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THl tVAAK/. V HkKAlM.trary, Hut ur day, at f\< emu ptr !
tapj, #r ?a f '*? maraaaaa ?Mn?. |4 pgr annum.
Is 1 I#v<*J (irt.u Hrttuia. and $4, ( ?nt part ?/ M< Con- ,
k ml, ft. 'A '? include th* ,'JiIuki.
At! LKTTRKS H MK, /?r .11 >111 ?0.m |Vr nit ,i*>?rM
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libiraUy paid far. Ou> For mo* Oobbupomdcrt* tm
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ADVHRTULMHSTS ,,n*u*dt?rw mtmhi;, [
riKA?CAiTLE GAKL>KV-LA Katorita.
BOWKKY TUEATKK. Du?ery?Macmth-Tmb Occas
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BROADWAY TDKATBB, BrwAdwBjr?Ji"i?th? Bb* aal
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N1BL0T GAH1IV Br< A<lwAy-TiiA Fiihabii A?'? Drba* j
rKTON'J TlflATitS, CbAoiker* itrtet?School ro? J
ICASI At ? SM1'?
RATIONAL TUBATBB. CliAitiAin SauAre?T>? Haiiiui '
Kakx- ? Amaaica? f'OBTfSK'1 Whim*? j
Boot* at tn? 9wa*. _____
AMKRIC'tN Ml'jiKI'M -Ajti'UMa PiarotBuoi itiht j
ArTim sioos ?" '
OLYMPIC, Dr'?4w?y?Fti.l<ow?' Nnr Yoe? Ethiupijli
Or t< Tp#. ?*
New r <11 i. .Monday, S?|>lruibtr 4, INIWt
Thla Week In Congress.
It is to be hoped that before next Saturday we will ,
be enabled to inform our readers of the final
passage of the territorial bills which are now
nnder consideration in the House of Representatives.
Tln-y have been taken up in apparently a
projK r spirit; but we can inform the members of the
House that if they with to reap any credit from <
sanctioning them, they must be very expeditious
in doing so. Those bills answer th? purpose so
adinnably, and are so eminently calculated to j
dispose of the slavery question forever, that thetr !
passage is looked upon is a foregone conclusion, I
the community being under the impression rhat [he j
House will not dire to go contrary to the wishes
of their constituents. The anxiety which was !
manifested some days since in relation to th<>*e
measures, has almost entirely subsided. At first
the puHlic entert uned some apprehi-nsion for their
afety, but that feeling has changed for a certainty
that they mast eventually be passed. Unier th<-se J
circumstances, therefore, it is advisable that the j
numbers of the House should to work as fd.?t !
a* ponihle, if ihty with to reap any credit. In
another week there will be but little anxiety entertained
in relation to the iguestion of slavery, for
the public mind will be so fatigued that it will be
disinclined to think of the matter any further. Go
to work, therefore, meml>ers of the House?hurry
up the Senate bills,?pocket your mileage ttud
other plunder, aid go home to your uflectionite j
wives and little ones, as rapidly as steamboats and
railroads will take you.
Arrival of tbr Atlantic, ami of Jtany Llnil.
The Atlantic airived at her wharf yesterday, |
after one <1 the shortest passages ob record,having
made the voyage from Liverpool in eleven diys
and two hours. Jenny Lind had been expected to
eine in Ibis noble vessel, and as soon as it was
nniiounckd that the Atlantic was in the bay, the
fteattxt excitement pervaded th' entire population
f the city. We issued, after church hours, an
extra, th<- sale of which was enormous for such .in
occasion, and may be cuusidered an index of the
Our nt w( department coctains a full description
of Jenny Lind's arrival, and of the state of the
purine minu hi mi* ioiiij riprcitn evrni.
The D'wt hrcught l>y this steamer is of liulc
Imi'oruiicf. Cotton h?.? declined from oae far- J
tinr g to one end n half, on the pound. Tina v.-.is
ij*ct?'d( as thr favumble new* sent oat recently,
with respect to tire new crop, could not hut have
ratli mi f(Tict. A still further decline may he
Wm (?< < for by th?- next arrival.
The |iolitioMl intelligence ha* oal, a frw features ;
f interest The 8chl(?*i|-Uobirin difficulty
f-truins in thr same state recorded on th?- arrival
f the America. France is interested Mnewhtt
in thr tour of Louis Napoleon through th<" jto- !
vnic<?. In some di?tricta lie has heen enabled l >
ite, in hi* behnlf, oin>- little ruthMiasm,wnile
it in rvid> hi tl at be des.res to mike himself ihe
p?rmsn? nf he ?d of ih?* French nation. At th* iiil |
of hi' leim the world may expect, with tcm" rea- i
ion, tnni<* iIm-i-ine action <.a the part of this ambitious
C' piotis exira?-t? will h?* f? ind else?h't?, from i
otr full tiles of ft r> i?n m w pa|>era, with all the
items of inter st eowpfiH with Jenny Lind'
p*r?rgr arn>r? the ocean, aa well as those ajytrlatnin*
to hrr landing in thm city.
Claim* < * IVsm o?l.?It w<>al?l .if-peur th.it the
Mini- ti writeri. are in f.eal consternation an.l concern
at-out !!> clfui i n Portugal, for th?* f?en?*r>il
Am 'u nc. They eaprcM themaeWe* e.atrem? !?
?mh the uocourtenaa RMua*r in which
Caft Urd ar?! rscenre.l hy the rtru-ral
Arm?trt'Pg. in ihe port of Fayl; iutarnich a?
(.>i* Brill nhmlatrlr rrAne^ i? illaw the Brittat'
ka?ta u> l? ?rd his ?e?#e| al wiiht. an?l carry h?r
fl. ?hf a it w?a iiitrnH?-d to have been d?oe in *he
mo?t peaces tlr SmI ei*i| tntnter |>oMible.
Om <1 Icr I'.riuni.ir Majeaty'a aubjecta, wlio 1
writes fr< m l.iab m.*?r? knowingly, hxsfil'en into
?> ?r?l moot n?'.-"n?iin? blunders. One is, thM
I> u'eiisDt Fsiicn*t ?*? s at in an unarmed bo it,
at ni?h?, to t??*r<t a * ??) of w*r known to be in
en'iry, for th?- purple of runnninu h*r i?*,wr?.
An?ib?r trror is, that ihe burning of the <?*n?r?l
m At mil roan *??d. ne by h?r cr?w, instead of thr
Hriuih, when all i-eyal wis lmkii|N at the mn. '
wwm that ?b w?? s^t on fire hy th? Enf Mth Milofi,
J\'i I hi y had ttiuMiiered her But thai this lir'oHei>
na? In* conectly >nf?mte?l, and the public
ha?e n nl tb- fae?a, w* refer him to the
Iriter of the Gi?iernor of Fnytil to h.t gwvrnra'* jt,
U<t I.J tin! of tlf Mxr nlls |||> A 'liiar f<> I,..ni
Httawrfoiii Th> re are, al?o, other papera, allowing
(V ir?nn?r In w?he nrtion wan vtewrd hjr
(Mir una ^'int rmm nt ?t iU> time o> it* occurp-ni e,
wi k the of IVe.Jent Monroe, a? to the
hiiKa'ton of Portugal U> |?iy th" <-Uim.
W> no?ir?, !?? , ihxi ihr rmiarka of Mr Upahur
arr put forth, in ?-ty prominent colore, in order ?n
mvHlidrfCr the el?iai. ??d t?? mial?nd the puMtc Mr.
iyh?r la midr to My, in hia letter of the I ith
Jan IW, " thai lie mlorm- <1 Cajrt. Re? I that the
claim eould net be anoiained." Now, on reference
to thi* letter, no aurb language ia to he f< >cd Mr ,
l'l?l>ui rloea any, bawever, "that the ltepaflni-nt i
ot Mate ia unwilling, unl^r ail the cirrimatarcea, j
to r?-new the apt>li?ition, having every re?aon to j
helifve that all fuiare applicati >ua will prove aJ
fhaitlra* aa thnae th at are paat." In coMPijuene*
f thi* decieion, the auh|e*4 waa imrnedi<tr|jr
brought before tbe Srialt, who ordered the Mute
depirtffieiit to rr* * tbe claim.
Hut lr' fa rrfrt to r mf of our ?th?T ? - * a, |
wginning with Mr. Monroe to Mr. Sumter, at Rio
le Janeiro, in January, 1815, who say*?"You are
requested to bring all the circumstances of the
transaction distinctly to the view of the Portuguese
government, and to state the claim which the injured
party Las to immediate indemnification." Then
we have a note by Mr. Forsyth to Mr. Kavanaugh,
dated twenty-first of September, 1826.
? Sir?It is not necebsary that you should wait for
any turiher opinion of the Department upon the
claims of the owners, dec., of the P. General Arm*
trong You will, after a caretul examination of
the evideu#e, demand from the Portuguese authorities
the highest amount of damages, tec."
We will conclude, however, with the note of Mr.
Webster, the present Secretary of State, which
wan addressed to Mr. liarrow, on the eighteenth of
August, 1H12.
"Kir?From the assurance given you by the Duke at
Terrvira. in hi* reply to your no's of the 11th May.
refjtM'tin* the case of the (ieiural Armstrong. that
tin- circumstauoea will be amply anil exaotlj inve 11gateU
by him the Department entertains a hope that
justice will be done to the parti** interested. au<l you
will co infi riu the govei ament. You are directed ?l?o
to renew the claim of James Hail, upun tbt ground
taken by your predecessor. an stated in hit desp tt>-h
No b. and in the accompanying correspondence Both
those claims are regarded ax just by this gor-rnment,
and will not be relinquished under the objections
heretofore ma4e to them by the I'ortugifie government.
which are entirely unsatisfactory
I am sir, respectfully, jour ob't serv't .
rsi.n-.i i niNiKi. iruMTES
Affairs in Socth America?British Ao?re?sionb
in Brazil. Another arrival from Rio de
Janeiro, the Francis Watts, places uo in possession
of furthei intelligence of the aggressive acta of the
British in Brazil.
The correspondence between the Brazilian government
and Mr. Iludt-on, the Charge d'Atfaires
of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, his
been published, and the facts included iil the
notts will be found in our columns. Having
before giv*u an opinion upon the conduct of the
British authorities toward-' the vessels of Brazil,
when we were forced to condemn the bold
measures resorted to, we are now fortified by the
official cowsjoadence, in the views originally entriiaii.ed
nnd iiiomulgated in these columns. No
tenstble man can read the history of these British
aggressions without being struck with the highhunded
daring of the British cruisers ; and, though
we rimy allow that there is much infamous traffic
going on upon the coast of Brazil, which bdlfles
cruisers in that region, yet we cannot justify such
wanton acts of violence as thos* disclosed by the
It is always under the rule of Lord Palmerston
that the world hud? such hostile ants performed by
'he British naval service. That eccentric and int(
rtueddling functionary has marked his career by
nothing more strongly than the mann?r in which
he in the ri?ht of search; and we think it is
qnitr time that the wings of his ambition were
oli|>i*d before serious disturbances between friendly
nations result from his frtupid folly and obstinate
pertinacity of purpose. This lord would be a lord,
indeed, over the seas. lie is not contented with
searching suspected vet.sels, but he gives instruct
tions to take shijis and burn them, even wiuiout
the shadow of a proof that they have become
amenable to the laws of nations. The replies of
Signor ISoures de Souzt to Mr Hudson est iblish
one i f the clearest cases of unjustifiable aggression
that we have ever kuown, even in the history of
I'almerston's rule?marked as it has ever been by
the most outrageous acts of tyranny ; and if such
acts can b? perjietrated with impunity, the British
government may justly be deemed the in??t formidable
pirate on the ocean. Kvrry weak power will
be at its mercy, and the w<>rld will be subiected to
continual sets of tyranny and cruelty.
We lire hap,iy to perceive that the Brazilian
Mil.ister bus demanded satisfaction tor the insult
offered to the Emperor, wot only by burning mer.
chuntvet rIs, but by boarding a Urt/dian government
vrnel, the 8. Sebcftiao. Grurrtag that the
government of GreM Brit*.a have the ri?ht to
eeatch nieicbhiit vtm la on the cosst of Braxil,
there ia no possible excuse for searching a vessel
Wi-? w n and considered as a vessel of .vir. It is an
cutrag* which cannot be tolerated; and though
Bri /.il is * weak itovernment, yet the lTmt?d States,
as a neighbor and in friendly relations with that
l>ower, will (? bourd to ase every possible intlr
nee, consist- nt with its position, to protect the
weak ngi'fiM the sironp. Besides, we hare an
account to settle with Lord l'aimerston on this
very question?several of our own vessels having
be#n searched by British eniiaera, ajainst all
tigli', mi.I in direi t o|<position to the ?xr>rt *aed will
of this government. This subject will not be
<1 o*er in Ml^nce.
The bdviceti from Montevideo arc, that ne^bsiv
lion* ?rc C"iij(; on Im die t ttleineut ol ttx- trouble*
lit ina! province. We are inclined to douM the
vccras if ihe nrco -tationk, on th<* huaw mentioned
in our corr>-*p<>ndi>nt*s let;er. \ft r th ci.n?unt
efforts of Ki?u ani to pl?.ce t'.e Utt-r in
l? *cr iu Moi:>vidro, it id no: at all likely lint
tlyy will 1< willing to surrender their s,i,>po??*rt
rights in :lii? p.irtieuUr movement.
' I'MMir.r iAi. Km vriov with At <tria ?S arc<l>
h?H ili?" Turkish government decided ii| n I.living
? rli i" t intimity, political and comm.-rcul,
hiJ) ifai* coua'17, tl'i. ibe ffovermnetit of Au-itri*
a'w. ?>cni< d limt il would be good (M'licy to exr
'id turr telaliuM, <f r ruinra< rci.il char, rtrr, %i?h
tlii I r>it?d f'a?. *. To thi? ru^, thi* foveri. .* n*
t>f Ai tna , i? ,< r? iu f|i| tbh?h a confine >?trm
of c< 1 ?ul 1. r? I'.-f-c' ntuiKHi flirc -^hout our coin'ry,
with h ri Rtrai dep nimpt in tliia meiro.mlt*. Mr.
I."OMT, ? c'-uilrn an w|((* accotnpli^hii;enta are
? . hi 11 of 1 ?l !v, ? hcen rnir Jated * ith the dutii
1 ,-j n 111in# to ihi? mrik r, and it i?. br'iceii
II. !.. .. . -<! . .ftl? I ... . i.
? r< ii(I if PBiueal. Wr aee no n >j?>n wl?jr,
in . r the ku . c U Mr. lielinnnt, the An trim
t ill <; wtnl, r. efiori* *h? uld not
I r? * li iit< tr? u>g iind *dvant*gc< a to our
(,t. ii.- * h<i re fr.iragt-4 a cotn.ne n *1 a it r?,
wkilc tkr i*r<((rnirBt will tend to r*-est*bli-h
A i'-iiiu cted't, And pl ica it.at empire in a more
u' ir.-' d | )m rr of ?ommenjal u?' ( .ln' > ?.
The Ar-Ui n emigre, gilded l.jr .he genius of t
Metterai'-h, hi'fcerto hasdrroiH her energ??* to
il.r?\t a?if>? and c.invalidation of her peiwcr, l>y
?) ?tf m in w Inch i i'WiiiH'ii r h if yirldfl t<> lL"
int iiuon* rl diflmtMcy. N?(<Jfoa hud 1*1:. on
H? ?lrj> rture to St. Helena, the a hole ??l Kurnfe
in Ktitr of political doubt and aua'ihjr, which
h i*ily t, xed the f uiu* ol tier ?uitr?n.??. From
that tuii'- to the jitfurBt, thoae nmiuni in tbe tcrth
0(1 !in?|*, nbich attracted the attention of th?*
porld l>) .heir emuuiar |w*ili<??, dumq the rule uf
th? hrn<h en?i?t??r. hare ken tingle, from a
VRjirty ? f rtn ea, to estahlifh themeeNes firmly
m ct'lktrerci I pewrt. Attftiia an.l I'msm* are
t ut tmw i niftwn g from a troubled |>olitir?1 pea,
m.<I a-e r? ,,|jr i(. grtep at anjr new idea which
ti't>< lj? to - is'ain them at lite pt<*ent cn'ica1
l?<uni of a ir?i<'iti?>n ?'aie from political to c> ir?tin
ri i .| di,''oni a< jr. The iaHu ' ?? ?>f our r^al
< am nt, tommerrialiy tr well aa >*?litically, ha*
loru Itrg seen, and If low eitcnsierlf felt
'kw^ibout the ol<l Wot Id. That Influence aflects
ti'Hiiktrd tn erert region; ami talesmen, howrt*
r lift'd m enlarging the boundaries and In
fti.ngiiifniuit the barrier* over which thejr hoi I
*?t, are fotr?d to gi?e their at?? nii< n to th- p-ople
whi te ooljr ni"tei.ince is the n-ult ol wellditected
latM-:, ?ii|fli?d f< r literal Market*. Tfie
o?.ljr true revolution is that of the commercial
w h? el?. T he rapidity with which thear more?
bearing th* prodiw t? of labor-1* the cause Jof the
< ii'iiik no i cr'il iw i f ili-iri
button to foimd to ** the first law of nation* ; nod
nt<nnr< hr, to be h*PPT tbemerhe#, runt ?mk
their o?n authority, in vietdirr to th* nwrrhit
prince*# wkm' ?te*tre?*iH project* now form th?
eh* fglrrf 11 emfirt.
The po?ti?B of Austria will be mwh improved
by erery ?ui csef'tl attempt to ett^nd thnw c nv
mere 1*1 r'KKB' * hick kef, BeeeaaiUaa b?<? bw
therto circumscribed. By enlarging these with
liberality, she will be enabled to strengthen her elf
for the future. She will enter upon a race witti
Russia and Prussia, and in proportion to the ex
tent of her enterprise will be her power to compet?
with these great nations in the arena of events
which time and circumstances will raise to giv<
interest to the spectacle. Russia will act no meai
part in this great contest, while Prussia will pusl
forward, with all her sinews strained, to the effort
It will remain, therefore, for the Austrian govern
nient to exhibit the measure and power of her ca
pacity with these rivals; and, judging by the enei
gy and force which have been displayed in othe
fields, we h.ive reason to believe that she will gai
rapidly in this race for honors and prosperity.
Believing that commercial intercourse is mor
powerful than all principle, to promote and main
tain peace in the world?assured that peace con
ventions sremere useless assemblages, unless th
interests of men should be touched by the phrase
or moralist!?we perceive greater reusou;io congr?
tulate the world on " learning war no more,
through learning the arts of commerce, than in a
the moral sentiments which men may arr ly for th
guidance of nations. There is not a nation on th
face of the earth, having the power and the caus?
without the commercial interest agiinst it, th..
would not do battle, in spite of all the moralist* an
non-resibtants that the earth can produce. Ai
sured of this, we hail with pleasure every nrw ar
nouncement of commercial intercourse with thi
country, and are pleased to learn that so po*verfi
a nation as Austria is ready to enter the circle c
commercial greatness. Let her come on.
Missouri.?The returns of the late election i
' Missouri show that the friends of Col. Ben'o
1 have been more successful than their opponents i
the other section of the democratic party, in eleci
ing members of the Legislature. The anti-Bento
i men have a plurality in the popular vote. The fo
lowing stuternmt of the votes in the several die
tiicts is neatly complete?there being seven c
eight counties only to come in :?
Districti. Whig. Benton. .
1 6 970 6 009 6.113
2 6 737 (no candidats.) o 6J4
3 6.683 2.287 6.6*13
4 6.227 3 326 4,041
6 4,*56 t 935 1 864
Total 30.873 18167 24,048
H'bitf plurality oTer B?nton 6.326.
Aiitt-F?ntou ot?t Benton. 6.891.
Popular majority n^iind Bvntoa, (of whija an
anti-llrntouiaiiF. 30 264.
l\.l. ?' ik, ?M/r in 18.18
CaM, 40 07T T?>iar, 3/671 Item, maj 7.4C
Ma*sachvsktts Politics.?We perceive th<
Major lJigelow, ol 15o?tnn, has l>een nominated e
candidate for the gubernatorial chair of the Stat
of MuBMichupettK, liy a large portion of the whilst
Burton. We are confident that he would mak? a
excellent Governor, tind that he would besupporte
to a great extent by men of all parties for hia jm?jv
lanty is universal, Mi>d hisefficiency, talent and 11
dudtry, ac a public ofiictr, conceded by all.
Arrlvalof Jenny Llntl?'TrcmriiJom Knthn
aln?m?Immense Turn-Out of the People.
The bwt dish Nightingale, the ?oul of gong, b?
l'tig'.li arri??U in the Kmpire city of the great repubi
of the New World, and her welcome ha* been cord!
and vnthufiastic in proportion to her fume, and th
intuitive Instinct )>y which the people of New Yoi
1 outr fail to recognlie and appreciate heroism, goo
dcm, or geniu*. In the cane of Jenny Lind. all thr
are combined in the hi;hext d<'gr#e. and h?r re -eptlo
ye?teriJ?y wan. accordingly. a Kene of enthu-(a?
Orb as tone of her evx has ever ni"t with no th
continent She U a wam?n of a century one of tl
I-** <? ? --- tli. )>. . ! nf tk. Snlr
, of Harmony who attuue* th<* music of the aphvre*
1 r*if* up to make the reft of thu world bumble, nhi
I tfcey ailore III* powdr
The Atlantic baring bran expected on ?itur<I?
. evening Mr. Uarnuiu proceeded to gtaten I-l ial 1
' meet th* gr?at aonjMter. and the Kir* Departimn' b?
InUi.dfd in the cveut of her arrival duriot the nijh
to aaaort L. r In a graud torcali jht proceaaio I fni
the wharf to her hotel. and had engaig?d ?oma ?f 4><
' b? *t band* to give b?r a rerwuala. Hat a itorm whi
the Allam >e uncouitrrrj la her pa?-?g" delayed h
for reetral hour*. an t ?h* illd not arrive till JwUrJ
af>rno n It having bwi rum >r?d that the ??<
laud on .ten I aland, la ori r to avoid the rr >*
tthm> bm uumt 'Tv rialtt d the i-l.m I In t!? fairy >t tl
It turn?d out. b water, that rhe could not ??>
rietitiy land at Btaten lala^d. and man/. *Uer??>:
!wer* di>app"int< d Oo lb- gallant ?hi? ?ten:ainj i
to the Quarantine. Mr. llaruum ajrompanSel tl
H<altb' ffieer on luarl and tb?r* m-t the Nightin^!!
thi'i cordial aalutatloua w.*re eichenir'-d Uo seeii
tb. Am-rl-an N itf abe paid It homage !>/ kUali
her band to It with alt the f-rvoroi a child. and*
elain Itc. " There i? the beautiful standard of !r*?<i^.
whirk i? wor-blpj'd by thu oppr>'?>ed of all natl 'n<
Shortly after. abe mw llie gtrrdi'h flag fylng from tl
naitli'id nf a tnmI lathe inarantine. auih-r-;
Iklbdlmg with rapture on beho'.ding the etuMem ft h
tialita land, *he a?k- d ho* long tb* ahlp ha i b *<t J
tained tL?re and an b?'t:g informed by l?r. t?oaa<- tl
tin at? ffifer. that the d?teu'iin W.I? thirty flee day
?he i xn?-> d hrr r?'gr? t at the di Uy, Th1r n<' n
: t.rj titling war eoon In. t in the ltuuaill*?* il i.ght w
vibli h afce t??ardrd the v*pan*e of water t'iat I* . 1
i fore brr In our glertou* b?j ,he liter illy Naate J h
j ayi-a upru It with ftJiiii'i'ton f l? itlil it ?aa l
I mo?t ni ?l*ht rh? hi I "v r b' h'-hi.
Mr ilarni.m (ir?|it tti' Of)'of NiplH.
' Ji nny Lli d- N'"t ??en that.
fl.? ?}>|>< tr-il In fact J. with fTitrj'klnu *1
v.w On tiirlni th? abirl je h? r a
i-t at win* > n. \uj per<u,a?. all rai?p?fft?b
in 'fn! mrli arrowdna ?';? h?d ncfnn?n 0:1 tl
d >' h? ef tb? old rn?: fry Ok* la )ilr?d, Why M
Barnutn. bn?a you no |< r propla in lhl? c uutrj
( app?-ar? to b* wrll dr-wwd."
MimbiIuj". the foot "f Canal *tr<-?>t waa nifr j wii
bntnan bring* ?'?? bad mrp ntnl th*r? nil tba da
la >-jp??tatlr>n of gating a algal of ?ka Sw?"1a: ai
l.tii ih? ?<*' ?rtl?f I (bat lh? A bitlc *?< ?vgi
up tbr rlr.'r. t!ir < i. ltr_i nttx ? ?bk latra<?, and tb*
"a? a f?rfr?*t ru?h ap to ?h? lis* of t>' r tiulia^ tl
j <!o?k Tb* ??r ** * od n a1'' loading 'o ti* Jook *
ct' n' and \?pt by lb? ?ol?,o ' th? *lflb ward an
r nly tfc "? ?bo ob*aln? I o: l-r? w?Tf i IniV-d. Mmi
j lin?. Mtt? prranutv footn auk ?l"m tram?fil'U
and ail tba 4?.ck? are-ad vara af?rad with m<
*i:xri and elUdt?a Tb>r* *?r? train* of o.iaab
drawn up la front ?f tha 'atranra to tb? d >ek. t?
i P>i> of # wartaa an) thr 't u aiidatiip?i ft on tl
brrrar tck>-tb't. anil r??ry app'arar.a la l!o?trj th.
" a n?la( t???i h? i ra ? In ?l, 4ow h i ?rr "
| Pa raa-blttg iba wharf. ttaCly at two c l'rk.
i d' atali.| rh?*r ir??t"l tba t*>bl? >hlp an I k?r anh
fr?ry *y? wa? #tr*fi?d to w hot. bat ai
j <Md not taakhot appriraac* on i*)k and l| aba hai
' aha eoal l *ar?'lj bar > batn dt?lliirul?b?.l froaa tl
nary mt.rr lady t?*."rng. r? t n b aid Bat nawaaf l!i
| kimtliii H?p?raii " Th?ra l< Rarinn. watr
i klu: afc? will ba w'tk him " It latrar Ra'ann wi
! ra tba wko?-l-b?tia?. bnt J'aay wi< now in tbr ?ab -
1 flrw*w*T. tk* pr*M ne* tf Itarun u j .bo in ..III
j tnd* IM ?k* ?H on tb* 4UMk. ?e<t Hut h- j ?oul
! mil M* kir. y\ ill* lk? ?hlp IW b> ln( kulrl n
bolnt Bad* OB th? d'?rK ?n r***t?
t rr>m tk* or tk* JnyV. a b anttfnl !
I ril? k*<l b??i *r**t*d. i-t i rot i
pillar*, frttfii'l vlilt *a4 in
0*.r*to4 MllbrkJ with Ik* A*C* of lb'- I',ilnn Tli
front (f>??t tk* ?lilp* had triumphal *rrb of tk
a* m?'- r*a!? armI bj ?tnir. J ?*ft* w.th
V u |?l of flow.rt |i hie b-ab. M tf thu
to tb* gv**t ft lh? I nl!? i (i?ph In front ??? t b- l?
*< r'M'on In lor,* M?*r? nr?n irWf* rn.jnd ?- T
I tb* Hlfbtinynli'." " J'titif kind. ? ' * m* to tnrrlM
llfr* Mr B**niiw ? ptirftto Mrrla?* drawn n|
ti l frr* till* to tb* !?"?*?) ?t lb* iklf "V< *it?nd*
r?. f>? t for brr to walk on
In tb' nrnntlm* tk< (*n|rn?f wn? Ulng hol<t*<l >
t.< : ?.i-- b ? ?- - k i, ?. I( h?f, 'b?
many ( otl*m?n *ll?K*d <ip tl . M*k*? at tU
rl*k of th*ir llroo, and w*ro *otap*ll?d by tb* p%
II** to ro?i? J"?# Two lln*? of tr o w*r* form*'
from th.o ff<trt tb* gang* ay t tb* roach and o<
p?r?ou wm >tr?lll?l l? |o ?o board. rxetpt on* ?
t?o, wlx b.d ?p?*lal p*rniif-tnn Tb? paarwajr Usrlni
I . *n **nr* l and Ik* pa?o*tif*r? *o?m??i?-*?i l.*o*uJ
IOC all ?) * ???? ^*?t on fT'fy frm^l* tkat mad* fc*i
arr,,'*'>"*' oer?ttni?im h> r f-at nr*? a-I mptrim
th.ni with tb* ltk*n>"-*? th*y bad *.ninth* window
f tb* print ikopo At l*n?tli CapUin W?tt mnmtnd
ir.f tb* AUantir ap?'?r*d with .'-ony Mod l?aala?
I on hi* mb, wearing a bin* silk bonnet and h>rln| in ad
her band an xqulsite bouquet, presented to har by adi
, Mr. Collin* A almultaneous about of exultation a?- It*
cended. that mad* tba welkin ring, and told the multl" Kj
j tuda ootalde tha gate that tba Nightingale had an
hown herself By her aide wera MrBarnum, Mr. Julee an
| Benedict, and Slgnor Bellettl. Tha rush waa tremea. 0j
doua fctill tha llna* ware preserved unbroken; and aD
1 Captala Went led her to the carriage which waa a te:
1 rather plain one. A number, who could not get eo.
seeing her, ran farward with precipitation to- to
ward* the carriage, in arder to oaU 1 a glimpse of her re
an Klie entered; and here the acene battled all descrlp ^
tlnn. The carriage waa so surrounded, that It teemed j,0
r impossible fur her to get Into it. The choioeat nc
u bouquets ware showered upon her: and when, with the
exertions of those friends who accompanied her. she [0
e at length gained thu interior of the carriage, the peopl? di
got up on the boraes. while others climbed the carriage
roof, and bouquets were thrown to her in profusion pr
1 She bowed with that soft and f iinple grace for whieh
e she Is distinguished. and her face spoke more of etno '*
9 tlon than any words could express. At this moinenr. ee
l" was heard a wild hurrah at the gate, such as proceeds c?i
from beriegers when they enter the breicb they bare
It I la. *V? ?ull nw <ea?a f\i tL TH? T>ftOnl*4 who
e | bad been kept oil with bard fighting by thu police, at ui
e | length made one tremendous rush, carrying the gate ^
> Id with them, aud this heightened the excitement to ?
lt a pitch of wild tumult; and some apprehension ?? b?
j felt, for a few minutes, that Jenny Lind might be injured.
There appeared to be no hope of getting ttirough lj,
the crowd The driver had only to battle t3r it; he whip- hi
ped the horses, which be found to be useless. aud then 111
18 he whipped the crowd, wken immediately the Night- ^
'' | ingale put ber head eut of the window, and said, with 1'
)f i with much excitement. "You must stop: I will Dotal- P1
. low you to strike the people; they are all my friends ?j
, aud have ceme to see me." Thh sentiment was received : m
n ' with fa deafening cheer. aDd the crowd made way them j ?'
n selves. influenced by the soft, persuasive accents of
n the Swedish Phllom>l. I rp
t- The carriage then drove to the Irving House. with : *i
n Jenny Lind. Mr Benedict. whi>m she lias ngaged t? ,
1- lead ber concerts, and Mr Ilarnum. who has outstripped
all the managerial skill and enterprise on this ct
ir continent, in engagiug ber to sing for the American P*
people. Other vehicles conveyed Jenny Llnd's suite
j and baggage, and some thousands of the people follow- | kl
edto the Irving House.' ' 1,1
An iD'nieni-e gathering soon collected at the corner , "i
, 01 t Lam oers street aua nr' euwaj. in iur uupe <> n>. ?
{ ing ber at one of the windows; and every minute or
two, as mme of the ladies of the Irving House rami to w:
' ^be windows to look out. they were mistaken by ftome HI
' one in the crowd lor Jenny, when a cheer was raised, hi
^ j which was at quickly suppressed by the better discernment
of the ui^joriiy. with a lau^h at the expense ol
the deceived. At length she made her appearance at I''
j one ot the window*, when a unanimous cheer, loud
it and long, grefted her, and au electric entbuslas-n
is ttirrid the entire multitude. She acknowledged the
:e heartfelt welcome by repeatedly bowing to the people r?
with a noit fascinating grace, and then withdrew ? tfce 1*
n crowd, however, did not disperse, but continued around *'
j the hotel all the evening. tl
Ja The suite departments prepared for the Nightingale M
1 are truly magnificent. being furnished in the highest *
style ot nit 1 be gorgeous sitting room I* fit tor a
qui en. and ofT it i* a splendid b-d room to which is at- g,
tached an eligant bath-room with bathing apparatus. A
She expressed ber uuqiialifiel delight with everything '!
nt she saw; ihe was struck particularly with au exqul- j,
le site table, and asked the writer of this, who had been d
al just introduced to ber was it possible that this wa? *
manufactured in America J On being answered in the
,k nflirraati>e. she expressed increased admiration I/ur el
j | in^ the evening, the had to come oeearionally to the 1 'J
window, to giatify the jieople, when sh? waved ;
a her har dkerchief, in token of her aeknoalod;; ment of b
their enthusiastic ardor The p??age* leailing to the '
j, entrance to her apartments were eoustaaMy rrowji-d ; D
The Irving Uouse contains five hundred and thirty ft
,jt glen* fhe seemed greatly pleased witfi th; negro j'
n servants; they looked *0 ne.it and happy, and so differ- (,
je ent from the n i?eraM? ob. - ets she had expected to s^e. si
The flsg ot 8wtd?n and .Norway floated from the dag 'f
1V staff of the Irving House all the evening u
;o Jenay Liud 1* tweuty nine years of age. but does n >t n
1 lc. k aicre than twenty-five She is not what many j '
t per ons would regard as a very beautiful worn to , but |
a rtvt (.orterris a l>e*uty vastly superior to uiere syuiui try j n
ir oi feature*?a soul beams in h^r face, lighted up from | v<
j, the Inteliveiice wltbiu e?p?cialiy when an* in j ^
,.r (lrltiilw apeaka The glowiu ulattltn in which
,y l.ord llyroia b? lieTi-d true beauty to eourlit. kindta* up .
ber li.tk?' ?'lt eye* which are of a h-au'llul blue nolnr. | *
Her whole miilrnMM I* highly intellectual j but |
what ?ttik'a th tpe< tat or moet U th* lofty and diiruiC ?I
l ? i e\n!eiice that ?biue? from < very feature II r
ek'tol r. untenniice in oblong and larger thin uioat
women of her b> igbf. wbi'-h I* ol the middle else She I
ha? a fii ? boat, i urh at al! <r?t ela?? ainger? p???e?a
llrr bair l? a light brown and her con pie jlua it blonde j
Alt'jfrtLrr, f te la a glotiou* woman. au'l tin term
''Mgh!ig?U happily etfreeeiM that romtiiua i?u of
retirif - modraty and i-urpvwing excellence In ?ong
wbleh dUtlngulrh ber. and which no oth r elnglc 1
woid reuid ?o w< !| convey The ulgbtiuitale. which i? |
)e ft nod In tie outh of > nglaud and Italy, in eel-b.-a ed
by ancient a* well aa modern poete and that etngular
bird ,? nmark .Me for making the night vocal wi?u It*
rtiaiia from the heart of a ine or ihrub. thlrkly eoTired
vltfc foliage, and it U hut i ir> Ijr Jenny)
I ii l ?; I? I -< re ibi -?t la ?b>l a*ie tngi: hut
bir nature la retiring and modeat Other women are
a iii >i<d by the public. Jenny l.ind i? loe.-d an1 reap*
rted la uiut h aa ab? la adn.lred
None of the p rtrait* of her we hare a. en do h~r '
Juatiro berauae no portrait ean mo rey her flue eg- |
prf?? n The tw .t, l>y lar m the large oiie on ?*!? at . '
l.ri '' k \ ilitrl>, Bicadway. J ^
I imMiniituttli'-iK'rro* liO.O llowlaod'e. up ji
Ij., Die ih Rlr?r. ami after remaining ? few day* tin re.
?b? ?Ui jroee'd to the oon'ry re,iJe,.c of <tr Bar- I r
,j n?m. fbe eay b< r Tnlee n>rer waa hwtt'r, a*4 If Mr 1
Ii -?ii tu ra . 'la . <-. ?l ? r ?.ly to r<m i I -n '
.r i l i. tie ]?i t it - a** d ?
t> upon ?> ntxJrratrnd Mr B?ri< im will ania/*-a ?ult- . n
atl? |<Uc< il !>? ran find It. an 1 will ? <t wait forth* t *
fini ' !i>n of tb? Hail. Tb? O. (! 0?iJ'O I- ?pak-o ?f, q
j aii'l pr-.l nUy |? thr pl*e* dr?tl?' If > b? Or?t ani-h ?t<"t | ?
,1 :u< h*f aoujj thla eootloaat. Noll , ig If f *'
, { in tb? city In any etrrla. ator? ?h?- antra* b?'. Jinny I r'
Lit 4 a
or aid 'Icrriadt to U<n>. *
|( At oIdtiVht lh< Nr? Tttk Mmral Funt Mtl;
( | tititobriBrf fotna two hnndt'd tnu>lrlaaa, {*r? ,|
n a graad ??r?aaii? to NaJtinulwlta l. n l ll?if<i ,
, Lnlifl Buiatlwl t nil w?inl?et<<, n.l tt? li-l by J]
t M?.-fit Pom* t*"ntj c*np<n'?? ?f th* H ? Vwrfc .
fit t'f. n t ?arrti .1 tbr 1 aud ?u I .Ji>?l ty to th- Trains P<
II-at* a til Ik* crowd that v>"ntbl*d ih> r# a! tt?a' h <>r ' !'
r>m4td Ut.uf aitntnril la !*< Ycik ft ?p" >
vt ran n. Th* ?lfa*t wa? d?n??ly flll? 1 in front ot t'la [ <
bu.l'liar nt? to It a'rwt. and la H?a la
k i n ma fH?, and lata Chtwtwr* ?lraat oi tt? o oaf, ) y,
l# ant arcui.it tba r -Tarr of tb* I'a'k Tar wr*ll? ?'
xf of !b4 addition torn b*>itg macl* to 8t??-irt'? *"
, marbla palaea wrra cfftnij with h igitn b^taga j
o at <1 alary* nnmhar of anrrlaf** til*d ?Itb Ia1! a, ?*ra '
|4 la th* mldft of It* rtnwl k'1 trtal *b j ? nt.if i
^ art oiit an foat to #** thr prudi*y of at>nf T>i? ?r?'?->ny ' T
ot !ka lrtiac ll''kiii th I ll>> nindowa a?r> tUiaJ ? i *
** If
t t' th **>*? and aiauy ladl<? a bo had r*tlr?d ? > V- t jot
up to !!?*? ih? a* IMnt ? *?* That* aool'1 U t ' *
. ba T>t>d*t fr*?n tw-otr to thlrir tbo'i >ul p r *
? gi
( I'Wtil, and l?r prtalrtt rtrlWmml an4 rattii-ik. ni ,
|T?ni|r4 ?!> ? lk> ?b/?t of *11 thin hnu?r appr%rr I f t
at tba tlnilft Th?f? *? a?r??-Mloo nf Tfh'iii nl i *
I It I
p_ rh?rrlt>f for m trrai mla itr? !!? f <* eouM ho ?< n , tT
)f arry dlrtlnrtly by tba p?opl<?. f">:u tha br..<ht light* ! b<
j Itairrdlataly In f*i ot of t a hall <ln >r *h?i tha fir* ^
|# tirii is rlM>iii( tor tha Ion I nn- I ,
1# d>r t>>? window at which ahr apprarad. t h? h?nd ai
% atturk up Hat| < lunbla." fv?ll w.J by "Yank-* j tl
n l>f.MI?," and ?h?n aha ?M told thry ??r?- tha na'ton.
( al alrr rf Amrrtra *ha rtMaimrd "ll.a bajlt.il' ?h
o how tyirtdM!" and altrraatrly laughrd and wrpl.
,, j ftl? ia?fd brr haarik>rrhlrf ??rn?atly. and raq'i??tad J,,
p Mr. Barnuoi to rail far an ?i>m -a rrqnr?t that *a? In
j Mlawrd by tr?m?tid?ni? rhrrrltig Tha bind th n |T
j plaard " Hall Columbia' Ini " YtntM (Nffc" Ktll, t.
n ' ?hrn ?h* >*pr ??ad h? a<tm ratten a? rapturna'ly a? fr<
lt bafr ra. and Intimatrd that ah* wi.-mi altf tha format
# during brr a ay I !?rw Vrrk ph. clapp?d hrr hand*
with tha irrraUat rnthu*la*m Attar playiac ?a?aral '
ptrrra tha hand ronrlnd?d with "Ord 8ar? thr y n??n "
, 8hr thru took hrr Iraaa of thr arffnad^rt by waring h?r (;p
& andkrrrhirf rapidly tor aaarral mlnotra aiaidat tha tta
m<h.t raptnrona ?|>plan?a wa aarr witnraard ?hr waa "*
. quit#/lalaly drraard. and thr? a rrta*?a ahawl oaar
brr riwi to krrp ha from fitting aol I On Irartng ait
1 th? window Ihr rxpr?M*d hrpa tnthoar In th? I j*'
Iroun that tfcara an no p?raon hurt althrf th?r? of ^
It ihr wharf a? It wweld mar tha plra?wr? ?b. fait ' ab?
latmrdiatrly aftar thr arrvaadr ron?ladr4. tha fat- j ^
l<rw|n? rnmnlltra from tha Ha?iral t and Boclaty trait. I
open bar la bar apartmenU, to prtaeat her with aa i
lr?M. and welcome her to Amarlea la the nam* of
aiantelaa* Henry 0. Wateoa. Of org# Loder. J. A.
rle. Allen Dodworth. John C. flcberpf. Mr Wataoa,
being Introduced by Mr. Bar num. read tbe addraaa
follow* :?
Mii iHoiuiLt Jenny Li^d Permit me. oa behalf
tbe goveraaaeat and meubera ot tbu A. M. Kund,
d the aiadcal profee?ton ot New York generally, to
odtr to you their heartfelt cordial and truthful wul- , ,
m? on y?ur arrival on the American shore.
We know that It la no unusual circuuiftance for you <
visit foreign countries. and to find ovary heart !
ady to respond ta the sympathies of your own generis
heart, and every band ready to give the grasp of ;
ilcome to that band whicb ha* Mattered abroad sucb
undless charities. Still we deemed that it would
it be distasteful to you, after journeying thousands
miles irom your native land-thousands ot miles
qui (bore countries In which you have been koawo,
red and honored-we deemed that it would not be
s tasteful to you to receive, in the first hours of your
rWal In this new and great coui try. the tender of
u fraternal love, our slneere admiratiou, and our
ofound respect
It would not beceme us to speak of your great tacts.
lor we know not of their greatness except by rant;
it is true that every corner ?f Kurope has
boed with the wonders of your genius; that the old '
untries. familiar for bund'edi of years with the pro- \
gitsof musical genius, whicb have arisen to dtizle
id in'tiuct have awarded you a fame which has
arcely a parallel in musical history All this is so.
id we believe it implicitly ; but it would be neither
utbful nor loyal, to speak as oi our own knowledge,
e do know, however of the results of that taleut
tiich is tbe world's thi me; we know of your private
mificence, aud of your public muniQcuuce; wuknow
the monuments of charity which have sprung up in
ir triumphant path you have trod ; wu know that
musands in the old countries at this time bless your |
ime. and pray with greatlul hearts for your happi
t-?s and prosperity ; still while we rev. re aud admire
iu lor the greatness of your heart, we do not. presume
i praise- your reward must come from that gnat
imer which inspired your soul with its generous symtthles
Hid boundless philanthropy.
"lhe welcome we tcn(l*r jou *8 uy no rn'in* excluve
tor notional?we are Americans. Swedes, tier- |
ens. Italians French and EugUsb . but whether we
)nie Irim th* sunny South, the icy North, or the !
ninteeuit West, our welcome comes equally from the
art?and once again we tender it to you with ri- |
eclful but sincere wishes for your health happiness
id prosperity, wherever you may be " I
Jenny Lind, who held her bead to the ground during |
e reading Of the address then <ail her voice halt 1
iok?d with li?r emotion*," I aui sorry I cannot ex- ;
ess my feelings. but I am cum you will understand
bat I mean, and that I am very grut< lal for yeur (
cdnesj, and 1 hope In future to merit your approban
I trust you will excuse my baa Kii <li?b. Tlw ;
jbt there to-night (pointing to the wiudow) was thu
est beautiful I ever 1 aw ? (Applause.)
The deputation, after converting a few momenta
Ith Jenny Lind and Mr Farnum, then withdrew,
id the Nightingale retired to her d'.wny nest. May
>r tlumbera be sweet aud profound.
Marine AfTalia.
8tp?mship Purine.?This staamer was again seen by
lot boat. Yankee, on the Uth, at 1 A. M , 120 inil?a K. !
the Uook.
City and Suburban Newii
FfwraaL or *w Koit""!.?The remains of a literary
-nileniau. named 8 ? Palmer. Esu . who di?<i at bis
'pidenee, No 1U5 i'earl street, on Friday afternoon
*t, were conveyed to Creeuwood cemetery, yeptei day ,
't? rnoon. from the Church of tbe lloly l'rioit.y llrook- |
n Mr Palmer was a contributor to the coluxmi of
le Brooklyn Star, and several paper* in New York
r Palmer was n> uih respected atil esteemed *>v all
ho ktew him aud died much regretted. 11 is illutis
as dysentery which lasted one week.
ok tHi Lain or fla?ra*i. Arxitsa ?We r?rtt
to have to record th'- death of tb>- Udv of General
vezana. who was oue of the triumvirate of the llomm
epublie. while It lasted and vn a.-ao.-ialed with
aribaldi and Maxtini 8b? died yestuiday ni' ruing. .
om the injury she received by a tall Ir.im her wiu- I
ow, while 11 cleI!lug the blind, just a week ago ?hn 1
as an Irishwoman, and a daughter ol a genlletnau
anted Morroug! of tbe city of i.'nrk
tar*. A., shortly betore her dea.b, called ber sis
bildreu to her bedside?all ot theia gii Is except one 1
he ?lde>t gitl being ouly 13 J>ais ot igu; she e xliorted
liein to a vinuou* lite, and >he patient endur*. r? ot ;
iflering and misfortune She bid farewell to her hu?and
>lio. and r? .jues'ed to be interr< <4 wit h her father,
i Williamsburgh, where he was buried only a j
w months ago. Mj< was an excellent wife aud tender
loiber and w.is the edurator ot bet own children The
JUeral takes plane this alteruooii. at 4 o'nlook from |
12 Broadvay ?hm th> Italian^ in ib- city will at-i?*l
Pnrh tt tfi?h Tmnsthv th?it th?-v hiv?* Tere.l
) take none of th" child-cr, iim!i>r their lure. It i? a
iimulat eoinclut'lira tb?t tli? ?lvr? it two of the
wdrra ct tfc?; Roniiii tf 'luti n u%?? dlrd withiuoue
rar -both in tb?- month or Att(u<t and b.ith prt-gulit
when 1hcj d'*d Garibaldi'* wtfa ' U.I it lUrrna,
from the lough UMfJ he w??c- wfw'.Wi to endure
i camp* and rliip. ot war with k< r hu-hun 1
Thk Oowmow O'h *riL ?Tb" Common Council mm*
h um tbfir rtatcd tasalon for Htpt-nil>?r ttii? afternon
at live o'eloek. when a bo<t. o? ba?ln-<< i? t>x- I
M-trl t<> aouic on. wry little hovlnit b. n r >t through i
ring the frtt ori for Au*u?t Hard work ?? not
an; )u tb< dog iU)?; but now we may eip< ct the city I
nh*ii> t? n? ?h> ad.
Thk L>? Cot ?n.- The September term onunanava
ki* day.
Thk Oi ontMHir or r?r Kmiuiumi o* W??d'i
We were the flr?t to announce t he Imp riant
b .tif in tha medical department or Ward'* !-l.<nd.
jade l>y tho Common Council. d*pii?iu>: th-* poor
*cpl? ihrra >>f ttiH attendance uf re*ideot phy-l i|*o?.
nd fub?tttu'inx a hn'l of tly'tit It wia
uniored that owe d tb- phj*ic<en? >etident on tho
ilaiidwasto come out with a tatumrnt ttm? uid
io? up ik* mmWim. timyUiawMittty
,??? tine* ajipriiitcd him a? one of the ?i?lt r?. f>r.
Vlr.imp ki i l<r Ford whi bin l.itbert.i remd?d i>i
be i?|and. and attended the patient* are r*mn*el
r?.m t*t* d*'-. and will attcn t a* nr-re el* 1-1 - n f'lurr.
11 I a.tcgether itrMlnti Jnb. OoJ h-lp tho
m'irranU wilt mcli guardian* a? the liorernor ha*
piH.inti J c*er t' em!
Kiar.?A Are wh? iMaenre ed at half na?* 10 o'clock
i*t ereninf at the rear of V > 17 l.udlow otr-ct o. ri|.
led by Mr I i h a* a dwelling It wa? cxtingu -b d
. it la but trifling damaffa
Aiik.hi fktioi I AuiDrsr-.*' ?nmi ? \t
Igh' o'clock ye*?erday Dir.raini fl-pt>mt?er l<t a
tan armd .'?nn Siocuai. wa* f nind In the r-ar of
lo ** Kultou ?tre?t by Mr. Ki t > , of the firm of
['tfitl* k J or cllu. jeecllera. W* I'ul'ftn pt-eet. Mr.
idd)< * ut to tbc Pare nd want .ta'in hon<c fo? an
ttc<r wfc. poli.nnin McfJra'h ctM an I found ?'outn
lyln* *pw?rhl**? on tbc in-mJ with M* head c it
i> a dr?arttnl imrncr I>r McT'"?inrl| ?i -?.-ut .r. '
nit dn??c<1tb* wound but ?tatc.l h* thm?M tha m'i?
It In ??t(| hjr rino. th?t b? fell d <<-p n'alrt
II tp< d?rV from t w? nn > ?ti>r? ??itid<>i? hvt
urp.otly prlulliiKIn tbe building. Till)em<i
Pi Ubil* Ukhm tfn Funaii! D> atii ? \? pi!li?
llfr Oili|k>t nf th? Ah *?rl *'>' iln? ln*<? Oh (??i
hurrb iu \u'.h"hy I trrrt. yo*1-r<l?T * (iiirlor to
I o>Wk krt?r?-nilj dr?-?w?t > wniana '-II h?i
? a flt. wbrti h* trok h"r np an l w 'h ih? i
f fw it ibta* ot iW Ml ?>r' hMn f"i h?r
to ttif atatl to lwu? ?n<1 lir \?lrow? *.t?
'lit l< r <rlii uid nil I' Si* pot??-r la m!> t
ml partially afrnl' 4. I>ut i-n-l th> ritw i
?ry had rt o Kb? w?? o?m n"y r?*'n<>? ?d * t> ?
I'y Hi "pl'el ?b?r? b?? #*? ?? invtnuofl I ilw ,
r> <l? ul.t'i.l ft* Ur?>?# ??t?? i* r'-IUMy *fl?r
h?arri?od. |rr |M? li urXo irti *hr h? l ? 4?"? ??
?llnl >tp In > fod? of Itw St 'v I n k H?'9'4
Bri??r? rt (Virion M? - 1 Ho t'oronir *>? t I
n |pq?i??t y??l< t l?y *t li <?a* ?tn*l rn tba ' If ?f
d?aid Unr it ar**d *irt liiri ll lr- '*nl *hi
<m? to M. d<a'b by rullli t bl? th?<*t with * r?? r
Ml" bodT d?r-a*d -tit> of ial.il. br >u<lil oa Hf
? hoara. V>ri?|c? a^rord'ociv
?? VMWmtMl T?* Cnrr'T.*f Y-*<*T I?f h?l 1 j
d m. th*> If d / ' ! ll"i?r? t. Lai? <* 10 ,
'Mi i*>n fM loinid Ir tb? ?*'?r t" I nf I.IVrtj .
ml It >fnn? th<?* lh' d?<- ???o ?? *ii lo?.n
pf?t? tt,?r and wtiilo audor th? inl|?*??? of I'.jn^r
II > lf tl? d ii slid ll* drowu?t d< th j
| drov d to.
T>inu?li?t!? i? llMIlt* -Tkr He* M>llMl4 rp'a- '
I &i l;ruM' ?.f wiirrhi,! feicb ! l??ii r??ilif ,
ertwA 'r Hi-tram W'M l|bkf ?lr** t
* Yyrt|?* jlttilt Bpo klti wl'l b ><f on
tlhf iflifirmi B??? *1 llr~ o 1 ll W? nn-1 r
tid % ?? rj r? |? e'oblt W" * b?f?hlp h H b?? D r*Urd
llii* flit of tV' oily
PlilM* l|.?rlllu? r.
nut or tut riiM'l ?? ?! - on p*iahi> tnr tN>r
Abfut lh? rl lart w i.lh " "< 1.< C to tha
rrti^ f i. rntl It pl'?l ' ? ' ' p for
arr?at ?r arr?rt twnSn-n BtfcarVte* kB"?B
' i|? Mrhoi?? Vrr?Bialtr?* ?al n town* 1
rn>*u <-a)fc-4 F -?r"?l?? ll?tr?r i wl .. ?-r ail <( |
'th f- * l'H>* th? Mr't?l t'aiiarat of fnmlinr?
e.imaaiiii'f Knt>r M" 0<? ?? >?>? r|y of >'<>uat j
t i'?UB?it# t nihil 1 r thr I'tumv dii<iM.
Ml" tp?r nl>i?MUf nf til fiirmmtv m'nilnp,
' th? Mi,irii; r( iii? pi?t? anil oth-'r ?nl
i iifMiM liMiii l r ahlpn ?nt rntmi n?hl In
jBitar. aht'h ? ?? n -rk <1 ?' < nnm?>?r?-d |
ai (1H> In rl|Vt Ml l>lMI I * ' <
lk? ftrl't ?Ki|* PI Ni h l?? l"*i94 '.if !( ?
r *' ?' ' ?h<* thr?<- ri '.H r? l< k pa" ?* In the ?im? (
I -> 1 h- f .. " ? ? r? fnrwafl- I ! > Hi ? el'i >? fit* I
. im r. rrn>- juii'Ij 11 rlr ?-r ??! a?? an ?. I
<1 tb? tB?fl-?rwt? a?'Ofdln*ty Iwn'il III" ???T?nt'>r <
> lr utmi Mr. Ori.?n n??? f ta Inrt p-a lul i
It ft t- i-r.it alih 'h' " I ' I
at lln> h?? rg the |rx^l( >ml at ?? !? Ho'h for 1
t>>?llnlr -? Otl*l*lMf li'tlllh'tk f r.'!?? 1
10 port. and Mr '!*? Ho*i.|.-d h-r r'hwitn and I
fa |r.||lii| Ike nltj'cll of bl? ??areh lh? |?*f? "11 t
*< 4 ? abora Tli'f ?* re at "Br - ta?-n la'o r??- i
4y and arknoaW i? <1 'h?lr ld>uttl? and ?* I
rMl?tWf?*li> k-IXt Jt'li 'i IMinrto ?lml?k?| c
in i?|> for a fnrtfcrr t lainlavtiou Th- tirop-n ? r>n
l|>4 id Ikr ilflil urM h*? n"' ?it l't-?n oitain-d I
>in f he. I ?p m H ?* tak'n-n h'nrrt i? Ir. tg'i We I
rr the |?.||<.?<? . I. ...j rt t> - ?*.' ' ?
a ?hnet tlw* Win la '>rd>r Ilk.* nnr r. ad-r* I
II Ut 'I' f.' 'I 'I I ' t 1 | , ||,
lh*h"M h i i |t i.>n i> ? ') f.>r a
Be B-on'l ? tl i'"ont ra-Hlaa ?'t-n utelj In Ihe a
natty ?n l in ihr Fjnh , j - mt .. * ,,! tt,.. r
m'im at Tii? I ?i'i th? anni- of |>
aaln?M? tnralta", |i|rtnr*? pla<- j??*lry *? . d
a to tli- k >'i'lt?K of ih? |-ntt?f It nmM
p?*f that a frtrnd of lh? i . nnt 1- a?m nt fi?<t?<t
n a 4ai or two a?o In th- f?ai>on-? Haiit 'l.-rta .in
t la th? <-onr?a o' (<?b?' r?a' on .1 * r- ni?rk
??"aordin?T? lh?l hb f?ai't nl ?? ?h- ' hi">r>? .
l??o? b* > h?? rr?<l lh?t ?h? w?? -hut lip anil
i. p?l?# had ih? app^araar* ol twin* r"-ni>'?t-lr Fl
indorird Th-i' iin* ?h" h?d net rlnii- > hi.|
?o?? w??k? bat ?ho it tab? pr prrly taken 0
? of. prorrrd*d at oae? with hl? lki?nd to th* pfnt k
ird frond tt it tha wi iUl< represented. Wo !
?" to the npnUd lummom for nlmlttiaM,
tad at length tha door* h(4 to be broken omi. VkM
*?t the < oust visited his hotel, it m filled wtth
lumptuous furniture; on the pruHiit occuloa tt ww
not only abaudon-d but wu empty-Jn fact, thoroughly
and completely gutted Neither the porter
nor any of hie family ware forthcoming Application
pas instantly made to M. Carller, prefect of polio* Agrnts
were sent about the neighborhood to mafca Inquiries.
It appear* that during 10 or U day* consecutively
tbe neighbor* bad observed seven or eight walono
used for removing turnilure, before the door of
the hotel. and as each waa filled it quitted tha ?pot.
[t waa utatrd. on application at the porter'i lodge: that
the Count da Caumoot bad given ordere far the a ale of
tils furniture, aa he waa aboat to dispose of hia botal.
rbe furniture waa transferred to the Plae* d? la Hoarse
?the moat public and thronged part of Parla?and
there ?old by public auction. All thin waa done day
tfter day. and tbe laden wagon* pasted through tha
most crowded thoroughfares of the capital-the Cham pa
Klyrees tbe Boulevards, tbe Hue Vlvienae. and,
Dually the Plaee de la Bourse. Not only that, bat the
Turmture was declared to be that of tba Count, and
old at the mart as such. As a matter of course, great
bargains were going, and some articles that coat
i.'i ml were sold at the auction lor 6 OOOf Tbe mora
? Hluable and portable articles, such a* plate, jewelry,
Lc . were-not exposed for tali> at all Information wu
jlven by tbe tmbalirur that these latter, filling not less
llian fourteen chrstn. were sent otf in a wagon to
Havre The police set out in quest of the wagon, but
with all their haste they arrived too lute The wagont
Had indeed arrived at Havre, but the chests containing
the valuable articles bad been embarked some days
Oelore on the packet ship 8t Nicholas, tor New York.
H Is ntceefary to observe that the rurchaa<>ra, tha
tuclloneert, the packer*. ?d<J every ?ne elneemployed,
ill believed the affair to be a buna fitie transaction and
a* ver lor a uiomeut bad the Mightent niupioion of a?y:hlng
wrong Ilow could they ' All wa* trannported
r'om the Champ* Elyfeen In the middle oft.h"il?y,
:broigh crowded etieeig. and di*po*ed of it paMlo
kuctlua in ihr mint open aud fair uian> 11 The
jon'river ami ex alitor of thin daring rohb<r|T-l( a
inunii '*d. uot eighteen yearn ot a?e, the MB of
the puter in queation Borne dajn prior, he re wra?d
Hume ?Ith a placard filled wiib the u-ual ad> rtl"*menf*
i. brut the railroad pleat ore tiaiur. aud by * Ma*
a which the f ai is coekneyi ar-eu ibl dtonn. >B?g
lay trip to Dunkirk Havre. Dieppe, and eaicb
Ijliuip e of the sea all at an unueually low price. 1 kc
lather and in aher of the lad bad never *een the tM
Id their liven. lie told them With muoh t?ndernea* of
mann* t that be bad contrived toeff.ct noiu- ratings
out of bin weekly wage*, atuall as they w 're. and b?
wa- determined to dovote tbeui to the amw-emeut of
bi* b> loved parent* lie klaeed bin mot bar fervently,
and put front 4uf to&Of. in ber hand*, and entreated
b< r not to neglect profiting by these cheap and d>llgbttul
ej-umloB/" The poor woman rendered ha;>py
in the belief of the fondness of her chil l, ran to
ber husband, and with tearsin her eye? iuformed him
of what bad occurred fa a word, the hone-t couple
agreed to proit by their child'* goodue** aud on tha
following day (Sunday) *et ?ut with hundred* of oth r*
lor Dnnairk, where they were, until a f?* day*
alter, lu tiie happy uncon?eioufne** of what had
occurred The yrung man who, no doubt. mu?t have
been 1- a^u"cl with other* net to work at ouce. disposed
of the fortune an above mentioned, left for flavra ar
noon a* it ?ae all told, except the mo*t vahrtMe articlen
and finally embarked. In compnnv withayoung
wniian on beard the Kt Nicholas bidding, no doubt
an eternal farewell to La lielle Kranee. To make the
aflalr more piquant, it appear* t lint tba yosthful here
of the uJtenture actually had the aufaoity to present
llno-elf at the Count'* residence in the Faubourg
St Germain, and rMp-.-nr him wltn a huge bouquet
of flowtrs. the produce of the garden of the h >tel Ip
theCbauma Kly>ee? tnl u br expr:**ed it "a am*U
but innocent emblem ot hie ulf<.-ciiuji for hi* good ani
coo tiding patron.''
Tlere i- no law by which the a-cu^-d parting can be
returned ba<' k to France to answer th- offence. Bat
??- have a ta'ute law ot thia Hra'e, wherebv aay per?oi.
lamD'iti ing a 1*. ceuy In any foi eigo State or ooootiy
ana <be |>roc?>'d?of auch lareeny (.hall ha brought
by tbem Into ibis State su< h part'** can be tried foi
the (Seme, aa it perp?rtrated in thia Mate
Th* at rival and Mualral.
Otisa at Casti k ?"La Favorlta"'
once more. and tonight. Beautiful creation of the
poet? delicious language of the composer! Witc
talvi> wmderful power-hla perfect intonation-hir.
aweetneaaof voice and earneatui aa ot manner?those,
iuipassioned mom' nta "hen Ma ton?-a gu>h forth fr >tci
a rich fountain. Uriah with trnlody. who cannot enjoy
an entertainment seldom to be received by mortals
Tlun w.i are to have the rich voioe of TedeacO. the
powerful ti nea ot Harinl and the ripe full tone* of
f.adiall We suppose tbouaanda will lie present on
thia gr? at oecaei n. '"a'oline Vietti'e le-neit will take
place positively on Wrilarfda}' when Semisatnlde"
will te the srr- a' feature with iladiall as Aaiur, an !
Vietti hetxeli in the roV of Araace.
Bai*?r.? Theatric.--This evening, Mr and Mr*. Wallace.
mho.-e hn-trionic celebrity <iuring their formei
entiagemei.t at th- Hnwvry. has gain-d for them th?
nti'i ni awd adn 1 rati en ot all th<>? who witnessed the't
excellent drama tic rapreaeotation*. will appe..r la
hbekipeaie'a tragedy of ' Ma.-hetb " Mr Wallaek
will mj-ta n the character ol Macbeth, in which tv
dtaplaya ail those diatimtui^hiag i apa'iihties whlet
have | laced him in the tir-t rauge of hia prote ?i >n
Mra. W?.U('k tw I'm attractive u< an ascompluhei!
actres*, will -aketbe pirt ot l.ady Wacbet'.i. Stevens ai
ilbrquo and Tllton as Mactinff. This tragedy will b>
followed by the ntw cantie*l drama, entitled *' Thi
Pi a. or the Ooean Child " winch ha.- been very ?uc??u
ful. and nan been received every uUlit with jnthual
eat to cheer*. rhla U a great bill, and will introduce
to the au.'ii*rce the entire rtreugth of the eicellem
draniatie combdny which Mr Hamiilln ha* alwayi
krnnt il t.ln. V< rvl <..11 h . .. ?
Btnapwar Thkatm.?Tli* rutt 1 priMn* lrwae am
roir.?K'-r of tbe llro?d*ay are *tvt for- ui<Mt la ??or
ii'K tbe i)""' BDd inn-t (tractive talent aralUbie
Auiio?> to dlreriify tin entartaiooii tit* at ran by V.
rtctllriil iti?k company. though ?..c^rdinaly prnaf*
Me rinov the romn.< Dcnn-nl 01 tbi? the ci?
Hpr bin ifturrd the ral-iaMa Mrrlwc of ^a.laia'
Adi i 1U?1io.. wb" niak?? Iter firit appearance at thl
tkeatre tbix evening in tne ma^uiflc-ot auil 9. n^im:
op? lalir F|icctacl< of Judiih." |i>r tbe production o
tlilcli pi tntulauilllirt?iari> ir^.f J Tbe orrh.11
tra aill b* con id?r*l>iy *n?(n?> nt> <1 . there will alui bt
it rompMe inlli'rry band In ootluur* am) a full ah >
rtli> ot l?" buadr J pelrOti*. together with w<l!? rue
< U pageant*. ahlrh Kill (ire rfUctent lore* to tlx
whole p'ec? M liochrt *111 k? tk* nondiMtni ul d
rertor. n4 uvder l.i rkii'ul i>vperlafend>a<!i- -Ju
dlib ' w.ll be produ>-?d wli h an 1 ITest hl'herto nn<ur
I i>n>l A'lmor >111 rapport Anna Hl?hip an
tb>-^rarciui aii<i mile Mil lie. Adella* rill apm-ar ?
l-raubvel tbe ?pirn wblcli 1* iriit to Jai:tU If a rar<
rint-ina'ioii ot 11!'tit ran pr'.T>-artrvt r*. or ni !itorlf>o?
Swtta In Mt-r for !h? public ta-e b worthy 1
epirobativn tb>* *rtl?t? ao l llw inacntfrr of the Uro 11.
way ib-a'ia will be r-?ardrd tbi* eveulicr with at
c?riwhiliiiiii| audience
N11.1 o'? Qaarata.? A .jui. fc ?arre*?"?a 1/ nireitj it
lb* due aeeret ef ilimlrtiial alliMtlr*M< and al?a)t
ftinn a Hi'f Ixurdt to tho ?rea?rry llarin;
clo-ea a hriliiint M*?ain < l diaraa?ie ?ni*riaiuuieai
hi it?rii.inptmiit lj cro? nlng It xitb a brief ?mca>( Dl
i.I Ml?) Urbmro Mr !tib|o eoRiMmee* hla n w ?> *
Nil' Ult'Ttlliiit ?.rh th> t? n >wne.| and falrntid fc?.
? ! iHOiily twenty t?o In numb r TIim entertainum
ui? wnlicttalel of a variety (,l *l< hfi'. trhlen u??nl?
and i?*?? ?>j ib? )oufhful snetnl'*r* I tip Karri eorp*
a /mod I all-1 *peeta?l? rutlt'rd lb* ' Kl?h mm
Dnam," tin* r.-autifi.l ? iid a" c'lu)t ?t <ry of **'<-h i
j^e !" 1 - . " ! m 11." ; ui .1 nir i* rli-11 in ?
. 1 ...
TIN* ?Wk Will ..i.rlu'li* wilh II,r lairy ** >in 1 pint
n Imr i>l "Rn'ial or i\? M*gn tit# >uprrh too
?e-i.?rj ?l whi h. r *lth * b< pat far:
l it t?>'? lufi-> 11-ri |.| hly "t I u"ii'
''14 r*i 1-.ition ?n<| mj |uU* da u.g .h? U' i '
n.i t.l (I i h- K(*> In.
Tr? *?*e - A ^n? fut. rf*i*Ti< nt rm.li ? >
l>. * b > b* | r< .iMni lti?n<4Bi *k>?li rim oiT thii
iiiIiii v ki tl. ? ti|} |w|iimi m i r tiblUiitirtl
(If |l?ni 'MM-nil ?! 1 lir rlK) I f.f ie?o< 1
" it't lix ?l ti'i.i rni'ticd 'RlM'a Com*.'1
1 ii il??" rtr?l |*U r* nmuHi ihf frr i4?!.'
fct. * I. i i?.k* w Sir l'rt?r ilurim m
Oiiff Iw'wr J .V Lrfter * Owi,*i ^wl?M JcrJ\r
?- t>i j?> ? > llk?4 m JiihiI > jthn J"hn.
lit CuklK*. u4 Ik'rMlw Nii?*. ni'k lf? K't??.I1
Mi? II- jh.? mid Mr? i?? ->tt la t->m f o.lr
?' ?H? iff *b?fi r.rj m- n> 1 ? <??t m( itt?r?Mf
f?M it mr ll.nl ! >? fm ... a 1 t Ihu i'.|irt??*lm ? ?.!
?*?> U III ? Ik# df I'h?"llw< ^'?'l fnitr
Mr ?r *in? W il i*r?. ?bo fitph
?n4 mi<i r t )>r??i f? of tli.ir au uftHfin #?t? >u Ite*
?rt *!il ?'*u . * we?n h P ? #?*
1)*vj ?-ul r?i i,i4*r.l??i l fn.tl'idf n 'h
n lNlt<l Hhv n *! iq? tithtfe" kia< o1
c* W I! Hurt n in ?L?* pr*? l^i. ntr-cUr
N?n> ?al Tmiair* ? i h* #nt#i f*|n ii#it? #<11 r til
i?tnr?* - (Lth? *Xftrrt?4 fiftft* ' ?? thl .1
'r n:A uatam t*\* i.?r? a Mir *-? ??
Flight- Xr< II W lili?tt>. itn '
llf < and ft gr?Mit *.|r X 'r?A 1b< <ltl
Til ? t? ? I??I ri'o I|?' P? ?od th? ? "it ;i|M? Ir? ?an.<wt.
?>< ! ? til b* JannvMnd <n " In Hlrh IVx
bff MiliUuif tb? lil.n ?!?- fh-nn 14
( mini0 ???r? Uour ill *? !> ?? Mo* %n?.
lit! Mr? VlKiit i' M J?l*f I '' ' l''i |-l "?ill b
|i UiHtrn hy a ?. dr i? ? i'?ii " - V'
Mr V illtamn l?in>'? O f<> -t? u? ?nt 11nlr- r
nd lb* > t h?r (kirirM* ?" b- i ll- 1 h? |<|< |i>al>
l? i?t * <*! mm f<M t Th? "lit-"' hi nt? ?ll> (miHii'lt
?.th It..' ill! III it I' ? 11 J ' Fitff I*1 .
I>| tbvl'sdll K rlll'M'.fr
.r. ... - " ?" ? r n >1111'. ' r. rut*
in ihl? **t ikti!-h?*iil l? tl,?* It i>n n*?(i rr * l?J
. ???y it. 11 Hi ?ln*? 11* ts.ii;. an I that th*
i.Minkiil" i? lki> r?.ljr ilriinii wh.'h l??i pr">
lintil. Th<? (Ml t"t th? II ?l 4t?:i -Bi it o:
lli* Vt*? >1 li* f mm *!? -! I'laikr llt l??r
II d . k I - p. i'. m ihi-tr nl?- i -rt? wM% >"?
11?i . H- i :.i? 1 v '-i- -i. - i - -if i ?
r r * 1 * ' i i? ... Mil i '
Ihi i tti II t j .?l.>i n ?i
I .i ?. i . ti.? I II. ( ' i . i ' . I.-.- in- 'I.
? ' i li I M .' It I . p. . i < ; , in. n>- ai'
*.- i * - ? I " r> ' lu I.: ! - . n
I'M. I - " ? i' ti 11 i > i ? I p. - f n "
' ?.-> , ? ." - i < .. i .* .
I V*tl MIMM dwk M 9?0ii. * U> m4 Mtrr
In *i-i' mii H, i . ' nm ? rhl? g'li
I. .;?) ?i ? * 111 n Pi. 1 ll? ' I'.
??.f?l Mutual |ii???-? fir l? M njioarj pnrfvraf'
' -1 , > I V ||.. !
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M*IU for Karppf.
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