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Our PblladdphU Correspondent)*.
PiiiuptLrHii Bee 31. IS6I.
7jy<< Bui t.tttf of /to-mtn'i Museum ? Bunal of liwiiM
at the Late Fitt 4-1
Tha night -item hare Mother smouldering was of
tains to gare at in the rubbish left of tb* Mum am build
ing. whU h bat j e-terday stood in ail iu beauty, the
Admiration of both stranger and oltlien Tha building,
?rae enetrd In 1S4S and opened on Christmas of that year
Jby Maesrs Sitsbte &. Co . from lUltiiucre The speculation
proved as unprofitable one. and the laaae and fixture#
Were fold ort br the Sheriff when Barnatn became
the purchaser He. MiJas ltke turned it ta a pollen
account I'Ut ab"i.t the tim* of th?; di-rupti >n with Jenny
JLiuU sold out to Mr Spoonar tor rash, au 1 *
mortgage to 11 like aiuouut Trie in-ur?nce of Mr.
flpoon?r waa only $X.CCO, *0 th?t he will loas about
?1X>.000 by the dimeter. as fe had mad- many addition*
The tenants of the stores on the hot ti >or escapel with
out Du h less their ?to,- V- b?* s 1: 4 mostly sav? J Dr
pwain the owner of tbe buildiuj i< now in Korope Toe
first r->t of the stru, ture wa< $50 IVO. a*i tho insurance
oni? ?r? 000
The funetal of Wb W Italy, E^q who perished in tha
late h:e was this morning attemied t y a large body of
fcin fellow memlier* of the bar. and l>v Oovernor John
ston. thiet Justice Oil won. and o'.her distinguished
character* The firemen ard < 8t< ?*rs of tbe divisi >a
rf Bicht police to which Mr liik-r wn attached,
atti tn!ed the funeral. but were highly mortified to lird
that the bones ? f their late lrirnd and comrade, though
Occupying the an me ccftiu with th" in rial r mams of hig
Wealthy t-llf'W sufferer hi* name on entirely exfllu led
from the plate upon th" nffl.ilid. (lis fellow firemen
Wsrs M mdicran' at this slight ttmt t:?-j with difficulty
Could br peisuahd to remain and twkc part in the ee
nemony The well kn'?wu|trui-ni that deathtlevels all dis.
tiucticns. stem.- to be a disputed fact in ttiia refined age
Our Bnltlmore Correspondence^
IUltim.rk, D,?e 31, 185 1.
Dejtai lure of Kossulk? Gentlemanly Character of lu'i Sti'e ?
JV Hot S" s On ? Lecture by KVxtutA ? The Oy <t?r Tittle
Kossuth and bin suite. aco >mp*aied by thu B I'.imore
Committee cf Arrangements, numbering in all tliir y
two peraoDs. left for Washington at P o'clock yesterday
morning. In a spscial car provided by the Railroad
Company, and reached there at 11 o'clock returning at
1 o'clock, after handing ovex their distinguished guaat
to the authorities of Washington
l' Governor Kowuth and lady, and M Pulzs'ty. and all
the immediate members of his suite have secured th*
esteem and friendship of all who bare cm.? in cont-ait
with them but there are several hangers on following
bam whos? gluttinouR propenfitles have exited rten-t
ral dtfpust They have awi.1-0 later O.-er liy the harr-1
?nuc their arrital in the ci^v, apparently havniif
no thoi ght beyond the circurnfi-rt'nce or th ? btrrei, a*d
the souud of the dinner gone In th? car. yent<!r1ay.
abot:t a half hour alter leaving the olty, oa? ol these
glutt' n<. although but an hcur from the breaktr.st table,
unlocked a little box and took out tour rolls of br<ud.
He th?c pulled a large greaoy looking bandanna handker
dh'ef from h;s pocket, and unrrllini: it. displayed within
It* folds a lar?e fried rock fisb; aud he comineuu.'d op ra
tions on the fi?h and tbe rollB iu prr ?sniice of the Qov rnor,
and the other distU>gui(-h',d gentlemen piesrnt, pir>k n ;
?t them and licking his fity?rj. nntil the dotno of the
Capitol whs dest rird in the dwtanc alternately wiping
bi.s nop,', the window glaes, mid his iiogi'rs with the
a'orefaid lmndkrrrhi'l
It is understood that liO'futh will on hi.J return from
TCashington. deliver an address in the ball of the Me
chanics' leftitute on th?' pre'ent condition of Kurop in
ntTairs. and those wh<? bave the matter in han^i pr >po<e
to chaice (ne dollar per ticket, and devote tn* money
thus raised to the Hungarian caus* The hal! will hold
five thousand persous. and a good fund m ly thus b '
The immerse quantity of ice in our h?rbor hm
Checked the oyster trad" not a sincle nv.tjmr*ut in the
City ye^et'day being at>le to supply their customers.
Our Albany Corre?l?on?lence.
Ai.jianv, Dec. 27, 1331.
' The Hungarian Excitement Almi*K-M+ny\< B l
f,w the Baltimore Nomination- Oath y/tc (''posi
tion to Ki s*vth-H ??<*>?> Sct/mour ?"'< ? C'in'lt
Contractor? Slate Library, $-c.
A week since, when Kossuth wu pouring forth
his eloquence in Niagara torrents in tho city of New
York, Borne of tho cituecs of Albany became suffi
ciently electrified to get up a meeting. Awnta
hundred names were procured so the call, and la
respectable number assembled in the hall ot the
Capitol. Kx Governor Marcy promptly aocop ed
the invitation to preside, ai it furnished h.m an oc
casion to offer his views npon Hungarian meters,
intervention, &o. As he is a prominent candidate
for the Prosidenoy, he was entitled to this privilege
?probably the only one that would bo offered to
express his views The wild enthusiasm exhibit jJ
In New York, upon the arrival and reception u
Kossuth in that city, sharpened the appetite of ss
veral Presidential candidates. Foote introduesd e
resolution iv the U. S Senate, welcoming th,
Hungarian hero to the cap tal ot the nation; b i
Underwood's opposition caused it? withdraw u
an instant Seward renewed the resolution, kil0 *l'K"
Ibe movement was a popular one. and woulu be
vrell received among the people ; think ng, , a - ?,'?
might operate to his advantage in the V. hi* Na
Sonal Convention. Other Presidential aspirant, n
the Senate ? Oau, Shields, Douglass, Waker, and
Houston, made Aiming Kossuth speeches, nni
Daniel Webster, laconic though he was, endorsed
intervention, in bis letter to the New \ork commit
tee Fillmoie, too, kept up with the
bv pecdirc ft speciti messenger to Kossuth, while
s??,w Wk, tendering him ?be hospitalities of the
! White House Governor Marcy, peeing
Sflffano psderstanding somewhat ot military
allth.s, ano t , -.ioai tuotics, with a coup d a-i
engineering and pou*. {uU of patrioti8in,
????? r
evident eigne _ ci gr? Presidency at, that mo
Vavp east iheir votes tor t^t i 'e' '
ment the ox-'iovernor would, no cbuo; hive ?u>
Well, two or three burning, patriotic
via?, rp made? a formal, tame set of rcso
jota.liip-t |?'?J , f' d- .. n,iur,ostiio
Mnpui?'-< o..K !??' J ' / di intuJ. ?f"'
$??%?&?!& tfi'* " ? ?ld.???dere1
tSXt buudfj Jollvr.. ? ?
gmce for arnihi atod l 'u^T,h4Vo d.-ni nothing
The coiniaittce. as V , ttnnounccmenis
They made two ?r ^e .ng wouUl be hold; bu",
in the pojiert- lha . ? ' mc?e |(U;ir ? ka0wn to be
up to this hour, n .0ulBrv d0mt on, aanoun-e 1
BuWibed. f?tpt he solit.ry^n a , ^
wit l? a flouii-b at hi P . , bj. tt,-H j^iay anl
of dollart.wi.1 be no * ?> lrc(. y oontr
Inanity, which would na dulv
fcutod, had the comm ttee ?^Jnt was at fev r
CTP Now the latter has as umed q-nte a dit
8mpc:ou5tha all th gajl 0f what was
including > iCtona, v.(-r * ^ ,.)>UJbina .ion n >w
ripening in * r*??*;i(1*He ,han tbe late "holy
^,ieven? Italy, ^ Hungary. Ireland, or
creat uocertamty whctiie. /...Vfid 'fitly pre
?koss nr$ gtfe&iWi
the Common Council of A^uy appoi inw
committee, to tender h m, > ^ w ;J ^.pointed
- lities of the city : a . ?citHer source have our
?t the capitol, but from neit ?? , ;,,mnor of
citizens been informed 0f tie 1 ^ na,>iro
Jlutgsry will honor 1 d C0lJ10 hjre,
Mate ituhn vie it- Atd u" u? h> ,n ord,;r
?nd deliver olo of hi? ihri! .ung i r pr0?Jl4bl.
^rmVehraUo^arr/mp^'; w,l be obtained in
dinel Hoghee, e*ter<e , -vJ upon th'
tbclic? here Om> ^ ,be hu;il t)g lnc-neatdiy
Committee to who.t CO rg declining the
be ) ubl. htd a ca.,d1 riLons that^ >-"itn had U gnij
bouor. ^,v. n.p ?r.t w?er. in Lmd ?n
eulogiiid the bngiisb g ,, d to this Hunga
The Catholics are geucia'iy 4'r , , . ]?0.
rian ejmpathy, alugn K -J* * ,,.ru(ri<ling f ?r
l?d ft" . are also opprewei a a r i v , . .
freedom, end ^t" v :,Mon Hu gari;
AMrkM q u i -t
atd ibet if cur goyernmt*- < 1 ? ?: .. f , lf. ? ftnn
there assertions , H r(Tort hero a fa*
The canal contractor' rais> r
dB>6.inr., *^JSU"?h < )<*"? ?" "
I tica, con1T e.oUf?, ' , j v? 1 . . Ti.ie v, j u
tbr<c million bid for ? ? r.-irpm of in
doubteoly done iuunt^?n > ^ ?
fif* ^ mi ur stme wv. '1 ? , h ; ^ K
KatXJ --n.rset-uU l^x-ute. ^ I
f.ul it terns ou' that h ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ M? s h,
^ Utlpa p*ttro J1'1*' d * , o( uii'Mtore.
t".u"b??b.".?? ? ?? " """" "?
"V.'. ??"b ? lb? b?W Li*'" "" ""
pendod ? ?Mk or two ilnoo ob aooooat of the ooid
woalhv. Tko boMmont walla ire ftniahed, and
the brick work will sot bo oommonood until March
or April. It will sot bo completed, and the library
placed thoroii, much before next yew thia time
Owr Washington Correspondence.
Washington, Dee- 27, 1361
Progttss of Business? The Congressional Library?
Smithsonian Institution.
The week haa ended in imoke, and Gongroea has
been in labor tW9 day* out of the aix. We have
have had a conflagration at the Capitol, natural
enough, and to have been expected from the warm
and Cory debates on Kossuth and hia coming, com
pared by some New York divinea to "the coming
of Christ," and on a resolution r& opening the com
promise. The scene haa been one of agitation
and excitement, and where you see so muoh smoke
yon may naturally look for some fire. The concus
sions between Foote and Rhett were calculated to
bring forth sparks as naturally as froua flint and
steel On Monday, Gen. Houston took the fljor, !
and although ho made a very sensible and tama
speech for the occasion, Senator Foote pouueed
upon him, and in suoh scurrilious language of per
sonal and feigned invective as mado all present laugh,
and none more so than the Texas Senator, who
rose and related an anecdote of one Parson Means,
whioh I thought had quenched the fire; but it only .
smothered it, for the two Senators left, lovingly to
gether next morning in the oars, and they had not
been gone twenty-lour hours before the Haines burst
forth at the Capitol, and the library was consumed.
Asa matter of national pride and ostentation, it is a
great loss, but very fow will experience any real in
convenience (roui it, except as a lounging plaoe to
obceive and carry on flirtations. In tn is respect, it
i* a terrible catastrophe. The national library and
tfce Smithsonian Institution might both be burned
up, and not be so seriously felt as tho annihilation
ot the New York Hkkai.d. That is the bread of
life to millions, whereas tho others are as "the
straight and narrow path at whioh tew go in there
at," and still fewer come out wiser than they
entered. Still, you will hear doleful lamentations
made by those who still beliove in Moses, aad have
descended from Ninovah, about the great calamity,
tho burning oi & few books only open, like the gates
of paradise, to the elect, and they can scarcely read
their title clear te a character, tor common sonsa.
Car's, Clemens, and Douglas followed, in favor of
the resolutions, each being pledged t> Foote to do
so. Trio introduction and discussion of these ro
solutions, for ulterior personal and party purposes,
10 the neglect of the more important and pressing
euiergetcies of public business, private claims, &o.,
cannot be too severely censured by the projs. The
Chairman of tho Committee on Claims rose in his
seat in tho Senate, and stated that at tho last session
over one hundred claims, examined and reported fa- j
veriilly upon by tho committee, had not been aotod
on 1 i ere 1* a dereliction of duty, a denial of j usticc on
the purt of the United Spates Senate, which would
buiijdtiie character of any individual with deserve!
iii/Hiny Master Forciolo Feeble Fillmore was
active at the lire, but ho never wakes up till the
ooiitlagiaiion has commenced, and thou ho must
have nine to put on his white kid gloves. All tho
newspapers have blown his trump- 1 at this fire, and
teemed with accounts of his wondorful presence of
otnu and unusual energy and activity Domestic
firos may arouse him, but foreign insults to our
tli'g. and th- e murder and imprisonment of our :iti
teni, do not alaini him. O. K.
Mr. Clny'a Lcller of Kcalpintloiu
The following letter of resignation, froui the lloa.
HbnrY Clay, as we learn froia the Louisville
Ci tn tir, wh3 read in both houses of the Kentucky
Ltgislaturo on the 23d inst : ?
Washington. December 17, 1S51.
To tiif. Gkisf-kal Assembly ok Kenti'ckv :
When j on dnl the honor to confer upon me the ap
poir Hunt of a Senator from Kentucky. which I now
hold, in kcci ptwg it I Old not intend or expect to serve
the entire term of six j ears. I had previously retired,
f.relly. as I euppofed. from that bsdy; but out of the
teiiitoml acquisition I faulting from the war with Mexi
co. tnc men tour questions arose, seriously menacing the
baimti<yend peace, if not the integrity, of the Union.
I !? It it to be my duty to return a^tin to the Senate,
and to contribute my humble aid. by an amicable settle
n;i nt of those questions, to avert the calamities with
which we were tbtealened. Buch a settlement wa< at
teii'pttd during the !a?t Congress. is now in progress of
execution, and 1 truit and hope will accomplish all the
iord that c uld be eipeoted from any great measure
adopted to heal national divisions an ' animosity, which
have aiiN-n to such an alarming height.
On the approach of tin present Congress, it was with
much hesitation, proceeding partly from my l'deble state
of health, that 1 concluded to return for the last lime to
tfce Berate; but 1 have no tbouvbt of over again taking
h n at in ihat body after the olo?e of the present s?a?i>n
Having come to this determination. 1 consider itiacum
b>*i.t on rue to place it in the power of the General As
sembly to iippoint my successor during the present
session. 1 do. therefore, humbly resign the oliioe of a
rater ef the United eta'n from theState of Kentucky;
thi-. my resignation, to take effect on the lirst Monday
ir B? ptember, IfcoU.
In dimelving this rfiiclal relation in which I s'.ani
to the General Assembly, I cannot forbear renewing *n
expmn n of my great obligations and my prif-iund
gratitude (or the many distinguished and gratifying
proofs which it basgmnto me of its cou5i.lt me and
J have the honor to be, with the highest respect, your
faithlul ar.d ob't strv't, II. CLAY.
Pni llc nlars ol" the Instructive Fire at
liuttnlo, on ttlr ^7lh ult.
We have already given a telegrapic account of this
disastrous fire W? now give, from the Buffalo Conner,
:i more detailed statement. It appears tnat the fire
originated in a wine cellar, called ?? La Grappe,"' in the
hi'?u!eut of Bpaulding's Etchange. and immediately
nnti, r tke I.akc Erie Bank The fire being in the base
men'. was Uiflicult lo reach, but by the exertions of the
liren.m it was checked, and apparently subdued by
three o'clock. Boon after, however, the flunes brok.t
out arew, and. in spite of their utmost exertions, spread
to ether pa;ts of the ; uliding. aid were not stopped till
they had consumed Bpaulding's Exchange. Krle Ilall.
and the 1< ur buildings joining them on Commercial an I
Llojd itrevts. The 1 as of property is very grent. and is
?variously estimated at *100 COO to fJfO.OOO The night
whs one of the coldest of the p< ason, the mercury stand
ing through the. night two degrees below z>;ro, and I
ff< i?, ii v water jr. tee h?6e.
fljauldlrg's Exchange was Occupied by the Att<"? i
Dar fc. the i'ank ot Lake Erie, re vein] l?>?"-??cc agen
cies, the County Treasure"'- ?av?, and a lHr|{e numl.er |
df law i ?<?? <? tne ground floor *aa mostly liUel with
?- o'.bivg and shte nores.and two saloons were in the
htifttLftt Ti e losses as nearly ns they can be got at j
were a> follows: ? Bpeulding's Exchange, owned by E G. '
Spbiiloing, fUndii g at the acgle of Commercial and j
*.'e streitn. wiih tiiree fronts? on Main street, the t?r- |
r*( m ; j.d Comu.ereiHl Mret?t buHd'tig tut irely demoli^h
? d, rsv -rated value. $26.tC0 : insurel Jilf'.'OO, as f?l- I
lev s :--Bufl?lo Mutual. $5,000; Hartford Protection, i
oUO; Hart-ford Icsursnce, f "j COO Bank of Attica
tmul evtrything of importance ; loss only trifling, j
llstk o: l.ake Erie, furniture partly saved and the safe I
.'til, in the vault, contents supposed to be uilujoie*. j
A M 0 Stuith in-uritnce agent, boeks and jiap'rs
saved; i'ottt r K llowen. lawjers, books and papers sav-d
in a i eimiged state; I G Spaulding. book^ and papers
jretlyniucn paved; John Ganson, Smith A: \ erplanik,
?nd J hn Bubbsll lawyi rs, saved nearly nil their bouks
v.t <! pspers; Me' 7 & Harvey, lawyers, eaved most of their I
took' papers, and furniture; C. Met/., county treasurer,
aved ?ll Ins papers. 4-c.; lleyburn h Ilurwell. lawyer*.
ifftaJ. Judge Btevens. da ; Viele t: Chamberlain, d > ;
U Tilllriptu' t raved | ?rt r>i his bot'ks an l psp"rs; Wll
i:.n..* i Mirtiwny Ourtenius saved nearly a l. balanja
i owred by innirniice. T. .I fi/.er, lawyer, lost everything
in office; I l);idl<y. jr. lawyt r. library arid papers
mof,tly saved; lion J G. Maaten Keoorder. ?9?t
ail coneititing mostly of private paper*. (hi.< li
tre ry was fortunately at bis residence); (J U Hard
end V YV King- ley, lawyers, saved all of v.iluw
Two ck thing Storer, occuplrd by Kreidenb?rg and Noah,
fHVei ttoet ol their stock ; Mnith k Co.. eJjoe dealers,
hlid.l J! I'ero. liquor store, also in Hpaulding's Ex
< liai.ge. savtd the principal pHrt ot their stoca andtix
tur> ? : Williams i>. ' o . who bad a she* store in the Ex
cbsrre on Main ?^ree,.i l< st part of their stock ira unl
not^khiwnj the Law Library, consletinir of about 1 'J'X)
vdun i r wne located in this building and i? a total io??
vine t-jy HCCO? - no insurance; L> ena d Wilton insur
nrce Pi't t,f, books end papers sevea, Davis. Lockwood
iitil Brewrtir. on the ground floor, lniuranoe agents
art d tlx ir books, papers, aul furniture; Tom. Cotter
!i h>< d the piincipal part of the ba-ei.i-it as aa eating
house and (titer parts w?re used assnloovs etc ; th?s'aii
I t more or ie;-n A quantity of turpentine *?< stored
unCer th< -iJ. wslk? on th? Main street side, which g .v<
cut great heat aken burning Ther? were still other
t. t ents in tbl? buildirg. principally lawyers, whose
nrmes we did not l.-arn, aiid sever.il of th< m lost more or
ii ft in the wky of b .< k? and papers.
l'?i( UnU. owr< d by M? ??rs 'j 1> llihbard 0 II. P. i
Wi.isi , siidW ^V.J'snn, whs had in>urauce on the
builoi' g's to about three iourths their t?1um On th? first |
t ry were stores ut . I L 'fler fc 'Jo., merchant tailors; I
W 11 in- ^ Co, sl.oe e'.ore; J Si Uli/.ky. tailor; U. 11.
i' Wlllisnie. shoe dealer, and L 1>. llibbard. m-rch*nt
ta'lor. Ill ?U Of tliisc the st,rck was wstly removed
with not much injury. Mr llibbiirlwae insured on his 1
building f!'.,50V and on rteck $0 Ot.0? 1; ui'uling a total
r ; (I II. P' Williams lost corsideiable portion of his !
.*n k, which wuspn. tlally ins* >d? bu'.lding a total loss ?
It 'i ted abo.it two-tliird* it?- value. The upper pait of
: . i.s'ien principally occupied by lawyer* t >; offices; W.
I'. AE Thayer, law j en. r*v?d lvoK< eud papers; Wm
'? Cm I. r rrved bo ! and pap?rs ; Cha* Dauieis. saved
I. . n papers; C O Kt<ddJ"llosi everything; Pal
. n A I'.i.i t raved ?\--r>ibing; Judge Mullet saved all;
> h j ? ti Mt ?'??ml i r si I'd nearly ail ; Torrance a Ro
, i fpr i srv(d marly all; Canel "'ommls^i >n ri' offlee,
? ks si 'I parers raved; C. Mmv>mbtT and 8 C. C e
vxer . fared br< Us and papers Booms were coupled
? tl rfertli" niu.it- tic a?certaia<d ?h ? Imt tnore
i 'in ( 1 1,.. . r ;wi restaurs nt lu the batc'tnent saved
? t 1 1 tl. j: t i k- lost rmatl Oa C nuii -roial street
? Blrlibeau b lildlrps owned by Mr Hirkhi id, of
.It u ri i). wiismuchloss lhere was an insurance
? d the bu divfs of f JCOO ? ucli The store Ni 1 W?l
"? 1 ? d by ?) Beth hs a r nfecti Iierv shop-l-ocK
?irtly laV'-O- inrured; No 2. by Williame A Co a? a sb ??
> i j entirely burned - stock partly sav.-1-in-ured,
i ; ' crpl- il by Mr Kogets ?e a liqu ?r store? -t'- :<
? r- 'vici bulb. ., d-iir iged but not destroyed; No 4
< i j ifd by JoLn Jhtnix' n. as a grocery and provision
store, who also r' moved l.is stock, was ba/ily damaged by
eater? lumrtd I>os 04, 00, end 09 Lioyi aUwt, were
damaged with waUr, >i4 tntr thing NMnd, bat tha
buildings did soi tarn. 1b this In mi iiwaotly
larga namb?r of b?Um n ham HCmd,uttki d*
?Mg* cannot b? MtiaiUd by tha pttialiiy low. though
that is very heavy. The Law Library oaataiaad ?auc
tion* of rare and valuable hooka, from tha ahaivas of
the principal Ural gentleman of the oity, and waa owned
in e hares by them. It cannot wall be replaced; and
being of great servioe and value to tha prefoejioo,
it* dmtrootion will be heavily felt by them la tha de
struction of Judge Stevens' and Rcoorder Maaten's
chamber*, many official papers, raoorda, and documents
?re lost, which were of high importance to parties liti
gant. Tha ana clam of person* must alao suffer by tha
bonfire which waa so unwittingly made of tha papers la
bo many lawyer's offices.
Common Council.
board of aldkkmin.
I>k SI. ? The Board met at 6 P. M.? Morgan Morgans,
President, in the chair and a quorum of member* pre
sent. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read
and approved.
petition reiebrf.d.
Of Fbenezer Evans, for serviced as map clerk In the
Btleet Commissioner's office.
In favor of excavating mud from piers foot of Clarkaon
and North Moore streets. N. ft Of Wliliam*burg Ferry
Company, for withdrawal of suit for damages to pier 25,
The annual report of the President of the Croton
Aqueduct Department
The presence of his Honor the Mayor was requested in
the Board, when the following resolutions were adopted,
appointing J. B. Bstchelnr. Thomas F Peers, William E
Smith. David Seaman. Edward Mcl'herson, and John
Waits. clerk* in the Justices' Courts, for the term of four
years from the 1st day of May, 1852; appointing J ames
M. Murray. William L Davidson. John Lalor, Robert II.
Johnson James Nesbitt. and William B. Rockwell Clerks
of Police, for the term of four years from the 1st Way,
The Board adjourned to Friday, 2d January, at 3 P. M.
board of assistant aldermen.
This Board met yesterday afternoon at 3 s'clock. Pre
sent. A. A Alvord, Esq , President, in thu chair, an 1 a
quorum of members.
The proceedings of ths meetin? on Mon lay evening
wrre rend and approved; the reading of those of last even
ing was dispensed with.
Of Committee on Salaries and Officer*, in favor of con
curring to pay Niobolas Dean, lor services in keeping
books of Croton Aqueduct Department.
On Stmt* ? In favor of setting curb and gutter stones
in Thirty-ninth street, between Eighth and Nisth ave
nues. where the same are not already set and ttagginj a
space four feet wide through thesidewaUs; of concurring
to repair the walks round Union Square; recommending
application to L'gislatura (who alone have the po#er) t.i
widen Eighth street; in favor of laying cross walk in
Foutth street, between avenue* 0 aud B, in front, of the
Union Congregational church; of repairing aud fliggi. g
sidewalk on the east side of avenue It. be' wen Eighth
and Ninth streets; of paviDg the intersection of avenue
B and Thirteenth street; of Hugging the sidewalk on the
south side of Bleecker street, trom Suiiiran to Macdou
gal street, 4 feet wide; of flagging sidewalk on the
south side of Twenty-ninth street, between Fourth and
Lexington avenues; of repairing sidewalk on the west
side of Pine street, from No. 87 to the comer of Water
street; also the sidewalk on the south sidj of Water
street, from the corner ot Pine, to No. 126 Water street;
of tlsgging the sidewalks in Seventeenth street, between
Fourth ?nd Bixth avenues, where the same are not now
flagged, and relaying the Hogging now laid, whore the
same is necessary; ot concurring to fix the grades of
Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. b?tween Tenth
avenue and Hudson river, and to regulate Eighteenth
street; den) iiig petition of Palmer and Peters ) relative
to an assessment lor regulating Forty flfch street, be
tween Second and Third avenue*. On Repairs and Sup
plies ? In favor of concurring in resolution to have cells
builtto station house in Fifteenth ward; concurring in re
sclu tion awatcing contract and making an appropriation
for building E.-sex Market On Wharves, Piers and Slips ?
In favor of perm tting Richard Follen to fill in space
formed by building of bulkhead at foot of Roosevelt
ctreet; concurring to give exclusive use of south side
of pier 12 N. R., to Norwich and New London Steamboat
Company, to cxcavate mud from between piers 5 and 6
Ems' rivtr. On Finance? In favor of concurring to re
mit judgment against J. E. Jennings; personal tax of
Freeman Derby; concurring in action relative to D.
I)r?w; to lease ground to Mojes Jackson; to grant a
donation to the I'.lind Institution to enable it to pay an
as.??si'meut; to sell gore of bind to George B. Smith; to
rtrnlt judgment acainst Morgan &. Andrew*; to lease
pier foot Of Lsight street to D ltandolph Margin On Po
lice? Concurriug to pay medical bills of Drs. KtUbourne
and Simmons.
That the following uauuU persons be appointed as In
Fpeotors of Election for the Eighteenth Ward
First District ?William Day. Alfred A. Arment and
Charles Jackion
Srcnnd District ? 0?car F. Benjamin, Sargent V. Bag'
ley, William l'earsa'l.
Third District. ? James O'Neil, Patrick Callahan aad
Charles II. Smith.
Fourth District ? David Perrin, Edward Brush and
Geo, W. W. Briggs
Fifth District. ? William J Davies, Wm. H. Michaels,
John Main
Siath District. ? Phillip Jordan. Artiest Fink. Jr., Walter
G Boeevelt
Seventh District ?Charles Mason. Jamea E. Watson,
Tboma* Coucton.
Eighth D. sti ill ? Abel Whaaton, Jr , Parker Cham
ber'.in and C. M. Campbell
That Jostph B. Nolcs be appointed an Inspector of
Election lor the Sixth District, 17th ward, in pla-e of
Augustus L. Brown, ratigned
That the Collector of Assessments be directed to report
to thi* Beard tile amounts received by him a* tee*, and
the amount* received V>y the Deputy "Jollectcrs and taoh
of them, for the months of June, Jolj. August, fteptem- i
ber. October aiid November, lb&l and fjr each month
sej ara'e'y
Ihaitne Comptroller b* requested to report to this
Board whether the officers ot the Bureau <f Assess
ment*. in th* Street Department, have any report to hi*
ofli.-e in compliance with the s<?cond seotl"n of the law,
; assed July &'.h. 1851, till if they have, that he report
,?e amount Of fees received .'vy each of said officers for
the Siiue or times mention1 1 in slid report.
The committee cf conference reported in favor of con
curring to grant ieaei to the ataten Island F'erry Com
pany lor three years, at a rent of $100 a year.
Report of Finauce Committee, in far or of leasing west
side cf East pier at Eturliug slip, to George Bulkier
Tbcmas Wsrdle. Resolution tor payment of Henry T-*n
Fljck,of HO. for services aa reader to the Board of Al
unmen. 17t ihrte months Resolution in favor of peti
tion ol M t ?srs Stewart, for alteration of ferry fixtures,
at fcoi of Barclay street, and exeluiive use of plsr No
U6, North river That the Comptroller take a lea'e of
premises n.w occupied tor the Justices Courtb of the
Seventh. Fileventh. and Thirteenth wards, at a sum not
to exceed JGCO per annum That ths portrait of David
T. Valentine. Esq . Clerk of the Common Oouncil. be pro
cund and placed in the <'1'7 Itaii. and that J2S0 he ap
pr< i>riated ther??^i That the Commissioner of Btreets
and i.aiaips be rtir?*cted to have the uffiie* used by the
reporters et the Halls of Justice lighted with gas That
the Chief Engineer assign oue of the h >se carriages,
built on Pine's plan to Company 28 That tha C.-ai
mlselor.er of Repairs aad Supplies alvertise for estl
n?ti.i f r repairing and altering the pres'-nt e'.a'i >n
ho lire, iu the 1- tfteetlh ward, for the u?ti of Niagara Ea
gine No. 4 and that ?1 600 b' appropriated fur kn?< mm?.
That $60 be appropriated to defray exnensss Incur.ei in
the rec*atton ot Oeneral Pae7 That West. Eighteenth
and Division stricts be renumbered undu the direct; m
( f ',be htreet Cnnimlssioner. Tha'. Wash'ngton street,
at tliM corner of Vesey s'.reet, ?no the cro?gwalk* acros <
Washirgton. on both sides cf Vesey strtet and on both
niHs of Fulton street, be repaired wrhout d"Uy
The Beard adjourned ti <1 Frid?y next, at 6 o'clo:k.
Bonrd of Snperi'lHora.
Dt r 31. ? The hoard of 8u{.urvi?ors nut at 4 P M . a
quorum of member* pre?ent and Morgau Morgan* in th
chair in the ab*enee of the President. The minutes of
the la&t meetipg were re?a and approved
Of eundry person'', for rr lit t fiom tux.
hM'naTs 4Dori? i)
Adverse to the p? jbi? ut ot Mr t;ulver> bill, amounting
to f2'2t, tor opporihg the delivering tip of .Joho Holding. a
fugitive *lave claimed under the hc. oi Congress known
hii the I ngitive Slave law in uvor of remitting the fe-g
jnyablt- on thr emte of the late Au^rew L, m-h In
i*vur of p?>ii>g the following bilia cf tbo Slv.-rii! ViZ ?
*0v 7?; H16 43, un-1 !>1 27S 12
kedTk i oi ui.vpk or MJLtci: os hWt>i\->
A re?ointion wa* moved to pay D M 1 rye >33 48 for
*? rvlre? a- (' e< k i f Police perforUWl 03 H 'l'l.iy* The
motion wa* ln*t (not one member bavin.; v . i- 1 f^r tike
adoption of the rexolutiou)
fi toLrTiotv *DorirD.
Direclii k )b( Comptrolitr to druw his warrant in favor
t f l> phrmni !. ftnow. for ce;tii performed onVuudavt
h Clerk cf Pfcllc from May 0 ltlj. to May 9, 184*4, f.ir
the rum (f TjUI h'Ji.d:el a j 1 iitne'.y-fire doUari uj 1
rilty-fcur ci uM
bti: OP:<ni ;i to BF. r*t:?.
For rHfrertiuH nt? furnl*hed th* fcx> i-w OommUiloner*
at sundry timi by .l:ime? Xayl.?r. k epe; of the City Hall
*nr uni ire to 1 1 083 ?7.
Un notion . the Boai J aJj mrce 1 lo Friday, at 4 P M
I'n 1 1< ?1 Slate* Comnilitsioiirr'i Court.
llt'loie John W N'l'Oii.Kuq.
I)rt {?] .? t htit ?? nf lak'nfftovi l' r I'nttri Sialft .If' ' ,7
I' in ttut'nninn u Crit't'iote oj Dcj*>ri t f 'i i> <M. ? Tliel'm
ted Ptate? vi Colin Uuch?n?n --Mr l!i.lg'.w*y appearing
fi>r t L ? I Jiite.-l fctate" The examination in thin c i?e w*i
proceeded wi'h and th>- evidence of til' eeveml witoe???a
*tanc aetnllawB :---Buoha?ian in end?.irorng to ne<?J.
at* tit* certificate ?*? ited the cunpleloni ot Mr. K>tm/"
that there ??,> tomething wrong about the affair. and he
hecord'iin'.y i..n' e Mrtain inquiries a', tho li'<?r?ry Hank
ar.d <>! the i>o*t maiter, v bioli ? 1r.'ngtheri"d hi* upre?
Mine an to the prifOBel> guilt.; whereupon the latter wa?
arrested, ltd In hli> nor awion were f >ind th.' letter aod
certificate above mtnii jned al?j four c.ner letter*, all of
v>lrh I n Rduiittid having received lr iiu l<*wretiee
M ' Quire, v. bo (it id h? cm n letter carri-r ; that h* had
ukeii tue : and other letters from the United Sti
tail; that tr.om ; cot ld b- made out of t.iem, and jromi ?? 1
to (Me ISuohasan HCCil fee would negi>tiate thecertiB
cat. Bti. \?nt .i i ub"i"iu("it.!y admHtc 1 to Mr. Kyting"
that no cne wa* implu ted iu th* tr?i-?action. nud h
was the or ly ^uilly paiiy A clerk in th* drug *tor?
I?r. Htictiiigt'.n, corner of Twenty- ieoOBd et'''it and
TUrO RTe'iUt'. t tli.ed t!i.it lie *aw Bu hi nan take a 1
ter if m tl > t (? mall k r i:> that *tore (thi pi ce where
fhe ii tier c titai: inir the < ttiflc.ile wa* ileposlt'-d) auJ
)h reveral time* 1-ft hi it- tl re aloat whil'i th* wicues*
wer t out Ji.reoal ('i.mmlttrtl f - tni! While ?.h ex
i h.lna'ini ??? in i gie>* o! investi^at.oa before the
''"ii mifBi' tier, Bnrba'.ian * otli *r fniutvl away in the
I i- . At*' : ney'i ' T- ce, and it. vh.< a length ot time belore
*be :?cerrr*d up:>n ro*torotlT' * being applied
LvKcltrn ? A mall nnincd Atkinri wa* det?",?ed
at Vlckiturg a ,'ew day* eg ), tampering with negr *??.
oBeiijigto hell them p i?*< s for HOen-ii which, h- as
furtd them, would guaiantj tiieir e?i?ei *p^ to a free
State lie wa*. punched ffliU b??w?en MO aoj M
i Uoiiw, ?a4 turuwl 100M.
??pcitor Comrt.
Before Chief Juetio* Oaktey.
Dec. 31.? Mr. Fomat wu in eoatt.rad Mrs. N. P.
Willi* accompanied Mn. Forreet. The room ?m orowd
?4 U eiMM At the sitting of Um court this morn
lag the Chief Justioe Mid that, before proceeding with
the trial, be lelt it proper to mention ft oircnmstaoce
which hftd occurred. On coming into oourl, he feund ft
note on his Uhle, an anonymous communication,
which contain* suggestions, from some unknown
quarter, a* to where proof of faota in thii case
might b* obtained. It ia evidently from a very illiterte
person, and purporting to be written by a woman. He
wished to condemn it an most reprehensible for any per
son to address the Court on such a subject. He thought
at tirst of passing it over in silence; but, for fear of a
repetition, be wished to express his feelings on the mat*
ter. He would not Intimate that the note came from the
friend or well- wisher of either party. He would suggest,
however, that if the counsel of the respective parties
wished to ree it, they could do so ; if they do not, It wi 11
be destroyed, and no further notice taken of it. lie re
peated that It I* a practice which he severely repre
hended and that the Cturt would punish the author of
it if he had the power to do no.
The counsel did dot make any observation, or mftolfest
any desire to see the condemned communication.
Mr. Van Buren aud Mr. O'Conor urged some further
a-gument on the snbject of the admissibility of Mr. For
rest's affidavit aud Mrs. Forrest's reply.
The Chief Justice decided against the admissibility,
an 1 Mr Van Buren excepted.
Mr. Van Buren proposed to read Mr. Forrest's affidavit,
containing a statement of the manner in which the bun
dle of letters were discovered by him, and the letters
which were in It, and showing the subtequent intimacy b?
tween Mrs. F. and the writer of theConsuelo letter, and
in oounection with that, he proposed to offer in evidence,
the admissirn in Mrs. Forrest's affidavit, of the genuine
ness of that letter, and of the intercourse ? by intercourse
be meant association? between Mr. Jamieeon and Mrs.
Forrest, subsequent to that time. He proposed, also, to
give the conversation, as detailed in the affidavit, be
tween Mr. and Mrs. Forrest, and Mr* Forrest's state
ment in her affidavit, denying and explaining that con
Mr. O'Conor wai heard in opposition to, and Mr. Van
Buren in support of, the offer.
The Ch^t .1 ustice, in giving his decision, said he saw no
reason why the affidavit of Mr Forrest should b? read in
his favor in the outset. If Mrs. Forrest's affidavit is read in
full, and t.Vat nny parts of it require explanation, it may
then be proper to read Mr Forrest's. The court did not
see that the present proposition differed from the other
It msy be a little narrower, and more confined to specific
ofhrs. but the principle remains the same. If counsel
ei-hed to pursue that line of proof, he must begin by
presenting Mrs Forrest s affidavit. [Kxception taken to
tbe rutin; of the court.]
Mr. Van Buren was then proceeding to read Mrs For
rest's affidavit, and said he would read portions of it.
Thu Chief Justice said that he might read suoh por
tions of it as he wished, and the other party could read
the parts bo emitted
Mr. Van Buren then read certain extracts from Mrs.
Porrest's affidavit.
Mr Van Buren then proposed to read ths statement In
Mr. Forrest's tiffidavit as to the manner in which he
discovered the letter.
Mr O'Conor claimed that before that was done the
whole of Mrs. Ferrer t's affidavit should be read. The
counsel lud only read portions of it, which might be in
jurious to Mrs Forrest unless the whole were real.
Mr Vun Buren contended that it was proper
for liim to Rive Mr. Forrest's statement in this con
nection lie leferred to the cafo of Oeary and Nichol
son. 21 Wendel.
The Chief Justice had never known an instance
where a party was permitted to real a portion of a do
cument. and then proeeed to another part of evidence.
He had no doubt that having read a portion of the afll
davit, the plaintiff has a right to plar* the whole of It
before the jury. It is immaterial whether it is read
liy the defendant's counsel, or by Mr. O'Conir, or
by the clerk ol the court. It Is a mere. matter of form
as to the manner in which it is done; the spirit of the
thing is that the whole rhould be placed before the jury,
and that must be done before the parts of it which have
been read can be considered in evidence.
Mr. Van Buren? Bo I understand your honor the-: the
parts 1 have read are not in evidence unless the whole is
Chief Justice ?I mean, sir, that I will exclude it from
the evidence unless the whole Is read to the jury .
Mr. Van Buren excepted.
Chief Justice.? Do I understand counsel on the other
tide to call for the reading of the whole of it ?
Mr. O' Conor? With the exception of certain portions,
which I will mark.
Mr. Van Buren? We deny the right of the other side
to read the whole of this, and submit that they have
only right to read suoh parts as explain the portions
that we have read I object on the ground that the
parts do not qualify or explain the parte we have proved,
and on the ground that they are irrelevant to the issue,
and we excrpt to the ruling of the Court in admitting it
After pome few minutes delay, occasioned by Mr.
O'Conor marking portions of the afll davit which he
wished omitted,
The Chief Justice suggested that, as the affidavits were
very voluminous, counsel might be relieved by some
other gentlemen reading them
Mr. O'Conor said that when Mr Van Buren felt tired,
he weuld have no objection to take up the reading of
Mr. Van Buren said he would feel no difficulty, and
then commenced reading the affidavit bf Mrs. Forest,
t!aled 2cth l?ec.. 18C0.
The court adjourned till Friday morning. Ths con
( lusirn or this cay's proceelings will be given in Satur
day's paper.
Poller Intelligence.
??? ircst of Young burglaei ? On Tuesday tiro boy;
named John MulFgan and Llenvy Pear'all, were arretted
( u a < ban.'c of breaking into the coal cflioe of Mr. John
1 &? cor, No CI Mangin street, stealing therefrom $20 in
teenies When taken before the magistrate the young
teams confessed theirguili. and were committed by the
justice to prison fur trial.
Chatgr of Ilizhiay RaUtry The polio*, at three
o'clock cu Tuesday m irning, arrested a man call-d P*
trick Oospore, on a charge of violently assaulting anj
. obling John Ellis of $18 60, while pissing through
JraaJ rtrtet. Mr .Ellis ?m feriously injured, and w*j
unable to appear be! re the magistrate to testify against
i^e accused. Ths magistrate, however, has detained hiin
in piison until the complainant is well enough to appear
bu 3 give his evidence.
/.'? LLtd in a Porter Haute ? A Mr Joseph Lester, on last
Friday night, while in the porter house No. 100 Tenth
hvei.tie wii< fobbel of a pocket book containing $40 in
baik bills and a check fci $160. Suspicion rtsiedon a
>oung man iami d Jnqjes McDennelly. who. when ar
restej. implicated John McNemw, Henry Finnegan. and
several others, as being ooneerned. and hiring received
a portion of the stolen money Justice Mountfort com
mitted the accused parties to aWait a further hearing.
Stealing Bnrtt of CandU.* ? A black man called George
?Wallace was arrested 'D Tuesday on a charge of stealing
nineteen boxes of candles, valued at $41, from the brig
tlainlet. lying at pier No 8 Hast river. The rogue was
detected conveying tie property off in a cart. Justice
Osborn committed the accused to prison ior trial.
-1 bold Attempt in Steal ? Two men. on Monday evening,
drove up 8 h<>r?e and cart in front of a bakery, corner of
Binvery RLd Fourth street where they seized hold of a
'?ask of mclaeees, valued at $30 stan ling on the side
walk, and Vtire in the act of rolling the saae into the
' art when detected One of the fellows, calling bimulf
Daniel Bailey was seized t y the proprietor. and handed
over to officer Iiavis. of the Fifteenth ward. The other
rogue to< k to his beels and escaped The horse acd cart
was also detained, tid is now in the custody of the po
lice, which may possibly lead to the detection of the
other thief. Bai ey was committed to prison by Justice
Bleakley to answer the charge.
Arrnt of Hurgluri. ? As Olllcor Sharpe, of the llth
ward, was patrolling his district about 4 o'clock jest-r
<tay morning he observed n young man coming out of the
basement of the clock and looking glass establishment
No 203 Bowery, occup lei by Mr. N. Johnson, having in
bis possession four clocks, and several books fined
iv:th gold lep.f. vr.lued in all Rt $48, the property of Mr.
Johnson The r.Cieer took th? accused into custody with
'he property; and when iu custody, he became a'.arm?d.
an 1 sal I his name was Joseph Murphy, and told the
officer that Ms accomplice wns then inside the store As
sistance was procured, ard the accomplice, whose u&me
is John Turner, was likewhe arrested, having also several
articles stolen in his possession Justice Mountfort com
mitted both i a-ties to pri'on for trial.
An 1' dttetU Assault. ? Yesterday, a man Darned Wm
Kidd ?hi arse* ted by Officer l'owers. of the Fourth
wr?rd. c-n a charge of committing a very violent and In
decent as-ault on the person tit Mary Ann Wills, a child
o::!y eight years of aire The testimony ( f a physician
*i s taken ysterday, who examined the child, and found
that a very apgrnvated and villanou.s assault hal b'en
perpetrated upon her persm The accused was taken
before Justice O-born who committed bun to prison to
await a further examination
itrohrg Ca'/ 'ntert' Teolt.? A man named John Gorman
w*< arrested j e?t?rdsy on a chftrg* of it '.?Ung a chest of
i ar pen tern tooU. valued st $260, the property of John C
Coulters. No ih Rlvirgtnn street The accused, it
seems. "V as In the employ of Mr. Coulters, and noon after
the tools were gone, Gorman left ths shop. The pro
I erty run rt covered by the police at Simpson'* p*wn
office. No. 86 Chatbsm street, where th" accused pawned
It toe $7 Gorman in jnstiljiig hiuiseif for th>i posses
s on ot the ; Topcr'y stated to the magistrate that Mr
C- niters win; owing lrm money and that he took the
t?ol* to pay fc-.iDseif Justiae Timp?cn. not liein? willing
? o ju*t.fj the act oi the accused, committed him to
prison tor tria.1
Mejiti-g in Favor of Cvban Prisoners ? A
paper, numerously (tgted.ls going the rounds ia Natchez,
MiM., for a meeting of citizens la the Oourt Mouse, iu
fu?cr of Thr??hei and inopp sition to the treatment he
nolved at the han!s of thn Cuban authorities. A
meeting of the same kind has been called in Savannah,
Wkonesdav, Dec .11? 6 P M
Ash vs were vtry quiut; but 30 bbLs. rea'izing $4 87
fcr pots and 1<5 for pearls.
IIsk.m itvus ? Flour did not vary much, though only
4f>(0 Fbls four.d purchasers including Southern. State
snd Western, at previous rates Nothing transpired in
rve !!'>ur or com meal Wheat seemed more active.
.' 0CC bushi Is Canadian white bringing $1 05 ; 1-000 Mi
chigan $1 and 8 000 Southern r>d P0a . as did also corn
of which 12 26f bushels were 'p< Id at f4o a ( ' o for New
Orleans and fi~ 1 .. " h OCc for Western misi'd j!nrl?y
ranged from 78c a 85c ; rye 77c a 73c , and oats 42c. a
with'tit en H'iry
Cotton ?The market remalr.a stesdy. with a goe 1
j rt dm>and. r. stilting in s?lei of iifcOO bil -s, on the
t B'ls oi 8'ac. e 8 > ,e fcr middling uplands.
Fbik.mis? KBfHgeBlonts were tery limitel to-day, in
clndinp s' me c .ttoii to Liverpool at 1 ,.d. for compre sed
iiiidK-lCd for fiea Iplsnd Flour and rosin were at 0d ,
a idgraifat 3d BS^d and cheese at 20s. To l.nnd in
there ws- no charge in rate* To Calif Tula they were
firm *t 45c a 76c, ecrrrding ti dates fixed for sailing
Thete was no change lnrate?for Havre
Peotin i*s were extremely inactive, though un
changed Retail lots of nork and beef were obtained at
reettrt?7'* P'lcM, 19V tierces prime ta-H fH,
900 bbla bMf hum it 113 60. FHu lard aoU at Dc i
BntUr and cbeeee quiet.
Telefriphlc Report*.
Oiariitraan, Doc 31, 1861.
Navigation has omd resumed. Freighta to New Or
lean* an? pork, 91 00; floor, 75c. Hog* art dull, at
M 80 a $4 00. Tbe whole number ree?ived thai far,
tbla aeeaon, la 282,000, against 266,000 at same date last
year. 400 bbli. mess pork aoUl at >12 60, and 400 prima
lard at 7tfo.
At Bohaghticoke, Rensaelaer eountj, N.T., on the 30tk
December, by the Eer. J II. No We Daniel Packer, of
tbla city, to Harriette M., daughter of Amos Briggi,
Ksq , or the former place.
At Williamsburgh. by Rev Mr Beecher. on the lit of
November laat, Mr. Jomfh Barlow, Jr. to Miss Mary T.
Towers, both of New York.
At lloboken, N. J , on tbe 30th Dec. by the Rev. M E
KUiaon, Robert J' Mavmrd, of Athens, Geo., te Miss
Amanda M. Mkshkrvf., of the former place. Athens and
Ban Francisco papers piea?e copy
On Wednesday evening. Deoember 31. by the Re?. D.
8. Parmela. Mr. Gyrus White to Sareh B? oldest
daughter of John A. La Forge.
On Fridiy, Dec. 26, John W. Rosenthal, Professor of
M u ic. aged 38 years 6 months, His remains were taken
to Oreenwood for Interment.
On Tuesday. Dec 30, William H., son of William II.
and Catharine E. Foster, aged 1 year 7 months and 6
Tbe relatives and friend* of tbe family are invited to
attend his funeral on Friday, J*nu*ry2, at 1 o'clock
from the I evidence cf his parents, No. 124 Columbia
In this city, on December 27, of consumption, David
P. Connfll. aged 2'.' years 5 months and S days, a native
of Buenos Ayres, Bouth America, ltis long Ulness he
bore with Christian meekness, trusting in the Saviour
for redemption, and a happy eternity. He was a kind
and affectionate eon, for whom his mother will loug
mourn. His remains were taken to Greenwood Ceme
tery, L. I , for interment.
>t A U 1 VI 01 K JUT Bills!* IRQ K.
IHovtminta of the Ocean Steamer*.
Hamm, iiKAvaa Datm. For
franklin Havre Dee 17... .New York.
Africa Liverpool.. . Deo 20... .Mew York.
Atlantio Liverpool. ., .Deo 24... .Now York.
Cherokee New Vork...Jaa 6. . . .Chagres be.
Prometheus New York., .Jan 6. . . .San Joan
Merlin New Vork. ..Jan 8 Bern>&8tTh?m
Impire CUjr Now York... Jan 9... .Havana. ke.
Ohio New York.. .Jan 10 Chaarei.
Paoifle New York.. .Jan 10... .Liverpool.
Brother Jonathan. New York. ..Jan 12... . Oha?re?
Caiiida ..Boston Jan 13 Liverpool.
To Correapondeiits.
Captains of vessels and others, furnishing Marine News to
this > a per, would center a favor by scaling their oommuni
AJ-ilA.V AC ? .'ANU AR1 1.
?rtw BUM. . 7 27 I moo* sitts morn I 34
?W tBTf 4 41 I HI AH WATB1, .. . mOtU 2 04
FORT OF NEW YORK, DEO. 31. 1861.
Br* ttr.0DO wtui&f Ulm0D
Hunt?* Und' Blr*ent- Jaok.onviUe, Thompson &
c8chrColS?tteHy>li,roi)a. CharlMton, NL MoCreadyar
in distress, b, directum of?. uSderwritSw? "UPPl7 ?Mli
.. Arrived,
W it if md a e' a n d? pas ee?ir e re ^0*8 no fl ' ?d 3 d?y.,
deM loSIS'b' "a'/'b y 'W lk'ata,l & C?
4 t? D?^* <*">?'?. *<Uy., with cotton,
d*y?,rwUh co'freo^'o'Sin ?in^(tt'i^on?}' Kin*' R,io Jan?tro, 81
rDe" fen'*.1 'iZftV bVA^*"
?o BoSn? o" ?? & Co'0"* CurMO?'D?0 U. with hides, &#,
toSl,.iut,DhJm&rDi?"nCrm*11' S?T*a"h. 7 day., with cotton,
J >r j?i??if.,ki' * urr^' N#w 0tl"n?. is d?y?, with ? vg?t, to
'hi iSJi;.v;ViV;t5Vr".tbl,,g ,o
?? ????.
oaSe* in ooa'tao" i51t^'*? thi. .Teniae
b.t* wheel hou.ee o, the *' b" dl?
,?ne.?oTVhf ^ but '? ???
niiW.5? th# SU*? W?? forry boat.
R?Tm8K?1!'th*i"i*IPlliI*d*,pi^ Mporti no "Itfor.ale at
^^Irrt'eun^Tdt'' E3K; ?
Vclrgrnpltic JBarlii* R? porta.
Arrived? Pl.jp. Louie* Calcutta- 81
?.on: t ark D Uoodel' Uum K.v S ??!''/? 0h?r>"?
?,?br Rainbow, Richmond.
< .eared? Ships iJowditoh, and Courser, SFranniaao' !.??.
i f ' fcarkt l.noerne, Uivjnu. Hro.-in* do' Kik*
I hlladclphia; biigs Adclma, Ctarleaton; Erio. PhUndainhla'
<ehre Champion. Cape Haitieu: N C Barri? itnt? . .
SCl Silas Mr l?ht, NVork. "arris, Wilmington,
Arrived? Brig Choc taw, ContofS U?LK> Dso 29"
Herald Marina Lorre.pondenc*.
Ani^d-Bark Loni.n, Lin^Tau!.^ ^ P1L
bkrk M-'ooa' Sol'r Wi , 2* r?el>orn, NOrl.ana;
CharH.Von, ' " ?ch'*??T? Wright, Kogors,
a ? AllirelUntoitii
dav"'to c,?.^^1.,8^ l rV,cUo? from KewTork.wa.8ff
'*>??? Tho??.
^SWJ.fBrtXffiSa /ST.
on the ISA inn, by *efuV cui' Ctatl
Aitclia Alwira ai:riih.i>.-?j /h *'*h the loe The
corn, hare hkewies beeneunk, both laden wi.n
I ' l^i*on th?n o ? t[ ftW wiJo?0 f2- j^"*0n- N""?" fan.
0^n7diSnbbY,rU,S? 10 T;Ul1? ' Andrew^JM
At'd'o1 VoV'S* lM^iu\00dbri1d?e' NB' t0 ?"???
?,(-*) lb. h0ne; had Ion aVu?T e it " 'o f a a'l l ? " I i??' l7lW,wh
tofmaot in a fMoi BtephaS !a T#fA \ ?PMnn fow
ssn^hj^,!sm afs&i&jvzass:
aisruns; ?? '' &. ta
l *ttautid*kh K?"h B*y Not 2' u<*Jr#???. ?f Warren, oil
M>;^L:T?or,dboueI)dc5'B"t<,n' Naa- rM,9d th?
?u!i?u,di!'or' N ' ""nolulu, hadHngp. not 8
-i.h'io biKDd^^halebone'^m^tlTe'Hawieoii
lb. wain e tcotn, to order bundlee whalebone.
hr . crane, iflth. faloon, N il, w t* I wh to flu.
.4 T v [""J*1 "tn conRuponnni.1
ufo wi, : 0nK*4' 11U *p- 4tt' whi b?'k Ocntlc jiaa,
Arrat Hilo, Oct, Abrara Barker. lfOO wh; Calla? full 2Vm
? ?> v h;rR1im\nf"^,\T^?inpiX,,5,hCOr*1, ^
iota cl Kumeoh.tka, in lat from 5.. to ?<>, bat at thaNlm.
uh.M ifc' ^ 0 ilt fleet *?? Pn.hinK forth, "nadir sJI'
htrc they found tinenuone quantitieu of loo and think fo?*
^ wi1eai? * rAt,m,,inc<l'?m,e r?ek'- ^"??'o-ally
he l*, 7 mlt.!fn/,h,.K,',iln" Sl"iw WM ''""O of ice, an J
moved for the Arokio Ocean nhero thewhalins
jl'oend wa.w.H eaplored, fcnt few whale, eeen. l inally th?
n'?joiity of tho fltet de.pniriun of aneoer. deriri* this eauon
rt< t?rjrlnfd to roturn. While on their downwwd raVeaV, a'
.Inr^It* " "i'i" 81 ? l.land. fonnd whMoi'la
al nr canco. The t-lectra took 2KW hblu other vo?ael? did
ylli but. by lat- arrival-, ?c l,arn that ln BepJmb'r! t.'e
1] 1"rnr.d t0 tJ? Aroiifl Ocean, ?o that tbn veueli
ILh f .n 0 o^PiUUj. The A i) tarn Darker
&nU Cftllao ^ere amorg this iiu?iibor,
Notlfe to Mnrlnern*
iioe7#l^nT l""M,lno??"?.the. I,"tnn, A-tvortiser th?t the
?n !?t II ki . J -? bVa from her atation
iVvdp r U f? Virhw I . .V !V heard fro,n *"?> in th0
, 'df(" >o?jf.'r that dangerou. rip in R;,no al.e.
?nu ti.ere ip no I'cacon nt|r> t o- d?y, to warn tho nuutrom
V. Mela navmailBF that purl < I the o..a?t nui^erou.
H. il.o eomrln n. that thn roK lloll on l.l*htnouae laHnd
? a thcf'"rl of UoeHn. which wAato,trii?
' V 7 d,"r,r* l,''s"li etormi, ?a? not hoar J
vlub pajainn Ue LiRht on Mondny night, *21 inat.
. Npoken.
A larno three maat Meamahlp, with all aall act and ,<>,1.,
Z'Z wtXth% Aw"i"' h.n.ej/wMpnl.a^V.?^
8cpt\^^r!',i;Vi'a.:^:B) fm 8?? c.iou.ta,
.?^.?XL'SiH,w"u5*i?- p"tt
Tfe'itWBT8- ?~ ?" ?"?? ?
Mr rtMW HiIm, 11 4mi bo> IhuiliN b( Piimi, ??
Oo? 12, lat 18 V N. Its 114 W.
8ehr 8dmu. Btover, from Gonalraa for Boataa, Dm tL UA
34 *4, loa 73 S6. ?a
-Behr Mono ( tot Kuoi), Bub, 18 daya fmi A ax Oaraa far
Boataa, Dm XT. (I Bineiik
Behr CoBBMtirat (oINivtarttl.fNBfwUiitn. MC. for
W Indie*, Kth nit, Ut J3 41 N. lorn 61 OS. %
Ftnln Pwru.
MY ark! ?* 1t>U| 'Nr 14 T *? Bark Jno Bwaaey, Phillip*.
Cu*Ao?A, Dm M? BrU ini, Barry, for NYork. to a?U
F almouth, J a Dee 16? Bark Edward, fiom AUuUrU, v
disg; only Am waal.
Honoliilc, c - 26- -Arr bark Harmony. Bailey,
90th, brlc Wyaa_o?ta, Lyon, do; Met. Mbr Catharine, Baa
Fraaolaoa; Not 1 bark Catalpa, Chad wick, do.
Havama, Dei. IB? Bark Lyra, Bemie, for M York la a few
Lah aim a. M?J ? Shi pa Garonne. Shearman, for New Bed* ?
ford, wk frgh*. a#) bbU oil taken is; Fanny, Holt, fordo,
before reported pu i ba ck leaky; bark Helen Auguata. fot da
few daya. Bid 6th, bark Maataamery, Folger. do; aaa whalira.
Lacva via, Dm Art bark Thomaa Daliett, Dill, Ptuia
dslphia, (reported by the Paw, at Fhiladelphia from Porta
Cabello). *
Porto Cabillo, Deo 6-Bri| Momerrate, John eon, for M
York, ldg, to eail 1b S week*; the only Am Taaael. Brie Ellen.
Reed, aid 6th tor Baltitao ??
Pill, below Brlatol, l**f U? BWp DoreM Prlnee, Blaa
ebard. for V York, wtawlftt M _ .
Kochkli.e. Dec 9? Bark ('Oi for NYork and
Boiton abt 20th; brie Lode3*', Skin her. for N York, one. .
Him Kkv, Dec K- No Am veiteli In pott.
Bt Tiiom ah, Deo 4 ?Bark i??*. Warner, ready,
esibo, to bring on the earao?Jb*U Horatio, con da
Ti bk* In. Ann Passage-^1"* fellowin* : yea
through Dec N:? Bark Almira, ~arr. ?o?u *'or
tanias; brig Financier, Hal), foi Turia I*laa
Faoker. McLoud, lrom Boiton for Hayj
Tahu a, Oot 4? Sid lohr Loo Choo.Maaoij^
Home Porta. ? J
APALACI1ICOLA, Due 18 ? Arr brig Water Witeh. Jar*
dan, N Vork ( and eld 18th for do). Cla 16th, brigi Sophia,
Caleb, Portlaad; 16th, Sarah Patera, King, N Vork; aohrB a
Tofta, Kinney, do.
BQjTOf*, Deo 30? Arr ahlpi North Bend, Jenkins, Bombay
and Penang, via Batavla, Sept 16; Delaware, Pattqn, N Or
leans; brig Martha Rogera. Bee J. Bt Maryi. Oa. At q a&raa
tina ahip Parliament, 8?mpeoB, Liverpool, Not 23. Signal
lor a bark painted blaek, and red atreak. and an unAiortbal
?quare rigged vaiiel. Cld bark Como. Smith, fe harleiton;
btiga Edwin, Robert*, Sagua; Veita, BteTeni, Galveston;
eohn Mary D Scull, Blaokman, Chagraa; leipheua, Holdan.
Washington, NO- Nothing ild, wind very lixhtirom S to SK.
BELFAST, Deo Sc6 ? Sid ihip Wm FrotUngham (new).
Richard*, NOrieaai, brig Chai Edward, Doak, C ardenaa.
BATH. Dec 28? Art brig Rainbow, Wiley, Bavanaah; achrc
Waterloo, Merton, Philadelphia.
HOLMES'S HOLE, Dae 23, PM? Arr aohr Jamea BarraM.
Cobb, Balem tor Philadelphia. Bid brig Mayflower.
X!d? Arr ihip SterliBg. Pltraaa, Sumatra, July 4, Penang
Aug 1, of and for Boiton; bad heayy weather on the ooaav
and wai 23 daya N of Bermuda. Put In ahort of proviaioaa.
Sid aohr Jaa Barrett.
24th ? No arriTal.
26th? Sid ichri Sarah B Lew is, and Hy B Batcom.
26tl>? Arr and lid lohri Renown, Baaer, anu W R Glenn,
Nye, Boaton for NYork.
27th? Arr ichr Charlai Arpleton, Jaokman, Norfolk for
28th? Arr brig Fawn (Br), Morriaon, Falmouth J a, lffati
inst, for Boiton; lohri Chesapeake, Uabbid ;e; Cadot, Bar
ntt, as d Silas Wright, Jobmou, Rockland fjr NYork; Cla
rendon. Burgee*, Maohlaa for do; Aroado, Milliken, Saalport
for Philadelphia.
Bid tehri Oheiapeake. Cadet, Bilaa Wright, and Clarendon.
2!?th, AM^-No arrival. Wind WBW, and foggy. Nothing
la port, ihip Sterling, brig* Carolina, Fawn, aohra C Apple*
ten. Virginia, Arcadia.
LEW ?3, Dec 90. 6 PM? Behr Sural Lewi*, frem the Sooth,
with lumber, for Philadelphia; Harriet, and Faloi, in light
trim, and five otters, oame to the anchorage thl* morning
and remain up to thii tii>'?, together with the li ;?.t already
noticed. The (team tug aMorioa iialso in tin roadstead aol
will not depart until the log, which is now Tory thiok, oieare
off. The floet in tho harbor certainly eaoeode SO au.il. Wind
light from 8W.
MONTEREY, Not 28 ? In port lohr Warsaw, M.Laren, for
Lower Calitoraia. with 20 paisengeri.
NEFONBET, Dec SO? In port ecars Jarvis Lyon, B irrougha.
and Lebanon, outward bound, detained by io?.
N EW HAVEN, Dec 2!)--31d briga Mayflower, Ilartman. W
Indies: Caroline, Fatten, NYork.
NEWPORT, Dec 2?? Arr ichts Lanion Dew, Penalman,
Erin Herbert, Johnson aud Melbourne, Bennett. Rockland
Tor N Vork; corvo, Udmes, do for Kichmond, (Jen Caaa, Mil
ler, do for Norfolk. "Id 27th, brigs Macon and Hope, re
turned isiiio day, and remained 29th, with the aaoyo.
LONDON, Dec }7? Arr proj.i Chis Osgood, Smith.
?Vork for Allyn'a Point: Quinnebang, Hollam.Allyn'i Point
-0 NYork. Bid 28th, ichr fcdwin A Stevens, Crowall, for N
1'll ILA DELPHI A. Deo !0? Arr bark* Taei, Wilkin*
Porto Cabollo Dcc 6; Fairaonnt, Whiin-jy, St Xnjmaj, Dso
4, Hum Kev !Hh.
PROVIDENCE, Dec 28 ? Arr brig Crootni. Norton, Mobila.
2vth. acbr Casiabeai, Raymrcd, Charleaton. vta Holmci'a
Hole old bark Triton, aue anchored below, orew incomplete;
brigs Lafayette, Clifford. SaT&nnah; Proa 7. Taylor. Staplai,
Oarleaton; icbra Juo ^immoaii. Small. RappahAunoofe; Mary
Cbase, Virginia; Tenneitee, Taylor. Philadelphia; SbljpCar
fenter, Bn/rcpsbl, Smyrna. Dol; U<-anui, Amea, NYork;
?loop* Hnrveit. Munro, and Woi 8 Hawkins, Jone*, do.
Bark Mary K Barney (trom Warton) -or Apalaohloola. ani
brig E L Walton, Cardenas, ild from below thii afternoon.
Tho late iturm broke up the ioe io muoh that the N W wind
and ebb tide to- day, elei rod the channel. There is now no
ice to obstruct the passage of Tei^eli.
l'ROYINCETOVt N, Deo 59-Sld brie Alabama, Mobila.
having put in previous to 21it. Capt Elliot 1* aaid to hare
left the brig cn account of sickness, ani the Towel procaeleA
in charge of the mate.
PORTLAND. Dco27? Cld bark Scott Dver, Hill, Matauiaa;
brig Ariel, Btown, Cienfuezoi. Arr 2Sth, bark Madora, Roby,
Matanias via Bath; brig Potosi, Bettei. Matanzss 12th.
29th? Below a bark, supposed the Jubilee, from Matamai.
Cld barkBusan Brewer (new, 40(1 torn), Koopman, Apalaoai
cola; iohr Splendid, Frnheld, NYork.
SAN FRAr>CI3CO, Not 20? AdT ships Chalbnga, John
Land, for Hhatghae. Drc 1; ^ea Witrh, Fraser, for do 3d;
Ellen Broiki, for Sydney, NSW, vta Slilaudi; Fremont
(prop), Wm A Howard, for Honolulu 6th; Rob Roy, Drum
mond, for ofcarter; bark Qulnara, Lucas, for Hong Kong Deo
7, brig Venezuola. tor iale.
PAN FfcDKO, Not 2J? in port brig Col Fremont.
ETA BARBARA, eve of Nov2?? Off tho pvrt a br'.g. aup
uoicd the Eagle, from SFranoisoo
SAVANNAH, Deo 26? Arr bark Maria Morton, Bulkier. N
York; brig Whltakar, Htndy, Boiton. Sid ahip Hartford,
danntrman. NYork; brig Eolui, Muota, do.
in port 2?th, ihipi Eli Whitaoy, Cook, for Havre; Wm
Patten, Theobald, for Liverpool; Java (Br). Thrift, diag;
Goudar, Hirstow, wtg; Ontario. Mrflmoa. wt<; Sterliog, Hen
derson. do; Gartoraig (Br), Strickland, disg; John Camp
boll, Stubba do; Buena Vista, He ward, for Liverpool; Hud
son, Nelson, tor Glasgow, Marion, Johnson, lor Now York;
Charlei Cooper, Cutta. do; Isabella, Hayden. w?g: Lizzia
(larward, Parker, do; Colonist ( Br). .for Liverpool;
Coronet (Br), Wllion do; E A Soullard ( Br), Vaughan. do;
Uolish (Br). Slater, do; Samuel (Br). Moms, do; John Hun
ran (Br). , I'-.sg; Defeneo (Br). Kerr, fo' Liverpool;
Giraey (Br>, Oover, diag, Glenlyoa (Br), Jameson, do;
c*omona (Br), Cronk do; June ?t Barbara. Cbsllon. for
Bristol; J Cockerell, Maucendree, for West Indies; Florida,
Villi, disg; Fides, Borland, wtg; Oxford, Micot, dug; barki
Texai. Livermoore, for NYork; N Villate (Br), llamllMn.
for Liverpool; Cnba, Howes, for W Indies; Rowland. Mayo,
lor Boston; Bertha, Smart, tor Boiton; Favorite (Br). Gar
rett, for Liverpool; Wealcrd ( Br). Bngliin, do; brigi Aogua
?a. Stone, disg: Delaware, Harding, f >r italtimora; J R
Rhoaaes, Hamblin. for PruTidenoe; Eznol. Talman, for Naw
York; Foster^ Crowell, for Baltimsre; Detroit. Gilchrist, for
Uuadalonpe; Renhabite, Loring, ldg: Caribbee, Cra' tree, do;
Perenda (Port), Purisa do; H M Charlton, Lightbonrno.
*tg; Whitakor, Haady, disg; W L Jonas, Tyler, for NYork;
Horatio, Kcmptoa, tor NOrleana.
8a LEM, Dec 27? Cld brig
. Elisabeth Feltou, Uptan, Capa
V< rd ltlar.d.1 and a market.
SSHh? Sid bark Sea Mew, Afriaa.
Passengers Sailed.
LivrsrooL? Steamship Europv- Mr Soaddla*, Toronto; B
B Kelly, NYork; G A Brown, Philadelphia; Dr W C MoMa
kin. do; Mr Stryk. Primtia; J F Rooha. T Polaok Jr, V Al
thef. Park Godwin, NYork; Mr Douglas. Buffalo: A donllla
mont, Lyons; Mr Hyman. Havre; J B Tony. Montreal; T
.-tacner. A Buntin. E Murky. Montreal, R Renfrew, NYork;
W ri O'Connor, Ireland; w H Job. Hamilton, CW; Dr AS
Oetlinger and friend, T Williamsdean. Quoboo; R Muir. L
Washington, M? Cook, NYork: T F .Hmitt-, tllatg >w. E M Car
Ictl era, Hamilton CW: Mr Burstal), K VI 8?iwrs, Bostoa: i
1' Gardner, do: E P McKay, Canada Wet'; W Sanderson, IT
Fork; B P Lapbold. Bavaria, li Zwln. Mr Cnpelaad, Mr
A rcr etro ng, Jrs Houghton. Joaiali Houghton, Mr Atqihrcux,
k r Mouaonvillier, DrFrsser; R Foroex. frxas; He? 1 Walsh;
W Martin, Glasgow; 11 Beaton; B Ceok MDgland; L LMt,
A Mellon, California; W 11 Mcleod, 3 Marpay, P Ward, K
Sherlock r
C'h ack u- Steamship Independence? Mrs no ire an 4 Infant ,
Mrs C M Howe and Infant, A Ilowe. W Hows, Mij* M H
Ho?o, Mies H M lluve, l, Qo?t, S Howe, J M Croweii. If
I r?*ej, 8 n lexaidcr, C Gcntncr, T Km* BKnir, OM?ldun,
?J Onarry. B Danney, B i'nruy, J A Hilts, W Bu!!n, C H
Ma*on, II H Maoin E 8 Morris, U l,udwlg. II R F ??*?r, II
tuck. B Stevens, J Mi rand. 1* Connor, Mrs. M Connor, U
"< irgins, B B Brooks. II liaariman, IS r Brooks W C Car
rin?<tr, D Saunders. U Brswn, II MnA Lsary, Mr Soother. J
W Brown. U A Brown. I Bennet. J W Williams. B F Wil
liams, J Cor straight. MConroy, J T Ntally, U H WhMden.
.1 Hat-y, H Foriuloyslr.g. O Meratield, T Haken. ? Now, L
Daufor'h, H M Reefer. J Reefer. Emily Reefer, Esther Reefer,
Mis A Keeter. ? Keilc, Mlts M Reefer, L P Ormsby, CI Q
- tebblns, N S Uoddai I. J Rice, 8 Newton, II U Harrington.
J B fttratton. V Gausett, J Harris, T Harris, V Rawsjn, K
""orson, A Fv.ller, C Bowman, I) Clotigh. 8 Jert?r?'>n, A B
Knowltin, B U Blood, O Rlakc, U <?rand?r, R Pot tor, W
??anstii 14, A R Smith, E N Howey, J Maxtor, J Borland. W
^ Btcdman, H J Carr. H Wells, n W ells, A Pa/son, E T Bol
mont, J Bowman. P Fenaterwald. It Fonsterwald. I Reed, C
Denier, H R Crippen, II Coo, P Bayard, H P Andrews W B
Knstor, P Besl. J Nelson. H Dealer, A J Reynolds. J Wins
Mrs Wles, Jacob Wioa, H B.nghasn, Mr* Bingham, W Trlltt,
J Jorden, B Mansfield, J Nice. J H Jordan. W W Goeispaed
K Sis, U W MX. B ft heeler. J H Clare, J Bull. Q Tribe. T
l'.tckee, O W Baker. S >? Miller, C B (.oldea Q J I'hmer, P
I' Carnenttr. J Galley. Miss I, Boetwick. C Jonnson, A Carr,
4 McCnn*. N MoOlade, J Davis, W C Unnn, J L, Maaonestar,
J trimsbeo, Mrs Lue lin*, Mrs I? ilau, Mrs I.nolliair and fivs
cbildren. J P Lneltlni 1) Pa*e. K Merrill, J Burr.y, J Nevby,
?I F.idy. H J Rioe, G Hall, M Joeeph, H J Sirallnr, A S*b?r,
G K. Curtis. J Atkins. A Mofa>n H Bower, J Harris, J W
Davis, W II I.,ewis. J Jones, S M r, an, B I tm, J ???><?, R
i'.tane, Marsaret Fvans. W P Traver, M I1 ar;is, Miii'b Bel
ileu and three children, J Delden, Tabit*ia Dnlden, 8 MaantnK,
VI O' lit ion Mrs Cals, E Sampton. E W Cbaee, J H ilot-biri.
K Unil, 8 Clark, W J Andrews. J Donahue. J Claik, J Beit.
Mrs L?od am) three clillire >. J nessletun, W A llrsen, E U
t'hlok, J D Blodset H Altera, 1> Thwaas; J Kiah, W laaaoa.
J A Brown. J E Woodis, L Laiella. Mr Harrln?t m. G E/?les'
ton, J BVIdmore, P Jones, B Iilssa->k, F Biokenbiek. I, Wind
?on. J Cunningham, E CnuDii.iham, M M Oliver, J O Pileher,
a Quimsby. W Birre, W Lea, C A Mete-.n. J Leo, J Uardu.*,
Mr fitch 8 F Heanly. J <)onno.1, E MoPbullps J Wei^h, J
MoClusky, 8 B Steel. R Going F G Kitterf l?e, J Auntin, J
II Crooks O W P.-ootor, T Oav, G Deal. J W Duncan, B
Film. JWnltors, E Ooodtow. lady and forir children. J*a
W"! luakv, JTBniikham. Miss Bnrnl aai. 8 J Alnove, Misa
Alcove, E Alcove, ST liardt, K P Ormi'.y and lady, J It
Varcv. F. Maroj. .1 t Lnmi>ai, F. B torts. L M Elwards,
Mi.s Edwaras M Welsh, .T O'Connor, Mrs O'Ci) not. Ml?a
1'nraj. d. 8 Vt entworkh and child. D C Fmu et, J C Syauld ?
ins, p c Hrmick and live ohlldrnn, E M Bnyd M N C'OKley,
It llloh, BMW ?ltb, I H Power. J P Newiran, A Pearcon,
B ( kvans J Cronklaw. B E Minturn. J C Llssaok, Ueorca
J Motes, and Maynard, G W Uavif, W A Davis, L Davis, E
Davis. R Powers, J Conley. P Conley. IJ Couley. P Dolan,
II Dofan, P M Mathews. N Ilcath. C E Roe*. C Healoy, P
i Vnr or, M Lnnsap, R Van Austen, (7 B llcnsnn, F Marks. 1
Reynolds. O Bimms. E iM.nn.s J T Haloy. Mra llaley aud In
fant, H P F oss, H M Smith, U E Mitt b.-li, G Bolton, Petor
Ciinninshsm, W Sales, J Kelly. P t?a''laoe. C Cnflar, J flal.
ver, t. M Shaw, P Crane, A F rose, J Frss, P ,fone< 8 Moses,
Mr Sanborn, T< Wallnor S Salmon!, B B liaant, J BvSt, Miss
l.r okt. W O Connor, J C Dod. Total, Sffi1.
last nlnsioen years, devote hia pr>ctlr.( to the treat
ment ol m?i ourial and othor diec asen. lie can cure U. j ro >st
a<?rs valid diseases, and mild eases remov,d in alow dsv*>
N. B Strangers, don't I t deculvud by an imponter in House
v? It strict, near Chatham str<et. I liavcc?tloll Daans
street Ree my diploma, in my off.ee, with fie Heit nam' 4 li
mcdialtie and erirterv this country has evor produied A
perfect core or no el.sige.
Dr. Morrison is consulted confidf,ntia.m .?
on e>rtsin dlseaeos. which he treaai wi )>ou> ni'jrf.'rv
Reoent estes he oan-s in three, dsy* Thirty-two iwi pr?
tins tnablss him to etne tlusn dtbilirisi- arising fiom a I'
ahoss, and reitois original vigor Ue>. hi ?? l^wdes Dipiomk
at his prlvsta nfliee Frltor streak. Ma f?a till rnrr*
lv street, may be consulted e?nfn' I, I ally on the MfcM
mentol delmate diseases. 1 ?e?itj ous yeara practloe era
hita l)r. C. to p-rform spaedy and permanent cures, wlt'?
out tteic-ry; aud rsornt can d rsinoved In a fsw davs. br
I . has atumed an ominence in this branch e( ins P'?
fesslon second ts none in America, whore all la aved rj
medical ar surileal aid nay apply with a certainty or b?in?
honorarbly daalt with. Dr. ?. in ? ntBbtt #1 UW UliTW

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