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0?t <Vntrn> tMfrtran Com?|ioa4tH(((
t? rn> ,, i h or 1'iift Mi w IOU "*?"?
itrr or Ut aTKHALa Dm. 1, 18L-.
and /ncttfrna ?/ ew JJdtt< r i Hamtie*?Dami*/*
v] htU-m <k I'ott of ViMtmtla Injury to l/U (Mkttte*
Ooj?fioMe i wit? M< uienl? of Travti.
My travelling time iny lut letter to ydu frdai
Island hat nut been very agreeable. On the eontrary, I
have sutlered anuch fium lever, and this will aceoont^to
sou for my kotg sileace A'ter Thj< stn&a
itved at Irabai -Kth and nearly two thir U it
torn a is built yd ftke It lias a custom house and a mil
^JJjTfrpet, anil is 'I* nmm point u! the Atlantic traueof
Guatemala The population <loe? not exceed Hve hundred.
Tfce location n ?on?iJ*r?d very unhealthy; and certiuuly,
Judging from the number of sick person i in the town itmiiRt
km ??. Iheieaie l-u? tint* or four commercial houHta,
pi loci p?Uy engaged in the forwarding business. The
ekief on* ef these is that of Messrs. Haily h Castillo;
through ?h<>m the principal part of the European and
Anient in trade is conducted l'he hospitality and kind
oest* ot Mr William Ba.ly, of tlus firm, to all ??trmy'.-ra
arming in or departing from the country, has made him
a general favontc, aud .?ill cause him to be held in grate
fwl remeinbrai.ee by all who liave the pleasure of forming
hie acquaintance, and speudmg a few days with hiiu
Here 1 was detained several days, awaiting the arrival
of urn let ierw?al trains of which were detained byroad
th* Hie. Monlagua by a flood., Hie rains, for thii seasoo of
tte year, bave been unu ually late iu the interior: the
?iwrr have risen a i hi ight scarcely e\er before paral
tried, at.l the destruction o property has been immense.
The lake at Uabal has ovi ?, owed, auu done much in jury.
It la i?por*.ed that the ctchinea1 crop is nearly destroyed
and will not yield one fourth of it* annual product. As
this ia the main art.cle of exfx.rt from Guatemala, it is
'?ared tl.at this losr a ill lead to great mercantile euibar
rastn.tnt, and that the poorer classes will al-io sutler ma
terially by the lose oi their corn ind bean crops ?the s?a
pie articles of diet here.
On vlii 13th November I left Isabel with a small tra'u
tf uiules aud two arrurut, for Guatemala. The roads
? ere ?aid lo be rery unsafe, as strolling bauds of robbers
?' 'vceo?, a> th?y ai? termed, were in posseation at Turiom
|<nuti>. A few weeks pieviously they had attacked the
towns of (iaultn, arid Chlmalapa, cacked them aud ki.l<d
acme of the inhakitantu. The lormer town was garrisooei
with about eighty t-oldiers,but on th" flrsta|?|iear tnce Of the
(cauioeruig about thirty six uieu ) the command
ant tied, aud hat uot since been heard of ?nil tne toloier^
fallow** his example, lea*it>g the town ami lahubiunts
?l the mercy Oi the robbers.
the road couioieticiug at 1 .at,,i is very moi:ii'ainoasf
and. indeeii, in tery bad order. '1/ie tirsi day we made a
jeaiuej el about seven leagues, and liad to put up iu an j
op?? raw. k, ami [11.1 t*?e 01 the go oil things the g ids lutt,
Mut, iu the beet a ay ?e could. At this place we lo-t one
??l our baggage mu.rs. a, J t ere del 1 ned \ (lay in scroll 1
?f her. >e?i day, the lith, we t"aVelle l ?tiil orec a vi'ry I
11 gge?i and moufainous country, anu in the. aiternoon
??livid on the bauas 01 the K10 Mo'agua. but did uol
<uo.a owing to its swollen itais. We had therefore to
return to a hacunua clot* by. roe who>? ot tne low lan<i
ntAr the itvei bae i>ttn Hooded and bou-ei. cattle, p!an- 1
tetienH, 4c , watheil aw?y, leaving uo ve-t'ge, in 0111;
plaits, ot tbeir uaving existed.
On the ittn, alter mueh teveri Libor and danger, we
ewcoetded in cruasiug the river?the only acci'len1 met
with being ttat ot jour humble servant aud hin m Je
having laseu a ttL.crt. ; in one o tlie creeks f.jrmed ty
the bocd an? escapiag with a go^-d wetting. We reu ii:j
*d lor the n'glit in the vi.iage of VervaMio, on the
ait? Lank ol the river ai d uext morniug, at uajligiit, re
Sbvneii our journey, still travelling a ruggea road, aui
>u the atterniNiu aniveo at the u>wu of (iuaUn the
aeene ot the iate atUiok. ii' ie we found soioiers mareh
uig anTi ceuuter marching, aim everything in the greare-t
?muriler a thousund rumors were in eiiculation o. lu
? ew here ami lnce<i* meie, ami inurcer anu robbery
eoeuirmg on stve'al points oi the roal we nad tt. tra
wrse. At thi-i pltce I obtained the only comfortable
quarters I found on tne entiir load. Xhe t)fa?, it is true,
were pieity nutnerout. but I had gr< *n cfcLo :- from the
ni^ht btlore, anu slept on without cariug *hil autic?
they placed.
Ketwiihft^ndlng tl.e rumors and the advice of arri'er.,
(mule drivers), I i.e ei unued < a proceeding r.ndoc>' e
01 the ibth arrived in tne little village of sua I'abio,
fc??itg thete we pisaaeu ou to tne town of CbnnauUp.t.
(?toidiiig the main riad through /.acapa. then threat
?JK-u by the robber,.,) wboee dilapidated walls, broken
doors ai d aiudows. inoicated but too p.iiin.v its bein^ re
?eatly tacked. Our train waa the trst thsi, bad p?iaei
tniough the town fiuce its capture, atid we could not ot,
taui -ewrceJy an ?au?olt tiding to purcha-e. The
begoae eoi. ntenano- of in.iny of it? jH?or idbftbitaats a as
truly pitiaole?tuine had lo-t eTerythn.g?;> 11 |,ai! <j i?..
wiore or lets. With a slight detention of aoout hu^ . n
tn/UL we pushed en to the next village?Jijta?ami took
lodgings for the night. ?b<.ut e.gnt e . lock a horseman
tdme ridmg furiously in. ileclariog the hum were at
Kami sueh a tone t- followed beggar- all description ?
wom-ii and chi.uien r..omug iu .ill itireciions, acrearmrg
whilst the o-en heto< k ttmnltis to the woods, iijj
donmg everything. 1 confess 1 lemsuad no iinino.ei 1
epectatoi oi all tins, knowing full well that the chauces
?f being shot were almost as i:er;aui 11 oi eeing rob ?-d
flight was out ef the question, so I had hi wait patiently
the result. >ortun*te _, it turuei. out to be a i'ai-e alir.'n,
u>u toward* mornii.g iht vn^ige had res ajed its wiute.1
*ieit meruing, the 20ib, we smarted for the next village,
eaiita Juare. wt icn place ?e rtaehed iu the evemn
Within about a league?.? ti i- place ia a military stati 10,
wi*.h about sixty soldier* b .t wno wire then ttioro 1 "ily
heu uieu .n by the rubkier oaii'li. We Warned at the v 1
??r that the eurri.ui.dn ^ i..lls wt e ulie-l aitk arni-<!
fan^-t and that it would ov uu? ifile to proceed farihe
wlthoot a military escoit* Ihi- 1 nj.pi.eil lor. oiferir^ fo
for it?Out altho iti pr< un-ed i u,- *p lial to pro ??<!
wi.iKiut it, alter a detention of Our day s. On the i.HU
we staited again, banug to j -- lii-ou^u the deMe ki.own
as the tiallajon. aud notori*. for the nurarvr of iQnr
der? am1 r<>bt?rie? ecn.o i 'e. TH:.ein Its extent isab jut '
three ieagi.es and cons -t- 01 a n- irow roal orj'-?
VUiding through a -n ;r- of small bij.-, and tro n
which the e it no e-ca^f. About mid>eay it s cr-i-nei! by
a narrow n ad wh ch K.?innect tiip !m: in rob'>jr toviii
df iiaata ( r ,/. and '.opan, -itu ited on the h'gii UAOuitieiu.
either side. We NCSmtUltll hBVMTi n mi"Ct.(lg 1
vith two ddtachments oi troop, from Guatemala, on their
route thro igh, in pursuit of the ?nd to ti",
tact the 1 utxh, e/attr ibutol our pa a^n- through in ^a:cty.
That it was consulere^l a gr**at teal was eviu?*ed from tlie
fact that at <?'iast ato) ,1 a lar^ ? tosu, *?. h .1 m litary
depot ai d containing .ilHiut oue bun<' ed <oWli?r?. throufli !
? hieh we pwssed in th ? af;ein<.-.n. se a p s.irrouBilctl oy
p^op e at?ii>g a thfiasanu i|uestious rt:. 1 ai-'id^nng ho v
we had escapeit being murdered, or ??, 1 ? ? t roubei T! .
night we slept tt Ar;r.a L.anca, 01.ee .1 stiougliold of tu ?
tur" < but deetroyao a few jears since by iren < irrsr i.
tin the .t.th we ascended the hill or niouniain of 1'onta
neula it if. ascended Oy a tigzag road, three ml s in'tT
tent fiom tte summit of this it a a that Gen Ca." era,
with his artillery athicksd Woraxan lenr^rnped upootbo
?pjaitfs Biounta n; defeated him. an l put an eud 'o tb?
d'.il war that bad been raging, l'he village itself ii ipoa
Mse summit ?t the mowttain. and f fo-uw the niglr ?r
trenely eold, romf?ired to what the nig), t< had lie. i n
U?r plain- of the i rracaluv't On the L'Tth we con? D
ned our rourse, sleeping at nigln at the village of.-.n
Jo e early on :he mort,;ngof the 'i^-h we entered the c y
?f Guatetna^, aai. h.?? :ng passed through the routineof
U-eeuxtom ht .-e j en-eouM-d mys?l' m us rooiforta ?
ouait*. s at ' could Bn ?and from thence I now address
red. tx-KDiroB.
Cmt or r.tantMAia, lx?c. 20, 1852.
Otoittij uu I ul i - i'l^Tiptxrm. nf >'n 1 \tj of C
m<iia?Amervm 'h uden a fwuiv-i "
tMxneai, Corn nn>l Wlmr rrop*, d
Iii my letter to jon burins date tbe 1-t in?t , ' -i- ; 'y
gave you an outline of ci} nun pe--tcnal truvel hither;
peruit* me cc > to :>liude more genTa'ly to the co'iatry,
Ac The road :ionu I ..be! to tbi? city, in oc?of tbe wor?t
that can well oe imagined. In .ome |>U?< it ia noth n^
naore than the v rge of eoflse mountain torrent*, anil c .n
?qnntiy inpt^ablt dm ->;? .leavy rain". W tti the u?u>!
custom of ."pern-'h ro?<: ?, :? - carr.eu over many of tb^s
aoouuta'oa, rfo<ierini{ it nifl'euH an dan/*ran*, ?*. ilit
?rnmd Um ha e an esceile.ot ri?i in.'jbt be eimatruet !
witl< idi t??D . ? h tbe labor and Tha - i
through ttif feci- o s the kr*>r>' ?. in the ~t?te. and \e .?
little cultivated; the tiavtl'er, bowevef, w 11 had an
abuiidAr.ee cf plain, wbole ome food. ao>i at a trifliatf
on?t. Tbe viltafM ? *. fir the mo-t pa t, a mere c' ll^c
Hon of but*, ?o that tbe lodging i o* the\oighe-t
?ev pt'.on. Tbe pr?>'">t rat* o" tare for m ile* from fia
t?i ta Uuata iual.i i- 410 and 'he mule- and ai r <>i ir.ut
h-prrjvioed for. *?y mrl (inj{ pe*?"nal exp n-<M, al< j
$'i pet day extra l"he time oc'-'ipied in t?.* Hi'ney
geucraDy from tlx to ten d?y? but pincipai.. !? p? ? U
on the ntaie of 'he ?1?. The air 1 "Mn-.'e from J** ?
on the A'lant> to I-*.sp? on the Iu:.fic, ii bat ! ?
wile* hut by the route-n w travelled, it exceed* iW>
?.lie* but I oiii ered.oij informed th;it a roi . rui.'bt tm
constructed. joining tl.e tJio -xtean r? t '?%" -^lin: I'M
milee in lentrth Of this, bo ? *ver, in >re mon.
The prenantClf.v Of Qnir-maU i* built in the [ i*!n of
Mniw and *a.? founded in 1 *Tthe pita in Home tut
rmiUr to that ot Phila ie phi*, tbl ???eei bein^ pt>r^'- '
iy etrai||ht and ero*einjj etch other at r .-r * !?
? elJ and mib*'anti?lly bui ?, the ho i-fN 1 i.- pfi,, ,pt. y
of on*- etory in height, in Older to g iar l a^e..n- > r -i ?
?truetion hy enrthqimko#, a d *a*t' r winrh o.ert? >< ?,
the ether eitien of the ?ame name. The rn n pi 1 r a, ?i;
anted in abon' the centre of the ttity, i> 150 yai-l-' ??. ?>,
and in fronted by the cathedral, puhi t 0G1 v?, bart *?. ?,
ai.d a ranee of >tore?. rbere are twenty -i? chur i"-t,
maoy of ihern of a rather >ineular -ryle ?f arihltejftire,
but ibe interior of all ir txoeuont t?>te. I"he ???ty hn# 'i
*n>ple ?opply of water, conteyeil to it by two aqueduct<
from ditb i' t pointH. and which ad<) i<Tf'iti> to tlie
ueal b and etaanhceei ol IL? place, ffce itre- --' ite near
ly all pa<ed but l ave their ffutMr* in the een'r- in-'t i'l
of at ei'her -ide *? in the cities "f the Caite-i <?&!?> t, .?>? 1
?evi rai h??e very n criy h ur.-ed pide*nlkn. Tbeaitu^'ifin
botnf on an et'< n?ire plain, 'be cool air from the 1 :
moini'o rr h'?' r 1 r?ti'',??r i e?e?edini,'!y ?' '?'!
not bemti npowM to "widen e it-'-niOt ot ie?f :ind ( >
i? rerv beaitty. Hi- p< puUtloa a" pr'-.ent 1 a in
#& Oon r
r>? '? hr' bot *wo Amer:<iari r?>-i'!eBti here, Henry vol
9atn< el Savage. Ka (4.?th? former genfleman id charge
,.t.b*.. l*!t*d.. ??**-< legation, and a r^i l-it
?>f tbi? eity for the K-t roth.) .. 1
grace of Mr govern .iMRit, however, n 1 , ( . ,
the hand* of a ileMui clerk n *n? t ? ? - 1 1 ? ?'
Bn, Want h <0. It in to be h^ped that the a* v ad
?neUtrati'n will piy a lit!.. .r? ? ?, ,
ol eur relatiobe in U, ? <. 1. r 1 . .
la addition to ti *<? i-e* <>rrr th ?? ^ ,
ihree ?th?r tmeri- an" ikt* <.?,.< 'A . j
formerly of the ^ew O.-lean arnl t t.
Wregnr le^., Ol the Urn o' Vp?i? v > ,
AmI '?1. I l^t Mo. fr<i<a '<? 1 n? J he ' ' 1/ 0
Uraea are sad?v?rtag to ae^ttaie
mmt lor ft U* ?f steamers on Ul? ?*K:ruaa U M
(icm faearaa to Mapa, an* the latw- ? liltUn<< ?;!t,
,K,m of a New (hkrans forop^y. ^puak or raUt. td
the government fo? a charter^on l,*baL or the
through tUi? ritatefrom amug j 4 or p^Uvlb^.^u
Motagua Rivar, to Soaiouata, on the l'aei4c. I
*?**" ?' r*n Ttou* time to lime of the prog reus made
in their respective neifotiations.
^uJBlitical cauldron in thin part of the world is j"?
a?? cuKt-Kicrably agitated, and there c?n he uo doubt
tkat eie Ion* a grcut change must take place. The t so
great | tn w into which thm republic is divided are
called the liberal nod the servile parties. lb* former are
by f?r the strongest in jKjint ol nuiai^erH, aud are sus
tained by the Slates of Salvador nil Honduras, but the
latter are by far the bent educated and the most wealthy.
It unfortunately happen* that .then the liberals ifet into
power they djf.ig.et- amongst themselves, aud come
qnen-Jy are soon ouetid. The ernle party, on the olli<-r
hand, manage tiling* much letter, *o lar as re aiiilng
ctbie get*. There tan be no doubt, however, but tliat
the object of this jmrty it either the establishment of a
monarchy, or & re union with s>pain. In faci, the present
Minister of i oreifn liela'ions, IV>n Manuel F. I'ason, it,
aLtl has been, stri'imng every nervs to aecompMah one of I
the e objects for ytars,;with the hope of dying with the i
title of *- Count'' aflixed to his name.J Don tiaruno Rod
rigutn, also a mini-ter, "-an, some time since bought over |
to the Uitertst ot th? king ofjthe Belgians, and now sports |
the baubie he recentd in the shape of a ribbcn dangling
at his button hole. 'Uie Jesuits, tt ho were admitted hit*
about eigh'een mouths or two years since, have taken
tide* with tte monaremcai party and the influence they
are al.t ad) exercising is almost unbounded tne majority
of the leading families here are in th?ir interest, and
ihere is no telling where their projects may end In fact,
thin goverimeu' is a republic in name only. Qarrer.t,
tl.e so called President, is a liicator. and in susiamod in
his coins* by the strength of the servile pirty. The
influence of the Jesuits is, however, be{inningto altrin
him, and it is po?sii?le that he may be jet compelled to
tliro* himself into the arms ol Mime other party in o.uci
to sustain himself against their machination-s.
1 jtierty of tl e press here there i* none. The onlv paper
published in the State is the Gticeta some copies or winch
I will occasienallj send you It is edited tty Dou Jose
hilla ui Jet secretary of ^'.aie and one of the mo-t bitter
enemies to Amenc-ins in tbis country. It is ?ea!ly
amusing U. read -ome of his lucubrations in toe G<tc<x,
abOuntliBg as they ur- in ii.ll the gall ami venom hit -has
low bra.u Is capable o!' concocting. 11' appears to on
e'erually haunted with the tear that etiiy \me,ri.-an
visiting ibis country comes hither a? a spy. and .hat tti
Americans ere long will take posts sioa of it ? v (act,
venture to predict, not at all distant.
This government, not sa'islled si'.h gtip>ir*ssing tli
liberty of the p;?is, lias also established a system o
espionage in tie Pest Ottine llepartment. Letters an 1
news pace's oi suspected prrson- are opened, and, it i
pOHsible. destioyed. The only safe plan is to for v.ir :
letters to the ieabtwrd by specutl couriers, and ilius avoid
the rirks of their Mateuta being kuo.vn to the govtrn
nieiit. You o^iy rest assured that letters like th-sp | ,,m
writing would not be permitted to leave the country, if i
i we'e possible to prevent it. lam atvaie that no proofs
of these charges nave ever be*u brought against the gov
einn ent, but ?? is from *.he fact that no one would la-e
attempt it, well knowing wa.it evil consequences would
I follow. A recent ca?e, h iwever, has come to my o*a
knowletige. A larjje bundle ot American newspaper^ fro n
Wa liing'on, it was found, ou b< ing t?ken from the i'o*t
otii >- a le? days since, liao been carefully opened apd re
ylactd in heir envelopes. The fact was not discovered
uii'ii tliev vteie taken to the residence of tlie gentl'iuan
to whom 'hey were udure-.ed ; hatl i>. boen otherwise, the
paiers vtoulJ hate been lefo-ed, and the attention of OUT
government ulletl to the matter, although. I fear ise,
thi- would have been a useless mtasure. judt'i'ig Of the
su| .r.ene?s ol our goverumfit in relation to American iu
terer-ts in ihe Cen rui American st?tes.
1 regret to iay that my statement in i firmer letter,
reKting :o the lo-s of the coc! laeal c-op, ia b';t too tr is.
The corn tnd wiieat cro[ ? In tlie Altos l ave also le-< n go
much -UiUretl Uurt their prices are nearly treble those of
former tears aud great distress prevails in consequence
T'ne rlisc< uteut ar sing fiom this can e, ate 1 .he presput
d turbed s'ate of iioli'ical parties, it i" prob ible imiy be
ti:e sieacf of cauiwug changes from which gicat go-nl to
the oountry may result. At all events, ?a'.ters cannot
be mueb worse tl.sn they are, and any change will t*
hailed as for the bettsr. EX ?1>IV0K. i
Cur Venezuela CoirfHpoii'ltnrti
Pi ebto Cabeixo, April 10, 1"VI. ;
Suite oj tlu Markets at Puerto CabeUo?Snipping l
Intdligenrt?The Consului Appointments at j
Puerto C<thello cnti Imgiuiyrci?Phc (Juiutid itt*
for Office. Sfi-.JSrc.
We bc^ to drop a few lines by the conveyance
offering via St. Thoma- to day. Since the departure
of the American schooner, Julia Ridge way, and the
Pani-h brig Lootze, on the Pth inst., for your port,
by which vessel* we had the ple.isjre of writing a
few lire*, nothing of great importance has occurred,
norlia" any change taken place in the prices of pro
duce since that date.
The semi-weekly pa ket from Laguayra arrived
this moniinit. having lott there last evening, but she
briiucs 110 dcwrs from that plu.ee nor Irom C?iia.t.?i8,
hi r any notice <>f the arrival at l.aguuyni or any
American vessel. I he bark I'acz. tro:n I uilade!
j bia, and the brig Ellen, from Baltimore, arc, how
ever. nomentarUy expected. , . ,
Should (ienerai l*ierce make any change in tin
eon.-cl-hii s of this country, wc do sincerely h.pe
th.it i.c may examine well into the character auu
qualiticauoris of the m.iny applicant* who wnl un
doubtedly oiler their kind services f< r the g>.od c>t
I our country. W t learn tii.it applicsitioiis .md appli*
cants greedy for these consulates, have gore forw.ird
from Latniajra and thi.* place. Fur <tod s acke, and
the honor of our country, we fervently pray lor a
co<id election. T
A mong the nuniiter of applicauu for the Lagnayra
1 and Puerto cabello consulates, are mentioned M.
Iiallett. a resident here, and two Kngli-hmen at
laguayra, named Houghton. and another by the
Dame of Cocking.
The M?ulrlrn D14rni.
Madura. March 17. W
To rm Hon. Jacob >. Wb-tir-r't, Matok os Tiic '. n
o? New York. _ .
,-mr? tto the part of the Municipal Chamber n the < on
eeli.o of Fnnehal, over w hieh I ii.ve tbe honor to pte
t| iiave to MknofM^i' the arrival of the Amc-.csu
briir Tally ho with it' n>o?t welcome freight or ?:oru,
t-oi r tire. K' tbe iu-niucent d^n-stion of he genero
ciii.>r-ot New Voik to alienate the di-trem?th? deep
cihire a?at tbe unfortuiia1.' ima&i'aota o. thin imtU'l,
con-enuent 00 th> entire faiin'e of Ui y?*r .vintage,
t.ntu t)i? unive'-ally T.re-.alen' ui^i-e among thv s.ai".
In belinlf of our fcl'uw countrymen, the Inbabs-ant- of
Madeira ?? have to o'T-r cir thank-, the varra expre
Men of grateful heart* fcr th? genc,on? assistance OOW
extemie.1 to us. lndo'ngthi wesre not unmindful 0 ,
the rai.v previous ocoi.tOoa in which the inbOttan - o
the i-landa ot the Atlantic have been relieved from tie (
presume of death .nd !am:ne t,y the compassionate .trer
\er,tion of of the citizen* 01 'he United state-.
It I* bv fucb generous deed. tlia' men are taught to (
regard eiaci. ether a- brethjen and distant coinmut.". es
tt *? rnpa"hire wirli i t)i"rs iu all that all'e-t* tii- r wd
'ire"c<rtheir ?><? Accept, then, o?r mo?t grateful thiil-,
and with them receive <>-.?r ?? rne?t wi?'ie-< for \hc cun
tiDiKHl ?ell b-iD}.' act i.ro^writy of jour/reat, geierou
L'icorf' l dtUgi'e of your co.intry'1
ft.u^rof ity, we Ufc to ten .-t enr mo.' gr-?Vi .il a-'.kw> ?
le<ig.-r.eiitH and with sent iment* of moit protouud ;
reii.eet ud<1 r^teem.
] am, pir, your moet o'oedient -ervant.
p,? U.ent of the itunicipal Uiatuber of Fuachal.
I,*t? v from Teva?.
O.lont I Ja< t !U?s ar?i Major Hen MeCullocb arrivei
a (.? ,e touun (? <? lOth The .\no* of the li'Ui ?.j< -
Ti e formrr proceeded by the nu? boat to Indl.noU, ?a 1
hia wav to vwit hi. fr c nd* in rfen Antoaio, and UMt
ntard "will 'pee.lily return to i ai. ornla. M?jofMi:* ol (
loch is ntill in this city, wl.er^ he receives the wArrrent -
welcome from n.imerom frieulu, ami many ?bop*-ti
cipated with b,m 10 the uiaiijr * hairbreadth tctp'-'S ^
of his old tejun cam;>aiirn*.
Col. Todd, or K-nt !<*v. h. returned f--cm the /old 1
ni ne*. H" 'tares that ne ?aw ?bout tw 1 b'indie l meo
at woik ipparentlf much enc.uMire t at their hikccm.
The Artoi 10 L*<lqr. iu receipt 'if 1 ommuiaea
?ion date'l Ajril ^ h, from PlWiifc W# (.randi wUth
rerre?ents that part of the Mexi'an country ,n wretclie 1 1
confusion. Citizens of the United States are no: per
f? tte.l to cro.-a lie riv-r without a rfg iUr ard formal
laeiport from i M??ic/in Minister or ? n-u'. ibe writer J
state" liiai the Indian, are sU'.lio? and murdering .ndi* !
i crimir.atel? and that the Mexican< are wholly unabl>- to j
! tb^ir gr??5vanc^s or anooycrR.
mencaod not w^il ac<|iiaiiiie<l with the country ar?'
*i?e<i not to afe<npt to crca over into M-\iCo it this
?.11 <? nnle-s fortiO'i with arm* and pas.porU.
!he .'.eon Pumttr ?av? the returniofihe elocti'jn for
.tudjre and District Attorney in th<> Thirteenth district
ir. nil n.' in. hut there Is Mttle do'ibt that the Hon.
ifepry Jr <?-tt elected Judge and It. i. <tO ild, Dis
trict Attorney.
Mr. -ot i.e's Flkjht fbox KranCB.?Wo rret
the otlier day, says the lx>aisville Tw in reading tl.?
?i.'ni' ! "?? of tbe g*?eat Krcncb author, Alexin 're Dun.i<,
a mention of the circumstance to which we are in--'-bte 1
t, r \)r -ogle's '.mmigTatioa t? and settlement in the
I nit'.l ?'?area. \> it may be intcr??tic? to o ir r<-?d-r?,
partiC'iitrly at 'Ids time, when the di?t ng il^hed gentl<
men 1- in our cuy. we c<,py it witb a translation for tic
lM>netit ' . tno*e wiio do not rea?l th?* french
?? | ,r. ! tnt,m te e M"fv et de IUrth"l?mv, vir* t a
cette epo<(iit tin des rsdacteirs prineipaux d'l jo irnal
in V<ii>, Jmiri' '> r'dacteur ?e nommai' i'e, il ve
, .i t il etr< d?u\ in it 'te prison pour un ar-i I- d? -cnto
1 '.n um-i 11 ne touiai' pae ses ?eux mola de priwn. II
avail pa' bayard avec liertbelemy ,ine r^- -eml> are ? phr
? 1 1 '? n ^annettait qu il -r ervit de son pa ?"pvr!. Her*
t belt Liy le ?... Orel.. tie par tit po ir I on Ire*, dex bin
ilre. anx Ktats 1 nis, et e.t aujour'dui W premier avoetv
? i? la So' e 1 ? '"il- ?ns ?... 1 . ignee?"j. millefranc, par
iu. ? Vf?i'.h"'< ii' 1'jnin.it l}utn<t< /?iv
U. the in in 1 y f Me-y" and iV.rthelemy . 'e.i, ir th
t'lna, on ? of h i rin- ipa! editor* of a > jrnal c*ii'? l *b?
l flloti Dvwf. rhi. editor wn rumsl S> ile II' h?.J
b' en t ao ?? o'cl in pi i-on or a- ar'icle on - m li.,ni,ri
go. He did not r' li-h hi. experi^O'-e of pr'? >n I j. II"
happened 'o l^ar a ?troiu? r<-m ao ? ??> i' r: ?. ? y,
which pe 111 it ted of bit .1- < I b . p 1. ? i ?r*. I?i ' *iy
lent it toliin. aoule lie*) 'u I. lor. i?l il 1 ? to t'i.
Cm c<i .Stvh?r? h** ?* 00* th' hr ' * vy1 ?J > *
Ot>?nP, arid mak^i h] b pr*Ct?:? rut ' i 1I.0,
?and a yar.
* Tw 4\Frff'h unt) -
Fire iv Patkicov, Ni.w Ji.h n;v.
0 .? in Pa'- rson <m the l.'Ui ul; , in U.
the Hamilton mill and oc u efl in p
w a- a ".rton pinner, sod ?? n.aTin
?pindle M?.i Byer m.kee Th" eh *f
Sn.Hmg, *l,iefi i ' -n.d by Mr If rr.n, V
ihe-tacK of c ??01. s-i '?.t'"'i Jim "
? 1 ' ? iAs? * < f *?<- i t vat ' ?
Ait VrlM
Re'ore Meiers. Taylor, CUpp and t*M?pUn.
HiY'J. Pursuant t? adjournment, tlie eeeaiolttee ftp*
pointed by the legislature of this Hlate, to.inquire intothe
fraud* alleged U> have Wen committed by the of
the Art Union, met to day at the Ast?r Hou?e, at 11
o'clock. D- B. Taylor, K?q., in the chair. Mr. Fuller!##
appealed ?a couiael for the Art Union, and thq 'peti.
iioners were represented by Mr. Shannen.
The Pr??d?nt?The committee will 6* ,t call upon the
petitioner! to substantiate the drst charge in the petition,
wbieh in as followa .?
That the American Art Cmon vu ehartereil ly th? Uj-ii
luture uf this Stale, (originally uuiliir tlic titlu ut th? A|>ill.'
Asuxiation, and .itterwarts elutnired to the preoeot title <
for the piirpoa" of aiding Aiusricau and resident artist). aud
the nuH of art vtnerally, Ac.
Mr. t-UAJiNOJi brietly opened the case on the part of the
petitioners, and read various cUum>? from the act of in
coloration, and called
Mr Jot)VIi Monk?1 have been general clerk in the
American Art Union, 4(J7 Broadway, for the last five
years I did all that was necessary to be done; 1 performed
the duties of the corresponding secretary duriag hi* sick
u< ? or absence, and tllieti every position down to that of
Q ?Mate what you know relative to rharge No. 1.
A.?In regard to the elect it u- that t*x;a pUce at
the different cistributions every year, net en men
hers' term of office expired annually, and their vtC
cancies were filled; it was always arranged tenure the
meeting by the committee who were present, who were
to till tee vacancies occasioned by me retirement of the
seven members. At the annual distribution, the Presi
^eBt, or presidios; officer, made an addre .a to the people
present, iuformi'g the audience 'hat the term of service
of those gentlenen hud expired, aod tha t it was neeessa
ry to till the vacancies; and the 1'ie ident would also
intimate to the people that the-<e retiiing officers were
eligible for re election, or that they could Melee I others
fouie person at the lower end of the ball, or in the pit, or
among the audkucc, would move the reelection ot' the
retifing officers. Thai hai beeu the usual course.
The mo ion whs prom; Uy seconded, and the question
immediately put by the cnair; an'l at toe very last le-ral
electi"n, on the Friday before ' hri-toias, it was charg-*!
that ihat course had been pursued, and thu President
immediately put the questiou in this ?tj le? A* uiaay js
are in favor of the motion say aye; contrary, no,'' aui it
was carried with railroad -peed. Before the aves could
possibly be heard, it uas declared carried; by the time
the ayes were heard, the decision w is declared I Jo not
think"there was a "no" heird in the whole assembly;
there was no time for i;. A commnoica'.ion iva- received
by the committee, comjrfa.ning of the very fact stated.
I have seen the communication: it is in the letter book
of Tecember, 1860, or January, 1861; 1 was told uy on-?
of the members of the Committee .if U yuM-s, <>eo. W.
j Austin, the Treasurer ot the Art luion, tl.at n b?ly of
! mi n were to attend the meeting at Metropolitan Hill to
| vote down any opposition to the reeleotion of retiring
members of that ye ir?that was in 1861; ihe election
did not take place in consequence of legil proceedings it
was alter the tegular time for the meeting that Mr Aus
tin told me this; 1 wisu to cotre. I that statement: J wish
tl.e words "legal proceedings'' to be stricken out, aud
the words "pecuniary embarrassment'' inserted: this
* as so .stated bv the committee to eierybodv; 1 do nut
know of any other fact in connee.tion with the tlrsi
charg?: every person in the ball hid a right to vote, no
person was piolitbi'ed from voting. 1 know ?eve.-al per
sons who we.e present who were not subscribers: I have
given several ticktts awa.v to persons ?ho were nit mem
ber* n en, wen en aud cnildien were present; Colonel
Warner has referred members to me to procure tiskets
for their trien'lB ?ho were not members; cojld not par
ticulaiise others than members being present, butii was
aimitteroi public notoriety.
Mr. hi U21TON.?Never mind public nolo iety.
The WiTKBsb?My character is as good as jour's, Mr.
Mr. Fiuehton ?Tell facts with'n your ova knowledge.
Public no'oiiet) has nothing to do with the matter.
Rumination resumed?l'lease fftate the po-ition
the oH.cers held in regard to the audience at the.e
distributions. A.?Th< y were on a platform against
Bleecacr street, at the tack part oi the hall, soui^ of
them wete meuihers. and many of their friends weie
there: Hie elect.on I have referred to took place betoic
the distribution.
The Chairman then directed the nituess to state wha'
te knew in reg'trd to that part of the charge relative 'o
the managers not tendering thtir services gratur.ou-ly,
though they piopo-ed to do so.
The witness continued?I know that the committee
have published t>< the world a sta'eaieut that the affairs
ef the institution were conducted by gentlemen who re
i-eived no remuneration lor th'ir i-ei vices (See Bulletin,
for 1850 pajre 16!i). I know tha'. that stutmeot, thus
published to the world, is untrue, Colonel Warner has re
ceived coiui en-alion. he being a m.-mber the commit
tee; the president, (Mr. Gu/.ens,) h^s also received on
pen sat ion: 1 cannot Fay that any ether person has re
ceived compensation. in June, 1850, 1 th.nW a resolution
vas pa.~?ed Liy the Conmittee of Management, crenting
the office ol actuary, and appropriating a salary of
$2,500 per annuni for that office, commoaoing
from July 1, 1850; Colonel Warner was in recoipt ot'
no stated salart frrm the Art Union prior to that diy, I
can procure the resolution if necessary, or a copy of it;
1 know that Colonel Warner rec-ived the money ; he re
ceived from 1st July up to 1st January following that
rate of compensation; about the close of that year, or
the beginning of the next, a resolution was parsed by the
Committee of Management m about these words:?
" Wheieas r.o provision lias b?en im>de for the payuien'
of Colonel Warner s salary from January to July, 1861,
thoreloic resolved. Hint the rano- rate of compea>at on
which lad been paiil to him shall he piid for the >it
months previous to the creation of the office It 1,300),''
the reason be did nor receive the other Ht'ty miliars i?as
beraute the affairs of the institution were not in a very
prosperous condition. Mr. Owens received compen?iti n
lor pioruriug sub criber-, he leeeived eighteen dollars,
which 1 paid him myself: he procured a list of subscriber,,
tome of whom we e his personal friend', and when he
paid the subscriptions I oaid him eighteen dollars: some
of them were member, of the Century 'Jlu\ o: which Mr
Comns was a member I do not know that Mr. O. piid
'.lie eighteen dollars to auy i iher |?rson; I do not know
what disposition Mr. C. made of tho-e elirhteen dollars; I
do not know whether Mr. C. paid that taffl to any other
jerson for getting thofe sub-cdiers.
Mr. Co//f?s wished to utate, as a matter of ju'tice to
himself, that he bad not re.-eived one cent for his owu
p'r^onal u>.e. h it that the eigh'ecn dollars were given :o
the boy who collected the subscriptions.
lbe evidence was then read eier to the witnes; by tte
<lerk. who, having signe?l it, the committee adjourned
until to laorrow, Tuesday, at 11 o'clock.
KIMtcil SeMlon.
Board of Aj hermkm, !'?v 2,1853.
Present?Richard T. Compton, K-ij., President. Alder
men Moore, Hal??y, Stur'erant, Oakley, Boyce, Hitir,
Ttietl, Bri.-ley Francis, Wraith, Tienann, lurd, Ward,
I>enro?n Cornell. Aivoil, Ooherty, Peek.
Tbe minute* ot tbe last meeting were rend and approv
By the I'kk-ihenT" P?'Jtu>n of Alton Roberts, to be re
munerated for damages to hi, property by a mob. To
Committee on Finance.
liy Alderman Smith?Petition of Sullmvi, Ailon \ Co.
and others, for extension of sewer in Avon i* C ttiro igh
Fourteenth xtie*t to River. To Committee on
By Alderman Ai viw>?Petition of Solomon Kobnatans u,
to be released from the purcha-e of rer'ain r?j.l estate.
To Committee on Finance
By tbe tame?Petition of Wm. C. II Waldell, to have
side<vaik inlbirty ninth s-feet flagged. To Committee on
My Alderman FoyHw?Petition of A. H. Bowman, for
he remission of *ax. To Committee on Finance.
By Alderman Ward?Petition of Ho e Co npany N'o 3S,
t"> h?ve an ordinance ta?sed providing for the election of
? I lei Engineer of the Fire Department every live
year*. To ( ommittee on Fire Department.
By Alderman TikMA\x?Petition of Robert ?. Living
? tou ?? d other' against ne ? grai^ of .Eighty-sixth street,
from Third avenue to Ea*t rivev. To Committee on
By the same?Petition of the N'e* York Institution for
the I'eaf and Hurnb, for the remission of tax. To Com
mittee on 1 nance.
By the ??anic?1'otition of P?trirk McC y, fer relief from
tax To t ommittee on Finance.
By the Pkimdktt?Petition of .fim-ih C. Lawrence to
he at pointed a Commiationer ot Deed*. To Committee on
ffiUries aud Offices.
By *he name?Petition of the anperintendent of the
f.ostir.g chapel at the foot of Dey street, for a crosswalk
to be laid in West street. To Committee on .Streets.
By Alderman Twkkt>?Petition ot'Gideon I-eo Knapp,
to liave the lease of Twenty third street ferry extended,
ten years, and alterations fn the running ot said ferry.
To committee on Ferries.
Aide: man Tikma.nv, in accordance with Ills notice,
given at the last meeting, preseuted a protect against the
of the report of th? Committee on Streets, in
t.nor of authoriiing the contract for the lay'Dg the Buss
pavement in the Bowery, Chatham etreet, .Vc.
Pending the reading of the sime, the roll wis direjted
to be called, and a quorum not answerinir to their uarnes,
tb" Board was declared adjourned until Wednesday even
ing. May 4. at t o'clock. D T. VALEN'II.VE, Clerk.
R' akd o? Aid?rmev, 1
Movd>T. May 2, 18S3. )
Pre-ent ?.\?t J?tant Alderman Mabbnt in the Chair??
\a-ii-tant Aldermtn O Hrien, Woodward, Ring, Bouton,
i! dona, itark?>r, O'Keefe, MeConkey.
A (Riorum not beinft prpient, the fioard stood adjourned
to I iffiay afternoon at 6 o'clock.
from tb< Biinutej.
Dthalt In llie llnnr'l of AMfmiciw
[Uur Special Report ]
Ald?rman Iikmav* ro?e for the pu'po?e of pre-en'.in<?
hi* protMt in r?Ution tn the < ont'a ? recently given to
M" n?ri. huk" A; R?id, tf' pave th" Botrory with l!n> pare
A idem, a o Bfivn b-ille\f 1 th.it the r'-port of the com
mittee in relation to the Ku?- pavement iii the Bowry,
Lad teen been veto?d bv'hr Mayor.
A motion th'n made t'> r?-.<i 'he prot?.?.
A'derman tirtfva'i opposed th" i>.f. ij( of the pa
f ?r, on tUe /re?in ! tha' i' *a- 'on l< t. ?! j
A mo'ioo #a? then ua.de to lay tb" ; on 'tie
AMrrmtn Oafijcy the* rc-r ami . t, 1 t)i ? t nn
r< fi>?- try t( have th" proteit, read a- <v >il.| , . jy
too rnuc of their tiin
\Mt-.-rr.an T*iu> ah ri'.iorcf >'..0/ treA 'i man
rt;. i vr"Ifth all the ?tittsiV he ?an'o.l
A ?rrnnn Tbman* ?ant"ii u> iiAve t , prot '', re
Alderman cTr anil at?The (rentlernai < f the T??tfih
< ? .1'm-AJ'.rei *ifaln*t tue adoption ?rf n? reaol.i
ri am! ? er' d 'Inn to I'm Boan t 1 n.i 1 for ?*
amlf1'" 1 n-r and do * that the e\ . ? ,^.rr-thiol
ti ? a<>t?'d to ji' en', a fi'ii arnumen* ?? ?? 1*. v.?
n- : doinp; t. '.he ci tti* I ud ti t if
'i , 1 ' i?mai fr'irr th* Twelf'h wan'i ' rr???' ? 1 1
f t? ?>'.> 1." it.' | ? ntf? 1' tt? rn??' oif i?' eo
ttoy |iM the eontract U " k ^
_n_ j, w? _ M ? amsnfc nm m ?? ?
S^^ttSTt- ^ In rcxlua-oo.
rwim ? ?"? pr*t*?t be laid <a tto tabta
beiag called far, ttoB?>t.oa to lay ??
??"?l-T noved that the paper to ent?-?d ??
?r tk. n^rtiD*
*"? reading of the pr.ju-t waa then railed fee. TV
Clerk began to read it, for tbe -raoad time whrB?
Alderman Oakuty mi I that it was entirely eut ol or?t? r
and was not doing justice to the Hotrd to keep them
there. All anight listen to the pa par Imiu| read
Alderman Timlin* then r?v* act aaid that tk* Aide
man of the Fourth, at their last air*tin*, wished tlir prm
teat to to presanted, as he (Aldarmaa TWmaoa) wwald
then tiave a chance of giving utt<-raa<-<> to hia HuncomV
aid thunder; therefore, the ?|ieaker should auppwiw that
Aldeiman Oakley would be the U-l nutn to wppa** tu
readivg ef the erotetit.
Alderman Ukiklky moved that when tbey ad.ourn tle>
adjourn to uieet on Wtduesdyv alter rocc
Alderman Hmith then ro*e <or the pnr|NM?e ul infoi m ?>
the chairman that three of the member* had '
room, and that perhaps there wa? not a moTMi | '? ?
Xae t'ljatK then called the roll, and elated that t*-re
waa not a quorum present.
The l'UKMt'KNT then mid a* there wa? not a quorum
piesent, the board should ad ion -n The tmaiil adjourn* j
all highly elated at the nice trick placed on Awerman
NWM) whose prote-t could net be re-'i ired, a tlierr
was not a quorum present
Board of fcnperwlaorw.
His Houor the Recorder in the Chair.
Some billa of small amount? were ordered to be |* <1
Of William F. Stevens. to be appointed one of the oth
cera for attending the ??ivii courtt-, of T. L. Jaoksou. ft
Report? Of oomanttee, in favor of directing ?\ '-beri)
Carniy to mfund to the Corporation the value ?' the fuel
uced by hini during hia term of office, M.
wii* FAIK
For post moritm examination*. fcKlft: foreopyin;; ;ndi!xe
in the County Clerk'h oflke, $4?13 SO.
The motion to increase the salary <?f tlie .fudge* of the
Marine Court to $3,U00 was erourbt up. The Recorder
oppo-ed the inrrra.-e to fci.OOO, but was willing tha* i'
should be plac"d at S'-. ViO. After a discussion and sove
ral divisions, the action to ioereise the salary to |;i.Oi*i
wan carried. The *altry of the i k*rk of the Marine Court
was fixed at per annum.
Resolution offered, by Alderman Stortevant?Thst the
Corporation Coumiel he, and he in hereby, reipie te.lt>>
prepare a memorial from the Board of Sup^rvis^r- of
the city an4 county of New York to the I#j{'iilii?ure of the
State, at the extra feesion to. be held dunna; the p^'sen'
month, for tie parage of a l?w to reduce tne number of
the Judge* of the Superior Court of the city of New York
to four, from the present number of ?ix. Adop'ed a. h
out dirieunfli n or di^^eut.
Ihl Boaid then ;\i!journ;d to Uoi day n> it,
Supreme Court?S|w< iul lVrui.
By Hon. .luditn Morris.
May 2.?Dwisions.?Au*t\n HaH nn>l oOor* t* Anli-nn
; Mm it at ul Hubert tfeiiht ?I hia wan a motion ny pUinulTs
for.judgment for frivolous answer. The complaint ?e.'ki
to recover the amount of damages reported bv a reteiee.
to be due to the plaintitl's u|>on an undertaking enteral
| into by the defendants to plaintiff*, uoon the issuing of
I an injupction on application of deft uduot, Mei rit, ngalost
the plaintiff*, enjoining the plaintiff* from further prose
cu'ingcertain summary proceeding*, instituted f?y 'be
plaintlll> against Werrit. to obtain possession of premi
? es for non payment, of rent. The an-..er lets up a
i counter claim for damages su?taine.l by Merrit, one of
I the dtfendantg. by a trespass committed upon him indi
| vidually, by Austin Hall, one of the pUintiffs, an! James
C. Ha) ex. jointly, who is not a partv vo ihi? suit The plain
tiffs' claim In on a contract made by both the defendants
to ail the plain'.iils. The claim set up in 'Jie answt- is for
a tort commuted by only one ot the plauitiffs aud by one
Ha) es, who in not a party to the sui' u|>on Merrit only,
one of theuefendants. this eannot he dono. A counter
claim rm.-t he similar in its naiure to that set up in the
complaint, and must he bttween the -siae parties. Judg
ment for the plaintiffs.
Mary Ann ii'iltis et. Aaron Ctul-rhiU.?This rase caine
up fioin referee isew trul grjnte.1 be:.m-e the referee
refu-ed to admit rehjttiug te-itiuiony on tlie pa-t o!' the
Adam W. Spirt ami another ?.?. Jam -t Doruy.?Mo
tion to bet at ide judgment and lor ne>v trial denied, wi'h
Tne Pei/fAe ex. rel. A/atdy rs. Thot. A. A.'mwi t.? \Ii<ti-n
for further re'urn denied, with cost*.
Uettry iliibert v? Chat. Folger arul Uliert.?Motion for
{ ie? trial denied, with coats.
James J/ipfiini iw. Aatlwn M'-yr.?Judgment for de
i ftndant on demurrer to Uis supplemental answer, with
Superior Court?General Term.
Avml 30?Dwuioxs.?Robert Jlogan ad*. John C. Van
dervoort ?Kej ort i-et aside, with co.-ts to abide the e\*.jt.
unless plaint ill' stipulate to take a judgment for S>?10 03,
with interest from April 1, 1M2. On so stipulating, mo
tion denied.
RiAert Long, tf c , <fv , w?. Samuel XiVrrahaia ?Judi
mei t to be entered 'liat plaintiff recover hi* daa>v<,!
by reason of the withholding of the premise-* to be asseaa
ed : and as to premium claimed, that the defendant go
the'f without day. 2 1! S.. 308, 531.
Melchicr Kramp, etalt. r< Oeorge Barclay and other*.?
Nonsuit tet aside. New trial granted, lo-ts to abide
Melchior Kramp vf. George Barclay and ulhn't ?Non
suit set aside. New trial granted. Costa to abide event.
Charier Gould n* Justus J. Met 'art;/ ?Jiulgaient affirmed.
John L. Friinriaand others w. Leo Dellxiare.?Report of
referee bet a?ide Order of reference discharged. New
rial grnntid. Costs to abide the event
MithatI BasftU vs. Henry Cue.?New trial gi-anted. Coat*
to abide e vent
John Gihon, dr., resj^cndenlt, w. Jona* I'. Is>% appd
Ian) ?Judgment for p'aintitf upon demurrer to answer af
tim ed, with coits.
I'tter Murray vs. Baitlett Smith, admini-itrator.?Order
allowing costs to plaintiff affirmed.
James H. Murray w. Mia Shane ?Judgment for dy
aidant. dismissing complaint, eith eoste.
fVancis Darby and others vs. Daniel L Pdier, (fx.? New
trial granted. Coat* to abide event.
William MrJitliur vs. Francis Bloom.?Judgment for
plaintiff on verdict.
John Minis vs. Daniel Berford ?New trial granted.
Co?'.s to abide event.
Hdward BaggoU vs. Ann C. BaggoU --Ju'l^ment fur
plaintiff on the verdict
Court of General Session*.
Befote Judge Beebe, Aldermen Cornell and Oakley
Yesterday being the opening of the May term, t vte
plinel van called in the morning, only fifteen of whom
were pre-ent. The greater part of the forenoon *as
apent in reviving the excuscs of thoae who did not wish
to saive. Various were the excuses mad^, soinc alleging
that they were moving, ar d ene man alleged that be ex
pected to get a place in the Custom hou-r, au 1 tlure
fore could rot be present.
There not being a quorum, the (rrntlemen of the Grand
Jury who were present, were disclnr^ej uJtil this
The names of the jietit jury were then called by the
cleik, from "hich a jury o: twelve was is worn.
Arnault ami Battery? Fight between Clerks.? A reflect a
ble joung man, Bam?d baniel O 'ullivan, naa dur^.td
with ton.mining an assault and batter} on .Mr. Be Witt
| Brtuh. by stiikiagbim on the he ad with a club.
Mr. Bru-h being duly snoin. deposed that while he ''as
writing in hi* store, the prisoner came up to hioi and
spi-ke. to him in a cross manner; witness gave him no an
swerat first., but on his asking the question a second
time, he told him to go away, as he did not w\mt to have
1 anything to do with him, he thought that the prisoner
had gone away, and sa d to one of the gentlemen who sat
beside him, that no one but a puppy would act in thif.
n unrnr; immediately hejeceivul a bio* over the lieud,
which stunned him a* (Juick a* he could recowr him
s?U, he atruck and kicked the prisoner, in self defence;
he was ^o aurpiised at the time, that he did not kno v
what lie was doing.
Nathaniel Atchison being sworn, deponed that the pri
souer came up to Mr. BruJi sat. down behind him, and
asked him some question, which Mr. Brush did not an
swer: on tbe prisoner repeating his question, Mr. Brti h
said, " lion t >|>eak to me?go away, ' the priinn?r then
got tip olf his chair, and struck him a violent bio* over
the liead, Mr. Brush then got up, rubbed his heal awhile
aid struck the prisoner; what blows wer<i struck alter
wards he could not Bay, as they were both engaged in a
I regtflar fight.
James < . Na?h, a clerk in tlif store, beiDg duly nom,
deposed that he was .u the -tore at the tioie when the
al'.iay took place, and saw Mr. O'Sullivan atiike Mr.
Biush a b on- on the h?ad , never heard Mr. Brash use
any insulting language to . arils the pri-oner ; co jUl not
j tell who struck first; only --aw Mr. O'.Suiliran atiiking
the plaintifT on the head
James A. Heme deposed that he wai one of the firm
of Heme b Brother ; knew Mr. O'Sullivan as a man ot
quick temper ; although he paisionate, he was not.
I in his opinion, lad at heart witness did not nee the af
fray between the parties.
The Judge then charged the jury, who returned a vsr
dirt of guilty.
The prisoner was remanded for sentence until Friday
A.'tavlt and IloUtry?Stall in,/ a Shi/male.?A young
man, about twenty years of ag*, named Richard Hall,
was charged with committing asaault and battery oa a
-ean an mimed James Miller, by stabbing him with *
j sheath knife on board the packet ship Liverpool, while
i lying in the stieam.
.lumes Hntiley, a aeaman, being duly sworn, deposed
; that he knew the prisoner, Hall; he was a seaman on the
i packet ship Liverpool; while lying in the "treaui lie heard
> the M.an Miller fall and cry; the knife fall from the
1 band of the prisoner; witness was standing on the fore
castle at the tline, and heard ? noise down below, as if
there was f.ome disturbance there the prisoner and Mil
ler then came tip the ladder fighting and when they got
on deck the man Miller fell as if stabbed; a krnfe then
fell fioni the hand of the prisoner; the wouad In his
side, and a stream of blood flowed from it.
This being the ,.nly evidence, the jury retired, and after
a few moments deliberation returned a verd ;t of assault
and battery.
The prin.'ner, or being called np, made a shorf speech,
stating the way in which the ailray took place, alle^ng
that he w i? drunk at 'he time, that the complainant was
robbing hi* chest, and on his 'i i^tioirng hiai lie ra!l<' ^
bin -onic rof tne name end struck bim whereupon, the
pri-oner b? in^ enraged, struck at him with the knife and
Aiiuoded him in the side.
Tie prl-'irer was then remanded for sentence.
11 ere l.iing n" more ran*, reai'.y for trial, the court
a?lJo irried until this m 'rning.
Poller Intelligence
( <.V-r--il'iM- KM OK POf.If B? KRVEVAf. DEfilSHO S.
tbt work ?,** lx*ti ?v>mtn*n>' I hy i.h" Commi??h>n*r<
fif I'ot're Thr?'f roi'fmin who wi* trtf'l on Jator4i?y,
!,?*?? rewltid ?rot?ue<?. tine policvmnn, fonnd/'lil y o
leaving hh" po<t, w?< ? Ij'i lrfi'l ten ili>* n- on
without pay on* for heiBg ? !?*>? minuti l,v< .t- i Hro,
t.ftti n ? ?v" 1 u- [><m?ion Uif third, for over i<<;rg hi* duty
nod loiultmr hi" neifcant n. ienteo<?dt M<ty i!n
nn rlfhti" wlthf pay Ottwb t'>i
Brer ianMdU'eiy re^lgntM. WK wo '??!# ? ww- t,
Si -j > ,"ti' alirii)?Tli? t '" > s?>?ti, r.
? OB. t l<" b*mHl nftmed f'oo i jr? * i,
?1??' rf a. on .fit-ty o' j' ?' t v ? , .<? , -/ton iron
TP- ?? of 14/ i ? i r.?o<; I ? o? < ii /ii. it?r?,f ?'*
?I N !???? U*t Itel
d..taf Ut* lit BarW ,1 * U?B^4 Ik* Vwelr,
?M ?1*?*r Tit* m?n < au taka* bafer* Jiati** -tuart
?U ????MM hi* W niH ? furlkar '
Jrrr?i?/ u ?fmrnt ft*, bar ut tie Tl.iH
?a?4 arreawA. a*.i. r4a? a tw* ?in< J.*. HaK^j m %
ikttfi ?( at*eHi.? tM lr???ai Wilfta* Meb?'i, mf kaaarb,
Kea J*r-*v Ihr Mi ?!? Mkilltfl te Vfitlk lobe
iuH ?illt bi ||i? city ftutit i(| m
Tkrtlriral tMl Vwtml,
lto*IJii Tmuiu -lib* WWUHftK'l will rMMi ,
lliii f?tiia| ?lik ItniM w4 I'ylkut, Mr t Ml/ ?>
1'tiiinB idiI Mi Jutoala* ti Hr? Pirkrr a*
llrruiiiB, suit Mr* *??!??-? a < ItluiW >' <? HiRart
? 111 ?!?k Mtaa U l>B*?a IM Mr. ItHtlm will ivr'am *
p<u ill *Lms The ?? w II mi'l?la ?iti ??*
|rMl mUmmJ ilrtM ?IM lk? (ilk *'?.'?? 4i?l
?lltrr cat* bra'*4 <rti>U u. tk> ? ??*
llkoaitwav Tnurar ? Tt . tiif* > ?f Marbe'h ??. cb
!*? P'o4t.r*<i wilb Ik# gr?*'*-t . t Ww, al ba r*
P?t??4 i? fjlit ? it. v. i Ui iral 'IwMtti
?? I MfWlli Mr. CmHMjt a- Mar-In# tb* <il(Sr< bf
VklUtf bad Ha- j M 4ama f'ou a
?til) klw|l?'lh Tiki* ?<"?*!?? I y |? ft n< ggi| ill#
?lust* i iealk?t. In !?> Ikw? ?h .1.11 lit. KeM.ay
Ui?a r* ta. i.*hi Hill n. ? r <b tb*at IM! 'r*at
in no* ? tauna-jtoMMr ??f*li*?i **i*. M.? *t
pi*, a* for t h.a *t?*ii .,k < tuii|aaiiir?t Iba J'.t C*4tt,re
M Moiten a fMki Ijr ,4 ? (,u|| , ? a
Kuituu, luhrr I'ytilt, Jvt -'.i, *u.| v ? aitUtaef
celebrt'y. a.II ap,*?' Mr ai>4 Mia. Mi. am will .litr 4
duet. tli* ?PT.ha.tra oil. . ut* - <*r*l an. !??#., ami
'I" fUnltniinriU Hiii,.(^u atlb ti.e Li>r. ..1 11.*
' Manny'?
Nam sai hurm-TW evmmtj ?.f ? U..gb .?.??* ,0,1
'v""t. ',B "* 1 ?' rt "|l; ? ?naanirr M
N. K Cletke to L i.k.rd ?b<1 M ViMimIwIi M m
Mary Deri Bgtuo art~er- In a fa.,i.ri, i(*n ?. "and th*
orchestra Kill I Ut 'Pu-tiiMMi 01 Utniuaa-wt. ..i-dllll
Th* "* and U?uti'itl t.t?a-*l -|-fnli (4HM "Tbi
Armorer ol l ji? ? ill rititcl ii<> tit- mtwUitii M'.
W?ii^i k ? Tin >r*n?Tin' liu* i>10 N,uin|| o' ih- rtnr
M I ?? imli et?-?l frr ih? llr?' , ? <? 1 ?in
rlinnrirri ?rf bll^l b; - m.? ?( IU? b> 1 .^g, a
lli* Mr* 1 * lllak*. Ht'iiti, Km114111. H*-% K#v
nt'lilft. Ili> u>j>? in M *p |ji rt hn'#i' I ur ir?allfi'l
01 "l'*ulii'. ohnh >?> in* in Imp a faviwit* ?iU irran
??:* 111* UtltUilUta. Ill* ill If-atrn ?,I2 .Uf i-t*
ml iO|ial*r tin.
i'iniri> Mi - .1 < - Th* *u* ' iti hl.iiiI 'nr ' . aifi*r
?Ortn T. U-lat l>f Til* ?Ulimlny |t.H^a Cllllil " Sat pt- %t th*
s?mi ami Ho- ' iitnmbtia. ? d is th* ?v*aia# tH- b<-*?
liful dm *?|ie drarna of lb* M'iUhm <??, ??? Mia< Ma->
lajor a* Box l. ldluf ainl Mi.I W.tkaib* ? tub*
Ht. Ciukii~ TiuuiIiK ?Die iot?i-*atibf drama . ?il?,l ??,*
"Cor-ican ? liniiic -?1II e?a mnMiw|? IWi.<wa<,
and Mln- Knuly |ni?hi>- aalit >in? mi* ??f Jtinv |.,t ?
?|)B({*. railed .<-k in* ujI *li) f nm la I tli* du IU ?r
Di*nt. ' Th* d * naul r.?> |ta n Wil.01 ? ; 1, ,io?, and
all will I'll. Hud* * It h "II ichal iiurau
Bf-WKHY ClMiTH.?Mr 1**1 North ?P?" b ? ?*labrat*?l
I'miriiid hortr I'aminany Mai Hi * Mai' itar. ti* ..
(ruANe, and Uie Mlbbrat*d li'rimi K.aub'.a, w II *| ,? .,,
thin ev*aiiiK Mi?ra Carritll. Willi* 1. ? 00*' and mi *r
will p*ifnrai l*?ta or hnrtrmati hi|i runua-l - (ac.
( HRiHTt s Ownii 11111 * i ?A? u.iial. ttn* j>la.n ?f aici-r
mem is crOHilcd ui^Utl^. A lav ftiatgrautui* fur Mi *
Wood's Mim-titi- ar* ??! r4<*'iof 1?- .* am . n. .-,*??
Dinht. Tb?y an- great fa\on * ?ud tin pi Mrmti. ,
give gent-r.l Miinlartitin
KA.\\ltl|i M 11 ? ? T \ 1.4 Ml abo'.lll t* -l'*ti bv *1*1? a I r' ? 11 /? I"
who may vUlt llie city dar ng :u* |.r< -*ut moinU.
Hmlkk s ll?ll of llagu- and K? ronti?n?\ 'a Mar i.i
t*oii*il. Hi* jrrrat riexleiity ?ur|i'i.-i-a all ami }?!? . ?? .i.
light deception in witliou* pnral'vl.
Owikh' Ai mnk R4MBUM. ? Thi- will b* a ? ir*a i ?r? t
amuremtDt to th* atraogar* now vn>itlu? lb* i-i'y. ftta
Uctuie i? h ury th. .
tiouRaie beautiful.
COVPUMUXTARY pKmtC\f4T10N ID Jl 'j* [lnv _(l?
the 'JM ult., aft.r the pluy of ' liig<iiuar hid lien dm
eluded at the Yarieti*a thratre Id .St UtuU. on th? u. a
rion of UI,h Iiean n benefit Mini [le?ui and Mr. Jaini .on
were called before th* curtain. Alter ti e arid 11 a* bal
?iit>id(d, I-ierce I . (.race K-i . on U-lialf of i;,* ? ... .
of St. l4iuis stepped upon tli? alage, and ?anl -
Miss Dr.av?I hftve been aaal-'nud a mut ? r i<a?<l* taak n
tills occaaion. Ailuiiriitina forth* hrillltB* tal.nta ?iik!,
have aildeua >tar or ui.d} in* radian. 0 ?.? tt* An . ri. an ? 1 ....
and unrei|>n?.i ruepect lur tlie lady wha. ? |.1.1.1 . i>ri?"i.
worth tli?y are iiroul tu bonor. bav* iudo.-*d touruuni r n
friftdH in St. Ltiain to evince, by a i.iurk??l tok?n th?ir
deep telt rerard. PUa#e acc-pt fr.,m tl em thli t??ti
luoi uil of their Ligli a|>|>r? ciuiiou of your w^ril. t* a !;? K
and talcnta a> au actruaa.
Mr. Giace then preaeoted her with an ? 1-ir.n' b ?*il?.l.
MisB Dean ackuowlfilgtd the coinpljiuent, ar.d a ^)?e aa
Sin?Or all tic vnrioiia f.lai*? to ahii-h I ai? drawn h? in*
prufeeiioDal dutle*, not on? rai 11 faiKi -r .-laiiii t<. ?> nVaril
tliau the titv of St. I.ouiu. from my 11 rat aiait u?r ? *ii?n
my early ai.d crude enilearnr* eipoti'd me l'. the .i_?i r.at
critici.ia, down tu the rircHent m iii.nt, 1 Imve ever t iberi
en cd the men com-idtrnte in.iuli;.'H. e. Ilel..iv? me tliie
teat<B.?ny of yunr i-aterm baa till, d the enp of kin.In 1 t ,
overflowing; and whererer my lot may l.? cut. my hrau
will never cea?e tu tlirob with tl.o llvelmit em tion/uf jra
titiUetottariln mv 'rUiidn iu wl.at niunt one luv lec?mi toe
?iiKbty city of Uie M alt.
Ihe.e remark* were receirH with th* mod enth iti?,"e
ap| robatli n Mr. Urat e th-n printed Mr. Jamlaoa
with a ?ali;able dltuiond cluater ring, which Mr. Jaiuiaoo
atkuowltdged in a ne> t and apj.ropriate aptocli.
On tbe i cca-irn of tte faiewell benoht of Mr G V
Brooke, at <t J>?mls nu Uie ^'Oth ult he wan c.llwl b. .ire
he curtain at ti t c-.iiclii.ioxi of the piece, when he uiftdt
the followire ?emsik* ?
Indies and Gciitlemin It in with pride, mingled with
eelin^s if legict. that 1 now uppeir before you in ob*?li
ence to your generoui call, and I really 'eel myaelf loat in
tidcavoiiiig U> convey to jouawnseol nn deep apere
ciiition of the honor you have bestowed upon me. #l
should be wronn?fohe to sincetity and truth?were i to
nay I did not feel proud of the tangible honors conferred
uj on me in the city of 8t, Ixinip?honor* In the mark* of
itppiobaticn I have n-'irhtly r-coiveil?and tancihle b*
c.4UKe for hlty < ne nighta iu citi/eng hate hooored me
with their prtftence. It cannot hut be gratifying to ktow
thut in the c.ty ot SI. Uiuia, which contain*"about a bun
dled thoneucd inhabitanta. mv performance* hive been
witnessed by f->rty beven tliouwind ai\ huudrtNl and fort*
nir.e lier.oni- it beii.g a nightly average of nine hundred
and fifty two; and it i* plea^nt to roe to lead and know
that I havi^eft nothing u?done to *bo? thai I acknow
ledge the Wnor, and i trust yoii will agr<.>e aiith nie.
What rau I .ay ? Words are inxd?.|iia,e to expr?*a my
re.ire*. but lent a*-u:td that the bftt d of enro.,raiment
and kindncFR which haa been held out to me atull
through my life, be deej.ly folt and proudly ackinwlid /*d.
I have t nacted in tbia theatre for a period of lira and a
half we?kn, and I feel bound to .date that I owe much of
niy Micct-H to the fair and indefatigable manige.OH*
Mip.li Julia Ji. nnett, who lia* .pared neiiliar labor nor ex'
jenie in her eflorts to present the play* to th<' iiatron* in
a tno.t Mircrlor manner?hi fact, ninoc Khe liaa a nuinud
the runs of managtment a cliarm seoma to ha,eb*?n
thrown roiiiid her eiertiona. Her gKvlUHteha* bo?n
hnimeniou-ly carried out by th-> members of th j corn*
(iiitniatiqw, to whi m I am much indebted, and to wL .in
I low take^opportunity toexpres* my warmest tbnnks.
I should be much in error were I not to acknjwMir*
my thank* to the talented arti.-t, Mr. Uidlaw It Las
been said that " the pain'er *pwUjf volumes from the ?n
va?. M*y I be allowed to say that Mr Uidlaw hi.spoken
libraries liom hie fcetie*. Wishing success to the in\na
Tress, 1 ile.ire now to speak a few word* for mv self
tince mj artival in this country i have receiv-.l the tit'
lEont kindness, tbe most iit.bounde-d liberality an.l the
mo't unremitted attentions, both from friends Au 1 from
the public. In retiirn, I c*n nnly expr?,s in the language (
Hul.ier. " If hearts bad auilil.le Uugua^e, vou woul 1 tie ir
how mine would answer." Y011 have every r?non to be
proud of your country, possessed as you are with nn
bounded b'tssings, llowiDK out of a government enl 1 v d
by that grand and ruling halo, it depi ndence. and bawd
?jK'n a constitution which iinparfcn #?v6r? aort of irrpdt
ness by the emphatic organ, the public school*. What
stianger in your bind will not wonder to see it* greatness
and power- a land ?here e?,.ry citizen feel* his resp ui<i.
bility in protecting it* interests. Ung may it continue
to prosper upon the principles of virtue and honor net
forth by the immortal Washington. Now. ladies and t'"n
tlemen, comes the tug of war. It reiiuires some e\?ra
courage on my pait to promiuncc that one short word,
? farewell!" I leave you. to return to my nati\e country
for a ihort time, but look lorwanl in hope of again visit
ing St Louis. Till that time arrives, with a heirt over
flowing with gratitude, ai.d with earnest wishes for your
ev*ry happiness and increasing prosperity, allow me with
leeliog* of the most grateful character, to say?fareivell.
Mr. Hud-on, the !risli commedian, and Ma.'hme An-a
1 hi I Ion. wei <? playing in t'incinnati 011 the 29th ult.
Ihe St Ijouis theatre ha closed for th? season, and It he
eompaty have been transferred to the theatre in
Louisvi"e *berc they arc now performing in , onnoetion
with the IJ&ftman cluMrf-n.
A New Debutant?Mla? Emma Blangini, ayo mgladr
of whom report speaks most favorably, joins the .S'efa
none troupe in Charlegton, S, C, where she ii engageil to
perform second to Stellanone.
? Vo H"""'1 h?d a crowded houaefor a benefit,
at 1 lacide s Varieties. New Orleans, on the '4jfd ult.
i??he ?Bor? lr,mT*' in con.iunction with the Han
mn.^la, ny . 2 a 8rand conctrt of sacred
music in FJostcn oiLSundaj evening last.
tl.? wrre.it?"tTi, k ^ tm!Re arriv?<1 '0 Baltimore on
the 20th ult., where they will give a aeries of con.vrt*,
which weie to commence on Momday evening.
biirg"* F't/,atriCk drawin* frow'lc<l bouses in Pltti
Mr. Darney Williams and lady are attracting overflow
lrg houses at thellaltimore I.ycenm.
Can al Breaks.? Another break occurred on the |
F.rie Canal, on the U'Jth tilt.. on the seven ?lilc level. ju*t i
below Hodman h Ferry, on Harhydt's section. The bouts
were Mopped, ami the water wax running out rapidly.
Nearly two hund:ed feet of tbo tow path wan waabed
In regard to the break which oceurre<l at Orviile, about
six mile- e;ist of Sjracme, the Journil says:?Ho rapidly
wan the bank wa.-hed away, that in a short time about
twenty feet of the h??l path was entirely destroyed.
Nearly one hundred feet of the tow path ??? nl.-o much
Injured. The break is just at. the i nttt end of the aque
duct over the Hutteinot tieek and the earth U wa nel
away to ?ueh an extent a-i to leave a large portion of the
wall ex pored. A large force of workmen nre engi^ed in
iepairing it, and it Is supposed that it will lie finished
immediately, which is exceedingly doubtful. Iloats sre
"laying up" for a great distance on each .side. 'Ibe
Packet IS.i '? in fmnt, of our office is full of fine looking
beat". When the bi nk occurred, the boat John stdamn,
ftotn Buffalo, louded ?itli p*rk going eaat, happened to |
b?' passing but o rapid the fia^'-a^o of the <v*ter
tlirouph the break, that she was broken lai rly In t wo. |
The bow, we aie informed, t-tands aliuoit perpendicular.
We did not learn the n .io.int of the loss. Hwre is a 1
large number ol boa's detained on eitlmr side of the
br'ak. 'Ihete mtt Dft"'n on the "mile levl ' east of thin
i-i'y. end there i\ere ou i ~e^> oty on the 8rr*3uie 1< vi i
all W nded.
irr:? hakii - kok Nbw Mexico. The lntlepen
il<me (Mh) Mt.mru:< <oritaiur advertisement* rtiting
.h:>t a nie.it mnnj carpenter* ind nusons are wan'" I in
ant* le The ? are hig'i in th<kt cowl try ami a*
('?ngrma made Urge ntproprintiriie ?xt the !??( >r -i n
lor il.e pubi c building* n -*i ?>. Ke, li e.e wili be K. <111
t ( ?Jty 'i ^C1 ? rp t> ? pa*.
Tfce Lata DnKM Ft** ?l Hoefculer-I^
of Kuur IJtci.
[From the Kocbeater Dtmoerat, April 30 J
The i>n.t dreadful e?W*.ity caused by fir# tiut e t <
ttr.rml in thl* eity kappooed on Thur*d?y night Tl<
live* of four peraona were lot in tke flamee of ft burni".
k?t*l Ke fftr a* we eau gather thein from tba teatimoal
^UST.,'r".rth. Lt. .raaafoltow.-ShorUy H
for* on* o flock at night tba wa.hroom of tb? MchoeW
H?u ?* a woo?Vn building aituated in tho lOir of thj
t. utk wing of that while*, *?? discovered to be on flr4
and tke fta u.? ? bad already inada tueb progre ? thftt thH
, anirht the -t> B* wing on Spring ?treat, and invoiced tlj
i. mate* of I bat pert of the bouee m imminent dang.'(
Mr t W 1 i>?u. one of the propriotore of the bote,
.Wat in tbi. pert with hi. Ittn'ly, and when .i?ou?ed H
w t? et hi t ??<* 'h'<-l> ?ui"ka and advancing dime
tNat h* btrtlf rrrapH ?*g ?wt Wi wif? ill lisIJiu^
without Baiting to take any eloth-ng eleapt u bUi
ket and Waving bin wa??h lylrg on the Uoor. Fou,
of the ifear-llri employed in tha kitchen lit]1
la tl.a upper part of the wing, all of whom wm.
bill Bed to >lmth Their charred remain*, burned lw
vund the |o--it. ut? of ie< ogni'ion, ?nd reduced t
? beiele. < ai ie takru oui after the whole inwru
of tl e In. I>ll?g in dee* rojed From the position of the*
r#?u mid?, it ? pi that tb? unfoAuilit? pffHoni hi
I*** n iron?H after it too j%te to ?iie*pa, but had Uji
thintwl* and had * tie to?a<d* the wiodov*. Tl*
-took' *hu h iiwii pet.et'Med the whole hi u*e, and w,?
the <i?t ? iinal of aUrm received l<y tie inmA'en of tl
n .ia I >? tding. <1 I ill i ii led and aulfocated thud
?|i<> ?tr* ?W epin* ao near where the tire commence
The ftin.e. of tl.e emp^ve of ihohouH mianing are
? -.1T I . .Hi,, rook. wh.? wa, between 30 and 40 yea.
?i . - . m l ark.ll. ?-Utant eo.ik, aged *J6 or M
Mar v (I linen ? ?? hei wi.iii.4n, aged 2" or'.'5 yearn, .lann
Feeaey hull* hoy, aged la to 16. All theie wore whip
^fb.' lot* of proi er'v *a? considerable. Tli?re wei
ti.mi n net, t<. one hundred people .leeping io 'he hon-\
ai.dr\?rv e^e l-b'e room wet occupied. Hevi-rM funi!
?or* bcarditig In the ho . I ami had room* iu ihe aout]
IBM the bniM't./ in .."Hi ely fronung tbe ? og whoii
M - -1 . H .'-e (KTHom ..raarou
after Ike b<.u?? ?a f"U - f -niiike, and escaped in tht
M.b? clothe., wl'hout ??i'ig their ?ffe?U Mr. Jaim
lleii.ier.oa and fku:llv orcipied a room in an expoer
M l. Bu i I'Bieh < .( Ill * ii11 v cut. Without Iiavh
1.1-ir ii ? """ "
SftrrBH.oie .'. i.ti-t ??< i . t ?? ?ame ranire, and eecap?
With bi- *i'e under ? unUr c<reu*uUnoea ; MU M)
?-1i?ia" d at 91 60" I K11 Und lost f l<>0; 0. C. BrO?
.?n f ? bo ?a? tb* fir t *rou?ed.) lo?t 1500
9->11(1 W Y Aiidiewa lo-t W. S ^7?r? ?'1
Atr%am aiitl ^rua.ftn Abmtn? low lAOftcb: I. Si. H0DD:j
( B|ic Motif. W K. O k' i*t anil Mm. K.oeraon were ah|
k er? to rtM eon i-leiablt .\teut, the latter Wat f'?U .
Money i
The lw>ment ttk ttn were occ iple.1 ai g-ocenei, ?ij
bi w ecbaa < who -nlVr !?>?. by it ? oval of their go<?I
Our i all tbe buikli g wat completely gutted, ?nd th.
not de.?io>cd bv Are I. iruch iiijured by aater. the fu
Bi iie t?loig'ik' to the propri -tor< W. It. Hry^n It t<.
iBitlr ren.t.*?il io a ina:?*d cottdition Toeirl*v
will* prohaM* ?"'! ' h?y era partially ifteure
Ibe build , t U ? ri-ed *o M< ?'?. J M Freeeh it Co., wl
put chard it a fen ohm.'ha -I'ice at a coat of 9'i2,&t
Ihcy art ti.-urtd for ?l0O" al.ieh will fully <?Ter th<
i.. , -i- ? 'i ? n Sonnn atreet ??? occ
i i*d b? -tei henCl arlt.. wi.t wot out kia horsw end co
n?ie>. ^e?? ii??i-e? and carriim** kept tlior* for Otli
|ier-ona acre tl>o ?ated
It dlkiiatlon M. etl ? >< t1nel???*tl again
Mh) <u Miirlltakrr.
A larir* meetirf of ti'<-< "i 'O" of Ooc.nniti w?a he
ir tl ?? .'Tih .It . ??r the t> itp>-e of eipree? ng their i
<ii|tBallon towarda liie ^le ii.r of the city, fcr inteifer
in ctrUi'O matter* win. an lulljf ciplametl ui tk* folio
ia( ietolutw? ? ., . .
Wberea?, rhe right m il e pe??| lc to aa?emfcle in t
public nuristt ilao-- or ?! ????>? to rental! upon pub
all lira, or the tig'it nf au? ludliri'lual to *|?a> or pre,<
in the t ublic plac?? iu our ci'y, ha* not beea .jueatiom
but alw?t? e< needed, arid b-l.eving that II atounln ai
the piinciple* of g Uiiiie rt piilil <-?nii-ir. ftnd
Whtrta-. !? 1 -leii.lUr Mayor of U?e eity. *tippo
e<! by a larpe hodr of the poline did, on rtund"?y u.ornl
laat aader the pre'.Mt "f quellimr or pceTent og a ri.
pert in11<> ily "t? p h-Per Mr Kukluid fiom ypeaku
ahil*t a?Hre?.u.g a lai?* b n.iber of people, who *e
m act abh lia'eoing to ln> au lo a ?therefore
Ke?c l?ed, lhat the May. r ot tha eity did tranncend l.
authoHty ?n.ltl at hi- ootxluc' aft* talculaled to ca>
the ?ni.ci.iel h* wi.hetl to pre??nt, vit ft ri?t or a re*o
to e*if ?i*f?oce ?rkin?t pretuiupti*u? alHoiaia.
Ke.ohed lhat the pol ce .obio af tkcm at lea?t,
tbio Ijianiilcal co?r?e in attempting to prevent thee
pre*.ion of di.apprriliatlon bv the people pi*e*at, at'
ofllcial ectKOf the Mayor abowed their pcomptfte-a
obey the mauuateaef t'he r u a-ter, o*rticular>y IB era*
log freedrm ?nd elctatinir deajmtia?.
He-illltd. That B? fieeu.^n we eiaim it i? the ngl
aye the ilutf, of ev*ry imliv.dnal to expret* "hia eoni
tion of the acte ?n.l tendencie* of any public eoc.e'
in.titntii n or tect. be it kftittultDt. poliu.-al or rellgio.
Ile?< hrd, Tliat ?e believe it the ?*Cr*t| cuty of eve
American to become actjuaiLtet w.tb the traeuln/- a
arta of every religion* tiiiiominatinn, be they gool
evil ard judge of tkem by toe lUodard wbnh th
th?-it?ehe* bad raiitd.
Ke.-ohtd, Tlmt *e ?? Americao titiaea* will Oppo
the attempt of but r*liifiou? l?ot|r to in?orp*rate tbi
political poeer or Intli ease into that ef the goternmci
rit her local or general
KetoWed. lhat thi? meet'ng i? in favor of *u*'am
the right of every ler^tn tli. dealre- t ? aihlraaa the p?
pie m our market place* on any topic* of public mien
and concern
Reai.h ed. Thai in view of tl>e pretniaea, P. T. -Wli aK
be t*qu**'(d to reaigu Ufa i 3icf ft mayor of Vbe ?it>
The ievolution' w< r? ad?ptetl with ?#a? mity, a,
1 p*t*che? wete u ale bo'ore and after tlieir adopt, on.
A coiuBiittee of one hundii'l eitiiena wa- appointed
all upon Mayor .Jne!baker and letiueit hia to reaign
rtler to pieaerre the peace of the city.
Ibe meeting adj >uiu d, altb ibree eniftna fer ar
baker, to n eet at the Fifth ?ti*ot market home, en Su
day m'oi oing at ? o'clock, to hear the K?e. Mr K rkla
liiiiah the apeech in whiok h* w*? ifctvrupted by t
mayor on Sunday laat.
Vbe committee of . ne bund re# waa to ft<**Kbie on t
following night, In the lecture rcom of the Meeham<
Institute, to organire for an offi ial call upe^ the cl.
n agi tifttc of tne city and reqn??t hlio to reaiga.
Domes* Ir Mlwtllcny.
Mr*. St.lliT*n, of the town o' M?nomooee, W* ike
count j, WifCODfllB, wan ?hot on th* 25th ult., #<
in the bn aat, and died in ai.out three honra The m
deter wa, atiil at large Hi? name i* Hugh Pnirn, a -
Ly a former htmtftDA. if naid to b*T? a?#c? at 1
atep father, Mr. Sullivan
The wheat crop* ill we.-tcrn New York are repoiU-1
be very promUlng.
Margaret McCormlck, who w*? i^ntenced on tho klh
May 1861, to -I* yearn' tlup.iaonmeut in the r.*'te
l'enitent'ary, 1 hiUdtlphia. for do*Uoying biith of t
ever of John Mc' fti u, by throwing oil of vitriol mto '
face baa btnii |*rdoneti by Oovtrnof H'igler. M -< am. h
hince died. Alter tUe pei'j.ie ra'.iou of tbe ac'. be becai
The population of Wi'minpton, r*el , at U.e pre-'
tin e, in l?i IBS. <>f Ibe-e B,'i87 are white male*, 7
white fiitiale-, i'20 coloreil male", ami I,2S7 roinre'l
male?; or 13,1-70 white jer?ou? and "ijlftT colored.
The R*pt!*ts ?rc erecting a new eollege at Falrf
Fri.iil.lin ? t untv. Vt. A pn fcaortthip of a^ricultur-1
be entftblUhed tlierein, with an tndowiuent of $'20,0U<>.
The wheat crop of l'enn?vlvania. up to with n ten d
pant, has not loukid very riicouraglng. hut the late wa
ra'nii hitve had a niont Invigoratingetfeet upon the bt
Their aj<ottetl apiK-aianco bu? givtu way to eoe e*p.. i
of living giten.
Meny in-lance* ?re adductd by th? We*t*ro pftre'<
ahow tbet ?hi.-key, given iu large tiuantltiei, i* a
Joi the bite of ft iatt!eanake.
The legislature of Virginia baa aliolivbe,! all militia m
tern, to take ellcct after 'he year 1863. All pernon*
will be li*l le to do militia iluty, are to ke regi tetud
the cowmUfionera of the revenu*, and to pay ^evorty
cen? a per ar.num, which turn la to be collected by
aiiciiU in the same nanncr a* other U*e?.
Wfrklf Report of Ueatlu
Id tlie City anJ Countr of New York, from the iocl tc t j
80th of AprH, 1853.
Men, 72; Women, KJ; Boy*, 106, Girl*, fe? Total,
IM !?
Albumin'tila 2
Aneurinu 2
Apoiilrty 4
Asphyxia 1
Asthma 1
Atrf>| Liu 6
Weeding Irorn lurfj* 3 Hyj.?rtiophy of hearI....
Burned or seaMed 4 lutiamniation ef I ram
Hroncliiti* 0
Cnnoer of itnmaeh 2
i?t*irh 1
(Vital tie*.. 4
Consumption VI
f?nTul*ion* -1
Croop 12
Congestion of brain 8
Congestion of limy* 0
Oncu**ion of brain I
Conatipntion 1
Cyanosli 1
I'ebillty !>
I>tliriiiin Traumatic 2
Diarrba-a ?>
ltropoy ?
llropny In the head 14
Dropsy in the ch**t 1
Drowned 2
I>rnenterr (1
Ityspepsiii. 1
Fryiilpela* 4
Fi?r 1
Fever, intermittent 1
Fever, pur rperal 8
Under 1 year (*? 40 to M> year*
1 to 2 year* 119 40 to 60 year*
Ke\er remittent .
Fever, ?.-*rU"
Kover typhoid ...
Fever typhna
Heart, ili?oa?? ol
Hip di*e*M
Hooping cough
Inflammation of bo eel*..
lnH initiation < f Jung*
Inflammation ef ? ?"ma<-h,
lnflaniov**iou of ibroa'
Inlliinnialioa <if Iner
Old atfi
Premature birth
Spinal disea**
Teething ,
I Iteration ot ir. ??'???
2 to 5 yearn...... 50
6 to 10 year* 12
10 to 20 year*. 8
20 to .10 year* 32
30 to 40 year*..., 40
00 to TO year*
70 to NO year*..
80 to IK) year* .
'.K? to Km year*
rii'w or sarmrT.
(?> rrnany
U*iti?h Po?? n? :n M Am
Cnlle<l ''?ate* 214
Kngland 14
Scotland 3
Wale* 1
From?fToepltal, Delimit*, IS; IVnitent iir*. It,
well'* Island, 1: Kendall'* l*land, I; City llo?pital * i
Priaon 2. AlmehouM, lilaekwell a JtUnd, 4, K**?* M r
Prlf ii, 1; Colored |erson?, 2.
Int< rment* returned from W iril'* l*!an?l
THOMAS K. DOWVIVG, City io->e< ?r
City In pcctor'a Office, April .JO, 18u.t.
I o*lon April ?1
Ve* York ....
Pbiladelpb'a. ,4
Motlalll) In tlllM
U'eek ttul'g. Hmnln. < ? I

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