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0* THK
iV( <iie d JC.
the t AMty-aixth ?ii' 1 1 Fair of the iiutiM i iusti
lute clo-od last Digi t at ten o'clock. The attendance
during it* continuance was very ,ma!i in comparison with
former year* and the receipts were tot < ifUcient to de
Cray the expehiee. This i* doubtla* attributable to the
Crystal Palace, which, as we stated at the opening of the
Fair. took no lean than 'our hundred of itl ok! exhibitors
iiom it Th? pwiumy were awarded yeaterdy a'u>r
noou. about fire o'clock. Between one a nd two hundred
per* mi assembled in f. ?>ut of Hie stage t<. hear them read
These ? ere principally exlibitors, ?? ?;?- evident from
their anxious and exf-ctant look- General Chandler
presided, and said: ?
We c<>me row prepared to clo-e the t'ventjr *ixth an
nual Fair of the Aid < i. an Institute, but in orler to ac
cnmpli h that we ? 1 commence by reading to you the
awards made by <mr 1 Committee. It is altoge
ther probable tint we may rave committed errors, but it
was liardly possible for n < to go through the duties which
devolved upon us wi hout committing errora. It mint
lie understood, however, that the Auericau Institute
holds itself ready to correct any that it may hare
Judge Meigs then proceeded to read the report or the
( ommittee on Premium*, aa follows:?
CAUXii-Ke A .NT) si KlUlls.
Jan ee Fly tin, Eightieth at aud Broadway, for the be->t
Von bi:cnc; ? Gt Id medal.
R. Mcktnstry, No. *60 Brovlway, for a top bug'^r?
oil wi medal.
Wc id, Totnlinsou .V O ., No. 410 Broadway, for a good
two seat wa^on ? Diploma.
Bradley & Woodrntf, Kchway, N. J., for Hubbard's pa
tei t spring*? a gold me ilhavingbeeu before awarded ?
Diploiiis .
Hern: a nee ft Brighari, Kingston, N. Y., for a shell
sleigh ? Silver n.eiitl.
John I'etre, Fiftieth street and Third avenue, for a
child's c?rritt(fc ? Mplouu.
J. S. ft E. A. Abbott, Concord, N. H.. f')r an express
wagon ? D pi., ma.
Alfred W. Doty. Wicdi.aui Centre, N. Y., for a fancy
buggy ? Silver medal.
I >l"K1t*B WORKS.
lieo Brown ridge, No. S.'il Spring street, fur workman
ship on a butter churn ? i'i: l<.ma.
Johu Ueed, Greenpo ut, L. L, for workmanship on a
cedar pail ? Diplomn.
J. ft J. G. Keys, New. 91 and 93 Suffolk street, for a .Ire
gallon keg ? Diploma.
Mithael Conly, No. B7 Krankfort street, N. Y., for a
wooden bound cedar pail? Webster's Dictionary.
WBAVhli'e RHD8, KTt\
Wm [. 'W jr., Pater-.m, N. J., for wearer's reels an 1
'name- j ? Diploma.
E. !). ft G. Draper, Connecticut, Andrew- A Je'Kup,
agents 70 line street, for weaver's temples ? Diploma
.1 r Roland, No. 173 l'ulton street, for the beat cre?t
and coats of arms ? a silver aedal having beea before
awarded ? Diploma.
Mr M. Thompson. No. 169 William street, for i very
superior Illuminated stamp f >r book binders: a gold me la I
liav jig been before a?u; ded ? Diploma.
W. ft N. Jackson fcHo.j, No. 238 Frout street, an i No.
MH ! i ,i Iway, for parlor grates, neat iie>i(tn and superior
workmanship; a gold mecial having been before awarded?
Dip oma.
G. O. Christman, 4C4 Pearl street, for the b"-t diatomia
and Boehme flu*e, royal Kent bugle, cornet and clari
onet:? Sdver medal.
J. Cob-.n, 80 Hudson street, for the be-t banjo and
drums? Silver medal.
Wm. B. Filton, tio Chatham street, for improvement^ on
the guitar and violin? silver medal.
Gee rge Shaw Tliou p- on, Connecticut, for a tortoise
shell hugle ? Diplom-%
R. C. irthwaite, 143 Sixteenth street, for the best grain
ing ? Silver medal.
Adam Smith, 440 Hudson street, for a specimen ?of
graitii ng ? Diploma.
Banheid & Co., 118 Wooster street, for a portable coun
try house ? Silver medal.
Medburst & Heard, 27 Maiden lane. f.,r the be-t jen
tleuiau'swig ? Silver medal.
John Dixon, S3 We.?t Thirteenth street, for excellent
curled horse hair ? IHploma.
A. Me lien ft Co , lfifc.'f Chatham street, for excellent
c urled horse hair ? Diplomas.
John , >i\on, 83 West Thirteenth itreet. for hair elotii?
John Waters, 52 Ful' r street, Brooklyn, L. I., for a
handsome spring matt res- ? Diploma.
Edward Cranston. Brooklyn, L. 1., for the be-t marble
decor.itive paper ? Silver medal.
R. Graves, Brooklyn, L. I. . for marble and oak d<-;ora
tive paj-er-^-Diploma.
FacWrell & Varney, Plainfield. N. J., for the best oak
decora': re paper? *iiver im ual.
Le? is Sfllie. Troy. N. Y., .Morris k Bradley, agents 49
I'eai' street, for the best bank lock ? Silver medal
l ewi.- Yale, Newport. N. Y., for a bank lock ? Diploma.
Holmes & Batler. l'J'Z Wat?r street, for a bank lock ?
Woild'.i Safe Com pan v, Morris & Bradley, agents, 49
Pearl street, for the b< *' tire and burglar prr>of safes, (a
?>.ld n eOa! havinp been before awarded) ? Diploma.
R. W. Patrick, 1V2 Pearl street, for a Bre and burglar
pr.??f ^fe ? Silver nedal.
(i'K'iie- Butler. 1-2 Water ?treet, for a fire proof safe
loot? a>j? rsion 8PHWB.
A Wells, No. 1 Washiie.ton Market, for an alarm door
fasty: nz? Diploma
^?utting PoHland. Me . for an expanding window
?Wtlr^s 4 Holman. No. 0.'. Chatham square, for % ba
law wiLdow sash ? Diploma.
? H. Swor.ls At Co., No 40 Pey itreet. for porcelain door
furniture ? Diploma.
: 1 ' IBRX.
W. A. Spears, C3 Sj : -co street, for the best sole leather
W T MrNeely, rhLa.'elpbia, Pa., for the best piano
leather ? Silver nie< :il.
?'?? Carruthers. t ri?; rc street, for the best black
bridle leather and black iridle leather backs ? Sliver me
T. Scott * Son, No. ob stroet, for black bridle lex
ther? IHpioBis.
K. C. : ly, 31 Ferry street, for the best russet leather?
jo?eph Sitley, We?tvi'.Ic, Or.en'a county, N. Y., for the
best calf i.kins for rollers ? Diploma.
W. k 0. Hoyt, So. 4<>siruce street, for the best ena
meled Uatber ? Silver medal.
W. k 0. Hovt, No. 40 Sfruce street, for the !>est finished
calf skins ? liiploma.
John H. Bowie & Co., No. 26 Ferry street, for the best
hose and fire bucket", gold medal having been before
awarded ? Diploma.
TRlTtV- A.TH ( AKPVT BAf'.s,
John Hill. 1 Warren ?*reet, for supet ior travelling
trunk hat bixea, anl traveling bags ? Gold medal,
enrnna'j roow and smosm.
John P.eady, 127 Nbshu street, for the best boot- sil
ver me<!al having been belore awarded? Diploma.
I. E Johnson. 53 F- .y street, for the heat bx>t and
shoe last ? Diploma.
Alerander Danbergei . 53 Kerry street, for the be>t boot
and shoe lasts? Webster's IHctionary.
LAr.rn-' r.oiTx ayi>
Renjimin Shaw. 73 Canal street, for the best boot* and
shoes gold medal having begn before awai led ? IHploma.
H. B Jones. 421 Broadway, for ladies' boot-< an I shoes
? Silver medal
woou-Ex OQ<?*.
Ii?rastus Keelog. skaneateles N. Y., Barn?', I'owns A:
iteeknun agents, 4fi Broadway, fo; the best black cassi
meres ? Silver medal
J. ft R. H. Hotchais*. Hotchkissville, Conn., Atwater
Knapp k Co., 43 Broad street, for black cassimeres? IH
E S Hall, Millville Mass.. Bash ft Munkittriclr, agents.
62 Broad street, for ike test fancy cassimeres? Silver
Nelson Palmer, Broadbrook, Coan Bush k Munkittrick.
agents, ."52 Broad street, for fancy cassimeres ? Diploma.
Jones k Kershaw, Bl< ckley, Pa . Barnes, Bowns k Beek
man. agenta. 46 Broadway for the best merino cassimeres
? Silver meaal.
Mystic Co., Mystic, Conn., M.llarrl .v Wood, agent*, 40
Bioad street, for marine ce?"imere-i ? Diploma.
G. H. Gilbert, Ware Mass., for the best silk warp, and
gause wool and lUnnei
C. A. Stevens, Ware Mass.. Dale k May, agents, 24
Bread street, for silk warp *nd wool 'lanne's.
Ballard Vale Co.. Ware. Mass . John Made it Co., 13
Broad street, for wool flat fcels ? Diploma
John Winpenny ft Son, Manajunk. Pa, John Sla-le ft
Son, 13 Broad stieietj for beaver cloth ? Diploma.
Lnien Manufacturing Co., Nor walk, Conn., for plain
finished and felt beaver cloth.
R. H. If- ham. Glenville, Conn., Bush ft Munkitrick,
* gents, 32 Broad street, for felt beavers? Diploma.
Salisbury Manufacturing Co., Sallsbuty, Mass., Hall a:
Fow'e, agents, Boston, Ma"., for silk warp tweed? Di
Rochdale Mills, Rochester, N\ H , Ne?mith ft Co.. agents.
69 Broadway, for superior woolen blankets, a gold medal
having heforw been awarded? Mpioma.
R. G. Haeard, Peace dale R. I., Sprig Bradley ft Buffum
agents. 22 Broad street, for carriage robef? IHplomn.
0. W. Gardner, Boston, Ms ?s., for the best hosiery ?
Silver medal.
J. J. Hincbman, 63 Cedar -treet, for hosiery ? Diploma.
Brooklyn Flint Glass Co., 30 South William street, for
cat and colored flint glass, a gold medal having before
bfen awarded ? Diploma
Ha: ker, Thompson A C<v, East Ijverpool, Ohio, Vande
waterft Hoyt, agents, 178 Washington street, for superior
Rockingham and yellow stone ware? Silver medal.
(!. CartUdge ft Co., Green point, f? I., for superior porce
Iain, a gold medal having before been awarded? Diploma.
John <Jsborn, 71 West Twentieth street, for glass en
graved door platen ? Silver medal.
Alexander Young, Fortieth street, between Second sad
Third avenue*, for terra cotta building materials, a gold
medal having been before a warded? Diploma.
Hale li Co.. 80 Nassau street, for handsome glass signs
and jdmggisto' jars, a gold raedal having been before
awarded ? Diploma.
John Hoaifl, 6M Bkoadwav, for specimen* of gilding and
?ntmeiUng oa glass ? Diploma.
Waak.ngto* Smith. Ml Wast Rlghtoenth street, for
st *?e aad n trifled drain pipe*? Silver medal.
A a Riteh.e, js chambers stmt, for tho beat onrmr
(?HC steel? G? Id medal.
it- A. TacU-a, ii it, for JDgraviug on s ta?l ?
| iflhir md|l,
IUibirfon & Swibert, lit F .?i ?tr?et, t'->t iw !?eet
j litiagrapb} ? Silver nwdlL
j EciileoM & Uo. , 5i> iVektum ?'.r ? fjt Lithograph/-? i
, Di i !tiiu
' N. \ M . 3?" Allen -ti r >b ? V- ? ?>?! in;'*'
ihir? Silver inettal
N. W. FrabcU, 93 Leonard strftdt, 1'Or La* best Uc<? en
, graving ? Silver n.^?!
Thomas l*ittis, 296 Pearl fur "i? best st?n>.-.l ea
graving ? Diploma.
P. W. Cammeyer, Brooklyn I. 1., for the ixjit w>>d ta
graving ? Wehn'er's Dtcttorary.
Ihirhiu Van Vlech, S06 Fifth S treat. for *i?l engraving
j ? Webster's Dictionary.
I New York Scho<d of IV-ign for Won en, for speci:ueas
of wood engraving ? Diploma and Webster's Diotionary
si< i\ Mcrnvi,
Edward Little, 3 Canal street, for an dscellent specimen
I Of sign fainting ? Webster's Dictionary.
James O. Hover, 401 Tenth street, for an excellent speci
men of i igu fainting ? Webster's Dictionary.
' John Sweouey, Brooklyn, L. L, for a sign ? Webiter
1 Dictionary.
John W. Gibbs, 36 Maiden lane, for a gilt ->ign ? Web
I ater'a IHctiieaM .
Jobn G. Quirk, Brooklyn, for a gUt *:jn ? Webstei 'a Die
i tionary.
Wm McAllister, 2 Pratt street, for a <i gn? VTeb-ter's
?NAMFItJtl) PO>\ *.%? -tj?r
Salamander Marble Co.^ 1 . Water .-tree'., fo the best
niarblei/eU mantels an.l table top? a gold medal having
been before awarded ? Diploma
Thomas Flaherty, 206 avenue < , for a marbUized Ultlf ,
i top ? lHploms
Penrhyn MarMe Co., P*>?t?u. Mi' , Jau?e? [tee be V Co.,
C6fi Broad* ay, for beauti. .1 tiwill*! slate mantels?
Gold Medal.
XAVa i >Kf'Hm?lT?llt
Joiei U Foods, (Jreenpomt I,. I, for a corrugated
metal life boat ? a gold modal bavin* been before award
ed? iipl ma.
J. T. B. Maxwell. 77 South street, for a superior made
pilot b<at i fovesal ? Silver iredal.
Wiidrmn k Allaire. Atlantic .'oc.s, Brooklyn, for aa
iroe strapped blook ? l>iplomi
:?> vw am> oa^i
David Lla::'. 119 William street* be-t boat ? Silver
G. \V. Jones, Atlantic doe?. Brooklyn, for a li foot
working b -at? Diploma.
K/i kli'l 20 West street, for the be -t o.-tra and si ulls
?silver medal having been before a arded ? Diploma.
Denjamln Haskell. Brooklyn. I . for i rva'.r of iku'.U
? Dip! oil. a.
J n J. I'. C.inroy, 511 VuDon s'.ree* . '?>, *.h? b?it ,1-hiog
rods anc reeU.- ? filver n:ed?l.
Ji b Johu."? n. Kast Brooklyn, I.. I . for the be.<t nth
bcoks, silver uieiUl h-iving b^en before awarded ? Dipl >-jna
Famuel Colt, Ilartf rd, Connecticut, for the b- st-pi'ci
men of pistols of very superior workmanship ? * ,'oid
medal lniviuir been before awarded ? Diploma.
Worth ft Savage, Middletown, Connecticut, for the best
specimen of revolving ritie and shot gun ? Gold medal.
H. D. Ilawlin*, No. 32T Grand street, for in eaibroiderecl
cloak? Diploma.
Ifsaa Meriitt, IlartJTil'e, Dutchi'sa county, Sew York,
for the best ten lleece.- of wool ? Silver r:p. $10.
James S. Diacl;, N(.. 77 ;2 Broome streft, for th? best
EPcbarical ('rawing ? Silvn medal.
J. M. Copcl, Brooklyn, Long IslanJ. for a ;uechanical
drawing ? Diploma.
John C. Bi-ale No. 7S Wall street, for tha best blank
bcokf ? Silver medal.
Cellini'. Bovne i Co., No. 174 Pearl street, for blaak
bo.kn ? Diploma.
Francis & Loutrcl, No. 77 Maiden lane, for bUuk book
? Diploma.
Fraud:. Murison, New Haven, Connecticut, for the beat
printed book blading ? Diploma.
Oren McFarlane, Newark, f. J.. for the best set Of car
riaire hatnes? Silver medal.
Wm. Franciit, No. 39 Bowery, for .\ ciroiw performing
saddle? Diploma.
Angular Hame Co., R&ritan, N. J.. for hsa&omely
finished harness ? Silver medal.
Francis Vernshein, William-burg. I.. I. for a fancy fly
net ? Diploma.
C. M. Foster, agent, No. 139 Broadway, for the best fcte
split straw bonnets ? silver medal.
G. W. Thayer, No. 93 West street, for handsomely made
Sicilian bonnets? lHploma.
Ssmuel Boy & Co., Watervleit, N. V., Hoyt. Tilling
hast & Co., agents, No. 63 Broadway, for superior long
shawls ? Silver medal.
dku?w ani> cmanckw.
Jos. Lombard, No. 310 West Forty- second street, for the
best maccaroni and vermieelli ? Silver medal.
Belling Wogel, No. 217 Walliei street, for maccaroni and
vermicelli ? IHploma.
Wm. M. Giles, No. 159 Sixth areaue, for the best flavor
ing extracts and baking powaerj ? Silver medal.
Beck Co., Boston, Mass. for cooking extracts ? Diploma.
J. M. Davilson, No. 56 Frankfort street, for adhesive
plaster ? Diploma.
Cbas. Patch, N. B., E. Sny ler, No. 30^ Broadway, for
mineral paint ? Diploma.
Mrs Amelia R I>ean. New I.ebanon Centre, Columbia
county, for pre?;ervei milk ? Diploma.
(.lias. l>ville No. 206 Ch?rry street, for sample- of
mustard ? J?iplonia.
J. L. I^beaux, No. 1,1S1 Broadway, for imitation French
mustai i! ? D plon a.
S. Wright & Son, Philadelphia, John Wright. No. 120
Twenty-fourth street, for superior -pecimensof oiled silk^
Siher medal.
Nichols k Smith, No. 156 Front utreet. for samples of
paint? Diploma.
Wm. Colgate & Co., Nos. 4G and 49 T>utch street, for
Irdian corn -tarch ? l)iplonia
Tbo.-. llaoson. No. 10 Eighth avenue, for Jtnny Iiad
tooth pa-tf? l>iploma.
Glen Pnmam, No. 85 Liljerty street, fo: cotton safety .
fuse for blasting ? Silver medal.
J. Dixon. Jersey City, for black lead crucibl-s and a-say '
furnaces ? silver medal.
Phoenix Miaing Company. Taunton. G. It. Swords, No. j
40 1 ey street, for black lead crucibles ? Dploma.
Leo" S. Root & Co,, N*0. 8 Ley street, for Paris green, a
rich colot and well ground? Diploma.
J. 1>? :r, p per . corner of Court and Dean street*, Brook
lyn. for pearl starch ? Diplomr. .
Nelson Specer. Rochester, N, Y., for American Polish
iDg powoer? I>ipioma.
John Vhu De Venter, No. 87 Bar lay street, for superior
paste blacking, a silver metis I ha-iagbem before award
ed ? Diploma.
Tbaddeus Jiavids, No. 26 Cliff street, for superior seal
ing wax. copying and writing ink ? Silver medal.
Y. Ink Co., C. M. Saxton, No. 152 Fulton street, for
good ink and writing fluid? Diploma.
Witliington & Wild, No. 7 Dutch street, for drugs and
powered spices ? Diploma.
John Fescalormo, No. 30S Atlantic street, Brooklyn,
cologne vater, perfumes, erasive soap, and ink and iron
mould extractor? Silver medal.
Ncrth Anceiican Paitt Co., H. W. Munroe. No. 37 Cham
bers street, for Sienna paint ? Diploma.
J. Gorarts. No. 376 Pearl street, for the best chocolate,
| cocoa and broma, a silver medal having been before
I awarded ? Diploma.
Prof. Widdows, No. 138 Thompson street, for crystal
' cement ? Diploma.
W. Cbris-^1, No. 4?0 Front street, for patent dryer?
I Diploma.
I>r. J S. Schofield, Xo. 127 Duane street, for crystal
i i*ed oil ? Diploma.
Beck k> o.. Boston J. Vyle, No. 11 4 Warren street, for
| th" best chemical washing powders ? Diploma.
I J. Thompson, Williamsburg. J. Vyle. No. 114 Warren
street, fur wa-hing and transparent soaps ? IHploma.
James Vyle, No. 114 Warreh street, for Nelson's wash
I ing fluid ? Diploma.
J. W. Kelly, N. Y., J. Vyle, No. 114 Warren street, for
lemon sntrar and soda preparations ? Diploma.
Jo-eph Hoyt, Providence, R. I.; H. M. Bowman, No. 79
| Front -treet. for custard Hour aud family starch ? Diplo
; ma.
Ldward Bunnerr, No. 148 Eighth avenue, for harness
c n po-itii n ? Dip'ona.
H. A. fumniins, No. 52 Orchard street, for cachou aro
matic ? Iriploma.
Tl.oma* Andrew*, No. 136 Cedar street, for the best
yeast powders ?a) s. .da, and cream of tartar? :i silver me
dal. havirg been .efore awarded a Diploma.
Ph'inix Manufsctnring Go., Taunton, G. W. Swords,
| No. 40 IVy ftiiet. for the best -itone polish ? Diidoma.
Mr. Quartertuan, No. Il l John street, for stone poli?h ?
C. P.. Durkie, No. ICS Water street, for making powders
? Diploma.
W W?-Uear A Co.. No. 10 Rivington street, for cotton
seed oil and "dip ? Silver medal.
.Tno. Vogal, Jr., & Co., No. 82 Grand itreet. for vegeta
Me soap ? IHplowa.
Alden At Co., No. 31-1 Broadway, for cream, cofee, con
centrated milk, preserved eggs, chocolate, and essence of
coffee ? a silver medal having been before awarded ? Di
Johnson, for liquid bluing, staro'.i, pelish and soap ?
Stowe's chemical ern?ive soap ? Diploma
Ruth Johnson, No. 206 Seventeenth street for trans
pa rent snd plain soap ? Hplorna.
Deck i t,. Boston. A. M. Beck, Boston, for an extensive
assortment of toilet soaps, creams, and perfumery ? Silver
aoritlttrai n:or?rcTTox?.
?To-eph A Terry. Cedar l/>an, New Utrecht, I,. 1 ,
(Nicholas Hully, gardener,) for the be it and greatest
vtriely if In'lian corn ? Silver cue, $8.
Azsriah Colo er. Middletown Monmouth county, N. J ,
for fce?t forty ears of white Indian corn ? Silver medal.
For the -er.oud be-t forty ears of yellow Indian corn
Silver medal.
Levi Wolvtc, ltaty, Yates county, N. Y., (Hecker
Bio'her. agen'?.) for best bushel wheat? Silver medal.
EVer,?7er ^barTt n, Warsville Orange county, N. Y.,
best bushel rye ? silver modal.
George Nesbit. I * In ware county, N V.. best bushel of
oatf ? Silver medal.
J' hn II i ar w. P. Fxeter, 0,-ego county, N. Y., for the
best -pec. men eh'epe ? Silver medal.
J. Lhwr-noe, Brewster, Goshen, Ct , Roe pineapple
chees< ? Sl]\ 1 1 ri 'dal.
Hecker A Biothers, No. 201 Cherry street, N. Y , best
| Vari?l wl 'at flonr ? Silver cup,
Welch, fary Co., Valley of Virginia, second boat bar
rel "beat flour ? "liver medal
W. Tl.' mas, JMIford Hunterdon county, N. J.. best
j barrel ki'n dried meal? Silver cop, $h.
Th^e^r rr Fooler M. D., W' lckop??. Fast Fisbklll, N. Y.,
best lesbeila grapeis ? Silver medal
Chailes W Grant, Iowa bland, Hudson river, best Cataw
ba | rape?? SIDer medal.
ltoswe',1 L Cop Paterson. N. James Sinclair, gaaden
er, b<*t foreign grapes ? Silver medeel.
Mateo r^nadl, Astoria, L I , b??t twenty four named
dahlias? -Silver medal
(harle. Wore. Ninety eighth street, Tiirl a venae. New
York, be t 'ren*y oitf>ed rfsee? ^Irer medal
W & T Parke, Brooklyn, L L, beat pa^r of hand bou
quets ? Hirer meda 1.
Mr*. Archibald Heuderion, Brooklyn, I. I . best floral
basket ? StU?r medal.
| J. lie Nobis. gardi-ner to li'orge W. Thatcher, Westohes.
t. r county, N Y , bent six Antrint seedling dahlia*?
j Silver aedaJ.
Mateo Donadi, Astoria, I. I., be it ?l* Amoricaa ?e*lliDg
I ; >-es ? Silver medal
n C. Murphy, New Utrecht, L. t, ehoieMt assortment
n culinary vege table*? Silver cup, $8.
Jot-epb A. Perry. New Utrtcht, L L, aecood !>eit display
of culinary vegetable* ? Silver modal
Toeeph A Parry, New Utrecht, L. I , best vegetable
roots Tor cattle ? Silver cup, $8.
'irnes ^ ii' pkius, Orange couuty, N. V . be-t ?a:ii1)l-"Of
but'er ? Silver cup, $10.
?-?mil* I I'elton, Orange county, N. Y., a'-conl best s.mu
p'.u of butter? Si 'ver medal
j Hovey A Co , Bo.tuu, choicest and g-ratest variety of
\ fruit ? Silver cup, $15.
John W. Bailey, Plattsfcurar, S" Y., greatest number of
, choice apple ? Silver cup, J8.
John Brill, Kewai k. N. J., greatest number of choice
prunes ? Silver Clip, I'.
Win. A Undtrhill, Croton Pdint, best twenty four
I quinces ? Silver medal.
Thos. Maufon, 20 Eighth avenue, for the best Cologne
water and perfumery ? Silver medal,
Ashard Bros., *28 Abingdon place, for perfumed Ori
ental crj-NtsI pei fumes ? Silver medal.
Natlan Whitby, 141 We.it street, for Oriental spirit of
flower^'? Silver medal.
macDutwOBX, kmhroiderv, ktc.
Mrs. W. J. Chit, 831 Broadway, for the best fane/
leather work ? Silver medal
Mrs. R. Van Houtea, for the best bhivts ? a silver rac dal
i limine been before awarded ? Diploma,
Mr* lid rin. Way. Collamore Hoiue. Broadway, for well
execu'ed -tirts ? Diploma.
Mariners Friendly lad t' atrial Society, 322 Pearl street,
for shirt * and drawers ? Diploma.
Id 'i'.'ition for the Blind, Eighth avenue, for the work
manship ..n a drees ? Diploma.
I Mrs. B. Voorbees, Amsterdam, N. Y.. for a display of
domestic manufactures ? a gold medal having been before
awarded? Diploma.
Mr*. Ui.abeth Tierce, 47 Downing street, for very fine
domestic linen? a silver medal having been before award
1 ed? IHploma.
Mrs. Amelia R. Dean, New Lebanon Centre, N. Y., for
1 linen uia]>er, socks and gloves? Diploma.
.lohn M. Noves, Brooklyn, for a lad leu' bag ? Diploma.
Mrs. G. Schlegel. IB.1 ^ Division street, for the best mil
| linery ? S lver medal.
Mrs. C. Stonehill, No. 7 Division itreet, for a case of
I millinery? Diploma.
Mrs. M. Pollock, No. 1 Troy street, for a feather cape?
j Diatom
Patrick A Peasly. East Chatham, for a swing cradle.
John N. Genin, 214 and 513 Broadway, for superior in
fants' clothing? a gold medal having been befote award
j ed ? Diploma.
Mrs. Oakly, 224 Spring street, for an embroidered coun
terpane ? Diploma.
Miss Julia J. Marcet, 94 Orchard street, for an embroid
! eiV child's dress ? Diploma
; Miss A A. Chapman, 88 Fourth avenue, for wa\ Cuban
fruit ? Diploma.
Miss Anna . enkins, Columbus, Ohio for the best raised
I worsted work ? Diploma.
Clara H. Sneden, Bneden's Landing, New York, for a
j rai.-ed worsted lamp mat ? Diploma.
Mrs. (). J. I,ee, 14 John street, for superior worsted
work? Diploma.
Mrs. L. S. Whitny, 70 Varick street, for superior worsted#
work ? Diploma.
Miss iiasterbrook Bristol, R. L, for worstel work
Mrs. F Seybel, 107 Eighth avenue, for superior crochet
work ? IHploma.
Jemima Daniels, for a scrap-table ? Diploma.
Mrs. Gilbert Smith, 209 Monroe street, for an emble
matic t|iiilt ? Silver medal.
Miss M E. Bunting, 44 Eighth avenue, for the best silk
l quilt? Diploma.
Mrs. S. H. Morgan, Chemung county, N. Y., for the best
calico fji ilt? Diploma.
Mrs. H. M. Phelps Brooklyn, for a quilted cradle spread
| ? Diploma.
Mrs. Edgar Spear, 11>? Prince street, for a knit counter
I pane? D:ploma.
i Mrs. Ripley, 20 Suffolk street, for a knit counterpane?
I Diploma,
! I!. T.. Allen, 191 Water street, for the best and greatest
i variety of agricultural implements on exhibition, a gold
m?U?l having been before awarded ? Diploma.
Howard. Williams & Co., Buffalo, for the best mowing
machine, a geld medal having been before awarded ? Di
I Almeron McKenny, Clarksfield, Ohio, I.. A. Lynon, do.
for cheese presses? Diploma.
i Matthias Soverel, Orange, N. J., for best farm fence?
Mayher A Co., 107 Water street, for best hay cutter
Silver Medal.
Frederick Deming, Farmington, Conn., for best ox yoke
E. Robinson, Green Castle, I'a.. for best corn shelter and
vegetable grinder combined ? Silver Medal.
Mayher A Co., 197 Water .street, for best corn sheller?
, Silver Mi-d-il.
i H or tee G. Johnson, Hartford, for the best churn? Silver
I Medal.
J. B. Tillinghast. Point Harmer, Washington county,
j Ohio for second best churn ? Diploma.
J. B. Wickersham, for best wire fence, a gold medal
having been before awarded? Diploma.
J. A. Wagener, Pultney, Steuben county, N. Y., J. A.
Wegener. 137 Madison street, for best clover and timothy
feed harvester? Silver medal.
Nathan Cole, Little Falls, Herkimer county, for best
cheese presf ? Silver medal.
i C. K. Biinckerhoff, Bataria, Genesee county, N. Y.; for
a ?elf holding furrow g?ge plough ? Diploma.
J. T. Foster, Jersey Citv, A. B. Hutchinson, New York,
for a self loading stone picking machine, a silver medal
having been b?!ore awarded ? IHploma.
W. k B. Douglass, Middleton, Ct., for a garden engine?
<i. Pollock k Co., 23 Centre street, for the best brass
foice and lift pumps ? IHploma.
Geo. Wilkinson & Co., Brunswick, Me., for lever jacks
i ani railioad iron straightener ? Diploma.
A. C. Taylor Co. PeeksklU, N. \.,;Bartlett Bent, Jr., 23S
! Water atreet, for the best portable forges ? Silver medal.
S. T McDougnB, 1?6 Pine street, for platform scales, a
gold medal having Veen before awarded ? Diploma.
Patrick Clark, Rahv.ay, N. J., for the static regulator
fur Mean boiler fires ? Gold medal.
Talmant Reynolds Providence, R. I., J. H. WardelL 31
Old slip, for patent wrought horse nails ? Silver medal.
W. T. B. Mill. ken, earner of Broadway and Howard
stre#t, for hotel and house annunciators ? a gold medal
having been before awarded ? Diploma.
MtCleary & Powers, Seneca Falls: G. B. Dores, 9*> Maiden
lane, for an iron stirrup, well curb and engine? Diploma.
Norton k Gardner, 47 I>ey street, for a magnetic oil
sera rn tor ? Diploma.
N. Dodge, 42 1'iiversity place, for a pump valve ? Silver
Rays k Wilcox, East Berlin, Ct nn. , for rotary shears and
burring machine ? a gold medal having been before award
ed? IHploma.
J. A. Fay & Co., Keene, N. H. ; D. Jacobus, 13S Wooster
stieet, for a turning, sash moulding and morticing m?
ehine? a silver medal having been before awarded? IHplo
Arnold P. Felton, Troy, N. Y., for regulator of feed wa
ter for steam boiling? Silver medal.
Wm. Gee, 58 Fulton street, for the best iron pamp? Di
Spill yard k Dodge, Philadelphia. Pa., for Croton brass
and plated work ? Diploma.
Sloan 4c I>-g?ett. corner of Ix>xingten avenue and Thir
tieth street, for the hydrostat for regulating water in
steam lx>ilers ? gold medal having before been awarded?
Himere A Warren, Xo. 211 Water street, for portable
foiges ? Diploma.
Duryea k Forsyth, Rochester, N. Y., W. S. Pinrkney,
166 Pearl street, for a good thirty two bushel wheat scale
? IHploma^
Otis k (Wttle, Syracuse, N. Y., for a power boring hub
and morticing mash ine ? a silver medal having been be
fore awarded ? Diploma.
Mattaban Iron Company, South Brook lino, Mass., for
iron l?1hes ? Diploma.
J. M. Mr Adams, Boston, G. Mc Adams. No. 14 John
street, frr a double pageing machine ? a gold medal hav
ing been before awarded ? Diploma.
Ball k Rice, Worcester, Mass., for the best planing
machine a silver medal having been before awarded?
l!all k nice do., for n trimming machine? Silver
Ball \ Hice. do., for a saah moulding machine ? Di
Albert M. Smith. Rochester. N'. Y., for patent machine
clasp ? I Hplomii.
Georgn Vail A Co., Morristown, N. J.. I/>gan k Co., No.
9 Gold street, for a portable steam engine ? Silver medul.
B Newbury, Gatskill, N. Y., for liftingjacks ? Diploma.
J. J. Conch, 33 Gold strce'., for a rock drilling machine
? S.lver medal.
L. P. AW. F. Podge, Newbury, N. Y., for auction and
force pump ? Silver meital.
F. Harris A Sons, Elizabeth town, N. J., S. B. Schenck,
62 Ccrtlandt street, for a smut tnd scouring machine ana
fan : a gold medal having been before awarded ? Diploma.
J. Standisb, Cujobaga Hall, Ohio, for a pegging ma
chine ? IHploma.
N. H. Manf. A Co., New Haven, Conn., Samuel Hills, 12
Piatt street for a portable grist mill ; a gold medal hav
ing been before awarded ? Diploma.
Rees k Hoyt, 37 Sprnce street, for leather machine
banding : a gold medal having been before awarded ?
!? K. Earle A Co., Worcester, Mass.. Andrew* A Jes
sup, for oek tanned machine belting? Diploma.
(?rover. Baker k Co., Boston, for the best sewing ma
chine ? Gold medal.
Samnel B. Sehenek, Jerjey City, N, J. 62 Cortlandt
street, for leather machine belting? Diploma.
Asa Barber, Hancock, Mass., P. C UphamACo., 12
Piatt street, for a coffee cutter? IHploma.
Alfred Hall, Perth Ambcy, N. J . for a brick machine .
a silver medal having been before awarded? Diploma.
Jas. Cochrane, No. 8 Tenth street, for the best hydrant
?Silver medal.
.Ino. J. G. Collins, Philadelphia; Hose, Middleton A Tift,
192 Broadway, for duph x eccentric and variable cutoff
motif n? Silver merVl.
A. Tower, corner Grand and Hirystie streets, for a sub
merged force pump ? Silver medal.
D. D Allen, Adams, Mass.; A. L. Phillips, Adams,
Mas* . for a peg cutter? Dlplow a.
David Marsh, Bridgeport. Conn ; Moody A Marsh, do.,
for a vertical horse rower corn mill ? Diploma.
T. dough comer Franklin and Elm streets, for bibbs,
stops. l.S'in cocks, and shampooing cocks ? Diploma.
Pbilos B Tyler, SpiingGcld. Mas.*., for patent railroad
switch ami mould ? Silver me<'al.
George Grant, Troy, Reus-elaer, New York, for a hinge
for moulders' flasks ? IHploma.
St. John k Nevins, H7 Eldridge street, for a rotary and
perpendicular biscuit machine, silver nedal having been
before a-ssK'ed ? IHploma
A. W. M#tcalf, 140 Centre street, for the best steam
thistle gavge. corks and oil cock*? Silver medal.
J. Connor A Son. 19 Beeknutt street, for a type cast
ing mir'Hoe? Gold medal.
Stephen E. Parrish, 15 Canal and 106 Hm .treeto, for ? j
flouAraud cramp and iron pr^er?DiploM. j
Stephen K. Parri-h, II. Canal aud 10ft Win ??*?. ,
Clayton li Hona, 161 Pen 1 street, for letter pr? aaes ? |
B. N. Stuart, U?weU, Mv? ,
e 1
Pridgewater, Ma.*., for the workmanship on a cotton gin
ll" uLoo, W Grand .treat, Cor a hyrlraulic ,
"rtllSlffi Minor, 316 Rivington street, for a fanning
^K^wafco^er of Water and Beekmau. for a .up- j
"^"ianteWiKSb-f, for a horse power- !
"ft?. .V I'hillips, Newark, S J , for the ^m engine
used in propelling the machinery at the fair? ?-ilve
"a^W. Whitney, Woodat'>ck, Vermont, for a folding
machine? Silver uiedal.
Samuel I>own, Twenty-second ctreet, North river, for a
Jrv eh-> metre ? Silver medal. ,
i-auiuel Down, Twenty second (itreet, North river, for
wet metre? Diploma.
Stephen Tbiercelm. No. 27 Liapenard street, for the best
PaCha? r l^'^h,SNo*M3 Pearl street, for specimens of paint
brftosST.ISu!ern& Co., No. 250 Pearl street, for specimens
"ft '^^"No^OOIVarl street, (or assortment of
ipw?lrv and silversmith's brushes ? Diploma.
Fret-man Murrow Williamsburg, for patent whitewash
n ml other bra 'hen ? Silver medal. _
Porter & Fanchiid, No. 415 Hudson atreet, for fancy
k'steel & CoP, No. 305 Pearl and 53 Nassau streets, for
patent ostrich feather brushes, gold medal having been
before awarded ? Diploma.
dummy. ,
J T Ambler. 3t Washington place, for the be^t dental
mechanism, a gold medal having been before awaided?
DKcro?l, Lima, Uving^ton county, N. Y., for the
srrond best set of teeth? Diploma,
J. 0. Ambler. Honesdale, Pa., for instruments u>ed foi
fSrminMAmi^TOIA\PAM?*'ranx)ftopniCAL w^ciavrB.
G. WeKsmant 363 Hudson street, for Morse's telegraph
* S * It * " torn ,'*Brookly n , .for receiving- magnet for tele
^Henn'tason1;''.^ Mercer street, for an electrotype cop
case of telegraph
"w^nK'no. 40 Fulton street, Brooklyn, for a case
of thermometer. and hydrometers; silver medal awarded
1*aaile~Copeley?No. 159 Atlantic street, Brooklyn^ for
upaii of fifteen inch globes; a gold medal having been
^nr7nrtrNo"P2^Hah street, for an improved equa
t0AalIVrnrNa*369 Pearl street, for telescopes, spy and
opera Ktases; a silver medal having been before awarded
J 'Sv^'MCovne, 248 Pearl street, for ivory aad boxwood
"MSKStay, Lynn, Mass., for a pentograph for
df^W Ta g Hab u e? Pearl street, for well made barometers
anc thermometers ? Silver medal. . _ia
S. B. Turner, Brooklyn. N. Y., for pendulum
"iK&t, Mulliken & Co., Boston. (S. C. Htlta. Piatt
.tree*, agent.) f jr spirit and water levels? Diploma.
Mr. Somerville Philadelphia, for the beat specimen of
A' li^?tuVJH?h!*278 Tenth street, for specimens of na
tnral hist oty from California ? Silver medal.
Townsend Glover. Fishkill landing, N . Y., for. peel mens
nf fish reut iles. atd fungi in composition? Silver medal.
John (i. Bell, Broadway, for superior specimens of pre
served birds, animals, and fish? Silver medal.
Isaac Duryee, 287 Cherry street, for specimens of Amer
ican red cedar; a silver medal having been before awari
eaEWPlHutchings, 475 Broadway, for an extension din
'^oh^lTtS^tKliamber street, for beautiful show
%\ThewseVstacy, 5"J0 Broadway, for the beat set of en
S white Street, for a set of
en^l Yi^.R&a for a ?et of en
1,1 WiUUni11 Siinpsoo,1 89 Broadway, for a rosewood sofa?
' ' j ^. 'cook. C6 Broad street, for a self -rocking cradle?
rHploni?_ forft beautifttl specimen of inlaying wood;
a silver medal ha> ing been before awarded? Diploma.
STATIONERY . , . , , .
Win Laves. 295 Pearl street, for the best embroidered
for good cards and en
Te'l smes O^FWnn, 100 Nassau street, for embossed cards
~~ Bogajt W. Paper, 73 Maiden lane, for excellent speci
^Koch^&Co'," leo'Villiam street, for wtll made port
'? (Ear so n () Hard, 331 Pearl street, for excellent marble
ptper ? Diploma.
4RTJI- . . * , * . ?
W J IluutlBgton. Broadway, for the be-t stained glass
window., silver medal having been before awarded? 1H
^'v^lieichert, No. 4S7 Fourth street, for the best painted
window shades ? Diploma.
Wm. F.obeitson. No. 364 Broome street, for excellent
window shades? Diploma. . _
(ieirge Ryan, No. 248 Nimth avenue, for superior mar
ble mantel ? Silver medal. ?Hr?r
l?uis Ball, for very superior crayon drawings? river
medal. , _ _
Miss Matilda Stephenson, Last Brooklyn, for a stain. d
ela ss window? Webster's Dictionary. n:
Demarest & Jiralemon, for twit# for knitting Di
PlJohn Carltcd, corner Hester aul Grand itreets, for hal
yard and saA cord ? Diploma. . ,, p
Iambertvill? 1 lax Mills, Jame* French, agent, 41 Fx
chunge place, fer American shoe threads and tw-.ne? su
yer mtdal.
Mr?. Demurest, New York, for tlie be.it system of cut
ting dresses ? Diploma.
Mrs. Gettliins, Philadelphia, Pa., for a system of cut
ting dresses ? Diploma.
F. Hale & Co., bONas-.au street, for the be.st wire window
shades ? Diploma.
lee & Co., C09 Bleecker street, for gauze wire shades ?
l'eter SytliofT, Newark, N. J., for mineral water and wiue
boxes ? Diploma.
Phillip P. Huger, 236 Seventeenth street, for specimens
of spile turning ? Diploma.
Jleury Stidolph, 84 Leonard street, for superior frames,
imitation of fine gilding ?a silver medal liaring been before
awarded ? Diploma.
H. Brunswick, 40 Centre street, for wax figures ? Diplo
ma. .
Mills, Marcollus & Wedel, 181 Cre?nwich street, for wire
bird cages ? Diploma.
Fowler k Wells, 131 Nassau street, for phrenological spec
imens ? Diploma.
Joseph M. Ely, 44 University place, for a model of a
tent ? Diploma.
Institution for the Blind, Eighth avenue, for specimens
oi baskets, mats &c. ? Diploma.
Samuel Willard, Troy, N. Y., for portable screen frames
McDougall & Brother, Jersey City, for a portable house
?Silver medal.
S. Dennis- & Co., 71 Dey street, for the best brooms ?
N E. Mining and Quarrying Co., Guilford, Vti, Charles
Smead, agent, 04 Wall street, for specimen'! of American
slate ? Diploma.
H. Goldsm th, Jr., 333 Broadway, for a portable water
closet ? Diploma.
S W. Goodridge ft Co , 84 Broad street, Tor soap stone
T. J. Downing, No. 3 Broad street, fcr pickled oysters
Budlong ft Stougliton, No. 3 Front street, for marble
table and specimens of marble ? Diploma.
D. M. Smith ft Co., Springfield, Vt , for improved clothes
pin? Diploma.
Nathan Thompson, Williamtbtirg, I.. I., for a life buck
et ? Diploma.
D. D. Miller, 190 Water street, for speaking trumpets
Silver medal.
J. H. Schoonmaker, 219 Fulton street, for superior crack
er*? Diploma.
James Horner & Co., for an excellent specimen ef Ame
rican cast steel, and flies and rasps ? Silver medal.
John Jones. Clyde, Wajne county, N. Y., for a typogra
pher ? Diploma.
Brooklyn Flint Glass Company, 30 South William street,
for Gillei land's dioptric lens ? Gold melal.
Patten on ft Marshall, 409 Cherry street, for superior
enamelled iron? Silver medal.
Wm. H. Smitb, 130 Broadwayi for artificial lavaware ?
James Magee. jr., 314 Mott street, for a spool stand?
We Water's Dictionary.
George L. Pradnall. 142 Grand street, for n metal sash
show case? Webster's Dictionary. ?
When the awardi wero read, General Chandler made a
few remarks, after which the audience dispersed. In the
evening, at ten o'clock, fireworks were displayed, which
elicited from the spectators much praise.
snr htm fl 26 | moor am 0 42
sun Ml... t 01 | man watmi ... 4 03
Port of New York, October 90, 1853.
Steamship? Southerner, Ewan, Charleston, SpofTord,
Tileston Ar Co.
Ships ? Favorite, Thomas, New Orleans, Fosdick ft
Scammon ICobena, Bartlett, Glasgow, Dunham ft Dimon
Barks ? Azof, Simmons, Palermo, Chamberlain, Robinson
ft Co; I ncome, Jotdan, Sierra Leone. J D Sardy ? Warwick,
Johnston, Aspinwall, J W Klwell ft Co; Joseph Mr. x well,
Ferrell, Rappahannock, H K Corning.
Brlg>? Orion (Br), Harris, Boulogne. Is>gan ft Collins;
Potosi. Sllsby, Portland, master; Gleaner (Br), Mills, St
John, SB, .IS Dealey ; Oregon, I.aramee, Bangor, K P Buck
ft Co; Isabel Beurmann, Morton, Philadelphia, Peek ft
Scbrs ? Essex Brad dock, Mobile, Lane ft We?t; Rescue,
Bragdoa, Charleston, Thompson ft Hunter; Swan, Gratfam,
Portland, S W I-ewis; Santee, Smitb, Norfolk, C H I'ier
son; Mary Powell, Ciffln, Wilmington, E 8 Powell; Mary
Elite, BotchkUa. Lavaeca M Cready, Mott ft Co; R W
Brown, Hul-e, Wilmington, Dollner ft Potter; New York,
Goodtell, Bos* on, Dayton H Spragne; Selah B Strong,
Lynch, Georgetown, Deliner ft Potter; Alegru (Port).
Tiaow. Ij<U>o, J M Marcbado
Hteamer* ? Novelty Bell, Philadelphia, J * N Brigjs,
Bristol, WiUon, Philadelphia, Win B Thompson
Steamship Benjamin Franklin, Alkins, Charleston, Oct
28, at 10 AM, to K Lincoln * Co Oct 22, at 1 I'M ex
changed signal* with ship Franahise, from Liverpool for
Charleston; 24th, experienced a heavy gale from NW,
Ship American Eagle (pkt), Moore, London and 1'orU
mouth. Sept 18, with 48h passengers, to UrUwold, Mor
fran ft Wiley Took a pilot from the David Mitchell on the
Wth k*t 40 miles from Sandy Hook.
Bark Dragcn (of Boston), Andrews, Whampoa, Jane 25,
Macao 27th. Java Head Aug 6, and 8t Helena Sept 30, to
order Oct 28, lat 35 41, Ion 71 22, panned a olipper abip
showing a blue signal with white square and the letter W
in it, titoeusg K-SK. The D has had a pilot on board three
Bark C'lot-lia (of Thomaaton), Staple'*, Sisal, to R W
Trundy. Fxi*>rieuced very heavy weather. Oct 21, lat
20 08, ion 77 OS. fell in with the wreck of schr E A Hen
nitg. 1'srker, of Georgetown, 8C, from Havana and Key
Wen. 8 days out, with the U S mails on board- took from
her captain, erew and passenger*. The E A H had been
hove down and dismasted the night previous in a hurri
cane, and righted with three feet water in the hold; those
on board weie unable to save anything. Capt I' reports
laving spoke loth ins', oil Cape Florida, ship Hartford, of
Soutbj'ort, from Mobile for Llverdbol, having lost one
man overboard first day out, and four others by yellow
fev*r. (See Disasters).
Bark Virginia (of Maehias), Thurlow, Neuvitas, 24 days,
to Chaste lain, Fonvert & Co. Oct 15. lat 31 4fl, and 22
fathoms water, took a very heavy gale from NE, which
lasted until 21*t; on the 22d, at 4 I'M. took the oaptain
and crew from the schr Citizen, of Portland, with the
foremast gene and full of water, from Wilmii gton for
Boston Capt Poor and crew were very much exhausted,
being 40 hours lashed to the wreck, and the sea continu
alli breaking over them, without food or sleep during the
gale. The V lost bulwarks, split sails, broke her tiller,
and received other damage.
Bark Vickerv, Urann, Za.'.a, 20 days, to Yznaga & Etu
Bark Venus.fPearce, Havana, 13 days, to P V King & Co.
Oct 15, lat 24 u0. Ion 80 27, exchanged signals w ith ship
Motes Taylor; 20th, lat 2D 35, Ion 70 15, spoke ship Hart
ford, 15 days from Mobile for I. iverpool. The V experi
enced heavy gales froraNtoNNW from the 18th to 21st
inst, in lat 28, Ion 79.
Barl. /idon (of Lul>ec), Thurlow, Cardenas, 13 days, to
Brett, Vi se & Co Oct 21, at 4 PM, lat 32, Ion 78, fell in
with brig H H M'Gilvery, 20 days from Trinidad, under
jury masts, having lost everything above deck on the 19th
inst in a heavy gale; she wanted no assistance excepting
to be taken in tow; at the same time, saw a ship speak
another dismasted brig a few miles to the Nff of us; at
8 PM, tpoke the ship, and she reported the brig to be the
Hartford, of Frankfort as nearas the captain could judge,
it blowii g very hard at the time; both wrecks were .steer
log to the NE, wilh the wind to the W, under some light
sails set. The captain of the brig said he was going to
try to get in to some Northern port.
Bark Edward, Paterson, Savannah, 10 days, to Mc
Cready, Mott & Co. The E has experienced very heavy
weather on the pa-sage; sp it sails, and received other
damage. Oct 19. in a hurricane, was hove on ber beam
ends for twelve hours; same day, saw a brig with only
foremast and bowsjrit remaining; had a house on deok,
top painted white.
Brig Queen Esther (of Searsport), Hopkins, St Jago,
Sept 20. to Nesmith A Sons. Oct 18, while lying to in a
gale off Cape l/>okout, was passed by the brig Sea Eagle,
of B*lfa>t, Me, steering SW, under close reefed fore top
sail. The Q E bad severe weather on the passage. Oct
10, off Cape Lookout, in a gale from N> E, which continued
four days, lost sail* and sustained considerable damage to
hull and rigging; 24th, doting a gale front E, passed Sandy
Hoek. and were above Romer Shoal, took the wind sud
denly from W, came to anchor and lay two hours when it
began to blow from NW, patted both chains, and was
compelled to put to sea.
Brig George Otis (of Cohassett), Doyle, Curacoa, Sept
22, to T G Schomberg. Experienced heavy gales from N
to NE, in lat 36, Ion 74, split foretopsail anil jib; in lat 89,
Ion 74. blew away foretopsail and fore topmast staysail
and jib; shipped a sea which stove starboard side of the
house; in lat 09, Ion 73 50, carried away maingaff, split
trysail, mainsail, maintopsail, and foresail.
Delafft TO P?r' au Pr'nce, 23 days, to
Schr Cortes, Stanhope, Cape Palmas, 35 days, to B A
Mumford Bros. Sept 3, off Tahne. West Coast of Africa,
was boarded by the frigate Constituti< n, all well on board:
Oct 24, saw a great number of schooners on the edge of
the Gulf Stieam; al.-o a large number of spars. The C
bad ve?y heavy weather.
Schr Agenoria. Ray, JacV sonville, 13 days, to J C Rock
Schr Freestone, Brooks, Portland, Ct.
Steamship Southerner, Charleston.
Wind at sunset, South, and fresh.
[By Saxdt Hook Photons T*lboraph.J
Ths HiGHmrne, Oct 28? Sundown.
One bark and ore brig south of the Highlands. Two
b: igs near the lightship. Brig Motto, and four other
brigs, and two barks inside the Hook, all bound up.
Herald Marine Correspondence^
Philadelphia, Oct 26?4 PM.
Arrived? Brig Com Stewart, I.isoomb, Bath; schrs R II
Huntley, Hammond, NYork; Sarah Claik, Nichols, Boston:
Toniah. Parsons, East port; Shenandoah, Ingersoll, Har
wich; steamer Delaware, Clark, NYork.
Cleared? Steamship Keystone State, Hardie, Savannah;
barks Venezuela, V It on, Lagnayra; Nashua, Clifford, and
Gem, Nickerson, Boston; eohra Sea Flower, Fountain, Bal
timore; Shenandoah, Ingersoll, honvich; Cora, Brown,
Roxbury: Sarah Clark, Nichols, and Tinrell, Bell, Boston.
STE-orert Wm O.istox, Shaw, arrived at Savannah 21st
inst, from the South, report*: ? The schr Mary Ann, Capt
Siapnous, is ashore in St Andrews sound, on her beam
enle, and will prove a total loss. Capt Shaw picked up
Capt Simmons, and mate and three seamen, at Jackal!
island, Fin. The steamer Planter is asliore opposite
Bruu.Mvick. and will have to be dug out of the mud.
The schr W Mercer is reported ashore below Brunswick.
The smack Brunswick is ashore in the marsh near Brans
wick; she lies on her beam ends. A small sloop ashore,
name unknown, (place not given). One tchr ashore near
Fockenbaugh's Mill, below Itorien, name unknown.
Steamkr Daniel Wkbster at New Orleans lTtli. from
NYotk. went ashore in Pass I. 'Out re 16th, 2 PM, and was
got off 16th by two towboats.
Br Stkamer Coswat, at Savannah 21st, from St Thom
as, while proceeding with the Knglish mails of the 17th
Inst from St Thomas, on the Northern Island route, struck
on Belle Zete reef, on the mornisg of the 4th inst.at 3.30
A M, and carried away rudder. Returned to St Thomas
in a leaky condition, and proceeded to Savannah far re
pairs in Seating dock.
Snip Compromu-i, for Liverpool, is reported to have boeu
ashore on the West Bank, but got off on Tuesday evening,
supposed without damage.
Ship Arcoii, Lewis, from Baltimore 12th, for Liverpool,
with floor, wheat anil tobacco, was knocked down in a
gale on 19th, and returned to Baltimore on 20th. The Hour,
or a portion of it", is insured in this city.
Ship Lapland. Taylor, from St John, NB, for Liverpool,
is reported by telegraph from Boston to be ashore at Tus
kett, with her bottom knocked out and mainsails gone.
Ship Wm Sh roio, Bradford, from Pt John, NB, far Liver
pool, is reported bv a despatch from Boston to have ran
ashore at Quoddy Head 24th inst.
Sinp Fidw, at San Francisco Sejit 10, from New York
via Valparaiso, was off Cape Horn thirty-eight days, in
heavy gales from the westward. Stove bulwarks' and
water casks: lost heads and head knees. Crossed the
equator Au? 4, in Ion 113 13, after which time had calms
and light winds frem the northward; mtt with no trade-.
Ship Cfx&tiai. Empire, at San Francisco Sept 21, from
New York, was oil Cape Iloru several days in strong gales,
with snow and hail; did not see any vessel for forty-three
days in successions; had constant head winds from Cape
Horn to the 8 F. traded in lot 2}? 8: crossed the equator
Aug 2, in Ion 113, after which time had light winds aud
Ship Wist Wlvd, at San Francisco Sept 26, from Boiton,
was ten daj s off Cape Horn, in heavy gales fr<m the
westward; carrird away head rails, head knees, triil
boards, and started cutwater; crossed the equator Aug
23, in Ion 112 CO W, after whieh met with light winds
from NNK and NNW, and calms.
Ship Lrvayikr, at San Francitco Sept 28, from New York,
was forced to cross the eqnator in the Atlantic, Ion .'13
W; fell to leeward off Cape St. Roque. and was 13 days in
getting aronnd; was 8 days off Cape Horn In heavy gales,
and bad heavy weather from there to lat 34 S ma~t of the
time; lost maintopmaat and topgallantraast, and sprung
main yard; crossed the equator in the Pacific Aug 20, in
Ion 118, after which time had light variable winds.
Ship Avoxdaik, at San Francisco Sept 28, from Balti
more, ?xperi?nced severe weather off Cape Horn; was 60
days making 1,000 miles; crossed the equator Aug 29th,
in Ion 112, and had a good breeze and tine weather to lat
13, after whioh time had light battling winds.
WnAi whip Ijveipooi. 2d, Swift, is reported by the Har
riet Thompson at San Francisco Sept 28, to have struck
on a reef on the eastern shore of Behring's Straits, near
Port Clarence. She however succeeded in getting otT and
reaahing St lawrence Bay, where she was condemned and
sold, ('apt Fales, of ship Helen Augusta, of Newport,
was the purchaser, who took from her 1,100 bbis of oil,
sails, spars, Ko.
Br Ship St Lawkkxck, at San Franeisco Sept 20, from
Glasgow, was off Cape Horn thirty days in strong gales;
split sails and received other damage. Put into Juan Fer
nandez on acc? unt of scurvy and mutiny among the crew,
and left live of the crew there in irons.
Swkdisii Sinp Irkx*, at San Francisco Sept 28, from Mar.
seilies, was on Cape Horn 18 days in heavy westerly
Bark Piter P km ill, from Savannah for NYork, put into
Charleston 22<1 having on the 14th inst took a heavy gale
from Njt which lasted until the 20th inst, splitting sails
and dol^t some damage to the hull.
Bark Richmond (late three wasted schr), from Tabasco
for Liverpool, put into Charleeton 22d inst, (previously
reported en the roads!) having on the 14!h had a gale
from NK, which continued to the 19th, when in lat 30 It
increased to a hurricane which lasted about sixteen
hours; the wind tl en shifting to 8W. and blowing with
great violence, during which the deck load of fustic was
thrown overboard, carrying away roaintopmast. head of
mainmast, blowing away sails, and causing the vessel to
Bark Ppdiky, from Charleston 18th inst for Havana, re
turned V3d to repair damages sustained rtn the evening of
the 19th. In lat 29, Ion 79 30, abont 230 miles 8 % E
from Charleston Bar. while sendding nnder close reef
maintopsall. reefed foresail and fore topmast staysail,
blowing a heavy gale, was struck with a sea which hove
her <>d her Win ends, tlir iwing all her ballast to let ward,
together witli'slanaheons' shifting plank 1, water casks,
provisions, and every moveable article thrown on one side
of the kelson, ship laying down wi'h her r?ain hatches un
der wa:e? for a wnsiderable time, with loss of some spar*,
sails anrt rigging, and with mnch difficulty succeeded in
turning back her ballast. The weather having fortunately
iroi^ernted during the night, the vessel righted, and wn<
enabled to make sail for tola port.
B.\*k B'!ita\ma. at San Francisco Sept 25, from I/>ndon,
rncounteied very neavy gales off Cape Horn, with strong
current running to the aastward. Was forty Ave days
from Staten Island to Cape Pillar; sprung a leak in watei
tank and lo?t nine t jns of water.
B? Bar* Put**, at San Francisco Sept 10, from Liver
pool, ?at off Cape Horn flvt week* in heavy galei fro
the northwest May 80, in UtH 43 3. Ion 78 64 W, was
struck by a bmvy m?. which carried away starbaaid
beadrail* and Iumi of cutwater on both aide*. There
w?h such a heavy sea on at the tin* that it wa> imposri
ble to ****** them. Put into Falkland Islands for water
afu . tth April, and remained there fourteen dare. Jaly
8th put into Juan Fernandei for water, and remained
th# re two days. Moat of the water having leaked out of
the tanks, the crew, for several days before arrival, wee*
OB ?n allowance of three pints each per day: three mm
were dewn with scurry when the vessel came into port.
Brig Majiy Jaxk, Gilchrist, henoe for Jacksonville Mt
into Wilmington, AJC. 26th inst, disabled. '
Bri<; Cardiff . Boy<l from Havana for N Tork for Ml
tol, (RI), put into Wilmington, 26th inat, in distreaa.
Bhk I.iUAjf, Hatch, which aid from Charleaton 1Mb
inst for Huston. but back about 22d, having been totaly
dismasted in the lute gales.
Brio Commirck, of Boston, from Savannah for Otiada
loupe, which put into Charleston disabled in a
gale, has been condemned, and will be told.
Brig Harrinoer, Mitchell, from Curacoa, of and for
Portland, with salt put into Wilmington, NC, 21st inat,
with loss of sails and leaking badly.
Brig W H Stewart, Hooper, of and for Baltimore for
Savannah, pnt back 23d with loss of spars, sails and deefc
load, and leaking badly*
Brio John Ditto*, of and for Boston, from New Orleans,
pnt into Charleston 22d for repairs, having took a heavy
gale from northeast on the 18th InRt , in 1st 31 14 Ion T?
56, which lasted to the 19th, when it blew a hurricane,
rendering it necessary to cut away the masts, in order to
save the vessel and crew. The vessel also leaks some from
the effects of the blow?
Brio Cokdor, from Jacksonville for Boston, put into
Charleston, 22a, having on 4th inst took a heavy blow
fron> NNE hauling to ENK, which lasted several days,
carrying away foretopmast, head of foremast, jib beoaa,
blew awa v sails and. lost part of deck load. Took the gal*
in lat 31, Ion 78.
Bit Brio Jwst Wr??, at San Francisco Sept 18. freaa
Liverpool, was off Cape Horn thirty Ave days in heavy
gales from i W to N; sprang muenraast and carried
away a whole suit of sails. Crossed the equator in Aug
1, in Ion 110, after which time met with very light winds.
Was out of water seven days previous to arrival, the crew
and passengers being compelled to drink ale instead, un
til supplied by the pilot boat on the morning of the 18th.
All but three ot the crew were down with scurvy whea
the ship came into port.
Low of th* U S Mail Schooxhr E A Hrawi.vo, Capi B 3
Pakkku ? Capt 1' reports that he left Key West on th*
afternoon of the 12th inst, for Charleston, with pleasant
weather, wind at NE; that nothing worthy of note oc
curred up to Sunday, 17th, when the weather looked
very threatening, the wind often shifting and sea getting
up. At 8 A M, while under double reefed fore and main
sail, pitched away the jibboom and split the bonnet of
the jib. Our meridian lat this day was 29 01 N, Ion M
W. Monday, 18th? The weather unsettled, and the wind
and sea increasing. At 6PM made the land, supposed
off Mosquito Inlet; tacked ship off shore. At 10 PM.
blowing a gale, hove the vessel to: gale increasing and
the barrometer falling. Wednesday, 20th ? The gale fact
increasing te a hurricane, with a tremendous sea on; bar
rometer 29 5 10 falling. At 6 P M blew away the balanoa
of reefed mainsail. At 10 P M, barrometer at 28 6-10,
blowing a peifect hurricane, but quite smooth, the vessel
lying over very much by the force of the wind. At 11
P M she lay over with her maHt even with the water;
succeeded in cutting away the fore and main rigging,
when the mssts both went by the board, and she Imme
diately righted, with three feet of water in the hold?
carrying away with them the bowsprit, wrenching away
night heads, ripping up the deck plank, shears and samp
son post, and opening the vood ends forward, leaving her
a complete wreck . Thursday, 21st? At 1 P M, lat 29 03,
Ion 79 06, the bark Claelia, Capt W H Staples, from Sisal,
bound to New York, run down to us and received us oa
board, where every attention that humanity and Und
ress could suggest was paid to us by himself and ofBcen.
(Capt Parker, for himself and crew, and Lieut O Peter*,
U S naval tervice, in tie name of himself n" " 'ellow pas
sengers, publicly thank Capt Staples, of the bark Claelia,
and his officers and crew, for rescuing them at the immi
nent risk of their lives md f< their unbounded kindness
towards them during tUe time they were together.)
Sunt Mary Eliza, Conklin, hence for Brunswick, Ga, te
ashore on the beach tfour miles south of Ocraooke Bar,
full of water; goods all wet, most of which have beea
.Scur Hklkxa, Baxter, hence for Newborn, NC, ia
also ashore near the Mary Eliza. Captain B write*
he will be able to laud his cargo dry. The vessel is pretty
well up, and may be saved.
Schr Glenview, Partridge, from Boston, spoken by
steamer Southerner, dit masted, arrived at Wilmington 22d
inst, but the Wilmington paper says nothing about har
damage, nor concerning the damage to other vessels ar
rived there, previously telegraphed as having suffered ia
the late gale.
Schr G W Pickerino, ashore at Little Tybee Beach, has
little prospect of getting afloat, the steamer J Stone hav
ing returned to Savannah 23d inst; she is embedded ia -
four feet of quicksand, at the top of ordinary tide. Th*
captain and ciew remained on hoard. She is about seven
years old.
Schr Mary Hart, of Harwich, which struck Avery's
Rock 7th inst, floated off on Monday afternoon, and wW
towed into Rockport.
Stun Pi.trel, from Spanish Main for Baltimore, at
Charleston, in distress, experienced the gale on 19th tut,
in lat 30 60, Ion 79 GO, carrying away foremast to the
deck, splitting sa ls and doing other damage.
Sid from NBedford 24th, bark Cornelia, Crajo, South
Atlantic Ocean.
Arr at ?m Eranci/co Sept 28, bark Harriet Thompson,
Fordham, Arctic Ocean. 140 bbls wh oil, 2,000 lbs boa*.
Reports that tl e whaling fleet in the Arctic Ocean had
done but poorly up tj the 20th of August. There kai
been a g-eat deal of stormy weather ? galei, with heavy
fog j and rain; not much ice. The whales were wild im
ssarco. Tlie H T returned to S F for want of sails.
At St Helena, Sept 20 Emma C Jones, Jenney, of NB,
C00 sp 800 wh ; Joseph Butter, Mayhew, KB, 620 sp ; Sarah,
Mayhew. 400 sp; all bound South.
Ship leou, at l*rovidence. left T&lcaliuano July (not
Sept) 21.
Spoken ?
The flap seen Aug 15, lat 64 15 S, Ion 85 W, with
Forbes'.s rig, steering NW, and showing a white burge*
with blue cross, is supposed to have been the Reindeer,
Bunker, bence May 17 for San Francisco.
Bark Como, Smith, from Boston for Charleston, Oct 21,
off Hatteras.
Brig Webster, Heath, hence for Sat ilia River, Oet 13,
near Cap* lookout.
Br!/ l.'lark Winsor, Percival, from Boston for Port M
Prince, Oct SO, no lat, &c.
Home Porta.
APALACHIOOLA ? In port Oct 20, brig Ann A Tyng,
Pierce, from NYork, disg (arr 16th) ; schr S J Moye, Hil
lock, for do, ldg.
ALEXANDRIA ? Arr Oct 24, brigs Foster, Cro well, Bea
ton ; Whittsker, Norman, Eastport; schrs Hoses Brona,
Baker, Boston : Oreeuway, Kirby, NYork. Sld bark Atu
tin an<l Ellen, Burgess, Liverpool.
BALTIMORE? Arr Oct 25, schr Fawn, Miller, AreclbSL
PR. 4th inst, (see disasters). Returned, ship Areola (of
NYork). Jennings, for IJverpool, having been knooked
down in a gale 10th; has 3 feet water in her hold. Cld
steamer Locust Point, Layfield; bark Justice Story, Ryder,
Boston; brigs Kate Foster. KiUman, St Thomas; EUaha
Doane. I-oring. Boston.
CHARLESTON ? Arr Oct 22. steamship Union, Adams, M
York; barks Peter Deniill, Hoey, Savannah, for NYork;
Richmond. Thompson, Tobasco, for Liverpool; Harriet fc
Martha, Pennifoy. Matanzas; brigs John Dutton, Burkett,
NOrleans, fer Boston; Condor, Small, Jacksonville, for de;
Somers, Watson. Havana; Arnand, Rose, Providenoe, HI;
schrs Petrel, Sparks, Spaniah Main, for Baltimore; Time,
(Br), Kemp. Nassau, NP; Mobile, Bassett, NOrleans, for ,
NYork; Dolphin. Keene. Baltimore, for Havana; 23d. shipa
Emma Watts, Dearborn. IJverpool 43 days; Alliance,
Tinkbam, NYork; schr* Golden Eagle, (Br), Hernandec,
Nassau, NP; Advent, Tobey, Portsmouth, NH, for Jack
sonville. In the offing, a ship, supposed the Franchise,
from Liverpool, (see disasters). Sld 22d, steamer Vn
Penn, NYork; 23d. Span brig Belisario, Reig, Baroelenft.
MOBILE ? Arr Oct 20, ship Kitty Cordes, Havana, Liver
pool. Cld 19th, schr Martha Pout, Post, NYork.
NEW ORLEANS? Arr Oct 18, Brem bark Leontina, Thor
roan. Bremen 6C cV- >; bark Emily Banning, Howes, Phila
delphia: brig Blael van. Heagan, do. Below? Ship R B
Sumner, 4."? days firm Havre; Fr ship Mozart, and one
bark at the henrl ? i the Passes; one ship with emigrants,
and one bark iu the offing, their uamea unknown.
Cld ship Chnsca, Collier. Liverpool; Span bark Balear,
Colom, Barcelona. Towed to sea loth, ship Lady Frank- ;
lin; bark Martin Frederick.
NORFOIJv? Arr Oct 22, schr Arietis, long, Boston.
NEWARK ? Arr Oct 25, brig Trenton, Haynos, Ellsworth,
Me; schrs Uncle Joe, Butler, PortlanJ, Ct; BavState, Ver
rill, Rockland Me.
OREGON ? \ nr at Astoria prev to Sept CO, bark Anieri
can, Kirby, NYork,
PHILADELPHIA? Aw Oct 2-V, steamer City of Boston,
Fisher, Boston; schr A Tirrell, Bell, do.
PETERSBl RC? Sld Oct 24, schrs Rebecca, Whiteher,
and Rankin, Brown, Boston.
SAN 1RANCISC0 ? Arr Sept 15th, bark Amazon, Thomp
son, New Vork Apiil 2; 10 h, ships Fides, Champion, im
March IP; Montague (Br), Clipjne, Hong Kong; 17th, Jen
ny Wren. (Br), Johnson, Liverpool: baik Mary Annah, {
Oracle, New York March 20; 19th, ship Republica de Ooa- '
temala, M itches, Liverpool, Oct 13, via Valparaiso ttt
days; Br bark Sultan, Sharpe, Liverpool, Dec 22; stoam- 1
ers Uncle San, Mills, Panama 18 days; Winfleld Scott,
Blunt, do 1,">; -0th. Br ship St Lawrence, Ferguson, GUs- ;
gow; 21st, ship Celestial Empire, Pierce, New York, April ,
28: 24th ships Mm terey, Lecraw, Batavia. 83 days; 25th,
Sem'l Fules, Talbot, Boston, April 7: barks AcadiarMowiy, I
Wilmington, via Talcnhuano; Nov 1, Britannia, Abraham- 1
son, London, via Valparaiso; Lorcnz, (Ham), Rnaybe, Hone
Kong; Tentuclet, Nickinson. Akyab, 130 days; 26tn, ship
West Wind, Elliot, Boston: 28th, ships I^vanter. Follans
bee, New York. April 23: Avondale. Fry, Baltimore, March
11; Irene, (Swe). Arbmsn. Marseilles; 29th, ships Yonng
America, Babcock, New Vork, 111 days; Belle of the Weat;
Howes, Boston May 20.
Cld 15th, ship John lend, Howes, Calcutta; 10th,
ship Lucas, Daggett, Paget Sound; brigs Emily Miner,
Metzger, Melbonrne; Zoe, Paty, Honolulu 17th, shipe
Rose of Sharon, Thotnpson, Hong Kong- Highflyer, Water
man, do; 19th, ship India, Hearse, Callao; 20th, ship
Uncle Toby. Sonle, Callae; 23d, ships Oxnard, Hinckley, i
Calcutta: CbannJng, Jehnsou, Shanghae; 21th, ship Cleo
patra, Shree>e, Celiac: barks Amazon, Thompson, do;
Lin wood, Martin, do: '29th, bark Mary Annah, Gracie,
Callao; sthr E L Frost. Hempstead, Honolulu.
Also eld Ifitb, bark Essenuibo (Br), Ritchie, Callao;
201 h, bsrk Veronica (Dutch), Welger, Hong Kong; brig
Kmelie (Itin). Peterson, Valparaiso; 22d, brig Nestor
(Br) Brows, \ ii'paraiso; 28d barka Douglass (Br), Hedg
comb, Csllao lady Raffle?! (Br), Mauenberg, Hong Kong;
24th, btigCaoopus (Brem), Busehman, Valparaiso; 20tn,
brig Agnei (Br), Niobols, Vslparaiso; 27th, bark Dum
friesshire (fir), Dickson, Callao: 30th, ships Crescent,
IVikins, ('alios: Invincible, Johnson, NYork; bark Hieto,
Sea btiry, Callao
SAVANNAH? *rr Oct 21, Br steamer Conway, Hick*,
St Ihotnas (see disasters).
WILMINGTON, N C? Arr Oct 21, brig Harbinger, ?
Mitchell, Cora ooa; schr Marcia Trlbou, Sweetser, Boston;
22d, brigs Resident 7. Tayler, Boardman, Belfast, Me; Del
mont i/icke, Park, Eearsport, lie: Globe, leavitt, Sea
Juan de Klearsgna; Kate Heath, Dennett. Boston; Tan- ?
gier, Griflin, do; achrs John Cooley k Co, rartridfM Mel
ville, Putnam; ftnd Gienview, Partridge, do; 2T>Jl J Vail,
KUsey, River Gambia, Africa. Cld 224, bri^e fa Pur
rington, Dosiglass, Cardenas; 24th, Wm T I> **u, Hortm.
New Yoifc; schri Pauline, Oonoo, do, O-iirk, LOrtL

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