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Omi Washington CorrMfMitM*.
Washing TO", March 19. 1851.
Ill Prtnd,1iai Progrmmmt?Tk* Sate of the
4 muM Ntuipm/H-r?S*vnrd,t l+/i*t%ee and \
HUo-iiWi, ?rc
The programme of the next Preaidannal race ?
what u it t Let ua aee. The Southern tire eatera
trill either run a man of their own stripe, or will
observe a "masterly inactivity," and an "armed
neutrality,' and take no part in the conieat.
Governor Ca*a will have a atrong force in the
national democratic convention; but not a two
<huds, nor even a hare majority. Upon the
ground that he ta a beaten nag, and that hia posi
tion ia equivocal on the <iueetion of river and
fearfcor imprcvemet ta, if not on the ^ueauon dia
cniaed in the Nicholron letter, hia frienda in the
convention will give him up, and go for some other
favorite of the democratic party
Gcnerala Sum Houston and Will.am O. Butler
will be about equally strong in the convention
They are Jucktu u men, and were both peta of <>Id
Hickory They will not run against each other;
hat will agree mutually that he who has the leaser
tupport in the convention ahall yield to the other.
The L'ntcn newspaper ia now m the hands of
the Jarkson men proper. GeuA-til Armatrong and
Mojor I>onelB<o were, lihe Generals Houston and
BatJer, pets of <. 'Id Hickory. They, of course, will
prtfer to support Houston or Butler before any
?iber mu who em be named. And if, between I
those two brother peta of the late General J acksoo,
axes""? - tw"?" ? ??
M<-t?rs. LniU? and Buchanan will neutralise
each other tn the convention, and neither will en
the rnmmawn. Judge Woodbury will have a
tl.T.fc* prei" hu cliiui*: but not sufficient
l!.lf;!5VlieLCTl,tlon to Jr^<' 'o tike him
fri'W the heuch which be now graces.
Meaira Kobert J Walker an t Diniel S Dickia
acu will havt- acme ardent friend* in the conven
tion; but not enough to bring about the no.nina
U?.n of n her.
Should the convention find it impossible to unite
etudially ar.,1 hdrrnoiiiour.'y upon ei n< r Houaon or
Sutler- an evtm not at all lively to occur? a moat
actable, au d quite an unobjectionable comiHomiae
J?v Wl!l be foi)D(l "> t??* peraon of the
Young Jjiant of the West,"' the Hon Stephen A.
Douglas, Senator from lihuoia. Judsre Donilas
?? but lotty-one years cf age, and can wan four or
eight years to be made President, while older men
cm.not; bat thould he be nominated as a cimpro
Mice candidate, he is not the patriot to refuse to
eerve his countrv m ihe chi**f e.\ecu;ive chtir, if
the w? pie will, otfiuchan earl- day as 1-03, buckl'
fUt*Ti s honors on his back So it mav he
laWdow n as a reaconaM* x>stula:e, that either Sam
Housur, William O. Butler, or S epben A Dou
gla?, win ce tht democratic caniidate for toe next
The pian ihit F athcr Ritchie, who hid purchased
the old (jl?, t, that Jackson h.i.l founded, from
Messrs Blair aid Rives, two pets of OM Hickory
should eeil the establishment h.ick to two ottier
P?t?'.f the name old hero, and thus appease Blau
and Juv> s, and their peculiar friends, if pouihle,
nomfftfttypc Tue
? ? flt.fi to #!ect a democratic President in jso2 is to
br a mighty <?ne.
In regard to the whig national convention, and
fhe candidate it will put in nomiaa'ion, there u>
little left to conjecture Mr. Clay will h ive a noble
a*d rssolute force in that body; Mr Webster will
have >. me ardent ai.d well meaning friends there;
?Jr. r 1 1 rrt re will have a force, aia the Fillmore
iftice hoioers cmi rr.user: buf Win fie Id Scott's
fr.end* will rut number and s'acd, n full head-and
awuktrrs taller thin oil others in the convention.
Aa.i iso'.t will bf nominated, in s_>ite of all the ef
foita ot all of Mr. President Fillmore's cabinet
Mais en. Who, when they shall see a chance of
Scott ?elecurn, will tar-k about and go for him
tnn? ualy, in the hope cf being retain. -d in tlieir
pt? eta
Suih will be the result? m uk the prediction,
ine aatonubmeuof almoat everybody here, and
of tlio?e ? ho con e here from alt garters, at the
fce?ittiu<n or Tier dtDi Filiroore i a carrying out tiie
?eawea which he <10 gloriously and patriotically
tma low* d forth hi htaepecial m rase ire to Congress
?? ihe subi-ttof the threatened nullification of
Texa.-, ana m hi* first annual me>ssare is very great.
It eors-uu I) breaks forth in accents of re<?re;and
hytri oiiMip,. ointment. Who woeld have believed
th.,1 the au't or cf tho.-e would have con
tinur-d in ? !:,ee euth fuoi inLun-B as M arrival De.
veh>, Collector Grerly, Collector Lewis, Commit
? oner I. whm.lt, and Commissioner iiat'er'ield
. *r ;*'?? nt at?d iBcotifoverahlf, of th?tr ua
"'?"??"l uowcrthtue.,, bvl been laid before
fc'm LH.ei Mr. (iltmore d<-bire to tw Tyltrized'
!Jo?*ii h?- idi on |o be Sewardiz?d ! Why hi* he
p-ocrus mate J action in tire nutter of displarina
l-iwtwok.tiocr he directed that <"un ti inary to b<
suj>? r< eded ! Has the h< noraMc Senator Seward
a**fec him out of his patriotic resolve' Mr Se
ward is still here, ?nd Krx>*~ wb .th-hiarem .ine.l
Wtef.r . Ilekm.wa that Mr. 1 illmo.-e will tot
remove Mr Lwhack. nor Mr. Co. lector Greely,
while he remain# in W?H nsron He is expeet/d
*? leave to-morraw, thm i'rejident Killmore
nia?, m a uimn?-r b?c.imiui; his high i^sition, and
wairfi woui.l command the approbatmn und aJmi
nitww cf c I good pdrrto'ic m *n fhrouzhout liie
l iairo JlJuis njus Vi rfunt.
Wa?niNCTO\, March 20, I3.3I.
T%4 Phi/j'<,/jjna ( t.rrthip and Strrttary
Cm-win? (,'iwri/ A-, ? M*,, ? l>t Cump-t^n 0'
Jfc52? hUi:i. d ,\J net ><% the Ckeu H *ird? C'ji?,
tL+u<m, Ikn-^hu, Scott, ll'tkiter , and
Fitkn ? ? f.'rcjt /h n .tgi or-r tKi of
Ui ttrn .r /'1 gh ? t'urcdi, 4-.-., 4-c.
The COB rats, ion, if pointed hy th^ Secretary, to
iaveMigate the chargta a^aitsi collector Lew.j, 0f
PfciUce iphia, h .s r. potted all the evince in the
cw. Itmak aa n aaukcn;>t volume of over six
hncdred ?nf?s. Th- S'-crr-tary, 1 uadervuad, has
not U ? n able to lo< k iaii the matter yet, in con
?^uence of his i.L?*sa. 1 >( crurse, 1: * impossible
?o say * hut decis on he v.,i| ultimately m the in the
t-ur, tlie-rt- II certainly, as yet, no reae >a to
(?fpoMf he feels mcimed to smother up any im
ptoprietis*. The report is considered a portion of
the seeret archives of the d- partment? not in
leiidr d for ptitiwration? a: ail e-veata, till ? decision
h*? heeu arrived at. Should that dacMoo acq'iit
Mr Cr |ie;t?r Lew , it .a to tie ho|?d. for his own
aafce, the w hole of th" ev id'dc- will t>e fniklwhed;
a?d, 1# no#, yoar ct-rreapoft<icat will endeavor lo
threw iome li^ht spoa it.
The caae of the hms of < -B? rj! Kwcioako,
which bus he. n pending hrr* fir several vara, is
)? b?- tried b lore he ( ucuit Ouurt of ihe I '.strict,
neat Week It Will, n doubt, be* an interesting
<*?e? iroUbly ft Dg into a h a or y M K la.-H^ko'j
f , >?'?m*iely ci?oected sub the revolu
Uo?H,ry *,.iory ,(f lh^ c,,uo,ry Lx Attorney
?'?er,l Krverdy J. h .s n ao<i M .?r r.K:h nu.
fc'V. ',r'; Mr Cai.fMrUi.Mm.r *?canin,
Pol ticai matters are ?p*.0g ?to ? more
fii>K ?a pe it ,f t>* gwtiUtx to be ? v:d*nt th it. in
i*e d? mo. ratio- ranks, the- u;~h<-: Cf the pr??eat
PMifa ? ? aHair will be Oie- , u-:nf over both
1 .?*iV d'-mo.rat.c taudoiates, Cass
aa<i I lou -*< n, and the sHecaaa >?( some other
mttia .it si- d"?. .a th? ca?- cf Xr i'uik t d?
soet Hons lr? t, h bi, rf)y t,. ,mi ,o
?^'f.??d would as a-x.n -e iv 4.V), H^rd M
l?at kN. Pigment .art p,, 1 01. -si fn.BJ Hm.uN .?c
^ - Housu'ii, ifexM.ua lea via? this citr
Sar.- .0 ,4 hs < itvpipf U ^Ibf;
Mm hi aider. , n. fH| ( ?? , [llure
fcri im HrJ'^\Lii,y "" 1
well g hut both the**- t'oiii ,1 n tB??i-a.
i*e jureoh ti, n of a coovent n, and ?? If taer<-f..r?
?ffal to th?: ancient 1 r , ? -i Bens' 1
ft t# act to be supposed taat the ^f<a>>crtue r-ia
v.etioa will commit such ail in :>?cret.o? ?, ^
?Mfce any ae.Vctioo betweo the rival n . srsat* -a
selection which would have the in'-vit <h!c effe#t t,(
weak'tt'Dg the party by the cold aupp. it, or, r-r
ha,?. < prn ( pi^?it,#n. which the 110 jci ea?ful i?
pwsni is niei.da woaid ?ivr ?o tii<- rnia wh? re
P*ferrmc* The coaveati >n w,ll di ao
s?rii f cdish thiof it will tut upon a third mm
and taar man will CofBe fro* th*- gn a' northwest'
It w,,l he a man who, althouKh s iff.c.ently haowt>,
Mb?t do taste fu! to ,ry partkalar portion of it.
j t?er<- is but one man *? ho ansarers to thl.? dea rip
I'0t,.'.Vifna?,T?,60* ,Ur"1- <*11' that mm is H-ph*n
?r ??If V illia"" W rhew.l be el-c ed
mo her minor, which can
??e.wh,VW:i,1''J "trnni. Tne sam"
ineo. lo, ' '? ?rr?ar>
?kny< i?,u 1 e ateet, ?,>? also ao
rrm.in .i.n't.' ckii'n"i h' '?
.m V. : V:; tit. ^V,- S
it."",' >?"
elected, good by to the cli a... r^I ' "
?*e otfo ?.n runDlne tr m H?o 77
Wetwter The ob^cf.'lUrfC';'
eammodation cannot be made hy whlch i|' I'lii*^,
the ''fr ienda" shall he^Mraed 5m?
m pauoae the personal contes' by p- rm.-t n-J
?o rnn oa the ooarae in
Heaven, for better tun f, f ?ur years Ui^e
J tkm ?, thrr?iore; the cater, wnj be betweea
Fillmore and Douglass, ud if to, it will be a fair
?nd up fight, >a which party linn will be pretty
closely drawn.
It turns out that Governor Fish's election to the
I sited Slates Senate is a matter of personal con
gratulation on the part of the President, if we may
believe the Rtyublic of this morning. It Fiah is a
"silver grey," after all, Governor Seward's interest
in his suocese, presents one of the most remarka
ble instances of devoted and disinterested patriot
ism which that eminent Individual has ever been
accused of.
?But, leaving politics aside, permit me to mention 1
the fact, that Parodi's second concert, thia eve
nine, is creating nearly as great as exeitem"nt as
did Jenny Land's last December Neirly all the
tickets have been sold, and the theatre will doubt
less be crowded. Our fr. end WMlitts, the treasurer,
has already signed h.s auto nph toover live hun
dred "secured seats," and the cry is, still they
come. Her concert, on Monday evening, gave
great satisfaction
The statement that the Secret rv of the Trea
sury has arrived at any decision as >e .tarda the in
terpretation to be'placed upon H m er'a bill, is a
mistake. He # lprobibly, how<s ??-, makeup his
mind, with .?? a. sistance of the A < rney General,
thia week.t
Washing ton, March 20, 1861.
The Cau of the Philadelphia Collector. '
I fee it stated in tome of your Washington cor
respondence that the case of Collector Lewis is
about to b? decided shortly; and that the only
reason why it has not been already acted upon is,
that Mr. Corwin ia sick.
I believe that Mr. Corwin, after he shall have
fully recovered hia health, (and 1 trust this will be
soon,) will be able cfFicialJy to dispel the cobweb
of slanders winch a disappointed calnl hia artfully
and wall indefatigable industry woven over Mr.
W. D. l ewis's head. Mr Gib!K>n-s I am aware,
has published a pamphlet against Mr Lewis, pur
? crting to be a resume, or a icount of the lat* in
vestigations had in Philadelphia before Commis
sioner Puulevy; but it is not p?nerally known that
Mr Lewis, too, has a pam,>hkt in press, rebut
ting Mr. Gibbon's account, and carrying the war
into Africa- Till this new pamphlet is out, it
would be best for correspondents to reserve their
tire. Audi alteram partem.
Affairs at the Halt Capital.
Albany, March 19, 1851.
j He Preliminary to the Election of United Scuta
Senator? Jh Important Vote toit by bring t'co
Aim uLct too Lute.
It has been anticipated that no election for
: United Statrs Senator coul i be made by the present
! Legislature under any exist.ng or prospective law,
but that matter was disposed of at two o'clock this
morning, by joint resolution. Some five or six
days since, Senator Cook, despairing ot" electing a
Senator in the usual manner, laid a notice on the
table that he would, on some future ddy, move to
susi^nd one of the rules which required all joint
resolution s to lie over one day after being ottered,
before being acted u,ion. Non .? of the \ igilant mi
! nority cculd, of cours?, know when thit
motion would be Caljed up, although they
were aware, that on the first day when all
*h? whig Senators w re present, and one or two
j democrats were absent, then it was probable that
the eliort would be m ide. On Saturday every
whig Senator appeared in his pla:e, numbering se
venteen, all U'lJ : though upon the question of &
^.-?pension of the rules it wis well known that Mr.
; Beekman would not go with his party friends. On
that day, also, the democrats were all pre.-ent.
That afternoon, Senator Brandreth took a trip to
Sipg Sing, iutecdirg to remain a few days. On
Mucday mcrniag Senatoi Dar: F'at^d that he was
unexpectedly caiud to the city of New York, and
rsqui-sud that the resolution might not be called u,>
untii hie return, ecJ made an arran?em*nt with
Senator Croliua to " pair oil"," upon the taking* of
' political uestiors. On Tuesday mornijj, as soon
as the order of bujints. for ofl'erin? reoolvtions ar
! rived, Senattr Conk, observing 'ht a'vsen.eof both
Mr Hranorethaa 1 Mr Dart, sprung his resolution
?ufp> ndirg the join', rule aforea&i.i. Th ? deinocra
! tie minority being thus unexpecte !'r pomced upon
I wtnle two <f iheirmembtrs w? re ahseflt, relied
Uf on the oppoi rfion of Senators Baticock indO<veu,
bo h of whom the elrepy silver grays have clai.ned
i all the fttucu Those two votes, or either one,
| and aWo ihat of Mr. Beekman, known to be cer
tuin, would have defeated the springing of the
" fi|nr? oi-four." A debite occurred of two or
three hears, when, upon taking the question by
ayes and noer, the votes of the two former gen.le
rrec were given in fuvorof Mr Cook's resolution.
Before the vote wis sinouneed, Senator Maun
challenged the vote ot Mr. Schoonmaker, on the
ground that he was a member of Congress, and
therefor' not *ctit!ed to a vote in the Senile of tlie
State of New York. The whig majority, of course,
sustained the vote, as it was tor th it vote mainly
that Mr. S. ha* !>een compelled to li lzard his seat
in Cosgress The motion to rescind w as carried
; by s mijontT of two vot--s.
' About this time, the news s,reid av?out thecitv
that the democrats had been caught nappiug, and
that a Senator wus that day to be chosen. The
lobbies, atte-roome, aud even the floor of th?* Ss
nat? chumber, scon berime thrunced with specta
tors It seemed as if the people rushed in torrents
to ? itr? ss the scene then enacting.
Mr Mann, and other d-mocratic Senators, being
thuji tfk'-n unprepared, desired in tor oik*, ion whe
tier thee was any necessity fjrthai kind of action;
and Mr Baboock, the whig < hiel counsellor, was
? apjealed to for tin answ er Now, Mr. B , being a
mode I of d'cuity, i almn*s*. and sedateness, has
been looked u^on with the hix heat respect, and
wasejjected to autwer the interrogatory, as he
uniforr ly h?? done every oth*r, wa;h clearness and
, precision H.s re,ly wa?, thit he koew of no p->?
litical object in view, and th .t he relied altogether
uj<in tin- ?taum*nt made by Src 'or Cook, that the
crowd of business before the S Bute demanded the
tctpentioa ct the rule, in order to got the two
j bouses closer together. Tue rule was, of course,
j suspended.
Immediately opm that f?ct being ancotmee I,
Mr '>*en,u, to that n.T?i< nt s'tp.osed to Uc all
v? r cr .y, s( r,.ng to his leet, and ort* red a pre imbic
aud lerointi' u i!otlaring thit wbi rea? the T<"ifis
; Uturefnd failed to elect u S njtor on a prsviou*
occasion, th' r'fore the two housee would, at four
o'clock en that d;v, proceed, in joint wetiog, to
1 ilecta?- Eiitor Tui.' ito.oc, cormnc fro.Tihim,
Mt?cuih< d every or.e preg-ct. except the woolleys
wl o w> re iu th?- *e;iet Th* silvi r trays bui'.led
tf><.ut in artoni-hmerit, declared Babcock urrl
' ?rn tiaitof t? Mr t iIIban and the sauonal ad
mmiMratiOc. They found tln-ni-elves told in the
coo ng Of ifc< se two Sen trrs. What was to be
? Hamilton I wh w>uid now be certunlv
thtrra. in acctrcance wrh the dict.ttica of W .? d,
retwr.liotaadirg the tioyicMti. firuaoess nt M(r.
Teeknun fuller, il thr iUitt Hi gutrr, button
hoUd tb< dei!ioer<te-l>ec ,'i02. pr.iy.o^. in Coring
? the in to state whn' hid actually bcc?n?e of Bran
I dreth ei.llurt ' Vai the) ? ccMealed aoaw>
where in th'- city, and | 'a) in? pos<u :i on tin dmjI
sf.Umn, most iotemttrg occasion! Their votes
?rep- now oecea?ary to c<: a nU'r balance the defec
tion and des rtion <>t Babco' k and t>o-n; but n ?
inforr.-.atieo cou'.l be given of th^ir whereabiutw,
except t?.<?t the I ? lit "iine S.ng. aod Mr.
bart in New York T( lecrip'oic aes.'atches were
s**nt, but no anew- r; and th' democrats were talk
lev u rainst time
It was co? 4 o'clock, aid no recess, aod no din
ger Senators twgab to Uiot and staffer, both for
want of food and from woa lerful ?nxie:y, excite
ai' nt. and mrntal a?ony Kver and anon, a lo.-o
an<1awf. r(aire |ptT tog'th^r. and went over to
i t'onjrr's# l!.iil to procure stomach stifTners. Bjt
the faitf.fi, I sons or t< m.-eran e w<-re still in sulfer
w?c . an<l it wm though: hy a ?*!ect coanittee in
?he snte-room, that the contingent fund of the
rynau *h< aid (?? resorted to in the trying, starving,
and dry tm'rg'ney. Accordingly the me*scng-r
wasdespat-hed for a ^ lanuty of provender, who
serm r?turn*d wi h a bountilal supply from the
tablra of ' '?L>reet Hall, w bi h was brought to th*
senators, Uetuw the horu.rabte senators could no',
go after the ir d .oners This would have be?n r>ght
?fid pro^'-r. h id not sometfusff more w rrymai id -
been cLaiidrstifiely iatrodu:'t4 into th* heads of
Mme of 'k* uctu'|^<"iRi; fathers of the ?pp^r house.
Tb*re are now hve thousand petitionrrs asking th* i
I ?p.s'a'ure to {rohibit tue ?a> of loebnaung :
Ai>' ut rf o'cl iCk, a telegraphic d*sp?t.?h ?s#? re
oeivfdfroii .Mr I'ait.m "<ew York, ackaawtedg
irtr tbe r (eipt of one from the capital re/iirine
hjs immediate prr enc*. but f?r*\uu2 his inability
to reach Albany on Wednesday morning, having
arrived at the { ler l ist in tim* to fie te>o late for the
K o'clock up- river heat
T.rne crept apace, and M<e? s. S-oue, CjrUa,
snd '^rroll kept the >or unul harpist I o'clock,
and then very r> luetaatly yi? Ided. Whi> tb* ayes
and nces w? re beir? called, in ruah*d I >r. Uran
dreth, ) e' aniv l from '?ing S4ng. He desired to
record his vote; but as the rule w.?? imperative, he
was not allowed that privilege The doctor being ,
snugly at hor.e at Sing Sinp e<f Tuesday rriorain/.
not expecting to ret-irn to Albany unier two or
three daya, hnd the tfm Ymk Jlrr*. of that morn
ing, trourht by 'he early traia. pu*. into his hand*,
wF.. a he discovered by a tehgra( b4c despitch
frrm A.'basy Uiat the Senator itiestiea would f?
bro' h? up 'ha- m?rning, Jumjied in t).e next train
of c irs for Pong like epsie, and arrived at Albany in
the otesnier Arm.ua, and at the Sena'e rharnher
two minutea too lite to reco;d hif vote against
ehifrig Ptnatcr w.
Albany, March 30, 1861. 1
Ati-Rtnt .
You allude, ia your paper of yesterday, to the
?nu rent miu meeting now being Meld here.
This meeting does not muter over 70 pernone?
all told* There has been an extensive flourish;
bat the humbug of anti-renr, notwithstanding
Greeley 'a fostering care, ia about exploding?
lining oat.
[From the Rom* Sentinel ]
The following paragraph chows Ihtt another of the
Bii} bugbears which have been devised to eejole the
toiuli st leeeehold Mlttci. ui to ?uatictiri
capital for broken winded pelltioieue. ku found It*
end. The suit agalnft Mr. Clarke, upon hie Mont
gomery oounty lends, iu the very strongest o?se
which eould be made against any of hie lands, and on
this the Attorney General has been beaten, as every
feasible man supposed he would be : ?
The Pi:OrLE oi the State Or New Yobe vs. George
Class* ?This ease wbieh wee tried at the Montgo
mery elrcuit. In November last, before Judge Oady,
has been decided against the State and in favor of the
defendant. The eult was Instituted by tbe Attorney
General for tbe purpose ot vacating and annulling the
letters patent under whieh the defendant delated a
large tiaot of land la the eoanty ol Monogomery.
--Albany Jttlui.
Ou Hew Oilcai cwmptn^nte
Nkw Orlxans, March 11, l$3l
Uutory of the Mo*>,uUo Protcctorate-Dtnner to
Utn. Quitman? First Crim. Con. Cast '*
Louisiana? Other Curtom i Trialt, fc.
By the late news from Central Americe, you
have perceived that the English government, by it J
intrigues, haa made further encroachments on that
country, through Sir Charles Grey, the Governor
of Jamaica. Hostilities had actually broke i ou*
between the States of San Salvador and Guate
mala, occasioned by Biitish interfereoce, and the
latter State had called on Great Britain for aid.
Since thee, you have seen the graphic account of
he arrival of His lloyal Highness, the Mo^uito
King, at San Juan de Nicaragua, or Grey Town,
I nd'the sumptuous bancuet prepared for him by II.
i B M's Consul at that place.
As the question of the right of Nicaragua to the
Mosquito territory, is becoming daily vested with
, reater importance, I will give you, tor the benefit
of your readers, a short account of tne kingdom
tod its king.
The preuentchief, King or the Mosquito Territory,
as England has thought pro. er to sty le h m, is u
d'npy colored lad, between seventeen ar l eighteen
veers cf age, who his obtained, through the bug*
lish, a EmatteriDg of education. He is a lineal de
scendant cf those who were chief cains of that tribe
of Indian* befcre their alliance wi h England, and
of their so-called kings since. The Mosquito coun
try was an independent territory, occupied by the
most warlike tube of any of the aborigines of Cen
tral America, before the Spanish invasion, and in
the exterminating warfure of that coji'iest they,
end another independent tribe, who still exis. in
the country lying between the Mo^u-toes on t.ie
ecet and San Salvador on the west, were the only
people who rolled back the tide or^yin^hrici0^,
a?d preserved their tenitcry. The t.ondi r( i, M
caragua, and all the other tribes of Central A?-'1
can Indians, submi ted to tne power ol a, i:i, an
the des.otUm of her vice-regal represent i\e.
The Mosquitoes warred constantly and 6U-ces.
fullv o nninat thu t *>owfriOfl2 ftficr it Wft9 lllU?tT6SS
of hi: tie oth< r tr.bes, and had obliterated everv
I trac of the aboriginal population fr"rn tl't ',1fh ',
1 excel '-, indeed, the rums of their cities and the
I monuments of iheir simplicity or weakness, tor
I more thin a ce ntury they exacted a^rct,'
lected it from the bettleri at t.rey Tosvn, for the
' nrivflffi' of trading and cutting tiawer there, not
' oiiiv v lnle it was a pretended colony of Spain, but
since it has been claimed by the present republics.
Admitting, then, that the Mojitoes owupf the
same position with Nicaragua and other States, as
iLe Camanches do with the Lnited States, " would
hard '.v le presumed that Knglind would dare' to
uphold the sovereignty of the latter tribe over this
ccuutrv; tnl if not, her interference with the
Central American States in thb ad air, canaotbut
be looked upon as a great violation of right, and
simt-t dastardly interfcrenae, which this govern
ment will never consent to. ? .
! The first connection cf Great Britain with the
Mo-iuitoes, took place after England hid ac?vnre<i
tie Island of Jamaica, during the protectorate of
Cromwell, wh-?n the inhabitants Lnowa as Ma
I r i. ens and occupying the mountains, broke out .n
j r- bell. on. and committed the
1 ties on the other inhabitants. The Urwisn troot3
at Jan-tica not being in sufiicient force ?o pr?ven
I these attacks, the natives from the Mo.^atto couu
I try were hiied io come to their
hence the alliance between the chiet of J
?n.l the Enelish Governor. llns alliance
was renewed under successive governors, until the
Xw. cl Orev Town, us ft is now called as
a tiadinz tort and market to purchase the hae
and co?tlv dyes and woods, developed itself,
wh?nThe chief was, by British policy, made
a crowned kirz, thit fo cou.ia of England
irieht enter into a royal alliance, Jcc. .. on
enuil terms with him. By this farce was
laid th?* g- rm of British iaterf-renee in Central
Amenci.li alldirs. Tne coram-tcial treaties of
f island with the Cen'Xil and Jjuth American
republics brought half a djy.cn IcUiinan^ for thc
Mofuinto terri ory b? f?>re the world, b it Niciragua
! and Honduras most prominently. Fhey elataed,
: and rmst justly too, that it bordered on their ter
ntotv, and was a [.art of the nme and as it was
only inhabited by savages, they had ari^i: '
rise autnority over it, in ?rler that th y n Zo
j civili/' the country, ani enjoy the bene til of its Une
rateable river to the lak^s. l.agland, how er,
?luietly sustained the sovereignty of thear ?viea.
allv It was about this tint- that Mr. M <nro rntdi
his celebrated declaration, thtt th< V .it. d ? ^ates
would not tolerute lluroj an uiterterence on tW^
continent l.nsland th n set her dt .torn -Outs <
th- Chutfield school, privately at wirk
Central ArrAnca. and commenced the protectorate
as iiB.oi^n the ulliince formed with the .vW.uifH's.
(?n the reiteration of this declaration l.f _ Mr.
Pok.Mr ( hatheld, the consul gener il <?f t-reat
Briton in Central Am?nci, openly ^v'lo^.li.s
i hv? ? io, and h<* has at last ri<:c?? ded i t bringing
th'- warriors of th'' aei^rite S :it?- into 1 1 reel n >?*
i i titles, which will Uuv the.r allv, lh
Mo#'|uito? s, t?> lo pretty much as hu co.ism of Lag
^TTbe f rir'nAs <4 Ge?. C{ni?roan, with a vl?w to
1 console him for the sacrifice he had mad ?tare.ign
injj Governor of the Siuf ?>f Mrfsi :'.'Oorier
to ol>ey th*- mandates of the law on th- c i
being concerned with the fuiWer r. tcn.|ered
I im a coniptimenury dinner, wuich c line otT last
evrnin". U wasaaout andout SUU- rights dianer,
aud mTfsr as th- edibles mr* <'>ncewd, was
hiah v credit. Me U> Me??r? Mud.''* A wdsoa, of
the St. Louis Hole.. About one h, ,dr d rrjons
tat down to the table, among who* w- r. adg
MaTir, of M s-'issippi, and t ol C Danley, of
Ark :r.s ,s. forrnerly ai<i to?|attm?n in the Mexican
war N vera! speeches were Hi ?de, in which It w is
h jed that the Tnion woul I not U- diw. ^ ' , ?n!
that the fights of the South WouU b ? r v ctecT
Toasts were STiven for Pierre 8ciul? , I
rights, for the L'nwm, and to th< "i'>ry
c'calhoan. The latter was dr.nk "rtaading, aad
m sil< nee Cn the health cf < , n- r .< 1 1 utiian |
beicc drunk, the old be*0 '"a*. . l?_r]
i*?eh dehn< d his v>oMtipn iu th* 'i w <r. ail
JTt& s ruggle between the North and the N.uth
He d<( tared that he was nino. ;.t < f any arrtua!
Mrtici;ation i* the Cuba e*r Iition, the he
would con* ss i-s sue seas would have a 1 >M-d him
treat vra'ilicatioa He said hii only oil n-ec.-n
d in the fact that he had heen made the e?n
lid.-nt of the leaders of the expedition, and hid
been invited by them to lead th^ o," ratng
The gaiunt < iene ral did not say. how?.v< r.^h th r
h?- accepted the invitation or not In allulinz to
the slavery question, he intimated that h'- was not
satisfied with the present oosnon of aflurs, and
? fast the Seiiith demands I the warmest nijert of
her fri*nd -, to ma.nrain her nph s invdolale from
the attacks of th" North. He conclndeJ with a
i:?n'ral review ol the position of the South, aad
Lr rights and duties, as he undergo, d th m
t or-nleiir * the parti/au character of the re isos,
no v*y vml'-nt n marks were male, and much hi
lanty prevailed.
C!t-ni mitjaitmaii hap lately S?ea eiM the "John
CJ Calhoun of tlM Smth. "?o far aa hit State righta
doctrine and i*-rhh| a he deernrea thr> cog
nomen, !<>Mhere are but few wha are mor* vto*
lent in their ofinirna on thia * lhject. i < r a North
erner, too, thia aeema a little angular, f ?r he wai
bora in the State of New York A> a private fen
tlem?n, tberc are few who enjoy a high? r rec ita
tion lor noMe and reneroui ?i'talitie* j? an
Luiulfive, warm hearted rur.n. and e ieh m^n ar
rrvoat apt to be led artray ac t deluded into a faUe
?t?* N *iewa
Ti " Era! action of rrim rom which hai evr die
gracej lb* rewtda t f any court of thi? Butte, waa
Srtuyh. i? tktoritjr afew davaa?o. A Mr h?ith
char/"* Hr. Bon tourer with aemcinc and carry
?tj? ' ti hia wife, f'?r * f-ieb he el rim datMgta in
ll.p ? p: o? Mr Bettlangrer deni*? th?
{Itriiri n't f'ioii!' ibM be fur i tbf plaintiffa
wile tn a aervaut, a.. I to ri<J it Ittfe co? ki?;r
II u ? n* funni aflaii, and Will make *?port for
ti e !;,? .<*(< Avon! a year ajo, a ew caite us in
ovr J*i <rjrf. frun thr ^ar.m of Ei?t Jt't\
nana, I ? >" icfl ?/ contract of aarriafe, O
firat and< ?' '-on of :h* fc.nd e?er hfowbt in tM?
?w'*te. m wti t? the j-laiti'U a atkoof .wn, j
cJaim*'| Mftl t.itn'.-'^ffntr1.h old |4 im^r
Ayir -?ro ?j? tf iD'ii" eare h*r i
a verdict of fl,000, tad the old bachelor appealed.
The majority oi the court confirmed the judgment,
hat JeMtee Koet disarmed. on the gvowdtkM there
wis no lew which provided for such a cue; that
there waa no contract proven between the parties,
and as the plaintifl had contracted a inmUge with
another person only two months afterwards, he
thought there was no damage done, and that the
judgment should be reversed
Another funny suit is also pending in oae of oar
courts The plaintiff is the lovely little daiwuu,
M'lle Baron, who sueaTom Placide, of the Varie
ties, for a breach of contract, not of marriage, but
ot dancing. She alleges that Thomas engaged her
at a cei tain rate in the city of Paris, to dance in
the bulltt coryt at his theatre here, for a certain
time, according to contract passed at Paru, and
signed by them both. The cause of the falling out
between Placide and the fair 11 iron, is not ex
plained; but for some reason the black eyed beauty,
to the regret of many admirers, left the theatre,
and brought this action for a violation of the con
tract. The case was set for trial a few days ago, and
it being understood that the charming dmuust,
Hilariot. and several young ladies of ttie ballet corps,
were to De present as witnesses, the young Barris
ters of our city were thrown into great agitation.
Accordingly, the court room was crowded with
kid gloved gentleman of the jgreen bag, and a num
ber of mustachioed dxtttnguis, anxious and curious
to hear what would be the nature of me testimony
which the fair witnesses are to awear to. T<vo
young lawyers, who were at the time trying a dull
promissory note case, immediately vested it with
great importance on the entree of the ladies, and
evinced an extraordinary zeal and display of elo
queuce in their cauae, much to the dissatisfaction
and annoyance of the uu lience. But th-iir anxiety
was toon put an end to, hy it being announced that
the case wasconnnued; and, greatly disappointed,
the audience retired, following the ladies out of
court, to get one last, lingering look.
M'lle Celestioe Franck, and her ballet orps, has
returned to our city, and are playing at the St.
Charles Old Chippendale, the manager of Pla
cide's Varieties, with Mr. and Mrs Howatd, Hol
land, Bafs, and Daws >n, are still drawing line
houses. Our old friend, J. M. Field, the talented
writer, poet, and acter, has made a great hit this
fenson, with his theatrical corps, at Mobile, and
gained renewed populirity himself. By the w ly,
in visiting the sanctum of a -gentleman the other
day, I m*' n pair of gloves hanging up, which were
abellrd "Th- gloves of Gentlenvin Onm. bor
rowed on a cold night, coming from Philadelphia,
Nov. 1*50." Where is Gentleman George !
Nsw Orleans, March 12. 1851.
Tht Medical Culltge?Homicidc? The MclMmtm%h
Wilt Caie.
Yesterday being the closing day of the session or
the Medical College of tais State, and, moreover,
the anniversary of the commencement of the in
stitution, it was celebrated with appropriate cere
monies. Dr. Mott, the Dean of the Faculty, deli
vered the customary address, before a large au
dience assembled in the hall of the medical school.
It was.listened to with much attention, and no little
interest, by all pretent. He was followed by Chief
Justice Eustis, the President of the University,
who highly complimented the faculty of the col- ;
lege, to whese strenuous exertions, he said, the :
university was indebted for its renown and pros
perous condition. Thirty-seven students, who had
satisfactorily passed their examinations, had de- ;
gress conferred ui-on them: and the session of the
college for the present term was then declared
On Monday night, an ?ccurrenc of somewhat a
tragical nature, took place at a collie house on the
corner of Circus and Com non streets. An alter
cation having arisen between a Capt. Warreaton,
and a man of the name of Gritiith, words so >n led
to a more drsp'rate means of settlement, and Capt.
W. fell to the I'oor with a severe wound in his ate
domen, inflict* <1 l>y means of a stab with a bowie
knife. Capt. W. was immediately carried to a
neighboring hospital, where, after lnzerin? for
twenty-four hours in great agony, ho expired.
Griffith was arrested yesterday inoroinj, an! wis
confronted with his dying victim last night. War
renton recognt/' d the mm, and swore tint he was
the person who had stabbed him < rriffith is to be
examined to-day. lie strenuously denies b.ing the
person who iullictc.l the wound.
The celebrated Mcl>onougU will ca*e will be
argued here, in the I . S. District Court, som- time
during the ensuing week. It is attracting much
attention, no less oa account of the magnitude of
the interests involved, than from the celebrity of
the counsel engaged < n cither side. The nltiiiiite
sad final decision will, of course, be given by the
I . S. Supreme Court.
Oar Stw Jersey Correnpondnee.
Trent *, March 19, 1S51.
Adjournment uf tin New Jerit y LcgrJaturt?Sj't
ctmcfti of Jtruy lAziilation.
The Legislature of New Jersey has just aJjourned
after a ae-siou of about sixty- five d;ys. As a
body, it poctetsed '.he average urn >ant of talent, o!
which the Assembly, however, had the smallest
possible there. Of the speaking or floor member*
of the Assembly, Iloxsey and liiaeline are the
prominent, or, indeed, only ones, lloisey is an
independent whig, from Passaic ? a strong anti
monopoly man, and advocate of irnerul Law#;"
etd, but for his weakness when in an evil hour he
left the joint meeting and thus sulured Commodore
Stockton to be elected, wouli have commanded
the strongest mtlacuce of anv mm in the House
ilincline is a democrat, from Cainden ? editor of a
p>-per, and aspires to the leadership of his party,
lie who tec* htm may well exclaim, " would he
were faUer Hineline too bo#ed in the " house
ot Himn on." Uiher editor ; in th" 11 ?use are l>r.
Whitehead, of the E!iztibtthtou-n Journal, and Con
nelly, of the M utnuuih lttm>jcrt>t. Sothipre*
is fuljy, if not well, represented. Tin* l.?gi*Utur ,
though having nun y tins to answer tor, has yet
I asied sotno c <?<-<! Iaw?? a general banking Uw, a
general tax luw? taxing even bon isai.d mortg*gr?
?an exemption law, a school law, v.inotu nlaak
ro*d charters .md charters for Jersey ?'ity, IVer
son, sad umenJux nts to charters of Ir nton an i
The liut hours of the two house* were consumed
in dirciufcing the bill lor incidental ? xp??n*"s In
this was include u t-.oOO for station^ rv for the
cigh'y members, l?< ing over fdO each A.i am vid
m? Dt was alio lucked to it, i*tvto7 each ni-mVr
additional for his incidental expenses. The
hill wax lost, reconsidered, and again Uit ; frit, to
afiord tiaie f.?r re;?-ntance, the decision ou ih* I
vcte was net dec I are 4 until Messrs If tylcr .V
Horper changed th- ir w#tes, and th?* hill won car
ried This is bit a ? ;aabb!c among th ? dtmoc'aiy,
and ft ve the Speaker, I >r Phillip*, uud so.nco'.li r
'? light wciahts," au opj >ort unity of declaring th ir
patriotic in i ? ntn.us not to touch a cent of the dirty
" twenty dollars " This gave rise to an amend
ment by Mr. Blderback, that such m >oey as
v. as not eliiii 'd should be ai>i ro,>r*t"d to buy
feathers for a new w.ag for the llou-^e of ttefu-je.
Among matter* of merrimen', at the close ??aa
rfki lutioQ to present the clergy who hid i r^yed
1 t< r f h?" " ask'-inbl'd wisdom," a trsiunnml in the
b.rm of a booh. Amended and killed, by add nj a
bible to each cf the members ot the *? third
A bill was also introduced for the b?tt?*r " regu
late n and training of h?g? '* It provided for com
missioners (n lining William L. liiyton, Governor*
P? nmnston and llmae ) to su^ ru,i< ud trtiiiif
and de-kinking of refractory hogs. Ilof? found
guilty were to be sent to root in the ?? llobok< n
Lind Co ," with a right of appeal to "three disin
terested pond keepers." Finally, the governor,
chancellor, jndrep, and members of L<-giala'ure
were authorized to ride free on the Hack oi all
hers ia the State. This will give you some idea
of Jersey legislation.
I desire to correct aa error ia my Wat letter, in
whirh 1 named Mr Hrowa as on<- of th" democra
tic bol'rrs. I should have sad Doughty. Mr.
lirown is a staunch whig, of IJurlingtun county,
and has never lied the track.
Oar Karat (?rrri|MNiAriir?.
Pnmot fli, V?., Much 19, 1S31.
lit turn of Shamir ll'attr H'ttcf ?Sltanur 8* $?
r;'u!,anma ? T\r't Men Shut. j
The atramer Water Wiu:h arrived at tbia port,
'a?l rvniag. having pit ha:k wb'o aoine fifty or
aixtjr mi!ea aoutb of Cape Ilatteraa. Tim cause of
n< r return ia their inaHility to make rnon^h steam
Tkti vewel ha* recen ly been completely repaired,
and fitted out with lew boilers, <Vc Acc., at tnc
Waal.injzton Navy Yard. It i* said the officers a, id
men were nearly drowned out of their b? rths with
th? ? ater thM pot below. 8*je waa boand to Ha
vana an J the Writ Indira, and had several jus
arrsere h>r the home rqnidroa.
Tl.e Mu?<|iiehanoa ia nearly completed, and will
l>rohaMy Mil in four or bve week*.
Tfcrf e men fcflonfing to the 8ua-i'ifhui(ta, two
of whiob were firemen, were aho1, yea'eriiay, and
badW wrunded, by a man nam?*d Cooper. O.ie
had bn arm amputated, last night, at 12 o'clock
Coop r haa been arreab-d and c ommitted.
Palltleal lnt?IH(?nr#
T''? K'W 0t??Toa i row R?onr l?t.?*i?? A aomaalt
??- f>{ t??lva dtnoorati. In PrtrMw?? hM t <???<! ?
???t<" .*rt deelarint th*t Mr Jinolna 4?aao?rat and
tt>*t ei, t'i? oi Pef ?n?b?r last. h? l^M th?m b?
?n pf?rt 1?m"*Tatl<? m?a?o'?a In tb? rr?mt of !
ki? ?)?rU'?t to tha l'Mt?< *rat?a A<asts 1*>* ststs
ir?i t <t. u!.?? th? th'HH/ .ftbslattar purp^r .?af to h*
Uim him thai b? aaa la farof of tbs lt?4.ng Wf>lg
I - W
WaH Dkl'AK r.HKKT, A*JlTfANr )
Oppick, Wasiiinoton, March 13,1861. S
Promotion* ud appointment* in the Army of ike
United States, made t>y the President, by and with
the advice and consent of the Senate, since the
publication of "General Orders" No 42, ol DtJcein
ber 9, 1K50, and the official Army Register, Janu
ary , 1861
l'trsT uraiMi-sr or akhi-lihy.
First Lieutenant JuHepb A.- Haskin, to be Cap
tain, February 22, 1851. vice Reeve*, dec 'ii'tl,
and Wayne, (Assistant < JuattermaHter,) and M>
Dowell, (Assistant Adjutant General,) who vi
cate their regimental commissions. [Company D J
Second Lieutenant Daniel M. BMizhoover. to be
First Lieutenant, February 22, 1851, vice Wayne,
Assistant Quartermaster, who vacates his regi
mental commission [ Company C 1
Second Lieutenant Oti* H. Tillingnast. to he First
Lieutenant, February '11, tflBI, vice McDowell,
Assistant Adjutant General, who vacate* his regi
mental commission. [Company B ]
Second Lieutenant jumes B. Fry, to be First
Lieutenant, February 22, 1861, vice Haakin, pro
moted. [Company 11 J
Brevet Second Lieutenant Adam J Slemmer, to
be Second Lieutenant, February 22, 1851, vice
Belt/.hoover, promoted. [Company 1 j
Brevet Second Lieutenant Amos Beck with, to
be Second Lieutenant, February 22, 1851, vice Fry,
promoted. [Company G]
Captain Harvey Brown, of the Fourth Artillery,
to be Major, January 9, 1851, vice Gait, deceased.
First Lieutenant John P. M jCown, to be Cap
tain, January 9, 1851, vice Brown, promoted to the
Second Artillery. [Company II.]
Second Lieutenant Joseph C. Clark, Jr., to be
First Lieutenant, December 11, 1850, vicc Collins,
resigned [Company D ]
Second Lieutenant William G. Gill, te be First
Lieutenant, January 9, 1851, vice McCown, pro
moted. [Company M ]
Brevet Socond Lieutenant Jacob Culbertson, to
be Second Lieutenant, December 11, 1850, vice
Clark, promoted. [Company L |
Brevet Second Lieutenant Oscar A. Mack, of
the Third Artillery, to be Second L.eutenant, J ami
uary 9, 1851, vict Gill, promoted. [Company C.]
First Lieutenant James N. Caldwell, to be Cap
ain, October 26, 1850, vice d'Orcmieuex, declined
promotion. [Company A ]
First Lieutennnt Israel 13 Iticnardson, to be
Captain, Match 5, 1851, vt ce Henry, deceased, and
Jordan (Assistant < 'uanermaster). and Buell (As
bi- taut Adjutant ( icncrul), Who vacate their regi
meniat corn missions [Company K.]
Second Lieutenant James N. Ward, to be First
Lieutenant, March 5, 1851, vice Jordan, Assistant
I'uartermaster, who vacates his regimental coin
inii-f?ion. fCwpaj A.]
Second Lieutenant Barnard E. B?e, to be First
Lieutenant, March 5, 1851, vice Buell, Assistant
Adjutant General, who vacates his regimental
commission [Company h ]
Second Lieutenant H^nry B. Cli'z, to be First
Lieutenant, March 5, 1851, vice Richardson, pro
moted. [Compan> E J
Brevet Second Lieutenant Louis 11 Marshall, to
be Second Lieutenant, March 5, 1851, vicc Ward,
promoted. [Com pany II ]
Brevet Second Lien tenant John W. Alley, to be
Second L eutenant, M .rcli 5, 1851, ft cc Bee, pro
moted. [Company K ]
Brevet Second Lieutenant J E Maxwell, to be
Second L;eut?nant, Much 5, 1851, vice Ciilz, pro
moted. [Company D ]
81X111 rmmknt of infantry.
Second Lieutenant Ralph W Kirkhatn, to b;
First Lieutenant, January 7, 1851, nee Morrow,
deceased [ComimnyH.J
Brevet Second Lieu tenant Darius D Clark, of the
Second Infantry. to be Second Lieutenant, J inu
fery 7, 1851, vice b iridium, promoted [Company 11]
seventh v. eo ime.nt or ini antry.
Brevet Second Lieutenant Nicholas B. Pearce,
to be Second L-^un-niat, March 8, 1851, vice Sut
ton, resigned. | Company 11]
Bxiyets. ? "For gall mt ?nd meritorious ser
vices,'' during the war wi'h Mexico, by and with
the ad/ice and consent of the Senate? March 10,
Brevet Brigadier General Bennet Riley, Lieut.
C< 1 21 Infantry, (now Colonel 1st Iafuntry.) to be
Major < ienersl tiy brevet, " lor gallant conduct at
Contr^ras," to oate from August 20, 1817
I5ri;vets. ? " For gallant conduc: at Churubus
co," to date from August 20. 18 17.
Brtvet Major Abraham C. Mveri, Attestant I
Quartermaster, (Captain in the stall,) to be Lieut.
Lol< nel bv brevet.
Breve: Captain < 'scar F Winship, Assistant Ad
jutant General, (now Major in tne staff,) to be
Ma jor by brevet.
Captain William H. Gordon, 3J Infantry, to be
MBjor by brevet.
Second Lieutenant Simon B Bickner, 6th In
fantry, to be First Lieutenant bv brevet.
Bre\ ets ? " For ghllant conduct at Molino del
ltey," to date ir<>m September t 1847.
I !revet Colonel Ethan A. Hitchcock, Lieutenant
Colon* 1 Ud Infantry, tube Brigadier General by
Brevet Cartain Steire H. Fowler, 5th Infantry,
(now Captain,) to be Major by brevet.
Brtvet Cr.itam lohn 11. ? ore. 1th Infantry, (now
Captain,) to be Major by brevet.
Brevet First Lieutenant S.mon B. Bucka'-r, Se
coid Lieutenant b;h Infantry, to be Cjptain by
B*Kvrr* ? " For gallant con > ict at Caapulte
pec," to date from September i:?, 1>17.
Jtf'i j .ft by Bitvtl.
P;evet ("attain Lewis G. Arnold, 2d Artillery,
(now (. ap'ain )
Brevtt Captain George W. Baina, First Lieute
nant l b Artillery
Brevet Capta'D Philip W. McDonald, First Lieu
tctia,,t 21 Dragoons.
Brevet Captiin Ldwurd Jjhason, First Lieute
Bint tii h Inluntry.
Brevet ( tain Samuel 8. Anderson, First Lieu
t< nnnt 2d Artillery
Brevet ( aptiin George 1*. Andrews, Fits: Lieu
tenant Ud Artillery.
< 'uj ta:nt I Brcett.
Brevet First Lie a tenant lan;s X. Palmer, Second
Lieutenant Mounted ILJ-nr n
B re rot First L<eu:emin: Gtorge E Pickett, fvh
iM ititry, (now I irst Lieutenant )
Brevet First I. eutenant John H. Lcn train, Si
Artill. rv. (now First l.ieu>nant )
Brevet First Lieutenant Guravus A. DeRussy,
till Artilli ry, (now First Lieutenant )
Brtvet First Lieut^nint I'lyesL-s S. Gran', Ith
Infantry, (now I irst L eutenant )
Brevet 1 irst Liru?nunt Thomas R. M.'ConnsIl,
4ih In antry, (now First Li ?junan: )
Br?\tl Lieutenant Oolooel li .rvey Brown, Ca,?
tain Itn Artillery, (now M?ior 21 Ar.i'lery,) tob"
C?>l* n*-l by brevet, "for salisui oooduct nt the gate
t,f I'.flen, ' to late from OtVMsMj 0, 1*M7.
B evet Major Edward K 8. I 'aol.y, Asaistint
Adjutant Oeseml, (Ciptm in the but1,) to be
Lieutenant Colonel bv brevet, " for gallant con
duct at the lkien gate, to date from S- ptembtr 1 1,
Brevet 1 ir*t Lieut Alfred G.!?S<?. Secoad Lieute
nnnt Mi tinted Kill-men. to be Ca| tun bv 1 'evet,
"for eallunt conduct. Garita of Beleo," to date
from September 13, 1817.
Brev?t Major John II. Wiader, Captain 1st Ar
tillery, !? Ik- Lieutenant Colon 1 by br?x et, " for
Sailaiit coniluct on entering' the city of Mexico,"
to ilate from September 1 1, p-'i7.
I .rst Lieutenant W.l iati T. Sherman, 3d Ar
till?r? , to be ('ap'ain by brevet, " for m ritorioua
serv frsin California during the * ar with Mex.co,
to date fiom Mai V), 1*18
MEU \L Df.rxKT.1KM.
8. Wylie Crawford. lr., of I'moiyltiiit, to kf
AMitUnt Kurfeoo, March 10, 1931, circ L?y, de
OltliJICI Dr.r*KT>?' IT.
John M Cnmatock, of New York, to be Pay
master and il Uury Storekeeper at U*?tervltct
Ar?> n<l, .Marrh 10, 1801, m j ice ol t>?u leri I. an
ting, removed.
Ill -C48 r ALTIM.
(3 )
Fir*t I.ieite n?ut htacii Co!nn?, 4th Ar. tilery,
l>ecerr.ber II, 1*00
Second I.?u'en?nt Anthony 9. Suttoo. 7 ih In
fantry, March 1851
Brevn 21 Litutemot Achillea Bowen, 21 Artil
lery, l>cmib*r I. 1850
< Oit~4iBMOM v At ATiif> t'lMtli t?i? rnnvrafoum 0 THE
7 r ii ik.tio.i o. rtKA' ror mam, IH, ISi<>, (ft )
Cm|> am Joirpli A An*- mtaut Quarter
mamrr.4 February 2"A IH?I, lat Artillery.
I ir?? l.ievtepant Hrnry C Wnyn?, rirat Artil
lery,* February 22, 1S">I, ' * luitant UmrermMter
rirnt Lieutenant Irvin McDowell, tirai Artillery,*
Ffbtmry 22 A??Htnnt Adjutant < i'fr il.
Fir.'' Li< u?? mint Thomas Jor-Jan, Third !ofaa
try.' Marcb 5. 1851, A*a?unt CJuartermaeter.
I irat Lieutenant Don Carlos ll i-ll, Tuird lafui
try," Mirch .?, 1^6 1, Aa?i*taDt Adjutant 1 eoeral.
/'? nnrii, ( I )
lint lieutenant Throphilua d'< 'refnievlx. Fimt
Infantry, proinoiiiin ?f Captain, October 2-i, I ViO
/><aih?, (ft.)
Bff?l IJril Col T^trii K II. < i ill, Maior 8 eond
Artillery, at J'hil?d? Ii hia, P* , January i?, 1#.?|
Drevrt M- i??r Wiltiam 8 Ilrnry, Cmtoii Third
Ir^ntiy, in ii y of \?w York, Min Ii IH.'?|
Br? vet Clptiii Alexander ft:.?rro?r, Kirxt l.i^w
?en>nt Suth Infantry, at I or: ?cott, Mo , Jan iary
7. MSI.
Cn|>'ain Iafi?e s K Regies i <rit Artillery, at
Flush. na, V Y , 1 1 bnwrv 22, 1 I
A-* tent Si.rjeon 8?lve-"er D?y, at Allegheny
Are?ri?'. l'a February 21, l^jl
IV ? The ?>f'icrr? ("wanted and appointed * ill
)?? a lh?ir i>roi ' r r xunro'r, CJri*ate?, ittd station
without delay ; thos?* on detached service, or act
ing uuder special instructions, will report by letter
to tfca commanding otfi. er of their respective regi
ments and corps. B' order,
K Jonks, Adjutant General.
Should any of the Brevet Second Lieutenants,
aaeiuucd rermauemly to regiments by "General
Orders," No. 8, of the llih ultimo, be willing to
accept promotion to a vacancy happening ia a dif
ferent regiment of th* same arm, ai.er aU the Bre
vet Second I ,ieuten> nta b#-longi*g to such regiment
have been duly proD xed, they will immediately
make known their wishes to the Adjutant Gene
ral's tfTice. Vacancies ?>f the grade of Secoad
Lieutenant, on the firat of July next, will be tilled
by the graduates of he Military Academy of the
present year. 11 JoNgs, Adjutant General.
t Staff commission (only) vacated.
* {tegmental commisaion (only) vacated.
Hon. Daniel Webster and tl?e Fugitive
Blare Iteaeve In Boston.
The following letter ha* been addressed to tha Mayer
of Boaton, by lion. Daniel Web?ter, ralatlva to the
lata raaeua of a fugitive alava ia that alty
WiSHii'.TON, March 10, ISM.
Sir The President baa bad tha pleasure to receive
your latter ot tha 16th February, aaeloalag official
copiee of tha order and re?clvs* lately adapted by tha
two braaebea of the g overument of the oity of Boaton.
It afforda htm great aatiafaotion to perceive that
anch measure* havo been taken by tha anthorltiee ot
Boaton aa give aaaurance tbat ao other outrage, similar
to that which was, h? presumes, the immediate came
of their adoption, ?U1 be permitted to take plaoe lu
yonr sit v.
From his earliest youth, ha has bssn aooustomad to
regard with the greatest reapeot aad veaeration the
eity of Beaton, and the commonwealth of Massa
Be haa been taught to believe that their Inhabi
tants were, aim em above ail other*, the frieada of order
and good government; intelligent enough to appreci
ate the eattntagre ot free inatitutiona of their own
(boioa. and capable ot understanding and resolving
that great political problem, ot the compattfeUity ot
irosdom with order ot lib. n y dintinguished from licen
tiousness, and of aelt government tne farthest remov
ed from the diinf era of anarchy; that they were espe
daily devoted to the uuiou ot the States, and to the
constitution which ertablmned. and atill maintain*
that Union; acd tbat tr>eir patriotism would never
fail to conn* el them toiulblull their obligations under
the constitution, justly and fully, and in the vary
spirit in which such obligations were entered into by
their renowned aneeetois.
Kctsrtalulng these sentiments, It was difficult for the
President to credit the accounts which were raoeived
ot the outrage on all la#, perpetrated in Boston, on the
16th of February last.
That a prisoner, In lawful custody, within the walls
of the Court Uoupe. in the centre ot the oity, and in
full sight of the offices of the municipal authorities,
tad been, at noonday, lorcibly retoued, by a mob or
one or two hunar?d persons, irom the ofiijers ol the
law, cariitd c ut ot the building and through the pub
( llo streets, in a sort of triumpn. and enabled to enjape
altogether, without an attempt on the part o! any of
the authoritea. or any of the oitisens, to preserve or
der and maintain the law or to purine and retake the
iutfitive. was a siauaent that seemed to him too lia
piobaLle to be true
It waa Kith a leeling of grrat relief that he received
useh explanation* '1 tills strange occurrence at
!howedit to hare ben u i entire surprise upon the
citizens, at d upon the authorities: an act of suaces*.
; lul temerity, on the part of a very inconsiderable
I cumber of perron*, which only needed to have been
apprehended the shortest tim? beforehand to have
I been prevented.
I The President U confident that ths great majority
ol the citizen* ot Us tun are entirely loyal to the
I constitution, thai they view with juat indignation
all such outrages, aad all attempt*, whether by writ
ing or speaking to incite the ignorant and unthink
ing to such acu of vioianoe, and that they are rea ly
to dltcherge the duties in -.urn bent on thorn, by the
conctitution and lawe ot tte United States, faithfully
and fenrlesMy. under all circumstances, whenever
called upon by the proper authorities.
The occurrence of cbe l,">th Februarv is crtalnly
I greatly to tie regretieO as it gives oocasion te those
not unwilling to rnia u;-?a it to question the di<pn
dtion of your Miow-ci liens to comply with their
constitutional oHigatiou* in goo 1 faith; and the his
tory of such an outrage is spread far and wi le, reachn*
where an explanation of it m-?v nev.r follow, and
ereatea ill feelings towards those whose only connec
tion with it Is, that they were resident* ot the plaoe
in whtoh it was perpetrated. But if, as the President
doubt* not it will, this event shall arouse the atten
tion ol a'lgood eliixns to a sense of the dangers to
be apprehended from the inculcation ol such doctrines
aa hate been spread abroad in the country, tending
to ehake the authority of all law, to unsettle sooiety,
and t> i:b. t've men irorn all civil and moral obliga
tion!, and shall put them on th-ir guuj again*: the
further diffusion of suen pernicious sea'.imeuts, it
us/, in the end be productive of happy results; aud,
certainly, the elmoit unanimous expr?<Mon of indig
nation which it called forth among your eitUsns, ba
lance*, to *omc extent, the ill effect flowing trom it.
The Prut 1 lent dees not dou'.t that ti. ! people of
Maseai hutrtt* i : : ? ly ? >? 1 understood the dit'.erease
between the fteest oUcnseton of political measures,
and oppesition t > legal enactment* already made and
f*tabliehed. lie ia quite cure tbat they regard the
law of th? land DKait sentiment. or an opiamn g but
aa a rule of conduct prescribed by the general aithori
ty. and which all are nound to obey, at tke risk ot the
penalties attached to Us violation.
The President directs me to tender you hlf tbmka
lor the tranimif-ion of th? rerelution*.
1 remain Mr Mayor,
With great respect,
Your obedient servant,
Tiie ISoi'MiAK y Commission.? The Ne v Orleans
/'mnunt of the 13th in^tint, ?: ? liy th* arri '*1
yrtltiilili of the steamship Gilveston, we have re
ceived i -alveston papers to the 7ih mnt , uu j a!?o
papers fiom other part* of Texas. We learn fro u
the Shu Ann mo Hri/ern Ttxun, that, on the Hi
uh., the bod/ < f a Mr. Howard wti found n^ar
there, t:a\ m? n ver.il arrows sticking iu it. It had
likewise be? n scalped. S< veral hor.-ea were Stolen
by the Indians the same niight. <Ien Brooke has
o-r<ued an order approving the conduct o I Captain
Ford's wcunud compmy, during its it cent o4r ra
tions on ihe liio Grande.
Gen. Il..rn? y, Col Hardee. and C.i| : Trench ar
rived in dan Antonio, a few days ago. 1'iie Utter
gentleman is to take charge of the government
train tbut leaves dan Antonio, sometime in the
iprinir, for I.I lVo t;spt Fren -h had cha ge of"
the hist tram tver Lent ky the government to IJ.
The San Antouio and Mexican Calf FlaUwiy
project i- getting on very well. The ci'y has sub
scribed f'O 000 and oih? r parties, $ HK),oO?).
I.ieut Thcnus, of the I". 3 Army, arrived in
Galveston, on the li.h i ust , by the *t> atii-T \ ac lit,
l*im< direct from danta Fe, by way of Chihuahua,
hi I'ato, end Saltillo. lie brings with hioi th?
firrt niup ol New M xico that was p'obibly ever
exi cut? il from i cniil survt y 4 an I observation*.
'1 m Indian hostilities in JMew Mexico at ill co?'
Alter Lieut Thomas arrived atGalv mUj.i, h? re
teittd a lett# r from hi I'aao, dated siucc h" left thai
place. The lolloping is an extract from it
Th^ Coaia>l**ioii-T? (jointly) bars fl led th* r'artin?
point t?*r arautril tb? copper niiu- ? and ? Im<.
tract f l ruuutry m t b? Ulli wolrh ?? ill I n : .
Col . Cralj Mart* l<>r tfca eipp?r mine* oa th* It'll ol
January, to ettabllab a post.
The point e?tahli*hed is the intersection of the
thirty-second parra'lel of la'itude with the K?>
tiiai.de, winch is atniut eighteen mil '? nonh of lit
1 aso. From this point the trejty pro .id ? that tn?
l.neg shall run ?1ur wt -t till it strikes some bra-fli
of the Gila, aid ih^ nee f>? low tint str< <m lo itr
?uncture with the Colondo. In case s..il line
should not strike the Gila, or any of lis bra/nh^e,
it is th< n t > proceed west till it apjroache t i
nearest point to tne Gil?, lr>m which point th ?>
boundary is then t<> run due north to the *>i a. It
is now ascertained thui the only branch ol the
Gila th" weMerly line can strike, connects with
the Gila some h( y or one hundred mib-s we t of
the coi |er sod gild mine*, and runs in a north*
westerly direc ins, leaving the mineral region coa?
siderably within the Uaited Sittrs.
It ia yet daub ful *h-ih>r this Wr-sf lias w !l
even strike this branch of the Gila at all, ia which
case it will huve to run a lit le beyond tiie m ndian
of 10!' de# w?st, *h eh is the nearest pom: to *.h?
main 6o<l? of th<- Gila, bring about on?- hanfred
liiiles to the south. Tl)i? houn lary is considerably
to the fouth of the actual boundary of N -w M >\
ico, as understood ?>/ tin M'-xicsns, and tak.-? in
a Isrge port .on of country tnat has always btfion/
ed to the Sut<- of (jlimuihua
Tli? IVratta of Armstrong
TO MMKa WoatXift NEMiOKTr, ?"?> ,
Sir iUviuv RMwrt In your widely circuUte.l
journal of tb>- lt? b instant, under the h>r.d of city
Intelligence, th?t m | h^d heen h- H on the
body t f Thou AritiPtrwur, of the Kirat w.ud polio*,
and that a verdiut ofdi* d of congestion of the br ua
wan returned ; it e?fim atnnge tome how ?u:'i <
conclua on < ould h*v been come to, wbea t:iere
no/i n m <r;- m ? xammation m*<le,i%n<i 0*1: i-r
o( tlie two |hy?i"itD? who attended the dooe.^1
were p|r>? nt Ht the ir urpt
I w*a rnlh-d on m a ?r?-at hurry, on Wednesday
e*M;<ujr. hi t ? ?en ?"> and ? o'clock, t?i atted I a tn ??:
who hml ??! k -n p?"-< >1, uni re ) tested by t^i ? ? \
nug> r to hn j with me aucU thirga a* I th > i^Ht
rroniM'e W^n I ?ot to the house, I imt-en*
quiries of AroiHtronft'* wife, and the other i>?rt">nf>
prt*<nt,?s t" the can**- of In* illoesy, when :?iey
?tatid that he h?<l >nk? n |?ison,io conse |Henoe ol
bin beintf about t? be dmmisied from Ihr police I
dit'C'ed a eearoh to be made for the bottle or wrap
I* r ib ?t contained the alleged poiaon, to en ?Mk m*
to aitmmiater the boco*ary antidote* SiM said
thet he m?al h?' ? thlc n it ou'snle, and that he b*<l
betn on the roof of ill* houte immediately before
lying down. Your oh't servant,
T 8 Mi Ktrtv. A M , M D ,
f?7 Drtntich street
Niw Yoltr, IT h March. Ibfil.
George f C1ark?nn, a rtolent at th? Mlnsnnrl f*nl
rrrrlty. at Celuir.bta. Mo , ?i (but, a nhurt ti m ? ?!???
by K' h rt A Uiant, on* of til*, t uto.s tfc* Mt ??< la

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