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Utrr#i7 flUrtlrM.
PmtiuB. os mi Awurmn.-Bj Hmbu Mel
vine. New York: Harper Brother!, 1352.? Ambi
guities, indeed! One long brain muddling, soul
bewilae. ing ambiguit y (to borrow Mr. Melville's
atyle),like MelchiBodeck, without beginning or end
? ? labyrinth without ? duo? an Irish bog without
?o much m a Jack o' th'-lantern to guide the wan
derers footetepe- the dream of a diatomperod sto
teach, di (ordered by & haaty supper oa half cooked
poik chops Verily, books spring into life, now a
days, by a strange Cirsarian process. Our ancestors,
aimple folks, used to fancy it incumbent on an
author to nurse the germ in his fecundated brain
till the foetua assumed a definite shape, and conld
bo marshalled into existence, safe from the brand of
monstrosity. Modern writer* miscarry 'ere the em
bryo hath ahapen limb or nerve, or blood, and mid
wives and doctors in droves pledge their willing
taith that it will live. Potent elixira and oonliala
elicit some reluctant spark of animation; but re
action 8oon follows, and 'mid the feigned aatoniah
ment of foster- mothers and wet-nurses, the emascu
lated bantling expires a miserable death.
What ran bo more conclusive evidence of imma
ture ooaoeption than the planting on the social
stage of this nineteenth century, of a man like
1'ierre? brimful of noble passions? silly weaknesses
?lordly power of mind and warmth of heart? the
potted child of a tender mother, who, yielding to
her son's craving after sisterly love, calls him " bro
ther'? thrusting him into contact with a timid
frtgile girl, who turns out to bo an illegitimate
daughter of hie father's, and firing him with such a
chivalrous devotion for this new found sister, par la
ma t? gauche, that, ha resigns, without a pang,' home
mother, betrothed, rank, and even tho necessaries
of life, to roam tho world, knight-errant like, in
1 7vfrf iDK< ,with low *bow of reason,
Abraham a white he, and proclaiming publicly that
u <atbc,r? liia wife f Where did
?Iri 11 wt r a" original A>r the portrait of
Irabol . Where for -Mrs Glendinning ! or where for
Lu?y ? these pork
chops i ore mnst baie been the grapple betwoeu
the monster indigestion and the poor suffering epi
gastrium. 1 ran tie tho strugglo between tnc fiend
ujghttmre and our unfortunate friend the author
Wo do not object to n canvas well laid with weird
borrow, fantastic sprites gushing from out some
misty cloud, and playiul imps, <iancia? and chatter
ing m the foreground, to the ruin of the composition
of the picture, and to the speeoh'esA agony of the
severe olasoic But, good Mr Melville, your dream
has overstepped tho bounds of our impressibility
We long to give you on* good shake, to have you
rub vour eyes. and favor u.-' with the common senso
wori of toe eu.gmit 1* Pierre really a candidate
for the distinguished honor of a latticed chamber at '
?e Brattioborough asylum 1 Would a mild infusion
of hellebore, ana a judicious course of treatment i>i
some sunny vale, calm his phrenzy, and cool his cal
cined brain ! or aro his erratic hal.iU? iiig wondr jus
rjianrhetnrr.t for a full-blown sister? bis reckless ii?.
regard of filial duty, plighted love, and public es
teem mere fo rms of eccentricity, outward symptoms
c[ the genius latent within? Wo confess that wo
should like to be correctly informed on these points
We own to a sneaking partiality for Pierre, rough
and unnatural as he is, and share his fiery rebellion
against the yoke of conventional proprieties, and the
world 0 cold rules of esteem. Weep we, too with
gentle Isabel; poor bud, blighted by a hereditary
o&njLer- And, need we blush to avow that our pulse
beat faster than our physician iq ordinary would
hare sanctioned, when the heartless Stanly dis
claimed his poverty-stricken cousin, and strove to
wrest his reiuetant briie from the arms of her chosen
lover. But- that shot ? was it manly? wag it hou
orablc 7 was it fair ? to requite a li'asty blow, well
warrsnteo. du reste?for who would not strike to
the earth one who passed for the seducer of his mis
tress .?with a pistol boll, tired from . i arm's length
on a defenceless man ? This. Mr. Melville, is inur
der.'. Fot\,atVuirtler<,r in cold blood- a wretch who
coolly loads his arms, rams the charge home, and
sallies forth with tho set purpose of taking tho life
of hu rival? we fcnve no thrill of sympathy, no
bowels of compassion. Let him hang like a dog! A
harmless mauinan in the first chapter, he is a danger
ous | >est in the last. Let Lim hang! And those ill
starred girls ! Ill became it their pure maidenhood to
drench the fatal phial, and drown the spark of hea
vanly virtue and earthly sense in ono corroding
draught of poisonous passion Sadly, too sauly?
but, as we said, wc cannot wholly eradicate uverv
trace of compassion for the erring impulse of con
fiding girlhood-do we see Lucy relax her hold of
the flask, and reeling forward, fall heavily across
the prortrate form ot her iovcr. Those three? the
murderer, the child of fractious whim and un
governable passion, the self denying woman, to
whom infamy is pleasant, so it be the price of her
lover ? society ? the pariuh, clinging, cerement-like,
to the only nand that has evcrclaepod liers in friend
Jy grasp- stiffening horridly in the rack of doath,
and clenching, in the lust throe, the hem of each
?irt ^ f'armont? ' '*'* tt mournful, a sickening
. did Mr. Melville desert " that bright little
isle ot his own, in the blue waters of tho I'acific '
Is Polynesia used up? Fas the vuigar herd of au*
thors penetrated the fastnesses of those primitive
tribes, whose taboo bas become naturalized among
us, and whose aquatic nymphs have fired the imagi
nation of many a future Bouganviile or Cook ! fs
there not a solitary whale kft, whose cetaceous
biography might have added another stone to the
monumental fame of the author of Moby- Dick1
If our senses do not deceive us, Mr Melville will rue
his desertion of the forecastle and the virgin forest,
for tho drawing room and the modest boarding- house
The former was the acene of victories
of which *o young author reed be ashamed ; the
iMter. we fear, has some defeats to witness Sbcial
life is not, perhaps, more difficult to paint than
pleasant excursions into Mahomet's paradise : but
it requires a different order of talent. Mere analyti
cal description of sentiment, mere wordy anatomy
of the heart is not enough fur a novel to-day.
Modern readers wish to exercise some little judg
ment of their own ; deeds they will have, not cha
racters painted in cold colors, to a hairbreadth or a
?v j . ? e ,aT? P481 the ago when an artist super
scribed his chefdiruvrt with the judicious explana
tion, " this is a horse " Mr. Melville longs for the
good old times when the chorus filled the gaps be
tween the acta with a well-timed commentary on
the past, and a shrewd guess at the future
But we have a heavier charge than this to ad
vance. Mr. Herman Melville, the author of "Typee"
and "Omoo," we know; but who is Mr Herman Mel
ville, the copyist of Carlylc ? Most men begin
by treading in the wake of a known author, and
tiinidJy seeking for shelter under tho cover of his
costume. Mr Melville ventured his first flight on
his own unaided pinions, and now that their
strength has been fully tested, voluntarily descends
to the nursery, and catches at leading strings No
book was ever such a compendium of Carlyle's
faults, with so few of his redeeming qualities, as
this Pierre. Wo have the ^ame German English?
the same transcendental flights of fancy? the
same abrupt staits ? the sam<; incoherent ravings,
and unearthly visions. The depth of thought? the
unci ring accuracy of eye? the inflexible bounty of
purpose, aie wanting; at leatt, nothing outwardly
revcala their pre?enee. Like msny other people, Mr.
Melville set ms to have attributed a large share of
CHiiyle'n popularity to his bod English: whereas, in
point of fact, his defects of forui have alwi v- proved
a drawback to his suceefs. and nothing short of his
matthless excellence of matter, would have intro
duced him into literary society. ? A murti higher rank
would baie bcec he d to-dav l-y the au'hor of "Bar
tor Itwartus," had he rlad bis striking and brilliant
ideas in a loss barbarous corb. The fault was ori
ginal and "catching." Herds of pretenders to lite
rary fame hare langed theuoselvcs under tho banner
of the Edinburgh reviewer, and, fancying they were
establishing a Carlyle ist school, have borrowed
their master 'a bump, without stealing a single ray
ln>m the flashing of hi- eye, or a single tone from
the haimnty of his tongue. Sorry, indeed, are we
to class Mr. Melville among theee Could be but
sound the dt)?th* of his own eoul, he would disoovor
pearls of matchlets pricc, that 'twere a sin and a
shame to set in pinchbcek finery. Let him but
?tudy the classic writers of his own language ? dis
sect tbeir system? brood over their plain, nonest,
Saxon style? not mere French than German? the
?earth would soon convince him that he might still
oe attractive, though clad in his homely mother
J00!"** Krfre p< ii/i, savs the poet-phi
losopher of I a**y, it will satisfy onr want?, with
out borrowing tinsel imagery of a T?amartine, or
the obe jure mysticism of a Goethe or a Kant
^ et a single admonition Nature, Mr Melville,
is the proj>cT n.odil of every true artitt Fancy
mitft be kept within i.roper bounds, and tho evo
must never be suHered to winder from tho reality
we are striving to paint. No poetical Vcensecan
justify such defiartiires from tbe style of ordinary
dialogue as abound in this book. The Tireis and
PhilUs tons of conversation is long since dead and
? uried; trouble not its ashes. I'aaaion can excuse
jiicohtrency, but not fine drawn mannerism, or
gaudy conrrki- For Inetance, what can be in worse ;
ta te than the following reply of Isabel, when IVrre !
entreats hot not to demur to Lucy's living with
them? I
1 by band Is the easto. '!e rierre which hMdtxne |
entti > If fluid Into th. fi . and slightest morxl* of
tliiOf lit thou poureat nip; and 1 there aolldify to that
fu u< *;.J lake It on. and thenosforth wear it. 'UU own
ii,. >i .? then m uldeat me anew. If wli?kt thou tellast wc
)? ihy tboo ft, bow can I baly Its being mine!"
How lal, this coloring ! How lar fromthe swei t
simplicity with which Hterne or Tennyson wwld
Iiave robs d the timid Isabel '
A# ? .u wt cm um of ili;
?f ike book to tha deleterious influent of deep,
uatempered draught! of C?riyh. pertioular
one may perhaps be laid to the oharge of * ">*? who
hti done no good to our literature ? Martin nrqi
hir Tupper. We waat no aaoh richaatff 4, thtagh
the hot dish were, at its first appearsnoe oa table,
worthy the palato of an epicure; we waat our own
author, in hie own unborrowed garb, adorned wuh
ha own jewels, and composing hit feature* into
that oountenance and expression whioh nature in
tended they should wear.
American Hcttkbiority at the World's Fair ?
This is the title of a new work, just issued from the
prone of John J. Hawkins, Philadelphia, and as its
title imports, its contents are desoriptire of tha vari
ous contributions of the American nation to the
Great London Exhibition of 1851. The work itself
is, for the most part, a compilation of ar tides whioh
appeared from tuno to time in the oolumns of the
t\J!W Yqbk Hkuld and other journals of this city
and country, Chambers'' Journal, the London Art
Journal, the London Times , Illustrated News'
Punch, the London American Magazine, andother
periodicals, with newspaper reports, letters, reports
of mechanics' institutes, &o. The work i3 inter
spersed with numerous fine lithographio plates of
soreral of the contributions of American skill, inolu
ding the dipper yaeht America, Colt's revolvers,
McCormiek'b reaping machine, &c., and altogether,
it is just the one tnev needed to perpetuate the
American chapter of tho London Exhibition of 1851.
Accompanying this book, which is got up with great
taste, is a ehromo lithographic picture, most Beau
tifully executed, divided into several compartments,
representing forty object# of superior taste and skill,
(?elected lrom among tho Amerioan contribution*,
having as it* centre piece the jaoht America The
work is for sale at echeiler & Maggis's. No 7 Nas
sau street, and it certainly deserves to have a place
on the shelves of every private and publio library
throughout the country.
Aniwrr to Aithlilxhop Iluglies.
Aicbbishop Hughes has dcsoonded from the dig
nity of his ecclesiastical position, to the lovol of a
profane scoffer, in using with reference to me, state,
ments unworthy tho truth and charity of a servant
of God In replying to him, I shall endeavor to
iscend to what snould ho his position, and occupy
jt if not as a prelate, at least as a gentleman.
In tlxete explanations, 1 defend myself leas than
my compatriots, and the saored reminissencos that
moved us to the religious efforts which hare brought
ni>on all of us tho displeasure of his Graoc: and for
this reason, rather than personal considerations, 1
desire to state the exact particulars.
Ihe republicans of this free and happy Union will
understand the deep and reverential grief which we,
exiles from eur native land, because we desire Cuba
to be free, must cherish for the memory of those
who have been ?acriCccd in our cnuse. for us the
first of September is henccforth a day of national
veneration? a day forever sacred to our beloved ami
illustrious dead With a common impulse, the Ca
tholic Cubans of New Orleans and New Wk ad
dressed themselves to the heads of their church In
their respective districts for tho customary solemn
and condoling rites of religion. We did not apply
for these services as republicans or politicians, but
8Ji Catholic Christians, desirous of paying to our de
parted friends and brothera every tribute of res
pect that reverential love could dteUte. Uur afrec
Uon prompted us not to omit any of the majestic
accessories with which those rites are celebrated on
Eolemn occasion,, and which the > Archbishop did not
refuse to the memory of the Duke of Orleans. The
distinguished Bishop of New Orleans, eminent alike
for hit- wisdom and virtues, listened to the applica
tion of the mourning Cubans in the'.puitofafa
thcr and shepherd to his flock- The church wa.
veiled in moirning, and on a cenotaph wreathed in
funeral crape, were inscribed the names of those for
whoso repose these sacred rites were offered.
Wo, too. earnestly besought the melanoholy con
solation of having those names before e^es
when we raised our prayers te> Heaven in thou bo
half hut the Archbisnop, having assumed the care
?fwkat should not bo done politically in thia coun
try prohibited it, and we submitted our feelings to
K S.iLtto.1 authority. Tb. Jtart mjwj ?[
mournine, and the mi3smg cenoUph, we yielUeU in
could not itcfrain tiorn pr????b?"
Ire mSeC gricied ToTJ\ho to
rnisrme^ntation?. that if I coidd lower myself to
um the language hia Grace has applied to me, I
would say exceeded an orvlinary " power of face to
mi He states that I callcd on him to ask that Mass
onuquiem should be .aid for those who wore shot
? ua;t-,0 ctT Axecutcd id th? Island of Cuba last
year, and that it was asked in a purely religious
vitw and si art from political considerations. Thai
far bis Grace is entirely correct. It was a religious
dutv wo sought to perform, and it is the Archbishop
tSj whoTnverts Ft into a pohticai affair, by what
seems to me a very s?P^? WJjjnJtoAip ?fthe
nputralit v of the United States. Mis waoes
memory "is, however, excessively atfault Inthe
next sentence, for be declares that it was agreed
iuUSt 3cTndtheUcdhanted p^C that add so
rites of the high mass for which I applied, and
BSSliS b.
aph mi/bt bc prepared, inscribed either with the
nunesofour lest fnends. or the places whew they had
fiillen to be placed appropriately in tho church dur
nnw what impropriety there could bo in this ve y
?W'l ^oxnSiuiment to funeral observances, as the
siKsisre&s aft: zgfa
funeral sermon, for, relying ?n his word, 1 bad con
^ciou?' considerations. refused the cenotaph, and
deXd favoring us with a
thoMld infer, from his published letter, because l
v u (j taken " the superfluous pains to point out the
??xt chanter ar d verse" which, if permitted, we cou
have' chosen for the occasion I wish wpestfully
toobwrve that bis Grace asserts that it was after
h;- interview that ho first noticed in my letter the
?ua!?Sd deportment were that of a g?nU.man^It
will always be a t ineer e
the same testimony of his (.race whenevoi ne gi
.T i a?o ^r secret thought^-or rather,
tendencies oi ? thc cekbraticn of high
' annolntfcd time, bccause the city papers
Tl notice oFa biih masa'in honor of Gener^U
gfcve nou .? * , Cuba. At another day I
wili"y something of tbe title of those heroes to
wilt say some. ning occasion I will
the name of offices of religion
tbe alterations that efctora w, .re pU ^
than we are f"T "f^J^tion That we did not
tho free exercise of tbtlr/ roew from Quf ideM>
of the Order of tbe Loo? ?*?*? |( his future
We are not so ^ ^?3; becatue
F.minence ot any of *j. rather will we
they ar-ot orma^ly co UaJ ^ ^ blioan
accuse him of dealing ae te those European
exiles of Cuba, in eventually ???re
sovereigns whoee in reppoct for the place
lim the Careunals bat .^^Je bogom r truBt to
ho holds in ... a,irh cxnrcssions. Tho expla
Hre nr.d Jie, forbids ^ e w,'Jdue to the friends and
nation I h?7? ?ow made w^ d. c . { ^
tho oatueof ^v^ta^wer.whateverreproof
l" ?pcr1?\vTho, aU?Tl dSct to me. Yo?r obedient
the Arehbwbop sttau ^ 1>E Goicouria.
" VnwVork . Ecpt. IS, 1W2.
ar f?.
ini?<i t<. the plalntli ff. ? \ ^ M to deter
V H HV Buncw^ but not a. to tbe
Uiiiriu.- IT- y OT order W
\ rA on rcpr,rt
, , , ? l?. tn ,ulte wh.lhw c.u^lUt"'''' "1' _ o
it i u.i i in p? Vitiou cmo procured. * ' -
I Uit te.ua i?n?t wb.Ab? It will b- for the benefit Of ??
luov.ie'f wtate ?-hJ tn wbm j?roiiocU??a bl? ostaw 0^
^f. (twiner i^.U?vi ?i??i (.voUi-av#
Faioav. Sept IT? 4 P. M.
Meat of the truuutitw lk tki stook wriwl M?r
wen for cash. Prioee were firasly maiatalaed, and the
InTinr* to It M '"'"t fancies m qnite active. At the
fint board, NtoanfW-ftaaalt edvanoed X fet cent;
Morris Caaal, OttmWiand Coal, X; Long Wand, H\
BmIIIih Billttif Hudioa Railroad \ ; Norwich and
Woreeater, %. North Americas Trust declined 1 P?r
nai W? notice the sale of a in tine stock to-day at
the hoard. It ia called tha New York Zinc Company
The sale waa at five per oeot. Wa are dUpo?ed to
aid, aa Much aa possible, tha establishment of banafi^e
mining caaapaaies? those conducted upon proper prta
clplee? for we believe there ia an Immense field for tl>e
profitable employment of capital In developing the
?ni?i?g wealth of (he country; but we are de
cidedly oppoeed to everything In the ahape of
deoeptioa, whether hi mining or any other department
of Industry Within the past two years full a down
thriving eowpmiea have been formed in thin oity and
vicinity, not one of which haj aa yet ahown a result
Moot of them are dOli^j well, and will no doubt sooner or
later good returns ; hat before tha public are sailed
upon to fill the capital stock of new companies, it would
be well. enough to wait the development of those in opera
tion. The Great Northern and the St. Lawrence Lead
Companies, of 8t. Lawrence oounty, N. Y. ; the Ulster
Lead Company of N Y. j and the Canal Copper Com
pany of Maryland ; the New Jersey Zinc Comoauy.
and tha Montgomery Zino Company, of New Jersey ;
the Warwick Copper, and the Chester Lead companies, of
Pennsylvania. are all ia active and we believe inostsuc
cessfui operation, and until each or moet of these become
firmly and thoroughly established, it will be difficult to
put others on tbe market. We cannot be too cautious
in thin movement. Judiciously conducted, the raining
interest of this country can be made as productive as
that of Great Britain, and there Is no reason why
it should not be. That we have inexhaustible sup]
plies of tbe most valuable minerals iu our immediate
vicinity, there is not tbe slightest doubt ; but we
want experience in getting it out, and can only acquire
it by alow degrees. If we make a false step u?w,
it will put the movement beck months, perhaps years;
and it is, therefore of the most vital importance thit
anything in the sbape or a mining company, which is at
all su>ploious, should at once be exposed and plno.>d in
a proper light be fore the community.
Cumberland Ceal stock was 'n demand this mornio?
at the improvement in prices. The new ispue of stook
will all be taken by the old stockholders at eeventy-flve
|ver cent. As this issue fills np the capital, there wHl
be. without doubt. ^considerable competition to get it. It
would be the best policy to give tho old stockholders tin;
privilege of taking the new issue, in proportion to the
old i?sue standing in their names at the dosing of the
books. This would be fair, and avoid favoritism. Ni
caragua was iu demand, but only about four hundred
shares were sold. There is very little doubt hut that
this stor k will soou command better prices. North Ame
rican Trust we hare not much confldecco in. It flue,
tuates so suddenly and largely that operators can form
no idea of what a day may bring forth. At the socond
board the market was active, particularly in Nicaragua
Transit. prices for whioh were well sustained. Heading
and Harlem advanced )i per cent each.
The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of
this port, to-day, amounted to $77 020; payments,
$07,520 18? balance $G, 733.253 75.
There was a moderate demand for foreign exchange this
morning, for remittance by tbe steamship Arctic to-mor.
row (Saturday), for Liverpool. The supply in the mar
ket Is good, and present rates are well sustained. Wo
quote Hilt on I.ondon at 10 U a 10 per cent, premium;
on Pans 5r. 13?i a 5f. 1 2>i; Amsterdam, 41 a 4l>?; Bre
men, 79 a 70X ; Hamburg, Ct a 36;^. The Arctic will
take out net ween three and four hundred thousand dil -
lars in speoie.
The whole amount of bids for the three million Penn_
sylvaaia Railroad loan, was about ten million* of dollars.
Tbe loan is to run to 1880. boars six per cent. Interest
and is Issued in coupon bonds of $1,000 each, converti.
ble into stock at any time before December 31st, I860. It
U stated that the whole amount was bid for by Chas. 11.
Fisher, at a premium of 3.20. conditioned that he should
be awarded the whole loan or none. As there were bids
fcr sums not less than the whole amount, at a higher
premium, tome difference of opinion waa entertained as
to the right aad propriety of the company to exercise
any discrimination in aoceptiug the bids. On full con
sideration, however, the loan was allotted as above
stated, the oompany considering it the best offer male.
The road is two hundred and forty-eight miles long, to
Pitt?burg, a single track of which cost twelve and a half
millions of dollars. Of this sum, over nine millions have
already been expended. j
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Suffolk
Bank, held this day, Mr. K D. Foote waa removed, and
Mr. John W Rumsey appointed as director in his placa.
Mr. H. M. Taylor was also removed from the office of
cashier. His successor will be appointed in a day or two.
This removea all the internal difficulties of this Institu
tion. and its business will probably now progress smoothly (
and we hope profitably.
The annexed statement exhibits the quantity and value
of foreign dry goods entered at this market for consump
tion. lor warehousing, and withdrawals from warehouse
for the week ending September 16, 1852:?
Movements is Fobeign Dav Qoon*
j Entered far Consumption >
rtsg t. Value, o Phgt. Value
Woollens 150 $74,344 L tiks 335 $308,889
Cloth 44 22.003 Ribbons 95
Cassimeres. ... 9 4 052 Satins 7 3,874
Worsteds 104 45.970 Laces ....... . 21 13,907
Stuff goods... 30 5,184 Embroideries. 1 1,849,
Cotton and Velvets lj? 1LW8
worsted.... 2*0 53,965 Plush 12 ,
Delaine 17 6,186 Gimps it l'ring's 01 21,139 .
Merinos 2 669 Silk A Worsted 42 28,342
Shawls 59 23.064 Silk it Cotton. 61 So.u92 ,
Flannels 3 1110 Silk and I.inen 11 8 250 I
Covers <1 2,904 Shawls 9 3 088
Coatings 2 524 S. AW. Shawls 16 9.476
F.mbroideries . 1 1.19ft Mantillas 3 2.852 |
La stings 1 9*23 Cravats. . 19 12.106
LaDDiDirs 2 450 Handkerchiefs I 557 :
Cloekings 2 627 Hose 3 1.412
l'.lacktts "1 4546 Gloves &. Mitts 11 3 873
shirts " S?8 Braids and B. 18 0 744
Drawers 6 1.331 Sowings,.,... 8 4.^81
Ho*. 41 7.503 Buttons 14 7.667 |
(Hovei 4 1.010 Vesting* 2) 8.310
Paddings 2 344 Rasr Hilk 78 12.928
Yatn 1- 3.2iO Other inanul. of 02 60 820 j
llindings 14 2 924 ? 1
Carpeting.... -6 9,248 Total !>19 $638,228
Other manuf of 7 3,271 MA*VFACrraK*or rua*.
Linen 184 $39,T99
Total....... 844 $277.9fc2 Linen and Cot. 4 741
I. aces 6
Handkerchief* 18
VAUurAf'Tuars ni torTov x lir**-!! .',4
Othermanul. of 10
2 olO
Cottons 1?6
Colored do ... . 20
JJ Total 275 $73074 j
(iloghams ? 21 mihcfi.lajkovs.
(ambries 3 521 ,attmw (;0ods. . C> $11,177
Mndins...... 1? 4.167 Keuth'ak Flow 16 ^11
Kmiiroideied. i. 11 US Miuinery 36 6.839 I
K .v::.v; i S? ^??cuff^c. io ? I
Plush .
Lares V 2 514
Hsndkercbitfa 1(J MM
Hose 7". 10,238 ;
(>lo-??*. 1 159
Spools .'i? 6 415 .^? V " i
finding a ?68 ^*'herdo... 1, 12 64
W ebbing 4 721 Nu Pmdere. . 1 31
Tap*,. .7 li 935 876 2,40
CHIit msnuf.of 1 169 J,"/"' ?
Kohf* y 75
4"4i $79528 (:,othing 1 22
Total 640 $64,06
Wi(hAr<tnm from lVarrhovtr.
maki FAcrvHca or wool. Shawls 8 $1,M
Woollens 4 $'2,303 1'uiigwra 1.1 1,67
Worsteds 27 6.840 8llkand*Worg'd 4 2 84
Stuff goods... 14 3,274 Velvets 2 1,?
Co'nandwor'd 91 13.987 Sewing 2 8(
Alpacas 5 871 ?
tbawls 10 2.449 Total 32 $9,5J
U ankets 2 341 MAjtVFacTuaee or fi.a*.
? ? Linens 35 j^,6H
Total 153 $30,163 Linen and cot. 17 2 6f
vaui ? t( Tt'ar.t of cotton. Handkerchiefs 2 71
Cottons 35 $6,148 Thrta<l 1 if
Colored do.... 18 2.034 ?
Muslins 1 121 Total 55 ^,0.3;
Spool 3 317 Mipcr.u.ANvors.
Sbaals 1 224 Straw goods.. . '12 $2.61
Cord 2 298 Plush 1 6f
Nits 1 223 Gracs eloth.. . 6 1,1<
Clothing a .">!
Total <11 $9,448
MANiiracTtinBS or SIT,*.
Siiilne 1 $1,154
KnJered ffarr/muv
Woollens 8 $4,823 Cottons. 50 $9,899
Clot!) 1 593 Prints H 2 220
Worsted 1 SOO Hose 05 6,440
Cot. A worst.. 9 2,260
Merinos 2 939 Total 123 $17, 550
fastings 2 804
Blankets 6 6*'>8 MiscrxLameous.
? ? - Straw Goods. . 26 $4,S71
Total 28 >10 847 Cot'rs eufls, Ac 1 296
MsnuraoTViiM or su a. Plash 12 1490
gllks. 27 $6 160 Clothing 2 8.936
Adfc k Worst. 11 10,031 Matting 700 3.280
To',*l *9S $l6,li?r ToUl 740 $U,3T*
Mawifta. of wool
iff w r 1 1 1 1 ill
C+ ? IS51 ?
" rtlk
" flax.
ToUto. 8,0I? #041 ?64 ),Nt $1,131, MS
Witklnuvn from Wrralmut.
tUautho of wool.... SH $111310 16* $50,W
" cotton 10S ljftlO 81 0,448
" nt 84835 35 O.ttSO
?. , ?? ? 10,348 65 0.329
MiaoeUaaeow 56 11,00ft 31 4.020
810 $238,448 332 $63300
Entered for Wortknitinf ,
Manufae.of wool 141 $45,681 28 $10,847
" cotton... 90 15,340 12S 17.559
" ailk 66 43,808 38 15,107
" l?r gg 5,644 . _
MUoeUaneou* 1S? 27 ,368 740 18.872
*otaU 511 $137,827 029 $81,075
1851. 18S2.
\alua put upon the market second
waek in September $1,180,302 $1,333,753
All brnnobea of the trade coutinue active. There in a
renewed supply of domestic staples which yet bring full
prices, the demand being actire. Drees goodi of prime
grade are in muoh request; low qualities are avoided.
French goods are offering freely at auction; some large
t rench houses preferring tfaU mode of selling their im
portations. The result ia favorable to tile seller. We
particularise the whole market as follows: ? In domostios
the demand for brown sheetings and shirtings keeps upi
and large sales are making at 7 Sf a 7 Xo. for heavy de
scriptions Prices are very firm. Blcachod goods sell
with increased briskness, and prices are still buoyant?
narrows, 5>ic.: broads, 12c. Drills are in good request,
at full rates? bluee. 0c ; browns. 7'-|C ; bleached 8c. Os
naburgs ate firm with a limited demand, at ftiU rates
Denims are steady, at 8c. tor all prime grades. Stripes
are in poor supp'.y. and firmer Ticks* havo slightly ad
v i. need. Canton flannels are firmer, with an inadequate
supply. Printing cloths are rather dull, but very
steady in price, at 3,'i a .Vic. Prints of desira
ble styles sell briskly, at full rates. Glasgow giug
li*m- tell quickly, at 10 Kc.. leaving no stock ;
Manchcstcrs are from 10c., and l.ancasters, 10, Sic.
Delaines of good qualities an' still in good demand at
full rates, but poor qualities are a drug. The supply is
good, with a varied and desirable assortment. Cloths are
in good request, with a light supply, allowtug of little in
crease to the piosent scarcity of stock Castimeres are
very active, and at full rates, but heavier goods are now
more required. The demand embraces all kinds ? plain
and tancies. (Satinets still come to a good market, and
sell well. Linseys are firmer, selling readily at 18c for
prime goods. Tweeds are actire, at regular prices. Joans
are in but moderate request. Flannels aro potting soiree
and prices are higher. There is an active inquiry. Blan.
kets are more wanted, and at full rates. Shawls are in ra
ther better demand; but not yet general. Priccs arc firm.
The arrivals of French goods have been considerable, yet
fail to satisfy the very extensive demand. Few parents
offered remain unbroken; and whether it be silks, wool
len'. or cotton.', diefs or staple goods, tlie consumption
is large enough to take up the successive supplier, at full
and rather advancing prices. The auction sales have
lately presented some large lines of Frenr.h goods, fresh
from ship, which attracted great attention, and much com
petition was excited. German cloths are selling largely
and well. British goods are brisk but sell not so exten
sively as French and continentals. Dress goods of prime
qualities bring fair prices. Heavy cloths are in some re
quest still, thongh the sales hsve been already large. The
demand is setting in from ibis State and the Northern
country, though the Western demand is yet the most
Stock F.ichinige.
{iOH Til'* In t'l Impt '-17 K". rsi slia Ponn'ft foal Co. 11.1
6000 Krk'ln't Bonds. b.1!W 100 Daupliin t'oal c (>
fiiKHl do bj<l 9H 100 Cumberland Coal Co 74
2000 Erie 2d Mete Bds..lO|V 130 do b3 74
1000 Ilud 1st Mtge Bds.l07V 200 do T'S'i
(JOfO do 107 'j 100 d. T'l# "4
2000 SO d"- 110 74
SU00 Bellft'n tc l'a Bds. lis 102 Erie RR
SO thsDel Ik Hud Cauall.'SO'^ l.? do \. ..&)}?
no do l.M^j 'i"> do WiV
40 Knickerbocker UanklOl K") do H)',
,'J0 Metropolitan llank .KM.', 10 Alb Jt Sclioucctady. Iir>)2
100 N A Trust b.'iU 2.'( HI) Uurlem UK s30 7lA?
ISO do 22 100 do .....71m
SO do slO 22 2.<0 do 7H,
25 Morris Caual.. ... . 17'i 7 Rocli it Syr RR. . . . 122'?
60 do.,., 1 7J a 70 do 122
ISO do 17 1 - -? Long Island RR 26'i
SO Farmers' Loan 102 200 ilo 2d,1!.
200 New Jersey Zinc. , . J'-J - .'too do 26;'*?
1UO New York Zinc. ... 20 N II Jo lliutfd cx divl.'lo
00 Montgomery Mining. l''D Ili-uding Kit
SO Florence 4c Keypovt. SI 200 do %
100 Nicaragua Trau tCo T77, 11 Hudson KiverRR... '.2'4'
160 do 2h 2H.-' do 7.'i
120 do 2SU ] IX) do at60 71!
SO do 110 2**2 50 do s.'*) 73
25 do 28V l'1" do s'JO 7'i
SO do 1.7) 2""!, SO do 7.?'4
SO Canton Co *'0'J, 120 Mad it Indians'* RIlIOo
liiO d<> M tOji SO Vor& Worcest'rRR M:?
100 do liCO M 'j 12 t'ara k Wsibington. -17
litl d ? 160 SI 23 N Indiana RIt 123
50 Fenn'a Coal Co. . , . IIV4
S'iOOO Mich S'n KR ltd,. 101 100 BhsCumWd Coal Co 7-'t'a'
<0 s Mer'ts Fx Bank.lOO^j 2'J." Montgomery Mining. .1
So Nicaragua Tran't I 0 2s*, 100 St I.awrence Co. ... 2
:(?) do 2s;,. 310 Eri^RIt 8ti'?
.'0<) do ->lt 'W do ?60 Sd1.
60 do 130 2S'i, 2O0 Reading RR !X:1*
SO do 2.sj; (<00 do ffi'2
2SO do 6.J0 28 l'fl do s.'t W'J
200 do 27?/ 100 do blO *Xr>2
100 do ?M0 27'i US' Long Island Rlt.slm 2fil?
100 Florence 4t Key tblO SI V, SO do ........ stm 2li:l?
W' do SI 100 do s4m 2l>lt
60 Cumld d Coal Co blj 74 4<W Harlem RR 72
75 do i'SK 5 Alb it Schen Rlt . . . lod
?? do 74.'4 5 N Y fc N 11 RR lit
Friday, Sept. 17?6 P M.
Asmks.? Sales were made of ICO barrels. Pots $4 02>?;
p?arU $o 5G>i ? the previous rate".
Bkiswax ? There have been 1 COO lbs Western yellow,
bought at 27 a27>?c. per lb., cash.
HRr.ADFrrFf'8. ? Flour was In fair demand, and the sales
reached 11.100 barrels ordinary to choice State at $4 25
| a $4 43?^; mixed to fancy Western at $4 31 ^ a $4 60;
common to good Ohio, aiid superfine old and new Cana
dian. at $4 3/ \ 't a $4 60; with common to good Southern
at $4 43Jf a $4 0*.'.^. Rye flour and corn meal were un
altered Some 6 100 bushels Genesee white wheat realized
$1 10; 6.200 Ohio do. do. $1 06 a 1 05 5 GOO Western
red do 96 a 9tic.; 6.500 Upper Lake do. <3 a 74c.; some
rye and barley, yesterday's prices: and 30 000 bushels
unsound with Western mixed, and Southern white corn. !
69 a 6P,'i 70. 71 and 72c per bushel.
Cotton. ? The sains were about 2.600 bales to duy. with
a speculative currcnt. caused by the unfavorable South
ern advices.
Candles. ? Within a few days 1.400 boxes adamantine
have been procured at 19 a 22c. per lb.
Cokfkk ? Excepting til" di.-poeal of 4 250 begs Kin (by
auction) at a S'.ic. average 8\,c. per lb. we have
only to notice that of 450 do. by private treaty, at 8,'ic.
Fish ? Cod and mackerel remained scarce and quiet
nt former rates, 1,600 boxes No. 1 and tcalcd herring were 1
taken at ::o a ';2c and57)fe.
Freight* wer? steady, with engagements of 26.000 '
bushel* wheat for Liverpool at 5.'ae.. part begged by ve?- I
?els. Cotton wm ;i lGd . and 1h 6 was asked for flour.
To London, flour was 2b.. and 10,000 bushels wheat, were
taken in bulk, at 6,'.,d . and 50 pipes wine were taken at
lag. To California, rater were tirtn, at 46 a 90c . with a
fair amount offering. There was nothing new to the
Fruit ?200 boxes bunch raiMns fetched $2 20; 60
boxes Jordan shelled almond*-, 31 Vc, and 1^0 e.i-ks
/nnte currants. 8', n ?c.
IIai ? River was in gocd supply and request. at <.1 26
per ICO lbs . cafh
Hides. ? The marleet continues very dull, and price*
have a downward tendency . Tlie only tran actions thin
week sie 1 .504 gn?n salted Bueno* Ay res, at 8c p?r lb
2.660 Angostura, il lbs. at 10,'4'c.. 8 month*: 600 Mar?n
ham ox, 28 lbs.. 19 he.; 780 dry Southern. 10 'jc.; S9 do.
do.. 11c.; 122 I'.nglUh daughter, bj?c
Hi mp ? All de < r'i?tious were quiet and Unch?nred A
'ew lots Ant rlcan undf-'Jed found buyer- at $120 per
ton. fix months.
Ikon. ? There were no important su' . effected during
the duy. Holder n-ked 927 fr>r Scotch pig, and J46 for
Knglirh i;ar. per toti Nix month".
Lath*. ? Several lots Ka-tcrn were purchased at $2,
ca?h, per tbouisnd.
LiAim-e ? No change to note in prices: the receipts
and >ales njc large from present indications the season
will clone with a Unlit stock on baud. We quota light
and middle weights hemlock sole. 17 a 19?.: over weights,
16 a 17c ; good damaged 14 a 13c ; poor damaged 10 a
12c.; light slaughter oak. 23 a 20c.; middle and over
weights, 20 a 23o.; hemlock upp?r. in rough, 18 a 20c.; do.
calf, in rough. 30 a 40c.: oak upper, in rongh. 22 a 24c ;
finished wax upper, per foot. 11 a 15c.; do calf hemlock.
Cr lb.. 60 a 60c.; do. do. oak, per lb., 80 a 100c.; finished
xness 20 a 24 ?.
Liwic.? 4.600 bbl*. Rockland changed hands, at 96c. for
common, and $1 26 foi lump per barrel, cash.
Natai. flTORrs? Continued rare and inactive. Crude
turpentine was quoted at $3 37 H per 280 lbs. ? spirits,
do. at 4J<;^ and -t 1 1 > per gallon, cash ; and Wilmington
common roein. at fl 40 a 11 46? urual terms.
Oils.? Crude nhali was held at 76c., and crude sp-mn
at il 2# per gallon . without inquiry it, 000 gallons Un
seed brought to-day 7* a 7Cc. p-r gallon cash i
Provision? Remained ss la*t noted, sales ha', hst; been
made of 21" bbl*. prime and meraporft atfl7 1 21 i a 3
12J,; <00 j kgs. i iiiol;< d hams at 12 '?c, ; 7P do , to arrive,
at 18^e; 7 eo-ks smoked stms. at l'ie ;6S0hbl* roodto
ptlinc lard, at 11 '4 n 11 l.,e per lb.; and 180 bbl*. mesa
and old prime 1 < > f at ll'ja f if> and 1 6 a J7 per barrel.
Rirc. ? We beard thai 90 ttelWW fair to prime c.om- ;
pMsed th? extent, of thin wet k'l movements, ai. $6 12 > i a
>6 SI \ i? r 100 ihs . ca |,
Boat.? lln re Imvc been 1 < 0 boxes CK ,tile taken nt 9,^8. j
per lb.
Spirits.? The dsv's tran-nelioni Included 8<>Q bbl? I
Olio and prli> ?n whiskey 24 n'J4 a 24,' c.. r.a h ; and !
160 hbds. drudge do. at time, Ac [>e-. gallon
Hooahs ? About UWt hhda. Cuba have been sold at I I
a.'i^'c. Maiket unalt- red.
I'liaAf o .? Sale s have )?>en made of 117 en es Ohio seed
lraf at 7 a 8c.: 21 New York, at 6 a 7 '4c and 21 Connec
ticut at 5c In mar, d fair
Wool..? The niaiket still continue* active, and the ad
vance In wcolh n* has tended to make holder* firmer,
pa'.aa reach ICiO <W<> lbs , at JUic. to 50c Of low ,grad>?
liinw is now hardly any on market. For, Ign 1? not
active, but holde.rs are Orni.
Hi <? ins or reoo' j ?. this i?a*.
Bt North &<??? Bo? in? 2 lil libls. flour, 400 do.
whUkaySfe HkM, 611 ?*, lard tMIt fcti*el? wfceat ,
tOMT *?. am,4Mtb?MiNti. m4 >1 Mm woat.
m mu Buuoui-3M bUa Somr, M 49, ohMM, UI
<W butter tad 790 lualula f|tfc
u? (??? iUrLH pkga. bettor, m i?o
40. okHtf.
mrttumin ?r thc wcbc noim inrr. 17
IJ*u r. ? 60. Wit)
BuiOHWO Powder? 300 ewkl
Br.i.a? 1.287 ml-1 is.
Con et? 17,466 b*gs.
Coal? 2 olO ton*
Dtm ? 02 balm indigo, 8 cask* madder
Dati<;?.? 7 bale* jalap, W OMka alkali, 2T. uai balsam
ropsrid. SO omm magneto, 437 eufa and 10 In. Mdl ash,
083 MW liquorice piite, 400 cask# u4 1M kegs blow-bo
nato tod a. 10 cai-ks cream tutu 23 casks sugar lead 370
casta Kpsom salts. 3# oeroona ippieae. 80 flasks quckxil
rr*. 126 boxes chemicals. 04 bbis arsenic. 62 balm mm,
6 rwb and 460 kegs ehemioals, 3 casks antimony.
Drr.w ooos ? 629.046 lbs. logwood, 37 quintal* do.
Drt Goods ?1 619 pkgs. per steamer (Hugo*, 48 per
Jleuj . Adams, 62 per Uvo Krams, 111 per Charles Cooper.
41 per Nortf America 40 per Progress, 200 per Wild
PigKa. 96 per London, 143 per Falrleld. 77 p*r Zurich.
176 per C. Urinnrll. 70 per Juno, 52 per Helena, 186 per
Lady Franklin, 297 per Waterloo, 142 per New fork, 768
per Humboldt. 11 per Louis. 63 per Zarataa, 1C per Kl
fira Owen. 130 per Liverpool. 180 prr Kosoius, 80 per
Isaac Bell 107 per PeWitt Clinton, 204 per 8oujUuunptou,
41 per bliaunon. 1!7 per Silas Ureeuman, 33 per ttouth
Carolina, 17 per Maria, 32 per Mary Crocker, 01 per Ks
pandola ? Total, 5 107 pkgs.
Pikk Crack* ??? 1,600 boxes.
Kihh. ? itii bbin. salmon. (Vib bbis. and IS keg* herring.
40 do. ood, 8 do halibut, 361 bbis. pickled flsh.
OtiABO? 1,060 tons.
(Irkasi . ? 86 pi pan mare's grea??.
Hops? 1 18 bales.
Uaik ? 2& bhlf>.
Hints ?62.287 o* and cow hides, 56 bales goat ski us.
and 17 casks hides.
Iroh ? 82 783 bars railroad iron; 128,284 bars, 34 986
bdls ; 7 442 bUls. hoop; 6 420 b<ils. sheet; 1,002 places,
and 1.757 tous pi?
Lvmhcr ?34.34-1 feel hcsn'ilng, 4 483 pes. boards;
72.300 laths skid 60,000 shingles.
Lt.ii i ? 5 ()25 pigs.
Leather? 13 baifls. 18 casks okWeci
Moi,ass? ?? 7i: hhds
Mattiho ? 1,013 iclls.
Mmals? C79 bdU. 224 cases sheathing.
Oil.? 89 cv-ks oliye, 28 pfcgs. cod, lt?8 casks linseed, 182
ask* wliale Hud 2 It do. rsporeod.
Paints ? 4S0 bWs. Venetian red, 11 ease) vermilion; 1
?'s^e atid 1 oaf-k uiUa marine, 60 kegs oohro, 100 bbis. SO
ko?> colors. V) bbis. led lead.
J'lasti.h? 480 tons.
Potatoks.? 400 bug* French. .
Pea.nuts ? 8.520 bu. liels.
Rags? 781 biles.
Uai i aks? "oO bdls
Sai.t? IT CT6 tack? 34 813 bushels, 454 bbis
?SrCARs.? '000,600 Havana 150 boxes, 874qrs ,8cases do.
Srti l? 571' cases. 1 368 bdls., 07 bars.
SrEi.i fr ? 1 ,t'0G plates.
Ss.tu? 20 earka tape. 40 ba#s seed.
Spicks.? 7.506 matn enssia. 60 bxs. ginger.
Bi iiAR? 1 00*1 hlids, 1,003 bxs. 4 tea
Spirits ?81 bhds , 212 lilfs., 361 qrs., 406 bbis. br&udy;
C3 puncheons whiskey; 14 cai-ks gin.
Tobacco ? 70 bbis , 6 casks.
Tka? 7.825 pkgs.
Tin? 18 :?"& lixs tin p'ate*.
Wikk? 482 lihds , 130hlfs., 3 219 qrs., 1,610 cases, 204
bbis . 2 581 baskets.
Wool? 278 b*!es. 70 do. woolen waste.
Wood? ti80 leg* rosewood, 1,966 bdls. willow; 51 logs
yebra wood. 110 logs cedar, 3 logs and 42 sticks mahogany.
' Now^ork Hotel, in open to transient and permanent
boarders. Families visiting New York will Una it one of
the best and most oonifortable housos in the oity, being
entirely new, and tilted up in the molt superior tnaunur,
with every convenience, gas. warm and cold baths, Sic.
square, in now ready for the receptiou of oompany, the
house being in complete repair, in all respects, for the
accommodation of permanent and transient boarders.
E. DAVISON, Proprietor.
street and Broadway, New York, ii new upon to tho
rubllo. Itoontain one hundred and fifty rooms, furnished
Ea the most elegant st} lo, with every possible convenience.
It Mill be kept on the American and European plans, com
bined; and the proprietors are determined that it shall rank
among the best family hotels in the world.
American exchange bank, of gf.oruetown,
D. C? redeemed at y. of one per cent, by
S. & J. S. DUNNINU, 180 Greenwich street.
Goods, Silver Plate, Pianos, Watches, Jewolery, Dia
monds, Fancy articles, and most kinds of personal proper
ty, at the l.ife Insurance and Loau office. No. 32 Warren
street. N. B.? Persons dealing with this office, will be
treated in an honorable and conbdeutr.il manner.
South street, has tor sale drafts for any amount, which
will be cashed throughout Creat Britain and Ireland. Also,
issues certificates of passage by th? Eagle line of New York
and Liverpool packct*. Refers to Meiers. John W. Whitlock
li Co., Sherman At Collins, and Anton Civil, Esq., aud
others. .
Look at tiii^.-henry beirne, no. 43 west
street, wants English silver, at 24 cents per shilling;
half crow in, 00 rents, or $4 tH per pound ?torling; sove
reigns, $4N>. All other foreiun gold and silver bought at
the highest rates. Spauisli aud American change bought at
2 per cent premium.
$100 for ti or 12 months, for which a liberal percentage
will be paid. Any philanthropic person feeling denoted to
advance the loan* honourably, will please address J. K. A.,
70 Canal street.
Notice to contsac tors.? sealed proposals
will be received for the tilling up of four lots of ground,
between Tenth and Eleventh avonues in Forty-third street,
17& feet from Eleventh avenue, south side. Apply to
H ILL! AM M ALONE, No. 7 New street.
Remittances to Ireland, &c.? drafts from
?1 and upwards, payable at any town throughout Ira
land and liraat Britain, are issued by the subscriber; also,
Passage Certificates to and from Liverpool aud London, by
the Swallow Tail line of packet ships.
83 South styet New York, and 5 Regeut Road, Liverpool
Railroad.? Proposals for loan.? Springfield, Mount Ver
non. and Pittsburg Seven per cent first mortgage oonvcrtiMe
bonds.? The Springfield. Mount Vernon, and Pittsburg Rail
road Company oUVr for sale $200,000 of their mortgage bonds,
with coupons. Th? bonds are in sums of $1,01)0 each, pay
!tl 1? the lut day of January, A. I). lt#>9, with intoro.it at 7
percent., semiannually, in the city of New York, on tho
1st day of Junuarv and'July of each year, where the princi
pal is also payable. They "are secured by a first and only
mortgage to George S. I'oe, Esq., of the oity of New York,
trustee for the bondholders. The amount or bonds thus to
be issued at present under the morgue is limited to $000,000.
They are convertible into the stock of the Company at tho
option of the holder. The mortgage oovers the lino of road
from Springfield to Delaware, a distance of forty-eight miles,
reaching, at the latter p'.int. the Cleveland, ColumMts. and
Cincinnati ltuilr md, aud on tho real and personal estate of
the Company between and at both places. Thit part of the
road is under '-ontrs> t. and the greater part of tho work is
done, aud it will )><- finished and brought into use about the
1st of June ncit. The local subscriptions applicable t? this
division of the Mad, amount to a little upward of $500,000,
of which about three quarters has been paid up. And the
entire cost of this division? including two costly brid jos,
eaeh coating about $100,000 ? will be about $370,00*1; and ths
Company have a further subscription ofupwsrd of $400, 000,
applicable to the cait'-rn division of the road, extending to
the Ohio an 1 Pennsylvania road, near l.ondonville. a dis
tance of sixty-four inilo*. This road passes through the
central part of Ohio, densel} peopled, and as productive as
any otl^er psrt of Ohio; and it forms an important link in
a through line fr in New York to Cincinnati, byway of
Philadelphia and Pittsburg. An examination of the map
will show that it o. <ui ies s position equal to any other in
the State. Proposals v. ill be received for any anioaut not
less than $1,000. until the 21th day of September, at ii
o'clock. Proposals to he addressed to Messrs. Delano, Dun
levy k C"., No. IK Wall street, indorsed. "Proposals for
Springfield, Mount Vernon, and Pittsburg Hailroad Bonds."
Ten per cent of the purchase money will be required on ac
cepting tho bids, the remainder in equal monthly Instal
ments of 10 percent purchasers ai liberty to pay in full,
interest on the bonds to run from day of payment. A map
of the read, and an exhibit of tho affair* of tho Compauy
may bo had at the office 'of Delano, Dunlevy it Co.. No. IS
Wnli street. And all neeeesary information willbegivon by
then- in relation to the road aud its securities. C. AN
IHO.NY. Preside tit of the Springfield, Mount Vernon, aud
Pii tihnrs Railroad Cowpan r.
New York, gspt. H, I -v.'.
nn'Ctirg of the st o'kholdor* vti'1 he held at Kevport, nu
(?sturdily. tho "th of Ortnhvr next , w ncn a st*.' inent will be
made of the pro.'. fleet* and oonditlon of the Company. A
boat will be or n ided lor tli ' purnoto. and land at the new
dock now building on the property. Persons desirous of ex
amining the place will be furnished with ticket* for the ex
cursion I ? lie office, No. 1 1? Hanovor str ict.
Ml* by VICTOR BISHOP, 23 Maiden lane.
yJVt/jl/v/V' rest, in one or more *t.m.i, for one, three,
or live ye""*. nn productive re?l estate in this citv. Apply to
JOll N F. CON RET, No*. 23 k Z> Wall *trect.
uttifi onn T? IEND AT srx pER cent
r jvrV/VJ re*t for a term of year*, on Bond and
Mortgage on flrat ela** prodnetive Rail E*tat* in thi* oity.
1 1 will be loaned in turn* of $.'>,000, and upward* to *uit ap
plicant*. Apply toj^s. BROAD, No. 13 Wall *treet.
S v/ v yj snares first elas* Kire Insurance Stock iu a
city ovmpanjr, for ssle for investment.
M . L. SI1 ELDON, M N" assau street. ?
jWv/ (where it will pay well.) in the Lumber,
Coal, Crockery, Provision, or wnolcsalo Dry Uoodi business,
or any other business, not fancy, with a young man, and no
other, who ha* been foreman or bead clerk a lon;c time, ha*
capacity, address, ar,d perfectly undorttaud* his business.
Andrew G., Herald office.
W 1 jVM.Hr which a bonus and ample security will !?*
given. Any persnu having that amount to loan may ad*
urc?? A. H.. Broadway Post office.
~ I of London: Belt'oat llanlilng f'o., of Ireland; Na
tional Bank, or. H.otland. We are, bv special authority, au
thorliod to issue draft* on tho above Uauk*, payable at
sight, and in sums from ? 1 upward*.
T A Y I, OK BROTHERS, No. 7d Wall ?troet, enr. Pearl
Australia: being a brief compendium of
the geographical pmltinn, topography, characteristic
feature*, description of the principal rivers, headlands,
production*, climate, sailing directions, etc., etc.; the whole
forming a complete Handbook or (Inide to the Gold Regions;
Intended for the nse of merchant*, ihipmnstore, intondent
emigrant*, and other*. To which Is appende d a valuable
eo| lection of tabic*, compiled from an then tic *o tiroes, showing
tb? rate of harbor dnis, onetonu, tariff, pilot and tonna.re
dues, public officers feee, lint ran*, toll*, regulation* for the
FahU#. Published by
G. I HIHlllKX ii CO.. Xt W est street, New fork. l"ft.j?
IKm RAtll.
?AAAAAAAy* A.X-.WAA.VWWWN. v.*v WV W, W WVWVV*-'''- '
Billiard tables -for salb. a splkndim
atock oftablea. Ca? be too* ?t the oil staad, 90 Ana
?wjg*; coiu??iin^ of rM#wo?4 ?nd mAhognn/, nuitablo tut
fabUc or private ??. AIm. CMm, HalU, Wi aU Kro>*
LefttUr*, and T rimmings of .TPr, deaoription. IDp?c?t
low than !?)' other oetabllsiuneut in the oily.
Boot and shoe stork for salr.-thb stock]
fixture*, and good will, of a retail Boo* and Shoe !Hor<?
for tale, (or the fixture*, togother Kith fivs years 1mm {
situated hi Catharine street, and in one ol the beat standi
for any kind of business. As the owner is going into other
business Immediately, the pUpe with the .itock. (or Uii
place with the lease,) will be sold te a ca?h customer, at i
bargain. Apply to 1*. ?. O'MALEY. No. W Catherine s'.rsct.
(new No. HI).
store, No. 41 West street. The excellent location an I
good run of onstomers ensure to an ou terprlsiag aad indue to ?
ous man a good business. Apply on the premises.
Wiocapee Company, Kishk ill Landing, Dutches* oouu
ty, N. Y? will bell at publlo auction, on the premises, on tin
tith day of October next, at 12 o'olock M., all their real
eatate, machinery, and personal effects, as follows- ? Twelvs
acres of Land, v Ith one largo tlireo story brick Factory. ?>;
by W feet, (roof covered with galvanized iron), with piokor
and l<oiler rooms attached, having steam and KM ?j>ip"?
through all the rooms for heating and lighting the same
Also, a one story brick building. 4/> by 'M foet, with basemen',
used for office, waroroam. and storehou?e; lour largo tbrui
story brick dwelling Houxes. with all suitable conveniences
The Dam, Flumes, and Bulkheads are made in the best
mnnncr. for strength, durability, and beauty of ft niali. Thj
W ater 1'owcr is e<jnal to 136 horxe power to the dryest sea
sen, on a fall of 2!>X foet. The Machinery consists of XWI)
ring throstle and mule spindles, and t'.' I -i wide looms, with
all other ncccsssry machinery lor operating the same on
coarse or line cottons. Was built iu l>!7 in the most ex pen
sive style, and is now in full operation, and in fir.t rate
order. The present company have expended on the property
in the various improvement*, $106,000. The property lies
half a mile from tno Hudson Ri\or Uailrond, siaty mileifrom
New York, and directly on the proposed lino (now bong
surveyed) of tho Hartford, Providence aud Fishkill Rail
road, making it a very desirable location for a locomotive shop
on an extensive scale, or any other heavy or light manufac
turing purpose. The real estato and machinery will bo sold
separately. The properly can bo viewed at any titno. Maps
ol the property and all information givan to post-paid coot
mtiuieationx. Address Wioeapee Company, Fishkill Land
ing, or.lOlIN SLA UK &. CO., L> Broad street, New York.
I'ishkill l.anding, July 1!), 13W.
Daguerreotype ? 1 tije best plates yet.-thb
subscriber guarantees as porfoct all Hie scale plate*
he sells. Beware of counterfeits or refuse lots, Prioe, tuM
plates, $100( mediums. $17, por hundred. Liberal discotuft
to tho trade. VICTOR BISHOP,
Sole Agent for the manufacturers, 23 Maiden lane.
Engine for sale? six horse power, has
been in use but three month*.. Will be sold a bargain.
Address through Post office, box 2.H37.
lathes, tools, and fixtures. En.iuire of
L. B. RICE, No. IS Maiden Lane.
For sale? the fixtures of tiie store no. n
Kiug street, late owned by Johu Utiliek - also a horse ant
wagon suitable for tho grocery business, and losso of the store
if w anted. A good location for that business, and sold on
aeoount of the owner's death. Tboso wanting such a plaoo,
apply to A. EcKENJSl, No. ifP Ninth avenue
neighbourhood. The .owner having gone West, left it
in the hands of an n^ent to sell. The store is now doing a
fair business, which by care and proper attention can bs
largely luoreanod. A good ohauce f>>r an Auioriean or Gor
man physician. Apply at No. 10 Ann street, or 288 Sixth
For sale? two houses and lots in ninb
tecuth street, between Second aud Third avennoe,
N os. 126 aud 123. Tho houses have been built by the day,
and are finished with all the modorn improvements. Per
sons about buying, are solicited to oall and examine ttis
building. Terms uf sals easy. Inquire on tho premises,
?r u ri ui>
For sale-the stock, fixtures, and good
will of n feed store, in a good location, and doing a good
business. A (irst rato chance for a man with a small
capital. Will be sold very cheap, as tho owner is anxious
to go iuto other business. Enquire at 320 Sixth street, be
tween avenues li and C.
For sale? the good will, stock, and fie
tureB, together with the unexpired lease of five year* and
eight months, of one of the most profitable and best looated
Porter Houses in the Second ward. Will bo sold cheap lac
cash. This is a good chanoe, and a sure fortune for the
right sort of man. Apply between tho hours of ton and one
o'clock this morning, to l'ETER M. BATTELLK, No. M
Spruce street.
For bale-in the town of mamaronbok
Wcstcheoter county, a farm of twenty-fonr acres. Upon
the premises there is a new house, 2 2 by 30, and a new barn,
2N by .SO, and cellars under. both. A good view of Loog
Island Sound, and about twenty minutes ride from tho 4e
Sot. The place em be boi'ght for $3,600, before tho 80th
ay of September. If not sold before that time, it will ha
?old on that day at auction, to the highost bidder. $1,600
can remain on bond and mortgage, at 7 per oeut. luquixeof
ULOKUE UPTON, on the promises.
with the Lease, of a public house on the west sido of
Broadway. The premises comprise a lino lar^o saloon. with bar,
two parlors, seven or eight privato rooms, kitchen, fcc. This
must be disposed of, as the proprietor is obliged to laava.
and a great bargain can be hnd. Rent. $700. Apply, froa
2 to 7, P. M.. tj E. B. KINSHIMER, 319 Fourth avenuo.
Harlem.? for sale? ox iz-.th street, be
tween Fifth and Sixth avenues, and on "Mouut Morris
Square," three superior cottage style frame houses, filled iv
with brick; twosturius. attic and basement, with marble mas
tics, Croton water, bath, range, water eloaot, wash basin.sneak
ing tubes, bells, &c.; houses 'St by 32 feet, piaita in front,
entirely new and ready for occupation; lots 02 6 by 100 feci
11 inches. Apply to E. H. BROWN, 71 Wall street, from 1 to
2 o'clock 1'. M or at his residence I25tli street, between Se
enth and Eighth avenues, moruing and evening.
Liquor stork for sale.- the fixtures anb
good will of the lease of store N o. 634 l'earl lUwt. Ay
ply at 14C I'earl street. "
Leechf.s? *o,ooo large swf.dish and gerbab
Lceches. arrived per stesmor* Artie and Humboldt. Cm
tale, at the usual low prices, by J. F. CLF.U Si CO.,
No*. 7 and 80 John (treat.
Mirror for sale.? a family, recently ar
rived from Europe, having a now large Mirror, Freaek
plate gi?.?, in a splendid mlt frame. Wn thaj cannot aae
at present, offi re it for sale, at a very moderate prioe. Cm
be seen nt 27 B illoughby street, Brooklyn.
Must re sold? to close tiie estate or i.
Morrell, deceased, the Homestead Farm, of eifhtflr
acres, commanding a fine view of Long Island Sound. Alae,
Fnrme and Farm l.aml, pleasantly situated, in the town* of
Mamaroneck and Scarldide. For information apply te
E. Miles, No. .Vi Wall street; or to Wm. St John O Briea,
brokers, No. .'?! Wall street; aud to the subscriber, at Mana
roneck, Westchester county, one and a half miles from the
New York and New Haven Kailruad depot.
John morrell.
undersigned, successor to the late firm of Messrs. War
ren tl Davis, intends retiring, on the 1st of October neat,
from the Fancy floods Business, in which he has been
ceenfully engaged, here and abroad, since 13.11, aud olTera for
sale, on liberal terms, the entire establishment. It is welt
known, and extensively patronized throughout the United
States, aud never was in a better position for the transac
tion of a good ?nd profitable business than it now enjoy*.
With superior advantages in importing oertaiu kinds of
goods, and connections abroad for purchasing aodjmimufac
turing equal to any other house, having at present a largely
reduced and well assorted frenh stock of mostly staple aad
saleable articles, a lease of an excellent and commodiova
store, at a very moderate rent, this establishment offer* aa
opportunit) rarely offered to those wishing to enter at onoe
u | m i n r safe, lucrative and well established business. Appli
cation to le uiade without delay, to
WM. Vf. WAKREN, 27 Kilby street.
Boston, Sept. 11, 18ft'-'.
bindery, with ill the apparatus for carrying on tki
trvU.v.ith the work of a itoro. For particulars apply at
No. 1:2 Broadway,
J \ r.f asHiiituicnt of frctli indigenous llerbs, K.xtraot*,
I. ? ? - ' arks, tic., part of tlicm in powder; also, eotaeglaa*
ixtim Lottie*. will be sold low. as the proprietor has
limber for them. Call on Dr. K. U LOVER, No. 12 Am
ttiiti, near Broadway.
J. > tore, well stocked, handsomely fittod up. aud sitae
teal in ore 1 thu best business thoroughfares in the city. K
vill be sold cheap, and on accommodating terms. Apply at
: , < . i . I 1 1 it in the bookstore.
men'-, In ) h, and children's Pattern*, embracing all the
tsuhionable styles now worn. No pay wantod until the
purohnier Is mtiffled with the fit aud style. Any boy'* oat
tt( can have a bet Irom (10 to $1,0(10.
( HAS. HEKWICK. 217 Spring g treat.
from the btata Fair, held at Utica. Among which la
one extra line Spayed Heller, and one pairof ehoioe four yea*
old Steers: each took first pri/os. fattened by Jamen
IVadssvorth, Esq., and John W. T&y'.or, Eao., of Li?ing*toa
oounty, N. Y. They, with others, will be cut and *o|it daily,
by.TllOkAS F. DEVOE, No*. 7 anl S JtSersou Market.
Thou J. Cntt, Broker, from llaitiinorc, in at the lrvia*
II on so, with plots of Building Lots iu Baltimore, at SLOW
per S'"r?; also. Wharf Property and Country Seal*. A yoatfa
wsnts a situation in a wholonale house
VJ exchange. Soi ersl very desirable Iloaaaa
i;rd Stores, situated in Nc ? York and Brooklyn, will be ex
changed iu part lor other property. Also, dunirahle country
eats wanted. M.I. SHELDON, 88 Nlilsa rtfHt.
nnn F0R SALE.-A yery neat three
yjt/j" 'v/U ? story House and Lot, on Thompson street.
I clow Prince, for $4,000. Also, a very gcnteol House and
Lot in Twenty-fourth street, for $7,.'M0. Also, a very deair
sble House and Lot, with the modem improvement*, ea
Twouty secoud street, for $?,500.
M. L. SHELDON. ST. Nassau *tre?t.
k Ann BROOKLYN houses for sale.-two
yji ^ " v/v/ ? Stores, with dwellings attanhed, situated
on Myrtle avenue, renting for (TOO each, will be aold for
$.1,000. Also, an elegant House on Baltio street, near Clin
ton, for Sti.000. Also, aeveral other houses, cheap.
M. L. Slim .DON, Nasi.au street.
ypTr?v/\/"? genteel new three story House* oa Forty
hfth street, with full lot*. 25 by 100, will be sold for SUM*
each. Also, a very genteel House snd Lot, with the nodera
improvement*, on Tliirty-srixth street, for $5,!KW.
' M. L. SHELDON. S6 Nassau street.
which has been in snoeessful operation for the
taut five years, aud yielding a tine income. The owner is
9< , i use to leave the city for a residence in the ooiintry. Ad
less "$t*)0," this oftce, for three days.
S"chH* oSi' '
rVr ? *f"S*
hy the ordinary vtoccns. ^ mSHOP, Tmportsr.
lew it priots- vlL1 M Maids a lans, mfstalr*.
C^vK). VH,"KHiWler?.
Caitors, l?r;. n?oki Jirandoles.
Tea Sets, nrlavv Boat*. CandlestleM,
lioflee PeVS Battle Stands. f-ralt Standa.
*<$;< ice PaiU, **
ro, sals ^^Vo^BlVnOP. Importer. MMaldt. UM
PAR I 8 M 1 1, jfcl We? ^-BADAMB ?BBBM?lBi
Broadway, will epen oa Tneaday. ths Slat of ?aaiaaa
k?C, Fail BiiUatr y, atlvttad by ltt(??U u VkVI. ******

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