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Mississippi Senatorship and the Suc
cession to the War Department.
|pm in the New fork and Other State
H??t4 Retaliation an the lUllroad Policy
of Peno-jUaula,
Ac., &o , ko.
ic Latest from Washington.
Washiximn, Jad 11? 8 P. M.
is ao oonfirnation of the rumur o ' Mr. A. G.
i's nom'-o.tion to the Setate by the Mississippi Ls
ir?, and it is discredited. 0 >lon?l 0?ri> believes he
tlf ba? received lh? nomina'ion
?port la published la an evening pi per that Hr.
DltmenK has been offered the Havana Consulate,
i, however, denied upon ample authority
jreiterate the statement that Colonel demons g?ee
le War Department in case of Colonel, DavU'b elec
the cteoate.
jlnfom-o'i yon yesterday of the arrangement arrived
the ttonate with regard to th?irao<ion upon the
|jiattoai. The administration being now satisfied thit
mate he*, abandoned all idea of rejecting any ap
Lenta, the President sent in to-day the nomlnatlr n of
^{?dfield. It will meet with no opposition. U has been
to the Committee on Commerce, and as soon as
sported back will be confirmed.
Gadndeu pro jet 'of a treaty with Mexico in here,
mi take. Its features were correotly stated by
ipendent "Annpdeus"? the Union to the eoa
Ward, the Po.it Offlee ageit at Panama, reports to
ipartmrat that there weie ninety bags of mall mat
board the loet steamship Winds', d Ssott, of whioh
two were saved, and sixty-nine of them had been
|!red at Panama, but only thirty one were forwarded
iw York, the others balng detained on aeoouat of
wet oondition.
Congressional proceedings will be found on the
A flair a at the State Capital.
FOIir TO IUrOSB tolls on railroads ? A
kanTY rnoJiCT or inspection into tub nbw
Kjtiok, btc.
Brac.it. eo:'jtE3roM)KNC! of nil m york hirald.
. Albaat, Jan. XI, 1851.
i bao'srsf of tte 1ms t importance wan perfeotei la
t brancL of the Leginlature this morning. A num
if p? fionH were reoeived, and rotlcen given or inten
I to L roduci bills. During the early part ef the
in of tc- S inate Mr. A. B. Dickinson arose with the
of jester xj in his hand, and referred to a card ap
P*?g there! i. eijned by a Mr. Glen, den; log the state
tmade by ? juator D. a day or twoMuot, alleging that
(Gj?c>) haa been the purchaser of a quantity of
s belonging to the common school fand. The
itot admitted the tiath of the card, and was
^seeding to address the Senate, when the Presl
i of the Senate remark*? that the Senator was oat of
r, as there was no qu-itlon before the S.?iate. Mr.
ioson thereupon took bin seat, but immediately arose
n, demanded his right to speak up in a question of
rilege, bat deollned stating on what ground he claimed
t |right The presiding officer, Lisat. Got. Chute i,
lerstanding that the Senator doslrel to speak to a
Bstion cf privilege, or which the above card formed the
Is, decided tie Benator to be out of order, on the
und that tbere fai- nothing ooutalned ia the card up .n
ich a breach of privilege could be founded. Mr D.
Esaled from this decision, when a protracted debate en
I, from which it appeared that there was evidently
^understanding between the Senator and the ohair.
tral Senators deMred Mr. D. to give the foundation
_ which he c'almed the floor; but he declined, by
Jirely stating that he arose to a qiestkn of privilege,
bally he withdrew his appeal, and then again raised the
fce quettlon, and referred to the editorial remark* in
? paper. After speaking time Ave minutes, in denounc
j that paper, and (lie late State officers in pquau iering|the
mmon School fund, he closed his remarks, and the mat
? dropped. It was generally conceded that ttte 1'real
nt or the Senate was correct In his ecnstr ucilon of the
les, ar.d had a vote been taken, be would hare bawn
At twi We o'clock the Senate went into executive sea
>n with open doors, the large whig majority knowing
at the qualifications and character of nu whi< nominee
juli be brought under review. The (Jourtur trans
Itted the names of several persons nominated as note
's, and a few loan com ai.. doners, located in various
,?ts of the State. The nominations were referred to the
veral appropriate committees, but none will be sonflrm
l which are of the lnait political importance. His Bx
llency sent ia no communication in relation to the New
ork Harbormasters, a subjeot whish annoyed the late
aat>T Cooley continually, or periodically, as the <xecu
re sessions of last year o use around.
The.-* is a proposition to retaliate upon Pennsylvania
i accoui.t of the late rlotouR proceedti/ga at Krte in rela
on to tLe railroad gaoge. Senator Dickinson iotroJuctd
bill tbii riornlng, of which the following is a oopy.
, will not b ? adopted without considerable dlseussion;?
I An set ia relation to said roads in this State connecting
1th others leading to Erie, ia the Statiof 1* jnnsylvania
The people of the State of New rork, rspras inted in Senate
id Assembly, do enact as follows:?
Bee. 1. I> shall not be lawful for sny railroad company
iroed. or to be formed in Wits Stste, (except the Buffalo and
late Line Railroad Company,) or fur any person or pirsons.
) conttruit the tra?k if suoh railroad within thn Statu, and
Dnneet tt e track ef each rsi'rosd with any r.ilroad In the
?;ate Pennsylvania, witi.in W miles of the said city of Krie,
ntil tte said State of Ponmylvanlashall bylaw, hereafter to
jeenacte*. authorise ant allow an uninterrupted line of rail
had to be laid down end maintained of the *ani:e of fonr
net ten Inches thro-igh the c.-anty of Erie, in said Stato,
?<m the wrtUrn ttrii.inns of the Buffalo and Stato line rail
load to the eastern end of the Cleveland, l'ainsville and
Ishtabula railroad, at the east line of thy State of Ohio
jetu? the entire disianre across the oonsty of Erie and State
If 1'tiir. yivar.ia, o> the track now or latnly used by the
trie ana > ortb east Railroad Company, and by the Trank
En Canal Compary end npon land purehaied by either of
[he laid companies for the putfote et layu-n their railrjad
[rack U'tcoa.
| Sec. ; Any person, who shall violate the provisions ?f this
[et, shall he deemed guilty ef ? misdemeanor; end any ass >
lation of persons, or am o. rporation, viotatin* anv o: its
frovisirns, shall forfeit all rights granted by 'aw to railroad
Mrperaticns or associations. At d" it shall bo the duty
ft anv county Jndgs, or Jnstioe of the Supreme Court
>( this State, on application being ma-'e to him by
?y ptrma << issue an ordt-r tf injunction to prevent any
I allroad track fien. btiiig giadcj, 'aid sewn, or nixd in this
I tats, (sxcertirg t> e Bnttale and .State 1 ine Railroad,) which
lhall be dssifntd or istendsd to oonneet wliii any lailroad
,n tl.at part of the State ot Pennsylvania mentioned in the
rat section ot this aet, until SMch continuous line cf rail
'lad, mentioned In tl.e first seition of this aot, shall be an
.borlat'd hy the Stato cf Pennsylvania to be jied without
uterrnrti'n, through the said ooanty of if ? and State sf
Pennsylvania, It m the west liue of tte State of New York
to the east line ef the State ef Ohio as a'ereaail. Suoh order
>f injenction shall be enforeed in the stmo manner that the
luprvme Court Is aow authorized to enforce its orders of In
jnrctlen, grantad under th* provisions of obapter i , title 7,
it the order of proosdnre
Sec 7. TMs aet shall take effect immediately.
Ia the House, petitions are continually flowing in, aak
Irg to amend the laws of the State relating ta toe city of
Ketr York, so that the Chief of Police tuay be eleoted by
the people. It Is thought the same individuals are en
jaged la this matter, who obtained the paseage of a law
Dompelling the Mayor to nominate a Cbier to the Board
)f A ldet me n, when, to th> ir chagrin, Mayor Kings land re
commended Mr. Matsell, asd refused to name any other
Oar border cities ere looming ap with "a craseqnential
Mr. A day or two ainoe, nn act was pasaed ceding juris
Jictlon to the I'nlted States of the title to certain lands
tt BufTtlo, for the purpose of erecting thereon a cast am
Boum, Poet Office, Court House, &o. To-^ay, Oswego pre
texted a peiition, nskisg that the same liberty may be
?rtended to the general government la relation to lands
la that cltv fir the same purpose.
It was Intimated in the Hkbaio a day or two since,
that a bill would soon be ictreteced to Impose tolls on
rai'jroade. To day, Mr. HeeeOie'., of Utlca, one of the
leading free sellers in the House, gave notice that he
ihoola very toon latrooace a bill ts impose halt canal
bolls upoq the freight transport? 1 on the Krie, Central,
lad Ordensburg railroads Mr. Cbeesebro, another free ?
toiler from one of the anti-rent towns la Albany county,
tleo gave notice of a bill repeeliag the law of Jaly 10,
1M1, whi <h aboli ibee cecal tolls on railroads
Mr. D. W. Clark s has prepared ajarograisma, which, If
egaliied, will alfcrd him ample employment during his
sataral legislative life. He latrodnced a reeolntlon Hfc
Dormlnsr which was laid oa the table, astdag for a oom
aittee of In. with himself chalrmaa, of course, to exa
nine the loeaMon aad dimensions of the ^ tD the city
>f New York, which have been by authority of the last
legislature approarlated for pnbfic park* la that city,
jhe adaptation of the grounds designed for those por
mm, the prehable ooet ef nnrakase, aad all the ex -
ftmm so? sctsd with regulating, laying oat, aad earn
fleji BJ tij JABit. Pu l?*f? tgfcsa UlU smooth
propnet'lou nnder consideration. but wMl not likely de
clee until tbey det?rmtne whether Mr. Cla"-??? or Air Pa
trieU Mangutre is entitled to a seat In that bod/.
Mr. J. Benedict, who ?as net made chaltma . ef the Jo
dicn J Otttinitt??of the H ,nse, oifered ?a imn/lvul
to the riBftitut'on. this morel ig, in relation to r iMng
at elections TMs in a c py
Rtnulvcil. (if?r 8?n?ti) o >nonr,) Thit Motion 2 of aot 2 C.
tLe cjustiiaikn of Uie State la amended, bv inserting
therein Immediately aiter the word "election" where it
firm oceure in eaid section, a? followe:?" No ve<rr shall
P?y, gi" ? or reeeivo, or tromiae to pay give orreo>i?ea?y
mcnoy, or other pr?r?rty or valuab'e o. moderation wi-hin
ttnt to nfiuence any eleokor in giving bit rot?, or to d?te?
any elector in iu voting;" aleo, by adding at the
end ot aaid acctlcn aa follow*:? "Or from holding
any office voted t..r at suli eleotion. Lawe mu alto he
pitied fi.r do ermirlng in a enmmary manner at ??* po'lj,
ary question aiT ctin^ the right of any rersan in iwi th?r?
at. to that aaid section 2, ai amunled, ahall read at follows:
? "Law? may be parted excluding from the right of lulTrage
all persons who have or mar ke uonvloted ef bribe-yorlar
cm} . or of any iulamoua crime, and for dapriviug every pur
eon who all all nako, or beonme directly or indiruotly intnr
e?ted in any bet or wagor depoodtng upon the result >f any
election, or who shall pay, give orreceiro, or prnmi-4 t> pay
or gio* money or other property er valuah e oonaideratlua,
Ht<h intent to iblluunoe ai>y eluetor In giving his vote, or t>
deter any elicterin voting, from the right to vote at euoh
r'ectlcn. l.awt may aleo be pasted for de urininiag in a too
irtry manner at the polla, any uuestion affecting tie right of
any perton to vote at cuoh eleotlon."
AinAjtr, Jan. 11, 1864.
Petitions were presented in favor of the Maine law.
TH1 Milium WAkP EARS.
A bill wai Introduced In relation to the Nineteenth
w aid park. New York.
Mr. HrrcnisH reported hy b II lo amend the charter o
the Cypres* Bill and Williamsburg ."lack Road Company.
MX IlICKIjmON AM) tki HrnooL I ANUS.
Mr. DiCKiMfox rose to a question of privilege in the mat
ter cf the lands belonging to ibe School Fund, and the
alleged sale to a olerk in the Trea Hume's office, (in wilch
be acknowledged his error,) nnder the late administra
tion. and a man named Mr. P< Fuj. The matter ^s.s dis
cussed nntil tho hour of 12 M . when the Senate went
into executive session with open doors.
The Governor transmitted the names of a Ufgo number
of notaries pnblio ?nd loan commissioners, which were
iuly referred.
The bill to amend the aot relative to the time of
nceeticg of the Chamber of Commerce was reaa and
;at lied.
Mr. lli('Ki?t>ox offered a resolution calling upon the
Commii-sionerH of the Land Office for Information as to
the tale of school lamis. Mr. Dickinson addre sed the
Senate bri< II y, and the resolution was adopted.
Mr. Barb offered a resolution furnishing the Ataembly
with papers on file <n relation to the park la the Nine
teenth ward, New York Agreed to.
Mr. Brooks offered a resolution requesting the Judiciary
Committee to teport on the expediency of amending the
general plark ro>d law so as to embrace matters for
whioh special legislation Is allied Ag'eed to.
Mr. Dickissos pree?>ted a bill iu relation to railroads
in this State connecting with other railroads in Krfe, in
the -late of I'enniylranla, in which It is proposed to re
taliate on that State for the acta o' 'he Erie rioters.
No other business of Importance was transao ted prior
to the adjoornmt nt.
Ami mbl>*.
Ajuant, Jan. 11, 1864.
retitlena were presented by Mr. Wau to make the New
York Chief of I'clice elective by the p? < pi#.
By Mr. Custom? (Hi behali or the N?w York Chamber of
Commerce, to amend the Usury law.
notices op nru?.
Mr. Coskjjng gave notice of a bill to pieveat further en
croachment* on the New York hr "ror.
Mr. Dawson gave notice of a bill for a hotter Inspection
of wtlgbts and mtasurea. Also, of a bill to give addi
tional powers of magistracy to the New York Chief of
Mr. MoGi m gave notice ot a bill to amend the law au
thi rizing the laying out of a park in the Nineteenth ward
of New York.
Mr. Cuu.. gave notice of a bill to elect jurors in New
nun rkt \tt.t to mtw voir sattiw,
Mr. AiKra Vmught in a bill to legalize primary elestlons
in the city of Nf w York.
Mr. Curto.n brought in a bill excepting promissory
notes and bills of exchange from the operation of the
Usury 'aw.
Mr. Bakrow? AbiU amending the law relating to juries
in New York.
Mr. Clark moved that n delect committes of five be ap
Kinted to viai; New York and examine the ground Uk-ia
r parhn. and report upon their adaptation for the
purpore. &o. Adopted.
Tha IIon?e then lect intoCommltee of the Wholooa the
Governor'* t;essag?< ; but, without takirg any action, roee,
reported progress, and adjourned.
Legislature or New Jersey.
Trwton Jan. 10, 18M.
The legislatuie of New Jsrroy organl/fd to day Col.
Alexander, of Mercer, wai elected President of the Senate;
A R. Throckmorton, of Hu<?aor>, was elested Secretary;
Stacy B Reed, of 9urlln| ton, Assistant: 1. D. Mai ford,
of Camden. Engrossing C.crk; and Wm. P. Sanni, of dan
tor den, Uergeantat Arms
In the Hou-e, John A. F.nrlmore, of Burlington, was
f'.ecltd ^poaker ; 1). W. Iiallifcer, of Somerset, Cl.rk;
Scith C Wan!, of Essex. Asi.ir.tant Clerk; Elwin Sit
greaves, of Warren. Eagrotticg Clerk; :.nd William Driest,
of Mycer, Doorkeeper.
the uiual restlu 'ions were passed.
The me^vage of the Governor was tranimi'.ted. It
states tbat the payments into the treasury from the ra
rious public works of the State, from whica revenues are
derived, have be?n, in the aggrtg&te, one million five
hundred and terenty-iune tiioueand Ore hundred and
fifty-eight dollars ; v.?.. : from the joint companies
air.ee the year 183;:, the sum of oue million three
hundred and thin/ nine thoura&d nev'in hundred and
sixty five dollars and forty-two cents ; from the New
Jersey Hailroal and Transportation C-mpany, since the
j car iS3 9, the sum of $217, S82 74; and from the Paterson
and Hudson River Railmed Company, since the year 1842,
the sum ef (21,910. Forty thousand dcllars of the public
6e bt ban been discharged? the revenues of the State havo
been augmented and aecured, and available means are in
poBseMicn, sufficient to liquidate all its liabilities. All
rcont-j s borrower1 h.ive been repaid, with the exception
of a lean of $30 c CO. made fa 1862, which was equivalent
to tne lofres sustained In expenditures upon the House ot
TLrc njcrimrrr or roi>m ? m mc? to ths qovbcvojwitd*.
Tliie n.r,rning the petition of Jrel Haywood <o. tenting
the right of Bodmtn M 1 'rue to the office of Gov.-rnorof
Ntw Jersey, vas prbseuted in the S?n?te, and by thi Pre
sident directed to be read. A number of charg-s aud
spec iflcati cs are presented, alleging that Mr. Pr.c? had
co' lH'?n a resident of the State for sevan years last past,
and, consequently, not constitutionally eligible, the
rpeciflcallo:.s charge that within tke last seven years he
baa resided In California, was a member ef the Consti
tutional Convention of fiat State, ran for Congress In
that Stale, and exercised the elective franchise there,
j Tbat he was within that time a citizen of Queens oounty,
! in the Stateef New York? that legal conveyances of laud
had been made by h'.m as such resident.
As yet noth eg deCnite has taken place to indicate the
couir.e likely to be pursued.
Me^ngc of the Governor of Maryland, to.
ItALTiMoas, Jan. 11, 1N64.
Governor ligon wai Inaugurated at Annapolis to day.
In his inaugural aidress, which is short, be takes ground
in favor of the extension of the public sohool system, ap
proves of the elective jadlciary .yateui and other reforms
of the n?w constitution, iotimates that it Is be'ternot ,-tt
to reduce the system of taxation, rejoices at Maryland's
favorable position and relations to the general g ivern
ment, and considers the election of President Pierce as an
evidence of the progress of democratic principles.
New Or Wans papers rf Wednesday last are received, but
they contain co news of interest.
Election of Governor and Lieutenant Gover
nor of MsnachnKtti.
Boston, Jan. 11, 1854.
The tVtatoTial vscansi'r were filled to day. in conven
ti?n. hv the choice of En*!gn H. Hello?*, of B-irkahi-e,
and J' a. 1, Reynolds, o I Hoi.cn. The Senate then made
oholce of Hon. Fn?rj Washburn fcr Governor, (who had
twsnty ii ne votes to ore for Judge Bishop.) and William
C. I'lunfcet, of Adams, for Lieutenant Governor, who re
r-i\edthtity vnt^s, Uj that ??re cast. In each ease
there were Ore blank* cait.
The Pennajrlvnnla Leglilatnre.
Habukiu io, Jan. 11, 1854.
The m?mbers of the House favorable to the liquor prohl
M'ion | il1. ha\s h?ld a eaucus, at whlnh fifteen were for
submitting the sabjeet to the vote of the people, and
seventeen for unconditional legls'ation. The attendance
was not full Jt i? snnposed that a large majority will
favor the lafer proposition.
Mnnlelpetl Election at Pittsburg.
r.TMnrRO, Jan. 11, 1814.
Ferdiaaad E. Vols, the whig candidate for Mayor, is
e looted by 1CQ0 majority, being the largest majority ever
given to a whig candidate in the city. Tne whlgs alee tail
their Seieot Counoilmen bat one, and all the faquaoa
Council but six. All the whigs elected are frleatf/ to
General I?rimer for Governor.
Mr. Adams, whig, waa elected Mayor of AUighiny olty.
The Canadian Parliament.
MoxraaiL, Jan. 11, 1854.
It Is announced that Parliament wlM meet at Qaebeo
on the 16th of febrnary.
From Boston.
ltowrow, Jan. 11, 1854.
Levi Hotohkiss. master Of the ship Howard, aad John
Farnnm, the mate, have been arrested oa a charge of
brutal treatment towards W H. Pritehard, oa their late
voyage from Calcutta to Boston . Pritehard died oa Bator
day. aad the Coroner's jury Sad that hie death waa
hastened by owelty.
Col. Thoa. H. Perkins, an old aad esteemed merehaat,
died at hie ree ideaee la Bruokllae, last night, aged eighty
Non- Arrival of the Cambria.
Halifax, Jan. 11?10 P. M.
1 here la oo appearanoe of the Cambria op to the pre
test moment 8 b e In now ovtrdne
Ci.kjsvati. Jan 11, 1154.
Sale* wer* m ade to day o' 8,000 b la. of flcur, at t& 50
a lb <10. Hricn at- ttuiet, at Si ib a >4 80 Hums pork 1*
dull, at Jll '25 700 bbls of prime lard aold at So., an l
1 tCl k?ge ?t SV. Freights to New Orleais are 'juoted
at '0o per bbl. for Hon-, and 90o. for poik.
It baa bet n raining all day, and the river la rising
Tit* Bedlnl Riot in Cincinnati.
[From the Cincinnati Gazette, Jan. t? ]
Pursnact to order, Major Snolbaker war engaged oa
Saturday in the examination under eath, of the Caltf cf
1'ollee, aix Lleutenanta, and ninety one watohmen The
ot\j*c', aa we# atated. waa to aacertain whether er not
any of the prisoners in the watchhonae on the evening
of December VMh, hid received any ilitreatment, what
that treatment wan, and who of the police were gutltv of
any virletce at U.at time. The investigation waa em
duett d in the presence or several member* of the City
Con? ell and cltisene, A'ter being a worn, the following
q neat una were propounded;?
'?Did j ou aee ar.y person atruck in the watchhonse on
Christmas ev?ning?" " If ao, who ttruok them.-" ''llare
you heard any watchman nay that he atruok any one?"
Mid ion aee any -ill treatment to priaoaer* and by
whoa.?" Sixty-one watchmen testifies in the negative?
tbat they were in and oat during the evening, but caw co
pri-oner abutted All who knew anything of the matter
teatifled aa fcllowa:? Watchman Shelby *>aw oae nan
struck; ha waa a priaoner, and polled out a revolver
when wat-hman Norria struck him; watahaan B. Smith
hea-d abusive language uaed towarda the prisoner*; did
not know who did it; watchman Boon saw pri toner atruok;
eottll not identify the officer who dealt the blow.
Watchman Scribner noticed an officer make a motion
to kick two of the prisoner* aad prevented him. Old
out r- collect who that officer was Wato&maa B Phil
lips aaw a tall man atruck. but did not know who did it.
Officer Horrell gave the aame evideaoe. Captain Lakena
aaw rue mac struck by Lieutenant Houseman, with the
open fcaid. Officer Davidson saw a man struck by Lieu
tenant Houheman; there waa much excitement aa.l could
not tell ail that was going cn. Watchman S. Colby aaw
Andrew kleiue strike a man, who resisted him when
trjicg to pnt liitn in tbe cells. Officer Williamson testi
fied the pame. Officer Dorau saw Norria airike a man
and catobiug him by the neok, and uaed him very
rocghly; also aaw Mr Klelne Btrikea man. Officer Natt
ers aaw watchman Nurrls strike several men with a olub
or (tick. Be gave them each several blows. Saw other
watchmen strike prisoners, but could not identify who
gave the blows
Officer Scnidler, while bringing a prisoner in throagh
the door of tbe wvtchbouse, some one came up aud kicked
aud beat him. He couM not ^identify the prisoner, or
the watchman who struck him
Watchman Busy stated tbat be bad made several at
tempts to rtrike a man in the waUhlituse, but Captain
I.ukens made him keep back. OiHcer Stambush obwrved
au officer strike his prisoner in the watahhouse. but had
forgotten who itwai. Officer Stevens stated that some
one struck hie prisoner cn the back part of the head,
over his ahoulder. In t>e excitement he did not know
who d'.ri it. Another officer saw a tall man with whla
kers strnck over tbe head with a club; did not knoir by
Officer Ertel saw citizens aHuae prisoners, and then saw
an officer beat tbem over the head with a club; did not
know wto tbey were.
Watchman Frank Smith raw Adam Kleine strike a pri
soner, when ho pulled a revolver and tun ed upon him,
and not before
Watchman Burns aaw lieut. Houseman strise a man
who was resisting; he did not hurt him; also saw Norris
strike a man.
Tlio river police testified that they were not present at
the thru of the riot, an-i knew nothlrp: of It until next
morning; watchman Haxen had understood that John
Kline, oi tbe Third war 1, had been boasting that he
struck men that night.
Watchman K'lne testified tbat he was not there, and
denii d the charge that he had boasted of knocking men
Officer Meader heard a pistol fired off In the watchhonse;
saw a man struos; did not know who gave tbe blow.
The watebbouse keeper, Mr. Strauss, saw watchman
Norris strike three or four meu several times.
Watohman Steni'ed saw a man Htruek by an officer In
tbe m juth, near the " roll call deak had forgotten who
struck him.
1 inn* count Houseman saw no one strnck, but wag struck
b.mtelfwhen entering tbe watchhouae door, and tnrcod,
wlteu a prieonetadvauoed toward him and be pushel him
b* ok. Th?ie wtre a number of persons in the watshhous*
wli. i interfered and who were nut edict re.
V itchmau Bedding thought tb? watchhonse keeper
wastoomu:h Malted, and nourished the keys rather
nu re than was neotssary. Norris had stated to him that
k* struck a prisoner
Ve'chnian Hudton taw I, it* at. Houseman push a mtn
in the dierwa; heard '.'apt. Luktns several times order
the euiohmtn to nse the priMuers well.
Officer Cook attended the prisoners; saw no cruelty:
observed an *fflo*r ra.so a mas* t J strike one of the
prisoners, and prevented blot.
At this stage of the proceedings the .Mayor continued
the examination of the remainder of the polios of the
oitj until text Wednesday. TUate are some twenty who
have not yet teatliled, but who, nioai probably, know no
more than that given abovd.
State Military Convention.
[From the Aibiny Argns, j*n 11.]
Yetterdav morning delegations to the Military Conven
tion arrived by the Hudsrn River Railroad ?.ud the West
ern traioi. The militsrv compares of the city were oat
in g<xd Dumber*, and the whole made a most lmpoeiog
appearance Tbe members of this sssoaiation met at As
KccMlioB Bell In the mori-lag. Brig. Gen. 8?an called
the Coi rention to order, when prayer was oifered up oy
the Rev. I)r. Potter.
The r*<l| nation of Col. Lanstag, ax Treasurer of the As
sociation, wm reoeived anl accepted Col Fairehilt, of
Rochester, was requests! to act until an appointment was
A ecmnsitteo of three waa appelated to wait on the
Governor, Lieut Govener. an.l memberi of the Hsnate
end Assembly, to rrqueit them to attecd the meeting of
tbe association this evening In the Assembly Chamber,
?t which Gen. Durves, of Brooklyn, will deliver his ad
Col. Frisby, of thii city, annou nee 1 the death of Col.
OsV-orn. and invited the association to attend the funeral
In a body.
After the adjournment, the convention attended the
funeral of '*t? Co'. Onb.irn in a body,
In the evening, t'.ie Assembly Chsmbe* was well filled
by members of both branches of fie Logisla'.ure and our
citi/eos, and tbe adfresi of Gen. Daryea listenod to with
miuketi au-ntion. |
Items from Washington.
[From the Washington Star, .Ian. 10]
It Is held by the accounting officer of the government
that tbe 15?h aection, act of July 6, 18S8, entitles every
onm missioned oflieer to lecetve one additional ration for
every Ave years he may have served, or shall serve, as
Hucb ? that Is, as a commissioned oflioer in the army.
There is nothing In tbe I*w that requires the service to
nave been e<m?eoiitive ,aod in making Tp the aggregate of
servi ?? of any officer he.is entitled to tne boreflt ef all
tbe time he may have served as a commissioned officer in
the army. But service in the marine MM cannot be
counted as service In tbe army in computing longtvi.y
ratiors in case of an oflioer's tran -for, nor can service in
the army be considered in coup . tin* the air wanes of a
marice officer transferred fr?m the srmy. The provision
in regard to longevity rations appJet to tbe marine orps,
by virtue of the 6tb section, act of June 38, 1834, plaoing
officers of the marine corps on the asms footing, as to
ecnoiuments. 4 c , wiih officers of ainilar grades in the
infantry of the army.
A military strr lc?per Is not enntidfrtd to h? a cora
iriff-ioced olTcer of the line or start, wl:hin the meaning
of tbe 16th section t f the act of 1838.
This Iipd claim, wbi'-L ??< so longbafow the Supreme
<Vtrt, 's scon to come before Oongre'a, weappr?heod, tin
der a peti'ition from Beaubien for relief He bought the
town i He of Cblcajo? ie-. en*y odd a ires? of the govern
on nt, in 18.'i6, and wa? the fir.K white settler th?rc, (in
1819,) though the law did not allow him to pirohase the
land until the |a?>a?? of the jreeuptlon act of
18C4. Be bmjht it under a proclamation without
any reservation. Bab queatly some old military
rc/ervations were found In the War Department here,
under whlcL suit was brought against bin, and the fu
prec e Court of TUiroU decided in fivor of his right to
purchase. The United States appealed, and in 1^39. the
fupien-e C< srt of ;he t'nited States reversed th s d?oi
p on. The government thri. sold the land (er more than
1100 000. Bis petition to Congress la for some indemnitf
far the loss which he sustained under thii action of the
?overnu.(nt His petition Is ?tr>nzl> backed by the
r? commendations of the courts and fomittoaftiiM of
On the 7th of January) there were of Tr?a?ary wenrants
entered on the books of the department:?
Kor the redemption of stocks 124.272 38
Kor Treasury department, exclusive of stocks. 4,307 10
For the Customs *,120 H9
Covered into the TrNU ury from customs 1,221,481 18
Covered in the Treasury from miscellaneous
sources 83 87
For the War l*parts?rat 26 OTA 00
For theflnterior Department 10 9S4 46
7?r repay in the Interior Department 1,931 90
(Mi the 0th of January there were of Treasury warrants
i ate red on the bocks of tb e de partment
For tbe redemption rf ttocks $69,087 01
Fui Treasury I fpsrtmeat, exclusive of stocks.. 429 00
Kor the Cuatoms 24 004 IX)
Covered Into the Treasury from Customs ...... 66 3!?9 80
Covered into the Treasury from lands 2,880 00
Covered Into tbe Treasury from miscellaneous
sources 460 80
For the War Department 6lt 163 28
Kor repaylsg for the War Department tt. 168 28
For tbe Interior Department 9,466 09
Brom Among tub Mixers. ? A genenl strike of
the miners to tbe Froetbui, Mount Havage, Piedmont,
and George's Creak regions, took plaee on Thursday last,
stone which day no coal baa beea loaded it My of tbe
aniens. Tbe matter remaining unsettled, and as the mis
ers seem determined te bold out, tb* stagnation may M
tzx mci 4?r ITi
Coronet's Investlgatlon?Toallmoiiy of Mrs.
Jbatcnvr and Shlpman? A Curiou* let
ter of Dr. L*teii?r? Mr. and Mrs. liny* atlll
under Arrtat? Remarkable Evidence, ?fcc.
Mefore Coroner Gain lie.
The Coroner y*?ter3sy morning ec.ptnnelU'l ? Jury,
tin ooio ovnoed ini estimating tho f?:ts and clrcum?tao*?s
relative to tke ansawrination of ]>r. Latener, while iu his
office, on last Tuesday moinic#, situated at No. 458 Broad
way, corner of Grand rtre?t. The principal facts In the
cum we pu billed in .^cterday 's Hnuu>. We might
bri? fir state that the Uooier was found dead on the door, i
o* used by a shit from a ?Ut(l, vrtUch r?nctra:?d the
buuof lue kull tnd muut bare pioduced death almost
instantly, tb? bullot having passed thiough the brainand
ledged Itself In the ?;*clp tal hsne
Alter the jury bid b?eu sworn they riewed the body
of deceased, and w we then oondncted to a room
occupied aa an armory by acmjpany if the Jfatienil
Guard, situated In the bHilding di wotly orer the d?ctor s
offices. At abont 11 o'clock quite a number of persons
had colleoUd la and abort the room ("eHgnated for the
holding of the Inquert, and many wete the resarks mad*
front one to the other iueiJeot, oa euoh oootdious, botb
for and again) t the parties accused. The two prbioners
were brought into the room In the custojy of polios
men Mrs. Ha*n wa* requested to reaain Beated apart
from her husband and tbc policemen, informed by the
coroner not to permit theai to converse together. Mri
Hays was not arrested until -tieiiday evening, and that
w?s ^y the polioe at Partem, as she came from the cir <
to go to her residence; but pi ior to li?r returning home
she had visited tlie Tombs and procured an interview
ulth ber husband. Her appetranse yesterday during
tbo investigaticn was of a very mild and 'composed
nature, ani evidently indicated the use of a nar
cotic, and, from the general aspect of the woman,
we thcuU cay she it In the habit of taking
tuch e'esea, which is possibly a part of the medical
treatment she has of late been i?comn ended to in
dulge In. Her personal appear&noe Is not favorable;
she m oi omall stature, rather ilesliy than ctherwlae, sal
low oo?f>xien, note rather long and somewhat elevated
at the ead, >ery dark htir and dark eyes, the latter par
taking of a dim, heavy look, prod aced evidently by the
use of narcotic drugs. She oannot be oalled homely by any
means, nor can she be denlgnated pretty, but wil'
pasn very wall for something between'the two? she may
be called a good locking woman, and under more favor -
ablo auspices, no doubt ber whole frame would exhibit a
mere pleading appearance. Her age must be aboui
twenty-eight or thirty yea' a. We understand she is a
native of lrelutd.
William Haya la alio a native of Ireland, of small sta
ture, and aboat thirty years of age. lie possesses a
pleasing east of countenance, and daring the investiga
tion be was laughing and conversing with his oounsel,
Mr. Busteed, as an associate oounsel wonld do in a oase
ioablch he bad no other eonoera. Bat whether this
kind of nonchalance to asiamed, we ore unable to say.
Mrs. l.utener, wife of the Doctor, Is a fine, noble looking
woman, of (lorid complexion, and vary pleasing counte
nance. She gave ber evidence In a very clear wanner,
considering tho dreams ianjes ander which bU? was tlieu
UifR *hlpman, the tecocd witness examined, is a very
remarkable looking woman, possessing, however, eon
tidtiibie intellect? much more no than anticipated|from
her appearance. She gave her testimony very well, only
the sad afiliction of deafness rendered it wore dllliouli
for the Coroner to make her iuiJ?rstand the queutions.
The following is the
Mary Lu'.aner, sworn, nay? ? My husband wan a native of
Durham, England, aged thirty one years of aje, and re
sided kt its corner of liSth street and Fourth avenue,
Ilaileui ; 1 have been married to I)r. Luteser alx yeara: at
8 o'clock ysterday my husband left Harlem for h'.n
place of bunlntrt, betireea thiee uud four monthkajo my
huib.%nU tew acquainted 'with the Hiya family; th?
uooior visited their house for three or foar months put;
lie might have known him before through passion in the
cars; on the drat afternoon of his acquaintance] he went
to Dr. I'hlUps' houee with Mr. Hayi and myself; there
was a good understanding between them us til three
weeks ago. my husband came to Hays' house one even
leg, aid Mrs. liayi waa sick; I had been there all day;
Mrs Hays had fallen out of the oar and injured her knee;
the doctor came to see me home, and bronght some medi
cine for her; the doctor and Mr. Hays played dominoes
one evening, and a dispute arose about the game, and it
ended by th'owing op tiie dominoes, and we then went
home; afterwards we went back to Hayi' house, and Mr*.
Hays wa? running a lout the room from one to the other,
threatening to take poison; my husband tried to make
peace all be could, and Mr. Bija laid he would call and
see us the next morning, but he did not do so; Mr Hays
went out at 8 o'clock, but the Doctor did not leave until
10 o'clock; after Hays left home Mrs. Hays sent her ser
vant gitl round to the Doctor, eayleg Blxe wanted to ree
him Immediately; tbe D>ctor went over, and Mrs. Hays
and tbe Doctor returned back to our house together; the
Hist words Mrs. Hays tiaid were "I'm going to leave;*' the
I>cetor wiihed her to stay until her husband returned ;
Mrs. Hays would not remain, but went to the eity
with the Doctor, and returned that evening to our
house, and went to the city again the following
moin'ng with the Docter; she remained lnonr house about
a week altogether; during this time Mr Hays called onoe
at our house; he knooked at the door, saw his wife, and
asked her to go hoEe, and she replied she would not.
(Witness here handed some written papers to the Ooroner
left by Mr. Haye for his wife. ) He then left, and I did
not eee him again until after she left, on Sunday last, be
tween 4 and 6 o'clock; on Sunday evening, as the Doctor
returned from the city, Hays met him at th9 cars, tapped
him on tbe arm, and said, 1 Have you seen my wifet" tbe
Doctor roplied he had cot; yes you have, said Hays, and
began to quarrel, and threatened the life of the Dr. ; I did
not see this, but the Doctor told me so; at about fifteen
it in at et after the Doc '.or arrived home Mr. Hays came to
tbe houne; I asked him what he wanted; he sail, "Is
Mrs. Hays there ?" I replie I ' 'No, I told you so onoe be
fore;'1 he said somethlag about the Doctor, and the Bjc
ter said, ' L*t him come in;" I did so; he came in the
dining rcom ; the Doctor acdaHays sat down together, and
Hays accused the Djctor of krowing where his wife wss:
tbe Doctor replied be did hot; Hays said ho would find
her before twenty four hoars, and he would out her up
Into mince meat; that was the last he said, and he then
left; tbe text ttornlrg the Doctor left ht? house
at about the usual hour, and on arriving at
bis office found Mrs Haye there, she hawog
fire to the office the night before, rang the
bell, and the woman let her in; she asked to remain all
r.Vht in the ( Sloe; th fame day the (plr 1 came up to me
aid ntat?d that tbe Doe'or would not be hone that nlglit,
as Hayi hid threatened to shoot his (Hays') wire, and a
dituoulty had occurred, Hays having followed him In the
stre< t, making thieals against him' the next morning I
rame down to the I 'octor's nlliee, and found fa im sick on the
*ofa; he said he hat. been sick with fits all nlgbt; Hays
badfbecn to the office during the nlglit, and threatened the
l'fe of his wife; the Doctor remained in the office until he
went up with Mrs. Haye to the T'olice Court, for
?.he pr-poe of getting >ut a warrant sgelnut He?*;
this was about three weeks ago; on the day be
fore she had made a complaint before the coiri.
on the evening previous, where the deolared that
she was cot bis (Haye') wife, and so she told the magis
trate. The day before this occurred tbe Doctor said that
one rang at tbe bell, and when he came to the door,
ttwUt*- Hays there, who said she wanted to see him; he
excused blm-elf by saying he had a patient in hi* private
rflice. She appeared to be in ae awful etat# of mind. After
going to the Police Onert Mis. Hay* came home with me
to Harlem, and remained there from two to three days,
end then left. I'rior to her leaving ehe wrote n letter to
Haye, saying she wae going to Kngland Hhe came back
again to my house ani remained about two days, and
then she returned back to ber own house; I went
to ber house on th" same day, and I asked her if Mr.
Hajs had made an apology for what he sal 1 about my
husband; Hays had previously told me that he believed
the l ector had seduced hi' will npm r.iy demagog an
apolcgy. Hays wrote tbe fol'owlnj on a pleoe of paper, te
"I do not believe that soy Illicit Intercourse has been
bad between my wife and W R. T. Lutener
Dec 22, 18(13. WM. HA Yd.
To Mrs. I.ntensr. Harlem,"
1 taw Mr Hays wiite the above In the pretence of his
wife, and Mrs Hays handed It to me; I left then and went
heme; the Doctor wss waiting at the comer nf the street f*r
me, this was about two or three weeks ago, or thereabout);
1 did not eee her again until last Saturday morning, she
bad been to the office on Friday; the Doctor sent a note
to her on Friday night, she having been to the Doeter'e
oftce dnrirg the day ud asked aim for theee papers: she
ceme to oar house oa that evening, and asked the girl if
the Doctor waa op, the girl said 'Tee, he waa ?p stairs;"
tbr then left m4 **14 W mU Ml! ?I?1 !a la ft tor mi
nutee; > h? ea'lel again and 1 i>e Dootor bad left ibe Vote;
?be mid she did cot believe tt; I told her I? ?h"t wa'?i?i
t see tbe Doctor she must e?1| b?for-* 1' o'9>r?* the next
day *n be wjh going to the city; I did u>t see li i ag?tu
uu il to <!i~; i' half past live o'clook on tb*l ill
t rday,) w'- eu the dootor a*me home, he saul Uri li'.ye
bud been to thu office at . ab^nt eleven o'clock
that da;; she a-ic-u hiui if lie would apeak t > her. and
h<- *aid he had nut time, ?? he <ra< a 'eii iu<c-r i f\
tie.?t; 'be then itaM she weoted tbe papers: l,e ??1J n j <
wa? *'l he had to show aft?r all she hn<i raid of htm; sbe
then e*(d, "1 rant you to do ma a faml" hd rail no, he
could aet' uole??nhe told Lim <vba' she wanted; Hhetoen
raid ("be yMt* in the fm.-ly way. and wauted aim to Use
i> away; i ioo't k?w It tint van her object; I think ene
wanted t$i Doctor to do tv, that ?h,> might cry oat aud
say he wanted to commit a rape on aer, or something of
that kind; by re'used; she tbeu satd. "I'll boavenged
rpen you, I'l? be avenged upe? you;'* aha atood bv tbe
C nor; He wort ta nhut the d wr, wheu nhe gave aHcreara
aadwent away at about eight t/elook vie nert rrrorning
the l>ootorleft; he ?aid l.? would return about 4 o'olurk
thnt ?lt?r noon; be raid ho should possibly have to go to
the magistrate and tell him abeut it; <m said the
worran looked arfdi; he tatJ h? feared no nau who
eam? openly, but miwd mu?h afrai i of her; be satd he
should take mo wltlt biin to the mitfVtrate, but would
defer 15 a ils.v as the vnatLer una cold and 1 wa-> unwell,
this wr?i all after hiirre'u<lng tt give qji the papers; ne
Pu id *hc looked despirate I ww on the bed when a peraoa
called to announce w^iat had beer done; the Dootor, when
he told e%e, raid, IVII7, dear, 1 w-v> frightened, 1 thougiit
alie hac a knife or platol In her mall"; she looked desper
ate there ?a? no lady about ber; ?he appeared to have
lcita)li<bmc?;f<he was Jeaperate, and threatened him lie
told h<r 1? she did hi he woulil havf ber ariosted
To a Jt:??r? On the Tuesday M.-i Hay* waa at, in,,
office the Pector kad b?wn abtoat fi vm hon<' all nl^bt;
?the *iil and Mrn Haja had Uen In tb? ofllc* all nlijht; I
do not irnrw whether tbe %t ended blm; all 1 h-ard wai
that Haye bad been thert ;hat eveniug, and that he bud
threatened bor life? and Vile Doctor. had caught bU ha?d
to piev?nt vto>Bie
By Counnel, tbrtu Corcner ? I J < not know I
whether my hnfband bad (uanois with other jurHonn;
it Ih a que?r <nreeti( n; 1 dot 't know how t'i aux?jr ? il l>3
had quarri'ln wl*h people;*' there wan oulj H*o lcock'e
quarrel about the morpy; 1 think the trattsr re^ be
tween the three; 'landcock. hai bKea about th* builJiu<
Cueetion r?pea**d.
Witneca? I eaid I do not know of an^qnarrel mt hu?
bano has had with anv penione beside* those already
mentioned ? and Hr. It?ndo;.t3a'i, that wan for pro!t>?
eional attendance.
A-yk'-al C Ship nan, sworn, taye? I renid* av. No. 32
RWiogton ntreet; an y buaineen i? dti-'i uual.ln^ ; I have
known the deceaeffi for ab ut three yearn; 1 Urit went
to the Dcotor for ti-eatment of dekfceaa; 1 boarded in hit
family In Broadway about alz mouths; they tiu'a moved
to narlem; 1 am a dressmaker, for ene year paat I have
b' on in the habit of /letting the Dootor'd family nearly
every Sabbath; then I ren ed a room of the Doctor, at
No. EO Prince ntieet; 1 wae there about three aOBOUt
the D ctor could not let aae have It any ljnjcr; I give it
up and took a room in Croaby etreet; after that I
I took a room at !*81 Donery. and from there to '
the residence I row occupy: I have t?k?n charge of
the Doctor's tffice for uearlv two year*; what I
done wa? voluntarily; ! duate<? his oftioe; ho treated my
ear for ("eafneaa, and did me ao much good that I thought
I could not do too muxih fcr him; and when I had noom
playrrent at rrep^aakin,{. I made my homa at the Doc
tcr e office; about two montha a^o, I first aaw Mr. Hays;
he cam* in with the Deator; I Brat law Mrs. Flays with
Mr*. I.u'ener and anather ladj : they went to the Crystal
Palace; they were vsry Intimate together; I did not .?:??
much of either of thetn; I don't know if Mr. Rays wen?
to the Crystal Palace with them; the next thing 1 know
about It, I saw Mrs. Bays ooming over to Mrs. I.utiner'n
house, ted ccmplaininguf ber husband: I learned from Mr.),
l.utener 'bat a diBlculty existed betw?en Mr andMrs.
this was about four w?eki ago; the following day I raw
Mra. Hays at the office ef Dr. Lutener; sbe told me that
the had quarrelled with Mr. IJays, and was afraid of her
life; that Bayssald he would out her to pieces, and she
won afraid to *0 hr >.e; Mre. Hays, myself, and the Doctor
went to .he police court at Jefl'ar?on market, where Mrs.
Hajsmide a ctaip'iiint, agaiust her husband and swore
her life (rainst him; the iiilicers who arretted Hays let
him go O'i the promise that be would not molett his wife
any more; on the same day, in the af tern- 0.1, Mr. Hays
c :nte down to ihe Doctor's oliice, andaihed for Uis. Hays;
she ?as in ti e ? flier, but Mrs Hats told me ta tell hint '
that sbe vas not iu; I did ao but llays pushed by m? and
went U4o '.be ofli.:e; the Doctor then appeared, and II ivs
ran off drwn sUtrs like anythiog: Mrs. IJavh remained in
the ofbi-e i.ntil about dark, with another la ly ; the Doctor
left first for Ilarleir ; Mrs. Hays, the other itjy and my
self left the oflice for Broome street; on getting into the
e'reet Mra. Hays exclaimed, "there he is," (mining
Hay?); be followed alter us and put his hacd on Mrs
Bajs saying, "Clara, Clara, 1 want to sosak with
you," sbe replied "I don't want to see you:" Hays
foiloweil after us until we got near the corner fcf
Broome street and Elm; Hays then took out a pntol,
ard exhibited it; the Dca'or cow stepped up n rttook
hold of Ha>B atd I with Mrs. Uay ran hack to Broad
way, took a stage, and vein, up to Jeflerson tiaruel Police
Court, forthe purpose of renew iu^ the couiplaiAi and seeing
the magistrate, but it was too. Jate, and v e then oaine
back to tbe Iioctoi's office: soon alter Mr. Hay . came in
ard aaked to see Lis wife in ano ber room; she wouUl not
ste him aloce; the Dootor was then present; after a ehort
conversation tetweea thorn angry word?> ensued, tlio
D eti r interfered, and Mr H?y.i pulled out a pisti l and
raid he would shoot tbe Doo'cr. the Doctor repiied, I have
a pistil also, aud puUed out a rovlver. andtiaiJ,now I ani
teaOy for you, ami laid It on the table; Mrs. iiayi took
up tbe revolver, and ordered Mr. Uays out of the oflice,
acd went towards him with the pistol, and he raa off
down stairs; the Doctor then took Lola of Mrs. liajs and
brought her back; I think the Doctor took the pistol rut
of her Lands; said I, "Mrs. Hays, why you oould not u?
it," (meaning the p'.stolj and she teplled, "Wtll, see li I
caa't; let me try;" Mr. HayB did not come Sa-ik again
1hateven<Eg; that night Mra. Hays remaiied all eight
with me in the Doctor's office, becaueo she was afiaid to
go home; the Doctor went home
[The pistols were now Introduced by the Ooroicr. The
small pistol exhibited tn tbe witness ]
Yes, that looks to be about the size of the pistol 1 saw
Mr. Hays hare tn B-oome street; I 000 Id not be positive,
became I did not have It in my hand; I observed it, be
cause I never saw ro small a one bsfore; I never saw tbe
Doctor have a pistol like It; the revolver now sh'i>vn is
the one belonging to the I>octor. Tue small pls'ni now
shown resetabies the one taken out by Tsy t la thi oflice,
when he threatened the Doctor, I never saw the Hooter
have i(0 small a pistol: he has one larpor than the re
volver. The following morning I >r. I.uiener, Mrs. Hays,
| and Mre. Luterer we ot *0 the Polls# Court to attend the
hearing, and Mr. Hays was discharged on the promise of
cot annojlrg bis wife any more. The next clay, or tbe
dsy after, Mrs. Hays came again tn the Doctor's r,f!io?;
sbe wanted ise to go to Mr Hayo' ofll *??, No. 1 Na>?au
street, as she was afraid to go alone; I *vent with her,
and sbe staved down sta'rs while I took a let'ir to
Mr. Hall, who is a lawyer ic Mr Hay-i' oflias;
1 paw Mr. Hays, and sal', I suppose that tills
l< Mr. Ball's 100m; I then -ave the letter to Mr. Hall; he
told tue, after reading the letter, to tell Mrs. Hajsto
come up elatrs; I did so, and Mrs. Hays went up into the
room, and Mr. Hall stood between Mr and ffr?. JWys;
there was a renverration between Mr. Hall and Mrs. Hays;
Mr. Hall then gave her some rreney, but 1 din't know
how much It was; Mr. Hall then asked me to leave tbe
room; 1 refused to do ao, ae I came to protect Mrs. Hays;
Mrs. bkj? finally or niented, and I left tbe office; M.g.
flays remained there a longtime, sorre two hours; Mr.
Hall left the office; afterwards Mrs llaya same out, aul
we walked to Broadway together; Mrs. Hays then said,
"I dou't want to walk with you;'' I left her ana
came back to the Doetor's office, ami very ixn
after Mrs. Hajs came in; sbe appeared toil laollued
to make it up witi her hnsiand; eoon after the Doc or
came in, and Mrs Maya told him a great d?al of what
Mr. Flay a raid, and that be bad made hor great promises
If tbe would go back ant live vrltn blm; th'<D)storre
p'.iei lie oould do a* she ploased, that be had done all
te ceuM to protect h?r I heard all thl? conversation;
krs. Hays thin left tbo office; the Doctor aaid he bad
h> ard ion ethic g that Hsyi Had iai?, and be sat down
and wrote Hays a letter; I aaw it: he said that IHys need
not thick that he was ignorant of hie til'orta to laj ir.<
him, but that lie had In his pos*e?slin 60<ae ptp*r?
which night bring Hays tp pur injiirent, or som?tbiat to
that purport, Mr Hays ka? not been to the offios rrcc\
but Mrr. Haj* came the next day; the Dootor aa3 M:s.
Hays bad a corviriatinn aboit the papers an the ln^sr
that he had written to FUt?; I ''id not thiuk Mr*. !Ujs
was j. ler red on that occasion, and when she left appeared
fb b? very serious; on Monday night la>t, at about nine
o'clock, when I fame to tbe 1'c.etor a o(H:e, I found a let
ter, din oied to me, lying on the tab e; It waa n;/ aex'.ed,
the follow inj la a copy ?
jA!?f*nv9, 1C'>I-SP. M.
Pmh I.m??1 with t4 see yoo at tl in the m..rBin*. Mr
Ilavs called at II A. M. to day and acted most ttrair*.
trie me that Bays sad berwero -t.* tt separa") if I I
not aive her tbe letters. Rhe th?n aaked ceto exareiae her
and see il she was in the lamily way. and if ao to do aiy
thing with D, otherwise she would not kaow what to do.
When I refuted ti have any tdiag to d> wlt'i Ljr sie dew ;ato
a passion, and said she would bave h(f rivenie en m', t
rtow I an convinced " flaye" It st the bMtora ->f thii. fo
and Her naats those letter*, and will ransack bell it 01 i t
t? gev them.
Ihey have been eoaxiag, aal rromU - everything.
Now that tbey have failed la lult, 1 preiume taty are
bad enenth to try fonl play to net them. Tims will tell
wbetbor trey will succeed cr not. I Ijteefte shut t> a d or
In ber face if (be daris to rafl at tin, aid ehiuU ehe cr any
cne beio'fltc to her sail. T dsslrs yos will do lbs same. 1
am soinn heme by tbe 3 o'cloek oar? I ?e acinatnt Mrs. h
v> bat la rotDg oa' I fear mnob to do ?t tbe Jo. ate sta.o
sbe toe te. tut it 1s my dirty to keep nothing A this nature
tack iron her Please be here ia tbe morning. V ?irs.
I remained at the c(Bc? *1) nlfftit. and l?ft to the morn
leg at about half pact right o'clock; 1 got ru? breakfaet
down town; I returned to tb? ofl',~o at about half
olno o'clock that n.onno<; the doctor opened the door,
he then lat down ia a chair; hll fact wae Inili.ieJ to
wart:* the ftcre, with a newepeper la h'? b*a<l. I don't
know that aorttlog pawed, except that he ia<4 tnat Mr?,
H*vewa>at tin hun?e lait evening, h* refer* e<I to the
letter, and nail "did you gat my note latt nlgbt?" I t il
kitn yp ; he eaid, "* hat do thick?" I tol.l him I did not
f? a. anythlcg, but I ild not doubt bat what they would
go to th<> Teiieat extreme to get the letter*. ' nerur trio 1
new," aald the Doctor, ' T want yo? to go of an eireni
fo a nerraoi. girl In Fourth atreet, to need to iny
hot)"* ' I did not lee the girl; I did not leare
the office directly ; I took bin oarpet bag and
coat, u naual, an,, pot th"m away, I then left,
and the Doctor wae itlll reading ; I went to Fourth
(treat and cane back In the car; I think I wae ah?ent
nearly an hour; It wae abnnt a quarter to 11 o olock when 1
returned to the office; I think It wa? about a quarter to 10
o'elock when I left the ofliee, on my entering the offise
tbe ontdde tfo<r wae faetened, but the reeeptlon ?oor wae
not i jopened tbe etrter dnor with my key: I then found
U* letter ij'r< cb 'M Hj;t, irUU hit I
boirl near tli* tftor; then* w*? hi! Ut'le bloed t? ha MC
| bin head wia about six loobe* from the Ijor; he waa oa
bit ?>.)? mid hie heed >u more tnreed towards the do ?r
"tui 1 *?w tit b'c <1 I thonrht he had raptured a MoM
"?Mlj 1 then ran iofo M-. W ~1V i fli ?, mid ? fr-4 a gea
t>? in to. if t: wonld i vo l for a ii' '-'.or; 1 t!i?e said
wk?t fh?ll l di f h* iiM Utut sflm? w*t?r In his In *'
1 u ok m ? wtter ?m: batb?d hl? lortkru!: 1 r?ino?? . ?
box ft' m inr b<8 t ek(.- lonfe vie newspaper from nil
right tun. I; I cm tinned 1o b**b* head irita u Id wa
ter ki J '"It his w'n-o 'tie dontor came be 8*id It
?!.' ?(i tut, &h DtlrildftiS I w#'i' for n?i-no water a%d
in d< ing 9f I steppe i i;\y,0 tfc? pint 1 fhich is her* exhib
ited: it ley about ttnw feet 'ivvi the mwmL Dear the
vlmiow: th? consult.** room <oor <u open; tlu D>oti*r
w%* ? right tided nr. Vd; th?rr? w*r no tuxx* on th# Doo*
U r> h?!i<if w*en I first saw hlrr hir- bi r v?? go clotted
mil" blcxxl that I did net notlc<* wiintu-r it bad 'Mtm
air ??*i by the powder.
To ? Juror ? The Djotor held th-< .?lew-poj.er at about
Uf uiicdie, a* persons m-uslly do -,?hen reading; lit latd
on I>i?t 'sft side, fc.S r'ght lit?od rem.**# on his bo ly *nd
hi* left liad on the Boer: I reooliart '.be l?>ator hating
fits in lh? t tfi. ? ; one night Urn H ky sad n.y.elr wwe
with h n and Mrs. I.u'en?r rame to tie ofRon the next.
n omirg: >* never tc<ld m? toe causa of bio uario^ titi
I bar* kncwu hiin to have tils before; l ii'! not ??? aojr
oca coiuirpuji io tb * vlflo* wL?u I lefL that moralag
ihajr might bar* been watching "h* placf I nerar haara
ul ?ut *D|(iT wt>rC? baVvien toe Dootor acd any perao?
akorpi Mj. ilsjM
At the cou< ?u?ion of tLiti witna^'a t antimony one of
?b? juit, who is one of on? city n uneUmpn, raraarked
Iba; it was ikOw after foar o'clock, and as he was an
at ris orak.ok, he inored tbat aa adjournmttat take*
[i u?e i nlil 1o tuoirow mo-i.ing, at t?r.- o'oloek Prior to
'L* ndjouvnnitnt, how?y?r Mf Baotea J ooun^el for Mr
Ukjrs, propi<>vd to tbe Coroifr tbat in tha e?aot of Mr*
beiig t>sar.iiB?d, he would like to snomit a series of
qufstiona which he wished to '?? put, and sijooraly hoped
that the C.ironer would aresda to the piop'rltisa.
-'rouer Uanibl>> replied that he lntende-l to toT?atl<ata
tbe caM) moat fuily, and that every facrlity should b?
ajtanded towards lis clients 3 Jta pa'.ible with law and
justice. *
Iht? Coroner th? i tetk a rmfii ti a til ten o'clock this
mriaiDg. I'reTtous to the jury rti'parsln?r ther rtaited
tLe rtom wh?ie the H. ctor w*s f 'un>l oa lbs door, and
tbe last w ittiei-H showed them the xxait position of the
x>.;y whtn rhe first beheld it, ? i
N mri from iVMtai
AdTleee from Port I'raya to Daa. 6, annoanoe that th?
Ualled State* slcop of' war Dais w?s In port at that date,
?wajtin( orders. The Constitution was daily e> pec tad.
We have noelTed a private letter, giving farther de
tail! of the capture ot the tchooaer H N. tiambrill, aa
acaount of whioh ire published in omr issue of the 8th
inat. The latter la dated St. Paol da Lcando, Not.) ?
| 16f3, and eays:?
I 1 rend you a brief notice of the capture by the 0. 8.
| fr'KtU" Cunstitntirn of the Jchuiasr U. M. trambrill, ot
Bsitimore, which aai'.sd from Ne* York in A'l^ont} last.
?be was engaged in the slave tr&du. . Ths following are
the names of tbe oretr of tbe H. (laaibrill ?
rbomas (fill and Frederick be Itesurer, mates; Aatonto
Ccsta, Frederick Alfred, Juaa ilaliita A1 ato, (Spaniard*,)
reuneu. Ernest iUblcu, William C Tecant .lames Le
Taizant, John C. Jones, and Liecearu Monrsarriek
On tbe day previous to her eeixura, the H. N. (.lambriD
w?? filled up with water, and vras hovering ill tbe coeal
for the purpose of taking^lavri on board, whea the Ooa
f ti nit ion discovered her at daylight on th? 3d of Moreta.
ber, captured her as deaaribed, aud with her price waa at
SI. Paul de Loando.on the Kb of the tame month.
The commerce of the Unital Stages with Afrlift baa
declined ? sailing vxsseis belag untble to compete with
English steamers, which, monopolize nsarljr the entire
trade, a greatur part of which was formerly car iel oa
by American ships. Tbe slave trade lu pi-wecutrf l chiefly
nu tbe south coast, acd Asneiicsn resells, chiefly from
New York and Massachusetts, have thair fall share. TIM
south coast demands the i rei ence of an American .taanMc,
which alone can f uccesafully destroy this ini^ul'oaa traf
m1 ami deter Atriericaa vassels fr*>m engaging la it.
The Constitution will tail from St Paul d? Lniiado fot %
^t. Helena. The Marion, U.S. bloopof war, H. Y rwuiaoe,
also at the same place, la bound for Benguelu
Ccptelu Ingraham at Alosuidila.
Th^'e is no true hearted pauio. iu our c.'imtrr who
will rot read the following with emotlooa of national
pride : ?
hx'ractofa letter from an officer of tha Ualtel State*
aloup of ear Si. L'.uis, dated Alu&uima, ')rc 1,1868.
Cur reoaptios here waH of the most gratifying -'larae
ter, o*il? ohii-lly to the feelirjs of rcHp(.ct *nu vlniire
ti u which the gallant act of Captain Ingrahaui ... Smyr
i a, uud it-- Otr'ueo miorttun ot ?ud vindication by oar
go'-'mirent, have inspired thrcugbout the Ets . Tee
public d- monslratii ns of respect to that ?omraanf <r. te
i n: country, and to its tiag h.ve already taken pliae
here tic ce our arrival. The Srst was iu the form of a
erera^e on ths first avening; t^a a*c>nd at the theatiet
to ubioh we were invited, fir the express purpose as wa
alterwarda understood* On tha brst ocoasion. Mr. JoaM,
ls'e consul, briefly returned Itiauks to Uia crowd for the
oorapllment (Jn tie second, the respect paid to Captain
lBi<rah?m and to tbe Mag (oue of which bad b?>? i pr?
pered, and waved from tbe box of a party of *en'.leoiea,>
m i acknowledged by Captain Ingrabam and Ur Ha i-eaa,
the i,. iw consul geatral. who was conveyed to his put
by the St. IjobIi, simply rising up and bowln< to tha
audience. Upon the whole, these demonstration* ware
so sfgnllloant and ao re* pet table In thair character ti la
Induce the mention of them.
Doiuostle Mlarellenjr.
A suit la now on tntl ag^pt Uie city of 1'olladelphia,
to recover the value of pro^Fty which was destroyed by
fire in ?onaequence of the city neglecting to raeure Um
fire-pluga from frteziag.
Mr. Kbenezer Ay res, of Coopers town, Me., waa lately
found frexen to death In the wools.
Three phyalclani at Montreal pronounced soma bonaa
fotind in a atove to be those of a woman, whereupon Aa
dtrioo, a ao^dler. waa arieated for murdering hla wila?
who had riirappeareil She returned a day or two aftac
warda, having been abused by her huabaud and goo* oat
to asning. lhe bonea were those of a pig
The Paraguay Expedition.
I'leeuming jou will > m it of inter- -it to the publle. M
wi'H & iv to the imiD<iiUt? relatives and frien d of Captain
i'a, s and officer* of tbe eteamer Water Witch, I be* TOO
to ADiiOQDce in jour paper that shereaehed Assumption.
th? capital ot I'aragiitr, with mt accident, on the 1*1 ot
(xs'oW, where I leit her 00 the 4th, officers and oree^aO
Captain 1'i'ge had receive! from the Argentine Authort*
lire, in hin t rat Hit of the river I'irana, i>m<>n*traUoaa
of th* mret cordial g< od-will; and, on enter! ig the water*
of the Paraguay, found that order* bad b??a iMued a
month in advance to furnwb him piluta, prnv ?nn?, and
?v>ry deeiraile fae'llty for prooceiiing up to the capital. |
Prwi-ident lope* had given to Captain I'aire the aeior
anee of *11 n?ce?MryAn*iitanc to expedite the conntrae
tionnf the nmaller steamer, (interned to explore the
minor river*.) which It wa* hoped would be oomp'dted la
u couple of month*.
Moth the Argen'ine |and Paraguay governments' and
people appear tn dnly appreciate (he great Importance ot
thu objccte hau in Tie* l>y oar government, and then
cai. I ?? no denbt will extend every uwl in their pjwer to*
wa;Ji it* successful completion.
V. 8. Mai Hilar* Office.
Jan 11.? Ib-voU.? Sev-n of the cr?w of the American
eblp Defiance, who bad been arrested by the police for ?
ri-voit on tho Pacific Ocsao near the eoa?t of Tern, were
ba. ded over to the United States Marshal, and are 00m
mitt*'. on the complaint of Capt lloUerran, to await M
Personal Intelligence.
Fx Got. I^onard. J. Farwell and family, of Wisconsin,
w?-e in Chleago t n the 7th ln?t., en rout' from Madl/oo to
!?*? York.
W G >argo, New York; Col. G. M Bird, If. Y.; O. O.
Irt:" u, <Ja . Eeaj. Lyons, I*.: Col J. B. Morgan, Va.;
/. Collins U?, Bait.; Sao uel Hanson, Me ; A. C. Kbodee,
Salt.; Capt. Wm. H We*!, Phil.; Thomas Carney. Cin
oinnati. Jan.e* Y. Am**, Ua? ; Kobt. Kalaton, Pbila
deipli.a? arrived yesterday at the Aitor.
Feward Mason, E-q Troy: Wm H. Gollthwalte, Ala.
V. I /??!?, Oiwego; K Delafleld, fcVj , White House;
Af"?m F e'nan, Alban?: J. F. Mesoner E?.j , Hartford,
Ooon ? arrived at the Prwcott Houee yeiterday.
T M Grlswold, Mmi.; E T Taomnson, Caatletoa; J. J.
TkiU, Hrracune; J. Powlen, Philadelphia; Hon. 1,
Wright. "chenectady; H. W. Houlc, Bwtoa; R J>ne* (/.
H. 4 Z !/ee. Baltimore; G. Osgood, Norwich. K Harris,
Baltimore? .rrlred yeiterday at the at. Nicholas.
Fur Liverpool, in the steam ahlp Africa? Mr and Hr> Me
Kenile and three ohildrea, N York; Mr aad Mr* II Basel, Oh
M-mt, Mr* J Manet, Mn and Mia* Oulllomet aad ?erv*at?
Ftin-e; Mr* WyMe, Mix Le Meiurier, Mr* Kriri and oluld,
Mrs Merry. Mr and Mr* Mvthman, Mr and Mr? Illroh. Thee
ciarkton. Montreal; Mr Sohoadrrff Mr Keller NYork; Mi
Cr>er*. Mr and Mr* tVmhart, Mr fh?w, T P Rte, Mr NtMla
told, Montreal: J C Coamr, Inrland: Oeora* Mooaer,
3 Ji mil, NTerk. Mr Marret, t'ranoe: Jam** Fete*.
Gt rr' h'ali*. Jr. NY?rV (;?"?e A wim, Moatreal;
Mr IKmllton, Qaebec; W R Kradlo). *o<. Walter C'ol iaboa.
Monir'al; Mr WH*h, Mewarli, I*J ' Mr AaMhtr Oncbe*.
Mr Klnmford and mn. NYork; Mr Melkleham, Montreal;
Ibeodure Martin, do; John Parker do: J Joeeph.de; JO
Jr'nion. to: D Mel> o<al, do C D Roy, do; Mr Vonaa,
W'b<c; J K Oliver, do: Iho* Qilletpla, Moatreal; Bernard
( enrtenar, *L*lan<l; Mr BttUy. M(,att*al, Mr L* M taria,
QtitleetB CBieteaion, do; Mr lOrry. Montreal, n H?aJa-'
Trie, Jr, do; Mr Giitllemet, Fraaoe; fl| Hamel, Mr Dodwta;
t'aneda; W ? Child*. N Y; A F HaMne. do; Id Maeea; do;
J M.nm, M-ntrtal Mr aid Mr* J"ha M I?nnl.p,
Canada. Mr and Mr* I'bilip Dollaad. Moatreal. Ileary
r.ri-flke tfd ladr N Y . Mr SharpHet aad i.t, Moa
!r?al; R fmith, do; Mr Hallnwell. do, Mr Porter, I.t
"?i?j>ieB*. A Iraxer, Canada; John Dawidn, la-iraid ihild
N t ; II Smlti.. M Y; I, Plot*, Italy; Hi" There?? Franeleta
do; Mr ilaanaa, Ireland, F Onalow, de. Joha Toon, do: f
I'ay.'Beteeker, Oe'maar; Rev Kobt Wallace, Ireland. I>ee
Kirin, do. John Ilcward, N T. Mr Mactie. C W, I>aal 0
Iliokey, Klngitoa, C W, Mr Mnlliatuo, Snclaad, aa4 othar*
? total, M.
F torn Charleetoa, in iteamahle Ja* Adtee~MI*? Duryta.
Mr* Neafn*. W Rnbtrtnon. lady three obildra* and nr<?, O
W I ' moroy, Robt MeCrear; Samnel Baker, Jo'i(e l.r?ae, W
Met Ime, Tbtma* ynla, W 8 Needhan, W Baeeitia*. WO
Seats, Joha C'aao, (1 B Thompson, J B My*, B 8 Keyae, t
W Thoma*. John Wateoa. B ? Morse? II ia the iieerai*.
From Liverpool, la *hlp Slddone C J Saxkery, Toeodere
From Bane, ia thlp Zarieh-Capt 0 W Tkeapeeo. Mr*
From OUegsw, la (hip C?tt? UM-Ufl Dfllll, MlM
I via.

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