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Letter flrwn Gton. Pillow on (kt Cktractar
?f Gm. Pleree.
! Froaa the NatbvfM* Inion. 13th ioM 1
CoLrwniA, Taint., July 8, 1352.
As everything touching the character of Gen.
Pierce, as well as the opinion of our public men,
new interests ihe public, 1 have thought it not im
proper to give > for publication, an extract of a
private letter of the Ut?> ex President Polk, written
to mvself. on the 18th dny of May, 1H47, and deli
v orinl to me in the city "of Puebla, Mexico. The
extract is as follows vix: ?
"Your two Brigadier-Generals, Pierce and Cad
wallnder, who will he under your immediate com
mand, are noble men. (Jen Pierce is now the first
mau in New England He is a man of fine talents,
He is my personal friend, and you may fully coufido
in him. He was with roe in the House of rteprescn
tatives for several tear.-, and was afterwards in the
Senate. Gen OadwHl ?cer is a gentleman of high
character, and of decided military reputation \ ou
may well be proud of two Mich officers under your
Of Gen. Cadwallader. who is not before the coun
try, it is not my purpose to make any remark. His
character for gallant conduct and ehivalric bearing
has never been, nnd nev? r will l>e. questioned. Nor
should I deem it neoewury to add i? single remark
to the paragraph so folly expressive of the opinion
of the late di?tinguirhfd Ex-l'resident of the nation,
except for the very unjust, illiberal, and false re
fections upon the conduct of Gch Pierce, while an
officer of the army in Mexico, by certain eastern
presses, and by Senator Jones nnd Mr. Nctherland,
of Tennessee.
In the oj>erntions of the army in the Valley of
Mexico, that General Pierce fully sustained tho
exalted opinion of ex President Polk, will be seen
reference to the rrjiorts of Majors General
Pcatt nnd Worth, and those of my own. These
despatches were all prepared with a personal
knowledge of tlie gallant bearing of General
Pieroe, and at a t<ine nnd under circumstances
exempting those officers from any possible mo
^re to- over estima'e the importance of his
eerrioes or the character of his conduct. Tho
report* of the first, and lust- of these officers agree
in the statement of fact. that General Pierce,
was severely injured hy the fall ot' his horse on the
rooks ef the Pedrijtal while gallantly leading his
brigade ia the battle of Contreras They also near
full testimony to the fart, tint though so badly in
jored, he might have retired to the hospital as dis
abled for duty, and "though barely able to keep
his saddle,'* yet he remained upon^luty. and led his
gallant brigade into tho blood} battle of Churubus
co, and oontinuod in its command until overcome by
exhaustion and pain, be fai-ited, fell from bis horse,
and was borne from the field.
When it is known to the country that the whole
army, inoludini; Gen Pierce, had been upon duty
from early on the morning on the 19th till late in
the day on tho 20th ol August, without refr sliruent
or repose, and that (ten Pierce was so badly in
jured by the fall of his horso that he lay upon the
field and in the midst of the pedrigal all "nignt, and
that next day he was " barely ablo to keep his sad
dle," before this long and bloody battle commenced,
after a long and hot pursuit of the enemy ; when t hose
facts are known to the country as they are to thoso
who shared in the glories and suffering ofthat field,
I am persuaded thnt no one will eithor feel or ex
press surprise that Gen. l'ierco's physical strength,
overcome with lone- continued suffering, pain and
exhaustion, should have given way, and that be
should have fainted and fallen from his horse. But
it is presuming a great deal to suppose that thoso
who bore him from the field sheula have known the
difference between an officer whose phy.-ieal strength
was actually so over- taxed, and in a "state of totil
helpless recs and unconsciousness, and one who had,
from timidity, affected this condition.
But it is impossible for an intelligent people to
believe that bad an officer of Gen. Pierce's rank
and command so actod, his immediate division
commander, and Gen Scott himself, nnd Generals
Worth and Shields? the former o* these his associ
ate on the field, the latter commanding him in that
part of it ? would all have concurred in making out
false reports to the government; thus dishonoring
themselves to screen from merited condemnation
and disgrace an officer who had basely nnd cowardly
shrunk from duty. Tho.'c who entertain this opi
nion utterly discredit nnd dishonor nil those officers
and among them Gen Sco't himself; for upon no
other supposition can the character and conduct of
Gen. Pierce for courage and gnllantry be called in
Why not call in question thot of General Soott I
himself? Because during tbe battle of Contreras
ho was, with the exception of a short period, at San
Augustine; while, during that of Churubusco he
waa at Coyean : and during the battle of Molino del
Rev and during the storming of Chepultepoc.be was
at Tacabaya. And jet who has ever done so 1 Gen
Soott might ba?e been nearer these fields 1 He was
howeTer, near enough to successfully dire it the op,
erations of the army, ar the result fullv shows.
He knew that the army required not his imme
diate presence to inspire it to deeds of courage
and heroic daring Ho knew that no results
wauld be ob'aincd by unnecessarily exposing
his person; and hence he prudently njjd wisely
occupied positions, though somewhat remote,
from which he could safely direct the opera
tions of the army. Yet it would be as reasona
ble and as just to reflect upon ( J euera 1 8cott's con
duct and character for gallantry as < Jen. Pierce's.
If General Pierce had sought a less active partici
pation in these bloody operations, the wound he re
wired by the fall ol bis lior.^e would have thrown
him out of the after operations, and lie would (as
he could with honor) have retired to the hospital
or his tent, ns disabltd for du'y. aud thus have
avoided all risk in tbe battle of Churubusco. If.
owing to the injury he received upon the 19th, ho
had a less distinguish' '' part tha i did others, yet
his participation l?v no mean-, a r:< gative one.
A n c-fficcr. w ho won honorable mei.tion for gal
lantry and good conduc, in battle- < hero all bad
to full and glotlous a share, in the official reports
of every oftieer upon tbe field who w -is his senior,
(includirg Gen ticoH himself) conld have perform
ed no n< gative part upoL, other fields, anil among
officers less distinguished, his service* would have
grc ;<t)y d:sHngui>bed him. and mitrbf have satisfied
the highest aspiration.- of the mos' ambitious sol
Having a personal knowledge of (he fa^ts hero
Stated, I fee J it a duty of boior to state them, in
?indication of the character of a brother ofliccr, un
ittstly rt fle c'"d upon by those knowing personally
nothing of tbe fuels ; arid if 1 kn w myself, I would
not, by n.y silence, acquiesce in any false statement
before tbe public, so deeply woun tina to the pride
and sensibilities of an American soldier, wUcthir
wbig or democrat .
1 bave lo wish to tbrow myself before tbe pub'ic.
nor into t it? canvas-, nor before 'he country, nor to
make any issue with any portion of the pre". Nei
ther do I seek or wish a collision with any gentle
man of the wbig party 1 h ive the honor of :i per
sonal acquaintance, and ofkiud relations, with hoth
tbt gentlemen named abov;-, at of my own State,
and I mention their rume- that I may b" under
stood, as cOMKeting their statements? based, as I
fippo.-e, u]>on erroneous information Ilut be tLi.s
as it way, the imputation is unjust, is hi se, and
cu BTni.K us I am, sir, witb g i at rt'nect, your
obedient serrant, Gideon J. Pillow.
Intnmliiig from the Wrrtt rn Pinion
| Correspond) nets ol 'In- tit bouiv Ititei'i^mc r.J
J uo c 9, I.02. s
We arrived here yesterday morning, _ the Si'i.
after a journey of two wn as. from New Fort
Koarny. Our route ha- been u aoui< what <lilki#ht
one from thatot any pn vuiinsniiitrtti'in. We cross
ed the mala Platte t weaty utiles above New Fort
Kearny, to tbe north side ; the ford proved to be a
good one, owing to the great width o the river,
which is at tbis point two tnilt s in width On
the north .-ide of the liw-r we found a tntieh letter
Ede, good roadi and wa'er Timber is en
dy lost sight of for two butidntd miles:
but "we found an abundance of buffalo chin*
answering very well fi>r fuel The emigration
on tbe n?rt(b side of the river i- murli gr at?r ttian
that on the south, tbe gt> at m i s ol them haiiing
lrotn Missouri. Illinois. Iowa, Michigan, nod tV is
cousin. There has be-n coisld. rnblc lliairhtea,
owing, I bilieve, in nearly every en so, to Impru
dence in eat ir.g or dnnking water from pools. Our
Journey, tbus far, ba- been perform* d at, an average
?1 twenty five mile- a day We sutler very much
from tbe great quantity of dust that we htiv e had to
fnoountor. On some portions of the road we have
met with dry white sand, which is very hard upon
?>ur tean/s. This sand continues in some plans
for twenty miles; and when \er wc moot withsmdv
roads, the dete. tabls sand tly iu millions, torments
lis. and mosquitoes have also twau very bad.
Along tbe Platte, the iiini' ipiil grow th consists of
?ery coarse grass, nud n few cotton woods and wil
lows, and stunted cedars. Upon the plains we
found fhort bard grs>v?, inucb of the last year's
wrowth recently burned and still burning in every
direction, and within fifiy miles of Fort Laramie we
have met with ca> tns and wild sage. Tbe only an
imals aoen have been buffalo, antelope. wolvc? and 1
prairie dog*, but we have been fortunate enough to
obtain a bountiful supply of buffalo and antelope.
Pour of our party were hurrounded by some
bundled of buffalo a few dajs since, and
were in imminent danger of being troddea
to death. The me*t I think rather coarse, and in- !
ferior to our borne be? f The excitement of a buffa
lo bunt wiftb a company of good fallows is in itself
worth tbo journey here Tbe seonery fur the past se
venty milt*. has been in some plaoes approachiag
tbe grand; the ancient bluff ruins, resemoliug fort i -
fioationa, eaetlea, Icc , in ruins, on the north side
ol tha road, Chimney Hook and Capital Ilillson
tbe south aide, are worthy tbe [xwicil of an mtist.
The weatiM-r has been excessively warm until tbo
pigfct of the 6th, when a heavy cold rain set in,
Moos which time *c ham bad October weather, ren
dering our Oterooa'- t)uit? comfortable.
We is ast find the destruction of property along
the road bo gnat at ia former yean. I lure ait
with only fire deeerted cattle, and one hone. I
learn, by inquiry, that a great portion of the emi
^^0 nave too small a quantity of pronMona, and ,
tr they will sutler. I obtained from the store at
Fort Laramie, yesterday, the soalo of priooa of lead
ing articles;? f.?ffee, 40c ; sugar (scarce), 75o.; tea
(inferior). ?s2 50; tobacoo (good), |3; smoking to
baeco (St. Louis make),fl; Hour (at Commissa
ry's), $1() 50 per 100 lbs; ribbed sides, $15? all
other urtieles in proportion- The eharge for shoo
ing horses is each.
I fin J the buildings in good repair, and well
adapted for their present use; the dwellings are of
frame, two stories high, with double porches and
railings, painted white; the small outbuildings,
stables, &c , are of ailoU'?. There is a good blaok
t-mith and wagon maker's shop hero, very accommo
dating to those who pay them handsomely; there
are, also, three bakeries, where the poor emi
grant can obtain an apology for a loaf of bread
at JO cente, and a fid rill dried apple pie for 50
ccnts. Cant . Ketchuni is in command here with 64
privates, all now in eood health. Mr. Tutt super
intends the store, whore a full supply of "chicken
fixens" can be obtained at remuueratiug prices.
The government have a ferry across the Platte wii fa
in two miles of the fort, in charge of two mountain
men, very accommodating also, at the most exorbi
tant prices ? eight dollar* for ferrying four horse
team, twenty-five cents for foot passengers.
Yesterday a band of Da jotah Indians crossed at
the ferry. Tho women, children, packs, and dog*
were placed in tho ferry bunt, and when safely land
ed on the opposite shore, the men aud ponies took
the stream, and amid yells and shouts gained the
shore in safety. Immediate ly upon the arrival of
the baggage, tho dogs were harnessed between two
long poles, and their cargo fastened on; the women
assisted each other to pack enormous burthens unon
their shoulders, and in an inoredibly short time thir
ty skin wigwams were erceted ? the pot boiling ?
little red urchins run oing around, ana wlioio only
an hour before was an opoa field, suddenly be
. came an Indian village They are well dressed,
I fine lookinglcdinns, owning a large number of horses,
more comfortable and better supplied with arti
cles of comfort than any other tribo I have yet met
with. They are ^ry civil, and appear fond of tho
company of their " white brother The head chief
wore the full uniform of an I' S. Captain. I obsorred
eight or ten wagons encamped in their midst, tho boys
?>moking. laughing, and playing with thorn Wo leave
here to morrow for Salt Lake, where 1 shall attain
write you Dr. Donaldson, Mr. Bowman, Frank llas
sey, Lawyer Smith. Van Horn. Dr. Boyer, Messrs.
Hanna, Heinsen, Duncan. Wickersham, Taylor,
Steeth, Henderson, Came, Walker, Low'u, of Pal
myria, &c., arc all hero well, in good health and
spirits. We arc all getting fat, and wear terrible
moustaches and beards. They keep no regular re
gister at Laramio of the number passing, or 1 would
send you the amount.
Onr Hnvnnn Correspondent.
Havana, July 14th, 1802
Important ItUclligcncc ? Attempt to Revolutionize
J\Icxico ? Spanish Intrigue , 4*r., .frc.
Perhaps before this readies you, you will have
received the news of an attempt of the Spaniards
to proclaim Isabel 2d, in Mexico. Now what will the
Spanish government say about American filibusters,
when it itself has attemptod a worso aot 1 that of
robbing tho poor harmless Mexican of thoir doar
bought freedom. It is very right for the Queen
mother, Christina, to fit out expeditions against
the free people of Mexico and South America, but
if any attempt is made to ameliorate tho condition
of the suffering Cubans, theory is raised Pirates!
aiid unheard of abuse is launched against the sons
of the immortal Washington.
In regard to tho Mexican affairs it appoars, that
General Uraga when here, the hero of the Mata mo
ras business, let himself to tho agents of Queen
Christina, and that General Pigncro furnished all
tho plans for tiic campaign. The plan was well got
lip. lor the work of dolts and mailmen and Vivo, tho
Mexican Consul here, a Catalan started for Mexico
with Uroga, but they calculated without their host.
Arista got scent of the plot, the papers were seized,
and the Spaniard popped into prison.
Knclc8ed|\s n specimen of tho tirades that tho
editor of the Diario de la Marina is continually
issuirg against our good people.
If I bad time I might'tcll you some facts about
the brutal conduct of the police to drunken sailors,
and of the common Spaniard putting them on. say
ing, "that's ripht ? give it to tho damned Yan
kees." and of Cubans being threatened with tho
bayonet for having tho humanity to beg of tho
sol ice accompanying the polico to consider the
situation of the sailors. Undoubtedly many things
are said that are not exactly true, but again many
things are unknown that should be.
Arrest of Sir. Rice, Aincilc.in Consul at
[From the San Francisco Herald, Juno 21 ]
The following letter, addressed by Mr. Hice,
American Consul at Acapulco, to tho commander
of the naval forccs at this place, gives tho p?rticu
lui - of that gentleman's arrcst: ?
ACAril-CO, (Phison oi Tins Inegado,) >
June 12. 1852. ?
To the Commander of the Naval Forces at San
1'rai.cisco ? Sir: 1 was arresred, yesterday morn
ing. at o'clock, by a dctaohment of fifteen
soldier*, ncdor command of a sergeant, and
thrown into this prison, whero I nave been
since, v ithoiu any examination or any ehargc
having been made against me. When I was or
der (l by the sergeant to go with him, I a^ked to
see hi-< warrant, which he refused, saving lie was
ordered to arrest mo by the Commandant*, and if I
did not immediately accompany lr.m be would drag
mc from my bouse, at tho same time using gross and
iE- ulting language towards myself and family.
When brought into the presenco of the Julge of
tbc Court of First Instance, he said he knew no
thing of the cause of my arrest, and tuat ho would
fcrtl to the Distiict Judge fur orders. In a short
time the messenger returned with an order from the
l> -trict Judge to place mo in clo*e confinement in a
dirty bole occupied by the lowest criminals, and by
ixrrocs brought in from the streets drank. Scj. 'lho
jailer, however, said he would not take such a rc
s[onsibility. a:.d gave me his oi\n name.
I know of no cause why I am here, unless it be
that returning from the mountains a few days since,
I found that the District Judge had advertised an
American steam-hip, [tho propeller Commodore
Stockton.] for sn'c. she having b?on illegally
fei/ed by the authorities here; and I immediately
posted notices warning persons against purchasing
iict, as she wa. the property or Mr. Fritz, who was
dispossessed ol her One of the notiecs was torn
down from my own door, and I po?ttd another. Tho
same man who tore down the first made an attempt
to tear down the second, when, warning him that it
w;ic uiv prof ertv and on my own land, 1 put a pistol
to h's head, and told him i would shoit him if he
i f i<- : -t c d upon meddling with my property.
Some say that I was arrested be msa, not suscecd
irg in selling tho ship, they wished to get mc out of
tbc way, lor, immediately after my arrest, the
ship was sold.
lfc this as it may, no American is =afc here; daily
insults and abuses are beeped upon us, and I have
struck my flag, and shall pati utly a*ait tho action
of the United States or a naval force. I hop? yon
will i-ee the uecc-aty of despatching a national ros
ed at once.
Sickness prevents me from writing myself? my
friend. Mr. Marcus P Boruck, now on his way to
San Francisco, ut.d the bearer of this despatch to
jou, ba\ing written the same for me.
1 am, very respectfully, vour obdient servant,
Francis W. Rue, L! . S. Consul.
Tin: IiiQVOB Law in Boston. ? The new liquor
i w went into operation, in Massachusetts, on tbo
22d ii -t. 'J'he J!o:-tou Her makes the day and tin*
occasieiii the subject of an editorial aiticlo, which
says: ? Wo are unable to say whether thcro wa*
rnorc or less li'juor drank on the occasion .lodging
from tbc exits and entrances of the " lioen?ea
lion. ? s " we should sny the trade was bri'k enough.
Wo. however, do not know that th-.s* who went in,
and ("in e* out of licensed houses, cither drunk tho
a?dent, in its various forms, or so la water, or what
not ? or. still further, that thsy drunk at all. Many
people go in and out of church without "get
ting religion." \\ hymt the same rule in the liquor
shop! The law was M-?terday tbc subject of general
conversation. "When are the temperance folks
going to begin tin ir prosecutions ?"* was tho pre
tailing question. Nobody utipeared to answer that.
In the meantime, tho-i- that were thirsty wont and
Oral k Tbc p> i.i-nil impri *sion is, that prosecu
tions will i ot be tngid in great hnstc, but that the i
field v.ill bo ex [Ion d bi fore the commencement of i
the grand stampedi Wo learn that one of the 1
,lu"g(S of the StifiK mi Court, yesterday stat d that
tb< law eonld nctcr stand in tho world; tbiit.it is
unconstitutional nt <1 oppressive.' Two distinguish- I
id members of the Itgal bsr have endorsed
ti iso sentiments Tiny aie of firm opinion ,
that the licenses y sntid by t!ic Mayor and Al- 1
dernier, will hold gold fin one year. Wc think
os much: indeed wc feel quite certain that
thee cm, not broken down: and the issue will prove i
so. Still the teniiwrance men ? true to themselves
a> (I their principles. are bound to test those issues,
ard wc doubt not they will be rendly in-t. As we
s'liiid } esterdn* the conscientious opfiosers of the
!nw have unlimited fundi- to go through the largest
ard 'ongest couik- of litigation. A di-stingui?lied
nidi her ( f ?hc tcmt,crum-(j (arty is said hare ap
pliio to Justice Itouger.-i yestordav, for a search war
rnnt tu c.\p!f.re tin pn ii of i, well known iiq?OT
dealer Several persons m<< n loitering reund the
pi( miffs of liquor shops. ? re pointi d out as mem
bers i f some of the Sp> ' oiniuittecs, recently orga
nic It will probsbly take a few du-,s tor mat
ters to get into action.
Juliet Began, Co# Hfhim am I Frtndk Lam*.? A
well ta?wn genius raiding la th ? First md called
"Preach Umi," iu, on Thursday limit mob, some
what enlivened by lager bier, and in consequence thereof,
became a little noisy at the corner of J oka street and
Broad way. which boob attracted the notice of the poUce ;
and fearful that Louis would commit a breach of the
public peaca, policemen Hambiin and Logan took him
into custody, and conducted him to the Tombs, before
Justice Bogart. A complaint was preferred against
Louis for disorderly conduct, and the magistrate held
him to bail to keep the peace for six months, bat refused
to discharge him from custody until he became sober, and
accordingly ordered his committal. The paper of com
mitment was banded to policeman HambUn, to take the
prisoner down to jail : when at that moment Justice
Bcgart observed Louis parsing rapidly through the
rear door of the court room, which load.* into
Franklin street. The magistrate exclaimed, '? Officer,
your prisoner if going off " and immediately left the
bench, aud without any hat followed after Louis, to se
cure his arrest; and. whon in the street, he saw Louis
going as f.u-t as he could up Franklin street toward*
Kim street. Officer Hambiin caine quickly in pursuit, and
passed Justice Hogart before gutting to Kim street. Dur
ing this time, Louis, it teems, ran into the public house
known as the ?? Ivy Green.-' where officer llamblin found
hint, and again took him into custody, and conveyed him
buck to the Court. Justice Bogart ordered the prisoner
to the Tombs, refusing to admit him to bail until he be
came sober. notwithstanding there wure several respon
sible persons present in court who offered to beooiue the
surety In the evening, when hit became sobered down,
the uiHgistrate admitted him to bail. The above are the 1
acknowledged facts, as they transpired ut the court; yet
we observed a very curious version. made by tae Captain
of the Third ward police, on the return made to the
Chief of Police. jestcrday morning: ?
" Frenoh bonis" wwtakun to the police oourt by the o(U
corf, and while the An vu taking officer l>o;ati'* aOi
dnvit, Judy* ilorart lm the I fin h aud took the prUonar
out of the m<1o door. Oflleor UambUo discovc red that t)> a
prisoner was gone, and gavo cbase around into Kim street,
and there fouml bonis and the .Imlne in tbo Ivy Green por
ter house. Justice H >KSrt was hatloss Loni* ilien refuted
to come ?ilbl im uutll tb? JudKo said ho would a? liia bail,
lie was then taken back, sad committed by Justice Uoiart.
We suppose the above erroneous return, made by Cap
tain liopl.ins, na in accordance with tbo exaggerated
fctatcmcnts uiudo to hiui by the policemen Justice llo
gait. however, pronounces the statement thus made by
the Thinl wan) captain to be false, aud u malicious per
vert ion of the farts a-, they occurred,
J1 Charge qf h'oli< Pretence# ? . Irrest on a (,'onrrnor'o lie
firittiion. ? Officer Patterson, of the lower police, urrived in
town ycftcrday, from Tike Mill*, Pottel county, Penn
sylvania, having ill custody a uian named JohuG.kus
eell. a resident of that place, whom he arrested 011 an ia
dirtinent from this county, on the couiplaiut of tin firm
of Van Dusen & .'agger, "dry goods merchant*, No. 89
liberty street, wherein llusscll < tands charged with ob
taining a bill of dry goods, amount inn to $500 and up
ward.-. on a credit, under the following alleged false retire
sentations: ? It seems according to the facts as sworn to
la the indictment, that Russell called at the store of the
complainants on, or ubout the frth day of May last, and
represented that lie want i d to purchase a bill of go ids on
a credit, and as an inducement to obtain such credit, re
presented that ho was the owner of ninety acres of land
in Windham. Bradford county. Pennsylvania, and
one-third owner of a saw mill in the same
place, all of which were clear and unincumbered;
that be whs al.-o the owner of four hundred aores
of land at 1'ike Mills, l'otter county, Pennsylvania, where
he resided, upon which In- had built a good saw mill, and
bad paid for it, with the exception at $400. for which M
then had the money, and which he would take home
with him to pay; that aside from that sum of $400. ho
did not owe $100 in the world, and could pay one-third
down for all the goods he wanted to purchase. Upon
; these representations, the firm, belioving them to bo
j true, (old him a bill cf goods amounting to $.r>7ft ?4;
{ Whereas, it has since been ascertained, that iu fact
Uufcsell was not the owner of ninety acres of laud, nor
| was he the owner of the other properl y as represented by
! him. but in debt at the time to the amount of several thou J
sand dollars, and in.-olvent and irresponsible. Under this
state of facts, complainants went before thcGrand Jury,
and procured an indictment for obtaining goods under
false representations. The accused was conveyed beforo
Justico Bogart, who committed him to prison for trial,
in default of bail
.1 Singitlar Vase of ? Officer.* Crosott and Smith,
| of the lower police, yesterday arrested a German named
Charles Yungbirth- and a German woman named Chris
tina Fausel, the landlady of a German emigrant boarding
I house situated at No. 6ti Greenwich street ? the firmer a
bar keeper In the same premises? who stand charged
with stealing from the person of ano'ber German woman,
a boarder in the house, named Waldburger Millhausen.
tho sum of $00. by force and violence against her will
and consent. It seems, from the facts in tho case, that
tbe woman Millhausen was acquainted with one William
lluber. nnd became eneievle : but instead of making auy
exposure of the matter, lluber agreed to pay $100 to
be released of the coming responsibility A lawyer wa?
proeueed. and writings drawn up According to tho con
tract. the $100 were paid to the woman and Mr. liubber
received the rtleasc. $10 was paid to tue lawyer
and the balance, $t?o. the complainant put into her pock- |
et. During the day. however, it became known in the
house that the complainant had $<i0; accordingly as
sworn to before thu magistrate, this Mrs. Faustdl aided
by the barkeeper and two others, held tbe complainant by
force, while Mrs Fan. ell thrust her hand into the pock
et of the complainant, unil took out the $ti0. counted it
in her presence, kept it, and then the barkeeper turned
her out of the liou-e into the street at tho same timo
committing an assault and battery on her pjrson when in
the street. Under those circums tance* the poor woman
was taken up by I lie First ward police, her story listened
to, which resulted in the above complaint being made.
The two accused parties were takeu before Jutsicc Bo
gart. who held them to bail to answer the charge.
A Sih! Larceny. ? Offloers Reed and Radford, of the
Chief's Bureau, ) i sterday arrested two known < ha meter?
to the police, named ?ne>t Wise and Charles L. Done- j
man. ona charge of stealing a wooden carc containing six >
violins, valued at $50. from the entry doorway of No. 79 j
Maiden lane, the property of Kittle Si Klengenberg They !
were caught in tin' act by the offii>crs, who took thorn !
before Justice Bi ;rart. where, in default of $1,000 bail, i
they were committed to the Tombs for trial.
Brooklyn City Intelligence.
Trn pROJCCl CD Itl'KATtC iVsVU H I'OK KlVc S Coi'ST r
A few week' since the Hoard of Superrbora selected the
Ciooke Farm, in tbe (own of Flailitnds, as a rite upon
which to erect a Lunatij A#ylum ami made the ncri'StJiry
arr.'iigtments for i1-" purchase. It contain*- about eighty
acre? of tipUud. and one thousand acr?- of rail mend >it;
and upon the nroperty stc several buildings, including n
large gili t mill which supplies the poiml.it ion of the neigh
borhood. Tl;e cost of the whole la about S>&> (MiO At n
meeting of tlio I'oard. held yesterday cw*ning at tlie
county jail. a rcmon*trano< Hgninsi locating the proposed
asylum upon that property wa- presented, em
bracing several reasons, among wblch are that the
price la exorbitant, and u heavy tax would be Im
posed on the rnutt v in consequence of tbe purchase ?
that tbe building should be erected along with other
public building i n the County Farm; Hint tii? erec
tion of nil such buildings wax injurious to a<ljaeent
property, nud are utiisanc s: that the , . , -t of transporta
tion <?f jiei on and provision.* will hereafter M mure ex
pcnsiTe tban at pre.-ent. which will materially increase
the cost e<I budding: that tbe erection of bo?pit*|s, poor
houses. and prit liou?**s. would prevent per?on? from
comli g to the mill on the ftirm. where they lvira a ri^Ut
to be strvid; that the location of tbe building would
generate dhea*c. and consequently injure property, and
that ant lie promise* are only acocfdhli through popu
lotM naifihboiboDd*. or by water. ihe duiker would be
gront The communleetion w?- ri-f.'rred to the Lunatic
As>lum Committee, for report at tlio next met ting
Coi r nr. Soi ri..? -The interne heat of the w< at her for the
part few days hap affected quite a number ?f pet. ??.* in
this city? natives. as well a? foreigner1? and -.n \ :al
instances the consequcnccs liave proved fatal Yester
day information was brought, to the CofOner's ofli <-,ihat
a colored Woman named Maria Johnson w.i-pro-tn' l hv
the heat, v.liile vaJKing in \snletbilt avenue. in ? >i t; i
By with a friend, and expired soen after rhe , r.
viotw a In borer, in the employ of a coiriii^ir nai-.i'd
1'f uglerty. wai ako futally effected i\nii ? . . . in
digi-'ii'g a cellar on the turner of Columbia ? . , w .ren
Daowar.n wttti.i Bitium; ? On Tuesday night ?> man
named Thomas Sherry diowned n'>ar the dock foot
Of tirld street. while bathing. Ill* body was conveyed to
the residence of his family, in Water itreet neia liridge.
BfKuit. ? Sonif time durina Thursday nigh' an em
ir.inee was effected into the dry goods store of Henry
liadford. in Fulton street by tin liking tnrough the U k
Ivan im nt door A number of pircea of the valusllo
goods in the store were carried away, In ail amounting to
between $4C0 and $000. The pcrpetraton were u"t de
tec ted.
ItAiLnoAn Acciuknt ? Between 1 and2o\look
on Thursday, the engine on the M> rio; ?; (iult It iil
road ran ofl tbe truck about twenty miles l?.lotv
this city, au ! Mr It F. Blake wa- Killed an) 'in ?<?
nthert *tn Mriaodj injured It t eppean that .'?ir
Wake was .-landing on the plitfonn of on* of the
cars, nnd win n tbo engine ran Olt' tho tr8"k, he
was thrown between tlio car upon which ho had
boon landing in d tbe one in front of it, and both
cars laving come together with ?fi ? Ti?icnoe at
thoit.'o't, he was ttrribly oriished. fl apoho
nff < t e, ards, but lived only * lew bouts. Mr H. !?'.
Illake had been employed a* coi.duotor on
i he Carroll ton Railroad, tind was merely on ft pica
kure trip, vheti he lot.t lux life llo a young
titan, a od bnd Ik en uiati ii d only ciph' ort n montba
Hi - body wti- taken to liia rc-idfrnto at Cirrolllott.
We have not ha rued the namee o!' the other throe
irn ii who were injured by the accident, but aro in
fom ed that one wn a Spaniard, who w is bringiug
vegetable ! to the city, i'lit." tiidurtuoato man bad
both his lege broken, and i^ said to hare eailcd upon
those present, after the accident, to get an axe nod
cut fLe mutilated Pinbs oil Auoiher in. n had hie
jawbone broken. Tbe thfcd nu not ?o ? *ri m > in
jured as his tcllow sufloreri. --A \w Orhai J'im
yt'We, Ji'fo' 17.
Skktiwcr oi tiik Otmki.o Ran'< Roirkr ?
In tbe cose of the People Abijah liarned, who
wa.= convicted at. the Juno to rn o( rhe <l?s. po
Cunnty Court of Oyer and Terminc, for t*ie robbery
cd the Otsogo County Hank the Superior Court
now hitting in thi.s Tillage (I'elhi) have just d*
eidt d upon ike bill of exceptions, and refused to
g'tuit a new trial- The prisouer harint* b<-en
brought into Court, by Setb II Field, Esquire,
tberiff of OtN go county, *iuthen called up and
sentenced by the Court to the S'at' pr; -on at Au
burn for tlie term of five years. It is understood
that tbe Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson, one of the pri
aqgier'v couseel, i? proputit'g a wiit of error to carry
tbe ense to the Court of Appeals. Ihere is con
s (ietable excitement here in ref< rone? t( the mat
ter, rind unito n general feel tg th'it t tho pri
son. -r otttifl have a new trfal. no would bf ao
c, ii?* t? d Tlie dife'dnnt is a young man about
tV o' ty- three j earn of agf; rather t?ll and slim, and
of n very gent' v I appearance When the sentence,
uhieh was pro* on nerd by Jiidg" Shank 'and, was
g>". < n to the pHtouor, he aeemitd but very little if
any ?f < etc! I'nicn, July 17.'
Mart? AflMn. i
Twr U. 8. M. Btbamship Atlantic, Oapt. Wect, leira
at noon ta-day for Liverpool. Upward* of ? hundred |
passengers had encaged berths In her yestarday morning.
Among them was Major J. A. Beard, of New Orleans,
bearer of despatches to the Court of 8t. Jann, supposed
having reference to the flaheiy dlffloulty .
Tub U. 8. M. Stf.ameb UuNiitn arrived at Bremerha
ven on the 3d of July, at 1 P. M., making her sailing time
from New York thirteen dayaand thirteen hours. A Bre
men paper of July 5, notices this arrival as " unexampled
t-peed; and so much the more remarkable, as a continual
fog prevailed during tha first eight days of the passage,
permitting but one observation of the sun." This calcu
lation allows for difference of longtitude between New
York and Bremen, and also for two hours' detention at
The V AfinraBiLT Line to California. ? The steamship
lkaniel Webster left yesterday for San Juan, with labor -
*rs for the Nicaragua railroad. This steamer will here- 1
after tun between New Orleaux and Han Juan, in connec
tion with the Bteainitbip I'ainpero and the Vanderbilt liae :
on the l'acilic. via Nicaragua, giving a semi-monthly
rommunlcation between New Orleans and San Francisco
in less than twenty days, Instead of thirty days.
Stfamsmip Jam i s Amies ? The steamship James Adger,
Capt Dickerfon. arrived last nlgtit iu fifty one hours from
Charleston, bunging late Southern papers.
Family Provision Market .
Beef. rst'gp'.sjirlb.l'iJj'alCc.
'? corued 6 a lllc.
Hum i:?c.
Pork rj',c.
Mutton 12 'ic
Veal 7c a 10c.
Lamb |>er qunrtor.75o. a $1
Calves head b ft..pr set. 50c.
'? haslets, each.... 25c.
llallibut. per lb 4 n flc.
Sea bass 7 a 8c.
liliicktish Sc.
lilueflfh.. 5 a 6c.
Weokflbh 8o.
Salmon 37,'-c.
Keif C a 8c.
Forgets 4c.
Fowls per pair 6s a 7s.
Turkey .s each..., $1 a 20*.
" hen $1 a lis.
SpYing clilr k's.pr pr, 5s. a $1
(iecto, each Cs. a 9s.
Ducks per pair .... 6s. a 9s.
In Washington Market tho prices average pretty much
the same, sud the supply in each is plentiful, fresh, and
of good quality.
Woodcock pr brace, 4*. a 5s.
English snipe 4> a
N?w potatoes. pr in'sure. Is.
Potatoes, pr bush., 7s a lis.
I'eas 6s. a 7s.
](? ai?s 2s. Od. a 6s.
Cabbage, per 100, as qua
lity . . .' $2 a $8
Cucumbers, per 100. . , , IOj.
Squashes, pur basket . ... 6s.
S'n tomatoes, pr basket 12s.
?' pr quart.. Is.
Turnips pr duz bunches, 3s.
pr bushel 5s.
S'n corn pr 100ears.9s.al0i.
Apples(good) prm m18c a2s.
pine, por doz ... 12s.
Citron melons, per doz. . . $2
Pears per measure 3s.
Blackberries, per qt lie.
W hortleberries 12>?c.
Cotton Trade.
Tlif annexed statement exhibits the movements or
; this staple in this country up to the latest dates in each
I of the past three years
Movements or Cotton is the United States.
Receipts at ports since Sept. 1, 1851 .^'2.980.000
1 Corresponding dates last year 1 2 300.000
" year before 2.022,000
Kxports from D. S. since Sept. 1, 1851 : 2.370.000
Corresponding dates last year 1 ,880.000
" " year before 1.410,000
Exports to Great Britain since Sept. 1, 1861 . . . 1.013,000
I Corresponding dates last year 1,310.000
'? '? year before 1*70 000
Stock in New York and ports of rcceips 118.000
j Corresponding dates last year litO.OOO
" " year before 255,000
Keceipts at this port since the 1st in -taut. 18.000 bales.
Export, 10 000. TaJu>n by spinners. 10,000. Taken on
speculation, 8.000 Stock in first and other bands, 42.000.
Amount on sale, 12,000. In relation to the movements
iu this market and the appearance of tbe growing crop,
i kiC.. the ciicular of T. J. Stewart. & Co. says ?
The business transacted in this market, in our staple,
has been of a very moderate character since tho issue of
our last circular per PaolQc, on the lOtli instant. The
I suit s for the week ending 17th instant, were 8.000 bales,
and consisted chiefly of parcels offered cheap, which were
mostly bought to supply tho wants of our spinneis, who
continue tho policy of keeping woll in stock under the
existing circumstances, which seem to warrant the belief
that prcsont priccsare quite moderate for the position of
commercial affiirs and the general apparent prosperity of
the million; and the yet great uncertainty which must at
this early stage of the season Attach to the growing crop ;
n feeling ofjl ueeasiness prevailing least accidents may iu
' terveneto prevent its attaining to the very large figure
of the present one. On Monday of the present week the
sales were about 600 bales, with n continued firm but
very quiet market. The advanced price per Humboldt,
from Southampton, with I.iverpool dates to tho tub inst.,
received that morning, being of u more quiet character
than anticipated* boy en did no*, appear. Tuesday v.as
neurly ent ii ely n holiday the business offices and bunks bo
; ing closed at meriaian.'infrespect to the memory of Henry
< Clay, the day being set apart by the city authorities for a,
j funeral pageant. "Wtdnesday. the America's advices
to the 10th inpt .were received \ 'a lixlifax by telegraph as
usual. and being still dircoursging, our market has con
I t.nui'd dull, tho soles of that day being 900 bales; those
! of Thursday 1)00 bales: and yesterday 1500 biles with a
j firm mm kit if buyers would appear lor any quantity, es
pecially of grades over Middling, which maintain extreme
lateo to which we have adjusted our quotations.
Tho advic.s from the planting section yet continue of
the same very bealthy character, and the indications
point to a large crop, lly some it issurmised that in re
olity. it is not doing as well us the prevailing belief, but
bs nearly two months of the critical period has yet to be
[ passed over. it? position at the present moment is not a
I veiy import rut one
'J he ilu-iug quotations in this market were as annexed
Liviiipool Classification.
Upland*, vi:.: Florida mi it Orleans, viz.:
prmriktaf N.Ahibiimn .V Orleant.
Atlantic port*, and Tfnntutt Tex fl# and
nroictht. Mobile.
Ic'oelor Nominal. Nominal. Nominal.
pidinary S a #!?? a s'X 8>? a t>&
Middlis? P3 , a f'1} S'i a inj a 10
Good middling. 1H'? a Id1., li?? ? a 10V 111*. a 10J4
Middling fair. . . . 10k a 10JU io'i a HOi 11 a 11>?
I fir lOJi a II No ne. 11} i a 12
1'i.lly ifr. ir 11', a ll?? None. Nominal
Qooa fair Nominal. None, Nono
Fine,., Nominal. Noon. None.
ilAitlTlMK I IV T K. b L I V K. NCK.
Movement* o( Ocean Steamer*.
n*Mc?. 1. lavas Date. Fob
Ualtic Liverpool.. July 14. ..New-York.
fj< rc.ann Brem-n . . . .Jnlv 16. ..New- York.
Jlam-ov Glasgow ... .July 17. . . New-Yora.
Fnropa Livnrpool . .. July 17 ..New-York.
t ity of Glasgow. ... Liverpool . ..July 21.. Philadelphia.
Atlai.tlc ow-York. ..Julv lit. .. Liverpool
Crescent City New York. ..Jufy 27. ..Havana fcNOrl'a.
Apia New-York. ..Julj id. ..I.iverpjul.
Hiimlioldt Now-York. ..July 31. .. Havre.
Ohio New-York. ..Aiir ft. ..Aspinwall.
ProB'cthfDs New-York ..Aug 6 ..Pan Juan.
ftecj Franklin ... .New-York.. .Ang ft.. .New Orleans.
Petrel... N>w-York. .. auk 0. ..Bar 8c st Thomas.
t'n'ted States... .New-York. ..Aug 14. .. AspinwaH
Ai.varvAo roa .tut ronx? this day.
?in Binc3.. 4 .'>1 I moos more
??? ??rri 7 211 hish w area .... aiorn 1 19
Puamsl.ip Atlantic, Best, I.iverpool, E K Collin' & Ce.
' smsliip Unt iei Wei iter Gr.ffam, Mvn Juan. I) B A lieu.
bMp.iane D Cooper, C< woll, Itrist I, Nesmith fc 9oas.
Ship t'onriir, iJewhurst, Hio Janeiro. Po?t r. E ltott h Ce.
SilpOflU'ji(lir), Henderson. Qaebee, T tfallacc.
b' i; Fraaees E'iis Bic, Perkins St l?elano.
Ship l.lirnlctli II utley ( Br), Abill, Sippban, NC, J Plck
Bar' Edna Rr.hbir.fl. Malaga. .1 II Oartr k Ct,
Bark Gen Taylor. Richards, bt Joht . r? B Ladd A Church.
Kara Lu oiler (I'rus), llulliman, Iiuhoc, ? U UiiriLut &
Brig Rapid (Br), Axbirry, Ll.-boa, Boorm&n, Johnson A
K.irS imn fSwe), Wcjterbey, Lislma, Fi.nch & Meincke.
Bi ' amnd french, Brown, U'ott Coa't of Africa, Sardy
Sl .'-hi, ford
Brig arif!:. Bjlin i, T'lt t?'i Pla't, Fnn'h Hi Meincke.
Brip Weal.. listen (Ner), TiUc.~ili, At John, Nli, Fuach H i
lieiaol e.
Btii Weine, Peter-on. Jaftr?onville K C Read.
Iiri,: Vi ii iu. i.ariin' r, St !??! if. Pn -mlth ft. none.
hriii R 11 Lawtoa. Gardi.er, Newport, Kf, fl 8 Steph?n??n.
S !r F.xf ted ( Hr ), h f)Str ta, A liana, < ' Aoki-rly.
hfhr Triton (Br). \iUlett Mvliia- linnter fe GritRn.
Set r Bea Ntvia, Sherman, Jacltaoiivillo. lunmptun it Hun
Be! .-Jul a Trance*, Tfiemptoa, Bte'if ?rt, NC, H Piatt &
>? -ht Ja?.per, 8 .'.rs, Jr 1'l.ilaJclt Ma, J Uaud.
fl .: Victor I r.ui-il Bctttl master,
friirJVail Delano, "ipnlean M ?>??, l.add U C.'l. irch.
- p (?reg<a, etntaw. ''lovideiiee.
h;o p Jam?t Getlara, Nieh In Fall Ri er.
u nven,
R'-ar! ?! ip Jaran Adgcr, Dichinmn, CharlMtoa, U heure,
' it l i",e and paeeen^-rrs to SpoCi rd, Ttleston It Ce, it!d
mat, 2 15 t'W 27 n.lln N F. of ? ?p? Lookout 8ho?l<. ox
? i ? t pert sinals with st'i mil lp IFm Pino. heneeforNew
Hrh'atil; saii-i' day, I'll elf tlattirae Shoals, ex' handed
u!i ala with etcatuhllp State ul Ot .^ia, from Philadelphia
lot ss \ en*; ah.
Terr ent, Print e Liverpool, S2 days, with aides and
Uii ? pvir*. to l> Pill ii Rtcn.
Mi>p i ietisrd ?"r?e(i-; (i a t .*i ) Perry, Livprro 1, Junn 10,
v " h i/.d?e at d 4011 pssjeiiiters to T>nr ham U'mnn Jnne
II ti : he rtTi'inli ( naa uel, epoke , hip .*.?Tclilonen of Talieit,
snd supplied i.? r * it I rrovlittas: same day, spoke snip Rip
V ii W mile, hence fur Liven ''oi
Mar.. J Fothes, Franol*, r,i.ayaiaa, PR, via New Haven,
? It i. separ and molasfti
Uari< Jaeoh Prentise (tf Yaraionth), Loring, Matanaj, 15
d?' wlthsuiiir to Nr .mi'h (k Sons.
lir'j! Sea Mew. Den? isfn Bathurtt (Rivor Gamhia), June
is villi l.lees Sic, to E R Ware.
htir Horace Greeley, Chase. Jacksonville C days, with
li mhr.tiiJ f iios.
Blip Ri Uef, Brown. Cltrrjfleld, 10 daye, with lumber, te
m pk n, Vi.v' i w a ( o.
?SihrMsria l i e* (of Ban"r.fkl, Miillm Tohaeci. 39 daye,
with I !?i" n. to A Patrullo !>tli inst let 29 It. lo? J\) i 15,
, p te I ark 1 lisexm a, ? f T hornist o, I, onnil ntethward,
Sel r Sterl!i|i lilt). Hrl-nes, Mil:d^or. Ns, lldayt, with
I i?st r to J S tvhl'iej fa Po
S"1 r Mlonfs' ta Bsker Philailelphia, 2 days,
8ehr Now llavee Welden, Phllaseiphia
Sir .lehn Ma> lovr. Farrow, Philaeoipiiia,
Sc I r W'rn Pope !?< iter. Roiidont ti r Poetoa.
,><fir f- r mi riet Pirrv. Il'.taoiit for Tl'ieton.
<? I r Unirot t v Mm n"y, Briflgep' rt for PklM'Iphll,
i r V?n"a Torrey. Bri'?> port fur Philadelphia.
Silt AliM'toiie, ffti'itts. Bild??nort for Phi'.al-lphla.
Setr I'pMr S|tsr Ra'lland fid sj*.
S' hr Hit, P'pe, J gt?t Mi i hies
f'i r f i eiii ri * I' ii '.er e. Fit t' n T 1. imaiten, 6 lajs.
b( i-r ItcfBLkl, Blnaiaers 1 ?-tpoit 7 dayi.
Steems'.ip Pii," Webster, (iraflam S?.b .loan; ships Rap
p-l,?nf.<ck CeshiPK, I.ieerpoolj (.eorRia, Bredy, St JUin.
t R; tirhaus I Kr), I1' oiti rs'n, Qwobec; hark laager.
iv,?t ,r Botolalu; ?nd othir?
H'ii.1 at sunrise. NW ; n.eridiaB, NW; euneet, Nf, light.
Bil? Tboi Tr^whrldee frsta Pari ado ???, report s for New
York, ha-' err at New Haf u.
[Pan ^riAStStltf AMI MCA. at Bo /ton. I
am i lis. Ji ll ft ? i?rr Si a Bird. Smith, erom Newca
f r ?t> ii vis it trso B'v, for repairs, wai under lo
i* n te 1 ii J | ? a-'.s
tMwrii Jmy (*? arr fc l w Yfet'.yia WatUattAB N
I il Si r.'h (mt f<i| I. Z llart>k'41a NYerk Htb. >a
? ? ft* < ??e.tBts P?? a?tl?
Im iitm Jn'e #? Arr Alvs'/do. Sleeper, Pelni%<*e<.
Ir i.c tenia f Y' rtl (ilia Pl'^iadelplua, aid fieia Mliff
.' i Seat,f?"*r NOrbaei.
U (> . r X L ? ait.n, Tltw. Tcr NYcrVg Oesaaa, aad Ar
I ehiteM, for N(Me*a*> Patria, AgUo, ul Hairnet, for Sab
I Hint July S? Bid Geo?, NTork
| BtiMlMtrn, Jul? ,S -Arr Waatily fihakod, KYork.
I 814 4th. Vnn Viacke, NTofV": 5th. Ooeaa a n 4 Orioa Balti
more; I > nil ley, Murriaon, NYferk; Amaerland, 1{ih hor
m? lid Johann do.
In the Roada 4th, Aagustus. Kt n<>*7 for ? ? ? .
Camii, Juae 27? Arr s W Naxh. Waaa. NTork; 29th, P R
Hazel tine, Cottrell, Trieste (reporU'd from Palermo); Bru
tar. Couoh, and Aahburtoa, Taylor, a Uoant. Sid 27th, Hot
laader. Poualand, NYork.
CABDirr, July 7? Arr Oreeawioh, Childi, Liverpool to
load for NYork.
Cow es, July 6? Sid Hobroa, Kilby (Iron Haraaa),
Ciiokstaut, Juae SO? Arr Linden, RowO, Mobile Sid
John Spear. Spear, Liverpool.
Cvihatm July 4-Sld Jeanaetto & Bertha, SFr?.ncisC?r,
Cutenberg, NT oik: 6th, Thocla Jotephlae. N*uou. do.
Deai., July ft? Air Tahcaay Mayo, Montevideo for Hull;
Vlflti ria, WatUogtoa, NYork for Antwerp.
Passed by 6tb, Orion, of and from Bremen, for Baltimore.
Dover, July ?>? Off Guteuburg. and Prim Albert, from
Hamburg for NYork Von Vfoiile. from Bremen for d?j 7th,
Oct ad, or and from do for Italtimore.
EMiiiii.ru, July 4? Arr Cornelia, Blaaohard. NOrleana
for St Pettrabnrg; llobbe Madeira fordo: Austria. Borland,
CroDntadt fur Bristol, E; 3d, Yarmouth, Hangs, Charleston
firCroaatadt ...
Falmuvth. July C? Sid Arthimadea, Miiflkell (from Bit*
tanjas), ,8t Petersburg; 7th Kossuth, Fisher (from da ),
Flushing, July 7? Sid Good win. Week*, NTork, Wil
liam llall. NewcAftl* E (so reported).
Gottenhvrg, July 2 ? ArrGlnhe. Whitmore NOrlaans.
GiBiiAi.TAH.Junu 'SI? Arr J W Cellt lYi.itou Palermo
(and old for NYi.rt)' SJth, Cyaur.t, Holmes. Boston and
Pay al; Genoa, Kelly, Leiiboru. for NT?rk; Martha CMark,
Miller, Smyrna for do. (The Western bsund paseed out
Gi.Aar.ow. J uly 7 ? Arr Glasgew (a), NTork. Sid 7th. Har
monla, Dagpett, do (was reported cld ,'ld)> Petrel (a), do;
Mary, Scott. Boston
Greenock, July 0 Arr Harriet, M'Loan, Wilmington,
^ C>
Liverpool. July fl? Ai r bark Winchester, Rriggj, New
Orleans; Now York. Hut I inson. New York; 1' 1* Sa^o, Ro
binson, do; 10th, Denm<)i . i.'renai>, Mobile.
Sid 6? Adams Gay. Cantino; 7th. Oceau Qaeod. Mit
thews, Bonton; N?w World. Knight, NYork; 8th, Philailol
Sbia, Fanlke. do; North America, Dunbar and John U
arvis, Rich Boston; Kb, Linb Harwood Parker, Klula
delpbia; Andrew Foitur, flolacrt n, N?w York.
Adv Niagara (?). for Boston 2lt'i; A^aaiiia, Healny, da
10th; Plymouth Ko:k, Caldwell. do'JOth; Parliament, Brown,
do Aug 6: Bit' tie (a), fur M York Nth in at; Euroua (h), Lott,
do 17tli; PaclflS (a), du 2.-th; Jem-ore, Cobh ana Kennobeo,
Sirith do 10th; Oawego, Barrtuw, do 11< h; Jaa Neamith,
W ntta; Sldduna. Brigta, aud Vanguard, Norton, do 14th;
Saratoga. Iraak and llopa (ioodwin, 1'nrjena, do l(>th; (Jeo
Green, Redmau. doisth; Foreit King. U a thorn, d'>2'M; Nei
ota. Skc.lfleld; Waterloo. Ilarvey. an.l Aahburtoa, McWil.
liama, do 2(!th: Florida, Mil'B. do 2!>th, City of Glasgow (?).
Wvlie, for Philadelphia Stat; Lvdia, Soulo. anil T.ioawaada,
Jliliua. do 12th; J II Oliddcu Howea. do 20tb, Sootla Mor- I
rill, lor lialtimore lflth: Mary Hale. Rollial, do 2litb; Fran- I
chite, Robinton. for Cliarleaton )Ath; J ltiitledne, Wambcr
sie. do 20tli: Hartley, Morrill, fur ^Orleans 12th; < Hrraok,
Faloa, do 20tb; .Mountaineer, Roblaaoa. do with doapatch.
Knt for ldg fith. John Bryant, und Parllamoat. Biatoa;
Ell<n Maria, Wliltmoro, New Orleanc; 7th. tVeitera World,
and ('lias Cooper, New York; Sanmol. Savannah: 8th,
Miiakingum. M'iliniiipton N C-; America, Riuhurda, Chaiente
and riiiiadelpliia.
Alco in port ldg. Monmouth, for Bath; 4nna Rich, Shir
lev, R I) Mierherd, ami Joaiah Bradloe, for Rnaton, Rock
away, Btnj Aoams. Nebraska, and Elvira Owen, for New
York; Stephen Baldwin, fur Philadelphia; Edw Everett, and
Brandynine for lialtimore; Wxcclaiur, ' r City Puiut; Lap
land, ai d I'hienl*. for New Orleans; Roht l'ntton, for Ha
vana: Rolit A Lewis Loekwooda, Frionds. Globe Ridient,
E*j're??, Blanche and M?ri? Brennan, for San Francisco.
Ent inward at London 5th, Matanaas, Stoarng. from Ha
vana; Slth, Ossipee, Merrill, do; Indian Oceap. Bakor, and
llnmholdt, B' "nken, New York. Cld 7th Enropa, Nolle*,
Cardiff and i^an Franoieoo; 8th, Northumberland, Lord,
In port 9th, Hermione, Howard, for Sydney, NSW. 2.r>th;
Arab, llmri-ton, for Calcutta aeon; Joahua Batca. Easter- i
brook, for Hong Kong and Canton ISthj t W Given, Given,
for Shar.ghan 12th; York town, Bra<*irh. for New York 15th;
Southampton. Tinker, do 22d; C Grinnell, Fletcher, do 2Wth;
Delia Maria, Burlel"h. for do ldg; Actress. Murphy, for Boa
ton 8 or 4 d*v?: Louisa Bliss. Oroighton do 10 d*ys: Tusket,
Stowc, and Mary & Adeline M'Leltan. do ldg; Archimedes,
Munro. for San Francisco via Cardiff; Ellen .^mosoa, Isa
bel 'a, Blytli, and Marlborough, for San Francisco ldg
LoNuoXrERN y. July 4 ? Arr Majflower. Crooker, Liver
pool for Philadelphia, touched to embnrk passenirorfl.
Malaga. June 2!' ? Arr Victoria, Mobile. Gld 24th, Sea
flowar. Waldeu, NYork.
M AKSKii.i.t:s. July Arr Pilgrim. Robiaaon. NYork. Cld
Geo Thomas, Fobbing, Ltghorn. bid 5th. Laura Snow, Ro
binson, Boston
Mn.ronn, July 7 ? Arr 8a rah, Fraser, Savannah.
N antes, prev *o July J*? Sid Emanuel NYork.
Newpokt, .liny 7? Hid Cumberland. Lasa Smart. Saa
Frar>ci?c3. Cld Mh, Acadian. Gardner, Portland (perhaps
PriHTSMOfTii. Jnly7? Arr Yictorla, Chameion. Nit^rk
f' r London (and proceeded; the report that she arr at Deal
Sd was fnlne).
Off do iHb. 0 AM, an Am packet slip, ?uppoa?d the Lon
don, llclnrd, from NYork fur London, which waa off Dart
month 7th. __
Qvbfwstoww, July 7?-CId Wabash, Barnes (from Mau
ritius), London. . .
Fmn.ns, July 5? Arr Culloma, Curnlag, Antworp; 8th,
Arctic, Zerepw, do.
Suco, July 7? Sid L<nden Gillaa, NYork.
Tuv Start, July ??th ? (iff lodlau Queen, Dmmmond,
from Havana for Antwerp (was also reported off Saloomb
4 th).
Portsmouth, JulvH ? The Am ship Emblem (of NYork),
Slater, from Newcastle for Philadelphia. which put in horj
lial.y, >? disg.
C ate Town, ( fill, Jl?y 29 ? On the IHth inst the Am
ship Argn. C'rockcr. put into Algos Bsy for repair*, having
? prupg a li-ak In a heavy sale, not far from Natal. The leak
?aj first discovered Ma> 10. Throughout that day they had
experienced revere squalls from the westward, and at seven
PM they rigged the pump, and after workiog fer half an
)ioi,r. found that the vessel had sprung a leak. All hands
were immediately put hy turn? to the pump and It was
constantly kej t going thron.;h the night. All this time the
gale continued rnabated. At eightnext morning they found
the leak increasing so rapidly that they were unable to keep
her elenr * ith rne pump. an heretofore. Shortly after, find
ing no benefit from their labors it was deemed ncoesaary
fi r the safety of the Yessel to liihton ber bv throwing over
n portion of the cargo. ai d accordingly 14* bales of hemp
wire thrown nvtrboard. *>n tbe following dav (12tli). ro
abatement was discovered in tl.e leak While the wind
still cortlnued severe it was dicmod advisable to throw
over l!fi bales more The pumps were then resumed, to
Veep her free. The ship was foutd to leak during these 21
hours at the rate of 2J> strokes Uie hour. Tho crow were io
worn out with fatigue that the captnin wa> obliged to let
half of thim 'ie down. On the 1.1'b, the breeze moderated;
but increaeco again i n t-he 14th. By this time thi men
cameaft.it being 8 I' 1U and told tho captain that they
eoolil rot work any longer An English ves,n| coming in si/It
to windward, signals of dMrest were ma (e, but tbe bark
kvrt on her course, ard tbe only attention p*id was the
hoiitlt'x ot tbe English enMin A part of this day the shin
leaked about 8ff0 strokes the hour. Then In I at ?? .r>." and
found a current setting S E abeut two miles the hour.
Finding that there was no hope of relief fr^m the barV,
the wn ri-turned aoain to work On the 1.1th. tell io with
the Sw bark t'srrjn Cecilia, from Port Louis f, r Gothen
1 ltrg i" 1st RS W. This bark centi?ned with them tho
next Tb.ctneh again rem' oft, ?nd ?wanted to leave the
ship saying they were unable to w ork any longer, and miaht
not lia\ e another opportunity of doing so were this ve??i I to
leave 1 lev wete finally prevailed up^n to try another
<!ay In order to jet her into a port, from which tiiey oould
pot 1 e fae o fT. end that the S?edisb bark hsd eons nted
to retrain with them till they did so. At 8 I'M en the 1st
they ma de I'adrone. J our of the crew here dropped from
eshaustion. The prespeet of reaching port aoo^i |.ept ths
others tin. and the lbth found them anchored in the bay.
D-eArno although only IV) tons, is one of those lormr ro*.
?els made for carrying, and she has now ur.wuH?of 1 (?0?>
tor s of valuable cargo on li ard It is believed that tbe
whole i f her enrto will liarc to be landed, and the \e?t?i he
obliged to be condemned.
Ttltgraplilc Narlnt Reports.
Bostkii July t.T
Arrived? Ship ^quantum, Cadiz 3poke 17th Inst, let SS,
1. 1. 1 ;i IB, bsrk I, span to, 7.1 days front Mantillas fir N fork.
I' a i Y I'ario, 3 ei, enrol a. Spoke lOtli in?t. off Memory Iti.ck.
lrig Carolina, ircru Moblte for Boston, all band* sick but
tli" mate
Barks Sarah Olney, Vatsn-as: Khoderio Dhu. Wilraiog
ton. NC; llr detiR. Baltimore; brigs K K Hawkins, Irii.idni;
Vesta. Galveeton; Creole. Rndout J?l:a I'aysos. NYork;
t-'hts Kglsulinc, CoDSivc; J*"-' h Longfellow, B?Himor? II
It Fo?tcr, Tarijvin Southerner, tit Riai. Philadelphia;
Brave andSjy, Albany; Counsellor Boodout; Hc!bouri<e,
and I.eprelette NYnrk
( li art d? Shi| s llnslrt'i SFranciseo; Wc stern Stir. St
Jclti. Ml. toll ^d for Liverpool} ''?rk Behrin*. St I'rters*
btirg; h A Ilvbart, Sitijrua; aehr Ameri^'n Belli , NYork,
CiiABLs.NTorr, July 22
Arrived? Slip Snl'ivan, NVorV,
S?ll?nt? SteauisLip fs ins. IJu-.atia via Key West.
? . . ? Nrw Onr.rAns, July 21.
Set ed? f leamslip Bea.l FranlOln NYork.
Arii>ti 22u? fclitp Atlantic, NYork
Heruld Jlarlne Corrmpondenra.
Fhii.?iici.pm(a. J-niy V I ? I P M
Arrived? fehrs I. II NioVcrcot.. Nielterion. Bontoo: t'apry.
?*??< ?t. NYoik; Kaey .lane, I'erkios B*th; Jon? S Mir'i
ver (air. Di*htou; Milton, Milir gor, I.tiheo: u II liovrley,
B< gers, Charleston; Lu< r*tia. Utter. Ainari-cba; F J Cum
mins > eajie, Bangor; Win A l>uiio?q I'arlisle, MYork;
Bnnrer, Lurry, Fortsmonth; A a Gould, Grant, NYork; B
L Bury, I'eterson. Frovidence.
Clta'red? Ship Buko of Norlhunthfrland (Br). Roh?on,
London; barks Fmily. li'berta, Marseilles; I.nconia Taylor,
Boston: Sarah Moers (id el> nraooo) Bean. S:>n Fr?iici<co;
brig Ii C ousins Thompson, Barton: sehre M A Ganld. Oranl,
Pi rtfmouth; Iiueretia. Bay, Beaton; .1 S Shriver, Ciia,
Blgbton; Victory Baker. Boston; Telegraph, ttouthworth,
b<iddlotown; b'.I Cummins. Mtcie. Boston; Cardenas.
Grant, do: W A ??ubon^. Carlisle t.a kill; Banner, I. awry,
Fort mouth; Mayflower. Berriman, Portland: Boni S ltor
r>, Fcterson, Jlo'-ton; steamer Kentohno, Clurk, N York.
Bnto Aihaso ? Ho wreck of this vessel Ins aont ?ihnr?
at Cape llaj A Irnak was tonnd on hoard containing about
>11". A seaman'* chett, ci nt.tining a fow elnthoe an I %!'? 0T?
nnesiy, wa? Biokei np at F'ive Mile Uracil. Cape Ma?. 20th
inut w Moh prol.nlily csmo from ton name vessel The-eweraj
also s?ew papers in it bearing tl-c name of Warren b' Itus
aell U itdol oro', Me *' It in in the poeeession of Mr Taylor,
from whom the owner or his friends cun reoelve it by proving
the property.
A Ship'h Bn f., weighinr .Id? lb*, dst'd 17'?7 and a Iar;-e
eorjier bol'tr, has been r'cently carticd to Grand tl?y Turki
Ielai d. by some wrecking ve??ols. They obtninei them
from tbe wreck of a vory large v-sxol, evidently a ship of
war. which they had di^e.overen at Silvor Cay Bank, ia fi*e
fa'bimsef water. 1 be wreck is supposed to be that, of H M
ship Wolf, lost somewhere In that nelghborhaod in 1761, be
inn i. l e of Admiral Pocntkc's fleet.
Kotlrrs ?w Ularlnsw,
Cl'Slost Bocar. K?r W nr, )
Collector s Offic e .Inly 1.1 HFI. V
The I.Uht Vessel slatl' n?d near Sand Kay olf r.hls Parbor,
will In rt moved on the lf>tb cf August next, fa ' onse^ueDCo
of I elrg rnflt for fnrtlier service There will therefore be
uo light at cr rear Sand Key uatll further notice
SAM I, J B0U0LA8, Col'r and Sup't of Lights.
Coast 8t n vr v Statioji inear Potersb-ir*. Va, )
.Inly 13 1H(W. t
Sit? T have tbe hor.er to renirt the following results of
I reliml; arv pompntatlcns of observatlors for latitude on the
rt eeterti t out n ade b) A iistm t GeorfO David-oa during
hie expedition with the f conuoleance p? ty of IJentenant
Conn-anolpg Aldrn. fr< rn San ?r?Be|?eo eouthward Tha
longitude n suits will be fnrr>i*hed ss soon as oompleted. I
si old respectfully reijuest svthority tu pebllsk the present
r ..flee ?
La 1 1' u oe of the Astrr nnmlcal Stations at the several points,
ss det' mir ed by ptelimi' ar> obm rvations by Assistaat
Getrje Itavidion, United State* C? est Survey;
Nsrre ef Station. (.? m rsl Locality. Ii"t, n
baptaCnu Bat of Mi t'oroy, California. .JC w .
San Sloe, n Ssn Simeon Hay. ?? ^7 !
Sar Ln!s Obi-po. . Shi. l ouMtblspo Bajr, " M 10 37 ?
!? an fa Barbara .. . Sistta llarb'afflia <?eL ?>* -J " '
Ptk ottT'e Iintbor Island HantaOrnt. ?* ?
bak Pedro Pan F Jro Bay, 88 ? u 6
IPIrr MlV UT*' A p T1ACDK, 3?yt.
V' II. W. I Ilotcr, Actlpg Seo y of Tieasnry.
? ?.S? Mr Cseada fr. ?oet?a for LtrerpooL .lely II. 10
' f liil' l? V ft Trt^'ft"?' NO'l'a"* ,f>f Livrponl, Jaly
<p,V?ker, front Tlsvre f. r NYr^k. Jnly 1. no
11 1 iii Victoria. St. For' mouth. I.TVi, Irom New
* iUp A?<rl'? Lawrtaee, from Llrrrpoo^ f?r NTorV, Jely
' m !(f''sr"u^ky. Witter, from Llvtrp'.el for N Yerk, J air ?,
? -tv(, Bodfrri1 2?.l, siiip Ho*le, Taleahuaae.
. . >0 Ml. >p<il ??'*? Us -whalobon*. Moot heme W)
t 1 1, aV .1 i.id HM d? t n the. ti?j*|*. Bai alse oa ft?Uht
40? bbU tp oU front Wk Kog?nia, (TB; IM ?? do from Ate
Hop? do. Sa?ko Jtlr 8. UtSStf N. Ion 4051 W, B L Ban
low, Tabor. Matt, 280 ?>'? Sid 224, ship Wary.
ait at Hew London ti*t. ?h<f I'eruvi^tt. Brown. DmiU.
tion Islands, fit Belena, June o, fuH.
Ixucbod at Fayal (by the Io, at Bo(t?.*)l>th nit, achr
Waltfr Irvine, Nickerton, Provineetown 26 b Ma oil; barko
Spartan, Cool, do, 200; Atlantic. Lace, N . '? W (land
ing)) fth.ichr Lively, Pierce. FB. W, 14th brlh* ? Nlckee
I arc, Hjdcr I rnvincetown. 1(10 bill wh25?p; .Vth. ahip
! Congress. (2d) Hatha* ay, NB, ciean; 20m. bark'
! Holt Ston. do; ?i hr Antartic, Snow, Prnvincetown,
, trwta) l."0 bbla nil. landed 4H bbla humpback otl; 2la\
: Maitha Stuart KB, clean, 22d. barks tl rev Uunnd,
I Westport, R75 I'bla: 23d, Jaa Andrews Beetle. N It, 45
I oil. (landed); 25th Sanphn, Bowlnnd. XB 70. The le
j spoke 5th inst, lat 38 IS, Ion 40, aohr Hanover, of Provini *"
town apparently olean. _
I A?rat Hohart Town. Feb 27. Splendid, Smith, of CoK
Spring 8ld March fl, Italy. Rowley, of Oreenport. Sonth
I }4ea?: 11th, N P Tallmadgc, Edward?, of Cold Sprfcag, foe
South Sea*
! Spoi. en? Jul? >f> lat 30, l?n 71 24, excellent. Smith, Unit*
1 bid tales 7 blk fl>h.
j Jure 24 (by the Bf?rtba Worthingtoa, at Bolton) lat 3fc
J Ion C2J?, Ocean, of fcaudwieh, 50 bbla oil
May 14. lat If! 13 S. Ion OOtiW, Congress, Mendall. ft ??
I New Bedfr.rd. 130 days, l."0 sp.
June 11, lat ."1 N. ion 03 If, schr Palmyra, of Naatuskt W
oil n< t pt ated.
No date, oa the Equator, Ion 101 W, Napoleon, Nan,
not stated.
Porel(? Porta.
. Aluoa Bay, May 21>? Ship Argo, C rod. or. from Manila far,
o '*"*?<? por ateamrlilp Ame< l.-a >t burt spring
bok, llurd. from Boatot, via Cape Town, to return to latter
?oon ar d flni-h leg for Booton.
Antwerp, July 7? Hark Ella (of Beaton). At wood, far
Beaton, idg Shiji William. Ball i? chartered to ina4 fordo,
to rail Aug 1 a 5 The w ir ropurtod aid for a port in Bnip
land, ao that tie charter may hare been cancelled, or ah*
may return tofultill it.
aspinwai.i., July 14? Arr steamship Pampero, NOtImmv
to ?ail nex* day it her return.
BATiiutgT (ltiver Gambia ), June 13? No Ana vessel* la
Eut<-ring pert, br'c Adelphl (icrharo. from BoKtoa; alio ?
achr tuppoaed the t> B r?? iitCLd. Turner, from NYork.
Arr at do Joly 3, ahip John Marshall, Hobertion, *Y?rk.
Bk-Hattrna, Job 12? Arr ateani'hip Merlin, Cope, NYerk.
L'ak Tovd, CnQ Mm 29? Bark Ocean \T>vt, L?wis. fir
i llos'or abt June f>: brig* Velox(Br). Ware, from do (Marsh
4; xrr 6th, use. Bid 17th, bark Courier, White Zaatibir.
I Caiiz June 30 ? Ship K?ti Welrh from Adra, fur Boa
ton tonohod for mpplios, to fail next <?ay.
C'nt>NaTAi>T, Julv4 ? Ship Oxford, Minot, frcm NOrleaaa,
arr 3d, to li ftd for N York bark Rhine CarUdle, for rt Fork
loon: hiir Linden, Rntre teekii g tVt; only Ain vea>aU,
fArrHA^TiEW J:ily I? Cri* Maty caiharioc, Ward. Jar
Bohtui' (i daya: achr Vary F Kunpn Wilson. torNY?rk 1#.
| riE.vrtrrcos July II? Bri? Neptme, Clapp, for Beatoa
j 12th Bid abt 8th. ltr liri^ Mury, do.
Car pen ak. July 18 ? ^ld hark Floronoe, Pottor, NTork.
OrXoi, Jdyl ? Ship Mmnuticook, 1'u.irbaaka. from NBr?
leana juat arr S!d sbont Juao 2i bhip Delaware. Pattoa^
Leghorn to load for Button.
OAltniA, June 10 ? Brig Sea Mow, of and ferNVork 2 lay*.
1 Havana. July 16? Sid brifr Cardonaa Fogg, Sierra Mero
I ra. Old 1 5t h. bark Ida de Cuba. Pepuer. NYork: Mary
| Varney, Uowea, Cabai ar; 16th, Tonquin, Kelly, NYerk*
briiw R M Charlton. Lik'litbour-'o. Sierra Horena; llenqr,
; Baker. Jnruco; Alefia, llankcll, N York.
IlAi.irax. July 15? Arr I'Hr? America, nilton. NTorl*
: 16th. Glasgow M'Ka*. Baltitnere 18?h bark Maria'Liooa
? ie, Vigroan. Montr al 12 day i. for NYork. Old ICtli aehrw
i Young Hunter, Babiu, Baltimore; 17th, Floronoe, Locke,
; Yirginia.
Lkghorn, Juno 26 ? Sid bark Fdar Fletcher, Liuealn, Boa
' on.
M At.AfiA, Juno 2?? Br solir Maria Theroia for a port in V
St a tea, ldg.
Matanzah, July 111? Ships F.rle, Ctirt'?, for London, 14k;
Sabattis, Hall, wtg frt; barks Youta, Percy: Canada Las
comb; Octavia, Sargect; Orlino St Jchn, RodMrd. and Bx
(reas. Boas do; briiia Amenbury, Colliura, and Jesse, Baker,
do: Henrietta, Cnriie, l'i<r Portland, ldg.
Mir anichi, July 12 ? Arr brig Amiiitia (Pras), Ileyn, If
I York.
NavecASTLE, July !> ? Dutch bark Mercuriu*, for Boatoa.
Newport, E July 9? Ship Samoaet, Chapman, for NYeifc
ldg; bark J J Hathorn, Brown, do do.
Rocheli.e, July f ? Prusaian brl* W rangier, for Bestra
same CTeting. Sid 3d the Alfred. N York.
Rotterdam. July 7 ? Ship Powhat.au, Mycra, for Balti
more, unc; bark Lady Suffolk Ptlluys. for Boston 9thj 8?r
schr Isabella.Nilmcn. for do 10 or 12 cays
Richiiiuoto June2H? Arr Prnssian eliip Norma. NYorkl
KHh. trigs Fero. joblitg, no; i.'Otn. Addison, Brown, do; l?a
inst, Ki;rw Lark Norma do; 12th, biig Elenor, Thaoapmn.
do; 13th. Itufsian bark Julia Beya do; lbth, barl; Builiag
ton. Winchell. NYork
Rum Kev, July r>? No Am vessels inport.
Remedios. July 8? Brir ^abao (net Tobago), Sawyer, for
NYork. ldg; othcra a* before.
Smyrna. Juue 26 ? No Am vessels in port.
I St John, N B. July 20? Art b/ig Maria, Keliber*, NYeck.
Tahiti, no date - 6ark Callao. tor SFraocisoe 3 ?oek?
Tauaspo, June 1? att new steamer Ortjalba (Max) Fec
1 mcnto, Boston via Havana; Br aubr Susan, Steers, Boston.
i Home Porta.
ALBANY. July 22? Arr achra Magaoaw, Hoatoa; Pinu
?et, NBedford. Cld aohr.-t Vii.tMv, and Planter. Beaton;
Angaline. and Potioe, Prnridenee.
BALTIMORE July 22 ? Cidhark Zlou, Reynolda, Boatea;
lirige Folipe (Bp), Coll. (with ial oard cargo frem
Havana); Sumu Bovee, . lVlndiea
BOSTON. July 2J? Arr Br ateninabip America, Bhaaaam.
Liverpool intt inet, 2 I'M. Haiti ex With. !' I'M arr up at ?:39(
lark* lo. PUebury. Faval 26th ult; Lunette. Mayl.co, So in
Key 6th in?t- Rroosa. Smile; and Kepler Sbaw, NOrloaoaf
Ped.inorte. B'ai-<I<II. tst Mary*; Hadloy. Kent, aad John 8
Ihival Taylor Baltimore; bri^a W m M Rogara, Skianar.
lath ult; Martha Worthington. Freeman Grail
Turk 7th iDtt: Tangier. Griffin. Matania* 4th inat; Phrbe A
Paige l.innekin andTFKn'X Smith. Philadelphia; Hoary
L auri>D?, Norton. Rondout:aohrn hliiahcth Ann, Cobb. Cay*
Ua\ ticn; Julia A Hihtrr Crowley, Norfolk; Don Niohelaa.
Drmkvater Baltimore; Merfforii, Loud. El Dorado, Waea;
Falcon. Dyer; Catrarine Bat'or Almira T, Gandy aid Hy
B Ba/iiom. Coraoa. Philadelphia; Mary. Novell, Lelpale.
Del' Osceola, 1'iirtia, Newark. Mmrufl. Lovell, and B K
Fitld, Bonlt, Albnuy; 1 Oof OF Morton Rondouti M K
Riot*. Ctasc Itcsita K-m?^ell; Isabella Arbocetn; Graa
iia State. Ilalict. and Rihecca. Thurston. NVork. At Qnar
antine Br brig Cbamp'on. Jamea Donegal I -land May SO.
Signal for three bri?a. Old ahip Buena Ylata. Linnell, Sea
Fri.nci?oo, barks Tremont, D? er. Leghorn and a mkt; VifM,
Pertival. Marseilles: Tiiiity. Colburn. Galveston; Ianarden,
C ri'Uh Savannah. liarv F 8!ado Biker and Echo. Howes
' hilarii-lphia; brig J A Laneaaler. Gillord. Wilmington. MCfc
chra Ji nn G Faxon, St'iphcn Georgetown 8C;Conrier *0
rer? Richmond, Va; P I'attareon Eldridge. Alexandria
1 nthcr Child, Baker, and Magyar. Iia\ener, Ph|lad?1oMaf
A Applrton NirVrraon. ind Bay 8'a'o But, NVork.
Sid sbira Bus'na Vista. Wra Ward. Juliet Wm Stnrat*
arka Vena Adm Moorsom, lana-don; brie Anglo Saxea*
Cr<xJ!ilf aelr Argo Naroa. Brig lly Mathow? aid oa Tum
i!?i H'tr M?ii?r.n yesterday.
BANGOR. July Vj? Arr aehr Jenny Lind NTork.
CHARLESTON. Jnly l!? I'M -Arr abip Carolina. Cennaa,
*e?r.rt, I, bark Coroo 5m5th, Bo'tjn. At quarantine, a
Cp m l-b brig Inthe' fflnR A'lip John P H#r* uf<i Andrea,
ron, Newport F. Cld ship A Gnfisebom?j;h Oheeeboroagfc,
Ll??rf?' l; Hp rri.- ''anehli#, Jailed a Ma*-eeloia
DaM ARISOOTTA. .1 u'y 1.1 ? Si J brU Northmaa Stetaoa.
PAN VERS .Inly 21 ? Arr aehr Lucy Blake. l'hilaJelrMa.
PALL RIVER. Jnly 20- ,^rr artin Mediator. Reed, i aa<a
Pirfr %Tircin>a M'ri. iitimton, 1 iiiUfl, iphia Iplow brig
Fn elii e. etaplea fr?m Duhton anj.j n??-d for Pbiladel|ikta.
91 d arhr Ireusurrr Burro. igln. PWadelrhia.
W'h ? Arrgehr? Medittor. Re?J Charie~t?n: G?? M f<wll^
BawVina: Stranrtr, BlacVweU ai.rt 8*r?h N>(.
lUb. Philadelphia: 2l?t, Waodnp*?ao. F.<1 'r < ? ??'- * ?a;
^atl.ar luirfie B?ald, AlexindHa' Ma Ht<U*r
Philadelphia Rid 2'?t. aer.ra KM T .???a < do ) >it<lMa.
for a S'fiu?b?ri prrt; l'ri-Bideat, Pliila' ??Iplna; fr ai beta*.
brie T ircline, Stailoa f ir
G*RDINFR. July 17? At i^hr Petrel. R?ii4e?l ?id
1V1 I ri* w m Crawford, Brook'n^a NYork; IS.b nebc Gee
Dnvin W?dea N York.
OI.OUCCflFR July 17? /irr achri Elira Fraaeii Calrf*
for WYorV; l!Mh Th ^0. do.
HnnTI (*RD Ju'y?' ? .*.re ateamer ^arhein Tl"a?h?r. IC
York; flort) Kosruth Banrim do; 22d, a-hr Rival Fara
hrrr Kir.g-irR- nrrar-er Albanj, tvhite, Ali>!M'y. aieepi K
I, Pari ?r. Bailor Kli gp'on- fm'ly l'rat*. NTorlt.
HOLMF? ? IH>I E July 21? Arr brig K K Baakiai, Snow,
Ttiriaa'1 8d in't I r finat'.n.
l.KWJ S J tily 2*. P PM- Br b*rV? Bartar*. for MairiUna;
Fr . apy, for Lv.l>?'; two h^rm '-rior, nud a!* !>rhr.i w?nt to
a tliV mrri;r>;- nnd ft J I' M 1 ri" t*aoe,..ln, A'eoieda,
I'or^isn't Acort- It ' gnel* Alraro, I mblem alha'r **. tf
.j'r' Prealafnt 7. Taylor, Abbott I, awrtace, Mary
II. B'iDian Pit* Murr Crair.-r; nkrs The? Fnni.or, M k
fc J C C.nim'
II. B ilMam
Vahrny, El'rij IV-jaoo, ?n1 aomt t? euty otiiera need t*
LI'PFC, JoTy l S1 1 *'? ra Trtcent, Simner, NTerfcg
r til llT 't-or. !,?-??, No?r-.'!
MWI'UFA NS. July l.-.-Arr *b'pe Granada. Fatabet
d' r Li?e?P<ol M;i* P; I'f.'nr 'tir Plrrwi Bmtiat harka
A t< r'a ( Br ) JeuKi-is Lirerpool 4 ' T. i"y, Boston; Meldan.
V-r* i1 1 Matar.at; .'ro Par-"'', Williarna. Havana; aehr
I'ai'v, Si'.rfr 1I0 Cld "toatrahip Faloon, Rocora. Aswinwallt
I * - 1; * *Vlr? Terr Matirrai. A lir?de, Brewer. Marseille^
ac( r <'? rn l*a dmaeai-? Oavana
Cld erbra F /a t Siiaan ( 8r>. Smth. Bali^e Mendf
8r f? <x. Miller. Sap Joan, Nio.
NT W BEDFORD. July ?1 -Arr schr \Pm Brswa, Boat,
Nt'o't 2?.1 ?V-.np Ir.drx <.0
e I.W HAVEN. Jniy^'.' ? arr vrl(r Thou Tri?br?dre, Ob?r
fteM F ?rl a<toi s: >|mti Hnry It'irton Hine N York.
aebr Jn?ig? Hnp>in*. I'hilMtlpliia; aloi.pi Tfcntiry Alhaar;
Ollr" ?'o Co?f',?ore. do.
W f'tifiT J u!y 22 ? An* 1 riir e. fi*apl*a. Di?V*n
frr I'hilad- 'nhl*. ?'ctr? Prer' ont Onr'li?',r I rori tenon lor
dor Orlori IfnUa do. for Albany; Ludv A'<an>n. All?n ^aM
R iter *1 T Kin???on; Tbetla I inpel, a'lbany, ''ath
l.innel do- 1 T? i?, d Hallnok, do IJs'ato a. Pe'ry Proaf.
dfnr? f' r Phil* i?ii>bia aio-^pa Jair.ea Hr.rdra, l'all Rirer
f. r " York ArM>! For^t'r Son trset f >r do
I'D 1 1, A DFI.Pli I A. .1nlj2? ? Arr arbre Leeabnr*. l*ay*a%
Cb r'ertnn Vi't(.ry, Bairr !? ?i ?! Cliaa A (iriener. '*?
t???on. Ji br|(( laron. Bearae, Boat t>; Melail'e, Ori*r*a,
? af?po.| n. . m T Kenrebor Clark NTo-k Cld bri-?T*.
ri ?? VfFar'and R?>i 'r: Marakall li a- Kill do. aetir Mana .
I l'-tr-ou tVi'V-irn*. Preyiownr.e
I RfiVil I Nf"F. Jnly 21- Arr * lira Wa?Mi*ton.
era I'ai tag" NC; R airh w, p i'drath, and -e odi J. Cnl tar,
Ro> drut itxprdlie. KarVrt do fur Pawtwire ; feam*r
? 'I Kogera NYort; alowaa ArooiHea Sr.nrr'a, <la. Il '?*.
!'? rdbaip Atbanv ffelnw (.'?br Mirfa L D?v<s Daria I'k'la
" 1 1 1 la S'd acbra I'"ta'f ja Firry; Mary ansa. Halofl
Mary Vaft ^niltb md Cap. Mr?. Borp *?1.II -d?1 r?* i%
I"< iRTl ? >' |i Jnl* 2'? ? 1 r brira Bor> 01 llo4;d a "arda
' a< July .A- S D Her* 3 H< rtor.. ar il 1 ina, S???rr vrork.
?'ln !??'* <ii*n Worth. VrrV. Tur>s Talard. SH harka R A.
I'erjev. Tlrvara; Aniarieati Trie'itad
RICHMOND Jul* Jl ? Arr b-l? Vi toria, Morgan. Ilalifa??
aelira SSaren Thatcher and Rainbnw. Ungera. ^*.??ron
ra?l a. Peyina' Ann Ca> itn?r Mora* a d Pataina, Saat>
?rrd NYr r'- a-rab ^ F.eel* Starr Albany.
A rr a? f'lty Pr|i t ablp fleo A pt-alpa Sbnman NTork.
PaIIM, July 21? Arr aohr En'eri-iae, Clark, I'Mla
? e'r.1 ia.
w A I.DOBORO J nne U? Arr ?"bra Maatroae, Stevec,
Ba't'o Pr v? tilth Mnry Triton. G yrr do.
IPILMIWOMON July 1(l-A'r a.<br? w?V?, Bririra. N
York 2IHb. Ala-ie Ro^rra rtn; ?l?t W>1h?lna ( Rreaal,
Juntbleat do Cld Wlh, brig* Gen Marshall. Mo.-aa, Boataa.
Cooimerc#, Seayy. do.
PiaarnntM Ariirett.
CiiAlst.i <Tnia? M<an/aliip Jamea Aegir ? M;?i" Cabiaek,
Mi- j T. Wright, Mlaa L P SK.lo, Miaa fclt>?r?. MiaaUorkai,
IKisa I, Sei riner. Miaa II Schriaer, Miae M L 'ami?oa. aiaa
Iltrry, Miaa Matbewa Miaa Mlier, Mra Ulid, Mra S?a?eafc
Hire P Bernard, Mra Glnaaaa and child. Mra f.rora.. Mra *
(' Hhrft, Mra Swnrtw?n? and three ehi'drea Mra i.arbMt*.
II r? M' Kluney, Mrs Sehrlnwr, M< a M H B?rry Mra AaJJk^
Mrs Maihrw D Ml *cr aad la.i?r, J M New^ byan^ (1 la^ dy. Jaa
Ivoac and lady. Geo W WD.tjr aad lady. T ? Bodd lady_
and s.raant. II ?? Parkrr, W C n. ward, K (' G?J' b'lak.
IV J Vorrlr. (i I, Poore. O Taylor, B F Frnxer T <0 Had'
riiffo; H 111 Rowland and two chililien. J K Heed. Mailt A
.1 1 00k, D S A; Jamea Lamb Mi'ton Sayre. H U tYil
llann. ihr*naa M Horsey, .1 F Swaneon T J 3?an?oa,
CKJobaaton, Joa It/ nir, (I K MaoUauD, J K Miiaroa, H
linl|est?-r, IV 0 Cla??i|or, J K Doby tY K BateK?'der A M
Il<.!l r'"k M'-ak'Tf. J CDawaon, N Ht John. Dan4 Cap.
men. Jr Dr Whlita/i, It n Keod, H K Wutlcdga J I Rbatk,
C Taylor, J O Bart^s, ,'ohn N 1 hra?her and servant 0 Riak
artta. n J I" l'ul.tov J AV Handera T, Heat> n. I< (' Daa?|n?,
1 M' Cla k .1 * IVrnxti W S Coat "a. Mr Cnthkari, H>-? l?r
I.?la?d, I'avld Ka#*x, TC Let ier> W ? H?r'>a and <"r?ant,
rapt J?eatt, J C hamberlain II Call, I' i,n.rt. .1 Bi?eh A
II. ftwiik .libnf! Nllnor T W II .li-e, I, M Wl'ey. Cap*
Plttman John P Patt.r.lon H Doll.U Gao Millar. N P
Durns ?an Craft -aad JUe. the rte^r? e. .
1 i?r:tiPoni^-1?b'.r. Tr,rrtra? .larnea Raid t\nd wtf?. Thceeaa
P'ie !< V Pearre, Maila Mannah, ? attiertne Caldwill aad
tilpn ?-bl!draa.
I,i f? ?poot.? Ship R|o\ atd Moraa? Mra M A Laagatoae fJr
J Iliifliea
Batui-wat? Brig Ha a Mew- Capt T Frajer, of HB1I
ixi a 1 W I Regiment,
4t*si ng<Tii Ballert.
Saw F?Awor-.4Cn? C'iiipi r .-?Iip Waraer? lYm H. Beana,
Ce rga M |i"'tr.ii>Va, la.iy ai-d v 'Id H?a I,>nra
Mrr^li fl'm 1^ f adcin, A B ?i t-T. J A Amarmao, Bai j fc
Brown, Wtjt I B ght II P Nleh"'l?. Pfflctialla it > a Frash
invbam. l/aai R ardla Rob't <-a|ta-n, Mr< ti'K ? te and f
cbildrer. Ju'la l.awkr, John (tebam II wiv>tl*e Hatarta,
llaerj BuiVman, Joachim Maao, Bit Sard fiill.o t Jnlina
''?-'Vfnian I oter T'd<ra<an, Cbrla' abor Ta'.raatr.,
J"'.4ph Crnady Jarlah Gr"n'y Samne1 Tr<alw%f .laana
f>u?a Martin WHkirs J F. Bairian ?4?s |tr ?? .oa, Maater
4po ri#C3, J Doah^r, J tlallkrau, CaliA H oli.

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