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ar?RB fTftiT piobT
rev pi'Ki4< i non.
Tin ? or tiik A I'm i. N VMtrn.
K ltd o I nil i u ? A Kranoonii itory. liy Jacob Abbott. With
Seres I Ihinl lotions
Napoleon Bonaparte? TI.e R?t-r? from Kgypt. By John
8. C. Abbott With Sev a l!lu tratioas troin Original
Drawings liy U pier.
Paradise Lost.
The Vatteville Huby.
J tnpreiui'ini of F.axlaftdi iB ? ?he Cholora in Lua
%uou~-The Ka^cil Souo"'' -The i'Dorir I'la-sei ? II ;e-hivos
?The Roval Ftimily? Uiruiinirlin.i and the Chartists. By
Krrdrika Hremcr.
Trttt Cuuny^A Tale of r?\t - r t h * i Cutlfl,
Introduction ?? the Potato Into i ranee.
The Artist's Sacrifice.
, The MiMca Hank Note*.
Wonderful Toys.
My Travelling Companion.
The Little Sisters,
How (J-inpowder ii Made.? Visit to Hounslow Mill*.
An Insane Philosopher.
Bleak House.? I. In Chancery. ? II. In Fashion.? Ml. A
Progress.? I V. A Teleieopic Philanthropy. By Charles
Dii Ueus. With Two Illustrations.
Hunting an Alligator.
Tho Moor's Revenge. From ths Pj|i?h. By Epes Sargent.
A 'lasts "f Preach Dungeons. ? Incident in the Lite of
Mrs. Kadcliffe.
My Nov.-: : or, Varieties In En gllsh Life. Uy Sir Edward
Ho Iwer Lyttoa.
Pipe clay and C'la.v Pi) e?.
Habit .and Character of the Doe rih Indians.
Monthly Record of Current Kvonts ? An Abstract anil
Chronicle of Political, S ml, Literary, Artistic, and l'er
*< nal Affair' at Home and A brail.
Editor's Table.? The Spiritual Telegraph; Wires and
Nerves; Brain Picture* and 'lei- raphic Signals; Spiritual
Dignity; Spiritual Loneliness; A r."iment for n Deity.? His
tory el' th* World's* Mi mi ry: Parallel between the Indi
vidual andthe National Mind; Mythical; Mneuionical; Uni
versal Idea* more Exulting tl.ni individual; Philosophy of
the Passion for Politic; 1"> r M tine* and Newspauors;
True Subjects uf History; lllus'i tions.
Editor's Easy ('hair.? Now, t t)i r ulves and onr Readers;
Close of the ( arrival; The ivnpcr Commemoration; Lec
tures and Leeturera: Exemplary Damages; Manners in Con
{?ess; The Maiue Linu'>r Law; Kemiuisccncos of MallUt;
"ronch Writers: The < Ii. >ali* r's Mrekefor a Wife.
_ Editor s Drawer.? Differences t ! Opinlou; A Tale of othor
Times: Stealing Sermons; About .Snuff; Laughter; Looking
fluss Reflections; Something from Sam Slick: Turning the
ahlos; Youthful Arc: Pools and Madmen; Under Canvas
?lokingin Letters; Welsh Curd of Invitation; Chiffonier* in
Paris; Harrowing Lines.
Literary Notices.? The BooVe of the Month. Original aud
i;-|.rinl?d. Literary lutclli. ? u--. it Homo uud Abroad.
Three Leaves from Punch.?!.. i.: to Cover; lUrolution on
Itayonots; Thoughts on I' run h Affairs; Early Publication
el' a Liberal Paper in Pari*. Hceeo from the "President's
Progress;" Touching Symnatbyr (Joed Advice; Efforts of a
? Strike;" Perfectly Identities.; Looking for the Policeman;
The Seven Woudcrs of u Voui.g Lady? with uim illuslra
Spring Fashions? with tUroe illustrations.
Harper's Now Monthly Magazine is issued invariably on
ibe first day of the mouth iu wh ic h it is dated. Each mini*
bcr will contain 144 octavo panes, in doublo columns ; each
year thus comprising nearly two thousand pages uf the
? hoicest mifocllaneous literature of the day. livery number
will contain numerous pictorial I lustrations, accurate plains
"f t ho fashions, ft copious chronicle of curruut events, aud
impartial notices of the important books of the month. The
voIudio* commence with tho naml.ers for June aud Decem
ber. Terms.? The magaiino may bo obtained from booksel
lers, periodical agonts, or iron tu<J publisher.', at three dol
Ur? a year, or twenty-tire cents a number. Tho eeuii
muiual volumes, as couipletod, neatly bouud in cloth, at two
dollars, or the uiusliu covers tit twonty-livo cents each, are
furnished by the agents or pnbli hers. The publishers will
tupply specimen numbers v.r"tuituU!-ly to a^eutj and post
msst. i>, snd vill mako 111- ral irrang 'inents with them for
efforts iu nirculating the luu^a^u''. They will also supply
elubs mi liberal terms, and mn.ii and city subscribers, wlu a
payment is uiado to them in advance. Numbers fi'OUl tho
kvuitucacemout can l'e supplied at any time.
The selections for the MarJi number are, as usual, various
and entertaining. Among them is " IiiiQ in St, l'eton
bur?," illustrated by many comic designs. In tho Editor's
Table i? a carefully prepared paper on tliu population ot'tlio
I'nitod State*, in which the accessions from emigration are
distinguished, and their sources pointed out aud umpired.
? [N. Y. Kveuiug Post.
?V? van heartily commend it to all who lovs a sound, ole
Tficeii. anil instructive literature.? [St. Louis Watchman.
Ornate iu it* illustrations, mid replete with tho most in
teresting matter. This periodical hasiustly obtained a ce
lebrity unequalled by any Htor.iry publication of the kind
in Europe or America.? [Southern Star.
Has magazine always appears with punctuality, and its
readers are never disappointed either in its receipt or iu
the nature of its contents when received. The editors uni
formly display great taste and judgment in the selection of
article*, the original matter is generally pleasing, and the
typography and illustrations aro as neat and elegant as
any reasonable critio could desire. A concise account of
the late census of the United States, and the usual record
of the oveot,? ol the month, compose the strictly utilitarian
portion, while gossip, fashion, and fun, are duly carod for
in the Editor's Table, &c., aud the Leaf from Punoli.?
[ V. Y. Commercial Advertiser.
The expenditure, evinccd by tho lavish fttnountof illustra
tion, is eouoli,sive of the disporitlon of the publishers to bo
iu the van oi enterprise, ana fully up to the demands of a
pampered popular taste. The historical contributions of
the Messrs. Abbott*, to this Magazine, are liko all the works
uf those gontlemen, profoundly iiterestingstories, told with
studied reicrenee to picturesque effect, and with sovereign
disregard of the platitudes and fustiau commonly used to
eement the tacts of history together. The < tber original aad
? hoson matters are of the customary .jnaftty; wUUo ({it Juii
tor's Drawer, the *dityr'| ?a.- ,u' t'ho JiUr>r
Noticee, ai;? 11^,1, viineuta on the excellencio* ofl.-.H year
? -ssv%nii^|| Morning New*.
lb.% eontonts of this Magazine are of a character that has
?o justly given it a pre-eminence am oaf tho litorary serials
?f the day. It in unapproaohed and' unapproachable by
any vtlier magaiine in this country ?Ulster Republican.
The owners of the Fuller Fat out for Robber Car Spring/*,
the only original and genuine patent in existence, invite the
attention of' the railroad public to tho foHowlng legal opin
ion of the Hon. R. IX. Cillst. late Solicitor of the United
StfttMTrfiiarj; and of F. B. ('uttiuij, Ktui., for counsel,
touching the validity of Fuller'* Patont, and the illegality
?f the claim under which Ray's spring are manufactured.
A 11 orders for Car Springs filled with promptitude at fifty
cent* a pound, guaranteeing them to be equal iu all respects
to any now in use in the United States.
llOIt ACE H. DAY, 33 Courtiandt street, N. Y.
New York, March 22, 1862.
8i?:? Yatir* of this uate. in relation to VV. C. Fuller's and
F. M. Ray'* patents for India Rubber Springs, is received. I
state in reply, that I have been one of the oouusol for Mr.
Puller In the controversy, and understand the points in
volved in it. Mr. Feller's patent was granted in England on
the i'ld of October, lt'tf. and in the United States on the 24th
ef October, IS40. 11 is American patont (the one in question)
has not been annulled, repealed, or declared void or inva
lid; bat remains in full force and validity. lie can maintain
suit* for* violation of it. Purchasers using it cannot he
made re<ponsiblc to Mr. Ray nnder his patent; first, because
they art under the authority cf the United States, in their
patent to Fuller: and. eecond. because Bay's patent was is
sued contrary to the express provisions of the statute, and
en thit account is utterly void. No suit can be sustained
upon it by Ray, against any one. The Commissioner of Pa
tents, in hi* order for it* issue, indicated his doubts on the
right to issue it, (his predecessor. Mr. Burke, having ex
pressly refused Ray a patent) and say* he givee Bay the
asnefit ef his doubts, and consequently made the order. The
error in granting this patent to Kay. nndor the facts and
law of the ease, is so palpable that I have boon retained by
Mr. roller to institute a rait in the United States Cireuit
Court to set it aside, and I am now preparing a bill to be
Mtd st once. Your obedient servant. R. H.QILLBT.
J folly ooncur iu the opinions above expressed.
f. II. CUTTING, Counsel for Fuller.
CiiAHLUTUit, S. C? Maroh 11, 1862.
Horace 11. Dey, Esq.. New York:- Dear Sir? An advertite
scnt having appeared in our paper, for the purpose of assist
? ? Kngland Ca " ' " ?'
ing the New England far Soring Company te maintain ?
monopoly, and iujnreyon in the sale of your springs, in our
section of the country, we deem it but an act of Justice te our
selves, (who lisve been using your springs for some tame
past. i? our business.) te you, and to all interested, to state
tacts which have come under our notice, a* to the durability
efyour spriais. in comparison with those of the NewKugiaad
<"sr Spring Company. Mar^y of the above Company'* spring*
kavs been in u?e on one of the largest railroad* in our State,
ad have proven to bo inferior to yours; ia many instance*
they have burst open with the weight ef loaded ear*, and ouce
with weight of ear* unloaded; when, on the otherhand, we
have never known your* to fail with any weight they have
heen pressed with. Tho above railroad ha* a number of your
spring* in uso, and it wa* through thoir foreman of repairs, in
oar shop, we were induced to try them. lie uses no ether
whea yours are to be had. We have never heard ef any
fre?*iug mi our last eold winter, nor are they affected by the
beat ot our southern summer*. A consideration of no (mall
value, beside* superiority, is tbat your springs are thirty per
cent cheaper ia price; thongh tha price would not govern us
ia our preference, were not your springs superior. Desiring
that railroad companies ana car manufacturer* ihould not be
imposed on by a monopoly to extort from them aeventy-flv*
vents per lb. for an article not *o good as yon are (ellinc for
Mty cent a. Oblige us by ailing our last order atyonr earliest
eenvemi nee, aud, wishing yon every snocei*. we are, very
reopertft ||y, yours, WHARTON It PETSCH. Car Mhnafae
turcrs, Charleston, 8. V.
Dealer*.? I.earning that some unprincipled persons are
? ff-ring l.laotic (iore to manufacture** ef my Patont Con
gress Hoots, made by braiding or weaving India Rubber in
such way as to cause a shir or contraction, orexpansi?n of
. he fsbrie with the spring, this notice is given that any mode
ef covering and combining flbrons materials with cords o.
India Rubber, ?? used in making Congress Boots, is n direct
i?4 positive violation of my patent; and whoever manu
facture* or sells the Congress Boot*, thus made, will be pro
lecuted for damage*. All who are snthoritod by mn to as*
.ir* required to stsmp each pair with the word* " Day's Pa
tent;" all others are infringements, and dealers are warned
sgeinst Hie consequences ? they ehnce to be concerned in
pirating this patent. Knowing th*t the combination are at
tempting, through their instruments, to mislead iinsuspect
,ng shoo dealers and manufacturers, I have. r>r their infor
mation, rnased the opinion of two of the most distinguished
Patent l.awycrs in tho United (Mates to bo taken ? herewith
published. I shall hold every dealer reanonsible where tha
manufacturer is irresponsible. HORACE II. DAY. Owner
ef all the Patents connected with Congress Roots. N. II.?
I.iconse* granted at 33 Cortlandt street. New York, and by
my authorised agents throughout tho tnited States, except
M?*iachu?rtts, Maine and New Hampshire, owned by
Charles Win-low, nf I.ynn, Mae*.
I.koai. Opinion*.? I have examined tho letters Patent i?>
?tjed to Du poet fc Hyatt, bearing dale the 8)th October,
1840, and am nf opinion that tho u*o nf elaatie (ore*, made
by weaving fibrous material* which expand and contract, in
combination with India Rnbher Springs, if nppliad in the
'manufacture of (iaiter boota, is an Infringement upon tho
Patent. New York, April W, lh6l. F B. CUTTINO.
Bmtoiv. June ?, luftl. ? I have made ? *imllar examination
?f the letter* Patent, tbo?? foftrred to, and conenr in Mr.
(tatting's opinion . RUKUS CIIOATK.
Janes A. Suydnm, and James Ostrom. against Mary
A. Bellinger.? Sammoas for money demand on eontrnct.
(Com. not Ser.)? Te ths above- named defendant.? Yon ere
hereby summoned nnd required to an*w*r the complaint in
Ibi* notion, which will bo filed in tho eAco of the Clerk of
tho city and county of Now Terk, at the City Ilall, ia the
?ity of New York, and to serve * copy ef yout aaswtr to t ha
eaid complaint on tho snboeribet, at hi* ofleo, No. 72 Wall
street, in the city of New Yorh, within twenty day* after
-to service of thiii summon* on yon, exclusive of tho day of
nuoli servioo: and if you fall tai answer tha said complaint
Within the time nferesaid, tho nlaintMh In thi* aotloa will
take Judgment against you for the sum of throe hnadred and
forty dollars and sixty-oao eeat*, with interest from the se
venteenth day of December, one thousand els hi hundred and
Iftv-one, boeidcf th* onsta of thi* action. Datad December
,7,1861 E. U. OWEN, I'laintiiTi Attorney.
N.B.-Thc complain! hetsia was filed as above, oa the 2d
day of March. I<'>2.
AftKKCY. v
praotiee law ia Iho Supreme Court? to attoad to aacoo
ieforc Congreee ? to proieeuto claims and ?ottlc aceoaat*
tgalnat the Departments and Board* of Csmmi**i?a*r?? to
rreeure patenu at home aad abroad? to ohtala aea*ion? and
bounty land*? to eolloat debt*, dividend*, I*fMT*? and iaha
Htaa?**iaaay part of the tfuited State*, aad la forotaa
sonatrl**? to mak? iav*et?ent*of fuads in lenat aadstocta,
and on bend and mortgage? and to negotiate tha I
and tale of Uaaa, land* aad patent rlghtcia aay 9t*?e ef Mb*
Union. Partlenfar attention pnld to Callforala land Utla
caees, eomiag up t* the Ualted Stats* Suprsm*
nnal. Commualeation*, pre-paid, adiresssd to W. O.Sn?
(ben, No. V| Carroll Flaoe, Cawitol UiU, Wa*biad?ea. B> 0 <
#U( sett Wttfc
aud Indiana Railroad mvso per c?ai tlret nort|M? ooa
vertible bonds.-- Tlie liullofoulaiua and Indiana Railroad
Company offer for sale %\100 000 of their Nm par Mat mort
gage bonds, witli iiit?rvstooupons annexed. They are ia sum*
of H, 001) each. parable 1st of Jutv, 1HW, with IntorastatT p?r ,
cent. semi-annually, on the 1st day of July aad January, at |
the Rank ?> f 0?MnuTi ?, in (lie city af New York, where the
principal is alio payable; arid nro noon rod by a mortgage to
John A. Men ns. Ksq., of New iTork, in trust for the boad
holderi. They aio son ?ertil to into the stock of the oom.
pany, at the option of the holders. The* are Uaiiod uador
aots of the Legi. latere of Of.iu, authorising them, and tin
nurtgago as alovo te awn the payiaont thereof. Tha
amount of bonds to be time Uaued andar the mortgage u
limited to $'00,li0(i, ol which $!OU,UOU hare beoa diapoeed of.
Only $'JC0,lKAJ are eow offered for sale. The rosiduo will be
disposed uf aa the wni.ts of the company, hereafter. from
time to timo, ma* make ii neoo??ary. The mortgage w??ri
the whole road ol tho company, 1 It) miles lung, and is tha
first and only lien theroon T _i i embraces the entire line,
fruu its connection with the OBo and Pennsylvania Rail
way, at or near Gallon, whoro the Cleveland and Colutnhu*
Railroad crosses tho same, through Marion, Bollrf .ntaine,
Sidney, and other important liiwm, to Union, oa the line
dividing tho Status of Ohio aud Indiana, wheie it conned*
with the Indianapolis and Itollefontaine Railroad, now
nearly completed The entire line of 1IK mllea i? under oon
traut for gradation and masonry, and about fifty-four miles
of it are mi* Dearly ready for the irou rail*. A portion of
the rail* are purchased, and in the course of arrival. It is
expected that the fir, it Motion of the road will ho completed,
and in oporntiou, by tho 1*1 day July next. and the reinaia
dor of the litio by tho In I day ol Jauuary next. The inoau*
for the construct! 'ii and equipment of the road are pro
vided by stock uiji'lhoudH. TBI sum of $H."iO.OOt) in inb
subscribed to tha enpltal stock of tho oompany; and over
$000,000 has boon already paid iu and expended on the line,
and iu the purchase ol material*, Sic. Tho residue ii beiug
regularly paid at the call of the company. To rai?e the re
maining mean* the company ha* resorted to this loan. Tho
mortgage em pi wers the truatie, in caao of failure to pay
either iatoruht or pi incipal, to tako possession of tho road,
with ita equipments, and to receive its eurnings, or to sell
the xaiuc, on due uotire, and apply tho proceed* in payment.
An inspection of the iuap will show the road to w oupv aa
imi ortant petition. it i* a continuation of the Ohi ? and
P-'rnh.v Ivanla road, through Ohio, thonce to Indiaiitpnli*
and St. Louis, by w ?y ofTerre llaulo. The indianapolisaiid
Terri llaute road i> now Completed. and in optrati .u. Tim
Indianapolis and It 'lctont. iuo road ia ooainlote l. >niu
operation from luiiu-nauolia to u point nuar the Ohto Stai1:
line, aud will be ou'irely comoletod bvOi tober noxt. A
company liaa b en or. anized to make the rer.iainln ; portion
of road lying between Torre llaute nni St. Li ?l?. aad tha
work will ko*u be placed nn>lcr ooutraet. It will bj Keen
that t hia ia the nearest, most natural and direct route from
New 1 ork and Phtladelpl ia to St. I.ouia, traversing p>'rhap<
the meet fertile, p"| uloua, aud improved portions of tlis
States through wbiol the line paiaes. V'roin tho na'nro of
tliu coutiiry, tho Cull: trueti m of a railway ia easy audehoap.
The eatimnted coat, with aofUeionl e<i t. i j>ni o n t for one y *ar,
ia f l.Ct^.t'hO. The boud.s ahovo named oouetitut* the only
deht of the company. Hint this road will pruye one of Croat
iifief ulncia and profit ndmita of hut little doubt. Ita local
businesa alone will vielii it u handsome supp >rt. Bat. o >n
neeted as it in Eubt and West, it will ho on? of the greatest
channel* of through travel in the United .States. It muat
orer he the principal lino of travel from the F.aatern aud
Northern citica to St. Louie, and the vast region? beyond.
Tbi:- will make the convertible clause of great value at an
ear! v dny. Sealed j roporale will bo reoeived for any amount
not Icaa than $l,0tK>. until Tuoaday. tho .'kith day of Maruh,
inetaut, at .'1 o elook, 1*. M. i'ropoaal* will bo a'ldresaed to
tho agents of the uumptuiy, Meai-rs. Wiualow, i.anior & Co.,
No. 61! H'all alreot, indor-od ?' i'ropoaaU for Itellcfontaine
and Indiana liouda." Twenty-five per eent uf the purchaao
mono) will be required to be paid on accepting the bid*, the
remainder in equal monthly instalmenta of !i'i per oout.
Arj1 purchaaer will be at liberty to nay in full at onoo, and
interc: t on tho bond* will run from date of payment*. Tho
ftbove $260,000 will be sold ahaoli.tely ami without reserve,
to the highest liiddor. A printed exhibit, with a map anil
all the uei ca-nry information in relation to theso securities,
can be bad by calling at the ollicc of tho ai{eut of the onm
pa?,y, at No. 62 Wall street. New York, March 6, 1852.
JAS. IT. COl'.MAN, I'rcbidcut Uullefuutaino aad Indiana
Railroad Company.
-J Chambers street. ? Notice.? Dopoaitors are inform 'd
that deposits made on or before the At Ii Jay of April next,
will be entitled to interest in July. Interest is paid at the
ratoof nix por cent per annum, llauk odju daily Iluuj IU A.
it. to 31'. M., *nu irom.l to 7 P. M.
JOSEPH STUART, First Vice President.
PiTrn Cbp.Kar, Accountant. New Vork, March 21,
Notice.? the Manhattan sayings institu
tieu, 0-1H Broadway, will allow interest on all deposit*
made on ur before the brat of April noxt; hix per oout on
sums of five hundred dollars and under; five per cent ou
sums of one thousand dollars and over five hundred. N. B.?
This institution divides ita surplus amon? the depositor*
wlion it amounts to more than $Z\tX)0.
A. A, ALVORD, Secretary.
? York, and No. 36 Waterloo Koad, Liverpool, issuo
Siglit Drafts, payable throughout England, Ireland. Scot
laud and Wales; are also agent* for the Empire, Rod Star,
Dramntic, and St. George's Line of Liverpool Packets, and
New Line from Hamburg and Rotterdam, (ailing weekly.
Certificates for above linen for aale. -
Remittances to England, Ireland, scot
land, and Walei.? Drafts, from ?1 and upward*, paya
%i ''fiu'w^MAN ."''o k{n'N ELL h CO., 83 South street,
only authorised agents In this oity fur Ilia Swallow Tail
Uaos af Liverpool aud London packet#. a
u w? *,r? .?s for aale drafti for any amount, which
. oabhed throughout Oreat Britain and Ireland. Alt*,
Issaos certificate* of passage by the Eagle line of New York
and Liverpool packet*. Refer* to Mttasrs. Jno. W. Whttloofc
k> Co., Sherman & Collius, Acton Civil, Esq., tio.
Drafts on Ireland, etc.? tub subscribers
draw Sight Drafti on varieu* bank* and banker* in
England, Ireland, and Scotland, in sums to auit.
WILLIAMS & GUION, 40 Fulton street.
Passage ean be aooured hy the old Blaok Star Line of
Liverpool paoket*, tailing lit, (ith, 11th, 16th, 2I?t, and 26th
of 6Terjr month.
CH onn ?WANTED, ON bond and mort
yJUv/jl/vU. gago, on productive real estate, in the
o ntre of tMacity, worth double tho amount, fifty thousand
dollars for ten yearr, at aix por cent intoreat. Apply to
D. B. TAYLOR, attorney at law. No. 136 Nassau street.
?One of tho elegant and substantial
Atlantic Dock Store*, .VJ-ixlSO, four stories high, renting for
(3.C0U per annum, will be sold low for cash, or a part of tho
purchase money would be taken in unincumbered vacant
lots. Apply at tlie Insurance office, 8.1 Nassau stroct,
M. L. SHELDON, Agent.
Rich cut glass and pressed ware.? turner.
Lane, & Morris, No*. 43, 45 and 47 Duano street, Manu
facturer* and Wholesale Dealers In Rich Cat Olart an<
Pressed Ware, of every description, and of the latest *tyl?
ef pattern* for table nse. Alio, Solar, Fluid, and GasGk>beq
Ball Lantern*, with stained, enamelled, and out glass; Gla*|
stained and out for parlor and hall doors, Dome Light*, & *
We invite the attention of oountry merchants to our (took
of which we have tho largest in tho city, at reduced prises.
Persons about purchasing out glass for hotel*, stoasneM
restaurants, ana private use, will finS every variety of pat
tern by calling at our wareroom*. Particular atteuiiei
paid to the packing ef California order*.
Beautiful face and hand.-the advertiser
Id in posiession of an original recipe, the result of expe
rimental testa and particular atuily, whereby the face and
banda mar b* rendered fresh, soft and fair, counteracting
and remedying the disfigurements and Inoouvenieneea ari
sing from change of temperature and various other causes,
however unpromising the present conditien. Tho recipe
is free from any injurious quality, and will he sent to any
lady or gentlemen, on receipt of one dollar, to any p
the United State*. Address Mrs. L. E. VATES, Hocli
v* v
y. r.
art of
Air? "Groves of Blarney."
'Tis the last ling of sumrnor
Left creeping alone,
Hor biting companions
Are all dead and gone.
Not one of ber kindred.
No bed-bug is nigh.
To Join in her frolics.
Or new haunts spy.
" Should I leave thee," sail Lyon.
" You me might oondeiun;
Sincethy loved ones are slewing.
So shalt thou sleep withtlum.
Thus kindly I'll scatter
My powders o'fr bod.
Where tlij' matoe, in the cracks.
Lie senseless and dead."
So soon will rata follow,
So soon mice decay,
If you'll purchase some pills
At his store, 4^4 Broadway.
Then in poace you'll exclaim.
( Since hugs are all flown, )
" Tis joy to inhabit
One's lied all alone."
mily use, is delightful in odor and action; sold in large
beautiful toilet bottles, (1 eaoh. There is no aohe, pain or
weakness, but what thla wonderful remedy will cure; all
nervoustroubles instantly relieved. Ilia magic fluid is the
only article that haa restored a head of hair oald for tw*n
ty-tive yeara. If the Doctor faila to prove it, he will pay
Sl.UCO. It will be sold for a short timo for $1 each; but the
prise will soon l>e inoreased. The Doctor is humane, conse
quently it is natural to be selfish; hut no one need l<u de
coded. He will prefer jjiviog guarantees, than to sell it far
VI a bottle, if persons will ghe him his price, which is from
t-V to t'M), according to the condition, age aud circum
stance*. lie gives ample proof of what haa been done. Still,
it may fail in some rases; but if the public will not heliev.t
the most respectable evidence, then they shall pay if ha
f;uarant*?s. lion't fa'l to call and converse with lir. K. at
lis central depot, 476 Broadway. The wholesale trade can
be supplied on the Doctor's best terms; hy Ingersol It
Brother, the old established drug bouse at 330 Pearl, near
John street.
lew cases;Jall but Mr. Wm. If. Vanderhilt, son of our
distinguished countryman. Mr. Cornelius Vaudervelt, Elm
1'laee, Staten Island, are within half a milu of the central
depot. Mr. V. was bald, and wore a wig for neurly six years.
Be now haa as fl ne, thick, black head of hair as any one could
desire to see; Mr. A.M. Biuinger, ,TJ3 Greenwichstreet, case of
nearly twenty years: Mr. T. W. Marker, 00 Macdongal streot,
ten years; Mr. Jolly, SiJO Broadway, five years; Miss S. Ellis
son had lost eyebrows and hsir, four yeara, has regained
both finer, aofter and thicker than the original, 70 Norfolk
street; Mr. <1. W. Walling, of the Chief* office, near five
vears: Mr. Wm. Gardner, Williamsburg, near the ferry,
four yeara; Mr. J. II. Merriam. tVS Watts street, ease bald
from seventeen to forty-second year: hair restored beauti
fully. Ilundreda *t otters can lo adduced. Call and get
By t
All '
Dn. eobacks nativities.
II hy be harassed every day.
Thinking what may next'take place?
Dr. Rohaek can portraf,
~ the Planet's truthful rav,
I events, or |?rave or gay,
That la the tutor* we must face.
Nar is this all. Not only do the nativities cast hy Dr.
Robaek. No. 0 White street, show what destiny aeems to
hate in ?t?M for the individual, hat they designate tho
method* by which mlsfortnne, sickness, and other perils
m*t he avoided. P pe says that Heaven, while
" Binding Nature fast in fate,
Left free the human will."
Pa that if we are forewarned we are forearmed. The nati
vity points cut the dangers that beset us, ami knowing them
It ia our own fault* it we do not. avoid them. Dr. C. W.
Roha<k,ae the astrological adviser of Kin* Eernadotte, of
Sweden, warned him against two conspiracies, and is now in
confidential corresponds nee with hi* son, the reigning King,
Oscar the 1st. He has alio cast the nativities of the Kings
of Prussia, Naples, Denmark aad Hanover, and so f?revor*
thinx haa Ikllen out, with these monarch*, according to tho
very letter of their horoscopes. Dr. C. W. Robaek Is prcparod
to calculate nativities for persona at a distance, o? receiving
' .'r , and the year, day and hour of birth. For full
nativities, %i. lia may be o*nsulted, or addressed by letter,
UTe'w PTork ??olosingth* necessary, at No. 6 White sttset,
der* her service* to ladles and gonflemen of this city,
in astrology, Love, and Law Matter*, interpreting Dreams
"eV *7fco?ka aad science, eoaataatly relied oa by Nanolaoai
and will tell the name of the lady or natleaan the# wut
marry. Also the names of the visitor*. Kesidkns* 411 urui
street, between Clinton and AiUfgiy atraal*
?ft/ Mix ; mtlmta. tat dollar.
of establishment* i? London, Liverpool, ill Pari*, oare
fu"' "TOd^n LIST.
De IWruard, 20 John street, Adelphi, by appointment to
tlx Sardinian, Holinan. and PirtTiu uptlou, U<
Spanish aad llrunui; Con aula.
Newman, 34 Soh* Square. artists' material* of every
doacrlptinn. of firit quality. Wholesale agent In New
York, Eyre k Ward, Cli* atreet.
Robomun Jt Co., 61 Long Aore, artist*' o*lor* aad draw
ing material*.
Metoalfe, Bingley fc Co., to IL R. It. Prluoe Albert.
R. Oxford street. " Metcalfe's Alkaline Tooth Pow
Iluaall, John, 64 St. Paul'* Church Yard.
Latrhfurd, Bonj., to Her Majeaty and Royal Kami'/, 11
Upper St. Martin * Lane.
Mra. Illll, to the Queen and Royal family, 171 New Bond
Dololme, Huary, 4X Rntbbone Place, Oxford atreet.
Arnold A Co., Chan. Frodoham, tM Strand, oorner of
Cecil street .
Ileyrea & Repingnu, 12!* Regent atreet.
Jok (late Job ft Bnah,) to II. R. If. Grand Duke *f
lliore Darmstadt, 15 Tltehhorne. St. Regent atreet.
Mnaeley. John A Son, 17 and IS New street, C'orottt Gar
den; needle*. (to.
Clark St Co., 12 l.ndgate utrcdt, wedding orJerj aad
ladies' general outtita.
Lanworth, A.. Si Co., 22 Old Bond struct; to Her Majesty
and Royal Fumlly.
Watson, Bell, and Co., to Her Majoity, 98 aud.tfiOld
Bond street .
Kennedy, 49New lioud atroet, oullery, stationary, be.
l!ain,ido, 0? to Her Majesty and Prince Albert, 7 Cu ven
W arrington W. V Son. to licr Mujeatr 27 Strand.
Bi don, John and Frederick, 37 Cheap'ide.
Hunt & Hoi-krll, the weeevsor* to Storr At Mortimer, 157
New Bond ttreut, to llcr Majeat y and all tl?o crowned
heads of Europe and the Eat t.
Illi.. ett, Jo1 u, Manufacturer, .til. 328 lflgh Ilolborn.
Dtau, Adams U Dean, 30 King William street, City, to
11. It. 11. Prince All ert.
1/iucaatcr, Cl.nrle*. Manufacturer, 101 New Bond street.
Hoi berk Louis, to ller Majesty and the Royal Family,
New Bi nd street.
(,.,y, Evans & Co., K?ntlemou'S outfitter*", 173 Piccadilly,
linn 24 ami 'id Coruhill.
Bntnmall, Brouksop k Co., outattor-, S Old Bond street,
Godaell, George, ladle*' and gentlemen'* vrnrclionse, SOiJ
Regent strict.
Pi pe At l'iniite, I Waterloo Place, Pall Mull; manuflQ
turera i t lioikry and surgical elaitin atookings.
Cliurton St Son, '1 and !Vi Oxford atreet, ladies' outfit
Thresher k. (Wenny, to the (jueen, 152 Strand.
De Bernard* 'JO John street, AdelphJ, a^ont for Pari*
and the Continent.
Imperial !!? tol.Covent Garden, II Cujchot.
London Coffei llouae, and Family Hotel, Loregrove,
Ludgatc Hill.
Glo'ster Hotel, for families and Ren?lom?n. Piccadilly
and Berkeley street, Berkeley Sqttaroj T. 1 F. Dale.
Piaxia Tavern Until and Cotlou lieuao, Covout Garden;
F. Harrison.
St. James' Hotel, Jermyn street; Mr. Stewart.
Ponton's Hotel. 03 St. James street.
Kdmiston & Son, 09 Strand; manufacture) of tlio 10 oj.
water proof coat.
Sonthgate, J., 70 Watling street, City, Manufacturer of
tlio fiegistercd Portmanteau.
UtidiTwond & Co.. Ladles' Riding Halnt Makers, 1 Vera
street. Oxiord street.
Watorlow ftSnns, Crt to 68 London Wall, 4!> Parliament
oit i? Birehip Lane, wholesale and oxport
Allison J., Rodent House, 240 and 242 Resout stroot.
dUh tq'tTirp1"1 roebody, *1 Wigiuortf stroot, Cttvsa
Beech ft Berrall, fit and fid Kdtewara
LUwelJyn ft Sliiall, 2 Old Bond street, plaldjg, tartans,
C?tr?et.J" & A ' T*ilBrl ,nJ Uttbit MaVeri, 1? Re^nt
Weeby ft Sons, HPrineess street, Hanover squaro.
Regent a tr*etV B<utl?'' 'a Uroal MMlborough streot,
?dio/'ri<ling'haUtiT B?nd ,tre?t- ""t dre?ac? and la
AMen fc C^7^ Re?#nl
M St. Jam^a slrOot.
Atkinson fc Co., 70 to 75 Westminster Bridge road, Car
pot and General Furnishing Warehousemen.
Jnrkson ft Graham, 37 aud 3d Oxford street, carpet
S cadln* A<,eo^,,' ?*?M'?etnrer? ta the Queen, 135 Pie.
I roughton, Hunt & Broughton, 882 Oxford stroot.
Cross" ' M*rUn'1' Une> Charing
R'fc.c & Treasure, 17 Marylohone street, Regent stroot,
ur.^f,oD^i,r.0,r"erlnB?nd broadcloths. ?????,
A' v krmacetFand TALLOW CHANDLERS,
house" Plcu*<iilly, soap, caudle and oil ware
1 huroUn ft Co., by appointment, to Her Majesty, 14
Catherine streot, Strand. ?*
finmi?nurTrn LIVERPOOL LIST.
???Illnrt |W' *'vA1}:li AND ( LOCK MAKERS.
5; . 0I"T ; 3 Ueorge's Cre scant, Market street
PooHana SuD' 63 South Castle street, late
i'trr0.1?' ; V.' th0 Rn'1 Prince Albert. Bold
street, corner of llanoTur atre*t.
Mayor, Joseph, 6? and 70 Loud street, designer and man
ufaeturer, watel, maker and dealer in Electro aud?":
HOSl*RqPfM rivrui*! "r.virta ,n<1 anti jues.
HOTELS?*' J'' 43 L?rd Btreot' 0PP0?it? the Mercury offleo.
^ 'w ny "statio n'; ? H " i-hSSr*""" " tU RliI"
Commercial tlouao, 9 Lime streot? J.
Jcffcry, Moorish ft Co., Compton House, Chnrch street
rs-V 8 ?root, and Barnot street, earpot waroh iuse
Ultjson, 1 hoe., & Sons, Randal street and t airelauuli
tailor's ueRrth? Adelphi and Waterloo Hotels.
*hntter? ftc*' 17 Church ,tr(et' ?Mrtmakew, hosiers,
ceneralmerc?,1^E3TER U3T
UllVXvi?elifljN0niM' (J" P0tUr' M'lyer ? 1 G?^So
M?na diamona' S?Ui eorporllte m,rk' f?"r peppercorns
WrommieiiU d<> R'T?1'' ?^l,rt^lent,? "hippiog tad
l,Ti',Vl"rJ>esire*' 7 RuC d"' rillM St' Th,,m!li' ri*ce *?
fl2F*v'- ??> English ebeirists to the American and British
* Ku? Cattigliano, three doors from Hue
Roirii ?K"9 U 1,U ^ fformor1/ <" the Palais
DT'1hus'f',.W R"? K'cheHen, of universal reputation
FURRIERS. English spoken.
CROCERS^"' 9 RU# d? '* r,i1' WhoUs*le ,n<1 retail.
Th.sry'Scn'r, 82 Rue Neuve des Pet Its Champs, near
Ve".<,<>ln?l? Wines, Spirits, and English artioles.
drils^and Tea* '* ' si)'r?t?. Wines, sun
A Rue IUchor*re'0nM' <Plri' auJ "ine mercUauts. la 9i
5C n?5eW (n",,"or V> Melnotte, 20 Rue de la Pail iad
10 Old Bond street, London.
London"'' '7 RU? '**'* ?nd 278 Regont stroct,
* ^ East's'- set Bon'Tart ^e* *nd at Brighton,
Requlllart & Choqneil. Velvets, silks, he., whol?iala
*nd retail. ? Rue Vivienne.
1 "n bjr *PPointmem,t t0 ?oreral courts, 28 Rue Richa
Alexandrine M'lle, by appointment to foreiio courts, 14
"Ue d Antin.
i!?i.vrh?Ld,,22-J?nC Wichflien, na*t the nntel des Princes.
Dnpont A., Ne. 1 to 6 Rua Neura St. Augustm, and
Sankersanokr8' bi;llion merchants. AND
Monteanx ft Son, 70 Palais National, and 8 MoorgaU
c t ? "irr" ' ''"n 11 ? Letters of credit.
tin" 'it- Augustin, 45 Rue Nsuto St. Au?us
i fo?? ^ Bargera, Faubourg Montmatre, and
tea ^MroRii:nrtei' LunUuB
Pierre E. Retail, 45 Rua Vivlenn?;wlioleia1e, Rne ile la
Hotel de I'UnWers? Kept by an Englishman? for parti
culars sae advertisement at foot.
Madame du Bray. 2 Impress* dn Pare, facing the Rue da
COACH MA Ke?s. ' *CO,,Inm0d*ti0U'
yu.^'^v\ro5f.h,7l:?'.rpVko.su ?aJ"tr'8 Rn* d* rob
???oh makers to their Roral Hkhnesses
the Due do Brabant and Couatda Flanders, 11$ Rue da
11 1st c ken.
Hotel de l'Unirers, tongue Rna Veuve, tear the theatres i
V andarsmissen Aine, 7 Place de la Chaneellerie.
Goitres F| ** <l> R"e Roy,u' #PP??i*? the Plsee da
Dnbost F.. ?* Rne de la Patteri*.
HOTEL DE L VN1VERS, LYONS -Messrei Olovar ft
I ! "'a attention of American Travellers to their
eftsbllshmei.t, sltnat?d in the heat quarter of the town ele.
..nO, furnished, and ittadwlth ev4y ioa'v^l^^d ^ra.
rort. hedroovta and prt?*t* ap*rtm?nts are ad*i?tr 4 for
families or single gentlemen. Th.Vuia4na ini wtaeV & "
reoherehe ehalaeter. the attendance well directed, and the
? ittKiaY" Jh*"-# V^'7". "r# requeeted aot
to attend to the interestesl statements of tenters and r .rtera
who may seek to Induce them to go elsewhere bvtliefalia
representations of the hotel being distant or full.
Lover.-Frcfesser Lawton. Boston, formerly ef Lot
ooa. will aend to any address, on receipt of one dollar nott
61 i. plain dlreetlons to enable ladle, or ?ntUmen^>^>te
e devoted affections of as many of the opposite sax as their
toarta may desire. The processes simple. SuTH tl, ?
that all mar be marrled.irrespectlve of a? aVnwaaee ^r
P?*..L,X*5P0?^? UTATE* HAIL rfTEAM
?hip PACIf^lW tin Nt?. Thu attainahip will
depart eitbthe United Mtalea M ail for Europe, peeitively oe
Hat n May. Aprils, a? lln>|..ck H . tr -m her Urthat ?h? f.,*?
?f CMtlltr' ?t. No berth aocgml till paid for. Per freight
?r oaaaasr. having unequalled aeoemiiindatioiM for ?l?<aao?
m4 0O in fort, apply te
edhtd e. COM. INS fc i;o., M Wall atree<
. Tif SUf?*''1* AtlauMc will aueo?ed the l*a 'im. aui Mil
April ITto.
Mail .v^iinerit. ? Tho aliip? oomBoiiotUii 1 i a a at a tTit
feUewin*:? ........ !. .
ATLANTIC, Captain Wo. I.
PACI PIC, Cantaiu Nn.
AKCTIO, Captain Li?e.
1MI.T1C, Captain Comatook.
__ . . A OKI ATIC, Captain Uraftoa.
Tfceee ?hipa having k"*n l?uilt by contract eapreenly for **
?ernment avrvioe, every aare hat beea taki'u In their oon
in ** 111 U"ir euidnoe ? to enaure atreu^th anil apoed.
and tboir kuooiuniodatloua fur pa*e?uxi<r? are uue'iualledfor
?l?HN III) (omftrt.
? rif e of paa^e from New Vert to Liverpool, in Ant at
bin, JIJJ; la *, end cabin, $71) Kioluaive u?e of ettraai'fl
?take room.., aJ<?0.
from Liverpool to New Pork, ?.10 ?n1 ?91.
A?e*parii>uood surgeon attaohed to eaolialnp.
No berth aecured until paid for.
VKurcatD OiTuuruii.mO.
frooi Vork. From liiretlNl.
Saturday, M?r . a? |S6| Wednesday, Mar. 10 JKil
Do April ;| I Si* Oe * Mar. 84 lib!
?? Ap l 17 I.Ma I), April 7 1*52
??J 1 1*>2 Oe April 21 I?M
De May li Isr.2 1>? Mux S Itttt
i>? Ma/ at iHf.2 i>> m*/ iy i.*?a
De Jtinull hrA! D? Juuo i . ,,.l'v'.2
De Juan* irujj I), J nno IA 1*41
Do J'ljio I "Of Kit Junr W IK.ri2
Do JnlyL'l |??i 1>, July It K.2
Do Au n. ~ I Mit De July JH Is.J
Do A m 21 1.52 |>? A'M. II IMM
Do 8fp< 4 l'V,i |>., An*. 3d IhM
Oe Srpt.lX lu,i Do Sept. rt I.tf>2
Oe (>? t. 2. |i.i n> Sopt 22 ... isfti
Do O. t. If. ISM Do Out. (?.,.. lHrtl
De Oct. M Ijv'.J On Oot. 20 . , , . I -US
Oe Not. 1,1 lMf.2 Oo N jr. I isr>8
De N??. 27. IHftJ Oo Nor. 17 ....lUf'i
Oo Oeo. 11 |s;,2 I), | |k,v2
1)9 Oi'i). 25 1H53 |?o Imo. I!N ...,lH.ri*
m i i,. . De Doe. 2? l-v'l
for frciMit or anpl v to
>;OWAICt> K. COLLINS 'it Co., 5fi Wall ?t., N. Tork.
DHOW Kill I'LL* fit Co., Liverpool
?' '/ N"ltKllli it Co., IS Kiujj'j Arm* Vard, London.
Jl>lli< MliMtliK 4t Co., Hi Uuo Notro Ohuio dot Vio
tmroit, rBii?; or
CK<?. 11. DKAl'KK. fiarre.
Tho owm;r.<of thuno aliipu w ill nit be ancoantubl* for nolil,
BiWer, bullion, apauio, Juwolrr, prpi'iou* etinos, or install,
urloi-H bit In of lauiiiK arosi^uci therefor, aud tho ?al*otboc?of
thuruiu uxprcmoil,
I Miovii ?t< iunlii|i .SAK All S A N OH, l?'?M ton.i Imrtli.in,
YV". C. TI?nt?i jihii it , Commander, will be d?Hpat")i"d f.,r Li* r
Ji 'ol on Satin lay, ht! May, at 12 o'clock. This nliip liai b?>n
thoroughly ri'Httiid, and haa annnri >r aoooiniuodationa for
puMtciiRcii,. |(at?* of paaiiatfo ? Firat cabin, >.HJ; Seeond <1 ?.,
I o I ., 'i^ht or l'baaage, apply to
J. HOW Alto & S.I.S. Aifouta, ?II Ilroadway.
1 ilup i'. ut>?ny luten J mailing tholr auw tifumtliipi at
follo*?* mo* rtm.aiiai.fMia.
City of llan'-tuster Tlniradaj, April 1
CitJ ?f Ula<?'or Saturday, May 1
City ot Maucheitter Saturday, May 20
(?n? uvrirooi..
City efOU"pow W>4?siday, April 7
City of Hum iovtcr \V?dnc,.lay, May 5
City ol Ula-t^mr H'odneadny, Mny :'ij
l'aaaa|f'? from Philadelphia in aaloon atati* roomw, % ii>? ia
ferecl'in t'W I1 "r tn iiiht ur pa,-?i?K?. apply to
TUttVAb H1C1IAKOSON. li Kxchaos# pla.o, N.
? or No. 'J W'kinut atroot, l'biladoipiiia.
lowing .In pa will leave Havre ou the lbtli, aud Now
X oik on too lat of oaoh month:?
. ?? Prom. N. Vork. Fram Havre.
Ship ST. DENIS, 1 Jan. I l>b. 1'i
l.GOO tona burthon, t hay i June It*
Alonno, Koilaiif hoc, uiahtor. ) Sept. I Out. 16
Ship St. NICHOLAS, ) l>b. I Marnhlli
l.UW) tona burllicn, June I July lit
N. W. Kvolcinh, roanter ) t?ut^_l Nov. 16
Ship ItALT'l MOKK, i tluicTl April 16
701) tons Larthon, > July I Au*. l'i
K. D Ponii, mutter. > Nov. I Oe?. IS
Ship WILLIAM TELL i April 1 May 1?
(new ). 1. 200 tona liurthca, > Aur. I hnpt. IS
Joliu V> illard, uiaatvr, J Oeo. 1 Jan, le
Tliey arc all hratclnaa Now York built ahipH, provided with
*11 requisite article! for tho comfort and convenience of paa
Bcn^cra, and commanded by mcuof oxperiouce in thotca.le.
The prlc? of paaaatre io $100 without win <*? or liijuora <t. ',d.?
?out to the an b. orihera will be forwarded ftoe from any
ehargce but those artnolly incurred.
liOVD Ik. 111 N't 'KEN, A^'nti, liil Prar^gtr(*t.
The new aud .upBiior atft.un?hip ALABAMA. C.'apUia
V>" u # w'-?? icH vfi On S.uurJay, Aprtl 3d, ul 1 v'vlock
i . 11., j^urih river. App.'r te
SAJII/EL 1. MITCllILL, ffo. 134 Front Htreot.
Th* FLORIDA. Captain Tnomas l,y >n, ou Saturday, April
10. Fur speed, streagth, accommodaUouii, nud fare, tli^ie
?hip* havo no unpen r >n thu ocoan.
Companies.? Only through lit o for (. oliforiU* and Orj^ou.
Kxlrr.?'fliroii^k Ik'kvt# now for (ale. The superior douMo
cnj ineHit'Hii.vlnp ILLINOIS, 2.500fcona, II. J. Hurtaicne, 0.3.
N., Cenimander, hoius now ready for ?orvioo, will leave for
6?vy Buy diroct, on Monday, April iftfth, at two o'clock^P.
?>"'? '",r ' at tl"i foot 'perron gtrjet J(,
R., to eouhiH't nitli {Ti *CiolJeii 7T?t.?. 5 fii) toni.Ti'o'iIoTtnil
Fattcie.ui. U. S. N., commander, which ateainer is ordered
to reti fttn Hi l'ncaina, to h -> in readinoaa immediately on ar
rival of the paiaangar* at tlmt point, and to fall direot fur
San Krauuid'"). without any delay. The accommodation* of
theto steamship* xri uiixiirpasitod, and they havo proved te
be the fai test over lannched? the I'linoii having mads the
paaKage from Now York to the Isthmus iu aeveudaya and
fourteen hours, ami the Golden Gate Irani Panama to San
Praii. i. t o ia eloven daya and eighteen honri. Tho I'anama
Railroi.d i.< now dour, and the earn running to within a few
mue* ol Gownn. at the head of Kivcr Navigation, and will,
without doubt, he completed to that point by the 2t>th of
April, wl.ic.b will on able the pa**ongeri to eifoct their transit
from fl ip to sl ip in from ?_'! to &> hour*. Pa*aeugor? going
forward liy these veaacls, it is confidently expected, will
reach Han Fr&nciaca within 21 days from tho date of leaving
N> w York. Early application w ill he nocoHsnry to aocure
iiaHfUro, lor which, apply at tho office of the Coupanie*, N?.
177 W est ctrcet, OWier ol IfarrM street.
.Haii Fran i?r? Steawhip Line.? Tho new atoaiaship
UNITED KTATKfi, l.fMJO tona bordea, Charlo* C. Berry,
eomu.anrter, will take her departure tor Chagre*, oa Thurs
day. 2tJth M&y neat, at 3 1*. M., connect iug at Panama
will' the new douWe engine steamship IV 1 N V'l ELD
Hf'OIT, 2, l(a> tons burden. Kenney Couiilard, commander,
wbieh ateamei awaits the arrival of passengersat Panama
by the United States, and immediately thereafter proceed!
loSaa FraaclaeX These veaseLa, ia epeod, comfort, and
aafe'y, arc not sarpasaeg by any on tbla route; aa4
an egpiirloaoed aurneoa 1* attached to eaoh vessel. Apply
Central Agonts, 2H Beaver street, Neir York.
JUNES It JOHNSTON, 90 Wall atreet.
Boika are bow open, aad ticket* for aitla.at $:??), throaiek,
for first CR' in itate room; i/ii4, throngh, tor aej^ad oakim
?tate rooai; and t'.MO, through, for atoer'afce.
Cliatrea, dirort.? 1 he new and apleudid double ennne
?teamabip S1EKKA NEVADA, (l.HUl tnna borthen.) J. It.
Wilson, commander, (formerly of the Empire City,) will
have for < haurcH. direct, on Tpo*dny, 2i?th April, at three
o'clock, from her dock, Pier No. ;t. North river. Tliissteamer
has aecommoiJationa for raMn and ateeraae passengers,
anprrior to any chip in the trad*. An experienced aurgeoa
u, attached to the ahlp. For freight or paasaao apply to
J. IIOVvAUD Hi SON, Amenta, .14 lirondwar.
The Sierra Nevada will leavo a^aiu on Thursday, 'Jlth May,
eounrtting at Panama with the ateamship New OrleanJ.
Dispatch line for san francisco.? first
Clipper? The *uperi?r and favorito A 1 Baltimore
Clipper linrk Southerner, Captain Kdward {leaner, ia now
rapidly loading at pier l?>, Kai-t River, foot of Wall street.
This beautiful bark is only live hundred tons, and has juat
returned from San Francitco, performing the voyage in
oh;*,i> nin ? aailing days.' besides stopping at Kio Jaueird
and Valparaiso, and preaenta now, beyond question, the
moat favorable oonveyancc to tho above port. All freight
must be alongi ide beforo Saturday next, third April. Supe
rior acoi.mmodationH. in caMn only, al S?M). E. II. SUTTON,
Wall street; or EVERETT It BROWN, Front.
Companiea.? The only through line for California and
Oregon, via Navy Bay, direct, per ateamora C'RfcSt.ENT
CIlT, Monday, April C. and the EMPIRE CITV. via
Havana, on Friday, April !). The apleudid ateaiuahip CKES
CKNT CITY, W?l toua, J. Tanner, commander, will sail on
Monday, April 6. at 2 o'clock, P. M., direct for Navyliay.
connecting at Panama with the Company's atcamcrs; and
the EMl'lKF, CITY, 2,001) tona, J. Leeda, commander, will
leave her pier at the foot of Warreu atreet, ou Friday, April
afjn'ilock, P. M.. for Navy Bay. via Havana. Pnaa?uK?ra
by the Empire City will connect with the well known and
taforile U. S. mail ateamsliip Tennessee, to aail for Man
Pram iaco on the arrival of the passenger* and maili. No
detention at Panama. Rates of rare to San Frauiiso. first
cabin, $.!!.'?; accond cabin, $27lh atcerige, Kates of
fare to Navy llay: first ca'du, $fV>: aocond cabin, SIA; steer
ate, $.15. I or freight or pas-age, apply at the office, No. 17T
West atreet, corner of Warren street.
The splendid A 1 dipper ahlp y t EKN OF THE EAST,
T. Bartlett Commander, ia now taking iu freight at pier S,
N*rth Kivcr, and hai yet room for a limited quantity or
liKbt freight, engagement* for which ran bo made ut favora
ble rat?s till Friday. 2?'th inat. This sbi|> has elegant state
room;, all lingle berth*, is thoroughly ventilated and lighted
and lies every convenienc* whic4ii.au add to tho couifurt of
passengers. A few more can be accommodated in Ur*t an J
second cabin, if immediate application is made to
R. W. TKL'NDY, 2S Coentiss slip, or to
PECK fc CHI Ki ll, corner Wall and South street*.
of Arril.? Vnnderhilt's new and magnilicent doukle
eugine at< amahip NORTHERN LIGHT, of 2.5<W tons, will
make her first trip tn Chagre* direct, leaving New York,
from pier No. 2, North River, on the 10th of April at .'I P.
M. I aasenscrs hv the Northern Li^ht will b? taken from
Panama to San I ranciaee by tho new and aplendid double
engine steamship S. S. Lewis, of 2, (KJO ton* burthen. Tlics*
ihips are vnrivallrd in the quality and eitent of their cahia
and steerage accommodatlofas, beiog fitted expressly for th*
present requirements of the trade. Passage oan now he se
cured by application only to D. B. A LI. EN, Agent.
No. 9 Battery place, up stair*.
for New Orleans, via Havana.? The aplendid steamship
EMP1KX CITY, 2.IXJU ton*, John Leed*. l.'ominander, will
?ail from th* pier at the foot of Warren street, North river,
on Friday, April 9, at two o'clock P. M. precisely. Rates of
ravage to Havana and New Orleans, new arranramont
Ladies' salnoa berths. S7lh after do . $;il; Forward do., (.jO;
Steerage do., (23. Specio only taken on freight to Havana.
Freight taken to New Orleans' at 4de. per cubic foot. Ship
pers of freight aro re luestcd to supply themselves with th*
co mpany's bills of lading, which may be had on applioati a
at the otBce. No other rnrm will be slgneil. No bills of lad
iag signed after tti* ship has sailed. Kor freight or passaxe,
apply to M. O. ROBERTS, 177 West street,
Corner ol' Warren street.
For san francisco ? passage only.? the nf.w
clipper bark FATHFI NDKK, Captain .1. Ma<luon liili.
will sail for the abov* pert on or about the Wt of April, ha v
iugmoetef her passengers already engaged. As this vessel
take* no freight . and will bain Rood sailing trim, it is confi
dently ripectcd ah* wilt equal the quickest pas?age on re
?ord. For |>a>saiia only, hating unsurpassoil stsie fnin
accominod*tlons for f rst and second clais passengers, apnlr
? n board, at pier 9, 8. R.. or to
MEKRITT Jk rllASK. 2S Sonth atreet. or
BAILEY to HINCKKN, 27 South atreit.
Extra'atcoHMbip for New Orleans direct. Th* snlt ndil
(teainsliip I'll 1 1. A DPI, I'll ! .\, l,.v*J ton:', MeGowin, com
mander. will sail from tk* pkr at the fo?# ef Warren -.trcet,
North rivar. on Tuesday, March .'Hith, at two a'o'lock P. M.
preeiaelj. Kate* of paaaagn to New Orleana, new arran.rv
ment? Ladies' saloan iherths, J7<>| after do., $"H; forward
do.. (.TO; Steerage do., $'JA. Freights fsken to New Orlean*
? tw'c.per ouble feet. Shippers at freight are requested to
??PI'ly tliewarkrea with tbo ?ompany'a bill* of lading, wiiioh
may be had on application at the office. Ne ?th?r farm will
b? signed. No bills of U<Mng will ba signed after the ship
ha* sailed. For freight er passage, apply to
M. O. ROBERTS, 177 Wast*treet, corner of Tf*rrea *1,
April? The favorite Ciller WHITE S({0AI.L. ?>w
leading at IVr 10 Fast river, will b<> doepatehed as above.?
Sblppera are rcqneated to complete their engage/aeats at
once. A irnsH proportion af ner capacity ren.ain* unea
gagej; for which, or oal.m ps.ua^e, ( basing ouaunaJIsd ?*
??!''/ ?? WW h IVWAK. ?ti ??.
BOWtKV TU ATR It.? BO X K ?>. t'? CBMtV; I'lT lYtf
icii'h, SMUiiOfbiiiHrt 30 OMtlDin
?? 7 onftatn ii*t+ at f'tl ick. Tuwlay CTMiin* Marofc
0 ?ii* nrrfurmlirai will com a, *110* ?ith i; \ i' C v Kl.i.K
"r tli* Ilil^ritHi ?i( I'ari* ? C<iunt l(*(l ...||? ?fr'
F4d}. 4 '<<11 11 1 Ariliill.' de? M?DtM, .Mr Coodall; l\lnu?l
i l.?rtran?, Mr*. II I' (.rattan; M vi itn ll.i rb?n Mr?. M, .a i
l"f A <<>('?. Mi?< H.'rriaft Ta ruurlu<l* mtli IflKiND.i
: IN HUMAN KOKM ? <.'b*no?, Mr. .S?yia*ur: Capt. Ht.>okt?a
! Mr M ><>rr: I>it>i;<> llrnmi VillfiiM. llr llrlffltbi (>|<| , iaiu'
I Mr Mo.an*; M .uki'T Squall., Ml<w Mit?iiait, PaUvtty St?ck'
t??. Mr*. JoNm.
Circle mid rar<|>iat, 00 Ctfata; Jt??nnd Tl'ir. 'JScon' >; l'ri
vm* lloxc*, $?'?! Orchv.tra Heat*. 7">o<?t<. Our* dm ?i
to Iwirin at o'oiaoh- Tm?I? ?'?till, Maroh a), mil
I ?? |>l?j <1 .Sh?kt)(x coi.mmI/ of TWI'-LFTU ftlllllr, ur
W l:?t Y#u Will- Ormno, Mr. Dytttt: Sir Tobr Bvloli, Mr.
llnrtoa; .Sir Andrew Akium-Iii^U, Mr. I,*it?r; lialrvlie, Mr.
lllake; ( lira. Mr. II. Placid*; Lady Olivia, Mr*. Dyutl.
Viola, MU? Wcmton. Murla. Mint M?r? T?;lor. T? oonolud*
with tlio fare* of RATMKH KXOITKI), or an OrcaoiO .if
ft-ctina? Mr. I)?ublo<i<ijll Ituo, Mr. T. Jolia.toa ; Dootor
Onreinart, Mr. RuMrll.
Circle aud lloie?, Si cent.; I'll. l_'t< cent., Orohtntra
1 ickot., M cant.; I'riratc Box Tloknt4.il. Hiiart upon at
C*i; enrtaiu rUe. at 7S o'clock. Ilmolil uf Mr. U. I>. f u.
Ttn'uda/ o??iilnx, Maron the <tntcrt?iiim?i.til will ru
in tn< e it I; ilrauia of the 111 i; Ml K.'i E Of Tit 1 1 '01. 1 ?Hurry
llcllu, Mi W . (i. J < mi hm; tho I'uy of A triors, Mr. N II. Clarke,
Peter I'ounce, Mr. L. Kok; i'*?iaa. Mil. Barber; Kmlll <. Hri.
\V . O. J iuo?. Alti-r which, tht burlei ine of I'IZAUItO'illS?
RolUbu., Mr. (; li. Km; l*i?trru).in, Mr. Tstylnr '""all! 'I il i
oi?-<>:ra, Mr.< If. II. John. Toeonoiuda with th? MAI N K
IJVfUlt I.AW- Ike Wall. Mr. (;. I Pox.
y 17- * *y, ab??v? Or*ui H' root. ? 0|*<n ?y<?ry iii/ht
chti monk, until lurtiter Ttie uri^ia^t n.i * ?U
ka-?vu ChrLitr'a M'writrul-.. ojinpi iKioi; *d *41 cioat in J Yfr
ffttilt "eor|??' "t*l?ut?si" and "oAtHtriuuooil porf ?rnior?."
oti<i( r i ft? iiiAnk^Di^iit uf F. I*. Cliruty, vtIwia r^noerti in
Hit.' city, for * mwMMitoti of "liro j ?ur?,"liAvo boea
fr * tit t'iaTor ly r r?* %n-i f'ftiihiftnibtfl iv*i *11
Ticket*, 2A tontfi. no ?r* op?*Ti at ini will o^niw?i<o9 at
o'ulook. Noiico.? On and nitvr ilcniiiay, Ajtri' ??, < t?n<*ort
will ((innu'ooo at 8 <? k . Tho f>atn?a?M>f i'liri'.ty'j Urn
itreli ait rt hre^tfnlly inform' d t+iat tlio Satur 'av a' t rnmn
ru ocort.- ar? ?lt ^o ?n tiuuiid. ()? u? <l if Ut'it, A i? ri I i>i, '??
notit ot it WaMi'ijr.
Mr. upwrsTi.H'S si ( OM) vsavj.aii bntrutaix
UiOiit wi!) hi* glfi'ii at tho TabvruaoU, on WDluciiia;
cvtuiiiRi M fir oh .11, intlud.Hj tin) folltwing iong^ " 'J hn
S .1 where 1 wa? born," "Wmb tb night wind Ihi Mitt !?,'?
"John Aii'iern n, i??y .*?>," I, ?n 0 y aul'l wiJu," "Kvonin^
S !)&" ' Tho llarriuKo* tl??? Door," " I ?m#nt -f thi* I ri li hmi
l^rai t,' ' I h?? Death ol \Varron," ' Tho Hoy," * I m
aloi'o, al! Hlof.o," Tak yotir huIU ? l tk ahoot yi?, nn?l tlii
'Way OuiH^n," m tl? rm> parts Ticket. ? '*) ? ?it-i. BokKi Ij',
ooitt* To cominetiCo Hi H o'nlnoU* Mr. I) will sin < at iho
Mrooklyn l einala Academy, Thuridu? t veiling, April I.
I'^ZhUOWS* 4! 1 N 81 KEF.8. ? Til K OUHIINAF. JIJsTi.r
ct it*, rated and fur /amed o<?r jh <?f Ethiopian I'urfona
ern, whv#o ? oni,<*r*a in t !iin rliy fi?f the l? ?t iww jrenrn, uudo*
tl'? uiniiMgomont of ? J. II. I ciiowH." would rogneot: 'illy *a
f?rm thoir * friend* and tin* nuMic j^oncriilly, ' thut th jr
havo eloBod thwir eoncortH in ihli c ity ' until furthor , ? ?
They wilJ por'orm at tUe Tonii'l.' in Now ilavon, A prtl 5tU?
fill nnil 7tli at tho Atnorican ll?!l, Hartford, April st'i, \*h
Ktid lOt'i, at t.l.o llatiipdoit llall, Springfield, A|?iil l?thand
1.1th; at tJio Aidnciiitioii Iiall, Albany, April lith, loth a,?4
A. Nihlo'n.? Day and ovnuino; pfrfyrinanoo. oouimonciu.', at
3 "'clock, and 8 I'. M., a> il I con-i t >f hoautiful ricturuf l?y
Lining Model*, with a new hand ??( 1- thiopiau MioBtn?la, o un*
poHod of the followinfftalentcd performer:' : ? MIIoh. f.avi tuo,
AuKUbtino, Felice, rharlotto and Oarolino; Mfl.mrii.M. Luk ?,
('ol. nian, Nea!e. Dirintt and l-'orri ^tor. Tableau* ? Tho (Ur
tAAniuii Slaves, iho Ladies' Bod Kunm, Depravity and Inno
conee, tho Deceiror and the Vir^iu.J, 5to. An outiro ohanKt
"t perform an co for the itibIdk.
J ovoning, M iroh?!', and during the w " If, Moii.". CahmI
niir Odell. Mr. J. J. Natham, llr K. Sande; the Troupe of
roniob; all tho great aoti in the circle, hoiug positively t!ie
i?nt performance of iho company for tho tu-a<4<>n. Tho corps
of J uveuiloa will alio appoar in their i ?*voral aeti.
Minstrel#. ?The proprietor of Wood's Miu*trols inform!
ti?o public that he has re-ongaged this Rroat larorito, who
will dance every evening until further notice.
Patent oomMioa ttpb,? ? tub newton
Company having mads groat impruvctnou'.t in tim
nMiifMttin nud tiniau of their t lopner !? ai"d Typo, ar? now
prepared to recommend it, with tfiu tullout M>ttiid*nc*, ti>
Printers nnd Publisher!. It in ixclutivcly used bjr sonto }(
tlielfcrgttt Journal* and Printing Otlice. intlii* ?i.<? ,%t !i'<r
cltl?? "t tie Unit oil Suit?*, to the proprietor* 0f whioh the
patentees biy to rofVr f.ir testimonials u' ijl0 ngtL'furtlou it
Hi ten, nuil ot i?a dooidod j^iior*' iiuporiority orer ?I1 oti.cf
TtvN COMPANr. l'atento?s,
No.H North William xtruut.
Tniavtva Orricf. Now Vurli City, Jim. 21, 1D31
Newton Company, No. K Ni/rtli William atrset? Gentle
men ? In answer to yuur, Inquiry, I *%y nnequl vocally, that I
eeteoui yunr proce** in ooppcrlng the fane of type, a derided
> J \ mii ? age. This opinion tu touudud on tne experience 1 havo
had will) our present fout* of type. I canuoi eoncelveli ? *
it i;.' pusniblo for ordinary typo to unde^? K >r\ Mini
your couper-faced h%?, and ;,rf3tmt fi/k an impra,qj,lf, H1
*0 *10 duly prveurtBK. Youra. THOMAS X. ltOOKKlt
Amkkigan Tit act SooirTv, Jan. 3I. IH5J.
Gontlem^n!? la an*\* vi to your ij'jmriva, I wji'tJ atato,
that from tho throft years' o*p<r ionoo in tho u*o of typo
prepared by you, l hivve uo he* itatim in nayiu^ that, fur all
ordinary purpoH<?*, it in greatly auporfor iu point ofdivrahili
ty anfl OlfrAmcaa of printing to thai of common typo. A
portiou of th? type of tho AmepcHu M'MHonjpr, ?;?* whioh
thorp ? re print m<iuthl> JW.OO1) impreaHiona, wa? Prepar
ed by jrou; and it ha* t4<j.>d the t?*.t??i i?lt*v?u mootus on ?
cylinder propd, boiuji; M leaat thrw* timoi tho amount vro
haTepriuted on ordiuary type. Kr-rn uiy ex|*?riomo in thin
?(lice. 1 am y >ur copr^r fa^ed tvp<* onljr want* a
fair trial to lirinpi it iut j iieniM*! uvjfoi all dcn-riptiona ol
priotiui; I alao bolf.N^it to ho of grc;<t yap in ator- >tvnin;;.
Yeura, &<>., to Tt nmuvK.
Supcriutoiiilvut of tin* Cr' in pOMturn' Dxjiar linuut.
Ni w Vo ii K , Feb. II, 1 S 12.
Newton Compuny? finntlomon:? Kroir. the trial *t huvi
givi'n irotir ouppor-faced iypo in our otlice, we aro conviuood
of it* dccidcil inperiority iu durability and iu every other
r??p''< t over tli" c<imo>on typo- We beliore if itiiouoe
fcenU'd, it will be unlvi-mnll t siloptod by printfrn.
f(?tion?r?' llull. 171 and 27<? I'etrl ?treet>
Similar notic<'ii to tbr ni..ive liari? been reoeired from a
number of other lar?o tirin tiu ; ??? tu !? Hr li m r>n 1 1. Tin: Couri"r
ti KniinirerOffire! 8. It lleoedirt, Spruce street: J. M. F.I
lintt, II' tv alcr urn ct, II. W. I'hair Co., 7.J Nanau.t streol;
?. N . Grnhsman <v Nor.&o.
Yokk faji'i.t noTKi., new nmnr.F. street,
l.tidicete Hill, Loudon. The elioic htmvc ii centrally
?itiiated, Iian an eivellent noffee rooin, ton or twelvn frlvnte
?itting room*; betweon forty and fifty li<bt, tiry bcdrooiua,
a good mnokiiift room; warm, eold, and ?howur bitbsalwayg
ready; a ni?rht porter in attendance; ? fixed ehargo for luf
vanti<; thn New Turk llerald is tiled. Thomaa Qnarterinain*
tender* hU grateful thank* to liia American friends, for the
favor* he has ae long enjoyed at tbeir hands, and solicits
kkeir soatinued patronage and raeommondatlen.
1 V and 1'arcel Exprena, per t'nitod Stat?* mail atoamur
Crescent ( ity, on Monday, April ft. ? Our no?t re<nlar
K?| re>3, for Chagres, Panama, and San Frascinoo, will be
di*patrlied ni above, by the United States mail iteamer
Crescent City, on Monday, the f'th of April, nt two
o'clock. P. M., in charge, aa bsual, of our ow n Freight Agent
and n Special Mea.-enrer. to destination. All goous for this
F.xprers muat l,e delivered to us, with invoices, on or bufore
Saturday, 3d April, to enable ui to comply with theg ivern
ment order for cording and sealing. No chants to snipp"ri
by this line for Custom IIouko foe* or Conaular eortiHoaten.
livery package mnat be strictly w%ter proof, and should
not exceed 1"j pounds weight. Small parcels and dispatoha*
will be received until one o'cloi k on the day of sailing.
ADA US kJ'O.. i(i a u d l8 Wall atr e t ._
Package and Parcel Express.? Onr next shipment will
go l<y the splendid fant-rnnning I'nitod States uiail steam
ship Crescent City. April ft, in oharge of our own aoecial
tuessrn^er and freight ageut; through in twenty-eifdit days;
no d. tentlon nt Panama. Freight taken at Ie?g prico, tli*n
by (ny other respotiKibln company. Small parcels lor our
express trnnks received to one o'clock, day of sailing. V. 11.
? Afcwehniie bcrtlia, through direct, per Crencent City,
the only sure line, mar be secured by curly application to
our office. ltF.KI'ORU & CO., 2 Astor IIouko, Vesey street
* 7 Wall street,? Freight ,'JH cents per lb., trun-iporied
across the Isthmus, by Mojquera Si Co., transporter* of all
the gold dust. Next shipment, by tlie "Crescent City,"
Monday, AprllS. A. H. PRIDE k CO.
delphin, from pier No. I, North river, footof Battery
plaoe, by steamboat JOHN POTTER. Two line* dally.
Morning line leaves at 8 A. M. Afternoon exprene line at|
P. U:, through to Philadelphia in four and a half hour*.
Fare? first class cars, $.1: <w?nd class, ( by 'I P. M. line only)
$3. Returning, leave Philadelphia from foot of Walnut
itreet, at H A. M ., and 2 P. M. Emigrant line, by *teatnb*at
TRANSPORT, from pier No. 1, at 5 P. M. fare $1 60.
Mall and Express Lines, thror.gh in 4K hour*. N. J.
Railroad, via Jersey City, leaving New York at 6 A. M., foot
efCortlsndt street; 9 A.M. and SH P. M. Ijh?rty street.
Leave Philadelphia same honrs, from foot of Walnut itrost.
Fare reduced to 13 for tirst class, and $'2S0 for seoond class.
Baltimore, Washington, and Charleston through tickets sold
In the above lines, and through luggage oarried la the 9 A.
M. and 6k P. M. lines from New York, witfc tltroughooadn?
ters, without expense.
For albant, without change ofcars.-fari
reduoed.? 12 36.? Regularitv and safety cotnMnad.? Thn
ears of the New Terk ana Harlem Railroad leave the City
Ball Station, New York, daily, (Sundays excepted.) ati
a'eleek A. M. aad3,^ P. M. It. BLOAT. Superintendent.
be received by the Governors of the Almshonse, at
their ofiiie in the Park, until 4 o'clock P.M., of the 234
March inst., for theaervicea of a Steamboat for one year, to
commence on the 1st ef May n-xt. She will k* required to
make one trip each dsy (Sunday excepted), front the foet ef
Grend nfrcet. at I o'cl<>*k in summer, and I2o'olock ia win
ter, to llellevne, foot of Twenty-aixth street, lilackwell'saad
Kandall a Islands, and atopping at th* as nie place* on iter re
turn. J'ro|M,,al*. to give tfie name of tto boat offered aed
hertonn*f,e, dimousiun*. and draft of water. Auy informa
tion thai tuay b? repaired, will boriven on application at
tWsorti-e. A. H. WILLIAMS, #
? > Cotnulttto.
Ofiice o< (.ovcrnors of the Alinshonse, i
New York. March. 142. (
street, may hs consnlted contidentiiilly nn the treat*
I?. -it of dclleato dineeana. Twenty-one year* rrB,'tl. ?? in
tltts *|iei iality of the proteaainn enable* Inm to mike speedy
and perinsoent cures, and recent eases remornd in three
day?. The victims of .(nackerv can applr " ilh " certainty
of l ei iu honorably treated, f rom bi* long experience, lie
!? anabled to cur* eBeetiially i certain nervous det iiity.
N. 11.? Dr. Corbctt i* a m niber of the fork I'm*
last twenty yesr* enjoye.l the mo?t ext -nfivc pra?tlM
in private diseases ol any m>'di al man in New Yorlr. H*
can cure the m< *t actravated cesc* of this dMnae, and mtld
casca removed in two days. Dr. Coonet can enre theworat
form in fr^m one two week* *t constltnti jnal debility; sud
he assures the afHP ted they will not be rtH ippolnMd hp
rallinreii him. It alordv Dr. C. nnJxinndcd plensure t* be
able to refer to many persons, who, alter sufl i mic /iloritly
for a long titne, have n-en roat?rcd y him topcrlui t lioaltn.
All esse* undertaken tr"st?'l witn candor. No moroury
ueed. N.H.? Stranger*! don't be deceived by nno who per
aoaatea riy name. 1 havs n?t loft Duane atieet. loj inf
card^ in tb? New York Su o 4 ?y Tim ps and Atlss.
as no nther Doctor can do. Klthi-r a cor* or great
ameadnii nt bet'.re tweuty-four hsttri, 1 ii contra, t Ji.n.it*
is n.aili mere n tl-itig unuer nor treatment, w inch i? Hieac*
bro ight t>. perfect Pn. R?in*ml,er it, rent r. 411 other
metM>d.? of f .re ar? dreatlf'il. ? -r<e than th.> il whl h
tb , on ij h uiii.ilD to some other plaee, io.leaJ ot e?i?.(.
iv .v *!'.?? OtUce, </( .t,t4
w*,*. VVS " - .
HKOAIOVW THMATKB.-C. a. M A K-1 li ai,i., hom
Uo'M M uff and Parquet, 10 cent., Kautil/ ('ir -l? u|
U|>|x r Tlui, Sft*rnl?; PiOat* Ua?e?, *4 and %4. D *n *p4m
?( f to I'WMtirttI 7)4 ?'ol?efc. ???n??4. HmA
.^1 wiJl l?<? p?r!<irmii-l ti.a |?l ?jf of DAMON A N I) PVT1I l An
tiunion, Mr fori-., t I'vtMft*. Mr. C<? nwa?; l?<?, n-, Mr.
I'rnno , PLUIIttt*. Mr. ropti DamMim, Mr. Kf/wlli, H?r
mi u, Minn l*oi i i Calanth*. Mr*. A^k'tt f ' 0"acliida
with the comedy of the I,AI>fKS BATTLE Le H?r?? it
U mtrlchArd. Mr Popci Uuuri <1* Har^aa;!. ?' K>*
ii'.klii Conn teat D'Autroval, Mm*. Poui*, L^ame de ia
Villci/onti**r, Mi4n I'rorker
Nuu.os c;ahi)Rn.- man a*?kk. mu joiim atrrosu
A' ting Mantle*, Mr Vf Corhfii ? Tloketn, W Mutt
* '.r i v fit*i lioiPM, $A, J>uor< op*n lit 6>%t to
0 clock. J'erfr>ru> aoc? ever/ Ku ?t drain au ? ?r '-a??*
t-rcat i u?uhiunii ti of talont. Mr. Hudson a* the Knight oi
Arvi, wi?.h th? popular eon* "otitic ?? Lore'i M?ran'a4e;#*
Mi** Annie l.?*n ?&!?? in her celebrated and fit orito (.li.irio
ter of ?aa?tho (.KMi-t'tr Nothing Mr Hedgwiek tie original
ana Celebrated | "i ! iruior on tho Concertina, a talento I !r?
matte andajrrand ?rebe?tra. Tneadty evening,
March JO, (lie KNK1IIT OP All V A -C ,n? .r t'.s RmIl Mr.
1 1 uurfoti. In conclude with tlio (iOOD KOR NOTH1N0
M ludny, W oiiooaiiay, ?n'l trMti gf<:gmi Tiokate
I) Manaiierand Proprietor; John Ur*-nwoo<l, Jr . Ah<Iu(
MimnvT ? A'iiiiixoi'in U tin' entirn Mueauia ?n 1 rirf.ria
*ncCH, Zt> < i>nt?; chililrun under lOyeam, I-'S cenUi I'trvnL
I"1, rt-i. Ultra M.III day and Tuo?ila> . Mu"ih _y?h and VlvK.
Tlii* Mtemoon. ft t .I n'nlook, tho runneal niece ? < muh ad
mired by nil, 'll(K .VH.IMKIt ?'(IK I.OVK, f.llowad uj
liniji in:'. I>y I. it I'Rtlte Tulinni. f'nini' .Siiimn- !>/ I'dIh M jr
n<, (in '1 ? ho iiew farre of t lit Ml 1,1.1 N KIt'.S lioTil f>A T. Kroa
iii,!, ?t 7l,i o'rlixk, tli? nt'w nr?nd Oriental iimttoU, lit tod
?.ii Hi iiii inui k e?peii.?e. Rnd in n'mli > xiyle or irnr/eouii ra?i(
niT.crni-e, entitled CIIKI.'UY AM) KAIK.STAil. .Srovnii
irrar.i1 day jm* r T ortn ? u of Ctirrry nirl Knlr .Star, on MonJif
Hftcrnoon. The youthful Djiiufc. flonry ?????? fcjffc*
tho llA|>p/ Family, &r.o.f ?c., %cj to lie huen at all hour*
? F 44i Rroftdwajr, above M^ward iitrniit. ? Th ? proprietor
takCH i)lt in aunouncinm to tl.o tiiat Iiuh om - j
| p;u|iC'l tho wont celohr&teri iii0f!\ iann and Necro ?it?linontorii
in t)?o world, mid i i iletorminod to make Vrood'4 Min?tr?f
| I! hi II ii> cviy way w ?rt!n the patronage of the laiiii** a?4
g. ntl'Min ii .t thr, i "t; lie a! :o tiike<4 thin opportunity t?
ox|n*"4< Li4 tlisiiikr. t ?i the at patr ?na.(? couferrod 01 uik
Hirer tho or ',*ni<at ion ?>f J.i.< pro <ut hi sv Oom*>au/, An?i lie
I prouiiHo* to repl 'niith it from t?m<* to time vrith whuAeyaf
ii'iveltiori ?.r i ti'iStin^ talout may api>i*Ar in tho nrofeeni ?u. |
Wood'.* Min-troi porf??rin ?y?r> ??vh?i,i and <,n Wodnonday
j ami Saturday itl- rnuinn. A liuix <i? n, iri oent-?. i> ? <rn upon
at t>1,; oonrcrtii nomim-noo at 7\ ''?'loo'<. The afteruoea
i o "tin it comnu'tiro a' n'olonk. N. 11 Tho triotcut order
and ?loc(?r' ui will be j? -.iitvimI, on I tho grtatoiit atteuiiea
paid to the comfort "f visiter .
1|1 HANK LI N VUHRliM, 175 CM 4T!f A M \ KI? UtO.
IT L?a, l'roprlot' r. ? Two peif >rtnau4 ^a are ovouf
day, ooinnieticin^ nt 3 o'clock in th" afteru-ion, ''-n-l at haft
pent 7 ?n tfio oyoiun^. Tliie OHtahlnthuinut in tho eutj piece
in tho Unitod Scales o'liore Hw "M xtol Artinte" c*nho?o*?.
TtiO riuipaay i.? ootnpo^od of a troiipo of Artist*. ?*l<v>(o4 fer
lljeii h4>auty end end ero under the fliif>orviMi#>? of
"MTle Caiinet, rrcmier M lor' to thn latibtliluiiiii A
Mfcftnifloftftt feriofl ol crmpteii w^ii bt produo#4 CftftdBp
?elooted from thcmo?ti admired peintin^n end icnlptore, wi*m
a?y proportioj and appnintmonti. "t<oa'? female
Company," the ouly or^aiil/ed liani of la*1ie? in exiMieaot,
will appear every afternoon and evening. M<?n? l.afarno, tht
ori.'iti<M Antipa<ita%m rodentrian, will walk ' bond J iwm
wardjt," ? n the celling, at. an clevati.m of t weuty H?e
finm the ground, and eighteen m length, % feat whi^li throw?
all "o?fuwp<*'itor * in tho eliade." Tbo groato?% wonder Ike
world or or produced, Morve. Qr^goire, th" utron^odt. mat ta
the world, will bi-nak, with hii " nak 'd tint," any itone Ui#
audleuee may ohnose to offer, with other unparalleled foM*
of titr<*n?tti. The unrivalled tribe of " AorobaUe Sietnra"**
will appear lo their wonderful gymna^tlo euturtainnieaifl*
reducing gri'at oaoitoment liy tlioir extraordinary exhabl
?oaf. A yaiioty of mi cel!auooun entei talnmnntH are g^wam
?vary aften*\ en and oveuing, n\n b m cwu ho feea at nootuatf
estftf-M. huient in tho H*?rld. For full particular* of eaaAi
day> performance, boo liiHn of tho day rrieoe of a lial.44li>%
? ooatr: in Private Roaot, 50 oonta; Orcheetra 3eata, wHk
on*2iioued arm ohairor ^ oonte; Boaee. & eouU; GaUaav.
and Mrn. Lannay'a la.it Soiroe of the teAMon, will lakt
pliuu' at thj abofj AsHOiuhly Room, on Thursday creniA^
April 1st.
A&tuicial Liioan.-iiixujiiou's patent. ?
By this Invention fau.illea can have aia or tirtlvf
Leech? alw ay* ready for iiho, mid eaaily applied, at a trf
flinc eost, when compared to the exponas and trunk leeftfca
dijgugtiag repine Dopot 111 Fuitoa atrook, IlortM b*04
i'reotiiu'a Female Panacea, Noa. 1. 1, audS, oorractaad
IrregularlUc-iot tUe fumale ny?tom. Sunt l>y mail, with adviap,
$i; consultation", tc. Lattora oonlideutlul. Otlio* No. mm
De w vy, N. Y. No, 2 mimtnut be taken in pregnane?.
cureU by adilroaeing him, box 419, Philadelphia PMl
Otr.cn, iK>?t Paid, price ft, I* intended for then* wh* M
not feel inclined to lncrea?? TaiuS]**. li wSD
ff,liO II falling to euro any ca<<e of diaeaae ha nndortakaa.
II u practli 9 ?f ovor twontv-two yoara at bin preaont olfloeia
unequalled hy any medical maa in New York. Thoa* *k*
may conlraot diMiaae can apply to Dr. J. with tho c*rt*4ntar
ot having their cu.ami properly treated. Oliaerve, N*. 10, a*rt
door to Or. Coopnr'n.
ItklMINUM on the treatment uf prtvMo ,li.?a*e*.
TMrty-acren year* practice enable* him to ciir* Norvaafl
Debility. Ill* treatment U aafe and anoedy. Nomeroaa?
UM'd, or confinement from htjaineaa, anJcaaeaof recent ee
currenoe invariably enred in from three te ti?9 days*
iN.It. No TC* till cured.
m#ke* the apcodieat cnr?H. All who have ooutraotat
a private iliaenae, tnnke early application Oar treatment
In the admiration oven of phyaioiama. The disappointed aaa
curtain of a rur? from u*. boworer mock othor dootara
have failed. Imoiediata relief afforded. No fee required.
Hook rratlf). C'onoiltatloua private. Ottlca, oorner Caaal
street and llroadway.
qnalled for eradicating disease Illumed by all wha
try it. 1 he moat prompt oradicator, yet no inild, itmayka
given to infanta. Private diaeases vaniab under ita in.
$1. with a book. Who wilt give fee* after tkatf CiMsaaa
and stranger*, nmcmbor it. Depot, Dr. Ward'l, cofaec *tf
Canal street aud liruadway.
l"led snoce**.? Patients enrod, however long or batty
afflicted. Never auy failure*, which is more than other phy
oiciau* can affirm. Innumerable caaca progress ia detiaaM
of all treatment known hitherto; but by our wonderfal pre
parations, and a* idix.ua application of them, w? car* *C
relieve iuatantanoously. The diaappointod pluek up key#
at onro on commit to ui. Office, corner Canal s'.rcot i?t
fortuuate. bia treatment quickly removing the ado
rable patient from auflering and detectioa. lie e area all
the dllticnlt eaaea tbat hare defied other*, fortunate aca
thoan ?iiming to liitn. for they are well before other 4*oteee
would have mad* any improvement, liook gratia. Caa>
(liltatioa* private. Office, corner Caaal atreot and Ur*a4
way. _
Fifteenth edition; by M. B. La Croix, H. D., Arbaa/TK
Y. Cheapeai b*ok ever pnbliabed; 2SQ pag*a and Hi flM
flatea, *n tbo l'hyaiology of Marriage, ana th* aeoret
lea and diaotdera of youth and maturity, reaalttag kNI
? xceaeea, which destroy tfca phyaical and mental power*, aH
diaeaaej arlaing from htdiacrtUua, with plaia aad rtmfki
rulea by which all peraoa* can ear* tbem**lve?,
mercury? with th* author'* *baerration* o a marriage, (la
dntiei and diaquallttoatioaf, and their romedie*; with aail**
*d lithograph*, illustrating tha anatomy and >lif*M?gfc
and diaeaae* of the reproductive organ* or both *ax**, ui?K
?tructnre*. uaea, and function*. It contala* maar im
portant binta to thea* contemplating matrimoay, vblafe
will ovcroome objection* agalnat marriage; noa*, aawava^
?liould take tliia imp lant atep witbont urat comalttec QB
page*. It treat* of all diaeaae* of female*, wkttfaer aanM
or ungle. Htrangeia who reouir* medkai aid, before **??
l olting any doctor, oaght to know whether tb?k oa**a mm
prt perly underatood by tho*e whom they *mploy, and thM
guard agaiiiat th* im|K>*itioa of quackery, ao araval*ak M
popular citie*. Dr. La Crola ia a legally analifl*d pkydtla%
ari d for th* piattwonty year* ha* b*en dally *oa**itad apaa
the difTereat diaeaae* upon which hi* book treat*, p<
a* well a* by lettor. Any peraoa landtag twenty-!
la a letter, boat paid, will receive one ooay by mat
?oatage, or Bve coplea for $1. Addreaa Dr. M. B. LA
So licaver (trert, Albany, N. Y. Sold bv O arret i
Ann atreet, and S?rlac?r ft Towmead,
Branch ?Cn, 64 Lloyd atreet. Baffal*.
TUE MARRIED womavspkivatemedicalom*
panion? Uy Dr. A. M. Mauricaaa, Pr?feaaor ef DUeaam
of Women.? Twentieth edition, lomo., pp. JW? Priee, |L?
Yeara of auffering, ot phyaical and mental anguiahtemaarMI
affectionate wife, and peenniary dlffionltie* to th* ha?MMt
aiiflit bare been apared by a timely yoaaaialon of tbi* vara>
It ia intended eapeoially Ixir tha married, or tfaoa* o*ataam?
ptatins marriage, aa it dUcloa** importaat Moret*, wIMft
?bonld be knowa to them rartioularly.
To thoie wboa* health do** not p*ralt*f aa lacraaaa
fan ily, it if of apeoial importaao*.
Mere, alao, every femalv? th* wife? th* mother? tk*
either baddlng lato womanhood, *r the other ia th* d*
*fyc*r?? in whom nature oonteraplatea an important cb<
eaa duesver the canaea, aymptoma, aad th* ntit ??<
rcmediea, and moat certain mod* of cure, la every o?
to wbieh her *ex I* anbject.
(Extract of a latter from a gentleman ta Daytoa, OhtoaS
Dr. A. M. MivRiraAi Davron, May 1, UMK
Mr Ukar Sin? My wlft ha* beea perceptibly *iakia(ftC
ioui three yeara or more, in eonae^ uence of ker great
Ki.iah and auffering aome montha befor* aad daring her M
arment? every aa?ceaaiv* one mor* aad mor* dabUltat^M
ami tiroatrating her, putting her lir* in immiaaatdaagw.MSi
Whn li waa, on the la*tnccaai*n,deipaired of. lrapaoaa# Mf
?tatu of tlunga waa inevitable, and r**ign*d myielf t* aM)
the worit. At tbi* time (now about two moatka) I haac#
y*ur book highly apoken of, a* coatalnlag *om* aaltMB
reaching my eaa*. On ita r*e*ipt and pernaal, I caanot aa
Kriaa to you the relief it aflorutd mv diatr****d miad, aaaB
10 Joy ita pagea imparted to my wife, oa learning that tfeft
great dlacovery of M. M. Dceiameani provided a remedy. IB
?pencd a proapect to me, which I Little concaived waa
(itile. Rut for tbi*, ere aaotber year would have paa*?4 ai*
my bead, in all human nrobabiMty my wif* would have bMft
ia lier grave, and my children left motherlea*.
1 1 ia, of eotirae. impracticabl* to coav*v more fully tha ?
rloii* aubjecta treatod of, *a they are or a nature aUctljr|??
tended for th* married, or that* contemplating marriage.
t or aale at 'JZl Broadway, anil at th* pubUahlng ottae, UB
Liberty stroet. New York; Little h Co., Albany; JonaB
Tucker, Mobile, Alabama; T. D.i'etereon, tOCbeataat dntW
On th* receipt of >1, a eopf will be tranamltted by niafc
free of pyatnge, to any part of tbe V nited_6t*tea. All lettaov
be addr* . ?
New York eltf. WW l-i Liberty atreat.
u*tbc adilreaaed, i>'?i>t^j>aid,^to t>r .\ M. Manrleean, Mm
Diaeaaea, ia a tew horra. by a vegetabl* applioatiat^
without pain. In eonttitntioniii affectiona, ana diaaaa*
fr< m improper habit*, he combine* madlcine witk It*
local rem"'ty, and e?a *how any oa* ther* are theaeamC
alio cannot Le oared without it, at h* ha* caaea daily, aj
yeart' duration, fi om the other nhyaiclaua. In all, he gaa^
anteea * permaa'Mit eure. Uo mattea daily eare* of (triotaraft
without caoatic, which other* ua*, eauaod by th*ir aot exwaa>
liug tbe former Ji ???a>* aooa enenrb. Ilia diploma, witktaa^
anil the Imnilreda f other cerutUate*. *how that aot'"
ear equal it. fft were suredin af?w hour*.? r. Droadk
D. M.'Corbyn, C. l?<-ro?d. Oa? apalicatioa oured m*. aAac
an. tlier do. tor tiied a loag tiin*.? W. N. Craft. I paid aval
$ Ma< in five year*, to be eur*d of weaknnaa from *elf ikua
witl out bonefet, but you cured ni* by local aad geaanm
treatment, in a <hort time ? Jaa. Evan*. Yon eared m* at
tho wont ayi hili'lo *Qe<tion on my body and faea, tm a
*hort time, aftar 1 1> a C been tind?r three phyaiolaa* f*r a
year, boaidca iipinR every qnaek medicine 1 eonld hear *#. ta
ao benefit.? Wm. *'ertua<'n, Pertli Auiboy. The kalf aaraf
and ibandeni d ceae* he eapeelally aolicft*. Stranger* aaB
etbera can rely on no otkfr proof but certitlcate*. w MM
th"e i< ao much imposition. For treatment, by letter, at
dreaa Box 71, Itroailway Poat Office. N. y. Thoe* aba apatv
f raenally have aep*rate toomi. Office llunra? 9 m??I*g
HIS. and 9 till f *v? nin*. M. I.AKUON T. b?ia*ea. a B*aft>
itreet. aecond door Irom llroadway.
& r.nn Rr,ir.\Rn.-jiTrRii?' an?ii>ot?, a ?p^
'V'VF rt?o mixture for tha core ef pri"*'* ' ?,*"r ?}'};*?
maaea a aiieody eura, without tlie le*?t reatrioMoa* ef J?S
drink, expoanre, or chang" In ap"U<*W?a .to "*a* Taa
?ro|>tla?cr elialleerea a ainU eaje aMeb tb^ a aiix
not cure, nni-r the forf*i'?r* *' liantrad d?ll*ia. It ti
?ut pa In bott' 't, with full dli I'tien*. ai fi On* ?'tM*
watt a ?e?k- -nan, ?re * 'Maf {??*? *?/? ??
IT. RINii in- ;!fn>-a?. W B*rtr'U"J?V V T., f .
B. Utile iiK unarm ??'??*- " ?(;?.. ^vtg ?

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