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[From tbo Now Oris* 114 Picayuns. ion. U.J
There were several arrivals In the river from Torn
L'rui,yesterday. tbo latest bring tho steamship Virginia,
Capt. Tnoker, which loft on the 4th lust, and touohed,
at Tampiee.
Tbo moot important inteillgonao by this arrival ooneloto
of an indefinite but very current rumor, that sooret
negotiation! are on foot which promise peaos. It oomoo
to us from several eoureea, and ouch as era usually well
informed. W# have nothing very tangible to give color
to it, but note below oueh circumstances aa favor it For
ourselves, we can only vouch for the faot that such an
imnmaiilnn Tdrv utrnnir in I ifdntiml At TalUDioo
apt. Tucker report* th* t tal loi* of the brig Rupert,
on Tamplco bar, on the l*t lost. She waa bound from
Peusacda for Tamplco, with a cargo of lumber for the
The a hip America left Vera Crua for thl* port on the
4th lnet. Capt. E. G Elliott, Aaalatant Quartermaster,
Capt. Croh.n Ear, 3d dragoon*. Capt.T. O. King, and
Llaul. Prluoe are pa*aaoger* on bar.
The propeller Washington, Capt. Pratt, which waa
among the arrival* yesterday, brought over Lieut. 8. G.
Hick*, of the 3d llllnoi* Volunteer*. We now prooeed to
details of the new*.
Jt appear* that deapatohea war* received at Vera Crua
the eight of the Slat ult, by a oourler from Mr. Doyle,
the Britleh Charge. They were at onoe despatched to
tbi* port by the brig of war Daring, which arrived her*
several day* eino*. Though nothing 1* known aa to
the** deapatohea, the opinion formed at Vera Crui, from
the fact that they were forwarded by a vessel of war, Instead
of awaiting a steamer, was that they were of great
consequenoe They even jumped to the conclusion that
secret negotiation* were going on between Mr. TrUt
und the Mexican commissioner*.under English auspice*.
Nay. one of our oorrespondenta 1* confidant that the Saratoga
brought ov*r despatches from Mr. Trist for the
government at Washington, asking to have bis power*
The evening of the 3d lost, a detachment of about
twenty-fire dragoons, under Captain Croghan Ker, arrived
irom Mexico, having left there the 37th of December.
Mr. Triit did not accompany the tinln. Captain
Ker brought down deapatohea for Washington Lieut.
Waters, of the Louisiana Mounted Men, oame down
with Captain ker, from Puebla, and brought with him
package* whloh had been eant down es far as Puebla by
Captain Lawis, of the same corps, who left Mexico the
same day with Captain Ker Through this channel we
have received lull tile* of papers from the oity of Mexloo
to the 36th of iJeoember, but, unaccountably, our correspondence
did not reach Vera Crus. and is, we foar.
lost for ue Captain Clinoh. of the ISth Infantry, came
down with Captain Ker'* train.
Col Miles, with a force of from 1.000 to 1,600 troops,
left Vera Crux on th* 3d lust, for the olty of Mexioo.
Gen Scott was anxious for its arrival, which it waa supposed
would not be later tbau two weeks.
Aseoon as anotker column 1,600 strong oan ba collect
*d at Vera Cruz, it is expected to move thence for
Orisaba, under command of Col Uankhead. In Vera
Cruz thl* is expected to be a delightful excursion, from
the beauty of the country, and the fine roads and the
kindiiesi of tbe people, who have repeatedly solicited
that troops should be sent thither.
A small command had been deepatohed from the oity
of Mexico, composed principally of the 9th Infantry,
under Col Witners, for the mining diatriot of Real del
Monte, on the road towards Tampico, for the purpose
of colUctiug the revenues from the mining companies.
Another was expected to leave In a few days for Toluoa,
the capital of the State of Mexioo.
Go. Marshall was still at Jalapa on the 29th ult.,
awaiting the arrival of Col-Miles' train. Upcn its arrival,
his foroa would be 3400 men, according to the Free !
Anteit' an.
The President's message reached Mexico on the iftth
ult., having been despatched from Vera Crus to the
capital in seventy hours, for the American Star. It left
Washington on the 0th, and was consequently bnt seventeen
days in reaohlng Mexioo. It was immediately ;
published by the Star at length.
On the 20th ult. John Reynolds, of company D, 8th
infantry, was hung for murdering a Mexican woman.
Mr. Webster's Woroester speech is published in the
Amrritan Star, in order to counteract ihe perversions
made of certain passages in it, by the Mexican papers.
Gen. Smith, Govtrnor of the oity,has had a serious
misunderstanding with the ayuntomitnin. or munioipal
couneil, and consequently dissolved it. The documents
are published at leugth. but would hardly interest our
readers. A new oQnnoil was promptly Installed.
There is a story in the Mexican papers that Santa Anna
had embarked at Aoapulco for the port of San Bias.
Upon this El Monitor exclaims : ?" If this should be so, I
as we bore not, may God protect the peace of Jalisio." j
The Monitor's correspondent states, stys the American
Star of lbe23i December, that the government is much i
embarrassed lor want of resources. The state of Jalisco
had not paid the oontiDg-nt voied by tha recent council
ol Governors it had lost the tobacoo rent, also, in giving
unlimited fre dom in planting. Gen. Scott's order '
of the 16th had arrived, and a aeetiug of the Ministers I
was held in consequence There was considerable alarm
lest the Americans would go to QuereUro to occupy the
city, and families were beginning to move away. There
was mush talk ef a vronunciamiento, but none had ta
ken place. The Santa Annalsta and ruroi were iu full
union, and were doing all in their powar against the
government, and to bring about a revolution. Tlieir
utmoat efforts were directed towards destroying the
credit of the government.
Gen. rushing'* brigade, comprising the 1st and 3d
Pennsylvania Regiments, New York. South Carolina and
Massachusetts Volunteers; went to San Angel on Sunday
laat (Deo 19) We presume they will have another
piao < of destination shortly.
[From the Amerimvn Star of December 31.]
Yesterday morniug Col Johnson arrived in the city in
command of the troope who went down with Col Harney
on the let ult. A very large number of recruits for
the diSrrent regiments came in also, under oomraand,
we believe, of Major Gray. The 9th and 13tb. and several
other regiments, receive large accession by this antra!
A large train of wagons accompanied the troops.
Brig. (Jen Lane, with his staff, reached the city on Saturday,
and we have heard that Queretaro is his destination.
In eonsequsnea of these arrivals for the last few days,
the oity presents quite an animated appearance Many
?<f the streets are blocked up with wagons and soldiers,
on their way to their quarters. In most casts entire
new barrack* have to be taken.
The Star translates the following passage of a letter
w.itten m t - city of Mexico, and published in the Mon-1
at o ot lbe Idtn ul :
"lie \ in iic.iaa who have b.eu expeoted have arrived.
utter c 'rniiii tiug a thousand eXoreses lu every place
through vt.H-ii they hare parsed. In this city they
hare ,'c u t by force theConventde lae Vascainee, the
housi ot r. ttevtrria aud Teran, who. they say, are
ogenU of the government. A body of Texans has arrived.
wh?, flattered with the Idea of avenging their
brethren killed in 1838, are committing all kinds of evils
and exoesses This is no longsr to bs borne, and it
would be far better to have a legion of demons here than
these criminal, ferocious men. For myself, I intend to
leave immediately, with my family, to go and live in the
wcode. fjt tt is much preferable living among wild
beasts than with such fellows. Tbe tiger Scott oppressea
the proprietors because he supposes they will be
iniluential iu bringing about a pesoc 1 have neither
time nor temper to tsll you all that our Illustrious conquerors
are doing l.ere. Fray God this rabble may not
go to your plaoe If they do, don't waltfor them."'
The Slcr then comments with great severity upon the
letter, nnd upon the representations of Meziosns generally
iu regard to tbe deportment of our troops in
[From tbe American Star, Deo 34 ]
We a'luund yesterday to the liberation, by order of the
American < oniiusnder-in-chtet, of the Mexican soldiers
who have been in confinement since they were taken
prisoners ol war In tbe battles before this oapital. The
number liberated, we are told, is not fa; from five hundred.
Th"y all bear with thsra a paper, signed by the
Arch bishop of Msxloo, and the rresldent of the Ayunliamento.
cert.lying that they have bound themselves
by an < aih not again to take up arms in the existing
war, un lit hey have been duly exchanged. It will be
pe? n, therefore, that the ehurch has lent its sanction to
this step, and that these soldiers go forth under Its protection
and authority. O! course no attempt will be
raado to impr*es them again into tbe Mexisan servioe.
They cannot themselves be too oareful that they do nothing
at variance with the obligations which they and
their spiritual father have contracted. We have noticed
munv of the liberated prisoners in the strests and
chops asking siuis. with their certificate* in thsirhand*.
Wbmher worthy otj -cts of charity or not, we are not
advised Bring able-bodied men, however, who have
I Aired well since 'heir confinement, the se who art industrious
cau uo doubt find employment, and thus support
tbrmstlves acd their families.
[From th* Affleilc.in S'ar. December 55 ]
The Monitor of yvstsrdsy, has a letter from Queretaro,
which states that the government is doing all in its
I power to get tlie new Corgress together. It (a believed
It will a?."tuble about the middle of January. The fit*
of the oountry la r-preeeuted aa being in tta banda ? 1
Tbe ironuni mmtn'o bad not taken plaee. the ehtefs and
l< adore riot being disposed to take part in tbe new diaorder.
Tne writer appears to think, that however great
the diffliultles which beeet the republic, they are
nothing iu comparison with those which would follow a |
termination of tne war. Parties, then, he adds, will
have tin e to take breath before commencing with greater
violence that fratricidal dissension which has reduced
the country to tbe condition in which It li now
I placed Ho attributes whatever want of energy has
been exhibited, by the government to the anarohicel
and disorganising course of some high function- ,
arlet. and principally of certain military chieftains, who '
have been t.arresting the government while threatened
with iuv??ion
[Krom the Ame'i^s:' <?!*r of Dee 3S.J
Sevrnteen deputies were s>' Q nretafo ready for tho
I .Tsembling ot the ii' * ' n ho A'o M'er publish**
I a hat of those who o i 1 1 miliary meet- ,
I lug. The revolutl' ila'ei e trout m a stead, public
| ( pinion being too etr? l.g ' " In m Vany i t ike chief*
I inid given in their * a lion t-> 0(. veitime* t. snd
I uVwwrd tin ir determination t> nil it lo I >' bve'- of;
I their means and ability 'i'a. v ttiair |? {b.,\ S>< i a,-.d :
I aureat oourse to leave ! 0 I'SI" < verni'-eot. end the
I Btete at liberty to Itorm is . o si oil ia . ,,'h I"
I pease or War?thus subnti. t.'? i<> 1 .? e-i|eoci?* of li e
I time ?ud to the will of the wjaltv. "I'h* Afmi'ir'
iiiuiKi ma m*m*?i < < ; inn neni on?re??
will readily and eminently work together. ionsioiKti ?
t.bey ? I'ce?t aside every thing like the gtatuioalioi'of
p?reoual tutrr*st or unworthy prejudices Wa reslly
nope that auoh may be the esse The raw Congress
will inrct in a few w*rk*. and we ahall watch lta proceedings
withiiigood drul of Interest
i he y uk ?l AVeedom la a paper published in Titabla
From el.a ntnber If r :he i ith of UiOetnber wemake thefollowing
exlfac s : ?
Advlee from Mtzitlsn have been raceived to I ha 30th
nit Th?g jerilla", under Vlijsres, made an attaok upon i
ih l"*pe (Lower Calif irnla), and were completely route
Mijmi'S and many other Meilnana being killed. La
!'?? farther north In the Peninsula. was aleo the scene
'lit aanimnaty confllot between the guerillas, under
OpUtn Pineda, and the Amerloans The plane was re
aembaUhW. Vu MealeaM wedeOfcdlly eoapeUed te ]
tetire. There in nmmt of ethec eofegemetita bat !
nothing to ho wiled em.
' On the night of the 3 lit lent., on expedition, oonalet1
ing of about 24 dregoons, Id quartermaster men and
tha Spy Company, the whole cotamatidud by Lieutenant
Weelder, acting di KljUut adjutant g-rtr.?l to tbla Department,
want t? ih* t '*u of Choiuta for ihe purpose
of apprehending som t Mexican offlcon who ware raid
to be there Tha party started about 0 o'clock and
arrived in Cholula a little altar 7; they entered the town
without oppoeition, but when arrived on tha plaia, a
ere Are wan opened upon them from one of the houses
One half efthe command wae ordered to diamonnt and
take poaaaaaion of the houae; thla waa promptly done,
while the enemy kept up their lira. The honae waa
then thoroughly aaarch, but moat of the Mexloana had
I effected their escape; three, however, were killed, and
, three brought in aa prisoners, with a less on onr aide of
three horses and one man slightly wounded. The houae
in which tha officers were supposed to be was afterwards
, gone into, but they were not found aa was expeoted, after
all the noise occasioned by tha shooting and entering of
tha house first spoken of. The party remained in the
, town about three hours, when, not finding any thing
i further to do, they returned to tbla olty.
Lieut Waelder speaks In the blgheat terma of tha
OOndaflt ftf tha mutt linihr hU nomminil on thlfl no
i easion; they carried oat every order promptly and gallantly.
i Accompanying the abora party there were also Lieutenants
Pents. Moees and Morehead, and Sutler Mason,
i of the id Ohio ltegiment, quartered at San Jose, who
gallantly volunteered their services on the oooasion.
The American prisoners who have been taken by the
Mexicans at various times and places, were yesterday
cent here from Zaoatlan by Mr. Isunaa, the present
Mexican Governor of the State of Puebla ; they were
conducted by Col Noreja and formerly delivered to Col.
Childs. commanding this Department.
Mr. Isunaa asked, in exohange for theae prisoners.
Col Pavon; if this was not admissible, an equal number
cf Mexioan prisoners, or, if the latter could not be done,
to aooept them as voluntarily restored to the United
This act of the Mexioan Governor Is oertainly a humane
and commendable one; in addition, the prisoners
state that they were kindly treated while oontlned.
The answer of Col. Child's, however, was in the proper
American spirit He wrote to Mr. Isuasa, as we understand
from good authority, that he could not aooede to
the first propostlioa, from the fact that the Kepubllo of
Mexioo is largely indebted to the United States for returned
and paroled prisoners and many set at liberty unconditionally,
of the same grade as those reoeived ; that
within the last two mouths, a much larger number of
prisoners of war than now received, had been liberated,
simply as an act of humanity, they being extremely
anxious to return to their families and friends ; that, in
faot, the extent to which Mexiean prisoners had been
restored to liberty, deprived him of the pleasure of complying
with the second part of the proposition. He further
thanked the Governor for kindness and attention
to the prisoners just voluntarily restored, and assures
that he will take pleasure in emulating Mr l.'s humanity
towards Mexicans that may tall into his hands as
prisoners of war.
armv intelligence.
The ship "Maid of Orleans" left this port, yesterday,
(list Inst,) for Vera Crux, with a detachment of U 8.
troops, numbering 361, on board: 160 for tbe4th Artillery;
87 for the 9th Infantry; 40 for tbe 1st Massachusetts Volunteers;
71 for the 2nd New York Volunteers, and 3
men belong to other regiments; commanded by Captain
W 9. Bainbridge, 4th Artillery, and accompanied by
Lieut. L. MoLaws, 7th lo'antry; Lieut W Merrlbew,
id Dragoons; Acting Assistant Surgeon C. H. Crane, U.
9 Army; Captain C. P Crownlngshield, and Lieut A
VV. Adams, 1st Maas. Vol ; and Lieut. J. Hill,id New
York Volunteers.
Captain Andrews bad forty more recruits ready to despatch
yesterday morning, Tot the general rendezvous at
Fort Hamilton. This makes about 350 men Captain A.
has recruited since he has besn in commission.?Buffalo
CommtrcialyJan. 19 th.
naval intelligence.
U. S. store ship Supply, Lt. Lynoh, from New York,
was in quarantine at Gibraltar 30ch ult, having arrived
the day previous, lt issupposed ehe was quarantined on
aocount of having lost a man overboard. She was bound
to Port Mahon The frigate United States sailed on the
nil, an- ?..t vi.i.
Weekly HeralU,
The Weekly Herald will be ready thli morning at
nine o'elook. It will contain the whole of the foreign
new* received by the Cambria, the lateat newt from the
eeat of war, the proceedings at Washington and Albany,
and a summary of intelligence from all other psrts of the
country, with a pictorial view of the town of Jalapa, in
Mexloo. Prioe 6\ cents.
Fat Cattle?.Tile Oeneaee Valley Twin
Pteen, haviug been slaughtered, ciu be seen at No. 185 Eldridge
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c-. BltYANT LAWRENCE, Nos. 13 and 14 Centre
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To Mr. George Snyder, Lithographer, U'l
Fulton street. The I nmmi.tte oi Arrangements for the Annual
Bill nt Gen. Z. Taylor Company No. 1, beg to tender o
you their grateful acknowledgments for the faitnfuli.eas with
which you have executed the tiuar reposed in you, to present
to us the most beautiful Balleireularof the season. As a work |
of art it is admirable, the origiuality. design, and the ability
with which you hare executed the Horn tug of Monterey, likeness
and ramp oT Gen. 'l'ayl. r. entitle you to receieeuur
warmest thanks. JACOB L. KENN, Chairman. Geo. W.
Mo*tois, Secretary.
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Friday, Jan. 31_i) P. M.
There wag quite an improvement in quotation* for i
faney atocka to-day ; nearly every one in the liat ail- j
vaneed a fraction, while Treaaury notes fell off % per
cant; Cong Island note*. \ per cent; Canton, <; Farra ta'
Loan,X; Harlem Je'; Reading Railroad, Itf; Reading ,
Bonds 1% ; Pennsylvania 6's. .V; Illinois 6'*, Iq. Thrre
were sales to aome egiont at the Improvement, and (be
market alosed with an an upward tendency.
At the aecond Board, Treasury note* advanced le ; ,
Reading bonds, \ ; Reading Railroad , }?; Canton, X ; ,
with moderate sales
We nodarstand that, for th? wonth endinc the :irt
(.* Deoember last, $470,000 in a -1-1 earl-* rnd fuioroo in
hiiT dollars, we ra oolnad at 111* l ii'i-l Stutei Ucrch
In N'aw Orleana ThU n<k-t a U< ?! of $.>;00O0
coined during tha month of D? emher.
Wa anne*returnaofthree eity I, . . nn Je ?ri "ja 13 n
of Noyemher latt, in puretu ra if r r-n' rail from
tha Comptroller Under tha n?w I .?, ih,* -f -rr'Mt i
State. State Treasurer ?B4lComptroller r n call fo. l,*?rk
report*, deiignatlng auy day within Ilie prevUint
month*, lor ft staiemant of the condition of ? ,. v ^ ^
that day ?
Nr.w York Citv B*wk?
Nov i, 18<7 Afov. 13. l#4t.
Loan' f |?ri> Lam11 tvrcit
Udinn ftmih 1,9 ,3 237 SIR 813 9 lll.M 4vi J?2
Meihanifi' R.uik ... 3,9tS,R',8 671 763 3 SU.rtT 62S 9<w
Seyemh Ward Haak. 9? 169 143,MS 186.4',J 139.443
, Totalt ?S, 333,313 1,363.690 5,177,233 1,137.097
,i.i ,,, m hjkl.1 PMUL'JL-LJ i 11 I
feignth WifJTtok.. ir.etl vn.ict wnsi ms.-wj
ToUU $1,1 St,Ml 1,831,101 l.rcM3 3 631,089
It appears by tho returns for November 13th, that
within tho thirtoon day* previous, tho amount of apoolo
on hand had fallon off noarly two hundrad thouaand
dollar*, and tho deposit* hare decreased about tho same
amount. Tho lino of loans and oiroulatlon romalns
about the same. The object tho Comptroller probably ,
had In view In oalllug for roports so soon after the regular
quarterly returns for November had been made, was
to see If an Immediate expansion followed that period
Such appears not to have been the case. This is j
owing more to the condition of our financial affairs
than any thing else. The banks hare for
some time past been steadily oontraeting, in anticipation ;
of stringent times In tha money market, more than from
any danger of a oall from the Comptroller for reports.
There li no foundation for the report that the Ithaoa
Bank had euspended. 11* bill* are promptly redeemed
by the Amerioan Exchange Bank.
The State Bank of Durham, Ureene oounty, hae
transferred Iteoffloe for the redemption of Its issue from
Wall street to Albany. This looks ominous.
Counterfeit tens on the Cayuga County Bank, and tho .
Chemung Canal Bank, are In olroulatlon.
Counterfeit 10's on the Sussex Bank, at Newton, N. |
J., a new issue, and not described in any of the detee
tors, have jnet made their appearance. The bill shown j
us Is a very bad Imitation, though the name of the Pre- |
sident is tolerably wall done. A very little observation j
will dis jover the fraud The vignette in the oentre is an
Indian, with hand upraised in wonder at the approach
of a trsin of cars, a ship on the right margin, and an
Indian with a bow on the left. It is letter A, No. 1386,
and purports to have been engraved by Rawdon, Wright
& Hatch. The bill appears to be from the same plate as
the lately notioed counterfeits on the Burlington County
Bank, at Medford, names and dates only being altered.
The annexed statement exhibits the number of acres
sold, and the amount of money received, at the Chilliootbe,
Ohio, land office, during the year ending the Slst
of Deoember last. The sales of the past year largely exoeed
those of any previous year since the consolidation
ofthe Steubenvllle, Marietta, ZanesvlUe, Cincinnati and
Chillioothe office', In 1840. These lands have all been in
the market over 40 years. They are all sold at ft 'Jo per
acre, with the exoeption of a small quantity of Miami
Extension Canal lands, which are valued at $3 30 pernors.
Sale or Public Lands, Chillicothb, Ohio, 1847.
dcrrs. Value.
January 8 401 63 ' 83,383 73
Kebruiry 3,148 91 3.986 13
Match 3 019 13 7.089 4 3
April li,310.13 8,309 44
Mav C 98) 4t 8.938 93
'one 5.179 38 6,736 39
July 4,750 49 6.115 48 j
August 3,533 0:1 4,454 44
September 8 toa /-t 10 216 59
October 3 9)7.19 1 934 04
November 1793.19 11.108 97
December 3,891.38 7,618 27
Total 84,081.90 $83,008 39
The publio landa In Ohio arc rapidly coming under cultivation,
which adda to the revenue of the State, from
taxation, and lnoreaaea the wealth and proaperty of the
State. Ohio ia deatined to be the aeoond State in
tfala Union.
The anthraolte coal trade of the United Statea, for the
year 1847, exhibits a greater lncreaae, oompared with
previous years, than any other within the hlatory of the
trade. The prinoipal lncreaae haa been from the Sohuylklll
regiona, a large per oent of which waa the reeult of
the opening, or the_ reaumption of buainesa, on the
8ohuylklll Canal. The annexed table exhibtta the
quantity of anthracite ooal aent to market from the
different mining regiona of Pennsylvania, in each year
from 1810 to 1847, eaeh inoluaive, ahowing alao the inorea?e
from year to year
Anthracite Coal Trade of Pennsylvania.
SeuyU Laeka- Other JlggreYean.
kill. Leigh. 1 tana. regiom. gate
1839... ? 363 ? ? 363
1831... ? 1,873 ? ? 1,073
1(23... ? 2.243 ? ? 3 240
1823... ? 5,823 ? ? 5,823
1834... ? 9,541 ? ? 9 341
1825... 6,503 28.393 ? ? 31,893
1826... 16,767 31.280 - ? 48,047
1827... 31.36 32 074 ? ? 63.431
1828... 47,28 39,222 ? ? 77,5 6
1829... 79,973 25.110 7.000 ? 112.083
1810... 89 981 41.750 43,000 ? 174,734
1831... 81.814 40,936 54,000 ? 176,820
1843... 209 271 70.000 81 600 ? 361.871
1833... 252,971 123 001) 111 777 ? 487,748
1131 ... 226,692 106 244 43 700 ? 376.636
1835... 339 508 131 250 9J.r00 ? 560.858
1836... 433,045 146,522 103,861 ? 682,448
1837... 523 132 225,937 115 387 17 000 881,476
1838... 433 (75 214 811 78.207 13 000 739 294
1839... 442 608 221,850 122 300 34.569 819,327
1840... 452 291 225,288 148.4)0 39 365 865,414
1841... 584 691 142,821 19 4 27 0 3 9.116 9)8 899
1*42... 54n 89'.' 272,122 203.2'i3 02 729 1,1(1* Oil
1*43... 677 291 267,73 1 227.60 7 90 91.3 1 26 3 319
18(4 ,. 839,934 377,821 2 I'60 3 163.909 1.631,638
1813... 1 083 793 429,491 273.433 236 329 2 023,032
1846... 1.237.042 322.908 320 003 261 001 2 343 992
1847... 1.583,347 643.973 388.203 366 759 2 982.309
10,213,120 4,370,108 2,860.073 1,331.680 18.704.901 j
It will be observed that Sohuylkill county furnishes
more than ono-half of tbo aggregate quantity of anthra- !
cita ooal lent to markot in 1847; and more tban one-half ,
of the inerease. compared with 1848, waa from that coun- <
ty. Of tbo whole quantity of ooal aent to market in the j
past twenty-eight yeari, 10,318,130 were furnished from j
Schuylkill county, and the balance by all other regions c
Notwithstanding the rapid Increase In the supply of this e
artlole, the consumption keeps pace with It, and the price j
s sustained at high points. The inorease In the aupply j
last year, compared with the year previous, was equal to *
more than 36 per cent, being nearly double thet of any j
previous one, in the faoe of whlob prices rule as high as *
they were this time last year. The supply of foraign ooal "
n 1847, compared with the previous year, bae fallen off 0
under the new tariff; but compared with 183 5, there bae l<
been an increase of nearly one hundred pot oant We ?
have no doubt but that the present year?1848?the sup. ?
ply of both foreign and domestic ooal will be exceedingly
large, and the inorease, compared with 1847, larger Z
than in 1847 compared with 1848. The great anthra- '
cite coal region in the United States, is Sohuylkill soun- ,,
ty, and the increase in the collieries of that sec- a
tTon, In connection with the additional facilities which f,
the Reading Railroad and the Sohuylkill Canal will fur- f
nish this year, must give;a great increase in the reoeipts
for the year 184S. As extensive as the supply may be, v
we have no doubt the consumption will be equal to it.
The annexed statement eihthits the quantity of coal j,
imported into the United States in each year, from 1821 \
to 1847, both inclusive, in tons of twenty-eigbt bushels 0
each ?
i.mrortatio* op Foaritix Ooal ivto thi Uaitsd ?
Status. j,
Ten* To n t f.
1821 33 123 1836 49 969 0
1833 34 533 1836 108 432 ,i
1803. . All A3.4 1SA7 I M AMI
1834 7 338 1839 110 08.1 I
183ft 3ft 84ft 1830 ....181.651 I _
1818 86 666 1840 163 8ii7 i 3
1817 40 367 1841 164,994 i,
1833 33 303 1843 111 831 ! ?
1830 46 393 1849 41 103 -i183
0 68,138 1?U 87.073
183 1 86.609 1846 86.776 i,
1833 73 978 1840 1.66 863
1833 03 433 1847 148 Oil v
1884 71,036
The Importation the peat year bee bten under the h
new tariff; bnt the receiptn have been much leee than o
anticipated We shall probably feel the effeota of the
reduction In the duty more this year-1848-end we ex- ol
pect to eee a very large trade in the article.
Stock Exchange. lt
f 000 Tree Notee, 6'e, 93V 50 ?h? N A Truet * 01
400)0 Co 9k1, 300 do do b?0 f\
Hum do 98 7ft do Can'oa Co 29 ai
2000 do 09)4 100 do do terlp it,
1000 U S6'e, 12 93? 100 do Mohawk RR b6m 70 ti
li'?o N Y State J'a, 'Jl 97g 50 do Nor k Wor b?5 37
100# Kentucky 8', M 400 do L I.land IIH 26 ?
360.10 Peoi'tylrama?'? 69)4 300 do do ibbO 26)4
1000 Keadi. g bouds 63)4 100 do do bin 26 j ('
I0M do 62* 100 do do 2 \ ' t,
40 ,hs Batch k .Dro Bk 119 1?0 do do ,10 26 4,
do do 110)4 180 do do b3 26 .
5 do 8. ak Commerce 18 700 do Harlem HR 34 V |
60 (Jo b armen' Trait 96)4 400 do do i60 39'a J
500 do do bit 26V too eo do bnw 3-S "
lot Co ito 26V 1J do Stonington RK 62V i
5?2 4? do HO 26V SCO do Reading HR 5'.* ?'
200 do do 98)4 300 do do .66 1)1
10 uo Utiea k Bch HR HI 200 do do 66 V I
Second Hoard. I
$13000 IVi Notee, 6',, 98W iO,h,Hatlem RR haw 39k ?'
? _ . '?? d? Fe?m Loin ft V ob
II 800 State 7'?, '<9 100 190 do do 2(.t, fn
HO ahe Harlem RK 39V 26 do Canton Co b45 30
1.60 do do J9W 100 do do btft 29'4 ki
100 do do ,30 39V 100 do Reading RR ST.1,
2E0 do do bJ 98)4 100 do L I,land RR 26 |
New Stack Exchange. \)
$M'0 Tree Notea6'i, lift 01)4 i0 ,h, Harlem 39',
5000 do ,30 98 150 do do C 39V I
2nti0 do 13i 98.V 150 do do c 39*. \\
too tin Harlem Iio 39 50 do do c 39). ,,,
50 do do HO 90)4 100 do do ,7 39V m
200 do do b30 39), J5 do Nor It Wo, .in 1?
ISA dr? do bl Ift't' ?(h> do Canton Co ??0 "X ISA
<1 > do 1 "ii1* iss j) , J*?rra Load c K1* ,
'.A do J > i j 3*J? 1 in do do 110 20s, hl
JO do da ?** iftft .1 . L H.ndRtt I? i"
. _ . w
\ > it Tot* I- e i n i ? * i ri mny, Jan ]| I j
1 hero wt* more dMi.g In llaiir. to-dar. including par- ]>,
oel* f >r export but on term* which in lic?!#-l more fee ki
bien '? In the mar KM The principal transaction* were ?t
crnfliird to lota of o.w. jjo. Michigan and Troy, with N
torn- p?rce'< o? <iene?r?,tiie litter at a #Olie*ft*ion H
ill fttor of buyer* Wlual ??',; M?| B0 aale* of 'j
mcu)*nt ?f?r? t*bi-rt*.i "ilea of corn were roada to a '
Bl? Vra'e ? ?lent, no b/acirg parcel* of eoutbern and "
wr?t?i ii lira loiaed, at prior* which did not rary mate- (1f
ri. 'ly fiom yeat*rday'* quotation*, including acme parill
aliuhlly damaged and inferior.for diet tiling, at rei
i<1 iaiei Moderate tranaaotiona were made in meal, ,
at prion* current yeaterday, Rye continued quiet.with- t,
out change in price* Oat* were eteady at yeiterday'* , an
(.notation* In prorlrton*, there wa* rather more morameat,
with nale* of both new and old pork at about for- ?
oer rate* New lard oontinued In ?t*ady demand, with i (in
aalea of both old and new at yeaterday' rate*. In gro- i wl
iff?wi j i1 . m u m
MttM Hum mm at* meh 4d*|. Baled ef New Mmi I
tliMM a?d iu|u w?rr steal/ at prerloue <tuouu?M
u!?a of i"'l? ??r? Making at $? *1.
while pearls were quiet at ft.
Beeswax?salts of 3000 I be. were made at 33*0
Batman m?Flour ? Sale# of li 000 to 10,000 bblf.
were made, including about 6,000 or 4.000 bble. Michigan,
Troy and Oawego, at go 03 a >4 OS a *4 13>f, embracing
eooelderable lot* for export; 3000 do Oawego at #4 a
$0 '36; and 1000 do Genesee, part said to be pure, were
reported sold at the same price; 100 do Ohio at gel
Southern was quiet at $0 36 a gS 37J<. WA at ? No
tales of moment transpired. Corn?The gales embraced
about 4,000 to 14.000 buahela, including new mixed and I
yellow, at 46 a 60 a SO cent* th* lower figures referring I
to Inferior qualities; 3100 do do mixed, heated in (tore, j
at OA cent*, for distilling; and 1000 sacks of new South- I
etn Ht 07 cents No sales of old mixed or yellow were j
reported, the supplies of which were light. Mtat?
Sales of about 600 bble. atloat, were made at $3 36.
Rur ? Sales of 3 000 bushels were made at 01) cents, its- I
Ilvered. Oalt were steady, with sales at AO a A1 cents
for canal.
Corrac?Rio continued steady at about <>k a 7o , and
Java at about ?ko. Sales of 160 baits damaged Hi i were
made by auction atS a V cash.
CnTTins?There was a slightly increased demand today,
and about 800 bales were disposed of, at our outside
quotations generally Shippers exhibit no disposition
to enter the market at present prices.
LirsarooL CLAiiincATior.
Ne 10 OrUani
Upianii. flat iiia. Mut>. & 7>sas
Inferior........... . none. none. neue
Ordinary 6 k a 6 k Wa 6k a 6V
Middling 7k a 7k 7k a 7k 7k a 7?9
Good Middling 7k a 7k ?? ? 7k 7'{ a 8k
Middling Fair. 8 a 8k Ik a ".'a *'? a 8k
Kair. 6k a Bk uone. ?k > 8*
Fully Fair 8k a ?k neua. 9 a 9k
Good Fair 9 a 9k none. 9k a 8k
Fine ... ncn* none. none
Fish?Sales of 10 ) bbls No. 9 Maokerel were reported,
et Jii 7.9; No l's were worth $8 96 a $8 AO, and No 3's
f i a $6 96. No sales of dried Cod were reported; there
was said to be buyers at $3 Mj? Salea of about 1000
quintals of iiake were made, at >9 96.
Fuwit? S il'sof 600 boxes wet-dried raisins were ma le
at *1 Mj 60<i do layers were sold at F9 40. four months;
and 600 boxes Sicily lernoas were sold at $9 96.
Htsir? IVi hare ouly to notice sales of 96 bales of
Manilla, at 9 a 8^0, cash.
11 iu?:s ?The stocks in first hands,were heavy, and the
market quite dull. We quote Rio Grande 10k; Ornnocos.
9 a 8k' Common deaoriptirns of dry bids*. 7 to
9c., 0 months, with light sales, at prioea within those
Hoes?Fine parcels bring 6k a Ako.
Lean?No sales of moment were reported.
I,r?TiiLH.?Good qualities ot hemlock tanned were
In more request, and brought better prices, than at the
last publlo sales Oak tanned, and ?laughter upper, continued
quite soarae, and brought full priors
Moi.aiiei?Sales of 900 bbls New Orleans were reported
at 97 a 28ko. A cargo of new Cuba arrived
yesterday, and a cargo to arrlye, of ditto, ware sold today,
at 99o.
Natai. STORKi?The market continued quiet, and no
sales of moment were reported.
On.i - l.inseed?The sale* embraced about 8.600gallons
of Kngllsh, at 69 a GOo, cash, in casks and barrels;
I,,I I Willi Hn ?ll- A nnl.l - SI - wo.. H
market cloning firm. There was no ohange in shipping ,
or selected whale, while crude sperm and manufactured
oils remained about the same.
Paoviiio^e ? Sales of 300 to 400 barrels of old prime
pork were reported, at about ?6 371* a $ti 00. Sales of
200 bbls new mess were made on private terms; 110 do
new thin mens, at $10 37)tf; 300 barrels of old mess, at
$10 29; and 190 do new, at $11 79. 900 bbls, including
new mess and prime, sold, deliverable in May, at $9 for
the former, and at $0 for the latter. Small sales of hams
were made at 7o, and of shoulders at 4)^o. Lard?Sales
of 70 bbls New Orleans were made, at6>ao; 200 do in
Boston, were sold here, by sample, to arrive in New
York, u.t something less than 7o. Be-f?Small sales
were making to the trade, without material change In
prices Cheese oontlnued In fair demand, at prices
ranging from 5>? to 7o.
Rick?Since the reosipt of the news, the market has
been depressed, and prioes inclined to droop. Bales of
50 tierces were made at $3 37>?
Skeds - 37 bbls Timothy ware made at $31.
Brusa?Sales of 72 hhda of New Orleans, were made
at 4)a a 6-44o.
Sricas?Sales of 1000 mats of oaasia were made at 17o,
8 months.
Tkllow?Sales of 76,000 pooads of Illinois, rendered,
were made at 8 6 6c.
Wool?The sales were 10,000 lbi No. 1, and superfine
pulled, at 38 a 31c, and about 30,000 lbs Peruvian, on
terms that have not transpired. In domestic fieeos, we
hear of nothing worth reporting.
Wmalkboie- Sales of 10 000 lbs Northwest were made
at 37o, and 16 000 do South Sea at 28o.
Whisket?Sales of 108 bbls Pennsylvania, sold at
25)$e, cash, which were said to have been resold at
about 28o, and 100 bbls New Orleans seld at the same
RsKinHTa ?Klour was en cr sired to Llvnrnnol a Is lOt^d
The packets, however, with other vessels, were asking
2s. To Glasgow, flour was worth 9s To Havre, rates
were qaiet, and no engagements of moment reported.
Rkai. Estate at Auctio.n? Continuation of sale of
property of Henry Eokford, deoeased?1 lot N. W. cerner
of 23d street and 7th avenue, 24.8 by 100, >2,150; 1 do
opposite, same else. $1,625; 1 do do, $1,640; 1 do do,
$1 600; 1 do do, $1,176; 1 do do, $1 ti.iO; 1 do do, $1 650;
1 lots W corner of 2 2d street and 7 th avenue, do, $2,020;
1 do adjoining, do, $2 010; 1 do adjoining on avenue, do,
$1650; 2 do do $1 500 eaoh. $3,000; 2 do do $1,505 each.
$3,010: 1 do do, $1,680; 1 do N. E oorner 23d at, $2 200,
I do N W corner did street and 7thavenue. 24:8 by 100
$2 060; 1 do adjoining, on avenue, same size, $1,610; 3 do
do do. $1,600 each, $4,800 ; 2 do do do, $1,590 each, $3,lu0;
1 lot on 23d street near 8lh avenue, 25 by 98:9. $1,610; 2
do adjoining, same size, $1,560 each, $3,160; 3 do do do,
$1,625 each, $1 676; 2 do near above, do, $1 500 each.
$3,000, 2 do on 22d street, near above, same size, $1,200
eaoh, $2,400; 1 do next adjoining, do, $1 225; 3 do on
32d street, VVest 7th avenue, do, $1.2)5 each, $3 765; 1 do
adjoining, do, $1 210; 1 do do do, $1,160; I do on 241 at,
East of 7th avenue, do $1,270; 1 do adjoining, do, $1,235;
I do de do, $1 225; 10 do do do, $1,200 eaoh. $12000;
! do do do, $1 245 eaoh. $3 490; 1 gore do do, $710;
I do opposite on 221 St. $1,080; 1 le t adjoining, 26x96.9,
11260; 7 do do S'ime size, $1290 each. $9,630; 1 do do do
11305; 4 do do $1336 each, $6,340; 1 do on 23d St .east
>f the 7th avenue do $1610; 10 do adjoining, same size,
11500 eaoh, $15,000; 1 gore do $1 075; 1 lot on north side
tid st . near 6th avenue. 25x98 9 $1,410; I lot adjoining,
lame size, $1 290; 2 lots do do $1270 each, $2540; 3 lois
to do $1250 each, $3 750; 2 lots south side, near 8th
ivenue, eame size, $1150 each, $2 300; 3 lots adjoining,
aine size. $1135 eaoh, $3 406; 4 lots do do $1150 each,
> i ou?; i lot > l corner uiu it ana i ID avenue, 11 s* tuu
(1,870; 3 lots adjoining on avenue, same sir.u. $lSuO
laeh. $1,500; 1 lot do do (1 -133; 1 lot do do $1 475; 1 lot
to do $1 675; 1 do 8 K corner 33d st. and 7 th avenue, do,
td 475; 1 lot 8 W do do do $3 050; 3 lots adjoining on
>venue, same size. $1 530 each, $.1,000; l lot adjoining,
ame size, $1,400 ; 3 lota do do $1300 each, $4,170; 1 lot
3 K corner 34th st and 7th Avenue, do, $1,003; 3 lots
in 33d at . near 7lh Avenue, do $1096 each, $3 390; 1
ot adjoining, same size, $1,003; 1 gore do $1,410; 1 gore
m rear last on 34th at, $1,405; -J lota adjoining, 36x93 9,
>1300 each, $3,400.
i ii? ?i l!1 l-jl- . . ? l. j .
lOn Friday morning, the 31st inat, Maruarlt, wife of
lenry Waterbury.
The friends of the family, and those of her sons, 8?tnltd
and David H. Waterbury, are respeotlully invited to
ttend her funeral, ou Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock,
rom her late reaideuce, No. 103 Division street, without
urther invitation.
On Friday, January 31, after a long illness, Joiix Siions,
aged 80 years.
The friends and relations of the family are rtspectfully
sited to attend his funeral, from his late residence,
lo 339 West 17th street, on Suuday, the 33J, at 3>$
In Brooklyn, on the 31st inst. Mr. Jamki W. Jo\*t,
god 31 years, son of the late William Henry Jones,
-sq , and a member or tbe Brooklyn City Guard Tub
lends of tba family ar? invited to attend the funeral,
n Saturday, 33d iust ., at one o'olock. P. M., atther-Idenee
of hi* mother, Mr*, fcliit Jones. No. 80 Nassau
Lreet. Brooklyn.
On Thursday morning, Mr* Abiuail Case, in tbe 73d
ear of her age
The friends of her son, Whitfield Case. and the faml',
are requested to attend her funeral on Saturday. Jan- !
ary 33, at 8 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 174 ,
welfth street, near University Plaoe.
On FrlJay morning, January 31st, Jons MuCobmick,
1 the 33d year of his age.
The friends of the family, and those cf his brothers,
licbsel and Thomas, and of his oonaine, Dennis MullUs i
ad Bryan Kennedy, are respeotfully invited to attend
Is fuueral, on Sunday afternoon, at half past two
clock, from his late residence, 100 Washington street
On the diet tr.at . after a short illness, In the 3M year
' her age. ( asolisk, wife ol (iilbert Dugan
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully
ivtted to attend her funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at
an o'clock, from her late residence. No. 94 Orsene st.
After a long illness, last evening. Captain Jons Bsars,
(ed 37 years.
The relativea and friends of the family, together with
in Port Wardens and Ship Masters, are respectfully
ivited to attend tbe funeral, at the late residence of .
is deoeased, No 137 Henry street, to-morrow afternoon ;
mibday). at half-past four o'clock. The remalus will be
>ken to New Jersey for interment.
V Books.?This Evening, will be sold by Boynl (lurtey, 3St 1
roedwav, eesaer of Dnsae screes, ?n nin.?m si d valuable
Ilectioi of standard .Vliice l<tuenus Books, including msny
eel lent sail desirable works. Catalogues are rerdy and (
mka arrarg?d tor rsainrnatrrn I
,4 fdikBl'sl IIH \ r AND ELKO % N't MttIC -TAN- <
ner A Co.. 2J7 Brnsdwsy. aitsntion to their alock "
choice Music, of ersty description, which they fornitli s! *
it-fourth ti.e nsual prices?for example, S songs, ami 3 pie-es I
>m the Bohemian Girl, lor !i Cei.U: 20 airs from do. at 124: e
id others at like eheap ra ei. Alio, Mosie paper, Stalioisry, 11
8. Maps Fancy 8h w Cards. Ac. '
L all classes, kurviire st the ferry landing. Hibaken.of ,
' W. Mhippen, Agcut |
2 formed a l.ur r.ii 'finrrcliitt n.trl riltene I an nrfirr HI \n *11 I
rall atreet, will be happy to attend to iuch prnfeaainnal bit* - '
>?ta* may be cnufidrd to them. J. VAN UlJHF.N, H. W '
OBINbON New Vnrk, J uinarv 17. lit* J
IOO.V18 WAN I KD.-A S\1 \I.L BI.DHOOM, Willi ,
parlor attached on die lecond floor, near or witbm (hire
oeha of Broadway; Ihev mint be I'uruulird neatly, an l the
ire unite nat etcreil fl'per trinulli, without board K'mm '
tti a rerv email f unil > ilrnrr.l, Addrea* " Apartments," at 1
e Herald Office
,V>.. b M.l.f - o.i.o", i'lKAVV VI' 1'OKI A hOVKRKIO.NS;
iiiui# bank of Kouland Nrtee; Bpaunh
inblooua; $i5,o o in Tieiamy Noiea.ata Uiaconm, and all
i ile of apreie lor Ihipi mi* and meltiiu ; alao Land Wurnti,
the beat market latea. ?. J. BYLVKSTMt. II Wallatreet.
B ? Stork* and ahi'e* bought and aoid, for caah, on com
taion. 8 .1 Svlyetrrr J
the Birth D ,y of the able adrcc ite of the Rights nl Mali,
ill be celebrated at the V nirira Kootna, l'6 rtroadway on
oi day h-Tenu g, Jan 3.at 'I ickete can be had at the Ihre
(lie Beacon, No. J Franklin 8i|it'ie and of the Oomniilte
'1. on mndertie ttr .it, two Tiani) Fortes, oue Dulcimer, and
[oud atanrthier.t of (laiiara, Aecordiora and Vn'lina. Apply
i UUM8UAV, teacher ol the ah-ve inatinttir ta atd i
iltinir n (Pi Bim U-y three door* aboye Qrand a ieet.
A tl BtTK-VhlN I O N M AUKK 1' ? THO.M AS r.
Broadway a Old Stand, No, I, will be filled with eatra |
ie lleef Mutton and Veal, on Saturday, Jan 22.1, all of I
litcla will be avid at reasonable price*. I t
i , i i i
iMnTniiirri mi mu iiimi
LiKan as.y\imnii ir? thu u
ftce of UO * D'U CITY fc.VPUCiB rOaT, Jaunaiy 22J,
1141, No 46 William street.
A ClaikNJ Mooch Win B
Arery Cay Amiu D Martin Sarah D
Aucier M B Darnei* luliu K Mr* N
Anderson 4 Jto W UtCfott Teresa Vim Newton Oen W,
AoiIkwi Mn ? M DoutirgsuCatharine South William at 1
Alleu Janws H Mio Nolan Dommick
Arthur Michard II Dublin lUnu Norwood < axliate
4iiil*ue Mrs Hrury Duuuigau Thorn s NortlMll Win K Dr
Athord Mrs VV K Dougherty Drums Newiniu Lieut '
Acker Isaac DeveliuOweu Norton Tliotnns
Aguew Mrs Mary Dvridsnn .Samuel Newton Capt Ji.ha
Aplton Mrs VVm Dillon Jusrpn Thomas
Abbert Jons VV Devoe James VV C Nill' |iu>! N
Asmara hichsrd DuuelsJsmet O
Allcu Cap' Dtvid Dogroth llei.iy *>'Urien The, i'Jiu *t
Alburtis C W Doty Mrs K K O'.Mead Win
Aimrtrnuv William Uorsry Wilinm Ogdeu K B
Arcibs f (hiker) Damodr John 1'
Anderson Mrs Arar- K Page Miss Cordelia I
lis Kigle Horatio Pratt Dr Alison
Aekermau Il.Clitfst ICnglis Thomas Painter K I
J) Kldridge Charles J Power Miss Mary
Barnett Thomas Kbberli* Join I'nrriance Charles
Hlutick John Kgeution Miss Mar- Palmer Dr A B
Barber Caitelia giret Paul Oastt ens A
6CHOHI :m, uritrr r renur jin iiuri
street Flagf C C Purdy Alvip
Unlet Edward 8 Foflanshen Plumas Proall Capt,Spring st
Beneus Mr, Beaver Kpsdick William r<ilmatier MisslC
street Kliun William 1, Puinly Charles II |
Brittaiu Davtou Water ?t Piersou Jeremiah II
Uiauv elt J IN Korrey Thomss Primrose Johu
Bartnlmo Mr, Wasl - <1 I'adelCord Harry (2)
luglou at Griffith Joseph H
Beuj iiniu Jaines I' Gardiner VVL Richirdi Mm L
Binge Pitncg Urilfiih Hhods Mill Rogers Stepheu
Babtist A Jr Utrvm K L, Roweu Ueuj F
Brown Mm Matilda II Howe Jacob
Beckwith J P Hagge'ty Darid Hilry Jolm
Bantu iVIn Mary Hasten Sil>* IJ Ru-sell George
Button Kamuel Jr llollisrer iN 8 Kin* Mm Bar Ji
Bradley Miss Ma- IIu?ke* Sunuel lioinan Mn Wolf,
ria L Holton Fraucis C Grand ?t
Betenburnh Win Hart M G Rogers Jones
Bartlett A H House William Howe Kdward
Burnside Clew A Hill Davnl H Head MissCstheriue
Butler Henry Heurv Mri M K Kcynoldi L)r Hulm
Briggt Chr* At Hulfauitieu ' dw 8
Uissetc Alfred, Ful-llasiroue H 11 Sheppard Miis J,
tou slip I Pearl at
Backer Phillips Isabella Miss J, VVa-Storm VV It
Beicle Ttioinu terstreet Strong Mm Kli/.
Boserl Kuoa Ives mid Ferr* T
Bush George, Pro- J Todd Chailea N
lessor Jenkins Leom i I horburn Miss A
Bouchard Monsieur Jewett Otis T Tueall Ueuj H
Hector street Johuiou K N St Co Tolbit Patrick
Black Thomas Jackson Win J Tayler Miss J
Burns Brulgst 2 K U
Burns Treadwell Kiugsley Charles I'udeiliitl VValter
Brown U II 2 Kilt Misa Margaret _ V
Bookman Charles Kelly Harriet A Vail Robert
Brown Patrick Kam Mias Ann Vaiauen E
Hurk Johu l, Vantuyl, Or W O
Byron Mrs, Chat- Lynch Misa, 3d Av Van Horn Mis Colli
ham Square Luptye Chur'rt Vaullnibiirgli Mr H
Booth PS Loveirrove II, care Vau Hugui
Uertis A James of Mr lirigbain W
Badger W J Lowdeu Auue Wiggins Johu
Brady Joseph Luke John Whtttleey Mrs K
C Laudais Cbarlrt Weudluig Jean
Colte W J LuiiumsMrs.HihAv Wilson Henry
Chamberlain Mrs M M Wheleer F U
Creigheou James MeadWuiO Welch Miss Elu
Carman Miss C Martin Mm Susan VV aldheini Charles
V-'Utuuei r^UKDUO .nilicr **m, 0111 /x t TTru.111 wcnnc TT
Cheeieman m M MtiimMtj, 1'j.hnt Willi?, William at
Cole mm John L)r McLichlau Cliarlei Wells Amnj <1
Cantwill C Mm Morrell Charles, jr WnlJeinore Mr,
Camoram H Malian Mr. M.Pimt 2;M ?tiert
Colier H Mr* McNeil Mary Auu Wt!?ou Charles,
Crawlord DayiiLMrnMatliew Jose|>ti J Mark"t street
Callatihau lirnoihy Meruit Mitaes, Wise benjamin
Costello Will>aui Houston Way land Michael
Coinpton J Theo- Madafar Mary J vVelcli John T
dure Money Win Ward Llrxibeth,
Cambell F K Mears 11 II, Dr Madison n
Cotton Klleu Mr? Marks Ssuiuel II Whitney Mis.OreeuCoolidge
Beuj .Vlu McKwiinDuiicuijr wichsirret
Carhart M Daniel MaprsMraA Weeki Mrs W A I
Colliu William iMou.ague Slary Winuo Thomas
JOHN T BOY 1). Proprietor
mtUUlllj HY NliltB UN sTl MB OK i'jh% 100. #1110 AN U
A (luOii, Tortlie payment of duties, he., (or aalo by DH \PF.ll
Ik ULOVF.K.G'l Wall street.
Wrought Nails, Brads and Spikes; seine, sewing. wrapping,
ruid ball Twiue; 2 aud J curd kiIIiuk, anil 2 and J cord Indudo:
"Hopewell" Cotton; seine do assorted sixes: wool and
Manufacturers' Twine,- and Cord; Shoe Thread ol every de criptiou,
inclndiuir Titley, Tatham and Walker's. Fur sale
by CLBKA Ik COMINU, ICG Pearl street.
tofoie existing nuder the linn of P. St 8 KKILLY*. 13'J
Ci ual street, has this dry been dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will bectrriedou at the above place b ; SOLOMON
11KILLY, and all claims agnnsi said brm will he settie
I lit- hiin, all debts due iu s <id store, or eoutr icted therein,
to be settled an above. SOLOMON KhlLLY, New York,
Jan. I7rh. IIH8.
Harp Makers, I'j B0S? Street, New Y'ork?IV L St
Co., engaged many years as practical manufacturers in ihe
city of New York, convinced that (ho prices heretofore atkel
lor these ins'rnments have been ssarhtssZand unreasonable.
invitet attention to their stock ol splendid Double Action
Harpr, which they are euabled to IM at greatly reduced
price* Their instrument* are cjuiliucied on the moil approved
principles,eoaUalif all th* nodani bunrniiia oi
lOnropeeii MMfietaiW,aM m power and brilliancy of (one*
fineness of touch, and elegance ot tiuiah, are erjaai to auv ever
inauul ictnied These Harps are warranted to stand the tret
of any ciiuiate, aud having bee i suhmitted to the most eminent
aud talented professors in ilie United Stales, have receiv
ed their decidrd approbation and recommendation, llarps rep
: re I or exchanged. Strings, ftc .
IM1K >1 h N U f. USMOH.N S J t. C..M NI TV ?TH f. LA D FhS
m. and gentlemen, amttenr aud prolessional, who are desirous
of taking 11 pirt in the approaching tribute ol respect to
.lie inruiory of MaudeUsohii, are rei|uested to meet for rehearsal
on Saturday livening, Janu ?ry it I, at halt past 7 o'clock,
precisely, at the large room in the Lyceum Buildings, htil
Broadway. The Solemnities will take place at Castle Garden
February 31, IIU.
BltUKLN MA NKS-ATl.AS, I.YM-.S, N t lltT 11 KK ,N
Lxcliange, Delaware Bridge, State Dank of Saugerlte*.
Bank ot C||uga Lake, I ikeu inexchange for coeap foreign ,au
domestic dry goods, Consisting of block alpacas, broche and ]
woollen shawls, cassimeres -.nil satinets, llouurs, woollen
slnrti and drawers, kid and silk gloves, 8tc. OLO Sit.lVAKT
Ik <-o? 143 Walker street
KUKfcN BANtG4-D. M. HUUURlfiGK. #7 MONTgomery
street, between Washington aud Warren streets,
Jersey C ity, takes the bills of the Northern Kxchauge, Atlas,
Jainrj.aud Delaware Bridge Banks, MiteBiuk. Sanger.les.
Bank of Ithaca, aud Cayuga Bank, for Dry Goods and Fancy
/ Buckley, who came to this Ofuntry 2g yesrs ago, if she
will inform Messrs. Baring, Bros, (k Co., Loudon, w.iere she
cm be found, will hear something to her advantage.
Watch, engraved back, Gold Dial and Figure, lull
Jewelled, >1. J. Tobias, Liverpool, supposed to have been
dropi ed in the viciuitv of Vsrick and Hudson streets. Whoever
will leave it at etpiire aud Bro hera 97 Futton street, or
182 Bowery, will receive the above reward, and the things of
the owner. The number ot the watch can be nsce'tnued at
.V l it V (II.H JAVA COKKKK, AT 12',- taWAK.
J rauleij pure and equal to aey aold in the city. (heli.ieit
Oo.oug Ten, iOc; beat ifunng Hyson Ten, 7ic;m w crop .h O.
Sugar, 2t bl anil Ja per 7 Ibi; Crjahed Loaf do, la; \v uter L. top
Oil, 71c n Kill in; superior Sperm Candles, 2s bd; common
Sperm, la bd per lb; new bunch Kaiaiua, lis a bin or bland
fldulb; keg do, 4d. Kor axle at w holes lie and reuil, by J. O.
KOWLKK, Nos. 2M nudCtll (ireenwn-li au!7t Veiey srreeta.
A liberal diacouut will be |unde to grocers ami country dealera.
and well known article has been in eitruaive use
for iru re thuu twelve yeart, with the vre <trst success. Ita well
established reputation in curiur. coughs, c Ma, lionrarneai,
bronchitis, an l All pulmonary c .jiplair.u reudert it unneceaaary
to enlarge upon ita inerita. It la only to be added, that it la
the tirigiual. i.nd only iteuuine Cough Candy, and the only one
which ae-inlly Mtlill a Cough Balaam. IJTT" Special
Notice?The public arc informed that Mesers llnahtou i? Co.
a e no longer the amenta for the sale of this Confecti n. but
tint the genuine can be obtained only of the foil >wiog dnl y
appointed agents: Htury Johnson, 273 Bio id way, (jeneral
A* ut. Sold also by A. L. Winahip, 77 East Broadway, and
Codiliugtna, 301 Hudson i!r?et. Alio, Whitwell'a Onginil
Opode. Joc-Trice 21 cents. The beat possible cure for rheuaitim
or MMMiu kc. Bewareol imitatioua. Sold geau
ne only by 11. Johnson, 273 U'oaJ way, and Sauda, luo Kulton
i treat.
EHjE i.i VMU'UOL?NEW LINK? '(egiilnr I atari of
r the 26[h January?The uew and apleudid faat sailing
picket ahip Sll. .1111) \ .\ , I ieorge IS. I ormiali, ouster, is now
loading, a il will positively a.ail ai above?her regular day
Kor freight nr passage, having apleudid accommodations
auply on noard.ai Orleans wharl. foot ol Wall afreet, or to
E. K. (hill mi, 18 South afreet. The Packet Ship O A KKI I K, |
Moses llunt. in later, will aucceed the Sheridan. ru.d aail her
regular day.
tfornew okckans-mmm rkgul \h p icEIf
r with ileapatch?The well known, I'.iat tailing packet
ihtp WISt' A8SKT, William Johu Logan. maater, burthen
roe toua, will tail a< abore Iter regular d iy. A lew caliiu and
iri-ond cabin paasenger.a c in be comfortably accommodated, on
ictaonable termt, by making application on board, toot of
: note re It arrtrr, or to J A M " .S t; I, \ N N V, la* "torn li ?' -r .
Bior new orleans?loytsi an a and
y( rk Liue of Packeia?Very reduced rate? offreigl.t? l'o
tail <tu Monday, January 31?t, the fiat sniline packet atop
I LIKTON, Captain Ingtraol), l? now lauding, and w ill | o
utirely aail aaabove, her regular day. Forfreignt or p&aaage,
hiving anperior fnruiaiied accommodation!, apply oil hoard, at
Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to KU VVAKD K . COLLINS,
.V) Seuth atreet Agent in New Orleaua, William
Creei y, who will promptly forward all cods 10 hia nddreaa ?
1 lie birk <J KNKSKW, Captain llilliufthaoi, will aneceed the |
Clifton and aail on her regular day.
^ Woreeater atreet, between Honaton and nieerker ? Dirin?
ae eiee on Snuday neat, at 10)b A. M. and 7X P. M , when ?
the irrmnn will he preachtd hy the Her.Caleb S Henry, I) I),
reetor of St. Clem rut'a church, and profeaaor of Moral I'hiloan- '
phy in the C'eiveraity of the city of Ne w V ork. Bruiiliemil-,inta
and Kngliah reaidenta. who have no atated place of wjr '
ihip. are particularly inritw to attend 8 rata free |
Publ.ii worship.?rev. a. albknti, late
of the Preabyteiiai) Chnrch. will preach to-morrow at 0.',, '
a. n|., in the lertnre room ol the Brooklyn luatltnte Other n
m niafra f the Aaeociate Preahatenan Church, will preach
la the aawe place at 8 and 7H " M.
No <d'i ickrry?No Deception ? In ae'ting forth the nrnet
ofihia truly great medicine, we hnee no ileaire rn derive
:hr ae who are laboring nuder affliction, nor do we with to
nl'igixe it mote than it jnatly deaer-ea, yet when we I, ok 1
ironnd and aee the ?a?t amount of autfcri-g and diatreai orrn |
mned by many of the diaeaara in which thia mroicine hat ,
roved ao high.y ancceaafu1, we feel that we caunot urge ita ,
ilauna too atongly, or aay too mncn in ita favor Variouarenrdiev
it la trne, hive been offered and pnffed into notice for
he cure of diaetaeanf the Innga, and aome hare heeu f.iuid
id donht very uaefnl, bat pliya ciaua, and all who have wu- i
rtaed ita rllecta, aav that none hat looted aa aucrraaiul at
Ilia. Kor Aathmn, Shortoeaaof Dr-atli and aimilnr affection*
t inay be pronounced a poaitive care. It hat cu ed .a?thma n
nany e tara of ten and t wenty yca*? vfind.ug, a rer phyaici ma
lad dtclarrd the eaae beyond the reach of medicine. Bevnre
of the flyiiil'a and all other prep.trtHoirt of Wild t heirv. I
I it V none hut the genuine l)r- Wiatir'a Balaam, a Rued I. 1
3U TTS, on the wrapper. Kor sale, wholeaale and retail, hy |]
He>ari A B. St I). 8\.N US, III) Kulton afeet, corner of Wil- I j
iam arreet. and by the Druggiata geuerally. .
LIK* u? JO IK -tAVi-.U. Hi OH. I'I'HAM > V h.< If. I
able Pile Klectmry. Toe ternfyiiig and fatal come ,
enrea uf permitting pilea logo nnirfatfd.it apparrut to every .
ifferer. Their apirifa bfcomt deprived ; derangement u
lie liver, producing fullneat or eongeatien; plethort of the
lood vetaela of the rectum, producing painful diacha'gra of 1
lond.end open fiaanrra, irritible nine,a and lit.ulna. Toaroil
tote aerioea reaulta, the tnffere , who, enduring ?iI tint, at ill
tleodt to btiaineaa, itionld take t)r I't'hntn'a hlecruary.a
onreiiieiit and plrataut tnediftae; he will tnrrly trrnnpli
ver the borrort of a prematura dlaeaae. II, liowtvrr, the dilate
and aymptoi.a ate d'aregarded, they become anted ; tie
owelt alio become cottire to degree ahnfkiuf to think ot;
nbeielet form in the (eat ol the diaeatfi ami their to mention 111
ivaaeaaeud 'he weeping wile, the pa rent I rat childi *n, ortne
(rtckeu parent, to the undertaker^, o? an errand wluqh ia but /
nee pe fum-d. Hew viluable mutt be a medicine which a1
hi tlfectuvlly batnab aucb toiture, and neutralise ihr ire ol In
if mntderoua kuife. which ia efieti retorted ro in caaeiol vi
i ei ; but it ia only the retniaaioo ol the trouble which ntnat .1
'turn rgun, for the came it not eradicated The reinede i| '
ere Df tl'plt 'tn't klectncy; for it attacks the diaeaae at ita A
onree, remif.ng the cmae, and mihra a retrain 'od permanent sj
nre. fold VV'hiletile and Kft.l'.by WY ATT fc KF.TCH- .
IM 131 Kultou atreeti at retail ny Or. \ . I'ph tip, 1'ffBowery. ..
few Yoik. and by druggiitaKeiKrally,throughout tht Uaitfd "
tatca and CaoatUs. Fnce ?t boij 0
- -1 ^ I - ' I
I inmueenrc n tri maim,
A F IT A118 ~Tii Wt 8B U at ? >. I
W?NMMM*t Jan. 20, H
'/'/if Error hi the Tahiti of Rectipt* a nil Erpendi- H
turti?Uentml Scott'* Recall?Political Anta H
/fonum in me nenaie.
Tlie WW in the tnbl? of INliflland extenditurpi,
of which I notified you in * telegraphic
despatch yeaterduy morning, has caused, as
might he expected, an extraordinary commotion. H
The government wakes up and fiuds itself richer
than it had supposed, by 7 million! of dollars, a
I m by no meana iMMMmbb m ibw .'a> < H
i of whig committees, and a grumbling Houae oi
Representative*. The opposition will ba in ao
I good humor ut thua being cheated nut of caus?
tor growling, und at having their calculations of
ruin and diaerodit overturned by (he timely dc
tection of this error. It was a mistake that
might have occurred at any tune to the moat
vigilant and accurate of men ; und which, taking
into consideration die circumstances of its
committal, will excite 110 surprise. The imI
men.se toil which wus ground down into the roj
port of the Secretary of the Treasury?a paper
I unexampled in (he history of the goverumeut,
; as well lor its Wouderiul condensation ot facts
! as fur its vast research, comprehensiveness, und
logical arrangement,?die immense labor of
delving lor those tacts among die mouldy records
of the department, by those engaged in assisting
die Secretary, was not performed without such n
prostration of faculties hs would naturally have
led to the error that has been discovered, even if
it had not been, from its nature, so easy of committal.
Mr. Walker himself, would, doubtless,
have discovered it, (although it is not within
die province of die Secretary of the Treasury to
supervise tliose tallies,) but his health, trom the
terrible labor to which he hud subjected himself,
was, for a week before the report was signed, in
such a condition as to inspire the physicians
who attended him every day in the department,
(which he did not leave tor days before thereI
ori witst timwhed,) with great apprehension that
hid constitution would uuceuinb.
The contradictory statements made in other
papers about General Scott's recall, are, 1 need
scarcely nay, entirely unfounded. Grsve
charges agjinst Geueral Scott are now on file at
the War Department, and to investigate these
charges a court of inquiry, with Gen. Towaou
as its President, will Maembl* at P?r*te. Gen.
Butler will, iu the meantime, take command of
the forces. The statement contained in the
telegraphic correspondence of a Baltimore paper,
that Gen. Worth would be released lr?m arrest,
and assume the ebnunand of the army, is absurd.
There uro three generals now in Mexico, besides
lien. Scott, who rank Gen. Worth?Butler, Pal- H
terson and f'lllow.
A very animated extemporaneous debate arose
in the Senate to-day, on the rcsoltttien oflered
by Mr. Mauguin, calling on th*s President for H
copies ot the instructions under which Gen.
Scott acted in issuing the general order No. 970,
and the opinions of General Scott in regard to H
the necessary military means for carrying such H
instructions into effect. Mr. Cass resisted the H
passage of the resolution, unless it should em- H
body the usual reservation, leaving the President H
discretion to withhold the information, if its H
communication should happen to be prejudicial H
to the public interests. H
Mr. Crittenden and Mr. M&ngum sustained H
the call, and Mr. Cass and Mr. Allen opposed it. H
It is needless to say that (he whig side had the H
best of the argument, if not ot the merits of the H
question. The tact is, Mr. Cass is not suited H
lor ttie position lie occupies on the floor ot the
Senate, as lender of the democratic party. Op- _ I
rl t.. u.w.ll .,.u Mr I'r I... 11- VU..I.
titer, Air. Calhoun, Mr. Clayton, and other keen
debaters and experienced parliamentarians, he
appears to great disadvantage, la un encounter
with Mr. Crittenden, lie must always expect defeat.
Even in a trial of strength with Mr. Clayton,
whose powers are not, by any means, all
great as they have been, lie cannot hope to be
victorious, lie should give up the leadership to
soine younger and more active man?Mr. Dtx
tor instance, or .Mr. Davis, of Mississippi, both
of whom always command the grave and respectful
attention ot the Senate. Mr. Cass could
much better defend a position in the held than
in the Senate. The wings play with him, and
Catechise him, and torment lnin ; but he has one
udvuniage?they can never drive him from his
imperturbable good humor. Unwieldiuess iu
debate, is tns great failing. Wnile the enemy's
centre is the point ol uttack, he goes on admirably
; bu*. he never guards his Hanks, and when he
entrenches himselt behind a position, he does
not know how to defend it. He cunnot withstand
the sharp attacks of the enemy, now on
Ilia rear, now oil his Hanks, lie tries to make a
suttie, and gets mauled terribly in the attempt;
and belore be can recover himselt, the enemy
presses upon him, until at length he becomes
completely worn out and is captured. Thus it
is with Mr. Cass and his opponents in the Senate.
Washington, January 2b,
The Death of Mr. Hornbeck?A Succrtior?Calculation?
The If/tig Majority in Danger.
It is customary, when a member of Congress
dies, lor a member of the same party to whicu
the deceased was attached, to make tlio announcement.
Mr. Brodhead, however, (a democrat,)
to-day, acquainted the House that inteli.~.
i l i : i ?r .i.- ^ u ?i_
iigciicu uau uccu ictcivcu ui uic ucam ui .ur.
Hornbeck, (whig,) at his residence in Allentown.
And he spoke of him in terms of exalUtion,
huving been occasionally connected with
liini in law and in social intercourse. We hope
the time is rapidly passing away when individuals
can see no personal merit in others who
politically differ from themselv-s, and that the
narrow mindedness of demagogues may soon bo
recorded as a thing that was, and demagogues
theorist Ives cense to exist. Atneu !
A democratic successor to Mr. Horubeck is
already spoken of. The district waa not so
much against the democracy but that it can be
turned the other way.
Mr. lirown, of Mississippi, (democrat,) is expected
to arrive very shortly?he may now bo
on his way. So, if a democrat be elected front
Mr. Hornoeck's district, and Mr. Holly, (wing.)
docs not come back from the South, the democrats
will rub the whigs in the House a little
closer, and with a trio, even, of war whigs, will
be enabled to vote lurtlier supplies tor the proseution
ol the war. The democrats, last Congress,
with a majority,of between sixty and
seventy, sometimes found themselves in a minority
on administration measures (as an m tatice,
the tea and coffee tax;) and with u maority
so small that ilie wing Speaker was elected
iy the retusal of a democrat, (Mr. Holmes, of
South ( arnltna,) to vote, the wings may find
themselves in a minority bclore the close of the
session. Stranger things than this have come
to pass. Faux.
Washingiov, Jan. 19, ld48.
ihdnwf Department?IHeilical Men?The Su~
prtme Court, ami thing? in general.
Among the documents lately laid before Con[rcss
is a statement from the Ordnance Department,
showing the various articles purchased,
nd tli" prices paid, during the year ending .list
>ec , 1817 We annex a few of the articles and
rices, so as to give an idea of what Uncle Sam
ays for his whistle:?
ArtiiUi Purchand. Prictt Paid
10 Ten-Inch mortars 6)tfo. psr pounJ
JO Tw?Ltj-'ourpounders,*i*geaDd
garrison guns S " "
300 Muaketoon swords $ft earh.
000 < ?ralry sabres 7 6(1 '
ooo Horse artillery sabres a SO "
000 Artillery swords 4 00 "
000 Noo-Cora'tl officers' swords. . . ft 50 '
6"0 Musicians' swords 4 40 '
4S Hit-pounder bronze guns 40 per pouud.
3J llowltseis. do, Tarioua liies. . . 40
BOO ilorsn artillery sabre* ft SO each.
IS Ten-Inch shells 4 per pound.
68 Klgbt do do 4
lino Copper powder flasks 1 00 each.
600 Sets Infantry accoutrement*... 2 ntSi persel.
460 luiantry cartridge box** I Ji'i Mush.
?0l do do belts 7o "
>00 Bayonet seal hard* Hod l'roge.. 68}%' "
4A0 (Ju'n slings lft>4 "
M)0 Hetseatalry accoutrements. ... 8 44 perset
1.60 do do do .... 7 00 "
too Infantry cartridge boxes and
plat-* .1 each
IPO Patent repeating pintom. .... ,2s no
Uuupow i?r., , 11*4 per pound
1(1 Met* urtlllwry harnene. for four
horse*, each set. .. 109 00 each set
The report showing the expenses of the Meditl
Department gives the saluuespaid to medical
irn for the ir attendance and physic. The |ow<t
ant pud per month infO. and the highe-o
it one instance ouly) Jj'l"mi The average ratio
about ijjt-tO p:-r month. This branch of the ?n-rice
is not overpaid at all events. Hy the way,
lis reminds its ot an incident the other d.ty.
s we were walking down the avenue not Ion;'
inee, we recogwz-d an acquaintance we had
ntsem for some tune, disguised with th itsupcrtious
piece ot n&stinesa winch every barber's
lcrii wears uow-a-days, to wit; it imuticln;
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