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Tk? Crtiaaa Bilami fur 1930.
Wilt N. Y.?The marshals hare
wnpUttd the enumeration of the third district,
Md hmi that it couUum nine thousand one hua- J
ired Mil l ninny inhabitants, or nue hundred and
thirty mure than the second district. The first
district is yet to be taken. The lowest estimtte of
the first district ii 12,000, which will give 30,090 in
the whole village.
l*?i t. Hautti. Fitmiliti. lnhab'tt. D'dtlti.
2 918 1,782 9,OHO 132
3 1,295 1,778 9.190 102
Total.... 2,248 8,560 18,250 251
BtrriU), N. Y.?The United States marshal
has ri-Hrly completed the census of Bullalo. The
?0|>ulHtion numbers 50,000. This is ;r:iinst 29,00J
* 1W0.
8vraci'?e, N. Jf.?Dep. Marshal Iliiwley hi9 !
completed the census of the Second ward. I'opulation
fo far :?Firat ward, 4,514, Second ward.
7,617?total in two wards, 12,181. The Third ami
Fourth w?rdsare estimated at from 5,000 to 6,000
each, which will give our city a population of over
n, 000
Oswfoo, N. Y .?The marshal haviny completed
the census of this city, the number of its inhabitants
ia as follows?First ward, 3,508; Second ward,'
2,459; Third ward, 2,913; tourth ward, 3,314?total,
12.1?*0. This result, although uot so large as
miniated by many, shows very rapid increase in
.?{** u/hi<>K Kua nourlv in tk*? 1 jat
1 years.' The population, in 1840, was 4,658, and t
Jo, 6,818?increase in the last rive yearn, 5,381. ,
i/TiiAM, N. Y ? We have been informed that t*
mpuiation or Chatham is 8,840. r
UNsTowa, N. Y.?The population of Johns- *
i, Fulton county, is 1,256.
tavia, N. Y.?The populution of the town is !
I In 1830 it was 4,430; in 184<J, 4,171. Bdta- j
illjge has2,176inhabitants. ,
i ghkkkpsik, N. Y.?Population, 11,080; in I v
9,079; an increase of 2,000 in five years. |,
i.iivore City.?The numbering of the n?o- a
i |>togre*eiiig quite rapidly. We are indented
i llmm 1J. Sho|ie, one of tne Assistant Marshals n
K fullowiug census4ftthe Twentieth Wiird :?
en, 1,151; families, T?343; white persous.6,268;
colored persons 1,274; slaves, 66?total 7,608. v
e were but 6 deaf and dumb persona, and 4
i. The number of deaths for the year en.ling
, 1NG0, was 151. The three wards from which i
ave returns sum up as follows:?Second ward, i
; Nineteenth ward, 7,868; Twentieth war J,
?toul 24.754. The name average will make
ntire population 165,000. Mr. S found in the
-teenth wurd, on Cove (Fremont) street ex- j
it,an old colored woman who exhibits indis>le
documentary evidence of being one liunund
twenty veara of --ge. Her name is Sukey
iht. One of the deputy marshals has furnish
'U ub Willi uic unieuo in uruo iu? uic rum auu or- i ?:
renteenth ward*, which are as follows :? Fifth
l?ard.?White iierson*, -1,623; free colored, 1,257; !'
ilavcs, total, 5,9h<>. Seventeenth w*rd?
Vhite persons, 7.254; free colored, 2,112; slaves, e<
0; total, 8,711. The population in the Second,
iitfeteenth, and Twentieth wards, is 21,7:50, J
Hiking jn Uie five wards, or one-fourth of the city, jv
i population oi *0.434. _
Loct sT Point, MD.-"Mr. Grubb has also far*
isheil us with the following interesting statistics
I Locust Point, a place hist <U0#ing in imj>orince
dumber of white male inhabitants 151; white frmales,
50; colored females, 1. Total 2)2
)ut of H?? jieraons over 2(1 years of age, the nam- *
ber thttt cannot read ami write, is 23 t"
Natives ot' Wale* <>
Cumber of families 45 bl
summer of dwelling 35 "
LttendkOg school (children) ?i J di
Five couples ni <rri?d within the last six months, i
dumber or vessels lying at the wharf at present, i
riz.: 5 ships, 2 barks, 3 brigs, 13 schooners, and [ t><
slot p. I ^
Vrtttlt *1rrit*d tinct Ftbruary 1,1850.
iotiag February 10 During July 40 i
" March 3'J " Auiwt.. ... . 31
44 April 18 ?
? May.. M Total 303,
" Juna 77 '
It ha* one church, which is used as a school- 1 J
iou*e durinir the week; six taverns, five Mores, | p
wo regular boarding houses. Two years ago the <
aine place contained only three houses. |
Henuy Corxrv. Ala.?The following is the '<
Ienaun a* returned by the Deputy United State* ! J
liarshal:? U
Vhite males under 21 year* 2,188 ?
" '* over " " 1.1M J
" between 18 and 45 " 1,128 , B
' " over 45 " JCJS I '1
" females under 21 " 2.1 Hi) : f
" ? over " 1,175
nsanc within the county 7 p
" sent abroad 1
lumber of tlave* within the county 2,304 M
"ree iiersons of color 1 h
Total huniber of inhabitants 9,135
lumber of commou schools 7 I
" academies 5 1
" ttudeuia 331 !
PtJisartvanu?The township of Plymouth,
lon'iomcry county, h.ui a I>tti<ni 1,383; 231 *
iwellmi! houses, and 91 farms. The borough of #
7<>n>hohock<-n h?* 72H nib ibitant*; 131 dwelling*, w
,nd 8 farms. The imputation of lli>* two united in '
WO was 1,412 Sugar f?rove township, Adtm* *
oimty, hii? 1,612 inhabitant.*, and the thorough of i
I'airro, 1/HI9, of which oil are male* and l*> *
rmales. a
Two wards of Reading, the northwest and *
lorthexst, give a total population of 5,8H* In the
lortheast wurd there are 110 more female* than f,
wiles. In AntnUus township, BtIi* county, the ti
roalatx n is 1.050. Westchester, will sh >w a p<>- b
illation of 3,500, beintr an incrciseof 1,324 since J
8-W). lioy|i-?town?impulalioo. 1,005 : d welb.igs,
71 . families, 193 ; 87 persons over 20 jears of a'gie
unable to read and write. The town only ;
hows an increane of 46 since 1840. Cooshohocken, t
foot fernery county, 72H
Cumberland twwnshio. Adam* county, has a po- "
ul u,MO of 1.403. In l*40il WHS 1,218 ; and in 1830
i ?m 1,010. 5
Woitielrdorf borough,94<>; Bern township, l.tfM; *
katalowoy, 1,060 ; Marion, 1,"?29; Maiden Creek, <
Mil ro(D,Ooin.?Accordina to ihe enumeration,
competed, iheru are 2, Wii lihlbitull, winch
I I'Hin of hi* in ten y? ure. <>f the number, 17 are
rV, ami I mulatto. Number of dwelling-housea, f
I , l-inilies, 634 There were horn in Maaaa- <
ii<etfs, 1 Houth Carolina. I j (Georgia, 1 : Ver- '
nt. 2 ; New Jersey, 3 ; Virginia, 4 ; New York, J
( Scotland, 1 ; Wales, 1; (iermany, 2; Eng- n
d, 6; Ir?Und, 84. The remainder are native* J]
Wimdv*, -The population of Windsor,
II l)ie r<-n*ua jil?' taken, I* :t,:<l7 ?h?M ing as in[
? ? ? *iu<e IWI, of I.CKW inhabitant*. Thin inian?ep
niHinly Imm th?* lln)iri?hing mmu- "
j -tnrinif r alablithnienta at tfie Lock*, f'oquonnck, h
i it H ainbow. The?r ?*Uhliihm<nl", (rtclinivf P
i ibr Ttinxia and other cotton mill* at l'o,uonork, r,
?iich harr not iret hern rrturn?'H.) produced in p
|haf?**r > inline Inn* I, ISSO, article* to ill* fdM
i ?tt hnndr>-<l und Ihirtf-liM thousand f.mr h'in- t
d and thirty-aeren dollar* There wi-re fonr
f Iton ??v?n hundred and ninety-five thouaund t
h.eti m*de id ib?- town during the year, amount- !
t, al |."> per thouaand, to the turn of t'?l,!l75. t
IM am nint of tobacco raiaed wan nin?ty-tive
knvaand tmir hundred |ound*, valued at f-.V*>. r
i?aoi i, Mi?.?The |<of>u!*ti'<n of 'Jrotun, ac- ?
4ii-t lo thf United ^tat'-a cen*ua recently com- J
IrtW. is 2.511 Thi* i? I JS ni->re than the State
which waa taken on the lat of May.
N#kth < unci, Ma??-?Northampton, h? ih? U. !
f r<?t-'i?, haa inh ilxtauta, of whom I.IJflt are
m i- rfivvted a* fultowi i'aMdHuM 71, Ka(- I
Li ?, Irtah Mf>, t>?rman< &**, Sc?>'? Set, Not.%
i- tlan- 2. French, Turk and l.aat ln<lmn > each [
Ii-Plate ?-?-n?ii? exhitiM< d hut fi.I'M lahifnUnt. l
|lit(Hd ha*, by the I P ren- i*. I 074 Inhal J
, he 8ute ceniiu*. M
Ktrar, N H -The jiop-ilatum nf K'ene, by th-- ,
I I renatts ju*t taken, ia :?,SJ0? mcrenae ainc* ,
" W, 700 j
N??h v, N U -The pot"'I"''"it of N-fhua, by j i
?- V. !? ce?aoa jiiat taken, ta 5. *30. Of the*?,
i w.<? Ifirn m ikr ^tnii Kfr in Ma?a ti-hiiar! '?. II
1411? Vermont, l><l in M iln#, 110 in Canada. All
at 1W were bom in the II. 8.
( a. '1*at\a>hio ?The population of the F.lei?ml?
w?rd i? rV?i*t It ia thought the ??opulation
>( 'i <*X?r? >h wHl h* ?ti)l greater.
\daiinbiirg, Ohio, 1,2^4. Harp*rafifld, Ohio,
W tti i *t, N J.?Th? population of Woodbury.
V . aa near a* can be rtmn'd, i* 1.000, b<ing
in :icr>?p? ?'T3nn -inr*- |H|0 Th?re at* l*T dwell,n<i
l'W families. hoint no average of fire to a
w iavtu.it, Ky.?Ilia eatimatrd that the poptila.
>f l.oii"??il|r not leant ">0.000, and prob?bly
Partial li?i? of two ward* rnnmrtitf ui?
?. of 11,(*?) people, and there are ei^ht war la
n ih? niv The population of LmimviII#* in 1*10
? . j|.2l<>, including the town of Portland, which J
, nr.w a diftinrt and aepnrate town The preaent j
i ?,t ft i f iahahltanta ejcl'iaive of Portland, ia ceramlv
more thaa flO.OPO. Thia ahow? an iiyr?aae |
>f oi?nrto of It*) per cent., and if Portland waft In'l?d?d.
it would anow more than 12ft per cent in- I
ii, Wlaconain, populati. il mi>n,
ft. Ji
Mr? F?*?? Kriata'a R*4Piw? op MiKFrir i? |
(??< ??i> - Thl? Jt?ttnfni?h?.t tragedian h*? b<ni
?tin?(i?rie?nf " Keadlnca of fthak?wora. at lb* St. 1
is. > i Thaotre which hH b?ea RTnwd*d to firM< bj .
aod'aahlnoaWa andlaoeea Of Mr* KamIn',
..irr-M It la uaaeoeeearr to wf r>na word ; but ,
?r -,?di?? of ? >? Wlotor'a Tale" ymearad for her at *
Urortoattew a ?? reeajtloa frn?i thnaa who wri
karnird by th? yow?ra ?ha diaplayad during tha reel- J
Oar St. Ltala CfnMp?<WM.
St. Louis, Aug. 21, 1890.
Marriage in the Caiabooit?Conviction of Rtberti
and Janet?Hot Weather.
Quite an interesting a Hair came off' yesterday a1
>ur city calaboose. A young and lovely Irish girl
>y the name of Maria Dowling, was united it<
vrdlecL t<> a prisoner by the name of Wm. McNeil'
y, who is also a native of the Emerald Isle,
tfcNeilly hid abducted Maria, under the promise
>f marriage, from her father's house. Instead,
towever, of performing his promise, he wroughl
ier ruin and then conducted her to a house of illume.
Ascertaining the character of the house,
Maria Hed, and returned to her mother, the father
Lt that lime hf in ' uhnent from the nrv Th*? rwt~
ice were informed of the affair, aud McNeilly was
irresterl. Hut as the mother had at heart the fair
ame of her daughter more than the puaishment of
he seducer, a marriage was proposed and agreed
o. The inarriige came off in the Tombs, but still
VlcNrilly has not l?een liberated, as the Recorder
irgea tlmt the injured law haa not yet been appeased.
I think, however, that the allair will be dropxr.i,
and William restored to his injured bride.
Roberts, who killed Hibblee, a police officer, and
fours, indicted as un accessory, have been found
juilty of murder, and it is thought will be executed,
rlibblee attempted to arrest Roberts, under the
inconttituiional vagrancy law, when Roberts
vari.cd him not to approach, or he would kill him,
.tating at the time that Hibblee hid no right to
nake an arrest without a warrant. Hibblee persisted,
and was killed The defence set up was,
h it Roberts hid violated ro valid law, and wan
here fore justified in defendiu^ his liberty, particuarly
asrhe officer had no lepni . rocess for his arest.
Roberts and Jones, however, being poor,
lad assigned counsel, which i* usually inferior, una
vas so in this caee Had they been able to fee a
awyer of ability, they would doubiess have been
The weather is excessively hot and dry?thermoneter
ritnging from 9*2 to 100 in the shade.
YE hodil> nulirria* aud of mental aacuiah, pruatrate and
ejoleae. embittering faer life, that uf her huaband, and hairding
tl.efuture welfare of berehildrta, arialag from oauee*
hich, it known, would have spared the eulTering, theanxuiah
> the wife, and to the huaband etnharraaauienu and peeuairy
ditfwultiea having their origin in the mind being weighed
own and harruaed in coaaequeao* of the aioknea* of the
smpanionof hia b?aom.
now important that the caneee ahonld be known to every
lfe, to ever; huaband, that the dreadful and harrowing
jnK'iui-nree to the health and happlnea* of both ma* ee
voided ! Life ie too abort and health too pruciona to admit
ay portion ?f the one to be a pent without the full enjoyient
of the other. The timely poaeeeaioa of a little work
itltled ae followe, haa been the mean* of earing tilt health
nd the life of thi>u <ande. ae over
>ple* hate been (old aince the flrat edition waa leaned.
The author haa been Induced to advertiae it by the urgent
nd preaamg re<iu<>et of thoae who have been Indebted to it*
ablica'.inn fur all they hold dear (that all may hate an opj^'nnity
i.l obtaining it), and whu bare favored him with
lotkaanda of let t?re of encomium, torn* of whioh are annexed
I ti.a kdver'iaement.
pkivatk mkdikalcompanio .
raortaaoa or Diacaau or women.
7Wi.(trfA Edition. l!?mo., pp 2S0. frirt, $1,00.
AKKI11' or thoae contemplating marriage, aa it diecloa**
uportant eecret* which atouM cj known to them paruularly.
Here. every female?the wlfo, the mother?tbt CS? either
iddiiag into womanhood, or the oae in the deollnt of V*?T*<
i whom nature contemplatea an importaat change?eaa
. cover the cauaea, aymptoma. and tbe moat efficient remeica
an J moat certain mod* of omt, i* every oomp!*1?1 **
Jan r.er ?ei ! '"'ject.
The reTelatioaa contained la it* payee hare proved a
eaeing to thwuaaada, aa tbe innumerable lettera received
v the author (wkiob he la permitted by the writer* to pnb h)
will atteit.
eiCKi.r 4?u iMuri r wins.
Extract of a LetUr from a UmtUman in DafUm, O.
" Datto*. May 1,1S47.
"D?. A. If. Mit'fciCEAC?My dear Sir: 'The Mnrned Wolaa'a
1'rnate Hodical Companion,' for which 1 eucloaed one
ullar to jour addr-aa, c>m? entely to hand. 1 would mot
in trunlled yoo with theae lea finea, but that I am inriled
ty a mdh of gratitude, for mraelf and wilt, to girt
iterance to oar tiacarti and heartfelt emotion*.
" M> wife has b??B perceptibly aiakiag for torn* threl
ear* or nor*, in confluence of ber great aunlih and taf:rin?
tome monthi before aad during conbnement; ??erj
iccaatirt one mor? aad mere debilitated aad proeirattd
ar, putting brr lift la imminent dander, aad which *ai, on
tit latt oocation, denpaired of. l*u|pcaod that thlt atate
f thinge ?? laerltable, and resigned mjtelf to meet the
orat At this time (a?w about two moatha) 1 heard roar
ook highly epokia <f. aa containing tome mat tore reaching
ly cut. On Ita receipt aad pemeal. I cannot eipreee to you
tie relief it aflorded my dittreaavd iniud, and tht Joy itt
agta imparted to my wife, on learning that tht great dittvery
or M. II. Iietomeaax provided a remedy. It opened a
r?tprat to me which 1 little coaceired ?aa p?eiMt. No
r< ui.<ar> c. underation can t*er repay tht obligation! 1 am
ader to you for hating be*n the meant of imparting to at
r.>- mattert rontaine* in 'The Harried V^mat'i Private
ledicai Compi nion.' Jut for thla, ere another year woaid
ate parted over my head, in all humaa probability, my
ife would bate been in b?r grave, and ay children left
Cxtraet from a Litter.
LanraaTKB, fa., Oct. M, 1M7.
My l)? a a Bin?I klow yea will have the klndaoaa m be?r
rith me ia eaoroaehiog upaii your time, while I acknowidge(.n
behalf m myeclf aad wile) the obltgati' aa we feel
artelv?a nnder te yon. ia having made known eertata matire
contained In yonr moat Invaluable Married Wumaa'l
'ma'.e Medical 4'ompaaloa. It hat beea worth Ita weight la
old to me. If I exproaa myerlf rather warmly, yau will aee
hat 1 cannot do to too waimly, when I Inform yoa of tht
I ten' I . will, b I have tLiu.b it. b?*en t.ene 111 ?d I will
late my titaatloa whea I 'Mimed your book through tht
irratt curienty. I look oaoa it at oat ?f tht mott fortaate
eren-a of my life. I had beea aiarritd tome tea yean,
ad wat the father of (even rhildraa. I waa loag ttruggling
nceamngly. te the ead that I might gala a moderate oome'eacj.Dut
the reenltt of my alm.iet e??rtloat at the tad
lit me akeut where I waa at tho begiaalag ef each year; aad
bat only, with the moet ttlated Koaany, tuAelag with
?-I- . L- ? 1,1. thla x, aff .rt
k! h. gtnaiac to liavo Ita *floct af?a my h?alth; I f*lt 1***
labl* t? tndar* It* eoatiauaaoo. while I fait th* accaaaity
Thi* eoBMtat, iimuIu ttnutl* ?a my f?rt *? ! eratIt*,
ia of th* protraatad eoaditioa af mj
rif* (with ooratioaal int*rBli*i?a) fur all r??ri, maeh ol
he <1b? eoaAued to hat h*d, at.d af anaraa lacarabla al
tkiaa tb? chare* *ad Baaa**a?at af hoaaahoU affair*,
l-r coadtioa aroaa fr-m aaum of which I ara* icaoraat.
>!i! itol w- nlrf I hair rirt a had I th* *i? year* b* Ut* otct
?ainf W hat woald By arifa haaa |lna to hara hoc#
pared th* loaf day* and *till loaier Bight* proatrai* oa a
? I af *ieka*** ! all of which would bar* beoa aeoided. had
thra ?r? a a copy af Th* Marnod Womaa'i I'rttala Madieal
ft m a I'hyrieiaa
flow many am *ufferin( from ob*tru*iioa or irra?ntartll*l
collar to th* faiuale ty*l?a, which uadcrmla* th*ir h**lth,
h? tfftci* ol which thay ar* Ignorant, aad for whlah th*lr
allcacy l?rl>lda **akin( medical *>ivie*! How manf ialfnr
rom. prolaim* atcri 1 falling of '.ha womb.) or fr<a fluorIhaa
( weakaraa, debility, fca. fcc )! How Baay are ia coa?
laat a#..ay for many Boath* pre.ediae *oallB*B*at! Ilow
laay In r dilfi'uIt. if BO*dttiwcu, WBWIIWL *ad whoa*
i?aa ara jaopardad dariag aaoh tiroa. will Bad la It* H4H
b* a<ui of praeeattoa. aaelioratioa. aad raliaf I
Ettract from a Lattor.
" l*Mii.ai>ai MM, Nov. ft, IIN7.
"Da. A M Uttaioii': Had I knowa of tha iaportaal
tat'ara Iraatad af ia "Pi* Married IToiiiaa'i I'rirala Nadial
('ovpaaiua ' aoao yeara a?o, how aaeh aiaory I Bight
ara Mcaprf I I haea *af*red year* fraB can*** which yoa
'tat oat la yoar booh, wlthoat ha?wing what ta4o I ah
>. 4 a an|>y, an4 Ion an my faaa tr?at?i m. I mm . ??ry
mala will a*all haraalf of tha taforaallca eaataia?4 la it*
Uttmintlllrrw?lit4 t( thlt cUrwtn. iummuj
nSw'rtt iHUrtM, bat ?o?t?fn| l?iin? mtrritf. 1
?rhara haaltatlnt u to tb? prnprtaty ?f larnrrta* ?ba ra|toa>fl>lllti?a
itin^il a pea It. tha Imf rtanoa of h?ia?
oaaaaa* I of tha r?valati"iia tntil>a4 in thaaa |?|M, aa lal*at*ly
larol vla? tbair (atara htrpinaaa. raanot ba aprraIt
ia. ot eaaraa, Mapraaticahla la aoavay air* fall; Ik* ra|?i
Iitjxtt tmH If, aa th?y ara of a aatara atrlctl* laaad-d
for tba ??rrta4. or ihoaa eoataaf>laMa? marria*a>
latthar la l< aaeaaaara. ate** It la arary aaa'a 4aty ta haaoaw
?aaa?a*J af baa*lr4|a wbarabr tba nff?ria?i to whlah a
rifa. a athar. ar a afatar, aiay ha aahjaat. "aa ha obriata*.
Oa tba lodrt af Uaa Dollar, "THE MtRRIBD WOIAVR
?a>l?4 fraa) ta aay fart af tha L'alt*4 Stataa. All lattar*
aat ha |>...t-|>ai4 (aaaaft ihoaa taatalalac 1 raalttaaaa.)
ir4 a44raaa*4 to lU A. MAI RIt BAP, h?a li*. Naw
fart city, Pahllahlaa a?aa. Ha. 1* Llbarty itraat, Maw
rithla thraa aaatba, wl?h parfaat aafatr aa4 aartalaty.
Far rata at tn Brva4*ay. a?4 at tba Pahlnhia* oflka. Ill
?4barty itraat, Naw Torh; Littla ft J a., Alhaay. W. R Da la.
loatoa. T. Pataraoa, (< rbaatiat atraat. Phila4al>bla.aa4
Ro..baallara >hraa?baat tba I'alta4 Rtataa.
Liyr or LrrrSa hkhaininu in tab nbit yore
I'oat CMRra. Ancaat Slat. IMM.
Orri> 1*11 * K m tmb Piria Mtnaa mm L1IIOT
iact-lai mm.
pUaaa maatioa tha 4ata af tba liat la whlah tha* an a4 at
tiaa4. LA ft IB.* LIST.
Ham. V M All Aa4*ra. n Mra W? Artrilrn Miaa
Ir ' a?*aalt Aaht- a Mri Eliia- Mary >.
Ma.i II. Aar*1* Wih Arthur MiaaCatk*.
lltaa Mra ?-' Aria*lr. ay Ikit- rlna
kll.? Mar> **th, Wih at Art> <ir Vur Jut
t'rtli it AradnM Mo* AaatlnMraS.
k *?ll > If-a* t llliakalk Sprmjat
lien B Mra Kalh Arrr.atr<.a( Mix An? ntn X ? Ana
tikktiai Kn, Mary Armltiblkn
Ck*rry It
lata* Mr* Chkrlat B"ff* Miaa Mary Him lMri JC
IIkI IraA r. Ann B*ll Mi*? Mary Ala
Mi a?r? Rxm Mra Catha- Braaaan Aaa
J?l?j Iim huh Ha* B??.n Mih MirtU
I'uk.-T Mary Bmwniaf Mra M J ll?njamla Mra
K r * at T Him Mary Baylaa Mart Aaa Ra?- il
*ra4lay t athanaa Bait*"< athanaa B?r- <n Mr* Aaaa
darnaai Mra Barak Bara* Catkanaa I?i44la l.nrratia
O BriM Mra l.araata Ri?i< Mi-a llrlaa A
kaan llnaora Bark* Klita Brlatnl Aaa Marta
Itata. Mr? Jarah F Hnaay F'takath H Iaa4 Marg't
Haaah ( araliat L Battar Mia* Cara- Brnwna Miaa M A
Ba-11 M ix Matilda Una Brawn M a Sti -an
Balkxaji Mlaa lalla Mia a riiral.ath |o*<tra Ml H??r ()
Ifraa a Maraar*t Ball Brt4ya? B ilia MraV>ra~a
Han Jaaa Iwr Mra id?llaa Ralaaa In. 14
II. r?an Jnhanaa ? t aaanaa
l'? ralay ki? Mary Bray Martarat B?aa* Mra Sarah
Mti4>ia*i Mlaa Bra4y Mlaa ?arak Balal Mra l*a>*lla
< lark Barry Miaa Mar* Bnrdaall Mra MarrP
Ulitl.aa Mra Jaa Bariratn Mary Jaaa Rntlar M aa Briitfal
Hat ri Raaka ?r< Bnitoa Mr*. TaaRaaaa
A aaa HaatarMlaa Fraaaaa 4aa at
ai>M?i I'laAaa Caak* Mra L?4ta Cahray Mary Jaaa
a?4a* Mlaa Mary <r?x Miaa Mary < *rt*aa Mr*Bn-t(*t
ai - ?... \ lr?iaa < .la Him Aaa* C>ll*raa Mary
'a*ay Mix Macta (iart Mr* at * C??klla Rtaaaa
aitali a li-a* ra!4w*|| MM Mary c?-?a*r Mart
:iai*aa Maty AM toaa*IU alkaria*
CarmaaMi** Hanab Cn Mr*. 3d ?tr*?t CoUman Mi** Mary
Cr?t*r Mra. Broad- t rum Miaa Iliia- f
way kath Coadaa KIh iant
Cairow lira Mary Cunningham Mia* L Co*n*r Mra ikathia
Ca*?*dy Catharin* Craa* Miaa laaaaila Coaaally Allan
Crawiord Mi?*Mary Claumjr Miaa Jo- Corlip In Abby
. Cieery Judith ha an a Craaa Mra Sarah
Cbiehaatar Mra J H Clancy Miu Cath*- Cropa?y Miaa KaCochranMr*
Samuel rina tella A
' CoIIIbk MraAnaada Clark Mr* EHia Cough lia Widow
I Co!l?n? Kote Carter Mra Lydia A Mary
I ComflMiu Faany Carroll Mra, tiu- Curri a Miaa Maria
' Conner Julia bart at Cuihman Miaa
CoDiitll Mra, tith Carthy Mra Cbaa Thankful
avanua Carpenter Mra IU- Cunningham Ma^r
, Coiioally Ann beoca Jan*
Eailey Miaa Catha- Doty Miaa Mary Deriucn Mary
I riue Douglaa* Miaa fcllan Do Viae Mra, Day it
Daly Miaa Jana Downia Miaa Joaa- Duvliu Nancy
D-irien Sarah phme Dickaou Miaa Kliaa
l>a>ia Mill Julia A Doyle Mi-l MA Jane
I Dea Kliia DuB Miaa Agn<*a DillooMr*,4 that roe t
D* Roe Mr*, Oraog* Dundaa* Mi?a Jane Dutcher Mra Mary
at Dunn Mra Maria Dolau ElUa
Pavpater Mra, Pal-Duuaa I'olly Dorlin Mi? France*
ham at Daley Mra Jana Douglaa* Mr* Ko*a'
Dacon Miu llarp't Dark* Bliiaboth lia*
| Lelmar Mr* Belvi- Davi* Mia* Jaa* Q Dowdall Mary
rferM Ilavitlaui, Mrd W Dovl* Miaa Maria
l>n>ni?e Mim Ktfcee-lir garagota "re Du Boi? Mix Anil
ca Mar* Uurtv Mra EluaI
Deaamore Mrn B l>u Bouebet Mrt beth
lievine Mary Blanche-2 Dunlap Mr# S Ana
! Deaar Urn UelenM IVW. it Him Ana Dunn Jan*
I Ln.iuet Madam Maria Durham Miu Ana
linecoll Mary Delitle Madam Duaenbvrry Miu
' liodron km Maryl Dewal Mia 11 M Henrietta
Donohne Anna
lagan Mri Bridget Ellinon Sarah L Elliot Mra Sarah J-3
? i. r . Mra Mary Kaana HnJ.-c. or Swing Mra A 11
fclia Mra Kabacca Aeatinjayee Bvanard Madam
Fallon Mra Fitigerald Mra, 12th Fe*k* Mra L, Ori
Iraaci* Mra Xma- at chard at
I line Furd Mra, Stanton Fenaughty fc'atha!
Farrell Mra, Lax- at rla*
ingt?n av Fl -Od Margaret Fitipatriok Bridget
; Franklin MiaaAnna Fuller Bliak Ford Miaa Mua MarFauber
Mrt Cathn- Fraer Mia* Mnaan garet
rine Farmer Miaa Helen Fnater Mr* A M
Freeman Miaa Han- Farrall Uunora Fountain MreGeorg*
nah E Flanagan Anne Flynn Miaa Sarah
, FrinkMraOrln I roat Mr? Jane L Fegan Margaret
Fletcher Miaa Filbay Miaa Snaaa
1 Gaffnev Mra Mary Guiding Miaa Emily Griffin Miaa Bridget
Gallagher Sarah, Gorman Miaa Ellen l-i'ea Mr* Betaey
Hour at (lough Mri.douaton Qill Miaa Roeanna
Garbutt Elitateth at Gillen Mra Sarah
Graham Sarah A GilbertMraHarrietEGildaraleava MraOS
Grey Miaa Sophia S Gallagher Bridget GoldingMiaa, 17th at
bleaavh Mra Ann Gallagher Mia* an- Gorman Miaa CathOreen
Mi>a Mary rah, Watt Broad- aria*
Gcry MiuEliiabeth way Gopaill Mrt Jan*
QrifhibMietlmina 2Gaunt Mra i Gunderum Cathatiill
Mra Catharine Grayaon Mra Col JB rine
Gilbert Mr* Georg* Greaa Mra, Buwerjr Grant Hannah
Gcgm Agaea Greeu Miaa Roaanna
Higgarty Mra Mary D?gan Mra John Hatch Miaa Catha'
Ualllday Mra Jaa Morton Mra Marga- rine E
' Hamilton MraSarah ret L Hainea Mra Mary
A Uuwland Mian Kate Hearty Bridget
Hanrahan Bridget Hubbard Mra EluaJUerron Mra
Hart *>! ? Ann* Uughe* Ann lltndenon Mi?? Lifceart
Miu Mary Hunt Mi** Margaret tber
llamiiny MIm Hum** Mill Mary Higgiai Ann
Harvey Mri Mary Hall Mill C B Hodion Mrs
Hatch Mil J T Hamilton Miu AnneUogan Mary
HawkiniMUiChria-Handy Mil Virginia UoFmei Mr* Sarah
tianna Hart? Ann Hvward Mri Beni C
IIaura Elitabeth Hart Mri Jane E Houiton Mil* MarHearlty
Mr* Harper Min 8arahB thaA
llenricki Mil* L*rta Harriian Mill Mary BudmnMr* Aieneth
Htl) Mri Ann B Ann Hurdlii MiuSarah
I'igginiMiu EvelineHa?well Mr* Ja* Hunter Mr*
Hodgkim Mr* Sarah Clark ^
I re ton Mri Q?*ter IveiMriWm Irubjan*-:
Jamn Mill Johmton Mri SarahJohaitoa Mri Mary
Jamenon Sarah A Jane* Mr* Martha Ann
Jay Mm Mary Jaunrey Madame Johnaton Miu Sarah
Johnaton Mil* L E June* Hit* Margaret Jordan Mary
Johaiton Miu Mary Johnitoa Miu Jane Jucll Mi** Elvira
Johnatcn Sarah
Kaveny Mil* Mary Kin* Mil* atharine Kelly Mary -2
Kearai Ellen King Mri Mary Kerrnon Mr* Mary
Kearney Sally-2 Klney Mary Kelt Mary
Kelly Mi>* Alice Kaveny Mr*Margar*t Kiiaick Mar* Jan*
Kelly Either 2 King Mri flarmaa B
Kent Mini Mary Keary Mri Thonai Kinney Mr*
Kairnan Mil* Kelly Ann Knox Mary
fvluik Mr> Ueorge Kelly Brid(et
I add Mr* C R LeoaardMiuBridgetLawrene* Mri AuLarkin
Mary Uonard Mr* L..!. ?
Lawle^M*ii Bridg?tlittirop Min IfM-Uary Mr. Joro.Uoi
I eea Mr* iiaret J ^*?nard Sunn
L>e Mri Mary Ann Lawler Alicia Learnt !?_* Rufo*
Leavenworth Mil* Ludlow Mri J E Lone Mr* Marie i.?
Mary Ann LyoaiAnu* 5 C
Lind Mia* Jenay Lynch Ann* Lounaberry Mr*
Little Mi*iMargar*t Lynch Mary Jane M
L< mm Mad'lle Jo- I.mn Miu Emily Lynn Mr*. Allen *t
tephiae Linehan Jane Lvoai Mi** Sophia
Iaiw Mil* Matilda Lockwood Miu C F Lynch Mix Ann*
Lovegrtvc Mr* MaryLoreni Miai Frieda Lyadsay Mr*
Mnrnlre Bridget Moanahan Mr* AlliiMerldeth Mill MiMalard
Mm Laura 'Montgomery Mm nerva
Malley Ann Maigaret Miller Mn Edward
Malone Miu Ellen Mullen Mia* An* Moore Mill M J
Maaium Mary Ann Jane Moare Bridget
Marr Mri Mary Mullen Mil* Catha- Moor* Mi** Fanny
Marrin Alicia rine Moraa Mn.Pearl it
tlithcwi Miu Mary MiUl?n Sniannah Morria Miaa Mary
A Murphy Caiharia* Morgan Mary Ann
MianrrMriB Makin Anne Moreliead Mil* LyMiller
Sarah K Mallard MnAnn E S dia
Milliken Miu Ably Malburn Mri Ann M M aigban Margaret
Moore Miai Anne Manni*n Bridget Mowbray Mri 3uaaa
Moor* Mr* t'eleite FMannmg Mil* Eli- Mullen Betty
Wennrv III lien labetli Mullen Mia* Jan*
Mcr.n MrJira C Martin Catharine Murray Mia* Mary
Mi nan Mr*. ISthit Mu"i Mia* Julia Murphy Mary Abb
Motinan Ana E Miller Mra Amelia
McArdle Catharine M I'ty Mutant McCanaiaft>a Mi**
MtBuarty Mra Mi-Gary Ellen Add
Marr Mrt.oorlick Brid**'MeDoa*14 Mil* ElMcirath
Ml**, M Kk Mare r*i lea
Pearl at MuMahoa Mra Ca- McDrrmott Elira
McCain n Miaa Aaa tharlt* Matlliaaaiy Mr* C
McCotiLlck Ana McRae Mr* R C
McCor<?.by Miaa McAutay Mary MrFarlaa* Agae*
arai McIJab* M<> Rata M. lilrr Mia* Mary
MoOullaah BmVet MnCarty Mra. Mai- M?llaila Mr*, PorMrOonald
Irtar Ann berry at ayth ?
MrDcuell Mary MrCanliU* Bridget Mel.i nghney Anni*
Mi E?tn Mr* Jo- MrCorlMta* Eleanor Siatia
I.bblb McCluikey Mary Mi NaJly Mre. 4-d it
Ne*le El lea Nicker*oa Mr* N*lhof* MiM Alias
Naurhtoa Mar?ar?t Friirn A Nile* Mr* Uatharia*
N< ?tan Mr* M.I earlNal* Mr* llridfet O North Mia* leaballa
at >'*v*ll Miea.Spria* Nortkrop .Nancy M
Nawky Mr* J M *?
Otilrle Mr* M 0'W*1II Biddy O Coaaor Mr* Aaa
01i??r Miaa B.tty O .Neill M.ee Mar- O Neill Mr* A,
Oltea Mia* Mar* a rat gar**. Broom* It
O'ltriaa Mia* Brid- Oakle, Mil*. 17th *t O'Naill Mar/ar*t
ret Onraadi r luaballa O'Ruurk* Mary
O Ccaaor Mra Ana Owene Mt?* Alice 0'!*ullitaa Mia*
U?C< aatr Miu Eli- U llrita Mi** Mary Xliaa
?utk r
P*** MiM Mai7 AnaPraatoa Mia* Car- Paturaea MiN
haacMMi'itliia- tha Mirtt
bail. B?*ltr Phillip* Mi** Ea*- Payt<a Mr* CharPa
ie*l* Mre Martha liaa? S lotta
Paitaraoa AMra Putior Madame, Paarl Mar**rat
Patrick llridg*t Qr*ea *t Paaro* Mr* I.anra C
Mian natter MiM Car- Parkin* Mr* IO
Prat Mr* Aaa l?tte M Pr'urn Mia* AaflPxton
Mr> E Park Mra Barbara A lla*
Pear** Mr* I, Parker Mra Michard Pratt Mr* K
llmadaay Patna Mr* Ana Portar Mi** Mary
I', nn Mita Ana I. B?*n* Jaaa
Parley Mr* U Mai- Pray Mra R*b?c?a Pur ?I1 Mr*.Uuw*ry
Qua*) Aaa* Quirk Mary Quiaa Marit
Wai(l*y Mar) -2
Rarkatt Mahittakla R'bella/ Madam Radiaa Alicia
W Kuphraalne Bet ken Mra Mary
a..,ki.. Mn M I. R. lli.a M.a. Canal K, vera Mi.e leabi-.lla
> Kawli llrrtiat 11 Rithtnoad Mr* C It I
Honor l.irifi* II Rami] Abb Eobiaioa Miai Sbb
CaibarlB* Ru.a.11 Mr< *anh Ik btaaaa Mr" HitaJ
Rillly Mim Him- Hjib Mri tiwahaih R .??r? Mill
kith Rjd.r Mim Aaa Run Hill D. OfMl
*?4 Inl?ri?lU *<f?b *n Ktry at
Rbtimt Km Mary RuimII Mri Mary
Ricaa Xllra H?t Mri B 8 Ryu Mri. Rri.lfi it
liui Mm Kllia Rallty MIm Allra Ryaa Mr? M?r**rit
RiHTny Mm Abb Ruljy Oatharlaa Rydir Martna
Rieba Iloaora Railly Maria
Raliager Mri, CidM *hif |*y Mill Staraaiaa Mr*
it Sm?ir Marj Abb *??ift Mim Abb
Fitaatli Mri Abb Piaiyioa Mri Bliair Biiwart Mim Mw<t
Rtaaaard Mri Etna Swilt Mri Alia Stiwart Mim Jaaa
tandiri Mri Ja- frhmUl Mra P A Sim I lUbwi
haaaa Smith Him t Julia Smith Mim. Laroy
Sharj.r Mri Maria Smith Mri M J Pla??
Ptallia Mim l.jdia Smith Mim JaliA Smith him CaraaliA
l"ha? Mri Chi Sm?l? Mill A R Smith Mri Aaa* R
Sbaa Mi Miry ayalliyy Mri Aaaa Bnlamaai Mim
Saadthia Mr-Ilia- S?mpli Mim CathB- CBth'a
aah R ria* ImmAmi. _
Sb??i< Sarah Sha'ia Mil* Ellia- Sun MmJ?'ittM
Mhritk Mim Alit- ?ath s??ti Mn Eliia
ib J Sta|>h?ai Mill SnaaaSuUiTBB RriAct
Sataaitta Mr? C A Stifli-ama Mlaa SalllTaa Mary
tmnii Mir(t Elliabath Salllaaa Mri Mary
Stilwill Rttra S' *i | art Mri. Ara- Smith Mri Emiliaa
laclar Eatar Aaa aai B
Tamirta MraCatha Tltai Mr* Sarah TopplM Aaa
Taylor Mm. R?aa- Tllaat?a Mn Marytl T"waa.a4 Mn, Mb
ailt atraat Tlrlai Mm. U?Ii a??aaa
Tavl.r Mn Saml itraat Trait Mm Mli?ATirli
Mnllarrtit If Tabta Ml* hath
Tiavay Mra, Car- Tv-ra Mm Mk4i- Tarhir Ma Biallk*
minaatnit laaa Tally Mra Calb'a
Taaahli Mri Ttioaipaoa Mri Mt
Traa Mra ramllai Tattar Johaaa Aa- Tiayht Biacra .
Valaatia* MnEdaa 4raa
Taa Dataa Mm Taafltaf?ra..*?ria? sa'?rrMrt Mr*
Bala matt UiM D
Tu BramatMnAO
W _
Wa4a Mi*. I .* C W.lrf.r MwB.ka.aB Walk MIm ??? }
n alfea* BIO* C Wll.o? Naa Asa ?h?Blar Cafall?a M
Wama MIm Ka'a Mm L I. Wa?fl# MraMarlaa
M aia*aM,..MiHn4 WliliamaMiMUafB Wi*f**MiMi?h*a>a
Watarlmuaa Sarah WiMtamaoa Mm. WhikaMlMAaa
fftt; Mm. Matear Barr"?atra?t WMia Mlaa Mary
ttiaal Williamana Miaa Wiaa Him
Walak Mm Mary Baima C _ Wilhor MIm BTilWhaalan
BrtatM Wilkla* a Brail? B Ilea _
w?h.??r Iih f.ikkj Walkar Dim Abb Wilaot Imm
Waltan In Mkrj Wallaa. Him Mar- WillaN Mm C B
*? Mm i cant WilllaaiaMi?aSiBtBa
Wn?hi Mm AMrall warna tiailj A C William* Mra Bar*
Vhltlllti < alha- WatarkaryBUaBli- WilllamaoaJlM DA
riaa lakath Wllklaa?a Mm,
Wh(t??M Mrt BU- WuHiri Marr Oraa?* atraak
?a??ih Walnh M?ry ViMaie Mrt Dr
WiUi llaarlatta W^lak Myf Aaa
Tailor Mm
tlwt Oa?rt* 1(*H Taft Ma Atkiaaaa Al?a
A4ar*a<n Jnka A4l?m B4*ar4 A<Uma Jaax-1
A'kltj J C A4rtaar?J?ha Akk?lt Tknaai
Altai Wa A4ama II 0 Ak?r<-r?mM? B*t t
At ara ManrlM B Atara BaAlajaalto Alaalta Bakar*
Aaar< Jahaa Allaa C AMaa ?
Allaa Bartktl Allaa Tkxaaana AlUa Ckaa
Alaani Jntn Allaa W? M Al?oH paalal
Allaa ? a?? H-tatlo Allan II B Alataa ^
Allaa Mm MTBbamJoMrk AIV, h
Allaa Bthaa A Ab4wb?BB artaa J.ha
Ajart Aram Aaktj rk AaCrawa A O
AalMwi B?aj?mia AMkni ?'?M M Aarfaroaa Dm IT
?a<i?i?a Maaty u? H Atkiaa I an B
Aatarraa Hack A'.itiiJwnll ?i4nm )aka
A mala *a? A 0 L A.?arr i?ka M AaAa?a?? Nktkaw 0
A?k Mr raltaa ? tilliNI la Aa?ka?? John
Aafai* W? AaloaMa AHkarVT
Bratf'H 0 H BrWay BaraaH Baakaaia I
Braakaaataaa f I Sakkaga B a< Bakaa?k B T
Bra*?> r T SraJla? Mr Bra-kaa Jmb?I>
WwitilJ Mlaakkara TVm IiMi f?m
ItMi T J Bradly Mi W lltctitl KuMBaldwia
W Sail*j Wm |H
liter Ibai; I MnlUfku
Ballard Jftnd Ball George Uiiih Luke
Blakalu-k J Baaeroft <1 P Baily Oalaa
Htsai Richard BaldwiaJoha Baaaal Phil W?
Baldwin Ckarla* Baldwta J Braaaoa Patrick
) ?-a*y Cart J W Uaraitt Jama* Barry Dr I
bairy Mr, ('harry- Barflett George Barret C D
itreat Barber Harlem Barker Dr B P
Bar* a* J K Barr G Bareaa u A /
Barkedale Tbo* Bartl?tt Chaa W Baraatt M 8
Baraea B B Bam.I Tkomai Barker Samuel
Barnitt Aadrew Bardia J W Bariade Ed
Barlew U*o 8 Bardelay Wn C Branaan Fraacia
Bartoa kukart Bruktr ft Co Hioitar Juka H
Baraatt Win Batky John Bayard. Wll'.lck,
Bartlatt F ClaranseBattle Dei.uia Phelpa, Ik Grennal
Pitta l>r 11 8-2 BraiP John Braatoe Addi.on
Battle A J Beck jr Hoarelch I) lalilr David
Baxter Pbillip-2 B**b/Jo*aph HeachJaa
Beekman U O Beeley A Jmial Be iU Dr 8 T
Ilrtadty John Heard Wm Beacb AaMl
Braart Aathony Baaeh k Brother* Bari.li Samuel
Beaaley Joeeph W Belt J B . . Bleeiin/er John
Back David Brennan Jnha J liattar Wm
Barrioa A J Berd.l-y W Bergh Job a C
Batoa Thuna Berry A D Barry Samuel
Ben** Jaq( Bandar Ni?lau? Beera II K
BenaettcHbO Ueti John Benton Wm N
Ballaeha** Juaa D Hremont Mon* Bent C 8
IS. rry P C Bene Joaathaa Bartrand Aujaile
Brrtraad P Axfultt Benjamin Jahn B B-meu II J
Hreatoa C B llreoaaa Jane* Berg A W
Brevard Alexaader Badell Cheater Brewer Jamea M
Br-den Samuel Berwick Kobt F Biaachitti LereaioBilloore
John BraaathyS R 3
Bridge a I B Bigolow R H Bn?eJo**phA
Bligh Addieoa Bibby Mr Biahop Jamea B
Bird Mr, Mott at Hrigga Cant Geo Biahop of Toronto
Britten 8 i; Bingham Capt BM- Rev Lord
Hilar N phea Biahop Capt A
TliAmii Rriitn) h. Co W Bruokett III rain
I Block* Co Bo?eraa Joseph Broekway A W
Broohm Thorn Br.>adriek Maurioa Bohannan W? WilBoaaiatt
J r-J B?rn?ll John U tun
I Broks W P Brook* Capt Sam 0 Sj mp? 0 S
Bloomingdall DayidB Ihm Monsiear b . iaev H
Barnby lute Mann Barstow Samnel t Bolgard Mon?
Bartley Wm Burnett Andrew Brooks J Henry
Barret Martin Bartholomai C Brooka a W
I Bonnar Edward Bryan Bernard M Blydenburgh Chas
' Burden J C Bryan Bernard Bryant Win !10
Baraell Marcus D Brooke Capt J P Byrne. Jamee
Brown Daniel Brooka Henry Brown Joaiak T
Brown (' E Brown John Brown k Corning
Brown Jamas C Browu Charlei Brown Joseph U
Brown J M Brown Thomas Brown George W
Brown Horace A Browa Corn's W Brown Moyd M
Brown Wm J Browa Wm F Brown M.ehael
Brow Jas Nelson Brown Chester Bo wen Patrick
BowfeiaWH BowneS Bound John T
Bowen DoiO Boylr Chattel Boyle James
Be)lan Patrick Brawne 0 8 Boyd James
Boyd Joseph B Bontrnche Brasnan Thomas
Boy la ton Col R B Browae Samuel Browne DrWm r
Boyden Eliaa Bonioa Clement BoyutoaWmA
Boyla Cornelias Bonrk# Patrick Blott *
Brurmaa T Bowd.a L Bn?halow Wm C
Buckland S 8 Boasnne Jaoob BuddiokeCT
Brnee Wm Buckley Cornelius BuohanntnWA
Burn ham Wm Buokrnan S&loann Bruce Win
Burrows Michael Burns Joha Bnroh Eph
Burke Danial Balkley EC S"r'D?7,'i
Bnrhank Joseph Burke Patrick Bun-U' U 0
Burns Joha Batter Juntos U Ball George
Bunting Robert Barn rhomas liur<l?a _
Buttall Henry J Butler Q 0 Bumble Mr, WashBruno
Francisco Bryaa Thwnas ington street
Campbell John Chambers M Cantellon Pat'k D
Campbell Capt C Chamberlain Thai Crabtreo Capt Wtu
Craig James Camada^ Mlch'l Cabasar Jnan MaCanarane
James Craaa Mr _ tiar
Campbell Joha Cadres Paul Caaoage Monsianr
Chadbnra Jul.* Chadwiak Bey Campbell R.ibt
Cadmans A W Call Moras H Campbell Capt Chas
Chadderton Jas Camp BenIG Callaghaa Ml'-h'l
Cadieus John Chambers Wm Channiiu H W
Caaaon Bernard Craford Clia? Clarke Wm
Clark Robert R Clark John Clarke J
Clark Lrwif Clark E H Clark Mr. WaahingClarkJohaJr
Clark Thomas O toast
Ciark F H Clark William CUrkion R.-i Duid
Clark Wm Carney Phillip Clark 0 V Buhard
Clark Jasnes Carny Thomas 11
Clarke Joha M Clark Mathew Callan Bernard
Cary 1'att Carahill Darid Carpenter N B
Card Joahna C Card D T Caawlls A
Caaer Timothy Car[ mer Chas Carlton Bant
Chafer Joa-1 ChapiaLW Carmieha.1 Jas B
Carhill Jamas Claae Edward Car wall W
Chardonnoy Mar- Chapell Mr , Can ngtoa J
ijuia Carnage Jeremiah Carter A M
v;arrou * nan ( ain?*y a r varruu *j?njci
Chapman Abnar Chapman Rauben Olaaick Michaal
Carton James Cappleman Otto I'ubuw A
Chaa* L B Cavauath Thomas Chapman Chs
Cm* Anthony Cnitn Tli mat Craveu Tii. mu
('harsher J C I'liwui Isaac Crawley John
Clandi Loois 0 Cl-rrjffa A-l Carraohe R.|
CnllaTillaMonsLewis Creighton J II Cevalias 1'elro
Clerk nf Maw York I'hsaety Michael Clement Ka 11
CfeildsJC Chackley John Chevaillitr Chs-2
ChiMe R B Christian Chan Christophar Ag<uit
Crip pen John F Child. W I, Crillay Alaimdtr
Cholchaa Tho* Chrtalman Peary Crgan Dunnick
Collie Alix Coth Jacob A Collins Cornelius
Collin* Thomas Colt Oliver Collin. James
(i,.1' #'o > Coi*ns Michael Collins Id J
Collins ?#W|* Collins Meliar Collin;* Joha-S
Cohn Simon Coyhlan Jas P Collier John A-2
Cohlens Chaa Collins Patrisk Cole CO
Cotton F r I maas f I rntin Coftn O L
Connor Andrew L V"nJ>t0l> k il .y
Comforts (i M Conner J C CoukUn Speaccr
Conly Thomas Comkltn J E Cons John A
Connelly Mich'l Conor Archibald Cornell Dtnd
Cooney John Conklin Jauiss Condon* Tlioa
Cooper fc Co 11 V Cornier Edward Coaetablc John
Clark* Nathan'l M Cook Mr Cook M Co
Cosoy Tkoa, 12th it Cunningham Mi'l Cmnker S M
Cook florae* Costa Jaaiato-1 Clnssun W II
Cook Archibald Cooper Frank C?ok Henry
('combs Cap- Rabt Cooper Joseph Ciiroii* H M
Corninf lian'l W Co*aJohnT Cortissoi Abrm
Cooney James C?rnw U Sam'l Cortby Michael .V
CoonI in John Coop?r a T.waiead t.ook Je.?.
Cooltdf* M" m F Crow W m 8 C .et*l! >* 1'att
Ceak waiter Cook Mai W C Cormaok Jehn
Cormt Joha Cos*ro?* ??alr>ek Cor. ..ran John
Cory Eno* Curs ran J re mi a Cowl*. C A-i
Conwell Wm Close John Cnmfan Martin
Coylas Ge* II Coplaa John A Cot vVilliam R
Coa Phillip <3 Crow*U C*"i KII?haCnil*r Edward
Cotton Jam** Courtland* El*# Catting A 1*
Cnrlis J B Churchill Oap? Cnshman Chas F
Cnleart Daeid Calr*r U h Cbtrcb l>r A'JStia
Cuuimiags Cap* Curtis J ?s*phT.MDCla<* Jetkro H
J ha N Cunainaliaui 1'ntl < alien John A
C otUr Pliny CntrhiUJMM Curia IUlM-1
Clnta Ri>Wti V Ciok Jamca Conr John
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DifiuL DuliK Johi F Day Hy M
Dty w Uioioii ju D?ti> hill
I>*m?ll Jo??|h Di.i> I lian rtt w
tlili W Had] Jin>t D?/laJ R
Dinl JoiMh B Uamcl liiebl DivuoiJu
Dxiiii Jttfaru D'aki Cornell n? l)?kni Hd?k
Dm* John Drake Jn) Daly John
Unit, n Michl bnlton U minick Diaiala Klmj
Daoaon Wm I>ao? f arrnr ft U.i?i. John a
taUiirtjuu il- Hj la D? Urui U*<
tonio Ixl CMlillo Jon in?
Di aiinDK Mnrran<> D Urii UtitrJt
]>nrel?tn Hy DeWhay Mark W Rail
I>?< fin l>?a Juan Da Lac* 19 DMary Patk
IttUVnilt- DaUay Pack H.'aay Au? In S
aand I l?e Trail M n? Dtuhui itiibi
Darkar P Dlany Palk DnitH H L
Ixan lirt W Da Angalta Dr D*?ar?e? John M
DtamiarMoaa J'.aa(.b Daan> a4 P 8
l?u>|?trr 8 W DePayetar J lVatu Dantoa Jno R *
Olana Din o law k Da?en4'>rf O iiliord
Da^alin Hugh D?1Trl?ht Wm D?mp??y Oli?"r
DaTalia Gao B D*yo l.nofta U DiZ?*airli BeriarJo
brio* NaUoa Da Valciurv CS>M Den???i
Dam Mr Dtikay W fhll n 14; h'l J
Dirk VH-t Dtll?n Hirhl Bnl.ni Hy
Dt< kinaon Cnpt P Di?h Da?M Dn' ? ft Taybr
Dt<lraJ?hn Diriaepatk I'ikkin P
Do !**!*? John Pmac hariliiu u ii< nt
iwhtny Mich I Dom a n? f ? taa W
Itohtrly Ju frowiiai Joha W Uvaitll K J
nvoUttI* K B Dowaa Thoa Wtui
Dmil Jom?i Dihariy Win P<>WMa( D Unn?
Hunch.i Hons D.naly llualebaa U?J>
IXmitt W II Droma t D?n)u?hu> Ur VT 0
D?r* Joka 8 l)"???r Joaho* R I)?na" ?n J' lin
Do*4<-n 0 I>o:iiiI) P*t*r l>nhaaaft<>a
l>?aaally TrUr !>"*<ihu* Mr I><inbar N> H?'<ri
I'arhi N'mfaul t>uaa Thua?J fc C?
D' .4?U Mr Dancaa I'rH Dutae'l Julia
I IhiabarCaoG DaakarJohnU I'ora T.
Duiaada JaBaraoa liunnaTh.. u-a I>'i iaH?o
Iwrboouar A PruB ll fia N Ifgnii k"lit
I>u?r?r Br Iiuraai A B Uam AM
Du(h*rty By l>r?maon4 Mr Duaniac IIJ?h
KlUot I'f A if. 0 * maa.CV.Utll k Ku ilirh Pr'.ft
K*> n Mtitl Fowara EHallonllf
Klmkf Ur KIIki Jti Elwall W II
biririi I I Kill* Cap' SI/HO _
Hi; llnu Jcha W'? J"?l fcl??rt H
Badr J rhM tlli. A J
tul'KlJu Kalon Jaha Crhf.rd J 1
Kll?* t EJ ri.'.ry .11 In Kalbar ft<<M
Kit N Brfwara > Oa? JT K1war4?My
B"lan4 Joaiab E ana ft Kt.jiar Jacob
t'arliTU tmnnai H II?4 Eaiaa Ha-a't
Rarlchtlhna EvanaSCa-ay F.?*l?n4#r
Rtnlaia Jartar E??llah Plate* r?|aaaahal4 *t?alaa
E'aratt Jaa I'UI I*?i4 Kaaaaual B*aj >
Ra?l? SN Etaaa
firltt Thoa r?nUi Jaa W Tlacf t It
Paaaa Va H Fal.j Joba I -mam In-bria .
I tM?Ut C t'?aaall Daaial flaKbat Jaff raoa-2
r*atb Jaaab r<al4 B*aja?ia ritira.rtab Janaa
riiai ft TVtaptaa Plnnh Jcba I'ttirv-rira i baa
r<?( IiaTKl-l P. Iiaa Rat Om DF fli??4 A?4r? w
Froal W W Pnrraat Ra? laa-S I ua'aia laa
F?N Jaa W I Tahani Eabart rcrajlb Th ?
Tit4* fa Faiiaa J>ha Plannor Dr I J
rarral Jaa FlaaUr J B l'a??m T
Tartar ftamaal Flacg Eiaaa4-2 raila Jw
Fraaeb Tbaa l laukollt li?lt; ?t J II
Faa*l)B4*arl I?fj I Fi?l4a. Para? Ca
nar>ar i iii n i.- r?p??
r ftnt Pill Fmlir Jil lirllM
fl mm Chaa A f??l? I'kltiif O l"??t?r * -!
fnu Oaa r?Wi IV * II r?Mt
Froil Mi l?kf Ta FallarNalaaH
r>y?? Tta*UiT l<n; JinM I'lirrn ?'< J f
Faaaiu ta(aaa Falta Th?< J t laattllarl N?aa
riiann T J r n>M?l>' ?r rnau Ir, Orun
FrrfMM* Paa(al4 FUtakar Htarjr ?
>1.14 ckaa b rtiN A riwpatrak Jaka
F 'uinmtn Taf'a liarhjfll rVfltil Ml
I r.wl., Ak m Fl "*rr *m D Furreai Jake
! Farkaa Ckaa F?tk??HH F?"l Ml
F1"r< J'aajh II Fnatar W W Farkai W G
j Fafl'f EJi;af. I.rmn. Chu
! fcalaa Thaa Callagl ar B< re >4 OkM PrM*rta4
oabn.l IMm4-J OrWt Patrlkk 0?1? J?ha
| tlill|HlHr| <.ala)? B Orehaa in A
I.UT- I D*iri A Uwav Ir, #?nwr fa II
Car a* IHwa.4 Vawtaiil <.aa4..1f . Fel'r.a
I Oatl.j J B Oarrlaoa Aftk'4 Uraeat Jaha
Oram ?.#? C (itrvaf Bl?b'l flaraarJ'haB
I Unt 4oka-1 Ora? Inlnaa Or?"a???4 J r
Vr?tefM4 K BC* Dn*a J ff (Inn thai
Qraaaltef Dr Law- P-arjr Jaka Uw? i?a II
rati-a V *aa Thaai OallaMQae
Oai!??har FraaMa Ortffla Caltia B Oil' Jeaaa B
l.rilr Tkaa Oll*aCar?AW Oitaaj Ja?
i.oafi^a be*l4 Oroaa Crawfar4 D 0<o4kato4
Or?al Jaaathaa I. TaAmoa IF (i jMiaJ'haO
l.r-?ar?a ''a'k II C Qaralaj Fai k 1<ial?l Chr- >aa
(.t aiall lltatf > Ure) J F l,rH? llml II
OiwlM O I (iff J Hi r U-a il ll'arMk
i. a a? ,a?'?e Or.fl T'-a B RiH>?ei W
(lilkarl llTTiqaa fitllr.th II F li^frajr *
<.r-?aa flao i. !,? . John fcmaa ?am'l A
M??4?ll Alf?r4 OaHiailth Naat'l C War4
f? rial.y Pai I OaiM Mr. I*.?rl a* OamMy Car' T?n<a
< a 111 > J"?fk i.t?h Ifh I J Cr?. tt ??->'!?
Crraa Bilaa f.raaa l)a- 14 Oi*t*fta Tkoi
Jai T ilaraa a Uarrat 0 i?a? Martin
OrlVaJaaC (llkka R< kt W '.ri?a < -a < B
^ af wall Br linaaa Lata th B 0?
CJa?<l?'a |V?a ' aft ??- <.?4?<aAU
0?r? ?a 14* 4 a? ?h.? I I On, W H,
Pa'- * Ga, a S. B D-l
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Ral/aaaavjaka P?aiu?a 0 t Hall J _
laalll.,M?uj Halllaaa Johk |aaa?a I
Baaaaa Tkaa Hamm-r Bi'kal B aH.laJ C W
Banc fiM*..*4C n Sarrtaaa Oaa M B
Darn' a J>ka B Tlartaat l-ka Bafftoua C
Bamagi.a Jaa B?rr? 14a iakr>al AO
Kaniaaalkial luiMa M akl Haailtaa W C
Jm*f EXtm Htaikaatv*
alTkanl KWllinii lalaiBarrk l.i-l
Jair-JM SkrnaTB Baaaaaa Jaka B
2*\ .4 larfarUa AM |U?ta?U/aki r
HaaiUfa J?hm J| til*.a J la w i'ta L
Ban-foft Wat Banau Tit !?? * W
Da* .ptj BaJlCF Haatakia??
Ra.lar l?l?|plA nana LJ
llarrlaataa C It Barr?aa PkllHy Itaftif
Ban IV Baat* flartl?a? B B l?ta<( "
Harlow H 0 Iirrj Jueepk Harpell Mi
Bay waed Hutjifi Ink; ?? Dn CuiN
BM*ir4 W U Hiniiit Fatnak Btwlijr II H
Uttcrnu Bickl Barlaa R M Boliaoe k
Hedley B W-2 Beta* *-J 6*
Bulk Joaepk Beaerty Tbo? Heath JmIiii
ImnJ iMiUJurak UttlvThuitu
Ucil Joha BhI; Flit Bailllroi S
Herring ton Ju Inmu P A Beaioa Simaoa M
B?4?wi B<itM Henry T B Hiroiudti Jo?
Benahaw Qua A Ileaalanr Samuel Herbert Oapt H
Hewaou Georgia Uor(olaa Put Hoary IUt C 3
Beyward Col W H Henegan Joha Benly Martia
Hemingway J llerrickLJ Binoi
Billier Hoary How* Jtaoa Bowlott H J
Bill Aloa Heriaa Mr. Pearl atJBill Th.maj
Bibltea T N Hibbard Win U Bilaheim P D
H okoy V lliu'B* Will Biokt Oh.
Billiard John Hillmau 8 Bill k Thoaaa
Higbve Nathan T-? llilla Ooo B Hiuiaa Jeramlah
BltobcampC Hill lard Samuel HilUard Major J
S1DPi" Hinda Tttoa Hltetoook Jertmiah
u'fi 'i n Hiphlaa Joha Holme. Win
Holbrook U C Uiud. OH Hullo D il
Bobaon lime, Patriok Holta A 0
Bo man Rlokd Holrn.a David Holt Stephen
Hollingaworth J H Hodman A Hoffman S
? Holbrook k Co M H >can Jainoa
lioffi!" 5^2 R \ ? Hoaford Solomon
Uopkian P H Hoi I later Jaa II Hopkina Thoa
Horker Thoa Horiee Henry Hopkin. Win
5"WiVi/ Hornabeek II S R Buey Dr Tdo?
Bnolt Wm Hortoa Ueni K Howard H K
Hownora Ckaa Howe Rev FS Hyland Patriok
BumphieyaS H Haw Tliomaa IWntOileaC
Hur4 Norman llowe Rnv F 8 11 niton iohm
IlusUn Wb II u bar J Id ward Hutnu J K
Huntington Calvin Hutatnns* ni Messrs ilant George B
? Humphrey L II Button Patrick
Hnoatoa Joha Huat Julie K t Hubbard J U
Humphrey Win Hume K W Hutohinam Jai-2
Hyer John Hunter Jamoa Hopkina fm
llughea Jamea Hitchcock Wm
Iglehart John H Irving B J Idle Wm
IveaR Iceland Richd Ingram Edwd?3
Ingeraoll J 0 Iiaaca BenJ Ingalla J K.
Irwin Saml
Jackaon Lei-lie Jack ion II B Jaioba Iaaao
JaoobJaniaa Jaooba Saml Jackaon Joha
Jamoa Augualna Jamoa C B JarytaThoa
Jameaoo fialph Jamoa Thoo A Jamea Edw
JerviaDrJ Jamoa Win Jaiuea E 3
Jarvia Lemuel Jenmnga Thol Jeckel Frill
Jonkint David Jenkina Levi Jewell Henry C
Joaaop T JobaPT Johnaon Henry
Johnonn Wm Joffriea llypolita Johnaon Jamoa 0
JnhniiLn Ju r lnl,.> h A T1 _ L'
Johnson C r Johnaou Mr. Leo- Johnson Peter R
Johnston W'm nard at Johnston Wm F
Johns Dr Jones J 1?2 Joiner II B
Jordan u Jon<sThosE Junes W PC
Jilestoa k Ilollings-Jordan David J..nes I C
worth Jonas II P Josephson B
Jordan E 0 Jonea O W Jordon E a
Junes Win P Jones Geo Jones J D
Jones Peter Jones John Jones John R
Joaea Robert Jones James R Jones Saml
Kananagh Allen KransC Kell<** M K
Knamet Peter Kolin* Heinrich Kolsev Mrs W It
Kelly Charles?2 Kellyjohn W Kneefaus Mr
Kelly John KeitiojrThoa Keavs Kiehd
Kellyjohn Kelly Miehl Kelly Thos
Kearns James Kelly Richard Keane James
KelloitK Henry KelloiuWm Q Kelly Palk
5'MrBy?,hnA KeiserP Kelssy J E
Kellors T f Kelly James Kendall BDIill
Ksrr Levi Kenny Terrene? Keana Tlios
Kershaw H Kreuter F Kenney Patrick
knight CC Knickerbocker K. one U II
Kilderry Patk Everett Kiilian Konrad
Kinnaird J U Kingston A J Kimball A Q
?l?* Kiney P E Kimbull Phenohaa
Kline J R Kline W U Kin* Chas
KittellJB King James Kins Win E
Kingiland Stephen Kin< Thos Kiinmins John
Kins James K<>pmun Sidaey?3 Knowlton O A
Kreblis Joseph Kill via Edwd Krunt J 0
Kaapp Simeon
Lavy Riehard W I.eeranKe Phil Ltblche Henry
Lacour M l.aoey Alfred Lance l.oremo?3
Lang Petero Lalorge Isaac Lakey Jains*
?* Mjmwrenrv j uucsus i.u wronctj i uo? u
Law Archibald Lawaon C?|>t Lawreueo Th<>a U
Law Archibald Lawtoo Chariot Lathrop Goorg?
Laudel Jamet Lavitt Chat Latter Jutuos
LawlerJohn Lawrence Ale* I.a?utC?
Laws Sepple Itl'amtm Muu Lawrtnson E
l.afty Charloi LecaudjrG l.iutlt Vn F
Ledon Jaan LeUalliaa P Iceland Warren W
Leach Jobn Loathe Ue? C letter 8t
Leeda ft Co W M Lcrbbrand Ltwit l.eneraer S
Leavenworth E 3 LeetJuiet LelandTU
l.ulnnd laaae Levi Jona Levy Lyoa
Leoflter Hevoren Leminon Chat l.ewta Capt 0?1
Levy J L Leonard Samuel Lewis Charlaa
Letter. Lenaett k Levy II M I^wnThoaL
Cheater Lewis Chariot I.ibby Joaiah
Leykom Rokt Linning Dewildt Lindsay William
Lineola William Lin<l?tv James Ltaihan Riehard
Libae John Little II Llaton Augustus
Lim b Jamet E Look S Morrit Lorah Jaoob
Livingston Jno A Lowtry John Lory David
Lounsbury Gilbert Lovttt Samuel Lombard I. C B
U Lote? Cyrut l.oop Starling
Lord Cart J Long Eli Lotio T
Low John Long Mr, Wathlag- Looby Patriok
Locsey Chat F ton at Log Pankrata
Lowel Ja? A Lyman John or Lntaner Dr
Lney Robt Mary Lund Joseph
LudgattMichael Lynr Thna H l.yaeh John
Lnmsdca 8a ml Lynch Ilenit Lyon A Rrahum
Lyon Jamet Lynch John Lewis John
Lytb'H 1'lttr
Germans! Pilgrim Beacon
Chelsea Merer ants Blooming Grove
Mlotm Oriental Diam'na
SWiilltr 4'onnental llnmao
Allegbannia Independence Commercial
Siaou'e Mt. V rt, n Acorn
Oregea Hermitage Templar
fidelity Enreka Mechanics
Gorman Oak Kekford Ixeelalor
Mtcdonald Geo G Madden E J Maerv Cba A
Mnua Bail Maeoabar Sadford Du? Arthur
don Mi' had Mackau/ r Jaa Maclean ArehilriM
Magadan II uu Matralh Tliumx MatiaSaltlJ mll-ron
Ma.arJ.hn Malo. n Join,-J Maila II
Manaftald Henry 8 Mal.wuv Martin Major A
Ntntkeilrr ?' T Mailen fc<lward Man.fiUI)
Mahony John Man. N. il Mar-hall Jaa
Malta) Mi'ibaal Hal hi Micharl Martin John
Malice ? Lucicn Marl i IIu<-nabcnturaM?rttn<i John II
Maaua ll' rta II Martin Kalpli Mareitora 8 J
Martin lieu W Martin Jobn Marka John
Marah N Marah Iliram Martin Mlchaal
Marhara Patrick M.r m ll. nry Martin P
Martin J W Maaon Kubt Miatera. n k Traay
Martin Joba Marali E H Matbaara Cbarlaa
Martin Cha Marton W Mayar Ctaaa I"
Maraoa John Mayer Mlt-haal Maiheaon Alatanilcr
Mntta>"0 Tumpklaa Mayer David Mrltu. W
H Ma>. r Charlea N Meehliac J J
Maihawa Franrii Maya K.. Jn? ? Meiidence John J
MayhewJkC* Ma'haw Kobt Marori Jai
Mayer C 8 Maml k Brothers Merriman 1.1>
Mea(t*r Ja?ob Mallaom J Mrlian Capt Franria
M-an II M, M 1 Mnrphr.Veal Murray K?<ia?a<l
Marti John Marralf Jacob 8 M. re lith Samael K
Ne(ea Jhaod ra Matilabart Uaary M tlarJK
Mailt* Waa M.< her Oha Mi liar 0a? L
Mtraada Pedro Maalay Tboa Mital.all k Kite baa
Miller Joe Mitchell k Allen Mltchall J 8
Minck C-arxa Millard Jaa B Muhael II
Millar Pidaey 0 Millard Rar B t Milla Jaa
Mtlle Jaa Levi* MilkaaC* Millar tie* 8
Miliar Jaa Mitchell Cha T Mill* M
Miliar Oaa Millar A Moore Pand L
M?r?ila l>r Mianaah Jama* M >nk Stephen P
Moffat O Ma ra K Cutlar M'ora Aafuetua 0
Moncoaaoa Jiha Moody It?rara MeiUl Jaa
Mitch'II Maora Co I J J Montgomery Jaa
Moara Moritl Moa faery Rlebd Moai John 8
M'ban Jaa M -ilar Aa'rta M 'ran* Itraaidel
M?or? Michael Hollar Can U M miliar
M rahouaa MS Moody Mekireoa 8 Morlay Nathaa
Moray Col Joaathaa Mirrii J A M aaiay B B
Morrie k Browning Moe.>e M aa M rrit N.ohelai
Moryaa Joba Moae'ey U riah?I
M< r?.\a llenty Morrlaon 8 C Morobouaa I.ulhar B
M-wrow Uao Mo*I.ray Riahd Morria* fho?
Mortaa llaary MerrlaOlner Murphy IHrld
| Miliar lloMaa Morion AiixuatlneS Murry John K
Mt'J' na Jonathan M'inaall rhaa Man*arjaaT
Manvall Rlahd Uuyn k Altmlll Frtaoll
Mutia lianry Murrr Mr M?ri?liy Dr Win
Mar Hl(it Murpl.j Jaa Mnlltana fn
M nrphy John Muri'.v I'ntri k Mall m; Wn
Mull. r (inatata Murrr l"h..a Muri.hr rimothjr
Mallxaa Wm Moil- frunbu*?S Maa'ay Juha
Malkia Jaa Maaaallan P L
MaAnllffa Job* MoOey J M-Collam Patrlak
Vtl'att; Tialil Mil irh'iti D C M?Oonlh? lannn
Met "rinl'k Pn'rkfc MclJ'rnaot Jobs?2 Mrt'liira J *
Mctartla tlahnrd M?t>ani*l I'n'rlrk M.faully ?
Mat'art* HarnaH Mo AnliHa Rloh'd-f MM'nrtr Chnrtoa-2
MoCaithy 1 > n h i? Mot'nrmlok l??ni-l M' t.'allnm A
Mrt'ormlak E?<U*r MaOnrtby J<ibn K'IK.ml.1 Jim-i
Mot roory Jami l MoCarmiak John M?-l>oujall I B OafMadmtoak
John MaCa (hon Jamaa ion
MrC rtla Patrick Matv.na.ll Pait M. !Wm t J..ha
Mrl'.-urall John MrMah..n Pat'f MoKian. y ?'a U
Mr P ntall Join?S MoManaa Jaa J M<-*?ana A
NrlioaaH Ja- MoManna o?aa M'Milar II >|h
M I'.raiot John M'MahnWm M. kana Mathaw
Mrli-rnaot J. bn M"?-'?rJin--? M< K-nar <" :in
M'l:> ; Hu?h MoNnlty M kl MeKtnlnon l?aial
M l >'l>n Thomaa Malatr ? W M<-Unu*hlin Pator
Mo' arr* !??< M'R??htar li'^iaolM.l.n.ia'illr. H'? P
Mrtiina Mt'haal MoShirtri* Jamaa M Mannaa or rar
M 'illJM-I M?l>-nn. IIMjrhanlCM Murray Jamaa D
M. I r<>? I'aatol Mrrv onl lMl M . Mahon John
M' K ' an Andraar M?t>. "?all Ralph MtMnhnti Ml'lkl
M hoannPa??r Nrlt. nnH Jaa M-M?h Snml
M'h ana Joanpta Mofntira l'atk M Naniu M' lira
Makoaffanmal Ifm MoNott II
MaKallnrD Brl.rnth ThomM M- Pball D
MrKo<nJ'ha MrOrao lla'h MrWiat llar?ir<
M'KoaVr MrfirnJor J- hn M W>4> I'att
Mrtianthlla Jaha AM'<;.i r? Raamna4-1M"William Rol*rt
MrUnaaa Wm M< Kibbia Dati4 M l inn Daaial
taaaaa c.arrfa Wnrt-n K4wln 0 Ntpa Jaha
fcalaan William >ail ft Nn'han Akraha*
Naifa J w Kaaain*ar Fra4'k Hawaii Joaaph
N'?t an *amn?| Na?man Thoa Jloarn .am J?ba
>>aa an W??ll fcalaor II l<aa Jtnby J M
m*a k Jnka Ntklll Htclull
K ??<-.,m? llok't N*?U Vt<-hMl i<M|b WIIHm
! N>w?irh W N-*p?r< I'lt llkr*
I Niif? r M .Nrwton Jnm?" Mi lioltO *
Nolr* < > ?rl?* Wt#h'il??? R-?'t jUikriltl 0??f?
I J*?tl Willi** X rrl? t # iHtM I In4llf
I N irrt? tn? KmilimiriCl Jf?wl?M ^
11'hMt Smi Mr gnWlMl !' >
I N?rt?? II r??? Tlio? B?f? Curlrt
KorUa Jobs F Naaiil Mi Nn?-? R"t> t II C?l
Of'tMr Ti?'? O'l.rf. k 0?Ff?i1 J?h?
O'KHl Mb4 / (TllftMjMM* O Hi l?? Willi**
0 Uin ?r 0 < "tjolm . n*?.l.? W 0
(lUntlirrlt f RiHitrt OfiuMi
HI,0*b?r John N Oth??<
04*r?fJ?b* jtt,|j!j,kw' L*?|Vr?itH
Jmu I O'NtlU TtmtN 6'Willl Joh?
o??i> Il??ri Olittr A*4r>* OK*?f> A*4r?w
0'W?IIA <>??i Br 0 RrUn W
O IV'nMl f>?ti? ?pr?r?t??n?*B Hiatal
0'*?tl PMti'k Ink Or??ll Dr A M
<..... t^mnm On Dr.K( OM,.r. J ,h?
<*t 9 A O S til i?h?
P.rk.IMS Br*rp l%tp,*,??rr??*. Pf.rr.r J J
r.T"?i c ter.v Z& -5"*,#M A,u*
fci'V'k. riliwrii* D P>r> nt Alhrrt
r????i Ut. B r>n*>i t>r I
PaaUaJ'a** I'tlmx Vi f'llmtr J**l<>( S
I ?* ' > karl't Puktr D A Park Ml
F* ir?f B??m pMllllo J?N A CifM B
rmi l c* ri|?? c?pt b ruik wiim
(> ) kitkni fiiwrm Ti>? lilormUtl J W
PlMl J.mo* A Via A PUttfharU*
P? r?k? Pfi???>?W*>P TrtTMt AmkU
i?kl f??? A W F^klmn K
rr*4 <t*t P?pf?r< HirkMl r-??< n Mr
Pr?lr>?A**C P'i?'r? O O [xkd V
? J r El'?*1!? pw Ayi?m
P??r*?? pkill(|> Pticlaa P?M* J O
PfMfNr (JatttT Pkvlan J?ha PitrN W
Pair*'4 H'?k??l p?rr>lt Onltlkna* Paa<1N?na IV O
r??f < Kl?k4 patara Pn4ii'-ll Pa?4lataa Hnaaa
?? ? IWarp Pr?a?'aa P 1 Patar* h B
Parkiaa F J Pim *ama*l P?rr? I H
P?rr Akraka* P. w~.? Mlaktal Parkin. CaM P
[ rk nUHri fnliti I O Paraall <..?rfa
?"[" il Ei!IM12 ('I rkiiiiM t>i Vm
PVII.MOt*iwa PklafMwB Pla4.tlBC
LUt" *1 _ !?'' *?? JA pt.?.or
***??* Baa Bar- Pr'aaa ffcaHaa PVillli^Uaort*-4
Prt*.^f P?n?r J P K.W Wm I.
I r?*?i TI Mmi n?Mi I Patter* Baaawaa
fMk AMOB Tvmw Cum "
Pool flurj Phh T rnMBC.1^
Punri jrnai f?t?r J Pi?twi \
Post, Uti fc Co Poaoe JeeoPdmni C^Wx'
Portor Oeorco Parnell Inu Lovell
I'uad Mr f ul.] Hinua rWiy i>4n*
Pock Aiwi Palioto Pedro Ro?uA*4<^Sw,
Qaartiaain A 8 Qaaid Miehl Quloa David
Uuain H B Quirk Jamea Uain Jauca
Uuaokeuboea fc Co Queeny Larry Quito Joia
Quia* Hugh
RayJB Ralfph Mr Ret JR.'
Raa<i Wm B Kath Carl Kahold OoaiM
Randolph EG Rand Jamea Rnkerbj T W
Ratblaa Chat H R*u*aa Thorn at Raad Jamea
Reavea Robert U Hedaetti Hot Reynold. J If
Reynolda fc DeabarRedmoad D Rifley Thoma*
Reynolda JonathanRilty Math** Reynolda A W
Reea W J?3 Kn/aolda Thoe fc Reaaio J C
Raymond O Joehoa Raid Wtu W
Roawiok Job* Reynolda Joaathaa Reynolda A W-4
Keilly Jauiea Rollly U?*h K??J ?m
Keillt Chariot Retlly Thomaa Reilly Jo ha
Roiliy Peter Reily Michael Read Adam B
Railly Thomaa Rruis Miehaat Hoed ILliaa B
Reiaick Henry Richardaon Philo RibUttQeo W?R
Ripley J II Killer K S Mintium F
Ricfcerston Bartsn Riuhsrdson Lemael Richardson 4 BalHibly
t Whitney Rich John L, oher
Ringdisg Louis Riohardson (.'apt Richard* n C 6
Richardson S W Coo W Rile* 8 C
Rilsy Jibh B RidUur T B Ki u Jer?iu JeLo
Richardson The* Rice John Rim P?u
Hil<\y MnrMn Rogers Vfm R obin Jerry
Robinson Tod Robinson k Collins Robinson Jr J
Rol?r?son James Robertson Win B Rogers Tho??3
Rol>?rson John Roam George RoKnstl George
R' liinson Thos Romford Wm Robbms (.'apt New?
Rogers Wm Jack- Rogers W m ell
on Rody Patrick Bobbins Wm B
Rodgtrs (1ST Rogers John Robinson JonathM
Robson Hamusl Rowl-y C V Robbins John
Robinson II R Ruwl.yfien ('N-J Rothsnbeim Simok
Howlaod Malhtas Royas Pedro Jos* Rooko Theodora
Rosenniiller I. A Ross 11 Hugh R<>ney Joseph
Roys Edward J Kowbntham John Resenielt Lewii
Rogtrs (paries R. nnard Hons Rao IT Frwdk
Chas Russell Wm B
5 n ?? Bo?t JiUI S Kyin J amra
Ryan Patrick Runs Thomas Rutchsn A M
Ringold Cftpt C Hrtnell Mh iuol Kv<l?r Hrom
fel" Ku.sellybs-T RutherfwT^ra
RjonMieha.il Ryan John Ryder James
Russell 8 N Ry?n Patrick Rl an James
Russell Daiid Rsillsy Anthony Rsed Ilenry J?(
Stanley Rnfas Salias Carlos?S Salol Lorento
Sangsr Horatio Smallftoil A Saiosott ? unseat
Shannon Jaoies Halarar T Sandcl Albert
Stall rd James R Strang John W SwainJuhaB
BanfordTt: Sands John Sannecksr Mens
Bwsnson 8 W Swaine Mr, Twelfth Shafard U A
Swain John N street SalTord Geo It?J
Sanford John Sanger Bermann Stack Maurice
Sleutu P Starkweather C R Starbuok William
Sax ton II ShawH Saxon Rev J AdiSaxley
Alfred Sayne John son
Savage James W Sparks B O Banders Israel
Saxton A Jones Sharkey W I. Sparks Daniel
Stanford Chas K Sawyer ?t.B Slater John
Shay Price Savage Michael Sharps U W
Bprmtt W > 111am 8'iny Nicholas Sihmcdii Y
Selta Peitro- 3 Si>earmsn W D Belva Gregori
SeirsJohn Seig?noa st A Stroati.lJ Wm
Sweeny Thoraai Sr.ulcr Uenry Sanetsun James
Sweenv John f helton Chu O UK.. ssi?k..i
Slierne torne'.iui KtetJirin Ji?m Btnur juw
Sheldon J Sheldon Irrael-i Stebhine Oicar W
sriji R v Staftao UuiNrt Shelton J?ra??
Sheldii.* Henry K Seddcn Itaac Beabe Patt
Sweeny Nicholas bhahan Dcunia Sweeaay Miohaal
Seamanll/nry Sweeny Joha 8tapheni Thoa
Street John u Seell thomi* Stewart John K
Spencer Frederick Berlin- '.V u Seymour Robert
S.< moor Timothy Sherman J A Stewart Jehn AT
Shepherd W m A Senior William Stwncer Stephen
Stennon B Steveua Jatne* 8 Sherwood R
Shrene L M-J Stewart lloyer Bhorwin Thoa-J
Sherman A P She man B F Sh-ridaa Barnart
DtitinauB John Sherman Jatnea Stevena Ifenry
Sherwood Rlihu Sherman A B Shields Robert
Somonn Manriea Se?ino S Vpieoor Tboe 0
Strickland W Sichol Mirel Sill !taml H
Stlaaon Mr Sitnonda William Sinclair k BaalAS
Sijtler Satnl J Bpicer N Sibley Joaiah
Schribcr 1* L Situpeun, Talboti Ik Simpaoa Capt 0*0
Spictr B F C? Stlier Jumi
Swift 8 P Rlinahan Thomaa Sims William W
Smile) Ilenry St id peon Mr Sin -lair J
Btitea W m llartiy Sihmidt Fred Sliaa Robert
Bhip'oy Qeo W Sbrimpton Mr Sroi'ii Id ward J
Smith John J Smith Benjamin Smith A N
Smith F J Smith Samuel P SmnliDanl
Spitier W illiam Smith A L Smith John
Smith I awretce J Smith I'aapar Smith Wlliaa B
SniithGeoM p Smith rharlea 8 Smith Tnna p
Smith Wm F Smith A R Smith Robert P
Smith William Smith S P Smith J
South Daniel Smi'h J A Smith Phill
Smith J M Smith W a Smith Gorritt
Smith Thcmai Smith Franria Smith George W
Smith Francii Smith Churl* Wal-Smith Lcrem
Smith SP , tir Smith F O
Smith Kanlil I. Smith flanl O Stoddard R II
fwollin Patrick StolleJuliui Soott Jnlia)
Scott M W S hoenhalu Jacob Struki Hit M
Sloaaon F S Strong John W, JunSumera A 8
Stove I, F S'rotrioge KK Scott John
Storear B Soirinere John Stow (I
Smoot L R B'onx Or Horatio Str ad 8 D
SkottJobn S'rcng W.Jt. r B Strong G' rgo
Scott Patt iti'tr Alfred Bobott Jatnoa
ShotwellS Schoolort Mr Scott BonJaalR
Shuttltworth J n Sprout Rra.tna F Sullivan Paul
Sutherland Alex Slnly Solomon Struckliem Ltwlt
Sturgo Thomaa Slaye Frederick Bullitaa John
Shnltleworth Jai Syrett F Sammrra Geo If
Scudder Charle* c Stureev Frederick tchnyler J M-j
bo Bytoff Pater
Tarnn C M Traven JtHereon Taylor Thomag
Traiii< r Joseph Tnylur C Taylor S
Tappan Dr li Bond Taylor K R Taylor Thomaa D
Thatcher George Taylor Alei CbUd- Tanrnter Mr
Taggart Edward ran Tallmaa Jaaob
Taylor William Taylor J Taakar Jol??
Tarry Thomaa R J Tarr Ja-res S Tai ppett Joha Brag
Terier A Torple Samuel II Co
Tenant L P Trrrii A ram T-wdale Joseph B
Terrell Richard Ten Bru?ck R Ti raey Pat?
TildenT W Tilman K-? l^vl Tiffary.Road kCl
Tillman LotIo Thomaa William Tliompaon Wobatae
Trowbridge N C Thornton Philip A Thompson Rdwd
Thomaa G J Towneond lit I) J T wnaend lion J J
| Toy Chatles F Thompson t UaU a Tnompaon Goo W
Towera Wm 11 Co Thimpxa Jmepk
I Totaton J ?' Torr?y John Th impeon A
Than.'ia Capt V? T pi m? Tr> whrldge Om
Tnwuaend Leaudar Thomaa ?.m?? ThoafrJoha
W Th'>?i|M?n Win Thorn ?'!,?? Wm
Tbnmpenn Di Jo- Ueurga Tolland Mr
(bun 11?2 Thompe-ni W TonaerJoka
Toby Join Th >niu I t ward Tomltaaen K a
Thonipe<<n Win Tli-nina H uluo|- Turner Nienlaa
Torfet V too Q Tnaie Jeha
Tunnlall I>r Tinker John A Taaker Cnpt
TuitU Neleon Tui ker J repli W Turner i?ti II
Tufl? I.uoian T>u- ?JU Tirkir J??pk W
Tucker. < rawford Tutile Vltntit TjHiJtf
k Tuckar Turner Jueiin
t~ri|nhart I n I'riuharl Alegaa- Underbill Daniel E
lad.rw.d k S"n A drr I'mphray (Je<.rge
I'aham W T ^
Vandr water C M Viareiii 8 W Tarpm; Jm M<
Vaidea Maaual Vauaela k Brer* warde
Vagal Heart ValloreT I'aul Vallette Joaaph
Vauahan l.eraU Ilarna.n Valarlaa Jaan
Veaeie E Vlieafao U Niaal* nnel
Valentine Sural L Vint eat F. Viella Egbert L
Taa Pmer laaac T Taa Alleiyn- Wm Vendike IT
Vaaaletlae Dr Vaa tea Or I Taa Hnaklrk Wm
Vaa Hnrea t>?mnel Van llmal K 1' VanderkiU Ikml
Vaa Zand' O W Vaa Wyaea U U
VanVleelJKS Van Zaa.lt P Vaa /aadt P P
Welting* Waklnal.awJ Wal.ka?JO
Walli.ee Meubaa ?aUk J?? Waguat A
IVargoaer Jam Wadin Juleg H eleh k-kt
Walter ?L B aoelay k llro- WUiltallOf
B el' Jerome llier WalkartC
Walab John Walker 0-W Wal.n Thotaa*
Walker Noll Wal.h N illlam Walker Joba
Waleh William Wall.iiMmP Walah Mloliael
Walab Kabt Wadding' nJna Wormaler Id D
W a nth J. >.a Warner MUliael Ward Oarid B
War'mna J no O Wat? Col B 0 Wall Charleg P
Ward Rebt Wallaea O P WaablngtoaOaa
Warr-a u. ratia BerdwellJ-e Wardnell Joeepfe.
Ward Jauub W'a . rtnen W 0 Warn a H#diea
Wbrat Maibta'l Wi eelee T B Wheeler AW
Wbee|ft"k felaia Wi bar I'll Welik liaorf*
Wer ka II reir B h. >r Hell r B lla (.rnrga
Wel'li Iter tmla B HdJ.il1 u.iiaJaba
We. 4 J A if * iHJil1 W later O B
B I elan l>-fcie B nre;?i?r.-r M Weeka Ueorgr
Urlrjamee Wheeler Nrlleaa W-llakOe? t
M ilk M.ng B . 1 I a We'gea C T
M I >r ll'T r Jra W- t.a M W'li.'.n JaiiN
We ei.al Je? II 1 w i kie. *n ith B llkiae Duel*
Wnkhnm l'a|'i W , I k "J \ n Wilhameoa A lag
Jaa.ee * . i Jr Sufai Bright M
WilronJW B n- JVihaa S BMkiaabaw The#
Wllroa J ha Wl?<?t? Wtlllaaa Witliamana llry
M i hint n J A Wila a I'eeld C W i. kkam II L
?ii keral aa> J II ? a>a(' ( Wiiaoala H'nl
Wi'gM B a> Will le?n fb?? Wil.ea J llenry
BM'najihaa Wm *"'!Lr?a ?
W ?ni|IW U ;; " II' ?'%h "d'n"~ ~
?|I1|?IC. I'ftrk k w William* \lfra4
<? W lli?m? Jaa P Wuljiaii'hu f
Wlll'a?a J?l>a S WMIi*a>? Jaha Willitw Jmm
K Hlitn'i Kirk H S?Ui ? WilliaataJuU
? Inrl, M rll* Whi|fl? \ W HlOalll N
Wti.rtn?<?* < hrt?- WfctH I- ?? Wl?? U-i.r?
tlaa <?*>\ T IMuhaal
Wl.-lvrlh CtiM Villini?t?1W- Wilikara.r IP" D
Wh M ?r ll> O *.? P fckrtla .
Wl K Th u.a? Whtlaay Co J P Whlta it
?h>t M ] HiMiMitiil) Whif KaM
Whll-Al?<? Willll1 a ?? ia W ?1 l? *
W 4m>a kl*la * Praaklla WoaJraffOaaW
WcrMaa Ji.l.a * Wm 1T-?4 lluiiMi k
* -!> rlh Jt Vaa^nfrbHi Hub'
Saa> 8 *? !! -a Jaha w 4 I
II aarfoaH I % W -.If A Ira WmII'MIIK
WIIW->?f< W)liaja*?a Wyatl J
film Jfka ,
Xi X
Ya?k* TV ati T?rk < ?|' A l?a Y?aa? Jama*
tat- II r '/ir' f 0 J
*i?? ?a< Or??ly Uiutiif inntl
K 'II- In in T?r C?,r<?n*a * ?? ?
N?? Yarfc ?< 'ia- " Cbiirtiaa PalMJ.
Hill aai
" *mM " n?r?7 ?xula?
" latrltia StaUk- " |i>r?|?lli
inaa " Nail..aala
" U l riiiiin " Ara'fiaaa Arab
" Umtllta inln
" OlaaiMaa Hack- " An.?rt?aa f'oarlaj
ala* " VMklf Rm
" D* Ark?r- Htm trk ao.raiam
t*r . ' r ? "ilifT
Praa l>r|Mkl Carhato ia j B
( r I ?l l? ^a J-ha
t(lltr>r Ll J I H?rri? T?- mM
ImfJyiW J 8 "-.-...ll L| J K4waf?-ri
OrtltlOC WMtlag Lt tr c??
Allmknkl I ??. M l All art A?.?l Matmaaa C t
KaWwu b r l!arr>atl Mli
Ht<4nlkid I<I||| llrnnk* Or Jnka Praaala
Brnaa 0?- rf? Hu<-kaat A' mb? Maatar
rirt?f H?a^?l r Ckrlatlt Samoa Paka*
( ..mor | m II 4 f Con r !>aanl
f?*?*1 ,!)'*.
i O J I'ftM if I <| A V
feSSt- &?
5?*iii? I.' r a *r,t^.ii r i iV- _
?T,in,i4" A Kirs?w *
?1 *1 l"B I - n I arM JAkB
spms1nr--0 tesaaw*
Bl??k?r?? jMr^k A htttn p M CUor?? 1
V *r ? ? WlUl? 5-tiV Jmm.
I ^ |t*rvi f *t V ?
Tmi*totimUJC T?-j"I/L?,
iraKEE KW"

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