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fc_? (tumDlnc It than for th? defeat of Kennedy.
wTa^k the rd&f th. Um.n tf this be so. and If It be
j.|tM br authority; or li Mr. Brown??o ! ' of tbnt
lThVoVm^Z ocouiit T Wo uk for th# pubtj?iiM<l
that tht fiiit of tb# Prwld^nt to
YUine lest summer, and hi* speeches at Augusta and
Oardin?r. sered the State. The effect was clear In lk?or
of the "little man from Tennessee " The public saw for
thein*elT.ss aud hoard, that there was genuine gooi stuff
la biui. and that ha wae not the oyphnr he bad bean
repretented That|waa all well enough ; but If Mr. W.
J Oro <ru is stumping it in Maryland by authority, be
ought 10 be oallod back to the marble buildlog by authority,
or he may do some damage to the cause He Is a
60 >d stumper, but he doe* not belong to Maryland He
elong* to the General E'oit Oflloe, and while he hold)
ufllce there the people ?*pe?t him to be on hand, or il
nw?y. absent from some good and sufficient reason W.
P S ?Cabinet council to day. No new*?no dee
patches They who ought to know are satisfied that negotiation*
are goiug on smoothly, and that the delay ol
a report may be frem iha^Cact (If It baataotj that Gen
Soo't 1* awaiting to report the treat*. Mr TrUt, It U
i?aiJ, ride* in a State carriage, whieh is good policy; foi
the outaide show of personal dignity goes a great way
with the Mexicans. At best they are but a Weak-headed
The Klonr market*
Dsikoit, Sept. Ji.?The market was rery dull Tastarday.
But few Kales. Hour trom wagons was bought
mostly at $4 37>4. The saoe.was offered for ?ereral lots
in store and refused There is but little anxiety manifested
among dealers either to buy or to sell.
Cincinnati, Sept. -.'1 ?The pules to-day were small,
with no change in prices?60 bbls. from canal choio*
brand at $4 lO ; HO do. a: $4 IS : 47 do at 94 On; 1UO do.
from atom. old. ?4 11; j68 bbU. City Mill* at 94 10. The
receipts ?re Hill xmill. A tj.lt) of 26 bbls llye flour from
utore, at >3.
Foreign Marketi.
Havana. Sept 1".? Sugnrs hare continued to on Joy a
Rood demand, particularly fsr the United States and
Spain, aud a* the stock i? muoh reduced, and arrivals
from the interior very limited, prices have become Increasingly
stiff, and we have to rains our quotation*. An
the quantity of sugar still remaining for export Is small,
the ftirtuer course of priees here may be oonsldered independent
of th? news from Kurqpe, an nearly the whole
will b- required f >r the two countries above nam?d We
qnote assorted kinds .>V a 7>J 10J< rl?: whites 8>i a
1(?X rls; yellows, 7a8Si, browns, 6% a rls; cueuruchos,
6>? a 6 rls It is difficult to procure good nagtr, an
the greater part of the stoolt is of indifferent quality.?
The weather contiuu is to he rather showery, b it without
heavy ralu*. The quantity of moU*m*? remaining
is also insignificant, and the article sells at '2% to 3 rls.
Import! ?1 hrre ar? three cargoes j-rked beef from
South America still on hand A cargo of flslifrom Halifax
brought #4 60 for fiOO quintals haddock, and for
700 quintals ood; the latter, which appeared soft on a
partial inspection baa been found worse than was supposed,
and part of it Is r?J -oted The pr'^es of lard are
tally sustained, ihe stock Is 5,300 kegs l'wo moie oargoes
of rice came in. making three en buitl, which are
held, as dealers manifest iodlllerence, being under the
Impression that we fliill soon hsve some arrivals of the
new crop. A cargo of lumber from Portland has been
oil at 943; no P pine lias come in forsome time. The
<-*rgo of box shook from Boston is sold at 7 rials on 31
days, with an allowance ?f X rial for such as have the
sides in two pieoes. A good inquiry oontinuss for hhd.
shooks, smpty casks, hoops, and randies, while oil It neg
lee ted A small cargo of Spanish tlour was sold at $14
oO for 200 lbs. but in American there have heeu no
transactions, of which there is only a small quantity in
FrrigMi ?There have been no transactions for Europe
since our last report, when mentioned the charter of a
privileged vessel at ?.1 ta Falmouth and a mariet, and
of au American vessel t? I'rioste at ?l 10. Kur suxar
to trie Uintei States, 9 and 10 rials hive been paid. For
inolass*-* there is scarcely any inquiry.
Exi Au?tr? on London 1J per cent premium; New York
and Boston. 2% tiud 3 per ceut premium
KursUn lumuruduua.
H*v**?Ship Robert I'trkrr?91 bbl? zinc McCall Si Strong
?? |kg* md?r ri*'ideu h c<>? 11 C Ah eufeldt?2 ? Boiceju
ta Ituir.h ? I ?yx, Irini.aKv kc co ?17 Ue^i |>aiu'i I cair uii! e,
Cum ai> g. Du ce V co ? 14 <1 > > W Ki-io Si ?100 bk wi??
L Ruuth Hi Sou?M do A (frufer?J 4.4 indie !i H i't & Co?
1 H Uwrr ci?I dchuchardt k Ufbini-1> .Hunoufrld, B41C1
* eo?J Gilbert F ere??I Kami, Uodfir ?12 C Vilaii<- it colli
*' Hobrorquii.?4 K Co'tevrl tk Co? i Duckinghun Ik co?60
K Uiil er?10 C H Schneider?J bale* H Vieue ?3 C' lei 11 Si
Fleming?2 K D Strange, Brother?2 L b Biun.e X co?( I Duprir
Ic co?i Vlnran Ik iae'lw?2 Steel, A 'deia >n k ataufield?I
sate waicnea t, Jeaujavuet?1 pkg W Kend <11 ?30 o.i ind*e
Sell rage, Koop& co?2 Umber <1 D>mbm?nu?1 VVinierl.uff,
F. peril Kark?I C Uurgeu?I dpie* (-hru U co?61 Hnrguui
Brother*?I Hauland Keeie h co?106 bundle! willow 14 caaea
ladw to ><rder
Haunt?Schr Queen?125 libt* fuh H >we?, Godfrey fk Co
? >14 htida molaite* MaitUnl, I'help* Ik Co
VlAKlllAlfc. HER.VL1I.
N.'S Bi?/' i S3 4itoll ?KTI 8 011
t rv l*TI ...... i 48 | lien warns 10 28
Dark OcilW, (-iew) Surk, My?tic, 21 hour*, in ballaat, t > K
D Hurlbut x Co
Br brig dwr, Daroe?, Cumberland, II dayi, with grind*tooe*.
to J J L.?b .gh
Brig St Falrick, l^ale, New Bedford. 2 dayi
Bracbr vVm IV Wver, Curacoa, 6th nut. la the Mooner
r,m^e, ipoLe lurk Due d'Orleani. from Bonaire lor N York
Itch mat. Ill 30 31. Ion 74 10, ?|>oke brig llowena, fro Porto Cnbel
o for Philadelphia.
Schr Queej, Howes, Halifax, 11 days, to Maitland, Their*
ti IVl
Br aclir Nonpareil, Gil more, Halifax, 10 days, full, to J W
Kellr. I passengers.
Schr Detroit, Uacon. Boston, 4 days, bound to Albiny. On
lit# 25 )i iu*t, off Sandwich Point, carricd away head of foremot
aud iniin t ipmant, mid severely iujuring one of the crew.
8elir0.iiy Daughter, M-Duffell, Lubcc, 4 days, plaster, to
Brett It Vote.
Hchr Harvest, Presby, Mjst.c, 2 dayi, bound to Pliiladel|4ui
Schr Genoa, Grant, Mvatic, 2 days, bouud to Philadelphia,
8c i? A K Thorn, Sjjillurd, Wilto ngtou, 7 days, with naval
I to ret.
nrh- lone, Harti'-k, Newberu, NC',7 d its, naval stores, to 8
L M<tch II
Heil Hover. Bacon. Boston. 4 dayi, bound to Albany.
8chr Klin \ Kelsey Kelsey. Hartford
8chr Staieiman, Iig sham. ( amden, 10 diy?.
Schr Marcia, Howel , Newberu. 7 day, naval stores,
}*ch Civilian, Baker. B>stou, 5 days, in ballast.
Schr Ama'idu Ophelia, Podger, Riehmrud, 4 days.
Kehr Bride, Prose, Thomaston, 4 dnys. lime.
St'ir Fortune. Klme. Thimaiton, 4 days, lime.
t<chr A n U-aintn, Madden, Thomuiton. 4 davs,lime.
bclir Patriot, Crocker, i'l.oinnimi, 4 days, lime.
l*chr Drl iw.tre. llnbbr >"k, Thomastop, 4 days, lime.
Hchr Anrillii. Grower, Thomaston 4 days, lime.
Nch?< arvo, Crocker, Thouimiton, lime.
Schr P-rne, Bern , .Vlachiaa, I days, lumber.
Schr Km'iawa, F'erry, fJinjror. 9 days.
Hchr Elisabeth, Otis, But'ou.4 days, bouud to Albany.
Schr 4bb(* P ( nine. Chase, Boston, 4 day*.
Schr Cocks, H pra, Norwich. 4 days, in hallasi.
Schr Ma'ihi Mari i, Clarence, Saieio, 4 days.
Schr Alphiou, Cheney, Mew >uryp.>rt, in ballast.
Schr Koweua, Young Provinc?town, 4 days.
Schr Cor .1. Conmba, Tnomaatrm. 4 days, lime.
Xchr Velocity, Pearce. CHerri field. 6 days.
Schr Osceola. Eldrirfge, Bo-ton. 4 da's.
Schr ulsr, Hmalley, Boston, 4 days, mdae.
17 0 store ship 8upply, Kempt. 20 days from Pensacola, wa<
lowed up to Qnaramiue by steamboat Samson, where she !sya
at anchor.
Ship Loui'villr Hant, fm New Orleans, with mdae, to E
K roilin*?at anchor at S VV Spit.
B ira Henrietta. Jones, from Havana, 6th init, Willi mdie, to
Nesinith It VV lah?at S VV 8 >it.
3 ships; 3birki; 2 brigs?wind NNK.
From 8 VV Spit, ahip Hartford, lor Savannah. From Clnarsnriue,
ship Herculm.
Herald nuins Uurn?|iiiniienot.
Phit.apflpmia, Sept art?l P M.
Arrived?Brigs Henrietta Thurston, Areribo. PR; Piauet,
J iaea, f-asipott. Pen>vian. Cousins. Newburyport; Marcus,
Lruhtoii.i altis, Kl irinn, Mriukwnter. Boston
tttlow?Brig Phwnu Horner. M tauins.
Mlftri-lliuironn ltecord.
Tsckct Shit 1'oko> ro, Wnruer, lor Luiidon, and Louis
PniLirrK., CastofT, f r II vre, having been detained on account
of hand wind., will s -ilihiaday. Letter baga at Gilpin's, m
the Eichaiue; and at Kenyon's, Wall street.
DlOWlID?Canlaill Tierce nf hriir Cnlmnhii nCfl.lf...,
from Plnladelphia tor B??ton. with a cargo of coal, when off
Newcut't. foinjc do*o cfore the wind, w?? kuockrd o*erboard
hv the aaft, mid drowned. Hi* wife aad two children
were on board
Htfir ViCTOBU, of Waterfird, 1. 42 daya from Savannah foi
Chnthim.lt, at into Yarmontn P?S 15th nut, anp|Mitrd On
anppliea; had had norhing but easterly wiiidn aiure leaving Rj
Lal'fcHCD at Bath, a fine thin of about 550 torn, eallcd thi
Aril (tun. Hm i* owned bv Win M Hogera k Hod, of llath
llolmaa Tamper, Jehu (iaidner, and Captain Ryan, of Hal
Ship Macedonia, Jack, Boaton fur Pic ton, Sept M, in Oat o
Br hriT Noopireil, of and fin Halifai for N York, Sept Hi
off Bl iek I?laud; loat foremnat lour dara previous.
B'itf Kox, 29 da fin Bath fur Ma<tioi<iue, rept9. lat 37 III N
Ion 37 13 W.
Brig Josephine, of N York,7 da fm Brutal, HI. for St Kitti
8*pt l? l?t V N. ion M 3*.
Sopt ii Ut 2# 17. lun 1# j?, |i saodbrig ??, iIiowiuk a blui
aai white aigual, painted porta, itiudii.g 9.
foreign Knrta.
8ti.ui Hm, Hept 7?Bngj Nancy Plxiatrd, Church 1.1?
HUHII, mrriii, uu, rv i k ? , i u w <.c, ui>n , Jiuy AlIU, VYdlif
do; eenr Nile Hampton d >.
' Vmacoa. Skpltt?Bark Lycauder, Clapp, for Cieuf-.egoi
oo .
Halifax Sept 15?Air aeh-? Nantilua, \rrhibaM, PluU
16th. Fame, Niekeraon Alei?"dria; 17th, brig Klm-ra, 8.ir
yeut Bait; llth. achr Robert, N Vork.
MiaiMii hi, Sept 8?Arr brig Brilliant, Curry, N York.
maw?awili.a, Am 30?Bu< Atnrrio, Poraery, for N Verb
It da
Poii*t Pctbb, Am 30?B*rk Rio Orande. Dudley, disc
cb' O ?kou, do.
Hid Utinnt, Bras, All 4?Bark Milton, Carter, lor Phila
Id*. b'i(a Hath, Bterene. di?f; Meimaid, I'ptou, for Salem
i?? ?*tv?
Bam Iuai?, obi. Sent B?Brifi Patapeen. Niekeraon, for I
Y, rk.Jd,; < aro'nie. 8'ari. faBoatn, dlif.
Mr johi N U, Sept is?CId sckrs Sophia, Clark, Ball; R<
lief, JohuMon, PhilA.
fln?n? Port*.
Bojtow. 8ept Ji-Arr ?hi|< Caf>, I'lummer. Crlcuita: barl
Lilma. (ii'chfiat, Phila; brifi Ueo MyM, Hood, .Merlin, 13n
t*iteMay3 Anjiei May <; fiub.il, (Bra*) Peava. Rio Jnuei
ru J',tin Batch, Bal.h, itio Onuide, F.lin Bur?e?. Bowen
V.njuui. Me^ford. ?, North Atlantic Ocean; Tonin
Marion; ilaralet, Y<>nr,ic, *ud (Juihooe. Co.'bnrn, Phila; (on
lora, nickermmi, do, trhra Mtr? ReaH. Ilia.la. and Kalcoa
Parrit do, Mcuteray, Waahbnrn, do Te|e*raihed, bnc Pan
Ima. Signal forabrii Cld ahip Avalanche. Whillleaey. ?
< Irleana. V eraailea, Hunt i ,har|ratou . briva JuHkf Whitman
. P?ter?M, Savannah; Waah ncuni,Cortia, Wilmington, to loai
for Porto Hieo; borer, Cr.well, Bait; ichn Perme, Week*
Richmond' Det mark, J rowell, rhila; ( onvert. Bonlt.Bm
Sertiea N V; Homar, Kent, do; Abbott Lawrence, Meeker
o; Amanda Nicke.arn do; Marietti. Berry,"V York Vic
tor. Hal'ett do. Art Nth, barka Jno Benaoo, Weld?n. Mama
mllaj Idv hattftt. Bait, b'if. Harbinger, Brown. Kayal; for
Cilia, Wioehill. Point Petre, Uoad, for Hath. I haa Joaeph
>igh. Picton; Vfetalmk Plnmm-r, Phil -; Burmih. Hi,gnu
doi nnr Oof Arnold. Kldridge, Delaware city.
cmailcitoh, Beptw?Arr bri?t?bee MeCoraick. Nea
York; achr Henrietta, Brown, Bait, la the offin*, a ban an
a brie At Unaranune, a b?ik, mppoted the Clintonia, frn *
Orleana. CM bark Trenton, Contta, Turk'* laland
T)ELAWAmc BaiuawATrn, Sept H?The bark Taet. froi
F uerto Cabelloi bnga Rowena. Item do, aad Charlotte, ftp,
k'UMt, e<ma io ititudar ifta/aoca, aad promdad ai
The bark Alios Heynoldt. brigs Tang.sr. for Boston; Ereliee,
for ^piichri H-jpewell, for D<>rcht?t?'; t?py, for Nutickvt;
J?enb Rayaanud. f'rdo, end Julia (or Boatoo. stood to sea
VtiUxur. I l>a brig Victory is Mill at lb* anchorage,
Thom?,to? W 17?Ait sehrs H.I.** Jan*. N York;
|ist.CUr?nd..u.?U Sid isth, sehrs Mary Farley. Bride. 8m
j and lien Warren, N York; list, Increase, Coral, and
r ortana, do.
I Nkw OauKAiti. 8ej* 1??Art brig P Aonle, Hmiih, Haraua;
i [tta Home, Am?t. flnwa liJaiu; l>re*m. Ilorusler. ?
j lize, lion. Cld at*amship Yacht, Crane, Ualreston; ships Joo
, Currier, Kuspi>, London; Moselle. Soiuerby, Antwerp; Isav
1 Allertou Smith Liverpool: bsrk Cora. Henevwell, t lurl'i*
lo?; brig IVIf^rapli, (Bi) Youi-if, Be.wudi sad s m >rk<(; schs
ill.. 3 Odell.Fien. h brntoi hi Jsgo; Ella, Trulsnt, PeussCuts;
Unr Burnett, Kills, Peumcoli.
Nkw Be i ubd Kepi 21? Arr sclirs Alert, Smith; Emily
B'.urue, Tripp, and Chesspeske, Stewart, Phils; William,
Wiioa, N York.
' NsitTt'carT, Sept II?Arr ?ehr Northern Belle, N Yoik ?
' Hid sehr Charlotte. Soine.s, Phils.
Philadelphia Sept W? A'f .birk Fun, Wi'Uins, Porto
Cabello; brigs Howeus, WiUou, Porto I abello; S-iu Jacinto,
<;?rlnou, Kali Hirer; lutoiaette. Pace, Mystic, Ct; ichra J
r Strattou. Stui/aiia. Alhmy; Louisa Sesra. Hears, Plymouth,
1 ^'s?<; Mrlroae. <ott ell. Uightou. .Vase; J W Swam, Hmitli,
Providence; Jas Hs..d, Wearer, do; 8py, Smith New Yor ;
> Cynoaure, oolles, ds; 1 Caudal 1 .Marihall, Lee, do; October,
' Baxter, do.
Postsmouth. Pfpt 14?Arr briie Orand luik, Merithew,
i PIiiIh; sclir Aieug-r. Siuioi'ton. N York.
PoeriA.iu, Sept 23?Cld b>rk Ellen, (new, 23t tons,) Har
dine, Cub*.
' Tainto*, Hept 17? Arr >chrs Krancei, and Hornet, Pliila;
22d. sloop Mt Hope. N York
VViuuoioio, Sept 22?Sid bark redeuionte, luew) Blaiadell.
N York.
Arrival* of Mrani|?n.
Si KiiA*, Hept. "itf
W Hhcriniu, Watertown; E Wi'l am*, Utiea: Mr Prat',
C Turner, Miss Turner, Mi?s H->bb. J H Msddoc, Virginia; C
Whit-, Princeton; W White, Virginia: M Tisoa, 8 Carolina;
Uev J Pypa. Cautda; H P.yor. Halifax. 8 K'.hh, N Orleans;
M Allen, Kdiiili'i gli; J VtcNabb, Halitat; D fl Marc*. West
P?int: L Coit, New Loudon; C auinner, U 8 Army; ? Foster,
New Haven.
1 S HielJ, N CiroIiu.il C Crum, Portland; p Lutman, Obi"!
Mlas Kimball, OWuer; G Theobolil. do: ( apt Switt, W*iliI
lugton; JmUr Tacher, Vrederic?ou;_C M wiroder,^ Kentueikjr;
(> LflOUis. Northampton; C Nicholas. rnuaueipn.s; *T niu. ..
1 B>s m?; M Smith, Norfolk; E Dickeusju, New York; O VV
M icey, Nantucket; H O Andrews, B ston.
J Verman, Paris: S H Bartjett Cleaveland; O F Wachenfbldu
Lowell; Air und Mrs Hawthorn, I'hi atlel|>lnn; Mrs
Post,do. c fcch nek, Ueueva; U Mellau, Detroit; ilia eicelifiici,
M<10s. P geoi A, mister liom France; J Hill, Anburn;
Vl uliurc nil, New Hareil.
J W Webster, Savannah; S A Metcalf. Boston; L Fale, do;
W IV AOama, Lit'le Hock, Ark: C W 8?>ft, New York; S
E Hasienell, uo; T tV Sn.uh do; Mr B.i'aiu; C 8 Weatlieriey,
do; D ? Twat, do; Capt D ?? ood, U rt steamer Vl.iaa.iMiuseIts;
H K Taylor, Florida; HK Hersltley, U 8 ?\rmy;C D
ESe ding, Washington; Mrs Fox, ?".rtlauU.
(J W Wondwirth and l?dy, N W Taylor and lady, MadiJ
K Williams and Ud>, Coming; VI Cravau, I'hiladelrJ
If* Edward, Boston; Miss Ingram, Mishc, Bangor; C
H Kern and lady, Danville: Miss Stockuod Uaugor; Mr Hawkius
and lady, Vermont; M Norris am] lady, Michigan; J M
if on), Boston; J A CJorham, New Haven; J P Blake, Pooghkee^sie:
I' B Lines, Ne w Haien; W H Tews. Jarnes'own;
Mrs 8 Phil'ips Miss Phillips, A Phillipi, Pittsburgh; 8 O
Suutherlou, Michigan.
eastern pearl street iiousk.
_ W H Barnum, Conn; Miss N South, do; J Farman. do; C
Parker, do; M lteed.il i; fc, Barley, do.
Mr Hendrickson, J Meads, Albmy; Df CUlke, Kuidy Hill;
J Hay wood. West Troy; '1 Mo irewood U.ica; H Hodges
Sir .toga; H Doty, Veuezuela: J B Ouks.ii, Maryland; T
Benger, New Orleans; A Holmes, New York; J H Burton,
Krie; A Kua|>|i. Mobile; O llobiujon, I <h irlesluu; A Kns.er,
Moudoat; T Allen, No'th Carolina; it Bird, Uhio; Mr Dold,
Virginia; J Iluddletoa, Troy.
Florence's eitropean house.
Samuel Bradhurst, Long Island ; Mrs Burke, Baltimore L
B Lent, Syracuse; B Hodge, Mobile, t) t-dby, do; M E Homer,
do; J Willaid ami lauy, Boston; Vit.i Vt e and suns, Havana;
Havniond Caiinell; K<1 wd Siopeh, Suten Island; lien
Uainpb'li, White Pliins; l: Ko siu. Boston; A Haws, New
Yora; (J W Andrews, tort Lee; ".V K uiieu; Bostou; Cap'.
Drake, It N. England; K Welch, Philadelphia; Jas McUay?au;
Chai Desaix, riance,
howard hotel
N Ward, Baltimore; o Carlidge aud family, Fairfield; Vis* i
Boyton, New * ork; W Pe.k, ?roy: D Bellows, Vermont;
fi ferry. Canada; I* Uaulap, Memphis; J cuciuworui, cramI'ord;
Geo Johnson, Mas.; K Milu, Virginia; >1 r? Uracil,
4imioui; A Blackwood, Camden; Judge Neale, Ale*auuri ;
geo Duiiiiuik, M m>i; J j?i>ear, Bu'liiilftoii: Mr and "In
Lutli, Maeou; C Kashum. Herkimer; H l>ul,er,Hopkiiial mu.
GPPerkiui, Norwich; J Miller, Montreal Tlioa Jeuuer.
do; L Brainv?l ; J Hubbard,! Sandusky; H James, Ok*
drinburgli; W Lloyd, New Orleans: SI. Marchmaii, du; N
N Marsh, Boston; Mr and Mra Co- .<ule, Culuinuui; M Laihrop,
Nortnampton; G Kice, .New Haven; Mr ami Airs Cheney,
Boston; M Uoodina", Hadley; N Mygo/r. New Hampahire;
N 1 h jiopsojj, Martijril; T Alien, do; M ?ly.
A H Seusuey, Penn; J B Koyster Hichmoud, Va; D Dimon,
Auburn; K O Lewis, N H; M Judo, New V'ork; N Day.
Wentfieid; M Dickerson. N 8; J Waller, Syracuse; U 11
U Ilea, New Haven; WC J Hal', do: L> Becliley, Conn; J
tiro u, Concord, N U; J Thompson, Namuckrt; E rlutou,
ili?. .1 I! Tuvlnr Tfi.v H Ilathhurn. N V: J Htiil. Boiton :
VV Swiss. Mu?: J Miuer, N J; J Moiriv Itnica; J Humphre.,
Ne* Haven; W AI hurclull, Conn; H J "tdfieid, ^.luu.u; 'f
C Allu, Canada, L U W riier, St Albuna: is BPorter, Milfor ;
Vlr Bissell, Rhmtbeck; R T Gibbi, N'W Bed'?rd II
Oibbs, do; Stiockbm, Newtown; e. dlatei, Newark; EM
lin k*, Kiutkou; II D June, Manlm, .N Y ; vt Bartuin, d ;
3 Div ue, ti gla d; W A rrumm, N S; L D >wu,do; .VI b
/. ttou, Ohio; ttoris Hudson; K F Fit. h, Ohio; W Gcnnet,
Watertown; W Hill, Newport: J VI Lawieuce. Chi.; J
>e. Holds, tt I; O W Leo .aid. Conn; D UH event, do; J
Leavi't, Mass; k 11 jod-s, i'n ladelchia: Oliver Dyer, ttost in;
?l B jdorau, Uii'lk'Ci O.t, tiuu; K W Moro, Boston; A Piatt,
Vlauchester N H; I. H Conn. New Haven. Couu; H Foster,
Bangor, Ale; 8 IVuituui New Harm, Colin; P Corny, do.W A
Langdon, N C.
national otel.
M Medgtt, North Carolina: D fligelow, Maiden; J T
Adams, Whitehall; Mr* Golf and family, Alabama; W N
Shaw, silver ('reek; N Brown, Boston; K P Oliver, Virginia;
L H Dugan, Oiio; J Murphy, Georgia; O McNeil, New
York: a Sears, do; V A'drioge, Angelica; T M Arery, Noith
Woodstock; H H Daly, Venezuela, B A.
. northern hotel
A Jenkius, Troy; Mr Nonhroii, N Carolina; Miss Northrop,
do; F Dolau, Montreal; M J Hawkins, Phila; MrCoe,do;J
Boyd, Baltimore; T 11 Caimichael, do; H Kerer. Indiaua; W
Curtiss, Mlu; 8 8 llyat., IS Hork; W H Pope, do; W AdUlaer,
jr, Phila; Mr McGuire, do; JT Elton and lady, do; J
Strveusoa, do; L Bates, xvlillord; J McFale aud lady, Troy.
pearl street house
E B Drake, Ohio; O Rossi, Montevedio; K dwell, Boiton;
J 11 Co*, Ohio; W Sandforil it lady, Loudon; P < lark, Pa;
J Giilchrist, Thomaslou; Mra Howard do; Mr? Levausulei
Ik two daughters, do; Charlea Robinson. New Hampshire.
< Vinall, Maine; J Albernelhy, Ohio; W B Heed, Bangor;
KN 8umit. do; M A Black, Me.
kathbun's hotel.
A McCrowe. Baltimore; K Elliott, do' J W Goodwin, Ohio,
J bharpe, do; T Ausden. uo; W Lvmau, do; L Huobard, Sandnaky;
II D.'ly, Veuetaela ; T Cowan, Memphis; L Barrill
Aatervieit: C Pickering. Buffalo ; C Taylor, Michigan; O
State. Bottalo; E Spiuiding, do ; J Jerolman, Philadelphia;
B Baird. Elgeu.
taylor'b hotel.
A E Ely, J H Lloy ', Conaecticat; C Smith Peunaylrania;
A Cox, Saratoga Spring*; F Maury, L Lcwn, Philadelphia.
i'ammanv hall.
A Banker, Georgia; F Starsney, do: M W Dawson, do; H
Chase. New ork; W II Power-do; J J Thompson, New Jei?ey;
I) Marley, do; A Sands, Philadelphia; C II <11. do; Mr
Butlum. Coiiueeticut; J Gnfuur, Albany; 11 J Nrilson,
I Schu) lei villi-.
western hotel.
Mrs W.lclirist, Glens Falls; WW Vungu'dt and lady Albtny;
E Wilcoi Canton; Allen and Co, J M Gimlet, Mon
trial; G W Fa rinrtou, Somerville; M A Porter, Catskill; J
King. H Guild, Salem; C Buck, Ohio; A C Matltiewson,
Hh de Island; 8 Hichaidion, At'leboro.
Sl'fUir.ON LAMEHT, of twenty years standing, du inp
whuh, in thi^citv he ims etjoyed both a genrral nnJ |>n?ate
practice. lie now wishes, aad is determined, to diicon'inue
all public practice, solely Tor the purpose ofd'votiuc
hrs time to all diseases ofa private nature??uch as neiTuns debility
and nocm nal emissions. Ollice, 6i Gold st s27 i<*in
Dk. mokmfs in continues lo tieat all form* of private
diKCasf, with that sui ress wh c a Collegiate educa ioi',
lid a pmrtiic of twenty^ * * ea'? mint wariant. Recentcises,
t<a ticnl illy Wonnrrhuia, he cures in t| few days,without mercury,
or hiudfituce from bus nc>? StriOureshe cares without
PHiB or incoiit'iiieu e to the puient. Ccistituiiousl debility
from a secret h ibit, indncii.g nocturnal emission*, and impotency,
is radically cured, by restoring the system to a healthy
one. Office, 2MJi ? ulton-.Mm t v27 11 r r
b' \L.L, U WliU ILK ULiMI HIPII-*, at lllft I -ll y ? lot ll
mi WiielioiMr, No. ilOi Fulton ssreet, directly niipoeite
liie OIJ North I'uieli ' Imrch. where every style of lull and
winter Cliithivs c m Le hid to anit the pocket mhI taste of *11.
LOAK9?Ofblarli &u>l litue broadclutlia, beaver
ami pilots from $6 00 to 23 01
OV&KCOAT8 and OVKR SA' RS. every
shade of twred, broadcloths, hearer nod pilots,
from ... 5 00 to 20 00
Wto, a large assortment of Bu luest Sac I. Frock
< oats, siuvl*' and double lire i tpj.
The new style ofSHAD COATS, from".,. ... 3 00 to 10 00
PANTALOONS, Plain and fjncy Catsiai'res,
rrench Doe'kitu. and KmkIMuck Cai.aimeres
Satineia, ke , of every style, from 1 .'0 to C 0"
VE8T8, nn endleaa van?ty of bhrk aatin, velvet,
merino?, and bouihaiibe, from ... I 50 to 5 00
A Wo, ft large iiwHtmrni of Kreuoh, ' "ngli-h, Oeimau and
\mericku Brmiilc ot , Caa?im?-rea und Veatinga. wtuch will
1 '>?. made up to order to >ait the mo?t fs*tidmu>.
dan1kl, t. smith.
?15 301* in 102 f ultnii ftt., oppnaite (In- Old Dutch < hutch
" I np0"j0Llk>KYMKN JKWhLLKHS-Stvei.Tttm rate
I A It ind* wanted to work in Biatou. Good wagea and con'*
< a taut employment g.ven. Add e.?
iWTt'H t Part Atrni, Boat on.
I poWK.lt LOOMS?for tale, 30 Narrow Louini, of in
I * peiior make nf iron, to weave twilted work, either cuttnu
' or woolen *atiuet% Kentucky je?n?, tweed*, or <Jr.Un, with
chance cam*. Tliey will lie ?old at abaruiiu. lminire at 22
' Uroad afreet. _ ?'jlHt*rc
, 'I'O pakkm'S AN 0 (i lTaR b Ia N H? i\ 1 uaic taught ou
I moderate t< rtni by a lady who haa hud coinidcr hie ef pee
rience in teaching the piano; ahe haa liven general aatiafaction.
I iud can icfer to families whotnahe has been in the habit of
Terma three dollars per mouth.
A line addressed to Music, to the Herald office, shill be at
NMH to alt M|k>n
, MPHfc ORlOlNAXi GALVANIC KiW8.^aSd7~be"ui,
M. plasters, magnetic fluid, ke, wholesale and etail.ai l?2
i Broadway, corner John street. Dealers supplied oo liberal
terma Warranted to be manufactured by the original maker*,
md the price is mnch reduced. IM Broadway, comer John
atreet nn?n tflr rr
MEfteflANT fAil.Ou.-TftANCIS TJ.~MeLlIioT,
late with Win. T. Jennings k Co., ol Broadway, hega
' to announce to his frienda and the publ'C.that he has opened
the store. No. 234 Broadway, opposite the Fountain, two doora
above Wm T Jeuuuigsk Co ,for the purpose of carrying oi>
the Meiehant Tailoring business iu all its branch**.
^ *t all Iimea he will have on hand the best and most fashionable
of teadv made garmeuts, and wiM attend punctually to
, any cuatom woik his old customer* or the pnbl c w II favor
turn with. Purchasing hia gooda for caah, be will be able to
?*"'l " Ion i* toy o lice- tabliahment; nnd he ho|>es by strict
, integrity and stt-nticn to buaiuena to merit the many favorite
" haa heretofore received.
[' Simla, 8to'-li?, ( rn?ai* audjlosiery of all deacriptioua on
liMud. an.1l Jot" in
J wholci*!?. at Wirwimi, Twenty.one Cortlindf it.. M do*
: laige Hock Cologne, to elose a conaignmcnt, remarkably low,
. (21) Twenty-ore Cortlandt at. Alao, Walnut Oil Shaving
f j Soap. and_ nil Knnsy Soaps, cheap. Dajley's an'I ConI
nel's Pain Extractor. DcjkiI lor the true aiticle, wholesale,at
j [ batgaina, Twrntv-one Gortlandt at. Alao, Dr. MnNair'* Cure
for Ue?fne?*; Ha\ '* Liniment, a cute for the Piles; Balm of
Columbia, a Hair Reatorative or Stayer. alltHi'rc
DaoUEHkotvpE PLATES, ii *Sk?, CHi'VllCAJLS,
Apparatus, fcc . of auperior quality, at Inweat market
I price*, at ANTHONY 8 National Dnruerrian Depot,
21" RroaiUir. v?w York
ITT" Every thing iu the line eoiisi nilv an band
au2l ter1!!!
JD LOON. No.71 Pearl *tre?t, hradof Coentiea Slip. ftrran 1
gen and other* whose bnsine?a calla thein to the lower part of
the city, will find this a very convenient placeto get their meals
ii ? Breakfast, Pinner and Tea.
p. I i)Jti*t6 Late of Loiajoy * H'.tsl.
HY8TEM?fljr K4nri H. Diaea, M.D., uthoi of ma 1
dry Surgical Essays, ml Lecturer on the Operative Surgery h
of the Eye. Tj) 170. edition ?th. p
This work cout?i?J a complete renew of tbt CMUM of early Y
decay from self-abase and excess. end also of every known C
i disease of the sexual system, fo V?MC* ufcpwd Ktewi o
I reader. 7
Onnions or thr Pbess.
New York Journal of Medicine and Collateral Sciences? ;
t " It is written in a clear, nervous ityle, and ia calculated to do I
much good. The descriptions are accurate, and the treatment
tudicious. The practitioner will flud it abounding in valuable r
imta. and the general reader will come across many useful fj
c/tu'iona and warnings."
liostou Medical and Surgical Journal? Or. Diion has writ- V
ten much and wrll on various tranche* of snrgtry ; his Ixrak
shows a thorough acnuaiutmce with modern practice. Stricture.
llouorrhusa, Vanocele, Hydrocele and Fistula are partictiInrl
v well treated of." " There are startling thiugs in this
book, which the ni>n-rro'easi"nal reader will regard with snr- I
prise." " Vet the author's originality and tli rough devotion *
to the rational principles of medicine andliis ingenuity under 1
tr . i' g surgical ciicuinstances, stamp it with uncommon lute- J
rest .... t<
Evening Post?" Dr. Dixon ia a papil of Dr. Mott?the ia- b
venter ol a great number of valuable instruments, and a prac- o
tioner ol lifleen years' standing. Hia book is written with
great deli acy and care, yet in decided language. It will doubtless
do great good." i
" Woman a.jd her Diseases, from the Cradle to the Grave," I
adapted exclusively to her instruction in the natural laws of
her system and all the diseases of her critical periods; by Ed- *
ward H. Dixon, M D. Pp Jt5; iirice f 1 21; fourth edition. ?
Kor ?al? by CHARLES U KINO corner of Broadway i,
and John at. r
Agents wsnted throughont the country. ?I7 2t*rc
UK. li'AWt^ETT'aCAllU ? I aui a uicaiuer oi l> (toys
College of Surgeons, iud?f it* Jefferson College, Phila
ilelphia, and graduated wnectne lameutcd Dr. Ueorge McClel- |
lan and Professor Revere, (recently deceased) and Drs. Putti J
son, Calhoun, 8. MeClellan, ike., were professors there. My u
"Young Man's Guide" and" Matron'* Manus-J," juat pub- jj
lished treat of all the important private and delicet* diseases ..
peculiar to both sexes; and can be confidentially consulted in
relatiou to the same, nt my office, lij Greenwich street. The
docks nrr ?i men. ? nua Mir whit p?nmu mm con Ctjrr |?rr:ni- i
eenrlv copititutioml debility in thia country %'/7 it*in
?A. TAAPrespectlully intimites that be fo.s opened the k
above More with a stock of Linen Goods, compriMng'slic-tt t>
togs, hirtini!*. lawn*, cambric haudkerch efa, duinmUi, di A
pen, utile clotlia, bible napkins. I'oylja*. diaper rowels gins-* ('
towels, towelling, drill*, brown audstriied Holl*nJs, ticks. t
Sic., cottou sheetings, shirtings, regatta ahiitiuga, mualitia, ?
counterpane*, toile cor r?. table covers doylies, ticti, kc ,
blangets, flannels, sjkioi co't n, tapes, needles bottom, Sic. 1>
The enure slock having been carefully selected in the best 11
Scotch and Irsh markets. aid impoited expresslv lor his own
sale, he can confidently recommend the goods as being or
superior qualities, and at pr-ces well worth the atte t on of }
families lequiring grods of that description. all I4teod*rc tl
AiOUNU MAN perfectly compete t to take charge of, I
or asais*. in * first clam hotel, ?uu who call make lutnaelr b
exceedingly us'ful la 'hat bnsiuesi, or with a merchant, s
wishes a situation to go South. His WPMHoWINmIi v
rate, aud references undeniable. Address J. M., at the office u
Of this p-per. s22 lt?od rc 'i
MRS. McKENN * (:aic Miss Melton) begs to inform liei l'
pupils that she has returned from Elirope, and w/il rcsumerer
instructions in Euglish and Italian singing, with pi- ,
ai ofotte accompaniment, at their houses, or her own residsnce
ItR Cnambe street. sl9 3teod?rc_ (|
Oi?L.-i am daily discharging the best quality of 1'each in
Orchard Coal, and w ill deliver it at the following low
price, for cash only, vix." Large Nut, $4 75, stove, Kpt, $6
from the boats, and at 23 cents additional, it screened, from the
yard, corner of King and Greenwich. _ H
jV/VVF GAGE, in sums to suit applicant*, on pro J?
ductive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. It will be loaned J*;
for a term o4' years 11 desired. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. 11
Wall street, in the Croton W*ter Office, basement. ''
*nl7 30teod*rr cl
COMPANY offer for sale their new and improved Pond- tl
rette. for ase on winter grains, at the old established tates ol iu
B cen's perhnshel *nd $1 W per burrel. It m<y be i btained
from James B. Cox, 90 West street, Vew York; or TiMMM
Kollinsou. corner of Bridge snd Brr?d su., Newark, agent*,
or at the factory on the H ckensiek river, near the turnpike
r ad from Newark to New York. nil 9t-ihw'm f,
CHOULUSlt BKACfc.8, and BoDi HfeX'1'6.? Agate's J
O Premium Patent Elastic Shoulder Brace, so lug ly re- ci
commended and patronised bv the most eminent surgeons in ta
this conutry, for childreu or adit Its. who are inclined to stoor c<
or are round shouldered, ot affected spine persons with w eak yi
ner,?, or pain in the cliest. those ul consumptive or sedentar)
habits, or those confined by study, oral the writing desk, k> p<
rhev will find il.ein mi invaluable article (o brace the should- K
en, expand the cheat, (hereby giving a tree and ealthyac- i*
tioo to (lie lungs. Mechanic* and laborera. by "'earing rhi? V
brace, will be nl>ie to dj m .r* work wuh le?. fflti ue, as we)] c
i* iruprore lilt form. To be had wholemile am reiail at tli
J.AOATIi'8, ei
Uefjtlemrn'aonttitiiug itore, 237 Broadway,
coiner of Park Place M
N.B.?Alio a anperior Body Belt, or Abdominal Supportai ?j
hinhlv recommended. an4 SOteod're w
KILLA isafavmte of the Ladies. It relieve! them o( a "
great ainonnt of suffering, and give* them fine complexions. 01
and booyant spirit*. Mrs. Parker kindly aeut us the follow- c<
ing:-- n
South Brooki.vn, Aug. IT, 1817. V
D?. Towmskwd?Sir: It (five* me pleasure to testify to the J"
beneficial effects I have experienced frotn the use of yonr ,j
Harsapanlla. My system was very mncb reduced by nervous- "
ness and general debility, and with a variety of female com- '
I'laiiits. 1 read your advertisement, and was induced to try the *'
effect of your remedy It restored me to a better state of health 7
I h'd not enjoyed for several years previous to taking it; niid 1 e
do most che, rfully recommend it as a valuable medicine to all
who ire afflicted as I have been. .MIlS. PARKER,
Baltic street, booth Brooklyn. "
Priti' ip?l Offiff l?? Vnlron at. nn'RWOm ?
J E L).? t.adiea in'l Gentlemen haviug auy cast off or auper ,
rtu ill* clotliiiiK or 'urmture to dispose of. can obtain a fair cast' |
P ice fur the unt, tiy sending a note, or by calling on the sub
scnber, at his residence, or through the pott, which will b' a,
punctually attended to. ?
H L)E BOER, 71>i <"aunl street, upstairs. u
N. B. Ladies can be intended to by Mrt. De Boer
Old itoek and job goods bought, of any description, ant)
amount. _ s2 30t* rc_ }
RA(jS.?so halen No. 1 Leghorns; laO hales Sicilv Kogs '
8. P. F..( or sale by PEK88E fc BROOKS. d
21 m Nn Utmll' Nn?n itmt '
M. for a renewable term of year*. It is lucated 43 milesjTroin
Brooklyn, and three-quarters of a mile north of Lake Road .=
Station, on the Long lilt d Kail Koad. with which it can br I
connected by a branch road. cheaply and easily constructed. Ji
is of circular form, and ccvera about 400 acrea, and fumishet "
every winter over 100 0>i0 torn of the purest Ice, from Bine rn
seventeen iuchea thick. A favo able contiact can be made ?
with the Kail Koad Company for the conveyance of Ice to
Brooklyn, to be lun. if require >, to the wharf for shipping I' w
furnishes unrivalled facilities for carrying on a lucrative Ice 01
business. Much interesting information can be furnished o> ?
application to the subscriber, who is the sole owner of (he '
Pond. WM. H. LUDLOW. .
21 14t*re Ulit>. I.ont Island J1
DABY jUMPKltH?-To HoiUiiefii tmu Western Merchants- ?
D Vour attention is resDecu .i ilv called to a novel and most ^
useful invention, the Parent Elastic Baby Jumper, for the t,
healthful exert ite and amusement of infants. The reliefitaf- f
fords those having care of children, the extensive aale it list ,n
everywhere commanded, with the liberal percentage allowed ,,
to those who buy the article to sell again, renders It a moat desirable
t.bject to purchase either singly or by the ciuautity.
OLO VV. TUTTLE, Inventor and Proprietor, r,
Wholeaale and Retail Llrp<*t, til Broadway,N. Y. ,,
an 19 Mr re ,
(' AnKI AUES.? 1 t isrtftst assortment it Unrrmen in tiiu ^
y ^.Ifw i? fnrcaU i t\n J'lfl HrnaHwiv (<'nlifcrun Buildrnal pi
at greatly reduced [ ric < > .comprising V
Coaches, Plieatous, Barouche*, ?<
Buxgies, Rocksways, ' WajKUJ. ?<
Also, a new style < fcamaKes, for two or fonr person*, will *i
and without top*: together with a large aaaortment of harnrn ;t
'IMMOLAT'8 SULPHUlK. BATHS, No.M7l'earl streel *
1. uear Broadway. These Bath* have been e*tabli*he>)
for the laat tweiity-*i* vear*. and are the only Sulphur Batiu iu
the city. Tiiry are highly recommeuded by the mo*t emi- 1
uent physicians, lor the cure of rheumatism, salt rlietim, chronic
complaiot*, eruptious ofthe skin, lie.
Medicated Vapor Bath* alio given daily, from I A.M. to.t
P.M. *?? > re i
RIGHT PRINCIPLES,have alwavs ensured unrivalled sue A
ceu at SANFORP BROTHERS, Merchant Tailor*, a.
127 Fulton street ?Int. Alwa\ a givea good fitting Coat*, Pants, >
and Ve*t?Utri't the 1 r?t of Cloth*. Caiiimew and Veatingt 'I
ami. Term* cash; consequently, can tell 15 per cent cheaper A
than tho*e that sell on time
3d. Garment* are made as they ought to be, and done at the N
time promised. "
(TT^A full *nite made in twenty-four hou-s.-.C!)
Every variety of Gentlemen's outfitting constautly on hand. P
I indsold at very low price* for ca*h only'
1 SAN FORD BROTHER. 127 Fnlton ?treet, *
5 HOrrre next to the Her ld Office._ J
PANTALOONS? F. AMKKNH, the well known >a it* t
Tailor, MX Ann *;reet, ha* lately received over 100 piece*
Incy (miiinerr. , ol which he make* pant* to order for ouiy
S3 to |5 a pair. w
Alan, French and Enrliah black caxsimere* and doeskin* h
Irom SI to Sfl per pair, warranted good or no *ale. K
Gent* who are in want ol pint* will do well to call at MH
Am *treet. *l5 3flt?rrc j
%/| ONEY TO LOAN ?Abraham J. Jucksou, Pawnbroker, *
imall sum*, aa may be required, on watchem, jewelry, plate, o
rearing apparel, dry (foods, and persoual property of every >
IttMfipdnfl _ 30t#m <*
Litrr off wardrobe and kuknin kk J
WANTED.?Ladies Mid gentlemen hanug supeifluous |(
e Meets fa d.soose of. tach h* Weiuiug Apparel, Furniture l?r,
cin obtain a inir cash price for the tame, by seuding for the a
subscriber, through Mie Post Office, or otherwise.who will at- .
reud at their residences. J. LKVfclNsTYN,
4CC Broadway, upstairs.
Lad es can be attended to by Mr?. J. Lsveastyu.
alt JOt'rrc __
C">" LIhK.HI HH'J V K.N III, \ I'lNH WIlM, Scalps, and
/ Ladies'Head Di esses, stand pre-eminent above all oiheis
hi ihe w.i. Id. Ai. ccmmatioii will prove rham no egotistical
boast. Their peculiar light, ventilating and gossamer character;
their being shaped and fi ted to the head exactly es the
natunl hair grows, every hair having the appearance of issuing
fiotn the skin; their elasticity, superiority of material
and woikmaiikhip iheir style of ftaish an.l mode of arrange'
iiient. I.jrin anch a comhiimtioii of improvements, that all the
competent judge. li.ive pronounced them perfect heads of hmr.
Stringers are invited to inspect them, whether from curiosity
or with intention to purchase. Trices moderate. HHBroadwv.
directlv opposite the City Hotel. Entrance by filestore
of 8 . John hatrer. ?l6J0t"m
v" mo ,io Fnpenor ALCOHOL.
An nrelleutaiticle of Native Orapei for Preserves, Cordials,
he. at a muck lower puce than the imported
For sale by JOHN D'HO.VtKKOUC,
VOI Fr^nt street. between Beekman and Fulton sta.
si] ?ftt?re
Mo.NfcV LtNT^T le hi*he?i prices advanced in large t
an 1 small mmi on gold and silver watches, diaxaoads,
plate,Jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, lie fee.
JOHN M. DAVIKS, Licensed Pawnbroker,
ni William street, near Dnsn*.
Persou received in private office by ringing the bell.
*n?1 W?re
PRACTICAL BOOK-KF.KPINO, No! ?l Cedar Streei ..'
' ya'sh. Aceou'iia t, An'hor of the "Siceuce of
UnuMe Retry Book-keeping *ii.ip'ified," and the "Art of Single
Liitry Book-keeping Improved," continues to leach as
The pupil becomes fam.liar from actual use wirh all the
books consumin g a set, and a person of good caoirity avill,
by this course, become a competent booa-kccpei i<i about a
month, Hiid will receive a certificate to that effect.
Prospectnaes, with terma, obtained m the rooiua from 9 A.
M- s9 JO m
Agricultural kuomh, Ltce'um iiuTLDiNO
Ml Broadway. New Fork.
i of the State Agricultural Society, whose Fair will be
held at Saratoga Springs, on the 1Mb of Sept the American
Agricultural Association have changed the time of holding
their Eihibition to the ?th and 9th of Sept. All persons desirous
of aiding the cause of Horticulture, are earnestly inI
vi'ed to eilnbil specimens of Flowers, Fruits , er Vegetables. '
; and f? compete for preminms. Programni -s may be obtained
| ?f Mr. James Hogg. Seedsman, Ml Broadway, opposite the
Hooms?of any of the nrineipal seedsmen in Ner York, oro?
1 ths following K.tecntive Committee :?
Luther Bradish. Wm. Coventry H Waddtll,
James Lenov, Shepherd Knapp,
Theo. Frelinghnrsea. Rulus King DelaSsld,
Archibald RasselL R. L. Pell,
Kdward Clark
jf)lflut*re D y. <iARDNP.M. See*?.
N O HUMBIJO?A new dining saloon Jim opened .low.
town, st No. J7 frent street, sad lodging also, some aa4
' fadgah>i mrartalf. jba immartsingle. mil l?t*a I
[N PURSUANCE of u order of the Ihnoiiu of the 1
L County of New York, notice w hereby five? to til persona J
uiu Maims vuuil Martin Mehrtera, la'e of tha city ol
lew York, grocer, deceased, to present tl.e mm, with the
ouchera thereof, to the subscriber, at the olllee ol Jamea
irdley, No S? Nassau itrcet, iu the city of New York, oa
r before the 31st day of January next.?Dated New York, the
m day of July, 1M7. 0 ATHARJNE MEHRTEN8,
j y2> Iaw6m?m Admiaistrarrn.
fN PURHL'ANCfcT of an Order ol t|?e SURRoOaTE of
L the County of New York, notice is hereby given to all
enoni having claims against OEOROE BET1EMAN,
ite of the City of New York, Grocer, deceased, to present
le same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at the
:ore of Loluen Lohler, No. Z03 Ceutre street, iu the City of
lew York, ou rr before the 27ih day of November next.
Dated New York the 24th day of May 1847
in.2524t l aw?re \dinmistratix.
is hereby given to all iwrsous having claims sgaiust
OHN RICHARDS, late of the city of New York, deceased,
> present the same with vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at
cr residence, No. 11 Oak street, iu the city of New York, on
r before the ISth day of October nest.
Dated New York, the lltli day of April, 1117.
alt ltaw6in?rc JANE ItlCHARD8, Administratrix.
'N PURSUANCE of an order of llie Surrogate of the
L Ceunty of New York, Notice ia hereby giien to all perms
having claims against Krederirk Taschi-.late of the City
I New Yoik, grocer deceased, to pii-seiu the same v? itli the
outliers thereof to the subscriber, at the office ol James (irdly.
No ."J Nassau stxret, in the city of New York, ou or be- ,
>ie the 6ill day of Kebruary next.
Dated New York, Uie id day of August, 1847
metta d. TA8CHE, j
au7 la w Sm*m Administratrix.
J scriber would respectfully remind his frieuda and the a
ublic iu general, that he liaa in separate apartments, five c
>i 11anl tables, e<iiml to any in the city, and gentlemen visitig
his establishment can be furnished with cues which will v
e krpt for their own use. The taules, balls and cuea not to be v
irpassed by any in the city. The rooms are large, and any t
tulleinen who wish to iudulge themselves in this amusement f
rill uot be suifociled with the heat. Also, haa two good
.owliug Alleys, which have been lately refitted, and wiU be 1
ept in the best old r. The bar is always storked with the s
rn lnju aud segars to be found in the city of New York \
lIso, has the best of oysters ihe trin ket can afford. Alao,
old Lunch every day at II o'clock ; Clam, or Fish Chowder v
very Wednesday. Gentlemen who visit lliis establishment a
'ill meet with polite attention from all about hia house. \
N li. The price of Bow ling ia the same as a game of Bil:i
ds. No. 5 Barclay St., few ooors below ihe American ii
lotel KR*NC18 MONTfcVERDE. I
au3l 7titliw 3t*re t
VSbl'.-tvlOR TRIIS8.?Now forsale. Huugerforu's Pa- :
trnt Ti u?s, for which he has received two Premiums bv y
in American lutt.tuie; one in October, A. D. 1844, and one iu ,
)ctolier, A. D., 1845. Kroiu the universal testimony ol llie
est Physicians. and the high approbation of the wearers, the .
ubscribers Hatter themselves that this Truss is but to be uui> j
rrsaily known, to supercede ia practical utilhty other truases i
?<* i? Tim rnnitrui-tinn nf the II,id IS flucll that it
u a rullioir motion. accommodating ilMlf to every motiou of
M body, perfectly ircuriug the lUptnre, without causing pain ,
r uaraai.iets, when the body it thrown into unusual positions. \
'he ?mse a d comfort with which thla Truss it wotn, makes it
uly the Empire Tiuta?surpaatiug all other*- in u.e. Pui.
ha rrt may be aa?ur*d when prorerlv lilted, it is perfectly
ee xnd easy, without chafuiK, or irritating when the body la *
i motion. Manufactured at Uiylord't Undue. Connecticut, by
Being under the necessity of wearing a trust, 1 applied
ull *, the back pad of which continually chafed and gall'd
e, to much to, tliat the re-iied became worse than the die i
i?e. Beiug induced to try Hungerfotd'i Patent l'ruat, I find '
ytelf entirely relieved from pain, wlim the rupture it per- J
ctly secured with all the eate and comfoit that f could wish. !
lentlrmru iry it f'ir yonraelvra I certainly weuld not pro- ?
ith the o. e that 1 have for Kilty Dollars, if I could not pur- j
are another. WILLIAM W. DEYO. 4
New I'alt*. T!|it?r county, New Yoik, Sept. 2,1817. j
I have used Hungerford's Trust, on man v occaiioua, during
le paat four yeara. and am convinced, that in utility at well *
i comfort, it eicellt all other traatei now before the public.
Ponghkeepsie, June 23, 1817.
Sold by A. B. Si D. SAND3, 100 Fulton itreet, New York.
?7 12tlnw * m ,
L SETTS Charitable Mechanic Association, lor the en- ^
luragement ol Manufactures and tha Mechanic Arts, will I
ke place at Faneuil and Quincy Halla. in thecitr of Botton.
>mmencin( on Wednesday, September lith, of the present ti
rsr. f
The Government of the Attociation, being vetted with full
>*eid to m.ke all necettary arrangements, aunouuee on. b
ifih Exhibition, iu fall confidence that the various and im- t
jrtant improvement* iuever< department of Mecbauic and
[auuficturiug industry to which the iuventive genius of out ti
iuntr> men it coutttntly giving birth. cannot fail to tender 1
lis Exhibition more valuable, iuteieating and beneficial than t
ther of in predecessors.
We therefore respectfully invite and tolicit Mechanic!, d
laoufacturert and Artnta throughout the Union, to contribute a
lecitaent in every department of labor or kill; article! of t
o?d, ttoue metal, or any other material. The product! ol
ic loom in lilk, cotton, w sol. hemp flax, or hsir: the creation t
"female industry ami taste; and in fine any production, made a
I' whatever material, which can in any way miniater to the c
jmfort or improvement ol aociety.
And we hereby offer a premium of One Hundred and Filly li
ollart to the inventor of tuch machine, implement or tcienti- t
c discovery, at uliall be deemed by the Judaea molt impor- I
>ut to the well-being of mankind. Alto, a Premium of One
lundred DolUra for inch machine, fci.c , ;it uliall be considered
icond in importance; audune of Kif.y Dollars for ihat which
.! ? .i .u:_ i .i.;. ?, i, i.,ti,..
lachine ?r i-nplemeut. ?ni. if practicable, such scientific iliauvery,
shall lorui part of the preseut iLxltibriou. r
Meu On (of Hold lit Silver) ?>r houorary Diplomas, will be c
warded at tlie a't'clei exhibited m?y deserve; and the mangers
pledge tlienu. voa that the strictest impartiality ihali be
Gatrved iu their diitriliutiuo.
Aiti Ira, to insure a conspicuous place in the Rxhibitiou, i
11 ii d be acut in seiaon, that tliey may be registered by til'
uiierinteudeut, at Quiiicy Halt, ou or before Saturday, Sept
The Freight of nil articlei, machinery, &c.,' which may be
sut for the KxhiMtioii over the various railroads, connecting
>ith the city, will, if such a'ticlis, he., are accepted aud act
ally exhibited, beielnuded by the Association
All who may wish to present machines, models, or gooda foi
irriniuinor exhibition.are requested to address Mr. JOHN
CUilN, Secretary of the Association. City Building, No. 21
-ourt iquare, Boston, post-paid, which will meet with inlineliate
attention The Secrefry will rlso furnish, on appliesion,
gratis, copies of onr General Circular, containing the
recise Hulesaud Herniations of the bxhibitiou.
By order of the Government,
>10 14teod*re GEOHGK G. SMITH, President.
L-' would call the attention ol invalids to his rrgetable Lilontr'piic
Mixture, so h ghly celebrated throughout the
luntryas G. C. Vaughn's Great American Kem?dy. Dr.
aughn would earnestly assure a'l who desire a remedy o'
IV kind, that the aiticle poisesaes properties w ich
ill meet all clas-.es of disease ; that it cannot be taken withit
benefit, and that lor proof of iti great curative powers h<
'K? leave to refer to cert ficates of cures from all sectiona ol
le cuuutry ?Inch are in po?sa*siou of his agenti.
They have sold this medicine for four years past for al
inds of complaint*, nnd will be able to show testimony ol
igh eh >racter. D Vaughn would earnestly a-k the public
> call and obtaiu his pamphlet in the hands of his ageu s for
atuitons distribution It w II show wh r one r?medv is as
>nd aa lity when tliat oue remedy is properly compounded,
his medecine is especi >lly offered for Dropsey, Gravel, Keale
Complaints, diseases of the liver, kidneys, and nil aftec
ons of the urinary organs. Aa a letnale medic ne it is one ol
ie most certain curativra ever taken into the system?not *
ng e instance has it ever been resorted to without perfectly
?t "ing to a heahhy atate tli? debilitated frame. Let the dropcal
sufferer resort at once to this medicine ; the first trial ol
30 ox. bottle will show the power of the article. Let the sufI
in* in that distress ng disease, gravel, aud all other coinlaiuts,
tiy this remedy, and the 38 oz bottle will conviuce
ou that >t has extraordinary healing virtues. Price, 12 oz
utile, $1 ; 30 oz. do., $2 ; or six 12 oz bo tl?s for ti. and *<x
I oz for S'O, if taken ?t one time Office for the sale of this
tide 132 Nassau street, N Y.; Storrs St Co., 21 North Sixth ,
reet, Pliilade phia ; Smith & Atkinson, 288 Baltimore slieet, ,
allimore Wright St Co., 1M Chsrtres street. New Orleans:
I's. K. Kidder, 100 ( onrt street, Bostou. and nv druggist*
enerally throughout the United States and Canada*.
?l<> iMi-ort'rc
L/t lib'KIN iiSO I'LajD .SHAWLS.?Just received pership ]
" Hwi'zerlaod. the neweat atyles o( i'laids hikI (Jovenuntei
hawla.at lha New Voik Family Mourning Store
a!7 6tKV1W*rrc_ M. MYERS. ]
* and Piano Korte??Just leceived, freah supplies of new '
jd fashionable Music, much of it personally selected. The
rantiful songs of Jenny Liud, Mrs Bishop, lie. A large vaety
of Songs, W.-.Itzrs, Marchea, Polkas, tic. The popular
illndin Music, Boston Melodeoa, Nns. 1 aud 2; new Olee
j>ok?, Northern and Southern Harp, Ornhean Lyre, Uems ol
Icottuh aOiig Musical Lib ary. New Music constantly pubshed.
All the <elebrated Instruction Books for every ii>:
ument Music selected for binding and handsomely bound
iano Fortes and other instruments wholesale aud retail.
<*> I2t? cod rc C. HOLT, Jr, '36 Kulton street.
C^HKNUII LANGUAGE?Academy of Languagea, llj i
C Broadway. The autis<:ribrr inform* 'he public that his
veiling classes have commenced, awl will continue every I
venng from i to 9 o'clock.
The subscriber also iuf rms the ladies, that on and after
londtv neit. a class will be op lied f >r ladies between the
ouis of II and !2o'clock on Tuesdaj Thursday aud Saturday,
'reurh language spoken in three mo>.th?.
%2I 31 mtl're T HIGH AH D. ,
J Worcester, Mnssachusetrj?This College, founded aud
l?ced by the late liight Reverend Benedict rrnwick, Bishoi
I Boatxn, under the c re of the Faihera of the Society ol
esua. is beautifully situated on the hi-mlita of Worcester,
ommnnda a fnll view of the town aud surrounding country
ud is diKtiuciiialied'or its lemarkably healthy air, and abun
ant an pply of good water. A farm of siity acres is attached
i the College I
The plvi of edncation i? designed to prepare yonng men foi
n ecclesiastical, professional, or commercial state of life; and
?i . thr*? Huriiirt courses of study.
ccoruiu(i) rmuiauv. ?
The Commercial course comprises writ ng, arithmetic. and
ook-kcping; the English and Kreuch Imgnages; history,
eography, and the use of the globes; elementary nlgelira, and
eoui?uy, with the practical branches of mathematics; Eng.
ish and French composition; reading nnd public speaking. !
nJ ihe grounds of natural arid revealed religion.
The course panned by those who are intended tor any uf the
sarned professions, includes, besides the above, the Latin and
)reek languages,tnd a complete Classical education; poetry, 1
hetoric, In^ic, the philosophy o( the human mind, metaphyic>
and ethics; ecclesiastical history; astronomy, chemistry,
ml I lie other branches of nntnrsl science.
7'Ih- Ecclesiastical course eomi rises, in addition to the
r?nrlies mentioned above the several detriments of sacred
earning, biblical and theological.
As these three courses enter iuto the general plan of edncaion,
the parent it at liberty to select any of them, or any pernio
of them, conformably to the views he may have with returnee
to the fntnra pursuits of his son.
The religions and moral instruction of all is attended to
nth watchful and anxious care. Besides the usual coarse of
atechistical instruction, public lectures are delivered on the
Tiuniplea, doctrines and ceremonies of the Catholic Church.
All the students, even iu the hour* of recreati .a, are contautly
under the special car# and superintended* of one or
nore prefect > or professors. No applicant from any other intitu1
ion will be admitted without satisfactory testimonials as
0 chancier and conduct from the Pamcipal of that instiution.
The books necessary lor the different classes may be furisited
by the parents, or guardians themselves, or they con be
irocured at the College, at very moderate charges.
Aye cf admission, from tight to fourteen years. No student
dmitted for a less tqpn than 6 months, and no deduction made
f removed before the term expires.
The uniform to h^ wo'u by the students on all pnblic occatoua
consists of a bNrk c >it or jacket, black ve*t,grey poutsoous
for winter, and white for summer.
TV annual rension is (ISO. for tuition, board and lodging,
vk'Iiiiik, an I mentl'iig linen nnd stockings.
All charges mnst h? paid half yearly in advance. Should I
ny defer, Tor the sparu of 'wo months to pay in advance, the
'resident of the College is directed (o send their suns, or ,
1 ud* home.
No advance for clothing orother excuses will be wade by !
he Collcge.unlesa a deposit be left with the Treasurer for the 1
"f^follovnnr items are extra chargea : the German, Italian, I
nd Spanish Lai.vuaaea, Music, Drawing, Tainting, Dancing,
iVncing and Medical Attendance.
The vacation commences in the last week of July, and eon
innes to the 15th of September, exclusively.
N. B.?This College is intended exclusively for Catholics.
The most direct route to thia College Orotn the 8outh, is by '
'eamboats from New York to Norwich or New Haven, Coo- i
ecticut, thence by Railroad to Worcester. The distance
mm Boat' n to Worcester is travelled in two hours by Rail- ;
o-d, and from Albany to Worcester in nine hours bj the xr??t
VuwTaw.'^0"1, . -MM** RYDKR. President. !
SA.V1UKL K BLACK, Aitonit) Law, Columbia SC., i
3 will attend promptly to all busuieaa placed in his hands. |
n Columbia, South < arolina, and the adjoining districts or
Inmrer, Herahaw. Lexington, Newberry, and Fairfield.
Address Columbia, South Carolina.
Yoke, September 11,1MT.
The auuniforned Militia of the City of New Yoik, (which
braces ail lite >bk bodied white male citizens between the
St* ul II esil 44 yean, who have not com nan ted, and who ere
lot members of an nuiform company, or riempt by law) will
eke uotice ol the following regimental ordere, to assemble for
.oniwuv pecade ui? martial ei-r<ise, oo Monday, the Uh of
October Best, at the time and place* therein stated, iu compliince
w-th mi act of the Legislature of the Stale of* New York,
^titled "An act for the o'ganixation of the First Divuiou of
he New York H<ate Militia, passed May t>th, IM7. and they
ire hereby notified of their enrolment.
' oil inand iut> of fincidca, rleximeuta and Companies
will direct all officers and nou-commisfiooed officers of
ach uniformed company, to attend the parade in nuiform 01
indress. Hub^ltcrrn suit uon-ccuimissioued officers will aid
he commandant* of companies in the eierriseaof the day. No
lerson will t>? permitted to leave his c mpeoy withou' permision
of his commanding cffi< er until svi r.uwn. Pursuant to
aid act, each coniinmifi ,t willsffix such penalties for otlruces
nd delinquencies as the nia'i'Wi uquires, opposite t' e ua.v.c of
he person so delii?|U?nloi otft ndiug. A Court of Appeals (or
tacli icgimrut, to hear excuses, will be held at il.e tune : n '
lUcestatcd at the eud of the Hegimentrl Orders order of
Msjor General CoinmundiLg.
R. C. Wetmoke, Diy. Inip?cior.
<th and cth wards.
rur usntto the above Uiv sion Orders ?nd tn? ?ct therein
nentioued the unuuiioruied privates of the several companies
if thi* regiineut will assemble within their respective Comwny
District* cu Monday, ilie Jtii d :y of October next, at 10
i clock, A. M., for Conipa>.y parade, inspection and martial
iterciaes. armed and equipped according to law, at the places
lesiguated foi each District respectively, a* follows:?
Company A District?Joseph Craig, Commandant, within
. hue bounding Spruce, Cliff, Hague, Pearl and Chatham
treets, known as the First Electi u District ut the 4th Waid,
ipposite bliakipeare hotel, corner of Duane and William sta
Company B Diatric?Alexander castle, Commandant,
rith'n a lute bounding Kerry strert, Peck Slip Sou h, Housewit,
Oak. Pearl, lliiue and Clin streers, known as the Kourth
Section District ofthe 4tli Ward, at the corner o( Dover and
'earl street*.
Company C District?Thorns* W McLeay. Commandant,
ritlun aline bounding Moonevelt, Front Catherine and Oak
treets, known as the Third Ele. tion District of rlie Fourth
Yard, w>ll assembleat the cori.er of Oliver uad Oak streets.
Company ?? District?Alexander KhkI??. n, Commandant,
ritliiu a line bounding Cliatliam, Pead, Oak and Catherine
U'eet*. k< own a* the Second Election Dutrict of the 4lii
IVard oppos te the Catholic Ourch, James street
Company E district?Hubert McLeod. Commandant, with
n a I ne bounding the Park, Ghathsm slieet. 1'cvl ilnt anil
(roadway. kuown -s the First Election Diitnct of the Sth
iVard, will a-semble at ihr corner of centre and Doane streets.
Company F District? Win. W. i'arsrlls. Commandant with
na line bounding Ptarl, entreaudt anal streets and Broad
vay, known hi the Second El'Ction Distiict of the (th Ward,
fill astembie at coruer of E in a>id Frnukliu strei-ri.
Couii<nuy (i District?H>nry Parsons, yi-inmai.ilant, within
i line bounding Centre Walker, Mulberry, Ch.itliam and
,'rar 1 streets kuown aa the Third Klcct on District at the lith
IVa-d, wil. assemble at the corner of White and < entre sts.
Company H District?Alexander McKeuz'e, ( ommaiMlant.
vit in a line bounding < hatham, Bowrij, Walker and Mul>ery
sir eels,1cnown as the Kounh Ele<'tioo Distlict of (he ftlh
W d. w i'l assemble at the corner of Bayard aud Mott streets
The Regimental Court of Appeu's to hearappe lis from fines
ir penalties, imposed, will be held at the CenUe Market Drill
loom, on Monday, October IS, 1847. at 11 o'clock, A. M.
By order of ALKX. MING, St.
Colonel 2ud Ueg't.
1st.and 2d Wards.
In compliance with the above Division order, and the law
herein referred to, the aunkiformed privates, members of ilie
ereral companies i>I tnis regiment will assemble in their repective
company districts, on Monday, ihe 4th day of Octoer
next, at 10 o'clock A M., forcompany parade, inspection
nd drill, armed aud equipped, according to law, at the places
ies'gnated fur the lollowing districts, viz:
1st Company (A) commanded bv Cant. John Jagels. an<>
istrict bounded by Nassau, Wall Broadway, Hector, West,
nd Liberty streets, will meet .n Libeity street at the comer
f Greenwich.
2d Company (B) commanded by Captain N. B. Laban, diiricts
bound d by .Nassau, Maiden Lane, South and William
treru. will meet io Cedar ?t the corner of Nassau at.
3d Company (C) commanded by Lieut-comma-'dint D. C,
^aughan. districts bounded, beginuing at the Batterv, by
VhitehalI,Marketfield, Broad, Wall, fi roadway,. Hector and
Vest streets; to the p ace of beginning, will assemble on the
lattery < pi>osite to Greenwich st.
4th Company (D) commanded by Capt. Henrv C. Marx, disrict
bound-d by wall, Broad, Markettield, Whitehall and
'earl sis will assemble on Hauover -quire.
5th Company (E) commnmlrd by Ca|>t. 8. S. Parker,district
lou.ided by Wall, t'earl, Whitehall and South streets, will as
emble on the Battery opposite to Front st.
6 h (Company < K) comma .ded by Capt. William Serrill, disrict
bounded by Broadway, Park How, Spruce, William and
.ibeity streets, will assemble in the Park opposite Beekmau
T h Company (G) commanded by Capt. Richard Raynor,
istrict b unded by Maiden i.ane, Liberty, William, Fulton
nd South streets, will assemble in Piatt, at the comer of Gold
Sth Company (H) commanded by Capt. Joseph Lonati, disrict
bounded by Fulton, William, Spruce, Kerry, Peck Slip.
? J u L -s-^?s. ...Ill m kl. i? R.sltman at ra* 1 (lit. pnnil> i
if v\ ilium atreet.
The HegimeDtal Court of Appeal*, to hear appeal* from
met or penaltie* impoied, will lie he d at Stnueall ?. 131 Kulou
itreet, on Monday the 18th day of October, nt four o'clock
>. M. By order, 8. UKOOKE l'OSTLEY. Col.
Commanding 3d Kecimeut N. V. 8. MFOURTH
Pursuant u> the above Division Order*. and the net therein
neutioned, the unnuitoimed private* of the leveral companie*
it this Kegtmeut will asacinole within thei> re*pective turniaiiv
Diitrtcti ou M.ondnv, the fourth day of Uctober next, ai
0 o'clock A. M , for company parade, iutpcctioii, and martial
xercisr, armed aud ei|Ui|i|>ed according to law, at the pUce>
le>igtiatc<1 lor each district respectively. as follow*, viz:
lit Company Diatiict (A. Troop) comtmn led b> Capt. Ednuud
Charle , Junr. aud bounded by H?u->tou, Wooi.fr. and
''ourih kt eet*, Sixth Avenue. Carmine, Bleecker. and Ilan:ock
u. at tl<e corner of Thi inpaon and Fourtii street*,
in lit on fourth street.
2d Company Diitriet (B. Troop) commanded by Capt. Garet
Lueruen, and bounded by Hou* on, Woo*ter, Amity, and
ireat Jone* ?trett* and the Bowi-iy.at the corner of Mercer
md Amity itieeu, ritthton Amity *i<eet.
3d Comp ny I) strict (Company A.) commandfd by Lieueuaut
Coininandatit John howler, Junr., and bounded bj
Ureal Jones, Amity, itud Wooiler street*, Uuiveraity I'lace.
fourteenth atreet, and tlie Bowery, at the corner of Wootter
,treet aud Waverly Place, right ou Waverley Place.
4 in i onipan) umnci |i/ouii?uiy ui i.um 11?mu.M
' ter Krrbcr, Mud bounded by Fourth street, University Place
ourteenth street and Sixth Avenue, at tlie intersection of tlte
lentre walk, running NorUi and South with the North walk ol
iVashiug'ou ?qu*re.
Mh Company District (Company C ) ri mn.anded by Li*ut
Commandant Jacob Schinid, and bounded by Houston, Mnlierry
and Broome KNb, and Broadwny, at the corner ol
Crosby md Priuce *'re. t. right ou Prince street
Cth Company District (Company D ) common (toil by Lieut.
Commandant Patrick Murrav, and bounded by Houston, Mul
erry and Iirooma itieeu, and the bowery, at the coiner ol
Aott and Prince streets, righi ou Prince street.
7tli Company District (Company i?) commanded bv John
{. Ivuller, and b. undid by Broailway, Canal, Centre, Walker.
)rauke nnd BroAme streets, at the corner of Grand aud fclir
tiee's. rik'liton Elm street.
9th Company Dutrict (Company K) commanded by Captain
'.dward Hiiickcn, and bounded by Walker, Orange and
iroome s reels, and the Bowery, at the corner of Hester aud
ilulberry ttrceu, right < n Mulberry street.
The Kegimeiitii Court of Appeals to hear appeals from fines
nd penalties imposed, will be held at Constitution Hall, No
60 Broadway,ou Monday, Oct. 18th, 1617, at 5 o'clock, P. M
By oider of CHAHLE8 YATE8.
Colonel 4th Kegt. N. Y. 8. M,
8th Wam>.
Pursuant to the above Division orders and the act therein
lientioLed, the unuuiformed privates of the seveial enmi-alies
nf tins Kegiment will asiemble within their respective
Company districts, ou Monday, U>e 4th day of October next, at
10 o'clock, A. M.. f r Company parade, inspection and martial
xe cise, armed and equipped according to law. at the places
levguated for each dintrict re?|ieetively as follows:?
The 1st i ompany district (. oinpauy A.un er command of
['.ape, Heinecke. and bounded hy Br adway, taual, Oreen and
Houston sti., in Metcer St., right on Prince st.
The 2d Company district. C'-mpauy B, under command of
Lieut Meyeihulz, aud bounded by Oreen, Cuial, Laurens and
[Lmston sti, in Wooster St., right ou Prince st
The 3d Companv district. Company C, under commtnd of
ICapl. ltowald, and bounded by Laurens, Canal, Sullivan aud
Houston sti., in Thompson St., right ou Prince st.
The 4th Campany district, Company D under command of
['apt Swartxwalder. and bounded by Sullivan. Caual. Watt..
Varicn and Springsts ,,in Watts at., right on Sullivan st.
The Jth Company district, Coinpiny F., under command of
''apt Bopport, ami Douuded by Siillivau, Spring, Varick ami
Houston st, in Kiug at..,rig it on McDougal st.
The 6th (Company district, Comp ny F, under command ol
Lieut, Khrman, aud bounded by Varick, Watts, Hudson and
Houston sts,. in King St.. right on Varick st.
The7th Compauy district, Companv G,boundrdhy Hudson,
('anal, Greenwich and Hou*tou sts.,iu King it, right ou Huil*on
it., and be under the command of Lieut, rhirmau, who is
hereby detailed Tor that pnrpoM.
The (th Company district, Company II, bounded by Greenwich,
Canal. West ->nd Houiton it., in King it. right on Greenwich
at., auii be under the command of Lieut. Rust, who ii
hereby detailed for that purpoae.
The Regimental Court ni Appeals to hear appeala from fines
or penalties impos< d, will be held at I entre market drill room
an Monday, tttn Oct. neit at 4 o'clock in the afternoon
By order of ANDREW WARNER, Col. itli Reg't.
Third **ii Fifth Waidi
Pursuant to the above Division orders, <ud the Act therein
mentioned, the uuuniformeii Privates of the aereral Comi lunei
uf ihis regiment, will assemble withiu their respective comliaiiy
districts on Monday, the 4'h d*v of October next, ar K
o'clock. a.m..forcnmpany paiade. inspection, and martini rirrcise,
rmed and equipped according to law.ai the places dc
liguated for such oi.trlcta rejpectifely. at follows:?
Company A?Captain W. (ran c is, commandant, bounded b\
Libcity street, B'oadw.-iy, Fulton street. West street, at Ful
con, opposite Church ?t.
Co. B?l.ieut J. Adam, Milderherger, Commondant, bounded
tiv Fulton. Broulway. Murray street, Greenwich street, at
Fultoiu corner of Church street.
Co C?Li'ntenant W O Lfunham, Commandant, and houniled
by Fulton street, Greenwich street. Kesde stieet, West
street, %t Chambers; corner of Washington street.
C?. D?Captiin James W. Farr. Commandant, snd bounded
by Murray street, Broadway, Ileade at, Greenwich street, at
Murray street, corner of College I'lace.
Co. K? Lieutenant W.A Hinclimin, Com'P.indaat, bounded
by Kende street, Broadwny, FranMin street, Hudson st,
at east side of Hudson St. corner of Dunne it
Co. F?Lieutenant W. H. Walker, Commandant, bounded
i,v It Mai* urift. Hudson street. Beach street. West street, at
Y^est mde of Hudson street, corner ol? Dunne street.
Co. O? Captain William Chalmers, Commanduni, bonnded
by Franklin street, Broadway, Canal aud L-light it recti, Hudion
street, at Hudson street, at 8t John's Park.
Co. H?Car tain John Orcgorv, Commaudant, bounded by
Beach atreet, liadaou atreet, Lai?ht atreet. Canal atreet,Weat
atreet, at Hndaon at, opposite St Johu's Park.
Appeals will be heard at Thomaa Hiley'? houae at the comer
of Weat Broadway and Franklin street, for Companies A and
B on Friday, Oct. lith, at 7H P. M.
For Companies C and L) ou Saturday, Oct Itft.at the lame
For Companies K tad F on Tuesday, Oct. 19th, at the same
For Companies O and H on Wednesday, Oct. 20th, at the
same hour.
By order of WILLIAM DODOlC.
Colonel Sib Rcgt N. Y. S M.
7th and 10th >Va?d?.
Pursuant to the above Division Ode's anil the Act therein
"leutioued, the un-nniformed privates o< the several companies
of this Regiment will aasemble within their respective com
pnny di?tricts oa Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 10
o'clock A VI., for company pnrade, iuapection and ir.irtia! eierrise,
aimed and equipped according to law. at the places
designated for each district respectively. as follows:?
Thn 1st Comur.nv District is bounded ny Catharine. Madison
and hltcera street* and East river; will parade (n Monroe at,
right on Pike at. and be commanded by Capt. Thoe. Morton.
The 3d Company Distriet ia bounded by Rutfeis, Madiaoa
and Grand streets and F.ast river; will bo commanded by Cant.
Wm. H. William*, and will parade in Monroe at, the ri|ht oa
Jefferson it.
3d Company District, bounded by Catharine, Division. Rutgers
and Madison streets; will he commanded by Llent.
Comd't F.dgar M. Crawford, aud will iwrade in Henry St, the
right on Market it
4th Company District?Bonnded by Rutgers, Division,
Grind and Madnon str-ets; will be commanded hy Capt ( has
W. Smith, aud will parade in Henry st, the right on 1 liutoti
4th Company District?Bonnded by Division, Norfolk,
Grand end fcldridge itreets; will he commanded by Captain
lames I. Waugh, and will parade In Orohard ?t, the rif lit on
Hester it.
gth Compnny District?Bonnded by the Bowery, Grand,
Mdrnlce and Diflnon street*, will he commanded by Captain
Ojfrn*H. Lontral, aad will parade m Funyth it, tht ri|ht ou
ni^earur Dtotritt???*ad#d>v Norfolk, Rinaftoa,
Alto ?U Ovud streeti: will bt commMI^^^Ksin
Willinm H Underbill. auJ will p >reae iu Lhcb*rH^KT(J'?
n\ ? ^ ?roo'a* street.
Sin ( oinjmo/ DUuict?-Bounded by the Bowery. Hirwtun.
Allen end (Jrand tireeu ; will ue oomnendrd by Cnpuiu
S-w"u??wey.niid will perule in Biooioe street, the
nigOII hryscie st eet.
will stteud et th*Mer*
fhl S!i!!}u!!?S % Mercer*ed Broome ttreels) on
JMV,'1, l,!7 "4"Yl4" k P M- *?< * ?' |he?
*W cl* th*' " ? Ddt to liim lor the remission
of any flue or penalty imiiik my person or ptnoMM
rolled as uu-umformcd members of thia regiment
By order of ANDREW jCfffitfifl KB,
_ Col. 7J> Regiment.
11th anu 13th waidi.
Pursuant to llie above division orders and the act there!
meutiourd the Ui>aiiiforir?d privates of ihe sever,I companies
of tin rrgliuent will aurmli e wiliiiu tl.cir lesiCtive mmiiuiv
dltUICU ou Mood. y the 4 th day of <irtober ueit at iu ? clock
A M , lor v I'tndr i><?pccu<u >u.d Xkrliul exercise'
armed and e<|mpptd according t?. law, at the places designated'
for earh district reipeciively, asfo|lo.\s ,
Company A, Capt. I eoige Lyons. commandant, at the ror~
ner ol C'iui n and Gmnd streets. District bounded by Norfolk
HivinKinu. llidijc, riiu Umsion streets '
Company 1), Captain James Price, comtaandtut, at the
corner ol Grand and Sheriff stiuets. This district ia bounded
by ikidjie, Rit iiiffu ? C auuon, (iiaiid aud Division alieeca.
Cotnpiny C, l apUin M ?VI Van Uvke, c^iiimaiiaaut, at the
corner of Goe/ck aud Grand itireta. '1 hia dutrietia bounded
by Grand, Cannon a. d Ha iukiou atreeta, aud the East Hirer.
Comiutn) L), Captaiu James Little, commandant, nt the corner
of ritt and llout'on atreeta. Thia diatnet ia bounded by
Kiviugtou, Clin'..ii, lloiistou aud Sheriff streets. , *
Company K. Captain George B. Oowiie, C?miaandant, at the
corner of Cauuou and Houatuu streets Tola aiatrict la
buuuded by Riviufcton, Sherifi aud Homton ?tre?u, aud the
East River. _ . ? ?
Company F, Lieutenant Edmuud II. Wevtnin, commandant,
at the comer of Kiflli atreet and Aveuue B. Thia district ia
bouuded by Houston .treet, Ave:ue B, ruth street, and tins
Ka>t River. , . ,,
Company G. Lieutenant Alrah T. Canfleld, cnnimcndant, at
the corner of Seventh atreet nud Avenue fi. iMiu Outrpt ia
bounded by Fifth street, Aveuue B, iNi.th street, and the i^aat
Company H. Lieutenant Jam?s H Dyer, commati ant, at
the corner ol Aveuue B and Niulh streeti. 1 hit district ia
bounded by Ninth street, Ave<.ue B, Fourtee?th street, and
the Eas' Klver _
/t up<t<U will be heard at the Military Hall, No 193 Bowery,
on Friday the lHh October. 1817, ls Mlows Company A, at
8 o'clock,.V M.< Company B. at 9o'clock. A. M i Compaur
C, at Itt ojclock, A. *M : Comwuy D at 11 o'clock, A. i>l?;
Compauy K *' i o'clock, P. VI.,Company a|3 o'clock, P.Mar
Company G,?: 4 o'clock, P. M.; Coiorany II, at 5 o clock,
P.M. By ordero/ CUL. J. \V. STYLES.
17th Wam>.
Pursuant to the xbgre Division Orders nidiheact therein
mentioned, the ui. uniformed privates of the several coinianies
of this regiment will axe table within theii respective coiniiany
Jistiicu uu Voida . the 4th day of Octobei next, at 1* o'clock,
A. >1., for company pur? Jr. inspection and martial exercise.
> rmed aud eq . ipped accriding to Uw, at tile place designated
for each distiict iei>pecti>elv, a? follows ...
]. The district of Company A, commanded by Captain John
f- Helme, md hounded by tlie Bowery, Rivingtou, Eldridge,
Kirai avenue aud Second meet, at the South East corner of
Houston and Christie stieeti. .
2. The diatrict of Company B, commanded by Lieu'enant
Comm't Stephen H. Coinell,and bounded by Kldridge, Rivington,
Essex, Avenue A, Second street, ana First avenue, at
the South West corner of Hon ton and Allen streets.
:i. The district of Company C, commanded by Lieut. Jacob
L Sebring, and bounded by Essex, Rivington, ( Imt 'U, Avenue
B, Second street and Avenue A, at tbe South East corner
of Houston aud No'folk streets.
4. The district ofCompiny D, commanded by Capt. Charles
T. bulwinkle, and bounded by the Bowerr, Second street,
Firit Avenue, and Sixth street, at the South East corner of Second
avenue and Kourth s reet
j. Tiie districr of Company E, commanded by Capt. Marvin
H. Pitman, aud bounded by First avenue, becoud street, Ave
ue H. and Six'h street, it the South East corner of Avenue A
aud Fourth street.
C The district of Company F, commanded by Capt John N.
Hayward, and bounded by the Bowery, ixth street. Avenue
B, Seventh street, Avenue \ and Eighth street, at the Mouth
Eitst co' uer of -ecoud avenue and seventh street.
7. '1 he district ot Company U,i ommiiideifby Capt. Richard
1). Thompson, and bounded by t>e Mi wery. Eighth i tieet.
Avenue .i.and Tenth street, at the South Kast corner of Second
in erne ..nd Niui'i street.
8. The district of Company H, commanded by Capt Henry
B. Melville, and bounded by the bowery, Tet th stieet, Avenue
B. aud Fourteenth street, at the South East corner of Second
avenue ami Twelfth street
The Regiments! Court of Appeals, to hear appeal* from
lineaor penalties imposed, will be held at Military Hall 191
Bowery, on Thursday, the 21st of October, 1817, at 1J o'clock
in the forenoon. By order of
Col. Comm'g 9th Regt- N. Y. S. Militia.
9th W?m
Pursuant to the above Division Orders end the Att therein
mentioned, the unuuiforined privates of the arveral companies
of this regimeat will assemble within their respective ouinp i
iiv districts on Monday, the -l<h day of October next, at 10
o clock, A. M.. for company parade, inspection and martial ex?rriHA
grm#H ami rnni arrnrrtinir tn Ikw at the d'hCCI lit
signaled for each district respectively, as follows
lit District, company A, bouud-d by the Htdson River,
Hammerily. Bedford and Bairo m streets, aud ccmmajded by
Thomas Jones, captain, at the north east eoiuer ui Hudson aud
l.eroy streets.
2d District, company B. bounded by Bedford, Himmarsly.
Hancork, Bleeckerand Carmine streets, Sixth tvenue aud
B irroM street, and commanded bv Henry L. llnrlzl- , Ctptaiu,
at the north east corner of Bleecker and Cornelia stirets
3d District,company C, bounded by the Huds u It vrr, Harrow,
Hudson aud l'o>ry streets.and commauJed bv Henry Biuner.
explain, at the north east corner of WashiuK'ou and Amua
4th District, enmpanv D. bounded by Hod on street, Barrow
street, ttiith 4veuue ami Amos ?t.. commanded nv l.o nelius
Clark, e< ptaiu, ut the north east corner of Knanh and I hristophrr
st eets.
i.Ii District, roropany E, bonudfd by the Ha !son River,
Perry, Hudson and Troy st eets, and comma',, ed bv James
M'Urath, captain, at the north east corner of Washington an
Bank streets.
6th Distiict, Company F, bounded by Hadsnn, Amos, Faelory,
and Troy streets and comm 'uded by James 1L Dod*e,
Captain. at the North Eait corner ol Fourth and Perry st eels.
7lit District, Company U, boarded by the Hadsoa river,
Trov street. Eighth avenue, vnd Fourteenth st eet.aud comminded
by Cornelius Vmdervcei. C-pt-un, at llie North Ea.t
corner of Oreo wich and Horatio streets.
8th District. Coui|?ny H, bounded by Eighth avenue, Trov,
K.ictorv nnd Amoa streets, t)ia>h avenue aud Fourteenth St.,
Mid commanded by Jacob Bayuor, Captaio, at the North Eist .
Comer of Seven h avenue aim Eleventh street.
The Regini'util Court of Ai'i??ls. to hear appeals from
lines aud pen- Ities imp sed wll beheld at the Nothero Kmrhaugc.
No 27J Bleecker st-eet on Friday, the Kd day of October,
1847, at 7 o'clock lu the afternoon.
By order of CM AKLF.S J. DODGE.
Lt. Col. CoiMn'g lOth Regt. N. i. V. M.
16th and Wuui
Pursuant to the above Division Older* and the set therein
mention* d the auumformed privates of the several Companies
of tins Regiment w ill assemble within their respective i ompaay
(list icts, on Monday, the 4th c'ay of October next, at 10
o'clock A. M , for co-npiny jwrade, inspection and manial exercise,
arnud and equipped according to law. at ih* places designated
tor each district respectively, at follows:?
1st. Company District (if Company A, commanded byCaptuiu
Robert ! . Fraker. bounded by the Huuaon River, i>ourUenth
street, the Eighth avenae ana Nineteenth street, on the
the con er of Fouiteeuih street mil Kighth svenoe.
2d. i'ompauy District of ( omp&n B. commanded by Captain
lohn J. Hidtrii, honnded by tli- Kighth avenue. Fourteenth
street, Sixth avenue anil Nineteenth stieet, on the corner 01
Kourteenth street and Sutli avenue.
3d. Company District of Company O, commanded by Cap
t&iu Jutin SeuleM, bounded by the Hudson Kiver, Ni,ieteenth
street, the Kighth avenue and Tweuty-eiiihth street, on the
coruer of Nineteenth street MlAl Kighth avenue.
<th. Company District of Company 1), commanded by ''apmin
Fiederick Piessueeker, bounded by the Eighth avenue,
Nineteenth str-et, ths Hixiii avenae, end Thirtieth street, on
th- corner of Thirtieth sue.-1 and Kigmh at etine.
Jtli Company District of Company K.cminnded by Captain
Johu -VlcMahou, bounded by tlo- Hudson Hirer, Twettvei|(htli
street,, the Eighth avenue, Ihirtieth street, the Sixth
ttetiiie and Fort eth stieet. on the corner of Ttteutyeigluh
strietuud the Eigh.h avenue.
6th. Companv District of Company F, commanded by Captain
A. Henderson, bounded by f'xth avenue, Konrteenth
street. East Kiver au<l Niueteeih stieet,on the coruer Fourteenth
?tre*t cud S xth avenue.
7'h. Compauv District of Company G, eomman led by Captain
H V. Hsrdeubn'U. bi unded bv the Sixth avenue. Nineteenth
street, the Eis River and 1 weutieth street, on the corner
ol Twenty-l^ixih street and Sixth avenue.
8th. Compa .y District of Compa.iy H, ci mmanded by Captain
John l*. Ellis, iid hounded by Sixth avenue, Twenty
ixih street, Kant River and Fortieth street, on the corner of
Twenty-sixth steer and hixtli avenue.
The Kegu/.enUl Conrt of appeal, to hearappe\ls from fines
nud penalties imposed, wi'l he held at the .Madisou Cottage,
eoruer Fifth avenue and Twentv-lhird street, en Monday, the
18th of Ocober, at 2 o'clock in the alternoou. By order of
ROBERT C. MORRIS, Col. llth Regt. N. Y. 8. M.
12th Ward.
Pu'sumt to the ab^ve Division Orde*sand the Aeftherein
mentioned,the on nniuforimd privnresof the severalCrimjaniea
of this Kegiment will assemble within their respective compiny
districts, on Monday, the 4th day of October next, at 10
o'clock A.M., for com* any parade, inspection and martial evereise,
armed and equipped according to law. at the place*
ne?iunited fore^ch district retpectively, ai fo low*:?
i'ompauy A, < <i| tain Vii.ee.it, commandant, bounded by
4th avenue, lviM stteet, ?th avenue and 86tli street, at N W.
corner of 4th aveuUc and 86th stieet.
Company B. Cptsin Hetts, commandant, bounded by 4th
tvenne, HarlemHivi and K lis, K.vi'. Kiver, and kfitii street, at
N. K corue' of 4th avenue and t6 h stieet.
Company C, < ajit. Mayher. command <nt, bounded by a line
uuuingdne west Irom the nigh bridge. thefiu'l?,,ii river, 8pnyrn
D'lyvel Creek and Harlem river, to the h gh Indge, ou
Kui*ahiid<e road, opposite the high "ridge.
i> mpuiv D, Cipt Fiiidhommcomtn ndant, bound-d by
the 3tl> avei,n'. Ml h sr, llnils-iu river M i.hittaq st.and 125th
?t ?t N W t r ol W;huveniie and fl6'h ?t
Company E < ait. vt-7.7. >n?, cotrmm.dint, bounded by Ith
avenue R'itli st the Hudson river, aud 40th it, at N. W. coruer
8th avenue and 4(ith ?t.
Company F, < apt. Wilson, coirimnudaut, founded by 4th
I avenue, 4'irh st, 3th avenue and 86 h st, at S. W. cor. of 4th av
I (IIUI nun OUIII [.
Ccinuanv U, Capr. Revn Id.i, commandant, bounded by 40|l>
: at, Kn?t river, 8iithat. and 4th avenue, *t B. E. cor. of Mth at
and 4th avenu?.
Company H, I.tent Coindt. Ayrea, Commandant. hounded
by 4th avenue. Harlem Uiverto Huh Bridre.theijcc dna treat
to Hudaon river,and alon? mid rirrr to Main itan atreet, 115th
treet, 8th avenue and 129th atreet, ou 10th avenue, near
Trinity Cemetery. _
Appeala will be heard at No 142 Fulton itraet.New York
City, ou Turaday, the Uth, VYedueaUa" 11th, aud Thai-aday.
the 14th d*y? of October nett, between the hoora of II M aud
1 P. M. of each day named.
2t l?tre f'?Unel
Monthly report for September, of th?
new York medical and surgical instiTUTE,
No.T5 r.himbere atreet.
4 Dyipepaia, radically eared. 4 Knip'i inn ?ii Sk.u.
6 Co?tiveue<?, permanently 3 Jatp; *'u?i of H art.
cured. 1 Pari?l iliindreaa.
1 Bad caaei of Filei. 5 Falling ?f the 'Vonsb.
9 Hemiual WeakneaafromSe- 4 ' ?' ' et
eret habit. 2 P"i" ? the Cheat.
5 C..?ea Midwifery. 3 Liver Coniplatut
7 G iaea of tiono. rhma. 2 Pr tnarv < ,.??uir prion.
4 Secondary Venereal J Had f onuli
3 Irritation of 'irelh.a and I B' e<ftn Lint*
Neca of Bladder. 3 Bi; !!?., tiu.
4 Nodea on Tii'ia- f- Intermittent Fever.
3 Whiter of louj ataudinif. 7 Primary Chai cr-i.
4 Inipoteuey. 3 Vtuere-.l Bore Throata.
1 Balanita.
5 Bad uijnriei attended to. 4 InriolviitUleer* o.i the L?e?
2 Amputation*. ?f |o?r atandinjr
HO yenereal Warfa iemov"d 2 Uvula* removed.
9 Stricture* cured tn rue I re- ) Toe nail removed
thra, without pain. .1 Operation* to lelieva Dfr
' 1 Lar*e .\bceaaea opened. formity.
1 Operation* for H<i>>iiiting. 2 Operation* for PhrflMeM
1 Kadi il Artery lied. i Biihoe* Opened.
j 1 OpeM'ii'ii lor Stricture. 2 Sand iu the Bladder.
2 Kracttirei attended to.
Attendmi Smitaon ?ud riiyucian.
I aHllt*rc 7SChiinher< 'fret.
\irONR! RrUL DISCOVERY.-8 riker'i HolaHo., for
" the Hair, which will r.h*nire firy h . to tt? mutual
I color in a 'ew minut** Thia SoiMfiot, t? uiffei. nt from any
yet offered 1'lutie who doubt tt? virtue* atr requeued rq
I bare their hair ch-.n*ed before paying their money. l/ne trial
I will prove the fact. The Solution cai be had at C. B. HamI
mond'n, 271 Broadway, corner of Chamber* atreet; Dr.Ch aate
ny, 1M Bowary; Dr. Conayaetre, 39 Chatham atreati and "t

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