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TIib ConarB itnunbip Niagara Capta-.n BtOM, Will
tarv* Bo '.on at coon 1o morrow, for Halifax ud
Lrv?rj<ool 1 be Kuropoaa mull' will clone in thin city
at oar and three o'clock this aft>-rnoo? The New
Yomk Wkult II hiid will be published at half
past urn* <? clock tilt* morning Blngle cojiWk. hi wrap
paw, tlxp*Boa.
llir New*.
Al*hou/h we rwtn'd but little political in elli
telrsr?|.h 'he dcspitohe? gene
rally will he toasd *? ry interesting
Monrun w*s l*>t ever.ing nomaited by
the ?? i 'iiS of thH c?'y, as tbeir oaudida'e for Mayor
We elfewbere publish ? ebon bi.?grepbv of Jacob
A Wes'ervelt, tho d-jiuocratic nominee for the same
The whig farmers. in the riclntty of Cornwall,
Or.ng. eoui tj, held m m.e-ing on Saturday, which
hm atie?d<d by jeveral ladies
The democrats of the Eleventh district in tbv
0t?)? have selected fboodorL It West brook fjr
The municipal election at Nisbville, as u<ua]. re
m ted io the oboiee of a whig mtyor. Nine whij;s
??id three democrats were elect- d on the aldermAEie
From tbe fishing regions we learn that, only one
v, e?el ? the CsrolineKi ijthfc ? U is of late been *siie<l
bj tbe British, ?nd ?he, at the time, was ten
oilti north of Pnnee Eiivard tsUnl, and there
wre several others fibbing between her and the
Aare. Berorfpinio ii of opinion that ber large car
go of iniu'ktrel bad i">ujef.hirg to J i with prouaptiug
(he seiiure It is thought that tbe mackerel re
tart s this 3 car will fall thort one-half of the ufual
By tbe l*st arrival fr>n: Buenos Ay res, we ere
?formed that Gtn Unjuiift has been officiary r-j
j as Pre visional Dictator, and that delegates
f*>m the difier<nt provinces were about to assemble
fb<r tbe purpise of forming a general conctitueot
?orgrees Tbe Ii dependence of Para gnay had been
?eki>owlcdg?d, and n 'r?aty of frienichtp and eom
saertie enter d into, by which the fro? navigation of
titer* was Hourtd to La Plata aid Bracl. Wo
hear notbiog further of the negotiations of Mr.
'ftehenek forf.ee navigation to American vessels
U?quii<t bad revoked tbe decree admitting flour
iato Bueao* A> res. which ia a matter ot some 1m
portun.-e to those engaged in that trade.
Another earthquake is repor'ed to have been ex
perienc?d at Ht Jago de Cuba, on the 28th nit ,
and tic frightened inhabitants had agiin sought
refuge in mud huts along the sea store.
Hon Thomai Buriog is no* in Washington city.
He was introduced to President Fillmore yesterday.
The pernicious and deplorable working of the
Maine Liquor law is everyday becoming more appv
Mtt. Outrages are of frequeut occurrence in those
States where it has betn enacted, and, a0 a matter
?f course, are imputed by its advocates to the oppo
nents of the said odious mea?ure. Two barns have
lately been burned, one at Exeter and the other at
Btebmond, in Roode Island, and their destruction,
y uuil, ii laid at the door of those who have
ape tily expressed their hos.ility to the anVi-Iiquor
?3 item, although there is no proof whatever agamst
(ben, further than that the owners of the property
destroyed bad previously decided, as mtgi -'rates,
fa favor of enforcing the la* Now, whether
any or all of the mischief, of which we hear so
Bttjh- for there is do telling wbo are the ac'.uaJ
?MsoieuntF ? has been caused by thoie who are
?barged with it or net, it is quite certain
that the very plan tbe Maioeics themselves havo
adapted, of accusing their opponents of tbe perpetra
tion of everv miedtmeaoor, shows the ulcer abjudic
ation with which tne ultra measure ia viewed by t
large portion of tbe people. Is will not work
Mootbly? and. notwithstanding all their ex?rtione,
tb?y cannot compel those who have the independence
to think for themselves, silently to aoquies:e in it.
Ke ruch illiberal and unwholesome law? one that
attempts to deprive a man from exercising his ewn
Judgment In a matter appertaining to himself alone
? wlil ever be sanctioned by any great portion o
the Ameriwn peop'e Where it is no* in force, It
baa created the most bitter foeling of animosity
among those who were formerly friendly neighbors;
therefore, tbe sooner it is repealed the better it
will be f?.r the general peace and happiness of ?o
The difficulty which was created among the tre
Be i, at Huffalo, in ooneequenoe of taking from them
tbe right to elect their chief engineer, has not been
???tied yet It will be reccllected that all but one
?r two of tbe engine oomi>anie* resigned some weeks
age. arid that the C"?nrxnn Council were compelled
to aall upon the eititena to eome forward and act as
feemea H'ace that time the old firemen have
?anted a good deal of annoyance to tbe newly or
gasm <1 companies, and, on Saturday evening, seve
?al ol tL. m were ar*eated for their riototti cjndoot.
Mada?iie Bontag'a ft*st eunoert in America came
10 ib this eity la't evening A fall deacription of
^4 ft> hmcht afla<r is given in aoothir eolnicn.
Two thousand boja, styling tbraawlres tbe Caiets
?f Tefnptraaoe, paraded the streets of Philadelphia
A workman aamed O'Neill was yerterday kilUd
%f tbe giving way of a large tank of water, at tbe
0io?eeei?r Bleaching Mills, M.J. Bii other per
MM were seriously injured.
Jadge MaeFarlane, who has gained acme notoriety
ja Peaneylvaaia as a political editor, feandryman.
>dfe, k* , was yeeteiday killed by the falUng of a
Maary r?r1f-g at Hollidayiharg
A aether aaa was killed oo tbe Baltimore and
Oka Ball road yesterday.
A ?Mpateh from Korfclk, V? , reports that m die
?ear, whtab la eery malignant, has lately mad* ita
appear** ee tb?re Thirty or forty cases bare al
ready oe??ned
Ika morttkUtj report o? vh? QHj IosptcXc li j ,
fMt wttk, faWldMi alwwfcsre, mUVui a wry
frttttyirg ii?nn of thirty three ifj tk? raaW
of dnthf, m Mnpired with tb?l of'j^ week wbiob
vent before Tlx death* from ' j,? various formi
ibbl* 4irttNi, fuob as cholor A ud ferwi, bift
also demwtd, but the inJ* ji mortality atill goo*
on in pr*tty munh the ??m' , atio The grow total ?
four hundred and t*enV^.f-ur ? of doubt, li not ft
vtry large amount, ir ? oity Ike our?, rejeiving
emigrant* by the l> .OUB in<j daily, many of who a,
particularly the o' ildren, after tbe voyage, die of
dystntery and o?.Ber di?ea*f s contracted at sea.
We ocntider t> a (unitary condition of our great
eity in a go#,d ?tate We will g've a statistical
analysis of tt,e deaths and prevailing diseases,
durirg tl?r , four weeks ap to Baturday last, in a
day or tw 0
A rer j full r?port of the testimony taken befor*
the C# rooer yesterday, in rolatioa to the la'e Gald
?tr?# c tragedy, wi.l be found in oar oolumus this
niT.-niDg This wiuttm report is up to ka'.f
P? .*t tbree o'clock in the evening, the time at whioh
'.he inquest was a>1j urned.
I We also publish to day a detail of the f*cts con
nected with the fiudirg of the body of John Daniel
Kietting, a German cabinet maker, supposed to
have bc?n murdere t in Foisyth street, iu this eity,
t tbe shop where he found employment.
In addition to many oolumus of advertise ncnfa,
much very interesting reading matter will be found
en tbe int-ido pages of this sheet. We will merely
mention the folio wirg:? Conclusion of the extra
ordinary memoir of General Soott; Wm H. Seward
and the coming anniversary celebration of the rescue
of Jerry: report of t'na mteting of liberals in Chat
ham Hall ; paper from Dr. Hare on the whirlwind
theory; letter from Montrea', literary reviews, &0.
Tb* Mission to China? Hon. Uamphrry
Perhaps in no rrspect is the importance of our
acquisition on the Pacific- the grout H'ate of Cali
fornia ? more fill than iu the illimitable Hold whieh
ii has thrown open to commcrue between China and
the United States. It is not only to the auriferous
s?tl of California that we look for wealth? her hwr
b^rs are the entrepots of a commerce whioh will
soon nuke us the almost undi-pnted carriers of the
wealth of the Indian ocein The majestic clippcr
ships? some of them over 2 000 tone? which aw
almost daily leaving this port, bring home to us the
realisation of a trade the extent c.f which ean only be
measured by the capacity of our ship builders to
1urnieh the neoe* nry vessels It is a new era? a
peaceful revolution which will shake Europe to Its
centre, with a {tower irresis'ible in itself? over
whelming in its consequents.
The direct trade of tho United States with China
has till of late years been of comparatively little
importance The restrict oos of he old navigation
laws of England, which prevented a foreign vessel
from taking to that country a cargo not the growth,
product er manufacture of the nation to which the
skip belonged, acted as a chock upon the enterprise
of A meriean vessels, by giving to English bottoms the
advantage of Lho' indirec trade," as it was termed.
The abrogation of the British navigation laws, and
the coniequent removal of this restiietion, was t&e
first step in opening the trade to our inorehants.
The golden discoveries >n California, by opening a
trade to that region, was, however, the great incen
tive to the enterprise whieh has filled the Pacific with
our ships. A vessel loads now for California; there
she discharges, and takes a freight for China; ar
riviDg there, she receives her cargo of toa, and,
comiDg home by tho way ol Europe, takes advan
tage of the markets of (ireat Britain, and, if it is
desirable, sells her tea there, and is enabled to take
a still differ* nt freight for the United S ates.
Under these circumstances, the importance of our
f having a minister in China, clothed with diplomatic
powers, plenipotentiary , at once suggests itself
The President, in h s last annual message, rocom
mtLded to CoDgress that the commissioner to China
should be placed on the same footing with other
ministers CoDgress responded to that recommen
dation, by mak ng Mr Marshall's outfit and
?alary eighteen thousand dollars. The office of
commissioner is not exclusively of a diplomatic
character, though the person holding it is charged
with diplomatic functions. Our ministers abroad
are appointed by and with the advice and consent,
of the Senate, and discharge such diplomatic duties
only as may be devolved upon them by instruction
fiom the State department. The commiasionor to
China has dnties prescribed by law, in addition to
instructions he may receive from the State Depart
ment?duties which bring him into correspondence
directly with Congress, and require him to exercise
powcis appertaining to every department of go
vernment. Thus, he is a judge in cases of contract
sounding in damages over $500, when either part*
may appeal from tho decision of the consul anu
jury who try ?u;h case in the first instance, or wti?n
imprisonment may be imposed upon an American
citiien extending over ninety days, or a fine ex
ceeding $100 may be imposed upon a delinquent
party. IJ0 is a legislator, having tho right to alter
the laws of the United States as operative in China,
in certain contingencies, by the simple publication
of his own decree to that effect He is required to
frame the stjlc and form of proocss for consular ju
dicial proceedings? the manner of appointment aaJ
compensation of those who execute it? the manner
ol conducting trials before our oonsuls in Caina ?
the costs of proceeding ? the fees which miy be
I charged for service? tho forms of trials and jalg
1 ments, and the means of enforcing the exeo ition ot
s j!*b judgacnts, as weli as the grounds for grinting
' trials where error has been committed ; in C ie,
j to erect a system and a judicial establishment, and
to superintend He operation Cases of murder are
tried before the consuls, by juries summoned to try
the offender, and the result is submitted to the com
misaloner, who miy confirm or set aside the Jading
II he approves it, ho may crder the exejutioa of the
culprit; may reprieve him, or may remand him and
his case to the President for pardon The core
collected in the consular courts are directed by law
to be remitted to tho commissioner, who is to re
port to Congress, annually, the difference of re j
ceipts and expenditures.
It will at once be seen that these powers are more
extensive by fur than the usual powers conferred to
foreign ministers; but owing to the distance of Chin*
from Washington, they eeom to be r.-v-*e.viry to au
energetic administration of American affairs under
the treaty. These powers cm only operate on
American citirens in the dominions of Chin*, the
control and regulation of whom is reserved by our
government, and entrusted to tho commissioner
It dependent of these power*, which are conferred
by luw, the commissioner may be charged with suih
functions as a diplomatist as the neceesities or the
policy of the country may suggest to the President
to be proper; and the importance which Congress
has conferred on the office, by raising its emolu
ment s to that of the Highest mission known to oar
government, evidently suggested to the Executive
tbe expectation of that body that Mr. Marshall
should be given ample powers to negotiate for the
interests of oor oommerce. The growing trade be
tween China and the United States makes this di*.
tnnt mission one of great concern to the oonmerc-al
interes-s of this country.
Mr Cushiag's treaty war made In IHiS, at the
verge of the empire, and with no further knowledge
on our part than 1 ad been acquired by a trade at
Centon, under the old system of the hong. Its pro
visions are well enongh, fer it secures for us s M that
c*ber nations may acquire. Yet we apprehend that
China has not executed the lrc*ty according to It*
fP?Ht, f..r we understand that thegateeof Canton
*T* b#*n opened to our people, though tbe five
ports 4 , ai,ton, Amoy, Pooohowfso, Ningpo, and
1MI?B ' WeW U ^ fr#*' ^ ?XprM* lmtJ gtiPa
oa ended' ' It IT v* U * U m*#W* ^
will hit 111 hoped thAt mibWooit
ill bav become sofflcieatly aoauatatied with th?
totfjcrte lie jwq Ctfsttrifp, ibd ij of Uk*
relations, bliiw Um treaty atfpuUtloM , U>
enlarge ud tender ?ere Mean the basis of trade.
We ngui H M peculiarly lortuUe that at thl*
reiy important orista a gentleman so dieting uished ,
tor bU position ud ability a* the Hon Humphrey |
II artball, should bare been e* looted to represent
the United State* in China That Congress viewed
(be appointment as a judicious one, is evident from
tbe fact of their raising the salary to that, of the
h <gleet grade of ministers It ia to be hopel th%t
tbe President will plaee a national vessel at Mr
Marshall's disposal, to convey him to his destinaion,
(or tbeie ean be no donbt that the prestige whloh it
would give bis arrival would be of the greatest ad'
vantsge in securing for him that respect which the
repiesentative of this country demands The Chi
iet-e, in cimmoD with all Ear tern nations, lay great
weight upon ceremonials, and we therefore regard
it aa of tbe last consequence that oar government
? hould do everything in its power to add dignity and
importance to ilr. Marshall's mission.
Tub Slander on General Scott's Character
as a Gentleman. ? The diwputab'e gang ot *>
eialists who ooi gregate around tbe T> ihu?e,
tbe calumny ngainst the character of General s.?t'
as a gentlt man and polished man in tbe ?hihij of
ladies. They bave tbe teuoiity to vouch lot the
afftrticn, but without tbe slightest foundation f r
tbe story which tbey have invented and circulated
at tbe South- We again reiterate the full an<l Dir
ect denial of its truth, and boldly assert that it is
f?he in all its parts, challenging them to produce
tbe slightest tittle of evideuoe of any kind In
corroboration of this statement, we rcctived, yes
terday, the following note from a former reporter
ar<d writer of this journal, whieb go?e very far to
(bow the utter falsity of the riibunt's ehtrgo
sgainst General Soott, in relation to his opinion oi
heNtwYoKK Ukkald: ?
Nk.w Yoa*. Sept, 27. 1852
Tbe story repeated bj ttm Tiibune tbi-i morotii;, In
which th- dei"|iii a|ip?ai'N to t'e to wound ? lady'n twl M
by attiickiig the IIhalb ov?r *bu kbouldvi* ot Oeutxai
Peott 1ii?il?c nie to lef?*f to the Ine'. th?> in an iumr?>?.?
mih General Voott at Wei-i Point. on the fourth of I u'>
IffiO. h? not only inquired kimlly of uic wl'b rn-po-t r
Mr Urniuti and bi? Nunly but expiwi-ed id very wt'ui
erms. bin admiration ot tbn abiii'y oinj,ln>ei| ny th
I*fkii.d. adding tbi>t ho r-nd It euerv day ?i'h <r"?< In
t?iet-t At that 1 in>.' I wn.? crgapxt a? a w/ft?r for ymi
journal nud, I tbina. eta?*d the Mibe'aueeof Geo. Hnoti
irmnrhf. in a letter dated ?t. Went Polar. A referent to
t be tilts of \ our journal will determine t fci* fact Itt-ne^t
fully, LSAAO C. PRAY.
To this, we could fnrnUh abundant evideuoe i'
other parties were nearer at bano, but some of thorn
are in Europe, and even we should not besitato to
cull General Scott himself to tbe stand, it it wen
tif.tetmry, to determine tbe character of the oalu nu_)
ltieapurc invention, silly and ridiculous enough
coiicouttd by the crew of tbe T< itntnt ofli >e, b??
l>< en in private ciiculation for several mouths, and
whs sent by them to some of tbe Southern whig jour
nals, for tbe purpose of miking its first appearand
in tkut region, in ordeT to obeck tho influence an' I
popularity of tbe Herald in tho present election
f he invention, however, has recoiled upon the ii ?
ventors. Wherever it has afptarod, the demierati
journals have taunted tbe whig newspapers, on th.
etrergth of that calumny, with the rude, ungentle
mnnly behavior of their candidate towards a lad
who was polite enough to offer him a newspaper.
General Scott has always been a roadjr of th<
Herald, and is at this momtnt one of our paid sub
etribers, to whose address at Washington it is regu
larly sent from tbis office.
If the gang of socialists whose organ is tbe Tri
'?vne, have a particle of propriety or decency, tbe*
ought, insttad of bold assertions, tj oo no forwac
?Ld furnirh ron e evidence of the etory wbioh the
attempt to circulate as true We prouounoe Hut*
tine, and we are peifeotly willing to leavo it to Gen
oral Scott's determination himself, if he eho >se? t
notice it For the other personal and untrno ossauW
?four cotcinporory. we shall muko an answer in aa
otter tribunal than that of tbe columns of a news
Tiie Ir\ inu Hocre Changing Provri KToitit ? t
is not generally known that the late gentleman*
propiietor of the Irving House has retired frou.
the management of that hotel and disposed of a
bis interest in it to Ilr W H Burroughs, lata ? f
'be Franklin llonse. Mr. Howard h <s been at tb
head of this establishment for a period of only tbre
years, acd from his polite, urbiue, and basine??
itke manners, be has given to it a prtxtige and c
name unsurpassed, if equalled, by any other ho e
in this metropolis. We are gratified to learn tha*
he has reaped tbe just rewards of bis talent nno
energy, in the accumulation of a magnificent fir
tune, wbioh et ableshhn now to retire from business
and live in splendor and affluence wheresoever h<
li.-ts. He has received tbe sum of one hundred an<l
twenty- fire thousand dollars for his interest in th
business and premises, and we learn that, adding
this to his profits for the three years of his manage
mcnt, he is now master of the pritoely fortune o!
three hundred thousand dollarB. If his atnbiiioi
prompted him, bo might, with tbis sum. buy on'
some of the dukedoms or principalities of tho Olo
World; but Mr. Howard is a thorough goinL'
if|ublican, and despises all aristocratic aa<J
feudal customs. He proposes merely to pro
cecd to Europe, make a complete tour of thu
continent, travel through Greece, Turkey, SyrU.
Arabia, and tbe Holy Land, divo desp into tb?
fount of classical lore, study tbe anoient Chaldaic
and then return to this great modern republic, and
for aught we know to the oontrary, become the nex'
dtnocratic candidate for its Presidency.
Tbis would be a glorious climax f t a life well
spent in tbe ways of industry and utility, and we
doubt not that Mr Howard would evinoe as much
good tact in administering the affairs of this might)
nation as he did in governing bis great establish,
ment His finalt as host was celebratod yesterday 1
evening, by speeches and sentiments delivered at the
close of dinner. Among the orators on that occi
?ion were ex-Preeident Tyler, General Ward
General Walbridge, Mr. Joseph Hoxie, Mr Holmes.
6 C . and Meitrs Howard and Burroughs, the old
nud new proprietors We have a full report of the
proceedings, wbioh wo will give in to morn wV
Herald, and which we promise will be found
extremely interesting.
Few kor the Abolitionists ?The great and
notable event of the rescue of Jerry, the fugitive
?lave, which took place in Syracuse on the first ol
Octobtr last. is to be celebrated with great iclil, on
i?.s aiiiivcrsary , next Friday. Bee the oard pub
lisbed in another part of oar paper thii morning,
convening all the congenial spirits, to meet in Syra
cum, to commemorate that event Fred Douglass
?id (ierrit Mnith, and ether distinguished woolley
beads, are to be there, and so is John P. Halo, the
Presidential candidate of the party, who will then and
th< re deliver aa oratioa apropos to the occasion, and
to bis own present position as as pi rant to the Presiden
cy ef the United States. As this is the Jerry whoa
Mr W. H Seward took to his house and hearth, aod
in whose condition hs so mueh Interacted himself** to
become bis advocate and defender, wi mat
$ sntl? man will a. so favor the anniversary meeting
with his presence, and participate in the celebration.
He certainly ought to, particularly as it will afford
h m the opportunity of neutralising any offsets
wbieh Mr Hale might produce detiimental to the
cause of hi* protrgt ? General Scott. The Jerry
celebration will be a grand affair, aod exercise a
powerful influence over the great question of the
4*7 ? : _
U;i vsom Post ac Piatt, Pt. I)omi*<,<i ? By the
rrkormer Imbel'a. Captain Boyd. w? bave ad vines from
Pi rt mm Piatt to the lib Inotaat BuMoem of ail kinds
was very dull, and the market for Anw-riean produce wae
overstocked Tb# price for white piac *w $22; pitch
pti,e. 126; ?Wn|l?a. *7 per foot; tobanco 12*c. The I
government W m-kl?? preparation* for tba defence of
the eevntry. wMeli was dally expected to be attacked by
fotlotfse. of Beytf.
On the lith instant k'r T. O Moorebnul of Reo'tf
viHe. By . was aseae*lnet<'d t>y ">me unkoovn p*monL
rle ifert KM Uuwfh Um b?*4 w Wc be jw i idtny bog*
j.mimrwvuw'm.'w?'ii ??.? __ __
DegnUUtSm of Um INwipavcr PreM>41u
Ll? DtmtC
"The surest criterion," says an *(010601 writer,
#"?f ?'viliiatkon ud riluaotul of a people, is
the tone of it* periodic*! pres.* " HervilUv in the
no" spapcr oolumos, be adds, does not more iralj
indicate an age of de*po<ism. than a went of gentle
manly courtesy on the part of the <dito- betokens a
vulgar taste among his readers Ephemeral litera
ture ii the reflection of the public mind: if thi for
mer be debased, it nay be taken for grouted ibtt
the attic polish is wanting in tbe latter
Both is the opieion of oue eho, from hia th'
capacity and loi g experience, wan well able to form
a judgment on tbe mbjwt The Mu'4n<<? h<u bitnn
uutvei sally accepted by modern philosophers The
state Of society in foreign countri-is, g?u<ir*Uy, u
in erred from tbe it^le ami lai?gu?ge of the news
papers in tbe leading cities
Lit us suppose sunk a test applied to Aaserha.
Let us faney a Frenchman, or a Cetiian, or a Rus
sian, or an English man, now. among n?, collecting
materials for a locial anatomy of tbe Yankees, and
etrelully filing tbe leading juumVs as vouchers for
bis affeitiobs. He arriws i i t!ie country on the
eve of a great political movement? a limn whoa
every nan reads tbe impers, sr?l feels a ponoat
it, trust in tbeir content Tne appointment of a
chief ruler is ilie event iu an Am?ric*n'8 lifo; be ho
democrat or be be whig, he n iaoot look on tne con
tist with indifference, or refuse to partio>pite iu '-he
polemic in which bis daily piper is eagtged.
At this juried, above all o hers. is the preas
identified with society. The foreign philo
wpber will cotfidcntly expect to find sober
discussion and deep thought in the journals
be receives He will, ou this ocowion, be pro
jared for a calm review of the law wh'g pili.
y, and an inqniry into the exp dienjy of a cbtn^o
He will look forward to a searching analysis of tne
benefits promised by free trailers, and a full asser
tion of the rights of tbe manufacturing and agricul
tuial interests Ho will fool eertaiu that even the
? ast in tluential journals will contain a dispassionate
argument in favor of, or agaiust, the exteuaiou of
be powers of tbe federal government, tic will ex
pect i .-Sftje rrotn all sides on the free soil poitey, the
canal law, si.d the oin r momentous political ques
tions of tbe day. Above all, remembering that the
Americans are an eul<ghtened and highlv iatelleo
tual people, he will no verdi earn of the newspaper war
beirg waged in aij but the uiutt gentlemanly tone
and tbe most courteous language
To what conclusion must he c>me, when he ficds
that., with one or two exceptions, tbe oaly weapons of
debate n?ed by tbe prese arc gross personalities an J
low vitujeration 1 What cbtimate will he form of
tho American character, wben, instead of a paral
'el between wbigism and democracy, he sees the
leading journals bent on outstripping eanh other in
foul libels ou the private character of the rival can
Uidatesl What opinion of American polities mast
be bis, wben he discovers the controversy reduce i
'o soanrfs' <us or tilly anecdotes respecting the do.
uiettij I abits of General 8oottai.d Pierce, and the
merits of tbe rival policies entirely forgotten 1 And
*t wbat standard will he rate the refinement of the
American people, when be reads tbe lamentable ex
aujples of vulgar scurrility with which our oowuipo
raiies abound 1
God forbid, for the hooorot'our country, that the
task we have suggested should be seriously uu
dertnken while tho state ofthe press remains as it
is Warm though our indignation and keen our
ridicule at tbe faults and follies of our neighbors,
we could never hold up our heads if G?rmaay,
France, or Britain were familiar with our newspaper
literature The disgrace would overwhelm us. Let
us clotely hide tbe blemish on our fair fame, and
concentrate all our energies ou tbe means of re
moving it.
We have collected during the past three or four
?iMhlbs, and purpose publisniug, a few serais
f ?m the leading journals of both parties
s calm perusal of which will probably eall
he blush to the cheek of every American.
We hardly know how to classify or arrange them,
their nature and character differ so widely. Coin
icirg all in one common vulgarity, each editor ha8
b'S peculiar a ode of showing to tbe world how small
bis pretensions arc to the rank of a gentleman; each
loves to charge bis antagonists with some peculiar
vice. One accusation seems familiar to the pen, and
*e presume to tbo lips, of many of these editors;
they fulminate it on all occasions where they differ
iu opinion from a cotemporary, regardlois of age,
g' x, or decorum ; it comes naturally to them, and
seems? so perverted has our taste become ?a matter
of course in their columns; in fact, they could not
satisfactorily deny a giv? n assertion without a bold
Yon told a tin ; nn odious damnable lie ;
Upon my tool a It* ; a wicked lie.
1 bey repudiate all milder forms of cootradiction ?
tbe " quip modest," the " retort churlish," the
reproof valiant," tbe " countercheck quarrel
some, nnd even the " lie with circumstance, " as
tnme and weak? nothing but the "lie direot/'
burled in tbe teeth of an adversary, repeated and
aggravated with opprobrious epithets, is to tbeir
mind We hasten to add that no more nnplcasant
consequences follow the charge than a retort of the
lie; like honest Touchstone, they "avoii it, with
an If.' In other countries, the open imputation
of the most disgraoefal vice wbich depravity has
Invented? the epithet of " liar"? would lead to a
hostile meeting, and doubtless tbo calumniator
would dearly expiate the outrage. We see plainly,
that "lying is tbe crime of oowards;" for the reply
to tbe epithet is seldom more than Sosio'i oandid
confession : ?
Pour des wttWs. dis m en t?nt ijuc tu voudra?
Ce sont I* acres bit^sures,
Etjene m en facbe pas.
Id bom at trut h, our public men have become so ao
cuttomed to be told tbey are "litre" ? addicted to
tbe "accurfod vice" which Plato considered tho
greatest of crimep, and Montaigne wouid hire
punished with the (take? the vioo which, if preva
lent, would rot society to iti core? that their pulse
does not beat one stroke the faster when they hear
the atrocious epithet.
Thus, the whigs laugh when the 8o<tflicrn Demo
crat sajs "he has been trying to count the whig lies
uttered during tbe can ?ass " Nobody feels aggrieved
when the Morning Exprt.it (July 24(h) charges
tbe National Democrat with "foul falsehood." The
latter paper, not to be outdone in strong language,
pours forth a volley of coarse abuse on a whig
writer, commencing (Aug 9th and 19th) with the
mild announcement, that "he is a fit tool for dirty
work," and rising, by a gently graduated scale, from
Sillanous e&lumoy," and "base, miserable falsifi
cation," to "infamous vlllany, for which he has
been kicked and cuff-d;" the Dtmtcrat caps the
climax with a pious shudder at "the atrocity of his
falsehood. " We are not aware that any blood has
been spilt in conseqatnoe, and command the philo
sophy and moderation of all parties concerned.
The New Hampshire Patriot, in an argumentative
article " to show tbe ba?eaess, the do *nright scan
dal if m of oertain fellows" therein aliudod to, mildly
reproves its adversaries for using " all the arts of
fraud, forgery, and falsehood," which latter, aooord
ii.g to the gentlemanly editor of that paper, has
been " base, palpable, deliberate and persevering "
IUftrrfng to the Washington R'puMic, ( Aug. i!3,)
a fair antagonist in this style of reasoning, It sub
mits that the RrpMu " either lied wilfully or lied
recklessly;" and, fearful leet this assertion should
not be sufficiently explicit, the Patriot adds that it <
is merely anxious to " show up the recklessness,
mendacity, and meanness of the leading Washing- 1
ton organ. It stops at no lie, no uiean aot. no per- :
version of testimony or records, which it thinks will
its despicable cause "
Tho Atbuny Evening Journal and tbe Trib wnt
are b ore pithy in their attacks. "Belies," ie tho
usual formula, without extraneous ornament or
flourish. The former, indeed, oooasionoily embel
lishes tbe charge with a few aggravating circum
stances ; as, for iostanos, in tbe passage ( lug. 21)
Wfcextia b? fjHi?t'y rtguuki Ui at the *<Utvx of A*
^ ?**?*< Amtric an "knew that a certain state
ment ??? false before be published it : nor WM it
at all probable ibat he would take back the ?*lae
hood " But this ia ? deviation from ita usual
?lassie laoonism.
I'tihapa the palm of excellence ought to be
awarded to the scurrility *biou purports to illustrate
a moral truth HutikUniv M-tj-sby is uever more
pt oi'iail) himself tlmu when bo aioeud* the pulpit
to deliver a moral lecture There is something de
lightfully unctious in tbe f iliowug reprimand, ad
ministered by tbe IVu*/u*g'im Unum to the lie
public (Aug 10): ?
iHrc ??' t>??* "? illo*tr? on of th ? orook*d poller
wbirb III- u uiiut piirau* >1 ?u tb?y u?p*rt from ttie
tiu(b- MJ dietnioi |Hitr tin 10 pmp up out) meiufacwus
?T?i ui< lit ?bn'h boii- iiu it U? aud had no
tbllig l?> piv? it curfeney liui ib- ciedttiiliy ot a anot of
ron-i-ira '?*. wb>> d?-t in n-'b ?>(< t<>?. Mttrrd for aaaaalt,
Uu'bii g too til* for utc abi wLu ti?v? heHltatad to
i I let, v' ?n lflr "u'A. or to oini*kri cuwui u d-et-noy lu
ct>ir,liig out lbHir luiauious purpo-t#
Tbe Aloraiwff t:x/nn<?. New York, is famous in
all ibe diff< rent styles of giving the lie. We have
alreacy ?etn bow it dcuiuu.-u-.d '.ho A' iti.niul Dt/nt
c tat with a single shot In the same torse way, it
kniM-ks down tbe London rorrispin.d?nt of the
'l\mta with tbe siiigle rc-ui nk t;mi his j /inoju.iu'.k
tioiio uie "letters Iroui a liar.''. At au example of
tbe <rrnate '"lie dirt ci," we may quote tho follow
ing, wbich may serve hh a model tor future imita
tion, Ii> is from tbe Kxp> tt* of lai Juue: ?
It would Ik- degrading the pi* a to appiy to this Mr.
Pike no" iI)h rpi bcU> tiii- eaiiiliilMe* kgaiunt aud false
hood* upon, meb nieu a* >'illni?>i* aud VV'eo>ter u??ervc
Wk oiay c?j. in biief ev? ty garment. rie litnou i- earned
by taleebood. III* bread u ton by uu'iring lyiu* Hu>
1? r l)ing. be Would ?taive mid triese or go uakeit as ho
beasts go
lu uo j s of yore, who-. one hot beaded geatlemau
availed another with
Through iko false parage of thy throat, thou llest.'
he was no true man if ho did not inetautly add: ?
And Utercbaogcahly throw dowu in j g?g>,
To prove uiysi It' a loyal g^otle >01111
K?id III Ibe ImkI blood uliiiulMriii lu hl>b>:Om.
And even in thew peaceful nines, <Ve are inclineJ
to thiuk that there are few in decent sooiety, wi>0
would "swallow down the lie'1 without some ar,
ten pt to avtnge the itisult Amoog our ootompo
luiits, it seems tho rule is different. They give an i
tako the lie in tbe ordinary course of business; and
are none tbe worse fr ends ulierwit'ds Like other
tilth, it wipes oiT. Aud who ca>es lor tbe stain it
K-avefll Not those, at all erents, whom no good
breeding or gente ot propriety oau restrain from such
So potent Is tbe had example ? so familiar have
tbe partisan journals rendered tbe lie in the mouths
of our pnlitiuau* ? that even (rrueral Soott, himself,
tbe "big candidate for the Presidet>uy - a horo in the
field, and a polished gontleuiu iu pnviie ltfo ? oiri
not address a public meeting wit tout reporting to
tkis pot' bouse argumtnt "Geutleuiin," gnid he,
tbe 01 her day, to tho Columbus deuuut'Joo, "tho
statement referred to is false ? it i.? a tie ? au inven
tion, gentlemen? ? lie. * * It in a lie? a false aud
groundless lie "
Proposed Dinner to Mr Baring ?The 00m
plimentaiy bauqutting in honor of ttiis distinguish
ed capitalist, which had its initiative iu B'tston ft
week or two ago, is about to be imitated in this
city, though we have not yet beard that the day
has been definitely arranged The merchants,
bankers, and financiers of Wall street, are deter
mint d not to be outdone iu hospita'ity or magni
ficence by tbe gentry in the saui* line of tiusiues" in
State street; but we thiuk that ttie pleasure of par
ticipating in tbe affair tib:>uH not be entirely mo
nopolised by tbe capitalists and financiers of the
u.ctropolis. Ur llarin^ is a gen tie ni iu uui?ar4&lly
known atid respected, unit, the pleasure of fc'iiR
bim should not b? coii fined to a certain class, but
r-hould rather be open to all rauks, piofcseions, con
ditions aud degrees of our fellow eiMzens
Madam*- Soiit?g.-Tlie only Portrait of this
ilietiuguliil.rtl uriot? l.ikt n 111 ttii* i.iuutry. it uow un exui
bitioi> at KKaIiY'S Naiiuaal OalU-ry, 2U5 Uruaiiray, oorctr
<>f t Dlton itrcet.
Madame Sontaa at Unuty'a^Tliti wirl*
alltl Uumu of Soug viaitud BKaUV S Natiuaal Gallery
a Monday laat, and added her portrait to hi* 11 mur, sbboc
ollection of eminent poreoue. bow ob axhibitian at No. 2M
iroadway, eomrrof Fulton atreet.
Time Lovely Eye??
'llone lovely eyee. a* fondly ghine
In tliU day(U(-rrvi>type of uotie,
Ah if thy p<ire and lo.iiig heart
Had in their iniiif it ligtit a part.
There is nothing whioti e?uiaianda the att?ntijn of viaitera
to ROUT'S llaitiierreaii Callery, N?. .'*W tlMadway, lik? the
life-like ext reaaion of th? eyoa of bia portraita. Kowma, firat
floor, np ataira.
Titc Ameilran 1'lng at 341) Broadway.
To every wind o'er every aea,
The utara aiul atripes are thrown;
Tliry float friKi) 1.1 h t V'S Gallery,
They wave from *on>' to none.
And Freedom feela Iter puUea l?iat
To the hurried tread of a million feet,
An the fold# of her floe witu the bride? play
Over GURYEV'S Gallery iu Broadway.
Tlif auperii rity of litirney'a Uaijuerreotyyea is acknow
ledged by all who vlnit hi* room*, at No. Im:i il roadway, near
Oey atreet, aud 341* Broadway, uoruur of Leonard atrjot.
Brondwny Pont tlflkr, nrnr Cnnal street.
New York. ? Ihe public are reapeettiilly informed, tliat let
ti r*. i:c.. are regiilurly aent iroui tuin to the lieiirral I'o.it
Uttuvai* time* every day, and atUo'eiock every ni ttit ( Sun
day* excepted ), at a charge of One Cent each. Kr ?? Htainp*
alway* un hand. J A litis C. UAKKIOTI'.
Fall and Winter Dry tioiMla.? \ Hplenclld
a?*ortnient of every kind of ta.l and winter l>ry liood.i in ly
be found at tllKIICui K k LEA UHt A I l.K S, 3tf Uma i
? ay. corner Leonurd street. silkn. Ileriuot. SIiawIk, lie
I. ait e?, and everythiiii; a la>ly eau datlre for lier wardrobe,
'lliey litvc *0 Lie ctioiee bargain*.
Faahlonaltle Clouting can nt all tlmea be
obtained at II. I.. P?l?1 fcK'S eatabllthinent. 27 t'ortlandt
*tr?et, w here gentlemen would do wull to call and aoleet,
from a larae atock of good* nnd ready-made clotliiug, their
tail and Winter llotnioii. K-?ter 1* prepared toaiiitall
with clothing ol the moat fashionable make uud tluiali.
FawlilonnbU- < .lollilug.? A Mn^nl(l<-eiit As*
KTlnient, all <t*ea and all de*eriptioii?, lor" man and boy* ?
aeli made good* ex? l nai?cly. I.n ry artiule *old laguaraii
letdin enry revp?et. No daviaiiou from marked pri'-e*.
I'urcl atera are Invited to call and axitiuiiia for themaelvaa,
at tbe ltr< adnay 1 nahiooable t lotliinz Kuiporium of
.H.lKKti Ml Nhl'E k 1 <>., No. 441 Broadway, between
Howard and Uraud atreet*.
C'nrpels C'henp enon^ti nt IK) Bowrry, Illrnm
A N IjKKSON'.n : ? lupertry 1 arpeta, 7*. ^a., to y<, : Tnree
ply t arpet* at (is. ai,d 7* : li^oredund Ingninid C'ar|-;ta,
;ia., 4a., and .'a ; tjtnir L'arpeta. i!>. to 5a. : llr"*a''la ntalr
Carpet, 11 ; Floor iiilvloth*, 2a. lid., .'!*., S*. tid. ; Figured
aud Engli.-li OiJclotlis, eight y?rd* wide, at lia. and 7*.
Hlc h Cnrp4 tli>K.? Minltli A Unnsberry, fto
I'earl *tr?'t, are now prepared to exhibit their fal'
ftyle<, oomprixing a Complete and d"*irable aaaortineat 0'
rloh Velvi t THimttry, Uruaael'* Ihree I' ly aud Ingrain Car
petinga: alro, a choice aaaoriment of all other good* per
taiuing to the carpet trade, all of which they are offorinc at
prioea that challenge competition.
A Card for tlie Ladlea of Nsw Yorh^? Me
tropolitan Lace aud Embroidery t?t.ore, b!>] liroalway.?
JOllN MADDEN will open, thia moruiog, faur caae* of em
broideries and lace good*, jnat arrived by the Paoiflc, non
litting of Alboni collar*, raoa. ehemiaetta. aleovoa, infant*'
robrs, ladiea' mnalin and lace dreaaea and akirta. Ladies
vialting New York are socially invited to oall.
Freneh Mlpptn.-Ttic ladle* who have auf
flfient dieerimiaation to appreciate* really eupero arti' la,
ehoiild examiue t antrell'i trench rUippera, nn<|ueational>iy
the neatest, moat elegant, and toiufortable covering for tha
feet ?t?r manufactured. I.adiea. do not fall to eiait <*.i
trcll'a.for liin aaaortment of all kimln of (iaiters, llmkina,
1 in, to., i? very Urn'', and in quality, atyle and manufac
ture cannot l>? lurpaaaed. llim pricea an- very reaaonable. aa
all ta ill eonfea* after an examination of lila really ex of Hi nt
and durable (.altera, foraiahed at the low price of t telvo and
funrte'.D (billing*. ('A NTH El.l.'s |> at .'?? How ry.
Rlnger'a Hewing Mnclilnia are nil th? tlina
Increasing In favor among the al.o.tniakera -a.Mlera, and all
?thara in tha aewng profeaaiona Thla ia the ?roat labor
aa?ing machine about which ao much hai been aaid. Pria
aipal office, 26H Broadway.
A ? haure for HnrRnl..s -UV nre told that
JOIIK No. Ik>l (,fi'?nalpii itr-ft la Juat ?t tnia
time nfferina i"ine great barg>i?a in nil I lotha. AUoa.me
?plendiri Window Miailea ure ofli r> d extremely low I'apor
li aaringa. lori.icrt, liai>da, ana all the paraphernalia of
tbia branch of trade, at price* entirely oatlelaetory.
Marrrh of IniproTtinrnt -The Ptibllc. now
are ka.il) et.gaged i.i tm.v na?ing toe merit a of MIliiCH'S
eelebrated l.nta which for elegance and a p<-rlor rtnUI. are
warth) of the highest aneomiitma. Ilia eatibllahmant ia at
No 2?? Third aveane, wb<re can be a?en the lafjaat and
? neat aaaortmer, t of hata in the city. Much a man aa Mr.
M i. KC 11 it indeed worthy ot the patronage he reeelvea.
Genln'a Fni.ey lint* for Children of all
?ff?, and l??>tli p?x(?. *rv lltcraily A#
lions f? mf rin* ?\ rrytMng ????
fa nay Hat. and < ape. and the ?..ortm.nt tm a, w ifa ct. .red
alter liia own dedalia are nnequaled i>. 'HTi?ty, L. *nd
thtapneaa. Gi.MN, 111! Ur ?dw*y opporite ht. I ?ul a.
Knoi'a Hnt. -The Hose Th..rn?,
the <li. ?>.< i.d Ha ai? t ha, and e?erj mortal man haa hia fail
I. ? I ut for the H e of aa. we c?n .?? .... fault I,. K NOX'8
fell hata whi.h are an oit.rh adralrd and ao.jnlven.alIy
warn Ibey urelnleed brilliant, h< autlfol. and becoming,
and eminently worthy of tha m' H f p .larity th..y eujoy.
K MIX'K frnM.na atore ia rtill at Ne. IJjt 1 alt"il atre.it.
??The Croton Water abotinda with I in pur I
tr, whl. h t lie. ro? Filter nmnfti perfectly ? I'rof. J. Men
wlek The I'oronr l.l iaa HI tor remnvea all i.npnritiea, wha
iher of ar iaial or of vegetable matter, and imp.irta to the
water a eryatal appearance, beautiful ti the eight and plena
ii>? to the taate *o h- naeVce|i?r ?honl<t l-? without it It
la retf-tlraaaiag aud r Ui Uvt V?"2 "J>. , UvUUv Uu.ll,
[From the Philadelphia Nurik AMritu.1
tut Iron Monument tu floury Clay?' We
take plea?nre >a iayiug i dure ?ur reader* the following d?i
scriptiun ul the liiuut uicui ab i I to Im erected In the b.:i -?
rough ot I lie 'Ium.u U drawn by F. Hewsora,
Esq. The statue, a ? rr< t t Im. ueae ..f Henry Liny, to be fur
rlabed Iruni the eilobratcu cruam. n'.al irun wurks of Mr.
Hubert W uod, ul this tlty, it ut oast iron. The model i? b >??
in |c prepared by Air. it ???<. * | rlnclpal artist and senlptc
11. Ueschi', t-bM , a |" |nl oi >k? di. lingnhthed Sehanthalur
anil (nrntlius, v?ho*c n palati ni aiiamed tu a high degree
ot excel. euce in Europe |-r?? ? tu bis engagement with)! .
Wood, to * buui he nuDiiar nut til .nine three year* nil) or y
the highly celebrated t on ? in) aid. -t. Martin, near Bopp ?
on tbu 1- heia, * ho in lii> llm wring let tcr uf introduction, e
gratulated the m w wtI. ll . t >ir vt es< lit- designed to i?
vote bin taienin mid at n>e n.e to the promotion of tbe trlt]
in tl'in country. ' ) >? a I t< < i*it <> i uttsville, 1 wu mn> I*
gratified to wltmnat ? puilit fpirit and nobis patriots ??
evicted by tii? eitUeus o t. ut pia. e aud surrounding eou ?
try, in i roc ting a heautilul cant irou uiouuiueut to tho n -
in. >3 ,1 lit i,r> i lay whiei i* no > hciug roared on a boau -
lulai.d commanding eniicme near the centre of the I
rough. 1 mtf dc et.iiir ei t(uii) . . Hit |u raoi.s who have ehai o
ul the matter, und It uti.? . ?. .,i t ill iic*inu>tif tbe monument*
ns drawn ly P. llcwnon l.nt| and adopted by tbe commit
tee, in as lilli.au i ??tutu i?tu i e a uorreet liken ? aw of
the great atate*iuau. m ? . ...! I oaet iroa, flrteon feet ;?
height ana will statin t p o < re inn Doric ooluinn, alio ot
cant iron, ntartiug ir ... a . ... conglomerate rock. Tho
aholu litiglit oi tinn in i. ... iiUst* i ), ii'ut, (about) tbu neat
linen) oen.g 13.1 let t it V I' I idt ?alk, on Contra street,
?uli tl e following n.?. upline i ?? lane of the monument;
? " In l onur o! llei.r . t . , aiii rivit's great orator, states
man, aim patriot Tii?u ? v . . i n ni.i:rect?d by tho oitiicua
of M' I. II) It ill ? on ll' i . It, . ..n.fd t.. their oblidron, aa ?
rercrd nt ti.eir gratiti..i< r i, i? i.lu>triou? ??r?io?i), wbiul?
brought poacv. pro |* It} an.. r . r> to hie country. A tribut*
of a B et t inn lor i is t irti ? . wi.icl, ad rood lii? imoinl life, and
won i< r Mk imperiM i' it ,,...v i o r.^i'.'i t und alfevtion ot
mankind." I aim \im.i m..i uout mil, and found thta
?toll* cutter* Iinu niu?. I - . ? > m^agod iu laylug tbo foun
dation, m v i. n il iit I... i , iv i, i n . noble Htruoture, anJI
?un infurmod that tin ?. . i ir. n ?..rk lor tno column waa
1 ciuK juade at tl.. i.ii.ii. i the h ruujiii, and the xtatu*
wan inntrkctcd lor ui.< i . lur mi.cti at tho earlioat poe>
?il.lt- time, l.y t.r Koi ? n . . ? iitiiu i.i? oruauiontal iro?
wirkaon Kidge roau. I ? n. aipl.i.i. Aud what wan ui|uall*
Impnltant, I wai> told tl . t t in . nd? uoccaaary to it* final
eon, plot ion cnald be uiort i< u. ily . i luctutl, tho auhaeriptiona
Icing til i-uiail uiiu.uut i > . r. it riie all an opportunity of
eonlrilntlng. Tho im . . ami ruing u>?u ara vieing
with eacii other in nuifci up n.e inrgoat uoutribation* fro tit
their mine* and wi.rkain | ? i nw ruti.ying auob a apeotaclo
ia to tbe patriot, to t? tin vt r'.utg in, mi of a eommuuity
analomto proclaim, i.) i , .i a tttu uBorta in tbo oroctioa
of nth memento*, tt.t ir , > ,iu m.u adootiou for ono wbo
ban done no mucii to pr ..' i i i.r own tud the uuivernal
inttrvat of maukiud. - . i i. ??* where you will ttnti
more of tl.in nolle Iran i ml i in tno whole common*
*. altb of t'euu*ylvai la n ? "r. t!"" citiaona of SohuyU
kill county ? >o lurur I have i I m rve.l, oihera talk, wlill*
tie) int. If I urn oi.- i.i inn. i. i.. re baa Itoen no move,
uici.tot the kiuil an) ? ..t r. t ine in 1'euiiaylvania, and yet
tbo ScrvUva rendered ?) t at lil ntrluu* pitiriot and atatoa
uiaii to makt l'eiin?)l\ nuia vt ! *c ?..e now ia, and what alio
in destined to be. ar? authciout to ci'ect inoiinmenta to bin
n.t mtry iu every t in t) t ? >l?to. I was alao ahown *
I envtilul tlrawiug ? i ti.c , r " aii'i plan uf the monument,
v l.it b ia ii tcndcii to in- in i mpliet and diatributed among
I Ik- i nntril i.tt rn ti tl.ln ? . ' 't - i'>. ? i.inli will make a beau
tilnl picli.re, Hlil.t w. rll ) . tl.t nr. liitcet who planned tba
ucnif.ii. bii, I tloartiiti: t rut tied toe ?i?w. In conulu
? iMi. permit nie !?> n-y ii t ? \.ti. pie her" u t by the enter
irtaing people uf J', tintilu it ?ili i.e uratif) ing to ?eo othet
ow La and ( illur . n lollt.v ii.p . o ill cv ry oouuty iu tho Hlato
hall point to l.er inui i i . ni t rue teu to the memory of
Henry I luy, Ati erit a'a I n . u. t ri. tment aud moot bonorotl
nou. l'biiadelpl.in, Aufn-i 1,'nh, i.'ii
(t'rrat tu I ti?l?->-^ua inrntA, at V9!t
Greenwich itrect , cori.cr i i t han. era. 1 nia ia the plaoe t j
purehanc* vour L' ndern.irln and lu uai ra. t'ollara, t 'rarata,
fctoeks, ttiovea. hum.) hi il ha*e your nhirto made to mca
nun . no that they are M.n to M t. a certainty. Take dowa
tbia udurtto. aud cive it nit t ar.) . nil.
i il< > >1 AS_?cLAUunLIN.
Pure Whltr Uiuu umU, 44H per Carat; flntt
brilliant Diamond*, mci.u .(u ? H). $Jo p. r carat; alao, alct
of l>i ami two curu' M"ticn t.ltit.i will he nold by tho aingla
?'one. liiamoud Itii.^r. I i ? t r.-nnen. 8to., at manufac
turer's pricea. 1)A \ . 1 1 MAi'l 1 m porter of Diamond!,
? >l i.r .iJ ? ay, aocoud Ivor.
JtltllloiiB of Doitni'h hate toe*n loat l>y bo'1
ing "junt a lew minuttn I " lute." Vt hen C.KKBN, No. 1
Antcr liiiuae. aim t? t" ne. . i.ome a >et of kia aliirta, (gua
ranteed to tit. ; it a ctrt iti. li'iur of a certain day, ho cou
nult rn the ci.ttratt an ii.dm* u, r tard to time, ae in re
lation to lit tun wt-ri>u an. i ip llo ia ua punetual aa till
?un itteil.
Fair of the Ainnhan lu*mat?? Contrt-*
bntora to tbia Fair cat 'int. ineir liu*uteaa Cards printed
abeaper and better at the i .-agree* i ard factory, 46 Veoey
ftrwt, thun ?lb?M tieri* u* r-lu* city, iu i'ouio<|B6no< ?! th?
Factur> mukiug tlieir ??hii $HMKI0 worth of auporb
Playing Card? on ha mi, mm i?r muIm t'hijipor IbU oi# puf
a a?<eU at any other Fai tt?r>
Poitnblc Dreaalnm Cioo a ? The uudcr?il?ne<t
btin devoted bia unceH>i. .g attei.ti.iu t-. the porfootion of
tbene unelul articlea, uii.i ban on I ai d a large variety, of
eorrtruction atiitnl le to the want* ot tho travelling com
munity. Kor nale l.y (.. SAl NUEilS, >o. 7 A?tor Uouac,
aud 3t-. Uroadway.
Crl?tndoro'? ll?ti Piear i vntlve and Beaull
fler.? Una deluhtlul ci p. mm i.tg ly perfumed by itaowa
ingredienta, will prenerw t e l ead clear from aourf and
dandrufl, benidea m urim in< tn.i pr. venting the loaa of the
hair, itonulnctureil ami n.ti.i at < K 1 a I' A DO HO S M ig and
Scalp catabliabaictt. '? A?t.-r llnuro.
(irntltnikiiM hu !.<>< I* Bi ftiw <hey I*?Pt M*
reapectfully invite.lt. ,? i.t a. ul'S, A'a. liruad way, be
fore tlu-y gi\o their urn. r f' r -b iri? eleowhere. All AIjATK
xka ia a ct mparuon bt tw e, n i i > ? r?<ta Shirte ami aay and
every other atyle now l et. re the public.
Paper Waieliuu?r Writing paper* l?y the
ease only. CVKUS ? m.il .\ ti \ o. 11 Cliff atreeS
aole agenta for the Viett-ria Mill*, and igeoto for alaoft all
the paper manufacturer* to 'tun lunlry. mm offer for aalo
en very favorable terina. run i. h.w^r tnan mill prioeo.J ont
of t.he moat citeuaivr tnl t*?ir?'V' ?t-.eka of .tmorteMf
French, and Kngliab wrivituf r - 1-- * m-r ahownlu kito UaiWJ
?tale a.
Tortoise shell Drca? fmn Im. -Ladles an
reapentfully invited t.. .im. i tie - i...ice neleetiou of drees
eemba at the aubacri'-em' ? .tm l.-t in' -it 1 h? variety ie, bo
yond all donbt, the larjet-t it th? ity Comba made and
repaired. A )w ".I SAUNDKKS,
387 Broadway, between M -tlkt-r and White streets.
Particular NotJ< * tu pent.? ?Selling
of? PETEK E. I.Vt'N. ol -? H. . ??r>. rerpeotluily Informs
hnnaekeepera and otb< i n. tl n . re nl ..utiuue hta aalea all
tbia week, to give -11 a i t - , t > prnoiire Brooina, Mats,
Brnrbea. Dnatera. lin k tn . I aeuer il hunaekeeping arti
clea, at one-half tbe unual prioen. i all early and avoid ths
Brraklhst Trail? A vnrlrly of flue Congoe
and Souchong* ; alao (tol. n,, i.ui.p .tdt-r. Iui|?trial. llyn.ni,
Yonng llytou, tic , in .-lepi- ail >? . ntn and boxes. Tli?
ekoiceat 'icat imported tl.in ? ?ci-i. F r ?*lo by
JOHN DIM: A - ic -d.v.s, 4(1, Broadway
Extraordinary em hustamn, womterfh/
snanimity. great cicMemrat. t t t emendout majority in
favor of Illl.L'S inimita l) loantiful atylea, aud skilful
Banner of cutting hair ni.tl wMakera, at 13 Nassau street*
oorner of Pine street.
'?old Prim? Ini|>or?iti.l |?? the Writing Pub
lie ? Ibe jNer.' ^ .tk (.. in i n d hi. iiincturlog Company, No.
IKT (.reenwich atrect. am happi tt, that thoy have
junt completed an exit l , ? i t e a rrangt-mttnt in their mannfac*
tory, which will enable ll ent t.. ?t pply ordera fur the New
Reservoir Pen pr, nt| t>y f.nii- Inti r . (irdera by in%ll for
thia pen. aeroui p. i.itrt with three .|..|Ura (this Includes
silverextenai.it. holder.) will I, ??.lied hv return uf mail. Di
rect above. 1 be ttenervoi" Pen mlitptod to any hand
w riling, and ia charged an tin- ori'insry p"ii. and lis soon,
and writes two psgea foolm ap paper. V\ arrantod for three
Jiara. Cold pen a repslrod.
Tender rhlna.? The unplenaMiit feeling at
tending the uae of a uull ra? r . itu I e alle> iated at ones by
a "ingle application to tie M tal It- la' let. Thia article,
pronouueed by the judge* ?t the U . rUI'a Fair to have uo
equal in producing the keei.ent puand le edge tn a rator, can
be obtained, genuine. I r-.|n the in t en tor, U. 9AUN DEH?,
No. 7 Aator llouae, and ,'J.V7 Drt-adway.
Dr. Powell, Drullai and AurlMt, drvotss hit
attention, as nana), to <ji*ennt * ul the t.ye and Ear, from 9
to 4 o'clock daily, at Inn rcaidenott *at2 Broadway. Dr.
Powell's "Treatise on th>- f.)e' can be proenred at his
effioe- Alao, Artificial F.ve* whleh nan he inn.-rtad withoua
pain, and will move and look like tho natural eye.
W. Ltrtlt, DenllHt, No. <l'4N Hroadwajr,
takva tbia niL-timd tn mule tin puhlli tn wit neaa bis great
Improvement in Dentiatry. on intr.. dined hy him. Offlop
fconia fr..m 10 till A n'clucV . Ilir ? ork on the teeth oas be
obtained as above.
A llnon to the \n!t< t<<l._Trtiaan?_Ilnp~
turea effe. tually cured I.) .Var-n'* -iewl> Invented li^ht,
felf-srtjn*tii g, el n n tit 'I run* - ? .v. Ilnrah. Practical Truas
Manulacturer, lathe luventi.r of a new Irii-e, prunounoed
by the faculty to be the un-at t -flectiie one extant, properly
adjuatlrg itnelf tn every P" litn.n i f the body, rentlerlng dia
p'act nietit impossible. It tint only i> ;-i.rcn a complete reten
tion of the bnwela, but effeeta a ra Ileal cure. llr. Marah
laving had upward a of twenty yesra' cxpetleneain the treat
ment of hernia, will guarantee a cure i.i every ea*o of rup
ture . of however b.n, ntui dlog. A c< .np.-tent fenale in at
tendance to w sit iron 'alien i lilldren invariably cured.
Open until 9 o'clock in tl c evei-ing.
WAIlMI fc. t il.. No. 2% Maiden lane.
Billy Uflwleca, like nil IndlaiiM, has no
leatd; they pit. e k it nut. l.tahatu n Onguent will force tho
V hlakera. nouatachea aid lair t r.w like inagie, even If
there baa been nu inni" atinii i.f tl em hef-.re. It will n<it
ntain or injure the nkin ?i all. I rii-e, tn ? dollar per bot
tle, "-ent to any part of the country
Ii. U. (.11; A il.vM, 1^^ Ann street.
Wigs and Tou|N-e> .? Hit K'lielor's Now ttyls
of Wigs are pronounced the must perfeut imitation of naturO
y?t invented. Th.mt ? at. tiug ? v r , ui|iirinr artiels should
oall at BATrHE1.0R'!? elelratad Vt Ig factory, Ne. 4 Wall
Street, where oan be found ,he Ur*e?? ard best assortmsat
tn the oitr. Copy '.be ad.ie
Wig*, Wlgt. ? Nfrnii^M ?r? lti~
fort*. .1 that tin- beat plate tu jet itrini imntal hair la at
I M K I'll r MM fc IIK.\HII >. a Waidet. I ?u?. where they
have i.ii lunil the larpeM ol.'inftwt, mid heat aaaortment oi
A Ira. Hall ? IKk, T"i:pe. .<. liralila . I l?n? h?ir.!Kiii?l?U.|fcc..
which, for prico and i|nalHy, ?(?>? uai-'imilted.
Oournutl *? Klnir !.*> n tt wlthoMl
M??r??tl >ii tie *?ry ?>??! erei invented. He
ware of puffed dyea Equally '.elebri' -M<t U >?aamnd'i Medi
ated Jtoap, for ourtiii pimpfca. 'rneW '??. lalliwnaee, ihapa.
roachnoiM. ho. VonJre Vni.til* uiir' t? hair fro* a?y P?n
?f trie body Mqnld Kongr l<il> w'hil* aud ilalrGloea, It
?J Walker utreet. near nr- edw?".
II mr Djrc.-Hnl< nrlor'* Liquid
? air Dye I# the i.e?l tnv rtt?? 'j??r?d >? ? oolorin* the hair of
I whtakera the motnt'Tit. ft l> | , '"id 1 1 ' lerrol eMe and
?ertalntT with whir1 thl? t?v-u t< a d 1.) ? itabltahed Hair
I Dye porf'Tnia ii aetwiiaMn* It Ih ?or a*l? or appltad, at
[ HATCH!? OR** *(? factory Ho ? Will atrnel <>oy*h?
Crlatndoro'* Mquld llnlr Dy mnd RfcwMM.
rily take tie place of all i I In r Ita < .1 ta nro permanent,
li e color It impart- ia that of r.ntiir Ii ,? Ita t..<i ?<lienta are
natural; and it duel not noil, 1 ? <nn <> it |>n???a Into the inte>
rior of the hair. and at.,;i*.| ii r?oiua act apart fur
the ptirpofe, at CRIhTADUKM S, 6 A?t..r llouae.
Vnn Dcnai'ii'iOitiilitf lm|>rnvcil Waliprne
?o Jt.atlv l elchrnti <1 lorpivDiK to Iml.i I . ,nl? a i.uwaud beantl
fnl covering m il con* crting urav hair to it- Drat and nature
color la to l.c oltnlnml at the mouia of t'.o < .. neral Depot
I2.'t < linmhcra atroet, aud (r m the I rli.olp il drag^lata 0f
the city.
Tim Mii.it/titi.
arc hereby aetlMttd to attend uf licad-nnartera, 232
'n.ird a\?nue, at Mr. U l> nn-l a, on H<< dataller, Mepteabwr
JV, to drill. A lao, to attend tho meet;nn ..f aalil company
on Monday, Oc tober 4, for bnainnae. AlliaembcM
are partleultrly requeued to atv-nd. it v airder,
... . U. ii >Vfcf, ' "mmaadat.
Jmbpm fun, Recjwl'f/. " ?

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