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??1. MH. ?fc ML.WM* Ho. ftUI.
oarth WMtMcurorfaltoa adluHiiM.
DAILY HKRALD?Everyd?TiPhe?leeett?weo?r-^f
ttper njinam?i>%yitblc in advancc. _
WEEKLY HERALD?Ertry Saturday-ft-ie* ?K ?"t"
Mr copy?'?3 1?H c?nt? per auimm? payable t? adranea
I ! L' ?. A I rv u7\l) LMfDAPV b'v.r* Pmliat dlV?*
e'ters' nd XewspHper* l?y turn rout": will reach their drstinviou
2 hours in advance of the I/. 8 Mini.
m 15 7i * in J. W HULUVAV.
tr-mmi FOITnEVV bTiI/.-nSVV'I K?At 3,P. M.?
r jl. W.fi?F t- \2X ?Th-eli-gam stcwer ANTEwft'll'jrraBfaLOPK.
Van WickTe, Iravetthe I'n^tof
Rubins mi Ktivtt, ueit above Barclay, daily at J l*. M for Nfw
Bruits* ick. landing .v K Htvillr, Woodbridge, Totleil's, Peith
Ainrmy ?nd French'*?Pdu?n|en lake stages direct for Cranbury,
<'roe* (toads &i>d Spotswond.
Returning, the Antelope leave* New Brunswick at U befin
t 7 A. M Bre?lfa?t ou board All description* oT f eight
tub en ? rf?? nab'e .urms. ?2 > fi'"rrr
?^ M-gp.aHB.KWaBUay.OCJCAN HOUMlt,
? -AawJ** Loof Branch. Runsom Dock, Brown's Dock,
. > MiSletown and Red Bank.?The Steamboat
'JRCH, <; Price, Master, will ran as follows, from Ktfton
Market blip, taut Ri*fc* s?
l.enve New lurk Lmti Shrewsbury
<relock O'cln.tk.
Thursday, S3. at 1 P.M. Thursday, 23,at 4>? P.M
Kiiriav, 24, at 7 AM. Friday. 21, at 2 P.".
Saturday, ?5, at 7X \.M. Saturday, 25. at 3 l'.M.
Sunday, 26, at a A.M. Bnnd:i>, 2S,Ht 4 I'M
Mouday, 27, at 7 A.M. Monday, 27,attO>?AM.
Tuesday, 2a, at 7 A.M. Tuesday, 28. at 11 A.M.
The Liue ftta*:*i will run to Howell Works, Kouam Village
and Freehold. Slagm to convey passengers to all pans of the
N. [). All persowsat*forbid trusting the abort boat on ac
c<iuiu of the Owner*. J. P ALLAIRE.
s2 30t* rc |
* " o< n Ju o l' nrua i t u \r f bz> ?' WjY"? u
-um. r \ I\ onn&n.iBi ui, uuhvj uiv.iiiun,
' - "*'^i .Ocean House, F. VV. Ichanck's, Highlands,
'ifc&Mm tt?M*om?ndIl.atootowu Landing. The (team,
bontKDVVIN i?h?WuJ, ' apt. Havu-s, will ruu as followi,
from I'-ot of B relay street, North river:
henv Vnr Kftrlc. Leave Shrewibtiry.
O'clock O'clock.
Thursday, 31, at a P M. Friday, 34.M7KAM.
Suurday, 24,ar 3 P.M. Monday. 27, at ft WT AJiI.
Tnevlay, 31, at 9 AM. Wednesday, 2S,at 10)4 AM.
Thursday, J#,atllA.M.
Stages will b* iu readiness on the arrival of the boat to eonT?v
p r.neiig?r? to all rarta of the couutry.
For further particulars apply to F, B. Hull, at ttie office ou
the o-ho'f si 3flt?rt
4'iAl't.n ISI.AINi/ f ? . ? \ju anu
:?u Jr. after KKIDAV, Sept 10th, 1347. the steam XrltiSm*
boats 8YLFH ai.d STATE* I8LANDEH
v?ill make the following tripa ""til further notice
Vt 9. 10, 11, A. M., tuid 1, 2. teii mirmtae past 3, aad at 4, 5,
1,7, ?VWV. *1.
At ?. 8 i. IS. II, A. M., and 1, 3, 3, 4. 6, ?K,f. V.
V?e- y.irK Sept. 6th. s8
_ KMT OFFICE. New York, Sept. 19th
1847 ?The Uii ted Suites Mail Steamer
W 1 SHI NO ION, from New York for Europe.?The
mail f,.r i|>? above steam*r will
*i^ai*,"f'<tfflfrrT??clo>.e at Hi> office on Tliursdiiy tlie 23J day
of Se,u?nr e , ?t It o'c'ock. A. M. The postage is to be prepaid,
rxct pt on letters, pnckct? and newspapers mailed to Bremen.
* ail matter to F enirn, either for delivery or distribution,
Ktiy be se t either with or without the postage being
previously paid.
T**e |xi?ut;e ou all letters and packages not exceeding y% nu
entire in weight 24 ct?.
Over >4 and not exceeding one ounce... ... 48 cts.
And lor every additional half euuee or fraction of a
yi on04W I.1' r'i
On e 'ch newspaper, pamphlet or price cm reit 3 cts
sliOltrc RORRhT H MORItl*. P. M
. .VFe.A.VlEK VVASHIN'*1 ON will |?>
sitively start for SouthamUou and Bremen
VlfMon Thursday ueit, the 23d September at
12 M .from Fi?r No.4, N. K., at the foot
of Moms street.
Letters run only be fotwarded through'the Post Office.
Koreans.*', having supeiior accominod<tiotu, apply at the
oifire of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, 44 William
street ",1'i'siie the exchange sl94'ec
? ocEA.N ? l ? AM NAVIU ?T10N
COMPANY-Unite.1 States Mail Line to
S''rm> !*'"*LJwS?Cowes and Southampton. and Bremen.
The splendid new steamship WASHINU
&rraimS?mTON. 1740 tons burthen. Frederic Hrgvitt,
comiaai.'er, will st>rt from New York ou the 33d September,
carrying thj United States Mail.
She ve il torirhat C'owet and Southampton to land paaseufe'rs
itirt frr iklit, and deliver the mails fur Enclaud, France and
ielg.um, and will then proceed to IJreinerhaven. Returning,
will r.ive Bremerhiveti the lith October.
1 he Washington is built in the strongest manner, with a
view to ikiiik converted into ft sbipol w*r, unu subject at any
time uf inspect! ii t>y nine*is appointed by the President, both
dnrniK *?d si tor eonitruetioa.
title lias two engines, of 1U00 horse power each, and accornmnd
ttnirs for J"i pusenner*.
Pi?ane from New York to Southamiifon or to Bremen, SIM.
Passage from B rnn^n mul Si>tith!iiii|>'on to New York. $150.
She will carry abont .' 00 tons freight, which will be charged |
necordi'tr to tnr nnrore of the g.v\d? nlTeriug. All letters
tnnst piu I In on i<h the P.ist OUiee. Parrels, for which bills of
jd'li it will lie MKi'.ed, will be chnrged CD ench.
K'.r fremlit or i?si.ig? Pft)' M the office of the Ocesn Steam
Nivi?atmii< Company, 43 Willnin Hreet. coiuer of Wall.
K VIIL1.8. fjeueral Agent.
Ajfriits at Southampton DAY, 'RQSKRY h ROM.
" at Bietjisn.. ? .A. HKINKKEN k CO.
The secon ' steamer of the line is iu dae course ol eonrlrne(j.:n
atd wilfli* in readip??i in the ensuing fall a''iWfh
- 8TK VM TO HAVANA?To sail
' ^4 about the 12ih of October, (the po>iiire day
//. F,Ti'^rjid'awill lie staled herei.ft. r.) the new and rowOlMDALQUlVfth,
*^'WK?^sSW?(;(ki tors mr isnreni'iit, built in Ltvai pool.
Her o bine are now hein* fitted up. with everv -egaid to coioh?ft,
reiuiluion, end el?g 'uce, mid the table will be liberally
supplied under the scperiutei.aei.ee of processed cooks.
Karea $70 in *tate Ho?ms on Saloon Deck.
$60 in forward and aft and upper deck cabins, hi- |
end'hi; wine.
Kor further particulars apply to the consignee.
sl? J0t*tn F W. glMONUH. 43 "ew ?t.
KOri I'IV K" POOL?Tii mil i hr 1 h (Ic
tob?r?''I he n?w new iron kt>-sm?h'p BA.
' *..?!" ? fv<*M.AHPHNDH, W?a C.Thomp-ou.m ster,
"^ove ^'or freight or imsinge,
accommodations unsurpasaed fore,efarce
and convenience. app y to
i v i^ I\UDI, ftrj'yviH',76 sontn M.
' OElBArH. jn.e folio wine well known,
imlmmrn''-*' aeilinir ?u J favorite packet ahipa hare accommodUi'Mis
nuaurpaaaed tor enbin. second cabin and ateerage p*?MWl*n,
and will | entirely tail u advertised, or paaaafe free,
TIT. !?*
The UNION. Capt. Koster, September 17th.
'I he O^WKOO, Capt. Ingetaol), October <th.
The OALE N A, Capt. Dennta, October 11th.
Pe"on* wisbinr to proceed to New Orleans, will do well
10 secure |nna|c t?y either the above packets, at they are all i
i) rat claw ?ln|m. rntunajided by mail experienced in tne trade, j
a od wtll aail pnnctiftlly on their appointed daya. To aeenre ,
h rrths, apply on board, or to
W * I T. TAPHCOTT. IK Smith at. !
LIVERPOOL-Th, iilruilid fast tailing and
iwiXik?>^vurite ?Mp SHERIDAN, Capt. <1 B. Cornish, will
pus.tiielv sul from New York on Monday, Pept. J7th, and
from Liverpool on the llth ol November. Persons about pro
ceeiling to Europe, or iHbse wishing to temblor their frieads.
should make early application on bo-rdat the foot of Wall
treet, of to W, k J. T- TAP8COTT,
att ro M South (tract
Price f.l< per copy?$i per unun, including poataga,
or S3 26, exclusive of postage. payable in ad van ea Subacrip
tiooi nad ndvrrtiarmenti will t-? received by Messrs. Gallg
Jani, in iue Vivieuiie, Pari* ; P. L Simonda, II Comhili, and
olin Mi'ler, tn* hookaeller .London.
l*t of Jnnnary of enrh vmr?(ingle copies sixpence each.
ADVERTISEMENTS, at the uanal pricaa?always caah ia
advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible
manner. The Proprietor will not b* reaponsibl* for error* that
may occur in them.
| PlllNTTNO of all kind* executed beautifully aad with
dea patch.
AH letiers or commuaieaiioas by mail, addreased to tbe
proprietor of the estp.Miahmeat, uinst be poet paid, or th* postage
will b? deducted fr?m the nhfnrintine morns* remittal
ricksbiirg Richmond, Petersburg, Va., Staunton, Va, aud
the Virgmia Sprinxa, Weldou. NTC., and Charleston, B.C.
The public are informed that the uew md splendid low preaanre
rti-amer TO WU ATT AN (connecting with the Great
Mail Line at Aqquie ("reek,) leaves Commerce street wharf.
Baltimore, every Tueaday and Friday Evening, at 6 P. M.,
tor the above |>oiuta.
Through-tickets to Richmond $4
" Petersburg.. 6
" Weldou, N. C 9
" Stnuiiton.Va U
Charleston, S. C IS
Being at the same price, more direct and expedition*. and
much inorr certaiu than the Cheeepeake Bay and James River
Strambo-t Line,?all tlie wide aud rough jortion of the Bay,
between the mouth of the Potomac ana Old point Comfort,
beinu eurirely avoided by this line.
Travellers ireadviaed that the line herahy advertised ia part
and parcel ofthe Great Mail Line through Virginia; and that
it ia the intention of the couipinic* composing Uie Great Mail
Line. th"t ima-eugera shall be couveyed by thein, in connection
with tin- Powh?tton, always a* cheaply as by any other
line, and with more comfort, expedition aud certainty, than by
any otherliue, except the line via Washington.
For further particultira, inquire at the Southern Railroad office.
Pratt street, Baltimore; of Stockton It Kali, or at the the
Commeice atreat wliarf; or, ou Tuesdays and Friday*, on
board the Powhattan, of G. W. GUNNELL, Capt.
N. B.?Travellers by the above line will bear in miud that
they have two hours more in Baltimore tnau passengers by
th* Chesapeake Bay and James River Boats, and yet reach
auy point south of Petersburg at the same time with these last,
even when there ia uo breach of connexiou by the Buy Lin*.
jy4 3niend?r
tJ L?^ EXCURSIONS.?The and Comino*
ggldBri,. a: ihm u.:n iA.vu Pi.. Mr. i w
XL. at IOX, A. M . aud l>i. P. M.; end on ood after Monda<-,
lie HOth mat., will leave daily at 10 A.M., aud 1 P. M until
further notice. ?19Tt*rc
~iii7~cfONl?Y ISLAND KKKRY^The comf
.?.ffliL-^^^miidioua and rlegfuit steamer ION will run
regularly (weather permitting) ou the above
Kerry, laimrg Pier No. I N. H. at 11 A. M. and 2 P. M.j Coney
lalaml a'. I21i and i% P.M.
N. B ? All pemoaii are forbid trusting any one ou account of
aid boat, aud all billa againat ?aid boat will pleuae be presented
Cft n'lj u?tia?'it. a 13 6t*ra
r-| nv'Jiwr.jJfcLe'.ter E?preaa Kaatern Mail, via Now HavJ3Hiai)tf?f*?veu,
Hat fo'd, Springfield aud intermediate
Iilacen. Letters ami New?p\perj cnr-iail on the above r.-.utea
i'cRE. By at'airb .a'Traveiler. and Hartford. New llaveu
and *p.ing1i?ld Kaiiroad?Leavea New York daily, at 6
o'clock, A. M. .
I,ctt r bug* will be kept open at the office of the Courier
rnd Euiittlier, Herald, Tribune, J< xpresa, and Burgeaa, Stringer
it Co'-, until t o e'o k, i'. M Lettera aud Isewspaperi reed
vnl > bo.uJ the boat until the hourol starting A special
Agau i? ?? ( nirungh to ' priii?fteld daily. Editors ate reiluoa
e-J to h'vi; their pnners lor dixributiou on the route aeut
aboard ha Haunter 1 reveller, by ti o'clock A.M.
oai jj,
. . ^s v'-r-v H') ^AVVv\i\. ,,?
V \^?viiV' :./v;
?J | i \ i C \'. I I I ;! ., ) lr/ " V v
?1111 b i 1"1 - . y
miun to purcuese ninny sucn victories at such a price ;
mil' of the regiment* ol my brigade (tbe 13th) lo?t in
killed and wounded on# third of ltd entire foree. In
killed and wounded we number not 1-h* than 1000, and
anions them I lament to My. an unusual proportion of
valuable officers The New Kngland regiment suffered
severely, and behaved throughout in the most gallant
manner. My horse, at lull speed on the evening of the
19th, when leading my brigade through a pert eel shower
of round shot and shells, fell under me upon a leuge of
rooks, by which 1 sustained a severe Injury by the shock
and bruises, but especially by a Severn sprain In the left
knee, which came under him. At lirst I wan not conscious
of any serious injury, but soon became exceedingly
faint, when Dr Kltchie, surgeon of th<< l'Jtb, a (portion
of my command.), who was following the advancing columns
closely, overtook me. administered tome as well as
he could under the circumstances. In a fuw moments
I was able to walk with diOioultv. ami pressed forward
to ('apt. MeUruder's battery, where I found tbe horn"
of poor gallaut Lieut Johnson. who had just received a
mortal wound, of whieh be died that evening I wad
permitted t? take him (my own having been totally disabled).
waa helped Into ton saddle, and continued In It
until 11 o'clock that night. It was exceeedlngly dark,
the rain poured In torrent*, and being sepsrated from
my servant* and aggage. I *u without tent or covering.'
add to this, that during tha afternoon of the 19th,
we had gained no advantages over ihe enemy, who remained
firmly entrenched with 7000 men opposed to
about 4000 fin our ride, without the poaalhillty of bringing
our artillery to bear, and you will readily conceive
that onr situation waa not the moat agreeable. The
morning of the 20th, waa, however, aa brilliant m the
night of tbe 10th was dark and gloomy. Boon after daylight
the enemy's works were carried with tha bayorat,
and of th?ir 70<>0 man, regular troop*, under tha command
of Gen. Valencia, probably 4000 cannot be found
to-day Aa we pasaed this Held in purruit of the fugitives,
the scene waa awful, the road and adjacent fields
every where strewed w|th mangled bodies of the dead
and dying. We continued the pursuit until I o'clook,
when our front came op with tha enemy's strong works
at Cburubusco and Han Antonio, where the great conflict
of tbe afternoon commenced. At San Angel, dispositions
having been made to attaek In reverse the
enemy's work! on the Ban Augustine road, General
Scott ordered me to maroh my brigade. In concert
with that of tbe intrepid Oeneral Shields, across 1
the open country between Santa Katurlna and the
above named road, in order to cut off tha enemy's 1
retreat. We gained the poaitlon sought, and although <
the enemy's line was perfectly formed, and extended aa 1
far as tbe aye could reach In either direction, they were <
attacked vigorously and successfully. Arriving at a 1
ditch which it was Impossible for my horse to leap, I I
dismounted and hurried forward without thinking of <
my injury, at the head of my brigade, for 900 or 300 <
yards, when turning suddenly upon my knee, the oar- '
tilage of whieh had been seriously Injured, I falnUd and 1
fell upon the bank, In tbe dlreet range and within perfect '
reach of the enemy's Are That I escaped seems to me 1
now providential. The tout and overthrow of the 1
whole Mexican fbroe soon became oomplete, and we
could easily have taken the city; hut Gen Scott waa
mat with a proposition for an armiiatioe, (after <Umb4
?er^BM cnr iw*/ySS/'s^y
-Wi"a""" li((|(
p I .. .>?vW\m"' !, ", 'l',? .,.
'j&T*#**, ** ife
V,,,...'-#^ \f' - V4 .
'. - fr/R-L\l'.L ~.i'/' -" -7-- ""
-"T -- \ CEN. SC0TT9 POS
Jj^l : ;s::?:i 1*C?/i 'L. ... ;' :U, ; U
!!!!(:::': " "x. ^'v}!iv^'''''\. v^\\\
X V-"" ;
I iiiiiiifi . ^ x x ^ ???T
'l!} j i /)'//'- * " <*r^
I \l < A tW/i//// \ \ | i / * r>
? v -^NrAvAVu1 u '>/;<' r'
; vy v; ,v \\\\ :->^..//'{''m
: r-^S I /1 \~ I \v ^
v/^iil^i a y, f
in* thu nurrender of the oity,) with a Tiew to open uegottatioDH
for peae*.
In my judgment the army, full of ardor and confidence,
v.'a<> humanely and wisely reft.rn.lned. Major Gun.
Quitman, Gen. I'nrMfur K. Smith and myself wnrn appointed
nommiflnionen to meet the Mexican coinmiHiilon?rs
to settle the term* of the arrolMtice. 1 hud not tuken
off my Hpurs nor alept an hour for two nlirht*, in consequence
of my emcaicementB and the pain ol' my hnee. I
Interesting War Intelligence.
[Krom the Boston Toot, Sept. til.]
We have been favored with the perusal of a private
letter, written by this gallant officer to a relative, and
have taken the liberty to publish soiue extracts from it.
The responsibility of the publication must rest entirely
with us, as the author bad no Idea of Its being seen by
any one save his relatives and immediate friends, anil
hence the reaann that It contains so minute a history of
his personal movements:?
Headquarters 1st BRIUAUK, 3d Div. U. S. A. t
Mkxsoqub. Mexico August U7,1B47. $
Slnoe I left Vera Crua to thli hour, I have had no
means of communicating with the States. Although but
a few months in the servioe, 1 know what is fatigue,
anxiety, and exposure. Contrary to my expectations,
and oontrary to my orders from the departmeut at Washington.
I was compelled, for the want of the requisite
provisions for transportation, to remain for more than
three week* at Vera Crux. and morn than four In Terra
Callente. (the vomito region as it is called ) 1 left the
dreaded city on the 10t h of July, with 2500 men of all
arms and a train of wagons, which when closed up extended
more than two miles. On the titb of August I
reached Puelila, without the loss of a siugle wagon, with
my command in fine condition. My command wns attacked
six times on the march, hut the enemy's forue in
eaoh Instance was easily dispersed, with trilling los* on
our side. The National Bridge afforded the enemy
great natural advantages, to which they had added
breastworks on * high bluff which commanded the
bridge perfectly ; across the main bridge they had also
thrown a barricade. I s on discovered that there was
no way In which his position oould be turned, and that
my artillery was Ineffective from the most commanding
point where it oould be placed. I determined, of oourse,
to cross under the plunging fire of the enemy's escopet us.
My order to advance was admirably executed At the
moment Lieutenant Colonel Bonham's battalion ru>hed
I forward with a shout, the enemy poured down a heavy
| fire, b7 which several of my men were severely wnunded.
Colonel Bonham's horse was shot near me, and a ball
passed through the rim of my hat. In very disagreeable
proximity to my face. Our man leaped the barricade,
followed by Captain Duperu's company of cavalry, and
In Wsi fh.n tun inlr.nlu th- I- -
ov*rj direction. Ml* the AmeriCHn Hnk wi^rcd upon tho
high bluff which th?j hud oocuotvd. Th? Mmionn
force, as they Mid afterwards. consisted of 500 men Had
they possessed courage. and skill in the use of arum, our
loss must have been very great. You can hardly eonoeive
the strength of the natural defenoes of the road
orer which we pawed. Kumorscame to me almust every
night that we would be attacked by largo forced the next
day, but they mad* no where any thing like a brave and
stern resistance.
The official report* of the great battle of Mexico will
probably reach you an noon as this letter, and 1 shall,
therefore, not iittempt to give the minute details. It was
fierce and bloody beyond any thing that ha* occurred in
this war. 1 he battle differed in many res pacts from that
of Buena Vista There ("Jen Tayler received the enemy
In a strong position selected by himself. Our force on the
'20th consisted of less than nine thousand men; the Mexioan
force, within supporting distance and engaged, undoubtedly
exceeded thirty thousand. We attacked him
In position upon ground of his own selection, admirably
fortified You will distinguish, a* far as numbers are
concerned between the battle of Hie morning, and that
of the afternooa. although spoken of In official repo.w a*
one engagement, under the designation of" the battle of
Mexico " We took, durlmr the (1??. thlrtv-five ul?r..?
artillery, an immense quantity of ammunition, eight
hundred mules ami Hordes and morn than tiro thousand
prisoners?among ihuui eight generals, and any number
of colonels.
The Meiiean loss in killed and wounded must have
been immense. Our troops buried#00 Mexicans upon tho
field of battle commenced in the morning at Contreroi.
and the Iom in the afteruoou was much greater Our
loss has been heavy. With this small army we could not
iiig (lutb) Gun. Worth 1?*<J olf noutli of thu lake. The division*
took up the lino of tuurcli lu *ucce**iou, General
Twigg* bringing up tbe rear, and we turned our back*
upon the fortiflc*tli.n* of tbe IVnou nod Mtxicaiclngo.
General Valencia, with 0 oix) nmn, main an attempt to
annoy our rear aa it turned Lake ? lialco; but General
Twigga having hi* train la front, and bid dlviaion
well In band, wheelnd Into linn to tbe left, and,
with one di*charg? i f Taylor'* battery, tmubled orer
some men and home*. und Kent the rent flying ovr
the hill* like tbe wild duclu from tlm lakes, lie
then bioke again Into eoluuiu, and resumed hi* inarch.
Tbe ranohcroe and guerillero* hoverin,: about our front
gave us little trouble ; and thu working parties tilled up
the trenched, and rolled away the rock* that bad hern
placed there to retard u*, without stopping our march.
On the 17th Gen. Worth encainpod at Hau Auguitin, on
the Acapulc > road, and moved down on the 18th two
aud a bait mile*, lu front of San Antonio, to make room
for the other division to cloae upon him. The IHth was
devoted to reoonnolnsancttff. Han Antonio wan sltuated
similarly to Mrxlcalclngo. Batteries commanded
the causeway in front, and swept over tbe marines
to the left aa far a* the lake. Tha ytirtgal or volcanic
rock*, rendered tbe right impaaaabin tor everything but
infantry, and dtffloult tor them. One and.a half mile In
tha rear were situated the defencea of Churubuaoo, commanding
the approaoh over the prdrtgal, and by
the way of Mexicalologo. A route waa dUoovered
weit from San Auguatin orer tha (pan of the mountain,
to the Han Angel road, by which these pesltlon*
oould be turned. General Twigg'* division coming
up on the morning of the 19th, wee thrown forward on
Lhia route, to cover the working p*/ties formed from Pillow**
Division. By 1, IV M., we had *urmounted the
bill*, and approaohed.tbe two division* of the army, with
their field batt?*j?* <kc .within oannon range of Valencia'*
entrenchment*, situated on tbe Han Aug?l road, andcomtuandlng
tha only approach through th? yrilrrgal, or volcanic
rock* The working parties were returned to their
regtmeuta, tha tool* repaoked, and preparation* made to
illalodge the enemy, before Continuing the road further.
On approaching hi* front within oaniater range, and
driving in hla advanced partiea. poated behind lireaatwork*
acroaa tha road, with Magruder'a and tbe howitiar
bktUriM, it wm found that tha ground on fell left
uuvjrnu liio a UUltU'Un, IT? ll>'l(rP 4 1UW UIJ NIOULI, HUU
rode two and a half iniles to Tacubaya. where the commission
Assembled at the house of Mr Mcintosh, the
British consul general Our conference commenced late
in thn afternoon, and at lour o'clock the next morning
the articles w<-re signed.
That 1 wss thoroughly exhausted jou will readily
imagine. I slept an hour or two th<it morning at Gen.
Worth's quarters; and my sprained knee, which was by
far my most, serious injury, has been daily Improving
and to-day I ride without much inoonvenlenoe I have
lost several dear friends, although our acquaintance had
Veen of short duration I visited the hospital yesterday,
and saw ofttnrrs and men with shots in all parts of their
persons. Although all who were not really dying seemed
cheerful, and many who had lout limbs, fa htgh spirits.
still I sickened at the sight My general health has
been good I have been either in my saddle or on my
feet every rod since I left Vera f'ruz. which oau be said
by few oflloers in my command; for almost all were
obliged, at *om? point of tho march, in consequence of
the ohauge of climate, water, exposure, &.c , to avail
themselves of the ambulance Colouel Watson, with
his marine corps, accompanied me. and his been uniformly
well lie is an excellent, agreeable gentleman,
and admirable oflloer. and I regret that having been left
with (Jen. Quitman's division at San Augustine, he had
uo opportunity to participate in the battle of the l'Jth
and 'Jilth
Now a word with regard to the great object of this
war?peaoe. There is no doubt that Hanta Anna Is sincerely
desirous < f peace. Commissioners to treat have
been appointed, and met Mr Trtst this afternoon at lour.
My beliuf is that peace will be the result, although uo
man cau speak with confidence
Tacvbav4, Aug "2i. 1847.
We are now located in one wing of the Archbishop's
palace. Chapultepeo. with Its magnificent grove, is before
uj, and we overlook the great city, sutrounded by
Its lakes, and embosomed in its mountain*. 1 never realised
the beauty of the valley of Mexico until I reach*J
this spot. To see It now. lighted by the soft, bright
moon, with every village, spire, hut, and mountain rejected
in its silver lakes you would think it even surpassed
the descriptions we read of it. There arc also some
stupendous works of art around us. Hut I can tell you
nothing, for I have not yet been in the city, though I
have kneckel at its gate* In the absence, then, of something
more interesting,! shall have to tull,you of the operations
of the army.
On the 7th Inst On Twlgg's division left I'uebla It
was followed on the Bth by ()?n Quitman's, on the ?th
ujr iron II nun h arm on tun men I?y 1'IIIOW H. lien.
Scott left on ttiH nth, and overlook (Jen. Twigg* that
night at, an Mtrtiu. Our mtruli over the mountain*
wax undlat'Jrkeil, except by rumord ot' guerilla* ami roaltitanee
Both disappeared an w*? approached, and wa
left tholr abandoned work* an wo tound them On the
1 Ith Gen. Twigg* encamped at Ayotla. 1ft mllea from
Mexico, on the direct road. The other division* on each
nucm eding day, oarae up in order, and took position* In
th? rear?<?en Worth occupying Lhaloo. Tho reoonuoiHsancen
of the I'ith a< d 13th natlafled uh of tho
atrength of the enemy'a defence* in our front. Thi'lr
principal defence was at fcl Tenon, commanding the
oauae?ay between the like* of Tmcuco and Cbaloo.
The hill of K1 Tenon i* about 300 feet high, haviDg thrse
pluteau* of different elevation* It Htand* in tho water*
of Lake Texcuco. I In baau i? surrounded by a dry trench.
aDd Its sldofl arranged with breaalworka from ita bane to
ita crest. It armed with thirty pieced of cannon,
and defended by 7,000 men, under Santa Anua lu person.
The cauieway paaaed directly by ita baae?the wa.tera of
the lake washii g each aide of the cauaeway for two
mllea in front, and the whole distance aevon milea to the
city. There wa* a battery on tho cauaeway about four
huudred yard* in advance of the Tenon, another by Ita
aide, a third about a mile In front of tho entrance to the
city, and a fourth at the eutrance. About two luilta In
front of the Tenon a road,branched off to the left, and
cronaed the outlet or Lake lloohi >111 co, at the village
of Mextcalcingo, aix mllea from jhe main road. Thla
village, surrounded by a niarah, waa enveloped lu batterlea,
and only approached over a paved oauacway a
mile In length. "Beyond, the causeway continued
through the marah for two mllea farther, and opened noon
terra firma at the village of Churubuaoo. which wm
alrfo fortified, aud which we shall aee more of presently.
The reeonuolarance of the 14th aatlaflnd ua that tho
route south of Lake Chalco waa practicable for our wa- |
gon?, or could be mad? so. That day (ten. l'illow'a divi- 1
inn nIuiti>n (h? ?11 Uiro nf I h-ilan ?K..
^ 1 V m?
\ \ / ^KirustPicn
\ /TV
\jp V
^ V \
\\ , ;JM
V \\ tkicrs 0IV-%/i
^ \\
?o % Vv^ / CI'URU
B, CUYMACftN V?r? /"
*5 % \
c^r;? w ^ p ' field?
\S,4&y' V ^ N \.
- ***?-' \ A *
~ ;aN3f
i| //
^ <}> ^ Li
*^lT\ ^*r v A /wortJ
^ I //
....^"'"""""wu'I'b^-?v MCmy // y/
2 / f
ofTxrad the greatest advantages for the attack. He lay
entrenched on rising ground, behind a deep ravine,
about midway between ui, to wkioh the ground gently
dusoended from both directions His front was defend
etl by rour 8-inch howitzers. and throw lon{ lb-pounders, 1
one iH-pouuder, and some of smaller calibre. HI* right <
was almost equally strong; and, after crossing the ra- I
vine, approached over maooth ground In the form of a I
natural giant*, and t aken In reverse by a body of ranch*- i
ro? and lancers. The head* of the different divisions
were accordingly changed to the right; and, each leaving
their horses and batteries behind, slowly wended th?lr
way among the volcanic rock*, to the ravine, which
they passed In front of the small village of Han Raymond,
out of gunshot of Valencia'* batteries. They were now
on the firm San Angel road, between Valencia and relief;
but Santa Anna oomlng out to his support with seven
thousand infantry and cavalry, drew up In battle array
on the hill* of Contreras, to our right. Col. ltiley's brigade,
that had been moved to the right earlier in the
day, to co-onerate with a front attack, and had passed
beyond the San Angel road, now falling back upon the
village which we had tuken possession of. General Smith
at once determined to drive nwny tho force threatening
onr right, fly the time his dispositions were made, the
sun h?d set; and night drawing on, it was feared we
should not have light enough for our work. The attack
was therefore suspended till morning. The troop* bivouacked
around the village, without food, without
shelter, and without Are it was afterwards determined
to return to the original Intention of assaulting Valencia's
entrenchments. as the dispersion of Santa Anna's 1
force affected but little our principal objeut. 1
At 3 A. M , Col Riley's brigade was put in motion, .
fallowed by (Jen Smith s and (>en. Cadwallader's; Oen.
Shields holding the village. During the night, the 9th
and 12 th regiments, with a company of rifles and some
detachments that had been thrown out the previous
day, were moved to the ravine in front of the enemy's
position, and, after driving in their pickets In the gray
rxf tka IU<w? . > fT un<l ?Anlf .. iil.aU*?Ui<
pohitiou od their left, ready to co-operate with the attacking
force in rear. Thin force moving around the
buse of the hill on which the battery wan planed, covered
from their view ?nu fire, began about sunrise to show
themselves over Its creHt. Col Riley'* brigade, (weeping
around thsir rear and right, moved down with great
Impetuosity, while General Smith attacked their left
from the rear. In the meantime Colonel Ransom,
pushing across tho ravine the force in front, opened his
Art) upon their front and left. The enemy finding himself
thus attacked, and apprehending the main attack
from the direction in which we approaobed the previous
day, opened his heavy battery on hia front. Dut
Riley's brigade, carrying everything before them,
drove them out between tlM fires of Smith and Ransom
upon that of Shields. They broke at all points,
abandoning their artillery, pack train, ammunition. Vo.
Wm took MO prisoners -4 generals Salas, Mendoxa, J
Illanoo, and < J?rcla : 4 colonels; -J ccmmanders of brigades
and squadrons, and other officers In proportion ?
Among the twenty-two pieces of artillery taken, were (
the twr, belonging to Washington's battery, taken at ,
Huenti V!.-ta They were retaken by the 4th artillery, ,
the regiment to which they originally be'onge.l We
buried 6f>0 of their dead found on the field Our loss (
did not exceed 60 Alter allowing the troops a little (
time for refreshment, they were put in intrch down the (
San Yngel road, to take in reverse the position* of San
Antonio aud :hurubusro. The enemy, finding himself
turned, immediately commenced to evacuate his lines at
San Antonio; but we moved upon him so rapidly that he
had to abaudon bis guns. (Jen. Worth's division, that
had masked him In front, followed so close upon his
heels as to drive his rear into the defences of Churubu.Hco.
J n the meantime General Twiggs had taken his
position in the front on the battery surrounding the '
convent, while Gen Worth seized upon that defending
the bridge, and blocking the main road to Mexico. The
battle opened fiercely ou thit side <?en?. Shields and
rieroe * origaues were sent to ailacx lu rear. aui?uciuK
towards the city of Mexico until they bail paused
the stream in rear of Churubnsco, they crossed a corn
field on their right, and made for the causeway leading
from Churubusuo to the capital. Thin oauseway wan defended
by ii largo body of infantry and oavairy, the latter
extending apparently to the g*tes of Mexico. The number
of Infantry was Maid to be ft.OOO, and of cavalry 4.000.
(Jen Snlelds forming his line obliquely to that of the
enemy, renting elthor flank upon Home building* on his
right and lcttp and galulng aa much to their right flank
an possible, brought hie men promptly into action. Gene- i
ral fierce, following quickly up. took position to his left,
aud the howlt/.er battery opened on his right. The .Mexicans
made a stout rtHiHiauoe, and the reserve under
iM^jorSumner,eumposedoftherifl? regtmont and ai'iuadron
of dragoons, was brought to their aupport. By the
time they broke into the cornfield, the enetuy began to
give way. Worth and Twiggs bad foraed their front, and
they ware being driven upon the capital. A? soon aa the
way was clear for the dragoons, they awept over the
causeway, oharging up to the very gates. Many a fine
addle was emptied by the discharge from tlielr laat battery.
Captain Kearny, whose troop was leading, lost hia
lull arm, and the rwat of Iim oOlaer* were wounded. Uur
men bad done their work well and f?iihf ully. Their exhaustion
r.-i[ulr?d re*t. Thn recall wan aoundud and we
returned to the rare of tb? killed and woanded. Of
th?*? wo have a goodly number. I fear tl)?>y will reach
nearly 100,). Mi.ny g illunt ?.Ulcer* lire at r?*t. < olonel
Butler, of the South < arolina regiment, bringing hi*
reglmftnt into action, had hi* bora* ahot under him;
continuing the charge on foot, he waa wounded iu the
eg. and Anally ahot through the head. Of the regular*,
i;apt. Thornton, of the dragouna; Capt. Burke, l*t *rLillurj;
IIan*on, Lieut Iron*, Kaaly, IIoilman,and Johniton
Abeut f'trty are wou.ided more or le*a aeverely.
All the engineer* are aafe. We eannot be aufficiently
thankful, nor repay the liiturertor prayer* of our friend*
In our behalf. The gr-jetlug of 'ieneral Scott by the
troop* after thn action, on *eeing the auooe** of all hia
plan*, wa* loud and voclferoua. It uuit have ahaken
the " 11*11* of the Montezuma* " Their cnthualaara
neemed to cheer the Mexican offloera in tbair captivity,
The amy ha* Implicit confidence In him, and apprehend
nothing where he command*, lie aeea everything, and
calcultte* the coat of every meaaure; and they know
Hud feel that their live* and labor will not be u*elea<*ly
uxponded. During the duy we took U700 prlaoner*,
eiirbt general*. thirty-*?ven piece* of artillery, and ammunition
enough for a whole campaign. Their dofunor* i
ivere completely turned, and their plana upaet. We |
jould have enterod Moiloo that evening or the next i
morning, at our pleaaure, ao complete waa tbe disorganilation
of tbelr army ot 34.000 men. We learn that I
i7,0oo men were oppoaed to u* *t all polnta on tbe 110th, t
ind they acknowledge In killed and wounded 6000.
[)u the 'Jilt, aa the army waa In motion toward* the city, i
General Scott wa* met by a proportion for a ceaaatlon c
>f hoatllltie*. for the purpoae of taking care of the killed t
tnd wounded. Tbi* be refu*ed, but In the evening a
igreed to an armlatlce, to enable oommlaalonera to meet t
Hr. Trl*t, and to treat for puice. Tbi* arnil*tle* ba*
>een officially ratified. It la difficult to foresee the re- li
lull; though I can very wall aee that It la for Santa An- it
la'a advantage to make peace Ho far 1 can truat him
The Lieutenant Johnaon killed, waa the nephew of o
.leut Col. Johnaton, of tbe veltigeura I waa Handing a
>y him when hi* leg wa* carried off above the knee by a o
sannon ball Ha waa a gallant little fellow, and aa mer- n
ff over hi* work aU the morning at a boy ?t pl?7 U?
3, 1847.
t\ a m
\\ ' el
\ j, Ia?vwc or tk uacufft
a I to* ,|J
\\ IfwrsMm l' *MiLf 3 "
CM*.!""" ?
WM 4
N 1 7
A ,TT / } ?
Irriftil? *win iBui ?*
- \ &
!t#I/ - \ ??
/I'; i i ! i _
' r cTcMII.TmD? p"
//;' &CLSN\lTH5J!L'iWJw V T1,
/ / XARSHtS |,'r
/ / of
j |
"SAN AM.0N10in'
,' foi
i* be
V hi
V in
rf carrcra :J ct
| U
I Ol
U4T1M V "
f^lsEtBLS J
X iu
X, ;
fell bjr the slda of the gun he had been effectively nerving,
and died that night, 19th instant. Th<* Colonel did "
not hear of bin death until nest morning, He was stand- a
ing in Valencia'* uaptured entrenchments, flushed with *
the recent victory; hli frame shrunk and shivered with K1
gony. and I wept to witness hie grief. It in the living "
For whom we should mourn, and not the dead. The en- ?
glneers did good service on l>oth days; nor was the ongi- P
neer oompany behind in any undertaking. n
naval intklmoenck. a
The United Htates iloop of war Jamestown wax cx- .
p?oted to sail from Norfolk on Monday. {
City Intclllgcncc. 1
Thv: Wkathkr.?Yesterday was remarkably line, and j
a regular fall day. The thermometer rose no higher 1
than Tl degrees at two o'clook, P. M. !
Farmers' Cluu ?The periodical meeting of the Far- '
mers' Club, assembled on Tuesday, but with a limited '
number of Its members. Colonel bauilors, of Kentucky,
was unanimously elected to the chair, when the pro- r
oeedio.^* commenced by the Secretary reading several a
extracts upon the rise and progress of the potato, whloh c
oocupied half an hour. At tne conclusion, Alderman *
Hall remonstrated upon the very absolute theories of tl
the French professor, from whose works the history of t<
the plant was translated, and proved that the potato was cl
introduced into this country by Columbus In 14!li. a It
oentury in advance of the boasted knowledge of the in
French historian. Alderman Hall traoed the discovery a<
of the potato to the period when Columbus visited Cuba, h
und in a friendly interview with the ehief, at his resi- si
dence, rolled leaves wero lightsd and presented to him, h
which were described as tabacco. Cotton and Indian K<
corn also formed part of the offering*; and, also, the tl
potato On his arrival at Lisbon, he presented these ar- P
tides to the King and t^ueen From that,~they were
transplanted to Italy,and subsequently to tills country. f<
In this conviction, Alderuuin Hull was fortified by the ?
fact that Mr Washington Irving, on a visit to the de- d
scendauts of Perlio, the second in command to Coluin- f'
bus, was uonvinoed of the above facts ; which ware, also, d
personally made known, some years ago, by the same f
family, to Alderman Hall, in his taur through
Spain A letter was read from Mercer Brothers, of i
Philadelphia on hemp, and the method used ia Russia of
sowing and manufacturing the article. The chairman I
thought th? dnnnmcnt. n?i>fiil to mttrrhnntji rr HiiTitlnn. 1
ing tba properties of hemp,but unprofitable to growers. as /
the Russian hemp if cured by heat. An article whh
read, approving some parti of 8and*rson'a invention for
cleaaing nnd breaking hemp. The chairman stated
that the Naval Bureau had formed coutract for
supplying the service with Mil cloth, manufactured
from flax, to which a condition wax attached, that the
contractor wan bound to import it from Handera. Thin
produced a diffusion upon tho comparative merits of
flax end hemp, the adoption of t"-e former being considered
generelly as opposed to the prevailing opinion of the
durability of the latter, and its habituii employment in
nautical requisites Dr. Held exhibited some specimen*
if thc brown corn, the perfection of which consisted in
the size and quantity of the produce, the small stature of
the stalk, and of its facility of being grown in orohards. i
This corn was the produce of New Hampshire, and had
twa large ear* on it stalk. The greatest yield of this
Rpeciineu. pu Mr. brown's farm was measured at 1.1a
helled bushels. Dr. Kleld considers, after reasonable
deduotion, that bis would produce 91 bushels to the
acre Dr. Underbill was of opinion that this oorn, la the
early < ana<la,froiu which Dr. Held differed. The regular |
question of the occasion," Is It the natural tendency of
manure to ascend or desoend," was adjourned until the
meeting of the national convention, aud after a few
other matters of little moment of record the Club aUjourned.
Th?: Fink Am*.?Mr. J. Lewis, the author of I
the Aboriginal Portfolio, is making arrangements
to exhibit to our citisens a gallery of Indian
Paintings, representing J,tbe tribe* and chiefs of e
various nation*, taken from nature, in their original ?
costumes. The sketches from wbioh theae paint- [,
Mr. L. while lu the employ of the general government, ?
in attending various Indian treatiea, for that purpose r
Mr. I. in, we understand, the pioneer who flrat traversed [,
the far woat for that special object.
Tiir CHli?ic?r Ju*k?There li certainly something '
that tho public do not understand respecting the stay J
of thin curloua vessel in our harbor. A fortnight since
[>r more, she waa advertised to leave; but we aee her still t
at the old place at Castle Oar den. and now wo hear the 1
captain has announced hia Intention of keeping her here
a few daya loDger. We anppoae he floda it a profitable <
speculation, and wanta every one vtaltlng the city, aa |
wall aa all of our own citlieua, to aee her befora ho takes i
her away; or, tn other word#, to catoh a half dollar 1
from every one. <
Arrival or Emkhurt Paisekocm.?The number of i
emigrant passengers arrived at this port during Tuea- i
dar laat. amounted to UM. 1
Kirk at Bloominodale.?A flro occurred on Tuesday 1
afternoon laat, about 2 o'clock, In the dwelling house
owned aud occupied hv Mr. Illchardaon, situated near c
the Bloomingdale road, between 911th and 100th street*, t
The building waa conaamed. but a larpe proportion of ti
the furniture waa aaved by the exertiona of the IVth u
ward Dolice Tll? fimilii h.,1 .hunt frnm tha rilv I
we UDilprMand, Home day* prerloua, and were at the time a
of the conflagration. '<
Accidkut -Mm Cols, the popular equeatrian per- d
former, owing to the audden stopping of the horae N
which she wan riding In the ring at the Bowery clrcua, M
about 9 o'clock ou Tuesday night. *m thrown with ti
greBt violence to tlm ground, hy wbioh .occurrence, la
ahe had one of her leg* broken. Hne wa? Immediately pi
removed to her apartment* No 33 Bowery, and medical i'
aid procured.
Ikdiitkd.?The grand jury, yefterdar, found a true
bill of Indictment for bigamy age I nut Martin Hare on Jl
the ground of harlog marriid hlm'elf to Mia* Kox,
with whom ho elopnd from thin city now month* ago. J,''
I (mini of Kilucallon. Hl
8r?rui. MurTioo, Hept a3- The minute* of the pre- w;
t<i ?llng meeting were read anJ approved.
It'iinriM.?Ot Finance < ommlttee, in relation to an
application of tbe trwteci of the nth ward, for an ap- u
proprlatlon a*k?d of J.3,707. to meet the expenses of one ^
of the ward nchoola, and recommending that aame be u
granted, and that en application be made to tbe (Jom- 10
mna Council to appropriate the aame Accepted m
ThoKeportof the Kxueutlve Committee, In relation A
Lo the purchase of a site for a free academy, waa next "
.aken up. af
Mr DoiwonTH, Commissioner of tbe 10th ward, offered 00
l resolution for adoption, authorising the Committee to 81
au?? a building to be oreoted on the alto purobased for )u
he erection of a free academy, according to the plana '
n l apeclficatloni furnlabrd to the Board, and to adver- cc
Ihb for contracts for the erection of aame. bi
The resolutions. after a abort debate, were put, and U3 *
>aving voted In the affirmative, and 4 in the negative, I"
. wan adopted. aa
Mr. Ctsatoart offered a resolution repeating the Board u
f Hupervlsors, to raits by taxation- pursuant to the ^
ct authorising auch Board to ereet an aoademy?a sunt J
t $.V> (HM) for the erection and fitting up of said acade- l>
ly. Adopted ?
After some other business, the board adjguraed. t
Mm Two Cum.
Police Intelligence
Chare ff Qr*n,t Lirr?,w _omw Langdoo ofth*
h ward, arrested last ni<ht two men, oalled Jonh
KjPMtd and Wm Delay, on , char*, Trobbt^
an by the uem? of Jobn Morlarty. of a gold watoh tad
lain, Talued at $100, tojetber with two eoTerwtgtu and
I In change It appear* that Morlarty wa? drunk la
street, and the aoouied, under th? pretence of aaitlag
him to go hom>. "touoh?d'' him of hU watoh
id money. Jostles Drinker locked them both up for
St ruling Clothing.? Captain ScatlifT of the Uth ward
lloe, arretted yesterday a woman called Brid^t Mulon,
on a oharge of stealing several pleou* of ribbons,
jotbor with some articles of female apparel, valued
all at $J0, the propertf of William W Burnham. No.
Broadway. Justloe Tirapson locked her up for trlsd.
Haul of fnrranft ? Vfn Yfaniie anil nthan
ited on Tuesday night, 39 women of the lowest grade
prostitution from th? Five Point*. all of whom ware
at up by J ustice Drinker for the term of 3 and 6 month*,
Black well'* Nlaod, la arder to recruit their strength
r thn new year.
thaTft Ditmintd ? Two oolored raon wara arreatad tha
her day,by the nam** of Francif Champion and Henry
hnson, on a charge of having taken variou* artlolaa
>mthe Ajbury oburoh in 3<1 str?et. feloniously Tha
*? was examined before Justice Tlmpson. who dl*mla*the
oaia, thara baing no evidence to raataln tha
Ing'tiHily of CtumW.-Tbn day before ya?tarday,
ro men were arrected in the I it ward, by tha namee ot
trick Farrel and Thorns Carroll, on a charge of hing
robbed Wm O'Nail of t6() The wife of ona of
e prisoner* feeling exceedingly anxious to obtain tha
>eration of bur hu>band. employed ona of tha Tomba'
actltioner* to aid her, which he did by receiving a fa#
7, and then advised her to pay the complainant,
Neil, $3.1, and take hi* receipt, whtoh ihe did In fall
all claims, and then an application was male before
Jtice Drinker for the discharge of the prlaoaer. Tha
:ts, however, ooming to the magistrate'* knowledge,
lead of obtaining a discharge, O'Nail was datalnad
r compromising u felony, and was made to refund
e money thus received; and no doubt proceeding* will
brought aguinst the Warned counsel to- day.
7 krrattning to Cowhidr ? Offloer Lawrence, of tha
I district Dolice, arrested a blood about town, called J.
idwallader Kvans, on a charge of threatening to oowde
Mr. John liurdell, dentist. No. 1 Union Plaoe, wlthan
inch of his life, and that, too, before sundown; and
r. Ii. fearing that he might oarry his threat into exertion,
made the complaint, land Justice Drinker held
ie accused to ball in the sum of $500, In default of
hioh he was committed to prison.
CKargt< of Libel.?Home 1H month* ago Mveral marlants
of thla city appointed an agent bv tha nana of
imuel I'. Church, to visit tha State of MUslsaippl, in
derto ascertain the standing and responsibility of difrent
merchants residing there, and forward on clrour*
to that itlMCt. and amongst the doubtful housea
assed in one of theso circulars, was the tlrm of Taylor,
ale St Murdoch,of Columbus. This circular having
tenpnssed around and shown to many uerohants In
lis city, tending at that time to affect their
iputation and standing in business materially.
trtlcularly as the private character of Mr. Taylor via
walled : the Arm of Taylor, Hale it Murdook waa anient
at that time, and in still good. The parties, howrer,
now fuol determined to proneoute all concerned for
bel, consequently an investigation Is going on fer that
urpose, and In a few days a little more light will b*
Ucwn in the ahape of arrests.
Taken from a Thief.?A <iuarter ouk of win*, marked
I (>., won taken from u thief by constable Joaept, tor
rhich an owner la wanted. Apply to the abort ofBowr,
pposit* the Tombs, centre street.
Law Intelligence.
Sltkrioii Court, September Ui ?before Judga Oakiy.?
Lnrin Biooki vs. Jahn 8 Conger.?This waa aa
ction of debt on a bond. In the year 1837, the defendnt
owned some property which he had previously martaged
to a inau named Kane, for $<1000, ne subsequently
jld the property to Conger for "jciOOO, he, Conger, nnertaking
to pay the mortgage; the $^000 waa paid to
UintiU, and Longer executed the bond in suit to Indemify
the plaintiff agalust any loss or deficiency In the
roperty in case the mortguge was foreclosed, and the
roceeds were uot sufficient to pay,the full amount of the
irinclpal uud Interest A decree of foreclosure wla obained,
under which the premises were sold, and Mr.
JrookB became the purchaser, at a sum of (3000, which
eft a balance duo to Kane on foot of the mortgage, of
\> 1 J!> *> CO. for which balance the plaintiff was personally
table, and for which he gave KaaA mortgage on the
iroperty, and he brought the present action to recover
hat balauco, and to indemnify himself f<ir hu liability to
(. The defence set up was an ingenious one, although It
lid not avail. The defendant's couuselinslsted that Brooke
eoeived from the defendant the sum of f'J.000 on the
ale to him in 1837; that he afterwards became the purhaser
under the foreclosure decree, and lu about three
'eeks afterward.') sold the property to the < ierinan Metiodist
Kpiscopal Church for (4.HU0, both sums making
>getber, more than the origiual purchase money, lauding
Kane's mortgage; that, therefore, Instead of beig
a loser, be was a gainer by the transaction. He also
iristed that the plaiutltf could not reoover in this
3tiou. Inasmuch as Ksne took no proceedings a gal net
im to recover the balance, and to maintain thia
lit, it would be necettsary for hiui to ahow that Kaaa
*d obtained a judgment ugainst him L'pon tbla last
round he asked a nou suit. The judge denied the moon,
and told the jury that the (question was a very aimle
one ; that this cause originated In oue of the specuitions
of 1837; that it turned out to be a very bad one
>r the defendant, there was no doubt, but Mr. Brookes
ras a loser by the sale in the foreclosure cause, and tha
efeudant was bound to make good the lne*. The jury
mad furthn plantilla (without leaving their n?ata) mr[lot
for $17ti l II. Kor plaintiff, Mar*h and Hturtevant;
or defendant, Mr (iarnett.
Thtophilui Mrluiltr v. David C. Muurehrad.?This
ran an action for libel The plaintiff and defendant wera
ingaged iii the manufacture of Oalvanie Hinge Tbey
>otli commenced advertising in the uewapapera. out of
>blch the preeent suit nrf*. The jury found a verdlot
'or the defendant, without leaving the box. Tha own
im ol no lutoreit except to tb* parties coneernad
Coiht of Oriu ar?i> TrRMiRKR, Sept. 2:2 ?Beforr
fudge Edward*. Aldermen Kelly and Deh'orravt?The
lourt op tued this morning, and immediately after adourned,
there being no buaiuean ready.
Tin. CmcuiT Coiht remained iu (cation, and difio#ed
of four inqueaU, and ouu a mall cane.
Coumox Pli.ii?Before Judge llahoeffer?Ther?
rere three tuuall caaea ot no Interuat tried In thla Oourt.
Coi *t or (lixtmi. 8h?iom, Hept. W. ? Before Reorder
.Scott, and Aldermen Hpofford and Dod ?John
IcKeoo, Kni| , Diatrlct Attorney?Tual Jor UranJ Lat
rny ?At the npeuiug of the Court, thla morning, David
anlett. alia* Kelao, wax placed at the J>ar for trial, on
n indictment for grand larceny. In baring on tha itd
av of Jill*, with (<cori?H Howard anil John Allan atnlan
om John Brook, loo bunk bill* of the value of $6aaoh;
I) bank l>i 11.4 of Ilia Titian uf f.100; 100 hank bill* of the
alue of f 2(10; .VI bunk bill* of Ihn value of f 100, A pieoe*
f i(ol.l coin of tho value of $hj Ml; one watch worth
Ml; '2 limine worth $17; Mm rings worth $AI Ml, 0O
reaet pina worth $'>0; 'i t rluds worth >i; Id ear ringa
rortli *l 'i; pencil cases worth (7; I I pair spactaolaa
rorth $3; ?J0 wpooua worth $JA; anil one pair of tw??Mra
'orth (1, making in all property of the value of
1.199 80.
Jon* Ur.ocK, sworn ? I tin a j?w?lliT, In summer I
ravel, and in winter I keep a utore in Georgia. I wai la
lufTalo In the month of July last -I than ha<! $1010 In
iL*h, chiefly on banks in Troy and Albany. 1 had a gold
latent lever watch besides ti piece* of gold coin, (doub)on.H.)
an J a <iuantity of jewelry and silver spoon*. My
iOX was stolen at the H aruien' hotel In buffalo?U?e box
iow shown la tbn lame that was stolen from me. My
oom was not looked, in oonMe^uenoe of there being no
[>ok on the door.
Lot i? At drum sworn ?I am a jeweller; my store la at
<n. tin Chatham street; I sold the chain now shown to
ilr. llrock, in April laat.
ll.trtiikL Klia? sworn ?1 reside in Georgia; I keep a
Iry goods store; the tweeter* now shown were given to
Hr Brock hyine; I gave themto him last spring
IIobk.rt W Howvkr sworn.?I am a policeman; ajulat?d
in making the arrest of Bartletton the Ut day of Au(uat,
in < hatham street, near I'aarl street Ba/tlett denied
h i viug any baggage; I then went Ut the .Vlechattlo*'
hotel in < edar street, wberit were found tbraa trunk*,
one of which, claimed by Bsrtlett, contained the box now
ibown with the jewelry?he said he had won the boa
in J jewelry ut a came of bluff \ few days after, Mr.
Brock called at the < hlef V office an l described a ^nastily
of the jewelry before It was shown to him
The case was then submitted to tha jury under charga
if tin* court, who found a verdict of guilty; whereupon
he court sentenced tha prUoner to flva yean' imprieon eut
in thu state prison. Tha oourt then adjournad
ntll to-morrow morning
<Joi ?T or Ari'KtLi, Mept. Jlst.?WU*on,def. In error,
d*. Martin, plff In error. Mr. J. II. Maghar, for daft,
i error, moved exparta for an order that plff join In
1'inurrer in thla cause in eight daya. lie. Granted,
lo 38. Straohan at al reap'ta, ada. Ilenahaw, app't.
II. caKaiw, III! rl'Hpui.'.linm*, mOT?a 10 IliumIM
le appeal in this r?u?? Mr J. M Martin, for appalnt,
opposed. Held uuder adviwment. No J4. Dank*,
IT in error, v? lluaokeubush, deft, in error. Mr. A.
al>er continued the opening argument for pl(. In error.
CoutT Cii riium,?Circuit C?wf?Thlf day, before
Jilge K.d wards?Nod 46, 47, 49, 40. M), A?J, 64, A6, 66, M,
l, 01, fW, B.I 61. Comiion I'lrai ll?*fore Judge L Ishoefr.?No*.
31,49, li, (-0, 61. (>!, 65, 56, 67, AH. 49, ?0, 01.
I, 03. Superior Court ? Ilrfi rn Judges Oakley and
indford, (two branches.)?Noe 68,14, 97,101, 147, 76,
?, ?? '?, US, 163, 164 to 100 inclusive.
Co.nviotion a .id Sf.mtenck of Kklly.?CttskiM,
rptpinber Itfih, 1847 ?Tlx* Circuit Court, Judge
Milan), presiding, baa just cloaad ita Meptambar Urn,
r thin eounty. John Kelly was Indicted for tha
urdnr of Mrs Lewla to I'rattsvlUa, on tha 'Jad of
ui;u*t last, and put upon his trial yesterday morning,
terinlnati'd to-day about half-past twelve Tha Jury,
Ur a deliberation of about an hour, returned Into
>urt with a verdict of guilty During tha trial, and
'en alter tbn vesdlot waa ruudared Kelly seamed totally
different as to his fat*, aud reokless of all consequenoas.
he District Attorney, aaslatad by M Hanford Ksq ,
inducted tbe suit for the people, and W. A Steenirgh.
of rrattsvllle, for tf|e prisoner. The evidence
as purely clrruinstantlal, but very strong, and Ste?nurgh
man aged t he case for tbe prisoner as wall perhaps
i aoy other could have doue It. Mr. Hanford summed
ft tha oaufe for tha people, and I think I never heard
ui do better It was a rare piece of forensic eloquence,
udge WtUard's charge waa as Impartial as It well oould
a; ha ?u about fifty minutes In its delivery Kelly
'as seutonoed to be hung on Thursday, tha 'J<*th ?
>0tebtr Cvlumhta Jlrjiutlicn.

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