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A m I191* f.NTS THI* IVIMNO.
peh*?CAiTl.E oarutn?i pvbit*m.
BJWEKY TIlKATat., Bct.ry-PiKAT*: or nm UiJHr??
Lir Uk?>
*KOAl)WAt id It AI *it, liru?iw?y-II.Ji<r?-Ai-?mJ?>*?i
V?rmrtf t. ,
1UHI.?'S OARniN. Hr..?d??y? D?i'?*akd ?Rouom
DtAMuap? 1m??i or Ji? i'
Bl'J.TOX'i TlltATKt, fl.nmUr* itrootr?Co?(vklo?
Cm**'* Caim*.
*A'IH>N*L TO'ATKL. S|U?r?? Irish fuifr
-Ik ??? in r rr Pi*' *? 'T III
lirsK.I M -AHII.MI l'ltaruiiMAKCC ?vIIIV
AITUiTim;?! iwo
CLVMPIO, Uroad??y? 1 tux.w?' Mew Youn Uwnntn
pri i? m 11
>.<** tork, U iiIik Hiiuy, A MfgtftiH '4H, Ih.'ill,
lni|>oi Im.t fiout YVaabliigtoii?Paamigo of
ttao Civil > <! i>Jl|iluinatlc A |>|?. u|iri>*
llun Hill In 1 lie Mount-.
We *re happy iu bring able to iuforin our
reader* that the Civil ani Diplomatic At>pro;iriition
bill, * l ick w hs U fort- the House of Representatives
for *-o many <1 y?, was paased by th-?t bo iy
yesterday, I) h vote of ISO to 2. iv-vtr.tl amend
menta weiv ottered und concurred in, the ;><uiicuIur~
of whuhwill be fouud in another column.
The Sruiite ??i occu,:ed all d?v wiih executive
bii?t?< m.
Now iliti (hi* IIokm- hive tot tul of the old ru'?lu.-li,
ii it to he h<ped that they will immediately
?uke up tLe trrntwrial bilk recently paaaed hy tin
>nate. T hi- c iintr\ pret that thry will dn bo,
nidwi rati inform the House thut their councils
ftt? h?\e no relish for any more l?n;r speeches ]
on the lubpct. I'bty have been surfeited, ad t
ttatn. with interminable arguments, pro and
ecu,'iu the >?-uit'', for th>*list right month* and
ruvie, ?nd do rot cure to heir a repetition of them.
All h is hern Mid thtt ran h? said, and the people
now Ii < k lor ac'ton, prompt and decided. The
K? ith has hern hratd, and the South had heea
htntd. lh'- griinle hills h.tve been thoro'i.'hly
can???>td, ai.d they are biti.-fccory to all v-ctiout
of the touuiry. In Gid'anaiue, tberrfote, let ih?
Hoi re go to wolk at once, and t-ruiiudte the whole
?*' ?? n i ill in relation to the til a very question. We
v?ut i o tiit re ili.ni onihe rpeeuht?; no more de.i in- i
ciaiicn. Vf with to ate harmony le stored beI*e?n
the North ?i,d (he South A member his
f :ven notice of r:.IIing up the Pennsylvania cjntertid
eltcilon cart- tin* morning, but we ii.ipe
cm r> thing will he forced to give way to th*- slavery
The l;unl|{ii Kcntliytbc Ameilca.
Hy the arrival of the America at Hilifix, w.* reCt
ived, at a late hour Ust uight, telegraphic dt'sp&icheti,
containing full commercial and political j
intelligence, one wi t k later than by the previous ,
Atnrtl. The Aia h,:d hi lived at Liverpool, af er j
n vi rv iiiifi'iiv iiansane?one of the HhorteMt ?\i?r I
made between (his coutment and Great Britain. |
Cotton liml declined one-eighth of a penny oa the 1
pound, and commercial tr*nimctiotu> indicated con- |
snktiible spirit among merchants, it will tie o!>?er\?
d that ?hij m> ut? of augur from England were
niirkttift the Liverj-ool market at.the lime of the
Bailing if the America.
The Englieh Parli-uncnt an.l the N.itioml At- :
embly had been prorogued, lu the fjrnier, the
Jewuh Emancipa tion hill wis lo?t. Tim tui^ht
have been e*j?c:ed. It embraced a relia<juiahinent
of the ancient privileges and power
of the E?iublirht'd Church, and such a loss
csald not be espected by any one conversant
with Kngli.-h politics, even though aware
of the Urge amount of liberality individually enteitained
by the m< mltern of the Houee of Commens
on the in justice exercised towards the Hebrt
w race. The subject cpeos a broad fit Id for dis?u??i
n, and invol?e? agreat principle, and we cannot
be much e-ur, riaed at the result. A project
viy be ex.wited for the hfuetit of Irel.iod at the
a? \t KHii'D, aa the Queen'* speech wcoiniaeiida
an enlargement of the repre?ebtali*? eystein in ,
thxt country.
Th? tr*Mttn/*nt iif T.oni? ?l T.vnng will
be atized upon an evidence <>f his unpopularity !
in that city. This h the tt-cond city in commercial
and political importance ia France; nil we
my not conceal the ho^xs that the indication farnii-hed
l>y th'* cotdnem ol the population tow.trda
tli< President, will b?- an index of n future mora
btilliHiit for the new republic tluu the prevent giirra
u< reason to entertain, when diveated of auch a
minilrrtation of feeling fur the ruling exactive.
The l>ane?, it is euid, h i*e been tri<imphed over
by the people of Schleawig-llolatein. This even"
ia important, and we thall look for further intelligence
with much anxiety, its the aiicces* of the
l)m hie* will lead to very important mo\ementa.
The hiatory of the people of the Duthiea givea u*
reaaon to believe that they will not be defeated in
the main attack* made upon them.
The Atlantic rteamer ?'u ao full of pMeengers,
including Jenny Lind, that muny of the anile of
tlie great vocalist came by the Americt. Jenny
Lii??i'a concerta at Liverpool were crowded, and
the ticb'ta of a4mia?ion were fixed at a vry high
price, f"lie ia said to lie more beautiful th>in ever,
ns well as more enchanting in her vocal effort*.
For the oth*-r item* of newa we refer to the
column* of our telegraphic department, in which
will he found other interesting featurea e?f foreign
intellifrr.ee. ___________
T ?: Soith Ain run Union.? Within ibm
tune, there have been several meetings held in the
Southern State*, at which sentiments of the rawhead
and blo?dy bone* character were delivered,
and aome pretty hard retM>|utioni paisej about
aeeeaaion. and all that sort of thin*, in ca*e California
?hnll be admitted aa a State, with h r
preaent houmiatira, and in e*ae justice !? not done
In the South. In relation to thoee a?scmM ig .
tf know very well that the South havr a great
d'?l to comiJa<ii of?we know that they and th?ir
iartilntiona have keen abused without atint. by a
handful of Northern fanatic* nnd f*c?ionirt?, whoa*
teal in the detestable courae which th-y have
pursued, and are attll |?iramnc, haa hrrn en onraced
by the countenance giaen to th?lr ra?rally
(irocredinKa by such demagogues as Seward,
Thurlow Weed, (ireeley, and llala of New
Hani|*hire; but we do not beliere that there ia a
particle leaa of patriotism, and devotion to t^e
Union, ia the South thun there ia in the N'ovh
We ?f?ture to ?ay that if that Union which ia
apparently thought an little of in tome of the
Southern Statea, judging by the proceeding* of
the meetings which have been lately held in
Georgia, and other State*, should be as??llej
to-morrow, in earaeat, by n band of traitors
who deaire to oterthrow tbia beautiful form of
|r>vernment, the South would l>e foremoat in
to ikr earth. We know the fouth loo well to
anppoae for a moment that treaaon could find a
homa within it* limit*. Raah men there
are ta the Southern State*, aa there are in the
North, and th?y will jo a* far a* our IMutWi ia
4eaan< lattoa, hot ahould another war break out
they would not heeitate to ?herf th-ir blood In d?fcnce
of thai Union aa<l covrnmeni winch they
aometimea apeak rather riiareapectfully of.
It ia characteriatic of the American people, and
wy eection. and in every State?North. South,
Faat and Weal?lo be devotedly attached to the
Union which ha* nude their country what it ia.
Tbey regard it with a feeling of reverential affection?
aa the m?- ana of ma kmf thin country what ilia
within a little mare than half a centnry?and tHeir
hope* of the future are identified with it. We
?p?*k of the eaiatm( feeling of the Arericaa people
on the nubwl of IK* In.on ?l
ler*, it give# Ka i?m to hear eo much taid ab*ut , '
disunion. about (-rcec-ion, anil about nulHfi-.'dlioa. '
li i? ui |Mtrioti<?, unHi^r, and hi<!iily censurable. to
even whihjier the word disunion. Ii we h.id the 1
pimir.wc woultl strike the term frntn oar diction*- i
i ir-f- i,int spelling-book*, ? > that th* present genera,
tion. mid fh 111 which ii to tttccf i d it, on the stage
of !ifi would forgat or nev< r hear of it. W'liat!
a nation more prosperous an.I h ippy than auy thit
ever existed, to talk ot dibutiionl A cointry bo
|i*-cuiiurly blef-ted by Providence, and wlected, as
we vriily helieve it ia, as an instru'iifnt in Divine
hands U> exercite r.n influence and ell'ect moral revolutions
ai d changes throughput the world, to
s<-iiou?ly entertain the idea of divi ling itaelf into
hoftile trHtin-nts, and invoking the curse.*, instead
rf 'lie Mestingti of posterity ? The idea, is prepos- I
terous? pimply iibsuid and ridieulom. That L'nion !
coti u* too much to be lightly thought of. <> ir ^
fathers did not conduct a trven >ears war, and
thed their hjnod freely in toirents in securing it.
that wr fhould u?e it as Mre would a toy, or a thm?
of ex|iedienry, or destroy it in a moment of fxei'e
ti ,i .i vl/ i^kinr?_
111 ' illlllc'ltm .. ........s- ,
ton siilt ring on our ears, and are lispedhy ourchil- I
<ln 11. The sentiments of tlie vener il>le Jicluun.iltit
j the 1 i.joit n r.fct snd shall he maintained, has sunk |
deep in the hearts of the people. Do this subject, i
th? re riUi ht to he no North, no South, no East, and :
no W?sr. It ought to he with each nod till -Lib-rty 1
iin<' Union, now an I forever one an I iusepirable. 1
Jut the cnnse of the frequent uhc of the term 1
(!!.-.'iiion mu?t be removed. The thoughts of tli>s
ikj.ii must he diverted. We must not thiuk of
calculating hjdu the protect of disunion. 1st a
wwd. the whole slavery agi'atioa, w hich evoked
the accursed cry, mutt be settled Th it it c<tu b?
settled, we think theie is little doubt. We are j
in! it tied that the bills recently pasted by the Se- |
nit*, would smother it, for we tire rouvinced that
tl ey are acceptable to all sections oftlie country. I
Let ilie House of J'.t preventatives, therefore, act i
pic mi'tly npon thrm. The eye# of the nation are 1
i tensely fixed uj on tint body. Every member who ,
fails tw do hie duty, on thi3 occasion, will be a
mi..ktil man, and will be held tip to pjblic detestat.on
and contempt hereafter. Pet'y intrigue for
the advancement of party, must hj disregarded. |
The tountr) is suffering for the want of broid, coin- i
pit hensive and conciliatory legislation on the sub- :
jt L-t i f?lie n?w territories. Let the House of llep- j
rn ntativtB execute the wishfa of th'-ir constituents,
and our ears will not be tortured any fur- '
ther with the cry ofdisunion.
Minim* OruuTiojts in Califjr^i \ ?Among the |
mm* of intelligence hna n^ws which tuve oeen
recently received from California is one, to the
ctfect that Colonel Fremont'* agent in that territory
had a good deal of trouble in levying contribution*
upon those who art; ruining in the irnii.ense
region cl liirttd a* his property ; tint thousands
of persons were located upon th* claim, (tad
they |>erfcclly hoot<d at the collector when he
talked of rent.
We have very good authority for stating that
this intelligence is without any found it;on; that,
in fact, it ia wholly wron?, and thut the cirtutiut
tnce mentioned arose from a misconception
?f tht: facts of the case. Colonel Fremont undoubtedly
possesses a very large tnct of land in
Califorbia, at La* M triposaa, wliich waa granted
to him some time since, but there is no truth in the
statement, that the persons engaged in mining on
it refused to p*y their rent. It is rich in the prec
ous metals, and Coloael Freinent farmed out to
: certain parties the privilege of mining at a m -re
nominal rent. This was done for the purpose of
maintaining possession against intra Wat for, as
our readers are awar>', the possession of lh?* tenant j
ia the pottsesMiiii of the landlord, or owner. Th? i
; mailner in which the misconcep'iwi arose is this:
j When the agent of the State of Jalit'ornia de- j
; mantled the fee imposed upon aliens for the privi- '
\ lege of mining, the les?eea, b? itii Mexicans chiefly,
i refused to pay, on the ground tint they contracted
l with Colonel Fremont, and that if any one was
j re.-ponuitde for their tax it waa he. This is the j
i explanation of the story about Colonel Fremont's
1 ag>nt being hooted at, when he solicited rent of j
those working on Hint property.
l<y tin- way, we l< arn th it a gentleman of thia
City, J. Lugim- Flanilin, will leave here today
tor California, in the ateamship Philadelphia,
lor the purpoae of au|>erintending Colonel FremntitV
buMm as in California, and tint he will
I take with him machinery of the most approved
character, for extracting the g?!d from the ipttru,
a great deal of which exiat* on the Colonel'* graat.
| The pr?,?rty consist* of forty-five thousand acre*,
and it ik aa rich in the precious mcUU aa any pari
j of California. There i* no doubt that vaat qu intij
tira of the prccious inrlala will h** gathered tiy
1 theae means. We f-tirill be anxioua to hear the result,
for if we are not much nnatakr-a, thia will be
the first attempt to work, by machinery, the golden
I depuciia of California.
Fbcm Ilarti.? By tb? bark Ro<i*ri?k Dbu. wa leara j
11 at all an* <|Ulat at tb? Inland ea lb* 12th la?t
Clljr and Naharban Ntwi,
liar- At half p??t U?r o'clock Muuday afVrnooo
tir* br< k* "VI at So !>i liomintrk ?tr?-l i>eeupl*d by ;
Iii j a ii i .0 Kilt* It ??i ran-*i by a pot or pitch '
t' limi o??r In one "t the attle room* The root *m |
nsarty bmicj off. and the hou*a eoatlJtrabljr d*a?g?d 1
1 by ?*t?r.
j li>rt^Mi?im ?*r> Fn* iw * Co?i. Y?*n.? At 17*, '
' oYlork j??t*rday mnmlii( a Or* hrnk* oat In i
comer of Barrow and Washington Mreeta. which w?? ,
ie?tro)ed. together with ? part of tha ndw The b > *1
' and paper# wera tared by ofl|.-?r Chattartoa Tb- I?
InU ui flm. There *?? Bo insurance Tho lire la ,
; Uir work < f an inr? Hilary.
Pout Umrt Orait*Tio*a.-The Powtmaeter
made tfca following appointment* of putt ofll?n and
po?tina?t> tp In t til? !tM. during tha *<rk ending the
17th intt Water >alle?, Krie John H?rt"n . K
IIJetf-reow > Jone?; K ng.-lt tille 8-hoh*rl
I'h'lln Bicker. Preach MoinUli Warren iIki
j |;rown I* W Oewego Oawegn. 8 I) I'lipa. I>lfe ntinii'd
t'ollege Hmnt. U in ran county
Twr c ii th Ch??iih ci'-t- TIi? FnUni rtii)til?r
Club >n 21. pa#?ed ih? ll"tld ofli>?. on Monday ???nti
g. in their return frt>m *n atnuraioa tnflinp<hMl
I ht Ib>y mmhered Ihirty rl|ht mem Hera, in (Ire
III' b'h unifoini and werv draen 111 omnlbunea with nil |
licrHitttarhii They attracted much attention a? j
j th? y pa??rd through the ttrteta. Tht prenidrnt U M.
' I'rrtinn
Tf i Thiik Hi iiiii ?Cetapaay A. of thin nobi? reglmrnt,
1.1'iilriMl llopkea commanding pa?aed the !
J/eraM .m. adyeeter lay morning aa their way to aa '
h'iimti Th?y arc a ??ry Air roapaiy. aad ioikwd |
r> atiliMy well
ftiiNti * yet the b'?t <ju?llty of p?arhe? h ??
not reached oar market Indeed the i|tiailty appaari
t< be Inferior thia hvoii About eighty thousand
Uik'l' arrived hera y retards T lio* New Jereey
Tm l.an* a? Ounn Ahum -fit way in whlah
Ike wife ol tleaftai Ainini felt oat of tb* WI ad o w oa
9 i.nday h i hi waa not while In a etate of al.ep but i
while cl<?il>g the window hliad by whk>h aha roa^had
i to* far. and 1 -at her balance falling on the back part
j of t.< r i'ead. aril Injutmg tbe hi per Joint of the apma
where It J >tr? the head ?o teriouely. that aearcely a
hja I* ertetta'ned of ber reeoeery On Toeaday a !
<"* > l:atl<in "f phyetelane w?? I,eld who pronouncel
lh? caee to be alm .t b. p. i * General Ai eaana who I
?a? In a neighbor a hoaae a the :line i f tha accident |
l? - # ^ ?.nj ?.? wi? ar??nui
01 witn > Kiwiti Oaianta ?
A uaaatiM < ?rpi nt?r ??< grlad'ng a patrol hoImou.
. on lion t*? la fnlllran ntr#*t.W'i?n ho ?* ?tta<-t*,| by
Wint boy* la Irk'd ?pr>rt, alio up*rt hi< ia? hia*
11 r txranr *o #i??p?T4t?d * hut h? t*l>b*<t n h >y,
i pan>r<l llrory 0?tx>ra la th' nid*. Indicting a Mrlan*
mad ll? ??? tah?n M.n Jn?tl*# McUralb. by
: flUftf l.of?t*. *a<l lork-d up
W?..o* ArctfrwTOn Monday. Rllon flr*?a an I
tllj wrro ka?*k?d di>*a. at tb? oornrr of Murray
and Cbnrrh ?tr?rt by a airkft *a?on and ????tvly
1 In.'ttrrd (li? wm taken to h?r r*?ld*ae*. t? BireUy
?tr**t. Ij pollrMaan Philip*
I A T ?< m or Brnrttt llr?Tin? Wo haro r?c?lr*4
from Mr A I tiovorth ?to ?ar I of th# City of Ola-*>a
I >tMaf a baarh r.f ?- 't'h h ?(h?r wblrh ?''rr loinj
rarrtod arrwi th* Atlantic aad oat ooaf twvatr < *)*,
! |o< k? a< bl??a!|| and frrah a? th- day It wa? wt#n d
in m ltd natlo (nil All th* ?Md* and th km in?
frM.nd* of *<<4laad and Iroland art rororod with t*?n
tlaipl* hut b'Mtlfal o?*r?T.??> d?arl ahrab llgroaa ,
aprn a h y or p?at toll, and Soar* a taall parpl*
Mn**rin. *h?w fra*ranr* l? rory ?w??t Amnmpinf.
la* It I tho roainant ft boa<)??t. ?hloh l< alto froth
ar I fair
Who Bii t.? P?TTr??*o T? William Hilt. Mar- i
(ar?t. hi* wlfo. and a f?llow nam-d Daly ?*r* all j
r< ?gbt Into Court at Brooklyn rhargrd alth htrltf
rc*iailtt?d a violent aoanlt and battory npog oao I |
Vtlliia I'atttrMii A* th* hlotor* rf lh? ? *it?nd* I i
poor a prrlod of ?o??rai day*, wr (hall briefly *tat* th*
nrifla el dlaant* whloh I* pro laeatly a faiallr <> *. i i
I It appoara that *uaio I liiijimiil * illltlHM i I
Mrh tndrd In lh? former throwing ? Tanirl of
foul w?tcT thf drTotcd krad of the litter, for
vhleh iimult ?ho ?? arta*|(ur<l brlor? a court -t ju?tir?*
?u<l Out rt f i Up ?n but >r, tr?l b"Bie *b? r-'pentoi
the an-aulf Mil J ?u< arrested aud fln.'d *15 On
tbe eretlng i.t the mi in** <Uy tbf par: lei nil went down
to the (tor* o{ Mr l'atter??u. auj after abu-lug hi Ji
with thotr t< DtrutM commenced th? Rfr-a'iit Hilt
knock- d Mm down. unit ooiitinued t<> utrike hun. while
Mrn Hilt pullnl tils hair and I'aly pinned bis arun to
tbe floor When Mm I'aUercn cuine to tho re?cue of '
hirbu?)>and ?b? received a mtud bile Id the *riu
tnui ib" tigress. and wam obliged to lea?e. At the 1
conrlustco of the trlilJjst're King ordered Hilt to
pel h tine of fj'i the wife flu. and Daly #5. In d-fnult
if tbe p?j Dlrn> ol which tbey were to be committed |
to jail Mr? Lilt was h!m> ordered to pay a (Ju?of fj
for an I'fMiilr on ilrt. Pallnrroa. We thiuk I lie questi'd
of tt bo etruck Billy P?tter?ou" l.? uoir deiinliely
Auivut ai the Oin (Jas liner*.?About 0 o'clock,
jeeterUa; morning. while u number ct laborer* wore
rgaged )l> txmvalliiK tbe gronndi of the *11
hou-e coi ii* r Ol ? Htr? aud tianal utrectn. au emh mKm<iitca>ed
iu. and buri. d eethial of them beneath
tbf dirt, all of *b< >m w. re extricated uninjured #?. |
cept l'at'ick Lodelin. whose right lug whh soverMy
frai'tu'ed. lit* "an conveyed to the City lloapltal.
* L l?- be rtmivei medical ar MMjrtice.
anoitiaa aim >:^t at thk Novri.tt Wohss.?Yesterday
luortnug. > uincbiuUt by tbe name of William
(Jllllbuiud r?-i-:diug iu Sixth ptres>t. w?.s precipitin 1
tn in a tt-aftcld erected above the crank of the steam- 1
hip 1 lAiiknn duou to tbe kelson ol tbu vessel. in- !
juring hie back ? rkuely. Me?sr? Btilluian Alleu Co., .
pfojr eiirs ol Dm No*<lty Work*, bud him coavcyed
to I le h> me where ha wan placed uuderekilful medical
l?i n.uim i? Kitkct* or Intoxication?Kuacturc or i
thk liar l i. w illiam Cull* n was found by the Kieveuth <
?li<l police, at ball past nimi o'clock on Monday !
evinii.g. on a rtoop iu llouiitou street, with liU ekull
fraelui>d. acd lil.ccllOf Ue was in a state of gron.s
intoxication. and it rni.i >aid he bad entered the l.ouea
aud fallen do*n "fairs He wan conveyed (o the stution
bente, aid Ur Nichoh was called in to dre?? his
A>othaii Wm hd in rnr IIkad ?On Monday aftertoi
n. a man kmui d Jobn Milli r was found by oilicor
Milea ot the KlrveMb ?i.r.I police, lying anions ?otu?
tliiiberat the fi'i t ofBtantoo rtrcet bl-edlng.profusely,
and Hlbpiu In m the t fleet* o! a very eevere wound in
tbeKideol bie bead lie was brought to the rtation
lioune uud (be wi-nud wai drifted by >>r Nichols -H?? i
ft a'i-d lie bad be><n b<ulen aud knocked dowu by lOui*
towdler in Kitingtoo ?tre?t
CoBonra'a ^<ji ??t.?I>r. Ball held an Inquest yesteiday.
In Uerpen. tn ar Power* i>tr?et Hrocklyn. upon
tl e body ot an Irishwoman. na?o d Kilt n Karrell, whs '
dltil rudiUuly, ot dinease of the heart, inirced by in- !
Sikvmoat krijurtm ?Yesterday morning at 10
o'clock, a large party ofinrtli d giientn .embarked at
LI1< JI'UI VI v. e limi mti l. ou IH'IUU mis fuprru t.uu r.
to rnjoy a trip to West Feint. The company w.u
composed of retue of our moi; respicUtble oiiu?n<.
?no h large Dumber ot ljites whoae presence contributed
DiU' h to the day's rnjoy uieut. After reaching
Wot Flint. tbe vi-ltwtf Nii'JrJ tor hn hour, to eajjy ;
the beautiful scenery i f tli it ti>t*rinl n? igh!?>ihood.
and''n th> Ir r> turn f> uud a uo?t sumptuous hot r??- i
past prrpnr> d f< r t h> u>. which the mountain air enabled
thiui to uo lull jurlicc to. The boat proved Herself .
? flrft class ??s i-V. and the i -as* and grace with which ,
her powerful eLgiueii prrpelU d hir through thn wat-r, i
elicitt d U e hiitht >t eulogiuui* from i highly gra'.ilieJ i
party 1 be di rorat li d - aud furnishing ot the lteln- |
de< r are of a most chaste and elegant charaitar In
fact, tbeie If nothing wnntlr.g to make a trip ia tier
*?? rj tiling the most fd^tidiuu-could desire. Her p >
lite eommandi r. ('apt Albeit Ilegroot, exerted hiius-1'. i
h- usual. to the u'rnost. to make hi* ruitera comfortable,
Mid. to judge by tlieir happy siuiliup faces, we ,
?hrold ?ay he aas prstlj successful The W .i-hogt'>ii
lirus- Hand ?a? on board, aud enlivened the company
throughout tlie day with \arlous national and la?orltu
Fpnillug Intelligence.
Tur Fall Ti oitimc Bute*.?Thursday and Friday .
ofthia week will bedeiottd to trotting at the Union
and Centre* ill^nourse* On the first of these day*, at
the I'olon, lioffu John and Truatee trot two mile
beat? in harms*, lor a purae an 1 stake of >300. which
will be a gn at rece, and afterwards a paring c.mt?*t
will roiue off, r.itli four entricr On the next day, a
field of thlrti i d horses go together in harness for oue
ul the five pursi ? to 1>? contended lor at the Ceuire- i
ville track, wbirh will be a feature in trutting that
will astonish the world Tbe other four rses announced
have larger fields than were ever bolore
Pollr? InUIII|?imi.
.?//?ief>( lo Hnapt/iam Prism* m II umrrl'l CbllM.? |
Abeut oue o'clock yesterday afternoon. a eery anas
lug seede tccurred in the Tombs in the occasion of on* \
ot the piIsontrs. by the name of Francis W neojamin, i
endeavoring to escape ftom prlscn. dreaaeil in lrmila !
attire Ileujauiin it ieeius, has beeu confln -4 in tbe
T< nibs I ince April last on a charge of I ir?; >ry Mil
greud larceny, and yeeterday he made a eery inaealoas
attempt to escape tlie punlsiimeut of the lav hj dee>s- '
log up In female attire. and endenvorin* to aalU out of !
prit ID Id that Mm>mr to regain hit liberty The clrcumrtklier*
aitt Odlug the attempt *iT? < follow! ? I
lieigamin ;ntrriU; wrote a ktl?r to t youn* man
about IT year* of iff. by the ram* of Joba llwtcr r*queeting
Dim to com* to hit cell In the prison MM h* .
noulJ pay bill! tu* ii?* doilart b* ow*d bim AccirJInrly
h* cam* and at ?h* keeper* ofllta h? re-el??J a
ticket of admittance. which Mr*et an a pat* to return
out tt priton a? well at to enter. The youman, on
teeing Renjamin Wat told by bim tbat b? iu4*t w ?it <
for a hbort tim , until a friend who had gone for tba
money, returnei; Benjamin then a?k*d him for th* >
pax ticket. taying leave tbit ticket In the chII and
when my Iriead come* with tbe money !* give fim
the ttiouey and tba ticket at the time tim* ; a >w,taid
Benjamin, leave lay cell tor awhile; mean in you a .n
talk with the keeper on the earridur. No ioiuer had
lb* boy left tba cell than itenjatnla rlggad himtelt up
In (iiuale attira. and when rialy tallied fotth In hit
new onetume for the itreet. but on arriving at th ? pri- >
ton d >or which 1' ad* into the yarJ. who -b uld b?
x ated there but Mr Kdwardt th* head keeper, and
one or two other* attached to th* priton Th* awkward
appearance 01 tbe pritoner In hi* u*w hablllm*ntt
at once created the dUtrott of Mr Kdwardt, and
the the prltoner wat arretted b?f?r* he had
walked half a doien pac.i anroM th>* yard On
taking bim b?<k to hi* cell, Mr Kdiaond* ?? \
auiitit d hi* dreta and lound that he htd
falte hair laid monthly oner lilt forehead like female,
lie bad diretted bitatelf at hi* tblrt In order to ?h"W a
bate nee k . a very neatly trlmm*d b mn?t decke 1 b t
bead coTered with a black veil; two pettlcoa't and
a frock e>'?*r> d l.lt p< rnn. * bi-h. with ? thawl. emtl
it uli d bit dr*t* Tb*tlck>t ri reited from th* boy
wat tb bat* b? en hi* paw at tbe out-r gat*, th >u!d h t
tucreed Id etcaplng the ob-erratioa of tb- k ep"rt latide
1 h* attempt w*t well c< nc>tfed but fall'd la It*
eieratloa Mr Jark*on. the depaty k?*per belenglog
to the tU r fr. ui ikltk i ajaaia iumuuII*n
M at that time abtent to dinner tor had h*
been tbar* we very much daubt If the man la th* <M*guita
would ever bar* pamed off tha corridor with >ut
Icitr in tkf Polirt Cturt ri Mirt trait Oa
Satuniiy la*t about nooa. a very comical ?*ea* took
i.laie in tb* ittotiil iMrtriet Polic* Ooart, J*tT*r??n
Market between Juttir* Uleakley. tw > deputy ih*rlf?.
arid their legal adtUer. Mr John I. iiraham Buuc<
aib* *p*e*b?e weraIndulged la and thr~ata Vera m ? !*
to Invoke the able b?<i|ej men ol tb* tmtf to aid tha
tbtiilT On tha other hand, tha Juttic* called upon I
II tno ablr bodit 4 polio a? a auj b'it?b< r? from lb*
market to-low, t? uld In the pr*arrvaU>>n tf lb |>'Ur,
ablrh wnr a boat I" h?- violated by h-fifl ? ,.ftcrr<
und.r the dirret > of Ibflr Irftl iiliWt It will bn
rrrollretrd. that I fr? il??< altir*. a Mr* S arr >u
air i?trd no a ahargr of bring eotn-.m-1 to > < ?!>
?plr?r jr with Jidm T. B-'jil. la which I r >n
pirary a Mr Topping dr. Ur. th*t h. h*? l?? n d*
fr.a.lrd by tbrn out of ? l*r?- nmCnt >f prr>prt?y
At tbr tint Mi*. Starr we* arrr*t*d at No. ?: Ju<
trr?l a trunk belonging to Mr. Boyd wa? takaa poa
wlra of b) th* niagl-trat*, which trunk la aaid to
rontala valuabl* dorumrnt*. ?upp>?rd to ha of Imptrtaaoa
In th* of thr la??-i Ration lo* p-n ling
Thla trunk Mr Bnjd w'?h?d to obtain. but tbr miflatratr
rrtu?rd to drllirr It up. r.mimn|q?ntl* a writ of
rtplrtla II< ?u'rt oat. and l>*puty fh?nn? Mariner
and Cuoaiaghain took lb* proeaa* to **rv*. an I accompanied
by th? ronna.l tif Mr H<iyd pror?-d?d to
tha I'ollea Court aad maIr thr formal l-rn?n<l>f tha
trunk to Jit*<?e? llaakly fb- J actio- on hawing
th* r*qu??t. rr|u*ed to (It* th?m up ; at thl? ratuaal.
Mr fltahan of dr: r d tbr abrtilf to d> ht? duty by
making th* r?|til?ltr **areh and to rail la thr a d of
thr routity If nreraaary lo protrnt hitn wbll* In th*
dlarfcarg* of hi* doty On thla application f.ir tlx
b< <ly of ikr tnuiity tt prtft him Jgitln Klraklry
m o' to thr atatloa boo** and procured all tbr abl*
hodl d |ollr*m?a. iii'd racb with a rrry taatily
tnnri) loriKl rluh. torrliut thr ont' iapla'.rd aa?auit
bout to br mad* by th* ahartff. and If that wet
nit aufllcl?nt fore*, th* batrhrr* la th* mark't
wrr* lo l>* Inrltrd to participate In th* l?-ti?ltlr*
of th* rrraatoa. and Mr. Orabaai found
that tbr matlatrata frit drtrnaiard to k?*p
rifw?*Ion nf thr trunk and light ***ry larh of gronnd
NotwHh?t aiding thr r-p? at. <1 thrrata mala by Mr.
(irebaa. aa to th* ron*r?|itrnrr? thr magistrate ?ua '
Incurring. th* Hherlff harked down, ina i- * good a
a ratrrat a* po*alhi*aad*rtb*e?t*?tag IriumManora
and left tbr p< lie* la tail poaneaaioa of thr dl*pat*4
property. math to th* dieeoafltnr* of Mr liraliam.
and lb* ?lotorin?* lauph ol lh* poUe?m*n lti**aaa
that ?t tha Una* the trunk ?a* Uk*n it >u uni.-r- i
Mood. by tb* partlaa on both *id*a. tl at It ahould b*
aralrd up and not ho toarlir I nntll aranUd durlnc tho
Irarltg of tho r*M Thl* and*r*tao4lr ( h?< now
b?oa violated by tb* d?ffnd?nt with an att*anpt to
Ink* of tbo trunk, and ttar intl?nti ol tha
fiar. bofnro ?wth h.arinf comnn nc*d
A Cord.?The Infaanon* and *t?ranrdlnarr rha-c*
n ndc aeainat in* by Catherine Malh*wa wtib IIkmilrUnrf
of m; Irlrtila, Wn Wain l>rlnkrr and .l*ramiab
l otbrop during trmporary an 1 naaTof.jal>le
ah??nr* fmm the oily and Ita *lm*ltan*'ii? pnhilra- I
tbin m*k* it my duty to inform my frtonda ami tb* 1
pnhlte ol tb? fort* wf the r?ee Mr* Malh.ea t? unfortunately
a widow. wtth thr*o?inall rhildr*a; know. I
Inr b?r dratltut* altnatlnn "bile th* "Bit wt* p?ndia(
lurid) th* teat thro* month* I adrane?J h.r Itfltwg
h'"y and ?fty dollare In Tarlone ?im> and nl*o ho. ;
tana aur*ty lor hof rait Tb' amount I r?-rele*d j
? a* l ?ld hy th* rnmi enr in<v* a* a dr aati. n thaa a*
a ?*Ml>B?nt of ?nit. and wae wnrrotet. paid on tba i
**pr*>? n n.MtWS. that It afcwiald be fteen Mr* Ma- 1
tbrwa In imall au?a. a* k*r aor*e*lile* aijht raqatro,
Mrh I < I,|a|rd atad aa? pr?par?d to d* I k??* aam
r?fna?4 to pat tb* pnau woman bar da* aa<l kara b*?n
only animated by tb* be*t Intratloaa la iay aoadaet
toward* h*r *or would ah* bar* romplaln*d a?aiaat 1
had ah* not f .ll?n Into thr banda of had a4?l?.ra |
nd p?reo?* minimi to myeelf Howa?*r *ine* tb*y
bar* r<'inai*ar*d It. lot tb*m earr? It tbroa(h-let '
ih*m And a bill af lndl*tm?nt. and at tha trial tb* i
ract? r.f th-- r*?e ?!|l b* fully *llrit*d Bat wh?th*r j ,
lhe*e r*r.tlath*n brief H to tbla pa** or tut. th*y may I ,
MoT<ncnU of Individuals.
Pr. Wood. U. 8. A., and his ludj. daughter of the
lute Preaident Ta>|nr. Mm* Wood, and Mil* Taylor
granddaughter* or the lulu Praaident. tn reufa to wait
Point, Hod. A. K lladley, Troy; Oolonel Hakxr, Ool
1) liug>-r. Uajer Htwrni, l?r UUcbcook, U. 8. A , and
cud ohm liuiidrrii and thirty two ether*. arrived ye?triray.
aid occupy aparlmenta attbr Irving Home.
UiaKEteileney ??ou Tberutt Oovtrnor of Cardena',
aiid ?etvant?; Dr. Hwaun, Mm Cell, and servant*.
1'UiU., tig. Dal-our ll??ana; J. J. Jarvi*, Kaq., Boaton;
bar HxeHlenoy t hi-Count*** of Alaoy.and family.
Cuba; lion J W Wright and lady, California; Oapt
V aurman and family. >?w Orieanx. hu?? arrived, and
taken apartment. at the Union Place Hotel, during
tlu la*l two u? vr?x-8enai<
r Haywood, of N. C . in in Albany, and
will be at the gieat fttir. next wetk
>x l'r?fiu?ui \ an l.arcn wa# in Albany, on the 28th
lntcant,?? rvut* for Vt, to be present at the la> ing of
the r< rni i iu>m< of the monument to the memory of
the lat? Hon. Biia* Wright.
Point; T 11. Watteon. 1 toila ; Col Latimer. Baltimore;
I'. Bpelnian. R'cbiuor d A ftunlap, Georgia. nod 000
liuiidrt d ?n<l filtj otheri. arrived yesterday and Monday,
and touk room* al tbe Howard Hotel
B. II. Meudeil, U 8 A . and eighty-one athvrs, arrived
jentrrday. and took room* at the American
A.N. Conch. U. 8 A., and one hundred and tbirtvnina
others, arrived yesterday, and touk rooma at the
Aslor Houks
Urn L. Cowley II. II. Murdock. II. R. Baaaroft, Qa ;
Cm tin J. Hagauian. Ill; Captain T. Jones, l)r. B.
W* Mum Mum , J. C. limnes. Bait , and forty-seveu
o.krrs. arrived yesterday, and took moms at the Clinton
Ca; tain ffm Messervay, elected to Congress from
New Slexieo. war lormerly of Bout <n. lie bat resided
MCfll yearn at Santa Ke. lie was taken prisoner by
tile Mexican* during the war. but wu- released by Col.
Hompliau s command.
The steamship Niagara. ('apt. Harrison will leave this
port at noon to-day for Halifax and Liverpool lier
n ail* will clow at half p?st 10 o'clock thl? morning.
The II ttkly //. raid will l>e pabliahed at nice o'clock,
copiea, in wrappers, sixpence.
Cooley & Kt?M'iTrad? Rale Bullctla ?Seventh
dK>.?The lalutt of Musts. Robert Carters Co.'s
Invoke will be sold this, Wednesday, the ft-th d^y ef Anjust.n'
y oVoek, A 11., ami the sale will be continued in
the regular < ru r of the tatilti-ue, embracing tbe choice and
valuable | ul licstfona of Stanford & Swords; M. W. D^Ju;
Leavitt k Co ; Lippincott, Crambo k Co.
Gent (emeu's lint* ! Fall Fashion, 18jO.?
WM i! Hf.lt BE 1 Co., Batters, 1.VI Broadway, and 71 Litem
rin-n.Nr* Vork, will isti e the fnll fashion for ?emlerdari
it I I i la . la ftakisi
this :>nrt unci n t nt, W in. 11. Beebe a Co, are desirous to
state, that in tlit opinion of man) competent judges, tl.? hat
for hislasiien is pronounced to be eupeti -r in point of style,
rich ? i ot nnt?riul,ani tiqaitit* ttiiiu . to any one that
ha* rneeded it; and they are confident that no gtn'.lernan
i urti.ai ttR ? *e ??f their iniuiilablo hats, can >y any posailility
* i ditai pointed in iti value, either as regnfdi its beauty
ir its uuriUlity. Respecting a point hitherto overlooked
in 11:e art < f liattiDK, vil .?the cu/.struct ioa of a hat adapts 1
to t) < jcuog ?r< ut u ho is about exchanaii.^ hit cap for tho
more maul) uress of the hat. W m. U. li k Co. would remark
that the; hair completed a m del especially and particularto
lalif of > lid tli i itfnlly ak
thful votary of fashion to their fall
* yle < f ^otinff pentl> nx u's hats; Win. 11. H. a Co. invite
j:?i on far attention to the lining of t h*?r hat, through
*Lkhi* r< alistd one of the great triumphs of modern art, in
?au?isg the 'luty shuttle' to pronounce the namt, so covpicu?
nsly lefore the public <>f the ttr<t hat manufacturers in
thctr('tld*ilw tttkimifM style ?f Mi and bin4U|, ee
beautifully calculated to preserve the shape and an?-ar\n<'e
of the I at. Ion* alter it would other* ue have mingled with
th< : ji ;.r> t r?'du?-t f tin trade, as inhibited in thy
show i'-ns of pretention* rivalry. In connection with this
mat ter otTnshioii, H' ui. II. II. a Co. would say, that although
it is iti\ nil esit upon tbem.asthe first anting fashionable
l.stteis, to place before the public at the beginning of every
*?-a*r n, the ttandaid faihion, tl ey uri reudy at all timesto
arccmmi d;. e tn mstlves to Individual taste, and fur this
I u i p- re they will taft e the mea?nre of any gentleman'* head
end tit him *ith a hat which shall suit hu o*n lancy in every
joint std particular.
Odd Pellowa' Hall.?Prairie Gronee.?
riRKIf J it CO. have just received, by express, in beautiful
erder, a splendid lot if Urease, fresh from the prairies
of ttie W est. *' Verb via sen."
Passage from Panama to Havi Francisco?
We are in receipt of advices from Panama. from which ire
re uratiied ?< laara that emigrant* for Califi rnia are anb
iccted to no delay on the litligiui, herrtolore?tliu nuiaV
r of tteatrtr* ?vl firat-ila-a aail'Df vnttU p)>bat ??'i
Panama and ,vau f'raacieco being amply aufllHsnt to aetotif
n <>i ate any nrmUr of pan-ecfcrea. In addition to the number
11 atmaner* alretd) e:o running between 'he two
for*.*, the f Honing tmllrut counzned to
kfim ('>r?lar, Brother k Co , Panama, will arrive tbfa
dnrlag tl a mrnth of aid Octobe ?the (JOLlAtl,
all th? ticket* by ih?? ritinrn will be a. Id at Panama by
Ml?. re. B. k Co ae. in fart, p???rrf?r> fortha "cold nigging*"
ran Irate the I'nited Stan-a. without procuring
tht. ngh tlrket*. with every degran of rnfety. !?' rm?imn a>
to lU prt table tiiif of tha arrival of thnan vmicU at Pnnaoa
ane their departure tharrfr m. . ran ba obtain*!
from HETCF*K W RUTH A V, No. 71 fr'nt etreet, S<?
1 ark, * bo la tha A (aat I M.urt Coram-. Brother fc Co.
Hats! Kali Style for lH.*VO.?*otlce the ?a!7di-raigned
ta.it reapactfuliy announce to tlicir friend*
ad tl m j til lie ffiii'iiilv.iket it ey ban* iu*r- ln>'?d tha Fai.i.
Mvi r m 11 ATf oi MrvKUi uir,llthlai|., which, in
usance and workmaaahip, r.m<i leaurpaaaed by
any other eatabi rhmant in tho city They aleo take
iti ning iha' tliey have effcOti-1 an arrmra
n 'nt nitli Mrnri. Ritkt k Co. of Paria, for the ??clt/aivo
ale of their aelel ra'ed Hat", tbeetyleof wlnrh, rp-i'iam
na'i'n. vlll > hkli to be t'ia moat arnq je and tarry
e>er (flared to tha American Public. Tha Public are ra.
pcclfnlly invited to call and eaamina fir themaalraa.
A Rt'll KK k liitoTBEK,
SBO Rrtcialeh atraet. near M'arrca atraat.
A Card.?llr. Kclltor i?In Jnatlre to Wll?
llim >. J Vim, lata Captain of tha KifMeeath ward police,
I with to atata that Captain J. wet nut the peraea
iiu| Heated in the affair of attirtiag money limg Mr. R idn
< nd, rr"C?t. of the corner of <Pi|rty-ae?..nd etreet and Third
avenue . bat a raraon by tba name ot An* jet ua Joknca. a" o
waa a ||. I kifler previoaa to hla being dieteieeed b? the
bayi r fi r tenia entered in tha traara-tt?a which I alluded
to In my lata rpee< h before the ladnatrial Congreee. Ha waa
In no way eoanecied with tba police. DaVIU IOI01N.
Klr?ant tirldal t arda, Knvflopr*. Cake
Romi*. aad Bridal W afera, of lateat and moat faehionnble
a'yl'a. run 1c bad at K V KK MUX'S. M Broadway, corner
i ' Oaani itreet. Mr. Sverdell kaa a branch a tore at No. 1
H all atri et, far tbe accommodation of kia down town eaatiaen.
Hurra Tor the N?w lark Hoot and *hoc
I|H[ riain-H.e I eat place to (tat It tad to a coort *i
Itoota t.boca t altera and ftlippera. At thi Fmp.irtum. I?
Ptiln n a'r-ct, Ic the lanreet aaaortmeat In the city, of emry
>tj la, and far dnrnkillty and eheapnetc earnot be aurpaaatd.
New Kail Dry Uoadi. Illtrhrorh A L?adkiatar..'U7
Broadw ay.ceraer i f Lacnar^ etraat. knea already
re>e|rrd tl.eir new fall (aoda. and nra prepared to aaraa
their cactomera wltb Ailka, l>< l.alncc, STawla, Meriaoa.
Parana*. *ae. all kinda of family jooda. aa lllaakate. H nlta.
Klannela, l.irana, kr : Oentlamea'a L'nder Uirta, Drawera,
Heart*, Crarata, Uaadkerahie'a (iluaea. ka.
Madame Anna illahep.?1'tar heat Dn|aerINtyMMI
MM ' ibia diatinrn cheJ laii.in Meilaan
ad "tkar eeatamac vltk atK?r eele^ra ?d Rnrapwana m l
An erieaaa may b? wn In tl a aaUenea ot tnaenbarrtbere.
I'lctnrea, by oar own imp'oaed proceaeaa, taken daily.
MEAt>K BaOTUKR!*. 21k Broadway, opp.atta tha Park
I un'aln P. ? Two yovd operaura, and n y >ua? lady n?
iiMial, ?uM. '
1 b* rinak< K at tun Ml Uagnirrmii Oalltrji,
Ko. 2tl Fir* a?iaa?, which kufminn lb? hi|l<?l
fpiinin atlainaHr is iMa ?ii>?nlar arl. aaataina <h?
larraat rnllarlto* ?f f-niii af 4latlara>afca4 la4iTl4aal(
! It' la ?>at try. wl abuulrf l< wt? U? W ?) w??itul
< omb Manafac ioi y, M?.l , lito?d way.?Tl?*
arrtnal mar fa?l?r?r of I ha saUkrtl*4 (>M? I'baia Shall
I'tmll. aa4 lha < nl* Man'ttHinr la Brn laa;, iaritaa tha
Itiiln to rail aa4 namlaa lili lata improtaJ pal larva. Prr aiaa
<>|?a I Kaiaa, f>. ' at aholaaala.
7. M Bn>*4??r.
Ilr Kajllngr r Aaloaniltiif Rarrru la *11 f*
fn?al ? aatlafy Mai Itil paraotaram r aa4 lihiraM a II
nrmaaani; pr?)?4i>-oa. aa<l lti?> mart' ail! alarat* t??a
mn t iUalf; fti an a?i4rar? of alitak tha Or. a r?aa4ita
Wra inilr aaaaa jaara hafnra Ik* public: bl( Drat
fr<<a4aara a^a Ilia atraar*?i a?4 Wall all ah" arlah ? la
Ut a ill 4? aall to aall n hi n a' 4*?
llr. >4air, tl.ay raaa?l a??t llmtuM; th? uaHriaM
?ra lit; plaaaaal aad itirpi la*. Na aalwr ahai 41aHW.
Or. Kallln??r? D?ar Sir i It iffonli m
pral flaaaara la Infant } "V thai I bar* oalr ?a?4 all hoii
iaol \ ar Ma?lr F1al4 whl.li lita faatanr.l aa4 rraaa"4
tut hair a? that raanr at air al4 riaa4a aaaraalr ka?? aaa
I I ad >|. nl orat kfi J 4"llara la Uaiarlaai pw*a4 up ataf
lh*t irr foa<tla? iKa Uaa aa4 mantra la iff la tffcct Iba
i?i - ^ jo'iv imrtwv Jt, Yankara.
I(*n4?ra' Parlahla Itrraalng Caaa Kw
lerj, 1(7 Broa4??y, anraar af Mkrrl; airaal, an4 K Rroa4a
ijr.- Tb?? r??aa w?l r< an; Miialuaa ?rar tba la
r i im. >?ii| hm< *im <M tN? rot r?ai t?rr|oa. All ?
arlalaa art of aoaaaaiaat tua aarf r* 4
kill;, allak mar ka aaaaiaral* I lha Mttallla
Tthlat ttfopfor kaaplap raaart la parfart "r4ar.
l omh PMlarf, ] } Tfca imM
|<|MM aala*?Jaa d ? |?? ?nt PimiI'mH In Tirtatw Will,
I'nffalo Hart. kr , to la aa, n in tha ally. I.al.oa will aatraita
tfa ?'1?an't?a ?f pr aarlat foaiha at thlt aaUhlnfa>aat.
fr*tn tka fart tkat 'ka froataai aara la lakaa la tha
ihtpiM ?t M?k. in ti i? |i ika kaa4 la Ik* f?tfwiai*<
r.*r. Caaka ai^i ta ?r4tr. ifwt m; pattara. UrMlrni
4>.aa. A k J. SUNI>tR?.
KmklrttTaii.aallawntM, PlmplM, F.rapti'
a?. it< I I akia iiwUH, ?r? II 11 veil kaoaa, ^<IU?lf
tit?4 Ij atlaf 0o?raa4t Italian ?<llrata4 Si?p. Tha
r'aarfra Raktlla martin kilr (y<? t?| ptrt if tk? k?4r.
I'taH R' **? far pala H f nf rkaaka 1117 wMKftrmiH,
f atk?4, alagalak < < mrini' a* at '7 Walkar Hml. *r-> t??ra
lr< m lir a4aaj. i all?a4?t ?oaih TMrl tt? rh.la4alfMa j
I Dr. J*mm W, Poaaall, Ik ullrt, AarUt, Mr.
trrtaa hit attaatloa atolntitalr %? 4IHIKI af tha Ira >a4
r fmai t la ? rl..ok, at *1 Bra!?aj tatraaat ll{ WarEitraat.
akara raa k* ka* kit p?t ilar "Trratlta ? thf
"K afillta. pric. al? . kit ttlf-aatteg Bpa Ml
Praataiaa. A r- ?a>ai r .aa laaaaaa*.
Dr. Whrrlrr, Omllat, m Itarrlty Krrtl,
itotttkliiitliilti at'?ntl<a to tifuvat af tka lya. II*
haajaat l?fri?4 fram Farla. t?t>*rial Im <if Harmtl
trartorr. ahtak ka laaarta aa ?? to r. aamhla the aataral ejte.
ea4 4efp Ilia atrletaat rntiaj nffio* heart t la ft. A f?mahlal,
with ramirkatla carat kr Dr. W.. taa ka ka4 urmtaliaatl)
at kit reat<?ata
Half D;r.-Halik?lar't Utaalnt l.lqnld
Ralr Dy*. taa < alj ka pmaM at tka a>aavy?riorr. I Wall
Hntl. !' p<Mlttf al4<*at4 a*a>att Imliatieat Mtni
rtrloat 4 pl.met Ptreona ?k*?? > air haa aaaaae4 a kai
aeter tmm lva aeee'iha Im-taHaa 4tat ean hark It aarr*eia<t
kj railla* at afore ( rr the a44raea.
Win* tnl To pre a? At>?th?r Wtrfal hat
leea tttrf'flr Vr l?atehe|er, for tka kaat Wi|t an 4 Taaf?a
Tfe ?all'' are larl"4 ta laar<?? hit a?? tit la far
l"i).ai RATI lin.OR * ra|?t-ra?a4 #l? faotorr. ? Wall ??.
Ha kraat tkt larftat ta< ?t?l m?nti?tt h Ikt illf. Ciff
U* I flrtat. _ .
Rnma, RraMa, Pllaa, < aft, Rortt, Ar.-If
r< ? tt?' f a lar't (aaali ? f'atii *t'ri?-ot, la ikt na* atiraa
l?r? ?ait Ika lant k. ta?, t| rl> ai f?allat t Fr prlatnr't f>aih
' 4111 Rr >a<la at raraar l.ltp?n?r4 atrrat. t'aatlan aura
Aralil tka t'na-arfalt tin*, ikai fl??4t tha markat la tka
?I4 araprart. Raa4 tka aa* rlron I art'at I MM.
Tka wontlarfttl iranail ronllnaat Mr
Ikaaa at* aa4 kaaatifal fttaat tapattrr Ikraa pl? aa I pa'ilUUWUillUHIMiawkUIIUMMlM^
Ti'UDir, Aaguit 27? 6 P. II.
The atoek market remains without alteration, either
as rrgurda extent of transactions or quotation*. Reading
Kailroad waa the most active fancy lath* list.?
Government stocks were entirely neglected. It Is
very seldom we re*, at any season of the year, aueh a
dull depressed state of the market for such a length
of time, as we have experienced during tha past two
nicnths; and th> rals not, at this moment, the first Indication
of a change of any consequenas, one way or
the other. It it pretty certain that there can be no
activity in fancy stocks until holdera are satisfied to
let prices down several per oent. They ara now so high
that no one dare touch them tar (peculation, or tor any
other purpose, and they mutt rest where they are
unless concessions are made lu favor of purchasers.
It is the impression of those holding for a rite, that the
abundance of money and the rate of Interest, will pro.
mote speculation, and giro an upward Impetus to
prices; but that is by no means so certain. It does
not follow that, because the public generally have the
lutauH tc enter into speculation, they will do so; It does
not follow that the disposition to involve oneself in
fancy stock speculations exists because it is easy to
buy stocks, and easr to hypothecate them, at very
limited margin. The probability is. that' money has
bven more abundant, and the rate of iuterest lower, in
this country, snd In .England, curing the paat two
years, than ever before, and there probably never was
known a period of loss speculation, showing that oth?*r
causes are necessary to give an impulse to speculate,
than the ebeapne* aud abundance of m->ney.
Those causes do not exist, and It will therefore be impossible
to get up the state of thlDgs actually necessary
to attract outsiders. The certainty of reoeivlng
large mnounta of gold from California is considered by
many sufficient basis for an inflation of prices for
fancy stocks. It is estimated that the next tw?
steamers from California will bring threo Billions of
dollars in gold dust?fifteen hundred thousand dollars
each-which, with the depletion of the Bub-Treasury,
murt give the banks a much greater supply of specie
j tlian they want, and may Induce thorn to extend
thiir operations much beyond present limits. This
may prevent any tightness in the money market,
without improving any of the elements of speculation.
The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer
ef this port to-day. amounted to fUSOtidj payments.
I14U40 72?-balances $6,626,818 18.
The total amount of California gold, Imported and
regularly entered at the euatom house of this port.
from Jan. 1st to July 31st. 1850. was *9,b88.O00. Estimated
quantity cf gold In the hand* of passengers,
ot which no account la rendered at the custom house,
during the same period. >3 720 0(0. Ascertained and
estimated receipts of California gold at this port"for
seven months, *13?>08,0(0
The receipts of the Wilmington and Raletgh Railroad
Company for ten months ending July, amounted
to *322.222 09. Hamc time previous year. $248,181 94.
Increase. $74 040 IS.
The following table shows the value of merchandise
exported from Boston to foreifn ports, for the week
ending August 24:?
CoMMaficE or Boston?Valik or Kiposts.
Vomrtlic foreign
ProintH. I'roil intl
To Sandwich Islands *92.121 09 *5 708 40
" ports in the Mediterranean. 678 77 ?
" Creat Britain. 254 00 ?
" fou'h America 158.598 12 15.979 40
" West Indies 29.772 01 1,151 21
" British l'rovinces I'l 921 38 3,210 48
Total MMtfttt 3<J *26,049 66
For the corresponding period for two previous years,
the amount was as lollows:?
1849. 1818
Domestic products *198 .47 93 *107.54* 91
foreign products 40 607 90 18.902 3d
Total *245 205 84 *120 612 27
Total *alue exported during the week this year.
|3'^4 t'.?4 91-showing an increase on the lame week
last, year ( *79 489 08.
fitoek Richsnge.
H-VOIliiK isBds, IM7 fM shas llarUn RR 81
lad State 6's, sl2m 7<? 200 do s.XMs V
5t??> do sl2?n 75 A Syracuse and Roeh 97
". Si Raadies Bd<. 1K7U 74 'J*' Nor an 1 W?r blO i>
4KSI Erie tec Hds H->4' (Sou do btiO 44
VISW tnr 7's. W>9 193 MO do 4"^
Ui'iiieiln 47^| "'() d? HMtj
Ml Farmara' True* >C0 4I\ UK* do bi> AO',
!?> da 4IK 10U do
??> M<.m? canal i:*> i?s 2<? do kin m ?
*1 do li'S ??< do e.*i ?!',
b M> 4 l.lrar RR 7aV Jul de 12" V",
M< trie KR 74S 1(0 do ( >'?
ffl do ilO 7i*, 1(? de tlO SO',
2W) do '*' 74'*
!<?COND FOA*r>.
?|000 Erie In* B?n4* ?"? W .ha. Morri? Cnl l :{
UWI do K-', 140 do ) ,
l.?' .Lea Erie RR 71', 2<<> Eaadiaj RR a'O to
I.* do aft) 74V. M do Mid
><0 do 74'a 1?> <! *10 MB
M da t>JC US 1(10 do Odda W,
1.VI do In# %, <*o *<'.
2S do MC HM do VI) MS
lim Harlem RR a?o JM> do i.i<> M?,
i,vi d? ?;K ?o do b>? mC
2>? do MS M UK) Farm Trait at) 41,
10U Morn a Caaal >m ley
C1T\ Til A UK lUCrtlBT,
? Tvmtt, Annual r,?(IF. M.
Cottoa ua leaa artlre to-day. with moderate .a>i at
Arm frifn vhange *aa rather thinly attended
Birrrbanta hein< rDfaftil with thair correapendame
for tbe S iH||ua to aailj to-morrow' hilt *a*
alao leaa aclla . but prlree were unchanged The chief
I operation* continuid to be made In enmmoD ao i m<
i tin.in graded for aiport. .with a moderate local an l
j eaatiin di maiid lor th>-middling and better ola'a of
brand*. Canadian wa? unlet. floii'hern waa ateady.
Willi lair MlM a( "Id prleaae Wheat war bk>vIiik Mora
fnely iIJIMHIInI Rlvaa below ('urn waa dull,
and the aaiea comparatively light.| while prlc-hi waia
) latiosary. Thara waa mora didbg in Pork, and aalrt
of print and mtae were mail* at <jtiotall?iu Beef waa
io fair demand at low iruraa l.ard waa active at
| ateady prieea Pugara continued uuite firm with
aalea of New Orl< ati? and Cuba at full prleea Coffee
waa alao firm with rather more doing Molaaaaa
i waa quiet but prieea ware quit* ateady
A ante We have a dect'led (hii(. fa notice la the
market for thl? article The aalea cotnprlaed IM) bbla ,
at tb a 12>, for pot*. and JO for pearl*.
Barabattrv. yinur -Sowie two barrala changed
band*, at ?4 '? a (4 44 Tr?r roanoi to atraight State;
1 >4 3?H lb for old and sew M i.bigaa, M 37 a >4 t)J'a
f' r andla Mate and J.S II a %!> f>0 for old and naw
pure Oaaa.ee H.>u'h*rn Kl->ur waa In ?4?nla ra.
quaat. with aal'-a of 1 ftoo bbla at 1W a $6 tl >a lor
Binad and atraifht bran la waa in H-arlT da.
maud with aalaa <-f 'i?i bbla . at tl W4 Cera <4?ef waa
unaliared while aalaa of 30U bNa Jareay ware made,
at %> li1, lha demand for It hral trae lliatlad. and
the markat faaorad tb? purrbaaar Included la the
Xratloaa ware 1 AO? buabala Caaadlan for PhUadei^
a. on tarm. aot underatnod. 7 QUO baahala P.>utb?ro
white at fl a fl 0.. and (MM buabal* Oeneaaa. at
>1 lax There waa aa taafe-r faa|in? in th'market
I f"t hgf and aalaa ware made af 7.0W) baahala. at M a
I 7(;p Northarn Oa.'i wrra qnnfad at 4o a 41* which
wu itortkiii m?M; otbor klada r?malo?<t u Mm
report*4 (?? ?>< la limit*d d m?td ?4h aalaa of
I K >00 baabala. at #2 Ha far mi tad 81 a U.1** ft*
i Mottwra ytllow Wa MtrMt tba
following <aMa fri at th? flour Mi grain circular pivr#
d by Edward 1:111 brobar
mm B??at?TT?r?Tn (iitiT Rarr?ia *?a Imiio
mot dm Ira. IM?.
fV_ l?vi _ l'"n
rv*" '** Hmv. *a?i. IT*-.* Ur?.
7 a ?V. MM. fe.K.?.
jr?w T.r* .. Au, jn .'Jr. 7 SI rw ?i'-? 17V-<J
I Nn OrUana.. ' 1? 7JI>\0 SIJ < Jti *2*741
' I Mlarftlrhia.. " 1? ??> ? 4,77# \**M< Ms 711
I Palnaiora. ... IA ? ."J M.I WJOI V.UI7J
i IMM. " 17 4.M7 ? - ni rw
UtbarparU... "7 Ml ? Mt.kM
Tatal... ?W.M|? 6.411 *44*.aM 4?711,7"*
Cotioa Tli' daaiaad im goo< to day. but th?
in >*m I oi Ml* no iMtilrlxl that biijr?r? fount It
d'fllriiit to gat aloagwlth Ihalr parehaaaa th? bullI
era* Otily amounting to 1 M*> balaa At tbo jr1c??
oMalatd tilf, ?n urn' gradaa higher than oar qaotall'at
of ja'tatdny. w? raata* them Tha aomaata 1
fmai tba *< alb are aonilftlag Frngg aoa> a*<-ti>a? |
' tbo drcuglit ll rr a.| laiaad of. but It I* not generally i
I M:~~
LiftarnoL Ci aaainrtTioa
U.OIaaoa.Xo(** *.
WarMa. Mk TVaaa.
, iafartav ? a? II a? ? a? I
12\ a - OKI- IIS ?
9*ad "rdiaary..... US > - 1?S a ? IK ?
IMdl.ag ......... t? - l? ? - 13$ o.
<ini~4i n( isff ? fni> nv, ? 1
M'4'thtc ttli I,'1, i ? U)i a ? 1>\ ?
fair IS\ 4 ? H - M a ?
fair 1? a ? MM ? 1?H? ?
Qui tatr It - ? a ? ? a ?
Flaa ? ? ? ? - ? Ootirr
?Tbe demand from lb# Irwl* *M pr?H?
fair, wbli* prteai of tt D< oilifo rlmtd hl|bw, nalit
[ la< Indr 4<><1 t?g. Rt Domingo it t? tin eloalng at ,
and WW bag* Java at 1'i el* In otbar d.arrlptlos*
tb?r> >u bat llttl* doing, whil* i)?nUUoil Vera ua
ClTtt ?. f>ff*r?d o? Tn??il?r 1 WH1 baeraa
oat hern. remainder from Mia PUW and tba Kaat i ?n
c<w? and ralaaa an t 7 04)0 th*ep and lamb* Tba
market fog baare* h\? b<-en eery dull 'laria* the week.
I'rlee* range at ftrm JS to f7 M) per ewt Moat of tba
food retailing qnalltl*? war* dl?po*ed of attbeaa prte-a
Ab?at 3U> laft near. l'o?f? aa l Calraa?Sala? at from
?'J> ta * v a ?*50. all - 11 -heap and l.amb. fa'-a
?ftha fr.rmar at firm fl.tft to f2 7ft a M It: laabt.
75c all 76 a fa a* in uuality l,?ft orar. 1,000
F??ir.nra- liataa to Liverpool continued etlff an<
rnttoa "a# taken at *?d , ?ntir at I* ?d. to la lof .
<\r.i e. .n'li'.. I abMlMM ?l i ||M
t; |"?li laai'dfna l 'a a 17a M To llarra. \*
tontlaoed to b* lb? rat?? fnr rottoh For '"allfnrn a
rata* era dim at M?
Fat ire aire pretty active to day and tba tn?*ket
wa? Heady, aalat rontpriae SI barrela entrant* at prlrata
bargain J*o bogea bunch raiata* at |2 (0 and 100
brgaa cltiatart do at ft
ftan Tba traaaaailona ia aod to day. vara una
qnlMtli it tl U. which wa? a abada aaeler l? na?kertltbtre
waa nothing doing worthy of aota liar*
rlrp war* held firsly at M a kbr for eeala
It > Tba trade waa pretty well ?t rke.1 anl d t
rery anilnna to nparnta. ao ealee of magnitude hare
b**n repirted atna* oar laat. prleaa. bowarar. wera i
rale have lw< n dl?po?ed of at (ull pricee The amply
on the market van rtitwl at wiu?thln| under 15,000
fldta. Th? Inquiry In m the Want for keavy Vflfku
waa very larxe and it *m impossible to All all ortaag
immediately Halea to arrive were rejected) oak tanDi
d war leu* plenty, anil firm; beuilook Hole told at
lSj;alfcXc for litfbt welyhta, 1554 ? 17*4e. fer mediuir
do., 14>k a If V. for heavy do., and 1814 altlio
lor damaged KnylUb rough calf of heavy wetgbta,
wa? nearly out of I lit market, and would bring 60 eU.
We noticed come arrival* of leather from Burope
Mm taiti?A rale wim made of a quantity of tart for
dlMilling at 18\o. Th? matket war quiet, and prioM
OiLa ? In lln*eed there wa? no alteration. The aalM
embraced Englirh and heat city preaaeil Ameiican at
78c In cafka. and 79c for the latter la bbla. Whala
waf in demand but partioulara were kept private,
Provieiona?Pork- The demand vai more aetlve amt
hold" re w? re firm The tranaaetlona embraced 1 WO
l>hl* at (10 87)4 Ho 44 for meae. and $8 85 a *8 37*
for prime The rale* of beef amounted to 300 bblf at
f 8 a fh 2b for reimtry uieaa, and prime at previous
I figure* The market tor lard waa rather more active,
{ with calec of 1.500 kegn and 100 bbla. at flJie. Butter
j wn* in moderate request with *alea at uniform rate*.
. Cheere ??? quiet at a IJ^a Of cut meat* the
| rale* reached 2(0 hhd? rhoulder* at 3\c.
Salt ? 8alea of three oarpoe* ef Went India, ehlefj
! St Martina, were *o!d on private term*.
I n h?j- surf n mffiimioi uw Dna?. foot vol*
i B *n lit e'?c.; ICO do New Orle*n?. at O'ic., and 1,600
I box. f brown lluvnjia at <*?io The demand waa mora
! actiTe
Vhi>?h-W?< In good demand., with ealaa of 300
| hbla Prison at 2rt^,r a "Jfi.Ve . which wa? iomfthlo|
1 better th*n the prlci ? reeliied ye*teid?y. Of drudge,
| loiue 110 hhd? ebH?K< d hands ut 2t>\c.
rmi ariklphm. Tvuday, Aceuar fl, 1W-The Beard of
Broken a lii iiTBi*'t. d'Mjn after rneel'ng thia mnroiar. in eoa?
sequence cf the di atb of Gen. Prevmt, the Treasurer aad.
Secretary of the Hoard At the "(laughter home" there was
cc-n-I'trre i It builmm trennarteil la Heading (ecnritiet. at a.
drclire < f y, fri'iri yeaterday'i pricei. In other etoeks no
n.aterial c) unci*.
Bu?tom, HumjAv, A vgibt '.'li, Kharee Bunion ant
Maine Kailiotd, KB) 2# do. do , 1"3){; 35 Vermont an 1 Mas-*
pftrhuietts peilriad -'S do. do., 24V; 20 do. do., bta,
2.'St; ill do. H'e?ti-rii Hulruad, elm, 1HU; "ill do. do., elm.
1 do. do., 50 do. dn , iGin, 99M! 3** do. do., 112*1*.
*1 30 do. Bohiod end Worceeter Ktilr-?d. %}%; 3 do. Oi l
Ccliay HaOroid. 54; SO do rto, ?i'.*i 53J<; 211 do. Rutland
hailroad 4'J., VHdn dn,4|; 17 Fttebliur* Railroad. 101'V ZS
do. do.. i30d,10U)?; Jti Vem?nt Ceoiral Hailroad, 27,*?; 111 do.
do., W 3 do. Kuehetter and Syrtenv Railroad, 9(tV;
11 A do. 1 KDcuid Keil oad, 55W: 35 d". Norfulk County Rati?
road, W? do. Krtdinc K?ilroad, ?IOd. 25, $250 do. Vermont
Central l??> 1 r'?m?4 Dividend*, ?j; J'iUI Vermont and.
Manuachimeita Railroad llad., H.
Haitimopk. Bomiiav. aii.iht 26, 1S50.?*;!<*? Baltimore
(5V. 1 -I'!', 1H7; 50 shire* We.iern l ?nk, II; *1 do. do , 21; li 1
do. llaltimore uni Ohio Railroad, 7?i ? do. do.,73?*: 10 do.
Ttlc|ta|ililc Report*.
Buffalo, An*. 17,1850.
The following ha?e been the receipt* here liuee our
lai>t:?Flour. 5 000 bl>ls ; whiat. 23 000 binhels; corn.
18000 do. There I* n fair demand for Western Dour, * |
tut we notice no charee in prices The ionpi
In- 2 000 hufbtls Michigan at f 4 Very llttlo <loint;
in vhfit, it b.inir beld above the views of buyer..
t orn la in pretty fair demand with sales of 10,000 baa .
at fcOc. lor mixed Western fa freights, flour 1? taken
at COe wheat at 15o.. and corn at lOe
Auiiv, August 27, lSMl.
Thf receipts nine* our last h^ve bwn (lour 6.600
IM?.; wheat. 14 000 hu.be Is; corn. 1AOOO bushel.
There Ik not muck activity in the flour market, but
prices are steady rrtme wheat is in fair demand,
with a (irD) market, but common drscrlpt.ions.ars dull.
with a tendency downward. Sales of 10 000 bushels
have been effected at f. 1 OP a $1 11 foriUi-nejae Th.
tale* of corn have been 3 000 bushels, at 01 cents for
M ehlern mixed.
V* J 1/ ruriunn who took eifht Halu* waste from oart
Au^est 20, w 1) confer a favor by oaliiif at No. 1 Weit
J North Kit sr.
Lost- a MULL pak'*rl, containing six pircbs
of aew silver Forks and *po*n?, narked "Rit teahouse'*
made by G*1?* fc Son. A 1?1 ml reward will be given for thole
delivery t?. H A HI) H 1 HUE. N?. 40 Wall street.
Lost or sto?.kn in warm* strbbt. on sataniav,
the L'lth iBstan*.,a very small white slut, Havana
I bretd. Tii? flnd**r w II retire a liberal reward by returning
| her to No. 12 Perk Place, or 76 Warren street.
| rr*(i THE Fl'ulic.-A SENSE Of ueucact BA?
m. maurta ? to Mnw mni una r ma many ntrnvaIont
atort** end iiuiititliu circulated through lha pukllo
I mi >Ik'? our failure. but i bacrtln* m th* vanooe paper*
tail iscrLing, th*t th* ??i ['PHI of Beaara. W.C.fc A A. t
II blata r i* attrll uted i a? mdor?*ment* >j> oar papar, ( ' *"
lao tl at of Mr. J. L. Vartrk.a ahori ?ia* aiaoa, to whom wa
war* r?< ita'S t.tcd a dollai.) w* thiuk it time to ipnl, ldafc
thecraditof aanr whole aity k*c. tnra Itapaired by a*npe,tel
Iniplu tIK'la for at. anal the whcl* ttnatar* of oar *aaa.*reial
mailt nil aal. The nuaoint of paper *?obanc?d
Villi Minn llaiulcr ard at their ie.|nr?t, new ..ntataalirr.
la Juat J.Ka.'iai Th* f.rtn owa ?a J.; i??i on a oiatracl far
aale al J (MO barrel* . f four la l A A llntUrmirlWOKi,
attain* fra at I urine** tranaartloaa la toe year IM7. au.t'i
l? t? tl.e atat* of a<nr ?< -..Ufa. w* coiiaidar lb* hal?ni>? in
or f?gr. Wa be* l*a*a her* to at at*. once tor all, that ao
f.rai or iadlaridoal will |.aa? on* dollar by ua bj raa.oa of an?
*a,ntd*ati*J aal. rxn eat, caah HI', or other h?a?raSla aa*a*eai?nl;
tha only at ITarrra will ba the holder* of our a?trpta
taa Note* nnal |i*|.|liti*acn contract*, anvaatiar Is
ll * * hair 10 $HI i sa, a. ?f ?ki I, t;iKlu*l are for draft*
area pted by ua. tlr*?a by rarlou* n Ilia re and at bar par'lea In
the ? tat, a ho irai bound t? protaat than, wa aatcr hae.a*
ta-ti >td a dollar fur lha*. pu la'.aa. *lth*r la Hear, laaaey or
! any otler available property, bulla aim.alt every laetaer*
; ?bo partial owiu* a* lar?a aaah balaucx boalda*. for which
?" property ar t?nda hav* been received, la lha preacat
etate or mature, It aa ikarafo** imp?e*lhl* for ae to tall how
mi ft the bolder* of rich tlaaa of drafta will eveataally
realira. il ami vainly d*|er.d apna tba ability aaJ
' hfttn int<alia.taa" of Ihedreaere la r*|*rd to repadia11
> , of wl.lei a.i- h la laid. It la trua wa have raooieed a>
i i uta froaa lb* drafter* aot I- pay a neb paper at baa Wa
(old in Wall riMet. Thla, however. n.ake* ao differeaso la
tor ?iew*er leelinra. M e hare ao Idea of repadiatlea. at
aiakt*K aa) object latMe dcUnce (leapt la ea??* wb*r?
| a?tie- ar* diapaaeat 'a. tareeaot* aa, and treat "?* miaforttikt*
*> a erltua. In earh earn ** ahall d what all baanrj
kbit * wh Id fc?l jq-tllli-d la d.alai. Finally, If oat craciiura
wtll ?>*ma? a reaeaall* torbearaara, they ah all a*
a. on a* practirahl* : a a a jaat and fall atataaaat of oar affair*.
sad twelve a atrial aaroant *1 aM mallan la which
II.*)- ata laleratted. I'RANCII I' lliil,
riH'D. M'VDAV. Jr.
_____ _ Of lh* lata firm of HiiTalant, It*** hCt.
II an I a a ?trull.* aaat, Will inti , at 7>? o'claak. at
ttllltary I all, Bowary, for th* pnrpoa* of aalTar n* fair dlap
aal a tract a f land, a ll*IMy aitnataa for baildlag alt** adJa
lrlBKth* alllaa* >.f I pt-er Vnrriaaiai*. aad apoa tho >aa*
plaji. at which tlm* f*ll?iplaa*tloa aaa all a?c*a*ary Infara.a'i.
a will b* *i?ea An aceonat ala>. will b*ii*aa?f tha
rlca an., t r ?reaa i f Morriaaata. All who f*al an iataraat
In tl a a?bja?t ara la?i'ed ta ha prawat.
of IkTlajt tha n.raar-at' ua of thla btilldiagia Thirt*eaik
atreat. aaat af F.aarth ataaa*, will tak* plac* aa
1'. '!??, tie .Vtb nat*n?, ai t >, '?lo-k I* H Afl >r which.
al V la 'clock V *n aratloa will ha datl**rod "a th* oaaa-*
lor by tha Raa l>r Co* of Brooklya, la ha Ka*. Dr. ChaoI
tar'i rhareh, Caloa placa Tbalr h'aor*. lha Ittar aa<
Veaoidar. th* h* to rail* th* Corpa.rat laaa, ia|*an aad facol
liaa of colleiaa, tr*> leal, pkartnacaatical and aoadaaia, th*
ra'.aaad lh* rl*r(y, *artlewara of th* ttaw, atraafan *f
d ailattUa. ladl", aad th* pnlallc (?aeraliy,ara n*f**tfall/
I ln?t?eat ta a'tar 4
Ca rpa arc hecaly a rderad I attaad a apoaial aaatln*
I at raa*ral Rail, ta la |W*daa*da?) aetata?. at a'dMb.
Breeder. 4AMktH. BAT LB.*. I aptata
P. loawAT, Orderly.
C?*am? Ft<* *ir avd roriLi-o* m inumjf rr>
* li'Wla'i Orari. fai Ua beaakt *4 th* llaaaa ra holla
Half Orpban Am lam, by th* friaada of lha Uaif Or,-h?aa.
ra lhataday, Aataet fh. ItAti Th* t'omaal* t*a la* laaaa t?
reir ad lit frlaadi af tba Half Orphaa Aaylnat, tl lb* <la* *
lltvt* cordtil' a *f tba atat, aad a'?" that tbi* la th* uaiy
(aeatiton (ie*a thta aea* a l?r tbair baaativ. .rMp baa* aa(*r>dtl?*rw
aad cplaadH ateamer N'*?ara. aadtb*lwc
'at.* ta' t"it'l.>a barvaa <?ilb*aa aad Waahiactaa, aa4
M"*r* Maaahan h CM oaaor'l Read*, (ar t he oeraatoa, aad
thay pie ra tb'tn??We? *i,at a. thtrr (hall ba waataaf ort
tl"* I art ta mak* thia raa of th* aao?t pie aaa at and
d*liyhtfnl cea.acal aa a?f t|,a ***..*. Tlehata. Sal caata
carl ta ha l ad tl.* Sattoa* *t th* dilferaat t atha'lc
l i arahc*. aad at tba ?c*ar*l l*ndia*a a.a th* tnorala* of tha
eir*r*tt>a alan af J4a Dra.wi*ald e-r. Oraad and Rldta ata
?f R l.?aldlBgto?^SNI ll.aw.r^i. Kremaa, 111 Ploirjry. S'j
* ?k ??? ?: T. ??rriak, <k?ih?a Mmti W. r.
I Poarra. No. 7* #*ri*>: Tk(,?a? ? 'r.- T??r
?? ! RfiiMN Iimoi Jm. O'ftlola. Jiwa T.
R?rr?, It- V<-cn<l Mia*>. Tto toat tad ttrni a ill l?a ra tk*
1-H.I of Flf'h itnM, II 7 nrlnfk A : Markat Itfnt V. It
II h?ir 7 'Mark, ilintHd (tract. \ R , at ft laakl
*?mi airaat h?lf Mil ? rtWi. Ml flf(|?(l J Worth
Kit**, it It'elMk, ft ft a Imk ?ba Opiti M 1 ? alaak P L
N. It wtU la 'ir?i?l.. <1 a* Vo%r4
!.? .rrfar -f THOMAS MAHBR. -?r,.,
J J 1,
hi?U." I?h Ma*4 ItllnMl
<?!??. ?<i? ?Wa4a>, *t half part ? A. V ror Warartr.
mf*l> i a< Uk> ?>u aaH r-?. Hiatla*. Para fat ito ail
fttrii' ? Ti< krta > ao to aWinH at J. A. FLA1M1BS
Rral r/.al. f>#r,. arrrat. "? ?
fc?f? r??To> rfi >*b Hfiwixa Iane? ifiifilT
Ei fiMjt ftaaraay - Tha l?lal? * til laara TWta<>at>
traat, N. ?t 71* aHack; ( anal ttrrtt at 7V Ora* |
"S. P"' No\ N ? A .. r.nr,iu|, ft? ,
r M H'fr?mpM?n u< Un| taakla r"?i4a4. r?ra ?
aaala ?a<-h way.
iioft?r.? ano < Altai
noBJit- in? tAtt A jmjMjinbtan '?pcunr
karffaaey tol rM. Carf*?a Nnr*aa, aarar >M la
?i titf. Arrl? io '
1_ * "PT.J2 """I *- N. T., M??I4 alary.
pAJBMOBfi poi ?Al?~g I II,Ml. a,,..
V **' "M,l< ? al irnti"* of ktaol* rrth^r,
"m ?"> ? &< ~
L'? ,7. r, ' \, r., ?** -* LIQIf, WM.
w !?** * , nfirir ?*w if#
wtrka <al# if rrrji (rati? ntftia for aal? ?V??a Art'1* la *4
irk*no* % fiowr*ynw
Llnrrf iKii aifttivn, <i
IMNKI IN lUil jr. |><t"cil E?NUT UTtMT B?at*1J.Jk,
*"4 r "lh P* -Th7
V~21!L.V *"? ?. * - r*?'< tkt# < /, nit* th? n,"-t
wfnlTJn'k m"J*Fn~'*t * fnni^itf
~ ilU^vn 0 ivurrmtbn haa. hr ni t:.? Mit ?nmm r -*- **4
**?*> ** allWIlttHA, ln4 It K>? *rt*|
tU.^J Wto* Hit*. f?f afTiritar*
Th? f' ?,?!, aan?t?4l<* |?no??M,.n
* .MN h..,|. th.rakt ..kl.. akaai.lf.t tk??r??
l ?<t, ntUairtlf fat lartxa, wltk a 1?<V ? ?rrfi_
Tt?f? Mo *44?.| aV**? loutt ?pl>a <M S
altk parT r ?M?rh*4-ihlt ( thr ,<? nf lha ?(>mI
$!!?,?: V"? " *f ,hi' r'^- * " J**?Z
1h?ht??# la > ? of taHHrat rap?*itT fct t?a k*a4r?4 >.a ?
f.rM ?.??. .f.?a,~n?4aI
fa* -<?. fttp ar* alao May ?<?? *-a^"?J?"i . A
! tkf? m ftKjfhvfnt, flit rr>r|?| || th# h"*** *r? MMr,or
ITM'if rm n<

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