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NO. 6?35.
Trial mt William Calhoun and >*then, for
Ik* Hunlir of Bartilr* Whit*.
At the September term of the iap*ri?r C mrt, in
eMioB At Litchfield, Conn , thrir Honors Judgea
Church and Storra preeidiiig
Baralce White, an ag-tt mm, reniding in tha
town of Cok-brook, Litchfield co , Conn , w*a
murdered during the night of M trch SO, 1850,
under circumstances of nuch p~cilur atrocity, that
the affair cannot have r*ca|?-d the recollection of
-your reader*. An account of rhe murder was p?b
lished ia the JVno York Htrnl<t u tae lime, nud
also a notice of the arrent of William Calhoun,
Benjamin BaJcomb, Lorenzo T. Cobb, ind Henry
Mcaaaseth,an Indian, suspected of hivinit perpetrated
the murder. At the term of the Superior
Court now ia tension, an indietmeut wu found bjr
the grand jury againm Calhoun aud Balconohaa
principal*, and agaiast Cobb and Menaaseth an
accessories to the offence.
On Wedne?day, the 4th instant, the triil of the
aacused commenced- On the arraignment, Balcomb
plead guilty, with the under?uudiog that he
waa to be admitted an a hiium* fur the Slate.
Tha ret-t of the accused entered a plea of not
Not the least singular feature in the case, ia
the extreme youth oi the thn e white men accused
f having perpetrated the muider, Baluomb and
Cobb being minors, and Calho>iu h.?jj . reutlv nut
over 23 or 23 years of age. The Indian appe tra to
be about 4S, and a swarthy, ugly looking fellow
he ia.
For the prosecution appeared John H Hubbard,
Ea*. State's Attorney, mid Unleon Hall, Eaq ;
O. 8. seymour, E.aq ?nn l> Holiister, r.*q , Hp
pfirrd for the accused, Balcomh; and the Oourt
aaaieaed Charles Chapman, K-q . of Hartford, and
R. Hitchcock, Esq , an counsel t?r the other priaonera.
The court room ?u crowded to excess by an
eager and excited crowd, and .il'ier the arraignment,
the coart adjourned to the Congregational
church, in order to give the audieuce a better
chance to aee and hear during the progress of the
trial. Among the audieaer, ?' noticed a large
number cf ladies, who *p|?e?rt-d to take great interest
in the trial.
The first witnesa called for the prosecution, w?a
Russell Friavie.?Live in Colehr.ok, at>out sixty
rod* from liarntce White'*: I mi time I ? t* him
alive was Saturday night, M-<rch. Jfctih; rod** home
from school meeting with bur; y>i home about II
o'clock; next moruing a neiuhhor railed for me to
go to White'a; wen? in eoinpuiy vviih Mr. J-imea
Whip|>)e and s*>n, arid Mr Huahot'll; weut in>o the
kitchen first and found every thing in disorder;
west into bed-room where White slept; the rx?dy lav
or the right aide, a little quartering across the bed;
feet touched the neor; a woun I w.? over the lefieye,
another over the left ear, and a third on the neck,
Under the left ear; table r.r??? er where Whit' kept
gate-money, (deceased kept toll g-t'e,) oa the tl.ior;
a cheat which stood in the fciU-heu, atove in appareatly
with a fledge that stow I hy; two clubs in
the hou*e, one in the bed room, hemlock, broken
in two.and a hickory one ou hitch' n fl<M>r; 'ted r?m?m
walla marked, apparently, wnh hlowa from a himt
instrument; two marks on 'he celling.over the hed,
and three or lour on the wall h?ek <>t the hed, n --ir
<L. 1 I. 1171...- . L. _ J . .11 _ . .. _ A
mc urtuj ** niicf iu^ arcrvs^u. nrpi iuii ^ nr, auu
Inred ?'? >ne in the houtw.
Crow-exaniined ?Broken cluH in ih- bed room aboat
three (rrt long,Hn<J hb?-nt one mrh in ?ii *mei?r;
(he hickory club lonnd m th<* ki'tbeu ntxiui the
the length.
Direct reeumed ?Mr. Whit'' wm nh->ut wvrnty
yearn old; the bed indicated that hp hod occupied
it; but pantaloon* Jay acr??# ttie My; huly uu4mmv.
J autre T. Whi|>f>le.?t.iee in Co I rook, W) rod*
noith of White's; Sunday Bmrui-i^ .tv?m eight *clock,
wet,tdown ?o Whitr'a in harrow tin (iiper;
knocked at the d.xT; mo tmw;otwii?it aud w-ntta;
went to lied room, and >* ? him ? riir on ih>- bed
With feet ofl ; it at ruck me hr hud h it n fit; went
to him and found he ??n1^i|; tura>d and wpUt
out; notified Mr Fruvie, Arc, (>nnr-? give* a
miliar account to that of the (>r vh>ii? wiiueaa, a*
to the rrluni to th?- hou^e, the iliaiinler, tto?* (HMi?
tion of and wound* upon the hodv. me clubs, the
maika on the wail n?-ar thf in I, <Ye )
arT*R*ix?H ?E?*?ON
Dr Samu* I Parx>a> KeM<trS ?b<Mif ?t mile* from
White'*; luiown linn m?iI<I )"i - ; mw iIii- i|r?ii
body on Sunday, thr 31-t, md i^uii "u th- Tu?-da)
following. On Tuesday made a v>*t m > trm
elHimiii'ion in cnminuv Willi I) IVa-e. <?t t ),W?
krvoli. Found c<Hiig?r<1 Woim I o?rr left rue, di>
vidioir th* akin, and ahtiul im- htlf lu-h lung.?
Alro rowd brui*r on l?-fi >m(- nl Hi u-rk ; ?kin diacolored
; kImi bruis# no lei' ai ihr head, ?t? iTC
the ear ; nlmi ?aw at>>>-araio* of truin on left
vhouldrr, arm. and h?ttd? W. f'nov* d the nkoi,
and tenanted the artecied |i-?r?a tv-iow ih- |eti e*r
Found ntrttiMi'd bumd nnd-r akin loronti <t Me
extent?three or four iufkra in length ; n nnportant
b*o>d-veneela rti|>iur>'<| Kdmwed h>m??
above an<1 anti-rtor ?? e?r Skin i|?a?olored aows
wo inrbea in len?*h and breml h ; nk 11 not h <>k ?
Found extriv.iaatrd blin d hnwri n me 4 11
kull; alao between ni"iihr>in>? of brain ami (he
brain Think the wouiida mud have b-en m-tde hf
aonie bin lit in?truinea', like h ulun or ?? i l?-l of won I.
(Gave hiH reanooa ) Ant ul '?|i iimui iii (i in- m ><*
over I be lefi ear waa ae?? ie moiiyli lorot-e i-1| u?v
diate demh Think IhruMfr wound* not ?ijlfio<-nl
to cauae immediate d-?'h (H"i* ihe hriurn club
found la the hert-room ?d ilmfunl, w*< |>mIiiik?I
in court ) Think th- injurvn nitjhi hi'r hern
produoed by thia or a nnulat iio-ir.nu m
Rron?ruinni?iio? elt ???.( u<iii on mrtnl
The pro*fctit|?0 ne?t oiler* d H-nJ ?mine
ll-iliOfn, indicted a* |i'inri,iil in the mm",
b( bavin* plead f'liliv. Onj?ct were in.de *jr
couanel kir ib? defence, Itul ttfrifyl'd bjr ihe miart
Henjamin BaJcom w*a nril >aur? for proaeet*.
llon.?W|inf<a. ?hrn cilM. i,v airil much agttaud,
but anon recover** and ifave m hi* tenti'ii?vn
v in a firm and iirt^h1 fuiK diil mmu'r, *? follow*
i? I weni down ui ^wr'a -*at- a'll, at 9?mrday
rrrnmr. to ?.U> rhe. k*-r- ?i k h .nd- al aroik
in Ih* nexi ahof>; about lllo' -lo -a, V|en tawth, the
Indian, cam* along, and aak-d n?- io u,i the
mad; want and aaw Calhoun Mitiaf d i?n near
t be rood ; bid him *01 d eaentnf and a?ked wn it
waa ^np; h? xid he ntn to crack <rf?i
Psnilw ; I Irkrit him where < '. ?> > #i?: h- Mid he
h?d a<* jot hack from S> Y<?k; I i-?M bin
I had rather not go, we >Imiim< yet found mat ;
He Mid I dare mvi |H; I torn hun ) dare ;
eih palled i?ul hwttle ant we drmk ; a ok el
Calknli how Ke ioi'n Vd i?cra<k hun. ( ?Vhne )
He itM, Ink* Huh, k*?M'k him <>n Ike head,
fuk* tk? irmnr v lu IK# Knii>? -n I - et m>?
Walked nlotf ikwn the rnvl ahoin ihr-e quarter*
of l mil- ; there MriaMnlt ??> I ln? ankle nut of
touil; he lulled oH kia i???<t and ?l i wni about
quarter of nnle finher. an<i pot hi*
Mir n?l l|tll ; again jfH " iri Went
oa a abort itiataocr, and t mid l? fool^l
not go uy fnrtber, thai he t?me ; would i*mi
Mat hie ahanty on th? iwmiitw n ihr?r ??in,
with ao*>? iliing to; he ft*.- t^ihoua ti?e ho tie,
tad ?f drank ??a n ; Calhoun and I th*-a went on
T*r to Wbite'a; when we got to ihe anil ?
tapped. picked up a row pie of rial*, aad drank tha
I*al af tbe liquor j Calhoun p> k?d a walnut
hoo^pole, aad cal off II** ea<t ; I j?ark?d up a hem
ioaik chili, about two aad a halt ! Ii*|; weal to
the houke, opened the door * H ui in ; Calhoun
walked np to the table and filled out 'h? draper ;
Mr White then got op an-' c? n- to tie bod-room
door, aad aaked <*bit *w wanted; C<alho*in eatd
be wanted aome brandy ; Whit*- a ml h- ro .l I not
.ki?f air ; Calboun Ui? n et>mh bi n : b? rUr?e,|
back, wh'a Calboua *tr<iek mm again. aod knocked
bim oa the k?d; h* a-ok? to me, and eaid,
" Came be re, feMow, and hit him'" I went up
and atrnck bim aeeeral Mow*; Calhoun acrurk
him again. and we Went out into ibe kitchen ;
found a candle and lit it, and ar?ni hack m'o the
bed room ; took twn walle'a and a h v-?km, witb
ertne change ta It, out of hi* poegein; went out
to the bll' hen. and Calhoai timk (in>|e *ilt of
ifce dra war J broke open the eheal wiih a aledjje,
aad niimnagad the paper*; Oalfeaan too* a bottle
of hfaadf out of ibe cupboard and we a'arted and
area! hack on tbe mountain ; wnea we bad (one *
little wayn, 4 aeked bim foreome mug 10 drink, he (
aid I'd |ol enough ,and mnet looko >i how we dratk
, or we should set down; went to the *hant* and huilt {
a fire ; tbe ladiaa bad not iem th- r* ; we eoanted
, tbe Money ; there waa 117b $l*> in all, ffll) ia
,|ald. a fr? halloa Ibe Hndaceport liank, tha reel in
mall cbaage ; we dmded the moaey ; Ailed Oal beaa'a
boitje with the brand* we ta-m from Whi'r'a;
( toot Wbite'a bottle and w? at bom- aad went to
Mri; la Ibe momma I draaa the rem of the brandy
ud threw the laMtl* ia the hro*b and *rohe it;
nftor break Hiet I w?nt np ?o CaSh'a; met < "ahh
aaJCaJhoaa; they ctaie out of ( abb'a aad wrat
out to the saw m il; Cobb H-ti'l w-- (,?,) Hour well.
b?y?, we were blood#, that we had Hid it u^iiver
the rud. We nad? up our imiiiI-i to He *t out -h.it
day; went to we th? Indian at hi? ananty on the
nn UDtatn ; found he had been thrre nn<t It'll aornn
pork and bread; then d-vided the money ngfin ;
Oi hh look a little uiore thuu i-r.eihird; he took
the 64) dollar bill; wr utarted to jfo to Sa'e?' to
find MecHSM-th ; got d< wn to (he road and beard of
WhU?'t> death ; changed our n.indH and concluded
not to clear out, l?-?t wr i-ho'ild tf wii^i-lnl and
followed ; did not find Mruai-neib ; Cohn and C <1- i
houn weni home; I went -li-lig With norne men ,
down to Mr. White'*; went mm the knctten, '
turned round, catn' out nn<1 went borne Next
day (Monday.) 1 nuw Metianeeth and 'old him
th> y eu>.}iectt d uh, and would probably arreat aad
exuu.ine u?, an to where we w?re on -^Hturday
nighr. H? lold me to bury (he mouey I hart, Hint
ke- p btill. We agreed to sny, on our emuninntioti,
that we went to u little run near the mill; I dr.ink
with him uid tie went tmuth. iowhMh ihh home,
lm/4 1 Umltf niirt KaIIi? Ay Uf Klltl UK > In at'luP I ku
elimination, and anked him it the bo?- h-id given
him any of tke money ; he amd not. 1 offered to
divide nnne with him, hut he wcu d not (>?k^- nion?
than a couple of ahillu ga, for the* wo*ld follow
and search him I wcut to work pi'ii.g wood;
when I canne home, Tueoday evening, Irmn work,
faiher told me Cobbanr4 Calhoun h id iwca arrest* d
in New Ycrk, and brought hack to Oolebrook. I
mnde an excuse to go out, dug up the nt >uey I ha 1
buried, started, wandered up to Whitehall, jD Nr?
York, was arrested, lodged iu jail, ?m brought
back to Colebrook, and here fain. Am twenty
years old; born in Colt-brook; aruuaiiited wnti
Calhoun one ye?r, and Cobb ahom the mum* time,
I lived at Lkity'? hi the time of the murder; bo ,rded
with Geo. Scott, my broth. r-io-l*w ; Calhoun
lived at Cobb'a father's; Menas*> ih liv-d ou ine
mountain, in a shanty, two mi es from V.Vhi'^'n.
(Here several imprro, marked Noa 1 and 2 were
exhibited t? wttueaa ) 1'npera marked No 1 were
brought to me in my cell in jail, in a hook ; those
marked No 2 were wrapi>ed around some ma'che*,
arid Hung into niy cell by a man named James, who
has since left.
At this stage of the proceedingH the Court ad- '
journed until the next morning at 9 o'clock.
c..i k I."- ? ..r ij ; 1
Kim.ii'ai, v a * a(i iiuun n'II ?'I i >*" njH 'lliu
Balcomb resumed ? Croafc-exatnmed by Chupnun
?Subject of testifying in tbi*c<is? first meiitionrd 1
to me by Mr. A?a White, brother of deceased; he '
told me to keep my teanmony in my bent, ao tb.it 1
1 could tell the Btory here ; hud no converetlion I
with ?ny one el?e on the subject ; employed conn- 1
fcl lo invirf m' ; knew nothing about Ihw ; ?m
told 1 should he proved guilty ; my count* I did not >
say it would be of any advantage to me to pl<-ad
guilty; they advised me to tell the truth; they told
me u would be better for me to plead guilty ; they ,
fnid they could tell me nothing for certain; I ?u
advised by my counsel to plead guilty ; w,(?
told l>y my counsel th it the State Attorney had
promised to line hid influence, for what I h id d'?ne, {
to procure mitigation of my punishment; this c?uverrution
took place before 1 went before the ^innd
jury ; Calhoun, Gobi). Meuaa-eth and rmaclt h id
bren arretted for burglury, for breikiug open
White'# house, on the Wedaeadny night t>?fote
the murder: Ctlhoun only waa rtamiued,
not discharged; I waa wituesa in behalf of the
State, on his examination ; awore I had no knowledge
of the burglary : waa asked where I wm
Sa utday night ; testified that I went to Mure'a
n ill thnt night to pliy checkers; Mr-ntwth came
along; 1 went out with him; draua and wmt
home; aiiid 1 did not see Cobb rr Calhoun that
uipbt ; said 1 did not know whather eithi-r of ac- j
CUaed had i>art in the murder; I conimi'tedperjury
tb?n; 1 told lie ; hsve told R L lleech'-r and
others thit I knew nothing of the murder; 'hiuk it
was n? ally !2 o'clock when we went to While's
the m^ht of the murder; a bright, moon-bmT
i-ifhi ; the outer door to the house w?? not lock'd*
the b?dr?iomd>or waa opr? ; think the hemlock
ciui> ? Aiiinuru in cuun mr on? i ui?-a u.i in?l >>c- |
rxKioa ; no rrcollrctiaa of breaking it; hiw Cilhonn
?'nke the tiret blow ; hetrd htm Mrike the
midihI blow; don't k'tow when I hit Whit* ; when
] atruck I could wr the figure of h m m, but not
he d ; went into the br-droom uf i-rw tr.li with ?
li^ht ; did not know whether Wlnte w?, or ]
not ; w hrn 1 mruck him, did not intend to kill
h<n> ; 1 wiendid to ?tun him ; I h?d dr-mk ihrea
time* ; w*? nut drunk, hut uud?-r ilie i tiuenre
of liquor ; don't thin* White would h iv?
known Chlhoiio or mjeelf; hm po?nve we *.?* no
perron hi iioiiik to and from White'* the ui<ht
of the murder.
Henry Ch*>epwnrn -L'Tfd in Cill>ro?k at tima
of nnidrr, with K More; tuidrd h 1 w - nil II < ?u
Saturday outfit Halcomb came to mill about darK;
M'i'ii at'rr he wiiil up lo Mr. I'm w?it iV huuw;
afirr a tune, returned to mill wi i> V4r Kiihb.in;
eoon a'ter Men; meth rmiic to mill; he ?l?ik- to me
fiipt.tlirn lo H-?l.'.?nih, end they w?-nt out ?o*eih-r;
llit > leit nboui 20 nunutes to 11 o'clock; m* nothing
more of them th it r>iuht
(> lamination e'icitf d boiliing of importance
Wn'ler Album (colored) *worn ?Li<"* m'-lulf
rr?'le from Cnkk'i; on the diy of murder wrql CO
^atdi?ti< Id witli Me?n??eth; ?oi home ?imhiI aund
wn; about dark Calhoun c?me in; Jvlare-n
10 and II o'clock Meoae#cth and I 'alhniin l?ft; M'-n???eih
returned in linr 2>i naiuulea, and w<ui<-d
inc to lend him halt-inm b"fl? ; lent him on- ; he
then ? hi?pered lo me that he w<? uniim to <'a'l <>rnia
on Monday momma; 'h?i he honta h*ve *on?e
ii.on'y h^fore he left; told him I' wa? laie, h? h,?d
Im t er elf jr all niKht; n*td he could not; bia buatlieia
?m >uch In mu?t
< . j Ct vr ?.l. . i i
, ,-f . nir
iha' liny lot tin1 hr?t time, that n?- wa? t'ltni; to
California; mM he had b?m ?'rt?r?fi half he m>iM
runt*, and hia horn'*; did not m-ntion
ehntit the California mil'rr in mil lmM'iiiii)r nt
Col^mok; (old it fir*t he ore the (?r*nd Jury.
Maty Amum (adored) ??om-~l! <Jh<>nu and
Mmnwfik cam* to iiur hi>ui? n>uh> ??f murder j l?ft
10 and II o'clock ; m? M>-a<i*arth , f%lIikiiii
and OMi on Sunday mi>o.ia<, ah.itt 9
o'clock ; trmninrit around our hrnic until hilf!>? :
three; (tuin'm' leatimony i">n'nwil, h it
aiih>'anlially cofTohoratinf that of her huatMtid imi
hn rxamination in chief )
Mra Lurrrtia Sim??na awurn? ) the ni<hi of
thr murder aa w (2alh?un and and M-o?a?eth, ahmi
9 o'clock, in the yard of Arnum'a houae, talking to eiher;
wet* tlfl* about 20 minut*a or m ?re ,
?'a h"i'ti wrot aouth towarda More'a iawinill;
Mmaaeeth went into Arnum'a again ; a?w
Calhova and Menaaaeth n?*t day at Arnum'a;
liavr rrrn thrni many timea talking m^rih-r
L> man H? Ira (colored) a worn.? W?a at home
in Colehrook on the night of th- murder ; M-m?eeth
came to mt houae that nifht, ahnut a quarter
to l?>l?r ; aaid he h-d heen on the mountain to
hia ahanty to fii<d hia wife, hut ah<* waa not at
h? nie ; hia wifr waa at my hm??e ; he m-ationed
to n>e that there waa a treat etriieaimt ahouti
he wr|| to bed between 12 and I ; hrtwra 3 and 4
he got np ; I a ailed him what he got up ao ea'ly
for ; acid it waa day liftht; he then a-k'd rn? wife
?n> r nix nimii pin? * ip . nr ???*? n *i?n ?i'?i
h> wm (?in| to hi* Khun*? on the mnuntmi; '%lhoim.
Cohb aitil Kalcomh cam' to n? hiiuiw ahoat
II o'etwk Sunday mnniiif; raid to m? h?
mi) heard that Rurnirf Wliitf *< nanl'rf>l; utid
he ?aa aorry they had mutilrrrd him twfore e|.?c.
ti<n, for be w?* a food drmm rit; aaid h' ihnuld
liketo aee the old corpae ; Calhoun Mid he would
like in ?n up if he fend any rlothea that were decent
{ left my houae ?So til h-ilf i>a?i II.
Croae-eiamined ? Never Mid that Oohh *u not
t my h< uae with Calhoun u l fUlrnmh.
Mra. Adeline Mm (colored) ??iir?.-Wifr of
1.1 ran Nile*, f NVitneee ape^k* la Ml low a ton a
that your report* r ran only eatrh a word now ?ud
then HHe ia underatowd, however, to corroborate
the evidence of her huaband 1a every eaaeatial par
twular ]
Charie* Pre water nwnrt - Lived at the time of
the murder near More'a awmill; Halcomh rame to
tm booaa the Eight of the murder; after <<(**-r we
|.layrd rheckera; he then wrnt 10 th? wmill j
a>?'?t half p?at ten aaw Ralconth and Men^naeih
joirg from tbe mill; alao, ?aw another perann ?it
' ! ui law arm iir- rv'Mfi; Qi'i n?i innw
thr third f? I ?o n; the lhr?* talked t.w. tb?-r n tfw ,
niioutea, and th?-n wrrt down the rmil <>?( of ?urht
rrmw-eiemmed ?An no< iwMitive m to the
id?nti'y of Kalrrmh and M?oiae?th
Mr ???rn ? KfiMf at Mr. Whiting'*.
?hntit half way Iwtwra M-?r?> a*" milt and
Whnf'ij o? the ni*M of tke murd<*r (^i pia*ed
the Hmier between 9 and 10 o'ftork, |nm( toward#
in fWiberV nooB after heard aom* one pa-*. *?inf
the other waf 5 1 ant 4 oVIork in the
mon>in(r. heard nome on# mm nun, going ? w?r4?
(VbbV; wan unwell that aifHt.
Crt?an-e?aniiB',d ?Am p?wtti?e no to the IdeBtrt?
of <'?Mi. aa 'He fin" peraon who p<<?-d
ftfr. aad Mm I.oomia Whiting g*te in nb?imhalW
the earn* erideace aa Mr Keep
Harlow SimoRa awora -Wm at White'* Hon*
ib? 4ay after the murder; M? the hmkea hemlorh
rbih in the bedroom; on Tneadi? mfht earned
w air at chih from WhiVa h"i?e h<im? w th me;
do ant know what Hot her?m? of H; abont
F??r feet loitf; iiw the name et?ih King on lb*
font the dav af?erthe murder. (*hor? walnut elub
llkWI tllen ) Think the rlnb I e?rr??d bom*
nutkt bare been ewt from tM*
JoKa Hpeur* r ivori- !??w waJnut olub is tb*
ncrih room of White'a bonw the day after tba
murder; about four feet in lenath; think itwu a
litiie Urver iban the suck exhibited here.
Thnu J IVnuett eworn?Know Menaaaeth; mw
him ihe Sunday morning after the murder; ?ii|>ii??rrl
he had come oft' the mountain; he
nadlv; niy boy inquired of Meuntaeih why he went
lenie; hi- h?id Ik pot drunk the night before, fell
down, and eptained hi? ankle
NeihdU WoodrufV, aworn ?On th? night of the
nmider, beard tw?o or three |>erai>na p.i*? m> huuae
goiiig Mfcinh. about 12 or 1 o'clock.
G?o. F. Divvie, caeliier Phu-nix Rranrh R*iik.
M?on??(State Attorney exhibited three papers,
two written wnh pencil, and one with pen and tuk,
to witiieh*,)? I think the handwriting on the three
pt)|?-it ia iliat of one |<eraou. Witaeaa <ave reasons
for ihe opinion.
( ourt adjourned until to-morrow morning at 9
THIRD dat.
Friday, Sept. 6.? Kollin L. Beecher aworn, on
ft-ball of prowcution ? Paper* marked No*. 1 and
2, retViied to iu teatimiMuy of Ralcomh, exhibited
to witneta Have otten seen the handwriting of
Cobb; have examined these papers, and think they
w> re written t>> the same hand, aud that the handwriting
it- Cobb's.
Cross-examined ? Have oersr seen Cobb write;
at hd interview with Cohb he virtually adui.tted
hiving written these letters.
[ Wtiur fcHvr reat-ons at length for thinking the
papers in Cobb's handwriting ]
Abwt-rn Chamnerlain sworn ?These papers, in
mi opinion, nre in the handwriting of Cobb.
Jitied Foster, Km)., aworn.?Testified aa to nme
fact* ah Mr. K. L. Beecher.
Counsel for prosecution then read the several
papers Uiaiked Nos. 1 and 2. They were written
cn Iiipe of paper, and addreased to-'Ben," without
signature. All these were to the same parport,
earnestly remonstrating with the person 10
whoiu ihty were addreased, (alledged to be Benjarum
Balconib,) against testif) ina< in the c>tae, aad
promising, if he would not testify, that the prim*in
rs would yet be cleared. "Ben" was also
earnestly requested to iaforni the writer as to what
he had already testified, and a threat used that the
writer would hang himself wilh hia bed-cord before
trial, as he would sooner do so than be tried,
si d hung up afterwaids like a dog
Milea Bidwell sworn.? Was one of the officer*
thai took Cobb and Calhoun to jail; on the journey
we stopped at Wolcottville; the boys went
around the horse-shed into the privy; I followed,
Hi:d ovetheard the boys talking together; Calhoun
mid, "We have got into a devit of a scrape;"
Cobb replied, "By God we h*ve, hut if you hid
d< ne as 1 told you, we should have been out of this
scrape, or out ot this place." This waa all I heard
at ilie time.
Jsieo Foster,F.sq .recalled.?Soon after the rising
nf lh. I . ..l-li. n.r- ? I ?>?r Mr Vl/n.i..
be arked me what my Kill was; wwr.ted to p*y il;
took (iui hia pockethook, op-ned it, and t?ld uti* to
C('Un> ot! ili'' amount; ih counting nil the money I
( unit- to a $ftO hill; did Dot notice tin- hill particularly.
r*cept that the word "tif y" in ih<* centre of
the hill, at the lower ? dge. waaiu very large lettera.
[A (?4) hillt n Bridgeport Bankrhown witnt-a* 1 The
gt in- ral h|i(it-Hratice of thn? hill i* like tba'; (have
arm White have gold coin a number of time*
Cro*<-? xnntiued.?Waa couneel for Mr. White;
don't know that he had mmy enemiea; can't aay
whit hank the (?0 hill wmoo; have examined MX)
01 TOO hill*; hate never irea hut one or two with
detiMMoatiCD in mch large letters
Mi*? tin ira Bettys sworn.?Live about two
ndlcs fri m Hernia White'*; have done threat d^al
of work tor him; did the Mat woik for hun three
wi > k? hefoie the murder; waaat buhouxe one day
that lim?; t>aw hilli have eoinr gold money, ten
thgle* Hi>da number of hilf and n'larter eagle*;
? Lou Id think mx or eight h llf eaglea, and ten or
twelve quarter eagle*; have ?eeu him have gold
coin before.
Janiew P Whipple recalled ?I let White have
two five dollar gold pieces a v*ar atio; tfwe was a
jaleof hemlock ai d htrd wi <>d nearthea ill; (a liinkor)
club nlx.ut four feet long aud one im h hi di
ati.eier. fhowu wituear) think iht- w iy the on* I
Hi? iii North'* tlKim the d?) after the m ir ter; It
*li od ne?r ? client that had f?e< a broken ouen.
( i(?ii-t j miii'd?The old man kepi liquor to
ii, unik-inim n, irom iTir / ??>? ?> niir, ih?i homu
flMi h*?) h? m found in 'he hou?", ali?-r th'- niurdrr,
*11 hi MlY?r, ficrpi h ?A liom pifrr
Pnni' lH d'ftwil h?p two
{If. v ji'cxr, American coin, fir?t part of Nat
Am White sworn ?Am hulfhrother of thr dec?
i m d; hi thr Iiiium> on J?und-iy morn ntr, ? > u' 9
o'cli ck ?iw ihr |4x krt hook, r?hihit?d Iterr, I) inn
on ihr kr<h? n fl' or; one cn?t biokrn open in ihe
kit< Itrii. ud ^aclkcr in the ninth room; let inf
br<i||fr liMVr two gold ruglri. I <st fall; Haw til- 'oujf
hirkriy < lit, i xt.ifMlr.l Itrir, in '!? uoith loom.
l4<r>i zo i> t ii'ouni.^f, ot n w York, >*11111?
L. i- al No 2f*t tijihih avrnnr; am now conductor
on IlarU-m ml road; i irrr?trd 0?f>b on thr *'h of
airil. miki got m limn hy iti?' n-mo* of ivim-in to *rf>(
( xlt oun: fouiid th>ni in Chi>?I etp*rt in ihr
nf* hnv* n train; took ih*m to t hr poller otfi<*r;
?chirlit o th? ni. nbd lound on Cobb a $30 bill, 'hre*
$t go * niter* ? n<1 two $10 koiii (mr r?; ih?- $.'?)
bill, rihiborH linr, it Ihr onr found on (nil'k, i
n>a k> d it; [h? re |?m k-t Itookron'xia'ng >-< *-ml *l*-i?
?l>d bicury, thown witne*-;] foim<| thi-and
r> iii' i.i? on c?'t>b: found w*l|ri .?i,j $5 bill, ruhibitrd
h? ir, on Caikoan; arT??trd ih>m about 5 o'
cno, I i?i ; khkni win rr ne goi nm inooi'jr;
??'<1 h<* jj<-' >' I 'l Tulutofj think h' told mr
Tmitior livrd in ('nlehrookiC'alboun a*id he gut hi*
ii? lit > ol( l>b.
( i<>>? vXNiiiiRfil.'-I helnrged to the regular |M<iic;
Iih k tin n> ftnm the Ham h> fore it reached the i|'*i?il;
nil I he way In the police nITlce, I nek-'l I'uMl wli it
l i? i i n-' wui; he intH me it wu l^eenxo Cob'>;
hrni'thi 'hern hnk to Colehronk the d\y titer the
arreat; U th Wrre willing to come bae . ; did n it
?"h hii) rrqwei inn
L*re?.*t rmiiined ? Cofb told me they took the
lli i ?.'oi.ir or* f,?r New York ; Calhoun told rne
I ?.h"> paid hie tare and <??? hi in |A
f.dward Tmn'i>r ?worn.? I never let Lorenan
C??lh have 9&0 hill or any gold ; let him have $10
a ft w day* before rbe murder.
William II fcMowe n?nm ? Al>o<it Hih of April
?'#i dc?? cii cara from Wmated to Bridfe^tri;
?lieu lloueatoiiic rare eume in H? Cohh aud 0*1hi
uii n dm hcro?e to Yotk ?r*ia ; I made art
ie?i n i Die for their atteat, and look a aeat
Iheffl in the car ; I atked ( ohh where h- ?<
Uf; he raid to California; afterward* he ?nld me he
ai.d Calhoun were going up into 'he Male of New
York in w< rk id a tannery.
Wi i.rr* gnea on to mruhowlr testimony of officer
Ci n n ii f, relative to the arreat and ?earrh of
Cnhh ai d I Vll oun
Henry Simon" ?wm? ?Saw Bulrotnh Sunday
irorping at Geo Scort'* ; went up enk him a mile
end a half inward* Oatli'i; left him a< 'he bridge
thi di'e nf 0.?r?h'*, ahout nine or ten oVIiwk
John Old* ? worn?Boarded at t )eo Srotl"* at the
lime of 'he K'Vrrfrr; lla'romh nrcnptel ?nm- bed
with me ; ke r-rtw <o bed tha? atgbi between three
rd four o'clock (!.* ?newer objected ?o bjr pn
*on?r'* r our eel, hu< oh|retioo overruled J
Crnfe eiafinned.- Went to bed "bout aiae o'clock;
ef'er Halrnmh came home I remained awak* until
lleuhen White fworn? In bob of dereaaed; Calhoua
rame to While'* hou?e the M<>odav night after
'he murder: he went into the hcdroom wi'b
Mr Willi?ma and me- Williama tn<]air? d if a cheat
that ?a* there waa 'here at the time of lh? murder;
Calhoun ?aid that it >n not; thai it Bl??>d to
tke kitrheo; (Calhoun had tint been there hefnrr
nncr t?.e muHrt; father waa not in the habit of
fartt nir j hie doora at ntfht, ?*>en he waa at hom#;
don't kin w how much nowey ?< atolen from fatJwt
at tli# time tlw burglary trm rommittH.
Mra I.xura Jxro^ill ?worn ? Karw M'iaaa~'h
well; |i?r titty or nth>? to??a from hta ahaaty; ha
rante to our hnmr on ilir Monday moratng after
the mtiider; 1 raid " you ne*m to b? lame;" he replied
that he got drunk oa Friday or Saturday, aad
hurt hia aiiklr.
(*r?a?-eiamtaed.?-Hare known of hia being lame
Jf m |.h Wtlroi, depnty jailer, aworn ? Ro'h Cohh
aad Calhoun have told me that they took the rara
at ."h'ffirld to ||o to New York; aaid thay look
break faM at New Marlborough
Fraarta Mimona aworn ?Am aon of Narlow Simon*;
am fifteen )earaold; mw Calhoun, (^obb
and Balromh, on th> Monday afirrthe mnrd-r, j'tal
north of otir hoil?f: thta Waa ihnuf niNin iinn*t
ki > w h w I If)If remnin^d th? rr
A>i W'hiif t?-? ailed ? It ia about twelve mile*
frcm h?>u??? to Canaan depot; it ia more
than fif"?n milea from Cohh'e hnuae to Sheffield
drpot; about mi mile* from Cobh'a bonne to Wib??it
Here the fMnten A'??rney nnnmnced that the
teetiiprny r>m behalf toe pronerltion ?n rlooed
The Crurt i*.f? 'tTed the Conneel oti Soth aide* that
the trnt'twiny in the r?ee niai)* cloned to mnrirw
Tk' Court then ad|<>urn*d until to-inorrow
(Sautday) trtominf. at richt o'cl?ei
Hra W%|er Mlli-f, ?? vb?? an murk ha* Imi aiM
within the il't f?ar. rtlttln ta bar ?upyn?a< 11H b
nt Mte(?ra Valla. u< her ?l< p?tne?it *Hk n aan n?n??<1
*ak?r. fre? Wit>eheet>r *a . arrival at Drbntl MUk
M> tb? k'b ln?t. Ma?> h?f arrri >wm
tfbil btkit l IWIJ| bH dM.
The llaTina Opera Troup*.
The la*t peiformanee of tbU admirable Italian oom) [) ,
took p!?rr en Saturday night, at Oaatle Garden,
where the enthusiasm vurpaued any pepalar demonstration
known n the blftory ot rauile, In thin
trope Hit. ThU morning, the amiable and enterprlilaf
manager. Blgnor Pader. toother with the entire tutu
of artist*. roealleta, and mnnlclanf, will depart for
rnuaanpnia wnere mry win perrorm lor a lew alffnta.
Tb?y *1)1 next visit Baltimore, and theuce prooeed to
fbarleeton, from which ciij they will embark for
Havana, on the flrat of Ootober.
The Havana company came among ua suddenly,
without an; prwvloun flourish of trumpet*, In th? simplicity.
u wrll aa in the strength of their art and
power, and have made new triumphs every week ?
hating accomplished. in fame and in pecuniary suoeese,
mora than any other trmpt that baa visited New
York Max Maretiek wai the flrat to suooeeii with
hia op.ra company. Signer Pader baa done mora?ha
baa ooined "golden opinion! " At flrat, at high
prleea. tha enterprise, luatalned at an expense of twen.
ty thousand dollar* a month, only promised to be one
without loss The deeiaioa of tha manager, however,
to make tbe opera popular, at an admission price of
only flrty aents. proved a judicious one From tour to
aix thousand persons bave lUtened delightedly, night
after night, to the great artists, and the publio taste
baa txtrnded for this kind of entertainment. This 1*
not cur prising The oompany la, la numbers and
talent, much larger and more powerful than tha usual
opera companies of tbe groat Buropean eltlea, a* tha
list ot principal performer* will show
Hti'PaDonl,1 Balvl, >
Homo, Prime donne. l.orinl, ' Tenorl.
Trdisco. ) Tletti. )
C. Vlettl, ) C Badiall )
Coeilnt, ) Vita, Baritone
M m I iii. Bun Collettl, >
Th?lr flrnt performance In thia city, en the eleventh
of last A |?rll. at Niblo'a Theatre, establiahed tha great
fact, that they war* auperler to any troup* that hu
viaited tbU city, Mnoe the daya of Oarcla. Marlnt, m
Attlla; Uteflanonl. a* Norma; Boalo. aa Lady Macbeth,
flalvi. aa Kdgardo ; Tedeaoo. aa Happho; O.VIettl, aa
Ari-ac*; Co-ttnt. aa Adalgina, Lorlnlaa Pollione; Vietti,
aa Krnanl ; C. Badiali. aa the fassart ; Vita, aa BeU
core ; Collrtti, aa Ralmondo ; have eminently distinguished
themevlvee. while, in aeveral other r&Ui. eaeh
baa triumphed abundantly, in tha highest sense of
oecfM. A fur appearing at Niblo'a and tha Aator
Place high prloea war* tried with tolerable anoaeea ;
bat the profltabla aeaaon oommenced at Oaatla Garden
on tha eighth of July, ainee whioh time tha moat perfect
aueceae hae erewned every effort. Th? history of
tha whole aeaaon haa been one of trlampha. and tha
vocalliation ha" been crowned by one of tha moat
richly deeerved ovatlona erer chronicled in thia metropolis
Bottealnl. upon the double baaa. ia another
Paganiai ; and we dare to aay it, without a rlral In
tbe world For several nigbta past, he haa enohantad
tboucanda by bla wonderful mastery of the Inatrumi-nt
er*atiD? an no< xamplei amount of enthusiasm
The manager of the eumpauy proposes to rtturn to
thia city In April next, with aren a auparlor trout*.
We have na doubt that the ntmoat success will arowo
bla efiorta. and ahonld all tbe arranfem* nta now le.
signed for a large opera hours be carried oat during
tbe winter, we doubt not that tbe harveat will be a
rich one for the enterprising proprietor. With a mag.
nitiei nt eatablisbment on Broadway.at popular prioee,
tbe greet talents of tbe Havana company will never
know an unprofitable night High talent and low
I rices fcrever' Now for Jenny Llnd hurrah!
Tfca Jenny Mud Ticket Aartlea.
The report oi the auet? n on Saturday, ol tiok?ta to
Jenny Lind'a first roscert. publl-fted In ye?ter lay's
lit aid hssiiciud a |?oil deal vt ta'eieet In the city
and 'be eoettnn is the su*jeot of coo'itrsatlon ererywiers.
partlrularlj in r- lerenee to' he Hi at tl k?t. pur 1
rheeed I y O-niu tbe batter, whosu est tbllsh<n?nt la
?eit door lo Barniim's Mus.ua. In Hroaisrey. Noma
nj It I* ? joggla io<l tfc?t thcr? h?* b?o *u undrM?p>tli<K
bfl?r?n him atd H?rn?m But th*t &'<*?
not rrouut l< r ih* " bid* " mml? h j Or* other*, *b<>
*11 ???ni?d imilnuf .to |ft It Tbrr* I* a l?tirr *o!u
tlon of tba o ytlirj than to charga It to P?t?r Funk.
It ? not i bat i h?- flr*t?hal?* **i on* Iota bo' U r than
tba ?fr< D<i, ?blch cold fur twenty lf> dollar* or than
ati<>lh*>r. ahirh l??ng *ftrr*ard* ??, pnrrb*MHl adjoin
ion t .? tao bun< r>>l and t?i nty-firo dollar *??t, tor
< n d> lUri for In point of fart th- *-a'. nl>it>4 b;
Mr Qr*l*. right und?r *k-r? Jean; l.md ?iil *t*ad
vb> >b? fii>ff* I* h; no ui<>aa? th? t>??t **?t an 1 t*l t
thi Iff ihom tbat Mr <i*t>ia I* far *r?at-r ?d*pt la
bai Baking tb*n In nmlit; and ?* m?jr at I, that hut
>ffj If* )Du*ril t ji?l*a?n>1 la llta It.** J
! tb> cbolor *?at* for whlrh th?y paid *o hi<vth-b?l
j Mil b? log J*t to ba cold But Oanin voi'd not,
I prohatily gl va t'ir>? d l ar? r??o for a arataatb*
tana to b?ar tba Nightingale ?tng. If kr had not *oiu?
otbrr rhjfrt In tlft than tha pl?**ur? It ooa'd glra
bin. Wo will ba aakrd ah it ran that ol-jart ha * Ifi
an?*??r? Oniln ha* frund out a aairrt hy ?hlf>h a fa?
B'ra In thl* el'j ha?f r??ll??.| l%?tf* fortune* II. hi*
fc. (lit. to alujjr tba philaooptiy of alr*rtl?lng and
6?lng an ant-rprlalng fallow ha ttlABlI'.?i| that ba
would teat tbe truth of I ha p'll<>"*phj bjr a pra?tieal ap
pllr*to?, and n-eolral toglre flr* hundred dollar* fur
thecbolce *?at In the whole bniw to Jenny Mil'* flr*t
coarrrl. rtlbrr tbau I mm an fin* cb?ai? ?'
lug hla InWMta On* f?atl*tu*a ?-k*l li'.u ?'>y b*
i>" m Birh for tlskat an I II t? not a fan| for
do'Bf "Ho;" Ml I b? f ?)! mak* II p?r'r
Aimhtr ram* op. lina?1Utrlr afiar th- ul? an I of.
farad Mb )Mi pr? *11 a in oa It. If h* weald tranafer II,
aad allow kit naa> to to fnMh to the pahli* ?< tk<
patrhatar U?alo raid ha woell not (la* It f*>r **0?
W* hare lb* aa ?rat of th? Tela* *f lb* tirk-t la (ha
part af tb* hind of man who war* hi* pkl?f e<>ap?ll
toll for It Thaf wara thro* p?'aat nvjlnia* do>t..r?,
be b??? B)?J? fortaa** bj adr*rllalit( an I r**ar4?d
tbla a* trump rarl. kaowlaf that tba Dana of J-a
y Llil wt old attract att*all*a all ar*r Ik* Maatrf,
aod O at tbelr adr*rtl*?ia?Dta l ain* noaaaflW d th?r*
Ilk woald ha lira la ba raa.l Uaolo ealauUtad that
Ibl* aartlna ?*old ba att?ad*d ha a r?>nrt*r fr?m tb*
ll.r?u aid thai If k* hoacbt tb? flr?i ab'ii,?? IkM
bla taBf and MtahllahBiaat woald b? ra* ?ri?d aad
nil 'fB? h. fi.r* a bondrad tlm ? < Bianj r?-a>l?ra
** It rowld by eay other < MTa a?d*rat*Qd
h* la (boat to folfc>w up tbl* l ira "O tba night of th*
r<*?*rt and that b* alll alt la tba fr?at of lb* aadiaaea
tltb at laaiaaa hat aaapand'd ntar hla baa4
Tralr It la a Taakra notion Tb* li.-k-t I* worth
llftttaklB * thlah ?* beta na* aip aiaad tb*
errat of uanla'a d*l*ratnatiea la be?* lb* * rat tlrkat
Hat ?>J did tha i*api? rha*r h'in an *?h?m?atl7 f
prr t*a raaioa* fir at trr hit lna?nu't? la a<?rartUlaf
lif I>afl?| for at l?-k at ta a ana*aft * mat thai
?aa naaar paid hafor*. *r*a la Rngiaad . aad aa*on1If.
Wrana tb* 11 rat ab?ta* iilra Ima th*
ffai l? a by a tra inman Aad h*r* ?? a capital
Idaa of Itaraan'i la pitting tb* p*npl- M?ii?*t
la hia aa; anil daaaraaa In aaka mi'iir;
W? hi" t?k?nlb? lm?M? nftml/ilai MliHty'a
la of tlrkata aod ? Bid that tl*il of Ik* aia?t?
atnra II oodaard aad tbraa hntoli. h??a t?k?n mora
than hall I ha tlabata a?M Th?y |?u'.>h*a? I Til nut of
1.4'AI lr**ll| natliiltr *n|tf In th? public at larfa
of UTt Tba fnliovlag labia ta h??a *lll
b?? >h? wbola itnuil at (laaaa TVfcr't
TVtaJ Cart .fa Prist.
"all ?? ?2I?I |> ll
?o??*ar4 HI Til 4 T4
lnl?l llntw 74 Ml If!
ArtotHoura 71 4'il I WI
Kaa Tork llotal ?4 41* >43
Total. TM 14 >0 |? M
Tablla at largo. d% M T? M ? M
*Hr???l?. 1.4ft Mil* M"
la aalralatlug Iba ?r?rag. prlaa* of tl*k?t? lo tba
pablla ?a fcara lnrlad?d itaala'a tlrbrt Tha ararafa
l-rlra. without that tim.t aoald b? ?4 Tba r-a-.a
Iba awiff prlra of tba ttrlara parrha?-d by tba
|ri ^rwtnr of I ha Nrt Torb IIM?| ta M M?h ) hwaaaa
tfca l?ar aaata la immy Llad a prlaata ho? mal 11140.
or)Mta*h Tba aait lnab"i aaaraaa prlca la that
(aid by Mr linird of tba Irrtai lloo?a aba ha<l
ordrta frnai bla guaala to obtala a a it b bar ol aboiaa
at at*
A* a at Mora tfeaa a foartb if. at all araala ana i
third of th? tlrk'ti ha? ;?t baaa >?ld tbara ara aa- I
naroai rbotaa raata to ba dlapoaad of. aad *a bara ao
?abt Ibat tba aartl?a *klrb aw adj'*urnad aa Satar
<'f. to a?ak? way for tba rabaarrai of tba Italian Opara
*' a.|vany *IU ba atIII mora aaaaroaal; a t?n<|ad thta
rralag . aad iboaa abo arra k*p< aa>; by tba rain,
or ab?, aoald not Md attb aptrlt na ftatardav froat tba
HI (at* rara to *M>ar? go*4 *? h?*r tk? tnrt
fc ?* "?l#htln?aj? ?*( <HI lM?
tk? ff?t 4*f't ,?/ *U ?? ftMrly m ??
fc*. fcy tkr tt?ni?oT Mr 1
k* l>? ?<* ? n? npynr ,
tvalty la k?*lf>ia? ik> b- tMk xl
TiaWf* AM brr* t? Uta ih? Of pertaaily H
tbat, while we would pre'-r the equality of dollar tlok- I
ete, and do choice of eeate. both hciuH It
rqnarea better with oar republican notlonn sad I
would be likely to bring more money In the end we j
ran Inlly appreciate the difficulty of Raraam, In the |
flret two or three concert?. to acooirmodate every .
body There la no doubt that ub1*m there were flzad
?t ate apportioned to each ticket, there would be great
contusion, aad It la equally certain, that there would
, be cormorant* te 'peculate upon ticket* It eold at par,
: and Barnum ha? every right te put the premium la
' hU own pocket lni>trad of theirf He ha? ataked a
hlrh rlek and had the twuraire and th? t?rt fx hrlm
Jenny 1.led to America, while other* failed to do an,
and It 1* but Jn*t that hi should receive every leirittmat*
rrctnipiiDM. lint ?i think that after one or two
Bight*, an auction of ticket* will aot only not be nenena*ry.
but decidedly pr^udlclai. We go for a dollar.
1 and no choice seat?, aid to that complexion it will
on* at last _
On* ot tka J*nny Llad Sony*.
Mr Fknwevt ;?
I>?r Sir,?I wild you1 one of the Jenny Lind
Songs, that didn't pet the prize. Don't you believe
it oaghtl If so, or if not so, please publish it.
or* corirntv's fi.ao.
Fling ont to the wind# our banner bright,
In th? wide, bin* air let It wave;
For. wherever Im seen Ita stany light,
It gleama with a power to Have!
To the North and Bouth. to the Hut and Weal,
It marshal* in victory'a path;
A beacon of hope to the wronged and oppr*as?4.
To oppreaeers a frown ot wrath.
Ood's henlson cleave to the flag unfurled
By the band ot Washington!
May it float la the breeie. till the whole broad world
Llea basking in freedom's *?n.
Let It flj|o'er the ocean to every strand,
Where bis restless surge* roll;
From the Isle* of eternal summer bland.
To the iee* of either pole.
Aye pointing afar o'er the Atlantic'* learn,
To'tb* Kden land of the West,
Where the wronged of all nation* may find a home,
With freedom and plenty blessed
Then out with our flag to the dallying breeae,
It* folds let the sun-beams kina;
Vor the >nn In bia whole long journey see*
No gladsomer sight than this.
Let It fly ?h?m mm in bondaga nine,
And their ruthleaa tyranta ?hail flea,
And tba tiring d?j-?t*r thail only ahlna
Qb t rara of the happy free!
Wa ere proud of nor flag, e'an proadllar rtffl
Shall our hearing bocoma aweil.
A# ? lift to tba Northern aong-blrd'a trill
To tba banner we love *a well!
FmLADCLrHiA, Augaat, 1960. D . B.
City and Sabatban Niwi.
Veaterday, Jenny Llnd accompanied by Mr Benedict.
attended Orace Church, and ?u greatly otruek
with tha difference between an American congregation
and a Knrnpean ?the former being ao oomparatiTely
quirt and tranquil
Tie following Incident occurred on Saturday. which
If only In keeping with her noble character Appreciating
the attentlonx of Captain Weet and bla oflneri
during bar peerage In tha rteamer Atlantic to thin
country, aba went on Saturday in the rain, In eplte of
e?ery remonetranoe. to the wharf at tba foot ot Canal
treat, to *<e him off and bid ber " good captain" farowell.
Hbo not only remained till the ateamcr tailed,
but wared bar hendkercbief till it wai out of light.
Tbi* la only ona of many incideuta that might be related
ot thia warmhearted girl who. amldet all h?r
tr umpha preerrrri ber unaffected linplisity ol cha
lacirr II IP DO wxnarr pat pir ar? no inxtoui to ?<>
b?-r Uo Wadnaaday cyaryona will b* grntlBad
Wo Irani that uairiagtr ?111 b?- perm it tod todrlra
down to tba gata of ('Mtl> Otrdxi and Mr Barnum
will h?( ?n lmmrn>f >*nln| plvttd o??r tha thnli
length of it- brldga. wblch will coat ? ' <> eo that
tb<- grand hall ran b? approached without tba lca?t
ri|<o>gr? to the vntbrr Tha doora will b? upan?d
at t o'clock tbu* |I>Id| three hour* to tnlet and
takr p<*f*?alrn of wall.
Tha flr?t r?*hear?al will take plac? till* day
Tba auction tor choice of place# for MJay't conritt
will takr plara on TburxOay morning, Imitcad of
Tuerday ft* before ailTertlard
It l? f"??nd on numhwrtn* tha priti at Oantle Oard?n.
instead of holding 7 ?*> or H UUtJ pemona. It can
only accommodate 4 M)0 with <ioinl?rt
Mr Harmm baa a large ?u(T ablating him. and La
Or?ud Kui.tb. Hrq , la'a proprietor of tha Manaioa
llou>> Albany, hjJ favorably known to tha public aa
a gi ntli man and a rrholar ba? hern appointed ti??'
gvra-r. factotum, and right band man
lila hap*d that gruU*tnen attending tha cone-rt
will t>r??Wa th?ui>el?? a with opera bat* or c*,?? that
cai> he e< t>?- nlrntly >ti<wrd away, and tbat ladia* will
dtr|? na* with lyi arli In ib> mom. in order that nil
tuny >ee a# wrll a* hrar the Mghtlopale
M r l?arn that 4lan~?m? will ba raady for tha una for
| blddaif at tba auction to-day. at 10 o'clock.
Ill l 'ft renc* t o a card In rtur ad?t*rt t*iair pMumm
' It til W ???ii that M?-?r? fr'nchtnil lltl?rtipi>lt
ih- rh?rc? in?i? lor arfmtMlon on Saturday Tli?r?
' will Lot "t rnum k? tny Sharon In ili? Mr l?artiun>
h?? in<lui*i> <1 t)i?t tho?? who purrha?*<l tl<*k?l?
on * < utitmj III bav? ih-tr hillli* ratur??d to th*m
?h>ti tb? jr t?K? Ib'lr tlrk?U TbflM air?a<l? ? Jd
?III h* clf**lr?r? d ? HI d nOcr 8 o'nlnck IhU looming 4'
tl? giktm of IM|?','?rOii. Th'H l? no doubt that
| tl ? Hdili'ii'ti "ill m (rml m ??? lo <?; inj
, that ihf d Ira fo li< tr Ihr m?t wnn<1?rfiil o<i)t<lr*?i
in Ihr vcrld will lr on (h? Inrmap till W?1nr>il<r
?< I'll g . and llifo abal ?liirl?ln I ol r*?m ?ioil??D ill
[ .|. tb< r\ty '
. 8. >ii d from bl? homo, on tba d?h Inataat (laorva
I W l>?nt? ?c<1 ttir<? and a half yra??, ll*ht pom(Irih'n,
Any t??r?< n lirloi latormatloo ta hn
?ril'u> pufiiu at No llu *?t KI?i>D(b itrtrt will
l gnatljr r?lk*? tbrn.
K?? Aff ivr >?r of ? r?ft?r* . i rut Pi??r W??n '
Iri i < ur lioi-xrt Silaay ha* lm*-aap!v?int*4 < ?p'* n
nf iba Firat ??rd pnll.-a In placa of Captain Wilay,
ahnaatrrni nt < (Krt haariilrtd Mr Wilay aaa* a
! damnarat, MrKllaay la a whlrf
Ci?t At* (I'rltirk nornlti ? (|r? ,
cut III <1 II W >IM HI n'vhll nh?|> M and *1 Va?ay
diwi, hut wii ii|n*nl<h> <1 with trilling ataman*.
Tata rttTril'VoKiila? r Aaana iitih* !?'?' ? ? ?i?tlf?<.
Ibla ?? *? I|-K at III pa'a Hiatal, eorna-t ?f Urai?"l?nr and
llmtd tra?t.
Tnr fWaiirr Itrrirtl. - TVr Pbelall't Faaflaal "III
llkr I'U'i1 *ii dfy Tmi pr'.raa>lnn will lutx tha
Pbakapa-ara lint. I i( It'elwk I* M . hi-arlia* Ibn ban
j Bar a I < ha r< d rapuhllran> t*anr? Ih'tn Th?-a< Knailallata I
ara ?.f d Iff mil i ?i|'n- tul l.nib Krannh ?d il-r mm
will h< *11*1 mil grand oratii n> Mlintfll upna lb* ;
i rl?bU nt m m
Kt? ?m - A r?ii; nf Irnir Uj? it* lioilltf cur
1 #lnn, aarta rippil' (J viici ln ?lt>tM<in la ?t?a N??t ,
rlaar and aa. ra plrkad up bf (hr u>l nf tha |il|nt
boar Jab?? Wllllaina, ?b? f.rtiin?t?l? n* lb* Mrlil?il
In Mb* In rmltr ih* m a aalnabl* nrrlH
Ki?i l'?i at? Cti at ?r 0??a tip Titoioi ?linn
fan in H M< raa )r?lilll| lulatal by Juatlaaa Hilllwall
and Mr)k?r Thl> nmit a a- la ?? -!'> i-n Aa'ar- I
day.li.rtba purpnaa nf hnrlai Iba ram nf Th imaa
tlnallli aha aaa hrnncbt ant of jail npnn a arlt of
AW<a? rraui laaoail by Judfa Mnr??- am mad* ra'araa
1.1 a at Iba ahaaaaaurt oa Matnrdty Th* d?-f?a4ant
a? aalakrat by tha t'lty I'nart In pay a fin* nt >v!*a?. )
and li' a tarai nf thirty day* laprt~<aimoot h%a|n|
ho ri>??lrt?d at tba Jul) l>ra nf aa4ling ? atp> <n(
fbr aala itlaa aa* <1 haaf Tlla aalaaaa ? l? Ukr a#M|
'I tba Mb i f Angvat aad tha d> f*ndant *aa pl?r?.| la
Iba- ruatntfy nt tba Phmff r>a that day anj by biai
|"rka<t np A ?rlt nf A?Aa?arnrp?t aaa hiiwaaa r, ab'alaad
by bla ar<na>al Nalbaalal Warln* Raij fmm llna
baa I J> hn?nn rntmay Jaid?a and D"?llai lHi?i(kl
op 'era biarlnf. Tba arinm>-at aaaad l?y tha daf n?a
in'bal ivraalun aaa. tbat t>c allaf nny ht to lia dl?rbart'd
on tha (tn>a?< abat bl? a^nt'a^a ?aa niat
rtd?t?d by Ika aaina aaaart ahlrh bad a??a1aW htai <
Tba haarin* frr arma raaaoa ?aa adjournal frnaa day
tn day until a parlnd nf tan nr Ibraa w?. A ba I a? I |
plrrd iniltf ailab llaa l)oal|a( aaa all'aad M |i 1
?p< n bla pan-la tba prtann a?abnr|llaa ra^nlrlxf <
Bn?**?r * Via' h? >il.| r?i .rt hm-lf ?>.i) in .en nf '
at th? j?li *hi?h h? i?4 J?ig' Jnhw?m '! ? a ?*m
IdrtaM' lla> I i|??M (M m?H?? <l?
?lat?? aa<t r?aiai>d?4 tlfca p'i?>B*r na Mon-lay or I I
Ta*"'ai ft laal *Wi* h? ka? >Iim * *> I I
flaad iirMI la?t Pa'urlay ?h?n l>? ? ? "> Hr?n?ht
< n? * ? ? a>^U?a?lna atat'd ?S??a Ttia >*a?aa<i
rf tha applt?att?a ihla iia> ihtl U?
Ml fruit ont Ik* t?rm nl lapr|x*B<nl law
mkifhaMliMt la th? of Ib? RkartV.
althrnik in) anttt'il la Jail tk? ?M? of
ttiat tla>? Tk? aolloa *a* 4.at?4 b?w???r aal lk?
0*f?r>4ai?t r'?-r.|?il
Titt iVat, HantaLti ? Tht# Mart It la atpaMad
*111 yrrp**4 " th ih? alvll ral?n tar tkl? aatralnf
op' t? ak'^h ?rr ra?? i>(roM4?r>M? laap^r'an*- Di?
fffal??> to S? murh ai?r? r??f.?rtabla for
j?>'t*a la? t?r* arid r?port?r? tkaa at tka aoaa*aM .
a> r l af ?k* Ina
Th? *? ?? ? Fraar -Tk? ?M Fall** la at '
l?f?ih r?a>? ? < frrm ?Ma t*rry aal an* Ih?
l?a ird Naraaa aktak ar? ?p?n<1t.l h?at> ara plf- I
la? aad r?<hln| I* wanting to maipl-u ih> eoaa*rik
t?i * r\1 (fill f. n* *im?i ? ??? ? >' "l-kl
' *11 ? ?!?< ffnin 10 until 11 ov|<w-t and tk? t
it llll 1ft t'Hiif | II thta wara <|rn* dutln*'k*
J'KfJ I >a<1 r? a ~< rt? th. kr>at? *nul4 K> well filled
"') nlftkt Dart** the ll?ll*n ip?r? th- VwU o?
ifc? ferry wet* e*a?t**tly rrowded la th*
Th* Cvot vka on tiir Smtmii Pa*?M4.~A
prudent** ?ho r?nw dow* from San Franciaro,
<n th# ateamer P?n?ma. informed n?, yeaterday,
'hat the ravagt? of th* eholer* on tint Mmra?f j
were tumble The pai??nf*rs h?d indulff'd idm)
fr?e1y in fruit* *1 Acipvlrn, which donb'ka* rrmtnhuted
to 'he aeTerity of the .liaeaea On the day i
before the ateamer rearhed Panama, the deatha i
were *o ntimeroua, and the mnateraation an frr'At, i
thai no proper attention waa paid to Ike ?icfc, and i I
the dead were thrown o?erbo*rd with lump of | ,
coal laahed lo them, hnt *o other attention win i
fi?en them Men dropjied down a*d died almt-t |
tmtantly. and ?n tia'-k laMed more than i M
hoar*, On reaching Panama, every *owl fled from
the ahip, and it waa dmih'fnl wketker Ike o#i~r*
and rr?w cowld he collected to take her beck to ?
Su Friictiw -rtW* 0mt0m,S^1. |<
Sporting Intelligent*.
CsflTBSTILLB Couasc, l i1TbottikiiWedoeefef,
8opt Pum %b0, bUi beate, brut thr*e iB tre, la
Oeorge Young entered eh g Sorrel Ned. . .0 111
Inae Woodruff entered cb m. Fanny 0 8 11
t) Raynor eateredob g Bellm 3 SSI
Vim* -S:43* -3:41-2:43 -3:41.
Fir11 Iftai.? T*u?y we* tbe favorite agalnat the
field, at tvo to one, with the betting brink, prevloaato
the atart, at that rate. Sorrel Ned won th? pole, Fanny
the middle plaee, and 8?llm the outaide. They
were ctarUd well together, Ned kariag rather thebert
i.l It; bat Kern; went In front before be had gone one
hundred yardi and pawed the quarter pole two or
three lengths ah< ad, in 39 seconds - Belitn 30 yarda la
tbe rear On the back stretch. Ned broke up thraa
times, and was at least forty jarda btkiad Canny
at tbn time the parted the ball mile polo ? Sella) (till
Id tbe rear. Hound the lower turn. Ned opened klaself
finely, and gained rabidly an Fanny. Tb? Ma*a
broke In coming up tbe home stretch, and crossed tha
track. In spite of Mr Woodruff'* efforts to koep bar oa
a straight line Ned and the mare name to the aoora
with their beads elose together. that of the mare % little
in front; but after a brief consultation between
tbe Judges. the heat wax declared to be a dead ona, and
thetlnie2 42K Selim just saved his dUtaace. The
rule* governing trotting, n^lieltly say that crossing
tbe (rack In ceming to the stand must be puuishe-l
by dlstaacing tbe horse so off< ndlng In tbts instance,
however, that penalty was waved? and why'
StconA Hral ?Ned led off, the other* well up, and
continued ahead to the end of the heat, winning by a
couple of lengths. Sellni.ln this heat, went dnely.and
caair np the borne stretch In very gallant atyle. beating
fanny to tbe score. She broke at the drawnfee,
and see rood lncl'ned to leave tbe track. Time. ] A.
Third Hnu ?Boon a.ltr leaving tbe aaore, tanny
and Ned both broke up. and Belim led theiB fbund the
upper tarn until he broke up Ned recovered Brut,
and opeaed a wide gap on both tbe mere and Belim t*
the half, tb* latter having broken bis breeching be fere
reaching the quaiter pole. Fanny went very unsteady
during the whole of thin heat, and was beatea by Ned
forty or fifty yard* 8-11 n> notwithstanding the aeet
dent to his harness, saved himself trom being -hat oat.
Time, 2 42
FuunM II ml ?Mr Whelan now took Fanny la haad,
bar chanoea of winning being considered out while
ander the gvldance nl any ether driver, lie drove her
very finely, giving ber only one short run on the lower
turn, but sbe coultl not win, Sorrel Ned proving tea
D1U1U lor nrr uu mn itwiuu D**U|| iruil^U very
finely. Ha will make a rapid horaa with ag* Time,I 41
Union Coikar, 1. I.?Tkottinu.?Thursday Sept kk.
Purae H&O. mil* heat*. boat threo in Ave. iu baruaaa
George Young entered b m Lady Moaoow. 2 111
0 blmmlck entered b g Ton t'arnley . . . 1 2 3 2
J. Bomarlndyke entered b g. Pelbam dr.
Time, 3 36-3.S2* -3:3l>i?3 34.
Lady Motouw wai the favorite againat the d?ld. praviou*
to tha atart, a report balug current that Tula
Carnley wan lama, a Rail having been uieeorered and
| taken trom a tender part or bia loot. 11*. however,
exhibited fco algn* of lamenra* during the raoe. and
after tha flrit heat wai tha favorite , kut, when l<ady
Mo'cow ehooaaa to trot there la about aa much chauoa
ot aay hoiaa, mare, or gelding at praaant ou the turf,
beating her aa there woald be of beating a powerful
loeomotive The race however, gave great <?tl?lao
tlon to the goodly number* who wltnaaaed It dad it
not been for the lowering elate of tha weather during
the DorHtif of the rase, there would have been a vary
large eonceurae of paraona at the traek
Fit if Utat.?Frlham won the pole Tom Carnley tha
?erond place, and Lady Maacow the outnlde After
aaveral ineffectual attempt* to get Pelham to trot, ha
waa dra?n and the other* atarted for tha puree Tom
Cam ley led from tha acure round tha turn, but breaking
up. the mare went in front for a moin?nt. wkei
aha. mi-etiog with a aimilar accl lent again f.ll ta tha
rear Tlje horre trotted very rapidly down tU* beck
atretcb and led tba nm? about forty yard' to tha
half-mile pola? lima 1:17. Tha mara behaved badly
roundtha lower tura, fulling of aa much teat Mr
IMmmlck put the hi lue at the ton of hi* apeed with
the Intention of ahuttlng the mate oat. and tbuaendIng
the race Lady Mokdw waa ia-lde wbeu t'le lag
fell Time 2 at
Seterd lira I ?Tem OarnWy the favorite, at alight
odd* At the word. Tern took the lead, and weal to
the quarter pole, a length ahea 1 of tha mare. In thirtynine
eerend* Down the hack atretuh tha *p??d of
both nag* waa aetoniablngly great. Lady Hiinut keejlug
within a lrug'h ofCaruley Tl'ue ti half mile
pile 1:16 Knuud the lower turn tba mare rl<??| ta
Carnliy' wV.ael and lay there uaUl h? rwutel the
bome etreteh when ehe *t>i?ad b?rrell for th^ beat.
Hhe ranted the hone over hi* 'peed b oke hi.u iij at
the draw gata, and led home two or three laug h*
Time 2 3*V
7>t??f Href - The hor?ea wen* off at a eery rapid
rate, Tom leading; but tbe mare paired him and tmat
Lim to the quarter pole a length la 4 xwiiudl. Down
tbe bark etretch Torn <<arul*y went very tin ly lapping
tbe aiare and rending h-r l<> lb- h tif I a II > It*
nnlortunately broke up at tna' poiut aud In onati-e*
for the heat beritme email. The mare kep finely at
wi rk. ai d rkuie to the *<*ore in 2.31)%, with her eoap.
tllor forty )art- behind her
/euiM flol The n*ga ataited very aveu'y together
thif time but before go,ng many yard* the fine br>ke
up, and ere ahe t??avi reo, tho horre >a< f >Hy or Uf y
yard* ahead of her lie went to tbe quirt"1 p i e |.|
XV eera h<l?. and to the half ta 1 11 The mare, on I ha
djr | am Mr T?un| imIiik *r??i ear* >lili h r In iroM
nokkir brisk ik>- lo??r turn ?b* ??i up m lb*
I oraa f?rj ra|>i4i}. axd lapp*.l binj ? h? ri<g? ?a tn?
b. ?rr nr.irli nu<l lor I o b un<lr*d y ?' !? Ii?
fi I briar- lb? lii ?l" tUOat fh? intra
|t?. Bty'li l"f tb* fc.ir.* II* brut* up at lb*
lao Bill* and ah* lad but- tw
ab>ad niakm* til* lirtt tti 2 u4.
Omir Tbottiho Mitiii To Do ? A trotM"* io>itk
for (bUI allh ? puraa nf t !<*' ail<t*d by Iho pr i?r(?liir1
ill ??M* nfl him atvrnnon at Ik' I'titoa >5??r** r i*
rar* vill >'? tkl*'nil* b.?'? h-?l tbr-? la * #. ia
I arii? a* Tb? halnitg l'i ilhanr au l ?r? Imur
known U|> lb* rl??r tb^o brr* , but r???rl a|.-m oil
<( lb-in and Ih'j hat* b?*rn Ml?ar<l by |jr?al iifr
b? ra to ?t' n*?a 11M MM
CoMrftallan uf I ha %? ?* Prulaatant Kplaurrk
uf ilif kailclijr.
Th? urw church rdilict? U'tsly rri-ctrd in
Av?liu C, ba-twrrn I ifih urn! Blltb airwU,
citllrd I If IWrtliiil Church of tbo
Nativity, wna yt-Klrrdaf coaarcralrd by the
Kt. Hr?. Birhi>)> Whittioj>hani Th?- ?i>pfo^rial(
Hriir'i wrtr perfuruirt by th<* fii -hop. mniairrf
by K?*?*rrii<l llr Pile*, and Vln-K
llHhkilia t.artel, V* iiton. ?n.1 lldiilrr I'h l*amill
wrre read by Kr?. .H M H-?-kin? Tl?c a?rn
on wn? |>rrach> d h* Ihr ltiaho|i hiinaHf.froin ih?
IfXt "Fr?f Wild " Nr?i WrtBthr Urfinouy ol eo?.
firriiH'ion, or laying ?>u of hand* by ? ??
hiichtrrn p? rMUM wrr* n?hiinr<l Th** ort'/uiif
folio* id, mid thr whole wu concluded tijr ibe
rt a niuuiou i? rvice
Thr Cburrb of th* Nntivity i? amall edilii*.
ui In *ery ueaily arranged The aty le of ar<'bit?ciure
i? (itnhii-, and the woodwork in Hie m?erinr
is jaunted m mutation nfiMk. I lcrr i? ? m>ll
yalbry o*?r the |>nri h mid fronting ih- ihi.ic- l
The irgtin lofl in ererted on the u.<lh ?i le of th#
hitildil g, Jilel It the right of the reading dealt uJ
foul, and ofuxmitr In the iwljul Tlire uo
l^wi frilled in lhi? rbiirch ; thr <^at? are all alike,
Itee, the H?irl) being dfeirooa of defraying the
e||*n?eaof<-burrh nrivtcr by hrr Wih orWitga,
weekIjr nude al ihe kMIIW prayer The irwry
b??> oiurd circular riplninui ih*ir i>mmni< fof
ihr Irrf nmtiijilriii. Hiey olfrr?
will ofiennga
W> tdoyi lk> mruia of fr-a-wlll <>(Jrlng? *M||y
Bad* la |.i?lareoca to an? o bar 1 ?l <t t?
lu arroidini" with the direction <>f aa in<pir>n apoa'la.
fl*i a be blm If ??ura? n? a-t only to ih at ib?
lima idfrwHl hut to othart al*< IJf <n lha Drat
lay of i ? awk, l?t I'TI o?? nl you lay hf la at?r? aa
>1*4 balk ymytrril him tl IWau*? It >i< na
jtteatWiaably the in -da i f meeting Ik" iy*|Mrfilia
r hutch aai bar demand* of rbarity la tn? ilar* at bar
l-rimltt** | urity ?b?n her ap??t?lla aaa nple mm$
moat onbjr nf <>ar I nil lion *4 bx>?a? that In
thoa l??tonli f at tha offertory "hat wa?laatn.ha
>?ta la? nf Almighty 0o4 f>rth? p*irp .an of tulfllilof
ill* e>niilnlfi( of our l.nrd, to rarrt fnr?ard 'brmtgi
kit atid to all n?il?n? tha Mn<li(i of aalaatma
It (xffiBM I part nf aur r> Hgl< u? *nr?hip a
f|lrtl?| H(l?) frn?tl?4l? Ida inlril of <?r>v
II' ? u that In ?fcl?h *a oflar op r?uf paavan aad
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