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Whelm fio* *?*>.
PAH* iwkaT11K-M?..??. SANDB, LltNT k CO.H
A MIR] CAN CIKCU8.?Thi? mammoth EAautrnu
Trono* i? now performing nightly ?t ihynhoee eitmblithment.
Annug the prtucip-U performers are Mr. K. Sands and his
ehildrto, Maurice and Jesse, M*ste'S H'tnaudez, and
Avmar, Mrs. Camilla Gardner, (he Otieeu Kqnestnau; Joe
Peutiaod Sam Larhr<>p,aud Uao Gardner, Clowns; Messrs.
St ut. Sergeint, McFarl\ud, Mpn? Cane, Sig. Perez, huggJet.
lohoar.li Lee v. lie die The dancing horsee, May Fly,
aud Ru?*Vphai is Twin Ponies, Fighting Poaies, Cioderilla,
Tom rhumb, fee ike. Dress Circle and Pdrouctte, 50 cents;
Boi*s, 25i Gallery. 13k. D.rt?r.? open at 6 k: performance
to com?i 7 oV'orj. Particulars sen hills.
Bja si y i*H - A I Keu.?Un Friday hvfuur, Jan. U. I8t8#
will hn perfo'med the rigedy ol OTHELLO?Oibello,
Mr. W. Marshall; UfO. Mr. Barr?: Casaio, Mr. J. H Hall;
T? - - -J o- PU.tlln* Art.rwkipk . ?t,A Vm.tlrmm
dv rf the V'KHMONT WOirL DEALER-Mr. Waddle,
Mr. Kerne; Douteronomy Dutifnl Mr C. Burke; A maudi.
,Vn u:he-land. To conclude with the comedy of IS HE
JEALOUS?Mr. Belmonr. Mr. J. H. Hall; Mi* Brl.DC.ur.
Mr* WalC'irt; Harriet, Mr*. Phillip*. Door* open at C>4
o'clock: i eformnnce to commence at 7.
(NriATrlAM THEATRE?Bole Pro rieto . > .1.
J ? "? ETCHER?Stage Manager, Mr. Hield ?BENEFIT
Ok" THE MODEL ARTISTES?Thi* Evening. Jannarr
14, the irrli mance will commence with the Comedy of
A POLAND FOR AN OL1 VER-Alfred Highflyer.Mr.
Hield; air Ma.k Chtee, C. Tavlor; Mr*. Sell) >urue, Mil*
Hildreth. Afrer which, the MODEL ARTISTES, in their
admired Tableau* Vivant*?The whole to conclude with the
d'.ma of AMBROSE OWINETTE?Ned Grayling. Mr.
Rran - 'it; C'cllio*, C Tavlor: Lucy. Mr* McLean; Jenny,
Mrs. Wriy; M*ry, Mm* Franklin. Boxea 25 cu? Door* open
at o'clock?Performance will commence at T o'clock.
WOOD'S BENEFIT.?Fir?t appearance at thi* theatre
of Mr. I LP KE?Thi* evening. (Friday.) will be preacniril
th? operatic drum. entitled the NlOHT DAPICKuS ! Frid
Iiu Mr Burke.?To he f-l-owed by Du ivagc'* new hur.
it q ie. celled the LADY OF THE LION??Clod Meddlenot,
Mr Bnrke after which the laughable f* ee, entitled
the WANDKHING MINSTREL-Jem Bag*. Mr Mitchell.
To conclude wi'h the Carta en it'ed the B rAKDING
SCHiiOl..?Monday evenings"?w piece will be produced,
entitled " Who in my Hu<haud T'
BK'.IAliW AE THEA'i'KE?krrduy Evening. Januuy
14 will he rreaenled, for the fir*t lime, thecomaeiy
f JOHN BULL, orcu Ensli*hmau'? Eire bide?Tom
rnaiue'on, air. unrrru; jui inuriiDarr^i rscur; vtuqig
B.ilg.uJd ry, > luw; Vlsry rhnrnberTy.Miss Wallaek. Tocon
cludi with the Drams of DON CsESAU DE BAZAN.
King Cb- rlts of 3pi n, Mr. Frederick*; Don Jo*e De Buteran.
Mr. Fleming; Don Cae-nur de Bszau, Mr. lester; Marilene.
Mm Ktuny Wallaek; Connie** de Kotnndo, Mr*
Chapman. Dress Circle andParqnette, 50 Cent*; Family
Cirele (2d tier,) 25 eenta; Gallery. 12K cent*. Door* open
at dK o'clock, i>e'fnrmn?re to commence at 7.
AntOH rL,Act. OP* RA?fir.day, J?n. 14, wi,l be
nreaenied.the oners cfLU< KHZIA BOUOI A?Lucrezia.
8*7* Teresa Traffi; Due* Alfonio, 8'r Bettimio Rosi;Geunaro,
8'r b. Beueaeiti; U'siui, big'ra Lietii ?nii; (her first
ao,ei'aucc in America:) Guibetto. 8'r Serero Strini; Garella,
8'r Lorenzo BiouJr, Vi'elioxxi, 8'r G. Picmoatesi; Rushehcllo
b'r N. Fersssi; Liveiotto, Big'ra beliua Bonlvd;
Fetiucci, S'r Francesco Gaiberuan. Boxes, parquetand baleonv,
CI: amphitheatre. to cent*
MECHANICS' HALL 471 It roadway, betwagn Grand
air* Hroo.ne street*. Crowded to overflowing with the
NlUHl- UN ABATED BUCCKS* Fifteenth Week of
the Original cHUlSTY'8 MINSTRELa. The Oldest
Bead in the United States i?. P. CHRISTY,
a". VAUGHN, wimee original and inimitable eoncerts
art sightly honored with crowded and highly respectable
audience*, and universally admitted to excal every
amusement of a similar character offered in thia city. Admission
15 cents. Children sudor it years, half price ?
Doors open st 3; couiart will communes at 1 o'clock. On
Saturday, January t. an Afternoon Concert. Doors open at 1
o'clock. Concert will cotnm?ncc at 3 o'clock
BROADWAY ODEON?Entrance through Pintenx'a 9aloou?
Under the management of Mr. E. G. Gurslv ?
Thia evening,Jan. 14?To c munenee with a splendid ser eaef
TABLEAUX VIV a NT8,or living Me eand Female Figures
bv to# MODEL ARTI8 TRS?Amazonian'* Oath, Amazon
lau Tiiumnh, Hubcu's Virgin, the Rose Girl, Telemaehns
io Calypso s Island, the Tluoe Graces. Lady of the Castle,
Ihe Qurit Thrower, the Queen of Flowers, the Late Player,
the Fetaule Thorn Ext.actor, the Ball Thrower. ' alypao's
Dream Scene from the Pelage. Rene of the Sabiuei,
Tablnaa in honor of Gen. Jackson, and of the glorious Battle
of New Orleans. Orchestra Box 5f ceuts, PaiqueKe 25 e?nts.
Bmea 13*4 rents. Performance to commence at 8 ocloch.
AK vi/.vrd MLfatU^l?P. 1*. Baatuvaf,
Proprietor?F. Hitcmgocc. Musitr-Splendid exhibitions
vud perfdrmhneet, riery afteruoou at 3 o'clock, and everv
evening at half pnatT. 'I he manager hat re-engaced lhe
C'lmiw y ul BfcDOUIN A R *BS, Irom the Desert of Sahara
Or?at Western in the Loan of a Lover; IvoryCruciGx;
S iaatprriau Cib'oei: Mia. Moasll, Miva Bernard. Misses Julieu
nud IVhitloak Daaeara; Mr. Whitiock, Mr. Proaser; living
Oraug Ontsug: VVax Figuras Likeneaaea and Potraita of
tn- iinurid Gapt ve Hares; wax figaiea sf Queen Victoria.
Po'ly L. time, Daniel OVounoll. bather Maihew, lie. Madam
Kick well, the famous Korinn? Teller Wax Alodet of
tneHuiniu Body, tw be area privately at ?aextra charts of Hi
Ceils. Admission to ike whole, Hi cents; ch Idren under ten
yens of axe nnJ old enough to walk alone, cents. Reserved
fr-ut nets. i ue shilling each extra
rpTu ZtCV^t.L^-1'iik otti I'laHfno l'r.C riVr. tJ
A lleHANT SOCIETY reapoctlullv notif* the puolic,
1' wil' be given at the Ti heritable, on Friday evening,
January It. 1148, in aid of the Charitable Fund for which the
Committer have aaeceeded in securing ihe va unfile aerrieei
of VIr LOVlCK, author "f Rory o'.uore." Handy Andy."
lie, who will deliver fivontu aelectiona from his IRISH
Ji.VLM >'GJ, and two of his choice Kecitatioua. Principal
Vocal Perl rmer?? Vlrm. k'.ilw'.r Coder. Miu K Watson, Miss I
De Luce, and Miss M. L. Leach; Mr. Arhurson, Mr. Ureato- !
re*, mid Mr. Stephen Lta-h; assisted by Chorae, ielected
from the Arr-riean Musical lustuutc, who will appea- to
Vocal Concert <!-< alio >n the iutereslio* and popular MUSICAL
by Mi. Lyuue Conductor. Mr. George Loder Tickets One
Doll r. 1140a obtained at the Mnsir Stores, the office of the
Society 41 Coitlaodt street, or of the fullowinu members of
the ' ommitlee:?1'h >?as Dixon, Esq , Presinent; K T. Saude-sos,
E>q.. J. K. Walters, Esq , Anthony Barclay, Esq ,
Juhu a. Bart ett. Esq , M. D .Charles Edwards. Esq , M Rods- ,
dale. Esq , W. D Cit'hbertanu F.-q .Joseph Fowle .Esq., J.
(I Beales Esq , M 1), Richard Bell, E?q,K. W. Canning, '
Eiq , Henry Jessop, Esq , Samuel Maycocli. Esq . Septimus :
Cruokes, E<q , Nicholas cuter. Esq , Alexander T. Watseu, 1
E q . tl. D.
AT'THE TABERNACI.K on S turdav Keening, Jan.
ihe programme selecte- for HatnrJay Keening,
the following p'eces will be performed;?' tyertuie 10 the Opera
kre.schnis by C- M. Weber; (Jrand M?'eh Pot Pnuiri, by
Ma s-k : Volitions for the Vioiiucello, by linmer?executed
bv Ju jgtnickel; Oxertnre, > graont. by Beethoren: Kteysrm
i>k t otiutry Dautea, Sounds fr m Home, Lsnuer Tickets JO
acuta each, 10 be t an as usnal Doors open nt 6>k; |orfuimaneo
to enminenee at 7)4 o'clock Tnesday, Jan. 14, the
No ih Druid Conceit will ?ke place. Wednesday. Jan. If,
cG .ml 1'n-errt will be gieen at II o iklr n.
IN VITA J ION hOIKEK.?fecoid National Oiand Suirce
will be at tlia Colisruia, Broadway, on Fuday evening,
Jan. tatb. Csrnsges will lease ihe>r company, the horses
he,ds towards Oisnd sireet, and take them up in rescue order.
Bynrdsr, A.HUTHWA1TE Super.ptcn''en ?l hacks
AT lit. HALi. U." iN.vr.c) V.comer ol t euire aed
Pear street"?TABLEAUX VIVANTS.or the Living
Model ArtisiE Male and Female errry er-tnug, in a style
superior to any eyer offered m this city Also, toe Virgiui*
Mi us! els, Misses West uid Cordelia, wiih songs, Mr. Sanson
Comic Singer, and the I'earl Bell ringers W. II. Coleman's
Raajo Solos. Admissiou one shill ng. Doors opiu at f;to
enewt- ?t 7.
Mississippi River, painted ou three miles of cauvRsa.exhi
b'liag a siev. 1 f country 130V miles in length, extruding imm
the month ol the Missouri river 10 the city of New Or leans,
sod ieac'img orerirn negrees of latitude, be-ng ll.e largest
Minting in if worm, at tie new ranorama nniiuiug, in
Jtioadway. adjoining Niblo'a Garden. Open every evening.
(-ointay eicepto i.) Admission, id cents; children half price.
The P'norauiH w ill c imnience moving at 7 o'clock precisely.
Afern. ju evhib.tiona on Wednesdays and S&tardaya, ut 3
o elk
Md ma (J A Macfairen. baying reinrned to New York
fo the inner aeaaon, will, daring that le lod, give leaaoua to
a 1 mited n"'i ktr of pupils. Apphcuiona to be made at their
Maiden-*. N Warren ?'r?ei _
PA? i le.iT b7tLLS A\L? IMiN f th.-i ?M a j.X.mpman,
f.oin D3' e<?r.l aueet. Lor d in, hna taken the at< re
5u7 Broadway, few daya betow A| ring atieet, where she hia
opened a choice atoek ut all kinds ol French and Lnglph Orua
mental to fectieumy. Preserves. brandy Fiona he, ol the
newest an.> m lit evqniair* fltvo . Partiea and Ltmliea supplied
with all kiuda af Pyramid* tuid Ornamental Contact ion-ry, Ice
Cieaait, Cliariott dn nuaia, Jrllica. boned Turkey*, he ; a I
ale from the i hoiceat materiala, bv tli,t well known artiat,
Lonn l.eypold U?te foieuian to 'thom|aon h Wallm) in
style of splendor never before atiampied iu thu city. Superior
Oy?terr, lea < aama, bandwichas, Coffee, l ea, he , served in
thesiloon, llimambar 507 Broadway.
Moll A WK VALLEY BANK?Hohawk, 5 an?<ry 10th
illt. That ircnlating Notes of this bank me ledrtmed
at one - c , f of nut par cant disc .not at the acai.tera of tne New
WhS'atc tank, at Albany, and of the Am-ricau taenange
Boi>. in the city of New Vork; tad at par at oar own couuiei
ham.?F. It. SPj S N?.R. Cashier.
IUl/'t.iSi i<"uur.n, UL.U nuni.9, t,uio, <niL
-LeBLAlNM. I appe J hnud?, 8al' Jtheum. Bmlt. he -lea, and
fill othe' ?6if?, tire <M ly ured l y'I ouaey' Mm of
Il instantly ? |).nn ot t*c Mieiritburn or tcald, acd preeeiit*an
icar. tOerv bndy likae it. It 11 the cheapest end
beetoi-Unaent ever m vie hat h boi hn 8 Tootey'i written
iiauatnre on it. I)fu'ir<r tni. Offire IC6 .l.iui street.
ritHilHiUK Mi AfiltlNjH bOit WHOM l HAVK
A ritractd teeth. wh: e under the iitlnrnra of Chloroform,
maurii ine thei suffered u<> pun Mo unconscious ere persona
wi.iir under i>e iniiueuce, that mm . hefl loabtN ? tooth had
been eitraetrd, eud were oa v <" ?? nerd bv plicnir (heir fluif
r in the c.iriiy once occupied by the utfeudiog tooth. Bring
nu one the fi s ro nse it, and peilettty conversint wita the
best manner of vduiioialf mug it, ters.ns desironi t.f liymt
wi 1 find it ilniii ready for nae, by ICBWAHLI INfl, (teat
at No I!l Mniriy aiteet.
fVl ?.' )< c. ? 1 he IVicket hhip 8? .m< I Hifk? la Uiacnitramg
il at the foot of Uover atreet. Contif aeaa will tilcaae_?t^^weud
to me receipt of their goods immediately, Without fiir^^^thtr
01 me snip KuVVAttlJ, ioVfcKLlT.
from Leghorn, will please send their i einita on ho it it, at
ild'a Wharf, or to the oftiee of 1JOVD Ik HINCKKN.M
?t ?/t
t UN M tJN r. K.I t i Ite -li p ,\f ne, froin II , \ le >. 1.1 't.nf
(rod their prrmita oa board at P.er ?, or to the orbee of
^ lim^HJNtJKKN. rg Wall at eet_
ft/ y> '1 A' \KnMI,i.K>- I I ? rrpprir.: -i..l cupper la-tei nl
hark LKPAN t'K, Ur me Hnu if i.iitirr, wol be piomrt^ >jle?_?uhrd
BOYDJt HInCKKN, Brokem. 11 Wall at.
^K/Utt P.KW UHLt, Ihl?Lo-Uiina ml N?w Yolk Line j
Hf ?f Packets?Very reduced rout <1 Freight ? The new i
^^ udeplendid fait Miliug packet bark DIIF.HWuOD. J llura^^ ty,
maairr, la now loading and will positively aail Thuiaday,
^^ ann iry latli, her regular uay. K.ir freight or paaange, ha\ i g
^^ plandid furnished accommodations, apply on baard i t Or^K<ni
wl arf, fool i f Wall afreet, or to ?. K COLLINS, 46
^^ louih ?ircet Aanm iu New Orleans Air. Win Creevy, who
I l" mptlv I i! ward all gooda ro hit address Positively no
^^^ reu I * "I be rereiyed on board after Wednesday evening,
^^ annarr llih racket ahip Clifton, J. B. |. ge anil, will anc^^ eed
th? ^heiw.'Od. mdaaii on k?r regular day.
ill V H I'trO le-Oik W LINK?Meg mar I'acaei o(
the 16 h January?1 he new aud apian.no feat tailing
^^ ackel hip HHtllll)AN,( feorge B. Cor mi ah, maaier, la now
^^ uadimi. a< d will i naitively aaiI aa above?l.er regular day
^^ or freight or paatage, having aplendid areomuiodatioua,
^ flirvu ookrd. at. Orleans wharf, fool ol Wall atreet, or to
K. Collina, 46 South atreet 1 he I'acket Ship QaMMICK,
^^Eloara haul, m later, will aaeceed the Sheridan, and aail her
Theatrical and Musical
P*hb Thcatbk.?There wan a full hous*. ad usual, at
|h? Park last night, and everything went off wall. That
Hernandts i? a tremendous fellow on hone back; bat
the act of Mr Johnaon and hia little girl ia one of tba
moat graceful thing* we hare ever witnessed. We need
only say, that everything ia conduo'ad in tha moat oorreccand
brilliant manner at the Park, and those who
wleh to p?*a a delightful evening, had better join the
throng and g* and aee Sands, Lent & Co 'a clroua troupe.
BowF.hr Theatre ?Laat night wi* a brilliant night
for this theatre. Tha tragedy of ' Brutua. or the Fall
of Tarquin," was acted. Mr. Marshall, in the character
of Brutua, reflected great credit on himself, and waa
loudly and frequently applauded. Mrs. Broadley,as
Priestess of Rhea, mad* a strong Impression, being possessed
of a fine idea of the performance of tra?io scene*.
The whole oompany sustained their several oharaoters
insuohgood style as will warrant a reattendance of
all who aaw it. The laughable piece ot tba ' Mysteries
of Odd Fellowship," was played, Mr Burkeaa Mr. Bosyman.
Whenever Burke la cn hand there is always
plenty of fun. The drama of " Charlotte Temple" was
also parformed, and In such character, too, as almost
made the play aeem a reality Things are done up right
at the Bowery, and that Is the plane to which , going
onoe, Is sure to create a wish to go again.
Chatham Theatre.?Last night, at the Chatham.was
for the boneflt of Mr. MoFarland, better known aa Little
Johnny, and thera was a bouse full, from top to bottom
The mtlo-drama of " Ambrose Orrlnstte" was performed,
Mr. Kafflle in the character of Ned Oraylln,
which was done to the entire gratiQcatton of all present
Mr. Sutherland, us Ambrose Gwinette. played his part
in his usual unsurpassed manner. Mr. Ouray and son,
in their feats of posturing, reoeived unbounded approbation,
and worthily too. for their performances are
astonishing, and well worth the whole price of admission
Miss Blanchard appeared in her Grecian ezeroisea The
farce of the ' Wife's Second Floor" was well played.
The Model Artists are still reoeived with enthusiastic
applause, partioulaaly the new tableaux, representing
the parting ot Heotor and Andromache, a beautiful
representation, far exeelllng any aver before presented
in this city.
Palmo's Oi-eba House.?Mods Frederick Gleg Thiers
opens this theatre some day next waek, with Tableaux
fivnlt This gentleman was the ltader of Dr. Collyer's
(raupr, and has given exhibitions in everv cart of LuroDe.
He baa been one of the originators of tbeae classic exhibition!,
and baa an exoellent oompauy.
Broadway Odkov ?This snug little house la crowded
nightly. The attraction of the Model Artiste seems to
last out well: and aa long aa be has such beautiful artists
engaged, wa bare no doubt be will be fully patronised.
Chrhtt's Minstrels.?The same old story here: full
houaes, lots of fun, any quantity of laughter and applause.
We believe that Christy baa found tbe philosopher's
stone, as everything he does seems to oacceed ?
Long may this band continue to delight the New
St et rem a anise he Musical SoriKTY.?The seventh
conoert of this celebrated band took place laet ntgbt, at
the Tabernsole, and was attended by the ifiie and
fashion of the oily, who were attracted, no doub", by
the great fame of these musicians Their toft, clear
and mellifluous notes, either in waltz or maroh, quadrille
or overture, are so harmonious?the musical mind is so
enraptured and enchained by their brilliant execution
and combined melody?that when the last pieoe in the
programme is played, the audienre seem anxious for a
repstition of toe performance, and regret their departure
from a circle of the sweetest tones and most inspiring
sounds-sounds sent forth with such oars aod precision,
with the auxiliary aid of sevsral brass instruments,
the tones ot which are breathed with such a flue,
modulating science aud sweetness, th t every other inatfument
can be dietinctly heard, and yet all tbe neoeesary
power of the bass notes, which are tbe grouudwoik
of harmony. is still prsserved throughout every bar and
stave 11 may be considered by some, that we apeak too
highly of thle band ; but let the unbitued mualeel eritle
attend their concei ts, and listen to their martial airs
and oveitures? to their delightful waltzes, and, above
all, to s?me of the plaintive melodies of their native
land, which are whispered to the ear with such delicacy
of tone, gentleness, and swettaees, and decline in
such exquisite melody, that, when passed, tbe mind
seems as if awakened from rosy drrams of the world of
harmony. The firet piece wee a grand march, whioh
bowed off the brass iu&trum-nts to great a<l * a u tag*
The next, overture to tbe opera, '* Kra Diavolo,'"by
...ki~v, v,. w jk j._
plsyvd the rare abilities ot tbe performers in Ibeir correct
reading, precise time, and even intonations The
insignificant waits, by Strauss, was excellent, and th*
finals of the first part, from the opera " The Siege of
Corinth," was executed with great science. The variations
fur the Ante, played by Kr llie zel, and composed
by Furstsnau, was given with sued sweet tones and
graceful shakes, as to elicit a round of cheers f om the
audience. The 8teadella Quadrilles were lively and inspiriting.
and the European Biumenleso, or liraud Potpourri,
by Morelll, containing some beautiful gems from
favourite operas, was a delightful blending of sweet
sounds and unsurpassed harmony. The overture to the
opera ' Oberon," by Weber, evinced great musical skill
sod sound discipline: and " Minus's Morclag Salute."
principally exsouted by tbe leader and two other violin
players, was a splendid performance?tbe shifting and
beautiful blending of hall tones, were given with great
precision and sweetness Tbe grand gallop, with song
closed the entertainment; bot the audience were so
enraptured, that they would have more, andthey cheered
until tbe bend returned, and ptayrd a railroad overture,
and tbe audledfee separated highly delighted with
the evening ' entertainment.
Miss Julia Turnbnll and Mr. Q. W. Smith commenced
an engagement on Wednesday evening last, at
Richmond. Va
Tom Tbnmb was to leave New Orleans on the 4th in
stant, In the brig Adams, Gray, for Havana.
Mr. Anderson, tbe talented tr?g-diao. was to appear
at the American Theatre, N.w Orleans, oo the evening
of the 4th iuat
The Theatre Royal, Montreal, la still kept open by the
officers of the garrison stationed there
Independent Putnam Guards' Ball.
This oompany, composed el tine young men. whose
manly and martial appearauoe wiil soon rank in the militia
of the city, gave, on Wednesday last, their firs' ball
at the Apollo Rooms. Captain C W Maguire and his
gallant soldiers are net yet furnished with their dresses;
but we understand will join ths conspicuous company ol
' Old Continental Washington Guards and will adopt
the same elegant uniform as this well Known oompacy.
whose noble aspect was so universally admired when th? y
first paraded in our streets
At half past 8 o'clock, the company, consisting ol about
two hundred young men, and three hundred ladies, entered
ths large hall of the '"Apollo." promenading and
eojoying the excellent muslo of Dod worth's far famed
ootillion band. At a quarter past 9, tbe dancing began,
and was attended by a great array of feminine beauty
We remarked iming the number of pretty ladles who
were present. Miss Julia C , of .Mercer street, a handsome
young girl, tall and well shaped, whose eyes were
dsrtirg here and ther- killing glances upon her admirers;
Mrs D. W. f'^t, a young widow, whose elesant
f.afliecs in.Und UaW U.alr
dress, which had been really made by a akiirut drew
maker, showed admirably the grace or b?r figure, and
bar alabaster shoulders and well ehaped arm* We
lcoke4, also, with silent admiration, at a ve-y noble and
dignified young miss, wboae name la. we believe. Miss
Adelaide Rebecca 8***t, a Jewess, of Elm street, possessing
the peouliar beauty of the daughtere of Israel,
and wboee blue dress was perfectly in aooord with the
raeen loeks ot her Oreclan head.
When the solemn hour of midnight struck at the City
Hall, a splendid supper wan served up In the adjoining
room, and the table was covered with the beat deiioaoles
of the season The dancing resumed when the enpper
wae over. ?nd the parly eeperated at a very late, or
rather an curly, hour yesterday morning, without the
least disorder to mer the pleasure of that re-union.
Eminelt Onsrd Ball.
The second annual bill of this ocrps came off on
Wednesday n g'at, at the Coliseum, and was one of the
fit est of'he Sraron.
At half past esven o'clook tie c mpariy b gin to assemble,
aud at ball past eig'dV, about tbre hundred ladles
entered the room, and promenaded, for s une time ,
to the mania) air of ' Hsll Columbia." which was handsomely
executed by Lothian's bsud The decorations of
the room vers few, but chaste, beautiful, and emblematical.
Tht front of the orchestra waa hung on each
aide with (he fl-g of the country, and iu the centre, encircled
in evergreen, was a lithograph likeiess of the illustrious
Irish patriot, Robert Einmett, whose name the
corps h*s assumed
At the sound ot ths bugle, ths floor was cleared fox a
dance, when every swain rushed to obtain the hand of
his favorite laas for the first set, and each manifested a
desire to outstrip the otcers
The members of the ' liuard," are a noble looking set
ot men. almost entirely composed of the sons ot the
Emerald Isle ; they were dressed In full uniform, bine
eoat and pants, turned up with red and trimmed with
gold lace aad national buttons The ladles all looked
well, and were attired In all the fashion of 'he see son
In the dace#, we noticed (bp M lares L., of liayard
street, twoaistars, whose gramful manners and superior
darning, won for thern the admiration of all preseut
The elder Miss C. wan dresetd In a njull rouiillu,beautifully
rpottnd with a dnlleatn blun; her head trimmed
with a wbttn rosette on one aide, and a bunob of delloate
flowers, the hark surmounted by a massive silver comb
of the rarest workmanship; the younger, Miss M , whs
dressed in h book muslin, with pink waist ribbon, the
head dress'd with a wreath of white flowers
F.i-Alderman K , though nu old man, became ss a
mere boy, and tripped o?er the floor with all the aot>vity
of youth He sought the band of Mrs M , end seemed
to -?e lusplrrd with uew life by the i.equetta danoe
Miss , ol Bond street, was escorted to the room by
Lieut (i , who seemed to he pr< ud lhat he should have
the pleaeure of conducting ihiough the danoe, we bad
ulnicst said, lh? inoel beautilul you ?g lady i f the oompany
Hhe il rather abore the ordinary stature, with
raven hair, which was beautllUilT adorned With delioate
flnwtra, the whole entwined in itrlng or white was
baa da, of lieautiful texture ; her face, overhung by an
Intalleotnal forehead, wan exceedingly intereating , her
larga dark ayaa btepoke the inward terling of the soul ;
har noae, of tha Oreetan order, and month, eat with
two raw* of taeth, far exoelling in whileneee and beauty
tha Daeat pearl or Ivory. She waa attired in a white
wtM muelln dreae, trimmed with tberry ribbon, and
W 10
her figure tree of perfect mould Her manners were
simple, but superlatively graceful
Mis* M , of Jerarj City, seemed to attraet considerable
attention 8he *? quite rmell, with drlloete features ;
her dress wee bleok satin, irlu:m*d with ermine, end
earned particularly to attraot the attention of Major D
Mre P of Bedford street, was entirety taken, for the
time, from the oompany of her husband and joined lr
the pleasures or the evening Her blaok and glossy hair
hung in graoeful ringlets over her alabaster n?ok and
shoulders, wblch rleu in whiteness with the snowy garment
whioli she wore.
Little Miss J , ef Llm street, having rather a poor idea
of tbe fine accomplishments, tripped over the fl >or as If
fearful the inuaio would go ahead of her danolug, whii?
her partner, dressed In Kootttah military costume, with
his pedestals almost entirely bare, followed in her wake
as if apprehensive, in ber haste, be would lose slgbt of
her. Miss J is ago ahead littla girl, and everything she
does, seems to be done in a hurry.
Twelve ootillons having been danced, the invited
guests were oon uetrd to the o< mmtttee room, where a
cold oollation was prepared, after partaking of which the
sparkling cup went round. Captain VloG. gave a sentiment,
in whioh he toasted
" The Press?the terrorof despots.'*
An invitation had bean tendered to Colonel Burnett,
who was uaable to attend in oons'^uence of a previous
engsgemsnt to attend a dinner given to him In Philadelphia,
as will be Keen from tbs following :
Nkw York, January. 1848.
Dr.an Sir?I rogret extremely that a previous engsg-ment
to visit Philadelphia will deprive roe of the
plHftsure of atteiidiog the ball of the J-irst Company of
Emmelt Guards, on the lith instant. As a sentiment,
allow me to propose (if sentiments be in order),'' Alter
the gallant conduct of the sons of Ireland, In the armies
of the United States, in the wars of Kiuktnt Mexico,
the * Shamrock' deserves a plaoe amidst the emblems
oi our oouniry "
V ery truly, your ob't servant.
To Capt. James MoOrath.
Returning to tbe ball room, we witnessed the most
beautiful waliaing we have ever seen, tbe Misaes L
before mentioned being among the most attraotlre; Indeed,
they moved liKe sjlpbs over the floor.
Mrs. ue a., or Deianoy street, waitjssn oeauniuuy. as
Mi also Miss M., of Benson strsst, sad Miss K., oi the
Bowerv. .
At half past twelve o'clock, sapper was annonneed.
and a general rush was made to the supper room, one
gentleman taking a favorite young lady, and leaving his
wife for some one else.
On entering the room, we beheld three tables, heavily
laden with all the delicacies of the season, and around
them seated about three hundred of the fairest daughters
of the city. It was a feast for soul and body, and truly
appreciated. No morn time than necessary being spent
at the supper table, the whole company returned to the
ball room, except the "Guards," who shortly after followed,
in military order, and went through some of their
exeroises. in marohlng, counter-marching, Ac.; after
which the danoing apaiu commenced,
Several members of the "Continentals," with their
uniform of Revolutionary. days, joined in the happy
orowd. A representation from tits '* Montgomery
Guards.'' and tba ''Hussars," wars also present, and partook
of the pleasures of the night. The danoing continued
until half past four o'clock, when the company
dispersed, not the slightest thing having occurred to
mar the enjoyment.
This ball was well gotten up, and conduotedin a manner
r-fleeting great oredit upon Captain MoG., and his
gallant corps. There was a more general attendance
than at aoy ball we have seen this reason, from the mau
of three score years and ten, to the little girl of live
ytars. All engaged earnestly to drive dull care away.
Annual Bailor Uio Journeymen Marble Cutters.
The fourth annual ball of this society was held at
Tammsny Hall, on tbs evening of Wednesday last, and
a greater assemblage of beauty we have seldom witnessed
Tbe ball room was brilliantly lighted, and the
orchestra filled with an able body of musioiaus. Thrre
was a goodly numbar present?as many as could be oomfortably
The promenade from the dressing to the ball room af
forded us an excellent opportunity to make observations
on the dress and appearance of the ladlea. Thre - things
(articular! v struck us in their appearanoe: The hmn
te variety in thtir phyeiogremy?American?tor the
Americana have a national characteristic in their literature,
have features which distinguish them from
other nat'one? Eoglifh.French,Dutch, in faot. of neatly
every natloa under the sun, not excepting the Romau
and Grecian. Another, the graoeful ease and self comniaurt
with which tbey ent-eted th? hall roma ?nothing
of that simpering. sheepish, look often exhibited by Curopcan
ladies They seemed to poasuss tha calm, ooliteted
looks of conscious innocence, and iudep-ndenoe. go
murlt eulogised by Tot queville. The third wad, the
various though neat mauner in whiah the ladlea were
dressed. To attempt a description, would be oat of the
question. as no two were alike.
We admired particularly the white muslin dresses
occaeionnaily relieved by a flower or scrips There ia a
lightness, a modesty and ohastaneas about th-m, wa.ch
in our estimation, particularly adapt them for the ball
room Others looked very well; but wedeoidedly think
thi-se carried the palm. Tlra Head-dresaee and ornaments
wsre appropriate and very n--at But all these
paraphernalia were oast in the shade, when compared
with the beautiful amiling raoes, bright eyes, and hied
Intelligent. Inr.ns of the dear creatures Pardon tbe
w?rd. In that respect we have no hesitation la saying
that they would vie.if not surpass.any to be found either
on this, or ou the other aide of the Atlantic We will not
pretend to deny that there were some whom wj considered
perfect Madonaa?partially, perhaps.
Tbe evening was spent in the utmost harmony?btp
pines* beamed from every eye. Tbe various dancer,
wait ass, j gs. quadrilles, be., wert gone over with beau
tlfal spirit. YVe were often amnsed at tbe ogling of the
ladles tnd ths sly looks of the g-ntlemen, as they es.
eorted their partners through tbe dance All the d.nocs
were well gone over, and one young lady, handsomely
dressed in Highland costume, danoed in admirable atile
the Highland fling. A burst of applause wasawaided
her on its termination. The utmost hilarity and good
feeling pervaded the whole party, all seeming anxious
to phase and bo pleased; and. at a lew hours after
the wee short hour ayont the twal," the company
promenaded home, happy to meet, happy to part, arid
happy to meat again
Tne arrangements were excellent, and the csmmltt.srnmarkably
attentive to tbe wants of the company
\lt"getber, it reflects great credit on the United Association
or Journeymen Marble Cutters. We heartily
wish thim and tlieir fair frieuds every sucoess and many
stiith massetinafl nnt f.ifivriffin.v mi??..lf ..- cf ?U.
p?rty To the credit of tba sssooialion be it Mid, the:
we did net observe ai.y one the least intoxicated. We
never saw this at suoU a meeting in Kurope.
City Intelligence.
Thk WxsthrR ? The weath-r yesterday Wit nuite
sort and mild, the eiouda throughout the day, locking
very unprcpltioue The day was tuuoh warmer than
the several previous days, and considerably more so
than the oorrerpondiog date ol the two previous years
The range of the thermometer stood thus:?
? Jl M. 12 M 6 V M.
Jan. 13, lilt 33 tII >8
" 1*47 li Si 31
" 184G 30 35 31
MoasiovitM.?Our attention was yesterday afternoon
attracted by a large crowd gathered around the Talk
gate,fronting Tammany Hall. On pushing our way to the
middle of the crowd, we saw a thin, ghostly locking man.
standing beside a large bill, on whloh was printed the
"seorstsof the Mormon temple," deecsnting upon the
evils of Mormonlem, when an Irishman stepped up with,
And I say, Mister, bs my sowl, I aiu't no Mormon, but
faith an' ye're tailing ad t lie.'" This put the speaker
all aback; but be ahortly replied: " Friend, I ain't no
Mormon neither, and was It not my graee which bus
tauis inn, i mould tali upon you " things began to
aasuma rather an unpleasant aspect, and the foe of Joe
Smith crept through the Perk, glad to aaoape the embrace
of the Iriahman.
Fibe ?A Ore broke out at 0 o'clock yesterday morning,
to the paper-hanging and paper-boa manufactory.corner
of Grand and Clinton atreeta. The Ore apread with
great rapidity, and It wae not until the upper story of
tbe houee, together with Its content*, were entirely destroyed.
that tbe flames oould be subdued. The stock
and furniture in the lower part of the bouse were very
much damaged by water Loss. 04 COO. upon which tberV
was an insurance of faouo The orlgtu of tbe Ore Is
opposed to hava been accidental.
Hcbriblk Death ?A colored woman, named El'aa
King, residing at No. 6i Cross straer. fell Into the fir., in
a fit on Wednesday night, and was burned to death before
any assistance could be obtained
PaiwTEiii' Ball to Lieut fvrricwT.? The grand bsll
tendert d by tbe Printers of this olty te Lieut Tbos W
Sweeny, first regiment of New \ ork volunteers, will
ome oil at Castle Garden, on .nonday evening next; aud
from what we cad learn, promises to be a spleudid atf?sr
Independent of tbe pleasure enjoyed on suoh occasions,
an opportunity will be afforded to the ladies of behold|
ing soma ot tbe war-worn heroes who have lately return
I fa iiom mtjuon-wniTC, ny their bravery on the battle
field*- they have distinguished themselves, and refleoted
Imperishable fam* for action* o( chivalry, upon "the
land ol the free, and the home of the brave " There
can be no doubt bat that Caetie Warden, on that eveuIng,
will present the moat brilliant aeaemblage that ever
congregated within Iti walla, to welcome and cheer Che
dauntless defeDdera of our country'* rlghte, and htr
glorious constitution.
Dritirh raoTBCTiva Kmiorsivt ftoriBTv's Cosccar
and literary entertainment, tak?< place tbl* evening, at
the Tabernacle. We have already mentioned that the
receipt* of this concert are to be devoted to the oharltn
blefundof the ioolety. From the great rehpeotabillty
of the namee of the member* of tbl* coiunntr.ee. a* tbey
appear on ihc programme, we have no doubt they them
relet* oould dispose of a great number of tickfta, and
we are prepared to ree a full house; but apart from thl*
aor . ee, we trust the public generally will, patron!** it.
The entertalnineor* are very choice, consisting of Mr
Lover, in his "Irifh K entngv," and " Lynas's Musical
Illustration of $'.akipeare,"
Ktro*m Gskstlt W*i rro?What a disgraceful sight
j it is to see great heap* of coal throwu loose In the st.e.t,
: uoon the naveinent. obstruotine tbenroa.l ?.t
kicked about by the feet, and mumbled beneath the
whm-le of paaemg ratriegee ! Huoh a nuieenoe U net
practieed, n'T permitted. In any other city in the world
except in New York What la the reeaon that the dealera
in ooaU are permitted to deliver their (>oOi In thla
looee way f Do tbey not make profit* en> ugb by their
trade, to enable them to eerve their cuatomera and daliver
their mode aa ooel merohanta do In nlviliaed pleeeef
What would be thought of the grocer, who, when be aold
a pound of augar, wea not able or willing to put It into
1N1NG, JANUARY 14. 1&
paper, but til to throw the sugar Ioom upon th? noun
trr. and leave you to gather it up as you pirated ' la
oWillisd oities, ooal dealers are obliged to deliver tlielr
ooals in saolt?, an l they employ men on purpose to deliver
them,who will take up a sack of eoali on their shoulder*.
and deliver them to you in a garret, if you happen
<o live in a (arret, emptying the tack at once Into your
cupboard. Then you do not have to let them He loose
In the street at your door, to be trod down and rode over
till you can find some man to carry them for you by
spojO'lui Into your domicile, to their intended receptacle
It ia really disgraceful that such things should be
suffered, as cue may witness every day in the dirty,
flooded, neglected, filthy, S'lnktng streets of New
York. Perhaps the city authorities ? if it bas any
authorities?are kindly consld -rate of the class of
coal dealers, and suppoie tbey do not get profit
enough on the sale oi their ouals, to be able to
deliver them as they ought to do But If the grocer, for
the small profit he has upon a pound of candles or a
pennyworth ot candy, will wren uo either artiole neatlv
in paper, and tie It with a string into the bargain, why
should not the coal dealer be made to pnt hie oosle In'o
a sack, aud deliver them neatly, without loss or dirt, into
the house of his customer' If coals were thus delivered,
the customer would have better security that be
obtained his right measure, because the autboritiee-tf
there are authorities?ought to require the aaok to be
<sf oert. ln dimensions and oontain a certain quantity
And the coal dealer would keep his sack aud use it
twenty times over in the seme day for different customers;
whereas the grocer gives his wrapper to the customer.
who carries it off with him. Reform ie greatly wanted
in this esse, as in many others Hut ehail we have
lt'f Certainly not. And whyDOt? Who would dare
to propose u ! Are not the coal dealers respectable
people.' Have thry not influential voices in their sevt r*l
wards T And who that is put into office by tnelr
help, would he so ungrateful and so menu, as to turn
round to them after being elected, and say, ' My dear
fellow, you brought all your friends to vote for ma; you
put me into office, and now 1 shall do my duty?'' It
is not in human catme to do one's duty under such oirouinetatioes.
Nor is it in the nature of an office-bolder
to be independent of tbe olflce giver. Therefore It were
idle to expuot tbe performance of duty and vigorous government,
from what ie falsely called a government,
which is itself under that superior government aud
ooutrol, resulting from respect of persons As regards
our city government, tbe order of things is reversed?the
governors ere governed, and they who ought
iw wv guvriimu, huttiu auo |uroiuiucub iidcu uiio
hardly exercise ill authority over any except poor, beggarly,
and friendless loafers.
Uholkinu Dkith.?Coroner Walters was called yesterday,
to bold an Inquest at No. 36 Orange street, on
the body of a colored woman named Klir.abeth King,
aged 20 years, who came to her death by beiDg burned,
by falling into the Are. Krom the evidence adduoed before
the Coroner, it appeared that the deceased and
another colored woman volunteered to sit up, at the
above named plaoe, during night, with a corpse; that
one of them fell asleep in her chair, and wae shortly afterwards
awakened by n dense smok < in tbmroou, and
on awaking from her clambers, found her associate
watcher with her head on the tire, and on remaviug
her, discovered tbst she was dead, and her
face and neck were actually roasted to a crisp ?
The deces.ied is supposed to have fallen against
the fire, while In a At, to which she was subject,
and being unable to speak or help herself, while in a
stuto ct oonvulBtons, me met witn ner uornme aeam
At the time of this occurrence, there were In the room,
the corps of a person who had died of fever, three others
so rerious'.y ulU.oted with the prevailing disease, that
they were unable to speak or notice what trauspired,
one but just alive. These, with the bony upon which
tbs inquest was btld, pr>aeuted a picture that may be
more readily conceived than described.
Death by Ason-icxr.?The coroner was called to hold
an inquist also upon the body cf Josiah Harris, a native
of Connectlont, aged 67 years, who, while on his way to
this oity, as a passenger on board the smack Julia Maria,
died suddenly ytaterday. Verdict, death by apopiexy.
Polio* Intelligence.
Moraine Scene*?Watch Jit rum* before. Juetice
Diink>.r.?Yesterday morning, at the return of prisoners
bf fore tfce magistrate, from the ditT-rent wards, were two
inlste*tlug specimens of male and female humanity, who
luxuriate by night, and sleep by day, on the 6?n tun of
rascality the Five Points The female, who oalled her'
self Louisa Sherwood, exhibited the appearance of having
been once a woll proportioned and good looking girl,
but from the r.enatani habit of drinking tt^e horrible vitriol
and water, oommouly ceiled rum, sold at every groggery
kept io the vlolnity of her domlcil, located in Ar' lioi.y
street, on the Points, she resembled anything but a
vraoefut term, being distorted with rum blossoms on tbo
lace, and ber figure was swollen and nulled up. showing
the awful effects of <1 ?Mpatioo. One eye was closed,
trooi a severe bruise, and the other would tn.w and then
?how itself, r?aeuii>Uug a twinkling star on a dark cloud
1 lie niau, who gave bit uarno as IlichsrJ Reason. up
prared to poMre* more of that commodity in the name
than in the brail. resembling more the appearance of
death on a broomstick than Dick. Keaeon in the
police tihee, be bain, a tbin, oadarerous looking
o'^ap, wiiu a long beard, tbin nose, and a very full projecting
eye the lid of which appeared to be too heavy
i?>r operations These two epecimtnj of fallen humsuity
were arraigned before the magistrate, who answered
10 their naines when fulled, looking at each other with
a tone of forgiveness which cannot be expressed on paper
Mianisira-Well, oifirar, who makes a complaint
against these two beautt- s?
Orricm ? Well, your Houor, I found them both in a
clinch together in Anthony street. Dick was hinging
away at Louisa, and she h i<l him by the hair, so you are
I si p>rat?s them with my club, and brought them both in
for dgbtiug and raising a disturbance in the street
i manist*itr?Well, you urn a pretty couple, ludeed,
to be lighting in the street together. Louisa, do you
make a complaint against this man T
Louisa?No, sir
i MaoistRaTK? Dick, do you make any ebarga against
Louisa ?
I II V* _!_
M soibthatk ?What do you follow for a HtIuj! '
Dick ?Why, your honor, I follows' tba sea
Magistrate ? And now you anon shore, you follow
the women Why. Dick, you look sick
Dice ?Yes, your bouor, I'm been under the weatber
a little, I ennfrss
Magistrate- Louisa, Is ha your man ?
Louisa?(Looking bashful, holding down her head
with all the modtfty Imaginable) answered?Yes, yonr
bon?r, he used to be
Magistrate ? Officer, do yon wish to make a charge
ngati.st them' for 1 see they hare made up their own
Orricaa ? No, yf ur honor. I've no charge to make.
Magistrate ? i ban, as no one complaius against you
you can both go; but be careful; if yi.u are brought before
ma again. I shall make you both sudor soma?than
At this word, which struck on their ears like a charm,
Louisa nulled, and Dick diaw up his heary cyaliJs; bis
I lights rteembllng the aniiuatiou of a tom cat in (lis.
Boih hurried out of the otHoe together, apparently wall
satisfied with only receiriug the night's lodging lu the
j wttch-bouse.
The next party called up before hie honor was two
I young man of genteel appearance, olerks in a store s toI
ated in the lower part o( Maiden laue, who ware both
I detected by cfHcer Kloyd of the 'Jnd ward police, con;
slderably in liquor, upsetting boxes, and otherwise ant
iuk ia ti ry uisurueuy mrnuer. aoom iii o clock the
night previous. Tbere was ijuite a contrast between tbe
two just 1*11 and the one* now before the Justice They
appeared, however, to be very penitent, and although
the officers had great trouble in getting them to the
station bouse, Mr Kloyd having loet a small piece off hie
little finger, which was bitten by one of the priaoneis,
yet th-y felt disposed to be easy with them, it being the
firs', time of their appesMuoe before the bar Of the pn.
hoe court; and as they promised better conduct in
! future, the magistrate gave thriu a reprimand, ai.d allowed
them to go; but upon a second appearaucu before
his honor, their sentence will be more severe
Jtrrrtt of a Sufy tnl Oassfit/cihr.?Officer Sorris,
on# of the chiefs active aids, arrested yeat -rdsy in Chatham
street, a man by the name of < harles H Carpenter,
on a benrh wan ant. issued by the ( ourt of Sessions, tor
having h?en ind cted by the present (Jrand Jury, as an
accessory before and aner the tact In passing HO bank
bills, purporting to be on the Ocean Bank. Newbury
port, >Ihss . In connection with lV? N. Andrue, about a
year tinea together with s mr.u who is now in the Massachusetts
Slate prison, by the name of TtUe k. Young
t^BTpenter, it is alleged, furnished ihe spurious m-ney,
aud Andros wis the gcoa? to ps?s i;. Tnus the whoie
party of ..')unterfe>t- rs have be-n broken up, and tlis
ring leaders de.voted and brought to justice by < ffloer
Morris Carpenter was det uued In prison In default of
VHarg* n/ fiaud.?I onsuble Hue arreted y?gt?-rday
ayouog nrnn by the nam* of Alexea V. Hirley.on a warrant
ir.ui-d by Juntlce Drinker, wherein he etm?l?
ohm it'll with ouUliiinn $160 iroiu < hnrieg VV. K.hrendtroi
Qi, residing at No 54 Houston street, by feign and
fr?udolrnt representation* It eppesrg that on the 10th
ot last month, Hirlry advert)* <1 f,.r it partuer in the *Xpreesferwardlngaud
c imuileai'iu busineM; andaooordlog
tj ouch adrer,igeuient. th? complainant called upon llirl?y
at 68 Murray atraet,whern Hlrley repiegeutad that he
wa* doing * vary extensive buklnna.i. having ageuta and
agencies In New Orleans Pittsburgh, Mobile, and St.
Lout*. Ha ai?o represented that ha had a contract with
the general peat office, for the delivery of all letters delivered
In New Orleans; employed MVen clertig, and
waa under bond* of $400<? for the rultiluient of the con]
tract; this. together with other express operation*,
brought luai In $700 a day Upon th??a statements and
representation*, Mr. Khrenslrocm concluded to become
a partmer; hut before doing ?o, IlirUv remarked that be
ahonld lik < him to act es clerk tor a few weak* In order
that he ml tht obtain an Insight Into the bosln>*?; and as
jarge amounts of money would pagg through his (Mr.
Khreartroem'e) hande. ne gbould deem it requisite to
ree|ulre a deporlta of $100, to ba placed in hli (Ilirlcy'g)
haude. a* a guaranty from any lo.??. The complainant
supprsiug ail to bemreo:. paid the $160; but gliorily
afterward* discovered that ail the repr-eentations were
f.lse and fraudulent, and done merely, ?g he a|l> gaa, to
cheat him out of the above cum ot money Ulrlry Pa a
! baen up brlore the po,|oe aeverai tirnea before ou similar
! charm Justice Diliitter lotkoil him uu in d*f*nlt oi
( Warn! Lartiny?A black fellow by tha nam* of
Oeorgii Tbompaou, ?a? arrmtad, yeit'<raay, on a CQargo
of atraliug a boa contai itng bad olotblog an<l other article!,
valued at >74, on board lha Kobart L Htrvena, >
lying at the foot ot Murray atroat, belonging to Walter
Muurd.ol tha itaambaat splendid. Loekvd up for trial 1
by Jualioe Uriukar
IrrraatsTiNo to Alukhmkn.?The proprietors
of one of the hotels in .Savannah, are providing
shad for their boarders.
Yoang ntn'f KatUnal Reform Asportation.
A meeting was held last night, of the above
association, at the Lyceum, in Broadway A
very large, respectable, and attentive audience
was present on the occasion. Mr. Rykman
was unanimously called to the chair; Mr. Barr
w.is appointed Secret try.
Mr. Bum, of Philadelphia, then addressed the minting
on the lubjsot of reform in the matter of land Mr
Baker went briefly into a ri?w of t*i* propriety of limit
Ins thi poisfflsion of land, and shovr?d th? uvil of suf
feriog a monopoly. Tbl* syil ?u luch that even iu ,
California, ths speculator* hi J allowed up% the best of |
the land. One mi>n had bought up for himself thirty ,
inilai if laud
Horace Oneriey, Esq. then addressed the meeting,
and was met withloud uud continued cheering from the
whole assemblage. lie began with remarking upon the
necessity of a general and thorough reform, which Id-a
he illustrated by the motion made in the Krone It National
Convention at the period of the greatest agony of
the French Revolution, by a member who moved to arrest
all the en/Thies of the Republic at once. Ho Vlr O
would wish that all the evils whioh pressed upon the industrious
classes, all the bad lawn and evil policy which
cursed the social life, might, If possible, be arrested,
nut oil and exterminated, not in Utile fraitments
but at once. Mr. O. then proceeded to expatiate
upon the evils, the difficulties and the Impediments
which at bis very outset, met the honest and genuine
settler, the rval cultivator of the soil The real sei.tl-r
is generally a poor uian. When he has paid the expenses
of bis removal to the West, he seldom has more
than a few dollars left in his pocket. He th?n goes
upon the land, works hard, clears him a little spot, aud
frnces it; be has a pre-emption right to the land hut it
must be paid for within two years Now. during ibos?
two years, he has work enough to do to support himself
and family, and clear a littls land How o i n be acquire
solid specie enough to pay the demandof the govrrment?
The consequence is, that if he does not raise the money
required, he is liablsto be stripped of the fruits of all his
labor, hlmselt and family turned destitute out agahi upon
the world, and his little farm taken from under his feet.
Some foreigner comes, and sees his little clearing, and
covets it; and then repairs to the land rfflce, and puts
his mark upon it. It is now sold for money, to a man
who has done no work upon it, and he who hss labored
and made it worth what it is, is turned nut If the
neighbors ehould prevent the purchaser from coming
personally to turn out the settler and erjoyhis
labors, bo has only to go to St. Louis or
some city where he may livo aud send word to the
settler, r> quiring him to pay so much for his own
place to thisjspeculater It is gone, by law, from the
man. fbe real settler, and given by law to money, and to
one who, perhaps,never intends to settle or to labor. Mr.
<> commented at some length,and very clearly and forcibly,
upon the gross moral and polltloai injustice of
tbis atrocious system. Mr. U. th?n depicted with
equal plalnnees and force, the condition of desolation
to which a new country is reduced by the
license which the liw gives to the moneyed man, residing
at a distance, to hold lands, and lock them up from
uee and improvement, and prevent the actual settler
from clearing or possessing the land. Mr <i. stated,
from what he himself had seen in a late tour to the
West, how, in the neighborhood of Chicago, and other
cities, speculators in dl tant eastern cities had purchased
whole tracts, which lay idle like a desert,
preventing till Improvement in the country. Mr
ii expressed his bope that the time war not far
off wb?n a reform would be effeoted in this matter ; and
ho hoped to see the day when the settler wbo bad no
toouey, would be able to get land, and the uon-settler
end non-worker, who bud money, would not be able,
with all his money, to get land. [ Tbis sentiment, most
happily expressed, was unanimously aud rapturously
applaudrd.J Mr. Oreelny proceeded to explain
and developn two great Ideas and purposes of
reform?the 1st, that there ougbt to be a
limitation to tbe extent of any one inan'e possession
of land. Ths second, that each man ought to have sscui
ity and oerlaiuty atteched to his homestead Mr O
antttp^il intn o vhvxt infi>r<iaf ini/nal,<nl jf i<i>* oKnu-Jniv Kau?
in proportion an population increased landlord* received
more from the land, and in the laborer wax taxed the I
more, and the farmer paid more rent. Thai the benefit* !
of the improvement* of a large population only or cbl-f 1
ly redound to the landlord.
After soine further highly interesting and useful remarks
upon th? present and pant condition of the work- i
lug claeno* of New York. Air. Greeley read the loll mine I
resolution*, which were put and carried unanimously: ? |
Whereai, Tlia experience of years proves to us that
as a laboring olais. we are sinking down to the level of ;
the pauperized messes of the oi l world; And wher as, 1
the annual rousnsge of the President of the United State*
announces that the prosperity of the nation i* yearly 1
increasing; a statement also, endorsed la the uirssege
just sent to the Legislature of '.hie State by the Governor?we
solemnly declare, as tbe working olasse* of this
olty, that such inoreaHed prosperity ha* not oome home
to us. Our rent* arv rising, wuile at i b" rims time our
wages are falling, and the necessaries of lile ootumend 1
higher prices thm f?r many years iilthetto thus limit- j
Ing u* In the quantity we oau procure Added to this,
tho labor market hae become overstocked, thus render
log tbe chances of employment more and moro precarious
Resolved, Therefore, That we look for a remedy to
these grievances to the opening of the public domain
for the u*<! of aotuel settl?re, and we urge the working
cWasesof th\? country to join us In demanding the passage
of such a law by our uallnnal government. (
Resolved. That we earnestly proas upon the attention I
of the Legislature the necessity of an early adoption of
the resolution offered September 17th, 1R47 by a special
committee of tbe House to whom was referred a moorial
on the subj-ot of (he freedom of tbe publio lands,
the exemption of the homestead, and the limitation of
the quantity of land to be obtained by any individual
hareeftar: and again presented by tbe Hon Mr liowie.
of New Vft lr on tho Hth iluv of lannftr* IHi* -nrf
which read a* follows:
' Resolved. (if the Senate concur,) that the public
land* are the e tniinon property of the people, and of
right ahould be held and approprl ited lor th*1r onmroon
uv and benefit, a ad tor no other nee or purpose what
'Resolved,(if the Senate ooncnr.) thet our Senator* in
Coogreea ha instructed, and our Representatives in Coneress
requested, to use their best sffirfeto procure the '
| passsge of a law to prohibit the sale of the public lands,
and to nau<e them to he surveyed iuto lots of a limited
quantity,for the use ot aoiual settlers "
K?solved, That the above resolutions are Just and
politic, and that we call on Congress to carry tnem into I
effrot at the earliest possible period.
Resolved. That lor reasons which must be obvious to
every reflecting Individual, the homestiad, to a limited
number of acres, should be exempted from all foio>-d
sale for any debt, or other liability, oontracted alter the
passage of such law.
Resolved, That a limit should be filed to the area of
soil any individual may h*r?-efter possess sou hold in '
ibis State. because the eatth is the oonimou parent of
all. and on whose boeoiu we have * much right to be
and to rest * we have t? breathe the air above it, or
drink the water upon it; which right is now denied by
our laws, that permit wealthy individuals to bold more
of its surface than they can properly use. to the exclusion
of others, who arc thereby in?de aliens in the land
ol their birth, and refused, at the option of their fellows,
nourishment from the breast of t hat mother which
the great Author of life made amply sufficient for the
sct-nance and comfort of the whole human family.
Mr. Giosley having concluded the readingoftteahove,
sat down amid the loud and rapturous applause tf the ,
The R?t. Mr. iriut.ci was hereupon introduced to th*
meeting, whi-n Mr. M. T. (J'Counur nil loudly oalled
for; upon which
Mr O'Co.vno* cmi? forward, nod respectfully declined
Intruding himself upon the meeting until hi*
respected friend, the K?v. Mr. I . ehould have been
The lt"v. .Mr. Iaui.Es hereupon proceeded to address
the meeting, in f.?ror of llie geueral principle* of the
great measure of land reform, when
Mr. O'Coasoa wa* loudly called for again On coming
forward, he tald that tne gentlemen who preceded
him hadeo ably demonstrated the advantage*?the justice?nar,
the immediate necessity. of tuaniog th" mem- I
auret of ihe national retorci party the ba*ii of our repub- j
bean so ;lal ayteni thar, n r doubt, 111*07 considered it
would be only necessary to hrieg th. sulj'ot before Coo I
greei, to hare It tna.le the law ot'the nation If th re h? ;
any such in thlv room, they deceive tb?m*"lrr? The ;
struggle for It* accomplishment ll?* aurrounded by defeat
-by treach*ry by cbic*n?ry, and, probably, by
massacre and bloodshed This i* no uew struggl. lu
which we are engaged It ia a* old alinoat a* the raco of
man. History, replete with war* ami strife, furnishes us
with a few glmip.?"f of the world's early eootal condition.
There we (1 ,d. that no nutter how bsrbmou* the nation,
the strong Invariably sought to get possession of the Roll,
with the view of reducing the weak to a uiUw-feb e dependence.
(Applause) The Jewish laws a Uord u? many
P?**ige* illustrative of the exartlous of the governing
power to i stay the hind of the monopoliser of the
soli Periodically the farms and house* which
money had wruog from the hand* of their owner*
ll' i to hw fl>atnrMii Anil ?llt>n now ??irlf..r? tarua
*o<|Ulre<], It wa* ahared nut tn ell who needed n new
poev**i n. Chrleti<n<ty aupereeJtng three taw* end
usage* for securing the family of the Jew* agaloat perpatml
porerty, has not glreo us aa yet any substitute
for them The presence of a minister of the gospel her*
thl* earning, give* promise that the ble?*ltig* of chrlstlinlty,
which teaohee of another world. will not iu.p
there, tut will lead ua how heat wn nan ma thl* earth we
dwell upon. The history of the Oreclan and Itoman
republic*; furnlah u* with a correct view of the friend*
an t en*iuie* of thla laud reform There are many who
reyer- IntlrMual men in the national re'orm l> ink*,
a* the inyentor* of the policy that we now adfooate; but j
history wtil at once define their true poult ton ? mere follower*
of a grand gal-xy of heroe* who laid down their
lire* in attempting in hare the same la** ad' pte I in the |
republic* to which I have alluded. Ljourmia while ao |
ttng a* r?gent for hia nephew, ?pp*tu* among th? fliet
martyr* In the oauae of land reform III* oel- li-ated nod* i
Of lUWd tnift'lP ?hirth waa "CT> hr,,ll...l ihu ,4 , ~ I. ? . , - *
the land anion* tbs people la ((Oho title' drew
down upnn nun tfco ti reeet oppoeltlun. O i ou? J '
oc-MMon, when proceeding to make the divtrlon, J '
h* ?M pursued by a inob, no d?abt ? mob of nob *?, |
lor W And th?t on batu* herd preeecd, he w?e ?l?'Ut to
enter l Mvftuirj. but wae prevented by AleenJer, *
TO ing nobl'iatu, who with liia club knocked out me of ]
l.yojrgu* eyee ! Such, In Oreecn, wee the lore of older ,
uianlfeeted by the noble*. Lloinniue, in the year 377
U. C? hed eimilar law* adopted by th# {toman*, with
thi* addition, that no noble could pnrobaea or held more
Wtid than three hundred *ora*. Thie law, through tha
IOerr of the Senate who wera tha aiUiocraoy Of I
Li ?j.
rwtmm T?o n-a.
Home -wki uot enforced. an?l remained with Utile not'oa
hy any party. a mere 4?? I letter, until tba year
V C., when thai ' noblrai Roman or tham 11," Tlbarua
(irannhua. painted it to be rr-enantad. Mark hl? fatal
lia la before I ha people pleading for thoir rlghte Ha iu
the lorum, clothed with authority that waa hitherto
puppoaed to render hia person ln?t< labia ; but tba BOhle
Senate paw In him the advocate of a eooial ryatpm that
would hr..?tr nit th.le nrH.r ...a .K. <
? ?K - -wv. ?- J IU IJ?U U||UB
bltn in a in?a- min-d with bludcenn* ami |,f< bma
h ma- gl-d corpse up ii tbe eir?-i* ?? Home D?ut*tua,
a -older. than whom ni ut wue brever who bore upon
hi? pere n five an tforty wounds?'w-lvei?o ivnj in one
battl? ? whn had fourice i civic crowns b-*iow< d :ip<>n
biin for hla bravery ;Jlbree times the unirnl crown, lung
th? first tosci-leitie walls c f the nemy; b? stood fi rward
to demand a chart ot the cot quired lands for himself
and hi* fallow soldo rs, and in doing no. he sp-keeo
well nnil no boldly, that ha became tbe object of a deadly
hatred totha arhtocraoy, and the Idol of the people.
The 8enate resolved to be rid of him and accordingly
elected him to the post of I.egatn, which, aa well as tbe
office held by TiberiuB Gracchus, was also considered
sacred No runner bad ue reached tbe Roman camp,
than he it put at the head of one hundred men to make
an ezploraMon; be Is in tbe defile of a mountain performing
bis duty, when, to his astonishment, be finds h?
has heett delivered over, for massacre, to oue hundred
assassins The aocnut of his death Is a grand
and enobllug picture of the old bero; nor did
he fall, although opposed by one hundred, until
be had laid twenty ot thein dead at his fret.
Tbe fate of tbe younger Gracchus Is still more in point,
as to the lengths aristocracy will go to frustrate tbe
adoption ot laws to limit tbe quantity ot land to be monopolised
by the mooted class Not only did they kill
himself, hue tbey armed their dependents, and slew
three thousand persona who were in favor of (he project,
and who were in the loruul t-> votu for it The aristocracy
liaviug got fit'l possession of power in Kftme, laid
down her laws, and in a few years we find misery, crime,
and vice, take ihe place of that virtue aud patriotism
that bed btlberto characterised the Roman people.
Looking back upon history, there Is little,' to cheer ua
ia regard to this movement; the massacre of all Its advocates
remaining to us as a sad and oruel picture of
' man's inhumanity to man." This diff-rence. however,
exists?that Roma and Greece had a full and plentiful
ciop of aristocracy already raised, before the people
moved for land reform - here, In America, we have the
seed sown tor a similar crop, but before It ripens, we
have determined t? have the land reform effected.
ButMorlpttons were hereupon oolleotod, to defray the
expense* of the meeting, when the meeting separated.
Law Intelligence. ,
Wl'i-kkmk Couit ? tieueml 'lVrm, Jan. 13? Present,
Justi :ee Strong. MoCouu, and Edwards?No ft finish. d;
judgment reserved Auil No. 4 ttken up Non-enumerated
uiotiona will bo heard to morrow (this day)
After whtoh, If time, the cause of the f'eople re Madame
Ueetell, will be taken up.
Circuit Court?Before Judge Morse ?Isaac ,4Jnancr
vt. Timmae Miller.? Ejectment suit to recover
| possession of a lot of land lu 31st street, sold under a
: corporation assessment. Not concluded wheu the court
Common Pleas.?The first branch of this Court did
not sit to-day. In the other branch there was only one
mill case tried.
United States Commissioner's Orricc, Jan. l!l?
Before Commissioner A Gardiner -Charge of Revolt ?
Samuel DAly, Joseph Jackson, and John Browne (colored),
were brought up from the quarantine ground by
Deputy Marshal Morrison, on a charge of baring endeavored
to create a revolt on board the hark Winthrop,
K'lis. master. It appeared they were shipped on Moddsy
last, aud, soon alter, forcibly came ou shore, and
got drunk They afterwards returned on board, alter
which the h.rrk was -towed out from the wharf On
passiug Governor's Island, the pilot orJer-d i he rails
up; they refu'edJo obey orders, and became very noisy.
The uatee then iuteriered, aud one of them, named
Charles Thompson. Bred a pistol in amoDgst the revoltera,and
broke the arm of Joseph Jauksou. Theoapiain
lay to at the quarantine ground, came up to town, i nd
obtained a warrant for their arrest. Alter a full investigation
of the ranter, it was agreed to take their own
recognisances for their appearance, if hereafter called
upon to take their trial, they agreeing to return to their
duty, and to conduct themselves with propriety during
the voyage Upon these condition', (be captaiu consented
to receive them again on board.
CocRr or ArrKAi.s, Jan. 4.?No. I.Joseph Blocum,
appellant, vs. If sac Clo'scn et al, r.sp'te Motion to
trike the cause from i he ( aleiidar maJe by eppellnnt.
fir.b, motion denied; cause called and rt'erved. argued
Jauuary'ih 1> I- S-ymour ami i' StuTeae altorueyi.
No 'J. Cornelia Do Ige, appellant v H-ilph Manning et
al.resp'ts Argued January 4 I' Potter. Woodruff and
Young, attorneys. No d David Mead, plaint (T lu error,
vs James Laweuo, defendant io error. Jauuiry 4, called
a id passed, no one appoiriDg. ftth, restored and argued.
VVheaton, Doolittle. lladi.y an I J 8 Colt, attorney*.
No. 4 .lam-a McKeon. plaintiff in error, vs Richard
Graves el al, def.udan'a in error. Argued. J H Ilty!
nolds nud G. W Buckley, attorneys No ft Reuben
Mattisou. plaintiff in eiror. vh. Daniel Baucus, defendant
In error. January D, o died and passed, no one appearing
-to he snhniitted "U printed argument T C Ilip'
ley and Job Pi?rson . attorneys No 6 The Mutual Insurance
Co , of the city of Albany, plain!iff iu error, va.
Nicholas ConoTer, defendant iu error Argued January
it C fl Bramhall and J C. Colt, attorneys No. 7.
iiobvrt Reynold', plaintiff' in error, vs Henrv H Mynsrd, ,
et al. Trust -es, 4c i , defendants in error. Argued January
8 C B Duteher and P. \V Bishop, attorneys
No. 8 Simon Hbtndler plaintiff iu error vs Isaac Houston,
defendant in error. Argued January 8 J A.
Mtliard and P r Woodbury attorneys No 9 Chauncey
Dealer et a) pUlnllff. in error, vs Amos Adams, lata
tneriff, d'feadant in error. Argued June 10 H O.
Wheaion and P t,agger attorneys No 10 Mary Martin.
bv her next friend Sto . appellant, vs Norrls L. Martin
respondent January 11, called aud reserved ou account
of sickness of counsel. No It William Small,
plaintiff in erior, vs The Herkimer Manufacturing and
tlyJiaulioCo, defendants in error. January II, called
aud passed, counsel not r.aly Murib-rt, Johnson,
Spencer and Kernan, attorneys No 19. John Rowland,
plaintiff in error vs Georg? K fuller, defendant
iu error. Ar^ue I January 111h N King, Jr , and
John G Htower, at'orneys No 13 Geo Ci rnes. plaintiff
in error, vs Oliver Harris defendant in error ?
Argued January It No 14 Evrrict Judson. plstatiff in
rrror. t? Jeblal Houghton, defendant in error Argued.
Jtoswrll Judson ami Ran'om Bntcom, attorn-ys N >. id.
Crastue Sparrow pluotiff in error vs E ixtbeth Kingmen,
deb-ml*-"'. in ?rror. Argued D Tiliingbast Greene
and Sueiduu. ettorneye
Co: ii r or (ji Nr.RAL Sessions?Jan IS Before Recorder
Scott r. u Aldermen D? Korres and Kelly?IS,at
Jor Rneivirg Siutfn Uoodi?At the opening of the
court, til s morning, Henry llo'senb'rg was called to
trial on an indictin.uf, charging him with having, in the
month of February last, received a considerable amount
ot jewelry and silver w?ro, knowing the same to have
b en stolen 'I he prosecution failing to sustain the iudlcimeni.
the jury, without leaving iheir seats, rendered
a verdict of nut guilty
T ialfor (Irand I.nc ?v- John Snell was next placed
a', the bar for trial, on a charge of having, on the I6tb of
BlJifiuiinT idm, eixian a e< it auu nuieau, aiogeuto be
worth f.^0, belonging to Aabury liibbard. In this oaae,
?e In ihc forro-r one, the prosecution filled to aua'aln
the charges 01 ntslned In the Indictment and the Jury acquitted
the accused.
The trl?l of John Stralman, of No 301 Washington
street. wne then called on, but It had not been coucluded
when the court a journed until to-morrow morning.
Cover CtLtioia, tnii DkY ? C?mmnn Plmt?Part I
- -No*. -HO, 161, 163.16 ), 167 I'art J? 86 20, 34. 30. 113,
114.116. 118, I2<?, 122 Circuit C .tin?Noe. 31, 47. #1,
34. 56 67, 59, 61. 62, 66, 67, 7, 5, 64 11, 10
8i rai.wr. Cornr or the Umti d States, Jan 13 ?No.
56. b'oit-d Sfat?? 11 rtl H. ft Merryuian ea the Corporatiou
of tVslhl'gton, in error to the circuit of the
Tnl ej Mate*. Waiibliigtoo, Li C Ob the motion of
Mr llrent. of nouuse) lor the plaintiff in error, thla writ
of error wae di-mi*sed with o> ata. No 145. Mary Ann
Van Neaa, pleiutllf iu error r? Cornelius P. Van Naes,
administrator of John f Vuu Nan The argument of
the motion to dismiss thla writ of error waa continued
by Mr. Ilrmt againt the motion, and by Mr Bradley in
support of the same. Adjourned till to-morrow, U
Hoard of Supcrvlaora.
Janva?t 13? The Mayor prteiding?The minutes
of the preo'dtng meeting were read and approT?d
Petitions of Tarioua persons, for toe correction of tax.
Reports of Committee on County Officers. In elation
to onnteta' bills for prlntin : mJ publishing eiectiou^rutlr?l|
recommending bills to bo audited ts<i psid. AO
oect-d, suit till* or Joint f> bo puid
U .ll.o of various persons connected with police department
Youmrial of Mr Jatnes Knry. clerk tn the Supremo
Court Claik's office, which sots lorth the various duttra
h? ba t to perlorm and tb* number of hours ho ?a* oecuplud
each Jiiy in ih? dlschaigeof tboeo duties, and asking
to bo placed ou iho samo footing in relaticn to aaiory.
aa the other clerks In the office Referred.
Cotrrch'in oj ? The taxes cf the following
ntmod poTSuns were corrected : Horace Kemble Ch.sa.
kullain, J P. (Juin, K. Uodlrey and Catharine Harermeyer
Absolution*.? 1'he Superslsor of 4th ward offered
reeolutlooa, that tho Judge* of the superior Court,
and Court of ' umnion Pleas, be n< tifled to attend the
Hosrd of Supervisor* on tla J?tl? J?r cf January,
tor tho purpose of appoint inn t'omi?l??l"oera cf Juror*,
In aco rdarici with a recent act of the Legislature.
Also, that the Nh-rlff of the city auJ oounty of New
Vork, bo rr<4U"sted tn info 01 the Heard tho amount of
tln-s paij 1010 his < tlioo by dslin iusut jurors, for the
year 1*47
The cupervlsor of the l:?th offered the following resolution
Resolved, That the clerk of the Superior Court.
County Clerk, and Register of the city and county of
N?W b ork. p?y ore* Into the city treasury, for each calendar
month, and within throe days fiora the eapirailou
ihereot, all the fees, peiijuisties snd eno!"Oieuts, which
ball bum been received by them reepeotieely. duripg
e.icb Calendar month, as presided by the aot entitled an
net In Mailou tu the toes and compi n?atlon ot c-rtilu
officer*, I iho city and Oot'u y of New York, pasted D-ileintwr
lO'.b. |ha7
The Board then ai jourued.
Iv?m\?The Supreme Court of .Vlich ipau, oa
he 4th instant, adjourned, out of lesp-ct to the
memory ot tire lut> Chancellor Kent, whose
Irulh wm announced Ironi the bench by Judjje
Whipple. Whereupon the usual ceremonies of
respect were observed.

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