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THM DAIL Y HLKALD. ts*milptr cam/? $7 par MMtM.
TUK WKMXL V HEKALD. tvery Saturday. at tmU ft ;
MM, m tifrr Jimir tkt ?arM>?i t+Utm, H Jmr ,i?wa,
< ??>v part of (irtal Britain, nmd $t Is My pari / Ikt UohUmnl.
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tmormlly paid for. Ovm Forrnh arm
PABTiri'LAtLv RaqcttTKi' TO Bbax ram LvrTsmj awd
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APVRR TisEMKXTS renewd m+ry J !
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BOWKRT THKAT&l. Bowfry-Tw ArBB?B?-Biii.B or
BBOADWAT THEATRE, Broarfway-MAeiiBrH-Dj? kmv
jrUILO'8 GARD1N. Broad w?y -Ti??r Bora? Jkabbbttb
4IU JliHOT-llOVl.
BURTON'S TQCATKC. Ckamtort rtrt?V-fr?? Sihn to
WATIONAL THBATR1, Cbalbaa Bqaaro?lliaur-T?k
B?bct*i Baicio???a. _
e**?D -La* Umiui?Qbako BiTaaruaaaitT.
LTHPIC-Tiluvi' Etbiopiab Oral Tioipb.
AMERiC AN MCBCGK?Auvbibs PtBromufa Arru* **
inr Btbbibo.
Hew York, Bandajr, M?|>temb?r "49, IH50.
Ttltfrmpklc 8hmbu)-Pmm|( of Name- ,
raw Bllla In Congraaa? Kxeltlng Bccnt). 1
Aa Ike time appointed for the adjournment of ;
Congress draws near, the excitement in Washing- |
ton, aa usual in such cases, becomes great, and !
both houses get through with the business before
them at railroad ?|?eed. In consequence of the
alarm en Friday evening, the telegraph was deluged,
and we were unable to gire, on Saturday,
Ike whole of the Congressional proceedings of that
day. Ia this morning's lltrald the conclusion of I
hem, and also, an account of the business transacted
yesterday, will be found under the regular
telegraphic head.
The Senate Luve been engaged principally with
Ae discussion of the Naval Appropriation bill. to
which several amendments were offered, and
which was parsed yesterday. We are pleased to
we that, after a hard fight, the opponents of
the abolition of flogging in the navy were defeated,
and that the proviso introduced by the Route into
the Naval Appropriation bill, for that purpose, lias
kefn concurted in by the Senate. It was full
time for that degrading punishment to be abolished.
Our seamen can now hold up their head* as men,
aad have no fear of hiving the cat and colt aj>piird
to their bade, a* a punishment.
The Senate, on Friday, passed the Fortification
kill, and receded from their poeition on the Bounty
l?*ad bill, extending its benefits t? marine*,
aptaine, and sailqj*, who fought in former war.*,
aad to all soldiers who have fought, and have not
heretofore been provided for. The bill, therefore,
aly wants the signature of the President to be
a taw.
The House was eery industrious yesterday and
the day before. They panned the Senate bill edtabyahing
collection districts in California, and the
hti: extending the judicial system of the United
States to that new Sute, and the Indian Approprlatioa
We regret to hesr that a collision occurred between
Senators Foote. and Fremont on Friday,
hat we rejoice to learn that an understanding
and adjustment subsequently took place between
It appear* that both houses have agreed to an
.Ilk. P..JI..I ...I lk.< L.- _..L ?111 1..
MI^IIMVU Wl UK V Bj'UVI, UIOl UK H?l? ? ill W
4onr under the direction of the President.
Oar readers will find in another column a long
Hat of confirmations of vurioua appointments
throughout the country, and embracing almost
very clats of office holders, fr?m judgea do wu to
U4* waiter*.
T** SITU acvsk Covvemtiok?A Ritori_?R ROW.
?After the tyracuse Whig State Convention
jm?aad a resolution endorsing the course purs ied
by Wm H. Seward, in the Senate, during the pre ant
aeaaion of Coasreaa, an the slavery q>u atmn,
wkr Preaident of the convention?the Hon. Francis
Granger?made a speech in which he diaeented
from the resolution-, and then resigned hia aeat, and
eceded from the convention, followed by the secretaries
and forty delegatea. They proceeded to
Jtuat'a Hotel and organised a meeting, at whieh
the Hon. Francia Granger waa Preaident and
Epenetn* Crosby, of Dutches* county, Vice-President;
Wm 11 Vanderbtlt, of llichmonl county,
ud T. J. Chatfi? Id, of Tioga county, were Secretanea.
A committee of five were appointed to draft
n addresa and reaolutioao for the mipport of the
whiga of the Slate, and a resolution |xtMe<l order g
the proctedinga to be published We aliall Uy
the addresa and resolution* befera our reader* tomorrow
or next day
Sewsrd, Weed, Greeley it Co., h?ve at length
vncceeded in producing a split and division in the
whig ranks We saw that such a s'nte of thiugs
Vu inevitable, unlesa thoee diaorganiwera were
"" "J * ? '???
wo anticipated, and matked out on i.evrr*l occa <>n?
The acceding m'mUr*, we Iran), raaolved
*o kold A convention on thf 17th of October, u?
Syraraac, and recommend primary election* to be
l??ld throughout the t*tatc We ahull *ee how
thio atiempt to convert the * hip^ of the North into
great aectioaal, black abolition p*irtr, will end.
Til TioriiJi in tihuor Ovm.?
The expoaure in Friday'a HtraU, of e fact that
tho democratic }<tate ticket had been laid U|?>n
tha table m aecTet aeaaioa of the t^cnrral Commit re
at Tammany llali, canard great eommntion in
Ike ranke of "the party" throughout the city, cape ally
in the democratic ward*. In eoo*e.|'?eacc,
?ke meeting of the treneml Committee that evening,
waa more fully attended Ikul any mace it*
loattcn At one time, nearly 60 ont of the 57
M?mbera were in attendance TV d'legalea from
A* 4th, I lib, Ifch aad I4ih ward*, ail heavily de BMraOc,
not one of whom w.i* present when the
tahet waa laid upoa the table, attended in aolid
tody, vrctferoua for it* eadoreement The outaide
eeliaf waa very atrong The committee wae firat
aaiap*ed in diocuaaifig how the HtraU got the
wewa a point upon which the membera who voted
ta lay t*e ticket on the table wrre m?at anxioun,
tat aa to which they can a?ve themaelvca further
Between 10 and II o'clock, Mr Hhepard, who
flered the reaolation* endnrvng the ticket, moved
to take il up. Upon the vote being taken, the ultra
taakera were beaten, 20 to 11* From enquiries
among the member*, we gather that thr yeaa and
aav? were aa follow*. though one or two n.ima*
m*i be wrrrfly ji?ra
fm rto U*? th? of U? taMa)?D. M*h*a.
w lain JiMti f i>tkl?7 rtorcaoa MiiOarllty.
J*ha W A??rT W J J*ai??C WltMt lltraa
fcitwt Earl. Jaba Marreaarr, John Tlll.y 1*
MtkvalU, Mlrt.aei Tina*;, Jiaci f Ual?u?l M
talik ffa It L 1 Bb?|v*.rd A. P *?aton.
a*a?l <) ?*<?! ia< Joha Drt?itj- SO.
H 1 I'kiilHiiiDBoa Km II ><>| a?
Jtha T *????? Jr.. Joe?ph Carnal). Tb' ?n%? 4.
Iwr J'taP M'Mktwn 0 Cohaa. Hdvar4 flrak*o
m4 * D Ct?A~ 10
tfcoaa t*ho YMed at the former merit tig to Uy
mm 'h? Uklr, Mmn. Cdwird C. Writ, II.
Hoot, Jo^jb M M Mur*h. Jumea J. Ri?o*e*r-l(,
lluMOftrr, Robert FWUU jr. M W. S. J*ck?on,
nd Joha <4*io, were either attest or no! roliog
FWt? tSemarlroa utterly routed. the ultra* gtrm
?f\ atd ihe rrtw lotioa, a trr Wing tu-nr.1 into
rroajer foA)r??m?ni nt th* ticket, *u adop-rd
wrikeei farther wnaitioa, n*m ra? The r?-wili
a, that the i*hhr?Uon? la the I trr ml* had the ?ft-i
?4 anaahia* the efpaaitioa i? the ticket la the Nod.
ad Riirug iu uiomou f?4cmwii > "(.Hd
Tammaiy.M So the democracy are %t tout united,
and very lively. Id gratitude, they will elect iouk
one of the /ler?/</'? reporters a memter of t!??
next General Committee, that the proceeding* niay
be regularly givm in it* columna.
H(W System mt Ocean la tro
(taction of Htrain Frop?lUn.
The AVtr York Herald it the only paper wliicli
has drawn the attention of nhipawners to the nece*
pity of adopting the steam propeller in their varioui
en'igr.mt ship#. An fur as the present lines of packe
ships are concerned, as Nailing vessels they canno
be excelled (especially those recently constructed,;
either in speed or beauty of construction. Tin
fame of American ship# for extraordinary apee->, i
still not only undiminished, but increased, by ever]
new addition; but, not withstanding this, there mus
be at all times great uncertainty attending their ar
rival and departure, owing to their entire depend
ence on the elements. This can only be obviited b;
substituting steam in place of the present propellin)
power. l<y the general adoption of steum, a greu
loss of time, and, consequently, money also, will b<
paved, and the health >-nd general comfort of th<
passengers materially improved.
Meters. Spoflbrd At Tileston, the eminent ship
owners of South street, have a vessel now building
which meets every requirement. In concluding t<
construct such a vessel, they appear to have beet
guided more by the claims of humanity than th<
wish to acquire either fame or fortune. They hav<
determined to adopt an entirely new arrangemen
with regard to the steerage passengers, which wi
hope will be universally adopted, as it most emi
nently drsures to be. Instead of allowing thi
steerage pe'sw-ngers, as is now the custom in ever]
rmigraiii unip, iu ly mnr un u iuou, inry wirui
to furnish them from the ship> stores, with gorx
and wholesome provision* during the voyage. Bj
this plan, every passenger will be ensured a sufficient
quantity of food, of a wholesome description
the want of which has been the cause of so muct
sicknet! and death in our emigrant vessels. Such
an arrangement, *kn generally adopted, will en
tirely prevent the landing amongst us of emi
grants suffering from the want of proper nutri'
n.en-t, and carrying the seeds of a fatal disease
into the heart of our cities, in the shipe of bhipfever,
and spreading death and desolation around.
The advantage to the emigrant, by the adoption ol
this plan, will be immense, not only in comfori
and cleanliness, but in a pecuniary sense; and the
various disdgreeables attending the preparation
and cooking of their own provisions in a crowded
vessel will be entirely obviated. The Pioneer (which
's the name Messrs. Spofford tk Tileston have concluded
to give thtir vessel,) will possess capacities
for carrying out the excellent idea of her owners
to an extraordinary extent. She will rate two
thousand tons, and will be fitted up with every
convenience for the comfort and accommodation
of all on board, that science can invent. It is estimated
that she will carry two thousand seven
hundred tons, drawing twenty and a half feet of
water, and will be built in the very best manner,
of locust, live oak and cedar. Her fastenings will
be thorough, with five kelsons running fore and
aft. ller engine# are building at the West Point
Foundry, under the inspection of E. Copeland,
Esq., and will be excelled by none in this or any
other country. The cylinder* are eighty-five
inch? s in diameter, writh a five foot stroke, the
whole resting on a solid foundation of at least fifty
nches in depth. Her ownert feel asaured of her
molting the pussage between Liverpool and New
York easily in sixteen days. She will ke commanded
by Captain Kldridge, late of the packet
ahip Kotcius, a gentleman iutimately known as a
thorough eon nmndi-r hv all in thr In hit nf ?nv.
aging between this j>ort and Liverpool.
Suck a veseel will be a moot excellent model for
the various passenger profilers now in fours#
of construction. The idea of furnishing steerage
\<c wnprer* with food ut a cheap rate, will no doubt
be warmly approved of by that class of emigrant*;
ai d we w?ul<i suggest the propriety of iU adoption
in every line.
As we have l>efore observed, if ahi|>owvcra wish
to retain the patronage they have for ao many
year* enjoyed, they muat prepare to adopt theae
kind of vestels. In a few month* the Cunard propellers
will t>e in operation, and also the New
York and Philadelphia lines; and it is not to be
sup)<>eed that any one would hesitate a moment to
chroee l?tween a voyage of from thirty to forty
dais and one of tixtcco, at the farthest, especially
if the latter could I* obtained, with the addition of
food, for a trilling advance on the rate of pis*age
money now drman ied.
Independent of the Pioneer, and another line of
two profilers, of 2,000 tons each, about being
built in this city, there are two of the same dimenaims
to be built in Philadelphia as soon as possible,
and all to run to liverpool. A line of three pro*
pellers is also to be established between Baltimore
and Charleston, and Wilmington, N. C , at an
anticipHted expense1 of $120,000.
We understand Messrs. Kingaland 3c Co , of thii
ci'y, for years ennsccd in 'I" Liverpool trade, ar?
having a large ship built at Portsmouth, N. 11., el
over 2,000 tons burthen, clipper built, and of suffi
cirnt strength to enable them to turn her into a
propeller, if necessary. There can be no doubt ol
the necessity of such a change, and the above firm
would save money, in more ways than oue, by
making a fropeller of her at once.
We would suggest to other parties in New Or
steamers l?et*een tbo-.e o im uu i l.urope, whethei
it *ould not I* adrieaMe to construct propellers
The emigration from Kurrpe to those citira ia itn
m?nee, ar.d the e\|-ena* of keeping the Utter clasi
of vmwIh a/lost i>> not to l?e coni|??fd to the coat
of paddle steamers, t**ides affording so much mart
rccm for fri >ifht and passengers
Ki??t Caroo or Fit tt.?The British ac'ioooei
Gleaner, Cspt. WKeudoa, which arrived at thu
I?rt, yesterday, from Mula?a, l-rouifht the firsi
cargo of fruit to New York wtuch has arrived thu
eases _
Kaprrsit (' art<
ca?k <>r rATitriiKK *. ri>ar.i>T ** kdwtn roanK-r
.'mice ft.d*srdi (ta?a hl? daelalon y*at?rciay ap<<a iti<
writ f nr iml l> >*'4 the writ or ?? /' / had hni
abr-i #h<d by the f l? and that aa h? #r>n?1l.*r?d th?
witt tor the arraat of iH? d?f??dant had not b>*i rean
larly ' tved. ttr order moat Nv that Mr torraat be dla
ehai/d frrm arraat Th? bond rntarad lato by th<
dal?k<tai.t sutl b? (Iran up. ba rallnquleblof all alalni
lor #ii( poaud danap* la lha saaa
Mr 0 Conor a? eonna 1 far Mrs Fsrraat. said, that
with'11' attracting to eomplain ol f>ia aonatraotloa
at the ?.-d? by tb? sonrt It aa?, however. aanlUal
that It waa a aoapl'U danial ot jaatlgr. whlah *h?
of a*.' rae. cenld aot avoid, hat. Inwatthu
that a SIB<mil opinion la this eaaa waa bald by othai
I <>*? ot the eupreir.* t'( urt ha (Mr (1*0) aonld
m<|r>t an aAdltlna to Ju<l|? Kdwarda oedrr aamaly
to thf fleol thai. In m lb* plaint inanould ?nt?r loti
?1 rr*l j'*t?rdaj. tb* nrd? r br -tay*<l antkl tb* ap
j-?*l tr-ai t>, i* inifkii Im b< ar J h?t?r* th* f?n?r*J
tfir 1* bo ??j M*U thi? roura* pr#jn 1Ipi? th* d*I
frrw'ant u lw Kl(bl Ix porimtud at *oy tliaa. by ?
Pf ll'Klii'B to th* art. u> to out I lb* dat* i wMli,
< n 11.- i thi t h?o4 thiraraa b<- ?o r*dr*a* lu Mn
Cortrit r? thl* 4frMm
Tb? C'l(? *ipr*Mad hi* Mi? that It thould |? b
for* i k* g*a?ral latin In ord*r that th* mm *b h
* * 1b*? rti* ml*bt b* d?*Ul?d th*r*
Mr K< hlBwn. th* I ?rt o< Mr F(rr**t. <w?m(t
Mr n rw(K'aNf|MII*M II* did n?* ** ?rby. If th*
C ?.%.rt h*?? *oai? to ? d**i?loa. tb?l tb?7 v?r* to ?u?
l*i>d ih.ir jud(n,*?.t Mr l'orr*?t W, la fa?t a prla>t
I* tV? flat*, by tk* ord*r af a? ???/. h? I* prafrtt>4
tran liailt) lb* Hat*, and partti-alarly from
f?'re to Philadelphia. ?h*r*lt la m*> atlaUr B?'a-aar j
that h* ahouid b* al.??>d tn ?o t*r tb* prapasaUaa
f r*l"r* *> ' *" rwjnlr?d f' r hi* rait
111* I ?<nrt aaid that tbl* 1* a Ittw atatuta . man]
?' ?! 'I j?dl*!on* ar.1 ahl* laatrra. ar* of rplntoa th.i
th? ailt araa ni t aholl-had bj th* rod* aad It kaa h?i
<nd*d In ?? * rcurt* that th* writ ha? h**a aboll-h
*d lathla th* Snpr**?* Oonrt. ??* of tb* juatlei*
iJurff" Kdmrad*) ?a* of '-plnlr.fi tha! It au art. lu
|r JmV* Kdaard* tilting thrr* a* a aiaul-' iudu'a
dif**nt?<t liaaathat opInl' Q la ki* jndfsvnt tk* rod
aholWbr* tk* poar*r. and nnl-M th?? conll Had th
I jwwir la etk?r pa> la of tb* and*, th* party b?p? I
1 wl' boat r<B4*at? th* rm*ral *?rai ?IU atf ft
?<-*k *a J th* Jut'f* daain I tkat It ?h-old |a b*fur
th< m "fl appeal.
I Mr BoSm?oti th*n a#k?d f<* aa additional ord*i
to th* *fl**t thrI if Mr Forrart d*>lr*d ta ?o to Pklla
d*lphla *ad r?tar? arala la tiai* for tk* da*l*tna a
th* apr*al k* *boal4 k* parwltud ta ?a *a. aitfcoa
lararrlaa tk* p aa4ty of kl* b*ad
Mr H'lVn^i had aa oW**t?on ta tkat arraa?*ai*nl
aad th* J?'|* dlr**t*4 that tk* *rd*r ?k*ald ba draa
?? ?cl?4;ag Uat prc-aWa
One Han Killed, and Five or Six
> Seriously Wonnded.
BszmA.eirz.oira bioafbs.
> Tbe Detention *f tbc Steamship PafHlr,
See- Arc. 5cc
' We regret to inform our readers tbat a very painfu
* arelJent occurred at noon, yesterday, on tbe startluj
of the steamship Pacific As leon as bar wh?eis wer<
ft In motion, the guards to tbe wbeel houses in som<
y way got foul of the posts of an unfinished shed oon
j nected with a building, which wu recently erected
t for tha purpoee of covering tbe whola pier, and
e carried them away, cauklng the fall of a greal
f portion of the roof. A large number of persons wen
underneath the roof at tbe time, consisting of tha
frlendi of the passengers wbo were about leaving la
that (teamahlp, and hundreds of other*, wha were pr?*>
lent for tbe purpose of witnessing the sailing of the
9 vessel. A* soon a* poetible the headway of the steam*
1 ship was stopped when tbe collision was noticed, bat
' not In time to avert tbe catastrophe.
e Since writing the abcT*, we hare ltarasd that
t the way in which the aroident oecarred was ai
follows Punctually at ii<h?b the ship was started
tern foremost, she having laid bow in. The tide
, was ruuntng up at tbe time, aad a stroig wind
r was blowing from the westward. Tbe wind aad
j the tide cconbinrd, brought her stern as claaa as
j possible to the dock, and the guards of the wheel
house got in contact with the post* of tbe shed,
' as above stated. Tha crash was not very sudden, but
rather gradual, thus allowing people a tew second* to
> gat out of tha way. When they saw that the shed
k must inevitably fall, many persons, with great prei
sence of mind, rushed on board a eaaal boat
which was lying at tbe end of the pier. As it is, bnt
?ne nti vu killed?Mr John Wilton, an elderly
gfntlcman, about forty-Are jwri of age. The u,
lortunate man vai eruthrd to death by one oi
the beary'.trott Uau- a ttick of timber, ione llghteen
incbea la thickneea.
It la a wonder that there >ai not more damage;
for nnder the part of the tbed which f?ll, there
were at leaat fonr hundred pertons. many haying
run to that end of the dock ai noon an the Paaifle waa
pnt in motion. Bert ral pert on* were thrown e re r board
by the ruah. all of whom, it It believed, were tared
A gentleman present, wl eu he nw thoee person*
in the water, dlreeted hlmtelf of fell outer
garment* and jumped Into the rirer for the
ptirpot* of faring the*; and lorry we are, ior the cake
of humanity, to be obliged to lay that, whlla he waa
engaged In thii work of charity, at the peril of hie
own life. hl? wateh wai *tol-n by tone heartleei
icoundrrl preeent. lie lucceedf'i in rescuing Colonel
Walker, of Mllwaukle, now (topping at the Aitor
Iioure. and who, bat ior thli noble fellow'* exertion*,
would, perhap*, hare been drowned. We taka plea,
rare in publishing the name of thi* gallant fellow. It
I I* W. C. Connell, and he recldei at No. 213 ar'nne D.
| In addition to losing hi* watch, which waa worth $60,
he lo*t hit eoat and hi* pantaloon*. Alter faring Col
Walker, the fame brare fellow jumped in twloe, and
retcned two other* who were etruggiing in the water
W* tru?t that Mr. C'enneU, who It a hard working
pilot, will be at lea*t indemnified for the lo***f hi*
watch and part of hi* elotblng. If any on* thonld
hare the former, it i* to be hoped h* will restore It
immediately. It it an Kngllah lerer, and marked Ma.
2.321 The remaia* of Mr. Wilton wera taken to the
Fifth ward Itatlon hoai-e. where an lnuueat waa held
ever tbem yesterday tr?nii(
As roon u tk? accident eocurred, the (kip ?u itteined
for the purpose of ascertaining U any el the
friends ef lb* puMipri en beard vera Injured and
alao for repairing any damage tbat ?he might bare
sustained. As soon as due attention had been paid to
the woanded, aid the body of Mr. Wllaon removed
an inttitlgation was held, and it vae found tbat some
of bar bucket* vera somewhat Injured. It waa,
therefore, deemed advisable to repair them, and to
detain the PaeiAe for that pnrpoee till ail o'clock this
mui uiug ( oki.h loo aha will anil for Liverpool.
We have not learned tbat Meme can be attached te
any one The accident waa one of tboae providential
dlspenialloas. wbleh ao human foresight sould avert
Ketbingof the kind I* likely te agalr occur, ner, in
all probability, wonld the accident of yeeterday bare
taken plaee If the shed bad been finished, whleh would
have been done long since, bat that the builders were
waiting for the doek to settle. The work will be commenced
forthwith, and every arrangement made to
prevent the possibility of nay etber accident?as Uj
as human mean* ana prevent It.
Mr John WUeon, ef Watt street, who waa killed, was
about forty-flve year* of age; a maa of rare abilities,
aad of very fine feelings lie waa brother at Mr. Wileon.
the Deputy Clerk of the Board of Aldermen, aad
bad left the heme of aa aged mother but a tew bears
and the skull waa also brokea la by the falllag timbers
Be was ataadiag at the extreme end of the
previous. The body presented a mutilated spectacle,
wharf at the time of tbe aceideat On being eitrieated
' he was conveyed to the Leonard street station he use.
During the remainder of the day, tbe flag* of the
1 raclflr were at half Bant, on acceuat of the death ef
Mr WlUon.
r la tbe course of tbe afternoon. Corener (leer held an
Inquist on tbe body of Mr. WUson The following verdict
waa found That tbe deeeaeed same to bis
r dratk hy Injnrlri raaalrad by th* falling of tka plor
I ahtd 1 cot ol Caul atrvet. eatwrd by thr wkaal-hooa*
oftba (Wamthlp I'aolfl* coming In eontart with tha
aaid ?h?d " It 1* all*g*d that the eauaa and alrrom.
atanora attending tha Iom of Ufa will ba further Inraatlgated
r K Colllna, Faq . *g*nt of tha ft*am*hlp. parties
larly Inft'rmad tha Coroner that all fnn?ral aapauaaa,
mrdieal bill! for tb* r*ll*f of tha lujurad partlaa and
all i th*r n*e*aaary *xpendlturea, would bo paid by
l tha toBftiy.
t Th* naDfi ol I ha Injur ad, h fu u wi bar* baau
abl* to Mfrtiili, ar* aa follow* ?
John MeCorujIek. ag*d thirty eight yeara. boru la
Irrland- l*ft thigh broken. and nw Internal Injury
r hop** of hla recovery. Sent to City Boapttal
, Patrick Mclntae ag?d thirty fire y*ur*. boru lu Ira.
, laud, it or* k**p*r at OoUaberg. ou tba North rlrer?
( rlba broken, and otherwlaa Internally Injured Doubt,
ful of bl* r*ooT*ry l*tl to Ctty Bocpital.
Vu J Doaald Injured ou tk* tea* aud ka*a Tbla
man wa* knocked down by tb* ilda el Mr Wllann. aad
tha brant of wood which oru*h*d W'llaon fell aar?a*
' Donald. learln* Juat epaee enough ?a allow kl? to *
! trloata k 1b?*il from bit p*rilou* poaltloa
Mr John fludliM mUnt, of Ula tM;, *u Mlj
I tajurrd laWrnally indwii aoer?J*il to th* raalfeno*
, of Dr I'ratt hi* pbralxlaa la Liberty atraat
Capt Wool**y, of J*r**y City, van *r>*r?ly lo)?r?J
and til r?DT?j?J to hi* r**td*af*
I Mr At*wart Broun *u (lightly wnuad-d
1 Bantam In Laird, rralding at IM Praaklln *tr**t TH
| MV*r?ly lajurad by lalllag fmai tha p??r lato th* hold
I <f a coal harf* I) lag at tb**ndof th* wharf HU
ara* tad h**d w?r* badly tat. aad hla Mtadi r?mar?d
hla to hi* r**ld*aoo. wbm b* *u attaadad by
, **?*ral Birdlral g*ntl*a*o
A aonan aainad Clark. *? aarad froai balag
1 rruahad by h*r *oa. who, by mala lam*. hartad h*r
from th* and of th* pWr whila th?ah<dwa* aoala,
Mr. Cb?*k. OB* *f th* rmplrytr 1 of Ma<ar* A T
Btawart k Co., had hi* fat* Urrtbly bralaad aad horI
rlbly diaBgurvd at hi* fri?nd* aoarcyad hla
1 hoair la a carrlaga
( parting lnl*IU|*M?.
C*< ?*>. L I Taortia.i - Th* aaal airltlag
Uniting *oat**t that baa tak*a plat* f>r y*ar* aaaia
e* yr*t*fday afl*rao?a. b*tw?*a Coatd*aa*. Honait
r Joha, aad flray Kail* A r?p*rt ol thla ra**. aad th?
1 oa*b*t***a tlla*k Harry and Smoka will bo glraa
! to mirrow Bet th* f?*o y?at*rday aftrraooa avt b?
1 aotlprd la bri*f to ?atl?fy th* gr*at ?nmbor of ^rt u
t that ?ir? lat*ra*!*4 l?i th? r*"? bait who**
kept th- m from th* tr .ok oa a Saturday Th* fol??a
lag I* a Mimmary of th* ratt .
* IV nfid? t>**. B M l.a ighlln 1 1 1 |
* linnet J< bn Col Hartie* 'J 1 J 1
t Or*r Eagl* I. MrQ?iir.y . * I
a Tlaa. S J?
Cr?t*r?ui? C< r ** L I -Oa Mr-a-iaft?mooa
r- *li .1 lb. b*a? atailloa* la th* *' ua'ry *4I| tr.-t oa lb*
1 Cr ntrml'a t)r>ur?*. f"r a pur>* *M?<? ha* b**a gl*oa
* bt th* |?"prirtor of tba trar* for th* Ibitot... nt ol
* tb*M*?d of bor*?* , ? ?ht*h nraaatoa w? voulJ ad
. ?la* all p?'?naa lat?r**t*d la th* propagation n| g<v.j
to*k la atuad. aad aiak* a **l**tt.>a froaa t.kla aura.
* ordinary m*?tirg of aUUiotw Fariuara aad hr**4*ra
parti<?iaily. thvuid attoaA
Maria* AMn.
Tin liw IllTII kTKAM^HIP FRAKiLXS?HE* fill
T*1P, ITC.
A( ? krirfly aanouneed in the Herald on Tburada
tbU ipleadld steamer Had* a trial of bar merit* u
hi itmau, with lb? Ada. on Wedneedaj lut, but II
particular* of the enntrat ware not given, wbioh i
now prooeed to deeorlba.
Tha Franklin l?ft fh. Nnt.ll. W?ki .? W.
o'clock, and ran down to th? Qstriatlnn, ?h?n a!
took a sweep, In order to allow the Alia to go cat flri
paifing the latter about a quarter of a mile aitor
Bha then fallowed closely iu the Aaia'a wake, aa far
the bar. in the interim eroesing bar atern several time
a course rendered neoeasary by the method adopted
steering the Ada. When the two rturli reached t
bar, they were In fuch close proximity a* to euab
featurea to be plainly risible trom eaoh Teasel with t
naked *y*. At the bar the Aaia (topped to dlaehar
her pilot, and the Franklin pasted to the South.
It 1* the honeet opinion of those on board t
Franklin, that had the oonteit b<en oontinaed a aho
time longer, the Aaia would have been left behind, ai
that it waa only by the manorurreing In staerli
adopted by the latter, that enabled her to retain h
position in advance. The feet waa noticed from t
deck of tha California steamer Pacific, (alio on m tri
trip at the time.) that the Alia waa " bothering " t'
Franklin by her mancruTrei. thus producing the il
preaiioB?and apparently a correct one?that the
was a dialnelinatlon on the part of the Aaia to fair
teat her power of speed with the Franklin. But If tl
system had not been adopted, and the Franklin hi
come out of the aonteit on equal terms with her rir
f It would hare been a result that the warmeat tries
of the latter eonld not hava been otherwise than d
liffhtfid Ann*irf?riti* thu iu<1 w iKa lit J tr? ma
I trad with, the tlHnau that alwayi attends the Hi
I working of machinery, and in the fact, that the Asia
| the crack boat of the Canard Una, and has never be<
beaten except by the Collins iteamerr The Vrankl
ran from the point of the Hook to the Narrow*, a di
tance of thirteen and a half mile*, in fifty-two mlnut.
without being premed.
The trip wu prononneed by the engineer! ai
'builder* on board to be one of the moet suooesif
tests *T*r aade by a steamer of her die and pow*
and was perfectly satisfactory to all concerned 81
had 990 ton* of eoal on board, and a great portion
her provision*, drawing seventeen feet, probably t<
feet la*a than the Asia, and aarried from twelve '
thirteen lb*, ot steam, her revolution* varying fro
thirteen to (izteen.
The Franklin'* registered tonnage is 2194 ten*; at
is 2t3X faet long. Is 42 feet wide, and her depth of ho!
20 feet, ller fWor Is flat. Her bow has an ea?y flar
aarried np with a buoyant tprlng, which givea har
most daahing appearance. A fall figure of Prankll
beautifully executed, add* muoh dignity to tha boi
Har item is aonsidared by avery builder who has sat
her, to be a master piece of naval architect ire, tl
formation of her end* making her appear uncommon
harp. Tha aompleteneu and beauty of the worl
manibip expanded npon her .and the enormous strengl
and weight of her timbers and fastenings, have be?
the admiration *f all who hava had the pleasure of
full inspection of her.
Her engine* also, are masterpiece* of workmanshi
being fitted np In a style and earelensne** of aaat. I
keeping with tha general eonatruction of the ve*s<
| Au?j mo kwu ihmiuo nur wTur faginm, wiva twu l
! |neh ejllnderi of eight feet itroke; wheel* 33 feet I
: ilimittr, with US feet face Th? effort! re power <
| th* angina*. when In operation, la 1100 boric, nomiai
I power a boot 800.
Tb* reeeel U heated throughout vltb (team floa
(applied by an Independent boiler, wbieb aarraa aJi
to work tba pump* and two aUam elevator* oaed U
rah-ing tba aabea from th? fnrnaoe room Tba adeai
i tage o( beating tba eabina from a aouroe lndependfi
, of tb* mala boilera. would b* Mnalbly fait ia tb*
of an a?eld*nt reducing tb* Teaael to the n*c***ity <
depending npon her aalla. Tba quantity of fuel ri
quired for tb* mlaiatur* furnae* under tbla iuppl<
mealary boiler, la *o mall aa to require but a r*r
mall (pace lor atowage.
Tb* aabln arrangementa ara Mmllar to thoee of th
Cunard ataamera; the dining aalooa on deeb, only dll
Wring from tbem In b*ln# earrled tbrougb to tb
tarn wladowa, thaa gWlag It mora laagth. Th* aft<
part ot tba aalooa la ehiatal; decorated with two larg
mlrrora, and foar enamelled painting* ef a**aa
taken from tba llta ol Benjamin Yraaklla aad a aaaa
library auneuada tba rnddar aaalng Tha eel tng aa
aidea ara ot oak. with broaa* moulding*, tb* pane
aaaamtated ?Kh bronae ornamenta af frulta aa
war*. Tha arrangement* ol tha law*r aalooaa aa
< aleeping eablaa. are alaallar to tho** of th* Ouaai
' gtaamer*. tb* berth* being la-board la*t*ad af agaim
tb* ride of tba Tea eel
There la an ornament Intended fer tb* paddle-boxe
bat aot y*t plaaed oa board, deaerelng of parti*uli
aoti** aad which, w* tbiak will attract attention aa
[ eemmand general admiration. Raeh paddle-boi wl
the guardian angel of Franklia. seated holdlag hi
butt in on* hand and the other pointed to the Ugh
I nlng at traatad to a rod on an adltaa la tha corner. an
| at tta feet 11a a broken eeeptre aad crown, tha whol
I turroundrd by tha celebrated legend? Eriimit /?
mm tmla tertmmfu* lyranait." ThU aaat and elegai
I pkce af art it tha work of Mr. Char. Mailer, whoi
selebruted oataa of tha " Minstrela Car**." la mo
being exhibited In thla city.
The Franklin is adeartieed to Ware New York. f<
Rarrt oa tha tth of October, on bar flrat trip, and
tha command of Capt. Wot tow, a gentleman for mac
years rngaged as command* r ol llavra packet*. *
bara no doubt aa to tha antlra tncceae < < thla Use, aa
tha company ara entitled to much rradlt for thalr ai
terpriie We folly anticipate tha Franklin a trii
will equal any that hart arar been mad* across tl
Atlaatir for aha pectaeses within bar e?ery element 1
accomplish aneh a raiult. and Capt. Wot to a Is not t)
man to allow them to deep. She will touch at Cow<
each way. that affording groat faalllfy for pereoas d
alrcus of visiting Kuglaad. aa wall aa tha ooatlaeat i
Inropc. Pha will b* followad la a short time by th
teamehlp Uuatx Idt a raaeal every way worthy af 1m
| aoaeort
lumiuir ramie.? The tailing of tha C. I ma
tramthip Paci&s, Capt. Nya, waa delayed till *1
o'clock thla morula*, to flea her passeagers time 1
aaaertala tha fbta of their frleada who bed lattaMi
to witaeea their departure, many fearing they wei
among tha Injured by tha tailing at the shad on tl
wharf. Che carried out a largo aad ealuahU cargo aa
eighty lee paaccagars, wbooe namaa will ba found ?
our last page. A great number of bets, to a lar,
as< ant are depending oa the result of the eoyage
this favorite steamer
< Hinn piihio - lip niuiHipi runvnifai
Capt. I'eartoe. i?d Cr**?*at Olty, Capt fttoddard I*
tlieir Herthi jHl?rd*j it ttrai o'?l??k. Iw Ckifn
Th* ol th*ir p*i**ag*r? wtU W foaad aad*r U
aria* he*J
0?rr n??m r**1* Currt* ffmr. ?Mr. J*b*i Wl
Una* of WllllaBiiburg U proceeding rapidly wit
the a*w ?llpp?r chip for T. W trill* k Co , for Iki Chli
trad* Tk? bnlldrr ha* mrUI hl? atmoet. aad ia
*r**fnl!y. to combin* great itreagth with th* rpeed f<
| whWh th* (hip* *eat froai th* urdi of th* KkJt rl?i
: h??* b*roa* *o ritortniilj dietlagaUhed 91
' wtU b* lommuilfd by Capt lUmlltoa. lal* af tl
Math Carolina. a Tory *ip*rt*a*e4 aad rarafnl
mmm Th* M!owlng *r* her *orr*at dlm*n*1oa?
Lengthen d*rl )l? fMt. k*rl.lMM h*am. >7 far
depth of bold SI fi > t la ; mala k*l*oa. 7 U
through br lMnrhe* wld*. with ilrter k?l?ra br
Inrhei, 1% topper foor bolt* erery M la?he* Dei
wood ?t each et.d t* *oa>poe*d of lire oak and fa?t*B<
with 1', ropper bolt* LIt* oak top thro?| hoot PI
rate* 1344 ton*.
Itm?i Collyer. E*q , *al
braird for hi* many fart rlur rteainara ha*, at h
y*rd. foot of Twrntl-th itreet. Rait rlrer npon *1
toek*. aa o?taa *t**ai*r lateadrd to rnn betwM
Mew Orl*at* aad Chagre*. a (light deerrlplloa
whlrb ha* already appealed la th* llrrmU Th* a?
tramer I* to be railed th* Caribbean aad 1* the tr
f hi* building for lea pnrpo*** the I* tSI feet I
teagtb .81 f?*t Nam M feet deep, and wUl bmuh
npeard* *f l.iOO ton* Th* proportion* of tble ?***
are of ineh eiquMte aoald that tha eye in deoeln
Iain tk? tliu#l?n ih?t bar toanagr L? not t tf
1 bw r??l tin wtlh bar b-aaty of tn?d?l nha ?Mn
tr. a?'h aafabla "f withstanding any wind or wai
i ib? bi?y hivf l<> rnlonMrr lUr angina* tro b?li
bnilt by < onnlrt h?m Rf-IKaap *?d 0"> . of lb? rh?? I
W?r*? Tli?y at* t-aan anclnaa with .VJ Ineh pyllad?
and US '??' ?lrok?; *?d th? hlfb reputation -f M
I. <ti?p the I a- > m 4 PI tha a*ta >ll?hamt olrr
I tb? < | lnl< ii il at h? will In the conception and m
I *banl?m of tha ?n?ln?-*. do fall )n?tl?>a to th~ baaut
fnl bull In wblrb b* l?t? pla?* Ihrm Tb* n?*ataaaii
i raalfta beautiful atd tpaady a? ?br la. will b* equ*il>
II n?>l naelled, In the trlal|trtp M tb* Caribbean Th
I ?t< am* r will arnneet with tb* Pnelt* |: ? mall I la
f ar a will ha nnder the command ?f C?ft. am?< ,
W right tba pioneer nf ??a?h?ra nnanti ataam naalr
| Ur > lately In anaiBtaad ol tba Alabama by *hM la
Madlata direction tba Oarlbbaan l?????*inf IntoeiW
n?. Ma will ba lauaabed a boat tba litb of a?i
M Tke First Concert of (He Rlghl!n|?U la
" Bm<or?(croud Avctlon Mala of TkktU***"
Iflccnt Dbplay of Fircwstkt-Splen11
did Here Bad* to tho Northern UfhL Etc.
M [From thii Boston Courier, Sept 38 ]
km Thii vnnit>rfiill? fttm&Iri nnmna < iih.4a?
circumstances *uch as bave never before been combined
Id an Individual. To a tal-nt almost divine, aha
" adds a modesty ot address. a simplicity of manner, a
>le propriety of demesnor, a (purity of morals. and a ge(j#
narosity of heart, which arf(seldom the eoaoomitants of
a genius adapted to excite popular admiration. Vo.
C* ralisls of the higher order hare mostly been natives of
Southtrn Europe, beings endowed with a temper,
he passion, and morality, not In harmony with oar own
habits. dispocltions and mcdea of thinking. Jenny
Llnd. on the contrary, la one of a*. In national kinad
dred, temper. and genius She * ol Scandinavia, a
?g region which may be called eir '.-lalically the N?w
England o( Europe. She la of a race among whom
><r the homa-feeling ia stiong and characterise, and the
ha domeetie Tirtr.ru are cultiTa'ad with deep reverence,
lal )< 0 where could i"he meet with moie kindred feelings to
her own. cr more cordial and heartfelt sympathies.thaa
at the firesides of New-England.
n- A One voice la a gift trum heaven, which has aire
w*7* been highly prised where Improved manners and
the cultivHtion of the mind have exWted. Even bar'y
barona natioca have shown themselves sensible to tha
ill influence ot eooh a power. It ia net for na at prelent
to inquire into the ultimate purpoae of this love
of melody ao natural to man; the power la unqueationed,
and no lesa the faot that the human miud Is
da influenced through the medium of the aensea. When
[e. ao Individual ia found posseailng that peculiar physical
organisation fitted to produoe and to control the
n* moat delicate, commanding and harmonloua tones of
'st voice?and that peculiar aplrlt and genius adapted to
|a tha business of embodying, tempering, and moulding
these elements into that perfection of form and euer8n
gy which la the aim and object of the discipline of
in art, what wonder is it that our admiration is strongly
j. excited ? Talent la ever an object of esteem; but when
high talent is combined with the high moral virtue*
and umophlat tented mannera. it la honorable to human
natnre to be able to say the genius beoomea afa14
vorite. and wina all hearts Add to theae viewa the
. national aympathiea above alluded to. In connestlon
ul with the universal belief that Jenny Llnd Is as good
if, as ahe is great, and we have sufficient to explain tha
anbonnded enthusiasm with which the divine song,
stress waa received last evening ft was something
mora than an overwhelming plaudit?it was rather
ro like a welcome home of along absent and moat as
to te?mea iricna.
But Jenny Lind's voice, what tu it Ilk* ' Her
singing. how *?< it done ? What constituted th*
charm ot the song T Vu It the voloe aloa*, or the
modulation of the voire? Wat it the mere harmony
of the tone, or the multiplicity of the toa*a ' Wat it
(impU nature, o> luperior art. inatioot. or akiU ' The
fleet, what wan it ! The audienoe. how were the/
moved ! And what was the whole affair, ia a single,
word f Bach, no doubt, are the queries from those
who are curioua-and who is not e annus? about this
mattsr, that has half turaed people's heads, SofUr,
good folks?we eaaaot well answer all thesa quertioat.
While echoes of the Nightingale's enchanting
melodies arc still ringing ia our ears, we aaa hardly
venture upon a cool analysis of their element*. We
will endeavor to deecilba as much as wo think Bay
he made Intelligible to UESoientifio understandings
Jenny's periermanees have hoea criticised aa deficient
In pathos. This opinion is a specious one?
but, on the other hand, it is certain that thav are fall
ot deep interest, lier manner la unaffected, simple,
and engsgtcg. Bhe has no tricks of gesticulation;
the warbles, she does not act. Nothing diverts the
a attention from the voice of the singer. Her deportment
hae a subdued tone. Yet no on* can oomplala
of a want of animation If thrr* I* art ia her
manner. It Is so perfeet aa imitation af nature that th*
counterfeit murt be thought more admirable than
th* original; all neemn to b? Instinct, rather than
skill. Tier voice is a miracle; one nut hear It to
form any conception of what it Is capable of doing.
Such command of tone* we* surely never before placed
within the coin pa** of the human organs of speech: fall ness.
ricbnens.rvolubllity. delicacy -all are moet 'nlra
bl? Bhe draws out a cadence with the tennl' ot a
gossamer lim?y et. this faintest whi-per of a as
clear to the ear a* the highest tuionatloa
song i* a piece of vocal necromancy; it ia ale
j | -ribla to ball*v* that a kuwatoagu* kM proa ed
i tbise fairy usdulatlcns of {round, it would be n- ss
I to inqnir* by what delicacy of physical organUtuon
i tfees* marvel* are oauicd . wssiu oaly listen and wonder.
But ws do not wonder that Jsnny I-ind Is the objaat
of inch a degree of popularity and admiration. If it
be aeked what it moet admirable in her. we reply, that
the emotion she ascites Is a compound one. ilor artless
manners, her nnrtudied grace, her kind heart, and
her i 1.1 private character, all ctmhined with the
rarest af all nbyslcal accomplishment*, confer npon her
a charm men as aaver before mad* a woman the object
f unlrertal homage.
jkjoy'h ai pear.a.mcx om thk pi.atporm.
[from the lloeton Kee, c^pt St.]
The lnclrmency of tha weather-so doleful a premonitory
symptom of leaa receipts ta ordinary benefioiarle*-served
only ta increase tha stirring apaearaac*
of the vicinity of the Temple; for at aa early hoar,
loag flies of carriages, piecalagnpon each other In thatr
eagernei's to dl'gnrge their iamatec. scmpletely invaded
Tremont street and adjacent avenivs, and
formed a Troeeevlon citending frrm the Tempi* to
West street, a cortege of it* kind aever befof* witasasid
' hire. The vicinity of th* Treaont Uousa was moet
densely packed, and bat for the precaution taken to
enclos* a spa**, guarded bv the polle*. and through
which th* vehicles passed In and out. th* aoafnsion
must have been dlsa*Uou?
Ths ball now rapidly filled up. and at eight o'clock
th* fortunate ticket holders were all anngly eneooac*4.
awaiting In almost Irrepressible eagernees the tonmenetment
of lb'concert.
Th* hour of eight having arrived, th* proraeaad*
ticket holders were admitted, and in a fsw mlautes
after. Mr. Benedict appeared on the platform and aasumed
hie poet a* ooaductor. the conorrt opealag with
> tb* -t roMdan. a compoaltioa of hla owa. pertonaad
J. ?. r !l.. ' time Id America fig nor i' .. t'i tbn ap
pfu>4 ??? w?rml> greeted. aad *uax ?a aria from the
" Optra Maomrtto InmIi " l>; RomIdI, whlek ?mttM
tentlrrly lU'.ened to and followed by Quirked approbaw
Una Yet (km I* t he artlat who, not bclag the principal
attraction <>t the ocaaaioa. awn ho|.e to be folly appreciated
when the bright evening tar U aeparated
?r ftcm the eager and pryla( gaea of tha auditory by
pr "nly a taw faglllva nioBtitt'
The momentary au?pen??- In awaltlag the ifttu'7
a no- of tha tamed Toe allot. ?a< broken by a runtllng
'a of tbaia near tie egieaa from the auta-room. and arao,4
meat after, the "Mghtlagale a| pean i through a paa age
contracted under the orgaa. and waa upon the
' platform faee to face with the audience The cheering
M waa now tumultoua and le-t. I for eumr moment* It
,, ww the epontaiieoue homage of tha va*t aaaemblage to
her wonderful taleat. bar excellence of character aad
0 aoble heart Hurra* and bravoa echoed and re echoed
la through the ball Jiany all the while gracefully bow?
lag ber acknowledgment* of the gi nerou* reception
given bar The audience, however remembering that
** they ware prreent to llrtea gradually beet me calm,
of and Jean* took hi r pnaltloa to (lag
? J.nor Llad wai very elegaatJy. yet neatly attired.
la a nah white figured allk dreaa. abort -leevee. deeo
,r rated In front with a beaatiful bouquet H'oraarouad
ber neck waa a rlrb pearl aeekleee. depaadlag from
which wn? a larpe cluater ot brilliant*, aad attached
to which wa? a miniature gold tree*
'* Arcund aa-h wrlet were two eo*tly jewel braaeM*.
la Her hair, of llgkt aolor. wa* aomcwhat peculiarly, yet
4 t eat ly and t a* I folly arranged Oa the left aide of I he
aama waa a bright roae. with grrea leevee laterlae- 1
r* Bhe waa eeldeatly mueh agitated durtag the oceheele
tral prelude, and *ome momenta elap*-d before (be
1(j appeared calm Phe aew enmmeaeed the ' Carta Diva,"
from Noama the tumult of the audience baring
,n ftvea place ta an almoet breath lee tUlaeaa. It
Vf dorrd by Jaaay l.lad la thl* *o woli ki?*a ui ofl rai>?atd
MTtllu Thf rsthiulMtn o4 lb* b< nee tarit
forth la a atmnltanrau? manlfaato'loa which ahowed
a. that tbaaosgetraea had rbuanl Mid nrnvrd M h?d mw
n hafor* bar fba r?'Irad at the eoaeluelon of bar Brat
place. Mid tba 4* aleblug rh#er> of tba delighted
audience AfW a rrand dm t by Thalberg. performed
ia moat rl?fontly by Mmn Be??dlot aad llrtmao WIN
Llad again appeared In a dmH with B< llettl. ' II lurta
la Italia." by Koaalnl a rharalag a# air aad la which
"* aha achieved a reread triumph.
h Tba aecnad port ot tba cinoert op*aad with tha
? crertore to"Obaroa. ' whlth wm followed by a trto
for rolra aad two Antra, la which If la* Llad a?d* bar
*' third appcaraoc* amid Increasing plaudtta Th? worn?r
d'rnrnt wmt oa auiBeatlax ; aad If tha andieao*
ir had baaa delighted th?y w?ra new u aarh aarprtaad
aad earaptured Tha warbler ' waa aolled back,
aai'l ataaalng cheer" and hraro*. aad tha trio waa
10 repeated Blgn'-f Rellettl followed la tha Large aJ
, farflum. which ? < to llony >ua> that a warm aaa >ra
waa glraa Tha -Qreetlog to Aaarlra" tha prlto
aoag waa aow rang by .tract Mad ltUataeeoapot
It low. aad waa waraily roept>adod to Bat yat a |
*; rrownlrg triaini h waa la reeerto for tb* -* Child of
i Poag," In tba celebrated llarj?maa a or MrboHiag
! rung la ( wedlah aad la wbl-h hrr imltatwn of the
' mountain b<rd>a>an'? call waa lacaiparaMy baaa"
ttfnl an net o raj waa tba echo that tba lUaalea waa
coapleta. Tbia arng. In hrr notice toagw*. la ?*e la
a' whieb hrr talaat la eihlbited Ia a aoaaor uadefloably
abtrultg Tb* awall of her t??o* and dla-nlabtag to
thegentlert lrrathln(,'tlll tbaaotr eonetantly dietia?t
yat gradaahy tail lag opoa tha aar, at V?ogth la>l
'i among th* mountain eteepa. raallred far bayond anyof
thlag balt.ra b> ard. what la ateaat by thoaa alaiplo
word* " Bwret aueir '' Tba alienee of tbo booao.
during tbr perforaaaee of tbo " **bo oaig." beoataa
at Iraglb liba th> atlilaeea of aldalght. In tha eag?rIk
araato cm eh tba who a dying at.aad. ao bceathloao
* ? it that ID* ticking 01 in* gaii?rj rioca ixmia mm
dt?tl?atly hnrd A imalian.ua> r-athar*t .if harraa
" tod l<ra?o? arfi vptniii by th# ?tvU| of hat* aad
,<] batirik?rrhtrt? *a? r< t> : luu<-d ?> ?< ?! f-rimly that th*
. ' MghttBr*??" frptlHl h#r?a?arit* ale.to Un> tallntta
d?il?l.t rt th* audttnry and b> th. n r?tir.d amid a
? totiad nf BtBr fhMI?
ra I-rud aall# for ftnratun w*iv a<-w mi*, who at l>n(tk
if ?t?i>i#d ap?n ih* platfurni aaiid awifrr ?? i-hr#rta?
tl Ha tf ar.lt. <1 lh? andt#a*? for thl? mark ( t ih.tr atk*
?, ttea, ai d h< p< d that no ?p*ach would ha *xp*et*1
r. trim htm Ai eaa of tba >>*?pla. ha ooajraialatad
1$ th. m <o th* |l#a?*r# aflordad by th# aUJt at th*
a- dl?tinr.u??h.d (>rKn?(? that had >uat rwtirwd
It Ttuirvnet* Mttw or jKnar i.m? n ?owt<w??
' it * rifc Tt? r.*r-onutr wnti'MtM, tr*
Pmpt. ?, llltt
| )lat*i|t?4aadla? th? atorB laat night. th* TatapU
|t llrrBfd to h*ar MdU* J*aay Uad Th? hairtmii
at tfc* ?tma?jh*r?, aad Um mih tttftt at tfc.
ball fw mb exhibition*, ?tn iMmIn nilit
whioh bob? but the great eongatreae kereelf eeoi#
htTt oontfudrd
Her reception. though It woald ktn Wm aalle*
old la Mew York, wae yt quit* eathaiiaatle for ?
Bcetoa Mllticr, and, u they were warmed ap by th?
exhibition of her unequalled power*, the plaudit*
eontlnned to InoieaM. till, at the eloM of the " Boh* ?
Bong," the hall rang ^ith conttnaed aheerlag.
The morning paper* npcak la high ttrae < hat *
performance The generally ?tald and sober Mvtr/.??
lead* the Tan Th?l n?B?r u?i--''Tli.
e*eay* by ttKfj flan* of critioa In Eurape
Amerlea, filled wholly to proper* thoa? who nU *
them for Jenny Llnd'a alnging. It would to
idle to add another criticism ta their*. The axpraaalon
which belong* to tha mule iprlng* from the
evident Interest aha takea in It heraelf; tha ?waatneaa
and fulnea*. compau and power of hat reioe,
enable her to give to each word and note It* full meaning.
without any effort a* aha Mnga. Thara la. there for*,
a oompleteneaa in her mule whleh forbid* tha
election of any one pannage u mora Impreaaiva ut
harming than another " There waa a paat a row it
around tha Teapla during tha entire performance,
notwithstanding the aevrre storm. The building waai
Illuminated with Drummond lighta, and In front of
tha Tremont Home wera jeta of gaa, In the farm of
blaiing atara. It waa nearly midnight hafbra tha lMt
of tha aarrlagea, extending In a Una for nearly half
mile, left tha Temple. There were, probably, learl]
one thouaand ladle* amongit tha audlenoe.
Boer**, Sept. 38, I860- A. U.
Tha auation. to-day, for tieketa for the next eoaeert
waa moat rxclting. Tha Tremont Temple waa filled
with people, and no ingle aeata ware Bold till elaveu
o'elock. They aold In *llpi or blocka of about tea
rata each, and after tbat fram one allp to tea alipa, or
from ten aeata to one hundred.
The ftrat (Up *U sold to Piraaon, at eight dellarc
and a half per teat; next, ilxtj seate. at tight dollar*
each; aad then the price ruled from aev*n and a hall
dowa to lis and a bait dollari. The average, at *l*v*a
o'clock, waa aeven dollar*. The first eholoe, of ooe
(lip to tea alips. waa aold at aiz dollari and aervatjiv*
eenta, and the aeoend at dx dollar* and tw*ntyflre
cent*, whloh la the lowest price, aa jet. Th* Kercra
IIo?ae and Trcmont House pare baaed MMt *f Um
firat cholera.
There will he a grand diaplay of Irewwka, and 4.aereaade,
Mr Barnnm holda forth on tempcran**, to morrow
night. In Trem#at Tempi*.
Bostoh, Sept. 28? f. M.
The neit brilliant flreworka have just been exhibited
In tront of the Revere llouxe. in honor of J*any LindThey
are th* fiaeat I <T*r aaw. There wer* folly
tuenty thousand peraona present! The square and alt
th* adjoining ati*eta wer* bloek*d np with hina
Two band* barn just given serenades - od* th*
Brigade Band, and th* other the Band of th* Maaioag
Fund Society The people are wild with *x*it*m*nt.
Thar* waa alio a torchlight prooeaston of th* tremen.
The remaining tleketa wer* all disposed of in th* afteraeon?the
last eight hundred being aold together
ftr (6 12tach. The promenade tickata were all a*l<f
for $3 each, to Mr. Thempaoa. The average of th*
ticket* 1* over *1t dollar*. 11 r. Pbalon, ef New York*
lost two hundred dollars by ticket* la the flnt eonaert.
and will not speculate any more here, lie made lour*
teen hundred dollar* In Ne? York
Tii c? ?!. Thau*.?The quantity sent by railroad
a ? - 42,915 14 The present machintrjro!
ib?- load ia woiked up to ita full capacity,
and the drmao'l for coal being active, and vessels
pi nty to far at l.u iiir.ond, the trade liu moved on
othlv, ami uo obstruction has occurred during
es remain firm at $4 50 for red ash, ax>d||425
for v. lute ash, on board at Kicbmoud.
Great exertions continue to be made, we leant,'
by parties below to reduce the price of coal here?
but so far they have tailed Many of oar operators
refuse to sell to these parties, except at an advance
ovsr what they can pet from others. The feeling
of hostility againbt the middle-men below is on the
innease in tins lesion, and they are losing all the
choice rosl, which ia being purchased no by those
engaged in mining h?re, at fair rates. Ualeaa they
pursue a different course, thev will scarcely be able
io proeure sufficient good coil to mn with their bad
ota to render it saleable.?Pottmllt Jo*rnml, St/ft
Laemls's Penoraaaa of Cab* ? Tills eie*l< {
leal portrait. ' ? i--?pe sac Met ri .el palater, ef irbeee tfce
Cafcea papera baee. fur me led m j?era. aai4 eo meek, kaa
eajoye* fret ae*~ia In all the fertiflratioae ef (laeaaa aaa
every peruea "f ' e i?laed ? ' ike eaklic aejreipeet leme~
ti.it* nek, at tbe Minerva K mi u, ->
Jeaav IJnri I en Itaaed?Tke eeilv i
reat LikiDtH of lha hl?btla?kla, aiaeated kj P. D'ifln<?.
fro* Bradya Infifmnip Prtoe 00 Mat*. PiklliM
trvm 8rU;'i Cellar?, *J6 Broadway, kT
The Kqw ln??rtlal Rlorai kH bow vlritwl
?. aa4 therefore ?i >] 144 adlea M pleeaaat weather. ii
iriMqiiMi, niKrhiU will bow be pet taide, ui ae
utNMrimli >ul of tftlltrtldi. wa haar'ily reeea ni
thin t? Mir"?i? mm*! T k UtASK.
IklUlM u< reail IHMU.
Take car Mltle* all who want gaad
B?< le aa4 SI. >. and * Vo BNOok 3 ItoUMl 4k*? ?mfonmm.
I*) Ivltea iha Wat plera la the I'uM ?> ?-?
o ft | |m< iriltlf of Ahooa itll.n'frl. Erary etyle
tti la faaed at the Kaporiaa, lLa cbtepeat plaee ua khe aity
far a feed article.
8?rt *D?r, fffl M ? P M
Tbere *U ronal J arable animation la lh? aUtk
BUkat to-day. A great at portion of tba tranaaettoae
to dar war# for raah Moat of the faarlea adeaneed
freetloa Gorer anient and State (tuck* and railroad
bond* were In battar demand, end the narket el?ee4
Arm. At the flr?t bnard t'alt?J Rtatee 6* want op ^
r trgt; Canten Co., V ; New Harm Kaliraed \ ;
Norwich and Woreeeter, *? ; Rea-JIag RaUreaJ 8 ;
Rochrrter and fljraraae, 8, Irom laet *ale. Reeding
Ital road ha* flactnetad eoaeljerably within tba part
day or two. At the eeeoad Ward yeiterday, tbara
were large iilei at a deellae of 1 \ par eeat froaa
f rlree current in tba morning, and at tb? Bret board
today, there ??r? rale* at an adraaee of 2 par eeat
ob priced earreat at the rloee yeaterday
Tbara were large order* In the lira el to-day lor
I aNed Stated elic* on foreign accoaat. ioae of wkiak
were tallied. aad aome withJrawa lor tbe praeaat
United Btatee eovpon all at cold to-day a*. IPS per
a* at pr<xiuB
At lk? ?n?i4 V ard all tV ItarlM Improved but
Raadlaf Rallrrad . Krla Incrnia Boad* (lightly d?cliaad
UudxD Kit.t Railroad adrtaaad \? ft ?? at ;
llul' a. '? . Morrt* taaal. v? , Pnrlaanatb Dry DMk.
4 ; R*adlBg Railroad f?U ?9 H P" t'*l
Thr trMl^U at lk? 1 fllr* of tb* Aa*l?taat TV> aaarar
at tbl* port, to-day. amoiani?d tn $100,011 ; payaaata
$34 f+4 balar ra $S, t?l 1U M
Tb* 1: adirif Railroad Cob pa a.r traarportad la
PblladolpbW tor fl?a day*. radlag tba Mtk iaataat,
ntll torn of r?al Total tbU y?ar. ?K3H torn*
agalnat M'.Ni tool for tba ram* tin* laat yaa*
Tba (taaaablp Paalfla. lor Llrarpool, laa?*a ta
morrow aorolag at 0 a'aloeb. Hbo tak*a oat about
$2t0 000 la tpaala. prluelpally allr?r
TbaeoaaltUa ol luraa'.lgatloa appola'ad by tba
*tockhold*r? of tb* K*aat Railroad Coapaar, bare
wad* a rrpnft. A?et rdlng to tbla rrport, tha MlowBg
d?b?? aiuat ba paid bafora tb* bald*ra of boa da Ura*d
by tb* rompaay for ?1?0 000 *ao ba aoaarad
Tba d*bta r am*.I b?k ?. vara ??r ur*d bafora Hit abota
oaard boad? vara laaurd:Raart
Raatara Railroad Sola* aad lataraat Ill .Vl'. 91
fiMi IIM *'?
l*pb*a C rblUip* da* ?a aootrart ?il M
La ad Piaa(M , III 700 00
Poatoa aad Mala* Hallraad 1 144 93
A part of tb* 9I3 7T9 M of aoto* payaUa.
My 3 000 0*
If tkl' booerr??t. tb?y h??? to r*f tUl.VM ii
t 4rm?nJ with InUroot, Mori tb?T
ftrt rntltWd to th? r < unlnrtiab< r?d
" fo* tk* Bond* r ?i&0 000 ?hlrk ? . *m
trmtud ?ltk int.-r.?t mklof d-bt
of ?3U .tJ.
*<t???h?> >r"r r*T
MotM |>i;>U'. ivl by
konioio *nt?dlo oom
?l? to tko ???tr?<-t tllk Mr
t'billli" otinn df'tiO lb*y will
bo tti fnII mjrtsirrt of ill tbo
bonrflia of tbo tcatraot ?i'h
Mm And <t f>?t b ?I*
w?nt#d to ?? ?<> ?toall th?
li?l??? ?t?r iki r?4 Co?t of
both. ~y tOOOM
A OoiiMrtro.k to I Pobtvm. Mid
tniln It Ml 31
Mil M
Tboro <# tb?r?frr? *ntr| (MM t?
to VI off >11 tbo prom r>t doktf of tk# oom
P?oy tobntl-1 th?
tr>?M tTMk to llaif?n, ??d to M>
tk* rail la *? t orit?r Of thlo ?iut ?M1 M M
Ikt* tbo tr?t wrirtl; on tho prr-j orl J of
tko OMofMy. *od. , I.'.O 00t 00
art <?? Ux miking $311 HO XI

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