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The New York herald. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1840-1920, December 08, 1851, Image 2

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art < M Gke ""14 Buu '** ?** ^ tc r<|v<l wtU> I i
thsVEfsst MMwb mm mM wMatbMsa- i 1
7??f eForU aad ta which they do aot doubt your I (
(Mi hsert is . tUl ealistad1
Wf lo assure you, atr. agaia of the heartfelt pleasure <
wnh wtelik the ytoph whom 1 ten the teaot oa thir
Mtea to represser bid you wntssaei ta their eouatry
aad tteter teM.
te Ite sahghtsaed npraasatattva ef Huagerian lade
! < m ths ehamptoa of humea progress, a* tha
tefUMli of umiTwraal Craedom, I p reseat to
yoa, fcltem eitiaeaa.
lovu aoaavTM.
Ah oddtoia wai laaadabte to say paraon but Keamth
ilaillf Wtea It waa eoncludad. Kossuth was Intro
daaad to tba iaaiai multitude before him, and bowed
hte ishasalsdgiaiiiili But tba boIm eoatiaaad, aad it
UMWWmt that uniaaa it oeaeed it would ba Lmpoaeible
lm Kaaeath ta make himealf beerd seen to thoaa la his
ItemtdtiTi Tieiaity
Tha Mates ? fellow ,'itiaeaa, if you will coma to order,
Biimaai Heesuth will otake a short speech. Do coma to
4 aadaa WU1 yea plaaaa proceed
**) Bassi va ?Oh. It is impossible, llr. Mayor
' Otdm " order. 1 ? order," (torn the platform.
* " da aa. pa oa '
* Beaavia ? Uh. ttia ImpoaaibU. 1 will give my notaa to
tha pawaa 1 cast ba heard.
Bsattemaa. if yea will coma to order, Governor Koeeutb
wtq pa* weed with hte remarks.
daiet betas eomswhat restored, Goreruor hoasulh
NSteMMd spaakiBf as feUaara:?
Mr Mire a?Oimntti?If yoa dstere to hear my
IMM ?1 '<* 'b' gwneroo* rv. opium yon honor
0 n*h than I bom My ritml yon to hoop elteaoe.
I mm aia* II b wK poaoibie to opeak in to eh a
pm ptnM 1 mo half tick, gentlemen, t?cod Mid
ISM about by a fortnight'? (ale open the Atbl'.iti
intlow ?tiN , my giddy brain* are mill
tw.mag areond in a whirlpool. and thie gigantic contiaent
noai to trwmbla beneath my etep*. Let me. before
lp u nrt eom? bonre of reel on thi* eoU of free.
Men?the aail Of treed am your happy home Freedom
and Heme ? efcal hearealy auur in theee two word*: |
Pat I have ae home and the freedom of my people ie [
addon down h?ui* giant of free Amenca . Von will ;
mat r u' 'oeied there* are an aeyknmfor the op,
earned aa i h? miliar eiil* Bat ee I lock on them,
wHi ad -h* I iwmmag* of your gioriou* country drown
dk ebtieiea the i. tig deein* cf my heart fer my native
mad My poor aauee laad ' Thy eaffenag* make thee
?u*i eaarer to my heart Thy bleeding Image ia with me
whir# 1 eaie and while 1 ueep It ha* aooompanitd me
arreea the ooid and will aroompaay me when I go back
W ighl rear the attlm for thy freedom onoe more. 1
iaee ae idea t at the. I have no thought, no eentiiuent.
I at thee And area here with thi prodigioua view o
gveataeee freedom and happtaaae. before my eye*, my
-he gbe* are aaaderiag horn*, and when 1 turn to yon.
gaai.i?me?? whan I bow bafoo the majmty of the United
Ptotao and what I intend to thank yon for the geneoou*
ifow pan have lahan for my Ubomtien and for thu high .
fctmeo *f year genemao ro*?pOen. 1 too. owl from the eery
aJdm ef tki* aneemhly. the bteedlng image of IIangary
ootoe laekiag al yea wtth aaairty. to *ae If there hi la the
'Mia ef yeur ay* a ray of boo. per her tc hear if there
I* In the tbaad. r ef year borrah* a trumpet call for
kev raeurrarth a If ihere ware a* oaoh ray of hop*
a e?tir avae if Awi wane no each trumpet call*
.a vent rhaer* than wo to Burop*? opprniii na
t ?m* The* wig etosd aioa* la the hour of need Lea*
t. - -i.? k*i, y Mf MMM bam t. ,
k*p Uaa tk# Of tk* wort! Md wo to ,
?? I akaU fewl mo pi*a?ur* -??a b?r? A ad tb* lay* of ,
tfy tayiap bar* *tH tura oat t? b* at for my fath-r ,
mal It wll b? nrrf ** bap m tk# *?ry tiin* ,
if lk? A* ufc-a of Bomb** J?*tiay Cltlaoa* ,
n't w 1 ta > ?w4 of rwt?avtk a* I waat ,
to 'ia...v wttk tb- f?mf I wtu Lar? to ,
uif upea infill I * ** taw ba#iaaat manor* publicly ,
I took It fbra duty af boa r aot to lot **ra|-? *?*n (
_klo M opp?fi iaity af y< r j>v; u? rwpn a with- ,
( '. WlUap yea ptaiaiy ep?niy wbat art f man I am f
aaf *bat at* tk* hope* aaf *ip*<-tat a* aal mat)***
*Mrk bveagkt ma u pear ktartt
**? -Aim wa* mam* li*t urbane* h b '.nJoc?l K * I
aatb ' atop H? r aartit-Bl; tb* f*al.*m*a -taol ' ,
fltiU it net pa?*ibt* t< *p*ak
ta* r?Tb?y af* omiag w y -a | ,
Rwm Pat It la iai> mi<i* to [ *! It r?, itr*t
anal Pw*? w ipiai amf if it It a< a**t it i# impoaaibW
8iaUia?a I ha** ta tbaab tk* pwpW, tk* Or arm aal
Ik* pa* ram ? af tk* ratt*4 Ptat*a fw my Ub*raltna
flam taptli i?y IIumn toapu* baa a< *ipr**?ioo foj
my fx Hap* wk*? I Irat oaacht aipht of tk* lap of tk*
rataf kiln Pat b *???? war my rraiftul* may b*
tkja ?nM ka** W*a f r am to aw at tbia *?ry mo
mi at m *mta? W tk* ' att*l Ptat** oaly for tk* pur
paa* af aaprwlap I* >a my tbaafe* Tb- m ??maat*
la lm' ? af* -f **ry jr?* ;mpnrtaa w kov
II*** tk*r* waa mar* llanrlw wfc . h ?* *i tr-tn?iy
aaa<*kp Ml Keamtk " n? t mat* bim** t boari
xifmaly Imitmif ba- Hi# aly at aa# with bim
tltb ttlma wa#*i i-ar*et y !tk- alarm#! ?. ??.th
npaM m iakiap ta tk# h?p* that tk# tmm?aa?
aami?af* ~jW mo W *Pr mat* aa*'.h*r
tua ? I htn v? Wg th* f -?l? I* r?a?*h? iMt
tt? W>W??
? Hill i KjWklft ?M W ?^4 |H? kl<
N k> M pM"*? ?*k? fcia
rt>w< m |
KMP * ?? Bat laitfa
A jiatt ? M IM fl?IIMI ;Wt KM. H W lh>
*t Ml a ii a th? v *< pa) that ?r r?ra< r !
I auth mM t? W< k? atk> a <?? knat
ra?rti t* th? May * aaA Uw <uatu?a
Wraai lia>> tata at aa4 kiif i, a?*> i
that h i?ah aat
U ? rm -hra iMmM f-? r-atr?? l> ih- May* '
t*? ainw a ataat w a* k'iM> ?
Tha a> taw h> a *aaw at* ?a* -? < ia
)"ta ? Ml I aw "a i baiwl a* ht?
aa ay * r *? > auia I aUk -Ma* I
Mntta ?iia? <T r**? ? *? ha*- a- aa- fcanar t
Nt th* fi ?*a* * art I aai I aa4 1 aaa Ika
II mm Mm t*h> *at ? Bf har*i ? mauy atrl a
at tataai.i ' a? irt atu U? to ? h??*a* * <* ?
(hat f*a Ml iaai ar ?A? hta 4 hM?| aay far
thaaar a?? aw*- aaM aaf af r?a>h???
that (Mr at* tara -atta h? a aw *r*M hf a U
o-aay fay r "at' ?iai? I aa-a*?y at. that tha
Btrw h*a\<ah taa* tain I a tai n aaaa
thy a* ?a* aia. aaa I ma is** aa a** *a
? * a> a ?x*a ta aa a f-?- * ?a at i in*
rrnm ? ? Mi am**? m4M> ?m?
H k)M> Mf a ?4 M TW> MM Ml ?? >M >
n < (MM TMM i I ? IMM ? I*
""'i ** M? MM l< ? | ? >? .
* Mm? M> | lb ... ? Ml
MM? m~ Mm' (An > ? ? I. ?i M?? m ?Mm m
(mi?| ( ? ? m . Ml
Mk MM m ? ? - ? *? H | '
U? M?}
AM? ? ?MU 1?4*4 Mm A MM M* 4 ? 4 Mm ? |
MM.A ? A*M 4*4 Mi Mm ? MM. ?- M Mw
%m- -m- Mib.*?MfMMi Mini #? !?
T* (Hi f*i'l?M ?* N?m
Tl ? M I "t | ir - - mm ??M -* ?
M .!! < KM M"AV MM*i>? *? > #* ? ? ?
frm IM? It* mi MM r?4 m*M m m??M Mm (Mm M
v?r*M 4M m44mi ' IM* ? Mnt -m4 MT I?f Mm
>|I?MM ' < AM ?l? AM M I M ?M-A M* r??'
Ma* Mm im ?4m m> mm Mnk mm> M Am ma* A A M
4? A* ? ; 4Am MMfAtf ?MA W>v- ?? , *
?>? a 'Ml?if M ? ?' ? MM * ? taii an m a ,
MM Wm>?M Wn?? 4 ?#ft ??m?Im Ala mm >
4? *Aa ?AT IV *- M?mM?I A4
< ?A i> *?! I *?M M?4 ?Mil .1 MM irai
** - ,u ' " mmr
Tui ti'ii-a i i mitk t? i u
! Wl#4>l f *>. ?? I MM?4 M?4 ? M<M( Mb ?I "
kf ?MrUi|M . ?* M IV llMM i Ml.? ?
yr44j --iir ?j-? MM) uWMiMf fMMAl MM ( MAIMm^SL 4
?- ? -at*.
V wewiet ? to i-< m. + * i f> n mi hn ?
W>lw?Kr* ? ?*.-OH IN I r+m l*M ?'
I HI, Frw4ee ?? U mm m '.?1 a?**a?r a,, la
Imr '?? Krt? * ?? I a b a>? tb4 (>,, ^
<1 rff y?n>i li <** iMttia <f*? k
*>?rM 4' toil to* UN Iky Mm IT. m |. a
f -to rpM?*4 Mi> k<^? to Uto I?Nihn ?, . t,
mjimm t< to, l?t ail tW II INN 4pm ?.< ? My '
Mi '*#t lr..?a IBtf ?Mirtoa :M ? M<M 4 Mm M ! m4
llwhNlMmiHeWMU?M N; i'MNiviN
and iby tmry n ??rnc? Ml' lb~? ??l Iwri ?y
Mart, i*y SCWNIm iat**t l#?" Wl * Mwi I ?!
a* it r?to ?iU ? to tM Mrt ?tan * my n mm
My !!? ? K ?#
lecempaay me whan I go ktek to fight ?t? ogata the
tattles* thy tamtam mm mean. 1 ton m MnM
Am; 1 bare bo feeling but thee. Bros here with this
predigious riew of gnataim, freedom, and hepplame
which spreads before mj estanlsis* eyee, my thoughu
in wandering tewarde home; and whoa I look own theee
thousands of thousand* before mm, tho hfiHf taharlkaaoa
of j coder freedom for which your hlbwi (ought oad
bled?and whoa I tarn to you. citizen* to how bate**
tho majeoty of tho Halted Btatce, end to thank tho people
of New York for their goaerouo share la aiy liberation
and for the unparalleled hoaor of this reception. I eee.
i nt of the very midst of this great eeeemblego, rtoe the
bleeding image of Hungary, kooklng to you with anxiety
whether there bo la the lue're of your eyee a ray of hope
for her; whether there bo la the thuader of your
hurrah# a trumpet call of reeurrvction. If there
were ae auoh nay of hope la your eyee, and no euch
trumpet call In your cheers, then wo to lurope's oppreeeed
nations. They will stand alone In the boor of
need. Leas fortunate than yea were, they will meet no
brother's hand to help them in the appronehlag giant
truKile against the learned deeoots of the world: and
wo also to at*. I will fMl BO Joy wen hare, tad tha
days of my atay her* will turn out to b* loat for my
father-land?lost at tha very time whew ovary moment la
teeming In the decision of Korope'e deattay. Citisana.
much aa 1 am wanting aoma hours of raat, much aa I
hare need to baeama familiar with the ground I will
baa* to eland upon before I enter on bueioeaa
matter* publicly. I took it for a duty of honor, not to
let eeeape even'this fleet moment of yowr generous welcome,
without etating plainly and openly te you what
tort of man lam tued what are the expectations and tha
bopee?what are the motives which brought mJ now to
your^lorioue shores. Oentlemen, I have to thank the
people, Congress. and government of the United Itetaa
or my liberation froan captivity. Human tongue bae
no word* to express the bliaa which I felt when I?
t below n-trod den Hungary'a wandering chief eaw the
glorioua flag of the stiipes and stare fluttering over
my head?when I first bowed before it with deep
respect?when I saw around me the gallant oHeers and
the crew of the Mississippi frigate?the moat of them the
worthiest representatives ef true Amerioaa principles
American greatness. American generosity?aad to think
that it was not a mere chance which oast the star-span,
gled banner around ma, but that it was your protecting
will?to knew that the United States of America, conleious
ef their glorioua calling as well as of their powerdeclared
by this unparalleled act to be reeolved to become
the protectors of human rights?to see a powerful
veer el of America, coming to far Asia, to break the chains
by which tha mightiest despots of larope fettered the
activity of an exiled Magyar, whose very name disturbed
Lhe proud security of their sleep?to feel restored by such
i protection, and in such a way, to freedom, and by freedom
to activity, yon may be wall aware of what I have
felt, and still feat, at the remembrance of this proud monet
t of my life. Others spoke?you acted; and I wa8
free ! Ycu acted; and at this act of youra tyrant* trembled;
humanity shouted out with joy; the down trodden
people of Magyars?the down trodden, but not broken,
raised his head with resolution aad with hope, and the
brilliancy of your atari w.? greeted by Xuropa'i oppraaeed
aaticni a* the morning atar of rialng liberty No#,
irentlemen. you muat be aware bow b<. undleaa the gratitude
muat be which X feel for you. You hare reatored
b? to life? because reetoreil to activity; and abould
my life by the bleaatnga of thr Almighty, atlll prove
.aeful t? my father-land and to humanity, it will be
tour merit?it will be yt ur work. May you and your
[lrrioui country be bleaeed for it. Europe ia on the very
>ve of euch immense events. that however fervent
aiy giatitude be to yon. I would not bare felt
tutbonaed to rroee the Atlantic, at Ihia very
.ime only for the purpoae to exhibit to you
uy warm tbanka I would have thanked you by fagta
?>ntnbutini; to the freedom <4 the Kuropean continent.
iud would have poatponed my viait to yonr glorious
bores till the deciaive batue for liberty waa fought?if it
vera my dee tiny to outlive that day Then what ia the
notivr of my beirg hare at thir very time ' The motive,
itiaene la that your generous act of my Ulceration haa
aleed the oonvictlon throughout the world that thta
;*neroua aet of yaura la but tha manifaetation
if your reaoiution to threw your weight into the bwl
nice where the fate of the European continent
to be weighed You have raised the eanviction
hreughont the world, that by my liberation yon were
rilling to say - Ye oppreeaed nation* of old Europe's
-online nt. he of good cheer, the young giant of America
iretch*? bts powerful arm over the wavea, ready to give
t brother e band to yoim^ture ' l?-> la your act interpreted
throughout the world You in your proud ee
' Udt^ mu rrwvij iniBfinp uo w DVQfdCUU I QUI COttTl Cik
baa already prred to the (uttering nati*n? of the
Eun<(rao ccounvDt \ ov oan ?~.arc*ly ImafiM *h*t
atf-etitiftuoDcr you bar* added to the r**olation of th*
ppMMord Vou bar* knit tha tia of aotidarity ia
Lb* d**tiaie? of nation* I cannot doubt that y<u
la b*? I ?a> re?-*|?*j by tb* public opinion in e?*ry
untry which t touched ainca I an frw* and what fo*U
nga by ubrtati ? haa e lie Had in thoa* conntrMr which
t waa not my lot to touch Von know how I, a plain,
poor p?anii**e *nl* hare almoat become a centra of
top* and conOdoac* to tha in oat different nation.* not
tented but by tha tie of cowan a (uiferlBg*. If hat la the
lire* of the appariti n ooparaileiad in mankind ? hialory
Tb* nure< of it in that yoar g?o*roua act of my
ih*rated ia tah*a by th* world for the raraiatioa
nf th* teat that tha I nitod Btataa are raaolrwd
not t* ailcw th* d?e-pu of tb* world te trampi*
a <nfnee* I humanity It h bam-* that my liberation
war cb**r*d fr m fa*hn down ta Portugal aa a ray of
bar* It i* banaa that ***a thaae nationa which moet
I m i my ftwaw ta hnropa now hart unanimously
M*t m* iiaot*a an ba*t?ti an to tha (rant, fr**, rioh
ni powerful p*opW of the loud lutaa aad bring oror
ib bmthariy md? th* can** of your omiatry, ao intimately
conne-ted with kuropeaa llb?rty;'' aad h*r? I
naad to pbmd lb can** of th* aotidarity of human right*
f-dor* th*fftwat rapub.le of th* lmt*dHtnt?* Hambi*
i. I tin <*?1 th* Almighty haa aelooted me
a r*pr?e*wt th* eauo* ot humanity before you
* war-ant to thw oa**. ty w written ia tb* aympaby
aad cmf iearwnf ah wb< ar* *tp reward. and of all
b? a* ywur aid** brother tb* p*..f W of Britain. *ympa11
with tfM r.|prm?<?my warraat to thl* cap* ity b
?ev a a he bopa* and *ip*ei*t.i'a* yon ha** entitled
Lh* worvd t* eat- rteia by Ub*r?tln; m* ant of my pri*.
*?4 by r?W?rt?f * U aruatty But It Bar platH
tba A aurbty l? ait* '1 mj B'jmbi* mU y*. toolbar
a Ikwi abtrh m?f pmw a happj turn
?f p"'W la tba MMna rt ih> tnrM 1 Ir.w you a
at Bxtr f**' M tao tba yaayU of Oraat Brttaka
I ymt aa< m an Artbclai rbarariar impart ?4
kf uprtM-t a.. ? arm; M lb* ura? ?C tit* world
k*rt I art ba Aarblag'f rt Ik* pat I a "pirn nf -.ha yaoylr
a Ik |M l? apart a tlrwtioa l?tt< (nrwa
mrt< aal akiik 1 ? t?yfaanuaalef I km If la tba
a rt Aa* U t ma a? ?y?blf?kit tba paoyia of B??
aart rtM b yaa ?ttk raibkyaH kr?lkaa>y lava, aa
i a iia* I >a kPrt- r-ianai at y? or auaar'-B aa It k
amartam ba* far arar a raad' a?4 arary aaa'ikHBnaa
a aat n?a*rp a*4?at rat tba brotli arty
> aa? af tba aiart Bt?aa ka aaawaa ta aaary aail' a
b a'-n ny? t ?*pra af MM aa4 U> (tokMt tba
w-rt.- a' aa i aa ?a'ata tba *aa <anhiio
. aaa* rt k*aprt a ad N(u*4 ta you aailQ't
tpa rt bap la Aa iaat Ufatkar rttb aaa. f"4
brt a* V tba api " vOai baptiam rt kampaaa libarty
-o r*' ?an I ha*- ratal ay paitba I an a
tr?* Nrt 4 rtaa I art a rap rbMt I baaa arsaad
maty la rt# biaiwkl at tot fra Krgiaad . aa<l I
Mit la Wait ihrt I baaa art?ay loot by tbl*
-a a. ' baa* f bf I MM brt k* bar* la Payablb an
a* a by ibrt fraabaa ? Vbbrt au4 ba aaa of tba
k .at ? ? a# aaary iy?> aa Ba I brt laara
a*i y m4 y?m.? ka rtata tba bxkoaiay yrtaw ?
I ' rkrt I ?a*< ?r <w ka rtr rt>*y rt kna and pri? <pk
uartb ' art'i H I r?? tf ftmr mmm dnmtl
rt * I 1 ? ba a. ii?rp rt npll la AlpiW af
' 4 < ?4 ? il Aa nabrt fa nywl rt
a? yaiyk * ' aao ?*?i tai M> > ?rWi AApl' M
i -m ' - ? .. ? ,* I
m ?? mm ? * r* ? "? ? ' im,
Ml ?. A,? # - ? ?. aw /
- *? ? ' "? <M ?)|b>.|ipnr.M
*? Ml
fci ! <*! /(*??? *'#?> M -i?? . >? ' / m/m ll*
l.r aafiM-^M v MM ? *M?? I?M1rf. ??? ?!*/, rr * 4
' f? Oill Mi afaa Mi * < ? ' "* V " ' *
*Ai IkXpW ? """*9 ?
Mi fciM i?M>^<t> r?W / W*? fW > * *-**
I '* Mi M> W|W Imp ? ^ '" W .*? '? >!
?. t * Ml mW Mdmm 'tm j*W >**e* ? ?
-i , * " ?I|.> M4 Mo-A# % |rn?' ? '* ? pi*rif
' MM W?A />W M/ ?*i?t Mi 'MhW?i "iw'i
? *?l * < h-< ipar't W i# M#
? *Mi MM f <a?AW?V > W*??? ) * ??. r*.
? '? W Mi fM'M *> Mf""i * *? If I ""
wym |Mv lava, M HtU Mi fcW/ ? r "
t 1-0 ?m ?i?| t?Mt Mi'M ii f?>n
W""i Mi ?M * mm* M4 ani WW '?
I mil* f ; ?! ?xf a^Wai. Mi iMW fW M*
4 * Sf ?* ?* yaar JM nUg la* rataW | ?
mtd ny iraMi mmd aU* <*. *rmMi tf Kurwp. , I i
I ?' I ' ?~
M fWn^n, (Mrtop. I toy Imn ( Mar* IW nv |
nm u b rwbn ay /bbrM to ato NH ^yaml 4 lU
ci ?r U. tortorann. V nM^atom. totoak t?v Ik. .w,
"*! pnton ton ofay aaWan, tan ibbii|t*" |
* ImI 4 its nytoftoaaaa % lb* nria 1?? #/ '**??
*?W? OMM. W uto* r>i i, u /aOy mwW bblv
<fSSSMU ty Um P??yl> ft Us, 1'aU Ibb), m*m? nry ???<
?*r? u upon nanla 41mm ^ hto | la *
Am Mil tl|i??li< ay ataa I bay Inn to atata
that I nm net to ponr |Mon ahnn to M>oy
a happy Nto I mm not wKh Um taliall 1 to f?thor
Uiuaipha of fWiMl ItollaiiMia oa ta to tto n?nt of
popular atom , but I mm* a bus bio ? ?" to ?T
ooubj'a tun. m lb Owl; iton oaaatttottoaal ekbf
What oaa to oppow4 to l hi* m yatooa. nhioh U a
loytaal j canaayaaaaa to Ito prtoaipU to yoat
country's poitttoal ?am?n r wanemm ? 'W" "
r It! The ftowi of Mr HhImmm-IM *V> of that
eetUUtc of Um Cmi mIM Frwaels hi^k of Austria,
?4 Um Iumh lmf? -*b whfoh earn. Hot
Ml Americea pop*" thrceWs you, "4 by "h^h. <*
i course jo? must ?m! utrwily kstrlBsd. that your ;
ulililii at VUiM vUl hoot odvrud hie paaaport#,
u4 tbit Mr llolMMtaa Imtw WoiUa|tM
should I be received ul tneUI la ay nMnlal eopir.ty! i
| Mow, as to your nlilitn at View?, bow you mm mm- i
bine the letting him stay there with your opinion of the
caose of Hungary, 1 really Mea t know; but eo much I
know, that the praeent aheolutUUeal etmnipbeee of
Mnrope la not eery propitious to Ammtenn prtnefptee
I know a man who eould tall eome eurtoue faete about
ihi.- matter But ae to Mr. Hnloamaaa. really t hat bellere
that he would be e0 ready to itave Washiagtoa He
baa extremely w?U digested (hp oauatlc pUla whieb Mr
Webster has administered to htm eo glortouely , but a<W
all I know enough of the public eptrlt of the eoraaalgu people
of the CnitidBtntee,that it would never admit tu whatever
reeponaible dapoeltory of the executive power,
should he even be willing to do mo. which, to he ewe, your
high-minded gevernment is not willing to do. to be regu- ,
*atod in Its policy by all .the HulMemauns or all the Francis
Josephs In the world Bo I coaOdently hope that the
sovereign of this country, the people, will make the declaration
of iadependeaoe of Hungary saou formally
recognised, and that it will ears not a bit for it
if Mr. liultemann takes to-morrow his pam-porte,
ton toy a i* to him. But It is also my agreeable duty to profen
i- that I am entirely convinced that the government
of the United States shares warmly the sentiments of the
people in that respect. It has proved it by exooutlag in
I a ready and dignified manner the resolution of tioa|
gress on behalf of my liberation. It has proved it
i by calling on the Congress to consider how I shall
i be treated and received, and even this morning
I iran honored, by the express order of the government,
by an official salute from the batteries of the United I
States. In sush a manner in which, according to the military
rules, only a public, high official capacity can be
greeted. Having thus expounded my aim, I beg lease
to state that I came not to your glorious shores to enjoy 1
a happy rest?I oame not with the intention to gather
triumphs of personal distinction, but because a humble
petitioner, tn my country ! name, as its freely
chos<n constitutional chief, humbly to entreat \
your generous aid; and then it is to the
aim that I will devote every moment of my time with
I the more assiduity, the more restlessness, as every me- i
ment may bring a report of events which may eali me j
to hasten to my place on the battle field, where the 1
great, and I hope the last battle will be fought between j
Liberty and Despotism. A moment marked by the ;
. finger of Ood to be so near that every hour of delay of
I your generous aid may prove fatally disastrous to
I oppressed humanity, and thus having stated my position
to be that of a humble petitioner in the name of my
oppressed country, let me respectfully ask, do you not
regret to havs le-towed upon me the high honor of this
glorious reception, unparalleled In hi*tory * I say unparalleled
in his'-' though liu ? your father*
have welcomed Lafayette in a similar way but Lafayette
bad mighty claims to your couatry's gratitude
be bad fought in your ranks for your freedom and inle- 1
pendenee, and what still was more, in the hour of your I
need lie was the link of your friendly conneetion j
with France?a connection, the reeult of which
were two French fleets of Bore than thirty
light bcb of war. throe thousand gallant men.
who fought aide by aide with yoa againat Cornwallia.
before Yorktown; the pracioua gift of twenty-four <
tb< urand muskets a loan of nineteen millions of dollars
and even the preliminary treaties of your glorious peace,
negotiated ut Pans by your immortal Franklin. 1 hope
the people of the I nited States, now itself in the happy
condition to aid thoee who are in need of aid. aa itself was
once in need, will kindly remember these (acta; and you,
citizana of New York and yon will yourseires become
the lafnyettaa of Hungary Lafayette had grant claims
to your lore nadoympathy. bat I hare none. I cam*- n
humble petitioner with no etherelnimr than thoee which
the oppresaed hare to the sympathy of free man. who
hare the power to help; with the claim which the unfortunate
ha? to the happy; and the down-trodden baa to {
the protection of eternal juatice and of human
right' In a word. I hare no other cLaiaaa than
those which the opprerord principle of freedom haa
to the aid of rictoni ua liberty. Thea I would humbly
oak are theae claims sufficient to ana ore your '
generous protectors not to myself but to tha canee of
my natire laud? not to my nntira land only, but to the
principle of freedom in i.urope a continent of which the
independence of Hungary la the indiaponmhle key-stone
If you consider these claims not sufficient to your ac- ,
tire and operatire sympathy, thea let me know at ence
that the hopes hare"failed with which Earope s oppressed
nations hare looked to your great, mighty and
glorious republic let mo know nt once the failure
of our hopes, thht I may hasten back
and tell Europe i oppressed nations, "Let us fight, for
| MkM ?Dd (ingle handed, the battle of Leomldne; tot uo
[ trurt to God. to our right ood to oar good rword ; thorn
iaao other help for the oppwtd nation* on north "
. hot if your geiMTOiia republican haorta ora onlmotod by
the high principle of frendom tad of tha oolMnrlty m
the deetlnieo of humanity?if you hare the will, M.
to ha aura, you bone Lha power, to aupport the
oanaa of freedom again*' tha aocrilWiooa league of daopotiaon
then giro mm tow day* of calm reflection,
tn become acquainted with the ground upon whioh I
aUod? lot mm take the kind adrtco of coma active
friend* on the moat practical eonrae t haro to adopt?
tat Die aae tf there bo aay proparatory atop* taken
ta favor of that eau-o which I bare tha honor
to reprooent j and than let ate have a new
opportunity ta acpoond before you my tumble rvquaata
ta a practical way I eowddently hope Mr Mayor,
the corporation and eitlxeui of tha Empire etty wiU
grant mo the acoad 01 port unity tf thia be your genoroua
will then let ma take thia for a boon of happier
jay* and lot me add. with a aigh of thaakaglving to the
Almighty Ood that id io % our gloriono country which
Providence haa aaioetod to be the pillow of freedom, a*
t in already the aeylum ta nppreeeed humanity,
i am told that I will bave tha hiih honor to review
your patriotic milt* la *h God how my heart throbo
at the idea to one thia gallant arm y enllaf-1 on tbo
<dde of ft>edom agalnot deajx ti*m the world would bo
free and yow the ear tour* of humanity And why not '
TB.eae rail an* men take part in the mighty damoaatratton
of the day poaring that I waa right often I mid
that now-a dare oven the bayonet* think Oitiaoaa of
*? ? Tork.lt Ir under your protection that Ipiaorthe
annaed canae id freedom and independence of Hungary
At .'.he boar appoint# J for the nrrtroi of the Ateamboat
the flattery j reeented an appearance. of which the |
word ' crowded ' glree bat a faint idea. The aurroondin*
dice wara etc. tw haleonlea. acid er.rw I
| plan* w*. fllted ?i'i aaaiout *p*ctaAnr? , wfeil* many
"koya'? W fxivu* pcrekad Lh*a**lv<r la Ik* ,
I tr*?* *abibrtiac 1b Ut*ir uctt k?> tiairuu li-tU U ,
" aklnnln* la oa* oa** wh*r* Ik* *t*in ?n rather j
too tkiuk to admit <4 tki* operation. r?p* rw io?*a
b-u*iy Uirown or*r one of th* arm* and air rd*d
kwarai f h* ?w*n? of Ranking th* d**ir*d mat* la Ik*
upper bmarka* No g?>n> harinc l?-*n tak*a for (
tk* ?u*p*n*l"B of knai(> ' > or irafllr. n*id*r?hl.
ta<o***al?me* *** *ip*rt*n?-*d by tb* p ?**** ot
dray* and cart* lad*a a lib rarlou* commoditi**
At tk* oom*r of the Battery n-ar Bowling Or**n
*r*?t*d a triumphal arch. 4?e .rat*d with tk* ool't* ot
Hungary int*rml?-4 with tha *tar ipaagied bann?r aad
thawh'l* *armowat*4 with a cap of liberty. f?ra>*d of
r*l**t K*ar tkl* (at* wn* drawn up tb* bar' tob* lat*nd*d
for tb* M of K?auth, to which war- attached
la lay hor***, and b*hiad tbl? w?r* th* otk?r carriage*
for th* iia* of th* rial* authorltl**. oeetipjiag lb* ltd*
j of tk* Or**a on B*tt*ry PUo* JTi* military. e^nr ?tlo?
af It* fir*t DtvMon it N w V'.rk flat* Militia h*rtng
la a hollow f'|oar* th* Uiu?tr>',u* *i(lt*r. on th*
e?ii.cl?*f'B ?f th* r?r*avnl"* In t'aatl* (lard ? arp*ar*d
la thwir mid*t. tu' tinted acccmpanl* I by 'l*n P*ad*t.rd
and ata* and mad* a brief ln?p??ti<o ain Jr th* rh*-r?
of tb* mirrouadinf throne Kuwntk l* aa a**Ompi-*h*i
aad graceful bor*?aiaa la r**i?wing th* troop# on tb*
Bp**?7 kf wa* p?a?t*( <>n ***,4 Waplaa, h? ?*u**n
in tvoaijr jmti aid, balaaging U Mv? Hwnt,
af the l'ilte4 ItotM dragooae, by ?bca he waa
tIMn la Ik* Florida aad Mixltu wan, kariag parti*
npaird la all the battles, aad baen twice wouadad. Tha
eld kwaaaaad jonng again, amid the aoiea of anna,
which leaded to abow to advantage tha flao appaaiaaoo
at hie dl Mugulahcd ridm. Koaauth then aatared the
ferriage, together with tha Mayor. At tbta point, land j
rhoute ware heard. * Where la ha?" Which la he?"
aad eo forth. Tha military, than formiag tato line,
wheeled out through tha gate on State ctreat, aad
tooh tha route np Broadway, tha clrlo part of tha pro- |
teahna. at tha head of which was Kossuth s equipage
nmelniag etatloaary until thay lad paaaad. Great diMcalty
weeexperiancad In foreing a paaaagc through the
throng congregated at tho corner of Btata * treat and
Battery place, and thia, together with the great number
eenail nearly two hour* to bo occupied before Koaauth'
earrlaga began to more, fallowed by others, aa aat forth
ia tha programme already published
Be dauaa was the mnltitude in Broad war. and ao rreat
war the preerure. that tbouaanda upon thouaanda ware
lww< out of the pre merlon into the site atreeta, and
parallel itniM Of hum betnga ruahed up Nmu
atreet on en* aide, and Greenwich on the other, and,
An mihlif tho Park, nit number* proaaad into
Cburoh at root, Kim and Centra atrecto, In ordar to get a
little ahead, an a* to obtain a eight of the proceaaion
foe the entire route of the prooooaton through Broadwaj
and hock through the Bowery, the people SQed creep
available epot long before the prooeaaioa a tar ted. All
along the line of march, and, indeed, throughout the
ity gepe rally burl nam in auapendad, and' the Whole
demonetrmUga; wgp one of the greateet, moat important,
and moat mthualaetie eier given la thia city.
the procession.
About one o clock the hand of the prooeeeion moved
alowlj hem the lattery, in the following order, aa near aa
could ba aeeertalned la the erowda:?
Troop of Cavalry,
ceieaat un a v. inviia.
Grand Matahal,
Ova P. K Mather, John H. White, Koj.
Geo A. Buckingham, Beq, Ool. Tboe R Whitney,
Special Aide,
narr nmaioe ?rw toaa mvi militia,
Under command of
Major General Bradford,
Oearietiag of
The Pint Brigade.
Commended by
Brigadier General ipieer.
fiarr KaeiMorr?Ooi. Ryer.
Field, Staff, and Band.
Troop A?Captain Btorma, Troop D?Captain Darragh.
' B?Captain Hopke. " E?Clip tain Riohter,
? f Captain Keen.
Amerionn Rlflee of Ptret Regiment:
Co. B?Captain Moody. Co. D?Captain Hagadorn.
" C?Captain Glover
BacOnd Bk.inant?Col. J. A. Bogart.
Field Staff and Band.
Co. A?(apt Man eon Co. K?Gapt. Aire#.
- H?Capt Caatle. M F?Capt. J hnaon
" C?Capt M'Keuate. " O?Capt. Dykemnn.
" D?Capt Darrow " H?Capt. Bagleeen.
The Statkn Itland Battalion , under the command of
Major Uagadora, headed by a Braae Band.
Third Regiment or Ht.-mar*?Colonel Poetley.
Field Staff and Band ; Engineer Corps, Capt. Die Its
Artillery Corp*, Lieut. Com. Siller.
T'p. A?Capt. M. Dueker, T'p. F?Capt. C. Mayor*.
" B?Capt A. Beioer, " Q?Capt J. Beehtol.
? O? Lt Com. U. Finck. " U?Capt. L. Keller,
" D?Capt U Frohlneh. " I?Capt. Clnaatan.
" E?Capt W Sullivan. " K?Capt. H Hofferman.
Second Brigade?Col. Yates, Commanding.
Fovbth Regiment?Col. Oba*. Yate*
Field Staff and Band.
T'p. A?Capt F.J. Loui*. T'p. B?Capt. O. Daemon
Troop C?Capt. A. Arent
Flying Artillery attached to Fourth Regiment:
Co. B? Capt. P Furber. Co. E?Capt. D. Fay,
' C?Capt L. Finck. " F-Capt E Hlnckon
" D? Copt A. Forbe*.
Fifth Regiment?Col. Reader.
Field Staff and Band.
Co. A?Capt.Klopponburgh. 60 K?Capt J.C Pinokney
" B?Capt Hoitman. " F?Capt. J. MeKeo,
u V?Capt. Rowala, " 6?Capt R. Ilartahorn
" D?Copt. Baack, " H?Capt J. Gregory
Third Brigade?Brigadier Pen. Hall. Commanding..
Seventh Regiment?National Guard. Col. Dnryea
Field and Staff, non-commiMioned Staff and Band.
New York Troop. Capt. Watt*
Do 1?Capt Presetnger, Co. A?Capt. Crelghton.
u S?Capt Bhater " S?Capt. Never*.
' S? Copt Pnee. " 7?Capt. Munroe.
" 4?Capt. Slblet. M I?Capt Shumway.
Eighth Regiment?Col. The* Deroe
Field SUff and Band
Co. A?Capt Lyon* Oo. K?Capt. Chamborlln
" B?Capt Crarter. " F?Capt <|ninn.
?' C-Capt. Yandyko. ? O
" D-Oopt Little. H-Capt Metoalf
F1r*t Company W O Troop Capt Vartan
Blue. Capt Fateroon
Iriah Volinteeba, Ninth Regiment?Col. Ferrir
Field Staff and Band
Troop?Capt B. Kerrigan.
Co A?Copt Coffey. Co. F?Copt. J A . Quia
" B? Lt Com T 0 Brien. " O?Copt. M Goran
" C?Capt J Markey ? II-Capt B. Murray
" D?Lt Com J Kearney b I?Capt P D Kelly.
" a??,?pt J
ThiP rpifiDPDt turwd oat epkendidly They mucb* I
weLl, Bad attracted the gr?eteet attention from tb* crowd
for ?tn Bain 4nr-Brt^ibw Oiiail l.wen. commanding
Ti'th Rpomcrr?'Jot. Haleey
FMd Staff aad Bond
Right Flaak Notional Oroya Copt Rnynn
Bo A?Coat Huron Co. f-faad Guard, Capt
? B?Capt (Hoelyl* McOmth
" C?Capt youth ? O?Oapt Warren
" > Oft Clarke ? H?Oapt Borher.
luumi Immfit,?Col. R C. Montr
I*teld Staff and Band.
Now York Lonrert Co K?Montgomery 0uord
Co A?City Guard Copt Copt. Murphy
McArdla. Co 0?City Rtflee. Oapt
Co B?Continental*, Capt Vultio
Hobaoo Co. f?Union Rlffoo, Capt
Co D?Weehlngton Guard. Kllie.
Capt. fiimniiikor
Iwiuth Rmimbwt ?djol Hy. o. Stobbinp
field Staff aad Baad
Light Guard Capt V Incest. City Mueketeerr Cap talc.
Independent Capt Cairoo Frederick#
Baxter Bluoo Oapt Moor City Blooo. Coat Johnetn
Tompkln- Bluoo, Captain Lafayette Fueilrerr Capt
Waugh froaeh
Oardao Lafhy*tta Captain Black Rifleo. Capt J ohnnan
Lee lore
The I reach company of " Loo Oardao Lofhyrtte ." namboring
about ono hundred men. drieoed with the ooror*
tad beautiful uniform of the I reach army, mode a eery
fine appearance Their perfect order, and their martial
march, otl roc tod the attention of all bohnidore Their
prone ace in the reception of Koaeuth woo looked on to a
protestation ogalnot the moaeure? of the Prearh gooorament
wto r. fuoed a paeoage through froaoo to the fluagarian
Goo. Joho L<eta,
Amtoteat Morohal
Major H N Graham. Capt. M Hopper Mott Aide
Barouche, drawn by ill bay horooe roataialag
Hie Honor the Mayor.
Chairman of the Committee of Arrangement*
The barouche woe the room which wop need en the onoa?l<>u
of the rreetdent'e etett to thir etty It w*? j
drawn by eix beautiful bay horooe. haadeomely cape
rieoaed Koeeuth wot dr--eed In a mngaiBeent Mark
clolB e<?t wtui rur collar *oa eun* iw uuipriu
tat u4 bl?k faathor Tta amwda ttat turrouadarf tta
tarrtaf* wtra animated tad aaUiuaiaMla
CiirtofM cental Blag
Qorarnor Md Lto?t Ootbthot ni th??uu <A Nw Tort
Senator' Mid RasraaaataUaaa la Ooafraaa
Head* of lifMrtBMitt of tba Stair
rnat'ra and month* ra of Ara??My of tta ttati
0?caw of tha Army m l Nary or tba i ?lt-<i tat?a
Joint Bpacial ('? mmtttaa of tha Ceaaon Owkl
Tha Board of Aldaraan.
Prrwdrd by thair Pant-ant-at anna. aad h*ada>i by thair
Tha Hoard of Aaatrtant Aldaraaa
PrrwM ky tMr Vtpuut-*rw and 6*wM by thair
( oara of both Board*
find* of Dapartmaoti. nn<l oth-r ofb -nrn of iba- CUy
M-mbarr of tha ' oaimon Council >b?t
Ewordrf City Jod*a and INrtiiot Attorney
r-liaajff Connty iJlarh O-roarr ll-tfiatar and Burrofa'a
Jo 4# ? Of tba laltad KUt? an I Ui- ftnta and
City C'Uito
HunWn of tha Bar
Collaator of tha Port of Now York
Natal Oflljar
P.Mitinaator of tba elty of Pi?? York
i'nltad Ptaiaa DM" riot Attorney
March# f of tb? I niUd Plata# for thla dlatriet
fmrln Mintatarr and C"0#uin
N?w Y?.ilr .'lata aoclaty of tha Cia< lnna>i
flair InlMnary Polal-c#
Cfllcara and Bold, m of tba War of 1*14 IV II
Ufh. r? r ft doty of tha M'lltta of V? Yorh
l.i Ootai nor* rd tha Ptata
It ? alao af ' ?(frara nd 'f data I /...u'c
li Mayor# r* AldflM* an I A-l.t-r;"
tflba city <h'N'?w Y'tfc
I ia?id< t and 1 rii?taa? t.f IVtii Moliry,
X y. r aid .V-?rl?r# of <Ymn>.if ('< ikH rW if
W : ?('? rrborf
i ;t <??? if Til i?n.-t.-Tf,
titiaait* 4 Nan
JoMW ftll>kll, lt?H |
AIM A. Phillpe. Kaq , Robert H Shannon, R*<1 , Aids.
Member* of the Pre*.
Association of Omnibus Proprietor.,
In tawtptf* omnibus**.
Decorated tor the oeeaston, and drawn br four home* Mtk.
Ourrie* Olrele. No. 1,-Brotherhood of the Union
The Bom of Liberty.
Hnngnrlsn Society.
Ivummb DtmoertU
A Dtrieu Protestant Association
Natives of Poland In tKi? city,
CltUeM generally.
The military display was the finest ever seen In this
city. It was admitted on all sides that the appearance
of the soldiers, as Kossuth said," was not only beautiful,
but perfect.'1 Too much praise eanaot be awarded to
Acting Adjuaat General We tin or* (Dt risen Inspector),
for the complete arrangements for this truly magnlfloent
parade. New York has reason to feel proud of her soldiers.
Kossuth expressed hi* admiration In the highest
When the profession tttohtd the American Museum,*
the scene ?u la the highest degree imposing and magnificent.
Never before ?m He equal witneeeed la thU
elty. It wm eueh a eeeaa aa New York aioae ia the
New World, aad bat few eltlee in the eld, ooald prodace.
It will be long remembered by tboee who had the
delight of witaeeeing It. On reaching that point, the
open epaoe of the Park buret upon the view. Ia front
was our beautiful Broadway, etraight aa an arrow, with
thousand* of variously colored flag* suspended from,
aad wreathes of evergreens decorating, the hotels and
store-buildings Ia thp dtefwioe stood the graceful spire of
6race Church, la its calm dignity aad architectural grace.
On the right,'Park' Row 'and Chatham street presented '
a long avenue 0f fine buildings, likewise decorated la a
magnificent style, with the 8tars and Stripm, the croes
of Bt. George, and the Hungarian (tag, entwined in happy
harmony. On the left was the massive Astor House,
every window of which was lilted with admirers of the
great hero, of both sexee While the eye was taking in
these, it was arrested by the Park Itself, with its thousands
of human beings, and the City Hall, which never
presented a more beautiful appearance than It did on
Saturday , when ornamented with flags, and its portlce
festooned with drapery, and seen'through the trees.
The coup <Ttil thus presented was extremely grand and
imposing. Kossuth was evidently amased. It was more
than has arnaslad an4 faa ka aalswla ? ??? I
he ?y startled by a shoot of weloome from the As tor
House, which weuld hare startled a less nervous person.
He looked np and raw every gentleman la the windows
and on the porch of that hotel hnssaing and waving his
hat in a perfect phrenzy of enthusiasm, the ladles saluting
him with equal fervor. Kossuth was taken by surprise.
He] gracefully bowed, not once, bnt twice, thrice, a
dozen times. Bnt the scene did not end here. The procession
was temporarily arrested by the immense crowd
Again lond huzzas were expressed for Kossuth by thirty
thousand persons of all classes, ages, and sexes. The
Hungarian exiles who followed immediately after Kossuth's
carriage, came in for their share of applause ;
they, too were cheered frantically. They returned the
compliment. They waived their Hungarian banner In
recognition. Again, thirty thousand voices were raised
in honor of the great Magyar, and again the Magyar
A* was lowered. Again were shouts of applause, and
the Hungarian exiles, not satisfied with lowering their
Sags this time, actually danced with excitement, and
cheered as loud as the rest. It is impossible to do justice
to this scene ; but those who witnessed it will remember
it as long as they live, and describe it to their children
In after years, when Kossuth himself, in the gubernato
rial chair of Hungary, and the house of Hapsburg in
exile or In their graves, may be reciting it to the members
of his democratic government.
One of the chief attractions in the procession, muy be
mentioned, the horse which was ridden by ths late
General Taylor, at the battles of Rrsaoa ds la Palma. Palo
Alto, Buena Vista, and In other engagements, known by
the name of "Old Whitey. ' lie was harnessed to a light
wagon, and decorated with rosette and a rich velvet
cloth, edged with silver bearing the InitialsT. K J.,
those of the present owner The old charger looked
well, end firmed nearly as spirited as when be bore the
hero of Butna Vista through the dangers sf the battle
During the progress of the procession through Breadway,
the excitement of the people was most intense.
There were not less than two hundred thousand persons
in the streets. Bine- the public reception of La Kay.
ette such enthusiasm has not been witnessed In Mew
York. Whan the carriage, in which Kossuth was seated
was obliged to stop for a few momenta, in consequence
of some interruption in toe progress of the prooeasion
nothing could surpass the seene of enthusiasm presented.
Lsdles thronged the windows of the stores and pub
lie buildings?then such wavtagcf handkerohieA?such
weeing of hats , the scene baffles description. As Kossuth
s cairiage we* passing Bull's store, a young lady
dressed In white, wearing a Hungarian searf, holding n
wreath of roses, with?
- swieeeie i sees as eeeeee?seat
i isssei4 sn . is <?? ?><?????ee???ee?ee?e*
inscribed in gilt letters presented a basket of splendid
fruit to Koaenth. who receieed it with great pleasure
On presenting the fruit, the young lady said :?
Noble Keesnth ' accept these Iraibe of Amerisa. Msyyonr
ewa aatioe. ia its iadepeademee. sreeeat each te other heroes
of dowa-trediea aatioae.
Kossuth replied, but we were not near enough to hear
what be eaid. He. however, caught her in his arms, and
imprinting a kiss upon the fair brow of the maiden,
pieoed the gift upon the seat beside him and the carriage
moved on.
% art out other incidents of a similar character occurred
during the progress of the prorceeka.
Broadway presented a auperb appearance. At the
entrance to the Batter* a beautiful arch was erected,
decorated with the Hungarian trl-color. Intertwined
with the etars and stripes The arch war surmounted
by the American eagle between the Hungarian
and American flag', behind thia wa- the cap of liberty
and from the centre wat gracefully draped the red. white
aad green. On pedestals on each eide of the arch, were
boats of Washington aaJ l.afayette an l the whole was
eery beautiful and -flectles
The Washtogt-'D Hotel, opposite the Bowling Oreen,
displayed the fl?g of Hungary and that of the United
States The store No *4 Broadway war decorated la n
similar meaner ae aleo the brown stone buildings opposite
the Coked ? tales Bonded Wire house At the summit
of this buUJtag the Sage of Hungary and America
were lying
No M Broalwey was decorated with a large shiald.
upon which the etars aad strtpee were imblaioned
from which the Huagarian end Americaa flags f?U off
la graceful and elegant folds
Na. ST was eery handsomely draped with flags and
bore a pen a flagstaff on the roof a beautiful modal of
ths steamship Humboldt
Judson s Hotel was lei crated with the flag* of Hungary
aad America with a large banner suspended across
the wey le the apposite bulking bearing the following
i as- riptlon ?
sraesii esei.a.
| easn.es. welcome nr.es.,an 5
: ? e o c t a i r'
Brtm a window of the Bonded Warehouse we entire.]
aa see lent looking flag with the figures -
* "" " " t
Mia- ?
I __ __ _ ?
Nrto K oo<1 a* hod llui.gorton flog* ood p.nioot,
IH* t*f I* lulioi No m U4 otn th'ir door ?
Aaortcoo tog oil*. IN* ?n?N
A?*airo'a 4' Mi " |
I !*
ood Na,>t<?i o.l lluogorton oa< Am?rV-oo Bog. from
iN*lr ?1?4om?
TNo IMA of No^A McNomo* lor* ?? tool*
ftilj M?i?> I illk Th? flag of lltOk irj
*m dt-|>Ur?d lTrm <?? ?t IV- holldiog ( lorwi
t ! W bMn-r. low rlbod 00 foUo<" ?
r?*t mi<
io iiHim or
IUJI oTirt, 01 rtiMioN. ob rtoorairTioN! z
? ? 0 ? #* # # # * #
I mill# ttATLi TO Tit ftt tSlAft BftAt J
* >?%r< *11 * t*? ? ni kit
0* ? ##? ? ? A
tliM #*' K*o
' M *? AtV IOAtrTB Att irtHo'T
r? .: ?r rifuH. o?< ? ?. i * , , {
0 M? 0*4 (Ml to ? ! I >0 4
* < iimk .rout mii?mni??n.. ooo* ?
tko M*f?org boNO-00 Oftt I.O|lkio',|
ef Hungarian Saga and a large American lag,
niM ?
The Ho??r4 Houi had a nuatber of email Hungarian
and Mni Sage auepondad hen .very window?a
banner waa knag aeroeo the way, luaonbed?
{ Bntiah Pooeeeaioas.
Out Hi* of a Map of the Halted Statu and Canada. I
i Prom ooaaa'a wave to oaoaa'l way#
I Mar they bo fat a*or united, happy and Area.
* Oa oao part of tho Map waa marked Caaeda, Now I
1 York, aai Waahlnftom?tho Atlaatio Pathway to ?
? Europe. Oa tho other, Saa Praaoiooo. Moaloo, and ?
tho Peeiflo Oooaa. ^
A new brown atone building near tho Howard HoU2
waa doeorated with Hungarian trl-oolor and Aaeerioen
Saga, and a portrait of Koaauth placed outaido the aocond
atory window, bearing the lnaertption
| ?
00oooooooooooooc OOOOOO0000000000000000000 00000000000 $
No. 180 bad alao flaga from every window, with a large
one bearing?
Welcome, Koaauth "
"V........ ^
Over the ator* Adjoining the Munum Building, *u n
painting of Wnablngton, rotting bin hand gokln whit*
to*.I On UyAdh M the palhtlng Wat? . * ?
? eooat.ooooocoocoooooooooeooooooooocoooacoooooooo 00 ro .
* -* o
* " flrtt In War, First in Poa??,," ,??.
V .V .. ?
And at tha bottom? , |
o " IireV la tha Hearts ?f hi* Countrymen." o
0 r.
o?oooo<.?onaoo?o?ir .nooooeoo#'. h>o?. ooooaooeoeooooooo
The Amorlean Muooum wo* . o??rw with painting,1
and flags. One, a portrait of Kc>sutb, In the folilt of Hun.
garlan and American (lag*, with the word* at tbo bottom?
1 ? ? ^
i "Kossuth. th* Wk1 3 n of Hungary.
while from thence to the A-tor House wa* stretched apalntlng
of Koaauth. tnrroundod by Hem I>?mbinski. and
other (ienrrala. with tho srorle?
" Husgary U aot lost She wlU rot bo amaag th*
'y I. > ram oat ia tha war far Colt area! Liberty."
/v. mumhmmh mm mmvmmnmmmh*
"This ia tha boat tine ta tha aity to see tho Proeea|
From the Astor Ilouae various flags were displayed*
Hungarian and American
The llungaria n and American flags were flying from
| the American, tho Broadway and Butt> Hotel, Warren
I street.
Th* Irving House displayed a transparency which attracted
much attention. It formed a tableau of the
busts cf Washington, Lafayette, Kossuth, and the Grand*
Turk, surmounted by the flags of Hungary. America.
and Turkey.
303 Broadway. Arnoux* a vary pretty and rieh festooning
of silk, with two Hungarian flag*
The Broadway Tbaatre was particularly at tree tie* A
umber of handsome Hungarian banner* and American
lag* were hung out, and a large banner Inscribed
eoeoeoeeoeeeeooeeooeo oseoeoooee oo**oo****o***eo*eoecc
(A Spread Karl*.) *
X Ht'iMm tiioi ?ni) wri.cowea'
a "A care* be?ia at tb* eerr root of hi* heart that it t
g not glad to ** the#."? Shakaptart.
oeooaeoeeeeeo* oeooeoeoooo oeeooosooo oeeoeeeoeeoooeeeec
The atore of Bee be k Co. wat adorned with the flags of
Hungary and America, and large banner a aspend*4
acroe* Broadway lnserilied
t Who se weleomt T
To the Lea# ef tbs Free,
; A* be who strike* the tlewfer Freedem F ?
A transparency In front M Oeaia's store attreeteC
much attention The portrait of Koeeuth was represent'
ed. and the figure of an AuHrlan ??4dWr with the face [
of a hyena on on* eld* and a Kuaeiaa soldier with the
face rf a bear on the other la the foregronnd. a Tort
'eh soldier la the aet of defendiug Ko?uth backwd by
the British Hon. In the background, a drawiag of the
teemehip Mississippi, with th* following inscription
estreats from Kossuth *p~ h at Maachestsr Kag
land ?
I There can be ao deapntiaa ? here there le freedom
ef the rreee end epeeeh. The repablle te the form
ef government beet adapted te the waate ef the
o oooooooooooeoooeeeto eoeeeeeoeeoooeeeeteeaeeeeeeeeo
No. 202 Broadway wae dreteed with tri-colored dra
pery, 'and over the atreet waa a vary large Aaerljtr
flag, b?-arlag the word*?
Hotal da Parte, corner of Broadway and Anthony
atreet, Hungarian and Amertean colore.
The windowa In the atore of Jamea Beck A Co , ware
taetafully decorated with a blending of Amaricea aai
Hungarian colore
The armory of the Lafayette 1 uaileere, coraar of Broad
way and Canal atreet waa decora tad. awd aaraaa the
etreet a double flag, competing of the Amartaan and
Hungarian, war dirplayed bearing the wtwda
| i.iravktti rrataali' wttcawr *o Meevm. *
The armory of the National Quard tad Hearf OunrJ
corner of Broadway and Grand etreet*. wae handaoate y
featooned with Bag# among which waa the one pre
?ented to the Scarf Guard* by the Hungarian extlee at
the Irving Ilooae,
No. 671 Broadway waa haadaomely feetooaed ant
draped, and dieplayed a very pretty banner with the
At the Broadway Ifouee the banner* of the democrat!.
whig young men were exhibited
1 I imiPl *M MtOODN win. ?Tgr?-w
trleolorod and Aaotlcaa flag*. with an inaerlptlon ovr*
the titrtMtH
inuiiHiinHHHH' ******
* I wr.Lcomi., I0W1H. i H
Th' Collamor* 11 tu t in I- tti ' t dreomUd will H
Mmm of fftrpMM. th? daft of llaaiirj and th; H
taitod BtaUa. with a banarr baarlag th* Inaerlptlor
l i a a * t oa m i t h 1 H
T>o dororatton* up n tho City Ouard Armory. No. 60;
Bioadway woro fln? Kxtaaded acrnoa Broadway to th* ^H
oppoalta batidlaa w?o tho Ancrlran caoipa. th* City ^H
Oaard rnitfn with th* nam* of tho cry* la whit* an ^H
(old laMata, aad^dh* uaioa jack fratooaad. I'ropptn. ^H
froM th. centra <? a wblta flag with inoetiptkm ? H
I faooooo*** oooooooo'.ocooooooooooooeoooocroooooootooof ^H|
" Whrthar >a th* (allow* high, I
| Or la tha kattl*'* ran. X
Th# anhlaat plaoofor man U dM.
I* wkor* h# diaa a aaa."
g#?o#?? o#o**a lOOO' OOOonio* oanonn ooanonaooooonn##** J H
Cpoa th* ffoat fcatooacd with (rran, rod. aad whit* ' ^H|
waa th* follow lng prooa aantlmant ?
* Th* Patriot aaada a? aatnralinatioa J c
a To eotitoadfor li**rtr anrwharaln th* world ia a Mala c
* to oltitoailiip la th* oitaa-koaad Ropnkli*! *
I OOOO^OOOOOOOIOOOOOOtOO'l -lOO -JOO' OOnor n001f>f>d>^0??000()0 ^^H|
I>'1 tha Arm rv ?? aUIT th< Hungarian flag war HI
' dioplayad HI
Tha Motrop lit an Hotel, c<>rt>*r of Prtac* atraot aad ^|l
Broodway. had a r*ry lar(* and "l<fant Aaiorioar ^11
flag -tf*l< hrd aeroaa th? ?tr??t HI
At Nlblo'a tlardan a hannar baring th? Inaarlftioa ? HI
ftcatoornnoaaaaaaaonaooooraoonac a?oaa#?oao itaaaraaraao' ^H|
i wiLCOMjt. loutrn. ^H
(. ooooaaooooaaotMoaoAaortoaaAaoaaaroaroaaooapaoaac
Iha l.iabt Cm4 Aun'.rr l.aUyatta Hall. taata- H
fvlly itrap-J with tr|.cn|nr?d flag* and faa??vn?d with
i r. >?! o? Tha tl i?? iliaplayHd war* thoaa <t )!i agar
an I 'mnnara ln<Hiril??l? H
>? fM
i*t:iori oriiT. HI

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