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NO. 5707.
The Steamship Ohio at Sea.
On Bo.ko Stumk Ohio, )
Off Savannah, at Sea, Jan. 10,I860. i
Yremendoui Hurricane and Noble Conduit af tke Ship ?
The Conduct of the Officers.
Thie nobla ship mounUr.il a severe gale, off Cape
xiatteras. on Sunday, tbe 13th in.t. It commenced
blowing during tbe afternoon of that day, after divine
ear vice and oontinued increasing daring the night;
and at about two, or half past two in the mornlag.it
blow a perfect hurricane from tbe northeast. Tbe rain
fell in torrenta, and the tea, lashed into a foam, waa
lighted up during tbe night by successive and continuone
flashes of lightning
There are several era oaptains and other sons of
L. Neptune on board, and they agree in declaring it to
I have been the fiercest gale they had ever expsrlenoed.
1 Among them is the mate of the Atlantic, who was on
I hoard when she was lost During the following day
and night, tu wind cmtioum mowing luriomiy una
tbe sea tu treBvndously high I be rtorm lusted for
.about thirty-nix houre, end tor th-? span* of twenty
houri the ehip ley-to. her heed 10 tbe wind. Veeterdny
morning, nt e?Ten o'clock she ngnin started
on her coure*; but u n heavy rolling era waa on, we
Bade but little headway. To-day. and also last night,
ah? bee been going fuely mating twelve knots an
hour ( apt. bobeuck. during tb? raging of tbe etorm.
deemed it prudent to keep pretty well out at tea and
henee our delay. We bad a great deal of loet grouud
to recoeer.
We are now off Savannah, but are surrounded by a
densa log. Tba mall agent is making up a small mail
for passengers, to be sent on ph?r? aod I avail myself
of tbe opportunity to inform you of I be perioruiauoe of
tbe *blp One thing it tuily drmnneirated she is a
first rate sea boat l was on deok nearly all tbe day,
(Mrodey.) during tbe gale; p.eieriiog to be there alibuugb
it was with ditiicuity I could keep my feet?
to rub.itctlug myself to sea Mtikae-s, as moet of the
jas'SDgers did who remained below Never did a
vessel acquit hern It, in a contest with her native element
more gallantly than did the ohia. l'lunged Into
tbe b?t:irg surge, the would rite gracefully again, and
cast off the r?a that threatened to engutpu ber ana
huge NrwfoundlaBd dog would shake otf the warer
from bis skin Tbe cfticera deserve great credit for
their prudence and skill The ship uuJ engines have
- Mcaped with no injury
Tbe passengers deeliing to express their seam of
abligaliens to Capt. Sobenck, I prepared a testimonial,
and we held a meeting upon the quarter-deck The
ieelings "f tbe passengers were aim >et unanimous in
lav or of tbe manifestation- tiie reception* were a few
Otrmans, and a few exquisite* a bo were displeased
because tbelr omelets were cold, or tor some| >tber
equally ration*! reason, and wti.> refused te sign but
we adopted tbe docuiueDt. with utue cheers, aod unbounded
enthusiasm, as we say at t aminany 11*11. I
have *ent. by tbe hands of a veu'leman. tba pap t
ignsd by tbe passenger*, to tbe Savannah papers, with
a request that tbry publish it aod ?itu directions
that. In case of their ratusal, it he forwarded to you.
If published here, tbe papers will be t.rw arded to you.
Very hate from llaytlv
The Prus-s-ian bark Alfred Von Aversurld, Capt.
Xoht, arrived yesterday Ironi Cape Haytien,
whence she sailed on the 3d instant. We have
received by her the commercial decree of the Emperor,
a translation of which we give.
It is a tact well known, that our government
takes less care of its citizens abroad than any other
nation: leaving them to fight their own battles.
until, perhaps, some flagrant outrage, such as the
massacre of a ship's crew, or something oi the
sort, atirs them up, and induces them to inllict
summary justice on the offenders. The peculiar
situation of Hayti has, for many years, kept foreign
powers, and particularly our own government,
from interfering with her; but matters have now
reached such a point that longer forbearance on
our part becomes a crime ana gross injustice is
our citizens trading there.
la the beginning of January of the past year,
fhe Haytien government issued a decree, to take
effect on the 1st of February following, monopolizing
at fixed prices, the principal products of the
country, as well us the principal articles of imported
lor.ifin merchandise, such as American
provisions, Ac., cour-e linens, checks, cottons,
t ' Vc , the prices of which were also tixed, but at
low rates, irrespective of their cost, imposing a
heavy tine on any merchant or dealer who should
Attempt to sell higher tliau the prices tixed by tlir
tariff. Towards the end ot February, a second
decree made its appearance, modifying, as it was
called, the first, but bearing still harder on our
trade; early in August, a third caine out, monopolizing
additional articles; again on the 1st ot December
cume unoiher, increasing fourlold the export
duties on cotiee, cocoa, logwood, <Vc., to
take ?fleet on the 5th; and lastly, in order to cap
' the climax, comes out a tilin.ui the end of the tame
month, to go into operation on the 1st of January
of the preset year, ntono|>olizing nearly all the
remaining foreign articles, cutting down the prices
not only on such as might arive after that date,
but on nil importations already in store, with
order* to the authorities a( the dilliereut ports, to
take possession ot and remove the goods into
warehouses, to be provided by the government;
there to be disposed ol for account ot iheir owners,
who have no alternative but to receive whatever
i they may produce, in depreciated pa^er, scarcely
the half of which is it possible to invest in cctl'ee
or other produce.
Can this be called anything but highway robbtry
T And to whom are we 10 look lor redress
but to our own government, whose utter indillerence
to nil representations, us well us to ilie ininy
pecuniary claims we already have against that
people lor previous outrages commuted on our
vessels and property, give u? little reason to hope
fer their pre-ent inlertereno- in our behalf, without
n public ?pp? al through the pin an.
I Our yearly exports to hayu exceed three millions
; you may tnerefore judge ol the extent of
the losses o| our merchants, who liAve, at this
time, considerable stocks of provision*, \c , accu;
mutated nt the dillerent porta in the island, in anticipation
of the new crop ol culler, and the scarcity
and advanced price of the article in foreign
It might he well to add here, that merchant*
ate not allowed the alternative ol re-expiriing
such of their goods as air monopolized, alter they
have once keen landed, even wun ilie sacrifice of
the dunes, but have ijutnly to remain and see
them taken oat of their warehouse* and sold before
their eyea, wi'huut the power of ottering the
1 slightest resistance.
Has any nation the right thus m dispose of the
nvoiirTiv ol lor, urners. |,ii?i f iirrodiu <-d into Ih-ir
country unurr ih>- faith of ranting Uw*, or enforce
Mich arbitrary decree* the on' ullu-led to, without
giving rraMinahle notice, or prohibit the reakinm*
nt of good* which cannot poeaibly be anld,
under their urill, without rmnoun loan to their
owner* t It appear* to me that these ?re (juration*
which cannot he an-wcred in the affi'matire, and
hould command the ininirdini* and acriou* attention
of our government, w tin h i- hound to protect
I he trade ot lit citizens wlwra legally carried
on, and to see them righted when ao gronely
* injured
T*n n*f ma * Taairi of rii* intnix o ivk*vMK.NT
OP ltaril DK( EM OCR, I ?t!l. To OO INTO OPSnanoit
or Ttta I at op jaai ?ky, 1?G0
Liaaatt. KMPIRI. OP MAI ri. Iwwaru-aa-rs.
Faaetia I. by tb# frae??f?*?><!. an 1 thaaoastltatioaal
law at the mate lapror of lleytt to ail preaeat and
If ffifat, p^iuttf ?By
atrtu* of the law rf Jfith <>wt?bef. 1*41 oa the
monopoly considering that ?he g. rert.m-nl ia ertav
Halting tba monopoly . hae bad to view the b*aatt of
the people, la proeurlag t?r tb-ui. at reasonable prlnaa.
To reign artlelea of the hr-t eor?suy. a n-id?rin* that
Ihglutni and ml* established ia order to arrlre at
tbia raenlt have boen recognised a* loeadlneat an4d>
at aahaiettlj guarani ?? the aafety of the latere*!*
had la etew by the gorerameut considering that ar'laiee
cf great uee n t being tariffed are Sold at arbltfary
petoea. not at all la pr<>poetn>a to the died prlnea
of eolt-e and ooU'B thne obliging th? projuc-r to -iib
iBklt to the decree of the monopoly, without reeelrlag
nay boa-tit th-refroaa, or enjoyiag auy of tba adraahgw
wbieh are Intended to h* -reared to bim by It;
ooaetdortag b?4d?*. that eipe.l-ne* haa aboea that
tha dt-l-Kn ..| the aonnpono J product* by eoinoilV
tree rboe-a l.y the merchants be- o< adnoed to ab.fet
which hate been the aan-e of reclamation. It kM-aH
aeoaneary that the gwvoraaieat thould latarfore, la
order to r-tabllth a jtiu e<|willbrtuni With theadrloo
of cur < ' mtell of Ministers, wo haro ordered aa l de rood
a- follows:?
Aar .a 1 t offee alons ihtll b- monopolised
Aar t. < ottos before be ns ambaraed. shall pats
thrwwah the Bureau of (ho Monopoly in order that It
may be vtigbed. aad the duty e.tablPhed by to-lff
1 aaneaed to our dwerea of Sid tune, bo eolloeUd
there* n
Aar > The article* designated la the tariff eoneied
ta the pre?eat decree, eana.it be sol i abora the prleae
mod by -wld tariff
Apt 4 there aball ha -atablished la aaeh of tha
porta of Port an Prlaaa. Ant t bye-.? ape llaytleu. lae
me I Ooaaltea aad Jeremte ?ar?b*>ueae Into whleh
shall be put la depot after baring regularly pa?d
through trie ou?t<ui hotsee seeh article- of marebani
dise a< are deslgnatad la the tsrtll anneard to the preaeat
A*t I A cowi?l?-|on aossid by the gor-ram-at.
eh*'I he * Iwrn-d c* ajomtiy w* -i tt..? nonslgnea ot said
or'teles ,.f ascrchsaaise to tab** note of tbsos, they
ehall he sold for cash h the -a d notnaiissloo, who era
ordered to aabe lata odlate pay meat of the proceeds ot
ash*, to the eoae'gase* at th- 'awe.
Aar. 0. toSoc shall only b* dlridcd atnoag Importer*
of articles Included in the tariff, whioh division shall
be mad* pro rata, aocordiag to the established rights
of each
Art. T. A commission named by the government
alono shall bo oharged with the division of the mo*
?r policed produce.
Art 8. The government reserves to Itself tbe right
of retaining out of tbe quabtlty of coffee declared for
division, a oertain portion, to be disposed of according
to the necessities of the moment; such portion shall
not, however, exceed one-flftk of tbe existing quantity.
Art. 9. Every dealer who Shall be convicted of having
old his goods above tbe prises tixed by the monopoly,
shall, besides the penalties fixed by oar decree of tbe
30th Julv. be condemned to an lmnrlsnnmnnt of at
leait ten days
Art. 10. Kvery (consignee) merchant who (ball be
convicted of contrareution of the monopoly law. (ball
be condemned to pay a tin* of one thousand dollars;
and lor a second offence shall lose his patent.
Abt. 11. The present ordinance shall go Into operation
on the lft diy ol January next following It
annul*such dispositions of our decrees of Hid June
and 30th July of the present year.as are contrary to it;
it shall be printed and publiMed. and our minister*are
charged, each in that which concern- him, with lis
Given in our Palace ut Tort an Prince, the sixteenth
dey of December. IMP, forty-sixth year of Independence,
and first of our reign
FAUST1N, by the Kmperor.
SALOMON", Jr . DnKe of Saint Louis
of the South, Mlul-ter of Kiuaucea
and f'oinmerce.
Minister of Justice Ac.
Tabu k bisrcxed to ih?: Onto nance or 10th Die., 1840.
jirlultl. 11 'hotrral' Prices. Retail Prices
Duller SI *A per lb. SI per Ih.
l> 1: te pitc scantling. 1-7 Co per 1000 ft. 127 00 per 10 M ft.
yellow piie do. . It4 Ml do. 121 Oil do.
W hit* pine boards... 122 00 do, 12210 do.
Yellow pine do. ... l:c?i do 1V2 0J di
Carolina fbingles ... 34 H> per I00l> 34 IK) per 1000
Tallow candles OH per lb. 1 (Ml per lb.
Wrought iien anils... 00 do. 73 do.
Cut do. do.... IS do. IU.1? do.
Olive oil, in bottles,.. 22 l?l per dozen 2 23 per bottle
d?. hurka.... V (SI do. 100 per desk
I.srd 73 per lb. 1 90 per lb
Sosp ol 1st 'luality... 10 V0 pr box of 00 bare 6.'4k p r bar
do. 2d do ... 0(11 do. do. 30 do.
Codtish 20 00 par 100 lbs. 31 00 per 100 lba., I
S7tfo. bar lb.
Clesr pork 120'OprbbL 12300 per bbl .
75? p ii lb.
Mess pork 100 00 do. 104 00f?rbbl
fio'sc. pot lb. |
l'riuie polk 82CO do. 80Oo p,r bbl.,
3o'4o per lb.
Ale wives .'3 00 do. 33 00 per bbl.
12l?e. eaoh
Mackerel 36 00 do. 38 00 per obi.,
1-lbc. oaoh I
Mess beef 03 00 do. 08 00 per bbl..
OOo.p-rib. |
White cotton stockluge,
ine 31 00 per doien *00 per pair
Dn. do., common 20 00 do. 2 00 do.
Do. bese or socks... . 8 00 do. 100 do.
Drabant linen loopcrell ll2Jwprre'.l
Mue otinrns, cr drills 130 oo. 137M do.
Cotun drills, hue <i'ty 173 do. 300 do. I
Viae sewing cotton... 4 00 per lb. 4 23 per IV.
Wide common prints. 1 27> per ell 1 S7)b per ell
Fine <tty prints, wide. 1 to do. 173 do.
Keal India l.dkfa , in
i pieces of H 38 00 per piece 3 21 hdkf.
Fixe imiteticn do.. 13 23 per Uoien 1 of do.
! Kcsl Msdras hdkfs-, in <
' Fiac imitatioa do... In no per d"ien 173 do.
I'm* cottca, bleachtd. 1 !'3 per <11 2 (Hi per all
ttottinbn do 1(3 do. 1 12)t do.
Fine liata for khirta... 3 73 do. 4 Ikl do.
Do. eotton oo 1 UH do. 137)^ do.
Common do. do 93)^do. 1 (Hi do.
Foe cloth Sue do. 34 (Hi do.
Medium do 18 c(i do. 22 (Hi do.
Common do MM do. 12 Uli do.
M-u'k 1 ?ta, fine quality,
lilk 186 00 per dozen 16 00 each
Do , of felt or cotton
pi nan 11(100 do 1100 do.
Ccmm< n Llack l<omhktine
I firt per ell >73 per ail
Imitation Moroccotks. idUiperdoaaa 4 aO per kkij
Cimmon ahite platillaa
1 S pur ell 1 30 per all
Fine do 1 Do do. 2 (Hi do.
l*>.blekcl>ad do till do. 73 oe
fclatea for roofing... 3d (Hi per I'iflO 8i 00 p?r 10JO
lloet, 4 incite .V ihi per dotea 3 AO each
Ho., 3 Incite 33 110 do. 3 (Hi do.
Round load aaaa.... 62(10 do. 0 00 per eat
Herman tact 7# 00 do. 7 00 do.
Manclettae, lioin bandit*
22 (Hi do. 2 23 each
Do., wood do 18141 do. 173 d?. I
Flour 68 00 per bid. 62 OO per bbl. 1
Our Philadelphia Correapondance.
rHiLAHLL.ni!a, Jdtiuiry 21, 1850.
(Hut Sttomthijit?R'port of tkr Siiut Trnuwrrr? 1
A Rott Anticipated?Nis,ht Schools? k'Uition oj i
Slate Trtutortr?Reading Railroad? The Mar- i
krtr, 9~C.
Philadelphia api*ars to be a doomed city, so far
as her steam marine is concerned. Notwithstand
ing the many attempts to get up lines of trans-At- I
lantic snd coasting steauifihips, we have but two ; ,
sDamrhips engaged in the coasting trade, and one
of these vessels, tha Columbus, has been monoj>o- '
lizrd by Mr. George Law, of your city, with the 1
view of running her between Panama and tun i ,
Ftanciso, in conjunction with the Caroline, i.no- j |
[ titer Philadelphia steamer. <
J The report ot the Stale Treasurer lias ju-t teen i 1
' issued, notwithstanding leakag-s i f th'' report u|>|
peered in several of the journals of this city two | 1
wet ks ago. Mr. Ball's report contains tome gratifying
and some startling lac's antl snggeetious |
j The hanking capital ot the Mate, has fallen oh ,
front sixty to seventeen millions t dollar* ; snd ho I i
suggests, that the Decessary increase of 8 inking
| capital should be made through the medium of <
tree hanks, us he has no faith iu the present char- '
tend hanks, with all their |>artiul and exclusive ; '
privileges. lie recommends the isaue of (500,(MX) ,
more of relief notes, to be applied inwards the ;
completion of ihe Noiih Branch Canal; and is ul ,
1 opinion that the original issue 11 three millions of
1 reli? I notes proved a great blrasiig to the State, i
notwith-tandirg the people paid an ? pial amount, <
in the way ot shaves aud discounts, for the enjoy- 1
Hieyt ot - lid hlesciog. The t I. I -nue of j
the Slate is set u at li?e muliou* ot dollar-; ,
and it is w orthy of note, and illustrates the progress |
i and growth ul the good, old (link ridden and tax- I <
niliiin commonwei-hli of P? nsylvniia I'm', this t
1 sum (juite equals th>* aunual revenue ot ih- i niiert I
States in the first years of the adxnuiairat on ol 1
The ti?w piece now playing at the ('he nut (
, Street Theatie, entitled "The ruemen ot Phiiadel|
hia," out- lakey'? Jakey. (?ue or two ot oar ,,
newspspers, correctly retlrcting public Opimou,
re warm and open in their condemnation ol thia
demoralizing abortion ; and unless our iudep*-n.]PUt
Mayor undertakes to apply an injunction, 1 should
not be at all surprised if the moral portion of the
( i mmunity would abate ihe nuisance n rt armis
Philadelphia is emulous of fame, it not notoriety ; '
and as New York has had her Astor Place Opera
massacre, mere is no remain why it should nut be
dramatized in front of the Chrainut Street i'heatre
?substituting cold water lor gunpowder
Thia evening is the time fix?d upon for the open- |
ing of night m hook, in every p irt of ihe niy sud
county ot Philadelphia, in accordance with th re- i
cent resolutions ol the Board ol (-oin.ilrollers of
the First School lkstnct Aiming the i^ilictn'i
lor admission into the Mojr?ar?iiiH| night ach >o|,
arc several pcrnoM btiwwn the uges ul thirty-live i
and Alt jr.
A telegraphic despatch ju?t received from lltrrisburg
announces the election ol (?eu Jstltt M
Hick til, ol N;hn>lkill county, as State Treasurer
The vote flood?Htckell (d?-m ),T5; Kail (whig),
The State Senate, today, passed the auppleurent
to the bill ineor|>oraiing the Reading K tilro-id
Company. Thia supplement la naked, tor the p itpose
of securing cei tain rights to those bondholders
of Ihfiti who have granted nn extension of twenty
yenrs. Its passage will account for the advance
to day in Reading stock and bonds
The lMl?n??t iUt? r.ftbs Sftthrr has cheeked nut|
deer trttMrtii>a> and presents* the landing of keseral
cargoes i i tu-a trrt itrs itbn'drrtiritM Pl?ur
t? a-a>lnally 0-"> f< r salpplrg brands, f<* city eutnoptics,
ft ts H Ml Sn.a.l salts . ( rag wheat st >1 u7 I
la other rrslo? no charge Whiskey Is dull at Wo.
fcr bbl'. and hhde., wbieh is a decline
With the eieepel?a of Reading stock and bonds,
1 which twprnrrd Tf. til to ?a stocks ara dull to day
1 gtate Area fell off V I g. securities gooff slowly at
previous quotations I be street iat?s for first class
paper sre a shade raster Anaeged art the sales a', the
1 Firs/ Amf- I skr M, A las. US, It farmers' and
1 Vstlitnles Pask 6il\. I Mechanic*' Bank 'SAT,, 20
do.. MS; 4 talon oaal. 10, I ouo Wilmington Kailroad
0 a. M>\; |l 000 If g A'k AT, 1IIS 110 do.,
1IIH; SlKiO un ,'66. IS.'.S I shs Philadelphia Hang,
P.P. 19 Mlaeblll llailr'Sd 41 S. 11 000 I'euneaeee 6'S,
S'i 3A0 sbs Reading Railroad 16, ft H??l Stale '*,
1( 0, 2 COO Mate ? # T?S- Ml do . S?H. '277 do , Sss,
26 1 nton Baak. Tenoossec. 60S- ?..??/ so
sbs. Paraere'and Meahanlcs' Baok fl?S, 100 Keadlag
Hallr/ad 16. 10 I'eansylranla Railr ad ;?'4, 10 do,
V9?k, 6300 Stale 6'a, V0, MO do S?S. 2 000 d? * *.
500 Wiln lngt> n Bond* 6'a. MV to sbs llecbanins'
Baak. 26*4 , 6M> Srhaylklll s?? lot. to. 1 I'ena-ylvsnta
Bank, 106',; I'00 It-aJIng Railroad 0's,'60.
60S; $1 ooo r m i ea 11214.
A Rasrasst* gi*r*.?A gentleman of tbli plaes, ;
bnrlag r-ssxn to betieva that one of bis aegr-w* would
soon "ietnprbop ' In Pittsburgh dn'ermiued on pro.
perly to sell him The p,gro was ace rdiogly >ld. hat
resisted Ike agent of hi- n*w nia-Ur buocbing hna
down with a bar of Iroa, and d?lag htm sari -a- lajary
When be found 0' length that his plaas ot 0>eap? *a e
fMistralsd hi dsliberateiy took a batehrt, and a?tempted
to sever hi* left hand Iroa tha a m. I he Mo*
?os not quite sorrv-sfol aad It is snppoead h* mar
recover without ampatatloa uf the band -ftalitlisf,
| (Ad) CiriOssi
pin r
Our Baltimore Correspondence.
Waltimorf, January 21, 1850.
Maryland and the Slavery (Juettim?'Hie Salisbury
It and Havre de Grace Bank*?Firemen'* Visit?
Selling Lvfuor on Sunday?Mi** Cuthman?
Han Rice?Market*, 4*c.
Our Legislature, on Saturday, were again on the
high hsrse of slavery, and adopted resolutions de.
daring the institution of slavery to be one o( the
fundamental features of the constitution of Maryland,
and the determination of the State to adhere
to a union of the States, but, in the event of a disunion,
to take EideB with the South. They were
adopted, Hiid three thousand extra copies ordered
to be printed Should the crisis arrive, our legislators
will find that the people of Maryland will stand
by the Union, and oppose its dissolution on any
There is ijuite an excitement among the small
try banks ot the State, caused by gome proceedings
at Annttpohs. The Salisbury Hank has made
a t-iatcinent to the House ot Delegates, representing
itself to be as sound as a gold pennt ; but it is
wi'U that a supply of specie for the occasion was
shipped front New Y< rk. The Havre de Grace
B.ink?which is also a Wall street concern, and was
skirted by the managers ot the i'laintield, to supply
its liliice?is said tc be in a condition similar to
its pmiecetsor. A few of the notes have heeu in
circulation here, as they were discounted for one
per cent; but no one touches them now. The
1 low aid street Savings Bank tias also been issuing
notes, in violation of t's chiuter, and lot been
c died on to give an account ot itself to the Legislature.
The Connecticut resolutions were received by
our Legislature on Siturday, and judging from the
debate on the subject, there is no doubt th it the
Governor will be instructed to return them to the
sol rce from whence they came.
(.'or firemen h ive noticed with great pleaiure
the announcement that "Hook and Ladder Company,
No It." of New York, will visit their brethren
01 tiiis city shout the 1st of April. They will j
meet with a cordial reception.
Ths grand jury have indicted one hundred nod I
e'ght ol our tavern-keepers forselliuu liquor on 1
the Sabbath, and as they will all plead guilty, to j
Save the expenses of trial, it wid put some two or i
three thousand dollars into the State Treasury. ]
Yeeterduy llio>i ot the taverns were closed?that
isto say, the front d 'ors were clos d; tint there |
was geceraly a back entrance provided for the \
el> i t.
Miss Cusbman passed through Baltimore on '
Fa'unlay, onjtier v ay South, to till an engagement ,
ut New Orleans
1 an Rice's trial for assaulting Mr. Appleby was
j?ost|M nrd on Saturday until the 4iti ot February,
and lie started ye-terday tor Chaileston, to till an
engagemeut with a circus company performing
in the Baltimore market on Saturday ther* ware **> !
of 710 bbls Howard rtreet flour at (4 87',; so aala* of .
Cltjmilia No wheat to etora Sale-white corn at
4Vc and yellow at file Nothing doing in rata. Whla- j
key 27 c in hlil* and 2So in bhdi
The following were the rale* at the Stork Board on
8aturda; ? f4?U City 6>, It.so. Iu3'?; *2 600 do .103; '40
share* Meohmii * Bank. 15'.,; 15 share- U k Sit It. 2d; '
60 ?harea II li l)KR M',; 6o do time -NT. 2*> share*
do . time. 67; '42 share* do . 65;,; 23 there* da ,
10 rliaree So , 66 ',.
Tbe K?(tlf f hrmtcal Work* ot this city, baa declared
a hall juarlj dividend of 4 par cant., payable on and
altar 111It frbruary
Oar llwatois Corraapondenea.
Boston. January 10, 1*50.
TV Webster avd Parkman Tragedy - The Italian Troupe
? Theutricah?The Legislature? The Congressional
Tba randan of the Herald are probably already la- i
formed, by telegraph, that Dr. Webster was brought
into the Municipal Court this afternoon, and notified
that the Orand Jnry had found a true bill of indictment
auninat him for the wilful murder o( Dr Parkman. i
It contains four count", alleging the deed to hare
been committed at the Medical College In North " ?? |
meet, witu a nammer. a knife, hands and feet, or ?>y
?me means to the jury unknown The bill was not
reed to Dr. Webster. who was not flee minute* In the
oourt rorm He did not appear at ail agitated bowed
to those he rocsgols*-d and awarded his attendant
policemen with a gracious smile when they e?oo.-t*d
him pe?t 'he pilx i.nu's "tend to a seat within (he liar
Almost every one el?e In the court room was affected, 1
some shedding tears, and It was peculiarly trying to
the elrik Mr I'billips, who was Dr. Webster * decern
ate at college.
Mrs Parkman. the widow of the rlctim. will be
ipaied the pain of testifying at Dr Wehetwr's trial as
her brother K (1 Shaw can poeltirely Identify there- 1
lvalue < aliing o i Dr. Parkman n few mintbe since, I
l.e ft und him id n morning gown, owing to an eruption
on bis * (remittee, aid the Ur called bis attention to a
hard t em it beneath the "'.in which Mr. Shaw wxamloed
Ills with other unini-takable marks, rendered It
csris'i that the ten,aloe found were those of the Dr
he'l>- ' Ki gstry who ear a clerk to l>r. Park- .
men, has teen lodeiatigable In his exertions to tlx tb*
intit in II - I i r juarter. While Dr VVskater s friend*
seeiouely proiee' his Innocence h ull reports of tbs
trial win lie t r? aided to the lleraid
Max ' aietsek has glean our musical public a treat
Ibis owi.trg. (und-r the aurpices of tba PiiUhnrmoole
Society.) In the 'i'remont Temple Bertuece and tbe
4her ?at tilers tri m valor Place came like birds of
(iste?age." end uere receieed with I >ud plaudits The
|t<at iitlrantlnn howeeer. was the energetic leader,
nhtee Jew idled baton directed his orchestra with si>
I tilt Its* skill
v adatue Kemhle was to bare eleited u* next week, hut
will Dot com# until tbe week alter t aodenboff has
Btiisiied a suet sefol er gagement at tbeMuaeuiu and ,
is Ml leetui a before i he I, earns a'. Salem aod otbsr
kCjacent towns Vt eb-ter Kmn the eldest son of -tie
aniented ' meditD will make bis bow before a U ?tou
lualetice at thw Howard strewt. on M'mdes eeenlng.
He Is a deeer young uiau some one and twenty years
of age ami I a- h*#u succeesful at Prortdenee. Wal,*'t,
a ho aapti ?s to be " "imtdy the rarest man I' tba worl 1 "
Is eiarkii g Ills bhak'pearaan jokes at the old Uoston,
hut they ate eitdeatly n I appreciated
Did ' tseaeral ' ourt" It Iri "essoin, aod w| | eontlau*
to legislae until the frost Is out ot tbe gr*uod." wbea i
Ihe f.taief" sill burry home to go*, their crops la " i
I he |ea<1>r of she wh'g m?j>rity ia 'lot Schooler of tba
,,i'es| nblle Its fri* nilirs are marshalled by (Sen ,
Vi lie- t. of tli? ttfuld ron
AD clrctu n r, Uies off OB Vtooilay in Mr Palfrey's late
district, but tha- y ntleuna has little ehan <e or sue
res-. S re if the whig* think that their can tl late, |
Beijtm.n nrayMt, win u re d hut otr.ers say n i.
audit-l't u-onlt that tdward Kverett ia the oaly i
'aea'lahle ' can I cannot think ho sever, that ks ,
would consent to bee me a candidate and r?m-Uiher >
that he did not take the troutile to at'ead 'h- lest
vi I ig stete ( on v erst lew at Won?tsr, though cb mu a
||' lua e
Important fsnsn < onstant i swplr_dett
nitnl of I lie Kef tagee (gaesslnn.
(irons tbe BnlMmote den Jau.KIJ
We have he, r. laeoteil wl h the fo'| owing extract ef
a letter received in ttte nry trom an vmerloaaat
l i n-tantineple dated Ilecruih-r 5 ooneinlog Imyor- I
taat intelligence r-.atlve to he refugeeijuwauou:
"The refugee <|ueetlon which rec-uily eo agitated
the elvlliaeii wi rid. baa been brouvhl to a ea'ts'ao j
tory solution by the atraogement wUiah took place on
tie Jl'h ult Accordlrg to that arrangement. a*!
refugees ei'her Auvtrian or liu<eiaa subjects, who
are la Turkey without passport", "hull he i.wa'rd In
the Intvrii r f r a term r.et excei ding one year rhl?
term la rei|ultad by tustria which court "tale* that
ucr Internal dHsentlnns rami it be p-ieeiblr (ulet-d
hi fore that perhd. To such a" are furnished with
neesesary taper" no matter ot what nature, will h? at
lowed trie rait from thw Ottoman f.rupiro ia tba
< uatry of tbeir pri dlleetloa The Pole" who have embraced
the Mahouiedan faith are completely ac >ened
UllilotiaUr ralatlnaa U?? *M ?<-t haan ?p<-iiai > *<->MIMM
Ml 111 llfM, kufMH, in W M Itdt 1
aa It I* curb ?u H'j maltar In I iiikif, to praoora
ta-h>rrb? or pat porta airbarfmai tha rarkWn attnorllln
or tha fti?n?ll?rin of tha dlflaraot 'ratio l??
rrptrfritfil a- ar tha Hub in* Porta. und?r th? praaant
rapttu lotion. all tha Hungarian r?f wlthta tha
lurkiah d-minima abo ar? .lolrnui <>f 1411!ult* ' h*
rruu'ty. alii ta malil'd to do ao I'ha hngliak aod
birtrh flu-t# Mill t?a?ln a' author tha formt at Haahlra
Rap (at tha an-uihof tha I >a'dan?lia?.t ami tha
latiar at "aila" 'ha Kppptiau float ia armnag b?.
twirn tha lalai >la "I Samoa an l Hhodaa. I h? Ha<-lna
g> rarnmant eoaHuati lu wa lika armn?at at Kara*
topal aaii la atlll larrini r??ruita In tb* I atari* of
South Itoaala i ha I urklah tla?t will n-it aa'ar Into
tha harbor thla alotar but frill noo-ipy Ita autumar poaltlm
la tha Bn>phorua aataadlaf Ic-alf hataata 8arapllo
Point and 'ha Hullau a ??? paiaoa of '.haragau
i ha naaly appoiotad Violator. Mr vlarah had not pat
raaehad hlr p at hut aa< dally aipaatad
Mr Ha^t'l t.olt. tha larantor of rarolrlng platola hs .
una thara Ha had bran pra*ant?d to bit rilghat<t tha
ftultaa. Abd do Majid and tba ruamhara of ihanuurt.
b> all of whom ha had taeaitad a uiaat flatlarlag raeaploa
Naval Intalllgenea.
Tha t'nltad Stataa frlga'a I'randjaloa (44) t orn
Rtorar; rlrap of war 8t Lotlia (88) t ommaodar H. H.
' oria at d aloop of aar John Adam*. wart at Rla lai.faro
on tha 6th ultimo
A lattar to tha adttora of lha IfaraM, da'ad
i b-?r i l/i Itad Rta'o ahl.< A baar Haaaaa 'anaary
7 raja: Wa ahall laara hara in-day with tba frtgaia
lia itan aohr*r..r IIVt. aad d>aa?r Watar Wirah
ttgr daalltalon la to tha rlaar tmaaoti (aoaat of
Htatll dtrret. tbaa ratara to thla plaaa, afiar t- nohing
a' tha Wlidaatd lalanda and tha Npaatah -ala Tha
tttoata fftar to tha aladaard tha Hirt to Vaoo an tba
*!' ? Wltrb to Vara Cm Tha (Jaraaatawn la
hohi ly a iptttod hara
3DAY, JANUARY 22, 185
A Romantic and Myatcrloua Cmc-Abduction,
Incarceration, and Death.
A most extraordinary clroumetanoe, involving the
aarioua crime of murder, and alao a charge of larceny, |
waa developed at the United Statee District Attorney'*
office, yesterday. The whole story la one which pre- I
'eats rather a romantic featnre, comprising the ab- 1
duction. conventual incarceration, and subsequent
tudden death, of a female. It appears that, in the year
1816. Catheiine B Dillaway. sister of Ueorge VV. Dilla.
way, of No 889 Broad vay, New Vork, was abdueted
from the city of Baltimore, by a man named Hawkins,
and brought here, whence she was taken by him to
Kurope From the above period, until nea-ly eight
years ago, Dillaway never heard anything of his sister.
About, that time, 1841, he heard, through a priest, that
the had been placed in a La Trappe oonvsnt, at Staplerun
in l' n.l.nS tin .....S - i
"" i ? ""s1""" "F"" " ;
pondei.ee with her, and since then has received several
coinmiinicallonn from bur. expressing aa anxiou i do ;
sire to return home, but statiug that she was prevented
by ber superiors. She. however, succeeded in getting
away from the couvent, tu o >usoi|iiene< of her brother
having written to the superiors of the institution,
threatening to invoke the aid of the British authorities
to ocuiprl her deliverance Mr. f>il]aw?y afterwards
received intimation that bis sister had sailed
from Liverpool, in the ship Andrew Foster on the 13th
November 1S4D and that the ship arrived lu this port
on the It ill January instant. Mr D. was subse'iu-ntly
ml ruied by Ann Truth>rd one of the passengers
that, when the vessel was within f< ur dsv's sail
of the city of New Vork. his M-ter died suddenly,
aud that in a tew h-'iirs after her death ?namely,
at twelve o'clock at night her btdy was thrown
overbear d, by the direct inns, aud under the or Jers, of
Jam>s Mornssv a fellow voyager in the same snip, who
had taken passage as her servant. It is stated that
Mirt lfiiiaway ?a? in the possession of a large sum of
money , and a Cou-iderahle <|uaut ity of clothing; that
she had paid ter the passage of Morrissy who was entirt
ly deetitute ot niesn-of his own. It is nls i alleged
tb.it Morrissy was a gardener at the LaTrappe convent,
ami subeeijuinUy held a situuti <n at the port frem
whence the Andrew Foster salted, where, on levrning
that Miss Liillaway was a passenger he embarked; he
became her attendant made purchases fer her, and,
about two o'clock of the day she died. Morrissy gave her
romctbing to drink out of its cop, winch he said wss
wine. A large portion ot Miss I) 's wearing apparel has
bieu found in the posses-ion of Morii-sy and no money
belonging to the deceased has b en discovered in linr
boxes, bu' a sum in grid consisting of six sovereigns,
t get her with some email change, has b?en found in the
poises ion of Morilsv It lutiher appeared 'hat the
a"eii-ed, en arriving here, solicited a -ituationfrom Mr.
l)illa?aj, mi d wheuit was procured for him, refused
toeccvptu: end that ha had remarked to one or the
passei pers that there w uiil be nothing sail in New
York about the deatti ot ilfss Dillawav The ab >ve
fan staving heeu elicited. <t was not conddered that
there was sutlioient eviCcnce to Imp'ioate the ao ;U*od
In a ( barge ot murder but he was held ever and com
nutted in default nf hail f r larceay of deceased a propel
ty, which na- been found In Lis p> (session.
Itrookl) ii City Intelligence.
Asm ai. Kiroai m ihk Boiidoi' tlULrH?Th? an ual
report of tne hoard of Health was laid before the
Common < onricil last evening. It embodies the following
tacts I be number of deaths for the jeer ending
December 31. ls4V - as 3.0.'i? of whinb 1 uil.l were males,
and 1 64*i females; 1 -140 were adults, and 1.012 children. ,
Kiress * t mortality in 1S4P over 1S4H. Wo7. The great
excess in the number of deaths was owing to the cholera
of whirh there were 6 >0 fatal cases 600 adults and
ISO children Tlie population of Brooklyn is conceded
to be 100 (la) The average of deaths to population was
1 to 33 or 3 per o-ut. Deducting the mortality caused
by the epidemic it leave* rhe rate of 1 t* 42 Inhabitants
The ordinance of the f ommeu Council interi
? ? . i.. * v.. - I I _ # ,L.. .1*.
ha* had * falutnry effect upon the health of tha city,
and ha* been vli lated In but few ioatahoe* Tbare
have been Inferred in tba ground* of tha city, from New
York and other place* 1 ti.
WetKLY RuroBT.?Tba report of the Ilealth I'hyalclan
11>r (ioodrlcb.) rhow* an aggregate of but thirty,
one death* for the la*t week, of which there were, males
16, teuiale* 10; adult* 16 children I*>. Internum!* In
Greenwood and oihar Brooklyn grounds, from \aw York
and other plto** 2b
Coaoara'i Inm't it.?Coroner Ball held an Inquest
jeetetd*y afttrnoon. upon tha body of a man named
\Vui Jamie*' o * ho*e family resided at No. ZO'J Pros.
Iieta'reel who died oa Miiuday morntog la*t from inurie*
ttctivedfrom a fall from one of the New York
ou iianeiu idnniouee. ?u tna evening in quantum.
Krom the faot# allotted. It appeared that the deceased
got on the rtagn at Harieaa. sitting with the drlear all
the way dowa. lu>U* the txunibu* wae a p*?*eug*r
who appeared to give the driver eorne trouble, and
wai quit* unruly, threatening to break the window
pane* The atag? ettppej at t M corner of Catharine
tieet and the Bowery fir aome paeaenger* to get out,
when the paeienper betore alluded to, la getting out,
elrurk hie arm againet one of the wtnJow* rhaUerlng
three or four pane* ot gla*a I'be driver got out a* he allege.*.
to protect the *tage. and while engaged io a eoutlle
with the man the hor*e? etarted. and running down
I hat ham atreet, earn* In oon'act with another *tage,
which wa* coming in an oppoet-a direction; the c meueelou
threw the dece**rd between the two atagea. a*
.-*o| pi eeif, brnfemg him In a horrible manner Me
w?* taken to a drug *tore, No CB >wery and theace to
Brooklyn. ?hi re he eiptrad at the time above in?i11
i.ed The jury after a |<?'fent Inreetigatl n of tha
facte, and a long absence brought la a verdict that
the deceased came to hi* death from Injurie* received
In ccn-equence of the rarvfee'ieM of the driver, John
Italy. L'aJy wae fully committed lor trial
Tfee Ilolala.
aaaivan* on* nrn?r'*?*.
r apt T). D Tarter, etram*htp Georgia; Capt. B. S.
Alexander U. 8. A.. Capt Baker,U. S A ; Dr. Cutler,
V. 8. A ; I.. Duck, Philadelphia. A D. Setterlew, Yo.k
county; It C. P. Llnd I'blladelphia; N* B Cessans,
W*?t loin*; H. t* Peck. I' 8 A ; Thoa Wlliner, Philadelphia,
H K Wflnier, !?'bailee Thuih*r, Worcester;
George Duffer* < haileaton; T fl Tyler Rprlngleld;
C Burr, Pat.dy Mill, D Cole, do; H (tobln*on. Boatoo;
A. tinnier. Jr . do II, T TarKer do; K W Bear* do;
K. J. Bigelow do. f; Tnwnaead I'blledelphla; Hon.
h. lirnadeth. 8lng Slog J \ Heaiaeldry Montreal; C.
D. hoy do ; John Krnaer. do , I, fvtu Ifutleg; Jtn*i
Roy. do . a Pi rram do.; W W Bacon, f.oun ; Ktorneanx,
I rai.ee. Mbnn M'.au Worcester are among tha
arrival* at the living Houae.
oYroitnli of Individwain.
Oovtrnor Cjharl and hi* romptalon*. the Hungarian
gentlemen, are etill to the cllj. cultivating the noi|
ali.Ui ee of our public dltlzena aod othere, eiatnlalug
out public lD-'ltutlon* be. Laal week they called
lo par their respect* t? Vie# Preaideat Kllleore, Mr.
Bpeaker ' ? l h Mr Webster Mr Clay. Hen < * Mr.
I colon, ftidac Mcl-can and <a lou* othrr dlatingal'h-d
gentlemen It wa? the tat- ntion of Uoveriior
I Jhaat and hi* ?i uupanloaa to feave the city for New
1 ei| IhI mortilog but an Invitation to dine with the
Prtelrtetit we urder**aiid |ndu*e? them t-r defer their
departure two or three day* longer. ?,v?< far. Jot 31.
Kev Theobald Matthew arrive J at Anguata, <ia . >?
the lite teat.
f on N arihugh l-lvlagaton. et Mini*tar from tha
letted Stale* to Keuador and family and Vanhugh
I Hlog-i' ti jr hearer of d**paicbe* from Kmador to
ttieC.N governor* n., arrived at hew Orleans on tha
ma ! ..?
"hi Kdward 1st Morrl*. IT ff Tbarjt* tt Naptaa,
H''wk ?f a enoip liii'i.tft'y auppor. ncJaM to htm
by hla friar 1? of Pbtladalphia on d?'urdaf "laotog U?t
Ha will rati in tbf ( aiift u to-ft?rr')t. lor hump*.
A|>pwln?a?*i.ta hy lb? Praalrteiit.
hy n* M u ifh </.f a4 fc* mitd tn%**n9 nj IV VrnaU.
Il'iii| li Vti?|l of Paan?yl?ania t? h ' i on'til of
tha I nltod Rtataa for tho |inft >f rn?'n to \ uilrlft.
Wflrhi (inrd n ot ulrliltio. tn l>? (Jowal of
tha L'bitad Staler for tho port of Prrnatnbuo), to lira
Aanai or < KiD<trri:i it V?r iti* ? Wo l??rn that
a nhl'r man. ofti'o d Wad* who atauna to h? a altltwn
of th? Mat. of |s rth ? aruliea wa? arc?#to J In Catenaburg
ra fa.'day night In tho not of kidnapping too
n* pro torn balci g-ng to . r b'rod hy Mr Jnaoph R to.
d'tirn of tlilr mty If app-nra that Wad* Bad boon
fair paring with tha Dogroor mi; agog In Aftdnrrna'P tolllug
mill wf>ral daya prior to it? onn oa whioa ho loft
tlio olty 1 hrnngh h' rapraa??t?f l"B? and p>raiia?i?a,
theao i.'uro man had agrood to follow him to tbo Smth.
According t>> tbo ata'-m.' mad* by tho n-gr..wa, Wad#
pladg. >i hlmarlf to giro ?aoh ?d thorn t *KI In moufty,
on nacblng Now liileatir. rho amount to l>* ralaod
lb thl* loan nor v ado ?a? to pur hlm-olf aa tha owa-r
itthoilftT.r ?aa to roll thom la Nww ilrlowaa and
|laa raoh nt than |."M 'tit of (ho pr floord' anamg from
i|>a rala With thl? aionay tbo nogrowa war* aa.urod
thoy ronld aarlly oroapo to a fro* dtata Hot of tha
nogrooa illtulft.d tha whola altalr to Mr Aador* n. *bn
tt.roapoa ta- k caution* though ffortia# rtopa for tha
ainat <f tha kidaai.par Oa fawdlf WflM| H M.
arrbar wa? aaat to I'atarrlmrii with na.-oopnry Inrtninth
a? Mala alto ropatrad to Potaralmrg Tnoofay
ioiBit | thora to await tbo arrival ?f hla two dnpai
MoaadArchar traaallod hauro la tha ?ataa aar 'ta
aa h tit Patrtrboig. Arrhof laid tbo whola plan bafnra
tbo pItaa rJ that towa wo raaMf taabtadiMf Mb
?|pa? to aid him In arraatlng th? k'dnappar At half- j
I ait alt o'alnai on I nor day oraoing, tia twn O"grro#
who had pn ml*od to foil w IV ado war a pla-od la iha
rata undor tbo control of r' H'yttt akra aiin.wnitl
thrtn to I'atarabnrg and attar reaching thai t?an procord'd
with thom to tho Soul horn Hop t axrawatMy to
br airaigrment inado by Wada with tho negr iwa
A b'-nt fir mlnatoa hofora tha cara wwra to loars f >r tha
M' B'h tbo rtgna oarptianby M'ado and promptly ro?p<ndod
to by tbo iiogrowr I pan whlnh M'ado inada
hit apt aataaro whan both tha rlaaaa Immadlataly approached
htm l b J rtraiftli'way proawa la I tn tha
rara tn|i>>wa<1 by Af?Va' and IVyatt and raaaral polloa
. ftirar* of Pftorrhnrg I ha whola com paay got Into tho
caia a-dn tha trata wa? a hoot tn mora off W ada
toib'd'n tha nrgr<oa and romarkod thoy a?ro n>?
nndat Mr pr iocio n and waro aafa. wharwnpoa oaa of I
(bo polica > tl cara of I atorahurg l k Waf? by tho ana
and remarked aa ara yon fbo bidaapper wa? taken
hi m tba oart aad lodged ia jail, and tho n"gr aa broq<ht
hack to tbla olty yoatarday Richmond (Pa | 7'iaaei,
J?> II
Cltjr (nttUlgtncr.
Thi Wcathkb - Veenrday morning ?ae inhered Id
with a ?n?w ft or ra, which afterward* turned to fleet,
and. later In the day, to rain. During the whole afterMAr.n
a?il ?A A w. .^w.we Kai.W f\t t lie ni.rk# U f.l I
thick and continuously The streets were, of course,
deluged, and pedestrians were in a sad plight.
Sialics: on Fisr ?At half-past three o'clock yesterday
morning. a etable ill rear of No 334 Madieon atreet.
was discovered to bo on fire by Sergeant La turn is, of
the (Seventh ward police. It waa extinguished with
but trifling damage
Tin STEAMiiiir Georgia.?A report was in clrculatlcn'all
over the city, yesterday, that the new and mag
ntfioent steamship Georgia, of I.aw k Co.'s Paciflo uiati
lice, was on Are. but it ia not true the only foundation
for it bring that some shavings wood and rubnish
wete set tire to. aDd causing a smoke, an alarm apread
tbat the vessel was on tire So far from the report
being true, she gee) on her trial trip either to-day or
to- morrow.
Voi thh i. Dspravity.? At right o'clock on Sunday
evening. JnbnClarkln was arrested by Officer Meehan
of the Fourteenth ward, on the oomplaint of Margaret
Newton who charged him wit h assault with intent to
violate the person. The little girl is only 10 years of
aye. and the prisoner but 10. The parties were sent to
the Third district police court. The accused was detained
for further investigation.
AreinsM.?On yesterday morning, as a sailor named
l ewis Boleac a native of France, and belonging to the
ship Seine whioh arrived here on Sunday from Havre,
wan tnsudiDg the sails on the royal main yard, he lost
his balance and fell t> the deck. His right thigh
reciived a compound fracture, and his body is much
bruised. He was removed to the City Hospital in great
J5sr-nrr.i> iw i us 8>o? ?Yesterday morning. between
nine and ten o'clock as a man named George Fowler, a
carpenter residing at 162 Greenwich atreet, waa crossing
Broadway mar the l ark lie slipped and tell on the
curb stor es, and fractured bis right arm: he also received
a severe cut on the back of the head.
Shocking Accintrir.?-A laborer, n&urcd John JebHon
residing at *3 Thirteenth street, was en'tags 4. oo
yesterday about noon. with four other men. iu ratdog a
large Mock of stone at a new building ia Twentyfourth
i treet. when the men that were as'i'tiug let go
their hold suddenly and the whole weight of the stone
csrue on Jebson. crushing both his bands in a dreadful
manner and fiactuiing bis tight arm.
Mason- Bail.?By roteTence to our advertising ool*
umns. it. will be seeu that the annual Ma-ouio Bali, giv"
en by tba tiaternity claiming jutledettno under S John
s Graud l.odga ot free and uecpedj .insous. will
take place this (Tuesday) evening at the I Ulncse Assembly
Booms I lie proo-eds of the hall are intended
to aid the ohntitable fund of this great pb'lan'hropic
institution, and thu? render licit a-sistance to the
destitute and worthy members of the fraternity which
the lawH of the order abundantly direct, in rendering
aid to an institution so universally distinguished in the
field of meliorating the condition ot mankind " as the
masonic trateinity , Is admirably displaying a beautiful
pr< vision ot the divine erou. mj. the exercise of
benevolence, which our religion calls charity, snd inculcates
a manifestation In cur brea-ts of tke most
lovely attributes or i niisuani'y ia i carries ? itn it
In own reward Tbe Hriutigenicnts are ot th? moat
rxteu*iie character. and well calculated to produce
that mutual enjoyment no essentially rri{Ul-lte at tin
f< stive ball. ftiany distinguished members of the fraternity,
from adji intng States. will be present Tin
officers and members of the (irand Lodge also the Kncsmpment
ot knight Templars, dressed in full regalia,
will in the course ot tbw evening make a grand entree
Into tbe ball room acc<nrpani-d by the stirring martial
music ot Didworth a full aud celebrated Cornet Band
This is the first nppi rlunity (since the day* of !>?
\t itt < Lnton. in 1817 ) offered to the uninitia eil to witness
the genuine paraphernalia of the kDights of Mt.
John \* e have no healtation in saying thta wilt be
splendid affair.
Court of (Jeneral Scaatona.
Before the Keeorder and Aldermen Wood and Bard
Jxv. 21? Thrjl ?J a Hunt. Cart.avl Lend of (W.Two
men, named .vbraham Parsons and Thomas Lux.
were railed to defend themselves against a charge of
grand larceny In the alleged theft of a horse, cart, and
six tarrela of oil. taken from the posaeaelon of Martin
l oenber, on tbe 3d of December laat From tbe testimony.
It appeared that Toenber waa a rartman In tbe '
emp oy of < harls* Lambert, of Bttshwlck, L I ; that
on the day named in the indictment, he cams to thla
city for a liad of oil and bad atx barrel* on bla cart,
When he stopped at the cornsr of Madiaou and Walnut
atieets. where belied hi*horae.and went into hi*house.
He came out in about ten minute*, but hi] borae and
rart were no where to be aeen l'hey were siibse |Uently
retort ed en tbe evening of tbe same day. by a young
man who found tbe horae In the street ibis young j
uian knew the defVweew*-- ilea heller- I
tag that Paraona had driven off the boraa. He found J
Parsons, who contested be dad driven the horse away: [
lis tt Id witness where the horae and cart were, and
showed blrn where tbe oil waa; out barrel had been sold
to a soap-boillug ei teblhbmenl two barrels had been
left at a place In First avenue, and two In Delancey
street ? ex was not implice'ed and waa therefor* acquitted,
and called to the witnesa' stau I. lie testified
that Parsons cam* to bis house on the afternoon of the
3d of December, and employed him to go with a horse
and cart which he had betare the door, be did not say
where tbey were going but they drove to a place up
town, where I arsous sold a barrel of the oil; he tben
came down, and depositsd two barrels at a plaoe in the
Fiist avenue, and the three remaining ones at a pla ie
in Dwiancey street; he than drove tbe tr>rae to the place
where he waa found by the young man who returned
bins to his owner It was not proved that Paraona had
approprieisd more than one bs- re I of oil to hi* own use
and benefit, tbe jury therefore found a verdict of guilty
of petit larceny only Tbe Court aentenosd him to the
pei Itsnliary tor six months
Tiimljrr .famuli and Hintry letfA Intrnt / Kill ?Two
br<tbsia named John Beatiek and M i liam B.-stick,
were put on their defence, on s charge of assault and
baitety. with Intent to take the life of Ueorge Roulette,
at tbe rimer of (fraud und Thompson street*, on the
l.'lth of June last
tieorgs Roulette being called tothe witness' stand by
the |<roe< cutlon. swore as follows I am a milkman and
live in I went}.sixth street, on ths night d the 1 .lh of
JHt'S last, I was at tbe grocery store ot llarmsn Wohlers,
corner of tirand and Tbompaon streets, when I saw
Ji ha Bestli k In ths street with a knife and apparently
about to stab a boy nam d f harles t;ia-k; I told htin be
ought to be ashamed of himself to draw a knife on n
play*d the knl'e knl Mild "there It I* and I will put It
Id any hod of tb-b tb?t in'*rf*r*? with did/' I went Into
tti* *tr*et and took hold of tb* boy, to put htm out ot
litn i way, whea I rina up >D tb* walk Win Be?lick
loitJ B.?. and I oil in* hod him. whan Jobo R-et'.e*
draw tba kulfa on n> and r tabbed in* tale* that I M*i
I al-o rrretred reeeral blow* on (be baok which out my
cloth**, I only resetted on* wauad that !< from tha
knife, which -truck my collar bona, and thua a* 1 W*a
told B>y I if- *ai rarrd
llarinaa Wtbleaa keep* a grnc?ry *tora at tha corner
of liraad and J hoaipwou ilo*ti. no tha weening of tb*
lutb of tuba I wan -landing at th* door, wkra I *aw
John He-tick with a knife in hi* hand; i barlay Clark
a- la tba atraat. and I called Itoulatt* aad another
nan who wrra ln*id* the *t<>r* talking, I raid 11 Rowleft
a. "Hew hare I- a man going to -tab < barley < lark'';
Hooletta then raid to Beettck. ,'Von are a pretty lurking
D>an ta draw a kotreoaabny like that;" Bentiek
raid be would cut the guta nut of any ona who Inter- 1
lered with hlra. Hnulelta went lato tne rtraat ti brlgf
tha hoy Iota the atore; an b* came oa the walk, be and
William Baetlok clinched, and ioho De?i|ck struck at
Hi Wlrtta frown behind hla brother. William lleatlck had
bran trying ta gel hi* hi other hotue but be said if he
ctnld not get him home and there was to ha "any
Win**." he should go a* far a* hie b'Otb-r.
Char!** I lark, aeorn?I am li yaara of age, I goto
ma. I lira at 1V I bmp-na rtraat, oa tb* night of lUh ,
ot lone. I waa going Dp Thompaoa atrewt. at about II
o'clock on tha ? eeaing ot the l.ith of lane, John Bentiek
waa ataarillog on th? corner of lirand and Chompaon
afrart*. I wa* whtatliog. ant ha a*td. "fbo home,
loafer," and I said,'* flat oat,snob." I thought he waa {
joking at the time, he threw a chatns*gae ha-ket at
me. I was golag to plek It up and throw H oa the renin*
when he cam* alter me. Mr Hrrnlette than ea oa
ntt and they b-gan talking I raw them aleoch. and,
af'erwardr I raw Koulett* go Into th* gr-eery n".ore;
they raid ha wa* "tabbed. I weat with Mr Knulatte to
I anal -treat to get hla wouada draaaad. I raw bload,
but did not ana tha wound
1 hi'Dtr r kinn-ll a*-ro I am a physician; I aaw
Mr. Hr nlfit# on the night of tha 11th of Jnne last between
11 and It n cloak; I found ho had a w >und upon
hi* cheat, It waa on the lett aide ju*t below th# a >1 *r
hone. It wa* a aiinpl* wound three fouttht of an In h
In leog h. and near half an Inch to an loch in depth,
the locality of tha * outnl wa* d tngerou*, the bl *
Seemed to hat* rpaat Itrelf on the collar bona. If It had
n< t met with thai rorlatance, It might bava b?ea fatal
to life.
William Deatlak waa, at this a'ag* of thetrlat.ee>|Oltt?d
and being placed oa the at*oil for the d*f*n*e.
r wore that hi* hrntner waa lam* and rcmrehat lot * I calad
that oa the night of the l;ith of June b# wa* at >
tb* plaee lereilhed by tha other wltneree*. that the
hoy 'ark came past and torn* word* noaurrrd which
h* (wltnarr) deemed mer* badinage. no angry feeling
seemed la p -rail, afterward* th* ncsurreueea traa
rplred on the earner opposite Mr. VV ihlet'a rtoa#
k mm all th* arldeara. It did not appear that the a*
cured prawn olta'*-l an attenipt t take life and th*
jury returned a aerdlrt of Rut gnllty of a*aault aad
MMf with Intent to kill hot guilty oi a?*nlr aad
battery r aiy " The ' ourt aoataaced him to tba Teal
tentlary tor all month*
t'aillral Rtataa Cnmialnliiiirr'i Ofltca.
Before It I. R ilweli. n.w g
Jan. Ill ? A nun named A'bert Htnrkey waa brought
hef -r* the l ommlrrl- aer rliarg-d with baring a ia
tt'itted nn arranlt oa a aall'<r aemed Wm Rtwwl with a
dangeron* neap n I h* defeadant waa chl*f mate oa
l.aaid fh* rhlp Zurich hound fr*tn New Vork to
liaera. sad th- complalaant dep-wad that th* mat*
truck hint with aa Iron belaying pin nn the bead aad
spill hi* forehead open I fell down ' aah| th* com
piatrant, 'and put my hand up and favnd the blood
pouring out of my hand fr.twt a daep wound la the for*
lord, th# mat* followed me. and need eom* threatening
*i pre ?l na " Y or th* d#f*n#a. It waa proy*d b?
raeeral creditable wHan#**? thai tha enaptalnaat had
beea eery dmnk oa tba oreaatoa. and had rta'ad to
tha doctor that he r*i#leed the Injury from a plea* of
a mart, which etraak him In th# head Tb* dafawdant
wa* wwdar thoa* elrc imatane-a, dlaobargad by tha
< omuiiaaioa-r
L. D.
Theatrical u4 Musical.
Bowkbv THr.atrk.-Th* n*v drama of ' ClariM*, or
the Death Craft,'' aow per for ml ag at thil theatre, la
nightly received with acclamation* and applaiue. Tb*
cut U composed of the very elite of the exoellent company
of tble excellent theatie, and the results are such
*i may be expected, Tlx , an hlstrionlo suooeee ?ery
rarely seen or met with The " Wandering Jew" still
continues to be the chief ii/ou at this highly entertaining
place of pnbllo amusement It is so varied In it*
rich scene* and characters, as to command at each
tep the applause and admiration of the public, it
will be repeated this evening with Increased effect and
power, which It seems to acquire on every performance,
hriioopinil eunJu
Broadway Thkathe.?Last night, after a recess nf
few evenings. tbis busr opened with an able company
of cmedianv, as auxiliaries of the etandard perf.rsaancee
of this unrivalled oorps-Mr. Wheatley, Mr.
Kiching* and Mr*. Barrett. all excellent In their different
department*, ably euatalnlng the pieces preeented
to the publio. We sincerely congratulate the spirited
management on the production or to deservedly a successful
entertainment aa Inobbold'a eomedy o Wives
aa they Were and Wives an they Are," and thatlbeautiful
and poetio drama ot Scotia a moat brilliant bard
and novelist, " The l ady of tbe Lake." Wu know
not when we hare witnessed a more pleasing entertainment
- every character seemed to fit tbe individual
i>y whom it waa > nacted like a glore. an I brougni out,
with striking effect, the peculiar excellence of eacb.
Aa an trit ilule l.ieute- untt'aaper Luekatiintr since.I
the Hungarian national ballet daDc?a with much succe.?a.
'I be heU'e waa aa well a'tauded aa eouH be expected.
trim the lac*stunt inclemency of the weather.
I tie evening a vaiiety of eut-riaiunieiita will b performed.
for the benetit of thn 1 nuug Men s Hebrew
Benevolent Society Tbe excelli nt oooipany at the
brvadway. even without considering tbe pre-eut reduction
11 pri'tee will en . jre lor thl- cbar. ? object
a lull a fni-Liouable, en i ovarii tiring a'.ti u I ?n ;e
Nim.o's tiannxiv.?On Saturday evening next, the
giiit d farewell festival and po-itivelj last aojearauoo
of two distirguished vcealista. eomea oil at thiv tb-atre.
T he public are well acquainted with the excellent magical
aicoin) liahmt n'a ot Si.rnoriue Tesdcseo sad Borglitre.
who will appear on that evening and tn tha
uancteat intonations atid thrilling execution of vocal
melody, bid laiewi U to the numerous admirer* of their
an ei.did abilifiea. while they have been carolling tbe
muaical geuia of Vetdi Bellini. Donl/.etll, Hotsioi and
othtr celebiated composers. in this ci'y.
lltaToa's Thv.itri: ?Yesterday evening an alinirable
rerlee of entertainmenta we. o performed at thia excrllent
establishment. anl witnessed by a numerous
audience, notwithstanding tbe inoleineucy of the weather.
The first entt rtainoient communesd with the
very popular comedy of the ,-Ser|oua Family," which
was received with every expression of aatisfaotion end
delight Mwari Burton aua Br ughain w?rea< anoceeafnl
aaevir The comedy was so ceded by Ih-ftroe
of '-I'oor Pilllcody " which waa performed with great
ability end aucceae, afiordirig much Measure anl dalle
bt. 'I be aumseiui nta eoLOludej with the fa cs of
'How to pay jour vs a-herw mien." *bl h passed off admirably
?eil to night will be performed the cui-Jy
of the S.-iluua 1-amuy " and that of the "oor lieutlemaa
( HiMitt 'i Naiinsit Twrtvae.?Thii favorite anl
popular place of public entertainment is in the full
tide i f proepetity and suocees, owing to the maguiilcent
spectacles now nightly brought forward, with
richntss. talent nt d bvau'y of perlornvance which
peak highly f< r tbe judgment and e vtergnze of the
manager. The " Female ?iuard " c ntinues its uninterrupted
ttiumph. and tb*crwd? which tl ck to behold
it are immense There never has been a nobler,
more beautiful, or more attractive piece offered to tbe
publio, at this or any itber th-a'Te. I.ast evening, la
addition to the above admirab e drama " The I'eopl < a
l awyer ' aud tbe * Phantom Breakfast" added their
i iibiujp anu unm Jl' I" laaiiuave IUV auvlHHD 11 BH
admiring and crowded audivnct
Mitchbll'i Olvmmc Thvbt* a ?Notwithstanding tba
bad atata of tba wcatbcr yesterday evening and tba
ml?*rable condition of tba tract", tbta favorite report
waa tolerably well attended by a fashionable audience.
Tba eatartalomenta commenced with tba azcallant
faroa of " Me tbinka I ** my Kathar," which waa acted
with admirable ability, and elicited loud appUuee. it
wee followed by tbe admirable oomedy ?f the "' rowa
friace vi the (lucsl* of Brilliants;" ee l tbe laughable
farce of tba '* Aldgat* Pump " which were performed
with talent and brilliant aucaaaa Mr Mitchell aa
Lr"' my N*asb. produced inlults delight and merri iint
The amuaemeote mcclndad w tn the farce f
" heparate Maintenance To night tbe comedy of the
" Soldier'* Daughter." the comic drama of'1 Did liooe?ty."
the farce of " Aldgate Pump," and tire .Married
ItaUew Oraaa.- Tbe unfavcrabla weather pr***at?4
laat night, tbe admlrera of Krnanl from going to the
Attor Place Opera iluu*e. e >a?e<juently thla aiagnlfl*
cent opera waa pertormed befora a tbln aadtenre, bat
tbe artist* eang aa well ai if tba bouaa bad bean Oiled.
Signotlna T. Truffl. and Kigncrt Kuril. Beneientano,
and Noeelll, receleed numerou* and well merited plaudit*
In tbeir prlnaipai parte I he final# of th? third aat
waa. of ci,una. tn e-?d and K.ltira Kraanl, and Carlo
wna railed baiore tbe curtain To morrow -t mag w.ll
be performed, l>onli?ttl'e celebrated opera *rii. ' Lacia
di Lammermoor, with Bigaorina B-rtu -ca U t'10
part of Lucia. Signer Korii a* r.gard and Baoevantano
id bia faeorit* roU of Aabton
Clip iei r 'a Orea 4 llui'BB - Tble eeenlng tbia fainnaa
band will again appear at Mechanic* Hall Broadway,
where no doubt ihey will ha greeted by a large assemblage
of their patiana Vhe program*!*, * ueaai, eontain*
an aicalient *electl?n of mal d<** In ml til on to
Which they will gift lb* ralahrated ' Voyage 'du*lcal,"
and (ieorg* i hrlety and IV fvbeppard will trip It on
tbe light fantastic to* to the tnapirlilug mu*lc of eoma
8 o'cli real and charming polka
,tm.ai< a* Mi m m If genuine drlloeatlon* of negro
characiar be attrarilea feature*, we ebould not be aurpriead
to m* the muaeum erowdai while the calenra'ad
Jim i row Hie* la performing there H* appear* aa
(linger Blue In the Virginia Mummy." Tbe eaudm
villa company will app'ar In the laroa of "Did Yeu
K?er Bead \ our Wile ta Hanem""
Ma ItiMrwvi'a Cewc-tiT.? Mr. H*m*nyt, the celebrated
vlcltniat. and oa* Of the Hungarian refugee*,
gavt hi* flret c ooert la tba I a t*d stat?e at Nlbi >'a,
i n Saturday eeemng la*t It *i< eery well attended,
at d tbe egtrutlon < f the eevaral plena* of mu*tc wb'ch
be performed wa* hiahly er-diUM* Mr K-m-njl la
a young loan very animated, and will and 'Obtcdiy in
n short time h* * very aop*rb violinist. W* auppoaa
be will make hi* eeaond np-,?arnn*e In a ehcrt time
lie certainly po * *** all the attribute* of a flrit ratw
lUlniit. and ranks asvuoh even now
Ami ate? Mi ?i< an Fi *t> S?m lerv.? Th# eecond grant
eor.ccit in aid of tba fund* <f tbia laudable In-tit>iti in
c me* oil at tba Aetor Place Opera Mow** on Sato-lay
evening ne\t All the leading artlet* of thiv any eiU
appear on that occaalen.
Mtl.ni.an* ? White * Rer-nader* *op**r a> Negro rwpriaentatieea
and elag various maiodia* at 37 Bowery,
every evening
Mr* taany Kambl* I* giving Sbakuparl >a readiaga
la Boatrn
Mr Mu4*rg, tba Irlah comedian la playing at tbw
St < karlva theatre, Net orl-aua
Mine Penny Wallark la in New Orleana.
I*wllrn Intelligence.
tj an K-t' king* Clre ? OHI**f
\Vl.lte, it <ha tilth ward. irrMirl. ;m!i rliy. mil
by Iba nana of Ton.pklaa T. bellowe. on a warrant
l??n?d he I uetla# Mounting*. wherein ba stands eUnrged
with Mealing a Hi*. bank bill on the .Wechanlea Haah
?t Nawark N J , a %M ?n tha Farmer*' aad .'roeatB'
bank Mi uiara. together altb eighteen dollars la bllto
auiallar denomination making io all |l.lk the property
of John M Maa.?r. earhanae broker oomar of a?l
atr? >t and Brtwlway. Tha faota la tba case, aa r.lata I
by .Vir Beror no the euaplcUn ree'lng ea tha annaaad.
la aa follow* ? (la Bnlurdny Inst abou' 12 o'aloak la tha
fetlawe rnt.-red the esehang.-'fllae aad apoke to
Mi 8*1-T aa ha had oft?n dona hefo-e; aooaaftaa, Mr.
Berry laft tba ufllra. bi'itf bl-al-rk ilaorga f'cjloo.
and a polir. man la the offlee, at thla Una Vailowa <u ?
atat.li.g by tba eoaater. tba poilonmaa pro-e-ded to
tha rrar of tba More, behiad a pnr'lttoa. aad blank ad
hl> booia after which ba waabnd Ma haul, taa clerk,
la mdar to glee tba pol -raraaa a tawnt. laft tha d?ab,
and ?eat to tba rear part ot tba ?t >r? for that purpnee;
on hla return a few a. ronda elap*ed aad tellsweleft
the oflloa. la bait an hour after or laaa, the aioa?y wan
on'"'t and no on# bad h-aa lato tba offlsa lurinf tha
time. irept I ellowa .duaptrlon at oaaa retted on hla,
and n entrant aaaa leaned yeatardny by lb* magistrate.
In order to Investigate tbn rbnrga Da tba ogfear
pi arching tbn per eon of tha aarosed ?1 M la fitly money
wna found in bla poneeeelon Tbla money la auppoaad
tobn the prnri-ede of tbn einhanga laade of tb* et?lna
in' in y Tbn blotj bill tan bn Ideotltnd. aa a portion of
tbe right aide baa ha.n torn If. and nay brohnr or
t tbaia will tarthar tba eada of jaatiea. who aiobnngnd
a bill of that description on Saturday on Monday lent,
by tailing upon Ju'tlea Mouatfort at tba Toaba. By
eo doing, thej will But loan the money B* Mr Bnnor
will Indemnify tb< m agalna: lo?? by glelag tham tha
am- ant In otter money the bill h-ln< wanted aa awldrnre
I he annua, d eae committal by tba magtotrata
to await a farther bearing
d i) .?,???' Bwlac. ? A maa called f'faanla V. Hill,
mete > t the enbooner tlraltn lying at I'lae Nn T. Rait
titer, ana at rented ye-terday oa' a charge of atnahag
from the cel.la of eatd taeeel a * J' Bill of the Harnett
bla Hank together with a etleer watch, ealwed at |t?,
tha property of Otaftoa gaare, the matter of tbn
?rhnotj?r t>n renrchlng the rh??t of Milt a <20 oa tha
liarnetable Beak wae dleooenrad corresponding ncantty
eith tt a Be stolen from tbn eaptaln, and auh*aqneatly
tta acr u-ed Ai d ngthat tba captain lotaatnd to proenmtn
off. red to eettle the matter I ha rants an ant fnrth, ,
chewing g atrnag cnaploton of guilt on the part of tha
arraeen, Juailcn l.otbr- p r <r tnitted him to prleoa fjf

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