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k!##i!rgs, and tbe hope of fatur* peace and prog,
peitly, every detate of wisdom. over* feeling of
duty, and every emotion of patriotiMD, tend
t<> ti-gpiie fidelity and devotion to tt, and adm>
nlih un cautiously to avoid any unaect-ssary contro
Tarry. wb'rb can eitbvr indangcr it or Impair Its
strength tbe chief element of which la to be found in
tba regard and affection of tbe oeopla for raob other.
Mr Vte?riLc movad to refer tbe meanage o tha Committee
on renitoriea
Mr. it>\ i t wished It to be refarred to the Committee
of tbe Whole.
Mr ('LiroHtv wai desirous to go into consideration
Of the n eteage immediately
Mr. Tiioui'non, ot Miss, at 4 I' M , moved an adjournment.
Mr. Clikc.ma* yielded, with tha understanding that
(La Bisrsage ta debated to-morrow.
At BA.ov, January 21,1850.
THE Ht'kiabiais.
^.Tbe joint resolutions received from the Assembly. in
reference to the Hungarian*, were agreed to.
The second annual report of the Last River Savings
bank was presented
n otic k 01' bills.
l*j istr Own, a hill to amend the oharter of the AtHoruel!<vlile
Railroad Company.
By Mr Cook, a bill to authorize the Exchange Bank
tt Urneeae to change their place of business.
f ^ B r (lUl TIl1 > OK rOKTir.E,
JJr. Carroll called up the resolutions offered by him
inrjvpd to the reduction of postage and moved that
jWfTfj^futiPrs. together with those on the fame sub/ret
offered by Senators Babcock and Brandreth, be
referred to the ( ommittee on Literature. Adopted.
Ti e Ct mmittee of the Whole reported progress on
the bill in rtftrticu to taxation of banks and individual
Octirrvam rc.h and canton railroad.
The rame eoinmutee took up the bill in reference to
the Opd< nsLurtih aDd Canton road. A debate followed
n which Meiers. Mcr.an, Dart, Ilab"oek. ''rose. StODe.
Ael c LDial.er and ( < k eigagtd; when the .jucftion
btiug on striking ont li e loth Nclioo, which proposes
to loan HO (00 of the i ebool fund, the committee, by a
v< te ot I'd to 14. letnred to atiike out. The bill waa
thin par ed. wir'> eM|^ht amendments When reported
to (be Senate motion war again made to strike out the
10th tectlon. The repou was agced to. Adjourned.
Mr. Kingsii v inquired whether the select committee
to wh m the slavery resolution- had been referred,
Wtre prepartd to report. He understood that the resolutions
were prepared, if this be so. he trusted that
'he committee would bow report.
Mr. Kurd replied that one of the committee (Mr.
A (inene) wes absent As the (puesti?n was important.
1 e whs anxious to have every number of tlie
committee pns? nt when the report should be agre id
upon Mr. K. was anxloua to report to day, aud
should have d ne so but for .Mr ti.'a absence The
committee bad agreed upon nothing as y et. and he did
not know when they sh ,uld < ertainly not until Mr
Mr. t'm-iN inquired whether tho g-ntltunao from
V ii* bad Dot offered to take up the subject bef, r Mr
(ireeiie 1>-H. tod whctber Mr. (J. had out replied that
be would prefer to wait until bin return'
Mr. Fmd g*. c a suffstautitl affirmative response to
tbi* question.
Mr B kioioii. moved to reeoinmtt the bill to amend
li t rhaiter of the Hudson ltiver Railroad Company.
He wished it * mmiited. to prev< ut the company from
aocuuibt-iiDg Its perx-usl property. This was uecestarj
to protect tb? public It the personal property
l< lui r'gfcgvd persons suffering danusje or iujury by
-'(i'V < (be company or its agent-, oould have no
pioprr redress.
Mr. Bo-.tt tt trut'ed these resolutions would not be
dopttd; it would delay action up- n tha bill, which is
important to the company and to tbe State
.Mr Hi aaot < re baJ voted f->r th" bill without givlag
it due consideration i'be nat'er he bi 1 eugneit-o
be tlettnt-d important, aad unless bin proposition
eas carried be ?b uld Cepteca'e acti n upoj th* bill,
and i p| og? a*ti?n if it should be returned lit wished
to lay hi- motion for reoorildcratlon 09 the tab.#.
Mr B?ki.e eu ge.-trd tbat the bill provided tbj very
bing il at ?as de,-ir?J
Mr B 01 i?it 1 tllougbt not His wish war to pret?n>
tbe cimpary from mortgaging tbeir pereoual
Mr. fiskt oould fancy 10 reason for thie motive, exopt
to d< t.a' the bill As it had pissed tbe House tie
% ped tbe bill would be sent to the Senate, and there
(mended It mcessay.
Mr Varvi m deprirated auy delay. If it was desired
reeon-lder tbe bill, the ruotl u to that elect bad
Mr. Ui riei i-ni wished tin e to look at the bill, lie
>uld do e? to-day aud toe motion for reooaelderation
.. uld bo put to-n.ortuw.
The BioiloB to lay the motion for leooueideratlon on
die lahle was Ii-St : AJ< e <18. N re s 78
Vr fn i\ hoped ite question would now be taken
cn the motien to reci rudder. He presumed tbe gentlensRn
fn m ('titan* bed teen riadmg the-dila* which
eontaiueil an article in thie subject His confusion,
tbeielore arose fnui readtm: the wrong paper.
Mr. bi 1 em -.us replied that he differed wl'.h hie
filenif 111 d was willing te receive light from any quar' r
/i II b- el i ed ?as to protect the people-to lake
tare that tbe c< mpany should not pat all property
out of its hande to prevent persona injured oy It fr- m
recovering Camegss fr< m it. He hoped tbe House
wee not so biuuU op in re.lroada as to forget tbe
v r. Moaanr opposed tbe motion of recommittal.
Mr BcaaeraMs asked does n t the g- utl-ueu Ir -in
Nee t <?k know that tbe eompsny owe contractor*
6* B boo'
Mr. MuWRot replied that be knee nothing of tbe
kind He knew that tbe company had d-att liberally
with tlelr i-00 tract or*. It (a* po-?lble that the eoinpany
owed something- It was singular if they did n >t:
bi.t be did not knoe that their personal property was
mrr'ge I' d. II e tree but Utile about tbe affaire of tbe
omiany. although he ?a* a - mall stockholder?nor did
he bslieve the gentleman fr m Orleans would know any
more than bia-i-if. if be should try to Uod out fur a
Mr. I'arvsr deprecated delay here, became If th-'re
was any thing wrong In the bill, It eoul-l be reme I'ed
In tbe 8- bate
Mr Hassioko looked uprn this prnpvsltlon to amend
the bill a* an attempt to pa?s an n pel/ Jar to law
Mr Bi aaorone wished s m >ly to prevent the company
from so encumbering their property tha'in 11 siduals
?nffri in : tejnry might not hav# ree?ur?? to the
0' mpany If lb- ?h le propi rty I* to be moitgaged f-ir
tbl* new Han, tow ten an individual recover a just demand?
Mr. Warvmav cen'eeded that tb -e* holding the 6rst
claim against tbe company eh -uld be tbe Bret ratified.
A e attary eta tut* weuid be unjust
The quest I 11 h,r rei onsldtiatiou was taken and lost.
Ayes, So. noes 76.
A W-l to in> nd tbe act in rtlation to Washington
Tark, Brooklyn.
eoVAS'f RiniiTi
By Mr LrarriwoaTii ? To nut horl*? married females
to iltsp. se of tb--ir own pr perl j by srill
To prevent r- cording <4 forged nrfijis.
*i?*e its MitsnS ivst-'iexis
Tbe motion to print Mr. Dot's harbor and river re nlatti-u*.
<>a tbe preeb-ns que* Ion came up
The roll wae raited and Mr Burr-ugtie neglected
(e v<t*. H? ifktd to be ritur* I and nuuii i jt I
Lli If ,unt >1ueh rnnfiiot'D then en?ui 4
On a ni' tlrn t<> adept tha eot.cu'rvnt r**oluM <n* In
favor ol t Mb< r and rinr InprottotnU. Ibt preTlou*
q oaf ill B ta< ordered
Vr Praam >.mi mad* a two hour*' fpeeeh, during
which ha wa- freqneti'ly Interrupted bjr p >lnt* ol ordar.
Ho r?nd fnm Urn Taylor * ihooing
that no wan uld vi to latelliglbly ualaaa he poa?#a?? I
aartaln knowledge of man Improvement* Ha **h*d to
hf firnard froni toting. The Haate rafuard and ho
?vt?d Na.''
Me*#r* Chi am and Diviwr alao aeked to ba aieuiad
?Hour# rafuard.
Mr. Diaiaar v. tad na and Mr. Cm**rn ay*
The vote for the revolution* atood M to 9} Thar*
aai an fff-rt of three boor* to get# raoooalderatlon,
but on every <jo**uoa the rot* war. whig# about &9;
detnoeraU / ?. Adjmirnod at 7 o'olock, and th* roaolu.
tl'-na go to the Sennt*.
Vatignaaioiial Election In naMarhnulti.
Borrow, January 21 ?P. M.
Th* eleatlon for a member of <; ogre** la tha Fourth
dlairtot took place to day with th* ***** oaadldat**
running a* at th* la*t *leetlon From th# ratara* that
we bar* reeelfed th* vota I* much *mall*r than before,
and there I*. In all probability, again no ohoiao. Thl*
wake* th* roveatb trial that ha* been mad* to alaet a
member to raptaaaat th* abova dlrtrlot.
Annaratlon iHlIng In Canada>
Sr. J a nw a, wear Montreal. Jan. 21.
There wa* a graat oonnty ineatlng la lUwvlll* to day;
at It. Anthaaa*. for proaounelng la faror of aanoiaUon.
Th# eonnty member* of Parliament oppoaed tha
rarolallow*, bnt bad to rotlr* from th* meeting.
Con* It Hon of th* Canadian Hlotera.
Toiowto, C. W , Jan 2l,lkS0,
Three of tho Oetohor rioter* who hung Lord Klgln la
edgy. ? >?> lolod oa Saturday la?t No othor new*
of moment.
Frozen ta Death.
Borrow, January 21?1 P. M.
Mr. Jamea Penholm, of (gneboo who my*toriou.>ly
dl appeared on tb* Sth of tbe pr***nt month, while oa
hl**?y to thl* alty, to twke tha *t*amer fjr F.ngland,
wa* found y??t*rd*y In th* wood* neor Urent Foil*
Now i'or p?hlre, aov*r*d with mow, having apparently
fallen from aold and *khau*tlen nn?t froran to death.
On hi# perron were fonnd a gold watch, and a number
of eoven l*n? II* I* #nppo?ad to bav* wandered off
while laboring undera fit of l?<anity. II* leave* a with
and family at <gn*b*?.
Another Failure ul the Southern Nail.
B*ltiwo*k, Ja* 21.1*90,
Th* Sonthtrn mail had failed Sonth of Richmond,
\ liglnla.
Three Vaui>g Ladle* Dro wned.
Hunts Dal*. January 21,1150. |
A most melancholy accident cosurred in tbie place 1
on Saturday la.-t. reeultlngln the death of three young
ladies, one of whom was a daugbtea af Judga Woodward,
of Wilbsbarre. Pa. It appears tbat they were enjoying
then:reives by eliding and Iroiieking on the ice. when
it suddenly gave way. and before aaeistanoe could be
rendered, tbey were drowned. Their bodies were afterwards
recovi red ard taken to their friends.
Bu riMOHK Jan 21, 18J0.
Saiae have been read.' of 2.000 hble. Howard street and
City Mills Hour at $4 Hi)*, drain market remains un- I
charged. The prevailing storm checked operations.
Shipping Intelligence.
Bath, Jan 17. :
Cleared?Btig Mentioello, Cardenas.
Poiti.tsn, Jan 13. I
Sail*<1?Brigs JAtnei Koach, Cuayama, l'K; llanuvur, Ariel,
nad Watson, BaUniar.
Fall Rivkr, Jan 13.
A irived?Scbr Vinerva, Philadelphia
Buiid, ll/ih?SiLr John A Ciok, HI Tbomaa.
Navsavrt port, Jan 19.
Sailtd? BchrMary C Ames, Porto Kioo
Boston. Jau 21.
Clear, d-Ship.\bhy Pratt, NOrleana; hatk Ida, Hal imor*; !
hrips Pah s. Itnetoa Ajres: Mas ale. Belfast. Ireland; Midieon,
Apalachlcela; eckrs A^ltiniiuc. Port au Priuoe; Cornelia,
M l'ork.
If tw B toroRii, Jan 19,
Sailed? Bchr Henry Gibls, Philadelphia.
Iloi.Mts's Hoi.k. Jan 17.
Arrived?Srhr Cltn Rny, Richmond for Saivin; 19ih, barks
I-ausia, Philadelphia for Boston: JOth, Llk. do fordo; Irig
Charles Hes'h. hVork lor I'orlUad; 21st. soiirs A Lawrence.
NYork for Boston: I ark. do for H ilifix: I'luitr il.'fl.
Best' p for N York : Sdwnrd, Portland fer do; WiliarK, 8?|>
ten for Norfolk; Ocean Wave, Provinottown for Tangier.
PaovinnrfC*. Jan '9.
Failed?Brigs Willstt P Walker, r#d Cordova Matan^aa;
at) ra Oxford, Bkltiir.ors Ann Deum'tn, Philadelphia; aloopi
W H Bowen.and l,l?ckston?. NVor'i.
20th- Arrived? Schra Lonsdlls, Philadelphia; aloopi Ore*
ton, and .'ainea Oorham. NYork.
Sailed?Schra tdw Stanley, Baltimore; TIamlet, Philadelphia;
sloops Kiger Willi aim. and T B Burkina, NYork.
STrre.xnot * Newarxraa McxnisEps ?The Impadenes
of iom? journalist*? we might add their meanness and
dishonesty?In appropriating to themaelvea the results
ol the labora and outlays of the Herald, are, beyond
conception, great and astonishing. When our foreign
translator has made translations for our journal, of
valuable and important documents, he Is sure to find
them, a day or tno afterwards, in the Trihune and
other papers, published as original matter, without the
least notice of the source from whence they are derived.
This is a cheap way of getting along We
make, however, no objections to the Tntune'i Oiling
its columns at cur expense, (he is koeu to he an eoon<
roical gentleman); all we ohjrut to ia the dGhonesty
of ne t giving us the due credit. This might be denim"
'natcd e crime, but as Koucbc said, it la more than a
dime it Is tee no and dishonorable.
We bare (alien upon this vein, from noticing In the
Journal of Camwirce, of yesterday, an article miJe up
entirely out of a long and interesting report published
In the Ileruhl nearly a month ago. It wis a report prepaied
hy one if our reporter*, describing In full the
vicitol the Hungarians to the Brooklyn I.adina' Academy
; glriag. in full, the speeches of Professor Wiukelinau.
Governor Tjbaxi. Mis* ApelWnla Jagello. and
others. This report, at the time excited wonder and
astonishment in all who are acquainted with newspaper
labor and enterprise, at the accuracy, fulness and elegance
of all the details, drawn up In a style which excited
gtneial admiiatlon. and which filled the Hungarians
themrelres with gratitude and ecstaoiel of dalight
when it was translated to thrui. To our great
surprise and astonishment, we find our own article, tha
identical thing Itself, re hashed, cut np, altered slightly.
and given as original in the Journal of Coroneris*,
without tb* least notice of our labors, of our expense^
or of our enterprise, in engaging hand* to furnish fnjrunfaneoi/i/y.
to the public, every day. all that Is n?w
and of passirg interest. Tbns to see the Herald In disguise.
in other journals, under other names, and all it*
genius and talent appropriated and ascribed to another,
only vexes ut because it Is an Injustice; and to an
br nest mind nothing Is so outrageous and vexatious as
injustice, whether gentralor special, wholesale towards
pewple, or retail towards individuals.
'I bat such conduct is a fraud, we think there cannot
be a question. It Is worse than taking a man's bat off
his head erasing his name and inscribing one's own
instead?it is taking a man's head itself, and saying
this bead, with all ita brains and intellect, is not the
n bl fivnor hsuil If ia mv linaii At all bwunle /> ?? i
h.4.1, it la a tfuuMi fraud mod we would a*k the journal
In question, if thl* la what be call* a good auj plow*
Tu?: BaroaTRD ncarraansvca or Ma. Jonrmi
Hi nt ?The Put of laat evening. glrea the following
lingular paragraph
Jonathan Hunt. E*q . whoa# mysterious disappearance
about two year* ?inre la probably In the reo 11
tlon of many of our readara, ha* at length been *een in
> nglaid 'J he Idea waa geu> rally entertained that ha
bad been drowned He possessed a large fortune,
wbleb after all hope of hie recovery had been given
up. waa regularly administered upon. Within a menth
part be waa *i en at Liverpool. bv a gentleman of thla
city, who had formerly known bim well, and who had
b dged at the rame bouae with blm. In thla neighborhood.
The gentleman recoguUed blm Immediately,
and bad a long conversation with hini. Mr Hunt-aid
that ha had paaawd two yeara la travailing through different
countrlei of Lurope.
A boat two year* ago Mr. Hunt disappeared and waa
traced aa far aa t liarleaton. South ( arolina where he
waa loet in the mi*t of the future It was euppoaed at
the time, by rome, that he had gone to Kurope.
Mr. Hunt waa a very eccentrio man He lived In
fine etyle In Chamber* street and had hla brura tilled
with rare and cnetly yalntlaga, of which he waa quite a
canwefaaewr. He waa formerly a dry gooda merobaut In
Mobile, and waa thought to be worth from two to three
hundred thcuiand dollar*.
After hla mysterious disappearance, hla properly
waa, we bflltv*. placed in the hand* of Mr. J. Preieott
Hall, the prvaent ( oiud State* Attorney, to arrange
and iet'le tor the heir*. It ha* long (lose b?eo dlrlied,
and Mr. Hunt counted among the dead. Ill* reappearance
may lead to acme litigation In our courts of ,
W ho know* tut that Br rati man will re appear in
tome such way. one of tlie?e day* '
P|H>i?li'K Intelligente.
Tmi Nut Taovvie.. h*Ma-l'?ie* ?*o CawTr.cvir.i
T? At aa.? 1 be petronage eaten Jed to theae track* la*t
avaar n. and the number of new nag* It hae brought
out. have encouraged the proprietor* to make gr at
exertion* for the fortheoxtog **a?< n The I ulon
(Autre la* (arsrd Into the band* of \leurr. Sp'*?r and
VrVaan who with a a.-Ire t mak* the *eaton a* at'.raafive
aa possible, have < (farad n<. !* * than nice purse*,
and lor wLich all pacing and trotting horte* are larlted
to en'er Nrt to b? < uld na In liberality, th# propi
lar-'t < I the I entreviUe Iters puraea to the arao mi of
f I cut. the entrtea f< r wbirh el?ee In February n-it. j
1 Sorb liberality on the part <f manager*, with the
I luadable d< air* of bringing out the be?t h'>r?e*. m 1st
i l ave Ita fleet, and wt ore llrt for the neat *aaaon a
urMH < rtbf of thr a float a ma<l? to luilitn tb? pitaa.
lug rtcrrftUon* i>l tha trottlog ( urn
Comt cult nOiir-Thla l??f
CiUft it lent - No# 210 21#. 21" 222 to 232.
( ommot ftui. part 1. ?Noa VI'. 101, K'B. 111. US.
127. 1.7V 1.7*. 141. 147. ill. 147. 16" 1<U I art 2 -26.42,
46, 62, 70, 72, 74, 76,7*, 6, Mi. 14. SA. 110, 122. 126.
The Commit It r appolnltrt >>" the Waraktatata
prtxura a nltal.la io?tliaa?ial for l'apt. Cook. hla
outran aaa im, mat ya?t?fiar at .*a 7> Wall >tr?l. J?<aaa
Brian. ti'i.. l?o* uaa?"i'lakl) aka-ai tr> m Ilia airy. *.??.
H. Biatura, Mat., iraa eal.ad la tka taatr, an4 inaapn II. tit
appatatad primary II,a (all..alai ?. trU nm a.ra ad lad
*. iht t. aaliim -Th<rl?rt I i?m, H?f, Jaha U
4,roaa Jaam It >l|?a,Ua?r<> l? Mnraan, Charlaa Daonlr
J * in * . Brataa ?in,?cn l>r?i?f. JoaapL Smart,
Char aa B?. khaltrr. liraiy 24. a, l.aal ipiir. Uaa. *. bana.
* I-2 K.Ba.aa Win. 0. Murphy I Ua t K naatj, Itltt*
j Mi net, ? h?rlaa B *pl.ar. aa<l Sanaa 8htld?o.
tha Anartaarr aaa dir. nod ta hart tha pro aadia(t af tka
Cammlttta pal liahad la th' m rnn.t pa pair ..I Tnaatay. an4
ta roll a martini ?f tha Camaaiita. at lag aV|. rk I' M 'hit
4a> (leaailajr. 126 >, at Bo. 74 ? all airaa', |n tampla a 'hall
arraacimaata for na.aa.ina at rata to tha dlaahaora f tha
?arj r aataat dutt t ff ad tham. I torn|>t atteati.ia la neaaaaary.
aa Capt. C">k will akorrly tail for k?*i?. I a Committor
raatlata of tha |r|lu?ia? rantlamra, in addition ta
ti a eh*,*a. rl? -2aaiaa Bro?n. Java loJ.hn L Aapia*
wal'aC. I". bararlt h. ilunr Plata Jr.. R. H. Min'tira. A-k >ylir
llTiaat'on, Baoh MrRrtra. Jama Boorman. Ridory
Mro'kai I an I 6{|. 6?r4. t.aoraa GrtaeaU, I raii. ia fa. Mr,
b A Kiaialat.4, Batanlrl tt Marrtll.
Tha Cnrtolttaa aill wat thlada?a? I aVIook. at 74 Wall
atrrat. I oma all I on'rlkati.na ?i'l ka r?aat*ad hy aa) of
tka CatcBittaa at tkrir raapr,tira Plana -t l.nafaaaa.
It II BIN rt'rtV, t hairinaa.
JO'F.tlf HOXIk, Saaratarr.
JAMBS BROWB, Traaaurar.
Keep fk?r Keet ltrjr. la ina I'rrralllni
cr.atrm tf tha dap? W a wool* r.aownitad oar frtanda thai
ara la traM of draft or watar tTnof llo- ta. t > *at tham at tha
ctrntr of Falton ati4 Naaaati atraafa. Fr"?oh Calf Drata I
?o. ta. |t IV o Una 6 atar Proof B. ..ta, from ft 90 to $?, Ana
Calf Ro< ta, f* Ml; Clrar Shoo#, from $1 25 t<> SI Ml. Dow t
fcrnet tbarl rataat atora ia tit elty. THS DOCTOR.
Juat raniaod, a amall laaoiaa af thaaa t'para Olaaaaa, whiak
arpaat all athrra la magnify iag p .? r aa4 ftalJ af a.gkt, an4
hythtir anpatlor 'inalltiaa hara pain d a jtitt aalaiirity i*
London and I'ana. *. III TI,*! Broad trap.
UraOp't national (lalltrp of ttm?iirrrrntjpaa,
Bi>a JM aid ?t7 Rroodwny.anm'r af fnltoa atraat.?
Pttaarart and aitltaaa ara rorpaatfally laaltad ta atamiaa
tha rraatmaaa. _
Wa refer otar Reader* ? the Adwerf letin
' o t af B. T. Bahhltt k Co., kradad, " Braal without
laaat," ia aaolhar eolnma.
Hair Dpe?llatrlkelor** l.lqtalrl raalora MM
kalr ar whiak art tha 'aaat It ia applnd, withoat injury M
tka kalr ar akia; It eaa ka waahad immadiatalT wltkoat lt?Inrhlag
tha aolor, and hat aa had odor It It arrliad, ar c Id
wholaaala aad man. ar BATCH!U-'B'B ?l? raatarp.d WaO
imtt Copy tha addraaa.
5,000 Wlgi and Toupees, always on band.
al the Wie Factory of UEPBLR9T a lltAHD. .7 Maides
lent. They are made of tie beet natural curled hsir. aal
do combine ill the hint improvements, tlitt ompatent
Judaea have prom tim ed thtin perfect heads of hair. All",
Ledi' ?' Lou* Heir Kineletr, Friiettei, etc , ete. Cull e*. the
Manufactory, 27 Maiden laue.
Magic Hair Dye.?I'It a Ion's 'Wonderful
improvement to color the hair or whiearra, the moment it if
applied, without injury te the hair or al in. it can be wa?hrd
immediately without dietutbinfr the color and hue no l ad
Odor. Itii applied, or eold at FRALON'S, 1'.'7 broad * iy.
Fsrtln's Klitnmatlr I,oilon lias mails
greater cnrei of Rheumatism, apratued limba, callou! swellinsr,
and centrarttd corde. rn both luan and hone, than any
o'l:t r Ktrct'y l efore the public. Tor proof of eama, read o.rtifiratte
at the Dejot, No. i Bowery. Price 73eente a bottle.
Naiidajr, Jan. "dl? O P. SI.
We have nothing new to report in the atook market.
Quotations for fane; atccke do not Tar; much from those
curient at the clore on Satnrds;, and operations continue
to about the usual extent. Farmers' Loan is
the moat active fere; on the list The declaration of
a dividend cf two ner ce#t on the eld stock of the
Harlem llailrcad Company. baa Dot had a Tory favorable
effect on the market value of the stock. It has. hiw?Tfr.
been full as great as we anticipated Holders would
do well to sell before the closing of the books -January
-6th, Saturday Dext? as it is the impression in the
street that the fall will be muoh greater than the dividend.
This Is usually the case in all stocks, and the Harlem
is not likely to be an exception If outsiders will
cle.-eiy watch the course of prices they will find our view,!
correct on this point. It will take about $50,000 to pay
the dividend declared by the Harlem Company; and
where the money is coming from, is a mystery. It Is
cot known how many shares of the old stock have
been irsu?d; hut the Company will now have an opportunity
of making out a correct acoouut of the ?ld
capital. The affairs of this concern hare passed
through so many hands and there has been from the first
so much financiering in its management, that it is impossible
to form ai y idea of the amount of old stock in
existence. It is presumed that all holders will present |
their certificates for the payment ol the dtvl lendi
when they will prol ably be properly registered. We
'hall then know what the old capital of the oompany
actually Is.
At the second board there was no material alteration
in prices, but the market closed weak and inactive.
The amount received at the custom house of this
port, for duties on imports, from the 2d to the 21st
instant, inclusive was as annexed :?
Duties Rii mvxd at this Poar.
January 2 $ o.ooo January 14 $211000
3 21000 ' 15..*.. . 2*0 000
" 4 62 000 " 10 210 000
? 6 60 163 ' 17 IWOOoO
' 7 >2 060 " 1H 225.000
" H flOOOO '? IV 204 S21
" 9 S2 000 " 21 117 000
" 10 112 000
? 11 64 WO Total f J OkO 431
" 12 172 400
The receipts from the 12th to the 21st. inclusive, exeted
these for a corresponding period within the hlst'ry
of the country. The amount on band in the
Assistant Treasurer's rfllce. at the close of bustuess
fC-dwy. was $3,657,024 19 The imports Into this port,
since the 1st inst , have been exceedingly large, and
the depositee, at this early dsy. exceed three- and a half
millions of dollars. At this rate, before the olose of the
teaion, iLe depoMire will be larger tnin *T?r before
The New York and Boeton telegraph company?
Vo??e'? lite?have declared a dividend of Are per cent.
The frg appeare to be clearing up.
The Union Mutual Imuran re Company have declared
a ca*h dividend cf eix per cent., atid a ecript
dividend ot fifteen per cent., together, twenty.one per
cent, for the year 1849
The tranter* cf governmi nt otock from the 12th to
tbe 18th lnet. Inrluiivn. amounted to >206.309, of which
>1.0(0 waa of the loan of 1843. * 10 COO of 1846. >173 WOO
of 1947, and >21.400 of 1948.
It appeari by the m?**?ge of the Governor of Ml<mUnlppl.
that the recetpta Into the treaeury of the Stete,
dut leg the pa?t year, amounted to >497,019 ; expenditure*
>317 429 balance in the treaeury at the cloee
ol' the flroal year. >110 610 The receipt* from ordinary
lonrcr* amounted to >.^68.017; ordinary exp-n*o*.
>139,067- txce** of ordinary laome over ordinary
expenditure* daring the laet fitcal year. >219 600 4|
perale balanaa in the treww/ .'arnary let. H&q.
>438,(67. of whlab >198.861 belong to the varlou* literary
and other rude, tearing applicable to general
purpoeee >264 810 The ticking fund received >147,- '
914, of which >72 993 have been applied to the payment
ef the Intereet on the acknowledged portion of the
State debt. The Uoi araor doe* not allude to the repudiated
portion of tb* Stat* debt. It la probably hla
opinion that the guttttam ha* been ao frequently dta*
poted of by the people that It 1* fettled forever. The
eleetb'n of Gen (Quitman to the executive ehair of the
State. U. we believe, the third time the|l'nion Bank
bund qeeotlt o ha* been decided by ballot. General
ttultn an 1* in favor of tbe repu Jlatloa of the-* bond*;
and a* bl* opponent* mnde tbat one of the point* for
action at the poll*, hi* election ?a?, therefore, a triumph
of tbe anti bond party in tbe State.
The annexed otaUmrnt exhibit* the 'vantlty of certain
article* exported fr< m tht* port to Great Brltaie
and Ireland, during the laet four mouth* in eeeh of the
part two year*:?
Fl> vtiiexi **n Butrrrvi in Ivroavrn to Oncer
Baiveia * mi 1 a xi am ? 6? i r. 1 to l?. c. II, 1919.
, lire*--, ??-I'urfc ?> I 'rd,
Tr*. bbu. Tf. I kit.
To I Ivf tpf a| 4 id'I .19 ? I..WI 2.7/3 401
" l.< fttfi.a 3,1*9 421 81 I.*01
" Glii|i.? .102 li 't ? 114 ?v;.:t?0
" Ireland ? 14 ? IS ?
Total 9.*42 140 (1 3,-427 4 ??,916
Itiinii nnd Cbrrte, T?ll"W, Hutltn
Huron. lit. Iln. j ky I.
To Liverpool 1.71.9 Ml 4 2>.4 4.9i 1,61.3,14.4 ?
" I oaflca l/.'U.MO 7.0*2.302 5,?*? ?
" Cl*'*?w 37.060 c~i 440 2I*U 1.2)8
" Ireland ? *,??? .4,*W ?
Total J.27'U?6' 12.4.(7.744 I.MS.IR* 22*4
IV a. Mm/, It'acif.
rr nr. bit * A. hbl..
To I Iverprel 8*1.474 1,27" *S1 U.ftfl 4"J 7*1
" l.< nc.o 2!' 914 4 *7* * ' )1M
' (.IsieuW 14.48.3 4!ll) 63 2 JO
" Irtlkti I'.MI >2 l.l 7 * 429 7.74* 43640
Total 444^9 8.46>' *47 21,04* 2*1,943
THC Sawc, IW 1*49.
, lit. _.|?orfc-?> lord,
T?. 1.1.1.. 7Vo. (Mo. lb,.
ToLivorpoal .3.1'.3 1.214 ? I.Ill X0i<6.?*l
* l,at>d*a 4.4M ? 83 22*7 31*.(M
* (*.*> ?? I JO ? ? 67 664.160
" Ire lead ? ? ? ? ?
Total 7X37 U14 43 MIS 3.074,107
II J #10 n?d Lbr'tr, l'allotr,
IfffCoM /> , lb.. lb,. Ball**,
To Livrvpeet *4-HI 4 Vi| pui 111.II) V"W
loajea *oi??wi 8 '07.24* ? ?
** lillNO* |S .'?0 U.V..,06 ? 33 430
M 1 reload ? ? ?
Trial 1,1?7J79 321,119 >>30
ffiier, f'orw, Men/, 14'4-11,
MWa. on a. * <?.
To l.irerpoal I?0.!* I re.PO ?< IPM
" ? **4 - 169 12 s
' I7.**? W.W) ? fl.114
" Ireland ?.* g.l*4
Total 1MJHS MS..14I 4<ifl HOP*
Nov* bat tboa* engaged In the train, bar* toy idea
of Ibo rapid (trcath and Immen** of thoei porta'
tion of proeialon* aad brradetuff* from tble country to
Omt Biitala aad Ireland From tbia port ?l"0? tho
rblpmente bar* been. aa will bo anon by tho aboro
tabto, vary largo. ta tbo lart flrnr month* of lMt tho
nipott of rboooo amoaatod to m'>ro than twlrt milliimi
#/pound*. For th* earn# porlod In 1149, tb* ehlpm-iit*
w*r* not to largo In 1040 tb?r* woo a flailing off in tbo
eiporto of be*f pork, lard, ham* and bnona. "boa##,
tallow, floor, eorn. meal nod nhaot, an I an Inerenoe in
but ona lt?m. bnttor. Tbo *ip >rt* of fl'tnr and grain
from thl* port to Ureal Britain, from th* lot to tho 10th
of January, Inrluotto, nor* ao follow*:-To Liverpool,
corn. ba*b*lt. s? 864; flour. Cnnndn. barr*le, 21 7JO;
firur, t nitod Stat*#, barrel*. 9 flTflj nboat.t nnada bu*b
I* 19.166. To tilargow. flour. acado, 1032 bnrr*l?,
flrnr t nllrd Statu, IMS banal*
Th* ntwn nta In < aaadtnn produea In tbia markot,
doling tbo yoar* 114* and 1*40 bar* bo*a (nit* an important
foatnr* in tbo floor trad*; and onr public
work* haro b*?n largely benefited by th* trnoaportntlon
Tb* value of ? anadlan produce b? , imported
Into Otwego In 1M8. ?** ?rl0.7Pl, 1*49 43 314 44* Inor****
|1 608 741 Th* import* > f ' anadian floor into
(Hwrgo in 18'*. w*r* only 60 COO barrel* and of wheat
6*i C60 biiibrl*; nbilo In 1149 tb# import* of floor r*ooh
148 653 barn It. and Of wh?at 681 080 boehela. Tbo
dull** paid < n <;an*di*n *tporto nt ()?n?go. for 1840,
*io f 0.643 no. and tho** eoll**t*d nt Now York, on
O**?go aonrnnt. nr* *>llmat>d at 1*000#. Tha toll*
paid to tb* fliato on aoe< ant of ' anadian oiport* and
In port*, daring tb* **norn. war# upward* of 4120 000,
ll*<k Knhai g*.
?-imr t ?*'$, MM 10# l?*i Parmera' Tm*? tKi
viv 4? i*r >4* IIIu ?n ? ?m m
??"i ? 11 id jo>? o# 0?> :?
6 u 4* ? *. IMrt !? '% 18 Ohio Life n Tfnet 99
lim ladlon* ??*'*** 71* 100 Long lalao4 RR 17
% Of 1*8'*, 1*9 no do 17*
.V'?h?rr.r#? 67'? iftoon R*a4i*( Hurt R4( 64*
20oll*rria Canal in **?' do M0 >AU
IKI do M0 inu ran Bria 7 *. m *flw
16 4# l'?H ? ah* Readme KB .tig
ro 4* >88 10 im Coat** Co .?"*
.?? Phitu Bk 106 flo do
4V > At trait U to do rtfl *H
IPO FuMn' Tru?t .H'",' W Llarlrm KR >10 '>J\
1(H) do :?>'* IV) do LtiO ft-":
100 do btw SO>4 SOU do S.'4,
400 sl.s Readies RR atiO 31V '0 ?hs N Am Trust II',
21(1 do SI <4 00 do tS II'J
SCO Farmers' Trust sft SO 80 Harlem KR b.'t ft.' ?
III) do ?00 T'li JO1* (lo ?80 ft2)Z
100 do sSO 2UM 200 do bSO ft)S<
ft(> do 21'7, 60 do KiO 62%
I'm) do 13 2"% lo Hudson Rivor RK
260 do 2'.'"<i Ml do ft. I
Id) do b30 100 L Islaud RR b90 17>?
fto N Am Trust s'v' II
jtnever I to Jhlvt i ti eemrnte lent by Mail m it I be
paid, or they will not be token /ram the foil O.fiie.
AMt'bKNk.3 18.
Jon. 22, will b? presented a brillisat.'y effect It e dram am
live Isbliao* styled TflE WANDERING JKA'-The A' bu
li'Aarinr, Mr Jordan; Kodln, Mr. Moore; Dr. Uollinier, Mr.
Mason; Muroch, Mr. Am >ld; Je<|ites Keunt pout. Mr. Slovens;
Prince D'jalma, Mr. Jamts Dunn; Dnwofert, Mr. Gilbert.
Ti e WanUrtun Jew. Mr. llowea; Nini Moulin. Mr. Winans;
Mile. A De Cordoviilt, Miss C. Wen >??. Madame Ban loin.
Mrs. Gilbert; ( t|iliese, Mrs. Jordan; Rose Pompon, Mrs. Uerbert.
To conclude with the new drama of CDARISSR.
Doors will oren at half-rnst 6. the curtain will rise at 7.
Doses, 2ft cents; I'll and Cutlery. I % eta
> evemcx, Jan. 22 tl e rtriurmance will commence with
the drama of Tii E PKOI'i.E'j I, A W YE H?Robert Howard,
r. E. ?. niton; Stlau Shingle, Mr. u. llurku: Churlia Otia,
Mr. J. Crocker; Tripper Mr. J. Herbert; Timid, Mr. Drvenport;
Mrs. Otia. Mra. Mntit: Grace, Mra. U laherwocd.
Alier w liieh. the I I MA I E UU A KD?A-la d-in, Mrr. C. Mua- ]
tayer; Ta-bi-Lonaiuck, Mr. Herbert, Priuceaa Badroull adonr,
Mist Lockyer; Kaarnck, Mr. Burke. To conclude with
the farce ol tlie I' LI A is TOM 11 reakl'A ST? Mr. Meepcrlv, 1
Mr. Herbert; Mra. Dteperiy, MUe Smith. Dooraoo..n at balfpastaix,
; tTft,miai.co to torumenco at icven precisely.
Evening Jan. LJd,the enleriainimuta will nidi in.ee
With the comedy of the SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER-Got.
BiarUll. Mr. Nichinann; 1rank Hoar:till, Mr. 1'alnier; Wtrow
Cheerly. Mice Niokinsoa; Susan. ML# Mile*. Tabefot- '
lowed by the c-mic draiu i of OLD HONESTY?Miohael 1
Urn* baw. Mr. Niokinaou: Dame lirailahaw, Mra. laherwood.
After wMcb. A LDQAT E PIT UP?B roomy Jwaen, Mr.
Mitchell; Wintiificd Willia. Mr. Waloet. To conclude with !
the laroe of tlio MARRIED IIAOIlKI.OR-Sir Oharlee |
Courtall, Mr. Palmer: La Jjr Courtall. Miss Ni.kius >n. Doora
open at haif-paot 6; to oonimonce at 7 proeiacly.
Manager and Proprietor: J. Oreeuwood. Jr . Asaiatant
Mararer. Jiiu Crow Rice, the origiua! Ethiopian imperaoDator
and lather of the Afrii ?n drama, baa been re-engvged
lor three daya only, commencing < u Monday. Jan. .'lat, when
bo will i ppcar in the cl.arwt r of ( inger Biuo. in hia
lauehal le farce of the V 1 KG I N TA MLTUM Y. lie it tu(ported |
ly Mr P.O. VT'iryaa, Merer# Morris, Merrill'Id, Warden, I
Here, Clark, Uigaine, ami Miaaea Staabope, Pentiand and I
M eat. A variety of l.auat able Sketchce, Yaoiee Melaugea, !
Coiiiia Singuig, and other entertainment# w ill he given. To {
t o teen it all houra, the Skeleton of the Black Ureculand j
W haio. enormou* living Scrpente, mammoth Crrcodilc. Ad- I
mleeion to the Mueeum. PerforBianeoa, Ro., 2i ccnta. Children,
under ten ytar*. 1?H ecntn.
by Got. Ujbari, M'ue Ju,;cllo and eui'o. The puMio !
on the i|ui vivo! Uarnum preparing aurpriaea for them. The j
DR I'N K A H D tire timet n ore; VILLAGE ATTORN KY; I,U- '
l>*nc?s: frssh and beautiful Diieejvirg Vicwe, Chroinatrepe.
Ee Mr. Nellie re-engaged for on* week. Union of the oomica! j
Robinaca and W eaver in conjunction Now Curioaiiiee, Jawof I
a < airill-an Sea Porpoiio. Piaoca Ulaatrieue, Living Cr-oo- '
dilv, Mexican Trophic#. Tarloi'a Swotd. Waauinr.ton a Knap- |
tack, Mormnid, Egyptian Bear, Wax Stvuary, Dwarf. Main- I
m?ih Urotl.era, M; ateriyus Portune-Toiler, aad 7< HW) ourtciiiiet.
In preparation. and to he produced in a atyle beyond
competition, the magnitic-nt and princely apeotaele of CI NDKRH
I.A, or the Glaas Slipper. Admitwvnoe US centa; ohilarin
ender ti n. ivh cent#.
American musical pi nd so-iety-tub sr?erriborn,
and the publio in general, are respectfully inI'raied
that the tccond grand Coneert of the above iaatilution
will take place at the Italian Opera Home, on Saturday
evening, Jan -> , I.N'ai, on wlii-h ueeaaion tlie following einlm
nt artiata w ill appear:? Signorina Trufli, Mita Julia Northail.
Signoi ma Ptruui. S'ti or P-rt i. rignor Koa>l Cor*l, S>gn
r Il< neventano, Mr. Jea'ph Burke, and aaOtcheatra of
a xty p-ifortuera. During tha Concert will he performed a
grand Pot-Pourri. for hfty w ind inatrumenta. cinpriaing the
heat tnlent in the country. Condwctora-Meesra Theodore
Eiafeld and Max Mar-trek. Ticket- for Parquet and Bexta,
SI each; Amphitheatre. It centa. Reserved seat- w hinh can
be ? cured at the Bog Office of the Aster Place Opera IIouae,
hi fl'eecb. Subscriptions for the remaining three Concert#
recrivt d ?t tl e prinmiiul mil - in and hook atorea. a a'-o at the
OtI.ce ol the Society, No. 17: Broadway, and at the BuaOtlioe
of the Italian Opera ; terns, tl fit two Admiaaions to eaoh
< i i rrn, via * i i i v uur aumieMun* to c>ca voaccrt. i articular*
in tmall bill*.
STOLEN.?BBWA Kit OF TAKING a checkOF$? M 44.
on the link of New York, payable to G. U. I'ala or,
HfB-il A Woodward. Tcndollaia re*aid will be given for
any Intern ation w hercl y lb* tbief may be detected.
A. WOODWARD. 40Cedar i rr t.
Mf X KF.W ? KD --I <>.?T. IDUI MI F K11m Til'. "STEAMJP*"
cr ( nnada," Jtwj City to New York, a medium- !
eirtd ?arpet br.ii. wiih lame rid flowert. well tided. The
above ten aid will be raid ou it* delivery to
Iost-a small green pocket wallet, CoN J
talcing al? ut thirty-five dollar* in Philadelphia bank
note*. The fmder will be paid ten dollar* by returning the
aan.e to the cStc* of the Merchant*' Hotel, in Conriland it.
Keep the ball h<?li ino.-opposition to tub
tiaa Ke*i paly - - An adjourned meet In* of the (a* con*t.n
rttefthr eMi of **w York will I child at the Broadway
Hi ?ae. . utnee t,jr?od "trret and Br >ait way. an V4'?dn*elap
evening. Eld Inarada, ?a n ..e yef,r Vvli eW. It lv boned that
all whe are inirrrettd will ba i .recent.
A. m. Swrrr, Sect. FDWIN J, mercer, Chairman.
Tbb two men tbat took iii r a watch on
Sunday morning, had better retain it and eave trouble,
at they ate known. A. S.
young woman In a rt>| t< table family, aa M*k> waahor i
and ironcr. Can (ire the beat o( referenc** from ber laat
place*. Pletae call at Nip Eighth etreet, between avenue* B
and C.
etc., for which th< eubecribti* will |iay the higheet caeh
prlce--dell?*rcd at the Paper M'urke, Wiadair Lock*. Cona.,
or la thit city. YER-ASE h nK'HIKS.
No* M A AT Ni-**u *t.
" Old Con* try a tituatlea In a family, "hat would ehow
b?r the waye at I r*t. t* ah* ia able and willing t mat* heraelf
generally tiaclul . ba* pood eity reference In re(*rd ta
hnneaiy and aokrlety. Ary eae wanting *uch a pertoa will |
p!co?* an ly at V, Mac 1. ugtl e'n et. In M e it ir of the dt-re.
WANTED-A i irm kate CouK. soiiir am)
In aer, in a pmat* family?a German *irl prbferred.
Arp'y a? No. IS l a. it. etreat, SonUi Breeklyn.
*i in * woman, a* isur*. an t Acametrea*. or hauih-ru'tld
and W alter, > r vrmi d do general ho itewark llaa good city
rvfi rcnce frum l.rr l*i t plm e. Can kg a#i u for two day*. Pleaae
eall ?t No. 1^ Miirr*> unci.
a* W 11 Nuri*. of the loacad child: hv* a frtah brea?t of
milk. I* willing to make hern-It generally u eOil at plain
a * inn, or anything r>i|iiired. Pie*-* call at No. XI TweutyEighth
ilicet, cor. Th'id avenue. Can be aeon fur two day*.
The beat et reference guar.
A it ion want&d--by a s or ii women,
aitl.cr aa plain cm k ar (eaicral hawae aervant. I* a rood
waahft aad irt uar. Can be eecn lor twu daya ,at <J? lludeon ,
ha i.r.w iiy ai oTioi.
Hv liwia k morflmorb rtose. 1*7 chatham
trret?Pawnbraler'e Sale?Thia Hay. Janeary 2AI. al 10 i |
o eleck, a large aeeortmeat of rerfcited Medgaa, hi Ltliea' (
I'loela, l.tvii, Sbtwl*. Blaalat*. Uuilie, I'illewa. aa 1 Bela. .
AtUoelick.a lart* a. iiitn. n- of Ren a Wearing Apr iral, j ,
tie. By ordtr of A uoopm AN, 31 Ccn'r* etieot. ,
. ?I
poh halk aso to i.w.t. |
lsorsale-a pair or somrel. thoeovhn rres '
r ( fttnd Hrmp, four yuri <>N. mil
in BtitcU ? r <to?hl# ttrii ?. BBrriii't I I ? till
T"i? f ri'Urlr 'tf-T" r I'rire ??' foiurv. I
liy ^ Mil li CtlBhvliR lUkitl, Rnill llf|4. ^
F*< ii mi.b-a black k?hn ntvf.s yb*im J
*14 laat ifriir, *am?t?4 liH m<l Ii4^?.|*ar 1
Haul* hurt*. ? i'yltsh 4r ?-f will m?|? % >o4 f -.ily
r.oi??; a ill ?tmn<1 la !>> ?trt?? ? h??t !>? :.
a' Br BftDiLLS "tain c r i r h vr/in H ? -r ^
* aor4 ? Tko t?o otnrp a<noo ?? l l< l of if No 7" i
? "root , otto 11.? lot to i, N If I ? i
l< '?' I) -00 boll (I pir. i < it n-? t or rri, .i*t n * ft- 1
n? ?-r 'hrro pooro Till- nidi-on ?>.' F r ? '< rftrti. J
m'oto. aptlp to c. F. tisRiiRNB, 14" Rulkorrp it. |
DOB Bk I K ? Tf O PI RR OI.AURH. MIR 114 X 34.*
Ytico 111* rooh, ?7I Br'odwop.
For rai.b-tbirtoi k and ri*Ti*Bts*rA rrcar
iWiii for pmrtir ton r to .< - t
Tko tf triono on 4 Itnot k.nl4ia? 10 Rr. odoot. krt??r?
Mklo'o l.ord.n oo4 tho Norkot Clok. oa4 oitondtof toCmot.o
root Tko oooorol otorlro III bo 1*1 mporoflp, If 4r?W4.
A loo, fl'fo No. I> pt orl otroot F?r Mil or t?l,ot-Tho
boo okorth on tko onntb ol4o of Riolh otroot, kolorro tho
(* < *1.4 004 Third o?oai.r? Ajrlf W ' ARUfcNfl. ot
ftrt oo. Bfothrro* Co.. M> W'oll otrooi. '
| ?>FTB Tl |t BT. IN roi RTI tM>T rTHF.RT -TOUR- !*
X 4 004 oo4 third 1.' fi? "I dtoro !*f ll I' mf i lo?It otrool, ?g 1
rot drop, initokl* for aoorfootortaf or to- rron il? rorp-ono.
ftqolroii thi pr??ltoi, ol C. D. K*tlwll.U I
AIHUBB ash RTORB i" 1 IT i" "bi <?r TBB !
boot It.roii in in lif odoor fn'in ?f 11.0 ro ; r 1
to I r I'.troti.o (lira in i >0 Olol) ,f fOiinrrd. A|fl)Ot I
I?VH Br< odo 07. i
a.rat. 4rooroio( tko ontiro ?f Artiitt ia portl ilor. Wo
toko filrainrr ia onaoonoiat that, oftor olrat irrtooM otpof
a.?010. ?? ho-0 di-^rt rrrd o M?'ho4 ' f I n? p-rtro. o? fr> ia J
I110, if mpptar dooorrro it)po? ?a loorp ia a hi? 4n?r?o if '
If'- 11 1 1.7 mono- 1 t - I o-'< \ lino .
ro to loralrh t? ihr Mirloltiro roiot- r lifr liko improooinno of '
Motll'rro orl irh impr-rt-'-a* it t-? - ' r. I lo ho f i-<i '
01710 of moioioro pomi.x ttroli dl t iho ot'*a i n - f \
otmtk to nar ro* Ia-proroairao, h? ohirh ooaro o ilat? firofnrr
prtiroito Of tf 0 tiio of llfo a popor. oithor takoa fmm '
Itfr, i>? rofird f? m 4oor?rroi-t)roa. Thooolifr 0 ropnrtrol10,
o100 rolotr4 hp tho ' ood of on ortlot. ontfooo In trnta nf
likfoooo or 4 p*'0 or f fT^-rt. oil oth-i til-r-'-oo'Oor pri4oaM '
I Tah-oklr r -1 Ml-rifdr.ro I of Oh-'Ot fri?0 lo ?
'I' It ri| d It |-||. II r nit Til r I i'l imol ' r 1
r< I ltd o In r? nl 1: 0 n-ol mlrioturo no At nrrnioi, '
?r t.kr 1 ?rtTt fr> 10 I ft or I 0I00 r 'Ira 4t7- rrt'itrroo t
to kr r?|4o?. 1 lit pnl.lir jrnrrollr orr rorpottfallf iari ?4 to
OOOMiOO rrtilmrao 01 rot f'MO >?l Rt' O loo*.
w A r. i.tNuBvaRiv.
NR. \t Ml*< 1 It ? t .
?V\tk\V, Vk r "
\| fiROAN'R I, IT f R t R T M. T< 'T 11 > fl A ffo R fl.ocB
I'l Od^-nro tho P. tt idfft. No? "rlr?o>, l.i At -ho
obr ro roial liohlnrot ?or 01*070 l? f-ar.4 Borot nl 00 rrt d? ,
oorlpt-na. ooatloiiao ?f Nootlo. (ilot'-rf. B'nirophr. AoioatiRo.
fi oa rtriol. t>r-crorkl- ol, oa4 4ii>ol f-rto. A<oo
0 o. r.f I. -r - . M ' f " T> f '*T Ol ?
ptirilfrl fl. 7 tnd V -Uf > -r 11 - - rt o< 1 M ? -o (
Pnaairj rrOoro Mr tow ortirlrt lo tho tro4t on pi I H to4 f..?. '
?or4r4 ?l?k Iropatrh ltnr.li rooi'ro. Prrnnrt ittratma ]
pain in tap ?nrk ?r0rrr4 kp mail Pnrrlca B?"kt imp? o4 '
to nr4or. r 0. BoROAW.
Litrrorp Dotno, adjofnlap tko Prot Offi-o. Roa Otlrano. lo. '
PR?f'wplrto orrorrrmrn'o hooo lo?r pio4? ?lik tlta '
rtttirlial PnMiokoro ikr^r?hnat tie lai'a. fof a onrplr of
tko otw ottli 00 foot 00 iooao4. J C. B.
Urn*tit ol lh? Ycupk Men'a Uehr w Benovdent
Areeciutun.?Tntadar evening, Jan. ?td. w ill be performed,
he eemedy of the BCBOUL FOR Si'AN DAL?Mir Fet-r
Tteile, Mr. H'akr; Chailre Hutface, Mr. W heatley; Luly
Senile. Mre. Duirett, Mra. Candour, Mra Ulake. The wh >lo
la co elude with tl.< I.ADY OF THE LAKE?FiUiati. a
Mr. Wbeatlcy; Rhodetiok Dhu, Mr. Dyott; Earl Dingle*.
M v. Fredericks Allan Ban*. Mr E Shaw; Lady Ellen
Mlel K Bern; Lady J'arrarot, Mra Hie'd; Blanch or Dona,'
Mra. blake l'in) Circlo mid I'aruuette, 76c.; Family or
Thud Ciral?. 2ftc. Dim open at balf-paetb: connmr at 7.
Faturdai nwill, January 2?i. and positively last :
I raraLui in tlic I cited H'atoi, of Signoriua Foriunata 'I doom,
pr.or tw her d*| ??tnr fn, Havana and Mellon, wh ch
? i.l tul c place cu Monday Beit; and laat appearance, alao, of
Bigncrira Eetrrri* Borgheee, prior to her departure for the
nth, in r< tjiiEttit.n ?uh ?e?rral other eminent articte, ami
a powerful oiobeetra. Leader and Conductor. ttignor La
kinM>. Tickrte. $1 each, to l>o ha<l at all the Muelo 8 tore a,
Ilorla. and at, tic door. Doora open at 7. Couocrt to comn
euce at N o'clock precisely.
'IMlrdey evening. Jan. 22d, will be played, uia
ct inrdy of tie SERIOUS FAM1LV-Charlea T. rreac. lir.
t . w . < lurke; Captain Marphy Maitniro. Mr. Brougham;
Funk Vincent. Mr. 8. Leach; Mr, Aminadab Sleek, Blr
Lurton; Lady Sowerby Creamier. Mrs IJughea; Mra. Chariot
T< rrena, Mre Kueiell. To conclude with the comedy <>f i ho
FOOK GENILKMaN?Dr. Ullapod. Mr. liadaaay; Sir Robert
LIiamble. Mr Burton; Frederick Bramble, Mr. Brougham;
Lieut. Worthiugton, Mr. I ynne; Corporal Fo*f, Mr.
llaike; liumihtry Bokhiue, Mr. Johtietou; bmily Worthingtin,
Mre. i ueecll, II. c. Mrt Lu. retia McTal M II .
1 Strtet?Wtdnoaday eveninc, Jauuarv 2HJ, will bo perlormed
Doui/.et'ia celobraloa Opera Scria of LUCIA 01
LAMMBRMOOK, ?ith new dtorata by Mr U""oruiann. Luria,
Bigu'a A.Uertuoca; Alice. Big'ra A\ > adr >; Ed^arlo,
Sur.or O. Forti; Aahtun. Signer Beuevintano: Arturo, rignor
i'n'.li; K03 lnondo, burner Giubi'ei; Normanno. Sinner Varolii.
Conductor and Director, Mux Maretiek. Lrader,
llerr Krt utn r. 1'rlote of udmiafit n--All Seata in B tea
A*dmiraiVn tn the evening of peifjnnanca?Parquet, tl;
Amrhi'het ?re Sheen'* Doweor? at 7?toosmiuenoeat")u.
auk tub benefit of the Hungarian refuX
gee* ? Mrs. Frances Anne Krrnble having generiualy
conht Died, at 'he requoit if the Hungarian Committee In tine
city, 10 read fir ibe above purpose, a ill give a Shskaperiian
Keai irg at the Tabernacle on Thursday, the .'lib nut., at "!%
oclcck. Doors to open at 6>j. Tickets 50 cents, to ho hail at
the Aster !J u:e, tl < Irving Home, the New Votk Hotel, at
Mr. Ftar.cia's and Mr. ("rowen s Bookstore, and at the door
11. Iks ivesisi of paifbrmma*.
T Every eviuing, until further noliee. the original and
well known "Fin ale Minstrels," beiu,: "the only organized
hand of ladies in the world. They will tie assisted by the band
of "tiable Brothers " A! o tbe w underfill tribe of "Female
Acrobats." who will appear in a \ari< ty of gymnastic feats.?
Alio engr.gcd, the "Fairy Family," together with a troupe of
"( laasir female Artistes," who will personate new tableaux
taken train ancient and modern time -. Aduisai> n, Stage
teals .'7>a cts.: Boxes iiJ ets.; l'it 12>j cts ; Private boxes si.
N. B ? An attern ou performance every Wednesday and Saturday
at .1 o'llcck.
?r AI I II AM. A. .'Id i AN A I. STK F ST.? TRIL'R Pll OF
TT the t laeaicsl Mus- urn of Art; aplcndid aud unrivalled
performances of tho w orld-renowned beautiful fsxsls artists,
i-to-lie tug the u htteri ecus ol ancient xnd modern
tableaux, srs'tuo by the only ecmpauy if Ivmale minstrel*,
and a celebrated I aid of table brothers. Some members |ot
the Natural Academy of Design, delegated to visit that
classic living ttatusry, prnnnunci d it to be the n ? wonder
of the wcrld. the only tree Ichool to artist* and lovers"f the
hi e arts, 1'urtormauea* every night, at 71. o'oliok ; extra
ptrfeimane*a eviry Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock.
representatives from each Theatre, terming the conmlttej
of managed eni for the above, (which ia to take place on
Tue-day evi uing. February l'.'th, at the Ap dlo.) are h dteitod
ti meet at the New England House, No. li Rosevelt street, en
1 uieday afternoon, Jan. 22d, at 3 o'clock in the aftrrao n.
By request. A. II. rUKDV.
IRVING HOUSE, Buoanwav, New Voeb.
COLUMBIA HOTEL. Chbswut itssit, Phil AuixrMA
TRJtMONT HOUSE. Txewonr itssit. Ilosrow.
RUST'S HOTEL, Svxaoisx, New Voxx.
WII.LARD'S HOTEL, veax ths Pxxsiukvt'x Misros,
tishinstos, I). C.
of Arrangements of the Assembly Hall, at the
Op< re U< use, I <>a to announce that this Hall is postponed in
coo'equrrce of tie Inclemency of the weather, and two other
laMa taking place na this (Tuesday 1 evening. The money for
bought tickets will be returned by the parties they arc taken
fraternit*, under the jurisdiction of St. John's Grand
Ledge of the State of New 1 urk, will be given at the Chinese
Astnnbly I'oi ins, in Tuesday evcu'ag, January 23, 1-VJ.
Dod worth's lull Corns' and Cotillon Bands are engaged for
tl.ii idT'ikii n. Tii kHta 11 ax.rli. to *<limt a. *t*iil!?iriRn sni
Iiditt. to to had of ant of tin' following Committee of Arran
ite u. t i.taC. W. W.ilrte. Rohan Ma.oy, J W Sim-inn,
H iflmm B. Ball er, Tbomaa Hyatt. William II. rnderhill,
C. Twty?a, C. I. La Witt, J. kul'.ollaad. D. Sicklea, T W.
Farmer, t . N Baldwin, R. fl. Stroa?. J. 8. Cranktha*', VTm.
C. Brainted. Win. II Keynolda, Vt m N. Buckley, E A. Parity,
N. Woleott, I. I.. (iui-r. J. iiendrickion, 1. I,. Timolat,
11.8. Sloan, William K Soar, A. Colo Vrloai: at H2 I'or
rtli afreet. Mercer Hju?c, and at all the principal hottli in
the ally.
The annpal ball or tue Baxter bi.ces. at
Niblo'a Palo, n, llmrttfaj Evening, January Hi. Committcc
?('apt. P. Moore, Lieut. S. P. Ayroa, Lieat. II. Miller,
Lieut. B. II. Pordy, Nerat. F. H. W'atorbury. Strut. K. M.
Tenia, Serge. W. Honeywell, J. Bingham, J. Bloomer, C.
tigae-l la pripartd to eontra. t for the delivery
cf i n* aooet i|?antH> at an) in rt ot tlie L. S. Can to tnada
at any intuited latum, annul a levoriiy brand.
CHARLES 11.1.1 II, vo Heart r I treat.
of thoee epleadid Paod'a, of Venlaoa, with entrant J 'lr.
w ill he tertad up thia fay. Alio, i'ea Soup. A la Ml' II. if
aa d barrlaa Mutton, in the old Emilia.. atjla I lie Lent j jinta
every day, from li to 4. Call and tea the beat plana to ?> t a
good diamr, at modulate talca. Lnm.al-d Bedr. oma to let.
taught by W . J. Reaailla, No. 2*1' Broadiaay. Ea.'h
an At ii it .. yatataly and eartiully ipa'rnottd, and a racy eff<
rt ia made t? impart the ra iuiaite knowledge in tha moat
thor- uyb mater, and ia the ehorteat period of tiiua. Open
day aa* ereniny. Term* mod .rate;
jat.y. ofhee >i?. A Meri l arta' Eiel.aage, Wall atreet.
New Tork,aadt.T In tea etreet. Brooklyn. Th a old eatabllahi
yaay acatiactc tc lake t ake ef limited am. oat.
on dwe'llrre. atnrea, fornilute, Btirehaadiae, it., at the
lowoac latea of | temittm.
rino IMI I.RT LK- fir < I ll.r.RV. I II ?AWS, EIHIE
a and Joint ra T ola, Nherp Bhrara. lie. - The btaalneaa of
the lata turn of Aahton, Jarkaoa k to , Merrbanta and Maanlat
otrt t?, of tliatbold, k. aland, and of 21.1 Pearl atreet.
New Votk will la fatcr* lecarr..d?n aader the nttn and
aty la of W tlliaui JackaoB fc t o
/ # karma located ia a eapMlona a arrhauM and wharf,
with ,o0i* i* at water lor liahtara, la ptapar*4 to raeaira eo?B'tnnitata
of mere audita, and r* l?rt to Meaara. Jam. < K.
K-oler k Co.. ll'J front atraat. New Tork, and to L. Ii.
Cannon. lop. Mew ilarta.
it Dark n Co. invite the nttestioa of b yara to one ot ma
lareeat ana beat ae>. r'?d atoek* vf New t,o da in the I a.tod
Biaiee, of Finer aid Staple Pry tlat-da, which they aflvr on
lha l>eet tatmd. by tba place er pa. kage.
l.air p aad Clock n aktr, 91 Bread an v. beta leava ta la
f* tin bit Hili Brti u< Ihi f ii'.lir Ihtl.UiiniBlda arr.nya- <
a tti l?r muatiflt (11> ofik?>? nr lint *11, h? i*
tn | ml Infatinli it latlia la ^uiiltUrlu may bo n<|aii4.
illl found. By illitinri, that in titiirH aitu it ">
root an Habit ail fur Truth i?4 ?HnL?ay?. Wlt( antir.ly
ftaa fr?B r?B. flinch prairatathiB f?B i!?itlta out af ardor,
iad. althoa/b It par rrnt ot.?ar?r ' an n>ira will bar*
I* lout tad ittti tho l?tn? *'|M al t*l I and oithmt any < I
I at ia?t> lit Ml II to Urn an I la n bar ml*. I ? i ar'n narly
inaaiatl ita uar la all alia lata aaa hint of laayt tula
ihaliiala a?ti t. lUtkLln I I.I.I I S. in UiiuralMl.
Jr. i j o frost, n rmimT rtreet, osi door
b?li ? Plik ki n. hin la Mart, ant for ml# a* tt a lnaraot
narkot yilwi. S.l?ai bom-la aana and i?ffla? W?at?ra ant
lot tl atfl boar, any. rflar rta flour, book flhant. (Jrahatn at4
am oil, kII a- dtiat earn Baal, aal a hita and y-l'a* Ia4iaa
aaal. * k,
JTaTRN ItLkNIl IlklT.-LtAfl trniTCIItLI. AT
? fl ll.llb'lHu'Nk'tlNk. Vnr larkill and nr. 4. ! ,
. s. an" ?H ?'aka<E fluadaft -l.?av? Who# .all a< a,
I. I ai fl * n'of. ok. V?af?r*tlt laa.lmj, n. Ill 1 aafl ta'al t?.
Notice - parties rem din c in thicitvor new
1 nrk aa4 |ta alrlai'y. nh>. bald f>- i i-iafllr' m tba Ki'oal
ifa Inaorinr* I oiopat ? ot UaltiBoro arantflafltd that Ibf
till oat ibair raaoval aartlfl' am auk Hi an*-aaribar.
( DAS. 8. WILl.RTT, Ar?M. No. 7? Or at at.
I'lu rrtfON imiT-oootTiik ikNol ti'tb*
On konro OtaraOoaa?Oaorahoaa ?Tba Boat boanlt"
ul Oaorahf.at art to to fnnat al ihaarlnaal C.my%ny a tt*H |
mata. la floiah.tbty art aqnal ko [fill laathar? la tt|1a>
0 tba flaiat trtti baa I. M to loaalt atd rota. I
AARI El. II ROOK 8. Ajant,
att ka th? Sua Halltiatt.
dnrka at itrtryClty, <a Wtdaaadaf, tba 881 mat.,
ik II o'clock.
MiaamaMpa bct?t*a Raw I of k ami Irlcrpool. at.4 kaai>i
H.f n aat Idorytal. taliiar at Haitian ta land aat
Mt!iitnli atd larrcacrr* ?
laaata, Harriatn... .from Nan Y?rt. Wtdncodar, /aan'r 13
latin, Ryrio.. . fr"B B-aton. Wndnooday. February I
Inrnya Unit frtB Nttr V>rk. W ?dii?adny W
Imcrira. flbaflo.na . .from Button. Wndncaday, flar-h I
'aaida Pa fiaoa . .from Na? Turk, Radaaotay, " fc
F?r fr*l?ht or |iflraa?n ayplr ta
8. ci'NABD, Jon Brood on J.
taratan. and Panama. it Tnctday, Mb ft bra try. Tk#
ii'irihirMM 'iRlRANfl, i. D ? o?| tatuatfl4tr I .MR
?ai lortb.n, alll Inn fpt flaa Fraociaon t rock. On R*?
la?? ra. Vali-artian, and Panama, fo m Pitt No. J Notta
liTtr. at ira a'tl?< k Tit kit Oilcan# l.itipiaflii* t aamwantaOnn
for flrat o'a?a ant tt? id eallfl raor.ni"t?
'arr in Ran Frar?'aoo??irat Cabin. ?*?'. at-and ta. # *?
lb? N?w Oilman raa lake a Iltkla llyht fT?tth\ for tub af
>aatat*. ay|>ly ta t. Bolt ARD A BON, At Broadway.
r aT Atfl la I'adiat at pit *. r?.- Ri ar. fnnt ?< ?'?.r
raat, and raa lak. tnrkufkef * or <?* tarrala lUhtfroUut.
Hi rary a*-rrtli r iail*na inollflot of tola maiol warrant a
hnrtor | aatiro ta flan lianit'' - than any nthrr abip Imatdlato
iiylieitloa thoult bn madtfor balanrt ..f OflTR'i. to
8. k m'TION, M ?all rtraai^ or
JOHN OODBN, lie M ail at,art
^ftir tirhfr-tur r"npr?ion8h cai.i.8 fni
^ ttttaOta t ratal , r 'rarlnrt aat abtp boilltr* to a l?k
f Pi' arm of Itad b?a-lly HBtarrt ?m flblta oak. anitaIt
far ?'**ola of Itn latf i olaaa It laaitnatad la tb-an|'a
ra. t t) II ? junotioa , i Vlranl t rrtk nod Potomac Rirrf.
'lb a. ?r fl? A lot l fbMfc arttrVt tba Rt i yAbaaooh Rivtr,
tliiod at Itfl.TJI-ylr b* '*>
A. N. Itf KN ARl> Fnrdorlabal nr(. Ta.
J |i?t:i;!nl, "CoamrmtAl Rilatl"?? olib I ->r-i?n Catania
aat a fli ai taia M ?b? l.aot rofninMpfl tba Tomlrn ant
raitirfTrata oi ikr I'altrd flia'na. with variant D? tatnaa
1 it a Itnainry lto|tarttnonk," tha moat ralnabln t?ai latlofl
f nra arrlal infoamailoa ibai baa aant toon boon fnbliohad.
a moTtotor il oBnairr aboult bo auk. ttaoat. For
-lata*..aaa JOHN ft SA TT A T H IF AI TA aa I W ft. H.
IRON N. Ciana Bonao.
Oar WMblngloii Correspondence.
Washington. Jan. 20, ItV}.
Wit llungiman Patriots, etc.
The Hungarian patriots are still here, but it ia
clear that they will never be the fashion here in
in Washington. The carp* diplnmatifit* will not
permit it; and the eorys di/domati jut governs the
society of this metropolis of pour houses and magnificent
distances. The representatives of the
Holy Alliance seem to have entered tlietr protest
against any public demonstration, and, accordingly,
when Governor I'jhazy and his suite arrived
here, there was not a human being to receive
them at the depot, or to oiler them the least
hospitality in this, the capital of the land of their
adoption. Had it not been for Don Kraitzer, a
noble Hungarian, who in 1830 served as surgeon
in the Polish revolutionary airny, and who, aa a
naturalized citizen, was acquainted wnh our city,
Gov. I'jliazy and Ins brave companions in exile,
might have been obliged to en.pure their way to
the hotel, and become the object* of vulgar curiosity
on their progress through the aveuuv.
Arrived at the Irving House, they were shown
up the lourtli story, w in re tiiey were perfectly
satisfied with being accommodated in a number
of small rooms. A few stringers in Washington,
and Senators Houston and Bradbury, were all the
company they saw that day.
The day following, Major Tochmaa, himself
an exile, called at the Mayor's ollice, requesting
Mr Sea ton to be |>errnitted to present his Magyar
brothers to his honor, and the cm.ens of Washington.
The hour Wan lixed ; but wln-n the Governor
arrived with his suite, not .1 human being
beside the Mayor was-present. The usual forms
of (xditeness were then interchanged, and the
company invited toptrt be of a handsome collation
at the Mayor s private residence. All this
whs incognito, and remindedline ot th arrival of
Mr. l'ounsin, who, froui his tirst appearance to tho
moment of his departure, was an object ol distrust
and dislike with the Washington people. Liberty,
whether represented by its martyrs or by its mora
fortunate votaries, is at a discount in Washington.
Foreign diplomatic agents make public opinion in
this place, aa the poverty-stricken r/ut is com-nt
to follow, in hacknt y coaches, the private < irriuges
of the foreign ministers. To show you to
what extent toadyism is carried here, I would remaik
that the Saturday Ei>e/wi>( .Wu t, a sort of
catch-penny, published by one of iln- re,>orter - of
ihc Jntti/igM'rr, di?ea not even allude to the fact
of Governor Ujhazy's arrival; though, if an altachi
of .--ir Henry Lytton Mulwer, or a new carnago
if Mr. Iiodisco, bad made its appearance on the
avenue, the Saturday Eremng't extinguisher
would have had a column on the sub.cct.
But to return to the Governor of Comorn Ilia
object in coming here was to implore the i're?ident
to intercede in behalf of Kossuth, and his noble
followi re, with the Fultan. Judge, men, of trio
,;oy of the Hungarians, when they were informed
that their wish had been granted before uttered,
i t d that instructions to 'hat effect have actually
bun forwarded to Mr. Marsh, our minister resi?
tli tit in Constantinople. They will, u<> doubt, add
to the strength of the representations on the part of
l.nglai d and France, and place our country in the
proper attitude before the eyes of the civilized
world. We ought certainly to cherish neutrality
in tlie wars of Furopean cabinets : but, in the wars
of lib* ily agauibt indifference or egotitiicul
neutraltiy would be too nearly akin to
cowardice to be udoptid us a sale plan of action.
The l uited States ought to speak?where they
speak at till?the language of freedom, whether
she addresses an eijuul or a European despot.
It is but justice to the.Mayor ot Washington,
Seaton, to say that all the substantial nttrntion anil
hospitality the Hungarians have, thus far, received,
thev received ot his hands, lie returned their call
rally the next day, and introduced them personally
to the President, the secretaries, and the two
houses of Congress, where they were bhakea by
the hand by a great many members and senators.
The Mayor, considering that he is no friend of
revolutions?except in the House of Representatives,
during a democratic Cougress?has earned
the thanks of Governor Ujhu/y and his companions.
ile has conducted himself on tins, as on
every occasion which calls for his presence, with
great tact and judgment; and why should we not
he glad to meet with true |M>hteness and urh.mity,
since genuine cordiality and heartfelt sympathy are
things so rar? ly tube met with in ibis best of
worlds 1
General Cass, though intensely occupied with
his great anti-Wilmot proviso speech, called personaliy
on the Hungarian ielugets-so did mat
brave fellow, Gen Shields, who knows how to
appri ciate valor. Governor Seward has a motion
pending before the Senate, which oblige* hun t?
let p lifs own counsel; unit Mr Webster has p id
his respects to them in the city of New York.
Governor Ujhu/y and ru'T would have f ft
Washington to-morrow morning, were it not trial
Cirri ral Taylor has invited them to dine with h tn
on Thursday next. They lo. k upon ilus nnrk ot
aMtntion an a command to remain till Friday,
whtn they will rrtuiti to the city of Gotham,
which, alter all, is the city wiii, li makes public
opinion lor tills continent Fire If J/irn/d '
Our I In n li t> ui p. Currripui.ittnra.
Hiititn'ia /an IS. ltij
Thr CanJidatri for Staff Trraturtr ~ TV S at' Intrt'ff,
? . d*.
Considerable anxiety baa been manifests I for ths
last weak or ten days, among the iari-ua rlljue* In
relation to ths retention of >uts Treaiurer, In place of
tllde<n J. Ball, where term of office eiplr,< on Monday
next. A* u-ual eaeh candidate ba t hie ro >r-a ot
friends- kept s private grocery In hi- lodging* and
suffered all the Seceaeary torment* oounected with ths
responsibility of Me poettion.
1 he dtrad >]nestion ba? b-? n eol'td at l\*t la democratic
caucus, by tb? selection of lohu M. Blekel, of
Bchuylktll so? nty the rsndolate who will receive ihs
tote of the ili incersey ?u Monday next, t he promlnt
nt rsndldatea w?te 1 dward A feiirilmen (late ot the
S/itit tf rA* we,), Arnold Mummer (lets Mate I'reaMiref)
and Mr kultie I he result na? certainly glran
lias to feallrga which may be troublesome h-restier.
Mr. John M. Blekel la a i" ntleinan eminently ijualilled
I. r II e i fflre and will make a good oflcer
The Sia'a Interest on the public debt d ic on ths
Brit of February, wilt be paid thia year without rerotiree
to ban sa heretofore The effort ha* been
trade for political effect, at tbe exponas of dome.tlo
-redltore. who aeein greedy for withheld fund*. In
I en.la ea they arer. more devoted to the capitalist
lhan to the rue-sea, True or not next year will test
the alneerlty and kind feelings of the next Incumbent.
Moanav. January XI ? 6 P \f.
TI e weath-T was exceedingly lncl*o ut throughout
the day and business men were nearly driven from the
Uresis operations in trade had nearly all to bv canned
to wI'Mn door*. Tl e r tl n market waa Jeaa erted
than last week, hut h ddefa iiieoif'el-d no di* potto
n tu relax In prices, th ugh pr >hably l-?r abh to
lealtie tbe full rates | rex lou-ly e irr-nt \ outlier foreign
strumvribaiog d ethepr-sent week <>me d a.-re
Beta Inclined to Swsil the r?eutt of the foreign new*.
Mete and W estern tl? ur were Jull. while eosdkau. la
b<nd wee firm end In demand f r etpnrt ftoatb*ra
linur wa* in moderate supply and firm Wheat exhibited
no change < nrn ?a* *teu<fy with m l--a*e aupplle
cfteitng llye fl ur firm sad m-nl wa- dull.
I'nk wta dull and lo-er f .r ? ?? r erurl-l <ne
(lo wed no ma'erlal eherge since the cl-ee the put
are* Hlo e< tie# was firm and he d at Sa aireace.
Sugars and nrola-eea were the a?e aa l?*t n tie?t
Aira?Thenar' t f* ' It he n t nv'ui |,
elth a - mall Mute, - a d leg at pti fli'j a ? 66 f m p a,
kior If* 111 06', for f -ala
hataiari r r a Ae.r I'he ealea fir the d?.'raackeg (
I IWl bbl* . including c< mm n to a'ra'ght arete at
Pi 6SI2Hi mixed to lu-cy Mlehl-io at VX l? S
44 a i. I pare lleu'aee at SO a ' IS , h*r g-a tes
r< a anted i.arhtngad Southern dour ro'.oial <n
If < d d< inand wthee.r of I SMI this at '? S a ?X S" Jg
I't crirmon to straight k< ends Hft'?'f was Arm,
? I'll rica.l teles at t . (v?a 'f. d to lai . I hbts#
? Id at fit VI for Jersey sad ?? Itf r tre-idy eioS.
H'*'Sf- Th>ra t>< a a I lnt|?lr/ for ,h i" tiV 'hs
hrinneae i f holder* arol tbe p -ve'im* el .rm -b?keg
all opera"one ot ro nri.t Hp **' 'a'her dill wi-ti
i a;? a r-r 3 r< 0 t O'tial* ' W't 1 - ' ??
nltrirad r??? wa- ??d I" ft rr I" ** "* ni?
?al*a v?rr oiada M SOd a-He fard-ii'1 f? ?? I?rany,
nav aid ?hi!~ S*?. !)?.'*? tot IJ *Na*tara mi tag,
ami eft f. r n?ad y?n?v
l ?.tv. Tti't* ? ? dnlnaaa aypar. nt Inrtn* thd
motif r ?bi>b ?< r? > ? 'ha day ad'atiflad and lato
ntl?in ad?t#a* arrtand. *? ? tt tho
ni'iinti f 3<* ?i l??l?? w* ra taportal no ' hanga but
?-f aa*?ral faro-I? b mil* !.-??
> Id; nr ?f 7(0 l-aiaa f-*r nport wa* tak?a at a ftbftlua
m fUr ih' fu'i yrtca of Iriday Wi r?ta'n ma iu ta111
r.a < f (fit dif
f.ia?Baar" ft ?att?iravtrn.
i,|la>4i. Mttilf *. ttrlftnt
ita.l r/on-'t ?il TVa-ft.
rfaMf ? t lfU - a *>< Sana.
M rarf. ? alt", ? a I.', ? a lif
;-"4 i.ialaafy If, a - l:V - ? all
I"ill aa IS1, a ? IS1, a ? |(K a i>'it
HiMliria.. ? a lf>l ? a ISM is*, a ?
lilfllaa fait IS1, a ? ISS a ? I'1* a ?
'all a ? - a 14 M a ?
'nil/Tilt ? a II N?na. Itooinal.
M fa-#. ? a 14 Nona. la.
f(aa ? a 14 Nana. la.
?tn r.- f* farad 1 son Wnt (TOO SoutVra. th- ra?
t alrlir fr? m tb'a S?a*a) fl f"va an! natron and ? VKl
h?ai> at 1 la tuba. B*-?r?r tba laclamant *ta?a of tbo
a rat I ?r t?. day. pratmtal tha nana! ittralind of
Ittda and (ha aiarkat an?? jtimtly tjawi vary dull.
I'tlraa, bnvarar ahr.v i?n talilo? off. (*'a quota r
a 111 i ? quallf laa at from $? tn ??. It v?? 'tmataf
lhat fall 400 brad v.-uld ha laftnrar aaanll. <i?m a il
altaa- Varkat doll and Ina-tlta. aalaa at from 12110
lofSOafll I a?ld IS. Sha?y and l-niobi Hal?a at
>r tn ?4 71 tn $3 t<> f S whlrh la a alight ad?an??.
'( P MKnlf
I mh.miI - Tn Amafatlant tha aurraot ra*a? vata at
V,||i?. _,,abaa fii fl Pi no. Ufa ; rdl. Se ; and ?i?trn
S? To l.lrarynnl, throaanf h?nf vara tat an at
la ; B- ur naa offarad at la BJ ; and honor and lord ot
!?a To l.aodnr, 2a fhr potoI atorra 27a Si fop hoary
rmla. and *7a *d a SOa fhp rhaaa? vara tha aurmnt
at* a To Mavra. rataa vara vary loll, at |l fur a*h?a,
n.d at X a for rnttrn
la-n - Thtrr bora barb aalaa of 8t>? bija aainala,

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