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Increased Probabilities of a General
1 urcpean War.
IV Eritish and Frinrb Fleets Olflcl
ally or < <-<( to (lie Black Sea.
Drtry Snow Mtirms ? Travelling Interrupted.
Pro |>?ct of a Duel Botveea Hick,
ter Sou'e and Lord Bowden.
Cotton Market Firm.
&v Ac., A.o.
*? rH* hova *<>., ?mi >rw im?N<wicn to funs
THIHGB TO WIKl 1 . 11 Till Htm IHUBilLAl'l, nmd OOK.VKM
O* UTATi A*!' " *Tn?KT? MWTOX, A.N'D nitv.'B TO >?W
TOUC ?T BOlH? - PK..MIAO TBLtOtUJ-a, UfTlOl *?>. ax WAU
Halifax, Ju. 'ii, I -a
The royal nir.ii ? ?niB>Vp Nt?icam, Captain La'.tob,
from Ufnpoui ? ... half pa?t .1'. M on Saturday, 7th
.nxtant, arrtT? eat won 9 aud 10 o'olook t?l? ?uorn
fmg, bavin g is very tarda waath*r oa th*
Tb* Niagara m t. ?ith A ncu'iie?<t wind, atjnoon, for
?e*fom, wb*re .1 will be <. u? at aa barly hour on Wwl
IM-V motu(i u
Th* ?ct?w utr.mnhtp AmloH. from New Vnrknnthe
ITttb Ixaembar, a -lrad nt I.irertool at noon oa Sunday,
Lit imtant.
The Collin* ?t?-am. hip Atlanto, 'rom New York cn
Saturday, 24th '? ? u, jmr, arrlt.d at Llrtrpaolat a o'clock
P. U oa Thorn"*? , t th .natant
Th* ?e e? ateem hip City of lila'gow ??'lni from Liter
pool oa tb* 8th iruarj for Phl.'a Mphla
The Intelllgn c- from Oonatantlnopl* aa'. St i'et.rs
fcarg ?ontiaaer to '>? a* contra ilatory a. *T*r; oa'. th.
late.tramor* ar> ?>< a c aracter to leate la th* estima
tion of th* pobl r . aio.'y ?ny bop* that th. Oar will
aooept tx.* I ant ( . . p??ltioa of the western Power*; and
tbU rtew of Ik- nit- er i. alinoal uuivvriallf entertained
at Coa.taotiuKi i
Ureat Britam I & b?en Yl.ltei 1> v tb* ievereet itniw
Hterni for m?ny ?-*t. ill the fatm were blooksd up
fx two oar" an t'>?? matin %h.u tb. Niagara sailed
war* altog?U*rt ru'ii.r Th* I.iT*rp jl m<rebaa'. *o
'Qiacg*, for laou i h i 1 jaMn, ba ' t*coor*? to a hu >w ball
6ght? '-Cutt. c hr >?rH tn St >ck biokern" ? which ?nJwl
in tb* uawarr.i. j?i I# lai^fiDViito* of lh? pj.to*, an1
ijttite a row ?n-u. u
IMr Franc b l?t'?--ii .m otion tujually <r?at J*t*n'ton? o.'
tb* malu in ii>a> i?try from the vnow.
in Btl^iutn tur nu. ? I i?r k?t?ik1 rent <!??p on tb* ruil
way n, and tr<M>i? ? ? rnipl > *d elnartsff tb* traokn
AX Madrid thin* > *?! o+?a (? i.jrd, la th* north thr
winter wm uij ??v*r*. Tb* BaUie .at paiktof with
floating lc?
At a na'-ura. oonxqa.ee* of th* rrMtlT incr^awd
prababiiUi** of a <rcH>al European war, tb* Engllib
?took aad br*?:?iufl? uiatkeU have b*?n greatly *z:it*d,
and eonaoh ch>.-. rn Frio ay at a dasllna of % to I per
ceat oa th* week
Tb* br**d?tofl>i u.arawta thmaghoat Ureat Britain had
beeu HOT* eaeit' i than at any preTioil tiiu. lias* tbd
fauiine in lltiani'. aud prij . bad largely adracoed.
Tb* advaao* m tl -.r for the w??k 1. qaotvd by *om*
re*p*o'.abl* nomown ai nou.e'i at three ?biliiogn per bar
1*1, and none | ? the aetual a !?anc? at le?? than two
Whaat bai al ?<i>ane?d alrnoet beyond prejedeat
ranging from t*a u> fourteaa penne p?r buthal of 70 lb.
Tha nark*t for l.i?ti?u oorn was l?.i exolt*d thaa tb*
tear aad wb*at raark^t*, bat prie*. har* be*a adran**d
aiaa* tb* nall'.ng ' the Earnpa from eighteen peno* to two
?kllliagt P*r qua- t?r of 4S0 lb.
Tb* oottoa market ontlooed rery firm, at {Carina.
^aotaMoa., w b >aa*aotion. to th* *kUnt of aMilt
10.000 baiaa Tor to* w?*k easing January 6.
Tb* prjrljio* ?- a-im ens' aa* <| itet, aad wltboot any
material ebanv- prieae
The Soule UlfSruity
Thar* waa * r?j rt ib?t an.ttaer dael be:*?>?a Mr.
8oul<- and Lord > < vdn, tfce Briiiab Minister, wan on It
deferred on aocount Jf a d-atu in ih* family of the Utter
Ibf 1 urkiuli War
rai ruopoHiTi >s? pob t nit pbaci covou?a?
Authentic lot* jJLeo eoutrmi th* prerlaoa report
that on the whim "f iw?mb?T 20 the Port* aooeptel
the aote of tbe V ir 1'owera, aad u;i tlut he would
?ot, under e?rt? i condition*, object to en arstetlee;
bat Mctlouw t! id.iFi tba cT?cjBtl<>B of the Prise!
pall tie* B? o. n-fot# to a Coagref is a neutral city? to
ft written of ?int ng toAtier, and to aoneider the pro
prtoty of farther ?mollorettoa iu the co&diJon of tbe i
CBrletaia*. hi* ?? ??* man he matatalaed
Tbe deliberation! of the Dtran continued fir throe Jay a,
the -IKh, Viet, ea 1 VM.
Oa tbe deli'M-ratioae tranapir.ng la (Jonataattaople oo
the Viet, a tnmatt hom from a mob ef three thouaan<i
ftatTa*. BTged oa b7 tbe I'lemaa, having aaaambted ta pre
Beat a remooa'raoe* to the luliau declaring that the
8*B*rlat* oonetitntton w?a ?n l*W bj the reeola'lona of
tkt Oomaotl. f or a * a r ot wa* feared, and a fore* of
marina* from *b- Rngl.- >i and Frecch et**m*ra wa< oall
?C to UonataatUopi*. "h* night, bnw*r*r, paaaed over
qaletly, and oo <b* 2 2d a proclamation wan U/med, an1
quiet reetored S-?-r?l of tht> mub war* a r re* ted, aod |
banished to Carxii*
Someth'pg <!* atu aa to tbe aatlou of th* Oiar waa
dally look**) for at i> idon and Parla
It waa auted. from St. I'etereburg. that th* Em
jMror formal'/ rej c!*d tbe \ enna protocol aad lot*
Of th* Ith, bat wuuld ooueeoi to reoelr* aad examine
th*TorkUh pr< aa of the 30th, aa above, although
k* p*rel*t* la refneiog to rea> |r u th* light of European
Inter reotica la a altera which he ?ay? aoBMra Ruaata aoi
Turhay alone
It waa reportad tereral tim*e during th* week oa the
Pari* Bonn*, that tl>* Our had rec*ir*d and rejected th*
Turk tah propoaltiro, but tbe rumor waa premature.
t'p t? the 2tth iwe?mM>r the *111*1 B**t* had not an
te rod th* Blaek itea. owing to temputaon* w**ther.
Ootraator* a* Valla ar* ordered to form depot* at 81
?Of*, Varaa, asd Trabmed*
Tbe laatrnaitnn* to tbe fl**t* are, that la th* treat of
aaaattrg Ru*>1ab ablp* of war. 'hej will In th* nam** o'
their raapMtire g tenement*. i*-|U**t th* Rn**Un offer
IB ooanmaad to retam with bia ihlp nr ahlpe toS-baato
poi, where b* will Dad farther Inatinstlca* from hla for
?bbiwI On ra'uaal U> romp 1 j force will be n*d
Koaetea atnteseou afTeit act t < feel tbe allghteet alaim
ae regaKB tbe th-eat of th* a Hal iqoadroae. Oath*
eoatrarj, they a?.?t that th* entry of th* fle*ta will be
U>* el(anl for eliuultaa**ae oatbrtahe la l*dla, Algeria,
tlriiin. aad a Oraek laenrreetlon throughout th* Turklah
IBiplre, aU txitg al eady organir* J by ag*aU of th* Oiar
Heary eaow a*rrr<i prwreotwd any op*ratlon? it nig
nftuJa, hot vberr w?r* (mali (ktrmleh** dally bet ?wa
IB* outpoau of tne two araile*.
A Raaatandeejaiob aaya that the Totkleh army In UlA
IB to-allj dlaorgao'1-d, and U.a" S-lluo Paeha an! G-reral
Ottjoo bar* te a kilted by the tioope. No on* b*Uer*<
Turktah aoeooata arkaowh.'g* th* eraotntioa of tie
Koealaa tBnitory la Aala, but *aj it waa affe?t?d wlUiont
u>* repor'ed loeee*.
Abd* 1'aeba ooirtnanrter la A? la, la rauaeed, and ?tu
?Md*d by Ab m?< Pftfha
Iwo llmaaa hare >w*n aent to 3eriia, c.n.< guar.?'>*
U| all Servian prirllegee, aad th* other canoeia all th*
XBTBO Kaaelaa irwatiea, bat permit* tterrla to claim ih*
protMtloa of all 'be Powtra.
Th* la teat a* we from Pwrria I* more eatlafaa'ory bat
fB*au ln**oa(il akle with th* alatem*ate that th* Rtu
?tea tllawal TarmlioC Nonam a tbe Penlm ar<uy
A lliWBallaoyb daepateh ot th* Sith ult ea) a that
K t IkMiyaoa, U* Britlafe Charge ta I'ertte, h*a too
oeeded in terminal! a the AlfftmicM Omt
Britain and Peraia.
Abu.*', FJfend, the Tu kith Charfa, wat ittMtd with
tha expiaoatirn of U. I ?rt*? government, ul did aA
think It right to Interrupt tba rolattoaa with thi 8aah.
M K?tiki n. tba Ruffian Cm?i1 kt Tefflla, ktl pM to
Ft mm and AfgfcanUtan U apodal Mtoj of tha Cur.
Arx-ont* from all parti of Eaiaia daeoriba extraordi
nary military activity, uexampled itaoa 1*18.
Tha Ctar baa ju*t got a supply of twenty milboM of
rouble* from tba Church.
Tha Ixmdc a Observ ~ nay* that i|Mtl ere aa tha way to
the United State* to pure ha** thipa and arau privately
for Rnaila.
Halil Pacha ia in the mtnUtry, but without a portfolio.
Rita Pacha *np*ratdea Mahmoud I'aaoa u Minirter of
} RBSLIT CIRllTLaH (TON Till WAtt QPBSTT# * ? 013
The l'arl* Mniltur contain* a circular. dated L>ae*mb?r
10, eignedby the kin 1* tar of Foreign Affair*, to all the
French legation*. ou the Falters qaeeUon. The dojuaent
wratk.raie bat very inn Id ton*. After narrating the
phase* of the question, it declare* that Fraace, F.oglani,
Auitrta aid Pruatia, bare recently, by agreement at
\ ltnaa, solemnly recognised the territoiial integrity of
tbe Ottoman empire a* one of the condition* of their
political equilibrium. Further, that the affair of Sinopo
took place against ail pr<YUionj, Ruaaia havlag declared
tha' Ah? out j doeired a materia) guarantee; therefore, to
prevent the Grtninan flag from new attaoki by tbe
naval force of Kaaaia, the French acd Eagllah fleets
have received order* t > eater tbe d'aok -Va. Tneiiroalar
termlna'** by expressing the hep* that Rtaala will not
ex?oee Furoke to new cont ul-lon*.
Tin* piper* authentically a 'ate that tha French govern
ment n- diaaatixfled with the evasive 0 >adact of ii?3ia,
aod h?? a' <1re*.?ed (bat Cabinet a a'.rong remonstrance,
intimating that any further recession on her part from
the proiieoatag* of tbe other three Power* will be ttken
a* an indication of meditated host! ltua, the reaulc* of
which hlie mufct be prepared to abi.;e by, whatever taey
n aj be, and that Franue will *> .end aid to Hungary,
Italy, tie.
The fotrie ui Bulletin give a report tfci' th* Ciar bad
*iven < rder> for immediate prepuratioaa for orrnving the
Pauuke If thin be true it indicate* that the Czar h aa
rejected tbe prep^aitions of tba four Power*.
Advice* frcm Constantinople agree that there I* little
hope rutei tamed ot new negotiation* leading to a latU
faotory te?ult.
V i win* a, Friday K raring.
The Turkish Ceunoll ha* declared itaaif permanent, and
harmony i* e-tabllebed la the Cabinet. Oo tha recent
disturbance the Saltan ceolared to the French Ambaaaa
dnr tbat he would lather abdicate than accept aulas
anee againat his own aubjeot*.
Tbe Ru-ialan* hare occupied the Auatrlan Wallaehian
fron ier from Oroova to tbe Torfburg pan*, near Oroa
itadt Tbe Katniana are alae permitted to m*ka puroha
ft* within tbe Aa*trian frontier.
C >unt 1'iterhazy l a* not yet gone to 81 1'etembu'g; it
t* therefi'.e auppoaod tkat aome poUUcal mlannderataud
lcg ban ariera.
Con*tantln<>pt* i* tranquil.
Trieat* it menUoned a* tu* oantral town for the meet
iog ef the Congreta
Krajora adti5a?* of Dec. SO aay that the peaiaatry had
"Inaurreciloned" along tbe Daaabe froaa Kalefat to
Turna, anc liuiuiaa miaoro9icial* were erery where turned
Qreal Itrltaln.
iluoh iadigraTlon 1* excited at the dUoovotad Inttrfer
?? ce nf 1'iince Albert in politic*. Tha more Independent
of the paper*, and yet mora loudly the public voice, pro
test that Prinee Albert la the anb*ervl*at tool of Itueeia,
and that l.ord AberCeen 1* altogether under Albert'* la
flnence The Prtnco betray* every se jret of tha B'ltlsh
Cabinet to 'ho hneeian, Au<tran and German oourta, and
the inipur'ant State affair* that are kept pr^fnuadly ?e. ,
oret frcm the British public ate fiuoiy kaewn ia dl.
Petersburg ard Virnca.
The fX)jre?. torn lit li cigea'ioB s?aiaat the Priaeo, who
t#, trnly or falsely, regarded a* the tall tal*, are uauaual
ly strcod Be ia popular ia Maaobeeter, Liverpool, aal
with the mauu'acturlng interact, eonaeqaently the organ*
cf tbat internet are (ilent on thesnbject; but the ra>liea)
and coniiervatlve pap*r* alike join In dxnlarlnc that hi*
interference ha* reached a pitch dangerou* to tka const!
The affair will i'ooh'1-** come before Parliament.
ParlUitient met projiirnia on thtSd, ard we* prorogued
ei'h he atcal f< rnaalitiee to meet on January 31 for
A <'ablr.et Oiuceil *a* hrid on the 31, and sat four
hotn. all the Mlnistera being pre-ent
The flcanrlai atat#m*nt for tie quarter ending January
6, iboes a large tnorea<e of revenue.
The French Eaiplr*.
The cufttomary flaw Y*ar'a Pay levee >u b*l i on duo
day. the let inat , at tb? TulU rlwi The Emperor, ad
Iretfirg the airbeaaedor*, Mk>?' 1 emsexly bop* to be
able to inaln?atu the relatione of amity which aatieiat be
tween n t government And the t.overeigna whoee re?re?a
tativre you A'* " Turning to the Ottenian ambaaeador,
he ?ai<1 ? ' My grod an?h??, uiy a- aipathiea, and tU' ef
fort* are <a f?vur of jour aoTeteign, and you will be g od
rii ufii ta roirmaet sate to him what I *ay "
Tb ? Titi.it ourr>?pon<'*iit report* tl'at when required,
teventy thousand KrenehowD will be ready f n tte camp,
part near Adriaacple, and lha other* aaar Ooaataatlaopta
A report from tha War D*p?rtmaat I'ataa tbat the nam
bar if iuen avai'ablt for arm* la Kranoe ta tba eveat of a
ganrral war, I* co? and a qiar.er million 'or land
It l? currant In pnl una I eiroletthat tba Cfctr doe* not
oea?e to tempt Lnul* Nap^l'on to d*eart tha Ua?llih alii
anee, and <>0<>t? oofent to tha Krenrh anni-xa lna< f Bel
glom ano Kyjpt Tae Czar premUing to abaudoa tha
caooa of tie Kreaoh Bourbon'
Iba KlB| baa da?raad ttie total *uppr?ee<on of tha 1m
port until* oa oeal till farther oo.toe
Sweden and Denmark
uva ubnkkai. war.
Tha government* of Headan aad Per mark htra id
draawd a circular to tha anaru of Raropa ? La ting that
whatever dlflloultiea Turk*y may oauae among tha aara
time powara, Sweden and Ivaiuark have formally reeolved
to taoialn atrietly aeutral
Tha government ta about to iabmtt to tha Chaster I a
project for a loaa.
Vienna advle?e eocflrm tha report of an Immediate flea
l?r ceo* l in of tweaty Are aillna of dollar*. If inaa
>liai?lj ' #n?'d it yrotee that Anatrla diabattevee la the
proap?ata of p? nee
Tiivkte letter# menu.. a that a edaetloa took place
from the l?t lietaot la ptg and railway Iroa Import
(ammerrlal AfTalra.
la -be mooey market there waa no cbaage to notice,
he ton<? fluetnated from dap to dap, and ooaaola el mad
at w, for money I arga arrlTaU of pradou* metal* had
takea place.
The Eaet India Com|aay had redneed tha rate f Jf bill*
oa Bengal and Macrae to 3a O.^d., aad Bob bay Sa. O^J*
par eoiBf any 'a rupee
ambucak Haorunaa.
Meaer* B?U h Go eay? Budaaaa dariag the weak baa
beeaataetaadetlU. and waabataln froa (lrlag qur tati >aa,
they being merely aomlaaL
Fartrg H otbera eay?Amaricaa aeenrltie* ooatlnae
without i eman d.
Meaera. llolliiiehead. Tetl?y * Oo report that aotwiih
ataod.ng the iatarrsptloa to b > laraa by the mo* atnrm
the di n and daiicg toe weik ru atea'iy for all ala*e< of
Ainerire'i, the market ooatiaalng bare of middling quail
t??? ? ?'i ? tri contrary wind*. Tha qaotatlraa were fl-m
aad utrbeaa*d Inferior qaatltiaa met with rather leee
ettrntx a T< lal >alee rt tf ? ?? k WW b?la* laalndlag
A*.?r<?%a . t/.-.i ba a* ??ra pnraha? I oa ayeeile
ttea, aad 1,210 for export. Tbe following ftietkeqaota
fair MubBmt.
Now Or lean* ? a ?V4. ? ft ?Sd.
m*mi? _ ? t ^d. ? a
Uplardt ? a BSi. ? ft ?X<L
OrolMary 4)?d. a6*d. 4i\ .. H&
? Onelag dm. ritock on hand <87,k01 bales, main ding
>76,013 Awrliu.
Tht market continued buoyant, prions of all arllolet
having advanoed daily, and show Urge Improvements on
tho week, namely, wheat, 14d. per bushel dearer; Hoar,
8e. Od. per bbl. dea/tr; and com St. dMnr,
Mnwi Brawn, Shipley k Co. quote ?? follow*:?
United States white wheat lit. lttd. ? 12s. fd
Red 10s. Od. a lit. Od.
Western Canal and Uanadlar Jour.. . ,41t. 01. a 44s.
Philadelphia, IW lime re and Ohio 41s. Od. ft <3s.
8o?r B< ur .....Stfa. ft 37t.
White corn . ,4?s. ft ?
Vfllow eors .48a. ft ?
Mixed corn ..47t. ft ?
The market cleead Bin on Friday, Otb iutt. with ft
pted demand. The advaroa ?w caused let* by a ?p?cu
lain* feeling than an impreeaion that the tpring imports
wdl fall short of the want*.
Meeam Gan ioer and Co. aud otbers repirt limited
i*a If i of beef at p'KTioot rate* The aloe* on baud on
81st I*ec?n b?r wax 7,800 tierces, of average quality.
P'rk ?hunch iH*ir wan la ratber more favar, at ft
aJIght improvement SU,ok on 3lst Deoem'ier, 4,000 bt>U.,
miw'ly old Ai.iei ica'-i aud Canadian.
F>?? - Nut sells fairly at 44t. ft 48t. for Eastern ; old,
doll and It. lower.
l-eno ? linkers of American wore anxious callers. 250
trne . hsnitw? hands at 60s., since whioh 40 tons Ad real
lied 68* a Ms.
CnKoa wa in fair request at unchanged prlaet.
Taiuiw was active ftl the late advam-e Y. U., 69 1. ft
CO* ; North Ameiioan. 60s.; South American, 6is. ft
68? 6d.
Ijmiwi Caki waa slightly better, and in looreatod re
( tiom Loe hiofter-.' Circular.)
Aeinot? Hales of 4C0 bile , at 31s. Hd. ft O'ii. for p't'a, and
29<. for pearls
Babk ?70 hhdt. were reported at 9t.
Ciovga MKi- waa Oimer; iranKactlous small.
Dy(\*ih i>s ?Tlie business mas u-iimpa. -aa , owing to
iirlteo stocks
Rnw.x was In fair demand, with salts of 900 bbli , at
tit tid a lOt.
Satal rtosra. ? No m.1?s of turps ntlne; tales of Stook
liiilia Ur at 17s. 6d. a 18t.
Oim ? l.icsK-d. a *' u<l basinesr done, ftt 31a. ft Z'li.
Oive w-sactiva, and ?1 dea>er. 8ma.ll hales of pale jtial
at ?41. I'ale rap? in mode'-ate r?<jue> t, at 4Bn a 60s. 31
oui ( f co 1 brouvht ?34. Palm wa? in artire demand, at
?40 ISh a to arrive. KM9M sales at ?10 1C?. a ?43.
Htiuth op Ti'hrioiiNR waa dnU at 60a. a 67t.
Jiik ftdvanoe.d l(.s p-<r ton, with sa es of 10,000 bales.
Ts* was firm, at nochange.1 priest.
Bcoam waa animated, and lit. dearer for foreign and
lioiaHttftt was rather better.
Con n van In good demand, with a limited supply; sale*
of St I >omiugn, at 46s
Riot waa active; 160 tier.jes Carolluft fetched 23s. ft
23a 6d
Frbghw wt re nominal, without alteration.
| lieasni. Qar-.ju^ ll/o>.h?<a riau thai tue foreign and eo
loulal u.arkrU were generally buoyant, ant basintsa was
sheckt-C by the weather
C"i-Tfi wai In limited supply, and tenling upwards
Sii.ak opened active, an J leoulned firm at It. ftdranc*
on West Inula and foreigu
Tea waa rather ai ira lnqulrei for, ftnd a fair bntlaesi
doing In oommoe congou ftt It. 3^d ft It. 8>ad., clotiog
at the latter.
Tt KJ tNTixn waa dearer, American spirits freely telling
at58e 61
Taixow was steady at 69s. 3d. on the spot, asd 03*. far
tp.'ing delivery.
Oils? A parcel if American sperm fetobt' ?93. T.la
aeed oil waa dearer, and in ?peculatlve demand. Untoel
cake', a larre busiisnas dcing
Besaiwii kk- WHie very ao i?e Wheat advanced 3s.|a4i.
per ijuaiter. I'ulUel Sta'ee floor 41a. a 44t ; wm.e
wheat 81s. a 8?s; led, 74s. a 80s , oljsing very fi:m.
Han was li^ni
Ki< ? waa active, with large salee at about former rates.
U*r>iM? Iron weady ftt uur last quotations for Welsh
bar" aid rails, a.nd ft good buMne-s geoerall> doing.
Seotch pg fir 'ii ftt 78s Od. for mixed Not.; S3t for Amer
iean No 1
i jui. was h'tn Brltleh pig ?33 ; sheet ?34.
Coppik was very trm and an advanoe anticipated.
Tin tmelters deelint aeUlcg. Priees of Bridth are noial
nal. 8pelter quiet Sheet sine U ftt ?30.
The icaeke- naa beet very quiet during lbs week, bnt
pretest.. \ '..^itfcy tone.
dAVKi, Jan. S, 1814.
CtiTfi-n? S>l?e durirg the weak 3 30tl be es Hb-okow
btKiSt>o<<i kartet4 quiet, fite Niagara's newt waa
teif-fa , 1< <d after th? cjo e o basn e^t Orleans tree
on! tairt q-jotar at P tt , M hile94f and Uolta t 92f.
Vi< t? ? Market slacker. Ha lea at 47f. 6u? ft 48f. Wheat
quiet, bu. Criu
A.-nse ?I), li an<" uuchanged.
U'nas ?H;?aily, wnh a *ood demand.
Kira- A limited buoiness doing.
Pa>seng?r? by tbe Niagara.
Mr an# Kti j-cl utD. Mr aud Mr. brapcr Mr* Smith and
ar>ri. Mnrit? Mo&ulej.. Jrrdan. OitaS. l.?nna, "w.ar Smith,
J.ffr.i fn.uh, Ptewart. 8aten Adann Coth-a t.
Bird, i'ai>abrrf. M> ITat, Huvreaa G?"n?rt, toipv, iVilaaa.
J Hearfoe, t>Biith P.tana baruea Br w?t?r Mi-sJ nas Gapt
Oparks. Misi Hofkiai, Miss Mnr?aa. Mr and Mrs Ulalt.
Skipping Intelligence.
Arrived fron >ee V. ra ? l>ae *1. It . uairy at Messina;
John fpear. atfi Maria Daj at iiavra 17th Warran,
?i letftors; SI. t Orion, at ixal: uartr.1 i,' i??n Caahtaa^a,
Aosusts, J an Ctarlea Havre. J an I K te 3?antoo, Doal:
ll t" Cut .)uar'r ??.dea (?) i.l?'rpool, Rioo> d
C.ld?n the Ihamea; Mttna. 9d, Ma'onah V-randa 8-eba.
"trim* Robt P?el, a* Cr-'nacd Snap D.a*.' , off I)o??r,
I'ev. nrhirs, off Pcrtairrain, Drvadnr>iiK?t, SI. Arabia,
loi tan, tt d Rokett Cooper, at Livrrp"?l; Nov 19 Rutland, at
CareTowt.: Dso 2 In-Urart. Amelia tiari*. at Bremarha
vei, 4th. 8t l.awranen. In tbe ?''jda; Jih Anstralia. Osweio,
and > ew V .rk l.ivrpo. 1; Vulture, Pora?mo?th; ?ov II,
ft- lita Takls Ha- ; 28th, Madeira, at ,31st. Catharine,
? avte; 1st. A^ite Kin?. Man allies; 4th, Medalllom, R. pnk
lie at Ceaveftad.
Arrived t?/m Boston? 18th Panama at Meesloa; 24tb, Ore
linb<>, at Gaeta: Stth. Petrea St lleisea
Arr'??<< fr. m I'hilai'alphia? Jl.t, Wyomlrt, and Jan 1,
Mary Pleaiaatt. at Liverpool (ith, Louisa Maris, at Dtal.
> rri>-d trim Baltimora- tth, Ps<ar, at tlraveaead; 30th
lleeia at Portmcatb.
Arrived f-o? Charleitoa-lat, Pslry at Deal; Dae U, BtU
taricits, at Bartelona; !?'il>, Marrarst. at Urrtlaio)!
Arri?ed frrm W.lmn ((ton jd, Narid. -t Oravaeead
Arrived frem Kiehmand? list, OartsraU, at Mewport; 3d,
Coins. Ma, at bheevseea.
Artived from bavaei.ah- 2d, Two Wolfs, at ^eveMll.
Arrived tr. m New Orl a?a? IS h U-suamah, at Baraeloaa
U 1 amies, at Livtrpool. Sd Unn.ni at H'istol
Failed for Naw T'rk?lM, Corn liu. Urlnutll. fveei Liver
pool; 4?h lionristta. m> Pnr amontb ."d W- bitar 4th
Em raid 1 le. from Li?erp- i>eo ?, m-rin*toa. |8th' Sea
Seriotti, B'. Uelena. i>ea 2S, Plut?. f . m Mar still a- 28th
Me?our> fr. r Ua?ra; Slet, tne "srlsj, from the Clvde.
Hailed i, r B. ttor ? 28th, Mtjiilio. fr >m A.-dr >eaaa; 2d
Parliati.e-t. frum IJverpo.l, 2?tt, Ctf.era Star; 2?m. Mil
ton. St llei<na.
P lie* lor Philadelphia- 4th, Cliy of Ola tow (s); 6th. Msr
mai ', Liverpod
B? iieo for bavannah? 4th, 8t J?hn, fr r Palmnntb.
2'!!*? 5ir AleaaMria-?th. Claremont frjm N wpart.
Sailed for New Orl? tea 2n, gnd.ci., Cir i Unas Em-na
??, frr" "'?'pool Jtb, J-a.ls Ma n (rem the
Clyde 2-th Britain, from ria>r , ?.'yti, Maiditaae. from
Unrrtitt ?n ?'tf, Jehn ihinminni Bordsans .1 j Barak and
"MS??!*" 5,h 4lf'*d. Llverp el.
>.il-d 1 r Mobile- 2d Mary Oars"o ith, Jaaas MoHsary,
fr%m UreriK ol.
Ctiy lnKiillgeMte.
Thi I oiJf Wiatiim ? Tta* Ittn u? a m.<eph*T* of 8nn
ri*y 1e mul with u?, niakirg tn* *ip? ?f our ao??? red,
*rd fiagere and to#? tingle with ooM The tb*rmom<t*r
yeetenUy morning at n"tn o'clock <t?i! at 'iS deg.,
kid at tw*!** o'olock S8 tt ? hear do complaint*
th*r* 'line 01 it* rot Mljg cold enough
Tn* Homicciti iui. *?nm ? A crio?e??atlnnal maettng
of tll? eocl-iy hel<1 lefier-nuj at ilieir room I, No.
(JOOBrorrtway Mr Place ou -ailed to 'be cbal- la th*
arteence of tt* pre" dent, Mr S?epha-d Koapp Tu qua*
tton for pi'Oet 'aratioo waa the cairelia. A pap** ?al
read bj Mr. 4 R Scott, op- n the can. el a, whloo waa lie
toned to with much attention 3p-ec.?* wore made by
Other gent'euien preeent In re<?r 1 to the beet mod* of
outfitting thia lo*w. At ialf paet ulna, Mr. Mead*,
toe secretary, etaud that bat one braunb of tt?* snbj-ot
bad )*t heen diepnaed of. and he therefor* tnorad bat
th> farther ("'acuk.Iod of the aubject M p<~wt pou*d till
tie it Monday *??? In* Tnle motion ?u carried, and the
m*etlcg declared a"*j <nrn*d
A Pri-uc Don mbt <? o Ex rr vi on arotxd r?* Park ?
Ye?'fM?y, a* Mr IWdgirau. who I* *ora?e<i in ona?C th*
public i Sicea la the City Hall, we* waiting thr* u<n the
I'aik be accidentally eepiea a paper Bring b- for* the
wlod, and curloetty prompted him to give chaea to It
Havlrf encored It be found It to be the ondanf fbeodere
A Knee*, who le charged with Poat otfioe f-aol* holding
him to ball la tba ram of ton thooaaid dollar*. Thl* ea
per baa probab'y bean eportin* with tu* wln'e erer alac*
tba Ate la the Naw City Hall Had It be*a l-tet, Mr
Kneel, had ha been eo dle|oeed, might hare left thaaa
parte with Impunity
Tun Twm.rrn R?.m?irr Bah ?The annual bill of thla
regiment w 11 b* glee* at NtblVa ttaatrw aal *tl?ie on
MoD'tae eeenlig neit Tha parquet and itage will he
footed for quaflnl'*e Tba < aoelng aaloxat wi 1 be ap
p -oprta e?aln?1?*ly to walti?, poliaa. aehottl h ??,
ie Thli bidi fair to b* on* of toe graadait ball- of the
Fiuh.? Yeatentoy morning about 1 o'cloak, a In brok?
out in it* liquor e:or* of Andrew MoConcor, eora*r of
'htrd *>enu* and Tbuty fourth *Va*t Oooaatoaal about
1160 den ?
A Ire Mituned laat ae*ntng In tear of 137 1'uaaa rtreat.
The flte br ,ke out la a bed room in the a tla, ooauaiad
by a coltirvt. family. It waa eitingaiabad with *ii<kt
About twelra o'eloek laat alaht a fir* broke oat la
baaement of the houe* No 14 Na?*?u aireet, bat br the
timely airltal rf th* firemen the flan.** were arre tod,
aai bat e Ight dam*** wae *u??alne<l
Faijm AlJtaw? Fninr ?Tha alarm for th* fir* yeetorday
fri r**ma. w a? occaeloned by emoke rlrlng from bornlng
paper pa >li* rulne of th* old eetabllabment of Maaara.
attar' Tee 0>* oompanlee commenced a quarrel la
Water atre*t. roiner of Peck ailp. during th* alarm, aal
w. re r?par? ted by tba peilee a'4.?r great dlOleulty. One
of th* armb.tante mom .larnv Spearar waaarreatod aad
takra lo th* Trtuba for dlao'derly Amt'.uet.
Nkw Yoak, J >a 21 ISM.
Di at fir? Noticing In your ra;nab ? j mraal an acsoaat
of tha fire ? t t'renrh'a H ^tel yeeterdar, , 4uo1ay.) It U
? toted that th* flr* wa? put cut by a pail of wato*, which
UerroMoaa Th? fl-e waa put cut by tha eier'.toaa *f
tLe f lowing gentleman, Mr M li xv arena Mr IV Han
rr, ioren>aa of No. 44 ergioe, Kobert Tlnmai, J waph
Yat'D ane, Arthur kjlutt, n.retrao of No tihiMaanmga
nr tad Hvth C I>o*gUe*t at f?tei:.an of Nn H. by remoe
ii g the b*4a. he . therapy pieraaUng *he (Ire fr- m aprea 1
'?H D/ larertlng the **>?* you will dj credit to thOM
whod*r?r?eit You i a, hi
Kt'BT THOMAS, M Uiaaban ?trwl
?tetcd ScMtoa mt the Boud of Aldermea
_ Mownav, Ju. a, UM
Fraaant? Nathan C. Praaldeat, AUmn Wll
UameoB, Blast. Baird, Hofmlre, Bmrt, Woodward, W a.
Ticker. Vonrbi*. Trowbrldae Btiriaii, Covert, Kelly,
Channcey, Chriaty, Lor*, UefTiCk, (J. H. faokec, Metl aa 1
The aiaatee of lb* la*t ???tin* won r**l ut approved.
By the Ptnmiiir- I'abum of J*ha W. Dahler Ml
brother fcr oorreotioa of tax. To Rommittae oa Plata**.
By Aldarmaa Wowj? ahd ? Petition of Uoa* Company N*.
1 for repair* to hoa*a. To Coamittae oa fir* Departaeat. ?
By tb* I n nau.r.iT? P*tltl*a *f fa. B. Ueeple a* 4 other*
f?r a eewer is tke Bowery. between Bead and Great Jiaeg
?treat* Tr Cobb lite* ea Bower*.
By Aldern. aa Wouiiwabu? Bill of Dr P. B. L*dg* far
medical aervtcea at the Siveuth ward ?Utieahoaae 1*
Committee oa Police.
By Alaermaa Cnauwcey? Petltiea of A. K. Mnea and
other* In relation to a sew pavement. T* Committee oa
Bit et*.
By Aldcrmaa Vnonnn? Petltloa of Bdward Boll** for
ootreetlot of tax. To Commit!** oa Finaa?e.
By Alderman R*. Tuonan? Petition ef Maurice Syne te
be appointed a Commiarioaer of Deed*. To Committee oa
Balariea ?i d Cfcu.
By Aldaraaa Bi.i'ht? Petllloa of property ow?*r* In khe
Third ward, to have the (treete treat of Broadway cioaaod.
To Ci li.lmtWe (t street*.
Ay Aldertuaa Mutt- Ktat*B*traao* of Charlec Oedaey aad
other*, agaii.it coi tlrmatloB of aateaaateat liat for paving
Thirty tlrth (treet .to To Committee ob Aaee**a*nto.
I y Alderman C. U. Tumxu-. Petition ot Cornelia* Bedell
to have aiJe??:k? Sagged In i'hlrty *eo*nd <tre*l. Te (Joa
? ittte on Street*
By a Id arm an Dim? P*tlti*? of Charlda Campbell far
HMMMM itr damage* resulting by cUaag* of grad* oi
Ninth avaauo To C? BBitioa ob Finanoe
Ky Alderman Baird - Petition of owner* of the eitate of
Cnarle* C? Ilia*. ueooaaed, t? k* relieved in in amom nl oa
pr party oa franklin ? ,u?rc, fur aewcr ui Dunn* atr**t. T*
C>mipi?te<- oa AMaxmei.t*.
By Ald*rman Tuunui* -Petition ?f tk* Bremen doing
#uty in the rhlrd and F< urth dlitrln* for a n*w ball oa
t??er at Jaffer* ->n market. T* Committee ca Fir* Depart
Uy Alderman Dmakb? Petition of N. B. Hooper to be ap
pclt t? d a Ci.mini**4on*r oi Baod*. To Commit!** on SalartM
and Oflue*.
By aldtrmaa Bluht? P*tlt(oa of Abraham VF. Kennedy
to beaf pointed aCommi**ioaer of lieed*. To Ceaaitto* oa
Balarl:* aad C filar*.
By Aldera an Km.i.r? Bill of Charlei H Jackeoa for
medical aervicea at k'eurteeula ward itatioahoaae. To
('. an itt?e B f"oliue.
By Alderman Loud? Petition of tho Eagle Fire Iararaace
Company (or o rr. ctioa of tax. To Commi " tea on f'aanoe.
By Alderman Chai'ncicy- Patiti u if Heury Krben and
other* to ciecoatinue proceeding) lor opening Albaay air**).
To Coamlttee on btreeu.
By Alferman Woodw abd? itcacived That th* reaolntlia
ac opted a few night* snc* for giving th* lata Marine oourt
room to the Conomieaioaer of Kepti.s and t npplin, b*, aad
I* hereby, rucinded. Keicrred to Committee oa Kepau* aad
By Alderman Wn i.iAMsifi?RoiolTed That the Csamit
almirci Rnpairt aro Surplie* b.\ aad he * boreky, laatraoted
to withdraw th< adrarti^meot now b*iu? publuhid by aim,
atki..? Itr propoaal* I* iurriih a*a'a fur tke me of Corpora
ti a, whicn adve. twemcst u pubiirtitd by authority of a
r< toiotiou pra?ed ly the Board of AlC.nm en the 'H'.h ot
Deretnber. 1' VS. coi enrred in by the U' ard of Axlataat A1
dermon on th? aame da?. aad approve* by bia iloaerth*
Mtycr iu the 31 it of Ueceiubar, 1H1.I, and that h* i* her*by
directed to adrtrti** for proposal* h furniin a daubl* II tag*
tire *nd burgl*r pr< of iron aafe lire feet high, four aad a half
ferlnide and two feet deep tFi iek Wat adopt <d.
By Alderman C. H Tucker? Kcaulved That the Cniamll
aloner ol nepaire aad Bopplit* be direc ed t > lit np th* room
on th* n?rthwe*t jr>rner ot the City BallbaumtBt, a*wo?eu
Eied by Br Taylor, tor th* Collector ot Aa*o*Laeut*' olllie.
*t<rrea tv a aycoial committee of two? A.daiaea Mott ajd
Uy Alderman Bt.t'NT?1Fher*a* a r *olatioa wat patted
by tlio Board of Aaeiatant Aidtrmen Uclober 1SA2, and
waa adopted b> tVe Hoard of Aldermen Neretnber a, 1H5J
eallieg upi n the iiudti n River Kailr- a-t Compaar te take
up ih'ir rail* in liudton and other atr**t* froa Chamber*
to Tbttiy li>'*t otrett, and lay down railt *'allar t* tho** put
dowri by the Barlem Railroad Company la Tark row. and
whii.li ?ork iknuld bare b?ea coiopletud by Jilj, 1 SM; aad
alto railing upon tot I; treat Comml**loa*r to tak* no the
?am* Bud repair aaid *tr*ot in lik* muter a* previoua to tae
ooiupan ') ot aaid a*re?t by laid rai r lad rompa^y in oaae
the above resolution waa not complied with by tLe af >re*aid
r*i!r ml ""iLjinj; ard wlierea* a r*?o!uti >n wai offered to
thia 11- ard calling tiroa the St-eei t cm uia*iocer to rtpirt
why the raid ri eolation waa not earrlea ibIo effect, and aaid
t oinmti*ioier repor'.ed that h* had notified the *a d railroad
compai.y ot the aaid ordinance telag palled, and the rea*oa
oOtrea to' Bot doing it waa that he had n t reieired appro
ttiatloa fir tho aame: and Wherea* the fludao** River Kill
roadCcmpaa} ia bound by their grant or leare te oomply
with any rrdiaanoe pae (d by thi* Comm. a Goancil la r*>la
ti n to laying thuir track* ia any *tr**t or (toMt* ?r raaniag
car* upoa tb* *ame tlxrefo'e ?
Kiaoivtd, That the llndion River Railroad Company, or
their riprefcntatite*. do apsear before tue Kailread Cimmit
tee ot tLi* Board bbo ahow cauae why tbeir grant or lean
mould not be taken away from tbem f .r net complying with
tii* ab vebrdlnan ** Whi b waa adrptid.
By Aldrraaa C 11. Tuckkr -tFhareaa, ihortly attar th*
paaaag* ot the raaolutHB iMjuiriBg the Hudaoa Hirer Rail
road Company to take up their preaant traoka aeuth af
Tl.'.rt) nrat itreet aa< laid d.wa fluned amoved raiia, aim i
lar to thoae cb the kigbah an" Sixth avenue rallroaai, It be
came appatent to aitmher* of th* latiBo-rd f Aldermaa
that the publlo 0"nveul*B e and the util tr of tke fladoa
River kailroad required a change et the trank* of eaid road
iato other *trceut:<*a thoae n w ooouuie.; and ?hereaa, aa
erdinaa'e for tne purpoae il authoriaiBg aaid ohaag*. aad
making other I rovieioaa la regard to aaid ru >d waa reported
by a epeciil commlttea if 'he iato Board of Aldaraaa, aad
privted at doonment f?o 011.
Ki*olvd, 11 a. the eaid docuirent No. 6U be taken fraa
the 111 te ot th* late Hoard ot Aldarmea aad reftrrod to th*
Con-Kitteo on hailtoada, with i (trncti a* to report tha
ime to* a tlon to thi baa^d To Commlt'ee on Kat'rotda
l>y Alceima. Blubt- w hereaa, th* a tree i* wait of U <> d
vaj in t e lb ra ward ha\e bwi encumbered by ahe balld
era ler the laat nine mouthe, for the elorage cf brick at ne,
luu-bor, o? d other buildiag material*, and nav* r*nd*r*d tb*
atrecta a'moat im|aa*able, taking full poaeaefaim ef tbe
uteaalka, and leaving only a aiaoe ?ulh:int tor the pa -tag*
f one vehiol*. th*a* itr eU from br. adway U th* North
iver 1 tiag ar-at thoroughtaree an* muih a >r* room belig
i q \. red and whoreaa, the cttiiea* rvaillng ia >bia portion
f the city have tor tbe laet niae moati * submitted to the
bove eiiout.arar re* bat now are petit lining to thie hoi r
lie hod i for tb* removal o' the itaeae, aad tan tie eaid
luilder* >-e coxio. led to u*e hut one third *f th* (treat, ac
o. rding to tbe or< inancea. tneretote
Heeolved. Ihal the Chief ot !> lice order the police ata
loi as In the Third ? ard t? eee that the erdlnan>ea are pro
terly carried ort and 'o fine all thoae -or eaoh day tiiay
r eater to c< n ply therewith H hich waa adoptee.
n< Al'i-rman tt 1 1.1.1 Axaon? heaotvad. That a Special
Committee 01 tare* b* appointed by tnit Board to ,-repar* aa
orainanoe ir o:h?wi*e report what oiaaaare* (hould be
takea to have the pri itlrg and advertising of thi loaata
Coancil and Depai t- ec t? pcrfrnoed by eoni.-act, aa 1 r >vided
itr ly the aon-Lded char'er f I Adopted, and Alcer
bad til iam* n Woodward and Chriaty appointed aaid
C.y Al^ormaa Ert i.v? Rtaolred. That tba Commlnloner of
Streeto he tnd 1 hire,)' order' d to lay fltj aod *et oarb and
gstier etoaoft ? n the ???! eid?of Molt e trill, betw*ea Broome
and Sprit g atroeta, c niaieaci' < at and la fronto' lota kaswa
***ti?et Lumhcn 17". 17t, 176 17*. JtW Mott *treet. To
Cob mlttee ob btreeu.
By tl e eaoie ? U brrea*. th* ba**m??t aadar th* Boatbaaat
comer ot Centra Market, ut ojcnulod by Mr O'Brien a* a
crocker) et. r-- h Lbconi* infeatel with rat* aiao* th* ia
prevemmtih ve t.'en uad* n? ??i 1 aarket by 8>oriigov*r
the pata gc of rgrea* 01 North *id* ot *aid ba**m?Kt. there
for* be it
Ktaolred. That tha Commi*itoti*r ot Repair* a?l fluppli**
b* aad i* hrnby trdi red to pot aaid ha>?m*at ia r*pair, *i aa
to ohvlet* tho tifBoalty . et l.rth la the abova preamble
By alderman W11 Ti cbcb- Wherea* by tbe lata fire th*
f> tw C:t> liail waa dee'royed, by whiah diiaeter many of the
Cent**, a* well a* a large nnafcer of t**e oOo ?r* of tb* ally
gnvcramant have been deprived of tb ir rc*m* aad oOlru,
and In additioa to the above ateviou* t-> the eocflagratlon,
maty of tha Coart* hating applied for aeocnimodatioa*,
which th* city I* b and to faratah thereto'*
K ? civi c, 'J1 at a apeeial oamivtae of three He appelated
to take Into ccneiderati a and report to thi* Board aa aooa
a* p. anile npea th* eipedi*nry and propriety of er*?t ng a
Br* pro. f building on or near t!i* *it* of the old ona with a
1 tan euttatlc lor >aoh a atrncinre, and tha probable c**t ot
tr***Bie. Ad. pied, a d aldermen William Tucker. Cua
a>ng* U Tnrktr ard HolTmir. appoiated *uob comaitlee.
Hi Aldarman Kbi.lv? H-aolv d, That in* Co^mn-ione-of
Street* ha, ana ii hetob). ordered to repair *ld* walk on tb*
toriheeat corner of It oomc and K!liabeth *tr**t*. and in
iroat ot lot knoon a* atreet a iBber 366 Broome itr**t. Te
Committee on Slieere
By ^ldetman Bi.t'n r ? Wherea*. mott of th* dook* are
oried *i d t*ae?d by prlvat. individuals, and they reociriag
a'l whartaget and d k rent*, and al other income* from t e
etmr; aad partie* p .yiug aaid wha fagei and drek re .te do
romplaiB of the dancer ot falling off the d eke aad wharvo*
tiom the ieaufllo ibcv ot ligl t on th* nme theret-r*.
Keaolved, hat all parliee o>ning or leaitng ieoaa pltri
or ellpi be compelled v ligat th* *>a* *v*ry nigbt al thtir
onneapenae, witl a (ntholeat nutaree of ligbti to pre'eat
ant aocldenta to paraon* by falUag off the (am*. KeUrred
to Commit-.** ob l.amp* aad Oa*
By Alder ..an Kei.lv --Kaaolv*d, That th* ^up*rlnte?'*at
ofMarkaUb* and * hareby. o do- d to remove th ? etand*
trim over th* window* of tb* rear pan of baa Bient o i'ner
of ?.eat<a Market place and Grand atr**t, *?? a* to gi?* light
t* laid baaemoat aa hcratofor*. Which ? a* adopted.
Uy the I'ttiim i?t ? Reiolvd That It llliam Goodrich b*.
aad he U hereby appoint* 1 aCon.mifiior*' of D**d>, in pia**
ol William McLaughlin, whoa* term c{ tfflee ra* eiplnd
To t oamittoe < a < alarta? aad Offloea.
By AiJ.ra.an W.'icm kx 1 v e* . That tb* rovmual
cation f'oa tro t blat angle* r of th* Fir* U*partin**t,
which liei oa the table, be takea np. aad *0 mac a* relate*
to tb* Fl'? l'epartmet.t, b* referred to th* Coamitta* oa th*
Fir* Department, aad *0 mnch aa relataat* th* Crow.a Aqat
duct, b* reterrea to the Committee ob th* JrotOB A jutdoet,
whioh ra* adopteu
By Alna maa Birar- Rteolved, That the *tr. et oontracti
b*coun.m*? for Hi* alaaa'Bg of *tr**t*, which wai ad pled'
B) Aldeimar B ABiiaAtt ktei.lved, 1 hat the ttireet Jem
mi*ai< "1 r rt port to taU Board al their t eit m (ting b r what
aalborlt) Oi chartiok taq . haao?n(ed to be torn up aad
obe.rnoi* tb* aid<w a k ca tl' eai.e-li aiaeof Eig itb avtaaa,
betwtea ? 01 ty ninth at d Ftitlet ureata by laying oowu
a ncmbor ot traoka r t railroad whareby th* enrb aad gutter
ia de**ro>ed. aad the grad a obelrueUd aa *ai.l block, which
#a* adap ed
By Aldermaa Voobhi*- Reaolv*d, That it be rafarrad to
th* CriLmtttae ob ordinance* to Inqnite iato aad r*p*rt
rpoa the iropriety aa< . e e**lt> if mtradue aa aa ordi
nance to compel laadiorda and cwaai* a: teaemeat hoaiaa te
turaiab proper b. ie* fo tb* rae*pti>-n*f garaaga, toal aahee,
off. I Ac . and have thaa prcpeily placed oa the etdewalka.
M bich ?n ad. pt*d
By A d-rmaa Boabi wav Rt?olv?<! That th* Street
Coremiaauner can*, ti.a *id*wiik en th* w**t*rly aid* of
K.gl.ti avaru-. batweea For'y ai?th a-.d rlf'iath atcael*, to
b* flagged forthwith To Cemminee e? Atr*ata.
in vitatioh*
Aa lavltatloB wa*>*ceiv*d to attend the firtt aaaaal ball
of the Ct 1 > LUhtOoard at tha Chtaeae A***mbly Kaom*.
aa Itieaday even n*. Kebrnaey 7 A oepted
An i. ?iu i n waa twtei>*a te attaed tha aeecad BBBBBl
ball ot (nc?e t oapaoy No 2d t> be ba.d at the ApoUe. ea
lneeda> ivotiag Febnaty 7 Aceapaed.
cox HI NIOATIon.
Tha *Uth aaantl report of iba l?>y D*ck HaTtagf laatila
tka- On a/ad r* Ble.
Of Ccaa Ittce on Btreete-lu faver of pemittlag B ? *er
ry A Ca. te extend a clock oa buildiag 334 Broadway,
PAPtaa 1 rom mt board or oooiawiMaa*.
Report oi <' maitteaoa A**ea*maet* ? In favor ef oaaftrm
.ag ruadrj liata To Committee oa A***(im*at*
1 Report ol C-mmittee oa Wbarvaa? la favor ef dlreet'ag
the Street Commiaaioaar to nmovt aleep at feet of Tea try
? treat To C mm tte* on Wharvee Pier*, aad 81<pa
Reaolved, Th>* the ' omptroller be autherlied aad dtraotad
te yroonra taapo ary aooomaedatloa* toe tbe varloai elty
oflloe. aad cooite To Commi'teeon Repaire aad Bapplle*.
Report of Co' mitaa* on Katarlee aa t ofBcea? In tav r of
eerncti** aaae of Theaa* A. Kiihaoad a* Ceaalaaioaar of
I'teda. Ceaenrred ia
R port 01 1 ? mmit'e* on S'lar'e* aad OSaee? la favor of
appoiatlng Chaa V i'inckae* , David RantalLaad Biwavd
A. F. aaei to* alaal- nera of D*?d*. Ta Ooaaliaee ca Salarla*
aa? Off! of*
Oam'tlcn 'he Beard I en adjourned until th* tnt M*a
day *t Febrtiar) aeil atfto'ihok P M
It T ? A LAN TIN I. Clerk.
Debates In Dm Itwrt or Aldmrntn.
(Oat SpMttl KiftI ]
On ? r*?nl??iop eir* 'ffertd >?? ?'.? AMormn ?f th' TMrd
ward lor thi> Hed on kItct ad it npinH" ?&?* o*?m
? h> th*l?jr?i.t thnnld ant lnuku frtn thera.f r notrnmHr
ln( vili tl?ord?r?? Uia Hoard, ta taaa ae tha r riil aad U;
<1 a n ? fTOCT? rail, Alaarnan Minim v?d an aaieaoranat thai
? h? f apar i fhetr of tha <v nipat-y hava aa opp r?nr. It? t-i at
flala wry 'h?? h??e ao? takaa up tiiaralL Ua knew that th*
In lata al?ar kaltroad 0.?p?ny did i ot Inter 1 m?j ditr*
ipoat to *1*1 Poar.l aad ha ??? of opialon that tha ai'Mt
?aaald *? lufora tha aoaailttaa. but a?t aa orinica ? Tkay
atiold ? t i?ra ??< *t?a fthati 't'#M aid ?.??>? ?h? tli.t jnu
!??< th- nid baft ha Udlaft. 1 jti .dta*
Tkl reeelettOB, Bfto* MM twUltl Mmlll. VM
booms roa tub romnMionKB o? imiBi abb avrruaa.
A B<otUa ?n made to appropriate the tNw la IU baee
men! of thie bi ildiu?. um?M by Mr Taylor, Ut iHHt of
%i e ? ity Hall. lor >a tftoo for the Coaaiaeieaar at Bepaira
aid Boppliee.
11a Alderman af th Thirteenth war* bep?d it weald k<
adorud. Tr a late tre had tbrowa theee sSoara oat af their
plaoei af ba?ine*e, u< It thoaa wai war* aot aimirltM
for Uta the olty woald hart to hit* M??B?d?wa at a mt
of W.fU) a year ..... . .
The Alderu aa af tho Nlatk war* eald if tbla reaelatloa
pateed it would ba giviaiaway a portiea of tho acrqelaitod
of tba Keei-er of the City Ball, aad bo waa < yp.eed to It.
Tho Aldtrmaa of tha Ninetoetth moved tka* a opeeial
ccan-lttee bo appointed to tirit Hrt. Taylor, aa* report im
medlatoly oa tbo matter . _
Tba ChalmaB appelated Aldermen Mott aad Covert lech
?ommltteO. ? . ?
the committee aukaeqaeatly roportod that Mr. aa* Mr*.
Tavl r war* aba?Bt la ciaeetiueBoe of tho doathof a relative;
ai d t?e Mttof wai deterred for tha futuro aetiea of tha
oasTBt'CTion or thi ii dkw a lks.
A reeolutloa to adopt veaae f?r preveatiai tha obitruotioa
of tbo aidewalke of the atreita la tbo third ward of buildiag
mate' la. a Aa , waa tfferei ky Alderman Bloat and ret.rred
to Committee. ["A coaeummation moat derouUy to bo with
ed," r> t i nly aa reaarde tho Third ward, bat ertry ftroot
throughout lit whole city ]
a few ai'iLDina roa thi law couBTt.
A raaoluiioa waa pro potad to aroot a Are proof kaildiag aa
the alto of tho one lately burned d iwa la tha Park, aad
known ii tha Mow City Hall, keforrod to a apodal commit
too of thraa.
tbihitv chvbchyabo
A petitlca waa P'eeeuted by tho Aldcra.ee of tho riftoOBth
ward again ?t tbo extcBtiea of Albaay atroot to Trioity
fchereh, wbioh atatod that tbo churchyard hee baaa a>?d u
a burial nr uedforaboat 2W ytara. and ibat o?er tfi.'oa
thesaand aacoator*. relatival and trionda at tbo patilioaore,
bad beta interred there.
Tba Aldermaa of the Pi toenth wa*d aaid tha ordlaanoa of
tt>o last Board ob tbil matter ml?ht beolaaaed amengat taalr
arte of "heat jr lei leletlea," ard th.t tbo potitioa now be
fire the Board waeeigaod ty atrna of tka moat reapootabio of
onr lnkabi ante. Warred.
Coroners' Inqacata.
A Child Kn.um bt rnt Cujthui Tabibo Fiaa? A Can.
tion to Pabksix ? Yeaterday Coroner U' Don noil held aa
lnqueat at No. 321 Delaaey atraat, oa tba body of a child
thraa jet ra and four Loontha oil, oamed Patrick Borgia,
wbote death waa oaoaad by ita ololhing takiBg Art a ad
burning hla bedy is a tarribla inanair. Tha poor ooiH
uad bwn placed 1b obatga of a girl, who laft bio far a
me men t to g>. r?' aome grooenae, aad whao aha rataruad
found tba ehlld'a ciotbicg all in a biaia. A rare lot waa
rrat'ervd of "Death oauaad b/ kutm ac^idantallj ra
Kiracn op Lvrntnouitci ?Tha Coroner yaatarday bald
as inquest, at tbe ooraer of 0 Id and Frank for', atraata,
on tba body of Klwaid Naab, who camo to bi? daath by
falling dawa atalrt wbt a nailer tba iafluonoa af l quor.
Oa rxtmlnlng bin bead It waa found that hia akoll waa
fractured. Tha jury rendered a verdict of ''Death oaueed
Ij irjurlea received from falling down atalra whJe la a
(tat* of latoiloatloa "
am Kim T 17 I moos Ran 3 06
am am 6 08 | aioa watib 4 14
Port *f New York, Juinary 93, 1834.
Bhiv Weatpbalia (Brain), Boaaiag, Bavaaa and a mkt.
Btnninta, Butler A (deling
8bip (uliana Barrett. .New Orloara, fm Nelana A Co.
PMp Beber, !okh. New Or 'ear e. Eagle A Haaard.
Ship South port, Wilaoa, Savannah, Storgaa, Clearmaa A
B.'.ip Biaacbaid, Lawrence. Chjrleaton, Voamith A Seaa.
Beik Jane BerrUon (Cr), Short. Load b. I.9(an A ColliBl.
Hark (> J Hate. Beaneaia, Bueaoa Ayrea, W * Foroet.
Bark Flaoh, Wileoa, Tera Crut, Uartoua Broa
Bark Linda Btawart, bterlinc Baltimore, J A J B Tkomp"
Bark J Torbea, Pranela, New Haven, tnaator.
BrixBwaa, Borrow, Bermuda. Uylaud A Haith.
Bii? Cleamr (Br), willr, Caroonaa. Delfolf, Siarr A Co.
Biig Bircarat Bortimer(Bi), Acdoraoa, Qaliiax, Whitmaa
A Wbeelock.
Bria 8eial French, Browa, Attakapaa Btargaa A Ce.
llrle Bary BamiHoa, Walker, Charloatoa, TLoa Wardle.
Bobr Ophir, Booker, Kintetoa, Ao, Batoh A Loeejoy.
Fcl.r Victi rla (Br). Boat, Halifax, J H Braiao.
Eohr Vmdalia. Biol ardaon, Now Orlaana. Ralpk Foat,
Pchr y B Burton, Liago, bavannah. Poraatoa A Tallmaa.
Botr A K B Koaiie, Brlako, JaokfoavUla, Thompioa A
Bcbr < llnton, Waterman, Jarkaonville, IA V Weldon.
achr Col Eattoriey, Blwood, Charloeioa, M'Croady, Mott A
Bchr Bouthorner Ireland Waakiagtoa Davii A Holmae.
Bchr Ana fiLlth. Butaa, W.lmtnuton, M'Oraady, Mott A Oe.
Bohr Biirgald, Mott, Norrolk. Bturgoo. Clearmaa A Ce.
Bcbr Jiatc Baker, Bogart, City Point, V aa Braat A
Bchr Maria, Bllaeett. Baltimore, Johntoa A Lowdea.
Bobr Howard, LotoII, Boatoa S W Ltwia.
Pteamablp Unioa, Adami, under dlreotloaa of W L Hudcm,
UBN, tr< b> a ornlao la ?oarob of ateamcr Baa Fraaolaoo, laat
from Betmuda.
phip 8) eflleld (whaler, of Cold SprinO, Koya, Oaba, Bopt
11. and Pornambuoo Beo 2}, with 2700 kkl> whale ail aad
to WO be w balobt no, t. J ba H Joaae. Bpoke Poo 13 bark
Part dl, 29 daja froai ProTidoaeo tot Moiamblqae aad Zaaii
bar. 'at l.ls< B, l?n 32 W.
bblp Oaleta, Leaeitt Now Orleana, Jan 7, with angar aad
c?Mtn, to W o Nolaon A S~a (Tbe Q anolorrd at 2 PM oa
Batnrda> in tho >otth River, but waa aooidoatally ?mittad)
Biig Mary Friaooe (of Watdoboro'), Kmoraoa, Uarien, <
day*, with lumber, to 8 B Rokei baoah.
b"* Zoara, Farritt, Danea, 6 days, with lumber, to 8 U
Bobr Meituao'i Bride (of Brookhaver), OHlett. Malaga.
Oet 29 ana 8 daya from Oha.leatoa (wkore anopnt U witk
looo ot bo* m. gaff Ao . with frait aad wiae, to Howoi A Oo.
Baperieoeed hoavy weather oa tbe pa*oage.
bohr Mary C Turball, Rieh. *Uo.lagtoa. NC. Jaa 21. af
Bart -tat. came la ooataet with aohr Bollpeo. heaoe for Ba
vannah, wbt h oarriod iwaj tbo M ti T'a eatwator, jibbvem.
aad i a< tod t) o veeeol to leak. (Bee below )
Bchr Bumming Bird. Begart, wilmlngtoa,
Bchr Alex?nter Cooper, Wright 'ireinia. Thla meralag,
at 4 AM. while ocmiag op the lower ka?. raa lato tee pilot
boat ljirg at aaobor, oarryiag away tho C'o outwator, jib
batm Ao o>Bld aot Ban what damage tho pUolboat re
tchr Tu> la Dopew. Beteworth, Virdala.
Bohr BeUo. P<et Tirgleia
srbrOria iaaa. WiWey Vlrgiaia.
Bchr Wave, Wilaea, Virginia.
Bobr William Heiry, Buabrae. Tlrglnia.
Behr Ctauaoey Beuw. rtb, , Virglala.
Bcbr M TAaeereoa. Bouemaa, Ttrgiaia.
Bebr J< be O Ferrie Buk V.rgiala.
Bchr Caleb Wood. Atkina, Miltor. Del
Bcbr t; i-B?y lea. Tb?mpao* Delaware, 3 daya
Sohr lxdeltior, Fouatein, Delaware.
Bchr M*e? nior, Jo. boob. Delaware, 1 daya.
Sebr B B Fiddeataa, Kllln?w?rtk, Milferd, 8 daya.
Bchr U ? olfe. Booa, Uoorgotowa, 3 dava.
Bit op David Taabame. (ill lea, vlrgtala.
Rirrvawarv? The ackr Bollpeo (af Suffolk}. Oealee, keaee
for Beeaaaab Jlat. rotoraed to pert, kavtag oa tko earn a algM
aa 8 PM, Baraegat SSW dUtaat 8 mlloo eamo la ooateei wtta
oehr Bary C rarkoll, from Wilmington for New Tork, wkiok
carried away tho jib, flyiag jib, and tore the foreaail. eat tho
t't larboard aide to tho wttor o edge, aad oaarod her to leak,
waa oom palled to ehlft oarge to keep her from elaklag.
Two aklpe aad oao bark, uakaowa
Bhlp Beamaa'a Bride (eUpper) Saa Fraaolaoo.
Wtad d urine the day freeh from Nf.
iBr Sabdv Boob Maonbtio Tai.aaaae?.l
Sannv Boom, Jaa 23? Saaaot.
Tbe achr Baaaltiaa before reported aahoro aear taia p aee
Ilea eaey tbia avaalBg, aad will hold oa nn oea tha wind
ahonld inert aee.
T> e erlp Chtnnooy Jerome Jr baa ateampnmpa at work,
en' a li?nt?r from ter ie peering tho HUblaaea, bound ta.
Wiad, > MB, aad fraei .
Teltgrapbld Marine Keperta.
NKW OkLlAnt Jaa 2U Arr ahipe dafciiwied,
Cambria. Bow terk, Middleeex Boetoa.
HeraM Marine Owiaiyndoaeo.
PBILADBLFMIA, Jaa B. d PM- Arr etoamer Baato-a
State f lewire, Now Votk, eobre Mary O Soall. Tkeapeon
Baiannahi Btar, Tookor, Waabingtoa, MO.
Cld Bdaa O, Thatcher, Barkadoea
tOT Fa 1< ?? Of *bl? Brmm, IM tolagraphio Intelltaeaae
1b ( aeral aawa colnma.
tair Jiikiii rhillipo, from I- Orl??n? fur l hit e'ty kt
fer? riinwi off Bitnodt In dietree., ar ired there .H?ta ia*t
wm in quaraatiaa lb?h, leaking badly, nod ?*o?14 probably
be , entemned bed I eea off the iaieade It! deja.
Baaa Cmii.ub Haboi.d Oluiatcad. heao* f r Uaeaaa, b*
for* lotorted at Ba'ionaa In ilatrree, w aa -olu there n eue
tloa I"IB ia-t (it i. I <4 "iT'lrr &ihe arrived M let I art.
with lo>l ot BiltBift wf.l h waa rut ivtT ia a Tiol at gale
23d all. ?h*a)be?aa ob hat beoa eada, had a,ae laat aalle
tad wm '?J ieakr.
Ribi Maitnam*. b*fcr* r*p?rt*d wt?oI*4 off lb* Capaa
of Vlrgiala. oa bar paaaaga to Baltimore trea i?ew Oileaaa
la (tatod ia B letter trot i apt Abb it al aohr Roagb k Ready
at Wiimn-gtoa, N C, ty< m thla city, bo hare beea iMa by
kin ob tba I< th nit She waa lying It ia a hear; gale. aad
oa Cap! a tanning ap t? bar a board VM ahowa aa ihi tar a,
npoa trbltb tu wrlttea tbt werdo, ' ITe nak." Capt A tkea
raa under t tr lea and *aa lafo mad tht >h alnkiag, bad
four fret faai eater la tb* bold, aad leaking taat. Tk? people
ob tko ba*k ?l*bad to m takea off, bat thatoould dot beaoae
a* It wao blowing a barrioaae Tr.ia waa off Cap* Look ut
ra tb* Galfgtreaa, aad tb* right amlag oa vary d*r? aa4
ihi k, al * we* aot a?*r alt. r ward ? Th* Header la l*f% N*w
Urloat* 'Mb Ne*. aad ?a* loa *d wlak 'iw ia*e oott >a. *?
rkge aid**, 492 bbl* melaoota 24H hbd* aad 1 tbl asgar, aad
Bbi? CrrtTHra? Tb* atetemeat that tba paap* *( the hrl*
f ya< .la (at MIIubm r a II* ia dlatr aa) aeralae-iok
bad ooadl -loa aa aearly to oaa** tko crew to abaadea h*r at
aaa. la etgted t< k* *atf>*ly ineo-reet A i*ttar froa tb* Cap
tola to her owaoro. 1b Bait. mora atatae that a fe ? dayo ?at
Ipn Rio ah* anooaatorod a terete gale which la*tod (or aero
ral data, >a whieh ab? loat aaiia apraag f, r*aw, A*. Oa
th* 2a i ** (I * opraag a laak. aad froa that data > atU *k*
rnrhed Bt i hem a*, oa the Juta. tho *row w*r? kat t baay
rumpirg with both pairp* aat<loa* Bare oat, aad a* tb*
laak er*a*d at oa* t me to krgaiairgoa thaa tha tap
tain feere hr wr aid bar* to tak* to 'u boat*. When the
oaptaia wyete, ttsb i| waa la,ieg U th* pott vf St 1 noaaa,
with Mr pttmp KOiB|.
Brio Oeaan Bian, at B*raada la dlat ?a* ar^trad th*r?
?tb inaa. with loaa < f aa la **? liaky; oar(n bad b-*a partly
la>adad aad r*-*al>ark?d, and a.i* would proo**d oa btrvay
a?e abtat Hat iaat.
ImoRV P?rii? (^( B'avai McMair. f-?B NTork for
Oatw Batttra | t lato Ml>* r?va, aarmooa 7tk iaat arlth
loo* of apart, aalla aad Irak y. aad rarco mnah danaaad .
waa la qnaranta* i)U r*palrln?
8cna Bt'TOKA, 9eatet of aad firm laatport for Bal>lm->r*
*BI di*ma*t*d .n Aonth hancl ?a Moa .ay ?l/ht laat aad
? rrnaa a l?ak. Th* >r?w w*r* la<*B of a*i< da> bi aahr
HarrUt Abb, f?'B Lub?o tar Cbarl**aoa, aad landad at
Holaao' Uola, ?k*oo* tbay won taken to Bo*toa by oru U
ft< *a Oao raaiaBLJia, Crockett, of aad froa Cherryftoa*,
Va, fur ft York, 2 Ml" bnal *1* o >ea. Inat rndder ana eowaprit
ao date lat f 2.1 l?a <?>, in a Wr W .ale Tee ore*. i?e la
aaaber. war* take* off 1<I iaat, ae lat. Al, hy Br brl? rfob
Ray. aad laadad at Oalitat. vbaat* th*y war* taku to B?*
tea by Br bri? Boll*, a rr*?l"?* r?p"r? uc rraetlr mud*
tbo arrleal of th* ere? at ' balnaa. CII, Va."
St mb l.*o, tf Roeklaad vhlrb m nt aahoe* oa Stortua
N*ok la tr* (*l* of 29th alt. wae sold, with h*r aalla ricciaa.
Ao, tor Boat tAAQ. ot whlolt }A0 waa lor th- hull
ttMB Cboro* k Ikii.t, at Wl-wi<#tnn. NO, 17th lint,
frtm Boa- ?a, rep'-rta that wLi|e at Uaid U*ad di?ehar*la?
?ton*, on tb* 12th in** a lop t o t * * .'? 1 t *r bar. earry aa
away both roaaia. t. r. ap Ler daaka, bnk< aever.l baaaa.
and did other damage.
Thnr?tan. from Tort au Prinoo for tkia 'Ity.
with lo(rw>ed aad *??-* la aab. re at Ntw Ulat; the la on
damaaed aad a ill be ( t off
9~?b Tina* ( ody. rl and from Bo*to? for Port aa Prlaca,
p it li to Pt (laorgea. Bermuda I2th linit, wl?b la^af epa'a,
eali* |muck tun aau l*kkia<. waa rafaiiiu* '*h. Tha F
had on board to* baiaaoa of tb* crear ">? tka ahlp Taa
O Sliaator. abaadoaad m bafora raparba*.'
A V aaaai , katiem up. waa lytna at her oeohor IVtb intb,
oa tha aorto aid* of tha ra-f at im 0?or*ea Bermada: bMtaaa
?ela>(d preea vra ddar (aa*; kad iron *a*tOBiB*a'. laa^tt) ?>f
km. fp m m f \?I <?aa, waa tint ***? tkara ifUt
UOMTt M TUB urn llll-lflt UMT AT VTHUil*.
?? T? ??"??? l.lOltT*.
UBOUU iiHrBkUot hi beee pe#e|wf <Lss uti < Am 4L ? -
?UI>, that th? fJntwiat ihiuH to tfi
&?"_** Wb* w,uj4 ?k.??*R .wTsr^l
mL^"!SMr^'yte4 U*U -Tk? law ll?kt tba lalaad *
!? I? " ,h< u'ruu ?( tba rlvw Rika, la ItinM to
to M to Mm kititrnf wkw iiiTh!
tk? kaarlaf* af s aad W, ul if hi ? ????
*?wea? ?k? kit; !i*. I (T ) u/ih tuV f wtiS
off >M?nk blal Tk? Utoltfto '.f?l?
tbf; lr!"uuri? U* riT#r
ahanaal, ?Td ti.f 1 1 * * *?4 ????"?? ??rt af (m
ruiMtr, ,1 ?*T '? oa, m ???> u Ui It* to
kr SjhJ .i2i2d ,1UI,U* ???"? Ifm It. I. ky R !??.
s? ur&Sf Sfn Aisae
li t? tb? onward of tb? b!.> , ih*
b?r ocura* to 8 R cr 8 R Jtf a n?ui?i! ?? '???dltoaly altar
h?*?? Ufbu ira la one, a.?ut 8. k j A w ? *f'Lk"k
MM. ix*Si.sv3* rHHT2
Mgfift id -xx s.
asohoiaaa of CuxbATtlC but aha ahoulrf
nafclt??Ck '* freqtt#llf^ #0 orowdti by TOtttJj mWn!
qaira tba turner t nuaii i to avoid them M It f%?
3. . Ciotac** when aean from tha Iowa* pari Af ?k*
i I* 7!^ *' *C*r M a ???htof lifhi. ana will thaa bVJi.^i
|ni?h?tf fram tba Cxai lifbt or Kucalbalk a. ?ii ? Kf1*
Uhtt..H Per* thorn to at j? . jr ? nVim V Jl *?
lMaE"7 Dep,rt""i- w*" UtittewSwl Swle
M>, . . , orooou hom ,ul<
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tafia a ta fall aad Ir ank^i ' ,hr,n0?atar arhoa thia ka|
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latituda .?V?. if, mla a'aa? aomJt.^MerT^l*rJT IUlil >*
??a irriaili at thia p^h,,'e?,en,
^At Hcuolulo Oct ?.Mary, BayU*, H4(amtrB, T7iw%
toS he?r *' AW"h?Dl"' Uwr,"??. to oratoa
,rA< UU? 0#* 21 ? A1"1"- J?ki. of *^ar??w?, 19M wb M
n a? ?pollen.
26 ut 7*"#Ja' ftom Bc,t<>* lor "*? Orl.A.., Jaa |lt Ul J,
1?B1o5 w?l"oUl from Bo,lo? '? s??? Jm h, lat ?
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k.Uct^riroa^mu"^"' *'"?? hwM f" PTU Ov
Vonlpi Portia
Child* Harold Olmatij f 4?w?ailn.; kacfe
^cia-dV? fcw?1 sWTMaaara
CtodVaAa7d li" r^riri " Si'ibo'lJIa 8H?ib a'II1'"** 0nw\
torn 17th, 1 I bar ra
M?mhr MhrCitkJUo7r' J,WUU Balti.^
lioni auaoitrllBabuUt' 'kfl aani
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Acorn, IiMtiota Boaiin- wul u Jz? "" briga Tbaaaa^
De.l A?? S?^k,tki ^ B4^
Mit*ha?:, Balua>< ra forfolk; tckr abb Maria,
Vard. far * B?/tora^ aa* ? d ?,'? itjl ' P*
ltaaa t; W o Lew it "Mt?a, far Ku?.
>ranei,?. 41to; hw?i^, r*P?to* farte?
?bo; wbra a l?t, CaalK'd f o ! kl??,?
(CTarnirtiiit l-arab alb Oail. fnr iiIi.i * u ,h*
poj aa lor A Fork), traitm'* -rlLhi. ??
n?? ". #aS?
bti?a Mary k Itcmpaaa O al, i o"' W' *???:
?SJ-.M7U, barka
krcB rapairiBB, hntn Mia k? "f rufda-; AtUt, U
faw Jaja, ?aa ahippiL. , orew ' CbuZm ?* *Vaaolaaa ta ?
pool lor fiaBpfca *!AJ CaUakU. Bark, fraat U.?.
fr?B. tba ?aya, bark aialla i??^ "? ***^7 laaaoiaac
Coaaln, ?roai ^kiladalVtia al? ;?ADr; C4?,lkt? J<*K
Arr a> do bit, krUa ik. Vdo r ^,?r^h tl1'
rata Uortoa. da", (Ad .ta ?k 7eiu ?%i 13 H*M*r
craphla daapaUbaa
Home PoiU.
APALACBICOLA- .id Ju 'J, bark SuBriaa, Ohtadlafc
KTt# I MORI ? Arr Jaa 11 a 3, ?t?*m?r Jaokaoa, ParrHty
NTurk; Uti*UDC? rt?ht * ilaoa. hi* Jaalra D?o '<H
Zi.b, R?m old*, Union, Kaaarick, Bad Radaaa, R'd?r, B*a
ton, ichi Seba L. Bowman. Booti r, do. I Id Slat, ?taaaihiy
Wtviarrr-'Tt. llall. NYork, bark* Inili. u?f?r?, IUj Ja*
atiro; Neptaaa (Br), ? yraa, *?> India*; brif
Uutbard, rrrotmbu"n and a aarkct; arhri W*4hri<jra,
M'biU, !-B>aaaah, J JU i-i.ki, Uodlr*y, R*bi,?. Minor ib. Ba
Oirorn, 1 all Rirtr
BOSTON? A rr Jaa 2', I'M bri? fly (Juiid Andartoa, Iaft>
na 3 J intt Tin Bulm t't Hola, achr Oskio, Apt ?v Fradtc
ickaiarg <ld *cr Old Domlaloa Waaki, NVark did
ataimrr City t>f NVark. thip* U*ra'4 of tht Mcraiuc, Bdw
Stai lay; b-rka AdlI* U?m'ia, Urlaa; tri.* Nobla, drill aa.
Cattllian, Bln<-m<r Mary 1'ierra. koodv.
Arr 23d, karkt cnba, *??ni,B?rtiiil?t 4t h oik D S OaodaB,
liarr m> a, * <i? Cajat Z4 nit ria II Imat'i Halt Md narks
boraoa. aa< fr m baiow krl* Kan iz IB , alio bark Oaofilaa*
aad br'i i'aalttia wbii'b aaobor- d ba o? 2<*t
BKltTUL - ?ld Jaa 2U bar' Lilt'- Land (of Boatoa), Caan.
liavana (aad ? at t a*t m*rn of 2t<*).
BATH? Bid Jaa 'J< bri? .Vt H?lla, Brr-y, Card?aa*
CBaRLBSTUOi ? Arr Jaa .7. ba- k i Itop stra (Br) 1???.
Llaarpool ?0 ?ay?; r-br culrbta (Span) Vortara. Matansae;
Itth. attamar Bail KrankiiB Adkina, N1 ? rk. k?rk Cakarrv
JMlnaon. Cal ao llldayi, trig Hi?>* ?, ??i a. Ma'iataa;
acbr (.'bailor**, ttiiaaon. Ilaraaa; ItRh, *hip* iUk-h (Brk,
HapklBMia. flail t. i.1 <! -ya; A' itia * kllan, BarisM, Idr
aipool Si; brlf Lady af tba t-aka, shata. aadan, Ma Be
lla Br tin, A mo, and a ?bip ?u r?' a?o th* f(u hwark traa
Liaiap"*! * '7,h' ? ?* bark* Jotoh Anrnalia*. D?aa
Bock*. and Lie. a. Vi iutalo a a hr Vealraaa (?#.
Harbor itia ir?A, tehr* If ?ry A. Ohaaa,
ladir* "tr dar, Whe- WT-^rk; i#?h imp Ba'itair* (frt.
R< a, bavrr; bark I ? . homphraya, Hmtoa. Sid 17' k,
hwe bri? Mlnoaa K ' nttai barf. ai?" '?'< Unaaa i Oa*A
Adaia: ?'hr U'ldeu tka4; IS* 0, orlf JC1 la (Tail*, Talaak.
Ba'h; lPtta bark Thalta teb k?'t A
LAMA Kin <ITTA? Id Jaa 19. ablp Ooaaa Btrald (arv
cllprar toai) i o?t-r b fark
kaSTI'1 RT- arrJa^lS, aabr> Banjamla, aad Botich k
Rady, N?<.rk aid 13th aahr M-.yy ?"aafar, Alaiaadrta;
iM'fc bri* Braokliaa, BtvllTtry, NTock ; aobr Boalta, Haa
?rxjia do
a LJ /A BBTH OITY? Aft prar to Jaa 17, tobri ? T
Br- aa Kaiftit; 0*a Arirtafbaat. &la(. aad lll?b FiliA
B ek, W ladla*.
FAI L R1TBR? Md Jaa 11, Mir Alataadar M. Chryjtda,
otUHoBTOWN. 8C Old Jaa 1(>. krt( N?ao? Aaa, ?t?
lar. nrt?a; tehra Taaaaavaa, Rio* Uavaaa; I'M Dat, Tat
tar Hath, Mt
Cld Jaa Il> tcbr Traataaaa Rico Ha*ana, ISth krt< Naitf
Ana I'rrtor, Btrue; ickl ft* Oaa, 1'ortor Hath, Ma.
H^KWl U Arr J a tr hr? ?a cbau. M gatklia,
Norfolk for Roatoa , Maaia Hall Baltimore fa- da Balk M
lMh, and ivtorrad ?am* f*,<ain ?. Wla' N B, ?l*h now.
Ja VII I.B-Arr Jan Id, tcbn Pocb* Abb, Inmta,
ard T k Jraaa. Clark Bt-'k
BtiHlLB? Arr Jaa iS, thir< Imparlal ((tr), Maraad. Llw
?ool; nth < oar?d (Br Baralty. ur?aanpk: ?p p laart
rrlna. Millttt. Po't kie , narkuWUall. arp* ,tar, 1
>ork; trlf *iarc^>a" Bofa. C'd l"hh. "bit
I r<(irta, Cbta*. U arpoal: >a?k W u Hn oit t.rary, Mfork.
obr R l" Blll'r Vea-nak Pro?i4*ac?
BaRBI IBBAb-?ld.Iaa 17. ?e'-r John Phillip*. B>l?**a.
Cad it.
BR W OPIEaNR? Cld Jaa 14 ttoamthip T> taa, I'laaa.
Vrra Cro?; tbl*t AlUthtaiaa. !? Wn, lirrrpo >1; Cbar'aa.
? oa;k. Ba'timora, Richm<Bd, flaroilf>B, Bo?t.>a; doaw*
Jot nay, Aaa1!, liaart, btrki ^rah Park, PaadUkia,
Hatrv; AUiiaa, L. *?n. Jara i ah. :il tenia Wrlirbk, Tblva.
Kio da J?aair?. Rtl-art. Prlnoa, Barra, bri*t 4ay Qoaaa.
J toktaa, 1 bUadalphis, tlar*aoa. Ual* I'm a i?'phia, tohrt
rtdary Pri'?, Uandy. Baltlai n\ liv?d (B-i, B BiaB?y.
Ballts, Boad. To?*d to **a Il?b, tkip CordaUa, to# Ooaaa
?*Ua t
NOHPOI R? Cld Jaa ? ai.lp rtalaad, JobaaaaiUaBriH^l;
ba>k Milllataa. Robiato... do, tehr B?a lUoRtr. Trato Oabk
NBWPORT-la c rt Jaa 11. 7 AM, hark *????*?? 'V*
Btary R-.rai tll, t. In 0 >ldan Uato, Bordaa. gri??>i
for SI Tf.oa at aad a Biarktt, Haa>lai. Tb? B?? kr* kafara
rap rtrt at aaol ?r Ib otcb Uiaad k arbor , j?
Kaleh, llandt, ?rr>? Oo?r*t'*"B. 8t , Tl? Matoapouatv, rat
f rarport, to load for Caba.
r U I l.A T> fcl.l' U I A -Arr Jaa ^ ikoaaiaT
N Vork : trhrt Jal a Cvtaoa. MobU-. Rail. Lraw*ll. I r??i
df c? Cld whr Gao Maaabaa (?f?'.
FoBTL A Ik D ?Bid J aa 10, (kip J L UlatatloK, Bobt.o, bafB
' ImSiuSb -Arr J* 11, hU AIM, Imtk *T?ft
hA V AN R aH? Arr Jaa II *hlp* kltiiha Intf. t"4
Hr ''barloa Barl*r (???). P^toa?Ul, lr.rpool, OaarrlaaA.
Wiatlard Ca-diff; arka H arr tat Hon*, M?l>iaaU, da-,
l oarno, OaWrbrlOf*. Ilnt*?l ria NV?rk; bii* Bl :>ot*da
ja'k*oa. Li?*rf*?l. (Id 17th. It'.* Otford Moaltoa. P*M
laad 1Mb, bark lonaoaa R>4-r, M Jwa Ctit krifUtt
fldaaaa Motalll*. Baaaaa.
HT I.IOfcOB? Arr Jaa ft, Mhra Cyalaaa. Vlntala.
WARB1BC.TON NC-Arr Jaa 11 tohr* Kaabal Jaaa.
AtRlar, Dakarak. Orrf B. aad T B Proaok, NTork . MaatoM
n>, Bnvn (aaa cld I ttk tor N York) Alao aid I2vk t*ora
!kearetor> Maroy, tad Rio. NTork: Itaaah A Baady, 1f?A
Irdirt, Paotto: do; M?h B Trlak NVark.
WlLBIMi'iON, N J- Arr Jaa l?, brl( D*l?tnk Uoka,
Park kataaiai t*)rt Adtlla* U,Co?a, Mlark; **h, Aa
t'lma, Bkata*: hUntbaraar, Bla.tamaa, aad v aka, BrUa,
ft York. Cld l sal. . rbn <W kt Smith, Nlohala ; IVtk,
Kaon Raok, do.Wtb. brft Trmaipli (Br). Aiklaaaa.
I.laoaool. arhit notaa. Auw* aad A J O* Boaatto, Brava
tar, NTotk C 0 M'attor, Wataotv Norlaaad; ll??. H ?
Waatara. Malay Port aa PHaaa
wmcAHSkT- Cld J?xl?.B?*tkir Jaaaa Waarm. WMk
kurn B>kUa.

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