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NO. 5708.
The Organization of the Government.
*Zhe Instructions to the Bon. T.
Butler King,
?C., &C.I
our special tkleokai'hic correspondence.
Washington Cirv, )
Ti'f.tnay Evr.ni.no, Jus. 22, 1S50. j
The correspondence transmitted with the President's
territorial measajie, from the several departments,
is very extensive. The following is a synopsis
of a portion not yet published:?
The Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Preatou, orders, April
3d, 1810, Lieut. Ktnggold to proceed to California with
despatches to Commodore Jones, sod requests Lieut.
R toco-operate with Mr. King in the objects of his
A letter to Commodore Jones, 'dated April 3,) in
whioh he '* directed to as?Lt Mr. King in carrying out
ghe views of the government, and to be guided by his
advice aid counsel in the conduct of ell proper mea utes
within the soope of those instruction* to Mr.
A number of letters follow, providing the means and
ilr<otions for tbo speedy passage to California, of
Messrs. King and Ittsggold.
ln.\. | DU?-M ? if ? in \v.
vu mw iviu "i juud uiduv. ?v * *?
Trerton, that the arrival of Mr. King in California, ll
oont-idtrtd next opportune aud fortunate, and has
jivts a direction to affair* which will greatly promote
the important objeots confided to him.
A subsequent letter describes the sickness of Mr.
King, and hie consequent inability to communioate the
results of his proceedings to government?some of the
people prefer a territorial government; but still there is
every Indication that they will organize themselves
Into a State.
Then follow instructions froin the Home Department,
John Wilson Indian tgentat Salt Lake.
Adam Johnson, at San Joaquin Valley.
John A. Suttar, on the Sacramento.
J. S. Calhoun. Indian Agent at Santa Fe.
John C. Hays, for the Kio <Jila.
Wai. Carry Jones, Confidential Agent of the government
lor thu collection of information in California
and New Mexico, relative to land titles and land claims.
Col. Fremont, boundary Commissioner. The two
latter gentlemen are tone-in-law of Col. Benton.
On the 16th of March, Mr. Clayton defines the law to
Mr. Wellrr in relation to expenditures forbjundary
On the 36lh of June?the day Col. Fremont was appointed?Mr.
Clayton complains to Mr. Charles L. Welder1*
of the expenditures incurred by his brother, Col.
WtlUr, as Boundary Commissioner. Of the #60,000
Appropriated to the survey. $33,316 have been drawn
out, and vouchers rendered for $24 840 32, leaving
$8 476 69 wholly unaccounted for. The department,
therefore, deolines to pay any more of John B. Weller's
drafts, and cannot allow compensation to Charles L.
Weller, as bearer of despatches from Panama to Washington.
as thers was no authority for the same.
On the * Jth of December, Mr. Kwlog having taken
?harge of the boundary business, advises Col. Joka B.
Weller that, In case Col. Fremont bat noteatered upon
the duty assigned him, his services ( lol Wtlln'l) are
no lonwvr rv,iulri,l and Instructs hlin to turn over tha
public property attashad to tha survey to Llantenant
" ' wry. ot the boundary corps.
, We have no further access to the documents till
'hey are ordered to be printed. Much interesting
matter remains behind. It is safe to say that the
State of California was created by the exertions of
:he administration, as the best way to escape the
Additional Itoramrsu,
Tb* following appeared In tbs Waebiugton pspors of
jyastarday: ?
litrAHrxr.vr or Static, )
Wasmikqtas, January T, 1350. i
To tni PartipewT or thi Ukitid States:
Tbe Sar rotary of Stata, to whom bas basn rafarrad n
rrvclutloa of tha Honw of llapraaaatatlr*?, of tbo 31st
ultimo, rxiaasting the Praatdaat of tha Unlt-d dtatao
to eoaimnnieata to that body a* early at ba eon ranirotly
ean ?
Wh?th?r, kirat the lv?t Nirm if Cnr<i?, any perion
>.M b??a hy hlwi appleied olther a sivil or military Uorarnor
al Laliton-ta aad Ntw Moaio--. if aty military nr mil
lATinai has baea appelated, fialr iaam til th-ty01 m [eaaa-lea
: if military aad tint aaooraur hao l>??a nail*
-1 10 peno . 1 h.'T BA > a-llllliBal ISPMII'.I u
All lull (inn (or Mil Idiiaa lit ill an -est of lb* i?ai.
AIM, that l>? ba r*-|aetted la eommaaieaia ta ibii U .uoo
whether nay ageat or aaeata; ar other poraoat, hare beta
tpi mated by ibe Kroeidtnt. or nay af in < aeperimeata of the
i-verameat. aod Bend toCtl riu?r New Sue. or reoafalAad
la ml tarrii .rUA by mm goeeramoai, aalhoriaed
ta argAsiM raa people of Oaltl-rata or Nan Momi-i in to a
aooeratneat. ar ta al I or iItim tnom la aarh ortAnltAlieu ;
or whether oaeh ageat, oiell ?r militate gooaraer. ?u la IrwlaS
or dire-led ta aid, pmeide over, ar bo preeeat al lha
aweiubly af a body af par?iaa. halted a Cenroittloa, la Call
lornla, to eoalrol, aid, adrlaa, dtroot, or pertMnate In aay
meaner la tha dotiberBll'-ne of that ho-ly or eerooao; If aay,
tha itaii of inch art at ar acoala, and tn?fr eeiwpiii?nii>a.
AIM. that the Pre-la-at be re.plotted to inform tni* tfouoe
a bother lha lie olive oy alt.if r "I the i-t trinoa'.A ha n
11al aar agaalor ageate oa the part of ihio government ta
Callferala ar Naa Mtaieo, u aid or alum tha people of
:hoaa Tarritarlaa a* ta tba f--nnei,oe af a government f<?
hmMlvM; Bad, If aaeh ageat or aiaata havo boo a aiat. who
I -hey aro a?d Kb-ir ami;- ,t'<-n v that the I't l-al
i ba raapaatrally raauootad la reaiaaaioata to thla H moo ail
.ho laatraetMaa tun ta tuah governor. aiol" ar military ia
A aU'omla o? Mow Notion, or to any rlfl -or- of tha anar of
1ba Halted Slakoo, or aay other peroawa. who aar haoo baaw
oeat by this aeveritmaat to Now Seilee or California, aad
the praalomatlnai and enmmnaleatUaa by then ma to to ma
| u f eoM rorr.t-r.e,. M a II enUfB .rr?; .n
leare of aorh areata or ? ra-r w - n ro-riaeii tad.
alow, whathor aay porowa ar para-no haro haaa a-ithe-ii-d by
thil go vera meat, or any af lie d-'pafimeata. to awp rial, aag
-liroot tha alaaUnaaia aaid tornmnoe an.l date rain* tha oaa'iheatlaaa
af lha roteto at tha oame. awl wbethar awy lawn
hara baaa eraa'ed by aay ewppaeed giv-rameat la Caldoraim
aad. If a?. what lawo. aad Mot ih* Prooideat be r?|I.eat-d
ta anonmaaieota ta thia hanao a'l a rr??p>n4 a-a
.0 d thie i-n-riOfi WI| . ?--y it - o el r. i u. 4
Mow Haaiaa ralallro to tha formal!-a of a (iveriaiol far
tba oald torrituf loo by tha lahahtiaate there ?fi aad whathar
aay aawano of tho attnaao af call tarmariao boa baoa wale,
aad that Aha tana, if mode, bo eoinmoai-atad ta ttue II >aoo.
A lea oil Oleill or le <-r-! Il.-ao I hoi a - , -1 . 1 if I<wie
awd agoate by tha iaaa Bieeatira, an4 all atmilar la .
rmaiiaa af wbwh lha Daportmoat af State aad pwaaeeeloa.
isl ilmllar matter*, at tho atpirat- >a of tha toya -I eihoa af
I hmlkt boanr to report totht Pr.-ilant tha ae->-apaay
lag papert oa fllata hit Oapar-u-at. anibraead by
lk? rwHatlf* l oft* of M luurh of tha lotrMpi)*I
i>in>4 thla Daptrtm.at dufin Mi- la*t aduilnlatmttoa,
wttk nflloera ?4 Bgaata la ''altbrala. after th?
treaty of Ouodalupa a* waa Jta-1 arnp.r or aaafnl
to ha to oagraaa, oiu b. foaad ta >ag
lb* p*p*rt aenompaaylny the m---a?? of Pratl laat
Nk nf UMtntor t IMI, froa pay* UUW, Iniatlra,
fttao 1 rol KnrMIrt l?oeum.?ta td aea.|oa 10th Caagraaa
) Prior to tbat p.rit-d T O Latkla. K*| , w
ppntatad a?afld.nttal air?at of tha Department la
altfnrata, an J rtctlral for hit arrrtaoa tba ioa of
I Tba Koarafary of State baa tha honor to add. tha' no
I nffletal raport baa yot baoa rtrai.ad at thla department
ftaa Mr. Rlt|. who. oa tba Id of tprtl la?t oat appotntod
baarrr of deepalabea to i allf 'ala. and agent
I to aollart lafortnatioa tofn prop-r a?eeuI
tloa of tba traaty oith Meitao a* oa.l a? to a >aanial
1 oata Information to tha y pla of that tarrltory, at It
I full? etai-d la UM aapr of hit latiroatt nt herewith
I aaat. Trlrata advtaea trom ' aliforaia bare Informed
aa tbat ba tat ooatoed by aaaara llin-ta not l?ng aftar
hit arrlrai at dan I rami at. but tbat ba bad ranorarad.
and bta at rival in lh? I nt'ed stataa say therefore,
aooo ba eipee'rd A raport oltl than do.ibtleeg, bt
aadt by him. laabedtaaoe to hit laatruotlnaa
HoeyootfuUy tabailttad. J. M. CLiVTOM.
Orrttmrtt or Intl. |
Wmiitntat Tth Ootabor. 1Mb. |
"Wil lltx V. VnniHitt. K#.| . We?f>lo*tna City ?
fia Pr art out to your departure tor ' alif.irele. th<
f r-tldant bat inttruaci ma to make kniwathrift
roar agamy. to tba altliaa* of tba I'aftad lutee laba
9ltlay that tarrltory. bit via at ret pee tiny thatr praaan
nadtUoa a ad fatara proapaoia He derma It pro par U
?at ploy J ?>? for thla nurpnee. b-oana* tba Pottnaala
u-orrei baa eriotaUd you aa agent. andar tba " ant t<
eetatoleh aartala pnat raiut approvd Auyaet 14
1 ? *?. to make airanyaoiaa'a for the eat tbllehiaeat n
poet o(float and f.?r tha traaamlaaloa. receipt, and eon
r?jBaaa ?f Mi?rt la Orrgon and 'aliforaia.''
I ba Preaidrnt ?rtfraf Ma'aa tba eltltam nf ?;allfi?rillt
na tha aaaaiatino of their flat pralrtaa to tba IJnltoi
tt'ataa (?n Iha Duth of May. It*. tba day oa ohlal
tba ratllnaltona of oar lata traaty oltb vfailtto oan
-irbanynl ' a'l> role lloally be-t n- an la'?ifral p->r
ttoa af thla great aad glorleot ttftWIt; and tha aat a
t oegreaa. ta ob'.ab I hava alraady i-f.rrel In aiprea
' rat ff*tf*'?" it to ba olthln tba tarrltory of tb
' nltad P'a'aa "
May tbla I. ulna ba pary.aal'
Tha poop la nf ' vllforaia may ferl tba flroi?t toavt*
flna that 'b? V ortmttl and p- pie of tba telle
i tat at oil] arvar abandoa them or prove aemiad'al i
belr prwyillty. Their ftta aad tbatr fort I a-a ar
1 aoo Indtea-'InMj uaited oltb that af their bratbraa n
V.to ?tda nf tb. II. a?) n.oit: t?< -< ' i n? 'b'
. re?t. b-tb f< r tbeat aad for at * WbUv the other ni
tor* rf tha at'14 ore dintrartr 1 by d atotha diaaaaMca
j ?
and are Involved In a straggle bet an the privilege'of
the few aud the rights of the iuhd?.heaven has blessed ear
happy laad with a government which secures oj ual rights
to all our citizens, and has produced peace, hipplness
nod contentment throughout our borders. It bascitublued
liberty with order, and all the aaored and Indefeasible
lights of the clttirns with the strictest observance
of law. Satisfied with the Institutions unler
which we live, each individual Is, therefore, left free to
promote hla own prosperity and happlneas In the manLer
most In accordance with his awn judgment.
Cnder such a constitution and such laws, the prospects
of California are truly encouraging Blessed with
a mild and salubrious oil u-t?, aud a fertile soil, rich in
mineral rcsoutces end ex' n tin/rw-i nearly ten degress
of latitude along the coast of the Paciflo, with
scare of the flnest harbors in the world, the Imagination
cau scarcely fix a limit to it* future wealth and
We can behold, in the not distant future, one or
more glorious States of tills confederacy springing into
existence in California, governed by Institutions similar
to our own. and extending the Massing" of religion,
liberty, and law, over that vast region. Their free and
unrestricted oomaiero* end Intercourse with the other
8tstes of the Cnion will oonfer mutual benefits and
blessings on all parties concerned, and will bind us all
together by the strongest ties of reciprocal ejection
and interest. Their foreign trade with the west o >ast
ot America, with Asia and the islea of the Pacific, will
he protected by cur common flig.eod cannot fall to
bear bach to their shores the rich rewards of enterprise
and Industry.
After all, however, the speedy realisation of there
bright prospects depends much upon the wise and prudent
conduct of the citizens ot Califoroletn the present
emergency. If they commence their career under proper
auspices, their advance will ba rapid and certain:
urn suouiu iney oeoowe emxDgitxi 1Q uuncimiw* uou
dissensions At the start, thoir progress will be greaUy
The President deeply regrets that (Congress did not,
at their last session, establish a territorial goveruineut
for California. It would now be valu to enter into the
riasons for this omission. Whatever those may hare
been, he is firmly oonvinced that Congress feel a deep
interest in the welfare of California an I its people, and
will, at an early period of the nest session, provide for
them a territorial government suited to their wants.
Our laws relating to trade and Intercourse with the Indians
will then be extended over tbein. Customhouses
will be established for the collection of the revenue;
and liberal grants of land will ba made to those bold and
patristic citizens who. amidst privations and dangers,
have emigrated or shall emigrate to that territory from
the States on this side of the Kocky Mountains.
The President, in his annual message at the commencement
of the next session, will reeoinmenl all
these great tii est urea to Congress, in the strongest
terms, and will u-e every effort, c >n*'*tently with his
duty to insure their accomplishment.
Iu the meantime, the condition of the people of California
is anomalous, aud will require on their part the
exercise of great prudence and discretion. Uy the
( occlusion ol' the treaty ot peace, the military governmeiit
which was established over them under the tars
ot war. as recognised by the practice of all oivtilzed
rations, has erased to derive its authority from
thla source of power, lint is there, for this reason,
no govtttiuient in California ! Are Ufa. liberty, and
property under the pmtecdon of no existing authorities
' This would be a singular phenomenon la the
fara of the world, and rapoclally among \meritan oitlaen*.
diatinguisbed as they are above ail other people
for their law-abiding character. Kortuuately. they
are not reduced to this sad condition. The termination
of the war left an existing government ?a government
ifr/oiro-infull operation, and this will oontinue with
the presumed c ount of the people until ( ungr-sa
1 shall provide for them a territorial government. The
grrat law of necessity justifies this Wlladll The
consent of the people la irresistibly inferred from the
fact that no civilized community mul l p issibly de|
aire to abrogate an existing government, when the M1
ternative presented would be to place them* Ires In a
| stata of auarcby, beyond tha protection of all lavs,
and reduce tbeui to the unhappy necessity of aub1
milling to tba dominion of the strongest.
This government de f?*t? will, of eourse. exercise
I n# power luer Mtstent with the pro vis I >ns of the constitution
of the United States, which Is the supreme
law of the land Kor this reason, no import dnties can
be levied in California on articles the growth, produce,
or manufacture of the United States as no suoh duties
ran be imposed in any other part of our Uniou on tha
productions of California. N .-r can new duties be
obarard in Califurtila upon so oh foreign production*
as bars already paid dutias In any of our ports of antry.
for the obvious reason that California Is within the
i territory of the United States. I shall not enlarge upon
I this subject, however, aa the Secretary of the Treasury
' will perform that dnty.
The President urgently advises the people of California
to live peeoahly and quietly under tha existing government.
He believes that thla will promote thetr lasting
and brat interests. If it he not what they could de Ire.
and had a right to expeet, they ean cm sols tbam'
salves with the reflection, that it will endure bat lor a
fsw months. Should they attempt a change, or amend
It during this brief peiitwl, they most probably could
not accomplish thdr objvet before the g overnment ea|
tab! is bed by Congress would go Into operation. In tha
mran time, the ceuntry would be agitated, theeltiaeas
I would be withdrawn Irons their n*aal employments,
I and domsetio strife might divide and axasperatv tha
people against earh other, and this all to establish a
government which. In ao conceivable contingency,
| could endure for a single year. During this brief peri!
od it la better to bear the Ills they have, than to fly to
others they know net of.
The permanent prosperity afaay naw eonatry Is identified
with the perfect s-entity of Its land titles Tha
laud system ot tha general government has been a
theme of admiration tnrougbout the world The w|*
dom of bid du nevar d?u???t |>lto do well raleutat- J
d to prrveut litigation wad plane tho right# of ovuera
of the roll beyond dlapate I'hle ay?tem bi< been
cm |Mt riDH of llii rapid aetU'-uient an I pr igrete of |
i nr new statea ar.d territories > n.lg'aute hav l>--n
attracted there. becaUf* every nan koee tbat ?b?n ha
bad acquired land from tba (otrraorat, ha could alt
under hta own vino, and dd j*t hla own ll( tr?*. and
i thara would ba no ><*a to maka him afraid, lodaad.
tboro cwa ho no greater drawback t.r the pro-penty of a
| country, aa eaveral of the older fltatea have experienced, |
, than disputed land tltlaa. Prudent man will ba de'errad
from emlgaatlng to State or territory whara they
1 cannot obtain an Indisputable tltlaa. and nuit, crime.
I queatly, baakpoa*d to tba daogar of *trifw and lltlgationa
lo rvapect to tba roll on which tbay daall. An
uncertainty re?p*?tiag tba aaourlty of land tltlaa arraata
ail valuable Impmvanient becauav no pru lent man will
aipand bla maana for tbla purpoaa. whllat th-re la dangar
tbat anotbar may daprira blm af tba fruit of hla labor
a It la fortunata. therefore, that Coagraaa aloaa, |
under tba oooatltntt..n. aaaaaaaaa "tba poaer to dla- '
proa of and maka ail needful rule* and regulation* reapactlag
tba tarrltory o? other property belonging to
the I nitad Stelae " In tba ataialaa of tbla powar. tha
I'reeldent la aonalncad tbat tba emigrant* will raoalra
liberal doBatlnaa of the public land.
Although < oi.grtea bare aot aataMI*b*d a territorial
tovernmeut for tha people . f California, tb j b*re not
an altogether nr. cntuJful of thalr lataraata Tha
beuetl of onr poetcflhe lava ha* baan aglandad to
ihanf: and yow will bear with you autbo-ity fr ra lb*
l'*'ma?ter OflMkl to pr vlda f>r tba eonrayanra of
public I: formation and prlrala eorreapoodaaeo am ing
ihem-eivea, and b>t?eeo tham and tba eitlxanl of
Orrrca and '4 our Alataa ?a-t of tba Rocky Mountain*
1 ba ninthly ftaaaara on tba Una from Panama to
Aatotlk baaa b-en required 1 to atop and dallter and
taka Dili at AaB Diego. San Krauotee i, and Mont-ray "
Theia teaman ron aerod by 'ba latbmna of Panama
wlththna on tb. Atlantic between New York nod
t baprve will korp up n regular ocaimantentlna with
Caiirornla. and aif?rd faeihtlei to all tboaa wko may
daotra to amlgrata to tba* tarrltory.
The nacaaaary appropriattowa here alio boon made
by c<ngraaa to maintain troopa In i alitorala to protoot
Ita Inhabitant# agalnat all atta> k* from a olrilliad or
wrara faa. and it will afford tba Prnatdant peculiar
plea*ura to p-rforw tbla dnty promptly aad affoctlroly.
But. above all, tba constitution of tbo I alto I State*,
the infegaard of all our clrll right*. waa etlead-J over
California, on tho Mtb Mny, IBck. tbo day on wklob our
ilala treaty with Mexico waa finally eonaummatad.
Brora tbat dm It* IsbaMUnta boiana antttlal to ail
the hteeetngflaad bonaflt* raaultleg from th* baat form
of civil government aver evtablUbvd amongat mow Tbat
tlavy will prove worthy of tbla laootimabl* b >an.
, no donbt I* e ala rial tied
Av bilat tbo population of California will be earnpoeed
chiefly of our own kindred, of a people apaat
log our own Innguaga and ednoated for aelf govern
ment under onr own Inotltntlooo. n eonaldarablo pertl
'O of Ibam wore Metlaan cHI*ena before the lato
tready of panee Thorn owr now oltlaen* ought to ba.
nnd trowi tho J oat tee and genernelty of tho .tmorlcao
character the freetdewt le eowfldent that they will bo.
r.et.C with reeaeat aad hlaCa.ee eaC lh? h- aula
to tool tKot by rboocmt tb.tr oil.floor, thoy bare bo
oomo ottro pro?p?mn. oott happy.
I tort, ffty r.epr-ottolly.
iTOinnom To t. wti.** giro.
Drr.OTnrnr Or ir.Tr. )
W.iNiootno, M April 1MB. i
Ilea. Tuov.r It rtta hio?..
.fppoi ntrd .tft of tt? V. * to C+kf*rnim ?
ita ?Tbo rro*l<t.at. rep-olar foil onoA<t.nro la ymn
laUgrlty abtlltloa tad prndet. ba.apprdat.4 yon on
a?-i?t for tbo porpnea of ooa.oyiog Important ia.tr it..
: tf ao aad deepat.hea to oar aoral dad Military ooma.tfOTt
la ailforala It l> hie 4?l'? that y n .0 i.itf
1 Into no Umo Id repairing thitbor by tbo k-t end aioot
aapedlllou# mate, la the pt -.oatma of tbo detl.a it*
rnirri np>t yoa. which I .ball pnweed to otplala la
i Uio lolloolnf lootrnrtloao
Tbo attaatloa of tbo pooplo of f ollf <rnia ??4 Sao
M?-xloo hao already atthl* aarly period of bl? a Intnl.
(railna. attracted Die attentli a by tbo latotroatr wth
1 Moatro pr.Tlrlon woo Mad* for tbo tataro addi'-aton of
thooo torrltorlo. lato tli? I atoa a. Stat... aad In lb.
' MoaatlMO tbo p irtnnnnt if tbo I altoi *'* u
bonnd to protest tbo Inhabitant# re.tdlnf In than to
tbo fro# aad .ntlro oajoyaioat of tbotr llooo liberty
and property, aad la tbo ea.rafee nt tbotr 04*11 aa J rw
llrlon. rtkbt. (<?tn? to niimi oltb obl.b yna art
fnliy o.'iarln'rd. tbo Cnrrrra of tbo I alt I Statar
t.tlrrl t(. a'?nt ?h. -l-.atl.a hy tbo p??.?? la?
NiaMMIti a forrrnm.at la oftbor of tbo aew t?rrt
. tmtoo 1 oa nr. aotro knt.wr that aa Dot ?<o paooo'
j. st tbo loot oaootoa t? Oitend th. r? ?can? law. of th'
I ?.l??d tttatoa over tbo territory sad voter a of I ppe
* i alitor* ta.
? 1 bt* aot or..too aolloottea diotrl.t la CMNMIi
at d yon aim kana that by aaotbor prootoao aot anr
tola Mail f.rlltiloo boro btwaeateadod to tbo mmo tor
tilery, tb bat .oar oaa be d?ae by tbo add at tbo asa
W ?0
' rtitution of the United States, the treaty with Mexiso
and the enactment* of Congress to alford to the pnop ?
of the terrltorie* the benefits of civil government aui
the protection that is due tbein, will be anxiously o laddered
and attempted by the exeoutkfe. You litre
been selected by the President to eonyey to them tb iae
assurances. and espeoially the assurance of hie flrin daterm
i nation, so far as bis constitutional power extend*,
to omit nothing that may tend to promote and eeoure
their peace and happiness.
You are fully possessed of the President's vtawj, an 1
ran with propriety suggest to the people of California
the adoption of measures best calculated to give them
effect?these measures must of course originate solely
with themeelees. Assure them of the sinosre ds lire of
the exeoutlreof the United States to protect and detent
Ihtm in the formation of any gorerumant republican
in its character, hereafter to be submitted to Congrees.
which shall be tbe result of their own deliberate
choice; but. let it bo at the same Ui tinoUy understood
bytbum.that the plan of snob a government must
oiigluate with themselves, and without the interference
of the executive.
1'he lawa of California and New Hexioo. ai tiiay existed
at the conclusion of the treaty of Oundalupe litdalge.
regulating the relations of the inhabltsuts with
each other, will necessarily remain in toroe in the territories.
Their relations with tbe former government have been
dissolved, und new relations nr-a'ed between them and
the government of tbe United States; but the existing
laws regulating tbe relations of tbe people with each
other,will continue until others lawfully enacted shall
sopi tarda thein. Our naval and military NHHbll
ou these stations will be fully Instructed 11 eo-opnratu
j wuninc irit nu* 01 order ana gooa jovfrnai'nt. nu fir
a* their oo-opcration run be useful mil proper. Vu
S iroportaL.t put of your duty will be to acquire anJ to
i transmit to this department the b-.nt au'l fullest
. information in regard to the population, the pro!
duclioiiK, and the resource* of the country; the
extent end character of all greats of land uvids
by Mexico prior to the late treaty; the quauuty and
j oondltlon of the public domain, and especially of those
i portion! which are rendered valuable by their tnetal !e
! and mineral wealth, and the general dtness and capacity
ofthtse new acquisition* for the great purposes ofaqrlsulturu.
cemmrroe and manufactures. The dwvelopement
of the resources of this vast and interesting re!
glen In all that concerns the interest and welfare of its
present and future oocupants, is a cherished object of
this government, and all lnformatien which y ou can
obtain In relation to thesa subjects will be most acceptable
to this department.
It la desirable to know the numbers or the various
Indian tribes which term a portion of the population of
the territories, their power character, and modes of life,
and the number of .Vloxioans held as captives there by |
any rat age tribes, whose release and restoration to their
o? n country this government is bound to exact by the |
4th and 11th Hrtlcles of the treaty. Also, as nearly as
may be. the number of Mexicans who. within the year !
alter the exchange of the ratifications of the treaty, ;
have withdrawn from ths territories, and the number
of those who have declared their intention to preserve '
the character of citisens of the Mexioan Republic,
agrreably te the 8th article of the treaty.
It ia net credited by this government that aay attempt
will be made te alienate either of these portions
of the territories of the United States, or to establish so
independent government within their limits; but should
the existence of any such project be detected, you will
not fail so bring it to the immediate notice of your government.
that proper measures for the protection of
the interests af the people of the United States may be
promptly adopted.
, Ycu ere fully authorised to confer with our military
and naval commanders within these territories, who 1
will be Inetruoted to assist you in the accomplishment
of the objects of your mi -on Your compensation will
be at the rate of $8 per diem from the time of your de- '
parture on the business of your mission nntil your reI
turn home, and you will be allowed your travelling ami ,
i other exp. uses during your absiuoe. for which you will
| be caieful to take vouchers in all case* where they csu j
be obtained. The sum of $1,000 is advanced to you
: on account. 1 am, Sir, Sic.,
JOHN' M. I I, wro.N.
Thb Mtlios HoemioLnras is Kshliso.?It will be
1 rscolleoted that, several weeks ago, we mentloeeJ that
Mr Kebertson, the agent of the holders In Knglaod of
tbe Mexican bonds, had passed through this cltv,en
1 rout' from Mexico to Knglend. On his arrival in London.
ho made a statement of his mission, in which tbe
. following appears: - Immediately on arriving In London,
he proceeded to tbe Foreign Oiiioe to see Lord Paiinerst<
n, but bia lordship was out of towa. He had bowever,
two iatervlews with Lord Kddlsbury. who said that
la the absence of Lord Talmersten be eoald not speak
ofiloialiy; but I bat without Its being considered official,
be (Mr. Uobatteoa) might eontluue in ths reliance of ;
>ir. rojie being aumoruad to auatain mo nonanoiaere,
claim* aud parlloularly to the ratification of the conrintlnn
(Hear) Lor.I fdrilabury tulkM tela Ulia
Ma/ Mr ( r/tamml wri im luted It Itkt t awrr tclin part
than htlhrrtt wilk tetpeal It the tlaimt "J Hrilitk ctelit.rrt;
tkut when a fudirttl hat keen giren mgaintl Ike in
dthltd got eminent. and it wai nol tulKfied. Ike Ihitiik g >
I eimmtnl iatkrd ii/iim it at a dental of juthet, and ma le 11 a
difU till {Met! >1 II It eiae to the wi.r-t be tell cer- 1
It u derleioa and emtonce acalaat tha executive of
Vtilco o< ulJ ha obtaioed from tha Supreme o?urt
Thla would at oner make thn<|oeatloa adipl<>matio oar
IIut no itep of that kind rawld ba taken until It wa*
naen whathar tha convention waa ratified or not Yea- j
terdey be bad a Irller, bj way of the I nited Statea,
from the Palae- broker In which Ike mentioned that tha
feeling waa gaining ground In farm of the cooveotlna
being ratified In t ungreae, and adding that be had no
doubt It would bare purred the floogrrae before be |
wrote again I nder all the ctrcmnekacaer, therefore,
be bad come to the concinrlon that, axfbraa Mexloo 1
waa eoreeraetl the correction wow Id be mil fie!; and It
being bla fixed cplnfou that no better term* e >uld be
ob'alned. be etrongly recommended the baadholderr ,
to agree to It Wltn regard t<> the I'.ngliah agency, the
l>< ad hi idera were aware that the Mexican g>ewraraeat
bad temored It from Manor* Schneider b Co. Thla war 1
a fail wcrewrp/i ' ? the exeeutlre I ni before be koew
of It. and. therefore be roaid not Interfere, but be told
Smor Arranjolr be could not concent to auT of the
futde of tbw bondholder* going through the baud* af
\exlrao agenta I'he fuuda, therefore, aa th-y arrived,
were to be deporlled In the Bank of Kagland fi cn
which they could only ba renwlecd M the Jotot eonaeat
of the bondholder*' own agent and of ,M Kaolo Wit#
rrfrrmce to the bondholder*' ag-nt In Mexlci, Mr
Yacluloeb. he urge<l tbw Importance of blr being placed
upon flic moat efficient footing In relation to the
American Indemnity money, a friend of bla undertoek
to go to Warblngton. ta tea whether the uiialatryof
the l alted Stater would not facilitate tha receipt of the
money direct, without it* taking the daagerotia and
cireultoa* route of Mexico; and he waa happy to aay
Mr Clayton had exprcr-ed blr wtlliogaeee. wnmerer he
itealted official Iwfurroatlon of the ratiflca'loo of tha
convention, to promote the Intereete of the hoodh l lm
In that rerprct (Hear, bear) But befrre he left
Vexleo he heard that Mr l lay ton had offered to allow
the government of Mealoo ta draw ageloet the loetal
mint becoming due. wpon the allowance of a certain
premium Thla alarmed btm o little, and he tnerelore.
delotmlued to go to Woehlngtou hlmrelf. He went
there, and woo received kindly by nor own mlalatCB,
Mr < rnmpton. who Introduced him to Mr. Clayton
Vr.t lay ten aaid It war true ba had mad a nrerturoe to
Mexico of the kind etated hot Mexico bad not availed
Itee11 of t be proportion; and aa the time fur payment
waa drawing near, be waa about to aegoclata It through
ina> mercantile hnuaw. tueh n? ariaga' llaeauaed
Mr. W ard. Barlnga' agent la Boatoa to be Informed of
: what bad roearred and be had no dmiht Mr. Word J
would maka aome arrnwgemeal ao that lo all probability
by May next the bondholder* wcold be onablod (
to reoeieo I too (WU dollar* through that bone# la Louden.
(Hear, hear ) Thla war nil bo bad to my
Ct-rrOM Hcueu f.traaeaa.?That tbo expenaea of #oi- |
lectio* tbo revaane are far graater than they need be?
for maUr tbaa they would be were it wot fur tup
l>oriii>g tb? ptu^< r? ?l the potty, Ikfra la m doabt la
tha nliii of erery mi who kaowa nilhlii ibml
bclM?> IIU Mr. Maiuell tha eatlre rkarg? of a<4leetlag
the rereaue. a* ha haa if Ma oaa prirate buein?aa
and ># allowed ?o reuah by lew. aaf tba prlrl.
If ca of raring * hat ha could out of tha amouat rot
him re If, ho wiuli gat al'>ag with ;u?t half theolerb*
that he now baa. and par tboee ha did ampler about
half aa maoh a* ha sow pay*. Aa a apootmoa of lha
eroac mj of tha eoatoai bowaa. wa aaad owly to look at
tha way tha adrertlidig la portiooad out- laataad of
f iring It lo the pa par. with tha lergeet oireutatlow?
Ika tha Awn ltd H.rmU -Of to lha papata that will
' lata It at tha iowaat retea, It li glrra oat to tha paper*
| of party for loataaoo-tha Nrrdaa'i' /lay H ?k ?
, whtah haa a elraalatloa among merchant* of at Wmat
foar tlaiaa aa nach a* that "f tha Mir-oar ? i-flamd ta
edrrrtla* tha gnoda which bad baa a alaa m .at*. la
atoaa for half what tha Mirrar charged bat tha Mrri
1.1.1,' I>ay Han* waa aa Indapaadaat pep-r - It did aat
halotf to tha party; It waa not a legitimate penaloaer
aad.ofcoaraa Mr Mai wall could out gir* It tba geaerami
it patronage. The edrertlaemaat ouee la tb*
H'tiU. or our* la tha Sun. would baaa baaa oaaa by
owra people than If It war# a ? b?4e yaar la tha Him
Hot what of that' 1 ha gun and Hn?M do aot halnag
to tha party. Mew. thru. wa all has* that tf Mr Mamwall
bad aoy bu?lo??? of hla owa to adaartlao. ha wwald
glra it t<> papara whtah had tba large*! iraaatioa. or
it aot. t" thi aa whtah would taka It at tba Iowaat rutea
* a hara Bi< n'l aad but a rlagla In- tana* of fooilab at
Iraaagawaa la lha aaatom b uaa. we ailght mawUow a
bandied whara man ara paid larga aalailaa. not for
what lhay do f.w tho goarramawt. hat f?r what thay
! hara dniia for 'h* patty t ut "If thaaa panotoried paw>
par* It Meredith aad y u will flad t I OOB ooo <|utt*
aaowgh to pay all tha aapaaaa* of roll acting tba rare
! aua? Day Aa*.
L*nr Mmaaa in Cai iroam*.?A ywiif man from
Maine, wr.tlrg to bl? friend* from laiHcrnU aayr that
Ma party round aaar lha Saoramauin. aad aim oat
. thirty lailaa from aay other digging, two Intelligent aad
beautiful young laolaa. with no attendant aioopt aa
id gray haadad aagro. whom thay had aatload to aoo?
tnpaay tbam aad who la tha aarrant of tha father af
'* < I them Tba alitaat ol thaaa gtrle waa aot twawty
It ream* lhair Imagination had biaoma ataitad by
' tha gold a'ortae whtah thay had hoard, aad thay had
vtertnln.d ta try their handa at mektag a fortwwa
r ha old aagro waa paat werfc. aad waa laft la tha aamp
'Iwtlrg lha day to laok attar lha hnwaahnld affair*. aad
kaap aa- ' h while tba gtrla pwrawad tbatr mlaleg "per
atlow* W haw lha party rawabad thalr oaaip, tha atd
" darky ??? alone la It but tba girl* ram# la daring tba
r day aod recelre.1 thalr platter* boapltahlp rbay at
pi aaaad ao frar of balwg molaetod or rwbhod. and awM
hat lhay ?howli laaao far batna wbon thay bod eaaamulktad
llu.nM; thay had Mrewdy gathered fT MO
7 hay wove from Florida, arAhr yew foot inn away
hen aahaat ta enter npon tha W|ihiia
d*ullll<-.?l Ii.tcf ll^nicr.
MMItCHL'IKITI k'.l KI TIOM.? Hetliru* from aarenteaU
towua ot lb* m>uiIi CuogrnodonKl dlatrlet of Maaaa[
obnaelta l k?u count to liao 1. leaviag jtl twenty-one
towtia to lw beard fnm. The vote aa receired la,
| Tfccmpaon. ("big.) S.Ctrl ; Talfrvy, (tree ?oll.) 2.83U ;
I and Rcblneon. (democrat.) l.lfiO. Thonipsun'a gain
j over the \<>t. ml? r election, in the towna heard from la
| 1 l bo end lias jet 1.6C0 vote* to gain in the towna not I
i heard from to it core bia election. There la again,
j doubt'.ee*. no election
Ohio Ltiiiai trim: ?The l.egi.-lature of Ohio orjra
I ni/.fd on the 18th inat , alter an effort of forty-alx day*
Blake, the whig Speaker, received the whig nominatlen
i for Governor, and rcrlgned. an 1 the election of Charlea
j C. < caverae to the epi-akerahip reatorcd order, tbe
I member from Hemilton beiuu allowed to hold hie nan- ;
teated eea- until the report of tbe Committee on fllen|
Mtttuan aid tiik Ubiob?The Ilouae of Delegatea ,
i of Maryland bare ndopted a report and resolutions, dej
clarlrg their determination to adhere to the I'nlou of
tbe Statea. but In the event of a dmuuinn. to take aide!
I with the South. 1 report directing the executive to
i return the reeolutiona of Vermout and Connecticut to
' tbe Uorernora of thoae Statea was at tbe sauiv time preI
Hon W B. Shepard la apoken of as tbe whig candidate
for Governor of North Carolina.
Gen Jamea VI. Bickel la the democratic candidate
for Treaaurer of feunvjlraula.
,-v vt asiiingion sorrtoqi 'nueui or roei. naricMOn (v.i; )
JV<io? says:? From a number of circumstances, It is
now quite evident that Mr. (.'lav will be the whig candidate
for tbe next Presidency, independent of a convention.
M>:sstoe ok Gov. Ford, ok Ohio ?The annual rnes.
sage of Gov Ford, of Ohio, hae come to baud. It i?
I couoiec but comprehensive, treating of all the aubjeots
of a local ae well as a national character. With regard
to the subjret of slavery, he says whatever involves the
! rights and interests of all the members of tliel nUn,
belongs to the general government, and each has the
right to be heard. While all the rights of the slaveholding
states. recognised by the constitution, should
be rigidly and lu geod faith maintained. It is
equally right that the free States should be exempt
irom all tbe evils and burdens which that institution
imposes consequently the general government should
be clear from all responsibility for the existenoe or
maintenance of slavery, or any tralo therein. The iutere-ts
of the tree States, the general interests of the
whole nation, the love of liberty, and the olatins of justice
and humanity, all domaud that the territories,
whither they remain as such or be admitted as States
into tbe Union, should forever remain uncontaminated
by the blight of slavery. That Congress has the
power to prohibit the iDtroduotion of slavery into the
territories ef the United Stales where it does not now
exist, there can be no rational doubt aud he recommends
the passage of resolutions pressing upon their delegation
in Congress the propriety and necessity of passing
an ordinance forever excluding slavery from every foot
of territoiy owned by the United States, before any portion
thereof shsll be organised aud admitted as a Stale.
In relation to tbe subject of slavery in tho District of
Ctduuibia. he says that there should be even tolerated
at or near the Capitol of this boasted free republic.
a system of trade in human tlesh and blued. Is a
blot and stigma upon our national escutcheon, and
ought forthwith to be wiped out. He also recommends
the passage of resolutions requesting their delegation
in Congress to use their exertions and inilueucs to
have the slave trade in the District ef Columbia Immediately
Court of General Session*.
Before tbe Kecorder.and Aldermen Cook and Bard.
Jis Tl ? Juventlt Hiirglmri.?Two boys, about lb years
of sge, named John Williams, a mulatto,and George \loCue?,a
wbite hoy, were tried on a charge of burglary
In the third degtee. in breaking into tbe grocery etore
of Mrs. V an Doran, No. 44 Sullivan street, on tbe night
of the 20th of November last. It appeared, from the
evidence, that on the night of tbe ?J0tn of November,
policeman llasleton, of the Mgbth ward, was patrolling
Lis post, and saw the boy Williams corns out of lira.
V'tn llnrati'd ut.trm and tun at tha t.?n nt hia iiimwiI Jttan
W ?tU street. The officer gave chase, and toon took
Mm Into custody. when he dtscloaed the nimnl ot a
number ot hoye, who. be.eaid, were accomplices in the
burglary. Md ueu wee one of the boys named, and the
p. liee finally succeeded In getting bold of htm. At
the time of Williams'* arrest roue money wee found In
bl* possession, one piece ot which v,r*. Van Dorau wee
eble to Identify ea belonging to her The youngster*
convicted tbemeeleei, by their own atatemeut* William*
ae-erte I that Me' ueti forced < -ued the window,
and unlocked the door to Ut him in On being Informed
of thl* statement, made by hie eompanlon, McCaaa
eaid It was i t true tor n war .. illiaui. wno
forced a passage through the window, and opened the
ai-ortor dim (vie nen) to enter in liestsMisaiei
of great power, employed by burglar* to open wind >?s
and trap-doore, waa found upon lb* person or the colored
boy. Thet* was no doubt an out their guilt, aud
the jury returned a verdict ..f gulll., I n- < ourl scut
the young houae-breacere to tha liou-e of Hefugs
Trial Jot Jtlltmpling to !' /? ill. felly ? Michael
O'Brien, late a pelioe ofllorr of the kouri.-enth ward,
we* put npou bis defence, charged with having attempted
to vote teloe at the anise election on the "th of November,
1848, at the Kentth district pill of the hour
teenth ward. The witnesses lUdltml O MN was et
the poll from an early hour ia the morulog ol th* dsy
of the election, lie was actiugas acheileuger aud had
already Toted him- I' when et about 1 o clock he offered
to vote e second time, lie wee toid tnet he had
already voted oace, but this be denied, an 1 became
vsty disorderly, using language which It wa* not hia
rnnten to use, offering to swear In his vote, and behaving
altogether la a most singular manner. I'ttc inspector
would not administer the oath to him, but bed
him arrested for attempting to vote illegally, i'ba defence
did not attempt to disprove the aliegatloas of
the proetoutlon, but. Qeted wltoes-es to prove that the
cbaraatrr ot tba accused pilar to the iransaeiloa, as
well at lubreguent to It, waa naiinpeaotiable, la last,
the wliaetes-p for the pro*, outli.n testified to that
Counsel for the defendant, therefore, eousluded that '
hi* client must have b*eu tetuporeriiy "out el n>s right .
mind,''and that this temp rery Insanity might ha. a
bee n rnnsed by the eaciument of the ouoaelon or o-ber
timulat.ng oauaea The jury retired under charge
from tho heoorder, who Inetrunird tiiemas to the right
lbo prisoner had to the ben?rlt of any doubt tnat might
ealak la thalr inlode as to lile ftui.t They were out n
loog time, end could not agri* upon averdl.it, when
iliey were called In and reoelrsd such furth-r lastruof
Ion es It was proper for the Court to gise, they dually,
after another protracted eheoner. returned iato Court
and stated that theie wee no prospect of an agreement.
The Ceurt. tkeve ore, discharged them from the further
coneldvretlcn ef th* ease
ton .n<f. - Daoi.l Martin baelng pi ? I guilty to farget*
In the second d. ff?ee, In peselog e counterfeit hill,
end having tero th?rs on his per '*, with the intention
of pa?elng them, els eel,tensed to .*rve Ire yea.*
end three m< ntL* In the State pn-mi
John W Johns-u pleaded guilty to petit larveny In
Ceding a watch fr*m htorils kailtu-r. of l?l t* Veeey
street, on tha kih of i;e< emb-r last, lie was seat to
the ps nitentiery for els n.cnth*.
Joseph W elorn lor esesnl' end hattsry en Win. Kagle.
In July Inet. waa t aid t'JJ to etaad einunilUd till
the toe be paid.
Ceiirt of Cemmeti Pless.
Ilefore lodge ingraham.
Jsts 2t -ClerlfS C. Ils'il is. If./hnes ef. fysetr,?
This wae an action fur a claim roe Is f .r oomiutsel.>a ef
oae per Cent, en the pern base of property. It wss alleged
that Mr J. B. (lleetworth Had purchase I for
t apt. W A Hpeo. er, I N Naey, premise, keoea es
Pennlmaa'e boos*, la kosirteeeth street for the enni of
?:< IMP and snhae ,nently a*signed hie claim for tornn.laeirl
to the yi.eesl plaintiff. C. f Marsh Mr.
t.lenlwirlh wa* the prlaatpal witness upon whose testimony
It waa proposed to saetala the caee but tbe
Judge ruled that he wm aa laccnspeteat witness, aed
the trial Ml ultimately put off for the f resent term.
TM lln?e la.
aeaivsLs s<en nriirviu.
t. niebards. Bt Leal*. M" : A.flshet. St Lonls; M.
W Vkede, Pittsburgh; A (.eland, rhllndelphle; I.aland
and A. J k.aaton. New Vorli( Samuel Seaiy. Bsg
Harbor; John Trnmbwll. Ir, Baltimore. end John
at tho < Union Hotel
A. I?u; Philodolpk<a W Loo. Raltlm <ra < 100-go I
I Pahwat aad H D I ooaitag<onrth. i Inelnootl 0 I
Mitrnl. r.aatrott Klag Matao; L. C#t??,
Bonn, H. Wand. Nov irdfnrd, KM on la and 4 Wll. I
ana. Baotna fl llonkor. Nr.rth r arnlaa. <1 l ruiahnll.
Wnrooator | and J. D. H allo-. l%n..|.lj hia. waro
Mnif Mm arrival a y?ot*r<Uy at tho H??ard
Haa J. M Ryarooa. Nl* lorooy: rharloi l.alaff. fll.
ladalyhla, J. H mabhiofteld. No# >nrk, H H?? Loag
lotaad. A. M notion >oo Jaro-y: J. Ella and Ha K
Joy Motrla Phlladolyhlo < a p tat a IMaan loaghkaay to,
J. Traoora, No# ior??y, I RltoBlo K,#t B?otoa;
V Lovry, W. Bak.r and C Hay*. Boolaojlot. Ma
lotlaad aad ? at Hopkloa I hliod.iph'B, H Tlldoa,
Bnotnn: aad R. Vanioii, Lnwdoa. Kaglaad, arrtrod,
j rot at day, at tho tmorlraa
DowtooUe larrllany.
Tha flaatlac doak at roaaaonla. It la aaiaalatad, will
bo flalobod by tho I at of Jaly aoit
Tkra waro ion daatbo la rhiladolyhla for tha wook
adtag tho 1Mb laat
Wutlaai Woodward haa b?-oa aoarlotod at Norfolk.
Va , na aaotbor I ad lot Moat for fargory. aad ooatooood
In tho yoatlaatlary for two yoara. Mat lag aa aggrogoto
of 21 yoara
Tho (teak fat tha railway from Baffaio wo.t to tha
Haa of tho grata of roaaoylraala. haa bona takoa. aad
tha mad wlU bo yat aador eoatraataa aaoa aa tha right
of way It yorfcetod.
Tho B<?t?a. i naoord. aad M atroal Railroad waa
n|<oaod t<> Plymouth N H, a dIMaaoa of Ofty allaa
from i naaord <>a > rlday laat
A yotlttna to tha I^gUlataro of Na# Jaraay far a poa
lea. fmaa Jao g Blakoiay. of Rookaway. Mnrrtaaoaaty,
ota forth that ho U ~,i j?r* aid. that ha oaterod tho
nary aa hoard tho old frigate oaaUtatlaa la KM;
wad loo yoara a yrlooaat la Eroaoa; aorrad with tho
gnnhoataat TrlyoU. uador ? motor, with whoo* ha iotoiaod
la tho mtoot.or ?.at*ry*taa. la Mm war af ItU,
ho iolaod tho araiy. aad did g*ad aorrtoa.
Tha wholo aamnor of hoga yaakod at KraaoilUo
lodtaaa. ay to tha bth laat , waa it Ml.
Tha Ban bar af baUdtaga araatod la tha barat dtatriat
af tt I onto, ay to tha lat laat, waa 1M, at aa i
aggrogala ooat of gotTABB. '
Tho whaM aoaahaa of daatha la Broahlya. N T ,
dartag tha yoar 1MB waa I BM. hatag aa otoaaa am
| lBdt aStdT.
[ E 11 A
The Increase of American Citizen*.
The growing greetncss of thin re)>ab(le is manifested
by the vest number* who weekly eeek its iborea from
every foreign c-lime, and It* Itirressing strenzth m?y
'e measured from tbo fact that many thousand foreigners
are annually taking the oath of allegiance a*
citizen* of this powerful nation.
We hare taken tome trouble, in whioh we hare been
aided by tbe officer* of tb# respective courts, to ascertain
the number of persons who have been actually
naturalised for one yesr, a* welt a* those who have
"declared their intentions" of bteamiag citizens of
the republic of America, when their period of probation
expires, and we had tbe result to be as follow*:?
In the County Clerk's office were naturalized
as American citizens, during the
?..r endinir Illst December. 184'J 1 555
In the Superior Court, for the name period,
were naturalized 019
In the U 8. Ulhtrlot Court, ditto U
In tha County ClerIC* office, during the
jeer 18-10. no let.* thuu 0 Ski pereon*
"Ueolared their iatenltoue" of becoming
cit Irene of America and a ill hereafter
be duly -'naturalized" 0,091
In the Superior Court for thesame period,
there were 2,136
In the U. 8. District Court 26
Total 10!li4
?Thu* making a total of nearly eleven thousand subject*
of foreign potentates freely enrolling themselves i
as citizen* ot this mighty republic.
Of tho tlx thousand live hundred and ninety-fiur
perron* who declared their intentions in the County
Clerk's office for the past year we are informed hy Mr.
De Luce the clerk whore particular duty is that of j
naturalizing foreign subject*, that 3 837 were subject*
of the Queen ot (treat llritain and Ireland, ant the
other 2,767 were from ciermuny, France, Holland, and ;
other countries.
Amongst those who have lately " declared their intention*
' of becoming children of our soil we find the
distinguished name* of the Hungarian refugees?do- i
vernor I jhazi, wife and family, and Mile. Appoloula I
Jagdlo, the female military heroine?together with
many other* whoso earn r ha* been marked with bo- j
norable defeat in the countries which they hare now
Lecture on KiiKlntitl, ut the Mercantile Library,
by ttalph Waldo Kmersoiw
Mr. Kmerscu delivered a lecture on the abore subjcot
last evening. The room was crowded to its utmost
capacity, from eurloslty to hear this gentleman lecture,
who ha* deservedly acquired n high reputation for the
originality, boldness, and as some have said, the trans0endentalism
of bis style and ideas. On entering tha
room and taking kls place at the reading desk, Mr. j
Kmerson was greeted with some applause, and marks
of public admiration. Ills appearance is plea-log and
prepossessing, being modest, simple, and unostentatious;
having in hie countenance the marks of Intellect
and benevolence, and in his manners the evidenee of !
quiet gentility and good bleeding. Mr. Koerion began
by observing, tbut it was now more than a year since
li? bad visited Kngland (or the second lime an J he
proposed to give souie sketches of hta observation*
made upon that country. A great politioal power, auob
as I nglaud. which gave a tone an I an impulse to all the
rest ut mankind, bad a right to claim aud receive the
attention of the world, aud of thinking persona. A
stranger, on landing at Liverpool la impressed with an
inquiring curloMty to know why Kngland is Kngland'
What are the eletnvats. what ia the aeeret of the greatness
wbicb he beholds? it success ia a good test of
gr< atce-s. Knglsud has a right to the claim of i
greatneaa. A aurvey of her wonderful operations
In machinery, earned ou in this country, the birthplace
of the locomotive, the couutry of 8liaks- '
pears, ot Milton, ol Newton-a survey of her flelda,
which are combed aud rolled mora as it it were by a
I I rati I ban by the plough-all give proof (,t success
and of greatness hnglead is like a bugs mill or great
hotel. where every one Duds ready to III* bauds all he
can require for c >nveni?uce. cooitort, elegance, and
rshi.eu.ent. lie rides on her railroads, cushioned and
at ease, and can read the Timti newspaper as he goes
along with tar greater speed aud without the same
amount of shaking he would receive on our rallro.tda.
It v ns asked by a celebrated person, " who would live
In a new oeuntry, when h? might live in au old one F"
No familiar.ly. no mMMM e. n?wev> r long, mM ea
haust the at> res ot novelty, convenience beauty, and
BaKBtiivsui* ?t ... u> aud anil IBlty wnion ara seen In
l.oodon. I hero are palaces by lolga tones, .Saxon ,
arches, mrdlo val column* eveu the r-muiu t of the old .
Londcn wall, seveu cealuiies old-to be aeeu mingled I
with all the modoru luiprovemoDta of arts olsnoeaod i
e<n>merrs therein farliatuv ut are lit ard fed and' ub- '
den, and ll rough a III ; there M aero ad f plays, jenny
l.ind sings, l aglioni dance< and Sojer o<x>k* for your
convenience Kngland has produced a groa'.er uuji- ;
btr of great man than any other country
The general causes and elements of all tha wonderl ul
prosperity and riches i.f Kngland, Mr Kmeraou trared
to the fellowlag causes : ?
1st. I ha ol mi ' It Is a woi king cllmats-not too hot
In sum in* r. nut l?o cold in winter.
"<l, Her den?? popul.iti u ? I
ud. The existence ol a high atitftupeilor clan of rdurated
and cultlraud man posa-aaed ut lurtnue, leisure,
snd ease
4t b To tha diet of the people. They are t sod feed- ]
tra, Ibeir bodies are robust, rotund, aud atr >og. keen
be old men bare rosy cheeks, et d look yeueg l et, ,
is Mr. It was informed, though larger acd big.,-r tn?n
bau Ameili aas. the skrleto ? - - u tlict .*>
t la owing te the feeding and climate, and babitv of
iisttlss in open air
Mb, lo the tenacity, continuous attention to ons
>oi?i. end perseverance of the Kugttsh In th-ir pdrsul e.
6tb, To their Cue moral quail's*. IH tk?>e Mr
' merson dtew a pleasing and amtshle pic ure giving
he l.nglish credit for giotiaeas ol feeling, houe ty,
ilodnrss of manner and behaviour, g ed bteeding and
lulshad s ducat ion.
Atr K acknowledged that there was another eld" to
>e described?the frightful pauperis.o, the poor peaant
the intsarabie f harttsti but It would not help the
utjeet to dwell n such pictures, which, more or less,
ire to be seen In ail countries, and tu all crowded p >poatloas.
It - . ,.l A k. - ? I- .....Ikl. l ? k I- ?-!!- M? f In kl<
JrquMit nil draerlptlra Wcturo. It abi>undr<f with
clntiliallon* of Kilkin|(*bilntt(in?l (rmui wl'hiara
lad atirpilrlng OptU??ta, nod oc?a?l. n*l in<nl?r e >n
uueitnin i.l m>aa ,ni.il ai al.'gtra llarolu Iim /?ni
rtmito lia jrli.rd wll h fiial po??f of ilild d??
ili u ?t<d Mimiug ol Idaa*. AmflHarly
b'ugh Mr liu'uvu tin loudly ob>'*r*d at >rrrral
triklng ? raai?rkri| tha'.thr limit)' aad m nt
inin.at-a elm ring ooaurrtd at th? mention ol tba
Ilia wf Oil art rmowail pr".f p.Mitlfi lb*, hi (*i
n-tnra an audi**** on apruog Irotu tba p*"?'" of
tbnm Ulltrr oa* ona?th? p?.|.l? oho aa'.llad Nao
ng'aad and tba p.o.d* obu dauapitat*d a king a
lull for wblah )>ll*ar and bla a uipoDloaa oara nailed
?|tetd*r aid abn afterward* ft r aaaarting thrir right
o miltpi adrnc* and liberty, oara nall> U rebel*
Clljr I iilrlllK*?r?, "
Th< SritaMir lit iai.it it mand-d that tha
ittaBlklp tinorgla rh.nld make bar trial y*?t*r4ay
iiornlnf ftna tna foot of Marr<a atr**t il?i bi tki
lap bill! uata?<?raMe, tha i.eorgi* ablrb wa? hrouubt
nt'd Iront tha la^'. Hirer found th* North Klrar too
uth f?r bar to nom* into th.- d ?k and aba aiaainad
p and dowa tha hay ail day Aral altia( for tba fall*
I if th* mad. and attarauili forth* rlaing of taa
ltd* At length ?he put Into J?r**? |ty wn*rw ?ha
i?? II** la front of th* ' anada -biah aalla t<> ilar to*
Lltrrpenl Aba la ao aurh lariat tbaa tba i anada.
Lbat a>i part of tha 1st tar nan ba aeen b hind bar Aha
alii make bar tnal trip to day and taka a puah * lib
Lhatanaila Ah* la a* fa-t a* ?he aa? ?xpar>ad J ahd
paatad all lha at ram ar a yaatarday aha ra u* al ru'lil*
nf aa it lh*y lay atlll la lb* aa'ar Aha la a flo'toad
tilnaiph of Amertraa ntrrprlia and aaral ?rnhll*?luia.
Aha aalla oa bar Aral roya** oa tb* gtlh of tbla
in oath
A Rawaaaaat.a Paoor or Haoaarr ? % ( tiltata. 1
namad John N d, traa found i* Monday nl?ht. lylaf
la tb* atrrot dmak by nfboor Molony "f tb* A*nond
nard pollra H* bad a ?Md huatia* oatrh and abata
lo bla pnaaaaati a tor wblnh b? paid tltO A'hat greater
proof of lb* bonaaty .f tba aaw of tba p*opla tbaa tha
iaat that ha waa not robbad Th*r? ar* aoaa* entry,
boaarar aim la tbla nity who, If tbay had atuo?bl*d
oa him aonld r?ry qntally loara him mlana of tha
watab aad aaala. aad aay looaa aaah la hi* poakata.
I.at klm aot t*mpt thrm aaala.
T*t Ttaatai II*ll t omdittii ?Tha Daaooratit
ttrorral I ommltt** m*t Iaat atght. at old Tammaay,
aad d?rid?d thai th* lat* *l*ati?a la th* Third ward,
lor d?t*fataa to th* enaalllM, waa aall aad raid
Tut I'm Aranmar.?Tha aaaaal aaamlaaltoa of
the puylla of tho Kree Aetftay la going tbli week,
ad will U nwlliiM MM IM >tl of tbo amtk On
Moakoy MM aul MMM tho nomination of ??n
dtdoten for MaMm to tba iwlwy TM imnIm
mo "p?a la lb* I'obiio
A (! ?? ?r Renoiee -Ot Monday il|kl ahoat Ul
O olook, 00 a la on named ' hn'l?e V leoor*. ot
Attorney otroot, on rotomlng koa? tk?on(k the
bowery, bo aao mot by a party of Ma mi. ?b? jootlod i
Motaot him; ootno wnrde I boa oaaaad, aboa nao of tho
Ky etraak V looora on Iba bond ottb a otleh. ablob
eked him dnoa. Mo tboa orlod oat for aalibow.
yon aklok hlo mnrlly aoaallaato raa lony. leaetag
poor Vlerore weltering la bta Mood. Ha reeetead a
rory danger one ooaad <>n tho aid# of bin brad front tba
blotr. and aa aiteaelra aat la tbo pall Una tba fall.
Iriim n A<? inrnt ?Oa yaatorday morning bntwnnn
nine and Ua e alnok aa a laborer, named John < on way.
reetdlof at 1M dltth etreet. trae engaged la romhelac b
roafold, at a now building la K?at r?oaiyftr?i ottwt.
be loot bio balaar* and Ml from tba tblrd atoty of tba
building, a bright of aboat thirty foot Hlo right am
aoa fraatared abora tba el baa. and ha raaatrod eotaa
d nag or one intamal lojarlaa
H? ?era ?r (litoira ta tn? ITatrrn rarao. Tho
i. or moo population of tho l altod tkatoo la InrroMdag
allb great raptdltr Tboy aiaker at praaant aboat too
BHlll?aa la "Saw Vart alone tkora Ma dO.MO J?writ
form or Arrcei.o Jaaaary St.?Ma. M nrgnod.
Mas M and M aaUad bad pnaaad. Na. M nrgnad.
Tlientrlral and uleti.
Bow. av Theatkc -The remarkable fondness which
ths patron* of ths Bowery bam for tableau*, la appreciated
by the proprietor of that aitablUhinant, who
.pares neither pains nor expense to get up attractions
which shall repay tliem for their patronage. Tho
t' Wandering Jew." which has been on the boards for a
number of night, past has proven a capital hit. There
are In this piece tire tableaux?each in succession
rivalling its predecessor, until the climax is reached.
The pi.ee is well cast, aud goes oil like clock work. In
addition to the- WauderiDg Jew." each bight preseute
rome excellent acoompauving pleoe That on the bill
for last evening was "t iarisse or the Death < rait. In
uddlilou to ihe plays a lately willtrn over'ure was
announced lor last evening one it is .aid, which is re*
cclvtd every niyht with great applause
Ukoaowav Tii.atkk.?Last evening, ths performances
at this house were for ths benefit of the Young
Men's Hi brew Benevolent Association, an 1 the bill
nresanfi'il a r?|. and A'tiacll*.
>n addition to the iiramnti* pcrnm *' of the company.
We had SlgEorina L'orgheits and Sigoor Forth entrancing
the audience between the not', togethtr with the
valuable aid of the orcbeotra of the Italian Opera fed
by Mas Martt/.eit himself who were ujplauded a id
encored in each performance. I he over, u re to-' William
Tell" '/a# executed iu a bulliau' and luaatrrly
etyle. 'X lie cunedy of the School for Ck-nu lal'' wu
enacted, with some material alteration* In the ca?t of
characters from its last represen'a'icn Mrs harrett
being the Lady 'I'eaale; Mr. Wheat ley, C harles Su face,
and .Mr. L)yoi t the ' Joseph" of the occasion. Vlra
Barrett, who is a cliaruii.i t ? re.-s, was graceful and
dignified as I.ady Teazle, and Mr Mate was highly
amusing as Sit Peter; Mr Wbeatley performed harlev
Surface with tbat easy elegance which Is identical with
its true representation, an 1 we are half iu'.liaed to
think that we like Mr. Dyott batter in tile Chirac' r ol
the smooth sycophant, Joseph Surface, than we di 1 in
that if Cbarles. whioh we lately saw hi u par a , a Xniirably.
but we da rot undertake to cri'lcli.i the
performance on this occasion, baaing been unable to
gain admitfai.ee beyond the b ix-lobby 1 he house was
cr'iwded to excess erery available* icha was occupied,
and piesentsd one of the most dazzling concentrations
of hesu'y we bare seen congregated together for some
time va-t, the fair daughters of Israel being iu the
ascendant; in last, it wa< quite a Il-tire v house Toe
member! rf the eoinmi'tee, decorated with badges of
office, acted as stewards, and politely onnduHa t each
party to tbetr seats as they entered The charity will
doubtltss reap a rich augmentation from the prooeeds
tf this tiumper bent 3t a*, the Ureal way I'heatre.
Bikto.Vs Thkatrk.?Yesterday evsniog. another numerous
and intelligent audience was in attendauoe at
this favorite place of anu'sn?nt. The entertainment*
commenced with tho very popular comedy of the
''Serious Family," which is still drawing crowded
houses, ard seems never to decrease in public favor,
notwithstanding Its almost too fre.jueut repetition. It
was received and witnessed, last night, with as flittering
marks of approbation mid universal Satisfaction as
hare ever characterized this favorite pi-ce since ite
first representation. The umusemonti o included wiih
tbe xcellent CCWieJy of the " Poor Gentleman,' which
was performed with admirable ability, affording at the
same time. Infinite pleasure and delight. Messrs Burten.
Brougham siui lladaway kept the audience continually
convulsed with laughtir To night, the - Serious
Family," and Breach of Promise "
National Tiiaaihx. Again, last night, w&v this
favoiite place of amusement crowded from |,it to dome,
to witness tbe magnificent performances which were
presented. We have said much of the splendid spectacle
tf the " Female Guard," of Its beauties, the tasteful
and appropriate marches with whlsh It is iut-r
nwr-I'd. to my nothing of the mirth proyokln t dolugt
?f ka-.ae mho keep? the whole hou a fitaTuUed ?it.l
laughter w heneyr b- uppe.trw upou the ?'?;e. Hi? artful
end faithful p< re na Inn .f Alalia. But It U utterly
liopoa.lble fur any wo t<> have hu it - a of tiia pice* uu
t'l It la eeen The cloalng rcene- of thia piece arc
peculiarly Interesting, where a guard of fitly fiotln,
morn vlth all tk? military skill and accuracy of
uiotnii-nt that wi u <1 b? expected fro n regularly
trained military cop Already hae tht< piece b an
preeentrd for fifty nUhta.atid the de.ire t <e It *j?
aw gn a'as when It ??a ( rat put upon the r age Th <
Dtber performance* were In cbaraotrr wi s th" general
ixalted rapu'atloo of tha iheatra; and tbw uicnagemenA
ar< determined Ibat no el'ort abell be ttparrd t<> turutsh
pun h ikUi laiiituvota aw will prow* pepul ir t t'? lr
pattonw Tha tuaea-a of tha National i,< ?. ry a * ?"
thee who it It It can testily and that mot de-e rally.
Miriuai.L'a lltmrii: T?ia*ra*. ? Tha ontertalnmeuta
>f y rater,lay tretlng c ruin-nerd with tha excellent
lorutdy antitlad ' The twiddler a Daagkter," whirh . aw
triad with admirable ability, and ai.n?wa*| amid
tnrwtf of laughter and expreawlonw of general aatl-fte.lon
and delight. It we* followed by tha oomlo dram*
I " (?ld Honesty," ai d lha laughable fareaof " AM
tate lump.'' ? hloh pr. s-d oil to th- in inlta p'ea-ura
wnd auiusamrut of a nuin><r o< audience vla-wra
McVinron and Mitchell, a< Hi o uy Hesah. p rl-rinad
their re-p elite o/lo with muc 1 twl-nt and orlgin?litj.
tllrltlig loo and fr? ;u> r.l appleuee i be
tumw-nie n'w o notuord with the tar f in- 'lurried
bachelor," a hi.-h afford-d much merriment T i-alrht
til be peif rn ed th? drama of Uld Hnneaty," " The
lar.ou'a Noaa," 'AlJgete Pump,' and the "1. an of a
' MwiwTt'w Omrw Hoi ?r ? Another tary a* trectlra
>111 of entettalnrnwnt la ottered hy thin celebrated ban 1,
luw rrct.lrg l ha -h lee i r-l-ciioi of nielillaw tha
amou? burlari|U? Voyeae Musical " and the in t
imminent Irature or all la the beautiful a id graceful
aorirg of Oeorg* I hrlw'y aud the lac unparable
iikblwad real of w N hep par,J. The arraof e me-nt ?f
Inletj > antarfalnment la excellent and I* auch aw to
lae plea ura to all biwpatroaa.
Amttctw Mi eat h ?Jim I'row Rice It at til drawing
arg? a/eemblagea to thia attraatlwe e.ten,l-hin?ot
lie famouw rharaclar of t.Infer Hlua la ureally a<lnlri'd
Tha Tauderllla company who wupport lui are
ery good and Pat# .Vlorrlw a comic singing and Venkee
rliueatlona. ainlta Immoderate Ala of isugnter.
Nnon'w UtIHw.?Tha faraaall mu I'll feetlyal of
ignoilnl Tartar CO an I Borgbetc, will lake place at tblw
pacli u* and beautiful theatre, on Saturday earning
rkt. It Will ba n grand allalr.
Amiih we Mi wiraL Ctrep SociaTT ?A grand coneert,
n a'll of the ah We benarolant nl j ict, will c >rue off
eat Hal III day arching, a' the Opara heuwe \?t r
tare Tha pleoea acleetad for hie (thaweenad) concert
I thlc awe-lety ara Overture to l?ar Kraia-tintt; con
ettr t r tha elidin. executed by Mr I Durka, llorac
'al," from tltrn ? laudlo. aiacutwd by Mlwa Jella
(nthail and Slgcor Noaal Corel; grswd p >tpn.irrl oa
latlei.al aire hy Af^y wind Inatroman'a aria Tmm
terrtl by Hgnorlaa Ti nil ; dao from Ramtramlda."
y Klgnorlna Parrloi and Slgnor Banawaatana. arte
rim ' Anna Rolena." Ht<n >r port I Thia l? a bill of
rial atIracttoD. and corni term* tha hanawolant par?aa
ftr which tha concert la glwaa, It will, WC pratma
draw crowded howaa
Au.wnat Roaai loan lha beneAt of thia artletih
eh *aa announced toa<>ma og to m >rrbw aaanlng
i ; at pi'btd to a futura day
Mium#*.- Wklla'l Itarenadara contlwna ti glee
lair amusing nagro paiformaacea every awanlog at U
Tni Waanaaiwo Jaw ?Thl# placa, which la now being
wit rmed at tha Ooaary Theatre and which ho bean
acalwed With pi mu-h r, Ul waa dramatlaej an I adwptd
by Ma aaala Ccaaay t'arnaa the talented a- Ueea
whole i oa p*r terming at Waeblaat-a Tli'W l?l? la
be mother of U J*?tare Cnawey ' a'mii, who nt four
learw of are ha? created a area1 ean-?'|on aw a dent ?
rhla talented cht'd nld make bar Arwt apt" arena# In
H'ewhlnpton th|e reining and will wa h.hee# appear
n tbla ally next ?ea n liar talent It highly wp..ean
if. Mrw i arman dramat r-d an ?her pie e A >wdt
?a, wnirn aaa parr.rm-4 villi ?r??? ?n?e? a' ma
*n?-ry tbaa'rs la-t MMn and ?? b?lin> b yrifW*
If koala othor plMN
Mr H B rim mU> Ml Mailt tk? 'lnttn
loatoa <> lta? 'flat laat la to# cbaractar of Paagloaa
Pallrf Intalllganna.
TU Bar- -rV ?/ ,K, *|00 H-nH It U Va??arday wa
ao'lrad la tbla journal thr arrant ->f rnmp?ln? r Wallowa
na Mi?plri' n of baring '< l-n * -I' << n Ibo *i-honga
nglon of Mr fta-or. cvoar of Br >?<t?af and
i anal atrnat. oa kntnrday lort * "?? ?hn mnany
atolaa war a 1100 bill on tb? Maaknoloi' Hank at
Nnnark; tbto Mil nan r*markabln froai tba fart of tta
baaing a plana torn rf no# awl Mr *?anr knowlag
tba Marbanlaa Baak la Wall atraot waa tba rntraptln*
baak nt tba vfanhaolaa' Bank af Nn?nrk,
rail#g apoa th?m on Monday morning gaaa a dwnnrlp
tloa of tba atnlaa Mil. and aaa ad lli?a ta praaarra tba
Mil aboald It eoma to hand Vaatarday moralag. la
tba aiabaagaa from tbaothar baaka tba IdaaMoal |IM
Mil waa ranalrad from tba aaabnaga with tba Broadway
Baak. with whom tba aama bad baaa d?po>1t-d oa
Batwrdar by a bmk*r Tba nana will to day. aadorgn
a faribar laraatlgatlon by JaaMan Manntfort
' ?(" in fAr .1'1-A yoaaa man by tba nam* of
Jamaa ktaraaa. wad -aught on Monday night, hatwaaa
It aad 1 o'elonk. by tba nntlow of tba Taatb ward la
tba aat of braaklng lain tba pramlaaa No US Dlrlaloa
Iran* onaaalod by t)r Tboaaa Blaak Oa tha nrrnat
of tba bnrglar, ta bla pmaaaalon waa fanad a ' lanay "
wbtah M aa trow lattromant. ilka a tmall arowbar. aaad
by ban^ata la prytag opaa look* and doora Tba mgaa
waa takaa bafora J nation Oabarwa. who lookad Mm ap
foe trial.
fbrardrrly ffanta ?A mna by Iba aama of I oh a Orpan.
aaa arraatad, yaatarday by oftlvar Hopklak. oa a
warrant, abarala bo ataada -hargad with koaplng a dla
fwdarly bonaa. aad a raaort for tblaraa aad ragabonda
?4 all darrnlptlowa oa tba aoraar af Aathoay aad
I antra atraata J notion Manntfort bald tba aaaaaadba
ball to aaa war tba abarga.
aprama Oaari
Jan. M - Tba loart af Oyar aad Tar ml nor, and
BpaMal Torn, waro adjoaraad aatll tbla moralag, la
oonaagnoaoa of tba lllaaaa of Jadga r dmaada
llrrnlt Ooart
Jan 31 - Tbla Canrt aaa adjoaraad aror to tbla
morning, la aoaaaqnanaa of tba tadlapoaltloa af 'alga
I dwmaa nbo waa prorantad from attoa ling by ab attack
ol rbrauiatlam

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