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Om Wick'i Later Adrlcf 8?y?w Storm?
Total Lou of tbr Whaler A.. R. HowUnd
i PtMiiIrr to tbr Ship Alfundcr-Sclinn
Of tlM American Schooner Sumui Sturgl*
kjr todlJuu-Thc Wlullng fleet, 4c., dir.
We bare received news from Honolulu to the 11th
of Deoember. inclusive. It came by the way of San
Francisco, and we are indebted to Messrs. Ure
gory A Co.'a California and Sandwich inland express
for the latest papers.
The American ship Alexander, with full cargo of
bone and oil, and bound homo, grounded on the edge
of the channel, in Honolulu, heeled over and lilled,
on the lith of December. The ex'eut of the damage
waa not known.
The American wlialeship A. 11. Howland, while
at anchor outside the harbor, was driven ashore
daring the gale of the Gth . aud proved a total loss.
The Pdyrwsiun censures the officers for allowing
the ship to lie at anchor in so dangerous a position.
She had 1,055 barrels oil, and about 25,000 lbs.
bone on board.
George A. Fuller, from Wcentham, Mass., belong
ing to the whaling bark J. E. Dounell, of New Bed
ford. was drowned by the capsizing of a boat in the
?urf, on Tuesday morning, the 7th of Dec.
The Honolulu Argu*, of nth of Dec. says : ?
We learn by the brig I'andor.i Capta'ii Mntt, lately ar
rived from McLaughlin Bay that t'.m American schooner
Susan .Sturgis, I'ap'aia I.un? /, had teen boarded aud
taken possession of by the Indians. The lives of the
crew, at the intercession of the chief's wife, were spared
and allowed to he ransomed for a heavy amount of blan
kets, gunpowder, 4tc. , but the schooner was rilled, ran
ashore, and broken up.
The subject of a banking establishment of some
?sort or other, waa receiving the attention of some of
the best informed merchants of Honolulu.
[From the Honolulu Argus. Dec 9.]
Last Monday, at noon, the new constitution was
proclaimed, according to previous notice. After the
ceremony of proclamation was over at the Stone
church, His Majesty being present in his private ca
pacity. arose and made an extempore address to the
assembled people. It was short, but impressive and
to the point, and spoke volumes for the advancement
of knowledge and the liber.il sentiments of the king.
He pointed out to them, that whereas formerly the
chiefs alone had made the laws of the land, the pre
sent constitution was the work of the people them
selves, through their repre.-entatives in the Legisla
ture ; and as he had surrendered to them the law
making power, he exhorted them to use it with wis
dom, prndencc, and moderation, for upon themselves
depended henceforth the prosperity and improvement
of the country.
[From the Polynesian, December 11]
We take great pleasure in calling the especial at
tention of our readers to the very full report of the
whaling fleet that ha.-> visited these islands the pre
flent season, which has been compiled with great care
and much labor by Mr. Whitney, from official and
other sources of information to which he has had
access. [See Hebald marine news for the latest.]
From the whaling fleet, a large proportion of the
business of the islands is derived, and the money set
in circulation by it, in discharging and shipping men,
repairing and recruiting, forms the baais of the busi
ness prosj>erity of the whole gronp.
From the tables referred to, owners at home will
also learn the whereabouts of their ships, the suc
cet*i which has attended them, and when and where
they have sailed, or expect to sail, on leaving our
ports. In fact, these reports are so full that we have
nothing to add to render them complete, except to
remark, that since they were publis ed in a circular
form for the mail, the ship Abraham H. How land,
which was then at anchor outside, has gone ashore,
and Is a complete wreck. She had on board 55 bbls.
spm. oil, 1,000 whale, but had shipped her bone,
amounting to 25.000 lbs. She was fifteen months
It will be seen by reference to the List that 200
ships have visited the port of Honolulu. 101 the port
of Lahaina, and 3a the port of lliio ? 3J!> at all the
ports; but as many of these ships touched at all three
of the ports, we find that but 275 different ships have
touched at the islands this fall. Estimating these
?ships, with their outfit*, at
$40,000 each, we find the value of this
fleet to be $11 000,000 00
643 280 gals. spm. oil, at 80c., in 434,e24 00
18t'27V,ft97 do. ? h. oil. at 50c.. Ls 6,64h,948 SO
5,367,737 lbs. bone, at 25c., is 1.3S9.444 36
Totu'. value of vessels and cargo** $1M. 414.016 84
In estimating the value of these cargoes, it will be
BC?n that we have used figures at least one-third less
tkan the actual value of the various products in the
tome market, which will allow a wide margin for
flight and other charges home, losses, commis
m>ns, Ac.
The number of ceamen attached to these 275 ships
improbably full 10,000, besides masters and mates.
The average value ol the past season's catch, to
#^ch of the 271 right whalers, is $23,5441 75.
The national character of these ships is as fol
lows American. 258; French, 10: Breineu, 4;
English, Chilian, and Hawaiian, each one.
From the facts above brought to view, wt are
warranted in the conclusion that a more successful
whaling season has never crowned that branch of
business, since the "inconsiderable villages or ham
lets" of New Bedford, .Nantucket. Fair Haven, New
London, Ac., commenced operations in delving for
the wealth of the ocean. The year 1850 was a re
markable one for success in the whaling business:
but eo far as these islands are concerned, the follow- j
ma figures show greatly in favor of 1852.
Fn?m the custom house statistics of that year we
find that the number of vessels at I.ahaina and Ho
nolulu was 237; but many of these touched at both
ports, and the number of ships cannot be known
trom the report, but the amount of oil and bone is
thus stated
Sperm oil, IBM) 1*106 bbls
do do 1852 17.247 do.
Whale oil. 1850. 28?.4'^6 do.
fe do 1852 421,585 do.
B?|, 1850 2.621 000 lbs.
flo 1862 5,367,737 do
Value in 1862 $8,414,016 85
do in I860 5,468,217 20
I5aLinco in favor of 1852 f'2, 94.1. 799 65
Iii connection with this subject it in but due to the
port of Honolulu to -ay. that it affords facilities for
wlMtlers to recruit, discharge and ship crews, tran
ship thair cargoes and transact their general busi- |
new, altogether -superior to any other port in the
Pacific acean. We do not make this assertion l>e
cau.-e we wish to depreciate other ports to
our own advantage; but with the full Jconvic- !
tion of its truth, and from having heard the
remark often made by captains of ships themselves, i
who have had from ten to twenty-five years experi
ence in the whaling business in this ocean. In addi
tion to the above enumerated advantages, we can
al.?o mention the despatch and regularity of the
mails between these island- and the United States,
England and France. Were the owners of ships and
the friends of persons on board but properly inform
ed ?t the facts in this respect, they coula easily time
their correspondence ?o as almost certainly to meet
the arrival of their ships and friends at .the islands,
with but little delay. Our mails from New York are
rarely over sixty day- in coming through, and some
times they reach here in less than fifty. Letters,
therefore, despatched from France, England and the
Atlantic States, so as to come in the Ne w York m*i!s
of July and August, will be seasonable for the fall
fleet, and gratify many a longing desire in the whal- 1
ing fleet that touches" in here during that season.
Portage is now no low that no obstacle exi-ts, in this
respect, to the gratification of a very strong desire in
many thousands of minds to hear from home.
Ilfwi from Tahiti.
Interesting news from Tahiti, up to the 15th of
November, Tias Wen received. From this it appears |
that the reports brought by the Abyssinia, of a revolt ,
by the natives against the French authorities, were ,
totally nfenM. Not only was there no trouble,
but tne entire population wa* eager to respond to the
call of the French Governor, to aid in the completion !
of the now docks and railway, which were expected |
to render the inland of Tab'ti, and especially tne port
of Papete, one of the centres of commerce of the
The arsenal of Fare Vote was finished, thanks to
the active efforts of the native population.
The report that the French forces in the islands
amounted to only two hundred or three hundred, is
also contradicted. L' Echo says thev are more than
sufficient to maintain order and the French authority
in the Archipelago.
The English whip Darcbee Martha, Capt. Fisher,
arrived at Papeete on the 30th of October, in bal
last, thirtv-t-even days from San Francisco. The
American bark Asa Packer, Capt Teisseere, arrived
with 133 passengers on the 4th of November, thirty
seven days from this port.
()n the 12th November, the American schooner
China, Captain Frost arrived in ballast, sixty-four
days from San J nan del Snd. On the 9ame day the
French whaler Nil r?me into nort, twenty three days
from the Sandwich Islands. " She had 2.000 barrels
of oil, the proceeds of but twelve months cruise. A
numl>er of other small TeweU, in ballast, were in port
or in the bays of other islands, intending to take in
cargoes. 'Hie French ship Vesta, Captain Soubry,
sailed on the 2^>th of October with seventeen passen
gers, for Sydney via Tongatabu. The marine railway
continued to receive vessels. From the 10th of
September to the 14th of November, six vessels hud
been h an led np and repaired at a very trifling ex
pense. Thev were the French schooners Dos Ami- |
Ifoa, Josephine, Papete, the Hamburg brig Char
otto, the American ship Callao, and the schooner
Emma Pirkar. 1
City intelligent*.
It is scarcely urcesaarv foi us to announce that this is
St. Valentine'* Pay, for a crowd of young ladies (fathered
around every stationer's store in the Bowery, Chatham
and Nassau street*, each pointing at the valentine among
the many hundreds displayed in the windows, that will
Huit her best, 1m a sure sign that the day for sending
amatory missives has arrived. Amongst all the cus
toms, rites, and festivals, which are held sacrod by civil,
ized nations, " St. Valentine's Day" possesses peculiar
interest, for it is the " lover's holiday," and is regarded
by ul' nations a* devoted to "fun, frolic, and earnest."
Instead of the lover " sighing like furnace, and with a
woeful ballad made to his mistress' eyebrow," he re
ttuiues his courage ou this annual day. and fends to his
fair inamorata a Inllct doujr redolent with scent and love.
No name is attached, but the lady generally infers aright
as to the sender. Tins li^'ht skirmishing ofteu leads to
" clofe engagements," and of course the more pointed
I the sonnet, an l the more elegant the embellishment
| the.'ooner will the "general action" commence. On
I the other hand, the " lady fair." in order to encourage a
I ?? faint heart,'' despatches a valentine of most uueiiuivo
i cul meaning. Thus earnestness is ol'ten concealed under
| the ;<uise of fun. But the case is repeatedly reversed.
I and uarnest love is nipped in the bud, absolutely tickle 1
j to death, and ?? young love's dream" " leaves not a rack
I behind." Such being the case, it is no wonder " St. Va
| lentine's I>ay" is always anxiously looked for by lovers
i in general, for all expect to receive "victorious wreaths."
i Cupid, however, is not the only piime mover on " St.
j Valentine's Day," for the spirit of mischief is also al
i ways busy at work inciting his victims to annoy their
neighbors by Rending them sarcastic rhymes and libel
j lous portraits. The appioach of St. Valentine's Day"
i lias been announced tor a week past in every stationer's
| store window, for they have beeu decked out with
L valentines of all shapes, colors, and sues. Hie de
( i-igns ate of a most miscellaneous character, and
j the sonnets aro of all sorts ? love, sarcasm, ail libel.
1 All the books of mythology seem to have been ransacked,
i lor there are portraits of all the god- an 1 goddesses wor
shipped by the ancients, and the attributes ol each are
i denoted distinctly. The sonnets placed under the illus
trations arc, of course, pertinent to the subject, and con
I tain very meaning allusions. There are the serio tragic,
I the poetic, the i omantic, the comic, the sarcastic, tlio
impudent and the libellous, Such a medley '. There is a
display of every species of imaginable talent. Here we
have {he most carefully finished pictures, and there oat
line sketches. The one species betrays artistic excellence
of u high order, and the other combines huuior with
sketching ability. Thero are pictures of gods and por
traits of butchers ? scenes of love and of contention Then
there is the poetry, ranging "from the sublime to the
ridiculous." It is written in in all sorts of stanzas, from
the Spencerian to doggerel. Who the poets are is en
tirely a matter of conjecture, but their being anonymous
is in" perfect keeping with the nature of valentines, which
J are intended to be as secret as possible thinking of these
| unknown poets, we niuy exclaim with Gray ?
Many a flower is born to blush unseen
And waste its fruirrance on the desert air."
But not alone are artists and poets concerned in the
manufacture of valentines; there are the printers and
the fancy stationers, whose abilities are displayed in the
coloring and the shaping. For instance, the valentine
mav contain a rose which, being drawn out, liscovers a
heart, which is meant to show the depth of affection en
tertained by the sender. There are also other pretty things
of a like nature. Tho numbers of valentines displayed
in the stores throughout the city is a poof that the "time
honored" custom is still conserved, and a further proof is
afforded in the fact of the number passing through the
po t -office.
PRfMl)K>*T Ptekck'9 Visit to New York. ? The following
letter has been sent to New York, in reply to the invita
tion of the authorities: ?
Coscokd, N. II., February 5. 1853.
My Pfar Sir: ? I had the honor to receive your letter of |
the 4th inst., this morning and with it a copy of the pro- j
ceedings of the city authorise of New York, inviting me
i to accept the hospitalities of the city, ou my way to the ;
j seat of government. I
1 l>eg you to communicate to the Mayor, and theco-ordi
I cate branches of the city government, for their marked
' kindness and proffered hospitality, my grateful acknow
] ledgments.
Under other circumstances, it would have been ex
tremely pleasant to avail myself of the opportunity grace
fully tendered, to exchange salutations with the citizens
of the great emporium ot our country, and to thank them
for the decided manifestation of partial judgment with
which, but a few weeks since, they were pleased to honor
But, w ith a weight at. my heart which has well nigh
disqualified me for the discharge of pressing duties con
nected with their interests, 1 am sure they will hardly
expvet my consent to anything like a public reception on
my way to Washington. Suffering to some extent from ,
the want of usual health and elasticity, I need repose,
and 1 have full confidence that my friends will consider
ately accord to me. as far as practicable, seclusion.
With much respect, vour obedient servant.
Tin: Wfjittttr. ? Awitter Fat.l of S.v0w ? Contrary to
the expectations of everybody, we had a fall of snew yes
terday At an early hour in the morning it began to j
descend rapidly, and did not cease until teu o'clock A. M., )
at which time lain fell, and continued to do so until two |
o'clock 1'. M , when the wind changed to the west, |
which was the means of changing the <iay from |
that of a wet to a xery fine one. The remainder of :
the day was clear, and the sun shone again with all its j
brilliancv. The snow fell to the depth of two inches, but |
the combined influence of both the rain and sun soon j
thawed it in such a manner that the walking was any- j
thing but pleasunt. At ten o'clock last night the ther- j
mometer at the Ukkalu office stood at 32 degrees above j
zero. The side walks at this hour were very slippery,
| cau.-ed by the rain which had fallen during the day freer j
] inp on tl Vm. and no doubt many people sustained slight
j injuries from falls.
I.i!fn re of Thomas Francis Mkaohkr tuts Evkyfno ? |
At Metropolitan Hall, this evening, a lecture will be given
bv Mr. Thomas Francis Meagher upon (Irattan and 1782 ? ;
the eia of the volunteers and the legislative independence
of Ireland ? one of the few bright spots in the dark pages
of her historr. A lecture on such a subject from such an
orator as Mr. Meagher, must prove highly interesting, j
Finns ? About half past seven o'clock last night, officer
Keefe, attached to the office of the Chief of l'olice, ob- j
i erved a thick smoke to issue from the store of Mr. Char- j
pentler, No. 313 Broadway, and was speedily convinced |
that 1he premises were on tire. He ran over a ud endea
vored to break open the door, aud falling, gave an alarm, j
when a larg<- number of firemen attended, and upon enter
ing the house they found the rear part of the ptore in j
fiames. It wa? occupied by Mr. Charpentier as a gentle- i
man's French furnishing and hosiery store, and from tho
costly nature of the stock, there was considerable damage j
done, although the fire was soon extinguished. The da
mage is estimated at $3,500. Mr. C. has an insurance
Captains Brennan. Ditchatt, and other officers attended.
Were it not for the timely exertion and alarm of Mr.
Keefe, there would have been a very extensive conttagra j
On Saturday evening, a fire broke out in the baking es
tablishment No. 4 avenue A. and would have been rather
a serious one, had not the fire department been early on
the ground, who extinguished the fiames before any ma
terial damage was effected. The woodwork of the store
a ad the stock, were somew hat damaged both by fire and
Shoo; rso AocmnsT? Cactio* to Pkr.?o.vs rsrxc Cam
phenf. ? A melancholy accident, which may yet prove
fatal, occurred about half- past 9 o'clock on Saturday eve
nincr, by which a woman named Mrs. Brabur was burned j
in a frightful manner. On the above mentioned evening. [
she was trimrring a camphene lamp, which fell out of her !
hands; the flames immediately ignited and set ftro to her j
clothes, burning her body and arms in a shocking man- j
ner. She was immediately conveyed to the City Hospital. I
where she now lies in a precarious state. This is one of i
the many accidents which occur to persons who are care
less in the use of this dangerous article, and this citas
trophe should be a warning to those who burn it, not to
have any light near them while engaged in trimming cam
phene lamps.
The War or 1M2.? ' The survivors of the artillery and
railit'p companies of this State, who ser.ed in the war, have
called n meeting for this evening, of all their fellow
soldiers. with the deseen'lants of those who [perished, for
thf purpose of taking action so as to have the Bounty
land net? passed September 28. 18'>0? extended, so as
that ore hundred and sixtv acres may be granted for each
ciaim The meeting will be held at the American Hall,
forr.er of Broadway and Grand street, at seven o'clock,
p. M. It is evpreted that some eloquent sj?akers will
address the a?semb!y.
Thf. Piiesnak Gt'A*DJ Intend giving their annual ball at
the Apollo Boom*. Broadway to morrow evening From
Hie number of tickets alreadv sold, it promises to be a
grand afTair. AdV.in's brass 'band ha? been engaged for
the occasion and nothing has been left undone by the
managers to render the memliers and guests happy.
1 Vah v of Real Ictat*. ? Inve?tments in real estate ?
high as the priee is ? seem to be one of the orders of the
day. Mr. I.t.dlow. the auctioneer, will sell, to-day, a
number of lote on the Tenth avenue and Forty-fifth
HtyrrHD wis Dwvwwiro. ? A man named Henry Klffer
fell overboard from tbe New Haven steamboat pier, and
wa> rescued from an untimely end bv a private watch
man. ?ho was present at the time of the accident. He
was couveyed to the station-house
Rr? <ivkr. ? About 1 o'cleck P. M , on Satur<lay after
noon, a boy, named Thomas Powers, residing at 149 An
thony street, was run over at the Five Points, by a horse
and wagon, driven by a man named Thomas Tnmy, who
was intoxicated at the time The boy luckily escaped
with a few slight bruises. The driver of the wagon was
taken before the Mayor, and fined $.r> for careless driving
At noboken, on Wednesday, Feb 9, by Rev J B. Gre
gory. Col Ja*w? Ciotd to lire Other lfleotn*. widow of
the late John Renwon. K*<j.
fti Philadelphia. Feb 7. by the Rev 8 Wiley, of the
Cburch of the Nativity Mr. Richard A. TimnurDnar, of
this city, to M1*? Aunt A.tur. eldewt daughter ef the late
Jos. O. Thlbeatw!eaii, Req. of her Britannic Maiesty's
Osdeaaoe Service, CeyWm. Fast Indies.
On Saturday evening, Feb 12, f'HARi/rrn!. daaghter of
George and Anna Maria Uliott aged 4 years and V2 days
The friends of the family are respeetfuliy invited to at
tend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock,
frem the corner of Ninth street and avenue C
'>? Saturiay, February 12, JaoohS. Arc-btarius, in the
32d y?-ar of his age.
His friends, and those of bis family, are respectfully In
vlted to attend the funeral, from the rc^idenc* of his
mother No. 17# Canal street, this (Monday) after
won at2o'e1ock. No special invitations will be givan.
In Brooklyn, on Friday evening, Feb. 11, Johi? 0 Mur
phy. aged 70 years.
The friends of the family are invited to attend hisfune
ral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 3>f o'clock, from
his late residence, No. 17 ( oneord street, without further
On Thursday, Feb. 10, at 1S8 Church street, of cftonp,
^ m " ? ? &mm.
] CjjuhjM <?5f beloved daughter M Ja?e. ? ~
J Oh,' ifu haJd'to la "hetoted, the young, within the tomb
I To shroud the earl/ loved and lost amid the grave s dark
Toknow'weU gate no more upon thoae featurei, wont to
Our spirita with their gladaome smiles e'en ia this world
On Saturday, Feb. 12. son of 8. F. A. and Elizabeth T.
Sbonnard, aired 8 months sod 4 days.
The relative- and friend* of the family are respectfully
invited to attend his funeral, thin (Monday) afteruoou, al
1 o'clock, from Green Point, L. I.
On Friday afternoon, Feb, 11, Francis 1 . Graham.
Friends and relative* of the family are respectfully in
vited to attend liis funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at I
o'clock, from Weekswell Episcopal Methodist Church.
There will be free conveyances In attendan -e at Fulton
Saturday Feb. 12, Saujmjs, wife of C. MahWy, aged
Our friends arc respectfully invited to attend her fune
ral, this day, (Monday,) at 2 P. M., from her residence,
No 247 West Seventeenth street.
On Saturday evening, Feb. 12, after a lingering illness,
Mr A.miRKW ?iiaw Maokkan, in the 38th yeur of his use.
His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invitea
to uttend his funeral, on Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, from his
late re.-idence. 237 West .Seventeenth street. Nl annorrt
Ia dKe, No. t',7, Templar Lodge, No. 203. Free a"'* Adopted
Masons? all brethren in good standing? the officers an
members of the Jider of tlie Circle, are atlectionately in
! vited to attend.
We're parted but in seeming, love.
For still I feel thee near.
And know thy heart is teeminx, love,
V ith springs of love sincere;
We're parted but in seeming, love,
Yes, parted, but in part.
For well 1 know thy gentle soul
Is twined around my heart ' c
On Sunday, Feb 13. Mr. Gkakt Di Bois Missionary of
the New York City Tract Society for the Eleventh \>ard,
%L frli nds are requeued to att?nd his funeral, this
dav (Monday.) 14th in.t, at 4 P M.. at the Reformjd
Dutch Church. corner of avenue B and lifth street wGh
out further invitation His remains will be taken U
Cntskill for in torment, on Tuesday morning, from his late
residence, 267 Seventh street.
Suddenly, on Sunday, Feb 18, Sns*s Dt'NCAS, daughter
Of Bev. Win. F. Curtis. ?(fd 18 year*.
The friends of the family are invited to attend her fu
neral without further invitation, on Wednesday. 16th
inst., at 3 o clrck P. M . ?t the house of lier brother-in
law. George W. Head, Henry street, corner of Baltic,
UOnSundav, Feb. 13. of cephalagy, M akh a ret oll
ei-t daughter of James and Margaret Duncan, aged 7 years,
10 months and 23 days. i ?t 1
Her funeral will take place this day, (Monday.)
o'clock, from No. -3 avenue C. c?.annnv?
on Saturday. Feb. 12, after a short illness, F.uAS Oqdo,
I in the 72 year of his age. Inrlted
Ilis friends and acquaintances are respectfully mvited
1 to attend his funeral. from his late residence lCM Th rd
aveniie, this <!ay. (Monday.) 14th Inst., at 1 o clock, with
out further notice. . ,. w,,,,,..
On Sunday morning, Feb. 13, of consumption Wii.mam
; Ha/zaRiv ynu of the late Richard Hazzard, a<ed 22 years
i anHi6?Tiends. and those of the family, are respectfully
imited to attend his funeral this (Monday) 'fternoon. at
1 2 o'clock, from the residence of his mother. No. 47 S ill
I van street. His remains will be taken to Greet wood for
1 '"on'sund'ay, Feb. 13, of disease of the brain. Mrs. Milt
Cummings, in tlie 58th year of her age, ?
i The friends and acquaintances, Ahd those of her sons,
James. Michael, Simon, and John, are mo-t respecttully
I : equested to attend her fureral, on Tuesday aftern-.onj at
1 o'clock, from her late residence, 109, late 115 Ui*t
I Eighteenth street.
New Orleans papers p' ease copy.
On Tuesday, Feb. 8, Jambs E. Goirro.v. aged 41 years.
His remain* were taken to Newp rt, Rhode Island, for
! '"on Saturday. Feb. 12. at Jersey City. Mr. Jcmepii Glas
BON. aged 66 years and 8 months. , ,, ,
The friends of the family are invited to attend his Tu
nerai this afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from the residence of
his son in law. N K. llaring, Newark avenue, ne*r Bar
row street, when his remains will be taken to Dorchester
I for interment. _ , ...?
On SatuJ'lay, Feb. 12, Mrs. Tamkh Gals Page, of Mill
burv. Mass., in the 82d y^ur of her age.
i The friends of the family are respectfully invite! to at
1 tend the fune.al. on Tuesday, 15tfe, at 2 P. M. from the
residence of her eon, Henry U. Dunnel, M. D., 53 Broome
At St. Augustine, Fla. Feb. 2, suddenly, of hemorrhage
I of the lungs, Husky A. Walton, cged 37 years.
His friends and acquaintances, end those of his family,
are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, I from his
1 late residence. 48 Orange street, near Willow. Brooklyn,
I on Tuesday, 15th inst.. at 2 o'clock P. M.
I On Sunday, Feb. 13, IIenk Joskpu MARCirr. eldest soa or
I the late John G. Marcet, aged 45 years and 3 months.
Tlie friends of the family, those of his brother, A. Mar
i cet and brother in law, I.-aac V. Austin, are respectfully
invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence No.
94 Orchard street, on Wednesday, 18th inaj. , at 2 o clock.
At South Brooklyn, on Sunday morning, Feb. 13. after
a short illness, Charms G. Exnusn, formerly of St. Jatncj
street, London, in the 52d year of his age
The funeral will tike place fiom Livingston, house,
comer of Columbia and Atlantic streets, on Tuesday af
ternoon. at 2 o'clock. The rrfends of the family are Invl
U'on SundAV morning. Feb. 13. Mart B.. widow of Patrick
Wardlow. deceased, in the 88tli year of her age.
Her frit- nds and acquaintances arc respectfully invited
to attend lier funeral, from the residence of her son, Jotn
T Wardlowr. No. 12 Fifth street, on Tuesday, 15th inst.,
at 2 o'clock P. M . without further iavitation. ? May 'the
soul of the faithful departed, through the mercy of Ood,
fC(tain Saturday, Feb. 12. at his late residence, Flatbush.
Lieut. Chas. it. Browkr, aged 37 years, formerly of the
New York Voluntefrs, late of the Third Infantry, Lnited
StAifts army. ,
* The Brooklyn Light Guard, the New York Volunteers,
military in general, members of the Brooklyn Fire De
partment. and friends of the fauiil., are respe JtfiUly in
vited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday, lath in>t., at 1
1' M., from Trinity Church, Brooklyn. .
Of inflammation, Sarah L., only daughter of Jameaand
Lucinda Kos.?. aged 0 months and 8 days.
Tlie friends of the family are respectfully invited to at
tend the funeral, tbia day, (Monday.) ^th Inst., at -
o'clock, from her father's resilience, 316 ^B^th street.
At the Brainard House. Wmira, N. Y.,Jan. 29 JoHSil.
Paktiktt, of this city, aged 34 years. His remains were
carried to I-ee. Mass.. for interment.
The relative i of the deceased take this public rneth sl of
ex i re- sinp their deep felt gratitude to Messrs. Coleman &
lMke of the Brainard Hmise and to Dr. SUnchtieM. of
Elmira. for tlieir care and kindness to the deceased, and
for their valuable aid afterwards so delicately and
promptly rendered to hia relatives.
Weekly Report of Deaths
In the City and County of New York, from the 5th (lay of
February to the 12th day of February, 1853.
lien, 00; women. 71; boys, 111; girls, 89? Total, 337,
Abscess 1 Fever remittant 1
Abbuminaria 1 Fever scarlet 22
Apoplexy 12 Fever typhoid 3
Asphyxia 1 Fever typhus ... ..... 4
Asthma 1 Fever congestive 1
Atrophia 2 Fever hectic 1
Angina 2 Heart disease of 6
Bleeding 1 Hooping cough 4
Blteding from lungs 2 Heart hypertrophia of. . . 2
I!nrne<l or scalded 2 Inflammation 1
Bronchitis 9 Inflammation of brain. . . 7
Cancer 2 Inflammation of bowels. .10
Cancer of stomach 1 Inflammation of chest ... 2
Casualties 2 Inflammation of lunan ... 22
Consumption 47 Inflammation of perica'm 2
Convulsions 23 Inflammation of stomack. 5
Croup 8 Inflammation of throat. . 1
Congestion of lungs 9 Inflammation of liver. , 4
lability 0 Intemperance 2
Delirium tremens 3 Lues venerea 1
Irtarrhu-a 4 Malformation 2
Props? 2 Marasmus 10
Biopsy in the head 21 Measles 4
Dropsy in the chest 3 Old aj?e 3
Dropsy in the bowels... . 1 Obesity 1
I>rop<-y in the heart 1 1'aUy. 1
I>rownrd 1 Premature birth 6
Byfcntery 2 Pleurisy 1
Fxr-CHteo 1 Rheumatism 1
Epilepsy ,2 Smallpox 12
Fryf-ipelas 2 Sprue 1
Eruption 1 Teething 3
Fever 1 Tetanus 2
Fever bilious 2 Ulcers 1
Fever intermittent 1 Unknown 2
Fever puerperal 6 Varioloid 1
I'nderl year 91 40 to 50 years 12
1 to 2 years 45 50 to 60 years 22
2 to 5 years 35 00 to 70 years ....13
5 to 10 years 18 70 to 80 years 11
10 to 20 years 14 80 to 90 years 1
20 to 30 years 45 100 years and upward*. .. 1
30 to 40 \ears 29
njicw or NAnvrrr.
United State* 218 France 2
Ireland 71 Sweden 1
Foulard 12 Switzerland 1
Scotland 3 Br. Boss's in >i. America 1
Wales 1 Unknown 3
Germany 24
Fbom? Hospital, Bellevue. 17; Penitentiary, Blarkwell's
Ieland, 1. City Hospital, 3; City Prison, 1; Lying in Asy
lum, 1; Aim, -house Black weLf s Island. 2; Colored per
sons. 8.
Interments retimed from Ward's Island. 27.
THOMAS K DOWNINO, City Inspector.
City Inspector's Office, Feb. 12, 1853.
khih w Aim .... morn ? 06
6 57 I
? 32 |
Part ?f n?w York, Febnury L3, UW,
R M s-teamship Niagara. I^ng, Liverpool. Jao 29, at
aoon to E CunaTd. Feb 3, passed Br hark Arabia, for
I.ondon. 11th (no lat. He), 2 45 PM. f>ass*d a large steam
er. steering K. Jan 12. signalized Am ship Frances P Sage,
from Liverpool for New York.
Steamship Northern light, Miner, San Juan, NIc, Fab
4, to V Vauderbilt
Steamship Uncle Sam, Mills, AapinwaU. Feb 8, King*
Um Ja. 7. to E Mllla.
Ship Hercyna (Br. reported lielow yesterday as the Klo
rena). Mason, Manila, 168 ?lars, via Singapore, 124 days,
to order Jan 6, lat 4, Ion 25 30, spoke ship Scargo (of
Boston) hence for Port Philip, with passengers, all well.
Ship India. Bearse, Callao *5 davs, via Hampton Roid*.
2 days (where she put in for orders), to T Riley Ai Co.
Jan 1 lat 23 S, Ion 28 W, spoke bark Thames, from Liver
pool for Australia, with passengers, all well; same time,
?{?oka Hr bark Berwent from do for do, all well
Htilp Montezuma (pkt), DeOourey, Liverpool, 28 dars,
with 140 passengers, to 0 H Marshall k Go Jan 26. lat
46 57 Ion 21 47, exchanged numbers with a ship showln*
No 6, 1 67 under t lie second distinguishing penant, Mary
att s signals, wltk jibboom and bowsprit cap gone.
-<uip j ii Tannin, Kitrii, Bo?Um, 3 day*, to J H Brawer
k Co.
Bark Rousi (of Thomaston), Brown, Bordeaux, 74
days, to order. iW 18, lat 45 20, Ion 16 20, in a gale from
WNW, btove boats, head rail* fore and aft, started ring
bolta, net the water cask* adrift. Ac, and sustained other i
damage. Feb 8, lat 35 10, Ion 09 40, spoke ship Caroline
Nesmlth, from New Orleans for Liverpool.
Brig E L Walton (of Providence ), Titus, Lisbon, 31
davs, to order. Feb 8, lat 36 24, Ion 73, epoke brig Hum
boldt (of Bucksport), H days from Boston for Havana. ,
Biig Timothy Crosby (of Bangor), Harding, Port au
Prince, Jan 26, to master. Jan 1)0, off 8t Nicolas Mole,
spoke brig "Ctmilie," of and from Boston for Aux Caves,
12 days out, with loss of fore aud maintopmast, and fly
ing jibboom; same time, spoke brig Kufus Soule, of and
from New York for Aspinwall, 12 days out.
Brig Sarah 1'eters (of Ellsworth), McFarland, Belize,
lion, 23 days, to E Coffin. Experienced severe gales from
NK to NW, sprung head of loreuiast, carried away head
rails, Ac.
Biig Albino Cooper (of Plttston). Laadiken, Attakapas,
ID days, to l'eck A Lyman. Jan 17, lat 23 60, Ion 80, in
a pi in from NNE, stove galley, and lost part of deck load.
Schr Iialticus (Oldenburg), kiefe, Bathurst, Coast of
Africa, 41 days to Poppe k Co.
Sclir Julia (Peru), Cesseraulo, West Coast of South
America, 180 (lays, to Pavenstedt k Schumacher NoiUl,
lat 56 S, l?n 65. spoki Br ship Queen, from Liverpool for
Panama; Nov 24. lat 30 S, lou 41, spoke Ur ship Acteon,
Robertson, from Liverpool for Sau Francisco, 84 days out;
Nov 2D, lat 28 8,lon 4H, spoke ship Leopard, Greewos,
from Boston for San Francisco, 47 davs out; Dec 20, lat
10 S. Ion 31. spoke Mr ship Kirkman Finloy, from liver
pool for Bombay, 60 days out.
Schr Bergen, Cole, Petersburg, fl daya.
Schr New York. Wyatt. Richmond, 6 days.
Schr Alici-, Weeks, Baltimore, 5 days.
Schr Ann I>, , Georgetown" 12 <iiys.
Schr Frank, McMatll, Norfolk !i days.
Schr C L Bayles, Thompson, Hagerstown, Md, 3 days. !
Schr Wn, Adkins, Milford, l>ol, 8 (lava.
Soh- J Williamson, May, Slilford, Del, 3 days.
Schr S I) Hart, Rnwley, Rockland, 8 days.
Schr Mcndrick Fish, Shaw, Rockland, 6 days.
Schr Justiana. Hewett, Rockland, 8 days.
Schr Ontario, Ilasker, Rockland, 7 days.
Schr Vendonta, , Rockland, S days.
Schr Leprelette, B*owb, Rockland, 10 days.
Schr Lucy White. Torry, Rockland, 8 days.
Schr Melbourne, Hix, Rockland, 8 days.
Schr Richmond, Woad, Rockland 12 days.
Schr <i W Dyer, Dyer, Boston, 8 days, for Tangier.
Schr I .aeon, Bearse, Boston, 3 days.
Schr Susan, Bearse. Portland, 0 days.
Schr Rocket, Townsley, Calais, 7 days.
Schr Z A Paine. Dumb, Eastport, 25 days.
Sloop Harvest, French, Providence, 2 days.
Sloop Fredk Brown, Gardiner, Providence, 2 days.
Ship Mercury, Conn, Liverpool, with mdse and pai
Ship Hampden (Hum). Hamburg, via Hampton Roads,
with mdse and passengers.
Also, a Br bark, with passengers.
Yesterday, bark I'aniel Webster, for Australia.
The ship Stnghound did not sail yesterday; she is still
receiving cargo.
Rm u.NKD ? The brig Kate Means (ofSurry), McFarland,
hence for Vera Cruz. On the night of the 12th inst, off
Sandy Hook, was run into by a large fore and aft schr,
which carried away foreyard; doomed it advisable to re
turn for repairs.
Wind at sunset, NE to NW.
[Pnn Stkam.-uiip Niagara.]
Antwerp ? Sld .Ian 2C. Chan it Jane, Oliver, NYork.
Ast*kns ? Sld Jan 22, Miunola. Bronlov. San Francisco.
Bremkrimvkx ? Sid Jan 24, Uermine, Raschen, NYork.
Bkimham ? Off Start l'oint Jan *24, 1 last ode. Laun, from
l.ondon for NYork.
Bristol ? Sid from the Till Jan 25, Juno, Moran, Mobile;
tTuiterl ciaies, CliisP.rc, NYork; 20th, tiara Ann, Hatch,
and Paulino, Colburne, do.
BoRDFaux-Sld from i'auillac Jan 24, Pescatore, ftourdin,
San Francisco; Grenada, and Windsor Castle, NOrleans.
CADIZ ? Arr Jan 11, Eliza Ann, Orr, N Orleans. Sid Al
godonera, Alsina, Charleston.
Cardiff ? Sid Jan 27, Oroinocto, Haddy, NOrleans.
Crookjiavex ? 1'ut in Jan 24, through stress of weather,
Chace, White, fi om Char'eston for Liverpool, and old 25th.
C'rxiuvEN ? Sid 24. California, Clark, NYork.
Leal ? Passed by Jan 20, Kliza Caroline, Morgan, from
Antwerp for N'Orleais.
Dover ? Sid Jan 26, Sophia, Behreni, NYork.
Falmouth ? Sd Jan 26, Kuropa. Dievoort, NYork.
Flcthiwo Boads ? Sid Jan 24, Callendor, Diekman, and
Eliza Caroline. Rowlands, NOrleins.
Gibraltar ? Arr Jan i.r>, Grazia, Escarparti, Palermo,
and eld for NYork; 18th, Wckermunde, Schwartz, Smyr
na, and eld for Boston. Cld 16th, Harrisburg, Mathews,
Glasgow ? Arr Jan 24. Diamond, Mann, >TYork; 26th,
Elba. Heydtniann, do. Sid 26th, Corra Linn, Tjimbert, do.
Greenock ? Sid Jan 25. Carlo Mauran, Tillinghast. Phi
ladelphia; 26th, Adept, Burns, Mobile; John Ker, Moyes,
Graveskvti ? Sid Jan 27, Versailles, Frost, Boston.
Havki; ? Sid Jan 25, I>ef Cent Vingt Trois. Pelhon, Ro
chelleand Bo?ton; Zouaves, Boi.ssard, do and Philadelphia,
Benj Sanier, Dolo, and A F Cezard, Lebozee, San Fran
cisco; 26tli, Wm Tell, Funk. NYork.
Hn.voRF ? Sid Jan 24, Itzstein k Welcker, Bosse, NOr
leans; Bicbard Anderson. Coffin, Baltimore.
Liverpool ? Arr Jan 26, Geo Washington, Comings, Mo
bile; 27th, Cheshire, Rich, NOrleans; Kate Hunter, Par
sons Savannah.
Sid 26th, Kennebec, Batchelder; Marathon, Tyler, and
Niagara. Liveruiore. NYork; Harward. Goodwin, City
Point, Va; Western Star, Thayer, Bost>n; 27th, Joseph,
Home. Driver, ami laurel. Graham. Charleston; Trenton,
Patten, and John Haven, Bicker, Mobile; American Union,
Iioane,' nYork.
Cld out 26th. Gen. Parkhill, McKown, Charleston: Cos
tello, Gray. NOrleans; Pemberton. Hod^skij, N Orleans;
26th, Winfield Scott, M'ljellan, NYork; Greenwich, Childs,
Boston; 27th, Athena, Wv man, Charleston ; Nelson, Banks,
Wilmington; South Carolina, Snnford, Mobile.
Fjitd for ldg 26th, Chas Cooper, Cutts, New Orleans;
Horizon. Thompson, do; Samuel ljuvrence. Patten, do;
North Atlantic. Cook, do: Sir Robert Peel. Weinholt, New
York; Hudson, Hohorst, do; 27th, Vandalia, Smith, and
Sheridan, Porter, NYork.
Loitdow ? EnM inward Jan 25. Louisa. Wilraore, Balti
more: 26th, Mozambique, Kent, Belize and Savannah.
Entd out 2Cth, K 11 Porter. Boston; Sovereign, Nichols,
San Kranoi.'co. Cld out 26th, Charlotte, Labudie, San
I/iwektoft ? Sid Jan 26, laurel, Johnson, NYork (from
MAB8BUJP ? Sid Jan 24, Belzunee, Boceafori, NYork.
Ldg Jan 22, Progrcsso, Selasco. for NYork.
>p.widrt ? Cld Jan 25, John Bryant. Dyer, NOrleans.
l'AiMBQsrK ? In the roads Jan 23, Ferdinand, Audubon,
N York. Sid from the roads 2od, Fire Soda Bende, Grout
vedt, N York.
Ports Morm ? Sid Jan 25, Acticon, Benson, N< >r leans.
Plymouth ? Arr off Jan 24, Osprey, Honeyman, from
Antwerp for Mobile. Put in 25th, (and sld next day,)
Chusan. Montague, from Sunderland for San Francisco, to
stop a leak; 26th, Vigilant, Halloday, from Newcastle for
NYork. leaky.
QrnwKTowji ? Sld Jan 26, Broosa, and Forest Queen,
Boston; Victoria. Chapman, NYork ; Arvum, Rankin,
and Katinka, ? , Baltimore, Put in. Lady Sale, Scheve,
from Cardiff for California. 3d 26th, Odessa, Savannah.
Shdc J)y ? Arr Jan 25. Preciosa, Osberg, Gothenburg for
N York, with emigrants.
Tkxkl ? Sld Jan 24, Adrianusen Willem. Sclieve, NYork;
Mississippi, Ovcrey. Italtimore: 2f>th, Elizabeth Jaccobas,
Zeeman, San Francisco.
ljrERPOOL. Jan 25 ? A waterlogged brig, with loss of
foremast and bowsprit, and with painted ports, and
female bust head, w as passed Jan 19, by the Chase, Elder,
arrived here from Oemarara.
Co whs. Jan 25 ? Put in the Swedish brig Mentor. Abe
lin. from Hull for Charleston, with damage to larboard
quarter, loss or quarter t>oat and mainsail, having been
in collision with a bark (unknown) at 8 P M, Tuesday
Dixah (Pembrokeshire), Jsn 24 ? For a few dars past a
small quantity of loose cotton has been picked up near
this place, but no bales, consequently no distinguishing
marks could be obtained. Also fragments of wreck, and
a boat's thwart, were picked up to-day.
Newport. Jan 27 ? The American ship Mary, Eustace,
of Hath, U S, ) WSl tons per register, hauled out of dry
ock this morning.
Watkrford PAKSAO*, Jan 24 ? The Arcadia, Jordan, from
Liverpool for Philadelphia, is discharging somo of her
cargo, to get at a leak that is near the water's edge.
Ilri.i, Jan V.ri ? The Meteor, Brown, from this port and
Shields for New York, put in here yesterday with loss
of mizenmast.
Telegraphic Marlae Report*.
Baltimore. Feb 13.
The bark Llnwood, arrived to day, reports leaving the
following vessels at Rio Janeiro, Jan 2 : ? Ship Narragan
sett from NYork for California, wtg repairs; barks Pana
ma. from Boston for NOrleans, to sail 4th Maria, from
do for do, ldg, Wagram, for NYork, ldg: Hazard, do. to
sail 8th: Maryland, do. to sail 4th; Neptune, for Boston,
wtg fgt: Catharine Augusta, fiom NYork for Port Philip,
wtg repairs; St Jamts. from Philadelphia, disg; While
Wing, from Boston, do. brig Gen Worth, for Philadelphia,
Feb 3.
B.wro.f, Feb 13.
Arrived ? Bark J J Hathorne, from NOrleans.
Herald Marine t'ormpornlcnee.
Arrived ? Steamships State of Georgia, Collins, Savan
nah ; Kennel.ee, Clark. NYork; bark James Bayley. Bishop,
Matanzas, Feb 2: brigs Thordsnskold (Norw). Carnum
(late Bjerding), Rio Janeiro 50 days; Wm Crawford.
Perry, Cardenas; sehrs KH Bonley, Rogers, Trinidad da
Cuba: H Holmes. I/xlge, Mobile; Triumph, Mason, and
Eclipse, Potter, NYork.
(leared ? Steamship City of New York, Matthews, Bos
too; brigs Adele, lywis. St Kitts; Lucy Atwood. Atwood,
iUtJuiAK? Mall, Baker, Boston; sehrs Charm. Berry, do,
Eclipse, Potter, Brooklyn; Smith Tuttle. Baker; Pro
vince town.
Mlscrlls neon*.
Sup A herd net. hence, before reported lost near San
Francisco, after being fourteen days on the coaat in thick
foggy weather, took a pilot, and whila entering the har
bor, 7th ult.. in company with a number of other vesaels,
was run Into by a French ship striking her on the quar
ter. which, together with the strong ebb, force. I her into
thf eddy and on the roaks near Fort Point, where she
?truck heavily and soon bilged. Charlea Minturn, Esq.,
consignee of the ship, promptly sent assistance to the
captain, but in consequence of the stormy weather, with
a heavy swell from the sea. and the great strength of the
tide during the present freshet, but little could be done
to advantage. On the 8th the ship broke up, and the
cargo floated off in all directions, onlv a small portion of
It, with some salts and other a r tic Ion belonging to the
I ship, being saved.
Hiiip Jam Cown*. at San Francisco, Jan 7. from New
York, experienced heavy, severe weather, on the pasaage;
was off Cape Horn 40 days In heavy westerly gales; ntvle
the land close to the Heads, Dec .'10; after which tiiut (9
days) had been off the port in thick, foggy weather.
Snir RaI)I:<ia, at San Francisco from Boston, wa? off
Cape Horn 18 days, In heavy galea, lost mizze* topsail
yard split sails, *c.; crossed the equator Inloa 110, aftar
which nad moderate breezes from th$ northward, waa off
the Head* ? day* In thiek foga.
tar Stktbxn Ixrma.v, at Sap FranoUce from NTork,
which had to pat iMto Rio Janeiro for rnpalrs, on the 8d
July tost fore topsail vftrd, for* ui main topgallant mast,
?nd foresail, and ?P"t other sails. Experienced heavy
gales on the pannage, and was off the Heads 10 day* in
thick fogs.
Ship Cookikk, at San FrancUco Jan 8, from Rio Janeiro,
was off the Ueada 10 days; had a pilot on board ft d?vs.
Hoc 28, Henry Benjamin Goldsmith, alia* JoMphPenille
ton, seaman, of Plymouth, England, feU overboard and
was drowned.
Sun- Italt, from NOrleans for Genoa, before reported
abandoned, w'as Warded 3d i?ut by bark Scott Dyer, arr
at Boston, who took fiom her 25 bales of cotton.
Suir aiktandkr Bush, before reported lost at Hono
lulTu s^d?"lhe Polynesian of 11th Dec to be lvm*
heeled over, on the east side of the channel in th?
bor, and lying on the bottom, where the water is bare y
sufficient to keep her aUoat. The A had a full fre g t
oil and bone on board, and was aU rea.ly for sea. S e
had hauled out to proceed on her voyage, but Uy on the
edge of the channel, so that wheu the tide ebbed she
grounded heeled over to starboard and tilled. What
damage she had sustained was not known, nor whether
she would be repaired and .sent to sea with her cargo or
Wiuijkhip Heroin*, which was damaged by fire, was
sold at Honolulu by auction, Dec 2, for ?1,0'.I6, for the
benefit of the underwriters.
Whalkmii' A H Rowland, beforo reported lost ?t Ho
nolulu, was at anchor outside, and was driven ashore
during the night of 6th Dec., or morning of 7th. Ihe
pi obabilily was that she w^uld soon break up, as a hoavy
noa whs breaking over her on the 11th. She ?vas l o
monthH out, ami hitd on board 55 bbl*. nperm oil, and
1,1.00 whale. She had shipped her bone homo for the
U. States, amounting to 25,000 lbs. On the 7th, the Gov
ernor went, with a large force of men and canoes, and
found the ship abandoned by all but two sailors, whom
his men rescued by bringing them ashore through the
surf on their backs. He took possession or the ship as
salvor, and was saving spars, &c., and making arrange
ments to get out the oil, when he ?as warned of by a no
ticefrom Capt Pease. The Polynesian says it was much
to be regretted that he wus molested in his endeavors to
save property from the wreck, for with the force lie could
command, and he alone could command the men and
means, he would have saved, as he as.-crts, all the oil from
the ship while the weather was calm; but that the heavy
weat her which subsequently set in will ca use her to go
to pieces, and very little be saved.
I!akk Dragon, at San Francisco .Ian 8, from Hong Kong,
experienced Nov 27 a severe gale from fcWK to SW, with a
tremendous sea, breaking at times entirely over the bark
and most of tho time the deck, flooded with water. Had
e\i#erienced very bad weather for the last 45 days; lost
quarter boat, foreyard, ?nd split sails; trim Dec > 7th to
'.:8th a continual gaie from NL to t, in lat 40 N, long
158 W.
Br Brio Emulkm ? A card in the San Francisco Whig,
stoned Joseph Emerv, one of the crew of the bark Ork,
Cant Ilutchings, arr' there Jan 7 from Richmond, says
that vessel fell in with the Br brig Emblem, from Haliiax
for Barbadoes, at 7 A M, (no date, lat, &c, given,) water
logged with colors uni'>n down, and standing aloug under
her foresail; that tho 0 lowered a boat and brought off
the captain, supercargo, two matcB, cook and a boy, in
two trips; that the boat having been stove alongside on
returning the second time, Captain H. declined to wait
for its repair, and stood on his course, leaving live of the
Emblem's crew on the wreck.
Brjc Mary, which left Bolinas Bay Jan 4, for San Fran
cUco, with lumber, after proceeding twelve miles on
her course ran on to a reef, about a mile from shore, and
sunk in ten minutes. The passengers, captain, and crew,
clung to the rigging. A schooner at anchor half a mile
off. attempted to launch two small boats to go to their
assistance, but there was such a heavy sea that both at
tempts proved ineffectual. One of the boats, a small one,
drifted to the wreck, and was secured, and the captain
and one man went ashore and procured a large boat and
sufficient help, with which they rescued their unfortunate
comrades. Thoy had remained in tho water about four
Pcflft FRAtffW?; at. Pan Francisco Oth ult, from Panama,
had very sevore weather on tho passage; lost foretopmast,
sails, fcc: sprung the heads of fore and mainmasts; was off
the Heads 14 d?ys, in thick foggy weathor.
Schr America* Cow. from Savannah for St Augustine,
sprung aleak on the 28th, between Darien and St Simons,
and though the hands were kept constantly at the pumps,
all efforts to keep her free of water proved useless. A
heavy sea was running all the time, and the wiad blowing
freshly from the northeast. It was finally determined to
beach her. but as Rhe neared St Augustine bar, a heaVy
sea struck her, knecking her on her beam-ends, after
w liich, though soon righted, she became unmanageable ?
the sea washing over her all the time. The captain and
all hands got ashore in the small boat, and at 10 o'clock
at night the schooner began to break lip, and portions of
the wreck floated into the harbor. The wreckers were
unable to save a sixth part of her cargo, all of which was
damaged. What was got from the wreck was sold at auc
tion. The captain lost all his books, papers, and $130,
and the crew all their clothiDg.
Schr LEOjmira, from Boston for Bucksport, put into
Gloucester 11th inst, and during the night drii ted afoul of
schr Witch of the Wave, of Gloucester, and carried away
the latter '0 jibboom.
Notice to Mariners.
Root in Tire Harbor ok Auckland.? Capt. Drury, ofH
M ship l'andora, writes to the Colonial Secretary under a ,
recent date : ?
"1 have the honor to make known the existence of a
rock near mid channel, between the islands Ponoul and
JWaihekl, having only eight feet at low water, spring tides.
The following bearings are In reference to the Admiral
ty chart of entrance to Auckland liarbor:? Passage rock,
S 50 deg W 1-1 mile; South Point, 8 74 deg W; linger
l'oint, teen just within Kauri Point, N 11 deg E; Thames
Point, 8 11 deg E.
it is not more than 50 feet in extent, and the shoaler
water of from three to four fathoms around It does not
extend above half a cable. There Is a deep channel on
either side of it, and from 7 to 0 fathoms.
This rock is in the direct course of vessels passing
through the Waihcki channel to Auckland, and the sound
ings on approaching it will aot give sufficient warning to
avoid it." _
Capt Andrews, of bark Dragon, at San Francisco from
Hong Kong, reports seeing, on 17th Nov, an island not
laid down In the chart; made it to be in lat 24 SO N, Ion
131 20 W; it is low and very even: should judge it could
not be keen, under very favorable circumstances, more
than 0 or 10 miles.
See Miscellaneous.
Att at Honolulu T>ec 6, ship Chariot, San Francisco. Cld
4th. ships Sa^h Sheaf. Wall, to cruise; Seine, Landra, do
and home; Electra. Fiske, cruise; 6th, Brunswick, King,
do , Florida, IJttle, do ; 8th Ocean, Swift, Providence;
Globe, Hardy, cruise; 9th. Neptune, Allen, cruise.
The Honolulu Whalemen's IJst says : ? The want of
vessels in which to ship oil and bone to the United States
has been felt, and quite a number of whalers have gone
to sea thec?ptain? being unable to ship their cargoes,
but will return to this port in the spring to ship oil
home. It is quite probable that 24,000 to 3'\000 bbls will
thus be sent in the spring, as vessels will In all probabil
ity be In readiness here.
SroitRN ? Jan 19, off Cape St Lucas, ship Citizen, of
Nantucket, fifteen months out, with 900 barrels polar and
350 barrels sperm : at same time, ship Huntress, of Cold
Spring, twelve months out, with 1,500 barrels polar and
160 barrels sperm.
Ship Orissa, Sears, from Boston for Shanghai, Feb 1,
lat 38, Ion 41 30. ...
Ship Emblem, from Apalachicola for Antwerp, Feu 5,
offf'ape Hatteras. _ , , ?
Ship diaries Humberston, Williams, from Boston for N
Orleans. Jan 30. lat 74 13, Ion 29 20.
Ship S? aman, from San Francisco for Rio Janeiro, Dec
28, lat 32 20 N, Ion 134 W.
Foreign Port*.
1'arrapoib< ? In port Jan 18, brig Patrick Henry, Lofland*
from Philadelphia, with damage.
BATHt'wrr (C of Africa) ? In port nbt Jan3, brigs Peto
mac. of and for Salem, unc; "Sinew," for NYork, repg.
licuzt: ? In port abt Jan 21. bark W O Alden, Bates, for
N York 10 days; enly Am vessel.
Kinohton. JR ? In port Feb 7, bark Charm, Sleeper, from
NYork. brig Lucy Spear, , from Jacksonville (the
mate was accidentallv drownfd on arrival); schrs Water
Witch, Smith, from** York 10 days; Greyhound. Johnson,
from Navy Bay. . _
Panama ? Arr Feb 1. steamship WInfleld Scott, Dunn,
Sen Francisco, via Acapulco
Port ac Privk ? In port Jan 26, bark Cbas F. I/*x. Har
Psr, for Philadelphia, unc; brigs Vermont, Soquet, for
hUadelphia 15 davs; H P Cushing. lancaster, from and
for Boston 18 days'; llaytl, Cheeseman. from NYork, arr
24; schrs Daniel Francis, Coombs, from Boston, arr 25;
Silver (loud, for NYork, wtg a master.
San J tan nxi.ftiR ? Arr Jan 31, steamship Indepeadeace,
San Francisco.
San J tan (NIc)? In port Ffb 4, brigs Waitstill, Morse,
and E Hinds. Perry, from N York.
SURINAM ? In port Jan 17, brigs f'rarina, Bates, for
Boston 20 days; Judge Hathaway, Inland, from and for
do 8 days.
Home Porta.
APAI.ACII1COLA? Arr Jan 31, shipGeo A Phelps, Sher
man. Vew York; schr Arlington, March, New York. Feb
1, barks Jupiter, Merritt, Boston; Istdy Knight, Choate,
Providence; Feb 3. bark Hebron, Kilby. Boston; ship
John Bunyan, Nichols Ni-w York;l?ark John Henry, Ma
tan/as. schr Norfolk Packet, N York. Cld 29th, ships Sea
|, ion, Hall, Liverpool; f'anton, Clark, IJverpool, bark Asa
Fish, Gates, Boston: Jan 31, ship Forest City, Allen,
Boston; bark Jano E Williams, Mason, N York; Feb 1,
ship Mary E Whittier. Jones, Boston. Feb 2, Br bark
Monter.uma. Powers, Liverpool.
In port Feb 3. ships Persian, (Br) Barton, for llverpool;
Geo A Plielps, Sherman, for Europe; Southport, Wilson,
for NYork ; Ssgadahock. Fisher, for Boston; Atlantic, Hay
den, for Boston; Queen Victoria, Chase, for Uverpool ?
all Idg; John Bunvan, Nichols, fm NYork, waiting;
berks Diamond (Br), Irvine, for Ijverpool ;l*wellyn, Sher
man, for N York; Vernon, Faye, for Boston; Nautilus,
Rowe, for Boston Exact, Grumley, for Fall Rlver-^11 Idg,
Jupiter, Merritt, fm Boston discharging, Lady Knight,
Choate, for Iloston, loading; Hebron, Kilbj, fin Boiton,
wailing: John Ht>nry. fm MaUnzan, waiting; brigs Hope,
Biodle, for N York , Capt John, Cousins for Provldenoe,
and Montserrat, Barton, for N York, loading; schrs Oul
nare. Bunker, for Providence, Idg; Arlington, Maroh, for
Providence, do Norfolk Packet, fm NYork, waiting.
BALTIMORE ? Arr Feb 1?, ship Flora Maodonald, Ml*,
kelljr, Liverpool Nov 24; Nkrket &ft$x>eJL Harrlman, Pa
lermo. brigs Joweohua, fro?a buylr J^YItLer wTigfcT'f >
Bass, Winchester, NewTofct retail quantities, and sueh J 1
New York. Ida Mtille*, J* and 6d. a td. per bhj. ?rfj1
Henry, Klrky New Yjrk; week; m?u
fllta Messerole, New To%j Xtft of luta Tkrianifc
ed Noemle fm UverpoJT' ^Jnea,
Detnarara: schrs Eugenia, Peed, West Indies > ,
WatuT ivannah , D L Ht urges, FaJrflhlld, New York;
Hydrangea, Bridges, <^M?eetoii; B Townsem*. ^utotts,
NeBA^B? Arr Feb 1?, brig Clara nten. Frtje ,s Sovan
nab. Cld brig Catharine Nickels. Nlcki Is, W tansae.
RnPTON? Arr Feb 12. A M, shli>s too CW ^ snow, CaW
entta Oct 8; Beatrlee, Rog^, Havre Jon 1 r ,l0hn Dunlap,
SknlfleUI, Mobile, Esther O Barney (of T york), Baraev,
Aialaehleola via Ilohnee' Hole . barks Scott Dyer, Hill,
Cardei as 2ftth ult; St Marys (of NYork h MUllken, Mobile;
Jacob Prentiss, I>oring, Apalaehleol' i; Qem, Nlckerson,
Philadelphia; brig Mary Perkins, !? lckerson, Richmond,
Va schr Arcturiis, Fletcher NYf rk; steamer Atlantic.
Knight, Portland. Hd ship Harr' ,et k Jessie, Milton, N
Orleans; barks I>orenr.o Sabine r new clipper, 206 77 9fiths
tons), Davis, Australia; Mary Vroughton, Bowem, River
l lata- I-uey Anne, Kellar, 7s ra, f*uka; Lysander, Snow,
f'icnfuegos, Oak, Wd?r, ?V.iladelphia, br(f? R W Packer
(vm HirtiM John R Rboto. Matth*W.( Mil
5# XrC'^, jj*-.
Rockingham, Shute, Wllmlnrton, N _C,
Norfolk; steamer. Sir John Harvey, Taylor, Halifax, Otf
0t CHAW F^WN"? Arr Feb ?, buxk Sophi*, Rog*?.
?ra White Bo.ton; brig. Jas Gray, Hammer London.
?ll?lo^, Walker , New York; aL<o /pan pol Gotondrto*
Span brig Jodguln, and three masted achr Richmoa^
(nGtl]Tl[c'imL-Arr Feb 11, trig Richmond
Bath for Chesapeake , schr Julia lay son, Dunter, Batk
f?NOKK(Sx? Arr Feb 10, schrs BeU Peck, Smith, IUw
London, Richard Law. Chapin, do- Pinta, do; W 1* wa
lla ins, Rogers, do; Alida, Delany, Fair Haven; Honduras,
Cross, NYork; Charles, Griffin, Plymouth. Sid schr Lady
Adams, Wareliam. __ , _
NEW I1K1X ORD ? Cld Uth, bark FOiza Thornton, Ber
nard, Pan Francisco.
Cld Feb 11. bark Eliza Thornton, Reynard, San Fran cue*.
NF.W LONDON? Arr Feb 10, hclirs Palladium, Avery,
I NYork; Heroine, Swain, do for Norwich; Pavilion, ''ay a;
1 Seraph, l'ayn; R R Freeman, Roberts; Fernon H Hill,
I Snow Vineyard, Foster; J H Morton, llor ton; Maria Ther
I sia tfewcomb, and N D Scudder, Kemp, from Wellfleet fee
Vlr'ffiiia 1> W Dyer, Dyer, llostou for do; sloops Harvest,
French, Providence for NYork: Senate, Wilcox, Stoning -
inn do- Kleanor, Gardner, NYork.
Arr 11 'li Hfhrs Lucy White, Torry, Rockland for M
York; Hemlnck Klsh, Sliaw, NYork; steamers rt catar,
Goer, NYork for Norwich; Shetucket, Geer, Norwich far
NKtWPORT? Arr Feb 11, brig Annawan, OroenUw,
PWladeirhia for Boston; schrs Harbinger Roberta,
KocUan' for NYork; Battie, U^.ton trovlnceto^
for Norfolk, Gazelle, Wicker, Rockland for NYok, Yen
1 devere, Uray, do do, S A Appletou, Rider, Boston for do,
I j s Bowman, Eustls. Eastport for do; Rocket, TownJey,
i Calais lor NYork; Ontario, Haskill, ltockland for to,
i Belle Dinswore, Lubec for do-, Melbourne, Hicks, Root
led lor do; Richmond, Wood, do do; S ? ^r(,ok". PhJ
1 ins Taunton for Norfolk , Ann S Holmes, Hammond, M
R?ver for N York ; sip J D Fish, llabcock Fall Rlror
t f rNYoik. Going in I'M, was a cotton laden Wk.
vim M'FIPIIIA Arr 12, ship Mary 1 leaaanUK
Kcnnard, Uverpool ; schrs J w' BellV,ner; Mary I
How land, Rayner; Asa Eldridge, Rowland, NYork. CI*
aIX "K?. Norfolk; Jorom?. Willard. ruuufcji
l.ucy Jane. Freeman, Tangier; Adelaide, Jameson, ltocK
lan<l for New York. n
Arr Feb 11, schr James Freeman, * reeman, Tangier.
or.J., M.0-.
New York bark J M Ilicks, of New York, I*than Mo
bile. schr Lonsdale, Taylor, Philadelphia, via Fall River.
Below, schr Perseverance, Minor, from New York, a
herm brig, with a white house on deck, supposed the T
li Wtttnon, Blackmail, from Mobile, anchored of 1 aw
tUArr FebRll, brig Thomas B Watson, Blackman, Mo
bilescl.rl'erseverencc, Minor, NYork Sid sloop Frederia
^ROCWi'rt'mi-? Sid Feb 1, schr Harbinger, Roberaoa,
^'YuCHMOND ? Arr Feb 10, brig Samuel B Day, Portland;
?ttSgeaSKS b^fk Zotoff Bailey, Mon*rid~,
Cayenne. Sid schr Ellen, Nickerson, NYork.
SAN FRANCISCO? Arr Jan 2, ships Corinja, Mason,
Boston, lit- days; ad, Refuge (Br), Stubbs, klverpeoT;
4th HteamshinS S Lewis, Sheppard, San Juan. &c, ship?
Gc don ttty Cing Ne; York. 118 days; Golden Fleece,
Frteman. foaton, 140 days; bark Black Squall, Faulkner,
New York, 106 days; 5th, steamship Cortes, Cropper,
Panama. Ac; brig Andador (Ham), Nokson Valparaiso,
6th, steamer California, Whiting, Panama, s^\*teP?*a
Lurman, Clark, N York, 206 day.; Monsoon, JWiMOr, Boa
ton, 130 dttjs; Courier. Dewhurst, Rio Janeiro, IIuntreM,
i isas
5,7*. Ynrk 118 davi*' James Cornerf Corner, do, 180|
Little, !f York, 118 day^a (Br)< yickera, ??*?
Ilarbeck Finery, New York, Via Montevideo *
Sn iwi, Hong Kong, Abyssinia, Gori<? ^
nev via Tahiti; belegate, GiOaifi, Salem, 129 days.
Tho'r (Ham), Collung, Hamburg, via Rio J*n01??'
<>niihia. Collins Oregon; lledmonte, do; schr F ayaw?y,
^ &Klega;eth ^k.' Sherwood Foster, .Bosto^ltt
days- Globe, Hewison, I>ondon; ?chr ] Francisco, Good
wifie Panama; 10th, ships Malay, Brown, Boston U8
days Magellan (Fr), 6axiUis, Havre, viaj
Rocket, Russell, Boston, 150 days; ^behta Hvne Lw?
son New York, 124 days; Ocean Queen (P?"). Kees, Honj
Kong; Radient (Br), GUlesple, Uverpool;
Panama. Hudson, Panama, via Acipulco ?teamer U>
lumbia, Dall, Oregon: schr San IHego, CrafWo, Bode?ta,
12lh, ships Lady Louisa (Br), Griffiths. Liverpool; Affia
tross. Knowles, New York 160
Durood New York, 146 days; barks Wonsawnioon*
Batcheider. Boston. 1C4 days; William 1H (ljutch>> Ja?
denborg. CardifT. Wales; Jan Van Hoom (^utch)^
ton, Rotterdam; brigs Typhena (Br). M Kenne, l.Hlan^rf
Carman, Lower Cahfornia; Clarendon, Vincent, Majrtr
Un; schrs Pilgrim. Mayhew, Tomlsez,l^ eru; Kmptr^
Sawyer, Tomales Bay; GaxeUe, Stoddard,
lad rone Islands; 13th, steamer Sea Bird, HilUai^
San I nego; 14th, ships l'atrea (Fr), I'erraud, BordeaM,
Pouter .tonny, Small, New York, 146 day"', bark Haumet
(F'r). Fleury, Bordeaux; schr Cecil, Baker, Bolines Hay.
BeI0W_Shlp 7.enobia. Burrows, New York, 21J days, with
stores for steamers Cortes and Winfleld Scott; alio, one
brifir and one schr. , , . . ,
Cld Jan 1, brigs Oriental, Nelson, Sandwich Ijjaada,
Tiirris. Dewing, Columbia, O T; schr Wm Allen, Bell, Be
nicia ; 3d, steamer Sea Bird, Hilliard, San Diego .hip
Kate, (Br) Martin, MazatUn; bark Comet, Burnham,
Manila; brigs Prince de Joinville, Kitndge. SandwteB
Islands: Ijnlly Bowne, Butters, Uihalna; Volant. (Br>
Okum. San BUs; Eliza Taylor, Eldridge, Pacific island.;
schrs Loo Choo, Charles, Santa Cruz: Exact Callao- 6th,
ship Ion, (Br) Hunt, Callao; brig J B Lunt, Daggett, Asto
ria 6th. ships Samuel Russell, Iimeburner, Shanghae;
Tropic, Smith. Akyab. John Baring, Beattie . BenicU ; 7th,
steamer California, Whiting, Benicia; shlpx W HHarbeek,
Marshall, Norfolk, Va; Arethusa, (Brl Hamilton, Oalhw;
schr. Mathew Vassar, Dodge, Honolulu; Joseph Hewitt,
Hliott, Sacramento; 8th, schr Frances Ellen, Leedji,
Trinidad ; 10th, ship Polynesia. Homer, Calcutta; lltn,
ship Alesto, Nickerson, Qillao; 12th, steamer Panama,
Hudson, Benicia; bark Hamburg (Ham) Bonnich-sea,
Mazntlan ; sclir Sierra Nevada, Woodley, Honolulu; 13tn,
sti amor Fremont Barnes, Portland, 0 T; schr J M Ryer
s<>n Badge, Columbia river: 14th. steamer Golden Gate,
Patterson, Panama; Winfleld Scott, Dunn, Panama ; Inde
pendence, Lucas, San Juan; bark Palmetto, Morley, Hong
SAN PEDRO (Cal) ? In port Jan 9, schr Astoria.
SANTA CRUZ (Cal)? In port Jan 14, sclir* Mary and
Rialto. About 4 miles below, schr. loo Choo and L M.
Tate, from San Francisco. ,, , . ,.
SAVANNAH? Arr Feb 8, steamship Alabama. Ludlow-,
NYork; ship Columbia, Sturges, Charleston ; bng John
Guttenburg. Moore, Boeton; 9th, bark Chieftain, Foster,
Lancai-ter, E. Cld Br ship Colonist. Alexander,
l.iverpool; Norw biigSaa Gull, Gullicksen, do; brigZebrA,
Hart, Liberia (coast of Africa) ; schr G J Jones, I4MK,
1 rsFjtKSPORT ? Arr Feb 8, schr F A Heath, Putn?m, Sa
>#ST MARKS? Ar? Jan 28, schr W H lUzard, Austin, W
York. (Id '.Hth, brigs Herald, Luce, and A H Marshall,
^WAREHAM- ? Arr 8th, schr Monitor, New Nork. Sailed
0th, sell i s Notus, do; 7th. Angler, and Margarett Ann, d?.
WASHINGTON, NC? Arr Feb 3d, schrs Se?ret?ry lUr
cv Robbins, NYork: Rio, Gautier. do. Cld 2<k uchrj
Frances. Speneer. NYork; Washington, Rue, de; Hougt
an4 Ready, Abbott, West Indies.
PaMciigeri Arrived.
Ijyeiu-ooi, ? Steamship Niagara ? Mr Alcalde, W F New
ton. th? Chevalier Hulsemann. Messrs Talfray, Kuppar,
Marali.-ter. Simpson. lilakc, SollUae, G Ueborne, Robert
Fell, W H Fell, II S Ilobart. Messrs l'ilkington, Aiken,
Purvis, Fchiuaier, Horscbtield T P French, M I* Plump
ton, Mr Paton. C Semple. Mr and Mrs Barker. Miss Shad
ing, Isaac Wilde, I I, Wild, Alexandor Ramsay, Mr Jana
KfTiR W Scutt, JILss M Fautt, James I, Wood side, Thonuua
Cockershill JH
Asi-inwaii ? Steamship Unci# Sam? M Perry, (apt Pa*-,
twon, J i-hryer, R Fort, W B Beeson, W T Ball. J Han
dier. A 1'once, It Hoffman. K Kerstey, P PHIiaw, A A Co--r
hen. R G Touilin.-on, T Mann, K J Watson, Mrs Watson, T.
Watson, B J Cutter, G Cutter, Dr Frank!!?, Ltaub Bea^i
l>r A McFarlan, M Holla way, 8 K Jacob*. L Powell, J Haw-4
yer. Mr and Mrs Caples and child, A L Weolsey, J lloovar? '
L Schroder, L (ieisliam, Mr and Mrs taxc, H Watson, S
Cunningham and lady, W Fisher, B Withers, T ("enbyny f
B Crooks, Wm Fullard, Mrs T Van Dusen and child) A'C
Russell C C Darling, J Whltcomb, Major I siring, J K
Daniels. Wm M Llnrker. M Ceney, Mr and Mrs McLaoi,
Capt Randall and lady. W U Mills, S T Myers, S Harrima n.
C A Spalding, L A I<e'vy, H Van Armine, Col Forr?r. H
I<ee, Ml Mliner, J Levi. M Morrell. K M Butiiasliar, .1 B
IJtlle. M Jerome. S W border, A Flandara, S DaaiiWs, w D
Nel.'on, Mr- A Lane. TS Mitchell, J Thaw, J. Millard, D
B Milne, T B Van Buran, C S Whiting T II M?rri.r>n, G B
Post, J C Bullion, A G Wanton, C Savers, H C V /olf, Wm
Bacon, J Whitmore, W H Van Qradan, J ^^nley, 8 B
Skinner, B B Turne*. A Crowbackei and ladvjf 1' Damar
son, L Ihirbam. B Johnscm, A I- .k?nlth, 1) F*a?iyton, P B
Gage. M Branner, M Hiley, T Broason, S Oary, H Krer*.
J ltallentine, H K Partne, T W Glraaen, E C 'rilea-on, H B
Potter, A tiato, Wm Farrell, D Mcl'hetom, J M I.uther, H
W Tibbett, C StaoaMon. A fioutie, Mrs Buntar, M Davi
son, B Dualap, Wm Thompson, Dr A U lAvy P Thorp.
Mr* Hall, Mr* falL B Frisbe, A H Flood, H U Flood, 0
Norton, M L Cay , J Knowles, J Taylor, J M Startsman, 8
B Ciaaa, W LaiH.y, J M Scofleldt M S^uargfc and ladT, S
MoXeil, D ?<\a, B (iarshfc, D Ifctpvty, J Variable, W <i
T'/ocniton, D Henrv, W Tuttle, A Pollard, J Field, G T
lieullard. B B Merrill, A FiSt a wart, J Rogers. A Kltter
nen, W B Shed, H KoH, M Christopher and lady, A P
.BUdaa, J H Hoot. J Godion, P Cary, R T Alervard, T Knoe,
J Sehurvman, D Myora, T Brooks, J W Dawsay, J Charted.
"H Bear, M Kating, M Harman, C A Farrel, P Johnson, M
? ^Uyea, A Booth, J Stewart. G Withington, J J Hartman,
1U Bwck, G A Harmony. H Mven, J M How*, P Howe, J
Keflv, J MaBon, J Priny, J Thomas, T S Rutlege. Wm Ful
W T Farrel, Wm Dun lap, F Ruth, L J Bier, S H Halt,
p?-t1 Dorsey, M Espy, J D Wimplo, J Joseph, D Joseph, Wm
Peterson, J Warrenner, G Berry. J Anderson. C Johnson.
A Anderson, J J Cochran. H P Home, D Mclaughlin, P
Cornell. J iJttle, T L Dodge, W Maean, P Hafly. B D K>
drldga, Wm Black, PT Brown, J Jackson, K P Jenkins, B
Jenkins, W Pickens, R Green, J Harkness, L Skinner, C
Dryeche R B Hatch J Berry, J Martin, J Johnson, ?
White K Williams, K Smith, J Bailey, J Woodward. 1
Councilman, J D Bowden, R Jackson, Mrs K C Ward, 0
SlyfieliL F Jackson.
Saw J rAN? Steamship Northern Light ? Capt T D Ijucaa,
J I.mllaar, E Andarese. ('apt J Sherman, Capt S PHongae
and tany, 8 I?onard (apt F. G Sutherland, W S Ware, 8
Meers, n Vradenburg. I< C Hoslev, A S Hrslev, John Gra/,
Geo Hlghtnwer and lady, Miss M nianeharil, J Harden, J
Milan, Capt Thos Ferguson, Cant J M Havens, W H Bush
nell, Capt P K Child*. Capt H F Crowell, Capt 0 Kl lrsdge.
Ij B Johnson, A llass, T Bass, W 8 Cumings. O Farmer, 8
Sauairs, C Spalding, J Cushlng, P Gass, T WaUon, J Raav
J Ingham. M White, G Roaben, S Wheeler, II Fnlloak, A
H Gait melL C W Blskely J B Duley J Spear, A FleVohe*.
A Citlcy, W H Averill, 0 Farmer, K Fish, w Marfan, ?
Forsyth, W Daniels, J R Weymouth, B Knapa J HarWf
WHHeald, JW^tth-WiathflOtOwane. r' ,

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