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WHOLE NO. 7079.
BOWF.IIT 111. ATBE.? BOXM, 26 I RNTS PIT, l.'^
eaatx; Sent. !?. tT-tuUra Huxo?, ? > ti. Oo-ira >p?n
at tft?; <>urt. tin ri e. at 7 o'clo. k. Benulit of ?? l.eflngwell.
Friday ,i;\h It1, will be performed the tr*t"dy of
BBITni.H? I'.riit , ?!r. LA iy litu?. ?'r. .u ? ? i; Anna,
Mr. Cirlffi t li.- IJoilatlnn*, Mr. Tiltou; Tullia, Mr*. Jordan;
Tari|iiini:i, Mr*. i rattan. After whl. h, tlis eernedr of the
MIDDY AKIIOKi: -Harry Halcyon, MUs Mitchell; Tom Oria
*1". Mr. I.rflinrw U; Lady StarcLlnUon. M. *. Y">inans. To
conclude * ith the dram* of tl.e FLYING IMfTOllMAN?
Taadardecl en, Mr. KUmi; Mont. Modray, Mr. Goidall; Pa
tor Ton Hummcll, Mr. L"ffingwell; Laitalle. MU* lillfort.
Circle and Par |Uot, AO touts; 'jacoud Tier, oonts ; Pri
vate Boies. Jw; Ori-h?.?tra Seat", 73 c.'uts. Door* open at
UX; to liculn at f o'ol'iek. Friday nvsnlug, March 19. will
h o played t lie dm. ua ?t IIOMHKV & SON -Mr. Domboy, Mr.
Dyott; Maj. .loc Bvgrtoek, Mr. Ru**all: Mr. Toot*. Mr. John
?ton: Captain ('tittle. Mr. Burton; Jack It'msSy, Mr. Bland;
Bdith, Miaa \Ye?ton; Fioreueo Domboy. Mine Hill; Mrs. Skew
ton, Mr*, liu.hi -; Sn?an Nipper, Vina Mary Taylor. To
ooncludo wit h the oddity of tho PIKST NIiiilT ? linn. Ber
tie Fhrdaorle. Mr. lloiuian; Mom. Dufard, Mr. Plaelde: Mi?
Arabella Fitvjain<"s, Mr*. Uuluian; Emilia, Midi Mary Taylor.
Nation a i. tiikatrb, Chatham street.? drkss
Circle umi li<i:.i'?, L> onnta; Pit, contu; Orohastra
Tioket.?, CO i t*.: Private Bo* Ticket*, $1. Doon opon at ti??j
aurtaiu rl.-e* at 7l ( o'cloek. Bunetit of Mr. U. J. Arnold.
Friday evening, March I!', the entertainments will oommoaca
?with tho drama <.r t il ARLKS Til K SECOMD-Capt. Conp,
Mr. Jones. To Ih. followed by WHO SPEAKS FIRST??
Captain Charles, Mr. Waloot. After which, tho oomedy of
NATAL KNCAG1 MINTS? Lieut. Klug-ton, Mr. Arnold.
To be followed l.y Wood's Serenader* in a variety of th >ir
?ntertainmcnts. T<> epucluda with a fareo called (JATilK
B1NE HAYF.S-Mlokoy MeOlunla, Mr. Floronoe.
Manat.iT a. id Propriatan John Greenwood, Jr., Aanlatant
Manager ? Admission to the entire Museum and perfbra
aneea, 25 renti; cliildron under 10 years, UK oanta; Parquet,
12}* ota. extra. " Cherry and Fair Star," tne now Oriental
apeotacle, wtill triumphant. Thursday and Friday, Maroh
Intb and l'Jth. Tl i. afternoon, at 3 e olook, Dancing* Sing
ing, Acoordeon per.ermanee*. and the wonderful Antipode
?BUB af Prof. Mit'tirmiok. After wldob, the thrilling drama
?f the INNKKF.PI It OF ABBKVIL1.R. Title OTenlng, at7W
?'dock, Autipmloun Vents by Prof. MoCormlok; after whlob,
the gergeou.i and magnifteont fairy pi?o? of enchantment,
OlllRRr AN li I AIR STAR, ?r the Camel Driver and hie
Wife. Tlic ywnt IiTiiI (iiant, llenry Page, IS years old, and
feet high, may now be eean, and ie a great eurio?ity.
Lea, Proprietor.? Tiro perform atboee are given ewory
4ay, oomroeiifiiiK at 3 e'oleok In the afternoon, and at hnlr
?as* 7 in the evening. Thia eetabliahmeut ia the only plaea
in the United Statu where the "Model ArtUta" oan beaaen.
The ootnpany t* oomporod of a troupe of Artlata, eeleotad for
-their beauty and ll^ure, and are ander the aunervlaUa of
"M'lle Curiuot, Premier Model" to thia evtabllahmimt. A
?agnlfieent eeriea of groTtpingi will be produoed, oarefall*
?alerted from thouioit admired paintlngK and aonlptnra. wlta
now properties and appointments. " l.oa'a Female Opera
Company," the only orgauiaed band of ladl^i in exlstenoa,
?Will appear every ai ternooa aad evening. Mena. Lafarga, tha
original Antipodean Pedeatri&n, will walk "head dewa
wards," on the ceiiir.g, at au elevation of twenty-Ova feet
from the ground, and eighteen in length, a feat which throws
all "competitors In tha inade." The greatsst wonder tha
xrorld ever produced, Mone. Gregoire, the strongest man la
the world, will break, with kia naked hat," any atona tha
andtenre may i hoon to offer, with othnr unparalleled feata
*t atrenr.th. T! o nnrivalled tribe uf "Acrobatio Slater*"
Will appear in their wonderful rymuastio entertainment^
aroducirg grout excitement by tnelr extraordinary exhibi
tion*. A variety of Diiacellaneoua entertainment* are gives
?very afteiC -in and evening, *u*h as cau ha seen at aoothac
establishment in the wrrlu. For full particular* of aaofc
day'* performance, fee bill* of the day. Prices ef admiaslea
?Seats in Privste Itoxo*. SO eents; Orel ra Seat*, with
a?*bioned arm eh airs. 37 Ja eents; Boxes, eentai Gallery,
ItlS m.i.
NEW ORLEANS or r:RA AND ballet troupi,
new pcrfortuhi^ -it the Mnaioal Fund Ilall, Philadelphia,
to crewdotl houses, will shortly appear in this city, intro
daolag a new era in miu*trelsy? a style original ana inimi
table. Tho troupe comprise* fifteen talented performer*,
Under the management of Samnsl S. Sanfvrd.
ment, thiex doors above Niblo'a. Open every ui^ht, foe
the parpose of cl*4*ioal illustration* of Ancient Statuary,
by tne French and Ktiglish troupe of Living Models, witt
Bthloplaa Miu.-trel-y, and ether entertainment*. !>??(?
?pta at 7 e'olook; pcrfortnaneM to commeno* at 8.
Proposals for loan.? $350,000 beli.efontaine
and India i> :? Knilroad soven per cent first roort^i ;o con
vertible bunds. ? Thu Bollefnntniue and Indiana Kallroad
Conptny offer for ?aln $.?0,000 of tbeir scvon per cent mort
gage Dends, with Interest coupons annexed. They are in 10ml
of >1,000 each, payahin 1st of July, 185?>, with intereit at 7 per
cant. seiui-aum-aily, on Die 1st nay of July and January, at
the llank of Commerce, iu the city of New York, where the
prlacipaJ in alio payable; and are sceured by a mortgage to
John AoStevtm.-, Em),, of New York, in trust for the bond
liolders. The/ are convertible into the stook of the oom
pany, at the optiou of the holder*. They are iseued under
acts of tho Legislature of Ohio, authorising them, and the
mortgage as above to aeeure the payment thereaf. The
amount of bond* to be thua issued uuaer the mortgage it
limited to SMO.OOrt, of which $100,000 have been disposed of.
Vuly $290,000 urn now offered for sale. Tho residue will be
disposed of a* the wanta of the company, hereafter, from
time to time, may nuke It accessary. The mortgage covers
the whole rou'l of the company, 118 miles leng, and is the
first and only lien thereon. This embraces the entire linn,
from its connection with the Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail
way, at or near Gallon, where the Cleveland and Columbus
Railroad erossi s the namo, through Marion, Bcllefoataiuo,
Siduey, and other important towns, to Union, on the line
dividing the States of Ohio and Indiana, where it oonnootv
with the Indianapolis and Bellel'oatsjne Railroad, now
aearly eompleted. The entire line of 118 miles is under con
tract for gradation and mnionry, and about fifty-four miles
of it are now near'y ready for the iron rails. A portion of
the rails aro purcba*< d, end In the course of arrival. It is
expected thai the first section of the road will be completed,
aad in operation, liy the 1st day July next, and the remain
der of tho line by the 1st day of January next. The means
for the construction and equipment of the road are pro
vided by sti>< k and b >nds. Ine sum of $H90,000 is sub
subseribed to the capital stoek of the company; and over
$000,000 lias been already paid in and expended on the line,
and la the purchase of material*, Jtc. The residue is being
regularly paid at the nail of the company. To raise the re
maining means the company ha roeorted to this loan. Tbs
mortgage empowors the trustee, in ease of failure to pay
cither interest or principal, to take possession of the road,
with Its equipments, nnd to roeeivc its earnings, #r to sell
the came, on due notice, and appiv the pr"cccd(wu payment.
An Inspection of the map will show tho road to occupy an
important position. It is a continuation of the Ohio and
Pennsylvania road. thren.rh Ohio, thence to Indianapolis
aad ft. Louis, by way of Tcrre llnnte. The Indianapolis aad
Terre llaute rn?'! Is row completed, and in operation. The
Indianapolis and llcllefontnlne road is completed, ana in
Operation from Indianapolis to a point near the Ohio State
line, and will be entirely comploted by October next. A
company ha" been organised to make tho remaining portion
C'f road lyiiir bet ween Ti-rro Haute and St. Louis, and the
work will soon b? plni od under eontract. It will be seen
that this is the n -nro't. most natural and direct ronto from
New York and Philadelphia to St. Louis, traversing perhaps
the most fertile, populous, and improved portions of the
States through which the Hue passes. From the nature of
the country, tho edit ruction of a railway is eiisv aud ohesp.
The estimated coot, with sufficient equipment for one year,
Is tl,648,6M). The bonds above named conitituto the oaly
debt of the company. That this read will prove one of great
usefulness and pn.tfl r.Hmits of but little duubt. Its local
tiuslness alone will yield it a handsmnc support. But, con
aectod as it in East and West, it will be one of tbe proatost
ebanneLs of through travel in the United States. It ranst
ever be the principal lino of travel from the Kastera and
Northern cilics to St. Louis, and the vast regions beyond.
This will make the convertible clause of great valne at an
?arly day. Sealed proposals will be received for any amount
not less than $1,000, until Tuesday, the JWth day ef liaroh,
instant, at .1 o'clock, 1*. M. Proposals will be addressed to
the agents of the tnmpnny, Messrs. Wiuslow, Lanier k Co.,
No. fiz Wall street, indorsed " Proposals for Bellefontaiae
and Indiana llouds." Twenty-live per cent of the purchase
money will be required to be paid on accepting the olds, the
remainder in eonal monthly instalments of Vt per cent.
Any purchaser will bo ut liberty to pay in full at once, and
interest on the bonds will run from date of puyments. Tbe
Above $2fi0,000 will be sold absolutely and wivfiout reserve,
to the highest bidder. A printed oxhibit, with a map anil
*11 the nocektary information in relation to these securities,
can be had bj calling nt the olftoe of Uie aront of the com
5 any, at N?. f>2 Wall street. New YorV. Maroh 0. 1802.
A p. H. GODMAN, President Bvllefontainc and Indiana
Railroad Company.
? York, and No. ?<> Waterloo Road, Liverpool, Issue
Sight Drafts, payable throughout England, IroUnd, Spot
land and Wales: lire al.io agents for the Empire, Rod Star,
Dramatic, and St. tieorgo's Line of Liverpool rackets, and
New Line from Hamburg and Rotterdam, sailing weekly.
Certificates for above line* for sale.
Remittances to enuland, Ireland, scot
land, and Wales. ? Drafts, from tl and upwards, paya
ble at sight, are issued by
Bowman, okinnell & co., m Sooth street,
enly authorised agents In this city fee the SwaUew Tall
Baes ef Liverpool and London packets.
South street, has for sale drafts for any amount, which
*111 be cashed throughout Oreat Britain aad Ireland. Also,
Issues certificates of passage by ths Eagle lino of Now York
and Liverpool packets. Refers to Messrs. Jno. W. Whltloek
It Co., Sherman fc Collins, Aotoa CIvH. Esq., fce.
J. v/j v/v/" " <>n unincumbered real estate, at six por
oent. Address W. A. II., Herald office, for three days.
sale.- -Wanted to sell several excellent
first class i-e?en j cr cent mortgages, scoured by New York
real estate; mortgages payable semi-annually. Capitalists
wishing good investments are respectfully Invited to caU at
tho Fire aad Life Insurance offleo, ha Nassau street.
? vv' v gage, In sums te suit applicants, on pro
ductive Real K. tate in this < Ity. Brooklyn, or Williamsburg.
Apply to S. s. Broad, No. 11 Wall street, in the Crotoa Wa
ter ofico basement.
-wwv^v ^ ObOVHDia.
at his old established stand, paying cash, current mo
ney. tor ladies' and gentlemen a cast off Apparel, Jewelry,
ana all kinds of superfluous article*, on malting application
fcy note or otherwise, to L. A. COWK.N, 17 Wall street, baie
ment. Ladi Sited Bpoa by Mrs. Cewen.
about two thousand dollars worth of good left off
?lothlng, la lar(?e or small qnantlties, for whieh the fnll
value will be t-Wcn In current money, on appiiettion, either
Knonally or through post, to James M-oroney, at hlsatore.
Orange street, s few doors from Chatham street.
?Ladles or gentlemen having any clothing, fnrnitare, o?
Jewelry to dispose ?f, oan obtain afalreash [ n?, by sending
for the subscriber, at his residence, or through the pest.
Ladle* attended by Mrs. Durseldorf, No. 13 Elm Mroet.
Fashionable clothi.no eitablishment.-o. b.
Sangulnetl, first eutter of Mr. Deploris, IrvlngHouse,
ha* the honor to Inform the puMIe and his fri inds.fthat he
has opened a new establishment, on bis own acconnt, at No.
llfi Clambers street; and he will do his best to satisfy those
who will honor IHm with their patronage. Ills establishment
Is furnished elth the lateet fashions an<1 newest style of
good*, at moderate prices. (1. B. SANOUINKTI.
way. ? J. W t harpentler, ShlrtmaVer, fr?m 1'ariaj
and Charpeatler k Co., French Tailors. Choi :e ef tM Ut >et
ItfU of Ivuprea Uoed*. Stl Uteadwag
l*s-<ee.? Hose* and Parquet, jO oeuts; Kaiufly iJirole aud
*' 'I (or, 26 centi: Private H ike*. V> and $<i. Ujors opea
at la conunenreat 7 H o'clock. Friday eveulng, Maroh IJ?.
will be perform) d the tragody of YIKIJINHIS ? Yirginins,
Mr. Forrest; loilius, Mr. Conway; Duntatas, Mr. Harry: Ap
plua Claudius. Mr. Feans; Numotorius, Mr. nind; Calm
Claudius, Mr. Reynolds; Lucius, Mr. Pope; Virginia, Mlse
Orocktr; 8irfli, Mn. Abbott. L> MasourkaVy M'lle Ade
line. To conoludo with till far<e of the Ill/Mil ltKI.LB ? Vi
vian, Mr. Conway: Manvers, Mr. Matthews; O'Sairki, Mr.
Reynold*; Elite, Mrs. Abbott; Mary, Mra. Seftoa.
Acting Manager, Mr. W. Corhvn.? ' Tieketa, 60 eeatM
Private Boxes, $6. Doors open at <}>,; to ooramenee at 7lt
o'olock. Third appearance of Mm. Anna Thlllea, and la*l
performance of the " Crown Diamond*," whioh ia nightly re
ceived with enthnaiaatio approbation. Mr. lludaen as Don
Henrique* and Paddy Fitsgerald. Mr. Stephen Leaoh a* Be
bolledo. Misa Julia Daly an Diana. A full aud effloientooia
pany, a powerful ohoriia, and a tine oroheetra. Friday area
lag. March 19, will be produced the opera of the CROWN
DIAMONDS ? LaCatarina, Mian. Thllloa. To eommenoe with
the IRISH 8BORBTART? Paddy Fitegerald, Mr. Undaea.
472 Broadway, abe ra Grand atreet.? Open erery night
daring the week, until further notloe. The oHrtnal and welt
bowa Christy's Minstrels, comprising an effloieat and ver
aatlle " corps of "talentod" and "eaBerienoed performers."
under the management of B. P. Christy, whoa* oenoerta ia
this ol?y, for a sueoossioa of "Are years," hare been reoelred
with favor by highly respeotabU and fashionable aaliauoee.
Tloketa, 26 centa. Poors open at 6K; and will eemaeaoe at
TV o'elook. The patrons or Christy a Minstrels are respeot
rally lafnrmed that the Saturday afternoon ooaoert* are <Ms
?on tinned. <)a Saturday next, Maroh 'JO, aaanal keaelVM
W. W. Could.
Howard street. ? Wood's Minstrels. ? H. Wood, Pro
prietor; S. A. Wells, Manager. ? Open stmt night.? Mr.
Wood takes great pleasure la announcing taat he baa ef
fected an eagagement with those oelebrated artistes. Maters.
8. A. Wells, K. Mora, T. F. Brlgga, Leopold D. Meyer, aad
ether long established favorlts, woe will appear every nlzht,
antii further net-ice, la a variety of new aad original fea
tures, riving an eatortainment wnioh he feels oenldeut wifl
merit the approbation of his Mends aad the publlo. Tiokets,
2i cents. Doors open at a quarter before 7; to eommenoe at
a quarter before 8 o'olock. Grand Ceaoerti oa Wednesday
and Saturday afteraoens, at 3 o'olook.
tica at tha Bowery Amphitheatre, In bohalf of the re
turned Cuban Prisoners, who will appear in procession ia
the arena on the occasion, Saturday evening, Maroh JO,
To the Public: ? March 17, 1M>3? We, the undersigned, mem
bers of th? Common Council of the City of New York, will
nnito, and act as a Committee, to attend at a benefit, to be
given on Saturdav night next, at the llowery Amphitheatre,
tor the reliof of lite returned Cuban Prisoners from aboard
the ship Prentice, aud to aasist them la gutting to their re
spective homes. 0. T. Frances, Alderman Tenth ward;
William J. HrUIey, Ninth do.; Abraham Moore, First do..
Dudley Haley, Second do.; Jacob P. Oakley, Fourth do.;
Wesley Suiith, Eloventh do.; Daniel F. Tietnann, Twelfth
do.; John Pearaall, Thirteenth do.; A. A. Denman, Slx
t<*enth do.; William U. Cornell, Seventeenth do.; A. A.
Alvord, Eighteenth do.; John Doherty, Nineteenth do.;
William J. Peck, Twentieth do.; Bd. Bouton, Assistant,
Eleventh do.; S. B. MoGown, do. , Twelfth do. ; William M.
Tweed. Aldermaa Seventh do.; Thomas J. Barr, Alderman
Sixth do.; John Boyce; James M. Hard, Aid. Fourteenth
do.; Jona. Trotter, Assistant, Seventeenth do.; Timothy
O'Brien, do., Fourth do.; Joslali W. Brown, do., First do.;
R. T. Coiupton, Alderman Eighth do.; O. H. Ring, Assis
tant, Eighth do.; Joha J. Tait, do., Second do.
?an Dcr Weyde. to-night, in tha Dutch Reformed
Church. Franklin stroot, near Broadway, assisted by the
Enion Singing Association, tho Alloghaniana, Miss Reynold
son, the ScottiKh Yocali.it, Miss Wardell, Mm Drummond.
Mr. Sedgwick, the Concertina player, some pupils of Prof
Tan Der Weyde, and several others. Tioketa, SO oenta.
H. Woo ley bags to Inform the public that he has aheau
tiful Mare with a living anake in hor eye, from four to five
iuchea long, which can ba aaea at the eorner of Broadway
aud Canal street. Admission, 12>? ota.; ohildraa, half-prioe.
land Car Spring Company art in the daily reoelpt of tes
timonials from all quarters, as to tho superior qualltv of
their springs. Tho following was this moruing received from
Mr. C. W. Whistler, the superintendent of the New York and
New Ilavea Railroad. 104 Broadway, New York, March 13,
Naw York and Saw lltvsi Railroad, ?
St^ MiBiBTasnssiT'i Orrica, Maroh 12, UN. J
Tu Mr. F. M. Ray, 101 Broadway, New York :? Sir? In an
swer to your lotter of yesterday, 1 would say, that we hav*
used your Iudia Rubber Springs, under our oars, with groat
suovoks. Wo have had an opportnnitv of trying other India
rubber springs, iu larce quantities, Lut have never found
them to equal vour springs. Y ory renpectfnlly, your obedioat
aervant. Sigaod, GEO. W. WniSTLElt, Jr., S.ip't.
Robber springs.? the new England car
Curing Co. have just received aba following lotter from
Mr. Bird, uf the highly respeetabla firm ef Blra ft Weld, of
Trenton, New Jersey, which they are induced to publish, aa
it somewhat expoaes the very transparent affidavit of Mr.
Irrael Tucker, lately pablishod by Mr. Day: ?
tna.iTis, March 10, 1861?.
F. M. Ray, Haq., New York.? Dear Sir? My attention ha?
lately been called to tho affidavit of Israol Tucker, lately
published in the Treuton papers, ia which he swears tha?
yon mado II. H. Day (through him) sundry large offers to
compromise the law suits now ponding between Mr. Day aud
Charles Goodrear. I must say that 1 think there is some
miiitaVc on the part of Mr. Tuokcr. for the reason that Mr.
Day has several times requested mo to nae my Influence with
the rubber tuvnufacturcra to buy blm eut ef the business,
and I bave as frequently tried to iaduce those parties to
I tit him out, hut have always failed, not one of thorn boing
willing to pay Mr. Day one cent to relinquish the business.
The la.' t time Mr. Day applied to me fcr this purpoee waa
just r.efore the patent suit bet.reea him aad Mr. Goodvear
was expected to be tried in Boston. We met en boars the
steamboat, between Newark and New York, on the day the
bridge over the Uackensack river was barned. In that con
versation he was very particular to ask me to see the par
ties. aud say to thorn that he would be very glad to sell out
bis whole Interest in the rubber busineaa, including all his
mrehinorv. all his patenta, and hla bnainess stand iu New
York; wonld give bonda te leave the business, and ant go
into it again; would allow a judgment to be taken out against
him, to that an Injunction could at any time be taken to stop
bim, or any otter person who should attempt to Infringe
upon the patents, and would also agree that his counsel
should bcoome the eounacl of the other partiea. I imme
diately called upon your Mr. Cbarlea Ely, Mr. William Jud
fon, Mr. John Greecen, Jo nr., Mr. John R. Ford, and Mr.
Candee, and tried very hard to bring abont a settlement. I
firrt called upon you. and aftorwaraa upon the cthera, but
got hat one anweer from all the parties ? ''they would net pay
Mr. I?ay one cent to leave the business to morrow: if the pa
tenta were good they moant to austain them; if not, the
sooner they w*nt down the better." Your answer waa in
atantly given, that "you would not have anything to do wilh
?ay compromise with Mr. Day. upon any terms whatever."
It is for thef? reasons that I think Mr. Tneker was mistaken
in hi# affidavit that you had made him large offers to settle
this matter, flt order that you and your associates might
have a monopoly of th* busiaeea. Ia haste. Yours trnJv,
Saturday. the 20th of March, by Yandsrhllt's line. Ap
ply to J W. t'ARRINGTON, No. Is Well street.
one through steerage ticket for March 30. p?r steamer
Daniel Webster, connecting with the North America. T?
save tronhle, price $210. Inqnire at 429 Grand atreet.
of tlirongh tickets guaranteed by Garrison Ac Frets, of
Panama, for sale, par steamer Brother Jonathan, which sails
on Friday, 36th Inst. Apply to
S. MILLS, Agent, Na. SI Cortland (treat.
Nicaragna tine, fur 4th April. Apply to J. W. CAR
R1NGTON. Ticket Ag> nt, Adams ft Co. s. 13 Wrtll street.
Ing tickets, or having them to dispose of, will do well
* " ' r to J. XT. CARRINI..TON, Tickot Agent, A Jams te
I Wall street.
cabin through ticket for sale, at a itacriflee, if applied for
soon, at 184 Fulton street.
? 7 Wall street,? Freight 3H oeats per lb., transports
across tha Isthmua, by Mosquora ft Co., transporter of all
the gold Han. Next shipment, by tha "Ml Dorado," AHh
Ktnlk. _ A. H. PRID1 ft CO.
scud a Letter Ripreas by the stoamar DANIEL WEB
ST?K, ?Ir Sen .luan, March 20, to Sooth Amarlea, Califor
nia, Sandwich Islaad.i, Oregon and China. Onr freight and
packages per stsamnr KL DORA IK), March 30, tia l'anatua,
tha "only sure line," and In charge of "onr own ape' i?l mes
scugerr. Small parcols for our express trnnks, received till
1 o'clock, day of sailing. BERFORD % CO.,
No. 2 Aster Houee, Yecey street.
Package, and Par eel Express for California, Ors je*.
Sandwich Islands, Cbtna. and Senth America. ? Oar Mat
shipment will go forward by tha splandid fast rnnaiasstcMa
(Lip El Dorado, the only inra line, March 20th, la obargart
our own Special Messenger. No package should exceed IM
pcunde. All goods should be made waterpoof. Small par
eels fer our express trunks received to ona o'clock of tha
day of sailing. N o oharqs for custom house feoe or eonsnlai
eertlflcatis. Passage secured on tha U. S. mail Una ol
stcsiusrs, at the lowest rates, at our oQo*.
llEKFORD ft CO., 2 Vesey stredt. Alitor Ilena*.
dclphia, from pier No. 1 North river. footof Battery
place, ly steamboat JOHN POTTER. Two lines daily.
Morning line leaves at 8 A. M. Aflemoen evpraxs line at t '
P. M , through to Philadelphia in four ami a half hours.
Fare? ?rst elms cars, $3; second dan*, (by 2 P. M. lino only)
?2. Returning. leave Philadelphia from foot of Walnut I
street, at 8 A. M , and 2 P. M. Emigrant line, by steamboat 1
TKANSI'UKT, from pUr No. 1. at 5P. M. Fart $1 no.
Mall and Kxprese Linns. through in 4k henrs. N. J. !
Railroad, via Jersey City, leaving Now Tort at (I A. M., foot
?f Cortlandt street; 9 A. M. and P. M. Liberty street.
Leave Philadelphia same hours, from foot of Walnnt street.
Far* reduce1! to S3 for first class, and k- 80 for seeond clasc.
Baltimore, Washington, and Charleston throngh tickets aoU
In the al ove linos, and through luggage carried In the ? A.
M. and 6% F. M. lines froa New York, with throngh con dan
tors. wlthont ciDoas*
reduced? $2 25. ?Regularity and safety combine^.? Tha
car* of the New York ann Harlem Railroad leave the CIl_
Hall Station, New York, dally, (Snndays excepted,) at J
? alock A. M. and 3* P. M. BLOAT, Superintends*. a
.7, ,l"t#,*,"atc Landings? Slcamt.oit SOUTH AMERICA
will leavo the pier foot el Harrison street, thla nrv-ruonn,
4 o clock.
J llraiinh, situated near Fn ten Tarr* Brook Irn far die
on aic.nM ef the siok.oss of the Vre^T Sro.Heter ?Uh
'?r, f#5* ltaAst V j?- iJwKg'Jf
i.t '** ****?? ** *t twMva and two, on
Work Smoked Out in the Saute.
Speech of Mr. Jones on Non-intervention.
Symptoms of a Fight Between Messrs. PiUli
and Dunham.
Numerous Buncombe Speeches*
Hr, Smith Animadverting on Gen. Cats.
Great Excitement in the Senate.
to. &o. &c.
Vf*aHiN(?r#;?, March If, IMS
Mr. Brodiikad presented twelve petition*. asking fer
an increase tf the duty oa iron.
[The chamber, at the moment, became filled with smeke,
cawed by tho high wind* nulling down the flue?. After
temporary iiujMDHion, business was resumed ]
Wbiabb and Mr. Adam* wore sworn in.
J riMH Dhai* Pfamtod a letter from J. R Olay. Oharim
?T ? fi! V ,'UUtt' "??' provision bo made by the
United State* government for tho relief of destitute Ame
rican citlxens in that and other foreign countries, and for
the r return to the United .State*. Koferred to the Coin
mittee on Foreign relations.
lhe Confwnce Committee oa the
Bount y Land bill, mado a report.
Vl\dl'iCid,'a ^at "" the blU "??* *U1 the po*.
S?he bm w?Tt^port eould 1101 b"
?t*am i-Knar boats, kto.
Mr. Shields offered a resolution, directing the Commit
?? towmorcf to inquire irito tiie expediency of amend
ing tho several act* regulitlng steam vessels, ke , ao a* to
exclude steam ferry bouts from its operation. Also to
h^n i i tho rclooso of iuch ferry boat* a* may h?ve
heen wired under the prorisioni of such law, and to di*.
mis* all legal proceedings inntituted against thorn, and to
repay all tinet> and penalties assessed or dccreed auainat
the owner* of such boat*. Adopted.
I -TV. ^D'^rrtKD F0R ""'ROAD*. IN JOWA.
The bill making a grant of land to Iowa for railroad
purpo*e*. wm then taken up, and pawed by the following
?a**? Messrs. Adams, Atoliison, Bell, Borland Brook.
Cass. (lumens, Dodge of VTia., Dodge of Iowa; Do aril,
Downs, Folch.nsh, Foot, Geyer, Uwio. Jamos. J?u?s of
IrS AhUhff "J T.ln1' , "Knm, Morton, llusk, S?w
Jar? SO Pudorwood. Walker aud tfel
rh,.tJ*nll*i,"r,? "*y*rd, Bra.lbury, Bradh?ad.
4?/,w l?' Mason, Morris Prall, Wsko? 10.
A bill for the relief of Purser Wm. Speldon, wxj taken
op and passed. ' ????*?
Mr. Bradbijrv called up tho joint resolution autho
rning the purchu?c of the nluth volume of the law* of
the! nited ! State* for tho u? of tho government
The resolution* worn noiuudurcU, reaa a ?Wi*d ?.or ._,i
passed * w
fr**ch spoliations.
Mr Bbadburv desired to call the attention of the
Senate to the V rcneh spoliation bill.
Cries of " Oh. no ! Oh. no
Mr. Bhadbi-rv said he did not mean tocall it up to-day.
but whenever Mr. Feich wan ready to speak upon tt lie
hoped It would be acted upon this week. I
1'f1I C"t,aiJ his ill health had prevented him fr*m
making that investigation of the subjoct which he desired.
Mr. j.LinnK asked iftho Senator could speak to-morrow
Mr. * klcii said he could not.
Mr Clark* *aid. " then 1 move the special order of the
(lay betaken up. '
Mr. Manoum said tluit the resolution* npon non-inter
vention were fixed forto-day. aud the Senator from Ton
nescve (Mr. Jone*) had the tloor.? All mu?t know that no
man could sjieuk with any degree of comfort in the hall
at present, and as this wua the Senator-* first appearance
in debate, he ought to hare a ftilr cluince. lie moved that
1 he Henato adjourn.
The question was taken, and tho voice* apiioared nosrly
balanced. Tho ( hair could not decide.
M'- Cam said tho special order could be postponed. *nd
the Senate might go ou with other business.
,,7;; '"HE* said the room was very uucomfortable, but
? J Stnato desired, he would proceed to-day
Mr. Mamolm then withdrew hi* motion.
Mr. Atchiso.n said, that whilo the Sonator wa* indiffe
rent upon the matter, yet all luust see that he eould aot
i?u?r ?e' . to 'p,'uk ln lll,> prewnt condition of the hall.
" the view of giving the Senator an opportunity of
?peaking to-morrow, he moved that the .->p<*ial and all
other orders be |KiKtpou< d till to-morrow, and that tha
Senate take up the bill wanting land to the State of Mi*
!SUr j?. tho, construction of certain railroad* lu
tnat State. (Loud laughter.)
The motion was agreed to? yoas 23; nay* la.
THf. MISSOURI railroad land bill.
Tlie bill wan then amended, .so as to conform. In it? pro
TlMoiu. to the Iowa bill, and \ta* thon ordered to be en
? T,le ,,il1 provide* for two road* ? one from llan
nikal to St. Joseph's, two hundred miles long ,md another
road, two hundred aud twenty mile* long Alternate *ec
tions for pix miie^ un each bide aieu^ MLid roads are
grunted to the State.
Mr i>derwood endeavored to have tlie bill making
appropriations for ilia repiir of the Cumberland dwn.
taken up, but the attempt failed.
Mr. Borland moved to take np the bill granting land
to Arkanras. to sid in the construction of two railroads in
that State? one three hundred and fifty mile* long and
the other nearly of the same length. The motion waa
to* and the bill was maended no as to conform to
the others, and it wse thon ordered to be engrossed
On motion of Mr. Rus*. the Senate took up the bill
granting land to Alabama, to aid in tho construction of a
railroad from Seltna to the Tenncaf ce river. Aftar being
amended so as to conform to theolher bill*, it waa order
ad to be engrossed.
On motion of Mr. Fish, the Senate took up the joint
resolution to provide for straightening the eastern boun
dary of tha Naval Hospital lands at N?w York, and it
waa ordurvd to be engrossed.
Mr Mason here moved an (djourameut. l<e*t ? vea*.
14; nay*. 18.
Wf.?KK>N?|?r LAPTDf.
The Senate then took up the bill authoring W!?enn*}n
to resect tfie residue of bud* to which she ia entitled un
der the act granting Un.i for improvement of the Fox and
Vf laeonsin river*. Tho bill was ordered to be engressed.
marine norriTAL at fort^and.
On motion of Mr Hamlin, the Senate took up the bill
Appropriating $30,000 for the erection of a Marine lio*pi
tal at Portland. Maine and it was ordered to be ongro^wvl
And then, at half- pa.. t two o'clock, the Senate adjourned
Wahiinoton, March 18, 185f.
Tbe Senate met tt fifteen minute* to ono o'clock,
mat or nkw Mruro ? pat or armt orncr.R*.
The Chair laid before tho Senate a communication fro?
he War Department, enclosing a map of *ew Mexioe. I
Al.o, rneloaing a statement of the amount paid to the ofll
cersof the aruiy abtivo regulai- pay. on account ot brevet
TIIK rtBLta LANOJ, r.Te.
Mr Adams prci-ented the rosolution* of the l.e^i?l*tnre
(?f Mississippi, in favor of (he graduation of the >ri*? of
the public lands. j
Several resolution* were offered.
The v*riotis rail road and other bills, ordered to tw ea
groesed yeetenlay, were taken up and pa**ed
Were then taken up. when
Mr Jonk*. (whig) of Tonn., rose nnd said that he <poke '
Kith unaffected i lubarrassment. rosulting from the ra>
drsty of his position, and his inability to do justice to tbff
?ubjeet. Ins apolocy for speaking at all wo?. that tho
, "J1" ?f importance, in which the peiplo
o( all the States have a deep interest ; and bolieving tha t
he knew the feelUiga of the peopl.. he represented he <lr
sired to giro expression to those feelings lie did not *i
M hers dtd. regard hia subject as nn unimportant (?nc- il
was not an abstrast question. Those resolutions w^rr. a ,
declaration of principle* of deep, vital, and lasting impor
tance, involving the pearo. honor, and dignity of the conn- ,
try. A recurri nee to long established principles of tho I
g< vvri:m<ut. and roe-afflrmanco of them was conducive to
the welfare of tbe country; and thi*. If the resolution had 1
00 ether merit was enough ty command the lespeet and ]
attention of the Henato This was an opportune orc.wion
for a PB-Bfflrmatlon ? ft he ancient policy of the oountry It
lutift tie manifest to all that thoro waa abnad a feverish
anxiety to make innovations upon its ancient policy
1 pen this point, our own people, a* well as government*
ot the nation* with whom we have establshod relation*, '
have a right to demand an expreesion of our sentiment*. 1
Tne time has couie. he *aid. when the Interest and
hrtnor of the country demand that expression, and
that what we express sluill he done openly, fearlessly,
and hoiHwtly, and with none of those Usrfc, myste'
rlmu tiachlngs of the oracle ui Ddjthi ; hut with open,
i manlin-Ns, becoaUng Amerleaa S?n*ier? Il?
yielded to none In sympathy for the down-trodden |
people of other countries. But deep, brood, ardeut, I
and sincere a* thnm xympathlcs wore, he remembered hU I
Brut duty tu to hit own country. The arrival here of the j
distinguished Hungarian, and it* consequence, eou-sed this :
affirmation of our foreign policy to he dednbw. lie then
oJludrd to Got. Ko-muth at length. and (Mid that he would
not a>sault him. llo would not take ono flftn from the
coronet of his fame. but consign him. Mil tul he claims to
be, to the arbitrament of tho enlightened judgment of the
wotld. He had opposed the honors glreu to M Kossuth
by tho Senate, lie next alluded to the Congressional
banquet, where uo Appius Claudius stood to warn Ame
riea. and protect against the doctrine* there advanced.
He then referred to Mr. Clay an the Claudius wlio sutuc
qucntly did. as a dying man. protect against tho now doc
trine. lie ? aid. hu himself had no fear of tho Inlluenoe of
Gor. Kowuth'M doctrincs upon the people. Ho thnn ex
amined Messrs. <'tt*s and .Seward's proponed protest, and
their f|m* clien. He opposed thcin in strong language and
repudiated the idea that, if a protest wax made and Rus
sia rdiould return an Insulting answer, that tin- the United
States would have to pocket tho Insult, and take an fur
ther notice < f it. He wonld vote every dollar In the
United Stale* treasury to Hend all Its force to resent any
national indignity ; but he ridiouled the Idea of Mending
a protest to Russia, with assurances that we did not mean
anything ofl'-nviTi' )y it. and iutendcil nothing at all cal
culated to disturb the peace and tranquillity ef the Cxar.
He asked why the sympathy of Messrs. Seward and Cass was
not heard of until .SI . KmMitliarri red here? IletUeuread
fnm tho writings of Washington, Mr. Clay's spoooho<.
and from General Jackson's nm ttiges, Jtc., to show that
Mr. Seward had erred greatly in quoting them as au
thorities In favor of intervention, iln maintained that
Washington's policy was not Intended for the day merely,
but for all time. He discussed these point.) at con
siderable length
Mr. ('asm (dim.), of Mich., replied, defending himself oa
some points.
Mr J or* k n rqjolncd and, after a few remarks from Mr.
Hall, Mr. Soulegot the floor, and the subject was post
poned until Monday.
The re|>ort of the Coiuoqfttee en the Bounty Land Bill
was thni taken up and agreed to, when the Senate ad
House of Rt'premnt&tlvei,
Washington, March IT, 18i2.
Tko Tloive mot at tho usual hour.
ation ? pnosrsoT or anothhr fiomt.
Mr. Job ks, of Tmiuommv, nut Jo a report from the Com'
mllU* of Confereneo with the .Senate, 011 the disagreeing
voto* of the two house* on the Land W arrant Assignment
bill, and made somo explanatory remark*.
Mr. Fowlek said it was Impossible for hiin to umler
?tanil tlw report, and asked that it might bo printed.
To this, objection wan made.
Mr. Dunham made a fan remark* in reforonce to the
There vu much confusion, causing a iuapontlon of
business for ?tn rtd minute*.
Mr. Abchchgmiiir thought thoy had better adjourn,
unless they could go on and transact the public biiil
Mr. Fitch noticed the remarks made by hi* colleague,
(Mr. ltunlium.) in regard to tlio number of laud warrant*
already located. (to., and charged Mr. Dunham with hav
ing perverted the truth.
Mr. Dunham here ro*e, left hi* neat, in tho same range,
ftnd hastening over to Mr. Fitch, said Home thing to liini,
making earnest gentle illation* toward* Mr. Hitch Hi*
words, however, were lost in long continued crle* for
Mr. Fitch went on talking about the bill, and Mr. Dun
bam retired to hi* neat.
After awhile. Mr. Dunham said that Mr Fitoh had
made remark* which lie could not allow to pan unnoticed.
Mr. Pitch. ? If that'* your (Abject, I don't yield the
floor. [Seiuation.]
Mr. Ddniiam made a reply, in which he w*? un<ler*tood
to say ? ?? 1 have only to remark, that there I* another
time and place to which I will have recourse."
Mr fa llen replied. " Very wollj" and hero the matter
tttded for th" pWMM.
The report, without boing acted upon, wm then laid
over until to-morrow,
Tim ruriciBNov ihi.l.
A resolution to close the debate on the deficiency bill
to-morrow, iU four o'clock, was adopted.
Mr. Triof aAcdfor, but did not receive, consent to !u
tloduco a resolution instructing tho Committee on Manu
factured. who linvo under consideration the memorial of
the eontriliiituvfl lo the World's Fair, to take into conside
ration the brilliant. victory of t he vacht America and re
ooinwoud such action as may bo necessary.
thk DtricmtcT ArraoraiATioN bill.
Hie (louse then went into ('onimittee of the Whole on
the bill to tupply deficiencies in tho appropriations for the i
pr sent fliesl year.
Air. Arri Kio.t of Maine, nddrrseed tho House He said
he did not consider it improper to speak here of party
politics. lie cautioned the whig* not to lay tho flattering
unction to their souls that the democratic party will be
defeated \V hat the wliifti think discord is only th<* tuning
iiibtruiiK ntrt When the Baltimore convention shall make
Its ni'iuinations, there willbn a blast from tho harmonious
baud, whoso uiumc will drive tho whig* from the field of
battle. The iJoinocratic party lias won many triumph*,
anil never will bo overthrown whilst the peoplo understand
it* creed. Ho i? vowed himself in favor of the compromise
measures, wh'ch wore the result of old democratic prin
cipled. He wa* for progres*, but not wild progress, and
?aid he would fcuppurt any nominee of the Uoltiinore
M r. Townsrnd here got the floor, and proceeded to argue
that, under the constitution. Congress had no power to
l*Khlat? on tlie aubjeet of slavery, and that, therefore, the
Fugitive Slave law is unconstitutional. The eouutry
?ever will be quirted whilst the law remain* in force, and
whilst the act authorising 'lav cry in tho District of Co
lumbia stands unrepealed He expressed the opinion
that Ohio cannot be carried for a compromise Presidential
Meiers Oi.ds and Edgf* tok dissented from the opinion
advanced by Mr. Townsend.
Mr. Chandlkb Obtained tho fli**. and apoke of the
matters generally which bad been mixed up in the debate.
He deprecated party discussion* whilst there wo* press
ing public business to lie transacted The people did not
?end them here to make political platforms and arrange
party plan*. The people wished them still to wear the
Uga el' the uiau with tli" diguity of tho Senate. He ap
pealed to gentlemen to return to their legitimate duties,
and at the sum* time disavowed any intention at dicta
Mr. Smith got the floor, when the Rommittoe rose.
Mr. Ftanlv asked, but was refused, leave tolntroduce a
bill authorising the Secretary of the Traoaury to deposit
with the several States tho fourth instninutut el' money
contemplated to be paid by the act of 1S46.
The House then adjourned.
thvusdat's proceedings,
Wasminoton, Mar?h 18. IMS
Jti? Howe met ul the usual hour.
Tb* report of the Joint Committee of Conf -ranee on th*
diragre?in{; rote* of tho two hotiMM, no the bill making
land warrant* aasignablc. ami for other purpose*, wm
takeu up nnd agreed to? yea*, Vl\ nay? Of
Tiir od'imiicT mix.
11m IIoum thnu went into Commiitae of the Whole on
tli* bill (applying defloUncloa In lbs Appropriation* tor
the present tkcnl year
Mr. ?mitii, (Jem ) of AIj.. Ml a tlie promlnont idea
which ha# fcwu developed lit thin llou** for the laat twu
day* 1?, the eonfualon of the democrat!* party If tho
eonfualon really el lit p, the >4ueetion to tie retire J ia. how
ia the contusion to t:* quirted * and it wm to this ques
tion that he proposed to nil dree* himself. He did aot ad
mit the force of the *u(ge*iirin aa to the extent of the eon
fualon. He tx tiered the i;reai body of t.he party never
wm more quiet mid e< iu;h ?d lie believed that the con
fusion rxirts here and nowhere el 'o, aud antes out of a
few party leader? almost insane with ambition and their
adherent* Ever tince tin- democratic party had adopted
the eon runt ion ay?t? in. thia confusion h?n existed, and
will exist n." |o, g uti the pergonal routroreraiea be
tween the .nndidatea are brought l>: fire the convention.
If the party waula to bo nucccMful, it ia it* duty to ?o
direet it* elTirtB an to anrtuln their power It ia to
he done by rote* to bo given on the gr*at qneetlan*
Ik tore t.V)in?mu. Involving th.i fute. tho money, and
tlie morality of tho country. He held the great principle
Unit the umjority party are responsible to tiia people
livery administration of party make* or deatroy* itaelf
Anioug other thing*, tho sp?'ak?r alluded to the census
printing. and cong-atulnted the Honae that they did not
{ire it to a party pi. the l/nu/n If the eensu* ah.ill
e printed according to tho plun of the Se< rotary of the
InUrior. it willco-t fourteen hundred thousand dollar*,
tut ? f whieti prutli,- will accrue to the amount of eight
L>ui dud thou-aud dollar*. Haotyacted to paying a party
or^tn ( lit oftlie public treaa ury lie showed the u.?ri?w
D'.ie of printirr ?em" porta of the census report.", and
Mid ho could put till that wua desired of It In a spare
twice the rlze of the American Almanac . at an expense of
forty thourand dollars for on* hundred thouaand copies.
He n pudiati d a* cru< 1 and ungeneroua the term "Old
hogi?? " ur applied to tlioto who lmre rendered efficient
Mrrico in tho tl?ld and in politic*. Having rigorously
pualaintd Mr C?/~a in ltMH. he now wanted to raise a new
Wu.ner with n new candidate. When an old man has
Urn dil'ikd ho ought to (fire way for a nev* name aud
y? t.i g hl< ? d. He to* kit for gr.mtcd th-?t the groat
It dy of ih-t democracy are not bringing Mr ('as*
( ut Knt t la dtie to Mr Cans'* own ijtgnity that ha
itculd lei Ire To uurse an old inar. four yean ia
lir? cdi mkIi It ut the duty of Mr ' ins* fri?nda to
ii<iti e Vin to rit.ro. (Laughter.) He rhould not be
dec? .?< -1 t y ip] artnee*. He is evlijcntly In tha d"?line
of life, not int'lli rtunlly hut glory. 'iKe all other thing*,
paw ?s awny. uud be should therefor* quit Mr. Smith sai't
he would ark the young men of th* country whether th?y
ar* ?till willing to hold the inilkbottleto the lip* of second
tblldhis d ( Kxec*alre laughter ) la It the duty of the
yo?in(? nn n ot I his age to nurse the old ones T for hiui
?elf, he ??.< willing to quit. (Crlee. good good ) He did
not wlfh to h<> urderstocd w making a " l)ouglaa*pe*eh.''
Kmtueky has more great men than <len. llutUr ileorgla
hui< a dUinguifhcd yowag man, Mr. Cobh And he (Mr
Smith) declared hern. In hi.* place, that h* had not made
up his uiind an to whom ho would *nnport; and wound
up with an t kliiutatlon to young America to assert th"lr
Mr Naaoa*, (dem ,) of Mini, would a?k the g?atlem*a i
ArMt AMmb* iw'lr "tat k? mc?M by Y??t>g \utenc*
It Hiht? bmm nothing at all, ??r watethlng bad. H?
wished to know the difference between Meeare. Buohanan,
Csm. or Butler, with regard to progres*. and the opinion of
Yonn&Ainericaa* to progress?
Mr. Pm it ii ? I reply with pleasure. I think I have made
njrcrlf perfectly understood by the House, and don't wish
to be dragged into a quarrel iu to men.
Mr. Nabohs ? He short.
Mr. 8m it ii, resuming. ? I have nothing to cay of Mr.
Ilucbanan a * a man, but I do not wish to Include him in
Young A oorica.
Mr. Nabobs ?I wish to know whether Yonng America
Includes In ltd principles a cJiaugu of tko long established
policy of the government ?
Mr. Smith. ? 1 cay, yes, but not in a manner of pro
motion. I want thn young men to coine in and nhare
finally with the old ones. That may he had.
Mr. Nabob*.?' The steady. reflecting. and sober men of
the country look at tlx; matter properly , aiul wlidi to nip
tha ml.-ohief in the bud. which in the end may Involve
our country In very serious difficulties. It strikes me
tliat the speech of thn gentleman woyld cover all of Kos
suth's affairs, non-intervention and all. It strikes me
that a wonderftil change lias oonie ovor the gontleman
within the last few months. Dees Young America pro
por-o a universal repulilio ? I think Young Amerioa
means that, or nothing else If Young America comes to
the conclwiou that the world Is now prepared for freedom,
that Is enough to put me against Young America, although
the gentleman included mo In Young Amurioa. I.
say now It would be with extreme reluctance that I would
support for President any man endorsed by Young
America. 1 shall beiiovo something wrong about it,
unless explanation* are made I believe It is in
tended to inrilve the country in a sei-ioui departure
from the constitution, and divert us from the path iu
which our fathers trod; and they will have to explain
very rlenrly before llicy get my Tote. The Speaker
branchrd off. and apoko of |m>IMIcs1 affaire gonerally, and
repeatedly involved the Hons* in excessive laughter. A?i
to the late exciting scenes in Mississippi, (hero were poli
ticians on both .Mders for resistance, but the peoplo were
opposed to it. if the Itiiitiuiere convention should nomi
nate a sound man ? such as Mr. Uiitler or Mr. Onu he
would snstain him. or any etlior man who frankly and
honestly avows his principle*, no th.it the world uiav uu
derstand tliem '1'he speaker then ooncludod his re
mark)- with a uulogium on tho Union.
Mr. Marmiam.. (whig) of Kentucky, replied to the re
marks of Mr. llrcckunrldgc. Although (leu. Uutlur's
opinions differed from his, he hud no doubt they were
sincerely entertained; and Oen. HuUer would never
stoop to docelt. den Ilutlcr was his neighbor, and ho
had know n him for twenty years, lie believed hint to be
a straightforward man, of pure private lite, and whose
honesty is beyond reproach. His eollosgue. Mr. Brock
enridge. not content with vindicating Oen. Butler, had
thought proper to run a parallel between Mr. Fillmore
and Gen. Hut lor. while both were In Congress, as totluMr
votes on al>olitinn petitions. Mr. Marshall then replied
to the gentleman in defence of Mr. Fillmore.
Mr. Jonnsoi* f dem . ) , of Arkansas, occupied a short
time in complaining that the House, by its hasty action,
hud prrcludtd him from explaining tho items In tho l)o
llciency hill oouneoted with tho Indian Department.
There seemed to bo it general consent lli:it ho should
have tlmo to-morrow for this purpose, uud, on motion,
tbo House adjourned.
Highly Interesting from Albany.
BS.s-nK.sor.irr.oN to isqoibh into t.ihoon
srrcui. COHIIK8POSD1HOII or tub k?" vohe hbrald.
Ai.iiiT, Mar oil IS, 1752
Another day of tumult and voclfferoui debate m
?peot in tho Senato, by mm who have boon dected to
peat* of honor, and delegated to maintain tho dignity and
majesty of thU great State. The deplorable weww
of yesterday have been re-enacted. awl Improved up
on to-day. The fight eommoneed upon a motion
to amend tho Journal of Tuesday, mado by Mr. MeMur
my. by adding at the end the word*- ' During the
p?ndoncy of exccutivo seision the Sonato adjourned "
Thl? ameiidmotit the whig* opposed. declaring that no
(V, rinal adjournment of tho eesslon <>f tiie Senate
did then on that day take place. The democratic
members ai ardently oontondod that tho Sonato
did regularly adjourn, and the minute, of the pro
cttdiugi hliould bo mad* to correepond with that r?e?.
A Violent debate of oyer an hour wan had, a ud finally
tho subject was laid over, and tho regular buaineM pro
ceeded with; and the prospects bid fair for a quiet busi
ness day. and many well disposed 3enator.exhlb^-?l a
riudK'ine feeling that '? order wai "stored in Warsaw,
Lut moat unhappily such waj not the fact.
When tho order of resolution* was reached, Mr. Nab
pock (whig) offered ono declaring tho injunction
of Merely r. moved from tho proocediugs ot luesdays
executive session. To this, an anioBduiont w? proponed
by Mr Cornell (dem ) that tho proceedings ofoToryox
executive day, during the proacut M*?lon of the L?gh<
Inture. ho&lfO included. ... .
Vr l'lerro (dem.) moved further to o mend by adding
that all futuro executive session* bo held with opon door*
There appeared to lie a unanimous acquicscouce in all
^Mr ffiim >v* moved -till further to amend by ad d
In* '-Provided that such permission Khali not extoud to
the *lvulgence of any violent aeU or piofaue expression
member of the newion. '
Anoth. r protraetod and somewhat sat cattle debate en
sued None of the Senators worn understood as opposing
directly the reflation* te disclose tho tecret , traiuactloM:
but mill, from the tenor of their remarks, they indicated
rather a desire that they ought not to liave been Intro
d,'Mrd'MeMuiTay finally withdrew hU subdivision, and
tkc remainder were adopted, with only three diae-juting
nil the secret proceedings. up to thl* hour recorded,
pre op. n to tho public eye, aud disappointed uffleo-soeker*
may now inspect them, to uncertain the reasons why
they hove beeD rejected, end which Senator* were tustru
""tIi*1 moment this resolution was adopted. Mr
Babcoek (whig) threv a Brcbwnd, more bUtilng
?till iu the Senate. It consisted of a preamble
Ed resolution alleging that Senatur 0?rp
I'eirco (dem.) while temporarily occupying the chair,
in executive t session, on Tuesday. refused to take the
niieetif n upon adjournment bv ayes and noes when re
micsted. aud .Iceland the soHsion adjourned without Uk- |
h,g the question sw demanded, and abruptly left |
the chair, against tho expressed wish of the in^ority. j
The rcs.lutlon authorise the appointment of a
eirumitte" of three, Messrs Beekuiin and I lutt ,
(whlgs) snd Mr Bartiott (dem ). to Investigate
this matter, aud report such action as nuty be deemed
ueeef-ary, relative to the cuiiduct ot the said Senator ?
1 The reading was listened to with great flUence and the
most profound attention, and. for a moment or two the j
crcwu.d Senate ehaiuber was awod into alienee. lhe d.- .
mcrratic ?id?? was evidently astonished.
At length Senator ('ongur (dem.) aro?a and remarketl
Ibvtth. mountain had brought forth a mouae. and that
It waa amort astonlahing proce?>ding on tho part uf Mr
liuterc k to rcutinuo the unhappy uxcitoment which tiua
;< t. ?1 for the Ui?t two days
Vr ? ottiill moved to lay the subject on the table until i
to-morrow, in order that some time for eonnidorutlou j
u.iiiU be Lad upon this extraordinary movement. ,
A* the ayee aud nayes wora boing taken, ami when Mr j
1' Usee's nsme wes called, he arose and stated thst ho was
?ct prepared, at the moment, to decide what eour? ho
ihi'Uld purtue iu view of tbl? remarkable thnirt j
but thould take twenty-four hours tim* to reflect am ,
i?-. ? ?? ? *> "?*
#?stti'ff vote of the l.ieutenant Oovornor
-S3 <D?J .he day To-morrow ?he wsr wt'Hjere- j
n, wid with a seal and warmth rnoeo aaimatcd than here
affair has now s-sumed an lmportenoe which in
volves p. rsotial character and veracity. ( riinination and
recrimination, it is feared, will follow to a lamentable ex
ent if tome honorable Senator docs not riao above p< li
tlcal conr-iderations and cast oil upon the troubled
Which Senator will throw himself In the breach, and tur?
off the Impending storm' Shadw ofTompklMt^n,
irnd lliffuiftn? ? where sre you' Where are the pllUr* or
the Empire State? the statesmen of whom the uatlon
?nr? 'Xwu-' to a resolution of Inquiry, the State Trea
?urer reported that tho Attorney General has paid no
freiTslnce the first day of January. I860 The Assembly
di nted a res* lutioo calling upon the Attorney General,
ti> report a particular statement of ail feed, perquisites,
,,d < molumeiits received by him or any ?"^.rdWo of
bii office for official services, opmioun. or proe-.-cdlnge
.liiee the first day of Js.luary, 1M0.
There was corn iderahle ordinary buslnesa transacted In
the As*?iu>'ly among which was a tinkering of the militia
'"Vlic whig prints allege that the rjuo warranto agninst
Treasurer Cook hius not yet received any real decision,
that Judge (Jray expressed no opinion, and that < lie
diet was a mere matter of fonn in order 'b'.t the ^je
way be argued before e full bench at the Ueueral Term
Ai ?*"?r. March 18, 1W2.
Senater Ward w?? attaekeH with
evening ?f an alarming character rhe ip ? P
now four Senators on tho sick lwt- .nessr* c/v , ^
bUt, Keaeh aad Ward. .
Death of an Btlltoi'.
Pocoiiarnrsir, March 18, 18M.
Mr Itabert B. KiUey. for the last twenty year, editor
kDd puNlsber of the T,l,trapK. died at hiare
ildenee la this village on Wednc^lay evenly the lTth
tost , aged W years
Navlgatloai on Ijake Krte.
Buffalo, MwcH IT, 18512.
Business has eewmenood on the Lake The steamer
Ocean leaves Detroit for Krle to-day. and will make ao
.HMnnt to reach Buffalo. The too lias n.-arly gone here,
ind it 1c thought that IwaU can reach our harb.Mr <-???
tn u nioat ion is now eo?|4ete for U?e ?woa by r*Ur^4 ,
?o? HmU beVwK* h?r? ?e w w?.
Aluiit, March t, MM.
The Senate haa boon rngagM in following up the 4le
ouaeion of voetcrday ; cloning by laying the whole iid^t
en the Ubkv
The rtflular buaineaa wu then proceeded with.
tbuhtkm or tub aaooBLr* KriK.'orAL aorirrt .
Mr. IIkkbman (whig) reported a bill to inrreaae tk?
number of truatoea of the Kpifeopal Hooiety of Brooklyn.
Tin riM.'Ai. irrioriUTioni.
Mr Mc Miibmav. (deni ) rrporttd with amiMulninoAa,
the bill making certain appropriation for tUn tiaeel
7e"r' v.? ANB Bill
Mr. Coni.ar, (dc?n.) mofiol that the (fonoral Seringa
Bank bill bo made tho xpcoiai order for Thursday omI
Agreed to.
thm nawauao aaviNoe b?*?.
Mr. Tiaoa, fwhif;) from the Judiciary Committee, to
whom via reform! the l>ill to Incorporte tlie 1nwbai(
Having* Hank, reported that that I>IH rotild be paaaa4
without conflicting with the provbdon* of Uie conatita
Uou. Agreed to.
Mr. Cooi.f.t introduced a bitl to amend the gaunt
banking iaw.
Mr. llBBiMtn introduced u bill continuing in force tbe
act iurorpor&ting tho Now York Institution for the BUn^
and to extend ita Ix iu liU
Mr. IUbcocb (whig) umvnl Hint thi< Injunction ef ee
ori?y be removed from tho proreedinga of tho oxeoatiTe
ac?flon 011 Tuceday last.
Sir. (Joolkt moved to Lay tlio resolution oo the lakb,
which wa? dccldrd a* I'oliowa : ?
At u.- -MofHra, Ilartiott. lirutow, Cooley, Corntil. Dena
port, Kirl'*e. Otn, Roger*, Smith, aud Know ? 10.
Nat*. ? Mtnri. lleboock, Uaekinao, Clark, Conger, Bwa
tington, Mi Klwain, M<*}iurray. Morgan, Monroe, Nownomk,
Pierce, I'latt, labor, llpliaui, Van .Sohuouhnren, William^
aaii Wrl?l.t? 17.
Mr. fiLBcB, (d< m ,) when hia name wai oallcd, aM
leave to explain, which wua granted, lie aaid bemiAt
huvu voted diffvi eutly, had it not Itocome apparent tbe*
thix xulyi ct would givo line to continued debate, lie ha4
teen no good rcMon for ciiauging liia 1. pinion, cxpreaaed a
tiw iluyn fin co. and he thould vote Bgitiuat laying Um
Mme on tho table.
Mr Uobkkli., (dvm ) thou moved to amend the reeolm
tlon of Mr Dalicock. I>y striking out all after the word
?? resolved." anil Inaerting oa follow* :W That all prooced
i>:(;a iu executive aewwion, aince tho commencement tf
tho ccxaiou, ho made public. .
Mr. I'ii:ki;k, (deui.) ? That'll it. How lot ua aee wbe
aieka to rkuik.
Mr. Cornki.i. would have gone further, and extended It
to tho procvcdlnga of paxt sessions, liad hit not thought
It required a notice to fcuspi-ud tint rule*. which lie should
give ut tho proper tinio. I Id Imped the .Senator from the
'I hirty-llrst. (Mr. llubcoclt,) would go with hint la Uiia
Mr. Coot ht ? A* I predicted when I made the motion
of pontpoiiing the ?pe< in I order on tho table. the ijinwtioa
would imuii iBatWy prunut our proceeding with the legi
timate business of thn Legislature. We an* now agaut
engaged in inifteraUn party quarrel* and grinvaneM^
which riui bo of ijo interest to any of our i'ou*tituenta{
ami bccatuo I desired to prevorit this useless abuso of tlia
public time. I sin accused of skulking by the Somitor
item the Thirteenth (Mr Wright.) What reason liaa
that gentleman to make this cliargo? I never yot feared
that all uiy notions should bo mail" public; and why should
I fknik? 1 li'ar nothing; nnd 1 ahull go a* far an any man,
in w lluit Hi. re appears to boa determination to remove
secresy from the executive session, for a full aud complete
n j/utt ol Ihoeo proceedings. lie should vote for the amend
Air 1Jab< oca replied to tho Senator from the First (Mr.
Cooley). lie hud iio personal grievances to Kettle ? no
ftuicinl wroiij'N to red ret*, lie had not changed hia
opinion aa to the rulo enjoining seen sy; but at things
hud transpired during the week which worn unparalutlcd,
hcna?imw Hilling to go fur a full rjjiote. liu eaid he
rhould accept the amendment ef thu Senator of tha
1 wi.'Uty-tixth (Mr. Cornell) with a hearty good will.
Mr. I'ikiu.k moved an additional auiundinunt ? that all
future executive session* be held with upon doors
Mr. Ka m.oi.a, after a few wonls with the (.'hair, so
li pted tho sunnv
Mr. Vai HeHooimovin (whig) inquired whether Mils
resolution wax not a modltlcation of the 2Uth rule, and
whi tber It would not be requisite to move to go into ex
ecutive scosion with open doom, wlieuever Urn charaoter
ef a nominee U In question.
Tlie Clint ? It la evidently a modiilratioii of the 2Vtb
Sir. PiRaeE? I hofe that the Senator* from tho Twelfth
and Thirteenth district*, who havo had se much to m y
about > kulking will be the lout from whom we eliaU hear
opiw*ltion to i lie propoaitii u
Mr >ii So iigok no vis ? Tho geutb-man need not
trouble hliiiM-Lf. 1 merely wish' den Interpretation of the
operation of thin rule. I do not wLih to oppose Uia
movi nirnt . lie proceeded with his remarks, and wxj al
lud.i'g to the nieihod of udjournimnit ou Tuesday even
ing, of tin- iii'dden and precipitate mention of tho Chair
by a Senator, ?n spite of t hw ayes and nnys, &r , when
Mr. Coas t u. row to a point of order. Ho said that
the gentlemen Won divulging tho ifrocoeiliugs of the ex
ecutive stlon, which he had no right to do.
Mr. Mi Mijubat ? Oh mo? it In merely a funey sketch.
Mr. Picni c. ? 1 hope the gontleman from the Twelfth
Is not mu king along speech as a pretext against the
Mr. Van 8choo*hoviii. ? I mean no pretexts. What I
men n I my ; and genth men may nlweys tuke my stata
menU us inclining >vhi't 1 say.
The point of order nut dropped; and Mr. Tan H. eoa
rludi d hi;: remarks
Mr. Coax ill then asked to amend the resolution sa an
to obviate the necesalty of moving fur closed doors every
executive session day ilia nmeudmeut was to roeciad
the 2bth und.'ilst rules.
Mr. Wsioht (whig) objected. and tho Chair decided It
was not then in order.
Mr CoHMi.Lcontinucdlnanoxclttd tone. .luring which
bis ri marks were interrupted several times by cro^s ques
tioning from mi inbuilt.
Mr. McMikhay was perfectly willing that everything
which he had *ain in executive rcsiou on Tvesday last
should be made public, and he intended tho first opportu
nity that ( ecurreil to make u full di>clo*ure to such gen
tlemen n? may be interested, that they might meet him
i.t any tune lie concluded by offering as nn smeudmnsit
the following, "provided, howi ver. that such coinmi.i?iiin
? hall not extend to the divulgeuce of r.ny vi< lent acta or
itupropi r evpre. sions of ?ny mtuiber of tho Senate. n
Mr. T?akii fellimed in a t. w rtmark.i.
He was replied to by Mr. Ml-Mus-iav. who called tbe
attention of the Senator from the Kloventh (Mr. Talier)
to bis coune. at an early day in tho session, regretting
that |?arty feelings and questions hud been Introducod
into tbe businri<( matti r cf the Senato. Ilo notiood ?
wonderlul change when tbe Senator from tho Kighth (Mr.
Oth ) was strlrkeu down by sicknes*; and from the - gen
tle dove.'" we di. covered the tran formation to the "snar
ing i?gle,'' whote tulous were exposed, eager to catch the
Mr. Cos!iki.i. tiavlng gained the floor, moved that the
subject be postpom d till Tuerduy next.
'1 he quettion wan negutivtu, at fi Hows : ?
Avrt.-Mii.trs. liartlctt, Unnnsti Brisk 1, Cenpsr, Co*
?s 11, Ilstniipvrt, Kirby. Meliurray. Olu, Kugsri. HlpiUi, sad
Sunw ? 11'.
Navs. ? MfiNrs. Balenek, Reekmsn, (Mark, C'loley, Una
tlustoa, MeRlwaln, Morgan, Monro*, Newaooibe, I'lereej
I'lett, ln'sr, L'pLaia, Van Sshooutiuveo, Williams, and
IV rigl.t ? 10.
Mr. Williams, (whig) had listened to tho amendment
ef Mr McMurray with surprise, ami lie must believe, if
lie lm-ifti d upeu It. that he intended it to scrocn himself
fri ni that which he prepared for another. ?
Mr. (Vo.wrn followt d Indicating the course which h*
ilioi.ld take, and concluded by saying that on accouat
of the turn which inatti rs luul taken, ho should vote fur
a full disclosure of all things.
Mr Miiistoi. (dem ) could not vote for the amendment
cf Mr McMurray. b? cause hu (Kd not bcliure it occurred
in the Kxrcutive m wtit u of the Senate.
Mr M< Mi sKst claimi d that be had o(Ti red tho amend
ment in a spirit of coal iiiutlon. but n.4 it Iiad not been
received hi that spirit, he would withdraw It.
The qui htinn wus then taken on thu resolution, which
wus In the following words
Tbst ll.e Injcaeli a of s?rre?y Is remofe'l from ?ho ^r?
e?i dinss ef the nxcciitlie ssseh n ef Die Senate, aud that
bsrealter tbe pr'.eecdiuRs t.e tisn sctta with open doers.
Cart ltd as follows: ?
A v rs.? Her-' rs. Habere k, llsi tlftt, Henn*tt. Itristol,
Clsrk. Conger, Cot ley, Correll, IlaTSnport, tlontia(tiNS.
McElwala, MeMnrray. Morgan, Monroe, Newoombe, (>tia
I'ieree, 1'lstt, UogTi, Snow. T.ibor, I'phani, Vaa Sokeea
hcuea. Wiliiami, ss'l Wright? 2.1.
Mais.- Msitrs. Itsskman, Kirty, anil >mlth.
Morion TO BKIt IHD TWO or THt Rl LM
Mr C-or.i r.i g>?ve notice of a motion to r?kcind the 29th
and <t!ld rules of the Senate.
ma conniLr or tia. ricBta. whilb cwaiiius ov in*
Lirci'Tivc sc?s!o."t or ri rsi av.
Mr lUnri.ii. (whig) offered the fnlb>wlog
Wlirrtaa, It la sl!e??J t.'ist <;ei>rg*T. I'leres. aa m?mHer ef
this l. o'lv. having bt en ( lacsd tsm imrarlly la the nhsir by
the l'r?ml?nt of the c<snat*, while lu exscutirs aee
tioa, or Tneadsy last, wn ftnilty of illoirtlarly be
harlor-Drstly, ky refitting ?u t?k? the vote by
nyis end nays, when regularly culled for on a motion to
adjourn. Secondly, in decutring the Senate a'lj 'umed
when, in fact, it had not adjourned, an J when a majority
of the members present were opp<?ed to such vljourn
Dient. 'I liirdly In vacating the chair anil arresting the
proceedings cf the Senate when It wa? still in -wssion.
And wherrds this ronti upt of tbe Senate, hy which tha
actl< n < f the niuj>.rlty wi^ defeau d and their rlgbts suh
tertrd. demands imphatia sonde in nation and punixh
ni'nt; thenf?.ra? ?
Rttolved, Tl.sl * rommitte* of three, er nslstlng of Sena
tors I'lstt, llartlstt, ami Hxekmsn, be and are h>nehy ap
poinlsd, with fail power to in'eetlfata tbe faota. with ?dl
convenient aprad, and to report what priKSediagt oasht te
be had to pnnish aueh allaged contempt, If proven, ana vin
dicate tho authority, and maintain the dignity of tii" joust*.
Mr CoMiiR here rose and said ? If ever mountaiu la
bored and brought forth a moose, this certainly is aa
nimplkl'cation of tbe ease It was. without exception,
the coolest specimen of Imp ads nee be cer saw.
That charges made by a minority against*
member should be sought to be tried hefb??
his accusers was ecrtulnly refreshing, besides who are tha
Messrs Busman. William', snd Van Sett now iiovew
rising ?iniultaneously said:? We allege that such tr
did tuke place.
Mr OodOKR? Very weU. 1 shsll then In due time.
that these gentlemen be part of tho committee
Much excitement now prevailed aud point* Of
were raised and withdrawn.
Mr OeaniLL movinl to poetpons tbe subj<*t untt- t*t
morrow at 12 o'clock ,
1 be queetion was then taken on postponing, aadrtMd
Baftlnt, IttHU, Brirtet. Ceagn. Cet

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