Dieffendorf, April 9, '47, N. Y. 111.
71 Burwell B. irvan, April 9, '47, Ky. Ky.
90 Alexander Evans, April 9. '47. Ky. Ky.
107 Francis McMordie, April 9. '47, Ky Ky.
110 William Cooper, April 9,'47. Ind. Ind.
123 MarcellusM. Anderson. April 9,
1847 Va.
134 Barnard)!. Garrett, April 9, '47, Ky. Ky.
139 Thos. T. Hawkins, April 9, '48, Ky.
152 Frederiok A. Snyder, April 9, '47, III. 111. |
167 Samuel V. Nlles, April 9, '47. Md. III.
186 John A. Markley, April 14, '47, Ind.
Rkoimcnt U. 8. Foot Kis lkmkn and Vodtiokurs.
Timothy P. Andrews, former oommiseion
Paymaster V. K. A. Irel'd. D. C.
Lieut. Colonel.
Joseph F.. Johnston, former commission
Capt. Top. Eng. Va. M. A.
1 George A Caldwell Ky. Ky.
2 George H. Talcott, former commission,
1st lieut. ord. N. Y. M. A.
John W Tyler, April 9, '47 Va. D. C.
Jit lilt ant Surgeani.
1 James L. Clarke, April 9. '47 Va. Va.
2 Aaron 1). Chaloner, April 9, '47 Pa.
1 Alex. P. Churchill, April 9,'47 A Ky. Ky.
2 Osoar E. Edwards. April 9, '47 B Va. Va.
3 John Jones, April 9,'47 C Ga.
4 Odin Bowie, April 9, '47 D Md
6 James D. Blair. April 9, '47 Ky. Miss.
6 Charles J. Biddle. April 9, 47 Pa. Pa.
7 John E. Howard, April 9, 47 Md. Md.
8 Moses J. Barnard, April 9, 47 Mass. Pa.
9 James J . Archer, April 9,'47 I Md. Md.
10 Jam'es II. Calwell, April 9, 47 K Md. Va.
Firit Lieutenanti.
6 James C. Marriott, April 9, '47 Md. Md
16 Blrkett I) Fry, April 9, 47 Va. Va.
30 James Tilton, April 9,'47 Del. Ind.
40 Leonidas Mcintosh, April 9, '47 k*la. Ga.
44 Alexander I, Cross. April it, '47 D. C. Md. I
61 H. C. Longneeker. April 9, '47 Pa. Pa.
m James 11. Woolford, April 9, '47 Md. Md.
77 William 8 Walker, April 9. '47 Pa. Miss.
I 87 John M. Blakey, April 9,'47 Va. Va.
90 John W. heigh, April 9, '47 Va. Va. [
Set onH Lieutenanti.
3 Charles F. Vernon, April 9, '47 ky. Ky.
13 Robert C. Forsyth. April 9.'47 Ga. Ga.
27 James A Frost, April 9.'47 Md. Md.
39 Theo. D. Cochran, April 9, '47 Del. Pa.
43 Geerge W. Carr, April 9,'47 Va Va.
61 James M Winder, April 9. ?47 Md. Md.
03 Van Rensselaer Otey, April 9, 47 Va. I
73 Robert Hwan, April 9, '47 Md. Md I
87 Gustavus 8. KlnUing. April 9, '47 Pa. Pa. i
96 George R. Klger, April 9, '47 Va. Ml.
106 William J Martin, April 9, '47 Pa.
116 Isaac W. Smith, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
120 Michael H. Hooper, April 9, '47 Md. Md.
132 James H. Smyths, April 9, '47 Md. Md.
138 James R May, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
149 Edward C. Marvin, April 9,'47 Conn. Pa.
162 Robert H. Archer, April 9. '47 Md. Md
169 Washington Terrett, April 9.'47 Va. Va.
177 Frank H. Earned. April 9, '47 Mich. Mich.
182 James E. Slaughter, April 9, '47 Va. Va.
Rr.f.stitk Rank o?- Fikld OrricsRs and Caftains.
So Samet, rank and Hate of commtaeion. Regiment.
1 Edward G. W. Butler, April 9, 1847 3d Dragoons.
2 Timothy T. Andrews, April 9, 1847 Voltlgeurs.
3 George W Morgan, April 9, 1847 16th Infantry.
4 Louis D. Wilson, April 9, 1847 12th Infantry.
6 William Trousdale. April 9, 1847 14th Infantry.
6 Albert C. Rainsey, April 9, 1847 lllh Infantry
7 Robert E. Temple, April 9, 1847 10th Infantry.
8 John W. Tibbatts, April 9, 1847 16th Infantry.
9 Robert M. Echols. April 9. 1847 13th Infantry
10 Truman B. Ransom, April 9, 1847 9th Infantry.
Lieutenant Colonah.
1 Milledge L. Bonham, April 9, 1847 12th Infantry
6 inomaa r. aioore, April u, in-ii ,m uriiwni. i
3 William M. Graham. April 0. 1H47 Uth Infantry
4 Joseph K. Johnson, April 9, 1847 Voltigeur*
A Abnar B. Thompson. April 9, 1847 9th Infantry
8 Jone* M. Withers, April 9, 1846 1.1th Infantry
7 John J. Fay, April fl. 1847 10th Infantry
8 Henry L. Webb. April 9, 1847 16th Infantry.
9 Paul O Hebert, April 9, 1647 14th Infhntry.
10 Joabua Howard, April 9. 1847 Nth Infantry.
Afeyers. ,
1 George A. Caldwell, April 9. 1847 Voltigeur*.
3 Jeremiah < lemens, April 9. 1647 13th Infantry ,
.1 Thomas II. Seymour. April 9. 1847 oth Infantry ,
4 Lewis Cass. Jr.. April P. 1847 3d Dragoons ,
A John II Harage. April 9. 1847 Nth Infantry i
6 Kdwln W. Morgan. April 9, 1847 llth Infantry
7 Ralph 14. Norvelt. April 9. 1647 l?tl? Infantry
8 Frederick I) Mills, April 9. 1617 Nth Infhntry
9 Fowler Hamilton, April 9. 1647 10th Infantry
10 \1axry Gregg, April 9, 1647 Uth Infantry
11 William 11 Kmory, April 9, 1847 3d Dragoons I
14 George H. Tslcott, April 9. 1847 Voltigeur*
15 Samuel Woods, April 9, 1847 10th Infantry ]
14 Folliot T I .ally. April 9. 1847 9th Infantry \
1A Allen G Johnston, April 9. 1847 13th Infantry ,
16 Justus I MoCarty, April 9. 1847 10th Infantry. ]
17 John F. Hunter. April 9, 1847 llth Infantry
18 John D Wood. April 9, 1847 Nth Infantry ]
19 Jnuies M Talbott. April 9, 1847 lAth Infaatry. j
90 (Vacancy.)
Csptslsi. |
I F.dward Manlgault. April 9 1647 Nth Infantry I
9 William H Taliaferro April 9, 1647 llth Infaatry I
.1 Leslie II MeKenaay, April 9, 1647 16th Infaatry '
4 Joseph H lltinan, April 9, 1847 oth Infantry ,
h Matthew K Pitcher, April 9. 1647 10th Infantry J
6 Green W. Caldwell, April 9, 1847 3d Dragoons (
[ 7 Aleiander H t.hurohiil, April 9, "47 Volligeurs. I
8 Robert G U?ale, April 9, 1847 Nth Infantry i
0 Lugano Van de Venter, April 9, '47 lAth Infantry
10 John Wofforil, April 9, 1847 13th Infhntry.
11 Charlea Wlokllffe, April9, 1817 tnth Infantry
19 Daniel ( haae, April 9. 1647 lAth Infantry.
18 Oscar F. Kdwards. April 9, 1647 Volttganrs
14 John Butler, April 9, 1647 3d Dragoons
1A William L Walradt, April 9, 1647 loth Inmntry.
16 Nathaniel B llolden April 9. 1647 16th Infaatry
17 Theodore F. Howe, April 9, 1647 6th Inlhntry.
16 Martin M Moor#, April 6,1647 llth Ialhatry.
Prlca Two GmM
19 PUrce B Anderaon. April 9.1847 nth Infantry.
20 John Tyler, jr., April 9. 1847 18th Infant
21 June* A. Jonea, April 9, 1847 uth Infant
22 Edward F. N'ichola, April 9. 1847 uth Infantry
93 John Jones, April 9. 1847 Voltieeur*
24 Edgar B. Galther, April 9. 1847 Ad Dragoon*.
26 William R. Andrew*, April 9, 1847 loth Infantry
'28 Walton Ector. April 9. 1847 13th Infantry.
27 Stephen W. Woedman, April 9. '47 9th Infantry.
28 Elisha W. McComa*, April 9, 1847 Uth Infantry.
29 Allen Wood. April 9. 1847 12th Infantry.
30 John A. Ilendrick*. April 9, 1847 10th Infantry.
31 Richard Owen, April 9. '47 16th Infantry
32 Odin Bowie, April 9, '47 Voltlgeura
33 Benjamin F. Kulton, April 9, '47 Uth lufantry,
34 Oliver P. Hamilton. April 9, '47 12tli Infantry
36 Alexander Scott, April 9, '47 13th Infantry
3d Caleb Wilder, April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
37 William H. Irwin, April 9. '47 Uth Infantry.
38 Edward A. King, April 9, '47 15th Infantry.
39 Lemuel Kord. April 9, '47 3d Dragoon*.
10 K. A. Kimball. April 9. '47 9th Infantry.
41 WiUiaiu II Duff. April 9. '47 3d Dragoon*.
i-2 John W. Hire. April 9. '47 13th Infhntry.
43 Juuies W. Walla, April 9. '47 14th Infantry.
44 Samuel Dickinson, April 9, 47 10th Infantry.
4.'. Theophllu* T Garrard. April 9, '47 l?th Infantry.
46 Edgar Uogardu*. April 9, '47 14th Infcntry.
47 Jauie* D. Blair, April 9. 17 Voltigeurs.
48 Pcmberton WaddeU. April 9. '47 11th Infantry.
49 Andrew T Palmer, April 9, '47 9th Infantry.
60 Isaac D. Toll, April 9. '47 14th Infantry.
41 J B Anthony. April 9, 47 11th Infhntry.
49 Augustus (Quarles. April 9, '47 14th Infantry.
43 Thomas I'ostley, April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
44 Charles J. Biddle, April 9. '47 Voltigenr*.
66 John S Hitgreaves. April 9, '47 3d Dragoon*.
66 George W. Cbaytor. April 9, '47 11th Infantry.
67 Nathaniel H Webb. April 9, '47 9th Infantry.
.'>0 Hiram li. Iliggins, April 9. '47 13th Infhntry.
69 Thomas Glenn, April 9, '47 14th Infhntry.
60 Edward A. Graves, April9, '4 16th Infantry.
61 John E. Howard. April 9, '47 Voltlgsur*.
61 John B. Campbell. April 9. '47 13th Infantry.
63 Alphonsa M. Duperu, April 9, '47 3d Dragoon*
64 Lewi* Carr. April 9, '47 11th Infantry.
06 I'razey M. Winans, April 9, '47 16th Infantry
66 Kdrnund B Bill, April 9,'47 16th Infantry.
67 James W. Thompson. April 9. '47 9th Infantry
68 James M. Hcantland, April B, '47 14th Infantry
69 Walter P. Richards. April 9, '47 11th Infantry.
70 Joseph A. Yard, April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
71 Hugh L. W. ' lay, April 9, '47 13th Infantry.
71 Presley N. Guthrie, April, '47 11th Infhntry.
73 Julian P. Breedlove. April 9, '47 14th Infantry.
74 Richard T. Merrick. April 9. 47 3d Dragoons.
74 Moses J. Barnard, April 9, '47 Voltigeurs.
70 John 8. Perry. April 9, '47 16th Infantry.
77 Joshua W. Collett, April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
78 Joseph P. Smith, April 9. '47 10th Infantry.
79 Jama* W. Denver, April 9, '47 11th Infhntry.
80 Daniel Bacheldar. April 9, '47 9th Infhntry.
81 Thomas F. Bethell. April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
81 Hugh P. Watson, April 9, '47 ]3th Infantry.
83 William J. Clark. April 9. '47 13th Infantry.
84 Arnold 8yberg, April, 9, '47 11th Infantry.
86 Joseph W. Perkins. April 9, '47 14th Infantry.
86 James (lagan, April 9, '47 3d Dragoon*.
87 William W. Tompkins, April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
fH James J. Archer. April 9, '47 Voltigeurs.
89 Lorenzo Johnson, April 9. '47 9th Infantry.
90 Moses Hoaglaud. April 9. '47 16th Infantry.
91 James W. Braunon, April 9, '47 16th Infantry.
91 James 11. Cnlwell, April 9, '47 Voltlgenrs.
93 Creed T. lluddlustone, April 9. '47 14th Infantry.
94 Charles N. Bodtiah, April 9, '47 9th Infantry.
96 Andrew T. MrReynolds. April 9. '47 3d Dragoon*
96 Kdwin Guthrie, April 9. '47 16th Infantry.
97 Arthur C. Cummings. April 9. '47 11th Infantry.
98 Henry E. W. Clarke. April 9, '47 13th Infantry.
99 C. C liornsby. April 9, '47 l'lth Infantry.
100 Alexander Wilkin, April 9, '47 10th Infantry.
II. The relative rank of first and second lieutenant* la
indicated by tbe number prefixed to the name In each
grade respectively.
III. Promotions will be made In th< Third Regiment of
Dragoons, the eight regiments of lufantry, and tbe Regiment
of Foot Riflemen and Voltigeurs, respectively, according
to established rule. Original vaaancies will be
filled by selection.
IV. On the organization of the several regiment*,
the ( olonels will make the permanent assignment of the
ubalterns to companies, in such manner as the good of
the service may require.
By order; R. JONES, Adj't Gen.
Col. T. P. Andrews, of the Voltlguers, embarked yesterday
upon the steamship Massachusetts for Vera Crnz,
accompanied by J. D. Blair, with company E, Voltiguers,
1 JO men: Lieut. Cha*. F. Vernon, with 36 men. detachment
belonging to Capt. ' hurchill's company A, Voltlguers;
Surgeon J. W 'Tyler, Lieut*. Walker, Kiger,
Tenett aud Ulakely. The Massachusetts ha* on board
the rocket and howitzer batteries belonging to this regiment
of voltiguers. ( apt. Bethell, I bth infantry, also
look passage on the Massachusetts, with 60 men, to Join
lien. Taylor.
The Massachusetts will touch at the Brasos to land
apt Bethell'* company, and to receive such companies
>f voltiguers as were despatched to the Rio Grande before
the destination ot that regiment was changed.
The U. S. steamer Telegraph left last night for Brasos
Santiago, having on beard It. A. Parish. Esq. bearer of
lespatchea to Gen. Taylor; Gen. E. D. Hopping, U. 8. A ,
ind Lieut. Argur. his aid; A. W. Armstrong, committee
for the remains of Lieut. Ktchey, of tha 4th Infantry; .
Drs. Robertson and Ashe, U. 8. A.; Capt*. D. H. Mosby
and L. A. Hrodus; Lieut. Gill, 4th artillery; Cha*. Carroll,
sutler to Hay's regiment; Charles Finloy aud T. A.
Roberta, (Quartermaster's department; Capt Galther's
The fashion also sailed for Vera < rur. last night.
8ho took Lieut. Col. E. W. Moore, 3<1 dragoon*, and
Capt Duperu't company, and about J.?0 men of the 3d
Among the passenger! on the Kaebion on her la?t trip
from Vera Cru* was Lieut. Shaw, late of tbe U. 8.
schooner i'etrel, one of the fleet of small vessels which
took such gallant part in the attack on Vera Crus and
the oastlo Lieut. Shaw ia re turning home under a complimentary
leave of absence, extended, we are told, by
tbe Secretary of the Navy te all the commanders in that
flotilla, iu consideration of their tried and faithful service.
The steamer Charles Carroll, which arrived from Cincinnati
yesterday, brought t apt. H. C. Bradford, 1st
Lient. H. L. Clay, Ud Lieut. N. Davis, Jr., with 83 noncommissioned
officers and privates, together with company
II, 13th infantry, recruited in North Alabama, and
1st Lieut. W. B. Cook, with Id privates of the 3d dragoons.?V.
O. Picayune,'Hit init.
men and their wires, oJ five or six single gentlemen, can
te accommodated with handaome, unfurnished rooiaa, with m
>ed rooms attached, and full board, ia a pleasantly situated
lonae in Carroll place. Apply at present at 94 Spring street,
ail lin?r
A FEW families can he accommodated with hoard at oun of
the moat delightfully situated and healthy summer resiiences
in Orange county, one mile from the Iludaou River
ending, at Cornwall?the hest steamboats land daily to and
from the city?every attention will he raid to make it a deeirn:>le
home for those who wish to spend the summer in the conntry.
Early application is desirable. For further particulars,
ph ase inquire of A. H. It D. Hands, corner Kulton and William
streets; R.,Sinclair, 435 Hqnaton street; C. H. Ring, 1M
Broadway. a20 tin're
. and vicinity, are respectfully informed, that there it an
olfirr ope rd in this city, (upon the Parisian plan) for the purpose
of facilitating persons of both seses, in forming honorable
and well suited connexions for Marriage. That such a plan it
greatly eedeil in this eity, mnst appear to the mind of every
rational persan. The youth (more particular!)) of both sesea
are he ug called, or come to this city, from all pnrta of the
world (lor pecuniary benefits or otherwise.) and when here, in
the m >st of rases, are compelled to associate with strangers and
strange customs?almost entirely withont friends, except such
as t very limited association gives Diem, Die result of which
association speaks in terms not to be misunderstood.
This plan proposes to assist all such |>ersruia in forming high
and honorable associations, and prepare them for good mem
here of society. Circulars setting forth the plan, location of
office, Sic., ran lie forwarded to persons, by addressing " Con
tidence," Post office, (post paid).
N.B. The stricteal secresy observed.
New Tori. May 1. IKT mylSSf rh
ABRAHAM K V.V| < III. Fine , Ciood. OTI llro'adwev. iu
lortna his friends and the public that he has removed hie
business fiom 111 Broadway to 391 Broadway, two doors below
his former establishment. ink Ht*W
PETER ROBERTS, J73 Broadway, lias just received per
recent arrivals, a splendid assortment of goods. The follow
ing < ompnse a few , idt :?Thread and imitation luces of
ever) description, Let capes, Collvrs, scarfs, and mantillas, snv
bmrnrreil inii-lin rapes, collars, chrmisetts and enffa, camhnn
iiamlkrrcliirfs, in embroidered reverse, luiudslich and tape borders:
silk, thread, and kid gloves; 300 breakfast em. cups, from
3s 6a to 7* A Iso, WO dot. cotton and ailk hosiery, 13 per cent
below the usual priret, al jm*r
iff (N DOW SHADES.?Once more we challenge lite New
TV York Shade dealers to compete with ua in the sale t>(
IVmdow Shades. We are now making large daily additions
onnr stork of Shades, and pledge ourselves to he undersold
>y none. As to Die oualilv of our Shades, we hare but onn
aord to say. Tliey took trie premium at the late fair at Newtrk.N.J.
We invite tbe citizens of New Vork and the su?
oiindiiig country to give us a call, and we willpreve the tmth
>f our assertions. DDN? KEK k BEEKI'.R,
Nit J I '.KatKim Hf.-g-rf urnr (Jli*ml>*rt atrret.
myl lm*rc New York
FITC mf !!-TH? VKORTABLI I \ J It At T,prepared
by l>r. 8. HA UT, ? the only remedy for b ptlepnc KiU or
Hailing S.ckiirm, I oiiviilaiona, Spaama, he. Thia medicine ,
ror the laat aiitcrn yrara, Im? been teated by mmiy oeraona who
larnuffrrrd with ilni dreadful diarasc. and in alinoal every
:-a?e wkere il had a fair Irial, liaa effected a permanent euro,
famphlria roil aiiuiiK thirl van pages of testimony. (wma of
whiolr presented hv rtniiieut | li> sicians.) to be had by applying
it the |>rn>ri|oal ntfirr Reference to Judge Randall. M fcaat
Broadway. V V. < "I K Dnnalow, Yonkera. N. Y; Dr. Vv L.
Monro*. Irnilfotd, Ohio; Rev Richmond Taygert, Wear Da
renport, N. Y; Rot T I.. It aaahnc 11. Baltimore. Md; Joseph
VtcIJnngall, Kaat Brooklyn; W. (.'. Anderson, Williamsburg,
Lome lil oid
llrritTt.r Cunrrv?Mm. Joseph Bradley, IIS Orchard at.,
N.Y, <11 Boughton, M 18th at. N Y; Mr. Jat. Bertholf,
heifer, Orange county, N Y;Charlea Brown, sailor, Thus.
B Joaoa, Revenue Cut or Hpeocer, together with many olhora,
?hoa? names wt ar? not at liberty to nnbliah.
All communications (post paid) addressed to Dr. 8 HART.
Iat? Irani Ik H?tt,) will b* punctually stranded to. All ordrra
no<t be accomiNinied with the money. The medicine, with
u'.l directions, is carefully parked in boara. and aent to ativ
art of the t inted fftatea, Prices per bo? $!i $17, and lit Sinlie
IxUtlea, with neceaaary medinni? $3. Prepared only by
I>R. 8 HART .Principal office
JJ8 Broadway, (neat door to the Tabernacle,) N. Y.
8old alao by A Tompkins, UtCornhill, Boston, M?aa, <? r.
Tbotnaa k t o., CiDciiiiirtli, Ohio. eodlSt'c^
AlL.ANTHl'8 TRK.K8. for atrcet planting.
tfVrV/ for aala chea|i, now standing in the nursery
in Mreenwirh lane, opposite Charles atrcet. Apply to Henry
Bpeera, upon the pre in ises, or to
WINTER It Co. SI Wall eared.
o?tr tht Mtchyict'Bjyk #
AUo, Form and Ornamtnul Tr##?, of *11 kwdt. ml I4t H f

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