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1 Aug 30?I P. M.
There Is bp marked ohaoire la Scar u *m yesterday, I
tnd the market 1* Srm The sales add up 4.000 to & 000
bbls. Southern Sour Is else Arm, with sale* of 300 bbls.
In rye flour tbrre were rales of 300 bbls at $3 87>?;
1b bmI there U a good demand, anil the mim embrao#
400 bbls. Jure*j at $3 IT J*
Tni/**d*v, Aug. 30?0 P. M.
There was some better feeling ia the market for
flour, with rather more doing, especially la good and
fresh ground parrel* There was alee a better Inquiry
for ordinary aud low gradee. and lot# were picked up,
fir shipment to the HritUh Province*, and to flU up
MBl oargoe# for Llversm-1. The reoelpt# of all kind*
were limited and beore the market closed buoyant, and
with greater flrmue** t baa pre railed yneterday. There
waa rather more Aon'hero on the market, and prioea
were aomewhat leea ba-yaut There was some inquiry
for rye flour, for (hipmeut to the I'reriacas, while
prices remained steady There was no change In
meal. Good wheat wo? held above the views of buyers,
while Inferior lot* were dull The suDolie* of corn
were light, with a fair Inquiry for the Kastward and for
the Wut Indie*. Rye ?? rather hairier, with a fair
amonnt of rale*, on term* stated below Oats were
firmer, owing to diminished receipt*. Pork was dull,
and sales mad* below the ruling quotations of yesterday.
Beef ooutinurd Inactive, and cut meats were dull
at former prioe* Lard was lu fair demand, without
alteration In price* There was no marked change in
cheese or batter. Cotton sold ton fair extent, without
change in price*. Coffee and sugar were in good demand.
with sale* of the former at an adranoe.
Asms*.? Receipt* continued to be limited. ?nd holder*
firm, with tale* of some 30 or 40 bbls , at $6 25 for
pearl*, and at $8 60 for pots
BaaADSTi'rrs ? flour?The aggregate sale* for the
day reached about 7 Aoo iible , iu separate lota, among
which were sour, at $4 a H 60; uninspected and fine
at $4 26 a $4 76; ordiuary State, $6 26 a $6.37 for
common Stat* and mixed Western, $5 44 a $6 60;
straight State and good Mlohtgan. $6 50 a $5 62'$;
pure Genesee and favorite Michigan and Indiana at
$6 63% 66 76. *<>muiou to good Ohio, $6 76 a $5 87)$;
fancy and extra Ohio with fancy (innesee, at $6 87)$ a
$0 Viy, \ extra Gen. see at $0 12)$ * $0 02)$. Of Southern
flour, sales of BOO a 400 bbls. were made at $5 44 a
$6 60 for Baltimore aud Georgetown; $6 02)$ for new
Howard street aud $6 75 for new Petersburg Rue ?
Sale* of 260 bbls were made at $3 31 * $ a $3 37 >$. Corn
Meal was tteady, with rales of 460 bbls , at $3 37)$, part
South Jersey; tone so-ail rales of Brandy wine. In puncheon*,
were making at $16 Wheat ?Genesee of good
quality was held at iBbo which was above the views ef
miller*; rmall sales of reed wheat were made on terms
not stated; nothing of moment was done in new Southern.
Rye-Sale* of MM 0 bu-hels were ma le at 68)$e a
hl'Hc. Outi were lu good demand, with sale* of North
wu at 40c a 42c . and of Jersey. 34 Ho a 36c . with
rmall sa!ea of Southern a' 28o a 32c Cot*?The sale*
lor the day r.ach.d about 3o.o00 bu-hel*. at 58)$o a
? 0c foryrllow. 60* tor heateu Northern, and 02)$o for
good white Southern, closing at 50c.
Butwii.-Suirs of 1.100 lbs Northern yellow ware
mnde at 21c a 22c
Cottom ? The demand oontlnues moderate, both from
exporter* sod the trade, but piicesare ttrmlysustained.
Sale* of 1 >00 bales were reported.
Ccces ? Sales of 7tHJbag* of Pern were made for expoit
on private term*
< o?? Sales ot 4i'0 bag* of Rio were wade at 7 ' e.
Faui.MTa ?Kate* to Lirtrix-vl continued dull aud
nominal. 'J'htra etrctom# lot* offering at low figure*,
but shipowner* set wed to prefer to wait for later fori
ign Dew* before eRRaglug gouio Soar wa? taken to
Mil up, on term* which atToided no criterion of the
state of the market Cutlou wa* being taken far the
packet of the flr*t. for iiaTre at So 1 and lone at **#.
Heavy good* to London w. re nominally the eaine
Kisii exhibiied no change
limaisu.?Sale* of 2, on ib* white at 30c., ca-b.
Hat ?Sales ot I 000 bale* were made at 44c. a 60c.
Hr.asr.? Salve of 60 bale* American duwrttted were
made at $167 SO per ton.
Lima.?Balus of l,60o bbla. Thoinaston wi re made at
Li ao ?Sale* were reported at $4 62.
Moiassis.? Sale* ot meet ( ardena* were making at
21e., and of aour. for distilling at Ific. a If ,',c.
Naiai Storks ? Sales ot boo bbl* spirt's turpentine
were made at SJSe a Hft>,c ca-b 1.000 bbl* W'lluiiugton
ratio, with t>00 do North t'ouuty, or Newbern, at
VOc. from yard, aud fSc delivered
On s.? l.iurerd cattnurd nriu with *ale* of 3.000 a
4 000 gall*. Lnglish and American ia cask* and bbl* ut
68c u (He. wlilla some holders demauded 70c. Klsh
oil* oontinaed firm
Provisions?W e have only to notioe Rate* of about
S60 bMi are at $10 87X a $10 SO At the close, there
Were Millars at $i0 37 H bale* ot 160 bbls prluie were
made at $8 7ft a $8 87 S b< f ?a* dull at $11 SO a $14
for t hicago extra im -s Haui* arid shoulders were
dull at 7c for the former and at 60 for the latter.
Lard? Sales of 2oo bbls. were made at C\o. Butter
was moving at We a He for Ohio and 12o a 14c for
State. I,beet* wa* in fair d< maud for export, at ft.Sa
a 7c. f*r good to prime
Rick?Sales ot Sou tierces war* made at $2 75 a
$8 Wilt.
See * a ?1 he tales reach> d 400 a 600 hhd* . at 4 li0 a
S'?c . and Porro Moo at about ft*?e , and some lots
Cuba Murrradoon terms Dot under-tood
W iiuacT.?1 be niaiket wa* firmer with sales of 350
bbla.. including Ohio at 2n>,e a '2i\o , and State
Prison et2?Sc a 27e clo-loc at the latter price; and
$0 hhd* drudge sold at 27c time, aud interest added.
Ntw IlruroRo Oil .VIarbki. Aug 27 ?Sperm maintains
its advan*' d price and the dernaud continue*
active. We DOllce talus in Ibis market, slue* our last,
of parcels amounting to 3,200 bbl* . at llftc per gillon,
cash In boeton. sale* were uiade ot about 360 bus , at
116c.. and about the same quantity at a fraction higher.
The stock In first hand- to tbi- uistrict and Kalinouth
1* about 11060 bbls W hale contiuue* In fair demand,
and prices are Wi ll sustained The sales Include 240
bhls South Sea. at 4le uttl selected do . at 42c.. and
(00 bbl* N W ci a*t at 4fxi . ca-b. In W'arreu a sal*
Of 2.M1O bbl* N. W coast a as made, the price of which
wu did not learn but abfuh is understood to be not
above the latter price 1 be *tooK of crude whale in
speculators' aud Importer*' baud* In thl* d-trlct la estimated
at about 27000 bbl* In manufactured tbare
have beeDCLD Idriable irayaciton* at improved price*.
W*knotlro tales if 100 bids fa I at 6<ic , and 8 000
gallon* wm'er at ftAc ca-b lu whalebone there lias
been little d'dng since our last, tb* article being geue1
ally held above the view* ot buyer* We have only to
report a rale < 1 8 1 00 lb* at 34c . and M 000 lbs on private
term* t sodie* -perm continue la good deintod,
and prices tend upward. A sate of 2'tO boxes wa* arade
at 83>te. cash
On Thursday. theftuihot August, at the rathedral,
by the Rev. D,?tor \ arvla, J. K 0. Mllla-t. to AH*
oBi c O W 11111.
Ob Tuesday, August 28th by the Rev. Doctor Berrian,
Rxvav Ontario lis r of .iutfalo. to Soro * Dor,.1
ass voungest daughter uf .1. W. Morrison, late o! the
British Army.
I n Thursday the.Kith of August, at that nthodi'al
hj Ihc ll?? Doco r Varelo, lour II. to Ht.mii*
kit* 0. Hull, nil ?f thl* i lly.
On W*dncdny, the 30tb of August. of dysentery,
tLiitMiii, wile of Ootid Irving. In the 41st year of her
Tbe relative* and friends of tb? family or# Incited to
attend tor fooeiol ibis (Friday) afternoon. with,
out further Invitation el half.poet 2 o'clock P M.. from
ber Iota reeld-nre >0. 1111 welt Twenty first (treat.
Her rtuii'ba will ba taken to Greenwood Cemetery for
On the iXlth of Auguet, Mlso Iin Shiil, In the l*th
year of brr one.
liar fili-ntf*. ond tbose of ber brother*. Willlom ond
Nicholas Shell ore iutited to oiuodber fuoerol this
efteroocn. ot 3W O cl'wk from her Isle re o I
Hudson street. Her leuioiue will be Interred in hie*
Tenth street.
Suddenly, Rom or T. Cisnc. in the 724 yeor of hie
Hie friends, ond tboee of lib aims. Henry anl iisoryi
W ond sone-ln-low, Cornelius Springsteen, Walter
Ycusig, ond George Horrteon ore reepeclfully toeited
to otteod bis funeral, ot i o'clock no Saturday, from
hi* iota residence. lit Mullw-rry street.
August 3C'th. otter o long and painful Ulnae*. Mr*
line, wlfo of Mr. Tliou.a. baker In tba Ttttb yeor of
ber age.
The friend* of tbe family ore reapeeffolly Invited te
ottecd ber funerol. from her Iota re-ld^ace, lis Hirington
(treat, tbl* oflarnonn at 4 o'rloek
On Thursday, tka ?f?tb of August, of nooMimpilon.
Thossss J Li* i swci. O DOllre of llsnlf-hire Scotland
Ills personal fronds end those of his brother Alexander
C Lawrence ore reepeeltully Inrlted to attend
hi* funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, ot 4 o'eloek, fr m
bl* Iota residence. No S'fU itreeowlcb street
On Thursday, August Sttb, ot 0 o'clock, Miciiasl
bit K res, agi d M
The frier ds and acquaintance* ore Incited to attend
Mi-funeral, from his late rceidenoe 314 Henry street,
Breoklyn ot 13 o'clock M
On M'cdns'doy. the jn>tb of August, of congestion of
tbc broln. Tome only *o* of ismee ond Maria L.
Wood, aged 16 months and 10 day*
HI* remain* were taken to suten lelond for Inter
In WtlllaBiiVurg. I. I . on Rtimlay morning 20<h of
Aognat. (frb'Jrm Infantum Cioun llnut noool
lirnry and M H>>?all? Wilbur. ** d 16 m othi and 6
In C bcWn. Man . oa Monday arming, the 17th of
Aiifort tllrra lvr( ail |<r?trwtril IiIop.i nn I. cmriToitu,
?f Amoral! (mm of thu city In tba
Mih year of her agr
On fronday. 27tb f Angurt at Dnnhamtown N J,
Jkii Aim at aon of .'amen vt and Haanrh R Taylar.
of tbla city a?? d 10 month' and * day*
Port of How tarb, Ao?. .11, IMV.
aon ? T7 ???!> >>ri 3 II
?n tar if vitii 7 11
Bhlpo-Wm ilrar, M*t,n framliw | IfratpSalla
(liram). Wraioli, Ruin-! *> o.lrmi,. a krnrr; t'nliimfiaar,
Ballrtt, Hro ??Ti.a.. J n M>.| ; Trnararaa ( !,
lota, Baraaaah. * I. ?u li.|i, 1*1 it. *? , l ll.utm .i*. T
lff?rto>; Sarah. BcKai tia I'vrilaif Jog i-.i.
Bark.?Attilur lba?|, Hra. itcl.an* a a H*l -h<-a; Pilar t,IK?r|,
? NB;ftt Uattf; dvoaart. St
Joha. Mt Uciaar I, iniara 0 I a; Taiaa ojNalr. Haraaaah.
Dan haw a llimor; Jorp-r(' a* ), lla.ty, 1ml a an.d".
Biipi Hatai.r. Ma PaaFraraia.0 K.|- ira Par >dl, Sarraillca.
I raaa'a k la Orlia f >al*l. Kr-ctraa, tatirra A
.N at'rb. hm, Parar lua, "I ilk-Id. .a ? .a, N. imltfc a Otlah;
Macor, WaUlar. Pataaaah, K V iiraiillj Mar> Kllaa, Urtn.a',
Siaamcra- Baa fiill, (Hydra, Caraeoaj Paaohaoat, Say.
m?a?. I'liiiarlalnbia.
Idin -frmmt, M|*<ball. Jararal, Bcamlth ? Wal.h;
Tnaaamd. doner, Dajt-.a. Blchmai.0; tlrora, Cook. I'bi'adaJphla
ftidnar Mlaar, Hal on do; " ni Mrnry Oiba a. Baltimore,
J Hanii. B A dry1""*. >'*r ln?. It ..t-.a, ii(niti,
Raaaa. Naa M< dfnrd.
bty Bertello, Mree, fielnni-a, April 9, and Panda' ll?nda
April II. a uh a do-. in I r,t|if ??>? ?. M I fa ,-flinpaay
Willi a Ilia ? m (.oddard, I ar, tar B-a a-i, aad laa her Bry I',
la lat v it B, inaoa hi.
Shi# Macanr. Phil* rook, Trir.ta. Ja.ain, paired Olbral'af
Jr'f IC. Ot la|< Hiuuio, war ia a- mpaay a lib ihly I'vfta
laaoa, and parted company an 1Mb, a# Cap* Spartf re*ta
Joly A, or Malaga, aachanged ainala with aa \m ataamahtp
dying broad peanant. ateering t, Ang IS. lat Si 01. loa M lb
exchanged aicuala with aa Aaa brig ahewiag X'ford't aigaala
No 13 25; IBM, lat 37 40, loa lit 01, boarded spaa bark Ada,
daya from Havana for Cadia. The II l,a? b-eu S# daya to hi
W eatward af Ui* Baaka, with light WuMrly wiuda aai
caln a.
Ship I.uconia, Hamilton, Antwerp, ST daya, with mdae aa<
l'-'T paaaengrra, to A 'Itrag*.
Bark Brazillern. Wilton, TeraCrni, July ill with radio, t
Hargoua k Broth era.
Brig Rrlfaat ( Br ', McKinnry, Tirkj l>l*ml, U laya, wltl
alt, to mddletoa It Co.
Brig Cornelia, Lawreuoe. SalUran, Ma, with granite, fo
the L S Dry Dock, Brooklyn.
Brig Tutaan. Aaderaon, MiUiran, Ma, 7 daya, withgranitt
for tbe Na?y Yaid. Brooklyn.
Brig Mary Sarah (Mr), Bouchard, Pltioogal, NB, lOdayi
with lumber, to X C llobaeht.
Brie L Welch, MiUlkin, Ellsworth, Mo. T days, with gra
nite. for the U S Dry Dork, Brooklyn.
Brig North America, Davis, Machias, 7 day*, with lambe
to th? loyUr.
Brig lode, Rogers, Eastport, 6 days. with mdae, to Smith
Be jiton*
th'hr J east re, Cobb, Liverpool, July IS, with mix and li
passengers, to Eagle h Gerard
hchr Warren, Grafton, i'ortland, Kt.
Schr J Cooley fe Co, Youmr, Koaton, 3 daft.
Behr Ieia, Chime, Boatou, S da) a.
One brig.
Paeket ship Siddona, Liverpool, bark Adeline Elixa, 3a
Francisco; brigAmphitritc (Br), ; and othors,
Avo 30?Wind at ton-rise, 8E; at meridian. S; at eui
at, ABC.
Harnld Barlna oorratpondanHs
Pmh.ai>cli-hi4, Auguat 30, 4 PM?Arrived?Bark Ion
Warner, Haraeaibo; brigs Mary U, Crowell, Boston; Maie|
pa, Colaon, Boston; Concnite, Treat, Frankfort, Me; Tannic
Cousins Boston; Velonifaro, (Italian) tincrsilo, Genoa; ash
Otorga L. W arrington. Leerce. (Del); Berry, MiuUersoo, Boi
ton; Bobecen, Collins, New York; B C Buck, Corren, Bait
more; Altona, Barker, Baltimore; Thos Ireland. Sonera, Fri
viditire; Sabine, Bradfoid. Kail River; II B Ba'oomb. Cei
son, Boston; SpDndid. Hooper, Mnchiaa; B N Fox, Olive
Frovidenee. Yankee Blade, Heegnn, Boston.
Cleared?Ship Monoogahela, Whipple, NewOrleane; bai
Leeonia, Howes, Boatou; brigs Couohita, Treat, Boatoni Mi
M i pa, Colai a. Boaton; St Lawrence, Oyer, do; Atlanti
lirown, do; sobra Mo.rison, Sills man, Fnlinou'li, (Jam); Tl.i
lreianr, Burners, Providence, II B Bascomh. Corson, Fall R
vcr; Henrietta, Heed, New Bedford; J L White, Corson. Pre
vidence, M A Groton. Uuyer, Boston; A K May, Andorsoi
Fall River; Yankee Blade, U<-ag?n, Boston; Madenna, Roi
i'), do; B N Fox, Oliver, New York; J Busting, Smith, Prov
HltMlla* sons.
LrTTnn Bags of steamer Crescent City, for Ckagro
Panaoin.Sen Francisco Celiac. L'o a, Kingston, Haven
he, will close at the Exchange Heading Room, aud at Kei
yen's, i'l Wall at, to- uioi row, nt 2}-? o'clock.
11ank I'arci* as Doming, Churchill, from Baltimor
bound t" Rio Grande, Biaiil, which was in contact with tl
Eliot boat Ecliptd. has put into Norfolk lo repair, haviog lo
ow sprit, ahrouda, tuartiugale, bobatay, split cutwater, Ac.
Ban* St'Pcmon, of Sag Ilirbnr, has been purchcaed i
New Bjdfoid, and will beoonttnued in the whaling buainas
WtiALtm: Bana I.kani is, of Mystic, before reported i
St Sum n's Bay. ref tiinr. May Z3, Is stnted in a date of May
to bo in want of a rudder, cable aud anchor.
Bt hum. or Brio Sami r:t. Pottxa?Brig Samuel Po
tcr. (apt Douglas. from Wilmington, NC. bound to Riot
Janeiro, w ith a cargo of 7S,i 00 feet of lumber, 24,0111) feet i
tin ter, IS t his roam, and 30 bbls of spirits of turpeatin
took hie w hi la lying at anchor opposite Smith rtlle on Suuds
night L'bih Inst, about 7 o'clock, ami was still burning o
Monoay morning, 27th iust. She was burnt nearly to tf
water s edge. Crew and part of the rigging saved.
Bn Ki Vrxtit i:t a. Fowler, which left this port on the 4t
of March for Africa, aud afterwards put lnf> Si George'i
Bermuda, in distress, which port she left ou Itkh April, ws
at Sierra Leono June 16, all well, and bound to the Gaboo
River soun. This is ti e first int oiation the fr.cnds of th is
on board have hud of tlivin sine? leering Bermuda, The iu
formation cornea through a letter by tbo way of Rio Jaaeiro.
Ban. MannancT remains on the False Spit. As she ha
a rank heel, it ia probably alow work to load lighttrs.
oi mk I l .'I lit ?I,1 limcil :1 Client n, SiC
f'l m Na*'a II'ad, report* that a acbr from Piti Tiol -co
Texaa (urohably Port luvacea) and bound to North V?r
bouih, Yarmouth, K>?, Uden with hidua, horun. nut*, fcr
went ?ehne on Saturday niiibt lent, about 10 tnllon N of Na*'
Si linn Haitian Ci tin tin Auaiiic, at l.rnn. froi
Philadelphia. lo?t the it deck load* of ooal in the blow niyh
of 23d, on Capo Cod.
fi'Ht ('Hra/.ri ttr.. *hlch nailed from Proiidenoe, 2'>tl
ban arrioed at bnntol. to go on the railway. She han Ueo
parch areit by a Ma pao.v lo Call Ki" r, and a ill nail for Call
forma about the lit of October, under command of Capt Job
Man el.
New Smr- R William*. E*<|. in building nt. Fatei. Com
the letytat abip oior built In that State, but,; 1300 tout bm
then, she In to be called the Connecticut, aud la iotende
for the new I no of pacltatn Ietwicn thin city and iiavre, X
Uurlbut k Co, agent*.
Arr at New Bedford. "9:h. nhip I'hncion. Worth, India
OronD. 8t Aupuatiue llay May lb, St Belena July A, with 71
Id le e|. lit) no ah oil, and le"U Iba b"ue; a'ao n froifht, 1'
blda en and WJ" Iba boua from tea Ntinrod, of SH; 4A bhln i
from Zrnaa I'olbn, Nan, ana AWin ll<a bona from the Noble i
SI). Spoke o(l Fort Dauphin, April 27, Cornelia. Derail, Nl
17" ap i n boaid (who reported Hpeakin* off do, April I, I'a
thrraxu d, M catpoit, Ml'ip: Geo Waahinyton. N B, .1"" ap
Lilt at St.\iuu?titi Ray, Noble, Sii. A:iU wh; Uonry, do, M
lu Gel tinner. N Suffolk. 1#>U ap 2.'dl wh. I eft at ?t Helen
Joeephinr, of aad for Sat Harbor, neat day, 27"" wh 7W
npid e A o* 22. la) 1-0 Ion i<e 27, bark Maria, from Indian Oceai
of aad for Ai? Bedlcid, K?" ap. bolow, a nhip.
Ship Wm II Harbeck. Shinn, hence for Lirnrpool, An* 1
about lit) mi en K of Nautucl at.
Ship Conaunrine. W ina- r. of and froan Boaton, July 1, fi
Sen I ranciaoo, all well. July 2!'. lat II (U N, Ion XI SI VF.
Ship Baiar. fn m Roatoa (22J mat) for Huonoa Ayrea, hi
been epokem-by l.rt* Uodydon. at Hath. 2>>th, from Darlen.
I'ark Clyde. llakrow, 21 ilayafi m New Urlcana for l.ii*l
pod. Any id, lat 31, Ion 7".
llr * Maria, of ai>d for Briatol, Kf, from Virginia, wit
? od. Any 23, lat 38 lis. Ion 71V
be k In AM Auyuat 5? Hark liette, Bicyina, for Glotioeatai
wty caryo; briy* Ayetorta, Day, do do; Draout, 3h*i k'll.n
for Ponton, do. Coin* in, bri* Jacob Storey, Sticknoy, froi
Porcifffti Ports.
Ai a Carre, Anyuat 10-lTrly C'tarlette, Sparka, for Xr
York; ruly Amcr le.ael. The C hai been prenouely reporte
for A-;nin, lo load for lloaton.
U a lira a. A up u?t 2.V- Arr eh Uri lo, K o ?lo?, New Yorl
2Ath. rteamrr America, llarriaon. New York. 00 hour*, an
! fi tau.c mcrmay for Llryrpool. Cld 22d, ach lulus, Da,
II a v a m a , Auy Id?Arr bark a Lira. Remington. and Lonia
Willrky Philadelphia: ?chr 1 C Mitel ell, Kenneoy, t'harlei
t< n. 12th; lAib. al.ip Camilla, ( Pruef Savannah: brly I'anain
Kidridye. Beaton, via 1'ortland: eehr Merchant, (mail pkt
( baric top, < la ffaiannab nnd K< > M eat, 16th, briy Adel
M< I arty, ( hailratnn ITtb, b irk I.Jtn John* n. Cann. bei
ton. Mt ld<h. briy Dona rain. 1'orter, Portland: loth, br
Adaniat.ray, Schuiidrr, Nftlean.- aehr Star, Park. Ch?rlei
t n 17th. bark flatdee, taint UD. Cardenaa. aebr Mercban
T' # ee, t harhetoti.
I i v 11.tool., Auyuit II?Ship B' rlia, Sinitli, for N "dean
Mataiza*. Ai y II?Arr achr Zephyr, Wood. Charleato
llth, brif Joseph, liryai t M bile; I2ik, hark Pr.?peet. I
d'Tvo'd. Boat on; 14 III, In* Harriet, Bill, California; aei
Kan.tier Mo.*, do.
I'ti Mann. , Attend I- No Aioorban yettol In pot
lir a f em*, ef Philadelphia, la atnted to bate bten euli
tbi* i* roaaideted Imtirobabl*. tierica*z<> had. n" d uk
been *t Id. nnd the ieu.fl, with hrl* Dntld K Akin, hnd pr
bB> ') aid Mr Kio Jen. ir- .
Pl'Ttif. A naoat 19 - Art I rly Lira o*k, Miner, New Y'or
ach* 'atah Jane. Mrleyitua. tlynein. aad Sohn taeea, II*
tor. Nt* Y w*k: bug Aieturu? Heine.- on. Now York. CI
llth I?? I7tb| acli. Sainbuw, Chnreh* New Y ork.
Sitae I Ai , A Uaiut 22?Arr ahip Harlot te. Ayb \ N Y'or
? ) I atk Dull of Wrllnji?ta, Bi ff do.
1 ht JnmN, N H, Aux'i-t AY? \rr -ch Jcveph U wo. I.anknt
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23 h. belief, Johl "OS, Phlladelplila.
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Si Jomm, PR. Any II?Hrl* Frame* Jane, frnm Ball
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Tm.an.au, Av*'i?l 'J? 81J lark Loniaa Ka'.on, SI.nil
Horn* Parti
A i > t ai>rm a, Am.?Sid hri? Brsckliaa, Mitchell, Bo:
Roatora, An* Z>?Arr harka W'm T M'htatoa, Marti:
Raira; PfOiliail, tanun Drlawarr. Hardin
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| Tt*na. Yalta. Aina|.|i. N?: Kiarltaa. 1 Mr) M Kanaka. I
Ikii " I', land BrUllnor*. K M Charlton, Ul.
k y I'l. Udrlpl.sa I arm.el, t-ula, ill. IlanJ franklin, flin
ilr; I i?. a. Binrfiai , no; (li i.i l llarptatll) Ua'k-ll d
inn euaavt. Hioh. p. da. lit Bear, Maritbtar, da; Crl
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lllnhar, Rt Martina. (ayla. lark. If lltnioct.a, M C, Cord'
lia ilf, and 1 bio, a a k Th..uipi"n, * una, Nichm?a
t lianipti a. Uafehf alrrd llarratt, inlth. Rittla, lll*ha
lll|M; (,ro II (Tiuai. Ha or. fcmtliaa, kr.riaoodj Haarcr. t,"B
A'rrainlrla. Rtudlai J?hn *ill?t-, I'ranmrr Ma-orl..
Blarcr, ard II M JthklBa, In tra. Philadelphia Vfm M 11.ir
flabia; Mom, Parlir. 8 atharnar. Baker and Kail Jack*
Jhr-o r iadilfl.la. Alrrt, tlilna Mary, pBtt.-r.on. >
JAM trri.kvn. M ott, Pt.iladilp ia. Uluaaow. Collin
Uillr Irnl. be. ta at.I abater UtU. iltaaf, Rrra. Pm
it. Bra Yurk. Brl?? at ???V r n >ar H?t I i<ht, Sri
l'f?t Z Tatlaf. fr-m SA Mntinr" a. NO, cr-aa lirk, ripi ,#ad .
fatrr ?ad aioa Riisr.nl fi r lai Srvi I'M barka Sjlnh. Kj
dor. Balim .rs tint Hrit.a, II llat, I'ltllad' 1p. la. Elk. Mil
fldra. di, Srtii Mariam. (I r i Wsllaat, I.on* lalaad III
I an aa, I d. ilinatk a chaff , from Annapolia, Nl|; Sa?.
Dray, Ph.lad. l|bia: arhr? Mary t> "ei.ll, Rcnll, Nata Tori
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Utlaaa i)r>; t< l.r Mnr> k H'n< d
? pAtna. ar. Aur ? ?Arr Srljt I'i'rTim. (Br) Clark
Ca?f ? Valoa>ty (ttr J, Dnrralt, R la*a?oa, Jam <;>n Wortl
Wal >n. f *11 burr: a. hr? Maria. Dktnatraf, Baa Vnrk. J'
Tnrnar, t.lkta, I'rntidai aa. I Id hark California, Rlatar, !
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. K?yal (Mr). Piity, Mara.ad a, M airiaura Rohtrta. Rio .1
J '. ai d a nikl Mar'. I. !*ta| I. a Button. I btt I ad
1 flint'a, I iana?r did.il . t, un. Conn. aid tblf Talta#*
i Unal, for lltara; lr| Pra*nia, Dill Wnt Indian: ?rhrt II
: !,# .11. Tbnmaa, Kaaeahar Mlliat, Krai.a Ba?tan.
H? anon, iAur 27?Cld hit* All art I'arkiaa. Clarktoa, 1
I Turk
I Ht Tia, An* 3d- Arr nhip Roahttlrr. Work t. t.larrp o|. hrii
i Fnpla Har.ti.or. Ta>kt ( land. Ilodfd.a. Nortlinp I'nriai
j Or. (.'Id y?iS, tola Ji ha H b?i, Marrlwaa 8i Marrt. tt%
t HAhi.aiKia. An* fB? Air Anaaadalr. format. Can
dot, Mai irhrf I) IHit. Ilaaimn > Yolk.
27il.?Air #hip Baa'htn rt. Mat oriaiak. B'York hark A?o)i
I Kaadriok. Bot-.a; hii* Wtljola. Mnrloa, dv; arbr C .
I Cmnka. firttt, B Y'rk
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Coilint. Iltn in. H Ynrt Rid t. hr liall, Kia*. do
aatruBT, An* *3-Arr hritt (ada. Ro*art. iflad*or (an
t'd ltd for BYork). 2dt(. Raii.ral Pran k. Hravn. Bnadon
I'll fun, R)?r an, do. k"*0 firon, Rldipaon, N York. !?l
10?I, hri* Rr ma Aylwaod, I'hiladtlplila; UTitb, tohr Kalo
If athr* a, B V' rV.
1,1,' t i ttria. Aa* Z7?Art tohr Atlat, Rladlor, Varia nt
for Pi llar till.ia.
I ta ia. In I, An* ti, f> PM-Tht tara l.trk* rrpartaj thi
rr omlai ta hi iat ib th# oflla* hanad la, ont trr. nooaaly aap
tea t io t'? I )fft. rr-tn llatftt a. ?n|oii prntoa t# ft* t?.
lrn,?, fr-m lari'lik ftint ft l?r?o ?>ri? darplr l?4n, *11
a trl mlitFliIcmI li*wt*4 It maii.t. p. nnth of ablcti, ?l
ftn lrt*a x l> 4 ) Tftht fob' ?oora. (valiant to t>??t ftp. Tho tiftf
tlltalrh J. for tlaraaa. !>? Juat rom? t* th? aocfarafo.
l.i'D. An* 27-Arr arliri Huanah I lark, Mftot. f'l
Of at Hnt.ro. PI ?* anil vltfttie l.tttloAnM, Pktlfttolpkift.
Mai Hill. AO* 27? Arr ac'ir Jftonb l?*(ftll?*. I'll;
lid. 11 Ira via H. ? '.?.
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I'M; Pit. M.ory Gli.la tllmi)' Oittr J in, AT'dt. (.1
IHth, iblf Irtibdiftip (of FftlrliftTfft), Matt. Han Pronolftea.
A I ft oi i onor. Ait fft- IM. w aMp, a.if poaod til* ' ?
pbraoift Htfttlft, frnm Aaftp'H Walta
Na? Man*. An* Vt?Arr irhr tTftrron. f> >jt?. rhiUdol
>,l la ?'il I nik J fori o? H od, t'.r'o Noa: Khi H Bn*liat
141)1. PHI orirlpl la; Paw llarta, R. ! ?*, do
An? Iim.'V 1,1 A I .1. p Nr. !.. rdo?. I atlim, t
I mi *i ii ran*, An* Arm ' ri Pa ul, froma Wa'l. !
A i); J I, Plili, I "H't, I'rtiTidra. . J Ru ,| *, ftmitli. I
B< of- rd.
Pi nHMMO Aor 2 Arra-lr? W.lliaatabnrrb. P4
J. tntp It nr; far/ tiftotaH, Hililann; IMa*aro. Itard
it r Plil ftdalpl In; Pally Aaft. Clftib, da Hi hart Th mr>?o*
i tinip do; ara Hrail May, d?: Aatatoa, flaody dot afftop
Vaiy fliOTi-, RtaiA, r.A0di.nl. Vlototy, Pioda>an, NTnrb
li t"- \ a I do Aili-lra I) C Hrauli ft-..,i,r a P oaoia
I" ai J'I n H fti r'ft" > ?' ?, I . lad.lpkia ?lft?pa I
I ifti.klhi. Mkftbtno, Rotidont; Jmnoa Idtopbrof. Ko??. y, J
P lb
PopToftrii Tn (Onlrr Harbor), Anf 27?Arr ahlp Taaitf
Pftlior, AYirk lot PnrtoaaavtA.
Rianainftt.. Aiu A arraebr II N WiHlftma. Klllat. Ba?
ton hi? ori.T Hpf i ar??r Ko??r?. Bmtoa.
411 I", A n* 2 - Arr *f! r Purilloft. Pa-W, NTdHt. AI
arh? Pba k? hiiitf (>iim.?. .1 fnr Philadelphia).
M ii ?i?i.ti a. An* iv- Arr ftohr Mar pmlmi. ItTorb. Wtl
rl?M I. J'.ftTo, Collfttt, it..; robr 0 W Maria. Bricaa,
;7 A. Ir'R M aulaaa. Waylay Boa**.
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Ship Biuoi? Antonio Colnoioh. Amdrio CoUoioh.
Jer.mc Colnoioh.
rMMMtn *?u?d.
Saoahuah??tr?ui?hi? Teneo.aee ? Meoero II J Ouyton.
fowjer. T?<*.r WuHpou, J K Doy. Mieo Mo.ro, Mi., r.n
. No#., Mro.-r. J N N Mean, W J Ligktroot, P.nr CoMnve, J
Q liorr.bm. Mr. Kr.Dci.BI.ir, Mr. King.bary, S PTickoor,
. li4/ "" ehl,?- *" ? Heyt >ud doughter, Mr Jncob lOell.,
W Icktt*, Vn Mwuumuo, two ohildreu?ud iirvutt, XiM Mom,
tague. two Mi.m. Crown'., Mo .r. Rilmora * .on, 9 U O.ei.,
J A -?tt???ud lady, John B Bo. J lloohrouok, Jemo. D ?Ktlr
Wtrd, VtD Nc, I. II Gor.ido. S li Pi.ko, B C H.rt U11ohui
bi ; l)? C.mpend lody, M lynard. l.dy n.d three nkillr.a,
, Mi ... Wioelow. Auh Q'Koilly. Mr. O Klion I'rend iegn?t, Mr
J 8 IngTolmm. Mi.. Henry. Mr fleorgo Bull. Mix* MTillto o-,
, Mix. BonUw, Merer. (I ITSinln.. P W ('..It, K IUl.t-vl,
M.tlitw I'ocko, Ucary J one., U W SJiriokleu, M tiler, .nil H
in the .te*rage.
? JLd Foot Office, AuguM <6,1HM.
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PI.am mention the dot. ( the Liot in which Ahoy mo ndTcrtlMd.
Adoma Ellen A..ob. E M Anderaon Harriot
Alltn Mory Aire. I.uey Lynn.
Aldtrton Merj J.ne AJlam II ? riot D B Andrew. Emmn
Andre Ann Allen 8.rah A.libee Mr.
in Androit Madam Anirnn Uu.tine Atohio.on Elizabeth
Ant ley feophio F Angel I Stephen Mr. Arery Ellen
Ant l.tcn C H
Balicoek Elian P B.wen Sorah Jon. Bercrly Mr.
Bobnitt Caibrin. Brog.n Mory Ilrew.iar Nancy
Ball C Burk. Olivia Hi.hop Charlotte A
Ranks Mary C Burling Cathiina E Brill Ann
Hurray Ellen Born. T nthrino Brirham Sarah
Buabinger Era Butler Briugot Boiioua Kmile
Blaaniell Ellon C Burrow. Mary Blondgood C
Br.oley Ko.a A S Bumph.ry Hiram Bro >k. Kliiatk Ann
hragdee Abigail Byne.Aa.liu. Brown Hole.
Be.tiy Elii.uuth Bynne Bridget Howie Mr.
Boll Margaret Bryeon Elito Boucher Lnoendio-I
Ree.i't Mory Jnno BourenvM. Jen.t Hroder Hannah
B? verier Marian Baboook John C (Burke) Cothrin.
Bilhop Margaret Bailey Cornelia ( Burke)
llrl.lann Bridget Baorch Magtalenen Batterworth E A
Brule > Ilia Barkiey John K Mr. Burn. Mi..
Boate Mr., Eldridge Bartey Miao,Brood- Bulger Easter
street woy Buckle* Mary
Bi nuettP.trrR Mr. Blair Corolins Bru.t Charlotte
?. Bloomer Margaret Dlanry Mary Blnme Sophia
HiownMary Brantley Eluabcth Byrne Cathrriae
I- Brown Harriot Brackett V* W Mra Byrnes Mary
B< l.lanman Eliza- Bimbe Mary 8 lir/ue Bridget
both Barry Carolina L
> C
'j Cathie Marietta Cook MargaretX Clark Arabella
CahillAune Coolry l.ooiea Chupin I'mey
Caaipboll llanoak Coole Emily Criaforil S A
r. Cam moron Margaret Cororun Surah Clinton Doirikt Mrl
>a Carroll Anibony Coagrove Cattierine ?J
t Carter Aguee Cox Ann Culalien Ellen
Car rail Ann Ciillivan Bridget Coltou II \f
It Carrel. n Mr* Curien Mary or Coltnan Ellen
e Cate Ellin Bridget Connor Marj
' Cuttnarli Elirabetli Cutter Caroline Condon Mrs
'i Clarin I atherine Cafey Mary Coiner Mary
' Clarin Catherine Cailfe Augnetn Con? tllaaneth
Clrnaa Altnira Campbell Ann Coaper Ptunbe Jane
t- Cilia Adela M Carr Marge el Coo|-r Am mtln W
la Clillered Bridget Carrigan Bridget B forrigan Jana
if Cootea fclira Cardura Em her Corblt Mary
a. Colli ney Mary Carroll Mary Corillu Sarah
y Colline Agnea Caeaey Judith Carle Catherine
a Ct nnar Nancy Carey Mra Cunaiff Catherine
le Coneadine Margaret Clark Sarah?S Curtcn Ellen
Connolly Silby Clammy Marin Chydour Rachel
h Cornell Beater
>. ?
Davie Mariah Doyla Ellen Diaron Jenney
Q Daty Mra Dodge So|.hia Dirana Mary
0 Da Bar Mre Donelana llonora Dilkey EliiaWeth
. De Uondrrconrt A Doyotte Nathaniel Uonor.in Mrl
Peleuney Catherine Dwytr D Doi nelly Jane I
t>enain Margaret DurteeJanaM Doeea Mra
* Donnan Mr* Dunican Mary Doyle Mra
Dabra Bcboll Dunning Bareey Dooria Margaret?2 >
Derirkaon Saml Mre Dnun Allie Mrl Doherty Mary
Dealt Margaret Dalr> Maria Doyia nary B
Dickeneonf.auraWCDeMailly II Downs !i Mrl
i, Dinan Ellen De Muutall Doyle Mary
e Pigt aner Margaret Deane Anne Dwight M A
Doil Margaret DonnlaaElizabeth Duffy Mare Ann
Dotiaebo Catharine Docker Henrietta Duiiioan Catherine
, k Bridget Delauay Margaua Duffey Hoaaa Ann
Dow < Mary Dunaier Sarah U Dufloy Margrwll
Doouu) Mary DeriowiAun
>. K
Erglirh Barg?t Krana Mary Ann Keolne Margrett
n i dlo!? Sanili Bngrlkln Angelina Eaten BE
Ell-wortb Cathrine lean Jane Eeana Augaetn
Ealry Mar-ret Ellsworth Sarah M Eitiagir M te
*' Baton Mereret Elliott Cornelia M Ellison Sarah L
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1 " (T
" Frank Mm Tiik Elisa Farrell Elian
I'mri ll tint* eth Fmngjii Mary Fitapatriok Ana*
FarUy < all.una Flytin Owen Mr* I'ltigrrald Dor*
: Fe-ely Ann Fanny Cathrtno Fiisgibboas Mary
" Iran y Madamoi- Faitbanka Jano Foreyth Sarah
" ill ? k'arrall Kile* Furroater F
P lit.g.raid Widow
?f O
' Cray Elltabeth If Gnrdon F.lnabeth D GaTt Maria
l" Gray Ann UulleltAiin Ghrtty Anna
' ( ray tll.n Gillman Frodena (lemmnke Uratha
* Gallagher Kllen Gild, a Margrat Gemhty Itnd^et
Graham tll.n Guiney (at Orlna GolihrrJaoa
P: Gladdina Cora alia Uallaghar Mary II rm.n Kiln
' GMueArolinn C.ale Mr? G"l.l.mish (J
Grren Mary Gay Parah Griffon Mary If
Gregg tllei Garry Klliahrth Gillr?y Mary
*, G u dt 'Oah A f Graham Julian Grimlry Sua*
Gaorry a Glantay Mary Gulick Sarah
Hamilton Mary A HarrU Euielina Ilall Marurrt
Ilai'lry S Harmon louisa >1 alary ?ar? Ellaa
II.skins Mra Harrington Mary llaabronuk Jaaa Ana
llalhnway Cathrina Hi aly Anna Ilartan Mary J
. Hall llulah tfanlay Ana Uargarloa Mary
HallParah Ilaatie Mary Hart SUanor
i aatMary llaahrouak Graca HawkmaBliiaFljaa .
, Hardy Mary Hala Anna Haaan Mary
U< niirtasy John Hunt V K. BUckay (l .nora
Iriena Mn lluniar l.nuia* Uobha FsnncaaM aril,
ron M J lldniar K.alalla ( rati
Hi * kny Bridget Muaeon kliia Horatnr A
* (In key Elian fl\ne.< ('ana Iluribut Mary
Hilton AS Henry B ilughee Strait A
Illegal. Mra Hoaainn Hnnofn Hughe. Alien
Uoetin Janra Honkrnsfall B Hughea Aon
1,1 Ho|ikln> Bridget lliggene Bridget Hubbard K
1 II u tun Margie! li..g>oa r una
' Ireaon Bridget Ingolli C D?f Irwin Ann
\ ?
.) Jackson Margaret Jnhnaon Klian Ann Jnnai Margmn
a, Jan.mion Mary Johnson Maria Jonaa Sarah
i- Jul. y Mary Johnatnu Ruth Johua?n < .thriae
l( Jinn Martha M Joyce Mary Juknaon Johaanak
I- JotaeaMra Jaci.g Jane M J..hnaoa Ktnay II
t. Jontt Blltn J.rnlotnan AdeliM Johnson KaclioU
I Johrann Margret or Jutogto Ru.aa Juatlea l.ydln
*, Marin Jvnaa Klira
^ KitiiirMtrf Eing Ell? u K U*h*r Ann
! kirn H kulan Mtry K-ily U?Kiri
1 Keiin<?flaT Mill kiD'lin CnUirint K t^ ?n t.lu*
' Miry Kirk Aulo koribn lirxlgtt
^ 1 KtLDitlij Mlnry Kouihii Miry Kellij Miry
' k? iifu Uy Hit K ridtfe# Julta k*vnnnnh ? attain#
| kt!lay Ann Kelly Kin* ? tk Km'Au Ana
Kr .it Mai a J Kf iiian bri?i<al Ki'aiva Vary
' L - II- ta. ? an V.llo V ua.AW k .? us.... Mr.
k Kfriy Mr* keni.nl*} JohannahKin ll-aka .V
t- Ken ?m> M?r|.Tt P A I utl.riu* KnihiUea
<?. I Enigut Adeliua Enl|;ht A.lelta*
k UtirMir; Llayd Mia* Lenoir Charlntta
I l.aritry Bridget farady I hartatte A L< rmond 9u*an
' I l.ancan I ?il tin* l,i.rone?i Sahiuuo l.iu.t?*> Ann
. | l.at) Madam l.ynek Mary L.rit,: M,.*?rat En1
nMsre Madam Lyneh Ann and Ell- aiaime J
t* I ** C'atberiu* inlwth !.? '?. y Jo tin Mr*
, I l.*e Ulna K I.ntn* ef*r *<.? J.??*ty Kllta
J- Leery Catlierln* l.niigdou M.?nr l,iin..r> ?*ry
h. I | e<ld) Ann* l.nrwerniin Mr* Luuunla Kirs
! Loewerci.al H ) M Luiiuernnm Mnrgn"
Loekwond Angelina Lafebin K rut
Iwtulitne M?o,njA La* Sural Lyuah Bridget
| Martin Jan* Meyer Via* (Brond- Mardagn M'lU Tb*.
Martin t etherlat M w?y) _ r'*m ,
Martin Jane Merr.am AMnr II Mallet L"*laa
ft Matnno Mary M?*i an Marin Kahar Hirunt
I Marel bank Mr* Minnieekey Mr* Mahar ?arl*r??
I I Ilea at I iLetaia at) *?"?"? llr.dget
L" Malory M m Elian M.llat Mlaa A M M- ?l* Murgnrta
Mat. n* Mary M liar Mra R.'bt MeralnMr. A
" Mshnn Ann Mnthl* Mnnliin M?i?-li.?lt M'lU M
t Maarana Mr?(Va- Mnrlga Mr*(tire*t Met ..ant Mra Janrk
at ) J r.ne a at linn
j, Mareral ntlarinl Maran Martha T Metier EIir*b*tb
Belrln Mr* t Mnekenlllen M?ei.e? Mridyat
M. .rata Margaret Mtehnel Itahalln Mtl'tnUeu M ,ry
*' N< or* Mart Mr rrn> Mariatat M< tree Ana
A firott Hi**t???h Mnilar Mr. Marrow ?n Ana
,* M"rta) tlilcim Multaay Martar*t Murphy t'nti.nrla*
J Morn* Pariltne A Mai ngl.an Julia Murphy a .in
? M .Iran Chnrlott* Mooney Mia* Julia-IMt.rphy A my
M?.ri?"n Harirt E M?ron"> M u?ae*t M.. pl y Mr. Ellen
I Melon- Judith Mortn Mra, L'talfr JlnliiaT Hill t |
7 Marry Ell.n Ittitt Mora* Cia.eeU-l
" Murray CatharlMd
Ma A.lamt Mr* S*uJ Mtl.nnd Mary MrCanihay Aa?
. Mot otl Ilea Mel.end kllaa' rth Met' rddln Margaret
t' Mel abe Allan MeL u?Mln Mr* M'Carnn Mrt, IGth
|, M I l..n?hry Jnna Prtar ,
Mrt'amn K.-a* Mel < i.ghlin ftnaaa M. <Jnn*e Mariatn*
Mel alii** Ana MoMan t nlh*r.n# Me.low,a Mr*. Itfth
' I Met art, Jar a MeVueenay t atba- Hurt
. Mcl' nell I .try rla* M .J.nn Aaa
Mi Dm all Muff M'llridt AUra M.nUiaa llanaah
Mr !> aald Marraml Mr! arty Mra.*ta? ' ?' <fala,a Hridrat
i, KtDxiol tlii?Mkl? Mt? *? J * r ? *?fjr
i Met*.t Ail* m.S.: .? lUr.h in .1 M .r, .rat
" BillnitlnMh !? laMhalte MnV.nj Kllaa
! M.Kra. at ail-arlaa MrCnaaill K?aa *ri
f MiR.MAP.HrB MHahat-y M'N.-hrr ?Hbb
c Mcki'iht Brldfat Met aitl y llridrtt Mr! art; Ana
* v.,1. FIVn jriml Ha l 11a ?waU Abb
SIS! M il N.aaht... M.aa *oa.N.-?"?hntaaVt% |
I* Nimmiri HrarlAta NawaU KIMa N??d Ruaahatk
' hull Brtdna* ^
'* 01?t Ita O U?r? Rata "".Oara Rrtdrat
OWrt.n Taraaa O Ratify llita ? flaharty fWaA
L- 1/Dm.bbII t athriaa O Hti.a Mary ONaillMra
* 0 U' rBiaa Lmlly O'lBBor Mauat't
a r
I"a111 n Margarat Poala Mra M J rattman Wary P
4 l'ar~a- Mm NaB.yPnat klitaba'h I rta..-?. n Julia R
If Parana. Mr? S J Pamil Mary ar Mar- atkl??i.u Mary
4 latkrJara . tia I tilat Mra amiaa
?, ParkiB.oa Mary Pi.mt. Mlaa A bb PHIlathartBA
Prafaa Mra.? aah- Pahkar Mra A M l iani? arolitA
h Ivr'oa aiaaia Palt?r>?ii MralHTidP.trtar Riaa I A
Ptaikary f.aUlU Phalaa Mra. Mroad-Pnrtar Rllaa
la IVayla RaataBBA Bay I usdt Jranaa
Plckal lUbrccB
h Quirk Marrarat Qn.rkMary a^PhlllpQaim CathariM
jj Quilayaa Mary R
Paltry Mra Krlty . 8*11?* g****"
* R.yn.lc.MiaA M.b? Ml.a i,hrlatlaB?R. l |y M?y
Ida. .a I.bk H. llry l.-uaa'a
" p. jatlra 1 aihariaa Rnanry Mara Abb K..I Mb rfoaora
? K. yimlda Nahky H.?. ra Mra M?ar Rr- f Matilda
* p?,n. ?t.Mra,<lra*b ? i?'i i" r>-anta PaltaA
4 atrh at RobBma Jinny Riar y Aana
! Rttd Mary Rankin Jana Rlrhar l...a ?arak
- Rr.J Mra flat H Rally i aihrrlna K"??t
K lyiail.ar.na Rnly Ml-a Mary Hnmaay JcimattB
* p..if* Mary Ana Knly Mary K.a.n-n rt~.r*.?nn
' R.l t'n. Mr. R K>bb Mlrn Rn-hr Mr. Mai-gara.
h(,bn.a I ?nii? Rk|#i( < irnlini R'"fh Mary
* Piinth < hrlntiM R.hin*<?n ?*ry Ann Koork
, K) i.a Mary Rnak Ama 9
? - - Pay
Mra I IT Smith lruMdla U? Mnlknny
I. R. i.iHrtd I.nulaB UmiihMrai K _
Rlalirr) Jvititk Brhmltt Aana Ph-prrrd Mr.
l Piantm 1 .any A R.y.h ralhB.lB-? Rhnr?ad Alt.B
a hi r.rr M,r. i.lla Smyih Mar.arrt A -a Jaaa
Rtaft Mara BaaithPnaaa Pmllfc Rary
D',vh.r MiaaPnaa m.uliar "adam Smith Mary Ana
I p.rlly ABB Primary <"af?liBa Rmlth Mar?ar*t
1 P?.n aa < raalia Panla Mb>1b Phrraa rl ra
Kk.Tr, Ana p.-ally Mr. 1 haa Kmt.hrlm
I, hi widaa Kllra plan.** R. A Purl?an :* *
PlirHaal all.arlaa Rha? R?BH?a RtHBr?r Jnha aa4
- i Ri.rta Miri Jaaa Bnaaanlmaay CatBA Marrarat
RVIlna IralBlla riaa !T !f*J
A | P rich! Maria Rrt narka Mra. Wtl Jl..aa Mary
P.m'i.a Mr?. Klira- liamnra.k Pni It Marjarat Abb
a. 1 hath aa RakalaBrhf
.. 8ia.rn.Ba Mra O lt?a 4 PnmnrladyKa (tra- j
I Intra Mnp Abb SahamarharB AbbH liaa
Smith Charlotte 8heraa Hary Soett lliaabath I
Smith MraChriatiaa Slieahan In, Hal- Seallay johaaaah
Smith Iliiabath harry atreat
Taylor l.iiit Tuuha Inaa Todoaoo Tortuaata
Taylor Sarah Trimball Almlra Tiodall Saaaa
Taylor Elirabeth Tniudalt Harah Tainay H
Taalcr Alloia Taaaay Briirit TeddJana
Teraghan Margaret Taaney Mar* Tttohar Anna
Tumor KiiiaWth Trainer Bridget Tartar Mr*, ChamTLoujpaoa
I barlott Tr-auMy Mra, Are- bora atraat
E ma* S Tully Bridget
Thomson Mia*
l' 1,1 H Unrring ^
Vollin Carolina Taaaittart A U Taoaalt Haria W
Vauraa llira Tenia Mr*, 3<1 ai Van Kleiok Yranui*
Van i'uureu C Van iuger Marga- Yaa VUtl'raacu*?t
Vaa Deuaar Haria ratta
Ward Margaret WiUinnu Margaret Wobb Julia E
Wadleiyht MariaS Wintera Miaaea, ilh Wheeler Eliia
WuUh brriagh atreat White KQ
Waloh Catherine Wiuaie Mr* Henry Wlkea Elisabeth
Wrath Ann Wyiv.tr B L. William^ Mary Ana
U alker Bridget Wariny Sarah Wright Mra, Meroer
Watrau Ida Walton Sburrnt atreat
Won H?aa Walter J t Wright Maria
Wrede Julia Wtluri ('>r?U>e f Wrigh* Mtaa, 17tk*t
Wendell Sin-no U H allo Ann* Wood M A
H 111 ii?nit KUiobeth Waebburn Caroline Wood* Mim. GreenWilliama
llaria Wnltaeneeker Maria wtoh atrcet
W'ilaoa Martha ^
Turk Catharine
Arkermaa J M Ackermaa John Ackenaaa Gee
AleleaCail Adiliaoa Littleton MAdatna J It
Aiiama Fmelee?t Aokermaa Edwd Aukhurat John W
Aildia' u Win Abecrombie Her R Adriance Mr
Adania knuola J M Ainawurth L
Akin* Hubert Acutter* Wm A kerly ft Urigg*
Ahreafeldt Henry Arnidon.Bowman k Allmaa Jr TIioa
Allen Edninnd P Ce Allen Heneon
Alien Jee II Albert M Aldrioh William
Aldrn Warren P Allen Capt Jo* Allen William
Alilerton Wm Anpni Jwi AppalJohan
Armstrong Ja? B Aeaelin Peter Auderaoa John
AiHl.erftld The* Ardta Kicardo Gnl-Andrew* ft Co A W
Arditt l.nieci ?'PI>o Art eager Mens
Aylwaarl John Anderaon John L Anton Jacob
At woil K II Andrew* Wm Andreaten J T
AndreveA Andrew* R C Arinounr Loui* S
Ankuw M G Andrew* II C AymerM
Aj re* A mini Alexander Saml Andora >n Wm
Ardell Ri hard Aunerolaaer Haul Arnold Edward
Anderaon Chap Aoteion Wm
RadarOna H D C Braohme* KJw'J Blaokvrood Ilenry
Brail* Bernard Black I'eter K Braok kn Aadrow
Black ? Brady I'eter Bradley Holt P
Bradii a It Co Joaiah Babcock Lillian Hagiiaee Cfcriatian
Baldwin John bner A Brclialdar Cyru* T
H.uathorp T 3 Bailey UolTrr M ?J
liani Join Babbitt John II Baldwin CS
Bariibriek Wm Bnllen Eirn B Baucrof S W
Baker W H Bailey John W Baldinger Andrew
Bailey Gee A Bland Mr Ballard A
Baldwin Lorenae D Bailey Patrick Balrd Belancton C
Ball Kranei* Baker Alfred ltakcr Henry
Bailey Sanruel Brnnoh Stephen II Brnnde August
tiarnee A ? Bailey John Blakency w
Bartlelte Elmer Brndy Jnmo* Battles MD, OS
Iiattelo Uugo Yen Bardal* Carl Barnnger Jorem'h
Uartcl Ignata Barry Darid Barney Jamc*
Barrow Wm Barto nimou P Bartheld Kafnal R
Barry Murria Barwell W T Bartela Carl*
Pained J T Barr George Barny Kiobard
Bari a John B Barbet A Barrett ?
Barnaa H (.' llaratow Robert Bartela Hermann
Berry Edmund Barrett A P Barnett* Lewi*
Bray Jamea Barton B N Barbour Wui If
Bay ley I eirc* Bayer Anti n Bate* Jacob S
Beaumont J Brayton H t BaylioaC B
B?I oler W C Bauohley Tho* Becker Frederick
Buchanan Cearja Bea< h. t lark A Co Beane Valentin*
Brckett laaac B Brill* Irn Edward BreeelowJa* W
Brennco Patrick Iil-cckcr Leonard llreokinridg* John
Berden Ma ter Bee to Al< ah Beali Wm A
Bonjnn.in K H-S Bell 111 f f Brenoan MO, P
Bennett K R S3 Berry Edward Rerrot Mr
Bcrkinahaw Aaron buell John Bennett Wm
Beekeman Jno C?S Benaon John C Hreaua Patrick
Bennett Job Br. inner St III* Bemheimer laaad
Br tin tier Robert Doighimana La- Back r K
Reloun E Porter tbam Bell Tnaddtn*
Itrennan Patrick BelaiaS Beania Capt John
Ben net T A Bennett Richard Bernard John C
BrcwelcrW Hi uilla k A Berrien Jam** L
Brice Monaicnr Breenn Cliarlea Bennett Tnoinnn
Briua Rtuliea F Benedict JenaeC Hnen Daniel
Bieelow John Biekari Solomon Bigalow Wm L
Bliaa WUliam Beer C 0 Brig** John
Hud Ilenry Uigeiow Milton B Iimgham L J
Bliom W 1. F M Biabop Mr Brtudweli Richard
Brittan E H Btttel Christian Bigo ow David
Uogortjr. John Bingham Uenry L Bingham U C?1
Brvauhold Hm Bineoi. ft Co Rich- Boaardu* John t
Boardman ft Gray ard B Bodcker A
Brephy Jamcd Brookett Iliram W Boardman Wm W
Brnuitt Mr BrookeChrtatoyher Bond George
Broon J W Bond J L Uoiden Henry
Hartley Ilenry Bruuka Cbarle* BookJamca
Brown Fr?< erlok Booee jr Cliarlea S BrookaGeorg*
Brown M D Stephen Boyd Mlchaal Brooka R L
Brown Iraao Brother* William Brown M D, II W
Brower William Bourk* Tbomna Brown Turner
Bey'and Fell* Br-waJohn Brown Michael nnd
Browning Ihomna Brow** Nicholaa John
Br< wn WmP Botne John Rroraahan Patriok
Brown W Boetr Janea Boy laud ft Co Meeen
Boyce Mr Boyu'on Willard BoyatonWmA
Boyle George B Bowie* G Boyd Tnomaa
Bowen John U Bonnbenaia ? Brown W
Bowen George A Better < k' Boyle Edward L
Boytlen William 3 Brown William B Brown 3uinne*
Brown* Thnnina Botnion Millard BrownJamea Jf
Brown Jamea Brown William Bowdich Lnk*
Butcher U Brown Lnwrene* Bower Tkonina
HnrkaJohn Buc? ley Rlchnrd Brace ft llroaby
Burton Henry Buckle Mr Burwell Cliae W
Kullard Charlea A Hurrell Anaen Burr Alford
Burhank Jamaa Butler John Uuiler William
Bullock Jamea Butt It Ca Thomaa Hurling Ehcn d
Iltirkf Robert DU , llur.tr Win F
Hnmiaa Frederick Button Jr. J Bulfin. Thontkt
llrunn Tom Hurling It Ebbetti Burtta Allen
Hint toward D Jinrtou J C llutlcr Usury S
Hurtle Allan Burtictt ftp E Burton J
Burr Hand II Ilnnon R I Rurbaga Patar
Uursrtt lieorga llutta Jo.uph H Ilotlor John U
Byrne 1 honiaa Huilrr Chartia C Burnt eiwen
Bjrur Patrick llurke (let.ma llyrn.a Thomaa
Br>an Mr II") d John Byrne John
Broadun Thomaa Byrne Peter RrereJaiora
liyraa Michaal Bryant William R
Cnllum Wra J Corner John Crook Joha E
CranrJ(MD CaUrn David Canto Nlcbolai
Craaa Thoa Ch.ioplln E Q Charnarl Joha
Carei Mg Angela Callahan C ( ainpbeil Jamra
Cantlnld Inwl Caaa Henry Charab.rlain Patar
Cattaran H P S CramcrTr Cam hall John C
Caldwell M K Can Held Itrarl Chamber! S 0 (M D
Cankerk Thaa Chambrrlta Joha Clancy Heady
Crafty Minor Calay laaao Caffery Minor
Camplrll A D Callahan Jamaa Cataidy Chrietopher
llaraJoaeph Carrol Patrick Carriagtoa E? i
(.aaerji hn Car Joha Carina Miehael
'lark Moiea V Cbapn.an Warren Ckatt Win Henry
Cla| |> liana X Carter Janiet E Carpenter O A M
Chtpin n?ih 9 ( Imi Win Clark John A
Clark Thomaa Chapman Joha Chapman J U
(lark A M Clark Alexander CnrrollJohn
Carrwth It II ( MnJ Carter Ar< hll I M Carre# Jebeaah
I ttiM H a Cart r .lo.aph W Carper tar Warren
Carothue A Clarke Edward Chart Money
Clark Jtme* CaryJoaiphW Clark William LawCarloa
Pill Carney Stnl P rene*
C >rr Philip Chaffy John Crawford f R
Crawford Iiao?f Chare Henry Cre.an Pata
Cavarly John P t laytoa ( lark Crtebaaaoi M na
Clem-ate Pretik Cay A Arerttia Creninau I lew
Clera Joha Saaal Clrrel.ad Wm Crchore Mr
Craely Joha Chiarolllr CallaChaiP
( hratlea l.cula Chretien W II Clifford Uao
Chnaty O N Cherry Patrick?S Chrtaimaafe Ca
Child. Cent Arthur t t?co Pr.nola Mater.
Chrt. nJohn Clinee Thomaa C'.ndon Thee
Colly John C?lrart <1 II Conner Jamet
Cnlllna Comedian Collin. Mllea ComanWm
C't hen Moeea Cola A ll?l Cxite. Wm 9
Coder Ceo B Coua 0 Coleman I
Cuiufa E Cobn Joeeph Condon Michael
Coni.tork 0 C Connor. John Conetant Cap! ffieContant
P Colhono Robert tar
Cron ia Robert Collar Jan.ea D Caffln Tern pla
( I hare A.a ( olhurn O O Connor Charted
Cahb W r> Conch Dtriel L Colli ti Aig (i
CrnmMr Richard Cornell John Conry Patrick
Cordon a m Counora anuria* Commaf?rd I'etar
Coal.an Jamaa Cohan A II Coinmln. Patt
Caaroy Patrick Connor John Ooitlwnd John
Ctrliee Patrick Caiala Pad Conklia lamed
Cilent.n Mm Cnnaora Wm Coming Daniel M
Ccopet Sidney A Condon Rit hard Cook Joarmlla
Cocke Joha Cook Philip Caeaee Jamaa
Crttea It Ca II Caaa Jamaa Croake I'la't if
Cgika. Alt lander Cook W II Coaareet M.chnol
CeppJ9 Cooper Abraham Cordaa Chariot
Cooiada* n P t r?tJail Chad Uenry
( oppet get Win Jr Cooper Wm P C..row?ll Wdl A
C-'t iwr J I. Coon Cphralm W Coe'nrUE
Ctrfaaa Mi|tlet(lUOioii Alaxaader Cook Ja. A Capt
a t'o Croppaa A exr P B Colter Wm
Ciatty Stephen Crotty Thomaa Cawrra Mr
Count eyA Tenoaat Cox arthnr Capt Cot C l>
Cox Pdward Couahlin Andrew Coxa Hiahard
Cti.hln ; Jomri Churehill A It Cnaniaehaia Elieha
Cunningham J aire# Cummiaa* Deania Cuiull J >ha
Cuaaiigham ki- Corrj Th mat Caff Tked
ek.t! Cuti. Thoa A Currier J A
Cnmn rae J B Cnmnery R Cnlter Alpha*
Crugaa John Comuing. Edmond fang John
P. I tor Th.m.t Dahlgron Wm Paly J.mat
Dallton Jt hn Rally Thomaa Daly Jamaa
Dale John Newman Brake I. II Daalan W
Daly Venry D.r'lna W iMiem Daeldeoa Wm L
Dnria W T Darlin: l.et Danlelaon Abraham
D?vtd|r II care flay Banal) * ntMwaw?> Darlar Jamra
Darta I'rnanen Baei. William Dealrl J J
Jeta DkIi Jnla II Par It Jamea
PxlMi Pi??M Pe'ii fc Bayer Parte Jataea S
Pandeoa ( HmI rapt Jmdn P?nf>r'h J R
W II Pankel I oraeliaa PimamCl
Ptrli>| ThM 1 t>>; Pimi* ( ptrie < m
IHinliJtmnC Pirin Wi* Poll R I
!? ? Jiidm T On/ J?an If-IS
Dtrlnbuh Btltbi-P?nn Juvm llttau Z
Mr Dm H;m tieorat DiImii P?al
Dmh Cm Prederiak Drtt OrirliM Pa Miann J rt
D /thedi P D- I Paenia Inint Pa Knlhml
Dflini'T' * ?< I'e R"rr- oT Cift DelaayJaata
prle'onr litnnl D'*naiiipt k GaldPe
M U DmIii llrkwl elor
Peppier P peace Tbomai Penlke fa
Peenew p Victm Oa Prdare f r?m Dewy Hathaae|
|v itoyer Hon a Pe Moate*|aeia <1 Drew rant f B
/ I'airirk Pa Patkne-|ae A Perreepoet Haiti
Dinnixn Saraoal Dtatf Henry S
Paioa Ollrrr C PnthrriJfi liana Pentea tenia
Pa Balm Mr Pilloa llmrr Penithy John
p' Bi.fh II' ran T lurl aa n I < ru Poller tlreadye 1
P? Ight Jamai 8 Pilw>rthMr Dilthery Pd *ird
Pilt. B Ki> hard Pelaht J Pilloa Henry
IiiikiBxn George Dim-ad Perld 9 Plana Thimei
Ihwtj R K Pool tar i arloa A Dad l,?aia 9
!> Patrick poo|tn? Metthear Polan roraiilee
iKolaa Jonathan MD PooUa Patrick Dougherty Jnka
roraherg Mendel Dooly Edward Doaogho Jamaa
Poaolioa Paalal Dantan Patrick Dowd^Thnmae
Powd Rtenhea Dnncal I>and Powntag Jaka
Pane My Ihoaiad P?naraa Randall (Iraaa
I anliaa Ore Poeoghae P O Prawn rradarlok
I'nily Janice Pale* Preacig Parle Thai A
I'oad Michael J'ondertn Edwd Doran Chen
Para ell W Pending Mr PayleJeaaag
I'm all Joeenh Dili; rrter Pnrkay John
Pnnn kali Pmmmaad Jaa Pakcgnlle r renin
Pnnrn U Pa IT John Pnnn Peter
Pn llnieeoa L Ptykgrgh Thog Pnnn John
Pnfti Jemea Pnraad Nleholag Pa Plgnark J
Pwyera ?in-l pnnhar Rewinel Pngaa Mekert
Pagan Robert L Pareakary ffa C Patty fc J?haa
pirlom tern am ptna ?a Pancaa Ollaey
Pn*Iae John Prygnaa Mr Paaaaa Maieoa
P. k Pmile Rrkhart l aayar Raton Ramnel
id a a rile llenry Sella Maraellaa Ed ? arde Prof B P
fclerthgeh Myad'l Rerlna# Artkar P.lmendorf Jaa N
E>' o h ha Early Michael Ehrhardt aoa MeeRlcna
Mr kllewarth A H k?ra Jahaaa
f ah n -imoel Eataa tieoraa B Elder H M
i iH'iwi ?UP?I r nir"n? xnn
??^aKi 1 ?r< B<t?ar4i I.I?t4 Rlliat Aathar
> ^ni'h ?' ? * ( J Kan?a Jn?haa R
> tT<a J??Kn? R Ratal * > K?t?rt
Ratal 11 RartgM Rlahaal Raiai Ja'kaoa
fairh Wllh*l?'a Rart*ht Mtohaal Rart?M Mirkaal
F.rtl* Mr Rmo-aaa Chaa W Raarta Oaarga
f nn>? I'ai.UI taat rf <)?? I k?a?? R
B"fl Jm I. Rrait Laail taiaa Thamaa
Ra<ir?at <iu>pu ^
Ra/ianRryaa F?rf?aaa Rakart Fr**mm Wlllta
Faa J Jama* Fargtiaaa t < Urki
F-rala Fl> >a<M ft BalA F!a?ia? Ft
F'truM ? via Fl'taia* Jibim *
f?f tak Farria In W H fntllifi Bn Bttn
Firurt Domini* Farroll I.ewu T
lrw>4 II H Fa>rdeld-8 Franoi* Frederick
Frarer PtriiAt Ftuiii A Itllihe/ Miekaai
fnnl I i FarroH John Fairoiouch Robert
Fairmaa W in Flately J*n? Flaolor A*m F
Footer kich'd 8 Frank Mayor Fi|U Miobaal
Frnroia Cbartaa Fob* Juka PerrallJoba
Flanagan F 8 Falfioaer Gaorga Flauaxaa Chril't
Frank Joiwipk Feager Rudoll Far* John
Fraxiar Tboaiaa Fa hay John Farrall Bryant
Falk Mr Flak Jonathan Farrin<toa J oka
Fitaoimono Fdwd Fttiaimon* Jaa Faialgan Juka
Fitsgrr tld I4s?al FIibb William Feaigaa Jaha
Flak* Jama* Fltigerald John Fliaa Tbomaa
Flint William Fitigibbnn Tbaa Fialay Rer'd Robert
Fittgibboa Tboa Filheaa laaae 8
Finlcr Fraania H Fitxgerald Jaaeea Fill Miehaet
Fieher Ronald Fitch l haa R Fi.ib .ujh Vfm
Ftaher < Tiarlea Freach Jouiea 8 Fitaaimiuuaa The#
Foccrty W m Fooben Moaoiear Fiab F M
Fooler S Foler Patrick Flood Joba
Foley M C F..rater I an a* Follia A
Falkoer A Brother* Flood John Foloy l)x?ld
Feeny Patriek Ford Robert Flood Daniel
Fri.thinghani Cha* Fowlar Joeeph Vouchee Bona ,,
Frotl.ln*l.*m AbraoiForboa Va Formaa Doctor JaForman
Dr 9 Front Theodora oob
Footer Richard A Froat Fa P Footer Frodorl*
Son Footer John 9 Flydo George
Foot t'harle* Fontaaotto Meaara Fowlar Wr
Footer Tbrodoro A Co. Fallor Wm
Fullaugh I'aatclerlyFudgo Harrv Fuller Win 0
FlynaoJuba Fulton W 119 Footer Thoodoc*
Flynoe Mr Fulton John Furot M 9
For William Furaiaa Jamea Fowlar John
One* Jolm Cab-unl Piarre Garvey ThumM
Gag ban Thn? Franco!* (liuot Andrew
Giiiuui Mr Otllubar Daniel Onluii Alexr
Cembali Kott Oroaaneim S U Grafton Francis
Gembril) t'has A Gelaway Snail Grahix J a men
Carre Samuel Orut k Hutlm Gerrey I'ntk
Garland Jul Qrtliin Dr 0 W Qale litbiv
Gardener L P Garland Thus Gartnta John
Graham Win C Gray Robert Gay. Silver ft Ca
Gray Jobs E Gray Capt A G Gray Jamea
Gat in Patrick Gray Wa> K Oaylor l.'hai
Oaier Lewia Gauge Uaury A Greatly Patrick
Glreaoa Timothy Gegtuheimer Jae Gren Jam e L
Gregory I'lirietopherGreenlaod Edmund Greer James D
Greeny ood John W Geodcs Robert Green Jcrcmiak
Gtrstel Martia Greene E1 Green i O
Clrndiaait g Jaa Getty And w GrmueaJama*
Gilbert Robt Garett IT* Gretg A
Gririta Geo M Gritting La1 Iter Gtllia Patrlok
Gillespie Jaa Gilleapie D ti Gilbert Webater
Gilbert It Fletcket Gilbert W'aureM Gilmartln Miobl
Siiea Jamea GillwrtSnml H Urttlth D II
Gilleapie I) II Gr'ttithC It A Ca Gillett Prank C
Gibba batnuel Otdlney Tbeodoeia Oilman J B
G11 more P Oilman J B Gilbert Jobn Boaler
Gilaea Cbriatiaa Gilligan Jatne* Gildersliove Gharlee
Gruoro L Olivet John V E
Guonrd Eugene Golden Wm Oeodab En ait
Goodwin Semi R Gogxtn David Goodwin Patrick
Godfrey H'm P Godfrey A Godfrey J P
Godwin llrown Goodsman John Gouge Henry A
OotherJob Groutl Frederic# Gun Piiontu
Cordon John Goodwin lliram Qoodale Perrr
Goulbnrn John Gornirdo Jamea Grow Uicli&el
George Kobtrt Goealn Jobn Ooldamith L
Goodrich H L> Goodwin A M Goodrioh LB
Gordon l.ewlf Gooch Thomna Gtiodhand John
Gum Pern Guttridge K Chaa Oornialy Patrick
GyleaCJr Glynn Patrick Guinness Win 8
Hnnna Geo W Hana A Hansen Henry
Haxyarty John llaadelaaana T Ulcr Hammond Jamea K
II all I anno llamniou Mr Hanaford It ben
Hall Mr Hall 8 G Hall Wm K
Ualaey E Vf llammett Mr tlauly Riuhard
Ilullatian Patrick Haggeumnllor Geo Ilaldy Lewia
llamiltou Tlioa Halsey William Mall, Arthur A Ce
Hamilton Julia Ualloraa Kceraa Halm adaia
Uilira Win Harmon Jacob Hade II P
Humify John Harmer 11 IIarriaae Henry
Uoekina X N Hardtuiuff Max Harrat Jamea
Ilur't Don.inick Harris Mr Dart Pa<riok
liadaw ay Tlioa Harriaon B Harm Thomas
Herringion Jamea Hardy J B Uarria William
Hartley Jamea Hart Thomas Hnalund Nte'a
Uama Joeeph Harrison A J Harwuod Wm B
Harrington H L Harrison Jamea Harrin IMlCa
Harria Mark E Harriaon M Ira a Harm George A
Haraden Ebon Hart Hyrnan Jt Uaahngeu Mr
Ilnrgan George Harris Joseph T Hamlia Corncliui
ilnndley John Hawthorn K P Ilayen John
Pauley John Hawkina Krneat Hatch Harlan
Haieltine Leoa Hatch CT H?yea Patrick
Ilsynaa John M Ilarral Richard liaydea U 1
Hathaway G M llawkma Benjamin Uuughton T ('
Hawrs Warren If B Hailebirth William
Hanly Robert Hamilton John Haiard Robert
Hancock Royal B ^
Irwin John Irving Robert Iveeoa Jnaepk
Irving Rev D llaon Peurr Irgalls William
Ianaca P B Ivans J C Dcit Ivee l>r John
Jncolie Chvrlee Jomee Jamea ft Ce Jacknon ft Son D
Jackaon Robert Jacknon Thorn Jackaon William
Jaekaon J Jager Mr JanobafcOwDL
Jarglc Prof B Jackaon Joseph A Jnmra C M
Jackkon Washing- Jamea John Jenkina Geo W-3
lint 1 o Jarncy ( hanguion Jeanup ft Colt
Jennia Wm F Jennvnin Jacob 1 Johunon lliram
Jenkins Wavid Johnson T V Agent Johuaoa Mr
Jilea 1 homes Johnson Phin M Johuam Samnel
Johnson Peter C Joiner 1 brudure Johunon Huflue
yoMisnn Jonn 4on?i loeu eir a *uiiub,>u r* ?y
Jt hnrun Aufuatt Jove* Charlea B Jorea leraol B
Juito Phillip Judeh Uriah 11 J..e?ph Eilia
Join Cant i> B ludl btfkin Jones Tliomaa R
Jouee H lUiant Jack Charlea J Judah DawitClinton
Kottreaskein Q Koapp Mr Kanig Thaoil >ra
kill) Thooiaa Kehuo Patriek K- 11r Patrick
Keen Edward Keirtord William Kelly Pn.rick
Krnuirr J 11 KatWjr Julia Kelt/ Or J C
Kelly Jim Krucey Edward Kaanau <>??
Kelly Michael Keige Capt Edward Karvan Pierra
Keller Oeorge M Kelly Charlea
Kn?< ht Fr Koleey Robert K.-ech John M
Ka. irun Joha Kaia Alfred K-eUnl Janice
Ki iman ! A Konube Win H K Hogg Frauctd
K.urney M m K-arney Jamaa V Kelly Patrick
K, uncy Stephen Kenedy Tbomae-2 Kendall W U
Kennett Thoa Kotdfctitn David C Kerr John
Kent Capt Kucl D Ketteriughara Jaa Kennedy Thcmaa
Kennedy John Keatalm Auruale Kent K'iel Capt
| Kmiiipan iguatiua Ketohum Wm n Keifer Valentine
I Kidh ? Wni Kaiflkineyer Wil- Kidder J K
Kit j Pretlerid helm Kireh Johtna
King J W King Klt hard Kaywell Joseph
Kin* Jimei R?x Kimball K K King Aleaander C
I Kilierd Men King Mr King Williata 11
King J K Kinahan Tntriek Kin* J M
Kcnkr A Kohl Curl K?pp Joseph
Knoa Wm Karat Philip KoolyT
[ kyndta Edward Kaiitieuhan-onLuraKrain John D
Lcfferte Charted Lake Rot,bine Laffey Jia*l
Lafay Ceo E l.aird llan.llton Lambert P .ot >r
Lae mood J antra Lambert Pr l.an <rid John
Laaren Kee W If Lataon U l.athrop II
lawr< nra ft Town- l.aaaore Joseph l.amboi Win
aend?li l.arkln JnLa LeWiaSabe
Lauderdale Dock Laaa?a P Laatet Jumna
William P Laraoi rThoe. I.aten Charlea A
I auraiuJ 'n Lawrence J M l.athrop Charlea C
Lnrend. r W D Lee J Philip LearyK laur l
I'U'li Kn 11 Leddy Patrick l.rland IP W
Latch 11 Loeberii Camilla Letgbton An drew
Lcl.mann Sebaatiaa Light.>a Aadiaw l.ieoey /am. <
Lentl Job Le<liter Kichl Leighi... Andrew
Lee ft Walker lent lu g Lcaie Samuol S
l-o. nurd Tilaaa Loabvrdo Mor.a Lewis Charlea
L*ny Joseph l.awtnlijetln J! l.evl Aaron
I I.eny H Inert J H Lemie Moad
U.|old II Lewie Rail Louie I
Lewie Frrdk T?2 Lewla Edward Q Lerey K ubea
I I.trior Pnvid Line Capt iaa Lipnina Eraacia
| Lindoa llenry Lit. diet N Lll.Uy Janita tV
| Lbtghtall Wm A Littletirld E Litingatoa Joha
Leer, h Fr. d. rick Lock*, oil Samuel Locke Nomina Y
Lcontae 9 B Loyd Rot?n U I.elt Jar*.me
Loan Kt.bert Long Thomae Lnal I
i L< t*o John I.ewory Hubert Lathi op Jeremiah
I Long Lenla Philip Lopei Narr.-to L ssinguth tijo
Loyd U 0 Loyd W H-A Loud Thoa J
j Lyman J it nine Lynch Alcaan.ler I.yoneA
i Lynch IVrlck-2 l.tidlow Klcbard Lane Richard
I Lndalg A U I ynoli llanry Laokey ft Hall
i Ln. key San del Lyon Albert Lyon a A
L) nt h James l.yona 9 T Luther Joha
Livingatoa llrrmaaa Lodge Feraerrranca
Lodgr Alleihany ? Olive ((ranch
" K '.I.ernn " Bee kin a a
" New Vork - Meridian
Temple " Harrny
" Columbian Grove If ? N.iet Oiire Eucaar m't
Columbian Moisten " Mechanlct Olrtalea 75
Ashland I>1 virion " Flushing Murine leal
Cried 1 empla ?f Hoaar Mo I
Bannoay liivWoi
Madden Dual.! Menken Patrick Ma'kry Williaaa
Ma key dor. K< bt Maealmm John Mai,??u Thoa
Mag. wen Penan Meaten Far.no Matloy Michael 1
Mailoa Patrlek Marrai e Jo?. ph Mwbowy T M (>
Maedeaillo A S Mealy Jain.o Meaning J imad
Malt ny Jan..a Mmtea Praarid Mana'.ao laaad
Mai.alaa Patrick MaJo.aR .bert Mailoa tleerga
Manaaaltif 8IW Mtoniro B?raatd Mtapia Wuhan
Malooaato K.oardt M.H .y Uoo ft MeaeileldJeheMoroa
Oadaa M-again 1 homed Mori or
Maltky Mr Mann D Martin Aleiaader
Mania Willi.di Maotereoa Kdw Mertia Wm M
ftae. a John Marriott J C?1 Marabal Robt.Jr
Ma.cn William Mark. S Martin ft durray
Morab Cy?wvll_ Mao.a Sflaa Martin W A
Mil" a Proft'. 1)0-4 Miihxi 1'eler M?ai Phillip
Mil); Jtnii Matheri *m?ry Merlin* (Jee
Mateer w lima li)iibil i?hi Meagher *4?ar4
Mi} W II MapaJehaT Melltp Allae M
MeaiHehna Jacob Meter Frederick Meat* MAtrarA
Mealra Jamea Meleal Jitia Melaaa J P
Mnn k M I Hin MeaaTh.maeO MeawnoA mm
Man ler U U Meella Chiehaa Merrick T It
Merrill Juatia Mercian kae Miller At*
Me? I Waltar Mean ThomaaT N'uia Jaha
Mitel all A Miliar C Miller Wm M
MlarhP MlariallTP Mltahel A
Mirea Jha Mlllken William Millar Rhert
MUelo llmara Mr Mill# tin raa M'laa Jaha
Milie R Miller (in epa A Millar H S
Mil er Capt DarlA Michael Joeaph Miaak k Haapar
?J Miliar Jama* Millar Matar
Miilillabrockr Wm C Miller Deeld M >1i? Dari4
knl n; Ilea ma Mitchell Jaha Mnhra AAulpht
Ml Bar William?I MnllaaA Capt Joha Maeaeey Mr
Maat tillhert Maamacr Jaiaea Matt I. P
Marria William Maaaat Reatlaar M >rn?AC
MothaekMr Mealrmaerp Haarp M raaa Jaha
Mnrria Jamaa M"r?e Orlaa4a S M?ai(kaa Jaaiaa
Marria rater MnrrialhaaW Maaaa ftolamoa
MoaliO} A D Motta A Ma alp William
Mnnaeeut A Mae tar Walter Moatgamarp Mr
Meatagne tdvar4 Ma?ra KAaarA Meetgeiaerp Jaiaea
Miara riamaa Matt 8 O Maaraa Jamaa M
Metrites Malcomb Morrill Joaaph Mnrrlean H 9
Marph} Mr tea Moraa Cearge Mnlli r OaitkeU
Manap Caleh W Mnlnhtll Michael Mntrtieait Alet
Mnato Aamaal Mnndei Jamea Malhghaa Jaha
Mnaaoa 8 T Marphp Daaiel Maleap William i
Mnrphp RAitarA MaltlalU Thaa Mmphp Jaha
Mima A let Mallnap Patar MaamJaha
MnlAm.a lairleh Mae.erJ Maleahp Jaiaea
Murpl ) Bart Maiphp Wm J M'irrep M D Jat
MairheaA Bokt Meaaaa Jamaa M illie RdwarA
Mm-ri e An a# Mnllia John Meffet OarlA
Mn'te l.jnaa Marptp A4?ar4 MallaaJuha
Matthiae M __
Me A rap Jaha MeArlnae Otraa MeCollnngh Pelrlah
Mi CraAitea tt'm MaClnni htaart MrCniihca Jaha
MeCoanell Jaha Mai'arti>> tiwea Met leliand A J
MeCreadrlhaa MaCnp Vigelara MoCnemick Jameg
Metmekea Jaha MaCarailek PatrtAh Mai'lnr- Jeha Heat
M'-Carrlaaa Olmi- MeCnllanah Ilea Me'Jormirh Jaha
Hah MeCahe IteenarA MaOa-slep Thaa
Mel'ahe Jamea Motarthp W? W Md'aaalaag M
Mel i rtniek 1'atrlak MrC'nP Ilea T Met'lartheia M
Mr Donald M R M iD-naM Frnd J He Donald Pall
M' !>'' ' Id Wm- 1 McD' tiaall < ?l MoJnha
MrDnnaU Dartd KrD"?tl<* I'tuM M"Donal<l Jim?
M< Donald Michael Mr Deri >t Patrick NoDcramd Jaraac
M< Rilarot; Patrick Melroy Mr *' *> > John
Mrl,???a Ctarle. M?(Jir*or Jatroc Mc'Javaa Thnmpaaa
MrbUatiini Rcr A M-Oa? Robert I>r
M-tjijnn John MoOlnlt rnraelina MoOrofor Jeka
McQrath Rdmoait MrOoa Ttinwaa McOatra Samial
Mp|.an(iilia J' ha Mc?a?ia? Alea McUeaaeil Patrick
8 Mi mi ran Michael MoRoiean W" Moillllerar Jnhn
olairhont TV/ Kclfraj Jt?? MekenayJamee
Mobc|*ey A P MrKiernaa Dee H?r?f
N^HnieM'trlande Mokinny RiohaH *i U'i|Mi? laaiH
McMalUe Jamre McPeek Patrick M - V*W tl??h
MrMnrr Mli bad Me Maker Mr M'Ncllr <>le?y
MeRaafieOR McNamara Jamaa MoPhail D t
M'Unatilf Edward Nrtjaade i'ail'k MrTlfne Patrick
McftckarJoha O ^
Malty Patrick Nathan flcloiaaa Nafta k dTaraer
NeatjJaieee Newman 1 harlee INeteea Jan ac-l
Nehle Ihomae N?wti n William kcnaemackir Jeka
NmI; Prtarii P Neaell Jeha A
Nee nary FdnaN Ncwlaad Jnha Neeia Marvel!
Newport C S Nt*a4l Jm It NtekeUee M
Mtaea Jeha Michel QMffl H NM? Oaeta*
NukUM* ft 0* NebU daorge Hilt fa
MaaariB MhIhO K>m? flirfta
NoniMd Mr Nulaa Bryaa Nalaa Miabael
Norrta Caft Peter Nutria wa Nugaal |
Nugaat Hiatal Nydaa K Vuau Bllae ft
Nugeat Ufkri C
Ofuenar Patrick O'Brira Cfcarlee OUtw PtMr
Orr Julia O'NUJ Joha O'NaaU Path
Olderthan J H Olm.l.ad A B Oberlaeadar Mr
ONeiaHeJoba O'Acefe arthur O'DtaofkatHilt
Oaea V L Olaaderf Juba 0*KeUty Beraard
O Ooauvaa Jamee O- dn?a JuUa-1 Oar Hebert
<r Brtaa Tbaaaaa Ormel.y W ? 0 Ouaaar n?aM
O'BaUran J anaa o allaghan Mr Ookea Mr r i
Ogdea Hubert ft'tiallaghan Dr B BOImaieid WilMam
Okie J B Oetraader Uuaea P Otia tier ray
Oakley J 0 Owea 0<-u?aa Oabara 1
Oaboraa William OaaaudMaMH O-gned Key Haul
OaterwWM llelorichO'Briea Jamae 0*9uUiraa J aba-I
O'rteil Jeremiah _
Pan Thonaa Parat Kubt Parratt fa P
Palmer A (a XI Paraona Joha Paridee ABtoaia
I'aredra Jcaa A Palllker Muba Puarr Jaiuea
Parka Beary ParedtaManuel GDePartriage G?urge
Park Rotert PeckarelCeptbbntrPaeuoe leaiah
Parka Uaaial Pariaau Nloholbb Parker 1
Paige George C Pardo Mr Pariaim 0 W
PahuerdobuB Pate John Paine Dr Martia-S
Palmer J J Patteraea Henry Q Patrick Maria
Patierawb Jamee Pratt A Brigga Pratt A Kagaa
Patrick Edwin l'etk Key laaaa Meiara
inmiu 1HUI I nun ........
Pullen H'ni Pell.ni I uuian Pnok B P
Pell Fr?<l D Pell 0 W Phalan Andrew
Poshed* M m Pretty man 0 H Phelnn O ?e?
Preuuhobe E T Pencil Joka Premise Bugh K
Pen Hoot Edward Peutony John l'errin J 0
Paters Fntriska Peoples Ji ha Pcndergraas John
Petted Thomas Puter.on John Pctton J
Per.go Ben. ry Perry Joke Pwrj Chaa B
Prentiss Joshua Prentiss Gyros Pott.uk P
Prwcott Timothy Piorco Obits VP Plgdon JknM
Prior James Piokerigili U II Piaroe HoarV
PinkntrWm Picket .'obn 1'hillipo Jesll
Pri'ohnrd Jnmee PhlTiieer I'laignets Price 0 UT
Pltim?n Goo L Prioe Uernct Piukhnai CliM 9
Prii dle M m A Poet Joteph Pierce Ueery
PouryJobn Poole Urkdehnw Poet Eugene J
Porter Bikjiml* Powell *amuel G-2 Pnrter L)r K It
Poii-l lent Proctor Elijah Partner Ghas Kebt
Poet John Portar R U Powell Tlioma*
Phoenix D C Pullan Henry Pnocbard Richard
I')* II O Pugb J B?2 Putt It U
Purintow Cept A W Purnell W? Pataaa 0 VF
Power Edward
Ouiaeritk Martin Quinan Ueery Quinan l.ewia
guilty JiDiei Guigley Patrick Quiulen Patrick
ynaekeabueb An- QuionJeme* O..ado John
guslua (duinn Arthur QuigieyJoba
Ramsey Joaiah Rao Ma the w RiffseU Carlo
Katbbone A Co Kitdieh U E Kanous George R
Rantey 11 ornas Kaudull W 8 Kay Alex
Raphael John Raw ling* J D Rauhiem Dr
Raj mei.4 Co* T Raj o P J Randall J K
Kaeeb Frana Reed I. f Reynolds This
Koavej Tarena Reg. uakcrrer Dr Roca Mr
ReiHy Patrick R*illy Tencac* KahaA Bro
Reddish U E Rood Err* Keiily James
Reilly Edward Hsed Samuel Rovell F II
Keilly Andrew Reyuolua Win Keuken Rosea
Regan Bryan Read Capt P -J Jumaa j
Reams Jamea Reynolds It Mont- Koaid .n John
Held Archibald gomery Reuieon P V
Reed L B Revol Capt R bt Reed damucl B I
Reynolds J B Rood Capt Jno N Reed Iter Ghas 3
Richard# Silas A Riley Thomas Rickets Mr
Ritb Bo-en Riely Pat Richards R
Kippon'terrenes Riley Michael Kiobardet Gust's
RickerhT John Rizer William V iley J It
Kiidey William Rock M in Robeeheb 3
Roberta Rob Rogers Hugh Rod?lpa Dr
mo bin ton W C Robeiaon Mr Robiueau Louis
Rogers J P Roach Jon Rogers Galeln C
Kocl.e Junes? 2 Bobbins W? Hcberieeu Geeri*
Roberteon Wm H Rodnsy Lender Robinson Wiu B
Kockwoll lli.bb'd Roberts Trace* B Roberta J V d
Rub.nson II E Roueru Viticento Kosorelt J B
Roseutield Leo Rose Wm E Resell laaac
Romans Bert aid Rose W Houudtreo Peter
Koacvelt Dr Root James M R.p?nbartiJ V C
Rose O J Rowlaad Wm Rowlings E A
Ronan Michael Roseofelt Wolp Ropes J W
Ross Woostcr J Rosenberg, r Cb'a Root John
Rosa Jainea Kcuclit? Rows Augustus J
Rose Alexander Rowan W'illlxm K?asaBU
Rosa F. G Ryan J W K/ta P
Rush Benjamim Kumaey II Rush James
Ryan Peter RuggleeJoha R,an Edward
Kyi.urn Mm Ruseell Samuel Roller Gb arias 1.
Bawling P II ^
Btattmsyer Francis Sanford U P Bandera Joba
hanger m G Saudtrly E P Ban old damsel
Haymaker Sam'l Bauiuelatoii J R Swam Jamea A
8tacy A D Baids Edw'd N 8amo W
Sanlurd < lias 0 Spraguu U W Bbannon C fc VF
8awytrC K Sparks Benjamin Sharp Wm
Swart Ihoe II Spudding U t Sbarpe h Ga Edw'd
Blattorly Patrick K.-.aw B U Sailer Gapt
Btniih, Bartwull k Bbaw Eben R Spalding G A
Ce Blniterly Jamas SlariaJuhm
S'ark Frederick Scbwnua Abraban Siiaw Gap tienj Q
Sbaw A F W Sehmenalis Use Stedman Ceorgs
Betfrcd Jorenk Bcl.ippert August Steia W
Bcbi tning E Bbiel oliristopuer ScMocht Jacob
Bl.eld.n la Faltoa Stegman Mr Self Joba
Schneider 1.F Sburhan Thoa Seaman John J
Shelley Michael Bweeuey James Sprer# Tbeodor*
Scliwxry Hn Jos Smend Prof N J Bcnuell Magnus
Snell Dr. Isaac It Smelay Mr Stegeoiaa J ...in
Scbreiner Wtlhclm Sieiglit Mast Brin- Sb. iB. ld C J
Berg ley D bears Edward
Seger G Skehan William .Shepherd William
Sheridan Patrick Stewart Henry Seyfr.ad FS
Bin i ns Uenrv Street Gbaries he s ell jr Thomas
Blewm-t II 1> It'alt ftH|MM|tkN Suitujur W J
BtC|>l.caa John St<tUirt Mr Btuarna Edaar W <fl
Shcraood & W Bpeoc r Sicpton Snvl.r B-* 'I
Sherwoll Hubert Shuttle IVilliim Bayd.r A X -t I
Saiton k Cain- 8r.ta.onr Win Si.wari M.pcaart
Sieren. D K S.oam.aii tloruino ^1
SutTinstnn Pdu d Epilk.rUooW 8hr.-od fleu C I
SutMilirn Jcu Sudmoi*ChaiO Stcphun. Nick W H
Spin U'.n Fun* H.imI Pairi.k Sfcldsa Juha H
Biniuout Louia Hliri; * Liunml Bui ?r<ur
8?lltirr John Siu-n llei.r? I. S.rieklaAA Jmh I
Spiokur J>).aa Simmon* E U 8tlL?ou Churloa I
8ldniyJL SlOlOBtOB JrCtpt SiBalair A
T u v " Ai rklinm Sich-I Jonaa
Si! L * i 2'""?"' Ad' Iph bpimirlow Sobo
I . lo Smith Edaud AkluurDipwnmf
Mmtlhl *-'* Smiiii H'? Htrr.ll
nmith A 8nitl!i >1 onq Shurred drill
Jiiii.h Win H' S ''iti-tlL.iP ^,|?iUtt o?owi
Srhn.ilt * Louiaon Smith Jotio Smith Thorn ia I
Sn.uh plain St-liirt.lt Joacph Sai'h Horn
hnnth Jain Q Smith Uto lly Smith J?n? I
B."ln f .. Smith M J Switier J Angnatu I
loll ArangMt Smith U cry II Smith lr? B I
SiilliBi.'r Mr Stole Jo,.ph Moil A A Id I
8.oa? A Jlll.ca Schmidt Annuo S hull (l?nry
2"*f, Soodgrae J. a Stokee i pt f Hah H
?tockd*l. Joirph S t.ll. J. hn Scho?.ber E Suaau- I
Scott ILoa Sr. held Lugrani |uH
luott Kolrrt Scott E Sorng.r Aipfc.na*
S"i.?r. s Story Uenrr E iM.ihr.
Schorr J?f h 8?r. ng hnrm Itncri Jane*
Sl..BOJ?Bir? Scott V hurt Soulnl. Mr I
8o.tr S.mutlSj F* ,w H , l.min Schlem fruderiok I
8. ittJoho StrnsrJXl Shoncr Ju I
b H "txt Shomluub M m H Southiotyd Fredk A
Stover Ilea, kiah Sol. ? Btukti ^kl? Sane k Aidtrx* I
Stoat. Bhurch J M Shull A ovdfncd 9*. * Juh.H*
B'orloy lUlip Syn>. J?. t.'-j Suully IVnafg
Ofc'i. - Snulia (l.o E hut!. rl??d A |
hbultt Mr Scllectrr Mr hl.nr>. tjoorgo
8?t< <i Jime* ftultvia Joh? 9'iilikM JitisUk I
Sn iurto.ol 3 Siubbb-vaiii.su Subb?Di?? Ljui.Ii*** I
Snytl l.ui<ot r. iidd.r J#hu I
Jut'oo >"? Suthcriiiud Wa ShuiWr S I
fSifr"*1 FSSSB * "iI
RfXSrrs to:u{-w 1
T*>l?r l.ou . a 1 oilman F-| Taylor Thoafl
Uil^rr ^' T ?l"r do?ah T.,l?r Wn> A 'I
' > * I ? ! I" Jol |? 1 It ? I | I I * \ , I 1^1
T? tiiinliiil John ^ >lorJo?i ^k H m I
Thvlvr l.ovtf T?i tirnn Mr Tr???v Cl irhnga
Ttmplotoa Lap! Treat Kohcrt C T-lio Antooiu I
Wm t ?2 Tillman VV m J Tial.a M I
Tl*!ie I'atri k Ti n.F.trl k Tim. i ha loa
ll.raryH Ti?dal? # 9 Tucl Tlioma* I
Topping Mm ? TrowhridjcF Tohia Sdward I
Thr.tni m.b A r# Tra*|oy M m Th..mpi..n kr
If"***"' Toulon Monalaur Tot pt a Mr I
Thankara Ifr T P-r I t I Tboinpita A
TaarntAM t A Th..mj..oa Albert Th .rp Dr J If
Tr ii.pkiua F?I Th m.aM., Traiuhlcu S I
T i, x, ... W "f I. .. | n t> .a T horn, |.in I' E
Thomaon Jaa Tpkin Mm Toaka Vn I
Thompuoo 8 ami Ti km C Too i, i.?i JO
M'Viiflol.n Tl.#?pjfiji Mark Titi>Li? I. I) I
Tb' mpooa S D T m, ? | !".?I
Trlcr'T*I aa** JLora tmlcacl TuuaMaJ L W I
i? _ ?V. Tymaa Jal Tkurat-a Jaa B I
i' r i k T >; - . -J I I, ( I
Bft;. I
Cnukar: J M ritalK
Velaatlae ChrletleaTeelae Mr IT** .
Vn.anRerereud V?l |r.e J aqeea Taltf mi- J A
Teda! k Aintef, Ter1?a k < aaaea Trealabarek CkrleT.raaeWmT
Tee.l.e Jeha
Tuk Aar?a YeiiJ W Teiaetiee Jaa A?t
flat lead Kliaa J _
Taa Claft J Uwli Tea Aohenek Sal Taa Anulr>M BaTaeBmaUaa
Tk? UtimnrJ t'f-<r
Tat denbargh J M Teadr.eier Jvha !.Tea bare Peter
Taa Ttaati r O W Via lr. ait Inn "Taa Kankin Hal
-t Taa Uv laiU k ?
Taa Be B tf Tea treat
Tee Tleek Dr J II
W.l.h Water M Wjlle r.ter ?;???' C
Walker J WalatHetl * J kiaaal
kitlmh t>aaa W Walth I'.ft W.lki.
W iddtnk J"l>a V? alalt E'taeaa Wellaee Ireeid
Wakehetnl' Wal.HJnha of Mi -Willie Tit
W alker Jaa J?4 ef?l Welled Wm
Walker Jata?^e Ward Jam We it J?a I
T elktr Ij Wtia'?) V ti Welkar * llt-ea
Waller Qloeier Walt IWclaf Wei h IT
Walker Charier Wa .h I) Wa ate Akv.leai
WaRtr Jotapb W alah 1'atnak ?I
Waltaa laaaa Welea S II WalerJamae
Warieeet Wariaell Seeil B Whartoa fc PnlUlT
Weree Mr Waaennaa k Ual- W< <ea Ute 4
Wcedel HI hard etn, Ward I'f
Ward ME Whanaa Ta Ward Theme*
Waterman llrnrf Waiwa .l-ln M-? M arl H it
Warmer T lata Wejdell Irrdertck Wayaa Jnl?* Hem
Werree 1 haa II Waraer Jaaae Warwl'k eH?#F
Weearhary Bra- Nearlaed Warraa Taraaa
amir* War? trie ia R A Warner Hlraae
W arna. k ll??h M WaehbnraAS Ware Pal 0 W
Wearer Bapgamlaa W aahknra heainal W lek Mtehalaa
Wallhrnok Johm Herd
Waller Joba Welra Jnka W f. ale ta kr bare
Wetl llerrmaak Ca Walla rtaarli Waba Br, Naaaaw
Welle Retort Wheeler k I. eh ale# etreat
Wret W B WeaWireelt AM W red iaha K
Wt.rk Jamea Weal dan ee Wa^fcat J?ta|k
Weal f harira 9 Woilakead fc C# W..lfa t aetata
V ill t ana a Nel.hl Meat Wee'ee f. U Haa
Wllltem* r ear* W iiliaCe-rw. M Wtlrna M J
\t ilara Jfiaea W lllllta tt ?. tan. ?-l-J a_a
Wri(hll) M W.I., WmU W ill 44a Chvaaa ?f
WrtaMJota ViIIimni W W jnha
Will-aa ai ? J Wt'ilit Wn II; W ilaon Samwal
W lirlnara Patrr Wilfiia M Wil.oi, i ant i.'hriBWS
HMD WiraaBa R mnnd to|>l?ar T
WilliK'.ara WiIIUbuJII W 'Ilium" J*IBM
W illart Mr W >I??B T Wilham W fk.M
? ri?ht O r Williama I raaona Wi'liam.on Waa
WiatxrJl H'lri S'ImmbB w nil.a lamaa
Wtldar A Willi.m* M I' * r^V. 8 * Haa
WilhaaandCB WlWy Frnnola Wilnama h t? .wbb
Mnoara Wilaa W1l1lo.ua t'haa P
Wiadf A Wilklat ft arWa M WIiadaaaar PhllM#
WatwnrthOaB Wia man Frrorrtek W u'a*r Wlllard ?
W M'a Tlv mni W tvt?i d 1: h ra Whilinahaai W
win* ftard 0 Whl?a MioDaal Whita And 0
* Mia K II Whl'" Mrnja M Whltanj Frank
W hlunn FN B W htm Jan a I. II Cnp?
Word Wrn II W hlt'aw W 0-1 W.a Jab
U >M Br Wal knhnrl W??da A atknn*
Woodward Gan W korma Philip WornarJ
Wolf rradarlfk Woodward A T W odhnra KW
' adiuarxl O 0 Wood! rldjo J M Wolf f H
Worth Fanr Wirdon William Wjrhh?f l?nn It
Wood J N Worth far mot * t<'ra??a I.
Waatt W m II W o..d? t ant Oita
W aadar W in W ylada < .noma
Tool Clarion Torh William W T-n?hnaJohB
> ~ o aa llmry P V?a? Joratahr VaaagJAaa
T?bb? Old 47,ln?
Ana"* Old Batta 7.aoharlak Ihr *

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