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Our W uUn|tM ( arreipoiidrMt .
Wasiiinotuji, April I, I8M.
af thr Sttrrtary of tlx Trauury, Sknsmx the
( amhtum of ttu Bunks throughout the Vaunt, (m
i ??iiifJiiltu f letfk the Hf ioUu nil of thr Hou ,r of Hj /?
rt.-fmtatirm <jf Juii 10, 141,) on the lit dtiy of
J'lttv.irf", Wl
( ?u thr of Fobuary last. the Secretary of the
Tre?.?tirj| Uuusmittod to ihe House of Representa
tive* ? report showing the condition of the binks
in the lotted States, in eompKiuie? with tUu lol
luwii'K .e?o'utlon, paseed July 10, ltffci:?
Bm4inl. That the SWervt.trjr of the Treasury ha
directed to I ??fire ihwMou~i-.it thi> next and each
Mlcc?--ivr .'em-joil of < 'onfT?M. cuples of iUi h statements
or rrt uni hlio't liiic the capital circulation. discounts.
Specie i|.-f?i> it.--. mul co Mlr.ioo of ill- different State
ban! ? nil I twiiking <Mivpuiiit'a. may have b-en c >ni
muriMiliii to tfc* l.itriMaliU'i* iiururitorM. or oilier ??Hi
cer? of l!?- i-e?enU ?taU*. within the year, and nude
PuIhu . aud there kuch atetements cannot be obtained. ,
Mich Hi l?er authentic information as will best supply Ihi
It wx^Jaid before the Howe on the laat night of I
the eeiM-ion. t'pon the question being put as to iU
print ing. lion. Albert ?.?. Brown, of Miss., opposed ;
it, on the ground thataa the government had ceased I
it- connection with bank*. si#ee the passage of the ;
re -oJ til ion of 1HS2, he considered it was useless to 1
continue the inquiry. The House concurred in
Mr. Brown's view of the matter, and the printing
wss not ordered. I send you herewith the results
of the investigations contained in the report, giving
a synopMS of the banks at different periods up to i
1f?l, and also a comparative view of their condition: '
C?MP?*ATi?> V n:w or ih?: Conditio* or the Banks in
ihi VMTr^.Sitru nuiTHi: Commencement or each
Vi ?*, I eo?i 1M1 to 1840. im li iiu. tnomiiMi to 1U
imMMiKiAToJixrim 1 oi r.*cn Yr*a (Tated.
1*41 1M2 1S4.J.
ei9 6?i" 677
166 129 114
?M 002 001
Knottier of banks
fr<iin which re
turn* hove been
hi- tub rol brunches
f rx>4B which rut 'us
I tare been rwd .
Whole number of
SnnKr & Imichcs
from * hiefcrr'tns
hare been ree'd. .
fa|..U. |<ai J in ... $313,008,950 VJ8o.lIl.7tC $-228.*61.?4ti
>vmbe- of hankx
froaa whirh re
turn* lia?r be<>n
VtuuVr c.f l.ranrhet
from |W !i fe't n.<
b*?tk(NI||1. .
Wlulc number of
bank.- Jl branche#
from whirh rv'tnn
turf Ufuiw'd. .
Capitai (?ij in.... $210 872.066 $ 204JM5 .{"09 $1 W .HOiJOO
Number of t?nkji
from which re
turn.. buit U?a
Numb rof braqche*
frost ? lucli rrt 'as
llOTC beAi ree'd. .
$1 hotr number of
tiaai.. k I'TTinfhfn
Imii ? Irteh pi t iw
tiirr Uru nt d . .
Capital ptfld in. .. $303,070,023 $304,838,176 $307,309,301
Number of bank- from whi.-h re
turns hare bran received
Nuinl> r if br?arlie? from which
rrt'nn hate been ree'd
Whole numVr of tuiuka an J
lira ur bee from whirh r?turua
hare been nt d
Capital paij in *217.317.211 $227,000,074
1S41 1442 1843
$380487,0*2 *SS1**7..VI* $254 M4.aT7
?'?? di<e t,
Ke.il e?iate V ' "
?th,'r Unrut/.
Due ?} Other Uuk,
<*?? t ,i t *?
^?by?U, r hn^u.
?ote? of ot !i,.r t ^
IZZ"" di~'u
Ileal estate
slf b!?""'r ' ?nlw
"<*??? of other 8 kj>
Npeeie ' ' ' '
I.nam* and Siae't*..
Ki ai eetate
<HI.?r inv- 'm. iit?
Dlir b) cMk r l.ink*
Nuteiiof oiherb'k*
Spee ir fund*
? per.e
64.811.136 24.586.540
33.624.444 31*41.988
ll.81ii.dtrJ 8.1*6.317
47.H77 045 30.TaS.4M
36.643.447 10.481744
3.108.708 3.1 15.' 127
34.813.1M) 28.440.423
1844 1846
f?4J<V)>14 f288.d17.131 $311114 404
22. <18.570 20.356.1 CO 21.4*8.834
10.072. 4?fi
6 786.ir26
$310282 MS fM4.4T6.682 fDHDlK
2U.158.3&1 36.498.064 23.571 575
3*904 52.5
J<| 4*9 812
$364.J*4 u78 $411,961*4*
31000760 22.434.43f
11. *4164*
41. 631.86*
IC 303J8*
22620 848
1 2.153.693
15.86* <UU
11.672 173
31 .78* ''41
13,112 467
IW 3804)60
113*0 017
lo.t r.*.< two
7.913 .591
31 6*0 >*40
12 '.114.423
17.4N1 *19
7.965 4*3
12708 010
8.1940 4*3
i , r*>7
4*0*6.3*7 ,
f Imitation .... $lo7. 290.214
Ikyitrt 64 J**. 101
I>?e toother Imnlti 41861. v?*
> ther l..ibditioa. ...
A(urr?w ate of rnr
rent rredita. t. ?..
of cm utatum aud
d'pOKite^. ......
Acs" "f inimi
i e? >4 rlrrtila.
tioti, di-i>oat?p?,
and mm- 6u<* 19
?*l?er fa*nki>. w
? Ar^at.
J!'* ?" aiu. - .
x? .Jjerie apeeic
>iiid<. iialw of
ntkir bai'ka. ami
Mimadtx !???>< h. r
25 Vi:i.n-/7
64.168 628
SI 45?, :,L\
1721*t.lli 146.142.8^1 114.7:2 231
2t' 042 a>4 lT2O0fir08 M6,l$8 7*4
111 503158 81 T04 ?*Q 74 067 062 i
la-^n>-itr? .......
Ih i' to other iMtak*
UlkrrlwUlitlp* ..
Afcr> . at.' of rur
iewl r n-dite. 1 ? ,
of rirmlatkm.
and de|?-ite'
8ftrfe?Bl - < f ifllBI' -
d.ale liatMlitiaa ?
? of < ireulnlinn.
di|*?.'e<i nn<1
?11 an dve to ?4 ker
Ar*r. ra<>' "f iwme.
liate nr-ana. > ? ,
of rprrie apeele
fund- nwtea of
otlm lank*. ?> nd
>tm? due h} other
( tre\itati'Mi
ttetoaite* ..
Imp to 0tl>"r hnnk<
Other lint.ilttiea. . . .
A?rr-itete of ent
rant errditu ? ?,
of eirralartna
ind OejMMte* ...
Ar|:r?'?i?t?? '^Inwne
liatr liaMlttian, f
r nt rirrulatlrin,
d'f'oattea. and
m i.i? dty to 0U1. r
'?n>* ........
Afr" f^te nf iaiate>
itiate ai< ?na. < ? ,
of -)aet^ apeete
'1 nd.' iHdea nf
< thi* Imnka and
myrtt 't?f Hf ntlwr
01 n* ? ......
*75 IC7 >?**
H4 M0.7V.
31 -Sai J24
5 M* 010
1845 1?46
$mm# ;m $10-. .->.52427
Mt ir-jn '.01 86 01* 070
?JfiXn 440 !<* -'I* 168
*,863,Vr2 6.331^72
< >rr?4at ko*l
Dae to i-thi r bank* ..
"thef WaMlitt ?
Atrr- tat<- if 1 ure nt i-ri 'llt*. 1 > ,
M rlrriilatlo* and dapoaMea
Amir.Tatr ?* inaMd'at' iiaMli
Iim. f t ,4 eltrnlatiow. 'laiX).
Jltaa a let aaat* dwa to otli. r
A(*?i DM. t n?ai>-ilinte niaau',
t f , tf apwta, e p' ? ie fund*.
n?de? of i.ther tainka. and mm
Owe by other hank*
ISO, 718,4a lT7 62r',157 10140*407
1H 714 466 ar^'aie : ?7 xy> '84 066
i-d 1<1 662 '-2 687 3.J0 *6 002 r*42
1847 1 848 1 *40
?v?5 $|SB4?6lini $111 7 4-' 415
*1.78B^n 1o.T23.I77 ?1ir?.A<.i
S8 .V10.M* 3*414X1 nn . ,
4 7ta, nT7 6.401 4ol '? T'ri. t67
1*71123*0 351.732 2fiA
226 842.187 271 .146 f?<0 2 ,17 4 >1
M.823 404 111101.828 07 ^ 274
1*50 MWI
$131 366 536 $]? ? ?. ?/*/''
r, VK?'H.4
48382 115
'..37 ' 464
Ji m Ah /.05
240.0531 21 ?: 1' JO
277 670 672 MMloTT^ '
114.017,71* 131 386 650
Of H?n1?har| ( orrrapnmlriirr,
il4Ml?|ti*, Mar^b -f*. |?M
Sfrt* Fimti* Sorirtiit in 1'mn.^lvunm- Ttw Vat\*n
twm of th* 80?ti?
Tht fbUcwtnf hrorkw, in the <h?|>e oft petition,
?ra? prraeeitod in th? .^emtii , thii Borninf . \,y Mr.
OaM* Tl.e rfr'i on tl>4 narrat r,f ,-en?for
Parker wm M frea'. thnt h'' moTe>i the fetiti,,,,
laid Of) the tahle. wbar* It will lie. with- ut an> fnr
tlii r not if* lurinf U?e oefalon. The i|?nw< nt l?
rieeidedljr riali ana roof, wt l m?y W rtewo-l ,j a
fair 1 ode* <4 tka aeatiment whieh nraeaihi in lliito
hi(*| ? b*l+ portioa 01 Ui( pofnlotiooi
ft* tWftarlT tho!*p tioctunni with natira American
If ID : ?
7V tkf the Senmtr and //?>?<?< of R+prtsri%l<%t>i+* of
th* Cwmmimu raltH of Prmutylramd, tn General -I* * >*My
mrt ?
Tin- |?i Hutu of the uuiti'Miiii k| MfwtAillj r-prc -
M-nti'i h- -Tbiil liny view with no lit I Ii* uj>|?reh"U?iou aul
aim in. the e-laMiahuiciit. in Tariou- ptrl of uur eoiuui ?n
w. ullh. of iiuuuroua orders or (???uimuiiitlea of w ?n -a.
who. aaaumiug the vdvi of eolihaey. hiuI uf renunciation
o|" tin* onliimry (lull*1* of lif-i. isolate r fr >111 s. V
ciely. of which tiny w.tv designed hy thr Creator to h*
Ih* ?>ru?u?ent. ami "In utter disregard ?f t sacred
obligal i-i** which woiiuiii always acknowledges wli -n
|iro|H-i Ij a|?f?ri-cialiiiK Iht true p'<?illon iu lift* rl.iiiu ?u
? iMvfliutt irom tin- rcuponMbilitle*. cares. mi l |ntlw?
coufcr?cd in their tull and (>i ikIIjiit obligation. and |i-*r
formed with truthfulness and rt-l' lity by th" sex gene
rally Your memorialists further represent. th?t i n-ii
tut ion.> of the kind ref.-rred to. though cliiiNiug t ?
devotional in their character. ? r<* in uo way norowiry
to tin- worship of Almighty ?lnd. nm| that th?lr sup
pression could in no de-tnts interfere with th" free .ni l
pro|MT excrrii-e of flu- right* of c mseicnce, and tint tli?ir
control, or entire abrogation. is witiiin the le^iti m ate cx
i rcise of the legislative functions of government.
We also aubutit. that the hi?t>ries of such eoinmuni
tii*. niiiff their tlr>t estabtUlim'iii, proves that where
permitted to exist. unle.s subjected to tli" strict '-t sur
reilnnce. they ilcunn'rati' into imr^'rii'ii uf lill 'im* ?'il
lcwmuir ? la-come a mere cover for uncontrolled licu
tiousm-s-. anil a protection for the wornt of crtlu ?*. Th ?
general prevalence of tliia evil, in connection Willi oii? of
like rliaracter. was one of the main iudiu'"iu 'iita to th ?
Keforujation iu Holland. during tho reign of lletiry the
Kightli ; and to the aauie cause. n? w - l> ?liere. is t > h ?
attributed, ill a great decree, the degener.it" state of
moral* that |ier?adc* so extensively the society iu Italy.
t>|Mun and France In the present day
We, then-fore. respectfully a-k that such action may h"
taken in the premises an to you shall seciu b*st. to
stay the progress of this our*' ill our country, believing
that the general interest" of all a- well a* th" cause of
religion, will la- promoted thereby; mid that by thus act
ing as the conservators of the Iliorals of the peopl ? yon
will add Ktrruirth and permanency to our free Institu
tions. whoce >cry existence de|?-nds on the int' lli^euc ?
ami morality of the inhabitants of uur land. And. us
in duty l>ouud. we will ever pray.
^II.Nti) UT Allot. 1 IJ.IXM Ullica oi l'MILUHCLfHII.
The table prepared l>y the revenue board , wliieh
hn - just dosed it.* labors, is not uninteresting. The
table comprises the valuation id' taxable property
for each county, with a comparison with the v ilu.i
tion fixed in ItMS. The increase i? verv considera
ble, in every county, and the revenue will be greatly
enlarged for the next three years, over the last
three. The w hole increase of taxable property, in
the last three year*, is $'29,SX,371 ? The tot il ad
dition to the \ aluatiou a< relumed to the board i<
which will increase tho revenue or.T
|?20,0(i0 annually, while the wholo expense of the
board is trifling. The increase in the wtiole of tax
able property for the last three years is not so jjreat
as for the three years previous to 1M"<, which is at
tributed by the hoard to the depressed condition of
the iron business, and its influence upon the vain ?
of property. Scm*! Eli vt.iA.
M O \ K Y M A K K E T .
Wmarsnav. April 3? 6 P M.
All the leading fancy stocks advanced lo-diy cnu-idt-r
ahly ]l*rli mind i up Railroad were the most ac
tive on tin- lint The sales <.f ouch amounted to ra ?r.*
than two thousand shares At the tlr.-t b >ord -"toning
too went up '? |ht cent, Krie Incomo Hoods. Labi;
I. -la nil. la; Krie Railroad. 1 ; Kdgeworlh. Portsmouth
Thy Dock. Itarlcm V lira. ling Railroa 1. 1 14 Th'-re
wan a very buoyant feeling abroad. and buyers were
quite plenty in the street The miney market lit de
cidedly easier. and there an- numerous Indication* of a
speculative movement in the fancies generally. It.iil
rcid bonds were iu demand at lietter prleei). and we have
not -con. for a long time. s?ch an anxiety to buy stock*
as vae visible to-day at both Isiard*. If thi.i feeling con
tlnuf*. prior- will advance rapidly; and before the middle
of May. we shall ho in the midst of an excitement in the
stock market similar to that experienced last fall
The bunk ' have just mad* their report* to the Comp
troller. and are now prepared to let out a little The ex
portation of specie has become more m 'derate, and
confidence appears to lie gradually returning. The
element* of speculation are. therefore, becoming again
healthy, and we should not be surprised to m?e all
the fancier moving up again at a rapid rate. There
is a margin for an improvi m> nt iu moat of them, before
tlxy reach prices previously realised. Ilariein ha* a
margin of at least ten |xt cent, and then it will be a
cheap stock Most of our railroad* are doing a large
business The pleasure travelling season Is about open
ing. and. from the general prosperity of the country, we
should judge that it would exceed that of awy previous
year This will have a favorable influence upon prices
for them* stock* and much improve the financial affairs
o| each company Canton Company is in stronger hand'
now than when the la-t inflation cntnmi'ncfil, and it
will. pro)?bly advance eonsid rably. but we have no idea
that it will reaeh price* previously realised Heading
Railroad appears to )>e steadily working up again.
Norwich and Worcester has advanced scveaal per
cent, and will, without doubt, move upward slowly. but
surely Tljerc appear* to be many who coincide with us
in relation to this stock, a* purchase* hare been a vie
recently to some extent for investment. It U a per
manent ten jx r cent inve-tment at present price*, and
1* second to uone but llarlem in prospective value
and productiveness Kdgew rth and Portsmouth are
looking up A small advance on these low priced
*tc<rk* pay such a large per cent profit that ope
rator of moderate mean< prefer them to any other*
New Jer? y Mining Com] nay i? in demand, but the stock
is scarce and in few hand* Those who are acquainted
with it> merit* a? an investment are little disposed to
M'll. except at a h*nd.-< me advance The company ha*
been in active operation but a shart time, and it* profits
are enormous Its dividend* will probably exceed those
of any other incorporated company in this section of
the country, a* soon as its arrangements are fully per
The receipt.. at the fflce if the \s-i*tant Tr.-a-unr of
TTis port to-dsy aniount'd t' f In:. iit. ftj piMnen!
fM.OSS ?? balance. $3.!U?a.OOO H
The total amount of government <l*|K?*lt* In the diffe. 1
rent depositories on the 24th of March, sutyect to the j
draft of the l ntte<l Mtat?s Treasurer, wa? $1014.404 Mi |
of which fMVAalM V. w as In Boston. $3,074,067 In New '
York. fflT1l.1V> In the mint Philadelphia. fl.100 000 In
the branch mint. New Orleans
The following table will show ths imports and export* i
of specie at lw?t'>n far March, and for the year 19&1: ?
Mmr.Mi^TSor fin ?*: ia Boatow.
Imjtorlt F.rporli
fiurinr March fHW.<4? fWI.100 00
irun Jan 1 to March 1.... ?> 211.2JA HO
Total fK>VM2 $m*M SO
In addition to the above. *14.<s?) worth of gold dust
was exported Of the import" of March. fT.Vfilt were in
gt4d. ami fH4X> in silver, of the export*. fS2 *? in gold
ami f3 700 in silver Tlie receipt* at the Custom lianas.
lt< -ton for the month >4 Mar. h were f*2<V2W. being an
egcesa of f l%i.00U over the corresponding month of last
The North River Insoranc- Company have dec In red a
semi-annual dividend of five per cent, payable on the 10th
of April
The firemen s Insurance Company hsve 4*eiared a
dividend of two dollar* per share. payable on the Mb ln?t
The interest on the city stock, dne on the 1st of M iy
will be paid on that day by the City Chamberlain, at tha
M<'hanlr Rank
The value of merchandise t tp'rt?d fr >tn thl* port for
the month <4 March 1*41 was ffl.?Ka)flT4; of which
f-tJCfl If* wa* dntiable merel md?*s 121 for ign free
f316?4 f'tVeign dutiable and tlWMI ?poei? .
There is an increase if country bnyer* <4 dry go >4s In
the city, and some addition to th- demand <-.f l*-t week
but not that activity which i* expected yet to coma.
1 he auction -ales which are b'svy especially of sMk good
Injure the *?le> at private trade >i?t. on the whole, a
better feeling pre vails than la-t weett The anxiety <4
bold' r? to s* tl keeps price* With a downward tendency, as
every one la fearful of lielng left with a stock on hand of
-print goods when the *eas*>n < loaea. with a pr peet of
much lower price* fr.r * ty ' hT *ea*on Weighed and
brown ?lilrling* and shestings are In m<-b rat? recjui st.
but price* are h< <vy a* holder* are anxi ai* to sell
l?rill* sr? vcrv firm from ibe ?mailn*** <4 Ih ' stock, bwt
are net v< ry aeCvc Ottinburga are al o firm f-jf
the same re son Iienii * are ft active or f.rm in price,
ami h<4der? nre offering f ? ? ? ly. htrip** are inaetire
wlth'mt change in s*' ng prices Tick* are dull and
heavy Print lag ?to*b? are lit active and priee* are
v< ry unsettled, i.wlng to t?^ ae> umul Uion of sti? * and
tha very slight d? mnnd Print* are low.r in price, which
!,*? occasioned F? me -I ght Inrr-s in til" sales but the
<lemand I* yet light, and d<?* not materlnlly affi et the
stock on hand 'ilngliam- are in *tea<ly an l m ? I rate
f'i mand at full pric< * o?k? l ''otton pantal<sinery I*
k.aer. with a limited demand Mowaellna* de l.tin are
In fair and lncrea Ing r?'?i?u-? f. at l?c. a #>e t", rtlis are
dull The ?t i'k of Wia.ll. II e|. th' from the I lie a III lis ,.f
Mr Predan' k ll'dll't r at* lelni? f..ri ? d on Hi- mar , -t,
tbr> ugh varb n? rhanns I*, nt ale-ut ten Prt fit nnd?r
Hint lit price*, at whi*di tlie m< -t de?iralde pare- Is sell
ret dlly Ca ??in" res are in modem!* reqne?t Satinets
ar>- al*n mosletately setive Price* are without ? fiange
!?!?<? p * grays from th* b wne?a of the atnrlt and small
*ii|.| >? ' ii < iir f"i*a ?1. sre vi rj firm, th ugh the i| mand
I- ilull Tat >?!' are In 1x*tter demand and steady In price
J'sns are nwslcrately artiv* Plantw>l* are Inactive with
a 1ii(>' Mifiintr ?tesk Wauk' " ar* in l/atlvf in |niry
French *ood? are being crowded thrmiffk the auction
room Mlk* are very heavy. Their hv been a Urjt?*
rxrep* of Vmrh silk good* imported this >ea??n ov.-r
last? tlje ouly import ati on* wbtch *b<>w any undue in
ert a?e. The demand, owing t? the already heavy miIvi of
the kih?. ha* not kept par# with the supply. a?d holder*
are impatient to r?aiixe. The later trade of the *ea.->on
will yet bring a good demand, and rrdtice the stock con
siderably ; but meanwhile price* are heavy. and the
a lift Ion rule* realise lower rate* to t be profit of jobber*.
Kil.botis are the only French good* that are very trin in
priee. llritoh (j'S-d* of this year's importation nsv rare
at auction, and lire ?t<-ady in yrice. thongl! t he absence
of active demand render* the market favorable to buy
er* The importations are becoming lighter. The pack
et* coining forward will not bring full c?wnes; so that by
the dose of the .-ea>on we may yet be I -ft without any
material uinuuut of *priag stock.
The annexed ofticial statement. made by the Treasurer
< f the Vnitt d Mate# Mint. I'liiltidelphia. exhibit* thu ope- 1
ration* >1 that institution during the lauutli of March: ?
I' 8. Mm ? CoiiaiiK I* March. 1S-?1 .
i.ui.o coin tci:
24.197 Double eagle*. ralue $5.683, MO 00 I
4M.UKI 1 1. 1 If eagle*. value 24'i.,'ti4 00
:;s pa yusrter eagle*. value 9> JO# <>0 j
203.220 tiold dollar*, value 263.210 00 ;
tx!4.1M PIMM. >6.2*o T3j 00
aiLvra t oi*,
128.000 Half dime- 0 100 00
6S3.799 fonts O.rsJT 99
1 .31&J*3 Piece*. $6,298,fl|f 99
Total gold bullion deposited fjr coinage from l*t to 3lst
of March. 1 W?1 , inclusive: ?
Front t'alifi rnia >'2.6r4.000
other sources t 117.000
>2 071 000
Silver bullion deposited in same time $8,400
All deposit* made at the mint since March 11th. have
bei n paid promptly on the ascertainment of their value,
and a large surplus of coin ha* been accumulated in the
Treasury; the amount now on hnsal, available for pay
no nt*. is over >2.000 000 Deducting >500.000 for old de
posit* payable, but undrawn, and >200,000 for depo
sits not ascertained. aud we have a surplus beyond all
d< mands of >1.300.000.
The coinage Ui each of the past three mouth- was as
annexed : ? m
Gold Silrrr. Copper Total
January >2.820.?# S?70 !?-i0 >7 .'277 |2.70-'?,198
February 6.082 987 15..*i00 KV8.il 0.1K. .!4 '?
March ft.2M.735 0.400 0.537 6.298 072
Total >13.969.088 >98*50 >J0.675 >14,119.213
The deposits during the same period of the precious
metal", were >10.087.100. of which >10,871.000 ?U in
gold. ;ind >16.100 in silver Of the gold. California con
tributed >10404.000. as will be Seen hy the auu.xed
table : ?
January >4.940.000 >00.000 ?
February 2.KtW.0ts) 1 loos) 7,700
March 2.034.000 37.000 8.400
Tot ?l *10 434.000 fi.7.000 $10,100
Prritntkm. arc oiukin., for a large issue of three cent I
pieces from the mint at uu early day. By authority
from the Treasury department. a great part of the silver
bullion fund will l* converted into these pieces ; and
after receiving a sufficient supply for the various govern
ment ' ffires. the bulnnce will be exchanged fur deposit*
of foreign silver coin- or bullions and ulso for American
gold or silver coins A fund is likewise provided for pro
curing future supplies of silver bullion for this coinage,
so that nil the public demands may be promptly antbdWd.
To prevent undue accumulations of these coins in single
lu< 11 J - a discretion is allowed to decline selling more than
>150 worth at a Hunt to one applicant The least amount
to be Fold is $30 worth. Authority is also given to d?s? i
liver the coin- in distaut cities at the cost of the mint
for tn importation, as is now t lie ca-*c in distributing the
cop|n r coinage Aotlcc will hereafter be given of the
time at which application.? for the new coin will be re
We understand from an official source, that the w.i
ter is now coining into the eastern section of the Mor
ris Canal. prepuraUffy to its being opened for the
season. about Wednesday next Kxtensive improve
ments have been ina<ie upon this section by deepening
the canal, re-const ructing the inclined plains, rendering
th? m more capacious and convenient, the con?ru-tion of
an aqueduct nt Mend's Hat in. at a c ?st of (>8,000 or
f M.WI0. and various other important improvement > cal
culated to enable the company to extend their operation*
the ensuing eenaon eery materially It is suppo.-ed by
thi BL that they will be enabled to transport within that
js riod. 500.000 ton* of roal to tidewater.
The Coming and isiossburgli Railroad . which has. for
several years, been almost unfit for use. is now *V>iit
Iteing laid with the T rail. The Corning company wish |
to haw the old narrow trnek preserved, so as to re quire
n re-hipmcnt of coal and other freight at C 'rning The
Pi imsylvanla cnipany inei- 1 on the broad guagc. and
as an off-et to the cbsti tuicy of the Corning f 4ks. pro
poee to r?a the N*| to Kli.iir > whieh.it is said. can be
done at M-ry little addition i / expense. We have no
doubt the intere?t? of the rwl will be fa* the l?..t ?ub
m i vi d by making its terminus at Klmir* It Is . aid to
lie but two or Ikm miles fuUbcr from the same place to
Ow of the cheapest nlral *ti<-k? now setting In the
Boston market, is that of the IfMtheni Railroad Com
pany. Tile whole It ad ha- (Oil $2 SOO.OOO ? it owe n >1 li i nc
at all. (a rare fact In railroad hi-t^ry ). and its total co?t
is represented by stork, with a par of 101) La?t year it
? arnid 61, percent. an I paid f?W per cent wi h >nt the
as.-i-tance of that |mrt ion < f 1 lie Ogden-lwi bu-mess
which It cannot but wwiw fen t lie Central road. Its
last divid< nd was paid Di Eiaabt*r l?t. an i a - tli Central
did n?tt connect with the Ogd n- .urgli until Jauuary. the
truth of this last stntrinent l? iihtlnv. Th* Northern
e< urn Ms the Crntriil with the Cunc cd. The .tanunry
n ei ijds show a hand"' nie (;ain of ft .VJ0 ovi r those o|
Inst January ? ita lebriiniy receipt* are r|iilte up to
tb'seof last Y< bruary. and Its March. April Mid May
receipts, (suited but be heavy, with the Immense In
crease > f the local trade of the Central, and the large
?hare which it 1* certain to eMail of the spring liii-in ?<?
of the Ogdenrbnrrh. At any rtte it I* now earning Its
three per cent In the worst half of the year, thwigh in
accordance a ith ths juilkiom ?\<t in ?( m un.s went. it
?lll not pay all it earns, in tie hapc of dividend
The-*i mi annual dividend* of the lt?ton batiks paya
l.|e on Mi nilay. the Tth of April, Mil. am unit In lh - ag
gregate to f WO.ii* on a gm?.? capital of ftl 7?W,is*i The
m mi annual dividend paid In Ortibef l??t. amounted tn
?7 WT Iffl The following banks bare appli. d fir an in
? reas?' (.f capital : ? Bnj 1-ton Itai.i. il'OjUll ; CochMuete.
tlniini . Commerce, $730 000; Oranite. >?'?" . <im
c?r?' F.agle $250i')0, Mb oe mil Leather Deal*
er- . >2>?<i00 ; Trad?rs', $9BO'iQ0 ; Fan uil II . II, (new;
The nnniMl statement. Blade oat by the An lit >r of
the State, eihiltit* the amount of b'Hiking Capital em
ployed in the Commonweal l h of Pennsylvania an I the
an. i unt of tax on dividends and on corporation stocks d?
rivabb thereto m. for the set ral years therein d<- ignat
ed. together with the ratio of said Ins.
Ptiai^o Carnal **? B*!?? T?t<noa Pr?v?ttit?vi*. '
H anting Ter en Ttr m f'tnym
JHrUrndt ritum St (? Rm'b J
1M1....M5 JN4MM !e*1 ?i fTt.WT 14 I','
IMS. .. 19.147.flTT to ?itkViso jllMVi
1M.1. . MHWAV. g.1 S>aa*74 ItMM IH 'J'(
1h*4 . . . H 577 4.'.!' 'si 4>i 7 OA zt n 111 VI ft I
IMA.... IB 154 ism cj u 4M <U ?>
ls?rt ?I ""4 :?! 75.J-4SJ flsisam A'i
i-4* njM.'mm I'r< i.i ?n i.? ?.
IMt fl.tttKOIII lls.nis .. is i si si fi n/
lk4t?. . . 1H47*"*2.T# WCWTil Will. ..'14 f
1Mb..., 1H.??7A.4N4 14 II" *7 14 To** "J ft
Me-1 '-I - <*.711 ;?> 7
It*|p> ?r-by 01 1. that the banking capital ' f I' nn- '
? > 'ianl? ha- not kept paee with the inert iw i f . ni^ieree
and p< ptilatkin whUe Ibe la. t two have become greatly
? *ti mietl the first ha ? hem ? onsideraWy c-dui i I
TIkih twin Wire the ''<nnmlttee on Inti rnal fm
prr>v<m< of*. In the House of Ripf . ntntiv. , . ( p nfisyl.
vanto. for n me time, a question as to the expodjnticy of
the ftate ri uniing the charter and fraio hl?e? .if th- D?- .
laware and llmleon Canal Comt^ny Thee.immittee pre. I
?i nted a tmmbrr of Interro^atorb ? n< to the exteat, ca
paeHy. business, and expense- i f the work', to tt ilbam
Jin a rare Ksq . acting president of the rompany durtog
the al -ence Iif tbe President in Kurtpe, There has hr en
an unavoidable diday in giving the answer* to these 1a
ti rr'gatories. ard the committee, in view of th<- early
Hue of I he session, reeommei. I a re'iinipthm '?( the
wi rk?. by I he ftate. in aeeoei Is flee wllh tl e pr-ir - ons of
i lie i hnrtir The charter was gmntnl M^rch I '.?h le*S
and contalm d a clanae prr>viiling that, at tb" iisl
thirty years, i March 19th. WM.) if it shall app ?r that
the tnth. during that time, shall bare MNanted li n
imich ate ee sit per cent per annnm on th" aai mat e?
iei,ded in < onst rue ting and keeping the works in r r.
as will |k- i >|nal to the capital so expend" I, tl, ? the ls?
gi iiitnr may n ?nme all the Hglits. Ilhertlr< l?l fran
elil?< > so (-rsnled Incase the to|U 4" not r i th"
arm tint dated. th< n the tcg!?latnr- may after ?mf-i'rH
? f tbi ib fciem y to the eorje?a?"C? resem Ibe wo?b
Tire f. urge* the r- cf the witk In g
!? iui and upr-fcnU that in wiil <m of uauicn- ?ha?
lagt to tkr ff?niuM at IW Fflan*n?i?ltk. They b?r? |
not yet Mfirwl the nflrlil *litrmi-it of the reeeipU of j
the com puny; but, from the data before them. they are
c>f the opinion that the coinuiouw-alth will not luive to 1
pt/lmrt, Tlii' rrf ut rlnwn with two r-eolutious. one '
aultniriiiug the commonwealth to reauuir the work ; thi
ol her directing the appointment of ,-i committee to visit
the work* of the company, anil examine thi-ui, ui well a*
the rrcords.
Stock Et?haim?i
J.JW1 r S (>-?, 07 116 I.KW ,L? llarh-m Kit 7<>
2t*u? a? i ifl'i um du bfln 7?'i
?JI1V Read Sit IMi, 70 7 >S 200 do t.tU 7*1
MM Pruaa 5'? 03 3uo do l.trt 7"^
li* V l ily Vs. M 100', 3? da mIO 70 I
7i?t> Kric 7 ?. an im aw do k<o 7'?i
l'?*0 Erie lot Uda !?^ 1U6 Stoningtoa ItR ti
da m>t lUil do b.'JO 41l? !
.'?? Erie, ??. uv ble b4* HI lt??l Reading Kit ?'*>
SOU) du !*)V AW) do k.1 OH
20 shs Miches' Ilk All llt-'V 2?m do thil .>7 j
4.r>0 Ed^vw orth Cu !'?, 100 do h5 M I
ft? <1* ?fiU t??B 300 do bOO JKV |
:?II do MiO VJ. K'lO do .Vi'i I
ami Port-mouth DD I2'? 2t? do !Wi>i
100 do b30 12', 7?o do WK
2ft Cautun t'oopauy li) .'WO do hi 5t>',
r*j do 1<I do b!5 W? ;
I 'XI do Ct? 10 Nor k Wore UK <1 i
tot) Morriii Canal la's do til*? \
100 d? blO 1-V fiO do (Hi *1*2 .
?VW Erie Kail road K'tV (Ml do btW WIJ I
?7'i do K'tO ti do ?l '?
**) d? Kt?: 'JO Svriir i. Iftle* UR 121 ]
?W do l.fift H? 10 Mad fc lud UK 97^
II* do U'W H.'tU 72 do SH i
1I? do btw K VI .'?) Long I >laad RR 2't'4' 1
.'S50 do , Ki?, 1W do 21 I
no do al# 100 d? bCO 2i'? !
N Iludn vi River RK
$3000 Erie Tt, "? 101 100 aha Reading RR MO Wi
W?blllnrlria RR 70VJ JH1 Canton Coiupauy 6ii
150 do 7i", 100 Erio RR 8.'l?s
fO# do 70'i 100 do AH? :
700 do 71)0 IftO do b30 Hi '
100 do s30 70', SO do 83S
UW do M0 701, no do MO M l
1 10 do btio 7ov i;w Nor k Wot RR biii 65
?JO do 70 1IM do aim (It
'JX> do 6!f, y*) Farmert' Trmt 6^^
."Oil Readinj UR &?>.. Ii?i Morria Canal M^a j
.'Ml do a.*i 5(iL. 100 I'ortimouth L>D 12V
100 do 1-fiO .'niV 'JlHI l.un; Inland UR 24
.'Ml do *l.'> M 200 do WW 2tU I
SID do ?.'?) Ki*i '
H?i:iim:)dii, April 2 ? 6P M.
BwinHi lia" bt>cn very wurh interrupti-d by the iu
clomcnc) of the weather to-day . but priced in general iv
niuined about (he name.
Akhk*. ? The Miles lunouutcd to 66 bbl* . at pr^ri'iu'
ltav.AMTiTri. ? Flour. ? There wm* more flrinnents exhi
bited in the market to-day for Weatern ami State bran. la,
with an iinproTi-d K?"tern and local ilmnaiul. an I galea
of 3.500 bbld . at f4 18 n ^4 31 for No. 'J superfine: 50 u
06 for ordinary to choice State; j>4 oO a >1 (iJ for mix -d
to straight Indiana. Michigan ami >VUcon."ia; J>1 IV2 a
$4 75 for fancy Michigan, with g<VMl and round hoop
Ohio; $4 B7 ? j>5 for pure (Jeneaee; a f .> i") for fancy
Ohio and (tenesee. ?nd $.*> i"> a f6 .*>0 for extra do. Sm ill
jiarci-U Canadian were >eilisi|; at $4 82t,' in bond. ?South
ern wa.? in fair rei|iu >t. with snleK of 1.400 bbU. common
to ?trai|;ht. at $1 0.' u $4 To; aud fancy at $>"> a >?) 30.
Hyc flour wai? better, and in good demand. 2">0 bill*,
having changed hauiU at $3 37 a f3 <10, Corn m;-al w.?g
Iti ury and nominal at unchanged pricet. flfirat mniin*
about the wimr, without nny movement of import-xnci*.
Jlyt w?s livid flr.nly at 74c. a 7.V.. at which price 5.00')
I'li-M* Southern cluinged handit. Nothing transpired
in Ha<ley worth reporting. Oat* were inactiv.' at for
mer rati*. fin-it ?m much wanted for distilling, and
the market hna advanced, with ?i1ch of 10.000 bit <hel?
m wtlat and round yi'Uow, at VJ(. ft Wc.. with S "mill
lot of choice do. at C8l,e.; also -.000. to arrive .at 6.V-.
t'ori tr. ? Since our U?t the Halea have b"i?n confined
to HX) bag* lllo at 10', c, a 10S{c.; 50 do. .lava at
and 2.27 bag* of the former, by auction, at 10c. a 10
averngf 10 3-lCc.. 6 months.
Corr?:a. ? A Nile of 2 000 lbs old sheathing waj in\do
nt l!*..Tash. market (inn.
Conox. ? The market is very dull, and sales difficult
to ifTect. most operators having decided to await the
ltnltic's advices, expecting a 1 irge decline to !?? reported.
From the South, wi- learn the weather is still b.ickwird
for planting, and the ground not generally prepared for
the Feed. The sales of the day were reported 1.4)0 bale*
middling' at lip. a lll4C. for low to atrict class
Fat.K.tiTs. ? Cotton continued to be offered for Liver
pool. and engagements were made at .'5-lGd. fur cuin
preHi?'d. und at '4d for uncouipreasrd. Flour wm nomi
nal, at la . and grain at 4d a4'..il. Dead weight remained
the same There was no change in other article"
Fa ill ? Transactions embraced 500 boxes bunch raisins,
nt f'J s *2 12: 25 caflu currants, at and 50 bags
Sicily almoii'U. nt 11c.
IIav. ? Of North Rivi r. 300l?les were sold to the trade,
nt 55 a 00c.,ca>h The market was well supplied, and had
a th dining temlency.
Hi Mr. ? Of Manilla, which was the only description in
i|uirrd after. 750 bales were dispo.-ed of. at 10,',c.. sis
Inoi.?Hlno^our last, 300 tons RnglUh bars have been
fold, pari at f37 50; aud 50 tona Scotch pig. at $21 50.
fix months
Lf.ao. ? Nothing doing in American, which was held at
f.Yea-h A few hundred tons f irelgn changed hands, at
f4 77 a >4 K7. rvh and time
Lime. ? Only 50o hlda. Kim kland were sold to-day. at $1
for common, mid $1 35 for lump. rash.
Moi ?>m? ? The transactions have been very limited"
but prices exhibit no change. Sales of 50 hlids. I'orto
Rico w ere made at 2tc . nnil '.'I do. Cardenas', at 20e
Natai. Stouj.i wire moderately active, at f>rin"r
rates A -alo of 500 bids ,-pirits of turpentine wna made,
at 34'j a {Hie., cash: tle-latt -r priei- for small lots; and
l.lHio bids common roi-in. at >fil 15 a $1 :kl
Oils ? Maaeed un veil t > the extent of 7 isiO gallons, a
7* a 7!>c . cash: closing firmly, with a good in jMiry.
hale was in better r'i,iu '. with sales of 500 bMs.
m li i ted. at 42 a 42' ,r., cash.
1'BOVI'iasa ? I'ork *?? more active, and quotations h tve
Impr 'Vi-d. Th? op ration- readied 1 mhi IiI>|s.. at $13 ?7
a "M I for w w niese; $13 Z'i t^r i4d $1 1 02 for new prime;
$lo 2>a $10 s fur old; aud $10 12 for two year do <?f
Is i f 2nn bids ch.ingeil hands, at $l?a$Il 50fortn.'s<
and f a $0 for prime: also. 70 ttrrrca llliio prime in ??*,
at $15 Cut meats were In good demand, vili antoa of
U-o packagi .- ham- at $?? a }H'4; and shoulders, at a
*iil, Uird ??< quiet, but Arm; l.>ibM? prime sold in
l"ts. at (<', a s ',c. Ratter rub I dull, at previous flguri"
In cheese, a gtxal liuMaess wi- d >ne. nt 5>, a J',c.
1!>*l Err air.. ? Tlie follow In prnjHrty wa- di?po-"d of
to-day. nt the prices annexed ?1 lot on the north ?<t
ci rr? r <?( S? venty -eighth street end fiToml avenue 25-iix
IMI. $316; hou-e ami lot No. Ui Mercer atreet, $.'?.WiU;
house ar.ll lea -e of lot llW avenue 11 ItllH, |>1.M0 do
do. 107 ilo do $1 .Will; do do. 107 in . d > . $l.tK?; 4 '
do. lo.', do . $;;.?*!. do. do 10.'! do.. $4 1l?), do do .".hs
Eighth tr??t. $1 7i*i; do do. :;??> ika do . $1 H'i'i;
hou c and lot of ground 117 Ave nue I> ?t-0x1*i $4 I llll; ll'.l
i|o $4 4ml; ib* do 21.1 H.-venth st 20x07 fjt.'iVl; do do
2-11 do do . M 100; do. do *2 Kssex ?t.ZlxlOl) $4 I*'; lenw
of loi on Twenty -eighth strei t. $:I00; 3 story h?Mae and
b ase of lot on Tenth etivct. between Twenty-third and
Twenty-fourth streeta. 24'jxlmi. $4 150; 2 story hou?e
and In c of lot Its! Harrow -t ra-?>t . 'iTixlmi $2 825; lot on
Fourteeeth street, north shle. Iitwiin flftli tad S'xfh i
aviimes. J42-.0, lot on Kkiitis nth -treet. near ltruad
way 24SX75. $3.flf*): do. mljoining. 24,<xSl. $3 7u0; do
do it ',xHti teet. $3.M0; 2 lota on Twenty-third street.
Bear First avvnue. MtM.'i, $4,000; I goroa on Twenty
si vi til h st r< 1 1 . 1s t wnii Seventh and Eighth avenues,
J?20: 3 tory brlek hotise on Madl onut enue, neur Twen
ty -MVinth street. 24 1 xM. $7,875; 5 lots on Thirtieth
street. Bear Madlron avenue. JBixd*1,'. $15,000: 2 do. on
Thirty -fourth st do., do . fti JMi; 4 do on Thirty-ecveiilh
street mar Eighth avenue. $3,700; 4 I its opp>
f it ?? side rf the Mreet. same size $4 01111: 4 do rear of
above on Thirty-e'^bth street, do $4.t?40; b< <m Foety
eicond striVt. near Third avenue. 25x7H $1.1.?, iut ad
joinii g |fr? gulnr. $1.1^i
Cm i - ? \ lot i,( ,t> tierces new clover s>4d at a #r..
ca-ii time thy was unsaleable, at quotation* la-t given.
So?r ?Sab-a ?if iWhneii Castile wen- made ?t>', ?
|tw? 4 atnl n months
heiarva ? I?i un -tic whiskey *?< -earce and quiet with
trillini: > ales i f prison at 23c . rash, and 50 hhd< drudge
at 'JSr . t line ise.
Si?.?a ? 1'rice# ruled firm, but the market was Very
ilnll. and we have le-ard of no ojHratioos wiwlh report -
ing The t' tal st<? k on hand, yesterday, ranched 12.V>4
Mnls 7.513 bogea. and lil.rnm Imgs
Tras ? At priiate treaty a fair bnsineaa has la-en done.
locludls:g 1 m^i ch?'"ts Congo, at 'J.le a 21c easli A c.it.i
b gne Wn s i tTered at anetb-u this in<>ruing which was
marly all Id at an advance on the rates obtained at
the last >?le The |?rtleular> were a? fdlows Im-' .rt.- l
p? r ship Oneida Term*. >it month" llyaon ? # half
chests, at !Q>|t Young lly-on? 21 ? half clie-ts at 5| ;
ti-'.do 51; SCI#" : 11 ; M do ;J7't; 15 do ;)ii. 984 do 31',;
372 do .'4; 170 do ;w. 491 do. 33 55 do 32',; 37 i do
;i2. 41 |!. 31 70*1 do SI; SM do ?? do :>l llv-?n
Skin ? 21 chests at 33; 48 do "!1 14 ?!??. St; ?d-v ???; 46
do 36. 141 do 21 4.1 do u. aau do ???.. IRQ do 2.", . M
i|o 22 f half i bests .in ?',..'.5i|o JK; |7 .|o 24',. 40 d>
24 1W il?i 23',. Twankav - "<2 chests fit 144 do St;
Jn/i do 25, 21(1 Jo, H 't ? "half do 17 . 25 lo. 91; 4*7 d".
10s le< T> f!itti| oWi1er? All hafich- tsMr.; S3 1 1
fs5',. 10 do (H; ,)?? . rai',. M do. M. $.'1 do 4 .', 77 do
44 Jo d- 42'.. ?.*7do 4o 2>, i|o Tti do 3I?; 70 do
3f> 46 do 37',. *5 do :t7 slldo 36',; l?t rallies do 66',:
"k do 47 linpa rial ? lo hf i'Ii 56c. ; 15 do. 66 36do. fal;
17 do 51 M4n 47. Ill <l > 43; Silo 41 23 do II. lud <
4?i', 53 do 4o 6td? 3d. 10.1 d" 38',; 42 do .17 1 , 55 do
."7; 40 do. S6; 24 do 36ij I'ek'ai |MRlMi| ? .'si half
rln Is 2*e liriakfart Souchong- a5 half eln-sta &*?
S?.in hoMi-sl't half chests at 41e ; 4n do 4u',: SOmMm
? I" '44 1SHI(? 231, Chilian I'owchi-ng ? 5u halfcln^its
27!, Mii(ryiny l'owi Imng ? 45 half ofeest* 26',. 61 do
Tito i n ?A sale of .70 hhd K'-ntin ky Wa' made to
day. at fr 11 ',r . with a steady market The *i>ek of
m?nufaettir> d wn? large reaching nearly NfMt paeknifs
It isi ra ? Since yi sti rilay the tffnnanrtlons emnraee^l 2.*i
qua rise CH ks Madeira at* ft 3.5. 3II do port at Wlc a
$1 10, and 10 do dry Malaga at 36e. a 37c., cash
!>' or*. - At.ril 1 ?Rrnlirrt It ??/d? "har*" W ?t?m Rft,
IN; H' I?t ??; I llt.llnri KR. 1lt\; 2^ V?r?Wi ?nj
M , r-r'lrr RK, K!; 2 014 ' KM w-' ,. i|n.( IB#: 'HI
I I M ilium*' .? a* J llultimofc KH.
*i'4 \>rn. nM>??r?l RR, M '4: l'i M ? r 9rt-r m l \ 11 R H.
47. ? r I K R V.: ft \. rf.-lfc I .intr KH I ..tor*
kK. M.'; l "OHrn.).nrj RR >'? f. Rnll-.n l MR ".7',. |.t
\ fii.. n( ? ? I ? RR. ..'m, .11; T'i i . H I
l.?<4, ?l'4 \l ??-??? 1 ?n I W ? ? r RR I"1', Ml ? . |
M I! . I. ?. I!< n nivl HR ?|tM. ; *. it..,* ,.f '
? Mrrrhnat*' Rank, .!i?. If. I'B: In 1'itH
k.rth ' > |j?f I .mi *?r. T< ' ?n?.? r>.int, tnjr, K4; ZMn?
???.., *1 !i 'In., ?'#: 3? J" C'lfc* r>r1). 4'..mpi>nr, him. 1
?, " 1 i' 1 7^ l'i. 1 1, ,
t *4* V ? r ti 1,1 I .n|f .1 HR V "I. .Klnr.'h KR l...nl?
??<)?., Rfj l..<? Rutland RH Murt-str '7. H,.
It, r\M Kt'tti 4? I ?h?n- Om-..r4 RR, VI; 711 \ riwmt I ntr?l
KM 4<i ?4o . ?4!4, MM. V.'t I>?H>;,|, n-hnri HR.
4 . ?r1 MR I'M ?nt .n
I KMIi M H . . ??.'?*, d" . ??T\: *!.???? Nl.'tii / in ? .1,
tr?i Vr 1 i .i- no.
I'kiii. urNi*. Aj.rtl l.? f'irH I.S'l ???|.|?.
Unni.il I ?>nl ?*?,?. ?*>: | R'vlliu 7?. 7*:
^.Intllill Nnfi*?ti.>n fi'?. In??r> "ff 4.V I ,.'*?? l> bWh
f' ?. -l'i ???/?' R. Rank. J,',: .1 PWlfthiMili Rank. II";
Vi|v*n I ? i.? I ??????, RH f '?i WO 1
? ?>:*> .1 . ??,. *?>?!?.. k.i i-', !*?<?>.. rt r.'Ma ,
. ? 1 1 , ? . n M R I' "i" ? ' ? ' 1 '
I*',. M# !?., tt'tn ??? /'??ik#i -IH.HR H- t-l.fig ?>,
,-?,}? ) ?<..>. kn-iiMS mm. 2-.' , ?.?*) -r ... 24>,; r< 1 *rf4< ?
I Mini h"ir4? 1H r l?? M1. 1
|.. <??! *. ?? ?* ', 11.4 IM. 1*. ?*; T.'"'
R.?*riRR? .,? ?.??<" ? .111.1 i tn-l AmKnj ft. 70, W.:
4^' ?!?? R?? li. RR 17 I'. n?'? Itnnk. tl'1; 17 <0 IVna ? 1
t"R ?*'. m\pn Rl0."*! 1 i?-|,'n ?...| Smhi,\ :> f ?4
A'?H I ." In I 1*1 ???' ??. ?,l?l K' 1 llnf RR A T?l:
tht n.-i rt* hr, 2V r.',. w?4 -a\ wo., r?, 1
In Hanover N. J., Marrh 27, by Ikr Rev. Oeo T. King,
Kev. Ann in )lm nuxii: ami MU? Ja>k Ki.ita. eldest
daughter of I lit- liilt- Jamen II. Ball, ?f the above place.
Oil Tliurnd?y, Marrh 27, by the Rn Mr. J<-*>up. Mr.
OionoK Wauiacham, of Vorkahire, Kugltuil. to Sirs.
Uaiv.iah DanoroBT, ot thin city.
On Tuesday, April 1. Ki.ia I'ki iham, only daughter of
Pr. P. an<l Saiali Auu Smith. aged 1 year. 1 uiuutli and .'4
The rein liven <if the family arc respeetfully rei|ue*ted to
attend her funeru 1. from the residence of her fit I Iter. 4V>
Broome street. ou Thursday, April 3. at luU'-p.uit 2
bVliM'k, I*. M.
Oil WoiIih'ikIiij. April 2. Mr. Oioikik W Muhk, ag'-d 3d
The relative* ami friends of the family, ami tho?? of
hiH brothers. l'eter II., John and William, anil lii* bro
thers-in-law, Joseph S. Bennett. Thomas T. 91 urge*. aud
Alipurtuii P. W<Mnlruff. are renpectfully invited to attemi
hin funeral, on Friday. 4th Inst, at half-pant 2 o'clock,
fr<ui No. 226 Twelfth street. without further invitation.
On Tuesday morning, April 1. of a lingering illness,
111 on O'limiM, sou of the late l'hilip O'Brien, agnd 29
lib funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon. XI
Inst. .at 4 o'clock, from the residence of hi* mother. 173
Hester ctreet. 'I'he friend* and acquaintance* of the
family are respectfully Invited to attend.
Baltimore pa pern please copy.
On April 1, 1. 0. William Botiiikt. aged 36 years and
10 month*.
The friends and relative# of the family. also the mem
tern of Company A Jefferson Kill. men. are respectfully
invited to attend hin funeral, on Thursday, 3d Inst., at
half pant 12 o'clock, from liin late renideuce. corner of
Wnrrcn and Washington street*. His remain* will be
taken to (Ireenuxod Cemetery for interment
On April 2. Sai ih S. I,. Mi-Chks*kv. ymingsst child
of Jcincs and Suruli Maria McChcsucy, aged 2 yearn and
11 monthn.
The relatives and friends of the family, and member*
of the (Hire Hranch l.odge. No. 31 I. O. 0. K.; also Sylvan
drove. No. 7 1' . A. O. I>.. arc respectfully invited to at
tend licr funcnil. from the renidence of her parent*. Van
dcrbilt avenue, near Myrtle. Ilrooki.vn. ou Thursday. 3-1
Ini't .. at half-post 3 o'clock. Her remain* will be taken to
Greenwood Cemetery for interment
On April 2, in the 85th year of her iM{e. Cunirritv
Her friends and relationn are respectfully invited to
attend her funeral, uu Thursday. 3d inst.. at 2 o'clock,
from 156 Cherry street, without furl her invitation.
Suddenly, ou Woduenday morning. April 2. I,kwii Lr.r.
Oat. youngest win of l*vi and Klizabeth (lay Scribncr,
aged 2 years and 7 month*
The friendn of the family are inv'ted to attend the
funeral, thin (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, without
urtlivr Invitation.
Ou April 1. at the renidence of hi* son-in-law, II. Hill
yer. South Boston. IIknrv Maiu<i, comedian, aged 77.
At Watertown. Jefferson county, N. Y., in the 81nt
year of her age. Mrs. Ki.izabi:th Vai Dkviiki, relict of
the late Olncy Pearce, Knq.. and youngest daughter of
William Van l>cur*en. deceased, of the city of New York.
Her grandmother. Lucretia Bogardus Van Deursen. was
a grand daughter r>f the late much renowned Dutch
matron. Anneke Jan*. mid of Dominie Kvardu* Rognrdu*.
of the origiual Dutch ( hurt h in New Amsterdam. 1037-'78.
At Faruham. Eastern Townships. Canada. March 25. Leer
Wmr?L?:, widow < >f the late Oliver Wells. She *v born
the 8tli April. 1758. at Norwich. Ct., then a British pro
vince. and went to Canada with her husband and family
in l'i'0. Tlicy were the first who nettled In Farnham. and
she continued to reside there uutil the time of her de
cease. retaining her mental faculties in a most remarka
ble degree nearly to run Mftt Wr.m^nt
In Xorwalk, Conn.. Marrh 28. in the fcM year of her
age. Mrs. Ksnir.it UarGOav. relict of Captain Moses (Ire
gory. and mother of Com. Francis 11. Gregory, V. S N.
Morcmcnt* of tb? Ocean Steamer*.
Kaxm. LiArn. Dat*. Fob.
Wa?l.in,{ton Itrcnien Mcli 21... Now York.
Baltic .I.ivtrpoiil . . . Mcli 22. . . . New York.
Fr.inMin New York. ..Apl B.,.. Havre.
Al.lmns New Yo*k...Apl S... .Sm;vnn>h.
Southerner Charleston . .Apl 7....N?w York.
Cana'!* Ronton ....Apl f.,, .UvtrtMl.
Merlin New Y ork. ., Apl 9 . . . . H-rrn u J a It SI T.
Crement City. . . .New York. .. Apl 10. . . .Cliasre*.
Kortli America. ...New York. ..Apl 11. . . .Chagrai.
Oenrnia New York., .Apl 11 . .i .Chanres.
New York.. .Apl 15.. , .Chagre.
New Orl.an..
City of UI??gow . .I.lverpool ... Apl 16.. . . I*
I.nfai ftte New York. ..Apl 2fi. . . . II
W infield Scott . . . New York. ..May 1 . . . . N
Port of New York, April 3.
ant fti*K? 5 42 I moon niara 7 10
BV* **Ti t IS I HIGH V1TKB 10 19
Steamer ? Southerner, Iiiekinaon, Charleston. Spofford, Ti
letton & Co.
llnrks? Columbia. Drown. Maraeillea, Dutihlfc Co; Averon,
Caat ner. (Vdir Kev*. E I) llurl but i Co.
Brijri-N?rf? (N?-r). Mikkelaen, Amsterdam, Funehe k
Meinekc Johan Caroline, Dikeman. firemen, Schmidt
Halchen: l.il?-rty, Law. Timpioo. Schinidl k hen; Sw.?n,
I'i'rcf, IlermudM. Nestnith k .Son*; Ddrau, llifvma. Sintl,
do; Ma< on. \\ atkina, Sa\ aunah, Iieuiill 6i Co; Marin ( Nor).
Storm. Charleston.
ri> ? Tremont, Mitchell, Port an Prince. M M Freeman
k Co; Ilounty, Tinker, Norfolk; Kaiuhow. \iil!t?mi, Phila
delphia: Austin, Gibba, do; Belt idere. Carter. W areham; Joa
l'*r*? ll. Al< lander, Ho* ton; Abbott Lawrence, Allen do;
Sarah Ann, Fitagerald, Nantucket; Sarah. Perry, New lied
fcluop ? Welland, Dayton, Providence.
Brisr A lfred Hammond, Green, Kio Grande, Bractl, Feb .1,
with hide* and horna, to It Richard*. Feb 3i?, lat 10 17 S, Ion
J?2M. e*t l imbed tfenal* with whaleNhip Liverpool, of and for
New Bedford; M?r< h S, c?|f Pernambuco, spoke bark Dala
werian, Ifaynie. brnee for Pernambneo; jrwi, hi ?1 ;n?. I .n ?i.'l
.'!?? . l*aa*< d a h? ra hri* -bo win- a * bite ai/nal w itb tf*e letter*
S M V in it.
llrijr Mentor (Prnn). Sibulti, Palermo, 75 daya, with fruit,
to IU relay & Livingston.
Brig Teid iff. Ton!#. fnrdenae, 12 dav?, a ith *n?rar an I mo
laaaea, to lire 1 1 k. Vo?*.
Schr .Mary Eliiabeth (Br), , Pictoa, 17da%a, with
Coal. to 11 McFv< r*.
Schr Athelia, Com klin. Apalachicola, 12 daya, with Cot
ton, t . H IWt.
S< hr .1 %l i 1 1?- 1 1 ?, W eaver, Baltimore. 4 day*.
Schr E 8 Thoinpeoa, Fi-her. Philadelphia," 4 da ya.
Pel r Charter Oak, Saander*, I'biladeiphi^. 2 d-?r*.
S? br Vim rvu. Pbiladelpbin, 1 d?> #.
Ptbr Manner, timely Philadelphia. 2 day*.
febr Nol le, Irelitad. Pbiladelphia, t day*.
Pebr Andrew Hronn, Allen, Albany for lto?ton.
Pebr Hi< bm? nd. Ilark#*r. Newark for Roaton.
Wir Clotilda. t?lt?ter?leeve. New l.ondon, J day a.
M"? p Fashion, fllydenhnrc. Providence.
Sloop Uadiant, llarker, Provid?*nee.
Heam?bipa Ar?tie, Luve, Liverpool; ^outh^rner, Dnkiu*
aoa, Charleston.
T1 e elij p? r ab i p? Caweoek and Witchcraft, for San Fran
ciaeo, ba\e auebored in th?- North river.
Arm. 2~\X ind at *nnriae. \ K; at meridian. E, at .??un*"t.
St, m it i. rain aud fog .
TN lr graphic Maiiiir lie|Mrt?*
Nonroi.a, April J.
Arrivi d? Hark C>ana, NOrtcnai.
The llr I ri* Surah, * bleb went aahore r?n the laaie Phoala,
three wteka ago, wa? got ofl to-day imd i* now on her way to
tM? iit>.
foreign Mitlla.
I.i tter Par* f> r Jafoalen, CI K v, j. r M"im' r Brother
Jonathan, from Italtimore. will clone at the En han?e Read
inr l(o< u (H7 Exchange), thh afternoon, at half puat I
letter Ba fa for Jtonthamrton and Havre, per 't-amcr
Franklin, will eloae at the Exehange Itiadins; Room (i?7 Ev
cbanue, ) Satnr?!ay. April at batf pa?t H)oV|i.rfc,
letter llafu for Kio JaaHn and Vnlparai*o. per atevmer
U Prinoro, will e|<?*?< at the Exebanffe K^adiar Room, (?f7
Fa? banire). Saturday. April ft, at half t*a?t 4 o'elo. k.
Lett era for Havana. f*t Thomaa, Port* Rien, Han loan,
VeraCrna, Jamaiea, and all the Went ladia i?landa, p^r
ateam?r Merlin, will e!o*? at the Etebanre K? ading K<< .in
(?7 Eveline*), W?dne?dar, April !#, at II o'clock. Let
tern for all ialanda, exeept liermuda. mn*t be mailed at the
Keadinr Room, a* the poet efllec cannot f> rward them.
The al ot? letter ila/a arc ala? at Keayoa'a. 91 Wall atreet.
llernld Marine Corrrapoitdrnre.
pHtt.aori.rHiA. April 2?4 P. \l.
Arriri d? flnrk* Oak, Myd?r; Ea^le. Matthew and Kim.
Taylt.r, H"?t<R; 1 ri/* Miun.i (Kr-m), Ppriwcer, lire men;
Velocity. 9aM?r?oft, 9t Jago de Cuba, achr Stranger, Clli?t
N Bedforw,
Cleared? Itark Minne?. ta, Veaeoek, Hio lan? ir? a? hra
I.j dia Ann. Vierl l?*. Brldteport; Ptran^er, EUi?, Pl>iu ?nth.
DlicfaAturtr (of Hampden), llopkin*. bef??r? report
ed wrecked and fart of her ere w arrive*! at flafwa, wi? t??- I
tally l??*t in V fl Hay, near t ape Verd Maud-, on the _*l?t
Jaa l***t: "iftri and crew ?a\ed. Her carao, eoa*i?titj( in
paft of hk4i t?>bae? o, w a* aeved, bwiaf bnt altcbtly da
max* d, and taken to dorto, where it w?a told at aartloa.
t apt II' f>kia? would take paaeage h oie in the bri* t>r?*con.
at tiaml i ..
Prat ? r Fmito"*?" The follow ini table* exhibit the anm
ler of arvival? and clearaac?a at thia jh rt for the month of
an Rtra i.e.
Sbipa. pnrka. Ilri^r*. 8eh?a 91<mpf. Tot ?1.
Foreira ...... \1 fl m it ? l k?
Ceattwlre II 42 4<i 2r?s 4 .171
Total, JH H9 m ?11 4 Ml
Of the above. I abiy?. 4 bark*, Id Hrtj|* and 24 icbr* w?r#
Hritial ; I Iriar, l>ntch: I brig* N'-rwefivn: I berk Anetriaa;
1 hark, Praaeiaa; I Irig. Rnapiaa, and the fcfliaiadef Ame
rt r an awrra.
SMll. ltarka. Itrix*. Schft* Ploopa, Total.
Fefeirn 1.1 .11 4<? :fr< ? 12?
i'oadwl*- . . . n 40 ltw 7 27 *?
Total, ...... *4 7? ** 2W 7 .'**7
t>f the above, 2 l ark*. 11 bri^i and :J0 achra w? r flritMb. I
bark, K?ioi ?n; I 1 risr, Araentlne; 1 brii, PwcdMh, and the
remainder Anieriean. In addition to the above, tlbe fwval
mail *te t?fbi| Knr* pa *al1ed ? a the 12th, for Livifpoe!. an !
Ik Canada arrived on tb- ^t|?.
Arr at N B< if- r 1,31 t, abi; Ohio. N orten \ reii Ho
nolulu N v r, fit II ? arro, _*:at? |,|.|* nh, ?' f oil. .*p ! t
last of I?? c t.ff N of Falkland l*land-, Roman. Tn Pp. N It,
one rp wf . wf i< b ahe wa? enttlnc In; Jan !.% lat .'?* *, Ion 7 I
?AW, Eri?-. I>l?<km<r, FH, l?l layi oit, fin* th il, all
fell; If let *** 17. 1 n 4.*t JW, NarraaanactCof and f??r Nan
tneket . ?| Feb ft, |*t ? pi .a. Ion 3ft W. ft- n ) M r^an,
f hajM ell, from V paclfte, ?f and f . r N London, fitll.to t >neh
at IVrnam' m o for water, (reported havint pok? n. 1 lay#
previoua. Anadir, Swift, Wt day# from NH, for Ar ti-- S
cl?an) Mareh 2*s lat Ti l?n f*l f1. aaw a whaling bark,
ahowlnc a white *h. nal. with twobla'k ball*, #nnpo*e?| the
Olnttkia. of all. f} " fiMo baa abonf V> w |? r t| ? ?i '? ??
Ataa. arr *hif Two lit' tKtr*. Jenney, I'a? ife fh -an, Tal? a
bnano ?. IVraambnco Feb JUI, f ri bbl? ?p. I*a?t 4, wh
eil. f poke I?. o .11, i.ff ataten Land. ty. &n, Swift, of P
deter, I'*) -p. f> r Arttii
It 0*1 in-, W inel' w, Ml
by tN f ? 1) tiov Tr
Matefi Li* 11 d M 1 ? al !?. ^e a bury. N II, ?l' an'
Tatef, N rth P i ifle,
rant. Lowen. d ?? S09 >?bla wh
* .?kin P? el.avivtfaa, of ?Ippf^aa," ft* reported by the PhltW?
I, s?4 t#r? ? ? | ? rt. to till a 1 e. n left at Rio Jan- Iro In the niM
dle of February, r p* 'Umaiet, having bad bowa atov ? ? > %
apt hale, ^bip Po< akoata*. of llolmca'* Hole, I* protovhly
referred to, v hieh made *?-me r-pair* at Rio Janeiro, and afld
J an i>, to ? rui*e, |? j? aet pfobable ? h*t *he bad return* 4.
At f*t Vine* ? t t apo V? rd V?landi. Jan M, Cornelia,
?*?11 N fl, elf an, f? r Indiaa Oee?m.
Heard from rek 2Jt, (wher* not atat^d) by letter from Capt
La ail ? rt. I*aml h Tb- tea*, of V att*p"l**tt. 2^0 *p '4p"k F?h
? , Rllealrth. f do, ritftft; I'.th. H iili*. of d i*vi -p Pee-|.
dent, of >? .fpoet. Nl?p The tt ill**, Pfe?f4ena,a?d Satwl II
Tb? w?aa. took ?*|ey#?n wnafea ant m one -hal.
ll? ard from, ' e letter fr??m Capt Clement, at ?ea April l\
no lat k< . Leaf*. Mi, If0?a
frtara? Vek I ft, m Port Praya. ?ylpk. flardaer. FH.
cl?-aa; ?eh 12, (by a Ra?alan hria from Bremen at Port
t*tafa,9|t ft} A ai riea, of Htitl|4Rtt| j"? ? eil.
, i'W -t?. f? r Arctic fea*; had *pokpn .1 week* pr vio
?*eia*. Wm*l' w, N H, *> ?p on 1 < iM -am" da v. (aa|NM
-the#f?*n) tiov Tr- up, ? ? -ga --hall. Ml. a'jp; be. JO,
rtatea 1 and. M< n< nfar< la, "eabnrj, N
Arr at PIMM r. V ^th. -hit ? H ?>, T II
27.'0>bl la wh, *0 da *p oil; Levant. Lot
Ship Carol us from Bo*t?a for MOrl. au*. l?tU alt, ?? Tw
in KM.
Ship ?onmoutk. froa KOrlean* for Havre, 2Jd ult. Ut ft
40. Ion VJ ?>?
linrk. ?'rt..in, frum NOrleaus for Trieate, 21?t ult Ut M
30, l"? 79 V..
Ilriji ' Midas." J d*r* from Charleston for Wlndie*. Iltk
nil. I?t SMI. U? I* '
Brig Marth*. of Portland. from WUniin-toa, NC, for Do -
luarsrs. nil. Ut .11, lua 111 10.
Urtjr trokn. I ?r?rr, from Boston fur C'trJi'usi, JGth ult.
Ut 8* IS, l?n A 05.
A brrm hrt*. steering 8, > white ainil. with no
border, aud W V D ia it. ? as panted 27 t'u ult. lal J7 all In*
71 V
Brig Uewia 1U an, 2*. duv? from N York fur San Juaa do loa
Remedios, 27th ult, 1st Ion 7- W.
linrk Kensington, of and from NYork, July .'10. Rio Jaaei*
ro lire It. for Siraucisoo, waa paasod Jan 1". no lat. ?r, (t?
the Ohio, at N Bedford, which was in Ut 37 S. Ion 73 05 W,
Brig Sussex, Humify, from Boaton (Sept 11) for California,
Jan V, off C?pe Horn
Foreign Parti.
BiaaAv, Feb fi? Brig Hamilton. Silver, frim Ri> Nunes foe
Cncheo, soon; schr* Stephen ll Tow nstnd, Turner, from Gam
bia fur NYork, wtg cargo; Howard, Cruae. do d?.
Isi.t: oi Mat, Cape Verde Island*, abt Feb II ? llark f'lura
C Hell. King, of and from Ronton, with a cargo of aalt for
South America. Another account states that she aid about
Irk 12.
!.*<.< atba. March 13? Arr bark Paei, Philadelphia.
Matagi h, ?bt March 15 ? Briga Arcturua, Catoa. for N
York. Ids; Petrel, Mabee, for ; aad other* a* before.
At do 12th, bark* Swan, Holmes. wtg cargo: Carlotta. Gi>
rnrd, do; briga Mayflower, Bunnell, do; Mary 1'ierce. IVtoo,
Port P>aya, Feb 20 ? Brig Choctaw, Yarrington, front
Boston fur Gorce. aoon.
Rio Nun, abt Feb 1? Schr Joahua Brown, Hill, for Sv
l?-m abt 15th.
Rio CBAHlir. Brazil, Feb 3? Bark Mary Ellen. Sherman,
for NYork, ready; briga Abbottaford, Mun son. for Ital ti<n >r*.
Ids; Motey, Barton, from RuckUnd (Sept 12) fur California,
t? pail next day, having repaired; C'orvo, Auderauu, from
Richuinad, just arr.
Rio IIachk. alit March S ? No Am reasela in port.
Sn hh a I.tOMc. abt Feb 1 ? Touched, brig Allen, Berry, aad
(Id for Klo .Nunc*
Home Porta.
BOSTON, April 1? Arr barka Geo D S mouse. Winehen
bacb, NOrleaaa, via Holmes's Hole* Purest Prince. Crowoll,
do; schrs C'bainpiun, Bartlett, Wilmington NC; Am.?nd?,
Nickcrion. and Eliaha Holmes, Ilawea, NYork. Old ship
Osborne, l.ittle, N Orleans; barka Fenelon, Ropes. Canton
and Shanghai; Zcnobia, I'eppcr, Mobile; brua 1'aUtaf (Br).
Nattraas, Havana; Montague, Maboney, Wilmington, NC.
to load for llsyti; J Nickerson, Nickerson, Alexandria!
< andace, Matthews, Baltimore; Abbott Lawrence, Cruwell,
Philadelphia; achra F.IUa. Friabee, Savannah: Cape May.
Roan. Philadelphia; Mystic, Reed; Cornelia, Faulklin. and
Chnrlea llenry, Hyan, NYork. Sid hris Brooaa (notyeatrr
<lay ); and from helow hris Caniina. Brig Cliifkaiitw started
but anchored in the Roada.
BRISTOL. April 1 ? Sid brig Jerome. Church, narana.
GEORGETOWN, SC. March 2(^? Arr bry SaUao. Siwyer,
N York : sehra 11 If M elliuston. Allen, do fur BuckaTtllw;
27th, Grecian. Gilchriat. Fairharen; Ruth Thorn**, Grant.
GKORGETOB N, DC, March 21? Arr bark Sylph, Ryd?r,
1NIUAN0LA, Tk*a?. Maroh 18? In port, brig "Iladdrich."
for N Vork.
I.EW ES, April 1. 0>,' I'M? Bris Myr*, from Boaton. if tka
only vcaael Men or heard flrcra aabavins pa?aed up ainoe dat>
of kiorainff'a despatch. Tv o bri^a and about f >rty sehra aro
at the llreakanteis twenty of the latter came there thi*
MOIIII.E, March "" ? Arr ahini Seine, lfilliama, NTorki
f'arolaa, Ilowea, Itoatou; barka Envoy (Br). NYork; Mary
F Slade, llall. Boaton; brig* (' iiuma^tiid, llr>wn.do; De?
peinila (ap). Marri.-t:unr, Havana.
KOItiOLK, March 2#? Arr achra FUvilU. Taylur, Bosto*;
Cevlon. Vork. Camden; O Colea, Davia, NYork.
NEW HAYEK, April l? Arr hark Ne? Haven, nunter,
Porto Riro; l.ris Rainbow, Mansfield. d?; wVe Stirv'l Eliza
beth, Kniith. N 1 ork. Sid bris Typ?e, YalpeJ, T*T?rk; ?chr?
Moselle, Madiaon, and Hurt. do.
March ,S1 ? Arr achra G?dd Hunter, Thompson, Ml vague t.
Sid I ris II I, Swan, Tlkioh. Porto Rico.
Mi w PORT, April 1? Arr ahin Silaa 1,-on^rd. Thompson.
Pru\id?uce for Flavana; bark Vesta. Percy. Matanrai f.?r
Warren ?chr 1'nion, llanga, Providonce fur Baltimore; alp
Moses Eddy, l>ean. NYork for Wareham.
NEW Bl RTPORT, March 51? Arr achra General Taylor.
Knight, and James, Currier, Norfolk; Fult .n, Ja*?|uea.
Alexandria. Sid fchr Chaa Appleton, Post. Philadelphia.
NEW BEDFORD, March SI a April 1? Cld Ilr.m bark Rio
Puck 1 1. Wencke, Rotterdam.
PIIII.ADKLPH1 A, April 1? Arr brig Coinpromiae, Noo
nan. Enslport: fcl.ra Iris (not lalis). Chaae, lloaton; Mary
Anna. Haley, NYurk; *t"Mner Erie, Korinan, d?. Cld aclir
Col Ja* Page, Edward*. Trojr.
PKOA IDENCK. March 31? Arr achra Angeline, I.inn?ll,
Albany; Arion. McI.kngMl*. Wickford, to lei l for Norfolk.
Md sehra Mo-es Brown. Hall. Philadelphia: (loop* Charleo,
Aldrii li; Khodo 1 aland, Stcrgia, and Fashion, Blydenburgh,
N V crk.
1MRT8MOI Til, March 31? Arr sclir Parmelia, Could,
PORTLAND, March .'<1 ? Arr bark Mary T.awell, Good lot,
Habia Honda and Havana; briu O'Brien, P?teraon. Bueka
ville, SC; *<hrs Mcdford. Load. Bristol fur Vir-inia: Orion,
Post. Roi kland for Charleaton: ClMrndon. Smith Gtniio,
Thnrston; Eiiital. \ndrewa: Maasaebnaetta, Hlx; Elita Jane,
Saiildin?: Pilot. Sptnr: Koscmako. Klwell- Bengal. Pierce;
itallic. Amea. Thoa Hi*, llall; Ivanhoe, . and Free
tort, Post, Rockland for NYork. Cld bark It II Knijht,
Learitt. Matanvas; brig Maria T Wilder, Coffin. Havana.
RICIIMON 1?. March .XI ? Arraehr* Cuiun (Mr). Oxler, Ha
lifax. NS; Redinston. Clarke, Catnden, Me: Sjrah Ann,
Cardner. do: Charm, Berry, Boaton. Sid *chr* Gipay, Pe
rine. NYork.
SAl.r.M. March Ml? Arr briga Planet. Ryder. Bonariata,
Cape Ycrdo Islands: Potomac, Smith, Nate LuaeomS. wk*
remained on business, ) Sierra I.. une; sehra Win P Dellieer,
Baltimore; Boaton. I.ockhart. Philadelphia: Atlantic, Ni.'k
eraaa. NYork. Sid brig Amerle*. Troadwell. Philidel p'tia;
(rhra Tbos Fenner, do: Columbia, ltugora. Albany.
WA H II EN, April 1? Arr bark Yeata, Perry, Mataazia; brig
Frn>i< es, Titus, do.
Wise ASSET, March 2!?? Cld Schr J R Jewett, Richmond.
HARKIIA*. March ?? Arr ?hr E'igfftU. Norfolk. Sid
2'tli, rehrs Alexander M, NYork; W S Monnt. Hawkins, do;
' sloop Prudent, do.
PnaiH-njcrra Snllcda
I.n t arooi.? Steain.-liip Aretic ? Hon (ifo tf Wright. Oall
furaia; (ii o 11 nam M allridKe, Col J H Dn Solle. NTork;
Matthew Starkiirk and lady. Win II 11 4 mar atdiadj, Mi<f
Sarah !* Harney, Nantucket; J P Cunningham, Norfolk. Vl.
knmtf infittkri to tin- Court of SI Jaraea: lion Ch it B
1 1 x ? I <i*<< k, rortamnath. Nil I'kwn ?!' Affaire* to 1'ortnj.kl,
lady. Mni>t.-r liaddoi-k. nini Miiia Kimt>al1; Cap' lletin CiM.a
Miulx ll. Warbcck Pariah, liermtMla: Rev A (' Caar, Ifart
foril; Hob Sunnol li ( Inch. Baaton, Ciinml to 1'irU.
Uim danrhtcr*. ann and atrvaat: Hev Dr I ft ('huuli-a. N>?
port. Kl, ii-arcr of deapaleliaa to Fraacat A D U Fntckt
wojiMilflK Ja*A Robinann, tJco W flidfrUlt, Join Allele
WVrk; A H I i" Philadelphia; Je? Whitney tnd Mr,
to m Halting* Jr. Burton; A S Wellington an l lu ly, Charlra
t ? ? i? ("apt Straeder imd *"n, II A llarknca, Cincinnati: II C
.'nntli, Philadelphia: E Martuon, Waahington: A II Anhrey,
Knpland; Oanii'1 Hall inlay. Springlleld. Ma- M m II nnctt.
Niv fal'in. All. nnj ('?, NVork; Mr K*. xndon'a (erraa*.
Mcaii o; W K nlcrii mid Imlv , Mr J de I* Hi ; c, ladv. I?a
i hildrin and arraunt. New firtcana; !* K Rimr<. VVaitar
Spark a. ?t Ionia, Julra llmel and daughter Ur H 1. How
ard. M w C Raker, V II I'nttimn, Win J Met inc. 1> C.raham.
Philadelphia; J M lie. kcr. Pari-: I. M Cillctt. ,l..hn O llriea.
Iltr < l< - f.ilHtan. T (illlitaa, Ifcnry Ham. Henry Winek
l*y. I. II Morri-. C H ilila, K !.' Il'iot. N VnrX K Nratlwrl:
('? II Canard. Ilatou J. tin I'urdy. Waehia.'t on: K .Iv-rt fl
I. Ill# Mil ( l into rlain Henry Culilmta, Work; I rani ia
V \ Yltes Spiln: John M fMcaheinaar l n >1 la.ti . Mm A
odeahtiiuer W N? I. act. Jantca tin?*, Philadelphia: J W
(?odiliird N Torts A lli-l?nlt. JlUrteaaa. M K<<"in I ni* mil 2
friend-. Mctiio: J.i> II A-hmcad. Hartford: Mr Siuirirf,
< iariatati; II I' lomiarl. W I. Ikcroe and ladi. flw I jnea,
< It llatih and lady, I! s R>lirft?a, NVort; Win II Wirdia,
It (laraed, J Martin. Jr. Philadelphia; It II Alterknry, lady,
2rhildrii ami .rvanl. Work; ( ha* HIake. Joint Pcare*. J
Jam, C Vavln, Jr. Philadelphia Ilinrt Fiana, ,\ It ? Iforil;
A In a ha 9a Mrll, to in llcll. A K Hell. Win I. l.itminK. IMcr
Murraj. Mr Hal <ark, J It tlardincr, John C llitchi oi k, J II
Wataoa, N Vi.rk Ih nry Cohen, lady, I rliil lrcn and nana,
It I I'almrr. rtiiladalt'hla, J T lliftmaa. Mam l.r.trr. K; J
It Taj lor.
CH~*ai.ramx? .Mfaaahlp Foatheraw? Mra I' II llod^m,
? liild nnd Mf^iat, Mr- AdaMi, Mi-a \dani", R llouxhtoa tad
lady. Mi-- r.H?a Tutliill. Mr? K I. Ilimlra, Mr. Hrrtt, T llan
tiiifj. Mi. a Hirtinsa. M|.? Itcnnctt, Mlaa fain, J*? C Padrl
nrd, II C Hlakn I I Jmnha, II FlinfaH, John II irln-.on. A
II Kdinr* r. Ilaa W Arm-tmnf. R r l)r??. Jn Coflla, J Hc?"
i i*l 'la. I Klirli i li Anilri'W l artfi'lui, K Chrrrcll. OJaonha
Joi n Malionc) M'mMnivc, llafinan l.nn*. Jnhn w Kii'?. ft
Carinnii. I'ranila I.oiiia (in^tca ? hi in ih" i t"?r*ga
t? ItM r> -|c>n.iMlit) il> |.< r.diaa n|cui th* diai hare ?f tlM
li i : h tm.t lliafcliaa dt i ol\ rd uiMia inc. tn warraat me in o.in(
n iiatc \ i r mrana 1 think m ill I* (ha moat impr ??i*r to tlin
rraatcrl aaVilM-r; and a* I H* ?? amon;"t un a lilci-i-d ? ith a
know I- il^a til tlo ir Mali r. and tin* cartalaly ?f a liar*af%*r,
tlic n\ .-ria hvlaiiav m.ijnrit v mnatknow I aimH not haiara
an untruth t? forfeit my Itapaa nf happinaaa. Therefore, with
the Mirert rn 'iv", I i B r nivaalf i inarlyr |o If I
a|" II fkl-? ?o*arrainz u; lirlaif and .ill fa are vita riitrl
to lay N* rvona \ nti.l. te, I j. -ilii ly hrliara it (frum
rli r ' '?) a I . r l ilia ? ?r? f..r all Ulna* .lr adfnl di?-a?ea hereto
fi r !'? ? mi d inn ralile. atieh a. ronanm piion, ? on > nlai iaa,
i ill r- > . all aer* una a f?? ? tloaa. and anaplirodi-m T ?? atia,
1 1* Ori r a? iih > ircit: drpol forth* >al? of Watt ? N -r % .in
Antidote, m Naaaaa atri ri
Dr rai.i ii. Ai TiioR or the 'tractical rai>
rati. :in?," kf.-n (Bee I. o ura. lit 12 A. M.. ? ta ?
I' M ( ? n Jny eterpi-d. ) No. 'it fir? nnlrk atreei It ha*
I ? a a matter of anrf-rua la a. ma, that aay oaa at rf ipeeta
liiiti and <a| I rofrarional attainnn nta fhould dereta hi* at
lantfi n tn tl.c diaenaef a hleh |wn|d? of e* ry dea' riptiaa pra
taiad to Hire ?? ea?ilr. If. rio????r, the thon-andth part
of the i.n-irie* I hear | . . |le Iriaf r,f-? aoeiety ware kaana,
a a.-ry 'ifl^reat opinn n aauld ke formed. And it ta aat
nal) the pr?.?nt minry and dajaiiioa. prejiaa aa tha
n ind well aa tt-e I ody, hut aoiae are ot ?nca nat?. ra
aa to affect poateritr. aad (tea la deatrav tli? ra|>r?
dmthc family lltaplkM. It la a fact that, ahaa no*
yr- | ? rljr treated, they may ranain a > dormant ia tha i ja
a'l'uli n aa to appear !o nn other a uythan tn their f lf?< td
o|>4.n pwlrrltyi )???, If Kaftth ndawtaad, ara mo .t ?aal!y
an I a| -? illy ri lin vid. I rom tha tin omaaa aaedtral a.l.an
tan ? the aathor Iim lajoyed. aad a very tataaalv* and loa^
pra< til ? fa tl ia ti ea Wily, lia ha* ample $ round for iaandac
a |" raiain nt cwr. la r.iaaa of alriilltra, t.?w*r--T r.mia'ii alej
ar old -taadinr It may he; aad that. In aay ata<a af certain
due*;, a, nr their n, baa^aaacea. aa wall aa tha dcnlarahle ef.
fa. ta raaiiltlnf frmn Mrly impra>|*r liabita. he I an inaara
am h certain, aafe. and ra licat ? hit* a* eaa he ohtained froia
na ntlar annrrt ia Amtm i. Tl.oar wha apply ia tha ? vrty
*t*?ra. *111 l>a aarpn ?d at tha eaa* aad rapidity a#; tn t*i
hat* rantrai ted dlaaaaca, "Cnra nt rolaaa." thai 1^
lakf earc of thy haalili. I have .|?rrt <1 many year* la ay
Prof' aaioa, and I ate if ated aucoeaalaily tliafaail ?? pa
ll' n t* Tho*a a ho al?h t" rcr.aall if ... na thoae roinnlaiatdk
can il'io ( fri a of rkama. ) fr< m . t V to H I*. M. nandaya
?nrcpted. If Jim talnc your heaKli. yaa will ataid thaaa
ki nea alio aiit.ln*fcia(Iy tell yna ' That they only raa caf#
y -i and ll.al their one kind "f m-'liiina I* all tnat la a^
ee,,?ry for di-aaae in all itf r?nii?." I'erinaa a ho*a haallS
ht ? I ? -n ralaad ky tkoaa aantiat*. call apaa mt daily. Ml
"a IWitaiia. Fr m ? ightecn yaara praatio*. tkra* af
ahl h \< re in li?*|'ital, I'r. W. 1* anaalrd lo ffnaraatc*
at'eedy taraf, altlo ut merctirr. .e"dhl? illplnma In hia otRce
Nn. I Mott atreet. adj. mint ("hat' am nnara, with the dr*4
aame* in fnr*cry and meditlaa thl* Maatry *rar pradaaad.
' n tartaia illacaaea. whi h ha traata withont merenry,
Rai'eat ( aaea ?arad in a lew day. Thirly-an* yrara i ra.ti.-a
? nahlea him t? cur? aertoa* dekllity, from arlT ahna?.
See hi* I "ndvn diploma In kl* Britala oil. a, Talloa
?tr?t N B. -Na fee till an red.
NO ri K Til l.ri'RM)-!)* MCttrilT HAB RF MOVED
ta No 2K Roea?velt *?r??t. n? nr Chatham, whrra ha i?
l i nrty ' nauft'd ea all diaaaae*. Rc'??l caae* ha caraf
withnal mcr-ary in tto to fnar day*, with anparallai*4
atl ceaa. Ilia ap?c>?-, *1 a I n*. oaaaat k? keatea. N. B.? 11
l aa ten. f>r. N. a ill r..rfc|t *vw.
ni.A in r acts ro* the i eoi i.e.-it in a r acv.
1 till a haa tha patii-al Rnda that ha liaa he. a lnot'alata4
? Hi. lie-aae of a private aatnre, hen i>a the r?ni|>M,e ataol
of r?p- ataaiat. It ia a fa t thnt thla ilicant?. ahaa -eatad ia
tl'i' ay-t- aa. haa hei a known to mm ilaaa fr in (aaeraiiaia 'a
*cii. i <tiv* . i aetinc h. rr- r aad aaatraction ?h?reter II aa
p. ara. H ia a fact, that the medii ire maatly ralied aa (?
tr- alia* thia -li-caaa i* mer. nry. It ia * fact Mutt a mi<rea
rtal afrcctioa ii nearly, ar 'inila *? had, aa tha 'UawaMe >t?*lfa
wd will terminate the cxlaiener of tha au?i?er a* (|iih"lil^
It ia a fart, that the . nit rameity that c*n to lamly raliad a*
in i *fn< tMa mn-t loatheanma aff' ctl n. wlihvat iad"?y to
the ; onatllntion, la IH. Ilnnter'a Med lW-. p a**d *a Mac. led.
It ia a fart, tha t thla mmlii-inc haa ly * aa nnn nMife
In i n' month thaa all the "Qaart Owrtora" 4* in alt. and
lhat withotit . hantL f diat or aat <>ta Iraace frnaa hnalaaaa
ahatatrf, <??. dollar per tial. ?k . h la warraa??d to cart
ia aay < a?* in a fc? day*, ar na ehanra. A iaad4 ?l k >'<k
"'?tlnat Nn. ;||Mi taion .treat. New Vfrk . ity.and fi?al af
*"'? tin".!. Uvtato, *rt ?al> pl#??i u eta H Uti |fW'

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