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Volume XVI N amber 41,
ITALIAN OPERA. A?:?r Flaoe? Irn ami? Grand Bal
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BROAD" AV TBEATRB. i> roaUwaj ? Binil Baku
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Oonui u-Wutuj'> Fair.
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?Mil AND IviMNt.
MEW TORE AMPHITHEATRE, 37 Bowcry-K^i utria*
WA8HIN0T1 N HALL- Pa sorajia or the Pil?rim's
BATTLER-" C"flMORAMA, corner of Thirteenth street
an J Broaiwaj.
MINERVA BOOMS? Pamorama or Irei.akd.
Hew York, Monday, February 17, 1831.
Tk? Knroprau New* by tkt Africa.
The happy tidings of the safety of the eteamer
Atlantic bo universally absorbed the curiosity o :
the public, on the arrival of the Africa, that the
position of public a lid in in the various European
States possessed no interest. A calm having suc
ceeded to thefirat tumultuous joy, we are now able
to indicate the prominent points in the progress of
events on the other side of the water.
The succsse of Louis Napoleon in his coup d'etat
? for such it must be considered? will tend greatly
to strengthen his position. He will gain credit for
? firmness of purpose, which, it has been said,
Jorms no part of his character. The means of his
?access are found in his new cabinet, composed of
men outside of the active political circle, who, in
carrying out the principles avowed ia the Presi
dent's annual message, will ride much more se
curely cd the tide of popular favor than those
who?e political voyages have been often criticised,
?ad even severely censured. The chart by which
they propose to steer their course is a pla n and
sample one. It involves little that id doubtful, and,
H adhered to, will be a sufficient answer to the
charge of ore of the members of the National As
sembly, that the message was an act of hypocrisy
The letter of our Paris correspondent gives a ra
th ?r indignant evidence of the hostility of a portion
of public opinion to the decision of Louis Napoleon
in forming a new cabinet? but the act of the As
sembly in pasting to the business of the day, and
the calm that succeeded M Royer's reply, very
clearly show that the President 11 in the very best
possible i*>sition. He could not have secured himself
better, after the diMnissal of Changarmer, than by
that act, which lus established for him a character
m a politician, such as he hat not hitherto enjoy
ed. Of his ambition and his purposes we may be
justified in saying this? that it remains for France
to prove her attachment for the republic, and that
Napoleon can become nothing that France herself
does not approve. Her chief danger is m those
legitimists who still ligh for the days of kingcraft,
?ad who have not vet learned to sacrifice their
?wn vtia prejudices in behalf of the common good
of their country ar.d country men.
The speech of the Queen of Knglaad? m abstract
?has already teen published. It is more vague
and unsatisfactory i ban usual. No reference seems to
be made in it to the World's Fair, the most popular
topic of the present season; and the Roman Cat ho
he question is touched wr.h aspiring hind How
ever, it may yet be found that the spiritual power
of the Pope nvolves a control over men's tempo
ral affairs: cd on that ground, Parliament may
meet any recommendation made by Lord John
Kusrell, with peculiar favor? provided it strikes
deep enough to suit the political instincts of the
wisdom of the nation
We perceive that the Pope proposes to abdicate.
In the present posture of alt&irs, this movement is
?ae that msy have a very important result, parti
cularly as there is a rut pow. r at w.,rk, like the
eaaldron of a volcano, under the whole of Italy,
and which may again show its strength at an
early lay. in addition to this resolution of th?*
Po(4>. *?* Si d. alto, that Cardinal Anton-lli has
determined to give the |>eo| le of this country a
special dispensation, in the shape of three cardinals;
oo<- of whom, we do not doubt, will be our parti
cular friend, Bishop Hugh s, for whose spiritual
emltai. n we have often earnestly an<l fervently
prayed. Titles, in this couatry, are of little im
pertsr.ee, an there are ebstiaa.e people who wj| i
cat! a cardmnl or a king plain Muter? but if the
real quality < t a cardinal or of a king is n the m to,
this liiUe result of contumacious democracy can
D?t hav any eti-ct upon a gr?>at duraitarv either
?f a church tr State. Mr Fillmore is just as
good as President Fillmore, anywhere and every
Mr Web*>r'a ie'ter, in r?ply to the Austrian
M mster's conduct, has cr*ated a profound sen
sation in l.urnpe, and we sow learn, for the first
tia>r, that Mr 1 iJley Minn has been in some
dancer Irnm the orders of the Austrian govern
ment. Added to this, the l.uropein powers are
?etively si work, u>t the purpose of devi-ong mean*
of patting the IMvefmn republic under the es
pMHiage of a poltt ical police All these thiaga are
significant Th?" hoees ol Swrzerland, of re
l*bii<-sfi France, of .-le^pinir Italy, and of Turkey,
are in this country and the f inted States will
have t<o much regard for the commercial in
terests at stske between itself and the futur* of
these aatx.r.s, to view with indifference anything
tbat may abridge their important e. ? >n the other
hand, the strongest harriers against unjust aggres
a? a upon weak nations will those commercial
treatus with our country, the interruption of
which, by foreign nations, will call for remon
strance on cur part, if not for more a:tive ?-vi
4ences Mt di'i'leasure The letter of Mr Webster
seems t? have ?iv?n to the republicans m Kurope a
heart with a hope in it, for something more de.
e^sive and n or? sat factory to th? great emotions
??hK h e* i r the ar ? rrf mfti at the . 'spent hour.
^ et, beynod the auaraatfts of security w hich our |
treaties, made -nd contempt -iteH, will five, there is
?o way in *htch we < ba jos'iti<t4as a nation In
throwirg our | r 't?. ,00 over the w-sik. The best
we can do is to lo?<> to <iri ,e in . ..tablishioe such
relations with teral lorrtgn ,..-?wer?, as will ma
terially contribute to their s*opperity, 01 own
benefit, and to the g*n*ral ( eace of the world.
la 8p*lb and < -ernes y there have b?en in.
ter#stmg movement in the n; irr,i*,c fields, to
vebt'.hwe have only spae- to call a?t?rriin \
ir*, thorfh slifh*. d fficuity has arisen ir NoWs
Wig Hnls'eis, tho-'gh the old trouble has beea
sw< othe 1 tver Kusiit is now making ?om? pre*
tears s; hwt what may h* the results. tbn? ilon- ean
clearly show Tha' sn.'raroer.t i<? Rot likely to
lose a stf| whet it ha.* fully decided that it is oell
!? lobe it I
lfea r?(ttlT? Slav* Law la BnIM-1%*
Law Oatragct.
la yesterday's Herald ws published an account
of the arrest of a negro, named Shadrach, in Boa
ton, on the charge of being a fugitive from the
State of Virginia, and his rescue from the officer*
who had him in charge, by a mob of negroea, who
forced an entrance into the United States Court
room and earned him off. It aeenu that Shadrach
decamped from the service of Mr. De Bree, in the
month of May last, and from that time to the day
of his arrest, lived in the capacity of waiter in a
co flee house m that city. He was recognized a few
days since, and a warrant for hi* arrest was issued,
in regular form, by the United StateB Marshal.
When he was in custody ot the Commissioner, and
when the case was under advisement, the counsel
for the fugitive asked a postponement of the case
till to-morrow, (Tuesday,) which was grant
ed. The court room was then cleared; but on
the application of the fugitive's counsel, those
gentlemen were admitted, for the purpose of con
sulting with him as to the line of defence which
they should adopt in his case. When the confer
ence was terminated, they proceeded to depart,
and as the last of then was leaving the court room,
the door was forced in by an infuriated mob of co
lored people, who knocked down the officers, and
carried the fugitive away in triumph.
This is the greatest outrage to the laws that has
taken place in many years; and it shoirs conclu
sively that the teachings of the white negroes of
Boston have produced the only effect which they
could produce on the black negroes of that city .
That degraded portion of the population have at
length broken the law, and violated the sanctuary
of justice. They have committed one of the
gravest offences known to the law, and in.
suited the majesty of the people and of the
government of the United States. But what
I else could be expected in a city which
tolerates such disorganise rs as Lloyd Garrison,
| Wendell Phillips, and their coadjutors in mischief 1
The city of Boston stands disgraced before the
whol? country. The stigma ot this act cannot be
washed out, except by the punishment, to the full
est extent of the law, of all who took part in, or
connived at, this gross outrage, as well as their
aiders and abetters ? black, white, blue or grey ?
whosoever they may be. If the citizens of Boston
have any desire to be reinstated in the good opinion
of their fellow citizens throughout the country,
they will exert themselves to the utmost to see that
the law is vindicated. They are bound, at all
events, not only morally, but legally, to pay the
value of the fugitive to his claimant. This, however,
' is an insignificant mattar compared with the gross
outnge which was perpetrated by the mob in
violently rescuing the slave from :he custody of
the United States officers. That disgrace cannot
be atoned for in any other manner than by punish
ing the rescuers, and teaching them a lesson winch
they will remember for the remainder of their lives
that laws? no matter if they are objectionable to
them ? must be obeyed as long as they remain on the
statute book, and ihat they cannot be resisted or
I disobeyed with impunity. They must be taught
that the higher law doctrine of resistance cannot be
put in practice, although it may be cited by dema- !
gogues to suit their own purpose, or promote their ,
private ends
A great reponeibility now rests on the United j
? States authorities in Boston, especially the District
' Attorney and the Marshal, in reference to this
' matter. They may not be able to recapture Sha
drach the fugitive, for it is very probable that be
is by this time beyond their reach, having un- ,
doub'.edly fled to Canada; but they can arres(
and bring to punishment the vagabonds who broke
into the court room and rescued him. They shuold
leave no stone unturned. Fortunately they have j
abundance of testimony; for the several officers
from whose custody the fugitive was violently ,
j taken will unquestionably be able to recognise
and identify the ringleaders and most active of the
mob. if they fail in performing their duty promptly
and efficiently, they should be immediately dis
missed from effice, and better men dubstitu:ei in
their stead. But we have no apprehension that
they will. We feel confident that they will dis
charge the responsibility now resting on them with
firmness, and wr.h fidelity to the laws, and to their
fellow citizens throughout the confederacy.
This is the second failure to execute the Fugi
tive Slave Uw in the city of Boston. The country
exjects that it will be the last Fugitives from
slavery, now living in different parts of the North
ern and Kastern States, will doubtless flojk to that
city, under the impression that they will be secure
there? that the law cannot be carried into effect.
We therefore recommenl such of our SoJthern
fellow citizens as have lost slaves, to keep a
watch on that city, in order to discover them, if
possible; and we ad-ue the officers of the United
States, when they arrest such fugitives, to take them
?o t?*e Charlestons nivy yari. Nor would it, we
think, be ami*1, on future occasions, to cat! on
Mayor Bigeiow for a detachment of military to
sustain the United States authorities in carrying out
the law If it be necessary to shed blood and alee
hie, ui vindicating the law, let it be done, even if a
thousand be sacrificed. The constitution and the
laws must l>* upheld, without r?gard to conse
quences; ? we winld S* traitors to o irs?lves, o ir
country, ar.d to th" world, if we ahrink from inam
tainipg th'm
The Rek ? uc or Lnuutia.? We published, ia
yesterday's lltrald, fom? very interesting intelli
gence from the new republic of LiVria, for which
we were indebted to Cjptain Kllis, of the p irk
l.dgh r. The message of Pree^l'it Robert*,
which we published, was a remarkably well
written document, and gave a perfect insight into
the present state of that colony. The proceed ng*
of the Libenan Congreas are condacted with great
'Ucorum? more so than those of oar American
Congress H"W ttrange it is that ?ir colored
pepvlttioa do not emigrate to Liberia in greatir
numbers thin 'b?y do '
Thk Pork on Maim ? Tbemuls of the steim^rs
Af.-iSa and Atlantic, for Boston, were yesterdiy
eifressed through, per steamer Knickerbocker,
* a Norwich. Ry this arrangement of Postmaster
Brady, our I' ist> n friends will receive their foreign
correspondence nearly twenty-four hours earlier
than by the regular mail Th? Knickerbocker
left at 8 o'clock yesterday morning. The number
of letters received by the Africa wa- 184,000.
Thk jikvt Nsuafrom Lpeofk.? The Cambria,
from Cork, with the c*r*o of the Atlantic, and
n'-ws to the 4th instant, will be due on Wednesday,
find the Baltic, with advices from Liverpool to the
*th, will be due on Saturday.
Tm Fkek S Hoot. Hvstk.* ? WeJpuMiah, tt^day?
an abstract of the report of the Assembly Commit
tee, apon the petitions for the repeal of the Free
School law, together with the address of the Stite
Ontral ' r.mmittee, on the subject. They w.ll be
f< und very uteres* ing.
T?n? X.trt >?oh T r ? Istawn. have reoeitsd.
i a Her ma da adviett Iron Turks Island to th? 2id uit
Tbs tiitrttr of the 1th alt "?y>
fllN our la* t we ha?<- had heary nhower* of raia.
which have done mash injury to the ?alt arop? of the
t#*r It in f> b* h oped ihat this present >?*?on *<11.
aft?rthl? b* a 'Iry ene an 1 that the proprietor of salt
peed" ?111 ba abie to mak* good r*kin(? a* tt? b?d
n (if laet year f.a# mifh 1*pr**>ei| thetr ?plr1'?
W* do not think it po??lb;e uul*?* *'.m* unfor??en
aeetdent oeeo i? that th? ithabftaat* of theee Island*
run evsr apain suffer, a* they h?r? often d->n? before
for that Seeentlal r r water A larg? public
tank rapable of oontalalr* *00 pnt?rh?'.n? l? f)rii*h*d
and full and u?arly ersrj h"u?? tn thla and Bait Cay
h?? one or mora cistern- Thl? ll a pi?a?ing oirflun
?tun'" ar d we c,ao bow sff <rd to wi?h for th* ' atereets
of the salt proprietor* that It *111 hold try for a tlae
The (i ??.??? of tbs 22d ult (Jf?s tbs foil' win< ?
On Saturday la*t lltb lo?t?nt at th* T. pl?-<;pal
' hurrh bi the V,*r Joseph Matw?ll r*-tor Haejaala
ft'i'-.tfin th 1 ?? of th* city of H?]tiaore a natlt*
? f " at ?'iutty Wa'ylan'l aoi I'lM Btat?* ' > n?*il
at tkaas i?iaads to m?? Bii??tx?th c Haywar'l wf B?f
??'!? Tlivr* f? a *ot*eld*aee In rouna^tloii with tlx
ako?? frorhy of nolle* th? wsddia* havisg taMsa
the 6r*t ?nnlt>rsary of th# arrival of oar
r.vhly n'*1 ' onsnl and on the Wrthday of hi*
lo??ly and yo?rthf?l hr!4* He ha? ehna?? an ?etlaahle
aad roii-h io?e<t jnnn< laly as his wife and ?# el'h
ih*? grtat happineu
The Particulars of the Accident
to her Machinery.
ittinli Iron (aptaln West, Chief Officer
Shufeldt, tad i Bflaeer KtktrU,
6iC. &t. &c.
| We published, yesterday, a tall soconnt of the tnls
I b?p which occurred to tha steamship Atlantic on her
trip from Liverpool to Kew York, and attempted at the
same tin* to daaeriba the enthusiasm which the Intel
llgence of her safety created in thi? city. We say that
we attempted to do so, for it would b? Impossible to
depict it in inch a manner as to convey to our reader!
at a distance a true idea of It. The community ofNew
York, of every class, indulged in an exuberance of joy,
snch as we have seldom witnessed in this oity of ex
I citement
The Atlantic, it appears, left Liverpool under very
favorable auspices, although during the prevalenc ot
a gale which was so severe as to render it unsafe to
land her pilot. It was hoped that by the time she got
to sea. the wind would have abated; but it did not.
No sooner bad she passed Cape Clear that she met
with as rough and a? boisterous a s?a as was ever
seen in that region. Nevertheless, the Atlantic wan
not to be deterred. She was constructed in the strong
I est nuuner possible, and fitted to encounter any hur
' rlcane or any sea that the Weatarn ocean erer wltnes*
| ed, with safety ; and with full confidence that she
1 was equal to any emergency which oould arise, her
captain. Mr. West, and her first officer, Mr. Shufeldt,
headed her towards Cape Kace, confident that she
i would give a good aocount of herself. But "man
proposes and Ood disposes." On the sixth ot Janu
ary, when the noble ship was nine day* at sea,
having encountered during that time a succession
ot galss from the westward, the main shaft broke. Of
! courre. this accident precluded all hope of her making
I her usual passage; for she would have to depend upon
! sail alone to reach the port of her destination, some
| 'onrteen hundred miles distant. Halifax being the
| nearest port, Captain West determined to head her for
that plaea; but another gale baTing sprung up. It was
deemed best to steer for Bermuda. Kut the wind being
unpropitious, her course was changed, with the ass?nt
of the passengers and officers; and at ten o'clock. P M ,
on the eleventh of January, westerly winds still pre
vailing. Capt. in West determined to seek the nearest
port in Europe, which was Cork, in Ireland, distant
fourteen hundred miles. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon
of the 23d of January sh? anchored in Cork roadstead
irf safety, having accomplished that distance in alittle
over ten days. Considering the immense dimensions
of th?Atlantlc, and the small amount of canvas which
she carries this was an extraordinary teat. Thanks to
a kind Providence, and to the skill of Captain West
and Mr. Shufeldt, the Atlantic reached.Cork in safely,
with no damage to the ship ol any moment. Infaot,
we learn from the English papers that she could have
been refitted tor s*a in Cork, iu a very short time; but
Captain West being subject to the crder^of the agonts
of tha Collins line, in England, had to abide by their
directions, and they gava directions that she should
b? towed to Liverpool, and a new shaft made lor her
Th? following 1* ? copy of n letter addressed by Cnp
Uin Wtit toI.K C oiling. K?q , the agent in New York
ot the splendid line of steamships to which the AtUn'
tic belongs .. . .
C. 8 Mill. Steamkh Atlantic, >
Ccau, Jan. 22d. 1851 . )
Bir It becomes my duty to inform you of the acci
dent which baa dinabled this ship, and the reasons
which re ti4er?d Upecessary. in my opinion to return
to Europe, InstenToI p. esecuting our homewnrd voy
*BWe left Liverpool on tfce 29th ult .our regular sail
ing day at 4 P. M . with ? Iresh wind from W. N. W
?t 9 3U P M ot the following day. passed Cape Clear
and fhap' d a course tor Cape Race; from this time to
Monday Jan 6ih, we bad to contend against heavy
westerly gales the fhip behaving admirably , and be
ing to all appearance in as good condition a? on the
day ot sailing At half past a P. M on that day, the
engii.ee were stopped, and nfter examination by the
engineers. they reported to me that they were broken
beyond the possibility of Immediate repair. or until
our arrival iu eom. port Oue position at this time was
latitude lonititude 41 30. with froth gale* from
W N . W . and heavy sea running I at on:e laid the
ship to under canvass and commenced preparations
lor sailiag her The wheals were lathed and the en
gines properly secured, which occupied the time
till the Mh ol January, at 7 A.M during which the
gale continued, and ship remained In sam? position
A Ureeie now sprung up from eastward and I kept her
?way W N W.. with the Intention of reaching Halifax
It possible at noon I found, on observation that we had
dnited slity milts southward, whilejour longitude re
mained ite fame From this time to the 10th of Janu
ary wt had T*uable winds, and made 120 miles south
lit and ey miles wenting In the nfterneon a heavy
gaie sprung up from the southwest, and I hove to. we
remained in this condition until four P M, of the
lltb the wild moderating and banllng more to the
nort>" ' *od w*?twmrd . 1 ni?d# tail and ?t*>od to th?
?oui bat mtd? little pro-rew I con*ult*d with
thecb.t. engineer Mr Rogers, and found there was
no possibility ol using either engines and the proba
bility of prevalent westerly gales; I abandoned the
hope ot reaching llalltei U> the westward or Bermuda
to the scuthwarJ. and determined, after ascertaining
the wishes of the passengers, to run the ship before
the wind (UP M January 11) blowing strong (run
westward Noon. 12th, Cape Clear distant 1,400 miles;
and not teeling justified in passing a gool f0*1- "ll*
tbe ship in a crippled condition bit# this day, 2-d ol
January anchored In the Cote ot Cork.
Kor further inli rjiatlon respecting the extent of
damage to the engine. I beg leave to refer you to the
l?tter ol the chiet engineer The thlp is In good erder
and made no water Carg ?nn .t be damaged
1 have the honor to be.
your obedieut servant.
' JAMlfl WB9T.
With ebaracterlstle msdesty. Captain West states
the facts inertly and does not say a word of hla agenoy
under Providence. In bringing the Atlantic into port
snlely. lie is, however, entitled to the credit of not
only doing that, bat of satisfying the world th.it the
Atlantic l? a sure vessel, even II her machinery breaks
down, and that traveller* can embark In her with the
assurance that they nre safe, come what may
Mr Ropes, the chief engineer, alio Is entitled to
some credit Ul? exertions to get the Atlantic into a
port of safety, when the aocident occurred entitle
him to a great deal of credit Th* following is an ??.
trnct ol n letter which he wrote to Mr Collins ?
' At7 4oP M . on the eth January, in the midst
of n heavy gale cf wind, the centre shaft broke
In the starboard journal en I In teparat In*, fractured
the pillar block but doing to other damage and were
Obliged to take off h?r buok?ts to Impede our .ailing
progress as little as possible; but owing to the heavy
staoccapieo nearly three days When all was
as much a? possible. I commenced preparing our port
engine with a view ol using it lo ca-e o| absolute ne
cessltv. and sueceeded In preparing it pretty well had
occasi' n require*, but was enabled t<? r-ach the i bar
Of cork without Its aid Previous t? our .lefor
tune, It was the universal remark that the engln es
had never performed better I hsd not Had th?
slightest trouble ?ince leaving New * ork.
That the detention of the Atlantic w.s ean?ed by
? ? accident which was unforeseen and which conld
not be provided sgnlnst Is the opinion ol not only
the gentlemen who took passage In her. but cl the
Knglish pr?ee. without an exreptl a When Cape
Clear was in sight the former held a meeting in the
cabin and passed the following resolution" -
On Cos*. Jan 22 1U1
At a meeting el the passengers held on b ?ar<l tbo |
Vnited Btate" mall Steamer Atlantic Mr J*31*' 8 |
Wodsworth. of New Yot*. being rallel to the chair,
n,4 j h Pnttingar. of Maryland appointed HearaUri, |
Henry Benjamin, ol New \ ork <? H Iteeie oftenn ,
sy Ivania. and A Lawrence Jr ?-l Ma-s were appoint
?d a committe- to draft t?s. lotions eipr???lvs ol the
?D,. m the meeting in v: w ol the clrcum'tanc-*
wkich have c milled the ve.sel to return
){0*r.\w*4 Tfcftt w# f**\ it dnt U CidUIb . i
i our *r*Mtud# to him for dip
rsre and devotion to bis dnty under clrciimstsnces ol
great resp' n-lblilly (he bs'ing Keen deprived In a
great meweure of the ?nlua?.le and effletont service of
bis erst rfflcer Mr fbnfeldt by t mporary Illness) In
bringing th- sb!p -af.ly Into port as well ae f .r the
gr>-at alt e u* l'?n and curtesy wl'h which he .abored
to promote the happlneas and comfort of thoee unlet
"tee* Wed. That we feol it likewise due to the proprie
tors ot the ship to lieer te.t ,mony to 'he great .trengtk
and power with which she eontend'd lor nine days
against sn aim >.t unin'errupfd west-rly gale ol gr?at
?everlt? a> well as to the admirable condnn of the
under sails wh-n rud-e.!y deprived * her
motive power by th* breaking of the main shsft hav
ing then made I 000 miles on her we.t.rn voyage
Resolved. That It ta< tha unanimous request ol the
na?sengers that th? ship ehonld e. aa eastern port.
?. It was found sfter a trial of Hee fays that eneunr
be red ns she wis with disabled machinery, she could
not contend e?alnat the strong w.etern winds *at
^r.e<oIved11Tkat It Is also du? to Mr Rogers the chief
engineer nod his intelligent corps of new**. in t* that
w^Th'.nld bear testimony to ths ability and II lelltT
with which they diechsrged th?lr arduous duties ns
?ell prsvlous te the nceld?nt a< I* their subse<|uent
< ffotfs to repair th# machinery
If. however the Atlantic is a safe vessel her cap
tain Mr James West. Is nlso a safe man to fo to sea
with His reputation Is ?*ll known nnd noth ng
conld add ta It. bnt a certllleate? If ?? may so anil It
from th* stokers ths most Insignificant, bnt, at the
mjm tia", ? T*f/ linporUat Hi ?i ns* cn bo*i4 ?f
"'II J!""*1*' **? ,tok*r? ?? the Atlantic? peor
"" *U" M *M> bat thankful to Capt We*t
0r f1 tb*m tli? plenitude of their
gratitude to bin, not u their captain, bat u their de
??? together, and adopted
e ollowfng address It need* no comment. It I* to
be Tiewed ?? the widow . mite, *nd on that account
the mor* acceptable. Here it i*:?
To Carx. J ami-* Wist: ?
Hr.m-n'li1 PUm* a*1*0 to receive at the hand* of the
S '?? ?hiP 'Heir warmest thanks and h.art
'?it gratitude to you, sir, for your kind and almost
man? Jit "g^V0r U* (whom ?? '?* oar a for. and so
Um~ ? ?* I dur,D? th? Put trying, and at
timer perilou* lituation ol the Atlantio since thr
nwt0rt|fn,M8 *c?'d'ut t0 th* machinery, oa the 6th
Imi Kt r. K ^ under divine Providence, we are
indebted to you for our safety, we eannot permit thia
bSt0IilnBlt> t0. PM,.w,thout "pressing our humble
but sincere wish,* lor your happiness prosperity
and long hie In our situation in life, we have neither
gold or - liver to offer; but surh a. wehav?ische,r
T? * **f. \ *h,ch l" our humble service*.
following are some extracts from the English
P?P*r*, concerning the Atlantic's mishap, which will
be read with interest by the public : ?
(From the Liverpool correspondent ol the Manohe*ter
r>~ u ... Examiner 1
Considerable excitement has prevailed here to dav
LVk?^.q.Y"c*0,t,w ne"s that. a, received late last
AtUn'tlc .n#a!i' rn?i th" An,,rlc?B built steamship
Atlantic, in a dumaged condition, to Cork, after havlnr
been at sea since the K8th ultimo The*reat??t anVi.t!
Mail Steamship Company, hw b^en chfrtlr?, ,4'
ceed to Cerk. a'nd (rom 'thence to Nei Yor'k ai
4th /, ?"? pa"eDK7" wUl be forwarded by her on the
of^h K.ebruRry 'ubject. ot course to the approbation
it may recefve Zrt'tTJ"" ' AH ef tbe Ut" de'irt??
ifc m*y receive back their passage money, au d nrocH.i
*?' the, choose7' SomHis.p
p ointment has beeu expressed that the denartur * of
the Cambria should be delayed until th? 4rh nf *
= & HSw
& iTiii^iVr^t0^ r^^re^x^a0;
the* Africa "win* 8?|t h Ut The "g"'" m aU steam^
tbe Africa, will sail hence for New York on Baturdav
next (to morrow), and the Atlantic* mail will it il
there'wm' i, ,"rw*n,,a b' h" it is prrbable tbi?
nth? VJ # T",fy Kr*at inxiety manifested on the
oth.r side of the Atlaitic for the safety of th? di?!
"la "II?1"" *nd P*n'cularly as nearly tive weeks will
^S^,N:."VotrLdlngn0/ V i0Ci^nt can be* e^
despatched *or America^ to-morrew* D? m'" Wl" b?
aJn i?f.tUnVw- V'01""1 h*r?*U an excellent seaboat
and It is grati lying to learn that her hull has not
SQAtametf the slightest injury Hh? had *aq
en board who ba've expre^ their'wVrm'".,^ ^?^"
of Captain West ar,d bis officers on this tryingooc.-ion
[from the Cork Examiner 1
slop The accident resulted irom a Maw in the Inn
which cculd Lot have been foreseen and that ml.S
have happened in smooth a* In rou*h watav fhl
^kVth7 ,b"C^bri? <? ?*nt. in place or*h? BaltKi
totske the cargo Cf the Atlantic, is. that the li&ltta
" ' * 1 "Kot ou' ?* th. dock in which she now tie.
?wing to the want of sufficient water to float her. '
[From the Liverpool Maill
"d c4r"oof ^e disabled vessel ^and
F ^ -"tura^liVJpS A"?
of the aImi!?.11' onc'' P'?c*datthe disposal
_ T^'rom the London Time* 1
We cannot better conclude thi* narrative ef th*
fhJ r !?tnM"W'"tlbM b'r',erri?? to the jey which
>? intelligence of her safety created in thi, city oB
Saturday evening Thi* we are enabled to do 1.
poetry for the following verse* on the .objeet were
?eat to us last evening: ?
? ??v . .... T"" ATLANTIC.
SzSzs+pZZX w,lcome ?tout
The Ood of Storm* ha* shielded her
from rain* wrathful glare.
The storm cloud, with Its avalanche
Of tempest, raging wilj,
Nor old Atlantic, could not barm
u?r young and darling child
T Still' floats th^up per ?air ^ ^
^ TbJb*? tba^lUie^j t?r.fcitb m*TT~*
Oh. never shall her glorious hulk
i ># id to the neddentd purge 1
Old Oct an may but test thy strength
Ne er bowl thy requiem dirge
h# *bo go ides the gallant West
W bat drooping heart* leap hi^h,
All thankful ibat thou still art lelt
To guard when dancer s nigh ?
b',", 1B '?'nest prayer to Him
Who ray* dark *orrowTa fearful pal,' -
To the *| eclal Previdence that wills
" Even a sparrow s fall ?
No Ariel Wnes shall sin* thy knell,
Of varied fathoms deep,
Norooral nor the sea nymph'* shell
Within thy huge ribs sleep,
the storm eloud thunders wild.
Illlh o er the foam toeaed see
Still float UDharmed. still brav* the *torm
Majestie, proud, and Iree '
?*w York feb 10.1851. I j,
Police Intelligence.
wjrrnf af a huti/iot h'ur grr. - Officer A M C Soi'th
arr??Ud jiaeriay a man by the name of .lam** II.
H tor mm alia* 0 H. Carte*. oa a charge of forglnir a
promiuory note, muili for tbOO, purporting to be
drawn by l>r. B P Town?eod. Ot thl* city The ao
cured, It *eem* ba" been doing bufiae** and re-iding
in tbr town of Chltt ;Ofari?e. < 'n' ndaga -ounty. N Y
The not* wa* pa**ed a* genuine at that place and
*ub*e<|ue ntly forwarded to New York and when ?i
bitited to Dr T?wn?end b? pronounce I It a forgery.
The aci u>*d. Ho (tin ic be *a? ?u*pec!ed. e* -apul irom
the town and took up hi* quarter* in thi* city . pre
riou*. bow?T?r to bl* flight h* purcha*ed a bill of
good* uidtr fal*e pr*tcn< ??* and ? warrant ww i*eu*d
for hi* arr**t on that (-burg* We nnd*r*taad that
aeeeral other charge* of forgery are pending ag*in*t
the accused Officer 8uiltb. after nmk'ng the arr**t.
placid the prleoner in th* custody of Mr. K T
Frederick deputy therilT ol Onondaga county who ar
lived in the city a few day* *ioc? In eearch of the
eTtteeri Jn*tl?e I. otbrop committed the e;cu*ed to
the T< mb* for *afe keeping, and thl* day the deputy
? h-rlB ? ill cot vey tbe aneoaar bark for trial.
Cha ige >?/ Stealing a Wmtf h ? A man by the name of
Cbailee Jcbnron *11 arre>t?d, yeiterday on a charge
of Mealing a wateh tallied at f'Jft, the property af
WUIiam ^*an f'flWr <;ill**pie, of the Koarth war!,
arretted i be *MOMd, n. d Juatice Lctbrop committed
himto prlaoa for tiial
Ch, n|( */ .imiint y, -Two women by tbe name*
tf Biddy and Julia Hart were arretted e a I rlday by
tfflrere M?gn>* and ' i K eefe. oa a charge of *t*allo{
$107, in ban k bill* tit m the p*r*<>n of Michael Hurley
reeidinr at No 5H I<oe?t*|t etreet Hurley. It *eem?
we* In lienor ?nr> while in the* eta'e the money ??<
? itraei'<: frm I. la picket The a-eu?ed parti-* were
conteyel belcr* .1 uftiie Lotbfop. who committed them
fo prl-oa for trial
f'Amge of pmniing '.??< 'f mry -Ol Friday, fffl ?*rt
Magnet and <> Keefe arreifed a young Oermin by tbe
tame of "antic* ll. hr cl*f k In a grocery (tore, *itu
a'ed at thecoraer of John and N'ateau ttreet*. cn a
charge of pa**1ng a counterfeit Ave Iran-; piece on a
l oy by tbe iitnie of billon B Dunbar, retiring at No. i
4 J olia etreet It appear* that th* boy went to tha
gVMery *tore for a plat of beer aad In payment gar* a
one dollar bill, and the clerk la chante gare tbe bad
fire frana piece, ** I* alleged knowing it to be counter
feit Juatice Lotbrep committed the aocuaed for
C targe of Area' ng epm a Trunk ?k yonap man of
genteel appearance calling himself Charlee Stereo*
alia* Boyd, wa* arretted on Friday on a charge of '
breaking open a frank at Tammany Hotel and stealing
therelrom >64 in bank bill*, tbe property of I'harlea l>o- !
darline one of the b *rd*n The aconeed wa* obaerr
ed fo be hanging about the trunk, and if presumed to ]
be the ladltldoel who committed the theft The ae
eu*ed waa i ? n?? jed before tbe chief of police, who
ocmmltted him to pri*' a
Ilrooltlyn City lntrlltgrner>
In- ?t.- tyoron?r llall teld an In j jeet on fat irday ?
|a*t upon tbe body of a man nmn*d Jnhn 'i^eon-il, I
found drowned ?IT Red Ho >k Point ,the ? ?a? day i
The deceased hud be*n a reeldent ot No. 74 Frarikfnrt ;
atieet. New York The Jnry returned a rerdist of
aerldeatal drownlrg '
A*T?Mrim< B' *'i? ?*? On Patu'day nigkt la*: the '
hru?eet Wai 0 fwain H i Miiageton ?tre?t. wa* hur
gl?tlru*ly entered aad article* t< tbe ral-ie of ab< ut ,
ftO taken therefrom
Pnpreme I onrt ? ??m elnl 1'crm.
Meiore the lion Ju4|e Klag
F?* 15 ft*ltnn it I* frfHtr Thii wa* a mo'loa
la tbe I>* Tej*ter will ca*e f?r judgment for waa< of
reply ta plaintiff a an*eer The ("??urt grant*d leave
to ?*rT# reply fn twenty day* ?.n (ayment of eoet*
In Ihr mmtt'r if John ?ijnm I ?. ffuyVn, Sag' & Co ?
Thi* ?*? a motion to mpei Alfr*d Fly to da, r? to
defendaat* certain paper* in hi* po*?e*eni n*ce?*ary
(or their def??c? ia t&ii rait CnliiltMuffi i
?lcatlon of Senator of Rtw Jersey, 4m.
Ta EffTOIf ? F eb la, 1861 .
The joint masting mat vgatn yesterday morning
and several ineffectual attenpta were made to adjoorn
unt die. Attar much sparriLg. another ballot was had
lor Senator, bat wlthoct success
The Senate is eomposed of ten democrats and one
whig. The House consists of twenty democrats seven
teen whigs and one independent whig ; the lndepen'
dent man being, as aaual, the most active against the
regular candidates. The joint meeting has adjourned
over to Wednesday, the 10th last
Tba an ti- caucus men object to Stockton on aooount
of his connection with the monopolies. The democrats
are united in other respeots. The rule of an absolute
majority ol sll the members of both louses is estab
lished. It Is euppoied that the anti caucus men
will not yield, and some other candidal must bs taken
up No bueiimes ot any other importance, exoept th'
oreatlon of several railroad ocmpanies In the northern,
and turnpike companiea in tha southern, portion of
tba State.
Flrea In (7U??.
Utica, Feb. 16, 1350.
About half put 13 *'010011 last uigbt the drug and
grooery store of Foster and Dickcnson, No. 117 Ge
nesaa street, was destroyed by.flre? which broke out In
tha lower story, and rapidly consumed the whole
building aud stock. During the progress of the fire
there were frequent explosions ef considerable vio
lence, as the liquor casks and several cans of gunpow
der were reached by the flame*. These did no parti
cular damage although the shocks were ielt mora or
less in bouses several doors distant. The {progress
of the fire was so rapid, that nothing was saved,
and the books and valuables which were in the safe
were not removed, but on taking the safe from the
ruins, the books and papers were found uninjured.
The proprietors have apprehensions that the stora
was entered from the rear, and the safe forced, and
that the robbers in their retreat tired the building,
as no tires or candlrs had been used in the store
for some hours previous. The stock of Foster
6l Dickenson was insured tor 18,000 dollars,
distributed among the Howard, Htna, Long island,
Km i) ire State, and Home Protection companies It
was valued from $20. (CO to $25,000. The building
was tbe property of liev, A brain Illoodgood, and was
insured in the Albany Insurauoe Co A small brick j
addition in the rear, the property of F. & D . was in- '
sured $t00. The bookstore ot J. Tiffany, and the office
of tha UlUa Ifuily Obitrvrr, which were in the build- i
ing next below, were saved, but their property was
considerably damaged by removal before the proprie- !
tors arrived. Tbe loss of Mr Tiffany must bs about j
$600. The store of Bayre Ben, above, was also saved.
About 4 o'clock this morniug, a second alarm was
created ty tbe burning of the barn attached to the
Catharine t treet House. It was in the rrar ot the first
fire, and probably caught from it The upper part of
tbe bain was destroyed. It was the property ol Hou.
Horatio Beymour; probably insured. Messrs. Jones
ft 1'orter, of tbe Catharine Street House, were insured
$100 on their hay, oats. A;c. ThebarnsofJ llutter
fleld Si Son were saved almost by a miracle. The
loss of materials of Messrs. B. & Son is within $60'J;
Iftwi of tbe Safety ol the Atlantic.
Boston, Feb. 10, 1851. I
Tbe news of the safety of tbe Atlantic was promul
gated in this city this morning and caused great and '
heartfelt rejoicings.
Washiwh row, Feb 16, 1851.
The safety ot the American mail steamship Atlantic l
was announced to-day amid the liveliest expressions
ef gratification
Tbe Drat ruction of a It nil road Bridge.
Uric*, Feb. 16, 1851.
Th* turnpike bridge over tha Weat Canada creek, at
the village of Herkimer, waa carried away at 9 P. M ,
and, sweeping against the railroad bridge, destroyed
?bout 130 feet of it, wtich will prevent the passage of
trains until Tuesday night. Passengers now cross on
a temporary foot bridge.
Tbe Hudson JHlwer.
Albany, Feb. 16, 1861 H
The river, opposite this city, is now clear of iae; but
it is said to be firm at Uatskill and Kingston.
Arrival of Mdlle. Parodl.
BoitOw , Feb 16 1851
Md lie Thersa Parodi, the distinguished prima donna'
arrived in this city last night.
Miss Dutch port In Washington.
Washinotojt, Feb 16. 18'1.
Tha National Theatre was crowded to its utmost
capacity, last night, at Miss Davenport's benefit.
There were about '2 600 persons present, among whom
were nearly all of our leading dignitaries. She has
been re engaged tor a third week.
Failure of tbe MalU
Baltimork, Feb 16, 1851,
Tbe mall boat on tbe Potomac failed to arrive in
time for the Valtimore ears
City inteUlfciicei
No event, ior a ifrj long time. bw caused to much
excitement such aa exuberant expression ot joy- u
the now* fbich arrived on Baturday evening. in this
city, of the *afety of the Atlantic and bar passengers
T he heart of many a latber and mother, and brother and
fitter, and wife and ohlld has been made glad by this
intelligence. Hope was so long deferred th?t thesouls
of many hadalckened to despair. and we hat a beard
(f one instance of a lady in Biooklyn. the mother of
seven children. having lost her reason from the alter
nation* of hope and tear for the fate of her huiband.
But it was not merely the relative and friends of tha
passengers that were tilled wlib exultation on receiv*
lag the newi. The universal pnl'lie seemed to sym
patblea In the rejaiclng In tact. the inhabitant!
at Mew Tark, Brooklyn, and N>w Jersey seemed
aa If they were intoxicated witn joy. II ? firing
of tome thirteen gnus by the Africa. at quarantine
between 7 and * o'clock baring been distinctly heard
here, all wert on the tire as thera watno other
tieamer due exnept the Africa and the a t i ,u an I
every one believed, troin the unusual number of report*
that It waa either tha Atlaotlo safely arrived lu the
harbor, or tha Atrica with news of her aafety. The
latter appeared to be the prevailing opinion Prom
tbalact of tb< Health Officer not having hoarded her ?
be not being bound by law to board a vessel after sun
set. and being under ao particular obligations to the
Cunard line to doso she waa detained tor an hour,
during which time be- gunn continued to blaze anray,
id ! rrcliet- ware thrown up and ilgnal light* w?re
exhibited wbil* the citizen* reniainea in a -tnte el the
moct anxlout nu'pen-r. rh?" lock* from ' 'aual ntreet to
the J'atUry. were thronged with citir.en* looking out
for the n o 1 1 1 1 ti tc *teamer Nunlwii cro?*ed frcm th*
Hro<kijn *lde to learn the ????. II ut rtlil no new*
came; lor ?'?pi . Kyrle refund to give th* newimen the
packet* Iff tb' pre a* The HuaU >ffl :e wan filled
? ltbip<-<pl?. aid a h<?t who could not g*t In. blockad
ed tli* building <n both front* an nou-ly waiting for
tb* n?wi At length the ncw*ia>n arrived at the
Htrald rfliee with tb* lette r of the chief *fflc*r of the
Atlantic. who wan a j a- -erger in the Afrlc a and other
letter* and ne* n(iip-rn, communicating th? lutein- j
genea tbat the Atlantic win *?fe in Cork har
bor. Th* n??* wai Immedia'ely announced to
th? croud when a nhout went up that fAook the
bniUlig . aad deafening cheer followed ch?er for '
nereial mn uten Thi* wan a few uilt ut-* alter '.'O do It. '
The e xci ten. e r.t b?came Intense The npreaJ Ilka
wi:dtite all titer the city. The multitude eo I nrre? ned
aicui.d tb? llnabl office. that It wa* almost impoanibla
to get in or out Exactly at 10 o clock an extra wan
tanned ard *uch a n > ne we never witn -***d in a news
paper office b?'' re Huc.h a runh arid *uch a pr*a*ure'
K\fn onr lightning pr**?*n nould not throw olf quick
enough lor the demand and eleven peraonn behind the
rouiit?r were rot nuflicieut to distribute them 0?
nn>lou?w.r* gentlemen t" a*t the paper that miny
of tbetn ran away with< ut th? ir change, throwlngdnwn
a dime or a nhllltng. The new?bcyn carried od their
hundred* in all direction*. do?n town and up town,
and lo J*i*ey and hr-okiyn. d'*ponlng of them a* last
ai #?er they could *eil th*m at ?ix cento each
!lad it not benn *o late, the excitement would have
been Kill (I eater A* It wa* It beggar* de? -rlptlon,
aid no p?r*< ? who did not witne** It can have any
juet conception ot it Even the theatre* be??me *ceu?n
of excitement und vehement che?r Ing. when the ioytui
intelllgeree wa* announced between the act". It wan
atnunlng to bear r me of th* new*hey* cry the U'rnld
in the street* One nhoaled at the top ol hie voice
' Arrnal ot the Atlantis.' another shouted Arrival of
the Atrica and Atlantic," while a third cried with
mote accuracy, 'Arrival ol the Afilca Mfetyofthe
Atlaotic ' The acetie at the //'*?<>/ oflloe tn Saturday
night wan r*-*na?ted ye*terda? morning, and the pre?
enre became tre??nlou* There wan not a copy left
It V o'clock, though ?|l,,?C0 cnplen hid bM MMtTM
the emitter between the extra and the Sun-Uiv //< r
nh1 and had not the pre** men gone home fatigued with
their labor* several thounnom m >re would have been
purchased Cople# of the Sunt a y llrrahl nold freely
during th? day for a nhllllng In different parte ot the
<;lty. Kt?r einoe the arrival of the newn uothing elne
ban bren talked of in the city In the eteamboat*. the
rallr' ad car*, the bar rootnn and th? nalonnn Id group*
In the *tre?tn the merit* of the gallant vaeael, and (of
the line to which *he belong* w?re diicuneed and
the pelm awarded to the Atlantic an a '-a going boat.
Tb- confidnnce tbat wan ?o much 'haken wan evidently
r**tored and every American f?lt proud of the line ?
*ati?l ?d tbat no greater a< ci?lent had hippened h?r
tbati bad betallen ?ome of Mm ateamera of the I'tinard
line onder rimllnr circumitanc * and that nothing
bad eccutred to |e*?en the reputation Oollmn' iteam
er* had already won We hive heard that Mr Stewart,
fit the Marble Ptlnee. had f> ltH> C?) worth of gr>o4? on
board not a t article of which we* Innured It I* not, ;
we i ejleve the ;r?ct|c* ol Mr Atewart to Innure ** he
consflven that what he would have ta pay In Innur
anr'* wonld exceed hi* lo**e* Th* ln*urano? office*
tare reape>] a rich harvest from U>? Atlantic *ome at
them b*vlng i h> aired no mueh a* "l!< per oent lor In
ftirance igiinnt total Ion*
Ti<* M?if* nan rue Oii'tet ?? 1 ot traria* *vr? Kr
imt v ? Not only have the proprietor* of thi* line ?>f
t ir. tiibu*e* whone ll^eneen have been revoked by the
Ma;o?. nerved l.in Honor with an Injunction rent reining
hmiit'tn arr**tirg the llceneed dri ?*r? ar interfering
? ith tbe licenced Mage* except forrlt latlon*of th* city
nrd't ibr** but tbey have alio c niuien-)#<l an action
agaibr. li?? ItT aeiauit ??d Utter/, iu hating caiv*t
the unit of tfarN ot their liitutd driven, for limply
driving the stages tor which licenses had been obtained
from ex-Mayor Woodhull, but were cancelled by Mayor
Kingsland. No doubt this knotty question of Uw will
Wad to much curios* disousslon, and will punle the
judges. It appear* that the (400 paid by Berlin* fe
It y arson for the licenh?s, have not been returned to
them. 8ui?ly it ii not right to keep their money, it
tbey are not permitted to run the itages.
Wahhinotom's BiiTNDii. ? New York Lodge, No. 8
American Frolestanl Aasoolation have reported them
selves a* intending to join in the oelebratlon of Vuh
ington's Birthday, on tbe -2d inst.
A Penai.ti >oi hein? Kino ? Some short, time sinoe>
Mi Brown, one of the U 6 Deputy Marshal* arrested a
gentleman named Shajlor. on a charge of breach of
charter party. Mr. Sbaylor was at tho time oontlneU
to his own room by illness. aDd tbe officer, instead of
taking him before a commissioner, consented to accept
ball himself, according to an authority empowering
him to do so. on his own personal responsibility. The
ball, in this instsnoe. was repreiented by the defend
ant's lawyer to be perfectly good and unexceptionable
but the sequel shows that it is not at all times prudent
to be too tender hearted or lenient in the exercise of a.
duty, however unpleasant . The bail afterwardi proved,
worthless, and tbe plaintiff In the suit has oompelled
Mr . Urown to pay tbe amount of the bonds, $500. This
is oertainly a at hardship.
Thi Wohli/h FiiK? Thk 8 r Lawrence.? It rained
fo furioufly on Saturday that the cargo of the Emma,,
frt m Boston, for tbe World's Fair, could not be dis
charged and removed to the St. Lawrence. It la ex
pected, however, that it will be done to day, and th?t
the sblp will take her departure to morrow for South
Fmr. amono the Coopers in Bhom 8i reet. ? At one
o'clock yesterday morning, a (ire broke out in the ooo -
per'x shop of Young i: Mo.ire, No. 138 ilroad at extend
ing to 140 and 112 on one side and to 128 and 130 on'the
other, all cooper's shops in tbe lower part, and ocuou
pled by families abot e. They were all wooden build
ings, and were totally destroyed. The property in
them was saved by tbe exertions ot the Mremen, the
police and tbe citizens. The captains and police ol
the First and Second wards were in attendance, an Cl
rendered good serviee,
Am*thihFibk r?OM Campkipi'k. ? At six o'clock ee
Saturday evening a Are took place in the fancy store
No. SO Catharine street, which wa* speedily exiin -
guithed. It was caused by the explosion of a c?ui]
pbine lamp
Biii-ide bv Jumping ovr ok a Wi<do? .-' The Coroner i
on Saturday, held an inqutst at No. 134 Crosby street
< n the body ot James 11 Adams, aged 40 y? ars, a na
tive of Philadelphia, who came to his death by throw
ing himself out of a five story window into the street,
thereby fracturing bis skull, breaking his leg. and
otherwise receiving severe bodily injury. Tbe deueas
ed, it seems. is a relative ot a wealthy family residioir
in Philadelphia. A verdict was rendered aeoord
IJeath ar a Fall. ? Caroner Get r yesterday held
an inqueit at the filty llospital, on tbe body of Petei
Hollon, aged twenty years, a native of Sweden, whe
came to his death by accidentally falling into the hold
of the ship Mediator, thereby fracturing his ikutl. lie
was then conveyed to the City llospital, and died la
consequence ot the injury received. Yerdlct accord
Skinning Dkad Animals, and leaving tiiem in tiik
oi en lots.? Cornelius Sullivan was arrested by offi
cers M'Cracken and MTlusky.at half past two o'clock:
yesterday morning f<>r attempting to skin deal ani
mals. and leaving them in the open lots. He wis
caught in tho act. aDd it is said by the neighbor* that,
he skins them In his stable.
Highway Rohhirv. ? George Gallapher was arrested
yesterday morning l>y officers Mo.Manus and Judge,
for robbing on the liigb way. on the 21st ot January
last, at Cowbay. John Terney, of a silver watch and
five dollars in bank bills.
Ciianoe o r Hoi k in the Sailing or thi: Sound Boat*.
? This evening tho hour of the sailing of the Sound
boats changes fn.rn four o'clock till five, and they will
continue to depart at that hour, henceforward, till next
Itai.iik OrF.Rt Hcl *?.? ' Krnani ' la to be p-rform-d
to night, with several favorite* of th-s public in the
chief characters. No doubt they will be warmly wel.
corned on their return from their Southern triumphs.
On Wednesday. Signora liotzl. of whose fame report
speaks in highly favorable terms, will appear in " It
Oiuramrnto." There will be great curiosity to heat
one who has distinguished herself in the fields of t**tw
and literature, and whose voice is said to b? tconlralu,
of ? fine quality Report speaks, also, of the arrival
of a distinguished composer. Blgnor G.useppa Nlcoo
laa. He is engaged on a new opera for Parodi. a por
tion of which is already CMiiplt ted. Sigbor Niocolae
wrote "LaYellrda'' for the great yocalUt. aad war
natttro to her In Italy, In the infancy of Bar fame
Ills qualities as a composer and teacher of Music are
said to be of a high order Certainly, the malodiex tu
the new opera give promise of a work of rare merit
.('hristh 'j Minsikm.s ? The performance* this eve
ningare, as usaal. exceedingly attractive. Negro melo
dies are rendtred with exceeding swt to ess and har
mony The burlesque opera I* a capital production
and the dancing is inimitable.
KrtLows' Minstrels ?This band is doing wall, and
under the guidance of Mr Kaeas will alwayt com
mand a respectable attendance The singing la good ?
the burlesque opera representation* are capital. an<3
the dancing emcellent.
D? MtRARi.? The Bermuda H'.rmld , of the 3d Inftant,
contains the following: -The schooner Scallop Capt.
Outerbridge. arrived cn Thursday iaft Iron* D-mer*r?,
bringing us papers to the 13th ultimo. Two dispatch-*
Irom the Secretary of Stat* Mere read in the Deme
rara Court of Policy. Dec 13 One reterrad to the
jealousy which existed both at Lisbon and Pua?hal tc
tba emigration of Portuguese from Madeira? the
other announced the removal of the restriction tc
emlgrntion from Madeira, during any period of the
Late from Bikmi da.? By the arrival of th* brig
Swan. Captain Dickey, on Saturday, from Bermuda,
in the short space of four day*, we have received Ber
muda paper* to the 3d instant, but they contain ac
news of importance.
S- rsmi C"t rt or thi U>it? i> S i at ks Fcaaitanv 14.
? No M-T M League, plaintiff in error, ri. J.De
Young ft al. The argument of this cause was con
tinued tor the defendant* in. error, and aoneluded fot
the plaintiff in error.
Court CaUendar for Hondajr.
Sir mm* Ooi ar ? Nor. to 126. 13ft If , 14. 13#, 148, 1 it
i, 40. 93. 16*. JM. 100 to 161. 107. 168 171, 172. 173 175
170 177 HO 123 23, 141. 64 ..?0 3?. 49, 15
2 144 170, 1, 71, 77, 42 6. 18 04. llti, 119. 63, 60,61
68 118.
8i rirMK OofiT? Ct*? tit Corar.? Noi i33, 18, 43
43 108, lift 1 62 101. 17ft 221 , 227, 22? 837, 117. Ml.
lliMfir Tihm ? No*. 34, 47.191). 49, 60. 61, 63, 61, 46, 80
68 to 02
Uommon Pl***.? Parti ? No* 159, 167 173, 139, 199,
201. 203. 321 333 241. 247. 343, 263. 261 147.
Unitid HtAtin DmraitT Co' it. ? Koa. 19, 30, 33. 33,
38.89.40,48,44 43.
IlomtiUkd Art I'iiIoii? ChttUitd Accord
in* to law? for ta? distribution of work* of art.
tniLracing *a *i. I ircly new feamr* fiom any liarotofore
ad opt* d, in addition to the c r rtaiut j of r*> *i?lng aa iltjint
and blil.lv valuaM* eafrat lax, ?Btitl'-d " I, a 8ie*ta" or r?
tor. whuh l< rotail' d at 17 o? each. Thero mil k? dutri
nt*d amrna the mbxrihere ninety bib* oil pai ntin^* aa . .
?agrai Ibc* ib nn amenta 1 and | lain Kilt trainee, ul*o a rain
aM* houia nail lot worth Ire tboiiian-i 4?IIML loiiUd ia
P*c nd, tetw*ea B uth Ninth aad Tcath it reel*, two bIb
ntea' walk from Pe> k *1 > p ferry. Th* raiat inn *b4 enrrar
li?**r* tow ?n ?xblbi'iun at llo ptr * Hroth*rt' lookinr
fl**> >t'rr. Ii>6 Knlt'.n >tr*et, w tiara catal'm** and all tha
nuennry laforination een b? obtain id. l'rlo* ? f *ob?ori|?
tioa I' A few Blurt *bar?* are *tlll left, aad thooa who wi?!
to snl>e<rite wonl4 lo well to call iminadiately, a* tbannm
Ker ia limited, and r|,e liet t? raf>i lly tilllDK np Th* taovr
beiac th* ioiti t fr> r-rt) nf th* aicuibtr* of thi* arcoeiatioa.
the ai)trit>ntira will po*itlT*ty tak* nitre ' >i the 11<I Fabrn
ary, at th* Chine** a.H'mblf roam Rrad*?y. Doota open
at 6 o'tlock P. M. It r ord*r of th* Truata**.
Dr. Alban (??Idainlth liaa, In addition to l^lr
r ? ? i. !? r -n.ult tti"B* ?t No Vl'ark flare, train sight A
two i'. M , opened an olue* at hi- re*nl*Bie, No. 240 r mrtU
avtioi, between Matti ath aad Tw< atte'h *tt*?ta. fr>tu
f*nr to eight r. U. _____
Money cannot lit better Intrttrd than lit
th* ao-iniretaeB', cf a <0"d l'inn<M hand? ?noh a hand
a* i* unu' antted to attry rvpil who iataa w?l damith'a hall
I ru* ?la*a??, or *nt*r* ae ? print* pupil, at 2M Broadway,
We arc Informed flint the rf*Mn no n?rl>
?n? iMllitk o?iun? J to the Atlantic. wMla itrippln* hrr
? hf f In.! tha float*. **?, that hrr area *er. alt an |>pli?.l will
JO.NkS'B mw it?U ut H i tar Pro l IK .t?. fram 14 Aan
Phalon'a NmkIc 11*1 r Uj?, to Color tfeMi
n?ir st Wt.lakera. tin- iaoia"Ut it I* applied, withcat t nj n r f
?o tbe bur or ikia. It rat !.>??? aehed immediately, wilhoaa
di- turbln* th* flolor, ?n<l l.u bo bad odor. It if applied, of
fid, at PBAl/ON'S ? li Factory. No. IS?7 Broadway, atrttl
?f Day ?tr?t; aad by all th> drauiata, olty aadeoaawy.
Hntr l>jrr? l)?irhf lor'n Inatwntonaow* U
Slid Nair by?. ao ealalraied la Loadom, Carta, Boitoa,
Fhiladtlp bla. Baltimore, W a?hia*ton,fc? . oaa oaly he pro
cured at the a aa*. factory, 4 wall etraat, New Torlt
15. a pnklie muet be ? ar? ol eaaaterftita. fUe mf 'ariose di
ploma*. It ii f?( aala wbalaaala aad retail, *r applied. 0or?
Im addraae.
ami Tottftfaa.? Prraona wlrtilnj a
eerr i\ perl or Vic ar Ton pee ahvuM aall at Batchclor' ?
oalebrated W l( factory, Me. 4 Wall it The 7 will 4??.
h? parfeetl* naderataada all their rtiolre??nte; as matte ?
how fifflmlt, he n??? t laile to fit tbe head; ia faet ke knows
hie boaiaeea, and make* a kaeiaaaa ef ia. Oepy kl? addreea.
aad (lee hi? a aall
monmr n a r k k t.
St;??at . ?vi, 14 fl P M
During the peat we?k. tha atoih market ha* b*?r
eettling down Into aometblng like or J.r and regu
larity. The fanclee bata fluctuate lea*, and prloa?
In icreral Ipetancee have not only touebed tha lowaet
pclata, tut have rxperienoed a reaction, and are
tteai'ily moving upward*, There I no doubt but that
several of lb' leadlrg railroad decuritle* In tbe mark*'
will aoon reeoriT all the depreciation, a01' 'll ?
retire demand a at any time during the paat -aaaon
The fall in prices alnce Ba ml Idle of January, hat
been no greater than w? anticipated and repeateJI)
pre dieted I'p to that time, speculation had beer
gi lrg ou nearly twtlr# months and price* bad becnm?
e&orn?on*ly in Date ] Early purcha*er? hal *oW!
out and made a great deal of money : and for ?otn?
time prvtlou* to the eoll?p?e, a new and w?ak?r clae
of buyers controlled tha market The fanciad bad. (oi
Myetat week*. he>i getilag Into hande, at high prlcee
unable torarry tbem and It wa? clearly to be aeen that
ff.on?f rr later there null ba a break down All pr#
VkU' *p*culalivt ui?Ttai?Btl l*?ttlU4la tLM way,

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