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V.--J.JE ...
NO. S917.
arrival. *
(? 'iHK 1
fiaaense amount of told Dost ea
route to thr Mints. ?
dec., dro., Ac t
. k
The steamship Philadelphia, Captain Pearsan, ?
arrived yesterday morning. at aeveu o'clock, from J
Clm^re*, witii two weeks' Liter intelligence from i
The P. left N'w York on the 13th July. I ,,
On the Ibih, 17th, aud 14th, she encoun- "
t? red a heavy gale troin the emtward ; and on tl
the IlioruinK of the l(i h. ehe ehinped a heavy se.i, !
which ?tove holwaika, Arc., clikflitly injuring ??ve- *'
Tal il the pn?eeni{eri*, and breaking the ley of Jh?. tr
I lef, seaman. On the evening of the wtitm d.iy, ^
Joseph llatl, Benin*ii, tell ov> 'hoard and wast lust; ui
?uid on the dt> folloM nig Anhur lldwkm-, fireman, tc
died MiddetJy from convention ?>l the brain, caused ?
by beirg overheated. She reached Chagre* on (he 1"
evening ot ilie 2*iih, and was detained there thir- r,.
teen da)i?, awiiiiiiig the arrival ot the Tennessee at o!
Panama, f/om San Franci.-co. ' J'
The Philadelphia left Ch. gres August 8th, at 10 ti
A.M., and arrived at Kingston, Jamaica, at 6 P. jj
N . on the 10th She h ft Kingsiou hi 8 o'clock, A. t>
M oo the 11th, and arrived ofl 3a<idv ll?uk at I 6>
o'clock A M. on the 21st, in..king the ptvsag'! ft
home in nine dnya mid lour hour*, running time.
On the 17th August, lititude 27 g M mm north,
longitude 72 deg. 35 uiin west, she spoke steamer A
'Cherokee from New York lor <*ha/i?<? ; nil well.
1Ue vouioimi iri<tu9v i>roug;ti iiowii ny me ien- tr
?eb?ee, Wfrc deiauied ?t PittmiM. Th>* news from ?'
Sun Fraaciaco to the 15th ul?., inclusive. Tiie ?
tnails will come in the Oliio, due here to-morrow. ^
We are aader many ohligatlous to the gentle- {j,
xnmily I'm:wr of the Pmladrliihi*, and to M*(?r*. !
Gregory &c Co., and Ada in* & Co., for the prompt '>
.delivery of tbe latest California p<tiers. n
Astoug tUe pi.-S'?;ger? hy ihe I'mUdel^lii* is ^
Geo. Heiran, ei-Pr? aident of N'? w Granada, and ?.
f?>riu?-r)y Minuter fiom thai republic to this couq ; ?
" ry He returns to this couittiy with the intention )?
of residing heie for a term of years, au>l hta ia hi* *'
. eimtge five voting wen, ?ons of g>ti<leni*? r -M<1injj in
X?N?? Granada, who com- to this country for th?
| uipose of ohtitiniDg a rolle^iiite rdiic.itioa. Alan, n,
ttveral naval officer* from the n |jadron on the 1*4- i ^
cific,-and Yankee Sulliv-tu, the paitilist. Com- tr
DM'dorc Jernes, the late coinm-oid r of the F?
*(jmdrop, came down in th? Tenne-see, but we ^
do not m e Lia name among those in the I'. The following
ia full I at of the *J
ranacnsrr* hy thb rmtiMLriiA. 1 "
i'n,'r Joiii<i"i>, Iniied Stan* Na?r; I'aia'r Ca4?rmU- ?
4,, 1.1. t i H.1 S'?tr. Allan Hol.?u?-. U ? >;
p A Uerrm and W MT V?i'(?rli|t, B 0 iilf* to
toafc. LA 4J 11 Cam. M?ift B?ova? S It ?
H fKiir, A?<*r? w Wrtffct, IH?A W P t
... MJ II r. Ilfnrw hin<-?r. V f
Chulidlrr, l> * Hi >t, * Am Wf y K lin{- lit
? . <1. W O * allar<\ ' h?? llmitta*. C J C ?uA- HI
Till. llijah Uaala. 'Ink A "t falntr. T H Mtlt.r, ..
< L *.ll*r, I. il?|p C H (*r., (. M MiIIt. Su fan. W A
fi illua J l> iviij' h, U r llvkx. < Oar Ira I(rt, II **
k- O J I. J 1 l>u?kln rt il Halrro J ?
>i)t?>UHT?Mf N I' Allan * W *??*, J I H?;ani. T fr
^'1 Mil)l>W, Jii B ilaik A K?'i f(
lirx l?MI !?" ? I?I HiiUr??. U*H?ry U>ntH, Kt- i .
fa* I J h |Hin Kario. Pa?lr* I ^mrt, Kittrli
<.9?Cd?. i.iturio ?.t>ri'| i?. Juki K-rr, '
fc H Hkf, Wm N-l? ?. W W tiwlui, li <1 hi. nk*?k. r?? I"
CH.brMl. ? i*m, W I. Iiiltr "? tiriiiim. MTm 4 cj.f- r<
I <! rl, km??l J Katl, <* M MukM, J i Ifim, tl
J?? Kimwn. J?rg>. J Juki t II. P ?
At *? ? fco?n r?, V* II II libra, M II a Caul at. Tjltl fallar.
lata.' Knt I < Hicka. k H'Wl Hrwj A'apliana. frank li*
1-. oU. ?. l; w.-.* *.r?. (;.?ifv??. J i. r Uuttii. H
X ( laik t Matt ?ni?, A Ala*, Wm Kajik, J (l?"f*a K
??ayl?>?. Ikaa ?'? npi-rll J.nn lyi i.t <> > .. i m-n- hi
'Mlfw, A 1 Jm>), ? Lalt'i. U * ll'irr, J.fcn trtui'ra;, |?
W .1 Minima. Ja> kC!k"-i.. Hta>; r?.i..r, i: H.arall K I .
a.a H > ,-ujiik. A *.? ?>, J i:--a-alln, Kl*|n ('.ilk, I.
it'll ? nadac, T ? Saaartt, I' V?l'aili>. Ha HiU, "
ilall. llratf VII ?ra, |laa (1 f KJ4I/, J W Dapnf, Calais '
>?i Ira. lima CIllJl'l?l.ialljl. t<
Apim tril ia >hr amount ?>f u?l I dual hroujht by V
thr FhiUda-l??lm The Trb^rurt hjJ ovrr on? *
b iIIh'O on freight <>i
mam?k?r or >ritamkr ihiumimu. j,
in* ??w iuti MrlntiHI, Miaturn .
llovlami 4 Aapui- k ?? ? $ 1000 ,
W.III M'.Mt N l Me<!ro?l/ k ?!
il li Muart 2IM < ? . . S 100 a,
A. It K?? T UO Drnola. FrrMiH li
J.a lllrhup 4 I). a 4L\ 0'? ?.'M) '
DafM ltr*at?, . . 7 i?hi ria-hr*, Ludl<>w k .
* Pfca-f b.Mk V't 70.M9
r CrtUoat 4. Co. . |,IM Hhil j. * n'hou/.. . k 114 W
II Hub tin* It H Kir?.-rt?.o. .. f. 41*) f
17 711 I'.irf.ffan t <'<<". >1 IM i.
4 a li?fa b Ca. . 7Vji| 0 i|. Ko^vn k Oo, J.tVi ,,
a ItiUall 17 'VIA W>. . It ? - I* .. .f'WI ,
b ( < , , , ? 'Mi fa iti-r * Li?iii
(I I <4ltM> *W U b" in? tnini
B 1 IOW C I>u" ?ml I i?M
r Kfc-a |AMa *<v.d k Irani.. . . T?
\l?o* k i'h??rx?y 1 (MM 4nit? ..1 ht< frolt
tum.,.. Huh k ?! 1 hi pjnr.tt
11 A MukIwJ... >??> ? 111" k
HAH Htrtta.... ? I k'l *?r1nii>e?
V n !* bilk. 1?V* ' ran Mttl.
* W. I.jn.an k 0? l?7rf Oll<M>rk Wlln*? (>??
4<rw A. f?Ui>a... 1IMJ J V f irlwi . .. I?4?A
Wat >1 k I'll" . . . ) ? ??< ? k H. *yr .. ]u.??
Pi?rn A?l?l k (.' . t>M) U T. I.;mm Io.'kj*
A<>aa*k Vm .... IT? 6?4 Jv Ma?a~?-ll.. . *1;|J
Sarfl. WaMroti k Nl?k-?l?, k
La f. I.OV ?> l.iMk
II I* Ilm^r k ''a 1??? Whilom. frain k
A Trttatd I l> t ?M>
Om Ju?wki<'*n>nii IU4
?Or<?r 4 I ?m > ?< WiMtti:* . 111*1
VI Appl't.i, I t'a. M.uuQ Han^k'nDH 17 nil*
Hrt I; C i? l? liaiur/ii k 1A.0M
I :?U N K l uauliuli'iu
OMl. IWbkO*. SAW* k Cm ln.OM
Cu|ibla(ll?ai k l?B fNIKMlMIt
Um 40U0 l? ? W A>?laa?ll ?11 Ut*
r a I Tit W? n?i?ki.?. O"
A t ?? T ?ll>?h'??rnb 1 <*A Wis ... a,M
I I'mrtf... . 7 w?4 m aunMMt
L. II**- ?<lt IUyl?ak< ? ! ... b?o>?>
Imu firnintsk. 4 "u ?i>k *h> nl b l'i?ro? AMI
T ? k A I. K< >? I l?i r?i una
l??ik>?r iMroiA B A Wot |ll.(4f
Cm i.???
IV atrain-l,i|i I ?Iron, Iiuiii Ii<mI nnt
rrivd *( Otiagrra ?hfii lk<* riiiU4?-l|.ki? Mi|?d.
Tkr trMt.nhip 1*i)??iiiih ?rn*?-<l at ^aapnlcn,
hem IVant I.it? :Jf> Tin- f'l.il-i.lH hit
our bleak n< quart* na-b. ??l|(i.iiif 1*1 |Ki<ia<t?,
filled ?ith g'J*. thm fir?t pprcine-a trrr Ub<-n from
the lriv? al U?rifrM
F>iH, mi ho.ird ihe iirimfhi,* T-noew#, on her
I**-*!* 'i?w <? Fr?kvi*ci> u? I'aatma, J?l f 2J,
Andrew M~?d( ?f Lowell, Mt?? At Cricec, Mr.
Icwfb AKaufn, of Manou cw?|i;, Okio.
Ike i?*? Irnm ihe *ariuu<< m eeruin'j
tli? rm?l #M> jouMKifitf ? l?a?r ka>i li?f Mm? length
Nil tntf The imcovrrf uf riatt (4?e?r^ ?tid lh?
4frqiK??l of Urge HA l iinri?ert?H? valtift- t
t.W t^adiinn*. 4ia?t iiiiM*ri- rt i i|r(tM of ac'm'* *
?t<l hfr In ? ' Vftrx*hr? of Imiiaca lhrou(hou< !<> l?
M?rfc > b?- wt If en known ? :k? 'n
I'MthU b
Mr CoM???r,*uo of W. Cdlkr, wu M Mk li
1'aHnlM n
The rrjKiri ll *rrjr ?ickly ai Ch?f>?? *
South Ntji J'iao<*i?co U Mp'ill) ^(omii| 4 ^1 va 7
of f?*?t r??H?H <"* nhi^n# Tti* raar and ?<
villi wi>ii4i *>.?f of ih* Urjr-,1 >hi|? ha*r f? j,
ha?fr< ?< 11 a ?. ry <i<r?irml* T
-1 (ichorv i( - C"*""*1 rmd llr mo?i f??or<Ma ^
. laor fit *? *?** ? ' ** h*7. " **?>' on ?o- *1
-mnt of ri*f niwfi'Mi k"W? !>*? |i kn ik? (mrml
hit (i>r ?*??/ ' W'' ?"? >**? ** *T
<i?arr of cwm.-rfer-iMi' C>f??i?i**ri.?l im,?.M ??< . f,
A Juki 1*4 at ** Kraooia-fvoo il* I Mfc u
ill iHiarm I Wo e?ln>?4?? of N-w Ynfk, Chrii ti
rjuir uf prinhT ifty Tk? f..rr.*? i>m?< ' *
Aflkli* on lbs Parlfle Hide.
(from tli* P*?tfln Nrwn J una 16th J
81 or* our :m edition t?r th? 8tat??. th? orarlanc
numeration h*( nuaint'Oflfd nrrinni aud >in? bun
lrwl? ar? alra rlj in nor mlM who l?ft th? Miwmuri
iTM thii t>priiiK It In mpw-tfl that much tifTcrlai
nil h? *ip?-rtrn<M-d <>n lh? rout* among tha r-ar par
let. but no mtIoun dliutftltra ran b? ?*ry r?-a"On?blj
pprrhmdad It fklainDm b? ??ot thU fall to tha MUt
ra uliltofihi dlnri Ne?? da, a> ?u dno* la*t jt>ar ?
U<* ia>li?M arrivals w?r? park eompanlna wlio catnt
br>-*h in ab?.ut two mouth*, and rafwrlaoea hai
ii viriiatratvd that for partit-n who ar? not blinking
>l!Itr?. parking i? ih? nfrr'. aud ?urmt mod" ol
rarhlKK Call'otnia Th* Immigrant* of last jf?r (an<
'? ihK mlu?? ? Jl he ?li? ra?u the praaeot oil"I.)
auffiitd gnatly from their vehi.-lea being t?o
? >]! anl enmberaorae for auch Inn* JoamrjK Tin
?ry lightest carriage* have proved tb? oaat riiin oi
onviyaiica, in every train vhnnt they bare u??t
New diK*lu(r? have been dlwofirwl lately on the u?
er water* o? Yuba aud f'eaiber rlvera, whlon pi >tnl*<
i) yield rich harvest to the adventurou* mln-r Th?
rater i- yrl too hlcb for workioc the bar* of streams
ut there In every confidence that the yield will hi
qual to ary pari of la-' M-ason a* *?ou a* tba wiitei
ula. which may be shortly ipeoted. The p*'<pl? if tin
|-p?r Sacramento three or four weeks ago weie takes
II aback with the neea of a lake discovered in
lie mountains. which wan Mat* I to b? literally tilled
ilk (ioid>u sand?indeed. writable rumor aaid thai
M could or bad been taken out to tha Ml tull!
hiait'd Ibouaai.da on the arch far thlx real Kl
ior*do. lo ll nu ll? who were lucky eno i^h ta
Main a mula nolo or toatrd their grab an J the paeetrian
packed tkrlr ration* and all atari*- i aa p< 1
neia tor lb<* new placer Thuy atruok airtight for
tie U|<p*t water* of lb* Haorsiu-nto clear t > the upi??t
rill; they then acatt-roit off In smaller romptiiiet
ir? U||h(-Mt the Miowy r-?lr ii of the Sierr?s. In a
w nay* they were seen taking the baca track in
nail parties, and wht n luti rrogalad aa loth.. louati >n
r -Gold Uk?" eith.r Hi nt the Inquirer on a rich
in k of tiouble. or looked up with a certain feeoelom
iinca that toibld any very I*ngtheued interrogation,
'irked minor >?j? that n rrasv u>an nor into Nnai
I II) ai.d etartid ih- at?ry?wtilch fl?w froai month
> mouth, u?lil ever) body <<> ?lmo<t a* crasy a< Uitn
It One tbtnf I* crtalu the tiold Lake nap-dliion
ill long V*e ramembered among the miners ot tho IIp?r
Saciamt nto
WiibiD a taw da;t we have also received authentic
port* that ?told lia- been ilo-overed at t ha upp-r end
rt'sr?<.n river valley near and at the eastern baa" of
i.< hierra Neitila A nuiiilier of families lr*>iu .lalt
ike have ?fopped there this mmiuer with the intetion
ol forming a r"ttleinetit. and working Ih- mine-,
tbl* *hoii!d be permanrul. It vill be a great ileatdcraitn
to all future overlaad imuiigrantioo a* it la at
i?t point wlicre tl-e linnrnrraiita realise ?R the ri sl
ifK1 ra ot Ihe rout", for II b-lated there, they munt
ix-b hli..uld ibiy not rcceiva hrlp from this side of
I* utoiiuiain.
In ih* Southern mine*, up the San Jov|iitn. mauy
uroer* have I>v*b < < ii imiu d wiihm three or four
1-ek.i (at. BtuMly t) Vu cans and Cbitluna upon
u.erlian miner. Tbia elaraan coiupo-ed 'u nieat
in in ivjivirn kdu cum 1i1h" mm nave alw iyi in?ied
tl<? roadt t.l Mexico tu l South Auttfnrit nod in
ie *i-ntberu milieu tb?y havi- uioetly coutfregat-d.
net tie foril|(B niluir* lax fcu bet n in operation,
ej have b?en in it constant ptate ol iliienntnl. and
vi lal timet coeatjiy uiwidere have li--u tract to
tern The rfti-cl will h*. tLai when the American
>} ulu'tiio pi-t ?ufflei.-utly n-.ii id. they will receive
i) tnli reeard ot their mifdri-'le >t l*Mt.
lfct ??tiU-iunita iri-rutlj lorniid on Trinidad Bay,
Id at the mouth of lb* Ktamatb near the Ortlou liu
i?e bait ?omo dioturhaiicr with the Indiana At
unibntrtt. and ali-o at Klaniath thera have been
Achillea wi'h tbe nei(l.bO(i(i|( tribe*. beeauaa of
eir piliirii'u tr< m the aettUr* ti^hi or t< n Indian*
i-re kil> ct i n tach orctnu't
Thi re l *? ariiM.a, and u^u-t rojtiuu* to aritf, touch
ft! cully abi tit the evttliuf on vae\ut land*. Tlie
rgi ptante claimed ULder Maiioau title. b*a pla*-d
I the bent locatn.oH in iba rounlrjr in the Linii of a
w ?ba think It li-nltluiate to tunrt tlieir ovnrmbip
r*M>n w here tbe retller ooiibldi-ra the 11 lie Imperfect,
me roMiakat* had taken idaee in *?v*ral |>lao.? from
in ranee, but at |if?niil there II calm ill Ulie pal-olar.
Kn n tba Britieb eoloaiea in tbe South Paoiflo. wo
id many airival* within a lew day* |iwt. qiiiu a
ade ba? ?|irung up lelwuu tin ir |>ort? and dan
'aucwoo. and moat of the nubetantial rlaas of vegetai'h
in thi* tuarktt hive beam imported from that
Am regard* oar city affair* we are in eorne ponfui-lon
lout flnancei The nec*??ary outlaje are lar<e fortha
t Jear. for ef tablohinn na i (Kclent lire d> partem.
bi?|ilikl>. lit . will rail lor tolerably lieaey tas.
and ii ti I it the treasury brume* replenished by th*
opi r revenue oriranixatiou, we eha!l labor under
me eiiibnra--in**ni
I Pr?m th? Kla??r Tiaiee Jnly IS ]
Tb" atran *T t? niifsi-ix" l*a*ra Han lauuifco on th*
th lot. Tim tor che will carry to tho Atlantic
It Intkrd (ur * lib *?*n aom than uausl iut??)
ai.il nu xi?i y. tim k?|i?- tU'l frtn of txu < of tht<i
t-l our l?lk?w rouuir jm-ij bang upon th* tiding!
bluh fvirj fortnight "ill But hring thra fi' io
itndo and lunar. ! far away Nor a hoaarhold
rtughout lb* l?Li|ttb kid fcrraJlli of r ur talnrr Im<I
it l> li in. J ky the ?trong>*t IWi of affrCtlou to n>i?
riilirr *b? U< four tr m ih? lanllji rlrtlr (o mt
rmar In' alifi riil* Ml'h drcp i-infl- rn art- lb" ar>unt*
?ailt< ahch thall lui>*t with Joy ur iorm?
iv d< mm! 1 c h-arth The |?M h?* >* arrlrrd
bn a jii't ccnciuoon ran b? mchiil a* to th* orar.
eta tbl> k a ai 1 1 b<- b<>rd<*? of lnmlKraata, ho In a
w *e. k>,aill l>* iiuoib?n-<l aninn* our population,
iiaicia (f mrrrautll* di-aat<-r* aud fioanelal dl?turbier?
In our nld t, ?ltL ih- ir tn<Jlra* tralu of *?ll. had
* u r ir fbr a Mi " in Itr Ka?t Hut MX dlap'll.-d by
,i?ra<??irc? A f It>11< of rotlilmrr ao4 otrit; In
) affair* el California li ta|.ldly Raining groaud
I road and a?itli<i| i? now uitiei^urii tha1 ma; not
ji.nrin It. Tradr ha* w-ttl-d into It* rtguiar aud apII
}rtatr thatiiu 1 . *p?culali?u la not r.la am >.14 ua:
nil not In ikr oiitft rountile*. ar? tha ilifrm>i
aarh'iif bu*lnra* pur*a?d with mora *lric? and
low at-nllrn to tha dcflnit* dutla* and raaponaibtll
which attach to th*m. Y.vrj prnt?r*lou ladixBpa'toa
haa lt? ablaripraM-atatiT**. *rdul?ua aud doI.i
d to thitr r*?p-0ti*a railing*. Vbc ebaoa and
MlWtn im'nraliy l<"'k><> lor unoar th* .Iriniu
IMllii a l|,nH luff yl- Id*4 plan*
j a K'fl*l, political a'jd ronmx'vlal nrd?r. In th" *u<
> nu Dt of wblrb 10 country I* mora f*>or>d
lie t mpoiMt r.oud ibat ban/- upon our hopta I >1
?f-idy tt'iailotou Into th* b~?tbwrh<>'Hl of Itta'.** will
on b> (1>i( ril> d Our local troublra ara nut of th*
?|tliad> ahlrb dtManm tnlg'it aaorlba to th>ui. Ni
lorta ot anirniirie* ba*? jot bwea direct' d to th?
iHh.taiar i.l H hi'llcr u a ft i*r at an >1 lair with Iha la
iai? 11 l? thcuoibrBt ?p<iii <ba K?n>rci?>il >1 I >n<
lata Ibalr ?rno?? k?4 ImmMm* attaalloa to thi
ii?l)ii?Lni'ui ni proper rilitl iM ?itb Mrw aavaaa
?<v?, abo?* action* *r* B< * r a tailing a l-rtiai* rrtrl
ulioo allk? OpoB lh? liD'K'tn and the guilty
Tt* m'-takra |> ltrj wh.cb <llctatrd lb* larjlag ol
rintMUnt T?? upon a particular pnrtt-a of tua
ill r< h?. ii'rt rla* to k ai wt lam*a'ab *
: '? ot iti'K In lk?m rrgtonv *mr> It ehiod/ oii>n.-d
both tbra* aad tb* ladlau di't arlitaa** ar?,
tibi ul dotal' ?r-atl? aiaggarat*4 tbruagb tba pr???
rl. ikil atri'it. rip<i> ta t la ; ! *< Ii?m it* oantii*
ra ill* ta ami.J quailara la inluiiaattrl; liw truo
In ail-latin iiHiiiftt ka which I* r?ap. aaiUI* for iauk
11hi* aboa'd br p*r*tnpl?nlj luprtmbi > * 0?a|r?i
I'l MliBli'ia at tha gart-ral g >> arniaa'it la at -o da?'
tf'd tatb* proapt d-ilaiu ahlrb aoald qaiat tba
inn n?? itl la ralatiua to Iba tltlaa of proptrt/ *bl< li
i ' mattaa ailatad aanng in, and lb* raatiaaanM
I ?bl<-b If lall i f lataotlt* octal di?onrd aad iMaf>f
a* la lb* pubil# Waal
]m ?f >.<a mi'?. ?n li B"N rlcarljr oo?.
<et<d * lib tba ea?*aniaat?>a w< tba aitnl <-l?a ol
ai faiala boa lk> *?taMi?ui?. ot uf i*a*raa?at<> aa
on ol> airj I aatBoa Ja?t tr* aad a pr->par *t.* ol
bat la 4a* bar gru?iu< r?itarira am ant pi rrnil
p??ipa*aB*i?t M tba amarr b-yoad Iba Oral prtod
I tta pr acl lo'i bllltjr
I'afi aaoaat ib iiaportaraa ta all a?b*f Itlrlli^itl
k b |t<* forth bom Ihia i*iatrf. I* a tra? aad caai.
b- n?|va via* i.i tb- : ??* aad pri.*p*at? at lb- gr?al
d<- lop?a? at *biab at pravaat tVHIitM
hi nv> i > I tl>BH<i vf (k? vialib ni oar Hutu It glrri
a i a*t ?*a< tion ta or* Iba ua arr?u> abl?* r* pra-"n > a
i< ? b ai*< ur>>at . bt'Ugb tba Kaat.aad lor *bi< k
nr etH?apanart*-* bna ara ta a dagr?* raapr>a>iMa
hat < r'a a lat?r?ata aoy d*aa ib-m..i?? proiel*d
If lb* vflama ratk*>qnaat bpon tba Irralmiaa
i ft?pg?iatad r>p<na of g'>id*n )Vl4n. it pltin i? In
. d-Mi~<l Hut a bila tb* lupli- trutb I* av all tail
i. nl ?o crowd our ?ba.r>a aad b?.iB4art+<'*l<b ? ari
tlrt'Htf*K>? )a?l> I* rama, ?* caaant ctcoa. tb*
rItdtH I Vfclfb ?u*y*ct. anj ol Ibt m to *~al-*t if|<?p.
oti.tBvnt It la i.at ftraag* lk?t a oiaual frvd-i of
h. n ar.j arriunta of ?ua which bar* rtaaarod la
art a I* f-a-aliMa* ?b?uld oblata a tola* ttoa of tba
ravtil rrvbttv of BlniBf poraiumt. tb-*- paoultai
talaBi**f? ar* W'TJ a?tur?l ma -f ai lor tba parai?|>bi>t
bm II la aiII u?4*r>'?'d bj Iba owad?*t?ra
I lb* Mm ba *'! la iba Raat an bara tbat ikaj ar*
aatn-irlilav '-a vbirb al?n* la luoad a pr*ip*r aaiItala
al Iba r*a? arraa 11 a (i.ui'iT ?t of Ilia pf l ?l?l?
rtmb- ? la ba h?*>? tbar?-on A aaadld oplalna af t ha
vi raga pr>idaatli*?-aa M la bar t* tba iaia?* aid
ul ?ailif arnal *l!h lapranviaaa g?;b*rad frva
aljirt Mi airraid* 4 aa to rnarfa-1* Itmi 6 " dollar*
ri .lar at mm- i l aa ill* t'f lu? aa*v?a
I I Hi# Tim rnatpr- b?n.ta tt.a. f?l bud ?or*.-r?
lil) A aaat tiioi ntll o?,lt In . n.^b i* ?fii
i rt^nlrn) 10 th. ir Tin ardaMr
|>bt>lral tlltUM Ta^mf. d IB llr ktl
??if D Dwrnlfl, iM tl.ara arc tbo'a <r> 4
< ? I n.r'"if r>(?M thaa ara boo ^raa .ail to
dura lk?? lu la I hat 4-**i tBi-. at of
il-jt It I* do! J ft HBia to ba ad>l ?1 '4 tba
Kr?l ol tba praat daina>lDg n^ftilvn that bar*
ran |( I'd Mi Ibu KII'III In a f- >r ka n -ra
?} *? ill ba lr id 11-im ?h< ?lai:valy on thla k -Int.
li. arisoan'a |j'.?i Iba Trinity Mia* oh.th??
B ai.j r?>li-4 li tb>- Otacwai rj H tba B< porta of
iiBidad afij liuBibotdt ?" iwt ??; lilurni| tba
jMtlga ?" ' ? aB4 ?na?ral.If pruduatira
t a <B1 *l> tarbaiira* ia tba i>?lh>rB aiaci kar? akI
b?a lac a>< at ?n<an b la t b?t i^aarnr f K? Taba
14 I ntUr fi'ara I'U maiataia IkHr yMiraac*
la Aaitlaa* Cnl atalrlxt la y?t tba aa>>a' M ipali.ua
1 ana *|.h tba nw^liaa <4 tba u.nd I a*? 4I>itnlaa,
bat I'ltla ci an aat'lta* taar> t? iraprd
I ai |b tba (Uaarf II I* ana aa 11-4 tba'. aairaaa>ly
%M il?|la(a bara kaa fxtiad ia tb- ratltm i;ia< a*
la am. a al tba FaaUl r r.frf Tba aarraaaa laaia|
at Mtaatba a(aaM lakaa la laat <|aariar bara
.in awl 4rartM| >raaynt?< aad *mt aaaltri
an- going thither. It id a * in alt aourm of regi?t that
thciN> w?idrrful gold torlc* arc btemuliig l?8i fr?|
qui nt. Md It lull; MDiiwiiHlfil by thv l*ct tint for
;>an to com-, ti-n limen the iirewitt numlior in tb?
| mice* ran And profitable orou|>at inn In tbe portion of
: th* roiintr; alr> adjr cxplnrvo The Or?g.>n dtaoornrte*
?rr nat y l ??ll rcrrot>or?t*d The ?xniuma'ion ot ihd
r curWiu rlopn of th? M?-rr? Novuda bun junt coinnt'Dord:
l'ar*i>D (irtmk Ik wtfrttlLml t? yMd good r?
turn* mid rx|iiMlitloua thllbrr b??? boeti llitvl out
l ftrn tlii* rlijr ultbiu the ?wk.
i Although many nuM t* grirroutly disappointed
- J ft the timer *1 pronproU for nrw com<>rn. who will b?
r pourlug in by Lundrt'do daily, for thn n?it thim
I ' inontha are not disheartening We eiucerrly truat P
. j tbm Itirjr li?r Wd apared Ihe alaltalton* of alalia *? ?
, on i belr li'ng journey, and Ibat they will arrtva loll of t
I ' ?Urr *m) ? ' ur?g* to .titer upon their ardunna car-or b
I and that h kind Pro?l<?a?ra niay prn?p?r thair effort* b
l to tho kltumiitul ol au honorable ludependaaca. Jl
Arranntl froiu tit* Hlnti, 8
I THE *A< KAXKMO KtflKIN?'I'HK li >,.D I. At It. "
I The Hlacrr I tmet of Monday. gl*a? tho following **
an being it e diht definite information Iron the region "
I ol ' (ioid La k?. ' an Itm new digging* ia tha BuuuMiui
r <-f le ather liver hart Ix-en callix) -i
| 'Our Information Indirect and of quit* a dacidml ol
I ' rharacter. and ?? do unt b>*itAia to plane tbia lutein. P'
> g> noe before our readrra coupled -?|ib (ha aaaurauca /'
I thai ?? Hie etailufr facta 4'apt. h , welt and favor- ~
I ably known tocltitcna of the Uppur ttaoruni^nto, an "
ioiniigiant of the overland army ia<t yeai lian arrirmt P
in ftiM city directly fVom the naw digging* Tb.-y *
are aitualed at tha bead of one of the tributaries of *
Vlather Hiver. ara aeveral mllaa in extent h-anug 11
?a?t< rly. and dUtaut oue hundred milai !rjin Mary*- *'
Yllle ?"
Partiea letting out from tha town on Feather or J1'
Tuba rivi r?. crota tbe great plain aud itrika the for- 10
Di< r Ktieaui near th>< rauge nt hill* forming tba ha*? of
tbe Uold Mountain*. A difficult road oomtuenrea ?*
after entvring Ike mountain* froui Hidwell'a btr,
whi-h rontw.n. a to Note n a (Jreek?and hera animal*
lor tran?p<>rlatli>u ol xu|ip)le* ara brought up " ttin
country lixi mi n wild and broken even to a Jyr e
ol grandrur The route lie* up the Hlr-im (whb-b '
dt-riira ita n*mo Iron the earllaat adv?uturar on it*
watir*.) anil along ita margin overhanging whi?h,
cliff" i f quailt tower to the Height of a hundred fret, *'
' th?- *idea peth etly precipitin* tha entire ' jti til of tbe "*
I MhHH jofcfhey
At tl:e head of Nelkon'a nrwk lla tha ftinioiii "do;4
l ake" dlggn g>, ?o ctyied trwoi a large bo ly of water '*
whnli If ti'lltd there at ibi* time Tlie*? digging* ar* i *'
at rurh an altltu la ab.ive th<? level ?f the plain* that i
tli* atmoephere in pore knit ln*V.oratitii( Hold In !
tfiiiid m K"'"' ahuadauce otcr a larrfe tract of <|Utrta j
region 1 be ilrht at d'poxtt* are bettered to be at a m
llliiKlirr o( bn ft rt twin* Uk rartun W? fcini' 1* per- '*
I't ? I I]om i h>' yield ut ilie <"?riti from tire io sight "
leet bcm-ath. The koIiI 1? coirw and beautiful P'
("apt k *tat??htH ronrinlnn that, tn"-* are rlotai-r *
j dieting* thou any yet di"en?erad In tha Northern '
; I'ltnr Mm were niakiui; lri>ia ooe to 0?? hundred Pr
dollar* pel U.ij milh ?a>r Man) tbouaat In Km con- r*
pr> gating ti er-; tha captain ny* "tile mountain* art l"
TuU <>? in." The time of tbl* diacorery appear* to *"
! bare been in Fi-hru?rj Iv-t
At Maryn'Ile. ' packera" ar.i continually atarting
I ant t?r * tiol l t.ake.' aa it I* p riietiogly calUd Som?
of tin- predion* exp**dltIon* arc returning wora out
with 0??r on* hundred pack aniuial* l-H '*
M*r>*ril)e a bitui^ay tur thru <i?* di^if'ag* on
i Flatter rl>?:r. * '
(Vein 'he Itacimneuto tran.ertpt ] *l>
I A friend Iroui Nevada iufutiu* u* lhat the stream* ' '
that run I brooch that plaee railed Gold Run of winch
rurh FurprirlDK aecnuut' Intra h-en uiri n, hara been I
all du( o?ef. up to the bill* iu wbn b thajr commence *"
Ou e< llilug to iLr liilie, h .eer.T. the lead* continued **'
, e*tr> mely ri< h ai il th? nun-r* are at it I working lot* *
| tbi bank* ID wine lliataiiee* forty feet ot earth h??* "*
| barn tnrown ff betuie reaching tba d-porli* ?>t gwli. ! ""
aLd a' the laborer eoDtiuar pen>-tratio/ the atuouu'. | J"1
to l?- r< mo*?U ?IIJ iner?a** *himm tha k Id l? JJ'
i rtarhtd it I* found In large <i?iantitle* One party ot I J '
' fnir or 6*e Hi- n took out u?? pound* 10 ou* day j 1,1
{ Oth?r* wne ron-tnntly ?tnkln? p.aee* where lar*" | J**'
}irlJ* mr? obtained- >ay from three or four ouur'i |
I to a pi ULd a da/. Of n ur?e the lari-r aliara wrre not i 'l
> *o lortunat* t^ulte a eeii"U? vrid'Ut bap| i-ned Is | j
1 the aide ot one ol there liUU la t Buoday Whi!n I
' party of foui mra were d ri;iiiK iinil' t mlma; a place, I
aud fnllowttig a bait Into ttu< bnok tha earth ahor* I
, ta?? d In wpiiu tbi-ni. and *11 were ertuhed to death In
, H.M.'IJ dill lot maul ilid not t?' w then u?u?'
but lb-y aire Ironi the Ptate of Main* | al
The hula and ratine* around N*v*d? bar* alt the pi
I *|p*aj?i,<? ol L?int; ?erj rich with goll It lui j V?
1 lately Le?o lonnd ri atten d promireuourly o?er tha pr
' htil-. nmed tu With the Tfiy top ?otl Where tha earth Mi
j le llebt ami I'u-iy like a-be* ijaiie a lar^? number | w
aj? eiiyaxed Iti yat b> I tug up th * toll front the bill*, I ot
and l arKiiig It ou mulea. or eait4n( It to l>*er C'rark,
?l>< re tt If a ael ed
Nevada I# b* c< mlnff liT?ly little town 8o?ie tear , j,,
or 1tl-f ti-in I i . "pie in- -?'d in be In It* ?t'-inlly. ( ?
1 he dl|(^ilifii are uot now an i riOtably worked a- Ibey I tl
b*v< bei a during lbe pa*t winter and *pri if Water' Bl
' I* ?r?rre, and only lho-e wbo at. ike rich placea or :
hi Id rlai?? near the eiewk ?o that th?y ran affoid to] p,
\ haul ihe dirt i<> it fiw wai-hing are makiair thdr labor . a,
j piofilable Our lnl< rniaut *lalr* that auo S. r win' r ) j?
tb% *e dl|tK'Df* *tll doubt if*-, h- a* ?uc.-e?. fully work- [ (l
><l i>riT and lii thr country around thor?- will br i ,,
' rooai tor aln.o.t any mailiar to work with prulli tfur ra
t?n Bllrr an tit d Nrirdt. Ihr H'tlndrd ?pp' ' I of
thn r?ut> r> 1? ??t lotilar iod (<lil kw ?' a fuutiJ
In |rrtirt 01 ijuatiUtUa tu aliu ?w; plaeo tlul
baa h?t* prnapactatl ^
W# ba?? iainligrar* dlnrt trua ikia p-itul. lb rough ?
I Mr. Iraak Brt>wa tb? gatillaaiaaljr cr?|inrtar of tba (l
llaif aat llouaa <n lb* Auburn road Ima of b a B|
fritcda I? about lo at art wltb B?? wag ?aa krartl) la (a
ii< D. haalog prulou. j aiallrd tba )il?o? lla r?|?r?- ?,
o? ata ih* ? k>tt| <N|ual lau;ln oar alatuliy. ^
Iiaikp pr<-i<rt-d tli- u. bimx lt Uut al Ibrw pa at nil* oi
? l larth aaabid an rag* al lit# dollar* prr pan u u
rrall)?l. Itil It t> lil> if Inmi tliat a larg?* proportion ?|
I thr a mif ran'f ? U "dim ttrta *b? aul rrljr whollj a
upon I b>? eitjr tor fuppitva ti
a i.fvr wimitixti twhty ronTM. ?'
| It km bu't Ihimtbi k; tain; p>r?o> la tba Hiatal.
i>>l ?lih mi'umi too tliat iniiia of tba aoooaata
|>uLlt?ln d in California rrltlln to lba rlrbuvaa ol our *
B In* art altliir l<o hlgbij> rnlorad or wlltully flagf?iatol
W a l.ara lo-n-tolor. agpiata.d our opinion la "
Irian bra to tba llrbliiaa ol tbi-narthrfu Bint"; *f?r/ *'
oaj'i rf'tila aa4 tl|?rlrtrr ?tn ugibra and roaflrmi J'
Ibal'plulon l.*?' rimliiK w? aiamlnod ib? lari at *
lun p ?<f f '4 at b*li> w tirr dog m California, It u
D ilturi cl quart* and K'?l-1. tba wbola wrigbla^ th r / J'
Li (iiirr., tf.j froaa lba t at a mad' It '
"rmiiml that tba lump roataloa ah- at S poauda '
of purr^Md Thlx naBiau'lb plre? ??i dag irocn a "
ttmr la tba in digging' b>t*?a tbaXorth and >11<( ''
dlrkorkaol Tukari?>r. Ok' location knoaa al ika ['
Jin Ciuw diggtaga). t/dr W ililaa II Juliu* ol N?? ''
f V it (III till Wl .'oau flrttr. of .1rw urtaaix Th?
fitifiL.-i I a I ' -I. a ) . ar 11| 11,? . {fin a an 1 had "
i.ot atria.'d naaf tab d'll.ra a (<a# At? ?|f and I'
raftax I.I d takra j ' >awl< a of an '<ld liola ahlrb Dad '
>t a wua k< d tut a*d riaaan<dby tan ar?rqa< find- *'
lug I bat tli ) roulrt Dot ?brk < adaaniaf* wtthiat i '
llaiblaa tl< aatir oil thi<i duaau?arbarrauai and *
t' iwt > 'ba >!'( raaii?aaa?d w?. k *'
Tb>) bad worked Htrtt. li?ar> wh?n oo- of llf-m ''
tb< i<kM b? j,.- I a (ilna 1.1 fit jutting out fma
lbs 'inli la tba cabal obi h tba; bal dug
In riirj II tba a?tar fruiu t*>a alia kul> ? '
lia . la naaiiui- It tad la llt| iluk> pura
a.rtai baurxa I rib bit ran aif* ?irap-1 ia? dirt
|o< * aiMibd it. ahllr It m*'I !< d to |r<< lu^rr aad
lai?> r. uail lb? t? lit/ boa id luaip naan ?-ol..>.i?4 1
tati. <i al bU Iwt 1 bfj k?ak 11? w? ui?c a peal-aad
t-rirl a?4 naittdull la Mar)?IHr h?f?ik?j i n '
b0.r? d III uMi It* i wbl<-b ibtj ralu??d rhaf ara *
rabibillag It at M?Ka'.gbt a Aati-r llnta-l. at tilt aaata *'
p. i b-a?i I l?a laiiaa Irnat a blab l?ia aiaaim?ib laap '
aaalakaa.la antblag mora tbaaaaaall bra-k rua *
a tig tbrongb tat Itr granal rm? t-aailf * tlaa '
>i?h aa.d i> a? ?rr.d *Mb a rlrb aaat *4 flftaa It *a? "
Itundabnaa two btl M*a lk? >aHtaa Tba y<* iag
kiaara na tb?lr wmj boaa* aad vmRaat to r<-o(l(a '
Rnuta <ro?a a? hli.lt. .g It la tb? flat** ?
orto<>- nu on run nitni nu
Wa bau t b pi- a. nr? j?.l. rda r ri??rila| t akllt 1
aiib I'r Ji??|.b I r?j ?-l Ufa \?rk. aba baa M?a
I* i k tio.i* la lb* H> ?|i?at tba *lal>r ?a
botib Fork and i? n >? l>ftt>| en l)r>gai Mar o? ol .
th? Urk.a? u iHj l r?urh da al ?aapl ?aa aiart* t? I "
lutlkrm I i" lH< I "Int la?t a * ' 'I , '
altar tamafaa VWai?$4*bra id b-laf J
??an d Ian ia'e la tS? n a a 1 ha aark l? la ba
lr?l?idtb*rri"atiika>r l?r I r?j a??ur?a a? that
ibi? bar l? > i)i> a. \f rlab tad ? b ??a bad tb a*, a ' '
aura < aaikmr ? ' <b* gratia 4 at I ja.lgiag f"f ?ar- "
nltm, ?.tt; liria ilarlai tba r??t ?mi>r fa rat "
?mb l?f lk? ri maliW" al Itr alataaiaota Hn?* *'
l?ad> katajHld- d * blgb a? I III l*b aad tliad
$ ?? and lllllili A al ghl t?lt ?f (<44 a'.iar-?d
thrmrgb trail; rurj laad abl-b allbaugb bat
Iaili.aai.tr aitrt aoni P wf er nai<l> raM? <t?p< b yl-ld?d "
fitt?tba btaatfI At praatet awt murh la di lag. '
> i apt by oaj of preparation forlba nam*iagnp?ratl na *
1k?i araa larg- aaa.Ur of aalaarr at aork. bad tba <<
piare la fbt> lika a ante**
M" liatlMH sbaR Airatra*
Almt (lir ni.iatliia aid-al Aaburn, a larga raalar di
I aa latal; baaa riaalrat |U ar arc l?f.>ru?. d l?jr ?f h
Hall. <<i 'bai nrlkllj ; md found tu br ritrrkaMj rlrk at
altb gi ld Tl.ita n.il.a r>f it Kao laaa lain pma r|
to IIh?>?4 rmrh though H aill tr i?u
>11 .. fv tahr ..ut Ibr pM hat..-a >n?lb?f r
Ihfff li?n ?!>* wir Th? t'-md in Athi'r* rr?t>i ,
Ihl. r?<ln. * III lor I hi- la.l f-mr paop'a ha?- l> an ? > ?
? '!) <>*at It. lihoai ??? ? aapaatn.g ttia *'
trnitrn tt it>
Moll After THK
[friA l)? iwimrMii July 10) **
* d ?tth a a*mlr nau to 4 who tia? "
Juai r?tu/1/ d 1r> > *? <r? h-i?~*a lha V*h? "
rn?r MiAt'iik k< tiitfih* t ri?ar rt? rapra. '
? < *'?r il'.alf rift. >*? lunpi I
tat? !at?l? !?. i. !?? t mil Ki g high ? ? <4-';
a par*) jaat ttmii htn>, iM? H'r-. p*r ? ?
? u# Ink ??> t'M I* ?? '"? r??<l if'tm U? ? * .
? i.. M)i lit w) h. fiu Imk.r rt if II
li >r| h'? i.rtlriai'h* riH^i'i'M >intli nu li
??'? N ! ?4 'fr l-nl rt ihr m? ?|ll ti
ii???> in iifli H|mr> |i?f I'l ?iili Thi anion la the n
d?J <t'*? h" aotk ?r? a akin? an at?-ra?a uf ?l
||. * I > Th? (>?r?? ?t?h whi'h lh.- g aiUaii la tk
|iMMli<llr latlna l.atiifa ?>* p?? nay aa l h hi
4i d th?-| l|?r? ta pa) haad* an iikaio pa? ?af vfcaa m
tb*r " tta.'i.ra regular afataUaa* ?h? rtrar a/
DA Y, AUGUST 22, 185(
Thr Orrrl*n? Kmlgiatlmi.
(from li.?i Planer Tioixii j
From the Ik?I dTic<>? w* rau obtain ralatWr to tha
<<ndillc? aod |mo> paeta at tbf coming iimr'/ntlot,
i In iTidrui i).at they will tocouufar 4ilBnultl?ii anil
ritauon* awr rrr?i. r than tin ir |>rrdro<-?#ora of Iwt
r? . Tim la'riit'Mt of ik? M*a*f>o wbtnh baa k*pt tha
rax* hark ?eT*-r?l we< k> allrr l:< uxual tutton of
huudaur* ha* eauwd a ureal loan ol animal* to tk >m
'h(%a era eager to |iu*h n at tb? e*rli--?t moui*ut. Tb?
buitiiOur a|ritri>Ka(l<-ii of nuuiti r* travelling t'lC'^ar
ii IP* luuti* will tenner their daily citpply otauiuiti
nvmder trauty aid prtrarioua Kioni tha failure of
In ir taaui* by tbefaauu lik? ciuiwi, they will be com
Hid. wr frur. to I trow a*ay nuiih -t their proUinua,
and it can acarcely huppeu othnrvla# tban
bat a Kraut daai ol fufleiing and waat w'll en?u? ,
etor* the) n aoh their di-aMuation Th? report ma la I
> arniall pmpwiticn whoh ban >lr?ady arrired from
be (.Uiua coutirui* 'hee? iaiprckaiann Many bate
rrn roupiileu (o kill their uulmnU for iuod; and,
tiding it iiupo-cibli' to pico< ?-:l ou their journey. ar?
aitn.g in tbe Impa ot > ing recruit?*i when tbona
bind thru niDr up There it row d i.ib'.lcsn a iar^e
rttlemeut iu the vicln ty of I'itt Hilar
T>o dlit otrry ot eiteDNlve and rinh diegiugi at
aiton'a Crrek and other point* oo tlia saltern ?lope
t the mountain*, i* woll aubata jtiated. Wor? euplltii
placed there. it in aridi-nt that a nntiaidnrubia
r?p<>(tM>D of th? iiutuigrai ion would remain th-re
n u err hint" and trad*! an opport/tiniry I* now pruned
fur a profitable antarpriaa in eNt ablishing i d?
)t near th. aa point* There would bo a earlaToty of
i >ad back. a? uiany ah' b itj lout their animal*
mild return ihn une of lb^>? ol th? freighter* running
light Ibuf-. while ptri-nuul lotnre.1 and at
Mitap? would augment action upou it. charity and
JiuanllT urge the moi>t n-riou* aUontion to tb? ?ub
el?I affording timely reliet to tiuadred* of our fclw
rouiitryaieii ?h . may I" nurturing fr> tn want of
u(<hl eiery uec?a?ary of iilo on ibo T?ry threshold
our tilatu.
KtHte ?r th? Itivrm.
(>'roiuih? i'laoar Tiuiwa, <i uly 11 ]
Tb? waivr in tbw eUoraun nto Keathei %nd V iba
rera rontiouea to faii aieauuy abool one loot par
r< k It will #oon reurb it> iownai ?bb The onats
j;ir to And difirulty in getting up huh a* >lir*?- j
He. In a ?horl tiuie they will uot be aide to p?*< ib.? |
r- and the abort and narrow b ud? at and below th* i
i ii' h ill IbvVulu* rhe draught of (he liana and ot .
ri-ral of *be ?ma lor ?Tean?er?, i* *n Itgh', howerer. |
at ihera ia no doubt but thai. they will run to Klixa,
id ptobably to Yuba City, throughout tbo ??hju.
ry??llle can well atlnrJ to yield i* in'' of her ail range*
to lier uelghbvi ; and tii?n?, loo proiun" noon
ritnl that gre it pijBiur of I tic tow n* a*?n?e Sacraento
We Tear* that th? mi ?t eit?*OMfa pr>pa.tion*
ara boing made at tbe-e polot< for tba freak
IIimJi. r> jini-rom hnildlbi:! being erected,
i Nbuu<lanru of proTvTiU?r l<?r lb* coumudiptiui of
nialt to b>' UruJ lb ttvixhtiu* ' * fecured. Their
ti'inquiiy to a ??>t region of the rloh<ot tiiinioic
ivntry the facility of lutercourae t h-rewith whir u
M ' Djoy caauot tiut plari- th-ui at mi larly p< ri.Hl
ncuK tbu niot.i important btuiinrt* town* in Oalitnla
Tim ft rat Wagon Arr?u the Plulna.
Mr. William II. Moon*, of Mianawaka. St Jaieph
>uot.y. Indiuna ray* the Faciiait tiln Tunmipt, of
i-Hli inst . rraehed thia rlty with bU a agon ami
koi Jenterday. bringing hi* Ijnji'.y, coti?l>-tlng nl wifa
.0 aon. with him Hp lett Mt. Juaepha Mi), on the
tbcfApiii leaving Fort Uall on tlie right, a id Salt
>ke <n thi* left llo took the -{tuhletta cut-off," ?nl
[lowed It and It* couiimuaMon. lnteraeci inx tha k'ort
II road on liuft rivrr. ihereby aaving ou* hundred
lira travel He touod thia p ad grw>d and e*y? tha
It of croealng Ih- plaiua la U"t audi a (Treat oan a t?r
Thirty mile* ot bin rout* ?u our >o?t tweutve
to thirty feet de-p but Irun u bard that tha
>|i?n did not rut much luto it lie f mnd ua
Itrulty in rtO'MO(? the inouulain* or tha duMirt no
uble with the Indian* and pleutv of t?ed for cattle
a anla.aU rouMet-d of Ore American florae* an l
ey ate In Bret lata coudltioo. Ha tir?u|)>t gra.n
uu|b to ft ?d them tha flr?t thousand mile* Mr
mre *iy* there vera a number protpecting and
pgiag tor (old IB CaltOB Valley lie aaw auiae of
e i^cmeu; tbi Urj.-t lump ha heard of having
i b iound ?ai Ofteeri dollar*.
Mtarallanaou* l.aral Itraaa.
IV mi hi the Alia Call torn ut July 1 ]
*rrL*a ? * kind Ir1?nd presented a?, ye?ter<Uy. with
hf containing about a park of tin*. I tree ai??d apifc.
rt very ticb Oati-r. They ware brought Iroia
n 1H? men ? Laud, an J were In an nKieUeat atlti *1 I
enervation, ant withered Ilka tho*a IwoukIiI fram i
tatiaii 1 d tliia auuutry an appla i* lo le-d a rarity.
- hereby caution all peraoui agaiaat tM;>ai>lu( la i
i* apple orchard
(Vrom the Alt* l'alif<>ral%, July S ]
Thi tviii.li Uniaict?In waiting tnrougb the
m-ed dtatriet yeneeday. we w--r?- i^rii-fled at i h? a I
tared etateof forvarani-ea ot tba buildings. M.iay ol
le street* are Dearly t built, and merchant* ar-<
flag In and f.'lurner.rluit au-iu?r? a.'iln frorth*
on 1 ar* tha tenement* are of a lighter aad leaa amuslve
i baracler than thoea ilealroyeU by tha lira,
id are nearly all one , to.-y in height Thl? i* tha
t I<?liry to | ur?n? uatll brirk can ha bad for a
ifflaiauti/ BtoOerate c.iui to enable p>ra< na to erect
ibetantial building* lb aa?the( ro intb t be emharueaett
ercaetaned by the lata fire witl be alniuet
(From the Alta California, Jaly 4 )
I.ikbtt foL* ? The Carolina. oti her re---rt tris
OKI MTrynn brought dn*n. t< a praaa-nt from th? initiitab
ul (bat t?irlt?ri to tka nt? of rnnelK*,
i 1*1*117 I llrm of tlmbxr tlw tB"ti?i fjtMli
1 [I uui It t* on* liundraai and rlata-a frat lonf,
LMII Otr fool to diaiortur at thr lar<?r nl. tap?rin<
itilkvl) to abaut tbr?? Itrkci. and a> atraigbt a* an
TOW It >M talrn toi!i> I'laujMntla). a id prriralMa
?rr* Ciintn* d lor alatatlag it. a at> irt
Mat? ?r?t ?l tin arttiuo well It eoiua* Ju?t at
u? aickof 'in* and thl. morning tbi* faurih l>*y
1 >i 1 t t bta nain < ( hl-a-ny will pMut up tn tb?
lAbor af all Ubartj. an ladti of that ( uu a? patixtiB
tblik to cbaraetvrUUo ol th? Auerlraa
[from llka> Alia California July 0 ]
llama 1 ?>t Law Oa?a --1'Aaiaaaa // S*0<y anJ Vkt'Up
' I, ?pp?' 4*4i, ??. Thr Ha. ?. tin ? fV'IrlMftWl ,l?l>
>ia?w?atia Tba appvliaiitu r<niaaii-an<*d thalr prnoaad.
>> iu IW iVmi 1.1 hril luaiau.'M ?f ran fmin lri't,
a ''nut la Admiral); by llbnl and b>-f'ira dual
dp an at. tka ram a u uan. T-rrnd b; lh? ant nf ! ?
alaiura to tb? K?urtb Judlclaal biatrial wblrh mi art
?lul*>?d tk? ruH with acta and taboqikutljl, on
otn*a ?f thai iaapOTid>aU onia-rvd th? rlW-.iltula to ba
t* 4 ta ' ha- mm of %)hH Toe appwal aa. Lba-a laak-n
v iklr imrt tar Ikn purpose of pnxunii| a r> vai <al of
ka unhnflk* raart b.l.a, aili ?In* tba im .paaln, A
itataudaaalUMilil llika iMatrlntlowrt h.d adaalatl>
Jul aadtoltwa, It would lia*a b.-.-n aait n?*d ta al
uw rotiaial fwa. aa<< It coo?<r<J id tbal If It dill
at pa<aaa*? aarb Jarladlrtlna tlx- allowaa.-- would ba
H'ltiar It waa ?oaUn?t>d 01. thr para af terfuoadiata'
rouwl, that Iba Caartaf r Irat I a-taora
ad admiralty Juri?di<-ilva and that ia*?iiiarti aa tna
?t iaiur? iiaa?t>rroa ta thr DialrInk Gaaik all MBnuh'd
boliiMi paading ta Oaana ot tIrak lalam-a,
ach traaaiar would. In a aailliaia raw. <1 aa>f
lha >aa> Jurta?l?tM<* oa tha Diainat t'aurt, m ii
1 al Iwrait lit raatalalaMia'i 1/ tAe Vi?^ Aata waa mat
Ma taa ikia caaawfrp, u ar?a M m la(iWaMkl>
faairrf raaarta ??irk mfn au'.fW l? fV > /*.<-4
'? ? KM V *? < > tWn V
U?lli|> 4fll>?rr4 tka ol t'wMuri,
Iim it roald t>. t b? rmutobtblt k?ld U<ll tk? Ui?trw?
urla twou aaailraliy jun.u ^?t?n If II k- adaalua4
ka> lu. . oh?tli alma ul iif L atud aiataa < ? a *?ri uf
La law i I Ur isa.it The laal that qa?ati<iaa of eaalai??)
> bwHlna natnra ar? w^aifah1** Ml; la lt?
?4?ral t ??rta la U4 ?Mi aaitud iu n<|?ir? ik- altai<
it m in k ruif> ai?d it w"u.<l kardlt ? ui t? k? (ow
?! ?' al'k ibr nl|i>il; of ififcuBnl ?k<?" a??l*?ri
r? ??i?a %? iujiDiti lb* ma?titui!< ? al ll?l'wl?4
r? a | ait al Uwl of ak ?a? un ki? a??o ??' nf
?'??! ab<l ai? la t?rra it tt.ia roamry irairlf la
nvatdrr ah. ikar tkat l*<*r>tdi?ai ha- by ??>m? la?af
*1"" 0* fur I agi'Uiura la la *i??a4"d ?"f
k> |>?^< ( (kit rilala Tnat Urn aoa-uiaina I* la
ill li iw ant iffatt, la all Ika w;n^?t t?rilw*f of
k? I ilud Italai. la an arldaiil la k? ?rlua>l; ran.|" ?
" a<uuit of jaallca Allknadk a?i a-imto-4
C ul?Ma a* a Ittatr it m> | >1
I* la a Kiaia pitrtianii 4* fm-tm al |ra*< ?*( H *111
t 4?f<? lAMnaMfl fkk d??lar? atfala>t
Kff l*t*ar? of tka It lata a? ?ual> uadar iraloh ib-y
and a hot* laa> It la tk< ir duly l? i?f?w? It
III fuUxv tkat I a* IIMIaaU arrad la intr.?l?rii?<
kalr ra#r ibKi Iho bUitlri Court tar It a<IJadi?atloa,
ltd that Of ait rr?1 In )r?ra?diad a* a t.'uart of Adaliliiy
la ? M>ria( a Jiirfrarat lor a..?ta allnaia* ifca
a??at? th.ir aouuaW tr?? of ?a<*? faa jaaguM-at
r niln. tbMaW aliualaa lh? r*ap?ad?Bi? foaaaal
?? aa |<art al tha roaU or 'tbor?l>a. lar?*r*Md
[Proa tka Alta I'alllorala July * ]
kia Ltsitia - Wlllaa 0ir>y J?tx. I II M?r|r?a.
tub'* M lurn.au Hat Id 0 Nrodrrkk,
'?ir. a?d Major J It Km try. aara ad naitcad to praa?
aa attoraaya aad voaaaallora at la* la all lha
?arta of ikla ktara
(Proai tk* Alia California. Jaly ' 1
iaa??i^? ?4 ruaaway aiat?k rtax ? aa
iy aiakl tka dauahtrr ol .-n? of war o.4 r??IJ?aM
at tka krroia* and krl J?, aad hrr roaau tka h?ra
id krkaarmia Tkay war* iiii?t la a r-ry kr**f
ra of tlaa* ky oaa at oar r*atd?at ?la?|)aii Tka
>ai?a of tka partlaa ara of aa k?aall to taa yuktlc.
ifl ?. th?i-far* alihh.l.J than
CiiifMtu MM ml Mrt*Inlimll*
?rt? ImM ?t Lob? haft r?M W I
?)> ?
H.*T??nm Pmi Orrwc -0?l All-* lb? ipaolkl
M iffkl liu un.|>titin1 ?r>..|.l? l ,l?.n .' ii-b
f Kra . |n.iBul>r ii I ha flnuM-bni* l#?? ( 1art?
''* *f < ? hiu( ha? aril r"B|>l' "J '? <?
' ? tk.ra (ml a Ball tit (* 4??|>al*k< 4
ily ItIM ? k
Ti.? flit birittaiM Tkt lr-1 ?t?p tka
Imam ? f tV f rr tfrparnn?at
Un Iflti rtrr%r4 nil w ' ?**
mXr fdf Inri.i4 iul Aai<>M ?k- l'K?? ?!,
' ??! ta mrk* pah.la liB'ifilWi**
"Ihit riti I MI.M) 4 ill M 1?>M M ?|
'hill ilMuni ik> ?ia*|>l- I* lh* flf
1 ill t| haii Pranti.cn Tbaif iiibi * !! f rf>f
?aalali-a tb; taravl ?nt aa th- lih ? July <
a umft?a< i^^imiii. In lh(4r It a/ ill h%-i im
raartag Ilka ml llh-nt pma I*- * +?
Ik* 'I'll* tfca f??atm proparllaa ml !? arNIMI
ill. ri*ytk; ?ra old kol4>?r? nlhira' ru ?il
gjy V
. d??r BlfMni1' from biyboi.d It U out of such m?t*
| rlnl hi tblp (hut c must perfect nutl coinplHta tbo or
ganltatlon ot our tltr dipnrtncnl
IJuimv Pn.om - W? n uret to lirar t*>at tbla gratiaman
In ('III confliH'il to hi* b<ni villi r?v?r au<l in
T.rj low *Wt? of braltb. til* Ida. howover, ia not dcrpiiir*d
TiiiKi?*??iii-W? noJt.(oo<I yi>at?rd?y. tbnt
tb? n?-w ft??m> r Nrw Woild ill fw y?lH?cd on tli? runt a
N-twwii thl? rlf.t Mid .HuerHuii-ntn rnnniog la uounaatlon
?lih 111* HrDktor. on ?ltrru?in d?ri
Futiaha ? Am<>i>|{ tht* ttmtrmf-ri ia tbo I?Unntn
| vrbirb arriafert jeaierday l? Mr rboma* Myer lha oon- I
| ijoaror al Vn?k>*f Sullnan in a pu?iliatie nitoun'er ;
r-OMta year or two ago Th# " Yank. <i " it at 111 In t
parta. tut bin- out hi? luta-ntiOD of Tana' liig hy
the ? It itusirr I'tmufry ?r<'liiaky. another Ratio i
h?ro alao mme pa?K?n<t r on the i -ihuiua
M> hoeu Tama -There are thrau p?r>on> now in
coDflueMent id thin oily, hwhiiiiiu trial* on capital
ebargei< ? Witb*ri Iiant* U aud lieriial. ail for our laar
Tlt> Iiirtnet Court ha* tbe r iiniiiti^a of naiifcal
crluin and the jul** ol tb-*t court b?toi( u*?UU to
pn aide in ouaaijuence of aiofcnrae, tbi-ae trial* are
UeOII-aarily deiaYad
Tim Inmin ?TU' aalliaif of vh? l.'hmu* A* ire
h??e bi-t.-rr M*t. u M deferred until Wedneaalny th* ,
17th. W? ohfriTu thai Mr Charlicli, bi*r nc*iiai. bm I
reduced the rata-n or |aa*aaifr In fhe Uibmut. from f'UW |
to J""iO. Thr reduction relera to the wbol* ri>ute from
bun I raoeireo to New York
Hill IMI or iHN Tuvmiimmi Tli? P?cl?n intil trim- '
rliip l'i ni M-ni. i'K|it (tnlM. will l-a*e ihi? aflat-aoon |
fur I'miHnui She carriea out.I T1 pa?a?ii|fem n?nnu-t
oliuli in OoTarnor Aharneib* n't W? fitinily II* r 1
uiMi.ifi rt ab'>w? about >1 OOO IHKI vu freight of which '
Atam* & Co ah<pp< <1 f. 17 * 000
N?w Svkamih A new uta-rn ?hwl ?te*m?r c*lle.| |
the < alifnruia li ?vm lor Sai-raci- uto City t> J ay {the
i? fail to lin a tip top boat
Mmtuu -K.Terard (t llobiuaon ? Museum in Cuti
fml* ?rreet le to I) np'tiril to-ui?h? fnej produam
TaudftillrH and iiabl dram alio iit-rt?i?iui ni< and
I tir Blade it we liml>-r-taiid every nrnn^i iu'OI tn
pi??cnt plfHriuft p<-rti>rmaun e i.'ul.My Ttl-lr little
pin * i? tastefully and romlnriaMy btted up. ami will
pro?i a Bio-t sigro-alilR tMort wlieraia 10 epci;d * dull
eteBing hour.
1 ttratrlrnla In ('?lirorn)?.
Mr and Mr* Cbailei. Thorn arriteal at S?u Iran
rj-.e oil tin 13th uh . troai Pauiim Wn lr?ra t lit
Mr Tbi.rne I* bor ly to UriniiiMln4 with tlinliuen.
grlMlil nt a Ihralfr In I hat city. Iln'h hi in -"-If an I
lady have biMU id tilairwi imnof thralm n mrn and
thf HH'Cni of a theatre uiidrr hi* management
rinnct hr doulti d.
1 be f enr 'linn of tbe 13 h ult *ny?:?KnowlM' I
play of Mllliaiu T?ll" ia pi'rfi rraed O'. Ibin uOiiaaiou.
iMi'i KdwinV b< nefli.) at tbe I'tiiaina to Bl^ht Mri |
Knby ?|>p> ara i<a Ktaina, Atwa'er aa IV1I, nud ti? lair
littla L.nlfriara aa Ait'ert Kain liil'l ai-peaft in a
opff and *b? farce of 'he Dead Shot" couiiludaa tha '
!> florniauo- a Tn ninriow ev-nit.^ the p .lii Tr"Hia.ir?r I
ot tbi-T* hania, thn inda fati)(ahl*a Allen hiU Ina he.
rt!t 1 br tliai plM> wri'ten aud prndue. d in I'aliro.-ol t ;
aliould ha-?a lrri i?ttNe attrai-lioo I lia Yaukani ohar- I
arter of ' Kalph K?tt|elo?||U?" ha. been wrlUeoby i
ai. all. - ? - I a. ..m II- t'.l. Win a ?1. .?
" ?UU wui Ol
ci'UTf* bo tin* fralur<> lit lha l>l?c? t/.ii.h :j ?: (. ar< ;
In imtilitil) ' Yaukon Dihxi CrnMiiij; thu ,
l'lftiitH ' Mr 7.11 bri?k'? thf lJ.ni?ld Hoy," J
and tba "8wl?p <?Mta|[i-" win<4* up thr > nter'tliim nti
Ptaoi and fmorn Morent* will b. Hiit'tig im but a
mutt t>r t?-o l< [i(?r uur <ltlii>M ?k?ulc uoi d-fiT
th>' njnymMit of nti *vi>ninK ?t I?Vm O'lnncrt II*11,
*h<r ?! - of Hi* b.i)l*t Irm tl? r>f?*nor
l.linntt limr b-fii itf?lr.g an oiueh Jelij(hi iluria< th*
>.?>; ?*?-k t'u llondnv thiy prowiit h uiom attr-rtire
lit. rtaicnii i.t Tin- "A udaluxlana ' danc<-d uii I'liurv
<Jmj tin li'T, wan united wth raptur ?i> apfil?u?*.
ml wltbtla /.?!? e?(J ' nod ttn> l'oti Atrr?|i aus-iik, '
arr p? rl??t n ni- ol T? rp-irlioti-an art,
i.i.i* Arc. I of ?x*-<*ut?d thv "i;a?ta Hit*'' from
'Noitna" with rKoimtiiK ff> ct It i tba most ililHrwlt.
well a* tt.< b??t porfurnianca aha ban jri |jlr<a.
Murligta and IKathi lu California kihI
OI ?K?n.
M A H R I K It ,
(>n th* '.i#th June. by Khi Dr. Ywbr Mehr, Mr
rH?ii<J.TiHi.i,to Uih lltn Am Tirhkt, bol h i.f
ban Haa"ia<*o
At I'm tl?ud, Or?|jon. oo tb? 61k of J?i? by tb? Bar
J li Wilbur. l*r I* IUn? ?di! MmOini.nr. I'mwri.
lu Morn ii i ? ?.? y tirrgon on tbii fith of May. by
l.a-wla Cannon K?.| Mr V 0. kuiKa aud Hun S???u
Wooimii ull <1 Marlon county
AtMIlwiiiikU*. Oregon oa tbn 6th nt M?j by R??
fUMN Kataj Mr .1..111 S Idttta and Hi>< Am*
mih I?nai.t.i*u. *U of ClaelMMMM county Ontu
0a 1 buiMlAT iTrnii), Ub tnat . b? bU hotwir J udjo
Riiwu. Mi UiiMAaa W (ioLU* to Mr. Mmh J Ui ?.
??i?, all of 8tu t laociKo
o i r. d,
Ob board rrhooocr Uml?. lat ?0 B Ion U 50. Jon*
! W I.i???n? a boy.i f Haltltoor* wlmlafirbmrl
At mii Tautvnto t'u? on lti? 4tb ln-t.nl Inflvnmvllnonttkii
liD|i.Hr MmiNuI! Aaxuu. a^rd about it
)*ar? ti rtri-rly ?>l Uerttiary,
At naif plMP. on (*> irt In?t . of rnoaurapt|>n, Mr.
Jmri K P???r?. formerly I lout fctf'd .Ttyeari
Ind'itm City, on T*e?d?i May It IH40, iftw a
o?n tllaeaa oM?nr montbB. Mr Jem II BoswanTN.
i raierly of l.e? Ington. h; n|-l ID yi am, 7 raontb*
and II day*
In fan I'tanrWcn .lo'y 111b, at (bp bnuM Of ?. D
r?n#?ld B?<j . W.i i um Hti i. Jr .of t'ainbrtdjv Wa?h
IbKtua ruuaty. NY. tpd 4A
Mr. K D M?0*b?, ot Rruuklyn. dM at 4eapule?,
and wai Onitod on ikorr
l'm*Bnl. ca Monday, July l?t, la tb? IVorth fork of
tb? A?.rf.-aa lli??r hm' 4 n horn Mr Jtin iruuni,
nl >i? i "f? Mr l>?< I?n hull; raiKUift^ (.t a wir<i
*ra In i hildran rcttling at tMaiao M T Ii M
(??} ?n liom tha rWar. aatl duo itl; li
lirtMl b? bl? uian j trirndr
Tba Mlmltif ptnnia UU-4 on batrtl iKl ?t>?airr
liilmuain ft Panao ? J?.a??Oray,
Ofcii., i>i th I rikiua Ni-vVurk, litfld Wlllitiii, Ohio.
8tuiu?l Aj plrh? Naw Tnrk city
Tk? (alllaiul* una Orrgon Market*.
mi?>kv mahhitt
H?? ? utintn, J?l; 14 1" .0
Tba mottry market h?? !?nn morn mdn fur
tli? put Irt < /?, il huiuli h ?*jr klii<i?ii( ??f
dust li nut upti.J by Hitf timiiuvf. I'h- uiMl
< rti? at nr? V mu4 IV prr neat |?"r
t Tb> b-?i of p?|ft running I an4 4 mnn'.lla,
dull ai(aiidl|#r ran'. Until uaat tl"*?J' ?i 4?
maud not a* (irattim ih- mIIihi i>t ibr i>? ibi
1 t luai 'l b* quantity ta laa trt ia M^arvliat liailtnl
allboaab Ui> ai.pply U alniBi ual t . ?li- J*ai?uJ ! ?
ik -ill at in i u-d-iat.t HM>( a^tifd"
I r liiati' a !< r? Kl h???a an L"tiii<>a d*/* at
I* w a >4 Va f-r puuua a( 4" a* Maw fork at
algh . |?i. do at. lata Manci qual lo *1 ilo ?
lltu.iiuipb 44 a 44 b iu.ua 4<i.i|?a aa<i llatiin
tar. do kii \ ai|.ara>?<> aail l.'m? J * 1 y f ??at ilia
ri'iint Miif b?i.il> bat ami) la Market a? ib?r- l? hut
l illi- 4' Biaurt for ?b. m Vt'< quale i kriu at itt ?n4
Hat* auraili alibi ut Itin-I o|.r?d ia tb* laarli-t
I "(M ; ?. lHi;rr> I M)r >rrlp baa u-.lin-d (>ma 14
' prrrflit ?lla. lout ?? la ?a?l tii II tb? tmnila ?r?re l?
bear a rinall Intiia-t. ili> y aoulu ??ll h. tier In tfce
pro ill i>t"ilM?ulf M oar ally ItafM aa raptialIrt
aik ltt?i an t-y III a l"a? ?"? tina* tal?f? \
buaitaf M.kll Ika^latarr*! m'||lil lw ||r a?jal trf|
id nwi Hi a?y ai.rhet, we bil.Hy ?iai? ?a?naiat
|?li Hm A l?tf> tamkl ) n^tW b Mf I*
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bull ib D? J |.r.*,l, pnar, prt l> ?? |>ll"t
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Iwt? tnp* |?r III mall (w 4<> 4n Urga lit ;
forl* M |W: hma t?nrj (imAi, fair
fir* M?o4a C'lo ha nd rwim-x nmiaal <l<? tor
ImIm a?ar l? 4?maa4; r><>ih<HK f?lr h?- <\m '
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l??aa?a? > a? 91. *a?i-ry II ar 4*?; *l?a |a S?i I .41 a*
I'll |ir?? ? ? at i ik lira. Jula* la 4>?ij.it- fail II
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lb I7?|k ! |-t r ra.:al K>| ?.! a 14: atl ilaraa.
ft* It |4 a ??. po-a h 4 ia . *0 ami .jmaia- ? . |
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laaa 'aamn* If aalnliia |a?4<r* 4"4. 41 W
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ma. ??. I'lf n I..| la :< a ?- *ia f-a4? * aa l aM?
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piiama 4' *'* 11* rat In* Hal ?? Mftana.
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4rv-d af i Ir-i aa a 11 4*4.4 araan II aa?aa4?. f;
cmata ealaay. *?? +* f*. r?f'l?ft >aar? 4a . |7.
L D.
, Ur*wU?- Brown enjar, IT 1'i: loaf, white, *5 a W,
cruibed. wblia. ? > a 37; ciilfmi du *r.u:id,fH>,
prpfrr, lb., nominal, do ground Mi; alNpiw 60, oat
H; olovn, >i, tlmiani'.o 7?, nbuooUia. Am tfi,
do ttpaBlib. 3ft, mustard Kuk Id lb t>'111-a J.0, ?
do obola do glower. 10. nurrh Id; lrui?a ?yruit, I
Batik. molar-M? SI 'M> irruu 11 !?i ?.>>..? Am
a^6, olive oil. dax . >0, vinegar bbmOo, wht winrdo.M
llaid^arf?Fhotfli 0<>d , p<rr <l'?i , lu<fi dj roiiotl
P"lntf, galea ?t rxlraoiii bigb pilau, dj with Ik if
handle*, do; ?cjib.?, dull, rpaden. >7; pli.iiforka,
lnjih. utom. dull, it do adr , liermau h t ?. I I2J*? ;
ptkei. high, abcet copper, wanted; carpei?t?r?' toUa.
fair dem , shot. I'i.Su . P'?d. r A)e ; b?r ir>'a 6?
Or.; Incl line lie , box tin. >16 a fMl; lead pip* tio ,
puuipt and fixture* wanting. i-beoi iron. K04 lOu a
?0c , piek*. higb; email erobar*. high. (lu war.', *f
Ralrabln kind*. bigb; ?xi Icoltural impl-m uu. m d?iii..ud.
Leather Hame**, m>l?, ?nd upper. In d?maud;
bide*, each, 7ic , horn*. p.-r SI. J.5 Liquor* ?#? ae??
bmn<1) la ca-kn >1 2o a do. in r?.*<. >6 a $18,
Holland kiu lu rack*. $1 12 ? fl T ?, do. iu oti'i >1 a
(12. Jamaica rum iu oaoka, fl 2> a 1W W; d->, iu eauva,
fV whicker American, "4o.; ril I'mii rum lu caakf,
>1 60; du . ID r??Mp >y a >10; I rich aud Scotch arbiekey.
tu rack*. >J fan. a I do. iu I'VH ?ld; ttonongahela
*h? key. In libt* . $2 Haililm vlic. in >1
2Ga>2'iO, ilo . la ease* $0 a $.16; cherry lu cank*,
16 a t'i Ml. d>> , In cane*. fd a >14. port wlue ijl
cackc. y 1 iA' a Vi da, in diwi '.? a cl.V, .<ia-?t in
ta'ka. 7ir. kttc ; d?i iu r?>n >4 a f*;. cbtiupayna,
per dox . uouim. u, >12 a jtlil, do. luutnof. (Id a MS;
iHwk. interior. >12; do. mip-ricr, #2'J, 4<> , cparkuntf,
>22; Hucac. >? i'l a >7 6d, 8 intern >il? 60 a >T U?
elixn>pi<Kti? elder in i'imii >7 6<l, al?*. Hya>?. and nth*r
pinved liiaudr pi i do* $7; Heed1* a|. in I t>l? ?2j
a ?30; do iu eaeec gaod krili'lc. > ' &'), Ctl.Tr> cordial,
J>16 Preserved meat*. 4i?. I'rwrfi J uifit*. per it> ,
>!?' do oy?ter* ?j".* per dm. f?-i, I > luitlirt,
If>; ilo clam* >18, i?nilnet, ., hoxia |>er d ? Jill,
do , whole 0'>xeii, do . >18, ?oi?d tvare wauling ?n i very
ii yii htilmouii- Mvk >18, prime p k j>l?,
u ^ pin I >2<1; do balfblila. >1-1, clear p rk a
Ji.'O; do linl! Iit>l? #18; uiwk'fi I No I Mil, do. Hi
'1 >14, chad, waiiting, rkluiou >18, . ill-U -o ti > on
r'litie 26o, l?!UU Kuj;li?li. ITS* ; tiu'Ur Il'io a 70c ;
id **8c a2lMi.; rfc*r?n. !#*? a(i"?i , aatt. p r lli 4 J.;
do l.ivnrpi (>l. iu Mtcka ale .potion x?eetH< a
loc ; lrieb,4>a a bo. ODHiue. 4 (ir. I'ant , .V ' j d
lild US".; rwHA . Ho ;luii)l oul'i lj,.i n]? ; 1,1'k
a k' led ; >tilliu(. K? ; cii .1* wlilie .10 do . N| To ,
apnrui oil $2; wb.ile oil, Ho? a$l; luia-ieU uil, |>i*r g?l.,
j. ii l?o, tuipi uiine. per p,ai >2, miiia. Inf; pi t * la o <iu ;
Hiap Hroaii. luo a 11J , oa>'llc li.i a 111.; !?.
tlouery?Umid dcuiaud ijeu 91 aeo'iuit H mki uueh
wauling lni per i t advance pap r p r r??ui |1? |i,
nil- d aud lined. >7 * >8, drawing papwr in d?uiftu<l(
1181 per vt adv. j medio ttoreia. per i m , >2 &0 a > !
Teaa Yoiiuk b>?lu coiuuioj 4oc , d> do, rtparlor,
f'fce a7i)c; enuohonK nnaiuiou 4iic , U > do .aii .^ia
m ,Oc ; ot loiig, line ii'la., nuiip '?der. 8 Imperial,
IU.'. 'tobacco Keiitueky I'M' 2.li> , Spaniih ddo a
4ic j isanulti tuied, No. 1 4lm n .i t.; do , .No 2 .loo. a
4t'c.; do No 3, 2t)e a liUc Mi?o?llaoeoH> Arliolea
uar?. ni|/n huh wHiinuK. u.,^mu, wammi, |u]i |?ir
tl"/. fib; broom* fil'2 a 416, I ru*b*a, lu<n; haiup <!
maiiu; 01 tlou rblr t? *o a f,!o I nan. d >? (lit t4u ;
tini> riiar.dlny. acuiand; wrappia* paper iu J iu*iri,
potd <io do,. cn,CKitr,v lUufmri Mlvmoa ?!? ?.ir?l<
du , oilclmba. uu ao , uiMpauutf ilo <10. auiiu.al
luu.larl* *<llinK?l JHo a imj pel lo>t; tWaitiira lar
boii?.? *uil ofliri-K 111 diinal >?i r at nil t; wiado*
Iv*i8, loi^4 tlUa^li per li?U It i f >ia napar.
f ii lit imad, 4 -I nailing ( In.It. per pa . $12 a >14, 0-4
matt.BK, Ctlun. per p* , >ltt a (ill.
MlflCHJ.ANKnm VAKhfn
ft.- l ill v II l*M
Bar*t'*rtirr? ? For a law d?/n n apxiuhiilrn l*a|(n(
hu b? i n exhibited in ll?ar and ?i>naid?rat>U qiaaWtica
bay* b? en ?old to arrive ami ap-alu rao.ld, it haa
run up to i IA for a hola n -k? ?l Obile. Tile m-irk.t i*
buoyant Vhii lliemau'i I ami H"ur ha< partanau ol I ha
tnhog and laiRe bate b?"-n flee i el at fl>X ta
?hi ii*ianh^; ill ON* *a.li'? Itarw b"<-Q mat.'at
oiir quotation! ol ?w?*t V?lrr> -and fio iih.ru. of
tlal'i'i brand Souie con ld?rakla quaiillti-* hare
uiiird lu bflltr thai) !!? U-I1 il rniKltlinn Iilarla y _
Considerable rale* imee hwn raada at 7?. a TKn
Honie i'f our Mate ha* appeared In markat
Lnnata.?cnilittn our quotattnaa, remarking
thai plica* ara ralltwr wvra lu ta?or ol tb. ael|?r, * .ma
kind* baromii>K o arcr ara mil-l at niuoh teller raiaa,
turh a* IK ,n - tucb plank. Malea ol lumber fraia
fyoufj aia uiaklt * at from 4c a Be par loot, la a
moderate * ), w uitiijt.
Itaioa* ba?a t>aurally been ?oH tr im *htp at >4H.
but iu aona tualauava a lower tt<ura kiut oaan ?a0miiti
d to, ? ban aalaa htm been forced Viae iarga
Kimn-h brick ka?e raalliad {w. aod tao> brink
l-ifcin ha* run up and ?a|a? bate h -'O ui*de ia
moderate quaatttie* u> hi|<h an P' r tibl . while loia
that n-ii.-t t? uio?> d w?rt wild a t?w dajra .lane a* law
aa ?# ahirb l? not much u*ar tha trainht an I
ttooi* ai*u Hhi.i* ara in <'> > ! dnmaml at i|*n atioa*.
t:*?m I*,- Sp? IBI ?ra pi. Illy and a*la. lit * -uih.i a*tant
liava liaaii fom d oil at aucii?u uad-*r our >(iliaV
tl'o?- i>t ktrlrtly Drat quality bin It I* ba d lotuJ
mMar* at Tit e*ate Tba retail n?t? i.? tu o.i i*
t o*i. lia- b?an afiil raadilv at f4(i t ir *"> l b.iuu'tBour;
kad anihranlla ba* rlai a uptu fhi to Ur|(
luaotllia* ara ?auli|>K
IIOMWIIO a?u.- ^al> ? U> * eon-Id' rabla -*l-iil ha?a
j Iwi'B aada at u llltl- la.* IUaa I violation" in I?r*? lata
I C< i *td?ratla ?alr* ol prial> hav? baaa inada at 4a ?
I tAllaat.
I l> a I'. a ??o l??* Sruar* a prle ?
I ?<l.??i.d llm t?d.
>*i in aall at quotation* an want?<t
1 LiiTHM - A pood aaaor'.iaant would ma *t araa ty
! aala at ?tilf arl. aa .
Hi (.<> - Hn.no have had a doa-narard l?ad?ac? M
I at our qootalii'oa n.orn ttrnoi ?? U ululilt-d l.oaf
Bad erualM-d ol prin* ijuali'y ara aoid in
i quaat|lu> at i|a?tati? Wbita HrmU- haaa b?aa
J tuld at 2><i , bll? I'btiia at '#*?
tlii*i iDu Mux ?'o aiaaiMt Ibroaa atif. aad
t would pa) la't'i) to ahip
: Li^uokt ? Tlio quanliir I" nu?h rwla'al, <s4 <Ma
kliil*. II Bill b* |?ir<-<vad. ha?<- adraoovd rapidly
Ail in* Fvltu -ta|Uak ara tary Brai alfiala
' tioa*
I P>ovi?t\i - Hon k'-vt ha* adranri-d M?? park
J ha? miinrrd a I.at It li?< a Irt 4a;ia(*. Iluiw,
lard and rhrrai arc ??1Uii| to a ri???i.|i*aN? ?Il-al
VikMiiat Stali n air otaklof at a taTadf aaaa ad
bna?rh<dd fuiattar* oil tlutlia damaakn. aad adlaa
! lural'ar*
W ?i.?n? arc raibi r dull ricapt light tthUU*. ,
llittin l? io |wkI rii|inrt
I'ntdtiia -nmrtrj ojai?r?. ?lam? lahtU-r*
plnkln pwrrtid frulU ar? athaf Irorljr at pn-rluu?
{ Ifro? in? liriiakM call* and himwb'dd fltturaa ara
II a' pa?>pl? ara nrg tnlriug uoatfortaMa b >0Ma
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I Tf mar k?t i*l? wi'h a ti ry fal'bb< l*ipra?ln? datiaui
lh? ll.'i rl'r ?)nartdi-rabl? of r?al *?
J tat* h?r? Wii rfli-et d partn-nlarl) in Ba?iBB?a l?o?i
flop* a< flu I prli-ar Wrraniint too l?pmi
ny t?i' ir'uu- "t ?hlpo??? rrom ih< <ial'? II r ? ?itr
of |'iiltirR ap iliili *<>"dr la hi Bit 'dar il?nd? pat ap
la ? rai r? . ?rel all irthaf la r-nard to or l?r aad ?ata
*>. Km d> hrm fcuflao Tai k a^tl In that (lartl-ni^r
Mil iniart m< r? artlaa lit at^aroara ?Hlio?t auafe
akat'aa In ratra - b? allma ?? ??! lir?a?lar
&!. > > I!kII?O?? ?a I. a ?' < *">
I ? itrrliri K|rKM4< on Mm Th *? l*1t
Held Da.t *16 U ?l? U p't *? *1 -a-y ? >? ?" r?
r??l l<>r f>K' C*r "iitli A r?ty k??> ' I
? f r?i(hu Preai *aa ?raa .
r4?r<> l?rtrr>ni' k'oOil) frritMM>n ?r t> l"(l M
1 ,-r In t?>f m a*4fr
?n Cranrl iA ?Utotr> rr?(Dii >M<ii>(<
mtaltM. h?t<ui> from >4 t? III p t k.ia-l' ? ! '?*
?? th? <1 (f? f- at ?ili?? ?J
rt>tf||r i ? tht |<rf(rlptl rlltx N? <' (! I I "t'
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ff?e fl?ltfftk4ird iww fl* M???y rnatin??a
ItDfr lltf altfcntiph # Of# pl?BM III Hn<o lb? ??.
rf>Mr| ol it* #a#k ii J n<nl la I Hi
eat'? ?h?r* r' OiB>irn?i h i?i?- ? Ir^aliM % U {
r?|>i'al !' ?; i?unl a.-i ?a'<lf In in *- >>.i am
^ o 4 ratal- r?l II $ f?l < i at p?r ivnalk T ? p?r r?nt
IIMjIK l?'lj pa I'I fcf >k.!ft ll?l?. t.Ht l?g>?l'lt?'> hit'
ilawi will a>4 kiln* rot* Tli" fl? ir <? ml far
|k? I d?)? l.ar U??n ??ry 1?r*r?l
tn J Nlfwki I a? rbang-4 fi*n<ta ?t *? r?i? -al4m
draii il I ? ! ? un?d lij lk? w?Mt; M"?
l?I l'? ? ? ?! b? In* a*p fl?< ta antra tlnflf Tl??
rar I* rann> b? n* loaf 4?ratl?* a? h*a?T ot4?r? btra
? -rut in'tilll wblrh ?r?ll W 'a ia",k*-l-a'lf la 'h?
lall Tin- f*lllaa off In thr lama I ? 'I ?' f ?rb
Iw hwinit l" l*? |i??ilif ?lli??H
11< ?l.liiJA 11 <-tit>!? <1 at all i?rl? nf lh? ?la? . TM
iirtal ili^ailatta ap?a ?all pro*!** n< 4>irini h* ?? !
ii a>"a, a b?a?y 4'-m*n I fnp tbla art Ida ah rl
kr|>t [ !In up ?lwr??< Ik* falpakla rhang* k \a ?a*a l?b*4
a 4"r|l?*.
* lairr Jrlf I -IwtJ-hlat. 10 111
II. , aa*f ft a *< I Mil. ft a ft* l'an<llaa - Ipra
V*v* a ! artaman'ln* hi a *? ; *rml4 W a .17a *'of
* - Hut mi* St* ! Maailla, *1 a S - , ?maa< ft**
lirinl fruit* *'r p?f Ik ; paaebra. l'i a
Ma *? M a ? ? : ral*ta? tua ill par Ut H"??(
hill MM lb -a<-k? %' Ml p. r III l IH. 4<> I'M 4a $4:
dr In ? > ?* 1ft. Aa??ri#.a tlfta*rHbl *a?4 *arU?
a III" per Ik , k'la I a?S* ri-rfe -OI*ar IHalU
Ii.ii Ml a.~? ??i a till i.i K arlma ?a-a? ??* * !
I.. f #? i h .? : ? f>' f lb , tk'iui-l I *
J*? hiMin. f > "Op . kiM 4 I # * ; rtm e a 4-< ,
gar UtHv T-a*?Hi' i I) Mr Ik . kh I
U a ? l.tqnnra Itrand* ??- ? fT a M M. ?ta IK
a?t* rka?.??fn? ?*< a >? -laral M ka a 4 7 ??-?
In* fa a ?* Ui kranitr tl a t* pmr (?lln |<l. (I M
aU thulfi (li?tH,f.ia>i?a Brtaka, '4 a
|U prt M , laakar ?* a ?1#> prr *
lalflll|rar> rran lk? lalkaiM af Panaat.
Out ad? k?? Irom I kagr-1 ara of (tea Ilk. aa? fMliaa
of Ik* 41b
Tk> I?l4 aitka la* ?? * a?a ?a tka fathwaa
a.< aaklag la*ala*ta ?r*r ?*HM kat a at knaff.
retntf lkfu?k ? arch ka< k?? aadili Putat
kn kr Mkoiit i?f?H
Tk? I'tiuk r?'il? atll )Uui>f Wn?f( llraaata
('aft I'kraoa. had am fad at raaaaaa taa 4t}< ?r > a
?' ?!< Pka kr???ht ?7lKilion In aMa.f kail** a*4
taifj |4>r>Kai> W? aannnt l-?ra Ikat ak? raynru
ui r?uir'il?l m aoi|(?tl nrx
th? N??a# km rf >k? 31 >ll nk aafa Da Wa4
a. .. a; vatiii f la*' Jnkfi tk ? aln "?fc' <aa-t< r nf
>K? hria Mar; *? wart at Ha* fxtk lp*(| la "kl k?f
kat ?aa I'mne <|.?4 la h<? S?nh H?kal rvtlrad k?
k>< lk? llfkt k? I. ra at k* a?f'! ? Il ki?
al ( ?w? liialih ???1 it I* tk?? k-t?f?a
l?i> af< tkrrr ? rl>?k la tka a<fk(k/ ka nu<t<i

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