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_.. j? e* i 1 n
tltutlon submitted to their. *daolsion The following
comprise the aots regulating the financial affair* of the
fttate :? '
Requiring all lawi oreatln g corporations, not possessing
tmnkiuu powt-rs, to bo gen *ral ,
Prohibiting the oreatiou o f any State bank whatever
Refusing to permit the Stat. I to become interested in <
any corporation or association for banking purposes i
R-quiring that all acts au thorUlng corporations or 1
itcMKCiations with banking pow< rs, shall take effeot only
upon the approval of a majority of the people, at a vote \
to he taken at some general election. <
Making all stockholders in any ouch corporation liable
for the debts of the same, to thw extent of the amount t
of the value of their shares Is iiuoki corporation. <
Restricting the general assemtily from borrowing any 5
juuney unleart In oases of insnrr.mtj ion. invasion or war '
without submitting the law, aul'hl irising the loan and
providing for lt? payment, to the'people, at leut three ?
nionthn before the time ol voting. <011 the same,requiring a t
majority of all the votes cast for 'is embers of the general
axsemhly to give to Sflch law valitt'ity and force. i
RefuMing to allow tike credit of *the State to be given 1
iu aid of any iudividuti corporal 1 on or association. l
Adopting an equitable system tof revenue baaed upon <
the actual valuation of property.
By authorising the levying or a capitation tax when
the general assembly may deem H . expedient.
Two artiolefl were adopted by the convention, to '
submitted separately to the poo pie, as distlnot prop oeitions,
leaving the residue of the constitution unaff ?cted
by the action thereon. The flJ st restricts the Id jaigratlon
aud introduction, under aiay oiroumstancee ^ 0f free
negroes into the State; the second is the artlc ^ providing
for the imposition of a 'tax of two mills ^0[.
lar's worth of taxable prope rty in the State, ihi proceeds
of which are to be applied to the discharg t 0j the ?ntlre
debt known as the internal, improvemer ,t j?hi h? I
psiying the principal of su<<* debt, w', the Interest aoorued
and acorulng thereon. This ar ,tid? contemplates
a consent on the part of tk? cred' .tort to this propoil_
The principal part of the debt ? 118,344,880; a two mill
tax In 1849^ -will produoe n\>ov,t $200,000. This Ux will
inorease annually at the of about Sfven per oentum
throughout the twenty-flv ? years, reasoning from experience
oonnected with v advancement. Taking
these two propositlens ri* the baal'i for a calculation in
nineteen yean, this t?X will y'.eld $6,194,000, which
leaves unpaid of the,-principal, only $61,380. There is,
however, already accrued $2,? 48,372 of interest, which
will be increased t a about $3 000,000 before this provision
can be earried Into operaU 0n. There will accrue, during
the nineteen years, $3,5',9,910, making the aggregate of
interest due at that tl'jje $6,6&9,916, which, however, Is
subject to constant 'reduction from three-flfths of the
mill and a half fu?d raised, which, in the nineteen
years, amounts to ^3,794,300, leaving interest then really
due amounting t0 $3,776 313, To this add the unpaid
portion ofth?^ principal, $41,380, and we have $3,8*26,996,
which, wi jj0Ut any great lnorease of interest, is yet to
b? diBr ,/>arged. To do this we now have the aggregate
' u'^d produced from the three-flfths of the mill and 'a
4alf tax, and from the two mill tax, whloh, in the six
following years, will produoe $4,358,700, whioh will liquidate
the whole amount, being an exoeis of nearly
The value of agricultural and other products imported
into Cincinnati by river, canals and railroads for the
year commencing September 1, 1846, and ending August
31,1847, inoluslve, distinguishing the value of each deeertptlon,
was as annexed:?
Commerce ok Ciwcinnati?Value or Imports.
n j a Quantity. Value. Total. Value.
Flour,bbla 512,'.06 $2,111,624 71
CoruiVleal, bush 56,775 39,034 fO
Wheat, do 590.809 472,617 20
Corn, do 896,258 401,316 10
Oati, do 372,027 130.244 45
Kye, do 41,016 18,457 20
Barley, do 79,304 38,109 12 3,313,432 79
Beef, bbls. nd tes... . 191 1,74150
i'ork and batioo. hhds.. 5,476 ?
Do tr? 121 ?
Do, bbU. 40,581 ?
Do, in balk, lbs 8,627,399 1,062,232 91
Lar.. b^l? 21,991 ?
L>o. K? *?.. 22 722 388,0811 23
Hom.NO, 38.774 31 ,192 0(1
Tlllow, tibia 1,7?8 10,610 00
Dairy Ptoducta?
Butter, bl>V 6,345 ?
Do kens 9,070 185,302 50
0 eeie,casks.., 483 ?
Do, boiej... 120,301 38,721 28 221,026 78
Fruitt. Duriltitic_
Api'lei lC>.< bbla 26 993 51,281 80
Dn?d F.tkita, both.... 82,871 03,153 25
Jteanons, boxes 2,185 5,182 50
4 )rat gca, do 4,137 12.411 00
1 laai >, do 11,990 33,980 00- 163,211 55
Nuvai M'.rra?
C kikum, bbla ........ 1,100 4,125 00
B Cam, Fitch Tar, bbla 5,001 15.012 00 It, 137 00
Huu.irv Produce?
B mm bbla 11,768 35,304 00
C, bu, aliurta aocka... 14.594 7,297 00
Kllvs, bblo 3,561 J4,927 00
KtMh r>, sacks 2,767 37,354 50 *
(4.tease, b la 482 5.422 50
H*y, b?l?a 7,049 10,575 00
HO|?, bbls 1 061 18.620 00
M?<r, bujh 12.562 <165 30
PoUtora. bbls 15 829 12,663 20
Bee > Km? , bbla 31.753 77 259 00
Do (?ia<a, bbla 4,964 49 640 00 287,327 50
Total Agricultural P.oducta $3 9ny,o35 62
L?iuoia 1.( 5 041 10
a.ail Leather 369.208 95
Melala 1,578 89 1 25
Pundriea 1,852 IH)2 37
?ir ce ? 2.934.300 50
Mncli lldiie... 31.325,400 00
Lumber 1296 617 00 I
Cattle.., 1 338 500 00
Total... $19,509,141 80
This sfciount embrace* the value ol import* as stated
above, by river, canal*, an (^railroad*; the receipta by
other soui?oe* are not included. It il estimated that in
the season, an average of four hundred farmer*' wagon'*
mostly two horse teams, arrive daily, loaded with every J
variety of ptoductf, part of whioh is for supplying th? 1
Immediate wa-.ts of the olty, and the balance for export. ,
This give* but a faint Impression of the unlimited ra
?"uroe? or that prolific motion of the oountry. The export
trade ?f a single city in the State ot Ohio, a State \
which, forty years ago, washardly known, amounts to '
more than on? half of the aggregate foreign export trade !
of the country. i
NtooU KxcHang*.
? 000 Trea Note* t\% 104 50 shs Morris Canal ijv 1
'JiX " HyracosefcU Scrip 103 ,
In ? 1) ,03?4 50 Utica li ocli'y lis
500 do %M m\ 13 Utica So rip 6 1
300* do b60 10 4 350 Canton Co ii W
5000 State 5'. '60 101 30 8,1 b60 3iW
moo U St'let *67 103)4 50 dn .on
ROM III Special fid* 45)i 100 Nor k Wor l*o 49 ?
J000 do l*n?r 43.0 123 do 48V: I
42!'S 2 "56 ''Si ,M* 530L Island RR 31 w I
70?0 ft ending Udi 73 130 do tlO ] fi
"0 do 7>k 100 do ? ? J
50?! k a?0. ?L 1,60 73* Mo Harlem RU j2^ '
15 shs AtateBks 89 130 do .in '.i&
040 Redding RR 63W 100 do (lw 52V
do 63)5 50 do lW
<1?,^ ,M 43 100 '1? b30 S-J
50 Fanners Trust 3I)?' 100 do .i%
5t?? <1"(, 31 50 do blO Sa-. 1
59 Mortu Ctnal b?0 13 50 do btw 1
Second Board. ' *
SM10 Trea Notes 6'a 103X 50 shs Harlem RR i
'?< o do 10sS 50 do So I
2'islis Stoiungton RR 59)J 50 do ?*i? i
50 do beo 6# 50 do ,10 iJ',
50 Harlem RR s60 52 50 Farmer , Trn?r* ??
100 do b?0 52X 50 Nor wi,
New Stock Exct? * ,
,T.'h7s:,K-s S'S* s'-L^RR ., 3i? |
is '"six t5 5is
30 do alO ^ i do sS 48ij|
50 do >3 50 Farmers' Loan, b3 3l?'
100 L Island RR aS' "g 2r. . # c*il! 2J.,
loo do i Canton Co b3 34 4
__ ft3 3IH 50 M0 34X
.tw York, Monday ArTxanoow, Sept. 27.
The 1(0ur market exhibited very little change. Freeh
tftaeels from new wheat sold at full price* and closed
firm. In old there wan no change, while sales were very
small. Small tales of Southern new were made at full
|,IIUC. , " ??, >UIUU iron uiiu, nuu HHirK UI I
Southern and Western, wore made to a fair extent. Pork i
wa* firmer, and ial?H madejat v!6 a 60o. per barrel above
the cloning rat** of Saturday. With the ? zception of
sugar, in wbiob some oales were making, groceries were
Aiho?Small sale* of pot* were reported at fb 60;
while pearl* were held at $<i 60 a $8 02>ii.
Btiiwii?Hale* of 3000 lb* Northern yellow were
made at 34){c.; and 64HK) do Western yellow were made
at 2Ac.
II *ri ihtt:rri?Flour?Sale* of 1000 bbl*. Oenesee, I
ground from new wheat, were made at f '> 87HI 860 do,
new do, at $6 81^; 6 a BOO do. Oiwego. old, at $6 6'iX;
260 do, etraight brand* new Michigan,Hold at f6 76; 100
do, at $6 and 100 do, old, at $6 6'JXt and 400 do. j
new Miflhigan, at 116 AO; MM) do, Ohio round hoop, aold |
at $5 66>i a $6 UUH; 600 a 600 da, Troy now, *old at $6 (
76, new Southern was held at $0, at which *ale*of'J00 i
M)l* Pet?r*b\ir({ city mill* were made; 900 do, Western 1
sour, sold at $4i6; 700 do, at $4 l'JX; 600 do. at $4; and
600 do, at $4 I9K. Il'hrat ? Sale* of 800 bu*hel* Oetie- :
ere new, were made at I'Mo; 1300 do do, at 1'iJXc; 1600 J
do. N Carolina new, *old at 114c; 3000 do, lllinoi* Red,
sold at llOo; 1900 do, New Orleans inferior, *old at l(MJc;
and U 000 do. common do, were reported at 100c. Corn I
? Sale* of 40?0 to 6000 bukhela high mixed, wereimade at 1
<16 a 86><c; about 10,000 do. do, *old at ?0c, part high flat 1
mixed; 4000 do, flat yellow, sold at ?7o: and 600 do. Hat !
whits, at i.hc Mral?A eale of 1600 bbl*. deliverable In
Brooklyn, were made at *9 &? {, which wa* oou*idered
iqual to $2 delivered in New York Hye-YVe only I
heard ol a small sale of about .100 bu*hel* made at 83,<c.
Hyc Flour?Male* of 160 bbl*. were made at $4 11^.
0<i/*~Ths article whh eonie firmer, and a cargo *old at I
60i). Harlty?1900 bushel* of old were told at?0c.
Jiti tifii* ilutpn the Huiituti Uiver, Brph mhtr 1
and '26th.
Hour 8,600 barrel*. '
Wheat J.600 bu*heU.
Corn 13,000 " {
Corn Meal 4Ao barrels.
Rye I .WOO bushel*.
Cot TO* The iale* to-day amount to 1600 bales, about i
JiHMl of wliioh were taken for shipment at prices equal to '
jl\- for strictly middling New Orleans, and 12c for 1
f l middling Th? lecldu# of the sale* were to manil- '
fUjiurvi*. -
w i>ofttlnu*4 firm at >la. j,
I* 1
Corrcc?Th? market ?m quiet, the l?at sales of Rio
mad* at 7!<c. a 7){e. There waa no change In
other description* A public uli of Rio ia to come oil
on Wednesday, the Jith toit.
Ki?h?Sales of liw quintals newly arrived dry ood,
vera made at $J 60, the market closing firm Mackerel
?About iOOl) barrels had arrived,a considerable portion
if which had been previously Hold To-day SM) barrels
eere sold on forma not Understood. Herring?Sales of
WOO boxes ware made. Including acaled, at HOc. a 90c;
So. 1'a, 56c , nod No. 36fl
IIi mp ?The market for dew rotted oontinued firm at
(140 a $160 per tor. There were no aales reported of
sonsequenoe in an y description
Hioks?4'iO M?,c? moras, slightly damaged by water, and
lold for accounV of underwriter*, brought caah The
'argo ot the '^tar Republic frotn Montevideo, upwards of
10.000 was feeing atored,the dealers declining tkern at l'ic.
The iinpo /ta at this port for the preaent year, already
unouut t-> mu- 700,000, against about 440,000 for the
tame p?Mo4 laat year, showing an enormous increase In
he im'yorta of this article
Lba TH*a ?The market is more firm, and prices have
>ear',y recovered the fall which took place during the
Mt, two weeks Heavy weights and poor damaged are
" rj ucaroe and bring full prioes. Should the river navi,Won
close early, the stoofc of leather for the winter will
be unusuily light. Oak tanned sole has advanced fully
one cent per pound on all descriptions. A publio sale
will take place nest Thursday
Lkad?'The market for pig stood at $4 30 a $4 WXLimb?we
quote at ttOo.
Mdhsih-No sales
Naval Stores?Raw turpentine was held at (3 60 per
280 lbs.; splilti do, at filo a o'Jc per gallon, and rosiu at
65o. for North county,and at.76o for Wilmington. There
waa no ohtnge in tar,and no sales of Importance reported
in any kind to day.
Oils Linseed ?Since the recent speculative purchases,
Euglish has declined, and sales of 3000 gallons
were made to-day at 68o, In caBh. City pressed American
has declined about 3 cents, and sales of 4600 gallous
were made at 61c cash. Country, in barrels, was held
at 68 a b9o. Both crude and manufactured fish oils continued
firm, without sales of moment having transpired.
Oil Cue-A sale of 60 tons brown was made at $41 60
I'kovuions ? Sales of 300 barrels mess pork were made
at $13 60; and 300 do were reported sold at $13 76; and
400 bbls prime do, were sold at $10 60. Lard?No sales
were reported, and the market was rather quiet Beef
? No change. Mutter remained about the same. Cheese
?Sales of about 140# boxes were made, part for export,
consisting of Oblo at 6>? a 7c, aud good dairies, this
State, were made at 7 a 7K"5
jvice?inoiuuing me iransaciionti 01 nmuruay ana
Friday last, the bale* have reached about 130 tierces, including
Inferior to oommon. at $4 60 a $4 76, goo<l do
$4 87>2. and Prime $6 36 a $6 60.
Seed?Sine# the sale of 70 barrels clover on Saturday,
at 7Xc, we have beard of no transaction*.
Suuar ?Sales of 300 hhds New Orleans ware made on
private terms. Muscovado continued in fair demand
without change in prices.
Tallow ?Parcels from the Botcher*' Melting Association,
with small lots from the oountry,oontinue<] to sell
at 10 ct*.
Whalkbo.uk ?We continue to quote N. W. at 34 a 36,
whioh seemed to be above the views of buyers.
Wii iskkv ?Sales of about 360 bbls. were made at 38}f.
It wan said -D, was refused for drudge.
Frkiuhts ?Naval Stores were taken for Liverpool at
18d, and Cotton at }*d. To London there was no change.
There wa* more Cotton offering for Havre, and packets
were obtaining \o., and a transient ship had been filled
?t >?o.
Albany Market.
Albany, September 37, P. M.
Flour.?The market continued firm at $6 7o a $6 87>tf
for new Genesee and western brands, witbtut sales of
moment. Wheat.?We have only to note a small sale of
000 bushels new Genesee, on terms not understood.
Corn.?The market was some firmer, and sties of
6000 bushels were made, consisting of western mixed, at
03 cents, and of yellow at 04 cents. Barley.?Sales of
600 bubhels were made at 76 oents. Whiskey continued
firm. lUceipts by Canal during the past twenty-four
hours ?Flour, 10,000 bbls.; Corn, 16,000 bushels; Oats
4,000 do. No change in freights.
On Saturday the 3ath inst., by the llev. Dr. Francis
S. Hawkes, Edwin A. Johnson, to Mis* Ellen Woodruff,
all of this oity.
Monday the 37th inst, by the Rev. Alexander Leonard,
Sebastian Lehmann, of Boston, to Cornelia,
daughter 01 the late Joseph L. Heyt, of New York.
In Amsterdam, N. V., on the 31?t inst., Kate Elizaheth,
daughter of Louis G. and Catherine D. ilirschteld,
of this city, aged nine months and five days.
On Sunday evening, after a short illness. Louisa
Graham, second daughter of Joseph B. Varnum, aged
17 year*.
The friends and aonuaintannaa nf lh? f"?ii- i
vited to attend lier funeral without further invitation,
tblf (l'ueailay) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence
o. her lather, No. 21 Washington aquare.
Weekly Report or Deaths.
In the City and County of New York, from the I'th day of
September to the 24th dav of Septrmber, 18)7.
Men 67; Women 48; doyi 88; Uirls C8. Toul 281.
Abscess, 1; Apoplexy, 8; Asthma, 1; Atrophia, 1; Bronchitis,
1; Bleeding. I; Buruedor Scalded, I; Cancer, I; Casualties.
2; Cholera Infantum, lit Consumption, 40; Couvulsious,
16; Croup, 8; Congestion of Iuuki, 1: Conttipation, 1; Debility,
14; Delirium tremens, I; Uiarihuii, 7; Dropty t; Dropsy
in the head. It; Dropsy in the chest, I: Drowned, 1; Dysentery,
35. Kpil'psy, 2 ; ?rysipe|as, 2; Kever, 7; do bilious
1: do icmittent, 4; do scarl(t>do typhiod, 7; do typhus. 13;
Krver, congestive, 3; Heart, disease of, 1 :*H ydiophobia/1; lullamniation.
2; luflnnmaiion of brain, 3; lull tnmatiou ol
bowels, 10; liillainnwttoii of lungs, 4; lulliiiiuialiiui ol sumach,
3; luHsniinulion of liver, 2; lusamty, 1; lutemperauce,
2,1 auiliou, 1; lutus<uscepii*-i.i; Jauudice, 1; .VialI or alien,
1; Mtrasmus, 17; ? easle-, 1; Old Age, 1; Premature birth, 3.
Rheumatism, I; Kuptue, 1; Scrofula. 1; Spinal Disea>e. 1;
-piue, 1; !>ai"ide, i; Tetanus, 1; Ulcerr, 1; Mortification of
Intestines, 1; Unkuowrn,2.
Age?Uuiier one year, 56; 1 to 2 yeari, 42; 2 to 5 31; 5 to in,
16; 10 to 20,11; 20 to 30, 36 ; 30 to 40,36; 40 to 50, 24: 10 to 00, 4;
SO to 79, 9; 70 to (0,1; 80 ro ), 2; unknown, 3.
A- W. WHITE, City Inspector.
City Inspector's Office, Sept 27. 1847.
SPLKNDIt* 8TAINER VIOLIN.?For sale, a genuine
ntaiuer Violin, acknowledged by ihe first Maaters and
Amateurs in all parta of the worl i, to be one ?f the sweetest
toned iu?trum> nts ever manufactured by that celebrated maker.
Although two hundrred years old it is In perfect preservation.
*ud will be sold lor less |mu us value. Mav be seen, (and
[he owner's address obtained,) at the Music Store ofHluNOK
IJODONE, No. 403)4 Broadway, who has also for sale a great
variety of other Violins, Musical Iustruuieuts in general, Muiic,
Ike s25 3t . < M T * re
[ MJ'UKTA^NT?The highly oeieuraied Mme. juid .nous
? nvm uaisih, nrti uancer* ul tlie reputed Theatre La
lanla. of Milaii,{through the inediumof Mr. L. Martini, their
Mieut) have tile honor to anuouiice that the? will toon produce
l>efore the American public a uew entertainment. which will
coniist of Dramatic or Historical Ballets, with the aasistance
?f the eminent mimic, Mons. Barthnlomin, Composer anil Director
ol the Ballet*, Mou*. Corby, the great comic dancer, of
the principal citiei of Krauce, ana the tint dancer*, Mile Anna
Bulau, and Mou*. Uro**i.
All application* for engagement* to be made to Mr. L. Mir
mi, the *ole ageat for the Barlholomin and Monplaiair Com
l>any for the United State*, at hi* residence. 290 Broadway,
Hotel de Pari*. au26 ThSaSufcTu< w re
POWKL.L O.N TI1K KVfc.?Just Published, a Popular
Treatiaeou theKTK.it* Di*ea*e*. and their cure, with
wgravinga, rule* fir the seleciiou of spectacles, Stc., 8?o.,
Tica 60 ce^t*. To be had at the author'*, ami of booksellers
Dr. ??well attend* eiclusirely to dneaiea of the Eye and
ej" 1<0i? 9 to 4 o'clock, at hi* office 361 Broadway, corner of
"1 krreu *treet.
Artificial Kye* of a (uperior quality recently imported.
*14 30t*r?>
MAIKKT k HOBKRT, 31 Liberty street,h*ve lately reneived
and offer for sale several cases of Jewelry, f om
the mint celebrited manufacture iu Oeneva, comprising a
general assortment, amongst which are Bracelets, with
Watahe* and other rich articles. Constantly ou hand, rich
tieneva Watches, such as Duplex, Anchor Kscapement*, and
Cylinders, from the first manufacturers. Also, a complete
md general aisortment of the commou kind of Watehe*.
from manufactories of Locle,Chauz de Food*, and 8t. Imier.
18 30t*m
RICH KANCT UOODti, 325 Broadway, (opposite the
new Broadway Theatre), has received by the late ll.iyre
|?cketaand hreorh steamers, a new and elegaut stock of
Koods, to which he call* the attention of wholesale and retail
l*ircha*'r*. Ainonr the aasortment are rich Kans^ Work Bo*
ca, UICSHI11K oiuri, I K|irieiici, w ruing L/esKI, Hue Uroil7.fl,
Bohemian 0 a?tware, choice Perfumery, Card Ones, Purses,
Meticules, Work Tables, Card Receivers, Walking Canes,
richly decorated Porcelain Vases and Boudoir Ornaments. lite
Stationery, Toilet Appendages, Musical B >xcs, Seraphinas,
Accordeous, Pocket Books, rorte-nionti&ies, he. he. he.
?21 6tia*rc _
BOAKDINH.? A lew Boarders, ilcmring a reniriil location,
with agreeable room*, furiished or unfurnished, or meala
only?inquire at 31 Beekmau street, between Nassau and William
atrrer* References required ?2.'?St*rrc
1>l) A I'llAI Tie AC ' II K VI 1ST ?Wa.it rd to'empluv a
practical Cliemiat, a* a manager in a white lead manjArtury
lu the West, lie muat have had some ye.iri of eineriHice
in ihe best mode ol inaraifaciuriiig white lead, red lead and
lillierage ; and produce lie best of testimonials lor hit moral
character, capacity and hnmta ol industry. None othera need
lptdy. To inch a one, a permantut situation and a liberal
lalary will be given. Apply to
.22 l?? rc IAMK* BOROARDI'S, 40 Kid idgc ?t.
C5 aud grammatically tte above language, in public instructiona,
private families, and at hn residence, tn Broadway.
Mr. P. has been a Profeaaor iu the College of Buena Viata. of
Havana College of Tampico, Government's School of Tula,
botlege of (taidaloiipe of Lima; Miss Kuglisli's Femtle Seminary,
and Rev. McVene'a Academy, (Jeorgetowu, D. C.
P givea lesions in the aaid language through the Knglith or
French, on modeiare tirmi
HrrKREftcg*?Messrs. Pow Talauea, F.dwin L. Stone,
K.?q., Don Vl.de ruga ,24 |0t*rc
L^ABIIlUiNADLIC UAMCIMti, No. t Washington Place,
K Bud 74 Leon-rd street.
M'lle PAUJLINK DIlHJAKDINH, of the Royal Academy
>f Mimic, of Paria, meat respectfully announce! tp her pupils,
i*d>a<aiid ?'iitlemen residing up town,that she will commence
Iter classes for the Tmtiou ol Dancing in all its fashionable
branches, at her residence, 74 Leonard street, on Monday Sep[ember
20; and at No. Washington Place, on Saturday, Octoitm
2, whea she will have the pleasnre of Introducing several
nKnces entirety new, which she has just received from Paris.
Be.ndes'he usual Dances taught in the classes. M'lle I) will
each the fylka Mazurka, the Mazurka and Polk* Quadrilles;
various Polkas, new waltz a cinq temps, the Viennoise or
wall/, a deux Irmpi, and ihe new and graceful walu Redowa.
M'lle D. takes this method i f returning thanks la her numerous
patrons, and begs also to state, that those ladies and gentlemen
who inay honor her with their patronaga, may rest
issii red that she will take every means to impart that grace
\nd elegance of style so essential to the modern ball room.?
Schools and private families attended. Public classes and piivate
lessons at her n-sideuce, 74 Leonard street. West side ol
Broadway, and No. I Washington Place, where terms and
hours of attendance inn v be known. si.') 30t"n'
WINKS, h> -The mbscrikcr offers fur sale, in wihmI mid
hi glass, the highest order of Sherry Wines, in butts,
Midi., qr. c ?sk?, d> mijohns, aud in bottles; Madeira, in do do
rl -some ver* old?Port, in pi|?s, hhda. and in glass; also,
Chiimpagiie Burgundy, Hocks, Claret, Haoterne. The above
Wines are of inv own importation, and of tl.e finest qualities,
np'essly for my family use. Apply to
34 Mil re (IILHKHT DAVIS. 4^ Pine ?t.
CHQ, B. CLARKK. Fashionable Tailor. 11(1 William street,
* ? oiiiiosite the New Slores?I have received a full assortment
of < lotlis, Cassimercs and Vesiuigs,which being bought
Tor cash, I will mske io order at very low prices I have also
in assortment of ready made Coats, Vests and Tants, very
neatly made and trimmed For cut. quslity, workmanship,
md price, I am favorably know ii to the public It shall be my
ndruvnr in retnin their gnoil opinum. by ilnig a K j..J article
italow price. Su-k Coats Irani l^to I'l; Dress Coats mad*
I line French Cloi.li, to order, from til to (30: every other i
isrinent in proporuou ?27 MTuTbhta l?*ro |
Like mginiAvcr.-nitioui loan fund life A*??ranee
Society. 26 Cornhill, London, tod 74 Wall street,
York Capital. jLMt.000 sterling, or ?l.tt0,000. (Empowered
by act of Parliament.) 2 Vict?Hojal aasent, J7ih
July. 11)1.
|_A Saving* hauk forth* widow and th? orfh?n."
T. Lainie Murray, E q. George atr"t, Hanover *quare,
Chair man of th, < oUrt oi Directors in Loudou.
Secretary?K Fergnsou Cainroui, E*q
United Stale* Board ol Local Direct) rs, (office 74 Wall atreel.)
, ? Niw Yore.
Jacob Harvey. Esq Chaiimau. Samuel 8 Howland, E*q"
John J. Palmer E?q Gorh*m A. Worth, E*q.
Jonathan Go idhue, E*q. Samnel M. Foi. Esq.
James Bonrman, Eaq William Va> Honk. q.
George Barclay, Esq C. Edward Habicht, Eaq.
? Philadelphia
< lemeut C. BidJIe, Kfc| Louis A. Godey, Eaq.
George K. Graham, Kaq. vVi.liam Jones, fc q.
, Baltimore.
Jonathan Meredit'i, Eaq. Samuel Hoffman, Eti|.
,, . . Pr J. H.Md ulioh.
Hon. J I eander Starr, General Agent; and Edward T. Richardaon,
Esq., General Accountant, fur the United Bute* and
Britiah N A Colonies.
i hi following are among the advantage* orrergd
hv Tina Institution.?The guarantee of a Urge capital, of
two and a half millions of ollari, in addition to the accumulation
of premium*, $1(5,000
The peculiar beuefit secured to the assured by the principle
of the Loan Depart ineut. See pamphlet*.
The paymeut of premiums, ha f yearly or quarterly, br partita
insured tor whole term ot life, at a trilliug additional
Th travelling leave eiteusive and liberal.
Persons insured for life c*u, at once, borrow half amount of
annual p'emium, aud claim the same privilege for five auccea ive
year*, on their own note and deponte of policy
Pait of the capital i* permanent y iurei'ed in the United
States, in the name* of three of the local director*, as truiteea?
"Tailable alway* to the aasured in case* of diaputed claim*
(ihxnld anv such arise) or otherwiie.
Thirty day* allowed after each payment of premium becomes
uue, without foifeiture of policy.
N >charge for sta np duty, or for medical examination.
The society being founded on the mutual aud joint stock
principle, partie* may participate in the profits of the society,
two-thirds of which are anuuallv, after the fir*t five years, divided
among thoie assured for life on the participition scale.
Th* society i* not connected with either marine or lire insurance.
mo u. o. uocai uuiru uicvl every vr ru'i?utty} ui /* ?ti?iistrcet,
where all business connected with the Society's operations,
iu America, it transacted?affording, thereby every possible
advantage of promptness and atteirtiou (o parties iu ca,es
of leave to travel, loam,settlement of claims, he , lie.
Mediral examine attend daily, at 3 P. M.. at 74 Wall street,
aud at the offices of thediffereut local noards and ageucies.
??n law<tii rc
on the mutual principle, without personal liability,
llisvinic a Caah ? apital of 100.000 dollars paid iu aud safely inveatrd,
alio a large amouut of Premium Notes.
Insurances made against loss and damage by Fire aud Marine
Ritks, aud risks of iuland transportation and navigation, at the
loweat eatabliihed rates.
(L7- The profits of the business will be divided between the
Stockholders aud the insured.
Lambert Suydam, Elbert J. Anderaon,
John S Taiipan, K. K Collins,
Shepherd Kuapp, P. M. Wet more,
John D. Hurlbut, Seth Grosvenor,
Paul SiKilford, L. H. Brigham,
David Austen, Alex. Seiguette,
J. D. Van Buren, Alb'rt Woodhull,
N. W. Merrill. Ferd. Suydam. jr.,
Stephen Allen, J. T. Johnston,
Albert W. Wright, George Rapelye,
Charles M Leupp, Kichard Bell,
George F. Darby, N. H. Wolle,
Joseph Bouchaua, Henry Molt,
Joseph Fowler, K. A. Robertson,
E. T. H. Gibson, J. J. Kiugsford,
John Johnston, A G. Thompson,
John Van Nest, G. L. Kuapp,
J. E. Cooley, H. L. Routn,
R. P. Buck. R. M> Lawrence,
Henry H. Mnnsell, John P. Neamith,
Edwiu Hoyt,
Jno. 8. Tarrat?, Vice President.
Kkbdihaivd 8ta(IO, Sec s26 7tisin
W FALCONER, 658 BROADWAV, next door to the
Stuyvesant Institute, would respectfully iufoim the
L>idies he lias received, aud is still receiving his fall stuck of
new and beautiful goods, comprising Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers
Valleiicienuri, Hegeucr, Laneige, l'oiut d'alciens aud
other Laces and Kdgiug, Thread Lace Collars, Lace Chemisettes,
Lace Caps, Lice Barbes, and Berthes, Black Silk aud
Thread Trimming Lares, White and Black Lice Veils, do. do.
borders all rouud. Muslin Trimming*, Embroidered Collars,
'rimmed and untrimmed, do. do. Chemisettes, Embroidered
and Lac* Sleeves and C n IF*, Mourning Collars of ever/
description. Plain, Reveie and Tape Bordered, also Kmbroidered
Handkerchiefs. Plain and Embroidered Cambric Collars,
Breakfast Caps, Silki, Satins, Velvets, Plushes, Silk
Cravau, Kid Gloves, itc.
Also, Mr. Falcouer, up stairs, has jast received a handsome
assortment of Hats, Caps, and Head dresses of the latest fashions
s28 3 *tn
1REL %ND?GRATITUDE?The meeting of the triends
of Ireland, and the citizens generally, in fivor of pres?nting
Messrs Kipp tc Brown with a suitable testimonial of respect
for their magnanimous conduct on several receat occasions,
will tike place to-night at the Shakspeare Hotel, at 8 o'clock.
silB lt?m
TO GENTLEMEN?A small geuteel private family having
more room thtn they wish to occupy, would be williug
hi let a suite of rooms on the secoud lloor to one or two single
gentletneu?meals to be served in their rooms, if required^?
None but gentl*m*n of the first respectability need apply ?
i: 11 llx.MAlTra
be given in ilie great Teut on the ground forme ly
ku?wu aa Niblo'a Oardeu, commencing to-dav and cunti ue
over the Sabbath. Houra of arrvice, III A M., 3 and 7 P.M.?
Seattfree. J. E- JONES, in behalf of the committee.
>28 U*rc
WANTED?Two Watch Ca>e Makers to go to I'biladelfliia,
to whom couatant employment will be given, Alao,
? good engine turner. Addreaa E. Tracy, lioward'a Hotel,
coner of Broadway and Maiden lane, thia day, atatmg where
l i interview may be had. >28 lt*rc
WANTED, a aitu&tMin a> cook,, waaher and irouer and
clumbermaid, or waahing and ironing in a amall private
I mily. by two ropectable young women. Brat OfU'T refeinice.
Apply 117 Hammondatreet. in the rear, firat lio ir.
a?8 it?m
WAN J ED?A aituatiou, by a tea|>ectable young woman,
aa cook, wather and ironer, or chambertnaii and armpa'reaa,
in a reapectable family. The beat *f c-ty reference can
be given Plraie call at No. 7, Avenue B, between Second
and Houaton ata. 28 81*re
IV AiV i'Kl). by ageiitU-imu. n teichrr of llie l'i no and
vv Guitar a furnished room, where teaching will be con?i'lered
aa an equivalent for the room. Addreaa''Piano Teacher."
New V?>r? He aid Office. >28 Jt*re
WANTED?By a very resectable b.iy. Ill yenra of n*r.
a aituatiou in a Grocery Store, or auy other reapectable
bu>iueaaj would hut no objection to go to the country; haa
been in the grocery boaineaa for the la>t three yeara. The very
l>eit reference given Irom hia la?t emplo>er. rleaae enquire at
62 Montgomery atreet. >28 lt*rc
WANTED.?A Kile of the Duly llerald Irom the lat of
January. IB<7 Addrew M at thia office. a28 3?*rc
WA.NTfc.U-Aaitaatiou by two reaped .ble young women;
oue aa chambermaid or waiter, the other aa chamber>naid
or to doge era! homework lu a reapectable private (ami
Iy No other ueed apply, Pleaae call at 818 Broadway, New
i ork. ( an be aoen for two daya.; a28 lt*rc
\\T ANTKD?By a Young Woman, a aituation aa Seamatreaa
"l an<1 (. hauibermaid, or to aaaiat in the nuracry. Wonld
have no ohjectiouato make heraell' generally useful. Good
city reference can be given, i'leaae call at 157 Third atreet, in
the nt"re. all lt'rc
WAN 1KU?A aitmtion by a reapertable yonug woman to
do general liouae work, or waiting in a amall private
family, can be aeen until Sundiy-.hia the beat of refereucea
from her laat place. Pleaae to apply at No. 46 Tiinity Place,
aecond tloor. Haa no objection to go a ahort distance in the
country. att ft* m
WANTED?A lew active young men to go aou'h or weat,
to act aa ageuta for the aafe of i.ew and popular publication*?$300
over and above their eipenaea, will be inaured to
iliem iu writing, with an oppoitunity of clearing flOOO per
year. Some men now in our employ will no doubt make over
SittOO per year, clear o( all ipeuae*. Kach man will have hia
diatnct It will be teceaaary for them to have at leaat from
J25 to tiO to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at KHENCH'9,
I'ubliahing Hall, 293 Broadway, up atairi, office of the Hag of
onr Union. All lettera muat be poat peid. a2B I4t*m
WANTED ?A aituation to do cookiug, waahing and ironing
in a amall family, or to do chamber work The beat
of city refereucea will be given. I'leaae to call at 239 Mulberry
atreet inihaiwr, att lt*m
WANTED?By a reapertable young woman, a Protestant,
a aituation at. cook, underatanda baking, hni ino objection
to country'or city, can be well recommended; inquire 17
Deekm <n atreef, in the atore. *38 It* m
Vy ANTED?A aituation by a reapectable young woman,
v who can givelthe beat of refercncea a aituation aa waiter
or chamSerinaid in aamall private lamilv, or aa chambermaid
ill aainall private boarding houae. Apply in the atore, 37
Ucektnan atreet. a28lt*rc
WANTJ.ll.-A good cook, to whom good waitea will be
giveu She muat alao attend to watlnng and ironing.?
Heferencea required. Apply basement 118, 12 o'clock, to the
Acadrmy of Languages, 183 Broadway. ill If rc
WANTKD ?Situationa by two reapectabie young women, '
one n? eook, waaher and ironer, anil la a good laund ?< .
the other at chambermaid or imr?e. Beit ol rity reference
given. No objection! to go to the country. Call at No. It
Marion atreet, in the rear. s28 U're
WANTKD. i mined ately, a ?inart intelligent boy. Apply
at thia office. >27 rc
WANTKD?By a reapectabie married lady a aituntiou aa
wet nurae. in a private family, *ho has been lately confined
of her lirat baby. Has no abjection to go to Brooklyn.
Pleaae call in the tear of lit Ridge atreet. Can be aeenfora
fe w day a. ?>7 It'm
WANTKD?A young and healthy mimed woman la desirous
of obtaining a situation aa wet norae in tome genteel
family, having lost her child aomc few days ainee. Would
either take one at her duelling, or hire oat. Please leave address,
oy note, to K. D.. No. 7 Ludlow atreet, care of Mrs
Quigga. which will be attended to immediately, or at the corner
of Houth Third aud 10th street, Williamabnrgh.
2ft 4t*rc K.LIZA DICKSON.
Situation WaNtkd?fiy respectable g rl, as cook
in a private family?good washer ana ironer. Good city reference.
Apply, or nddress to Johu McCaffry, at 178 Aiith
street. a2S2t*m
SITUATIONS WANTKD, by two leapectable joung
women, one as a laundretMMo assist ill doing the rhamherwurk
or w illing and ironn^^fa small private family, the
other to do chamberwork, waflBt, assist in the washing and
ironing, or aewmg, or will uke care ol children, or do general
Imuaework. Oood references given. Apply 108 Mulberry
utrret, front basement. ??8 lt*m
\ YOUNG WOMAN nanti asituation as cook in a pn
vate familv, is a good washer and ironer; geod city references
given. Tlease apply at No. 120 Mott atreet, bark room flr.i
Moor. a28 21 *m .
rpu I'AHTRV ll.VKf.HH?A good hand wanted, one who
J. underat?nd? hi? work, steady work will be given the year
round, and good wagea. Apply l!>l Oreenwich atreet. in the
atore 21 *m
PAHTNKR WANTKli. (either silent or active,) in the intr<xlnet
on of * medicine, a certain core for the Ague and
hever; lin?been lasted during a Ion* and eminent practice; 11
already successfully introduced in the anufh and weit. and fa*
cilitiea are |>oesessed to place it in the handi of 3000 agent* ?
Capital required, $3..'jfl0.
N B ? Undoubted referoncea given, both aa to the medieine
and characl?r. Address.) W.. boa I92J, post office. s?7'P m
WKI' NUUK WanTKD?Wauled a NMMtabi* woman
with a fresh breaat of milk, to nurae an infant. Apply
at No M Washington I'lace lITIt'fC
eiMkllalinieut, now in auccesslnl operation. Conuerted
tkarrwith la an engine of 30 horae iiower, caat and
shear ateeI lu'inres, rtlt hammer, tic. The location la very
Uvortble for the aii|>|>ly of coal, iroo. and provisions. Home
rent low. Hie entire concern may be pnrchaaed if desired
r lie mtrera, and ? firat rale maiter wanted, Addreaa (letter
poit paid) Ooi 314 ritlahiirgli poat office s2fi3ni*rr
I ( W )4 I W ANTKD.?One Thousand Agents arc wanted to
* local# in dilTerenl conntiea for the tale of auew
ratent article lhat will come inta uoiveraal u?e, and il needed
by every man, woman and child for general uae ; the buaiaeaa
is pleaaant and neat. Good buaineaa men can make $100 to
?H0il per year over all cipenaea. Thoae deairona of makirg
inouey are invited to call; lettera poatpaid will receive alien?
. charlks fullicr,
?H Jtt* m m Oreenwich street.
AK1NKKHHIP WANTKD.?A genlleinau from fcurope,
* conveiaaut with business, having tome meana at diipoaal,
a deairona to obtain a remunerative partnership. He ia well
acquainted with the woollen trade, having been connected
wnh, and travelled for, some of the moat eminent houses in
London. References of the highest respectability will b? i
M ?A<' ?rih* H?rtid
I IH???
JACOB 8. PL ATT, Auctioneer.
THI8 DAY nt I0 o'clock. It the Aactm i Koom. No. 23
Piatt itiut, corner of Gold?Special Trade Bale?Birin>iiv.Kiln
Hardware, vit : New (joods just lauded, and will
be peieuiptonlv Id to the highesi bidder, consist'Ug o(?via: ]
ecu o> polished lot i hunt with ho k? aud rings, 10 to M
feet, K to 7-16 inch, and 7 (ret No. 1; bask-Is bright face
and colter key it iple vices. Also, iron squir a, padlocks bed ,
e*e?s, hat aud co?t hooks brats snulfer and trais, caat butt
hinges, steel lirriroua. red t p?r hnudle and 6 aud hir New
York iu'iy cm-s. handtawt brace aud bits, iiou unle ,
spoons, tiuo'd ladles, skimmer* aud fnrka, iron caudlraticka,
till. clo?ei and |>aieut rim locks,f y i>aut. rat traps, corkscrews,
iroa weights. sine tucks awl blades, baatird aud line plate
locks, cheat do, brass port |wd do, paste jirfgers. truuk locks,
k he.
Also, a general assortment of German andFreuch fancy aud
staple goods.
Alto, part of a stock of hardware and fancy goods, lor account
of whom it m?v couceru.
Also, after sale of hardware aud fancy Hoods, a general as
sortm-ut of gold jewelry, city made, and 100 Iota imported
jewelry ?28 It* re
THK 1'AK.T.NF.KSHII' hereiofore existing between the
subscribers, under tbe firm of Fisher h llarrold.st Weat
Stockbridge, Maasaehusetts, is this day dissolved 'by mutual
consent. All debts due the concern are to be paid to Thomas
Htrrold, who will contiuue the business
New York, Hept 28 1817-Ifje TIIOS IUHKOLD
\IT ASHlNU'l ON LODtiK, No. II, I.O.of O. V.?The
Tf officers aud members of Washiugsou Lodge, who were
abaent on last Tuesday eveuiuK, are hereby notified that an
amendment to the by-laws was adopted, changing the time of
meeting to 7>? o'clock. The Lodge will therefore o, eu from
this time to and iucluding the 20th of March, at the above hour.
all 2iis?m By order. DAVID I). klUAN, Hec'y.
.IUKNIsHKD HOOM, without board, or with breakfast
JT and tea, if required. A large aud couvanient front room,
witli pantry attached, would accommodate two gentlemen?
Apply at 80 Hudson street. s2l J. m
dKll HE WARD will be paid by Dr. A. C. Castle, to the
individual who accompanied the contemptible miscieant
to Dr. Castle's door and defaced his door and doorplate.
Fifty dollars will be paid upou his conviction. Dr </.
would ask of this high iniuded person whether the fact that he
lite practically proved that he can fill teeth with his " Incorruptible
Taste," in cases where his competitor has failed, is to
subject him to these tniduight and aasassiu like attacks.
sX8 lt*?n A C. C A8TLK. M.D , Demist, 381 Broadway.
MADAME T. frlNlKL'S AGENT. 459 Broadway, coiuer
of Grand street, entrance, 116 Grand street, will open
on Thursday, 30th inst., her assortment of Paris Kail Millinery,
he. s28 3i?m
SfcCKElB WOKTH KNOWING? Kemembei that those
who wish to obtain correct aud true inf rmatp>u ol all
their moat secret affairs of love, marriages, business, lawsuits,
Irieuds, when aud whit hu band or wife they will get, must
soou visit the eminently celebrated French lady, who has not
only astonished thousands of our citiaeus, but all France and
England, echoes of her wouderful talents. Madame A DOLPH,
at 111 Hes erst , near Bowery, ean only be teen for two days I
luaisvr. rvvwcnu. >111X1*111 I
TO LAWYERS.?A youug man who has been in a l.nv
yer's office fur Dearly tlirte years, and who is perfectly
conversant with the general routine of on attorney's business,
wishes a situation as clerk in some lawyer's office. Would be
willing to take the entire charge of the attorney portion ol
the business, if required, at a moderate compensation. The
best of references giveu. Address " B,' at the office of this
piper. s28 !t*rc
1 (Holland) and descents, are requested to attend a meeting
on Weduesday Evening, the 29th iustant, at 7 o'clock. P. M,
at the Shakspeare Hotel, corner of William and Duanefctreets.
Punctual atu udauce is desired.
By order of MANY ISRAELITES from Holland.
s38 2t rc_
CS ! REWARD.?An appeal to every man of honor.?
W? AUU LOST?In Broadway,Fulton streetor the viciuity,
on Friday uiglit, the 24th iust.,aoue hundred dollar bill, believed
to be on the Mechanics' Bank ; whoever will produce
or give any clue to the said bill, at the Herald Office, by leavinn
his name aud address, directed to A. H., may for their
trouble keep the bill. By their 10 doing they will save the
reputation of a gentleman who is suspected of purloiuing it
______ s2ti 3tis*m
Holders of Illinois aud Miclugnu ('anal Scrip, who wish to
noud the same, (Governor French being now in the city,) can
avail themselves of the benefit of an " Act for funding Cfoial
Scrip," api roved February 22d, 1847, by applying at the office
of William and John O'Brien, No 33 Wall street, where au
ngeut inay be fouud from 10 A. iVI. to 3 P. M. for a few dava.
Illinois and Michigan Cull Bonds will be given for the principal,
and Interest Certificates for the iuterest.
It is desirable that the holders of the Scrip should preseut
the snme without del ly, as the oi>eration of funding will be
much facilitated during the stay of the Governor iu New York.
14 it is ewh
NATIONAL BOOK EXCHANtiE?We, the iimlersigued,
hereby appoiut Mr. Talbot Waits, ol 102 Nassau
street, as our ageut lor the pu'Chase of all kinds of second,
haud Books aud Prints; all llar(>er's [Novels aud cheap publications
will be libernlly paid for in cash. Persons in the couutry
may depend u|>on puuctnal remittance, and the full value,
by sending as above. By order of Baucke, D'Avoy, aud U'Almaiu,
agents to the National Book Eiehange Company, 102
Nasiau street. fiM 30t*re
LAND?*3.000, in purses
" tiffjail*1 \ THE NORTH AGAINST THE
^? FASHION and the great Sonthern
hoise I'.xsfiENitC.H, will contend for the 4 mile parse, and
probably one or two note,
The Races ovrr he above Course will take place on the first
Tuesday. Jth Octrher, 1847, and continue three days.
FlKSi DAY?Hotel Purse S800, three nile heats. Same
day?SweepstoFes. for 3 yr olds that never ran, mile heats;
entrance $204, forfeit I Ml; which lias closed with four subscribers
O. P. Hare'* ch. f. Palmetto, by imp. Leviathan, out of imp.
Anna Maria.
W. W. Barbet's br. f. Fauey.by Hornblower, out ol Stanley
F.elipie's damH
A. Conover's'b. c. Traveller, by Mercer, dam by Mouinotilh's
Samuel Laird's (William Gibbons') b. f. Whisper, by Mariner,
dam by Henry.
I K<*ii! * Ham# Hnv?Krriili Pnr??< C.fl imU
heats. Same day?(leutle men's P?m bmke, SttO, two miles
ont, entrance $2i. adilrd. Hit subscribers and closed. Gentlemen
to ride in jockey coatuinr, and n me their li .?es at the
post. The follow iuk ?re the entries :?W. T Porter, J. How,
L. Purdy. II W Herbert, O P. Hare O.O Young.
The rules of the < ourse to govern the above races, cxcept
the |ml emeu's at ke.
For particulars, >m " Xpirit of the Timet."
The l ara Will Be 111 leanineat to tike passengers to aud from
the rare*, almost every hour iu ihe day.
N B?Two or more to mike a race iu each of the above, except
the geutlt men's, which will ie<|uire three to start.
>28 gtrrc OP HAH"., Proprietor.
? _ _ I 'MOM COURSE, L. I., Monday,
Civ Oct. lltli, Purse ol $IM. t.'iU to go to
the second best home;brst 3 in 1,
^HPWIr*V^t'> wagons Free for all trotting
faJLaMiM^BMBliiirsis escept Lady Suffolk. W?gon
nnti driver 10 ? igt>|300 pounds. Entries for this Parse to
be mide at Oreen h Bevms, Wednesday evening, by 9 o'clock.
Thiee or more to make n race, aud two to start.
Oct K li, Puise ol $134, thesameas the above, in harness.
s28 2t je
rr ^ tr- GENTH.EVILLK tJOUKaiC, L.
_ I ?TROTTINU?Purse $S0-Twn
^mile heats i.i harness, to come off on
Wednesday. the 29th of September.
* "jt 3 o'clock, P. M., which was closed
Willi thrre entries.
W .Martin names U. U. Medoc.
is. S. Karl mines Bk. M. M'drsty.
W. Wheelaud names B M Bell Kinger.
JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor.
Centreville, Sept. 28tli, 1147. ^ s2H 2t rc
?}l FUR SALE (from want of use), the following
-JLjKT^articlei?One stylish i>ony-built sorrel Horse, souua
' ' ' ? ""-1 kind, with or without winkers. Can trot his
mile iu 3m 5sec., stylish and a fine driver. One patent aaletree'd,
euninelled leathern lop wnjron, lined with pearl eloth,
f. - L ' II. I i I |._ II.... /? c i
nesa, nearly uew, very best make, with eitra whice rem?, three
fly nets, tandem reins Mid traces, breast collar aud collars,
bridle wi'h and one without winkers, estra martingales, lie ;
two driving whips (ICnglish), one riding saddle ana two brill
lea, white web. and russet leather, hone shee.s (quite lie?v).
blankets, &c. Also oue aleigh, new list winter, with silvered
bells in latest style; two natdiome sleigh rohes. in short,
everything requited for riding or dnviug, summer or winter.
The whole will ba sold cheap, or by portion*. ApplyatJaa.
Quarry'a livery atable, corner of Amity and Greene atreeti.
?8> It* re
MLOBT,?A brinille bull lerrior dog, anawera to tlit
name of 111PTON. IIis near i little short, with ciopi
ped ears. The liniler will be paid $10 by returning it
in nil i iosby street. s2S lt"rr II. L. JKWKLL.
:: HPl.k.Mlill) KONK WOOL) I'lANOKOKl k
SpiSfiSSffiM '?r "'r ~A" elegant toned, highly finished PiriTfill
tnolorte, gothic style, just received from tier?
I ar II? many, warranted to he a most superior instrument
in tone, touch and finish, is offered for sale a bargainThe
Piano may be examined ai 160 Spring street, hetweenl.aurens
and'Pnoin|i*i>n street. *28 4t,'C
M TU LKT.ah?llnMllir lurunlied frost ami MINS,
with pantry, or a back room with pantry, in the ben
part of Broadway, between White and Walker sis .with
or without hreakfnat.Applv at No. 303 Broadway. ?28 3i#in
MTO L BTKORTI IK W i N TICK.?T wo su its of handsome
apartments, consisting of two parlors ou first floor
with three bed rooms, with closets and pantries, and oue
panor and two bed rooms on second floor, with pantries anil
closets, with private tables nod attendance to each. 'I he honse
is replete with modem improvements, wi h hot, cold aud
shower baths, and litchted with Kaa throughout. The aituation
la pleaaant and respectable, being but the second block from
Broadway, east side. Rooms now ready for inspection. Knguire
at 537 Houston street.
^s PUBLIC tflftUSE TO LKT?The large'lour story
? house No. 2 Mercer street, comer of Howard street.
CJL'l he bisement ii suitable fora refectory, the first floor
for 4 Bar. or for Billiard itooma. There are 10 rooma in the
stonel above; two Urge van Its, ons on Mercer street and the
other on Howa d street, belonging to the house. Konurther
KKKNCffM^nrLlNi-.HYi?18r?. IJNUfcKWbGT),
110 Hudson atreet, reipcctfully in'nrina her I'rieud*
jMP'aiid the imblie in general lhat ahe haa just received
and will open on Wedneaday neat, Sept. ?, with* full
and faahionable assortment of f,|| and winter hats, nil of the
la'est Pariaian atyle ?2*2i*re
r f-triM IfNIIlM VflH HAVHfc?
/^mPV The maila I or this ihip wi'l cloie at the
Poet Office precisely at 12 o'clock, on
Thnraday, the 10th iu*t.
i'it > V?* Thw ?hip will sail from the wharf, foot of
/,'Tb.T\SUrtft* < "n'on atreet, on Thursday, the 30th inn
P:ec,??ly ' 1 o'clock, Passengers are rer
seated loiend their baggage ou board the
day previous
Parcels will be received nt the ageucy, M Broadway, up to
9 o'clock A . M. of the day of (ailing. ,2B 3t*ic
Mg- Noti<:K?Pa.aengera per Packet Ship BHItRlWCWVPAN,
for I-irerpool, will plea<? he on hoard ?t OrJHMKnlcani
Wharf, foot of Wnll street, to-morrow, Wed.
neaday.September 29th,at 12 o'clock, Mit which time the
ship will sail. Shipper, for thi? ship will please clear their
"oda i.r tl,e ( natoin llou.e llm tUy, h. fore 2 o'clock. a2B lire
KR> willp ea.e .end their permits on board, at Pier 3i
Mb Kait River, or to the Office of
,?l 3"J US Wall Utreit.
AttL vVS ? Louisiana and New
j^MVVork Line of Packets? Positively the first and
^WS^'Yc '???!" packet to sail Monday, October <thTlie
splendid fast sailing packet, ahip OHWkOO. (Japt. Thos
Ingersoll, will positively aail aa above, her regular day. I
Kor freight or passage, having handaome formatted acconamodalions,
apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall
.Wet, or to K- K.OOLLIN8, MHonthat.
roaifivcly no freight will he received 011 board nficr S?Iurd*y
evening October 2d.
BAgent in New O-leans. Mr. Willum Creety, who will
promptly forward a>l goods to his address
I he packet ahip cLlFTON, Capt. J?a B. lngeraoll, "ill
itic''#en th* ()aw#iro mid uul rtrnUr 4lT- *28
ilOit LiVfcHPiiOL?fkRiilnr Purlrt e?ih UfT?
celebrated Packet Whip IIK^K V CLA r, Cai?t.
MMHnNyr, will anil aa above, and from Livir|>ool on the
Jri'^wv t *Jer i^iuUr day a ofaailiiitf
1 liia aplendid ahip liaa itnle rooma for aecond cabin, and neairaole
accoimnodationa for ate?rage i>aaaeiitfcra, having lolly
and well ventilated between derkv
kor terms of paaaaie, which will be moderate, early appliestion
should be made on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to
<-orne* Pine and Houfli atreeta.
The well known Packet Hliip HTKPIO.N WHITNKV,
will sncreedthe shove and aiil on the 1 Ith () " . and from
Liverpool Mth Nov. Persons desires) of tending for their
friends, can liave them brought out from Old I onutry in either I
of the skove, or any of the lesnlsr lin- by applying aa above. J
PARK THKATRE?Tuesday Kvealn?. flap*, a, w,|| h?
i?if..r??<l Tor the srcond time on toy st.iu* ? p|>v in Wu
eutitl'H ARMAND. or The Childi of the People ? Arinand
Mr Diveuport; King Loui? li'h, Mr. Hield, Blanche Mil
M.iwut; Ba^ette Mrs Vrr'ou.
T?> co> clad wnh ihe comedy in two ecu, eutitled THK
HOTTER OK THE ALPS?Felix, Mr Dyott; Jerot ym<>
14 Andrews; J ma, n Pearson; Helen, Mri Abbott; Claudiue,
Miss Klynu.
Doors o|<eu at <ja <rter before T o cinch 'erlorimuiea will
ii<?ci?elv a tjua trr half imat 7
B~OWfc#HK 1 H-TAI HKr- -? W J ?c??..!? .
Vintager. Mk Stkvkks ? This Kveinng. Hept 28ih will
b- i>erl- rmcd a grand patriotic drama in J part*, eutitled
or THN
General Taylor, Mr. W. M rahall; Jake Duzeubury, (Yankee
pedUr, Mr. C. Burke: Genius of Am ica; >1r? Jordan.
Scene lat.?Kort Brown hy Moonlight ?Chorus of Soldiers ?
Our llag rtoati Proudly?Taylor inspects the eutreuchmenU
Gei.eral Taylor'* Dream:
lat vision?The Kail of Maumora*.
2ud riaioo?The Capture of Monterey-.
3d viaion?Bomhardmeut of Vera Cruz.
4th riaiou?The Battle of Buena VisU.
The imat disperses and ducover Kort Brown at break of day?
The Gallant Soldier arouaed by the Reveille?Hiadepartwre
for Point laabel?Bombardment of the Kort, and Death of
Majsr Brown.
The'rlaiua near Palo Alto, at the termination of the lirat day's
Victory.?The Battle of the Reaaca de la Palina: the American
arm< triumphnut in the second conteat? WalnutSpriugs,
Rough ajid Ready Kncampinent.
The entire of the raat Stage will be thrown open to aid in th*
Scenic fcffect
Termination of the never to be forgotten Three Daya' Kight
Gorgeous Tableau.
Previous to the Piece, the Comedy of the YOUNG WIDOW.?Splash.
Mr. C. Burke; Aurelia, Mrs. Phillips.
Doors will be open at <i>* o'clock and the curtain will rise
at 7.
Boxes, K Cents; Pit and Gallerr. IIH Cents.
CHATHAM THKATllK.?Under the Management ol Mr.
FLETCHER.?Tuesday Evening, Sept. 28. anil all
the week, will be preteutrd the origiual drama eutitled the
LONELY MAN OK THE OCKAN, or the Night before
the Bridal?Lieut Adam Baahford, Mr. Nralie; Windhain
Bowyer, Mr. Sullivan; Jack Jolly, Mr. Brandon; Cyrus
Bloom. Mr. Wmaiis; Kve Hillingtou, Mrs. Nichols; Heleua
Staunton, Mias Hildreth; Becky Bowles, Mrs. Herbert.'
Previous to wliuh a Petit Comedy will be performed.
Paiccs?Boxes, 26 cents; Pit, I2X cents.
Doors open at 7?performance commences at half-past 7.
PALMO'H OPERA HOUSE.?Tuesday Evening September
28th?The performance to commence with TURNlNIi
Til fc' Tllll 11.......i,r... VI. T l>l.....I.
Patty Larkina, Miaa ClaakB
To be succeeded by JOCKO, the Brazilian Ape?The A|>e,
Mum. Marceui; Cora, Madauir Javelli.
After whicff.TKiHT HOPE, by the Havel Family.
To conclude with the MAGIC TRUMPET?Pipo, Gabriel
Havel; Magician, Leou Javelli; Columbine, Madam*
Maitin Javelli.
poora o|>en at 7, perormance to commene* at 7X o'clock ?
Ticket* 50 cenu, to all parti of the luiuae.
PALMO'S.?Monday, October 4th, 1847.?Open every night
First week of the celebrated
German, Stauwood, Harrington, Pell, White and Howard
aince their return from Europe, where they had the diatui
guished honor of appearing before Her Majeaty the (^ueeu
H. H. H. Priuce Albert, the Royal Family, and Nobility ani
Gentry of England.
The Serenade reipectfullv announce to the ladiea and gen
tleineii of New York that they will commence a aeries of en
tcrtainmenta at the above houae ou Mond?y, Oct. 4th, whicl
were received with euthuiiaatic applause by thouaouda win
viaited (heir perfoimaucea at the St. Jamea'a Theatre, Loudou
during a |>eriod of 14 inontha, cuiiaiating of aonga, glees, cho
ruaea, Ike., accompanied with their uui<|ue instruments.
For particulara aee amall bills.
Under the direction of Mr. J. A. DUMBOLTON.
Admiaaion 25 centa. Doora open at 1% o'clock, Concert at
I o'clock. iM Hire
Kveuiug, Sept. 28 It. the performance will commence
with the "APHlHN BOWER, or Veuua aud Adonia?Adoula,
Mra. Tiinni; Venus. Miaa Mary Taylor.
After which, the WANDEH1NG MIN8THEL?Jem
Baits, Mr Mitchell; Herbert Carroll, Miaa M Taylor; Peggy,
Mix Robr-t*
WASHERWOMAN?Whlltingtou Widgetta, Mr Holland;
Mary White, Miaa M Taylor.
To conclude with A WIFE KOR AN HOUR?Dumpa,
Mr. Henry; Jnikyn Oaiter, Mr. llollaud; Tatty, Mra. Tiinni.
Dreaacircle, 50 centa ; Upper Boaei, 2) cema ; Pit, oue liming
; Private Boxes,$5 ;Orcheitra Boiea, S3
Bill) A L>\V.\ V TH E AT RK?Tuesday eveningJSrpt.28th,
The auteitaiumenta will couiineiicr with LUVE8 SACRIFICE?Matthew
Elmore, Mr. U Vaudeiihoff; Paul Lafonl,
Mr. Lynne; St. Lo, Mr. Daw sou; Margaret Elmore, Miai
F. Wallack.
To which will be added the petit comedy of USED UP?
Sir Charlra Coldatream, Mr. Lester; Sir Adonia Leach, Mr.
H. Hunt; Lady Clutterbuck, Mm Gordon; Mary Wurzell,
Mm. WatU.
Dreia circle aud panjuette, fl; family circle and upper
bo?e?, in centa; gallery, 25 centa.
Doors iipen at 7; performance to commence nl half-past 7.
inii, September 28,11 rat night of Big. FELIX CARLO
the Italian Trick Clowu
Firat night of the i-elrbraied Holland Family of Acrobati.
CHINESE FAIR; or the Fool at Pekin.
Lncian Holland on the Magic Ladder.
The performauct In the ring will commence with
Eierciaea on the Tight Rope by Miaa Louiaa Weill.
Songa aud Choruaea by the Ethiopian Miuatrela.
rionvin wiaaiaiora ny me nmmuu runny anu oik. r . v.iwia
Q. Boxea, 25 ceuu; I'll, I'iii cents; Children to Boxes, hall
prion. >27 31*111
forrnaucea. Tlii? Afternoon an<l Gtiniu.
OREAT WESTERN, tlie Yankee Comedian.
Pete Morna, Miu Bernard, Miaa Julieu.
Wai Figurea of Amiitad Slavea.
LIVINO OHANU OUTANO?or, Chiinpausee.
Mad. KOCt WKLL, the famoua Fortune teller
Adrniuion ?i cfiu?< hil.lrrn noder (rn. oneahilliac aJti
will irive a Oratid Conceit on Tueaday Eveuing, Sept.21,
being thrir first joint appearance in New York.
They have the latiilacnn t > announce that they have suereeded
lu eng king tlie celehraled Vocaliat,
Prima Donna fromtlie Operant Paria and New Orleana, who
has kindly poitponed her depa'tuie fur that purpoae.
carefully a'lected from among the beat reaident and recently
arrived foreign profeaaora, will be under the direction of
Leader of the Italian Oner a.
Among the piecea to be perform* d will be found?
A Concerto and the Prayer of Moaea ?y C. Sivori
The Puriuni aud Biavura Variatioua by H. Hen
Two Orand Seen, a, with o<cheatra, by... Mad. Fleurv Jolly
The concert will conclude with
A Orand Duet, by... Hen and Sivori.
TicketaSl each, to be hail at AtwiU'a, Hoyer, Firth k llal
and Scharfeubergi
Concert ti commence at B o'clock. a2l it m
'P \BEk N Ai:i.K-.Mi DA.vi E ANNA BISHOP w.
1 have the honor ofgiving her firat CONCERT?positivel
on Thuraday next, the 30th inat, on which occaaion tier muai
cal director, the celebrated cotnpoaer and harpist, M. Boclm
will imke his first appearance in NewYork. s2B2nn
AMERICAN INSTITUTE FAIR.?Contributors t? thi
Fair, who wish to allow their articlea to advantage, ar
Mil it'll to call on THOMAS K. SUTTON. I'r.nter. in th
I 2d?to V I2J Ku'ton itrret, corner of Naaaau, and get a haul
aornrly printed Card, Circular Handbill, Sic., which they en
do at a very amall expeuar. Thia la the "only way to mak
your articles known to riailera ai the hair. Look fur
>28 Jt*rc _ ^ It3 Knlton atreet.
object i.f the proiuietor in eatabluhing thia Clul
waa, to lecure agreeable and creditable aaaociatea at a mode
rite charge, for peraooa w ho are fond of amuiemmt with card;
during their leiaurr ereiniiKa, and prevent the membera fron
bring defrauded. I he rooma aie p'eaaaiitly and privately ait
uated, near the ceniro of the city, and will be atuctly a'tendei
to by the proprietor, who haa a thorough kuowledge of all th?
the varioua way a of fraud withcarda, and t'keano intereat in
any gamra. Any member detected in fraud will be unmedi
aiely expelled No profeaaional gambler, nor any but credit'
able iienona, ihat will be bouud to the moat profound aecreay
will be admitted.
any creuiliuic jiersuu wimiiii* iujwmi uus vi?u, win ?um
ttedfree, and may team 111 titer particulars by addressing i
Inter to John Pent, New York pott office, postage paid, stat
ii g (heir name and where the proprie'.or can have an interview
with tliem.^ ?2I It'H
Walnut h< kkkt thkathk, philadelphiaOpen
for the season. Leaner, E. A Marshall; Manager
W. K. Blake?Second Night of Mr < OLLI Ns?Tuesdsj
Kvening, Kept. 28, will he performed the dra'ia in two acts o
BOK.N TO (iOOD LU< IK-Paudeen O'Hafferty, Mr Collin.
After which. HOW TO PAY THE KENT?Morgan Hat
tier, Mr. Collins.
In the course of the evening, Mr Collins will sing " W id?v
Mahoney," ' Lienor of Life, and " Drink Deep iny Boys
To conclude with the new farce of TflK ANOEL 01
Bui and l'ari|iiette, SO cents; Second and Third Circles, 2
cents: Orchestra and Private Boxes, 75 centi
Baltimore, iholliday ?t .) and kichmonu
VA., THEATRK8, now undergoing improvements, re
decoration, Ike , lie., will shortly open in conjunclio >. Ladie
and gentlemen of established professional ability, deairoos u
engagements, will please apply hy letter (pre |>nid) to
s25 lit \V. R. BL-YKE. 181 South .Ninih st, l'hiladelphii
\1 UHEUM BUILDINO. Philadelphia, for Bills, ( .?
ivl certs, Ike?The saloons of the Chinese and Pluladelph
Museums may be rent* d,either lor one or more nigh'.a.for ball
concerts, exhibitions, lairs, public meetings, lectures, religioi
worship, or any other of the many purposes to which ihey it
so admirably adapted.
The Chinese Saloon can now be altered, with ease, to sn
lar?? r>r small assemblages. A movable stage or rostrom.
the whole width of the room, haa been erected, which, ru
ning on a railway, lessens or enlarges iia length, adapting it I
the purpose* of the tenant. Spacious dressing and refreshmei
rooms ci ntaining in themielvrs a greater number of s<|u?i
leet than any ballroom in the ri y, have been added to M
saloons. affording iu all auch aceommod llinus as can be obtan
ed no where else in the county.
1 he uppi r saloon, lately occnpied by the Philadelphia Mu
rum, ii <> wen Known na the mmt nriltiam no r?nnim?i
bill mom in (hit city, that u needa u<> more than inrntmn Here
lyofl, ran be Kdiptcii to large oramall aaarmhlira When thu
adapted, the ieni will bear a rorre?|K'iiding diminution.
1 he Miuenm Building, wuh theae ami oilier igiprovemenfa
offera greater inducement, to Imieea tliau any other eatabliah
tnent |>oa*ibiy can. ami in addition, it may be h'd foi balla <>i
more moderate terma tlian ilioie on which it h?? ever befort
b*e? obtained , , .
Periona deairing either or both ol the ?alnon?, for any ol I ha
aboveor other pur|Hitr>, arr reywctlully invited to rail ana
examine the Building. *"r r0,,"'"^V?rvi* yi l<?AN
Office of the Chine** Mnaeum Saloon, Philadelphia.
21 Mteoij* rc
THE qriOOK I OLLEfTION.-The Ont MnMof thi*
magnificent collection. Jbnaiat.af of three gigantic Heri|tnral
Pamcinga, fir:?ChriaCtlealiog the Hick in the Trmi le,
brut Railing Lazarna from th* Dead, and IJ*ath on the Pale
llnrae, fimalied in the higheat atyle of the art,1? now open for
rihibitiou from fl A M to 10 P. M at the National Academy
of I)e?ign Adtniuion ? rrnt?, 8ea?on Ticketa Ml renta.
N B ?They are admitted by ioa* of the firat artuta to be
apenor to Wnt'i ramtinga on the aame auhjecta, and the beat
collection <:f liiatoric.il anhjeru ever offered to the public
til Ifftia'm
c?r ?trert, will be re opened on Monday, Hep . 27, for the
rrrrption t f acholnu, having been, daring the inmrner
re-paint'd and re decorated in tha moat comp'etr manner ?
The uharr'ber t\ tt'eia himvrlf that hia eat ihliahmrnt. if ion
am erior. will com|>are ?iih any aimilar one in thia country* ?
1 he public are irapet [fully invited to call and iiidgr foi
ihemaeivea. ||, |T, JONKH, Proprietor.
B \'-'- V' _yAI XII ALL ?The nut Regular Itvll nt
Vaathall Halonn, will take | larr on Thuradav Kveuing.
He|?t. .M?th. I irkeia p ilty C'euta. adimttiug a gentIrinaii ana
ladie* a21 Itrr
rKgp-K. OODICKHOY. juat arrived from Peril, will
npen on Tueaday nett, the Mth inn., a plendid aaaortment of
Hi Ik a, Dreaa Mare rial a. Hilk and Vr I et ( loaka, uew and rieh
Kmbroideriea, Krenrh Boniirta, and Kaocy a'ticlea in general,
*24 *tia*rrc 349 Broadway, oppoaite the Carlton Honae
TIN UUOKS MAil* TIOmT. for <r?ia I -- too ,
and wangmed?(*o- d-in'a Patent II v'dropneamatic (ement
Hheat 'ing laid ov?r an old tin rinil will render it |ierfeetlt'
t'ghl, Are proof, and iiermaren' to walk over New roof. I
plaak boa'da covered forlH ceuu I er loot and wanauted, I y
AM OOODWIN, N VV eat Broadway, near Chain lata at
17 12t*?
PHiuscirHit, M?pt 37. 1847-9 P M.
i The Southern tin* of 1 elegraph is (till defunct; consequently
we have no deepalohr* from that quarter
The UgUlallve Pro?eedl<>p
Alb4nt, Sept. 37, 1847.
Thee gueral Canal BUI wax ordered to a third reading
The geueral Railway BUI was retried complete
The bill to provide for the election ef Lieutenant
Governor waa then taken up, and. after considerable
disoassion passed
8(Afler which the general ltallway BUI waa read a third
time and passed
The resignation of Nathaniel Jones ai Canal Commie loner
waa received, and the Senate then adjourned.
The Meohanloa Lira Law waa reported by Mr. Hadly,
with an amendment, restricting it* operation to New
York. Brooklyn, Albany and Troy. Agreed to.
The Senate bill for tb? incorporation of Bridge Companies
was reported favorably
The bill to amend the general Banking Law, providing
for the taxation of eapital, ho , was passed.
The bUl for the establishment of the Teachers Insti
tute was taken up and passed.
The House went into Committee of tha Whole upon
the bill for the appropriation of the surplus canal revenue,
but adjourned prior to disposing thereof.
Washington, Sept. '-M, 1B47.
No Nrwt Vet.
We have been fortunate. heretofore, in good new* trom
Nlexiooon ttunday; hence, our oltlisns, (sail It superstition,
If you please.) were led this morning to expect
something during the day from GenSoott?something
about the treaty, something about the oondition of the
army- something of peaoe?for we believe nobody here
ever thinks of the quantity of territory to be got M a
question of any importance at all, especially since the
discovery has been made that we have been squabbling
_ about a desert.
We have no news?we may get something by the boat;
i but if that fails, we must surely get a report for a salute
to-morrow morning. W.
WiiHiMOTOM. Sept 'J6, 1847.
J Newi.
We receive this evening, in the Charleston Afcrcury
the offlolal reports of Uen. Shields and Col. Dioklnson,
of the battles in front of the oity of Mexico. Report
says that all the reports of said fights have none up to
the Adjutant General. But of this we shall see.
lien. Hhlelds speaks of the ground being " filled with
chasms;" but the General is as brave a son of the Green
Isle as ever lived, and is entitled to a bull, whenever he
chooses to take one boldly by the horus.
Not one solitary syllable about peace, saving rumora
and conjectures, and guesses
Mr. Brown, of Richmond, the artist, who painted so
faithfully lien. Taylor and staff, will be here Monday
evening with his pictures We expect to see them. They
are endorsed by Old Zack and his officers.
The oontest in Maryland is "hip and thigh." The
democrats are moving in the matter as if the election of
the next ('resident depended upon holding their own in
Maryland. Kennedy they are determined to defeat, and
the whigs themselves couslder his chanse a slim one.
Baltimohe, Sept. 37, 1847.
Political Affairi in Maryland?The Congrtnional Election
in the City?The Murktti, fc.
Much Interest is doubtless felt throughout the country
as to the result of the eleotlon in this State for Governor
and the Members of Conitress, en Wednesday week. Une
of the principal battle ground* will be this oltj, where
parties are so closely divided, that one rote either way
may decide the oonteat. Robert Mo Lane, eon ol the Hon
l.ewls MeLane, Is the democratic candidate, and the
Hon. John P. Kennedy la the whig candidate. The former
is the oandidateof the "Custom House clique," and
the latter of the "Court House click," and both have
some considerable opposition to encounter la their own
ranks. The whlgs will have some difficulty in overoom?
ing the objections of the temperance men to Mr. Kennedy,
who defeated the license bill at the last session
though Mr MeLane can hardly attract the vote of the
malcontents, as the clique which he leads U not fitnutical
by any means on liie subject of temperanoe
The war question, and the recommendation of the
Union to seixe the church properly of Mexico aa an indemnity
for the war. will also greatly affect the democratic
vote. A large number of Cathollo democrat* will
not vote at all, whilst some few will perhaps join their
opponents Then again, some of tQe war wnlgs may go
ovi-r to the war party There is also considerable discussion
as to what elfect the absenoe ol full one thouH*ud
voters from the city, uow iu Mexioo,will have on the
different parties Dut 1 anticipate they are pretty equally
divided, but the defeated party, wbichever li may be,
will doubtless give this as the mason of their defeat.?
However, In ten days more the result will be known,
though of course if the whlgs are deleated it must be
through the apathy and neglect ol their own voters, m
they have undoubtedly a large majority in the State
when they use proper exertions to bring it out.
There is nothing new stirring in our olty except fire
riots, and they are new nightly occurrences not worth
, Sales of Stock a at Baltimore.
>4,100 U 86'?, "*7, 106; 111 till Mercli ok m S
The Masskti?Un Saturd,y.?The iraiuactiooa in tloor
Pi were moderate. 8ale? thit mormon ol about MM) barrels How?|(1
itrtet at %'j m. soma liolden are unwilling to take leaa than
$) CM- The receipis ccutiuue light, and a moie active de,
mana haa sprung up lor home use. City Mill* held uommally at
' t'i jO, but there are aellcrs at leal. Rye flour 14 12*4, and com
meal 3 I2>s a (3 21. Wheal la icarce, with light receipts, and
prices advanced. Hales thx morning of several thouaaud bualie
(It at 1 07 a $1 IJ for good (o prime red*, and 1 12 a SI 20 lor
e white. Corn i? acarce; aalea ol whit* al 5# a 17 ceuta. and y*lI
low at IS a CO. Oata 31 a 43 ceuta. Hye 71 centa. rroviaiona
u turner. Urocenea quiet. Whiskey dull, with aalea at If a 27
e cents, m hhda. and bbla.
Philadelphia* Sept. 37, 1847.
Though the fury of the equinoc trial (term dm to
> hay* passed away, yet th* cloud* (till overhang u* in
| sullen mood, and their Influence la f?lt In th* pradiapo"
> iltlon for the blue* which *xlat* among our good cltl[
zena. A fraction oy*r three inches of rain fell her* dor1
Ing Saturday and Sunday.
Robert Cox, a farm laborer In th* employ of Mr
Ulthers, South Camd*n, N. J., died yesterday from the
ulfects of injuries received on Thursday evening,in cont
siMjuenee of bricks thrown at him by Lorenxe Doughty.
The deceased, on the oocaiilon referred to, waa Intexi'
*ated. and had pointed a gun at Doughty, threatening *
to shoot; but it was known that the weapon til not
charged. Doughty was committed to prison to answer;
I but an attempt Is to be made to procure hig admiaalon
to bail A hahrat corpui. taken out for thla purpoee,
will probably I* heard before Judge arpenter to-merf
" Two stable* near the Schuylkill river, between Pin*
r sad Lombard streets, were tired by an incendiary and
totally destroyed. The horse* contained in them ware
5 all nomewhat scorched, and one *o much so that he wm
killed in order to put an end to hi* Bufferings.
The immense block of building* on Broad street near
Vine, known as the Reading Railroad Depot.Hotel, and
the Transportation Coach house adjoluing, on Saturday
ln*t changed hands for the small sum of $32,000 The
i. ' purchaser, Mr. Winner, has certainly obtained a bargain.
J. j tut the lot ot ground alone, ten or twelve years since,
m 1 brought $-20,000. The owner Intends to ereot additional
a, improvement*. and as Broad street property will inevlt'
ably increase in value when the Central Railroad la
re completed, he will doubtless be amply rewarded for hla
Gen Welch Is to open (he National J htatre on th?
n |nth of Ootober, aod the building is undergoing a comto
plete renovation outside and in Wiser Is repainting the
.1 , -iii.,1/ ami Kussel hinitb has two drop chrtaln* on
* I band.
" J i ollinn commence* a nhort engagement at the Walnut
| -trm-l theatre tbi* evening He 1* a groat favorite in
. I ihin city, and command* crowded bouse* at all times,
r Hers and Sivorl gi?? a concert at the Assembly Kooma
. ou Wednesday eveuing, assisted by Madame Kleury
Sales or Stocks at Philadelphia.
Ki*?t Boimi, S*|>t. 37?10# llcndiuit Hailioau ji\, 20 rami,
i 1 imuiliii'Bank J2H; 400 nut* !' 7?>a, 210 do 71, oH?winf
I lou Copptr I 35i.
Aftkr 8*1.*??4i0 Reading Railroad 31>i, 10 Wsstsin
Bank M.
Mcconit Boakii?y<0 Ltliigh Coal ?Crip >7; 70 do I7J?; M
New Jersey eo|>|*' ?
Arrr.a ??i.n??17 Schuylkill Na? gallon JO. 10 Oirard Bk
12'? ; MU Lehigh iole.ettS}; 1000 Wiimiactou Railroad C'a tl%,
jioo fclate J'? 7i'f.
Boiton. Hept 'JO, 1947.
Jtjfairt in the Political Circtn.
The difficulties among eur whig*, are rapidly coming
to a head At tbe meeting of the party here to ohooo*
delegate* to the State Convention, on the evening of tha
1Mb. the "miniature" branch of the party, that I* to
nay, the anti-slavery whig*, ware completely floored by
their opponent* Resolution* agaln?t the war were
treated by th? majority In the most contemptuous mannor.
A speech wa* made on the occasion by the Hon Jaa
T Austin, in favor of carrying on the war vigorously
which wa* received with great applause What do you
ihinkofthat' Mr Austin I* the ?on of old "Ben Austin,"
who was the right-hand man of Jefferson and Madiaon
here, lie m a "war-hawk ' naturally, and he *poke
the sentiment* of a very large portion of our whig*
There were three parties at the meeting ipoken of?
first, the oxpadlency whig*, who, di*cardln< the que*Ion
of right or wrong, wera of opinion that it would be
the death of the whig party to daaounoe the war in tha
nn*paring manner aet forth la the resolution* prop *ei
I by Mr Mumner ; second, the war whig*, who were tor
going on and prosecuting the war to a ?ucce*aful aon
1 union, and leaving all matters, likely to grow out of It,
I 'obe s*tiled by ourselves after the re urn of peace ;
I third, the conscience wbtga, who go for denouncing

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