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WAS BIN UTON HALL- Paboaixa of thb riLeum'l
BATTLER'S COSMO RAMA, oornsr of TMr*????h itntt
UHItVA BOO*B-Pa.?or a??a or Ibci abd.
Haw York, ThnrMUf, March 13, IM1.
Icwi from Enropr.
The steamship Asia, with one week's later news
fro? Europe, is now in her twelfth day from Liver
pool, and will probably arrive here in the course of
the aftcruoon or evening. She will bring us in
telligence of the formation of the new English
ministry in the place of the Russell cabinet. We
stall publish an extra as soon as her news comes
to hand.
Summary of the Latest Intelligence.
The Senate in special session, yesterday, c?n
ftrmed several additional nominations, a list of
which will be found under our telegraphic head;
and all the business which they were called to
gether for the puriose of transacting having been
acted upon, with the exception of the conrirma
ihd of the cuperintendent of the Custom House,
at New Orleans, they have agreed to adjourn to
day, at one o'clock.
Father Ritchie, it appears, has got ou. ot his
printing difficulties better than it was supposed he
weald. The Senate, yesterday, passed a resolu
tion directing the purcbise from him of forty-five
thousand copies of the Patent Office report. This
will put our venerable cotemporary on his puis
again. We trust we liave seen the last of the
irickst'-jing connected with the public printing.
Another effort was made yesterday by the Mas
sachusetts lrgisJature to elect a U. S. Senator, in
accordance with the coalition entered into some
time since, but without effect. As, on the former
trials, the choice was between Mr. Wmthrop and
Mr. Sumner, the latter wanting seven votes of be
aag elected, which is a falling oil of live since the
previous attempt. We are inclined to believe that
Mr. Sumner * ill cot be returned.
Condition and Prospects of Cab*.
It is reported, by the last steamers from Havana,
that Gen. Concha is about to visit Spain, to consult
wiih the Csbmet of Madrid on ihe introduction of
a general system of reform for that island. At all
tvents, whether he goes or not, he has started a 1
capital movement in the beginning of his adtninu- ,
^ration, by making such investigations, collec.iae
rich facts, and forming such conclusions, as will
rouble him to conduct the government on a w>ser
and tater j olicy th^n any of his recent predecessors
have done.
The arrival of Ceneral Concha in Havana
marks a period m the history of Cuba. Although
he is chiefly distinguished as a military man,
yet he is cified wuh considerable civic talent;
but. above all, he brought to his post one
? uatity which has been, unfortunately, but loo
rare imong those nations which have flourished
under the tropics. He is a man of integrity. Long
accustomed to obey a sovereign, and exact obe
dience from subalterns, he brought to his new
field of service stntuuents of the highest loyalty, j
He bad occasion to show these qualities at once, ,
ea his arrival. The Ciptain < ieneralship of Cuba
had lore been regarded as a sinecure, which had
generally been bestowed on couit favorites. With
h:tle service to renler, an J many honors an 1 per
quisite- to emoy, t V- accumulation of wealth
had become the chief occupation of the gover- j
aors of Caba. With this object ta view, the
poet had usually been sought. It hai been the
custom, for instance, on the arrival of every new
governor, to reaew all the licenses of the itlanl,
which, at a moderate estimate, cost ihe inhabitants
not l'?e than f 100,1)00. It wo understood tha' not
less than two thirds of this sum w-nt to the go.
vernor? the first bribe his loyalty encountered?
the bai.ince ?oing into the pockets of the chief citi
zens, who, under a family itii/a t, swayed th
power of an oligarchy, an<l manured with des otic
author..? aim' st all '.he finmc.al, commercial,, u
dactal. and ecclesi.isuca!* al airsof the islind.
Oa Concha s am tl it was supposed, o' mn*,
thai he would fall into the policy af his predt
reator*. sad preparations were made by L.s subor
diaaies for the renewal if licenses, lie replied
?kai he regarued the act is -aaejeasary: bjs.n"n?
could go on witbou it. H.s stipend of fifty thou
sand dollars a year from the home goxernmeo; was
abanda&t for i*is want*, and ore he would n- the?
eiact aor ali< tr. A , recd-tt was establiibed
here in Cuba. An hooer. : ua was goveraor; the
first they had ha i tor a i&ner of a centary. Wait
was to taae place '
? ienersl Ctmcba tend ? cry uch ?ach a state yf
affairs in '-ba as ex-sted a aaaca oe the amv?
? i Lord I urhstn, after the at:? mi te?i re ol ii?a of !
MiKec e? the L'?pe of the North? fror~ r
?iii. lar ?.?te of ca-*sas' :ul tj ruag a.nniar resu.ta.
jH-ceot? it, eng'r i'r" 1 by ? snd corrupti-tan,
Ul brought things >o a cr s.s. ?cmethiDg must
he dot" What ah id. b? ' r itne tuant* i?t
lake place- j'aay o! ihe creoiea, (ai,,rchantst
p atters rnd j; al.a:*,) aad evr n "ime ot th*
?Id ^panii'^i thei.ise.iea, w ?* va?acteg with his
s^nt of discoatcnv The leu administrative power j
of the r?(?r?d w is a. gar ?? fumti , em, ict,
who*e ratifications ? n-l - f erj-wh't". They
cfairoiled the governor, an I lk?y rated Cat*.
Monopoly swullnweJ *,> e -ryth ,17. No b-jsmei
?*>i*)d be pursued, no omnieT' la! opera?. >ns >.ojid
t an.' d ou, without betg ? ib;ec*.fd *o th? emj
tro] or *?.'??- a :e of this evil pNMat, **?!?
work -ag, power. L'vea i-:? a \? sold uater a
ray*! pri e l?pe. The pos' o dice it ?elf was firmed ;
o*:, and cimsg'd by pri"Ste hinds. Thi was the
reae? n ?hy M* w Hufchie cookl eflect no
arrange uient with ibi. T> rompi't t" >'ild >
he dis'.urbej, and . ublic and international interests ,
?ia?t rive way So aiatt -r how onerous the bur- '
den* nor howtmto|erabie th# cnnmefclal restrt > j
tioa*, %thit omn<i ?te rtt, omcipreient p<?w?-r ci'ill
not be r?? <t?d ? *? ayed the pol cy of thtgwef.
?x?r? 1: b.ae-t?! th? > ourts of i astice? It man ige.|
ffea flaaaee*? tt contrsiled c -mti-rc* and iad is
oy - it ruled the L,iaad.
rtwchws- the state d th tf, ii*neral C.iacha
foand: aad such, tc a gr-,. e*?eat, i? the r con li.
t?oa ami. He has iitrodtced som- lx:al ref,?rm?:
lie has attempted o h'-rs; a*, he will probably try
(wire. Hut he, doubles*, k:Ri*eif weak
to risk a bold snd tmootrprsaoaing ref?i-nfi itien
heore the iiace**ity or tk vi cf hie returning
to Msdri-f. to diaeues matter* a uh the miai^'r/,
Mad lo know how to -h*f ou: his coat re far lh"
I* fore hi* arrival Cuban s flair* had ieM;!ie>1 ?
criais The f^-'ter jioflira of the people waiai a
ehaage? f>ut sober m n Jei Cubans never dream-d
?<s a revolution. Tkdjr believed a neiioratioa pna
0tir, iad Lkrjr ici4.rd <? tciueve it. ZVy
chcs? tfce following means ?Th-y ad-rtook. to |
make their grievances heard? to spread them be- i
fore the world? to reach the court of Spain, and j
operate ia Madrid, through the public icaiiintat of (
mankind Heace :he/ established Spanish jour- ;
naiaia New Orleaiia, dad New \ ork, where the
een.-orahip of the Family 4 Cv?i/?cf could aot
reach, and through them advocated *.heir cause be. I
fore the tribunal of tae world
In the meantime, iiacouteni waa aj read Jig? th*
cauie of Cuba wis loudly advocated by some of
our own new jpapera; and things at laat went bo far,
:hat milder measures no longer suited the warmer
and more impolitic Cubaaa. The young Creoles
began to want revolution, aad they even talked
about aaae.iat.oa to .'.he United States But the
great body of the reformers would aot listen
to so fatal a policy; they divided, aad con
sequently decimated their force Men of aenae, m.
tluence, capital and taaracter, recoiled before a
poewble reign of blood and anarchy Thenceforth,
the ultraiats rushed on without restraint, and the
better claates began to retreat. About thia time
the Mexican war ended, and our troops were
recalled. The revolutionists ol Cuba acnt an agent
to Mexico, with overtures to General Worth,
hoping he would lead <m artuy of int daion to join
the insurrectionists, and proclaim a republic on the
island. They prcrn sed him everything ; mdlions,
power, glory. The cautious general only aisked
$100,000 cash in hand "for Lis family, in cuse of an
accident''? but these revolutionists could notrai^e
the money, and General Worth would not go. They
made the same proposals to Governor (Quitman, but
the plan worked ao better. At last these deiperate
n.en hit upon Lopez, aad a bargain was sooa struck ;
it being understood that thia needy adventurer
would work for nothing, if he could only have "the
glory of emancipating Cuba,"' with a crack at the
treasury of Cardenas. Out of thia grew that mad
dest, meanest, and silliest of all modern expeditions,
" the attempt of Lopez;" to chronicle whose events
(which never took place,) has constituted the chief
glory of the veteran financier of Plaintieli bank
memory. It was, doubtless, take it all in all,
the smallest Email-potato expedition the world
has heard of sicce the wonderful battle of the
windmills ? said to have been fought by the re
doubtable knight of Spain, in the days of expiring
chivalry? or the No\y Island invasion. Tin- Lopez
expedition was supported in Cuba only by hot
heads, who had nothing to lose; and in the United
?States only by seedy adventurers, desperadoes,
and a few bamboozled, weak-minded individuals,
like the penny proprietors of the Lo,>ez journal.
The true reformers of Cuba never dreamed, at any
time, of breaking with Spain? they knew it was
When the fog . i the Lope/ expedition cleared
away, the moderate men? the genuine reformer* ?
needed new organs, through which to apeak to the
world They established them, and tried to wipe
out the staia of the Lopez attempt. It was natural
they should take strong royalist ground? tVy did.
Sucn was the old game, and such the hurried
troves and check-matinga en the political chess
board of Cuba till the arrival oi? the new Governor
General. We hive already described his poaitiou,
and indicated hia policy. What he will do, re
mains to be aeen. He muat make aome decisive
! movements, lor Cuba cannot stand still. Like
Canada in the time ci McKen/.ie, the Lopez ot
that decade, ?he is in a state 01 transition. She
cannot long remain where che is. What will she
do ! She has no prospect of independence. It is,
perhaps, even the last desire ot her people. And if
it were cot, the men who own the property of the
island will not hazard it, with their lives, on the
tdro table of rebellion. She haa no pros
I>ect of help worn the United Statea, and
least ot all of annexation. We have an
nexed enough for the present. Until we can
| invent some (now unknown) way of disposing ol I
I our new territory, without splitting our republic,
we may as well let oiht r people keep what beU ngs
to them. We have taken from the old empire of
Castile quite as much as we can well d jest tor the
I present.
Meantime, what is to l>ecome of Cuba? We hoj*
I Gen. Concha will go to Madrid, and carry the facta
with him. Sometime?, a man who ha* advanced
money- on. a second mortgage, has to raise more cash
to sweei> oit .he first. ThU may be the case with
Spain. She mutt do tomething. She cac, and
probably will, not only *ave her " Qaeen of the
Antilles," but by a wise, timely, and liberal po
licy, render that genial and verdant island not only
the tairest, but the aecurest, gem in her crown.
Concha is an honest, a brave, and a generoas mm.
It he embraces the whole subject in hia surrey,
elaborates from searching investigations a wise and
pr< jjreaaive policy, and cun brine the Spimati min
utry to unction his views, he will ,>rove the second
Cortez of old Castile in the new world. Be it so.
Nil'* < 'i kra Pro ?cti ? The new opera pro
jret put forth by Mr Fry, once a manager himself
bu' unfortunate in Ins results, is getting along
slowly. It will lie recollected that the plan waato
collect five hun ir?-d subacribeff of five hundred ilol*
Itri each, making a fund o' two hundred and fifty
thcu-.D'f dollars, for erecting a splendid opera
house in the upper part of th>- Bowery, the tub
sciiVri getticg for their su'ncrijrtions, free teatt
for binety-ume years. The appeal nude by Mr.
Fry to the fashionable and musical ao< iety of this
city, hu ptoduced nearly thirty tnUscnbcrt, with a
premise that may extend the number to fifty. We
are afraid, however, that if more liberality and
speed are not exhibited by fashionable society of
NVw York, in sjpjoning this pr?jec\ the whole
tin ij nine jears will hare elapsed befcrethe list
i? i'nally made up. This would be a lamentable
star i n the ta-te and fisLion of New Vork; and in
or !^r to help The pioject as much as po?sihl?, we
nn> '?? oifi?*:ied to take two, three, five, or ten
scares oumh ea, in order to eecourage the enter
prise, ami Hrir>t? forth th* {musical taste of thi - city
in t pro,>er shape.
That muth on that pr.j?ct. Th- oil Attaf
? *r? House, niently vtcated by Mr. Marrtxek,
i? -tiro the suloect of fw plans and protect#; m>l
we wouM not be surprised to are that edifice en*
Urg' I, m the inferior to aur h *n ti'eit aa to bold
fcur ti,' u?hii'i persons. In fact, the r , en projects,
etnt ?ir ifif n' w hon.ee , renovating o'<l hou - s,
kriuaug rrawpts, and rrottpini VI it's, would
ttiri: i ver vili? le sheets of i*per, and will re
quire th'- in/igoratins breezea of May an 1 'uue to
fefisit ferm to rsa'unty.
A I'liKXlH fjl >E?TlON FOR TltK A ? HfN !? I K * ?
r u>s amj r;t? Cahmi r ? Why uo the President
** ; h ae&binf t, in di->, sensing the hoitor?, em<>!'i
n ? ute, utd paitron ige at their rommtt d, I toir
tb?iri< io?y upon he leajjuj.r of th- smull si
cirt t.'itior, tin mesne*! rtpacity, and th- !<? ut p j?
nMe ikfl'ieaM T Ciiptuia Tyltr did th<- Ian e
s*o?i Vk.*./ n.t ? Oar prlrats aivlrat
ficai ' ?ra-a? sr* to a lata date. "uf advi ??? ?r m
Pert* Cabell" art of the If th wit A .1 *M 'gnist id the
t'fiMt Tie aew IrnMeat. M arrival at
Carsrssoa tli* 4<h i.it an<t ??? io?t? i? I in cIR ? as
the Ath Ills lasugnrsl viltwi ?n very fav rsHlj
rsaatttd ?"d iaiiiaatr 1 p?a'? The F. Pr??il-nt
bf.iher ?t the d?? e^'etitir* i.fl. ?r had i*tt Ct*v tt
lot fiareeirna where he r,i? t ,, j . .i!i? Xb> .<?"??
ar- \ this j ear will he J?#e at
<?Wit of C,<nrtat ?<- i|i>k
re Jnt.f s M-t?e an4 Aide m?a "n' ; aa i f.'.-p
-T ? t '?r. .1 ;-?> ? . ' 'r.< 1 ? ' a#'
T vht tt0*4t rh;rt < . of
Mt'\ ' *A ta 'r'?a? ?' 1 The fair! w?* I il?.
as?a| boar trts m'>rulti? s*it pr>-t?rat?"-i aaui* ti
,-.?d alth tb?- trial <?t Is?? r Jew ? or, a-i a;
a?at shar|iae h r. wilh rap* ia '? tH?
p?i? a> t Mt'? t Ihtaa (iewrfae at ? i ai a a at '
itMtr ra ibe tth if Mitai .? H?V?aa? 'i
f>* aa? aMs er.? <t the tie ' u j* it ; < u-. ?? ?? s I
? a<t slat?d to the ';o<trt taat bshai <?' .eara-lthat !
th? 'aJi.rr ?f Mr W m Mallaf a.jf t i th ? Wat
Ijltl ?t Uie p' ta* ?t d?a?h i ?d?# Sa ? I Mi'- ai i
? ufa'i an *?? hf ltd i " ts. ii i he arwr t ?>* ?< r?i i
ba i J a It atata |n p-<r? I ?i h .M iw??tijaf -.f |
!hi? '? ? lb# ' < 111! ej, e???d ? . uae?rf? j. e ?l'l
tbe ? ivmr a ( ttrii v >1. ana a eorji i < ? ?> ?r? I that !
fr'nvttim* in lh? ? ?*e ??<|^nfe| .1
S'i'lil Ui'-ialri(
lha PtMrte.t A't'.tway aiU MSi*s1 ta a.i a; ***<?' i
' t liki tr uifirtot it L> ?aia?.
Moke Aid for Mrs. Thompson? Sukji'lah Sen
iAT!?Nt> Prodi ced by Recent Si icidks ?Yester
day we received another contribution of an English
sovereign, which was It ft at this office by a bene
volent Kngluh gentleman, with the request that
we would baud it to Mrs. Thompson, the widow
of the late One-Eyed Thompson, one of the most
Mngnler criminals of the present age of social
ism, philosophy, and crime. In fact, since the
ru?e of mesmerism, Rochester knocking?, so
' cialism, and all the other isms of the day, it
I seems to be a question put to our citizens each
moming, 44 Who committed suicide yesterday 1"
<' Who has taken his thirty-two grains of mor
| phine1" 44 Who has cut his throat 1" 44 Who has
hung himself V' 44 Who has rushed madly into eter
nity, unprepared and uncalled for V' Since the rise
of the socialist and infidel philosophy of the pre
sent day, self-destruction and crime have increased
to such an extent, that it has been gravely pro
posed to organize a 44 Board of Suicide," for the
express purpose of considering applications, and
j giving permits to Buch persons as actually ought to
i take away their own lives, and go into the other
! world We saw such a project, among other isms,
recorded in the columns of a co temporary, the abo
| lition Tribune of this city. What strange mad
| ness seizes on the human mind in particular ages
j of the world, when |the power and principles of
i practical Christianity, and the example of the Re
| deemer are set at nought, and philosophy and pride
j control men's minds !
Hut of One Eyed Thompson, whose fatal termi
| nation of a criminal life, exhibited in stool-pigeon
' operations in this city and neighborhood, we have
! yet much to say, both in the way of biography and
I moral elucidation. We expect to receive a nume
rous batch of his private letters, covering a spice
of several years, from the pages of which some
; extraordinary traits of hi- singularly criminal cha
racter, with descriptions of his intimates, associates
a ad confederates in the stool-pigeon business of
this city, will be mentioned and exposed. In the
. meantime, while we are endeavoring to depict the
errors of such principles, and the fatal destiny of
j such men, we hope that it may turn to some good
i account in the benevolent mind, favorable to the
poor widow and family who have been left behind,
| and who have thus far been aided and supported
| by anonj mous contributions from benevolent per
j sons, coming through our hands. Let the work
I geon.
I Mirier, in Mexico ? The following statement,
for which we are indebted to Mr. Boruck, of Gre
gory A: Co's. Express, tells its own Btory : ?
MizitLiR. February 9. 1851.
Gektlime* -I do hereby give you a trots statement
be fere God and man I left Brownsville. Texan, odd
year ago last September, for San Francisco, with tiro
gevKrmen ; hu J when we arrived at Dnrango. those
gentlemen left me there. I was unveil, and when I
gov well , I started In company with three strangers
tor tbli port ; and on the road there we fell In com
pany with another an>l his servant He invited us to
travel with him ; we done no (or three days ; on the
third day after we had taken dinner at a house ; about
two bonrs alter on the road, they shot him benind
hie back and he? oh he died insU ntly, and the ball
pa???d very close to me. I fortunately ee. aped.
These men hal]?. ed robbers but I ?a* none, an t alter
wards ordered me to sbeot the servant. I begged off that
by saying, "I cannot poeaibly do that.' ' They tied the
servant's bands behind blm. and started to get their
gun*, and ths servant gothla baa Is loose and made his
escape Then tbey talked of killing me toe. I begged,
by telling them that 1 would not tell anything about
their killing this man Well . yon mast take some of
the Bono . and be as deep In it as we are.'' I don" so,
snd gave cp the meney to the j odge. and informed on
those men ; but they bad made their escape In a sail
boat and gon e to sea. and could not oatch them ; and
the servant of t^is man that was killet came here, aad
made bis statement hereto the judge, saying that I
j was innosent. and tbey have kept me prisoner 11
1 mc nibs and 17 days Yonrs. *
Marine Affairs.
D>>r 9> a Be mi *.? The following published la
the \uliottal lntcllifnctr) U aa extract o I a letter to
A D Bache. superintendent of the cout surrey, from
Lt. John K. Ooldaborough. U. I. navy, formerly as
sistant la the coaat rurr*y . The latter i* dated from
tba U 8. ship Saratoga, Cape Town, C. 0. H., December
M. IBM ?
During our passags from Rio Janeiro to Baldaaha
Bey, Cape of Good Hope, beta*; in latitude 38 dag 21
mln. B , and longitude 29 deg 17 mln W , we founded
end obtained t oitom at the depth of 3 100 fathom*, or
three and a hall tulles. Our founding apparatus was
a thirty. twe pound >hot. dung with wire, and attached
to a small lfna 6 MO tathoaa long, and sufficiently
strong to bear a weight of riitj pound*
Thesoondlnps were a* fWi and fair aa any I have
ever teen obtaiced - the llaa up and dowa. and aa
taut aa it could ha. and when atUmptlng to haul It
od board after procuring soundiags. it parted about
fifty fathoms from the surta-ie Toe time oo-up ed in
?oundlag waa oia hoar aad nine minute*
Pallet Intelligence.
Tha investigation pending before Juitlce l othrop
against John P Cryder and >MM Sinv ay on an al
leged (barge of falaa pretence* in obtaining a large
amount of W?*tern securities belonging to the Mil
wauki* and Mississippi ttallroad Company, hasnotyst
b>m brought to a olose The adjourned meeting la to
take vlare this afiornoon, at four o'clock Aacording
to the < ildence already before the court together with I
other facta Inten ltd to be shown by the defence. the i
fraud. If any. baa been prantlaed by Alexander H
JaudoD, who. It H?mi. reel*. d all the fund* from Mr.
Cryder. according to contract humbugged all parties,
and made himself ajarne with the money. The fol
lowing letter* (some ot which hare been already glsea
in evidence) ara eurlona eel apeak far themselves
The closing letter la vary rich, dated January 10th In
which Alexander li Jsm4co aelaaiwledgel the reraipt
of the mot.et ?. and ? intimates bu deep regret at hav
ing been oblte-d to pocket the money and leave tba
company to whistle lor tbe balance ?
jliwYos. January 4 1961.
Messrs Jaudon k Co,Ag<nts Uileeukle aad M.aels
sippl Railroad Company. N?* Vark
t.sntlemea? The neat payment of tea per eeat due >
by me for certain bouds and m'.r'.rfagss. .guaranteed
by the brad* of Mileauki" and Miaetseippi Railroad
Com paay aa par agreemsnt with W P. Flandera Ea<] ,
treasurer and agent of said company, entered into tho
6th Jfovt mber 196<i.>. tailing du tomorrow 'Sunday),
1 herewith b?g to t*ad*r the amount, $10477 48. for
package J. No 99 a 90, aa per spe-ifj. ationnt foot.
Am mjaoylng the above bonds aad mortgage* I
sball eipeet ta receive the asbaeat and admission from
tb? mortgagers th? arsignun-nt of iha m>r g?i? By E
1> Motion to the Mlleankie and M|rsi*eippl Kallroad
I (''mpany and the a*knnw|edgment af tn? oorp?-ats
a>alof the company. ?all paper* were forwarded to
Milwaukle. for eompletton on the -.tJd November iaet. [
aid their ag'n" aad treasurer b?? noil r, -J tha'. th?y
would be completed and foraarded wttsoj'. delay
Withowt the eNovs Jonsi-tili the bond* and mn'tga
r ee are net negotiable )? it is market, aad their ?b
sense has bee? a serious inron**niraee, a* wall as
lot- I remain your* oh* Iteutly.
Amount of raea**? J Not 6, I Ho |lt>4dl 29
Inlstoet to Jan 4, 1* jI at 7 per cant 131 '>4
? 10 414 it
Leas 1 par ceat pui.viu i.i lor ety funds. . , . luo M
Am unt remitted. . . ...... .910,417 44
L'elltersd tc J M K.
N ? * )*?. Jne 4. 1961.
Ms. Joi.-? [' Carars 79 BoutU street.
Dra* If'" ?We hnre re. ?lred joarletferef this
?late and aeg to Inform you that the papers you re>*r
to bat- not ) ft or me m f und and midei the elr- '
*nm?!aa ;*s yenr broker doM lc. feel authorised U< i
take cor fr. pt for th- m mey Were^r-tta* B"n
arrieal of these papers. iMemueb aa we are satleited
tb?? put yq to rnnf-h ifte**T*nienne If not loaa; but
a* t heir 'ietentloa esid- atly arise* tr-m "ireumstaaaca |
e??r wbli'b iha t ompaay bate no eoutr> | wawUi.br
Tlt'Ueafihe pewi-rs ee'ted In u", sh<"ild it b" Satis
faetery t" yen *ug?eat oat wiUiiisnaaa to deier the
t? it | aj ?i?at until tba Bret day i l I .brnary, proxl
bo It beiatr lortisi. weu uadTatood tha; no ptrt
of the r ? blttrt will be inealida'ea by tb a proposition,
ol winch yo jr acoaptanee of ref'.stl i? rsijaetic I
I oars. An . .i At l?(>.N h 00.
K tw Toae. Jan 4 1V.1
If k i'? Agents M x M K. R.Co , Haw i
0 -<1 ^ oof Tsply la answer to m'ne of this date,
is ),?fiTe*>e et d undef Ike elr 'nmstaoees I hereby
a' (*e|?t jetr pivfNIIfcn ?i* Tbit. in aoaae'iaene t
rt the IM arrltal of tha ptpera mentV>n-d in my
l>ttlf HltM date. I agree to i'r?iter th* contract
With 'be MUwanl e at.*! Miaels.lppl R?.lroa<l Ompa
ny In toll t*re? -nd*lfeet. np'othr eon<iitlrn that the
psymsnt doe to m* rrr w be d< f?rr'd nntll ill" tlr*t of
>?h?naeT n*?t Al??l h<re I tn i?t fein?rk, that,
alifc??'i*h thie extension lo<,k* in m* fa^or. it la not so
ea?.?r?'10*T at f tb<-pejer? w-re in the Brat plaoe,
duly r<mpl*tej flowi-Ter wha ?rer dam-iges this
wa< l>a?? ran" I m? I ll ail i-*?? ir !ot a friendly adja
di a", on with t*e -ornpaay i esniala Oeats
k ura ??rv < K t|?
jt air r crydkr.
V ?l r ? aa f Mftt. I
r ? t r .i ? |?, Trea-.ffr M aid M K |
?, i o %lilw?t. Hie
;? B s ! ia i possession I fnr ta'arraph
!t , brcksr of tha hi. iastaa: is which vou *ay
'hat H)Bl9! <9I9*( be de."rfe-i si*ra}ouhate al
?*!> ??S for ti4* sett' id petftea*
al i otppasy th.-.k vhad 1 ?r rsetfUf iaak* a
s< -J ;a; r n* w'!b?u*. the is ,p* <f* pap-ra to
mal" is r.i t at l#a*t *? an' ? the s*>co* batoh ?f
b r.l* aa 1 j> <!l,s<?s negotiable aa 1 basing ao fur- .
th' r asrarfte that srtaln |ap-ra see e.eeut *1 than
t- learapk - d?sj?t'hes you most ertalaly find we
warding in meiran'ii* -rra ,g' ai?at
1 bar* air' sir laid "Of r.fiuads fi.e aitf s lay* with. ]
931 ?J?/ J> 0tUf*fi&*l 9( l<?4* afdtlaBj 44 lb?
are not negotiable without ?h? papers Mat to you for
completi >B ere received. Tie true, notification hm
bwD made that tbry arc already forwarded. Am 1
positive of thair reaching hero s.itrly ' la case ol ac
cident or loia. I am a#ain compiled to aealt another
? Ix weeks far recompletion. l?)iog out, meanwhile, of
twenty odd thouaand dollar* In money, with eighty
thousand at aeven per cent interest Whereat, money
la now worth only 6 per cent on undoubted aeonrlty.
You gave me to understand that the papers wanted
could be completed and returned here within threw
weeks, and in order to prove that I was desirous ot
aiding jour Company, even ia the consequent ex
penses I ptaeed $00 to your credit though I did no*,
nor do I now. deem myaelf bound to pay a o?nt to
ward? auch expenaea.
Ob the 4th inst , I entered into correspondence with
your agent*, Messrs Jaudon & Oo , and tendered them
$10, 477 46 100 in payment tor package J, No. 88 a !M>,
conditionally, that I should reoelve the paper* which
you had pledged shculdbe duly forwarded. J & Oo.
oeuld not receive the money, a* the bond* and mort
gagee were not duly oompleted; and rather than to
vitiate the contract. J.& Co,, aa agent*, agreed to
postpone the n?xt i svment until 1ft February nex1:.
At ieaet aa aoon aa the papera reach here, i am pre
pared to make the payment, and will exert myaelf to
close up thla troublesome coooern aa ion aa possible,
with aearce a prospect fur MM ?a a remuneration.
It la possible. hewever. that I may, without further
notice, and under proteet, (in absence of papera) take
up the several package* and make payments thereon.
IB whioh caee, your agent* will doubtleas inform you.
I remain, dear air. yo mo ob't a't,
Milwaukie, ( Wi*.), Jan. M, 1851.
Joh* P. Crvd>:r, E?s ., New York,
Dear Sir ?Your letter of the fith inst. 1* received,
in which you speak of the disappointment and losa by
reason ot the non arrival i f the package of papera,
deemed by you as essential to the validity of the
bonds and moitgagea fold to you by our company on
the ith of November last.
It baa been a aomoe of much trouble and regret to
myself, (after having done all in my power to expedite
the buaineek) to learn from your letter, aa aUo from
the letter ot Messrs. Jaadon k Co., of the 7th inst
that 1 bad failed to me?t your expectation*, in not
procuring the desired papers as soon aa expected? and
more especially to learn that you regard the execu
tion cf theee (ubaequent papera as a part of the origi
nal contract, so mach ho as to conatitute a oondlcion
precedent to tbe payment of the regular instalment*
under that contract
You will. I have no dcubt. do me the justice to re
member that I made a;aurney to Milwaukee, and back
agaia toN. York. lor the expresa purpose ol putting the
papers inio just au;h shape as required by your coun
sel, atid as deemed by him to be sufficient; which, at .er
careful examination by him. were lutlj executed
under his supervision, en the 6th ot November at
which time y oz. made the first payment. That an the
10th day ot November -eleven days afterwards - ou
my return firm New Hampshire, you requested the
additional paper*, which I promised to hasten with the
' utmost fidelity, and which, for personal consideration,
I have lelt In honor bound to IMOBylUk II soon as
{ possible, and have regretted extremely the necessary
| delays, and consequent disappointment to yourseli.
; But I did not however, then know th it you claimed
: this as a matter of right, ot as a condition precedent
to the payment of the regular instalment*, as they
! should become due, but rather as a request for addi
tional facilities tor putting those bonds and mwrtg?g>"i
into market under ai favoratle light, and as fren from
objections as possible.
1 have written Mr. McKay; also Messrs. ' 'idon &
Co.. (requesting th m to communicate with you upon
the subject.) detailing some of the numerous embar
rassment* which we have had to contend with In ob
taining these additional papers, with the hope at least,
(however yon may regard the contract,) that you will
not allow our company to suff?r in character unjustly,
from rau*e* not under our eoatrol
1 enclosed to you. by mail, on the 18th inst, the
balance ol aselgnments and three more ot the written
admission* of mortgager*; but there are yet ten ad
mission* whidh a* yet we have been unable to obtain.
Seme of these men are in tbe dtate of Illinois, ou busi
ness or visits, and come refuse to sign the admission,
without giving any reasons why.
I telegraphed you tbe 23d inst , that if you de-m It
I necenary. we will substitute other good mortgages for
thoee lacking the admissions I would farther aug
Rest the propriety ot re assorting the packagee, and
putting those lacking admission* into a package by
1 theaiaelve*, to meet the last instalment which shall
I become due by which time we can pi obably arrange
? the omission* or *ub*titut*a. to your aatiafaotion. Our
| directors will meet again ob the 12th of February at
I which time I shall lay the whole subject before our
i board, with your correspondence connected therewith,
I for their favorable consideration
In th? meantime, my dear sir. I wish you to feel
assured that our company will regard it no less a
pleasure, than it will be for their interest (under our
present financial arrangements In NswVork ) to es
tablish and maintain a character tor business trans
action*, dob* other thaa tbe moet prompt and relia
ble, and agreeable to the prevailing usages and cue
tom* ol your oity.
1 am. with much esteem.
lour* very respectfully,
Trees Mil and Mis* RR. Co.
N w York, Jan IS. 1851.
Wild R r . i i Ate* f ? Secretary MU anlMis* 1' . R
Dm* 8m ? It become* the writer, th<> principal party
ol ' Jaudon R Co to Intimate to you. with deep re
gi?t th-t he has received from Mr Crjder tbe meesys
doe upon that gentleman's contract, for bonds and
left In our band* tor payment; bat that,
bat lag mingled them up with other transition*. it
will be aaable to do mom at present than make tbe
firat pa} meat, of which you will, no doubt. receive ao
? tloe from the American Kichange Bank that wo hare
| A While well aware that tbe non payment of the su>v
; sequent Instalment* will cause your company much
trouble and inconvenience, it !? the writer's firm re
solve that ehould tal* tuture circumstances justify his
1 present espectations. eTery dollar will be ultimately
paid to tha company
It l? the writer s sin -ere wish that thin temporary
dl* appointment will not Interfere with, or oom promise
tbe sale of nay of tbe other securities of the MUwaukio
and Mississippi Railroad Company.
With much respect, your obedient *orvaat,
Per A. U. Jii'Mt.
This last last letter, it will ba seen, is af prior data
to tbe one by Mr. I lander*. preceding It tut It will
be rsooileeted that tbe time of transportation from
Now York to Wisconsin makes np the difference of
time, or that Mr Pleaders mu*t base written his let
ter before tecelvlng the one from Mr Jaadon.
to pets Cnintrrf*.' M . ?On Tuesday
evening. George Wclbrook alias Oirken. and hi* wife
Maty. w?e ar.eeted by offlser Veil, of tha gevoateeath
ward on a obarga ol attempting to pass a counterfeit
(6 bill? that Is, a genuine }l bill on the Putnam
County Bank, altered to as to represent a 15 bill
T a spurious meney was ofer^l to John Onldman R
4,'oh?n, In payment for some artl :le* purchase, I The
accuied partiee were conveyed before .)n*lloe .Mount
fort. who detained them for a further hearing.
.1 Hrutal .f/feir, - A women called Margaret Mulr
re?ldiug at No M Christie street, was complained of
Se?t?rday afternoon before Justice Mouutfurt. by a
Ir Carnee. who brought his :b Id a fine boy if at out
seien tears age, Into conrt aad exhibit* 1 hi* neak
And shoulder, terribly scalded with belling water,
thrown on the child I y the women atove meatlooe i.
Tbe Ju*tio* took the eom;laint and laanid his warrant
for the arrest ol tbe woman
?evfnarnts of Dtatlngmtahad People.
l.e usimtsoiur Maroolati, Nliaraguaa Minister;
0 over i, or C. I'aine Vermont llco D.U i'tger.Miee
C Macaiiater. I'biia ; J. E > sbme Santa I'e, W C>
Thompson. Memphis, .lohn K aow?r. Albany, N 11'
Claik. 8t Ufu'-, A. Cunning.'iam. N C , Hon W V.
N Day Misaourl have arrived at the Irving Houae
Mr Wilson. Philadelphia, J. Olipter, do. Alonso
Reed N'Wburgh, F Bart. Springfield . ? Rrthfelier
Metleawan ; A L Forsyth Havana ; Tisbsi L
Cpruce. do . were amoag*t the arrivals yeater lay a:
the Amerl"?n Hotel.
llco Robert Uopkln*. California; Col. W Whitney,
V * M 8.; Dr O 0. lebeil. F. F.. Morgan. A Btesr?rt.
4 altlorala, F C Org** J W Br >wn. New Gtaaada Dr.
J M' Nuiiy Realejo, Hon. F II. Murdoch t! Uaeiela
<ie?5?*l> tloa P II Chandler, \ermoat, C. l.lpp'tt.
IU> ae l -land. H J treat. Ohio; T Uurlburt Lr T
llall Mas* , were amoag tbe arrival* at the CUntca
Ceart Calendar far Thv reday.
Ri sasiaa itatiev.- No* Id. *6. 1J6. fl 4, il. 3?
1 :A 1S7 139 HI to 141* Inclusive, J?1, 111 II. 51. M).
77. 19. 101 113 IM. 1&6. IM), IM Pi 131,73. 01 It. IW 11
CnxM on Pi .?** -No* Oelts ?0 Ml. Ml. m. 419,
4ai 431 424 4'ift, #17, 42". A I, 4 JO, 434, 43? 4*7, 4JW
441 441 441
C *. Dirr*trr Corm.? No?. 11, 15,16,17 II, 31 22
33. 24 lift
Italia for ( Aillernia,
Tbe steamship Kmpira Cl'.y, Captala Wilaca,
leave this put at 0 ? cloo It this afternoon, for Chageea
lief mail* will close at the Ei?hang< at halfpMt two
0 clock The Wrret? 111 earn, with two deya later
news for tbe raclBc, will be pubiiahed at 10 o'clook
thla morning Copies nan be cbta'neJ la Cal forala,
at the following place*
Burgess Ollbert U Co San TranclNo.
Ilregory R Co San fraaeisec,
Boastei A Wllleaton Haa Francle?o
Gregory it Co Raerameato City.
Cooke R l.aeouot San 1 ranclse",
These newspaper agent.* receive the l)<uiy aad I I'e'V'v
ffere/rf hy svery steamer
Kaprree I.lrte for i'hsgrn. ? Th? Splendid
?t tn.-i Klol 11*4 lu.v A Tit \ >, Cart. Ate4*are, will sell
ta the 1Mb lest , fr'B pi?r N'>. ? N. it, aad will arrive at
1 bk?res eadis. ee of I S. Mall s'sawer, wnlch left II th
iset P ft 'Shin, ?'? n* gflV, steer* ?e fl"'.
l-ai??e -e?nre<t at h??l '?*(J a to. *. No. 1 Ai'er II ius*
I <- uers aad i a?l ?'*? r?rear4e<>. Posta re ii eeats,
some ?Ttli g worth yoar lotkr, T.adlaa, at
Nevssen'e, XiSf Heoadway.? <WI atvllcworli treaafas*
r*r< at 4S. eaeb. oeoaBr so 11 at fie ; laakenre'l caabne
airbt eep*. M. Ad a<?e*i.worli eelars. trein U. Vs ?< , ? me
ot ibs ? I e*(,e*t s>ee sflered. Also, e spieaei* stftek ef laee
aaienbr' ler<* must!* a* r sleevet: ssesli* ttlami***,
v- ls. leeet, he he.
I.rnln, t* l?l* Fellow I iti/ens. M f the old
reaptseev laws ef I s*te?1. ?er'aia eiaesee w*r? eenre Ie4,
o?4< r be ? ej (eealtles, >" ee*e ha ? ? a-i ? ai - of a eeria.il *J ;
b ' lief ebere we are all ee\e<e'ga*. we pal e|?a ear tisac*
i ,. v %?. as take it is ? e .r heel* 'e wear Osnln, 'feere
We ? 'j? i-Sers hi* i^r r? *ijl ?ei Ms*? f?r I* ?!. ter >a
?e tt ?* aet sprf' v*l rbe ?>*l' e. ?e ol i Id, l* loar dnllare
Ol NIN, 114 ????* iwav. s???jim Bt. Pan l>.
VI I'lMii lbrei-|ily I arptlliig at Me. |ier
? ? r??<es ?i i?ih ? laerale, st ds.| i.vii yards haavr
U at lv. i M*' I A"r "?te l>y
? AllAl % JA')i , Ui i'tMi, a?v Uiu'i ft.
Tbc Mat Competition.? In the strife among
the lltUtn for publie patronage. 'here hat eprang one food
reenlt, at whieh we ebould all rnolo*. namely the H 101 del
improvement in the appearance of Hau The atvlo lor the
rreeeat ate ?e ri becoming. ana if we mignt eiprele a
trefi-rencv. it would be in iavor of that of Messrs. Kstlerty
k Leask, oorner of Tear! end Chatham streets. Light,
almost a* a feather, faultless to structure, aad manufactured
in the best Banner, of superior material!, ltwonll be diit
eult, we ihouU think. 'o and halt in vile eity that o ?U 11
cell tijoce ot thtir wake. Give the in a call.
Time for all thing*? And tk* time far inch a
heavy, nnocmfottable look in* bat li past The eoaaon U light,
aad bught aad joyou*. aad every maa of taite ehoald wear
one of kNOX'ftbats or the epring atvle. They are euperk.
Call and examine hi* etack, at 1 ifei Fulton etreet. We know
yen are lure to make a (election when you d* to.
The Dagnrmotypr In Perfeetlaa, at the
National Miuiature caller y, 14 7 Broadway, ooraer Murray,
over Ball, Tompkina a lilaok. Portrait* of all liiei, la va
riety of tetting. Daguerreotype* oopled, equal to the ori
ginal. Uavit'e, lata Anthony Clarke a Co.
Mesdames Hlil iV Colby, 399 Broadway,
have latelv received ? great suan .tv ! Gaitjrsaud Slippers,
?f all colors, to matohareinee. if an entire sew style; Cba
Elie, Lapa iue, and letal'a make, in Parle. Maadamcs. H. a
are the only importer* of 8hce* ia thl* city.
Watt's Nervous Antidote ?
"lis all auflicient to make aature (trong.
And the bright lamp of life eontlaue loo.- ;
Winds op the apriag ol life, and doth impart
Fresh vital heat te the expiring heart.
91 a bottle, and per doiea. 102 Nassau aad 410 Grccawicb
A Brush with the Kiiemyi? We Guaran
tee that Mtdburst a Heard's anamcraculi'e, wi-h the aid of
a gosd hair bruih, will remove every vetige ot dandruff
from the hair in two applications, and moreover, (often the
fcbre, however hareh. and brighten it, however dull. Dopot,
27 Maiden Lane.
Gouraud's Italian Medicated Soap en re a
pimples, lreckiea, oiuptiona, chape, eto. Poudre Subtile
eradicate! hair f?otn any part of the l,ody. Liiuid Range,
tit pale lipa and cheek*. Hair Restorative, Lily White, etc.,
at the <>ld oatab!lehed depot, t<7 Walker at., near Broadway,
and S8 South Third (treet, Philadelphia.
Goaraad'i Liquid Hair Dye will convert
?ray or r?e hair to a ;? t black or brown, the inatant it i*
applied, literally dying tlio hair the intrant it ia applied
without etain.ng the akm. Warranted, or no pay takca
Fjutd only at l?r Feiix Unuiaud'* old cataVliihed depot, t>7 ?
WaHter atreet, brat itere from Broadway.
Hair Dye.? B&tchelor'a Inatantanrous Li
quid Hair lJye, eo ccleerated in London, Paiie, iloeten,
rbil" delphia, Baltimore, Waehington, eto., can only l>e pro
cured genuiae at the manufactory, 4 Wall etreet. New York.
The public must beware of counterfeita. Boe my various
dipli maa. It ia tor aale wholesale and retail, or applied.
Copy the aildrees.
Clliehugh's Wigs and Toupee* have been
for rears, auu still continue to the prevail ng mode ot the
Vetted f tat-s. Their precise and close tit, their e-.tsem*
i ' ? in * ^ and elasticity, their fr>ed<>m from all pressure,
I toil tltftit aad elegant arrangement, give i hem all the
charma of xature'e own handicraft. Only > all and examine
them at 17a Broade ay, up etairs, opposite Howard a Uotti.
Wigs and <fonpeeit.? Persons wishing it
very auperior M ig or Toupee should call at llatchelor'a cele
brated wig factory. No 4 Wall atreet. l'hey will tind ho
peril otly understands all tLcir rt'inirementn; no ma'terkow
difficult, be never fails to lit the head; in tact ho knows hi*
buaipe'S, aad raakei a business of it. Copy hi* kddrc>.?, and
give him a call.
5,000 Wigs and I'onpees always on hand at
Medhurt a Hiaro's celebrated W lit Factory, 27 Maiden laa*,
N. V. and National Hottl. Washington, V.C.; warraut>4a
perfect hi and not to ahrink or change color. Also, braid* of
long hair, frost braid*, eto . 27 Maiden laae.
Persons desirous of having their Hair or
whiafcera cot in ihe latest and n*ateet style, entirely o n
I ? rtrirg to the t ariona shape* ot hcade, facos and *?n?ral ap
pearances, should call on ulLL the iniu^itaMe, li N aavau,
corner i f Pin* atreet. The colebrated infallible oagu.nt at
?o * id tree
mokky market.
Wtoif *d*v, March 12 ?8 P.M.
There was more activity in the itoek market to day.
The tranmctions la Reading Railroad amounted to
nearly three thousand shares. Government au t State
stocks and Railroad bonds were offered in large let*.
Prices were not sustained. and the market doted
heary. At the tirst board. Farmers' Loan fell off \ p?r
cent; Erie Railroad, Reading Railroad, )?; ml
Norwich, %. United States fl's. 1802, advanced )? ;
K dg *worth Company, )?; Erie Conrertlble Bondi
told at SO but were offered afterwards at )? par cent
less. Taney stoeks are too much concentrated in If all
street, and there is a great scarcity of outside opera
tors. Brokers are Urge holders, and are anxiously
waiting a demand from speculators. It U oar ia
pressioo M?nt there will not be for some time any spe
culative movement ol eonse joe nee In stooks generally.
Some of the leading stocks may be taken np, and
prices Inflated considerably beyond present points,
while others will be hammered down by the bears as
mash as possible. In this way the machinery
may be kept in operation, but we do net see
the slightest inclination of an upward move
ment throughout. There are it oaks on the list
cheap at current rates, while others are too high
?ad will, without doubt, fall off The merits and de
merits of eaeb stock operated la will be pretty well
eaavassod by speculators before becoming Involved la
either movemeat ; and la tiaiea like these there is
?ore probability of getttag at the real facts In relation
to each tbaa In times of greater excitement All the
jaad stoeks are well sustalaed amidst the depression.
Portsmouth Company Is la demand, but holders are
not disposed to sell. Ths valuable property ot the
company, aad Its prospective productiveness, give
stockholders such ooafideaoe that present prices
are ao object; and the ladacemeats to hold ars so
great thatf only a few shares Had their way out dally.
Kdgeworth Is slowly recovering from the depression
caused by the snspeasloa ot a heavy holder. Cantoa
Company remains firm at ear quotatioas There Ls ao
aaxlety amoag holders to sell Norwich aad llsrlem
are the two firmest railroad stoeks oa the list; aad, at
present pilces. must attract purchasers for lavestment.
The prospects ef the Darlem road are so tlatteriag. that
dividends this year, on Its par valae, will, without
donbt, be tqaal to tlx per cent, at least, oa eighty .
showing a margin for a rise from present prises of
tbirtsen per seat. Norwich aad Woreestsr Is s ten
per cent Inve twent at current i|uotatlon.
The reoelpts at ths offlse of the AssisUnt Tiec ,-er
ef this port to day amounted to M7,0ttJ60 psym-a'.e
$210 184 74; balance, 84.202 477 40
The slow aad tedious manner la which the reseat
cases of fraud aad swindling have beea conduit' d In
onr law courts, has exeltsd a i-:reat deal of lalsrs*t !?
social as well as In financial and commercial circles
It Is a questloa what constitutes swiadllag stealing,
smbeiilemeat. he., In Wall street, whether whet ls
scaildtred criminal out ef Wall street, is c a Hera*
by the same wife judges criminal In Walt street. It
|S a most weighty ami Important matter and ens 1
arable anxiety exists relative to the t> suit of the l?ive?
tlgatir as ahioh hare been going oa la our eou*ts, dar
ing the past three months The records ot our criminal
eoutts show numerous. convictions for swindling -em
mitted out of the locality above named: and s ng
Blag eontelas many who have found th* raeahes < :f tie
law too closely woven for them. l'ln*n;li! g?aiai
(accompaaled with the mians), and legal skill g
bead la haad; united th?y sre Invir -ib> Slvided
almost powerless Partit e con neoted with swlai.ing
operation* oa the Well street plaa, oertaialy pcet?ss
some powerful. but lavislble Influence la cur ci'irts
aad over the movements ef lawyers. It Is most ettra
fttdiaary to what aa interminable letwth s r?n an In
vestigation. to say n< th.ng stout actual trlale ran le
drawn where a Wall street financier ls th - party
implicated. In many Instances luseet? I as have
suddenly ceaeed and aever b*?n heard of aga n Tf.ey
have b*bly gone to that plate where even an ad
ver ient would not reaoh them? or I' might le
* le to off sr a reward for restoring th a to the
tt j istlce. It has heretofore been coasl iere 1
It to etas let a lawyer of swindliar . and I l? s 111
dert d impossible to eoavlct a Wsll street tieau
c. of any crime of tl. at or any o her nature i be?
appear to poaswes ? talisman that shields them >? m all
harm aad they pass unarathed through th- most f *ry
ordeal. We leave it to thoee who have el is. ly wat
|be progress of ths reastat lavsatigatioa* In ou .? c nits,
to solve the mystery W ithln the pa?t three aoath'
'hree distinct charges of swindling era>islen>en'
fraud, (whateter It can be called) have been pr?lerr?d
against certain parties |a which between two and I
three hundred thon>acd dollars are Involved en I the
probability Is. fiom present appearances that th-y wli,
be lost sight of oa< rf these days, acid the par.les
swindled Is ft to mske the best of It.
We leara that a meetlag ot the dlrenl rs at the
Reading Railroad Company Is about being hell, te
take Into consideration the propriety of redacts/ the
tolls for the transport a tloa of coal during the present
season The comp-ti'ioa ab"ut taklag place In the
eeal bne nese will love the eoaapaay to mike au i m
pertant reductioa la the tariff of charges. TheJ.-buyl- !
kill caaal open* this y ?r uoler the meet favorable
auepices sad Its capacity for carrying coal will proba
bly be tested tc its . t m ">st The Lehigh Canal Com
pany have ms > gr>at :-apr remeats la its work aad
fail traneport -very ua of coal offering. Th? Dela
ware sad 1'uls- n Caaai C' mpaay have mile arrange
meats ta do aa isimsaes >islnees la coal this year.
The Ohio and rheeap*ate f'alal < ompaay hare largely
reduced Its charges aad will probably brlag diwn
mors tlaa half a miUloa teas ot ecal from a regloa
which has heretofore turned oat very little. Prom
those sources ws shall res-sirs aa eaorawas Supply ol
ecal anthracite aad b tamtous, aa I the probability Is
that the artiole will be eheap*r this ssa*on than ever
Hlors ???,?*? ineitioa i? what so Ci-Ultri to
do ! Below t oerMln price they cannot afford to mlM
it; and when oompetltlon reduoMit to that pointy thr
.apply must mm a Thla if the difficulty the trans
portation companies will hara to contend wKb, and
the probability i*. that tha Reading Railroad Company
will be the gTeateit sufferer *n the struggle. Any f*
duotion in tolls will be death to its dl> idende, an*
even with tka present tariff of eaargea, Its full oapacit v
must ha?a active employment. Estimate* hare beer,
circulated showing a business of 1 500.(00 ton* at $1 5-t
par ton, for the year 1861, au in or ease of 160 000 ton
?? that of last year, 18(0. whec the company had far
four month*, the entire monopoly of the coal carrying
trade of the Bobuylkill region. These eitioutaa ai?
extravagant and ridionlou* and are made to attract
outsider*, and induoe them to purchase the stock ?t
present and higher prices.
St??k Euhangc.
86000 tJ 8 tVr, 1867 110 1U0 tbs farm* T*t *?0 W .
100(10 do 90i 1K> 60u do ?5
3000 C 8 6'a, 1862 ll?)i 300 do aW 6>
Ota do 112 *> Canton Co 58
M0 N Y State 6 a, '66 1U -U> En? KK
4000 Ohio 7's. 1851 lOS'I 4<> do
tCOO K estuoky 6's 1("6 60 do 80',
14000 Erie flonvert 71 ?0 IT do *>>,
11000 Iric prof, lt-69 100^ 460 Barkm RR <>74
1(000 do s.10 100 100 do niO ?57
1(000 do stJO 100 200 Jo StiO 07*?
60(0 Mad Rlv Bonds H6 90 K f k N 8 RR 111K
26 iht Del & liud, lull l.?0>, 100 Ports b Dock 13*
L!6 do 1.10 100 do b>.? II'.
25 do b90 130 100 Reading RR *10 t?".,
106 do 123 100 do
14 Oeeas Bank 101 2300 do tiOfc
100 City Bark 124 1C0 do sl6 tiOf.
30 Botch*' fc Trv'a Bk 130 100 do bio (iO'.C
SO Dk Coram, tull 105 800 Jo s30 ?0?>
?a do 1('4J? too do s60 tf'i4.
?0 N J Minis* fc Ex Co 1?U 2'i5 Norwich R* (.:(
3(0 Edeewortb Co Ufa Hal k lol Hit !'5
10 do b3 60 atoatDKtou RK 1 1 V.
M) ilo >30 !>\ 60 do k30 41',
iOO Tarner#' Truat
Uroo Reading Bd>,70 79\ 60ahsNor?iob RR i. ;
7000 Erie 1? com* 91'4 14* Farmers' Trust.
100 ati Ilailein KR ?39 6* 100 Fort* Dry Dook 11'
100 do K'O Co sl6 II,',
1(10 do si 6 ?>, 160 do b*l 1?',
l ioo ?o t3 bus; iflo <o s*> riTt
i so do 50 Morris C anal I*',
it'll do WO WX 25 do l?'t
, 100 Btoainiktoa RR 41 K 100 Readiag RR i-0*4
j 60 Edgtvoith Co 9\
?.hirj to bis advantage, by calling at No. 11 Maid"r
~ LOST ?Ve
Ou" a broad v?uy hta?e, a Lsij'a Diamond Croas Pin.
Whoever *111 return the same to this office shall rect.va the
a love reward.
D* (old * ?n ? , in old fa hionod setting. Theabcve rc?uK
wl Ibe paid to the titter, on leavin* it kt It St- ne I'.reet.
| asrivfi thrbURh Thompsoi; and Atkity atrcota to S.x'b
avenue, a blaak laco veil. The l.nJsr will reoeiva the ab'.'Vt
reward by learictc it at 66 Twelfth street.
Gold w*tch lost-lost, on widnejdat, th?
llth. bet??-n Park Place aad Chamberx street, a kuK'
Lepiae Walob, silver oial. auld cap, lour je^^la. No. .11701.
in caee The fiuaer will be moat libtrally rewarded, (ai 'ht
ewer ti'un it tench above its intrias o worth), by tp^l; ?
jb? to A. J. Cnnuiegham, Jeweller, 6I7H Broadway.
nteml.ranf the German Society of New York, hell a.
Hi. Ma'hewe ( harcb, February Zld, M.?er>. T. I, Buroh<nl..
F. Euiee, L Uuffer. F. Rank. II. F. I udewir, E. Oelriciia.
F. Paeera'edt, F W R. n. r. A. W. Suea. Dr. T*llkimff.
J. Windniuiler, Dr. Pa'rr.edo, Or Michaells. Thorn. Cook, auU
3. Mrti ach. mn 1 total offic. rt of tl.' AM b ty; and at a 9 .6
?e')iv nt ob F<- ?ruary 24, eaid offlo' re ? Ucted aiaony
lv?, li.r i t<eidcBt. Mr 1'. Karck, Vio? Pr tidtac, Mr
E. Oelrleh*; Secretaiy, Mr. U. E. I.t-dewij:; act Treaaunt,
Mr P. Hotit. By orrer *f the PreaiJent
HERMANN K. Ll'DE WIC , l&ecrc.ary
New York. Mar h 10. 1H6I.
? No. 403 J. O. 0. I'. Me requested to min at the lo'ire
ro?Di. on Trim-day, at ll>i u'ciocx, A. M.. to lUttnd the iu
B<ral of Brother Mass.
Bm-B.Ki. ???i wa, teoy WM ANDEBSOV. JK-. N.G.
a regular ir.eetiai, on W 'dnettar ceciiiaf, March I", at
tee Ball, No 127 Otaae (tract, at half paat eeeen o'clock.
Preapeotaie* aad the ooaatitntioB can be ?>< Mined oa aa
attar Friday, littb ineb., of IF an. Parker, Sacretar*. No. at
Canal itreet; or, ef M **re Baroard k Pnra< ne, No. V". Wall
? trie*. ROBT. M. BELIECK, Pr**idet'.
hereby nit' that as adjooratd meenai ot' theatoek
holdere of J>o Pateraoa Gaa Li(kt Cod, pany will k? I. eld at
tl.eir fflico in Jertey ttrtet, ia the towa ot Pateraon, et,
Tueiday aeit. the lath in?t. The p<>lla will be up. a at 12 M.
aad oloec at 1 P.M. By irderct the Prmd-ntaad Direst ?h,.
JOHN 1>RE W Secretary
Pa'araoa, March 11, 1861.
received fir tutrej i?* nad li;i .? "i ?? ot laad laM
proper etricta, rarke, aae one th naaaA aval lota, ;n.ae
ilatel*. Addreaa or apply W J. Btereoa. lis Uideoa abreet
B. O. Megoe. *1 Aaa itmt; Daniel Owea. 414 Broadway: 8
T. Muuei'c. *17 Weet Beetntaeath *treet, Win. R. FaaVn
acotor, 4A Peioad areata.
oppoatk* the Park? The above eatabltahaaat kaa re.
eeatly beea ftrnlihe* throughout, ia tho moat tnedera atyle
Ita leeatloa la central to bntlaeta aad plaoee ef aauaeni' at .
withtha adraatave of betB( ratir?4 from the iroaeral ooa
fneioa of Broadway. The aroDr.etora art tonflSeat thmi
'.abla l*an?urpaae*? ty any ia the city
ealt will be teoeived uatll Maxeh the SSth, fertbepur
ehaee of the retire fnraiture plate, Sx'.ure* and ?rod wi! ;
ef the praaaat lcaae. IkMhalMH yean to ma froaa tl.e !?? 1
Jaa. UU1 ) of tnia eelebratad hotel, Auw la taiet aaeeceefal
operatlea. a> lately (w>adoet?d by M. P. Mi'chall, E.- ,., bow
deoraaed. will b< rtMivtd.by thf under ilmt-d. H
JA COB SNIDBR, Jaa , Adtaialetrator, 7* Walaat
etf?#t. PL.Iadelph ia.
the I'airtralty ef the 8tate ef New Yvik -Tl.e Bans*.
' BBtnnufn! ' f thia Collefo a ill k- held ea Thnraday . 1
IJth Marsh, at half paat eeeea o'eloca P. M ia the OolUri
? a . ad'lrtpe by the Preeideat, Ale iaad?r B tHereaa, M I?.
Tho p*?f?Mioa aad the pablie an la?lt?d toattead. TT.t
putlie f laca'aa'ioB ef the candidate* eloet.oa tbrtr >aia(u
rel theaee. will le h?ld 1b th* Co Here, oa Taaada* awe.
Wedaeadar. II h a< d ? Jth Marob: to ovtBtnease caeh day at
twelreo . loek V The rroleee'oo are lav it?*<l teat'oad.
ROBERT WAITj. M. D , ^<crttarv te th* httkf ?
v'.?le*e el Phyai iaae aad Surf erne, t>7 Cr>eby etrect.
HVIIC.iL. _____
" ' rate faad P.ann forte, la I oat otd*r,ti'? e?ta?*,l. r a1
M II*. n Gra*4 iUtH. ____________________ I
Musical wares. ? rbipman a cikdino, h>
Brniwn er> sole Aiteate la the Uaittd Ftata* ttr tin
aale ef U *J?etir o*l*brat*d inwelrel war e manufactured tr
J A. Baader k Co eoaeietiaiof Vliliaa. Vlollneelloe, y>.?
*n. Violin ad (.altar Stnau. Ilu tee. ???,. whl'-h the;>
offer .ar (ale at the maaufaotorere' prlr?a A larve aatnrt
? ent alwaya oa hand, bo which he att*atioa ef dealer! Mr
HOLLI1TM bank OP 111' f V A 1 1 SCF FA I ?
Mareh ^h,l-?l -Te Mew T. rt lleraM. D?ar ?lr-R
niorathat me) be afloat to tb* effe't t bat fr*d?ri*k Helli
I er'a t ueeertioa ? >al I ia eaj ?*> la tre tb' . t%nk. ar- ? a
tir ly ortrue aad talie. Thetaukwill bo' loee a aollar by
Hia. ladi it.it i may tetter tad fa'l. bat 'h ebawkw 1
t'aad lr* ae th? ? ?? -f ?>? K H. nBKtlVaV, Mt
Q nil mill r " ^ A H I thIIITIES <VAVT...
V I vvj'AFU, T>'a> Tnaeirt Note, and cl>b? mi
t-a per teat Avide. Ale-', llret and eeeonJ elaea tet>i< i'
I jijht. USo. K M<TARi: j-. Wall atraet.
U*^vr\F. al' t api al, to ea?H' la a < aaltnn. -
tlaalt Biiohaatea b?*tae>e. (witS.ot aae taaehiaery. ? Aa
?n?ra -r << i??; a t o. d tana re woald a ak* a f"Tt?a* la a
eh. rt ti?c. by nitnv Aa? taie ? |th It. Addrte* M a*y. ilt>
of tbi* paper.
VUUH' Ml AND okv ttOODS>
HH| 1BBOMS. MI.MS. and Mil l I t BR V <1000^ -THB
mbe-r^er 1* aotr ready to eh.<w th. m el olT?at aae. rt
aieal et Ribbsae. r lk?. and Mill. aery ftott la ham >??
wbish he la pr< pared t offer at iu*h low pr1?*e i* to l?f>
top a*titi?a. * rcbia a and Milliatr* are re*p*e?.' tU< !a
tltti t* rtatr iae enr ?to?k b?f 'r* itirel.aelac el*e?I. ;r*.
B B LICB rt ? hi SIB. w Sow-rr
1 n^a eaaat n ; baadkoroh jf i. now <?*!?*, .e'. re' elee l
Alir, tll'Vsa*. la e yarn* aid ho?,ety. at /. O M SA HA S a w
ftoie. Ml Oreea m ?a a?re"t. t*te?>a lirrty aid Hanoi.
Ma. 'I ante ail ?>l'.een an I ? < t.< ap.
ft Min 111 l??ORTO<iEO DSVDKM, no ??."
e t aaal etieet. be*a to t?ll the AttvaMo* of ?oaBt"?
laere'aats ni'lm-n, e'ranaera ? mtla* th* ?Mty ,an< tt^e
jiMie ir (?* ??al to he ? to it of At raw 0?"?? a i? M'.lliacr'
ablek he la ft" adept tbey wi.l Had. at a otantia*'.! >?,
*<i ia! te ? ny at r ?r i ">r< d. Ue hae < i.ae a t ly oa laa) a
? a* aeeorttti-at af ? >>aw Boa naif ol the la'.ae* a'ylta, aiva
All atb?r ertte ee la i se Ilaa
a off?r?>l ia N'*w Verb. Wo to i ii?r > a Moat
notaiBe H I i, It), K> ra?ea, 5-4 i 0 ? yard' oi K^*a?h O ir
1 a na, plala at I pit' I Mitr a let can -? ated r n I dM ?y
the I'a 'ed at' i Marshal. W a ahall aell 'hoia a; Up. ??
at abfh prtoo tr*y ar- at enonn" ia bar?am, for 'h*y ar* o< 1
full th* eala* ' f ** M A eelo'-.lta *f patt*ta* aad e*l*n
It .a* .|?*lrable. It will be a*ro ?ry to make an ?arly <^'1 ?
(et a ia I oho. ? We haea a<*o te '.flee I I.'*) '.'rap* Sh lata, J
at prirea .'ae trl?w the warket. and we ar* eolllan lar<*
^aan'ltlei >.1 neta. ar. I ** ate re our enatnmor* that M th??
would buy to *to d adeaata(o, bop aarly-for tltay win Ke
eer .' maeh I* e. i.e earr aa thla l? 'ha ut'B'h ef Meteh
? thtet .lar.-t n-o|ea*f N*w Ooo It by ? k* Paaito, *ca
?ietl*( if Linen*. Da ma he. Alpaca*, maay a*<e *eylre r ,
Hr**a 0'>ede, e'.e -an 1 Mar?*e J.' Meei, Prlate, Ao. All Will
b* aold vaif low. at tfca B?aarjSe vi?(? A- ire. 1 '3 Bt-weri .
F W b W . P. Bil l IV A CO.
llon*4K.B. 4 IRKI1MBI, S I OOI.RRT, iW.
? Aa itliaSa'a f liorwa, t'trnair t, liar "ea. Ae , *?e:?
Monday and Wtdaeiday, omtneaeibf at II ,.|r.e? Pereon
haela( | ?aperty to dlep^ e* of will plaaew rail aa? ! a?a tL> u.
rn^ter-1 before 10 o l. <.k on each (ay tf ai*.
IOUN B GATFIRtiD, Proprietor. ,
r a very b ! I' ? tl jair Ot t ..rriate II > a,en*(r*y*no t
th' ether tla"k. that eas trot a mile In Sli aiiaatee. Thty
are warranted t?" ' ly aouad aad kind. iai(aire at the ita
lie orpoelt* t he I ? alias Orrra. ia Attor | la*e. from 10 A. M. <
tn I P. M Priee ftoo aI-?, a Ph?rtoa an-l A TV-ttiar Wa I
(oa, made i t l td er, auich li iinlbe bow, aa i (eeetal aiarM J
Bail So'ibl* 1 ar; ? re.
eerfer t otder. ma< by Lxwre*'-* A Oeliiee. lo? *aU
I r*e* S7? All < at l.ndlam'e, Taaahall etablM, N* It
rowitli aeer aa,
? el eat", San I raaeie.-o, California. R*f*ren?o* -Meaara.
Otaaer A Co., ft. TheaA*. W. t| Mailer Sand MRiaea. New
/?'All w Br.me It AaaA Bal'lm-r*. Ooeeler A Co , Bo*
rmhflnff It O^ch^B, ? J?. hn A. ft ,
Bremen; G"<.iiaa(i ? Cr , la*tcrf; /oka BaecA A , Pbb"
U^rlptlA, w

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