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The Oold In C*lir?r?h.
[Fr?B tbr Wwhlsitoi Union ]
To f ratify tbe public curleelty. we l?j before our
mini an additional and interesting report iron the
Mint at Fbiiadeli'b'a
Mii?t or the Urireo State*. I
Philadelphia. 0*c. *7,11*48. \
Bin I bare already bad tbe boner of aa*w*. log in
part the question* asked in your letter of the 8tbinetant.
regarding tbe epeolmen* of gold, plattoa, and
olnnaber. from California, nblob yon tent to tbe mint
by Colonel Cooper I now bare tbe satisfaction of
eoasmnaleattpg further Informa'ion in the eu?>j*loed
report* presen'ed to ne by Me?sre. J. R. Lokfeldt and
Wn t l)u Bole, eeeayere of tbe mint, and Professor
JametC Booth. a distinguished chemist of tbltoity.
Tbe report* regarding the gold confirm the statement*
already aade, and add aany other interesting
The reports npon the quality of the einnabar are rery
satisfactory, ibe specimen* yielding nearly one-tbird
Of tbetr weight in quicksilver By consulting authorities
on tbe subject, it appears that the mines of \lmaden,
In Spain. yle'.d ou tbe average ten per cent of
Mercury ; and at Idr-a, err* containing only one per
cent are worked, although they are found in all proportions
from that low per cent age up to HO. Tbe Importance
of tbi* discorery in California, is greatly enhanced
by the nearness of a constant sod abtoroinir
market ?largr quantities of mercury being required
for the amalgamation rf silrer ores in Mesiio. where,
J believe, no mine* of mercury have been found.
Very respectfully, your faithful servant,
H M. PA T TEUSON, Direotor.
Hon. W. L. Maki v, Seoretary of War.
Philapki shia, I'e* IMS.
Sea* Si*:?The mercurial oreiroiniiaiif-irnia, whiota
you Landed to ma. eontain* the red sulpburet of imtr ury
in a quarttnse iidhuh A rein of white quartz
divide* tkc a pro! man into two layer*: one red. consisting
of the auipburrt and quart* ; the other yellowb-h,
and ctD?i*'ioi; of the sulpburet of mercury and
quart* and colored yellowish by a considerable quantity
if a mixture of proto-oarbonate and hydrated
oxide of iron.
'J be red ore contains 33 33 per ot. of metallic m-roury.
Tha yellow do. 13 50 do. do.
Theie la also associated with the yellow or* a small
ami ont of bituminous matter, which is frequently
found with otee i f mercury.
Hespeotfully yours, JAS. C. BOOTH.
Dr. R. M. Pattekion, u. S. Mint, I'nilada
A?sw Oct ice, >
United States Mint, December 20. 1843 <
Sir : The specimen of native cinnabar from California.
forwarded to the mint by the secretary of War,
has been examined bete as to Its yield in metallic
mercury. Tskmg a tmusvere section of the ore,
which included the rid, white, auil brovra layerj. the
red predominating, th?ie was obtained, by the proc-ua
of distil atlun, thirty oon percent of mercury The
portion treated might he considered as a favorable
wot king rpecimen.
Seme inquiries which were made in re?pect to the
nbetanees accompaning the gold of California in?y
here be replied to First. as to the pla'luum This
metal is evidently present, and may be seen with the
naked eye amongst the spang c* of gold, and In a similar
f< rm A small quantity (about four graiua In
weight) waa forwarded from the War Department and
was foand to be of the specifio gravity eighteen; being.
of oonrse, debased some what by tha intimate mixture
of mineral matter not removable by washing ?
We have not yet determined accurately what amount
of this metal appears with the gold deposited for ooin
age Owing partly to us known iutraotablllty In the
furnace, and partly to Its crude condition. It is scarcely
at all fused with the gold but Is to be eeen, after
th* melting In its otiglnu.1 furm, dotted upon the surface
of the gold bars. What does enter into combination
with the gold Is scarcely appreciable, and docs
not disturb the assay, or deteriorate the metal for
olnlng or manufacturing pur pones; and thia was a
material point cf Inquiry. Taking it altogether, whether
fared or not, our present Impression Is, that It
rxtata In bat smell relative quantity, and will not be
worth seeking after for Its own sake.
Next, as to other alloy lug metals, it maybe said that,
practically, the only lalicy of this gold is silver, of
whieb we Untl. on the average. 104 parts In a thousand.
The gold yielding t84 there Is a remainder of two
thouiaudths, which is nearly or entirely copper. A
not*, but wo baTe reatou to believe it la* traoe only.
In tbe last place, we bat e to mention an examination
of some samples of aaud, interaparaad with (old,
alio forwarded by tbe War Department. Of this tnara
ware two paroele. Tbe first. weighing In all about 8)?
pennyweights, wa? flrat reduced in bulx by removing
tbe gralnaof magnetic Iron, and then subj noted to cupellet
ion, a smelting in the email way. The remit of
tbe whole treatment was as follows: ?
Gold 0.8 parts In a thousand.
Silver, combined with the
geld 1.2 " " "
Trotoxide of iron(magnetio) 697.2 " " u
Keel due, consisting chiefly
of peroxide of iron 361 8 " " "
1 00DJ
This would be equal to 68 76 grains fine gold, or
77 07 grains of gold of native fineness, in a pound
avoirdupois of tbe sand.
The ether parcel was treated la two ways, both differing
from the former. First, we took a epeciflo quantity,
weighed by milligrammes, (equal to about ll>i
penny weights,) and having closured it by the magnet,
subjected the remainder to a very thorough amalgamation.
Tbe amount of fine gold obtained was 12.41
parts per thousand Again, tbe same quantity of raad
veaa iboroughly washed, (more time being taken to it
than would be likely to pay in a large operation,) and
there resulted 12 06 parts of fine gold per thousand.
To give eupeilation Us due credit, we must remark
that this second parcel wae evidently the richest to tbe
?ve. 1 be specific gravity of tbe black saad, without
the gold, ie 4.4, nearly the same as that of simple magnetic
How ler tbese results may be Interesting to the pnbtte.
or important to tbe miner, It Is not easy to say. If
It were the true state of tbe care that there was nothing
to do but tosborel up an auriferous sand, which, ,
*>y proper treatment, would yield om to
twelve hundred dollars a bushel, this would Indeed, be
as startling a disclosure as any wbloh has emanated
from t alilornian soil. But what we had reason to believe,
In reference to this matter, is confirmed by an
official letter of Captnin Kolsom, published In the
Wuiktngton Union of tbe 23d instant, from which we
beg la sxtiact afew lines : ?
' The flue gold Is lound on the lower portions of the
streams, and is extracted from tbe eartn by meaue of
washing in common tin pans and vessels of every
kind which can be substituted for them. The finest
portions of the earth are removed by washing, and a
kind of gyratory motion of the pau; tbe gravel Is
taken out with the hand and the gold is Mt la the
vessel wl'h a kind of black ferruginous saud. not unlike
that used in writing Tbe residue (gold and sand)
1s tben left upoD a board or clotb to dry, when the sand
la blown t ff with a common bellows or tbe msuth, while
tbe greater specific gravity of the gold cauies it to remain
behind. '
It tt-ue appears that the obtaining of this rich sand
la almost tbe last of concentric operations; and that
our (xpeiimrnta upon it, tbnogh curious and of value
as far as they go. sflord no definite indication of tbe
xlcbr ess of the mining ground, since it does not appear
how many panfols or bushels ot the original earth must
have been wrought upon to obtain a giv-n quantity of
this black saud Moreover, it is well known that no
?o far enabled gold-miner* to make a Bear approach in
a large operation, to the remit obtained by a deliaate
aaaajr?that la. not without Ita coatiag more than It
would he worth
There are *o many conditions to lie weighed, such a
difference ol compotitlon In layers or masses of the
and. even at short intervals of space, and such a
eboice in the adaptation of extraating processes, that
bo opinion should be ventured from alight materials as
to the proper pi oductlrenesa or the probable perroaBtney
of the mining Interest in that remarkable region
With great respect, your faithful servant*.
WM, E. D17 BOIS Assistant Aaaayer.
Dr. R. M. Pattkbsok, Director of the Mint.
Cbolorn nt the Soath.
The following la a table of the caaws of oholtra and
death*. in th* charity Hospital at New Orleans, from
tba 30 th U Ue 24th ult laciuaivejidmtihd,
Vittkargtd, DtalKi.
DM. 80 'do ? 3.1
" 81 81 ? 22
" 22 43 2 22
- 28 80 43
? 24 40 1 41
youi loo n 103
Tnere bad been bo deaths prior to the report of th*
20tb. wbleh n.ake, in th* aggregate 243 deaths up to
. a* if tba 24'h.
Among those who died were William Ataon. John
"Williams, and Thomas Kartell. formerly of this olty.
Tkoublx bctween thi Indian* and tiik Oodkn
Company.?We set hi to be on the verge, not ol an
BBti-rent nor Mexican, but ol an Indian and Ogden
J,and Company war. The treaty between the latter
nd tbe Seneca Nation of Indians, stipulate* that the
Improvement* af each Indian shall he separately surveyed
and appraised, so that each may receive a just
proportion ef tbe lnipiovement money. As the Tunawanda
Indians never assented to the terms of the treaty,
they, of course, had no desire to have t.elr improvemei-tsappraised
Attempts have heretofore been
xnade to appraiee them, but without success, or at least
Bo apprauai has been made that met the approbation of
the government, home two or three weeaa eiaoe, Mr.
J. S. Wadaworth and the appraiser* and surveyor*.
eib* ob with the intention or surveying and appraising
tbe improvements. At th* instance of Judge
Love, (the appraiser appointed by th* government.) a
to the Indiaae Taey atonre reiuaed to permit tbemto
goon with the appra aal and. a* Judge Lora waa avers*
to acting without the coaaant of lb* Indiana, Mr. Wad* worth
poitponed farther action until the 2'.tb alt.,
when hf gave notice that lie Dhould again come and stay
until the land* were *pprniM-d if It took *lx montbiH?
acK.rdingiy ram* on with Mr. Cook, the appraiser
hoeen by tba Company, and the aurveyor, and, on
the morning of Urn JTita, eommtnead aurveylng the l?nKvernenta,
but the Indiana proved go troube*ome
t th*y wera toon ooinpi .led to d*il*t. Mr. WaJaworih
tben b rad gome 2b or to me* to aaalat bim. an d
gain attempted to go on with tba aurvey, on the
incrniog of the 28th ult . but w, re methy the Indlaoa
la foil torea, and after a ghort. hut not murvlj b oodIcaa
atruggla,?eie again compelled to leave tba tleid
The aame erening. Sbeiiff Spiaguo arreated Mr Wadavamtb
aad fvvetal other*-upuu what particuUreharga
I am not inform*d. and ibay were bold to bail tor
I hart r appearance at oourt. Tb* Indiana were the
complainant*. I understand that Mr t\ adaworth now
Intend* calling not the bheritl and pogae 10 e?alat bim
la completing ha am vey. Whether ha will do so. and
M? wn*fber tbe indinaawili recognise hi* authority,
remain* to be ie*n. 'I he Indian* etill remain united
) their determination to never voluntarhy leave their
land*, and d > not believe that tne government will
t ree ib? m lo do go. without their eongent. Their* !<
lanaed a bard eaae. a*, If they ara removed, it w II be
ontiagg to their wi*be*. and through tbe agency of '
ether tribes who bad no internet in the*e Ian da White |
D - -.-OMIW?11? IHH I
B't would kirill; t?B3?' pM<Mtb)7 from fhms that
th?j bad otnr koIiI Who blamea the Indian, than,
for cllnalra to thle laat lainnant r< their ?aM broau
domain?- Karknlrr 'iei'y Jttlver ???>'. 8
Keiear, Jan 6? 8 P M
The flour market opened Urm thin forenoon. and 6'?
cents adv*ur? aw irtaf orrr jrritrrdaj'a pnona, but
towards Ike eloee. bolfora seemed more wtlliog to aett,
i and eonaiderabla lou changed banda by ??j of eettle
, m?-nt. be ,at the b^her flguree of yeaterday There waa
I no change to wheat, and wa only bear of aalaa of a lot
of lllinolson ti rtna aUted below There waa uo change
In corn of movant, while aalaa of Southern were freely
made, inclnd'sg percale of New Orleana. The market
cloned * lib a fair inquiry, and steady prloaa Meal
exhibited do change There wee nothing new In rye.
Oate ware b'ghir. I'rovfrinne continued in good demand,
a Ith aalea of pork at an advanoe on yaaterday'a
prtcap. There waa only a moderate bualneaa doing In
grtrerlea. at ab?ut previous prices. Cotton waa act!re
and market lira.
AiHt a-Small ralaa of pots were made at $8 60; at
the oloee $8 "6 waa aaked. Pearls were quiet at $6 23.
Bbcxodti r?'?.?Flour~ The aalea, including the eet
tlemrnt of contraote, amounted to abjut 0 000 a 8 001)
bbla In separate lota, amoug which wnre2 000 Oswego.
cmluiod Genaaee, Lockport. and Hoobester, at 85 73;
400 a 300 do pnre Gene-re at $(>. 400 a 300 do o unmou
do. at $6 76; 1.000 do Northern superfine, flat hnp?d,
at $6 60; 600 Brooklyn at $3 82,',; and l.OoO do village
at %b 60. Tbera waa a fair inquiry for Southern;
aalea of 1,000 bbla Krederiokaburg country, oom nan,
were mad# at $6 60; Georgetown an J Baltimore aold In
n email way at $6 60 a $3 82'a; 600 do iUolxnond,
afloat, aold at $6 60 Wheat- Sales of 1.000 biiaheU
Illinois ware made at $1 16 Com?Salea ot 30.000
burbela New Orleana mixed were made at 01 o ; 3,000
do do.|Soutbern yel were made ou private terma; 6.000
do Western mixed, at 03c ; and 8,000 o;d do deUrerod
at f!8o. Meal? The last eales of New Jeraey were inada
at $2 04 a $3. Rye waa worth 62o. Rye flour waa held
at po mi. win?aaiesoi gooa caaai w?re made at 400.
Cotton ? 11 "Idtin wort) free sellers to-day, and the
rait a amounted to 3,000 bale*. Prloea. however, exhibited
no change, end wore quite up to those of the preoeding
Kim.- The only sale we hear of lit 400 quintals of
dry cod, at (3 18% a $2 2d Mackerel, from store, are
celling to a fair extent, at steady prices.
Km it.? VVe notice rales of 1,000 boxes raisins at
$1 40 a $1 60; 60 bales Marseilles almonds, at private
bargain; and 30 casks Xante currants, by auation, at
00. A fresh oargo of Baraooa oranges is on the market.
Krkiohts?Cotton was engaged to Liverpool at
6-ltd; and to Loudon at Vl.; lor corn to the former
port, fcd was ashed and 7,'?d offered; fur Hour 2* lid
was asked; corn was engaged in a Britt-h vessel at 7%a;
cotton was engvged to (luugow at ',d.
Honrv - Sales nave been made of 30 tievecs and 34
barrels Cuba strained, for export, on terms not made
Hav.? Sales of Geo to 400 bolus were made at 60o. a
Molasses.?The market oontlnnes firm for New Orleans,
with further Hales of 120 barrels, at 28%c a 2 Jo.
Uii.1 ?In linseed or whale we have no traosaolions
to report. Of olive tbers were vales of 100 baskets,
(pints.) two dosen eacb, at 94 60; and 100 do , (quarts)
at $3 26.
Phomsiom ?Sales of 300 bsrrels old prims wsrt made
at $13 : while $13 12% a >13 26 was asked. Very
little prime was in market, gates of 200 a 3uu barrels
new mete potk were made at $16 76 a $10; 60 barrels
sold at the latter price, to go to California; new prime
was held at $14. Sales of 176 barrels pickltd pork barns
were made at 8c. Beef-Small rales were making at
$10 76 a $11 76 for city and country mess; prime was
rcarce and was held at 7o Lard Sales of 60 barrels
good Ohio told at 7%e; and&U tierces do. soft, at 7%a.
There was some inquiry for oheeee, at 7c. Butter continued
In good demand, at steady prices.
Hick continues buoyant, with further sales of 400
tlexces, at $3 a $8 26 lor the whole range.
SrioKv ? There has been a speculative movement in
nutmigs, and wc notice sales cf 30.000lbs. No. 1, at
86c., six months
Skuaus.? Sales were mads Cf 40,000 Trlnclpc, (choice
brands ) at $16 60 catb.
Wool ?The operations of the week have been confined
to foreign, the sales of which are 10V bains Bueoos
Ayres, washed, (common,) at about 8%o.; and 40 do.
Rio Urande, at lie six months.
WiiikkLT ?State prison wae held at 25c , while 2l%e.
was offered. Sales of 60 barrels Pennsylvania were
made at 24c.
BAi.Tikionr, Jon. 4?$6l>0 United States Treasury ffs, 107%;
l.liOU Mary laud deterred (in. .<1%; 250 do, 83%; 2VI do, 83%: 10 ons
Ukltunore Lite Insuranoe, 61; ti Baltimore k Oaio Railroid, 31%.
Philadelphia, Jan. 6.? St-ek Board?100 Reading. 14%: 60
do, It; 60(10 It; $100 War Bounty Sorir. 83; 11.000 i'uuii 6'a
70; 1.000 Seadiug tiV '60,96; 250 liiranl, 12; {2,000 liohigh li's ti %;
$l,0tti oo, t>2? (U Lthikh Stock,2!'. V6 U 8 Bank, 3'j; (o? do, a6wu,
3l?; 100 Uiraid,6A, 12. 31 lei Hoard?60 61J C'oppor, 1%; 100 do,
c, 1%; 10O Uirard, o, 12; lou do, 12.
Ob Wednesday evening, tine 3i Instant, by the Rev.
Valentine Hack, pastor of John street M. E. Church,
William McImosii, formerly of Montreal, to Miss
MihciKir, daughter of Daniel Fallon, Esq, of this
city. (Montreal papers pleaeo oblige by copying.)
At Grace Church, on Sunday, Dec 31st uit , by the
Ilev. J. L. Watson, William L Baiiktt, (of the firm
of A 11. Baldwin a Co ) to Klizaultii L., second
daughter el Captain E Stewart, of this city.
On the "4th of December, 1844, at Troy, N. Y., by
the Rev. Doctor Beemao, Mr. Joaarii S. Cook, of this
city, formerly of Cooperstown, N Y ., to Miss Aisi J.
McLauoiilin, of Albany. (Cooperstown papers please
copy the above.)
On Friday, the 5th Instant. Mr. Joseph Badhottc,
aged bO years.
His Iriends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited
to attend his funural to day, at tweire o'clock,
from his late residence, No. 240). Bkia*??j. corner of
H?ad* >u?t tits remains will toe taken to Greenwood
Cemetery for Interment
Suddenly, on the 6th instant. Frances Cobdklia,
youngest daughter or John W. and Maria E. Southack,
aged one year aDd eight months.
1 he friends of the family are requested to attend
her funeral, Irom the residence of her father, 178
Henry street, on Sunday alternooii, the 7th instant,
at half past one o'eiook.
On the 6ih instant, in her 81st year, Dkbobah
Secob, relict of the la'.e James .Secor.
Funeral on Sunusy. 7th, at 2 o'clock, Iron No. 103
i West 21st street. Frirnde and acquaintances are reepeclfuliy
Invited to attend
I At Brooklyn, of consumption, on the 4tb Instant,
Waltcs Smith Conki.in son of Abraham Conklin,
late of Orange County, New \ ork, aged 44 years
His friend-, and those of the family, are ruspectfiilly
; invited to attend his tuueral this (Saturday) afternot
n, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of bis mother,
72 Fulton street, Brooklyn, wltboat further notice.
His remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery.
(Orange cnuuiy p ipers please copy.)
At .Saint Louis, Mo., on the 2<id ult, of consump
tion, Joseph Havens, formerly of this city.
Port of New Work, January 0,1840.
I ITS SIM 7 27 | MOON SETS 4.14
IK BATS 4 41, I HI01I Wil'kil 6 64
Ships?Sjtr.met-y, ( Br) Thoaipaan, L'vcrpeol, Do til: am a DC
i moil, leiuuto, i urlttr, Sew Oilcan*, T f claiiton; Awrdocn,
| hublui J. Mobile, aitirges, Cloanoau a Co.
baik.?Marvclin, Ibgi ain. II.rieillua, Iloyd k III c'icn: M n
tank, bans, UAvcstou, J 11 II: wur ti Co, l.a.c Mo.d, iirowu,
bevkoLali, bcu.il a to,
ur.ro? Ham,th. (Br) Mills, I.imci'clt GrlnnsU Utnturn St Ooj
| Ciiiai.sc), IpliAUi, mo Graurio. (dt.,zi,) K A lunes X o; Toni
<iuik, t'fcwjcr, Car.unkis f U Ihuritun a kiui l.cui.v Walsh, Mo
>ailun4, rtrn.uon, W a k' Dav.kp it; Jtwi.ua, (dr) rtead, it
Join,a MJ. 1* 1 Nevlni X Son. M.rra, I'onway. M >1). e. K D Hurl1
lut a c o; George. Walker, fcliariuS.ou, 0 ritualay; U 11 Hun tigle,
| Mi ntsgue, New bivtn.
bch?- ttuimah, ?ti fi.ri.irJ, Cirdcn Key, Neemt.h X Ta'ah; J
' V Adams, boriin, Uubiob; luruouin, Lunu;, il ; Ocugju, 1'urwa.d,
| Ciarmcrt.
lid Tluiaday?Bark A F Jenneis. L- avitt, B U jinora.
Birk l'nlmetto,Stanley, Hiu Juue ro, 44 4<yu. with c ifTuo, to II
KLtiniBf. he dais, 1st .N N, Ion 19 IV, .p _. n,nr Juniata, of
liai|*we) bound Mi. Tlie f was tip within li milea of Tiny
livtk i n Monday night, and had a light lining a I msot, but 0",ill
loig i n pib t? ens b own off on l'ncaday mum ng wh a loo <i o
mnek out in in the N W ; took a pdot on Tnursdayat K Ik, U
miles tak lion baudy Liook
bet r Ju in 1'iauctk, sebaatien, Bcir.'i it, KC, 7 day\ with naval
, ptt>n i. to U Kiuglcs Dec 31,2 am, Cape tlaliuias herring .iiV
by M to u,ue. Us'ant, saw nibq and achrln dia iu s, Oorodowu
lo thru.?the ichi urovtd to t.i li.e tlcier. listit ilen. fr.,m s?
Domiigo fi i Ntu folk, tin ahipbatitiK ran h r down. Having 1 ho
acbr'a Herb- im bow, fertile awayi.tr buw.pr t and formuiat.
j when the luted initouolafcIt; alio wad laying to at ih* time, ail Iter
crt w ink tutept thrte, whotrero on ?u k: tila i'up pnrud to bo
| the turn, btnu d to Char ivton?did not leara ?b m tr m-nun
euceeidtd in ukibgbif the bfhierd Mid crew. Cap.ddiai'.ien toik
Ir'tn the Uvatirhrr iruionailana 111 allot ol maoigauy. M ban
Capt B leit, the 11 f L'icoii, ot Nuw Vork Iroui I'u. ut.u iut!i f..r
Oi Jitatoo c, SC. ? ?? l?) ingr by taainit out her c.rto
bi i.r b.loo jc. ? biuaoit, M i.mt gluu. ISC', 8 day". lild 'n to wl'h
iibtJintnll Km*. Oil To, A J Ovitoaaoc , aad Chat Mi In. allot
Nra t ort; ulaooiib >ohr Ore ntirgli, lor PaiMelphl?,and ?t*
I tt li.t w num.-uay od Cap* xlenlopen, with load id yibbtoui and
btbr Itebrah, K tlnr Waahington, N-\ 8 dayg
I Sc. r Hot era. lev V r. Mas'ioattoo, rs 0.8 day a.
Bchr liur'i.x, Pruhold AlctltWit Aiiaya.
Mir ban let liateea, Lynch, l hueou ague,
be i r Or rial I ay l< r, Abraham, Virginia,d?y?.
Bel r friei dabip J- taon, V iry.laU, .tdaya.
B< hr hiebaid Law ( l apin. Mainmort, bdayi
Bohr Lewie Cl.'-e.i r, liauka, (ireeowtob, N J, rt boom
Bet r IftJad Tlitt, from it aebiagton, NO.
Abo two Lrigaand uov bark, unknown.
Farla Alpine, Bclfait; Mjuteiuuia. Dcmaran; l uii M ii la.
T! e Nnwn Boy left elf the Highland! at i.-unaet loat nl?ht?no
ihwt-id bout d teuton lu wop-tit. ilia paoctnhip Honry olay vtaa
ui M ebof outeide ibu bar The bark I'almeito waa at wnuQor uu
urr the eaala. 1l.utri|;? Atlantic. Iroia li? liadbdd, an'I J u no,
(but) Irom UOttei burg, *i re at loebor beta oca the b <r and Book.
Ibu w ion hint* in url) a gale during tha who a day trout N 'V. ami
the above ttinl. wore not ab;e ti got and rweiytu Sot en puot
boaU were at auehor under tbu Honk It r a Harbor.
Jauhary H-WInd, at aunrire, W; meridian, NIF; mint,
S.Mt, turnibj a gale.
Ilrrmlel Martn* Corraapontlwnca.
Pmii.adki I Ml* Jan 4, m?Ariived- deb* Julia Kllja, dig
fee baveaneb ll?r?ii.*ton ?-.?clu.*n, WiliutagMn, Nt;
bmith, V? tairnit, o?; i'uiiugo. lieoueit i'autogu, NO.
tlet,n<1- Hurl' J tv eiah, -nlih. Irieate) sui in, Ocean, New
Drliio.*, 1 ?>? W?oddJ Ili-lle, Fow.er, 1 rundad de Cuba.
D*<na of Bl ips I airiok Henry, for Llrerpoil, ami St
Dtbia, tur limn- will el *c at Hie Ki .luu .tc S alia* Hoots tula
Uny at lia>l ivit il o'clock.
lit b**? J Wam, Jn, Wall ef Pembroke. in ballast, beand
toe, etn in attcc.pili g to get into Utile Kirer uarbor, (i utkr,
No) i o ti e n m>i ot !>? 2si.n. went adi'ire -n l.itt.le Itiee, Head.
) Lot v aai t A with Iota of kail and coaoidrrab : other litiuag i
A n iii I aa i?e? held and c"e;? ol i-taiia aiuuaaUd at $ AJfU
I fceiu to In Ibiui d.
!)??? (iHiririn.now in port, late <4 Bob Lib. hie been Bold to
I Nt? L elk, end le to loud lor Calif- rni*.
Bmti W. T Ui oi.*k ii, bcfote r?|inrU:d towod I a to Nantuohefc
end ored in VioeyMt' nound on Monday night. Soon alter an
during a ia c spiting up Iron N W.ajd tie wta Ut-r lwaci.ee
wely cold. Ma rude km til tran Tmeelmy whan am* ohmin
l?riad. Both mmm't e?re >b?n cutmwev. mud mba r>de by tba
other "hi m at til 4 am am Wedmwday. when the l.et ehmiu ptrata.
A ?n ml'inr> moot w*> than rmmed. m iMddiug oail pat upm it,
mad t>'? hrw put mams fur Nmatuekct She mtraoA oa ?m<>lanaat
Bar about neon, ahilm It wmi blown, g m mala. She arm* ea tr.dr
rovered with iee, end hmviug mignmla ?f di "f est, toe M imv
chu ettime't to hermartttauce ;ind lucc-eed-. d it tow m< tier off
the bar mo" into tlia harbor, about 4t< pm. Tbu brig dial not leak
uiuch. mod the bull i? apparent j i ot much damaged. The crew
re well, emcept one who ie froat-Mttcn
Notice to Mariner**
DinitTHKT or ctatk a .tkHiNurori. Jan 4, 1840?The
fallowing itfurmmtinn hm* bore received mt tbie detimrtard-, from
the legation i f the United btaiem at Slot kindui, dwrdoii : ?
Now LiohiitoumK?The Ku>u! ilan no Board her- by announce
the erection, di.ni g tie part ma.u or, of a uea ligbthiute
a tiich mam lit hud lor the hi rt time on the llth of toe prevent
into lb? en b< lock llnderittn, in the bay of Alorn I, in oirth
latitude CO dry 4n mtn, mod longitude 37 dog 4 mln 3d aeo out of
Ter on, or 18 deg M min 4'* aec cmtt of tireenwtob. In the tower,
wtiu h is mhttt. uud nreaS" lett (tswhty loot) above thr w*tar u
pieced unv. Ivtng light, which l) uujIi aHa the whoht hi?riSoa I
fiood NN* }i H. |m*iud<) South, to WaW by the compos aid
pin hp (iiiAArmil in lm>iv unaihpf frrni on nrilin&rw ihin'a HisdW
at th? diaianet of 1)4 German (If Ingh.h) milif.
lb* " Beacon" bo etufi re naming on Und paten haa been removed,
)uu\ ing nutting un ihe luuiiuit ot lite rock but tloi ?i la
lover meutioued, and two boiieci, both of which latter are
palmed ted
Btoi KH01.U, Not 17, 1S43.
Cld from Niutnck't ibii< Aurom. swain, San Franolaco.
At raita, Oci 2v, Fnun lin, llstard, Nil. 9KI up, 4.VI win hail
apoken laat of duly on UA Shore Ground, Honuiua, iViaslow.-do
1,10b Bp (rr ported July I, 1,200i.
At do Out 2j Ame.hyet, ttowea v HI .Hat, Geo Mfaahington,
Gibbe, f * aroi rn, oil not atatcd; tbe U >V ru mikeii off Capo
Blanco, Oct 11, from N V Count 1,000 wh (tbia ma* n>
At du miv4, Buy At n. l'alicr, Fil, 1 I'd) op. f.r Off Shors
Crcuiiii i ext day. (Anotheraire uat rtpurta hrr in p rt Nov 7).
CaptT write* ' t*bne at f'lnbei it Aux. Sim I fcldridgo Ooaw
etecrer.cuthieltliar.il badly, ia con?ei|uenre if trnlc ' we pro.
evaded to K-i a lor uiudioal aid, und Iclt him there oa <b? Iwt of
Aut(. llo died tinee day* alur, I understand with loukjiw.
Ho wote now making ti.e beat uf our way for tbo Off S' ore
Ground wben Niei.oiks Mayhew.aoot r boatxtoorer, am, taken
ct wn with Mnkli pox of which lie died on the Mb Sop*, off Mm
Galnpa^oe Vt ? then xinuked and wae'ed tbe nri'p aud onited
alioui a week in eight f the iel* dt. when the dimuw n >t Aga n
mat ing iUup|?aiki ce. atorted lor Off Shore, and got In lou '.'7,
when ano hr man,a ua ivu i f Guam, >at taken down, lu two
or tluee oay? alter, Mr thorn, 3d luate, a*d a Kunaiii. were
tuken tick wiin imu I |k>x, wbuu i put away for faita. On the
2bth Sept Jona - otunia died In about nine daya af er the death
f Ki tuiutt John f riday, a Kana a boaiet jorer, waa tuken d >wn,
and mod at the ijurauiiue il npital, -uita, on the iU'lli On
making lourol our i tuber ioki by death in about x weuki and
tbfec o tbtiu b. a'tt. erait. Mr'H.oru md the native of liuttn
leuov. ted, ki.d are now well. Sinae the ditcaae appe .red on
braid tl o whole thip'k ooinpany have been in< re or lene affeotnd,
and u oto tine eight of the crow wete off duty. The Ave who
have been kick with ktokll pox wern the only one* en board who
had rot ln?n v.ccinatcd lor that diaeare.
At'i'iuibet Oct 111. Fe'low ea, Hancock Stop, oil not elated.
A leltir ftotn fombei, dated Oct IS, reieivcd 'at the New (led
ford Mercury office, n port* loiidhcd at. that port. Ang if, Koej
Millrr. Nuniucki t. ill tuou, dill ?p; 13th, 4,'otitier, If obey, NB. U
nice, 7AU rp loth. Mariiiu, Oillord Newport, 40 niak,(kltr ap 25th,
Spartan, Mom-lai der. Ann .9 nine, (reported aallud frnm
do Sept I, Uf ap); 27oh, Yoiog Unto, Swam, do. kit ntoa I Bl?>;
Pepi l'i, 1/ryudo. Fiibcr. NB, 13 tuna, .'fill ajr. Matoua Oahurno,
1'1>. it una. 34 XI an. Hot 14, Fiouklin, Siarbunk, Nan, All uioa,
1.400 ap: Boncoe, k Cleave. N U, 12 moo. bUU ap. America, Tucker,
do S un a, 1IIO tp, Mi wh: Suean, hay, Nan, 23 0101,700 itp(ha*
Icon repotted at do. no date. 7641 ap); vary, llarria, dell moa,
luu ap; Mettcngcr, Arthur, ND, lAruoa,4UUep.
Hark Martin IF Brett, of New York. Irom St Johna, NT, fer
I emainbucu, Bee 1, no lat. by a vo*?el at New Orleans,
foraign foria.
Baiiia, Not 29?Prig urilg-'ton, Maaon, for Afrloi; aohr J W
Kompu 11, (nl New York) stauliopo, tor do S daya; Be'auipugo,
V* oriliingion, oiand Irom haltiniorc. arr lUlh, do.j.
Cxi.1.aii, about Nov 13?ikipt Epaniinondaa, White, far Button
(Juu ilif air Ibi; Norinan. fn ui New Yi rk, auuut June 17; arr
oih,Wor Ci uicha lilando, tu load guauu tor New York; At.untie,
lAWtencr, trom N Y- ill (July II) arr Hth; UiidB'iu, White, aud
Ctunloemn. Baioock (ImiuUhtmha Blande) for New York, lew
dayb. llr bnrk England. Drown, fui N York, (Jauo .U) nrr dtn ?
Oct 20, eld ehlp Ywaian, (from Uiinoha Imauda) New York (or
lio.vi L\ mt:o,(Vt?l?No Am vcieoli in port. Arr 19th, Brem
llip lludn.ii, NYotk. Off port Hen, brig Mexican, J onkiue, from
ft luik vin lor Buouoa Ayrus. rid 2t)lh, lir g Rival, Burko. Kio
Crnnoe; 14th, b rk Lillms. 3 rat on n, do; aotr llano ah. Wood;
loan do; lath, achr Jubilee, Wolvott, Ba-uoa Aywa.
Mio(Jitaniik, Nov 10? BarkElvira tlarooek, Lluoy, fin Richmond,
Ju?t air; br gs Wain bow, ?, from do d ; Kiutua Hughes to
load for Uultioit re (totore reported incorrectly, an tailed previous
to lhu bib;) Cajnga, Margun. tepg:Caaoo, Scales, nno; tout Rival,
Bmlte, train Montevideo,ui,c; Adolto, ??, far Buceo Off too
bi r, brig Orbit Oburobill. Irom ftew York (about Sept !>) bound
ir, U ant io tea Nov k, brig /ajue, f'raouka, for dalem.
Sit una Leom, Nov It?lings Oi.io, Wenoor, far ttolom, via Rio
Nunc* 'M otyt; Ceylon, Ook uno. Oot 23, t d brig fun O'Shan*
tor, '1 tilts, lor wiridwnrd;.'S"th, bark Fairinouut, Lane. Gambia.
IJt John, N B, Leo 24? Bark Java, Daffy. New York. <31, cld
acts John Mailings, Jurat, Beaton; 26ih, Foiuvian, Fleming, do;
Dulphlu, lioldir, ft Yolk.
Bi?al, Oecb-Arrbara Florida, Vera Crur.
St Ihu Nov *4?Bare Fanny, Sampson, for Boston. ready.
Thimiuah, DioS? Bark Louiea la tan. Adie, ding; eohr Elliott,
Cook, lor?, vrtg cargo.
VaiJ-ABAiao, Oct 'At?Hid tlilp 8oatnan, My tic e, Baltimore,
iloute l*oi*Un
Ai.lxam>bia, Jan 2?Arr brige Samuel French, Brown, Station;
BU Baaa, Winer cater. NYoik. Bid brig Noble, Booth, Baroaooea;
tchr M m Burke. Lawrence, N York; let, aoha Gaielle do;
Bel tt, Johnson 8t John, MB.
Bath, iivo 2K-Bid bark J A Them pi on Cnbi; Slat, brige Pan
arm, Uoudlutto. Cuba; Larcu, l'erry, Bavannah; Edwd 1'ruaautr,
Brj not, Cardinal
Bo irtn, J an 4?Att atr Hermann. Crab tree. Bou thampton, 13 th
ult. tor New Yoik, put In for coat bark Jobn tt Mrliay. Adams,
Mobile; brig Caroline, Beer*, Sen Juan de Joe Kemedioa. 2?Arr
aobr Fa>r llealir (Of Bath) Coggtns, Bucksp rt?vrai ran into oa
tbe night of jhih ult by an unknown veaacl. loat boat, and roetived
considerable other damage. Cld anlp Anglo America-,
King, Liverpool; barks Swan, White. Havana; Turbo, Young
Now Orient.*, Mancheiter, Matron, Wilmington N C, to lout
f<r LcnOii:; Helen Maria, Cr aby, Baltimore; brig SMltower (of
1 liilaeclpbia) Studley, Bavannah; achra Utiabury. Cunningham,
Jtrcmir, Lewi*, Crowcll, New York. Sid ebip Monsoonoirk*
Jamea Bn ith, Nashua; br ge Mtirg&retia, Uayward, Clement
Brig Sarah Yoao tailed yeaterday alter noon.
llAt.Tistoi,e Jan 3? Arr vitamer Georgia. Norfolk?Tally Bo
pilot 0o?t put pilot* on boaid bark Oreg n and tour Viltniugtoi,
lor lli.a port. Steamer Cambnjgo npwu i>im atu, Jaui .ii m
hill Jar tiro, LeaUDg up. Cld a lpJuae Ui .i ler.ou (uew, Mlf
tost) M allaco. Lot dm; brig* Kate Pendontaat. Bnui*. Ma- agum,
it; Oi od Ucpe, M right, M eat ludiea. Bid bru Paahioii, Kir a an.
1th?Arr Vrlg Abo, Jonea, Klo Janeiro; achr J b Mil or, Elliott,
NY'oik Cld brig ftanoy, Latieraou, Kio Janeiro; eohr from**
JIi oper. Green, Weal Indus. Sid brig* Good Hope, Weat ludiea;
Ellen, La* nay ra.
li (.autow v, Jan 1-Arr brig Token, Priaco, NYork for Bor.
ton: aor ra Avenger, bimontoL, do do; Mtano, Churchill, do for
ilinghato; Arttnru*. Ilatkell, NYotk tor lAor lata.
Fall Hiv?;r, Luc 3i?Arrac a Justica, Gardner, Virgin's: Tern
per, Slavic# Norfolk- Bar net, Brown, do, lit, eloopa 1 11 Borden,
uLd h aLcy June, ft York.
Iiuvmi, Jan 4- In port, br'g William Pitt, Ho wee, from Bo?ton
fi r haltimure; eclm ftluetia Cherry, lrom Kicumond via New
York lor I lymouth; Moselle, ??, from Boston.
Moi.mch'* lloi.r. Jan 1, vm ?Art brig i crdella Covington. Trl
nldad, sth ult, fot Boeloi ; rcbe trie. Allien. Ualiiruoro for Port
land; S Wildia,Cuvtla, New York fordo; Bold Runner, Btren on,
do toi Bslem. 813 (bin Antirorp, for Boaton; briga Krie, and
Elizabeth Ann, do; acli Tioga, do. 2d?Arr bark Emma, la dcra,
aw lit, Boh<a, Nov 2!>, fur Boston: herm brig , from Alexindiiw
for Eaatport; and three tore and altioha not jet boarded,
fd. am? N? arnra'. in port, 11 am, bark Xmra* laador .; brrga
Cordelia, Dtlnt; icha Kom cbce, Eric, Sylvia Wildes, Bold Man- 1
ler, iho l rig and tbrte iche above reported.
Mobile, Deo 26?Arr ships Coronation, (Br) Hare. Liverpool;
Ji hnlumniiug. [might. NYork; Inioiru Pollard, boston; statu
thru, Johnson, do. Old brig Moblio, Bulkley, do; Maria, Toner,
Niw Bmronn Jan 3?Arr aehr Notns. Borne. Wareham for
NYork. Shi I'd sehr Novenilier, Mood, Wilmington. NU.
Nan OitLtcAis lioo 2A? Art brig James Cray, Carter, Walt I.
Cld ililji lloltukc Day, Bo-ton.
Nor?olh, Jan 3- Air telirs Two Brothers, Bange, NYork; Ex
tree hicf, NYoik; Mail, Bedfird, NUaren, Caroline Hiker.
D< oi cr. N York; ixample. V annau c, do k.rutnan, Tuttl*. N?nti
11 l,o; St i'ltir-, Grant, Alexandtia. 8IJ tohr (Jangea, Olbt'S, N
Yuri; aloop (Superior, Bi ad-haw, do a tr kd. a'ii|> Kletneu', Mo
Near, Button; trigi.'ueen hsthtr. Pendleton, Boston: tenra km
M Bond, Stubba, NYork; U-udruV, (Irani, (In; Cliuf, Vaaamo,
do. bid (chr Mercy Toy 1 r, Niekers ,n, P.rtlaad.
Pohti.and, Jar, 2-1 Id baik 11 ntrr.y. Mitcnnll, Cuba; 3d, ahlp
Augns'.ni, (now ot Portland. 675 ton;') Kinney, Mobile; brig
Cer?a Collins, Mataniaa. Sid 2d ahip Excelsior. NOi-leaae; hark
ho belle, llarmon, Hos'on; brig Aarnh K'len, York. do.
V ii.aiiacTon, NC, Jan I?Arr bark naks Angler. Brink water,
Belfast, fcrigt ( has J Don. Daratow, Dostm; Mneelln. Hull. Hart
ft rd; Com bull, Will on, NYork; Deo 31, bru frontier, Puttigro v,
do; 2,'tli. achr Lucy Ann, Crantner, do. (lid lat. brigs Anna?ao,
Almy, Havana; liellveilyn, Oilpa'rio?. Koeneeunk, Mo. Ciarla
ban mond. fir en, Boston; Quiticy, Kempton. PhilaOulpMa eeha
Jimltnian, Onslte do; I s Powell. Powoll. NYork; Mary How oil.
Jones, do; Ataxic, Proster, do; W II Batari, Sxiudeia, NOrleans.
Paaacngen Anired.
Brarror.t. NC? 8ohr Ju.ia l'ranoee -The captain and crorr of
Bwedsh brig Clown Prince, recently loat on Cape Lookout,
List or lettkks remaining in tul ne# yoke
Post Clftoe. January 6, MR.
umniau.v ruaijunn w the rann striae the uiaMT
Please mention the date ot the Diet In whieh they are edrerMesd.
La D118' LIST.
Armstrong Jane Anderson N'arey A mold Cornelia B
Akin Ainte Antrim MisS Catha- Alltn Rlinbcth
A?hniu? Mrs rtno Alaine F.tniUo
Alderton Emily A
Blaekwell Anna Blrdsnl Mrs 0 W Barber Sarah
Bradlev Catharine llroodiy Mrs M E Bans Mrs 11
h air Mirs Brow n Jane H.nnuti a T
Uuitlttt Mary 3 Baikc K iaabeth Br -men Mrs
banly Kncbel Ba <>c Mra U Bri.lges dobcooaO
Harnett Margaret Blaney Ellanor Bale Mrs E
Benedict l.arlma O Barhfnrd Uenrlctta Bloomer Margaret
Bet-man Mra Lnelr.da or Maria Book ley Catharine
Billings Misa Camilla
CtiampHn Mary A Connor Ann Carroll Margaret
Caliubury Mary Corioy Anne Carol an Cataarin*
Clatry Margaret Carngan Margaret Crawfoid Mra
( arapotll Sarah Ant CorgrilTViesWUolrclCoileua Mudime
( h?n plin Anna II Coonty Mary (locrerin sarati
| Cl.rk 41 a y It Coyle tlntliariae Uoleiuin Mirgnret
Carle;on Mire Ida Cuolill Duvid Cornell Mary
' Cerlnlt Ang.ita C Caatiuc Mary Cody Mrs
Ola k Lrlen A Cahili Mary Cateham Mary E
Carroll Ann Cailgksn Ellen Oo|Jh Kllen M
Cmwley Judith orCahelAnn Corbittl.ry
Ur dgi t Chapman l.ucy Ann Cowpcr Mra
Co tan lltnnsh Carey Amndia It Curtias Mr:i Soraphia
(' eant Con r la D Clark Bildret Onnanghton EasA
Connor Surah A Carleton Fie risk A be li
Cunningham Mue tumid N . lianover Culver Knbeooa
Darle Catharine Dory Mra Ann Devine Jane
Day nun lisrriit E Doion Mrs Dix u Mary
Dam pert Augusta Dot) Sirs l ibel O Donatio Jelimah
Dai mla Mrs Duo lap SalHc C Doualire ilatharine
l?ra|<r Mra 8 Dugguti Mary Doughty Corn lia
Duel Mary F Dultimiy hiidpet Dnuila I Mrs
lin in p -arah Davenport Mrs Chan l?oreu laahel
Dimim Mary Ann Davie Mary 8 D rngiieriy li d/
D' olry Mrs Jane Daviann Miaa Jane Dwytr Kluaboth
Dolii agl cr Miss M Dale Miss Dnon Henrietta
Dow line Jennie L Dexter Merit S Dutcher Catlierina J
Facar. Ilsnr.ah Ellridnrf Adelaide t?o Mrs M D?2
Ku or Marj A t.iuliiiis Kldn-d Joanna I'
Fnrrrlt MrsDernuintFonett Maria Fltrpatriek Mr* CaFai.ek
lulm Forsyth Fanny tharine
I nil' > Bridytt Ftirner* Mnr? Fltolisiuimaas CaUt>ls-u.ii.inT
MisCM Jrairois JoupUae rino
kul, Mxiy )p.iklinl. Mr Fowler Anna
I'tLtrE.inM Ism.noil Eilva Fox Mini Alb
llltpakrickftbarlott* fwneri Klnea Ford* M ul
?L Ur Mary ALn Free bum Mrs Fuller Mr* JliarlottaL
fia))u*tur Margaret Gilbert Mr* A D Groa*tt Satan
Uial haihrmo Goy?imiv Eliaibeth Green Mr* nirharl
(. iiflioi r Mm Ju t Gnilwd Mad Mow Onirii?r?
Giahgi r Elizabeth Grajson t aiy C Gil** Mri Eliaabeth
0* i/j r M iibut in* Geiway Anne G"..dinan Mr*
Geur>t Ur* William Gulli|unA?n
11*11 Elisati lh I* IlodrinT Manrar.it Rnrt JowpliMS
1U.II - ?tji>a.rl. Motion Ant-a ri li t i.in firol*it ?r Jw
Mai-oaktio tunly 3 Ury Alio aad Jane Ilixgiu* Mum ti
llsir ?cn Anne liill Mrry J ine HiiM.it> Jan*
lis"XIn Mr* UmdsJateH llmooiab Hutanah
Ilatrrob Und-et Jlnnter Maty Holm an Uri.l
llvaly Jaie llan on N Mary llepc Mi.? tins
ln.ki.Aboy HayrElkn II .wla.i.i e it* K nily
tin ? fcar*?rct llarv.y Aarah A It .* Aarah li.Uon
111 lib n I.J dra Ilai t.e? Funny J Mum M.*i U
Hodman Sarah A liaw kina Mi* C liualor Mri HaM
Hyat* iliiagnt
Iinae* W illieni Ian*** Mary Jaocc* UanaaU
U.i k Maifce.t*
JitkiccVaiyC doniaai Aiu.ua t JallisRcmj*" ,
Jlala) Mrs Jane B JostphiMraM Jei.eeVtkaecaC
Jut, li alalia II A Jaekeoa "> J v. ha Jehaana AJalm
Kenan Marey KU'??r? Kug Mrt
K> it *i' Mary Keily Vary Kroy eatkrinf
lUniie Ellen ktt<Uam -im B
Lame Mary loul. M 1 I J tie BUaar
Lan. tikis he h A Lord 'linlet Itiwit Hara T
I Hum M>? Jiu.cn lex k*"n/<l tire I.x?di>?-.?er Daori II*
I 1 atuiiia Lanrurt InT Li vIn*ito L >ui?a B
ItlVil lirt UtilurVpili Loalea 1 Rheda
Leeds I lira Laeaon U'ktAnn Lord kliaaiwth A
littlM lltitk Lai go A iw Luukwoud Caroline
Lo dicker Mati'da
Meckey MIm Lney Moore Elisabeth Meripin Mri Jane
Maroi t Hurl aia ln.rtuu# A> ue It Ca trine
Midden Mr* Momue Mr* Mi.uitr Mrt J P
enl'ti Mil l Mjtia Kill er A M >aet ?re Su <an
kfcli n H-iHr?t Mui|i'y R'ixa Mnr e Mrs Buaioe
M.ik? Ahhv A T M ? aid M .ri? fcl z* M >rrta Mr. T
Mara Mrx Ti ouiaa M < k-y ' 'is-he'h M.'ltiii H M rel
Pey-r Mail II l< n Ms.'h m-k Mi tPilHtm d irriao.i rathenno
Vi o i'i nu-r t'athliue M llIM lUnitl Marrv Ma'|
Mi Ur Jane . M ho' y Mir nine Me 'due B'fhel
Mitrhe i athrlne Maanu ah andy Murphy Miss leioaMuHkyi
c N?| e> E Maaalla Mr.< l.uey ptmr
Mi i re Hannah Maemi Hit" L
N'ehoiMsryS Nei'e* kHrtbaih Ko'an Maria
NelwL Mre sua NottlMrtllK hew ton Jane
O'R.i'V.e Sunn <VRri"n Honors O'ltklly Vre
Oiann-Eliza O'll.ruM" O'DounsIl Caihrine
Pat'rrmn Emily E Pirn e l Sarah Pand^rr'at Mary
Parv i t trt I i: Pride Mrs Mary P?rr> llraT
PI ei tu Marian t Psrk'Ti n Prita'lla I'ir l Mulnnc Amelia
Petit Mary Aun?2 l'-arei bruurieu Mre Puwtr Margjt N
Meflav Maryrt Mefllalbey Sail el W M.<l,nrtran Vise
k cCtbe Ri'iiam a MoMrrr- Au i Melntyre Elisabeth
MiCintel Fiuyun MoOany ' atl rioe Mol.auz' li i lira
Mcban M?r\ Hut tilliiui "eheooa MeKrtm Johnannn
H< f.utr.v M?ry Atn Maiadem Mm Jul * MoKelvy Margaret
VcGovtru liridauv KcLaiie M ry Alii
BoUrtn Eliza Rnhir f n Jane Rohineon Bllia H
Holer Hank Anna Robs Mr? (kidgeat) Ko'atm Mary Ana
Kid. '? limit Knrtrli Mr* Uaaa Hn?s Cath ring
Bicklnk uiiIi A Beady Aa.cUa 0 Reason Brhiawt
Rcriwill Hru Julius loilyierh Kusstll Mra Dwifht P
Lodgers Mica (J Biker Mr* W illiam
Ramircy Cailiarlse Slichum Br dgct Spcer Isabella
liaw < chorine St. 1st' l.ndlt da AD Hliori 1-n Mary
Fwertt Hemutta He field MreSM Smith Mary D
law* er ' lie M nireaS hu i? Mt becon Wiiyth M'a VIA
c to fiord lira (Clinton Schuttii Hoticoa V Btnolair Elisabeth
jlaee) Hill ivan Anu Shall MrsThomas
Mephei a Mary haislury Mary ? Sine'-ir Elira
> tewrrt Marv Jane 8c-vdl? darv A Htrabbe ' stharine L
t *} mere Catharine Miaw I inne?a Ann Sflbml Pjulioe
Miurit rn Mrs (Nuaiau Klnttery hridjet Sullivan Hannah
airattl Stack fie Mtzaketh Stu-UMrryS
Fn itra Juliana Btiwait Anna Smyth Mary
Smith Ellen
Taj h r Mary Ann Tli'raaeAnn Th m?nn Miaa Tf
Taller Ann TucketRbaahetb Tomlioaon Aratbnae*
'iron hie Kdlth Tarr Marguirt Tliomp on Catharine
A h rn?y I Hm Taley Catherine True Mary
Thornton Henrietta Trip erS^ia L
Van Home Jane L Vielie Sarah Vanoo Charily
Vard Catharine Winner He I urea Webb Lnrs
Walker Maty Ann Wi oda M a Mnrahnll Wihiame Mrs QoodWal?h
Eat rr Wood Catharine win O
W erman Sophia Wa'era Frauds Whittelrtv Abigail
H erd Arabella Weid Ann Wright ran Irniia
Wilder Mra LdwnrdB War-ran ?'.| r?y Whitehead Sarah
Wtlar.nJanei Whit l?n Buhl a Wooley Aan B
Wileon Elizabeth
Adler Prof 0 J Adams B ugh C Abbcry Asnpb
A dam a Albert Adlum Dr K II Adams Auhel
Agoatinu UattanoLa Aiken W E Ahlen Jos ph
Pall Alhti H'-nry A1 la X aiah
Allejn Joaeph Atthh-r Ktv R P Allen Win V
All) n T Albm Edtnui d Alaerl.vmaa
Alh-n Centre II Aldr'oli LowisP Alien Hon II J
Arhton WiMam Archer Q Aehnrat John?5
Aiderm n William Allen Frederick Auderenn And J
Arnold L Atthton Jacob Armond Oiibo
A id old Nelian Aryer William Arnold Paul M
ridir.Vtru Aniroe Cept ThOi Agu'tia Joeeph
Ar dera.nl'rof James Anatin John |AatelNA
M Arnold Q B
Brady John Bacon Mr(Cherry It) Btadbnry Thot
Brady Felix Black George BaooalJ
Black Jamee S Babege < liarlee Beck J P
Bracun Tbonaa Black well Car t S B??k laavo
Bitkna Philip M Backui Wtn VV Blvr Augustis
Bail Peter Buknan Iron BtldwinE
Bn enon Michael Bn. croft. Munaon Brand P
Baud l>a*id Branch Lewie 11 Bailey Tboeaas M
BrdwinC Ball t eorge Blaaohard Leonard
Brmt Randolph Baker i htries H Bnley Stephen B
Bouchard Sidney Bit ly John J Barry Patriok
II.. _ I....L U 11. .... ft ? tl..k..I:.,.nk1T
J'sitiatt ibentier Baith Mehnlas Barry John
Barium J v* Jiaromhan barney Uarl iw B It
Barker Jolin Baulett Opt Darld Barber A II
BantrKhirldtFraiix Bailer W1 ham Baaaat t Jamea
bajD.in M id Buuhdnt Nona B?te John II
Bat am, Tanner It B tgley J M Beardi'ey Dr M
It aty James Batte I nobis B?ekm\n ('apt J W
il'?n Fredrick Klesko Kiel aril Beastoo Riohord
Beekwth A W llioeh F ranoia C Bad low Henry
Betbe Joeeph R Bfan IJ vV Biuret Mr < Bajard
Bene DanfojUi B Bell William etreot)
BtnrettoeoR Beasiau Domenien Bunelln Chai E
Bitta Walter Jr Bejsuin S Ueniken Bedeon Win 11
Bta*onJC| llcnrteia B Brewer John J S
Be ll< * a George BelloaeFWQ Benin t l.nciui
Be II John Bens< n Capt Kobt Bennett Abel jr
Bra water k Weed Bit roo (low'd B Benedict Isaac
Belt Charlea Benjamin Francis Jr Br?wor T A
Beyer Joahua W B-nnet Franeis Benet Hiobard
Benjaaiin U'y G Bell John. Jr Berhrisht Jta P
Brian Jeremiah Bridann M chsalY Bilhnaararleaa
BrVga Man rrah Briilaman Wm Bldwall John B
H rki er Geoege Bill E< ward L Blulayn Theod'e
BnahamLIJ Bi'ssard Ateran BirJaill Thna?2
B rlns J U fc Co Rrista) RevKher'nck BrlnoktrhnfT O
Hrieli Knit mI K Uoet.ker ttokt fc Henri Birch William B
Uial ep J U Bomet Chancer Br adwellC P
Browtn W Border HU B 'oom Y
llio It T A ProwtrClaaM 1'eoaet Denial
Beiat Alexander Brown John B Bonhaoi Richard J
Btoth Moia Kent B'.ttevinHC Brewer b
Bow Jahn Brown BY Br wn Henry
Bower Job* Hall* Brewer BP Browne R-bert
Borcon Henry B inciter Alfred Brown Richard
Bow en fc W auon? 2 Brown Henry K Browa John D
Brow i.eil Daery BogertJG Bna'inall IIO
Urn. II Mrutagne Brown Laurence B ureao U nry
Bi yd John Bartend A'fred M Brown J*n llaao'k
Brown Ira B wenea^nr'a Brown A V
Bo* en Charlea Brown DWG Bmwnly Hamilton
Rofllngton CII Bock G R Boffnni W A
Burnt,ant Jaa K But or Joeeph Barton C
Bull Jar ee A Burntou John P Bulloe Wi l'aim
Butler Jamil Burril Fliaba Bo?h fc Hnpkina
BurctttWmJ Bnrel ard Geo 8 Bome Jnaoph
BnniaJ Burrowa W'ii'n A Uullarl Tuoaai J
Burnt am Lieut Col Burridao John Bumrtia W
J W Buttles liOrt Bulk ley WH'lam
BnrgraaAJ Burnett James B Bull Genrao F
Blydeuburgh J W Brooks I'eter J ByronTlioaaa
Clany' "illiam Cenorrr Jecamiah Curt'a Jnieph
Callan I aureoce Cain Thoe Cner John
Campbell Jamca (afli Angelo Cutler A S
Cannon Jmeih Cannon Jamen (ladle Corneliua
Camplell John Careyallo Anthony CairptwJ I John
Cameron < apt F G ( an i?b?ll' ernelina Caddla Andraw
( a 111 bar John Campbell J W CalHarhno Chaa
( an |dell W CI aimers AI'X Catuersy J T-J
Ciaia Geo K ( htmpsgae Antoiaa Ca houn Ueary
(htriwirk John (hambl'aJW CraieJohn
Clarke Dai nil Gary John Oammock H C fc Co
Carter Patt Clark Albert O Cariwo.it r J G
Canon R M (aimtehaal John Onah T' oe
I apt ! John Caatin John Ca ry Phoe
C ark Jan.ea Cap> n tpt.raim Clark Mr I Ferry at)
Cacer Jamaa Clark I B fc BrotherCarter kehneiley
Camadio Tynaei Chare Deary P Chappell Jobaalhaa
CinyJamea Clark BoaO CaonanT
(l ariat J T Clark Rdward Garble Thoe
Carpenter lit, race W Carrher Mr (let ar) Carp inter WR
Carter Jae B Carlton F A Clark H iwell
( ha pin Mai, ley Carter A M CaryBrLH
Crow a Peter Crawfnrv Jraeph CoppeyTkoaC
Cla' en Jamea Claud-o 8 D Careoey 1'atrlck
* Kmwne A PhaatiAA ('.fcthfiAft ll lllMlllV
C rtemf? F W OleHphii* Lonla Clear* Wot
Clrvelard Edward Clifford TV? Choa'er Henry W
Clifton John Coleman Edward Cbitda Saunal C
Co lin C 8 Conn* Dan Col * Simon
Conynrd Fdwnrd Collina Via Colli naThoe
(onnell Patrick Coltman John Cellana John
Collitil Hu?h C. a?we\' Ellohn Col mm AlphUTS
flree Jnre|h CoaelefWm Corhhett Dr
Cone John P ConnellJohn Conre Ja*
Connllaa Jtaa Coy an John Conhltna fleorfe W
Colo Chat Conlej M Colon! Jam!
( 01 n- ll t a trick Cole Phlrehae Colaon Fraaei*
Coleman Cap: kin Na- ColHni Jeremiah Cohan AJox
tl anil I I oan Stephen M Cole T
Corby John Cropeev Herman Corooran John
Coi pa David Peri well F W Corwln Sllae
Ctnke Ed ward A MD Cooper Wa Cornwall Frederick W
Corn n Ellae Core Wm Cooke Jaa F
Cork Dav'd W Cooke A B Cooper Onataraa A
C*? iron J B Cook Capt Wm Cowan John
Cer* all Capt W Cran l-anntrif Crowe Poaar
Cou?in Armand Cou*htr) Joaeph O-'ttrell Boatwlek 8
Cow ea 1)8 Corwell Cbaa m Cndworth Ar aha bald
CnnitJohn-1 Curlve Fatt CurtiaJ R
Cummin |* Teranoe ^
Daly Anthony DanlJanwa Daek Rebert D
Dnagrtlield Mi?1 Dana A Day Benjar la
Dana t bailee Dunloith J 9 DariaWmW?2
Dana Benjamin 0 Davie Jackaon Day Sitae
I Dar.lria H>n tr Day Jeremiah Da*la W
DayAUvrton Dolary Andy Divide m Rev R
I Dav daon J O Dei.oy John H DeGroot ''apt A
Dehi*aiaa ti DeTalle Feruandc Decker Henry
Dull Pirdarick* Deacon John PeUmafer Samnal
brlany (Done Pewit t John a Drrb, Wm
Denaron Avery Dew lit A Brother IVvitt D.ivtd M
Deiilaon Re* J N D* witl A DenM# J W
Denwlorn Wra W Portion B T Dentann N P
Darn'a Worthy Di Ion John Denteon Rer J W
IVin In "an orl J I) ion Jru.ee Dixon Wi'liam
DT'ikwatrr Addiaon D.dn Penbcn C Dolwi John
Doer mi RerC H Downey Mr (Orange Polan ThnmaaB
Diyler Luwienee atrrot) Doyle tohn T?2
fh va'iira II L Doty llerrye O Dow Dr H
Do? nil i?ra F D> uglaae John W Doyle RobertR
Prnin Catruk Danw .till Jama* Done aea Jno Waid
| Durn fat r ck Pnnn!e*?y John Don worth John
Dnni.e Peter Dunn Jacob PnlUut v John
DmrliGoomF Dyehj.ffrdW Dnrkea Delght
1 urell liatland pnrjtn Wm T Dnnreetmry D J J?
Djik Jacob Du?'*an Jorh Dunbar John
Da gain kkbard K
Enetwood J Eliot J?nu\'< R'llot Andrew
Km errhlltx E Klurr Chrrlci Bbort K
Ely U, oea l.ber'a L'atla KgerA
hdMin Hamilton Elliott'"apt Edwin Peatman 8 J
Four Mr I Ann jtreet hert Charlee Ria'.?n(MaaA
Ear ion A J C *ton David V Eieunlord Dr A T ft
Edearda 4'apt Wrn Edward* &yinciter 1 A
kde n AmbroseQ Jucd EddyJvnoa
I-orl w nlo.ni E'vetEJ B aon Andrew D
EnallkhJuhn F.vaie Juinra telle R iiham
k'el.ax MieKatl h ?t,, ,FV 1 'ft II t il ftfTV 11
* "y " "*
Fry Dtnis FawmU Benjamin Flnnijtrin Dennis
Pikirr Itr (King St Faiihtld Clwrlts Fsrr?lI Jim*
F?1I 1'nrn k F??ctii lr-?ia Flatahan Uubrrt
full a bddtrd I'at Jiiha P Fin <lers 1-ipt UM
) ??lm J Hi arj Foflnor nr ( Prsrl si Prunsia John
?lt Hoses to Feriie Junes Fsssendtn Arthar K
terron t'strtrk Fnrns Kdwaril Feme K it
F?rgur?oi J?n ? Fleming I'rtdk N Ferns n Henry
P.ryuton Ji t n Pi lil % i ai j.an Fielia ."U'lluikn
I riete tn Cspt J*S F.n! irCmiian F.lnn John
luhU Fiehcr 'l.ronsrd Jr Fiehsr Ile irys P
I itcli Jsmil O Fiit.tr Or i rank I riiarlnni.gr Ml
lit yprtriek \ ?(? > kr'D.aiie st Piiater Mm 1
f km Gsi.it i? 3 li tonik'y Fonlham "Um'iel
I mn lam Ji hi. O >..ii ii'tSQ F"iint* n II
f o?ltr J. tin Fiettr H??ry Foa-erfetteltv
i.?irr Hall r? ?unrltr Usi'gs V Fr>? kr Itgpt ttafw
Furiitiy Ntal Fiyer 0 Jn'.n Flie Enocn O
Csllsg)?r Jsl-n ftnrlry K H Cells, her Joseph
I iMittiCiil II W U?sit|?M? Cral.sra Hums*
Ca ?ai John Uaa.tiik Jnlm Cster Jen i s U
I minnr .'seek O'a** flutist r k Un/g fl n I |r
CieitJk.O Cstiilncr Ds.ilel Gsrr Ltluriana k C'n
Usnitlirejl Cor nn?r CSpt UtU Usui < ?|?t
I.srneTP tlr.n fl Green .-?nj I
Crjrat, Jubn Canine Mr Otivirj *?ml I
(tin ) J (I Green ' tnrles IF Glrieou f?r flewell?2 j
tin IS < ton Crwn Jol.n H Jr lines'I Ces-tit C I
GitsnJoImP Otnifl f CtMrntu M'nt
Gm k ins Je?r|.fl lirmiJirttll OiMmn I'ntk |
O.tas Jtn.ts Cletavu 1 tU OfiBko torn F j
Gr<ffiitrWm G rib Joint, Gild-raleere Caleb D
Olllni) Unt GUIiii JiuM Gilt-ma B?
Gr in Jeiculah Gnoley P Gitte?p4e W?
Gii kilt* (.ifl-ro -ami Gi hem Kdwd B
?iI be Chia J Gilmy Mm Gii nnldKerEB
Gtlheti W J Griffith' he* Orpl' lliiam
01**1 t)W Gihbot. h Peiiht Own HIT Jaa
Gii kmr Jan re Gn'eU ' heater Goodman W A
(iriroK U* Oit'rrJMi Coldamlth Jno T
Geiii Jibn GrikwuU ld? in A Or?ffkinrtv Jaa
<>i i ealer Falur ile G<-ldWig il i?r Uoodaetl Alfred
Gm Id Hetry J Guoiiiieh GoetaroiA Cn-ria Victor
Ooccelt JtiS Gold B F Qie?nwald A
Gr<ee?GM Gorrau Richard Ouiiorrra Alamo
GoeitrfaLJI Clever Thn? G Guctbary Gr A?ii
Uadl'jr Taniel Hale Fdw Hammond JaaM
11 mten Ji ho Uua Arthur Bell Philip
IJetiett Bblit BelA-heil?a Uaiary VPoi il
Htairy Aiitun Bediey Stephen W Uaof rd A Co
Hr\i> Ornj Ham ah John Jr Handy Albert
Gall G V lieli H.e Wui Jr-1 llaaefor John
liiiii y Anil rose Rail J M HandTbne
llal oik hubt liemrntnrr hiohd Bell Prof Jao Biabop
Hfihty C'apt Job Pi wuinud d U Iiaaetn.iter JaOvb
Tl irr'n T L Btrnnnn Itr Bart Path
flarrioi Philip HavilandJ Harper OfoG
Hnrriton Char F Baverli 1> nnij Hurt IHiiJ
Peine John lianiana A P Hart B J
UaMi ai? itiaC liarr ami Kjr Harder JohnT
Ha iir M il l IJairiiguudH Ilarria Rot
Bane hi-rat Cha* Ilaahtouk Paul B Hvkell l.are'lyn
pkaielli teig 1 ann-m ttmry B?wa Pcter3
Harau Jati.ee Har.aerVr liamf'J
flawjoA Heyward loreph HaarthomCW
liatiM-lii 11 en n llawkira Juiiu Hamlin* Joeepb
Uavll e-aitll Uayeaamta llaiiah>u?t JII
' a? he Oliver P?2 h?yree - apt TB ICuly Jauie#
Ha*re F T IMIman ' e k IledireaGeo *
field Niibjlaur Hinnev Path He|inurne John
f ?ihrr? Hiarr Miohnal Hmrr Jamea
IlenUi renn Wa Hn cork Mi< k llerniman Jacob K
Bcnry J B lieu eeoJuen ll wif VimK
k enii P Iliirnrifin Hcrmaa llilli? M alter
lJIzrii a Daniel Pilion Benjamin 8 Htrach
Mill ! II Illll *<! Imib Hfnin.nBM
gtfgff.V* V'kW.rkoir
Hol'ai d It ill in and Hint #11 l-ni Holme. Stephen
rinlnrxA Bukin. Mwarda 1 U
gr'El* wV?,toB B SiaTiS? Hor^r?U?
HuUihlbe Hon.II John* 2*"ifinh*i
H^tr.'l'"."1 Bor.to. Mwai* "*niVon ^nh'iF
BotoVkl'ijo. irw.rfiu
H* v I kio |1< wot CM V n F-J ljunt W
Hi 'we'd J?a H Bu^h*. Bernard SuHTfi Tf
SS.M si-vsa as
r.a;c,d%'ii,1,ron puSM.B
IlnMo A Button John Buckini Joeeph
Hunter Ja?ee Bunt William U
Irrln. Tho, laaao HomliUuj- TngaUaTCaldwaU
it*. Joa 8 iMnln ft Henry Inanena DrrW
iLli." Naltnl Jamea A A * Jaok.ou Edward A
, ? Jrun.ia K V Jarwiea Mmria
J ami'. Hear* D jennet1. i? ? Ph.. M
J?n e. Ceo W Jthnaon John W Jencliee cn?e *
J.nrain Altn.cn JohneonThna ."i^STj^he
J'hftfttonJoin Jiil.uBO? ArdiiW JohBWlij'W
Jnhmon li?? DTK J?hnaon Wj Mm? VaUtnnM
J obneon Kotea ft Co J oh, .on JrNnthl Johnem.BC
Julian ft' lert JotopM J S Jor ee > J Auua n
Jme.Je.h JoM.lboe JoaepniJ B
Ji'M? Ceo W Jordan Andrew Jonee Win
Ji t'taft 1 udley Jonta Hemj C JoneaMathlW
J.oksouSila. 0 ^
KabalJaa iJvWThtS6
KmnirjClaa KeUoj^Aaron IMgr V4l,,,tiD*
at'*. J.'.rry Kendal' W G Kandrtek John
K.r^.i jr *.?t'J O ftI L
5^57.'. MCi"*" KE&EKiniJihn
Knot Andrew Kurrlo Jonathan
Law Dart* uJhi ** L^'u^rfTh^
ixirs . Qsfsi* tsateI
a,.on Patrick J^Mleo Luwoe C oodwin
Eras- fear k?U.
U:;ia i?.i? ssjiiN.'i.
UdovHtilip Ltnt I) Concorde No 41
K.^kU g owtc, ?-?&%,
K&-' ffisss PS^Es
1 l& Ceo* 3 U-metjr Geo
i ?K?LT h-*.? keisj'S
Larrttt John Lehly J M Greenwich No 40
lawi Jamca Jeeke K K (>o?an No 311
Ltnnhtrr H'm lrnegan Alexr Commercial No '7
JUuitrCFU LfH.nr Alrxr?2 Gcrmauia No 3]
Lou go * Imlirlau* LonlnyJae CliotnnNo7
Lan-'JtbnJ l.ivlieiton Kug'e A Templar No JV5
Lai Hon that O Ir dgln ft Co Che'ata No 84
LrewitbJaa Lyuagh fat Cornucopia No 336
Lire Han el Lung .Mm Siiiooriti No 233
l.oe a hichd Ijculajuan New York No 10
Lowi 11 Jaa Rnaacll l.i.rei s.luto State Right* No 398
Lett J B l.orirg David Merchant* No 13U
Loviji j Forking Loiutte Cliarlea Uotiy No 11
Ludfnw G II
Mail grit Patrick Maekea Jnnira Maekea John
Maliiny He ry Mactry David Hair E
Maddt* Dr J M-guireMiel Manning John
Mann B B Maolcun Cat Mamnn John
Ma'" nry Thrma* Mallorey Ueo A Mind rille Thoa
ftaiuhhi a L cory Maage W M MandeviHc J a
Manr'wJP MagoSn Dr John Mann Franklin
Mann V M-tre? Leati W Mauson Frederic 0
Mapetltr Charlaa Marten John Marshall Wlasmaa
Maaon Or? tge G Moorcy Marriott k Kent
Mann n 1 Hn.cnd Martlnrr l)r Rafael Mara el Martin
Martin J W Maraha 1 Elijah L Mirkncaa John
Veuhon Will'am Maikham Cha Martin JvneaT
Martin ft I von M artin Ralph Mtthia Tluxnaa
Mathfitoa Luncan Mat'hew* t apt May Kov II
MayJilm Mliter h<ma? Matthew* Wm
Marrow It Co Maynard Wa'do Mayhen W R
Mattheralrarry M nil) Charlea Mellan Aleaaudet
Merrill Opt M illiaj Majaai Helen L Miller B G
Mimmr Henry Ml M?t en Rm ry Mil's Abraham
Malhii.th Alex Will.rWmf) Mll'er Samnel O
Millftt Hiv Ja* Milhrjamrt Michael Henry
Miloa Ri v Henry A Sin.gajeW* Miliken Edward
Man r W in M Miller J'Itn Mi'chell Hon C B
Mitrl e 11 roiraa Miller Wm H Mighan Barney
Mlii'li; in Ei'mond MiotDrCha* Mil'or Robt O
Mil'er t.en Ceo MillrrGeo Mallewnnv Wm
Miliar t ha U MiaurC Momny Darby
Mitel a 1 M ui MobrCoo Moran Wnrtin?2
M Iti r ? r atinn Morrill Tr C MnrriiJohn
Mi ere Haiklr* Mooney Timothy Mooney Arthur
Monte Mr. n.naieian Moorty Richard Montgomery Geo EC
Maior Thnrd .re Moore Iiealte MorvnyJohn
Moraii Mar in Moore J L Mokanna Edward
Morti n Bei I a Mora* Jama* Morn John M
Morgan ftr Dc Jena- Mtrp E W Moody A D
elo Drrnai (tez Mora 8r Dn lgnaelo Mon'il John
Merra l.t Fimpoon P D Morrill John
Mirte Rurniik N Vulho'.land J Moora Jamaa M
Mot her Geo II Mullanr William Morgan Thnmae E
Murray Jan ea Muerea Mm Ma Murphy David W
Muhaliy Jane* Myir llenry Malony IHniel
ft nllin Arth Murray Wm Mngtien G D
Mum y < hriatcphtr Mullrean Patrick Mn len Franeia
Murphy Fat Mulally Jchn MyeraUon
Million Patr'ek Merieael er Mv D Murphy John
band Ivaac II Meatman t ami B Murphy WUacn ft Co
Haute Mtnitt Jcaael1
McCarthy Dan MaCarthy Chaa MoTVritt Jaa
Met av lira* MoCullogh Henry MrDcr ..ith T
Mot nfleriy Robert McDonald John A MeCarriak P
Merainiick ( eta McDonnell Far McCarthy B
Mi Alligtrr Jag McaVj Andrew Mrtlarrick J
Me; iai Semi Mov'arirr Rokt McDonald M
MeCrti'h Wm MeDoaald Fat Me "hew Anth
Me' ahe Jaa MeCnrdyJeha MeDrnongh I.M
Mo lenrhan Mr McGregor Danl McCohhDanl
MrKenna Mtchl MoGnire MNP MeQnillea A
Mrlr roy Haul M > Manna Chaa MeGuIre Chaa
McK.erMot Mo I aughllB Jamee MoCnlrc ttngh
IVN.Ih I Mr Allntrr Wm M?l,?....M,n V
k?< Wrgbt br.brewer MeKli ty Jottpk McParland Archd
McbiccHThoa Metntoeh * m McVthon Wm
RcKoh y Anilw VoR'roT Ch?? MeFarroaCoIJ
Pelntnth Wm MoGaffev Sum Me Mahnn Miohl
MrWrron Pat VcRu Pete r MoTiakertd
McVahan Tho? MeGIIl Michl MoWhnrtarJa*
MrVaealeam MoAelley Petat VeiPMi M*j r
VcNdl John LcFarland Irrnel McLean Judga
MrCartin John
Nailer John Nanghton John NeatraWm L
Nevtcittl, B N'ewaonGA Newman N
NeronNT Ntlaon i *| t Wm Nils* A P
Niche la Flearef Nlch'ae Jtce.h J NllaWII
NiehnlaGeolF North toward Noona Patrick
North J F Norton Capt Bob* Nye Capi
Nnatat Allen
O'Farrell Parry fharaPhellx O'Flaherty A
(Donated Riles f l'Donne 1 O 'atn Thome*
O'l'ara Jamea Olirur ll.oiraa < FlehtrtrH
O'M alley Mhbl O'Reilly J no Olaoehea Do Maa
Ortell Walter W O'liauaan Jae Dan-Otihea Chas P
Oatmmn Albert C ran Odoll Alvln A
Otniek Joa Oltt<edlfe? Cstnond William
Onndorff Harry C Oakley A Reed Oeichwald J
Otter PhiUpp <t Brt?n Jamaa O'Shiinrnaaaty
Ottiwell * illiam (I'Re lfe r Charlaa B
Tarda Jr ha Palmer R 8k G W Parkar Pradk
Paitiey Geo Falllon P Packard John Q
Pain nal enry L PanglwinWH ParkerThoaJ
I Join Pin eon D BP Parkar A A
Parker WO Pare John II PaiieOeoC
Panot art Joseph Parker Gar B Palmar John
la It nullro la termn JaeM Patterson A
Pratt Geo W Payt e N M Prat , Rpcneer k Ca
PattertonllA Petteraon Joe Panel lagraiit Pet
Pay urn Eilrrd Paikbar'dT PealortvST
I* lie.t I or Perk Geo H Phclpa Wm R
II ok (-en TP Pot tea U Piiihafeiue A
ProlFmithT P?ningt?n John T Perry Rle> ard
la:ty Pepper Wm Perry Stewart
Pe.irJchnkCa , Perry Pr B I'orPina Rrenieea
Fet'rion t'ept Prrine Fdwd M Perrr W 8
Pend'etnr fc Morgan Pradktra I>r IB Perklna Thaa W
I'rtroick Cap C Pariortgaaa Wm Pet fimne Aaaoe
pe.ry Reuben L Pendleton W K Prertcott ChaaS
Plead Jena PeiUcld 8aml Pine Con 8
P ipe IIK P'etro PrulmrkllDpnaatt
l'itkint a ThoaL Phlt.neyJT Phillip* Adam
Pilalory N L Phili p* JaaS PiMe try Tim
PI it I* thai Phillip* Bel B Podbielakt
Po'reRm Pollock Alex Powell RotS
Porrme t hrlatlaa Fottlty PortChaa
Pe..? Geo II P< a all J PM'ard Wm H
PnattCbaa?3 Pi pe Poire ra A B
PeweilWm Po) timri John 0 Plawmnn Jon
Poller RK Tow era f ant M Porter John J
Pun ?r Tj rone Poat Capt B D
QnaldJaa fjuin Timothy (Jnlntow John
vto-r k Ja? II Vfuineh N (Jttina Miohaal
tjnaekintoia Jama*
R?y P P?J RuWrrty Wm Rabinean O 8
fawh Nation Rat,dull C C RadltrdH
Rand Her W W 11. \ nor J Raaton# Hon R If
Rtenaen Kav W T Kay n?* Horatio Knot-dell Captain
KeolVtni Heanly Peter IPImeaW
hilel John RauwiekJofn Reynoleta W B
I edit rrt Alfred Rood Mr (10th It) Redf.eld John 8
Rtr.ll Coyt R U Rtpiwaar 'art Heyne>lda Roy K W
Reed Chai R Re, hte r* John Biter M tl
Riley Roe Rippintham Pat Rieheraruld IT
Rrlllry Mlolaal R atccbnrg Mr RianlarnJVL
Rlei no.net C Jt RlehartaOoo?i Rep'ey My) .1 VT
Rhtnehard Wm R I a Thoi Hitter llenrp
Rieejr.ha Riera Robert Roheon Thoa
pi l hThi a-a Me ,lg?r* Je>ha Molwrta J
Rolrrtmn (678harin R, hartion Hot Rodger* Mr
nntt RoteriaoaJaa RonrliCH
Rnl ieM n N L RoMnaon R A Roerer Mr
Reel,in* ( apt Re,If John G Robin*,n J O
RedarraKowd Rhode* h ieiled Ik Rog?r* ,1 C
RogrraThoajf Robbina C?pl Q Roork John
RewnblattN Root John RomeinaaGeo
Hew,re Jaa Roat Warren D Remoter J
R, tce'jooiahP Ryan Joa Ron-nil Michael
RararlICA Ryan Tho* Rna?aT
Ryan Join Ryan Pat Rnmtey Dana J
bmrrllJRF Ruaeety U T RukaiuGeo
Beigeri leraal J?3
PhaaMy Bernard Raaaaela John Baanlea Pa'k
Rtkn aalrrC Salat JobttCM Strachan .1 hn M '
SaeldltrWni PwanCap*. O fh*n* Ronrr II
Paekatt, l.ynt* k Co Rule* Rlawnrth 8wa,? David t:
Per d W m Rt-ak'aeb Manr kaia < Ml nel - J
"htflerRatnl fltralan R MeAr Rrhailrr Polar
'ranlan Jiiha Btarl rld*e Cetf ntaeiard R?l t C
liaxaaif Baminono B W Baokalt ilea
..===? <|
MiwOxiU Slirtnt Jx hhtdhrjiii I
''irr J W B?rndi r.i Jaino* and Soattorly Alas ,
8 ntm<! ' wn tttn"iw ta
*1 awl avid ??? >r HP tU?ryurJa?J
81. rp?1bu*S Bh:i-w fi vid Stark W W
PtMit) P'ht So ryen' f'nk T SiwyetB.V
8?.i?) bmt W( p"r*.?l A b.retotTT
P'eirpK'li hir ' luck . u u? S'tirxlk/
giet'H Ho'ay So- ? ' inmoi So'uldt/ohn
?????> ) tinfool He'f(T.-tlu Win Sotmaok 1 U 0?
"I f'?l u Hroiy gtnimoi. < () boh noil Mu&k
Sl.iaTiuoiby Htoiden W m SoaUJohn
rh<ehm P? PalTt 8 cep- r inii.uol A Sorter Martin
J|?kUri Oerabard Smut A"-T' If >?Hb g Jmb L
Pad en W U Mr?ait Kr? t:S Shorman (? M
Spencer J"! n Sni dc Anthui y S Suydam Bun oil
8h?i?i od ?' II Secev f I. ?? Stewart Will Y
Fbi rwr nd i h*? Bpaaoar lltloy Bwattan* 3no *
ShepJerd J P Me?.-'d < ?x Sliepwdooa *f I
Pex'or E Fhepnrl Ken'on Srophvna Henry
SiepheioE a Siatfuid Schenaarhara Ant"h-|J
?rd Prnn do Sl rf? <?eo ! drew M
He vol! Rev Knfuo 8h. r??'l R< bt Schoner Joeoph
Srnnm Dnnitl Hj. ok Tb?ra'>? Sloven- Klward
Pti'lerMr H'ni" it-Jhiin Spinier Win P
Mb i) W'm S 8 elVr I eler J Sill qnu D
Sinner nr R F Simoni Pimmom John I*
Btinp??ri Wm J 5 'vtlvM-JJohn Stileo fe Rogcrt
Pr'rjilS fih ev John C Hhripe 8 U
Pi ln *ider Peter ? ti 'Jen 'Y B'infui John P
Sin eon Bw'rer Advra Bwlft Jeremiah
FnoibJ P Bmi'h Jvintm Sen tb Jamil
SndhJaima Smith Si! Ptlll f'apt A G
Pnliblirn Smith''vru* P Smith John
f mi ill HP bm tli John W Smith * Waldro*
Fmith J (! Iiri'l. KevSM Shlnentn C T
Smith leinnel Sn i'h A M Smith Mr
Smlih Er'ti n Smith 1t*m Smith Robert
Smith John Mi'ti ell A L Pml'hJJ
Pn lib KnJcrt P Sri'h '! Smith flop PImnmou
Smith Aneon Smith F..h Co Smith Wm B
Smith IJJ tV Si'In H K RootnonJ
Steckfeth A T 8"ekvie'l J?hn M Hullo O TotnuQaNkh
Pm< kir Capt John Prl-mou* vuiul D Stone R Q t
Ptoier Thi'Diae Boo't Geo Scott J P
Pel oin innki r John O S >t.ti 'r'h Pidnoy Soovill Howard
Souihali Jun to T Scott K A Bontheurh Wiu
Sti i k> rThoo W Htr uu I t?i? M Btnrrooi Honj
ktoliri bmir* So'lo i lur.d a lex Bnrver Jca H
Sullivan B D Shluas-am ou Stuart John
Snttnr l ev Is fin' ie 1 h A FchnmakorGottlieb
Sullivan C< rndine H'usrt ll??ry Bujdan Oeo W
Siurnbtrg U Albert fiu'ptr A-2
Tsylor Jucklin TivlnrH'mJ Tram pleasure J
Tsjlur k He IT TMcy*lii||l Taylor L M
Tiscy if 8c*ton Tall'ttt W Taylor Thomas
Ta-lcr lewis Tappen F l> T.i isfsiro DrSandtM
Traci Ki touel Tteary Martin Tenple Robert
Tesney Mr Terr H -aid TMft Walter
Tr. adwell Ira T h n J V Tl'laon O H
T'tnsHia Ti'iti t'? John TI Terester K F
Ti'i'H R Tiilit rhiit I t (? H Town ley A
TiUnSltron Thoi .osor Abr?w F Thompson Win
1 'ol?e C Thompson 'avidM Th?mpeoo And
T'' h jvob Fobt II Teen ley Kilwd Thompson John
Thompson R Toenail. Sililov fc Co Town'cod Darid?2
Tnb<?sl snt?l Thornton JosphW Thonipcn Erastua
7l.<n php JoFfph T< n-'tn Isano Tnwvwial 0
TirrWmS Tompkinn Jmopb T Tooker "apt V
71 on pai n FolomonD Tyl*r Fumajdu U Tyson Rev Mr
Tun er Mr TulbaWm Tucker John
Tuner Win 8 Trutrtihour Capl W Truaeutt Geo Jt
Tucktr Albert G Mil i
Ubbclolde Carl t'pham D^ry Uawin Georyo
Vol In tin* Theodore crriria Jore Taa* Mr
Veals I>r Nr? tor?2 Vam-Tery Simoon Vrnnilye Capt
Van or ( I ar'es 1J Vendo-en Isaac Thomas
Wsilnr Rics'cr Van /not K liunctn Van Nnneaf MeM
Va< Valk'nl otaf L Vau VulkeulurgB Van Oaden A
VivelaLd Hobt.T
W?1J rop A 0 Walsh Patrick Walls Win P
Wallace Wm' W alter Chsr'es Wagataff Thoa B
W allste David It Co V alidi Patrick Wanrer John
Waller* Wm Jr Wal James D Waldsn Horraoa
Waller J W Wa W l/io D ? alt W.lbor
Waterrnid Fnoe ? skoflold O Walsh Peter
Warier, Charles Wateon Rn an nel Warner Wm
Watl born JO Wert Fdward A Ward Michael
Welkins J D Warhtimne E B Waterman Edward
V cants Wat WsrdThnmaa Warner John H
WebbU W tn-lan James Welham W P
We>iterJ Maaon Wehe'er i>r John WeIIin* E L?2
WellaoerC W?l'e? Andrew Wella Jehn
Wendell Jno J Were, To hi an Wherman John B 1
Weston 8H Wendel! Peterjr Weinaet JohnB
W illiairs Samnol Wo?ter?elt Jacob Wrhtht Oeo ft 0*
Wilier DrH W.lcy R.l^rt Wills* Isaac
William* H J W>lllatnaon L'arid L Williams O D
Wilson John Wide tiro Wick A Stockfish
Williams T fl Wilson koswell Wilker Poter
Wlleon Drlh^sB Wicks (leorte Withering Daniel
V illiams Darid Wilkinson T W Wight Orlando
Wlllisma Jthn Wily HL Will Baalbio
W Ill's ITS Ssmnel Wills R Willis John
Williams Alfred Wr'gbtD Willis RichardS
WilllsmFonD Willard Moses WI*htmtnAS
Willisn a Jamti WIHmrJ Wilson Jl
Wlllcoz James WlliamsRB Wilkins Chae W
WirimayerGro Wrl?ht H 0 WUUams Isaac S
? illett Prof J I Wirtha R Wilona Clarke T
W hite Francis Winter Philip White Thorns* F
WMtelrrJohn Wh tncy Sumner Whltmore Edwin P
Wlnrer N T WW's flee or Henry
Wbitemsn Oeo M Whitney Dr Ilsar* Whitney w H W
White Peter J Whlttuker Passenger Win* noma*
WhI'am Mr In the tv-ada White Wm
Winter Geo WlralowBP Whipple Bon Charted
Whitney Wm E Whlst'sr John O W
Whipple C WHtielsey FredTt WlaeGeoW
W Isohueen Rank Whitnoy Jos la Co Whitney Joo WkOt
Whlttoi Mr Wina ? athauiel B White Daniel
Whlttrck Sidney Wolff Mr Warrell John I
W hltlr* J N Woriol Helnrick Wood Wm
Worth Darid G Worth John H?2 Woodhull Lambert
Wood Collin Worder Jesse Woolaban Patriok
Wood Richard D Wood lr(IB Wordoll hatauel
Worren A B W ordlred Geo L Wtango Wine*
WoodJJ?2 J Wj lie J smes WvmbsJB
I Woleott Ch M Wyohoff Fmd la White Jaa
Xtmsnts E?i>?
YolUJohB Yates YY VotkCftpt JohnHJt
Zelchtwcess August Ziu Anthony
*oit. h. morris, p.*. __
J ?' Bsr'em, N. Y . January 1.1S49. Persons oil ing for the
toll owl tic letters will pteaee sir adyirtlsed, a* they are not looks*
(T?r unless particularly ailed fjr.
Adams Rot.t Ashe William A Armstrong Andrew
Alas Mrs Konardin
Bryant lease H B als Horace Boraham Wm
Berttroip A O Brv nsn P Beekmaa Ueory
Brown William Unity w arrea Bnoey tlryan
Broadir eadow James Byrne K'iia Brady Thomas
Brsity Ml** Cathe Burns Patrick Bell Joseph W
BlaffelsMike Bryan Thomas BnrnsBHsnheth
Coonan Mary Theta B B Cooke John
Casey Mary Cooper OM CloehThoe
Coellin II W C'arrican Andrew CaaU Bridjst
Oiffrr Patrick C'orsis'ory of H h Carinas RP
Cos John Chnreh Kl<w tn'gdale Cooles James
Conlter Jai Coleman John Caldwell John
Cruphlin John Carlin Mtry Ann Camaden Mirths
C< tierlll Wsry A Connelly John Coalar Mis Baohel
Conrtr ry Jamce Casei Thomas Carls A
Corntrwrs CoxThos Crane* Tsahela
Ctflln DsrM L CasUrlea Chriatophc- Cnaie Miss Anne
CtnkliigDtnl C rosKa'j^ Caraaagh lkomas
BnereJohn rrreyrter Miss A H PennJC
Pooler Jas Plflatl/uls* Dow dale Rlohari
P'rnsn Peter Dougherty Wm Denn PhlMo
Dunlsp Jss JhvireC'on Dnvieen John
E em ares t J oh a DoUn Batriek
Billot Bllsaheth Rhrman M BsaalMrs
Idsards Mrs ?bet t Messrs fc Bret
Fn'mes I? Fndtsy Andrew Fanln Peter" 1
Few* Mr Foil Miohssl PIMer Bridget
Field llitnheth Frrel ell Wise Ann Fltsgemld John
Fnllwer Henry FirhesDnrald Semen Miss
*,T'o Mlotatl FltsgeraM Martin FowlerLawreaee
Fish Wm 11 FenLigao Catharine
" "'dltrtm CilfflnCA Gairin Jamm
On.lf.dl Thomas n?e...* Owen Oaesner Wr*S
GrasitWn Orsnd Onlltei "-.Mf I'n Tnan I
Orsw Rel J J flreen BHD "srull A H
Catty James Gouldii g reward
Ileeen Mrs gelirlek Mr Huston Jas
Balden Wm Hrsd Caroline H?yena Highland
Banlon Rnhert Bolfiean Miss Mary llssaa Ihomas
Perrry Cap'Jas B lha t Thomas Bopklea W R
Harnett JiHi Bams'tJihn Hsllafan Frannls
LV?B s Bniia Daaiel Barm Mrs Mariah
Inrrsham R D Ingraham Mrs S P lagraham WmSj
Ingmliam lydney P '
Judge ttsteey Jsniison Ssrah Jenkins Cee W
Jutml Msdatno Johnson Wm Ja..obaJo?3 '
Jtckson W ilhslminn
Kethy Thomas F'lnrdy Mfchl Kelly N
Ketsly Timothy Kelly Mr Reef Pat*
KllreyJohn Kenny Pa'er kellard Mr
Kened* Jas Kenis Ph mr Kays Cathe
Kirs l hasi H K !?**?? Wm Kennedy Hare J
Kelly Mr N Holly Ed ward Koofo Daniel
Earanngh Jas
Lati Bard Mr I^?*hnnj? Paik Loekw/.od ttlchd
A ).ar; innn Catherine Uenehnr Jaa
Lemon Jnraph Lilhy Hannah Lark'-n Mtohl
I anran Timothy 1 air. on J' bu Lazkin StJl-litu
Lake Mr Loaitr Eliza
Mnrray M:\ry Mahrn Pn'rick M*r?h H1,
Mmty F.dnr Menr IH-iol Miru Barnard
Mir nMri Mo?t? J intra Mo*rhnto Marco*
Morri.an Jaml 0 Manryan'tCH Mvira-n Henri
Mi or* Ely Mnnxin Hoe Momv Margaret
MtillmHirn M.rf.dy 7)1(3 Ceptl M1!U Th*ndnre
Hear* Patrick Milan John Hiin Martin
Mi-nrr Jar-ra Mcpbr St karanagh II aria In E
Mitchell F.t'enot Val-tney Bra Helarnor Eodger
Moak llirttn Mullen Lnve
McTatrr Naeey MoParltt (itheria* MeOardle Peter
MrRiB'it Am a Mr \?lt.v Jolt* MeEnally Nody J
McOftir.ft Timo'hy Mo'tiwald J"tm MeKrcrerJa*
McCaMy Johanna lIcAff'tr Jarnra McVall Win M
Mifirtaey Mr- C?a McCalTify Bar U B MeTeegue Mlchetd
M "tin I'a'tirk McOermOnea McOahe Edward
MeClcllan Hon K MoCabeMary Me Hainan /ansae
Newronik John
Prklcy Daal L O'Pav MIm Margt rrBrten Wm
O'CrianMr Orarhiaer A'm ODanll Jtfer ,
rowar ITf -ry k Co Fwrn' Hilar Price HmrrH
Phi Ian Jim Pbili.e Wlaa A Paine I >hn H
i'ulljg Mr TaRIo On> Payne Margt E
QbIb kira F.llaa (Jain M.cbacl
Pitch!'Alexander Htfrwi*/ KuffWro
Blrly ? ntnek Beady Br dral Kael J-unaa
ByanWm Ron'r M itthew Baily Tlinnas
Butter Jihn Ri id Miaa Ma?B Bourdon Jnhn
Racbf Jel n Renlrn Fn-dk Kay Mieholaa
" m"b"
Slierdwi J?? fVorrry Viohaol Pohnti Ilaarta
t life Mm Rlator Kmlnlph PooflaM ChM A
Prott Herns Pynra Mm Jo-epfe
C 0 PmMi Hrrr? 0 bperorr ftav W H
P?t?rjr H'charl Mncvv Je? U BtaerJ V
B-ilitrrskf Hlktflh fl! ilk'. v Pittk Rhnbam Mlnhl
Biantis'JD Prhi .rldlin Geo pomah Maclalene
Photnr'l Pb Pt'-'li-r * m Bands Rmelina
Steele Mr W Bliillrtck Tb?a
TemerPatk rchoiMT Vrs Tt?b Mrs
Thatp kr Tidrt M?nt*r?? Thorns-m Jama*
Trr*lfT I has Thompson Joaeph Tripp Arnold
TiaoerJoke Troy Pa'^, Theal Richard
Vo<r).?es A?*mta w
WarnrinlsOJ Wan John (I Why?a Vim May I?
Wtttht W m Vo!n'n*PC Wyoi mil Th jbu
* illlnms iJttH Wllllanm .lama* M alliut Mrs
ntfimo Oro f Wr'eaoil Wm Waldron W f t
??<4 *las Mary WelVr Trans Petar Walsh Virhole* t
WpiP? Wjrljam WhJ J??n Wnrtworth O M
Wl??a> d (heir <4 Jo- R illiaius H< .okiah WWgauJ Ueoraa
kaaa.;, z
Pil?|it Fiedrrleh
i. 6. KLtifOX, r. M,

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