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WHOLE NO. 6379.
The If ebrasLa-K^nsas Excitement. ,
Spoflah of Hon. Truman Smith in the
United Sta es Senate.
Til.1 Deficiency Appropriation Bill KilM in the
Bon st.
fcmra, I Days Labor Thrown Away,
Ad*pU?c of (he IntKWbraska llts>Iut!on?
by lbe Scnat.
Cocttst Between the Frte Soil and Sil
ver Gray Whig*.
lie Boston Abolitionists and the Ne
braska Question.
Fifty Persons Burned to Deatli.
fro., 4r , 4c.
Washington, Fab. 9, 1351.
Mr 3bwasd (free loll), printed certain postal and
30mma..:n |statistlcal table* having some beating npon
the ftpplioatten for th? establishment of a line of mat
itMD'n b-tween Brooklyn aci various parts la conti
nental Europe. Referred.
Nauierorj position* wet* preceat'iL
< Mr. F>jt (will?) of Vt , moved to take up the bil'
(ranting Iniid to the States for the relief of Indigent lv
aaoe. (\iwn DU's bill ) If any debate arose, he wo all
move to Hi it for some other day, but If no delate arose,
be weald &?< g'ad ti have a v te ea It.
The motion was agreed to, :cl :he bill wis raid.
Mr. firm, (dem ) tf led., moved an amendment con
ferring grant* of land made by the bill to those States
wbsreiii mUlo lands bow lie.
The bill was then po?tpor< 1 tin Monday week.
The F<eaoh spoliation bill wad taken up, and soon ver
ba! smeidmentl aisde.
llr. IV.iK ,i (>.'91 ) of Io?a "aid he desired toc%U the
Attention of 'ha country to tit* 'so: that b^rn "?e a bill
? bout to ;tw, appri priatlb ^ Bva million dollars. It would
have pitted with'.at ttv't-g br?n reai', were It aot that
ha bad a'* *3 fer i'e readlrg to ?*? If an omUlon bad no
be>n miot> in it. It wan iiow about to pass without an
de?res ofoppoai'iaa. U wu a bill whloh, at tbs time o
the Inc.ir n< ..f ihe debts it was u pay, ojuIi not get
a coi?mlti-.e of ei'.hor branch f C>wgreeeto report; >mt
when tb? original claimants win goue, and the matter
ie 1 into the bauds o; the stou j jboers aud epeoalator
whoswaroa^ In the 'obbles, It ?as pa<s*d w tliout oppo
attloa. Wben the Homestead bill, which wonli benefit
the baN working men of ih* country, or a bill granting
land to aid the States without an? lots to gjrjrncneat,
eatre up, they were met bv cpfcs'.tinn in every sbape.
K'tlr Ha-;- ?? ( ' . m ) Of M., said thattnevery '.'tngrese
?nice the tin. a '.hete claims were first preeeated, a bill
fcai been repotted in one Hou.eor thj other.
llr. Ps.irr, (whig) of Ml , e?id ihe diffe n:? between
tl>is bill su^ the Homeste-.d wa?, that this was t> pxy
da'bts tine to our own titiitus, wbile the other was a pre
mameffeted to foreign em'gr?tlOB. The claimants In
bis Stale were, to his U. w.edg<\ the most honorable
persons, acd cot stock jobber* Whenever It wai poabi
pie to get a vote in either houre the bill always pastel.
Mr. Ooims eaid that, before U ->d and man, he d,d not
be liei ? i be claims bad acy foundation in juntas what
ever .No Hll had passed "oogrs.s from 180!) till 1848,
when it was vetoed. One plen a4opted to get through
this bill was to sand agents to dta.e Legislature], and by
firing aumptnoua dinner? anl caampag&e kuppers, get
Instruction' from then e LrgLHtures to Senators to vote
for tbe bi 1 thsre were S-taV rs now preteat who were
nnder inatructtens to vote for the bill, when taey did
not belie r* In its justice,
Mr.Pnrr rxplstted thee' e'alms, and sa'.d he considered
it aeolema debt of honor on the part of gorrrainent to
pay them. He would booner resign hii seat than repudi
ate the c ?bt
The bill was postponed, and the Senate took op
THi nt in* a.-" a Rnx? mora of xb. trcvai bjhth
br. Smti i (whig) of Connecticut, said be seldom took
part u> ti.fl debates. Be preferred to discharge bis
duties with as little speaking aa possible. He de
parted from tbis sonrie in the present ins'aace only
Decaoie of the magnitude of the arils which would
result to the country from the passage of tbii bi J.
Ha had beaa in Congiess flfteen years, and daring
that time no man had taken a lees part than he la
the agitation of sectional questions, which were in
troduced into Congress to aiMurbthe national oounclls
vaad the peioe and barmen; of Uie republic. He bad
Bale bat one speech on the subject, aad that was en the
day betms the death of General ray lor, la I860. He had
always eoutentel himself With client voting, yea or nay.
HU vote, b "erer, bad always been in accordance with
the preponde.atisg sentiment of the North. He ha4
?aver ber .i a Northern man with Southern principles,
and be aarer had any confidence In any cbbu who was.
Uafortana'.ely theie bad been tkrost luto tbli b.ll a
slavery provision, and he thought it ought to be ex
cluded by tbe uaacimcus vote of the Senate. Bat
be would endeavor to show tbe Ssnate tkat there
ware ohjeittoLs to this b.ll, iadspendent of the
question of African servitude, which ought to
overrule this bill. He hoped to be abla to
?bow tte 4*nate that this bill ought to- be
put dewn end then tbe slavery question would be set
tied Was It wise oreipediant to organisa two Terri
tories wuea lime were Ave already on hand? N'sver be
fore. la tte History of tbli cinntry, ware thert so many
Terr iter 're o itsaited at oi m time Why the bill for the
Tsritay Of ^atblngton bal pursd through lait Con
fie-s with ut so- ofje:tiiiTi ?xt? o him iaoomprehi?usl
ble IV re were Ave ,Terrlt>ile? n w actually o:gan!ied,
aad yet the ?'?nstor from Ilua^is prnpoead to add two
?wre, tii a; 'be aomber seven. Where Is tbe naoes
slty for U >' there eou.d be no otbrr revson to make
tbe Seas er'M ihlsextrm g*n*. prrpositiou ex:ent the
aegro s?ivita e qaesticn. There were mors lands now
bek>n|l?f to the government tsan toaUl be occaptel for
jeers ta come Nearly one ta!fof all the new States
ware yet (uvio latd?, an", a latge po:ti 'r? of what Is
?old wts In tte bands of the speculators. Iftheeewara
aot enoo(tb there were th? e?e Territcrlei alrsadj or
gaaite*' i'tunesota bad bet few it hi blUn-.c she had au
extert rf territory )arj? enoogh for eeveral Sta'ee ? '?>
with Wa?'. .rgton and o egoi. A.t for i':aH and Mew M?*
leo be wrnM eay nothirg, 'or he did not believe any
nun no? ev*n a sens b>, rstpe. table wol', wo U1 go to
eltbtr to settle there. (Lau/hte? ) Ut.h w?s one of
those 8ve bleeding wnnads whl:h were to be healed by
tbe ccBiproraiee of 1860. It was tailed, aai it resulted
ta tbe establishment of the coirplste dcmlnetloo there
of BrigUam Young and his forty wives, (!.*u?hter.)
There wto but little difltrenoe between that and s!*varf.
3et*e*n polygamy and African slavery be saw but little
difference. If any (Laugh'.*'.) If tbla were only a pait
of tbe pti:cy of the adtrlnls'rativa, whisb had takaa
abolitlooiiiti and free sollers to its bosom to try their
fbi.b, he 4M not know but he wonM be inoliaed to for
wnrd it; but before doing ?o te <roi.ll ask t. ma to con
sider He Retired to say tbi*f. ibli attempt to sniub np
tbe MWouri cempromue, before it succeeded wou'd
bare to smash up a r-od nauy othei tblngi.
It was said that these tarrkorlsl gorernKente w?rz ne
oeesary ie order to scaurs a trauelt for r an an;', things
I across to '.he PacUij. Military pc '>'* wo aid accomplish all
thls_bat t!i? only meaes of s.*:irlrg a tranti- wws the
otns- -uattrn of the Paciflo K?:iroal for wh!:hhah*d
itroggW '. al the last session. The only true way to eft est
a tr*i*i? ?asa railroad he did not ctra whether it was
\'orth o: South? even if down in T?xa?? so iie got the
^gad Although so maey cpmpromis^ were broken, he*
would ft J i Bitnot t consent t j make another? : Ire the
fru fie road and taks the Tertiary. During the last four
j?arer*s-'y on# million o'do lars ha4 be?n aoprrprlat'd
fjr the Temtoriae; aid tba', too. * nea only one htd b>en
ta e*ist?a?i .'oar yean, two for three yeers, onn for twe
rtirs, ?n rae for si* moa'hs l.very Territory got an
iotfit cf If 0 000, b^des arp-op la tons for bnlldlngi.
aanatl np-ata or ea?> Territory is 890,000 List the
axpenae of tbe fire Territories was no*. saSlclent, the
6,catof Illinois now proposed to create two addl
tjora eve In addition to taess would ba the expense of
axtetding poital facilities, and the extinguishment of the
IsdlsoUits r.ieaeaipsases would ba very heavy. Vaster
??.r t"?> aprropriatioas la the blil had baeo strloken oat
'l, ks? ro teaeoa for this It looked, hoerarar, vary
?ash Uke a preparation for rusbiag this bill to tba other
?oom. It looked Ilka a preparation lor tba appliaattoa
gf vhat was kaowa (a tba other boaee m a pgto offset
tbepe*. ?ge of tbls b'.ll. U con the of thM
t?ril ;i',H would follow tba cetrn-irj for aa lucreas* oT
the at iuj to soppier* Indian bcstiimee and protest the
pei pi* A 1 tie. e mature w< old ?we.l to a 1 uj? amount
thr l. m?a*. d exotn' lturti oco?sioa*d by tae orgaaixa
tiou ? f TerritoilvA Tt l<? bill provided for ;h? election of
0*rei sad t be qralifica i n of voters. A ooadition of
b'U ?a* t. at tb- y should b? ithabltanta U wu> said
t >a*. there we. e wx buodred peidjns la tbe Territories.
Ubd?r the lawn uf the 1'uitM.t atet?H tber* v?n do per
? n- it--re who were Itbabltaits. tliere wers undoubtedly
" Wbo were bodily wubU the Territory, out there
w-'e octa who could be legally regarcial an inhabitlnt*
Hi read The ait? of Coogrers regulating later
c..u.h?f* with th? Indians, wolch exilaJei all per
Hii'i fain reiH'ng lr( i>bidltlii(, aoc ocojpylng any
put of the Territory sst apart for the Indian
t lfcee Tie criy partoris allowed th*r? were tb?<e traders
who * ere duly lisriired by government an l whoee license*
*?'? liaiited to three yearn He read from the remark*
mure in the Hoota by Mr. II II. of Ul-seu.-i, at the list
?ta-lop, In r pi; t>obj' o'lote that there wereuownliapfr
H be in the Territory, who eaul that the reason why tier#
?ere no white persons taere exoept licensed tradeis wu,
that If a iran -Id go there he w.uld be ha. ted oit by
tbe dragnets. There nere, then, no paroas la Nsoraska
o> Has* a but license' traders, and t*iey wire no lnhab -
tents. Wheu be studied law he always uudarb'.ood that,
to make a man aa lobabitxet ic a lrgal saom, ha had to
atl-ct a pe-mau-i.t tetllemrnt in the place ha dwelt la,
*u<l th*t, too. without *i i w imo rttel'ndi; yet this bill,
tiehich n thing ferns ui ir.terpise any dllil:ulty, din
OfT'ic inhabitants lo l'.;eu-ed dealer*, anil la lueu who,
ap< n ihi ir ectertitg the land, are nunt?d by dragooni,
aren't to tbe teeth aoa wltb ? 'ord u Bard Tnls fault,
ho?e.fr eeems to tronb e the ?l-'nator fr im Ullaolt in uo
waj . H fay i tbe iuhaM ant* ?Ur.!l obooaa offioors; and
wVeii the ji.rernn.ent reels to flail tbe inheiii
'anis it must catcu them ilyinf be'or* armed dra
g' ' i p, bri g hnt,'e<l t'T their iifn. lu the eilort to
explore and b'ow up the Uisnourl Comprotalio the H?na
tor mis- al?o blow up the?a r>'her ante of Qorgrvi* It
? an true that three it a ?mili p-r'.ionof thM territory
tha Indian title to which ka ' been extinguished; but he
fuemd these <nhabl;an'e were D' t to be found there
fcete wan another ?? t of Congr^u wMuh the Senator
woul ha?e to get out nf liif w*y before ha blew up th*
M ? < nri Compromle- It the a-t whlsh exolodsd all
p^tMii a fror occupying or en'erir.g upon the aaaarrcyed
pub'ic lande of tba United Siatee, and whi-h reqnlrtil
tbe Prrnl ent to employ, if necun??ry, the military i f '.ha
I nl'ed Htater to txpel ibem. If any of the iuhabiUuti,
therefore, e?rap?d the diajooaa, it wan the duty of the
rraaldant to ?aod ethrr uroopii there to catch them and
axpel h-m 'the Senator froui Iilin -1< wan the moet pro
1 He man be evrr knew la getting Terri.orie*. (i.aughte.-.)
K'tryjearhe calls to tha attention of the denate the
partt rl'ton of a Territory, and pomeU nee jthey oome two
at a tim?? (loud ;aught?r)? and t'.iat. Ioj, whea he has a
whole litter of them en hand. (Laughter ) He de
sired to gir* the Stnator soma suggestions as to
bow to prepare himself for th* next parturition.
(Laughter.) Tha S-nator shoutd flrst uxtingaieh
the ladiaa title, and have the laads surveyed, laid off, and
to s< me exceut Inhabited; and chea he had got all things
in this oorditlen he then might go it blind If he chose.
(Loud laughter.) He, (Smith,) however, obj sited tocoa
tiibutiug bis quota towards de'rajing the expenses at
tendirg tbete repeated pirturi Lions of Territories.
(Laugbter ) There bring no inhabltaats there, as In
habitant! are deflatd by law, tbaw there were no persona
to elect ifficars or from whom offl jars s juld be teleated.
The Gorernor of the Territory was required to divide it
loto dUtriets. He would like to kr-'.w hew the Governor
was to district this Terr tor j? He might s?ie:t a log
o>bin at the brad of some braoob and oali it that diitnct
?rmber one, and then take aaother wherever he could
Aid it, and call it number two, and so on, naming thj
lists In suoh a manner as to hare a llstrlot for every
oab n If the lines were drawn upon paper thire would
notbing more be tecfsiary -to show the whole thing to
be a farce, be then r?ad the provisions ot tbe several
trestle* by wh.ch .hi Ic. iau.t had c^nseated to leave tba
bon:rs *ai grtves of their fatherx ar?'- (ro west cf ibe
Mis'i?'lppl to this tcrritoty, and maintained tbittba
aolemL fai'.h of the nation was nw.'.iy plalgnd. in lus
fasu o' God end man, to leave tb?m forever undisturbed
in this permanent home provided f?r them. The
b 11 of the Senator vas equally dexterous in sur
nouhUrg this dlBiculiy that it was in othir
rftptcta It flnt de; orib?d tha bvuadarlta of the
Terrltcrles. includlug within tbem the Indian ponies
stain. llthentaid tbat tbe Idians eh uid not b? ia
eluded In i be Territories nntil tuon lime as they ehould
signify to the I'resksnt their wlrh to oe fo icelaied.
He.e wan i-ingular legUlation. Everything in theta <lavs
was c'cce. ni.t by positive legislation, but hv provisos. He
bad but little regard or renpejt for any prvjUo, nuteren
the r?l?biat?d Wilmot provito Tbii bi.l flrit Included
ti e Incianr, thrn put them .int, and then allowed t?a*m
to ctnie in ?lm they figniile l thtir denire two so. It
hint jerked them into toe Tt-Uu'V, in violati'jj ot all
t eaty ftipu all' ca: it thPn x'.iii tlieiu cut aga'n, nud
le mtd a a y pn l?d tbrm bact again, under a sl^i ifl:ati 'a
to tba f ehtrten ? ??<? all t'i s wat cone la a prori-o
It wan cow lull [a t two o'-lcck, a;?l Mr cpwakh,
(freaecil; of N. Y , laid, as t-a 8ei.at ?r o 'ttli not gft
tbrougn with his retoar- e tvdav. he *r uH nova that
th? nihj-ct bs pontponed until to morrow.
Mr. Wkm.ik, (dem ) of Gal , said b* woold have to ob
ject. ir the Senator wonld eoatinue his remarks njVl th?
u?oal bour of at jonrnmeot, atd was not then thn.ngh,
he would c 'asent to a postpoceL-.ent; bu" after t^a do e
ti e t-'eiato Lad already tak-u fun tha denat -r, it wm
aiTltabl# to take ail that was pan bio to d?y, aod then
t line would be less of It to-r nrroir.
Mr Smitu said thrt after tha very i;?a<l?inanlr rt mark
of tha Senator he preferred t> gu on The -'enat t
said, that ''after the dcra the Sssata had al
reaiy reo-.ived he wanted bliu te n intlnne si that
there wculd te let* to taka tomorrow." Of tbls vrry
ehaiacteziatie rtmark of the Srca'.or in the Senate of tba
United States ha would have nothing to sty. This veal
tba srcciid time the heuator haC indulge ! in sash conduct
towards bim, bat of them be bad nothing to say. He
would continue to treat them with silent ooutsmpt.
Hr. Wilxxk said tbat ha was not aiara tbat thire was
anything oO?nslve in h'e remarks. He had called tbe
speech a diss, but h' tad said tothing wr ether it was
palatable or cot. H> had said tha*. the more of ths d> se
the Senate tor k to dsy tbo IfSH there would be for to
morrow. Toe lerscnal- relations between b'tn and the
Stnator were known, pie Senator knew well that he had
caver r?),arceU him heie or elttwbare as a geutle an.
At the Itkt Best lea he had oeca?t< n to speak to that Sena
tor in largtagt such as ha ttovght bis conduct nqtiired.
When be (Weller) was absett from tbe country, as Cjm
muKloner to mark tba Mexican boundary, tbat Senator,
in a speech, had arraigned bis public asd private charac
ter. A terraida, when he came here as a Senator from
California, he had taken occasion to defend himself from
tbe accusaticaa of the Senator ia appropriate tarms; but
the Senator bad never displaced the manlinaes of with
drawing lis eha ges or rep yicj to hi* defercs. H" bore
no 111 will towards the 8enatc>r, but he entertalaad ot hita
in opinion which be had already espreseed.
llr. Smith? I want the Seaats to understand that I <IH
not say I would treat tbe Senator with silent contempt,
what I laid was that I would treat his oenduot with
aileiit cr.ntempt
Mr Tiurr was willing to postpone the bill, but pre
ferred tbat it should be till .'Saturday, ia Older that prlra e
bills eight be c jBtidered to morrow.
M;. SxmisaUl either U morrow cr S\turday would sait
The question whither the bill should be postponed till
tc morrow or Saturday wti deba'ed for sou<e ti ne, and
fln?lly to morrow prevail id.
Af er an *X' cutive setsii n, the Sena'.e adjeurntd.
Ilouae of RepreicntatlTM.
Washimoto!*, Feb. 9, 1864.
Mr. Fbarklm, (whig) of kid . presented the join', iso
lation of the Leglnla'ure of Maryland ageiuit the <aano
mono pel j.
Referred to the Committee on Agriculture
Wee taken op, the question being on agreeing to the
MMatmefctfl made In committee.
lb* following amendmenta, nuking appripratloe* for
Cn-tom Hossea, weie eouumd In by yea and cijr voter
ClsclBBati tad LouUtlHe Cuatom Qcuoe, each. . $10,000
Hat h aid Bargcr t'uat.m Housea, etch 'M O'.O
St. Loull Cuatom Horn e 100 000
Mobile C&Btom Horn* 6# 000
Wilmirgton, Drhwtrt, Cae'.om R >ur? 12,000
Am org the appropriations for Marine ll^pi ila the-e
w?a 1367030 for the one %t Cleveland.
Ite anrenc'mfBt appr.priatisg *"30, COO for tb* par
e>>aee cf tb# bviKtcga for the uae t f he Mew York A ?ay
t Mi * via c Bcinred is.
The Havre then raj'et^d.ttae hill, by yeei 37, Bey* Mr?
Tr*?? Mer-re. Appletoa, Rtaka, Reimn, Ritatil, iillar,
ilujc. Cranilerlain. Cbanaler. Crocker, Utttisn. ti n of
R. 1 , Di?D<y, L)utb*r, Kaitaas. Kdgertoi, Idmoudi, Elli
tor. iTtrbar'. Farley, (ioodrich, Greenwood, Harlan of
l-hii, Earrli?n, Haven, Wiener, Houf.on, IIan?. fngartoll,
Mndiay, Ur dtley, Macy, Middleawsrib, Miller cf Mo. Kit
lercf Rd. .Neble.Phlllip'. Pre?t<.n Kiidle, Hltehleof Pa.,
Litclrf ot Oli o, Rcl.iUa. Sheen -.B bitBT^^na. Smith cf N.
T fmith cl Teiin.. Sin'th tl A'.a .Stanton ol Tarn. S.aotoa
al Ky . Taylor of Chto, Thntatca, Tweed, l"p>:am, Vail, Vaa
tai.t, \Va<te Walker and Waal turn of Main*
N * \ a? He l<rr Alifn. Jamca C. Allen . Til it All fa, Alba,
Ba!\ Harked ale, Barry, tieleker, Bennett, Boyo?, Campbell,
?"bate, I hartals. thrUman, Clinman. Cobb, Corwin. C->i,
Crai?e, Curtif, Daiitcf I?d , Da?roi, Dent, Dowdell, Drsm,
Uonhan. In?l:th. Fau'kaer. reatoa, Flcreec?. Ucde,
Oram, Grey. Hamilton. B?r!an 1 1 Ind , Uar'U "f / 1? Har
ris cf lltra.. Eenddokt, Hcna H.bbsrd, Hill Hill
yer Johaanp. Joree of l'enn , .Inut of La . Kerr, K dwtll.
Kittredfe, Kaox, Kuttr. Lace J.llly, MeCulloch VeMuile",
MeNalr, McQarua, Maoe. Mi'.ttton Hsvoharn, Mil una, Mot
Ken, Morrieon. Munay. Nlcholr Olivtr, Or:. Ptckham. I'at
alr*t??, Perkiat of N Y Jr , o: l.a. I'ra't,
I'r.Biile, Haaby, Rea.f, R-*ere KnTir, RiiM<lt. Bant S?r"
M.?w, Skelter, i-mlth ol st ratten. 1 ra^r, Trout, VTala...
Waehtvrn ef 111 , Wb(al?r, H'ltie, Hr'irl.t ol l a . Tatei,
aad /.ollicffer.
The t?jtction ot the Mil caaaed mueh eernrao'ion
y.r. KMJMJW ?, "?m ) or I'a . ro?e to atate that he toted
It beckiae tt waa a bill o{ aboaloationa aad c^n
tai-?d a r.ett for a mint at .Vtw Toik.
Fvmc ?b'g? alterwar la raid prlta'ely, whan th?y it*
deoivikU Tellnir against tbe bill, a? if to throw retpoBM
blU'.yof 'itraTagat. . appr, p.laUann on tbe whiga, tli*jr
bolted and totad i? tbe netaUre
Mr Horwott, (den ) of Aiv, more*', tkattln H^tue gn
lat ) t tr r-Httee of tbe Whole on the atate of Union. Ola
agreed to.
Mr. CiJ.iOMAit, (dtst ) < f .V. C., moved to reconaider the
vete t j whiob tbe Da6t!eoey bill waa rejected, and U> lay
that motion on the table- the deelgn being to kill It be.
yocd rrtnrreeti <n. ,
Mr. McNaia, (dem ) of Pa , noeed, inelfrotually, that
the Hotaee adjonra.
Mr. HoraTow naortd that there be k oall ef the Hone*
which wme refute*. i
Mr. Ciingman'e motion wu vot*d on, ml the rot# waa
announced to b*, yea* 88, 88
TheHBABBK gave ?he ea?.'>ng voto ia the allirmitiv*,
than clinohtng tbe nail that k. l'*l the bill.
Clamping of Lai d? cUoweH <x* Ike part of many of tie
tn*n.bftra, and au.id the ooafbalot' the Home aljjuiaed.
Affairs at the State Capital
Ai.iia.vy, Feb 9, 1851.
At an early hoar thin morning the Senate went int.*
the consideration of the Diokimon Nebraska resolution*,
u they were whipped and sparred through the Hoote on
Tuest'ay. Mr. Putnam olfered the lame am-ndmects
which had previously prevailed in the Senate, aud a liag
discussion arise bet seen the wooleys aad (rays. Mr.
Putnam and Mr B ook! both mat eeloqieot speeohes.ona
ttnlitg tbeir opposition to the Nebraaka bill to the Mis
souri compromise, whioli both defended. The Utter gen
tleman believed that the reigning pi eer at Albany, at
tbls mmient, was tenfold stronger Ihau ever the old
Albany Urgency win, and iaolulea fn muoh fever hen is;
and aleo stated that tte iam* of iJIUard Fillmore wts
proposed by the Chamber of C^raoe'ee aa one of the
cjirmastouern cn harbor encroachment! ; a tele^raphia
despa'ch was sent from Albany down to the r ty of N' -w
Y r> , forbidding it, and his name waa withdrawn. On
theS.wa.d aide, Mcear*. Dickinson and Crodby toek the
II or, and were eqaally strong agates! Mr. Kiilmom
and all his acts in relation tj tbe compromiie
meat nrc s T.e (ebate was con'.iouel until an
hr ur after the usual time for adjournment, when the
v. ting waa bad, Mr l"u Dam's amendment rejected, and
Ur l/ickinton's aCop'ttt by this rote: Ayes? llama'?,
Bi?hop, Blakely, Bradford, Butts, H. H Cla k, Crosby,
IMskioron. Dorraroo. Held, II >pklns, Munros, Pratt,
IUcbarrfs, Robertson, H .errill Waiker Yost, all whiga? 18
Nays ? Harr Brooke, Z.Clark, Dantorth, Hilsey. Hl'oh
ccck, Butcblns, Putnam, Npeosr, WatklcH Whitney,
demoera I, (except Brooks ) Putoau, aud Whitney? U.
Itia hat) beeu a lest vote, by which it is psrcatvei that
there are only three iHvar-gray whig* in tbe Seuate.
Daring the discussion the whole slavery question, at 1
many othar family whig uattars, were brought in. l'he
Senate waa nearly full, and the crowd, among them half
tbe members of the Assembly, w?? grea'er than on any
other cccaaion. Mr. Putnam and Mr. Brojka delivered
able and eloqnent speeches and were listened to with
pulnund attention, and frequently applauded ; but their
efforts pi oval ineffectual, as not a tingle obdurae woolly
became cot verted. The resoiutioas go to Congress at
?oon as Governor Seymour may feel <11 < >o<ed to seal
tbein, thereto be lhro*n among tbe refuse paps's.
Tbe annual meeting of the rftate Aggricnltaral Society,
In tbe Assembly abambsr. equally exci'.es considerable
interest. The debate* last avsnirg were peculiarly iu
tereailng. Thaie is never any slnie .'or olficea id the
soolety? the hon-r*, with the exeep ion of that of Secre
tary atd Tr<a?urer. are always dint' ihuVd from year to
year to as to gi>eevery p rtion of the State a tolerable
fair proportion, as its turn con es around. Bit it la not
so with regard to the place for tioldltg the Annual Slate
Fair. There lr. alaays me greatest eact'.'-rcent exhtbitel,
and Urge amounts ol money hire hcrotofo.e b un ex
pvM'ad in o:der to retiare tbe lotatlnu. 1'be dniy of
fiiliig the fl.ee devolves upon the CxiJUtive Committee
but that body uotforiol> dr?i|iua'.e.< ihe pu ui ilijvteU as
the frefertnoe of the Sotitly Ai u-ual. this matter
was jetleiday telaired to a committee of twenty four,
ootsitticfr of three persona from each judloi'l disuiotuf
tbe dtat? A long consultation wai hxld, n-uoh cisonloion
eniutd, ard a great numbsr of ballitirga took plain ia
tbe '< intniLtM. whether tr.e nt-xt fair snouU be beld at
Syracuse or New York. Afi?r a lfiifiihy, laboricuf
and not ven cariiiotiout section aba ;l ?rai Snally ob
tained, wtich ?eiult?a In thirteen for New York aul
'leven for dyrai>nfe Tats fact was daly reported to tbe
Society. ?btn M<- (isdt.fs a ve>! to dtnanree ni athere
fort 1 1 the cobimittes, by etrit iog out New York and in
setting racus*. Be spi s<t Terv ' trooilr in oppa^ilion
to New Yo k, and charged that tha rnuult in c> ra jltlee
*as oc> aeiousd by tbe aflon of oi<e of the mem here from
the Eighth di-tvi-.t, who violated fcia pltK'K* T'i?r? waa
the greatest rennt.cn amorg the " Urm<ir?" at Ui:s ao
cn.<atko, ard wfci-peiicg ot.o to anotatr. wondirsl alio
he meant. When Mr 0 concluded, t^e fljar was tik'.'n
by Lewis F Al'eu, of Ni?pa a H j w*^ th? petson alluded
to ac baiirir votta for New Yo-k, cun'r?iy, as was
al.tg'd to .he w'fies of hln du'rif.t. Ha asalsiT the
ehiTs" in the trrs' ( irttnet and emp>a.-'n tirns II 'had
voted for New York for ira? j r^rjosi; asd, a:nnrg others,
that by hsvi.-tr an exhiti ion tbsie tuo iu^ i ?erla'.*u
trt*tti:y tf tfce s< ciety wonll b??ctna repUoleaad; that
sceeas to tha c'ty naa sary f.-im ev?*r pat t of Ul? 8 ate,
faiticnlarly fn m long I?la- d I'-atrn ''land, all tbe
southern tier of eoruties and t' e ? in ry bordir
iiK pn 1h? Pu !6i.n rive*, whose farmers Had nj:
betn e.VIe fceret"f're to trt.-?p--r: thsircat , e, p:o'j:a
k c., to the central part of th* ^tat^, wit'cu-. gftat laitn
vi cieic* ard ext^Lce. v*v-rai cth?r menib: rx spoxe ou
hcth iKh, fcet Mr Ditkins'n prefe~r?<l the city o'
K m'rt on the Frie r,-jd, 'o ?''hcr f th? other plac*.
The debate ?se continued to a la'i* hou'- wi'li mn -'h ?' III
ty and an 011 ue degne of werm'ta, particularl* by John
A Kitg of Qoeens, Ambrrs? 3'rpt?ns, ot Nj* York, and
L. F. A'len, o' Nifgsra. Vjton takiri; the question, tbe
vote Hood for >ew York, btty two, and for 3j ricuse flftj
? sbt ut a< clwe as ?t did in ihe ioir.n)ttte?.
Tie gent)?r en ?bo sp^keia this igrlmltcral debate,
lhownd h<Rh talent for )>oblli tp 'akinij . xtlb tiag a 'a
mil artty with the top'es they * re ('i-citslog highly
ccmnjfPf'able. Many of th?m are g?nttem?n of h'gbiv
etil ieated c-iiais, witb a faculty tf <*xp e>sir.g their
thru.'hts in forcible tad flnsnt style. ' Hot Corn," oo 30
pfed tie tt<?r oeca?ior;ailT, bot bis uoeoath ap;e?ra:cs
and tbe charsc'er of h'.c recet t pusltshjd wotk, rend-reJ
aim very annoylng to the faru-oia.
A few Cays tin 'e the resolutirn was a'f^p'ed in the
Serai* calling epoa the W/'iwr of the Canal Ila^artment
to report the iiiins paid Ly .be iuite fjr p-o.'ejsional inr
vice in obtaining a decision up<>3 the o 'cat.tutlooallty of
the car si law rt 1 8 6 1 . A report ba< boen received, by
wbich it appearn that John C Hpenosr received ei^Ut
hundred dollars, r'amntl Brai'I?y ore th >u 1 follarr,
and n ram P?.io also s then raid dollars, ruikln; neatly
th'ee thrnisnd dollars which th* Sta'e paid tfce>- laeytrs
for argairg the stconalitutivnality cf oie of itaoarn lavs
Al Bi.1T, Feb. 9, 1861.
The U; and Chapter o' Royal Arc 1 Maaon*. wl ish com
rnencad its (?FFino in tbia city on Tu>edaj, aircteJ to day
tte fcilewieg rffi:era for the ectuiDjr ye?r, riz:? ii E
Jcfcn J. Lewi*. Jr.. rt Peuo Yan, High K. Cftaa.
4 Cbucb, of New Vcik, Depnty <;rand Blah Pries?: M E.
JobnS. Parry, tf Troy U.ac ! KIck; M. E Peter V. Mar
phy, if Ixtckpoit, Grand i^erlbe; M K Jobn 0. C.ile, of
Albany, Grand Secretary; X K \Ym. Seymour, of Albany,
(lifted Triamr'r; M E Joael'. Mitchell. tf Aibaiy, Orarl
i'arihal; M E Jobn Pleroe, r f Albany, Grand Hentinel. U.
E Salem Town, of Aurora, Grand Chaplain. The seceton
cf the Gratd Chapter will probably closo to tat r ton. The
attendance bai been onsjoallj large.
Alraxt, Keb. (*, 1861.
Mr. Dickinsow, (*hl^) of Steuben, called op tbe N?
biaika reeiluiiCBn recaiTed from the Awmb'f.
Mr. Pcra.ni, (whig) of Erie, thought the moTeuent
extraordinary. lie bad b?en promised by Mr. lliek awn
that there thould b? ao trick or trap about It. Tb*
r?(olntlon rajected by ih* Suate had been driven
through the House by the gag ial?.
Tb* debate *ii cottlared by lereral Senators? and
ttequeatiao being on Mr. Pntaam's amendment,
Mr Earr, (nat. deai.) of New York taortd.a'n^n eoc
ccrreacewlth the Areembly.
Decided out of crder.
Mr. Putnam's snbatitu'.a waa then put
Mr. Finn, (whig) of Orleans, aatiTed to strike oat tb?
t'-.ne Brit resolutions, which Ur. PuUarc ?.ccep'.id.
The rote reinitad aa foiiowg .?
Avra? Mtaata. Brocks. Butts, 7. Clirk. (fraeaoil dim )
li- li, llitcLacck, (oat d?m 1 Prtram, Kiotarda, Kcceitioo,
Spmerr, OTceaoil dtm i and iV iltncj? IP.
Wavs? Mm*. a Fartard, Ba-r. (ill. darr.) Biih?p, Blake
Iv. ilr.dlu.i, M. 11. tiara. jircabj, Cmiorlb, nt. dim >
liickla ion. D<rran??, lfalaty, (sa'. itm ) Il<rkTi, Hui-b
iaa (sat il'tn * Mutroe. PiaU, Sbcrrill, WaUcr. WatkUii,
(tat. ? it , &td Yut-15.
? o Pntaau'ii luhatltn'e wa? rajeeted.
Ice c1u??".on t'juiKtu tin ine Aaatmbiy renlittaona,
Mr Pit.*** ?i:?: !or t. cit.?1jo.
T>? fi nt r^aclnt'or waa a-rj' d aa Mtowf ?
Yka?? Maaara. A ]l?rsard Blahcp. UKs<: HradUrd,
B".ta. M li. t lark Craakj. lJ.c.u.u:., Jj .uc; ruld,
fcctkica. Mvnrce. Prtti, Ki?t*r?a, Ktbcru a. (Jtanl'.l,
W?'k<r, ar.d lnv-1
y j.\ *- Ytriri Burr, P.roeVa, M*. Clark 7. Clark. Ban
Icith lialacy Liiticoi*, listcana, l uinas, S^tnjcr,
Hs'kin' ?t j W himey? 13.
The ac ne r*.?'it on waa adopted by the following
TO ?
A . la-V ir-. Barnard Il.itirp, Blak Bradlor'. Bum
ai H.Clark. Cr.ib? l?i<.air.a?n, Earran-a, ?i Id. Hopkina.
Mu. r> ? i l'ritt, Ktlvtuoa, SbartUl. lValici, ai. >
Tcit 18.
Kc.rri Barr Btooka Z (;l*rk. Danlnrih. Kalaay,
Bi' arock, Hnu-tiaa, 1'atn jr., Bfttoar and
Ifca hi.u aaa adcpttii bj ?
Ji\M-V'iari Pa^ard, Buh'p, Blakely P.radVri' r?"-,
M ? !?>' ( Urk. tt ??>> l/l?tiaa"a, li..rrat . i . J?.
i.i.T <i .ic Pi i ' i ? '.nan. i>...itard*, Rtb-rtaeo.
tl'T II'. Wall 't ird Teat? W.
- It hi i;arr. htv ka. Baiforii., Ilal.-ay j.tch
ec?V, llutobi'-a, Pre"1", WatHne, and Wbur.!! -?!
'1 1 - u . n ealletl r.j.on lb.) < >n* ra and ^
tu^.i-V.ite. r e iga^a'.tl.a Ntbratka Till waatdip*.
k' \y a roia cf 23 tj 6? the la'.tar btlng tie hard H?na
tore. Adjinrnad.
4i.iitiT, Fab 9, ISM.
i nor err aqaium tub nbubabka amoi rno?, vro
Mr. Cujiroa, (aat. (em ) of N I? preeeated a protest
egainat 'lit action of the H)ojw yaa'erday. on the N?
bruka raaolu' ion?
Tbe He as* refuaad to retire It.
Meiare Savac.i and Hioiabixj explained tha'r affi.'naUre
TOtoa yeetwday, on the Nebraska reai'utioaj, Mil mored
? reeooaHaralion.
Itoebted out of order.
Btfml prlrate bill* were paaaoo tn Committee.
Program ??? reported rn iu? kill to inwrporate the
UoomlrgCa.:- Saying* Bank ; aLo, oa :ha Koea Hill Sat isg?
Mr PwrwM, (whig) of (iane'ee, morad to rafar both bill*
to a taleet cou.m!tt?a wlih iabtructiona for a general
law. 1 ?i '? oa tba tab ?
Tbe bill to tlx tne aalary of tha C?o?l Auditor was
oidrred to a third rewiio*.
Mr. Bach in, (wblir) of King*, r* portal a Mil incorpo
rating UD<j asylum lor the reformation of pojr and djBti
iL'.a iu< o. ; -o
Mr Ccmmwo (whi^i) or N Y., oy eac??ut. ra ported a
bill rtlaUTf to the oollaotlnn ot tax?* in Vow York.
ttUMKInllOSlM* OK k^f 11* RATION.
Mr. CKXiWii (wul() ot Kicanit nd. raported a bill
r* latin- to tba ptwara an J cuUaa ot the (Jjinaiiiiionera of
Tha b>>! (or tba tapprai?.i'<n of itit*tafwr%(.oe wr.s taiea
up acO da sated on ttie HrT'?<ae?un aaitioa.
Mr Imu-jout, (*SlR) of U wago? the enramlt'aa bar.
Inir rapnr.ad progiata? moved to refer the bill to a salact
ec.uiu.itte*, to rapori oumpl?te
After a (Sbat*. lha mj.lon prevailed by 52 to 42, aid
the folliiMicg ao? intUea wai n? Hiaatad:? Maeir*. 3aa
aionx of Cbautat-qur;!. ttlrjoon, u. Oi.?e<o; Jo/, of Tool a
kite; Maiiory, < f Ontario; Uii.ur, o( LlviAgaon; Morris,
of Kib?k; aud iiiTliBj, of Ouuhaie.
Antl-SInvtty CintlierlnK In Buxton.
Botro*, Feb. 'J, 1864
la rabpoca* to a vary limited aoVloa, tha l'ark gtra?t
Ohuroh in tbli city, waa densely patk-d tkla avjnli.' to
baar an addieae from tha Rer.*Hanry Ward Baec :er on tha
praiaat attt?uie of the slavery qinatioa, aa te'laanced by
tba panding Ntbtarta bill. Krtnj aaat, alale, window and
standing rpot waa oosupiad. lucre could not bar* been
lata tban four tbooaand people praeeat.
M?nt (icvsMor Plnnkett, with nntneroax poli'ic&l and
elarical dignltariar, rceupltd Ibe platform.
Tba ttu?r?.bla father of tha apeakar, Dr. Lyman
Bttcher, c ff-r/J a ferveDt prayer.
l)r. Edward Beeaher and Mra. O^aoiier Stowa, with ha/
hoabaod, were al>o preaent.
Tha greateat ectbntia^m waa manifantel la an ad
drxa ef an Lour and a quarter the eUquwt
piracbar, in hl> cwn paoaliarly forcible manner, ex
auined the atoitl, political, indua'riil. and moral
:e!at'ora cf tha fraa and Hare St\t>e, and draw
avWll p.'ctua of the gl;antio fraud and wrong to b)
rerpeUaltd open the North by thepuuiafeof tba Nabraii
La bill. A ton strmply root?d lore of the Union, asted
utoti by tUe Kaltli>b bu iaiai tuotivta, be retried at tba
cb a( tearota why lite Nortb b>d inrarnoly jiel led In ita
ooctcato with tha acuvb. He r?-j Jiuau ti.?t tae Tell ? a<
u< -.' brir.a ram.rac fit tn the b-.t" "cii? f*"? of i!a?ar? and
ibLttbeNottl Jwoul?t r? lon?e- ba cajuled by tuaap'e.ioan
cry ? f " i*fttr4 tor itu Uoloc," Limitaiiun of i-.Utu ter
rit. iv am) a trailed Nor'taT i antl-alaTary mflwrt Ia
oi \,o ItiiB to all r aw al-vt' Htul?f xbould be 'ha t*o oar
('.:ual pcista m lutuie poiiiioal antii u.
i ta anihu-.it' in i f tin1 < !; qu-n'ly ma- 1'm.ted
iti?l(lnthe neat teurty applauia during '.be aldre.n) of
ite apeskar
Tb? iriiBgenta'i for tbe grant Sute An I Nebraa^a
COBVtntioa at Kanenll Hall, or Taur^^y of n-xt w.>rk.
are tevr.y otnpliSC^d, and the lni?.Hat)Or.a are t' *t it rill
be a ??Utilug cf the ol an ?!nJ, an oai worlliy, io all
ie?t#Vta, of Mafurbrae'ia Amoi* jd'B'..ifrn'Hb?d r.an
laiii'.ing ort < t tba H: ita, whobava Vaea lavl*ed,'?.-M Jubo
1'. lUk, Jute Jc.y, Garrtt ficltb, aud I'rftU'n K tg, of
M ur State; Wi.l'am EMar rid Pa?M Witmrt, o" Paon
qltaila; S. i*. I.haae, J K Oidci ({i and Ed ?aid Wade,
o: Obio; Gar. Faaaaudt n of Mtite, anl Dtunariiaa olhara.
Tie V!a??'atbo>?''? sp**kats oi.l en r;rtea t'it >?s". ta!)n'.
and i ratory ol tna a.jta
Ite*b n?, utlil to oay, h?va baan vary loth to t?V?
iart io tbl> O-otenUon, wUt' g ur*.l il . U^'ia" khould
ftrey ar? ra* mm itisvM t-* nit. Tie
ivMi baa ,i:aT?-nt?<i any lag'alallva asliou aa ye',. Tb- ra
is tu etie rertin.ajt on tbe ausi'0t amoa* t1-.'! p?Ojle;
a. the jublic ycice wl 1 a>on flt l ran'. In ucmiitakeaVle
t cce
nictltng Agaliut the Nebrnkn Bill In
Cim ioo Fab. 9, 1851.
A ir-V.lrg In oppoalUcn to tbe N'abraala b'Jl wab hold
h??e :?-.t t./bt. the action of ttenator I'oag'.M wa> da
ccuEO'.d by tbe o'd lire damccrata, aid b/ tli parunal
flit ad a liaaclutlosa wrre fa?sei Initruouai tbof.- rep
rvrrrtativae in C>eg[ea? to yotv agai'>.<t auy iofristamant
o! tbe Hito uri ecmprnndje
Ilhtda laiaiid Democratic Convention
Prom ??.><' a. Fab i), 1854
Tba PatKC'a.Io CitTenUon t^U tiTmiLg nona n*te l tae
fcl'cwiif Ucka; F r Uor^ruor, Fra&ale M. Limuad;
l.'aut Gnvarnir. Aairricue V. Poittr t.ry of S ate.
A.-.a Tetter; Attorta. (iia ral, -Val.tr U. Ilirsas ?, (ieaa at
fru uur Kdwin W lbor.
Mr Pii^ok'l i a .te pr:t?bt L'eai. Coretaor and lo'Jsg
Jew* II. the M unlet er.
Finssvau F b. a > 85 1.
Ocat anx.etj prevail* hire rrtatite to tfce ex'cn'iin
of Jtaell. At uc >n a d?-pp. ti . w?? reoelT?<l from Hirrf*
turp that the Home hid pva?J the Senate Mil
grattUg * tm tiial A r* raiautr* *:frw?:d*. bo*
? rer, ?d??f?t:h *?* tectited >t*tinrtbat thli wAilncir
ic*. ind thir the bill w? h defea't fn lbs llo'j?e hy nrii
vote. Pat *? qnentlT prive'e de*?* c?i were repel**-!
?j-b: lbs ?ortiaor nad WflM the prianner f* th*
ptex-nt, tn'i Bt 4 o'clock thU t-tsuhg the Uovernor him
6>If hl t b despatch fAjirg that r. up ?U1 ra cm/tr
wiuldar.te in the cut u Bin with * re?pt:*. Mcia
whi'e, lt< t illini fca* bren erected, tct! iher apparatus
*.he M>*riC d?cl?rli ff l'. ?t, h? will pot h-e<l tht
detp?.tch, aed "bit Jewell rhall be ix'c-i'^ to-miro* If
b rat (?K*r dee* intra
An cat for Smuggling
U-xro.v F?b. 9 1831
Di K. Turner, b pa?>*?ger p*r tbe *te-.nvl'ip Arabia
ha 1?hj an*s ?d for nuuggling lams. His in J iB'.loo
wiJ :Ut place to -motto*
The Cumberland I'onl Mlnera.
Paltikom r?b 9, 1851
Tt? miter*' *trik<? at Cijmb-rlind "Mil cont>au?". T?n
mirern had gtr.e to work Bt th? oil prieai, bnt t'ae mt
jOnty eere etiJI 6rm. OdIjt 800 '"M o' c< bI *rrr? forward
ed AH wt?k. ,
Marine Dlanaters.
IloftOM, Feb. 9, 185$
Tic ?cLccl r Ai red, fronKo hUid, with b cargoof
lit *, ??t*. Bfbcre o?? the 6'.n u?t. tff W?U?tl*at, took
flr?, and wai UtilJj destroyed. Tie enw w?r? *a?*d.
OURl.*irOV. Fe H, lfll
1 hi> t*i? KBterprti"#. f;om Posto-i '< r win
npiattaer t. J bu n H*r, mi the 'i7tt- nit. T?ecre??!l
r??pfcf>i I??iKutliie io *?f*tr The bri* '? icppi^ed to
tare duiitd afhora between Vt. Johm and St. An {u?tin?.
Nor?< ?*, K*b. P, 1854.
A '(ihcar.er *bi p?Med in Htr^o on K bo'.t< in up.
Tii# nm e ".-roithfield" wb? vUibt* cn btretirn.
The ^riK 'ilaonr hB? arrived In Hamj-.Toe Rob d?, with
CBAnofiiiii til* Cioefca TaUnd*.
Seilotia explosion of Gb*
NAJ?BrA, N H , t>b P, 1851
An e* n cf (a* took plica ia the boar ling hoosa of
Ure \larr Ball.cn C?na! itrae*, l?n i l(bt, raifirv *.bt
tn -H:bb from it* fouadation. rbattarin? tba partltloB*
ind detcoliibiBc tbe wlndowi. F. re pereoaa were '?rera
bet ct favail; injartd.
Mlatltqnl llallrond Contract
Pond Vt , Feb 9 18M,
At a re??tirc ef tba Tirectcra of tba Ui?alrqai Railro*4
Crirpaoy today, ?hB tender of tfeaa'* Orownki k Co.
wa?acc?j.t?d for tha entire coB^trnnti^n and eqaipr ent
of tie r-n! Ttla firm are tba o<?wtr?rtora for tbe Mint
real ted \ errcoet JnBftlon road. The whole line from
Mend P.- rd to Kon'raal la therefore order contract, on
'?iirt ctnsisg tbe ccirpletlcn of the roa ' .
From the Ranth.
Sav.issaii Feb. 9, 18H.
G fit ip;r^.?t iu. Are felt here foi ',aa ?af?ty ef toe
I'l-.tieh brif Atnla Coy. which railed from Bj?:on for thM
pcit tn tfca 2C'.h December, and ka? sot nioca teen
b??-d of
Kiil? I "I?g? haer?fo??d an intareiew with tha del'ga
tic i app< e'ed to rtatt tbeH?mlncla ln lian* in Florida
V ?ir c?t?. If a>1?d with ottoa, were burst a'. Iha 160
mlio ttalicn on tha Georgia Caatral P.i'lroad jesterdaj .
Death of (Jcorga Llppar(l<
Prii ami raiA, Feb. 9, 1861.
George I ippaH died ia Uiia eltj thin morning
An Iral of tlia Crearent City at N?w Orleana.
New Ok: ?i>?, Kit. T, 1W4.
The atiBMihip Creieeat City baa arrived at tkia port,
with Havana data* to tka Id la*t. n?e aewe ia qattt an
Fifty Lint LiO>t by the Burning of Another
Ciuklhton, Peb S 1151
The G'lrftrd Ejit Alabimian learns that the steamer
America vii burntd ou the Alabama river on the 20th of
Januury, Ud ilukt fifty lives were loet. It i* understood
that ft gent1 6 man moving W?et, named M jjte. wfts on
board, with a lerre camber of negroes
Mark* ta
New ObliaM, Feb 7. ISM.
The baIm el cotton to-day amoniitwd to 4,(k0 t>?iM
Prices have decllnd fuMy flt.ro Saturday middling
Wng quoted ft! 8\a. ft 9a. Ice decrease in vh* re teipts
ftt ah th> soa'-hero ui no ?' ttfi.CO) bale I. 1 .our h??
ft^vftici'd 3Cc Ohio aelle ftt IT 5( ft $7 75 TL*? Ft .ok of
ooiton here i? M9 i oc hiJt?? Money h tight, ?md sigat
exchange on N'sw York foils ftt la ft 1 vo discount.
Cbahuutuv, Feb. ?, 1S8J.
Th? sales of oc'trn to <l*y were 1.600 taias. ftt ptisot
[icmi^ from sj^e. ft 9, Ye. l'so mftrket is i.ull aoi tend
ii g Cow n ward.
&tv'iwri,ui, !*ab 8, 15; I.
Oar ooitbii niftikst has deciinid \ a. The Mbd t jd?y
?ere 1 , LVJ bftles, ftv Iks. ft lOo
U.v ixsaTi, K- b. 9, loSl.
The 1'aeltte's tew? ohecked buiiuein in jot u.a seld.
f'reviou* to Itareoelpt Urge trftoiftolioi.il Uad iftken place
la ) io?Ih!ol*. ftt SIS lor mt?r lumb park, to i : bulk
aide* 4>,'e ft f j Ii-r shoulders; 9;,o tor prime Oarrellad
lard, enc .Ce for krg lard. flour n ftt $7.
Ht? VnnRutcn tndCltmtiif Corr?ipoq4eil{e,
Washington, Feb. 3 1?|
Certain Wtiolee in the New Yoitc Hmit.n ?ud >v er
pa ere of lrfti i-nportanoe, render it neoeeeary f -r rae to
add ress you thin n-'.e. A ptivate oorrinjion 'once be
tween Mr. Vftn lJuren and my?e:f haa bean nixde the sub
.xctof newpaper oniaiat, in violation ft* I o .ncei it of
all the ru en of propriety. We are neither of n. ouW-a
AffiMra? neither of u* eeeklng cffice-n#ilU,r, ai I be
W, wool! ao?j>t offlce if tendered. Our ptjv.te ut
tcrs therefore. in nut proper ettbjjcti for publio com
m#nt It seemed right to ue, in view of o? frlsndl, p0
sonal relfttions, to ex<ih?rS, o,lniJD, npon ft qae.tion of
gt??t publio interact ; and although ttoae ^p|n;.3ni ?re
cot intended for the public, yet. ft'Ur ,ha: L ZZl
I hftve no elteinfttive but to *end yoa th.t part ofth?
wrreepondence which I h-rearight to control , ,r pabii
ofttlou. Vrry rejpoo'.fuUy, JKR3. CLEMKNS.
In ftdcition to the above orrre?pon1etc? from M
ClemeM, we hare procured a copy of Mr. John V?n Bu
ren h letter, which we give beljw, oaitting a taw pa?u
gee metely of a poieonaj oharftctar:?
*"t' van ddbin's LgrrBa.
tkl'Luf^JTr8"* ' * * Ih* Po?iti*n I took oa
the Baltimore p/atfo,m Io,t me the reapeat and t.U?^i or
.one tf my toce.t and be.t frfenL. but M long a, I tn<1T
it to be vine and juet I submitted to Ihi. lot* ,1'hout a
murmur or even an orpUjfttion. which wunl l fc.ve eared
me but !> jnr?l our cause The covenant of p.tCe oa lh9
rlare/r queeUon entered into at BftUimore I thought
" to'U"> c"cn5;y *?'? indUjensable f. r the demoo.-ati,
>?i v. Nortbera ?i?d cioathem dem.KsrftM diir?r, utWrlv
cilier, ? n 1hi whole ruf.jec! cf M.v^ry. What, th,n 9M
be dope f Why, drop the, uhj.o ; It ia tho oo y ,?r tj
avcl.1 a qnarrel This ,|fert to he done ftt Baltl
Aore; and noe, in cpen ftnd paijatia violation of
**I**m*nt, U u pr )po3ed to r-p-fti ?t
sujermde the nohibiti;!n of fU?ery in ^
T?i:i'ory, and to reycil it, on the g;ou*dtj?< i. I,
ftkeadj repealed, or wv.i eilstftd, that it *a, esPer?ded
by the wmj roaiiae cf 18tO, or hj nso .mtitotiwisl. If
either of tt j reacoas be true, the act It a flag/uit jr-ash
cf party faiih, [or the te.ured rea-, n tnat tnn act itself is
entirely nciiere^ary. Could anything bat a dwi-e to
bay tfc? youth PieeidenUai shatubles dutate najh
an tut:, gef Now there ate but teo mm who can Co
??LVl<d linrtnliVl'U~?JJ ,,,iSr"r?lCa?,ths?th,r
irw i will , r '*T*' 10 tiB N,l>-?'k. bin o !?;
? ?? yc u 07.rtbi<? ud -V- ., ti_., - , ' '<*-**
pv-T-rvt ?.a the r?-rri'.' ?. sut-/" . r.\\, "J *?
it to the c.:nrtk f, tn h. , T''.
?v. s ss&v%
?'? to >e Yon, ,H a S?>nt r,n r!V,h,''
>4 tlral to tnem to I re uo to tosii ?? .... .i
"'." A.*" wO"? "f to b?4' u? than to bs s %<"?' minltv
left beb.nd ?,ld b, U al hfreaft^-l,, j, 'notty.'k
ioar>, trul?.
1" my h?H which iVog^'i^hare
of c?'3'.Mi r,(jn5?s 'he leoeal r f ? 1 1?? ? n e thojry
ll'J'irtlive - ' ""???"?"" ""'."ICnwrinmUi.
eWt/b, tv u '>* t:?? strict or C..am>ia
vi I i'i H 4,1 al&ue. Thj W
Vi R nla aw^n^h. .lis T it >re repeal t"9 . o . in??,
s'aa'.-3-^r.? vsfe?^s.
*>b f\su 'T" lfc- ,r"*;v? *i.T? u
w*?r^"tolT^t2rJith',r ? !,"or ''y t?? j-?,t\e;n
li?ve tt. lattitnth n to b. a ^^. J'oV^aW ,,"'
J ; e. ch er jo, his onn op'nr.n and ?e'r'.lo fr .!,'
a?y latrf?-.nre wnh the .lfh-e or^ \?hd"e? I t>.
o.ii?r. ?ho sentiments wiitc>< jfyn litre n ar! cm
FT. . ? ot the ?iOip a-e not n in? o^ly but 'how of the
V "J." r'# %l^r^ w'?:.ru: ex epticn At' ill )
c any form >s?tia w- object to, IE,. tie ?
rea&.raft.fiftsabjeet which we foa^ly huid w*"?butlel
ZZlrVZ?TU'- lf fcS "W" b? r?selr?i
b.I> o, course, the
7?:?d ?b<?^"v* f?r th? ,v?w Hex' 0 biil. ' It leew tj
't'V?; Q> ' ';t "he, the conTt if"
? .J* 'la n?t Invade ths p.orU?9 of ?n? ? ju;t|
I f i 5"f? " 1 th4t coa,tltnUon in sftnc
I sm t'0 mneh enSftcci with j.r f-?.!.J0?i dat ...
mock attention to p<irt;ce. but 1 h.re >e?n er. ? r r
eertiin !h?ttheK etr?,k. till, .sieported b? iir ftou.U?
? \J.UU/,bai *f1???We teem, too cl.ftr fcj
air,! , or a doubt. A H^.te w>ll be opened ar-l a t .r
teittutmd looie u,cn tne country, which wUlsW.n
awsy in its deraitati ng conrs- every V.7tLre of th. .VLP
-KY.f'Jl" V'10 ?3 B"; .mUdfauff*.
r t. I in * lor *fce p esent it ci i . i. u
rf??? the stuth as . boM,. and br ft I.
.<<'itb??ft trit.rejii o fit faoa'uitra Tni ?? J
? U l jioii the i p. of I * ww? PT?5*
tie span of the Lot' whr itn J IT I',k#
the 'pla'form Po7 ul'^cre' U*b?h tT^ ?' VS? Md
aid he lost cf LnrZ I i . lh l"* P0,t 0' "afo'.y
netting bnt to be let - wl't *? 0f tb8 Hoatl1
mftttet but it is ? hftve not moved in this
"n Jho .ee ftDdln^?. mMt ,ulUt onl? Norths
tic? f ilt is >r ? n pprecia e oor poeiUon, will da us jas
mTre Iff.?t2SR?T" P*?ti4' You J" thle psrh.ps
" t lr-. Vsn .flU^11 My mtn ?l ,h# Vorth- 41,1 lf "? H'J
An it ii i i?r no- ? k.'n,i) eloa 1 ?,)s J?" t? <0 it.
aseessftiy dcubt you, end c ns.der the' request u?.
Raping to hare the rl#a?nre of m?et'ng yon verv e'oa
I reus n, very truly, ycuxs, Ae , 7 '
JOB., VAX Bc??, ft, , N.w Vork. JE!lE CLfi*E?ra.
Jciny C'llj Inlclllfrnirr.
ArwirrtJt ci mi Amm u**rj to in* ? Y??Ur
day *i?T?lr(t t ?j.?eial of th* )?r??y CltT B iard
( f A;i?rir.?n wt? f?l<l at tfc* cffioa of ti>? CI* k of tfc*
L'< B znos (a ugcJ, to diacuaa the (,ropo??d ani?adm?Gta to
th* eCy ebar!*r. *'t?r <icij.? all#ra?:on the Bard
to the ifc'l Al>rm?n Rappaija* w u am
jv, ?? f- ? r! te p-fe*?d ?t osw to Traotoa with ?. hVra, a&d iuo
trJt .fc?m to Uit action of lh? Stat* Lagi/ata.'t.
*nprtme Court
Btfor* Hon. Jn<"j? Cl?ri*.
ht P ? ? David S KiUiy/ tn l/irtnai L.
H'rrtrg ? Mr Men ?!low*(J, without
A'U.AJfi it Buritelt,? Motion to amaad nrfcnt?<5.
Tli* Tr?nurj i epatlmant a: Waabington hat* intorma
tU n ( th* iD^dcn Caa'.h of lira AuuA*i>ia gcxkCTiua.
CoL'tctor of tb* Canto* a at Hallata (t'aaao Cattail*,)
Tata*. SiMral 8. ?ka a nkUT* of I Vine* Oaorg*'* r.ou?ty,
Ml., wb*ra h? Imtm amnwroaa olrcl* rf rt'i'.ltM and
iiWixi*. Ha want W?at In aarlj llfa, and hat lno? r*?i<!*d
la WMtara Tnaa, wb*r* h* waa aaiT*r*al)j knowa aad
adar tf*d for bla blfh oharaet*t aa a r*atl*naa aad kit
ma ay a*e*U*?t qualitlM.
Important Financial Operation to Mm&
Expenses of ? War.
Terrible Shipwreck near VubliB*
Tlif San Francisto Pajscagm ut Liverpool?
luterestin^ Ltttcr from Copt. Watkins
Fall In lbe English Fund-* and Improfcmeai
In liuerlran Securities.
Our Loudon Correspondence,
Ac., <Sc., Ac.
The UoUip, e.h Pacific, C*ptala Ny. .aiu*
to th. Bad arrUad here at hail N
a"7u" 2
*? ron , whra - -bw^ zr;:zptz
their ?hlp* la ErglaDd.
There I* no >c;?iw '"*1 frcm Raa-ua. All li k.
dortt but ?, lh,doebt?,.,roil. lotU ?
intlXu'^' ""? reMb,n? I' >J<ion 14 to tM wail
ft,Uowlsl "Port cf ib. B0Bey
IXJJDOX Vomy t<A*'.rr Twrvi OT'.r
w*m % rrrcMon !?> th!? t. ]^'K? J*n
:mr ?%??
pile: at tb? f L'ia r ? Coojnl? ? ' mor* la
??v cr oc ?< bn -1., ..V,?1 r.T,!rK " " fjr
? C .V U to^. Th V c,? ' b * " 8000 ?? ? to f*
sr>& ixr. aaH?s a
?IrtcUd arib^ J, u . , 1"" U"r hH la
/'< ar .'A, , .-, ?/? ;? . ' ? V ' , , * p ''w
. Vu-r11,1: .teusa
I * lol)( f tm, q4"r l/eoflrm,
a '?'?? Ir* crr.ut- ?..r coot inc. r.it ' * ?" f*" 10 ,C3?
? uir t-.-r (vnf1 wiY"* ?5 5 " * K<>Br-aa4
w? :? water At 6ft >> j I V" J or "* "? P'rurlaa
*'?'! Spaniih deferred a. In. a/lV^"' i"?* d?'>* *' 'nXt
fall km alt. very h??v? -h. ? Da??h atockatba
? H? Ir par t>. t rt '.7^. P*1" ?dDt r? '*? ttj.ud
the r aVp?Vcr B P?r e*nt o*
t I ' * b'" ' " ' v,lc> ,a th" r*'l'??3 'hira DMkM.
1 in?:i of ?h? 28th nit ??-? ?_
.? K ea^ R#Bi
n/?-rjr to Or . bn* til '/ w J Ltf'ii* a ra
Seal qqotttl: n wi mt k i ?*'atalaad, and
yruerltBg > " ,r .t,'V bu a'^y re<pwrt
OnrP.ri,Mrr^,ta<i wtJnh w#
tlc?,?BOrj.t cih.ru, PiMUr*r.0U, that .a.,^rt
- hai. b?i a rwi^l by Loult N.p,,leon from th? 8?.
p. or of Anntrla, )? wtl-h, white h, a,o!?r..hli *,-***
P??rT. th. Integrity of lb. 0:tOT.M (B . h# ?
We k a: n ';c m th? rim. eCurc. that th. mo?t ?tr?auou?
?Bor s a-.emtkf^ through th? Oraad OaclMM of BmIm
to IB-UM be French E ,r?ror te^rd. rom. pic'.Hj ar
rtngemfBt, mcu at t;.i. a^rancfj ?Ug? of th. (jB.atto*
Tue Cobitu ?ir?tnahlp A'ru? arrlivd at Llr.rpool *t ?
^e.rter befora sfx o'clock, ca th* ?t?bJd^ ot Miadly,
7-e jacket thfp Aota'atfe, fron r.w York, arrlrej ||
rjwposl co M jbi ?y erenlnK, Jaa. 28, bnaglng ? p,nio?
of tc.pa?F?rg.r.?nd?i?w of tb? lll-f?'..d nUau.r Uaa
Jr.rc'.eo. S?? Capt.'.WatkUw' tettar.
Cfc? rlot'e CuehBiaa htx retorted to th* aUg?. mtt
? rrnred M Blfoca, Id "7?*lo, ' at th. lUymarkH
th ?t. e, on tba 'ill Jain?ry. T?# lim,, np.?k* hi^hl; o4
, *r for n,?iee,
Onr I.ondon Correspondence.
I/h?ixw, Ti-mmt Etbbixl jM- oi iM.
S'U^Z nh"*jk"?
*? ar. .till without It. reply Cf th. K.pwo, of Rofr
?* o tha iBBoutocaeat of ti, .ntraae. of tb? fl-ta
t.n th. l.iack -Va, an J to tb. lot eoll.otlf. n8t, b#..
Zl? "'e"4tB? cf ,h#
r'rj4? r,"*iT? ** mui yo,
fal ?,-?1 !?????," aoEcus:ad fu*Un?? U
rtBSoriof Ih. rep!y of th. Ctkr. A* y,t, howr.r' S
,C" 'XMt ""'y hM ?ot *aB.Hr?4. Thai it wUI 2T
-?? k.owB, a (f.sUratlPD of w? to th. We?.ra " ^
; CD* T"" 10 within th. l?.t tbrM dan
bar. airlr.d h.ra from ?. feter.b.r,. a,
,?"1/ "Mh,d 'o?<5< - ?W. nioiaing ?n,l h. toU, t.
Iha to.t eo.rter l.ft n P*ter*bcrr oa th. XTth of
JiLuary, ]? wm on lb* lata itat tha Kmp.ror raotivad
? patck from T/ic:*. tfenjahlkcff, IbcIosIbc tk. aan
ma-.: p?tten ma la to l.w, at Sabaat.pol by Admlrato
Hamewn aa<! Duadaj, re.pecUDj th, eauaaoaof tha Mm
? ?J aad their Inatrufloaa to protest th. Otto.
- an territory, aid w.rtl*, th* Karataa eo?ma?ter to
y eaUl/IOB. Th? eiclt?m?nt at 8t. P*Ur*bor? la
?.eacr Ud a* Immeo ? ,hfa It bMnm* k.owi that^cL
' 18,1 Kr*ne'' b*'l prohibited r.a.iiaa rwaau
ra^tteg th. Oto^k Th. opIiJo. ;jTt Z
I? >:T,7;r '? r*por',<! bat. .aid to hi* Wit.:
CJ3 afford to menr^MT ln Rqvvia ?00#pU. Bb*
?h. B?r<* *. "*,t- >0' for lh. hoaoraC
and nrt?*i tfc. rarolBtioa tak*a by Fraass
? ii^UI'' "e- tb*r?Vr., lam act fonfli bbbI?
(MI . .h b'eo (tlrea I. adTaa.., f?T
' b. caly ladleatioa of th. laatiireBt* of tb. ffagH*>
ro?erBm?Bt, aatil ParHameat aie.Ui, may b. fooad la a
f? w word* addr*wal, th. otb*r day, by Admiral Dandaa,
(brott.r, I b.U*T., rf the ob* la th* Btoak ttea,) to tlw
new of tb. Tbetia, at !Vrt*a>oath. Th. BM.aat Snt *?
pear*l la th. Mnmirig ir^mld ot y**t.rday, dfeh rm
la th. orgaa ot U>* A Imlralty ?
tj* ThetU, Captain Knf?r, C B , arrirad at
, ob Patarday biotdIb* lait, fioin Ptymoatk
At ot* P, M-, th. t in tewter U Vi*tery, MmUc

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