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Tfce national Folic* W?KtM,?rUll wMk,
HlilM > full >cc?gil of tho iubIi?U?i of Curl fnkrbMk,
1? an at>en H U ??ne o? tho rtr?on of Loila Mailer, of this
tjr; Police Doing 1b hMn. Philadelphia, Now Orleuuo. Vow
Took *1 4 oilier ptuera; Sooial State of aba Wool; king of tho
Kioieflort; Straw Bell at < hieogo, tho Commentary of a Llbcrt.ne,
uur Conntrjr and our l onauli; Li to of Reion Jews'!
> 4 K. P. Kot>'m??u; Curreepor donee fr<>?a California, Now
tlwii, Bo. on, Saratoga, Bthloa Spa, Pino Bluff, Jtfferoon
uu |. Albanian, Bo., ho.. Be. Office 1UH Naaeau aireet.
144 rot) whore.
TIM re he comet with all tlM New*, toandh'g
; ai and soar, aad revealing the aecret that tho only plaoo
ha the oily a hare go. 4 iioote van bo found, la at tho eorner of
1 ai1 nil sad N kxrun >tre< t< opiniitu oar olflee Prannh Calf,
It as fa* C?lf {8 # : tne Pa'eit Leather 'Ivhiri ana
Bkcai, squally low, and made to ordar at abort notice.
Professor Plunabe's Dafucrreotjrpea-To
tkure who have ?o them. it is not u*ct**ary for ua to raaiisd
thru i f their anpermrity ov?r any other that they bare
seta. an txan. nation ?f the National Gallery. No. 861
raadway. up?er rnrner of Murray a treat, will satisfy aay
sas af tba jnatica af our rrmarha.
comusicTT u ttikiiT
Thursday, August 3d?41 P.m.
ITs hate never known Wall ntrset st this tssann of
tba year so inactive. There appears to be no life
in atcek speculators, and from existing Indication", it
will be a long time before the (took exchange again
wears its usual aspect. Some of the leading fancy
stecks bare recently fallen so low in public conlidenoc
that It Is impossible to get up any speculation, and we
know that several of the speculating diroctors In them
hare large lota of stocks on hand, which they hold
with fear and trembling. It ia not astonishing that
these parties complain of any txjtote of the atlairs at-d
nandition of these companies, or that they watch the
market with so much anxiety. They know full welj
what a Tolcano they are standing on, and they are
fearful of an explosion before they get rid of their
At the first board, t?-day, Pennsylvania 5's declined
)i percent; Erie Railroad, )?; Morris Canal. Harlem,
,V Heading Railroad Improved >?. At the second
hoard there were sales of Harlem at a further destine
of per cent.
Now that the cholera has nearly disappeared.and most
- sf the brokers have returned to the city, the causes
to whioh the dulness and depression of the stock market
were attributed, have been removed. We are now
a little curious to learn what new cause will be given
for the continued inactivity, or in what way the ab"
sense of all speculation will be satisfactorily accounted
for. So tar as the money market Is ooncerned, there
is nothing to complain of. Capital is cheap, and easy
in Km on ffoml riwurili ah u.t rut mm rgmri hit from
to seven per cent. Basinets is active, and the
prospects of a heavy fall trade were never more flattertig.
Notwithstanding all these things, there is not
the slightest indication of a speculative movement in
stoeks, or in anything else. People are not so fond of
the dangers and risks attending these things as in
former years, and avoid them with great firmness and
The receipts at the ofllce of the Assistant Treasurer
of this port, to-day, amounted to $113,344 23 Payments,
$39,017 27. Advices. $81,000. Balance, $2 887,763
The earnings of the Lawrence Manufacturing Company
of Lowell, for the last six months, are stated to
he tire and a half per cent, but the dividend has not
yet been declared. Lor two semi annual periods previous
to the one which has just expired, the balance
thee'? of the 1 awrence Company, which has a capital
oi f 1 COO C00 show a loss.
The earnings of the Kssex Company, in Newburyport
for the last six months, are stated to he four per cent
hat no dividend Las been made, as there was a loss of a
tike amount on the previous six months work, and the
arnirgs of the last half year are required to make
whole the capital of the eompany.
The annexed statement of the (inanolal operations
f the Treasury of Pennsylvania, from the 10th of April
to the 14th of August inst, according to the report of
the Treasurer made to the Governor,exhibits a balance
la hand, on the 14th of August, of $303,183, and etti
mates of the receipts and expenditures from August 14,
1849. to the let of February, 1830. by which it appears
that there will he a balance in hand, on the 1st of Feb'Uary.
1430. of $164,228 13.
StsTK op rnvksvlvam*?Co.vdition ot tiif. TkXISLIT.
To amount of money received in Stato
Treasury, from the loth April to the 14th
of August. 1849 $2,173,338 80
By amrunt of money paid nut of Treasury
inc? iDe mm 01 Apiu. tij :?
Paid loan made to bimi Ktb'ry
Interest $201 863 34
raid draft! of Canal Cemmisniisau-ners
and 1< ek-keepers
va*e# on Slate works 468 030 92
raid ilcu-age# on oanals. ke.. 13.028 00
Paid hospital for Insane poor. 20.000 00
Paid public institutions in
Philadelphia 14,000 00
raid A uguiet interest on 8tate
debt, and \Tioga. Pottsville
and Dnuulle guarantees. . . 1,014,747 01
Paid expense# oi government,
lie Its 76,822 61
1,866,001 SO
Balanee $606,166 00
To estimated amount of receipts at State
Trnurry. fiom the 14th of Aogust, 1849,
te> 1st bebi nary, i860, Tls:?
From the public works $729,000 00
6 rem outstanding tales 804 (mogul
From tavern lteen*es 20 300 0U
From tas e>n, diridends and
bank stocks 63 320 00
HTre m money collected. and ae.
eounts now due in banets of
unfaithful and laeOicient
agents 91.000 00
fr?u> all ether resources.. . . 604 674 00
$1 704 300 00
$2,009,466 00
By receipts in the sinking
fund tee-ins; the amount of
State debt paid off this ye-ar. $204 438 67
By pay meats tee he made let
State Trcaeory from tbe
14th Angeiet. to the 1st February
Tsi'.O ae jk r appropriation
bill CPS 000 69
By interest on State debt, to
be paid 1st F< bi nary. 1330. . 943 000 00
1 847. 418 87
f-.xedt $144 XW 13
Tbi balanee is applicable to the completion of the
North Branch Canal, and wa learn that It is In dAulenlpiation
to comm. nee work at eenec upon that line. In
alluding to the resource-* and expenditures of the State,
the Treasurer say#:- The estimated receipts In treasury,
from the public work*, outstanding taxes and
other source* of revenue mentioned, are be*-J upon a
careful examination of the income from those source#
In previous years, and It Is eoofldently b-lleved they
an he relied on, esp- eially If collections are praseeed
-with that energy which I am aware It is your desire to
tafnee Into the builr.esi operations of all the department#
of the govemme-nt. A considerable sum ean
alm> he r?all.:i l ny preying ma ri ueouon 01 tuc i*r?'"
amount of account* now la th* Land* of ?arl"ua
olloctiag agent*.
"1 h<- largo appropriation of orer $1 300,000 to tho
public worli?. by the lata <>en*ral Aeaembly, will 41*
, nbarg* th* 8tat? tndabtednee* thereon, and will free
4b* triaaury the coming year of that burthen. In aon- ,
#?q?' nc*. w* map toft-ly ralcala'o that no mora than
9100,000 will b? required bp *ha Stat* work* th* *n?n- j
hig year In thl? r!*w cf th* *uhj*?t, there oan be no ,
h-aluoey In raring, that th* Stat* d?b* may l?* reduced
at l*a?t three hundred thousand dollar* next
year, and nt the mm* time glee, under the net of th* j
10th of April lart. the ruin of from t'eO OOO to f 900.000 ;
toward* th* com) l*tl>>n of th* North Brnnoh nnal '*
Th* annexed atatenient exhibit* tbe quantity of certain
rrticlei exported from thlr port, tor th* we-k
ending the 2*th lort , dlntingai.ihlng th* declination
and extent of ehlpmont* to taeb place
Cnwwrai r. or tit* Pear or Ni w 1'HI. - Wuti.r
T? Lmie*? Forln. bbl*., 878 ; turpentine. 3 572 ; tar,
00; rcneea root 1 >a!>14, tobacco keg*. ao-?; d" b ? *
17; Oil peppermint, ca*ee, 4 ; fur*, pkg* . Ill, heeewat.
lb* 6,7'*0, checee, W (H 1, oilcake, 00,636; etaee*, No,
Th Lhtrfl- Hour, bblt ,9.8-18; port. 816; roa'n,7S2;
nrn, bu?h , 4,020; tapkea. ra?k?. 40. Iltne wood, ton*.
71 : lard oil. gal* . 214 , rpaim oil 9 475; ?h****, lb*.,
1H746 , lard. 86 .868 ; hfe.wa*. 1244. tobacco, hhl<
81; do. tlercea, 13; d* half tierce*. 18; ?uv*i, No,
TW Aeirrarfle?Turpentine, bbl* .2 1*7, ro?ln, hbl* , 25
Te O'atgeir?Flour, bbl*.. 4,418 ; tar. 700 ; pork. 20;
r- -in. 1,068; rhrnm* ere, 140; gr butter, lb . 81 504;
whale r il gal* . 7 674 cerm oil 2,186; tobacc . hw I*
"4i do. ti*reM, 60, oil |ii-pp>rmint 1 2, iUih
Ko . 84 000.
T? HarttilUtBbrt, hhd* . 100: W?w??, lb*., 8 400;
. M. wtod. ton* 8?, *t???*. No. 14.000.
To Hantt Totrno- Ho*ln bbl* . 000 ; fWtor oil, 80;
rp tor|.?nt gnl* 2.748; K \ dy*W'?l? AO , |ogw,-,od.
i"i?? 40 ; o?d?r log*, 66, hop*, half*, 10?; iriry nut*,
bog' 'iMi
To Holtend?roto?h. bbl* , 102 ; p??rl?*b. 1 ; rooln,
116; no l*? hhd 100 . logwood. ton*. 14'> , ?t0To*.
K?v. T,0?0
To roto'b bbl*. 287. r??ln. SCO. logwnod,
too*. 278; *ar*aportll*. b*l?? I#, whoW h'no lb* #600
To Ho** ny. Hv rim oil />-..?**<, I.ngwn l ton* .V)
To Portugal?Tilth nod tor. bbl* 86. logwood, too*,
34; mohng*ny. pt*r**, 60; rleo. half tlrret*. 90; *tl?H.
94o , 4t 000; .pur*, 60.
To Haitiv ?toro?, N? 60 000.
To E?st bodies?OIimi|, Mtki, 208; fom, 18j domes
tlca baUa. SO
To i M?Flour. bbla, 106; rloe. IS; domestic*,
pkge, 80: powder. 10; hams, lb*., S784; Urd, 407; sperm
candle*, boxes, 00.
To Dutch Wat Indus?Floor, bbla , 885; rya loot,
300; rice, 28; pork 57; bread, 70; beef, 10; oorn, bu?hels
600; pea*, 280: wbai* oil. gallon*. 1 071; fish. lb ,
1.400; tvbacco, mfd . 7 020; lard. 2.616; butter. 4 674;
oap, boxes. 110; mould eaadlea, 40; cordage, ooila, 16;
domeatio*. pkg* , 18.
To Danish H'rst Indies? Pork, bbla . 21; mackerel.175;
cbrria lb 1.261; tobacco, mfd., 1,117.
To British WssI fruiter?Flour, bbla , 232; meal, 16;
rye flour 10; bread. 40; pork. 34: beef, 06; eoru bu?^ ,
400; brandy, foreign gallon* 277; aoap, boxes. 25; anro.
aandlea. 12; mnnld caudlea. 27; lard lb. 1.272; butler,
602; cheeae. 621: heme, 805; rtaeea No , 90 000.
To Hrrico? Cinnamon, balm. 10; paper, reama, 200;
domestic*, pkg* . 64; tin plate*, boxea, 24; aperm caudlea.
26: cocoa, bag*. 100.
X* BrUitk North Jourica? Flour, bbla., 2,177; rye
flour, 620; rice 8; pork 825; meal. 100; broad, bbla , 28;
at area, No , 8,000; leather, lb., 1 295; tobacco, mfd.,
There waa greater activity in breadstuff* during the
paat week, the ahipmentH having been largely in exoesa
of thoae for the week previous. The export* amounted
to 17,401 bbla. flour, 6.010 buahela Indian corn. 630 bbla
rye flour, and 1C0 bbla. corn meal. The moveineut in
ether articles of produce were ti about the usual oxtent.
The past two or three steamers from Liverpool
have brought accounts of the meat favorable character
relative to the growing crops and harvests of Great
Britain, and the prospect wan, at the latest dates. that
the producer* of that country would hare an average
yield. This will without doubt, tend to the restriction
of asportations of breadstuff* from the United States,
but the deficiency in the domestic supply in England
is very great compared with the domestic consumption,
and will be ffurnished to a greater extent from this
country for the future, than in any previous year. We
shall, at all times, have powtrf,d competitors in the
corn markets of Great Britain, in the great grain growing
countries of the continent, but we have little feci
that we shall not find a demand at remunerating pricet
for all the surplus of breadstuff* we can spare, after providingfor
our enormous domestic consumption. During
the winter months the shipments to foreign countries
'rom the Northern Atlantic ports must, ftrom necessity,
be moderate, as we have an immense section of country,
cofftaining u large population, to supply during the six
months suspension of navigation, and prices, therefore
generally rule above remunerating shipping points
Shipments from the South, during the winter months,
oan be made more safely and upon better terms than
in any other season, and the exportation consequently
doe* not eatirely cease at any time throughout th?
year. Trices for breadstuff* in the principal Atlantic
markets hare ruled so low during the past six months,
that producers have not been at all anxious to get theti
Applies forward, and the prospect is not. therefore,
very favorable to the consumer the approaching winter.
Our means of communication with the West are
equal to the transportation of three times the quantity
of breadstuff'and produce received, nud nothing will
bring out the bulk of the surplus of each year's crops,
but high prices. We are consequently subject to great
fluctuations in prices, from the summer to the winter;
and we have no hopes of any change until after out
communication with the West during the winter it
superior to what it is at present.
Stork Exchange.
?:<i00 C S 01. 'Cl 113% lAOats Morris Canat M,
1J(00 do 114 200 do s
2 0( 0 Treamry Notes 115'? 17 fTtiea S: Syrac RR 1H
41-00 filiio <>'?, i>0 lot 2". Eric KR (W'i
li* 0 Indiana state .ft V> do fil??
2 4**) 1'tun'a Vt sdO S7 ??L Island RR 1?l,
704 ? do MW 3oo Kcalirs it it is*) a:1.
1(4*) City S i, VW 100U ion do ?I0 . 'I',
loOd do 00 1(1% 100 do
ltii'C do 100 40 N Y k N Hav RR i?l
:<7 'hi Vnitoa Raak 11? 3d do 'J0\
ti) Morris lokul
HO th? Ilarb m RR s'*) '.t ?4) sh* Long Islan I rnTO 19'.
100 do WW fiS1,'
'SmrSmm iPiwiE Imi m.
.fastcert It -fdcev/ieewenH tent Ay mail mull Ac yvtlfmid.
or Ikey will not Ir taken fiom Ike Pott Office.
noon, or Tlirredav inurninr. from She eorner o(
North Moore. In Urcenwieh Kroet. to Fulton, or in Fulton
helow Grtenwiah, a waiter, cnntaiolnr about S7?i, chiefly in
Ea'trm fiatfi: tm i) 101) hi 11 a on ihff TrAi#?i' Rank HtiMfnw.
lad about 170 of mot ?y of ti e city of New York. The above
reward a ill be paid to hut poraon returning the eame to
A HE I. BAKF.R 221 b'ult )B etrect. N. V.
?lv marked '* Sample*," and three other parcels eoutainin*
letter* addreeaed to the Wllllllke, Laeenej memorandnni
hook, eardr, enpfe* of coireepnnrtenec. Ike. The ahova
arti. le? dropped out ol a trunk buret open on hoard Steamer
Canada, and art of no uae except to the o>\ nor Apply at
aRiae of Irving tlonae. 1) A V 11> ft \ M I El..
123 Weat ltroad nay. to the Beat OIKoe, a Gold Cro?a,
oun oiled anh blue, and marked M. Loaeingtun. Any poraon
y -turning the name to L3 Wait Broad*ay , will racolve two
dollaia reward, and the thankaor the owner
Democratic electors of the seventeenth
Ward, friendly t? regular nomination*, and the ma^ea
i t thr i arty tin ;>.jit et.- ! fo meat at Hermitage Hall, corner
Allen and !Iou?'<>n ela., <n Friday Eirning next. Slat
inat , at A o'clock, to elect a Dele/ate to the Convention, to
be l,ald at Syracuse on the Ath September next.
W. II M ANSFtbLI). Chairman pro. tem.
Thos Rir:tl tv. r'aerrtary, pro. ?im.
Io. or o. f-tue r. w. grand lodge of the
State of New Y rk will hold an aijourned eufeion thu
(Friday) evening, at A eMoek, at tlia Grand L> 'ge Room,
National Ball, Canal atrt-et. By order,
BENJAMIN J. IT.NTX. Grand Seo'y,
I r? atrtat?Mr. M. O. Tra"y. and lliaa B. B. Sraitii,
Prinripala. Second eaaaica, 13th year, roiumenera on Monday.
8t p" mber d. Anllratleail I >n may be made
at the achool room, or to any of the 8chnnl Comtnittee.
JxilRS KUGEKJ, Chairman.
Juo- Cai.tii Swtrw. Secretary.
Notice.?inf. rev. mk. h. a. henry, or lonHon.
will officiate a? under. and deliver a diarouree, on
Pattirday morning next, Sept. ! ?., In the .Hynagnrna of the
{ ton-ere* ation Boat I raid, No. t&4 I'enrl Street, Sinter to
! e. ntt ti.'i at " o'clock, ,1. II. I,EON, rroetdent.
enter, are partienlarly re<|tte?t#d to mak' p iymant to
Bo peraon, un lean ahewing u rltteo authority f r m hint.
SAMUEL lUU'K, 37* Broadway.
iN. II E.-CA I'T P '. 1 N I MBit ( A M b rASSENGI.R
in the Brltleh al.tp Sir Howard Douglas from Hriool,
)* reunited to oall at He. H Mow tt root.
V Hall, OfBe* of Keealvar of r*xre, Aug IS, ls4;t?Aathe
bate for paying the annual Con.mutation Fine fay Military
! Seryif* will loon iiplre, the Reretter of Taxee would urge
t.|<n cltixita detiroua of paying the ooirtmula.ioa, the ne!
c-agCy of waking early payment. and thn* avoid thadetantlon
and iBccni Mt??? artt h* frbui ltd er??d ?f the few laat
day a, IlARVlfj HaRT, rlcvirff (f TtfM.
Tl" I' ' HAITI AND.?NOTICE I * lll.liftll
glrcp, that oa the let of Octohar next, twenty-Are per
' c?lt f.t the J-PB<-If.al ?( the Stock of thi* But*. which wan
eve* Wd m b"r?tllhee ef an net paaged at Beeembar *e vinn.
i I-Id, ihapter KM. will ha pa d at tne I oan Office in Baltimore:
! altar wh'ch dry inch portion of laid Stock will eeaeo to hoar
I iBtereat. D. CLAUDE, Treaiurrr.
Anropolir. let Any. IB).
J. Company (old t hemteal Bank I.?Notice la hereby given,
I that tlx yeara will alapae on the 24th day of February, IIVM,
llnoe (bit e. rporatlon ?ai dtaoolved. t.y the expiration of ita
I i tarter ; and tbe tuherrihera, ae 1 rnateee lor the benefit of Ita
r?d t< ra tad atoek holder*, will thereafter pro. a< d to bring Ik
j aShira to a t-nnl rloao. In the ir.aanttme, all persona. In nity
or rorntry, hi Iding any af Ita notaa or bill*, ar having any
cla.mi or drmvnd* agalnat tl." lata Bank, are re pirate I to
I moves I the eame for payment at the office of the Triietroa.
' No. 14 I'ark I'lai o, la tb* el:* of New York. OfF ? lu urv froin
I IS to S o'clock. Da'ed Now York Angu?t Ath, l?ld.
14 II.MAM T. M< tOUM, )
GEoRi.E JONES. _ ,
A. GOBI ON IIAMER31Y, 'Tf"'t?ea.
i r F.a*laa. a*>ora hair horao powaa, mtda by Allalra, iti,
I atreog. and wall Balthod, with a atari p>xtna r?d Apply ai
I o t.i , < > n.?r r.r Br"o-ia aad R'ooatoratroata,
r t Ttin tl 7A i'rf? ot Piaa I.and aonalttloB or ahrut
I a^nal pa, porttoaa af paatara, prima land aad wood ; product
frvita of til hind*. with a parf^tly bow too * t ry llmxa
j tb'troa. anntaialng fonr lar*? ro>?n?. bo*|daa o?ll?r aad hlt|
ahcn It will b? tanad, oa latportloa. tiiltablo r?r any gan[
t|r n.xn. tB'i it ta a braauful locality. Addro-a s H. H, aa
aba* a.
The ri HRCRincR orritRs for bale iiis corntry
plaaa, at Throa'a Mark, R?t?h?Mr, foortooa mil**
fiom too rity?CO aoro?, wttii all na<- nary Imp "rant-ola.
Alto to lot, fat a hoarding liotita. aha b'nao llo. 41 R'binaoa
at root, with thr dwalllag part orar tlia atora, fronting n
Crtanwlch airaat. Apply to
JOHN I- BinilT. No. 31 Proat ti.i or
trrltar fearing atpaadod batoaaa artooa aad alxtaan
thnaxord dollar! in tha ooaatraotiaa of a fltnam Raw and
rioartaa Mill, Uada. bnlldlaro. Ra.( aad aat having a anfB
oiaat rapttal to carry oat hla projort. wdaha* ta taka a part tar
for tha abora, objaot. or to borrow SIt**i an toad and
I a>< rtcmro. Dtraat 118 H'alkar atraat, New York. Iwttara
n..iot\? |- ?t raid. john H BATE.
daalnbla throa atory Hon". 211 lltimnvnd atraat, with
martla mantal*. hatho, Rr. Thr toaaat lonroa it with reach
rairat. hrt hit hnainaaa dmr* town rt|nlraa Ma protonoa day
aad alght. K' at Mrs. N. II. A gatitaal waitar waatad at
th> ' Ft raom? II ox I, l? l)aj t.
Rooms to hint, furnished or unfurnished,
by Oa day, waah, m >ath, or yaar, at.T47 Broadway, rot
n?r I,?nn*rd nir^t J RVRkRR.
1M NTON => BOTII RT JftMlg RTRr.rr h'VluiN
r II. foalon brgt t* aoiualnt ftmillo* knit
Timlin* l-nadoB. Mat th?j will find thi* Hotol partioalarlr
*11*11,l? n? arnoaat *f It* Tirtalty to tho Tala** and tho
Park*: tod It* aaoolloat attiiatton la th* mo*t f?*hlonahla
part of th* town. A Ar*t rat* C*ok I* attmhod to thi* *- !
tabli*a?*ak tad tho rollar I* nnnanntl y oholoo tod *o|o?t,
lid trttt tktag I* dot* whloh oaa *nadno* to toaionltnoe
nd ooiafort, with >ior*dla|1y modtrat# *harr?v Th? hirfti ,
approhatioa ?tr ?l hy famUlo* of Ant dl*tta*tinn. both
Ro*1i*h aad forri*a, oaoonraa* tb* bop* that tho aamo aatrna
r" Bit? *ttll ba attondod to it. P. II. Toatoa ha* addtd a
prlrttt bat*I y? kl? **t*bli?h?**t. J*o. U Park Fiat*.
?mm?^ mmm??h?mm?
MJ uud grand French Railet oonhimiL?FrMijr avaning,
August SI, will A* performed. Bellini'* grand Optrn of
NORMA?Norma, Sigi <>r<na Furtuaata Tadeaco ; Adalgisa,
Rigours Vita Caraati; Polliun*. Signer A. Arnoldi; Orovoao,
Eisner Novell! jClothiida, Siguora Avogadro , Flavio, Signor
! Pi.moitati, To conclude with the Ballet panto mtiu* of
I.'ILLL'SION D I N PE1NTRE?PraariMo. Nona. Durnod;
Donna liibrllt, kilt. Blangy; heeae d* I'llluelon, Mile.
Klanpy. Poor* open at 7, to begin at half-past 7. Ur n
Circle and Paiguet. (I, Family and Third circle*, 90 pent* i
Gallery. 25 cent*. Prival* box* may be obtained.
J Brougham. Stage-Manuger.?Benefit of Mr. W. Wright.
Friday evening, August 31. will ha played, the Comedy of
THE POOR CENT LEMAN?8lr Robert lirainbla, Mr. Burton;
Sir l harle* Cropland, Mr. Hind, (hit first appearance in
Anenca:) Frederick Bramble, Mr. Brougham; Lieut. Worthinglt
n Mr. l.yune ; Corporal Foaa, Mr. Clarke ; Pr. 01 la pod,
Mr. Wripht; Emily Worthirgton, Mr*. Knight; Mies M'Tah,
Mr*. U>i.tt. To oanrl ude with the UN FINISH ED OENTLK1
M AN?Lord Totterly, Mr. Hamilton ; Hon Frisk FWramer,
Mr. Clarke; Charles Danvera, Mr. Lavere; Billy Downey,
Mr. W. W right. Bore*. Drees Circle and Parquetta, 5) aenU.
Ladies and gentlemen of the theatrical
profession are informed that the Lyceum Tbaatre. Boston,
will open for the season early In September. Applications
for engagement* to be made to the snhsnriber. (post
aa successful and popular as tier, and will bo repeated
every evening till further notice, commencing with
Vocal and Instrumental PROMENADE CONCERTS, and
it militating with the popular SUMMER RALLS, in whteh
all visiters Lav* the privilege of joining. Tickets - > cents.
labdt street, New York, and 3t> South Sisth strict,
Philadelphia, Laa just issued hia Fall Fashion* tor gcutleli.cu
t * taring apparel for the Fall and Winter of IStSI ai.d
J>,Vi. Upon presenting our patrons and frieuds with the Fall
VnwhiriiM vp ha?f Iprvu t.n utile that nn cist irw c h iiiirit h.ui lix.vit
adopted iu the getting up of the pint*, which inakus it hoth
useful end ornamental, ut the tame time containing rauny
mure figures than any of tiv former works. The book i? also
enlarged and embellished ?itli figures and draft* for onttiug,
end at, < mpunicd by a paturu sheet, that U full aud complete.
V\ elrcapeatfull) aak the trade, before supplying them1
selves tin* rail, te examine what we oiler you, an you may be
, letter ph ased and aavc aome mouey?aa my work in turuuhed
you enure lor only $1, on poit- paid ordera.
A. W11 EEI,MR, Reporter,
4 Cortlaudt street, Now York.
are now pui lulling an elegant Engraving of fie
death of the Kev, John Wealoy, ougraved in the highest atyle
' of art, by John >aituin, Esq., after tlie celebrated painting of
, Maribalf t'la xtuD The kngraviu? la of a livr.e toe, suitable
for framing, and will l>e priuted en thu beat quality of heavy
, plate paper, in a very auperior manner, each itupreaaion pretention
all the hemii lea of a tirM class | roof, an I w ill be fur>
in. I.ed at the followmit nnuaually low price* :?i copy, $S3tt
> 3 copies, S6; 7 copies, <12; 13 copies, Jr.. Twenty copies for
th rt.v dollars! bo that membera ofcongregation* and others,
by uniting together ami fnriuing oiuba, aau obtain thin moat
imireraive picture at only ono dollar and a half a copy M
Suir<uuding the hed of the dying patriarch arc nineteen
, fnut", representing the following peraona (of many of whom
accurate pertinta ore given, froiu originala of great rarity):
1 ? Rev. a'i aid Dickinson. Rev. Joseph Bradford, lira. Charlei
Wesley, Mits barah M eslev. Kev Thumaa Hanaiu. Mrs. Lather
Ann K<f?.s, Dim Ritchie, afterwards Mrs. Mortimer; Kor.
> J a m i hegir'. Maiur Janice Ropers, a ehihl seven years of
ace, the only person now living who was then pro*eut; Kev,
Juun s t reighti n, Kev. Alexander Mather, Robert C. braoktnbiuy.
Hi v. John liroadhent, Rev. Thomas lir adbeut. Rev.
George Whitfield, R?v. Jon,than Kdinonsnn, John Morton,
L>q , one of I te exec liters of Mr.. Wesley's will; Dr. John
Whitehead. Mr. W esley a physician cud biographer; A medical
asri-tsnt to Dr. Whitehead Agents for tuo sale of this
line work of art are w anted in evert part of tho I'nited States.
i Allirdeis should specify Sartaia's Engraving. For farther
i particulars, address
LAUDING A BIGGINS, I'liblishera,
Methodist Hook Store, No. 40 North 4th Mr et, 1'liila.
Tbe Engraving can be placed on a patent roller, and sent
by mall without injury, at a very trifling expeneo
J of the Society of Jesus, 77 Third avenue.?W a shall re'
suine our ectu lwMio duties on Monday, the 3d of September.
Let ma request parents to ho punctual in lending their children
on the appointed dty. Terms?for boys above nine, $?;
under nine, isJO a ) oar, payable quarterly in advance.
j. lark IN, S. J.
Dancing academy, n?. 110 grand street,
three bouses from Broadway.?Mr. Saraoco, professor,
author, rnd first introducer of new dances in tho I'nited
States, being astonished at seeing that soino ladividu vis
whi se proleSsion is v?ry far from that of dancing, had puhliebid
a notice purporting to teach all tho dancca wliiiii he
Liuiarlf teaches, bus the lienor to Inform pernios of the upper
class of socioty. who usually honor him with their patronage,
that bnv ing spent i weaty years to t?m|?leto a method which
hue met every where with universal approbation, and especially
in New York; and that, being the only professor in
tho Lni'td Stairs who ran teaeh the modems dances, all persons
* ho let tb< imelvr* be entreated to learn at thosohool
of the ahoveuieationed (unskilful pupiie of a few months
leseons). w ill be entirely mistaken; and Instead of saeoeeding
in osncingsi'tcrthe new ai il inodtrn style of Now York,
ibi y w ill with their utmost dance badly the old ?tvle, wkich
it fastidious and cut of grace nnd fashion. His saloons will
lie optm d every day, ami at all hours, for classes and private
lessens. Brivatoleseons also given in families A siibiiripti<
n is open en the 1st of .'September f't eight months for
rers< n? who are good dancers, and who wish, to practise,
t.ldts his distinguished dances, the lledowa Walls, Polka
Mesouika.and Walts in live steps, kr. be. T'is Sistien
> rmcs, Hedowa W si's, tjiiadrillf *, and the /.mgarilla, (new
dances invented bv Mr. Saracen) will bo tho new dancos of
the u-x? seaeon, w'blrh Mr. Saracco respectfn'ly offers to the
American public, who have so geo< ronsly favored the exorcito
of his talents during the lasi three years.
Lfl Tt-ieliit of the Flan, Flute, OrzuD, U<' , ha? re-unicd
% vin : lex iie tu the fthi.i e 4r. i rnitscntmim ueu.iI. Lntiiu* *ml
gentleiih D tiual.t at th? ir r aniente. Addrtwe N >. W llo?;
kr Mr.il ScVooli attended.
X w ill mil on Thursday, 'In >i' li September. I'.ir t'retir'.t or
rs bavin,: ipltndid ? .coiumndatn lis, apply on beard, at
foot of Cllulon etreet, or t<t Robert Kcrrnit, 7t> South street.
- via ( Hsmcs, First September,?Tbs nsw aud splendid
steamship CKE.-CENT CITY, 1.AH0 ton* burthen, Charles
Modc'sad, master, will leave for Chagrea direct, from
tier dock, at plsr J. N. R . on Saturday, first September,
at ihrse o'clock. The Crescent City (or* direct to Chagres,
without touching at intervteUisto porta, thus ensuring
that pavieogers by this steamer will rtaoli Panama in Urns
for the If. 8. I*?e|fcc Mall SP comer of October lot.
1'assage In th? after saloon 81*)
Do do forward aaloon,.. ltd
Do do lower raoia 100
Do do tteerarc SO
Freight on ri'vele one pc-cent. Merchandise, 7U cent* per
foot. Eight cubic feet of baggage allowed each caMn paa'enger;
sii cubie feet for each steerage passenger. No pai-u-aa
secured oaloe* paid for. Any person remit nay one- half toe
amount of pannage money can secure a berth for one week,
for freight or passage, apply ta
; f. HOWARD fc SON. 84 Broadway.
Ths IMTIRK CUT will follow the C. C., on Saturday,
14th September.
Jan ceon's. Dublin. Yoksr. R itn?ay limy Campbell
Town and Dundts llill, in I'nited Statu* Bonded Warehoure,
entitled te deben-are. tor sal- by
liiOM AS M< MVLLEN, 10 Wall street.
M llrtirbinakrrs, bclbg au excelloat substitnt* for biiatlss,
i for sal* at II Broaeway.
rr Wlllicm street, one deor from Btekmasi.?Just reeoired
fr< <u my Agent in i'srln, one of tho meat splendid assort
men Is cf Stance Slid Cornices ever imported Into this
eoun'ry. To people of taste wishing to furnish their home*
will find a rf*'t assortment, and at very low prte?*. Curl,
I is and Brassss, tic. 8 AM (El, t. ItlRTOL.
a A-h Bmre and Egg Coal, and delivering the aimc from
boat, at i..>: from yard, screened, at (
Corner of King aud Ure awl eh.
Cravats?mrs. reman iias jrsT opened a scj.ib
issor'raent of rich eilk and fancy 4 ravnt*. at her
Shirt and Gentlemen's Furnishing Store. No. 1 Astor House.
Also. Jn?t tnannfartnred, a new etylo of Uctnan Collars.
Board-a gf.nti.eman and hi* i.adv wish to
ol laia a furnished room with beard, la a prlrate family,
la the neighborhood ofthe Park, between Chambers and Barclay
?ta. Address W. W., this office.
lay la tbetr Winter supply of Coal, by calling at tha
f oal A ards. Third Avenue, sear Twenty foarth street, oaa
obtain an article *'|ual to aay in the city. end at the very
lowest market prise OEOkCE T. CONCKL1N.
Ale: ale: am'-the si bscriber has, this
day: opened n stsre at No. IS James's street. New York,
for the sale, of I'ala, Amber, and Brona Ale, having mad*
arraagemeate with s'me of the moat siuasiv* maeufnetorirs
of tho artiele ia the eountry ifand from sixteen rears'
experience ia the Brewing busimas, he will be enabled 10
keep in hand an extensile and fholre assortment of the
srtii fe, equal to sty- lUluarati, wnien n? win ,*n at the 1
rtrniar marlei pri?e. HTii oil coatomor*, toiU Is M?? Vork
and Brooklyn. aad tho puhllr cnaeraily, are tntited to rail i
before pur. hieing sleewheet: lit hna. nlan. a akiela# aeaort- 1
meat of London Pro* a Atont aad Philadelphia P ,rtor, ta
which ha invitee the attention ?f dn*ler?.
JOHN COLOAN. H Jamoa trcct. i
P. S ?-G#od? delivered, fro* of expense. ta nay part of tha
' ally or the eurrc i ndie* enn're. |
TWOTITf 1 urRKIIV l 'HblD Al.l rril'OM FROM
la harboring? trusting ayr wife, Liiialeii, l>??< < i my
nreoant, as the has left n<y bi d and board, without anyjnet
estif* at pfoeorntion. 1 will not b* accountable for any debt*
alia may contract. JOHN UoWll.
" tela, containing J.'-t Ibc. each, for aalc l>y
JAM Kb W.tTAON h ( " . fc r. orl at reel.
article, of inalitya - alltd for neateoce, ?">a
1*) ami eleenni e, pnt np in metal eaewe, which will la?t for
year*. Price only oenta. For ante by thn inventor,
t. *:? *?:?: K A I'll A Kl? ( ? tnlr?ale or r??ail, j 15o2 I'enrl ?
1 Manufacturer# ? For aale, a new and Itaprov id Knliag
Machine; one inn be aeen in operation at N?e>ra. Pratt,
Woodford k t o , Ifil Pearl ?tr?et. Al-n. L. Edward'i patent
I'm l ifter, for atrihiac the red lino* in rnlinr. Ala* Hark
Ativrre, Blank, Sheep and Low Cslfaktno, of Mr flenrsa
Dudley a Tannin*; If thl? leather I* not the Inrieet In the
world. It ia the ben', aa nompetmt Jndgae hnra pronounced it
inch at the late fnlrof tl.oArr, riean laetitnt*. Alao, F nail?h
Cold ttklrnra, i f erety dcsreipilta. Gnat Moroaoo, < eld Calf,
I he., Binders' Mualia, Mn-ble Toper, he. For enle by
J AM IS COttR. 21V,S Pearl etrcct.
N. B ?Two aaroad hand Muling Machinec, in goad order,
or anle cheap.
chip Halcyon. Por oalo by NATIIAN CASWELL,
B kor. fit' Wall atre. i.
quality, either vf iron or word, or part Iron aad pari
wood, manufactured with drepatch, and warranted; alee,
eitra ryliadara. oatra catter heads, extra knleee, nan tvrry
..?.v """" """ " "Voh'pJ
0?m?r *f Omrn nnd Tork btrrota. Jnrrry Lity, N. J.
Dior SHOT, amn, Riri.i and pistoi, balk*.
of >11 tlrno,?ndb by ??ehjn?ry nf roM l?>4. 1.a?4 Ply*
u4 Short Lm4. t. 0. i.rroy k co..
W1 u<l W K'lhv btrrot, N. Y.
H~ schvlt1no. deai.rr in ci/>th, cassirrrm.
*f , I'M!, by this, to infirm thr tr?l?, thn' h? hu ??
1 I ond in,on dollar a worth ?f f'.onda, for lha ?omln* hmoi,
b> nylit At anrtlnn, *kioh lib *111 1*11 by thr pkn, ?t
i root. for nf r??h. fall at I'7 H illiom nr?i, nnrna* ?f Ann
btrrat, in tha bnar?aot, nod yon *111 And boranino.
ENOLian, rrtncn. ormiAW and asiatic nutsytforb.?A
nrirrd Hat *f npwnrda of on? kondrad londla?
Jonrnnlb. with thn pnlltira of tnob. mny bn nbtninnd an
noraannl applJeatinn, or by lattnr. noatnotd _
^ w will.* A It Ik Rooms,
Wkbltiblb and Rbtnil Nrwa Araata, Rnropnnn Timor 0?a?.
if Nmni niNt, New tut
Nibi.o*s garden.?friday evening, august
31, the enivrtaiLineuie will tmuin with a Grand
OvirUrt, by the Oteheatra. AfUr which, JOCKO?The Ape,
J. Mnrtetti; Pipo Frencuie Ravel; Loremo, Jerome Ravel;
Fernandr*. Abtnine Ravel; Pedro, C. Lehu.au; lime. Fernaadei,
Nine. J Ravel; Cera, Mile. A. Lehinau. To be euoeeeded
by the aatonivhinf and elegant feaU on the Tight
Rope. by Leon Juvelii. iBteimiwinn of half-an-hour, for
ProBivBadv, lie Ta eowclade with the popular vemie pactornin
e of GODKN8KI?Goceu.-ki, Franoci* Ktvel; charaotare
b* the Ravel Family. Admie-iort AO veuta. Door* open at 7
'clock, to KBBun at 8 preclrely.
BAKNLMS AMERICAN MUSEUM.-Spltadid perfbrmanvee
ta the atternoon at SX, aad evening at 8 o'clock.
The mammoth Crooodile, tuet arrived from the River Nile,
aad which i* tea feet ta length, may be eeca at all hour*;
alec, the amnrlag fareee entitled Perfective aad The Otaaibu*
will be enacted at eaoh ei terr ain menu Aleo engaged, Mr.
Jerry Merrybeld. Ml** Barton, Mica Stanhope, Mr. mggina,
comic dancer; Mr. Clarke and oiher*. The living Anaconda,
aaormou* Kattlccaake Wax Scripture Statuary, and half a
million ef other earioaitie*. with rare aad eoatly Painting*
may be reen at all bonr* vf the day and evening. Admisnon
to the whole. 2b cent* CI- Idren under ten year*, 12^ cent.
ted State*, Ml' Broadway exhibiting the Manner*, OueI
t>nie. Religion*. Art* and Science*, of four hnudrvd million*
i ol Chineae. Open from 9 A. M . till 10 P. M. Admittance
26 cente: children under 12, half price. _
eplenditl place of amn*cmcnt, thoroughly
rcnxcu, nap ocvn rc-opciico u r rue ik<i stah'iu, ana anoras XIIticiiori
wlioli are i-uwhere to he mat wish. A sew troupe
of Italian Ballet Dancers. English Acrobats, and eighteen
young ladies of ut aUMIMi lieauty and talent. who are performing
newly arranged tableau* vivauts, Ac., Ike. Perforin aucet
every night?to commence at 8 o'clock.
young woman, as Chambermaid or Washer and Iroucr,
or ae Writer Apply at 1U7 Kidge street, Brooklyn; can be
^ecn fur two d"ys.
TV to do housework, oo, k. wash and iron, or ohainherwork
and washing. Cood eicy mference given. A line addressed
to M. 0.. iso. .'10 Cathaiino itieet, will be promptly attended
young woman, an Chambermaid, and to aasist in the
wsi hing and ironing. The best of city reference, l'lease call
other las' place, No. 88 Walker street.
fur an aotiva and intelligent lad of 17 yeare
of age, posse-sing threu years knowledge of a retail buslucis
In tl is oity. The highest testimonials, ae to ability, industry
and Integrity con he produced. Salary leas un object than a
i situation w here a perfrnt k nowlcdgu of the business oau be
I oLtaincd. Address H. i'., Box 1,1Kb Post- otftco.
Wanted-by a respectable yoi no woman,
a situation as Chambermaid and Waiter, or to tako
| elargo of children and sewing. Can give tbo beat of city
reference. Address 2hK Mercer atreet, errond llo?r in the
I rear Can be ereu fut t hree days, If not engaged.
II raspecal le woman, with a fresh breast of milk, who
, bis lost her baby. Apply at Kill Broadway, np stairs, I'd
f etory, front room.
young woman, as Nurae and Plaiu Seamstress,
I or as t butiibern.aid and Waller, llasc t good eity reference
from In r last p'uec. Please to Call fur two days at No. til
LUtentU sticet, fid floor, front room, between let and 2d
avenues. _
| Tv a situation as CAao'>man. in a private family, lis can
; ewe well reroinuicnilod bolh by city and country. Use ne
objection to the country, and salary not eo in ich an object as
I laydoy. CskhoMnlwHayg AtM fkirsiEwB*
Ataatioa us plain ( ok, vt asiier, ud Irowor,or In t.ikc
care of children, and lo do the chstnhsrwur'i of a small primi
c family, t ity reference eon be givou from her last place.
Pleas* apply at C7G Greenwich street.
Tv to d 1 c' smli Twurk, or Plain cowing, or housework, In
: a smuli family. Pb-ara to call at 14 Nassau street, Brooklyn,
w! ers 11 c enn be well recommended. _ _ _
tioti as protesicd Cook and tirst-late Intuiidro-s. Hht
os n be seen at her las' employers. where slie can produce the
vcty In st of reference i No. .'lod Greenwich street.
tv r.i i d in ill s country , wishes a situation as Governess
in a gi nili urn's family f he l.i capable uf giving instrnetiou
in tl.c Ftt.-ili. Corir.an, and It-tliau languages ; mule, vocal
nod Itialri tnuT tat. besides taking care of children^ plait
sew III,-, imbroidoiy, Ac. Apply immediately at No. ill
St Mark's I'laee.
A PAKTNKR W A NT Kf-W Hull A B AT t'fiM tl A N 1). \
1V cspital ol $.'*? , in an old eatablished Hotel on Droadway,
well furnished und doing a prutitablebusiness. A parion
of good ef.ar.inter, witn ipmlii cstions for cniiluiiug
sui h an cMshli mem, w ill please address A. M., No. 6 Willism
MP ft. w rli real nsine.
v iohee to oblain a few aoholart, to bo taught at thuir
' v u ri riorueei for a ic w hours each day. N. M. Good references
given. Address A. L , this uthco.
fam ly ; a single tnldole-aged woman?English or
Beoteb pref'-ried. A rceM'tabls Mpable woman, who uuderstsnas
her biisinrts. will bud an excellent eituntion by up
piy my ii , 4 in "*ci?i> .
loupcltDt to t?neh ttits Knyliah and French lanmayea
and Mine, anil otberwi** ruperiuiend the education of two
lit ali- yirl*. rcmdiny rear St. Lruta, Miaeonri, can loar of an
eligible ant nyreioble ailnalion, by an early application at
the i.Hi e i<l tlic irviny Home, in the city o! Near York, L'ui
xi-ci uonal ic reference! will he re innad.
Acenilkman and lady, and a rr.tv single
yentliucu, can he accommodated with board in a fenteci
private (aiuily, where the comfort* of a home can ho had,
at 110 Leon aid reel, hat wren Broadway and >.i > i ati. '.
el llalltcioacy, Ireland, who arrived in thia country on
I or about the lat of July laat, per Aabburton. frum Liverpool.
11 c ui i> I ar hi ari" thiny ' hi* ye I nddreeeinc n
I latter io J AM Ed IKIalltTY,!! Haw maahUtt YaaC
1 T\MI'0 CLEliK WANTED.?A yonnr man who nndrr1
J " atanda the huaineaeol n retail drny atore, and ncoaatouind
to |.| i ill up I rI .1 I' : t?, ai.d w h" ran V 'in- r. r.Mrini. udi ,1
fot character and opacity, may hare a Rood *i tuvlioii. on
application to OEOmOE W. BISTBKD, )r., Bl third waaaa.
>1 of l.iebig, abaaaii L ay time proprietor of n chemical
work, * line aero made I'rueaialo ol I'otanr, Muriate of
Tin, and diltereat other ariirlea, and who left hie naiiea
c ontry in coneiqutuco of the tery bad atate of huaiaeaa
there at thia time. Any eaiahlial.uient laekiay a knowledge
of the munufneiuto of il e above article*, would tind it aa
abject to i ii.ploy bim. Io came of hit prnoih al eiperiei.oo, aa l
I be would be very uveful to theptupriclor. lie apeak* En;;L?h.
Add;an A. Z , Uerali office.
luinltnro?Van Antwerp and Oazond will ?*ll, on Thia
Lay. Auynit Ulat. at Id o'elook, al No. t>.l l fih*trc*i, between
otl.audClh imtui, the whole of the bnodeotae f'arlur. Ucdrm
m and kitclrn Furoittire omiaiael m the r.bove norni",
Lama brio in uee little morn Hi;* a year, a id conemlng
in I'urt of UrhOianj Lh'il\ .A*"'I,
< ar|* la. Oil Clothe ffockara. WrJh^Ola CorUfoi, M.hoy.ny
'.reach and other fit dale*. I, Drmluy Bore tia. Window
t iirlain* LtinP*. Lockiny Qlnanao, llnir an I Ma--, U.Uri*.,*,
tr aaLa'ri'Jf, ( hinn, (ila and t'ruckcry. Dinner Sat. Toil, t
bet*. IUII I Amp*. Mntr, Moya. Re , kc. AI >, mi OMortiAent
of Kitchen I nrnllnto. TtrtoNunih, eurruii money.
on the Bkla, Ac?S. J. Carroll'* Olebra'.eff Yap rand
Snlphnr Rath*. >1 Maialay itroot, aetahluhod I "."A. are reeon
m< i oed ty Li*. Mi it, Nirrnee. Ma"uaven. biion, and
of Itr tucdii ala'tii tauten, a* a u< i er Union remedy ia the
Abate ei nipliiat*.
Treetlae," Ae , Sb Greenwich ilnet?otlloe bourn, 9
to U A. M.,dto V P. M. (Sunday* rareptid). i h >ee wb > apply
in the early Hi;' i. will I e rorprOed at the rapidity ai.d
ll' tU It ci A'tuienia a.'.cudii % thotr titit. Slrleiure la every
atatc tiiliallf tmvl.
on all direa* a of a delicate aetata. A praetlce of 3$
| yoora onahle* hiir, to cure the ino*t virulent eaeef wiihoot
merctij-y. Recent ca*ea cnrmi in three to aia day *. No fee till
eared. Sc? hi* Load n Dipioian la hi* oUi< ?. aii;t Pnltoa
Utt fourteen yeata. coataed bit practice to the treab80*1
of ?cr-urlal and ofh?r diierw* of a delicate nature.?*
e ran cure the moat a*-raveled oaaea of '-hia dieeaao; and
a id a >><e removed la two to are day*. A perfect aura, oe a*
ta the trcatmeat of delicate dtienee*.?The Doctor'* m?.
> ;>> .am i- u.ir ?. ?* ,c. k--i
fcr year* I* pTa-oaiiaeat. Oi.tiiui icanl * wakaesa. t.rooght
n by ? C4f?t habit. ffi.'CtuaUy cured. Recent nM a a rod ia
four day*.
J " the anly remedy l"r remind weak***". and tho*? aootur il
eana-lnt i an * meg naa nranni, taraparttstiag Hi* < >*
frt enelety, hnnliier* or matrimony . All thorerad diaord*r*
of li'dy And mind. carrel by e??re? And Improper liakite ef
yonlh, ate ap-"dlly etired by thin potent remedy. l?r. C?nI
??T? ottre arena*. b> iwern fl'lh and IHh at reel a, where
be !e eonaultnd. Cordial. Ill a bottle; S bottle* for 14. Irare
t?nt rmnarkn In th* married and elarle aeeompaay *arh
bottle. N'. II. 8al"le forwarded to aay part of the ??untry
DHHK. R Al. I'M, AI III';I! <'l TliF ' PR K' f I f A I. I'RI
?at? Tieauau." It*e Greenwich *tre*t- Oflloe honra,
I V to Id A.M. Ate 9 I'. I "undaya eaeepted.) Tl>e*e who
: apply In th* early *;?rta' will b* nnrpr'wd at lb* rapidity
and little lneeaioalei.ee attendiee their cure. It ii chiefly,
botreaer, tl?o;e who hate enffered from a rert.ua elate of people.
who raa proio rly appret late ht? aeriioo*. la atrietnra,
fit IB tta fftal, or incipient, to ita more adeaared and diatre-air.*
eiat*t. (frr m arot n.monad' an'agea kad a rrry nteatlra
praollie,) lie ran afford a rapid, eaay and radical core, which,
he haa gr nada for alalia*, tta be ohulaed from ao other
eni.rco IB Aeierira.
HF. Vt mi ITU I. AND Ml I Tin.V. Iff Ad OMR ivn
that ehoald be cl er rfnlly obeyed by the ehildrea of aoa.
fr r female and male. Dr. Lwrrette'a June I or dial, or I'ro?mailt
e hllair, preeerlbed at an effeetual reaioraitea la rnaee
of debility, herrvnniee, and all irregnlaritlea of tatnre. It
la all that It profeaena to la. tin : Nature arrant reetorailra
and remedy fir iba*a la the married atete wi'hont effaprlny.
Itle*rert*in rare for funeral debility, treabaeet. nereoua
afleetiona, lotieorrhot, fcr. a* a elroratin* medicine it ie
i.pegnu'lid. Alan, arcrtain mir.edy for iaiiplcnt mnanmptltn
Indignation. In" of mnacnlar energy pbyaleal lieaitode,
female tatakneea, debility, ke. It ia warranted to plcaea the
naer in any of th* *1 "re eoniplaint*. ?rd I* of prfeelee* ralne
to llioao without offering. Cantlon?Thla eelebr?tcd mediolna
ravnat be (enuiae union the far aimile aigaatnre of
Jndaia k CW. (the only Amrrignn ngente) ia on the wrapper
of each bottle. Principal office, 6" John atroet. New Vora.
by Dr. A. M. Manricean, Prol?aa?r of Diaoeaeeof
Women fflith edition. Imd<>., pp. 340. Prion Al. 40.0U0
aopiw aold in air ainntha.
rofloTlaa, of phyrolaal and aiantal a?;nl?h to moat
M oflW tlonata wila. ana pn.>nnlary dilflaultlan to tho hrahaad,
mi?ht bar* hnon apiirnd ; thio<?e<l? bow poor wool J ham an|nj"J
eomprtraan: thonaaadi anw broken la hralth would
M?f rnji.yod II i litmlrtfi aowin thalrfrarat b*?n tllll alira,
ky a timrly poooooaion of thlt work.
It la Intend ad aapooially for tba mirrlad. or thaw oontamplatiet
roarrfara. at 1% dtaoloaaa importaut atcrtU/Trklah
ataonld !.< kn .an tothorn particularly.
To tho?o a bono health doat aol permit nf aa laamnia of family,
It la of fiptrltl Importaaan.
Bar*, alto, ftftt famala?tho wtfa, tha mnthar, tho oa?
olthrr hoddira into womanhood, or tha oaa la lh? daella? of
yaara la whom nalura ooatamplataa aa importaat < haa*o?
aa diaeaaor tho aauaoa, rymptoma. and tho matt tWeioat ramrdtaa,
and a "t? ooitala aodo of aaro, la arary aonplalat U
whleh har Ml la tnhjont.
For aal* at Ik3 Broadway, and at tha PnMithing fHBaa. 19
Llharty ttraat. N.Y.i Uttlt k Co., Albany; W. R. IHria,
Boaton i jr. B Potaraoa, ph chaataat atraat. Philadelphia!
William Taylor k Co., Bait!mora: J. B. Baaaaoal, Maw OrVaant;
J. B. Cnhkndpe, Baaaaaah.
On tha raoalpt of $1, a oopa will kn traaamlHad kw mall
fraa af poata?a to any part of tha Vnltad Stat a a. AU lattara
mnatba nd'.r??a?d, pool paid, to Dr. A. m. Banrtaaaa, Bob
UBM, Waw Yark aity. ofcat IB 1 thirty rtrart
list. It is a carious tact, that Dale and Deal should
be at the present time the prominent candidates af
the two opposite parties for the sheriffalty. If both
should be nominated, the Irish whig* would hav?
to learn a new pronunciation for their candidate's
name, or they might say Dale, when they meant
Deal. The conference will probably select a candidate
this afternoon.
It is rumored that the whig conferees, elected on
Monday evening, will. at their meeting, throw
overbourd Col. Swift, (the present mayor) and nominate
a new man, who is presumed to be Charles
Silpin, Kbij. The ditiiculty with the present incumbent
is said to he certain appointments, together
with the continuance among his officers, of
some long and deeply implicated in the stool
pigeon system.
Firtl Board - >200 United 8tates Treaenry Note*, t's,
1127s i $000 Pennsylvania 6's, n. h7){; 8 shse New Orleans
(ise Co, II . 50 Union Canal .aft, 18J8; 6 Kentucky;
Bank. eft, loOS: 17 do liH>)8; 3 Pennsylvania
Bank. 109; $100 State 5'S, e. 87; 31 ''minsylvania Bank,
i&, 100; 7 Commercial Hank, 57',; 13 Kennington Bank,
62; 1 Farmers' and Mechanics' Dank 61V; 30 Pennsylvania
Itailroad, b5. 38>*; 9500 Reading Mortgage 6's,
64 S'; 8350 State 6's, c 87 .'IJtrr Hoard 300 stias U.
States Bank. c. 21?. 150 Reading Railroad, 16J8; 100
Morris I 'anal 8)? ; 200 d" 8. Srrtmd Hoard?96000 U.
States Treasury Notes, 6's, 113)$; 30 ebae Kxebange
Bank Pittsburgh. 47' 20 Farmers'and Mechanics' Bank,
oi l,; 5 New Orleans (,as, 113; 10 Pennsylvania lUilri
ud. Jtfer 9'000 Pennsylvania 5's, 87)8;
95000 do, 87^; |1000 Sonaylkill Navigation 6's,'M,
for an office. Mr. Ew ing pave him a temjiorary
| clerkship in the penaion bureau, upon certain
; letters of recomiiiendution from ltufus tIrnwold,
Horace Greeley, Mr. Watson Webb and James
I Brooks, ol New York.
A few days after, it was intimated to Mr. Tuel
that Mr. Ewing hud appointed him under a riris
apprehension that he was a citizen of New York,
! and the chief clerk suggested that he had berwr
i reeign. Mr. Tuel addressed a note or two to Mr.
Ewing, requesting an explanation. The notes
i were disregarded, end Mr. Tuel resigned, and his
1 resignation was promptly accepted.
! 'J his evening he is out with a pamphlet, setting
j forth the whole case, letters o| recommend ition
and all, with a violent commentary upon the practices
pursued in the dispensation, of the ejioils.
He considers his case as justifying a criminal
prosecution, mid we do hope it will be instituted
i>gainst the f-'ecretarv of the Interior, to give us a
little excitement in Washington.
We ehould not be surprised if the hint were
taken up in a case or two against Mr. Ewing, for
damages to character, if he can be reached in his
official petition, for acts wh.ch he is authorized
to do.
General Taylor, in His inaugural, hwikeacapacity,
honesty, and fidelity, the conditions of hold.ng
efheg. Air. ' .Ting insmissea omoe-uoi.tera by l!?'"
uf'7.fn, without specifications or complaints. Tire
inlerencc is that the officers dismissed ure incompetent,
faithless or dishonest, and a charge on
either of tin sc |*iint.? m ty be held n ground oT j>rosecution,
although it i- an unpromising oaac that
is initrtuted upon hii inference.
Wc have the beet of evidence, however, that the
syrtirn of removals, as Practised by Mersra. lowing
ind Collamar, will lie rhoroughly sifted bv the .->
1 nate; and it is highly probable that in anticipation
of the rejections likely to !>> made, that a new
swarm of office-seekers will be drawn to WashtrUtton
for the chances of the second trial. A very
lively time next winter will follow the summer
ItagMMM, W,
Onr Baltimore t'oi rrapoiiilrnre.
Hai.tuiokx, August if), IH.pt.
Rmxti, and tkr iJroughl?Am it of a Trunk TJiirf?
irnljnrd S/n i.igt? Afarlame I si Wrff?El*\\opuin?
? JVur Jhnsli Sfnafogut?Tht Mirktlt,
We have had several slight showers of raio
w ithin the last twenty-four hours, intersperted with
i unshine, hut net suflii lent to morg than slightly
revive the famishing vegetation. There is still a
prospect, however, of more rain. The drought in
jhis section of the country has been unprecedented.
A fellow, who gave his name as Francis Brown,
w hs jestrrday arrest* d in the Mercer street House,
in the act of break >nir onen the trunks of tin* boiril.
! rm with a ",iirimy." II*- committed to prison.
[II* in supposed U> be a member of the profession
: front New York, but ha* not given his right name.
| Bedford ttpringa ia the moat popular nlaee of rr,
nort in thin union of country, though ! observe
' that letters written from there abound in complaint*
of the bad ratablca provided, and bad management
. of the establishment. The virtue* of its water*
' are of such a varied and excellent character, however,
that even bad management and bid tood do
Inol diinininh the number of viniler*.
Madame l.nbordr'a third concert, l int evening,
canf?d another grand overflow of irroll Mill.
I Hhe could draw i rowded boufe* for twenty consecutive
night* here.
The New Orle nn Prrenadrrs, under the management
ot Knea**, commence a aeries ot conceit*
at Wnnhlngtin Itall thin evening, and M iniblrton
commence* at Carroll Hall on Mondty evening
Trie new Hebrew Synagogue, called the Temple
of liar .Sinai, on High aires t, will be dedieated to*
morrow morning. It line been erected by a portion
ot the Jrwa of thin citv, wholavored a change
in ihe old tortus ot worship, though there i? no
difference betwes n tbein in doctrinal belief. The
congregation ol the new Synagogue will eonduet
their #ei\ ieee in the lingh-h and' l? rnwn languages,
itistiad of the Hebrew, nml tli^ males and fern ilea
v? ill alt togeths r, inrtead of being aeiiaratedj as in
other Synagogue*. They will also have a tine organ
and cnoir, to assirt in the nervice* <>| the
church. Mr Urnwn is to lis thr pastor
1 he Baltimore fl'iir mark-' i? .|tilst nothing <J. Ing
Bale* of rem meal at ft 87. Ke.| wheat 81 a 81 04;
white ?1 05 a ft 10. White rem M a f.f.r , yellow il>
a fir*. Oat*2Ba!U>e. Nothing lining In whiskey
The following were the sales st the Stork Board ye*,
terday 81 MO Maryland Is, 103: she. M*rrhai.u'
Eanb, (i; 68 ?hn Marine Rank. '/7
Our Philadelphia (niisspondessr
run.ADRi.rnu Aug. .10, MR.
7V hi mocrmtir and H'htg Confrrmcd? 7V fTitrifallg,
Mifemtiy, gr*
The democratic conference resumed their Inborn
this morning, and after five ballots, without success,
Mr. Relatcrling witltdrew hia name. Thta,
however, did aot effect much, aa Belsterling'a
friend* scattered among the other candidates, ao
as to defeat a choice Mr l>eaJ is ibo highest on thr
nrTELLUEMfe by the mails.
Our WuklufMn Correspond? nee.
Washington, August 28, 1848.
IIt Cuba no Expedition?Danger in tkt Distance
The work of organiifng for the expedition to
Cuba is not suppressed ; but wn apprehend that
the conditions of silence were too loose to begin
with; the plot, if there be a plot, is discovered, or
as good as discovered, in the conviction that there
is a plot, from information derived through the
leuky vessels entrusted with some mysteries which
they believed did relate to Cuba.
What will be the effect of the Executive proclamation
in Spain 1 She is poor, and would perish
of bankruptcy without Cuba. She will send all the
rotten ships at her disposal to guard the island, and
it the proclamation of the President had only been
issued three months sooner, it would have prevented
her Catholic majesty sending any help to
the Pope, and to this extent it would have had a
rood efl'ect in behalf of the republican cause in
Europe. Wc have no ?'oubt that Spain will look,
after that island, Aid will only part with it at a
good price, or alter doing her best to defend it.
But if there be a compact organization from the
United States, of exiled Spainards, Creoles, and
others, acting in concert with the Creoles of the
| island, a hundred ships of war would hardly be
; more ihsn enough to guard the sea-hoard of the
i island of thirteen hundred miles. Yet, under all
I the circumstances of the case if the revolution be
I not speedily undertaken, it will be indefinitely pott*
I ported ; for, with the whole power of Spain thrown
Into the island or around it by a blockade, the in!
vasion and the Interna) demonstration will be alike
j arrested.
At any rate, if the question remains open till
j 18.V2, it will be made part of the democratic plat!
fo: m for the campaign, Hiid the only way for this
uclminietration to supersede such un issue, is to
lake the initiative into its own hands, and negotiate
the island into the Union. W.
Washington, Aug. 28, 181!).
Distinguished Arrivals.
| Among the arrivals at Willard's, to-day, is llai
facl Rivtts, charge from the republic of New Grc|
nada, charged with perfecting the arrangements
between said republic and this government in re.
ferrnce to ths Panama railroad, in pursuance of
treaty stipulations.
Gen. .Tames Wilson, of N. II., it also here, and
we can only account for his presence in tl.is place,
at this time, on the presumption that he ties an arte
or two to giintl.
John Tyler, jun., son of the late I'res dent per
i>r, is among the arrivals at the Exchange Hotel,
: to-day, from Virginia.
(apt. llardin, of Kentucky, Secretary of l.#nrfon
to ex-Governor Letcher, appointed Minister
to Mexico, (in pluce of Mr. Clifford,) is at llrowu's
Hotel. A.
Washington, Aug. 28, 1819.
Another Letter from Lut/y Franklin.
It is rumored that, per tteamship Canada, another
letter has been received from Lady Franklin,
( address* d to Mr. Cbtyton this time, its th head of
i the ofl'.oe for Foreign Affairs, in reference to those
ships proposed to be sent out in search of Sir John
Franklin, and his slop's crew, among the icebergs
' mound the North l'ole. Neither the purport of
this letter nor the kenor of Mr. Clayton's reply nas
got out vet. We are afraid, however, that all our
spare ships will be required ll?r some time in the
t.ult of Mexico, and that all prospect of any direct
interposition in behalf of Sir John Franklin by our
government, is out of the question. A board of
the " old cliujas" in the Navy Department liave so
decided. O. K.
Washington, August 29, 181*).
John F. Tutl is. Thomas Feeing?Criminal J'roseditions
John Ii. Tuel, of Washington, a clerk in tke
general land office, under John Tyler, rotated out
i by President I'olk, has spent most of the last two
1 years in the city of New York, in literary pursuits.
M ffcnllf hi* r#fnrn?'?i fn WiivhinTtnn ft nil
Inttrratlnfi OlfltUI C*rr*apon<lene?.
[Kroai the National Intelligencer, Aug 80 ]
\\'i put lish the subjoined official correspondence
fur tlui liil< rmation and warning of such of our fellowI'ltivt
n:. i h may be proee ding to Califoroia, or elsewhere.
through Mexican territory. It will be seen that
th?*| authorities nl that republic are prepared and determined
to resist at-.d puuhh abuses of Mexican hospttallty
tuoh a.- tlioee said to have been committed in
the btate of ( hihualiua; and that they will not be connived
at. or the guilty persons screened, by the autboritlee
of the United Stales
Ale. iIt U Uiiia to lir. Clayton.
[tka.v.m. \ rui.v J
Maxicaiv Lkgatioiv, j
Washing: on. August 81. 1840. j
The undersigned, i.nvoy i.xtraordiuary and Minister
Plenipotentiary of the ltepubile of Mexico. has the
honor to address the Hon Jolm M Clayton. Secretary
of State of thu Unit'd states in order to inform him
that he has been instructed by hie government to
make known to that ef the United States, the excesses
cominttti d at thetowu of Pa?o, in the State
of Chihuahua, aud its vicinity, by the numerous
parties Ot iuhehitsut * of the Uuited States, who
enter, armtd and without passports, through that
point into the Mexican territory, on their way. a?
they say to Upper California These parties of adventurers
destroy the tie- 1,1m of grain of the peaceful Inhabitants
of i hat region im nil ttie Mexican authorities,
so lar as to oblige theui to place guards in their offices
for their protection against such insults, as far as
possible; and some of the ;idventurers on the pretext
that they bad been robbed of three or four beasts of
burden, have committed the crime of entering the
town, and tiring npou people of all cla-ses, entirely
innocent aud peaceable. The un lersigned strongly
urges the honorable Secretary of State to bestow hw
attention upon these acts of violence, committed by
the inhabitants of the Unil-d States upon a country
with which this republic ua just concluded a treaty
of peace The gov - ruuo nt of the undersigned cannot
allow foreigners, ot any nation, to traverse the territory
ef Mexico, with' ut carrying and presenting to the
proper authorities their passports, in due f rui, and, if
rich foreigners ate am 4 for tneir own defence, the
government of Mexico has the incontestable right to
snlijt ct them to such restrictions of police as it may
think proper to establish, l ndertb-se considerations,
the government of the undersign* d has given the orders,
which it ronridi red ncre-txry fur arming the settlement
ino t exposed to these attack* from suck adventurers:
so that the latter, ui los. they submit in future,
se thev sht old to tin- law, and authorities of the eoun.
try. dihj be purmed u-.d nit irked a- highway robber*.
(farogiiim.) and tiled according to the law*, if apprehend'
d It uli uld not. therefore, hi i.urpriniug, if tone
day. when it Ik *o*t expected. > hereahould be a bloody
enonuuter between the pouonahle Inhabitant* of the
Paxo del Norte and the parlier of adventurer* on their
wi.j from Ihi* republic through I he territory of Mexico,
to I ppcr California and other plan*. If. anfirfuaateiy,
KOeh acoiiliict. nhould uacur bet ween the inhabitant* of
the two Republic*. the under, igm-d inunt now declare,
ik be doe* dt clare. in the name -f hit government, that
Mexico will ha*e d(-ne no more than repel force by force,
and ukc her legitimate right of re-i-lance toagg/e*nian.
The government of tbc undnrrigoed. however, bopci
that the government of the L'niti d .Stale#, animated an
It Ik by pnciflc and conciliatory haling* toward# Mexico,
will order Mich meaKurcH to he taken a* may *arva to
prevent the exc* kkc? and disorder* of the Inhabitant* of
the I oiled State* croieiog Mexico, from endangering
the peace and harmony now no happily prevailing between
thn two nation*.
The undenignnd Itfl . Ac.,
To the Hen. J. M. Clxvton, Ito
Mr. Clayton la Mr. Oe la Rata.
IhrtlTuin or Srxrr. I
Wakhihotok, August 27, 1849. (
The under*igned. Secretary ot Stat# nf the United
State, ha* bad the honor 10 receive the note of Mr D#
la Koea Knvoy extraordinary and Mlutxter Plenlpot?
ollery of the Mexican Republic, under date tbc 21*t
Inetant. upon the nuhjict ot certain cxcetac* naid to
have been committed ?t the town of K1 t'aao. In Uta
state of t bibualiuH and it* vicinity, by citlxeoa of thn
I kited State*.
la reply, the andcrelgned bo* the honor to acquaint
Mr. De la Koeu that a copy of hit note ha* been communicated
to the Secretary of War, accompanied by a
letter *uggi>tl ng that order*, with a view to proven! a
ricurrmeeof riiuilar roan* of complaint, ahoald be
adJioved to the |ii?p<r < fllcnr in command on the
Mexican frontie*
1 he undesigned avail* him*elf of thl* oeeanion to
ofler to Vir. De I# Itoea ren? wed aeeuraurea of hi* vary
dn-t lnguUht dcon*lder?llen. JOHN M. CLAYTON, j
Nr. C> av jotii In Mr. Orty'an.
Wit Dirtrtaivr. WittiiTCtos, 4' nia
8m?I bove bad the honor ta reaelv " J**~
nlcatlon of th. ;h imtar.t te*c- * f."ur co??"1
note addm**ed to ,r,?r I? - * ? "'pr <>' ?
Minister at W? hie V ' /.k ! / MU*n
i?. ,.*? lie i vnpiaiii* that Amnrlnan
lU'lin ' ' throu.'h the State of Chihnahtta.
, ie nitghbor i - 1 of 1.1 l'a*o, liavu committed
--of violence and out: a j'' on jibe .Mexican inhabit
btita rcaidirg there.
Imprcr*ed not lcr* by a tenia of duty than of Inai'natton
to maintain and pr-eerva the friendly relation*
now happily riDring lietwei n the republic* of the
I nilcil Slate* anil Mexico, I have (ought lo ilnd aoine
authority, the iu erpivi Ion of ehloli would remove all
future can*e? of c unplalnt The law or HIS confer*
euthoiity on the Kx? utlve to nrrvnt and puulih thue
who Khali begin and act on foot any military euterprian
or ixiiduinn agniu-t the territory or people with
?hoiu lb* 1 rilte.l Sfatci arc at peace Thl* act. when
taken in connection with a J?-liit re*olution of the la?t
i 'ngrvK* and applied to > migrating partlc* to Upper
(? tforna would teitn to i-xeiupt them from it* operation
By th? rrnoluti'u jurt adverted to. It wa*
policv of thl* government to eneonragt
itnlgia'.iou to It-(erritorie* on thn Pacific. by *up|>tyli>g
ad eniigr .it* with appro*-d arm* at eh-ap price*
That toe pat Me* are armed and have to aoine extent,
a ft ?>i military orgauixatlo i. art c* from thn dangere
and nccfKiii S ? of the long J mm
In pursuing tlilrway tc ' i.Hf mU and Qr-gnri it
wee certainly in th? ootempliiU'.ti of ? ongrena that
the lolgiuht* rdl'ivld v im exolu Irely orer tbe eoil of
the I ailed INUiir ? in all re.e* of emlgraM >n to New
Vfilnn If liirrerer. they ribald rbooea to diverge
ftom the contemplated c ur < and p?-? over a eeatton
of the territory of Mealen, by th<lr entrance an It,
they place tb> a,*< lTf? under tho?- Internal regulation*
I of that re pi blin ? bieli are e Irertnd tola the comma1
alcation c.f the V eiteaa Minister.and are. sonarquent;
ly liable f< r all beraehaa of tbent. t.'lth theee regnla
tl'>n* the I tilted NtilH cannot rightfully Interfere.
Tbiy 'pilar from the eMf?r rue authority eiereieed by
Meilin. and are limited only by her discretion Aa a
nereeiary ri.aee<|venee. eho p<><acare? tbe earn* clear
rl>;bt ot mforeins her rentediea ar- 'rding to brr Judgment
Tbc perqle of the Ilrdted State* are habitually Inclined
to teepeet and ?>b< y law* which promote eoclal
rder and "cerlty If h'-eerer any portion of them
ebotild be e<> unmindful of their duty at to lo'rude
I tbimeelvrera thn?e reeldluj in a f>relgn land, er In
i red<- thilr rlghta of p< reon or property. they rnuet
abide tbe e< n-< quenr * of their ra-hnea* and violenee.
I may be pardoned In making tbe Miggeetlon that. If
Mesko object to the ermcd emigrating partiea of the
t nited State* paeeleg through ber territory, notiae to
that e?eet vhoiild be firen She will not in my opto*
|r>n mm premier her b--pltnlity or her fl ielidy to treaty
obllgatb >ne by the art of pree* rvlng her Internal tran
iUillMy At leaet. nolicc would "fclude the defenww
which Ignorance frequently aeebe to Impoea a* a thield
ft.r d? llnqneney,
S riy t repeat, fully, your obedient aarvanf
( Mi W < H\?VK)H!) Secretary of War
To the Ili>". dnrre M. t"i *?rc? Secretary of Stat*
A Villi Mi aoraen by itie Sliyr?from eom? impel
p'lety In the o ndnct of hi* negro, Mr Andereoa,
a hiflil; reepeetahle eltiaen of Henton county, left
b< n.e laet wirk. for the pnrp-ee of eelIIng him la
company with the negro be croe?ed to Port Smith.
On builder the negro arrl?e I at 1 eyetterllle. with hla
meeter a hone, end dreeaed in hi* maeter'a clot hen. and
r< mark' <1 t" 1 liter negro tbrt he had killed hie nn
tcr .Vr And.rann wa? >n found about 160 yard*
fn m the r< ail. weltering in hie gora. hi' eknlt fractured
ia a ?hi i kinn maimer ami liW throat rat from Mr to
rar Strain of tbr party In par?tiit of the negro. after
hating r< me tip with and ?hot him. about 3b mllee from
Kayett*rlllr. mar where bl? wife lire*, returned to tha
hotiee ai d found the nejro washing hi* wound Ilia
et rape wn? then ro precipitate that ha Irft hi* pantaloon*
behind, one pocket of which contained Ander
eon* purer with about $14. Tha panUlooa* ahow a
a ball wound, which Indicate* that tha ball atnat hare
lodged In the hip and. from the *ap"*ranee of clotted
Mi ((I 011 the enrprnder*. ha I# no doubt wonndad In
tha ehoulder, It Ir enppoeed mortally It la now known
that the murder of hie maeter wa? premeditated, that
be bad dlreloted hi* Intention* to mm* free negro**
Mr. Andereon wae Mr Mreklin* brother la-law, principal
of the tltark Inatitnte.?fen Hurr*. Jtrk , leal
Kgcwcer, Jlvguit II.
l.arca raow Vrerrtrti * -The bark Irma. f apt.
44'arnir arrlecd at thl* port tht* morning in fffieaq
day* from Maraealbo Capt W r-porta that the port
of Maraealbo wae ela*ed #o fbr a* communication with
the Interior waa ooncarned. bit all teaaela from Maward
wrre permlttrd to enter
tin (be 14th inat, off l.aguayra. Capt. W epoka the
Vcnatnrlan ?ehr Man Carlo*. the captain of whleh
atatrd that Praaldant Monagae.nl tha h- ad of?,00#
troop* had marchi d from I arecaaa again?t tha ftira>a
of (ten r??? A battle waa ahortly aipeeted. -FMi
.fug 3d.

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