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PrMMulioii of tike '?w York. Herald by
Sinner Ki y, late Bu ager Of the Astor
Plate OjMira.
nmiui cocbt.
Before Judge Oakley.
The following are the de^Uioas o.' Benedict U Kevoil
And Jean Haitian benelll, la ihi* cafe ?
BeaeJict H Kevoil, uf Pari*, trance. bun; duly and
publicly ? wore and examined on the part ot the defen
dant, dotb pose at.il say an follows?
y. What Lh your utua and occupation, and where do
yon reside ?
A My name U Bene..ici H Kevoil, my occupation that
of a UUcratrur . an<1 1 reside in the city >f Pari*, France,
at IT Ka? de la Banque
y l>e yon know tbe plaintiff and defendant in tbi?? ac
tion. or either aud which of ihenj, and if you \aom tbeui,
or ei'her of tbem, state fi r ho a long jou hare knowa
then, and each or eitk r of them t
A I know bath the plaintiff and tbe le'endamt; 1 bare
knowa the plaintiff for about ten yeare, and the defen
dant (or about ?i|bt y ere
Q. Where did you rea.de during the year 1848, and ,
what wan your occupation duriug ih*t y?*r t
A. Ia the year IMS I r ?ided in tbe city of New York;
1 waa tben a> new a lit'era'^ur.
Q Did you during tbe year 18*8 attead the Astor Place
Opera Bouse at tbe time ?bea representations ot Italian
opera were enacted taerein, an 1 bow of eu curing that
year did yon afterd at nucb opera bonne?
A 1 did atteod tbe \>tor I'iace Opera B<>OHe in the year
1848, at the time wbea re?>r-ieuta:icne of Italian Opera
were enacted therein; and 1 atten '.ed at such op or a
tmute on nearly oery uight that liatan O^era waa per
fer med theie.
g. IHd yon when attending aaid opera house see
among the audience aay (t uu< whose name*, occupa
tion*, and reputatione were known to you. and if you did,
state whether any euch nervous were eitber gamblers or
prostitutes? If jou ibould aniwer yea. state how often
yon saw eucb pereene of aaid occupations, or either of
them, aad tbe names of tbe persons wh'm yon ko caw if
their namee. or the naaes of any of ihem were or are
kn1 wn io von ?
A. 1 did when attending said opera house eee per
sona who<e namee. occupation! and reputations wjre
knoe a to v*. some if theui were gamolers and some
w?re prostitute*, I saw ??id pe i-otn at all or nearly
all my visits to said opera k ouo?, I knee tbe namee
Of most of them at tbe time, at least the uamee
by which they were called or known, but the names
here paaaed fr< m my memory except that among
the gamblers I recollect were wen called re?pec:i rely,
Buy dam. Patrick Beam, (icrtion and Jack flamson. an J
that among the prostii uts* were wom>* who were called
respective y Kaie Ri geley. lira. Maioh and Bel Weit.
Q. Can you state if ihe coulee", purquette end privat)
boxes of aaid opeia h u??- we-e dur:n< the season of 1948
frequented at ail >r pr n* -pal'j by nny aavticular cleat of
persons, male or female, or boih or *ituer. and if you
can state the feet io rvgard thereto, what wan the par
ticular class of pern n*. male and fe'?a!e?
A. That the coulis en, parquette. end p-ivate boxes of
aaid opera h use wcr., 4 no tbe season of 1848, fre
queattd (principally, by tporting neu an-, be fe nales in
their company, but I caani.t at ll?ii moment rscollect
their nan ee.
y Were job present at tbe said opera linaee on tbe
?vening of Fiidav. tbe l?t day of December, 1818, and if
you were, state 'he ki-d of auf l?nc? there a atom bled,
and what took p>?.-e 'bervia on that evening ?
A I was present at t-ai opera bouse on tbe even'ng of
Friday the let day of i"eceujber 1844: he audience was
different from any 1 ever taw before or after in said opera
hou e; tkemsjoiity were of the lowest cate;ta?ir appear
and and conduct ?vre too e>.wriel to escape observation;
by their clamor they see i.e : to be ind Cerent te the opera
themselver and ben' ou pi>ve tingotierefr m hearing the
mueic in the orsbeetia or tbe b'ngmg on 'he etage; Max
Maretzek waa :he leader of the orcbeetra. anl an he en
tered th* ot chest ra he was loudly applsaded; the ap
platue waa unusua'. and atuac ed toy a tentiou; lob
served it did no proceed from acy whom I rejogoinel at
frequenter! of tbe opvrt, bnt from the class of ptra >ni I
have before allu< ed to; later in the eve jtnp, when Bene
detti appeared on ft e stage he was received with a
atorm ot hi. t. wbicb prevcote-i him frt>m singing hid
part. *cd continu-d nn il be left tbe eta^e. without
going thronfh with hi. part of tbe performmc* Tbe
hieeen appee red to pioceed from the rame persons who
applauded Mare aek; coon aft?r U medetti left the stage,
tbe plaintiff preeruted himself before tbe audiesce; he
waa receivec with micgltd bines and applausrs; he was
evidently much excitea. bie liuabs sbo.i. and be pre
sected a moat ludicn.ue app-aranct, and ia his address
to the auoience he e ated that circumstances of a pri
Tate nature betaeen h:m and Bcce.'etti were to be dis
poned of elsewhere; by tbe maunei in which these words
were uttered I un-^er-to hi he thereby intimated his in
tention to cha lenge B nn'etti to lig^it a duel, this was
the iinpr?>eioa I believe, of all who beard him: be seem
ed to give offenoe. as the hiWng became more general;
and tbe plaintiff wan ultimately obi ged to quit the
Htage; the whole evening *aa a scene of uproar and con
fusion, and such as I never heard or saw in any other
opera house.
Q Were you preeert at tbe said opera boase on the
?veting of tbe l9ih of November. 1S4V aud if you were,
state what took place at said tjera house on that eve
A. I was present at the said oyira houne on the
?Temng of t..e ii?'.h of November, IS IB; the opera
of "LiiCreila B Kgia" was ptrf irmed on that even
ing; in the interval of ibe first aui second act*,
the plaintiff catue before the curtain in a state of
excitement, and a draaned 'he audience, saying
that be had jus: h?d a conve-sa'irn with B^nedetti, who
refueec to mm on the n-xt Fr.day the part cf Poll.one,
in ' Norma:'' thin iddr^^s created a jreat sensation
among the audiei ce, tod wheu Bened^lti appeared in
tbe seonnd act be wan received with marks of disappro
bation from soo.e of the audience and with approbation
from others; this conUnned during the whole of the
second act; tin audiei.ee feein^ die -Vd iut > two parties:
one took the part i f the pin. tiff, and the other the part
of Bmedttti; it seemwl ad>-iUed however, that the
plaintiff wa? wrong iu i.V?tig tbe statement ia tie man
ner he did, a< itdisturced tne performances.
Q. Were you present *t a fancy ball which took place
at stid 0|'?ra lio? se on the li tht of the lslh day of
January. 1S49. ar.d if you were at such tall, did you cee
any cambleia or prorti'uiee there, aid if so, stale how
yon km w ttat saio iierscna v. ere gambleri or prortitutee,
or either ?
A. I was pre<*nt at a fancy ball which took place at
?aid opera house on or abont the night of the 18th day
of January,' 1848; the precise date I cannot recelleet; I
saw gamblers and proetitutee there, ikuevthetu by oom
mon reputation as beinirsuch.
Q. If sneh p?r?'n> did attend, nta'e the names, occupa
tionsand reputationn < f nnch pernon.4 an ! wbat (if any)
part they took In the pri ceeiHngs at sai 1 bill?
A. 1 do not now recolWet the nata"s of the gamblers
and prostitutes whom I naw at eaid hall; I Knew at the
time the names tbey w?n: by; 1 do not know that they
had any other occupa'ion or reputation than thvt of
gasblers and prontitut?s; they took the same part jD
the proceedings as the o'her pcrsoni present, they
Wanted, promenaded t/. Ik ed. .tc , a* the re t of the
romp ny did; tkey mixe<l familiarly with all the re^t of
the persons present; I ceard, during the evening aid af
terwards numeronn complaints ara-nst tbe maragera
of the ball for permitting such characters to have ad
Q fcave yen had any (and if any) what mtans of ac
quiring a knowledge wtiich enables you to ju lgeof the
nwritaof a chorus, and if you have, state if the chorus
at the tald o^era hou-e was a good one or a bad one"
A I have hid a musical edncation in pa't:and I have
for many years frequented the best operas la Paris: the
chorus of the said opera houie at Nsw York was, in my
opinien. tbe wore*. I have over beard.
Q. Were you, during '.he opera feason of 1848. ever,
and if erer, bow oft?n were you, in the gr?e3ro"m of
said opera Louse, and if you were, sta'e if you beard any
rumor there an to a panorama of Vealce. ml if y< u
did, what was 'he tenor of such rumor and from whom
did you bear it?
A During tbe opera fe? son ef 1848 I was frequently In
tbe green room and in the private boxes of the actors
and actresses of the said opera houne; every evening
when there was performance, I heard rumors as to
tbe Panorama of V?r io? t ne tenor o? the rumor we- that
the plaintiff bad sent S3.00U to bU brother in Europe to
engage opera nlngers, and that tbe brother, instead of
?DK?B'DK opera <in?Hrn bad | urshaned a panoramic paint*
log of the ci j of Venice, to be exhibited In the city of
New York; I cannot name tbe individual* from whom I
heard this but it wan generally spok?u of among the ar
tietn and persons present, and on isveral occasions.
Q. Do yen I now or can you set forth any other matter
or thing touching the matters In question in this aotion,
and if you oan. irate th* >an? fully, in the tame manner
a* if you hao been np-cifloxllr qusK'ioned on toe subject
A I do not know, nor can I set fortb, any other inn',
ter or thing touching the matter in oues ion in ihl- ac
OUWP- EX A wiymov
Q What was your occupation <lurirg the years 1848
aad tbe months of Jat nary and Fworuary, 1849, snd if
yon way you were c< nnected with tbe newspaper kiioen
as the Nxw Yohk IlKkAtn what particular department e:
business or of reporting for teat newrpaper. did you
attend to, and for how kng a time ha<l you been con
oected with that newspaper, and are voi in any way
Connected with it now. snd if yes, in what capacity!
A. I wan occupied dnrlrg tbe year 1848, and the months
of January and February. lMv?, as one of the musical
crtticn (or \he Mkw York Hkkau> and I bad b?en so era
ployed since the tear 1846. I am still connected with
the Nrw York Bskaui; I am a writer for that p?j?er
ae general Paris correspondent
Q. If, ia answer to the tecond direct in'errogatr ry,
you say you know the pUm'lf, were y>u on npeaklig
terms with him. sn 1 did yr u ever, and it no, how often,
? peak with hitn dating tke t me yoti knew him to b*
manager of the Astor Piace Opera Bouse compan* at
New Yorkt '
A I waa on speaking terras with the p'aintMT befora the
time he was manager ? f the Astor place opera hou-,e(
bat not afterward- mr did I -peak to nira afterwards.
Q. How often duriLg the ported of Mr try's manage
ment did you at'?,nd the Astor Place Opera House snd
for wbat purpose' Were jou on the Tree list of sail
opera house numg the ilm? a'nreni nl. or any one else
connected with the Naw Yon* Hmstbso far as you know
o? bad yon or any one eonn ct?d withiaf newspaper
free entrance to tbe perforuian.e of epera there during
Mr Fry'a m?neg? menty
A. I turlng the perloo of ?r Fry's management I attended
the Astor place-pera hon>e i early every night the ewere
oerfotmanoes there: 1 attended as well f ir tbe p1.sasure <,(
bearing tbe opera at for the purposea of ry profession as
a critic; I wan not on tbe fre? Hat o' sai l npera hoiy>?.
daring Mr Fry a roaiKgement.; 1 4o no* know whsthsr
any other person coi nec'o.l with the S'kw York Hsxaio
had or hao not tree fri'.rnti'je to sa>d opera hou<e daring
Mr Fry'n insnsgernent.
Q What was yourrccnpation or basiness, and In who?s
employment were you for flv? years previous to being
connected with the Nirw York Hkrai lyand where did yo.j
reside, eben did yon last leave New York, and have you
bten there *in??
A. For Ave years p*lor to my being eonn?eted with the
N?w You IlinAio I was professor jf literature and the
F rench language ia New York, and was also connected
wl'b Ia Omovr dn KtntM Unit and Ia Franco Americmin,
of which latter paper I waa copartner; 1 resided In the
Ulareadea bullolog, Broadwae, New York , I last left New
If Ark In tbe nrnaith of Deewaabor, IMS
<<4 11*1* jou ot tot ?nu?B n at so j :1m#
"Bignor BeoeUetu etllml H> t'rr a duniwl liar; at tkeee
won ? Mr Frj eni>w?re?l with bin oWuc'i*l dst, when Hlg
cot Bene 'etti. eeiaiog bit ?w>rd, mail* ? tiruM ?t Ac.
Fiy an<l a byi-'Hu 'er received a eu' >'o hU hand.'' or to
Chat r tit ok, n.C r yea le <h*t statelet t t-ue or fal-e?
A. I have vri i' ? n a statem ut tf? liat etlact; the state
ment ibat I wrote wan, 1 Believe, tiue ths words referred
to orcor in a statement 1 H'H of a quarrel and dgut be
t*een tliu flaintitl andSigi or Senedeiti behindtbe iceues
of the iaid cp?ra ho una, and in tbe taterval of the aacood
and tnirc acta of tbe public re; refutation of the opera
of " Luortzia Borgia ' on or about tb? evening of the lit
0 rfecemtwr, 1848, tba statement referred to written by
me r??i ? thus ? " la tba dressing room of Siguor Bene
delti wera assembled, immediately aftar tbe seoond act,
Messrs Fry, Coit, J. W. (Jirard, and tba other members
of th? iubtcribt-r's ecmmittee Tbn conversation was ?a
animated, tbat a'ter ien>aik? made by 4r. t'rr in regard
to tbat affair, Signor BoneJettl cailed him a <1 d liar.
At theee words Mr. Fry answered with bU clenched Bat,
when Signer Benedeui, seixing bin (word made a thrust
at the manager. A regular pnse jux ck'ivux ensued, and
during the Mr Girard, havug tried to eeearate the
oombatants, received a out on the back of th* hand."
Q. If yon say in your direct exan ination that you were
present at the A?t >r flace Opera House on Friday even
mg, the lnt of December, 1818, please state whether
or net Mr. Fry did not address tbe audienoe on that oeoa
sirn and toon after said address whether or not said
BaaadMtl did or not appear upon tba stage to go on
with his part and tbat then t-hi rtly afterwards did or
not all lUtorbsnce or noii>e or interruption of the per
formance ceat>e mA ' be opera go nu an tsual to its closef
A Mr. Fry did *d< iess tbe audien e on tbat occasion,
and soon after said address Benwlettl did appear npon the
st?<e to go on w.tii his part. All disturbance, noiae, and
interruption did not thortly afterward! cease, aad the
opera oid not go on as usual 11 it* oloae
i,> Were you or not acquainted with either Truffl or
Benedetti members of Mr Fry's company, and if yea.
how long bare you been acquainted with them, and did
you or not frequen ly, or h>w often, converse with th ?ns or
eiiher ef them on tbe subject of the opera, or of Mr
Fry's miLagu't ent, OuriDg me time be *a? manager?
A. 1 was acquainted with bi tb said Trufll and said Bene
fet'i. I have oer* acquainted with them sinM; I have fre
quently, but I cannot say how often, contented with them
on the subjtct of the opera, and of Mr Fry's manage
ment while he was manager
y. If jou tay in your direct examination you ever
heard a rutrcr about a ranoraeiaof Venice, when for the
tirct t me did you ever hear such rumor, where and from
whom, sDd who was present: state pa'ticuiarly tie pre
eise tim? as near as you can, tb* place, occteion anl
tie pertxn oi persoim present and how you came to bear
any such mm r; and also wbe. , troin wh im and where,
was tbe seeon4 time jou ever heard any such rumor, if
y< u ever beard it a second time; statu also what vou un
de stand by the term aretu room wiere km it, and
? betf eryou ?ere ev r :n it.anc i ko. by ?hose permissiouV
A Tie first time 1 erer bear' the rumor as
to the panortro* **s in the green room of said
opera bouse: 1 cannot say fr.rn wboui I fcrit hetrd
it. noi who ?a< present, nor thi precis* time
1 first beard it nor can I stute bow I cane to hear
such Tumor oth?r??e than by having the u?e of my
ears; nor can I i tate when, from whum, and w^ere was
tbe tecfn i time I beard such rumrr. sxc-pt that it was in
the green riom of said opera house: 1 understand by the
term ?' sreen room." a room for the acomm K-ati ?n of
tbe actors *ben n t *<;tua>ly sngaged on the stage or in
their dressing roo n, The green room was sit u?ted under
the psrquette of the theatre; I wan in it Dv the |> rmia
kion ot Signnrs I<< uedeiti and K ?-i. and Signora frutii,
with whom I was ( n term*, of intimacy.
Stale wbat you mean bv the t*ira coul'ae, or eoulises,
anl also whether ynu were erer kebind tbe scenes of said
opeta bouie ^n ing Mr Fry's mansg-ment; and if yea,
wIimi, how bf^fti and by whose permi si >n, anl who e-u
with you, and was there not at rite line a pub.fc repre
stntatii n of < perat
A. By the term 'or.uiMJr,*' or "cnliaa," I mean
behind tbe cur ain on the stsgs; 1 have been beuiud
the scenes of ssid op-ra hcuKe during Mr Fry's
marag* merit, on several oc.a-ion1; 1 cannot desi
gnate tbe times, nor how often, u< r who was with
me; 1 wax 'here some'imen alone, sometimes
in company with one, sneetimes another ; I waa
there by permission of the actors already natned? B?aa
Oetti, Koti, aid Triifli lb?re were at ths times 1 was
there pub ic representations uf opera.
tj I lease slate wbat you m*an by tbe torm "private
boxes" at said opera house that jou allude to. and in
what part < ! the bou-e were -bey si ua'.ed, and ?>r whom
were they usually occupied, by subscribers to tbe opera
with their families, or now otherwi-e?
A. By the teim "private bojres': I mean parts of said
opera houee encloe?8 and s psiated from the sofas called
'? tlie box**," they ?ere situated near the stage: I hare
seen them occupied bj various persons I do not know if
any of tliem ?eie subscribers to ths opera with their
families, but I knovsoiae of them were gamblers and
son e prostitutes.
Q if in your direct examina'ion you fay th:it any
gambler or prostitute ever attended tbe A?tor place opera
houFe, on nuy ocfaslon, please tt ite only your o?m per
srnal kiowfcsdge id tlie subject, indepsni ent of hearsay;
also the precise lim* a* near as you can, and each oica
eioti y?.u refer to; al o the numes of each and every cne
o! tiiem on esch occasion; also in what particular part or
part* of the house were they, and in wbat part of the
buuse were you at the time ytu saw them or either of
them? Were vtu e>er introlused to them or either of
them; also eta'e when wheie. and how often you efer
saw 'Dv and w.-iich of eaid ailegrd (uoiblerr gamble, alio
what acquaintance you Sal with ah t r either of them,
aiso ebat atquamtsnce jou had with said prostitutes or
either of them, and how you became a?*quaint?d nith
them or ei her of them 1
A 1 cannot state the precise time, nor each o seas ion,
?h<-n I sair gamblers and prostitutes at Hi* said opera
liocre; they wire th?:e every li^ht on which lh?re were
performances * lieu 1 was prtsenl; tliey w?r-e in ilie par
quhtte and the p.ivate box^r?indeed, in sli p?ru of the
louse. indi?criminat -ly ; 1 "aw 'hem from all iiart.i of tlie
lioufe: 1 waB never intr"lno'.d to them; I never faw any
of the jejfoco gamble 1 had no personal acqu*intau:e
9 itTi fa d pros i'.ulea or any tf them.
ij Eon long is it riocs you have seen find conversed
vith the ilefendant in this c:iin-e, and where was it, and
how eftui have you conversed with bim during the last
?ix mrnths f
A. It is about six or >er?n mentli^ since 1 la't Siw the
defeE<\mt an 1 convert d wi'li hin : I have not conversed
with 1 im cn the -uhjeot of this suit since T le:t Neir York:
1 ba .-aw bim at Paris. BKNEt'lCT HENRY BEVOIL.
Je?n Baptinte Benelli, b*!ng <!u'y an! publicly sworn
?.i?f examined, on the part of the defendant, doth depose
and my a folowf:?My name is Juan BaptMe ienelll; I
lpf-ide :d I'trie. Prance at 02 Rue <? Richelieu and my
profession baa been for thirty jeara that of a theatrical
ag it; I kcow neither the plaintiff nor the defendant iu
this ckka; I know, by the brotberof the pUintifl that tha
lattc. *as Director of a theatre?an Italian theatre? at
New York and of another theatre somewhere else In the
Uni'ef. Htatr a, during the i ears JK47 and 1H48; I was in
le'.alion wi h the plaintiff, through the medium of his
brothfr, Mr V m H. Fry for the purpose of engagiog ar
tUte lor his Italian th<atre at New York by his iastrue
ticLh ! employed Mdlle. Kmelie de Meric, prima donna
contralto ?ho receiveda* an advance from Mr W. H. Fry,
the sum cf 1,C00 francs; it was stipulated tha*. before her
departure from J.ODdGn, where she was 01 gaged for the
season, hie shouM receive the a-uojnt of the advance
and this voyage for three persons, but Mr. VVm. H F y
not haviig kt-j t Lis las* foga^eiaent, MJlJe. de Merio, af
ter Lav eg wailed in vain for an answer for two weeks,
coitractid en ei gagement with the Imperial tbaatra of
St. Petersburg; I had frequent interviews with Mr W H
Fry during 'he whole ptriod of bit residence in Paris,
f:cm the fcegitnirg of 1847; I <lo no: know what were the
private cccupati'n.i of Mr. W. H Fry at Paris at teat
time, bet 1 know that he a'sursd roe that he was the
agent of his brother, of New York, for the purpose of ea
giiging artifts fc r his Italian cot?p*ny; I wt> a teaar,
under the reign of Napoleon I. at the Court theatre,
during rice years, at Paris; I directed the Imperisl and
Roj ai Ualiau theatre, and, during five jeaii, the Koyal
theatre at London?con?e<|U*Ltl_v I (Utter myself that I
can judge whether a director is capable or not; I know
nothing of the manner in whl<-h Mr. Fry directed his
theatre in New York, tut it teems to n.e that in chousing
his btoiher, Mr W. H Fry, for his agent, ht acted la an
inconsiderate iranner. Irasrauch as hii brother nad, in
c y eyes, none of the knowledge requiilta for choosing an
Italian rpera troupe; Mr. W. H Fry contracted slth me,
frr his brother, OLly the one engagement with Mdlle de
Mer c, the stipulations cf wh'nh he did not keep; I know
that Mr W ft F ry had engaged, at Milan, lltiltl of
second and third order, who had no celebrity in the
hiera:chy of hnman singers; I do not know the tenor of
lh? en$ag?n?nt* contrasted by Mr. W. H. Fry at
Miian, but 1 know that he was greatly deceive' by
the theatrical agmts of thatcity; 1 am permade 1 that,
with m< re judgment, an<l r.y coasnlting enlightened per
sin-. Mr W II Fry ceuld have f"utd artists to engage
far ? upeilor to ,bone whom he then sent to his brother,
but I H'.'l that I do not kmrv on wtat terms he made bis
n f?vrin*L m >n I alj; I had proposed to Mr W II. fry,
a er.or of tbe fc-?t order Sign r 9razi>ni, whom lie
beaid and wb< m he leftifed to engage on good terms,
because he happened to have a oold cn the day he was
beard; i.r *,< uid tot have judged of his nieri ; I do not
heri'ate, then, to fay ->at 11 Mr W H. f ry had followed
my crurseis be could have procured ar.iats far preforable
tn hiss whom he ent to New York; I saw Mr. W il.
Fr. .ijia.o <n his return from New York, whence becime
ba< k fcrioca at Xhr/Klten of tbe troop ?hiclj h? had seat
t< bisbrotler I knew that Mr. w H Fry had h*?n to
Milau with alew to have aa opera co p ied by him,
tntitled ''Isonora," represented the-e and tha the
director of I.a *caia had takm advantage of the com
poi-er, to deceive in him the agent of the New York
Itallai. theatie, by inducing him to e?gag? artists of
mne KXAirnn-nosr.
I ini not tcqflftlntad with Mr. EJward P Fry. ez dlrec
tor of the Actor Place theatre, and I D'vrr Lad either
cf r,v?rfation or corresponrtanoe wi h him; I knew only by
the mouth of Mr W. II F'j. that his brother, tbe plain
tiff, ?an direct' r of the Italian theatre in Astor plsce; I
? ?tly know by fc?a.?ay, aid by Mr. W 11 fry, what waj
tbe diiectii n of the Italian Ihaatre ioN?w\ork; I was
?mplo}rd an agent of Mr. W. II. Fry only for the eu
gagur ?nt of M Ille de Merio, during hi? reaidenc* iu Pari*
and I i) en resided at No 4 Rue do i hoireul in the nald
city of Pa Is; I made the engageinaat witri Mdlle de Vlnric
in writlrg as it is cu>t'.n.ar? to lo; I knew nothing on
tb? suhjec rf other > ogag> ments unde at Milan: it is
orual iu uiaking nn engag- m-tt with an artist todoit by
wrtiit/g. ar d in Cm plica' <? lor a United time; a chorus
trouje fm an It*I an tLeatre is oomp s<*d, oidioarily, of
.w ulj fonr wimm ami twenty nueo: the last I auan
troupe .n Paris was tbur compos-d. at I/<ndnn aril at La
Bcala, in Milan, the choruses ate more numsrous.
J. H HKM.I.Li, Theatrical Agent.
Mi ftr ir. in Maryt.amd?A oinrd r was p^rpetrftt,
ed on Wedie Cay nigiit, at a Ute hour, in the o i.mt) of
Arun'e , hs we learr.. tinder Ihe ti llowijg Ciroum-t .nces
It appear* that, wr list. ? pftity ?f men were waiting on
tin i i?bt in i|iie-ilon. f..r the arrival of the ? evnter I'a
ti ei t, at tbe atr ra of I.yell k Smith, near tha Core ou
HeuiogBay, ?n alterca'ion. which mtrge.l into a fight,
hrvsn tetween Of tarlos M. I.vles and Thomas M
^ at tbe (wo ware acoOling it is said, tha nuole of
Mcl ylen told the latter to lintsh ht* adversary; and that,
in itftcordance with his request, the aepbew drew a knife
>td stabbed f.arner id the region of the heart with anah
fatal effeot that he breatt ad hi* last in a fa* moments.
Tbe murderer imme"iauIv fled, and (itverncr Love ha*
offered a reward of $'200 far his arrest. Tne viat mof tint
bloo< y outrage waa a resident of Calvart ooun y. Md.. and
leave# a wife and Ave children t? moarn his auddaa 'Uk
Tk? CumU Bank Fraud.
Before Justice Stuart
Oa Thursday afternoon the mm pending against Daniel
W. Vu A.rnarn, P. W. Sawto, ?.d uUier, ?ho
charged with* tog oonoernel la obtaining M 000 from
the Bank of Moatreal oa a fratUulent draft, purporting te
to drawn by the Hamilu o Exchange Bank, the fact, of
?lt!zi!rtorr}r*j*>u*?- Th# '?"??'?* i*
gUtAw " |1V*n bj "** wiUewes examined by the ma*
N?H .WW.t* i^?,rn my?*J plaoe of bminru is
Si it. * ft 'i ; o*? ?n# of th* Abernethy,
Col. ins k Co . I wai in Buffalo In November last on bnsi
. JS t4awini " m about the 4 th of
November, Mr. Sawto did uot pay Bit an; money on that
i h^*kHKB,MUV "**, a Dot* <>' Sawing paid m at the
' T u n to our or*dit; " *?? about *358
i To Mr Harrington?The nete was paii a few day* be
| fore matuntir; it was a proposition made by Mr. Savin,
i . f tb* lnoD*y on hand; I went to Buffalo to
.,r' ?**to to have that nete and o'her indebtedness
! paid; our house have d?alt with Mr. Savin fora number
! . Tf*r*r' rtWln don* bu?'n*?? with our house t > up
ward* of $3 000 yearly, wa hold other notea of Mr. Sawin
> not yet matursd.
' ??^P?a ^)1?r'1,TOm, sayi?I reside at No. 66 Henry
| Bt,eas N** York; I am a member of the Arm of Kufu?
i r Y*2 , P?v,**- 3^,ri0 u ? d'btor *? onr ???; i wa?
IS.*""4? to Nwember laat, on business far our Arm.
I with Mr. Sawin; on that oooaiion Mr Sawin paid me an
?hm.?r ?,f r^1" ?" ^?nt W1?i 1 ?"?ot Number
j th*d?r. I think it was tha day before da win'* arrest
I ^* gt"r^ m* mvD*7: He P*ld me the money to
i Q. Do you know fiom him or otherwise, from whom or
where he obtainec the money? A. Ha told me it wae paid
, i r d#bU, du*' "d P?rt of it he borrowed; he
took the money from ont of hie bank book, bat I would
not be positive he keeps his account to White'* Bank at
Buffalo. *
J\IiB/0U kaow the handwriting of Mr. Sawin? A. I
in ink l ao.
A letter was bare ahown to the witnesa and asked If lie
Uwas h*ndwri,iD*- Witnaea replied I should think
corr or i.KTTra.
bvAn,V,"'fTiitU5' VZD?r ?w"iAU0,hVn*d\,d'to^oa
*d' D V*n Eiq . who yUiU yomr
place ot buflinefls, and anpr information you can aivo him or
Sfi ?*Tif hi M b# du'7 appreciated by\im. Von
? ill t.nd blip, a gentleman in all rts;>#ois. Yours, truly
To Mr Harrington? S600 of the money paid me wa^ a
draft on New \oik, to the Metropolitan Bank; to onr or
? J ' tb,nk 80 i u was 'Irawn by White s Bank o' Buffalo
;^JC r " flt?tion- draft was drawn to the'
order or 1 w sawin. and by him endorsed orer to us; It
was <if th? date I took it. '
Jab? e L White, of the city of Buffalo, ?<rero?
yrestion?Vo yon know Philander W. Ha win, Daniel W
Van A. rnsm and John W. Abell, or either of them? A.
\ e?. all of tbem.
Q Where do they reside? A. Mr. Sawin and Van Aernam
reeice in Buffalo as long as I have known them, and Abell
in N#w 1 ork.
Q Were j on in Buffalo the early part of October, and
*n<J ^r*n Aemam tnore? A. Yes ?ir
I . vere ' oa on term? of intimate friendship wi ;h the'm?
n wv1* I??,r?.B0 41l*n otb#r gentlemen arouad town.
Hon'te^ * Atrwun board? A. At tlie Mansion
Q. Did you ever risit him at hta lo-ljrlng rooms? A. I
/TV,'5 rooas at the Mansion House,
y. Did you,Van.Aemam, and Sawin, on one occasion,
r?r?m^om?8 A ^
d.s.rsita^r vi;.0."17 r,r8on'i,rM#nt dur,n?
the erenir"t' A- No' B,r- " ?bout Bra
elo'n? WAreT"7f, r*P8T" '"*** ?T 9wcaUd 00 th4t OJca
Sh,,u TM,thei,r ?hw?t#r ' A. I should think they
ttt re 1 should think four or Are, peihapa
Q. What do yon mean by blank drafts ? A. They were
draits signed in bUnk, b; John W Absll
g What was dona witfi tkose drafts at that meeting ?
A One or two of them were filled ap by Mr. Stwln
chM"?eter wfre those drafU, after harint
l*en filled up and completed by Mr. Sawin? A Thar
w?re headed either Hamilton Bank or Ham.lton Exohann
Bank, I 4o not know whioh, for what amount I don't
know on some bank at Troy.
Qi'on't you knew on what bank ? A. My reeolleetioi
Z 'we ?TrOJr City B"k: ,4m Certain about
J, Tro^ *1wa8 OB W>roe of that bank
hla came ih H. K. Stov, as I recollect.
sight d^afti.11*' Si*ht dr'ft,,' or 0D tim? r' A- They war*
Q What number of Hamilton Exchange drafts were
fcZVKtV *l th*\ tJime ? A two or three, or
there* ight be more i did not count them: the amounts
I don t ? xactly recollect; I should think one was for 93 000
L u re"o ct aB" otker amoante at that lima 1 know
that there were more diafts.
ihV nJfX"idei,tIf;r thMe drafta ? A-18b0uld
u ^ one or more of these drafts filled up by Mr.
, ??ewtr),#d M UM?ti*fa?tory, because of the manner
to which they were executed * a. Not to my knowle Ke.
I v*n Ae;?am took in filling?.p
these drafts . A. Nothicsr. any further than dictating
! the amounts and en whor they should be drawn.
Q W:is a b ack dirfctoi.\ procured, or auy oihe ? means
re-cited to by which to determine on what bunk to draw''
A. No fir.
.,9 .W** ?ot a c py or fortn prepared from which Sawto
filHd up ihetedraits? A No Kir.
p. Hiwcair.ett that tie Troy Uty Bank was the one
! relented on which to draw f a I sunnoee Mr V?n A?r
tim dictated thst fhoold be the bank'
I " l?r,La ^"colar dlfecU< n giren to Sawin aa
sss r.rr,^?&vs
Q. Were the-e not inoin. ual orufti be ides the ? bank
drafts signed by Abell r A sir
I dcn t?krDowUt U8# "*'re th<88 bluk dr?ft? P"Pared ? A
dav k?^W th Asrn,l,n on the next
*? Csiada with the^e dr.ift'? A. No ?i'
not k'0" that they were to go int.* Van A?r
i nsm standi a I sn)>pored ths* were.
ctLThVm "0ithN? ?dwrtood tb-' wa, to
knowF?r Wb*t *UTpo" wer* they nude? a. I len't
Tha li?t?Ir^r Jl"d*.v'd ,th&y?? when finished? A.
I V them they la v nn the tabid.
? ytn ,iaT* heard froiu Van Aernam and Saein,
know of on that c coat ion / A. I don't
frl tte*n to say that you hare newr heard
from van Aernam or Sawin what wai done with tbe
Hsmilion Exchange Bank drafts on the Tr>>y City 8a>k
"!'td "P' A Yes, Sir* h,Z hare:
hJ7?rt ^ K Hamilton Exchange Sank were ex
hi&jto<l to the witneBH, who waa a*ked if th-y murm lhA
fhon1rtfl,UdtKPOn lhatvocc*':?D- Witnena anairered, ?? I
shonld say they were, but I catnot swear positively ?
.imil,^T# r?U M7 60ubU A" Tht' "/rate,
Q About how long were you and Sawin in Van Aer
knowVhMh' ?h About ,#B or fifteen minutes; I don't
o nM . room t'oor wa' Bimd* f?*t or not.
?? Did this transaction happen soon alter Sawin and
s-"?i! '?
roi'm.^A bMrDgV?nt**'ft bknk ""['seribel drafts to tha
roo^ A. Mr. Van Aernam took them from bis pooket
W. as there, to that room any o*her business trans,
kto^ of C6pt iU relAtiClD t0 th*fie dr? ts ? A. None that I
. ^P?/ou *"ow from your own ob^er?ation, or by the
I ??vi.?ni)f *^'1 V,a Aern.m or Sawin.that'one or two
fhoM ^ v the Ha mi lien Exchange Bank than
'i" k7? . were executed to the same manner as
YeT sir 7 l"'*? t0' ailJ "t a different time ? A.
Q. How many other such drafts, as you know of or hart,
been Informed by either of tLa defeidanta? A I don't
know any pa.Ucular number I never was informed how
Q. Do jon not know that a draft for ?5,000 waa to Ilka
e?"d ?P W fa win, also purporirnHo bl by thj
Hamilton Exchange Bank an tba Troy City Bank - A I
hat. ton told tha.a waa; VanAernai tolJm ^; Sawin
" WM Hl,ed ?P ?nd
o wv if. M.r- Sawin a store, on that day, 1 ttftnk.
i.H be,n dld h? uu Tu" this? A. Some time to tka
latter j art of October; never before.
) ^ .^.b'!,.d<r. U11 JOU h* hnidone with it? A That
he used lt to Brsntford Ca-.ada -rmewhera.
HriJr ,3*?r BOi knCW tUt V"? A-roam left Buffalo for
Brat foid t anada the next day after the execution of the
7" 1 ^ A { n t ko"w ,hhM h? K.ld me that he
iveidnj at?i 1 **' 1 b' toU r""eit' *' that day or
Z l]'* r0f01' 1 dtn t l""w ? hich
y I'd yon n&t know at the time the papers war ore
fc?m A *?"!>* into Canada with
kntcw v*n Aernam retnrned ic two or
hree taj <, sn.l stated that h bad been into Canada' A
Ve? sir he faid he had be?n t<- Canada A
U Ihd he tot 'ell you that ha nad jessed away one of
/ t'ij'C A a*t?'ld me he had. 7
ntiirii i1* B,,t un Jou th?t it waa tha W,000 draft he
A mm' .'11* T*"in'' "t??re? A. Yes, ba did
wifn?. I'*,' ?v of W"ntr*ILl was eihlbited to the
witness, and asked if \ an Aertam dtd not have a anantl
.'na^rV^ e^a lit' ^ U?m Uokd*? ^ilneM
ti I'id he {.ay into yonr hands a large amount of this
3K "C?"0i7 "n* thousand dollaw,' tod,r^t^y o, son
fe?nt tl'i -anada? A. Yes, iir, he .lid, at dif
Q. Was not tba amount paid you about ?l,<00or $1,000?
? i <??, it waa '
001 kBOW fr*ni'"f^mation by alther of tha
deJmdants or ,our own enervation, that ha paid Mr
V*.b'a! ^ *?\ountu"f 'his same kicd of mooey ? a'
Ik ,v u b* P*''1 H*wi0 money but
O ,Z - W" k''0f n,0D"? ?"t I cannotV
f - you kno v from Sawto, or by near,, 0f an*
< f ' ,tb*t "v ba<1 * UrK" smouns of this same kind
cf menfy, at or about th? Hai?? time? A No ?ir
i ^f,t Mr- V?" ^m?m mil yourself irraoire to
I?;ve Buffalo for New York wi.l or two aH^r tl,^
ci.t-nce hsd be?n coa nutted 1 a No, sir,
Q. Did la not leave on t he t rs ? of one evenin* ?ns
J.i'i bythetrsio of the following ..orn^I and yon a,
Uki0,i ,0 ?eeolni'a?y l im. hut dinwting him to
take 1 e same room* at to* frvi.g House f.,r y?ur i?i,,t
neeupsxajr * A Ha said he w5e going to leiv. to .
IrT-' 1' , hlln ,0*cur^ a room for myse f %l th?
Irving Honse, tlie-v^ was nothing said about. caupyinir a
roon tegs her, I left the next u or. in< I tonk 'lia r^m
st the Irving House, and he occupier it wi:li me he was
?" I at the Ireing House when I arrived; I inquired for
him they said he was not there. '"lU'ieo for
y Md not Van Aernam recede and show to you one
or u, re letu. s from Sawto to him, la reference to this
fan ,M.? l aft busings ? A. He read me ? letter bat I
T* imV n0t "m7 a"TthiB? ??"ut 'hi- Canada business
y IMd jot BOt tee two o. more telegraphic de.patehea
?e-u-f.is-.i z i ?o.r^,r
i y What was tlie inpor* of f>?e letter from flaw in read
?*-? it<N Man > A. ? 4u4'l {S(J?*W6k Mf
I liaa in It, and that iii, ' we bad tikin a ooefciaii"?
I neaamg aiaie drink?* together " aud a.kiug i: ha had
m a me
V ttkera did jou go to when you Wt New York? A.
To Hartford. (Vaneetiont; I rc uroel 10 Buffalo *o > it a
w?ek ago, I die not hear fr?jm at y of tUts* defend ?<)t*
1> letter; 1 don't know whether tUwin eas aeare of my
ooimug to * e e York.
At thin stage of the proneeiiinga the oourt adjourned
?a til three o'clock on Frldaj aftaruoon.
Fu>aT? [tec. 9 ?Jabez L Wbile?Kmmiaat'on cntl
5?j magistrata exhibited to th? witneaa a sheet
or draft n called the Brooke a raft*, introduced in the pre
viou* proceeding*. Witness au??ere<i?1 hare seen draft*
siroiiar t? ibote, but I don't reoognlta the draft* no*
shown ma 1 u? a similar draft at my offlae in Buffalo,
and "OBJ* half a doien in Van Aernaa'e r< om, at the tiaie
the Hamilton Exchange Bank draft* wrre tilled up: 1 lou't
remember tbat I saw any otLar draft* at that tin* except
the ones I hare mentioned
Q Did yoa, on the night the draft* were 111 ed up at the
Mansion house, see any Individual drafts of Aball? A.
Vee. fir; they war* in blank; the arooke draft* were aU
bilsd up.
Q. Were not soma of Aball'* individual drafts ailed up
on t hat occasion on an Albany City Bank, and not on
Troj? A No j oot thit I am aware of.
Q. Do yon not know that in July last Van Aernam and
bawin agreed to prepare and utUr in Canada some of those
draft*, tbat V?n Aernam want to Canada eithsomeof
thotse vtafii, and failed to negi tiate thdu. aim MtuTodd
and reported progress? A. I knoe that Van Aernam
went into Canada eometiue iu the summer, and returned
but Old not know that ha want with this paper: he said
he went to raise money.
(J. Do you not know that ha want in pnrauanca of an
unr eratanding between htm and Mr. Sawin? a Mr. Van
Aernam told n a be was going, and aodid Mr riawin.
Q. L'id Sawin tell you that Van Aernam was going to
raise money? Did not Mr. da win tell you that hehad
giren Van Aernam a letter to Mr. Tito*? A. No, tir.
Q. Don't yon know from Van Aerxam, tbat Sawin nn
him a lettsr to Mr. Titn* In Canada ? A. No, air.
Q Did you not apeak with Van Aat nam on bin return
from Canada, telative tc hi* husinee* there? A I spoke
to dim on hi* return, bnt not particularly about hi* buai
new, bnt about baviig been there; ha *aid ha did net
get any mon?y.
Q Did j ou understand from him tbat ha intended to
return again to Caiada for the same purpose t A. Vu?,
fir; be said be wa* going to get inoney on some draft*
Eset, on New York 1 atppoeed; I hart no reason ?o believe
tbat tte money wa* io be obtalnea on the Brooke draft*;
I saw him ag .in cn hts re'arn the second time from Ce'
narta; I know ftom Sawin tbat he (.Sawin) knew Van
Aernam went a second time into Canad*; but he did not tell
mt the business he went upon, that I reooilect; Sa?in did
not tell o>e wLat kino of paper Van Aernam proposed to
raif.e nr ney on iu Canada: Sawin and myself were talk*
i"K together about Van Aernam'e going to Canada to laise
Q. Dji* Van Aernam tee you ami fawin talking together
immediately after his uecoud return from Cauai'a ? A.
He raw us at hi* stole; don't know that be saw u< alone;
the matter of hi* Canada tiip was a matter of couvera
ti n between us a part of the tims; he said 1 e tried t?
rata* money on the Han ilten, at Brantford.
Q Do jou mean to awear tbat you don't know what
seturttifs Van Aernam tli- d to raina money on in Canada
on either of the trip? spoken of? A. I don't know sir'
aid new heard eitr ar o' tbem say.
Q Did not Van Aernam report to you and Sawin, on hi*
return from bis second tiip, tbat be could not negoolate
any indi?idual draft* cn )he bants of the State*; tut that
be cvuld have sold *ny State bank sight diaft on any
other bank and they would be glad to have them and
tbat the agent of the Branch Bank of Montreal, at Brant
ford, would be glad to do fuch paper, or anything to that
eflect? A. No, sir.
Q. Look at the letter marked exhibit No 11 purporting
to be a letter to the Agent of the Bank of Montreal,
signed by V*n Aerman, and say in whose handwriting th*
body of the leiter appears? The da a of this letter of
October 11, and would not be anterior to the time Van
Ati nam is taid to hare obtained the *5,000? A. Ye*. *ir.
I think *o.
Q After Van Aernsm'* return the third time with the
?6,060. die te not say to you that he could hare nego
tiated (he other two drafts? A. Ho stated to me that ha
c uld hare railed what money he wanted; but Cid not
state cn what iacuritie*; Idan'tknow if Sawin wa* t> re
ant. r
Q D n't yon know it wa* a matter of discussion be
tween Van Aernam and Sawin, that V?n Aernam *Uould
retmna fourth time into Canada and negotiate the to
Hamilton draft*, alao, tome of the Abell ani Brooke
paper, or any of these tapers? A I hear l Mr. Van Aer
nam *ay tbat be had talked with Mr. Sawin about it, and
atcut sending over aome other paper.
Q. Do you know a man named Hoppy Young, of Buf
falC'? A. I do; I know bim by flight, but not acquainted
witb rim; be is a blackleg; so I have been informed, I
also knew a man natrec* Hugunot. in Buffalo
letter introduoad and read, undar the objeotion of Mr.
Port Dover. Oot. 15,1853.
Agent to the Bank or Montreai. at Brenteohu
eir.?incl-aed 1 ?>nd you two dratts lor ei*bt thousand dol
lare, for which jou will please aeid me the ourrflnoy. if you
canntt do tlie wbnle amount, do what you cau, and enclose
the prooeeds in a sealed packax*, and hand itto the bear rof
this. Mr. F 1J 1 ouug, who will deliver it to mo at Port Bur
r^ i tru'y. O. W VAN AEKNaM
W Do you remember on one occasion about tbe data of
this letter cr a day or two after to have met Hoppy
loung somewhere in tjuQalo, at or near the steamboat
lancing, on bis return frota Canada? A No, sir.
Q. I'o you know from Sawin or Van Aernam, or anj?
other manner tbat it was determined to aend these draft*
eccloted in Uiii letter to Mr. Greer, ay the hand* of
^cuifc? A Mr. Van Aetcam toid me taat hehad Bent
force paper enclosed in a letter, to tbe agent of the b*nk
12 C'sia'a.
Q What elfa did he to), tou ab?ut that mit'er? A
That he had got Youug f go over there after it, and gave
i ?*r*cll0DH h0* to go: it was during Youug'a abtetoe,
miu the same day, 1 tblnk tbat Young left; he told me
this in tbe street, it was not in Sawin'* store; afWr
> oung s return from Canada, Van Aernam told me that
II ung could not get any money wheu he went; be told
me this, 1 should thini, the next ay; Van Aernam toll
me tbat be had sent M>me of Brookn's paper an i a t3,0U0
diafc of Abeli'a; when 1h? drRftjvere flile<l npia Vaa
Af:raxzi h room with John W. Abeli'a signature a-< c&ih
er, I tuppottd Abtll was cot the ca-hier; 1 don't kuow
the opii ion of Sanin and Van Aertatn on that pi iat; I
ar not per onally acquainted wit>? t> e ctshier of the
Troy t ity Ban* : I tt (w M'm by repuratio' ; 1 have a re
celltc ion ofa Mtink D-ierttyr lyirg on *he tabl^ w lea in
? an Aeri. am s toom but 1 have no remembrance of hav
lag wiitten my tame on it, or referred to it for tilling uo
tne draft* ? "
(J. ^ereyou not tequested by Sawin and Van Aernam
both, on account of jour better capability, to Slltho>a
drafts, and wblcli you declined to do'; A. Yej slr;thatwa*
after ore of them hail been tilled up by jawin. but I did
not say it was impropetly dune.
Q. Wa* rot the Danie of Van Aernam iu the body of
all the drafts purposely misspelled by Sawin? A. Not
that I know of.
Q. Look at the $5 000 draft, a* compared with the
other drafts, vbicb yon say were flllfd up at Van Aer
n*m1* X'ora, aid say from yoar rsco'lecti in, and from
the face of the respective papers thew?**lv??s whether or
notthat too was filled up at the fame time? A. Iahnull
think J rem the ii> Jk tu&t it must have been iilitKl up socid
where befide the room.
Q Do jou not know tbat thi* $6,000 draft wa* filled ud
in tan Aernam'a room as well as the other two whiuh
| you say were? A No, sir.
<J Wa* not the questi in of filling up tbese bank draft*
over the lena /<fcMgn?ture of a r-al jierson would be a
[ foigeiy, a m^j-ct ( f oocsic?ration at the meeting in Van
Aenam'i rtont'/ A. No, tir
ti Do yon tot kcow tbat legal a^vloe *?i taken upon
that matter by one of the three persons there assembled?
A. Mr \ en Aernam. I think, intimated that he had taken
advice regaidin< that; but that wa* done after h.* retain,
f om Canada t-e last 'line
Q Have you not taken advloa respecting the fll ing up
of thete draft* under ?uch circumstances, witbou; re
ferring to these particular paper*, if tuey would consti
tute foigeryA. No, air; I never told a third party so
Q After you declined to bll up thxae drafts, as request
?d by Savin and Van /*ern?m, cid you not write out he
form and manner in which they should be fllle* up, from
whiah Sawin ci pied atd which you afterwards tore into
pircea and left laying on the table? A. I think I may
have written aometaiug to that effect ; I wa* writing on
the 'alia at the time, but do not recollect tearing aay
y. Did you not object to the manner in which one of
Abeli'a individual draft* upon an Albany bank wa* drawn,
because when addressfd to tbe cashier, that word wa*
written rot in full Inatead of abbreviated, and said that
the bank draf'a must be careful te b* filled up
without wii'ii g ott the word "cashier" in fall,
bnt to make it "ca?h" with a careless ruuniag dash,
in li?u ot the letterf ler,"' which was d?ne In the bank
drafts, except tbe one first HUed up by !*nwin V A. I don't
recollect of objecting t > any of the paper* made out then;
it say have b?j>|> ned
Q. Duyou nit know tha* the draft was rrade on tl ?
Trry Ci y Hank for ihe purp ife of delating the time of
the r ir cove ring of tji? iranei ? DH you not advi-e tbii
snk icflea'tof a N?w York city bui's? A. Van Aerntm
?i-ked n.e ?hat b?nk these r'raft* oould be drawn on, so
aarot u. have them go directly to New York Itol? bim
he could draw ?n s< me ham outeide of the ci;y. He ask
? d me what baok, and I answered the Troy Utv Bank.
Q. l id not \an Aernsm sutEesi AUany. and you, for a
reaior as^i^ned selected Troy? A. I re *ollect suggeeting
to bim tbe Ttoy City B?nk; I don't recollect his selecting
Albany. 8
Q. Do yon know th?t these bsnk blanks were first p*o
i-u'ed. and . efoie b-ot.ght to New YVk for Abell's si(aa
true, cf a certain f?r?on fur negoriation and at a certain
Conn er ir r**k, i? the cit* of Hnffalo? A N<>, sir.
Q. On Van Aernam * eecnrd return from f.'an>rta was
it notlh'n prr posed that bat.k drafts should he provided
theia, in lieu of the individual ptper. which they decline 1
to discount, and it ?a* therefore determined to mase
these blank bank drafta available for thai porpoaa? A
No air
Q. Dirt y n not en one oniasion, dine with Van Aernam
at hi* room?, In company with am-ther lady, the wife o'
* rfsjiec'aMe book r, ere ant, in Buffalo at about t le time
these pa per* were ma te ami ?a* not this subjec. of their
'abrica'ion an I of tne u-e. inteo.le.i, a matter of oonver
sc'h n bet ?een you ami Van A?r,i*m ? A I dined with
\ an Aernam, at his room, w th his wife and another
lady, but had no coi versatlon with him In re<ard to
tbe-e papers: the pa*.*arew*.y lsadirg from Van Aarn>m's
rmm lend"! into Kx hange ntreet; the windows from the
law efficee, oppos te V?n Aeroam's roam are so sltua ed
that persons could look into it; the only time I eeer re.
tolled fee.uB Sawii in Van Aerusm's room was on th?
occasion of fillit g up thenn drafts; 1 bave perhaps been
in 'he rooir four or ive tiniee, one* t<i drink wine wlta
h'tn another time to Fettle about iome money matters;
tbe day. or the day nfter Van Aernan came from tXna'a,
I went to tils room an I revolved fn.m him some (4tnad?
money, aril some current moiey; I did not learn from
\in Aernsm or^ that oe*a?lon that Sawin hod bsen to
him lin't rrcetverj tr,? of the Cistriii monev; Sawin d d
rot tell me that he t ad rairert #S00 of ibis Cauada
The case wns now adji urnwl nntii next Tiesday morn
ing. at 10 o clock wher^ tkn crois exMfeinatinu of Mr.
Wblte will 'ake place Ur I.. K Haddock, of B.idaio
appeared as counsel for Mr. Wblta, associated wi'.h Mr
ClinUn. of tbl* city
Washington National Monnmont Fnnd.
Cry mat I'a la in, lias 10, 1863.
To ca*h on hand. M 783 it
Oontrlfrutloai baa D??. S to data 07 if
Marine Com*. |
Deci i- ns *y Ju.'fr" Pfcl'Mp*
Dm. 10.?Charles Dm'i* >?. CluurUs FU-prald?This 1
was an aolioa to ieo?vei $6Wl !l r certain b to.a ?->ld and
CfllTolfd to U?'?n ? kUt Tile tVfeuOH Wa? that ttt* aillO lUt ,
rl?o wi waa not du* to p aintiff Ju< gaaajil (or plaintiff
for $V70 ?ud Sin eotts
James terpen ni. Hamilton Jayri* an<i Frederick ff VTalrr
bury ?Thin iuid aotiou on a piomiasory note made by
Jajne, and endoratd by Watarbury, for $122 ?9- Ttt*
defence was that tbe not* wu an a<*.c->m<uo !?ti >0 not*.
Ju ?m?bt ft r plaintiff for $128 04 and $13 conH.
ElUwttrth Chee. through, el all., tu. VuvhU'iS B. Oliver, el
alt ?Tbi? was no action on a no*e made by d?T?* lanU, as
Copartners No('?f-n.e waa Interpol, and the Court j
gave judgment for ihe plaintiffs for 9310 tJT and ST eo*t4. [
I'elrr Hrutier and Henry P. Mourtvs Garret W Ryckman, i
Jr.? Action oa a iou made by defendant Tha define j
?m that tbe not* was giv?u for farnitur* which the {
I'Uiniiflu pn miried should be of tb* beat quality, while |
that delivered by tham waa an inferior article. Judgnnnt
for plaintiffs for $408 45, with $12 costs.
Ftler A l'vuny ci Janes Duke, el aU.?Aotim against
defendant on two note* lor $50ii The defence waa a
C?r?T?l denial of the plain.iff'a demand. Judgment for
plaintiff foi $iti? 42, and $l2o> sts
ftUr A Young vt Adna 11 Oouyk?Tt is wan an action
to recover the value of a check for $3CO on the Bank of
New York, grvrn by defendant to pUintiff The de
fence waa uaury?that the check bad uot been pie
sented at th* back for pavment within a
reaM nable time, and 'bat m notice of uon payment had
been served on tbe defendant. The proof a tin wed that the
delay in pi Cremat ion was oooisiontid by the defendant's
request, and th* Ceurt ht-M that, therefor*, he waa not
dan-aged, and no n< tf.e of noil patmnnt waa necussary to
b.m' the ('rawer. The jury gave a verdict for the plain
tiff for $300 and coats.
Daniel St. Amard vs Henry Schenck ?Action on a not*
for $210 93, mad* ny defendant; the defence was waat of
cousidera'.ion. Judgment for plaintiff for $216 14 and
$1 2 costs
Joseph Clark, Jr., vs S Saucer ?Action on a not* for
$100 made by do'eidant No defend waa interposed,
and the Court save judgment for $101 and $7 coets.
Alfred }V. Gilbert vt A. f Smuh ? Action on a not*
made by defendant. Judgment for plaintiff for $89 40
and coats.
Vincent W. Ilclmt w. Thaddrus B. Glover and IVm IT,
Leiiwn.?Action on a check drawn by defendant Glover,
and eni'oised by Levieon Judgment for plaintiff for $75
70 acd c if t?
Jt hn DtAidt vs Gamt Van Cle? and George N Ryerton
?Ac tit n on achtck oi the Knickerb >oker fUnk mad*
by defendants ae partners Def- uce, want of consider
ation Judgment for plaintiff ftr $427 $0, and $12
Jeme* Jacki vs Qotford Grvdick?Action on a check
foi $1C0, made by.defendant 1>. fence, no rotice of ton
jayi ent. Ju^xn.i'nt for pUintiff fot $100. ani $L2 cost*.
Norman A. freeman r? George Andreivs and Jeremiah C.
Lamphier ?Action <d a note for 1300, made by Andrews
and lamphier. The defence was t bat the note wat given
for rent, and that the premises ware untenantable, and
that, therefore, there was no consideration for the not*.
Th* bnnrt held lhat this was not a legal set off, and gave
ju '^irent for plaintiff for $301 ?6 and $12 <v>s-.?.
Henry Larerty vs NaneUe Frvdman ?Action for goods
sola ai d deliveit-d by plaintiff t > defendant to the amount
of $260 Judgment for pUintiff for 180 84, and costs.
Jeremiah Keidy vs James O'Brien ?Action for as-ault
and battery committed by cefendant on plaintiff. Com
plaint diiir.igsed. with $i costs.
Joteph U<fjuet and Botert T Byrne* ni Julius VenCletaum.
?Action for $v60, for gtiods sol and delivered to e*f*nd
aiit Ju-'giutnt for plain iff for $10 44.
Thomas O'Callaghanvs. William McJouley?Action to
recover $?.u( for warble mantel* furnished for hoase be
lcnging to defenrtant in Thirty-fifUi street. Complaint
dinnif-ed, with $7 conts
Conrad y. tkhmidt vs John Hanck ?Action for assault
and battery, alleged u have bt*n committed ?n plaintiff
on the night of the 1*5t election Ths evidwnoe was very
cccflirting, but as the weight of evid-nce went to abow
that the defendant rathar protected tbe plaintiff than
aecaulted him, the Couit gave judgment for defendant
with $10 costs.
Thimas (fttinley and Cornelia his wife vs Morris Brown
and Johanna hu wife ?Tais was an action to recover
da mat cs for assault and battery, committed by defendant
Jolanna on plaintiff Cordelia The pirties are all of
Miliarias extraction. Tne plaintiff, occupying a shanty ia
the Kubuibf, U>e deter dan t? oows invaded tie plaintiffs
potato*? patch, acd while Mrj. Brown was driving tnem
out, lira Quinley interfered, and -tlib collision took plao*.
The evidence was extromely contradictory, and the jury
award*0 the plaintiff C,1^ cents damage
Morris Brown and Johanna his wife cs. Tlwmas Quinley.
?Ti.ia was an aotfen bv the same plaintiff aataimit
Quinley a!on*. The jury gave a like verdict of 6,'? cents
for plaintiff.
A fire occurred on the 6th lost., in the r*ar part of
Ayer's Bli>rk, in Manchester, N. H., destroying stock of
Bubbard k Co., fctove, tin and crookery dealers, to the
amount of $4000?insured $3, 000 in Peoples' Mutual offloe,
Worcester, t-'ome ether damage was also don* to the
property of several owner*.
MoTemcnti of Ocean .Steamers.
Asia Liverpool New K'ork Deo 3
Heimann Southampton... New York Dm 7
City of M*nch?*t?r.Liverpool Philadelphia Deo 7
America Lir^pool Bo?tou Deo 10
City of blvgow....Phnauaiphia.. .LiverpooL D?a 10
8apint City Now Terk Havana AN. O..Doo 12
Pacifie Liverpool Mow York Dos 14
Etuop^ ,,,,New York Live'pool Dee 14
Atass............New York,,,, .Uverpoel., Do? 17
Yankee Blade New York ....A* pin wall.. Dm 30
8tar of the We*t..New York Haa Juab Deo 20
George Law. New York Aspinwnll..,,,. Dec 20
Niagara Boston Liverpool Dee 21
Atlmtlo New York Ufurpoul ...... Deo 24
Curlew New York B?muda&StTher, Ian 7
tar AQ packaots and lettert intended for Ute Nxw Yobk
Hmutfi MoWd he needed.
it* am 7 17 | moon uan 4 22
am gm 4 811 mon watd 06 21
Port of New York, December 11,1833.
Steamship Arctic, Luce, Liverpool, Nor 30, 11 AM, to
EK (.olios. Jvo 1, exchanged signals with American
ship ' George Boot ley," off Cap*. Clear f probably the Geo
A Hopley, from Charleston for Liverpool).
tihip American Congress, Williams, Portsmouth, Not 1,
with ptk??t)gtr , to (>rinni)l, Minturn ft Co. Experienced
stjong westerly gales < n the pannage. suflmed much iu
sail* HLd riggi. f. snrurjr fore and ruaicyards, nto'e bul
walk*, lout bead r< iis, &c. Had thirteen death* among
the ja'Feigers, and one Himu, Alonzo Nowland, of lit
John. NB
thip fcherif'ao, Cross, Ii '?-rpool, 33 days, with 336 par
tergftn, i? J Foster Not 18, Win Taylor, a reamao, tell
from be fi r?top*aii } aid. tvei board, and was lost' Dee 1,
Eli iiLuei Kgai, wasan fell from forelopeail yard, over
b*ai(i, anr" was flared. One sailor and one child died on
the parage.
harkfciiver Cloud (of Boston), Lewis. Cape Town, CGH,
60 dt ys, and rit Helena Not 30, to Boynton & Co, of Bos
ton where the i* bound. Put in here in diatr> Si, having
ercounts.?d heavy NE galex, shifte' cargo, loet sails 4o.
Den 1 lat 30 27, lot C? 40, ?pole Freneh baik Arthur, of
idi for Hrdeaux. 22 days from Havana; 2d, lat 31. Ion 70
10, at 8 PM, dite< vered a biill ant light bearing NN W by
WDipt'i; at 11 I'M a ight breeze rpriugirg up, bore up
tor the light at 2 AM, spoke ship Dcird. of acd from
P< n Is no for Jan ai^a, 6 i ?>? ont, with all tails furled, had
teen the trt the *l>o.e night piev.ous, and <up posed it to
be a steamship, at 0 AM made out the hull of a large
ship on Are, dismasted and abandoned; when ctoe up
witb the ereck made ont two boats to leeward, rnuaiug
for a brig in tight; at 8 AM spoke biig Mc.atlan. of Booth
bay, 1 eais, master, ticm Bel urn. re for Martinique, and
receivtd on hoard the captain, mate and crew of the
butned ves-el. which proved to be the B* bark Irving, of
and for Livtrpool from Charleston, 30 days out, loaded
wi'h cotton ami naval storvx; the fire first originated Nov
28 D?e rt, lai 35 20. Ion 69 40, spoke ship Leawitt, Htorer,
Iron. NOi leans lor Liverpool, *6 days out, put on board of
her the cap'ai?, mate, io mate, and tnre* of the Irving's
men the other f" ur ren aining with ne. From Nov 28 to
Dec the S C exp-rienco a hurricane in lat 24, from 3W
to NE. c.urmg which carried away jibboom, spring biw
sprit, and roceived other daaage. Nov 11, lat 120 N,
Ion W 32 W rpoke Br HDip Talarera, of London, from Liv
erpool '< r Mauras, with low of foretopmaxt
Ii ij< Kanhii n (ot Antigua). Fa'ler Ant'.gua, vie St
Part* 16 days, to R B Eldridge. Lett no Ajti veeselH in
eith?r p it.
B? ig fie< rge (of Bath). B yi rig ton, Georgetown, 80, 24
da)>. 1m uno to (iecr?-eto? n. A>e. I*ut into thin port on
scciium oi e'ress of weather, tui being shori or provi
tions; is ai anchor iu - he Lower Bay; Deo 6, was iu son
pany with brig Barriet Neweil, of Belfast, from Dftrien,
umber loaded, bound to nn ? astern port.
Brig Metalluk, Alley, Wi.mington, NC, bound to Boston.
Put into thin port i n aooount of bad weather; is at an
chor in the Lower Bay.
rchr Seet?tary Maioy (threemasted), Dobbin, Washing
tor., 6 days.
ftshr Isabella. Fanlklin. Boston, 3 days,
Schr Leader, Bearse. Boston, 8 days.
tchr Pnr.beam. Mecdurk. l'< rtiai d, Me. 4daya.
Schr O uncil, Howes I'rovineet >wn, 4 days.
Helir Lydia, Rogers, Newbbryport. 4 dajs.
8ehr Swan. Johnson Clin on, 2 flays.
Schr Tariff. Johnson. Stamfdd, Ot, 1 day.
t'cbr Viliase Belle, Wbiinian, New Baren for Virginia*
Schr Lucy%ubui?on. Dare, New Haven for Virginia.
Sohr Jot n Crock'ord, ?N'ew Ba<mi for Virgioia.
Scbr Arculaiius Marston. Kockland, 8 dajs.
Schr V^ndovi, Bra,, Rockland, 3 days.
Shop Frai klio Avery, New Ix>odon 1 day.
Mi* p Blackstone, Reyuolds, Providenae, 2 days,
Sleep Am*nee, Hull, Providenoe, 2 days.
Biig Micmao.
Wind at sunset N and light
fBr Sandt Hook PRisnwa TiLWiRApn. ]
Tim Hi.!iila.v*, Dea 11?.^uikIowo.
One Brig south of the High and*, bound In. Two brigs
at ftLehni in the Bay, bound out. No other outward
b* ui>' te> seis have gone to sea.
Weather clear and calm.
[P*k Stkahriiip Arctic ]
Asia i:rp?Arr Nov 26 ^?|,p!e. T?elp, Charleston; 27th,
J M li' kf Ij'tranj a.n I'eter Hattri-k Rockwell, NYoik.
A^JIVR? I shi-ed *pt 23, tarrington, Frenoh, jhangr.ae
foi NYo k
tamul.?Arr>ov2fc, I'et>el lord, Liverpool for Baltl
uoie ?i ? rurder ('aroage- ; JOih. Lady Kraiiklin Tratt.
M'rleat s; Msiftiolla, ^prs?u? HtS'ephen: Venelia, dcobel,
: '/?tte; VH h Yankee Fliarle <ira.. NYoik.
1 HfMKN?Arr Nr t 23, Hermann (?) illggins, NYork.
h* Miur?Mo Oct 23 .las M Bogart Howa, Ltverpoil.
Calcutta?Sid Oct 13, Naxonvlle, Hutohlngs, Boston;
4th. Anba Kimball, Pike. 1/ondon, Meteor, Pike Boston;
16 b ^ai^ole Hjmmee, do
< hhixtuka?Air Nov 11, Oode Menlng, Pos'gaard,
CLarleetr a,
CHmtoimo? Air Nov 20, Louis, Fantome, Mobile.
C'ari i?t?ifld Nov 87, C>'jtarelll, Diixey Jfait^; .\hectn,
Lt?i,?Arr Mot ii?. Rtren, Norton, Loncon (and aid 2Mb
for C'b?rlt?tot); 37th, J tax E W?l <h, Tlumaa 4a (and aM
for NOrle.ia?); PUn^agvurt, McLHIti, anl UunUimiua,
Dairy Q,, (ami ?J< for ifcmtou); Stth, Ni?lic.iu/?1?. Ma
lh?r fbanKh?a; Ooaan Q . ???, ft:nuli, a-ul rth?? %lrU,
Dm is iS V? r? ; Tha. dors l.iinb. Loo.lou for NJrleana.
Dotek?Arr Ntt 26, Vratu w Johanna, Weinman, tUttW>
dam for Wilmington.
Di'inufskw?Arr Hot 23, Plaaaaharg, Hartlng, NYork far
Fjhruuub?Air NaT 26 Lady Arbeit*. Grant. BaUri*
for Hambarg.
IH KHwo-ad Not 28, Hahnemann, Wyatt, NYork; 20th,
Catbaitna. Edwards, do.
Grayksou?Arr Not 26 Adjuster, Hutohinaon, NYork;
27th. < liallenger (Br), Kililck. Shanghaa; Elisabeth,H?n
mi, NYork. Hid 96tn, Patriot Hanry, Hurlbat NYork.
Gia^iow? Sid Nor 28 Vsloc.ity, I'aton, Boston.
Gkiwock?Arr Not 24 PaUaa, Waatlaka, Glrranti; Pro
Tlduno*, Shepherd MOaga. Sid 20th, Sarah, MoEwaa, H
Y<rk; Edtot Cook, NOrleans; Pat back 20th, Hndaoa,
Nela< n. for NYork
Gkniu?Arr > it 19, Chantaf, Brizznleaa, NYork.
Hklvokt?Arr Not 26, Misait?lppl, Harvey, Ball 1 mom.
Hayhb? Arr Not 26 Klrira Own Oweo, NYork: W*r
temburg, Fore, NOrleans; 28th Rhine, Doana, NYork.
Hid 26th, Tropio, Smith, and K C Wmthrop, Norrell, ?
Hill?Pld Not 26 Faidee, Hopklnaon, Chailaiton.
Hoati Kong?Arr Saut 27, Courser, Berir, Ban Franola
eo; 28th l.mtao, Bradbury, do: Cot 2, Moielle, Tttomt
ann, do; 6th. Arion, Kayser, no; 6th, UermaiJ, Smith,
Calcutta; 7th. Stenhen B?ldwin, Smith, Ban Franoiaeo.
Isle or Wight?Off Not 20, North America, from Naw
York for Br> man.
Ijvupool?Arr Not 26 Euroclydon, Bannatt, Balti
more; Tagus Wada, Lisbon; 27th. Guiding Star. Crouch,
NOrleana; Africa (a), Harrison, NYork; 23th, Walthan.
Whealer, Charleston; Annapolis, Gorham, and Harrial
Augusta, Trott Baltimore; Mermaid, Roiiuscn, Philadel
phia; Vanguard, Norton, and Excelsior, Hadley, NYork;
Muaeorgua, Kalleran, St Stephen; LbtI Woodbury, Niek
arton, Mt John, NB; August 4 Elian, Borgaaa, Alexandria,
Va; 29,h, Niagara, Bennett Menapla, Call ill. Franklin
Kiug, Borland, and Empire State, Briggs, NYork; JO
Humphreys, Merrill. Bt George, NB.
S)d 25th, Elizabeth Brucs, Brown, Mobile; Ann Roan,
Durean, and Arundel, Mills, NO.-leana; Ohio, Keieau, N
Yore; 27th, Baa, Kotihum, and Kookaway, Goodwin, N
Orleans Speed, Baxter, Mobile; Qao A Phalpa, Sherman,
NYork; Sarah San<la (a). Ilaley, Portland (before report
ed 2<>th); 28th, City of Manchester, Fllnn, Charleston;
2Dth, Anglo Saxon, binnatt. NYork; E Johnaon, Lawaon.
Cld out 26th, Old Dominion, Sampson, NOrleana; Chile,
Welicomb, Boston; 26th, Golden Age (a). Porter, Mel
bourne and Sydney; 28th, Delgany, Ogg, NOrleana.
Kntd f< r ldg 25th Alexander, Johnson, Baltimore; Wm
Ward. Wemysa, Mobile, Tarquln, Doughty, NOrleana;
Compromise, Zsrega. and Emerald lale, Cornish, NYork;
20th, Pollock ApaJachicola: Goliah, Blair, and Adriatla,
Jack, NOrleana; Jacob A Westerrelt, Hoodleaa, NYork;
Sarsnak, Ocean, Philadelphia; Colonist, Alsxandar, 9a
Tannan; 28th. Lady Ri well, Smith. Mobile; Aaia (?),
NYork; Win Kathbone, Pratt, do; Mariner, Horshaw, ?
Lomion?Entd inwarda Not 28, Challenger (Br), KiUaeiL
Shangbae; Adjuster, Hutchinson ; Elizabeth, Sam ml, and
Prince Frederick August*, Wurtman, N York. Entd oat
26tb, I/Oidon, Hubbard, NYork ; Kathay, Stoddard, Aoa
tral.a. Cld out 26th, Patrick Henry, Eurlbut, NYork.
Milfori)?Arr Not 24, Kapid, Barnard, Wilmington (or
Ix>adon, with loss uf main boom
Mak.--kim.km ?Arr Not 21, Hubert, Dutch, NYork. gld 26th,
Catbarina, Ednarcs, do.
NxwrohT?Arr Not 26, Far Weat, Mosher, London fat
Sid Not 20, President Fillmore, ""'th,
Hi.Tr* (from NYork).
Sixoapokk? Arr Oct 11, Aatrua, Gerrlah, San Franoiaoo
(and bid 18th, tor Calcutta).
Shields?Arr Not 23. Alex E imuni, Stewart, Shield* foe
NYork, with master ill
To.nxlng?Arr Not 19, Aurora, Kohl, Charleston.
hnn'J^T1*)001' Not 5l?~Th? Hteatner Golden Age, for Mel
taw. thi nnr'hCee<l ng, 1 uto^he ,iT6r thi? morning, ru
n?r.:h w?" ?f the Birkenhead Docks, and /light
data ?QVwater. She will be detained on* or two
A'rr,c* Hartison, which arrired hare
- 7? rk'r'u 2M Nov, in lat 49, Ion 4X
uaU&j? 8t *nd foretoP g?H*?ttnaat in a and lea
Glasgow, Not 26-The Hudson. NeDon, bound to New
ai^ha' e10" PUt here to day, leaky, will bar* to
IAHB, Not 29?The Erie, Curtia, arrived at Haw*.
wnnV* ? aTjDi{ P***d? Oct 27th. in lat 44 N Ion 44 W, tha
and full !t ? p* ?tei b!?ek> of about 200 toni, capaiaed
?<? L mam nant * m broken off at about
v ?^ec!' 8ails furlod or in ribbon*.
Not 26?The Dapper. Hanby. arrived here.
rK?Vb5t sfrtiaf'%0 Si.u s","
?m t..? i. orU ..^'' "**
Telefraphic Uailne Repor..
Arrived?Ship Napoleon, Calcutta Am^wEv..
??ng?r B rd, Cr<.nstadt,Geai. Phi adeloliia^L V a r?w?
KoUMdam"8'SU *U PhUlk,1#1Ph^; Zw 3i? (DatoS)J
Spoken?Acg 19, lat 13 10 N. Ion 118 30 E akin William
SCc^i0vNYo'k; 00114
ax.ip jnaac Walton, Singapore :or N York.
^''mountain, B*tan^j?r^ nL
York;St Mary, Phi'adelpbla; bvk KmnU ilq^ ^S.
Herald Uaiine Correspondence.
. :D,I Ktily Ban'leg, Ho-;e?" y Orleans- 'brlwa
cW?". *>?Z\ JSS
Lcnjdale, Baker, ProTidenc^Me'a^e? D^We'ciV?/
oSjei^S,SSSS-n"1"* ;
, ? ? Disaatera.
uS%i sr^r "*"? r?? ?
ifcts: ss ssr jsmj
Batraa, hence, Oct S, at Loadoo.
H*r cargo of ccal had aU b?ea Uken v-?-^
STcb*ri^?t11 W" Mpect*1 th*t 0be would * ??*
? Joseph Ti'bkkr, at Boston from I'h niiu i_ -
s?i&sa."*"- JMSSfsgft sa
At a ait i ii *?,,c? to Mariners.
bMdilta^V5 ?, V CaI,fr'rnj*? and alM of the Japaa
txp?dltion. and wlialehbipa to ana from tbe Arotia (Vmu>
?nd are not on any chartF J K bIrrX?^
Lat# Master of tlio EuptirodTii#.
At St Helena Not 30, nhip Got Dana.
^XlflSS'SSStSS',rom K"""'
, Martha Kog??. from SaTacnah for Boetoa, aa
^ 60 m'1,, rii* ?y 8 from .Sandy
Home Ports*
BOS T(>N-?At r I)eo lu bar kit 8i? ioghok, Hur<5 Gam
Town, WH, Oct 36, via St HMena Not i. Lion, AleAndT
Bueno. A,re, ?,,.t 17, 1'oiat Iodio 21-t; (InW UwS
Montevideo U;t 1 via Dolites'jtlole; Haiuiltoa. DriveTw
Urieana Badiant, H ivnn, and Ctbaaa, Havea?. Savannah*
lixjtio, Kendrici, Chailei-ton Celeatia. Smitn Baltimore'
b igg I anola (of N Ytrk), Noonon, Haitilio Hi'/er Konn'
Baker. Al?and,ia; Shiekford, BUtcbford BhlfiSSl
rZ^,ClT' Ww^? K,le? *'??chI CJ'O KeS;
Cortit loken smith, Canton, Crowell; Oriou. l uion Ma/v
Herkina, Kickerjon,Haaiof Mck?r>OD: W?rr?u GoMu?
n;Ln?-e8,*ri ^JDMa'7 H> ^ow"u, Philadelphia: ?S^rlina
Ii0k*y, and li B CroHbj, Roes, Hocdout; hchr. Eitrin^l
NC r?^U,1D*h;,,Vill!r()'m Wilming
J ' >,.C' Warnet, (roafil. Norfolk, Ingomar Lrni
l.w'an^ii^ft; Georgn Knga, fba-cher: Oumborlaad!
i /u ^ l url<*' Baltimore; Inaeph Taruer Grow,
eli: ^.hyloek, rtmith; 8 D Horton, Knema; Gaaotte (ireweB
k'ary & Pearaon. Coorabf*, Alert, Hall* Wm H itaimia*
hi xbnr ^Ll'*U*ri,2n' Castner, Cnltoa**
*J01" ' Ke,1? i r Handolph, EaSl
cott. Telegraph, Nirkernon; Ariitin, Long. SpritrhtUM
Wea, Nicker.ou and Com Tucker, Gox, Hh lalelpnia- fiSE
r.^,. p ' Albiui'i K"nO"n, Crowell NVork Old 'oaifca
!jf"' i'V6*. Owcutta; ?imoea, king, Loadon; M ? i
- teteor,, Bahford Cionluegof, bri^a Lucy Ann, Brvant
taacaa; Ourdelia, Miichxll Triniiad: a hra Storm g'~?
a*' *Jj alia; Agate, Robot 1* St Thoma*.
A ao eld i.teaniabip City of Sew York, Matthew* Phila.
forfi 'i LP J?hn ''i'P10- Watann, NYork to load ('orcfil ,
? 1.h ,Ak'W,?" Skillinga, Nur eana; John I>arker*
w iLiama, do; b. iga SanU Clara Elliogwood, Charlaetani
A Dunbar, Fiinc. Baltimore echra Orvgon, Ruunell "?'
Ba.rtu.tV w"i ( Parrlogtoo, Charieeton; Gnamplofc
Bartlett, Wilmington, NO; Major Rioggold, GraTea Ha!a5
"D'}vH ,UTOW.n Krana, Norfolk; H S Baruea RaJl
1 ; Eaahion, Loring, do. ' j
NEWIXINTXjN?4rr (not aldl,(0ec8. aohraNatt* uib^.1
|>hilMlol|)bia; VII SboldOM, ^^..do jj, GD,Urt2>'
' ??*ry ,;n,,r,a, Warnita, New Yjrk from N?1
wicli; Bela 1 fld, Dillanr^. do do* Katicott I'nh^.t?
I biladelpbla, from do; A.lventure, Uwia do 'frm r^
Tldeuce; Pinta Peroe', Norwich, Wn,7vX ^
pell?ra We?tch?-atei, Sniita, New Y. r*' filii /?
Smith, New York, from Norwich aid ith'
Kvliev We cut for Not folk. Ul' wkr Antheny,
PORTLAND?Arr Dee V, mhr M M iru. ? . ,,
rumberiand!rk I"?1*' l>4'k ^ ?"?
tnn TA r vt w.^i h^i"k VVra U HairM. Tary.Gal^r
Nil thai iwlBMi p' X' Lrtth' VeodoTi, do^th, bark'
'lo , rwnt' NOrleana; achr E Arcniario^
W^S^a'i^ K,;eh" Ttt^,or 8m'U' Wbor'^ anUGeo
Tf'OMASTGN?31a l4?e 4. slnip Grroianioua iaaw) Falea
We- V0" 6vh' h,i* '-o^. V.A RvJ.tJ:
W?"ta, fcobiii* " ' "h'P JuT,nta (??". 12iK>toaa)4
York " S Thoma?,0n tthi ?ohr fleUaa, Thtvadlke, N
WAREHAM?Arr Deo 3. aohra Agawam H<ww vV? . .
41h, Dauiel Wnbeter, Troy: Brarsi do- Sea Witeh
Baltic re- Kotna, TTowaU, NYorHth Wii.U^
Roadonr, Marr A Ohaa-. Norfolk; 8th, WhirlwtaSl BalU*
more; Blank Mon.ter Vwrry, ALundrli fl ^h-i.
MmMm, r mili,

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