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Triat, on the
of i hi* jr-?r 14 uoUroraMa
' ! n< ih? people
Mr m?iur.
<' make upoa jour time
audthe l?rr?wJ expeudt'dr-**
^^^^^^^^^^^%acea>arily involved by 'he etlraurdtoary a >?
eonvened w*r? tibjwcK uiaimely considered nail
Dut a? the IntrtnMo ? in?C ut th~ xr?*t tqilixtiou
which I unall have tbehou -r to priMem fur jr iar ooaeiderattoa
continued from tmu to ti i? to %i<u"ii:
and to preaent itaelr la bol li*r relief a'.*ordln< as I
beetowed reflection upon it. lb* o >>) < l on* to the call
which at flrrt mmril to piMmi** validity and torcf,
www aoon lout to tha ?up*-nor i|iiu<Mart'lM that a
Mrioua wound wan about to b- iuii**l d up >o tha
honor of our State, and great d triuioot about to aserue
tober r*oat impor*au' iul~r>Hi?
Aa the head ot the Executive Department of the
State government. p<?aen?iiiK moat . l.-nly no r*- 11 *diwl
agency etrong and fflcacinuo 'D?u/h lor :ij.< em?ig ->nc?,
I could only acquienne in tne n?AH?altj fk'oh
okiged t?e to play the subordinate bit' iiterentlug pxrt |
Ofanenticel charged with the du'rof rfu*rdl0{ with
ateeplean vigilance ngatn>t all uufri u ily approaches,
and to sound the alarm whenrnr h-ianrM'y ot our
right* should be awaited no mtt er ir i.u what quarter
and in what form
1'pou reoeiviog the report of the I'otuniisioner appointed
under ?he authority ot the act ?f the lt?t
Legislature to provide for I b? civil organisation of tha
other information which ->ubfi?qii<<0'ly onoie to my
knowledge connected with that report it occurred
to me that if tb? *' cca?ion" ooiiteinpla'eii by
the constitution for the exercise of the p ?w?r by
the Kxecutiveof convening the Le{l?t*'ure iu extraordinary
wnnon could aver (lIM. ll ?*- preeeutej by thtt
Tarlouk facts and circum-laoce*. in reter?oca to a portion
of the terrltery of our .sta1*. rtquiriu* in my
judgciiM t.t the mo*t prompt and d-?iM?e notion 011 the
part of thi? government , and. ' ho mh tally ?en-iole of
the IncobM n\eiu c and probable barii,hir? to which I
duel ijm.b* you, it aaking your pr vaw ?' 'h- ???t of
coverLmt ut at a *>-a?on ro uutnrot<o|> *i .hi h I
Lad tak'-n faith'ully to adiuini?<< > 'ha tut
tatkcn which i occupy did not o" tint mix to iii>ri|uJ
the neei'CMty of invoking the uii auil u- -li'uct 'h
legislative wl?4om of the msm ry, *< ? ri in ?
the Interest, honor ana cbaru ier ot tfio flt*t" < -o
deeply Itivrived
In acoordanre with the provision hmi f i'iirmi' it
Of the set of January 4.1HA" Robert H ktighb V [
ww with the advice aud coo?em ?t thi aeu.l' i
pointed the CoBUniM'nuar of the sta e to uairj irto
operation the ol>j< ct? rouienpatiu by ll. *r. ? af*reoutvioy
"Ui-h in trui'tioo a td ml ?? it w..? r ..
rjatrotthe Kieoutive to afford ci left the city ot
Uftin on the S li day ot .latin rv, for ik ragion ot
country in bleb tbe duties ot t?ii? mission required
hi- preeet re and action
Upon biKarrival in tbe count\ of I;. t'.vt .")ok
the necessary mea-ures tor it< iic Mediate orga nation
and by hie prudence. *e?l ami activity,ha ?aooeeded
to the fulled exteol of our o'n. >U?.
Within tbe spar* of a f?? ?v?a*?, h* iT-ct d <ith a
ptopla tiwetofora unaccu-ionied to our gov rnuvnt
and laws. and strongly inii'iea wi*h prejurt v . agaioat
U* aa ft lac* a lull recognition ill r IK 'it and ot
tb?ir relation* to it. and lu>p're<i ip then* ire to
?- ill t ir m t ? t htMw r?liai if.n - i > i i ? r4 trrv m n <?i? of r. (hit
obltica'iuno of (nod cltiieu* i'h? ? nifl?W am: perfect
rrtun ? of the offt?oi**'i?>u of ihit fma'.j i >de
by him to the Statu brputm'-a1 ?0 'rJ th f -vi.
dcticn <f tb? ability with winch tu? r^auuftU/.. "??
coi>duct?-d and it in ?dreri>dt?> uow '"rthajiati >*t>
of r-bowitig tin- tupacitj of tin commlre ? fi" ill#
p< rformaoce of th* duti*. i- .^ncil I m mi1 ... the
want ot entire ucemm In i-**eudn/ tk-ac i. .nri'dto
abo?e l? in no wi?e to be ae?rib*d In ?uy deluioQ-y on
bin pait
The mjcc?*i< of Major N> i|[Iib? r* in the onuntjrofKl
Pmo. gai* riee to eirong liop.eot anc"H>plinhiu|r the
purp??t? of blr niiwdon tn th* oouuty ufdaota ' and
thee* hope* *'* ntrenplb*i>*d by ?**uri?nc?ii that h?
would meet with no opposition or obitvltioii th* part
of tb?i > fBooro commanding th* lulled State* fore** at
that pl*< ' I'rrTlouo to biit departure from Kl V?.v>.
be ??* lurni^hed with a copy ul an official order ij?
it BanU Ftt on the lUth day of damn, IS>0 l>y I'ol.
John Munroe commandite he Mntb itilitary Department,
r<rcfnicing him a< a Cuman*>lon*r ot tli?
State o! Trine lor lb* purpo*i< ot extahlMhing the eltrll
jurindirtion of 'hi- titat* over 'bin territory." and re(jnirlnir
from th* oiiliiary aul horili'a under UU uouiKacd
a rigid DoniBU>rf*rt-(ic* ?>'h htm in tho exerciee
of bie function* Thta irder. and th* oojr.ie
which it Itidlcated an th* uur tu he pursued by the ail
luoruif." 01 i u? i uiwu ??. ?"" *11 mil u? nnuttnj.
1 It I* .true it "M ci'it *li lint b? b* 1 a riigbt to
fipn' from tha joMte* and itlwtality nf th? Gi'nnral
(jOTirntnmt but It would h*?* b-*n t>.iin -t-nt tr> b<*th
enabled bin to aeecmplirb Mw obj<"-t b? htdnudarUkM.bd
I' bifii uh-rrvd ingotd tilth I rrtfrnt to
b? coniptllrd to ft?t?. h?'???rr th?t It was not ot
rrTrd iu Koudtiii'b V1|> >>r Irun it
Vour b< norablw body ?.:l p?rc?l?? from th* ivpart
Of tkv eotiiir.inluurr mid tl.c aiv<iiup*iiylni( d-?.)Umm'*.
Icoptm which ar? loivwiih nuoutitfn 1.
Ib?i krd A.) tbat ob hi* ?rrU?i nt Sam* K? li* u it only
ni.t wiib "tt-ry dUc<>ur?tfuui?lton tlm |>?rt of ths
ilidlfiiUil ?*arili.||g tbr ?u' liorily ol ol?ll anl millt*r;
(onfuiT but it ?it- di?tiuot ly iuMuix'vJ to bim
tbat t! b? mrc??d?-d In holding hi- rlaatlona no I la
tutli'?li g tl i i*d. hi JnHadtr-tl in ot f rx%<
would uot br ero/i.n..l Hiip^ r i ldrd to vlil?, bo * n
thr. nicind by ? Ju>i|r h >lui<>ic k rout cni? >lon fr >m
th< |ir>?id*oi <1 the Un.trd St.it? ?it'j imorUon
m< ut, If ?'timi ird io uti<rr? ' b" 1? wn of 'h?8i:iia
0??r th?t < riilory Apptal- w*r? niair liy (h? umi
ii'd<> to ill' p puUri' i i rr-lxt thn sjtMoilty ol tb?
lata I'uUle Olt III ,|lkil. r.l. . nil.I U I ?t> h 111
??!!? l.i. <" ?hi?-h fr?| r?>i'lnliu?r tol *?l
prtnrlpnlly ofth - offlc. r? anil othwr par?.>u? la tb? |>*f
and in vloimiii I nl Ibit I f. |n'rrnmi-tt -an I II
tbUmdir th<* tnmifdialf *y? and obwrra'ion of tba
Cdnniiudirg If ?-r. abo tl not tb>- |n ojwior of thiwa
ro'Miliiif- ut>(|iir-tl< bahly )lrl'1-il hi* anwiit to
t) rm, aau rub>?<4u>ally aitoi'tfc] th"iu by iMulLg IiU
prorUn ?i'< n - i| i it a otnti tlon to foroi a gorrromrnt.
adr-rn- to an J lnti*i>?n l? it <?t uur ,o?n.
Tl.l? o? uTa? < ! poiidu-t ? ? ikr r?rt of *' >! Muori
would m *?t. r I i< Mibr of >larob 1- h
Waei wa |M aid* I' rruunl U r I' by m l>*l|*t fib-It
earatly idnitt# a doubt rh<t-ub .~|U*iit ( > th?d.?t<>
of lha i/iil-r hartr*>?idlu irui'ion* In rapullat* tb?
rlghtr atid aulbomy of T-?? n?<l l?rrliorj Tuat
ki r?c???id ?hii h> ? a jiii??!-n to i<iicb laatrurtln-,
that* eci *!??. no 'in ib' |r t*i< ton" and
import il tha m?-ra#a ly tha Cr>tM>nl of tb?
t.'r Itad S'at?a to t h* Prm'" nn (? IT'h Jimi ar*r>? not
ufflrti M to >alialy III* t'i'lid on M>i? M^wt. tlia Ntt?*
of Ifcn lion Voltji'jr K II- warn <-f Julj 4 h. a,lilr>-*ii?.l
t?lh> aditi ra cf th- $?mktrn /v-t?, with i-aiitraiitory
*? I dm Iti'in c'h. r 14? nl-M | lwr< It buminl qw?tion
Optra ol tb**a docuu.1 m-?r* til.initlad ln>rawlih
mm k?d ll nlth iIn- rrqu>Mlh?t thay u?*y r?erlt*
I In i-niMilrriUiiin ?hi'b ihi ? inant
Aimhh m It mn |>r?i'<i. ilil- 10 pr*p>ra th?
IDfilt iflrr twrltliii thii ii |i"il "I lh> loin iiixlonur,
I IrtmpllUil ihrm t" our Cana'ora and IUj>r??wotatlra*
In 1 nugraa* 'fi 1 td-r th ?t th*y in in lit b* fully *1
Vlaad In an 1 flleUl >b<f it th actual atat.< of thing*
at Ban a V?
I tddn oil 1 |Mi>-r to th* I'rat tdiut of th* t'nit*d
S'ataa. ar, au.t aD>-d ?iili it wl Oi l 'Intiro-*'4
firo?-iKB,:itl? 11 calling a rr n>?o'i tc torin 11 ?tata gi?rrrtinn-i.t
In Na? Mi ilrn and iu*?t r*ap?citii;iy a k J
bin ?hnli?rm not hi- rrfn??i - <l an I si??
triiiilrol Mimrw , m? rai aa ih*y aila*t*d Ihi1 ll<bt?
OfT.sai* At th* laira tlm* I Mlfranla l?ti*r to
Hun > nlnay E Howard Mtarwia pi o'---t a<?io-i. ilia
uiilawlni uanrpatlon hy ?h* l* 1-ral an'h -rltiaa Hour
rt4tbi. at Fttlt la ati I r. ,n. t>4 bin tolt| It bnlm
tba Fr?Hrll In lha ?* n? nf bla f trrlln-j i d stln
Id| lo dl?*to?r tba art* ot hta military auh-.-rdinaiM la
tbat ta'Hto/y
Cepti ol n y lattara to th* Pr. ?idant toMr Howard,
to tlir ilila. all- n In i.-ti?r- ? anjol th* piut'-a' irn
haraallb "Iibinltl?4 maik*d !
Although iba pr-caadin*- r-farr?d to no lonn r p*r.
Hlnl Mr to ln'lul(> ll> b-'^a tutliuatwd In tba enDIdiubIi
ation ?l I h I had 1 h* ho-ii r to lar bat r* jou.
borllf afbt mlirm ii|i<ii < ?ir<?l Ju l" tint
tba d IP'Ultlan 1 llolifttw I In 'Ur It rt? to ntrnJ tba
Jurlfdirnun ol lha iHat. nr?i tb ?i purtiin of b-f frri
tory n??i bar* rr-ult> <1 from t?r itn??? of aril hi "n iba
art ' f ilip fi laral anrbc* tn? r?tb?r tb^n a U-lloarat?
* oraltfti t? Co nr wrt>n?," yat I ?a# aoilua< that lha
Pr? aid. fit rhoald hava or,a mora opii"-'-.o'ty if diaelaimlrf
>ur h 1 calya and hanaa It ?a? >bat I r*)n toor
laiaga'ton la t-'uii^raai to h*ra an ltiia*ai*?
witb bin on tba nihjart. prat ion* to t ha il-lirary of tha
pr taat fin mrb .|l?a'.<im r. hoaatar b?? l??B ft
cattail and fa-ta nhlrh hiaa a nra e >u> lo my kn>.?
ladai tnittrata moat alraily loat Bona aut-b *u oiaila
OT Intat dad to ba niada
Hating tbn? tr-aUaairn plirwl hrfurr jo? in ttary
plain am brtrt mann-r, tba im at prmrln Pl farta an I
elrcnn-lanraa c? nnaat.d atthmir rtlatlona with .-anta
Fa, and m thay hat* raaamly bran d*r?lnpa?l. an I
hating rail*d y ur utt.u'i u tu tba ua?arfantab|a a?aunptloB
ol p? ?ar by tba I laratla* hr>neh ?f tba
fadaral (fntrmani In It- llmt Intartar n? with |!ia
nnniripal and Intarnal afftii* ot a ?"taa-tj0 atata tlta
>jOa?t' n at l*n praaanta It*. II abat rouraa 1?.
auij nwror |>a?r*n?oi aoo ? jn i mi pr? i? i>a or our
K l'?i "W'ii?lK? to tk? ? rn|?K? ? ?o at .pt'
I an lull) a*arlN* thai th ! a (iftlno Im.lin*
tb* Bin' ? rto?? roti*|ilrrati>>Ba aa<l in It qnatrtn piedon
tier* t*ro?inila?l <1 inarh n| h p* eip" ti-atlM
Hot who >111 ?!?.? In lb* ptlbvt; or duty,
though Or vro*g d??t h? th^r. pow.rtnl atid m <ht? 1
On lb* ?B? kind onr d*< otl->B to th* I'll b - e
MBIfrtll l It lh? r. ni ti>jr -J'lrlt *llh whtrh W* ?M?tH
mart of th# ant iipi i.i t?Lt ettrtb<lle* ot ?ot- fiijn
t) for I twiiMtlKi with l' r> B?t?r? g? i?rir ti th*
edop. t< * of B>*aear** wbl*tl w 2bt by poaalbillty
to eoi't> piplat* * polll.loa ?ith any ot |u fOMtUnM
nthf ntlee. whll*. ob th* othaC hand a jmt ?*b?? of
what t* da* to o?r?l??? wl I w-t p-rmlt a? toenbialt
to OBtnn?? end trmt ftnm int quarter ft lone ea
?? ?'it |.?riBltt> d to chc'i -h tt.? hop* th*t th*re *iI'tod
i?o fli*d or f???dli?inl u.|*n to 4^'lf n? of |
onr *ck?.w>d(*.| *o.l mihikI r |ht?. ? ltn?n?(?
w that of ntrMt) sad ni'..ll?ii.ii oar curm that
rtTAitbMrMtf eno mo<l*r?t>oo; hut with th* no l-niaM*?ildrB?'M*
h*for* na of i vttl< l J.iTim?il <n
to iri^rall e* r?*?rdle*a<>f eo?pa*t?ead eouatitntlonal
(Wnnt>??, of tt U?a?t oa?-ibird of oar torrttory. a
-OBllrnerre of >orb aad ?uch a e >?raw
wwlrt he a*frede'loff
fNbcult aad ??hari*?.'n? ** ?* jtiaatloti
? had bower. r.'/?M|tbt K?ooBt?mpUtt?q j
with paiuftu ertleltude w* bit* left aa bo chowo bat ]
to ?*?< ?t U BUM b* boldly a?d feurleaalr. aad
drt>TintB'dly Wot by further aui.plieaUow or dleeuaatoB
with Mml authorities; sat by r*se?el epp?Bt?
ta thai' gew?ro*lt? aad Maipatby. boi by a |o???rrallaaa#
ob th* |aMt> hop* that jB'tle* vtll y*t h
*t*B<t*d to aa. bat by aetloa - wanly ?a< itrt*rmia*d
a*tlo? on nt part, by a proapt ?***MI?a ot oar
rtf bt? aad a ptaatloei atalotoaa*** of the* with all
thaa*aaa we ?aa *o?aiaaii. " at all haaardi a?d to
th* la*t > itnalty "
Aft** da ? pi y. ait I ?ra?t iae<ar*ly o?
tbla aahfeet with a alad (Hld d by th* ?( aaatow I
d??tr? to Ut* ? ?tep I* It wbteh wmld a?t ooaataad
%pproha<laa at my MI?w-*immb> aad th* rflMl*|
awrtl' w ot tbaa* af *?r ?M*r diat** whoa* laWfaat la
tbb matt*r la ?row(ly * ! .I?t*d to oara. It la my 'I* i
ilhwrat* end frta raarVtlw* that th*r* la aaw t*ft at
h?t ?M ?!?> MwWtBt with Ih* boaar aad a jaat I
waaar tt rtat ta tea t? oarwlraa m a a*rtrwt?a ova I
munity, and that i?, the immediate adoption by your
honorable body, with pcrteot unanimity. <>( sunh
mraturra aa un swawarj for the oooupailon of dtata
Ke. with a forov ample to quell the arrogaut and rebellious
spirit now pravailiug there. and 10 eu tbin u*
to e?te?u and firmly establish the jurisdiction aud law*
of the 8t?te over it
Should the adoption and unswerving enforcement
1 uf there measures leal to a conflict with those wtio,
by executive authority. are unlawfully ex-rcliin^ lh?
powers of a government adverse tj our iaierods,
within our defined and ankn >wledged limits tnere are
none who would r?gret that ooniiiot, aud Uo oodm|
tut-nces which would moat probably tlx from it. more
. than myself ; but I should b.> ronsoUd in the eontein
' plation of its tearful results by the relied ion tint II
! wa? not a diffleulty ol our seeking ? that every ?lf >rl
1 on our part. save that of craven submission to law
less outrage aud insult. had bean employed ti avert
! it; and confiding in thejustn*M of our aaate. 1 sh.iulJ
j f.arlen-l j meet It. ti listing and feeling assured thai
Tixa* would etanl exonerated before the worll even
[ should that ooulliot shake ta the very o^utro tht
most glorious confederacy upon which thi sua h*ever
1 ain not of the number of those who litre attempt
od to estimate the value oftbet'aion I regard lt<
benefits when they are administered in oouf>rinttj
with the spirit aad principles of its constitution, ai
. ^inappreciable by tho*e who are left in their im lis
, turb< d enjoyment ltut when the guarantees oftbti
| sacred instrument are set at naught, or when foro<
shall be resorted to a* the leglliuitl" mode >f th ir la
terpretatiaii. it will then cease to be ? lioion entitled
to our rnverruee. because i' will have cased to p n
KfHf the power of extending equal and mut jal bonelltl
to all ot 1U members.
In rlow, then. of the unpleasant aud extr.nr linarj
position In which we kre placed. and of tb? abwlati
r oesxity of immediate and decisive action on uui
part, I recommend tlitt your honorable b >dy author
lie the executive to raise. with a* littl* delay at pi >?l
ble, with power to supply, at lent, two reginents ol
mounted volunteers tor the contemplated more to ani.
occupancy of Santa Ke
In m^KiDKthin recommendation, I am not unnilad
ful < f tlic heavy eipeuses which it will involre, a:i<j
the embarrassing difficulties which will be presented
in raining the necessary funds to meet them ; but I
rely with great confidence on the wisdom of the L"*is
lature in devising s >me effective means to meef. tht
I emergency ? recollecting that Texas, iu a um>>!? d.trkei
i a id more embarrassed period of her p-ouuiary r?.
j sources, prepared to encounter, aod did suecoaBfullj
I encounWr. a more appalling conflict.
I It may not beimproper in connection with this sub
joct to remind your honorable body that there is do*
lying Idle and unprofitable in the tr< usury tne sua ci
* >4,4 11, which has bei'U set .ipart.'iu acoi>r iaace with I
I rovlrion of the constitution a-- a school fund. It is
true that thNtuiid canuot be aDDrooriatud toauv ilthei
object than thnt fur which it wu originally ds'ign.-d
fit may not its prem-nt shape lie changed ,by oouvert
I ing it iiito one n| Uittcrent and more prcdtable cb.trac.
| ter for the ultimate attainment ol the ends coutein
platwd, without violating any oon'tilulional provision !
Jn my general nil *-age to you iu December la<t, 1
j anpge?leu t|,,. p|un of converting It by loan or o'.her
| ?i<w into neuie profitable stock bearing intermit, until
| it shall be sutflcleut to authorise it* useful employ'
' ment in the way dcngnaed, b-.ng then canvin vid. aI
I am now " thnt it would be totally lo.it if distributed
amongtt the various ccumiet. whilst the a'nount wat
too Inccntiderable to rflect any beneficial purpose'
It is true that at that time 1 was lrom the imperfect
reflection I bail been able to give to tlie subj-ot. ol
the <>| iaion that such a cimrcrniun wa< not au'.hori*ed
lrom the terms of the constitution, but upon turttiri
oonsidi ration and a more critical ?laimn?ti <n of Cli?
1 pbr.iKi ulogy employed. 1 am led to doubt /oincwlial
i the vutire correction" of the view then entertained. ?
The rxprt-i-sions that no law shall ever bs made di
| vi rtlng said tun d to any other use than the support ol
free public schools." would probably be oonatrusd to
mean that the vilue, the eisential prop, rty of lb>
lunl shall never be applied to any other purpose. and
cot that the evidences Ot that value shall not bi
charged or convtrted into other evidences equalli
available end uo h b-n-fl'-i il to the obj.i Uj In'.eu lei
i to be pronUed by it I submit the subject, however
tor your oonxlderation remarking tbat I should b<
| aiDOugst the last to weaken the guards whisb weri
j lunnifeetly intenued to be placed arouud the fund al
ludiU ta, and if it could now be profitably employed
I 1 would not make the suggestion which I have done
though thf object to which It U desired to apply it i'
| seaond In importance to uone other. If you shal
ooncur with roe that the change propoied is aliniss*
I bie. I rupge>t that you make provlaion for l-*uiii(
J stock by the .Slate bearing iutorest at 8 per cent, ti
the extent of thai fund, payable at any tluiv hercaltaj
i when in the judgment of the Legislature it may bi
desirable t? call It In and tbat ample *e:urity be pro
Tided lor its redemption in a pUdgo ol the public do
main, and a? much ot the proceeds arising from ih?
rale ol any portiou ot It a? may be nrMMary. strength
emi.g there pledges wlthany further ?< c urities t>>al
I you may derm proper.
The nn n y no? lying Idle and profitless in the trea
| rary. might thus'De made auxiliary to the other re
' sourc?-olthe State in preparing aad sitting out a
I military expedition and at the same ti ns the fund
i would l>? incrrasi d by Its tmployumnt in tbis most
I worthy manner
The Male I an at this time about six hundred stand
1 of arms. which could be used. If actually necessary
to supply any unavoidable deficiency, but It should b<
reqtiiieo. iu my judgment, thnt any tr*op* iuu?tere<
lor I be service iiiulcated. should be required to mount
arm and equip themselves, and It it believed tbat ou
' rltirans are patriotic eoough to enroll themselves un
i dirtiie bamerol their 8t ite upon an oeetsion Ilk
ih? nr. .ut i mit Vw ill . * :iii v ulr All *1- nl n ? V ! ?
tbtir MTTlti , but I wuull re?om??rnd that th? L?
pMalurr mnk" ?? ?uipl.i (.r ricioi. ?- th* muuriM t
I b# diTt*i (1 from out public laud* mill permit, to m
, euro tbrin ?Ju?t aui llbaral eo?p*n#alion, torarln
their pay proper. mi l like?U? natUfaotory r
B.?ut It r >11 nrtimt uuaf1 < ??#* wtilcll ihiy Id
! cur while In th* ot tin* St?t?.
A i inrig> i?t of t?i>* prt'mt null pro?p?ctlf? foaill
' tli>i in4 rmMrciit ( Uw Iriuin. t^thtr villi wii
I tumtf ot tlii' probable mn'Hiut which will b i piTr.
fi r ni'iuiltoi.n of ? r. proroloui a:ij trm j?(iorC itiun
will be la'd brfv rr you lor ?urh action mi wiU b prop.j
on your part. marked I?.
W till* *.!?lr???lng )<-u on the ?ubjert rf our diffli-u!
Urn at Paste f? ar.a N||lrtl?( ? I ha*# don?. tbi
j oily n ?rn- wbleh to m? inled I* i*apabi# of alfordiu,
j a remedy It would bo improper fur u* to call .your al
t>nl:oii to pertain lunmiiri a 0"? peurtlnjt betor* tbi
, t'oi.(,r? ?? of lb# I ui'*?d and In which a u->a{?t
{ other thlu^K It I* propowj to a*tabll*h a g iTurn.u-u!
. ioi Now Mriiro. with a boundary Ituclluf aoiilh u
th# ;>v'd pariill#! of u r'h latitude aul ea?t to iK? on
bundteth parallel of w. ?t loagituia *tr;kin * o:111? re
by unc?T*im?M"ii?ly- a#arly nor third cf tl?? t?rri*.orj
?iubri>#ed wiihln lb# heretofore a.*koo#l.?d,$e 1 ? il t*
potnl?.i it limit* of ml? 8:ata. Tbi* pUn U aoavapa
iii>d kth a proponillon to ffim to giro u?t ?? do!
lar* tor a rrliDouuhai'iit cf h?r claim or in plalr *'
language, to glee htf dollar*. pr^Tidl ulie wll
quietly tatiil aloof. and permit a oariy in t)oni(Te*?
known to b* i<l>rr? to oerlaln li??lltiitlon? ot tbi
ttna'h and ???krg #* ry opport unity to a*?*ll th'ra
to pai tltl'.n h?r t?irlcory In a inmnur eon <nik.it will
tlii Ir viva* la afford them mother imitu* nt oarryiu.
out their laniHe p-illcy on lltut aunjoot
Ilowrvi r wll'ii n T-*?< may bae# bt:i and iniy **ll
W. toi)lpo*r 01 a m tum of her u irtbw<t?ru territory
; upon fair, equitable and b inorabi* term-*. I r taunt In
| lit ?? that any p*rty re'feetahle lor It* nurab-n or la
I tel Igeuc# will be f-nid nao<.t n? wh *ull l>?
i willing to WfCi pt a pi >p??ltf"n *5 drgratlog t i tbi
cbarai t?r and d>. nity ol tli? Stlita. %*lh*on? i ?nia|j?4
In tbr btli r?pfird by lb- OtnpromlM Ooniiiilltrf* ol
tbr (i? na:r Th- rlj'it of lh* ?mvnil (ofrrumcnt ti
dl?po*o cf aiy pilioa k| th-t^rrl ory of a ?or?r i(i
Btal* without ll? rt>>?tll PHO'oit lm a It! I It# J or ?3
.(Ulr?r?.| lu Uy a fr?. t?op> ?o lon? a?ttii?y r?t*lo anj
j not roarrpt'on of thi- r. Uil?f rubn mi I ohlljatloai
of llir Irirml end (lai? piiftnmrgla Uttili othff;
and ?o tiu* l? tb? prlnrlpl" notwIlbfUadlnf thli
mmrtii m in ri l?wn to Triw It ?r*m? n 1 10 ( 4?nirJ
bv lh'*f >>??' nd?o< atinf the nf?'?r?, fai
I ih<) pl?r.? th# !"UI.Juliftii <1 thrlr proer*4ln{? la thf
k'M.tnpt'rn H.at ?? ha?? bo right or till* to tits t?r,
rltury la quini 'ii'
Tin qMfilot of oar tltt* w* will ait ?? iin dU<*n<r
a* It ra > rroull In t?o p radical R'hhi. *114 In!**J It
w. i I- I ii, i ?> f iii ii art r # niiiih lia? b"?n
?I4I| rtmrat'toll ' ri>? w ifnt UfiituH>] "
Th"?? who n-w ilmr out ?Itin would uontlou* to ia
?n ??r? It |>Un il Iwforr tin 'ii la rb?r? i"H written
I *lih nir.l??iii It ?'?nil? In lb? ??f ol th# ?tt?m'
D#n? ol tin ir dafllnf oti;.ct id ri #p?r( to tl?v#ry. an i
tn iltnj It a.l Til# the only nr?i?xt wfclob nan b? found
for ?r? iJlr.y thr < ipula I ?? ol thr compart ui.l-r
h'i-h TriM !? #m? mrmS.T of tba e mifJ-rtr; ?
I' ii 111 j faith n to br jrriflcnt at th- f'lrni- at lu nal.alloard
l*ottlrl ni and In tb? ?plai"?i? of ?o>n? o^nI'tinc
pn tinral (in?l?iiin< In t'i? r mnntlt of (ht
nntrj. th? rou?tlt?it|rm II-' '.f 'booll bv niada to
tlrtd to a morsi l philanthropy. orl?<i|ttlo4 ani atMing
oi l/ In th* hmti-il Im igiiitttona of pi'tli^n laalota.
1Vxa? ran n???r guld'4 by f?dh mflucnca. 81b*
111 n#t?r. Il l> ho^fd liVvf h-rnalf m tbf *ra? of
her alatar fltataa of th# f o?tb b;|ltiii< brr <i-it to
m>a#arr<?o m?nlfe?tly lot'ndi 1 to ftrlk- Wn? at
thair moat 11Tal iot#r>-#t, anil !?? regard* lh? atti-apt
to parrhaao h r a(n?ln"??? la ?> unholy a ?h?if
nil honor <>l h? r p|lli?l.? If a prop -alt on had
t? an mad* loun l. <1 upon h> r noka^ala tg?d rlabta of
UlfMi'ft In pnrrhaao fmm h?r tha* ?TI >1 of II lying
no th r fth? ith dn?r, a > f north tail*iida. aad ?< ?>?n?w
Willi a ...m .-nt gnaraataa Ihit tha pro?l?|.a*
"f tlw joint rra?iutloaa t,-r ann?*atton la raapaat to
alaaar*. ahould ba ob<arrad. Ill* m i?t r?*p?n'l<il aoa U??a?i?o
""Id h?t? h??-n firm to It aa I I rtab but
llttla ia aaylagthat t iarn? majority of our f-lloa altlon
tciiiii htt? mi l agrb t in th< n1"!
liberal rplrll on I ?Hh a In^ra d?alra to accord arary
thing rra?>nabl> and juo that might hat.' boon a>l?
In rclwnn to II
I hara d<a?. <1 It ibt duly to rail your attention to
tal?nik'Tt tHNHHMflll So laappr prtata fo?
rrmlag dir?-rtly from tba p?pla,tu |i??ai >!
praaalon of th? piahll* a-nt'm-iit la ragard to It.
Durban ripra?ioa nay hara a aalulary influ^n-a
daaabara If not In producing mora liberal and Juat
action lowatda u< at laaat la ratting off a dl??u??loa
bleb mart ba truitlaaa la tha attain at- at of ll? ohjaot
Itlatraatbal tbta pr"po?ltl?a ro ob)?~tloaabl* and
| rlbtfltf la Ita t?rm? to ? ha* not ?o tar aa ?* ara
Inffrni? d. obtain'.I tha nation of a|th?r liNI'l nf
I'oagraaa. and tba h pa la Hill Iniuig-d tbat It may raeal?*
?nrb aiodlllratlona aad ohaag>a aa ?i.l maka It
marltorlova, and worthy of oar r"wl4>ratlni; bat
hlla ? n at tlatfar mir*?lraa with thi? f-aaonaMa
Pipartallca yoaa>ad aot b? pra?rot?d from aa ag.
pr. "atonal raar opinion In rafaranra to It. H?*j aa t
tnx<ialroeal ai.d It .hontd In my buiahlajndgaaat.
prrraat your dartdad aad prompt artloa In ragard to
tha aoaraa to b* parnaad In anatalning In ralatloa I?
Panta Fa. tba Intagrity. fktnrtur aad lataraat of tha
8 lata
la my maaaaga mSmltt.d to ynm la Pacambar laat
I a aad th? Holloaing iaagoag* Th.*i,i. hold uaqnaatloeabl*
aaa tba a m?aa? to raaaa bar
law ta ba ob?yad ?adra?p?rt?d. h* I tbarafnra ra
ooaimaad Ibrl tba Rgaaatlra ba wtbnlH to rand ta
ftaata fa. Iftfca an ??tty for data* aa abanldanatlaaa
ta aflat. a mlHtary foraa aaM. I?nl to aa?M* tba tlrll
aatborHlaa ta a?a*ata tba lava rt tba *tal? la tbat
portlaa of tba larrttary without rafaraaaa to aay aa
Ualpatad artl^n of tba Padaral forwrnmaat. or r-gard
ta tba military powar of tba laltad Stalaa atatloaad at
aata rt. I aati tbU r-aa*mradaUoa wtU mora
frwdotn bceww I wanot eonrvWa that i Bttiin at , |
tbi? cbirn ler will, of ou^ht to. glv? rial to Mf din- | |
tut ba net In our rtlittoni with tb? Inltnl ga??mIliOBt.
The rinht of Tna? to t-tttor?? her jurisdiction it not
mora p*rl?ot in tiia count y of fraTi" tliau it i? in til#
county of Kanta ?v ; an4 it th? niaptoy want of th? n*ce*Miiy
for#nlo t-Labtn b?r to es?roi-i* that rl^ht o??r I
a r*tTHctorj population, ?bo?ld product a ooiilaioa I
with the fnirral (Wkoruiit. tb. fault nvill uot b? bura.
, 8b* will 'ttiiil w?oo? rHti 'l. lu t Be ot ju<t mm
from ail ih? Narlul cona?<i>ieiBtf*? wbiob iu ?y r??ult
from >nch a conflict lu ? putlog to tb? Ln^ialatura
i : tbf propria' j ol authorising 1 b? vxaqutiv* to mq<1 a
niili'ajy f >ic? to rianta JpV i am not unmindful of the
; j iiii-runt*-(1 pecuniary burdens whiob tne rxarcua of
l th? authority will impoa-) upon <>ur pr???nt ta? pay
j ing citiici.n I trait, ho?ri?r. that tb? atwuitj #(
cairyiug into i-IIcut a in.-mur# of trim tort m*y *?t b?
I aT*rt?-<l If tbi- diflioultiiM t-unounien d In ojr Jf iru
1 \ to rxtrnd tbr jar-tdicrlfln of thr ntat* orur tb'H pori
tiun of h>-r territory. bi?? r?-KulteJ from tb* tarlin-?m
) of action on the part of ib* fadrral authorities, r<nb*<r
i than from a deliberate UmIko to do u? a wron;;. (an !
i It may b-- aaoribvd to that cau*?) ?? ruay Ht.ilI oninu
| rax? 'hv i < p? that iiniiwi of magnanimity aud ju t.ro
i ii?H* ilifiiliw hMf unoii httiiw of th?? rrarn#
have rrvdTrd to pureue it driven to it. lo adopt ?uctl
m> >?urm an will -ui.J>- 1 nu nooes?lty ol itiuurrin<
tbl? Hfow ; but the iu lulifenra of tbi* liOpa ?h uld
not prevent )< ur action upon thit tubj'mt Suili notion
ma; k.-celeratH it cauuot retard the ifttu1' aaJ
adjurlmeut of the ijueflioii
1 rnuel b.' permitted lo expre?n ray reicrat thtt tlii
honorable Legislature did not accord in ta? ur priety
of ibiK rronm uiaudatlou. much every <'lrcuui*t>tabe
w binh han Iraaepired in conuec'l >n with thU matter \
eMabli?be? the fuot thait ib.-lr coocurrerioe iu the vitwj
theu exprvtmd. and by placing at the diapoaal of th? j
Kxeeutit* a comparatively i>ui til military fonm th?
difltciililrs Mnd 'lubitrruHxiuHuti* now *urrnundlni( thii
subject would have terminated our jurlsdioti la far- J
nially established In that country, the State nav.-d |
trim the heavy expense. an<l the Kxacmlve ff3io iho j
I utipI'dM ut Deceaeily of assembling you at this uu1
pli t?hot ?raiuin of I he ye?r Kvtu the military com- I
\ maud, i hi Santa Kc intimated to our < numlsjionef
| that ?f li'Ui at that period had made suitable milt>
tnry d< uj<.u*< ration at Santa Fe, it would hate had tin
i frlfei't of k-epiu# in cb?ek the rebellion* au l dl.ior- 1
J ganiitnR spirit foatared and kept alive tnere by da- I
i eigniug atid p< it;i al dauiaxi ,{U.'< - a id it re |ulroa no
prvpbetio ;-plri. ?' torture that had we th- n. or at a
prevlr.uH di.y. taken poitMiaalon ?t the country, under
circuinrlatirrn which would i>?v? enabled u?tomilntaiu
it n Vt ry different c/uree would h ?ve been adopted
in reloi. iiO to our ela<m. Irnia the oca whi.ib i* now '
brought forward and attempted to be e-ttabiuhil. 1
I do not. I acatir* }ou gentlemen. advert to tha>?
thinga in any *ptril of qu> ruloin c in plaint. It *M
my duty lo nubmlt to you i>uch recomiueulatioaa ai t
deemed proper; it ?ra? your privilege lo taka auob
action thereon a.? your judgment sanctioned; but |
tbey are referred to that we mi^prollt by the experience
ol the pant and Dot permit any delusive hop#
to flop or retard preauut anu future action. Wo hare
alreauy tat IT .-re <1 from a con rtdrnce in other* ton genu 1
roue aud implicit Let tis nut il?erea?? that guttering
I by affording additional adrnnt.iK*-i to tUo^a who would
iul tnil^ooll ... />> ?... i
i 1 have had prepared. and here*ith lay before you,
I copien ol all docuuieuts conunetcd with this subject,
I which ma; be useful to jou in your ieliburations.?
' Among tbi-m are uiy in-t rue'ions to >l:vj<jr Meighbsrs,
; and address to tb? people oNlit couutun of fresidio,
I KI Faro Worth. and Santa Ke. marked K
I I might elaborate the .sulyeot of our difficulties connected
altli Smut a Fi>, by tracing tbelr origin and pro)
great more tully?by euuincratitig the various expedients
vhlch hare been mploycd to alinnate the population
of that part of our territory from us. and a strong
! appeal could bo mvle to jour syupaOil** and fueling* <
I i of htate pride, by rrferen-:e* to the blood-bought sacrli
fleet which Texas bes luade in tbn acquisition of the
1 j country over which she clahna rorercignty. Out it la
1 uot nec???ary 1 will remark that Texas oannot with |
any propriety be charged attb being Impatient or prei
cipitate in this matter ol deputed boundary; on the
i contrary. her too patirut reliatice on thejustice ol the
, I gentrsl goverum- at has brought her pr sent evils
) upon her Humility and patieuce hare chsractsrized 1
i her course softr. and should occasionally any feeling
ot Indignation be hetruyi d in h-r council! or by her
. { citizeLa. lit It be remembered injustice, that th'i great
head of the family ot Jtates ulty not claim entire ex- ,
i imUw Iron tbe MUht c4 n*tur?.
1 ltut there should be no criuitnat*on or recrimination*
- ! between tbe Federal and State governments. A proper
( appreciation of tb* I'nion and it > t>f r.?Uts abides In
> our Mate and no long ?? this ssntirneut e*a exist, eonr
I si?tent, with independenco anil hoaor, it will be f>?i
t?r< d with pride
' Cut our rights are rtill 0'ir right*. and when, and in
1 what mauner they are to b? uiiintaiued the Keprsi
! tentative* of th-j people sr.* lif>? Called oa t? ailvT- 1
| mine. In your aeliberati^na and flni-l action upon (
i I thie glave ai d important. nibj,*et. 1 trust your boj>rable
body will exhibit firain-ss. tampered with mild- i
- ! i>? ss, d? cisiou a*ter the free excrrise of an enlightened
' judgment; self respect, with a decent regard for the
. opinion* of those who stand adversely toward* us; aud, '
I { ' tsinlng a complete victory ore; those hlgb passions
. j whirb the occasion and these urbuiui- nl tiiji** are ,
so much calculated to eageader. you will it Is hoped. !
I I exhibit to th? world that the youngest ra ou jer of a i j
i great confedsracy caa wtwu she fael*ti-r* Ifa.fgrisved. ! j
' *-M-rt?t'h Ihi: oonfldence which justice I a* vires, bar | |
I , juit daiaw. and by moral lores eliminate a noble sud, ; \
i whit h ill other *s-s and touut'ls* could only b* enn- I i
r luniDit'pil by political convulsions and the sworl j 1
- i I bate tiliuKr and In sliicer;'v slv -n voa tnv views I
? and iiihi)*- tuoh rrconit.ttllalK'r.i il oiy J l'lj n wt ? r
(loin) It tb? kL1 h I I' ife rani" ?.?? I
Ui'?t y< ur finn orruurf l . h ?ll lndtrd b* pl*^*ad, If.
0 In th* r?-Kcur?*?-iwwl t<mr MNIm wl?4?m you c >ocat*'
a lo-ltar )>Ua (?.* tbf at'.ali.ni?ut ?r ln? Mid p">.
il I nhkl I hi mart b'i>"|>y t<> * c ?> r? ? with joa In
t !> np( r.i> nl ?D<t ex*cut .' i? < f ft
i> It U At/ duty to |ttlIM " to ;tu, that ?lnf? the i1jouruiii'nl
of your braorahl* body In I'tbruary la.c.
1 thrr< fc?* torn abataBi-wt of In I'I'I hoi'iliU?j no
our fruntb r. lb" ?ut?riug?of o?tr t-II ? aitU?a* no
1 ?< ? r?l portloin h?t? lof f ' ? i nn'.wlilntnn liu? tU? j
i. rlgorou* rfluiti by to* rrf-rao "><,mni?i>d<T,Ooo
r lliook" to ?ff n4 ?rcuii?y Vbl? ' fltinri< crij>p|t I la ,
km ? il< ? t>y tUv ml rtbb- p ilig; ciMiilau It >a ibr 1
? Tt.ir? othrr ohjw'.!! whM? I might pre??nt
t withy r>f li-xirla'lvr ton; b jl o Biul'.laf tb> wl<l<M
of our frllow etliiau th# pubm r*p-n?a an I y >ur j
i eotniil' uer. t o' htttr will bi | r?*rni?.i by m* to tba '
1 honorable U|blM?r?. 4iar"?nreu t with lb* mala aV '
t jrtl tor wbtrh you ?fW
I I In eoO'-lu .Ion. alio* n.a to rdl that w? a'? callaj
? 1 rn tor au npr*-?io? of our grat'fut t bank* to a kind
l'r<.? id?nr? lor It* m?niij|d bt. <!?< and in at buatMy
r lnri>kr bi> aid lu Rlrinf lo ' ur balot t ecal" a btppy
ir*u? out ot all brr toNRiluu^a, aud to our c m n u
- i eoubtiy, |rtpr. P. II. BULL.
Farther lwldenla Cwnti?ete?t ?rlih tbr
birrniiuii ?i Piofcaawi Wtlnirri
()'r?m ib? ibikion 1 ramorlpt Aug .">1 J
The c<)uiiti iiMQ<*<> oi l'r< t? mior UVfiater in d 'Hth
\\?b ttti iii', and e?. n i?!?-1 ihi.in I't ri|>r< ?i*ioit, (
j Inbiiiiiy iMi diki!?)lor<tiii>ii or vigii < ! iln'iortion. Tli*
gt-in?t, bt'rtinuiK inile with whith lie w> a wont to
1 rucottnler h In* ti l, ?-i-iti?r.| to Inn; jjj' p^ted
, tttrt II, hlid Iffl It-a tr?i-r.
fr'oon nti^r tl??* body wa< cut down, Ur. Putoftm
ir^lird l? CcBttlrtui to roniDWiicre Int'dln'iic- '
' of tinr rxrcniKKi to tbr h-rr?r--<t ttmily. Km iuidt
J d?)?, iliruiijih th*\. v f > .ii.i ii . i'n>f h I'ni-ii I,
j ttofy hod lirrn HMtirit<itia4 tint mch iol<*rvi?w
, wiiii itir |'iiMin>-r in'itht he lb- Uaf; alihoa^li tUrjr
, l? ft ilir ?i il nnd th?-j nl i i I'hurrd.ijr, not ndjp,?.i?. '
ii'Kihit th?* ?-a? rution would t.kf |iiac?* ihc n?-*t !
> d?y Am ih*')* ^o??T>-d tln*rr bovrr* ,
i thrjf noiicrd a b'irtir abtint tb^jail, and the
bli*K of crowd, trrjw wbwli tJi-y dr * drcadf il ,
1 ai'tunr-ib>- mm :.i>m I lh- i.?i il > ? nl; an !
wlim iIm- viait of Ur. I'uunm *?? announC' i yet- ,
trrday niormng, ib< y tt out'- Uurw that ali wxa ;
Wr drop the rnrtvin orei the of d >.neptic
hop^a that the fn i b?*r aud hua^aad h;td deeply
an<l ?i?ir?-rely reprui?d of hi? erim: and that the
liiitmifM of tfeailt wu (U(tMr4 t>v ti.tcere reli- 1 '
gioua preparation and prayer to the M<>?t High.
I?r l'utn?nt hn^ioc in.| : r rt nf l .c yet!fr<t?V
ntoi ning, before the ifliflou ri?rcliN to ]
ihe cell, wbuKft there v. < ry e:iy I rl* "" I
like to liavr ic?cbed upon m the prayer, Pi# in j
Wehai?r rrplird, that th^re were two which it i J
hoiiM l>f agreeable to hi* fielmg< to hav -in'ro* |
dut*d: ?>!?> wM,thAt the li<iri*ill Mi fallow men 1
might hr ao^ened toward* him, af t r he w t? c ?oe ; I ,
the other, th..t evei* nnaolattoa from lleiven f?r
the mitlerti g he tad intliri-,1 might l>~ ' 1
to the fmnii) and relafveaof the Tate Dr. Parkman ,
In the interview before the ptayer, Prvfeaaot
Wehater alluded to hl? ll 'j* of meeting in the j
world to which he wa? about to p taa in iant, a J
t# inlet ly l*loved child, who died aoiue yearn aince. I
He converged with perfect compo?ure, on various '
ubj?rt?, inoptly of a religion* n?"ire '
1 Miring the walk to th- g.llow* the coavrattion |
rrau.. imed moaMy i>y'* I'utmm, who* oh- j
Ject it dm to keep the pii?ooer*a thought* ao ncoi- 1
( ted with aarrrd ihn g? thai the *p,?ilrng ? +< tu.-'- |
nroung Mm ahonld no' cauat him io .|u*il. But <
the pnnoi -r waa fi'tn to the |.(*t Not a per*. J
ahivered To Dr Putnam'* remark in not re.
gard anv thing about you?da not lock" -aa they <
en'ered the area, and approrched tha gallowa, h>? ,
replied : " I do not. My thought* are e|.?-where " i
All the whik the death warrant waa be.mg read,
l>r Pntnuni k?pt up a i h-enng converwui.Mi with ,
him. and the |>rin'iier rrap<>nd> <1 f -itrriljr and appro- i
priatrly. It would tarr- heen difficult to pre crib*
? den ennor more he, i?ming under the cucuniattfH ,
ten, than that which he exhibited, of tn have in- |
ti n #il wurrift mnrr pmii'uhl* thMii tlio? w hi. h I
uttered 1>r Putnam ptl?-d him with retnarka to
keep hi* thoughta in the naht directum. and to
prevent any p*u*e, dnriiif which h* might <viail *
The priimner fratefully art-ond-d theae human? ef
forte, hot tiiMW any tinny of apiiln or n>reoua j
fptatioB. I)f Putnam continued near, cnneermn^
with him,whit* the offirfrt tied the pri?ni?r?'? armi .
and lega?while the nooae wn a-t mated round hia
neck?and while th* Wnrk eap waaputon ? nor f
Sid he retire from hi* immediate vicinity tin juat *
1 ax 'he f/itaI drop wan ahom to deecend.
The fluehed apoearmce of the priaoaer'a fare,
and the eflnaion of te?ra, wrre produced apparency
hy the (*emat?re and moM'ntary tightening of the J
n i?, and net, an acme anpnoard, hy afituinn I
The If it amlihle worda of Profeaaor VTrh?ter, <ia '
the eap waa draw* orer hia faee, were : F*rima, c
into tut manna I cowurin ?r aenrT."
Daenfotr o?rtemp??rin?a atatea, that the apo<
i ueleded for the fallwwa waa that where H wonld 1
I ha RMiai r?a?pM nana to the multitnd* Directly 1
the rnatrnry of ih? ia the truth It wi< the
of Mr Andrewa to place it where it would he aa |
li'tlr ri??tanina< ae pnaaiMe.
I Wnli regard ta the atatemeat that the planner
hud a right t? claim till 11 [o'clock yesterday, we
have Irsmed that there wu no special right on
ihe prisoner's part, after 8 o'clock, the tint hour
mention* d in ili? death- warrant.
The with of the prisoner, as expressed the evening
before, both to Shent) Eveleth and Dr. Piitn?m,
that the execution might he a., prompt
as |H>.-?il>le. lie aaid thut he would be r<*ddy at
eny moment after H o'clock. This request the
ShrtiH observed, ho fur as ihe conveuience and
decorum <>f the occasiHii would allow.
For mine days before his death, Professor Webster'*
favorite reading, next to the lltMe, was
in CbaRtiing's Works. lie also found much to
soothe him, and gratify his religious and literary
taste, in Bowring's "Matins and Vespers," and in
Longfellow's Collection of Hyuii.s. He made
presents of the IsM-named works, with appropriate
pa.-ta^es marked in them, to various friends.
The body was takf n to the house of Mrs Webster,
in Cambridge, last night. The funtral will
take place early to-morrow morning, the services
beinu performed at the house, by the Rev. Dr.
'? Ij> Sloek 'Imbilt
Bosron, Anjruat 31.?2 Citohhurj Railr>a't, 110; 5
lio. J ol tlll.(I. >? u and PurUiaouth Killrj?H, .'<*4 10 jo.
knllmil K^il. i <.>. 4.. in. ,t? u.. ..j
ByricoaeRailread, 97'V !'> >io. Old c'o'lonv Railroad, MS; 2
it" Coocnrit Kturoad, 5<l4; 2 do. *o. 5.">li; 12 do. Northern
Railroad, ilt\. IU4i uo. Verin"ni Central Riilread, 2i\. 21 do.
Vermont and Majiaciitiiutta Railroad. 23: 25 do. O^dentbarz
Railroad, 2t>: Silo. Cochituate ll?lik. 1 <Vi- $.WU Vermont
l'*?tral Ratlraad Uonda, SM; JI.'JOO Kutlauj Railroad BjnJa,
r-HIl.AM.rttlA. August 31.?Fir*t Hofird.?M aharoi RnttdiHR
Railro )d. 1.5. V ??; Km do do b6. -Ji\, St) do do. jS 25?.; SO
do do IS. i-ft*,; Sit do do bS. 25*,; S<J do d > hS| SS*,: 50 do do bS.
SO do do u.'mw, *'.U; 50 do do, >5. 25J?: 50 do do. 25?; 60
ilo do, 25S; 50 io do ra?b..2?; 2S do do, ifi?,: 100 do do. 2S}?
ItO do do. iIX, tl.OUO Reading u'a. IVi. ?l,Ot>Odo74. *4,000 IT.
?.? ?. I*>7. iTfi; 10 Trenton R. K, 121'. Sec old H.,,rd -I',Ot
It Kotdinv; Bond*, 74: Sabs. Phil, and Trttn'on, I2'i; |1,'?I0
Xi Adinz 0oiiUr.7<; $1.into do do, 71; tl.oni H ilm'n (>'*, 3 ds,
tl.KX' do do, S3; 10 alia I'cot.'a K; K , 45;
In WutbinKton 29tb ult . Lieut. Jews 8 Oakland,
[J. 8. A , to Manr Triiitoh, daughter of John II. Houston.
Esq., of that city.
On Sunday tli" 1st instant. Mtir, the wile ofOen.
Aveiiana trom the tdirli of a (nil
Tba relatives ofth- family aad the friends of her
hutbHutl. lire respectfully innted to attend her funeral,
from her late residence, No 912 Broaiway, at 4
o'clock thl? afternoon.
In Brooklyn. August 31st, Thomas Moras, in the
34th ) ear ot ilia aje
Ilia relative* and friends are invited to attend his
funeral, tbis nfternoon (Monday) at 2 o'clock, from hi*
late residence, corner of Myrtle avenue and Nary
On Sunday morning. Sept. 1st, Cathariir. daughter
nf John and Ann Hughes, agtd 1 year, 3 months and
12 days
The funeral will take place this (Monday) afternoon
at - o'clock. P M., at No 7 Bridge street lf?r fri?n Is,
relatives, parents, and acquaintances, are invited to
On the 31*t Augunt. after a long an<l MT?re illnegf,
M??y Con an i, aged 24 ;rvi.
ller friend* and acquaintance" are raayeettully In?it
d to h'tt nJ lif^r ftaMMl at half pavt o odor It. this
day. (Monday) from her late resideuee, 147 Twentyfist
Chirltttun and New Orleans paper* pl*??e copy
On tlie Suth Aunui-t, at the C'liatou Uotel, In this
city, ol inlUtuuiation of tbHrtoinaub.br J. 11 Jonti'>i,
of 8t Loui*. Profe?*nr of Surgery ot the Franklin
Mecl<-?l ?U'l Literary I'ollt'ire of At Louia. Mo
The friend* <>f th- family, the menib*-r* ol 8t John'*
Lodge. No 1, acd the Maoonic fraternity in good
^landing. are in*lt< d to attend the funeral, from the
boure f>t .Jobu U Unirn*. No 1 Degraw plase. South
Bro<>kl>n. toCj|>rxM Hill* C?m?-tery. by raiiroai. tbi*
ilhy at 4 1* M precisely. The Lodge* will meet at (WO
botlMJ. tt I P M.
M A It IT I ta K n r K L LlvEK IE.
Pott of K?w Y?ri?, 8t|it?mber 'J, ISM.
ro? awn. ( Miaoo* nv> 1 M
?v* ac?a ? 27 I ?i?w w?vwm 4 4?
I" S Mali SicaatMp Atlautio, Watt. LiTtrpoal, An* SI. at
U ''<> *? wi.b mire ?ct i.a.M-n(er>. to E K Col int. To* Atl?nti?
atti\K i T >M.dy H??.li at II 40 an ?aa4ay m.Tiiitt*;
I a* had a crfitlaual buicraaiou of ?outh*rait?*ly winl* until
IK* Ia?t t - o darf. miimvI at h?r dack at 1 .*) m. making
It puiao la II ?a)? i liuura.
BbipAidrc* reater (pkt) Howe*. Liverpool. July 14, with
n d<-? ai d I'MeKtri to 16ih alt. lat 4* in. loo 41
|>??rd a larve ictbtrj, lllu f.:at hi?li: V. h. lat 41 10 Ion
5M. kv?rri?4 ip KuM k?ll>, 1 da)* lianoo far liar re. all well;
Slat, Mir a thip with a Mack ball iu her for* toptail, ?upp?>*
cd to be tlir Nt. Tork. from Ii?frpuol for .Vaw Turk.
Ship Y< rkt<iwn fpht), ItratUh, I.m ion an I fur .mouth,
July l>\. wr'i iu Uc and pa?< a<?r*. to Urianell. Miaiara a
Co. :iI. alt. lat?0 St'. lua 70, paau<l bark John liruuaer,
treric* K.
Ship l.ii?l'th Dennlion (pkt). Sprnrcr, H?ire. July IS,
m iih aidxaad if iiwour n to ? I) Hnrlbat s Co.
Ship "t Moulaa (pkt), k>? ?nh. tlarre, Jul i 19, with m In
ma I ?. I* M>yd * llmckaa. July .11, l?t t?V
n P. win I utrdrd by a l.oB' Ir<>? tbr sliie Aadrrv r j?nr,
r m l ?i r?i 'l lor N York. r?|.rnd all wall. AugXft.aawa
11/ ou bri; luairi-d a tmall b at an I koardid liar, f?UBd all
l)i? aula ted titriai had biin takvi iff by atme tmhI, tba
itett ?aa r art 11 If a? wi c?-. Id not mat* oat bar Bam*, aha
i, p*-i M l to I* ib-ut t?? thraa yinra old. ao1 I'imber
l..?aod. A>i? /> Nantn<k"t fnoala baarm< N A' ? > aiilat diaiant
?aw tba w rack > ( a anakau aclir. tba n?a <a of bar mata
out of a liter. Tba St N tea bad lubt S* wmda ani caluia
1 .? wV?.la i?Ni?a.
&kir ?'!.:! .?ipi ia, *lo(iabury, rbllada'.i bla. 3 day*,
ark Aian Carr ( Br? H'kita, ?, 40 daya. with mlac
aad HU t.i? * vsr:a. m A W o.idhall.
Ha k llirrtai t oopvr (if Baluari). Dvpklna, Baltimore,
ft Hai a.
Iln,; SnilMtli |r( Providian) Shtt, Xnirnit, 4*da>a,
wiib i aim oil aid t??ry. Bad una faaa?a?ar, to K Oraaa, of
I'rotHM ? .
Hrlc MaiU(Said) kaaoJir. C-flt, CCdaya, with ir>a a-.d
III | a. oi.iara t B < naaa IMiltN. lilth ult. Itt H
1* I'u Ik'1 ?p ka a uaiar?too4 bar uina ' U.irtiljf,"
of V.a V?-rk for (.'ilifomla.
B'la Matilda M-aial). oil, Watchau'i l apa. tit Voa>.
Juu? *:. wi lt auaau. In 13 Hill' . ; K int. lat
2 I 'N.lnti MSt. apoi a ?.ark l>?!aaarlan. lot Haltiai-ira.
Br'kfraana. P?-tila*i:l. r.thara, Cuba. A a t ft, w i'ft ?o tar.
to Tliumiaon k iluatar. IT'Ii ull, lat ,V> Ion 7J .*> W,
rrx'ta a brig, iat oat lr?m BaiMa'rc f -r I'- rto Kiio.and^rItoi.'i
bir t anil t ba tba Catharine KM lat V 91.1 o 7 < t*.
t\ atlatilH bia*y gala tr?ia SIB, >a whioh tiia Tiaaal
?rtt ( al ak. bad to k<f| k .th |.umpi *>i??ault an I
Ibal-tk ft ill lait*aair(. iimi <J hbdi molaund to lightia
lb* ?a?a?l. coaalatiBC of tb? drvk I ad
I rig Ollta inr r taitr Tt, ft dayi.
Sit.r Vallur ia (Hr), Orowdl Kiniatoa, Ja. 21 dan. with
rta.mt<>, to b I'lttrt. :'ja all,. I Havana, npinaand a
Lot) lata ff< ta fjt, apll' aaila. k?
Mir l.atnartiai. Obtioian. tViliaiBfton. SC, day*, with
Baval a'in*.
Ithi I'iatlatt'ai llttrrt. Ellawortk. fl da'i.
? t.r Eiita Matiliia. Jndkmi. H<?t?a for 41hasy.
Vlir Jirann t>.a?, I'laiir. 1 bomaitoa.
^ fr II 'Wirr, knttii.
Krhv t/oaiaa b?vi, tti.ai.in.
K*ht C T? HaM?> k, l> rla, 1 'laya.
fubr Marr t lark Saift, Malum, J data,
Fchr I'kw iB'-kri, llrnahw, K->?k laaJ. ft d?y?
M.r Km I, Kdwnrn* P nlatl, 1 naya.
P?-I,r< hnllatijfa, F '-'ar. Tb'?iiaaton Sdayi.
fai r II V Jobnaon. I*tiaLuhii, 7 data
Sill f? of II f. BHmi ThnMoatov, 4 dayi.
fi^br M".?'rf, V a> bla?. K il?> a.
Pr^r Hi,a frtaraa. Wall ft Ui"r/a, 9 ilayi.
Klbr *wlftavri Ki>(ttri. 8t? iW IU day*.
b hr AIMi.n. Holla, ' alt a. 4 *ayi.
Stbr'l U-i'a. I'naraoa. HaiMaa. ft daya.
B<*' r ii nr" vi. ai a m* / a >ti<
Khi SI rvraitn. . Htitmi *. 7 4?f
Vhr !? < > fotn R?'*a Ikravki, 5 daya.
! ? |.r itxL . rK'>?i'?, It < <>.
tlxf Ji? I, l?H, H*-k?r. Pr?f i-l?a-a. t Uri.
( I - |> Hiaai I.I '*, M Mia, P?->?l4a>i*a. 1 4af A.
Hni'tit, I'mtk. rMliimrt, Hi)>.
n?rV .*'?!? <W-r) B4< ?? fr tn (Joilaa ?K, with
Itii Ar4 liua, W I uaah a V'n.ri*.
at I Ml.
lutmor J'atohaaal, a?4 al.ara.
Wi?J dariag tka <? trim AB. ??< ft?K.
|Pa? ttiOMir tnxrw l
Aa( ???AI4 r J> t?M l> a. ftTark.
A - ?, llftv PdmN |?Im I.Mi
Avaa. r??, A an IB?Art ?ap?n-<r. Aia-araa?. Charlaat *.
Kiimi Jawr 4-AI4 H w-i. ii Canf?r.> *
(' iritti, J.iaa l i-Arr l?u Tim, Laaaall.
24th, F |?ilt, N?le- ?. 4?
tiaiwoaa Ai| IK-I'll tupnl ratkar, T>uw, C>mIm
I- * 'or * ft ut a?aw
Oraa area At.* l? -?H ??4lwi?. Craak* Boalaa.
uai *??, a?c i7~<44 IMpsta, Hall, h for*.
* -a, Var * - %r? Aw-aa n. ? ,r<|>->ra (aw4 a 1 f*r
iiri 10, ta ai? ?fra ? . I''*,
rna>*4?J .anil.- A<i ma. 4n M4 Mar >1 H(r ?'. r.
Iliato n ; Jwwa i. I ul It fl>ia-w.l M. Varr
A -IB. ro'.tf k I a< 4, Ba: 4* k, l?1 r U Ml ?l, *ilk?r? 4?;
rih 1Mb Amaaoa V a?aut, 4a; Oaraair, It 44laa..
i?li* ?valt.
Uaraa Aai ll-Art R?iia*r. lillirl 814 I4tk
I* ? ? i l'.?a, N > ork. 171'., flair* a Mll'a 4r
llmti aw am II-II4 Praaklia. blafc, NTatk; U*\
,k?i>?, ri tw. r 4a.
Hr>? ar Ail I A- \rr Tmn? Jikatn. TidirViHn,
B m ??!< ? Aihaaa Onrory Haltia. ra.
II. i.i ai| 14 IH . 1'iitkiafc Ckarlaa'aa; ITlfc.
fclit liana. larl'lik. NTnrh
Ln?r. o*. Aai IA- Ait u'lMa Hara, i'kif. WT?rk; Oha
Cla'lr Wr r.fl (fwarlratn*. Itik. Hllifat, W a4? NOrlaaaa
larak k I aa'ia, Ml'; Atarol tba W l.oa bar. N ? ?ra
t.?.| V Ha-", a, MoMla: ?'th. Ji ha AI' IM ?. M
"Htaawa Pijaaatwm. (vaatar, 4w: li'ii'.a, Praam m. ft Vark:
IttMfl. Saaai at, Mhlaaaa, Aalam, Uitaaa. ila; Ckaaa,
fatiwa, Aaaataaw.
1.4 141*1. < rr avail. Barkar, KOrlataa laaaa Wakk. Cnp?t.
JtVark; I7ik. Mai Rath knur *p-a-ar 4<v. H Slafiiar4,
kiaawarth. *- mh, BlUa Maria, Whitaara. 4a. Kkiaa.
h.aaar?l Halilaora.
Ka<4 far 11| |Ttk, Mary Hala. Hnlliaa n?|i,a >r? Marf,
lain. hMt'a Wm rattaa. IWrkar. 4a. Ilikaraia I a 1, l.awi.
la Martarat. Hcara I'Mrlnln: Marf War4 Kaaall *t?
rlaaaa. AmrrlaA. Saaa4ara. 1'hna i?I*hia; Ink. Maw W .rl4.
la'ah' Nttrk.
FIH mil, Orr.?aral1. Marker. MO'laaat; Waltraa Harttara,
^aailaa 17th. iaa Off. ?'ar??T. 'harlaa'n*.
I?wi4>*, Aap l?-iat4 laaaarAa, Paaanll Hall, Saara. taw
>?laaa?; Ttrlar' am. Ilaaaa, 4c; M *r*Arat Biawa, |^a??, P
Taik C raali-a llrlwwall. Flat'l-ar, 4?
I i^rwira. An 17 -BI4 riaa ar. H^matoM. KTuk.
I A ariawa.lllf, A?< |H M4 4aaa fraaaa?. Rr-vw.
'niriiM; I'wiaa. 0raln|ar. 4a. Il?t, A(lR?anrt, Caahvr- ,
aw*. 4a.
MAnaaa. Jatyt?Bra Rlaatl. R?w?a Nbi
M?*ii.a. Mir |a- Arr Awal A|>|la?< a. Ilwa? Kr-wt (aa4 ?'4
faaa f?* K T -rk I: MNh Bar*t*? JTraariaj Jawa A J ka
arkar, raltfr>r??a; 4<k Maa.'a, 4a AM Mar rlllianta,
I. raa Jawa ? Jar. h Farklwa B .?i ?
*r*r, <aai i?-i ? It linot, > rat*. ?14 lit, A
tl4a. Pin*, ApraarlAeft.
in) |4-An A-r.ll*. WOrl?aa*: OfIIA
JhriI. Oaaaa, to I a4 far NOtlaaai. CM ISth. i allfar- ,
l?. ^afar. Vrr*. '
M? I4tk, B/raa, t>.hn. MTtrki OrMta, 4*; Aaalia, ,
'or'M 4a,
Haiti, Ann 10?Arr * 0 fhaaa, M f?H?. R<ut*n.
?!?' MtL? III An, ir-rn Calamkia. Imln. MTarki
IW'IM, Wro4?*|4, |lM'<a.
Nivroar ( "?). A** It?Art *lla? I?r>air4,
' r<J lit HT?rt: Mmntl, Cattli, UmtMl in CkirlM- ,
Oi trwrtnwp. Aft lA Arr r'arialr, L?l4lr, WOrliaafc.
?. cw.i i r. A"? fl-ArT 1'illiaM. ?lllrr WfaTt.
(n??w ?r Jsai IV- AI4 lit4iM?ari | t?aa), CaHf irtila.
*>??a%, Afl * C"?> aat, CHWIA IW IMlrtWI i
1t A?"kl**4; Mapatrh, PI..I f?r C*Iif rata. I.?ara, D??- i
till. 4? i< ha Maaa, Nllliy 4a; Pirtml*. Da?ta><a. 4ai
ialkw himn. A*| 1 (wMU, WAagh. A4alai4a
it SPraaataaa.
ATT ia?fc, tart aatraaa. Ca'lf?rala. H4 *%r t. inks Vaaa. 1
>*M, rmnm M4 AH *?. IaiI [> ?*-nl APraa- I
! * ]: Iftk. I nttMi Cm?Wi AaoktoaA ??a ( allf-rata, 1
k P'fiala Dartaaa 4?; IMai>aiali. riaai. Mlilaa la 1*4 i
a literal*. t
Im tatarmn, Aa( IT?Arr Waakla?t. a (it, PWr< Kit t
ratk fat I
Tain, at* l? 1)4 rnkwlH _*4?lHl, l?T?? I
SiMIA AafT-M Prwarta* a l,mtaa. Rra4h?rla* Hi*
ratk lftl? Ilya*a?4 attPkf.
I ithmii ?i| It -?4 ? ?*. Ba?H *t?rt 1
II aiifaa, ia*a M4 lafl*. lal'lami, ^ Tatk, I
M??- ? , Jaaa M?SM Imii*, Oraaaat. NTarh. I
1 ? "
foiur (St Man'a), ?>i 14? la* lluiuii. Ptpoa. from
Livarp.ol ftr CaJiforaia, with k"w:prii apruag aad omr%?
ahilted, having raptritnccd ?ary hcivjr wviatiar nan !* ??
iag Li veil uoj; tor* ?p llib mat. from fat 44 7, Ion 11 W; liu
will be rtady for mi again in a ?*w t?f.
Vflcfrapklv Manna Kauoru.
W'xrow, Wi-nt. I.
Arrived?Ship Samoa**, NVurk; bark a Wayk .* *!, Hasan*
A) r??, July S; Appletoa, Baltimore, i UMch. Pb !ad*lphia;
K (* b>raaa. Kotitriam, July !6.
Biig laaau Carver. Cardtn*?i Aug an Sid 'a <w> "ltd brig
Jer??u a. fur Marantaa, to load ft.r Boat>*a aoxi -lay. L?ft
lark Tin (an, oiag; brig* NapoUoa, for Button, n**t 1a?; II
la>*r*<ill. wt? rargo. Hpok? :? b ult.Jat IS' ?i. l>aVl 1U, l>ark
Minnd, flt }l*l>na. for Ban Harbor. ft mi bbl* oil.
Stkra l.ibirij, l'r*dt<rirkaburg; Adelaide It V?a?y, Philad?l|hia:
Vintaar Alban*. Hay Stat*, Bondout; Carobrid**,
Krie, Hurd, ana Kenny. NYork.
t Uart-d?at ip iNMM, NOrlnaaa; Hp C.nlao*. Haiti*
mi ie; Audovtr, and >uaan, Philadelphia; war* Jstvm*, do;
llaip, Haiti ai*r*. j
Brno bUo't rap TU d at Norfolk, from Smith'
Ialand, a bar* ah* had btcn aahore. I?at nitniMl, main lop.
ail, and damaged other tail* before golag aaasr*. Ska i?
badly *traia*d lurward, and laaky.
A Baiu. with loaa of for* topmait. *ai pa'*ad tTttiM of
29ih. atending in lor th* Ca^ra of Vtigima. A achr, with
vamklon Firs?Br brig Boston from tfatanMl.
saw oa 77th. lat 40 4ft, Ion bi JO. ??l in Or*, tup; v;l
a >chr of about ISO tuns; niwisguae; after part paia'?<l sreen
inaide; suppuned aba bad been bui.deJ previously; nuoue oa
board; pa<ee t within bail.
Wane*?Aug X'th. 30 miles -<outhcf Nautuoket Shoals,
?u ?rn tlia matt and rlrgitis, with a ula at tarh?d, if . barm
trig, ibe maat had gone eloaa to th? deck, aud m wake of the
tie rail* was paioted green.
Ihii'Wbcck?Hi haar from Capt Vance, of aohr t may
nowuhorton f'ape Hatierae, that the item of ecbrUliveof
Now York, eame on ihorft near bli ????! Ife stipend
all bands ifere let.?[ Wilmington <NC) Cuminarclal.
Qt KNcc. Aug 27? Baik Jane King, of ArHroasan, with a
cargo <il run. sugar and mola?a?s waa t.tally lint at tha
Bergeo Ulaada. Newfoundland, on lilet ult; arew a-ul purl of
the cargo eared. She *??< bound te Q.io'jec from Ouba.
BriK Brvcia. from flacuenay for London, with a cargo of
deala, wrecked on Magdalea Ulea.
BteamaMv Pari Ac. Nre. beet lor Liverpool, wu teen 23th
alt, 1 am ISO mile* E or Sandy <I>ok.
Steamship Niaiara. tine, henoe for Liverpool, was aeea
29th ult, 1 pm, off Ucorgva Sboals.
Ship U L> Shrppard. Uau>. 8 days from H>ston for NOri..,
. rrih ?it i.t hi hi i..i. e.j ii
ACS ilocp-of-war wai . ccn off Block Ialand, lit iait,
bound E.
Brig T?loi, from fi.orgia, with yellow pine, for Prondenoa,
Slit lost, off Eg* Harbor, bjr jJlo't bo?t Virgintn.
Srbr Jot Uaual, I.enoe for Jamaica, 16th mat, Ut 2S ID. Ion
70 30.
Voniga Ports.
Cm**a (Cuba). Aug 19- No Am v.aaola la port.
Mo*n vneo. Juno 21?Sieamera Ng? Orleani, Wood, lait
trr; Can Warren, Xulth, do; W J 1'eaae, Jennp. *11 from N
York for California, ifcip Sulou, do for do, aondotBBod.
Horn* Porta.
Bcsmi. Aug SI, AM?Atr brig Jeaaia, Sheridan, Liverpool;
brig Floranoe, Bopkini, Philadelphia; ichr Sharon. ,
kicnmoud. Cld ablii John Daren, li-trdiug, NO-l<tan<; F.ori'la
Pcaraoa. NYork. Uindottan. C'u Viiug, dn, barm Mary
Alalia, fpaulding, Norleana; Carloa, S? rj, Ualreaton; td?
bwight, llallci, Baltimore; Gen Jeaup. Fiaher, Philadelphia;
brig* ^arah Williama, Cult cUntuogo* tit Curaoua. J hat
Henry, W ilton Gonaltei; Bnrgeaa, Glawion, San Juan d?
lot Rtmedin; Sun.Croihy, I'tuladrlphia; Abhott I.awrenca,
('rowal!, do; actua K bono. Sparks, Am Cayea; Copia. Seara,
Rich mmd Coraalta. Faulklln: Einma. Loteii; 8 A Apploton,
Nickeracn, ail L II Niokeriun. Niekeraon, Work.
( Mam riro*. Aug 27?Arr nchr *ieorgafc Williaia, Hearial?y.
But' D Below, Beli bark Niw nala, llodeinan, Cardiff
tin Sicily. Ala), a inip, supposed tha Amelia, from
Mom I a, Aug 23?Arr bark llowland. Mayo, Bolton. Cll
Slat, al.ip Athena, Cbaaa. L.verpool
Naw Oni.aAita, Aug 21?Arr ihlp Peter Mar?y, Samptia,
Boiton. arbr John RowSe.t, Woolingham, Tampicc. Old uhr
Neun Aparacida (Max), Eapanola. Vara Crm. Towed -o
lea 1-th. ahipa Cbaaca. Lapland, and achr Joten Firaando.
2*d ? Below, rvBiiag up (by Telegraph) ?Ship Sheffield,
from Roaion. T ?nl to aea 8ih, ?hip Quaov and bark M*lina;
l?th, ahtpa Harriot Auguata, T< r?ato, Kiiaha Denauon;
laika Mary U Kendall, MM IliM Bridga.
riiii Ai ii.rma, Aug SI?Atr biarka Onm, Ni"karion, Boston,
Trtntoa. Seara, do; brigs Delta, Mehan. Ha- ana; Jara-ta
Croeby, Siowera. Stowera, Baa^.-r; Alf*retp White, Milbridge;
Cbivope, Emery. Boa >a; Lemuel Cipelaud. Shead,
do, Maritetia, Shackford, taeinoii; Jam.a M&rahall. Thayar,
Mill lie; Sehi Grand Turk. Waihburn, Rio Janair?; Pearia'tn,
Read, N ll.dford; Myera. Fowler, Waehiu/t m. XC; I uily
Waiter, Brork Protidence; Z Taylor. llatemaa, Boaton;
Free Ocean. Spenre, NYork; Oanina, (iiffurd, do: taanatawinr.
Firinan, ring Sing; Susan. Kicord. Cawiden, l>il; CC
Strait' a, M Mtrott, ^tintah: liemoorat, Harry, Di(ht>n;
11 U Funrr, Keller, N Vork; Almlra Ann, Vail, Lnbuek.
PaiMnfert Airlved.
I.1VKBP001.?Packet aLip Aadraw Fo-ter?Mri aad Mill
Tbumao. Mra and Mitt M ntguiserj, Mr (Ehittakir, turgeoa?
iu w?? mi w'.n.
LoNixin?fackn abip T> rktowa?Mr< M fhandtar, of NT:
Hit! II Ilaaaincwhra. Miaa M A tiridfiaa. of Loadr.a; Mia U
Smith. K Dorrahlcr. < I H*mburc?1>1 In <ha
Bar*?? Packat abip Kluabath Drama ia ? 1 Pchrotur, of
Grrmaa); Mr 'fraffaa.
It a \ a?? rarkat al ip 8? ?T PacUflro, A Bait*.
Uln Anna Fokler, Miaa fanny Santa.
(lm*h a l vra?BrU Fraa?aa- *r Orifll'h and family.
NKHII ,al.
I>it?a?* ? Vaaeraal it* aria. Uororrha*. Olcel, .lyphilia,
*?.. etirrd la a faar hnnra, by a T?*ttabl? 1 ifla! api lit atioa.
wiih'iu pain, ( aai of foarfcu yrara. that 'ha other p>yatoiaDp
*ate u|>, prruiaaond* cnntf. liuadrada of oartibca'.a*
will rat fy my atamion, tn.it on nihara ran aqnal It. Eialaaioat,
d l ility, aor any caaa. ran renal a cura by my now
m da. Female Insularity Pilla, tl.
DR. LaKtlOIWT, 42 Keade atreat?_
aaii a. by ut A. M Maurluaau, l'ruleaaor of l>ia aMaof
Worraa : Truth edition, Itaio , pp. 2!*). prio SI.?Y?ar* vt
I i jaioal and taenia! >a?nUb. to many au atTeati
maia w fr anl peonniery lift' nil.ea la tba hnaband, might
baiebrrn reared k? a titaaly |OMiuia af thla w?rk. It tl
laierdod repe<talI> Tor tha aaarned, or thoaa e?a%eiaplaila|
marries. ar It Jiaclaea* impvriaal aa<-tata which abould W
kn"*a t? them particularly.
To thr>ee whoae health doa* aot permit af a> increaae Of
famlly.it ia i f eaperial important.
II' rr. alai, avery fttuale -U?a aifa. <ka mother?the oar
althar aii<ldia( iat<' woiaaahvnd, ar tha one la tha decline al
)aara. In aliom aatura oia'amrlataa aa liaportant rbaara
eaa dlacorer the caaaaa. a'luiloai*, and Iba ra >at elfloieat
n i" and m .ai errtala mada of aura. In avary ivarlajat
to al.t.-h her aai a mhlect.
( Katract vf a Utter Iron a patlaati la Day'.oa, OhiiJ
Davtoa. May 1,1 >4.7.
Da. A M. Macbicsav:?
Mr ?| aa t'ia - My wlfa 'aa Wn pereeptiljlr alatrta* fat
anirr tbraa >?aia or mora, la ooaeaqueace of bar rmi m?j!?1i
and entferina a> m? Di'ntha bet->r? and dutini her
Anment. ercry aarcoaaiaa oaa mora and aiora it' UiaM
and I roatratad bar. p.ltiaa hrr I fa In imminent daniar. aua
?mib waa. ?a tha laat accaaloa. daapairad af. I aupp-?ad
that thla aiata af thir.r* vaa inaritabla, aa I r?aifa? I maaall
tn mrot tka wvral. At tMa * ar (now aSoat t?> n >a'.ka|, I
haaid y ar hook bl(l !y apok^a of, aa r >atalalni > >a>< ma'tan
rracklar my aaaa. t?a Ita racairt and para'af. I caaa it n?prtiatoyoa
tl a raliaf it aflcrdsd my diatraaaaJ mind, aad
tba j>y ita -<a*aa imparted to my artfa, aa lrarata? iha. th.
?rra- diaraiary f M M Daa^aaani protidad a raiaadj. It
i a pi |?ti ta ma abiah I liula coaaalrad waa mmI>
hi*. Hit for thla, aro aa?*haryu?r would t.a?? pa>>a.l otoi
my htad, ia all baiaaa pr--i ability my w I fa voald haaa haaa
ta hrr |ta?a. aad r.y cluldrri. lafi mothcrloaa.
It ta. ot naaraa, impractica'la ta aaaray morafnlty tka nrl
t ? H'ljaru trtatad af, aa thay ara of a aatara atrtetly iataa'a*
f?r tha majr rd or thoaa raatam|*laim< martia^o.
F'ttala at liroaJway. and ' tha riiollrai m il.-foa
13t'.ilrrty atnrt.Niw York; l.ittl' A Co. Albanr : M. B
Iiarta. Hoatoa , T. B. Pttanoa, Mt Chaatnat atrrut, PhllAdatihla,
o? tha r*<*alpt nf f I, atopy will ha tra.ailtttl by mail.frrt
of po?tt(>, ta any part if tha I ni.jd hit- t. til l*'l?ri
m> at l#?i addra'xa, poat paid, m l?r. A. M. M tl Hit FAU.bol
I I.'l. h?? Virll lilt. Otl'a II.ll'art y ' r ?
laat foari'>aa yaara, coatlnrd hia pra-u?a to tba traata
ra*. af matcurial at.d athar 1iacaa?a of a d-.ilrata nalnra
llr raa cara tha m?at at(ra?a'.rd tanatf tbi? diMaaa, aad
mild aa aa r< anal ia tans itt day*. A aartaatrnra, ar aa
I \ K JIIIINXIV Via i.l I i iva aru> rm ... - .
V hkuaa la Ika tr#ain it <1 <aiii.tu 1i*ro*?*. Th< li
r a p | rtaiioa f< t ?kii| tkot* !i?lf.o*m4 rm>, tbot Un
tiiir4 li>( imo, la rro-o?ia?M Co*Mitall->*al woaknata
<1*1 c?r?4. A*<nit mm I
*at?J I* l??r 4a/a. I
-a rruatt 4iatao*a. A rixux 01 *.(lil?*a f%%rt. 'km
M afclch aero I* ho*?lt*l. Or W. If >t n it* wat*1
lam. ho* bia 4t|... ? o is hit N*. 1 V. i *tf I. ait|
iift'iii la r mil ul a>*4>*h>
ivi ?a?*?r* ha* *?*r iMimI t<*r ma* '.*?*
4. *** *i I hi.*nr*i,|? ?. ** * ? a pra*ti** *f tktr|;r?nwM*<kial<
car* ptrfMtljr, ?i<kni ar?in ?
K? ?*t * ??' ??' ?? ! la * l?? aoto. Mrifiirw alwaiaa)
-Uft'M ka iaitrlikl; rarta. ? f*a nil *at*4. 6a* kla
Umh 4i|iutaa.la hi* *>, >**% fultn* ?tro??.
fc ' . 1/ 1 HtWAllU-urfKlIt AfllllMTi. * rPB vvv
'ilc (u nt* lot Iho i?i? i.f b?a rrU? OI->u.
Ctrl' *?**. at 4 ti* 'l?f i?. i i-r* It mak** ?p**4j * **,
tl Ihi la* l*a*l r*?irifll ? ?f 4i*l. 4r1ak, i^nn.or
h**4* .a af i^i ailoa I* katiaan. Th? j r prtomr ikalliafft
*iai I* ia*o wt-i-h 'ho ailtior* r.ll a 'I car*. aaiot ID* farftitar.
< to* hn*4ro4 4-llar*. Vnrth*r?iho 4i.<>*~ ?aa I
K. r. ro>>r4 If ? 4> oa?f iha B<t'ar* I* takoa *ho? ?; >1.
It M r*i a* >a battl*a,?itb fall 4ira*tl*at. at (I. OaaWtato I
I art* a aooa ? r.aay ar* nr?l ia l*o <*jo Fat tala kj C. H
KINO. In Skr?a4w*r; If Dkjar4 ?iro?t.
I \H I U ? I \ B I ill fllU'k ?lfl
' i ' r o r? i ?, * ' I an ll . -I a> Ml *.
Tak? rat* of ih* haaltH. I bar* 4*-m*4 man/ roar* to m)
ta#oa<lM\, an* kn* lf?iti ' *a**a**faU? tknn>4i?f pati-aio
T?"" w?* ?t*h t* *oa**lt * 0* '.h-.o* *n?tl*ttiM, .
a? 4* ?* (ft** rl oborc*) fr?>a? i A . lattMf.. **?4ay? I
** ?yto4. If **>* ralao ?*?* k??IIK )*? will *t*|4 tb oo
kaara* who aaVlaoktaalf loll ton " That ;b?t ?nl? oa? *ari
f . an l iSa' ! *.* on- k:a4 of soil.ola* t* ail i>? It aoo?*?
iff f*t 4l*o?,? ia all tw frrsa.** Paraaao wh-oa hoa'tr bat
Vo*ar.io4 kr tboa* **"ii*u, oall apoa a* daily. IM Vib
Ua*k *'r?? I
nR. RAI I M. Al THttK or THB " I'KjkCTK'lL t*KI~ i
**to Tt oat loo,' fco.?OtlM hour*, I ?<, !I A. ?.. t t* ? T. I
H . (lnMt| *?*o|>t*4>--*n, M ?ir*?a*i*h Mmt. It ba*
bw* a aiattot r4 *at|>*ioo la ?< ?. that aat oa* of raak aal
taii"*?ft la bl* yt< rotoio*. oh'ttM <**ot* hi* tal?a?a l? .
4ioho? *birb Mnoat >f *t*t| ItMrlHIia |?rot?*4 'a *at* 1
*n oaotlf. If. In*.t?r. lal rao tk' aa-.'tb pat'af tb* ?!
Mriao tbo*? **?|>l? ktia* bm* mmii otti kaova. a oat*
4.?*t*at "i>i>i..a t?oal4 b* fnr??4- A>4 a.H it u ?? I
ailtarr a?l jnyint NlhiaMM ,
all aa tkt kalj, that ia 4?r i.>r?4, far taaajr af tkaa ara tf ,
lark * a?t?r? u to a (far* . If sat, ia ta*4. ia 4a*trat
tkacaa -a'trr faarttaat ?l taratkar It la fxt. ihiibtli
"m?l aa4 taaorrl rv trhaa aat pr?r*rlT ir*ata4, ?af
r*?ala u < irrou: ia lb* a ?<tnatiaa. m m dux <
K'.raa in Mh?r ?i; thaa la tkalr .*aan ifM pnatarlty
Bat nf all tka aaaaa wkial, aior* |>*ta'ai|j karraat iha **la4
Id a ?ff- t4 tMla?K M4 for knartr;, it that *f Hrl?ifi
H?ra >ka ? *r paWaal la ?MiH > M?' ? f1"1 "" 'f
aatk afiar ?->atk ftataattaaa Ika (laal ?ii?aJin? thla 4tawlar
1*1141.i miiMta ?r 4i?afpaar aakila. rarkapt la ratara
Mala ra alickl -aca?i' a: kat whaikar tha 4it<-h?rn ratara
?r ?at, ha It *?aa Ik* kattat all. Ma?, aaary raai aaaraaa at
fhyalri-B kaava, that all Ika r*T?" la Ika ?~rl4. ?l?aa
*aal4 aaaa? aara a atrtaiara, a?4 pa*. if praparl) aa4arI*a
4, I' sat ??tt aaatlr aa4 rf??<llly ka raaavaa I 4a aal
wraala l? ifcm. fr?? ika aa?K?a? a4rax'a?a t km aa yytl,
ia aH 1 . a a rata aitaaalaa praaliaa la tklt fa lain*,
Ika I aaaj ttrtttaaaa aaa ka aara4 la aa aiaar 4ara a*
ih.t k?4 ?n?*a4 raarr krfara aa4 thai, la aat alafa af alfta.
lata, at vail aa tka laylarahla alTaan raaalllac fra? aarlt
aaraaar ki>na aa lapatoaaa, aaalaal vaakaaaa. awHrM |
i?laal a a I aaa laaara aaak aartala. aafa a.,4 aa4|a?J
' rai at raa. ka aMalaa4 fr?ai aa alkar aaaraa ia A^arlaa.
rkaM aha ap| la la Ika aarliar ?ta?aa ?f raaaraa) 4n-?aa?
rill ka aarpri?*4 at Ika aaaa aa4 rapidity of tkalr aara
My rraallaal Prtrala Traatiaa." *ik a4.. Ml fa., ?t?k
>lai??- prlaa |l ?"ataiata? ararj aaafi aa4 pra-ilaal laaraiati
a ?a all tka>a tikjaatt witk traaiaiaat, Ik* . mat
ka ka I al M Graaawtak titaat U laa a'r?t aa4 af taoat
Mvkaa'iata; at ky foal. aail*4 fraa. ky a44raaala? Baa Ml
r?ai alkt
WATTK' W ? ATOU? A M TfiXITI - 0141 ll?-TC>B Kg
raaataatf; la r?alf, I raa kat aa/ I hart kaaa alMM '
aiik Naatalfla aa4 aaakaaat af mj rifkt aria I hara kaaa
inwrlM fat k| kaif a 4-iaa ak/al'iaaa I kata kaaa aa- |
?t*4, MwarH. a?4 tlaatriaaf, all t- aa parpaaa, I au
ma?ia4?l i>* Vr *ka?, af ika Hr?a<1*ar Tkaatta,
ia try tun Hrraaaa Aau4a?a. t kut 4>ta ?. I kaaa
<l? aaa kattla aaa a kalf. ?r ana ka< raaalaH Itt
itWfik. aal I aak aatlra'/ fraa af aaaralaia raia af aaa
iial Iww, i nuiNlf. CHaI ? ai'ili'il.l ?sfl
_ " Ra?ta Mtaat tk aatta. Rafala
I f?ar4. af ?*aark aarllAaaiaa aa4 latkart (aaaaak la |)|
ill ika a-laiaaa af Una faavr) aaa ka aaaa a? tka1? *W>r'.
aa<4aaaa. 4H> flr~l?wk alraal D- aai far tk' Aa 4ula
K?II?K. IlkKt.la, M4?9||;M%. ^
United ptatcs *a n ??um V*??w ?iii~nbw
Tork ?d UverpooL?Ike Alp - 11 IllTli* u_. _
the followMf
ATLANTIC, Cap?. Wart,
r auric, capt. Ny?.
AKf'TiO, Capt. Lao*.
BALTIC. Capt. Coautaak.
ADHIaTIC, Cut. Uraftoa.
Vum *hlu? having l<m built bi oiitrut timrir kl
|oierrim?ni nniH. erary can liaiWi takaa ia tlie*r tti?
atructioa?aa alao ia their aaaiaaa?to nnn atreutk amt
(peed, Bad th?ir aocommodatieai for paaeeafart an mmqn?U~d
for elcgaace or oomfort.
hi - of paeeaae from New York t? Liverpool. $Uk ^
elusive ?a? of axTra tlx >lau room*, tX!i.
An eiparieaead arjooa *?ill ba attaolied to aa?k ahia>
No tertlu reewrad uot'l paid for.
for freight or l oia^i. apple to
Ibw 7ka i. COLLINS, #6 Wall atraak,m
BROWN. SHIPLEY k Co., Liverpool.
The PArtno will laava Now Tork Au???t M, m
' " ** Li?en ool September IL
" Atlantis " hew York September 7,
" " " Lirerp*"! September J6, "
" Paciric " New York September 28, *
" " " Lirtni'MiL Oetober If,
*' An.ihru " New York October II.
" " Liverpool Oetober SO,
The owarra of th*M alupa will ?tk? aacoaatable for ItU,
ailrer, bo 111..a, Jewelry, precioa* iuau ormitl^
vnlt-aa bill! if ladiag Ira aiaaed therefor, and the vtlM
ti -rei'f r* prreaed therein.
Af'er tl.e Ut of April nest, the rata of freight by tb*ab?v?
ttaner* from Livrrpo?l. will be materially reduced.
CVupany lor Bane nail Soatbamptoa. Th* United
FtateaNall jteaaiahip rRA.VKl.lN. 2.AW lone burthea, J.
Wottoa. coinmkndR, will take her plao* lu the lino fr*a
New Tork, on th* 18th hpuabtr, Inrlgi ilarre on th* lOtfc
October, tooohlni ?t Cow** to ln< and reoeire the mail*
and puHinn. tor fratakt *r pumn. apply to
MORTIMER L1VINUBTO*, A|Mt, 68Broadway.
Th* Franklin will ahertfy b? followed by th* ilumbeldtt
D. Mi u . t'oaimaader.
ATLANTIC, Captaia Jaa Weat.? Thu apleadM
leatnthip will "I"part with th* saila for Europe. peaitiTala
oa Sat?> Jay. September 7th, at llo'alaek. M.( I rum nor bans
at ti<* fo. t ol <'.>nal atreet. No berth eeourt J until paid tot
V"T fielgM II pao'HF*, baring a neq nailed aooommodatiaa
for elt#aoi-? or c ralort. apply to
Ebtrff. K. COliLINH. M IT all a treat.
All '"ttf r* luiirt pu-a throunh the r'oat Offloe. The aleaaM
PA< I FH will aor.ee>1 the ATLAN IjtL. and aaai> oa Satarday
Tl. K BrlTlsH AKU NORTH AMRft.lO.lN tt. M. STEAlU
rt.ia, bat wi ej iloetoa and Lirarpool, and betwaaa
Ne? T<rV an J Liverpool, caliiaf at Ualifa* to land aadra0*1
te tiai!* and pa<-euger*.
k .ropa, Lott, fr>m Boatoa. Wedneaday, Sept. ^
Auafiua, Srannou, " Ncw 1'ork, " " U.
rrtt, 1.1 ng, - D'ltun, - "in
AaU, Udkiu., " New York, " M.
For tioubt er |uup, apply to
V. t.'PNARP. Jr.. M Bn?<i?y.
New yoke and Charleston bteam pacuu
Line?Now arrangement.?The eteam>hip *OLrr>^- ~
KRNER. Capt. M. Berry, having been thoroughly ' ecl.??l?4 *
and titled with new boilere, *c? will rtnaiur trip* on tkt
i 1 i Ii September, anil cuatinae to raa m fnllowt
I Fmou New Yolm toChablc*- fuia Chiilut(h t? Mm
tow. Toms.
Saturday. Sept. 14, 4 P.M. Th jraday, Sept. If.
Wedoeaday, L 14, '* Moudav, ' Jg).
Satniday, Oct. h, " Ttiur?day, Oct. 10.
Wedneaday, " It, " Moidtt, " 1L
Saturday, " tL 14 Thursday, 51.
Wedneeday, Not. ti, " Moaday, Not. U.
Saturday, ' 18, " Thursday. " 11.
Coneianoi-a art particularly req oeted to attend to I ha r*c-ipt
I heir gooda Immediately alt*? arnv >1. rtv.a.<,
Nf fiai WJ aeimred natil paid for. T r freight apply ea
bnaid * P ?r No. 4, Nceth river; and for paaaage to
f Pol y ORD, T1LWON It CO.. No. *h South etroeb.
New vork and jiavri iimi or steamers.?
T> e underaigi" J haeirg heen appnatad agente, la
l'aria, uf the au-an i ra Fr?> kiln and Bumholdt, the format
ti aail from thu i urt on tl>? Idth of September, wtll reoeiT#
aaniplca. aad fo: ward tki itair at rocnood pricaa, and will
alao me cut a all order* f.. r the purcnaaa of goola, on mod?ratc
terme. lull* < ti Paila for < ?! . in large of email aumi.
hi V I NO 'TON. WCLLS fc C.O., 10 #all e*.
IjlOR SAV AN,V..ll.-k?(;i'l,lK STRam39ip LIN*.?
TI a new and ip eaatd atcamahip FLORIDA, I.4JU (<> %
Capt. Thoa. Lyoa, will leave New York, for b?vaanah frooa
pier 4, N, R , at 4 o'clock, P. M.. aa followe;? ia.urJay, :ieptemher
VI; Saturday, Oct. 8; Saturday, Oct. 1?; Saturday,
Not,}; J>a*oiuay, Nov la; Sa'urday, Not y>; aad oa tba
intermediate saturdaya will leave Savannah, for New York*
Cabin paaaage, eteeragc do., (.4. Tor freight or paaaage.
applyto S a m Ut L L mTCBtLL I'M Ifruat at.
X and economical line betweeu Calumire and Frederiokaburg.
Richmond, Peterobnrg, Va., Staunton bad Lynchburg,
Va., Kaleir'i, N C., aad I'harleatoa, 8. C.?The public ar?
hereby informed that the larye and apleaatd low rrenure
eteemer UA LTltWIKE, Captain Alex MoCaoalaad, nited np
w th ataie rooaie and one hundred and fifty bertha, and unaurti*
in kifttd knQ a<'.'(iiDiii,>dktiA(ii bv inn koit innth nf
Km Virk, la ?cw running botweca U?iuoi re Bad Acquaia
track. ?i*ih? month of tb? Potomac Bad Piaey Poiat, is
eiBhrctlim Willi tho Kichm'kd ?ud Frcderiekeburg u4
Hi. I nwud in4 P?teribnr? Katlr?adt.
PaetCBgtrt br this listi. leaving Conmrrre <trt*t wharf,
Mainmort, at four o'clock, P. M , Tuea.laya aad Friday*,
rtarh Frracritkaburg 1/ "?? A. M. the nt tt day, K">hutoa4
I.) tit>oii a. M., and Poloraburg about two P. M., from which
point i??* iT< tfced fvytber loath with paaaeageri by tM
Ort-ai Mail Lib*.
Pa<Mii|tti ioiii *ul take the can of the Viiginia C*atral
hailroail L'on<|any at the JnnaiUB. aad raa.ik Charloltayiil*,
Va , by oac f. M. i ho day after laanof Baltiaor*, bain#
one day iu advaar* of aav otbor ronta.
Tiitotigh ticket*, by thie auporiit line,
From Baltimci* to Fr*dcri?k?burg ti Of?
K chai- ad. ft M
" " l'etcreburg IJ#
" " Stauuton 11 Ml
" Charlootoa. ?. C 14 iM
Vaala and atatc notaa extra.
Forward dork paeasrfwto Hiobtaond, Incladiag meal*
aad lodging 4 0)
Fir farther ial< im?t i. a, op; 1i at th* |<outWa K til mad
tffiee, adjoining the Waalilngtua Railroad oAce, Pratt *tr*ot,
or to CBarlee W'ortlnng'va A|"?I. I t:miM ninif-t ?l.arf,
or ?a Tueaday* and liiiayi u board the H* Itinera, to
a tax. McIAITSLaNU, Capiaia.
Raltlnora, .htn 71, l'W,
TO TKA\ IUIL) L.W1.NU aut IH.-.1I*. SUi i.MUl
aad ccoaoairal liao botwaca l.alnuwci and Fraderickaa
nor*. Fii Lmt ad. J'?Wt?b?ra, Vw. Haii4|ti k.C.awa i li?itoal<
n, 8. V. The fnUle arc her*ty iai'.raieu that tho lurge >a4
arlradid lew pr*eearo an amor BALTIMORE, t'apt Alei. MaI
a <lati?. Ml"* di> Willi ara:e r .ouia aad l.'a* and natarpaaM-a
la ?|*'d aad aecumui"da'ioa by aay buai South <4
Now Vork. la bow rvaatag batwoa Ualt.ia'rw ?ud A. .,uia
Crock, ?la. tho month of rotmaac and Pmet Poiat.ianiarrtioa
with tic Richtacad and Prtdtrtekeburp, aad Rich*
a.*ad aad Patarebarfth Railrnaaa. Paoacacora by ihia iiaa
laariB? Cimhii *traat wimi, l>u ; uaorw. at a ?'i inch, P.
M. oa luaaday and Friday*, rcach Fradi-rickak-r* by 7 A.
M. the ???t dai, Riohir.nad by II A M., and PitmUnk
ahotit I". M . ir.ai win. I. p..iBt thay pr<.< red funhoi Aunt*,
with |?o?r>|in by the (real mill Mia. Thrvuah liaketa ba
ihia ei.|?-ri?.r liae, from Baltimore to Fr-deri?k. l.nra. 1$
4a. < Klrha'ti, f.S V" dr. ?e. Peirrabnrg. S*1 do. 4a
I irloai a. 8. lift. Voala aad otat* rooiu ealra. Forwaid
rabitt ra? ?r r*r? to Rtehnond, inciudmi in -ale .nd
Hdttna >V F?t fnrtlar iafi raiBtina apply * thr 5cu*horn
Meilr.iad oAre ad)<.iaiB( the Wa?hu.|foa Railroad IX aa.
Praal root, er te t karloe W< rihinati.a >?iBt, Coa>
a-frra aireat wharf, at oa Twoaday* aad Friday* oa I- ar4
the Balt a^re, tv
Al.KX ANIiFR Met AC8LANII. Capiat*.
Wall.Bi?>re Jana Zlat IMP
(Jnm(kFta>mMlaliianiar>Tl.t **111* wul i'.thi.
tad t*Uara that tk* k sited Sta'<* Mail't: au-ab.p CoMpaaf
anerablaj t* anarsiae thaa *k-ir ar?ia iaiH?ai* art -<?
an.t'rt- ?tr aaadiaf iw.aei*?ra through from New lorltp
Saa rr%aeici.o aad back, 'a th? fm atleairti af ?hl? C>'S?any
la taett tlie waall ol i??l .a Cnl.ff i i.a by ptutlitag
mpi tM? ? K-IM, IB I'unpHciiu n vil?a nip# . ma
Ymk ?o Cka?Tua, tka? wara praT%il>4 ?p..n >| in. ur.aak
lalltltAtla* of lk* *T??t ?u?ktt t .OD 4<wir*a? t? as ?ut, ta
Mil tlaUat* Ur thrcajh !>? ? ? tr a FMtamt in > l?? .* fit
ihtlr *) *har> >oltij r*??l?4. T??? wi?? -I <?? 1'wu a W-'r- ?a
tl:'m fToaaf. |? .?*<"? n i nat
uuarter. ?<?>> t.? tka
t>,?> Vi vid r?!.k a-.*i.?i I! .a If aa/ '>(!>
Ira. Vnt'r*a*?a 4iflia>tlta, and Ik* rrM*Ut<:a -f M I
kit 4* Jaaatra at tkauma, irt??ri?4 thatr >hlw (r ? r .klaf
I'tiiat aj aeon aa wta aaiicl|?M. a nwjd iltiniia*
M tl>* l?th<aat. ?Mck ru lt?rtwl 1-th* ia|4'laaa* at
ruMoim la r?lr? fo??r 1. ?Mu?i ?f tw t >?taaj
at a* aarliar 'ay tkaa 4^>p* ?|H raaafc
Paaam* Th?(* i?t?mi|>tl<>a* AT* * all r?.rt4
I tl>? (.tr (tip ?f tka r-a?*a/, .nt-a*?? f ? th* .'a
?rr?fa, kaf* ariiT*4 at I'lnaaa, an < a r?l il thaai '*??
pa-i-rotJ tr'pa to Saa Ittmiara art fcaak. aa tha: >
Uaapaar ar. a*? tUr to aiv? th? pat-iif tk* aataran .a imi
tka ? l+t* ?I.T??#k lr?i? !* ? Tmk ta 'I a Praacaaa. . M
narf- ***** with rtt'-'tntf a*4 t tapatafe Th? r l*a?!t?'>M
llta Panama ta Baa l?raa iati, ??aa'ata . t tka
kKPI RMC lai'aia Ca?*aA.
COI.I'lillrt a.. .Ctt?t<t F?ik
frTKVl I.. < a? air t.iv?r?.<|L
ANTtMU'l... ... ... ......... arta-a A'klaf.
Tbair At'.aatl* aid Galf '..at. t: m *t? V?r? ' -I' t.ti
01 OHkl A lat-ta .i fortar, V. ? *
t<l 110. Car Scbaafa, C. t. H.
FAlC'iM ... Cutili dinxatt. C. 1?. H.
Tka ri m? Ufa k? >?a l.a t?i. liaea !! fc* *ara??il? >al
r aitK'i/ ka,t ?. a* that aa 4*lay i-a/aa* tha a.ialatay at
tka akip la par* at Maaai will ana?, lb* l?tca hm, Uk?c?n
aiaal. ta4 aaparior Mi*aa>lrlleii *( thair *a?
T- rk aa' t-kaa * Una, aa4 tka apaa<. tad a--(v-i?in -lati <n?
af tir aklp* of >lai l*a*l?a Uaa. afat ?k* aiaal atnaia. nJ|
a? t t ? ?at tkr?i ?h |?'m< t* Tha '>kta
laaaaa Aa?tt ??>. at ? F. H
M (i ti ' a*a.
? AUHIKMA t IA ?a irittttr IIItuM'l
at Paaama?Tba l'nn*4 Mtiaa Ixl ttaiaaiil
t < aaat^ill 4a*r*|Uh tka apla.4i4 4??kl* aapla* ataa^a
.nnnij.niiK ao.r 11?It. *1 3 . rtMft,
i F. fra? ?na par. f?H<? < ' lum atraat, Mi>rk x. ?r.
?tik tka ? fihU. a>4 r'"<?n-i far Baa I ru?tM?
I at>4 Iatarma4tai? port*.
Tka a< Paaavt vtll ka aarafallr IrtM aa a* aa
'"J!""" MJ MNUh l???a< ?- aaaal a'i; la fori.
Tka k ?ka ara a?a apaa. u4 | iif aaa ba man4 at tk?
follKnia* rataa ?
?*<> wrw raaa to rau??
i'?t? ra-.? fcarth |i?
liaaiM kark, f?rvaM ultra " ifl
Staara?a karth. f?aa4 ka4 aa4 ?|?nu ?aMa m
not raaaaa ro aaa rattciaM.
ttata raw kattk...., I ?
faaat M ia4 a*|>arar. -aMa ' |j}
r?r? arv raaa n
- ???nHea luariai.
CMMM. Ml | Ti
B.a.aak. *? fi
KTjwii.,B S 3
Fr.itI i ta ( haaraa. 7?a. Hr raWa faat, t>ra-ral4.
rraifM fa Havana 2V par aakta laat.
C?aatraa?a ta raaalaa Ikair (aa4. at afcip a taaklaa --at
4iala!; aft.r kar arrival at Havana.
** ? *??lT ? ?h? ??aa af tkaCa*.
K*r. 177 *aat atraat, aaraaraf lama. M
??*Hal aatlaa (a tf'aata aklapar. kr" k?a TKofc.
?' r?J h?T? rrajaaa4 a fan* af klU af la?B( arfai?a4 ta
tkair kntlaaaa. vklak vtll ka faratakaa ta aklp~ra .. .r,?M?
aatlaa at tka easaaat'a -?aa, aa4 irllk aktah thaa aaa a?Z
Iraa. a. ,a .?? frm'^!^
a<?aa4 k, tk.ataata af tlaa aaapa.a. Alt kfll. af ia4tw
?? ? atfa?4 Safer. tka talllrt * tka a aaaal. *
E?> * > ' > , a
?ll ( kur**, T?*t4?v, |(>th *?r -fC
frTr'TaTr^V" V **^1
T L ^ S*1!^ hr?a?ar IfHfc, a ikni
*' ? aa I a? a. ?l:% f? ?,r? 4a_
miiat; lavar >a oaa tlai ata* rat. (?attra? aa4 t.e*r4 IM
K'l.s.nSHS: ? *w
' ""'On k St Rraaivar. W. T.
K?4a?Vu'.l.?l">'' V" riwi NBW
Mt COtfilA. af toaa ttr
(as. f?r Man, apply ka tka faatta Mail Itaaartla .aMT.
?* Saatk atraat.
V?w *?l?ICaL lot>ia.i . ..at.M *iarvw*i
nuItlTTi V ^ ***4r?4 tfMti^w #f Mm maw; n? ?
S wl ?" ' ; k* wl, FwlMrift

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