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w Wt! itnattif for hit tmx to iM Ni|ii<iit
ntesi la hS I Btate Did Ida eoUeacne (Mr. Davit)
hatteri that It iMwnt| for aa abolitioniat ud a whig
wbo mutate ? tbo ConpjonitM, to act together ' If to,
his eoUeagwa aaust hare undergone a conversion M
?tataM aa that of 8aul of Tarsus and qatto reoently,
to*. Thin was a new thing, compared with tbo ooalttloa
which ha* tilfitd ta Massachusetts for twenty or thirty
j car* pact Tba *hip c*rried the State witb anti
aiavery votee, In 1835 Hi? colleague (Mr Davis) was a
atabfr of an anti slavery society. In Franklin county,
Maaanbnrrf-t i tkr dmiri and obj?ct* of tbe first wotltn
of tba constitution of wfiHh wu the entire removal of
slavery Irem the I'nited fU'f? I Laughter ] Now he
(Mr Davla) being a ycun? m?n. should hare retrained
his aaMtloa within reasonable limit* [Laughter ]
Tbe third article in that Constitution waa. 10 labor far
the abolition of slavery In the Distriot of Columbia, and
tba territories ?f tie Union, by all constitutional
neaof ; at. I a resolution declared th?t slavery is a sin,
aad oujiht to be treated as such. Atolher resolution
declared ? and this waa ot Intel a.^tt^ Southern gentlemen
? that immediate emanci; ation cou'd tnfce piace wiihont
danger I o out white population In 18SS the friends of
emancipation held a meeting in Worcester ; and it
might have been there that another of his colleagues
learned his abolition notions
Mr Allin, (free soil ) of ,\i??s . r< se acd aald. tie pro
cec^ing* or that meeting go b.*yonJ any of the views 1
entertain in relation to slavery
Laughter all ovtrthehaU and voice.-- ' You're uitra
Mr H ANrevL - There mv colleague did not learn his
whole le?p< n aid has pot leaned it to this day My
colleague (Mr Davis) goes to sut h lengths that aaOther
Allen can't follow hiiu
Loud laughter. " Hit him again ' He's p mining
into bin "
Mr. Bameri. contlnu-d to refer to documenta, to
.-.lirw the intimate mnoe.-uon < f Duvis with abolitionism
down to the year 1810 when he (Ojvie) wa? etiBiruitn
of a r'linir.itti e who reported u bill whtob became a
law repelling the law prt venting int? marriages be
tween whites ?n i mulattoes
Mr Allki, Of Ma?.s . wlched to surest something,
which was lost in the crief of ?' 1'mr play!" ?? dit
down !" u Order !'' '? Down in front !"
Aaiiri the ci-nfu ion. Mr Dav i-- (wh.^>) ot Mass said, the
remark of my colli ngue jast made is perlectiy appropri
ate ?ti<1 in character My othei Colleague (Mr Kiutottl)
is anot her sort of rerron
Mr Kamoi i,.? What --orr ot person I am, I intend to
show. >io then contlnu '1 his fragmentary history, say*
hjgthat if liig colleegue tad reea<.t>d aad chai;gnd his
principles he (Mr Rsotoul) never bad heard tlis least
indication or rumor of it
Tbe Chairman's hammer h'-re f?ll, the hour of two, to
which debate was limit- d biiving arrived
Memlters shouted "Go on ! go on !'' amilg- at con
The Ch a i km an said the hour to stop debate bad ar
rived (Ones of "Go on."*)
The committee the Ch?i?>uv sail, had nj tower to
clif-rega: o the order of t/i- f!ou?e .
Mr. BaAToi'i..? t'an I jio on if there be uo objection?
Chaih ? Voi> eaoiiot
Crie? of 'Goon!" ? <lo on with others of "Order !"
and Kb '< kmg of Ohilmitn's hnm'ner
Mr Hoi'sto* (di m ) of Ma . ('human of the Com? t
tee of W?j? and Menu.-, ha I a right to speak au hour in
explanation (f it.
air. Kamoi-i, anxiously wanted Mr. Houston to give ]
him a little ot bis time
Mr Johnson (dem ) of Arkansas, appealed from tbe
derision of the clia'r m
Cries of "Ob no !" ?? D^n't do that !"
Th* I'liiinMii endeavored to restore order.
Most of tbe member* wanted Mr Kantoul to go on
Mr. OnK. (dem .) of 8 0 , wanted to know of the
Chairman if tne time lor closing tbe debate oould not be
Mr .Uhk.ro*. of Arkansas asksd whether Governor
McDowell was not onoe allowed to go on after his hour
had expired
Ch4Hvm*f> ? I don't know.
Mr JoHNfoft- It is kuowr. to mnri v gentleui?n.
Voiefc- Ob, John?on, with iraw your appeal.
Mr. Uovsto> ? That *?? in the House, ohn?on
Chairman ? I know it has been re!erred in the Honse.
Mr JmsNR ? Any lii *. 1 appeal Have I a right to
say any thing on it ?
Chmkman ? You can't do it. He tben stated the ques
tion on appeal
Mr. Btam.t. (whig.) of N. C ? The gentleman from
Mamacbu^etts cunnot go on. U-cause there are fifty ob
jectors to it, and be mutt have the unanimous consent
of tbe Ilou e.
There was some furth?r diseuseion and confusion,
when Mr Jobn?on witbdn-w his appeal and. aft-<r a few
micutes. tbe uproar ceased at.d tte members returned
to tbeir *>'ats.
Mr Ilofs tor. Chairm in of tbe Commit tee of Ways
stnl Mtaue tU> n audrerst f the committer in support of
tbe paewijre of tb;' bill as it was rnpor'ed. and without
amendnient; and he replied to the remarks rf gentlemen
who hsd i reoe-ted him, and had favored leaving to the
Executive the evecution of this, is of all other lavs,
wbich bf if tmu.id to exf cute
The cf mir.'.t.tee then rc.-e, and the House adjourned,
without tak.cg any queAtu n
Very Interesting from Albany.
nrtt iiL roRntHPO.vuK.vrF. r th r, new \ obk iikralo.
Ai.astv, Jan 24,1862
The time of the Senate *a? occupied to-il>7 ia a dis
cuseion relative to an effort making in that body. to re
form abuse* which hare existed ia the Legislature, in
ordenw* large amounts o( printing Mr. B.ihci*-:<
<wbig), Wrongly ueged the adaption of jiint rule*, by
which neither hou-e could order extra printing without
conMiliing tie ethtr. lie cited several instances in
which the House had been ver / extravagant? among
tbrin the report of the Urgent; on the " National
History '' that cost fV4 000; that of the ?< C?de of Pro
cedure," (he '-Revised Statutes;" Ihe "Colonial His
tory,1' Ao A reeolut'.on paved through the last House,
in 1-e* than one minute, j'i?t previous to adjeurnment,
supplying member* with the d-^oumentarj history,
at an expense of about $40. (00 The printing bill, pre
vious to the present contract system, was about
f 46 000 annually. It ha* since increase! to nearly
$16gCKi0 There were a large number of documents
printed which were mere tre-h Mr. Cooley (dem ),
thongbtfkis meatuie would have the etlsct of bindiug
dowL the Senate to agree to euch a joint proposition.
Be pieferredtc let the As-embly do what they plsase.
and be held accountable Other Senators acknowledged
that grew abuses hau been prnatised. but were not pre
pcrwl to take immediate action Mr. 1'ierce (dim),
said he intended to introduce h bill making the !<:ais
rrinter elective by the people Consequently the State
would thi n establish its printing Offloe. bindery piper
mill. Ac Tfce effort to eeon mlze may succeed ia the
Senate, but tbe Assembly ? ill adhere to the nj item of
ordering as much printing a? tB'.y ohftose
f The Canal Hoard transmitted a reply to the inquiry,
that no regulation hal bem established relatve to Ihe
observance of8uud*ye by ir* asjen1 on the -.'an-Us.
The tnTes^tating committee are sitting the alleged
contract frauds l'hey summon sverv person bsfore
them from whom thej can leurn anything of tbe mat
ter The rcmniitt-ee invite n 11 pe.sons to giv? testi
mony ? ho haTe charged that traud h*^ been committed
There in much legai tal-nt nrrsy -I in the United States
Court? Dia'rict Attorney Lawrence aud J. A. Spenc-r on
the part of government; *iid Meisr< Morgno. ilillis,
Nye. StdkWicS, For be#, nirltbe celebrate'' Qerrit Smith,
for the prisoners. aovu'ed t f teso'iing Black Jerry. T">i*
day consumed in ri adiu? fRJaviix in suiip rt >.f Hie
motion to tjoa?b the i> dto'ni,-' t?. rud In t'l'dwimm
Of pf ints tnrc lv?d in thi-;n The dsfence ell-je 1 1". ?? t t^.e
_;rind jury who found tha Indictments **? n t fairly
constituted W itnesses state ihat ail of th- jurors *er?
pro alavery wen but two and tht?e r?o were free s > l?M
who Wirt drawn but not summoned flat at the draw
ing of the jury, only two per-, is were i resent, neither of
whom was b judge Justice or e< uiui iv-ionsr; that n>
witnesses were swem before tti- .'ran j jury ia the c?<> of
Reld. who is no* arraigned W L Oraudall, CM of tbt
perrons indicted, but *ho wn? not on trial, is engaged iu
taking notes, as the tri?;l pr' pre'res.
The disclosures in the Ui halp m^ney artiel". of the
transactions in the Bans Di-par -.??ut.ar* exc :lm< i*reat
intetf. t Tbey ii.?y be the uieai ? (.; i&ati^'itiiu tbe Le
gieia ure to instiiuie an in< n a ion *t i h ?? I >1 p r
t?.p\ie>ult In the rep' al ot ttii act cr.a.m| h - Da
Ihe Assembly ret l.'itig in s*?ion t > 'Jay rr< .r.y of the
Tnnbb?rs embraced the opp Ttanity i-f etj >iug the
Juxuiy which the bne sieigUlsg al' ''1*.
Ai.Bi.tr, Jan. 24. 16 52.
THI l??:W \0?K H.B' TICNS.
A me mortal of the Major. i?? ,of the city of New York
to reetiiot tbe number ol balloting places and ballot
boxe* in said city, was pres< i. tel.
The Canal Board, in reply to Mr. Beektnau's resola
luticn. as to the observance of the Sabbath on the canal,
reported that no regulations bad CTer been made by
then for the obmrance of the Salba'h.
The report of tte Select Committee, In n gard to tbe
public printing, was taken up, and debated until near
the hour of adjournment.
Mr Bincot a, (whig.) moved to amend tbe Assembly
resolutions, by providing that all orders t" pr'nt de-su
mente not comc. unii ated to croriginat eg in one of tbe
branch** of the Legialalure, and all orlers for printing
more than two thousand extra c< yle* of any do, ument,
atid all orders for the printing or purchasing of books,
for the use *f members, or for die * rioutiou. except as
aforesaid, stall be by joint r"solut, n upon waicti the
?ve* and nays shall be calud and wbljh must receive
the votes ot a magority ot eath Hou?? aod no prlntiag
shall be done by orc?r of mthei ilou?e whleb is not
embraced In the contract for d' ir'gt .ie nubllT piln'ing.
No question was tak. n and tlie regjloii n and aiaeud
ment were laid on tbe table.
TH* VWITBb STATES nrio^lT IT*?I)?.
M r |( t'wsoi., (whig ) intridu'-f ia bill, amending the
Stl appropriating the United Htatsa U-pi'?it l u id
biO'i.mkst to raoviDE bob ihb iauti <?* it a iLBoan
rtnitsiK ns
Mr Mt'Si^Or mered tbut the Railroad ^'miilttee re
port to the borate a* to the expediency if i ii V leg It a
penal offence for railroad corporations to retain in their
employ persona addit.ted to the u*e of intoxioatlng
ttquor*. Adjourned
The Roibury lnrentllitrfea.
Soitros. Jan 24 1S52
The examination ff Wllliani Boynwm Q A K^^k*r)
and Keulen L (isrland. the Roxburv Inoendiaries is
oonelod?4 and they have been fu'lv ooncil'ttd They
feiaain in prison In delMlt of f lfi.boO baiL
KmihU It Flttakug,
PiTTsauan, Jmuitj M, 1861
The Koaauth lecsptlon ceremonlai took pUoe this
moralnf, at the 8t Charles Hotel, on the balcony.
At ten o'olock. tbe hour Appointed, people began to
ararmble 1b tbe street*. which were eoon packed, from the
Hotel to Diamond Alley, with the moat denae nau erer
brought together la this city. It would be Impossible
to ccmpute the numbtr.
Ab<ut eleven o'clock, after Koasutk had reoeived and
replied to the deputations tr om several places, he was
presented to the people by Hon. W. W Irwin.
Oolcnal B. W. black then welcomed the distinguished
Hungarian in one of the most chaste and effotire
speeches ever delivered by liim
Tbe Coloael was replied to by Koaauth, in a manner
fully sustaining bis high reputation a* an orator and
patriot. Hie speech waa listened to with great atten
tion. but frequently Inteirupted by enthumaatlc cheera
from the excited multitude, who were loath to disperse.
At the conclusion of th? ceremonies. Oolooel Bla*k
acain came forward, and stated that tbe people were the
Jurors. and at-ked for a verdict against the Russian Bear
hdiI Ms Austrian Cob which was loudly given
Kesi-uth theL replied that cnuri* of law were usually
invested with power to sustain their verdicts and he
hoped the verdict of this jury would also be i.ustained
After some music by the bands, the crowd slowly dis
p< rsed
Until three o'clock Governcr K"ssu'h will b*? busily
engaged iu reot-iviEg delegations trom Betver, Butler,
Mtrcer. and Lawrence counties
\ hpsrial committee, appointed by the i.e; Mature of
Khode Island ure also present.
The clergy will wait upon hitn in a V-ly, and ha will
th?i. boll a con-nltatinii with tbe raeaii.a.e of the i>re>a,
wht u he will retire.
Tilnl of Henry 'Wood In for the Murder of
lila Wife.
Cakandiiqua. Jan. 24. 18>2
The evidence consist* d yesterday of contradicting and
sustaining witnesses. An attempt was made to impede')
Wocdln'sitn and wife. The testimony brought out by
the defence has not altered materially the appsaraaoa
of the case The defence rested their ca^e last evening.
Tbe cou?s?l commenced Miramiog up this morning. i:C
nin- o'clock
Fatal Si< ninboii t If x|?Iwalon? V.iiitltqii.ihe.
Jaa. '21, 185'J
A despatch from Mrmphis reports that the stsam.-r
Pitrer Mil'er. exploded her b >ilsr nt the mouth of White
riv?r yes'erdsy. and that several per*>r? were killed.
No particulars have yet been re?elved.
At llrllj Pprin. , Ms?.. on the 23d instant, a sever*
flock of en e n b quake was felt whiohshookthemo.it
substantial build it gs for mileg around. Several chira
rejs were ktK'ck-d over, but no other damage w*i done,
so far a? ktown
The Syraeuse Heaeur C'nae.
Amunk, Jan. 21. 1852
Leroy Morgan one of the c-unnel for th? dafenoe. oc
cv pied tb- morning in reading affidavits and piper* in
-i. -porto' the mo'ion to qnath tha indictmnnts. Mr.
M wi s follow* d bj bis colleague, C. B 8*dgwiok. Esq ,
who Lad uot concluded when the court adjourned.
The Black Swan.
Thov. Jan. 21. 1852
The Black 8wsn dang here, last nlsht. to a Urge and
fashionable audience. with great suooess. being frequent
ly encored The hall in which" she earn; was the largest
io the city, and w us filled with the r'.itr and fashion of
Troy, who were very happily d (appointed and delighted
with Ler entertainment
Our IVnatUMgton Correspondence.
Washington, Jan. 13, 1852.
The Report of the L'tah Judges? Tht Boundary Sttr
vey- fining Sailors- Wins Line of Steamers
is the Lor,1'J D?y. "that point of time
snatched from the rapacity of man" on which Je- I
hovub rcBted himself from a world of labor; and
"the same rest remaineth for the people of God "
We are in the midst of a terrible Sabbath snow
etorm, which prevents us from mingling with the
Israel of God, and wrestling with them for the
heritage and blessing of Jacob. Still, w? have the
pormons of Sterne to comfort us, and wo can medi
tate on heavenly and divine subjeots, while all the
wicked, and the workers of iniquity, are at rest,
sleeping and slumbering over the yawning gulf? the
fearful and inevitable abyss of wo. Another week
of weakly efforts, and of mosS forcible feeble at
tempts, has pawed over the administration and
Congress, without producing any great good to our
common country. The adininis'ration is left, by
K. S'utb. :o breathe freely again; and the first evi
0 ff its vitality is a corrected, revised, and im
proved report from the Utah Judges, addressed to
the President, and by him commuaioated to Con
gresa I his amended and improved report, so
l| 5. ? ??m on fil? ,c tl?o State
in fhl v'? ' \ a"i ,,th,e copies published
n* ?h? / lrJtlUW "id Hkrald, as well
" r\h? ??PJ furnished by the Ma to Depart
ment to the deli pate from l 'tah, as Dr. Bernheisrl
tffhnVV*10 Hou'c? wh"n be endeavored in vain
w18 C?P? ? L e report rec9'Ted and printod
hvthe House, ba3 bten overhauled and repaired j
'V!6 lLred or ^ur d'fTorent stories in
r ation to anything, we can sciroely believe any
thing which he say,; so these reports, so numerous
and extraordinary, arc to be received with great cau
w? Jt^)800^ grains Of,allow*ooe, especially when
we consider the source from whence they emanate
'he circumstances under which they are brought
tl e .c7r't/y' ,ceujir,B with enormities, ind
luadrup ed by learned judges and legal fiotiocs
P,r?c^ ? J>cno'",on' t oun"l adv.ee of the
Wrv' comrDunicates a different report to
in t hi M V 'CI f. om those published
u ^ orkP'pers,and from tho
n V y r ^f*'e Impertinent to the dele
gate from [ Utah ' It has a ba t aspect " It lacks
like a collusion, if not a conspiiaay. between the
returning .ffictr^rom Uu>h and the adininistra
j wfcn ?? ge (Up Vumpu' wi,h the'? Mormon people,
Uk ?, ur *2 aa ,t0 remove the just odturn
which attaches to thete Judys' appointments, and
r .heir concerted retreat from the territory by
a removal o/ the Governor. ar.dthe certaio con/ltot
6 &',verllini3Dt and that
people end territory
I be administration havo removed or recalled
ACp . th?Pfin?'P?l ?r chief ear vey.r
t the I.,, undnry purvey Captaiu Gray 1>h, boon
t e only abio and efficient officer oa that liuo of
survey. we:l.*r and Bartlert both quarrelling and
incomietf lit. tho whole of the lino rested on (];,, t
<'?ay. He in row made to give w*v. no, ler the
pretext of redue.g the cvj-eosei of the survey,
t'U. rt oliy ?r->l truiy io prin:do a : alary of ?:$ (Mi) a
year for hi^-ry. and to furoi h him materials, in
the Ecid notes of t aptain Gray. for another in
teresting bo? l\ to bo jublisbe.l wi ll official flit,
into. 1 ejrpunte 'l'L.i mil bo inquired
^a,l0'3'yP^ch >n ar>wer to Commodore I
ml\T u. T' l!UleJt,Jrl'"1 ? a"d a mas.- !
u.e it It suits th?; ( oHiinod re helit ves one >7uy 1
_ arj'^her. like 3 groat many '>thnr
?rood < hrii f :mg. I!.- abhors t o rr "? i ? ? If li > ?
yng our sailors in :be navy, wi.i- ? the .? - buok ?,i
his / a^t voyaee (IiboIosvs the s Hped and acarit'ed
dissertation ur.dtr the old Moj*ic law, whir^h
proves hiui the vt-riist dcicai:rg.tc extant, and tbo
mo<t crai I dtspot, on the seas
Collins line of steaniers is recorded with more fv
vor than any othrr. :i8 en?itl-d to nationa. en
couragtiaent: hut the other JiufB oi oei 1. 1 stean eri
'l.r,tl'n h r ?0(I tbe car.di.lito ol tb.
st. -ni^s, for I resident, '? t ic yoang gi-vit of lie
v\ est, will bo bl iwn up He hat rua ai! summer
uDoer the nigh pressure of intnt juleps and 'jhat^
P?f"io, iLflatod and excited with a sura: i -, and
,e|?enCn?Vk<n,.t0 hu e*tir'Kuish. d forever, aid kit
Ju h? L tb,r*ty? liko a wild and desert wusto, in this
wilderness cf a world _ Jo.naii
WA>HiNoroN, Ja,n. 22, 1S52
Tie Gardiner Claim ?/ A stemming Di,.
enures-. IiercH oJ i'ronf Obtained that it a
Fraud /rem Beginning to Km!,
We tte informed, from reliable uulhoritr, that
? r. Letcher, ths /mcrican Miniitcr fn Mexico,
has transmitted to the htatc Dep?r,meti| the most
astoucdirg and conclusive evidence that the celo
Gardiner claim of half a miliicn of dollars
allowed by the Mexican Beard of Gomjils noncrs'
and paid cot by the Treasury Department, U an*
unmitigated fraud, out and out. it is said th?t
I twenty wiir; i-ses hnvo given their affidavit* to fbii 1
(ffiot.in M i s ico, and that, so 'a- from Gardiner
t n a niire in tbe dutriot of San
V"11 , I??,1' }n . 1 ?'?W-'-IG, he was a travelling
diLtsst at tuat timo, and that his credit not
roc a in Meal 03 for so much as five hundred dot
t?rf' . isLT1aid,rth8,re 18 no "a,5b miDe in San Luis
I otosl as Kio \ erd?, and that no miae in that dis
i ' t pays expenses; and thai, so far from Gardiner
I ?Ving unlimited credit with I'ervis Gakii, of that
iili/lu ' cor deftaBC(1? jt ?ppear?, from his agent,
-a, the only rolationn t>f kusinodt be twoen Gardi
<rW?>? were a mere matter of medical at
.n lT'k1 a prescription of tho Doctor is giv
"" ??"?>"'.?? ??"(?
'dn ,hi' ?'?k ?t roxt, h
Tkt WuUw m?? IU EHnU.
For theee leet two Caya ? decided eheege hM token
place 1b the Wnpemtun of lh? atmrsphere. The air
hM bteou mild and soft, la comparison to the itiU
of Ike weather tome day* back. Yesterday afternoon
the enow began to melt on the roofs of the hooaee, and
on thoee parte of the ground whieh were teuohed by the
cays of the aw. In tbe afternoon, however, we had a
complete thaw? the barometer, ai seen by the annexed
table, standing at the freeiieg point, which oontlnned
even up to Are o'clock, notwltht sending the heavens
were perfectly serene. There la. therefore, every In
dication tbat the cold weather which has prevailed
during the laat week, will not be of long duration The
poweis above are apparently contemplating Home de
cided change, dlreotly effecting the state tf the atmo
sphere in our sublunary sphere We expect a thaw that
mil put an end to sleighing lor some time, at least.
The following is the range of the thermometer, as
taken from Driatour'* meteorological observations ?
A. M. P. U.
T. 12 S. 6.
.Tin. 23. ......12 26 28 26
Jsn 24 14 28 112 32
For the last two days the sleighing fcas been oarrled on
without inteTiuiasiro and with unabated ardor. Fver
since the fall of the snow, our olty has be?u oue ooa
tic'j'd scene of gaiety and animation. Ait <lay lorg,
sleigh after sleigh ai.d tean> after team wee giidir;
along in rapid euc vjsaicm. while ><ur streets resounded
cDntiBua.i;' witii the tinkling munlu tf the merry sleigh
bt'Hs There Is a constant desire manifested en the part
ef the public to etijoy a few hours of the greatest
ainireiuent of the season. Kn<ry one ? high and low,
reu and pooi ? seems b^uc upun sleigh riding, evidently
delei mined to mt'ko the h-nt of the luxury as long as it
lasts; end *i iuu>t iuj tbat. till now, the condition of
our sUeeta tor this purpnae ban never been surpasHtuI;
aid ttie couatqmnCH is, that our city bus never pro
s.nttd a livtlur a* p '*iance tn.iii 'Juuns the la, t
Of ri uin". ?<!l th ? tioie, s'eigha ot everj d acrlptiou,
fnni tbe ruigb iM.rket onrts t'>tbe aplcnd d fashionable
Vehicles yte.e u#..Mftu,iy cailed It to rwqui ition. The
luoet of the public patronage was evidjotlj b>?towel ou
\teln>i?.eiiBe ou tiibut sleigh" which have hvi frequently
a imd ot *)>ty. seventy arid rotor', i an- s elgity pursons.
Among tbe curicf it e.i in il.e a *.y ol Meighriding, <?? ot>
seivtd, tbe other day. in the Uottoiy a Hlelnti d a en oy
six beautiful isbetlhnd p >uiee lOiarj person lha*,
penxi tt fee tbein seemed to he vert much pleased witU
their appearance Yest?jd*y too: .ung. ? sleigtt party ?
got t'p by tbo friends ft Oeoer&i Ois" ? p??svd the
ilk-Rain ?ilt.-e Tbe sl< igh w%? oruaaenteU wi b 'h
Aiuhk.ii end Muigariau fla<n, ai d drawn by tenhor.^ee,
decorated ?hm beautiful trinkets It wan tilled witti
quit* it number ot' politicians, accompanied bv a bant
cfmutic Tliej mnd'* quit- a dlsp ay a* th"y piss-, I
along. Another s)ei|ib wiih ten bcrn-H also parsed this
tfllce yesteiday Burning. It likewise h?d a band <*f
music and .he lar^e inccuption, The Pe spin's Italian
Opera at Nlblo's, t>0 cents. ' anil attracted goueral notice.
Now that there is on appearance of an approaching
thaw, we expect to see iLe streets crowded even more
thau of late.
ItofTOK, Jan. 24, 1802.
Accounts (rrra New B'lfnrd state that, in consequence
of th? obstructions by ice, the harbor is inacoesslbla to
vessels. The b arbor of Edgartown Is also olo#?d entirely
as far as Cape Page Light? the first time, it is said, for
musy years. Holmes' Hole harbor is frozen orer to the
chop. Nantucket has not yet be*>n heard from
Account* from Provincetown stnte that two ships were
seen beck ot the Capes, trying to beat up.
The baik Cuba, from Surinam, tor Hogtoi. ashore at
Wood End. WS8 got oft with much difficulty, and taken
into Provincetown. She had four feet ot waU?r in her
hold. All the crew, except the second cfficer, had left
her. aid all who bad assisted in getting her off were
more or Use frcst bitten.
The schooner Louisa Rears, before reported as in the
ice. in Oape Cod buy. was seen to-day off Brewster,
still fast in the ice, which extended four miles from the
Tbe schooner J A. Payne, lVon. Virginia, to Boston,
with oysters, was ashore on Banc) I'oint. near Chatham.
The scboocer with lime. 1< st at tbe entrance of
Chatham harbor, was the Noith Star, of and from Lin
colnville, for Pall Hirer Qor lime becoming wet, she
took fire, and was destroyed.
The pilot boat Coquette was got off the Graves last
night. and towed up to the oity, somewhat strained and
chit led.
Tlie United States light boat Brandywine, has been
towed up framCobarset Rooks, with loss of rudder, 1
blokes by the ice.
Norfolk, Vo., Jan. 24, 1862. I
The following vewels have put in here: ?
Krig Mury Eleanor, from Bolt Imore for Gibraltar. She
ht<s lost her anchor and chains, and her orew axe frost- j
e<!, be.
Brig G. W. Iluffell. for Richmond. The crew is sick; ,
tie veseti is short of provisions, and slightly damaged
liy ice.
The schooner Statesman, from New York to George
tows hts lnet her sails.
The schooner Asia. Oapt. Kldridge from Now Tor* for
Baltimore, is also here
Owing to the heavy ice in our rivers, communioation
between Baltimore and Norfolk is scsp-nded.
Phiuaoklphia, Jan 24. 1852
Collections, for 1 he relief of the poor, are to be made
to-morrow, m ail the churches; ar.d the committee hav
ing the subj<ct in charge have recommend >d that the
authorities give employment to five Lucdred or a thou
sand men in opening the gutters, and removing the ob
struction* in our public streets.
Detroit, (Mich.) Jan 24, 1852.
Upwards of ten tons of mail matter, which had bean
detained by the snow, left ltellevue, Ohio, last evening
for the TVtst.
Meteorological Observation*.
by MoBst'a nuenira, office 16 wall struct.
Sattbdat, Jan. 24. 1862
E: imn 9 A M ?Barometer 29.00 Thermometer 30. !
*.Vi. a south. It is quits clear, and very ple**mt.
Rochfstfr, OA. M.? It is clear and oold. Wind south
west. Thermometer 18.
Arnnit, y A. M.-It is clear and pleasant; not a oloud
isTisibk. It is much warmer tbaa it bas been. Wind
f< ut h . Tbemmmt ter 18.
Sisacvs. 9 A M ? It is clear and vety pleasant.
Light wind from the south. Tkttrmometer 18.
Utica, 9 A M. ? It is a Tine molting and clear shy.
Witd west. Thermometer 18.
jti.HANt.9A M ? It is a pieassnt morning, and win 1
scutn thermometer 11. Barometer 30.210. Mercury 6!?.
Ti ov, 9 A. M ? Thermometer 7 degrees aboro zsro. It
lis cold ?nd clear. Wind 6. W.
Ilrrr alo. 8 P. M ?Barometer 29 62 Thermometer 32
1 he wind is southwest and it is a clear and beautiful
RotmsTFa, 8 P M.? It h?s b?en a warm, thawing
<ljy. Wrr.dW.8. W. Thermometer 28
Ai pi ni fi P M ? We bare a clear arid pi '\?a*t eyen
lrg. It has been a beautiful mild duy, vitb the wind
i I fii irai.r ? ter 24.
Pii:ams? 8 F. M? It has been a pkM&nt day It
t V?i? v . d a little. The wind is now south. Tbirwome- j
ret S9.
1'iu a 8 P M ? Th? wentbT ha? b'-en r'l*'H"snt d'irin<
the m?v. It thawed considerably. It is u c-le.tr eveutng,
with the wind S W Tiieraonif ter 28.
At.rur?r. 8 P. M ? Tl.e weather has been quite mi'd
srd pleasant today The fky is now clear, aal the j
viud f-ou'h. Barometer 30.110. iiurcury 7 ?J Tiler- ;
rocweter 27.
Thoy,8F M ? The weather moderated corsiierably
to day The thermometer row indici-.ea V4 degrees,
the Mtid ir light from the b^uth, and it Is a char and
plimett evening
Nobfoib. Va ? The w.atber is tur derating, but the
James ltlvir is still <-l <d.
Pittsbiwi..? The weather pleasant? day ?l >sr.
tin TRADE RICl'OIir.
Hati shaT; Ja*ma?y 84? 6 P M.
BeFinfTfrps.? FloBr tet <>d up**rds. the trinsac- I
tit ijs ? tubrat iiy 4?0j kbit - Bfut", Boatbam aud j
I W?stern at if - met p ice* ; f( - ey Ohio a.id Cm*see I
| st MX a $?*? 12,'i} extra Ohio a*. *f> Ia,1* a $5 J71 , j
I t.Dd extra Genesee at 16 ! 8 1 ; ? f 5.1(3", i>-r bbl .to I
I ' 1 ? One rye fl< nr i< ul 1 a market, at fa Hi'., a *3 6J'i;
' atd 1(0 JcT*ey n.' ?l at the prt?i' uj t*!ui
I Wl.tat, barley ar.d og,fs w re iuiuiuiate Kys va'ied !
I lit " lo, 1 ? <*' l.Uhl'els RiTer hrinmiii,; 7fco Corn appeared
M/hir, 4,3C0 bushels mixed \l steru realiiitig f,8a. a Wo. ?
Ociton ? Jte market in this artbis appears to haye
cc u e completely to u stand. M'o oruid benr of no j
tr ns ictions worth rejortiui:. Buyers ctfi-r 8?i f >r Wi idling
j Mo biles, slid they are on Kale at ? stcali alvunce on
I that. figure Dim dorm in the market in ciu'ed by fear
i of a peoio awocg the p'snters, wbf u tUty ascertain tha
i darger<>ii,i ponilion of the article
l'Konnf.n ctntinusd nnalter> d, 200 barrels pork, KO
j do. lerd. and 2* 0 <lo. btef, haring found buyers at old
t rices; 200 paekages eiigftt cured pork hanis realized
9o j^rlb.; andlCObbix be< f hums fl3 76a $<14 per2201bs
i l>kad bops were in aotlvc dsmand, at t% a 6,',;8 prr lb.
I Jfersrs Robblns & Patterron. of :)b?rle on sfeet, pur
ehafed 30 pips within ttiK i?rg?. to-d.ty, which were
raised rviicl fattened by Mr. ls>tao Ilanis, of N*w .lerssy,
end whole aggregate weight was orer 16 CcO las.
Tcl<:gr?i>l>lc lie port a.
N?.? Ori.i:a*?, .Ian 22, 1862.
The eotf -n market became quite aniuiati-d to day,
r.iter tlie receipt of the Arctic's newn and the sales
rearhed 11,600 bales, at an siivsncs Of one- eighth. 8trict
Buddlliig.TKo Hice is in fair demand, at t ; 60. Whis
key, 17>4c. a 18c,
Ohabi.fsto!?, Jan 24. 18S2
The cotton market is quint aud unchanged. 800 l/.Jts
sold to day at e,1., a 8U1
.Tacuary 8 b? R'-t j Balch. Mr. J Fopittf, ofliun
V.iik. N. Y , to Bliss JAi?r. A. Bai.w, of ltamsey, Isle of
Man. Kngland
Suddenly, on Thnrsday eTerlng, .lanuarj 22, MsTrr-nA
Mapoabkt, t nly da. ;hter of II< nry and Mary Schulker,
?grd 2 years ft months end 18 days
The relatives sad friends of the family , alno the m<>m
bers of Colnmbis l.odre No. 1, I O of 0 r ; also the
members of (hmpar y it .leff-rmn rtuard I'lfth Hngimsnt
New Tot* State Militia. ai* rwpMtfully lavitad to
at Usd her fo BMti, UUsday, a 1 o'clock, from Ma. 1,IM
Bmlnj, b?tw?Mi Thirty-aocand ui Thirty- third
streets Bar remain* will Mtitai to Qraaawaad, for In
On Jtsuujr M. of aaamimptioa, Haabibttc, wife of
Charles Arms, aged 86 yean.
The relatives ud friends of the family, and those of
Nathan W Beaton Esq., are reapeotfolly invited to
attend her funeral, to morrow, at 8 o'clock, from No. 4S
Seventh street
Anna Maubktha Tar Dohler. infant daughter of Kon
rad and Kmt* Van Pohlen, aged 1 year and 16 days.
The frie d? and aoqualntanoes are respeotfullv invited
to attend her f literal, this day, at2o clock, from the
residence of her parents, corner Thirty fifth street and
Eighth avenue.
On Friday, January 23, after a lingering illness, Han
nah M J. Diane, aged 26 years and 17 days, a native of
Cork, Ireland.
Her rcmiiB* will be taken to Calvary] Cemetery, this
day, at 16 o'clock, from her late residence. No 170 Twen
ty eighth street. Her friends and relatives are respect
fully invited to at teed
On Tuesday morning, January 20, after a lingering ill
ness, Mrs. Ruth Bouticon, widow of Captain Thomas
Bout icon, of New Haven. Connecticut, aged 62 years 4
months and 7 daya.
Her relatlvsa and acquaintances, and those of the
family, are respectfully Invited to attend her lunoral, to
mo. row, At. 13 o'clock, from the residence of hrr son-in
law. (Japtain Menemon Bangford, No 305 Ktat Broadway.
Frr remains will be taken to Greenwood. for interment.
N?? Haven and Lanaingburg pnpers please copy.
4LMAW4C? uimiiuv 25
v T )9 1 mom i>Tt, ...ere 9 V
irv iiivi . # Hfl ' HI?W *1T)? . . . .Bid 11 ii
PteamnMt Georgia, Por'.?r, Chiigrea, M O Robert*.
Kicarukiiip A ^ A b a* a, Ludlow. Savannah, H L Mi .ohill.
McBiLdhip ka:iou, Borry, Charleston, Spuffoid, Tilrston
& Co.
Buck Roophandla Beekrr&nn, Antwerp, 11 J Brookehnan.
Ba:k M.try 11 Kendall. Ttl wan, C! ?. oa, K M Truudy.
Hark Girard, Ghaae, ttaMa Q a Call.
jli.g >ahao, f sw jtr, hm Juan, Cub*, A O Ronton.
Bug iVoluN, lioore, Matnorst, N&?mitb te. Son.
Bi(k Hi.ntt'Ds Thurber. franklin, H 1) llruokaisn.
s< br Mmni - ati r l'lviadeirMa, J i- ??. ,1
Schr ? A Aiplctoo, Khinney Boston K & W Herrick.
bteaincr Outauo, t'fcaoe, Boaton, Mailler 61 Lord.
Phir K C Seranton Rpsnoer Liverpool, Dee 9. with md:ia
ml M'u pastenfcorr, to Lvcrott Si itrowu. lias had a pilot ca
bonnl b oays
8h;p hea serpent, HowllLd Whempoa, Oot 14, Hong Kon<
lf.th, with test* end Mike, to Grinncll. tfintur* & Uo N??
S. off the Brother I (J>it8e?) evoke ship Join B.rin* of
Acw Bcdlord Iron: Mr nut; Mot 4 lu 6 3$. Ion 104 B, opolto
?In; fir fcdw.rd Fury, Item Whntnrn* for London; l?h,
l?i 14 B Ion hS 6. tpot.' ahi|> Uiniporc, from Loudon f.ir C U
outtK. Deo ft, lit :;i a. Ion IS G spoke ship Louisiana, Bars
towr. itpui Caloutia for New Voriti 7'h, lit 27 a, lou It K,
tjohp shir Lscenstriau, fr m Whampoa for London: t l?t,
1 it C !( n :'K W, eptke WlMkHM bark. With blue cmml, 0 w
in cot tie. ttM:iinS. Nov 4, Wm Grover, ol New Torn, used
17 jcirs, died
M>ip Alkam.'ar (of Boston). Barry. Rotterdam. GJ days,
with tiiae and I44i paasezgera, to W f Sohwiat. Has had a
lileton board T days.
Ship Braudjvine (of Brnnswiek), Mtrryman, New Or
j< ai.e. J*n 3. with mdre to Perkine Si Delano.
Hup Miguniioook. fairbanke. New Orleans, 23 days, with
mdse, to kav & Perkins Was towed up in the afternoon by
tnaratug Wave; the W towing ahead. end In attempting to
gr a ont tide a field of loe,caui(ht tho H aad drove her down to
KbMni Keel, where it li eeppoaed ohe is ashore.
Ship tirtoisn (no*, ot Portland), McLcllao, Portland, 10
days, in ballsat, to maater.
thlp Albion ( Nor). Koop, NewoMtle, B2 days, with ooal,
to J W fciohmidt & Co
Bark Union, Clarke. Varsolllei and Palermo, Not 14th,
with fruit, ft o, to Dtarer Hi Devlin.
Bark Jkattha Clark (of Quilford), Miller, San Jaan ( Nio),
2jj dayi, with logwood, & o, to J Darand: lias at Jersey City.
BarkKdward, Patterson, Apalaohioola, Jan 3. with eot
ton, to T Vt'ardle.
Bark Exact, Stevens, Savannah, 6 days, with ootton, to
Sturne*, Clearmati St Co. Jan 2't, saw a large ahip aihore i
ot Urea* Ik Harbor; 2kth. saw a bark ashore on Romer
Shcalr, (the Kanawha); off the Cape* of Delaware, passed
lane quantities of ioe
Bris Hndeon (Br). MoUonegle, Inapt*, 20 day*, w.th salt,
<? matter.
Brig Hun trots (of Hilton). Willar. Rum Key, 21daye, with
? alt, to N Hooper. The N baa been 14 dayi N of Hatteras.
Brig Lucy Bpear, Hanson. New Orleans, 25 days, with
mdae. to matter No date, lat 40, Ion 71, apekebark Gloaaon.
Br i,< Whittakcr(ottGoldaboro), Handy, 8 daya, with ootton,
to muter.
bohr Bloom in? Tonth (of Baltimore), Collina, Matagorda.
16 daya. with ootton. to order Jan 19. aaw bark "Lawrenoe,"
from Boston for Baltimore, ao reported.
Behr BUrling (of Ringer). Corson, Wilmington, NC, with
naval stores
Gf-hr Br* Ye. Martiog, Virginia.
StUr John le.von, aprague. Virginia.
Salle (t*
Btesmahlr* Atlai tio. West. Liverrool; Pi one r. ? ' < Idgo,
Cbagres; Georgia. Porter do; ships Northumberiaad, Lord,
London; Underwriter. Shinley, 1,'verpool. Wind at sunrise,
WttW; at meridian, do; i on jet, W.
The steamship Pioneer, henoe fcr Ch agree, went ashore yos
terd.-.y on the ? cut Bank.
The ship It C Bcranton from Liverpool, in attempting to
get in the East Hirer, wbtle in tow ot steam tui Telegraph,
(rounded iff Tier 1; the tide being well down atthe time, it is
probable the will getcff at high water.
Btetm propeller Ontario did not leave on Friday for Bo*
ton. aa it had then been arranged, by reason of the ioe. It'is
now intended for her to tail to iiiotiotr by the way ot Sandy
Steamers Alabama, Marlon, and Roanoke were alio detail
ed. The two former will sail to- morrow (Sunday) morning,
and the letter on Monday.
The Bell Cat* pilot* report tie East River and Bound, aa
far aa they liavo tern able t lObsttva. completely *ov*rtd with
Ice, which i* so aolid a# to render it impossilil* for any vos
tela ovnn eteamcta, to pats la either direotion. From Old
Field P?Sut, opposite New B?wa, whern tbe Sound hat it*
great*!* width as water can beeeen. Hor*ee and eleigh* ar*
driven aoroti tbo river from City laland to Last Island. and
from White Stone, on the L"ng island aide, to the main lead.
A Br trig b und to Liverpool, NS. and an Am aehr bound to
Hock land Mo arc fastened in the ice near Throg'e Pi int. It
fe ti e opinion ot the pilots that the navigation in that di
reotion will remain closed till ipiing.
Tiligraphl* Harlu* Reports.
Bjkton, Jan 74
Arrived? Brig Commerce, Wilmington, NC, with loai of
rai'B. Itaty atd crev from bitten.
tic/ir Macson. Ocnaives
Cleared? Barks Ala BFraneiieo; Ella, and Maryland, Bal
timore; achri Susan, Oonairea; Amsnoan Belie, N fork.
uh4ki.bato>, Jan 31.
Arrived? Schr* Naiad, Baltimore: 8 & Parker. Norfolk.
Clearsd? Sehra 8 C Eif le. Philadelphia; Fawn, Baltimore,
bailed? Sohr Ceamaik, Philadelphia.
N tw ORMcsa*. Jan 22
Artivtd? Steamship Roger Williams, Philadelphia, via
rnvs Fhip Bhfim, as last aoooants, was completely *nr
reunited by ioe v hlch has a most favorable tffe*t its regards
discharging tbe residue if her cargo whioh is nearly ali out
Sliculd the breaklrg up of the ice take place when the spring
tid.a *et in, no donbt exists bat she will be ciffeotualiy
floated off.
A Ship with loss of bowsprit and badly loed up. was seen
at snntet on Tnesdey. about three milea trim shore, o ft the
beck ol (.'ape Cod. A eminence would bavo been sent to bor
tf e r.ost mcming, but she was not toen in sight. Two othor
slips rare even beating up off the back ot the Capo on
Bauk Cuba, which was fahere on Wool End, was got off '
with much tiflicuity, and takoa into Provincetown on Wed- I
ncsday, with fonr feet water In hor hold. One pump was re
quired constantly going to keep her free. Almost every por- I
eon engsged io getting hor oil was more or lost frost biUo-i. j
All the crew, cxcepi the aeocr.d officer, had lott bor.
Schp. Louisa Sfakm (of Plymouth), from Havana for Bos
ton. belore itpr.rtcd in the las off Cape C ? J bay, was seen oa
Fiidey, iff Drowsier, still in the ice, whioh eatended lour
miles ftom the shore. She was abont two milaetr ra the
shore, ar.d would re tieed by a 8W wind, to whioh paint tae
win-i seemed to bo veering Should ah* be crdMigored by a
ncsrer art roach to the chore, men, with boats, would p itoff
to her relief
B hh J A Paini-, from Virginia for Boston, with oysters,
was abi.nrc cn bandy Point nuar Chatham.
Pen b R W Packer, Loud, from Cape n?yt|en 29th ult,
for B'.eton. put itto Gloncester outer hrrbor on Fiiday Has
teen 48 day* A of Cape Uattctas; cro * all baily irost bitl u
ar.ri disabled and only one man on dutv. Mis Sj.lit ea'a, I tut
bulwarks. * atrr cast a, staroheoes. spara, and sprant fore
matt; had decks swept ot everything. Yetaol ooveroi with
ice, and must have s\tr.m to get to Boston.
Pchr Maissom, from Cpps llaytien for Boston, reported j
ati.cio on Ceorgu'a Hhoalo h?s been got cflt.
The Bchr with lime, lost at the ontranee nf Chatham har- I
ber. was tt.o North star. ct and tron Linoolnville, f?r F?ll
River. Bhe took li:e whin her l me beoauto wet. and wai d>- i
?Iroyed, llsi crew arrived in lioiton Friday oTomng.
COM.wtON? A letter from 0?r'? W iilOeu, ot 0 S rovenue
emur Vosri^. to *!? O.eolj, Collector at I' aton, d*: > I
(?lnuccater, tutor Han .or. Jsn V.. eats?"! have the him >r tt
riiort t>'- of tie eot -T it liiia aaonerar-. Itaviag
tf momir . tovii d In ti e i'.trk Pr i prct (ct a). C int
I)i'V,lr in 'isi'in. ?o fr Clone- iirr, ? it.h th? lens of sail',
a;>^ra. e> li It.iVing oaui>; toe orew badiy irost Bittct. On
1 ti in' I, < ?ps t. il ' i -i i'v ?. ii> rL iles iS'.Ma it, report* fell i t i
vith t ? '.r CaiUtt, rf a d r l.ubf .< r. i llrr??., mt ?? ?,
f i>' dtr'c' i lit t< oV < e. ' ?r t; ? .11 ur ai d ota* In a des>
tiiute eot <?:?.! u, hi ??'.< a?*e1 v.'-r nc bnt w' at t.'.ey 1 1 ? 1 1
in 1 . l ames ft il . pir?" it i?.?ea ir- 'i th' v,r t ??fe
1 avid Hart- y tr st r Hnn tt Lu c in .'n?e: Nelsi n i1t-i ???,
pm Ktt. ?r: Jsea* i.' ro >r Henry rr -i , ii.d John .1 >lltad,
teamen; Joseph I. sue tr k w at1 sf has b'^^n umiait
p>.ly < ' Tin . ?; d l. li w I'fer ImVr i fro/en out tro i Ten
peond I lti-.il t* ti c Fo?t, wMr1 -a- :.t ? bo -it knrwn (or V)
tei-B i fViliiiil a^aii ic c ? Uit-iy, la pursuit of otiicr
veutela cn the cowt in ulrtrt .s."
?V list tatn an ?
M P'. Vir<ent Nov iS (by letier iron Cspt T5^t?r), Nre,
KH ail will had tat' t! no oil slice leavlig r?y?l. /Jfioho,
a li # dsji provions. Btj7*be:li, Oex'er, Mttt. '0 bbls aperio. i
Insr'' Jiom r-ov III, Dr litnkltu. vi!1-rd, ali wcl'. clean. '
At io f tv Ifi (hy letter from (.ant Lewis), Ckarlaatoa
I ? ckct N U, to >il Mucr leaving tt ostein Isla-ids
A'- lionoltuu f-ov 14 (tjy !? iter from Capt Kolley), Morea, .
b K had shippcii Ifi &'4J Ilia bone by the Aatrcndaog, and Ca< j
thlpptngoll per Cttalpa. tor NUedfoid
At d'j Nov 17. (ty litter). Ooo Jc Mary, and India, NL. 900 '
bl.!s rach, hound to llorg li ng.
At Pt ifr.go Oot 1 ', (by letter from Cap^ Downs), Wave, |
NB, allele an. roaiy for sia and boned ti' uth. I
A litter fv m Cast l.estor. of the Nowburyport, of Ston,
i*atod U( nelnlu N <v :7, states tiiat the M -rimacir. of W? v |
Lt>i don, wa* not thon In; ojusequently tr.e report brought ,
b> previous advieet f?'.m the Pa"ino, that the M wag at Owy- i
heo, nt date, with 19C(? bbls. was incoctect.
f. tTombft Nov 2.1 (by letter from Capl 3awtoUo),(Chl<>,
Nlf, &;(' s i on board (cent home liu ap), r?a<ty for asa, bd on ,
a ft I SO. 8f0*e Nov 9. lat 2 1 -t J, Ion ^0 .H) Vv, Henry Clay, I
fckipuer, Nsn. 6 t'sya from Tombcg, cuttiog a itrgj whalo,
would make her U)< HKH) sp.
At do sr r.e date, tiov 'iroup, CogfttLall, NC. from Arstia
Seas, netliiug this season.
Rotlfii to Slnrlncr*.
Ihe latitude of Mtr.ger Key Li^ht. ( !)elize, nor.dnras). a*
pnbllihed b?. thn I nltel ?>alf a Consul, it mors In tho ?roai{
t hi * it la i n illatehforo's i li.ua. Tho publication makes il
17 deg, il r. in, % sec, when It i? in 17 dog, i>7 min, 0 see.
Leigh'on'a Rork, of three feet on tho couth Coast of 8t Do
nrlniio, in the fair ? ay being two ity nine milea 8outn, Vi deg,
I ti mm tai t fr< l- ti e 8outh end-'-l I alo of Vaohe, ha* been !
lately seen b) lie matter i.t r.n'Bngllth ship. Its lat it If
deg il miu <S eca N, leu 73 deg 21 min Sit sec W.
0*0 W BLUNT.
F*l ?v Liimt AT Fot!*CHKT
A Bjdr.fV. Car* Breton, par -r of ?d inst, state* that Capt
Lorn ay, t . aster and owner of *ohr Hary & Charles, of Sya
l ey, in his iast vi- yaso tiona IKIlfat. camo noer losing hi*
yeipel and a valuable ctriiO. night ot Poo IS He dUoovered
a light, which I e at lirit suppojed to be Lonisburg l,!ght, bat
whioli tub?i qcetitiy proved to t>e a lurliton tbs headland at
Tournbet, In a dlrcotloii nssr'v WNw from konng'* l*land.
Capt Lort-ay etnnol aoeonnt fi r the appenranoe of tbil
light? which had beca obs n - on pravionc oooa*lon* by
t'tpt* Muggah, 'Jownsenn ' neoai'i? ??o*pt it was alight
plseed on a beacon whioh hai b- en built at Fonrohet by ona
Ilenrer, of thst place for what jurpose 0?pt L kaow* not.
it It sm peeled that tbe light mis plaeed thereto *eo?y yea
eel* cu shut.
? |H>k?h ?
FlilpK B Forbes, Botne. JbCaytltea B??toa rot OalKot
Mia Not 7. no lat, (to.
Bjhr ArlUgtco, from BTert tor AhImUmU, Jul, |M
98#, Iob 69 OS.
f*nI|B Ports.
Cabdicn A*. Ju IS? Brig Hy Marshall, Wert, ul Coado
?ft, Dntoh, tor FniMimi, to toiMiN Uf Utk.
B atan a, Jfta I*? Brig Ellen Baydon, Smith, tor Wllmlag
toB.VC, Id*.
Ik ACUA Jfta 8? Brie Sens, Eeily.of And (or Bottoa.
Live* tool, Jfta 7? BUip Gob Park hill, MoKowo, tor
Cbftrleoton, In Ike ilitr, rttl* lor Mft.
H ataxias, Jan 13? Brig Florenoe, Fate*. tor ProTileaoe,
ldg; lMlhhd* on beard; not aa before.
Kajm Kxv, JftB 1? la port m unknown eohr, I net err.
Horn* JPoru.
BOSTON, Jfta 23? Arr bftrk Bawftrro V, Thayer, London;
brig Caroline (Br), Brown, Iaftauft, Tift Holme*'* Hole; C
Biane, Niokeraon, Bftltimore. Below, ftt anohor in Light
Iltuae CbftBBel, brig Commerce, from Wilmington, NO. The
outer etfttiOB recorte pilot boftt Coquette ashore on the Inner
Oit'tl. The ahip ftud bftrk *lj[nftiiaed yesterday hftte not
been in right to <fty. Bigual for? brig. Cld steamship Rajah
WftUie (new, of Boctoa, Mil Iobs), Smith. BftUvift; bftrk*
Edisto, JJsrdIng, Charleston; Got Brigis. Parker. Philadel
phia; trigs Alfonso. Frisbee, Cayenne; BesJ Carver, Clifford,
Bsguft; Andrew lUrne*, Savannah; eenrs Qlenview, Part
ridge. Begae; Old Zsoh, H?bb, Norfolk. Bid, wind WANT,
moderate. bftrk* Ionift, Georgift; brig UftlLUx, sohrMnry ?
Belch and iron below, ehip Delaware.
BALTT1MORK, JftB 23-Cld brig Paulitft (Bp), Bftnto*.
GLOUCESTER Jan ?2? Arr in the onter bftrbnr, bftrk
Prospect, Dow. Bftltimore: revenue ontter Morri*. Walden
from ft orvlse; 23d tobr K W Paokar, Laud, C?po Hftytien, of
And for Be.t en, (>ii Miaoeil).
LEWEb, J f.u, iS, 6 PM- The bftrk reported thi* morning
ft* etsnoirrin for the breakwater, pro to* to be the John
Far mm iicni 1'ernambuofl, which l.?e exferieuad tremeu
done gales on the passage, but appeiirn ni t to have huffortd
Ter> materially in atils or rigging The It Mowing vessels re
main in the harbor *iM; mowtu; slips Strtnik. and Clin
? 'Hi stetmrhips City ot Manchester, and VCb Penn; b?r??
Irma Jobu Fftrnum. Ma??, Elm, Elk, Wwihua, O**. and Al
varaco; brln Frances Fahars, J Co'.eu, li,tb . H, Sha^mut,
Freia, *>?? Abbott Lawrence; aohr* Bur. t lorid* KBiia
hory, l!:>rj Pattetaorj, Statesman, aud 6cme 20 otherr not re.
collided. Wind light, from AW ? weather clear, and rnodo
MATAGORDA, Jas 7- Brig Lavaca Greenly, for > Yor?;
echrs JJDzard Bunder#, fer dn; *; a Scull, Bsulf. lor do; An
thtm.lrom Mobile, with lumber, tor N Fort, err filh.
A EW POUT, Jan 14- Arr ecbr Jf.ines ifitli, Biuoe, ffmh
inptor, NO, for BoetMi.
L'.ld? Arrenl rn Muria, Wc*tgftte. Wasiilngtoa, DC, f"r Bon
toB- no reported
i r. i>'>: t ? chie Br.orah Orant, Forester, Bara'.i MoDonald,
ftl d < :htrs. bfilore rejx rteJ
KAW PKl'FOKB, J^n 21? No arriTal. Tin riTer and bay
ftre e'oifd i v leu
UWL'S llRAl). Jan 17 ? Ar^ sehrn (Jftioilo, Witoher. Now
York for Kookland; 21a*, Uiiluaus, Burry, tiearoxu'tt to*
Carflt uaa.
10H1LAND. Jim 12? Arr lu-rl Joi n AtiI-n, Chaae, M?
tsr7ae JBelow, a t>tig, *npno*ed ?he LiEi?, l'roai fcanma.
2'.m ? Arr eihr* Hannr.h a Alipnil, K',ll(r.s, CaoideB for
MiTtoHi; R V Wti lor, i/ord. Kl swortn l r hoiiton.
PKOV INCEXnH N, Jan 22~ln port bark 1 rini'.y.Colbnra,
fioci OaiTKton for Boiitcn. Coo oi and lor Cuuooater,
Item i?r,r:rirn>; and oti era as beforo
oAl. KV, Jan 2^? Arr bark Arrentii e, Upton, Bftltiaors.
fuafteatftcrit Arrlreit.
Ban Juan, Nio-Bark Martha Clark? llenry Gaiues.
Passengers Nulled.
IiVKiiroor.? Steamship a Initio? J >Vii*, Rochester; W
W GUiert. J-Yerk; G 8 Seytoa, bearer of cVa.-atebes to the
Ccvi t of St Jntnee: 0 H Diaper, H vto; M Kroehl, Uermiuy;
J V mere, Gajaquil; J A Van Amborgh, N York; 0 Grosham,
Virginia; J t b.liman Vienna; U C Brown, England, 11
Chance, 8u I?ou.ii kc; ? Piiloton, FruiiOO. J Mullankey, Eng
lan a; V Potter, tilatgow; W [1 Manning, Cngland; B w Wc.il.
? Verb; J Roberta, HJ;-.nrh'?t?r; L Kooh, Germany; Capt F
fliidi it, KFranciico; J Keevea, NVork; J Jordan, Dublin;
T (ii'orvia Gransda: J Leif,>, Lundcn; 0 Wesion, J Wood,
JCiiRl??ti; J Jaurflrok. lrulauu; ft auou Sohad, Germany -
Total 27.
CnaonnB? StermaMp Pimecr? T Carter, W Pats, Mr
Wood#, Mra Weodo, T award, 11 Crurhe's, Mrs Crnthcra and
oj.ilj, J W Fhbius, J H Par tor, J 8 C ilUus, il Si J r Pier
son. A Lawaosi. G Vi'atling, I Connell, W K.n?x, F II
Lsthicr, A I > k H F P-rora, T W Humunr. A K Clark, L
Gilbert. P Blekfcrd, L B Kellogg. J F Brown, G li anl D D
Bean. A X. Parkburat, N Dipgms, S C and G C Dipgins A
and GJnobman. W Carter. B Caronjinn, G Bandy, II U
and L II Weir, D Death. G B Palmer. G ? Savajo, U B Tay
lor. B Whi-ehoute, N llkvt, L Goodwin, J t' Tib'ootta. T 0
Ilojt, G n fli-yt J Waply. L Barraa. U O V Gray, 8 Wood
il'K, A R iifon, W D V Miller, B Dexter. T MotJarthy, J K
Bwift, A Bamblln, 3 itmith. 0 Chandler. B ? B?r>on. A L
Lure 1 TiEacy, J Dawes, J U olaidicg, J Byers, J A MoClure,
G W t eller, C and A Bennett, T P Robor'non, G Robertson,
L Bibbard, 8 Cr'.ndlo. N Kane wife and Uve children, A (J
Butch, C 6 Bftiloy, J W Munroe, 8 Stone R W Purine, W E
Marah. R and L Dtdgcman, L Davie, L Stone. 8 Bill. W K
6ifitb, W X Lor intra, A W Bibart, L B Roberts, W 3 Porter,
A Murray. L Wacheh&m, W Morris. 0 D.ilttnn, S8ln?iier, A
Ehw. J l aw. B F MoVlkar. B MoNab, J B Gamblin, J W
Jenklra F Burd, J Cortiali, RGaborne, J Templor. F Batoa,
D A Bammas, M Rnrker, A M Onborne. J Winnmellea. B
Jor.ee, J Uaborne. J 1? Frazor. G WiUon, E Irwis, P Hiadle.
S Motin, A Martin, R J Lxomie, R (ienbam, J Lairroao>i. J
O'Kifl, 1 J Loi ni:f, I 8 Hartiaon, J Caai>idy, J k?U>niii, J
Cornell, A Sinett, W xecdor. T Lendor, J C Burnaide, 8 8
C'arr, J Bolly. R 8ioith. J Sholbiifer. K Uftgee. S Bernard,
W Batkseie L Kow'-r, C. Teun*. W KoK?ra. W C Boward,
TLoote. R Buotlin, F Bart, A M Bennett G Kellog. A U
foator, G V? lbiniae J foster, 8 Mntca.f K Uproar, J Ma
ttiiaa. tt K' )..na?n, J Or?j ville, A t;<>o t, J Fitt^erald. J W
t en' - Ij 8 3ariy ! I>??i?. J Bi*trubl>. W Shard j, S(j?n
bam J Joese. G Km m J Rent, a ;>?rkett. b Kniniit, J
Rooee, 0 Uu?se)l, W Boll. W j Jewell. 1) F OaboraP, 8 Oraw
ftrd, A lladliy, D Jlntserford J Teylor E Carr, J B Ki: th
erCord. W Murray, R Tuaaxll. J Rutherlor '!, T l'ait. J Fue
n; '.n, T Jtchlaon, W Barcy j Harey T Short, W Shirt. R
Briytn, J huthertcrd. T W alter J It Kvtberlord, ffT Ruth
erlord, T Blytbe, B W flouk, O W Batheroy, J Boniltaa, D
Brewn, R Brown. J Stewart, 11 Hathaway, 1j Lane, T Jonea,
G Batter, 8 Goalin, J MiG rtel. M Dare, r Baiey, B B' ban
i>ou, R Barman, E Mitohel. J Weatheratose, B Skinner. 8
P Lord. W Hruce G B Booth, J a Livingaton. Matter For,
P WaUh. R M White, J Ureer, J aa Greer. 'J Mead. J ftiomp
ton, J Scbolea, Rlhompann. 8 8 Armatrot 15, G Greer, A
Camptel!. W Elanohard, J Piefly, R Davit R ilarnea, W
Geek. B Lotrlrc, J Knowlan R Mhipler. F Bajrol, 0 J Brown.
C Burkina. F Itaiiccbth, W E Done, G )G Done, C A Wj
n.outn, G A Blake J 6 Hot in?on, J Connington, R Wation,
D 8 Wataob, J W McRail. W M Allen. J Cooper, J Soatter
ROtd, J a Maitaiey, P Maley, M Mai. y. C F i;ai>orue, N Pat;
tore n, J Ha kir. W B dla:k. J Walker, J Q \ Ugan. J
PorM r, 8 J Us oi ej, B A Cowsn. J Uibion, J J Bayta, K
Bteriinv. J Slonecifer. 8 Bro^n. P Brown M O'Neill, ?} Bai
ley, K F, overs, R Kelly B Mcniaon D Lane. M Currier, J
B Chert. W Main. W cU-atSltt. J Jewell, J l.awlec, L Furlseg.
J Sinclair. I Kaae. A Mowonfne, J Pott?r, F Girdhomo, j)
Barker, B C Benadiot. M Tnraer, K Miller, 8 Brown aud ioy.
TMoete. B Havaao1 W Wiley, J MaOnbben, A MeOoanell. W
Powell. D Ho. chiton, F Clifford, CGoddard. A Goddar.l, T
Brocket J Poid J Moaeky. F T Murphy, J 8 Rann, K ilow
ard P Kildny, E Thuraton. J Bugbea. G W illiam# L Ruth*-*.
B Gartlett, A Kafrniorfl. J w teana. J -*loane T Kaloy, J
Fairy. P Feb an. (1 Smith, A ft illiama S Il^le. J Sander*, li
Vs'idetbtrrcb. J Stewart, A Benty. J f.oJIlei M Curt'.B, P
McMnlltn, M **' ully, Mr h onelly G Wallerhtein, A DAH^la^e,
G C hafcey. T Howantii, 0 Km*. J King. # U l'arker, G Moa
einaer, li Btoie, G Smith, C Wardle. 11 Coal. J Br>wd. G
bullivsit, J l.]noh, t- Kealy. JDunn. A llohurt, L O'Brien,
G Cm tie, 8 tiolmea, S Kandall, 8 Wel.eVe U -<aul*, J Wada
wotth it ? Binadev. A Atii<al. J Brsa^. J Cock, B Ward, fl
ijordwln, W Meracrmer S Dreaaer, W Wil en, 1. Lepranqc, T
hterrre A While, M CLeprannv. II Brennan, C DrugK't. J
Paracne, J Pmitli. Mre A J Celeb, A .1 Feloh, ,T Bartow, J
l'a?ri'k. W O'lTcr. W Spalding, J Sharp. E Rosa. J O'D.^no
bue, P For<l, J P-?rry. J I.ynoh, P Fahy, P Lvnoh, P Shahr,
T t iclde, W Currier, T Edwards. E WuodrulT, D E Woodmff,
M Dawaon, W Faulkner. C Bawtherne. J Morgan. J Janes,
I Me Horrid, S *ayd>. W Tnttnae, J Tiohrcr. M Simmon*, A
Filt riek. B G K'mure. J Mertdith, J Symonda, P Donnelly.
E Gsrwn. A D Lamb, W C CUrk, J Snort. A Walker. G
Fiabcr, B Fiaber, R Dixon, 6 We#twray, J Weetwray. E
Jr nee. J Btanowhavk, F A Bathaway, 0 D Brenatead, J
h'aflnrd. A M Beattio, M Vnrtium, B Herman, C Sampaon, S
E Davta E W orn, J 8 Althonae, G L Burl*>ut. J llanc?ok, 8
Abbott, H Coeper. W Slocuai. J 8 Burlbnt A W Galuaha. C
A Gotdricli. 8 B Beath, J D Cheney, D D ftoynelde. S BtiOIer,
J M Graham, A Lrana. DCbeny, t Meligar, U Deily. P rea- I
1 el. W Bi?r? hard, a bimth. J Btrriugton, BD Bonney, A
Bolly. fi K Bafitlon? Total fOO.
C'HAcaaa? 8teamahip Georgia-Col Cyrriani, friend and j
at rv 1.1,1. M M Morquera, G Fi rnandu, A Ayla. Cel B^raon- |
fiy, A Poaada, Mr Vt illard, A G itonk vnd family, T Stod and '
Irictd, Mr Grant, R Metealf, J W Thoman. Mr Whiting and
lady, Mr frnow and lady. F Howard, Mr Wetherboe and lady.
He* E J Benton, W B Wentworth, Mre Ferria, W Steveaa
?n.) lady, Mrt< Bernard, MtbOtii* and ion. Mra Cothrin, T W
MoCulitim, lady and aervant, W Cowlea, A tiraTcnkorat. Mra
Ktone, Mira Stone. Mrs Strong, Mrs Torrence. Mies Crenelle,
A B C Brown, C B Ft rrln ( Adam* Si Co'a) Il?n R E King,
Mr Noakea, W C Bamilton, W A Underbill, P Mcl.ano and
lady, Mra Ccniitock and servant, J N Budeon D E Smart,
J BlooiriBgdaIn and acrrant. Mrs Bergen, E II Boartlman,
B Van Kn ee, E W Jonea. T Edgar, J Farren. J Johnson. A
Cbaeael. B a Willard, Mrs Maxwell, Mr Thompson, F W
Brcwt. A RMananc'd. Mia l)|>t< n, Misa Crlllin, U Keenan. J
D?l man F Hater, B Baki r J C l.und, E Johnson, J M l'oi
i?ro. V* B, Ulllcy, il Barrett, R Webb. J G Tilton, 0 Lodtr,
D ll'gelow, A W Salea. S Colby, G Wliito, J WMliworth. D L
Ftrjald, M Hiai?h, P V-irgsn, Dolaney, 1, 1'onlv J Baker,
G l.tOir, W I* Duopolies, W L Bowyer, 8 C Mag nn, T Ma>
f ocd. 1' Man'Ueld, W ) 1 fkm. E Bennett, C 11 Bennett, T J
j*tci ar, N Kacr'ot.E Big lew, 8 Dur&n, M Doran, K Farrcil,
M Comwill, J Keliey, X I-'erle, P Hurts, Peter Bums. K
Bitrna, 0 ' nahman. J A Ful.'er, L Bryant, J Pilltbnry, W
MadbuE, J V til h, \V Clark, fl .Ni.rrii, H CH-ha. J Lincnln,
1 N1 rinv. M' Iitle?, 1, l'nil -r, Wr CamT> in^a J Lewi>, It flir
ria, C T I?.>rr< w, G ?ieir\l,lo, \t ui Uuicn. D Bembar, ? \ '
Greene, U W Kar.dall, G a 8?a',ley. o Tkayor. u V l-all I
v .11. A I'rldy.lii, W J ( cx, G l'arkvr. J Waid, ? Vauahn, U
Bl^ea W Eprinton A 1 if.j Jr. A (I Cuburti. G Li itodaarJ, !
1, li (titter, .1 R Boynolds. 0 W hi ploy, 1' C Tat l>ox. II I
Jobnttn. M Aii.wrigha. C IV Ilewiiaon, WV Stewart F W 1
liarrla, 1, Dodcler. W ll'nriol, J He oris!, A S Bueklin, W I
Parker, C R B ? ekler, A U >nStd. 8 Foster, J f oteraou, P L !
I'nifoe. II J t'i n, C f.'i r, W Lawieuco. 1* Carrigin.
J 1 Dntihp, P V v.'ntt, R ? 1 r, A J Uraud, S rj-and, .1 W .
1,-1 r, j s Idttlr, .1 Corniin. .1 i/'.* lei. M I. vi. .1 Murphy, B j
l-'tddieV. J Lin a-', W'?< A Ficlay. R Pike, W Cahoono, J i
Wright 1* inn. II MtQ'.l.lw. G Bill, C l.%ng .1 #r- I
trln, kt tirij.iin, 5 O'NIel, J biiUa e C S tiAll.Tiitli, N Nn*.
: I Ct lep-.t it F K Im J Hainan j ;?ollce*. fi Dimin, A
???!! ' ?r . j b'M el. W U'Nlei, J Barry, G Lorn ? ?. r M'QuH,
)' !> nl a? I er, E l> I rudall, G 111 ?cy LfFairm-.t r R?<el',
1* "ilii i s II Wi'ilaint, N Ri'i'-lf, 8 Huoklin. .1 Hueipin. M i
>. il rn. J Riddle U bcate, A Nttle J Rurne. R still, J B"1
istr G Fit' i r. Mf.i* Bulgar, if Lob. W li linat, G 'cvip, II W I
? orabee. N C'hapmtlT. W chapmsu. F oron, J M 'i>dJ, J I
MiUhoIrn B :landl ><t A Bntw ell ?8t'i.| r or, G ^mitti, J
>jm>: J Lo>.gisl,J j: itiLl .A Graiti, T Ghamencr, V Guot ? i
at it'p W HitBB"nr, T L r.ton, (I dlentweri s, W llir^.ata, ,
i; !; 1 artUt*. J '? lious en, b Karl E B*dg?rs. LJ 1,9 . ? r,
(! J- : !???? ?.TaHot GDB'right, I i)?>! i. l',er,T iy?h
Pttr, J 11 Unllf. Hl'loo.n, (I 1 Marr. I! G ???rf, i,' j?ri>)li, A
Fhf,v-?, P Bf.j >ii?, J I, V Tf n, 1 A 1 e *?, ? f. . I .?*>? ton,
f Cl atUracn A Buckley, J f klnn-f, 1. it > > hal, J t' y
and f i fc, i' Foi y. .1 ill ? y, .1 .tali. || Ji.le i^iiS a N Mv
Ice, J Trjlor, A B Bo'l, 1 J Hell J II Ki'i. J Rearer, J I
I'rtiitr. J Jaekeon, I. Mvera, LMt : i. ci ? try, Vt Culver, i
J J.| Dotnetl T D Watkiaa. A Blanc; r.rd. J ?? Mit?; , ?1, j
MtrrU-k J Robiucn. T Miiotell, M DBurinas' r Ti)\vi;i?- i
lew, B J> UeJDaril. G B lh la J B anoy, CI M .arte, W T m
|le. J Lewis, E 3hix? F Potive, J klt.rt ',y. F Velaon, G B
?;1,/ To, J Kn' wltou. D Vt i!)srd, J Silsy. A in 'oni, I Oher
hotton, 1< 8 Basacti W 11 Snll via J A Goaningbsn, <4 W
Ctvi loghtm. U <msr>ina, H Uamoa J Craig, G (I Alai.is,
G Cailionn, J Stin ooc, AVDr *a, B L Oraiv, l> ani 1
otinrn including a latgc nambtr of Panama Kailr^aJ ine
r 'itnloa and lahcrort.
. *Mp AhCTlC. Capt. .lamea 0. Luoo. Tbii uteamcr will
i.-pirt with the United Btatci maila for Etiropa, poaitlvaly
i n i'atnrdey February 7, at 12 o'olock II., Trom hor berth
at th? fool of Canal atrcat. No f rth pi a tired tilt raid
for. FotfrclRht or paaii?r?, havin* nnr<|ti*,ile<l accomtnoda
?ior^ f' r cl'(tanc? and oomfort, apply to KDWaKU K.
C0M JN8 b CO., No. Hi Wall struct. The aioamahip PA
CIFIC rill flocciitd tha Arctic, and tail February 'ilat.
. aMp Company iut?nd runtiing thoir now (taamahipa
follOWl:? IBSM PIIII.AIitl.l'HIA.
City of Vancho?ter. T inra-lar, January 8?
City of fllaairow, Thursday, M?rcb 4
City of Mftnol.cdtcr Thursday. Marah '*?
ritoia i.ivitHPoai,.
City ft OIa??ow Wcdr*fl*y, Fnb'y. 4
Cityc' HanclieaUr, WidBcattay, Feh'y, 3*
Pa?0M0 from Philadelphia, In aaloon etaiierooine, M>: In
fort. cabin, 865. For fre.nht or p*?naice apply to
Til OKA B RICUAKOSON, 41 K*chan*? i'laee, N. Y.,
orNo ?> Walnut atriet, Fbil&nelpbia.
I: Line, alitp MICHAEL AMOKi.O, oiily 7K5 t?>na. W. II.
M ilaon, Commander, at pl?r 9. East rltor. Shippiri will
pirate olore tbntr eu?*/einonte at onoo, aa tha alnp will ha?c
tlm tiaoai despatch of tnle line. This splendid f'np bela* of
extraordinary apeed, tery small capacity, tho flnt to
leave, Mid having bote very eroKll part or hor oarro >!laou
(t?r?4, pi"a< rM tha moat favorablo oonveyanoe to tha ah >ve
port, feii pMaencera oau bo takmt.
I _ *? B SUTTON. HI Wall strict.
JP ILOHIDA, Ciptal* 1 homaa I,yor will Icavo Now fork
for nayannah, on feat.nrdcy, Jaiuarj :tl, at .1 o'clock. P *1.,
from rli rNo 1, NortU rivir. For freight or paiaa'o apply
in fAMUMIi I.. M ITOIHLL, 1!'4 Iror street. Tha Aii&
DAMA. < 4f\a?n LwUow.tm iatujUay, Fabraxry 7. .
tmdanlaaad. for the nitmInn af wlitHk will
In* bill* m Kxtti. Birlii. Bntkin A Ce , la cum af
?1 aterling nU upwardi. Tmuih from Liver pool aa*
London, by th* Swallow l'ail UsM leavlnc Uwrpool oa th*
Mb and IUt of each month, ul Londoa oa irirj ilUtuM
Thuraday, oaa only bo eeonrad on application It the oad*r
?Uaod. owl em ef kaid llnea.
OKI NN Klilt. ?INTT) KN. A Co.. TB Boo tfa It.. H. T.
" doable ib|1l? eteamiliip UN ION, Captain R adataa,
will leave for tlia above port, oa Saturday, January Sle^
at three o'olook P. M. precisely, from Pier No 4 North Rlvar.
For freight, apply on board, wheraall bill* of ladia* will ba
signed; and for paaeace. to the otnalinc room of
Hi'OFroaO, 1 1LESTON Ji Co , 4b South street.
The etaauer Southerner having lightly deranged apart of
bar maAinery, the above eteamer ie put on the routa ta aup
p'y her plaoa
Chasres. direct, on Thursday, 12th of February. Tba
tew and splendid daublo wogiLn tteimaiiip QUdUT/. ItOCK,
(1,8(0 tons tu:tlun)J U Wilson, Comuiauder, (formerly
ol the Empir* City ) will ls>aveli?r ook, at p er hi. .1 Nor?h
river, for Chagrcs, direct, a? Thursday, 12th Fobruarp, at
So'tlook. This ataamship has tinequalleo nccomraudUions
f?r Mei'rago i>a?coni;u<i, having been constructed with spe
eial refeence to their com'ort. For freight or parage, ap
ply to J W. KaYMUND, 34 llroaiway. Tho Quart* ttook
v ill leave eaaln on flaturday, 13th Varch conneotiair ?i>.h
the tarnrita tteamfihip Nea Orlema. at Panama Book*
? re new o[?n
Tf e stt-anisl lp hDIMDIK, L. P. Arrieh. commander,
Iiavirg b>on <1* tailed will loive jioditirely pier 1.1, North
rivor. on Mondev, January ?<>. at 1 o'ol->oX I* M. preci-elr.
MtKN it TUOKNT 'N. ARonte WS Wee t ? trial.
Notice.- No i otirsburg f rL-ia.1; t r.>o. ;.e<l by th i . va.rjl.
UNION lia\ing boen withdrawn from the Ni-w Or e?a*
route to tippM the piuot < f tbo Soatln ruer, lor a limi*?d
period in thi Chariest "ii trade t hoso ? tie have ? nt good >n
board of h< r for Now (irleAna will please return the ro'i'liitd
therefor, ant) restive their paolinffo
?rorVQKD, fiuuron A CO , 4d Sontb ?v
San ntllOllOO DIIMf.<-niiriilNMO lu.
(iniote c it r>(>r f KA YMl'P.Cipt liale, wi'l havo im
mediate do?p>toh. For freight or psB??g-> apMy to
J. a. oaK.! 1 20 Water a toeS.
IWj OTIC*. -TO MASTER* OJ A 1.1. Vff.Sai 11.C BOl'NU
I? !or San Fr*uol?o?. ? Vo? will plo*-#") l.a* ? two r^vh-rnao#
p? 0!?o '/?<uu?U 4??/b?>n, pu?etigei' ' narto .
w'ti5?rtv nl-ner a: > i ? a you Lnav >".ink worthy of aoW. for tl'-?
Alta CaUiorat* and liihuii Ubadi, lioo.u ????
font, in "*o Fn??i?M -? > ; f7: !? will I- a lulled {?><? ... ??>?
arrival, hr ' ^mtnodrre icoVort 1 MurVi Uartn ?
for tba Alta ami h?wu u aw ?? 1 '?'? * ?- ?" a . ?
immediate n rvioo, hid trcatm. nt >.t ones r"inoviig slit
nn<er*b!o patient fr < m sofferin; snd probaMe <1 -imsmou *o
safety bt>d p' ra-iiiaiit ftoutity lie netu daily tn?ny Mtt
oult ru'?. lh*t havs defied uthors. Thosa oumi r. to htm
first ire fcrt-tsate, for rbey era cured betira tho b*d ? >?<?
nu tit'# of deity itliow tlicnutelvuK. Ni fee, *nd utdiaU
book KiBtlt Otnce eiikI Htr-n t, o >rn :r of in rtMi <%y.
ui?.<-All f-riiicr experience exceeded ? Jnnu net.iolo
? progruaa il.roush tli.ireeveral teiriSlo st?:?M, in *i?:ta
of tho ordinary treatir out, but Ur W*rd, by bis wondnrful
preparation*. it> rents all in-tantajioaualy. Blight affaa' ieuo
wholly ooted inoueday. Ibo o disappointed by humbug*
hare no oouoeptiou of tboiN &ud oolerlty with wlnoi ha
oan cure them. No fee required, utile j, Canal (.treat,
oortiercf Broadway.
Doctor wakd make'* numerous cusat or
detioati d s?ases. Corner Carr.i stroet aa-1 Itiovdwuy.
For better tho unfortuc&ta treat thenisalws than go to any
oi the iRn- rant humbugs Dela? not to oomo to ub ; you war
have to come a* las Tf.eu yon will be gratified beyond a l
enticir.1t/1u t ?* find youree.f better in twenty-fonr h*urfl. N?
fee till cured. Cunsuliatious private A u> ; Ileal book,
muhtB the speediest ourcs ever known All "lio havo
contracted a private diseato, make early application. Ills
treatment Is the adlriraticn ol phyilciana thjmseivea. Tbt
disappointed are certain of a euro from him, however muolt
ether dootcra may have failed: relief affordel at ouo"; oarea
sometimes in six hour?; no fees required: inedioal boo*
gratia. Office. Canal st'eet. OOimOT of itroadway.
cradioa'ing disease. Bleared by ail who try it. The
moat prompt eradlcator, yotso mild, it may be given to In
lanta. All private diseases vanish under its uae. $1, with
a meuical book Who will gi-ve fees after that? Oi,;ian?
and strangers easily nislid, renumber it. Depot, Dr.
HAHb'S, Canal street, osn-er tf Broadway.
lible remedy for thosa dap'orabla debllitm eonao
quent on aelf abuse, incapacitating tke man for biisiaaaa,
society, and matrimony, may be beard of rfratia. bjr address
inc. poet paid, box 109 Braadway Poat offloe. N. V. Persona
laboring under those oaniplainta. aapec ally those ooute u
plating marriage, beiort applying to any Do? c, no u'tiW
what his pretention* ma; b?. eh-juld net fail M .(at tr.'j *a
luabla iniormation, wliuh will aave tb?maei?os noon trou
ble, time and money.
. paoiou? By Dr. A. M. Maurtcaao. PrtfMaor oc IMoaiea
?( Women- Twentieth edition, lrimo.. pp. Htv-Pri- jl.
r?ui oi atiffenag, of phrataal aud denial an^ulah to *nauy
an aff'jutonata wifa, and peuoais.ry diffiooltiaa v th> boa
band, might hare been spared by a timely poaae^aton v t<ns
work. It is intended eapeoiaiiy tort!. .> nia-red, or thoue
?ontemplav'ng marriage, as it diselonne iraportAn saurxts.
wluoj should oe known to tbum partinnlviy.
To t^ose whoso health does not norm** >! xu mutoMa o <
(amil>, jt U of apeoialiiuportano*.
Here, also, svory feutalo ? the wife, tho mti.M; tiia xna
?itbei budd.nginto womanhood, or ma oi.iar to *i: decline
Of years, in wht>m nature eoat'mplatea an (vpnrUiO ohanga.
?aa disoevor the cacsos, syortsirB. *nd the -u^s* etftoient
remedies, ui most oert<.ia mode of our\ In avert ?t p>aiat
to which her set is sobioet.
(Bx tract of a lett?r from a gsn llama o tc ilayvju. Ohlr )
Dr. a. M Hat/iioaav:- Oari >x. May 1, in#.
Mt Dra? Siu:? Mjt irlla has ?aar; ^jro pt.i'ily at/ix ng for
#omo librae years orison. ftievi\?Ho>-no??t hvrr.o-aangniah
aad tnjering some menthn Uniorc and daring hir c.vaiin?
m?nt, every swcasslve one mars and '?sore d?Mi.t?iiag
and prostrating bar, patting l.e- itf? 'u immmw > lUngnr.
and whloh was, on the last oosaaiou, daan red oi. i tup
p?sed VLla state of thiols wu iaeiitable, and rotUnxS mj
seli to m?et the worst. At this tlmo. (now ab)i* two
sioiilhs,) I baard vonr book hiAbiy aeoian of, a* oou:jjnin<
SJtce matters reaoblng J> T oase 0 1 >ta reoa*pt and p irusal.
1 cannot express to yon toe relief It afford*.! my dlswe'ied
mind, and taa Joy las pagas lranarfi to my wife, on earn
ing tbat the great dlaoarery of a. S. !>eaouae.ux j- 1 id.-d a
rssii-dy. It opensd-a prospect ao raa, wblnjfJittia coo
o'jivod wac pusaihle. Hut for lhi>, ?c e another y;ar would
have passed ovar my head, In all hunas pri'oablUty ncy wifs
would have boon in bar crave, and rrv? ouiidren Ut> m thor
It is. of oonm, linpracaloable ta eonvay more fully tha se
rlona snijeots treated ot as tbeyaraof a natirr etriotly
Intended tor tba married, or tboae oontoaplating marriage.
Tor tale at 2&] Broadvay, and at the publishing f flue. IJH
Liberty street. New York; Little Si V v.. Aibs-oy; Joseph
Tuoker, Mobile, Alabama; T. B. re tor son. MCh^stnna strut,
f?Cvn the receipt of 91, a oopy will ba uanamltt?? a? mail,
troe of postage, to any part of the United States. All letters
moat bo addressed, pott paid, to Dr. A. M. Maurloo*?. boa
1.234. New York eltv Offloe 1W Liberty atro-'t
? S. Medlcino, has establiahod (by bis groat!; n parlor
treatment ol ail private dUeases) a reputation whioh "thara
?arely envy him. Not only for ths astonishing.* rapid en re*
of the disease while io>?aI, without, in many o*?*?, using
any mcdicinea, but in those syphilitio oaaea of msuthr ana
yearn' diction, oansing tha deotrnction of tho b<we? for
ever, and whlah have been nndertbe ahargeof the moot otni
Dint without suocaos, are his aervioas so much sought lor
and valeed; for nalats the system is entirely freed fr>>?
tl? poiaan, it arl?cte the Innocent otfapr^ng for genera
tions. The written aertllicates pnbllaked bv him ar. for
enros that, ht is not afraid to assert, canuot be equalled,
thengh his pracoptors were the groat Biatrd of Pari*, ana
Aoton oi London. The certifioates slsoinolnde tha vetr an
fortunately ntiinerotiB viotlms o( self abaso, as th^ra are
thousands who cannot be eured with madioines. Ho, t.-ere
foro, especially sclioits those half cured and abandoned oaaeo
ofwbatover complaint in this speciality, as he always gua
rantees an ra?y and porm^.en* onra. For aroatment bt let
ter, a full statement ot the eaea, with foo, to box 71 Broadway
Post Ofliee, New fork, will be neoean&.-y. Patianta apply
ing personally have reparate reams. Ofilue hours, t it tbo
morning tiii J, aud 7 to a In the eaen'n<(, at <2 Raa.'u stroea.
two doors from nr?ail wt,y, oppoa'te atawvt's ? not la ths
druois'a. K.B - hiitricktl wtrk will soon be pr' i^siied:
Dr. mortavohk would inform tbk hun:>hf.ds
who apoly so him for the oura ol disnata, that ha hol<*
out no delut ive hope that lie will cure tlieni " in two or
thtce data." 11a is cali-d upau daily to witnsa* tUa sad
rdiots of so Witlted adteorlion, worthy pandaraanium it
aelf. He ? ' n o how cv. r, aaiure thoaa who may ?.? under
l ie care, that they may iely ni>on asliean. pleai-ant. and
spocdy cure. In from H A.M t > !' P.M.. Hundtyt etcopted.
Advi'C gratis. L. IHiK'i aM ikK. M D., 196 William it.
TiW> edition; by V. II. I.* Croix, M & , AiSanT. M.f.
Chosroetbosk ov or poMie'ued; !#Ri ragpf and MO fine elfctri oa
the 1 hyeiology of Marrta**, ?nj the mnr.it inflrtaitioa ?od
dUgrderi el jooth and maturity, reauIUsg frora ot-ese'-a.
whijb dcn.roy I ho imsior.l and raenvtl p?Wtt?, aul dueaaoa,
*r'. .u* lr?n- indifurotioa, wi?h plftin and dimple tnl-s by
wMoli p-r-ona o*n ? -'re themaclve*. r: >n i? 'u?i nry,
? 1 ?it: ths viMi'ir'e Khiervftticue on matrlAeoi i?t. ? ..<?? And
4.9 'S!i^>, ?P4 thoir remodlee: w!? .Mori'! "tie
<r*arhe. ilU>ri-a?:n? the auAt ->try, aiirt on, ,<i v%r. mis die
t i'M'il ?> ro'jr "dnotivti trgunnoi l ot h . v ?? ;o 'r-?tio
totea sue*. aud IiuMmi. It eoatalaa ui*?y IbjwImI
hin?*t9 thrjo oontsmrlaKn* t?A?.riuoBT. vhloh wit1. ovi>r
'OEI objection* A<Mnn oiarriMtc : uone, !icw??. :, should
ifkeihi'1 imt)?r.*n* clop i ,hov.t tifet oo-uuJVtis an ps<e?.
X >n? r.n of a'1 clfeeees "f (r. i' 'H 'r.ietb.'T rmrvi* ?" >r mn tie,
fkr? wti" require meuioa) Aid, ww* oon?'iltt?> any
doc ? <!?, uimli* to wbetlie; tholr oa -. arc prnn'i'fj v?
bv thoii WfeMl Intif And Vue IMS v? net
?-f riv it-o'i 01 .jn-oketi , ?'> j> f ??l?nt -n ?>?>, ai*r i tine
1 < r ti* i* *. I i v} <finlil*e4 an-l f< p\et
t vent" T"*r.?. ha? Soon ' ally eitimiWad <y i ? the difo.-oat
'> r. iioe ef whioh his *>?"*, tccAt*. por?w?%liv ah t; ne by
letter. Any i-ir,nn tendiu ' twir.tv-fi*e tents a 'et^er,
pgid, v II rectus erjoopj by mail, it :s j( p#??M" or
:lrt o' i iM for SI Ad'rcn l?- />. D li . l')U,R Bcavmi
??rt < A IbAny, N . Y. 8eld by Carrot fit Oc,, iZ \r*v street,
?'id 6tr>n*fr K lown?ond, W Hr?? ? r M. V. 1( t? n ? h
?til, M liloyd Hurt, BwflWl*
D^hr ralvub ornoa n qlomto ?>n mwdiv>
< tl.oe hoiire <lu inp Mil we*k Art j to II, A. ? . And B t*
8, I" M. Ill" j u.i aI priv v?.i> trputiee. cla^onth a ll io?,
prloi i'5 cent*, ftlie Hrs'- publiehe i in Aiiii-rtca. And let ily
titiowedbv iever*l itnitAttuno ) li the only ttiilr nmlnl au?
irartieal t> < rk on the Ruhjeot.
?' /'."?< ry, between Hector ?ncl (irend B?ri-t?(?n#t ?ido).
MAi^Ajne U inloiniRtU* publlo tint ihaooctinuu* to r<r?oti??
upon lliofe-twi h the nneaoaa. tiA-?in? osolusivelf
devnua hertitr.n, for (ifn^n jeert to tne di?cA?'-"i ?,o ?bioh
the )??< at" tubject. M. B. Olive honn from 3 P. M. t* 8
o'olook P. M _
?ttf-ot, mAy ho ooninltod oojifidentlAlly on tbo tw*>
mtnt cl du^i<?^te dl*e? ?o?. Twenty ono >car? prAotlee e*??
bl?l Dr. <J. to perform ip'-ody Ai.d porin*titnt enrm, and r*>
oer.t (mm removed In ? lew dftvi. lit. ti. h?? &tt? a*4 as
cr.icenoo in tfcleb/?rob ol the rroferiina iiecondto n"ne )?
Ainjri'TA, where All In n??d of m?iJic?l or Kur^iOAl ,ild et|
f ptily witb ,i oert-icty of being honotA'lv c5or.lt with. !>h
O. I* a member ot ibt New York I' llrem'ty.
D^HIU J0HH80K, NO. 17 I l'< " B STI t.er, 80 \\ <n.L
kr own In the tre>trc:nt cf deliiAto di >?Ae?. The Do*,
tcr'i r^i ntAtiod tor skill in the?? hnif-ourod f ai ?' \ th? t uti
e*i.itod let j?ai?, i? fo-'tuinont. Con-f'llntlot>\l w?Ako*?0
brought on by A liriot hAtit, uft'et td^ily ovrod. Ke???|
? M ' IHl in l>>tir (i*7?. A perfect ouce or no chArpie.
lest, t i,i?fj r yckrt, devoted hi] prkotioo to the tre%v
meat of trvcr miiii And other diei,A??e. Wo cm onto the molt
>at?(rAyAted ilicefiee, and tulld ntf f removud ia a lew da*?,
N. B.-htrMiyer?, doii't be doouiTtd by an lro;io?ter ia
lioo.ovflt t?r i?t, ni-Ar ChAlhain ?t-e t. 1 h? it not left
JJi.thc itreci. reo my diploma, in i.iy ofl! e. with tho first
i.&mcb of aeJIoine And isruery thle eouutiy hviev jtt ro*
rinovd. A pet'oet our* or no AhAMp.
Iron UliAth m etreet, aootlau'.e n be ooneuloJ ft*
p. !TAtedi?eA?c?. T)r W. h>? devoted thirty lis y.'A-ji U th?
i>rA?t|oe of hie prof-eelon, whore the -tM-Um of nil< ahnie, e*
t otu who f.AVt eurAi'O'l ft?m the hknde ol ra?l> .1 p ntoe<t
ers, mAy reif on Ankfo and epu?<y r<i-] ^ V. -4hM(?nt
If you wieh to nocrvu y. ur h?\nh |.i\ao?. a*<nld r aetorioM
Qreok In Koorevi It ?lrjot, r 0(M ^u?tta?a.
dipUma m my ?Slot.

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