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From the Citj Surveyor'* UIm, 836 Broadway a ban mtt'nM
?pandtd, inecrfbed
Akmoat imy (tor* and many print* dwelling* along
'Broadway ?m decorated. _
UWhu iwldlni la the above maid atreat* were
buaily nocupWd, early la tbe morning. (a arranging and
decorating their building* with axprnelon* of w aloe Me,
pictorial device* aad mot toe#, complimentary to the lllnatriou*
pwoouag* about to be received by the AMerieau
' people a* their gueat. The aunerour Hangarlaa Iqiof
large aad ?"ll dlmeaaion* fluttering in the breeze from
' window* and houae tope, burner* aero** the atreeta,
:>eariag complimentary inacriptioni, together with the
beauty of the weather, all tended to enliven the people,
thereby progaoetieating acme great faativity about to
take place.
The corner of Seventh street and Bowery, called the
Bowery liotel, waa the following, written on white oaavaea:?
'' Freedom i* the chartered prerogative of hamaa **
nature. A man ceaee* to be a maa, when he ovate* 12
? to be free." " Kocenth, Weehiagton, Lafajette- ~
? immortal nam**, that were not bora to die." *
A large American flag floated from the roof.
Mo. 038 Bowery displayed four shields, blue ground,
white border, containing the names of?
jj eossvth?wazzlm?witch?ll?w^ossb. i
Kaoh one samounted with American aid Hungarian
No. 386 Bowery was handsomely deoorated witu Bags,
and between the festoons were the namee of Mitchell.
Mazslnl, Kossuth, Uecker.
No. 278 Bowery, was prettily decorated with dags, Ac.
Nos. 275 and 267 Bowery?a profusion of American
and Hungarian flags.
Noe. 212 and 214 Bowery wete decorated with the
Hungarian and American colore, from the windows, and
the awning poets festooned with white, red, and green.
Columbian Garden. No, 200 Bowery, decorated with
Hungarian, Italian, French, German, and American
Westchester House, corner of Broome street and
Bowery, a banner across the street, bearing the follew
ing :?
? " Ht ?iio ivii'Eia roi uisttr, evrrrks ros nt
mankind." 4-6
The building was decorated with muslin of green, red,
sndwhMe, and (lags from eaoh window. Nearly every
store and dwelling throughout the street was decorated
with tome insignia of a welcome te the IInngarian patriot
The Bowery Theatre, White's Melodeon, and the Amphitheatre
exhibited a bandeome appearance with flags,
in honor of the occasion.
No. 147 looked very well, with Ha tasty drapery shield
end flags.
No. 112 Bowery, a profusion of Amerioan, Italian and
Hungarian tag*.
No. Ill Bowery, Hungarian, American and other Megs,
ale? a white banner with an evergreen tree la the
No*. 09 and 70 Bowery, fronts covered with flags of
serious nations, prominent among which were thwAmeriean
and Hungarian.
The National Theatre was decked with weU executed
transparencies and the flags of all nations
At No. G6 Chatham street was the following devioe
pictorial extended across the street. In the centre of
the canvass was a portrait of the Ohampion of Freedom,
with quotation* ho : ?
^ frwin ; Portrait of " Kossvth. I
Kossuth. I
T " Daring alt mv " No man aware i
t lite I bad bat ; j a^i. ' of ths value of;
T see loading . *?? " ; ^ desUay, oaat
t idea? liberty. liresatisbed with- i
t out Preedeta." I
Mm* eet Veritas, et Prcre lebit.
No .'17 Chatham street, had a large Hungarian flag in
front, and in the window a transparency representing
Waahingtou addre?>lng Kossuth, and the following
" Wiehiairtoa's a .Items to Kootulh. t>-other in the ?
* eerh of traadem." j
French Uotel. a rep? was extendel from the roof to
a pule treoUl in the l'ark. on which was suspended, la a
on* ?rer ths eatlie street, the British, American, Hungarian
nod Turiish flags. Ths American and Hungarian
were m the c?nlte. Un the bottom of tho?e flag* wet*
i "Weieaoeto RoMut'b?Preedam'* Champion?Ty- t
rMl't R?tla- Aaortce'a Oaaat" ^ :
At Tinmanr Halt ?u exhibited a banner, on which
>u laacrtbrd ta large latter*.
i "Relceme. Koxutb 1 ('heaploa af L'barar!" |
The City liali, ax prepared for the oecaaion. haj before
era p*rt1/ described. The color* of Hungary floated
irom the ceair* flag etaff flanked by the itari and (tripe*
.'rom thoae on either dde. The portico ever the main
entranoe *a< decorate! with featooni of the Hungarian
trt cat or, Triumphal areliea war* erected at both entraaoee.
aa<l elaborately and taatafully bedecked. The
pete erected in front of the Hall of Record*, waa rendered
callable for the d up lay of banner*, reaching from that
point to the opposite aide of City Hall eqoare?a rope
being attached from the oae te the other, bearing the
leg* of Huejery the United State*. Raglan I. and Turkey.
I'urtng the formation of the proceeaii n the banner* *.'
eedy demnbed. on whi*b the word* ' Kowuth." "Oratltnd*,"
and "latereewtlon," were no conaptcunn*. ware
bom* arwund and attracted a greet deal of attention.
TV" cheering a* Knarath pemed through the arch,
though eery great, waa not ee mn< h ao aa might hare
b**a eapeeted Thla may be obeerred of the entire
reae on the Battery and It waa donbtlem owing, aa w*
before eta led. te the fact that the great body of the
-rowJ did not know which waa hie carriage
TV portrait* we haee aeen of htm certainly do not
do him.>notice To a highly intellectual couatai ance
here la an ripr??e*>? of btaadnaaa aad amiability oalcu
atrd to pnyii?'" all. Id drprodenUy of tha d'Urminati<?
ao grna rally pre formed to admlr* klm III* drraa
w dark a ad total; u a doeorated. aad h? ?orr a
Ilungaria-i hat with a alaglr Mark feat bar
Wb*a Knroatb arrived ia Iba Park.br waa eonluctrd
to tba (Offmtia tricolor caaopy ptarcd ro tha atepa of
tba City llall and tbrrr bo took hla poattloa aide by (Mr
with tbr Mayor whlla Uraaral Bandford and ntatf aur
-onndrd Ma ta either atda. on horoaback, an 1 Major
llagadora aad alaff of AUtea Inland acted an a guard of
Vtaar tafKbnr with Konmitb'a paraoaal ataff A iraar
a road ocauptrd tbr aUpa bahlnd. while tha balcony orer
head waa fl lrd aith Indira aad geatlamen Tbr Park
aaa flllrd aith huiaaa belaga aad It required all tba ai
rtloar of tba potter and military to koap bark tbr mul
-itudr aad praarat thair broakln?| by Uiatr praarara
tba ehalaa ahlrb raaloard tbr raoaat ajuarr la froat of
<oaaath Tbr trara nramrd alira with boy*, en tvrry
amuarfrd by tbla rant nana of human brine* tba
nobla rid# of Huagary reviewed tba troop, brigade
iftrr tadaadr rralmrnt after rwlm.Bl tH.l ...
pany after company. aa they pawed before bin The
ime occupied for the review wee abowt an hour ee l a
iialf Never 414 a finer eabthltim of citieen eel liary
(ratify the eye of eteteeman or warrior Koaauth wae
evidently delight 1 Ratlafaction beamed la hie large
blue, iatelllfoat eye and the thought aeemed to flaeh
troai It, '-How happy aud fr-e Bluet ha the country
ehoee right a and llhvrtiee are defended by the voluadeer
>ian of ench rltirea entdtory llaaipreaaed In wordf
hie admiral ioa of their marching, their bearing an I
their whole appearance Pntaakl clapped hie baade with
delight, and all tko etaif aeemed equally pleaaed ileaernl
3aadford announced the nnmoer of eaeh regiment a* It
paeard; and when the Ninth or Iriah Kcgimeat wearing
the green, which la one of the three colore the Hungarian
Tricolor aame up. Knaauth inquired of what nation they
were, tad paeerd a warm ealogy upon them Norwnehe
tione ia that ptatea Ueaeral Haadford aleo ?i preened
.hie admtiation of their marching, and aald he never eaw
*n>iUitg ta equal the improvement they had a?<l'
. luring the abort lime that had riapeed el nee the eorpe
wae formed The 8< vrnth Regiment wae aleo particularly
noticed f< r ite steady aoldler like, dil'ipliaed (real
I Hi I iag the review, the inpatient multitude broke
ihriurh I lie ahaiae. and a arena of twrrtMe Itirlq far
f/B>e lime prevailed, threatening to laratrv vwrything
in eonlufton. At Imgtk erde* ?M tliiH, u4 the
NMtaiir of the tro*p* pnmed. It we* 1Mb quit* dark,
and Msjo?-?*aewslBamM*'d having tsfcm trie laeve, Kossuth
suddenly sotiMd, aoeordlug U ? ynowMiM V.
rw(MM*t. lata tb* OMj Uall, and gained the Irving
House by tb* beck way, comparatively unobserved, wbU*
tb* crowd la Broadway expected to And him pwa *ut la
W* bar* teen displays for various presidents cud
Warrior*, bat tb? equal of thl* w* bar* a*r*r witnessed.
Kossuth dined privately at the Irving House, there
being present only Medals* Kossuth, Puisky and Medea*
Puliaky, and the remainder of Koseutb's suite, together
with Col Berzcenscy and tb* Mayor and Aldermea
Franklin and Miller.
There having been a general expectation that Koaeutb
would epeak from the balcony of the City Hall, which
was indicated by loud shout# for him from the multitude,
and being disappointed In that expectation, they
proceeded to the Irving House, and blocked up Broadway
during the time he was at dinner. They kept
shouting, and teemed as If they would break into tho
Irving Ilonee. At length. In oompliance with tho urgent
request of his friends, be appeared upon tbo balcony,
and was received with vehement cheering. Ho mid?
Allow mo to oxpros* my gratitude for tho hearty welcome
yeu have given mo this day. I tried to express it
at the entrance to vour slorlous cit* at tha flaitls liar.
den, but your warm heart* gate Tent to your fooling*
loudir than my word*, which prevented m* from speaklag.
and you from hearing. I feel mnch fatigue 1 after the
eselting roene* of the day, and now allow me to bid you
good night.
Koeeuth then retired amidat tremendou* oh earing
and the people being eatiefled. eeparated, with the eioep1
Ion of a small number who etill hung about the Irving
House. It woe necessary to call In the police to keep
them from rushing up stair*.
Daring the day it became generally known through
oar metropolis that the German Glee Clubs attended by
the Turner Society, proposed te honor Kossuth with a
serenade and torch light procession; bat long be for s tne
appointed hour, 10 o'clock, a large orowd, principally
Germans, had congregated about Broadway, opposite
the Irving House, the saloon of which was also tiled with
enquiring spectators. From an oarly hoar of the evening,
people kept locking Into tbe Irving Hons*, in the
hope of seeing or hearing something fresh of Kossuth, it
seemed as If the appetite was sharpened by what it fed
upon. But the lion of tbe day, the Hungarian ex-governor,
remained in seclusion in his chamber, the staircase
be in* jealously guarded by police, who prevented
any one from going up.
As the appointed hour of serenade drew nearer the
crowd of spectatere increased, end before Id o clock P.M.
the whole street in front of the Irving House was crowded
with one dense mam, the omnibuses, and othor vehicles,
having considerable difflculty to pass aloog Broadway.
Tbe passages, and even some of the rooms above were
also occupied by other visiter* than the usual residsats
of the hotel, and a knot of eager enquirers dotterel
around the door of the Hungarian's sanctum, awaiting
an opportunity to peep into tbe room whenever the door
by chance happened to be opened. Abont 9 o'clock,
the Mayor took leave^of Koeeuth. and an hour after
at the appointed time precisely, the torch light prolutddififi
mm/1m itn inneirtnri< whwn t Pimh vu immmli.
ately mad* from ttie saloon of the Irving House to the
outside. The Turners preceded, bearing torches, and
illuminated Brosdwsy to a considerable distance, both
up and down, with one maas of light. Cheers, and cries
fer Kossuth echoed on every side, while clouds
of smoke rose upward, as if struggling for mastery
with the light that caused them.
The band struck up the " Kossuth march," an original
composition by Mr. Fisher; but it was impossible to
form an opinion as to its merits from the noise and com.
fusion. In the meanwhile, Kossuth was delayed from
presenting himself to the people by the arrival of a
deputation from the German population of Philadelphia,
who were having a private interview with him la his
apartment. During his absence, Mr Lawrence attempted
to quiet the crowd below, by explaining the sense of
the delay ; but what he raid had but little effect The
cries for Kosruth were redoubled An Hungarian also
appeared In the balcony, and entreated the orowd to be
quiet, and to show some respect to Kessuth, who was. he
sold, unwell ; but his rhetoric did not appear to produce
much effect. At last, the ex-Oovernor of Hungary appeared
on the baleony, and this was the signal for renewed
oheering, mixed with hisses, When silence had
been at last obtained, Kossuth addressed the people in a
few brief words to the following effect
Gentlemen?I beg leave to express to you my most
humble thanks for your present appearance here to-night,
after the demonstration that you have already made this
day, and which must prove highly benetcial to the future
freedom of Europe. I take this demonstration
(cheer* and hlneee) m an omen. anowing tt.at freemen
will unit* again at the deepoti of the world fohaeri,)
and that, by the unity of freemen, derpotlnn will b*
eruahed for ever. (Cheera ) Exenaa ma far not raying
mora, baeauaa. bafora tha roica of the people. Ilka the
thundar of hvaran, tha roiaa af a atngle indlrlilual nut
bow. (Choata.)
Kciauth, than, In tha nidit of cheering, inrnla a ?p*ady
I By thii tima many of tha torchaa wara extinguished,
and a icana of Indaieribabla eonfnaion praaanta 1 ltaalf
Chaara and hUiaa war* mingled with laughter nndahouta,
whittling, fighting, and all kind* of noiaa* procaadad
from tha orowd, who wara ewayed abont lika tha waraa
of tha oraaa. to which only it eonld ba compared Add
lo thia tha darknava?for nearly all tha torch** wara
out?and a aaana of aatoinalla praaaatad itialf that
Naw York hardly irar axhll Itad bafora Tha music now
morad off. tha bind playing " Hail Cclombia and tha
aranadara 1< fllad through tha Park and down Chatham
tract to tha Shakrpaar* Hot*., guarded ou either Ada
by.tha Turnera, who ware thara in oonaidaraola number*
Tha (lorarnor of Hungary retired to bad at II o'clock,
rrry much fhtigued Ai anon a* he left hi* parlor for
that purpose. a nuns bar of people went In. but they were
disappointed In not icetng him
Among th* Italian# pmrit at ft* ten Ijlul w*? Mr.
PoreoU. to whom Kooouth brought letter* froa Mnirini
When ho wm preeented to tho ei-Governor of Hnngary
I ho lottot raid to him with groat cordiality, la F roach
" Ah ' I kanw you alrvody u a true roorvoontativ* o( tho
Karopoaa goanoraey. a whloh wo oro all boaad.
Tho moabor* of thr Bar aro ro<iuootod to moot ia the
taw Library, tblo day. Monday. 8th inettnt. at thrw
o'clock, I*. M , to arraago for a public dianer to tho 11*
tiBgul.-brd moaibor of thotr profomloa. Louio Kooouth
Tho Now York Typographical Society, on Saturday
evetiicg la-t. oloctod General tnul? Kossuth an honorary
member. lie U otpoctol to attend the Piintor* Bansuet
at Nlblo'o lisrder, on the Iflth of January, the an
nirtretry of tho birthday of Brtjamla Fraaknn
A number of b-u<|W*ta, wrratha. It . hearing -nottoco
wore thrown Into Kooouth' carriage, by our beautlu'glrlr.
Wo giro a description of oome of them One wai
a oplendbl bunoh of evergreen*, roeee. tr . to which wae
attached a rich, tri colored ribbon, on which wao worked
In tba moot delicate and ipirilutllr kind of needle em
broidery ?
J ?on blro* thcc awn ni carta, wool* ?? ? th, ?
i J. 8 Chapman. .
***** ##* ## #**?*?**#*< #*?****?******se*s#e??*?*****
Affiled to a miniature American flag wore the follow
lag reroeo ?
Raiee raise the rolre of Trltimpb
The Flag of freedom raiee
Shout, "till the eoho wildly ring*.
Ia the bold Patriot'* praise?
Strike, utrlke the rla*hlng cymbal
l.oud be tho trumpet'* sound?
Let heart* of every nation beat
With pride oa Freedom * grout 1
Kooeuth ?the nam* ot Roaautb ?
Mhe melody, 'tie heard ?
When thinking of his noble worth.
?uu >>Tr H.lllT'1 K i; It
Another with motto worked in ?llw<>r letter* on per
forated paper, lined and bound wltb pink ?a?in ?
^ Koaeitth. La a/ette. Waahiagtoa tba true* I'atrVXa '
the war Id can boaet '
. Welcome K "truth I to our Ian J.
Patriot tf a patriot band
! litre* fi'T heart and here a 01 -r ban I
In the giori' ua eaiiae
Freedom a rauaa la eau-e
Fhr'kn'i ranee waa e?erthin?
In the world eooa ma/ it ahme,
Friend of Libert/ Z
F->e"' Prouil1 >rmt. H'l 11 >e -i t ^
A niag'iifloent bou juat. eonalatlnj of evergreen*
roewa, getan r.Bu. k* , with a Inrga r jefite of ribbon*
dteoM M tha at an bore the fallowing device in ft ??y
neat, ftMU hand :?
? Wiictia to Komuth.
I Bucoeee crown ftU thy enterprise?
And every joy attend thw,
; And honor, with tho torch of truth,
; BUnd rftftdy to defend thoo. ^
A Daughter of Freedom tj
During tho cnwihim attending the reception which
?? given to Koreuth by the people of Btatan Mwl tt
add ret a by the Germans of New Vork wee rend to hi a
The following la ft tmnsiatlen of hie enewer
IOIUI lll'l m m 1? 4 UI.IMlil 1DUIIMI.
I em happy that I call addrtaa you in the language by
which I waa introduced to the treaeuree of Kurepean
civilisation I am happy to receive an addreaa of the
Germane because I know the Importance of Germany.
I fully appreciate the link which unKea the freedom of
Germany to the treedom of Ihingftry. But I cannot refrain
from remarking that I cannot agree with one aentlment
ei preened in your addreea No people ahould
ever offer iteelf to dM for a man. Such a aaoTtSoe
should only be lor principle.
Among the exhibitions of the Koaeuth reoeption, wan
the illumination of the Koaauth Uouae, oorner of Christopher
and Had eon streets, on Saturday evening. The
inscription on a banner bang acroaa the atreet was?
To rur. l.ano or the farj
Ths appearance ?f oar cltlsem oilier* *u suok
m every A me risen may feet justly prond of ; and
the whole affair *M highly ore41 table and eattsEeotor
7 as a proof that maltitudoe of people may meet
for a universal demonetration in favor of liberty, without
eiolting any epprehearten la the breaet of the
moet timid stickier for law and order. Thus oloeod the
grratart demonstration ever given to any man in thl
great mstropoUe of the United fltatee
0?7*rnor Koeeuth woe waited upon on Saturday, by
gentleman of this city, on the part of the Corporation, te
certain on what day he could make it convenient to
vieit Brooklyn. His anewer woe, substantially, that he
?m now in the hand* of the New Yerh committee, and
wee, as yet, unaware of tho precise nature of tho arrangements
they had made for him to fulfil He would
be occupied, however, during the (joining week, and
oould, consequently, make no definite engagement, but
would certainly visit Brooklyn?probably during the
week following although he coull not. as yet. designate
the day.
The committee of the Common Council on the enbjeet
of arranging for the reception of Keesuth In Brooklyn,
were to have met on Saturday night, at the City Hall,
but np to hall-poet nine o'clock, but two of tho ooaueittee
had assembled? consequently, nothing wee transacted
It is understood, however, that the reception will be arranged
for Wednesday or Thursday cf week after neat.
new hay si*
A committee from New Haven, Cenn. woe also present
at the same time and extended to him an Invitation
to visit that place, on Monday week next; but, as In the
cose of Brooklyn, he was unable to give them a definite
answer as to the time he could aoeept of their hospitality
Ue would inform them, however, sometime previous to
the dey on which hs should hereafter determine to visit
We understand that a deputation from Philadelphia
waited upon the distinguished Magyar, on Saturday eveoiag,
and Invited him to visit that city, where they pro
nit J him * reception equal to that which ho bad not
with La Mow York. Kossuth's reply wit, wo further
leira, unsatisfactory to the deputation. lie told that it
wu uncertain whether he should risit Philadelphia it
ill. ind bit Ktaj in this country wu altogether natter
of uncertiinty n? expresses himself more in favor of
action than in promises, and it anxious to tee whether
there it reaUy any intention by the American people of
tiding Hungary
The Kwaeuth Peeling Kite where.
WatHiNoron, Deo. fl, 1S6IThe
President. Mr Webeter, Mr. Cor win. and all the
members of the cabinet, will eatertaiu Kossuth sumptuously
au hit arrival In Washington. Uulsemsnn it
oithrr locked up in his room or absent from Washington
Ue has been loot eight of for some days.
Aiiist, Deo. 9, 1361.
Gov Uuat has dispatched a special messenger to Mew
Yor'i, to invite Kossuth to tbs capita! of the State, and
tendering hint '.he hoepitalitieeof the Executive mansion
Bai.timork, Dec 0. 1861.
Ths announcement, by telegraph, yesterday morning,
of the arrival of Kossuth, caused quite a sensation of
pleasure to thrill through our community, and n number
of the memberi of the committee appointed te invite
him to the city jbsw iialely started off in the cars,
she at to lepart
If any :h.ng m re were needed than the complete absorption
ot the daily press, in every sort of intelligence
concerning Roe* nth. it might be furnished by the ferry
boats across the Hudson and the New Jersey Railroad
There is, to-day. s continued procession from ths Interior
ui uurowr iw vur luvkiufuiH, ui ui? miuuu j UITUUIBH
and women If there were my effectual mean* of bring,
ing them to bear op -n th? Rt:**lan Bear. Keaauth'a en I*
would be anawer?l without Mother apeecb Bo aayf the
S' v<n V AirvrM ?* of Saturday
We aot.ce m/i the 7?reey CVy Stntiitl, of Saturday,
that all the feaael* in our harbor are dreaeel out la excellent
ityle, with A nericao eiuigna aad private laji ail
la honor of the dieting ulahed vteiter
Beeeral military companion peeve 1 over the ferry thte
mernia? to join in the parade .a honor of the Uuetrtou*
tettMmea and orator, Koarnth.
Cltiaeae bar* planted gune along our ahoree and will
give the lUnetrtoue Hungarian hero a mlute dmultnoecue
with thoee firel from New York and Brooklyn
r me infemoue ra-caj> during laat night, filled the
cannon* with dirt and brick, that were to be fired to-day
la honor of Koa?uth.
Ad dm* and Poetryr to Koaoatlt.
T > Li t>wtu Koe*' m,
FacetoRWt ?i th? Rrrtewe Or Hta.tir.
At laat. Uh great and gloriou* patriot we hare you
here In our own laod tflar year* of trial, on your part
la the aohie oeuee in whieh you bare etrleoa and *uf
frrvd. Ml after long ecpectaaoy. on our part, of the
honor and hapainer* of baring you with ua?at laat our
t?h la gratified and tou jour beeutUuj etfe and chl.
Jrea, hare come to u*
Ob let me be one of the 'Iret tmnng my nthiuieetic
eouetrymen to welcome you with joy totbl* land, wherPre.
l.>m -preal* her Wtaa* to ooe>-r. with her friendly
rtiadoW ell the warworn rhlllren of humanity who need
her protection On ebail net all tny ->-cple rejoice ea
with one heart to reeelve you with open ?rm<-t< hear
fiom par t>nu lipi the hlot.iry of your -rrowa a* ltd the
noble V. h int 'i\?- them to hare the h
bear og your wt-e eugge th a* concerning the beautiful
ti? i uttering Hungary
Hungary -that gr?at country of dimiig breve loyal,
and t: no hearted m- n and beautiful devoted worn. ?~
tftmcrly a monarchy with a prou l nrMt-croy after
ccuntrymen had elected you the rhlef th?n bntjtl by
oe who hould tare ft .?< w?il you ae a *?lor who led to
redemption to 1 to tl a r? g?n? ration of a race >ppreaaed
by Jr-pott'io tew the rtellai of two tyrannic potm.
wi o hare orerpowered bcr atroia- maeaarre 1 bar Inhabl
taut- Jeptired b.-r of all etrll liberty ant filled you
the greatest and beet if her tate??-n
>rt?B when a child, bare I treated ef the mountain
ou? ecrnery of fluogary and it* cblralrlc people , oftan
during the druggie fer free lam hare t dreamed af you
and all the other nobta Magyars. without erer uppoeln.;
that my own an i would >ne Jay be honored by your
Percrtptico* of your tad eqjoum at Kutahla often
reached ua here and when the old and tb* new worl I
hrar l that yen were liberated Kogland and tbet'nited
State* determined to make that releaae one gran]
triumph The Rnglieh?fret, generoir, and noblebare
pt,seeded c? In tbelr enthusiastic reception"
>ut. if ?? are ta>t. let n* not ha leaet In your great alter.
Hons We cannot place you at the bead of your own
oati pow-ifiil and free ; but. at leaat. wr can effer you
jur ten ImJ aa a home when- you will 'iag tynj
| tion-o' hftrt r??dy t" ?yapatM?? ?rrry ?rm rwiity to
I support you kLl alt tot*U"? r?*Jy to btoolblm your
pratio Oh pormit u to i dor jrou tbi? Wuttful idi
..?PP7 .and ?hot? an ?uy fornmon-nt ronfm '?? th*
>?Mpii? th# blr?iiof' ot otnlaad rrlh|t"U? llb#rt? oharr
th? '.??;?! ?n l th# >rnam#ntal art. ft urt#h. ondinturh# I
hy th# tyranny of di-?poU ?nd wh#r# p??o# nod t ran
julltty await your Urni## I b?art I?r?rat<-1 with th?anr
n ?? .if your ; #op'i# II?r# your fit jour b.autiful wtf.
*BI yoar rhi.dr?u. thoa# youdr dlr'IpW-nof llb#rty can
*iud hnppin..# ?o I ripn## until Kui ->p# arou##-! *o a
p#te#pti?u of your iBjBr'?? ihatl ralanfato you ?t tb->
r?%l t f y or p#opi<%
Ob ma> I ?i | ?ii my country?< m?n lit# IB ## that
boat May ?.? ### you tb# id# of th# wbol# ot?lli*?d
wo- 1 * you now ar# that of Hungary , art may tlo
| aub'-t' f rour iff# ?!?? amid iiac'.ondi d oftUtaney
iMuch ti lt TionidfUt of Hungary ? th# (#r?#at
pi . -rot tyouof An-rfati 4ir'., *h., wuh #a'.ro#nt?
.if h' mo(' n I #f t.iBiirai'ub mbaoffn u h?ra#i!
wkh?vtKvK (ik#i>u FktartKto
to ll?B cditob or tm? mtw inf M?;?4Lr>.
T4TKN Itunn.Dw f,lKl.
Dr4? Bi?.?Tlix editor oToMoftt* eTemiag payors. ot
jour city, in his leading article ot Saturday/bas mod fh
to commont in n Tory unknndaoaM tad gratuitous Manor
upon tAo address which I dellrerad to Oot Kossuth,
at the hoaA of ?y battalion, on the night of hi* arrirai.
Sir, I bad an expectation of ottering aa nddrsss to
gratify tbn enemies of Kaoouth. m? enemim are ay
our mica, and the mantles of ersry niaa who haa a hoart
fotoelanT tool Thv significant demonstration by your
1 groat city, on Saturday afforded m? thr moat satl?f?<v
I way msiirnnaa that u?y ?a*Ua?aoU are the seotuaanta
of mj comrade*i tba gallant soldiers of the lat dlrlsion;
?*td, oof rnly tholr sentlmenti, but 'he sentiments of
I tounr hundreds of thousands ot your sUiien*. who stood.
for t.ouir, in solid mass, orowliug rour tbwougbftrm
I foil th?* mfb dmv ofDMMmb#r) for th?# nak? of hknntinir
' their approbation of the Illustrious Kossuth. from the
{ position so handsomely tendered to aw and my ottt. -rs,
j i n Dalurday by the corporate authorities of ?our oity.
I was overpowered with the coogiatulatlone or many of
| your citizens Among tbeee were oflleer* of high rank
| In the army of iba United dtatne?oflleera of our gallant
1 v?lunteer* In Mexico, and veteran officers of the war of
lbtt'. At several place* along the route of the prooeaaion,
1 war called out by came, and vociferously cheered by
your citizens; cud, In one instanoe, I was Indebted for
tbia compliment to an officer of "the late war," who
uncovr red a head white with the snows of sixty winters
This. air. seemed as if the sentlmeats I' had uttered to
Qov. Kossuth had found a response In the bearte of my
country man?not withstanding what has fallen from the
reepooslbls editor of the paper In question
I assure you. sir. that It is in no spirit of boasting
iUil* letter emaaatee from me, for 1 oould also meatioa
the flattering assurances which I have received from
nearly all the deputation* from your sieUr cities who
have waited upon Gov. Kossuth at dtaten Island.
Very truly and respectfully.
Vowrobt servant,
s jr i m r e o m r v v.
Aye, tremble, ye vulture* ' The eagle has risen
Unfettered on Liberty 's wing from his cage;
'Twns the Turk buret the bonds of his Austrian prison
Opptoseors. howl on, In your impotent rag*
Qod blees the Sultan ' Mahomet enshrine him
'Mid houries as fair as tbs Up of ths ross ,
May MospitaUty s laurels entwine him.
Tor undaunted o'er threats of tyrants he rose
Let vile bigots question easts, creed, or rvligioa.
'Tie the deed tells the man ' the act speaks the truth:
For despots shall lower 'mid night of contrition?
a0 pum-llguv un t u iuj uuui vi tvu^rukr avhuib
Kossuth. ever deer to tho trampled-on mmn?
Who die lor thy cause, unknown martyr* of fame .
Cruaader of froedom, who mankind surpasses,
Thy lion-like spirit no trouble can tame.
Ilere Is a home, where the star-spangled banner
Bleeees the lanl hallowed by Washington,
Millions ef free hearts shall peans hoeannah
To welcome the exile, the User daring Hun
For thee, noble Hungary mercy is calling,
Though buried alle?, yet she throb* in her trance
Awaiting the blast of freed om'appelllmg,
In battles of nations to take the advance
Twin-elster ef woe, is Poland, lamenting
Thy doom. Sad Kaehael of heroes divine,
'Neath foot of merciless Bear nnreleating
In thy ashes lurk sparks for liberty 's shrine
For thee they shall flame?the victims are ready ,
The almighty arch o'er thee, Faith's rainbow rays.
Ob. bold pilgrim Magyar, onwaid, lirm. steady?
Mass thunders are growling, soon lightnings will blare.
r. l. w.
Wc.come. thou noble hero,
Welcome to Freedom's land.
Where many hearts are beating
To grasp thee by the hand.
Though tailed from thy country.
Thou here ehnU find n home,
For on our peaceful borders
The oppressors dare not come
Here reet beneath our banner.
From war and danger free,
And If oalled again to action,
May you riotorioua be
Again we welcome you.
For thou art F'reedom's eon ,
And bappy may gou be
in ia?* tie a ok wmdiiufton
1#;A5TD, December 5,1861 Miir,
Mo* tbe* cher emi,
Comblsn je regritta que tea pulssante* occupation
t'sient retenu. hlar named! Mb de ootr* Till* Tail
perdu I'occmIob d'etre la te moin de i'ua# das plu? bellei
t dM plUR BthOlUlRKtM maalfeltatlOBS patri>tiqu.?
qu'U n'eat dona.' h I hommr qoe da voir uoa foi* ea m
ri? Ne eroU pa* qua J'oxagera a*, quolque ; ai at.
tern in de la ceremonia qui aut liau a Paris, as ISM
iorrque lea ceadree da Napol<-aa fureat rapport.*i d
lull dans la Praoaa qa'll chnrissait taut ja as crol
paa qu'oa aa puU?e ta figursr rian da plua baau daa* di
pari'illaa cir -instance*. Catta maniteetalioa j Paris a'l
Wis*. qu'unt impression fun.-bra, (appelant un malbsu.
(sux *01 reilr p ur la c.vur das I rant; si v tandl' qui
eelia d hlar donnait das esperaacas it daa ooabattanL
herol (U?s qui. dan* laur axil, ont troure un paupb
digue de laa comprendre at da fairs . ubliar laur iafor.
tun. jurqu'a laur procbaim- eictolre.
Kosrutb. coaama tu aa du I'apprandra par laa jouraaui
sat urrire araat-hlar ? la quarantalae, oil aa* pramiar
pas sur catta terra h spltail. re, oat ate salues par d<*
acclamation* >-nthou*la*te* 11 a ra^u, daa* eat aeaat
post* de la terra Am.-drains Irs marque* da raepact el
d acclamations dors * sob eloquence et a sea afTerte sur
bumalaa daa* la guerre on sa pa trie roulait secouar 1.
jong dea tyrant* at sa* yeux mould.a d* larme* sem
blalrat remerci. r la pauple qui lui falsait a-p.-rer ui
i maUl.-ur arealr. La Orb-bis sxila. apri s itrv reste qael
j quaa haurea u Staten I- land, oil II rrpondlt brl. remaot i
dltlerente* iditMM qui lul fur. at pr. aant. ? par le< au
tori'di I'Ul, If MmmnoiUnU 4c 1 irmrl, it 1m onml
t?i del proeerlt* d? pluetenra aatloni Purop.inaei fu
conduit i*n m -lilt* :i liord du ktwrncr Vmderbilt |u
'tilt < ll dlipieltlon poo: to tr.neporter # Ne? Verb
aree Up comlt municipal da r? tte Til la, reau # ia ran
Tu na pani p*- ta fairc una idea da I eathnuiiaam
qui r in*lt daaa aotra tUle. at d*a pr< paratih pi ln? d
gout, qua lei autoritd avaiaat fait arraocer dan
i 1m prlneipaui e tab. tenement# daraat leajuela 4e?ai
paaaar ia cort ?> . La ta.ade du City UaU eUl
Ittti ralrmrat oourerte da fleuraetde bull, it del drape
rlai au* couleura bongrotoea iu?p#adoea graciau?aaiaa
iut toutr m lurface . talent doaiiu -ea paitroliiameaea
Jrapeau* Dongroil Am. rirula et da If tat Am den
portal du pax dem e/M da triomphe, eraei auMl d
eoulaun h .n,'r?ieea eatreiaeeM a?e? rellei de l Amr
riqua produt'alaat to plua ehannant effat. Lea prinrl
paui h.'.tal* ear to pa?Me da la proeaaaioa. anient au?
cen , lcuri balrea* da traaepsreata repre?atant plu
eleut* ar. nee da la vii du chef Ilnngroto at 4m laarrip
ticae adapt Ma la cireonitanra aa aoyaieat d* taut*
parti La Mu*> e de Baraum. m faiaait aurtout r> taai
qaer par *a profueion da drapeaui de toutee nation# ?
| par de? traaapiraat? qui oceupileat pre*qua toute 1
'r(adi da Ma etabitoeement Parrni aui noue en a* >n
| temar |Uc ua qai quuiqu* Imparfieltemaat paiat. rapr.
-otmt use aeiei Sonne Idea; Komuth la* bra? eroie.
pur m poilnae. rente Impaaalbla denier# la fallen qn
un eibre en m* a la defend contra la Lion Ptue?- at li
by. ae Autdehienne.
PcBa la ianderbllt arriee at la foul# immenae qai
tr. u?a a P-?tter'.a iaee la mllte# t.-poadlt par de
I> rilM llloirill d. bar ,uammt la Hfinf Ho*
, r v? I a r . rt.it. tin *rcnmp*#n%lt Kowath. aut tool*
1 |<-? pv.n*. la moadaa ?ouTTirr an pwn|f pour p> ar
:rrr dan* ? -milt da Caatl* Gardaa qui trait at* aa
aiLladrpul* la mat la par ua* foula lBm*n** artda d
ut*itpl*r *a* trait*. A ?m approcba l?? hurrah* I*
ja r.-tantlaaaul* *a fir*nt aatandr* da tou* rot.a; l?
he mm. crl* ant Walooma Knaaath W?|cnn>. land I
qua la* frama* attan Iria* a?ttal*ut lour* mouahoin ai
pluaraat auaal d*? hurrah* l.a atlanca a* rrtabUt aati
una pan at I* malr* da Naw York an an* da* aatnrl
tai da la fill*, lot ua dl*oour* qua la bruit aoatlaual d
I* foula rmparha dratandra La pronarltaa lara p?n
j r. pondta at maifra tou* la* afforta qaa la* inambra* di
rnBit. at la* ofllrlara da pollca faaalaat pour ni.taalr ui
momaBtd* atlanea. II lul fat iaipoaalhla da aa fair* *?
taadra l| prla. U tuppli* la* a**l*taat* da raaaar rt* d*
moaatratioa* par trop pa**1oaa. aa. Bala oa aa lal ra
1 poadait qua par da aoaraam t rt* at da roatlnaal
-Walcom* Walooma " K.a rain II taata qairtr* oa elafol*
da dlra qnalqua* mote. II ful cbll*. d 7 ra
nenerr, at prta la* rnpn-aantantt d* la pra*a
da aa randra a a an hntal On II laar farm
part dar raaarqua* qull a arait pa* pa pruooaaa
an public Vara ana haura at Jaai*. aaalrea la proca*
ion aa ait aa aarcha at partaat da la Kattarta all
antra iac* Bmadwaf. Vaa aoltura daoourart* att*|.<
da bult cbaraui portrait Knmuth a?oonipa?n du aalri
UNI* lark *ul rait I mm. dlat*m#nt la Billra d* Nat
Ytrh Ian* la (ual* nui* aroa* raaarqar la rniaparau
ftaaqair* d?* pa d*? I.*1*7.11* Jont I a?paot laartial at l<
c *t 1 ma *a*. ra at qu*rrl?r attlralaat tou* *? r*far I*
( l.a* unlf.-.-?a* rat'. * daeatta mille* 'orm* at nn rontraat
rharaaut. at I* rcul?m*at da* tambour*, at la* air* pa
trtotiqra* jou. * par ta*baada? da rhaqua r. <im#nt *jou
talant aacor* * Vaathoatiarm publl< Apr a I* pr?rata
' oar**** ?anaiaa? da nombrau*** aoltura*. U pr?tn:ar r .n
tanatt m (war. *t U* patra* It* inriU* ft la* ??p*t
) mm d'aail orrici* tnc hut, pal* ufialm MmU
Mom at 1m do ftiatodm ?M oaafidMha* a
fraternal* d*la Till*. U *oeo* ijut ratrtt *ot Utterolo
I meat impnmlbl* a dcorlr*, iMthoiuioHO du pouyUm
coooot pto* d* bora**; tout** Im biiium etotani mm
pliM j of qu'au 1*1 te d* fraleha* figure*, laaplendiaeante* dc
baoate it oioitea* por 1'cnthouatoam. Do lout** 1*? fere
tr?e portolent dM floor*, *t to* loomahter* coffuani
git' * par de blanch** main*, donnatont uncpMUT* flagrante
da polrioticme femioln. U proeerit HongroU,
emu por lo fraoohtta de en* dimoaat ration*, aoluoit (1*
droit* *t d* gauche, debout dan* la culture ; tea trait*
exprimatent la peiatur* d* la foroe IV-liyjuene* at I* cou"
rage, excite# an plue haut drgre par cat aoooatl el Men
VeilUnt a* tout la* habltaua de la dlle Imperial* du
Nnuvi-au Monde (Jotte march* trlouphal* continue par
Hiuadaay. A?tor Plana. 1* Bicarf. *t Chatham jo?{u'*u
Pate ou elle arrica it old} beure* at detnie encirou, *t oil
lr* troup** defile rent decant Ko*?utb en poUaxont
an* Iimi-ih acclamation. Near Vork acalt complete,
mint change d'aapect; tou* 1m habitant* ac?l*ut juitte
leux demeure et parcouraient la* rue*, en Doueaant de*
erU et dee burn hi. en I'hoaneur da t'hocame distingue
qu'os regard? comma l'eapolr da U llbarte at d? la rdgeat
ration Kuropeennaa La aoUel, jul r< pandait ear la f.-ta
laa brIUaata rayon* d? *a| I ami era celeste. ejoutait an
nouvel ettreit u catta celebration, dont la souvenir dure
in ieugtempe dana la memolre da oaua qui an ont ate
laa hearrni tamoiaa Loraque la prooeaaion fut arrives
a aan point d'arret. Korauth fut conduit, dana la magaiOque
logement prepare pour lnl a Irving Uou?e. par laa
ordraa do comite Un dinar ou n'aaalotaient qua la malra
da Naw York quelquea Aldaraaaa at pludaur* da aaa
compagnona d'aiU, fut aerri da a# laa aalona partiouliara.
ou aaeua traagar na fut adatia. Vara dii haoraa oepaadnnt
una aoeW-tc Allanada composes da prua da<
5A00 indivldu*. portaat ohacua una torch? allumra a
la main, alia aoua aa? fenetre* pour lul donner una aerenala.
Da nombreux oris m firant entendre, appelant
l'ei-dlctateor da lallongric; cetol cl nooabl.de fatigue
at vwiblamaat alfecte par laa senffranoaa qui na lul
anient p?< laisae na moment da rapoa pendant U trntrevaraee
roulut capandant remercler la foala immenae
qui aa trouealt davant l'hdtel. mail la bruit I'empeebant
da aafalra entendre, 11 aa retire an milieu d'uae acclamation
generate. Cnfln, la fettle harasses da fatigue, at
quelquae pcu fruatrea dana aoa actanta d entendre la
volx eloquent* du chef Magyar, aa rendit Inns aea foyer*
an abanaoonant u regret Koiauth a eon repaa
Au total, la hcroa, n'a pna ete exoeaaivment content,
d? r-euitat qu'ont prod nit tea dlaeoura dan' leaquela 11
ne demanda abaolumant que l'lntervention Amcricalne
an faveur da son pays La gouvernement n'antandra
gucre da eetta or all) e at decldtmeat no its p-naons qua
son voyage aura pau da auco^s malgre eon eloquence
On peurrait blen flnir par etro da l'aviade Lola Mont.'-*,
qui la declare un grand humbug at ua hypocrite
Volu.moa bi*n char, la ceremonie trntiu perdu*,
et dont j? tVcrla ua reoit qui maigr- mm effect*. ue
prut te doniier qn ua* ldc* uaparfnitr de o*tte impo
rente manifnetatlon. Adieu, tout <t tol
T*aveuna i)>muni^ tt b*abdim<) attiooi. i> ouMtuao,
Nkw Tors, Dec. 6. Idol.
Mi Dka* 8)i? ? Veuwlll b* anxioa* to hare from ta*.
corn* account of the reception of Koieuih la thi< citywhich
event hu ju?t taken pine*, and ha* awakened the
geeateet eathuaiaaui am one all elaaae*. native ae well a*
adoptedcitUene Tbi* celebrated Hungarian arrived In
Ammo* at one o'clock *n Friday nomine Cyeeterday},
in tlie eteanmhlp Humboldt from 8 luthampton. Kagland.
By prevtoue arrangement he Landed at Staten bland,
where h* waa received by Doctor Doane, the Health Offlc*r,
at Quarantine, and at hi* houae be wan entertained
during hi* abort etay on thai inland On Friday
KoMUth received th* congratulation* and welcome
of the citiian* of Btatan bland. Th* particular* you
have probaDly read in the Build of thii morning
Referring you to the *ame paper, of other date*, which I
hall rend, for th* particular* of Konuth'i grand reception
in tbi*?lty, I wlah to eaU year attention to torn*
' point* of latereet which 1 wlah to impreen upon your
memory, marking thl* affair a* n great.hletorical event,
to which you may bar* ocoaeion to refer in after year*
On* good effect of Koeeuth'a vtait to thia country will
, ! he to give our people a better idea of the geography and
I inhabitant* of *a*tern Kurope, a branch of inUUigeac*
la which we ar* now eadly deficient, very tew. fw inj
etaaee. even among educated Americana, knowing muck
p. about th* native tend of Koeeuth In conewmenci
, of Hungary be lag an Inland, agricultural anl a>
r commercial oountry, hot few Hoagaritne unti
t of late year*. have ever vietted the Daltei 8:at-<
tlm With thl fniuih n*fma? O 1- ?
, --? ? of.imniii rer
t tngua**. and other continental profit of tatUri
Burr pa wa are quit* fhmlllar from commercial later
J court r and immigration. Hungary. 7011 know in en* ol
, tba moat caatern dlrteioo* of Europe bordering on Tur
( hey. conununic*?iog with ha Black Sea by th* riret
Danuba. and frrming a moat important part or the Au*trian
empire Tba antir* dominion* of that empire contain
261,000 rquare mile*, and nenrly 38 mllljona of Inhabi
[ Unto, of which Hungary la in the proportion of about
\ 0na third of th* whola aggregate? baring .d araa o(
88.(00 aquare mile* and eleran million* of inhabitant*
. Compare thin with 'treat Britain, and y#u wiU and Hum
gary nearly the aame. aa to rarlhre?that irland (em brae,
I log Kngiand, Bootland, and Walaa) containing 8P00C
iuara mile*. which ia more thaa twice the area o,
the State of New York A c mptneon of lino
gary with the Cnlttd State-, aa to population
will abow yon that th* Hungarian* are In number*, m r?
than half three of tba white* af tUi- country, according
to th* crnaua of 1860.
t Who tba original inhabitant* of Hungary war* I* nn,
known Th* llr?t aceount w* bar*. I*, that thr Han
-ittied there in the fourth century of the Chrliatian era
and g**e It their own name, for. bafore that tun. it wai
a part of the ancient I'annonia a province of the Unman
, empire. Th* primltie* country of the Hon* thou* war
? like barbarian* who under Attn* their chief raided
t Germany. 9*ul and Italy, la th* fifth ana'ury. wa uaei
t the northern boundary af China, from w he ace they ad
( eaaced Into Kurop* and praeelag In th* Uotb dtbaM
the Romao*. and e-t*bU*hed tbetnealea* m Hungary ai
, 1 bar* -tnted After the death of Attila In the yea
? 461 the original Hunt di-par-ad. by dagreeg, araoug otbai
, nation* but donbUea*. many of th* modern Hungarian
, are their da?oandant? Mora thaa fire million* of th<
prraant population belong to the Sclavonic family or tribe
about four million* are Magyar* and th* remefnd'i
? ceneUt* chiefly of German- immigrated into lluagarj
tare the twelfth ceatury of th* Chriatlaa aia lot
ehould oV-erve with regard te tba origin of tba penpu
of Europe that they form thrre great divi*ion?, rii s
tba Celtic Gothic. Teutonic, or Uermaaie. and the Sola
, ron'r race* To the gnat family of th* ficUronUn* he
m If ng th* Ru**iaae Potaa, Servian*. Bulgarian* Croat*
Bohemias-.Be lavonlac* proper, aad a nortion of th. iiun
gariana X abort DfotinxJ It >u chiefly the Ha
. T'ltie tribe* wha occupied llurgnrT. when ?u I lenly
toward* th> end of the llnth century, people uuti
l4 the a unknown la Kurope appeared in thai |uarter
Thke people ware the Magyar*, a Tartar tribe who ha
0 been forced by other Tartara to I ear* their primi'lri
bone, on the eaatern mde of the Ural Rirar and in tha
t.e.ahb< ibood of th. Car; Ua Pea A* a aonadie >
' ro*>og Ballon they had with them their famliee. home*
aad rattle , wandering along the haaka of the rleen
. Vi (a aad Don. and then alone the northern aoaet of ih.
lilac k Bea from rae grating ape I to another until tliei
at lart direct. ;l their attention toward* the fertiW
1 ri untiiee bordering on the wattr* of the Danube
Tb? j ?<re then ruled by aeren chteftalna ot
dtiktk. a tad numbrted. It l? aaid at that time jnoooi
* amed hoveemm bold warrior* armed with howi
a aad arrowa Boon alter entering I'annnnia or lloa
. |ity. they eon.|uered It. and nade plundering eicnr
el. n. into Germany aad lUly from their re.emi.lan.-c
B tn the ancient Huna under Aftila whoae deeaetalione
a lira oanturtae pr-rlmi* the Warlike hut harbarou
. arbitrament* of the Magyar- brought forcibly tc
>*nu uibrnr.ee, tl *y reeeire I th>' name nf Hone *inr?
* tint time the name Hungarian- aad Hungary, appttei
r to the Magyar* aid their country har* enane Into urn
, rhrtet.anity wae lain dtioad am. eg the Magyar*. In tha
tenth century, aad at the a* me time they be. ame ae
1 ctuanted with agriculture, gradually changing thalr
former norma die bahlle to thnee ofcolUratcre of ihe enil
Vi u will here remark the inlerwetlnr fact that In Kna
?oth and hi* Mi<}? mm pot inna. We bah Id neither the
deacendanta ?.f Hi* Ooila Ilia Clmbrt the ln?n??tnn
r cognate Kun pean r?r?t, h'll IIb??I nfl pnifcf an
AatatM tnlte .figinally ;i m the labia landa of Tartar?
?b?> weretho leal were ol (Iriaatal popnlatl-m whieh baa
fit w.d in upen Kuritpe Hence. wb la bearing lha p-atlr
idaaa pound f. rib in Iba haaatifal andInumtahla Ian
I nana of Knaautb ?? may auppnoe ooraelrta liateaing tc
the Oriental phraee- and egpreeelona winch charmed lha
nflrid cnuita of Pendo. I 'eahmere, and llama.- n< or nl
'hot of Barcnn al Haaehld aod othwr Oaltpha ?t llegdnd
during tlia mlddla agar wbeo I: u rope waa wrapped it
thadatfcnen of iKni>ra*ee and 1 trherin a rain' iighi
i nly t in mi ring in m tha hall* nf iba Moorlah Oorfott
bd th- rptn-a nt tbalr A litem or a
Th- chief an ng the eei.? dukea of Hungary waa Ar
p I wtif.f d"i crt dale la-tame the only till '.fa nf tli
n oil I he im ?t renowned among s ham wa< Huh
Hepl i n win In ha jmr Iuihi (rotempt.r*t.etiue with lb
if nf the Hoi. i*h t ugt III Koglaud i eeaiimed lha titl
. 1 tit 11. . II ay 0" ' naide d aa tha founder .tf tb
mi a nd i " ntet. attt<-o-gan tatwa and Inatitntlog
II Hunger? lie ie (aid to haregueem-d tha pwnpla wit
n al i.lt? and t<|Ulty w iihy ot a chlet nf the race i
Ilalueritne eti lightened by the ray a md ranii?d an
Kdlebed b) lha g u ua and piat .o .- nt fhr.?tieni'f
U' o?ary likt toe a.ijiceni Ac I an oak- ctiuntry nt Pi
I land cmtiUUed lt*r many fame on claolir* kingd
Mt tU ooaatlt otlon that of Hnrtti It MIBM rtf fh#
I Maratfe* pawar waa br tha tawtahrtra aalioa ? a?
Miatomtlo body of noMao, yr JaOaa. and NfnmUUvea
of privileged to win. ao reetrioted that It waaalaaoet
? reduaed to MtUi| This arlatoorstle euaiUMilloa r?
fraaed la the Jtmr US. and Ha otfaat wu to
taveat tie aobtoa and prelatea who aaa, IttewUe.
la general, noblea by btrtb. with the oetualpowar
la iha year 1WA, the race of Arpadiao*.
of the Puke Arpad, beaaaae extinct. aad Wnagary wt*
thaoce, Ibr about two huodT-d y-srx wtth owe r**rf eicepilou
ruled by hinge ot loreign princely faadliM .
By treatiea r on eluded la the yean 1443 uhd U06, between
the Hungarian! and Austria. the hereditary light
of aucceteJon in flnagar> waa ineured to tha Houae of
Hapburg, la inala aad female Unea. Tha ratOitBgerlaa
king of thla bouae waa Ferdinand I.. eubeequeatlyEmperor
of Germany; be wax eueceedrd by hia aoa
Maximilian, und in thla way the Houae of Hanaburg
or Auatria, baa reigned iu Hungary uninterruptedly
fur more than three owntorlaa
You muat read the life of Maria Cher aaa, la" Ooaea
History of the llouee of Auatria." for a highly intereatiag
pbaee la the history of tha Magyarj On tha death of
Charlee VI , Emperor of Germany. la tha year 1744. hlo
daughter. Maria Theresa, who bad married lath the ho aoa
of Lorraine, was in danger of bring daprirvd of her
father's hereditary dominions by K ranee. and aleo by
Bavaria; but. at length, overcoming all ditheultiea, her
hurband waa vtectad emperor, and Hungary. Auatria,aad
nonrmia ire u tow lime governea dj ner ancnluU
A new era I* doubtless dawning upon the land of th*
Me# yere the Pennon la of the Koman* and the Hungary
of our own tlmee. The mission of Kossuth, end the exile
of hi* companion*.the ohemplone of hie doctrine* of Ubertv
end independence hare arou-wd the attention end
awakened the sympathy of the civlllxed world, wherever
each idee* can be appreciated end understood. The olarion
voire of the Oriental apoetle of liberty, which ha*
been heard la accent* of eloquence never surpassed,
among the Anglo-Saxon freemen of the Old World is beginning
to be heard by men of the same and other raoes,
and with more elaborated ideas, on the ihoree of the Hew
World Its immediate effect# cannot be)anUclpated; bet
if your life ehall be spared te reach the age of manhood,
it requires no prophet to predict that you will see that
Hungary has, before that time been placed on the list af
free and independent nations
Maw Yuen, Sunday, lies T, Idol
Mr Diss Chsslis? Having answered yowr last letter,
I have nothing at preeent of a personal or private nature
to say ; yet I oannot let this mail pass without writing '
to tell yon that Kossnth has arrived iathis land of freedom.
We nre la a perpetual state of fermentation, aad
bustle from morning UU night aad half the aigbt '
through Booh a welcome has he received that it almost "J
bsthss description, as it oertaialy defies detraction, nve^ C ,j
from the Inventive malice of the Magyar's worst foes, 11 *
any indeed ona be found amongst u* republican* la
three few harried lines I oannot give you aa idea of the
scene that I witnessed yesterday ; but you will ttad a
grephlo description of hie reception aad glorious progress
m the IlxsxLo which I herewith send yeu and i
whleh will save me the necessity of entering inta minute
details It was a glorious tight, such as I liars never
witnessed before ; end though we may have aeea it smrpeased
in gorgeonsnem by the pageantry and pomp
which attend on European monarch# its enthusiasm, its
oneness, its spontaneous warmth, was inch at coold only
come from the democratic lung* and iemecratio hearts
of the eovereiga people. Aad it was an extra or
dinari eight, eueb as we may never again behold, te see
a single man a foreigner .captivating and convlnc lag euoh
vast multitudes by his bearing and his inexhaustible eloquence
In another respect, too, this compliment soli psed
ad wm siogularlj different from the welcomes that greet
d Kossuth lnKoglanl. There your (Oldier* dare not join
in the demonitratimi to the scsptreleat, rrovniw
monarch of mind, of thought. and constitutional freedom
throughout the uniTersnl world Here our military
were the most conspicuous in this national welcome,
which wan headed by our municipal authorities?thorn
sands of bayonets glistened In the sunshine, and " re
tWowd beck its gilded beams.'' Kossuth's receptien was,
in fact, a welcome such as the spirit of Waehingtoa, if it
ooold descend from its hallowed resting place, migtr.
hare envied, as a homage whieh was due to the father
of his country ' alone, and which was more then should
have been expected by a passing visiter from a foreign
land, however illustrious his deeds, or however ahilnnthropic
his designs. Tht Americans do not do things by
halves?business was. for (he most part, suspended
throughout the city, and, escept in two or three of our
law courts, the stern majesty of judicial duty fwlM
to the popular will. Nearly a quarter cf a million of
people turned out to greet the ex-Boveruor of Una
gaiy. and thoee who heard him, a privileged few,
were charmed by the permissive eloquence which
fell from his llpa lie has vanquished all attempted
opposition ; yet it la net his eloquence alone which
make* him popular?the wrongs of his oountry and
his own autfertngs render him sacred in the eyes of
the people ef this great republic , the Kern, esdi, wciM
of the conqueror of old exemp.ihes already Louis Kot
sutli's popularity In the metropolitan city of the Km
plre State J K
New Yost Saturday night Dec d llil
Diss B ?You need not expect the articles mentioned
n your last letter, until Wednesday or Thursday The
ruth Is that t have beeo unab.s to dvaay badness to.
! r. for. in the first place the whole city has been ushinged
as far as business was concerned, and In the as
i e^il piM* Iktft felt ladi?p<MN-d to Ui noofc
tianiteae myaelf The iubabi.oat* of UHbum. oimoet
i uuili.u1gua.t remxeed tb-m*- ?m ta.u a coujlUm i? rectiro
Kwu'h. an J era y m?*bM of 1I1M ooaja.'.tao
' rati aoilou* to do what .ay is LlLi or her power to reader
the raeeptita worth/ of the ureet Ctty of ifc<' (r tt
State of the greet Weatera Wor.d I eey tbw m it <??ot
ih "ilaoit unaaimoa* for it ?u a it niirn/M
i There >u uul. Dumber La our muat who wou. I he?a
gladly rendered effete the whole project of tha raeept.o*.
A eat ot mea who unmindful of the *r?wt prlaeipt? n<
f voleed would make apparent their folly and pr*j ad- -ad
diMlke to the maa though, io ao d -log they ahould ?tr.*u
a blow at ilborty. and fife aid and aomfort to the tyraa.
ntral rulara and women-whipperi cf lurwpe Bu. taanc
I Ood. the effort* of tbaoe email minded b'fota were r*a.
I dared abortlee foe ao feaero! waa tha joy, ao (real the
rnioueia-m. rv ptrmuai ? ui'ipgwino( lot i?e,og i|
laror of making tb* reception a grand aCair that tho
cowl* of the dtKiffrcted were atobwTfd. ud the amiiau
oitbejoyou* onlyobwarred Nature too, leal her ? .
cl?nl old to make all thing* plaemnt. for aeldom do tho
Now Yorker* eiyoy a floor lop than tai yeater lay
Tho atinoopUoro waa delightfully clear. and IU Umperalure
waa bracing, and admirably adapted to tho comfort
i | of tbo cltixou aoldiory, wbo had to perform a march at
i oma mile* in ox tool
I waa about to glru you a detailed account of all tbo
I d?iBg* of tbo lomrnitteea. tba rocepUoaat Oaotlo (lard to,
ate for I wa< amougat tbo fortuantoa who roctt?i|
tlrkota of ontraneo to tbo 0 irdon oa tho ooonlag pearl
I mu . but It boo jn?t neeiiirod to ma that you wiu inform
i you read of all thla murh bettor by raadlag K In goo4
r rnnaa character* aided by printer'# Ink and white p?.
r per So I will aoo l yon tbo New Teaa lliau.n of U>
lay and to-morrow, fcr 1 bar* tba owe, and ahall make
? ?ur? of tba other Tou will tho* bar* the now* eartlac
than it might ' thereto* reach you and I aha I bo aoead
1 the trouble of writing I wtu mark, in tho paper tho
porta of tbo oelobratma wbiah I wltaoaaad with my own
I era*, ao that the folk* at bom* may. if they Uhr obeervw
I about wboro I waa at diffetoul lima* or tae day But
written deoerlnllna fall* to enrwy to tba mind tbo faMlog*
which tba real oonae conld not fall to arouao.
To aoe the entire population of tbla overgrown
city engaged la a l*m<>a*tretloa of tbla ehar*et?
r la what I am glad that I bare eeea once for I barn
an Idea of .tbo power of tba maltltudo whi-.b I now*e
t entortaiaod before , aa 1 1 muat my that t am now oourinced
that a peopl. determined to ooenmpilah a ranaoaablo
otgeet raonot bo deterred If they wtu but bo united
la noatimoat and action Tbo " brietllag bayonet* and
glittering ateei" of tho well equipped oitlsen eoidiery
I looked well, aad I wlehed. ao I lathed at them that our
Independent eompunV* could bare eooa the turn >ut
The rnmpante* worn for the moot part full. ?ad tbmr or*.
1 Iutlone a* far a* oouM be aeon, war* well areampUabed
The number* were large, but on* eoul<l toe emoeg tbo
ppmrlag tbonaandawbo thronged the ?treet? aa ladi.
i atlou that, If aereaalty required it, tbo oumber* of the
i ruied militia would bora been eaotly augmented dfty or
a bundled Md l-ong before the prore lea acrid iron*
Ca*tle,Harden Brne.lwar **? lined on either aide with
'iprnttl BUIU1UHX IB m?l were am
nnnotiato get g.?>d ptarwi (hat thoy t<?h ay thatr pod
lion* two hJtirf befnr. then- w*? u; probnMUty of tn*
prooMtrion morleg A..I wot only ? iMtnp
. thronged hoi the pnrallol enemi-i oo ?tb#r Mo worn
, , *l?o. of neeoaalty crowded. her pennn* worn to
i rooort to thorn ; If thoy ntol to oik? their wnp up or
J own town
f mm Knonuth Iter tbo flrat time thie ottoiou? , and (
mult ronfeoe that I wa* d lean prinked In btaapwoawwwoo?
ho la oobtor by far than I ha I euppnaad. Wj tbo wow,
plena# tab# do wo from ovor my daak that Uth igrapb ptar
port lap to bo a llkenoaa of tbo front llaaaMb It to
not lib' him H? la a bolter looklof man Whoa I roaaa
homo I "hall brln* wttb mo aploturo which la far hotter,
tboiifb not portont, bnt tbo Maw York dag uorrowtyptau
will ho anro to haro bit Ibra before loaf, and than wo
will bo nil right In thla roapoot T bo procooatoa mooed
from tbo Batter*, which la. yon are aware the lower
eitremlty of the oity, at a hoot ?ao o'clock, aad
through tbo hlndnoaa of an old friend. Aid ?, I *aa
enabled to procure a plac In tbn proa CO" Ion wbora I ton Id
ana all that wao pooalng Tbo enthaaiaem of tbo popaloco
an tbo pmoooolon paoood up. wao equal and mnro
than equal to tbo promleoo of tbo moat ardent admirer*
of the city'a gueet The hut I dingo ware many of tkea
highly decorated, aad at abort Interoala the ftaga of lb*
laltrd Mtateo and Hungary woio united and otrotebod
no roe? tbo afloat Tbo oatraaroa to the Park war*
arched and appropriately t run mo J with ororgmnna. aad
drapory of rod. white and green The win Jowa of almont
ooery building were thronged with ladle*, who wared
hendkerrhtela. ofted gteeee and threw bouqnote toward*
the carnage of hoaeuth ee ho pooaod Bo go norm wan
thla appearance, that when tbo proceaadon reached ?
po at in Hroadwny oomeonoro ah. re rtpring otreot. on#
building appear* d without denotation at the wlndowa at
which DO i< Ohere ont wore ?oon . one or the window* wan
" indeed ocenpled by a well dreeeed man and woman whan
" the head of the proceaate* approached bnt juot hefr.ee
* hr-M tha car iage reached tbo poiat oppooito to tbo
m hnthirrg. thi* erhtary aliado wao pullod dowa. aad in#
'* imiidirg treeetted a conaptcnon* blank All wondered
at I he appeerameol thing" and the br?t aonctweion wan
J that o ur-uih hau reoentiy ooenred In tbo lion* awl '#*
" ledirl lit ih< d'*J ptvrrnted any j iyon.? demlomrUtl
n lit t a lltt'.e cloct oh?. re tiion aero el t.i?i i* ?#*
' t on-ml tl, pal. c. fhykirat <l*w*b that h?osctd "v*
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