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.Bide of the oar; not soon enough however.toeecape; ib4
the horaea coming into contact resulted 1b theknooking
down ill breaking the leg of on* at the car B iruM,
which Injury proved fatal. The affrighted horses ran
np the Bowery, and turned into 4th street. and, It la
aid, kept going until they rsaohwd the stable where
they belonged. Thia waa the result of leaving horses
untied In the street?a moat dangerous praotioe, and
OB* whleh aheuld never be indulged la.
AnOTHita Gone ?We regret to learn that Liemt
John llafferty, late of the New York Volunteers. If
dead. He died of disease oontracted in Mexico. Thai
our brave veluntevrs
"Like muffled drums. art beating
Funeral inarclias to tbe gravo."
The Baxter Bluea are to pay tbe la?t tribute of respect
to his remains, to-morrow afternoon.
A City Libbabt.?There la, perhaps, bo other eity
!b the country, of any note, that has not a lity library,
exoept New York The Corporation have received almost
a safflcienry of miscellaneous foreign and Amerl
can work* ta make a nanatome uor?r j, >uu mui iu
there has been uo particular place set apart for them ;
besides which, many valuable presents from foreign
potentates have been leceited, all of which are seen
onee by a few persons. when they are flmt taken to the
oh ambers of the Common Coancil, and afterward* no
more heard of. In the old City Hail, now being repaired,
a room might be appropriate for sucb purpose,
and the cost would be very trifliug to the treasury of
the city. Will not lome member of the Common
Council take the matter in band ? It would be far
better to take distinguished stringers to examine a
handsome and cboioe library, than to be continually
visiting the publio Institutiens, which lose all their interest
after the first visit.
The Confederation of British Colonies.?
There is manifestly a deep and extensive feeling
of discontent in the British North American Colonies,
which nothing short ot a material change in
the administration of their affairs can allay. The
tone of the newspapers, in New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia and Canada, indicates general dissatisfaction
with the present colonial government policy,
to which is attributed the wretchedly unpropitioiis
condition of those provinces. It seems to have
been discovered at last?and it is marvellous that it
was not discovered before?that the colonial stale
is incompatible with general prosperity ; and an
idea prevails that the remedy for the present commercial
and political evils is to be found, not in a
separation from the mother country, but in such a
representation " at home," as the colonists term it,
as will make them an integral part of the empire.
The notion ot annexation to the United States, so
often suggested by our territorialists, has hitherto
been rejected by the British colonial papers.?
ll/konaarow tliiiir Ualfn olliirJu/) tr* thp HllltlPpf it hflQ
TT 1ICUCVCI HI* J 1IUW unuuv u uuujvv., .. ....v
always been, as far as we know, to discountenance
the idea of separation, and to repeat professions ot
loyalty and adherence to the mother government.
This is natural: but it is a feeling which circumstances
may change. The following language
from the St. John, N. B., Oburvtr of the 5th inst.,
contains a bolder threat in regard to independence,
than we have before seen:?
" There 1b ao much re*p?pt and regard for monarchy
and monarchical principles in New Brunswiok, that
the idea of separation from Knglund cannot, without
great and cogent reason*, be entertained ; but our
trade U prostrate-our population in gradually removing
to the neighboring republic??Dd it is hard to ray
what men. In ?elf defence, may be forced to do The
rulers of the British empire, if they wixh to retain the
affections of the co'.onlats, must unite them under a
common head '
The same pa|>er suggests, in regard to this "union
under a common head," or, wi other words, a
general confederation of the colonies, that a deputation
be sent forthwith to England, to bring under
the notice of the government the unfortunate condition
in which the colonies are placed a? regards
trade and colonial government policy; and to introduce,
explain, advocate, and urge the necessity ot
a great paili nuentary measure, that will efl'ect:
1st, a union of the en'ire British colonies and dependencies
: free trade, and parental and filial annexation
between them and the mother country :
2d, colonial representation in the British ministry,
.and in parliament: 3d, a wide plan c.f immigration
ot laborers and capital, and an abolition of the obnoxious
"colonial office policy." This important
suggestion is copi? <1 into the Quebec Gazette of
the 15th inst.. but without any remark which would
indicate the public sentiment of Canada in regard
to it. We are not aware tiat the question ot con<pHemtion.
with reuresentation in the British par
hament, was ever agitated before in the North
American colonies. The union of the colonies
under oae government was first sugcested, many
years ago, by the Duke of lCfcut, father of Queen
Victoria, who resided some time in Canada; and
the late liarl ot Durham, when Governor General
ol British North America, suggested a general
union of the provinces; but in neither case did representation
in parliament enter into the plan?Biston
Traveller Dec. 22
Domestic Miscellany,
The water will be let oil the Mianr Canal on
the 25th, and will be left of] tor about two months,
for cleaning and repiirs.
The Legislature of Louisiania have appropriated
*1 ,000, to supi>oit public schools for free children
of color.
The scarlet fever is prevailing to an alarming
extent, in Cincinnati.
The Delaware and Raritan Canal is closed for
x * navigation for the season.
The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal cai.not be
completed by the time heretofore stated, it being
imiKieeible to finish the ttone work an J tunnel by
the 1st of October, IS 19.
Brinckley Elliott, a debased character, killed
his son, by stabbing iiim, in an affray in Worcester
county, Md., last week.
The Wheeling Times says that the work on the
bridge across the Ohio, at tlia' p'ace, is going oo
steadily, and that by lhe 1st ol May n- xt, it wil
be open to travel.
The whigs oi Indiana will hold a State coaven
tion to nominate candidates for Governor anc
Lieut. Governor, on Wednesday, January 3d, a
The last Little Rock Democrat states that a gen
t'eman was then at that city, in search of a localit;
for a large number ot families desirous to emigrate
from Martinique to Arkansas.
The Crkhit ok Ohio?We assure those wh
are interested in the credit of the StaU? of Ohic
that no fears are entertained, by those having th
best means of accurate information, of the abilit
of the State to meet the interest on the State stock
which may tall due before the time fixed for th
meeting of the Legislature. This may berehe
upon. The interest will be paid, whether th
General Assembly is organized ornot.?Cincinnat
Gazette, Dec. 20.
Mystrry, Perhai's Murder!?It was currentl
reported at Salem, says the Button Bee, that as
man was clearing out the cellar of a house formerl
occupied by the Crowninshield family, at th
time when lDchard |Crownin8hield murdered Mi
"White, his shovel 6truck a board near the surf.ic
of the earth. It sounded as it tlit-re was a hollo*
space under it, and it proved to be tn<* lid of a lure
box containing a human skeleton, with remnani
of a hat and clothing. It was also rumored that
man who wns known to have convevd the tnte
ligence of Mr. While's murder to the culnnts, wt
missing a few days afterwards but his disappea
?nce was forgotten in the shock occasioned by tli
lrightlul details which were m tde known.
Execution ok Wm. Danoridue Ekes.?Wn
Itandndge Epes, convicted ot the murder of M
Muir, wan hung yesterday. A Urge number
persons were present to wiimss the executio
lie made a lull confession ot his );uilt 10pea,
will be remembered, enticed Muir nit jthe wood
for the purpotte ot shooting d?'er, and when lit- j/
him in a deluded spot, he murdered hyn, for tl
purpose ot securing a mortgaue and some deed
which Muir li^ld ajainst him?Richmond 7V
graphic Dtrpatih, hrr. 23.
A notour of tiik Missino Giri.s.?The BulF-i
Commercial, ot Wednesday, contains thefoilowir
Mr. Editor I perceive by ? notice ill your p-tpi
that I have probably heard from my (1 it lighter In l'r<
This is a mistake but I have thin morning received
letter from her. my inn that fh? in very sorry she t
home as she did. but that she hn? <loni' nothing ivr.'i
only leaving h* she did. and appear* anxlnu* to rotu
home, but is afraid of the reward oil red in r?Uli.?n
her Will yon please say that the reward Is withdra
from this date, anl oblige,
Yours, RAYMlRslt
Please say that if she will return home an I m-km
ledge her fault, the will be forgiven by hrr parents
sot by the oontmunity.
The Crop*.
The Alexandria Rejiuhhtay.nt Hth I n't, ssys:?If
accounts from the old sugsr parishes of the Stat?
true, the sugar crop of the State will be short ooh th
this jear. The cause, we understand. is in the gr >i
Of the caoe?It having been generally smaller tnis y
than usual. In thi? parish nv have heard noconjpla
from any of the planters engaged in 'ug.ir m?tcin :
are very well pleased with iheir crops which hi
turned out b?tt? r than thev expected considering '
Tsry unfavorable weather that ha* prevailed since t
grinding saason set iu S>'m.? of ihi n have done w1
the} would have considered extra >rJi narily well un
the most favorable clrcumftsnfl'i-av-raging a he
head and a hall or two hogshead* to the acre H
Irion, on Huir Tower in the pnriehof Avoyelles ran
vp understand, thirty hogsheads from thirteen arpe
of cane
The Creole, of St Martinsville, of the 9th Insta
remarks The sugar planters of this parish ha
with v*ry rare exception*. flnlshed grinding an 1
result with mrst, is any thing eli*e than grntlfyinij
encoursgl rg The cane ha? yielded much lem th
was anticipated by the most despond!og and th
will not he much more then half a crop mate in i
parlrll OT nmnin. un quam.; ... ...o
UMiftnlly fln*. mid niny make aia*nd? for the failuit
quantity; hot our producer* of miirur mint bo aerlou
lnjnred unle** th'-re be an improvement. In prHal
throughout the *u?ar aection of l.oalaiann. th* ni
crop !> * furni*b*d ? Ilk* illminiphed yield. a* in
Attakapa*. and if the report* of I nferior nrop* In
IMand* be well foHnded. we may a??urerfly look forw
with conaiderable confident** to prion whloh will
ward the planter for hi* toll, and euothe, in 10ms a
Uic diiMtcr of unpropitiouqaeaaona.
The iteamtbip Niagara, Captain Hjrie, -til laore
Boiton to-morrow Boon, far Halifax and Liverpool.
The malla will oloae in this oitj at three o'clock thla
The Wtrkly Hnald, for eireolation in Europe, will
bo publlahed at noon. It will, aa usual, be printed
in Frenoh and Engliah, and oontain all the impor^
Unt and interesting intelligence of the week, inolud.
inf, of oootm, the latest news from Washington and
the California gold region.
Copies, In wrappers, ready for mailing, sixpence each.
India Rubber Overshoes?.Goodyear'*
warehoaee. 1UU Broadway, oppoaite Trinity ohurchyard continues
to k<?p at heretofore, the tno?t perfect ami ext-aaive assortment of
ovesahoea, manufacture* expraaaly for it* r*tail customers, and of
the latest French styles. yet told at the lowest prices.
California.?Boots fer the Mining Rrgloa
for sale at Governor Youur's, trom $3 to $6. Fine French tioota
$4 00, noisily $C and S7 in other cheap stores. Fine boota $.'< 50,
and every thing in the line at equally low rate*, corner Fnltoa
and Nassau streets^ THK BOCTOE.
For the Holidays?Kaix y Cutlery,embrse*
Inn a large variety of Hportsmcu'e, pen and pocket kuives, ef the
mest rare and beautiful patterns.portable >trv9ping-ca**s,ia all that
the nar e imports, containing in the smallest apace the most useful
articles. Q. SaUNDERs It SON, 147 ana 387 Broadway.
All Gentlemen Dealrous of Creating an 1mpreesien
on hew Year's Day, ehou'd know that to do ao ef
Uctual'y they muathave their Hair and Whiskers out a la inimitable
at No. 13 Naaaau atreet appropriate in styla and neatly in
ixseution. lllU's infallible Ungent, to promote tlis growth and
beautify the hair, obtained sa above.
MonUny, uoctmuet *.>?(> i-.m.
There was no meeting of tbe Board of Brokers today.
An adjournment was made on Saturday over
to Tuesday, tbat tbe memb?rs might obaerre the
oremoniei of ChriMtmar, and partake of the bountiful
lent, annually prepared for the occasion, with
their miudrt free from the cares and anxities of business?that
they might forget, if possible, tbe responsibilities
of long and short contractu, and turn their
attention to tbe more appropriate duties of the day.
It was about as well that no attempt was made to
transact the usual routine of buslneu, for the borrible
weather would hare made it almost abortive. It wai
a day, of all others that we have had during the past
month, to remain in doors; and those who could do so
were fortunate. We do not look for much activity in
any department of business until after the holidays
Christmas and New Tear derange, for a time, all the
operations of trade.
The annexed statement, made by the Seoretary of
State of Massachusetts, exhibits tbe condition of the
Banks of that State on the first Saturday of September,
1848, according to oilloial returns from each institution.
Banks ok Massachusetts. September, 1848.
20 Rank? in SO Runk? out Total:
Due from the Runki. Jloiton. of Ronton. 112 Rutin.
( npitttl Sunk paid in... $18,!?0 UUO 00 11,003,000 00 32,985,000 UJ
Bills In circulation el $5
Slid upward* 1,180,822 CO G.C2C.370 00 10,807,192 00
Bills in circulation leas
than $5 770,411 50 1.618.425 60 2,3S8,R37 00
Net profits on haml.... 2,4 08 1,317.78 1 9-.' 3,7:17,431 00
Italuncesdueother B*nka 3,800,99tf 7Ci 216,052 20 4,0)3,050 Mi
Cfcfch deposited, including
all room whatever due
bearing into rest, its bills
ill circulation, profits
and balances due to
other Banks excepted. 5,779,35033 2.315.6J0 IS 8,01)4,970 43
Cash deposited leaiing
men at 351,210 49 UP,304 41 470,014 90
Total amount due from
the Bank* 86,34?,443 76 28,218,650 18 62,567.099 91
Ktaourcet of the Uai.kt.
told silver, and other
Coined metals in their
Lanking bouses l,HS5.S0,'i 01 692,225 31 2,178,030 32
Real estate 0S8,26507 384 851 84 1,073,116 91
Bills (I otl.tr Banks incorporated
in this State 1,898,176 05 233.402 15 2,130,878 20
Bil s of oiler Batiks Inci
rp< rated elsewhere.. 153,101 00 5.1 138 13 236,239 13
Balances due trim other
Banks 1,636,020 16 1.H34.014 83 3,46!>,0.'i4 90
Ami unt of all debts due,
inc uding note*, bills of
e>chai gc,?nd all stocks
and funded debts of
every description, excepting
the balances
due from oihor Banks. 30,08^,(76 47 23.121,013 9' 53,110,10) ?9
Total amount of tlx re
sources rf the Baiik?. . 36,31-,141 70 20,218,6:61:! I 2,567,099 94
Am't nj dividendi tirice
ln*t m hunt renrnt ?
Iu October lt-47 ffiftHOOO r 2.70 00 1,023,17000
In April, IMS... A) i;4,-D5 00 1,177,695 00
Am't of reserved pn Ms
at time of declaring last
dividend l,t?7/JS 7 82I.M9C7 ?,31i?,673 51
Am't of debts due to raen
Bank, teemed by pledge
u its stock 551,708 H 4 6,563 43 ?3V'76 5t
Ain't of debts due and
ur paid and considered
doubtful 18,010 J4 171,' 19 78 Iff,030 0!
I Average dividends of banka tn Boston, in Oet. 1847
a fraction over '! ?7-100 per oent.
Average dividend* of bankaln Boston, in April,1848
a fraction ov?r 3 70-100 per ceut.
Average dividends (f banks out of Bos'on, in Oct
184", a fraetion less than 1 98-100 per cent.
Average dividend* of banks out of Boston, in April
; 1848, a fraction over 3 49-100 per cent.
t Averse dividends (f all tba bsn'.s, in Oct, 1817,
[ fraction leas than 3 15-100 per cent.
Average dividends of all the banks, In April, 1848,
fraotion aver 3 Cl-100 per cent.
1 The leading Items in this statement, compared wit
I those of previous years, exhibit the annexed result :
Uabi'itkI. Oct. 1(46. Sent. 1847. Sept. 184
. Taint.1 $.11,1(10(100 $32 1 13,150 $32,985,1*
? Bui* $5 and upwards 12,329,385 M.71H 422 10,81)7.1
' llilli !?m> lliau ft> 2.2>i2,Sv9 2,471!,940 2,3WS
e Krffit* 2,904,136 3.499,583 3,7)7.1
Hat k l.aluiioca 7.263,202 4,1183,6
Deposit* 9,459,375 11',265.555 8,091,9
0 Depua u on interest 901.274 764.716 470,<1
*1 Trtal *63,901,714 71,102,647 62,567/i
li tottrrtt.
y Ccln $3,051,755 $1,943,974 $2^7H.C
Ktal EiUte 1,098,000 1,062,960 1,(173,1
' Bai k Dill* 2,635.061) 3,038.768 2,1*1,.'
, Do. foreign 219,(95 212,698 2i>6i
a Bai k balance* *688,088 5,571 241 3,469.1
e loans, stcoka, Ike 81,321!,II1 67.260.91(1 51,110,1
;i Total $63 901,714 71,102,647 62,837^
It appears by this comparative table, that the aggi
y gate movement of the banks of Massachusetts, hi
II within the past year, been much reduced, having fail
^ fiom $71,102,047 to $82,667 009, a decrease of $S,535,5i
r Of this amount of the resources, the line of discouo
e ba* fallen off $4,150 M0 ; specie on hand, $1,305,91
.V and of the liabiiitics, a falling off In the circulation
C $4 COO 333. Deposits, $2.170.5*4 In the face of tf
'H Kftut redaction in the most important item*, there h
jl been an increase in the banking capital of the State.
l3 $871 850. The following banks were not Included
r- the return* of laft year
le The Mahaiwe in (treat Barrington with a caplt
of $100,006; commenced operation* Oct 9. 1947. T
(irorer's, in Bo?ton. with a capital of $250,000- coi
II, ??enc?-il operation* Sept 12 1S48 The Holyok"*,
r Northampton, with a capital of $100 000; comtnunc
,'r cpcratione Sept 1. 1S48 The Mechaaic*'. in VVoro?
tcr with a capital of $100 000; commenced opprttio
. | Oct 6.1848 The Newton, in Newton, with a capil
'? of $100 000; commenced operations Oct. 14 lb4S. T
liarre. in Barre; not in operation.
Ot By acts of the Oenernl Court, of 1818. the followi
ip banks were authorized to increase their capital, viz
h The Agawam. lu Springfield. $100 0C0; May 18. $50C
i,\ Tiniii in. and Oct. in, $50,000 paid in. The Barnstab
in Barnttable. $50 01i0; paid in Oct. 2. The Brightr
in Brighton, $f 0 000; paid in June 22. The Bovlstc
|n in Boston $50 "00; paid in Oct 10 The ('antral.
Worcester, $50 000; paid in. May 19. $2 > 000. and At
I 1 $25 000 The ( htcopee. in Snrln^fleld $100 01
I in May 19 $50,000. and Oct. 11, $50,000. T
la Kitchburg. in K'tchburg $50 000; paid in .July 7. T
.ft FrswlBgham, in Framinghan, $50 000; not paid 1
Hampshire Manufacturers', in Ware. $50 000; paid
ru ^ 1,,'0P*e',' 'n Roibury. $60,000; not pai
to | In the column of "Cash deposited bearing interes
wn are inclnd* d the suras borrowed of the Commonwea
! by the following banks in Boston, tIz.:? City, $100.C
)W- Kagla, $50 0C0; nnd Oloba, $40,000. The Boylsl
i if Bank, In Boston, states that $3,000, loaned to
! Crmmonwealth, la Included in the amount of all d?
due fcc. The Dorchester and Milton Bank, in 1
cheslfl1. does not distinguish, in the amount of bill
irJ circulation, between Are dollars and upward*, i
'tli there ot less than fire dollar*. The return of this bi
fat i " not er "worn to by tha cashier But a i
*>? navflfv ?^,U. ??f>, ?h?t
All i""-J ?? "*> , ?
i*e cashier ha* gone to *ome place unknown, and that
'jj" book* indicate the state of the bank, a* contained
hat tbe teturn.
1*r The following bank* do not dl*tingni*h between
bills of other banks Incorporated In tbia, and thoa
d4i banks incorporated in other State*, Tlx:?Lynn
nts chanica', in Lynn; Plymouth, in Plymouth; and
t IUver, In Fall IUrer.
' The following bank* made dividend*, in addition
' h? tbe two semi-annual one* which are notad la the
j4?* turn*, tut they are not inoludad In the average of
>rn Tidenda declared in Oatober, 1H47, and April, 1848,
the Brighton, in Brighton, In May, $10,000; Centra
i in Woraester. in May, $9,000, rhicopea, in Springfield
L,ly May. $12,000; Dedham, in Dadham, in August, $6,
If, Fitchburg, In Fitchburg, in July. $15 000; Hamps
J?* Manufacturer*', In Wara.in July $12 000.
t(,? Many of tha Banks do not atata the dividend
ard elated In October, 1847, bat inaert inetead tha
r"* declared in Ootober, IMS Tha arerags rate of (
" ' i (land* la Oatobar, 1847, will b? i educed by that
oedure. Tfce requisition require* the state of the
teak ob the first Saturday, the aeoond day of Sep
ten b?r; a dividend payable a month after cannot
therefore be embraced In the call on the bank
The amonnt of bi^i In circulation, and deposits on
hand, oa the 2d of September, 1848, was amaller than
at **v previous period within the last five years, and
with this t?t in view, it is not difficult to account for
the tightness in the mouty market whloh has bee&
experienced during the past yeai. Thi, enormous
contraction in the banking movement of Maasaon..
setts has created a vast deal of embarrasmsntamong
the commercial classes of that section of the oountry
and caused a great many failures. Our banking Institutions
and capitalists have aided the merchants
>/( nn <tnnKf nravnntn il man* Knnsua fenna
(impending. The mercantile clasres of our Kastern
neighbor, have, in their efforts to compete with thin
city for the Western trade, gone beyond their depth
and we have been called upon to extend a helping
band, and save them from the ruin that stared ho
many of them in the face. The course pursued by
the banks of Massachusetts, has, no doubt, been the
canst, to a eertiin extent, of the difficulties which the
merchants of Boston have experienced, but under any
circumstances they could not hare avoided, with the
ssme extension of private credit, most of the embarrassments
which bare surrounded them. They have traded
beyond their means, and la their anxiety to attraot
business from this city, have approached much nearer
bankruptcy than manj of them find agreeable or at
alt pleasant.
TT House accommodations lor a pnrato establishment, coinprising
two carriage* and three horses, in a situation in or adjoin
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" Htab'en. Herald wffioo, stating the position and nature of
a Kiluati"D t? do Cooking, Washing and Ironing, in a pri
v.M? family is the city. Can givo goad to itimnnials from hor last
places. Please to call to 28 Ann (treat. Can be seen for a week,
if net raited. -
a wholesale and retail Hardware Store. One redding In
the lower part of the city, with hispurents, would bo preferred.
Palarj, lir(t joar, ^0. Address Il.O. M. at this ofllou, stating
late the English, Frenen and German lsnguages. wishes a
Ht'untior ?" *<-acti in a private family. Refer to Mr. Potet, Courier
des Ktatj I'nis.
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mads or sold at this ostabliihmont. Upon until 9 o'clock P. If.,
daring the Holiday week.
hu sulwrilieri respectiully announce t? tho public that thiv
have a line collection of Camelias, and other parlor pluuta ?
bloom, suitable for New V?;ar; also, Bonne's and baskets of
choice Flowers, made up with taste, and at moderate prions.
corner Fifth stre?t and avenue A,
1 would renreetlully remind his kind patrons, that ho his made
extensive additions to his stock el Dowering plants which will
enable him to execute, in superior style, all orders tor bouquets
which ho u ay be favored with during the giy seasons
T. DUNLAP, Florist, 6? Broadway.
benefit to the child, very useful to the mother, and amusing
to the whole family A splendid assortment of Baby Jumpers,
now fitted up, for holiday presents, ard for sale at the established
depot, 311 Broadway,N. Y. Alto, a newly invented patent Swing,
fer eHldren and grown persons.
Holiday gifts, at wholesale prices, can uk
procured at K2 John street, during this week, consisting o
the largest assortment of Fancy Uoods to be found iu thu city,
euch hi Dasks, DreMiim; Case*, rortioiios, Auor uux?n. i^ara <.ukh
Forte Monnaies, he. ko. fee
SAMrEL HART t CO. Iroport'ra.
'lb* mem3?ra of this Company will assemble at tl.a &ru,urj
! on Wednesday, the 27th inst., at oie o'clock, I*. II., In full un
fcrm, for tho purpose of paying the last tribute i f ro.-pecttoou
i laic asM Li-ut. John Raffcrty. I'.y rcr.
S. F. AYRES. Captain.
F W. Wat*b?i'Fv. Orderly
J ef o i.?| imey mm at J. I. Ilamea aud Cliirles Sturtos, tl
i.ttlic will fleaee withhold their up nion. as the eha'if! of I,. I
Mills ie e itircly without fonudatijn, which ?? rhall liealilo t
shew ou the examination. OIMRLPS ?Ti;RGE3,
l( J. L. UA1NE3.
40 ?t all street.?Notice is hereby (liven to sukieribera at
* others, that the hallottinir for the de*i|in will continue until H
I turday next, Sllth inst, at 4 e'cloik P.M., when it will fina'
I elite. ROBERT D. HART, Sec y.
Dec. JO, 184H.?The Annual Eloetion for Thirteen Directors
h this oonpany will be held at thif office, No. 170 Centre street, <
i Monday, the Uth day of January next, between the hour, of
~ ' and 12 o'clock, A.M. The transfer book will be olosed from tl
H : 23d init. until after the eloetion. By order.
JO 1 C. L.EVERITT, SecretaryM
! ????????????
|( 1j in unsettled estates, claims, business notes, purcluued
Ail money advace?d. Apply Nu. 8 Dey street, 3d story.
u,, X-i liiock, 72 Chatham street, molt respectfully inforrasthe I
dies end gentlemen, lliai he has taken possesion of that "id i
r(., | tublishment, so well known as the cheapest esUMi?hment of ri
>7 Jewelry in the United States. and that be willcontinue this nil
:-.j ! toss on the same principle?to buy mid nil at a small prottt
!' >, A., having bought the brat part of the stock, tog-tner with lei
ai.d fixtures, now offers to the pablio thiol splendid etock of Je
lll0 e'ry for loss than half it originally cost?conmun; of valu*l
Diamond", Silver Ware ofevery description. Finger Rings, Hre!
?u) 1 Pins, for Indies and gentlemen. Silver Combs. Clocks nnd Wat/
es?In short, there aie very few articles which cannot be hud
o thllcheap e* Mishmei t, whieh will be carried on under the *
.. iraTSpment of l.oUIS AL'KICH, aowellkno*u to the publ
formerly of 6# rh?thsm street.
an ~
i'. k? nre<?, would rosjecttnlly call attention to his stock ot',>to
and Hall Lamp, with a spi'i did assortment of Girandoles a
other mantel or nan ot ts. Also, a great variety of arlicl * sui
2: ble for h< liday presents. All forte of gas for sale. C'amphine
0j oents. served weekly
1 just rec?ivtd bjr steamer Niagara, consis'inj of knives n
* J forks In doiens, knives only, nnd seta of 81 pieces; ivory and be
0f ' nut picks Also a large sssortment of every description of ta
I and |>ock?t eotlery. and otner Sheffield goods. For sale to f
in I trade at the recent rcduoedpriocs.
BARTON BROTHERS. Manulaetnrers, IS Piattst
h? >6/6 The most beautiful Over Shoes are to be found at then
git.il Goodyear Agency. In finish they are |<ial to Patent L
ther, in style to the finest drtae boot. W ho.eeale and Hetail.
11 | RAMI'EI, PR >OKS. :>2 Jrihn np Htair?
1 packages te s?it the trade, and for sale at very muoh loss th
(111. umal price, by W11,1,1 aM M. PARKS, office 42 Stone St.
*' Malt Whiskey Distiller, ttt> Seventh avenue
no i A few loads peat wanted,
n2 rjio MERCHANTS. ? LORENZO S'JERWO ?D. tfl^. i
' J the firm of L. Hi I,. Sherwood, IJfi Brosdw.iy.is nowoo a <
' lecttrg ti ur at Galveston, Houston, New Otleai s and the Son
western cities grntra.ly Merchants and others having btion
If. ' to trsnsai t cr uematulu to securo and c llect in the soutli?e?*j
>?, 8tates, Tei|uiiiiig ti e ter^ices of an agent or com sel. r?n uW
n his addrew ane ifrvlcefthrough Lnman Sherwood, I.M llroadw
i ' Kaferenfl.?Ainjan mnnn, e.ai|., o* wan ?r.; nirun, p>r>
' Smith, E>q(.t V!> do; Onmnn, llopkira It Co., fill Front Lei
Bp-water, 44 Cedar ?t.; Chambeia, lleiaer &. i'o , U Liberty
'"I 1 MiNcil Fitrh it Jerome, ftl Liberty at.; U votary. Draret
'he June, 54 William at j rocver, Storm & Smith, 15 I'oentiei *?l
'h<) Doremti* It Nixcn, oorner Liberty and Nuuu; Charlea Ai
<|ll | 156 Bwrttiy.
J 1^1 Crabuce and Oracc Ma wife, who form?rlrivaM>>d at II
. ? | d.refie1d, in the W-at Hieing of the county ofVork. Eugland. i
' ! who arrived in Phi'adalphla in July, lrt.il, where he reirirfod
,1th about three ycar? willapp'y to the untlenlnnod. he will knai
?n aomethtng to hitadvai.taae If any peraon or per?oni will i
uu' | any iiifoimation aa to the *aid Jam a Crabtree.he or they wil
ton , rewarded for hiaorthelr trouble. Die aaid Jiime* l'rahtrm>
: torn in Hoddrrafleld aforesaid, on or about the tirat da
March, IHfl, and waa by trade a aaddler; hut when I * '. hear.1
l ?? ' working aa a farming man. The laat letter neeivod fi
' j him la dated aa fttllowa, hamely:--" Weat W'hiteHnda Ttwna
lor- |ii Marrh. I'l> " It it auppoeed that he left I'liil ile'pM* or
a In ' about tt* tear IMS or l"34, togo to the St?te of Ohio, aince w
he haa not been heard of.
Soileltora. tlodil rsftu'd, Yorkahir*', Englan
J. preparin* I'iokled Oy?iera. of a auptrior qaalltv. Bot u
the iurpwt<'I by any one, lor the adornment of th? New Year'a
.. Table, which will b? delivered to thone who favor too with t
ln eaetoim to any part of thin city, Brooklyn, or Jeri-ey City, fi
In ?Early ordera are teapectfully aollcitcd.
Taos. DOWN 1 NO, No. 3 Dro*d (tiw
th? FOH HAI.K.
Me- J. brown atone, front lloaise, In Madiann arcane, between.
H aad Slat atrerta. near Madiaon ?|i>are. The houee it? itc
tvary convenience?haa tbe Crot-on, hot and oold. thronfbout
fixture a. tee. The front parlor ia 44 feet deep, with an orname
t trnaa or tranaom acroea tlx* eentrc, with a toa rrom Id fret;
eeeona atory tea room ia fitted up for a conservatory Tlie h
r?- If tot eurpaaaed for elegance and werkmanahip by ary of ita
, north of 14th atroet. The adjoining lot. together artth one ie
o'- rear, can be hart with the liooae. Innuireof WM. 0. CONN
T|, 25 Ann atroet. oorner of Naeea
v^' about on* mill from the ateambcnt landing,anew two a
li' > lioiirr, eubatftntlally Imilt, unit well ttniahed, with from tlv<
IK)0i twrntjr Ave It rwof land?anotit on* half ol which ia woodlai
. with ftflood variety of fine foreat tree*. The honaj l? fxrtjr
" r* Iw t front, and forty two f??t deep, ??d oontftina twaW.i r(
(eifht of which have marble mantel*) exolnaiv* of Wte
pMitrtro, nnd attis. On th? premtna are ft ?ood ftpvle ore!
fiape vlnra, reach tree*, raspberry biiahea, fco Tto viow i
liia houi*.*o orftcln* the village* of T*rrj town, H**^maniPiermcnt,
and Njftolt, and the rlvtr from the I'almdea to <
11*1 well'*, t* e^tiftl to any on the Hudton. Tlie priee, with ftboul
ftote* of Und, ii$7,WU. 1'OT pftrtlrnlare, apply ?t No. liKI 1
Pro" r?i> of w B. IhKAOW fci.U ?t T?tr>tc*
BOWHIir TMEATHB-TUB*DAV ?VC*i*fj, ore. ?
will bo performed tko draaa of tko LION OF TU DR0BBT;
or. ihe Couqoeai ui Aiaiera?AMM ?'?. uoir Unuai>?vii, ?^.r. t,
Mr.J. Dunn; 1 he Bhtok, Mr N. htii? Mre. H*rb?rt
PtctIom to tke drama. will bo iwrlormed tho extravaganza of
JOHNNY ATKINS TI1K COBI.KK. and hi* V oraje to ihe
?Johrny Atklnt Mr. Winanr. FVinr Atkins. ?n <H
AftoMho Lion ofth* Dcoort, the ballet ratitlod TDK ADDUCTION
Of NINA?Edward, Sicnor O. Neri; Nina, SlggnraO. Ciocoa. To
soacludo with EL IITDBK-E1 Hyder, Mr. N. B. Clarke; Nina,
Mra. Broadley; Bon Tarib. Mr. StoTont. Door* opes at 6K. ourtain
riooo at 7. Boat* 23 ot.? Pit 1IX; Uailery U* ot..
? T> riwlav ?\ei>tna, ! ?<'. L'ii, will bo acted tho i>liy uf i>A W > *
-v-tiiiA8_Damon, Mr J R. Soott; Pjrthiaa. Mr. C. W.
* ?. *????ar?: < ?l?n?>>-. ?<?
Arria.Miai Goidon. A??rwhioh. tho farooof LBND ME IIVR
?H IIXI Nt?6? Kr. Goliillly W IS Chaimiaa: <lr <* raU-i l
Mr Seymour; C?pt Phobbe. Mr. Pardey; Mrs. Major Phoblia, Mrs
Chapman; Mr*. Cant Phobia, Mix r. Gordon. Toooaeludo with
the pantom ime called &*-RL?QUIN-Bdward. afterwarda Bull
n.T.'.?n 1!iNw, P*"* M.u Carlioa.
Beiee.lfo.; Plt,12Hc. Private b>I(i ?j. s??uiB Private Boxes
$1; Baloony Boxes$8. *na.oeaiammn? aoxea,
Grand and Broome streets, commenced on V,?aay (jet.
'id, and.wiil continue every night until further notice. ?I n..'...nth
week of there opening, Tne ortgii.al and well-known CIIKISTW
whose conoeru in thi* city, for a period of ten months,
arrerectlved with auoh distinguished favor and aatronage, hare
the honor of announcing to the iaiiea and gentlemen of New
York and vicinity, that thev will give a aenea of their pnpalar
Conoeits. introducing a variety of their original ftonra, Chorussea.
Characteristic Uaneea, he. Admiaaion 20 eenta. Door* open
at7. Cenoert will oommenoeat 8 o'olook. An Afternoon Conoert
every Saturday, commenting at 3 o'oloek.P. V under ?h?management
and direction of B. P. Chriaty. On CHRISTMAS DAT
an Afte'nooa Concert, oemmencing a' .1 o'clock, !* M.
Taberoaclo, ea Saturday, .'#'th December, I SIM, for the
uaNKFir or tub gentlemen'or ruB oucuemtha
or TUB LATE PARK TiEaTRE. whe not enly lost
all their inatruneat*, hut their aituationa for thia ensuing
winter, by that disastrous Are. The following eminent
ar'iata have, in the kindest wanner, offered their assistance on
this oocaaioa ?Madam* Laborde, Madame Koaai Corii. Slgnorina
l'atti, Miss Da Lues. M. Laborde, M. Roe*i Cord. M. Novell!,
M famiuirloo, M. ? *?, Mr. Burk*. Mr. Timm. The Orchestra
will consist of the laliaa Opera Iliad : the late Park Theatre
Rand ; and th- greater part of the 1'hilharmonic Orchestra, making
above MO Performers, the whole under the direction of Max
Maret/i-k On this oecaai n. the Orchestra will perform?I. The
Jubilei Overture, by Weber. 2. Hiino, by Maretiek. 3. Triumphal
Syir phonie, Rlea. 4. Grand Pantaa e, with (ulna, themea
of Lurrexia Borgia. arranged by Maratsek. Two seenea from Don
Giovanni. The Tribute to America, by M. Hen, which created
tn^uch Herniation at the last Musical Fentival A Grand Solo, by
Mr. Iluike, and other attractive noveltira, which will be apeoitled
in the future bill. Ticket* I dollar, at the principal Ilotela and
Musical Stori a, and at tlie door on the evening ol the Concert
X for the laat time in thia country, the Grand Ga'a I'onoett,
given by Madame Ar na Uiahop. on a *cale ol unparalleled aplerdnr
and received with unbout dvd euthuaiaam, will lie repeated on
Tuesday Evening, Jaa. 2, ISA on which occasion Madame Anna
Blrhop willing tome of her most popular and celebrated Cavatinaa,
Bongs, Duets and Ballads. Big. I'erelli, tie eminent tenor, wi I also
s.nf several admired pieces?hie last appearance thia atason.
Mr. Bochea, Harpist to the Queen cf England, ex Diruotur of Her
Majesty'* Italian Opera, London. Re., ?m present, r?r me ia?<
time m thil country,hi* fir famed characteristic, imitative and
lyric symphony, in two divisions. called Vo\age Si uswal in dittarent
|?rta of the world; introducing national airi. aelaoted from
the moat authentio sources. which are given in thoir primitive
sta'.e, aocompanied withinstrument* peculiar to each country!?
T ' which will be ?dd?d a new and original grand churns, entitled
the California Gold Hunters. Musical Director, Mr. Ueorgo Loder.
In the Voysgo Mimical, Mr Bochsa will preside at tha
larp. Full particular* of the whole entertainment in programmes.
To render thin tinlqne Gala Concert as splendid as
poisiMe, the exterior of the Taliernaola will l e gaily illirnina'od,
und a Military Band, stationed under the port co will receive
the i Mtert. 1 ickeu, $1 each. Doors open at 7. Convert to commence
at 8 o'clook.
Charles Hohnstoek have tho honor to announce to tha la
dii? and f entlemon of New York, that their last Concert will
lake place on Tu< a<ta> Evening next, Dec. 25th, at tho New Musical
Hull, MS Broadway.
Proof ammi- Part 1.
1. Overture irom Ejrmont? Miss Adcle Hohnstock, for
piano Beethoven.
2. Tremolo? Mist Adele Dt linstock, for piaro Schmidt.
3. tirai.d Elueda?Miss Adele Hohnstock, for piano. . .Meyer.
4. Fan taaic from EliBir d'Amonr, for violin? performed
by C. Hohnstock.
5. Fantasia from Don Juan?Mias A dele Uohnatock. .. .Thulberg.
Part II.
fi. C'apricioca, from Pirate, for the violin C. Hohnstock.
7. Msz.urka, for piano Miss Hohnstock,
8. Polka Sobuzando, for piano Miss Hohnstock.
J. Grai d Duetto, frcm Somnnrotula, by Chas & Adele Uohnstock.
10. Cimivalof Venice C. Hohnstock.
Tickets All cents each, to be had at nil the Musio Stores, and at
the door of the Aseembly Rooms on the evening ol the Concert.
Cot cert w ill oommence at ti o'clock precisely. Mo postponement
on account of the w eather.
Walker street, open every night until further notice ?
VI hite's Original 8' renadcrs, comprising one of the moat, efficient
and tsloBted companies. Admission, ifl cen's. Grand perioral,
ain'o on Saturday afternoon, commenemgat .'{o'clock.
C. WHITE, Manager and Director.
Paintings of Adam and Eve, now exhibiting at the National
Academy. Admittance 2.r> ceuta. Open from IDA, M. till 10
I spiendid fast sailing clipper built packet slip "Orpheus," L.
Freeman, master, will positively sail as above, touching at ValCraiso
lor water andifreih provisions. This'.ship offers the very
s' accommodations Tor persons visiting the gold regions, as be
| ingavery last sailer?will, undoubtedly, reach -an FrantUco
I within one hundred days, (having made the passage to Vnlparaiao
in teventy-four days). For passage, and the bulk of BM bbls.
' freight, apply to SAMUEL F. TRACY.
No. 27 Old Slip, eor. < f Front street upstairs.
f^oK s*an francisoo, California, and t>ik oolc
Regions?The sj lendid fast railing live oak ship ROBKR1
BO? N K, ( iu.ir.aiidcd ljr ('apt. F. G Cameron, ono o? the ablest
and mail xperieuord Captains out of the port of New York, and
late fir, t in command of the U. 8. frigate Macedonian nndor Com.
, De Kay, during !ier late mission of mercy to Ireland. Tha ship
will sail on or about the Idtfi of January. Frederick Jeroms,
[I who distinguished hin self in saving the lives in the Ocean Monarch,
it ei gaged ss mat*. A skiliul and cxperienoed Physician
and Surgeon accompaties the expedition, which is made up ol
none but respectable and ateady tiersons. Advantages are here
offered rarely to be iret with, and cannot but be satisfactory to
g all defirous of Joiring the Association. The ship will have a oar,e
go ol 3UU barrels of flour. 400 do. beef. .100 do. pork, SOU do. bread,
I,. f>0 do. meal, 50do. lice, SO do sugar, ICO do. potatoes, SOdo.beans,
,o ,KJ I'Sgs of coffee, 5 bbls. of vlr.ocar, lot lids molassoa, 10 bbls. ol
mackerel, 10 do. of onions. 10 boxes of aoan. 20 kegs of butter,,1
cheats of tea. SO quintals of codfish. The ship _nd cargo will be
Ion to the paaseiiiera, and each paaaenrer will bi entitled to 4
> barre's of freUht. l<s?ldea hin barrage. It la believed by oompetenl
id men. that the balance of the provtaiona when the vessel arrivoaal
a- San Frnnclaeo will tell fur more than the price of the pnaaage a-d
iy It if ftirpowid that tie ship in that port, will be worth fr?m .'VI tc
f-iu.im). To thon whe with to eininrate to the Gold Region, thii
offers snpe'ior advantarea in many reapecta. P. 8.?At the Hati
f, are faat flllii.g on, the bertha ahn* d >eaeeured without delay.?
of Forturther pkrticulara enquire of the Captain at the office of
m E. W. KIMBALL k HO., Hi WaU itreet
11 raanire, with a ahare of Oargoand vesael, S2.KI.
talk about sossie of the vessels that are tip for ("alifirnii
- not l*ing wawtrthy, tl c ow ner of the Ship HOIlKRr BOWNE
(T l,e r.g determined to know her ootid tion. ai>d hive her in com
ot plete order for so long a voyage. had her put on the dock, to havi
her rc-eoppered [and examined hy the Marine Inspectors, whlel
mar done, and the follow inn >s their report: -
1'rfitkd 8tatm or America?Port ov New Youk.?1h
N nnderaisred, appointed by the Chamber ofCommeroe and It ard "
a- Underwriters, to survey, appraire arbitrnt). and judae ol v?a?el
la- nrd goo ls arrivirg, damaged orbec >n<ing da-naced, in the P.irt c
eh New Tork, do hereby ceit'fy and mate known unto all whom i
ll* doth or n ay concern, tbat at the request of the rartien intereate<
L. bavins first bei n duly saorr, faithfully and fairly to make thi
it eiaminat on aid survey hereinafter mentioned, and ti make
w. jU>. report,cceordlug to tl e best of our tind rttaiidimi V.s ve taken
)le atr.ct and careful survey of the ship "Robert 11 jwi?." tl.enlvin ;e
lit the wiys, for the purpose of afcertaining the condition ol he
ih- bott m, ard having understood that the slid ve???l was tlfini on
at for a lour voyai', we enured fully into the auhiect, and acoord
le Ing'y had the sheathing atripped olfinallthe places moat lik'I
io, to be open?any on the bow, quarter, a- d bilge, together with th
garboard streak and irvariably fuuud th? soams hard, the oik
~ nm drj, and even the shcathinr paper siillgood. We are. <h?ft
'K fore.oft e opinion that it la unnecessary to take off tho ahead
tar j?? t>at wtmM recommea d h-r being coppered over it.
In test'mony whereof, we have hereunto aubat ribed our nanio
' ' this 23d day of December, in tlie year lc<8.
WltneM, L. Wikkbpiioi.pt.
Those who wiah tog? to California, will do well to call en tt
ine c*P'atn. at 84 Wall atreet. See advertisement In thla paper
ihe r now lying foot of Vestry atreet. North Ri' er?earrios thi
tern bur drcd barrels; ia eighteen montha old; built of the lie
_ .Itrrej oak: oc prer laatenen; well found and in g"?od cond tio
has ten inobea dead rise; a goad sea vessel, and one of the faett r
fai'ers on the coast, and every way oalculatod fir a company d
ailing despatch to Califxrala. Appyto 8. 8. H ARD,
e* cor Lmght and Washington streets.
I pres Iy (or the above market, at $.'! SO per dozen, in lot*
IN suit purchaiere. Apply to
P. h H. LEWIS. Hand 14^ Liberty St.
V.7 fact arers of Jewelry and w atches, No 35 Conrtlandt atrce
r~ would intiirm the trudo nnj ruono in g-merai, tnai may nm>
"J mad* np a large assortment ?r line ai:d fashionable Jewelry. 01
l0'" of California K"'rt. f"t the present holiday*, which they offer '
'h the trade and their friends at the lowest whole?slo pricei. N.I
eta ? C. F. Pfeiffer. watebmnker fnrmerlv lfVH Hroadwiv.
ay. I. J Miller Si Provost, spprmes emigrant* and shippers to t'a
I loinia and cltuwhere, ilia tl ey have constantly on hand an e
tensive variety of preserved provisions, such as Masted meal
St.; poultry, loop. ve<otah'cs, fish.lobsters, oysters, clams. Sic. The
it pr> visions are put np in catds'ers holdixfc <n? and two pout,
ip; each, without boi e, and retiin perfectly tlicir natural !!av r ai
? ?, mitrtious qualities for twenty-one years in any climate. Han
tats sru constsnt'y ?ert open in tht'lr office for the insptition
r" pn* chasers, and none sold except those of their own maitufao'in
"J" which arc in sll esses warranted to keep. Every variety of pick I <
"d- priservrs, Irandy Irui'*, jeliie*. jams, fauces, catsups, Sic. putt
an 1 ,n yujem et i" r exportation. Catalogues may be had at their ?ai
f ho^frNo 217 Front street.
rtv, 'I *?B CALltORNlA 1IMF,S MILL HK l'l Kl I IIKO (
I be * Saturday next, prico # cents, tie first numhrof a lat
was weekly joonal, with the above title. It will contain several I
y 0f ter* from'he (Jold Region t>ev? r yet published, and a great ?a
of ety of inai motive and int- retting u a iter from Calif irn v
rom larire edition of tie flrst number will be Issued. It will tie 1
I, ? sslc ?t all News tapir Depots. A few advertiseraems r*c?ivi
' ntt ce. 411 Ann st TIIHOIiORF. FOSTER Pub'iiher
han / 1 AI I FORMA. (ALL AT ALLEN t iM's ajrhu.,1
\ ' rsl ""rehouse, Iff and l!'l Watar ktreet, and see l/ia?i
worth's Patent Gold Washer. It can do the work of fifty m<
d. iii.rt being con.trueied on natural principles, the (old canuot
cape it. while all llghier substaneei will.
'be f 1 t.l D WASHERS am) TF.SI' I'aNS THE 17 N i > K -t SI i
Day \J| i'd having had considerable experience at the IUho?^-1 min
heir Oeorita, on ( h.statee river ? d Cat e creek, havlnz oversced
I. B. hsi dt on tie ce'e'rttod Calhoun mine, can furnish sin. pie s
pr tM means fo-oil eet'n* and wishing go d : hecanfu."
it. the eld plan of cradles, rockers, and the p an i f using hides: I
? he oflcri some ditcid. d improvements in nwdUatl lor enmpar
of tis twe to o more, wi han easy worked and moat efflcii
hard water power II* offers for individuals alone abssuti
riC efficient, ilip'e, and portablo apparatus, oimbtoiog a set
L'JjJ S'?ves, a vasber, and means for ollei ting the f! >er gold du?t
n er. nry; all ?f which weighs about .1II* , and cin be packed i
k. ap>a<"k I'Wae call and tee the above at the om c ot
Dlapl rarm Filter, 3411 Broad* at, corner <ifl/einard atreo'..
n*j WALTB* M. Ml 11401
"1? TftPt paid commnnicationa Irom a distance will ba answt
with fuller particulars.
th? * Diaphrtipm Kilter aocordi * to the follow.n* will b? inv?l
ilL h''?"4 Rood water (Ut?r will be found a great convtniance.
the river water it no muddy, 'hat it la apt t> derange tliehow
liiili fn filtered in tonr.e way i> < r>' drinking it" (See Viator, Is
# York Herald ) portable 'Filicra on hand, for purifying a pril
tor j nf wa'< r. or le??, at a lime OlSce aa above
ttv? talifonna.li wl om un< urcd oia a e, in ary form, o*l?ta
" are In danger < f ita appearing on the long voya{?, wnnld do t
he '* prepared for awch cemrrenr*. The diaaate Iteelf li alao i
"jj1 prevalent there. In view of th(|, a private cheat, contAir
evirything n?o?aawry to meet ev-try poeaible emergency of
_ natnie, alee tie inatantanaoua treatment for both diaeaeo*
?*,?' their ft rat appearance, may be had at No. NH lireenwioh itt
V" I nidenoe would dictate thi? provision. Many peraoni haw
diatam (I area, after 1 avleg cured thnmeolvM, ?ol4 th" nnflnll
cl trt for more tliaa the anginal prioe.
Evening. Deoamber 2b th. ?tl' ba jcnoutvl,
tet'ond time, the *r?. d romantic paotaclx, in It* vti, drv
ntatiM-d Irutn tlw n .rel of Ale*. Diitna*,**nr m.j f<<r thta fhaatra,
milled I'llIC COUNT Or MONTI-CRMTO?Kdaoad Dtnta*
afterward* roust ol Mont*-Cmta, a?utnin? the ohar?ot?r? ?f A
Sn.?? ?iiT 9 nb*d the Greek an Knaiiih Traveller. and a Fr?n?h
Abbe. Mr. Ltater Mnn*. Morr-ll. Mr. Vache: Old Dantaa, Mr. Hernard;
Mod*. Iknvilla, Mr. k Hhaw; Fernand, Mr. Frederick*;
M*rcr<le?, Mn Abbo',u Haydre. Mill F. fVallank: faront*. Mr*.
Uherwuod. OreaM'ircIv and i'ar<|uetta. 76oant*. family Cirol*,
2A "#??? T\ >. mt K*? f * ??
Avemiig. Ihni ?o, Will fo ^irMtoiwj tue ooiuc y ul t.?e Ou >
hfsOLISII CiF.NTl.KMAN?Spine ftrnadWndii, Mr. Bur'nn; Ho
race Ameliua Selwaod. Mr. Jordan; Temporem*. Mre Vernon;
Mim ^<?nv MarVhwm. Mitii f\ hapnan A^'er wMeh, ***?
Breeae, Mr. Hamilton; Jacob Breeae, Mr. Johaiton; Thady U'Roodle.
Mr- Brougham: Biddy. MIm Barber. 'lo co?ci?d? wim
WHERE'S BABM'M f?Mr. Smiler. Mr. Brought*; apimle*
Mr. Burton; Him ^eraphina Smith. Mim Verjan die* Fanny, ill -a
Barber. Drew Circle. WeFamily 01 nit *1 geooni Tiar, 26a.
Dcori?i>ca ??m??uwa(iiliair>
Henry.?Tuosdaj Evening, Ue<-e%ber 3>ilb, the aouu,..i,
mints will eotnmenoe ?l<h FAIR ST AM- ? Bigaroon, Mr
Wilkinson. Crambo, Mr. Cobovm; Cherry, Miss Mary <!:mn n
Af??r which, tlm MIONIOUT WATCM?Jir<|nit Coco, Mr. Holland;
fttu?t>e, Mlaa Gannon. Altar whioh, k new Skevli. entitl-d
(JOI.L) FtiVkH; nr. A l.roam trf 1'lllfntllt Mr Wiley,Mr Arnold;
Edward Florence, Mr. Reynolds: Pat Malnne, Mr Niokin on;
Cmmelln, Miaa Nt-kinaon To corn-hide with the larou en
titled the UanT TROOP OK 8T. JAM ICS'S?Mauler Thomaa
Htna'lbones, Mr. Holland: Mrs Jane Ro^rts, M's" t'larka. Dmna
Cirel* Woan?? Upper BaieaJte.;Plt, 12Ho. Doors open At 6*,
curtaia will riae at7.
that he fas (wlUi the prompt and ll>>eral crt-nn'ration
ot Mr. Mllchall.) efleoied arrangements to tako a BonoHt at 'he
above named popular Theatre, (of which Mr. W. wa> no long a
memb r,) with tne view to reimburse himself, intamaa ore, f ir hit
lota ol property and engagement at the I'ark and B>>wer? Theatre*
by the deatructioa of toe former establishment. Mr. Miteh. II ha*
kindly nominated Friday Eveniig next, Deo. 'JtHh, on whieli oco*
nor a variety of attractive entertainments will Le preaouted. li>i
MtlWUM. .
Monday, Dee. -6. If*", fourteen aptendid performanrei, the
first commencing at 10 o'clock in themnrnlng, and repeated every
l,,...? .I.- ai.<1 Tl.> Uanunr h?? tho nll.fuljnll of * >.
nouncing for this graud annual le?tivity, the Hottest and molt extraordti
ary variety ol novelty and an uaement* evar offered in (ba
city ofNewTork, and challengea the world to produoe IU ?i"at
Ilctlattrrt himself that the tena of thousands who virlt hi( eataUlshment
on eaohreturn of tlna seas-m of joy and rejoicing, will
iiud the bill to-day the moat brilliant and pleasing one ever presented
to this or any other oatablishment. r'iiat and foremoat in
the bill la tha famous Eunliah Giant, Robert Ualoa, who haa juat
arrived from Kngland, and wa? vlaited laa' week by over 4i.tWO
rtraons, all of whom were aatoniahed nt hia large prop rtiona.
le ia, beyond all doubt or conroverary, the largest man on earLti,
the talleitand heavieit; l>eirg aver uignt font. high, and wiighing
over a quarter,ol a ton, though only 117 jeara old. Ue may be
aeen on the tirat floor of the Muaeum, at all hours, day and
evening. In addition, and in contract wi'h the above, he haa
engaged the imalleat human |>air that was ever aoen alive, in the
persons of Mg)or Little Firmer and hia petite swent-heart,Titunia,
the Fairy Queea. fhe ia of the name age, 10 yeara, and rtie tirre
height, as the Mgjor. both being much a" alter'than (ion. Tom
Thumb, making them the moat extraordinary prodigies living.
They may also ne seen at all houts, day and evening. Alan engaged.
the eelebia'ed Sable Brothera. the boat minatrol band in
America, who will appear at eaeh performance, in a variety of
their moat interesting and amuairg 8ong?, Glees, Choruaos,
Dances. to. Great Western, the Yankee Comedian, will alao apr?ar
at eaeh performance, in a Grand Yankee Melange. The
Highland Mammoth Urotheramay alao be seen at all huura of tha
day and evening, aa may also thu extraoidinarv half-human and
I half brute Living Ourang Otitang. Alao, Mrs. I'clby'a magnitioent,
] inatructive ardlrterealli g Wax fotipture Statuary representing,
I in varioua groups, flgurea till full aiio of Ufa. the birth of Ohriat,
I hia Irial. hia 1 aat Supiier, and a group repronmtirg an Intemperate
Family; all of which nru to be Been at all houra, dav ai.d
night. Iu addition the following talented artinta : Pete <! rria
Mr T. J. Oldfleld, Mra Averell. Mra. Mnnoll, Misa Italic!
l-adame Rockwell, the Fortune Tellsr. Admiaaion, 25 cent!
children under 10 yeara 12K c. ' ta
extra performances tor the Iloiidtya. Tha Model Artists, 33
in number, will apiiear everv evening, in aome of the rte mtt
tableaux ever exhibiti d, 'or a few nighta only. The Female Now
Orleans Sorenaders will make their tirat appearance in their moat
popular songs. The Olympic (iirli in their living leaps, pyramida,
Kc. fcc. Luey I,ong will be danced by Mis; La Cole, in onaract'ir.
Vim Fitz William will aing the aong of 'Old Roain tho Uow,"
together with a variety of dancing and singing by the Con'tuny.
Admiaaion?Orcheatra bnxca, cent* naninette, 2fl eta. N. ft.
?An extra afternoon performance every Wednesday and Saturday
at 3 o'clook.
Theatre )?At the earnoat rei|uost of his numerous
friends, Mr. Kemp, the well known CI..wn and I'aotomimiethas
| I cen induced to open ir e aoove piano 01 nnnmomnuu i no interior
litis been entirely remodelled and l>eautituily decorated. The perfornianess
will consist of i'antom'mes, E'hioplat Optra. (He. It
wlllle the utmost endeavor of the proprietor to tiring forward
all the talent and all the fun possible to make it in fact n complete
temple of fun There w II he three perl'ortn*ncen'on Mot day,
first at '(I, secoi d at 3, and in Die evening at half past 7.
Boxes, 2ft cent*; Par<|uetbe,12Ji centi; Pit, (ili oenta.
ZOOLOUICAL, IJALL, ,1ft AND .17 BO WE It Y.?Til 18 MAOniticeat
establishment is now open daily troui I % liii 4, and
l'oni till #, P. M. The hall of exhibition is fitted np with
great eleganoe, and the^oollcction of living Beasts and Birds it
the larfost and moot perfect in Amorioa. A performance is gi?
eu at tauh exhibition, mclnriing the Feat* cf trained Elephant*
Ponies and Monkies. Itr. Brooks enters a den of I,ions and Tigers.
Admission 3t oenta, children nnder iiino half price. Bm
lontioketsSft. VAN AMBUKGO k CO. Proprietyr*.
subscriber, manufacturer and importer of Musical InstrumenU,
has for salo a large assortment of Accon'eons, Helodeon*
and Mnaical Boxer, and all kiuds of Musical Instruments.
81 Fulton street, corner ol Oold stntt.
. niture at auction, on W.dnosnay, Doc 27tn at No. 21
1 Broadway, under the American Museum, c of sot is. tot*
I a teie*. dfvsns, lonnces, spring 'cat ai d other chair*; conrrs, s dc
i sofs, md fancy tables, marble t"ps| Frenc'i and liotniu bed<teid<
dr< ssii g bureaus, bor k cues, wariirnbes, wuhstnnds, tlx. Sale li
con niem e at lOJf o'clock. Catalonups now resdy
Auction notice-elegant and ri'lendio 8\le
this day, rain or shii e, in the old church corner William am
' Frankfort ctree'i. rich silver, silver plated ware of the very lies
i description and In great variety?cost over i.,'1'0. and worth) th<
stt< ntion of pilvate famillei, or the trade. Such goods are rarel;
met with at anetlon; also, gold and silver Jewelry, tuperb watohei
chains, rings, pens, ornaments, present* toy; also, au invoice o
fine lurs, kc. TUOS. BE LI* Auotioneer.
fires.?Tlie largest stock ard best assortmentof the most fasli
I ionable l.rdits' ana Misses' Clonks ever offered in this oity, wil
> sid roust b?mM oft without reserve, before the 1irnt of the Net
I Year An tbo subscriber olfcr* such great bargains, ha rosf?( I
i fall; Invites every lady who needs such. to give him a call bofur
purchasing elsewnhere E. WaMSLEY.
owner of Catherine street and Ent Broadway.
at >11 times, to^ive credit when credit i. due, and if at tli
(aine lime we can relieve the districted, we are doubly rrat'He'
* we there'ore. give the following Toluntarj testimony ? ?n th
i ben. fi ial effeoe ot H'intar'a Ba ram of HMd Cherry, by the edit
of the Cnlnnhla South Carollanian. who appears to lia e o.tame
5 great relief by its ute?[Old Dominion, Portsmouth, Va
f Dk. Wistab s Bauam or VVn.n Ciikkr v ? We feldomresoi
? to patent meticines, having a great re.<peot fir the skill of the n
f pilar profesalon; butehanee threw into our way tho above nam?
t tnedieir r, immediately after the last gesai) n of the L?gi?la'ur
i when eur lunos were almott dried up by the > iglily r<nfi-d a*uo
? nl.cre of turstov) warmed State llu?se. Ih ttalsam rminediat
* fy relit ved us of a moat harrssting cough, which thrmtened ot
* t-enlth In a serf'us degree. We feel that w? are indebted tj it f
n g. me fifteen pounds of animal w?i;?ht, which addition, once fel
r earnot be forgotten.
t None genuine unless s'gned I. BUTTS on the wrapper. Fi
sale, wholesalaand retail, by Messrs. A B & D. Sands 101 Fu
7 ton stn>ft, corner 9 illiam ; Ilcnry Johnson. 27.1 Broadway; '
0 Fait Broadway ; Uavilatd, Keete .V Co.. HU Maiden La us, at
p th- Drugg'sts generally.
ral Bor.e Better, from Amsterdam, Montgomery C".. N. 1
may be consulted by leaving an address at the A?tor House
with Lrael Minor,No. 211 Falton street, ageat to sell my med
io 1 Persona who are afflicted with either of the above com] lain
oan obtain immediate relief and certain cure by the use of Mi
Carroll's Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Baths, .164 Broadws
S, Theso Baths have been In operation since 1H2I5; aad have bw
r IMMMl bT the first phvaiotans in tbscitv
It A stands unrivalled aa a aafe. speedy, aud permanent oura I
e all diseases of the urinary organs?suoh as gonorrlia* gleet, str
ture, gr?v?l. kidney slid bladder alVctious, dropsy, female irreg
' * * " ' J 11 .uKL.K r.in.l 'r 11 fas B hfl
larUlff, ana ail tt oi?: giiinnwmiw.K
" dcu. Audit for thiicity, Dr Ketihian, No. 121 Fulton atret
i- It mm im jent by nail to i?ny part of the country at a tr fling e
to fx-ifo. Ordrre addrcwed to the ?rru?-I poet pud) eoclomn* |
will meet with promt t attention.
| 1 <>1 FV.WS" t IIOI.F.R A 1.1 I-?P TM IS Mgl'Ot 1 ()>
J- II of tho fe?t remedies ami list the Cholera and o?herdlicuti
Mr. Hi fftrntj sold tl ia perfect I.ii]unr in Holland when the :hol)
"? wot there in and a icrea' many neraons u-ed it with gre
it itiMtw. It will not he ti" eatary f r him to give any m'ru rn?n
to m<rdatinn/i ai.out tliix I i.|U"r Come and buy a bottle for .'C
B. cents. ami vt u will flint out what it la. T. (! H. IIOKFH t V >
foil Wanhint'.nn atreat, and by L. D'OOliE and II. SPA AN, 1
^ Grteuwich atroet.
" M-f to th'Ntw York Colle/e of Medioino and I'harm any, o
J? be consulted on all private distatoa, vii.Primary or second!
ria Syphilia. Gonorrhoea Gleet, Scniital Vkeivkn-w, Stricture, &
r, at Lie Oti.ee, No. 10 Park place, trcm V A M ?" H p. M I>r.
, will not dceeivo his patient* by promising a oure in one or In
. days; hut trust*, from long j.rio'ico and atudy la tliose eo
plainta. he will aavo persona applying to Mm from tho dread
oonae inenoec attending impr per trevment, or an iiytidirit
' n of mercery Patient* residing in the c um try, or not wishl
p ii maV pcrsmal application, can have all neoonaiy medic
and advice forwarded to them by addreaniug I>r Itiohardann,
Park place, and enolo* ng |UI In all inch oaaea a MM will
" IlotTcmrAWcnr iia? removed ma i/ffi' k to
rt I ' Dey atreet .when hi \n be consulted on a!l Private Oiar
A- e?- The moat obatinat > yield to hia mode of treatment, whsel
r.>r *n the Sn Merenria! Syntani. Strictures no matter of h
sJ. long ttntwUn?, are treat. ,I hy Dr. F.. on the moat i? ientlBn I
approved plas. The victims of eoiutitutional delility, brua
on by IrdincTeetludulcenoea, tin apply with a aertainty of m
Pitt-paid totters, ennloeing a fee, attended to. OOce. VI I
'* \1 Fl?ICAI,CAHL?--l?R.ll<.>!llUS<>N HAS BEEN KNUAO
it i lor the laatthirty J nam in treating diaeaaea of tho rvj
v ductirr c riim, dcMlity, local aud >*r*l. end eo fre|un*
_ complicated with itnoture, h? truate with nucooae. Roccnt a.'
["' tiona. |?rtkulirl> Oonotrhcra, lei curta in a few daya. flee
'^1 diplomaeln hta offltf. 2MH Fulton street.
'f t |\K ( IKU'EK, l? i>I AVE "<TltEET, BEI'WEEN ('HATH
,,,, I ' ? I W illiam itroete, ha? for the actfourteen year* ei\Jo
?nl a moat pxt^timv? piactice in private diaeaanr He oun aura
r<|, mw' a*(cr?T?M<l mm of thia dtaeaee; and mild c.u>ee gum
0j two to five d?ye. Stricture? Dr. Cooper cae cure tkeworetf
h.. of atrictiire* in fron one to two weeka. < onetltational debi
' brought on by a iwret habit indulged in by youni men. T
. when too freely Indi:l?<-d in, be?eU dyaprriiia, woakm-aa of
liir.be and aroall of the back, eontndon of U?e intellect, and a'
I linn to *oci<<t.v. A rare warranted in every ease, or no eha
r?j No mercury ueed.
KTO CI RE. NO CHAlius.?DM. MUui'llY t>? r,i uu
1* afreet, ia confidentially comrulted na all torma ot private
alu, eaaea Kecent oaea of *onorrhoea he eeree In two to four d
!nw Conet?t?tlnnal debility and impotjney encecaalnlly truatod
iuB Dr. M.vNo mercury need in any.eee, or Mndranoe from b
neaa An* ffl Oola atrwet: orew'roea 7 A. M. to 9PM
, ?r 1J Trvatier." Vo? Orneti",i?h street?olfioe ho ira 9 to II
roll M .6 to !) I*. H. (Sunday > \ cpicl) Theee who arpl? in tie e
erf itafee will be aurpriacd at Uiempidity and little meonreni.
?i?* ationdii* Uxir cure. ItieeMeHjr, however, thoee who hare
thie frred from a certain elr.tr of people. who o*n properly ?ppr?
? i- ?? i . r.. incipient, to ite r
" ni? rivirpik. > ...
?*t ?dv?po?.i nnd di?i.o,?(rn ?W??. CW? nrnominoa
i. is and ft my ftorMr* ptio io*,) Im o?n ftfforl rapid, e?>y,
J)?l nM piii'i, jnlclt to hi* ^r und foV ataiibg, oft& bt obli
from n?' u*t kum m Am?ri<?,
< '
I I 1
W*?n?Toir, Dec. 24,1840.
Tit Pottal Thfficultui U'Uh (Jrtat Britain?Hit
Patent Office Report? Tht Mimon to Rom*?
General Taylnr'? (Juartert, irr , 4?c.
We have seen it stated that Mr. Putaam, of New
York, brought out Ironi ?nuUnd, the other dny, a
final Hcttlemcnt of the postal difficulties betireea
that country and ours. This is a mistake. No
communication with reference to that subject hai
been received, either at the Htate Department or
the Post Office Department, from Mr. Putnam,
and, we understand, no final settlement of the <juea>
tion haa as yet been made. There are still t*r?
or three points of disagreement, which Mr. Bancroft,
our Minister, mdoingall in his power to arrange;
and it i% Relieved, (rum the good feeling
whirl, .t i resent exists, that everything will b?
satisfactorily settled in a very abort time.
A geuius who presides over a miserable sheet?
by courtesy called a newspaper?in Mew York,
complained the other day ot ttie Patent office Report
lor 1HI8 not vet having made its appearance,
j Time is one, and but one, cop/ of the valuable
sheet in question taken in this city, and by chance
1 we lighted upon the article containing the formidable
complaint againt-t the Commissioner of
| Patents. Now, it ho happens that the calendar
year, or the laut day of December, complete* the
year in the Patent Office, and not as in the Treasury,
the fiscal year ending the 30th of June. It
would, therefore, be raiher a difficult matter for
any Commissioner to turniuh the operations of a
year until the year wan completed; and consequently
no report is made until aome time in February?thus
allowing a reasonable period to bring
up the details which are embraced in the report of
the Commissioner.
There iH httle probability of the nomination of
Major Cass to the miHMion to Home being confirmed,
tome of the. strongest personal and political
friends ot his father going against it. Several
..... 1 .. Ti.. . *L- ? .
iccirM'iiw njc bdp^ucu i?u vins courtsr?mR mom
prominent one being, that ihcre are many good
democrat*, who, in a pecuniary point of view,
I stand much more in need of the appointment than
tli'- gentleman nominated paternally does. Iacase
of Major Cass's rejection, it is believed Colonel
Weller. ofOhio,will be nominated for the mission.
Colonel Weller presents strong claims?although,
we understand,he posseaies the rare merit of never
having urged them. He has lor years done battle
in the ranks of the democracy; and tlie rec?ni gt^
bernatorial election in Ohio proves that he uujojrs
the confidence of his party th-re.
The Vice President elect hna taken rooms at
Williard's Hotel; and it is generally supposed by
the friends of General Taylor, that the President
tlect will also " put up " at the same home. This
is a rumor much more likely to be correct than
any of the " gi vinus out" we have h'tii as to the
]>nsonnet of the old hero's cabinet Williard's is*
i new hotel, elegantly furnnhed throughout, and,
from lhe manner in which it is kepi, rapidly cornlrg
into favor with the travelling community. Its
proximily to the White House will render it especially
convenient to General Taylor, should the 4th
of March turn out to be a wetd.iy ; meanwhile, it
will lie advantageous to Mr. Polk, as he can visit
his friend, the General, daily, without much
j fatigue.
Washi.noton, Dec. 21, 1MB.
I Frojinsition to scnil J. R. Giddingt to the U. 8
We have seen a letter from a leading gentleman
in Ohio, which states that a pr-posit,on had bee?
made hv the free soil party there, to join the democratic
party?the former agieeing to assist the democrats
to organize the Legislature, and to bu|?i
pwrt all their measures, upon one condition: that
| Joshua R. Oiddingfl should receive the ai>pointment
of United States Senator, in the room of Mr.
i Allen, whose term expires on the 31 ot Mirch.
I The proposition was, as it deserved to be, indignantly
rrjHcted. Every effort, however, is being
made to elect Giddinga ; but, for the honor of the
country, and the credit of Ohio, we trust that that
fanatic will never be sent to the Senate of th^
United States. That body already contains one
uiHn who never should have been sent there, and
it is to be hoped the disgrace of a second?if posl
sible, more fanatical, and a greater incendiary?
wi 1 be spared. Such men are the r^al ea-m'es of
1 the black race. Th?*y care nothing for their condition,
80 long as political capital can be made out
of them. If iney really felt one tittle of the sympathy
they profess, they would endeavor to ra so
the condition of the free blacks in the non-slavet
holding States, instead of permitting tnem, as thef
H now do, to became vtfirants and lie ifars.
J I Washington, Dec. 21, 1848.
> I Thote Mxlen^et.
Last session, Congress passed a law reducing
i the mileage of messengers who might be detailed
' to rvport the resu'ts ot the electoral colleges to
i the federal authorities at Washington. Last week
r the messengers sent n a memorial, congratulating
Congress on the admi able working ot the law,
and recommending them to try the experiment
upon their own mileage, now that the expeditncy
: of a reduction is proved.
- The House laughed at that memorial, and there
, whs an end of it.
i- The oiher day the statistics of the members'
? milfHge. as repotted by Horace #reelejr, came
back to Washington in the Tribune, showing that
- except two or three strict constructionists-from
Virginia, almost every member ot both houses
has overcharged for travel in sums ranging from
t. *1 40 to $1,2(J0 excss.
? Those statistics hit the nail on the top of the
Jj head, and you may look lor some little indignair
tion on the subject, and perhaps some retrench<i
ri As the subject is up, we would call public attenp
tion to the extra session (Executive) of the Se^
nate, which is to be convened atier the tourth
' March next, for the purpose of confirming Cabinet
e. ; appointments. In IKio, the short session ended
?r on the 1th March. The Senators who were here
? on the 5tli were here at the close of the session.
Yet, by a liberal construction ot tli- law, it was so
? constiued as to allow to each Senator his usual
L": mileage for atrip home and back, and again to
[d the extra Executive session Thus, between JJ
o'clock xt miiht, and 12 the next morning, a Sena!j.
tor from Alabama, for m&tance, ha'l travelled consiructivt
ly all the way home and back again, for
nr which journey he received some $2,500 fr>m the
public treasury, (two thousand five hundred dol
lars). So ol m arly all the Senate, according to
tt (JIBlHIICt'B. AUU (Ills WHO UCIUIC llir icngmyu c<i*
tended further than Baltimore We would cull
ij. the attention of Mi. Greeley to this branch of the
* exercises.
lY Iifci-mh'T 22, 1HH.
[* The fitter in Rtlation to the Eltcti m of a United
* Statct Senutor?A My&ttry
it I bep leave to submit, in my own defence, a
* brief and concluding statement in the matter of
the letter upon the subject of the election of a
,B United States Senator for tins State, which I have
ni assorted, in the New Yirrlc llcr<ildt William H.
*' S?w?rd lately wtote to Mr. Seth C. llitvley, of
Dufliilo. I trust this statement will. ni the judf
0. ment of all reasonable men, tully acquit me of the
11 chniges of willul misrepresentation which hare
_ be? ii made spainst me. It I have consulted my
own interest, I have told nothing but the truth,
m because 1 have no manner ?f conc rn in the
*3 eli'< t on of a Senator, except that I desire to have
r] the |>eople repr?sented by good men
?? In the JVitr fork Hemltlot yesterday, I asserted,
m. over my own sigiiatu e, that Mr Seward did, in
the month of October or November last imst,
ni Mr. >eth C. liiwlt-v. la which
Mr S wnrii ur-ed the following UnuuaVe;
'John A roMt-r m>i*t and or nar Inflame*
with th- ml">init-1 a'mn will b* curtailed our friend*
~ in Aib?t>j tliink so."
^ In ihe Albany J.rumal of to-day, Mr. Hawley
i u |.nhli.-b< 8 a caid, in which he says?
ow < I have never. nl any time. reci-lved fr.im (iararnor
'm ?ny letter oenfalnlu* any ?tat-m?tnt or allabioti
to the nubjfOt of United State* Senator "
)4I Tins emphatic denial, com>lrd with a previous
one, no l? ?s emphatic, from the pen of Mr.
bd Reward, 1? uvea me no alternative but to publiah
ro the naintH of the resectable gentlemen irom
v. Iiobe mouths 1 received the intellig nee whicn I
IS have, hh a faithful correspondent, comma iicated
to the AW Vt?k Hrrnbi. I would withhold tneir
? numee even now, n I had not afforded some ot
ihi hi u reasonable opportunity to coinmunicdte
w itii rue. imd given them notice that tbia was my
Iti hut retoil. Another consideration which inducea
"rn> me to tfive their names, in the belief which I en^
teitMin that these gentlemen are very able to profit
tect tht nit-elves.
Hefore 1 proce? d to do so, permit me say, in r^im
ply to some remirns put lorth in Mr. Hawley**
cHid, in the yl/fcitiy J umul, that I hai'e not "been
u> imposed upon" in this muter, nor nave I?no
il# more has i fx 'honorable "commis inner"?"diaC
covtred that I have been uu e l " I alao lake
leave to Hssiire Mr H that I did not consider the
the "oretended extract" from -^iv i-d's letter " an
lTK Hi'poita it discovery nor did I, in the mat-mfii
a which appeared in ihe Hem Id of yesterday, attempt
to ridicule anything or anybody, except
m? ^"ard himself, who it. in fact, a very ndictilotu
ii??* In his card, Mr, Hawley alio uaya iny
now malt ment i? "incoherent," &c. Thia wa?
unnecessary; Mr. H. should have confined
la*] himself to a simple denial of the charges made ta
that atatrment; there w*a noUun# in WtUCU
i .J

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