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NBArged with throwing ftiw brand*, ui lUtorbtng the
Ut movf o! tbe democratic par J. Mr. K oontlnued ? I
?aa ?war* of the ?? \*J quwtioa - of ibe peculiar delicto?
<Ci owing out of the rteoiuti it, aad it U wttb pain that
I alio 1? to tfce rtrif* which c>?eraot*riied tha late con
l^iti ia var out *>aris of the Cnion. And. allow me to
aay Lbat the cont**t to wy own gallant dUU. was not
?it to (be ]>articolar e?ur?e io be pursued by any gentle
man wttb regard to the compromise measures alierthey
WW beci me IN law of ihe land. 1 never make war
Mton aay human being?
%j ? ()?:?? 1 call the ii?Dtl'niai to order again I hare
no Jireop'tlon to bear toe gentleman In Committee of
U>? Wtolo
The r ti a Mid Mr Nabors eouid not dlfcuss the
C?n) 'cm r* measures
Ur Cabttkb. (a- m l of Obto. moved, and the Uoate
**1 that Mr Natio ? mum *>r ?coed tn order
Pit KLui (duu ) ot 111 . suggt-eted to hie friend to
let be subvert ?o u the 0 uimitie- of the IVQole uii the
Ktale of tbe L'nton ?fcere tn?te i r not so much probn
krlit 7 that he will be exiled to order
M" NtlOii ? Keallv 1 tttTe i.o very great hn-.iety to
Apeak The gettii uihu hfc* mbe< uceivrd my object. I
w ib* I to put an extinguisher on the bo?e? < f ccnteo
t on boaster. 1 will >>eiU tw the suggestion of my
Tt?? j jeftlfn w&? tben taken, and the resrlution *n
i-'?f?rred to the Committee of the Whole on tbe ?tat* of
L*)-? 1 'DO*.
tor P.. ,b (d<m.) rf Tenn introduced a resolution
thai ail "tebati* in tVmmittee ot the Whole, on ?%id r*?-o
lotion ?ha* ter*uiia e in one hour af.tr It *li?.l be taken
Point* if order w-te rais?d. and Mr Bta^i.i mcvfd
to %? tlie resolution <>n 'be table
Mr P-u.1.? It is not Mi-|irbluic that gmt.emen on tit*
w jig dde are no anxiou* lor discussion There is soute
0 ^ert i a tt
M r 0 tii > ?Tbe obj?et if tc save tbe pubuc money
Mr, C raise 1 a poiu' of order Lost
PrKAii s am j. .1 that th? resolution *?? in orJer;
aid aft 'r much fiunbh in.-. thy decision ?a* orirrulei.
b? -auio tiie priutlior resolution hail not a? y-l beea <lts
ri w 1 lu !?? Oommittt f of the W hole c n tbe ?f late of the
Uolox sud tor other reason?
Mr 8;, i- ?.rfYa . ni'iT''d to reconsider the rots send
ing lias OoecIsoii and Armstrong printing resolution to
<.j ? Committee of the Wnole on ihe 5>tare of the Union
II ? ?aid I* bad t>een admitted tn^r the public prln'er had
fail ??! to perform hi? con ra-r ?nd tnat the buiine?? of
t^is Uoufe was in oor.??nuei:ce impeded; therefore it wa<
tfc 'dutjot the U'iu?e to ad 'pt eome other system by
v?t>ieb tbe printinii w nld be furnished promptly, llere
1 ;ors f.b ? prictirg rad bfi-n done !a a meaner not at
?il ;r ?ditable to tbe House
M- Fl laKNcc. (dein ) of Pa. ? Does the gent.eman re
f -r f> th ? present printer, or t'ie prerious oat- ?
Sir Bkh.ton said h>- alltiried to both.
Me Kvohes k rrmiirketi that, for hiffifelf. he was Jatis
> i .hat ice j. riot ir g was un good as any that be hud
?'?en, by contract or otherwise
Mf b?fito<s said the printer was an entire stranger
to elm. and ther?f.>re he bad no per?->nai fasliops In the
waiter. II? did tot even Vnow the politics of the
K?ouf in m lie twlieitd i bar m> mstnbers ot the Uouse
w-.- ? *nling io giye a t*<r c- mpeosatic n for the work
1" th *re die aid be a loss in moLty. there wouid b* a j;ain
1 i n-uer respects.
l'ari#OB jucstions were asked ani answers! a> to iu?
?'?t? cf business
M ? addressf I tbe IIou*e in ,'aTor of a recoo
ft derB'.ton Ins'BtiuK that this oeceus printing did not
com < o a j^r ! he contract for the pubtio printing, lie
e-?i'l tbat th* superinteudent of ih? censas had informed
blm the cepsci would make tBOWbUMOftll
i ? ? i! the Cm ^c? neiiat Glut* Why are the tames of
X)034iM>n and Armptrong mentioned in the resolution '
J'oc tlio n?tne n?l>?.tf the whig party was in power,
t i?t ch? t #mes of Uales &. rteaton. or Gideon A Oem
pan.7 nctiid hare been inserted Wonld not the whigs.
If '.t ?? oould do for their political editors what the
democrats now pnpose ?
Mr FteBtnor. ( aking notice of one ef his re
ni*;i<* laid, he nncerstood the gestleman to assort that
tae public printer i* unabie to perform his c?ntra:t, and
iji 'tot ?atit!ed to the census work.
Mr Oismin? Not under the law
Mr P-oiuf> f ? I want to know tbo difference of giving
t ie wot 't to a democrat witboot a newspaper, and to a
? "iocr?t with a newpaper? I want to know why a
<? iDBtitoent ( ' a man who is a democrat, and by whose
?ot? io pait I bold a Beat in this House, should not have
iair k chacre as a democrat who has a newspaper?
\n- Ucibmas? 1 Ioto all democrats like the getitlemaa >
fr< n r<fna'; ;Tanla.
Mr F o*;>it-One word more.
Mr Oobma>? Not. if you please
Y.r Flohin r? I will go beyond no demoooat [In
t-'ripted by calls to order and confusion . ? One word I
? ?>n'7 an 3 word.
Mr 'iobm!*? As the gentleman in.-lsts ao hard. I mast
ftiT* W??
i*- f .t->- -I am here bb a listener My whole
pouti c a'. life will bear me out? that I go beyond no man
t" award political pat ronsge to democrats.
Mr Ooe -ia?? Kmctly right. I echo the language of
oi; friend. Mr 0. then resumed and pointed whigs to
Iji 'art that at the extra session of 1841, the Senate
paiisfd re=o;uUon? in words, that Blair V Hires bo die- !
m .seed ab ->nblic printers, by a party vote. Theae words
Brand on tbe record in UtIe? light, and come up in 1
iodga*Bt against the whigs The 'jm-stton is. shall the :
u?tno^a'? gire tbe printing to their ftiend*. or not' lie
wou',1 5-Te it to Donelson &. Armstrong because they
tbe crjaasof tbe democratic party He wonld say
to bii democratic friends ? bet tygones be bygones 1
I oot raise up Ban<;uo> gbost, if they do not put
tua oup to my lips.
Mr N.,bcis ask?d >aye to niftke one remark He felt
In. nr? 1 by tbe course of the II use towards bim. but he
*ia>p:y wv.ied t j know i[ any question had arises since
b" r?- is ruled outot order this morning '
Orie? of ? A pood bit:" and iHughter
Mr Hatn (wbu).o N V . m-?a? * few remark*, in
^ jlcli be desired tbe (louse to uolerstaud ibat whii"
f. ? c?ui ? ?o lae ocnrlusion 'h it tbe census pri lling i? |
Dot wfthia tbe contrMt of the public printvr. he be
iit-red '4 w?? not wiilim tT?e provistoa of tli? joint teso
l ition "fl3t6 and cor.ee ijoently *a" not with the ron
t>-?ot of 'he Printing Ocmniittee. who have to do with
tl<" puMio prluter
/urther proceedings took place, when, on motion of
fc4'- 0?i. rrm :he moti n to reconsider tnadr by Mr.
.?b ? > i tos *is ' nld on the t^ble by 104 io 51
T'l < :i?a( ? then adjourn d.
Ai sa.xi . Jin 27 , H>2.
t nr< tioji to rraacia.
M jut (Jem) pr??eni<d the memorial of
W-i^n ?osuis in New York, for protection to fort i;>n
Y ?1P*V*
tar 0?>l t (d?m ) reported favorably On the b ll
grant ug a^o.tional power- of investment to the Ureen*
w.ch fUvinga Han*
thi ?tit> riunm,
The --port cf the Select Oomtnittre on the joint rules
La Hat. on to printing was called up
?!?* amtn im?nt of Mr 1!?bc0ik to the joint rule*,
r ?waLatiuR the iniintity of documents to be ]>ublMi"d.
? i i proh'bitisiz the printing cf over 3 CCO copies or book".
uimi 07 303C '-mat resolution. *s> debated and agreed
Hr r ,t ,? h i t (dern ) iofrrduoed a bill amending
las act eatibliehing a court of criminal jurisdiction in
Br, ikljn
-<f? -*OrOSFD ELK" TI.H 01 KV<
D r Pttf e. (dun ) introduced a 1411 to provid" for
Ui? %i action of the public printer by the people.
The B?nite then went into executive iv.saiOD; af'.vr
which they adjourned.
Au'tM . Jan. 27. 1J0- .
bili.s m ronTKu.
M ? W > o 'whig ) of New York, reported favorably on
tb? >il "*J.ng jurisdiction to the United States of lan.'s
on Uardiner's Inland.
M ? U-;t H.fo, (whig.) of Kings. reported a memorial
f?r i i?w authorising the Supervisor to make the ofllce
o< District Attorney a aalaried office.
Mr J lit* ton. (dem.) of Lewis, reported favorably on
toe ?il2 in r?ation to Lafayette avenue and St. >elix
a'-r^tt. Brook' ?n
'*? *Mio?Dt!iATr on ten *s or the cintol.
Hx.or tf and minority reports were made as te in
waocn wu invested the power to make the appointment
oc .}ffloeri charged with ventilating the Capital.
A motion :o print both report* was made and loot
Br C -SHtu i, (dem. ) of Tompkins, offered a resolution
r? v- n ilDj the action of the Iionse in making appoint
iwni a and declaring that the appointments rested with
to* Trust >e? of the Capitol.
? ?r **ki. MHVOl-Hit < OMJtlTTKV Or IRVjeriOiTIOt.
Mr II >w. (?hig ) of Niagara, a member of the Joint
?e:*3t Committee, desired to call the attention of the
House U the series of resolutions which had been referred
to tlxe joint oommittee with a view of ascertaining what
la<tru<.tion bad been plae*d upon them and the action
tiiat was expect "d from the committee under them.
T5?? iu-atien up >a which he wanted instruction was as
t*i 'h > time when the duties of the committee oommence.
n.i J when it was expected that a report should be made?
The Amendment to the resolution the committee con
vert *d into an op -ning of the whole uiatter The com
mittee were instructed to proceed and collect all the
faote brari jg uptn the subject. In pureuanoe of this
they had i?one to work, and had accumulated quite a
of documentary evidence from the Canal Hoard
They had issued subp ? aae :or some twelve persons re
ft lift 3 in the western part of the State wbose testimony
regar red ai important The committee In it? prelf
imoarj character under the resolution by which it was
(*t>pofnt*d were j re pa red to make a report as desired by
Um Ueuae :iu, it ws? not prepared to report the tarts
a* ai>d f'<r by the subsequent resolution, as am-nded
b7 ",hn P-o*t? aad emeu i red in by the House The
txia ter -"as jaid over for the f.'e.eut,
an i ? rxanr.b
.t- bi? o close lied tori read. Brooklyn, was read a
third tin ana d peeked The Mlj to tn-lli'ate the < >llec
hSi#I.-rU li M"*?"'tt?taiUngi county wax read a
luui .tin* %l el
HI m Jltir r.K H AT ?
MrB.MHCdem) i^Kr'. . tV, t up tb.. atloa
oferel by him ytst-raay. re.4uo-:-,0f the Stale Kngineer
mo I Bnrveycr t(.r<-p<rt the emaeitt t hat Hnd .niicK
eand 'n ea h of the several c nlncts -tl . rej into Li the
r 'Cfrjt canai le'titp- Mr II said thut he -egee'te-1 tb<
o- e?slt / thnt -ailed uponhimto a-idre- >he liouae; ,.4in
on thi" f'ihj?ct At the c imiueneeni. nt u; -he D ?
pri Ktsiiktn had keen hrovcht forward tc apfolet a eoni
mitt e t<. li. vestlgst" these frauds consisting nf frn,? v>bi ?
*o) ^our iemocrnts lie aha- icter ed the l-itln ?
-aad an I robbery t, n tl.e Dtste In rel. 'ion u> nard
? <ii and . ulefc'sr. 1 : ? stiuatid that it would ream
t .e cett >?' the canal up. n w at aj , ?ars up- u .he I < -of
iueooi. ? ' cts at li u ' ? mli' oi r- Tii.-c-nt... . W"re
Crawn ?t soirnch per aeeilon.' i' in th?m ?? u -m r.- ? d ,i
. ?'"r^ar'ipat art) i|aicl.!Mnd a*' f r.r T cotsr r
' ? d axor libg ?othepr./f ils o' the <? utraotora Th?s
hai tipan was an elastl.' sub"frce *?i| !*
V" ? ? ? ? a- 1 '.Ue ?i.ntra -t ? :U- m
to suffer to any conceivable extent through this fraud |
Aj much M be ?u astonished at the robbery, M ippt
parent on the face of the contract* thlf branoh of the
fraud had been, to his, much more astonishing. He
had bean belled by a certain class of newipaper*. the
acta of his whola life had been maligned; tu footsteps
were constantly dogged by persons hare, bat by all these
he was not to be diverted from his porposa. The trea
sury of the State h??l been robbed. Us character had
been blackened by these fiauda. aud he was determined
to probe the matter to the bottom Ue referred to the
action of the Uouse in the matter of the investigation,
and the appointment of the joint committee wtueh. as
a scoop net. oaught all reeolutlon* subsequently offered,
lie had said, the ether day that l hn content was to be
batwecnthe money power ef the Mate and thise who
were determined to vindicate it? honor and its interest.
That struggle had alieady 3omm?-no?*d and the main re
lianoe in this contest ?a< upon the (l?mocratic party.
Sir \ ??> Vantvoosp (dem ), of Columbia thought that
they weie going too tiiet tn a?swi.tug frauds belore any
were proved . but it was pr posed to rai<e a committee,
for the purpose rf inquiring whether there was sufficient
to found an imptachmeat of oar tri?nd? in tne Canal
Hoard lie went for this, though he doubted the power
of th? Le,, Mature to impeach men out of office. as most
j of Use old board were. What he obtacttd to wt?. that
men were pr?jut'giog tn tnis nutter. A committee had
been raised composed of men in whom he had all eontt
<1 tice; they were engage J in the ievestigation Wit
n# ves had" been '?ailed ?Dd examtoed--tbe gentlecsau
f.-rm Erie himself had been called before that com
mitlee. anj undoub'edly given the evidence upon which
j t' founds the charges o! fraud
Mr ll*i h? If the gentleman will permit. I will read
I at the committee (Tot l':om me.
*r \ a.\ Sa.>irooRt> -Certainly
iir IUtcii thi n read th? reply which he made to a
| >i trains from the committee to Hpp?ar b?fore 'h"in
Mr I H?mtcoi\d conttnacd - 11" understood th*
(tenlieman to sa> that we should annul these contracts,
lie had liimef If laid upon Ln? table a resolution to this
? tfect If tie pg?:its have entered into contracts by
which the State had been d>*!raud>-d. and which, if the
conirt ctcrs w ere not a party to t.h- fraud we could not
atm;'. aol if the 8?ate hail bc? n 'defrauded of five
hut dred mil'.iors of dollars by the action of it* ag?nts,
atid thue was no complicity on the part of the contrac
tors.hewruld in t vote to annul thein But show him a
"( < ntruct in which both psrties clearly participated and
he won'd vote at once for annulling it.
Hi ii v 1 1 h ?That is what we cbarge.
i Mr \ ir* f i-.tvi.om>? But it is not shown When the
1 joint commie tee report to this dl. ot it will be time to
: set
Mr. li : r i bit (whig) of Tompkins moved the following
iSif.dmcui: ? ? Ar.d It practicable also the of
hardvan at J quicksand (specifying each kind and <t <itn ?
I tily) louudin the vaultsof thn Commcicfctl Hunk of Duf
: fair, at the time of Its failure."
Mr II ati h? That is a shot from tho contract' r?.
I Mr. Hi ni ei t saiil the gentleman rroia Erie hid made
! charges upon this rtocr. and sought to shield himself by
| the privilege* of the House from the continences IUd
| k" uttered these charges out of this House the State's
j < ftirers would have taken the tnalUr in hand aad uealt
| with 't as iiK character deserves.
I Mr. Wat jh. (Jem ) ofN. V . remarked tba' he had ex ?
I t reesf d his fears the other day that this mutter would
' ecd in rmoke. and by what he had witnessed his fears
j had besn sir. rg'hened Ue held that the Joint Commit
! tee had expired by its own limitation, the time
i *n which it was to report its resolution having
| expired. 'Jf-ere was one argument of the gentle
man's (Mr ? ?n Sautroord's) to which he wished to re
ply? that Is. .hat Ibere was a constitutional provision in
the way cf antullin f; these contracts. Does not the gen
tleman .now that ii a public oClccr or egent ciceed' his
authority he alone is responsible for his batgain ? if
it were not so, the Slate uou'd have no safeguard
against ihe dishonesty of it* officers There was evi
dently tn attempt in certain quarters to smother this
inverti^ation. to cover up these fraud? and to shield the
robbers of ths State Treasury When he saw witnesses
come out rf this roum with their tongue in ona Hide of
! '.heir mouths, chuckling at the very slight examination
they bad been subjected to. he had not much to hope
- for from their lab rs. The robbers had nothing to fear
from vbat they wi'.l do Corruption ?? too strong here,
as well as elf r? here and the power t f money is stronger
than t be moral eputtincct of this atmosphere.
Mr. Utsnr\ . (dem ) of fompk'ns, ga'il that the com
mitlee intends d to do its whole duty. II it failed, it
vould not be for the want of the will, or an effort If.
as the gentleman from New Vork says, witnesses come
out from before the committee congratulating them
selves upon the ease ?Ith which they hare been let off,
it is not th?ir fault If men will place their hands upon
the lli iy Evangelist1:, to ev.ear tha whole truth and
cothicg but the truth, and say they know nothing of
fraud in tb.e Ibtticgs. at 1 perjure themselves, is it not
bejor.d the reach of the committee? Ue n<ked nothing
frcia I ue torbearance or favor of the Uouse? all he
asked was simply justice; aud if the committse corns
be I oi e j 9u with a rc;ortthat looks like an effort to
whitewash or exculpate the guilty, treat it with that
tcorn und contempt which it deserves.
Mr. Hah h ro*i to a per onal explanation. He had
lx en insulted out. of this Uon p, and in it. too. by the
gentb man from Tompkins (tfr. llurlbut). Ue would
ray lhat he wa' utt interested in any contract. Ue had
no tiiend. that he was aware of. thai was interested in a
contract or in haTing any annulled. He was rrady for
aty ;nve?tipatirn ( n this point, if any gentleman had
the least idea that h? moved in tbis matter from any
other motive than to protect this State from robbsry
Mr Unnr.i.wocn. (ahi? ) of Cayuga, wished to say th?t
! a? it hod come ? ut that thi irentleman from Erie (Mr.
llatch) rtfuffd to testify, it was a question whether the
House should not take si me action to compel him to
. tirtlfv
At liii If past two o'clock the House adjonrnsd
InterratliiK from tlic Sotitli.
it A J, ARKaM. E.11ENT? Rt'MOKED OP A DUEl. ?
I :::o UAXt i l Cr. i.t nat.a ? iacixc vims raus, r ix;.
Bai-TtMom", Jan. .7. 1KJ.
Th. Pcstms.iter General h?s made arrangements to
csny the gi ulhem maili e ver land to Fredericksburg
dai.y. (-ii a"ceunt of the ice in the Potonnc Fivemail^
lrrm the Nrrth were sta.ted by this rout; yesterday.
The l iberie p? !tt t fail?d for l.iln-ri*. fr^ra Savannah,
on .^aturds^ hsviD,; on board UtT. Mctrrs. Cook and
? UaU as mirsU rar.es. aud 115 emigrants.
Three freight cats. lcudAd with cotton were burned on
the Georgia railroad a few davs since.
Itichard W. Gill, desk of the Court of Commoni I'leas.
dien a* Annapolis. Md , last fTinlng.
The Southern io?.;l got in to-Bipht; bat brings nothing
beyoi'Ji Washington.
From the West we have St Louis dates to the 15th
Navigation in tb? Chosnpeufcr bay is resumed, and the
st' inter Gtcvria has made herwayup from Norfolk ta
Atnapr'is On th? p:<"ag% up she supplied the ship
Flora VcPonal'l with fed. The p^.-ecgers had bean
re.l need to an tllr>w..nce of a biscuit per day, Tnecon
: dttion o! the ves?el is regarded as dangerous, in the
event cf the freaking up of tte ice.
The bark Edward 1'wijht had gen" Into the mcuth of
j the Rappahannock, cut through by the ice.
There is a bii< ashore at l'oplar Island, with signals
of distress .'hing. but the steamer could not reach her.
Baltimore* is lull of rumors rehti re to the threatened
dufl between ex- Governor Jcbnstou and Sonator Cooper,
o: Pennsylvania; but notl:;ng definite relative to the
i matter can be obtaiued. It is said that a despatch was
rsc*ir?d by fhs Mayor, fr^m Uarrisbur*. announcing
their 'iiteT^ioa and desiring their arr<-?t. I think it
probable :b?t th' rucor v,*? cau?ed by the threatened
duel lielw. en Jiliiisou, of the Richmond Whip, and
Da. lit, ii. oi the Kiamnur. and that tiler* is no truth
! in it.
The bnrg'ar's trols and silyr plate stolen from the
' roit ux uth iiimk, have l ean found in the woo ls near
Bortftaculh A number oi arrests have be- n made, but
| no clui. to the robbers jet.
Destructive Flrci.
Sini*.niLD, Jan. 27, 18.V2
A fire broke out this morning, in the clothing store of
Marl: Lery. in this city, which was burnt, with all its
content* * 8tock injured for ii.OOO. The fl*iue? spread
to the llump den House which burned ho rapl tiy thai
the inmates escape, i with preat dilii 'ulty. many being
obliged to let themselves down from the windows. But
lltt> furniture was saved. The house was entirely dcs
troyed. and was one of the largest hotels in Wet-tern
Mas?acbuti tts. Lc?s about ?? 40,000; of which }v.QOO waa
ir-ut'd in Springfield and Hartford.
SrRiniiKiKLD. \t..Jau 26. l*l>2
A Ur^o prl-l and saw mill, two inil'-s south of Centre
Village. Ppr'ugfield, Vermont. Ve!"nging to William
Gould. wa? destrajed by Cre. this morning. Insured tor
fill oO in the New Ilatupshirs Mutual, Concord,
Ba3i.<r.M*' .Jan. 27 1852
The extensive saw mills, situated at Lubec. were con
sumed by lira a day cr two since.
Bosri* Jan S7. 1962
Messrs. Bacon, Day i. Co.'s large saw mill in New Sa
lem. Worcester county; and f tnfth fc. Geralds extensive
saw and grist mill at Springfield, Vt , were consumed by
fire on Saturday last.
Owtrnge of a lirnzlllait Cruiser? Kntal
Bnrliic Uliaitcr, Ae<
Charleston, Jan 2". 18.'>2.
The schooner kidas. arrived at Savannah on Satur
day. from Rio re oris ? ?e 5ember 21st , lat. 8.40 B , Ion.
34.10 W . was boarded by the l'.rar'lian cruiser Blndora.
atd bad her papers overhauled. At parting, the cruixer
tired a slut scroei the ?? incn> r's stern
The ship Am>-ri<ts, of Wiscarsett. arrired at Savannah
on lildty. report* bavinc been run Into at night, near
. the Western Isltndf. by an unknown vemeT. which
| struck the America ou her ,oarv r cut the wh?*elhr>use
1 down to the main-deck broae er?ry ?pt,ks in the wheel,
knocked the belm?m*ii overbc&rd, and carried away
mi7. rn mast yards &-C. The heunman wai n<>t re
The buoys in D<Vy and Pi.pelio Sounls. at the
I entrance to tLt port of Urtrien b*>" been carried away f
Tlie I'ortinnU and llnllfni Knllwny.
HaLtrat. Jun 27, lifc2.
Advices (have been r?jelv< 4 from the home govern
ment to the efTct tha'. no pecuniary aid will bs given
by the f.overnK)?nt towards constructing the Halifax
Mud Port land Railway as a dist.not undertaking from
.he Halifax and Quebec road. The speedy sue ;?s* of
ihe read to Portlanl. thsr>'f"re, sill depend in no
?maU t fgree upon the action of New Brunsniok in
ngaid to the Halifax ar.d vueb-c ent?rpri?e.
A?'oUie?' Terrible Sicamiioat Kvplo^lun.
siNBira i * i iJiK j.* win ( likton? uoan of
MkmshiS. Jan 21 18f>2
The ?t<jinj>>r De tVftt Clinton from New Orleans. tjmi"d
t' i Ubury ptttirh a snacr eight m'ios l>>iow uiis city,
in the Wjtii mnt . at about 4 o'cloct P.M., sti'l sui-k
witbm t*.. All ui?s. Ii two and a half fathom* of water
Kt'n. t? ntj Me to thirty lives Were l *t, including
aii tl . tueu.Mi e\ceptoi)e.
The (dicers ar all ih> < rew except the flrenie u escap
ed and the bwiim and papers were savsd.
The ?>.?t and nr?ro will i>rove an entire loss Hhs
s ar insured in Pittsburg
K?m?U In PttUlwrg.
MOVEMENTS AM0N8 TH( WMI'NQ Ci.?'E8-7 !ti!>
Pitts boko, Jan. 27, 1362
This morning Kc?iuth visited the Alkali Work* of
Me??r? Bennett Berry i Co , it Birmingham. whose
Ik brer* bad appropriate J one week s wages to the llun
garian futd lit was addreased oa behalf of the work
men. by Christian keyrer. one of their number, who was
for many years* prisoner In Europe for manlfertiag too
much sympathy in behalf of the liberal eauae.
hocsulh reeptndrd expressing hij gratification at r.uch
movements of the workings^ n, and thanking then for
their kindness.
After inspecting the 40tia works, the Gsfernorproceed
ed to a large, unlinished foundry In ths neighborhood
where were assembled a large concourse of to* citizens
ot Birmingham.
Dr Kerr here addressed K<seuth, on behalf of the
.Birmitgham Association of friend* of Uungary. anl
prrrented l ira with a handsome sum. the avails of the
crpatirat ion
Kossuth, after returning thanks for the donation. and
briefly r*n arking upon the oause he picads. olo.ted with
an expostulation to &l! present . to testify their sympathy
in tbe same practical manner.
i At the clofe ot his address, a workman named Irerltt.
] frrui the Icc'i factory of Me."-rs Udward* Morris,
came upon the stand, and in a brief but trn'y eloquent
and thrilling address. Informed the Governor that his
hk ( ciutes had this morning come toother and ruideup
a puree of material aid which wou'.i t>e handed in by the
c< mmittee, who had *eut hiu o??r to make known their
| art*
Kitsuth received this demonstration with much mo j
Urn r?p??trdly grasping the hard and blatkened Mind
( f ih^ hi rest laborer, who had eeldently laid dowa his
, fcan-mer bat for the moment and appeared in hij work- j
1 It g garb The OcTeruor ccmmen led warmly the spirit
exblbited by those e?as of toll who, too in luetrious to j
! *a' ;? their tin* in idl? curicslty, made up their oiferiog ;
; to the cause ot freedom and sent their associate to lay !
' it upon th? altar, whl!e they continued at the labor
: wliirh had furnL-bed the m?ans cf their liberality.
| This afternoon Ko suth m*t the clergy in the t'ura
| fcerlat d Presbyterian Church. and *a<s addressed, on
i tteir bibaif b> Re* Dr. Magill
The tiovernor s reply was exceedingly appropriate?
I full tf art wal of principles, and beautiful combinations
; of il e inilnencf j of civil and religious liberty, asinsepar
; able companions.
I 8uh**quettly, J {'. '>augban. F.*q . of Cleveland. pre
sented Ki ssuth an inrltation to riait that city. In the
course of fcls really fine speech, h? assured hiui that th
people of Olio. and of the whole West, were prepared to
require tfce United States government to declare und in- j
cist upon the di^ctrine of non-intarvention of oue poire; j
in the d' me tin concerns of another
Koeeutb. after thanking Mr Yau^hanfor the inrita
tioa n< h.s remarks accompanying it said, "my bej |
answer to tou Is J wiligo."
The meeting thea closed with the apnetolio b?ne
dictii n.
Sfiijior lit liOitl.slanit.
N; v? Oklfans, .i au 2d. ISftJ.
.1 1*. Benjamin (whig) was elected a State Senator at
Batcn liouge. to day.
(Another despatch states that the whig members cf
the Legislature, in cauous, bad nominated Mr. Benjamin
as tbi-ir candidate for United States Senator, in place of r
Mr Downs, (dun.) whoje term will expire in ISC;:. Tlie |
election wss to take place on the 26th and it possible :
that Mr Benjamin may have been eleoted a United
Slates Senator instead of a State Senator ]
Tike Syracuse llescue Case.
Alh4.iv Jan. 20, 1852
The Couit met this morning at half put nine o'clock.
?l< shea A Spencer, for government. concluded his
speech and wae replied to by D n. mills, fer defendant.
The motion to quash was then, after a few remarks
frcm General Bye, for the defence, submitted to tbe
Judge, and the court adjourned, to consider its decision,
until Friday morning.
SiUooner Milton Abandoned? Crew Sick.
PaoTint.ni e, Jan 27 1)162.
The bark Georgia. Capt. Allen, arrired at Newport 1
iast eight, reports falling in with, en the 23d Inst., in
lat. 37. loa. 72, the schooner Milton, of and for Balti- ,
wore, from Kingston, Jamaica, leaking badly and crew
oil sick. The Georgia took ofT the cap-ain and crew,
and brought them Into Newport The Milton was par
tially Icadtd with cc'Jee. pimento, and old oopper
Wbeu abandoned she had four feet of water In her
Steamboat Kxploalon? (earthquake.
Lot'iiTii.LE, Jan 27, 18f'J
It has been ascertained that only two firemen were
scalded at the explosion of the steamer P. Miller, acd
that no lives were lest.
A flight shock of an earthquake was felt yesterday.
Statistics of Western Hog Parking. j
Ci>cihn\ti. Jan. 27. 1852
The P, icf Current has compiled it- usual statement of i
hrgs packed in the West. Keturns from two-thirds of ;
the packing points, including all the principal places. |
give a total number ot 9?0 61o, against 1.081 CJ7 la-t i
year. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky ehow an aggregate
ineiease of 34 ?00. In this city. 562 000 bare been p?-k
ed. s^aini-t CC5 (00 !a<-t year
Meteorological Observations.
e? Mohst's TELL<>u.\rH. orrict. 1? wail btrkkt.
Ti'ksdat, Jan. 27, 1862.
Hi i >h o. 19 A 11 ?Barometer 'J9.0c2. Thermometer
'>i Wind west an-i fky cloudy. It is a mild morning.
8 P. M --Barometer 25.02 Thermometer 00. It is
cloudy but very pleasant. Tiie sleighing is beautliul.
I'o< id ?i m. 10 A M. ? The wind Is west, and we hare
a clonily ???? "iug ^i(h light snrw t-uliuir Ibermone
ter 18.
8 P. M --It bus been a floe day. and about tbe right
temperature to be comfortable fhe wind is went. Ta?r
A( n('R!<. 10 A. M.? A fine, pleasant moraing. though
SMmcwh.it cloudy at.d light wind from south weit. Ther
mometer 24.
S p il --It has been a mild asd pleasant day. The
snow melted considerate. Thermometer 10.
Si an i sr. 10 A H ? It is a pleasant morning, si.d
wiiidwtst Therm- meter -6.
H P. M ? V bs* been a pleasant day It thawed some
Wina north cf west. Thermometer 27.
Um a 10 A. M ?The weather is cloudy and wind west.
Theuui lutter US.
8 P. M ? It has ceen a cloudy and inlld day. Wind
east The. mom* ter Lti.
Ai san> 10 A. v ? it is i clear and beautiful mnrn'ng
i but somewhat colder. Wind northwest. Thermometer
10; barometer 20.610; mercury 60.
t- P. M ?it has been uluudy and somewhat oolder to
day Wind northwest. Thermometer -9. Barometer
29 SCO. Mercury 77.
Ti ov. 10 A. il.? Xheimometer 8, and wind north. It
is clear and br ght.
8 P. M ?It lias been a pleasant day, but rather cloudy.
Thermometer 27. Wind west.
Ci*? The thaw continues, and the rirer has
tifen eight inches since last erening. It now measures
thrte feet eight inches.
Lot iivii li:.? The weathar Is mi'der. though ths ri?er
is -'ill frozen orer. It will probably be a week or ten
day r before navigation is resumed.
Court Calendar for This Day*
Cia< < it Cult.t ? Nos. 160, 153, 18#, 1S7, lSt'. to, sad
Including, 169 k:.
Bitrimp. Co I rt.? Erf cial Ti.e>i.? Adjourned to Satur
U -in* o Staiks Disirii t Oocst ?Nos. II, 110. 12, to
B pihioh Cot aT.? Thul T>rm.? (Two branches)?
: Nod. 187. 2C3, 204. 29, 16-3. 17. 96. 171. 85. 48 212 214,
I 217, 218. 219, 220. 2S2, 228. 225. 228, 231. 22i. 6. 0, 146.
2(9. 47. 22, 193. 194, 46, 237, 208, 239.
Ti riDAY, Jm. 27? 6 P M
B?i Arm kk?. ? Flour moved to thi> extent of #,000
bbls. superfine Caradian at >4 60: ordinary to choice
State, and common to good Southern, at $4 62,'i a
f 4 81 with mixed to fancy Western at (4 G8 '? a
; M 87 >4 \<tt bbl.- the former prices .Buok wheat flour
seemed firm at $2 1 'Jf-i a $2 87 't per 100 lbs. ban There
wss nothing of moment done in rye ftour, corn meat,
I wheat or rye. 600 liuslifls two rowed barley were ob
tained at 7Pc., and several lot? of domestic oats at 4t a
40c? a reduction. Western mixed ceru was held at
'Or., without ( bangs.
Conox.? The galea to-day were 1.000 bales, at a decline
t of oneeichth of a cent rince th<* advices by the steamer
were received.
I Fbewhts.? The America's letters still l>#infr behind,
< engagements for Liverjiool were light, embracing some
> ?00 or 600 bales of cotton at 3-lfd.; 1 000 bbla. rosin at
! Vd . and some flour at Is. though l&d. was asked for
! more There was no alteration in ratee to London. 260
a ?C0 tierces rice were engaged for Hamburg at 25s. A
vessel was chartered to load at Charleston for a Baltic
port, and another to load at the same place for Antwerp;
both on private terms. For Havre. cotton was steady
at cne half of a cent. There was no alteration to notloe
for California.
Pnewsioss were more sought after, and the sales
amounted to 250 bbls prime aaU mesa pork at old rates;
*30 pkgs pickled shoulders and bams atfi' a 7c. and
8 a Br ; 2.000 city cured bams at Be.; 100 bbls and l.">0
ke<s prime lard, at 0'4 a ' ,o. and lie per lb 100 bbls.
prime and mess beef at unchanged figures, and 1.000
tierces prime mess do., at fl6 60, respectively, Ohio
| an<l State butter continued actire. at 12 a I9c ; and fair
| to choice cheese, at 6 'i a 7 '<c per lb
Telegraphic Iteporla.
Nr.n ??>?? t ? ????. Jso 2 ". 1862.
! The America's news was publixhed tills afternoon.
| lis character was unexpectedly bad but the ellect on
the cotton market is not yet developed.
Ctusi ) rrON, Jan 26. 1812
The sales of cotton to day have reached '.>00 bales, at
6:i a 8^(c. The America's news ha., depressed the
In Brooklyn on Tuesday January ?0, by the Rev Mr.
Oiiss. theinier, At i .'.iils W Bjoi:?maj? to MiseJtsTMA
On .lanuai) 27. by the Rev. II. 8 Carpenter Aium* II.
(?si.r. K !"<[.. of this city, toMaaosat t tin siio*, daughter
OS John Timmpson, Ei((.. of .famnira I.. 1.
In Tsllnha.'se, Florida on .lauuaty It*, by the Jt*v Mr. j
Hume, tii saN II . second daughter of the II'. u Wiillam
I) Woseley. to Jum h ill ? <>> of the city <?f Biooklyu
N. Y.
On TusrJsy mornirg. .January 27, *t ba'f past 2 i
o'clock Mis. Cok'-m ? C Ci.a? k in the ;*,a >eat of ner I
I he friends ar.rt icf| '1?intapc?r. "f the family and alsa
the uiembrrs of Hanct k Ohapte tin li O (J. A . and
New Y? ik < bspter. No ". t nited I> <u(tr.<-is of America,
are r?sj,ect fully invittd to atteiid funeial. tn ii'>r
rrw. at 12 o'olook. from h i .ale r ? id-are No ,K n> *Trtt |
Tw?nty "evKtith street, withe at turibt : Invitation
Newark aol Pbl>a J'jlphut f.*p*rs pletrt* sopy
On Tuesday evening, January 17 Miaumir O'Bairi*
o! New u?r Ji*t county Jot k Ireland, age-l 30 yenrs
i Urr Irieadg uml a.><|uetalaao?e aoJ tUote of her
brrtberi. Timothy. I'ufick. tu llinbard. are respect-*
I fully re'H'.entcJ iu at Unit her funeral, firnu the r*?ld?Gce
of Ler 'jiotbfr W i i,(n No. ll? Eleventh scr-et. at I
o'clock lit* r win b? tuKin to Calvary clustery,
for Interment.
dork jap*- s ?.;? copy
On Jui.uary 'JO. Klmik*. intent daughter of Samuel
1 ?id himlr* \un Betiechot* n aged 1 year 4 months and
II da;*
The nlfttisef and friend* of the family are invited to
attrcd ber funeral. this day. at 3 o'clock, trom the
reside tee of Iter fattier, No. ?0 Lawrvnoe street. Brook
j ljn.
Ol> Sunday. Januaiy 26 after a Unerring illness Jaws
h.-m. a native of ecotlHod, for many years a resident ot
tbi> city, a?ed 44 year" - month* aud 16 'lays.
lhe friends aud a"<tuain*anrea of the family are
respectful!) invited to attend his funeral, this
morning at lo o'clock, trom his l*te residence. No. 1W?
heft Twenty fii^t street. Uu remains will be taken to
Trinity Cemetery.
Suddenly, on Monday moruing January 28. Thomas 8.
| IldLl !>(.?? ?K1 II.
His relations aud friend.' are re(jue?led to attend tale
fniierai ficm bio late reMdeuce, No 04 Allen street,
tltif iuornin?;. at IS o'clock.
In Cornwall. Oranje cousty N. Y , ou January IS,
gtiii'it. 11 rus. a#e<l 81 years
OlM ai'.et fever, C'n ii turn Maria, daughter of Jarnea
K and lleleD Conner aged 4 years and 10 montns.
Her funeral will take place this day, at 2 o'clock, from
No 247 West Seventeenth street.
POUT Of NKW YOKE, JAN 27, 1362
Pipanuj .p Alia, Judklns, Liverpool, X Canard. Jr.
Bark Elpti.aatonc ( Br) T1:sro?n. London, W F Bohmlil.
Bark Lepaiito. Bewail, Charleston, Dottlh b Oo.
Bark Maria Morton, Buckley, (savannah, Ueaull b Co.
Blig Elvira. Hunt, Cardenas. A W Jones.
Brig Hwan. Pisree, Bermuda, Netmlth & Sons.
Br>g Jobn Johnson Johnson, Charleston, Fuaoh b Msinoke.
Brig Standard (Br), Bnioe, Sholb.irne, J II Brains.
Bohr Frederick lteed, Raoe, Antigua. be, J T White b Co.
Fchr ? U Nseh, White. Jaoksonvllla. Brolt, Vote b Oo.
Bohr Asa Flak, Gates, Mobile, Eagle b Qatar!.
trohr J 8 Burnet, Kin*, Norfolk. O A Gamble.
Sohr Geo WasblngUn, Brady, Norfolk, Van Brant b
Sohr Men Cais, Millr r. Boston, R W Trendy.
8chr Mlas Wright, Johnson, Botton, K W Tmndy.
Bchr Plymouth Book. Lacy, Boston, Dayton b Spragua.
Steamer Josephine, Morrison, South Amooy, J b N Bright.
Jfith? Phiy 8 1 Austin (not 8 laustin), Moss, Galveston, J
11 Brewer b Co.
BWstrthip Vlorida, I.yon, Bavannah. 63 hours, to 8 L
Mltchiil. 1 aetcd in the river Jan 24. sohr Midas, Hagadom,
45 days from Bio; 2tlth, SAM, lat 37 13. exchanged signals
with aU'smsbip Alabama, hcuce fur Savannah.
Sttamtnir Southerner, Foster, Charleeton. 62 hours, with
mdse, to Bfoflord, Tiletf n & Co Tuesday, 8 A M, 15 miles
8 ct dandy Ur ok, pasted ship Sullivau, and 2 ships unknown,
litund in; Sunday, li TM, SU miles N * of Cape Lookout,
passed a steamer boond N.
SMp Tairtti'ld. Lovcland, Chatloston. Jan 16, with cotton,
be, to C UuLklcy.
Ship Impiro (new. 1272 tons), Tborndlke, TUomaslon, in
ballast, to Foster b Mokerton.
Bark A O Hill ('I BoeVcn), Curtis, Newport, W, 60 days,
with KK iron, to W T Weld, ot Boston. 11a* expsrlonoed
continued westerly nrlcs during the passage.
Bark Commodore, Williams, 1'alormo, 72 days, with le
mons. be, to order.
Bark George Leslie, Sleeper, Apalaohioola, 19 day*, with
cotton, to master; it at anobor in the lower bay.
Bark Mary Broughton. Trier, New Orleans, 23 days, with
mdse, to crdor; is at anchor in the lower bay .
Brig Bremen (Brom), Hooper. Bremen, u6 days, with mdse
and 66 passengers, to Beeb b Knnhardt.
Brig Deteo (Mex), Prats, Campeaohy, 34 days, with log
wood, to i: Ihebaud.
Brig Jobn Alfred, Moor, Attakapas, with molasses, to Peok
b Lyman. Has been ashore at Hog island, and was got off
by Capt Tilyou. agent of the boatd of underwriters; was
towod up b' steam tug Jaoob Bell.
Brig Clinton, Walker. Bavannah, ft days, with ootton, be,
to G ttulkley.
Brig Herntlo, Kemptcn. Savannah, 8 days, with cotton,
bo, to master; is at anchor in the lo ver bay.
Sohr Reindeer, Cathcart, Attakapas, 16 days, with sugar,
bo, to C P Leverteh.
Bchr Sophy Collir a He pbarn, Kdentsn, NC. M days.
?ebr Meosenrer. Adens. frtderiokeburg, Sdays.
Bchr C P W illiams. Folkenberc, Virginia. .Idays.
>ohr David Hale. Edwards, Virginia, 3 days.
Sebr Wm L: e Tinlay. Virginia 2 days.
Sohr Segulne. Bwaine, Baltimore. 1 days.
Sbip Sullivan, from Cbarisstoa.
Bark Geo A HtU. from .
Bark Clifion. from .
Alto, 1 ship and 2 brigs, unknown.
Ships Middlesex, Parme:ee, New Orleans Saratoga. Trask,
Liverpool; barks Texas, Livermore. Savannah; N H Wolfe,
i'orterfietd. New Orleans; Jasptr, Hasty, Charleston; Z P
Brown, Brown. Marseilles; Marv B Kendall, Talman. Genoa;
trigs Excel. Talman. Havana an; Tybee, Ferguson, Charles
ton; and others. Wind at tunriso, N; .at meridian, do; at
tunttt, 8W; plenty ot dritt ioe.
RETVRnrn? The propeller Ontario, henee for Boston, via
Sandy Hook, returned yesterday afternoon to the olty for re
pairs, having, wben tO Fire Island, eligbtly disabled the
starboard engine. She will probably sail again to-day.
Capt George D Wite, ot sbip Chaeoa, returns his sinsere
thanae to the eommander of the C 8 steamer Fulton, for his
prompt aid in towing his sbip from sea to Quarantine; hit
crew bting teveroly rrc it bitten.
f Per Stkavship America. at B'utom 1
Av?teiu>am, Jan 6? Arr Tweelingen Dam At Wiloo, Wil
i itington, M.
ais.oa B*\ , Not 12? Art Ocean Wave. Lewis. Boston Bert
vl* Table nay and was in fort Pec 1).
l)ti -vir r i i At !?>, Jan S? Art Julias. N Orleans.
Bt I i am' .Ian 7? bid Mila. Uargarieh. NYork.
Bon kai?, Jin 4? Bid Admittance. Harrison. Sau Fran
<iteo; Hadivs, Pislingtiam. NOrleans; 6th, Amelia. NYerk;
it!). Ametira Thortdtn, do.
Ad*. C!su<" rae, Charles and Caledonia, for NOrleans;
k'n:Tve. arJ Criando, lor NYork; Senegal, for do and
Chariest- *i 1* r TRi?'.a, )..r l*liltad?lphia.
Csatu'i-v, Jan ('?811 Ei. lerrrtac, Williams, Wilming
ten. Nt.
Ci vfr Jan 6? Arr E 7., Hartshorn, NYork;7th, Harmonia,
i'satcst, oo. HdOth. Achillea, Morris, NOrleans.
In the Clyde Id*. Amelia, and fcl <a, fur Boston; Glasgow
(v). lor NYork; Kobena, do.
I>KAi.. Jan! ? Arr Lady Arabella, Gray. London for New
fort. Jt; Mary h Jane, Cowtll, Antwerp lor N York.
Gi.anoow, Jan 6? Sid I'eruvian, Mahoney, Cnarioston;
Californi.v Gall, N Orleans.
(JiisoA, Jan I? aid Oroximbo. Protumo, NOrleans.
11 Ann it h, Jan?? Sid Fredk Warren, Cottre'.l (trom Yar
month. h&?ine reebippod rudder), London. Tne atoamcr
v bleb had her in tow put in Cth lorluel. and was detained oy
SW blow nntll 8th.
Havre, Jr.n C? Arr Admiral, Bliffem. NYorV; 7th. Rhine,
Har ward, Nurlcai.e; Napoleon, Hunt, Charleston. Bid 5th,
Maid otOrlesi a. Dennis. NOrleans
Adv, Empeicr, lor Boston; Manchester, Lexington, and
lllddlef-x. for NOrleans; Havre, Win Tell, and Humboldt
Biitoit, Jan S? Art Victoria, Watlington. Baltimore.
Livi rn-ooi . Jan 5? Arr Niagara. Smith. NOrleana (not N
York): 7th, Gen Lunlap, Skoiiicld; Metoka, Eldridge, and
Anna Dorothea, MoKcntie. NOrleana; Sou tk Carolina. Ban
ford, Mr bile; Excelsior. Crocker, M\ ork; Sth, Triton, Smith,
Charleston; 9th, I niverae. Bird, NYork.
Cld 6th, Edinburg. Blair, Hobile and NOrleana: 7th, Levi
Wocdbnry. Nickoreon Beaton; Irene. Robinson; Qneen
mare, Driscoll, and Atia, Kenxedy, NOrleana; ?th, t/aeen of
the It eat, Hallett. N Vork; Lnsy L Hale, Thomas, Baltimore.
In the river out* ard bonnd 10th, Henry She 1 ton, Allen, for
Rio Janeiro; John n Jarvia, Rich, and Aaia, Mo Anley, NOr
leana; Elisabeth Brure. Brown, Mobilo, John Bell. Keaao,
tavannah; Gen Parkhill, M'Kown, Charleston; 8haokatnaion,
Wtst, Philadelphia; Constellation, Allen; Iiaae Wright.
Furter, and Harvard, lane, NYork (the Utter having aid
Sth and put back bth with loss ol sails).
Adv, Eurcpa (s), Lett, lor Boston 21th; Geo II alls t,
Ilowca, do 13th; f tail rdthire, Brown, do 20th; Clarissa Cur
rier, Kcarp, do l'eb S (in Train's line), Anna Riob, Bnrwoll,
sr.d Manila, Gray, do with despatch; Niagara (s). Stone, for
N York 17th; Paciiic (s). Nye, do 2Sth; Princeton, Russell,
and Cet'inttor, Boutelle. do llth; Gartiek. Goedmanson, do
12tL; M-mtexoma, De Cenrey, do 16th; Kossuth. Bell, do
loth; Jacob A Weetervelt, Hoodlets, do list; Philadelphia,
Fanlke, ai d W est Point. Allen, do 36th; Columbia, Beyer,
do Fob 1; H ml'enn, Pool; Niagara^ Smith; I niverse. Bird;
Richard Morse, Perrv; Oocan Queen, Mathews, and Pelloan
State, Mankon, do with despatch; City of Glasgow (e), Wy
lie. for Philadelphia Feb 4; Wyoming. Dunlevy. do 12th last;
Narragansctt, Edmonds, do with deapateh; Philena, Uerbctk.
lor Baltimore 11th; Abbott I.ord. Enowlss, do 14th; Glenbnrn,
Kami son. do 20th; Flora, Ilayies, for Savannah I3tb; Al
eyone. Webster, do with deepatoh; Westmoreland, Deoan,
tor NOrleans T 1th ; Oiympna, Wilson, and Arthnr. Talbot,
do Kith; Chimera, Bangs, and Josiah Bradlee, Manalield, do
18th; Fc rost King. Hatborn, do ?11; Shirley, Hiler, do 34 kh;
Fanny, Bennett; Lapland. Simpson, and Hartley, Morrill, do
With tiesfateh
Ent lor Idg 6th, Christiana, for Rt Marks, Fla: Oiympna. N
Orleans; 7th. Lney Anne, Owen, do; Chas Mallory. Parkor,
Rio Janeiro; Htn, Sardinia, Pendleton, NYork: Dauntless,
Charleston; Portland, Apalacbioola; Josiah Bradlee. ana
Forest King, N Orleans; Dtb, Clyde, Savannah; Mary Caro
line. Mobile.
Also in poitldglOtb, Delphos, Crewsll, for Boston; Hum
pi, rev Furintou. l'tlnee, > York: S V Given, Given, Philst
deipnla; Ecunebec, Smith, and Queen of the Weak, Morse, N
I.oni o*, Jan 7? Est inward, BUeam, Williams, from Alex
Cld 6th. Philah. fleam, Cardiff and NYork; 8th, John
I.aird. Sweetman. Falkland Islands and SFranoisce; White
S iuall, Gooduin, NYork. In ballaak.
In port Mh. Junius, Cooper, for Bottom 11th; Charles, An
flrews, **4 HsTblkger, Davison, for do, ldg; Roman, Putnam,
or Phantbae. abt ready; Oriental, Palmer, for Hong Kong
andlCanton L'tb; M Evans. Pratt, tor NYork i::tn; Oeean
Queen, Donne, do SStta; P Henry, Hubbard, and Christiana.
[ litDiinond, for do, ldg.
Map <ETf i.r?, Jan 3-Arr J Oaring, Wheeler, NYork; Aa
mlrable Colombo, do; 4th, Gambia, RaokleK, aid Oreton,
Houdlette, do.
In pott Sth, Turk. Harding, for Boston, ldg; Rapid (Sw),
for do do; Henry, Clark, for NOrleans, do; Mtteor, and Pri
mus, for N York, do.
Noam Pons i anu, Jan ?? Off, Thoi Church, Martin, from
London for NOrleans.
NrwionT, Jan ft? Arr Algoma, Anthony, Olonooster, to
load for City Point; Commerce, Henry, do to load for
PoR-rsMurTii, Jan 8? Bid Hendrik Hudson, Warner (from ,
London), N York, but rut baokHth, wind BSW, blotting hard. ,
Pl.t atorTH, Jan 6? Art Marsden, Cardiff for Warning- j
ton, NC.
Tii i . below Bristol, Jan 6? Abeona, for NOrleau.
Qukekstow.n, Jan d? Arr American, Lawson, Callao.
hoTTERi'Aw. Jan 5? Angellqoe, Samuels, for NYork. ready. '
SoviM k on k t a i?u, Jan Of, an Am ship irom the West- :
Swaisaci, Jan S? Off, Ansa Tift, Rets, irom London for
Tafi.k Bay, CQH. Nev 23? Arr Cynthia. Piammer, N
York (and was in port Dec 1, bd to Singapore K
Liv A-RFoot., Jan ?? It blew very hard last night from the
Woetward, and this morning it tlewround to N# and WN W
still blowiug a gale, with heavy squalls, but is drawing more
to the Northward this afternoon and moderating.
6th? The 8t George, for NOrleans, haa put baok witk loss
af matn;ard.
6i)i? The Fonth Carolina, from Mobile, in attempting to
enter tbo Coi:ingwood Doek, ran against tlie pier and stove
her bows.
7th? The Aoadian. of Arlohat, from Bedeme for NYork,
was abandoned In a tinting soudition, Dso lfi. tat 3", Ion iil;
crew takes elf by tbo Hen Dunlap, arrived here.
II.e KlrklanO. Cook, tor Klo Janeiro, has put bask from
Bekun.aris to discharge, haviug bean driven from her aaobors
at that r'sce In a I osi y gale Irom h W last ni^ht.
BrAi vAum Jan 4 The liark ridir* at anchor in I'enmon
Botds i? leyorted to be the kirklaud, Iron Liverpool for
Klo Jan- no (as above).
Teic^i >i>>iir Olsirliic il?pori<s.
Boston, Jan 77.
AftlVi d Jlnrk Rraana, Lfghorn; I. rigs John Datton, Car- ;
dona*; Kdea.Cnrauoa, Etisaui Jacks <nville lor New York; I
t lira K W I'ai Ui r, Ca o llaytlcn, Luoy Jaue Rapp*nan
tioi k iihtp T B Walls, Liverpool.
Bolow? nark Pars.. a and i.ng Africa.
Clei -at- Chips Tosa?: n, Ndrluui p; Fortitude, doi harks
Glybii, Philf.dei|hls; L,o?tl|, do; brig* Meilord. Park au
i rlr.ee; / bby Jooe^, Hegna; eohee <r.ogono, .lacmel J A
< ook. i ? t>.re>; W v ?it*, ?t Jag>: l,eo, fe hans.tou; (
t.n. #ilm ugtoe, NC,
Ouani ESTOw, Jan M.
Arrived? Dav brig Ttlta, K Yerk.
Ponn.Afii, Jan 4>. \
A'ritud -hobr lit 1 .tfon, Wilmington. NC f?r B iltjn, ?eanl I
eov.ntd w it h ire ai t e'uw fr*at bitt n,
( atcd- N w Isatk Vo' jnM* ? ,
I XJ cent*. Betu in <;rtb-etr? Bo*es. 6l>?*t>ts B'.'or' open
at 6>4; curtain rites at 7 o'cl' ok. Besoht ol Meur J Uoar K
I F T?y!?r. A?i Ma?t?r K I coy Vidicidn ?veuln?. Jm
-5 w Is be perOrTt-1 MTI'Stt AM. 1 1ll LSI hl'EH? Mah
uiuud Al: )ir Kenet; k.'tiiap**, b r Cau> -e ru. Urd
b.-isdlet r wbis~, t .9 drama entitlod P4UI OLIf.
FOHL? PaulO'.'T'id M Goodall. Mr Augustus Torn Una .n,
Mr. Griffith K; KJutri i'~pi*r, Mi. Stevens; Squire Brao
dca. Mr. Bowt> liUf* Ortiuou Mr? l'\rkir Mr? Margery
I.obt n*. Mil 11 F (inUu; l.ady BK~kb<r? Mjs. l eommi.
To cvot'.udo ?ilk Ikl yl-'AEN Of TU* (. Hdit CaYS.
orsa at 6 .?* ; to bcg>n a; 7 o'ohok. P-cm I'irc'.o aad F.it
quet, 60 ocnts, 3-.ioa3 Tier, 2f o-nis. P,-i*?;? B :?*;?, $Si
Orchestra Seats, IS cont* M sdn -day tcmaji. J an
will be playid th-i comix opera or VMii KKL'.A ; or. Th?
Fair; and tha Litt.V Olas> fl'i ;>er? Ban 11 Co'upoligr>M^nte
flttco, Mr. B Piaaidt tiilix, Mr lioluan Alidoro. Mr. Kst
Pedro. Mr. Btirtca, JDxndinl, Mr. Mey?r; Cinderella M.?j
Mary Taylor Clericda, Mra. Blake TbUbu. Mr* Uolnun:
Fairy Queen, Mias J Iliil. Proviaus 10 wMoh, klit Isneol
fOPPlNO THE l/l ESTlON-tfr ?fmr<d?. Mr. Blak;:
i d? srd Blm'sWa, Mr Levere; Mine Bi'Jm. Mr. tf'aka.
National thkaTkx, oHaTuam ttTKUtCT.-isooRS
opea at6 >{; curtain ruea at 7 o'clock Dr>aa Circle anl
Boxes, 21 ceauj: Pit. 12X cants; Otohestra Tickets. Ninratc
Private Box Tioktts, (1. Muduesnay evenia*, Jan. 8*. the
p?iTotDi?nces ?iil eonmenoe with 311&M>Y M Ut'lKt
Misndy UcGniic, Mr. B. MiKiam.i. M*ry O'Connor. Mr*. B.
M il inxa To be fallowed by the dram* of THE PII.URIM
. OF LUVE-l'at, Mr B William* Mr B>:dsr, Mr C- Taylor:
>aucT. Mis B. Williami Ati?T wii h tho oa ji^dy ul OOCT- !
SIN JUJl? Cousia Joe . Mr Fr ?; Margery. Mrs B Williatae. I
To coaduie ?:t!i the 1'KISKl UUUBLKK? J?i k ^oo:zle,
Mr fix Dam M ax. Mr. Mareti. kimoia, Miai I.udiam.
Manager and Preprietoy: John Oreeawuod. Jr., Ae*iat
ant Manner. Admi^eioa tothctttir? Mumuh and perform- 1
I ances, 25 oentt; ehlldreu cnoer ten rears. 1-H oetite: Par
. que*. 12X oeats extra. Mr*daceda>. Jan. 2H. Altornoon, at
:! e'oiosk, tbe moral. amnainK and t opi'lar piece of <v VV1TK
! FOR PALF AN HOIIk. To be lul!ow>.d by t:.o I'aai' e ton<'- 1
| dv of MAJOR JONES COl'RTSlilP. Eirenins. at 7 o'eloe*.
\ will he presented the famous ten.per.iroe dr?m?. prepared
' from C'raikihank'i great tableau! entitled TUK BOTTI.E- 1
{ Thornlej.Mr. Clarke; Mra. Thornley, Miaa Me^ttyer. Ait<3t
! which, the laash?ble farce of the DOl'Hl.K BKbDILD ROOM.
1 The Chinif? Beauty and the Cliineic Fimily of aix pvraons:
, t!ie Kob-l-noor Dlamand; the Bappy family; the Chinese go
; roltiie, (to.. Sit., visible at almoat all hours.
J <72 Breadway, above Oram) street. ? Open evc.y oUtht
dnrin.* the week until further noMoa. The erlxiaal and well
known Christy's Minstrels, oomprtslng an effloient and ver
satile "eorps of "talented" and "cxporlenoed perform jfs," ,
nnder the manaiement of X. P. Christy, whose oonosrts Ik
this city, for a sucsoislon of "tWe years, ' have been receive!
with favor by highly rospentable and fashionable andi??o?s
Tickets, IS cents. Doore oi eu at 6 V> and will commcr oe a* j
1W o'olouk. The patrons of Chrlsts d Minstreli aro rcjpeot 1
fully informed thai the Saturday afternoon concerts are dla 1
?ontlnucd. On Saturday next, January 31st, aanuai bene- 1
fit of X. H. Pierce. |
Whs or ras uitt, aroi^ki-losk not a !
moment.? Bend jut conaundrums immediately, to .
Jo! lie's Mcsic Store ? Dnpreoedealed induoemenl? Croat 1
oontest of wit.? Professor Anderson, rrateful for the im- |
mense patronage bestowed npon him during hi* sojourn of ,
alxteen weeks :n New York, resptctfully announces that hi? :
Bene'Jt will ?aks plaoe at the Metropolitan (laU Tripler) 1
Hall on Friday, Februarys, on which occasion, as a momtato 1
of his gratitude, he will present to the inventsrs of the two !
best original Conundrums, (beini a lady acd gentleman )- to ;
the first, a rioh Massive Silver Breakfast and Tea Service, I
?alue $?*'; to th? second, an elegant large Silver Pitoher, :
and two Ooblsts. value J.J30. to be decided by a dl'"i - 1
terested jury ot thirteen, selected from a 'id by tli* I
audience. The prlxos are now on oxhibltion in the win
dow of Messrs. Ball. Black h Co., corner of Murray street
and Broadway. Full details ol' tho plan ol arrangements
will be found in bills specially prepared, and oan be had at
the Hall, or at Jollieu's Musis Store. :XW Broadway, where
places may be securcd for this great event, on aad alter \
Monday next. Waste not a moment In acquainting your- <
selvos of all the partioulars. Oct bills at once. The prizes ,
are worth trying for. Prof. A performs every tveaiug-, also f
on Thursday aad Batnrday afternoons.
kinil; tenpercd the use ol bis theatre tar tko B
the indigent Solditr* and Widows et the Veteran
the W ii of 1811, '13, and '14, thure will be a gran*
Thursday evening, Jan. 29, on whloh occasion a r
did varietv ot entertainments will be offered, com' riding all
th? great dramatic and musical talent in the city. r. i'od
worth ha* kindly volunteered the gratuitous sor a _?! his
oelebtated Band on this occasion. P. 8 -The u> ili viy aro
particular requested to nnlte with ns on thli oooasion, and
appear is tuU uniform.
Capt. A .lONES.
Lieut. WM. rAVLOR,
l.ieut. WM. H.M LI KK,
full particulars wiU bo duly announced.
every evfnin* Open at 7: commence at #: also, on
lhursday and baturday afternoons, at 3 Notice.- -Arrange
nu-nts made i with sohoolj to attend onj 1 hnrsd \y and
Saturday afternoons, notice and negotiations for *nich to
be made at the Ha!i at least one day before. N.B.? There
will bo a Rreat event? on a most gorgeous and macnittceiit
stale? shortly. Tor Professor Anderson's Tarewoil N ight,
sco blllj.
shipping. ~~ ~~
V/ near via Southampton.? 1 he United 8tktes Mail *H*m
ship WASHINGTON. 0. W. Floyd, commander, will sail
for Bremen, touching at Southampton. to{land tin mails i
and passengers for England and France, on Saturday. I
January 81, from Pier No. :< North river. An exterienocd
?vrgeon is attached to the ahip. All letters must paw ?
thronth the post offioe. Specio delivered in llavre and Loa
Aon. For rassaio or freight, apply to
MOLLER, SANDdi R1ERA, Agents. 28 South street.
Tickets? For Chagres an J San Juan, <li eel? The i
new and splendid steamship ClTlf OF Nr. W YORK. B. C. '
Baxter. Cemmauder. buili in tho strongest manner, havlug ,
superior eabin and steerage accommodations. v ill (e*ve her
pier No. o, N?rth River, on Saturday, F?b. 7th, for tin .
above named ports. For freight or pass*,;*, apply to Pal
mcr & 'Jo , SO Bioadwav, or
B. S. HAIGHT, No 7 Battery Place.
% day and evening.- Between the hours of A M and 1J,
in the morning; and t> P. M. and 10 P. M. In th? evening, at:
pirions suffering with pain, or maimed, or orippLa. t>?
Khtumatism. Neuralgia, Swelled Joint*. Spraim, strains'
Laiocness. are invited ?o call at the Mod'oal Offio?. 16 Ful
ton street, and have Rauway's Ready Kslitl appliod In r.ll
oaits where the Rcliet dee* not stop'he pain in live csin.-tcs,
or lets, no charge will be rattde. Advioe gratis. A rerniat
Phyiiclan in attendance, charge mado for medioino fmlv
Price 2i> oe&ts, Su cents, and $1 l or bottle. Poisons wi -hiu*
to purchase this <iuiek and marvellous remedy out of town,
or (>( DruL-.vi.tH. will ask for KAT) WAV'S Ready Relief.
our*, those obstinate, protraotod, half-onrod, and
patched op oases that have baffiod the skill of the most exp
rienood, and sueh as escape from Ignorant medical protend
ers. Strangers are apprized that tbisoitjr abounds with ?pe -
eial empyrioM protenders, nnder fictitious names, win a
French pronunoiation, who make extravagant promise of
quick oures. Stranger*, beware of these ecu named doo*i re.
Dr. 0. has received a regular mcdioal education, and 'in*
tonfined himself to an of&oe practice for the last twenty- 'ite
rears, at hi* present >Bea, No. II Ann stroai.
? trees may be ocnauited confidentially on tho tiea;
meat cf dulloate diseases. Twenty-one yeara praoileo en*
tie# Dr. C. to perform speedy and peraanont euros, and r?
oent cum removed In a few day*. Dr. C. ha* attained ai
eminence in tbia branch of the profeaeion aooondto none it
America, whero all la seed of medioal or turKioal aid ma}
apply with a eertalnty of being honorably dealt with. D(
0. ii a member of the Mew Tork Univereity.
Iron Chatham street, continues te be eoncnlted on
private diseases. Dr. W. bss devoted thirty- alx yeari to tb?
praotioeof hit profession,* here the Tiotim of eelf- abase, 01
those who have escaped from the handi of medical pretend
ers, may rely on a tale and epeody onre.
last twenty yeare. enjoyed tbo noil oxteaaivs praotiel
in private disease* of any medical man in New Tork. H?
oan enre the moet aggravated oases of thii diacaae, and mild
eaeei cared in two days. Dr. Cooner can onre the wont
form? in from one to two week*? or constitutional debility
brought rn by a secret habit Indulged in by yoang men.
This, when too frequently indulged In, beget* dyspepsia,
weakness of the Umbo, and (mall of the back, oonfmion of
the lntelleet, and aversion to Moiety, a perl eel oore guar
antced. No merenry nted.
known in the treatment ot dolloate dlseasee. The Doe
tor'* refutation for eklll in the?e half-cnred eases, that hart
existed for year*, i* pre-eminent. Constitutional weakness
brought on by a seoret habit, effeetaally oared. Rocsat
oases onred in fonr day*. A pcrloot cure or ao charge.
? 8. Medio in*, ha* e*tabli*h*4 (by hi* neatly roperioi
treatment of all ptivat* dlscatot) a reputation whieh others
torely envy him. Not only for th* a*toni*hingly rapid enrol
?f the di**a** while looal, without, la many eaaeo, using
any medicine*, but In tho*e syphilitic ea*** of month** an*
year*' duration, causing th* destruction of the bone* fot
*v*r, and which hay* been nnd*r th* o barge of th* most eml
a*nt without aaooees, are hi* eerrioee *c mnoh sought foi
and valaed; for nale** th* tyttem I* entirely freed from
th* poison, it affect* th* laaoooat offspring for goaera.
Won*. Th* written o*rtifloate* pnbli*h*d by htm ar? fot
enre* that, h* U aot afraid to aessrt, caanot be equalled,
though hi* preoeptor* w*r* the great Kieard of Pari* and
Aotoa of Lendoa. Th* oortlfloate* also includt th* v*ry un
fortunately numtrou* victim* of nlf abuss, a* then art
thousands who eannot W cured with aodiointi. Be, tiers
fere, eipeolally *olioit* tho** half eared and abandoned ea*ei
of whatever eemplaiat la thi* speolallty, a* he alway* gna
HBteea aa eaay aad pemantat ear*. For tnatassnt by let
ter, a full atatemeat of theea**, with fee, te boa 71 Broadway
Poet Offioe, New Tork, will be aeoowary. Patie nt* apply
ing personally have separate rooms. Otto* hour*, 1 la th*
morning till 12. aad 6 4* S la th* evening, at dl Read* st reel,
two door* from Broadwr.y, oppoilt* Stewart'* ? net in the
druggiit*. K.B-hii or!*iL?l wcrk will toon be publlshtdi
ft-* vat* Treatise," ft*. Office hoar*. I te II o'clock A. M?
aad > te I o'*1**k P. M? (Suaday exoepted.) No. 88 Greea
wloh itreet. Proa the aaoommoa m*dioal advaatagee the
anther ha* enjeyed, among whloh be weald laataaee liavlag
resided several y*ar* At Pari*, for th* *xpr*e* purpoe* of *ta>
Oil tho*a dlteaa**. followed by a long aad very oxtcailve
Practic*, he eaa. without hesitation, promiee, orta la th*
mo?t **ytr* and complicated oases, aa Meoadary diaeaae,
Ae., ft*., ft*., taon o*rtala, aafe, aad radical sure* Uaa
eaa t* obtalaed from aay other ecuroe la America. The**
who apply la lb* earlier stereo of Use mm, will te gratified
by the omo and rapidity of tho ear*, whloh la oftea effected
in a very few day*. Separate waiting rooms an provided.
For treatment by letter, addreas box *a> Poet Oflloo.
disease, are dieappomted of a euro by aot ealllac
on Dr. Hunter at first! lie will forfeit aay enm, if failing to
cure any oa*? that may oom* under hi* oan, no matter bow
long etaading or afflicting. Patient* an invited to hie Di?- :
peneary. Mo. 3 Dlviaioa strett, Ne ? Tork city, ae thouaaad* ;
are cund yearly by hie practloal expenenoe and great woo
dier Stranger* wno have been unfortunate la the Mleetioa
of a physician, are tolioitcd to oall on th* Doctor. Ul* gnat
remedy. Hunter'* Red Drop, euro* thoee who have contracted
private disease like magic. Prioe SI, with a private treattoe.
People come hundreds of mile* to get thi* medicine. Th*
intrinsic value ei thi* remedy ovor all ether* ever die
covcred la, that it doea not ?ry np thepolaon of disease, la
the blood, to break out at eome remote period In a mot*
terrible manner, hut thoroughly rooteout.vwy particle of
dlaeaee. (olten In forty-olght hours, ) plaolng the patient in
the same poeitlon aa before he ovor ooatraoted any dttease
whatever. Medioal men In all parte of the oonntry eend
their chronic cases to Doctor Hunter. No fee till tared.
Medioal books .mi i ages. All uonaultatioua private. Ariviot
gratis. Relic! in (he most terrible oasee In tea mlnutea,
(light affections onred in six houre.
? rradioaUng dlaease. Messed by all ?rho try it. Tlu
moat prompt eradleator. yet ao iniH. itmaybs glv,<n '.o in
f ?nts. All pn?a*e Jlscar** vanish under Hs use. $1, w.rt
a tr.edlnal book. Who w'.'l give fuos after that' C'tljeni
and atrtagcr* sanity Biialtd, rfiembcr It. Tjepet, D'
WARli M, Canal street, corner?! riroadway.
fre-n 1 ti 1 o'oi k P M . at 31 Llspenarrt Hrs<it, n?M i
I: p >a.l m ?v. Tl>i: chtr r is to us to the poor an nnneoesearr '
OTT'iaurc bf'ere a snelt?*l - Us?, and to protect Mm from
being iapoced ewii by bna?s as inaiks rn?at? 'l.uri
tot (itil ?to ? , ) v? % mi ir>? 1 1? I f t
BKOA* *?Y TBBa'XKB. fc A. MaMSMAUU 8i/b?
Lowe' ? Doom ?[>'.'?> ??- At", ?? ooaomooe ti 7 o'eicrk
kvxoi u.d t iKjuti WcctM, f ?rally C>rsloaud Upper Tier.
Si iciiu Plltth Box**, $!? ano $6 Woun -aday e?>uii
Jan. ?>. will he porf- rmcil * Ktiutl uporatte dramatio
lacl* entitled j ai l * LI rtn?l> - Paul Clifford. Mr. Col
llna l.ord Maa'tve-ei-. Mr Ki.vnolis; Sir V'Ulism Braatas.
J' P*rry. Lout f?ed. Mr Fizno U^niinie l)unaiok*r, Mr
i ii 1 Jauk Mr Bruntou: Lucy B:ando?, Mia i
Julia (ioald: M'ei Torpsiohore nlt-pportoo. Mae. Pontel. To
M?ola<e mii h the r.?ro? of tin Ol *K B Al LB -VirUa. Mr.
Con'?ay: Maurrrs ?- Mtlt' gi-; Eli<?. Ur? AUott.
;n**f :h? i Italiaa Opera, under the direction ot Hit
tori Bot'.o *1 1 Bettiiii ? Ton ill to nil parttot he ruiabUaii
meat. 50 c- otf >n xt'A eharii* f?r eteurini Matt. Wjdnea
da) Jau JH. will be rrt?'ct<a Umlio, ? opora of
Aciiia B'.tuura Brain | t; ?inj Bwvor Butitna
Count R-.Jolp! ..!? K Cole'l i Llis. .Virginia Wtlit'a*
Tenea.... ..M<'*a ?. aiee-ini | AVe'o , xu. *MiiS
l.cadtrof tbc ?:ud unliuin ttir,oor AidOi. uguratwi
at 6)%: coiutnebcc r.t 7.H Bo? rpn. era.-? day from 4
A. y. to 12 M? and Iron : t? ? V ? 1 rw?
I Lcuri end frcprietor. -S. ured toaW $i 40; Ii anl
Perquat, $l:.Aa,phliheatta. i" e> *-u i if h 3ubjcni>u?i
Nljht ?* e . Jsn. tt w ft ycrformed Ujllnu t
urai 1 tstrv o?
Norma. SUaor.n* 8. St<*tiaoa?
Ads gUa t 'f^aora Costlnt
PoIIiobo ?i<nor VietM
Orove o . . ... tti<oor Hirini
Don open atff)?: to oomwn* c a? !% e';took.* Boa oiflo ?
opcu every day rrmo P ia 1 o'clock
I^ELLOKB' MIN3T it?!,S.- M>t \OSKlS riNlftBBl*.
1 asd can do* boa.it ol the ?r*av.rt baud ii th< v? j
t.iantfi to tb? (BaKorUo V?H*ra| h tor valusbk aiiiatano*
li: brin|iU? tox>t.*ier etioh a aoir '-l'.ation of talent anw eo b<
fiund in Fcllown' new liund. -tit brovlway Tbojr aro U>4
greaits) N erro r?e!insatere tn. c?;r li?ci T >i< baurt Ol
etara. oomprisin^ <uch (tcntliui.'t a' Briggn, ?r?w?r, illk
?r, Tn.'iyer. ftwoomb, ii" . he , ?. v- . enru.t tail to pioaaa
all. T'lr.y pettorii (irury neliHi; tni" w>!rk, and on WednM
day ?ad Walurday a'iernoone. Ad alu^ nn strii- a? uaiukl, K
O'.nts: Childr'n, t?H oent* Uoora teti. ?? o'ene t: -dh
menoo at 7Vj e'oluoii.
?> - La?i a?p#aranci? cl ths. f'reaoh lr<.u?r luoreteed No
<tlty ilril'iin' frail Mcntf'.v creDinr. Jaa.'A. and dor ?
m;; tlit *?k. Oriit Liu^lay oi Ujiuinvitics, by Myere. tlip
Clo?in. aii.l.B?cho!diT, ti a cliampiou Vauitor. Acv aotiof
lloieiaai chip by Madaats IVuinUlte. M'lle Loui>? M'll.i
Joicvbitir, Voai. Btuoit, and the real of tlj* 'roupe Thtrt*
fhet.aii'J JVnifi will apfcar if the r<*ay Rao. a. Blpitanl
t ti-rt i?ec l>j Mr K Saade and V'n t\l?'i^d eMtdrtn. B?*m.
2S ci ntj; oi.i'.lrou undir nin* hall-price. 1'it, lJ.i* oonaa.
Afirrnoon ierfoimai.ee oabat'Jiday.
to the lire Lxparlmmt Ball, which will take place ak
the atevr retablUhmcnt on M i.rtu nut. 28th Inat . the recv
lar iuti?eripkienri:ht (Monday )U poetponQd ko Tuesday, 'St th
iret when ?1!1 be |irrionaed, for (hi fir^t time thiiataeoa,
1 I'UHlAM io which will appaar !-Urt nriaa II, f)UIT*nou?.
BlKuor L. Jfalvi, Slxoor Bcdi- thUbii anl Sinn.r Martini.
Opera Kixht on Wednesday, 2*th inn.
VlilES' B> nolit ? Wednoi,day, 2- 1 !i tnsl.. Norma ? On
whit l) oocaeion Blgtiora Bo?i? will tuntiin tiie obara?k<ir,
for Ibis siaht oily, of Adalrlf.v Noma, tfixa'.ra Deyriaa
(t'.p only Opera theee artiet ! will appnar in tojekbar^:
roHlsnc1, Biunor Bettiul: Oroveeo. bixtor Colvkti.
NIBLO'a {ARDEN? 1TAL [AN 6pEK*7~ AttTisTi'
Uoifn? Mo Fioc Lift eaospl the Prese ? Owin* to the
reduction of piices, and thv overtrholtniatc audienoe, the
free liet ia euepended Beau 'coured in the pa'.jaet and
iirn row of boxes fron B A. M. to I P.M. Admittance to alt
parte of the bense, 50 cents. Trivato boxc*, 88. Doer*
open at ti \-i o'clock? performance tc c <m;nence at 7.S o'olaek.
days, l'ridr>;e and Satin lajb. Arp ii -it.ons for lSie?
davs ana lliurada ~ < to be additssiu L J jIiii Ut ftoi, Nlbl?*i
t' ?t -d ol the tceend a i\ ?u, will ^ke rlaoa at the
inn 1 10 Broadway, n Sstnrday, .laaaary 31, 133i.
? i ; iters? Urs. Henry C ?V,tson, loalisaj Mr. Riohar4
'trnua. v-aniot; Mcur?. Noll, Reyer, Eiohhorn, and Tlte*.
Hold. Of? aaiall bills.
* . K I.'.N Ml'Stl/M, 176 OMATMAM IA H *, OKU
A. block above the National Th??tw.? George Lea, ecU
proprietor.? Baloon performanooe every afternoon and even
ing. Entertainnienta to oon-monre in the aiternocn ti three
o'clook, and la tt.e evening at halt-past aavca o'clook. Tbt
entertainment* are variaa an J acleot, iud aueh M hi 1m
t-.-na at uc other place of entertainment in New York, eon
dating at Lea'a Female Ithiopfan Opera Troops; alio. mobs.
Grogoue, the etrongeat nan in the worlJ, who will break
an? ator>e the audleneo ehooao to offor him; ha will alM
ehallenge any man to "kill a luliock " with hie oionaba*
tc>, for an* amount of money ; a Troupe of Model ArtUta,
irtio are eelooted (or their beauty aud ttunre, and who pea
aonate a number of beautiful tableaux a oompauy of Ant
Olrli, who go through a variety ot feats of alrengtfi and dag
terity; a oomnany ef Male and female Artiata, who wU}
five an exhibition ol Marblo Statnar; unequalled In the
world; together with a variety ol In'.eroating pcrformancae
ever; afternoon and evening. Wot paitioalare, fee bill* ef
each day. AdmUalen? Seala In Private Boxoa, 6) oeaU i
Stage Seat*. B7ki centa; Boxea, Vcsnta; Parqtte-.ta, U%
Highly important to ikvalidb.-an ij?ipa?
lible remedy for thoee dcplorablo debllitioa. oena*>
qucnt on leifabnae, incapaoitating the man for buaineaa,
aooiety, and matrimonv, may be beard of gratia, by addrea*
Ing, poet paid, box 109 Broadway Poet offloe, S. Y. Person*
laboring nnder thoee oomplainta, especially thoee oontam
platlng marriage. before applying to any Doctor, no matter
what hie pretention! may be, rhould not fail to get thi* va
luable information, whiuh will *avo themaclvae mnob trai
ble, time and meney.
. canion.? By Dr. A. M. Manrtceaa, Proieeoor of Dia***e*
ef W omon? Twentieth edition, lamo., pp. iBO -Prl?< SI.
Ycare of mffering, of pbyfioal aad laantai anguieh to many
an aSootionate wife, and peoniiary diillouTtU? to thi haa
band, m'ght havo been (pared by a ti?r.i'ly tiiamsaion of till*
work. It la Intended esj-ocialiy for tbo luarrieA, or theae
eoni emulating marriage, aa it ateolosoe ioponaft eeorete.
whi<>h ahould be known to them i ariicuiariv .
To thoac whoae health doe* not po.ailt of tUitncreaM of
fasi'.i*, It ia of apeolalimpcrtanoe.
Hero, aleo, every female? the erif , t?e mother -the on*
el?h?? budding into womanhaoo o* thi othar in the decline
?f years, In whom natnre eonte^r.'.ats- an important ohange.
eau discover the oaaaca, fj ? .ii 'atca efhn., n?
ren^diva, and moat oortaJn mod'. ?>fca>?, is <>very ojo.p<alat
to vaieh her tax la aubjeat.
(Kxtraet of a latter from a g-.tleT.an tn Dayton, Ohio;)
Da. a. M. Macauiau:- ?"Uvro*. V?r 1. 10i<;
Mv &'as Sir:? My srlta hat t??n perueptibly aink ag for
?oir.e three year* or more. It con"?qncn -.e oi Ser gieal aMoiah
and aolcring aom* month* before and duriug hxiroouuae
mcst: every auooeaaive ?aa vt.it *n-\ ir.s.e deMlitatiog
and proatraaing her, putting her iif-i lr i-ntaincnl danger,
and whieh was, on the laat oocaaioc, derpairad of. 1 e?p
poaed thia atata af t hinge wa* Inevitable, and returned my
aclf to matt the worat. At thl* time, (new ahont two
mouth*,) I beard yonr book highly apokon ot. aa oont?lninj
*' ni< mattera reaching mv caee. On ita resnirt and peruaaC
1 earnot exrreaa to you the relief it afforded a; dlatraaaad
mind, and the joy lta pagea lopaned to my wife, on lean
lag i'- at tee great dlaoavsry of M. M. DNNMtU provided a
remedy. It opened a proapost to ma, wMuhlflttla eoa
aeived waa poraibla. But tor th>. er? another rear would
have t>aaaed over tay head, la all hunaa probabiiitv c.y wife
would have beta Lb her grave, *au Siy oaaJrca len msthav
It ia, of oonne, impraotloabla to oouvey mora fully the aa
rieut auojecis treated oC aa they are of a nature atrietly
Intended tor the married, or ihos< onr v-nv'-iting marriage
for aale at Xa firoadway, and at the ruallahing efBea, UB
Liberty street. Now York; Litvl: t vi.. Albany; Jfeeeph
Tucker, Mobile, Alabama; T. B. 1'etcrt :n. IKOhntaut a tree t,
Bon the rooelpt af $1, a copy will be tranamltted ky mall,
free of poetage, to any part of the United Statoa. All lettora
mnaa ba addreaaed. poat paid, ?" 0: X. M. M*irlee*tb t>oi
l,3St, New York altv- Odfce 139 Idberty itreav
the ctleotaof disease, 1* to apply to the old Hunteriaa
Dispencary, Me. 3 Divittoa atrcU, Sow York. It ti bow
twenty yeara eatabliahed, and i untleaa are the aumbert
that are dally not only being benefitted, butradioally oured.
and tared from an eariy grave, by the tiraclv excrtiona of
Br. Hunter, and the uao oi hit Infallible remedy. Huater't
Red Drop. TliU medicine it the remit ofoeaturiea ?( etadv
of the wiecit anil moat talented nieUical men in Rngland.
France, and Germany. Perfected from the whole field of
medical acionce, and compounded f?om mere than fifty di?
ferent ingredient* ; io ooneentr?ted that a half-ounoe vial
will cnr? three pertoni, and ne^or take* a whole vial to
?tire the mott Inveterate caee. It it harmioee and thorough
in Iti aetion, being followed by t>o?eoi thoae terrible ceooaa
ary attack* which are the remit of utiag all other remedied
Price $1. All conaultation private. Me fee*. Hedioal beck
for nothing.
Fifth editions by M. B. La Croiz. I B , Albany, N:Ti
Oheapett book ever publiihed; 360 page* and UM One plate* ea
the Physiology of Marriage, aad tlio *e:ret inflrmitio* *nd
dltordera of yoath and maturity, resulting from eioe*?ee,
which destroy the phyaioal and mental powers, all dl*ea*a*t
arising from indiierotioa, with plain and almrle r\i>? by
which all perioBi eaa -.cure themiolvea, wlthoat meroury,
?with the author'* observation* on markup), its duties uf
Alaqualiflsatloai. and their remrd'-e : with oolorel (Jthe
! graphs, Illustrating the anatomy, and phytiology, aad dia
easesoftbe reproductive organ* cl both texes, their strut
I tare*, met, and functions. It cop tain* m?.ay Importaat
I klntito thoee contemplating matrimony, wainh will orer
??ms oMeotloat *??injt marriar-. , none, L > waver, ahould
take thi* Important atop without flrtt coatnlting it* pagest
It treate of all diaeases of female*, whether married or aiagla.
Strangers who require medloal aid, icfjrs oonsalting say
Motor, ought to know whether their oatet are property uu
4entood by thoto whoa they employ, and that guardiagaiast
tbe imposltloa of quackery, io rrcrabnt in popular olUe*t
Dr. La Croix i? a legally qualified physician, aad for thspaat
twenty yean, hat been dally consulted uaom the difercat
di teases of whioh hit book treat*, pna^nallyat well a* by
letter. Any mmoi tending twenty-five oentt la a letter,
soil paid, will reoeive oae eapy by mall, free of postaim, o?
kv* copies for II. Addrsss Dr. V. B. LA CROIX, || Beaver
street, Albany. I*. T. Bold byOarret ft Co., S3 Ana a tree K
and Btriuer A Town send, M Broadway, V. T. Bsaaali
?fits, fid Oeyd street, Buffalo.
Immediate service, hit treatment at on?? removing ths
mleerable patient from suffering and probable deteotloato
eafety aad permanent security. Us got* daily maay ditt
enlt eaiee, that hare defied othert. Those oommgtehim
firat are fortnnato, for they are cured before the bad eon**,
qneneea of delay (how themaelvet. Mo fee, aad medical
book gratit. Office, Oaaal ttreet. ooraorof Broadway.
BOUU elfic mixture for the onre of private disorder*,
ft makes a speedy oare witlieut the leaet reatrlotlon of diet,
drlak, exposure, cr ehaafte la application to batlneta. Ths
proprietor ehalleaics a (ingle mm which the mlxtars will
?ot oars, aadcr the forfeiture of five hundred dollars. It Is
Ct vp la bottles, with fall dirsct'on*. h e., (1 Oat fcettH
its a week? maay ars eared la two d
B. Ring, 1 VI Broadway, aad 108 Bayai . _
W-B- Little, 1M Baa ever streak Bostons wr'.aat A o?.
ta a week? maay are oured in two da vs. for sale by a
- "" "Iroedway, aad 1UB Bayard street. NewVoit
lot Baa ever street Boateaj "
Wtm Orleans
sess? All formsr experience exceeded.? InnamoraMe
eases progrsss through their several terrible stage*, la spit*
of the ordinary treatment, but Dr. Ward, kv his wonderful
preparations, streets all laatantaiejualy. Blight affection*
wholly oured Inonoday. Those di?r ppo:nted by hn-ubngs
have no coneeptloa of the ease and colerlty with whioh he
ean cure them. Mo fee roquired. Office, Canal street,
corner of Broadway.
Doctor ward makm numerous ccrkb of
delicate disnsses. Corner Canal atr-et and Btoadway
Far better tbo unfortunate treat themselves than xo to anr
of the ignorant hur.ibnga. Delay not to rime to up : yon rn\?
have to rome at last. Then you will be gratified beyond aft
anticipation to find yourself bettei m tweuty-fonr h?iir*. M?
fee till inred. Consultations i. 'Irate. A mudieal SjjI
Dr. ward. DBT0T1D to DRMOATB dih?ahb.i.
makct the speed iett nuret ever i?n..wn. All -.Tha h?r'.
contracted a private t'loeaac, m?ke eariy applica.iuu. 1I<?
treatnirnt la t.'.e adt>- iratien of jliyiki*: u tLetiselret. T..
diasppoiated are certain of a enu I'tom Mji, h'?wivor ai-i*
Cher dontors may liars fail'd; rellsf afford i at oneo- .m'H
sometlmea In tlx hone*; no frra rC'iiiired; medlej.; boo*
tra'it. Office, Caaal at.reat, corner oi ttroad way.
tifil ||k RIWARD.? CRfK.MA.W , B'.'IClPi ? . T
.ton-? all rcmedl . yea i-i ?nr*'?4, t! i# li * ?
raoat eertaln. It maket a sMe lr and i': -Tianint eire wlU
out the least restrioti'a n <,'^t. or s^pn?'ir?,
ehaag* la application to bu*i>. ?e. sianv are enreJ lr ?*??
daya. Ho'd r.t the drngstere. Ti I Ur ad way. eorner of ( hat>.
bora stroeV alv> at No in Astor W ,h; at ilu jimI*. i
an 4 1 '5 Filto u ?tv<?k *?r> " el 'i .. '.?? 'o .

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