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WHOLE NO. 7068.
.*l?r x m~ phwjimm ? -
?MONDAY, MARCH 8, 1853.
orut'i; Seuti, in Orohostra H ixei, .r/) oo,i<s. Dxirs ojvin
at li',': curtain ri?es nt 7 o'clock. Monday evening, March K,
tin' performance* will uouiuienco with tho drama atyled
OKEEN KI'MIES? Connor O'Kennedy. Mr. Tlltou; George
O'Kennedy, Vr Coodall: Wild Mur.igli, Mr. Ed-ly; Contain
IVArUli-, Vr Hamilton; Mn&ter 1niui>id|Qi Mr. Griffiths:
t;<rald!re, M rj. Jordan; Miami, M|s* Fanny WallaoU. To
toncludc Willi tin: <1 r una of the I'll M II SAVO/AHD AND
Il!? MONK* Y? Count Mal lecMnl, Mr. Hamilton; Pepino,
Mr. Taylor; The Monkey, )l?-t?r Cony; Stunwald, Mr. Cony;
Conctcti Maldoihini, Mra. G rattan.
I RT( ?.;? .?V1 [KATES, < ' 1 1 A M B K !'..s STREET.? DR183
Circle ui d 1'nrnnet, Menu; Second Ti?r. ii oonts; Pri
vato lloxes, $5; Orohontra Seats, 73 cent*. Doo? open at
til,': to brain nt 7 '-i o'clock. Monday evening, MWoli S, will
? cplnycott n?- v- comedietta oalloj RATHER EXCITED ?
*' 1> i l.l?*,| ii II 1 Hun, Mr. Johnston; M'llo Jolliejamb, Mrs.
tt. Th i. Midicttaof THE J. J.'3-Mr. Jamiu J.. Mr.
kc: Mr. .1 ?,:i J.. Mr. Letter. Tho new fareo of A Dl.'EI,
1NT1IF DA ?'K ?Mr. Gregory Oreentlnoh, Mr. Burton; Miss
)i!\ry Taylor in thre* characters. To conclude with th? fnr.'o
of tlio HAPPIEST DA Y OF M V I.IKE? Mr. Ollltnan, Mr.
llurten; Sophia, Miae Mary Taylor.
i- ' Circle and lloxea, 23 oonts; Fit. 12><{ cent*; Orchestra
Hckets, CO cents; Privnto Bo* Tlckcts. SI. Doora open nt
> ourtain ri oh at 7l? o'clock. Monday evening, March 8.
tli" entertainment* will commence with tho drama of BUM
T 111-. HO AT.- IV MN? Ben Bowling, Mr. W. G. Jones; Edwin
Cm ". Mrs. VV. II. Jonos; Dlonv.,ias Dolibleton, Mr. Fox. To
to' followed 'y tlio new spectacle of tho S! VOfO DEER ?
1 1 ! n DonplW il. Mr. Taylor; Prince Saffronhll, Mr. Ilradshaw;
Tristram, Mr. Kim; I'rlucesa 8 wet tilt i, Mrs. Nichols; Cara
Los, 9, Mrs. W. (I, Joiics. To conclude with the farce o
108 A N 1 ? WIDOWS? Antolne (loqu, Mr. Fox.
a.-/1 172 llrondn ay, above Ornnd strec t.? Open every night
during the ?f< I., until further notice. The original and woll
Inovrn Cliri 'ty 'a Mlnstrcla, compris ing an efficient and ver
raiile coriw' ol' "taloutod" and '?x |>orloncod performers,"
? idor llif nji'iiH,ii:miiit of K. P. Christy, whose conoorU in
tir.f < Ity, for a kiicccmIou of "live year ;,"havo heen reooived
v t!i furor l>> lil;;lily refpeotahle a#1 fa.-hlonablo audienoea.
Ijt'keta, V cent*. Dmm op*n at 6K; and wttl commeaeo nt
7 \ oVIock. The putronii or Chrilvs Minntrols aro reiipoet
lrlly informed thc.t the Saturday at'ternoou concerts are dij
?'n<inned. On Saturday uoxt, Mnreh 1.1, aunual beuortt of
M. Zorcr.
vrooil's MINSTRELS, 411 II UO A DWA Y.? HORN.
m Woll# snd llrlj:w perform ovury evening, and ou
W?d'i?jday and Sftttirilay afternoona.
i ritlr.nl rnul i eiol ratod oorpa of EtMonlan Performers,
f ? pCi tfn'iy ii fcratti tbe citizens of New York that ho h'i*
!oM-d t hf ? r koircthiu tliirtelt.v "nntll further notice." They
ill ?i-it Mime ol the prin ji(itl citic.i \\r>st and Sonth pre
vious t? tln^r re-opt ning their Conoortn in Tlroadwav.
J It. M'.l.i/nVS. Proprietor.
hrurir, 1', roadway, corner of Loon&rd street. ? Monday
uv 'iilnu. Miircti K. Mr. an(Mlr.4. Molutyro, celebrated Soot
till aod Irish Vocalists, will glvo one of their popular musi
i'ul ontertainincnt i, ouibracing somo rare seutimantal and
liumoroufi mcloilic". See programmes. To commence at rt
e 'clock. Tii l<oi.i, iB cents.
J P. K. VVeiiel ? lit the Brooklyn Female Academy on
1 ueeday evenin:'. March !(, 1S52. Mis i KRetj, Soprano; Mi.n)
Cuf>hini(, Contrnlto; Mr. Woliel, pianoforte; in addition to
Mr. 1'isfeld's QiiartiUo Asuoeiatlin, oomprlainn Me?#rs.
.1. Noll. ||. llcyrr, L. Eiehhorn, and T. Eisfeld. Tickets, 51)
rents, may be obtained at I*. K. W'oitel' s mnslo store, 213
Fulton street; liLev i?> of Mr. Cottier, lii'J Atlantio street;
ond Mi'sere. ICadcIKi Bros., oorncr of Atlantic and Clinton
J Monday evening, Msrchs, and during tho wcok, (Jrand
n,iiooK8t ration; fun, folly, fa-hioii; taata, talent, and ele
irai.-e. Hori-emaiuhip by' all t.h? groat rilers. Two rival
Clo?rn?? Lovett, the Yankoo Clown, and Rohhy Williams,
ihn Cockney Clown ? Old England and New England ajaiuft
t I.o world! Boxex, 2o ccnti-; Pit. l-'j eentj.
J V ol't iio Holiday Street Thoittre, Baltimore, offers hi< sor
a Ices ad Agent or Manaircr to artist s who contemplate visit
Im: Baltimore profesrionally, for Concerts, Readings, or Ex
ilhitlons. lie will attend to all baniuo.s counocted with the
)>rofe?i.lon. Having a thorough knowledge of tho business,
Ve iusurea at;' <??, ;. He also engagca with persona of ncknow
ledsed talent and re .ponribility to travel business agent.
Laving travelled through the Sonthwe^. Moxloo, and South
America, and lias a knowledge of all cities of note in thoan
?ountries. For any information, address, stating turma
( port-paid ), te IV. 0. CORBELL.
Holiday Street Theatre, Baltimore, Md.
J. moot, three doom above Nlbla'fi. Open every ni^ht, for
the tinrpew uf classical illustrations of Auciont Statuary,
I v the Kreni b anil English troupe of Living Models, with
Ltliisipian Minstrelay, and othi r entertainments. Doora
? pen at 7 ?'ili,ck; performances to ociuiatnco at 8.
mid Indiana Hailruad burrs per cunt, tir it mortgage coa
lertjblo bond'.? Tho Itellefontnire mid ladiaua Railroad
< ? wpany ofTor fi r ralo V-i'O.OtXJ of their :even per cent mort
, ai;o bontix. Kith in t vrv t coupon* aunt-jcd. They aro in amua
? > i 1,000 earn, i>n> Kblo 1 of Jalv, 18S", with interest at 7 per
flit. n'mi-auiioaHy, ou tbc l?tt!?y c> J ? 1 1 jr and January, at
the Bank of Commerce, in the city of New York, where the
principal i? nl.au parable; aud are teeurid hy a mart^a^e to
.)? 1:n 4. Jstrien-, Euq? of Now Y' rk, ia trust Or the bond
1.1cm. Trey are e .avertible ii.to the stock of tho eom
l a.iy, at the i i-iiua of I be holders. Thoy are Ijsmod nndor
*c> , of the l,fi l ..'atnre of Oklo, aiithorimu; thetn. and the
ti rtf^a -.e a.- al ovo to afsyro the payment thereof. The
nr.. Milt of Hoed- to l.e tlina lumcd under the mortgage in
tin iled tn J.'tM.Ot*), cf whlctl - ! 09,000 have b*?n diipo.icd of.
Only $2"m.0W> ar - now offered tor dale. The rei-idii-i will be
". jiowd of an ilie wauti of t*io company, hereafter, from
unit to time. nirtj inr.keit nocemarv. The utortga ;e ooyers
iie whole rcml ?>? ti e company. 1 ICS milej lon^, and U the
r.-t and enly lull thereon. Tils oral;v!i?? the entire Use,
f j ? in it <?i ,>< i i, v it It tho Ohio aid IVan ylvani.i Rall
i.iv, it i r i t... i; iiinii, wliem the Ct-vttlaiid aud Calamhn*
.! !li micro?--. the name, throiuh ilarloa, liollel'-.nLnine,
S-idr.i y, and i'> ? important town to Union, on tho line
diyieln,* the Si tt i of Ohio and Indi-na, vVre it connoctd
villi the 1 ?. <!i.?i:np-<tii4 and h'-lle'cntiiine Itailroad, now
i ? rlv i'?m;i>n ??. The entire lla" cf I iS miloa ii under eon
iraet ? t Rranatlon and mamnrr, r.?i d about tlfty-fonr inilo*
i t it nro now ne.w>1y ready for the iron rail*, A. portion of
H i ruin are pTwhaaed, aud in the omrwi ?' arrival, it i.<
?p 't il tbxt lie tir->t aoetlon of the road will nomqiletad,
nil in operation, by the 1. 1 day Inly u?:it, aud tho rilmsln
r i f lite lino l-y the 1st day of .laanarjr next. The mean*
lirtiir con.ttrti'i tiou and oijoipmcrit of the road aro pro
xi'Ud ly ftm-!; and bond*. Tito - 1- ui of ^VI.OOil i* sub
? ? vMos-it eil to ti e capital ?tm>!t of the company; and over
>?.<*/ M'M bn l<eeu already pai l la ur.d oxpona'<d on tha llnj,
ii.i. in the pnreli.iie of material], ka. The raiddue 1* beim
i tilm y p?i* at tho call of the company. To r il.-e the re
1, .inlnp intauH th? company h.n rj.iortod to thl? loan. Tbe
ii rtnrp.i *mj'0v .th the trnatc", in c>. of faltiire to pay
k ' ftr IntCi e t or prl.ielpivl. to t ike j> ?net.^jn of the road.
* th it* equipment*, and to r> i> ? irs carninca, or to veil
ft sine, on due notice, and apply t' ?' pr ?: ??."da ia payment.
Ar. iy^pectlen of the m;. p will ?liow 1 1..< ror.d to oeoupy ?0
In rtr.it po itior. It i< a cn'inun i ?? of the ()hii and
IVnnnyhania road, through Ohio, tln r. " t > tndUoapoll*
ud>t. I.ooi'.ti. tv ;iy ol Terro llu.tte. The Indianapolis and
Terru Hante rord Id now oomploted. nod In operatl >u. The
I iHm npnllH hi d llollofectaltio road H o iiupletod, and in
> vratl -n fr -iu IndiaovpolH ta a i> - 1 ? t lijar tho Ohio S'tti)
r. and \<lll le entirely complete 1 livO t, .l??r ne(t. A
'..p: ny Iin.' been or ;niii< d to tU'ii u tr. ro'.a.iininK l'"i' i ?n
?ml lyin ? l>. iv.Wo Terro llaut' and St. L.al-.a.i l tin'
< . '? v *! i I .- plaood in, dor ci . -m :. It v. i',1 I a
tt'i.i ti.< i- -reft, meet uatural tint direct route frjin
??w Vi rl< aro riiiladelphia to St. I Jit. tiaversirij p.To?p<
'uo>t fortil.-, papnlona, and iupruvo'l p irtiona ol tho
? .ilea Ihroi uh ii hioli the line t>* . \ = l*r> ithonat"t?of
.. try, t!'C conn trait ion "t a. rail v .y in . . iv and ohonp.
?? "fclin.at a-. ? -t. . with anflicii .t ?? ii pmont for on" .r *r.
: I N.a,l- (J. Tl-o bonda abovo nit it) -id c a'tltnto t!i" ouly
? if tbe company. Tn.it t hi ? ro : J % I 1 prove one of at
li.tsi- anil |i . :it adn its of but, li; .1.' doubt. It 1 ical
;.j( alone will jiel.l it a haad-or.io npport. llut, oon
i .-,| a- il is I h tartdiVct, i . w 111 1 .: . n ? of th*; ;,ri att.nt
? nci' of tl.' >1. vb Irarel In ?..?? I'lrt. I Stat '-i. If. mutt
? i ,* tli-> | riecipal Hue of tvavl from tho Kait i,-ii and
rti crn ci' ce ??? St.. |j *ii , aud I i * v.i i ?"> ?l iih tu , ami.
f ill in- I e Convert' i i !.fi. e ? ' .** m * .iluo at a i
;.i |. .1 tirepofai i tihl I ? r ? d for anyamonut
? ^ " ,( ?ii?, until Turn- l..y, th i >*,h da) -f March,
?lilt, it ,'I O I'loolt, P. M. I'-.,. ... ;? 'III he addr t.-ipc.l to
ni ?> . II ooMpany. 5! ? r WitMh f.ani <r & Co.,
\V.ill..treet, in. I ncl " I', in f"." Halleiintaine
It.dir.i e ? nr. ." Twenty-1! ' ;>?r cent "t the ptiro i i ,.i
' 1 ?iil 1. ' rn|'-lr"d to I' '"p. ! ! 1.1 ior. n?ln? tho lilds, the
ird -r i. <" il monthly in -t'lii ,? ,ti of 2.) per Ont.
i (icr -hirti r c 111 lie nt liberty : I uy in fJll at MM, and
c^t on the bend* will rwh from date nt p?jm:nt<. The
i ..''ii n.'l Ih' iidd ah.. ! i'iv apd without reiorrc.
jii/lc.-i . i i* '? r . A print ?! .'i.. with a iu.,|i and
. , . iv ? >. ar j i i i; i n . u 1 1 ii ia n l 1 1 i .i\ t" tli..- ? .c -.i.-i o -,
, ,1 i; If < M tin- elli.' ? t tl' ? '?!. t of thee mu
? ?, . n ? Wall ' ? i I.. t i- Mar. ih 1 U '.
i' ? " ti .? *?: . I'r. i.U,it : ????' i' '41 i. India At
. i. ??? J t : i i i, M i h I. i i..1. 'I. eoopon.4 ii' the
,'f i r ? ? any dt e on t!.e 1 < h . f ,M ircfi, W/J. will
. 1 < . ? "r tl At ( .v. ' " p ? r.tntl n at the iianlc
.' . ?ii., in the i ity of New \ "?
R. I> SMITK, Pro Mont,
ii i I - li1 ' .M I \ i, iKM.AN 1)7 M'ttT
1 t *1 .'. -Pr?:t? ('rout il and upward.', pity**
, ued I v
i ,i >11 ?( >N OUlNNFI.', en, ? I South tre. t,
.. i.l il'i ? a .'i t.? In 1 . i.i ii ;. t .r the Swallow Tail
i ,r / i>i i |i "1 (viul l.oiulot J ,i lii t- .
? ? i t ON 1JMO . n \K Ol LONDON, NA
' Un i \ uf Scot In i 1 . ' "I tl I .''a t H ii kin ; 0>m
0 r i I'rafl on th. e U ? Af coD?taatly for eale,
, r ..... i i i in, i.i;.. i
" i Li)i. I It ' I'll I... '. - 70 tt' all ft . "or. Pearl.
Ort nn/t I'D 1XM I, If ii lysi RANCH AND
.iU,WW i.ot.n tit' . N .. . Nil* -in fi reel, near
. Hon efllee. A pplt.'ation* for Li."? Iniurauco no I Call
tela rinlui tAkcn ?t tbe I. ?? rat.-? In thjeity. Thimmec
' l i 1,1 ti i" " lar^i ? ?? i'i..'il I' au i on id >' 1 Ul da ?
1 .I - i f p (i nal prop.
m. i i-,; t f i,
. Ml
| i'1* .' i< ! t i "ON D n MOKIOM I? i OR -A'.S
a t'irrt i.la?i country mortf^ne. itooared
It .y
' tin* for
.??I. Horf
? -j t | ,i I
an ptfeot.
i 'K
I ?' ?*'!"' K KT, N Kw
J- 1-1' rr-i 1. ? aito
?n li r ? . i "it- i ?' i. i, ir. I .,1. Son -
I alw n-.*"i.i lor tr.a Knitilro, Red St te,
'"?I I I'AOl.ofl, M i
runio, aaiiin^ weekly.
'o r if .' ,d
li'i ,i f. r ?
1 V M " MM., ' i ??! ?? 1 Ml1. CORN Kit Of
?> t ih r I fvi Ii.. ? f.,,- ml, ,tr- '? -r n i . r .. ? u < t, v, M li
.' tr ? a I i i ! ?. on. I"i t ' i ' . i i. I ir'lanil. a I
'I I til ' I f I'.. " I V t ?' .? II 10 of New Vm'i
?i ?) ? ' . '.?-? ? ?: t iv. w iiitiotiv
,, ( . ftla ri ??' i Cwlllna, A -t ? I i II fee,
? ? r l (. i t I, l< VI..: ' l \ IN Or, A vi t
t tt " ni. tl" o jt ? v I r . 1 ' ri 1'rii'SMi will pri lent
v rr lf> V". I.te CI r ). ri f I . nn.i i id IVe?t*trceU,
,. , II:. ? . or M:ir il, I I! i .1-r ?f
t ' .I,. ' i I i.DRIDdi:.
? I NT F.I)-- ' lull t" t . ? , IOrt WHICH A
T , f.n . t m i-f ';?? ? vlil I p. d no I .iM.ol .vnrit/
j , ? \ I* :i '? S,, i ari r l II, II. ' r ? ly. '.lit? Ttroadway.
if-.) r, TO * ? ?;l- tt i'KK.-W A -.Tail IMMKI)IATr,r.V
i Mill . An.tnli,to npir.iU 1,1 thecilyof Not) Vork
and vieli Ity. Al^e, ?.'i or l-? i fn-rate In th i country,
jti.iirirar . ; n ? ? n tlio I e,;t talent a id >"M,d addr ? .n, will
1 J. !:,lnnt ? ii pi > Hioiit arti^ tl..>_ rioet li'Aral pay
tTal u A
AMI fn. pi i . t. nt 'tiul the rowt II1 oral pay o ne
nlr l Appl/at I U llr.?a J ,. a> . i.ll e et t#f Meehe
Lcs?ee Boxes and Canju-t. DO cent s; Family Circlean't
Upper Tier, 20 cents; Private lloxe?. $5 ami] $?j. Door* ?pn
nt 7; to commence at 7K o'clook. Monday evnnlnx. March 8,
will b? performed tho Inditn triv.edy of METAMORA? Mo
taraora, Mr. Forrnt; Nahmeokee, Mme. Ponlsl: Lord Fltiar
liold, Mr. Kfnmi! Sir Arthur Vaoghao, Mr. Barry: Walter,
Mr. Conway; Errlnnton, Mr. Whiting: Ooeana, Miss K. Horn.
To conclude with tho faro# of th? GUARDIAN ANQKL?
('apt. I.ionol Myrtle, Mr. Pop*; Mr. lMlaiuare l.aiytonga, Mr.
Reynold*: Mr. Dulcimer, Mr. David*#: Ml<s Kate Swiinmer
ton, Miits Kate flora; Moggy Snup, lint. Sefton.
Barm M s ameiucan museum.? p. T. isaknivm.
Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood, Jr., Assistant
Manager.? Admission to tho entire M u ton m and perform
ances, "li> cents; children Bailor ton years, 12^ Ota.; Parquet,
IJtj rents extra. Monday liud Tuesday, Maroli 8th andl/th.
Gorgeous Orion tal s^octscle, produced at the expense of se
veral thousand dollar*? tho grand drnmaof inn'-'io and soeale
encbantment,j>?rfoctly unparalleled in ita beauty. CHERRY
AND FAIR STAR, or the Camel Driver anil his Wife, whioh
will ho performed every evening, commencing at 7 o'olook?
Cliurry, lus* Mostayer; Fair Star. Misa Barton. Previous to
which, the Antipudemi Feats of Profeator MoUormlok. Af
ternoon, at 3 o'clock, Antipodean feat, singing. danoing, Bcj.;
after whioh. the interesting drama of the (fltOCK OF GOLD.
Tho youthful Giant, tie., nay now bo aoen.
Concert, at tho Tabcrnaole on Monday evening, March
Tonor, will he assisted by the following distinguished artists:
PnooRAMmc:? Part Fibht.
Aria? Pro Peceatis (Stubat Mater) Rossini
Mr. Greatorex.
Song? Kejoice greatly (Messiah) Handel
Mmo. Bouohelle.
Redt.? Deeper and deeper atlll > If*,, del
Aria-Waft ller, Angela J (Jeptha) Ilaudei
Mr. Augustus Braham.
Song? 0 rent io the Lord (Elijah) M^udolsiohn
Miin M. I,eaoh.
Fantasia? Concertina, on Theme* fruin " Linda di
Chnmonnix" DonUettl
Mr. A. Sedgwick.
Trio ? Dolce Tran^ulllita (from tlia opera of " I VII
lofrelatnri Birarri") Pocltta
Mine. W. Bouohelle, Miss M. Leanh, and Mr. A. Braham.
Soug? Never De?p*ir (second time in America). . . . Braham
Mr. Augustus Braham.
i'AKT Sacuno.
Ballad? Norah Creina M>ore
Mr. Greatorex.
Irish Song? O conn to the Went, lore Lover
Madame W. Bouohelle.
Old Irish Melody? Love'* Young Dream (first time).. .Mooro
Mr. Auguatua Braham.
Trio? 'Twaa one of those Dreams Moors
Mme. Boueholle, Miss I, each, and Mr. Groatorex.
(Arranged by Mr. Maoder.)
Old Scotch Song? The Flowers of the Forest Uukuown
Mr. Augustus Braham.
Duet? 'Tla May again Greatorex
Mauainc Bouohelle and Mr. Greatorex.
Ballnd? My Dream* are now no more of theo Lavenu
( By partii ular request ) with Coneortlua aooompanlinent by
Mr. Sedgwick.
Mr. Auguatu* Braham.
Conductors? Mr. Greatorex and Mr. Sedgwick.
Tickets. fiO cent., ? to be had at the principal mu-io stores.
Doore open at half paot 6; to commcnoo punctually at 8
Eloquence, wit. drollery? by psychologi
cal HabJectH, who imperaonato Koasuth, Daniel Web
ster. and otherx. Professor Owen lectures on Monday,
Wednesday, and Saturday, at Union Building. I63 Bowery.
Go early to secure seats. Admi?sion, ouu shiUlug. Dooia
open at tifi o'clock; commence at7><.
1 V of Duane street. ? The above ma ;niflc?ot establishment,
contulniug thrca largo galleries, over one hundred feet iu
length, comprising tho largest collection of Anatomioal
Preparations in the United State* or any other country?
rhowing, without exception, every specie* of disease to
which the human frame is subject? ooutinnea open for the
admission of visiter*, from 8 o'ulock, A. M., until 10 o'clock,
P. M., each day. Wednesdays, from 11 until 4 o'clock, ex
clusively for ladies. Ladies will be in attendance. Admis
sion. !?> cent*.
undoubted reiipectabllity, who wish to connect
themselves with a Dramatic Club, which i* forming under
different auspices to any association now in existence, will
please addres P., Herald office.
phia, for one year, from September 1, 1832. Proposals or
communications to be addressed to
DR. N. B. I.R1DY, Secretary
Board of Agcntiof Arch St. Theatre. Philadelphia.
> provement in Da^uerreotyping the natural color*. ? Cltl
ten* of Now York should remember that uowhero in thi*
country, or in the world, has the improvement of represent
ing the natural color* in Daguerreotype* been so ?uoenaafnlly
porforniod as by HOLMES. 2NQ Broadway.
iiig Ofilce, U1 Fulton street. New Turk. Bill Head i,
Card*. Map*, Diploma*, mercantile work of all description*,
Wedding, Visiting, Addrns*. aud At-IIomo Cards. Cake
Boxes, Ilrldal Envclo)>es, &e., 4e. a Plate and tlfty Cards
for Ten tMiiUinga.
stock of Scalo I'latea, all sises. These plate* are used
exclusively l.y tho best Daguerrean Artists. They are war
ranted to take a better implosion than any other plate, and
to tive complete satisfaction in every respect. Rotail price,
full site, M:' s dozen; smaller sizes m proportion. Liberal
dUcouut to the trade. Address,
VICTOR BISnOP, No. 23 Maiden lane.
? moved to No. 7 Will atreet. ? Having made ? con
trait with the liotifo of Mft^nucra, Henri ado h Co., tho
transport*! ion agont* of all to* Jinllion, Gold l>u?t aud
tri NMirc acrom the I-thuiua of Panama. tli? only reoognliied
trans portation agent* of the English and American Insu
rance Companies, wo arc prepared to forward good* of anjr
lie;, rlption frori NuwYorlc to California, Oregon, Cnina,
the Sandwich Maud*, and South American 1'acitie ports,
v lib the utni ,at despatch. Printed instruutioua can bo had
at our oCice. Me guarantee tha delivery of goods in Sau
t ram isi -> by the regular connecting steamers from Panama.
Freight to Sun Francisco 3H cents per lb. No ehtirge for Cm
ti.tD lln'.: e rr Co:j??!ar re#*. Next shipments March fith,
l*h, ?nU !7th. A. II. PRIDE A CO., No. 7 Wall at.
Ail. rail?4k to. s CALIFORNIA KXPBB8S, no.
? 7 Wall street, near Hrowdway. ? We are prepared to
i'oiv. T.rd I'liodn of ?v ry di .cilption from Ni*w York to Call
lorrla, Oregon, China, the Sandwich I el And* and .South
Auurikan I aoll!o ports, with the utmost despatch, by ever/
s'l-smer. He -trorantce the delivery of goods in Man Fran
ii?eo ! y tl.e r "I'rr connecting eteamers from .Panama.
I'ri i lit to S'm Fran i i?< o. .'W rents per lb. Wo have a oon
1 1 ui t ti lib the h.i'i'.e ill' tfosqtlora, Ilurtado A Co ., to tran
i .wirt all our ?.?coda from ste^mfhlp ?t Cliarrcs in time to
! ip ly com cctir.g etcain'hlp at Panama. Motsrs. \lo,ir]uora,
lloriaoo tc Co.. Me the only Intent? for transportation of
cold dtut anl trensnre reeojnUod by the American and
I .nglish l;n<rrar.C'" eoinnaiiloii. r.atteri, and important ilnrf
|i: lih?a delivered in advance ot' the United .Htal.miiiR.ib.
Tii Nets for pa ago on all tharivtulur lines of a toatu ship* bc
tr.'w>n New York anl Sail FrMioHCo secured at our office.
Din tloiib i .n hMiiry to be ol i rved In 'hipping Rood * to .San
Francisco, tliroiitli A. II. l Yl & Co.'i I aliforot aproKS,
? n order to eoioplv with tV Fnlt-l S t" ten H tm r*i"ila
t Icn?. ? ? finti r in i.':o columns on the printed Man It ir .he
murks, numbers aud contouts cf oaeli package, Ui thodr
% :?l?ir>. specifying whether of doroestin or foreign manu
facture. fl lift etatcinont should bo furuiohed to the olfieo
tin iisy beforo the steamer leaven. The subscribers clear tho
sco<?* at the Citatum Homo, and forward the munifeet to
tlndr aponls at <'li?*ri.a and Fannmi, at which plAAM it Ia
eonnteralnned 1 y th? I'nitod Slates Consult, anil th>n for
wardctl to their i?ut at San Franeiieo, who obtain# a free
periait for I bill- immediate landing. No charge U mado for
atteniilnf; to Ottftom llomo bixlneii. The ehar^e for for
wi irdin;: itovov* overythin-', from tb? lime the gi>od* liavo
the New \ erk oftire until ihey aro landed at San Fruneiaco.
l'a -l;i,/e? aliould be inmle waterproof, aud uot oxevod ocr
talu diut 'O ion? and wt UhtK ?
ItATf'l TC ??.N Fit ATI CISCO.
l'nder 8 !' per lb . - " tAI Over 28 lb?., per lb .... $
" It) " '? ? " ila, uiirreotypea 1 Oil
" Ii5 " " 1. Millinery, p?f qu. ft. ... 10 OJ
?? M " " M
A. II. I'lIHK k CO., Nu. 7 Wnll?lr?jt.
Vfx. CMAIB BAEVBT, a. 11. W*tB0U
Br.RFOU 1?'.'? <;ki \T CAUFORNTA RXVRFSS Wllifi
lio forvurd on T lie* (lay next, 9ih inut , In ehari?n of onr
own t iKi'aenner. Mr. Corbran. per Kmplre City, to eonnoot
With t'ie f:- ?? ran ning ?t ? ami r Nortbi)rn?r, We oonlidentlv
i t] a to liiiiiloiir > jdi .\t Sau J taaeim oin about t*#uty-?U
i n He ty. Ji reh 17.
fcmr.ll pnreuN rfedved till 1 V. M., day of ? ilitj<?.
bKRFoni) CO., 2 Tecey ftreat, Artor Uonie.
I without rhani* of onr*. Fare, %'J pit. KcKnlarity and
?a/eiy Combined, i l.oiarn of the New Fork and llarlem
l.'nilriad I 'are tlie City llall ntn; Ion, New Fork, daily,(Situ
dn - e.ro?Jited), at V o ulonk, A. M. M. SI, OAT, Supt.
I- range mint. ?Tie steamer PASSAIC, (apt. J. Oaffy,
will, on and rftor H'odnetday, M lt. h l(?, run m follow*:?
I, cava N?w Vi rh, foot of Centre street, at I o'clock F. M.
I.oava Ntwiirk, foot of llaroluy etreet, at W o'clock A. M ,
landing at lUrtji n Feint oaeh w/ij. Vroigbt taken at rea
NMM6 rate*.
i * Jeriie./ City, in th* aftrrn on, wiil leave half an benr
Inter and afti r the tir. t of March, vii : at half part 5 P.
v. A now lomfoBgor line between Trenton aud Now York
i ;.'iii dm alfo oU tho Ha t ol Mar'h, !? iving Trentcti at 7
A. M . and New York, rt lv, t\ M.
/ it<'lpi.}\. froni pl?r No. I, North riv**r, foot ol" Rattery
pU 'f, by etermb vit .)? hn l'i tter. Tv.i ti-jei dally. Mor.\
1 , I > a*- ie ? i ? it ? A. M. Alternoeu crpr"' llae at 2 P. M.,
t'. rot.rt to F1 li?.u- l.i'J ? In four and a half hour *. Faro?
? ?. t oin e < urs, !; 1 ? e. id i Kftnriimt. l'"ivp Pnl
lad( ! t, frem foot of Wali'i.t ^t??#t, at ^ A. 51., i d 3 F.
!. I, u ran t Hue : y *'< ^amlw 1 1 rui.niiort, 1'rom I'lcr .<?.
I,*l, f, I*. M. l v;f ?l'?
W YOKK AN I I'lll f,A OUrTPHI A IlIRKCT ? i. . s.
aH aud IJ.tj'r l ine . thro\t;*h In i' ' l onra. N. I.
i ' i : i', > ia Jir ?\ t ity , b"i ii. ; Now Y"t ,t at (? A . M., I' ut
Cirtlai 't 'l t, ? A. M and I"1.1. P- M. 1 Xierty ?lr ?.
r , I'll' ...;..lpbl? I.'tr.e I ' tie-, from f.iot I" H alnut itr'i t.
I': ?:??? ri dln'i e to i.i f r ?it>.t el.wi, nail $260 f.?r firo.-.'i v \ .1.
? ' : : . Ot ., M a.l.ln .ten, imI t'liarleatftn t iir niih ' I ? 14
I. tin vo lii, > . ui through i linage ? airltd In t 10 !? A.
?t. .111 I P. ?.? ?. ir. m New fork. 8fit.il thf 1 ondno
t r? . \?ltl el.' e .per > ft,
to '.Tit. JIOSIAL.
"i| Ml lMUNY >MnF, IMfV, HI? IIOIY T > WIN A
J'* 1' r- i'ruT. i?i t l.a? tin, llnnton, formerly of leiu
fi< 1., will ?pnti to any ad 'rt' ?, on rae. tpi oiom collar, m i
p ui, ? In 1 11 ?'ir . 1.1 .'h I 1 enable ladle, 4 or (reutlcmi a t > win
t; 1. l.'vnt. u uf. ? li .1 . . C u.? many of the o?n?. ite t>c* a their
I ii I n. iv He Ire. T , r,, ^ . altr.pl", eft eo enptlTfttiug
t) . t all limy ho mwri i i. Ivr. pectlve ot a ' appear luee, or
I' ? 1 o 1 Mi * . t iw ... ?, ni>t lei. it. It (1*11 Ie ar *an*ad with
end U'-lbiai y that dotrvtian l.i irapeaalble. Ad
' - " ' Ma*i. No l?tte? takrn
M ' *
Pi .' ? r ?- !
Ii 0, tl I'e ' Office itnV I th? po?ta:;e ia paid
/?"iv. H ill ? r\ e t ri) thla day. Wn.?li.ili ll*r? Monti an4
tome dna 1'i-cniinui I'-niill-ih Mutton, Mlth eurrawt JiJly.
r.n'\' i'r III 12 "1 1 <>' loel. r.Kb i,r?v caJI an 1 aec
\ ,l|ilri?'lnn? tnll'.'M) n??.
hUclligenfe by the Empire City at this Port,
and the Isabel at Charleston.
the extent of the slave trade.
1 The Carnival-Mexican New*,
&c. die. Ac.
1 The mull steamship Isabel, Oapt. KollhM, arrived at
Obaricstououtbofcliust., with advice from lUran.t?
the 2Wb ult., and the Kmplre City at tlila port, on rfatur
day, from the fame plaoe, with iuteUi?eoco to 0 o'clock oa
[ t)> a morning of the 1*1 Inst.
I Tlif) new* which U of a very interring character, U
embraced In our Ilinuua and Mataaeas correspondence.
Our Havana Corrfftpontdme,
11 atvma, February 25, 1862.
The Canute-RoM*-''?*** <f thr- Crvt?? Arrival of thr.
C,iUm Sir J?hn S<Vtm>ur ? l'oliti> al Stair, qf the hland
7V C?rla? General? Nail S<ramrrs-li**l*?P<*roJi
The always f.Hhlul Island of Cuba never veoro a u?or ?
| M^rious aspect tlmu during th? list fortnight. Tho cli
matt" la delicious, and Is-ar* a strong resemblance to our
Indian summer. The thermometer averages about 73 a',
noon, and the evenings? thanks to a balmy Southern
bree to and ? starry nVy? are moments Miatchod from l*n
radise. But the most singular thing la, that the lluba
norofi grumble at the weather, and tho '-oldest inbabi
Ul,r_whoU likewise to be found here never to die-pro
nounces it , this winter, " may rigoroso." What would he
wiy to a New York old fiwihioued -now storm T
In several parts of the Hind, there has fallen a most
abundant rain, which, although it wlU prove beneficial in
certain districts. yet cause* some fears to be entertained
in the Yueita Abajo, where it may have an injurious
effect on the toUcoo plant. Hut, on tho wh ole. tho ge
neral opinion is ?U?t this year, .10 .-ay the least, will provu
an average one.
Owing lo a southeastern wind that lias bec.i blowiiif?
since the last week, there hare been rather few arrivals
both from the States and Kurope. The Colon, a govern
ment Kteamer of the first class, arrive here from New
Orleans, on the 21st. having on board the PpanUh Coiuul
from Mobile, who has been reoeivod by the authorities
with more than usual honor*. The papers are taken up
with descriptions of the festivities oflered by the .Spanish
officers to tho "CrcollM ? of New Origins. 1 ho best fe
niale piauW? I suppose, Miss Uoso K<Mn\eay ,s eoinp l
meiited for having played some Cuban rontrwian.ai. and,
I on the whole, the Spanlaxils are rather flattered 1 by the
trial with which the Colon has boeu treated in New Or
leans. Some of tho ultra papers have their usual fling at
Uu Ymikrtk who have la-cn spitting rather freely on be
deanWswc'pt decks, wldeh, f should think U not ha;. ,
offensive to a Spanish sailor as tbo continual ^
cigttretto muftt have proved to th? daiaty belles of th
hough' fhe I-oper excitement has now nearly entirely
subsided. yet the government is far from being tranquil
Tho general opinion among tho inhabitants. t
ere a year is oyer, the Island will be lnvivded by a Urge r
force of tiUfautmt. If that egregious piece ofti'lly
be repeated, there will 1)0 no end to the garrote. ^von
now, many do not approve or the clemency shown by tho
Queen to thc^risoners sent to Spain, as this act of mercy
may I* attnbuUd to fear, and produce fresh Insolence
with a veugeonce. Whether those fears will be realized
or not. the government Is watchful, the defences are for
midable. the army Is in a perfect state of discipline, nor
is the marine force to bo despised, rho ardor of the
peoplo Is kept awake, subscription m aid of the families
of the martyrs are still going on. and oven a curious
pamphlet has seen the daylight, which purports to
a correct history of the expedition, and winch the author,
a Mr Wilsou, concludes by offering his tribute of admira
tion to the memory of the immortal Washington, not
withstanding his unmitigated contempt of the degenerate
American race of the present day.
But If the Americana get more kicks than wjotineats,
the KncrlL-h are for the prescut in tho ascendant. . Ir
John Seymour, the admiral commanding the Jamaica
naval station, has been hero, with the entire fleet under
his orders. The press ha> been eulogizing every body troui
Pom bey. the cook, up lo hir Jobu. The ( aptaln (Jeneral
has given a splendid banquet to the otllcww. which cour
tesy tu returned by a not, les* magnltleent ball on boaid
Ui/cumbori.nd, attended by the Me ofthe^Much
of this eood filing is to be attributed to Mr. Cr.iwwr.1,
the Knglbh Consul, who. through h1, Sen'b'inanly und
amiable conduct, enjojs cvwywhere great l^pularity,
and is not less Uked by Americans, owing t^ 'h^ p. lurul
contrast of Mr. Owen's behaviour toward tho American
prisoners during the late expedition. 1
The Captain Oenrrnl. Concha, ia still administering the ,
island with his wonted tBet. ne is considered the best
Govern r since the days of Tacon. and is a favorite with
both Spaniards and Creole*. A gn at many U'',,r? 3T.,t'
are lielng made both iu this city and b>oU.er ,?n, ? t
the island, llallroads, nnd what are called in hn^Un.t
turnpike road.s. are progn'ssins favorably under his p.i,
tronlge. The charitable dispositions (.1 bis lady are not
les? the tin mo of univer :al comendatlou. and the new ar
rangement by which the poor ar- gratu-loa-ly condoled
to lind maintained from tho funds o ( the .'??'?? <lr W'"?
fiirnria. in I he Bath of San Uiego, U said lo hivo origi
n#T^UUndw no donht that there will soon be a r. -pilar
line of mi.il steamers between Cadli and ^ num
ber of the leading merchants have taken from lit y <-?
hundred shares, nnd juntas hwo been established in
nearly every locidity of tho island to turther tbe < n t -
jirlse Tlio reunion of all these juntos will take place ot
the 2Sd of this month, when, it is hoped, this inipoH.int
matter will be put into ship-shape. Should govei i mmit
miarantee a uiioimuin of 4 per ccnt on the capital, th
Ui?l of the (lr-t xtcamor will be laid in August. T be line
w to constat of four steamers, of sufficient touungo and
build to hi- converted into war vesMels.
The Carnival is bus guy this year than f"rnierl>.
People keep back ?""? WU month, when the nnblio r J ?
vities hi honor of the birth of the Princess ltoy:.l ta!.
pb.ee. They generally eonsist ot lUumiiiations milit.irj
parades, fancy ami dress balls, and c.s-k-?ght I. 1 ho
entliusiiu-m w'll be great. ,
?J lie llavels ai-e drawing trim. ndouMy. an I tic v ? .
quently Ixara premium. Tlin-e n t hi.v'na: b e .it y
Apeia ill Havana this year l'ansl. ' an^.d is b ? k ? n
w'th considerable inter^t I Is-heve she ?:U d. . \
tnmely wvll. notwithstanding that the Il:ir.inese bive.
fmu.d out that the only ild:ig more Insipid tha i . ono con
cert, are two concerts.
Havana, Vol) 29, IShil
7V C'emitoJ ? Jlnurican ar.A Hiitith A'a, it ,Vf irs ? The
IHarkrft, <fr.
The Carnival paaned off quietly, and without incldwit
Th. to wm the umi:U nurubor of public and prlvato hilt
but IfM jna?<|Uoradinf; in tho Ptrvct" tlian In for
mer year*. The time la gone by when the better p:irt of
the population here took parMn the three day*' foativ d.
anil continently their observance la on th" wan<\ Tho
l.'arnivul In Havana now liax littU atauiir.^ or intereni jtf.
to even a stranger.
Tho 1 1. S. Hoop of war Albany i.i now huro. flbatniMil
on the 24tli , fn m J-nn Juan 'If Nlcanigu.1 Oille.-ra
aril crcw nil well.
'lho Ararlcan 1 i?r!i f'nlon wac fblpwreekml on Mio (\<r
ra Tonelada on tho iWth January* AwUtnuco was run
JejrU to Uer l-y the Mexican tjoleta. Tamanlipat, ami p ir
of tho cargo and all ilio paaeengeri wery aaved. llore ar.i
their names
Don Hartnlnme Ro???, Don M. Oa|liH!<f. oon *n tuvlro.
Don A. (5. Wnll?rdot^ Don rt. 0. fl'-rner, Colonel (lurant'".
Dm Victor fiimnan, Don 8. Menu, Don Fernando Aparioh,
Don V. Haaaey, eon an y <u hermana; Don J?fi Ito
?k?, Don I*. I. Tuj#h, Don Jnnn .Mont re, Don J. A. Kradalian,
Don l'al lo Olivi'r, Don Jom> Kidder, Don Kaiinondu Frano
ta, Don Knrl<nia (junior, Don Francisco (Jet-ran, Don lli|>o
lito Daooml*', Don N. Trnar, Don J naff D. liaile, Dun E'ltl
ardo Gerard, Don EfUban Hcjuohnmp*.
The L'uion left New Orleatia on the loth of January.
H. 15. M. ?hip of tho lino Cumberland aud utoauv r Do
ra. (alien, 1' ruling a portion of the India aquadron
uriler the command of Vleo-Adtniral Sir John Seymour,
eelM on th? lMh on a cmlae. DnriufT their stay lu p ?rt,
the Admiral ai <1 hi* principal olllcen W"iv entertalnod l.y
the I aptnln Heucral at 'ho government pnlaeo.
cilice my let>< r < >f Hie 15th, Ut< re lia* ti.'cn much tnore
animation In bti inoea Limn previously noted, Sugar !.??
ai riTlT'R morn freely, and freights arc a trllln flrnv r. Mid
nure I'dUdy obtained. K?, banges, it wiil bo seen, havo
atlfien< d considerably.
Jn augam. I hear of sale* hnvtnj; Won made of >.00t>
boxes brown, yillow. ami whito. at 4 6, and Sh p< r
hit' la , J 0?*> Der? wne white. tit. 9 r*. p, r d and 13 (MM
boxes M id for deliyery during tli? c> wo" ; ('ueunieh. -. at
ra.i brownr. at 4%' rs. ; j-yllow , ?t ?i ra., while- at
7 V ra. jx r n rri bu.
(if cfiffci\ th< re are no in marker, ; ponoivl and
third* me !f7 >u ? per (quintal
'the m-elptw of cou. dry produce, from tho 141 U iu?(ant
to prcM iit date, have Wen a-< f )Uow.i :~
IVnio I'tly I hit Wonth. To'at.
finf.ar. Vxia 2t? 870 18,1W?5 4H Kiij
Cclico arrebaa n 0.70s lfl;t>0
Fipiir*. M.. ?252 O.'JO-J 12 (At
T< I ncioin ffcinii. lii?. l>2i?:,9 46.371 137.730
'I he e* portaliori" to the l'nlt?(l fltalc. from th' llth
(li.'iaut to present date, liavo been r ?
JVmous'v fAi'i Mmilh. Tv'nl
Husar, hofea 5.22!? 2 691 7.1.')
( 1 f>oo, nirobaf 4,(1S8 3.077 7 7ilS
?.cara,M l.OCO 3.f>l? 6,176
Ti i nrco.lU 4 '"20 SJ 5S0
'I be exp'Tlulixua to portu other tlwa tho United rttatca
have bevii
I'r -intutiy fhti Month Ib'nl
Kiiftar, heiea .SM.OO-'l 1 1 ,44f? 40i?W
C< tVee.arrobaa 6,111 7.0*) 12,104
feK*ra, U 6.0f>3 1,740 OJVO
Tt bareoln rnma. lbs .!)3,Wi2 0*2,391 lH.j,0H:l
V> l^hle to 1 be tinitvu S'atia liav* iinprovnd au
pii*. $1 2<?pe# l>>? ; 50c a 6?>-rr per for ooff -ff ; rtwi
* J a pM p?r Ulul of Muhhwftu
To Il3inl>ur<?[iiul lirvini n ?! jr, o n? J IT 0
" Orrai Ilrftain a o 0 'J lfi 0
" C'oirca and n mark tin the North
Hen 2 16 0 2 IT 0
'? France 70franoa.
" Mediterranean ?2 10 Oi.O 0 0
UCIUNaM, 00 l>AV.l' HIliHT.
Toodon 11 ? 12 |K>r cent pv >tn
Now York 1H 2 '? dU
1? ion IX 2 " '?
Fnrli (dull) 2 " "
I send thin, p<r I an VI, to Ohnrtwrton. thinking it may
anticipate tim arrival of the Kmpiro Oily la Now York, u t
tbo latter ntcanii r him hut ju-t arriviHl trorn New Orlean s
unJ *111 not tail before tomorrow. I have tluio to en
dow only the arrivals and departure* at Havana. anil
uut i f tli? other porta of the* Wand. II.
Havana, Fob. 20. 1852.
iAtM 1 f Stumm ? A'rti'i frtm Mcj-ico ? C<trni?ij<U ? SMp
tcrrck qf , hnrrican I'rmrU at Vera Criu ? 7 V Ditrio
dr M?w? nualntt .Inti-Hentai ? AVtri from the IiUerior ?
.<7 'rrttlt at Puerto Jhinci/r ? A 'rv Dock.
There have boon a t?n>at many arrivalu at tlii.i port, both
of htiflwcru and i-aiiintf rcMali*.
We have date* from Mciioo to tho 12th of February,
and from Vera Cruz to the 17th. Tho now* Is uuimpor
t iint. Lcttoia from Cauiargo ?ny that, tho dctachm nt
under Urajca had loft on tho 1!>tb for Monterey; do that tho
vliolu force for tbo protcctlou of the froutict will bo about
2,!500 men.
Tlic rumor of a fro?h invasion of 1 ho Mexican territory
under Curavajal. is unfounded. Ouruvajal luis uot more
than 40 uii n with hiin. who ore daily committing robberies
on Mexican (*tntcs situated on the oth>>r hide of Kio llr.i
vo. A certain Dowall, a Judgo of K.itretla (Star) county,
haa been a party to the outrage committed on tho Mexi
can lHXiudiiry line, and Iiiih sent awistanee to Ooralvo,
The conduct of General llorney la very much oulofflaed.
The V era Crust papcra are at'll tilled with particulars of
the disaster* caused by the lute p ile. Tho remain* of
tho ltolxrt Htopbttnsou have been l'ound on tho ahoro at
Coatsacoalooa, as well :ia several plauka marked - Itoborl
Speddin." Another American vowel ia saiJ to have boon
lost, too; but no numo Is Riven.
The General Concha and the Isabel have arrived. Tho
Iccal papery are principally tilled wlUi European news. 'J'he
Dim-in ile Miiiw'i ?truu^ly condemns Louia Napoleon for
tho contemplated confiscation of tlie property belong inn;
to the Orloan* family, and iMhninativa against the demo
cracy for tho little respect it cbowa to property, as aten by
the conduct of the nnti-rentcra in ttio t'niteU States. It
sorely inlaw* bi>rd l'aliuerhtou from the Foroigu Oflleo,
win lxi prolubly PivfldFtit Killuiore'g interference in favor
of tho lri.-li exllca will lead to dome warm diseu. aion.
The mail from the interior brings ardent descriptions
of the enthusiasm diaplayod at tho fie?t*.i rnden in iiouor
of tho 1'iincess Royal. Tho Invasion exeitemeut is
? aid to have entirely nuboldid. yet there have Ikkmi made
, ev< ral arrcata anionic the voting meu of J'ucrto Friacipa,
l?. r wearing revolutionary hat a.
The Captain General litis urant i d porml-M'>n to tbo Spa
ii-h Muil Steamer Company to build u dock on tbo Al:i
ireda de I'aula. 00L0N.
Our MuiftnxM Corrcmwinlfiiff.
M ataxia*. Ycb 18T>3.
77, r, Reception of the Spanish C'ottsu! at Hetv (Meant? The
Slate Trade ? Siartli.ig Disclosures? tending ?/ Shift in
Cuba? Stover* Sailing from fi'rw York? Suspension nf
Gmernor Pcria? Corruption of the Spanish Subalterns?
Pirgust <f the Creole Population? Proposed Sale of Cuba
(o thr United Slates ? The Grand Carnival? The Increase
nf the Color, d Population ? Enormous Iui;tor to lions of .Ve
KTMI? Suspension if the Principal Functionaries in Trini
,lad?*1tre?l tfa Principal Magistrate.
Tho universal topic of conversion here, for the last
few dn line been wiili rnferonce tothe friendly reception
of her (.'hristlan ? steamer, tho Colon, nt New
Orlcen.., ??d the courtertoe exchanged between tho offl
Mr? ?f that flue t-hlp flttd tho natives of the Orient
City It appeal'* that a alight contretemps took pi ve upo-i
tiff landing of tho British Consul. Mr. Mure (who had
Ronc on board the Colon to vL-it the SpauiKh Consul, Mr.
Laborde.) and upon returning to the shore. lie was
mistaken for the latter gentleman. and, I understand
mof heartily hiwed. During tho stay of the Colon in
the Mi isbdnpl ill'' became tin* object of much curiosity
. .,.i v y i <t "t by n <?rmt RiimUt ?>f r^ruirtaNc p ? .ole,
who received the kiudct attention fro.n C.mmnnder Pa
riraand Uirf officers. ami which was duly reciprocated l>y
three en shore Indeed. the officers of llie Colon have r<>
tunu d to Karam highly delighted with thu kindnesses
whi. h were ; hov tied upon tin iu at NewOrl.vuis. and it is
(. i , hoped that the harmony and good will which huv ?
11.uk 1k< 11 k.. li'ippi!v generat. d between th- a two grca
rivals of the booth. will lead to a more friendly under
f 'timdinc between them in future.
The eight hundred rlave*. to whom 1 alluded in my
lA't httir a. h.ivie? Ih'<-ii Kiteee*. lully lauded at a pi "' '
,mll<d lamariocu. (a small river. betwei u .ttat'iiwii.-. an I
Cardi-niii.) wi re brought to this i.laud hi the brig llano
xt ,'_the tame vcfk. I which w,i i denounced l.y the editor
efiheNrw Von v. UmiAi.tiaa fitlingout atthltport forth.)
cor. -t i f Africa. about nlue months ago Tiie II; n.u n wa
careful to point out t<> the authorities of New V ork the
iii-fcricua chanw.ter of the v?? ??!; but no notice having
Wen tii ken i f the cUeumiitan. e. he wn-i permitted to mil j
on her inhuman vojajie, mid lb ? r>?ult in that eight linn- i
,|rnl mi re unfortunate wretch.* have torn trom I
their h. tn* 8 to eke out < miserable exl-tenee in Cuba.
Tho colored population of the island of <!ul>a (n'twith- .
HtfindiLV the stall, lies to the contrary gtven ill by the g .
v, ri.ruiut.) f?r outuunilxring that of the white,., has id
Vf V l e. n u pourre Of fear to the native white*, and tie > |
li^v. end' in* rr.t bv every means in tln'lrpow. r. to put in |
r.nd to fri 'li imp. riationM . t n. gres fnmi the for ? ot Af
lien Tbo vn^rnioui* introaucoa ?> l ?
eimnany of < atidiiM. nt. Mataintaa, and by oil,;n. |
? f ilavim have can -fd consideriibie indignation
Mii. iiif .t. tho eBlighteiu d Creole population, who forei.ee.
1 1 r i r lati r. tin d?ug? r wiiinli may accrue from tli ?
cupidity of y.nierd.' whoKc oidy en 1 l b' -
, it in cure not for the future pto?p.rlty ?1 (Julia. All lb'
petition. 1" the cm tef Africa are K"i.t out by ! pa- I
III I a., trim tho inolhcr country, t.ut principally by < ita
' -ji? Ib.novi r iv t having obtain' d a Spam, h r "iK- |
tu i- hi>| po-cd t? !"? f-niling iK'twe* u the co.iKt of Afre a
and thiK Maud under the American flag.
PHVin.flovenior of Matenw.h . ' ?.on su-penJ >d
hv- li e Cuvdain Of UMid and a eonmn .-ion h" . I> em ' I
to inuulre itatolii-' conduct in refere ic" to thi ' tran iv I'Oti;
but 1 apprehend 'itinatln- l.ttl- to bun v I, a u. ty b the
1C. lilt OI itK tnmintttien. ( ? n. tViicb . t i.v I rfn >w >. .
Inn hut!. <1 the mo t "trirgi n* ?.fler* for the pi - .lU'-n r ;
thr tnt'le. in lulfilinent "t the IreM I.v v n h (.rent .In a n.
i.rdl an the beetlntonS-ien toconiply with tie m; bntunior
"?ulf v-e have heard that -hell it. elf la puv.- ,1 with
.? ,1 iiiti i t.ir.n-. - Ilis | x.elleucy does cvdrytliing in In-.
p,.W( r to valk in the path., of lioiu-ty. and d""<
L?, noito impowlMe for him to Induce the Nulialt-ru
cfl'. ' r to |W lr w a similar c.ii'-e Thi y name f. u. .">pe.ln
to mr.ke firtuncK out of t'nha. m A fortunes they are
determined to make " -toy hook or by crook ? and t.v a
all with fewexcptioiKi. jui.t i s much ducowd to ? r? ii>
prewnte whftlu rfor th ? a.luii 'ion of .laves fr.rni thecovt
of Ari'*ca. or ftir iiny other i^u-ty hu'io-. tlxut off ; e
p., via bin been dceornn d, p; rhups Otiy t.iui" , l -i" d.".u
.1 honor. Tbe*o fre-iuonl act.' oi ill yiny. pr.i I' "d
1 v ii en rent from Spain to rule over and i. " n . vr.n 4
r.j iMtuc to the Cubfiiii'. caiiK' (?> tho l.iUcr 11. V ' -
iil. Mist. H'Caufe th -e ae'.-' of dUhomvly ave ri.h") ?/
r,, .?i .riued v.ith tlie mort in le. . publi. t.v ? llie n ?>.?: i '
r.(.|.( . rin <1 upportntly narU.;' te t r the ?. ?. ' I 1
r . hi U.inUiug n.en iju>j- lua.p upon lb in. It i i.i ? ;r.
t), n that the t're"l?'?. * irk'd a', !.-? ' -r '??
t). t. r <?f fUPTi wh'X1? only I ; ft wonJ?t . ?'Iji to '
t. ? t i.i. ii"y from them, end t.i' ? o u/'ui tie m o'e.
ri.l sii.d fguhitioDH, to s' t their own Imm Kate
rlii uld Iki derlrou* ol emancipating t !i?'iiui< 1* c; fr a ; .1
#n ui.natorfttKtateof tliinRH
1 rm told that I'avla laugti.' with ct tb? tb-ei.tr.
t{ i,!- .li tniwal by Oen. Concha t''1 ' ? i i c' i( j -?
tbcl It I- impo?.ilble for a ijooil tn: n t . r- I ' in ? '?' '?
ui:ii . mi Ui properly bad.. I up lythe home gjv.tvu- j
nU(-r , i ,nchi? hei deno much for ('? ' "'id th" C ibin?; J
tnile"! ho M' dining hl< k1io? r.-> I in 'h" i I 'id.
d. en un.re towar.ia n couciling the i utirex t" I > " h"ine (
(f-.TC'-emrnt than nil Mm pred'Ci'i"1 ri I'nder his md I f
Bdniii'ir' ration much i? t?. la- hope I t r < ub v bn ?t t .i ? .
,?1, 0 iluie lie he.i' mi', h In coot, t a.i a ! |"i I i. > ,
,1 i.^l' nii'ili* ore liable evry ui< nn-t.t t" be U' "'' ? ?
I; . h UK II a.. ar? re ii t out iVem ? P*'"i I ? ?
It at. 'I- to bio h- ie -t piirpoKC f-r t.i" v ifare <;t
I.- 1 j le chit lit t- ?! Hl.< rhin;{'- ,!t! " ' ' '
niu. l be admitted tluit them.an "?i' -y-'d i.< '
veruwent ?re of an u? 1 fact *y i'^<r?
I,; y le roreertcd i?|.. illy Willi i ^ > -?
I'-. . 1.' IW tlUblt'.OU.
r I ' hto'il tl ? ?' " f '? ? ' "V '<?? '
Jai'. ?!*<-??? '! ? ? h \ -V . ? ?
isithiri mr- to *nd ?? the . i.-. coce.W' ' *
drisi: ? o lid or.ly tcrii to * ' ?'? ' ? ? ,
K t l,i i ??.? ! HUly pm- ? '? lo ,i: i nt ad, .. i <i , i fn- a < I .*d
u,e ? ' ' r M 0* ^e ,,f C. ta lo the VnUi S";-'.
The ('. -i-ivnl c ir ii.' nr d yc.t. iday ' " ?'
raiety; the 1 1. 1- ? e all f'id. I v -uld ?? - J ;' ",
i rrd he H< ,l1 1 ' 1 ' ''" ' .' j,
tniigf re vlrhiRjx llarat.a. ti ? .
cf %i:iUT.? fiom tlto I. nil ed State* during lie t ? '
jtVfl/o , . . . 1, (\ 1,1
intrliMf' h#'1 jivt br^ n rcv? -it^u iu ? '' * .?
?-,< r'' I v.d wv* ' ' Wl r ?*??" ?7 ??? I*" fr ,".- r U' ?'
Z Wiv' I M or. lei. <1 Sunday - t. the I mrt.
A v. < 1 unJ. r Spanlrh < olorr l- tided a eur? > aim 'I in
. :.,t ? V th A*' ro t a tie. at the t'h ' r r riv C -:i i!
?\. . . i i y all the principal fnneti nwrii at rciu. t; i hi' i
Uen f.u^|'. r?kd trom their < uipl'iytMcnt.' s? ... >v ?
i?v i :? t Ilftvnna i vtl V< n ( ouanou in tu ? c - ^ i
l'rtt I i|e. for reandrlous eounivaeeo with t' > ' ' x j
tiadi re in that district, v. lu.ro pc.v i'.d dl?mhi/.u'i ?i
have lie. i cfvetid dur rg tl i list thr. e moiithv
I tindti'tdand that th. Captain C.enoral, Don Jo'.' dc iiv ,
Conch* lis* determined to make '..m? severe ex e;i! -v
OUi I ol. Illumantle>?? of the Lop * e<p>Jil.i >n I 1
conl.ncd lu tbe Punte cattle, but hU r? b-aee I* dally '? %- |
'**Or!eof tho principal inagtrtratee of TiluldUd, l?H eon,
;,od .on-ln law fhotli la eyre) have ln-ft t-Oo-.i^
j.,.t l'rincii*e fneu fuli'n'.i noHl. ami the ( ?(? n-'i
(tim iAl having determined to naivii wvcro example/',
th< re will l>e a treincndon* commotion.
Tl:p Vailed Walcf. corvette Albany arrived hero on (If
1:6 b fr*:in ,??n Ju.iu do Nicaragua ? all well.
M.rw.q, Feb 20, 1S62.
Tut Jinn in Cuba ? Offuiut Corruption and Itribmj ?
I utily <:/ lie Pctii! Ixtwt. itiul Cans t if utnl Krai/on.
1 premised to give you In continuation, the history of
tlio late nefarious fm:ir?rticiw in M*ve trailing, which oc
curred in thiii neighborhood. You will remcinlter, I also
tinted thai although lli<> whole alTulr. In all it* details. hi J
rriichfil the ian< of I he Captain Ucni-rul. who had instituted
tbo ntrioteat investigation into the matti r, and had oven
gone : o far :h to ml- pond I be Governor of thin |>lioo, (leneral
Pavla. from the cxorcUe of his functions, Mill I was con
Yluccd that the mutter would In> hushed up and llut
guilty parties be suffered to ereape the punishment their
fee nd, ill us conduct so rielUy merited ? and ao it Iris
proved. The extremis laiily of the penal law prom ul -
giiUd in this bland by Guttural O'Donnell, aoou timo lu
the year 1S-I5. by which lnvo trading thenceforth was pro
nounnd piracy hai not , as was to Ik* expected, had Clio .
slightest effect on the tradirs; because. at the timo tho
law in question was established, the tride w.ui ul its
height, mid r tho notorl-.tc pro'., el Ion of Ooncral O'lton
nel, who ills veil known liirou^liout Cuba, n mivod i
bonus of three rn.wv each vpou every negro iutritduco 1
from the eoart 1 1 Africa.
Tbef la VP-trade continued to tlourl-Ii under tho adiu'
nitrition ol diuerjil lloucati tlio Co 'it of Alcny, bit',
would liave reopivid a very t-overc check under the go
vt.rtm.enl of our pr - ,il ? xi rllent Ca.p!uiu-Gi>nerai, w. ro
he hupixiftcd in liii ulniiuislnition. With rcupeol tit hi i
good intention. !? r the niippre ? Ion of this inhuman tr-tlllo
they have been completely battled by the plir <.-ing of t !?-*
|x nal law. which sci . luvc bji u purp-Miiy studied so
at. by it* wording, i > ... id > > i> a Jvantaifp to tho i lavn
tnwl.'iri. For iiittnLi < ? is ev ivi ly ;.(ipuluted lh.it ne
groes. he tliey of vtln i ?? t e'.j. a tiny may, just Irom tiie
coai I of Africa or o . rwlse. umni suf-ly plicej upon an
e tale cannot be !nt . : red v ilh, or mob iti <1 hi any way
wliati ver.'' PO that tbo i v un lit Hid flavor make.- In-, np
pmnince at the given pi mo ou tho eoaiit. preparatior.i aro I
made to oonvi y I b? in | l-'V, iii.it kiitly to tiie iv.ir ,f. c i
tftto. Upon tflfrly tvfiiftii'/r v.iii-h tlvy ir wi'lv-al lh~ ;-.-i.V qf
Me /utu. Qil'l then fore ( annot be.<ei/.ed i>y th ? nutlmritiiM.
So ii bits been with n : oneu to tho SOI) at Onunocit,
and (he iH(l at*hirrr? MOr itia. Tl y were sue afully
lumitdaiid placi d upon the iniuavt property, end the
wcrtby Covcmor of Matanxaa duly iuformod (J11411I
C'ucba, no doubt. I fiat having can-i-d dilig'iit iti<|ti?ri<vi
ii tolboc'1 ustanciH of the repocted laudliv of tte
gioea ita uri^dietion he dicl.:ri s th m t< bo merit
runst l*. without any foundation in trulh ? and then* 1- mt
Mid to the matter ; for tho Oaptaiu-(b'i?eral mint receive
a* givpel (lie report of au utile, r holding 1 lie high r.iuk of
bi'lgadiex' gi tictnl, 'lhelalt' r lias llmrefore beou ag.iin
ri instated to tho Rovtrnment ot Mutiiu/..is.
The captain of the 1 1. mover, a ivi>.t:ijurd. is now, I :iiu
ti 'Id. walking about the HtrcotK oi Ha vaiu.. boasting 111
the moot open nianuiT of tho hu< i*?- -s <>f hlh bite eip' di
t ion I o tho coast, by which he has realised a apleudid
A few yotir3 rifo, a poor man who had bi en ill lr> ated
l.y tho cuptuin of a. i*lavi r. who had jint di - -nib . rb d a
e..?i5t of tli'grot "i ou tho coe l of Italiia If tuda ujiou ;>!-e
1 in ing lrmselt" to the Corn! of A! ,v ? o djuounoc the
tran. aetion, wan hlinsHr arro*ted .aid' put to work in the
clniit! gaug for five years; wh.: ;!i j.uilty capaiin was
kiillovied to lie at lit crty
ilut I lie influilice ol th> lave traders, from their great
Win I lit, ia i>uch tliat thiy obtain whatever they please
In ni the home govt rann nt, and II would. .-tiMligo to riay,
l?- alinoct itnpoctiible for tbo Capiain (loner d even to
a! Ii mpt lo bring I luxe guilty parlies lo pimifhui -ul
1 tiiall Ictvc lliia in a few days for the North LV'N.
One Mouth Later from Cliilo.
Important from tUe MmlU of JIoRrllmf""
Seizure ? f uu Auirrlran tokhcI mul
CftUftfPln CJolil Ihut, Ac. d(c,
Via Panama we have received one months later Intel
llgonce from the South 1'acilk count. II lf< intere tin ; l >
the commercial community.
Y au-ahmmi, (Jini.r, Jan. 'JO. 1#S2.
1'iOft I/ntfcretl in Chile ? Iterc'ution nm-w: tl ?? .Sf<i.V l'ri,oncr.
nt tlx St rutin <J Miixcllaiv ? 7'i"o Jlmrrvtin ShijJt, with j
large *1mouvt of CotJ Ciipvret' f.u thm?EneUh ar i
F,?neh Vert cf VC.:r *r V *?". ? Kit -atP'-an n ? H "iw'il t i
tlx Parifio ? l'eruvimuMil Chile Gi tiio?J'ii itnres q/' t ?
? }.arr,c Emigration to Cai(fiK'niu ? .'ifaV nf the M.vb 't, 4"
Tho i'OliUfi'1 di.'tieultle?, vbteb for ,-om? tim > pi-t have
agitated ttii.'' little republic ^ "in for the ptiJeut to be
happily eiidcd, with tlio ex ''ptioo of a fll.uht outbr -nk In
the m'niiig n i<iou u t Copiapo which \v:> i ."<>11 mtppre
I'eni i nud tranquillity bi.vegeDcrallv pv-vaikd during tlio
pa*t month. The revolutionist!, huvo all diibaud'd and
returned < ?> tL.-.r h"U)e-i. and it it ti> be !?? -p'-.l ii^ri. ullur ?
t ril c' Libv iio will scon rwume their watert activity
Th' r ha> h' w( T, r. rooeully hiMin a terrible com
nmirp the Steie prl oners nt th< .'it-alt* of M.'sfoll mi.
Iluri-hed from their h"in< 1 011 account of political an-1
other "!'? r.-f . tlicjr u t tip a revolution th -rc nm i
thrm vlvc ? -kllllrg Uicp'vcrr.or. telling the g.irrlfn, ami [
d< ell) 1 -BR them elves ft 1 > aud independent of t'hile in par
ticular Mill the rout f mauliiuU In general."
Tim American bark HoriUa. which I mentioned in
a former li lt' r w having bun clurtcred by tbi-' givern- I
meut ai. J freighted ?Uh a full car^o of pvolu'.lonlsti.
?;? 1 ? x . bly . ' d whi' <t the i-'trail and ? 1 now in p-?i
'cr-. k 11 ( t I h ? pr! 11.1. t'lleml Information luiaako bi -i
I ,1 it to the A lii'T.i ?! I n.-.iil hern, th t another ^sn-'.
(i n vi ""c 1 . (SJ..11U ? 5. t" -t ) bound f.-..in t!r?lifortjii? to
N(.w York noli a li r; moot -t of -;ol I ou board. hud
br<-u i .tptund ?/> tin -- rt'im*.:d who have sailed with
j. ill V' ?el fur p rlH uiAt "wu .' I U if being, tiT.foitn- ,
jtrJcly. 1 ' Ann rirmi umu-o: i,rnni t?! . | >rt of th.s (, >?. t
at prcKBt, Uh SngUHbud Fran eh adali ila bift i< >t ' ? t
ili.fpi.tch) d -1, p in ?i 1 li of tin!, ? diriiy p .-?t , ..id
Hi III I r'^11 to he rilvif' d of their eiiptiWi
A ? tnili*.r I'Utbri nk lm , r ci-ntly (X 'Min .l the i .1 m I I
<1 .It'. .11 I'c/ltanrti r,. and ni ? nipt ? m ' le t *.? tlni j
Auerirnn bark Cllin. wlilch waa flret htiin? with wo'*! I
ip 1, ;. il. In.. ? ec'iil I m pjli'nj: o>it to '
..If. ill . pi I. Iit'd tij'ii' (li *;:r. ? Tlii i?!aud
tf el prrMIit <1 e of tin di p"ti> tor (Thile prmoner..'.
\, M ?' ? ?'111 ' 111 I r-i/ldlv '.ler . n;; iil j.a ?
of the Unite* Mllti in ibo Nrii)*, it liMWydtMn* |
i: . i l..; hl> in pi 1 ?. . ut r 1 in fit ,. ?? prot. nt
A::11 'it' ii ' I. th'it- a hi ,t 1. ???' I '
? n ti i. (i : rt, with Kt li act tvn wm , eonv rw. to r? . . : . ? 1 -
i.i .it" v .il 1P< e l, mid cct wit1', pi ?nip: f -. Hi ( .'. o I
in rReric.v. M'ch 1 nbov m< ntlrin< d
'Hi<- ( Ihi 'iiil returm fr T'i I'l i 'i mi iw tb it the i:.j p
of 110 t I' the pe-t T, le lib. d : c'l.OXI 1 I"...'-1 I
?,f wl.i" Il W( nt IO lil' t .U'l.d Mi: . I' ? r III III i l- l) ?
J'?. 1'i'c mid l''p;d'-ii'l. lo'i " dep-.-.i..; of ttii, n i? into r- ;
t it I r.ri .'le ? I 1 1 li. ii. ri " l..,vt )? ?. I > . , 1 I 1 1 .0 ?
coact of Chile, at nbouf latitude u.t ?,tlioqn?lity of whieh
j 1 tc I ? "it* I to tie i'nnti ai 1 . . " 0 1I1
? h i> U< ,1' jvHlilt Mil. p'.ii -Aith a ? ii'
for the 1'iuUd M.'tei: att'l . honH rn f. vtilirJivr .fid' .1 1
I ? ip .1 to tie- (T- rf ir i- I v I
? ' ' r: ? ii| hi tl I'.-l >- ? i i iii 1 ?? ? ? ?
IV al I
. I. 1 hi
l full . '
>. ? pi' t 1 . 1 'I' '.| til
... | ?0.
ry pruip' ri.'UH eouditioii. tier ioii-of!
? 11. nt ?j , ? KenHlc 1 thirl' > 11 in.ii; 'ii1 o
I n h.'ir million of wh'eh tv," from
d ftate.i I' r oxp' : idrling ir ml
I !h XT. iv||(4f. I'll
I to her i ? ; mi '
the Old" <ji t ( '. '( n-.i 1 1 f tli ? 1 r"i 1 1 '. I itv
cip ndi' 1 1 iv ? ' two Mill. :i ? t" ('??l!--. in putting 1
th<i f.-voluti "1, a I'libii.. I ' Hi' ' ? i- rcporl 1 o'i
in th ti- a ury. -Ii i': ' 1 ? .! in :'y U> 1 ..il'.
Ill ? p; ? ? . 1 I ) ' i li r : t t:.e j- id t
eryth't' lav.' f, tlm ? ? .1 1 ? ? ' ? in .. j; - i rii
p-iniiiner * /'?> ?< ? I- ? 11 s: y ?ti, j
th. i- < 'it 11c, 1 1 ; p. 1 in' 111 .11 1 i 1.. ,
h' 1 1 r, ?..? ? ' ' . . 1 1 uli.''.. 1 i' Ih Ir v ., .
n hui -In J l J.
I r? 1. : 1
! y I ? ? I I
Vnval Iiiti
All i.i I'.t-v t, . ? i
?Jai" . I,. ? . i. - '? 8 -
Lai l. - . n : . . ?
'1 li i U. ,u '.pi. ? 1
Movcn < ti of Indlrl'len '.
i.i .i r 1 1 ,it ? j lj u .i .1 ,
in i 1 1 ? " t.i- * p-. I hi ' 1.1 ?t" . ,
1 ' xt. 1 bej -,r -? 1 t'i v'i ,' i.t th, ! i'- 1' ?
T)ii ?fi en'c .taiemoiiti t' ?< r ,, t.r? ?
thcaiiri' tf tlia city ar ><<'?' ., -,ly : ? ? 1 >? Ui 1
1 irKimla of i . t /<ii . >01 ,)i. ?> t r. to th p .
D?HI > ">
HZOHL7 irrrz3BJBSTrrvo.
C?|ilurc of Can>argo bjr fnravuj?l.
M ATA MO It A H It K H I H U H D .
I Indian Hostilities in New Mexico.
t! be ?
Important from N?r(hfrn Mi'tlrOi
Nr.w Oni.i'A > i, Maroh C, 1R52
News from tlio HI') Grande lian rcurhcd here, to lh?
i ITect that Curnvnjul h:u< uttackrd and cnplur?d Cnrinn^
Mid iri new clofely be*i< ^in^ Matainoriin.
1 ho Mtconudiip Fanny. which le reported being l?ctow.
Kill ) ri bubly brinn authentic particular*.
'I liv eastern iuh il bn ; failed njinont every il iy ?inO'' Che
new i.mmgement..
The IintCNt from \Vnililii)((nn.
U. S. HTOf K 18.MTK1).
kfl l lAL M K OK TllK tnl'.W VOIIK IIV.HALI>.
W ah i irtGTov, Mnrck 7?8 I*. M,
All Urn minors an to it uii.-imilcrsl. iidiiiR between IxivU
NnpoUon urn! Mr. Rive*, or tint the rx c;? 1 1 of llio l;UU-r
hiiK been rrqui.tcd. or thul it i.-< contemplated to recall
li'm are wholly unfounded. The rcccnt dinpi'.tohe^ from
Franco plve no cnu-o for eoppwing tli.it friendly r->Wt.oiai
will I *' in tiny wiy interrupted.
Tlio Grand July here lia v?? been engagi-d In the invo
t If, ul Ion of furthiT clmrv;o? 0|?aiiv I John I'. l<evy Tboy
aru i f a Mmilar character tu that upon whloh lie liw
already Ken ImlloU'd.
'lho Vnitrd {-lutrn irlock i.-sueil lo foreigner* <liniut< th?
pant week, wild !j>84.H0fl. \. Y.
Aliiiiiilng AhohiiIi from Sniitit Pf,
l)i:ju:i) ? WHEAT AI4AK.VI 01' TllK HKTTI.BK3, KTO.
IU1.T1M0HR, March 'I, lK.ii.
'I lie Ht. I(Oulf Repi ibtirmi tun Huntu Ke dates to the HJMt
(i| (biminiy. The Apache Indlnn* were vnmmlttlog gw*6
oiilrrpcti. itlnl tcvinil poi!ie<; have been attacked funl
1/inrdi red.
A party i f fire wddiero were :ittncl:wt, of whom four
wi tv killed nl 111.- fii"t tire. Out of another parly wb?
were enpi.^ed In cutting wood, four wero also murdered.
Great alarm cxlsUd In nil quarter* end many of th?
town* were guarded and fortified Tho (.,-overnuiont
trop* are .?'aid t o be unable to cheek I hem outrages.
Itumirxtf tlic ili.c.iM rlet 1 I' pr clous l.ielnli contlnu*
10 bt' prevalent at Santn Ke.
I' lMr- Ml'lil'KIlKH COJiYICTKO. KTO .
l'liiupcnriiit, March 7,
I ???< night. n f.n- lirokn out in a Mock c?f nlorc* < n %hw
wharf, below \\ nlnut Htrii't. Tliri hullllugi, N'U, M,
.Vi , i ml ft), ki n' entirely tlritroyii) The oofliipant* wi re
I Co . c'ul.e k Co., Tbomwi 11. Carbon fc Co.,
J1 hit la; y, and tin' Pi mi. yh an:i? Rtilraid. Thorn*
A 11 1 < ]? A Co. hisd a i;uaali'y tf t il stored in one of t Ho
l.i 'M'ji, 'tic ln.r (t 1 i h Vi Tf l.?(inln? ii Co.. who
IiihI 1?" i.iU'iirtd i r I. i i" red . i h untl l-.rtjo i]iina1UiA*
of wnna. tiluio. and odnr tlrr^'; i torrd In No. fiO. Thr
fin in atirilul'-d to the action of rchU ?"ton-it In ttiia
I uiidii% Pit: '.tig Uiu Are. nn o? ilo- ion occurred. which
forced out the lowir Willi*. hot hrppHy no one ?'iw? *<
iliu' l> io iiiiil. 'I vo fll " n fi ll li< m a Indil r, hut uttji
tii'i.ni i niy tli; lit 1'i'u*. ? - The ?t'.rif, which nteuddt
In in V. i"it Mint to \V'u<<.- I>r! n^'vil to tin; Aiiiboy
I'd In Mil t ? n i . ny.
j Ji Ka i u.jih *il.i> wt . >? ? h oily crmdniil on Wihy. on
. i ; ? (trading Railroad, di d In ilia wrnlag rt tha bt -pltal.
Audit ? .Mciild< ji' tt.i-il f'-r th? murder of lit,' bre
j lir, I. io * a i u found j'u'lty of murder in tlio ttxH>nd ito
Flic In U'nrrcn, Illirxle I.-tlan<!.
W aur km, I! I.. March fl, 1*02.
A fin- hi1 '.<? ont hi re oiriy yc~t? rl.iy niornlnjf, which
dr. ' i< * 1 1 1 Hi but ftc.rc of A if u SUUey. in Millur itrrkt,
nnd tho houre mljoining on tho <*;??>. elde, ownod aud uc
t npli d hy 1' ipt.iin .for e;.h I'nr To - hullding adjoining
on ti.i ti i ft Mde, owned t > I.H'irn Ann Unrmsy, ?m
nlso ncnvly dri-triiyi d Ur n w? ?? :.?*? iiisunmoo of about
tbicc ilo.auiid ilolUitH i:u tl.o piojrty di irnycd.
I Irf In Sffhoiilt, Mo.
l'itovioi:?fCK, Vr.rcb 0, 1843.
\ f-iro l-rtlt c in V/'konk. <>v n I hy .li.broon (Inrdner,
I f rd i (< uplcd hj ! J i: ith ?. i! Iroynl l y lire cm
'?'i ?' .iy l i, lit. 11 I nil II..1: v i in.-ni'd It nhoit hirff
i. vi i ii- mi tin" "!?; t< I <'i nty i -. Ni-w ll'.Hifonl Mr.
. 1 ?- ? -i: h: 'I J. J 4'X) Im m il ? i hi- I'm nitori-, ivi. UOflb*
in IVun cftit
heller from <;<-n. Can*.
il'O foll?<v:ii/r I (lor I ri.m I!>ni. Cast wm
i'm 1 'II ' ii i 1 iiiii'iM'c of i!o< Young Men's Monn
iof i in I A-.i '? of I! -i I ' ' ooro, in loj.ly fn nn in
vi. .1 ii ;i t<> lit 1? i 'I . r kill: ?
Wa- in - Murrh 2 lS5i
i r ? < ? - I I ? ! ? 1 ' I y to ' ? ;i h , m mjjii-a
; ? i 1.: i) li >: .ii i i hall to Ik- ,-ivi'n hy
il v, i)> nu rti-1 At.- ' i i Wi-'Inr-Cny ? v. iiIih-,
. rt i. - . I o- 1 ? i ? i.'1:. i ? tl . 1 n. ? i -nl-.; hut
I mm ' i :-:t. ? ; ? I' .-1'. that pi-, ir.i, \tU11?\
. i ii'- . ;ti <!i c I iv I 1 v tl. in'r.< f-tr Iho h >n r
? I"- d' no n ; n [hi- '? .'-I I wi li y -u a jtii ft
? if My. ; I.. I I i :? j-{ >' ?' -.:i i?.. to - r . ?< ih
t:< i i'l . _? ?iii' f t I1" ? * ?? tul !l ? jiT-li i lplt> ind to
|t ? i ?' > i ' ; ? I'-iitli y -t mining
I- :?> ('? ? ft 'i ' ,i ? ? i.i i m? A 'i 'ho
[ ' . I | to . <?< i ? i ? i I ii J ' i y rinu-t*
| t s I ? t' .t , i j . ? . ? i Hot pv< inu if ; fo?
' 1 1 i i . 1- h ! ? n\t ik Iriil
i-i 1 i ii f ,i r. m ! ;.-.t -t ) iivifiDl tl?'i t !?r
!. . i . i ? II til l ins
v?y r d it In I*1 i of tit lim ? "ur oj.po
u> r. . i ? iijd - I i' t up' -ti "Mr li' ?' n-1 upon
It I ir (ire i -I | 1 in or ?: it ?lilli.rpnrtM of
i ? ;i i. n if h .i t1 pt*i \ i i ti i *iT til in iiivl iiujIi"!
i. i i t- I . k , I i , hi. h "v ry
. ? ? . I ? t i t1! ,i| a
v it ' ; I l '? i; ii ?> i ? :i i' 'towlna ioui,
i.i i .11 rr-fi r/ i ? ( i ." ., ' r 'i ? of ?"llon
'? i. ft ti-i ? ' |K*rity ih?t?i
i I ?] .i ? ; 'i . pi ' jr., -I .?f
iili.< .' * : .tl- 'i a-J> i.i:- ft :'f j l:i i ;<? c .ii.tiln'.ton ni?l
i'K ' 1 t,.4,t . ?
1 > r j , tl? I' .? ; ' ./ i' my 1. .* plisv
r. i'. < -ii' i ii i fi i ' it. .'tidlrl|?iitUnMS
I urn. gmUtL in v -. i;. at: 5?"l, truly vnur.i,
t? V; W M V
< ? J 1 i'o. T. ti i n -ifl t hi-r,i, j-.mtUt*,
<1 ft-o
ii-t Hi
? ? . ' ?? -u
i, f ir iii
? 't ':!??
I on"!
till ^ ill tr li yt
i> i . t!u?lr
tliri.'.t.i r.'i.*nlt?
- ' i
d. it t t'livt tlut
?l > In . . do
to thMr
? i p. ? ? lyp. i-'t.
II .1 -. *? t fryc
it . ;w, ft.' Itj ilnOk
i'i 1 i'^<iutlMtt
lb. fi
niejrN Ofll**.
, ; i, >i i ridf, wid lb a
ji . ' ? p p .it ? ? fd.?f. 1,
i | . COUt . oo #*
in t- ;t r ; , U
prniiiK A?HIrn.
pti.iu i-.,?,"i'. bavliH ''*>
ffttml tho iUm#iit '"-I '? i.. -o on Ibc hw.
In hir fittrrapt l i l<*a?* p?rt on tliu JMiU wH.. Wak MT
1? C't-fP' tf..*'."- -Pi ?

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