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I ?
ter, Spencer, and Speer, concurred. Judge Carpenter,
Sobenok and Porter dltsentrd.
Trial ro* Seduction. ? JVuncy E. Knott,vi. Chtrlet
Letter Nortkrup ?Mr. HillU opened the cause to the
jury. He stated that the action was brought by Mrs.
Nott, a widow lady, agaiufct the defendant, for th? seduction
ef her daughter. This daughter was the only
one of the family who made it her home with the
iuwmri was uuurr luti age ui tweuif ycmrs, auu
worked with her mo.ner in tbe frailly of Mr Wyman.
Of I)? Witt. The defendant in thiB ca?e commenced
Attentions to the daughter in M*jr, 1848 and ?<r?
?u?h in *11 respects as to be regarded of an honorable
character. He continued these visits regularly, every
I two weeks, until tbe following October, The next
t n? she saw him was on tbe 26th of November ioilowing,
when she met him at his mother's. On that
evening he was alone with fcer at his mother's rmi.
dence. and on the '28th be took her back to Mr. WyJnan's,
which was her home He was in her oompany
on several occasions afler this; two days in December;
the next time he saw her was in the lait of January.
In Deoember, she developed tbe fact to him
that she was In the family way. In January the faot
nas again communicated to him. On the tiii.d Sunday
in March he again visited her; and in the latter part
of April he came to tbe house of Mr. Wyman. and presented
her with a bible, and in June be again visited
ber, and advised with her in reference to her situation,
advising her to get rid of the ohild. Counsel also proposed
to prove promises of marriage, on tbe part of the
defendant. For tbe ruin of the reputation of the
daughter, tbe loss of her servics to tbe mother, who
was entitled to them, the plaintiff claimed damages.
The child is still living.
^The first witness called was
Hakhiet E. Nott?Lives near Orville, in the town
of UeWittr bas lived theie since March, 1847; lives
with Mr. Wyman, and works with her mother, the
Illaintiff in this case; was tweniy yetrs of ?ge in June
ast; knows the defendant. Northrup; became ao
quainted with him about three years a<o; defendant
commenced paying attentions to witness a year ago
last May; be oontinued to visit witueis onoe a fortnight
until the following October; usually visited
witness on Sunday, and remained until 12 or 1 o'clock
at night; in October defendant made advances to
witness, and she asked him for wbat reason; be replied
for tbe purpose of marriage; after October he
Statedtbat bis visit* would not be m frequent, on account
of having business which would call him away
frcm borne; saw him on the 28th of November, at his
mother's, in Kayettevillo; remained there until Sunday,
the 2Stb; fsorn thence she went to her home
With the defendant, and there he bad intercouse with
tbe witness. [We will not go into the detail of this
witness' testimony It is sufficient to say tbat It was
direct and positive, rhowing a continued intimacy between
tbe parties, and the faot that they were in the
habit of visiting one another at Mr. Wywau's and at
his mother's, which visits continued at times for two
or three days in succession. [The crocs-examination
was conducted by Mr. Noxun. with his usual skill and
ingenuity, and occupied souie two hours. No new
facta of material interest were elicited. The witness
sustained tbe prolonged examination with a self-possession
and intelligence which were creditable. The
case will be oonoluded to day ]?Syracute Star, Oct 28.
Tlie Washington Monument.
Washington, Ootober 25, 1848.
To the Editor of ihk Hhiald?
Sir In a communication pub ished in the Herald,
on Sunday last, in relation to the Washington National
Monument, now in the oourse of erection here, I regret
to find that the writer has thrown out au insinuation,
from whioh tbe reader might infer a want of
economy on tbe part of the Bourd of Managers. He
averts that, instead of employing a borne, as is
usually dene, some forty or fifty men man a rope attached
to a small truck and haul away." This is not
tbe fact. The stone (blue gneiss) is landed on a wharf
about one hundred and flt'ty yards from the foundation
of the monument, and Is brought up to the building
by a stone wagon drawn by four hordes, the stones
weighing from two to eight ton?each. After thestone
is deposited, some half a dozen laborers draw it up on
a truck to the place where it in to be laid, (about eight
feet high) because it cannot, at present be done in
any other way, Instead of forty or fifty laborers, there
are not mora than thirty employed on the monument;
the rest are matons and other workmen, who are occupied
industriously and skilfully, in laying the
foundation, which is admitted by all who see it, to be
the finest and most substantial specimen of masonry
in this country. As the structure advances, machinery
Will be obtaintdto facilitate the work, and render the
expense as littlesf possible.
iLThe Board of Managers, who have devoted thirteen
years of their lives to the accomplishment of aa object
which is intended to remove the stigma of ingratitude
from the eharaoter of their country, are. of
course, too much interested in its completion to expend
the money they may obtain, unnecessarily or
extravagantly. The work, when completed, will surpam
every other mouument in the world, and do honor
to the patriotic feelings of the American people, by
whom it will be erected.
The foundation is eighty one feet square, which
will be narrowed to sixty" feet, at an elevation of
twenty-seven feet, all of solid masonry?at this elevation
the great obelisk (five hundred f?et high) will
start. The walls will be fifteen feet thiok at the base,
with|an opening in the centre, of twenty-five feet, to
the top. The material, to far, has been obtained on
the most reasonable terms and the whole monthly expenditure
for labor does not exceed $1,340. a striking
evidence that the most rigid economy it observed by
the Board of Managers, in the erection of this magnificent
and stupendous structure. This worki*, morennrlfr
fhi> I nr>rl Ar.nuto.nt Kimurviairm of a.
building committee, appointed by the board, and who,
from the deep interest they feel in all that concerns
the monument, aie oarelul that no useless expenditure
(.hall be made fiesp'y y'rs, fee.,
OKO. WATF.RSTON. Sec'y W. N. M. 8.
Klectlon Kcturiia?AHriiIIc, l<nkr, anil Mif
sUHljipl Tel^raplii
The general anxiety throughout the United States,
to ascertain, at the earliest practicable moment, the
remits of the Presidential election, induces the subBor
b' r to re ,u?sl the telegrapher* on the various lines
within the Atlantic. Lake and Mississippi Range, to
keep their offices open at all hours of night, as well m
tiny, for the reception and transmission of despatches,
and for the correction of any errors, until tie returns
are correctly transmitted between all the States that
are connected by these lines, viz : Pennsylvania. New
York, Ohio, Maryland. V rginia, Kin'.ucky, Michigan,
Indiana, Illinois. Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama,
Mississippi, and Louisiana.
&The exemplary manner in which the telegraphers
generally have complied with public expectation oa
such occasions. renders it needless to add more than a
request that extreme care be token to avoid error, by
requiiing that all despatches offered for transmission
shall be written very plainly, and with numbers in
words instead of figures.
Of course, no telegrapher, and no officer or other
person connected with any telegraph company, will
transmit any despatches that are not signed with a
proper name; but, as an additi -nal precaution, it is
suggested that the residence of the writer be also ad lea
to the despatch.
The reporters for the newspapers, at the various telegraph
stations, have it in thoir power largely to aid in
these objects; and their co-operation is respectfully
* invited, with the assurance that every thing which
cnn consistently be done, will be done to promote their
convenience in disseminating correct^ and early intelligence
respecting the Presidential election.
Niw Yorr, Oct. 26.18-18. HENRY O'REILLY
Notlrr to Howwkcrpcr*.?You will not fall
to call at the celebrated Clieaiest i arpet Establishment in the
United States. No. i?9 B?wery, Hiram Anderson's, where yon onn
select from tt largest assortment of English and American
<"ni)*tinr, Fcartli Rubs, Floor Oil Cloth. Table Covers, Mats,
Wiudt w Shades, etc, at a saving of 25 per cent on your purohaaes.
lllll, inc iiiimiiniiie, m mm m uin uiu
Fund, No. IS Nassau street Cu'tioR the lJair and Whiskers in
the Mriou* nylon to mil the different taut,mot hlapitrona, A
rnt.^tant snppy P<>f hit Infallible I'npuimt for promoting the
growth, and Iieautifying the linir, ?!w tk> h on hand.
WlgB,^|Vlg*, AVIkh?Clll/.eiinnn<l SI rnn^rrs
ate irtc:mW Hint the largest, cheareftt, and best assertwent ??f
v>i^s. half wlg?, toupees, braids of long hair and ethor orimmontal
hair, fit tn be found at Medhurst & Ii?ar<li, 27 Ma leu J<aue.
Al MM supplied.
Sunday, Oct. ?!)?(! P. M.
The stock market, during the week just closed, has
experienced considerable fluctuations, and at on# time
a perfect panic bad seized upon speculators. The effect
was not, however, ao disastrous as it would have
J>pen bad prices been more Inflated. The decline produced
by this alarm tmong holders of fancies has
Bince bo en pattially recovered, and the market has
again settled down into the usual quiet state; prices will
gradually recover previous points, and dullness and
Inactivity again be the order of the day, for perhaps
months to come. It is our impression, that the money
market will steadily saften. until capital becomes a
i complete drug. The demand Is already much less than
It was sixty or ninety days sinoe, and it is almost
daily decreasing. The steady depredation in prices,
for all kinds of property, has alarmed operators of al'
binds, and no one ventures upon transactions to nnv
extent. The most rcduct d range of prices falls to
tempt capitalists to chenge money into property, and
there seems to be a rapidly growing disposition among
*11 clause* to lock up their capital In Home ?nfe plaoe,
And patiently wait the course of event*. To Hum up
the whole, in a few words, confidence id completely
Pone, and there in no health in commercial affair*.
Money in almost useless in (ireat Britain, and its abun.
dance hail reduced Its value to the lowest point, and
before the lapse of many month* we shall, without
doubt, realise the same state of things in this country.
It is true that the same sum of money will purchase
more cotton, more corn, more produce, and merchandise
of any kind, and a greater quantity of stook*,
than at any previous period within the past five years ;
but that is nothing when there is no market tor these
article*, and lho*e who purohase have to hold them
ft long tine before an advance can be realised, There
appear* to be a lull In all commercial enterprise, and we
see nothing in the prospective calculated to create a demand
of any importance for our produot*, or to give
any stimulus to prloea. The future Is filled with apprehension,
and at present there l? nothing but
fear and distrust. If this etate of thing* con.
tinnea long there will be a very Important reduction
In production another year, and It
will only be by chceklng the supply of all the nece?*ailei
of life that price* will recorcr their former levol.
Id former times, reduoed value of the material ??created
the consumption, and gave gre*. * to
the movements of all articles of trade, hut a.''0*1 * n0*
the care bow. Cotton never *ai no low as it i? Pre"
sent, and we see no indications of increased conau T"
tion. Stock securities of every description never wer?*
eo much reduced as at present, and there is no disposition
to purchase them for investment. It is a moat
unoatural state of affairs, and it is impopsiVle to tell
when it will end, and what will be the result.
The whole world ia filled with all the elementa Of
*realth and prosperity. The raw material for food and
raiment never waa more abundant than th's scfcion,
and (*tMl there ia no disposition among speculators to
operate. There ia no apirit among thia important olais
of dealers. and the eourage usually exhibited by them
has completely evaporated ; the transactions made
are literally from hand to mouth. M anufaeturera hare
for a long time bee n heavy losers on their fabrioa, and
are likely to be so (or a long time to ceme Produoera of
breadstuffs have been but moderately remunerated for
their toll, and have not fonnd markets for their aurplua
supplies. Cotton planters huve been compelled
to make enormous aaeriQoea on that ataple, and many
must have beoome involved in difficulties that will
take years of high prises to remove. All these things
have, however, happened many times before, without
producing an iota of ao much distress among all
classes?without deranging, to such an extent, the
commercial aHair.N of the world?without creating such
an utter prostration of public and private credit, suoh
a complete destruction of confidence, and suoh a uni"
veraal despondency and annihilation of every species
of enterprise. It would be difficult to account, aatisfaotorily,
for such a condition of afUira, and equally
difficult to point out a remedy. We know that the
cause does not exist within ourselves, but ia entirely
of a foreign nature. There is nothing in our ewn
commercial or financial systems giving rise to, or giv.
ing strength to such a state of things, and the remedy
cannot be found in any changes in these aystems. On
the contrary, it is attributed almost entirely t? the
stringency of our financial system, that we are not more
hopelessly involved in theae difficulties. Merchants, no
doubt, at first felt restricted in their operations by the
existence of the Independent Treasury Aot; the banks'
no doubt, were comptueu 10 contract meir credits by
the steady demand oreated by that act for speoie, and
this they considered sufficient cause for complaint
and opposition , but where would one-half of the mer
hunts and the banks have been, at this moment, had
t not been for the check placod upon them by tha*
act, as imperfoct as it is, and as loosely as its provisions
have been administered ? We will venture to say tha1
they would not have been, at this moment, in existence
The revulsion which commenoed In England, and
spread over the commercial world, would have found
them so much expanded in their operations, that they
would have found it impossible to have sustained themselves,
and we should have had as many bankruptcies to
record as in 1837, or as occurred in Europe during the
pact year. As it is, we have suffered seriously, and hundreds
of houses, still in existence, have been severe suf
ferers by the numerous failures abroad; many have been
swept of eveiy fraction of their capital, and are strug
gling along, day after day. at enormous sacrifices,uncertain
whether they will be able to weather the point or
not. We must look for a remedy for the difficulties we
are now laboring under, somei\ bere else than in any important
alterations or modifications in our financial or
commercial systems, if we would have permanency in
the improvement required. The evils we are suffer"
ing from originated abroad, and tbe remedy will have
to come irom the same quarter. The bane and the
antidote must originate from the same source.
Tbe annexed statement exhibits the quotations for
stocks in this market for each day of the past week,
and at the close of the week previous. It will be perceived
that prices for some of tbe fancies closed
several per cent lower than on the previous week :?
Quotationi for the Principal Stock* iw the New
York Markkt.
Sat. Man. 7Vr?. Wed. Tfu. Fri. Sat.
Ttftevry Notes 8"s.... 1(B 10?',; las1. 1DJW 1U3 102?.? 1021,'
ObioCs. 9??|? 10(>X ? ? ? ? lOUli
Kentucky 6's P7 S1& V7X ? ? ?
Pennsylvania 5's. 73X ? ? 73l? 73l* ? 73V
Illinois 40X 40?? 40V ? 411(2 *0'i ?
IiiUiuna State JPs. 65 ? ? ? ? ?
Roadinii RR Honda... 8T>X ? MX ? 67 ? ?
Heading ATtcage Bends. 61 J? ? ? ? 62V ? ?
Rcnriii'ir Railroad 81'4 31 ?? 31>4 813* 32 31% 32V./
Norwich & Worcester.. 8.'! 32 ? ? 32 31 *? S2
Erie Railroad, old .... SIX ? ? ? ? ?
Erie Railroad, now .... ? ? 6') 89 V ftsu 6H?
Harlem Railroad. 60S? ""X 49 4KK 4R?.
L>ng Island 23.23SC 22J? 21>j 20tf 2n2
Heliawk 73 - ? ? 73 ? Fanners'Loan
27 V{ WJC 25% 2fi 2t>
Canton Company Sl*{ 31?? 31>j 81 .U 29',:
Morris Canal. . 8SJ ? 8 8 7\, 7 7V.
V icktl urg ? ? ? ? ? ?
A comparison of prices current at the close of the
market yefterday with those ruling at the close of the
previous week exhibits a decline in Treasury Notes of
per cent; Pennsylvauia 5's, Vi Norwich and Worcester,
1; Erie Railroad, new, 2; Harlem,\Ji: Long Islindi
8*?; Farmers' Loan, 1\,; Canton Company, 2; Morris
Canal, 1>?; and an advance in Ohio 6's of ?? per cent;
Reading Railroad, 1.
The Secretary ot tbe Treasury has given orders fer
tbe payment of the Mexican indemnity. Kight hundred
thousand dollars will be paid out in this city;
our hundred thousand In Boston, and three hundred
thousand la Philadelphia, making an aggregate of
fifteen hundred thouiand dollars. This will reduoe
the amount of specie in the hands of tbe government,
*wwl motorSstlv mlUva fhn mnnov m vk Kaw.
ever, as we bare before stated, is by no means tight.
The value of merchandise and amount of specie
imported into this district, exclusive of that sent to the
warehouse, and the amount of duties on the saue, for
j the week ending the 27th inst, in each of the past
three years, were as annexed
Com me He k of thk Port or New York?Valuic of
Wrch cntUnt <kt.Z7, IWti. 1817. 184?.
Trot Goods.. 82.800 19.I78
Dutiablt Reodt 317,297 l,7825rH; 1,203,338
Total, merchandise $3HI223 1,8'V.W 1,222,813
Specie lO.SSS 39.812 81.914
Duties rccer.od 97.4(W 438,692 3187(6
Rate of dntv 30?j 128
This shows a falling off for the week, this year, eotni
pared with the same week last, of $612,853, equal to 33
I per cent. The value of dry good', Imported daring
the week this year, was $312,069]; withdrawn from
warehouse, $76,561 ; entered at warehouse, $65,3W?
'I he amount of drafts on the assistant treasurer of this
port during the week, was $262 346 23. being $66,300
77 less than the amount of duties paid in, showing
an accumulation to that extent.
Stork F.xrhangr,
$'Mifl0 Troa? Not "I (?n, 10C1, 20(1 sha Uarlem Railroad 4><4,
WW do WW II)/',' 100 do a 18 4.*^
1< (XIU 8 fl'i, 'fil 104 1200 do ?S\
800UBCVM KHK 1W d? alO 48
(5000 do 104 ? 1?) do bfiO 49 V
fit>00 Tenn S's 73}* J00 do b7S 49?S
JPOO Ohio ox W 100k 100 d* 4V ,
lOOOIrlo 7 9,180 do a'O 48
4( 0 abf Farmers' Trust 2f. 700 do blO 47 ^
80 do 7? 180 Morris Canal 7
78 Canton Co 291f SONorfc ttor ?nw 32
137 do 29 hi ?'> do 32
80 do bnw ?? 128 do V'i
Ml do ??i 80 do 31',
178 do b3U 30 ]R7 KHI Hart RR 6?^ I
80 do 2!.\- 20 Hndson River 82*,
1(10 ReadltiK R nil road 32 80 Macon 43 I
100 do K30 32 lfiOIrie Railroad (WW
f410 do b30 32'., 100 long Island Railroad 20jJ
l'.lt Ho .'11'. 100 do b?m 22
11.1 N V St Now Haven HI V. :?*) do 3d ?>'i
8M) Harlem Railroad ' 11)9 do n* SO ',,
Satcbiiat. Oct. 28?0 P. M.
At tb? late reduction In price*, thore'wR* more dolnR i
In"flour, and puled were matle to a fair extent. includ- I
Inf? rrmmon brand* thia Stat*, Western, fkfl , with j
straight <!ene*ee, fco , at about, yesterday's quotations.
Some mles of Southern were made at yesterday'a
prices Small rale* of Ohio wheat were made on term*
stated below Fair sales of corn were made. including
chiefly lot* of mixed, with none parcels of round, at
nbont yesterday'* quotation*. Weal exhibited no
chanpe IIye and oat* remained the same. Provision*
were stlfTer, ard moderate sales of pork w?r? made on
better term* Lard rentinued dull. Beef was only
selling in a retail way to the trade. Orocerie* con- j
tinned inactive, while price* of sugars remained about
the same. (Jood molasap* were steady, with moderate
sales There was no material change In quotation*
for cotton, while *ale* were made to a fair extent.
Boston, Opt. ?R,? Hmktrt' Hoard?T> Rending Railroad,
ir.7?, li 6: f."> do do.. lfl'is 11 do Boston snd Worcester Railroad,
Hi Hi l.'i do. do., 107: ft do do.. H7V: fl do. Boston and Providence
Hailrond. 3 do. It of ton and I oscll Railroad. MO1-,',; 2ft
do. WoKtern Railroad, PPI^: ft do Vermont Central Rnilrom. ft),
Kr>, ro Itt.j 1ft do. do.. (II. Tnesdsy, no Int.: (i do. do., fill'j- ftOdo,
Fust Boston Company, 10; 2do. do. IP'.': ,'tdo. Wiuihington Hank,
91? do Merchants' HnnV,W1;,$IOnO Reading Railroad Honds. IV,Kl.
t>~H. Srronil | Hth*>'<(, Oct. 27.?$1,000 Heading Ra'IroadBond*,
mo. (17.
Mi mhers of this Lodge, are requested to rarct at the I edge
Room*. No. 71 Divikion street. on Mondsy afternoon, at I o'clook,
1 fc r the purpose of attending ths f oner* I of onr depatted brother,
1 Armer I'utton, from liia latr residence, ty PaoHle st. llrooVlvn.
J. C. 1'ELHAM, N.G.
1 Jno.W. Oow, Sec y.
1 tlic State of Npw Vort. will liold a regnlsr adJovrneH annual
?es?ion this. Monday evening. Oct 30th. at the Grand Encamp
m?it Rooms. N>,:,<W Broadway, at half past 7 o'olook. Representatives
will please he rnnottial. By order,
JOHN I,. VaN BOSK ERCK. Grand SerlNt.
District.?The IXmoeratic Republican Electors ot tlie Hth,
I !Mh. and Hth Wards, are respectfully requested to attend a
treetlng to l? held on Tneeday evening, tne 3l?t 1n*t., at the
corner of Vartck and Charlton street*, at half past 7 o'olook, to
leHjoed to the nomination of ths lion. Miohael WaUh, torapralent
thl* dlatrlet in the next Comreesa. WM. IHTFFV,
Jcacrn Ai!.? *, 8? j. President of Uie Conventba.
Cook, Wubtr, and Ironer, or jenoral Uouw work.? l'luut
tn call at No. 1H Canal street. ou th? rtmt H ?or. in frnnt.
ately. To good hands, salary no object Apply at Mn.ll.
Wilson's. W\ ttrsid Mreet. between Allen and Orchard Kino *.
your* woman, as Chambermaid, in a private family. II ?of
city rvferenoe can be given. Cau be neon foar brae Java. Arp^"
at US Elm street.
W .< man, is Cook, Washer or Ironer, in a mnalt private fain
ly. The i'^stot.-'Hy reference can be gtvan. Apply at 17# Law.
renoc street, Ifi the titr. Can be seen for two days.
Woman, to do neneiAl Housework In a nrivato fanily. She
is n good washer and ironer. Apply at 60 Maodoiigal street, in
he r?-er. City reference can he given.
Situation to Cook. Wash am' Iron, or do genual 11 >usc.
work. Peat of city reference. Apply ?t No. 118 Eighth street,
Clinton Place, lor two days.
a* Nurse in a small private family, an</ H willing to go in
the country if required, ana willing to do ho\i??work. The best
of references given. Please arply at No M Eliiabeth street.
as Chamliermaid, Laundress or Nurse. ami do Plain Sow.
ing. and is a good Cook. Please call at 155 Third avenue. between
15th and Ifith atro<*ta. Can be seen for four days. Would be willing
to go to the country.
Wanted-a situation, nya respectable younq
Girl, a Protestant, lately arrived from the old country,as
Sfemttiess, lady'* Maid, or Children's. Underhand* drues
making, and all kinda of plain and fancy tewinc. Please call at
13 East Thirtrer th street.
aitnation, to do the Chamherwork and Wilting in a private
family, or Chamherwork and Cooking in a>mere-peota-le B >ardinit
house, would have no objection to travel with a lady, in the
capacity of Children'a maid! PIcnae apply at 45 Barclay street,
where ane is at profent engaged.
woman, to Cook in a private family, or ti assist with the
Wanliii.g and Ironing, or to do Houaework for a small family.
Good oity reference can be given. Baa no objection to go into
the country Can be aeen for two day a Please call at 135 Elizabeth
street, in the rear.
to $1000 wanted, andaman of busiypUvU
nesa habits, ns partner, to take the principal
management of a travelling business for a professional man.
wh< ft duties confine him at hcine It is highly respectable, and
will yield a profit of $b(XHJ or $10,00 in a few inontha. Addrea*
S<(field, tl.ia office.
Scotchman, is desirous of obtaining a situation in a dry
good store. as light Porter. Good reference can be givou. Addres
N.W.. Herald Oflioe.
borirg city, to conduct the salesot a new patent article rf
ready sa'e The article is manufactured here. A gentleman of
small means and good address. can swure a pleaaant and profitable
btis'rew Address W M.. at thin office.
in tends to fi W est, offers for sale the following articles very
cheat:?One muhopany Piano, lift ootaves; ?no neaut fnl embroidered
Fire Screen: one Guitar, with a mahogany ca*j; oi.o
>o' ewo< d Sewing and mahogany Sofa Table; two v?ry tine japanned
G< lmnn Bedsteads; one Feather lied; ono Table Cloth, and
several ufoful articles. To be seen at the Shak.^peare Hotel, No.
244 William St.. room No. SI.
M. Afked.?Stolen, on the 2Sd of July Inst, in Noith Moore
street, a Gold Hunting Case Duplex Watch, mado by T. F.
Cooper; casts made by Jennin--- L I.ander. The above reward
will he peid on the rei-overv of the property, by inakinm application
to JARF.D WlI,T,f!O.X, Wellington Fish Market
Note, drawn by C. A Townaend& Co., and endorsed
by Mr. Joel Cedbtiry, for seven hundred and thirty-eight dollars,
68 cents, at 8 months, from June 27, 1848. Payment hag be-on
ty Lands. Pensions, Extra Pay &e? eolleote<l with desjiatoh.
casn paia tot msomirges anu una warrants. Wisconsin ana Illinois
Lauds for sale. WD. II. WOODMAN,
Counsellor at Law, 9 Nas?au street
friends and the public, that they hare opened a Billiard
Snlcon, with bar room, at No. 137 Fulton street, grnind lloor.
N. B ?I iirch every day from 11 A. M. to 2 1". M., alter the first
day of November next.
Broadway iIIEatre.-notice.-the co -partnership
heretofore existing between tbe subscribers, under the
name and linn of Mann & Marshall, is this day dissolved, by mutual
consent. The business of the lirm will be ckscd up by Mr.
Marshall. alvaII MANN,
Paled New Toik, Oct 28,1?k?. e. A. MARSHALL.
The business of the Broadway Theatre will hereafter be conducted
by the subscriber. e. A. MARSHALL.
New York. October 2S. 1818.
Dancing amd waltzing academy, 21 howarb
ftreet.?Sipnora and Signor Ferrero will rf-opeu their sehool
on the 21st of October, and the Gentlemen's Class on the 23d.
Tbey will attend to Private Lessons and Private Classes, and give
Private Soirees as usual.
Forsale?a drug store, connected with WniCH
is a Practice of Medicine to be left vacant Apply at the
office of Dr. Claikson, corner Essex and Rivington streets.
conscience of the owner having other business to attend to,
he will sell the above Saloon very cheap. It may be seen at No.
4-1 Vesey street, New York.
Store, lip town, well established for somo years Ront low.
A i hsr i e rsrely inet with, for any person wishing to engage in the
business. Eiqnire "n the premises, northwest corner of Seventsenlh
street sr ji Third avenue.
modern built two story attic house, with all tt;o
modirn improvements marble mantels, under cellar, liith ba emet>t
and Croton water, situated in Houston street in a good
neighborhood, west of Broadway, near Wooster street Rent SfiWI.
For |*rtiiulars apply at office of New York Tatters-ills, 440
scoommooated with furnished or un|urnisbcd apartments,
in (he elegant bouse, newly fitted up, No. 120 Chambers street
Refeienee required
?Heavy Enzlish silver lever Watches at SI i Fine English
lever tnc\euients, ; alto, full jewelled and plain hunters,
hand and gold dials. Inc. 4tc? nt equally low prices.
JOHN A. NEWB<>1JI<i">, fto.lohn st.. up staira.
St. I'eter'i Church, Barclay ?trset, are particularly re pleated
to meet at the Broadway House. oorner of Grand and Broadway,
(entrance on Grand,) on Wednesdsy Evening next, Novetnlwr
1st, at half past 7 o'clock. as business of the utmoit importance to
tliem is to be transacted. A punctual attendance ot all creditors
is earnestly ^olioited FRS. M. BARON,
On behalf of himself, and others.
and superior quali.y, in packages to suit uie trade, ai d butter
a'apted for their purpose than any in the market. For sale t
very much lew than the usual rates, by WILLIAM M.PARK*,
Malt Whisiev Distiller Mrt .Ke\enth avenue. Office, 42 Stone St.
is GOODWIN'8 Patent Cement Sheathing. Now roof?
of rouph boards covered for 4>4 cents a foot, and warranted; done
over tin, tiro, or shinnies, from 2% to cants per foot. Offioe,
26 Collef e Place, near Chambers street.
spcetfully informed that the depot of Messrs. Chs. Christople
ft Co.'fi celebrated manufacture of Galvanic. Gilt and Silvered
Plato, in Pans, will be opened on Friday next, 27th inst , at No.
2W Broadway, up stairs, where w ill be found a funeral and select
ed assortment ol Table Sets, Tea and Cofleo Pots. Tea Kettles,
Spoons. Firks, Knives, Ike. fee. Also, fancy articlos, ns Jewel
Baskets, hcent Bottles, fee. Otders executed in a brief delay.
Paris Fancy articles, 4n Tuesday, .'list of Octohor.?A. T.
STEWART h CO., in order to accommodate the public, will
throw <pen,forone week onlv, their wholesale rooms (1st story,)
ard offer for Fale, at extremely low prices, a magnificent stook
of rich dress Silks, printed and plain Mousseline dc Laine and
Cieliemire dEeosse; Shawls; Lace and Muslin Bmbroidories;
Paris Fancy Goods; embroidered Crapes and Silks; real point
Brussels Lace Capes, Berthes. Collars, and Dresses; splendidly
tmbroidtied Vehet and C'achemire Paris made Cloaks, (to. Also,
rich Brocade Satin Damasks, Brooatelles, &e., &c., for curtaias
ard furnituic covering, just roceivcd by the United States.
Brradwav. (lot. ,'fll. 1M0.
Brans Cornices, Pins, Bands, Iko.?Solomon .V Hart,
24 1 Broadwsy. opposite the Park, hsve juft received in storu
twelve cases <1 the above description of gooda, (now I'Hiding from
the Bermarn and United States,) being entire new patterns and
comprising the largeit asaortiret in the country; all of which are
ottered at priocs lower than Can be purchased at any otherestaU
lllbmtnt. These wishing to purchase will find it to their interest
to examine the stock of Solomon Iiart, as a larger and better
i elected asfortment is not to be had. Also, jest received in
i'ore, three ca?cs of oiw pattern French chlnUes, for wiedow
shades, together with a very beautiful assortment of painted
Shades, executed by the most celebrated artists in Paris.
October 9th, 1848. The l*roiident and Directors havo thin
day declared a dividend of four arid one half per cent on the Capital
Stock of thil Company, f?r the lis months ending lit
August taut, payable to the Stockholders on and after Wednesday
the 1st November next. The truoefer book will be aloaed from
the 26th imt to that date. By order
__ C. L. KVEWTT, Secretary.
clusively to the Model and Fashions, Nntionnl Indumry,
TI intricate, and General Literature?Published in New York on
the 1st, 10th nnd it'tli of each month, in thu English ami French
larfuaros F.nch rumber illustrated with wood cut?, ornamental
letters, and oro engraving on steel, elegantly colored. Termi of
iilwcriptioi ?Eight Dollar! a jenr, payable in sdvanoc. Noiub.
leription taken for less than three months. Advertisement? teoeiv<
d on htxral tonus. Office of the journal, 1.1 Joliu street, New
uneetfnlly invite pnblic attention to an nddrcss to be
drlivaicd I y L. F. A. Buckingham. F.sq., of Englar d, on this (Monday)
Evemi g at half past 7 o clock, at the Hope Chapel Building,
0| j" site the New Yor* Hoiol, Hroadway.on the?ubiect of l'r<ND
Diteipline, lately Introduced aid put in practice under tl e patronage
of the British gove-rment nt Norfolk Islaid, byOnpt
Msci nrchie, W. N. The eubjait is novel and highly intcre.-ting.
and claimi the particular attention of all thoae inteickteJ in?imilar
objects. Several other distinguished inenkeri ?ill address ti e
mcetir *. C. M. REDO WICK, lat Dlrectreaa,
r a' 4 I'. M ? The new and splendid Ocean Steamship
rllFROKFF,. will leave is above from Pier No. 4. North River
For freight or rniMge, nrp'y to
8A Ml I. MITrilll.I,. 194 Kr< n( street.
Iilandrr will run a? follow* I?ave New York at 9, 11,1,
3 10m., 6 and 6)f o'clock. Leave Quarantine at 8,10,12,2, 4 and
I o'clock.
For new Orleans, via. Havana?the fink new
Btoam>K>iip GALVISTOM, J. R. Crane, commander, will leave
for tie above |? rts on Saturday, the 4th of November, at III
o'olock, A. M.. from pier No.4, NR." No l*rth secured until paid
for. letter begs at the osual place*. For freight or paaaage, having
very anterior accommoclatiio*. npp'y to
__i HOWARD It PON, 7S South litre-t
km wn steamship " United Suites," burthen 2.(100 tone, W.
O. Ilackataff, Coir.maiider, will leaie for Now Orleana, on Saturday.
Novnnfce r 4th, from Jndd'a wharf, npner eido of Catharine
Market. Kaxl River, at S o'clock, 1* M.. and from New Orleana. <n
the lfcth November. 8mall parcels and pickage* received at llarnden
fc Co.'a F*preM office, 6 M all street, iint.il the day of eailln*,
and delivered immediately on arrival at New Orleans. No berth
permed until peid for. Calin passage, *75; Steerage ptisssgc, ?'J>,
Postage 2ft oontn.cn letters weighing hall tin ounce. No freight
will l?i received on the day cf sailing. 1-cttcra will be received
at llarndin Ik Co.'s, ft Wall street, Exchange Newt Room
llale'i letter <fflcek 70 Wall street: and atKenyon's Jonrn.il ol
Cunt? free office. For freight or peerage apply to
Cll ARI.18 II MAR8IIA LI,. 38 Barl ng Slip.
On her return she w ill resume hir regular tripe to H re, leavlnf
New York on the 10th December, ana Havre the Hth January
toncMng at Southampton Iwth waye.
.T ing at Vn1|wralao?To Hail 10th of November.?The packet
(hip f 11.VIE 1>E URA8SE. I aptain Rich will positively sail on
the above dey. There will bo a supercargo on board, who will
tnke cl-arge of any cotisignmenU intrusted to him, end pay par
ticulsr intention to the landing of dclienture goods. ?o, fcc.
For freight of light goods, or paoage in the cabin, or steerage, foi
pit In r of the above ports, apnly to tl e Captain on board, pier No.
11, North Rim, or to FOX Ik LIVINC-STON, 21 Btoal
I X will ke |?rfunn*d the fat?e of FOUNDED UV PlCTH? |
Captain iUrwood Mr. 0 Barratt; Mr*. Skep'lo, M'mi Mary Tarlor.
After which the comedy erf the IBISli AMR Ids vDi)R-t}ir I
I'atnek O Heiiipo. Mr. Manric? l'ower; Grand Duke, Mr. Iljrniltun;
Prince K anlj.li, Mr. Dawon; Baron laowonorort, Mr. A. An- ,
diewa; i nbellk, Mim Mary Taylor. To oonelude with the farce
of TEDDY THE Tlt.ER?Teddy Malowney, Mr. Maurioo fow-r;
Tim , Mr. Povey; Ilomtanline, Mr. Uunt; Mr. Lawrence Mr. 1
Wnrwick: Lady Dunderlord, Bra QUberl. Dreiw CirrI". 75en.; I
Family Circle, 5W cents; Upper Bnxcm, Z'i centii; Pit, 37)^ canta;
Gallery 1v \i eta Dour* npen ?? !? before7: performance at 7J<. '
I 13 will be nerformed the new artim oftlled lilfK-Rasil Mil- <
lord, Mr. J. H. Hall; Mr Milford, Mr C. T. Smi h; Mtwke>e, Mr.
Jordan; Slanty Jim, Mr. C. Warwick; Auguatu* Futile, Mr.
Winanc Barbara Milford. Mrs. Tijton; Hetty Bright, Mr*. Sutin-1land.
After which will appear the New Orleans Serenaders
in tiinir Negro Illustration*. To conclude with the comedy of
the YOUNu SCAMP?Joseph, Mis* S. Denin; Arthur, Mr. Daan;
Klira, Miss F. Gordon; Mra. Swansdown, Mra. Sutherland;
Mm Manley, Mra. Broadley. Doors open at 6 perform tno?
to cotnmeno* at 7 preoitelv. Boxes, 25 cent*; Pit and Gallery,
Glut than.?Monday Evening, October So, will be acted
Shakspeare's tragedy of HICUARD III?Richard Mr. t. K. Soott;
Kicliniond, Mr. Stark; Kins Uenry, Mr. Pardey; Buckingham,
Mr. 1'almer; Catesby. Mr. Kichardaon; Stanley, Mr. Taylor; Trea
Ml, Mr Linden; Sir William Brandon; Mr.Tnrwr; Karl of Norfolk,
Mr Seymour; Pembroke, Mr. Willi*; Sir Robert llrackon|
bury, Mr. Thompson; Sir Jainea Tirrell, Mr. Morton; Lady Anne,
Misa Emily Meateter; Queen iliiabeth, Mri. O. Chapman. To
conclude with the farooof the MUMMY?(linger Blue Mr. '1'. II.
Kite; Dr. Galen, Mr. fardey; Luc}', Miaa yilea; Susan, Mra Chapman.
Doors open at ?tj: performance te comroenc at 7.
MECHANICS' HALL, No. 472 Broadway, between Grand
and Broome street*, eommenoed on Monday, October 2d,
and will oontinue every night until further notioe ? Fourth
week of the re opening. Tho original and well-knowa CtlRlSf V'S
whose ooncerts in this oity, for a period of ten
months, were reoeived with such distinguished favor and natro
nsge, have the honor of announcing to tho ladies and gentlemen
ol New York and vicinity, that they will give a suctea of their
popular Concert*, introducing a variety of their original Song*,
Chorussus, Characteristic Dance*, tko. Admission 2/1 oent*. Door*
open at 7. Concert will oommenoe at 8 o'clock. An Afternoon
Concert every Saturday, oomaenaing at So'olook, P. M? under
the manaiomont and direction of B. P. Christy.
I .ont kt r.i'a II i I.I A rent And ('mma with oil i lu.
ElepV-ants, Camels, Horses, Ponies, Chariots and Carriages, l>oloiiffiiur
to thnt immense establishment, will bike place 011 Monday
morning. Go tcbt r Nth. The prooossion will loave the head of
Broadway at 10 o'clock, and will pan down to the Battery;
| thi'uco through Greenwich street to Vcsey; up Vesey to Park
| Kow; up Chatham to Grand street; down Grand street to tho
Bowery: \*|* Bowery to the place of exhibition, on Eighth ptroot.
prictor; F. llitchoock, Manager. Splendid performancesI
every afternoon at 8, and ovoning at7}i o'clock. Major LittHin|
iter, the smallest human being on earth tt at ean oitlier walk or
stand alono. Great Western, the Yankee Comodian. The Sable
j Brothers, a most superb and talented band of Negro Singers, Dancers,
tie. Pete Morris, Comic singer- The Highland Mammoth
| Boys. Enormous Boa Constriotor. Living Gran g On tang. Kury
Family. Infant Vestris. W? Scripture Statuary. Madam Rork
! well, the famous Fortune Teller, maybe privately consulted at
j an extra charge of 2b cents. Admission tc the whole, including
j Museum. Performances, Little Finger's, tic., 2ft cents; children
under ten years of agt,and old enough to walk alone, 12)^ oeuts.
I Reserved tront (eats, one shilling each extra,
magnificent and elaborated Moving Panoran in Views,
I exwutcd under the immediate direction of Mr. F. Grain,
giving a faithful and picturesque representation ot the lineof
match pursued by the American Army, under the command of
General Scott, from Vera Crui to the City of Mexioo, now exhibitii
g cvtry evening, and on the afternoons of Wednesday and Sa
turday, at Stoppani Ilull. corner of Broadway and Walksr street.
Synopsis of the geographical and pictnrrs<|uajportions el the Mexi
oau territory so intimately connected with tho history and glory
of our country:?I anoing of tho American Army at Vera Crux?
Bombardment of the City and Castle of San Juan de Ulloa
by General Scott?Fotmal Surrender of the Citv of Vera Crux,
and the Castle of San Juan de Ulloa, to (ietieral Saott?
Environs of the City?View of the Sea?Native Fishing
Beats in the distance?Villige of Bantu Fe?National Bridge?
I Fumte Nacional, once del Key?Hear Guard of the Army on their
march?(jucen's Bridge. Fuente del Revna?Pass of Sierra Gordo
?Battlo of Sierra Gordo?Retreat of Santa Anna, and Capture of
his carriage? Magnificent view of tho City of Ja appa?Romantio
and gorgeous Scenery?Remains of Volcanio Eruptions?Villago
of Los Vegos?Hacienda, Mexican Farm House?American Army
on the march?Town and Fortress of Perote?0? ffro of t'eroto and
Mountain of Orizaba - Volcanic Mountain of lV.nra?Tho Mirago,
most graphical delineation <>f this extraordinary optical illusionGallant
Charge of the American Dragoons?La Pucbla do lo? An;
gela?The Pass of Rio Frio?Troops ascending tho Riilgo of Land
w hieh teparatca tlie Plains of Fuebla and Mexioo?Village of Buona
Vista? Lakeand Town of CI alco? Battle of Oontreras?Battle
of Chunibusco? Molinos del Roy?The King's Mills?StJrming of
| Chnpulteppo?Grand View of the City of Mexico?Major General
I Wintield Scott, the Commander in Chief, surrounded by his Staff,
I and hiB brave associates in tho Great Square of the City of Mexico.
I Price of admission?Single tickets, AO cents; children, half price.
Tickets for one gentleman and two ladies, SI. Family Tioket,
admitting five persons, J>1 7ft. Doors will lie openod at 7 o'oloolt.
Tho pieture will commence moving at a quarter liefore H. Reserved
reals can be sicurcd at the office, from U till 11, and from 2
till 4 o'clock.
f Ike., ft'.'K Broadway.?Scenes in the Golf; Burning the H. B.
Creole; Shipwreck MftheSomcrs; Arrival of the Fleet; Steamers
an* Ships steaming and nailing along; Real Cannon loaded and
fi?ed by moving figures; Grand Bombardoicnt by day and night;
Srlcndid pyrotechnic tffects and bursting of Shells. Every Figure,
Snip, B( at, &c., is moving. An Overture every evening. Tickets
SO cents. Children half price. Family and season tiekets on apnlicnt
inn St thfi Il&lf Onen at 7. nt H tTAitnAwlur 1
and Saturday afternoon at 3.
J only, commencing on Wednesday evening, November 1st, at
the Coliseum, 460 Broadway, Dr. Collyer's original tronpe of
Classic Artistes, in their inimitable personifications of Sculpture
and Painting. The public may rest assured that the exhibition
will partake of all tlioac qualities which ban recommended it to
public favor, namely: parity, classical accurfccv, and alwonoc of
ever)thine indelicate. Admission, 00 cents. N. B.?The troupe
leave for Ktircpe shortly.
Oct. at 'i% o'clock, I*. M. Porno $300. Mile heats, best 3
in A, in harness. [' llunt enters b. g. Jack Rossiter; A. Conklin
enters br. m. Lady Sutton. The oars leave South Kerry for
tlie Course at 2 o'clock I'. II. and return after the sports are over.
M. D. GREENE Propr etor.
Auction notice.-to druoojsts, apothecaries,
&u ?On Monday, at 10J? o'olock,will be sold, rain or shine, by
older of C. K.Taylor, Assignee?the entire stock of a wholesale
and retail drug (tore, comprising a superior assortment of articles
in the line. Also, the tixtuiua and fitting up of the score,
counters, shelving, drawers, scales, glass cues, perfumery, (ko.
_ T1IOS BELL, Auctioneer.
Dolls, Fancy Goods, &o.,by Edward Payson.tbis day, ai III
o'clock,at the store 14 I latt street. 75 oasos (original packages).
Toys and Dolla sold for account of whomit may ooncern. For
particulars ?eo catalogues.
at 10 o'clock, at No. 135 Grand street. J. W. Brown will
sell at auction as above, tlie furniture of a iainilj leaving the city,
consisting of wilton and ingrain carpets, mats, aofa cliairs, >ora
bed,tends; dinirg, card, and oontro tables, sideboards, French
l?dsteada, bureaus, f'atbir beds, mattnsses, bedding, crockcrj,
g nss. und the kitchen furniture.
Solly's Dwarf Iron, f|?mianufaclurers and machinists, will
lo sold this day, at IVo'cIocK. in front of the Auotion Room, 21
Piatt tttcet, by Jacob S. Piatt. Size, 15 Hi and 1 1 16 tosh, in
lo's ef 2 tons each.
I cut-glass, and 4,OOOmatses seed Beads, to be sold this day, at
11o'clock, by Jacobs. Piatt, at the Auction Room, 23 I'litt
stieet. Sale peremptory, and without reserve, to pay an advar.ee
commission, storage insurance, (to., on the same. They
will be sold in about 30 different lots, and thn attention of doafI
ers is directed to the same, this being Uie only large lot now ia
market. _______
Jacob s. platt, auctioneer?'this d ay.?n.\rdwarr.
Cutlery, 12,000 trasses Beads, Fancy Goods, Clock*, i
I Wa'ehes, Gold Jewelry, li tons Richard Holler's Dwarf Iron, 1 i
catl< 7 foot 1 races, under warden's inspection ; I engine Turning i
I Lathe, for cutting ecrews8,12, 14, l(i, to I inoh, right or lofi drills, i
! countersinks gearing complete, worth $160 warranted; Brass
Barrel Pistols, Duching Guns,&e. Jacobs. Platt will sell, this
day, at 10 o'clock, as above, at the auction room, 23 Platt stroot,
the UMtnl assortment of shelf hardware, Sc., Locks, Skates. IlandSaws.
Wood.Saws, Candlesticks, Brushes. Spoors Bolts, Braces 1
and Hltts. Ki?. Also 100 different lotsof Table Kilvcsand Forks,
ofall deicriptiODBj Pocket and Penknives, Scissors, Kuzors. in
dozens and in cases. K.o Also at 12 o'clock, in front of the Atic i
tlon Store, 1 ensk 7 foot Iraces, for account of underwriters, but '
slightlv damaged. Also, in prime order, H tons Richard Snller's
Dwarf Ir' n, for manufacturers and machinists, 16 lf> and I 1 10
inch. A ljc, at half-past 11 o'clock, 12,000 masses Cut Glass and
Seed Beads, from Not 2 to 12, jot, amber, white, milk-white,
cl ristal, blue, greoo. topaz, violet, (ko. The ule peremptory to
fay on advance on the same. Also, to pav advance', 10V? do/,
'owder Flasks, 3(i gross silver Thimbles, 2H do*. Inkstands, Ht
grot-Knives and Forks, If>8 pairs Carvers, G2 pairs self tip dn?
and a iimntity or oilier lancy hardware gno.ls. A'*o, fiou'oard*
Pocket and I'enkrivea. Alfo, atclo*e of Rile, ]< 0 loti tine gold
jewelry, cevetal Watches, gold Pen* and Pet tils, 1 grow lunette
Wattli Gliwr Hi German Clock*, &c.
*'reet? Pawnbroker's Pa's, litis day, Monday, Ojtober 31th,
at lOo'oloek, a large collection of ITnredieemed Pledge*,viz- men'*
and WOMB'* Wearing Apparel, Blanket* Sheet* (Juil's. I'illow*,
Looking-gla^o*, Picture*, Sic. lie. By order of A. Goodman, 31
Centre street.
1^1 Anthony street.? A Stand To Let for any Light or Fancy
business. An excellent opportunity for a dealer in gimp*,
viiTFtcd nilk, laocy goods, fco.?Kent low.
J. Downinr Co ?The subscribers would inform their patrons
and the public, that llielr (tock of Fiuit and Ornamental
Tree*. Shrub*, Ikc.ttc,, fur autumn planting, i* unnsnallv larss
and tl r.fty, cff-c iiillv Pear*, Plum*, and Apple*. Several thousand
Trees. three und four years old. of large sirs, together with
a general IH?rta<l(tf Cherrv, Poaeh, Nectarine, and Aprioot
Tree*. Gr?|? Vine*, Small Fruit*. &c. The ornamental department
in lull *nd complete ; fi r particulars fee cat* ognn, furnished
v-ratik to poetpoid applicants. Freight paid to New York.
A. saul fc co.
ion, adopted at Paris, amongst the most fashionable ladies,
most oom'oruble and graceful lor the form,as well as for the
lilieriy they leave in the movements rf the person who make* uss
of tb<m. To tie had only rf Mme Prospern, t'anal street, 63, tip
stairs, near Broadway. N. B The Ladle* will Hod a new style
very fimt'Hahlo for nnrsing, and a handanms assortment ol
Co??ets, fur balla, lawly arrived from Paris, at a very moderate
An address to a bad coi.d.
My curse upon thy venom'd course,
That shoots through lung* wlthont remnrw ;
And up my throat you reckless toss
Withconghing vengeance;
Tearing my nerves with hitter force,
Like racking engtne*!
When fevers burn, or ague nervous,
Broi.chit's gaaw, or eonghlng curve ua,
Onr neighbors' sympathy may serve us.
With pitying"moan;
But ttiCC?oh candy aweet of Mr* JorwJ,
Will end our groan
Mm. Jrrria' crld randy?Sold wholesale and retail hv Mrs WJcrvi?,
.17!'Broadway, corner White at Agents, III) Broadway.
10 AM'r House ; Mra. Hayes, 139 Fnltsn at., Brooklyn; and hy
Tinigglsta generally. Each package is invariably aigr.od
Mr- M Joivls. Fe Miro to ask tor Mrs Jcrtia aooldciuidy. i'ut
up in parkinoa of lp., 2a., 4a ai d $1 each.
donia^fNew t oik.) Sereinary. Frr.l. nla July 17th, l*lfi.
lir. Path W. Fowle?I>ear Hir ? From my you h I Imve boon
1 siihlrct to lung complaint*. Id February laul I tn'k cold -a
1 rough crt in, and though alight in tho boclnning, I madr nae of
the ?imp)r remedies whloh I a'way- keep for that purpisc.
(II.em lai ing, I re?orted to otbera, hnt my < nigh increased in
' vlilMtr, and a pain in the aide and right lebeof th> lungs sot
in, w hiih soon became very dl traaoing ana at Intervals * ere ut:
tended with optreaaive atrieturea ot the lungs,) Duries thin
| time I ev|<rel<rated Orel?, but the muma ralred from the langs
L Indicated a diiease deeily aeated Two or three I'tiysioi&ua
kindly lent me their medicines, which have b?en very elhoient In
curing ccugba, hut they failid to retch my case and I began to be .
Kniwlat uneasy. My rough war considerably argravsted. A
! trlrad adiiurd ma to try Italram of Wild I herry,hut I told
him I had ?*allo*?d medicine enough. Well, sir, I cougVJ out
that day ar.d the night following, and the lextday my frtond
lined me again to try "Doctor Wistar," and at 3 P. M , I win
willing to In anj thing, for 1 ocrglied oonatantlr. I procured a
bottle-<!fark of If?raad the direction*?continued taking It
from thit bottle owe week, ami when tha llalaam wax gon? nay
cough and pair > ware gone, and I hare not coughed since
Ki spectli.llv your*, ho. F. A. RIDINQTON.
None genuine tinlcaa aigmd I. Bl TTfl F<r ?al? wholesale and
retail by Meiara A. B k 0. Karda, llltl Fulton I rent, oornrr of
William; H. Johnson, 7T3Broadway Wm. Bnrg"r 60 Courtlaiit
i Ml by Ui? Dtufgwugco."rallf.
Broadway thcatre-b. a. Marshall, peoprie- i
tor ?Mom)?v orenli*, Ootokor 2B, will be act. d the pl*? ?f
the l/il)Y OF LYONS?Claude Mnlnoito Mr. Murdoch; Colonel
Damn, Mr. Vach"'; UcauMant, Mr. Frederioka; O'atii, Mr. E.
Shaw; Hon*. DeiK'hipittlle*. Mr Matthev* Pauline, Mia t.
Wallack; lladame L?r*ohappellea. Mine llildreth. To oonolude
with the f*ive enllnd the ARCADE?WI*ton, Mr. Ifadaway;
Ready, Mr linker: O Slack Mr. E. Shaw; LonicUfT, Mr. O. An
diwwa: Mra. Cloud. Him Uildretii; Mi a Mom, Mra. ffntt*
Drew v'ircle nod Parqnetto, 7^ oen'a; funlIf Circle ocnia;
?*'lrT7; eta. Doom open at ?)$?pertormanoc te ooamiiu
?t7 clock.
evening Oct. *i, will be played the force of the WINDMILL
7amm?b l.owe, Mr. T. Jnhnei. ne; Marian Mine Chapman.
After* hlohthe new farce of A NTTBINO FOR A CIlAISOEMr.
Hone) hall. Mr. Rapnood; Mia. Hone,halt,.Mra. A. Knight;
Ifnr^art'>. MtH. Brougham. Altar which Prof. Riiley and hia son?
If'f'ii' a,", H..e?, To nnnolode with
DaN KEYSERDE BASSOON- Dan Keyut, Mr Juhn.ton, N*. I
V T* r * ???7 iitnnor wium <;. untptnnn.
?Prioe* of admission?Dress Cinle and l-ar^wt, <W oenUi I
Family Cirele or Second Tier, 2S eta. Dooriopen at tudfpaat 6?
curtain to riee at 7 o'olook.
M Itcueli/F OLYMPICTilEATliB.? MONl)at tVKMM;
October SI, the entertainments will mnmnot Willi Jtlie
JACOBITE?John Dnck, Mr Holland; Major Murray, Mr Arnold:
I-ady Somerford, Miss l*hilli|m. AtVr wlnoh, a drama untitled
ESMEHALDA-yussimodo, Mr. NiskinMii; (irrunoire,
Mr ConoTer; Esmerslda, Mian Mary tiannoa To be followed b?
the Farce of the YOUNG SCAtll*?Mr. Mi'di-w, Mr. Holland;
Joseph, Misii Clark; General Besuvois. Mr. Niiftinson; Mrs. Manly,
Mrs. Henry. To conclude with HUNTING A TG KTLR- Timothy
Dandelion. Mr. Uollaid; Mr. Turtle, Mr. ('lurk : Mrs. Tur le, Miu
RolvrlH. Doors open at 8 o'olock? curtain iuwj at half pant?
New uroadwat circus, near si'kino street.Julia
Tryoa and Corporal Thorn peon, HtUMI-({rind
All ai.ee 11 Talent for Noreaiber?Commencing on Monday ereaiUK.
October .'Kith, and thr nghont the week ?Groat Triple 1 ruI*1;
comprising tl i? distinguished Membersof the Cnmptnioeof Weluh,
Dflavan fct Natham; June, Titus Ik Co., and the r gular Broadway
Trou|ie. Tliu Company of the Dread way Circus, also olainn
tlii' Beet Two Uoine Kider, (with the exoeption of Mr. Jihn Nathans,
who is engaged to appri>T here the enduing month,)that
ever entered the circle, vii: B. W. Carroll. The Comic Trick
Ponies, Komco and Juliet John Ooasln, the Vorick of tlto 19th
century, Mill " ksep the table in a roar," assisted hy tlioicvery
ec< entric nnd ready witted jesters. Mews. Rockwell and Wll
linms. '1 he celebrated Trb k Horse. Andalusia, will exhibit hii
thorough training, under tl e caroot Sir. Dsriiis. Master Hernandez
will ride two of his inimitable Acts, apiwaring fur the tirst
time this reason a< Napoleon. Boxes 5i> cents; Children und-'r
111, to Boxes, cents; uppi r boxes StA cents.
S ands, lent, andco.s uii'pofbr.v.an arena ani>
Circus, the largest and most expensive establishment o( the
kind existiiig. will oper on Monday, Oct. ,'illth, nndcr an immense
pavilion erected for the pnrjHiee, and oapahlc of coinf rtably acoommodating
upwards of ami) people, on Eighth street, near
the Opcr* House, for a short time only Since this mammoth
establishment was last in this city, the proprietors have added
mahjr i,ovel and most attractive features to their exhibition.
phanta. Romeo nnd Jenny Li ml, from thu theatres Drury lane.
London,nnd National, I'sris, which have Is-en purchased ana
imported at an immense expense, nnd lire introduced in tbeir
wonderful pcrformsnces at oacli exhibition; the troupe of ton
Egyptian CamolB, introduced in au oriental pantomime, and
other attractions of a sterling nature. The stud of Kurforminii
Horses and Ponies in unequalled and unapproachable, comprising,
among others, the magnificent dancing h<ir?es May Fly
and Bucephalus; tlie fairy policy Cinderella: tie twin poniee
Damon and Pythias ; tin: touting ponies, Dual' Hurke ami T m I
S| ring, and the celebrated trotting pony, Black Diamond. The
ciiri.a of performers, selected with great cure from every quarter
of the gfr'be, Includes, in their various departments, many of the
most eminent at tin's living, and the names mentioned Mow will
lie a sufficient guaranty of the strength of this portion of the
Qfitahlifchment. Mr. Kit-hard Sands nnd his children, Maurice 1
and Jc*ae; M.ns Cone, tho great French equilibrist; Master I
Walter Aymnr, the Juvcn.le equestrian; Mr. W. Stout, tbe
great polyhippian equestrian; Mr. H. (lard nor, the inimitable
tccneiider; Mr. II. Kuggtcs, tho unsurpassed performor on tho
eorde volante; Signer met, the contortionist, &c. 8tc. |
The unexceptionable humor of tho popular clowns, Pentland j
and Lathrop, is not tlio least attractive feature of tho entertainIT!cuts.
Wai ter of the arena. Cupt. J. A. Decamp; equestrian
director. Mr W. Stout; nnsical director, Mr. Eaton; treasurer,
mr j. W. Fatiioy. Admittance 26 ccn's; no half price. Hours j
open ?tf%; performances commence ?t 7)4.
Sacred Dioramas lof the Creationof the World, and !
the Cirand Spoctaolo of the Deluge, Ale, twenty two magnificent
BoripturalPaintingtby Mr. Baker, of I ondon ; eaoh one containing
about 10(1 aquaro leot of canvass?the whole comprising one of I
tlie most beautiful and interestingexhibftionB ever exhibited in
America. The Creation, Fall of Man, Judgment ol the Almighty, i
Ejpulsion frcm Paradise, Death of Abel, Evening before the Do- |
luge, The Delngo, God's Covonant with Noah, Destruction of 80.
dom and Gomorrah, Daughter of Pharaoh Finding Moses, Tin
Bcventh Plague, Destruction of Pharaoh's IIoat, Mosee Breaking
the Tables, Fall of tho Walls of Jerioho, Joshua Commanding th? 1
Sun to Stand Still, tec* itc.?now exhibiting every night this week, j
and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, oommoneinc at three
o'olock, at tho splendid new IlaJl, H!I6 Broadway, over Stoppani'i :
Baths. UANINGTON'S entirely new Orand Soripturul tlio- j
ramasof the most magnificent Spectacle ever witnhseed in New j
York?Creation of tlie World ana the Deluge, assisted by power. |
ful instrumental accompaniment*. Six Days of the Creation.? ,
Bcaiery and Incident*?Chaos, the First Dav. The Finnement, I
tho Second i'ay. Dry Land, Herbage and flowern, Third Day.?
Bun Moon ana Stars, Fourth Day. Creation of Fish and Fowl,
Fifth Day. Creation of Animals, Sixth Day. Gorden of Eden ?
Adam atd Eva. With the completion of the labors of the Creation,
the first part *1 the exhibition closes Part2?Grand Dlnra
ma of the Deluge. Tickets 26 cents; children halt price. Doort
open at 7?curtain rises at 7J? o'olook.
the Minerva Rooms, 4tW Broadway, shows, natural as life,
the Marches, Encampments, and Battles fought by Gen. Taylor
It also gives correct view* of tho oountry, towns, oitios, lie. It 1?
the most bcantiful painting over seen. Open overy night at
quarter beforo 8 o'olook. Afternoon exhibitions on Wodneeda*
and Saturday, commencing at S o'clock. Admission. 25 contf,
Bohools admitted on reasonable terms No nliarie for "eae.riptiTl
pamphlet*. Children half price. It will soon luave the city.
Napoleon crossing the alps.?this great hishorical
Picture, by D^laroche, is now exhibiting at tlie National
Academy of Pesft&i, corner of Broadway and Loomrd
street Or n irom nine. All., until ten, P.M. Admission, 25o.;
season tickets, .Wc.
tsndr, and now landinr, Ten Puncheons of tVius celebrated
Cork Whiskey For sal.- on reasoi.alu terms by
DANIEL NOON A h Greenwich street.
J I'nivtrtlty of the Stato of New York.?The forty-second session
of the the College w ill be opened on Mouday, 3)th October.?
The Introductory Address will be delivered by Professor Joseph
M.tmitb, at half past 7 P M., in the College llalL The pr if?saion
and the public are tesprotfully invited t? attend. The regular
courses will bect mmei ced on Tuesday, 31st instant, at9 A.M.
R. H ATTS. Jr., M.D , Soc'y to the faculty.
College of Physicians nnd Surgeons, 67 Crosby st.
and Ear, at 261 Broadway, entrance tU Warren, where can
be had liis"Tteatiae on the Eye," price fitl oents, aim, his premium
self acting Eye and Ear Fountains, the moat auccoiaful appliance
ever nted for oaring affections of tlie Eye aud Ear. Artificial
Medical notice.?dr. himmond informs his
. fri'ndsand the rubli< that his othce is remoted Irom 25
) ak Hace to 91 Miner strict.
ing Physician to tfce New York Oolleno of Medicine and
P arniacy, having opened au Office at No. II) Park Flaw, fur the
c nvinieuio of p< i*< n* requiring hi# medical advice &ud treatnu
nt, ib now i n pun d u> tre*t all diseases of a private n&'.ure. to5-itl
cr with S rofula, Sal -rheum, Rheumatism, anil all din -ava
*pei ding on an imrurcatate of the Wood. Dr. R. can confidently
promitc, Irim hia long practice in thiacruntry and in Europe, a
aa c and pcimancnt cure lo invalid* requiring medical treat
D cnt in tl.cae complaints, without injur) to the oonatitutlon, or
ooi finii.tut from business. Ptr>onsapplying in the early atige of
these c<? plaints. will he astonished at the apeedy anil dimple roe
thod allotted, and may re y on having tvery veetage of the di*
e?fc eradicated from their syst-ma, be'nre being pronouncedourej.
Offlce hou> fr< m 8 A. U.. to 8 P. M. No. 10, Park Plane. Irap<
rtsnt to Country Invalida.?Person* living in the country, and
finding It inoonvenicnt to make jieraoi.al application, can hare
foiwstded to t'em a caae containing all inu'licinea requisite to j
pcrfinn a radica1 ourc. by itating their oomplnint, with the
symptoms, time of oontrnctlon, and treatment received elsewhere
If any, and enclosing $10, directed tn Dr. Richardson. Medical
Office, No. HI I'ark Place, Now York. N. B.?Dr. R. will guar- l
niM n im ill every MM lie undertakes
J Sarrapai ilia ia a sovereign aid speedy cure for Incipient Consumption,
Barrenness. Prolapsus Uuri or Palling of the Womb,
Costirenoa, Piles, Luccrrhica or Whites, obstructed or difficult
Vciih'rnaiion. Incontinence of Urine, or involuntary d:s
i liaise thereof, and f r the gcurral pn strition of the system ?no
maftor whether the result of 'nherent canto or causes, produced |
by imgularity, illness or accident. Nothing can be m^re sur- |
piisirg than It* invigorating effects on the human frame. Per- i
BOtiac, all weakness aud laieitude, from tiklng it, at once beoome i
lobust and full of energy under its Influence. It immediately I
counteract* the nervelessneis of the female frame, w hieh is the
great runaeff haiiennesa. It will not be oxpocted of us, iu c?ses
of so delicate a nature, to exhibit certif.ate* of cures performed,
l ut we can assure the afflicted, that hundreds of eases have l>een '
reported to na. Ihoutands of rates where laniilitMhavo boon with,
out < hildien. after using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine,
l ave been blessed with tine, healthy offapring. Principal Office,
120 Pulton ittMt.
No CURE, no pav.-dh. roiiiiErr informs HR
former |*tient* and strangers that lie has removed tortd
A nn strict, (near William.) where he is consulted on alldelicat*
diseases. An e*p<,rioncc ot fourteen yeara ?iahles Dr. (J. to warrant
a thorough nrd fiwdy euro in all ruses of gleel, strictures,
seminal debility, p*in*,iilccii, fluoralhus or whites. &o. No mercury.
Recent caso? cured in four days, See hia diploma. Letting
po#t yaWi atMMta.
Dey street,where he can bo oonsnlted on all Private IWsea*.
cs. The most obstinate yield to hia mode of treatment, which if
en the Non-Mercurial System. Stricture", no matter of how
long standing,are treated by Dr. P., on the moat scientific and
approved plan. The victims of constitutional debility, brought
on by indiscreetindulgonoes, can apply with a certainty of euro.
Pro-paid latter*, enclosing a fee, attended to. OAce, 61 Dey
member of the Royal Colloge of Surgeons, Lond*n, may It
Oonanlted in treatment of delicate diseases. No matter how long
yen may have gleet, ulcer* upon the body, or in the throat or no**,
pains in th* hoad and bone* of the leg*. A practice of fourtooa
yuan, devoted to venerea) diseases, enables Dr. C. to cure th*
worst form of this disease. Recent caws cured in fonr days.?
No mercury used. Rtrictures cured in one or two weeks with
rareely any pain. Thorn Individual* who havs Indulged In a oettain
loath som* habit, ean positively he restored to health anl
*o?i?ty. N. B. Stranger* are oantionod rot to be deceived. U*
Cohhett has not removed Remember 111 Dnane street, opportt*
Dr. Job r> sen's
and W illium atrrots, has for the last fourteen years et^oyed
a most extensive practice In private diseases. lie can our* tha
moat aggravated eases of thi* disease ; and mild cases cured in twa
to five day*. Stricti.ro?Dr. Cooper can cure the worst form of
Strictures in from one to two weeks. Constitutional debility,
brought on by a secret habit indulged In by young men. Thla,
when too Ireely indulged in, becets dyspepsia, weaxness of th*
Umbsand small of th* bock,oonrasion of the intellect, and avc*.
ion to *?ei*%. A car'warranted In every caae. or bo ehUM
Nomerctirv iiw^
Trratiae, *o., K8 Circenwloh atreet?office hours V to 13 A. |
M., 6 to y P.M. (Sunday excepted) Thoao who apply in the early
Itsgns will be surprised at tne rapidity and little inconveni?i?M
attending their cure. It Is chiefly, however, those who have anfferod
frm a certain clam of people who can properly appreciate
his eervlcta. In strieturo, lYom ita first, or incipiwi t, to ita mora I
advaroed and distressing states, (from uncommon advantage*
at d a vnry c?t?n?ive praotiee,) he can afford a rapid, easy, add
radical enre, which, ha haa ground for atatluR, can bo obtained '
from no other aotiroe fn America.
nature, ajmptoma, prog rem, consequents, remedies. Mid
cure of tl < genital organs, including masturbation, stricture, dincatea
re?mt>ling venereal, (givm in no other wmk.) Inc., Hul,
adspted to every individual, of both sexes. This la the oipy truly
useful work on the subject. written in plain language. the re- [
cl|?afcr all medicines fkilhfolly given: It is intended t ho prwti- I
caily usefnl to every one, in every place, .1th edition, .'111 pagea.
Price >1. Way le had ot the author. fV Greenwich nntt.ot
mailt d frteby poet. Alan of moat of the book teller* in the U.S.
or th(*? contemplating irrllfe.-Th? Married Wombat
I'riTate Medical Companion, by Dr. A. M. Manrioean. Sixth edition.
I'rice (I Thia wort is meeting with moat aatenndir* sales
(24.0(10 oopiea having already been disposed of.) E*4'/ tomalala
Citing a copy, whether married or unmarried, although it ia lnhden
especially for the married aa it disclosea important secret*
which ihould he known to them particularly Here every female
candlaci ver the causae, symptoirs and the moat efficient reme.
die* and most certain mode of cure in every ca?a. For anl<L zp
Broadway: at publiahina eflloe, lil# Libert* street. New York;
alao. F. It. I'eteiaon, No. VH <?eatnot street, d. U. Zoiher, Pbita.
delpl ia; Ltttle k Co.. Albany; W . R. Davia. Boston. On the moeipt
al $1, a oopy will he tronamittert hy mail, lree of poatnga, ta
all rnrts of the United Statw All letters moat ha addo^aed,
pes) paid, to Dr A. M If AURICRAU, bos 1ZU, Naw York oity
Office itvLibcily (treat I
Washington, Oct. 2S, 1848.
h*ve of Stock?Corcoran and ftipgi?A Word to
the Wicked?7Vcatt>ry Nottt and Stock?The
H'aihingtan Monument and the JVew Yur* Com
nnttee?Pronreu of the IVork?A Pufilutu
Rencontre in the Urphan't Court?Cats and
Taylor, fyc ., ifc
The amount of atock of the loan of 1818, issued
this week on foreign account, lias brcn unusuaJIf
larpe. It is as follows, ending this afternoon:?
f.nnlnnJ . .154,000 Germany AS 000
Franra 89 300 Brar.il 10 0M
3 000 Spain 30,000
Caoada 5,000
Total $556,300
(M this amount, ahout fi:M),000 wits transferred
ny ivie?nrs. uorcoran >V Kipgs, being the first
stock issued for th^m on foreijn account, since
Mr. Coreor&n's recent sale in London. In the
return, I a .-it week, a rypographichical error mtde
us state that " some" ?f the loan httd been issued
to their account, whereas we wrote "none." A
good ninny of the papers in Philadelphia, Baltimore,
and elsewhere, are in the habit of appropriattng
the returns of stock issued?which axc
procured exclnsively by the Herald??s well a*
oilier paragraphs from our letters. We have no
objection to ihrs parn graph pilfering, if it ceased
theie; but these depredators also purloin the typographical
nnsinkes which sometimes occur. This
is unfair. As for the news, l?*t it go; but the errorw
of the press belong exclusively to us, and it is ungeaeroiiB
and ungentlemanly to take them too.
During the past few dityn a large amount of
treasury notes have been funded in stock of'47.
A few days since, in adverting ro ttie National
Monument, we stated that there wi>.s apparently a
great waste of lubor ill hauling th< stones on to
the found>ition by man-power, instead of in the
nsttal wiiv, by horses. The monument committee
in New York have w'ltten to tlie committee here,
in consequence, stating that the publication has
done a great deal of injury to the collections,
snd requesting a contradiction or explanation of
the Htatements. We regret extremely to learn
that our paragraph has affected the contributions
to the fund ; but, as we made no comments, and
merely stated a fact, it must be conceeded that it
is |jthe fact itself, and not our remarks, which
caused the Injury. We are glad to learn that a
horse is now used on one side of the work, and as
soon as the castings for the rail-tracks are
finished, horses will be used upon every side;
the reason, it is asserted, men were einnloyed,
b' ing that the castings were incomplete till now.
The work, as we stated in our former letter, 19
I eing proceeded with rapidly, under the superintendence
of Mr. William Dougherty; and competent
judges assert that so tar it contrasts favorably
with any similar undertaking, either in Europe or
this country. The stones, nmnv nf ihem un?mh.
intr at least ten tun?, are embedded in cement,
and lap over one Hnother in such a way as to
firmly bind the whole into a solid mass of masoary.
This, it will be understood, in merely the
foundation of the shaft or column,which is to rise,
touring into the air, five hundred feet from the
enrih. The solid foundation is to be twenty-seven
feet, and is eighty-one feet square at the bottom,
gradually diminishing to flfty-eif?ht feet six inches
si|uare, which will be the base of the column.
The centre of tne column from thence to the top
will be open, the wulls being fifteen feet thick.
It is the intention of the building committee to
purchase a steam-engine of 10 horse power, to
raise ihe stone, saw the marble,iVc. There are a
prent many delays incidrnt, of course, to the commencement
of a woik of the magnitude, of the one
in question, more particularly when begun in a
litiriy. And we have no doubt that the monument
committee will do all in its power to economically
carry out the intention of the donors.
Still, we shall reel it our duty to watch the progress
of this great national work ; and whenever
we see anything which we believe to be susceptible
of improvement we will franklystate it
A disgraceful scene took place in the Orphan's
Court, yesterday, between two brothprsin-law,
the one a lawyer and the other a doctor.
Charges were bandied b?ek and forth, of "cheating,"
" robbing," iVc., till at length the two brothers-in-law,
very much to the astonishment of hid
honor, the judge, commenced a bout of fisticuffs.
A fat gentleman present, endeavored to quell the
batttle, and received, for his pains, n w? II planted
" hit" from each of the combatants. Thin satisfied
the stout lover of peace, who immediately
vanished, and permitted flie belligerents to fight it
out at their leisure. After several rounds th?
"gentlemen" got tired of their amusement, and
the court adjourned.
It is a difficult matter to decide wlneh party is
most xangune hh to the result in November.
Shillington, the famous periodical man, states,
however, that ever since the results of the Pennt-vlvania
and Ohio elections have become known,
Tnylor almanacs and song books have sold a hundred
per cent better than Cass literature of the
frame stamp. This is conclusive; but of what,
we don't pretend to say. Omkoa.
Washington, Oct. 27, 18W.
An Elopement?Deter Item of lied and Hoard?The
Parties Overtaken?An Affecting Srene?The
Washington is full of unpublished misdoings.
There is no author here to " do up," in book shape,
the "mysteries and miseries;" and hence there
is a Inatui to be supplied.
Some j ears ago, a gentleman of this city visited
New York. While there, he stepped into a store
to buy f hi i ts; and so captivated was he with the
fair vendeun, who was a widow, with a sweet
young daughter, and whose atheistical views were
in consonance with his own, that he made proposals
ot marriage, and the knot was tied.
They came to Washington; he to be jealous of
her admirers, and she to be admired; and so the
matter continued foryears. In the mean time, the
daughter attained to woman's estate, and was
married : but, becoming dissatisfied with her
partner, they separated; she giving to hiro his
Recently, with more earnestness than ever, the
husband stronglv protested against the visits of
certain gentlemen; but the ladies scorned the interference
in their private affairs, and, like the
thirteen American colonies in 177ti, they, in 1H18,
declared their independence of the sovereign.
Of course, ihey had now to maintain themselves,
and depend upon their own resources.
The West is the great field for enterprise and
honorable livelihood. So, thitherward they directed
their course. The wife and her two sons
(hoys five and nine years of age), and the divorced
daughter, and her infant child (which, she said,
is named General Shields, and is an "adopted"
son) constituted the emigrating party proper.
There was a follower of the camp, however,
known as the protector and the " uncle," a word
about whom will presently be uttered.
The husbard, utmost distracted at the loss of
his two boys, made application to a just'ee of the
peace of this citv, yesterday, with a view to recover
them. Police officers immediately started
in pursuit, on horseback, and the husband accom110
> i? .1 111 a. r, i In .. .... I_ - -r. -I
i'niu\u hi <1 i niimnr. in ? r mirruuuiiy hit
runaways were discovered at Rock Creek, and
near the Ihstrict line. The occupant nf tlie home
in which th**y were sheltered whs informed of the
object of the visit, and he communicated the fact
to the wife of the desert?d spouse. With much
fairness. she consented to give him one child nnd
retain for herse'f the other. The former she deliver*
(I up to an officer, and the latter she s.*nt into
(lie woods, to a hiding place. The second officer,
who had In en watching the progress of events,
disappointed the plan of the fond mother, by seining
the living chattel, and twinging it to the spot
where stood the inmates of the house, and all the
parti s interested, except the daughter and the
" nncle."
Their absence is thus accounted for. The
daughter had been taking a walk in the woods
with the " uncle," and while the officer was returning
with the child, which his mother e-e^yed
to hide, he surprised the promenader*. The "uncle"
immediately took to his heals, lea vine the fair
one alone, and unprotected. It is said that he has
a family in this city, and makes a livelihood by
dealing in musical instruments.
The party, as I have paid, wee all before the
house, minus the daughter and the nnele. Mutual
reproaches between the husband and the wife ent-ued.
The oldest child whs anxious to go home
with his father; the youngest was reluctant, and
preferred the mother It was a serious moment.
Each parent wished to possess the children, caring
nought for the separation of themselves. The spectators
were moved to tears, being conversant
with the circumstances of the scene. The officer*
placed the boys under the care of the father, who
returned to the city with them in the evening ?
The mother, enraged, declared that she would
either obtain them living, or have their bones.
The mother and her daughter, and the " adopted"
< ieneral Shields, and probably the " uncle."
are now on their way to the West, there to be forever
separated from the husband, whose rejoicing
over me retention of hi?rhi'rtrcn, counterbalances
by far the regret of his wife's incontinenrv.
rHtLADKM'HlA, October 29,1848
Early yesterday morning, a tire broke out in a
small grocery ?tore on Carpenter street, below
Ninth, which enveloped the upper poition of the
building with smoke ; and two colored families,
living above, had narrow escapes f?r their live*
The man and wife on the second floor aaved
tht insclve* by jumping from the window, and the

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