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Commander F. W l'anl. arrive 1 a'nofald* thr Taella, with
Ritr Admiral Dundee, C 8 , oae of t** liaids of the A |
miral ty, who quickly can ? <>n board the Thetl?, upon
which "all ban In" were i>lp?<t n the qn.rter 1*ik In
1 (tw Kinutee A oirtl I) . 1 1* appeared, and thai ad
dressed the assembled
My Hem? 1 have rrnne J.itrn by thr requent of the Bo J rtiqf
Admirallv to make knovn f<> >u that tr are o i he eve of a
var ond that \rar with Huni I ?v eel, t e'-f':e i ad
?re*<deg jrou, by ?e?iro t th?ivlot<i*fc .>?. to prepa'a )"?
Itr low tn PTmt; trd I ra ? e thtl v n w 1 r?> ?>*?,* '?
anncvn ement *? beri me" K-irlntimeii *'d Bri'i ?'? 10
It ia my doty to inVrm you tt-nt i?? ? nDt?y ovnn<) <?>PJ?*?
With your setvic.# bow-?r h*?4 it may ?rr??*. ?fl? ? '?LJ
havia* teen away for io Ion* ? per A >?' ?? ? J" '
th? ienle? matt U perau maae all < t>*t e h
Inte*d thoreta'e, < I y?u ""1 ; ' I *lJ , .r t'licb
"paid dnwm." Y(ml ill hiv-?( * wi >i rU?,.h?v>do 1
1 led kiburrd ytu will ? ii >i?v ? *"7? , .,ltn
t? defence of t( iir coontr . I ? , } ?.*!(. thu
?em y Pire A C)?n.
If ton east an eye o761, t'" na??I lntelHgor c?, you will
fled thatssarcely a day p*<see wl bout the launoh of a
new screw mm of war. ErgUnd ii prepared for every
eventuality. It would b? absurd however, to underrate
the ?tiena['-h of the ltai'lius at wa
The 'oltowirg h! a list of the Kalian naval fnroea In the
Blade Sua ?
Cum Gum,
Varna (admiral's Hanrlnc) If The Ttree Tsrarohaw . . . M
Twelve A rottlts IJU TTrlel 8#
Bosnia* 120 Ya*?ndib 73
Bviatoslat 120 Cnahry *0
8<>lafcrd l-i Culem #4
The Tbrte SviatitMy lAI Plllstrla *?
Bui tan Mahmoui' Catharine II 80
Midi* ?? K?<al ??
Kcvarna evtihopji db
Flora. ">l Flfte?n ?neU von U ?
Brallow til) >uch ?? br'gi. oorveUci,
MUifria t ti and cch >oae:i)
Zitopol &2
Bctearabia 8 Urotnoy "
Gtomoooi 6 ? -
Total rum 1
All these ihipn ar? not nippoeel to be fally eqaipped.
They earry gune of Te'y Lfavy ekllbre. and i' re?olr?d to
Oonnuer or die, as it la sai l tber are, we shall hare a
nava' engagement oa a fir.ele unp' ecw!entei in history
The l^ngl'ah and French ?r* burnfDg; t*> be at them It la
reported that t treaty fonr Ro'sian Kail of tin line were
seen ofl Batourn, and that a uetioluieut ef the^quadron*
had n ??ie ohase.
Amor j the absnrdltlfs C the day, 1 mar raentlm that
three nemb?r* of the I.on 'on lVacs Society haTe actually
gone to 9t. l'etersburg to ar<ne tie point with the Ci?r,
The Cs?r himself will doubtless be elected an honorary
member of that Ulustiioui aosiety. Be tven now statee hie
paclflo intentions, ac.d in the tauie breath h?n ordered
hia troops to croas toe Danube along the whole line of that
river, thus invaiing Turtsy. The Rasfia's hare croesed
?t Rtai, llatsohin, lsatcl kt, Ibralla, SULetria, Giurgtvo,
and are attempting it at ^lddin
Of the hattlM of Kaiefat (Oitale) r re havs so accurate
details. The loaa cf human life is said ;o hivo been fear
ful The Turks haro huhaved most ga' aotly, and at all
event* s'.Ql hold their fentreochcuBta an the WilUohlaa
Bide of the Danube.
Bruno* la sti 1 here, ar.'l Reseelt-ff is also at Paria. Nor
have the Knglish and Ki^nek aubassadna aa yet been
Withdrawn from 9t. Petersburg. *
Austria and Piussia are atlll ''dodging." Th^pbri is
acaroelj diplomatic but it will exprees my mean'og.
There has been a coup d 'Oil ?t Madrid. Q?r ?rala Manuel
UoEcha and O'Dont.l are exiled to tie Canaries , General i
Joet- Concha and Infante citto to the Balearic I?le.i; Gen.
Armera to Lein, Vatlcus miclBtera have reslgaeJ, the
Judicial Committee of the Se ate haa b?en ou^prcccsil,
and, In faet, all Madrid !a topry tuivy
A itlrriog manifesto is expeated effry Cay fr:m Paria;
ditto f/om St. Peterfcbnr;.
The Prince Albe. t question atill rages. Piaphlat? iu"
numerable have appea'ed un the r.ubjeot, ni'h which I
Will not bore your reaif r*.
The emigrant ship Tajleur, frcm Liverpool for Mel.
bourne, haa been loat off t-i> Irish oast. F.ui hunlied
Mr. J aha Y. Mason, Knroy Txtraiidlcaiy anl Minister
Plenipotentiary of the I ailed S a'.es, presentfd hii ire
dentlala to the Emperor L?uis Napolennon Suaday last
The French Senate ann LrgUlative body have ujen coa
7jked for the 27th of Fesruary.
Sardinia la preparing fcr war.
The Indian mail has bem telegraphed.
A conspiracy at Rangoon haa bien put down by the
l^gliah. Warlike prsparaticnr are being ma's li Icdia.
There la a report that the King of Prussia ni.l abiloate.
Mo one doubts of a European war.
Arrival ut the An'aicllc.
Sflir AVTAfcCflC, I.ivitt>\K>1., January, 1*54.
Nathan in HaWTOOUI Etq , U. S. Conral, Liverpool ?
Fir? I have the palr.ful <.uty to report tojou the tin
of the United SUt?? ct 1 1 t- amtr Sin Fiicci*co, an>r
017 col. m tod.
The Sas Fracsifeo was c"jart*:ed by tho Unlit 1 ?J'a'es
government as a tioop ship, and sall.'d from Nf ? York
fat 8u brato'-seo, Cal , I)?o 23, 1853, hiring on board
eight companies o' the 31 K moot U. 3 Arti lint jr. Ths
following U a list of the t ffl -?r?:? CjIousI Win Cats* aad
family , coamandlrg regiment; M>j r au) Brevet Lleat.
Colonel Washington, M.jor Char!?? 3. Me.-ctaut ail
family, Surgeon, S ?? Sat! ?? lee; Assistant Surgeon, II. E.
Welti: flint Lieutenant :S. I. Fremont, Itvlm-mal Quar
termaster, and family; First Lieutenant Doeeer, Aotlng
Assistant Cunttisrary, and 'au.ll/, Capt ajJ Brevet UMo- ,
?el li(. Buike, Captain aad Brevet Mi nr (iei-r^e Taj br
and faitlly, Captain acd Br . vet Mijor F. 0. W/m and .
family . Captain F. B.KtMd; Lieutenants W. A Winder, C.
8 Winder, K. U. Smith J Van Vest, J. U. Caaadler, and
W. G Rankin. Alao Caplaii Uardsn'ir, of H e let Dra
goon*; leutenam Murray, V. d. N ; aud ab>ut tt"veaty
camp worsen acd ohii rea.
The following it a lt?t uf the other cab'n pateengem
Br. Jacin'.e 1> rival? B (.allien Oor.su', ladr an'1, servant:
Capt. Battle. Brsnliau Army, aud Uly; Mr Gso.'ge W.
Aiplnwall, Mr. J. Lo>lmi-r Graham, Jr , K-r. Mr . 0";>sr
and famtl) ; Mr Temey, Mr. Gates. Mr Soathvl k, .nd
one g?- tlcman rameciL' c?ii, uumb.-rlrg la all, mip'e '
eornpa ly incluiire, aS>ut a oil.
On th? 1 >ght of tiie 23J Keivrs.'jer, jadglrg mr elf oa
the eou'berr edge of tLe Stream, w<- evperieuc d a
mtet terrific gale from toe rorthwtrt, vitih c>ntnu.^d I
to inoreaet with gr-at viUsnse until it bit1'* a parfret
hurricane, with a very hlph Irrtgu'arcea A'BUUA U.
on the 34th, the ohl<f e< giteir re jnrted to i-.e that ?he
engines had broktn dcwti Vp to '.hie time the fhlp be
havad very hanltomel;, but rhe >rur.i* iaMy fell oil in
the trough of the eta. and l?.b re 1 very heavily At
5 A. M. l->et our forematu, acd a'l the cinva s < fl \hs
ahip, earrylug away at tbe hb? time four of oa; life
boats, with the wrvck of the 1 para.
I had now great 'earn that the ship eould a?>t eafcly
Mtliva the gile At 7 A M . j ift ae the chief engineer
waa makU-g an >flurt to e'art tfce en*tree an \?r blgh
preeeore a terrlffla eea boarded u?, rar ring with It tae
vhole of the upper taloon ai. l frrrything a1) aft the pad
|}e boxee. and about 160 xtuie, bjio em-ike x'.ict*. the
remainder of our boate, atavisg about tifty feet oi ttie
ipar deek over the mata taioon, end l?avug the ahip
tlmoat a perfect wreck, le>kmg very mu:h
The following la a lie*, of the 1 lUeern aud othori. cibln
reaeagara. who were waeV.-d OTerb^atd:? Brt Lt Col.
M. Washington, Brt M?., 0*) Taj lor and Inly, Capt >
H. B. Field, Lt. R. H. Saiitu. Mr.Gt'es, aon of J>1 Gate*;
Mr. Tenaey, ?td art. 'her gsatieman, name unknewa, to
gather with 13t eoldlart ac>l four cf tie ere ?.
The rair aider of tli* pa<> cgrrs were as soon aa p:?'ibl<*
formed in gang* to a*fi?? lu balicg and pumping, and la
twelve hour) succerdel is gaining on th) va'ti several
lj>eb?s On the morniig 1 f the 'A6'h tta wsatbsr he;. me
more moderate, ard the ecgine?r nasweded in starting
the steam pump, which soou rvlieved the paKeeagsri fram
baillig The err w, with a nurater of sirpruler* iron
tha com m a l , wars empUyid in cleaiicg a?ay tte wreak
itcppirg leaks ae wall as pi sub's in '.he apper w . rke, and
Hghterirg the s> ip
Jrtm the 24th to tl.e 2Ttb, in-la?ive, etperiea:?d
moderate gales with a h'gb, -onfu?-d ??*. "j the'JH h,
fell In wl h and bearded :te Amarcai batk Ki 'by, from
New O. leant. This t-e?el was ohartered by CjI. Gates to
take on board a'l of the trnopi aad c*r?j ttem to the
naartet port In tbe V el tad 8'atee; an 1 at 7 t* M. s j: jeed
ad in getting about 100 souls nn b ard of her when 1 re
oaivwd word from the cap am that h? aoal4 receive no
cor* oc board that event' 1
At 1C P. M It eomrencrd blowing fresh from tha son'.h
ward and eastward, wl h rale, aud at ratlnlgit it tree a
heavy gala, with a very high sea. At 4 A A rn the 29tb
the gale was mjet tern 1c Paseergeri we e again mat
tered into gangs to psmp acd ball Darlnc the night
loat aight of tfca Kilby, and s?w ti.tbiag mire of her. At
noon the gala modeiated, aith the wtnl tmm tha aorth.
l>n the SOih aora moierata; all hands ?Tplni ? 1 ta .ight
an leg the ?h!p and etoppirg leaks. Dnrlr t tte '.ail vale
the 1 hip hnd labored and strained eti D.ueh 1 '-er.i??i it
Impossible for her to on" live acother an l as 1 had no
motive poeer on board by wblah 1 coul l work hsr to the
aoathward cut of the 'inlf Strsam into floe w??:asr -tbe
engineer having deaided that it waa Impossible to work
the engitee agsin, aad the passengers aad arew weri fast
dying iC with fatigue and e*po are? I de'ciulned to
ftbaadon tbe ship ilia S-st oppoituni'y. 0> the ."l?t,
Wind blowing fresh from west eoathwest. wlt<i a Ighi
wl f?M in with aid spoke <he British ship Three Bells,
of Gla/gow, bound for New York; reqnested (he U;i'.na
to lay by cs until It moderated, at d take us < IT, whist he
Bimptly consented to do; but tbe waa'.bar emtinued
boisterous for him to send hi* boat alongside, up to
the 2d intt The ahip waa th?n well to wiadwaM uf as,
laying to. At OA M , on the 41, aha made signals of dla
traaa to a Strang* rail, wblih was an vered, an 3 b >th ship*
run down to as At 1 P M s(ioke the strange sail, whl ih
proved to be. the Antarctu, Ca?t. G. C. StoufTsr, of New
York, bound for Liverpool , bsgg*d blm to take us off,
which be readily orniant*! to do, aad koth ihlpa lmme
^lately lowar*d away thslr boat*, and >eat them along
lida, when we enrnmeneed tramferrlng the troops to both
ahln*. On the rrornlng of tbe >th sucaeede 1 In getting
all bands oat ef tbe ship without aoeidsat. I'p to this
Uoe we had loat flft/ nlia, who died from fatigae and
The fclkmicg Is a list of tbe officers oa board the
Three Bells ? Bvt Major F 0. Wysa. U?ut W. A Wiader,
and ab^at two hundred troop*, including oamp wome 1
and children. Of the shin's eompaar? Kdward Melka,
flret r (Bf*r; Or. W. B BueL, sargeon Jno W. Marshall,
cybM ingjnier, Geo Grwtt m, secnod do . Wm W okham,
storekeeper, awleUat enylanr*, flrenea aad
coal pt>wr?, and *11 th? balk of the ehlp't crew, with
few receptions. who ers on oard of thin ship
0:: b.ard the An'arctia are I>r. L'hee. 0. Winder and
cmct ?ii.' Lieut J- G. Cheodle* wd on# habd;et ioj
ni->ty two r or*, wcm?n and children an"l ?i?h in# my
purser, The" I <"'?? * Part-on, third rfflc ? ;
n . Kiinr, foanh (IliJer; \V*thi>gt>u D*c"ieU oarpea
|#r; end out rati
Tb- ore -tent >lrd at'eollor which we hurt ell received
from taptsiii St< niter, of th? Antarctic. and his offlcsn,
tof" d '?>? ?olloitu"# anri judicious care of our rrea, w< m-n
?"? children, riaoH ws cur# on board of h' I ship, a-e
et< v# all praise, and merit our moet sincere and liitlt*
feeiirgt of gratitude. Verj rei pecsfully,
(Sign*!) J A3 T. WlTKINi.
All sorta of rumor* are afloat. Several, ??> ac*-.lu<?
from epparen lj responsible r?urces, staHd that the Arcs
trian cabinet ?u already in po>aet*lou of an in!ll to '.ho
Ctar's reply, and that this r# ply would be transmitted, in
very dect term*, through tbe mini* ten at i'arU a? 1
London. Toe Vienna propositions, (so h# would sat#,)
beeii'.ei be'ng Incompatible with th<i Kmperor's
dignity, only eerve to dlvett attention from
the real qnestion at i?su? tetweei Kusiia aul
tie T'orte. anil they are, therefore, rxom iikwau.T hi
item) ! To prove, however, tnat he U etill inclined to
traet, the C?ar bat app iate-i f*ne:s H ortsrhalofT hil
plenipotentiary ; and to Uortschakufl ihe Tori# must ap.
ply. whenever it i* lrc'in?d to regotfate Such a t t-p ? n
the yirt of the PorltwiU, hem ever U uvUu, Houl t it act
uruier the errtmeoiu xmprettion that the Ciar will depa't
frim atiy < J the conditiimi IupJ down by I'rince Jtenxhik'[f.
Any plenipotentiary by tbe Porte must be pro'tde.1 with
1 a tiimsn in which it in specified that the Porte, coiul
derlng the present dilflmltv ti be exclusively betweea
Kuneia and itself, ackmwlr t-ja '.h*t it ma it be lettleJ ifrneen
thoie two P<AB0rt alon*. Th# ?ub"tuic? of this iiup?rloui
reply le sett at authentic, both from Btrlin and Vienna,
and, if true, it doee away with ihe !??'. hopes of p?ace.
Tne Lrndto Timet says, editorially
We harfl itri ng r?nouj for b?l th%t th?
Hod of the Kufi lan govern?reiif, traD^mltt-tl to m by our
\ ieoi.a eorrespocdent .id authsntic, and that tbis language,
which seemj) to ? x slude tbe la-t hope o" peace, ha* been
addressed bj tbe :ab:?-t of HI, lvtersburg tf? tt.e Aastrl ui i
IcrejBir.fnt. V#t tbe last propreittons which harr been
?i-cMfec to by tfc# I'orte, we/c not forinail/ -en*, from
Vienra to St. I'et'rfburg uaaii the 18th loatant, and
would not reacb their c'e<tiDa*iM before the l?th; it If
tb? r 'cr# imposs b!e that tbia d?alaration of Kaeslt oaa
i?ferto that oommuoioatiun. Kusfia, however. w*h do.tV
Usi i wart of the form the negotiation had aaeumed, for tbe
Aust. lsc gorernment ha', rnut^d -ome Intlmatioa to be
mace to the Emperor Nicholas of the proo>'t<dirg* c>f the
fi ur Towers, with a view to prepare him for tbe accepta*i3
ef the proporitiocg when they should atrire It Is, we
suppr? e, to thU frieidly commurication ra?3e b/ Aui
tiia, as the power to whlsh tte Kmperor Nicholas bad
orlginilly wfirred as kla nearest ally, that this irupsriou*
aaswrr hts besn addrt?si?i. From the oireauk'euce.1
above raenti>oid, it canrot be cor*'.dered at tbe formal
anawer of Su^!ia to the protocol of the four Powers,
dated JaDtiary 13; bat, if this document bs getuiie. it it
iroposkible to ?-xprf?i la fctrorger language tho ins >leut
diidaia of the l!mp?ror of Bull* for everything wnlea
the un'.ed ciplumaoy o! Esrope has bMn laboring to
effect "
Hitherto we hare cnlr had the te!*graphlo summary of
the note of tbe Sub'.lwit* I'oite, that has been approve) by
the iepreB?nUtlv*H of the ftmr Powert, and transmitted
to St. Pfeieisbcg. The fallowing Is tae text of that docu
H's Msj^ety the Sultaa has perus;d with attention the
Britith ac.*afsador's note of Deo. 12 respecting tbe batit
propped ft r a treaty of peace, and identical wlta those of
h's colleagifs tbe r?presnr.taMv,e of France, Austria an \
Prut> i>,MDt is coilectively op the samt day. ani i*. re-ul s
therefore that his Majsr.y the Emperor of Ku:tia aani
tests facifid intention*.
The jablimu I'ortt has ?t|li war solely in its own do
ffrce? In defenc# of its sacred rights and sovereignty;
am' as thcie is rothirg to alT'Ot theui in thi* p-opMal, it
has teen deemed expect *itt to adopt it wito a view to the
re?tor?,U(n of feace ? lilt Imperial M?j?str, moreover,
b.'tcg afltuated in this circumstamse by theUlgb??t cna
fifleiatlon for his angu^t allies by ao arJ.?Dt e<u? of
oocfom eg to thtlr wishea and bj lmpiioit faith In th-Ir
Acoordlre'y, rn restmini the negotiations, the Urst
poh.i to et !tbl sh will be the evucaa'.ion of the Prinol
yalitiea w'.thlr the hhor>tt poeilsle delay, acd the ss.tjad
the renewal cf tbe treaties to which r.hn Sublime Porte
HMrtl to iefmoM to the adrle* of the Allied l'o?#rs,
and In ih? crdetla'.inK spi'tt of moderatioa b? whioh it
has fctengci "?d tlrf'C?b> ut in thee# transaction*.
Hi ith regard to the rell^loua privileges *nd immnnilles
: ol thi various noa Mn.'folu:an c icciiiuoions, subject to
th1* Uttomao government, th?M> hav#'besn Aflj'rtied in
a' cl?nt tiroes b/ tbe tlluw itou* anoentors of hia impmal |
msjsaty, and jeconflrmed hy blcueif In vir ue of a fcatti I
she:i (I recently emanatrd to that elT-ct. The^e grants I
and franchises, moreover, tbe Sublime Porte Lai tsea ever I
anxious to maiataln? and wi'l maintain p?rp?tuallj ? as '
hat te n lot g f luce e- b mnJy proclaimrd to aliKirooety j
tbe {romti!gatlcnof theTaMlmat. Mortover, shoolJ any ]
one cf tLc?e commuolr us tosMt* at.varitages uner j oyed by
theotbers, ard these de'lre to participate therein the
Ott< lain govnmmeut, animated by tenttu<ots of jus'.'oe
and imptrtiality, will never refme to dispense equal
rlgttt t lid ?qual jTlsiltg#J to all Nsith?r can there be
th illgutesi obj^clioo 'o notify tbe sii-csrlty tut loyalty j
oftbcrinten ion* to every g^vernm?nt in Eir^?>, and
to furnish each? and re efc^atily the Cabinet of St. Petera
bnrg? ?lib a c 'py ol t. e a'oreeaiu flint >n.
The pn j-ct of set'.lsinsbt coarernlpg ths ra#a> urtssre
qnlred to complete tte dc .i'irn relati7e o the H ilj I'iaces
will be accepted d?flci:lvely.
I'ente in- Kuillue Port* Is ready to omslude a treaty
of peact- in tie ciaoE#.- traced out by its augnst allies,
am coc-fcts, acoordirgl/. to appaint a plemp iten'.liry,
who, wi'h a Ruisltn p>nlp"tentiar/, will tlnaUjr re^ula'e
tbts aC?tr. and es'tle the toiir.a > ' in armstic# la any u -u
trs.1 towr. at th* cho'ce o' tbe A'<ti*d Powers. #? ? n ai in
teii'g- tie is rtc'ived that he Coart of dt. P?t:r<bur< ha, 1
acip.'ero' <1 In there decisions.
1c irtnn ijoerce of the taaay and var'ou' rela'-loas #t
lit* j* ft betaeen Turkey and thi European dtstos, the >
Su^;im? Port# ocoidrrs its- f in ers ? rtsp>:t *rtltl?l
t" re aOmlt'ed as a u.e" bsr of tbe F'ir'poea 'e era |
t'i ? ; and ecnf rmablv wlt'i th h situat.oa it
*? l be r'.|uisit<i to o rfirm a-d compl-te the trea'y of
? :1 and tbls remit It st t? wi'h entlr* cj flden^ii
ike g'oil andtoll^i ad? of tb* '^reat l'vjwi:".
Forty c'ays ocght to at fliee t > raake known the deii In
< f tbe Russian C ?bice4., and the S ib'itne Porte sobctts lta
argnb* allies to ilrsat 'heir attention to that o><jeet.
Fieally, wi h a view of rusuringto all c a-set of hit
ruVject i the blsetlirgt of jastlo* aid se.-urlty,"hl,i M.je-ty I
the Sul^n Is nott at xioca t? se# In full ;
vigor the eaaetmants of the TuWrrot, and to !
Iuti< dt.ee into all departmr n's of State ito req iistt? rs
forn.stud amelioration! and to tal* end ha: delgnej ti
Issue others for consi'tericg and oompletin< that moat
impirtant oVjeet. Th'f circ.inntavce 1 feel m ist hipp>
to atorurce, t rd it will aff> r.', to doubt, tae hinnost
satlt'actu n to the friertls and well wither* of th?o.to
naneapiie. Mt'd CAPUA HE *caiIJ.
Keb.ulevcl, EOlh, 1370
AUhengb, of ct nrte, we rannnt be aware c.f wbat plan
of ope rati da the enmmandert may pnma?,
theiewi before u? afford khi of wiatraey
To. j e *elrg to lorger anr douV. tbat the Ran lan
CrTnni?oi!er n?n or.le:e to ae" with ecVcy, It b?o tnsi
tr M.t that he matt, at ?l\aterer ooit, rJenthe capt.ire
Of Ka'cfat. lie >.ae, Ihjcm,) ifirn todoeoglfll etnjld
t"-\ fc m 20,0<0 iren All ae<runti concur til e'.atl-R that,
?nh ti n iL'eati< o, the Raeelan* are eoabiui -g all ineir
il#Cfreb> fi rt> iu l.V le Keilichle.
Od the 17 1 n <;rrUobeV> ;! ?i< employe i lo perron In son
sentra'.lBg blef< roe ft* Radovan, a p!a.:e >a 'he r..ai fr-cn
Ki?j i?a to Wi<3<Uo. Already the 'hm iwUlmd b y the
Ri eeiac^ in <h? battles of tbe 6th, 7'a andS.h w* *e ?uj!
letoconrpi-l them tod aw (IT until tte arrlral of ieia
fir.ece?:? The TtrkUh rutpoan ere at Olor iln, a e'.a
tl ? on th? eeme road, about ten mi'ae t tj?nuh Tj1?.
ai il aerertlotber adjoining rillegea r.rein tc?> ban ?! ? ?f the
Turk*, ?ni ir rut be taken befurt K*la at it # e 1 * 1 n bi ap
p;o*ch?i. It tl, Vowerer, ?o enentlal to '.h* Ruela.e v>
bate po '??>slcn of KilaNtthat It will doubtl- ta be at
tack*! epelo and again until takrn. But eret, t' Kilafat
bo oaptuie: at lies, theri tMU rsmali Wildit,
on the opposite back of the il?er. WliJd'.n U a ??il forti
An', tone, whh wcrkr, of great extent, and to b?tt?r coo
ritlcn tLentbfee of any oth*r fortrrm on '.he Danube.
It ran rtlj be tak*n bt a r.-< i'ar Mega, ani to undertake
?u ~h a flege raqmrea the |>n gt> ofthe rlrer by an ea
lira army.
Nea (. ala'i the Kn rian i ?r? erlceotly pr?parirg ti
IltiJs tb? TorKi>b ban t of th? river. On th? 12.1th*
Kr? ?x i . u? ; al Kog-Il ?r>!t rrnjse J the mreara, aara>
lwt?<!, vltb two tl?M?Dt m*a, and rarar'd the
eiilBtry fetreen Matactto tad Iiaktrha w!i>r? !'at
rati-.' e deaerttee a aerol c Irtlo i jpodte ()a!*'x At Ileal,
od the et r? me ccrrer of ? rabia, fo by the 1'rath
aw? the 1> .tuv?, Hoi-?iati 'n o^e are pr?p? t"g ?->e?.
Iii" probable tbat ty Itili tlmi> ooretl-reb'a b xltee of
II h ian- late loTat?<i Bal.er.e. (the terrlto j *: T>i*k?T
I op?r,) an 1 that ?e eball ei^-n h*?nf tbapv?*>?of
th !>-lt aiig of tv.o Hu fian ermy aero?* the L)*?r
lutoie. vhrre the lort a raa bare nj sot
?M?r?b?e force tj rpjcsa tba^e TLe for*?
cf Mi'.aakift ftad leak lob i are aa>a<l p!? ??, ant tbougb
thay tire een j allantly Oefe. <\?1 egatnet t?oa'rack?
tb?y c? ?t ?*op ihe * n.'? of an amir fig *d;e~e?
cf tfce Hn (tare n.tfh*, ho??.er, bees.to<e<i In t'l* e m
r*ratlT>lT rain* ia i a;e kao <n vt tb> Uoei o? Tr#jan.
ftetweeo Kaeratr anO Ka%.ch?a jl. T"al? po Itloi ha1 ai
ft r'!.?c v fcfen f. rtifl*<l On?r faoba, and it may be
eppfoit*'' wi' hul -ct from the B aek ^*a.
(in tl e 18th ?< .'aceary, the Kieiiani hi-' again a'.t-tek? 3
Materhin ai . wl en icoiru'iVft tfe battie van ragtag
fleraely; the Ta-ke <*????' ir* tbemwlTie with 'he r oe.ial
brarert. Tba Hjrelan tfflalon at <!'nrgi?To were a'.io
prefa-irg to attack Ractohnck, If. ladt?d, it had not
aire 1'y co. ? ?o
At I'arla, < n the 2f th ult a r^pir* of ??r' .n? Import,
If true, vuinnleit, to the iffeet tbatSllir-l* ?a< lo
tha kicde cf the II I'liane. We <"o n t rrt that tbla te
tine Wb<n MlleTla eai la*t tak<>n be the R .e*l?oe It
we' after a el.ga of Mac m atb?. aid t'vre l< little
pj> baM Ity that It wonld b" lee* gallaatly .l?>o-ie<: row
The !(? e>. 'are of M 'Maria and Walla-h'? iare refu'el
tha wh ci ' Le liar bad Mt?M them, ant hare
arateitad agam>t tie Raiiiaa tuaipa-laa of tvir aa
OoitiirbakcC le?ell#T?d to bare eetabllthed bli heal
qaarteto at P. jai d
n a .'.i * r to th? r inforoem ote -"nt nii?r ?-??t jy of
tie al.ie l Berta ii iiau urn. til tatta>lon< o' isfaat r tad
two aorapaD'ee of artil'ery a e to be aent e-.ortly to Ka*?
On ti e loth Janaaty. dm ir waa at Kalafat, where a
b gh obMrratory bai breaereetwd that omloJu er#-y
?BoresieDt of the Kueetane
Ruea'ft, It eppeara, will linn letter* of nt' iaa. la the
expectation thai it aUi Ufliot " great liauegf oa Kog (eh
traU* la America "
Tfc* folio alag letter from the Aogxburg Uawr giree an
aoaoaat of tbe reoent battla at Cital*: ?
Kbajovi, I WaU^CBA. Jan I, I'M.
n la bat tlx daye tbat I bar* be.n la Krajora. Yoar
latter deelrlsg ma to infom yon exaatty and traly of
srary thlEg that might happea at tha eeat cf war I re
eatretl all week* eloaa, when In the ecnotry; bat I ht4 B9
Idea tbat laaaar Wallaah'a wae like); to become the eaeoa
or encb important arenta. My rplaion waa foandad on
the forvar Kaeao Torklah vara, la whlah tba Rawlaai !
ft] war made the ptlnilpal afaake oa th'lr eaaiar laths
ae -nrhood e( (<larfaro, and eo dora tbs rlrer.)aad Lee
m >ali av-ift ww otm occupied ky mm than 11,000
At preaent their number exeiela as 05?, aod
aoatlnuaiiy r rinnf from Greater
rn^n iplfi" ^,mU" ^ thr#* ?r f<J?* fal MOMd 30,000
men. Tbi* disproportionate noucsrtra ton of troous at
.'/* "*1 ' ' ,ucB l?u?n?lT lou Uu* if opt
rs I ns ran only t> etpUined t>e the fast that durlog the
I laet twenty mi j,?r? in Moldavia ted Wtiaehla, it* w.J
i ftl a tervia. a w* y*Mrfctina hu growo up ailtr the
**m of institutions, to which tales or the former
trut tt Of the Turk* ?rs little mora than ?torUn fnra
i A'*b,*D NlghU Euter'.alamentt"; besides, the rail
*l<us chart e'er which Ku'.ia tl??lies to give to the pre
atvt w.r will nit take root h?r?.
Tb ? in lb? f nly explanation ?h!ch can be givoo of the
a*. tablig* of surh a la-ge number ..f Russian tro^pi la
tale jart of tb* ovuntrv; bat It it a'most insompraasn'i
ble why the Tu*k? who, three or four weeka sinoe, bal
at ireny troop* ai those abov* mestloced. did not venture
bejond Hail' ? an ant1 attack Krajova. It in pea.stle that
tLay i c.ir?d by th?ir pructuje to give th? people of Eu
ropean lu.k'y a higher o,i :ion of their military taotli*
tlitu they ba-l before entertained Ba till* aa it may, a
hard fought and bl-x>d; battle took plac* on th? frui.ful
and picture que terrain which extends in a south- we i
*?''> < V;*0-1 n 'rom Radovan to Cioioin, i.nd thec.cs to
Utale (/itatl) lc tha waat, f.om that plac* to fl.utiia
In tbe north, and frcm Pleuixsa, m aa eaaterly direatino,
car k to Had .van.
Tub., the sen* of action formed an obloo* txtending
frimfaiHii fit. 8
Toe co? flict. wh eh began on the 0th, haa eon'looaJ
*' ?M? to oonclu.le what wlil
?? ita U-ire, a a it I. outal.te tha Turkiah fortifloatl ?n and
present. a meat advantageous 9eld for cavalry operation..
The river foi oi- a curve around Kaiafat. tha foril :a lens
M|W>M?e!?f? m t',e Danube an eltrereids. Vhelr
rvl ' I ..*' <?mP*'-*?t Jnigea praise them
m.ddle of thaaa fortlBcatloni raaa
nVkeri?.*? . Trt < .wto KrmJ?f?- Tna Turkiih oat
plcketi a.e a at roin, th? aacoi d poet atatloc toward*
i Kr?j?va. The Katcana are at Hadoran. Botwaan the?e
two plicae l:a? the village of Craoea. where theontp>?t*
ao often caue into xintaot that a pitshed battle wae
' JfThT P7 ,,J.P*oUd' 11 ?Pjwara, howev?r, that the object
Bsr^asra :sr ,Q,^um#ot 10
takiUnnif.M!lr!Ld*T,.b'?>rt tb# ?k'rmlaiM had
ak?-n pUc on the plain to th* north of J ala. Ttiev
::X'rCi?,lr ooa>J>hU >>?????? the farknh oav?iry
Tu .1 ? V?d '"cu ad in a ftyle of whlih peo
pie lo Europe can hardly form au adequate idea, fbe
fi.qo.nt recurrence of t*e*e Nklrmiauea caaaed more
trw, p. to be brought upon cith.r aide, ao tha*. on the
B'h, in the norntng, the Rui.iana had H 6C0 foal. l/JOO
hcr'e and a few wtntai < f Coiaaiku, making alt>gatb*r
mo e than 6 000 men. The Tuik?, on the Arid of battle,
mtijbt number abent 8,000 moo.
At noon after a cannonade which latted about a quar
ter cf an hcur. the TurkUh cavalry commvnied the a?
tlon. and ' y rme o'clock the whole left wing of the Tarka
*u ?i?h the right w.og of tbeir advaraarlea
Hwf Rl a' * r,l,kl,'h UtUilon t""* <o the bayonet auJ put
MMlMi oompaniea to Uight, three of which were al
meet aoi IbilatMt, At tbla moment tbe Turku cook Ave or
?dta?rg^.,i?,De) ^ ^D"- lh* RuMi*n" w"r* rapnUad,
It ir .? V iti'i C c tt eeeinwl aa if the battle tai
? , ^r'i8 very on both
tw' IL" tb6 6r? ('l ?rtUlwJ n?Ti?r oea.td from
the c?tnncenet ment of the engagr.ment. 3?an altar thrse
o cl cl, howevvr, S 000 freau Kusalan troopa, whioh had
, roarrhe. from Radovan, appeared, and
th^Rn i l?? *" 'W After trem-n-oaa exsrtlosi
the Ru-?lan? fuceeeded n reca^arlog their gung, and la
tl* fK !f .* k' t,T0 Ko*ll,h miles aod a half in
the direction of oitaj. At tbi* point the Turka were
rvinf. rce.1 and having made am.\h*r staad, tbe kattli
ocntinupd untll ever irg set ic. Both armlet retained the
p tl'icti thfy uecrpi-d b^foro the bat.l<? b*g*n. Yes
terdaj. the 7th, at b eak of day the lUa>Uni m?d>
anotter a.fanipt to twinge the Turku from (ilale but
aft-r ?e eofcatmreut which la ttwi an hour and a half
they were farced to re'i.-e. This eaugalnary batle ?ai
tbte w thoat remit, thi ugh the iota on elthir nida lauil
be tqcel to hat euttalnec at Ultnn''zt.
tke ?.r the pejx.oe from whom I have thace partleuUra,
J! r frrat,?r part "f Ltht ^ the 0 h, from behind
l the R man lice., and he givre both parties tbe greatrat
Tnrkl h Z, OOUr"<" Tb?? P?" Of the
I Turk), beorpa which nodered moat aeverely, watt a battal
Jon of regulars, whlcb wa* poa'ed oa the *pjt where lbs
. RonMare, a t-r a fearful sbedd'og ?>f blood. leor.p'ured
| t-"-"*11"". (>o comparing the vaifoca ascouau whieh
ha-e bi' bert-' reached u?, J shjol-1 ety that on bith sides
?1 ?.u * * , n :l,d ID,'a l#ft J?tl on the 9e!d, and
tl:?t the uumter o: wjundtd ??i m re tiaa double. The
cc fl ct has began >gaio t* day I cannot alow my com
n. uoica.ior. eithom ren arklag that If tie struggle haa
beeneo dearly outake the lurli-h f-rUleationS. it u
' t0 b? more terrible wt-n K kit fa*, is atUtskel
On the Ctb January, ai 11 o'clock merging, tlelaat of
^ . "n r"ch ,l el? w*f? ?nt of aight fr?ai the
fa.theet point ot land, aa wat also the TurkUh convoy,
rt>r, stating of five frig.tea and eU tranap-rta. Advioei
from U.ea.a of the 10th, s ate that no E*g.
!w "J?1*" of "r hKi appeared off
Oiat p?rt, and all French and-Ergll?h merchantmen
' 7.^hrtPt"i g ,? *T* T1?* Ron'an Admiral had noti.
k r,?f "T EMlon* u?<-u "Hi troofi on board.
p??^, lQ\fr!,,*!l' a* '*por: tb%t th6 Auet Han and
*?dnra at Const antln pl? had tiro
i fT. n^ifT' ? t!" *B,ry of th" 1-t. FatD
| the B ark S?a la (nco.rect but these representat vea
dlda.no r, Re., chid r'aaka a not.flcaU, n that ?he step
taken tj . raroa and Inland went lejced the agreement
cn'er-d lntc by tfce f .urrtwert on the 12th of U.oem
I l*r T. ea)l?- .ad besn wet, Jac-.ary 9th byihertall
. t. air er from i Treblxonl; they were steering with a fair
??athrr for Baton to, where ttiey
+>n.A arrive the n-tt ^aj. The greatest e,
ibusiaem was iDaclfes'wJ in C:satantlnopl> when It
wie kr. wu ?tat the U-ets had actually sailed It hai bean
? rea y mentioned that lo the eveot of camitg into aa
I R*ra*'?? t^ronnh) wool! Wke crramot of
! tir?!h s '. Pi! iArnn,or pro'kilad la C .ast.ntlnople
, U?t the fl ate. btrleg eaeorted the Tnraith sh'ps t? B?
?'i,Ur'ThiVin ^ r*,t'tUi?0 th* ^ '"fh-.rous in about a week.
I ^ t hie last eeemrd uoila^Iy, The ,.r iert g,v-o to the
t.ee t. a*e to ia'u .e the Ruksko ship" ?o loog as m*tt?r<
r nam setter are; thculd th- R i ?eian naval foroes at
HU", lallkt *hip * u nu Ibree ard a half rail-so'
" k:'h eoast or euy . hip tx-lontiag :o the pr t-ctln< I
tfen no'lve ko<tillti-? win -e (mm-diat-lv taken.
" 1,Vi'nn? telegrapoia annouooemeat
?. ' ' Lr ,0 tot.H.ation re?p?ot- I
(, ??,,*y c-f tbe (l?ete, do-s not regard that event ai i
a afreo wi Mli. H. leave, it. ho-evrr, to be under
If ' j J1'". 11 M w:" Pursn" 't? Kli'lon la the
f*rln'r ,Qt the p rot ability list !
e. tflto'j Will a. Is. now that th- II et. are io preseooe, aid '
.hat .beae ma> v-ry eaeUy irvoive the three ouatrisa la I
{"'?J 'heUandaal an wer to the pi-opoiltiou now
a*' T? P?"* or ??i *?', ol ooutoe, sup rsede the
J? was at Brst state! thst thj Ri alan Admiral had i
?Mi?d i.rde i to all bis c-utaeri to re' urn toS-ba?*M>>l
bnt .a-er roc msnos eai.l to havs come dlreat from the
*. p> to Pat to sea It ~ai const- !
dered hat the Cta.'s policy is to hav. the allie, commit
the fin tact of war, by itr t g th. a-.t hoetile . h t, audit I
f n 1 . um?m io BMpf.tr* kuo?rn t j hn and i
towtlch place the Tu:ki?& convoy l.d.st'ced Tbi. la liit '
nice eoDMen 1 uaness, th? i r.r wcuU w*n?id'r to jaatifv '
IrTuee" 7 e*ol,,,,i8 ?i?liMt Eaglaad and
A mrst lmprrtin' 8 a -. ial ope'aM n was s?id fn h. t- !
co: temp, ?, ion io ,he ev-nt X ? dec'"a"lo of war
e? ? ,OID I, .r*0> a'd lVlt under '
tue joint t"i?r.n?e ?f mK'acd and Fran-e ' to til I
IVi,Lrtt-M(,h #r7",3td * in ple?'ge of the
alnnce which sob*i.t" b*t?r?E tbtn Altionvh tha
project la i.geniou,. i, 1. b, Im kaancM.dS
It tVet'i'.d"that"if thhV Tfn"""Uu ,D 10 trn'h.
to ?e "i,Vfroo I*aVf lnVV,S,;a ordered
??-. 11 . v 1 th?*r iri)l wi UdfAir to
tie Iii^ue ?ud \h?re ?w?ii forther ioitraoUoM.
Ru"-:an aceonma, or ra liei pn?a e i-'.ter*. favoring
the rillhl came. frrm Err-ioun, DlWtW ll,d*<ortbe
it ?het <)?.'?. a <*lrai'roa? iti'i <>' dl'o-jaalaa 1 in to tba
Turklrh ?:in coneequ?nt apon thei'tfeai of A ->Ai Pacha,
ne \t Uumtt, ? here t.-e Ku?i<ur<.?itb lt.OCO man. attaek
#d Mid Oafeattd 76,000 Ttirku We have aliea'y given the
ripart of thta battle. at d in tbe accauutf doit to han d,we
flue no new Inf. rmatinn, ?*ce pti -g that the T irklih oeo
tr* on;'?r Aabmat l'?cha, a ? tb? right wing. an ler
Nmrain Pacta ga?e ??? a; 02te, ar.d were >{elr ?'?!
lium b< trig rnt to piece* hj tbe ^rarery of tha left wing,
uc itr Valy 1*?; ba. Wi.ieb stoorf firm, inj k-pt the Km
lane id rbac*. rr<' e ??r? 1 5,100 n>?4 null *: liars, bat
0?ep aunt t?- ,iev*nt:d fur,h?r t^ri'.Um ca el tear
Aroae'e at?r than tte lb re reallen that cwing to
t> r ?xarv. d? <<f the l'*?ba, (Got n.) tbe f rat at K f?
nalti aril i.rgaelied. ?u,l at ai,t aperddy be reinforced
f . m t'? l> tfr'tii .f l? wi< making active pre
Hiailt n* "o ta?e the Said ?i <o?u a l he tntluf *;ull
f ,n.ii, Schemer) ?e? 'eit'r mpjll*d with amwaottt n
t atirg, jc?t piiviiae to th? Sim p* dUaater, mceeeded la
It ' #*vit f Uree carg ea of poadar. The no.id*
i f Landing It * at paauHar? th' raaantaiurer* haviag
It - n p-aviosa y warned bv an ag?nt Iron Con' .to' oopie,
tl ? ih^e ipp -ach-d duiing the u gh*. mi lanel tba r
It fci?ain?aeki> akrg the abort-, und whan eoupla'ad
6n <* tb er gr.ai ?? ? ai^eal. A!mo*t b?fere tha report
1 ? 1 dUc a*r? v a b?nd of a thousand hnraeaian duM
b?t?f<ntt? U -.ftao fi>rtt; each una ?'r*po?d a atek of
p mtn br'ora bin< tod til ?ai'?pio( otT la d Htr?ot 4'.
racUo.a, raccae.'ac In (fining the ciiuotaiat.
It la lp li ng -r dai. ed, ? van by tba moat ?j pi:?U. tbkt j
Or) c? Hint ir ay b. ng to Kn^ U<id a fcrroal dael?r?tloi
of ? ar ; ard ? i Tieir .f tb? imndaansa of the d?og?r It la
irat/airg io ?ee with ?bat_eno!tia?a, mo^era'lon and ab
a?.'e'(ui e . t ??rolee, tte pu-j ! > aco'pt ' U* ne;a?ait/ an 1
pti |i?:e ti' meet It.
I tt bji ?.tla*tlme(tl?fo??ldarfdpfc^?bleth?tt^aw?r
m?T b? ca. rl:d . n fn u> t^a or ioary t! an^!*! r?a>uraea of
tbe aot ii>ry, wi'hint the Inp atMon of ??>f caw Inipoat.
Rdd'lil p wfr'ui an actnj n Ko ? a It taln-p-watbla to
?my it a litU ? a-, at I ttllltallhlh a ware that a
war*a<icd? n* ? loan tr>n?t be cntratlttd to. Judging
fron tta prta?nt t?B>p> r c f tto" jiac'p'a and the geooraliy
beat'bjr t<neo'?ll <rpartraaat? (.f trade, tf.e e wou d
aeern to b>" bo dob it of bar mee'tag all .h? tx g403l?i of
tb- s?a? to 'aTwat.1 > lenri
liie aco.-x it d ?;*ota o1 gartrcment no larger haal'at*
to > (<e?k of tbe ap^Toachtrg war The eapta'oa ap? l-i>d
to-?<p? tae Tolunteer eoaat cafer^ are ir akin g th? tour
?fall .be porta and B.bin.; tc woa, cal irg i n the raarl
tin* prj.nta*'on to anr(d ta drfruee o( their ooaatr/
tgainat the Rt.a lata
Ir.a I I oairg lutir a. ri"; t ? I M ap,.aar 1 1 a m >rn
It g Mtetnpniarv. the name of Lord Pona.mbj'a oorrea
pom eat ia not gleet* ?
Bni'iiiros. Ian 16, 1851
Ht 1 1' a Ixnn? I ere!o>efor your Icfu matl io oopf of
?or. - iaa< lotlpca ?M h I lo'? cd ta fi'ipo* for tie ad.<p
tioc cf tba Hoaae of Lnrda, if the atate o' my h*altb w.M
l^rr.lt Be to att?nd io my Maoe I <*o not ko)w wie'.h r
i t tot yru ?l 1 apprnee of tb* r*aota'loae; o-Ttalrly yoar
approval will ('re ma great pleaanre; Sat wha* I hara ta
aek < f yon canon, oommit yon ta tha ana degree, if
yon abaU be io good aa to do what I datir*. whisb ia taia
? U at yon ml! tars tb* food at ?< to itad Ua raaolatt^aa
and this letter t* on* of tbe jnurnala ? .h? Moraine Htr%U ,
?win* to me likely to pibliab euch a paper. Saotlc it
not do to, ther* are other j areata that will.
Your name will not ap .?*r in a ny way. Yon hare
orly ti eend tie reflations, aid thU lettei tj ta? office
of the journal, an<! my signature will ?to? fro;n wh?n:e
It oobm, I dislike ooncealmr&t.
lisileve ma. my 2*ar lor 1,
Yoais, uost ilneerely,
1. That the maintenance of the lndepeod-noe of th*
Ottoman Empire 1* of great importance fir -Hi security
of Ft me if the greateit intercuts of the y lean's nubjejts
3. That attacks hare been lately made a pun to*; la
iepe ix'enre
8. Tkatthos* attacks wer* made with (riat adrau'.aga
to the attacker*, derive! from p'rit.ois '.bey ha (obtained
upon the confines of th* Ottoman Euiplre by various
ti rat Ira
4. That a war having takes place batwaen tha Sultan
ard tte Emperor of Busaia, tae treaties bet *ean ihjee
k T.r?tgn? are then by rendered void and anil
6. Tt>at, for the purpose of giving ru?rs security to tb*
Sultan against future attasks, It is neoes. ary tnat tha
laid tie* i*a fchould not be raaewed between tha Sublime
Port* ami the imperial Knatian rovrrelgn.
6 That, movrd 1 y the above stated conizations, thla
(louse la of opinion that bar Majeety'a M in la tan who may
1.- ??<?' on any negotiation* for a peace beteesa the
tTpriiaJ Russian government and the government of tha
?ublin.e forte, sbonld employ all tha nieaua ia thalr
poiier for the prevention of trie r. uawal of tha treaties
WhilB hare been MaMftft null and told by the exiat*
arc* of oar between the Hoaatka and the Tarkua sever
al ga*
7. That, 4a tha opinion of thla Hoaee, It might be high
ly advantageous to tha iataraata of her M*j?atv'a aab
jeo'a, and for the future preaervation of general peace,
that her Mtjraty'a Ministers, beirg aaiagad ia any aefo<
tiation that may ba on foot for tne rea>oratlon of peac*
between tl r aroteeaid belligerent*, abouJU oaa the., beat
endeavor* that in any ne<r traatiea made between lioaa
Powers it abculd ba provided that the Sublime Carta
ahould be put in possession of the territory between tba
river Pruth and tba river Oaelater, to tbe aou'.h of a liaa
to be drawn from ? , on the Pruth, to ? , cn tbe
8 Tbat tba laid Ministers should a 'so an p port tha Sab
1 ma Porte ia tha dna falBltnent of any eegageme.it Uli
Majesty tha Sultan may hare enUred into with the la'e
pendent Can oaa; an ehlifa.
AecoKlng to aCviore from Berlin, th* Russian govern
ir.?tt haa received upon an lnereaae of (nearly) 910,000,
000 la tba paper circulation, to meet ihe coat oi tba
armairenta tn progress. At ahe same time, to prevent th?
distrust that might thns te occasioned, aUtemeata a 'a
givea cnt vba- tbe specie in the citadel at St Petersburg
ami uut* to $107,51.0,000. while the exiatlag paper clroi
la'iun cor* cottxceel $176 000,000 An this eatimat) U
jut foith for financial purpjeee, It is well to receir* It
with caution.
From Si Prteriburg direot iates are to January 18, at
wb'cb period the steady iia? la the prices of Import*,
eapeclally of rugar, denoted Increased apjreh*nnion of
war. Odeara letters are of th* 11th uit. Many saips
were arrivlrg ant! were aotivaly procuring oar g9*s, bat
laborers' wage* were exorbitant.
A finpatch pnbliabed from St. Petersburg, January 13,
rajs that einee tb* notiSsat oa of the entry of the R^ets
into 'he Bia:k Sea, the warlike eatbnuaam of the upper
elaraes, which was never verj strong, has dimlnlahed, and
ami oj tbe peo)le MMnlU the ardor for fl/hting haa
ornaidrrably cix lrd (own. Another mlisivo of the same
date nays, on the contrary, that al! elaisea are enthusi
astic frr war. But it is very doubtful if either despatch
came from St. Pettrabrirg. Oiber alvmea ear tbat the
K nprror is ie a eta'.e of religions exaiUtion. c.-nnidrriaj
hiriKt f an tbe cboaen instrunieDt of Qod, and deatinad
to fulfil tbr Tarkisb prcpbecy by planting the oroag apon
lit. Sophia's moique this very year. He regre's tbat he
has huir-red io may years of hia life to pass withaat hav
i?g fnlfallrd hia mi.'aion
Tb* Ruttfan paprre, of conrr*, take their tone from
tblh teppo'ect stat" of freliog of the Csar. Tha fallowing
frrmatft. Petersbnrg j urnal la not without a s;io* ?f
Krince at d Errand invented frr th* Canauli th; werd
"o-di'ieadenaa," a w>r4 that had narnrbtfure bcoa fuund
in ar y Turkieh dictionary, ard talked tha Turk) orer to be
lief* tbat t' ia ttrarK" and inc mprotieisib's ' indepo^iiaioo"
would be injnrod it tl oy cons?ntt<1 to the Kuaaian dimindj.
lien ? <ro i l?n i rona irottirga hi Id la k'n^ltvnd, inwhi:!i
war with Ruaiia was opealy preached, and hu ria rT7a*?nt
cd re weak drcajrd, and iLoafabla *f rvbt'm the puwer of
Tnrkry. ihf raiuit of thcae intr^ni-a ia a'.t?alT well kiown.
Ihe Torte blir ded and dea'crel, declared war axalntt R is
| ala. ind, b eled by 1 inr rapcrta ltd ratnnrt. allowed it'elf
! to indii'K' In a ridienlonK belief of i a inptrlority to Vtnuia.
( m?r l'aeha eroeeee the Danube at Olteaitia, and marched
It tbe d rcction of Buchamt but wia acmpellea to return,
*ith c?naidara.leUa? Ti.o aprr^aeti of winter interrupted
tho wai on th* T'anube The martial aohieremBata of toe
Turka on the Aalatic fronti r. acnslated in the dovaatat^n
snc plnr.der af a few Artrer ian orlonlee, and thai, t^o, with
ancb lavage bartarilv aet erven to rrove that the followera
of Mclanirt are ?till characterisee by the aame feroolty and
bloodthiratineaa as they ahowed at their Srat iiiourslona iati>
Bu-cpe. One ch*nne in them is. however, to be autiool -
acne of tlcir Fashas apeak French, and they atl drink
! champaRne.
Tbe tb:?atrc ug a?p"ot nf Kisteru atfaiis la having ltl
irfl'jencv in Ita'y. The Piedmouteae government ii espe
cially active, sir; is HI i-v all th* garrlaons and rnaga
zintts ni h provisions aud (torsi It iras said tbat asrc-et
treaty, < OeLi-tve and CefeiAive, had been oancluled be
tween f rauo* aid Sardinia.
[Fiom the Pans Presee.J
We ley before our readsra tbe no'e of a conversation
?try ree?lly held it i;at<?cblna, between ha lmp?rlal
M.jm'j the F.aipfror of P.iii?la and an Individual cf dle
tlnoilrio. ?hi#f d?ric>r in not onlr a roaantee for the
ashectieity ol the memorandum. but for the ab?ano? of
ui ?x?gg>ratlon or tal*e colo'irg in its expressions
W- giv* It I'mply aa an lmportait hUtorlcil dor.um.nt,
without ktnttfjlng ourse.ree with the rieiri whlohlt ojn
The Emperor rep<?t?d that If there were war he hiped
that the Eigli.h pri ple wruli urderatand that it was not
a *ar ii?t l!u??l?u eggreDilpn, bat a war brought
about 1 v ihe vacil'ating and lesibcere cutdaot ol tbe
Et^lUh Mii.ii .'ry
He rVd tb?t there was n.> po?er more interested in
kerplsg the lUtut <juo of the Tuiklsh <ioc:iuioae than
Ru aia tlat he wee to possession ol Constantinople twen
tj jeir? ? g<>: that be might then hare kept it Against the
wo. 14, or permatently r< meiced at the r?qu ;?t of the late
fnl'.an, wLlsh wae urjed on bios, bat that he quitted it
fvt the r< aicns expresael In hli letter to Coast 0 loft, and
fcr othtr reasons of nigh policy.
He raid all that Russia rrquired was fres navigation,
and ao king as tbe Pir.'at-eiiea were hrldby a piw?r not
strong eLODgh to refuse this frte navigation to Russia he
was c n:est, at d pie'ernd tbe present .Imposition of tar
rl'ory to any possible change; that bvl he ?lsh*d toee'zi
Cose anttaople be could have dote hj with tbe greatest
fa*- when Prince Mrcseblki IT 'eft the Port". The failure
of Ooislftttitt pie the occupation of tbe Dardanelles and
tbe orei throw of the Soltau would have bten an adslr of
a f<w d?ye
That hi* merely crossing the Prnth prrred to all who
undeMcod ih's question tliat he d.d not seek territorial
|H .iDt'iwmrnt. I
that all this was wtry well ntdfrs'ood at Paris aid 1
very veil unWitood by Lord Abe'd?en, who ha J aoted j
tfcr tig* out tils bnsicmn without moral c inraje.
J M hi p'fc r >ald that since 1818 the tel gl^uselsuutt
bad bi"cr uie pre. omlnaut In politic* ; ttat the eir.auoipt
t ion of the Roc en lath. Us church in Germanv, which
then <cur ?d, bad gristly promotrd thl?; that the state
(f tbe Uretk Cburcb tctdir-. J bis .nierposltiou in Tirkty
a nectary,
H? sd. led that the rt'Uioni relations of the su><j#jt? '
of tbe r*orte with varius furflgn powers he: aiwais bten
r?c gt !t?U bj European stats'inen; that they had be?n j
en<Kur?K?d, en.) by no cme more tban I.-ri A Wr e -to, in
former tiaye, whope>c-lted in thtse olroacistanoea the
solution < f many i ilBculties.
The wrier, id r?ply to an Inquire. understood tbe Ear
peto; diitiDC ly to state that the ul'imatum of M ?na .hiioB
bsd not been diss pprored in Loodon, bnttbatthe English
Mlsiatry, hat leg been Infermed that It wouH probably be
act'puo by the Porte, bad rasogiized it as a satlsfastory
set letrent.
The Emperor dwelt an the Inoacul iteney both of the
English and Kreooh goTernmeota E-jg and, he said, had
tern if devised the terms of settlement at Vienna, and
wh* n he cordially gav* his adhrsloc to then, reoaded
from her o?n prn^oMUone. Toe plea fouaded on the
Neeta'rot'e lnte'pretatlon hetreatet with great oonteapt.
he >aid it was pltcitg tbe plea of an adroeata la equiii
brinm wtih the dacldon of a court.
Tbe Emprar said that England appeared to have two
gorer: men's. Things were srre*d to In I/oadon or Vien
na, am the same ibiogs t i j-aled to at Constantinople
Lo tl W."tmt reUt d | '<u* a nuin a' Vieana sent out fro a
a*.. Jim . 's; Lord Retc Be rrcommenls the Pert* t> 4U
a*o? tbe >amedocamen<.
T'e Fmperor spoke of the ?io!or? t f Sloope and of the
absurdity wt > c the Porte ha1 do Ur?i war against him.
o.' bHtotacti-g upnn tbe s jqr<>i<eiTe. H? trested the
a ftvn.tDt i bat h? 1 a ! rftt rd to aet only on the defeniire
w tb derietor ; ar.d, with rtlw ? to a p??*e<? m a p:i
letter flow I'a'ls, th^t surh an aiMtau* had sesn
gl??u by H's Msjesly to tbe Frtrch Minister at '.h? <'>art
< f M P?ter burn? ? General < uitclb>ise? -lis H>i?i'.y
tb etTtd teat thm tbe re*< of the riotory of rfio'," ar
r.ved, tbe iem? (>esera: Ctstalbejee ha a dr??;e ! him a
1 t'ar te.:> dig toir'thlog in tht? Tain ? ' AsaCariailsn
ib ? a i oltUe*. psrnut me. Ire, tr coB(ratsUte your I a
p r si M>jeit< i n ^h? eljrloun el:tory ob'.\io *1 by yout
*,j??t?'k II ?t ' Tbe K " ?eror ??.' si ;Jeia?d wi'b tble
kit r from tbe Fr. Boh Minister ' hat he inrited '.he <i >ne
ral t-> (?art? hlna, atd held mnoh o->oTer?a"ou ?i h Mm.
and tie in huMa-m cf tbe frineh G neral asfTsrel no
dlmliu'l-n. The Kmptror enU red iati ?on:e details on
tbii hrad. which th? wrlUr rf thl ? note li not at liberty
to mre':< n: all that li h?>e sttt- 1 he *?v^d an 1 obta aed
periLis'ion to mste pntl c. "So much for my contract
Wl h(tec?ral CdMtjM," added the E npe-or, "ona cf
tbe Btma'cns romances .averted to eloak the imbaoility
of gcreri mm'.s "
Tls Ftnteicr then reourrevl to the a?p:ct of the war at
aorre li-B|th. He veld that, far from desiring war a year
?go, be ?as no' even prepared fcr it IN was no? pra
psied sud wonld act ai eecaae b<s par.-m.al honor no'
tb* gim taia of Ru'sia. itwMtiia war, be frequently
re|*a??d. rf ltcapacit>ea, br. ogbt on by rjen -rho were
t oil"', ard acctiMDf otbera fre?ly of dupHaity, w?rett>em
selve- d? Orient la eTerythirg t^at ?aa tiralghtfor#a- 1
He i Id cot teliera that Koglacd, aslth a ItruTgerfi I'arlia
m?rt. eculd earn on a war witb glory. Fra'noe, he fre
qcebily repeata ban been drawn in o a mess wli'.oh she
ftd n- 1 Je-ire. The Russians ha 1 b>at*c all with whoia
tbey had te?n pitied- Fiedeiioktke (ire?t? Vapolaoa.
| ?ben tble convtr*at<cn t/k place the circ>ilar of M.
ItmjB i'a 1 Hoy? l ed not roa-hed St Peteribur* ]
Th? manner of bl? loiparlal M-jeity tbraMhont this
interview was temperate, rational and fra'ik, alfabl*, with
ber mlTK dt^ni y, aid frex fr. iu any of that eicite oent
or wilfaUitia impaUd to him in many j u eiis,
Till AL1IIP rLllTd IN tut Bl A( K FIA-TIU TO
[Fram tus I, id s Times, Jap. 35 ]
It eeatcs from the leteltigeuoa ttans ni'taa to na froti
Ber H?, and from Ue c< n uiuuKations Te^eleel iy the
Rcs?!an Mi slaters In I Oft 'on and l'ai la. 'hat tb? Emperor
Nirholai has i ot tc oght fit to res -rt lo any extreire
measure on tha receipt <f the latlmatl n t at tbe com
binei r,#eta bad enter'4 tie BUck S'? If w^ are ror
rt.-tly informed, ha repliaa 'o that a?t, not by a m na<?
oca protaet ? eU.T eea by a >lto:araUoo of iar-but by a |
question. He begs to be told what tb* intention* of the
fl< ?t* are? wn*th*r th ey are to take part with Turkey,
or to obferve a itrtet neutrality ; and then la resson to
beliefs that this I* the s?bsta*c? of tha communication
road* *>r Baron Brunow to tha British government upoa
the arrival of tha courier with bis laat instruction* from
St. Peawiaburg. Tba tatara of tba lastrustlons Mat to
the admiral* is no aecrst in Europe It waa proclaimed
by Adn-iral Dondat a (antral crder, that " It la tha duty
or tba Meet* to prou 3t Turkish vessels and Turkish lerri
V rj In all parti of th* Uiaok See " it wa? announced by
a speelsi mes?ag? to tba officer* command! g at Sabas
topoL and It has been further exemplified bv tba faot
that a Turkish omvoy to Catonm bat sailed under
onr proteotlon Tte*e facta ara no pataat aoo notorleus
that tha Rueeian government can require ud farther
liifoTniatu n ie'pe:t!c| them ; and, laO?ad. tba
ooaraa which Koglacd and Fiance were resolved to
Karma bad already been communicated to the Cabinet of
t 1'eterfeHnn by Sir Hamilton Seymourand by tha air
ct.lar of M Urouyn da i'Huy*. Tnese measures having
b<i?o publicly anooancti an<1 execute* it if no pait of tba
du'y -of tae French and ErglUh governments to tnCoim
the Kuraian minister* whether ibey do or do not amount
to a breach of ctriet neutrality, or whether they ara to
b? considered a* " taking part with Turkey." That i* a
poict for Rs/eia alone to determine. Our fleata hare been
ftnt into the Black Sea for defeniive parpoiee and with
defeative instructions. It ia not intended at the pretent
tune thst they should attack any rart of the Russian tsr
titcries, or link, bare, and deetroy Rusaian tuhIi. In
caw of tbelr falling In with a Russian squadron, they are
to f rerent tha enemr from making any fresh attack on
Turkey, and to rend him back to Ssbastopol, force being
uaed in ?aae of resistance. Here again it ia for Russia to
determine whether (he will regard tbii interpoeltion aa
the ejitiniate aot of aimed mediate ra, auiona to prev?st
lurtner ca amities, or ai an act of participation in tha
war, amounting to hostility agalnit heraelf. Tae allied
govt rnments bare aa yet declared no hoetUity to Raisin?
tfcey have merely declared that ahe shall not attack
Trrkey, wherever they are able to prevent It . To that In
timation the reply of Rassia Heme to be a r*qu**t for an
It U not known to u what that explanation ha* bean,
nor aan we enderatand lhat the fasts ara enaoeptible af
any explanation beyond that which Ratela heraelf may
think fit to pat on tie a. Bet, after having thoa oom
nunfeated with the British government, B?roa Bruno r
did not den- and bla passport*, and it ia reported that be
a poke of a farther reference to St. Petersburg If it be
the object of tba Baaalan Oableat to temiorlia indefinite
ly, MDi motive may be found for tbla aubduei tone of ri ?
Bonetranee, or rathsr of interrogation. Bat it li cer
tainly tot the oonduct of a high-spirited, reeolute govern -
ma?t, determined to repel all leterferenee with lu belli
gerent right*. It would leem, on the contrary, to in.'i
oat* a d.jcMtion, even new, to avoid the laat extremities
ot war, and to accept the very positive cooapatlon of the
Black Ben by the al.ied fleets as a temporary set i ft for
tae mom pa tiro of the Principalities In spite of the tona
assured by tbe Russian organs in their oommanloatlona
w.ih the Rueeian people, we have on several oeeasiona
found them holding a far more temperate language in
th>lr conimuleatlons to Inrope. Thus far, then, soma
ta log Is once more gained to the chanoe of paoHnat'oa.
War. at leaat, has cot been deelartd, nor the ministers
withdrawn, on the sonouneemeat of the advanoe of tbe
fleets; and a farther interval oeeur*. At th* preaeat
mi merit this interval la th* mora valuable, aa it al
low* th* full and formal communication of .he four
Power* which waa despatched from Vienna on tb*
13th Inst, to arrive at fit. Petersburg, and it ia
probable that no irrevocable step will hava been
taken before the Emperor baa that ultimatum before him.
Hrwerer little succees ws may augur from that commu
nication, it would be absurd to throw away the last
chance cf neaoe, solely because it is the last. The fact
tfcit the K.rrip?ror of Buttia baa sot replied to the entry
of tbe fleets by an 1mm el lata d-claration of war, ia a cir
cunietsi.es to be placed, for whatever it is worth, on th*
eide of p<ac*. Had be baen eatlrsly resolved to br&ve
tb* worst, it is difficult to percelv* why ha inatruotsd
his Ministers In London wd Paris to reply in ao cautions
and evativ* a manner to snob a communication. It waa
evident, trim tbe notorious preparation* made by M. de
Branow atd M de Kisaeleff for their immediate departure,
tuat they anticipated more peremptory orders. Ua the
other hand, this incident may imply no more than that
UeKmperoris still endeavoring to' throw the responsi
bility of a declaration of war whioh both sides eeem
aniioua to avoid, on the allied Powers; and, perhaps he
?Ltertatns hop;a that this spumed moderation will re
etcre tome portion of bis lmlaeace ov?r the German
Ci urtn. fn pcintcf tin * the d.flerenee will bo email, for
hie aosver to tbe Vienna protocol must ere this be on its
wiy, and in a few day* mor? ?? shall know with certainty
wln-trer tke Czar tas modifled the intenticn* he has
already exptesred, an 3 contented to treat on the baeiB of
tho^e preliminaries That ia now the real point in dis
pute, scd. unices an satual colUrlon should have taken
place between the combined fiesta and Kaaslan rhips in
the Black Sea, that decision muit finally set at rast all
dcubt on tbe question which has for ao many months
and agitated Europe.
A dreadful eh'pwieck occurred in th* gale rf the 18th.
The Taylenr, a magniflcent new iron ship, 2,000 tons,
havirg at-uck and foundered in Dublin Bay, with the
Iors c: four bundled lives. The Tayleur, Oapt Noble, left
Liverpool, on Thursday, tbe 1 h, on her first voyage,
with t)"0 persons on toard. for Melbourne, Australia.
About nocn on Saturday, tbe ship being under reefed
tc [ falls, land was disooverad close on the lee bow. Both
aacbi ra were let go, but they eithei dragged or the ca
bin mapped, for tke ship ciatinued rapidly approaching
lai d, and at length struck violently upon a rock called
the 1 Ncse of lam bay Irland " Immediately after strik
leg sbe tanad broadtide to the rosk, and a nun bsr of
paesetgara jumped ashore. Sbe remained in this position
only a few minutes, when ahe slipped off ant 1mm- dl
ately >atk, stern foremoat, only the tops ol her masts
r eir al> ing above water. Only 130 succeeded In reacti ng
tbe Island; th* remaining 349 went duwn with tbe dhip.
Tb* captain and first ana thud mates were saved. Tne
stcrnd mat* and surgeon, wl'h th* wife and ebill of the
latter, pe iehed. Of tbe female* on board only three wo
men atd two / iris were eared.
Ttere bad been setersl other carnalities alorg the
lii>>h c< net,
i'Lf Brit<eb Admiralty give notice that if notblnr de
finite brard cf Sir John Franklin and hlaerewbefora
8 let March next, tbey will be comldered as dead, and
their lamee be struok ciT tbe hooks of the navy.
Pbilip K Wodehnuce, Superintendent at Honduraa, ix
to succeed Sir Henry Barkly as Governor of British
An Li^h paper state* that the plan* and estimates for
the pr' jrcteo new barracks in Gal way have been ma>
out on a ir out extensive teals. It Is presumed, from the
gTeat cumber < f sbsds which are to be e rented for cavalry
purposes, that it ia meant to provide accommodations for
at leas', two regimen'* oi that arm of the service. A
laadlng pier will be run into the esa, *3 ai to enable
ntearctrs togo altngiiie the barTaeks to land troops and
Df a derlfion of 'he MinUter of Finanoe, tne intereet on
Trrafu:> bond* in luedat 4>j per cent for all bond* from
three to five month* of rxeh^ge, at 5 per cent from At*
to tin en iLon'.bF, and at 5.-, per cent for bond* for oae
A cam of 2(0, Of 0 f;acc? from the budget of tha Iot?rlor
.? 1 at tba cl?poS?l of 'he prefect*, to M>i*t th? t?
rlom cbaritab.e iL?l ItuUom; In p ovidlng immoiUte raliaf
to the poor.
*An r. r - r ? ! i?rM autborirei tfce Baker*' (Uok of
Pari*. which opeoi on the 10th, to contrast a loan
of 24 Of 0 OCC fiane*.
Tba Dncbaif cf Orkaoa row denisa tha authenticity of
the Kao<>ua ? fusion' lattar in tba colamoa of tba Loudon
Tha Minister of Jaetlee bat migned, and h'? plant baa
been auppLed ad interim by tba Miniater of Flaanea.
(lateral* Maacal d.? la Ooieha and O'Dann*! aia axilod to
tba Canary (land* General Jcae C iooha to tba B.learlc
1-land* and General Armaro to I.aon.
Tba flrat four Lara already eat ont for thalr place* ef
tfcncr Zaragtta bu be?n replaced aa Governor of Madrid
by M (Juito.
It wa* in d tt at Baron da Ma* r would b? dlsrrl***d from
tta Prealdetcy of tba Pnpreme Court of War and Marina,
for hii hoettle rota in tb* Senate
By tba Perlnralar and Oriental Compaty'a eteataer
Tafcti*, at & ntbempton on January 24tb, wa hare dates
from Gil> altar 16:b. Cadli, litb; LI. boo, 19th; Op?rt">,
(>tb; and Vigo, 2 lat ul\
Whin tba Ta^ue l?ft I.Ub o on tba 1Mb nlt? Rear
?> cr i>l Ccrry w?a to pat to Ma that da/ in tba l'rtnoi
P.?-.?Dt, aoccmpaaled ty tta Ii-ike of Wellington, Impc
r i bta. .?inpti.T, Tiibuce, Valoroca in J Oaiparata, it
b?:: n eip?eted that tba Otin Captain 3co t, weoM alone
be lr ft in port.
it. or; < n I. "ad oa waa vary eearee u J OQ tha Ltiboa Si
cb?r??, a*&4X <o ?? par three monttia, bat It oilerad
u oi? freely for *?n luan'al paper, at 6il for l'arla, am
kU- l.ta 4'; ^ Hamburg, 48, aod Genoa 529.
Portcguti-* coxi(u'ar and tnedioal report* frcm Gal'cta
ate r?i| ccntradktj y a*out eht lera, an 1 Flgj .fflclally
rer- ai j> d au in'ect'd port
At ilibraitar eirnajg* on I.-nlnn waa qao'aJ 61
.^1 at. ?h ptiiartd doila.a 4 par c-ni premium
Tbt (lerroar lo I'let waa occupied on tha lftb ult, wi'.h
tba cot* wblcb M. da Fallenay bad dalltrrad to it la tba
rac 'of K al<!? Tbla nota ooataiaa a fci< orlcal aooonot
of what 1 rare# baa d<>n* uaill now in tha Kmtarn quaa
tlro; and a?pr*f?n towarda tba fr4*ral Stat?a amlsabla
and laulflc dlrpotidon on tba patt of the Cablaet of tba
India and China.
fl> tva a*?arr.?r Bombay, with tba Oriental malla, tala
arapbn Trom Tii*?ta. date* are resulted from Calcutta to
I>ec. '^0; Madraa, "4th ; Sbarghae, lit; Amoy. Atb; H wig
Krct, nth; ^iofrap ra, I8th; Penacg, 'ilat; tUUs, ITtb;
Ikm.bay, 2i<th huiirah. 8d <>f ram* n^n'h
No n all In in Australia (thocgb da* ) bad arrived.
The 0 cor (icnaral of India had left Cahutta on tha
9 b Dectacibar, for noriuah
A ernepiracy at Rtrgooi wa* frustrated rn the 23? of
November, by the tlmt-ly prepaiatlo-.a of the B i'.lab
Trade is Iidla U dull. The Indigo market at Client!*
had i ptaed.
lb* ra?i(*ant at Batbire ha* r*pnr'*d that 80 000 Per
*lan" ha:" reached lhat n*lghVir>n o-t, Irtrndiog It ia un
l?i*toort, 1o Inra/a tk.e pa>balik of Rtgda4a Aaaxp*
i itlcr*r? f r??, ratal and m.l tary, ia being rapidly
orian rfd by t.e a>r. bay (toT?rr.nunt. to oarri out mj
nrdtia it may ii-oe'.Te frcm Kagland, or from tba Qavrrn <r
Tn* lmp?>tant ter:l'ory o' B?rar, tba g*Td?n of India
fca* lap'fd to Ui* Brlti.- k ran m nt, h/ tba daath of Ita
rn ?-r witknut ! i ua
(Ju at pre* ail* at A;noy, ard at the la' t?r plaea the 'on*
ati ntw. attbc'i'i?* bat* been rf?t?red. fna laaar^ent
? ?my h*<\ ? t tbe end of October, wached (tlnken, about
a *tj mllat froai I aklo. angh<? 1* aii?l In tha haada of tha
pati lo'e. At Caat< a trnda ia dull Kaohange, 6i. 11. It
ibaighaa trade U brtfk, I ad euppllaa of taa Urga. Ei
etar je, K,
Ixwd Dp hlnatoM arrived at Bombay on th* Mth of Da
era bar
Lord Falklaa 1 left Snubar on tha 3d or Daoambar, ul
oa tha 12th of Jaanary arrived at Gain.
Tha Feaiciular and Oriental *team?bip Cadii, in*e?*ed
for tha & mbay tarvlce, reached Bmbiy oo the i7th of
Lnruu-ooL. Jan. CI, 18M.
Paovmows ? Baon continue* in goo J demand. but a da
cllta.of la. to 2a. la yielded to olaar paicel* as "hip.
There la not much doing In beet and pork? buyer* reaift
the I If h prioee, and supply theiaselve* fiom far to ilay.
Cheemi ic>rca and waited
I i?0 la steady at fall rate*.
Tallow maintain* extreme rata* lait advised
In Soi<e 3t B-?*x there la nothing new.
I]>suu> C*k* te lain active.
v 5^5 I"!!ta ??? b"n ln brl*k ipeculativ* rrqaeet,
bet Carolina If quite nr glee tad.
BfiiAirTi XFH ? A farther advasne of la. oa flour, 3d. ta
6d. an wheat, and )(. to 2t. on Indian corn, li generally
demanded, bat the transection* at these ratal are unim
t'cTTOu ? The market continue* rery doll, and prise*
are again lower thl* week. The demand la chiefly soa
flr*d to tha " middling" qualltlee of New OrleaM,
wblch altboogh leafy are generally goo<1 ataple. Boveda,
with tha exoeptlon of " middling fair" quality, appear
neglected, the low "mlJdlleg" to "middling" qualltia*
balcg of a waety character. Tb* total aalea yesterday
weie 6,OCO balea, and to day barely 3,000 balee. Ia Man
eheeter very liitle 1* doing, and prise* are gradually do
Lomxw, Jan 24, 1864.
Mercantile operation* have beea again further checked
by the lnereaaed appreheoalone of war, aad the demand
for money far mercantile accommodation ha* dlminlahad
laaoaeeqnence; bnt where discount* are obtained, pre
rloua ratee are folly adhered ta The telegraph new*
from all parte of the orntiaent to day Indlcatee lnereaaed
glorm, aj if the proepeeta of war were considered mora
lmmiaent. The next new* o ' lmportaaoe will probably be
an anaoaneemant of a collision between tha Anglo
French aad Rnialan Ueeta In the Black dea.
The Baak of Ka gland return* for the week ending Janu
ary 11, ahow a faithir laoreeae of ?23? 000 in tte billion,
aad gaaeraily the poeltlc n of the bank ha* greatly im
proved the pait two mcnth*. The export* of bullion|from
London during th* pait year, am quoted to ?21 200 000,
about me fourth ln silver. Tbe Bank of France haa
ral<ed the rate of diaconnt to Ufa per sent, and the de
manda upon It Indicate eonatderabla preiaure for money
la Pari*. Tbe National Bank of Belgium 1* about to al
vaace lta rate from two to three per oent. The exchange*
with Fraac* are trore unfavorable fir thla eoantry, and
there 1a a renewed demand for gold for ehlpmsnt At
Vleoaa the rate of exchange upon London haa advanoed
to 12 II.
Tbejolit'eal <? fficaltle* bare for the weekpaet pro lans
a lavorsb!* demand for American securities In England,
and tbetehaa been an abaorptlon of a oontfderable amount
held by banker* and dleoount hou*ee Tae return* of tha
tr flic of the English rail cay* thus far thl* year a a oom
pawd with Jacaary. I>f3, show a diminution, wbleh la
principally cunflned to thoea railway* which supply tha
manufacturing dlitrict*. The French railway* for tha
*ame period ahow an lncrea**.
Notwithstanding tha large arrival*, the csrn*market U
vary Arm. with a rise of 2a. at yet'erdar'a market Th*
London arrival* for the week ending January 21, from
New Totk, are 25,0C0 barrel* cf flour, and 14,000 quarter*
of wheat. Tbe arrl'ala at Liverpool, from the United
9tatae rcached 60,649 quarter* of wheat, aad 140 892 bar
rel* of flour? tbe largeet arrival* ever known. The ques
tion of food la soarcely lee* Important thin that of peace,
for nntil w* have *ome aaaunoce that the want* of Eng
land and Franc* have been provided for, and lower
price* established, we cannot hop* for proiperou* time*.
Scotch pig iron, elcoe our la*t, ha* deolined to 73*.,
risen to 79*., anil la now at T5|.? buyer*. Rail* are dull
at ?8
Brains.? The market 1* low*r, with ooaalderable buai
1.IAD and oopper are dim and scarce.
Tin ecntinuee io advance in price.
In the produce market* there haa been lees bnslnee*
doing, at rather lower pioei, with the exception of Ku?
alan artlolo, wblch have advanced
Tbe cotton market 1* heavy, with a 11 sited demand.
Buslce** haa been very muob clrcumsorlbed in Eogltnl
for the past six month*. The home trace and fiaanoea ef
the ccuntry are now in a very healthy poo:tlin. Tha
large amount of money paid out ln dividend* ha* not,
however, pro' need that eaae ln the money market which
was anticipated The Incre*** of upwards of ?1 000,000
in the pilvate deposits at tbe Bank of England the pait
weak, ebowe the indiap ieltlon of capitalist* to enter into
freah engagement* ; and it remaica to be seen what *<fe*t
the political and floans'al trouble* of tbeontlneat will
prodaoe. Wnen they ar* dUiipated, we may hjpe fx
another period of great ease and extensirm.
Bn.GB.vnt, Jan 14, 1881.
Tte Port* still urgsi the publloa'.ioa of tbe Urmui re.
lie nog &r?ia from a Ruislan protectorate, and insists oa
tbe Honpodar diclarirg In favor ot Turkey. The Russian*
talk of* great battle, on tbe 18 .b, at Matshln, but no Im
portance if attached to it at Vienna.
Bucbaskt, Jan. IB, ISM.
Prince Gcrtfchakf (T start* to-mono*, with hia who)*
?taff, for Little Wallachia, to saperinUnd a gr*nd attaok
on Kale'at. On tbe 12th lost. Gtneral Bogushewfkl re
pulsed, after a ibort fight, an attempt of tbe Tarka to
croee ever to tb* left baik of tb* Danuh* by Kalaraah
with 8,000 men. Un the 13th lnit , at 2 A M, 1,100 Ku
slsn Infaatry, 200 Cossacks, and 700 Moldavian workmen,
want over, in boat* taken in tow by tb* man-of-war "Warn
er Prnth, 1 1 rm Gala's to th* Tnrkiih aid*, flred a Tax kith
inn Bit ne'e there, and began t J clear th* laland befor*
(;*latr. of th* tr*e* and roahe*.
CorKfHAQD, Jan. 29, 1854.
It 1* *aid that th* anawsr of Russia on th* declaration
of nentrality, has arrired. Ruma rejutet her content to
it, and d emandt that Denmark should ride % oilh one (ftbt
Bntux, Jan. 21, 18M.
Tte Second Chamber baa to day, In mo ret sitting,
adopted the treaty eonclnded with Oldenburg for the OM
? cn of a territory iltaate cn the banki of the Jahd*, and
destined (or the fatabliahment of a Pniaiian military
pott. Only the Polish depntiee hare voted agrainat the
treaty. Kit rumored thai Rutria hat protested again* lit
ataUUhmerU of thiiporL
Bums, Monday Ereulng, Jaa. 23, IBM.
Tbe Crar hag iaatraeted hi* ambassadors to demand
whether by the intry of the combined Ueeta into the Blaok
Sea, it li Intended to take part with Turkey, or (Imply to
observe a striot neutrality ; In th* former oaae they are
to demand their passports. Boise ?spcctatioas are In
dulged In here of the probability of a* amicable settle
tr.eot between Rom in atd the Porte.
The ata'enient pnt forth by the A tig. burg Ouet'e that
the Eog'ish englno n held eaptire had been released by
the Russians, la not oonSrraed by onr letter* from Oon
(tantinople of tbe 0th. The Constantinople correspond
ent of the Trieste Gatrl e states that the government ot
Odessa had "cbstinately refused" to give the men up. '
Tiwsta, Monday Frining, Jan. 23, ISM.
The Pasta of Belgrade inaists on the Immediate dismie
aal cf all Bullae* from 8*rria, and rows that If M Mouk
bine, the Russian Coisul General, crosses the rirer from
Semlin again, be will arrest him.
Latter* dlreet from St. Pstersbnrg it ate that It (a In
tended to form a depot of 110,000 soldiers at Moscow, to
leare ICO.OtO in Poland, station another 100,000 la
columns among the prorlnees of the Baltic and in Finland,
and ral e tbe army on tbe Danube to 200, 0<0 aad that Of
Asia to 100, COO. The prr?ona best acquainted with Roa
slan statistic bellere that tluss are merely flgurss of
speech, acd that Russia will hart great difficulty la
brirgirg together more than ka f the cumbers here set
Pabis, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 18M.
Latter* from the Daaublan Prorlnees, recirel at Paris,
state *bat it is impossible to form any idea of the terror
which th* exaction of tb* Russians, under ths mott fa tile
pretenahse, hare caused there. Tiiey arrest, dtepMfMM
and seise moveable property of all sorts. Several per!
sons of high distinction are mentioned, who, after baring
been f tripped of all they possessed, were tremb.lng for
their llree.
Tbe delay en the part of RnsMa to reply to the prepest
tion of the Poweta was in'.erpret*d to day at the Bjnrsn
in a rente favorable to peaoe.
All the stocks bare in coereqasnes riseo, and th*
three per eenta closed at fi9f. for tte eni or ths month,
and the four and a-hal! per certs. P7( S*o
Lom>o?, Wedrarda?, Jannary 28. 1844.
The Timet Paris corresponds st wiitee that the Emperor
ot fuuta'i rt]4y, though not onuih,d in wy ttnmg languagt,
and d> viand irtj >rptarat\rmt, it of suck a character at leant
1 title hof* n/ a (Kat y in the I'.mpercrr's mind
II is stated tliat tbs popular excitement at St. Petare
bnrg is la 'esfribable, and the French goeernment anti
cipates- and perbsps aith reason? 'hat aa esploiioa of
such a titd miy take place as shall force the Emperor to
I ublith a formal deolatatloe of war before eren bis plan*
are anacgej.
It is btlltved that fiom ,0,GC0 to 15.CC0 Rasslan* haw
e- n sed the Danube.
'There was a rem r that a de>ps'ih had been received*'
from St. Pe'ersbu g -?ntonncing tbe resignation of Oonnl
Nessaliod'e and Its acrsfitetcs by the Emperor.
I cm ox Ccrv Maukst, WedceaJay, Jaa. 26, IBM.
Tbe shoe of both K'.gliah aad foreign wb?at Is soanty.
Trade opened firm at- ' be fall prices of Monday. Town
ma<:e Ouur is quite as C<ar, atd fre?h arrirals of Ameil
cst *r? taken tfl stsadily. Bar)?y, bsansaud peas are un
ebarg'd. Tb* sspplj of rats In small, and Monday's al*
vr nre is not ni'edM.
Li MPts '-r x k Extnun-l Wednesday, Jan. S(, 18M.
Neon Prices ?Cvna.Js ftr asoonnt lw?, ?91V Ooa
eols for money. a 91 Thre* anS a quarter p*|
| C**ta 91 \ * 92X. ' *

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