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? ? -m?mmmmmmmmmmmm?mm?mmm?mmmmmm?mmrnmmmmmmmi I n I " f l ? I I J III -
Union course, l. i? thottino.-wkd.vksdat.
May 12, at.Ho'olock P. M , a match f..r $1 UOO, tnrce
ntllraand repeat. in harno?. J. Woodruff iitmetj K. (iray
Itlltbftlw WNt: I>. Pfifer nam?j r m. I>a>iy Vernon.
at 3 P. H. lPur?e of $300; (50 to gu tit tho t'gcoud best.
Mil* Beat*, l>c?t 3 in 6, to barnesi. Mr Whelpley name*
m. l.ady buflolk. Mr. Wbeelnn narue? b. < Jack K??i
or. Mr. ?. MoLanfchlin ilnfi ?. r /achary Taylor. Mr.
Ue or** Spioer namri *. g. Vormnnt. Mr. H. Woodruff
name* b. m. llocton Girl. Tlio (|ualillcutlona on t'oe above
Held of horaen, need no commenting on. The public cam
judge of tUeirbne condition who wiincaaod their la?t Tuea
daj a tret. A Oner trot wan nc?rr witueraed. Cur* will
leave South Kerrj. Brooklyn, for the Couri?e, at 2o'clook,
P. M.. and return as *onn at 1 1m t>i>< >r t ,t are over Faro each
way 1 X cent*. JOHN I. SNKDIKER. Proprietor.
Welne?day, May 12, at 3 o'clock. P. M ? Mutch for i40<>,
tire mile boat* in ham***. ? ii. Woodruff names ap in.
Anna Blalu p- C. Brook* name* br m. I.ady Kolly. Omni
1>UM* Uav? Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. Ua' 2 I*. M.
JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor.
First regular melting? st Nicholas
Building AaHocibtion ? Ub Thursday evening, May 13,
at 8 o'clock, M No. ](i0 Hum cry, Union Bull'lings.? .le ,?bers
'Will pliaso take notice tint the first monthly meeting will
t?k? place us above, and tbn dues will he payable at or be
fore tl at time. to avoid the tinttn Th?so M ho barn not
already subscribed, are advised to come forward and do no
without delnj . No asmcUtiou pr imisos to be more profit
able, and tlioYc wl.o subscribe now u-itl avail themsolvcj of
advantage* which they may lose by delay. Be prepared for
tho first redemption of share*, and do not delay. !<av?ral
speakers will be present aud address the meeting, nn Thurs
day neat. Office open day and ovuning nt No. if! Dunne
street, near Chatham, Chatham Hank Buildlag. Look at
the list of trustee*, and judge of their responsibility and
busincsj character.
WM. I.. CON KLIN, clothier, SOS B iworv. President.
Til OS. WILLI A11S, Jr., merchant. 225 Madison st., V. Prea't.
John Loveridge, attorney at law, (fj Chatham street.
Juo. B. Dunham, pianol'orto maker, TJ East Thirteenth it.
l'hs?, A. Whitney, Sec'y Aster ItiM'.rsncoCo., 07 Chatham st.
Cioo. B. Whitfield, plumber, 2t>2 Water st.
Egbert Soudder, hardware. IMiMd ht.
Jas N. Rich, stationer, 61 William st.
Willinm Clone, builder, 13 Roosevelt st.
Charles J. Shopard, stove dealer, 242 Water at.
Abraham Duryee, mahogany, 518 Water st.
John C. Parker, coaeh builder, YorkviUe.
Henry W. Sill, merchant, 23 Maden l ane.
Wade B. Won all. Iron founder. 2tf Klin street.
ROBERT I). HART, Secretary, lfi Duane st.
J. W. C. LrvKKiiioi:, Attorney.
Accumulating I'und Association will hold a public
meeting on Thursdsy evening next, lKth inst., at thelrroom,
No. 421 Broadway, at 8 o'clock. W. T. 11. Milliken, Rsq ,
will address tho meeting. All persons disposed to inquire
Into the association principle are invittd t > attend. Sub
scriptions will be rrceivcd that eveuing. Also, da-.ly, from
9h; A. II. to r> P. M., and on Wednesday and Saturday even
ings until 1' o'clock, at the office, as above.
ADAM l\ TENT/. President.
JOEL W. MASON, Vice President.
J. F. IC UN it a i.i. , Secretary.
Trustees? John ltaab, Samuel Stiles, Edward Strong, John
J. Htriick, Edward Walker. Duncan F. Curry, James B.
Mingay. Ciamaliel G. Smith, Wm. II. Dieti;.
Loan Association. ? Unparalleled sueuess. The first
monthly meeting of this society took place on Friday even
ing Ifcst, at thr Apollo Rooms. Several shares were award
ed? more than were anticipated. Ths popularity of this as
?ociation U now established, and Its advantages to the pub
lie are beyond a doubt. Th* subscription list is ooen, and
ladies and gentlemen intending to become members had
letter not delay in putting down their names. A pro
spectus may be had, gratis, and every information pro Hired
at the office, in the book store of Aurianoo Sherman Si Co.,
No. 2 Astor Iiouso. A. II. JOCELYN. Trsasurer.
NEW YORK BUILDING association? ti/e new
York Building Association will h 'Id their next regu
lar meeting on Thursday evening. 13th inst , at 8 o'clock, at
Warren Hall, corner of llenry and Oliver streets.
? ftnd dealers in Champagnes, Wiues, Brandies, Por
ters, Ales, Brown Stouts, Cordials. llavana Scgars, to., all
?f whioh we offer at priccs unequalled by any other house ia
the U. S. selling the same quality of goods. Agents for Lain
Irj's Orapi Leaf Champsgnc. Orders shipped with care,
fcy PETERS Si CO.. Broadway.
Brandies. &c, landing? cognac and ro
cbelle Brandies, dark anil palo, in 'i, and pipes; 400
cases Bordeaux Claret. Chateau Latltte, Larosc. Leovllle,
St Emilias, and St. Julien; 23 casks French Vinegar; 110
oases Sardiues, Green Peas, Mushrooms and Truffles, in as
sorted canisters; Flench Mustard. English I'i -kles, Cordials,
Ac. For sale by J. MoNLUN. 104 Frontstnet.
ehoiccst grades of Brandies, Wines, and Liquors
generally, in bottle, demijohn, and wood, in quantities to
?nit purchasers, at SO per cent less thin any other house ia
the city. Ol nerve. Wholesale and Family Store, 430 Broom*
Street, corner of Crosby strcot.
sorted stock of Segars and superior Holland Gin, en
titled to debenture.
II. GOLDSMITH k CO., Importers, No- 81 West street.
ami Campbell s Scotch Ales, East India Pale Ale, Dub
lin ?nd London I'orteraud Brown Stout; Philadelphia Por
ter nnd Ale. Ac.. of finest qualities, for family ose. at W. H.
UNDERBILL'S, 4?0 Hroomo street, corner Crosby street.
If, It.? OOP do v i n superior Claret, from $1 50 per dozen.
lvl ? snd dealers in Champagnes, Winos, Brandies. Por
ters. Alee, Brown Stouts, Cordials, llavana Segars, Ac., all
of Mhioh we ofTer at prices unequalled by an.v other house
-selling the samo quality of goods. Agents for Lambry's
Grape Leaf Champagne. PETERS & CO., 300 Broadway.
and Campbell's Scotch Alos, East India Pale Ale. Dub
lin and London Porter and Brown Stont; Philadelphia Por
ter and Ale. Ac., of finest qualities, for family uae. at W. H.
UNDERBILL'S. 4?*) Broome street, corner of Crosby street,
Ni. B. ? MO der.eti superior Claret, from $1 60 per dozen.
? Laoies or gentleman having any Clothing, Furniture,
or Jewelry to di-poie of, can obtain a fair cash price, by
sending for the subscriber, at his residence, or through the
rost. Ladies attended by Mrs. Dusseldorf, No. 13 Elm
having any cast off clothing, or furniture, to dispose of,
can reocive the almost value in cash, by sendiug to the
store, or by lottor through tho post. S. COHEN, 453 Had
son street. Ladles atte nded b.v Mrs. Cohen.
six. ut two thousand dollars worth of good left off
Clothing, in Itrre or small quantities, for wtiieh tho fall
value will be llbctally gireu, in current money, on applica
tion personally, or through post, to J A MES MORON KY, at
his store, No. II Orange street, near Chatham street.
at his old established stand, paying ca<li (current mo
?ey) for Ladic or Gentlemen's cast-off Apparel, Jewolry,
and all kinds of superfluous articles, on making application
by aote, or calling personally on
?. A. CO WEN, 17 Wall street, basement.
Standing Press, and a super royal Washington Hand
Press, with self inking apparatus comploto. Apply to R. M.
Hoe A Co., Gold street.
built by Abbot, of Concord, lined with red plush, and
in good running order. Can bo seen at the Astor House
stables. .Hi Barclay street.
Bargains for cash, exchange or hire.?
Gold Watehes, Pencil Cases, Chains. Diamonds, Pins,
Rlrgn. Hroache- Toilet S' aps, Cologne Water, Hat ana Se/ars,
German do.. Domestic do, Ladies' Watches, Fob Chains,
BraeeDts, Vine Linen Pleccs, Hlaek Silk* and Satins, Ac.
Apply to Cash Loan Office, f?i Nassau street. 2d floor.
have removed from No. <i Wall street, to "4 Broadway
and II New street.
Sandwich Islands, South America, nnd China Etpresi
will be despatched by the steamer I nitcil States, May 1.1th.
to eonncct vith the It infield Scott, via Aspinwall and
1'anama, in charpe of our osn spedal nessenger Shipper!
aro requested to send in their freight, with invoices, early
on Friday, tho Hth. Small parrels for onr express trunks,
reooived till 2 P. M. on the day of sailing. Our express snail
for South Pacific will oonnect with tho English steamer,
leaving Panama on the ."nth of M.sy. No eliargs for custom
house or consular fees. BERFORD A CO.,
No. 2 Astor House, Vesoy street.
* nary.? The subscribers will forward, in charge of
Mr. Geor^s Judson, an Express for Packages, Parcels,
and Letters, by the fast steamship United State', Via
Navy Bay. nn Saturday, l.'th May, at three I*. M., Con
necting villi tlio splendid steamer Winfleld Scott, nt
Panama. From the great aimed iA these steamers, an
unequalled opportunity is now offered for shippers, as it
is expeoted that far greater despatch will he obtained on
this trip, than haa yet been effected by the Panama routo.
Uaokage* should l.e sont in on *Yldav. 14th Inst., and should
not exoeod 12ft pounds weight, anil be made water proof.
Letters reoeived until 2 P.M. THOMPSON k HITCHCOCK,
Agents, 200 Broadway, ono door from Fulton street.
rednoed ? Regularity and saiity comliiubd. - The cars
of the New York and llarlein Railroad leave ths City Hall
Station, New York, daily, (Sundavs excepted,) at I) o'clock
A. M, April 21. 18'*. M. SI.OaT, Suporiateadsnt.
w v delahia. from pier No 1, North river, foot of Hattery
?la?*. by steamboat JOHN POTTER. Two lines dally,
oraiag line leaves at 7 A. M. Afternoon express line at 2
I'. M.. tnrou.ih to Philadelphia In four aed a half hours.
J arw? ?*st class ears, secor d class, (by 2 P W.. line
Returning, leave Philadelphia from fool of
Waiast st * ' ' "" *
Ears $ I ?_
New vork and Philadelphia dirpct.-u. b.
Msil and Express Lines, through in |t$ honrs. N.J
Itallroad, via Ji mny City, loav^ig Nev Vork at fl A. M.. foot
?f Cortlaadt st-eeti V A . M. aad At^ J?, M , I.iherty strest.
I^ave Philadelphia same honrs. from f >ot of Walnut street.
, J sr. rsdossl to A3 for Drat olass and f? VI for s< o-ind ela.s
? JlalUmere, WaehlngVoa. and Chariest r n thrnii^h tickets solJ
Is ths above lines, and threagh luggsge carried in the PA M
and (<H P. M lines from N?w Ystfc, with thr?agbooad?9tora
(rHhsst sip-inso.
street, at 8 A M, and 2P M. K inicrsntllne.br
stoasiboat TRANSPORT, from pier No. I, at 6 P. M.
rOR RAliB.
dM AAA "fachXtwo very centekl dwil
JJ'J.vVU ling Houses aid L tj on President street,
irooklyn, three stories and butmeit high, will be sold far
r 1.000 each. an i with "mall payment down. Apply at tha
nsuraaie Offloe, No. Ru Nassau street. M. L. SHELDON.
Anew and very superior target rifle,
for sale at half price. Will shoot HOO yards. Apply at
tha "Spirit of tha Titnai " office, No. 1 Barclay street.
ers aud othars.? For sale, two Stands in Washing
ton Country Market, in th* centre of three gangways.
Tlisis one of the best stands in the market, or in any mar
ket in the city, and commands a lnr^a run of custom. It
may be used for l>e*f. poultry, butter, or pork and ham
stand. It will be a<-)d low, as the owner wishes to change
his business. Possession will be given immediately. Apply
to HaLKCOM h MATHEWS, 2us Broadway, corner of
Fulton street.
property, eontisting of lft2 quarter aero lots, with ave
nue* 00 ana 60 feet in width, very eligibly situated, a third
ofa mi e from- the depot at Fordham, and adjutaingtha
lands ot the late Ret. William Powoll, on tho road to Wast
Farm*, ia offered forsale by the undersigned. at prices far be
low the ounrciit valuo that property in its immediate neigh
borhood is now selling at, providing tho wlmlu be disposed of
by tha 1st ofjunanoxt. Lithographic maps and olrmilan,
giving a description of the property, prior and conditions,
and mode of seleetion, may be obtained, and the names of
fiiirckascrs entered, on application to tho tnT'er-iigned, IBS
'earl street: B. M. Brown and Jesse Lyon, on tho premises;
Adam W. {Spies, 91 Maiden lane; Nath. C. Piatt. 2li Maiden
lane; Wm. H Cary, 'Hit Pearl street; and Uan. Win. II. liall,
23!' Broadway.
JOHN C. K AYSER. 166 Pearl strsat, up stairs.
rows. ? lor sale, building lots, most desirably situated
on aveuues 70 feet wi it, with a view of the Itay and rity.
Post's Buildings, 6 llanovor street.
rsta location on Broadway. with every ;???*????"?
b- v -light, &e. Any person wanting an old and well ertab
lishad Room, cannot do better. Will 0
tut apparatus. Apply on the premises, 2W
.. wth a Ave years' lo?^e? one of the best business lo
cationa i in the upper niirt of this city, for further partiau
Isrs address "Driigglft, Broadway Post OtHce.
.1 liurtH, In one of the most flourishing towns of Conneetl
eut. eonnoctod directly with Now York by railway. Said
Business, Machinery, sc? will be said at a reasonable price,
the owner wishing to retire. Inquire of V. B. FALMEIt,
Newspaper Agent, Tribune Buildings.
and marble tops, suitable for an Ice Cream Saloon.
Apply to JOHN SNECKNER, No. (i Union Square, Fstirth
For sale.-a well known public house,
MtunU"l on a corner, in Broadway. Tim bar in hand
somely lit tod up. and the daily receipts from S20 to *30. Ap
ply to C. B. HOWES, 83 Nassau atrcot.
For sale or exchange, for city propertt.
a farm of 110 acres in the town ofNorth Castle, West
chester county, N. V, Tho farm is well improved with
dwelling houses, barns, stables, &?., and in location is
healthy, pleasant, and easy of access from the city. For
terms and particulars apply to
JOH N_TO WNSEND. Jr., 70 Wall gtreat.
Fob sale ?a restaurant, formerly kept by
Florence, 17* Chatham street, corner of Mutt street,
now doing a good business: good reason will be given for sell
ing. Sold on reasonable terms.
For sale.? a tract of land, comprising
aome fifty acres, in a high state of cultivation, and within
three milec of the city of New York, to an individual or au
association. This property would realize them, within two
years, over double the amount of the purchase money whioh
it is now held at. Forfurthcr particulars, address Johnson,
box 2,013. Now York Post Offieo, statins where the par
ties can be seen, at which time a full description and loca
tion of the property will be given.
For sale- a desirable restaurant, wiTn
bar, to., attached, (newly fitted) situated near tho
Washington parade, for partioulars and price, apply
to J. i. STORM, 303 Washington street.
Green Hides. Apply to JAS. MuLONE, No. 11, or to
Thos. Crane, No. 9 Cent re Market.
For sale? an oyster and liquor saloon.
with Stork, Fixtures, and fivo years loaso. Call on
tho prrmi-e) corner of Pearl street and Broad struct, base
ment, between the hours of ten and two.
For sale.? ioo lots, situated bf.low fiftieth
street, fronting the F.ast River. Also,. 12 Lots on Fifty
titth. Fifty-sixth and Fifty -seventh streets and Second
avenue. For particulars, inquiro of H. C.fc W. R.ADAMS,
is!' Wall street, Jauncy Conru
For sale cheap. ? a h it or liveiiy, made in
Paris, new. cont. sting of box coat, body coat, breeches
and gaiters. Can be seen at No. 1! 02 Broadway, u;> stairs.
Hotel-lease, fixtures and furniture op
a public bolide, three doors from Broadway, for 8*le
very cheap for cash. Prioe $.'i,000. This is a rare opnortn
ii it y for making money en so small an outlay. Elegant
bur room, and all in good order. Apply to M. B.PETERS
& CO., 3UU Broadway.
Hotel and dining saloon for sale? the
Furniture, fixtures and good will of tho lease of ono
of the oldest and most extensive establishment* in tha city.
The fiirii'urn is nearly new, and tho leaso is favorable,
haTing a number of years to run. Any person wishing to
engage in the above business will find this a favorable op
portunity. Addren, in conlidcncc, Stephen Seymour,
Herald office.
Magic lantern for sale-a first class
Phantasmagoria Lantern, size IK by 10 inches, nearly
new and in perfcet order, with complete sets of slides on
Astronomy, Botany, and other subjects, representing more
than one hundred diagrams, of Lwndnn manufacture, and
suitable for public exhibitions or privato amusement. Inouir*
at office No. 0 City llall. Price $00.
ter l)og, is well br"lie. and is a bvantiful retreiver.
lie is ore of the best dogs in the country for English snipe,
lie 1? large and handsome, being red and white, splashed.
Can be seen at anytime at 21 South Baltic street, South
Brooklyn. Information in regard to him cau be h%d by call
ing on .lames P. Jones, encra\er, 71 Nassau, corner of John
stroet, up stairs.
movedfrom 110 Kroadw sy and No 2 fins streot.to 1C.?
Dr< tiln or, between Cortlandt and Liberty itravtt, formally
Enthbun ? lintel.
The office or the national loan rc.vn Lin
Assurance Company, of London, it removed from
No. 7 Grand street to t>< H athington street, corner of Mer
ter street, Jersc y City, where in sum u>e on life can be effected.
Medical officer* attend dally at 2 I*. II. California ri?L* taken.
Pamphleti containing rates and otber information, and
primed California rules, furnished on application.
J.LEANDEU STARR, Geaeral Agent.
| UoJloM Eominer..
Removal.? the undf.usigned most respect
fully beg- leave to call the attention of the public to
the romoralot I is Mottling Establishment from 192 and I !'?<
Fultoi street, to the corner of Vartek, Vestry, and Canal
?trccts? where, with ample space, and all the modern iin
prov?uient.? for Disking Soda Water, to., ho liopcf to be
able to supply the increased demand, and atill r?tain the
same liberal patronage with which lie has been hitherto fa
vored. W M. EIGLE, corner of Varlck, Vejtry and Canal
* and Laoes, at roduccd prices, comprising one of the
mo>t varied and beet assortment! of new Murine Roods to be
found in this city. TIFFANY & CUTTING, ol'l Broadway,
Two or three boys wanted; apply ai nhovo.
f CO., . ^5 Broadway, having reduoed their entire stock
of colored and black Silks, arc now offering the largest and
the best assortment ef spring and summer Click" and
Stripes, Olaeie Silks, <te.,4io., rich plain 1'on d? Soie, tiros
de Kccosse, plain and figured Glacio ditto, ri ll Brocades of
every color and shads, suitable for weddinr, evening, cerriui'O
or walking dresses, &c..4co. Also, a large nnd well selected
assortment of black and second mourning Silk.', of every
description, width, and quality. The above goo,|? hating
been groatly reduced in price by .1. B. (. Co., thoy, witli con
fidence, can recommend tbnsu being nfRhf. as wallas
the cheapest of the kind that are to ba found in the city.
36B Broadway.
The oreat attraction in Broadway? grand
Sale of ",0?0 Paris liars, at. the Ladies' Parisian Hut
Depot. .'41 BroidVaT, (removed from .'tftl). H'm Atkins, in
apobeirtng to those ladies who wero disappointed yesterday
(Tuesday), owing to the immense crowd an vloim to Inspect
the extraordinary bargains displayed for sale, begs to ststa
that several fresh rases have been opened for to day's sals,
and (I at a choice of upwards of 1, 0(H) hats still remaias,
thereby aflsrding ladies as opportunity of purchasing an
elegant Paris hal , usnallv charged Jfui and for there
tin ed price ol $'? 50. Notice? Tho ladle*' Parisian Hat
Depot, .>11 Broadway, (retnovod from Ml).
sale. the Stocg, 1 ixturos and Lease of tho old estab
li.-hed Millinery Store, 881 Hudson street, a few doors above
Canal street. liana large run of customers; a well assorted
spring stock; also, a lot of plain furniture. House all ready
for immediate occupation. Is to be sold in consequence of
the (!catU ofthe lady proprietor. To save trouble, uono need
apply hut a caah customer.
door from Broftdwa*.? P. SARaCCO. Proles. or. In
ventor, and sole Teai hor of tho new ?nd fa?hlonaM? danoes,
well known in America, has tho benor to Inform tho ologant
tml lie, who intend to visit tho watering places, that bis sa
loi.na "ill be open every day during all suimncr; and those
Indies and gentlemen *iu> may houor him with thoir patron
ate can be *M>nrtd ( ? learn by him, iu a few lesson., all th?
ai ?ove fashionable danoes.
lady, cat able of teaching the l.ir.gnaso, in a select
Sfhoel ncsrtle city. A fair com) deration and opportuni
ties of improTmert In otber branches will b<s afforded.
Apply to M t . Jacknn , 4W Broadway.
Any young lady or gentleman wishing to
pursue the study of German, or wishing to take lesions
lit driiv 'r r. will find a thorough and efficient teaeher. by ap
plying (ly note or potaonally) vo II. R.,tM8 Broadway, or
low c r Poet OfTi. o, Bo* III. On application the beet ani most
satisfactory reference shall be gftcn.
) connecting with the Peeiilc Mail Steamship Company.
Only through Line via Aepinwall and Panama for San Frao
t 1, CO. Gieat te<uet|o? lor steerage rassate The splendid
! I,|t*d States Mall Steamship CHEROKEE will be dos
I at' I ?d on Mer day, Ms , Mtb. at 2 o'clock, I'. M? from her
Piir. st fo t el Wsrren street North Rlrer. wilh the Call
f< n.ia M si's and Pest lingers, via II a < ana for Asplowall, Nawy
llsy te c nneet at Psnania with tlie Regular Mai< Steaaior
tor s?n Vrai 'isc For fn i- bt or passase apply t?
I ||tK| IS A WltlTNUV. at I he Offira ef tli? Osq^Aaiet,
Nn 177 Wwi #ire<5t, cor Qf Wsrren, New Vofk.
Budget of the British Chanoellor.
Interesting Parliamentary Proceedings.
The Honors Conferred upon Gen. Rous.
fcc., ho., to.
IIai.ii'i*. N. 8., Tuesday, )
May 11th, 1H52. >
The Royal mail steamship Canada, Capt. Lang, arrived
here about 10 o'clock thU evening, bringing advice from
Liverpool to G o'clock P. M. on Saturday, the lot of May
She bus flfty-ono passengers.
She experienced strong easterly gales, except during a
few day*. She passed tho Africa at midnight on the lot,
off the Skerries, bound in to Liverpool.
The Collins steamer Atlantic, on the 28th of April
ran aground about 2 P. M., in a dense fog inside the Suite
and about a mile from the Pier of Killmore. but gat off
about PP. M., apparently without damage, and arrived
at Liverpool on Thursday, the 29th. about 1 o'clock 1*. M.
Tho steumsbip Washington left Southampton for New
York on Wednesday, the 28th of April.
The steamship Great Britain sailed from Llverpoo', for
New York, on Saturday, the 1st Instant, with 160 pas
The nows is rather interesting.
Cotton remained steady, with a large busine.s doing.
Breadstuff's were dull; there were moderate transaction#
in provisions.
The Chancellor lias presented his budget, which is re
garded as satisfactory. It estimates a surplus of A' 400, 000.
The Crystal Palace is to be pulled down.
There is nothing of importance from Continental
The House of (Commons whs occupied on Wednesday,
Id discussing a measure proposing to abolish religious
tents in tlio Scotch University. After a lengthened dis
cussion. the measure was negatived by fifteen majority.
The second reading of the Colonial Bishop* bill wan
made the oceafion of a speech, by Mr. Glndstoac, in favor
ot appointing bishops in conneotion with the Chureh of
Englund to the colonies. The debate wtm adjourned till
the 2Mh May.
In the House of Lord/1, on Thursday, Earl Granville
took occasion to ask the government' whether the honors
that were puid to flcneral Kosas. on landing at 1'lyraouth,
were by c rder of the governmet ?
Lord Malmesbcht gave an evasive reply, to the effect
that he believed no orders went from his department
hut Rosas was no common refugee, bnt one who had showyj
great distinction anil kindness to Hritish merchants who
had traded with his country ; and whatever Ills cruelties
(unfortunately exaggerated) hid been In South America*
the Englhh government could not murk them l>y any
Some further conversat ion ensued respecting ths affair
of the ltanda Oriental, alter which the subject dropped.
The rest of the day was taken up by a discussion on
the sanitary condition of London.
The Commons the same day. had before them a mo
tion to regulate the revenues of the church. I^eave was
given to bring in a bill on this subject.
Mr. Ileywood's motion for a committee to consider the
propriety of preserving the Crystal Palace came up, and a
long debate ensued, which resulted, upon u division 101
for the committee to 221 against it ? no the palace will bo
pulled down, and Its demolition was to commence on the
1st of May. the anniversary of its opening.
On Friday, accoidiug to announcement, the Chancellor
of the Exchequer brought forward the Hudget. It pro
poses to repeal none of the existing taxes, and says no
thing cf imposing new duties, except the continuation
of the income and property tux for u limited time. It
estimates that theineoine of thp coming year wilt be. from
present sources. ?51.(125 000; and the expenditure,
J.'.">11>VV!'7'.'. which will leave a surplus of ?401.021.
Interesting from imila nn?l Ckfftula.
I nter news hud been received from India, with, accounts
of another buttle. The commercial advice* were dull,
hut cotton was active and lining.
Further advices received from the Cape of tlood Hope
mention K>ine skirmishing.
Financial an<l Cnmmerc-lnl Intelligence*
| The English stock market ha* been very steady this
' week, but operation* were restricted by the anxiety felt to
ascertain the detail - of the Budget. Money continuod at
1 j a 1 ??( per cent fi/r bankers' sixty day acceptances.
Ccnrola cloatd on Friday. at !"!)?? aOH,':. fnr account.
I Mu d Utah * Sic *itii.h remained steady at late quo
tations. American F.agles aro wotth ?!l 16s. -Id per
Other foreign stock* were rather sluggish. Gold
mining shares were rather flat, nnd railway securities
wire without much animation; but prices were kept up.
In con-cquence of Spain not having made auy provision
tc pay her over due coupons, the London Hoard of
Broker* have excluded Spani-li stock from their quota
Cold coin and bullion in the Bank of Knglank, April
CCtli. amounted to ?ll*,0G6.770.
The demand had been active throughout the week,
from all class*-* of purchasers ? the abundance of money
and tlio favorable advices from the lulled State* having
compircd to keep up the prices to the full rates ot the
previous week. The sales for the week ending Friday
nieht, April a0. reached W.010 bales. Thestoekof cotton
In Liverpool was 41-1.270 bales. The import* of tho woek
had been 67,406. The following are the quotations:?
Sen Htlmtl. Vji lands. Nubile. S. Orleani.
Ord. to Middling. 10'i a 1 .V t 4 a t7? 4 a A 4 a ,V,
l air t o Gon4 J'air. I4f-j a 16,' j >' a fts i1 ? a .V-, .r? 1 ( a li
(inod to tine... .18 a 24 f>?,J a 0 ? a ? S,1* a 7
Interior. ? a? ? a ? ? a ? S1^ a 4
Livr.arooi., April ;'.0. 1862.
There has boon quite as much business doing In cotton
this week a.s in the preceding one. although the trade ha*
not purchased to the same extent; but as there has been
more doing on speculation and for export., the amount of
sales again ha* been extensive. The demand has been
good daily through the week, and In the early part of it?
the market not being over well supplied ? prices were a
shado dearer for New Orleans and other descriptions of
American; but n change ot wind and numerous arrival",
i have caused a better supply to bo brought out. and
I the market has therefore been less buoyant within the
last two days. Hill, priced are well supported, and we
i close without change from last week In the value of Ame
1 riennrotton. A large buslne-w ha? l>eon done in the or
dinary qualities on speculation? the trade oonflnlng their
purchases chiefly to the middling and better descriptions.
Brazils arc somewhat neglected, but In prices then* is no
' change to notice In Kgyptinn there has been extensive
sales <lnlly. the demand having been good, lioth from
. consumers and speculator*. and price" are advanced
>.,d per lb . particularly on the better qualities.
There has licon a good deal doing in Hunits and full
' prices bave been paid. 1.1,740 bales American. 360 Per
n,i in. 200 Bnhia. 360 West India, 3 A70 Kgyptian. and 080
furat. have been taken on speculation, with 7 380 Ame
rican 3110 Pernam and 26<H)Hurot. for export ? leaving
tortlic trade, 41 700 bales The business to-day amounted
to 10.000 bales, one half on speculation. 4ic.
Thesales. during tho prwent month have amounted to
211.340 bales, of which J7H-8Q were reported on specula
tion. and 26 '.'10 for export. The stork, as taken to-day,
proves lo be 10l\ 000 bales more than was calculated upon
?the increase being principally in Kgyptian.
The table for the I'nitcd Kingdom Vliows the delivery
frr c< ni-umptkn this year to have been at the rate of
;?7 -Jf-O bales wrtkly; when ns for tho same period last year
it wo? enly 27.437. but the weekly consumption for the
whole of 1861 was ;tl f?7J! bales. About 00 (00 bales of
cott'n have arrived, which are uot > ct reported to the
Cust< m Howe,
Amu. 20.? 1 he sales of tho week reached 8.7IU bides
70 to arrive; and as tho Imports do not exceed 12 606
bales, there remains a stock on bund of IW.OCO baios. of
which 64 600 a re American
i Forty five ships arc looked for. of which thirty, with
Od.t CO bales, may be exacted within a fortnight.
ftihs of 3:ilt? bales of Orieana were made at M a Mi
206)1 Isiles Mobile, at 70 a 78; and 3, MM baioa l'pland, at
fit a 76.
i.ivvrroot. cokn makkkt.
| Notwithstanding that a large tlnH of veas.il* entered
tbc p<et of l.lvupooi aft<r Monday, the 36<h nit . not.
inrnj cnrriid grain, and. with th? exception of 1,680 bbls.
ttour tY?m the l'nlt?d 8taU?, there ha.l been no largo
rcc<l| ts. The sudden change In tho weather front long
r<ntiMiid dmnftbt to g< nerul shower*, had the efrot of
It i.de.ll s the mm k< t dull. An advance look place In the
i ei'y part t f the week, but It had been lost, and a slight
<< tio<"t4bn bad to I* mad? up"* tho pccvloiM wwkHi qusy.
tation to effeot sales. Indian corn did not, however
?hare In the reduction. '
Makin k Son's quotation* wec? at a decline of Id. per
70 Ibe. of wheat. un<l 3d. porbW, upon a Limited scale, for
United States and Candian flour.
Barley and oatii could bo had on earner terms.
The Import* frwn the 23d to '.he 20th April, inclusive,
were 0 633 quarters of corn; 18,680 bbls, of Hour, and
00.170 bUhheU of wheal
The recent Imports of bacon were uot yet on the mar
ket. Ik-ef wmh quotable, at nil advance of from ft*, to 10s
per tierce, with mUch of 4.000 I tureen. Okw wan still
very clow or sale. l,nrd wus dull, and buyer* were wait
Inn for arrivals
Somo sales of French pork had been made at last quo
tations The Import' from tho 23d to the 29th April were
1 3!ii boxes bacon. 2.052 tierce." of beef, 1,200 tierces and
1)80 bbLs. oflard.
Livkkfooi., May 1, 18f>2.
Aaiiri. ? The demand for pot ft in still limited, while
pcails are in fair request.
Qi KRciTito* B*rk. ? Small sitlcs, at last week's rates.
l)vi ?oon? have l?e<,n hold to a fair extent, at the highest
quotations of last week.
LirisKKii Cari: wild readily at quotations.
Naval Storks. ? The Miles of roshi for the woek wore
800 bbl*. at 4*. for common to IOh. per cwl. for flue.
There waa but very little tar in the market. No trans
Mi Ions were reported In rough turpentine. Spirits of
turpentine, to arrive, changed band* at 40s. per cnt.
Tai.i.ou is lower and tint
Kick has been in rather better demand; 100 tierces
brought 17s a 18s. fid. per cwt.
SAi.Trrrnr ? Nothing doing; 1.700 bags Wire to be of
fered at auction on Monday.
Frek.iits ? A favorable change of wind had brought iu
upward." of fifty ships into Liverpool, from tho I'nited
States, and charters can be made at a great reduction
fiom last week's prices. Iron, to New York, haj been
taken at !'s Ikl a 10s. per ton. We quote from Train &.
Co 's circular, that the rales ot passage are down to
1.'3 6s. a jt'Jl 10 , with every chance of a further decline.
. On.". ? ltetail tales in palm continue to bo maite on the
spot, at jC2U &s. to ?20 llis per tun, and 100 tuns, to ar
rive, have been sold at ?20. 1'ul# seal oil is quoted by
Dcnnbtouu \ Co at ?'?> a X'2t> 10s.. and American whale
?t ?31 a X'3'J per tun. 10 tuns havr I ><?? n sold at the-e
Shipping IiitelllKSMT.
Arrfrom NYork April steamship Atlantic; 30th, whips
Montenwna Wost Point, Europe, Princeton, Isaac Wright,
Dorct*. Pitneu, (iarriek. Fides all at Liverpool on the tfltn;
27th. North Auierii a. Adolphine; 2!'lli, Oluaa und Qneon, at
I lea i: ;i0t li, Inrtependece, at Gravesend
Sid lor NYork April 30, St Patrick, Cunvl*rland, ITcro,
Giptey, Jus llowe, Tantivy, all from Liverpool; 2.1th, Har
riet. Iroin Bremen; John Kwhrnsmi, Klirabern. from yneens
tuvn; 2t*tb, Symbol, from Shioids; l?th, Louise, from Ant
Sid for Boaten. Hwntrcas, from Liverpool: EsrI of Har
wor.d, do; alsn sld fr< in Livurmiol. Caroline, tor Ma-ino.
Arrfrom Philadelphia, ShakaniHxon, Jamos ICeunell, from
Arrfrom Bostoy, Sterling, 16th, at Leghorn; Tremont, 24th,
at Copenhagen; Kord, SHth, at Antwerp.
Arr from Savannah, Punmna, Intrinsic, Roderick Dhu, U
Kiniidcm. Clcnlyon, at LiverpooL
Arr from l!?Jtimoro, Seneca. Record, Hermitage, Birken
head. Ahby Pratt, all at Liverpool; Wioland, nt llulVoct.
Sld for Baltimore, Wieholhauien. from Bremen.
[Owing to the lateness of the hour, we are forced to cut
olt our despatch. The news from Fiance, Uermuny. &c.,
will be published to morrow.]
Highly Important from Albany.
Speech of Con. Stockton in faror of a
War Strainer for llarbor Defences*
Progross of the Appropriation for the
Collins Steamers.
The House still at Work oh the Free Farm
Prospects of General Soott, North
and South.
Horrible AHalrn, Kossuth, Lola ilfontco,
fcc., kc., ke. '
Importunl Decision In (1m CwH of Appeals.
Ai.bakt, May 11, 1S52.
The Court of Appeals mot in the Capitol this morning,
but adjourned till lire o'clock this afternoon, with a view,
probably, to consult on the cases argued at the last turm,
Vpon ro-asftenibUng. in the caw of " Phelps vs. Newell"
? which presented the pure constitutional question in to
the canal contracts ? the decision of the Supreme Court
was icversed, and the mandamus was denied by a una
nimous Tote. .1 udRe Welles declining to Tote,
In ths Orange county case the judgment of the
Supreme Court was affirmed ? that judgment having been
tbat the Canal law was unconstitutional. On thin the
court flood all for the affirmative, except Judge Wullcs.
Orrat Kxt'ltciurut at Rochester.
Hociikstsr, May 11, 18A2.
The democrats ham called a ma-s moding for Wednes
day cTcning. to take measures tor the Immediate enlarge
ment of the Kric Canal, by requesting the (lovernor to
call a special session of the Legislature, to pa's a law subj
mitting the question to the people at tlio next genera
election, and to effect a loan upon the credit of the
The decision of the Court of Appeal* produces Intense
excitement ho re.
The Latest From Washington.
fru iAL cen/u sroM'i m i ornir. m:? voik iiksii.p.
Wasunotom, May 11 ? U IV M.
It has been stated in certain quart) r* th.'it, in no con
tingency, will General Seott write any letter doflnln,; his
position on the CompromNe. This was not hi? po?lMon
a f< w week* ago; and I know that some of his uisst dis
tinguished Southern friends declare that unless lie d#P*
come out with a letter he esnnot get t h? rote of a siniile
Southern State, North Carolina even would utterly re
pudiate a nomination under such clrcunistancos. Pri
vate letters received here confirm, to the full extent, the
cclingof disapprobntlou which Senator Mangum's Scott
speech. and iho rellection it contained up >u Mr. Klll_
morc. sailed forth in all (he whig paper* of hi' Stnte
There is one way. however, in which the tlsnernl may
. scape the dilemma: ? In ca-o tlie dem?x ratic convention
h silent on the Compromise, then a declaration upon the
j art of the whirrs, or their candidate, will bo deemed
unnecessary . General Scott's private feelings, as regards
the C< mpromise mes-ure* at the time of th'-irpas-jigeare
well known, and lie lilt* determined to publicly declare
hat they have suffered no change. H?-? Northern friend*
hate dissuaded him from doing so. but the decision ia
stiii warmly eombattcd by his Southern friends. X.
Wa?iii>oto\, May 11. W.2.
The ca*e of Mr. Drown, of Michigan, as to the fal-e
treasury vsnehcrs. still progrcscs. Hon. Charles K,
Stuart. of Michigan, delivered a lengthy argument for
the n?eu e.|. Slid II' it Orisndo hit Klin rcfpvnds to
Washington. May 11, 1U&
isiiMisOt's rrvmoxs.
Mr Winr, of Ohio, presented s petition against the
parage of the House bill for extending the time of locat
ing the Virginia military land warrants.
Mr. Coorrn presented the petition of rone thirty ar
tists. praying for the employment of Mr. Ilothermell to
paint an historical picture for the Capitol.
Mr. Pi Mars predated several petition* against Sun
day mails.
The joint resolution, avlhorislni the building of a war
Ft<*n>cr for harbor dsfiaee. in pursuance of the lsw
authorising a oontraet for that purpose with llobort L.
Stevens. ?w tal^.n np
Mr Sto? st?.w, (detn ) ofN .1,, said he Jssired taimpre-s
upen the Dale the necessity of providing a hsrb"r4c
(i nee tvj slso to hs?e justice done toooe of lii? consti
tuents, who, has l>een unfairly. unjwsOy and ungene
n.us'.y tnated not hy the pre-ent fteeretarj of the
hut by his predeoc'tor In hisopink^n the present
credit kn of aflslrs In Europe rsixforixl a war prubabt*
France bss a man now Upon U?e tkrsas. wfco, to
?tr?n<jfba? Mm <U, nm t foster aad seooursfe UMttlt
tary prideof the nation She has been augmenting her
force's; t-he has y nt to take revenue lor the events of the
lni^t thirty years Whon she d-es *tiik?,'who can tell
where it will bo* In the event ?f a foreign war then* U
great danger of our bMog brought into it: and for *uett
au cmergmcy we ought to lx> propansl The harbor of
New York Is not now any better defended than it was
during the war of 1812 Fleets approaching the Cnited
States wcrr> no longer interrupted or interfered with by
the fluctuations of wind or tide. An enemy would now
approach with his armed steamer*; and such is tho on
ditionof the defeBoea of New York and other Atlantio
harbors, that a hostile fleet, in a single night, effoM suc
cessfully destroy liny of the prim Ipal cities lie had no
douht but that steamer* could ln? constructed that would
pafs by any fort without sustaining any injury. They
could l>e constructed with a speed enabling them to go
twenty milea an hour with the tide. With this speed all
that was required was tivo minute* to pass beyond the
range of a fort with the ordinary chances amt with the
assi.-tunce of the smoke, both of the steamer and fort
it pelf, this could be done. What protection could the
city afford against such a steamer' t? obviate this, it is
neccfef ry that in the harbor there should be a c?wt ruc
tion combining the valuable qualities of stone with tho
power of mfttlon. This harbor vessel being shot mid bomb
proof, could do more to resi.it the progress of host lie fleet*
than twenty fortH. Mr. Stevens, the author of the dec I go,
s an accomplished ami ex perienoed gentleman, who la
willing to haxard his reputation and chaiacter upon the
success of the nndertaking. which would not cost more
than one of the worthies* ships of the Navy IJeinga
gentleman of fortune, of skill and science, he Is not a specu
lator, nor one seeking a government Joh. but a patriotic
citizen. Who desires to identify his nnmO aud reputation,
bis skill and experience with this menstire of defense ol
his count ry. and of tho great city of ttew\orK Tills
floating buttery wan not designed to supersede, but to
act as zn auxiliary to forts, and other permanent struc
tures of defence. These torts were to somo extent, inva
luable. asd no fleet cnnld pas* them without (he greater
niinilx r efvessels becoming crippled or otherwise injured;
but, to oppose those who should succeed ill running the
gauntlet, there must be some other structure, capable of
resist inn us well us the fort. and. also possessing the power
to change its position, &.C. He gave a history ot
the genius and skill of the elder Mr.
the companion of Fulton, and declared that bin
scientific qualities had been transmitted to his sons,
and he earnestly urged that Congress ought to avail
1,84 if of the practical skill- and eminent abilities of It
1, Stevens. He thought it not inappropriate to say a
few woids upon natural defences generally. The recent
victories of the army had thrown a cloud over tlie navy,
and obscured the glory of its p int history; but tho navy
is the true defence ol this country ?nd future erentswiu
show that this country must become one of the greatest,
maritime |?owers of tho world. Instead of having a
navy such as i* required, wn now compared with the na
val forces of the other nations of the world, are not so
well off as we were torty years u?o. Kngland. Russia and
Franco, have for yearn been iucreasinn their naval force*.
The whole steuin navy of this repnWie. where men are so
' anxious for a war? when- men are **ady to P"?"1#*'"
I new doc t lines of national law. which would fut tho
I world inn blaxc ? In this republic where men are so fond
of boasting of their capacity to Hog all Kurope. we have
live worthless ships, and two screw pre pollers W e ought
to l>o prepared to light before we begin to bully. W ithin
twenty days after we should get iuto a war. New \ orksnd
other s< aboard cities will bo at tho mercy of the enemy
tVo ought to reflect on the great disparity of our def?n
ccs un our defenceless condition? in omo of war, and
on our vast commercial tonnage, and prepare for
the consequences. Ju this age of improvement
in naval warfare and the modes ot n ssault . our present
rhips of the line and frigates are worthless. We must, in
order to sustain our interests as they should be, construct
a large steam navy, on a new system. Wo must have
steamers to suipuss all others in speed, and Impregnable
to astault We must have steamers which will b? able to
cruise In fhe liritish Channel, aud threaten her ports, hh
her ships now do ours. We must liaw steamers not only
able to compute with those of the enemy, but able to beat
n half dozen of them. In the hands of such men as Mr.
Stevens these results are not impossible or Impracticable.
Nothing would be impossible in tho hands of American
mechanic, ir they were properly encouraged and pro
tected in those two great interests which enter so deeply
into nil things concerning tho natiomil defences? these
were coal and Iron. .So regulate the revenue law* that
the ad e?/?nm duty shall be laid upon the actual value of
the article in Amoiica, and with this encouragement,
the sound of the a nvil and the busy hum oftrade will be
revived the energies of American skill will be renewed,
and they will bid defiance to the world. He waa a de
mocrat. He did not consider that there is anything inthe
democrat ic creed against the encouragement of those com
modities of America which are essential to the national ile
feno.es. Andrew .lacksondid not think so. If democracy fur*
bid this, tiod help such democrats' He read various ex
tract 8 from newspapers, relative to a voyage by the
W Itch of tho Wave packet clipper, riom China to Kngland,
? in ninety days, and the victory of the vaeht America,
as evidences cf what American skill could do. He found
his democracy in tho Virginia and Kentucky resolution
of 17'iSnnd '!?. In them wu* tha true exposition of demo,
erntic principles. It Is the ouitom ol somo politician*
to sneer at these things; but he car< d not for siu-h sneers.
He considered those resolutions t lie most valuable legacy,
next to the constitution, which the fathers of their
country bad bequeathed to posterity. They had done
uiuch to preserve the country from tho false- theories and
heresies or latter days. They have, hi their plainness and
truth, pointed out the only smooth stream and safe
channel in which to guide the ship of state. By f hem
he tested hi- democracy? by them he would stand or fall,
lie was willing to rear theui upon his banner n* pointing
out the policy which the country should follow On one
side of the banner should Ih; the motto. ??Slavery isn"
sin of ours.'' whilst on the oilier side should be. "The
Wilmot proviso is unconstitutional. '? In saying this
much, he trusted he did not offend young Amcrica,
or old ?
Mr. Cass ? "Old fogies."
Mr. Si oca-row said that his memory did not fail lum,
but lie hesitated in uttering a term which might bring
dbrefp?ct to any one. He would never otter a word cal
culated to injmo the feelings of the honorable Senator
from Michigan, whom hi1 then complimented mo^t highly,
and expressed the hope that he might be spared yet lor a
long while to the service of his country. He said that,
perhaps, ns bis remarks in reference to unother great man
had been set down a? explosiou numlier one. what he had
said of Mr. Cass would bo said to be exploaion number
two. In conclusion, he strongly urged the passage of tho
Mr. Hi Mm. (dem ) of Ya.. moved that it be postponed,
ill order to enable thu Senate to take up the Deficiency
' Mr. Makci'M, (whig) of V. C? said he was favorable to
the resolution, and hoped that it would be passid.
Mr. Hi mi ii desired to consider the mutter, and it wan
accordingly postponed.
Tiin roi.l.ljrisTt oisiiim.
Tho Deficiency bill was then taken up.
>lr. IteooM:. (whig) of Mb*., addrcsced the Senate in
opposition to the Collins line amendment, particularly on
account if the enormity of the expenditure, anil ot the
failure, for years past, to do anything for Western com
Mr. Unir.n (wliig) of Mo., also opposed thu amend- >
ment. |
Mr HAtxi?:r. (whig) of N . C.. leplicd.
Mr Hi sk, (ilem ) of Texas, followed, iu nppo-itlon to
Mr. Mai lory 's amendment transferring tho contract from
tho Naval to the Post Office Department.
Mr. Mai.i.okv. (dem.) of Fa., replied; after which, his
amendment was rejected, by yeas IK, nays 11'.
MrlloaLAND. (dem.) of Ark. desiring to speak, the
subject was po-tpi lied.
rAss\or. or RAit.no, o i.and nu.i.s.
The bills granting land fo Alabama and Florida tor
tlieir railroads, and tolndiana and Illinois for the Lout*- I
Ville and St. Louis Itailroad. pa sod.
After a short exccutlvoicsslon. the Senate adjourned. |
Honne of RrjirrarnUitlrrs.
Washington, May 11, 18??.
not;*r ciJivivi.
The Sri a am announced the first question to !???, on
laying upon tlio tablo tin* resolution heretofore offored
?in<l amended yeatorday. so ni to tnkc a new from tbo
13tli to tho 17th instant. In order that the offlcrs of the
Hourc may clean and relit the hall for summer use.
Mr. Jones, of Tenn., paid the only objection ho hml to
tho resolution wan, that If the Mouse adjoarn over during
this mouth, another wc?k would he lost when the demo
cratic convention mceta, nnd Another when the whiR
convention meets. Therefore, to sure time, the first week
In June ought to bo set apart for cleaning and repairing.
The llousc refused to lay the resolution upon the table.
Yean. Cm, nays 104.
TJh resolution was subsequently adopted, by yeas. s>J ;
nays, &!.
nir. ruai.ic raiKiirso.
Mr. Siamon, (dcm.) of Va., asked, hut did not obtain,
leave to malte 11 report from the rommitteeon 1'rintlnn,
authorizing the settlement of the printing accounts of
Tl'oma* Kitchic.
i m inri him..
The llouse went into Committee on the .Homestead
hill, when various amendments were offered, debated ami
all Toted down.
Mr ltiinwiv. (dem ) of Miss., offered a substitute for
the hill, proposing to jierpotuatc tho rights of preemp
tor. ? that is to fay, persons acquiring tlio right of pre
emption. Khali retain the same without disturliauee or
payment of any kind, on certain condition*.
Mr II ARttia. (dem ) of Tenn , offered a substitute for
the above. gvuduating to aetunl settlers the price of pub
lie lands necoidiiu; to the time they bare been in the mar
At'ter debate, this was rejected, by ayes, 17; noes, W.
1'enditig (lie question on Mr. llrown's substitute, tb?
Committee ro*c and the HotlM adjourned.
Montlu-rn Trade, <vc .
Baltimorf, May II? 1*. M
A meeting is fhortly to he held here for the purpose of
increasing the trade between Baltimore and tho Southern
Mate*. The editor of the Cali-m I'Uinitr is a moving
party in it; and Messrs. Husk, Paw-on, Outlaw, Stephens.
Clingwan and other Southern members of tiongresa, will
len<) their uid to the mon ment
Tho Southern mail has arrived, but brings no naws of
Vermont Crntral Italli4???l IJepal Rnrned
North* i? i.n. Vt M?yll.1Sf>l
The Ttmwt Central Railroad depot, at this plao* took
t r> le t ev .run,; consuming the main portion of the
I li Ulii p Tho safe* ap4?ear in g>?>d ord*r and the vault
I c* k- and papers ar? uninjured Oovornor rains'* aaf?
y ? ?t>t ou' Tho d(f?t vw Cuiif ootwI hjr insurance
KlccUou of U. H. He ?Mrrr for CoMiMllMl*
.Vm IU?ti May U. l?l
The of K< pr(Ment.?ti? *? haTi?just rmdudnl b?4
loting for a l.'.S Senator wit^'le foUo?inn rnauM ?
iMUfl II. Tourcy rtem , 134, K<^*r H. Baldwin. whig H4;
Francis fllllott.. fw noil 6, 8a In?h*m. dwui
II. H. Beurdrlcy dim., 1. Wb> <* Burnt**, Mr
Touchy consequently I* chrsen.
Th? will vota At 2o'clo??k wia
react vo a lar^e majority, hi.* parly tkere beiug 14 to T
From llmton .
KOKOKli rilKlJK.I.
Borrow, M V II. 11OT.
The plnn of the coalition to rcpea' the I'll wv1?7'taw,
far a* regards the ?ote for I'rwaiden . was det
in th? by fllin'a ira ority.
Kortuth ha? tpent th? day in viritlnjf G'ambri '**
lugton. iuj'1 Concord, lie wa* received at eaV^plAP*
with military and elvie demonstration*; an'! at 4"t* '7**
latter towns a.Mrcs.-ed a larg.i eoncoiirte ot p<-<>rU), lit
rpeftchca of considerable length.
Korjicd rbitkii were to day pre?ente?f in *nd | <?'
the (irnnitn. hhoo and Leather Dealer*'. and A tale l'*nkit, -
aud a forged check was p'ckentcd litis iirpciMft'ully arf 'hir
North Hunk The checks were offered Ly a r?V"rcd W13B.
employed by H)me other party. Wc have not U arncg thor
amonntH obtained, or any particulars but UrJiollC'i ul
on tlii' track of tlm forger.
I>eatf action of llir Kagln Htnaf, Tlie?lr??
IliifTuio, by Vlrr.
1.0 1. A MONTKff' W.tUKKOHK EMVttlf
Bi.i i ai o. flay ,11. #!>-.
The Kogln 8tre?t Theatre wan hunted d?wn tiii a?"rn
ing. The flro broke out ahorrlr after one o' llhck. aii<f U?e
entire bnHdlng. with its content*, wan cotlmiMMf with
preul rapidity, nothing but the bum wall* bennjieft. Th.?
building was worth about $20,000. mid th? loan if llfiwrt.
Carruud Warren, the maneger*, cotild not br'lewi thrvn
Hint Mini. We have no account yet of the iti-t.?unco".
I.ola Montca danced laHt ni^lit in a crowded licnae, but
was indifferently received, rhe ol.jeotcd to . fa nee a
m-ond nlRht. according to ?t)Kii|;ctiuMit She her
wardrobe home, and lost nolliing by the lire, at which
ulle was prcHcnt the wlirle time.
[Another correnpondcnt ^ays tiiat I.ola XiHiteahaaheeB
mieetedinK un-atly there and in the other Wcntcm towni.
After payitiR all e*p"n?es---ballet ((i rl?? and all she h i*
cleared, during the week, re urly a tlioo-nml dollarx. Hha
(im-H to llochecter ne?t Mie is now her own inanagnr,
and only keeps a clerk to count her money. She hay* the
l? nipernneii liotelsuio alM>minabio placcH-. full of bible*
and bed bu(!N, but no i;ood faro |
from PhllnUelplllA.
I'hilauri.pmia, May 11. Ift'i?
Patrick llluiiier. who was stubbed on Sunday evening
bv an unknown inan. in the lower part of lh<> county, die4
tfiia evening at the Hospital.
A Ind, ten years old. son of Captain Jeremiah ltenaet,
a pilot, w.'iM drowned thia afteraoon, while fishing at
<ju?M*n street wharf. Southwurk.
Fatal BaHtomI Auldcnt? Thrte Uvm I<wt<
Detkoit, lay 11. lK.r>2
Am the emiRriint train on the Michigan Ontral IUI
road. gointr west, was stopping at Niles a secoml train,
which left Detroit about tli<< same time, orurtook and r?R
into the emigrant train, killing three pursoiw. and aevero
l> injuring several other*. The accident wiw owing to
the coreiessnc sm of the engineers.
An Flikown Ftmalr llod y Faand,
Kocm.iTr.a, May 11. IfUl
The dend body of au unlinown wonxtn wan found in tlio
river to-day. It liad apparently been avver^ days in tUo
, CMARLraroM. May 10, 1H6X.
(Cotton freij;bt* to Liverpool, from thin port. Iiavo ila
cllind to Vfd
II?t?orole)(Ual ObmrTatlou.
n Monaic'a mao.-iktic link, orrtcr no. It w*ix srarrr.
TuMDtr, May 9. 1862.
BrrPALO, 0 A. M Barometer W !)!>. Thermometer
7 2. Wind southwest, t'lcivr and pb-ajuul.
lloritraTKn, !? A. M. ? Another gloriovu day,. bright
and waiin, Thcrmomi ter ?>."?. Wind west.
Audi ?K, 0 A. M. ? A flue, clear morning. Wind north
west. Thermometer 7 1 .
SritAot if:. (i A ftt. ? A very pleiumnt innrtiin^, Wln4
iiortheiibt. Theimomater (Mi.
Utic?. OA. M. ? Bright, mimuiht morning Thermo
meter CX. Wind north.
Ai.HA.tr. A. M. ? A clear, plea sunt morning Weather
waim. Tliere is a freshet in the river, and tl>? water ia
now even with the dock*, and rising W ind north. Th<*
momcttr 07. Barometer u0 MX). Mercury 07.
Oily Intelligent-*.
Sr. I >?\ ? This the anniversary ?
St. Tammany. according to tin- new stvle, I lie Tammany
Society. or Columbian Order will hold their annual meeting
to-day In the Council < 'hnniber of the tireiit Wlgwiun, at
half an hour af ter sunset fur the purpose of nominating
tlie tirmid Sachem, and installing the otker officer* rNt
for tho ensuing year. Formerly St . Tamilian) 's day usedta
be observed on tin- let <1 May. and. in fact. i he celebration
according to the old custom in kept up ia many plneen
even to this duy. Ah thecustoni of observing thin day in
not generally known wegivc the Mluwing sketch: ? Tam
lunny wiih an Indian chief, who lived in l'euu<ylvania in
the earlier day* of ItK colonial existence lie was highly
?uteumd throughout the country, both hy whiter and
Indian", for hid virtues and patriotism Ho great was the
respect entertained for his memory that, afier his death,
lie was canonized, and hi.s uaiaccninliud in the catalogue
of jaitit:'. The liri-t of May being his birthday, old stjle,
it was afterward? known In I'enasylvauia as St. Tam
niany > day. From tlie patron saint of that oniony, ho
filially became the patron an t of ali the colonics and
the anniversary of b im birtliday came to he a? r.-guUrty
observed an the Fourth of July i.< with us. Ih uce it ltna
been adopted as the anniversary of various military com
panies in many parts of the country. As other countries
have their tut ? lar faints. w> in this count ry w? have lit.
Tammany. Throughout the Revolutionary war the natal
day of this Saint wu- observed with great re-pect by this
aiinyns well as by the people. It was not till Jeffer
son* mlnilni.-tiatlon, when General dearborn was Ss-era
tary of War that the observance of it by the army wan
difpentu d with. The first fort built at tit. Mary e, Cam
den county, was called Fort St. Tuwmany The custom,
therefore. of observing St Tainiuauy'n day. though not
generally known, is derived from our early ancestors.
tii ix.hapmii m ami StvisTn *?. Somi.tv, ? Yesterday
evening this society held their montlily meeting at tin;
chapel of the New York University. There were very few
members present, which may be accounted far by if
Is-lng anniversary week . The society were disappoint**!
in the inlen sting papers that were to lie read yesterday
evening. Mr. ,1. I)e Witt llloodgood read a mraioiU
drawn up in behalf of the society, and requesting die
Secretary of the Navy to in dilute n minute fury
the river Plata and its tributaries On motion, the Me
morial wa? adopted
Police Intelligence.
Jin ,QUrqr<l Charm of Kmbrtxlrment. ? Officer W.tfUakf,
of the lower police court, on Monday arrested a man
named Harvey Springsteen, at hi* residence, c irncr ot
Horatio and tlreonwu h stretU, on a warrant i siiks! ?>r
Justice Ofborn. wherein the accu.-ed stands cl<?fg*d by
Mr. E. Warren. Auditor of the Frio I'.aihoad 'Jumpany.
with embezzling $6tK) and upward*. the property of th??
stockholders ol the New York and Krie It&llroai Compa
ny. while the said Springsteen was In eropl ty f.s agent
of the said company. 1 1 seems that the emlte^Uemnnt
alleged took place in May. a year ago. when tho accused
was acting ns receiving agent at a depot cal'iJ Suflerna.
situated in Rockland oounty When brought Ixifnre t^o
magistrate, the counsel for the accu.-ed contended that
the magistrate here had no jurisdiction ns lb" embcrV
incnt it committed at all. must have been lone in K'.ak
and county The case stands adjourned. the pu<po*a
of tho magistrate deciding on the point of jurisdic
Kxtkaohihnaky W AKKKCI.NK--S. ? A cjiw at ex
traordinary wakefulness, in this clfv, tins been rscenlijr
brought to our notice. The subject is a person. ?fl good
health and of active and temp rate habits, aniyeUwe
understand from his own statement has not slopt for*
period of m me fouri r live weeks. And whak is not the
(east ri markaMo. he lias pursued his daily avocatlOM
without any personal Inconvenletu*1 disooaafort mom
than usual The case is one worthy the attention of the
doctors, l'crson* dc-iring more information on the -ub
Je<"t. will obtain it by iiuiuiriug of Mr. FnnelsMi HiiWwll, a
very worthy citizen, whose testimony in fcgwd to tha
matter, may be Implicitly relied upcu. ? Fmrtntr.
Wrdbimo in thk Mammotit I'avk, Ky ? The fal
lowing marriage not loe appear* iis the l/Ou isviile Jownml:
? ? Married on the 20tb of April, in tho ? Uotbic Chapel*
of lha Mammoth Cave, of Kentucky, by the Rev. Dr.
Edgnr. of Na'hville. Tenn . the Itev ,1 II Hull, of Hour
bou county, to Miss WiaJthy F. I'ettlngill of W^nthrop,
Maine " ^omo intcriitliig ci reiuouie? look pUoe oa Um?
?A young woman says the I'hilailelphia Vtt.ienal Jft-r.um
empft yed at th" Mint who had l,e? u deaf and JLiunh for
sevetal jisrs, occasioned by scarlet fev-r, a P>w daya
since, anile engaged at her usual occupation, Molfdmed,
"Oh I believe I can speak !" The asvrnlshisent of thnee
iu the apartment with her waa so ?rtial tlvltt, one o 4 thn
ti mat' s fainted, and most of theui -#ere sTtrprisnd b. yond
uieaetira. She has stnee nnttrvly r^covnred her s|M<?ch.
The Hpanish government, any i ? Madrid lottos ?f
the 2f>th of March, have been net at ono? o? the
fwsiln.j; of reciprocity by the p>v?rt)iiiciH of tho Uni
ted StJttea, rr regards port dw?. fco ; batofttnt bM
not Wen given hitherto to the ny?t?in of equal port
cbatgf4, ?iwrtng to tho diatanoo of the two aoanirje*,
atid it has been agroe4 to fix on a future day far hotfc
to oomnienoe on the new syaieta The iat of M*|?
wouli vm Ui >u(cht, (ot tUa t parent .

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