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Debate on the Resolution Compliment
ing Mr. Webster.
Advfrw Opinion of ihr Attorn*? General mo the
Canal Enlargement Bill.
frHi AM SniWm of (be (ouat ry,
lie., icc., <14
ALM.fr, April 10. Isil
Of Jonuthan Ilasbroui k against any further legislation
In respect to Washington it ileadqu.i. ers
?ianfl> DIBAIE OK TMI" RI WI V, notl C9MFLIM> *TI?li
Sil lUiKI NKMtl LU
Mr Bi:>emak called up the resolutions. offered ;nt?r>
day by him, relative to inviting tku llou Daniel Webster
to vinit the capital
Mr Cook asked if one of those rv? mtioni aid not con
tain the request for Mr WeWlur to addrese the Legists
tuw ?
It wim answered that It did
Mr Cook then said ? We have scarcely time to ad.lr. ^a
ourselves at this period of the session. 1 trnve to lav the
resolution, on the- table
The Senate refused to Uy on the table by the following
Tote:? ' *
fook. Dimmirk, , Schooamaksr. Up
rhon act M llliams? 4.
_ N*v*~ *?*???? Balaoek. Bee k mm llrandreth. Carr.IL
Crolius, C nm, Cortia. F o,, Johnson Miun. Miller,
^?'?ner Soy ler, an. I Tntile? m
Mr Cooa then moved to amend by .triking out th
first resolution and inserting the f U 'Win^ preamble ?
Wherea*. Tho Legislature uf the *t .te of Now Vork mi'r
tain a high ?eniie of the eminent abilitr >t' the Hon. Daniel
Webster, of Massachusetts anil in new of bis maai fold pab
llp aervic. f , anu especially appro ati-ic t ,e vatim. ut? pat
fwrth in l.u late correspond, nee with Chevalier lliila^maun
Mr Mi.vm would like to learn t what efforts to uphold
the constitution the resolutions of the Senator from th
fifth district i M r IWkuian ) r. ferrvd Wa* it to the al.i ?
apeecho* made by Mr Webster year* 4 nee, proving to ?
demonstration the utter unconstitutionality of the tailed
States Bank '
Mr Cooa thought that then- would be time aft ?r the
adjournment of the Legislature to hear the great ex
pounder of the constitution He th >uglu the Senator
from the Filth district by the introduction of this resolu
tion, war infringing on a distinot agn-emenl made by tb?
whiga at the early part of the se*aion that there should
be no resolutions relating to the conipr >mis? uiea?urei
Mr B[>kma<i regretted that they should suppose him
Capable of violating any understanding with hi* friends
lie would not do ?o for any personal friend whatever
Mr. Cook recollected that the Senator lud taid that
by the introduction of these resolutions it was his desire
and object to have a vote on the great com promise mea
Bures. Them words were not cold They were yet ring
ing in the ears of Senators He moved to refer the re
solutions to the Committee on federal Relation*, which
committee consists of Messrs Cook. Mann and B.tbcock
__ M,y ?*acoca thought time was the moat precious com
modity they now were dealing in. and that there wa< not
enough of it to give those resolutions though we ap
proved an J applauded their sentiment*, a "ufflrirot con
eidcration lie hoped Mr Boekman would withdraw
Mr Car aoLL suggested that there seemed to be a di
vision ol sentiment concerning such resolution*. judgitig
by the course of the Senator fr im the Krie district (Bali
Cock) between the President of the United States and Mr
?I ebater
Mr Bikimai stated that as the Committee on Federal
Relations was a highly honorablo committee, and the
reference a respectful one. he would consent that the
resolutions should go there especially a." aom? of his
friends seemed to thuik which he did not admit. that
thev were precluded by the agr.-ctuun: at the early part
Of the session. |
Mr CaaaoLL tin ught this consent of tho Senator from
the Fifth discnct was a regular cave in. It wa,
Mr Br>KMA> said the Senator fr m the Third district
fMr l'am41; mttft see ihc difference between a Cave and
a tunnel There was an opening to the eave. and he ex
f*T ^ , T hl* rc*o'utioH^ emerge, sparkling and
bright, fr iii that oanmittee; and he promised him that
if they did not come out soon. be would dig a hole in
that cave, and let them "Ut into the open air
The resolutions were then referred
The Senate refused to con.-ider th. joint resolution re
eomm. udiug the next Congr. to estabUsh an agricul- '
tural bureau in the I* panment if the Interior 1
the fcl'VI CANAL an.L
Tne bit! to revive thepow.r- >f the jhkIus Canal <' >m- I
Laf.7 W W on b' * majority ,4 the Canal Com
mittee Mr Skinner of Jefferaon di-wentin?
On motion of Mr Bka( h of Ca) uga. it ? a* referred to '
an early action.
io? or the aiti-bent a 1 li.
Tue Anti-rent bill staying proci-?diug? for the eellee- '
tion or rents wu again brought up and loet. It re.
CeiTfd only twelve affirmative vote*
raaasr.r or tm?- bill < aiCATis.. a *a*? at-DlToa
The bill to create th- office of Bank Auditor fevering
the char*.* and -upervision <4 all th. hank< and banking
?Mociationa from the Comptroller s 1 >ffiee . anil giving to
thu offi. er all their charge at a salary jf Mo. (jr the
term <4 three year* to be kppoint. d by the (Jovemorand
* ne *.enate. passed? sixteen whig* and two deinocrats
Toting ta it* favor
TMi. s t w ition cm? iirtimo a*o Dtviic rsrtiiiiii
u ^ NI,,T
? ?'.i It J intr-lu ?? d a ? .1 to :ne rp .rate the Union I
1 tub th. flr?t Section at Which ?h< a^. I >U tm*
SamueUaaaa JaiiaC ?t?vs??. M >*< H t.rinBell, J?hn I
Taa n?rrn. Jotia 1 Macombtr Jminn V?'ad/w ,rth I' .i a
A '? Thorn J ?? r,.'Ji?
* " / "J t1""' B^elat... anil <uch rcr
*^w "f* M*x-iaU4 will, then, for th. .amr pnrpo.. |
,^'?'*erke me a.?oe,at.<
*?ri rauT'h?' ?tkJ? "1 ars hi r.by r. nstitut^.l a bod/ I
J. 'J'.'K V th?|?am? of th* t aioa f lub of ths Cltv of
r??w Tork far the parp>.*? of rawing, t ,j .abaeriptioa in.
nations aad ass?saiB?nu. aa<l ths m aber# y?arly or . th r
TJZkl ' ^ '? *r* ll'n* atiii firr/iabiag a
?01^1, for aLl rary and r-aiin. r .om f.,r ths a.s
11... 1 w,,h bl 'ks journal., ami furaiture. and
mtmUli *f"_ >*??? bath, an J msaU to tt.e
r.j 5r;?"V-i,nt r
The Senate then took a r-eess
A^TBKflXtxjx 4gs<I0X.
T"^ 'no' elabi rate of.ini .n waa received fr m
viae Att-wn. j -lien, ral relative to th? pr .? d i.,wpr>.
Tim eg for th. >|a^djr enlargement ?f the F.rie can.U and
It ^r,k * ? ?d Oet,..-. e Valley canals It review,
the us'j J! ! , thinkT " Tl Uu " ibm Conatitntion of
-if , ^Ut" tn Buthnrning the W u- of bilb of ere.
Bit and a iso various provisions <4 the stale Conatitntion
__ Bit xa p a ss 1 1 1
dlM fr l lJTT'1.!0 mi,k* U " ,'?rr)'in* "*?y of (Oil or
Ato T m ,'n ll" " s,'w v rk " ,u"',"n'
t.zir . J. Pun'K'J who ''^Uin money b? pre.
t-?ding to aoiicit aid in behalf of alck or disabled lire.
r ?"tend the act incorporating the Sew
Xork (saliery <4 )?. Arlf
_ ly qpcstlon then cf ir.ng up on age ing with th? fa
w ? "* ll" ? "ninutti- on th- >r. .? ,-cb .1 b.U? 1
Mr wiluami said it was of no use to a-k a p.?tpone- '
P " TJi* ruJ">t?7 ^ the force to (?^| the b.li hard as
t,J* t,!y 'nJ l? M*?na they were determined
, .J*'/"1'0'1 "? Ih',r'*lm'tt- "a* agre ,1 to bv aye, 19
'** *wi Jasaed by ayea. 22. naya C
Ali.m April 10. 18*1
??*???> or atlLa
Tb' following bill* were r>-ad a thir I time m l paa*a4L
Qnlee> Mherwii<e noticed ?
An i't t>> provide f.,r the appointment o fa -a
to WMtmel % I r .dge at r mm ibc }'?ir>> u * ? Mk in the
town of W .t'-rvhi i
A 1"?ik d< hale eiuiax) on tb* pneeage of t hi - bill and a
Motion t'> fcioiinit for ?uNlimil ??< 1 >et The bill
waa then lost Moth* to laeoni liter ??? thun made aud
laid 0?> the table
An act ^Incorporate tbe Auburn W.?;. r*(r<< C aa
An ant to pmeMefturthe ? r??i. ui i n and dlerlplina
Of the uniformed militia af the tir-t dieieton dkatrict
Mr M*< aetata ai' ?ej a ra-eon?>d?-r?ti n and that the
notion la; oa the table ? Li.?t ?u d tha b?M r fu.- d to
aturr ati i .
The remaioder of th?' ?eael'?n up t(> th? hour of reeew
wa* with reading of hiU? f r the r.-Uuf of privau
aft*iu<?oon nk <i it.
HI I fcl 1 1 aw aa Tt*rai? <i? e?M
The Senate aent down a bill in r*-! ? ? i??n t t h<- rf>llwti',n
Of tame in tbi city of New fork. with aux-ndmutt c n
eurred In.
THr ite actio* or
The i .ill for tin- ??ett< r protection of uv-hatirt in en rt
Ing building* and furmabiug matt-rial* tberef r, wm r? jJ
? third tus< and paaeed
i ?r*i etna
Tb? lialanre of the after n " n eeaion waa devoted to the
(Mange of 1<? al bill# Adjournal
The KfDIafor of PHta??air*h C onrlrtrii of
Jtlot? Orneral Vott, Af.
PiTT?ava?W. April 10. lltl
Jot Barker, the Kx Mayor wan convieted to-day of riot
Md miademeannr while in . fljre and woe aentencd to
m<nth? imprisonment l> - le? paying a flne 'if
Before the J?dg* witmid him Mr Marker baran/ued a
l*r*e rrowd fr>>m tbe Coart low ?t#pa a hoeing the
jndgea and lawyer* without tint Hi* frienda no? pro
Btiae to m?k" bim hheri#
The eail far the flc.tt me?tirf on th- rtth haa apwar le
of lonfl rsaiaee app?n led t it he i? th. whin farorite h -r?'
We barn wet of watrr in tbt H?"r lb* tb* rui'tut
torlaatM9. WeatfceVateaf and pieaeaat
Ocean Steajwera? Arrlml of llmry ? Injr
from llarana
Niw Oa. t .** April i Utl
The ateani'l'ip North Ami rice I'aptain ilie'heti ban
lirtrad al thi?p?rt in eev.-n dny? fni?i i hacrea bringing
half a million in gold d??t and 4^) Haaanger* II., r ??
liforuta date* are the ?aiue ae thoe? per the Oeorjia and
ff?w Oatt ? ?a. April 4 1M1
The ateanohip fforth Aoi'-ri'* ha ju?t ?atl d f r N.w
Tark. and th<> ?t-?m?hip OhW tiaa Jn?t arrif "d fr'/ai 11a
rane, with the H- n Henry <Tay ?? b'?rd
TW raflllT* Cm* In ImUh. 4m>.
lMt>i 10, 1*41
T?fJ little tirltHMl ha* Wrt ? if-a*?4 to-Aa j n?
ItUn l? the hit of ??????? llw fugllJN Tb? Umn
harr t-een onb-r.-A iHrt t"-?*?rr.." i? a- I In ??? ?.l any
<hi Ik' n?a>< vai "fill* fufitiv Miia
T<>ila) Hrittg wt m4> bf Ik* WWIM M ? til o<
U'tlim aud J.r? ?rr Iiwim || ??rally i# i?-|? ? 1*4 TU I
?turw mrt ail rtw?4. a ad Um t burr b? m t4 *U*?kl
PnrttAagi m? Ik* AbalMltnlali In Cmi4i
? Antilaacc lo RaHaway %>(rar?, 4k.
T*aa?t? Apr U M, |?il
TW aeriri nf ?ali "latery Wtar>i ax* r-wlaM t%4
?iybt a*l OMigi Til. my. ? w.u rtura to IW laud
Matr* ?h' rtljr
Tbriali ' " ' " "fTimh i- I* ~-?nmua
r#t l-m with t h? I n,l?t ">ial-? abuiitlow -f. aad Ml* ti l
JebtgaUw lu I Wir ?nuw. <? ?in. uli n ?, \|
Mr Ma) <4 -?ra. )M>4 ? a-~ U I* ll. |ur^?*
of ax - rtaiuiag at wbat |~4al> mi tl. fr.al,r H ? u. I
I* b?l f?* fti|<IIVN to taii.l TW ???-.?-? fc."? kn?
(urniid a TifUaiv. > < umiti r U> .?rr.? Ib, ft|gttif ?
TW I anadiau fart la 1.1 w tu B..1 . .* ifc. Ml <4 Map
Kw tfc* Halt I apllal.
Ai aaat Aaril 14 I*. I
The ahW *uru? >4 (h. I .. ir .air* ? .?
1 p--int.d a aimlltn I 4r?f> ?a . M- . ? a>i n . i .a.
m?i? <4 IW f?aii*tiliw wbif n fi? I i? >?"'
1 Comai liter
I Thr ofuam* . f the lli'iw; ?? r* I *?>?* th? Ml f-r
; tW now ?|*?dj n.affriaeal af ?!>. ?r>. adlW
prMrntril In the Min thi? ?f'fa?Mi r U n ? a
1 It take- drelArd fr> uu f? a??i??* iW -*a tp 4
th. bttU
1 Oo* llual villi IW r m i at af <W Mtb h?? m ?l?
I tW f?4J"?lng ai t>"l??m. at J - t-fc b-iit .a a? Trw t??
I of l hi* >' IIWl ? tllUli -I V ? * <? J?r ? ? <? H i
i?b i4 I'utfh.? Jn.tUaa - ? ? aa . l?4rf*? If
Burke. of Bruublyn a* Minn pwbiw
j Oak al I'llra^ aafraOa* *f Iarra4l < rt*< *r ,
Fnri April 1 ? MAI
A arrrre tale nf wm1 r>? -ad ?-? r ibw t ' ? .? ? ?<
The t?U ikinc; on l..ar u ? ? | aa-af t? tori a *
biota* do* ? j-a.-.a* thr- i. I. ta? r*4 i?' a i
| Orrutt aaj ? *r*iiiift War rwal -m~4 la m* a* ftr
ftfty-fc-ur baUdiriif. ta tl ? rtt? aa l thai th ? h I a
n nl<ni pial I' d to tarn lh? ? j Th ? ? I I Inr i ta
Juor l*-f< r?- Ju4y Ailr*
Hirlmrl ftaW* and <Wrti> ll?r-? < * ha t
art*?lr<l by iWiat !>? 'ii?i<?a warWi >< t'!
ji-*rliy atura d H L Hn l?i .4 thi- it? II I * >?
Uu. tin ia u ? m jaJi 'Btl- ? ba *? 4 ar. >a inf it M I
Hgainiil I In U! Tin-) uubilt' <i f ra I nlwn
Mark UirJ Thootaa rraa? a Ar- ? ? . *a I I? ?
John ll?-nnr Irnn.i. Il.nr? < harb ? II- of) ??' Ai<h?f|
K l'ugh *? iv <-..miain.-J I fM in 1- '??il I n- " ??.
rand T' Uar> rtwh ta au-?T th- tint; 4 n?|?- iai
brutal h~?? nl t-u lb- 1 a J>a*in? w ? la >aa
Damtil Harh?4 llurlbttl tv.. I ** a* lull ? ???
rwtfMi an<l. In i . um ijui ? t |W< aim* 1 i ? ? I
of a alill born infant Urrat a*i it- un-at . afc.. i -t l
Mgninrt tb* villiau*
Tk? Hrccnt Prlar Klglil? Jtatr^rr, A< .
?>it t i Apri; 10. I Vil
II i? rrporfrj that teimnr l ow !? ?b- ut t 04
arrrral Stair oflrrr* who |I|| I anil abalt"! iu il. r>
prize (lfcht
Nrw Orleans dalr? to ih?- 3-1 l?-t bi?. I.. . a >?? ? ? I
A man 11 * mid Tini"thy tn-n ran fr< m 11 -t'>a ?.
dm-d at N?-* Ori<^?n<i "n thi- J.|
The BritUb ?hip DuAr >ail?Hl fr--?n M (? a lb- i4
iuftant .with 4.100 tab - of n-u- n fi>r !.,? ry ?4
Urath of Or 11. Uradj .
Ditiiit. April 14 11 1
The ftuilant and Trnerahli- Ornrral Hugh Uradj >4 lbi?
city, iff drad. Hi- wa- kiliril a b-w in-tn^nti Mn<* by*
fall front his carringi-. in thi- ttpp?-r purt of tin- ty H
traa ^tpwardf of eighty j ram of a|p> ^>u-i untt- r^aiiy b
Nt ilran t laluia, Ar.
W iiHitntot. April 10, l?l
No armn;?i-ment ha? yrt b< en ma-b- l>yth^ ? rrlary -f
1 the Treasury. ?ith regard to tbr mndr ?.f payno*at of ||r
claimant* un-ler the tr-aty with Me tiro The m 1* . ?.r*
I rra?-n to be Here the award- will t?- p?. 1 Jim tly by\be
depart went . and not thr"ii|(b the 01-4:001 ?f a banktB^
hou-e. an has t-e? n reported.
From fccntrnl .Ymcrlt a? tinlil Dn?t, <Ve.
Ni? Oltlt'i. April lit
The atMUBship Mexico baa Juat arriva l in -? ?.u 1..
from <"ba?re? ? ia f*u Junu de Mrarajfua brin^.ii*
J.70 000 in gold duft. ami 240 pa?*enrer< Mie rep >rt?
that the British nutai force hi- t?vu.iiiiallj withdrawn
fr< m ."an J nan
The uteamahip Ohio Ihtm thl? port fcr?X*WfY "fit im
Saturday. the 1-th iurtant
Marine Dliustera, and L?oa> of lAtr.
At bam. April 1<I. lfcil
The nrhooner Wan- of Huntingdon. l.ong l>land w??
' capaiaad in a WjUall jrtMrnlajf afternoon near .Muyea
I taut' a. auJ two of her crew were drowned )
Noioolk- April 10 141
The brig Benecia. henrr f >r ('Uatrr>-?. li is put b?ek
; l<aky 8he will hare to dUcharye her deek load. and
' bam up We hal ijuite a t>l w fr<w the .* K ye.tirjay
Fire at Cincinnati.
Cr t in* an. April 10 1 ?"?!
A fir* broke out at hnlf-pn?t -i* tlu? ni . nin^ in th*
lit or* of Campbell. KUl-onJL Co.. Columbia Btreet whlrh.
with the exten?ire furniture wre-room.- of Mitcbel k
l<aninieL?bur/h ntid thu wholesale grocery warehouse <4
I'uliam llatflelcl 1> Brown. adjoining. were de*Uoy?*d
The loan ia buary . but mo?tly co*ered by insurance
Meteorological Obaerratlona April 10.
B' iuio. fr A >1 ? fine morning raw n rib wind;
thermometer 4? . merruiy iO, barotueter ?7'0
Kcwutttra. t? A M -fin# miming, though colj raw
wind frtm northweat thermometer :>3
At at a*. 9 A M ? Rather cloudy, but quite warm and
p'.ea-ant wind n- rthwe-'t , thermometer .?!
8??at' ?t. ?A M ?A fine clear ni' rning, but ratb?T
Co?4, Wted Bouthwe?t therm meter 4.">
Inn. V A >1 ? A floriouf morning not a clou<l to ha
aeen; wind went thermotu* ter W, bar wet* r 'Jt.Hu.
mercury 66
Ai,ba*?.VA M ? Clear eool. and pleaaant m rnlni
wind fH'Utb bar meter 30 ? i."> mercury 60 , therm ?
meter oS The water in the river ia over tbe duck.-. -nd
at ill firing
M..itb?ai. PA M ? Cloudy with appearance of rain
wind we?t lea in the rivt-r f?-t disappearing. tln rm i
mi-ter 4o barometer 30
(ij t A M ? Weather Ihlrk. and ?nowinir about
two Inehe* fell lii -t night and thie morning wind nortb
I'ttft, therm "Hi' ter 4o
KiaoaToi. V A M ? Cloudy, but not unpleasant, ther
mometer 44
K'iLi?riiw. PA M ?Cloudy and cold; wind north
weat; thermometer 4'j
Tncmui, April lu ? <5 V M
B?r.*i>*ri rrt ? F!*u r? A buoyant f-tlin* prevailed Id
IktHfkttfcr Vnttn Md Mat* brand* to-4ay, and
with ? g'fd demand from the trad* priee? ruj. d
oie 6A?*) bbl* changed banl* itM It a M U 1 >r S
?i auperflne M /) ? >4 <>'i for common to choice state M 48
h M 75 for I nt! iana and Mirhijrun i4(fi i f4 81 for New
> >rli an* and Ohio, and )4Mi > 5 for pur* Oene?"e. C'a
r adian moved to tbr eitent of I -**J bl.l? . in bond at >4
M a M ??>,. * decline Southern ba* advanced ? tbr
? alea r^acbinff 1 '??>*) bbl* beln? at >4 75 ? >4 *7 for run
?J to *tra>K>U and >."? ? >?"? 5?* f * fancy Hi* t'lnur w?<
firm and ?al*able at $3 37 a >3 44 C am M'*l **? In l>et
IT rrquewt at Mhnti ?a* held abort the
limit* <>f purrhae<T> and the market entirely n^ml
nal Hv ??? heavy ant lower *alc* Baking at ? t a 7>
Nothing tran-pir- 1 in HatUy O mil were unchanged
but IB' re Inquired after Corn ??? not plenty and yel
low ?a< h? Id at Mr wltb' ut a buyer To arri ve. lu 'Wt
bu?bel? mi*. I aoM for delivery In June at OJc
Cotlo* ?The Africa ? new, In Dot CD'Kleml quite up
totiic expectation of ? ?? op.ratora, but the fn-r*\
feature- ?<*ing of a h. althy character a p?*l demand
ww felt to dey at full previoua price, at which H'WU
bale* rbanci'd h*nd?
I'aoviaii.**? I'ork ? With a limited trade demand we
noticed *ai#a of 4"j bl>U new mm. at|14 7i, old at >111
*<7 new prime at >11 75 and old at >lu 62 a >10 75 ll.-.-t
wa? in K""d r*que?t and the market ruled firm Th*
opera I ion f Includ* MO bbl* me*? and prime at full
figure*. and $*< tierce* prime me** at >|j M a >lfi I ul
M i-at" ? A fkir bu*in"** wa? done to-ilay cunprieintf VV
M.I* and tierce*, at * V f"r dry -*it?il ham. t a ?
lor ?ujrar cured, and B*,c fur dry aalted ah'.ulder*? doi
ng buoyantly at improved rate- Of lard. 3U0 bbl? an>l
ierc? ( hanged hand, at R't a *%?? market firm Kilt
er and rherae were pretty MivaMe without ailtraleo
n value
Borrow April f> Hrmkrr ? H..?r4-% UW < heal, ire B a4*,
f'l \ ?(<?' "<l?aiMi?th H' n 1? iC, Ht Verm >at and *???
K.i o ..| it i,4- ?? . -r,trM ll->flV>n an4 *?!??? K*ilr?a<l,
' > I". I'*v i U ?t a aa4 l.nwtll Kaorua4, 113^,
liltatoH Railroa.i, ;?i't " F.aet-rn Railroad, I U, ? Jlorta
era Railroad, 71. 1 1 ii > , iu\. II Phila4vlphia. Wilmin/i a
and Baltimore H?or ?4. f> <'4'j.,X''t ?*> i ?.,Zr, -? nth
Shore Railrvad. I7'? ?' f? -.tera Railr ????. KW'v I'J
1.1 do., \w\ 4 d'i iui. t h-,?t< n aad Pr i?id?i. e K? road.
t?,?, I do., V?. 4 t h??l,ir# Radrrad. II do., *o Ml
Verm nt Central Rai.r a?. IV,. Hid'. , kin. .1-, f, ?
,V0d.. . bU V.', !*> di , M y.ij. ?? Teraoat aad Haw
Railr ad, 3?V .8 d.. .11". I' , il<<t Jen?t,ir)t?i K?i lr> ad, t ?',.
46 4?? ? " ? ??.!. ' , N "?:* ' "lit r K?. r
9; 2 Maa< heater and baer-i..- Railr ?d. ?' *. Maul f
N'.rth AiaeH'-a I 1- r ?iar.t? Hank, li?',, II T. !*?? <rtb
I I mpaa*. V*. II <1 ? . . I- < aat a < .mpaav M, ?>
7?|?4 lftdr.71 I* d" l-ltu ,JH. aid?? 7ili. M d.? 71 I lu
l.aat Bottoa Compaay,
PMii.arrt.rHi*, April in Ai rtl flie4 |e?' r?nn'a ? ?
Wl\. *??? ???. Ml I "" d<> an. 6,'*t I'taa a '. ?. I mi
do., k'*. 4 W 4*., .V?? H'^dni* a. ?? c, -I', I
do., M??. *?t 4?., rrr l.da f<3 i.tnai l,?hi?n *..rt. I
4 iWi d" . CTV, !.???< l-ehlfh 4"?. IW*t ??' l.enlfh la* I ?*>
n?aq Canal 6 a ?2 I d'. W??. H8 Jl'i I'ntoa Mi In.
Krr. 711- l<?abare? ?'?bb a Railroad. W: ."<? Rea<lia^ Railroad,
i.' i'ii .1- d - I" l i
hft. ICa* aad Aaah . I ii'? l*? C R Baa*. |i, -4 <4e
thaaiea llasfc, ?'*, JMilrard Baak. ISV W All- : ?ay C' .al.
i: ii?i r heattr Mia. t a., M. ??!???<? bmw-i W <hdi
R'adinc Railroad. *1% Hrr?n4 B*mr4? ??.??> R??diai <.
? Wm MM i'taa a #?. TftM?: j|?; H? Aile
il.ar, ? 1 it* R'a. K 'Mi ? flardea ?'?, I'M S- HO ?n?rea t R.
Bank I'k .10 Maaqnehaaaa Canal, IAS ? ?*' ^ Am ' <al 1 7xii
H' t.iran Bank. I V ? l'?aa a Railroad. 4?i: ICR' < m at.- Mio
l ' . lo .-(/fet ."alee- **) Readta* Itai:r'?a4, SO1*, li*?4? ,
?!t: lOtrard Baak. IV,.
ftai.tiwnar. April!* *1 ork H??r<-IW? Kaf/laal ?"<
1'Cl ?m l?alttn>. r- ?'?. I*!"1 I < X> al.ar*? Baltmv.r- aal
<>' i Rai i r .a.l lo T rk (til ' -im' ?r!aad Ranral - i
_At ti e l; ard to ilaf Nary laad 4 a rlnaed a? I'B k- i, I ,
aaktd. ?d'.*?url| 6 ? *i ktd m aak*d liair.ia-r* 4'? I *M.
?LW!i\U!4\ ??j1"!- M4 Okie Rallroa4 baa4?.
if^L 1' ? *'>? 4? akaraa, 7?V kl<1. ukril;
T"k aa4 t aaWrlaaJ lUilruat ? tod. M\' ?A?4,.Beluiajr4
a?4 VuiMkuuk IUiir??4. M ki4, A uk<l.|
Telegraphic Report*.
Naw Oat-Bana, April 6. ldil
Thr nl?i of cotton nn S?tur<U; ??r? only l.MObaUa*.
a?j wxrr xior?Ut i-ulrr nftla. Krvifhte art"
Auli u4 Awt?| rukniKc U at formrr nki.
New OiLCtrn, April 9. 1861
Km> I- rk m i|Uot<*il Ana at (13 SO a $14 l.itrd bruu^ht
IV l * .4M k> i[? pr.tur Kltmr u ?i ry dull at >4 a >4 10
Niw t>*i i * aa. April 10,1841.
Tit' -alaa <4 foiton yeetirday, ?itv tarvly 300 bale*. at
? ,ua?i. r r. ut lertllin, ?trif ? middling b? ln< aolJ at 10 'e
? 1<??,? U^tMtiiivai* Waiting tlir r.-rcipt of the Afrt
riiinN fta-rltag nrhaage u flrin. but dull; New
I'll aijht Jraft - u? wlliug at a quarter prrmium
Mkmi ?, April 3, l*jl
tVtt-at dnj ka? t-*n axtri uu-ly languid, and fry
litti. 4i.-t-.-itl HiM to bay or ea-U at quoMtlioua.
Mm 41 lag Uil lv\( Thr aal '* Uave ba-*n t>00 a 800
Ha.aMiaM. April t>. I Sol
('utlat wa? ???'? ?lull on Saturla) ? -al.-a limited to ?SI
lalw at fr..in 7 a i 1 4?r bring al>. ut tin- nauir a* the day
pr?en w
Cmiiiirov April 7. 1H61
? ?ur r<4i ? nariirt ?>- i.r) .|Ui>4 to-day, and tranf
MMlMI I Ballad to .tfai balaaa. at fr.aiu (i l, a 1 1 \c.
TW ?*' n-tar j.ri. ? a it Watunlay wm not auaUinrd
lt? nun, April 10, lHjl
H . m4|" al a -ale ti day ef JOO bbi. new mro pork for
li>ai?ii>* ?? at (1 m tNbot arlkkw art- unr hangta!.
U af Um Omu Iteanuri,
. . New Turk.
New York.
. .Oiaarae.
. .Hataaaab.
N*w Orlraai.
I^h rfMl.
Nil iurk Apt U U^eu-a.
f .*?y# ??eM *?? J?rt Ha* I . , . .New Orleaaa.
9,7. Tr. II. .r. Hay T ... .New Verb.
UltjrtlU I*tule4< Ipk.a Hej 7 . . .Uierpaiol.
Pari ml lew Verb, April II*
I II I ?M. BUM 3 >M
? T) ! m oh vara* 3 M
4 r a*, al I lie T uan < 1. * -r?a M O K.iUrta:
k ? i <? Via. i l't.;?4aaplia On 4a, O N ill. Pliila
^ ?> ear. a ?? ala I iaar??i.et. Vllluaik Uiu*a Gr
?H t*> ? l>?W J ? ri ll lay*
bark J I ???? fraaeea. f.?n
fera. Ikaa Tr a t ri4a? < ffur larMwIi Vratrnfr,
Ihta'Trt 3 ??? XeT? efiM fiiilara. Tiatch. t. .'???
??aaak l>?akaa b (Haaa W I Jaaoa, Tjlrr. 4o. M I.
? t na4) b I I4?t I r ?? K barr Ja ka.ia.ill t>a?*ala,
?i4ei? Attakapa- tail|. b t. k?la, t'karUatxa , l>aakaa b
I? a .. >uf Knui I*?nla4r.phia.
Iitw tilaa M Oaolt, 4>e^aw. A r fceatei b < . J H
Ik k. i. ??r> ? * m J? r NF t.. a t? ??! i??? a. Ilaani .n t,
M ^ aa M JH Hna?. T..>nllf I*?iaa4, Ja ka a> illr.
t*a?.<M >(.Wn. ki' MuiB??t?. bt?ka'ii4.
fteak. ? t lee*. I*kll?4?lpbia. AafuMa lpet|?f, Jfie
p? t.ai? . r. \ rtltM, ?eia*< t
Arriir4. ?
b N aaa f kltin I ??) I ivrrpnal Var-k t* at 10
a 'I k AM ? t em-# aa i pa aa-ra I < I I aaart. Jr
t ? ? ?I..BM|I kaalii.itt^a n?)t br~ara. Ilar?k SI,
? la awxtkaaafi^a Jail t I'll, xm a >?* aa4 -I pa-^afira,
I H ?r k It ilea Am*a4 atf *aa4; Itaeb ItMh. al
I)'* M mm la' *' 9. Ml 2 '.afcaa^e aleaaU auk
br 1-ark lai ? | kaia? t*aat I
.?? aaakif ^.??k??>--?. Iv k.aaoa I'karirataa. C> h?er*,
? III a I" ? ?r?'*r4 TllNke b t. Ml, II. t IV a* :3
a. I.r, IM I I aural a t?r ?aaa>4 .1 *a.akip AlaLaaa, La 4
i a kaaao l"r Hiaaab. >\ AM aaaa Jar H I rjriBf Pa*
II ? a'. .? > aac < >t?aaia Bttk ai-ip t kear a ktka, tr> a Ne*
laeb he t karlr?t?B.
?i t I a? ..a MaailKk. M*> r? vMb a4w aa4 paaarBgera,
ta ?rta?* b *
barb |i mut linr na (VMkl "a*. I>(trr4ia. 34
tan * <1, r . ?? i h a>t i.iamli Mk laat. lat II
4 1 .-a are- a|*ka aktp btlaaia I H#a fr *a |.<ir>ina f?r
l'k>la4alpfctB rtk. let e< kk. .a T\ aeaka Wng J M I.uat.
1*1, . I f r rtlaa4- I'r l *. aal W aa-t lit alt. lai 44.
I<? e hi a*< ? ral i 'I'fia aa4 lere* tuaa*.-ir. ..t HI lee,
aa far aa II . tf* i.l4tat<at II a> . a|H-ri. b< >4 k??i| ???
it rt .? i ka I aaaapa laak a ptlat -a Ik* tkb ikei. aC Ike
t.raaa Met. ka
bark f.r l>ea b>Bt?B (llaai NkaaMBk, Raakont *1
4a j a, a ill iMa* tk4 II JM*e*tr?{|, U !Kfc*iti b b?Jck. a.
"ar I i f birbana a( n ??? a r SI frvm i?? aai? rintaf,
aa.rlaara aaa aaa I al IM , lal ** l a 17 ?t, i|>-rirk"l I
lnii U" abtek <a m?-t . - ?> r' t .r? t ?-.ail,
Ipeakae, b I a? l.a I ?. t) a*<.ea aratl.?r <tuf.a?thr p?-?Bi-,
Utl'it KltJiltJ II. *, fkirM la.i Ik*
bark C?. ?'ar ( I lal) I r aa Wefeaillaa, ?> teya. wit . elaa.
ta t ? u.ia. i j 4 I a.
Hark J I'atl.a Jr t raeall. 4ar?. b itk
fa.n ta t arii> b < .
bark llxia, f?i.|iar. l ae4>BB4, ? itjti. wtib ?ala*et> ka b
c *'? a.
Hark ht.f lira,, I It - ? laiaaa.li, 3 laea witk <-?*t a
??il t a. i l??i. II b l'< Ajfrll r?h. lat M t < km ??
tkaa?r.i ml. < witaakip ft lalklay.
br . I hi a i n MlaaftM t.a. way e> laya. la M a*t
eat 4.' | ???? . .r. Un "l< aa? .? Ilial- aat~>?l*a r4 a
laa< i ?al? tr- ?. b *. eteaa kalearke. aptit aatli, aa 4 r.?- .> ?
?4 i ll,) r taa.ae*
I. r.f (.talir I Itr), PailNb < rawaUie, It 4apla tut pe
tal, aa la r4a?
Sk-I r k. a P. n flaktr A >?ma. ? i > pari af Ik* ear( < ?(
1 1 a fa lark tanUf. laaaatll atraa4'4 at il.ai ptara vbpt
bak. i ri|- rle tkat Ika I . ulank< kali; talk* laat,
aa4 tail a* m>i n 1e* aa4? Tua ("al.i t> ** ?ae( ' .a
r arg" aill ka aa?a4. alik..a?k a< I ,1 i< a in ba eetirely 4a
' MLtli aaloaiik) "Kilt ?a 4 .-a aal thiat ' aa a. a
aal will aa p. I ? *. ?? a aa mm at) a i ka w>rik r. pa r.a^
[ Tl .? am kia? a> I.r f|taa4ia i ipi br aa la all I kf Bar a.
I waitac ib a?a u? 1 1 ? ? ar? T1 ? * P ke'^et.t up ilJ ,r aaa?
| aiae. ?4 k??a b4m. I kk4. 4 Jkalaa ea, t., s. laaaa it t
I bal'l*a.
?. I r barkal I''a1 Ikal'aae kaike" ak, t aa. 1 4k|k
blii l.i' an I a i.laa.r-'.r taa. I lat.
ickr J lr?B.aa tall a. It at a in bill*- |~.r< 4 ??}*,
PI I Oai4 I ml Jiari M Ji ?t. la P?iat t aa.
Pi-op Ae- t't Iran Nra lar. ta t 4a /a
>lll| llararal ll?kll h?tll-?~
bi. . f bleak. t-at Appirk) fr.ail a i
Oaf alalp. Hat ttakaaaft.
^traax-r Oeaat City, Taaaec. ( a#fai al p Bala ? ?.
1 1 a . .. . ;,,.ee.
Mrate.r T n. j-ir* City arriai- i a (f ? Ihatr-a
r?|r ta -"atanaay Mar k U tat M jr. ft ; .% T% ?, I ?n ?
??l ?M<k ?* Ila-Brj L?? (Lar imul *i Urn. .u i.u t-. ?
?nHnali mnw) B>U>w< t>
faat vf 1.. r a.aiaa.ait lUi'liu ?????! 4r> ? ad ta a-?4 ard'r.
n* a.a.t aai k ? ?irit ta >.r*ar. aa.la kaa?ia? At tk?ir 4*
Hrt. |?? <* 1 ? afl a.1 k?f a ? raa.i vaai.i.aa I afd ????-rl
M Mai.lta. J a A (.if r4. if hf ? > * aa4 a '.r..J tiaa
ftan.'d T l.j.Ba, aa4 ta||l.ad tl-aaa with . ?? paaa |f < .aa a*.
aa4 aaa II at. r> a Mar- ? II la Uw I ariiAaaa 1 -at -w-t
l'?r4 bi' r?. t?li a >t< ana* ah- ? hf. r<>4 u ka*a
ha. i at \ K. t r Hu titkMa 'kirp
of '?.? 1'iaraar. aa4 a J1 kl>w4 alU U< M ??*?. M Haturi
Aran. 10-* ia4 4ariai tka 4at ?W
|r?? st?i?i?'r Arai' a 1
Abtw?b?, Mar^h U? trr latd ? .it Vl.ita t ha- ta
"?? i'lat. J t. /.ir-ri M rk Ml 4 Mt It. a J.Trr k
hi aimiM H>rfbrrw4-All il#MkMK4l|
1 1 a4< t. ? ill raurtila ill rasa I.
ka am*. Mar h #???14 *< l.r Far ?>a tnini Ninl-aaa
Aaaa. Naaalarr Haitian Abii. r- .it |. r. S> |?
It a a ? a a ? * < a > Mar i .1 * rr ? - > ? nj?. Mailt
?< r? I'M ilai I i.uiaat Maaur ft"r ?a- I.I... Ma ? n
ft V. rk MvfBrlial, K achat. I.?|.rai ? . |> a , , * k. \
? arlaaaa. Marunaa, M arku.. iata? Ma 1 .aa -r t mwmt Aa
4r> ????. ft Y?rb.
H/t"u"R. M artk V-lt (aft, (Ml >mt llfMM flftf
ft ha, h<it?l.
!?<?? I a *1 a. Mar'h J.'? \rr Al.aaa lf? f a4?a ? T rk t*U
ZTith. ft. utrlla Arata t -a-'aat a ?aa Iraa i il a.'i' W.
< e ta|. 4?. ?ld TM. a'rti n
Kaiarui Mar'tiM ? < 14 aat ?.? K Ma- a It a H .<a
I or* and ftaaf. Badlaad Fat U'k t< Call J* k, hMm.
I hadaiik. < ?.fk aad ft T ark.
Hiacaa. Varrk B?- Arrt arl Jakaa A*i-r. .? ( >u|.,i t
Ha i Marah J'? )>:d M ran. l a tl rk
(At IV, Mart-h 17? ArT WaWda llaa* M rl - 4 r r
I Ufa, KYvrk, IMk, ? al?B>kaa, Ma it . . ? a l?* . *
M<a<kar. ftaaf uadlaad
Cad ? all via*. WN^Il part. An a Um f..? laatai.
tr< u< Haac r.
< *?Mrr. Marah IT? tk tba r ada ?? f (t?a I ? aaa r ?,:
lard. fr< ?. Hurt. rif?ma?*4 r?ri Wat) aiiitir all tai,
ta ill I<a4 kar? tut ft k ? rk *?" . It - r-a H 'u - m si i .
l I IHIIO. Marrk J>-TI.?r a Mardaaai l r ft V r* *14
2dth. Martatta ft?tl?a?. fttafa??4 ?t ?j.. | ,.4
llaik.f au4 t ? I?rataaa. K Uta ft? '?
tMBiariaaaa*!'. |*a* ta Mar. k 7 ?ldfna ?auk ftV rk
(fr?.? Aatwara). attar r?l?adia? an
I HTHtr.iM HaikU-ill A.I I 4?uad. M ,.Urt -t
J-I.B. NM.
lia at Marrk **? Art ( haatu laar Oaai Ul a aad 4
r s . ? t. nadlaad. JHk, flMM% Bad aid ??? La*
d"B *th laaaaa Malkar M iak a. ft M Art *-< a*d aa
<k'r?4. I'aarl, Uaiftird. l*ad ? M tl-airaa .i t. Aa
tl.rarll*. llama. I'ktlad. I^l.ta. it4. I air? 1 ? a4 k a
Lroa4?a far ftaafi BBdlakd. H4 t k I I tl aa
patri'k. Mtarki J M Mar^ It a4 tar * a>.? St-rt ?a?
ivth. ? raa?"r?. M Jfkaa. M Fa-tAa at J ka ftM
(H an* rrlr.taaa, Fatwra?a si rl
Im ? *a Mkrik T? At akfk't. Aa Li? -a Marn* 't a
N rtl. Mil-Ida f?r I'ktlBdalfkia.
I'ti aattH. kartk H-Aff'1, tllkiain Ta^ SMadfol,
aad aid far ItatWB. u
F 1 1 aaisn Rf>ar a, Mar' It 8 '4 fan !? ftt .a
Utirtatan. Nartkf ' Iti.aa ? t?a,a \ .< ?ii
laad; *th. IVarl. I.< B?t r4. M atraa:
1.1 ?a??>w. Mar>k 1ft? Arr ?alarttf. (aak M JaK. II.
914 Sid. ? alad. Bla. Alia*. * aifal
Ukiwacl. Ma'rk K?-*I4 M -aa' A*I4 I ? ? ? . a
21th. I.adla.traak B-at ,b **4. na?a II ,, ?? i a \?
fd ?? pMa. faarhall, iaha, Mt Ila? ilada a B?aa|- a
.ft Vork. Krr- BIBB*". Haaaai M a?r
(f.aBti KB. Hank Ik Art I a B " * I a a aa4
( I ? r ft V i rk, Kadaanat" l??*ra* ' I -?i. ra 4a t ?4
I'lth, Trim-i aa Alkra. Mraak, ? t ar a * i I ? k I t.
IVrtaao. Malaga bb4 Mark ^ik W.i. I , -
do 4f?.
HouaktTov* TDL, Arr ? (?UM? ?
24th. 4? flH. 4
Bi ii, Nirtli IT-jM ?'? ** |n*<f t
i Tt ' ' rd W I-, dall, MiBtrial r?.ffr .a ? . y.a.
II a I a a Mari-h *V-Arr t a' n a I . a \ aa. <<k
llaltiaaort . t ? BB. ft T< rk Ilal M-a.au.,. \ ?
T J ll'?ara ?|fai?". Il?r!'l I > I Jt t Aw a It- > t
af.B. ft fork, OrlaBdo, It hlta 4' liaktaa ik- ft -
Irana l anoal t>T'r, *at?ra 4a
IlkLaokT. Marrk ??- Arr ??.i Ati.r. i sr .a ?a
? . ,th I af.llBB, ttaaart t
II aaTtiaaaa Marrk Jl? Arr t 0??aa V??-a !?t?a ST I
f. r Hr B.ui ABi'liaaa, fa?i a 4 f r A ' taaa
llaaiat B?. Mar'h A- fl4 llaarw"' H?a.f *?a h.
i-tMB; IJtlla W? Watharall, ft.ta' a?4lar I . ... *, . ?
( aaa, !*t Jnkaa. Mr Maria ? rata. Ma4MM4k> M FWtu
Jraarr, Mar- h Trf hia I:. aftT 'k
Kiaaaraaa. Manh !?? Flf I -r ait. M lava, ft tali
1. 1*1 arna.i . Marrh Arr ft k .aU t. i . a ?? /aaa
fttarli aaa, trumkall. 4a, iff'h, Lady II .art ?? ??r. t*kar< ? ?
ti.B. laBapa.t, fattaB. *B?aa?B?i JM i. I.avl ll lr
t*r. ft?.rk. Man h?<B?aa a# I'lf4aa4a> I r?aa a bit a
Una.ii, Unaa. Aaatrla. B rlaad and II aa I ir i kai ?? a
I rkaf.lr- I aaa, Uala. Tlr*la.a I U'i,.? l-aaia ft nil a? a
Ta i I.??b. Palt-r. rarjf?"atk ft II -
M'.l lie; ilth, Aai*. Ilaaaah . d I ' M N.a . ft| .
Alkna (;r?tir? ? haria.tna Falrk^ld I ... ,ad, t ;? a
r.,1*, I'arlTamaBt. Br"*B. h lHa I.- ri ra M !? tail
?id*?. Ilaltlmi.ra M aa?. I'a?? ?'a ar- a >34 -. a,.
iat. a., Mirria. M Ml* *?r'.*? H?rr.. I .
aat. Tnrkar, ? I.Brlaatea, l-a-laa Wata a ftljrl.aa* Ba a
? Vt . . ? Mt?aaf. Us. aaa.'
flat. M.arna, Jmith, and t?? *ia? >.r>j H?a,,ia
kntd fur Ida /7th. (. aajHB*. Irafaat Ba ? ., * i. t.na ti .ft,
U at* lli-ti B, Ja? I'aanall. Fallart r ft 'ir I- aaa B a La
ii ? i.d, MMrtiB. NTnrk aad Unrh*' I>a?i4 i ar.r,?a jt l.a?
ftTerki ftajiarima. Baa, Ki-aii* itkr aad Hall aat. laatd
?1,1 r |ial r.'-iaaia i.nly ) *Hh. I.rj ? ? .[.at
I I I . r l t.-nah, Walrh. Ilark- r I.ra" M Martha B.
ftaa.fr andlaaa; Try fti?h?la; Turk, Lr'tr-. aad I. arl
' I ar!< B.iBt, liardaar. ftlrork lira, laa, Mali r Pkiaa ?rh
ardu a. I jrrnthrra. ftt Jul* Bad i/'i'h. . Jf.?k. Aaaar
TralaBi Baltlfn'ra St lllldk laalla, aad ft.a*a?a. k?it*.
ft T- rk ^tth Aii?" a Utah, N'trlaaa- llna ai laa... a
and Vara t ar*"R, Kallf. >T .rk. k.luaMta llaatlaaa t ?.a?.
I . ft N. ad. J'lllB M4L1I'* I nrtla*. S T .rk Sua. laa
liaa It mf.l,r-ra, -at J I ia ftt La*4va. (Fftaill 'an Itaa
tiara. I lat, VtB l'?(kiiill. ? K'iBB. lu*(laa?>t. M?n?Ua,
Hnwke, and Samuel. M Lenry. Pfewfeandlead. Gregga.
Newfoundland and Quebeci Ann* Dorothea, M Ke>u?. iJTJr
leans: Vandalia, Norton, and Joseph Walker, lUxie, NYork.
Perseverance, Garrison, mud Oaprey. Bennett, St John. NB.
ou* *7^, Alien Gill, Wright, Montreal; Anne, Turner,
Niork, Ma%dard, Curne, Halifax, Carnatic, Kogor*. Stolen
Island aud Charleston; 3tith, Bombay, Calvert, NOrleaus;
Ann Dorothea, McKensiw. do; Edin?burg. Blair. and Klita,
Dujruid. t^ueUit*. Anne, M'Garry, Montreal; 2Hh, Amy Ann,
Thompson, do; Zanoul, WiUou. Mobile. Koeeuth, Boult. N
Vork; 21th, Adriatic, Lowell, and &|uantum, Crocker, NOr
leana; Ann Cropper. Morton, Montreal; 21st, Oriental, Nicho
las, Statin Island aud Quebec.
Sid -6th. Clarence, Armstrong;, Windsor, Nfti Kyaaite,
Gwldsworthy, Newfoundland, .55th. Sterling, Henderson, Sa
vannah: St Andrew. Arthur, Montreal; Speed, Grundell, St
John, NB. Perseverance. Garrison, do; A rgo, Mills, and A
Gallatin, lK)lano, N York; John Cutniniug, I> wight. Savan
nah; Jane II Glidden, Child, Philadelphia; Prince Arthur,
Jollj. Halifax, Republic, Marshall, Mobile; Hannah, Grege
rv, Halifax; Klo Grande, Kyan, Boston; Hope, Bradford, M
Orleans; 24th, Plymouth Rock, Caldwell, Boston; Saletn,
Gibson Mobile; 2M? Ticondero^ra, lloyle, NVork; Don Juan,
Boat, Newfoundland and Brazil; America, Beckwith, Bucks
port; J S de Wolfe, Bradshaw, St John, NB; Erin-go- Bragh,
Casey, N Vork.
London, March 28? Entd inwards Sirius, Garna, N Orleans.
Entd out 27th. Morlce. Sturdcc, Halifax; ??th, Wisconsin,
Mil hi ford, NYork; 2l>th. Independence, Fletcher. do; Jaue,
lirukford, Uu? l?ee. Cld out 28th, Yorktown, Bradish, N
York; 27 th, Effort, Brown, Quebec; Lisbon, Brinton, St
John, NB, StHh, Chanticleer, Owen, Newfoundland; Pearl,
Landlord. Montreal; Pelham, Anderson, Lisbon and Han
MaRNkii.MJ, March 21 ? Arr Ambassador, Doane, NYork;
ISth, Vladimir, Mercier. do. Sid 21th, Jas Titoombe, liill, N
York; ISth, OroximlMi, Protumo, NOrleans.
I Malaga,' March lK-BId Wizard, Do I ton, NYork.
i i Mam ira, March 10 ? Arr Arthur Leary, Nisll, N York; 9th,
And. Huha, Garrais. do.
? Nkw i?okt ( Mon), March 22? Arr Pet, Lcsdley, Gloucester
for Quebec Cld 27th, Arabella, Parker, Mobile; 21th, Syrian,
Mason, NOrleaus; 21st, Thomas, Awathsen, Portland; Milan,
tit urdh ant, NYork. Sid 25th, Milan, Sturdivant. NYork;
22d, Josephine, leader, do.
Lomh)m>?:rrv , March 22 ? Sid Provincialist. Quinn, Phi
i ladelphin.
Mai RiTirfl, Dec 19? Arr Alvarado, Healy, NYork.
Oi'okto, March 16? Arr Active, Graham, Newfoundland,
Sid 17th, YotiRg Captain, Rogers, Newfoundland; Mary
; Grace, Gribble, do; Ocean, Barrett, do; lt>th, Ariel, Luce. do.
Por Thitot'TM, Murch 24 ? Sid Northumberland, Lord, N
I'i.vmoi th, March 24? Sid Escort. Jarrntt, Newport and
| NYork.
Pan a>o, Jan 3D? Arr Edwin, Boston; Cohota. Singapore,
Oi?? I.MTOWK, March 24? Sid Cluncy, Fisher. St John, NB.
StMar%'? (Sicily). March 1H ? Sid Ceres, Fiquet, New
foundland, after repairing cutwater, &c.
Tkiist*. March ll>? Arr Fred erica. Hudson, NYork; 13th,
Hume. McLcod. do.
Tkxki., March 22? Arr Angellqne, Saunders, NYork.
Troon, March 2D ? Ldg Eliza, Tearman, NYork.
1VeitH>RT, March 25? Sid William, Key, NYork; 22d,
Crescent, Nickerson, St John, NB, via Queenitown.
W R sck ? The hull of a lararc brig, of about 2'?0 tons burthen,
wntcr logged, dismasted ana abandoned, hatches open, bows
and stern store, with two Jurymasts rigged, wan passed March
2. lat If? N, Ion 62 W. She had a red and white riband, red
uppermost, was paint**! Mack, apparently of American build,
kiiu \ery strong, by the Berangor, Piquet, arrived at Havre
from Santa Martha.
roLi.iniON? 1 The Jenny Llnd, at Lirerpool. reports:? March
light airs and very smooth sea, east end of St Michael's
bearing NW, lat .'<7 2/ N, Ion 23 5.3 W, spoke the Danish brig
Br?*it[encren, from Maroim, near Bahia, for Copenhngen;
pf e r? ported that on Monday night, March X a large vessel,
scudding, ran into her starboard ijuarter, carrying away all
!.? r stem bare to the transom, rudder head, maiu topmast.
& . -h? ok her trausom sternpost and rudder very much; the
latter v a? hung in chains and steering with tackles: she was
a? tking a little water. All her stern waa covered with raw
bufe?, and also a Larje hole near the water's edge was secured
I in the same wa>. The master said he thought sh?? was an
Aur rum vessel that ran foul of him; she did not stop to
r> rider them any assistance, though they hailed her and re
ported themselves linking; crew all well. Insight all the
ne^t day; Friday, 7th, 3 AM, viind fresk NE. parted com
Qt nstown, March 3^? Put in, the Orleans, Lundy, from
I i\ . rj l for N York, out 10 days; lost mainmast and sails off
< ( tear, on the lSth inst, at 5 PM.
SI trih 24? Put in, the Sir Robert Campbell, from Greenock
ft r N ? n f- < ndlaud, with loss of bulu aras and stanchions on
?tartcard bow.
Sr Micnakij. March The American ship Ann C Pratt
).a? not >et returned. The report here of her being leaky is
I, ? pro* e<i to be unfounded ; that she called at Villa Frauca
only to di?< barge the remaining cargs that she brought over
fr? m T< r *ira. and to take in a few tons of potatoes which
were told je?terda> by her master.
St? Ai.av*f?, March 15? Our river has been quite froc of ice
sia? e yesterday. J
Telegraphic Marine Report*.
B'urrOM, April 10.
Arrivd- RirV' Ids. and Bay State, Baltimore; Merrimac,
iphia; brig* Llura. Porto Cahello; Win Pitt, Trini
1- s P rtland. Cardenas March S*. Saw bark Chieftain,
? riei-n* Spoke April 2. lat S30, Ior 7^ 91. ship
< ? f tr ui M?rlt #a? t- r Liv? rjM.ol; 5th, lat ^f7 Ion 71 21.
ep-k- sehr Naosan, for Porto Rieo.
l^ri^s N ?p l?vn, Baltimore; Pearl. Philadelphia; achrs
Ka.i.I ? I' < ! u> i ! I well, Norfolk; Elizabeth Davidson,
ad I ' ??a K? ??-*. Philadelphia; Heroine, Rondout;
? Granite >tate, Cabot, J Q Adams, aud Stephen
* a tern* aft. NYork.
Bristol, April ft.
A" t* ? - St hooner Yantie, 1. Fall River, aud sailed for
N ' < f VI in Penn Wia?iow. \e? Bedford; loth, sloop
tmeel. k^aaet. Fail River, for New Y rk.
? i t J i t rt f brts Mi arrived her** yesterday from Car
r f r* ? f at ? u Tin ^ut ward pa*??are, 2d ult, '.%) miles E
' L k l?laa l f"?l in with ab- ut 1'** bales of Cotton: pick
* i r 4 * ? ? ?! i ' h ar a board the Rio. The marks are
* Uit#rat*d A* ?h ?ar?ie time, dis^otered what appeared t ?
Ihp a *r*?fc akat J adlss to leeward, ran down and found it
to be ti? <?Mi and I'-- K of a l?r*- TiRil, the former painted
aiiH. tMrl Rfipaand I# have been in the water some time.
! ? l * mm* ? re v ? ry large. Could not mak- out the name.
CMARi.aaroje. April 7.
CWaw4 New York and Columbia. NYork.
Fai.i. Riven April 9.
; - IU ps I II II rd^n. Donnina^and Excel. Bt?unett,
N \ t a "v '; Jtnett. H n J ait. trig Frances, Titus.
Morii.r. April .I
Arr ed - JNnip I*< ntnark. Boston; >?ark Louisa, NYork
Naw OR lkans, April 2.
AVTtv 4- Bark Lucy ARR, Bottom.
Naw B set ?roRn, April 9.
Amt'4-M^i II >ro?t Baltimore, I'e.psteb. Tangier..
Proviix.vcr. April !?.
Arr. 1 H, hr * am tiel Hall. Cl?! ndant.l, Delaware Bav.
1 ' 1 y ' ? Harb r. Tth, achrs France* Hallett, from N
B* if r4 for PhUodelpbia.
^ fi^fptua* Mafkett. NYork, Planet, Emmons, from
II ? B i <?rra> Taft, f'owell, from Charleston. Spoke,
s-t t " ' l"i i. ii. balk Col^mi la, of aud fr ?m N
1 rk for Marseille*.
A ? - r r-r rted te be the Flying Arrow, Cellomoir.
fr m < I srl*?t??a.
? Hi ssk rbaiite I.ariai. Havana: Grand Turk, Po,
< . i . M.r?ar. t (Br) 1 ? rk, M John '*. NB. achrs
% -r-ttft II*. I Js> Mary Ann. Haleyi E Towni'nl,
kl t 1 A $ fl rten Gaady. Philadelphia ; Amelia,
'i N. ? \ rk *1< ns l iot r f owler and H illard, Vas ?
t a o W'si II Bean, ?ira?. Hartford
Set i#d fr?n iNMk ftelaaa, III ?ewl? reported yesterday.
All ike mind t and vaeeels Wfi Newport this morning.
Sa f assan, April 6.
Amt*4 - Rnr* E*<?l. and Asaen^an, NYork, brig Gnl
nare B -a - i?r? G Idea h . m i Mi Jm es, N Yerk.
i? ra I crave and schr Virginia. N York.
B ALnai, April 6,
4 '-af*d ? ir>? r tsaikt, A fries.
nn II tlaird, Phiindelphta.
|<r|t*r B?#? af rt*aa tU'?i|ii t'.r llitui, <'?llf.?rnlt.
ft Blll.1 >? ?ttl? I ael aa*a R*a*ib( K" (t(7 tldlllt),
N I n*aa. I III. iaat, at la'rT.ik
Tl H . i nn III ?? talk l'?. !?' atrraaa mail. far alatarr
K rffc Aaa?*> a ?ill '!????? ? I'rtkar lltti iaat at i Woaloak.
** >11 takaa at Ik* k.-aiia* K m for t'alifnrala.
ami f r? ?r*a* p* r t tpt?. it tkiri* *f a rpat-lal Bfiwiirr.
T' ? ?'- ?? I ail* art m4> ?f il Ik* Ktekanga Kuiia(
? mi' I - I ????), ak*r* l?u. r> i ?? U |>rt cu4 t? id r
(-? r I <l,t a r 1
I ??. ' -?> I rudMoBmli 1st!! (irkiM taken
kt fr4a?a4 ratae
Tfc* akaa* Lattar !???? ?f? llM ? Krajroa't. tt Will itiMt
II* ralal Mai In* I arrrtpandt m?.
I i a A a ?* * a , Afrll ?.
Ir*f?>4 ?? i r. It a aat.k Br aa ki.l.arl* m f..r
h ? liar |a* I r-aa M I.I nt I -r 4?, I'llli'M, l'l
*>? r M rt bt . w. ? ,rn I < -r-tt. S ! ? rk ! U m/or.
' ran <11 * |i, kf 1 4. M rk l 'l llu>Ui, aitli l?a* of vat
ai ? > ? r
H' I A V T>. ak- ?r a r. r. ?*?? i? i rVka . *l?',a Star
U l< ?. UtkM. I t ? ? ??4 *%W,
hmn ii mu April KM P. M
Arti<?* -**?*??! if kiraiaia. faal. Mi-ha-af. Va. arhr*
I' ? ?!'! I k ?? ' ? i I ..rk i> t?? llitaar l"i
1 v ' >-'?*? a ? "I l l k>f Jwoll lll
la'itia Ju- Ii ' i ?.? N.a I rk ilruttf frkrlarnl, |
1 lark 4a.
i ???? <- kirawai f tl fparr* 'n?4rm? >*a 4a /aa*lr* '
Wl W jattw i-rki lr?i ?*ra-r ?| tk?aa> lal Mara
? > ? i I Mr ) II . I
I ?' ia< lilii 14a. aaa I maia. n*k-r ll a
!?? ?? fa | Aak * l?rk i irklci ? Kirn, W>rl<t,
*? w I ll I ?*?<* k i x rtWk J>r ar Wiltarl M<*.
?a i ? . k ? ? . ? lit in ?? I Dal.
? ?? r* ^<?i? k?' l*aa I * akakaf, Inltafla, Xxalrk.
?!?*?*? ftavl*. >1 ( ark M?a t rk
?air ??ar ?<? at aa4 *? a H *t -a h? Im Fraart*ra,
a I I 1?I ai la |I'IM ??? la >,4 I>r ulifil a ***tr?
rata ?** < af* M~ra Ikaa ? ? h a ?aU fartM al kar aa rr? .
?a< -I r at . ? aa a' -I w? ??(.|| -I A a raaf rai k*l4. I
aa* tW ia~ai * **??? ? ar r..?- t I am 4 ataaa'k aa I
a?r. a# Tv? atata aaal *1 ka* r>f?n 4M ?? t a 1 aaa 4 |ri
a .ara. ? *| ika ? *aa. * >ian>a aa. wfal ka Ma . ? aa*
Ikalm ? f KT'i ? t ?M H
law Htairt H- m k -a?a I W > I art at Bikala. | vai
K-aa a?? r? a* kataaa fcaaki M ati. k? ika 1 faaaall at
Bat* a aaa
? aaia ata>* lai 'it. ?f *r* lalM laat a?ar T%
%?? aaa ta??r>4 at ^ ?.?' ?4 ' r aa 1 1 f* ai ,4 m1 fk
k? 'ka a. a< Iba fe- *? >4 I maar ..I aa I M '? al lh* ??
l*al kaM# kart a 4MMJ part af ka* * alar
li? 1 1 ??<*?? a ei?k -aaak* era -a keaAef eeaa,ae
aa* aaa a> a at la* at r*r *? Ha aa* a I r* * kaaa rata>4 Oa
VlllHkf ? <W|ini aa? ka* aa i ?r4 at kar all
akaaaa kaa*akk ka* i-r aa* all aikk Ika ktft af *pa?4il l -
*?'????? ka* a* II a* Ha* laapa aa* ??Jaakk* a*r< Vtu k* '
aaa?k lajaaal
lean Vaa Raaa-ia* a* |? kkaaaa kra? fit a llal?a
f ? Haa I *a <a ka .a aa* ktaaat (a# ?ar**t?M*| Araa :
I". *!?*?' a# HI Ika Ai'aa* artk ? a1 atr? *rt*-a kaki ra
aa Mart la.aa < <a ? 'aaa. kk?a <4 kka I ?k Tkr laa' t
m kaak aa4 Aa. kM MM liMaf aa*4 aa* a aftraHt. aitk
aaa laaar tk? aa**at a... a. ? -a . * alka* *t~tar?ia?
Iraa lit aaa l>aa a* ka* Ml^l aa. k>4 at BaakaMt
?aa aa4 tka ??at. r *? a?a4 ? raaarta a-ia??a4 la Pfaal
a ?? aaa at? M ta*a aa4 aa* -? anirl a at kf kfe*
il.aa AAaaaa
k. a* I a a at tag CM aaa, l>? n. ilaAr IfMk. ?t?fe aa?|,
I- aa* la aa taaiara |~ ra a* a?a ** aaa* *a( dark r kka la
*? a ?-?** aa* aaal ?at mat aa W-aka I la taa kaaay Ma* I
?rat* f * .*aiai a rr>ai Qiii I Ipkaa k aal aa a sait- a
? I rat al- k a**- Ik *k kaataa. a*ta*4 *aa? kaa4 af f~*a
?a?a kat p**ai*?a a# Baataraa.. ?a*ia< * kaa*| Ma* baa
?ka M> _
ri* *a a^a* r4 kka ?a?a iaa*a *>ri ? fa kka Al
Imi*#* fewjjfc*, _ . . .
? tf 4 n? ?*#t Talv IOnh HM
l? ?? ?|i ' IN ?* MfH M?t 119 ii# V ?
Art aa? Sa Skaa Ht atlfk ?a aa all V ika k-*a*
At I a aaraa* l-kj> (aawa HaWl *1. 19f ?a-ka
/aa |a M Ua-^p*. k II * af t ' aaa N-ra fa fa
aariaa* tn ? i. m aay aa4 lap rk*a. Il?**4 l|*a /aa ML
IkaH It ilMk
PM *r ? fa .al.aaa' Ba* 4 f *>yara<a? 1 W t?lttl k ?
Wl*# a?4 I- ? k a ta |kl a ft | laaaa^M
A ra at Pa /aa I" I ka > ? l*k * I aa I 44 |Mk.
?r. rfaaafc ?*tk l"k- aa ? ' iaa?a 4? l? H < aa*
alt Kak t?. ra>a?k-?*aatt| ?*? J ka H-ataak 4- l?B
aa (aa* >44 fak | to *aaa? V W ? ?aaa?* kt?a ll *fs
iS ak Ik >ija ? < laaaa ill* ?# If ?4, I r*k-ra-4
>a Ma* l#*i aaa n ??! ft*. Pakaaaa I a? af Hit* laM
liaarka. 4 A* a*, kak a* ?a* r aa4 *aaM kr-kak f k*
? - ^ .... _ _ *
kaaaaa iMa 14 aa aaaak *f CtM* ?a*?* Cm? *?
lN?<r ?Mttkk4 _ .
?lip Aakltrta*. ? *il?aaa fr a ?Tfl kar ll*araaa|.
?*k iaat lal 0 Ik l-a ? ? aaaa* lar kark laakalla. I??*
la ???af. r ? kar laaaa a ?*k. dMa liaaa'a, ?r-ai I *arfa*4
f- r I**1 ? 'a*a!p*.a <*?"?*? ? afc..?| kaarta* kkl 4k aataa kf
fil< t Iaat l?a**4 * ' II
kkif I afrtawa 'rata k'>rlaaa* M l.r*raa i ink aik.
Ikt * ?a 4?a Km
? fpaaaaa Wall ?*? *Ofl?Mt lar !*?'?>? ?! Iktfc kll.
- 1 if / a- ^ ?kiaatar I 4a fa ' aai ???"a* kar Waaaaa
ttk iaat. lat *s. laa ? ka (aafaaaaf r* a*|
? f Vf natal. 'Irk ka*4*k l*? a*a fl| IA. kM I * 'M
' ?" "IT **U?* WT.Hu IS** alt at Oik
; MrtI Lr,u*i ??
' Kih X^wxuJx w' *? ??* ? *"' ?
J mXZipAfZXrZ*
^u'ni,'.?i7; ,r- B Nc'- *??*-? >**
! * St ,uh"- NB '?? ?*t Niw r*k s. .t a.*
&< br U?ld Haatrr Wrt?M fr?m >Htf? ? ?
6th MM. Maatauk Pniat Vnw? mil* f,tr',rw ?' '
a. ... .. rt>1 CALIFORNIA.
I BfX^rlZ'Zi L\iru> i" BU
. for c&ifcsffi! .12 Safs^ca-^w- ,r
I ??o(w*l>"kr' Ir"m '?i.T',l'*"' frr Califorata Feb IT, |a, j \ I -
' luik" ri m*.U J1/,J "'f * 4*r? ?*? ?'??'?? U'Mra*?l '
I SO S* Ion jrtf "??**??! for irruti^M I . u?
j K?'| M alter riiilti, ll.il. fr-.m IV.etea i j? 41 s
| I ranciaco, Feb l?, lat m, S, ion 33 u W
Porrlgn Porta.
JM,rc'1 ?- ?"ip Manlma Baker far ( ? ,
C hincha lalanda and Queen. town, read,
ika:ri -kGOH, March 'Jti ? Bark Mirmu I.owrv for pw i.
iS'&Lisr.'Zr ??' K
? ' *? J":!* A*. ^.rcb 23 ? Arr Urk. I,u rn.- May* Ckul?
; a*. ?hr Dolphin. I ",7VJiu?
5J?v? iv! , 1. '"(? En't' '??""> ??4 fur Philadelphia
i 5?dKlkte&:ijiS?,Wi :rtmsr>rk ?*?????*.
. d5 h c"I,',?n'1, n"u<"- *?<? ????'?.
i lui<im,,r *th b?rk *'?"?
In port -Kith, brig. I'finwu ( Br), Atkinaoa f?. n ., 1. . .
or 4 aaya; Sarah H illiam., Gott, to lo?J for do, and .ther,
sU!?n TH,JK M"-"W-Arr .chr A.. H>m *. T.tt.a,
SUtV.d?Ap ***?'? 2*i~ArTkerk "" B??ar(Br). Work
, . ''j5' ?J*i ^"r- Staph*. *"il Cardenaa. t'.? Pvrt
linwl. u-^ ^ Ar*f' Frankfort, April 2. barka Vuba
?M XU1 ? Sum"T i SS^ .'*VJoh"*' Philadelphia.
Nd 23d n?tli, trig Ellmbetk. Poiaroy, Sierra Morcaa HHh
< rallV ^(IP,S"U?7. ?tl'??r. MaUuiaa. hark Panama
lUIi u*; n*" 'ontidence. Babcock. anJ T*l'..
ti-r f'? f" Richmond, Blair, llataaaaa. Kor-?'
ichrVlUrr Ann' jT Kr"?U '?'?'<>? Olmiiiing. Saata fru..
arnrs nary Ann, Johnaon, and Madasaacar, lionet I'arJ,
DV.:r S^,i',^\Hv<J;i!',<h4m' NOrlcan,; Apr" - b*ril J ^
M^riU^'fiu^S^oo0."- Film9U,h- E' 31"'
ten* tAK"1 IVUn'>' ami Marian. Samp.
r>r?ni?? ? i. !" i J chartered at x2 17? rtd. ?ad 3p.,rc*a?
lW,'.l!llt>atf, fordo, takm up at l:
lif od, Sarah Ann, Nickel*, for Co we*, (has ?2 12k 6a ilimA
aroi>uuta aa> for {'ronatadt, and if ?o with the uaual dif.
?7"?' probably ) ; T <t I* H oodttard, Woodward, and Scot
?2?2aMtinU? s,,Vurk 'j for CVwm, oli?rt*r?d at
M ..'P,',"' 's,i?w. for N Vork Sth a loth; Child* lla
LJni other. EUi,ib?th J- for ?*hiUdelphia. ltUl|
? or' Viifg1, -4~ShiP Leodet, Robbing for Boatoa
ll^V.*w.k,Eh.?r??rr bri? ,'/dU- Faraham, Mclatyre
it*ta "e.iJcCart'y, NOrTeana. " ??dbUr>' d?' 8U ^th' ^
ld?? and'ouieri.1' Lr'* LydU rMnham- Mtlatyre, for Boiton,
M.tav/aj, March 21? Arr l>ark.? Baltic. Saunderi Provi
Thn/'>l",r*,lt\1Fi"h- Havaaa. 814 Apr" l" ahip
1?'*' crkin. Cowea, bark* Rouble, I'haae, Cronata Jr^
Henry H nrren, Bradatreet, liiaa. '
MArtil.81Jk?fk? f R Haieltiae. Cottrell. for Rut
jia direct, chartered at A.3 2al>d; Alice Frailert. KUndcri
Ind^y Uh??"*^ * I're^a. Gilk.y, for Bo.to., do!
daya d? *'"Ut ,hip Me<,0^1? L'"1". for Cronatadt I or 5
At do 30th, fchr Jai Bliaa, for Boston,
1 ANAMA, March 25 ? Arr nhip Olirc Brtnch. PI tee, San
paraii!f.<0 ' b*rkMar> *'???!?. ili^ina, Val
J?*': ?b,.M?r<'h 2fr-Brig Gip.y (Br), Ilaley, from New
bun port, Jl? darn passage.
IfSifer In?l5:nd*b d ,b,p Pi0D"r- Child, Calcutta, to
FrancUco ' AN?' ^*rch 7~Ar* ?hiP "y Tuke, Bowea. San
f ti ill?*". .^*rk ^*"'?.k M*rtha, BoauraU, for NBed
j j?* ( r^|K>rtcd there Dee '&i, for River of riate)
T*ifiii,A? MCm, March 27- Bark Franklin, to loud for
I Boaton, brig* Cordelia, for do, ldK. Jaa Croaby, Peadleton
I and llorina. I'rndlvtoB, for do, Ida. '
.Ji"( l'*rk Cairo. Yount Saa Fran
clico; lith, brig Adeline, M<-Lellan, do.
! 1" F,,,' ?>' v?raaill?a. know let, for Coquimlo aad
Talcaliuano, ?ooa, to load lor Boaton,
Home Porta.
i ATTAKAPAS, March 2l>? In ^rt, bri<r? .Coluf, and Monte
N Vork,Ujua't Irr" 0rUBdo' ,knd v?^alla, do; l.abella, Iroa?
1 na'i'vf. V/N AP''!.97Ai7 foconockft, Brewer. Card*.
Daa ^ia llol men Hole: I unter, Cro well, Philadelphia* schra
kTh^ i'i w '!)' Oeornetown. SC, tlld Zack, Friab-#
in T ? Bacop, Snow, and Mount Vernon, llard
fr;,!"''": Forest, R(S bina. and Kd? Franklin, Churbuck
, "L" ?1"'1 l'r--to Inaalla; J Ktratt.a, Batea; Marbul
' 4.** llro?n, Philadelphia. ( Id
ah'D Rrtere. Ilowea, >t John NIJ (to load for IJv?r?ooD
Am l 0?"diB?'..,Uv??a: Zion. Strphe. RerSolda
? h r""', , . V"' I'hiUdelpbia, bri?.L <V Max.
taia /.nV il^' "rd, ni".;. Kicharda. do, achra Moua
; Holmea, Aui Cuyea; Adams Treat, Parker Mn
1 "?rleJ( S' th G R"*era. Richmond; W olcolt, Be. r,
vii T ^ Matilda, Lovol], 9?1cqi, to load for Troy \ v'
Sid -teamah a Caaada. (abt I PM,. .hin Roere! b?kl' wl:
f h.^i.. u' ' l"*?' .nUi ,r'*' J?"? Howea, Thorn aa. Delhi
h K, Koa.uth; and from Naita.ket
BALTIMORE A^rT-' a"'"."1 'L"*? J<" B*lch' 0OP*
i?al 1 1 MURE, A|?ril f ? Arr harks Lawrence, Howes Boa
ton. briffa 1 auda<-H. Jlnniblia. do; Victoria?, Brown C ien.
LU.TVvhr,fJVirj: ,^i_8*Jr,"our. Smith, Portland. CU acLra
1 fiK lllJ n! j u"": 8,111 Boo, e, St ?
Cole do. Oerard, Hammond, NVork, Emily Joh.ain,
j Cld b"k
denaa! KS1'OKT* AP,U Sld Lrig Niagara, Ilardin*. Car
CHAHf' ,KST?>\A,Atr^5rpvri*?Ri<',K,,0h.n,0B' C?rd'n?'
I Si- r *?? * ^ "hS^TH;
I K???rr bark Eapreat (Br). Whlttr, I.irerrool. Old khip
Noemio, Ilolfcerton. Lmrp?ol. Sld -hip Camden. Sherw .o/
Nlork hark. Thereae (Nor), l.ahl, Mcttm. Saml Train"
I I ii miner . Porto Rico, briK. Neptune ( I'rua). Blan.-k Stet
i "A' te/a'CtL^Vt.^^ ?!"?'?**
XLIZAIIKTll CITV, pre* to April 5? Arr aclir Arlitta
iVi'f'.!; J^tt s Bur*' KlB?' *nd J'
?Iovm'a b*b WW ^r,Arr Haltimore;
Satannab. Hullu,-?. Albany. Sld achr Star, Ntckanoa,
linaLmi *ifTFiR'iArrna?TArr *' hr" ?"J Grace Dar
? i ^ l'. r'f" Eolu,n' ''"rtland for NVork achra
V.e^Lu**; k b ? Vrki I'elphina, St Ueor*e for
4! ? John Snow, Orland for JvlTork.
I? J%"|- (H^Ti"M/V,a ~?{ Aphl 4?ArT ,cbr? M Witt. MTork.
eairn t> L P" '' ,'il7Thr bri? Commerce, which
??.! - f D'ornmj aujpond from an F.a.tern port, but
bil.l if Vi"" k' m T,,rka laland, i. now at anchor
l*low ti e Brown. Th, ateamahip Virginia, from Richmond
fa U^ha?bor Ut ? k lfUrBuuB tbrea acbri
hi} 'V\. Al,rl'67Arf "chra A manda. Nickeraon. Phllad'l
Jalt'ii, ? McUu1' d#- Cld " arrra N.laon, Leedl.
I .April 1? Arr ahlp John Tarker, Dorr VTork
'"A 1 ti*' a?*V d"' 1 *d ,h'P? Tropic Smith.' Turk.
MtJ t,'fk Veraailie,. Co- I
n?fiTArr,"':l,t TmrWir'' s*?P?o?. NVork; aekr. Jalla M
AnJrt^inJim 's.iTe^ri;^"'' I,rtJtuB> Jo tw 'h'P
U,l!?kl!tlA.!iVrUaiTW "fn" w TT.*1"- Wy" Fl Dorado.
Uin.klcy and Krudualiea*. Bray. N Vurk: tth. brii Ario
Niu-' K,,n? F-t'r, N V.rk. 1 *'
u.. '.r.i .? S AP' '"Ait at.amahip Alabama. Fo.ter
SnilMd iWJli l'l'i?^ola, Baratow, Havre, Old
'nilaad, l.owell, do; Norman, Fay, NV rk. brl? Fnoeh
},r(*'}l "r'*btman, ilavana. Below, comin* up, ahlp John
L a'd ! vk y lr*i ntan , Ilo'ualCfrom Rt.'h
SiS d u "1 Lo,'?11. Lfrerpool; Hero, tJrif
5 ? d u 4 '""l'. Boaton; burka (ieor*??, Fale., Ilor
Jy'dVh W I,""un T"*?J to ??a 2oth, .hip,
i V r aod * ?,itnjin*t''r.
v v"f A^riI ?? ArraehM Harriet Chandler. Lynch
M;.rk; Aanwtta. Bo, ton; 7th. a W CoVner'
fr^'lly, > ork River bd to S Bedford. In Hampton Road, 7th
>' I ra Joaephinr, Cnrtla, Baltuuor, bd to N lied ford. Motnlle
li'lVt'orilanlr.* Ld Bo,t<",i Tanker.'
Mb - Arr ifhri Mail. Bo.wnrth, Work. Beanchamp Ma
Uaa/'t Tk 1 f '^i' Lewia Port Iliad bound to Baltimore;
II . . TV*V' W altera, NVork. In llampt .a Road. bri?
Nl U m'1 D""'". heace f. , t.'hagre,. put back leaky
Beltaat ?r" ,9 APr" 0? Arr ?cbr Sarah A Smith.
1. ? ? M !i"^T' API" kri* nraiilian. Gray. Wilmin*
>*^?t^aackra Franklla, dark. NVork /or Ban*, r:
Red "?a.h. Mathew,. dodo. Baaaet, Andrew,, for Pembroke
? ?'.ll klver for NVork. Sun ^n.i;:
k?n. ? .1- .1 . # t ,?*l-rt do. Mary Jane. P,r
, J , ?*J"? fV riyin* Arrow. Sulln an. ( harle,.
for N Vork" ' ' 1 h H 'i"> Bunninx, ^all R,r,r
rnTl iht'iVhu April *- Arr achr fl-nry Clay. Albany.
\I .b V . ' ^ Arr Pteamfrt Vuleaa, llaad.
i . h . 1 ' H!**!' ' ld rh?* Whitin*. Tay
! r Boat n Lawtaa Tncker. Mil'.r, Newark; ?i I. Ile.\ah"r
: *i J"'" 'j"" Bnrrough., NUarea, Jero|?.
rim- liVCri^f!L.,,l*"tr ?re?n, NVork.
- I I'F Mt f,, April a? Arr ?ehr? Nabaat, L'bar*
A 1 alaata Pratt. Newbern. NC; Loniaa II
' <?!?.? reek. N 1 Allert Tbomaa, llinin., Rappahannock I
?>a "? aertel. M a M (iedwin. Simple, MUford, Del; Matilda
Ann TkofaM. a. Barker. Philadelphia. Flmira Ro*era, Spel- ? '
wan Albany, ahxpa Sea Witch. Well.. NVork; Faahion,
I'lydeal ?r. do: Onr a. Stoma, do: Prorideace, Itrowa. do.
?! I R" 1 ft. Be. kwitb. NVork llri* Druid, Demmin*.
will I' ad f> r *a> aaaab ( with machinery ); .chr. Pena.yUa
? ? Rill, f. r Pbiladelpbta (do). Niuatta. Cherry, for City
??? .at I with ieo).
I'.Rll AND. Afril *? .Arr bri*. I>*1m*at Locke. Olan.
Havaaa, Plata, nfavl. Cardeaaa. Maje.tie (of Boat'.a),
V l?r 4. I naa'ier Hall, d..; achr* Sea Una, and Marr
l.t,1. a Ntrk. Ardtrna Machlai for NVork; Cld bri*
I Ilea I lale y II ai a u a
Rlt IIMiiND, Apr. I 7? Arr brif Jonathan CllUy. M ..e
aai Mataaiaa a. I r "arah bhiaNeth, tn?liah, N Vork. Sld
a* i r M*.i?r*a Wri*bt. Ro*era NVork.
V' I Nl V April 7? .Arr bark Vamari. Ray, Boaton. to load
f t Niifieaaa ?th, arht F A llawkiaa. Boaton, to load f .r
"AN rRtN?Iff??. March 4? A rT ahlp Weatem Star,
Ka* ? lea Bo-ioa S?>t M, Valpnraiao Jan S; brif Mary Wil
?er ? Wvelaad. Sl aaahae,
Alt aAipa Aa.ttaa. for Shaaghae, few day*; Jame.town,
II aa. I't II a, K. ai Mi l. J ' l.yona. Calua, for Panama
-<a Aa.la de t . bk, f t A'alparaiao ?!th; bark f. Comln*.
I. Ml k-t'aa N, apacil for Ore, n Sth; aehra Loo C hoo. for
II a lata, ailk deapatch; J k I M. a. field. Towae, for Trial
lad lai ?
1 1 < A< April S? Art achra F Freeman, Chapman, Rarpv
? II.. I ".aa R. aa. t.eaa Buckafetrt for N I ork. Alight
t * .I'd Ai., aad al nat X> bra from the F,. koaad 8, pot
a ? t a barl r at ingbt. Sld brig Ruaaell, Rio Craade,
? II |/*(|T?'A M A frll V-Arr brlga Matanr.ra,, Waa..
N t r > M ? 1 ? 1 1 A e,. n I n I. a, B .ton; a t 1 Adam., lo;
a. 1 ra Jadith Mar 4. And' Tim ft, Bermuda; Marjr Pow??U,
*p? HI rk Cld Mh, tariff < ha? lf?*ath, Pntnare, Jamaica;
' r* M> t J> >.???. n H<pton, 7th. Vfilliamii, lfia?>?,
h ? 4f? r i l?al??lla Th*>Mf?nn, t'orioi. NT'irk.
m aim? s mi Ai>ril a~ < Id bark Vaeia. Per?f, Matamai
(?4 M>t) krtf Tittti, do.
PiMrnfflu Arrived.
I j m a' K "i*"** r ,*r' 1 ' t r,' r npr : Mint M Bad 4 Mrt
,?Mt m * * ? * ? a pft?? > MHiam and aoa, f ffum
. ,, . , 41 1 ? II 111 k.aa..? I. II Iiratn*. (i
f? ? p*aa < a. T Magaaa. I
t.JVi . II . ' naldwia 74 la the (taeraga
N a.a'a. I ^ . a*1?. '* ???*???. at New Orleaaa Mr.
II A, V? f i?. 'a."..",n ' l?'1* 1 ?' Alatovre, F
a. L'""J "'Hartmaa. M Mo,.? D Ma.aaa, f
? va I #? m H""4' 1 tf'iif'.rrio, A P Palacioa. D Mo
' ? "artaea H D meaeck. F Sayara. L Lopaa, f
' ... V a n*i V MMImaa Mr /.legl.r, Mr Rival. V A
a -aa. fc. ili . '? d?B*h*?r. Com
I . .. '? ,!*? 1 A Valielliaa, lady aad ehlld,
L /J*' OW|M t Baddy. P Ja.aaet. M Marti act,
' ? ? ? ' M ? . .1 t f nn, ka?y litra r
I m1""' > >??"? t.atlary from tb? Rafabllc of
? P**ea5^*IMtoHae4 bark OanlkM H.arlatta? 0 7. I
? P* V R Jabl-r aad lady
f IS?**" '???? M.wtaa- Meaera T K llam*i 0
*?**' * >kW>-a^tt( ladalis? Maatet G?i BttMU. I
Mgtn MM.
<'?????? ClMIIII CHy? M. Ikua NrPlitriH U
Tfc ???? i ^ Hat V Ditu, J. N Iturfeea. A. L
kirn mtf ? > i.ifrl K I. I>v4c, J 4ia ,<t. I <>????. Mr*.
II ??.?.? Hi ?i>il< OU**r l'?aa. V. y. K?vJ, li H**>?,
J I> I <?.>-??, CkulM Kichitlun, C. B Sioik,
J a !>**? i I M llnu I A t ameroa, OMM
|.f?-r J II llator* Rr* U. CmIm, J R.yn >I U, A B.
I**. ' * I ?? I It I lui. f A Km by, II. K. Muitltun,
K harl < tliM H N Meultea, A W H>?|, J,,ha Jamiv*.
W fa mc I l ift'. Hr* Doaau aad cAildrvn, E Cauih
I. R R.rk, J I'nrk. U km.l C. hull, B. r Uarty,
W T*ra-r "? I' <????? * II ia?r?. u4 Mir eat/ laborer* fu?
lit* I'ax ia Ri'lr U t. *.? Tutal 117.
Km. in a the natives, -worms kill thok
> fKw ?t AiUm- Kate*' Worm Killer kill. th,. W*r>uo
ai 4 *a?** the . t.ii lraa It t? ??? ?? *af*. aad *ure; never
?* *??!>> Ir-a Ilk- I Owly lwoat?-i?o ooata for a -iaigp
WllW-ieliW * T.U?*J ?d*at lud Na**au *tro?t. R^ji/
w ra Kilter? M* it flak* your childrea well and (?v4
a*t' r+4
fl b r* tkin*. lt?l.re I |>*t ml mr Nervotu Antidote
11 r? Wa. i .t . i. r? kn i?? awrth ? allm? 10. S?* fit
lav pi ail ) ?| l.a%? eluir*. (Im? the mark) relief*. a?d
Gfltaii*? itf* IrftMtk Nine atat a bal*N?i No, ae;
i' ii Ami > li. aad the ni'-re I look upoa
Ite KiKp! tit l?. Ik> ntf I ' re 'n it* InimM* proteaaioajt
eiuinl) a "*or?>?* Antidtv ("l.rut ??(?nn|J?nnta. I
am at* Mad. furtl.. r thaa a/m|.*ti.j with my frllow in<'n?
tint e all A a- r* I aetii tr. bah! o.-'re all l.iol* to
r' th'-r T1 ? * th? *<? *f t*ld : ?ii?m me. but "'Til tha
I rmle^r ,1 I . ,U t.. Unr' I -al) viaiw my i.riv ilo*?, and,
la??l t ? think 't*i nv a m..ht ba*? *muu J liia'th, and wiK
aot T W ATI S' Dep. t. Ml Na?aaa *treet. I d 'liar a bottio.
triiner mi wild t merry the i*i.ai.nfiei.d
' ( N w J. r? ) ) I m a of tuber IN, IfH*, *ay?: ? Tha
Wild (. h*rr? Tr?- baa be?a kaoaa f?r age* to be a m.>*t vs
laable aad rtR. a. iou? remedy fur rua<h?, eolda, in mu, vnd
r?a>aai>tl ? aud r?mblaa4 aa thia baUtm l? with utlioc
taluatle tegetaU. eitravia. by aakillul |>ti > ai im Dr Vf!a
tar. it maal uf Mxrae. be a hu>ili eft. avian* ri-iuud*. Su.'b.
We I ail ?>t<a l?-?-a mf"rnied l.y t h ee wbu have uae? It, it uf
tad a* are But MMK tart>ruod thai II la la Kreatar 4e
maa<t f..r the >llaeaa*a aaated lltaa aay medkia* aow aeld la
tlil* e|i I ait) 1> a* any vae deulit t lie v-Bloary uf tla. ia>di
ilavf M r <|n bv,I a<k tae |>?bli to rely ewU ly upoa reoore
u rndat. r.i |.r ti. I lr-m nat. i far mutant, erh?|-- the p?r
*???* cab a >t to kii <*a tut hatia| tv.tim-?ny fr ?ni ev-r f
Stale in the Chi >a. ?? * Id r***|-w ttully laeit* all p*r*?aa
lut< T' *t.-.l t" al! vt l> W *?bia^Uia *tre"t. II ?t >o, Vuk.(
?MtlMar for tb*-m*clv e* the many thuu*aad t??tiiuoaiaU
tr .m |?e?i?* all ov -r tl.* ?bol. e. ntrr, who Mv* beea be
aehtu-d ? r rurrd tj tl.u laea alio ai-diotae. Ii.ivvar?*<
Cuuaterl. it* and iialtatiwiia. ?y rvi|>o, aad all other prepara
tioal of U'i|d t'h iry K ni n.i.?r tliey ualy Imitate tha
nau.v ?i<lii>ut wo*a?o?laj tit* virtue*, liny suae but the
(eiiiiine Dr Hiitiri KaU*m <>( ti ild Ckerrr, mith the
anttea ?laaatur* of 1 Hu' U oa the ? raptor I r p.irvi and
*"M. whofeiale aad retail. t>) Mh ? r iwl*. lit IVa*hin|
ton rtroot. It <tun, Ma**, rt't ?al. by A II. L I). liandn. No.
liWtult>oa ktreet. cora er ol vViiliuiu (treat; by liaviloadl
Koe*e k Co., No. M n lea lan?. tj William Hurfer, It
Courtlan.1 it reel, b> K jht n Clarki It Co., 19 Antor aad
'J7.1 lr*inf IIoum Uruadwa), > vw Turk and by drxtfwta
Anew era in medicine -the cehman mkdu
cal and Sur*i. ?l laititute. No A Chamber* *tre?t, wad
fuundcd f >r the oapreta pur|>>ve of cru?hiu< and annihilat
ing that munater uf de.eit and ?urrupti.>a. l^aai'k*ry. Ita
founder*. po**?**ed with a flrm aad huaest belief that aa m
?titutlon *o fi.uadovl for a purpo** * . huniaa* would hol?oka4
on aad auatalaed a* a itr. at public blv-*iini. appeal to aa or
lightened pul.llv: fur tlivir couatenaace, and that ouatoaaaaa
the undcrtakinx d**erTo* and dvmaada. Thu I uaUtuta la
undor the immediate ?operint.-ad.'nc? of Pr J. f. I'lemea^
anaiatod by two ni"diral (outlemen of ominenoo, who hart
bad undor their chance tome uf th* moat eit*aate* hunpataia
at Ilerlln aad Vienna. au.l lr ?ia their luac n I e?t ?**?*?
practice and ureal knowlodK* of lue lit al *Ueau?, a**uro aa
peraona placing thcm*?lvaa under their oharge of a *p**d|
oradiratloa of their di*va*e?. Old and ob?tlnat* eaooi. tha(
hare baffl**) th* *kill of tkoao elaiming to bolnng to th? -irdi
cal faculty aad appear aa hopeloan, will be treated oa ration
al and tcia atiflc prianploa, roc<mng pr-mpt and apaodw
relief. Of ice hour* from 7. A. M., aatil 4, 1?. M. No. ?
Chamber* *trvet, aear Chatham.
disease*, in a few boon, by a vegetable application.
without pais. Id debility, brought ou by improper htbitL
and constitutional aflo. liuus. U* coin bum madiciuea ?ita
the local remedy, and can chow aay ou there Ml thoueaate
who caaaot be ourod without it; a? he hat cum daily, ?ff
year* duration, from the other physicians la all he guaraa
tie* a permanent cure. II* haa itricture* daily he eurefl
without canatio, which otheri uae, caused by their not tip4
ling the former diae i*e aooa enoagh. iiu diploma, nrltfc
these and th* hundreds of oertiheates, show that aeae aaa
equal it. You oured me in one day? D. M. Carbra. Oaa
local applieation cured me la a few h .ur? after an >tn*r Doa
tor trie,] a Ion* time ? C. Demnd. I paid ovr f.310. in flea
yean, to be eured of weaknea* from aelf abuae without bena
nt. yet you cared me by loeal and c> nerul treatment la a
?hort time? Jas *r?o?. |f?? eured pi? o( tta worrt ef
?yphilltlo ulcer* (>n my body naaTeoe in a th<>rt lima, after I
had been under three phyaitian* for a >ear. beside* using
?very quirk medicine I could hoxrof? Wm. Forguaoa. Perm
Amboy, N. J. Those at a distance caa. It enclosing fee, be
treated St mill. Office hours from s A M. to 2 P. 1., ana
7 to 9 P. St. M. Larmont, M. D., U Read* street, two
from Broad* ay.
Doctor yourself-for twenty-fiy* cent?
By meant of the I'ooket .Vaculapiui, or Every One Hie
Own Physician; thirtieth edition, with one hundred aa
gravings, shoeing diaeaet* and malformations ia *vory aliapa
and form, by William Young, If. D., Graiuate of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania. The variou* forms of socret dia
?ases are faithfully described, aud all the r?-<jlt*'* givta ia
plain language. The chapter oa Self-Abuse is worthy at
particular attention, ana ahould be read by every aaa.
Young men, who have bean unfoatanate ia oontraouag dia
?ase previous to placing yourselves under the care ef aaa
doctor, no matter what his pretensions may be, jet a cony til
this truly useful work. Strangers visiting the city, runlri
larly those contemplating marriage, don't think or retera
ing h ome without a copy of the rocket .Gaoniapina. Sea
captains and persons going to sea should possess I>r Young*!
Treatise on Marriage, the Pocket -Bs' u.apius. or Every Oaa
His Own Physician. Any person sending twenty-live eeatt
ancloaed in a letter, will receive on* copy of this book_ky
WM. YOUNG, U2 Sprues street, Philadelphia alio for
by Stringer h Towasend. 222 Br >adway, New York.
that when the patient finds that he ha< l>*cn inoculatoa
with diseate of a pru at c nature, he is ou the complete stool
of repentance, it is a fact that this lieeasa, when seated ia
the system. ht<s he n known to go d"wn from generation to
generation, easting horror and aestraetion wh?r??'r It a^
pears. It Is a fact, that the medicine tnoatly relied oa ia
treating this disease is mercury. It is a Ikct, that a meroa
rial hfievtioD is nearly, or <iulla as bad. as the disease tU..lf,
and will tcrn.iuate the existence of the sufferer . as .jumklp.
It is a tact, that the onlv remedy that caa be firmly relied a*
in curing this most loatntnom* affection, without lalery ta
the constitution, i* I>r Hunter's He.l Drop, used as directed.
It is a fact, that this medicine has and I >*s cart mor* oasM
in ne n> "uih than all the "Quaok Doctors" do ia sig, aad
that without change ef diet or any hindranc* fr> n business
wl.ateier. One dollar pat rial, wlilch is warrant-! t* eara
in any case in a few day a, jr >i charge. A medioal hook >e
pmate treatise is given with eai-h vial. No. .1 Divtaioa
street. N?w Yi rk city, an I font of Mala street, Buflalo, art
the only plate* it can he hadgenuint.
iP wvU cilic mixture foFthe cure of private disorder*. It
?nates a speedy cur*, without the least restriction* diet,
drink. exposure. or change In application to bustnee*. Th*
proprietor challenge* a single case which the mixture will
not core, under the forfeiture of Ave hundred dollar* It it
rut up in bottle*, with full dire 'ti .n*, at $1. On* kattla
lasts a week? maay are eur -d in two daya. For sal* by
II. RINO, 1C2 Broadway, and It*1 Bayard street N. Y.i W.
R. Little, 1M Hanover (treat. Boston, Wright kC*., Xe*
I tii al Treatise, containing all important mfermalioa,
with treatment, illet. recipes. lr.. frc. It enables every one
t? treat his own taw, ortojudje if properly treated Siatk
edition. M pages, with plates? price fl. Sold at ?? Ufeen
?ich street, and *.'< Ann street, k?. Mailed free by a4drc**
ing Bo? "eiH Post 0?r?
New medicai, books.-a compi eti pkactit vl
Work on th* nature and treatment of dalicate dussw>,
and all the kindred affection*? illustrated by a great a ? m
ber of beautifully eolortd plat**, a* large a* life, by Homer
Boatwlck, M. D., lecturer oa *urg*ry aad disease* ef tha
above named nature. It i* a large |uerto -.'WO page*: **?on4
edition, price fill. Eatraot from th* " Boston Medical aa4
Hurgli al Journal It may be said, fearlessly, to ba *i|iial
to Kieord'a or Acton'* work* oa th* *ara? family of diseases,
and far *uperior to anything of th* kind *vsr published ia
thi* country." Author of "'Th* Family Phyaieian;" prica
V> cent*. Author of a work on " HWf-abuee and its de
plorabl* effect*, He., kd.," sixth edition, fourteen nlat?s,
price $1. For sal* at the publisher*', STKl.VOEK M TO N
BEND, 222 Broadway, ana by tb* author, UH Broadway.
lag. Ju*t published, a series of Lecture* oa seminal
di*rasos, by R Ulover, M. D. first No. fsi pagee. ?Hee
cent*, on self abuse and it* deplorable efl? ta. giviag tea
treatment, illustrated by eagravings. aad cases cured bp
the use of a new instrument. For >al* at tH Broadway,
and by the author, No. 12 Aaa street.
mJ vate 1rt*ti*a, " he ? <>?c* hour*. V to 12 A M? * to i
P. M , (Snnday earepted.) No. W Ureenwieh street. It haa
been a matter of surprise to *ome. that aay eae ef r??pa*?a
bility and of profeasn nal attainmeut* ahould devote Am ak
teation to tha disease* which peopl* of *very deerriptiea pre
tend t* rare so easHy. If. however, the tnoasaadtk park
of th* mlserte* these peopl* bring apon soetety were kaewa.
a very different opiaioa wt.ula be fermad. Aad It ll aaa
oaly the present misery aad dejeetma, preyiag en MM
mind as w*ll a* th* body, bat ?<.m* srs of such natere
aa to affect poaterity, aad *vea to destroy the repra
durtiv* facalty altogether. It i* a fact that, whea art
properly treated, they may rmaia so dormaat ia the aaa
?titwtioa a* to aprear in no other way tbaa ia their *8eoM
upen posterity; yet, If properly onderstoed, ar* most >*alp
aad speedily removed. From ihe uacommoa medical advaa
tages the author ha* eajoyed, and a very extensive aad ls*|
practice in this speciality, he ha* ample ground for iaruriaa
a permanent cure, ia esses of stricter*, however comalioatal
ar old steading it may t e, and that, la aay atag* of certain
disease*. *r th*ir cnn*e<|nea*e*, a* wall as th* deplorable af
fect* resulting from early improper habits, he can imait
?uch certain safe, and radieal curee a* can be obtained I rem
na otber lourc* ia Amsrica. Thos* who apply in the earlp
stage* will b* surpr *ed at th* ease and rapidity of the eara
last fourteen year*, oonfined hi* nraetio* to th* treat
ment of Mercurial and other Di*eaae?. lie *an oar* tha m ??k
aggravated raae* of thi* diaeaae. aad mild ease* remored la
two to tv? day*. A perfect cur* *r no tharga.
oa Dueaaea. I' rem eighteen year* praetiea, three >f
wl.ieh wire ia hoapital, Dr. H. i* eaahled to guaraatea
?peed* cure*, without mercury. See hi* diploma in hi* odloe.
No. I Mott street, adjeinin* Chatham *quar?, with tha Brst
nam** in aargery and m*di<ine thi* country sv*r prodnael.
on certain disease iv which h* treat* without mefeory.
Recent tasea cur*d ia a f*w daya. Thirty eae y*ar* precti a
?nabl** him ta cure aervoaa debility, k*., from sell abuse.
Pe* hi* London diploma in hi* rrivata oftce. IH H Fait , a
*tr*ct. N B ? No fea till curaa.
hava contracted diseases. "Cura at voleaa," thai ie.
Take care of thy health. I -bav* devoted maay year* to my
ProfkMlaa, and have treated successfully thousaada *f pa
tienta The** who wiah to eoasult ma, on tho*? complaints,
oaa do ao (fre* of charge.) from ? A. M. to J P. M, Han-lsya
escepted If yoa value yoar health, yon will avoid thesa
kaave* who *nbla*hiagly tall voa "That th*y only oan tara
yon. and that their oa* kind of madiclne I* alt that is ne
cessary for disease la all Its form*.'' P?rson* wbos* liedtk
has been mined by theae egotitta. call upon me daily 14*
William street.
to No. 2W Roosevelt street, near (Latham, wh?ta he ia
hourly c*n*?lt*d on all di*ea*c*. Resent casea ha eerea
witboat mercury In two to four day*, with unparnllUe*
*nccese nil specific, ?l a bo1( canaot ba bantam. N. B. K
beaten, Dr. M. will forfeit f
N" ' < M. NO I' A V HR. CORBITT. NO. 19 DU A N F,
street, may be consulted oa the treatment of oartaia
diss* pea. A practice of *ix(e?n ycari, d*votod to tha treat
ment *f delicate diseaaes, enable* Dr. C. to enre th* worst
form of thia di**a*?. Recant ca*e* cured ta Vl>r*? iaya. Na
?crcuity mod.
. ""n* "f *'fy many who hav* been cruelly deoeived ba
certain *elf puffing Individual*, the undersigned will eoa
tinu* to pre*, rib* gratnltoualy for all diseases of a prlvartt
nature. Those whi, by indulging In a certain destructive
hal.it of youtb, ha*? incapacitated themselves for the dattra
anj plea*ure* of lif*. may aim apply * ith oertaiaty of ra
pV| H 0., 91 Lisy umI it(Mt, aaag Utoti

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