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The New York herald. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) 1840-1920, February 10, 1854, MORNING EDITION, Image 8

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?ad primage for oil, aud lo. par lb fir boa*. Al> the
noerefcaatmtn in port ?.U obtain ?allciigo?* at the abore
ritM ?
8bi p 1 Uetra, FUk, "'-7 , 003 whale, Ml ed Not 6 New
Lot. don
Ship Haoslbal, I.?fter, 49 W78 wh?l', Mils 1 Not. 12,
New London.
Ship ChM. 0*1 roll, Chtpel, 48,(36 whale, S0.TT8 I >?
bone. Bftllfd Not. 18, New Lo.dno
Ship Robt MouUoa, Norton, S6, 806 ben-, sailed Not 10.
New Bed 'o*5
Ship Catharine, Hnll 38 390 whale, 3,728 b re, Not.
19, New London. ...
Clipper ship H. Host*, Manwaru'g, 133,6*4 wuaie,
<8,626 bono, Milad Nor 20 S"> L o '? ??
Clipper ship Shoo irir -':ar Kig. ?o. I.8-6 ?p?r?, 124, ?
743 whale, 3,840 b.>D?, Mil"1 '?? ii, Se" London.
Ship Co iDtli.ua. Sin.irt. 8 : VT .|.-rai, . i 161 ??*<?, 10,.
174 boon, wiled I>ee 1. Beiiiuid
Ship Roman, T/lpp. 63 6v-!> <ri ale aalled DrC 1 New
Ship Meebanica' Owa Seabury, S'Slap? m, 73,078 while,
638 978 bone, ?aileii I> e / N -? Bdford
Ship India Watrou*. 8,36) whale, mailed Dec 3, New
Ship Columbia*. Harrii, 18 9.0 *p?r:o, tailed Deo. 1, New
Ship Helen Aagu?te. IM*", 101,066 w jale, 38 189 bone
Mlie-i P?J 3, Newport, H I.
8l?ip o:au.*tcr, Tuintr, S 660 whslt*, t. led D.-c 3, New
Bfdft ril
SM? Wai PiB'ltof Halri 91 003 whale 13,600 boot,
3at:? . Dm. 6, New B>dforc .
Shin Miry ft 3a . an, Uiowa 480 *perm,tll666 while,
3,(C0 . Ofip. lall'.d D-o 7 Stonii gton
Cl ppet berk Bhfr'oj M'.r??, 4 ?C8 ?p- rtn 69 r.13 whil*
stile.' D?o 8 Ne? lxudi>n
8ht? D.omo. Gardner, 1,353 aperm, o- s"J whale, ealiel
Dec 12 N'tw Loidou.
Berk M ntank, HnJd, 723,000 bine, rolled Oaj. 13 NiW
B?ik Kreulih, K f?r?, 3 '*97 i,pvrir 106 402 whale, sell
edlki 30, New B' oli r^
9blo Jnaaotte, We-t 11,410 >pe m irba'.a, ??I'.sd
Dec. iO, New Bedford
tori! .-lin-ttMnv TO DAT*.
No. of fa ion* ?pe: ra oil 31
Do. do. whale oil 1,09- l J3
Katlmated ablpmeata per Young Ame
rioa, B Howard and 1 hilo u< nail
kku 191,000
No. of lb' bone .1,461 2t>2
Itaellee the akore iroa thu port tbe r ipt.Ar Miip C lu
teal Brewaler, ullad for Tab tl, timng ru;a#el ?oai?
300 000 gallons whale oil, to be chipped a. that po-t.
Hojroici.tr, P?a. 28 ? An tb. * ooti inne ti be tbe or is:
Of th' o ay. as, J fon s ar? * Id be! i> p ini* ooKt. fa?
whole-nlii merohaii ? are d 1 < notlilo^ b> pririti a'e;
but * t til the retailor 6r~ m* jr r theiu d> io( a t y
fair huatuesH They * utnble, h .we 'er, t auoe th?y lo
jot do ?o well a? tOe (jr^at trale of l>et Ma'- m lei taen
to an t icipa'.e for tb.x K*ee>?iTe impor'aU n? aad pro
per caution on tbe ptrt of hhu kt-epern u pe hap? tae
irain caone of tbe p e.en* depr^e i-io, ard w? ne uottilog
unhealthy or dboio ??H u la th? e at* of bu triee. ex
oept what will oorraat I'roviai n> *'e in full an p
ply, at fair prices. Kuroi^^a cordtve ii i. been eold it
12,^0 per lb Ki 'bio** ? Whaler 'h bill* ?u tte Kae;eru
States hare bten aold ?t 3 a 4 per cen4. Ouoouat.
One l)ny I. titer from Cjdnry.
Omci of Empiei Cm- 1 ivi ro? AivrtiuA, )
Bam Fha.\'1??> .Un 18?2 1" M j
J, 8. Bnxn-r, R-q., Hikaid, Niw Vork ?
Oiar Sir ? Per A :ama & Co. 1 sani yon fil?u or Auetra'daa
yaparq op to Not. 2.
The thrM malted achooce: Indlanola. C?p'ala Cathoart
arrlTed here ynaterday. 8he left Sydney Not. 4, and ill
brought paper i to the day iba tailed, ba*^ owing to an
accident my ageot at Sjdtcy fail el to forward to me the
latMt dates
There U no nei;a of important. U > correapiultinae
adrtaee a total atop on -11 ehlomenU of Amer ea.i goat*.
Miner*, except in isolated oacea. not pajic j half aa wel)
M In California. Nrarly erery Amerlcia wjo can 1*
ieiTing, All tbe pas'esgpra who left hire last Ma.-oh on
kh* *teamer New O kats, except abant twilre, hare re
Inrsedhere perfeotly i !ed with Aaitra.la and Aua
tralian people.
Thi r?port of the Indianola la as folio w s ?
I.alt M dfeonrno Oct. 12; ar'irud at S>den> .lopt 2V, t*!l<d
?h?i c Not 4 ?rriT?d at ahiM H< ? i"; thansa Doc.
S; ari.'od >t Lihaia^ L j ,il ?r I mild l^ineo Jao I
Left tiTa>iti b :: S if ) h no- a h-r to pro^etil to
Sjdsar r r loa^ for ih'a r it IK.-?b 0'ijriead a dTMOxiaa
werv fml! l.-cm M. .ht.. m for ttiia por? ahint Ool J.
Ann \i \arhirrii' > ?lu: ~'e\ ht: ariiTed at Molb ufn?,
utof ?. ' ?uiari*M? quick r?-aa*e -l es.'jtr ?ev?n diy? from
Ntw V< ri . ami waa fit < t J t aail t-r thia port la: Novem
ber. I It the 2d oi J in ?> ko wha1, slt'p Mount Voroon, Cap
iat u N;*, tun da>i< on (ru a Honolulu, clea.i; all woll.
Very reipto.falb, .on,*, j, a.
AitlTal of the Stvtun-lalp Kl DorKtlo, at
New Orleaiii,
Nkw OiiL?AS8 Feb 7, 18W.
Vh? steemship U Dorado, fn m Appiowiil on tb? 1st
in* tan I, ha* arr.ved at th'i port. She repjets that the
Jteauwhip tiecrge Law n?iMd froo A'j.in .?all on the lit
irlth tl ? lali'i-rtla mail' or the 16. h Rltimo, t.jd pasneu
. ;er? and rearly oie rciliioc la gold.
Tin health of the Ia'hir ua w?? g" xl and owing to tbe
?opening of the raibvad to Ujlipj, the t'aoait wja mad*
jb a bw hoar*.
The eteanubip I'cc'-a 'au, cn her prsa*;e npta San
?raaciaco, oTertork the >>tfaQj<ihlpGoldea(late. ilsoboanj
o p lying tl, slight y Cimbled. She CejliceJ any iumi
municipal affairs.
'llliKtl Se^flon of ahr Hoa-tl of Alilci men.
0. KICIAt.
Frniuwnv ?,
Pri?;>nt? K"? an C. E'y, E?].. I'reiCoi-t, Aldermen
BroFn Williaaeo, lil n?, B- tJ. Loftitlrr. (rwrd, tTo?d
? ltd Tin "Itn-ter, \ orbi?, 'J . iwbrld b.ardman, H'ikc
mfto, n'ovort K u'h , Cliauoier, Variety, iioid, Uctnck, 0. D.
Tuoter Mc'.l, Dtake
Tl-e mi'ut??oI '.he leat sn ii-r ??n ran' an J appr:Yed
Al'ttman I.OBD, en 1 -* tc rresfn'ti tha Mlvoicit proam
ble an-1 raeoltti'o ?
Wlit'cta, a oomniu?!-, 'i?n hu boon r?o?.yod from a
Imto uot i Bioial. Hi it the v ra' xc 1.0. I rc'ornd tj in ti.e
filUwtrnreicluti'B cat l a t.yoo'.tl
K??.ud, Th .t a apiaial co ".mittoe f th-eo b? appointed,
of which 'be Cuair eV.l'. e one, to nacrtii* whether aiy
kid what arrartetner v "an la rea?o tilth itio g.-uiril zot
jrac.cnt o' lb l?r.i!e'l . etoe for abe erf 11 -io t by thorn >f a
oul..'io? to aco< m ui i ?' the Sta'o and oojaty c urte and
otty ? tficja, and v.1 a the i %rd v(Citi cl'm-n b* roapeaif.il
! jr requeued tp app.i?t a > mi'ar o a-cutto-. Or Hiseiinc cur
fo*a ? W *iich wa? il I ( p t / 1 , anil Vdormea L rd, Hott
>h appoi-.t J ecch ocmmiitco on tbe part of
ikil Board
vnuu-aKicati n from ?i- aor rra> r. P ilentof the
P-.-h r.' i. \*f~ ?i<'1 jaltrai.ou f at ?. >oac'i:- tat ietlh
?>f Fattf MoLafUiilin. Ei i.
Hoiicui-i.u i- -?u it;r prcriu'.ta In fulbwint pro
am' ? ?? d rcnluti u?
Wfc ren it . an Ice-, of n.ai'it!??tcd to this Hoard that
Pot - wni.eu/rbl'n. I'.| , !at? t member of, aad Secretary to
Uu Hoa-d of (jo-, 'm r of '.be Aluehuuae. after a brief ill
seal . ? lapa ;?d th.a .:>? *Luh molaniLol) eroLt ocoa:iel
on Si'.riiy the 1th inna-it? Ib ttfvre
IteaotTed, T'\at tl it Iiourd ' aa beard Kith mce't rf.(Tet the
dea'k of aai<l l\ t->i M . LarnMin, and that tblj B^aid ayupa
'ibiae *itb the ta<. i'y ^ r ' '--end* of thi d ceaael la .ho loa?
whioh U? y bare to audde?l? teen called ?? mnnra.
Th? a oi r u : t^?o ree'lntiona be p. eaected by
the ClerkM liilJ Bctxi to tbeUmily of dei _a.o?. Waioa >?. ace
rT*0Ut^?n? Kttda.l ljt.nc.tue
Uy tt? aamo ? 1 oiivi o et Joatna
o ?ci of p-or?rty, !0 t ate th? Ki*l
By Alierman W<ki-a\ ^etitian ef Graham
?rrtothersM *BSine W? u paoy p-ayn; to h'v*ih?
XI c&?n 3 corvt:t?d. ?ppo?ito tho uaa.e of W al
I -r \ Koi To f mmi?t?e .r. Fire Departm?u?.
3? A' ? rantaC iapi i:* ? Felltlon of ii '.v. t Tltyoa, t5
repot! tin Otdinarco s".a?;vc to . ,-.<ii i ?? Al - y atreet
ah'ui'ali ? >unty Cbu-cb yard To Ccffimi tea r? : tr. ?M.
By the tame- I'ctltlun . 1 fc'ilham bvaut and (ttera foi
a repeal of U.e orolr.ar.ie i?it.'.iTcto exieadkb, Aioa-ij?tr?et,
To L; mn it Vr 9 or 1 trseta.
uitf aamo? i'eti^lon ol *va.'er K. J?a*? and otlicra in
r.r ? ff r^p**1 ?' tae ord. iuoe t.t'.sadln^ Alvasy ttreet.
*e Oatcmitei ?n Siratta.
B? Aiuvtman > ou?;i?>?- re?i'j0T> of TaviJ Witty, relatiro
to a praeioua patitUu Icr r?ii Metratict fcr a qatattty oi pri
duoe taken frem b a pten .reaby order ol tLi autuorltivi af
tin city. To Coir mitt- c nTlnanca.
g, kbe ttnt'l'ttil:fn o* i. U. nav*(na>eT and i"i,
uwntl,< of pr> petty on I'.ity ieyenth itreit m at-a K ;f.li
ud ><ntb ftTonma, to l.a>e ttT.r > nf.ru. tod and Uu < luet
? ? ? i lo Li rac ttte on Jloadt.
tn\ J. Uoniv and cthert,
... Ei*htb avena* a.Ter oon
a'nufi from rift; ioart'1 lo Fifty tluab tuieV. ToCcmmlt
um an Sew era
?* Aidtrnian W. TrrKrn? Palitlon of Oeor*o ntrriain
r?latiTB to a r?rol.a?e el alotrtratrof Blteokir and Urote
aaraew To Comm.ttee on Fiaauae.
By Alderman WiamK'it- l'etiilon of F. S Worrieon to
he** the t;ve line of M"rr?y atrttt. To Co?mitte? on
'uj'uii eame - PettUr n of Di*iil Decker, Sr., for relief from
MrKonal tai ToCo^rittre t finaete
. By Aldetmaa Br'ju > ? relit' not John Van iln<klik anl
?than lot tho repeal or ibecrd anc< for extendi* .. Albany
garoet To Committee rn ts rtete.
fro u the Board of tup r *11 -re ? Petition * f Jo' ? W il] I a na,
tor remtaeion if peraoual tax :.i tbe yeai 1J5J. To Coamil
aoe oa rinar ee
By the I'Am^na i- Poii'-ieo ef Charlre A ?ebmiJt. to be
VUo**d from tax on lot ia Fw..cth atrtet. To Uomctittee oa
il) fc" 06
By tha ?am?? Pftiai* u cl Jam-a II r?ti1kaer, ti be re
lieved trom peracaai tax Icr tbeyia: islt To Comm tteaoa
Fio tnoa.
By tha Mm*? Petl?if n ef ('. r?'l Ucejtr, tj be relieved
OrMI tai To Conmltteo on Fiaaaeo.
b> f.e aaaae? I'ttmu <f Martia Nflnr, ti be relitved
burnt orteaal tax. To CfjU-iBittee u ftnanoe.
By tbe eame? Potition ef K L. ?bkff^lia aad oabara fer
tse eoaatfvoli a of a aener ia 1'inh etreet eomoea:ioj at
t"r? B*?try lad to eo? te<-? wi h the ?e??r Ulty feat treat if
l'iret aa'noe To Cnrmi:?t? oa Sewcra.
Hy Aidcmai K a t ' y? Petition tf Lafajet'e IIaine"B,to
?? appelated a ( rnii> )at!0aer (f I etda ie Commute oa
BaJar re and OftoM
tr ? Kam : aatrar ce of Km P. ta'.e->iro k
tad oahera, a??.-?v it. > .imrnt or iauj? Ti.ift/ iflb
T? C ommit'. ? a Aaa.aameeta
By tha tame -I ? ?ti n . t jor n t. Cnatii Rharn a^ J olbtri,
??r a Jre bydraat ta ?! .-.-.i-. -y r rlrJ, ?at?eei
Jtr?*D?pIartmaB' * 1 Ur*" To ComaitUe ?n
By tha aama-? a?iti r ? rl A Oart ? d ct'iera ti taaa
Twenty aiath etreat betweea ?.o.al MI ird ate- ate Tj
C'noii'w rn iMieW
By thaawne- Petitior. ef 'Srm. H T?a-.T |,...,t,rtul
? bay wladow oa Li* Itttae >'o Jt? Irat- k p aaa. To Com
B'ttoa on 8'reate
By Aldarmaa D? *a r - Tet ti'i r.f the r l?rk f f tha Sixth
T><ettiet Coatt f?r a new c nr. r..ai. Oaamiitee tn K?.
aaire aad BappUea.
ay me earn*- P?t!tl ir of J-kn L. Torttera, V> 'jt appo.nt
ad a Ctota-laaioser of Jue.d*. to Ccmmtitoe .a SaUtlM an '
By the ?atn*? Bill of J. I twit Smltb, It medial tertlraa
at tie Mta tarath Prlita Ciati^a. ToCimmlttaon i'elice
By tha ?> to? Petlti no r I. CnMill an J ot -?
reaUMla* tha frade of i ifty ILlrd aiioet, bctaoaa Sixth aad
B-. tenth aytaaaa. To Ccmc.i'.We ?n R.ada.
By ;ha Patairtwr-P'titloa af M I oh la* H\litt aa 1
ntb'ra. la favor of ro?*alit? tf.. ordlaaaeo to extend Albany
attii! To uomalttoa aa 8>raet?.
k Uy Aldaeaaaa Baaaica-Patittoa af Poll A Dart, for la
*?|* t n ooh'.raot. To ? raaiMaa aa riaaaoe.
_ . , ? Irjian ATiott.
-M,"' """ . ??*." " -**?*? aatloa ?( Alfred I. Baktr
V?*n<tr?an*r Atotm*
By tbe i'>aiia|i Pe'.t'ea t f Wm ft am f>rr*7till
IfaeW ?f kit?B Co 1 nr- t'.feon l*lr.*n:r.
I By AUorain Wn i ,awaor.-P?UU>i i ft atrnkwi *1 Heat
C W" !? 'or additional .ooommod 'tloaa. Ti CoaalttM
?V; A 1 J ?ra* Lc V' T T - 1* ? il lion Ol Jobs J. Pb*lM Md
o'l re. ID rolereaea to toe UuJfoa Rirtc Railroad. To Com
I n'liijM mil:'
by Al-'-rrian W t iims- Pi tltioB of Ralpb Marab aid
otl.trt. to hi?e Cixky f urtb itroo', from SUhth to Tenth
hiih T'niJ To Committee on Roadi
by e ! dot mm C ?li.y? Petlti n of James R. Tb?o, to h? '?
, the word bt^ Kood," opposite hU nam* am tbe Firetnen'e
H j, utor, ?M?) Prayer of potiti *ner ( uWd , oa mjltoa of
AKttmtu How ard.
By AMcrmti Bum ? KoioWed, TLat Dnid Vewoilbt
and hereby Ii, a >peii>ted lnepeolor ot B'eoU< n, for the elco
tton ( tetriot of the Fmt ward, is ptaoo of David Mirtia ie
?noted ftom the ? ard, wtnoh was adopted
By A dcrmin YcoitHis-Reeolvea, That Wm H. Daraad
fct, and la hereby, aipoiiilcd ?; mmiiaituor of Ueeda, ia plaao
of Alfred E Bi?ar, ro.i*nci, which waa adopted
B? Alderman Ti'ctia H? Rtaoleed. Tait a Cimmllho of
thnebu appointed lrom thta Beard %? make au table at
r?r?f tnt rU t?r oeiebratint the ann I* araary ef t*? birthday
ol W a>btB*t B the fatht-r vf uur country, eat to lot la oon
Oert with a eia.lar cons.tUj tram tt.o Board ot Oouncil
mon. I. aid on the Sal 1
By Ali'.rmau Li 1ST - Wiierra:. The oontraet of tbeC>r
pnati n with c?rt? a m w?T>?rors will aeon expire lor pub
lial isit IU U mrnon Catiaoli proceedings aid t: e corporevi jb
adtertiet menta? therefore,
Km lved, T a*. ti.J i.omp roller nnblialy reiaeal the daily
newt pr pe; a . f tl.o .ty to iuf >:ni hfin for bow mnoh por line
thty will publttr- tho ?. mtaon Coun:il prooeedi t? and c<r
romtien edv- rt aeaeBU lor eieb tkiosaad copiee ol their
eittre ureal am a.
By ald.-i una Lok d- Ke? 'Ited, Th?t ti e 8er*f ar.t ??V Arnu
be iD?iriiiudoot to a u a: it, hereafter, any teraoaa withiirthe
tar ol iMa btard ? I t), in t-ition except tbo bei-la t f do, art
menta, tr.embera cf *.! e B a:J of tbe city Coouoll the ra
pertira f r "ht ptp*'. ?td moh itter peraora ai Bay ho
ap citily invtif d tor the meetiiij; by tLOmbere of tbo Beard ?
?h tli was lat 1 on the table.
It A tli-< tuin t n j w mui". Hfsol fed That tbe Comtuig
eioa. r ?f Stroeta ana Limpt Le direct d to plave two latnpa
il 1>, tt i f tiio H'oh li Churoh in ilrii alruet, agreeable to
tl oiiixrsof ibetruitife Adopt' d.
B> al^e'miB Bia mt- Vt.e'eie, tnerehic been nr?at eom
jliiut to > !<? by t"? tat pi}elA and inbi> ltiBti ot the Third
wild, that tlo j nil pa i a the streele ire eeldorn lt*hted, ind
w tun ' ightt d bum \er> dimlj, tud cat hirdfr bt aeon
tii, ub tlit1 gUftlM. tvitin te i he dirt o^l'eoted on t.'; i nutii,
led that mn i ol itie **a ajtiurta ara tm ol order, i d hive
II ui ;.ou fr.r lb* leat I su m. ntti; mi detlrlBK thai eaob
flat'Ot ehosld bo rabbod cUio ovory raornieR, inl itie turn
rmotti.e ni l>0 well brushod out. iLi kupttn
burMnn <-rd' r? ti- : :o,
K-?oit J i it ilia i 'osLitulasionor of Lamps and Gaa bo,
-. ho lelitreij, ct;rctBl tc see Out tbo liu pa bo pruier y
Hi ' od, in J ttm g! ai' t a rriuo lj c'.ean d.
B; Aid rain Bii kt? Wnereu, uimij ooraplilutt hare
e, mideV- tiioae merohantt and dril*r> rain; wei<hu
? itvrt*, ?( the maay imMtlllia* trMtUMI op?B tbea
| ? t. ? Inepeetort of w<l<ht> iMrneaiaiM, and attnewn-lo
d attor tt^uiria >. e .in jit 1 a:e Uiioa of tuia board ? Kiore
fore JS
attoittd Thit the Ci-amlttfl ?n Orillnancee be renaeettd
to CJin ine lito thia tnit:?r, an(i report a: early at poaalbls
II any chuvj ran to mid?, a.d it any, what change, and
tint tt.oy iv.un.nuad tho aame.
li v /.Idvrmin liimticK i*i(?m"3!e itif1 re3>ln'i"n, That
tl.eCcniniudoner ti Kepaira led aupD io? be inastuoted aot
tc eorauo trn'e *r ? utrtc for rei air.r^ t e iiawauntj nr.
HI tliTttirr adrietd by the Ccrnr n (.VubcII; whioa win ro
ittr 1 t. CiBimittoe tin 1 iw Uwi. tmen'.
By a ldt>rir %n Urown ? Keaolv >i Tmt the report of the
CotuxitUe i n of the litu Bmrd of aldornjen. il fa
vor I. cau'-eli-j! oal ' -.roper'yof lleary \ om*a, be tiken
frets the rilea and rot' d t > the C(/n.iuittt? of rinanoe sf
th ? B-ird. wi.ich waa adopted.
B* A'd-'tC'iu U it ak r ? K?tolr?d, That WiUlan W. I.yon
be ai p luli 'j f. i ? :nn iiaioner of Deoda for tie city anl ooua
t- otV.'Wlo k, wiica waa tefoired to Committee oa Sila
? in and t theta
By Adfimao ITa i. kmam? Rodlved, That the Coamli
aioner ot -Ttota and Limr; r^>ort to tbia Board at ita neit
aeeti: < Iho nun tit ail paia na who ea'imatcd or pnt in
I i la lo> the o ctri t to licit fie public oil limpa. furniah
oil .to . thoam' utitaol thair aoveral tide, tho ranea of their
aur< i . .a. a.-.d to atata r.lio the tsmei ot titr pen. na who, ia
theop.nioB ot tbe Cotumiasioner. wh> aro eetl'led te tho ob
tr t?tt w) ctb-- tho aiio contract hie actually been awarded,
atd if a i ta wti.m. vrt.ioh w>a ?4 p'ed.
By Aldermaa Wii,i.ia?.ion- Koacl?<'d. T>.at Charloa A.
Blown ex Aa atint i. ulneer u( t><e I ire i}epa>tme.t, be,
aid he ii I ert'by trasttrrnd to Enziae Cimpicy Mo. 5, at a
mtm :er of eaii o mpauy W biol w?a adopted.
J-y nidi mat W akima*. -W ber?aa a reaotutioa waa paaaed
Cei oabet 29, 1 ia the worda liHodn*:?
beetlted, Ihat Mneiy aaoond itroet. from the Bcoond to
it e t ifah avtttne, ho "poaed, aid that the Comael to the Cor
pi ration nie the nouo aarj legal uieiiatoa to carry tliia reao
intioua iito t tteet.
Adi pttd by ahe iljird cf Aiai'tinta, December 2.1, 1H.V).
Aduptea by the Bi ard of Aldirtnou. Uet omber &i, IBM.
Approved byiheMay.r JJeociaber -KJ, l,-<i3
At u ft oi 0 te, that j nt of > inoty ec^nd air ot, between the
Th r j nod Tourtu aienuea. baa already be. n opined, reftu
llted, and gntied? thereforo
b eatlvei. Th? t to much 1 1 ajid resolution it rcijuirea the
opat ii n of Mnaty aeoond a ro?t, ou.cib tha Third md
Vou-th itidu a, uo, a.d the time ia hcroby, reaoinded.
VI I tot w*a adopted.
By A deniiiu ttuODWARp? Rtao'ved, lhat tho Cemtnia
aiottrof He airi ar l Surpli"' St tit- the ditr-rei-t eloition
polU (n a ariitablc manuer to ioid elcotisna therein. Wliieb
vtntoi ired to t'onimitteo oa Law Lopi-tment.
Ilj A.'il ttmc lii.i - t ? Reaolred T:ht ducumett No 9 bt,
ksd ia t or by, tiVco ttrrn the tabio H i uh waa r.dopted.
ti f /..'o-nati Bo.tiit.MAN- Keaflvoil. That the rillinir site
operii.|i upoi t: e floor ot tbo r<- n ot thta Board be oloaed
litiriDz th nitil ee.tiora ma th? i ^ato waja te cut thr.in*h
tin r.- ilia uper car h >ido ot Ittu room Che aame to be done
ut tier ?t e dirte'jon cl tto CBmi.isrfoner of ite^airi and
tuprliea. Which waj adopted.
By a hlfinnn ftiAiMiv- Keaolved, Thitthe tccompatty
Ins rcmauEioitlou <r in the Onion Aqueduct X epaitment,
? o mtrly referred to Con m'ttee on l roton Aqueduct, bo
vithdnvn irtmihat o'niiuittee ard inferred to tho Coin
uii'tt" cn Koide. Te 1'utnoilitoe an Roada.
By the taiu -Ketclved, Taat tho oomiuuulo .tloi from tbo
C< njn.i.?i Leia "t the aim Funa to tho Jomm >n Csnsell,
rc.p-.-i:? in &>raxi3''U.e&i *;tb tbo t,iick i'reabyterian
I t ui eh it ri fird to the prep-rly ocupl'i by them, bo taken
frcm too lilea aud referred t . tbe Fina&ca Comuiitte*.
rty Aldo'inan El iit- Ttraflvod, Hilt tt.o O'mptin'ler b?,
and i o ia hereby, ltqucaled to report to thia II. ard the ntun
Ifr ot bntcher ata Ttdi>, t'je rent tl BEBb; UnraWftlllk
Bt: da. tha r r, t ot men; he number o* huckster stwida. tho
r'ut.itfeh. the nuubtr of ocuot-y butibcr atanda.the rent
I I rac - : tht at .ra((e nutabcr ot wtjor.a and car 'a lor whici
r.nta aro cclle.tod dilly; tho imuvnt of rent ' lob ?BTt;
ilao ot ever at in a. of ?h?tev?r nature or kind, aid the
not ct cicli. itititi inirVe ? in the city. Adr.p*d.
By the nun Whcrcrs. she followlnz reaolntiom were
: i. od by the Iito L'tird of Alt! o- m l and it asiatti u:? Virit,
to itrunt tho lti(? of the slip at the feot ot Wall atri ?t to
Jt<- b Mar fir tl o term cf tea fnri it thr ront of $2t?,t'0iJ
per yoar with the p ?? er to revive tbe i ii.ie from tliuo to
ila by the l'i tnnon OMItllj and
H benaa, aam ii t reaolu t<n waa raarod to rB^uco tha rant
to tha a-irn ot t. ,Ut (I per : tar; th-rof r?
hoaolvid 'lilt li i restol vfi I etreet ferry be, md tho
"in ' ia barely, r*?tsrs< to $3>,9i 0 a year, and it at an in- I
? tit mart lo thit ? ITcct be exo.uted by the rioper cQiceis.
To Committee u forties
< c mir unlcstlon frcm the Clo k ? f tli. I'.usr.W SnnorTljir;, j
trarriui'.tag a it-tott o! aireciii OMBiltM ?( Mid B ard.
?r!*t|r. to |iro>ii'.i:4 ; jsoij ior Ibo ?uptime and auporier |
* ' .'.'inisii L'' tt here p-#w>lo:l i rifluHon on thotnb- |
jcct ?ftiicnit s n.om? to tho Snrretnc aua Supetior oourlt), !
?h rh w?? ado ted.
dw ilrtpirtiof IT Irrlac. Kr.lok-rboeker, Tteoadway, I
Manhattan, iid 'h* M:chai.lca' and Tradi.ru' davin* lue.iu
'Inri aril tie Sltptnny Jarin/p Bin t of tho XmpireCity,
were rfeccivfd and ordered o* tile.
< cm mui i.aMcni rim the Ci mptreller relative I# * rerl- I
?|.-? i f < rdinsn'" t : nl: o, cott *so?? with M'eere Ron k Held, i
aid *ith W is K-juolde. and .laiaia tor unpaid aiarai- i
n.< ntt at.d '>hi I aid and printed
l'c nmurlcatlon from Comptroller ii rnlr to rcaolnlioa ro- i
leti- * *o etear. r n ctreele I.iid and rrin'id.
I'- ti-.j-tica iin ir:'m the Inerfctra ? t CNotion? O! Chief |
Ei,; nut? ti Fire I;epart'. ent, atat rt tf.it AH rod Canon |
1 a I r?t;i?.d ?1 u la-*nt numtfr of Ta .-a I jr Chid linnlneer;
nl.irfc vat nt ?,! ia: vk y cor) urn d.
Cnroot..' at on lr- a the Slay r- Tr?'; emitting tfce annual
ttpoite el tbi Greenwich Sarin;* *r i th? Bo ? ery 3arin?e
barlf. I rocrte*. ml ordered on '! e.
CracaBfcatlru Imis the i omptrollor-Showtng the re
sciptoof tie ti.\ih Are?u? Ka;-r<r.d Cotnpani for tne month
of lii" cd.'-i r to bo S17.;l7i.; ard the linh*h Avenue Kali- j
rra ' l-'l B. Aceti ted, aud ordered un tile.
t'omnint a'lo* from ?h" Mayor-Trviauiitlinn the report
of the ctkt t f rcr.cs. l aid on the talle to kepnnt-d
Cotr.mnr i-a i n from the CI1 1 Clerk of Williamfhiir*,
with ten oiullone adopted by tie Ctmm.n Council ot Wll
llamkbi**. on Hie aabjtcl of in#utlic;ont terry aeiommoda
tine by tie WiUiaiaabtUf Firry Ccrapany. Rele.ied to
Committee f n Ferric*.
Al?o. a cemmu) ication Irm tb? tlnmr on tbo nulject el
WiUienebnrr lerrr. Referred to Ct '.remittee on Ferrt?e.
Annual rep'Kt of tie tiuatee* o* the New York
? a>y. Aoctpt.d, end ordertd cn ti'.o.
Of Cunt Ittoe oa inmotnii- In fay nl eonfiimit? the
ai**i*tneiit Het for cu'b and tutl-* itmur.nd .?t
no* ki*!.H ? ih otrec*. between Fouith and Filth avcaaei;
and arp ir.trntmac KJwar.li oolle Jtor therolor Ad:plcd
on a dltinim. T.i
A tUr:naU*?? Alse rmen Tvrown Wi'lir-mfi.n. Blunt, Uklri,
Hoiliiiire Howard, W Tucker, Yoorbla, Trowbridge, Board
mun. Kelly, Chaunoty ChtUty, Sly l.ord, Iltrruk, C. II.
Tr..k<r, Rt tt, and Dt ?*e
Ai ir.vl'aticn wae r-ceivnd t* alter d th* eith >b. asauaj
'?til tt tl ? <;r?rd Li .'nc ol Fro* and Acctptea U*t>iOt at
Kitl on Tuci day lltnlrit A?3ept?d.
Con loa'.lot, :rctn th? C mtrcller is reply t? rcioln
tlor to at - a* ' ralne of e.ty railroada. Lid and pr ;nied.
(. airnn'cailcn lrom tie Ofrem'MiinT of Btrsori and
I itnr - rola'.ire to contractor* roUs'iniihiLx con:*, te tvr
elear>ink ilre tt with a reao'.atlm by Aldtrmau llerrlek
ih\? t> ? fan p us reterred to Committee on Cltanns 5tretta,
wl -xh wai a:1- ?ti d
ritoM Tiir roATi ?' or cot nch.si i ??.
Sen/ea'lon ol L?1 M.'run, aei reeolntioit ?pr-:atlr^
H i 0 ijui^f ?? inspect.-.? of >l?ctlon in I'rit dlittict.
Hr?t??!0. Ueii^natlon f.c > <pt?d, ai d rejoiition adopted
by ntid 1 I'd ? a# toncunod ia
K ?i.sat!on of J' lin We#teTn#ld a* Inrpeete? of olestica in
Ibhdor ti 't f lit, rnth vrd, accepted by laid board was
ooEorr-e* in. Keiolii.i'n appcmllnt Ifttrj A Kerr in
hla Mjc,- Co?o?rr<d in.
Hrrolut'rn? Thai th# Celts ledoner ?f ,lev>* re and ?'io
ti!if? b; ?? ire ot? d to l.ave olearrd eft the ?:d tin tir a-d rub
Li?'i c i ho r ?: ( I ti e City Hall Ccnci.rrt i io.
bee lu'loi lb at the! bird Avoruc Jta lroid I'ompanv b<
Jir??.ed t* o'l.te cbaibaw str. et trota I'eail to O/ amlm#
to bo repaired wtthla ten daja Concurred In
Riecli.tloa- That |\ n FT'ie'i bo apreintcd K>r-ol r of
?!t c ion m Tbi:d liatiiot, iifHi ward, to till va9tn*y> Cot
? rrred in.
RitHnim I'riv'dlrg lot tb? jpe ial o'eotica to be aid
entlir-th Utt.a 1 arrr"Pr?4".i;*?l?,iJ0il ihcre? r. Con
tint' d ii on a i i* ?ion. -
: aa'lve-lbe Preiidat-k, Md? inen Bnwn, W.l lam
vi, Blot, Baifl. HMTaiie, li w?rd, H'nv. Tu :kti, Vcor
Ma, "i w rid?-. IS' ardv an, Kelly, Chauoety,* Ot titiy
lor* ileitlck, (' il. luoler. and Mott? 18
Reperl of C<mrcltto? on ?barve?, ,te., in 'avere' ? aviat
obii!-:J.irti?et? '?&, t. K., remjtcd. To C.?iuiit*?
tn Vt kinet T'cra an I S i i.
oi v. tlen the p. ard tl "n aljcuin?d unti: do day rot,
!j?h intt , at S o clcok i'. M.
IIcitMl uT Cont i llmrti.
Tl' R.?l A r. b ' ,
rr'i?5t - Ttc l'fcaitett, Idwia J. Brown, J.- i , ?ai l.-.j
t ?o m, i-.beri.
1 ! !l aid a emb''d !n t"ic new Ccnt'il r rsw City Hal!,
?*?'.! l, oeeael' a the Troeideat adMooecl '-'e D-?rd, ray
^ topM lit to tbe art ?an# WW bai been ?lfn?d la
.ti tire r 'f tl c to: m atd a)ln?ia?. alao, to tlit ;a?t and
t fvt.at dr 'too o . tut lit atd.
r?LT.1 :C^.t.
By (. r.r. in V ' it Of frcr," Tayl ? - ?bj r any
ft? f ? m ? at!"n* Ue elienilma il th? Cttira'- Ta-k.
lot .n nel*' e cn Laadi an! Tlaeea
Tj C' '.Ir-an Matkir? f>f J?.hn A. Van Jlirrr tti
rniiij "i.e I, iortatje. T-> eane.
bt < rciicBB t ? rr?? ui Pitie* Kian?a, t v? r<
?e- tra'ed ' o ; la' ( I t r,e To I mm it tee r n TiLa'ce
By CouAcl'tBta >'onru Ot e'timai ol HarUw, for * btll
to^er. Tf i-fnrl'.tee t Fir? rciaitreett,
By ?a*e? 01 eitlieni 'f ll?il*ni, lor ydrar.t rn T 'Td
arena*, ak re l^i-a itrret. i% trarittt? ta CroUn Aqea
By CcnTf! i?n K< > . CI ? i a p?ta;n?. : r faiit't
?l?>? ttt Knicoa readorel to the C<rp rati . d-r tt ikijttt
!?.'? end f?r-?ii^h no ocmimeat a haa lecn oadl. To
t'. c r .ttee rr Finar re
Ily C'n.r?i)?aL K^'ri.v? II le^le H,J? "nnpaa) No.
I, ' ' bare tfc( ir ttrair# o their house cotc.lticd. I? C?ib
r. i t e rr R<r- if *?< Cofrlitt.
By ease? Of J ha I. Pr-we- an', otherf. in farft Cf
wid Bin W ell *trcet. To Cor tnt'tet oa tt-Pita
B? Ci ut. i ilinan Co?.*a? Ol Jot-'h Mart ha), t.-r ?t?m
*aik ia ruiiti ttreel. at Hntl B( tlip. To Cccmiito# cn
By touatii aan Faeitit? 01 Dr. W. B Dolrrt.t, for aer
? f ?' r-i dcrr l at Firat ward ataticn Leuie. To Comm liao
ea roli?e
Ity Connellnan Favr? Applieati*a of J 0 and J td(*
to furaiah dianiay ol ftrowerka oa the ?id laataat. 1o
t; total oomiaiUM
_ _ .. anoi I'Ttoit*
9i OouatUmM I?lui-TU? Ui ftckU ti?n IMU*M
i Co* pur b? required U run lb*4r oart for th* totter mm*
DodtMoi ol In ptVUe %o ud tna Hftj ililk itf ?
' uk? m ?hs? ran to and boa Forty ninth rtwl To Ooa
mitt** cn Bailnadt. .
My Ciunoilman MoClani -That th# *uak*n loU on the
north side ol Twsnty ninth strset >?< ??nth lid* nf Thirty
I eighth ?troi-t belwetn Teuti and Klevantb avenues, be t?lle4
' in To Ctmaitt e on Public Botlth
By teuaoilman ?*nL-Tbn? th* Comptroller adv*r?se Mr
a homo and lot, or a ftiut lot, for a ?tetiou h*ut* 'or th*
Tvonty Br?t ward, In the vl li lty o' Thirty nooond stie*t ?a4
Third ??? i>u?. To Coaaltt** on Polio*.
By Counollmin Cuanw-That n fle? hydrant be plased In
Thirty trlrd street. In ?'-* oentre of th* blook between Sula
and b*ventb avtnue* To CoaalHee on Ctoton Ao iui dual.
from th* Coaptr*ll*r- In r*ply to r**j>lutisns r*l?tlll to
salaries nnd npproprin ion* for *xtrn services. To Coainltts*
on BnlnrlMnnd i<So*i. , ...? .11
Th* rcttlu ion if C'*un ittean Pfotkney, relative ti oil
hi use *11 ul ir f on 'bo tnblj and referred to Committee
on Ret airs ud 8upp lea ?
Th* certificate < f the Clerk of Common Counoll wat pre
**nt>d. cottitylna that John Tuttie 1* untitled tu hi* tuna nin
tirduan. To Comouiitja on Fir* DopuiatBt.
By Councilman noi.caiNsoN? That tb* Legislature ol tint
Ptate be rcciueited to repeal tb? not known n* th? "Aot to
tstalliab th* Jon** Wood Park.'* Adopted
Hie let era to have the name ot John Tut'W plaoed on tbo
roli* ol tlu fire l/enutn-eut was taken up, aud referred to
the C.mniitueon Fire depart sent.
I by 1'oni.oilnian I'hili.ii-s - Proaable letting forth that an
aotonti led at act to simplify the manner of collecting ar
rear* ol taic* aaai eement?, and regular rente of Croton wa
ter injuries, the offlcletoy ol on* of th* b?et arranged bureaue
in th* city, createe "a now and expentlve offioe-takts from
the city the power ol coercing >li? payment of taies, ia onset
01 dilintju loj until after the expiration of tbtseyeart, toro
ing 1L0 ilty ?o borrow la-ge suits, and It in mnny of It* pre
viiiooa alinott. li not quite. impcseibls of elocution, with re
?ciution that tbe Ciunscl to the Corporation make applica
tion to the 1 eiialainre, ni ita prosent asision, for a repeal of
?a d aot I nid c ver.
By I ouncilintn Wn.i>? That th* Commit'** on Market*
tal 0 into ooLtid ration the practicability of establishing a
market to be known aa the Metropolitan Market or such
ether nait>c a< may bo detsraioed on. In the building known
I aa the I natal l'a aco, when the great exhibition shall ha*e
olosed. ?td to r?i ert to thla board Laid on the table.
II y Coun iliuan SaaLV? Thnt a lamp Le placed in Iront of
the Maimer * Church in Roosovslt fttosl. To Coiuiutttre oa
i Laiu^e ai o Caa.
Uy nine? That ?o much of Ihe Comptroller'! rspirt ?> re
late* to the wharves, piers and slips, be referred to th* Com
u.'.ttee in Whatvt*, Pl'ra and Blipa.
By Councilman Ko.ttuv -'Jhat tn* annual report of the
C n:|tro.lor I 0 taken Irom the table, and ao muon tliereof
i? titui tc the hnanciAl de^arlment bj re.'*;rei to tho Com
mluee < n Fii anas Adopted.
l.y ?ini?-T> at the C> mm ilea on Oidlnanoea eiamine tte
md n?n 1 Ltitlf d " aR ordli ance provlJin* for ripaira ?f
ihe 1 a> t u cm ol the a den alta ul th-j .itieeta and arenuoaof
New V 1 ili," approred Ueccmber -J lUftfl, and report inoh
aiurnilniei M tt.ortt. ai they think it may re inir* Adoptnl.
lty I.OU1. ilnt\n liaAi.v? That Fif y aeojnd *treit be
graded, fn-m klghth to EieTcnta aronu*. To CtmmitM* on
B Mm*?1 That a lamp be placed In Hagu- (tract ilxty
ltet froi 1 lla??e ??'eev To Couimittce on Laiupa, Ao.
II v Ci<ui tilii.an \ oi'.ng? Pr. amble etatlng that the rent ef
H K 1 a'.r>c> I rry ?ai 'rigiually plaoad at S'JO.MK) real per
v. 1 ? m!. (ower t > rcRulits.t'.e eamo 'rem time to time, and
that it waa afterwarca redu rd to $5 OOI j *r annum, antnil
iu, a l>< 11 v lonto the city; with reaolntlon that the tout be
recti red t > lteotiglnal naount, viz : JW.tAW. To Coinmitto*
on Finite.
Ily Ciuicllmnn BcHvvi.nn? ' That the Commletloner of
Str.oU preti nt to the U ard a general detailed aoo >nnt of
*11 tfc* materia'*, t getter with eoat prieai of th* latui, thnt
have been nsod the last Tear tor the repairisi of wharrea,
piert and *U[*, and ? bat amount. It any. 1 * baa now on hand.
A dipt id.
Tie retolutlon of Councilman Jeremiah, that th* Commit
tee n? La* * ta) * into contiu*raU>n the propriety of memo
rializing the l.'gi?lature again?t the pa.ni(* of apeoial law*
> relative to the city which have tot been applisd for, Ac., wm
> taken Ircm the table and adopted.
Ihe reeclutiuu ol Councilman Wild, that a committee b*
, ap| iuted to "mva.itigate the cow ttablet and milk manu
; factorie* aiuated up town, A c, was taken from the tabl*
| Aid toferred to tb* committor on Public 11 >tltb.
The retoluiion to regulate and grade fifty fourth itreet,
frcm 1'iret avenue to the Jiatt rivor. wa* reooniidered ana
1 re'trred to the Committee on Roadt.
Of Committee on rolioe-1'o reter tho tubjcot for build'nz
a now station bouae for Tnenty iecond dlatntt to Jommitt**
I 03 Kopaira and Suppl'aa. Adopted.
1 01 Con.mitto* on iir* Depart nent? That th* Commlailonar
of Ripa rt and Suppllsi adverti o, Ao , aa airtoted by reaolu
Uon ot the late Utmmon Council, for propcaalt is repair and
re paint huuta 0. Book and lAdder Company No. S. Laid
Of Ccmmittec on Tire Department? In favor of foruiihlng
n Cow carriage tji use of Uot* Con. pan y Wo.il. T? Coamit
t' e o' the W hole.
01 C- mmlt ce on Larrri and Oat? In faror of placiai tw?
| additim al lamp* >n oaoh country and bu:ktl*r appa.tment
1 ol ( lmUn Mai hot. To tamo.
uf < oatnitteo on Ordnances? To amon*! an ordnance pro
Tiding for re(tirt of tie lavouenU of the lidewilkl ot th*
itreets Ac To came.
Cf Co- nilttee on Polieo? In favor of payiigJ. B. Qoag
tor medical icivioes at Twentieth ward ttntlon-boui*. To
( f C< mmittee cn l amps and Ota? In tavor ot ligbt'ng
*ith gau ihitty Llth atrtot, between F.fiii and Sixth avenutt;
Th rty aiith titer*., between Tilth avenue and l>:oadway.
and 'ihlrty m er.th itieat, betw<en Madiion avenue and
Br advtay T' aame.
Of Coamltto* on Police? In favor of new nation houu in
>lLth want. To etm?.
! Of Ccn.mit'ee on Kcadj? In la?or of openiox Eighty third
i etieit, w he) c nut aliear y openod, trom i'lttb nvenut to Ka*t
| tivcr. To line.
l?f Committ-e on HcrVr." aid 8uppllo?? Kela*iv? to plumb
, lug Siith war j atation houae. To taree.
01 tao e-With ettiira ei for hoisting belli on tiweriin
1 TLIttj-ihiid ttreet alJ Maedoi gal av..M, aud apprjpr?a.ing
Jfii'i theiifor To #1. mo
cf ear.- e? At to bui.dlng a home for Xirlae Company N?.
21' and > 1 ore ^ompan/ >0. 11, ana aj propria aits il.ril thorn
tcr. Tu 1 a* 0
Ot taicr- Atto bcildlng an Irt n tale for lh? me ot CoJeo
tor ol Aeseeamcntt, and appropilating ther?lo( To
Cf the Comaltslocer cf Sir .ett and i.atr^t-Witb report
cf soiuit f labor per oliued and the e >ct in oletnlng
*t:oeU. tr<u January 1 to ktvemur W, ?%\ting that
ti e amount appropriated ? a? &MSJOW, aed over $10, (AW are
aiill duo to pm tice. I. aid on the table to be printed.
itouthe Cuui tol to tic Corporation? la autwer to reiolu
ti n at to wh^t p.cg'.cis h?t b.?n mad' 11 the tull .0 t.iiato
; ftant to fclreem 1-raper of tho Fort Uantevi ett pr?pe".y,
ttrtlng that delendnntt have lntcrps?ed a de^iutrur i/hich
i will ne argued beiore the Snprome Court neat term. Fi d.
t.t iau<- in actwi r to tesolntioa ln<|uiting an to the man
' ntr tu ? ? i)b the op Ling, widoni g aud exun lln^ f. ee a
' p -oi "diogt have been oonducted, the 1> nal ohar. ot aud feel
.1 t' atu g ?l.e tltl%? and re'erencca 0.' various liaa on the
aubjei t, tlatlrp t>e la??, nnd refe-nng the Uoarl for Infor
Drliti. aitu the feot which have eon paid to tha Street
Ci m *i. its. oner. Ac Ordered on l ie, and to be last.tcd in the
(If tame? in araw r to resclutlon rti| netting cipi s of laws
rei?t:rg to :he l.i^urr tra^c. Aj., witn thj ponaltlet, and
r< seo^ w hy they 1 ave t t been ev( iced, stating ths tl.lea of
he lawt on ths iu> cut, ana r'fcrrlng, at to ,'utthrr Inforan.
Una, to tho Cirroration Attorney.
imtei'man Ki -ntrr offerad a tctolullon, trl'hh was
adop'.id, *hat the o< m?un. cation he returned, ar.d thnt th*
Counsel to tho Lor; ;ati n bsinf. racd that the Hoard re
oorniachim a. their m!y legtl adveriitnr.
Tlird c r t.ulI j f, of th* Manhattan Bavlngc-Iistltl
tii n. filed.
A it-, nt Report of Mjchaniot' and Traders' Savlngi Inititu
lion, bare f
B'x.y-.our'.h AunttJ R'poit of the New Vor.. I'll; enaary.
i'rem tho Board of IMe-ne 1 ot WiUUratbTirg-TrantBit
tlng resoiutlort o^mt'tiuirg o! tLe wait ot propir aeoontmo
dan. tt t tloroi-d bv ths Wiiliaaabnrg Feny Company, and
arking an inveati<atlon. To Conmlttoe on Ferries.
Friin l is Iloner tkt Mayor? In autwer to rsaolstioc stat
ing why stolen proper*? ie retain*', in ths < ffise of ths Chief
Police irttead ot being lepcaited with properly clerks nt tho
police < tt cet , atatir g th at tbs Chief of I'olioe is a part of th*
Ma>tr'< ui ?e, snd can perform the dntiea of maglstrnto, and
tbatpriperty tsk^n lro:n psrs'.nt examined betoi e hia are
depiiitedin hisetflce aa to annum, refers to offloo book*.
To Comtritlee ?n Fo lse.
From tt s Chitf ot I'olU)*? In ant<vcr lo reiolntlm ntkisg
for ?l~tmation wby the onlort for shutting up the puVlio
hotttit en Sunday aro nit enlorced, eubaiittlig ai extraot
tr< m tbe Beatd ot Aldettr en as cou:aimrg the information
requited. Ordered ^a U ?>.
11 VlTATtOI.
Fr m Grard Lodti? To a-.ieid Sighlh Annual Ball of. the
Frie an>t accepted yasrnj. at Mile a Saloon, on Tuesday
evenirg, llth inst. Aooortid
Ct Committee on 7ire lieonrtinent? To havo gai ji-A In
h*uic st iiose Lorpaay No. 13. Lai t over.
oowMt ^icATiorr.
From Mr. ValcntU a, clerk <1 the Common Council, lib
ait ing > ari ua papers. Acetptcd
The Ucarl went into Ccmmituo il the tFhole, Couacilana
V? nun vr in tb ohair
Rf? Inticn-lhat the Cietk to the Cimman C cncilber*
nui ited to rreparoth* aciutl Manual. Ac. Adoptod by tb*
Itllowlig vot* ?
Attimatlve? TV?? Preaident. and MeairtTI. Smith, Gannon,
Clitton, Tonng, Chary. Di air, Jtckaon, Kennedy Donohoe,
Tnttle Beely, Orty, Wild, fraw'crd, ttoe, S*?, Helper,
Croper. Brueh. Hj?d, Fo?ter, Philllft, Kimbark. Schuyler,
Kavmond, For X, Baaiti*, Boli'i t Mcasghan, Bievln, V*r
rathe Beakly. 'A m U. Smith, Hu?U<i Jaremlab Plnokaey,
l.ambreiht, F:)*, UaSaey, McClbj*, Conovtr, Sarle, V arlan,
L titer Mather.
Hi pertcf Committee on Fcadi? To advriite rroposalito
build trotct .i-.n railing on both tiles o( eighth avenue, .
trom Knhty t liiu to Ninetisth ?ir est. a lopxd by a similar
> it*.
Ketcrt of "eaaitte* cn Ord'aarcct-Prov .jing ?or tb* ap
titaimcT.taf Arsenmert Cle*k, Msoerg r and Dtocksepel
t. Uotrd ot Cetncilmtn ?ds;??<lly a tiailar vols.
Rfeoiuliaa- Arpolatlng i*>t?lal comnii-.*e to oslebrat*
H ntltinitoa's Births ay. Adopted, and Messrs. Sammls,
Frye, Ki&kark, Holdeu an4 McClave r-ppcinled the eom
mil tee.
Kt|<it-In favcr of a ntw truok tcr Ileek and Laddtl
Ctrnftsj No. IS. Adostr 1 by a similar Tote.
rnoM i j ant) o? ai r ra ixN.
Tl a' John llayward be artcln td mapector ef election oi
Seem ? dittritt of Tenth ward. Concr.rred In.
tne rater* rtm B.ird ot AlJiratn ur 1- v: tr ere referred
to artrtjrlkte ccn.iaiucra.
t me|trert fr',n th? other flotrJ wers refcrreil cr re
?U'tcil, snd tascstisent papers re^crr.?d to be concurred in
11 e J)o??d ties tdjurneil to Motjay evening nm at tlx
o'eUck. 1 rem the uila u'.es.
C^T. Mc CLIN AC HAN, Ci?rk.
Pcvioiml liitelllgrncr
<i(T>rior lluit ard family rat* at r: rid in tbe city, tad
takm n ?i mm'.* at the it Nicbnla.1 Ujtel.
l ap'a.u EMridg*, Boaton; J. S Htliiran, rniia<ie!phla;
C C Hotjrook, Pruton; H^rar* Wnita, Syraoune; J. H.
h?d*!l. Anbuin; Hen. J d Kcgira, California; Ur. K. U.
Either, Nwih Carollm: H l oot, Sprlopfldld; Jov-n W?it,
B?!v.ob; E I armor, Jr., PUUB?M? arr.rtid yea terday at
tfc* Nictold*.
0, H Perry, St T.?wr?ce? ercnty E R Day, U S. A.;
' CO.; H >? BjiIiw, Madeira; J I' U;a?ley Pa ;
W. T. ButJer, Ricfcm< nd ; lapt. Appl-by. BalTaln; 0.
tikKu. itearcer PaciC:; A I.\ugi?on, Wilmington; Hob.
.t Gaulle, Ptrairia; li B Monro*. Kentucky; (.'apt, Oof
Co m Erarclfco? arrired jeatnrday at the A?U r.
R R Kwart, B:atca. J Frencn. I? tr ; Gio. liriru,
' t M. Rajmon<" Baltimore M. S ilei. Si. I,oui?? ?r
r:*?0 jeiteiday ?l tbe Tr?rcott Reuse.
rr??n IiTfrrft In tl-.e ftian-r.r Pic:B?? T?r Vuiir
k??T. .1 W liulti, C*p?.It? (. tVhlte, Vr Hoflfca-r?r, Mr.
Hey?, M c?r? 1 cioiuouruu, J Straa<i J r oav.avia and
lady, F Mirer, A Kn *r. L Ana ir. F W i artir. I. Stilt, M
aUci. Mr *td Mil Kanlkcar. Cir'nn r C U. Ctfttin Bra
d:i\ J C I'tlBir Mr iritTUn M . I!ntcv.incn Mrj Bak
??.-p aadrhild RBatci. Mr&nJ M-i P-hatlm, A St.it, Xt
?1?J1 *r. Mr Reu an F Side il. R < Ccntar, J Jackian,
t 1MB J R Kil'. M> 4 ;<:> I*. i 1 . S n.ik;c/, J DdJdt*.
s Btuu s Otto, : fi;i, s Phiip*, uci?
I IN ] Vr*u<ikril> nr i I >ro lUUrn, UN
)'r r? A C(K;tf (. B?:tr*-u. Kadi e l.ule, A lltrtmnn,
C R <? WIlfB.
r-'m Jit J??r o ?fcf Ura-tiMr ur of lfc? W?ik~ Mr
IJirr.n. Mri Matiiftn, M- Martf-a, Mn:it?in, J
)>?V, T Brafitaw, H D RUw.iT' ;< tirar,i & M Rrncfan, C
WLn'ij. J Kuan, .1 Gljt'. I .1 Trcca n c. 1. X Tlanei, M
l.ir . I M'-rr-i ' ?f. : i I ? .tm V I. StW
raid Mn t'Mlai, A Ilf. t, M li : Km r K Iw.n*. Mi j
fe?lre. Wm Knft, J CcrUrd t.ari W II Haafcr*. Wia Ocl
I b. .1 f mil. rap I iter?, M-i I.rrryanl ftlld. T I,M)nn?,
H L Crrer" J li S?ain J * rrntr, l r laj'nr, A I.allaa
ti.d intact .1 F, '?ctkes. W li W A Muaiell J RPil
1?, A Murt'f.ard. J A Jijtift, W Will?a, D '4 Crcmlafi.
0 B!t. J M;on? P Lancaa, J D llun?, J B 5<ai?li, R iran"
D Lea'cmr, t A Thaoktton, C B?'.>nr., F T Majnard. L II
Oaf' ?, Mr* W c Mtff, Mn f??n?. S 11 Irnrarn and eerTant, i
OoldiUin. J Villi, H M Clanry. L Normin, 0 H 'uvul.
ladj aad ohild, G W Baler, W K K?rl, J O 1'otM, 1 ( hraMr,
Miu laabclla Mjmour. Cr Ilitchc otk. Mm nitchocck. Miia
(lit<k??ck, *r? Ceoaa, ? Oildit'la. I> raii J Laad. ?
Kiittr, H J?hiit?a 0 Adawi Caat ! U BaM?ia aad m
?aat, T Row. lady aad 1 ahildna; S n Blek. J W Pattarwa,
T JuaNi O Sarlar, Mn Bddj aad 2 childraa. T WkiM. A 8
MMM ?H*k. a 4 M? ?w la tin MW?
Full Report mt the Preeeedlngw
The Oonrt ml at half put 10 o'clock yesterday morn.
'?( Major 8wnl Swtt preelding.
Major Job* F. Lee, Judge Advooate, ml the record of
the preceding day.
Lieut 8. W. Fremont vu then recalled, and his exam
ination was oontinued.
Q What o (Boer i were left on the wreck when the Kllbr
departed from her?
A. Major Wjee; 1st LUut. W. A. Winder, 21 Ueitri. C.
3 Wilder and Chancier
Co). Gate* laid:? I with to ?aj to the oonrt that a part
of the .es'.imony of the witc< si of yesterday appears to
me to : e emitted on the regard He said Capt Love waa
anxious to lie alongside the steamer for water anl prori
a oca. The court reooilected tut the witness so Mid, and
direct* J it to be recorded to day,
Q Where were the medical officert?
A Both on the Kiloy.
Q. Yob have explained why Burgeon Satterlee waa there.
Why aid by whcee order* waa Astlstaat Surgton Wirt*
A. I do not keow.
Q theie ilcknese !n the command:'
A. Not that 1 knew at the time; certainly not to any
Q Did you. the adjutant, or Col. Gate*, the comman
der. make any inquiry of him in regard to Ma being on
the Kilby, or take any notice of li?
A 1 did not officially ; wheiher Gal. Gatee did, I de not
<J. Did Colonel Gate* know he waa tht reT
A. Yt*. he ir nit have known it.
The witne>* then made tbe following statement:? I
have a* id I did not take official notioe of Or. Wirtz being
on ti e Kilby, bnt 1 aaked him hew he same there; I
tbink it waa on the morning following oar going on the
Kilby when I flrit saw him there; laaid, "Doctor, how
cam* yon on beard ? I did not know that yon were here;"
or words to that effuot; hie reply waa, to the beat of my
rrrolleoti' d, that MijorWyie had refused to let him come
for roma time, but had Bnally consented, or that he hal
?lipped ell, or come oil which it waa 1 do not reooUecf
it ?a. only li pasting tbat tbe remark* were made, and
while ? * were expecting, in a few hours, to see the
'teaser again; I ikought but little of it.
y. IHd the assistant anrgson allege any professional
reesoa, auch a* tte provide g of medicines for the m?n
traneferrcd from the ateamtr to the Ktlby, as a reason
for hli bring cn board o' the latter?
A. He d'.rt not to me; I b*ard of anch reasons in onr
com erratic n it la due toD ?tor Wlrx to fay that he
waa kimae f sum* tb. eg of an invalid, buttering fromneu*
relgle, aa 1 understood from him some time before we
leit the steam*r.
y Yon sptak of expecting to *ee the steam? r again in
A fewhonre: wan this before the eenferenes
A. Yee; thia was early in the morning? the conference
waa early in tke forenoon of tbe'. day,
Q Do yen know whether Colonel Gate* knew at tbe
time that boih the mediae! offieera had left the steamer?
A. 1 do not know that he did; I do not remember that
I 'aw Dr. Wirt* that evening cn the Ktlby.
W. Yom hare aaid that there wae no (Ickneea in the
command be lore you left the ateamer wai there measles
or ctber dleesse there or on board the Ktlby ?
A. I heard of one ea?c of var:oleid from one of the
surgeon*? I thick it waa Dr Satterlee; I thluk one of the
children of Uol Gatee hid the measles when it eime on
the ateaaer in New York harb r. I e mid only j adre from
the appearance of the obild: itwas, ae I beliive, recovering
from the measles; another cclld of his had the measlee on
the Kilby, from whom my children and tbe others took it.
U Dia the troop i or other adults take it?
A. Not to my knowledge while at tea.
Q. Was or waa not any a trice or remonstrance in the
matter of taking his caiidien on the steamer aldreased
to Col, Gate* by the medical officers ?
A Dr. batteries addressed an offlsial letter to me aa Ad in
tant. on the subject, whleh letter, or the official copy,
wss kat at sea, with the records of the r'giment. The
orlgital letter I gr.ve to Lieut. Bardie, of the Third Artil
lery, wbo la i, we to the I'ac fi i.
W Slate its ccitent/.
A Tl e letter stated that the wri'er tad learned unoffl.
olelly tbat the meaalea were prevailing among tbe child
ren of soice of the uffioeis abont to embark. Tbat if each
was the fact, those children ought not to go on board, nor
any children whleh bad been exposed to to take it; that
he feemid the measles on shipboard, among adults, quite
as bsd, if not woree, than small pox. Tbat i* the sub
stance of the letter, to the best of my receileatiun.
<J Did yen deliver It to Col Gates?
A. I did.
Q. What axiwer did he make, and what aetlon did he
take In.themattei -
A. He read tbe letter and replied to It is substance
tbat his ciuiUren muitjo; that he did not deem the
mesa l>s of any importance, or a trying matter, or words
to that e fleet. This was at Jndson'.. Hotel in this city, on
th? forenoon of me alatof Deo , betwsen 8 and iOo'o'look
tbe fay the troops went on board.
W By white authority was the lower steerage, which
yon raid ?onld accommodate 317 men, nseJ as ? store
room for Inggagrf
A I reoelveo no lnstrtotfons from any superior oSRser
he* to load the ship, or where to place the bar/arp ex
cepttke gtrerkl lnLtrustlons from (jlonel Gates, to ar
rst.ee tbe tsggsge o' companies so that tuose defignbted
to b? laedfd at .<nn Diego, might be reacbsJ lira: anl
to ? aati n trcopa to the petition they were to cccnpyon
l? arn tr e ship. Toe barege was place! in the p isitlon
? f in ed < nt by the i fleers of the rifc^o an 1 tbe quarters of
ta SiiB Wf? a'to p Jtei I,ut by tbeai. Tje ennpaoy
ton n.ar e?r? then, under my Oirec 'in, "e'ected tbe qua
e>? of lh?ir coicparfes *co^rdirg to rar.k.
D- Beel, rte of the -urreora of the afax.tr was ex
smiutd In relation to the aanitary regulations oo board
tbe fan Frtcci-co. He aaid tbat every effirt was m-.^e by
Major Wjaein the tecdug of tbe sick, and tbe fumlcatton
c f IB* ?bip; tn if a{t?r the (Vf.arlc-a of tiidK'ib
th? dir^ae, rtaAmbliog eholcta, notderel pod until
*ft#r tb? drpartLW of tb? Kflbj.
Q. Was there any ?l<kie*s of an epe-.lemis nature then
prrTail'Dft ?
A. TLtre wm oo otlitr dlaeaae ;roaob d$ to an ^pi
c?mie, ^ith i)ie exception of on? oas* of Tarioloid and
ofle cf vmallpos; I saw no meaHl??.
q. Was tbeve any other djeaae pre motltory to that
disrate called cholera? *
A. I knew of none; my attention wae not tailed tianr
dieea-e un'il the two I mentioned, the d?y Joilorlna ths
departure of tke Ktlby; any oiseate prsvieus to ttat did
not oome under my obeervatim; there mlgtt have been
but I did not bear of any; I preaume that thore was none
except! rg tbrae teo caees of smallpox.
(J. Amorg whem were these two si see of smallpox?
A. They were among the soldies*
<fc*Jre tbsec o*i?a going on befor? the depart a re of
the Kilby ?
A. Tt.ey might have been goieg on before the left.
Q. Die the officers and troop* axe lit in baling ?
A. Th?y did. On the morning of the 2?th it baeame
ovkent that the *hlp was leaking rapidly, ocd tak:mr in
water veiy faet. 1 *
Q. At what time did tke ball 03 begin?
A ? " inipreaaion tha; it wa< aa early as ten or
Meven o'clook in the day wben iteommenced; tbe sol
dier* af slated, i?at without any order or eastern at 8r?t ?
they were gathered in the noignborhooo' of the engine
rocm; my '.xpreieion is tbat it was comneoc*! without
any direct Iocs from any of ihe offers of the ship it
wes a v luateer thing, and wm not done by the order of
any of the superior officers cf the troop-,; U commeused
aa early aa t?n o'clock; after the baling had been coin*
on for several honrs, which -*ouH bring ji into the night
of the 24th. the puraer snj myself weat into the engine
rocm, cverlockicg the biling. and ws ae-eed that the
fc Idler a would work bet'er If they bad an offiser to super
Utend tjem. I met Majsr Wjs? afterward*, and told
n.m; be sale 11 1 came for tbat ?er? purpofe;" from
that time there were eommi-sloned officer* to *up#riu
tend the baling; previouaiy there were none bnt noa com
mifslocod oOcera, and tiie soldier* dio not wa.-k a* wsil
aa they would with commissioned oloar*.
Lieutenant Freemaa .-^sailed. -y. When were the troow
| ut oa board the ateaaar ?
A. Ja tkeSlrt of Deeember, byneana ofa small steam
boat; oideri had been given by Gen. Wnjito seperate
tbe eok iers n jt vaccinated and tboee who had not had the
?pDaUpox from the fa wbo bad b*tn raeclnatad or bal had
the ntalipci; tbla *7d#r was p'acod? in my band* on the
21at by itr ?*it?riee, to be communieited to Col.
Gates; I had received order* to tbe *am* effect 'rem Col
Gates before; 1 proceeded with Dr. Satterlee and Col!
Wasbixgton to >"rrt Columber, to m\ke an examlnatiju'
in"er* were given to themeiical cfl;cerby autherity of
Colonel 1. a tea, to make a thorough examination aire
quired (Wn. Wool; in tbe eai'ee of the forenoon. I
re une? to the city of New Yore, saw Col. uatee, acd
^a'*d to him tbe order* ?hich I tal rectireJ from Gen.
Wool in refererci to the troops.
Q At what hour of the day wt/e t^? troor* rat on the
steamtr? J
A. I do cot know ihe precise hour.
Q. At wbat hour were you on the lelan^1
A. About 1 o'e'ock; I learned for the firet time that we
were to go on boird that day.
Q In how ir aoy o'etsohrren s ild -he regiment emba?L?
A. I do not ktow how many detachments; the ca ita'ns
of the trcop* embaiked from Bed:ce'a Island.
Q where las Cc'.otel (i??e? Jaricg the embark ition'
,Ar Z.*. \\* e} y Vf S'w Yotk durtDl ? ^rti^n of
it; Coknal Wa??.ii:gton ha.l preiicurly be?n ordared to 1
tee to tre embarkation of tbe troo^ on the ven?e;.
When did Colonel Ga'es reacb the steamer ?
A Colonel Gite- and myeel' went on the ateimer latt
in tb* afternoon; thick in the earoe email ateamhoat: we
fonid all the trtopa on board except one or two offi -sra
W Who were thoa? ?
A. Col: tel Walking 'on and Major Taylor: ths latter had
gene to the city for fti* family.
tj. ^ rv earn' t state, then, a* to the good or Jet or other
wise, in which the eir barxa.ion we* conducted?
A 1 cantot.
Colore! Ga'es afk-d 'h?t tbe question might be re
peated The wtntas a-swered in tb* negative"
gr* 7 tlj noi1* sm> e <9
nvn pot- t 18 I high waw 7 -2
Port of Stw Vork, February 9. IfH.
? ?ionihi( SUr (1 li t 8. uib, Vr??k< N?w wrleaei, J V
etfiiiiillp rouUer;cr, E?ia*. CharUitcr., fpifford, Ti'.ei
SMp 1'atiick n<?ry, Huillot, I tdin, Orlaael!, Hit' im
A t>.
Ship Johain !.*?*? ISrtm) Ltmko. Liverpool, W illiajei A
?ti? Ia*iliib!?, Jtlini a. Littrpool, J W rhUUpi.
Ship Vlicni*. HuTIOO. ChMltM'l, C C Dune it
Bitk Mill Hill?rt Rrlitot, S, an t amkt, Ma!k>? t ?o.
Bur* 1 A Klmiaan Thar- ton, ri|4nu, *????;' A Viain* 1
fchr 8?xo?, ABgell. Ul?atucrc?. MayM*. lalbo? A Co.
S?hr Notth Sine. Qcrlea, Saraaaat, M'Croadj, Molt A
Jot r TotkMwa, Boanehaop. Bi'.llmorc, muter
Pchr Baltimore, EU?ht, btltlmtrc, Johroon A I.owl'ci.
Sfhr J II P?rn*y, Wiaimcro. Philadelphia. .1 Haad.
Sohr J??lo Wllliaaara, Wiaanrtv Pfcllaiilpkla, 1 Hand.
Peht Conaoil, Bo* at. Boat**, auttr
Buw? LmmI Potat, Bilkaon, Ptikti Vila Co,
mw>lt PMilfc !?lfc UTWfttl, Jm P, ? FU, wlU
?4m Hi r pkMMMn, W1 E 0*U1 MM. u*i rtry heavy
WMWTlr galee th. entire PMim. th*m?* imn the P ev?
eaoous tared. 8?w ?teamihip AjUi heaee teg Liverpool, J)
Bllei ? of Saady Hook
Bteam?hl? Bur of the We it. Tiaklepftugh. 8m Jatm, Kit,
8K 40T PtlMMtri ui |>U Imit, lo 0 Moron,
fob 6, lftt a C4. lit 80 paaaod ft Britiih 74, aMtrlm N. rU
100 BilM Kdtb of Cape BfttMm, pftaMd ft brtg ahowlftg ft
wkite iinftl with Hue bordei and rod dlftmo?d u twin,
ftjjf lg| jf.
Steannhlp Jamaatiw*. Cavendy, Norfolk. Ai, with mdaa
m4 >uMs{m, to Lndlaa A Pitumtt.
Ship Meroary (pk t). Code, Havre, 43 dayt, with m?M ftmd
460 t a??rner?, to Biyd A nia>ken
Skip B'ud (of MiiMa), 8 pi cor. Now Orleaaf, 14 dftya, with
Aeitoi Ao lo liilt A Hisird.
Bark Peter DemiU, Hoot, Savaaaah. 3 dijl, with oottoa.
*o, to Dentil A Co. ...
Brig Johft A Taylor (of St George, Mo), Beeper. LifUt 34
daya. wltk logwood, Ao, to maeter. Bxpenoaeed very heavy
Wo?tber daring the (uun,
Brigfllope, Diddle, Bailie Boa, JftB IS, with mahogftay
and J'gwood, to B W Lewie,
Bri? B Remlrgion (of Myetio), Sawyer, St Markl, U d?y?,
With oottea, Ao, to Brodio A Pettei.
Brif Chfti A Coo, Hubtard, St Mark) ftnd Key Wort, 13
daje. with eottoft, Ao to f mall wood Anderson A Co.
Sohr L'nloa, Barnaky Pari , Jan IS Jaa 16 off Pelat Ta
cooft, m'-uih of tho Pftrft river saw an Am hern brig boand up;
?poke 24lh, lftt 18 46 N lonSM 56 Br brlK Arotio. from Novft
Scotia for - ; Pob 8, Ut S8 10 W, lea 71 SO, Br brig Jftbti,
ftrm Bftltimoro for Bormudft.
Bohr Arlington, Murob, Jivutih, 8 i aji, with oottoa ftftd
rise. to Startoo, Cloftrn fta A Co. Tho A experienced Tory
heavy wrfttber; split a. lis, Ao.
Sohr El iiftboth (Of Mvstio), Willi ami, Bt Mftrki. 13 daye,
With cotton, Ac. t? Brodio Jk Pettea. Jfta ?. lftt 23, Ion 81,
IK kt (ohr J W Miner, fiOM Mobile for Now Tork.
Bohr Oregon, Bo inter, ? Mhlrrgtoa, NC. 8 toy*.
Botr Ell*. Fowler Washinaton, NC, 8 days.
Sohr Uh?s Mil's. Smith, Wilmington. NC. 4 dftTL
Ecbr J U Dobbin, Stating Newborn NO, 8 daya,
Sohr Ann M?ri?, Cmklia, N?wbern. NO, 8 days.
Be br Mead, Sftlyer. Newbern, NO, 3 days.
Bohr Margsret, Woelam. Petersburg, 4 daya.
8i hr Oregon, Cox, Vlrjtlnlft. 3 dftyt.
tohr Brftie, Nelson, Virginia.
Sohr Amerirftn Clipper. Phillips, Virginia.
Isccr Minerva Wright, Rogers, Norfolk, 8 dftyi.
Sohr Sftifth E Parter, R-gers, Bftltimoro, 8 aaye.
Sohr Parsh, Mitohell Bftltimoro, 6 dftya.
Behr Southerner , Baltimore. 4 dftyL
Bohr Joteph Oracdall, Orowsll, Bftltimoro, 8 dftyt.
RcTVRnzn? The Dnteh sshr /Motor, Nennebarg, hoaoo
for Doioohat, H.Uftud lit lnit. la eecieqaenoo of the pampo
?oitlng ohoked, ftnd the touoI ltftkitg.
Ship Moid of Crloftns, from Ntw Orleftai with mdso, to W
Nelion A Son.
Brig UemptoB, from Anz CftTei
Biig ''Mooot" (probftbiy MtifttlftD), from Chftrloit^a.
Alio, one bile, uakntwn.
8 AH, ID
EUftmehipi Aiift (Bt), LiTttpool; Briithorner, Chftrleeton;
tbipo Aihburtoa, Liverpool: Arab, i.iuyimi; Pftntheoa,
Liverpool; bark S W Naoh, Trinidad do Cuba.
Wind dnriag the dfty WSW.
Ship I r*b. ftt 8?n Franol*oo from Bneton experienced
heavy gftlei from the weitwftid eff Cape Horn.
Ship Flying ?iih. ftt do do wat off Cftpo Horn 13 dftyi in
htftvy weftthot, and wae within GOO milet of port for 10 daya.
Ship Benthern Crott, ftt do from New York, met with light
wlntU ftnd oftlmi the whole pftiiftge
Ship Jacob Bell, ftt do from Philftdelphlft, wii 18 dayt off
Caj e Don, in very boav* gftlei; alter 2litk Deo met with very
light v indi: wii three dayt off port. Pawed ft very Urge ice
(erg in lftt 57 18 8.
Bark Coreol, ftt do from Boitcn. wti 34 dftvf off Cape Hen
la heavy weather; i?w ieverftl ioeoergi at different timet.
Ship Winged Arrow, ftt do f>on do, wat bt oalmed in the
Atlantio 13 dayt, not making 100 mllei. Orotted the iqnator
ia Ion 31 W, 38 dayi out. Enooontered heavy galei off the
CftP* for A dftii.
TclrgraplUc Marine Aeporti.
CDARI.KSTOk, Fob 9-Arrihip Uertohel, NTork.
NEW ORLEANS. Feb <-Arr ihip Mediator, Mew Tork.
Below, tleamihip Croecent City, New Tork, vlft Uavaaa.
Hcrodd Hartne Ceneifoadenee.
PHILADELPHIA, Feb ?, 4 PM-Arr iohri M M Klottl,
Bat -t. and J Q Collyer, Chapin, NTork; F A Hawklni,
Cobb, Beaton.
Below, bark Naehaa, and trig Ohioopee. from Boitoc, iobr
Btar. from r rovlcence.
Cld brift Ellft Herd. Walker, Ptrto Rloo; Emmi (Brem),
Stiovrr, Aunadilla PR. D Moleny, Weldia, Nowurleftni:
aohr Lcmdftle. Crowel), Boiton,
A Noniiun at Sara fHAMi'iaco- A tale friia tbe north
?c jarred at Ban Franolaco on the (Hi ult doing rani damage
to tho shipping, wliish if thns summed Dp.? The Peruv bark
John llftbuel. at-ve in the quarter of?h? Hamburg brig
Cto Iianuah; the Chilian (hip Maria iofla, bad her bows
badly (.awaged b> a storeship off North Peine; the steamer
Att?Iope, lying at Paolllo street wh?r', cbafod hiraolf some,
tut |iip stoam, and went over to Uoat Xa aid naderleeof
wbinb aba oamo to anchorithe clipper iMp H Izard was tally
chafed at ValUjo street wharf, and a atoreabip diioharging
ooal close ly wn i- mewhat injured: the rtoamibip Sierra
Nevada, ljiDg at Jsckaon atriet wharf, waa badly ohatodj
the I utch Uig Ilfniirick waa driven from her movr ngsafvd
of a bark, 1> i&g at anchor, iuflloMng some damage upon tbo
latter; a aohr which bad jrst arrived from Santa |Cruz hai
he-rjibboom and bowaprit carriel nwav; the two einallechre
Fashion and Pilgrim, went do*n? tha lirst at Waihiogton
etri at wharf, and tbe laat off Hincon 1'uint. A numbettjflfc
amall crstt wero m< re or lesa l.-jurod.
Ship Piimham. at San Fraaoi* ? from Cardiff, wm font
woeka lO Cape Born, in heavy galea, and off port tire* < ay*
in very severe weather. Wh lo at anchor on theba'.u
ootiequanco of tbe heavy ae\ waa cotapellej to ilip tbe
oable; loat thirty fatboma ehain, broke windlaaa, 4 a.
Ship Irii>u?, at Fan Frarciaeo from Vow York, encoun
tered very severe weather off Cape Horn fvr i) day*. sprung
fortmaat, Ao. Crowd tba equator in Ion 1U9 U W, ltia 7;
thenoe to lat 29 N had very fino weather, aitti wbiob experi
enced heavy gale* from N to St.
Chip Lotus, at dan Franolaoo from Now V?rk, met with
very severe weather off Capo Horn for 16 days. Nov <3 wmle
lying to in a Ttry h-avy gale of wind, ahipped a ho*, whioh
split o<vcring board* foiwatd, oanting the vesaol to make
more water ttaa tsenal. likewise ablfted cargo, giving tbe vei
eel two ttreaks Hat to p-;rt, owing to which tut little aail
ocnld be carried * ltb starboard taoka on board. Crossed the
equator in lea 113 W, Ceo 26, after which ias? with moder
ate weather.
Ship Scwditom. a: Saa Franoisso from Rooton, experi
enced very ??verc vtath-r off Cape Horn for 50 dave. Crore
ed th? equator in Ion 11J W. Deo 18. In lat 0 V, Ion 1 IS W,
lost ttpgall>nfc maat. On the lat nit, waa in lat 29 N, loa lid
W, at>er whioh met with r:rj advert ) winds.
Phi p 'kvi.iBK, at Dan F r anolioo from New Y*rk, wa* off
C?te Corn 16 day* in very aevere weather; loat ontwator.
r v;<i trila, Ao. Croatei the equator cn tho Atlantic In Ion S3
SO W. :? < ay* out; (ii t'lO Pacido la Ion 118 'V, Ceo M. II ad
NB trauma very .ight and batil ag, aad waa bcoa'.mid five
Ship Lori> B'i-tob, Parker. w?? abandoned sear Nootka
Bonnd Dee 1, on ter pa^sAge to San f/anoiaco from Vanoon
vtr'e Iiland; orew save J
Phip Wii.d PiCKOn at San F' aoeiaeo front New York, met
with very aevere weather off .Jape Hern for toe ve daya; loat
aainynre, malntopiail yard, a^ht whole suit oi sails, atove
atancheo a, Ao.
Ship Flviiso Arro-v. at Baa Francisco met with vary
'igbt winda off Cape Htm for 30 daya. Ncv .1, lat StUJ 8, bn
82 26 W, in a gale of wild earned away ic:ua tcpg?U*ul
Ship Ji'^ipicr. at San Franeiaoo from Bna'.en, e*per!'?ced
teavy weatlur (fl 'Jape Born tor daya do mg wl.ich no'.it
aatl*, and moaa of tbe orew we <i frost ti-.ten Pat iite U.ilao
f -r *i er ant men, .anr at tha orew bung cick, aad cemai^oJ
U ere eight day*
Ship EwirpstAKts tt San Franeitoo 6tb n't from New
Ycrk, OTtseaea the r niator . n tbe Atlentio Oot 17. Kzparl
taco< iigbt ?inda and oalo* tke brat partof the voyus, hav
ing met with co N I trade* at all; bad iky ait* set Ct ooue
cotive daya alter leaving NYotk Nov I 1; st cvorb< ard Th. ?
y*! Di m, aean an. ot ittom, New T,rk. Nov pacaed
thrcnan me Etraita of Uaire. Ceo 17, orotacd tha equator
on the Farifio in Ion IMS 10 W. Waa within Mi- mils* ot port
for seven day*, and in light of th* He &i& for four day*.
Da* Ship Cecro:-3, at San Fraaeheo from H-ng Kong'
?>et ? i?h bad weather the whol* passage. On tha 20ih Dec
'at 36 24 N. len 1C3 28 W, tbe oajtaln, J K. Neiison, died
after an illneii of 12 d*7*.
Br Dark Ilsasob, at San Francisco from London, en
icuntaied very revere weather cl) Caps Hera for 70 days; l<*t
beat davit* nam and mi*en gaffs, bulwarks, baadkneea. aad
itartcd ectwaier. Repaired dan.agc on the voyage Patiato
Talparaiso tcr water, and remai&en there five day*.
PcKcviA-e Barv Joisph Vairi^, Young, bound from
San Jfianciic i to \'an<ouver Ialand, waa knocked down in
a teavy easterly gala on.the i'ta N,.v, in lat ii 3U N, Ion 1S1
20 W. The de> k oaiin and all ita oontants. including paper*,
cha- 1*, it- trnmonta, Ac, were carried overboard. The roan
at Uo nbeel *u a'.ao sws?t overboard at tbe same t.me.
A tter -fitting a* a? her m>sti she rlghtdd; a -nrymaet waa
then ertcted, and atier bcatirg abent for teittean daya
withCDi water and the veasel leaking badly, the oaptain wa*
obliged to teach ter to save the live* of nlmaaif and erew,
bnt nsfortUDately tlrae men were lottin the att.mpt, name*
not tntwn. She went ashore in A-inlnoco Bay oa the 9th
Brio Y taTA, from San Franeiaco toy Humboldt Bay, in
oieaiirg the Heads Jan !6. *ai rrn It to by Br bark Meaacn
get, also cntward bonnd, aarrying <opga)iantmaat, all
after stane) aoaa, and doing oonoiderable other damage,
wbicb compel. ed her to return to port.
Brio C7a*i:va, Hate*, from Surinam for Boston, before
netieed as aahere a'. Chatham, had a lull eargo of sugar and
nolatst*, and was lost on th* outer bar at Chatham night of
6th icat. erew taken cl; 7th, by the lite boat, after being 40
bouts on tie wreok, a*d landed at Chatham. Capt Bate*
and men ars well exert 1 eio< scmewkat irostbi'.ten. Ves
sel ar d cargo will |rob\t!y oe a tital 1 aa The a'jovo inlor
ma-ion ?as br'unht to l oiton bj Capt Isaiah l,a?:s. It it
?aid thai nearly two Luodred per:ons attempted to get to
the br ?, in erdlrary boats, but were Pfevented bv the heavy
intf. M.e ws* tisoo^jrid P M it dih, alter th* uale nad
abated and it l ad ciaiid snowing. Car maava wrro along
tide, ard beats which ecdea>ored to ^oard her were rrevont
ed by tfct heavy ara and spars being alongsid*. They mado
elf r e for the rrew to clear the wreck from spar* and rigging,
welch they did.
SrtiR Tijii Rin r, of Ba?h, abandoned, was again fallen
iniaivh9lbuli.no lat. Ac, with fsr mast and maintopmaat
gene, ard ancbT* f*em th* bows; jilioom aud gear Sow nig
nnderfeet; i>ana;l 11 ; ;nt from mainmait hr a 1, and appear
ed in gced order; decks dry and a new topmast an Jc > ?.
E mr IK AP.iA, Petain*. from Bath for Buton, wa* the vrt
ftl drifting out ( Ntnturket Roads on Tuesday. Oa 5:h
irat.li ir ? .ch Bay, aplit fi>reiaH and jib. lest part deck
ii ad of cla| brards and an anchor, and on Tuei'ay, in tho
R' a<*s, lost anoth.r ancbrr. tiaiitance rtachtd hct from
Hull, where the waa taken in the evening.
Fchr Mart Taylor, frtm San FiancUca for Or*>en, N
turned to pert i.ltb nit, having mpeti?ncc l a site-ession ot
heavy rt' ts on the coast; split sails, rit'ei jibalaj, tad rs
cthed t'.her damage la her rigging.
Prrttim Ja??? L Pay, %? ?fin' between W*w Orleaa*
ard Ilorida, Iroke in two about th* Hit nit, In ^parish Hole,
aid waa towed to the wharf at St Hark*. Tee opinion l*
that tie will ke unlit for lurther aervic*.
\V hnltmrn.
See intelligence frcm Sandwich Ialand* in general sen
tolas i*.
Arr at Uore i lo Nov 2"> Fanny, Ny?, Oeh, 1" sp, 1 200 wh,
U',000 b, 25th, Ch 1*. Andfraon, Oeh 100 wli, J ive1 a. 2?tB,
Lndeavcr Hewlard, Och, SO ap, 1,700 wh, Ji ,0C' b; Jttj,
Margaret Sett, Eldiidge. Ooh, JuO ?p To wh. 10 000 b; Dtc
'd, *e* g? r Pi*rfon. "f ? C, JJ wh, tO-.'Ob; 6th, T.iea Nye,
Alr.y.^iap wh. 1.000 b; 7th, L'vant Co per. 1 wh
' '00 b ft j. P.tBbter, Trail* l.7O0 wh, ai.UH) b; 12th
Colombia, ratn, 1 t'.'O -?h. Id, COO b; C?l)ao, llaker, 90 sp
1 (1 1' wh,.' ihi b, ISth, Core* Crocker, da fa New Lon
den 14, lltrrlne Nenrttead, fm te?. in d'atrers
Cld at do Nev ji. .Ichn Hov?^an^, c -aire ard home; Ir.fi
Povir, ta'cock, cont ot t alif^rai* llatmotv, Kog^'ra" !or
craists ;Stb, N S Prrlita Allen. tmUi: Nils, Conklin
Maraceea*; Tho* C Nje, Ad ami, ctJiie and homo: Alioe
f r-r.ier. Tat'-r. Carolire I-landa; Bdrt Ooenold Uenatis
crt.ea ai.d hi m i>. Oith, llelcu Augusta, rales, Niwport Co
A'Man, Btnart, oral** and homo; Ka y, BayU a, c.-uiae on
CalKcrtU co? ' ' ; Oladla'cr, Turner, croiae and l >me,
Neva, lluae. ^.w Lond'-n: r<ilrm?,,s, Harris. d?; 01)be,
fiiady. eiuiao and heme; India Muler, or ,i*e ant homo;
!<c i .r I, Maiia linen irver, cruiai and h^mi,
J, i-vxl r. c .N, t'illiatn Hamilton, Hola,
?(" P' : ' *e ; , ill v>ry ?"i Pnian Brown, ertilao
am I on.*; ?*.???? Airy. era"e an t home 8th, Bohrlog,
?orjt, i?t J?;w i.ot Jvli ile,i?, ii.rd-n, oruiae; 10th, Miner
t?. ty Idr.ctnl? irl lo- Gen'.'cjian, Oartwri?"t, Ja
rani!?a y r;j],.n ITo lev. rrvisea-.d hom?; lfth. Ua!>n?l
Otte/. ne-.ib, c ni e arid Run.*; John W ell*. Urvaa, eriuae
and i?.ii,t>; i,.ih, 1'aoiuO. Peaae. ctuiae; 14th. Iho* !fT*, Almy,
ei 0 and borte: n rol e, Ilrmpatead, crnlsa; litn, ?omt
Vernon etwi'0 nr 'ine- Cavalter, Freeman, omle* on line;
titotre, b'evere: 17th .loanetto, Waft, ? Bedford; 19th, Prn
dena, Maah. crime; Abigail, Drew/do; JSd, Endeavor, How
lu.d. NBed'ord. iith, Concordia. Froach, oruloe; :~<i.h, John
A S'liabeth, Chaopolt, eml 0; .Columbia. Cash Nantnebot
'id ?rom do Doe 17. Herald, kloona, Now Zealand. 16th,
mm M4 MM' Caaton. WlM Otlwm
Ore well, bom*. Drome, Gardner. do. lfkh. Daawwd, M,
?ui,tteiilM: John Weill, Orow, oral** aad bom*, UK
?ru 2d, Beyaold*, omlM *a Ua? l?ut V*rmo?, Mye, d*
17th. CoUmbU. Balloek, de, 25th, OalumWa, Oirt, MMM.
Air at Bile Not 10. Th** Ny*. Aim*. ?B*dfor4J0 *?. It.
00 wh, BO.OOB bjne llth.D. Wood Talman. 4*. 500 wb. Ml
kni Uth, Hibtrnia. J*flry. do. 1300 vb, 1900 ban*. 1Mb, Of
Iambi* . (Mb. do. 1(00 wb. 16.000 k*a*. _
Art it Lihuit Mot 26. Vernon, Littl*. *01 wh, 14.M
bene: #00 wb U, 0<X) boa* last HUta. Otb; Fortua*. DaTta, ?
n. 1000 wh. 23,0)0 boa*; Caatoa. Win*, 1700 wh. 30,000 b*M(
Columbus. Orowell, 2?0 wh, 30.000 b*a*. 2B.000 boa* laateeA
?on. Cid frith ship Oomnlgee. Cottle, oraia* and horn*, Wk, I
HWiUrau, Hall, oruiw ; SOth, Baaj Taakar. Sand*, inh*.
Bee, Boole, Tahiti; G?o Waahlagtoa Edwarde do. II tmhM
in port U?t dat*.
Sroczn-Deo 27, ao let, *?. RebeooaBl**, OaTitt, ITS,
Ship Comet, from Baa Fiaaolaee (Dee n i for NTork, Dm
SO, lat 24 37 N, Ion 122 38 W.
Ship Matdarin, fr?m Baa Frenolieo ( Dt* M) f*r Shanghai
Jan 1, ao lat, Ao, by Br bark M*ii*y, art at Baa rtaadM*
Jan 11.
Ship T' o* Wattaon frem Philadelphia for Baa "
Oot 17. Jtt 40 mm N loa 16 30, by tb* ItHttutu at Bm
Sblp Onward, hsa** for Baa Franolaeo, Hot m. lat sr M
B, loa 76 M W.
8bi? Bus |uobaaaa, fton Baa Fraaoiioo for TalpaialM,
Not U. lat 11 N, loa 117.
Be' r Pacific, from Baltimore for Iadlanola, T*xa*, SO daft
eat Jaa 21. ai aaobor ofl Pa** OeTallo, with a pilot oa board
and ihort of novi*iot?; wa* lappUad by at*am*< Loalaiaaa
Foreign Porta.
Bri.ir* (Hon)? la port Jaa IS, bark W O Aldaa, Bakea,
henoo, arr :'ib, for (aup?o**d NTork) aboat 30th: btif
Bnaaia, Miliar, for Liverpool aboat 16th.
B AVUK-Ia port Jan 19, ahlpi Bdwla Forroit, Cr*okar, fat
NTork ?oon; A*hlaad, Stone, aad John U Colter. Fo*t*c, f?
Bokoi.ui.it? Arr Dae 13. tbip Coroa. Orooker, London, If)
day*; brig Zoe, Pake, San TraaoUco, 22. 14?h, ihip Herald.
Harlow, lahalna; bark* Barolna, Hempstead, from **a, Ia
diatrtae, ao partioulara; 18th, Conatano*, Boat**, 186 day*;
llth, bark ratbaadar, Cr***y. San Francltoo, 13 (aad aid
22d for Hour Kong). bri| Alphorio. CoSa, do. 29; a*ktl
E L Froat, nemtiktad. do. 14 , 2Hh. Ortoloa, Boyd da, It;
23d. Minna. Pul*lr*r, Ban Franoisoo, 10 day* (and (Id 27 tk
for Hog Koni); 20th, brig Prinoe d* JoinTlH*, do. If dan,
tabr Beatles*. Koowlo*, NLondon. 150. Old 19th, ban*
Kremlin. Roger*. N Bedford ; 224, Patufinder, ?r***y, H**|
Kcng; 27th, artir* Frankim, Hull, Waiuiea, 23th, OrtoUa.
Bojd. do.
Lagu?a? Wo Am tmkI la port about Jaa 6.
Misjina? In port Jan 2. bark Bic:ri*i*, Pop*, from Maf
lelUe*. ju?t arr, euppoaed to load for NTork; bng Pantma.
Lav?ad*r, for Boeton, ready. Xhe report that th* P aid Ilk
la (uproied to k* *rrcneona.
kA.-ru-r u-Ij oort Jan 16, Sardinian (hip Trsnkoa. fed
NOrlean* in 1 or 2 day*.
Par a- In port Jaa 10, bark* Stir of th* Baat. Hndaew,
,no about repi, a c tire, Wheslor, for Bal?m 5 or o day*
rlc'f Kliiabeth. tMtta, from aad for NTork ^6th; Q Spaa*.,
inno* frcm and forN*w Baven. nno.
Bah Jvan, (Nio>? la port. Fob 1, brig Boalta, f*c ? .
At*tw*rp? Arr Jan SO, Bapitdola, Pci ten (till, NOrloaac:
Oaeippee. Merrill, NTork; 22d. Fanny. Horn**, do and O if
Tana. Below Vultur*. Smith, from NTork. Sid 10th, P?MC
Hatlriok, 8chcttT, ana Ithena, Leokie, NT*rk
Arr in th* fScbtldt 20th, ?. ?iar, Bagdahl, from NTotkt
22d, Heliooa, Gooding and Savannah, *mall, do.
Bristol? Arr Jan 20, Glob*, Blair, NTark.
Brum in? Arr Jaa 17. Columbia. G**rk?a, Klohmoad, 20th.
Ieontlne, Ari'ni. NOrleana; 21at, Keboooa, Ka**?baUm, it
B< ta, GuataTua, Baltimore.
Catania? Arr Jaa 2, G W Joan, Burke Malta for BoMk
6th, Ceatatelll Bloki*. do for M*i*ina and NTork
Cvxhaveh ? Arr Jan 17, Waihingtoa, Kaudaia, NOr
Chirbourc? Arr Jan 13, Louii*, Lauge, Boakon.
Dkai.? Arr Jan 21. Ou**n Tiotoria, Turner, NOrioaa* foe
HuU; Coronet, Blennerhaiaet, London f*r^>aTaanab; Arab.
AtherUn, do for MoMla; 23d, Champlain, Woodward, wt
Moro Caatlo, Bishop, do tor CardilT.
Favai? Arr Jan i, Qrampua, Darroll. Bar an a ah; ? ?
Sawyer, Orea*. Boaten for Gibraltar; 2d, Mllita. Croaby, d*
1> r ao, Deux Louiiea, Morin, NTork for Bt Serrln, Fraaoa.
put in with tapnla aiok and for wat*r and prerlaioa*.
ORATur.nu-Putbaok Jaa JO Joiaph Howe, Battrey, fac
Cbarleaton, with damage to rudder.
Gi-orccaTca? Arr Jan 29, Hclana, Carry, NTork,
Qhekhock ? Air Jan 19. Coatarioa, Coomba, Ni'ork, 13d,
Albion. Barclay, do. Bid 19th, Argo, Mitchell. Mobile.
Glasgow? Arr Jaa 19, John Fyfa, Gralfam, NTork.
Ht-i.L? Arr Jan 23, gueea Tiotoria, Hnntar. NOrloaaa.
Hki.igoi.and? Arr off Jan 16, a bark, nnkaowa, from V
Orlcana lor the We**r.
Havrk? Art Jan 19, Carnatio. DeTerem, NOrleana; SOtk,
Varclcae, How a; Ocean Queen, Hall, and Aatif, Boree, M
Tork; Nathan Banan. Holme*, and Naplo*. ttunoan, NOf
laara; 21st. Alfred A II art la. Ikaoier, and chiaberato. GH
ohaUt. N Vork; Cbaa Thomvaon, Bmall, and Caroline 0 Dow.
Blanobaid, NOileana: A. D Thompaon, Moitard, Mobil*. U
21st, Uarreat Queen, llunnn. NOrlean*.
1 ivturooi.? Arr Jan 21 Sd-sund, Wehman, NOrloaaa: J ?
alah Bradlte. Boycon do; 22d, Khlao Melcher. Alexandria
CityctMAnohratcrla), Loitoh, Pt iladelphla; 2M. \ataretie
Snuffer, NTork; Africa (a), Harrison, do; 24tn, Fidelia, Dia
aon, dr . 'inacarora Tarlcy Philadelphia; 25th, Eed Jaokad,
Bldridgo. and Hlbernia, Malony. JNTork.
Sid ulat. Kaaex, Munroe, hOrietna; B LHarrimaa Arey,
Philad.'lrhia; ?u piro State, Brlgg* NTork 22d. Baraton,
Traak, do; Margaret Ridloy Prliiey, Ntwfoandlaed; 23d,
Queen of thn W( it. Hallet, NTork.
Cld out 2mh Covenanter. Hood. Motile; Grandee, OotoH.
Savannah; 23d. New Tork, Hutcbinaon, NTork; Tran |u*b*(.
Harvard Poaton Lancaater, Waller, Charleatoa.
Ento lor ldg 20th, Colombo, Harri*. Apalaohioola; Paladia,
Mur:bT. Baliln;ore; Delia Maria, Norton, and una ParkhUl
McRowr, Cbarieston; K D Sheuherd, Hamilton NOrloaaa;
l.acy Franklin, Walker. Australia. Doano, aad Forast Klas,
Alloc, N To. k: Sarah San<?, (a) lis ey, Portland.
Loni.om? Cntd iawardi Jan 21, Farcail Hall, Banc*, Cal
eutta; k'.-Mh. Borrott, Baltimore, Julia, Burhorn, NT^ri;
Aboona. Shields, Boston; 23d, G B Lamar, Vayhew, and Bll
xabetb, Williamson, NTork. 01dout2Ut Juniata. Newioa.
liimarara. Eutdnut lv.h Hary, Marahall, NOrlean*; 21rt,
Anat'n Gardner, Janaica.
Lianon-Put in J?n 17, John G Heoksher, 23 day* fmk
Londo* to KYork, to repair damage*.
MAiisKii.i.x.i-Arr Tan 19, Jaa Corner. Corner, BaHimot*.
Mai.ti? arr Jan 1.1. Mary E Smith, Bldrid?o, Boston.
N*wpoBT-81d Jan 19, Queen of the Oceai, Evans, Qdy
Point 2Jd, J<!in Avilaa. Hart, Bt Thomaa.
N:' vi A.Ti i.K-C'ld ts Jan 20. Addison, Brows, Boiton.
1'ORTOMOITII ? Arr Jan 22 Nightingalo, Mather, LoadMk
for Boston. _ _
PAi-ansio? Arr Jan 14. H Mathawi, Devjrotux, Boatoa,
Alalia, Pairitt, NTork; IStb, Helen F Byder, Smith, (Jen on;
lt-th Atalaya. Naab, Malta.
Torkav? Arr Jan 19, Maria Theresa, Mny?, Antwerp tot
Savanr ah
Tarmovxk? Arr Jaa 21 Wa*p, Psge, Wilmington, NO.
Faimot-tm ? Ju 22? The Am ba:k J J Cobb. Nlokewan,
from Baltimore to London, which rat la her# loth Jut with
damage, Lu been ntrrejed, and commenced dttoharging.
Wtuonn, Jan 13? The Jamee Calior, Wright, of and fee
Li v?i root, from NOrlean*. whioh went Mhore on the Bartow
of Ball} tomes, near Kilaoor, yesterday, brcke up thin man
tng: her cars* ha* washed out, i* being tared and piaood out
of danger.
1 iv m poo i , Jan 24-The Ozark. ef Main*, from Wilmiar
ton to Bo- ton, w*s abandoned 3th Jan; i;i? tat en off by Ui*
Tuicarora, arrived here,
Trai.kc Jan IS? The BKen, DaTie, Ooctn. NeUI, af
Alabama Ri rdan. dar n* a heavy gale frem SW, on 18th
Jan. drove on the bank* and thumped hard, the latter a pact
Home Porta.
APALACHICOI A? Arr Jan 2S, barlr Llewellyn, Sber>
man NYcrk. Cld JTth, ship* St Bornard, Mayo, and Mar
garotte, Hell. Breton: *chr Norfolk Packet, Bedell, NYork;
2'tb, bt k Ucnttiuma, Power, Liverpool.
ALEXANDRIA ? Arr fob 7, ichr Z A Paine, Hortoo, tait
port via N Vork.
B?L1 IMORK-Arr Feb S, brig W B MlHer Kdwarda,
Old ITovideico, If dayi; echr 'lime (Br), Kump Naisaa,
Bahama* via Norfok. 'Id it?am*hip Thumae Swann.
Gilford, NTork; aohre Maryland, Boa' j. Boston; Jciophlaa,
Kings'aid. > York
BOSTON? Atr Feb 8, eohr Luey Baker, If ewoeinb, Taa.
gi r; cld snip Stephen 0 lover. Baldrey, N Orleans, batja
Stlrh (Br\ Robert*. Malta; eohr Muilo, Ball, Baltiaete.
Nothing lailtd.
BA'l t!? Arr Feb 8. brig Julia Fiy*on, Ol'-ee Toomieo rive*.
Sid 4ih, trig Jn<l|;e Whitman, Mnohe'J Petomao river.
low (iih Lri < il'.ia Walt Taloot, from Cbarle-ton. SldStfc,
briga Bliai Dadl-tv, Hcpkine, Matamat. 0>Y Albatroet, Pat
terion, Cardor at tchrX'etaloga Hit?al, Virginia.
BL'CKSVlLl.A. Vj? Arr Jan 2), brig P liobOn, Bermuda;
sehre Arcad.i, Kayutt end PGilkty, Batch, Boston; Feb S>
Sarah Victoria, Folsorn. NYotk.
LHAbLLSTON ? Arr 1 eo 1 Span police* Litda, Flola, M
Jago, Cuba; 'chr tel Salte?>y, Ilwood, NYork; Oth,*nl?
Moiocnrui. Kellerao, Liver p->< 1 40 day*. Cld 4th. bark
Meustrte, (Fi). Xamtl, Havre trr, Cement, M?yo, Boston,
br4* David B Brown, Dougla**, NOi1;ae? bid brig* Clemen*
ana Telerripb.
CilY POINT? Bid Feb 1, bark Htvan*, (3-), Australia.
In port 4 ib, *bio Paramatta (Br ) for Ll7vrp ol, tak** 10 000
bbl* flour
F.W.L R I VSR? Arr Feb 3 ?ebr* R' sola*, Cook, NTork
for Taun*on; (loop* J*mee Lawrence, , do fit d >, J amea
Gortac . Nichil*, ard liaae B Bordtn, Collin*. NYork.
lKtBlLa? Arr Feb 2. ebip* Maaathon, Tyler NYotk;Ocn
nite State. Hilling*. Port-mouth, ?IJ barks W H Chandler.
Bennett; ilarveet, Nichols. and Nel*on (Brem), Heleken, IT
York; Argeia Brewer, Cltner, Boston: aehre Charlotte ?
Buck Coombs, dc. George Uarrt*, Corvn Philadelphia.
NAW ORLEANS? Arr Feb 1, P M. shir* Wana/eU (BO,
Anueri'S, Liverpool l?tn Dec; l'oitlaid, Mc Lallan, Part
laid. Me Lct?!?, McMantie, and \7hlt?, Falooa, Ryan,
nuk u?. ?k.? m ??-?? phUa
>o'l. Cld
.. u, wtu, it a [a, ??r.Dir, uamer. i.Uerpool;
Trefant, tnd Geo F Patten. Delano, 11 ana;
Brem bark Wielnnd > ilnck. Cones and a market: briia
Bath, Me; bark* Rhone, Moi re, NYcrk; Arthur. Spe*', F
de'phla; id, A M, Br bark Mearn*, Smith. Liverpool. Cld
lit, ablr* It * Is , Rich, NYork; Marlstr, Barker, i.lverpool;
Moimouth, Trefant. cni Gee F Patten. Delano, Uana;
Brem lark Wielnnd Uilnek, Conei and a market; bri?a
Kite, Thomrioa, Havana; C C Billing*, Uort. St Pi*rr?, Mac
NOlli'OLK? Arr Feb u, ichr* Flonlla, Taylor, Boiton; Ly
saedcr, Illis, hetsee itr Mant* Crtu. put n to fiaiah Kg; B?
peii r Yeaton, hence; tith. bark Orllne ?t John, BaltimoN
for W Indlee. | at In tc fiel*h ldg. ??Id 5th. eohr J B Spronll.
Taylor, ffinttor, N S, Cld Cih Mhr Orator, Howard, Ott
dlN"w BIDFORO? Md Feb 8, *ohr Ellen Qallet. BalM
re. re. ktlvw 7,h icbr Laata Jane, WUon. ( t NYogk.
at anchor.
PHILADELPHIA? Cld Feb 3, tchr Jarvl* Lyon. Jonee, W
PUOVIDINCE- Arr Feb 8. rrotcller 0?;ray (new).
Wliliatre NYork
PORT LAND -Cld Feb 7. brig Sarah BUen, Boughty,
Cienfoeg ?.
PAN I'RANCISCO? An Dee 3l,*teamer Sierra Nevada.
Baldwin, San Juan: *hip L'ljlog Arrow, Olark (or Tread
wtlli BotVn via S York; Jan 2, ehlpa Palmyra, Week', Boa
t's Jnly IS: Auguatti* fUarl. Hfpilo*, whampoa; Oldoa
VuTg galliot Viturgli, llarien, ??7. all an: bark Lemuolla (Br).
Haddock, Lcndon :id, ?hlp* CeTop* (Daa>. Bredere-jn, Henc
Ktni : 4th. Jnnipi r. Paraoc*, Beaton Jua* C; Arab, *'hnra
ton. do July 6; b? ki Sntrria* (Fr), Bea'.on. Bordaam; Jo
tiiivB'i' Bi>, B?n-ett, Glasgow: tlth.shlpi 8weep;t*k*a,
Lai e. NYork Eepv . Ktb, Oregon (Br J^I'll
tt wen* "
NYork hert <; U'tb, Oregon (Br , William*, Uv.rpjeTr
n?, Ihomae, J-oget Scbot; nth, Wild Pigeon, llanMo.
c Sept 0; Southern C'oet P*in#, do Aug l#; Flalna
ntrr, Cardiff; 1.1th. T-laitar Miteh-U, NYork Mayfi llab
J*eeb Bell, Kilhaa, FhUadelphln
Sert 13; Bowd:teh, Jolitiaon, Boiton April 1,1 via Montevideo;
Jihn Stet *? Bi), Harriser, Hnubarg via Vatparai* , Car
oli&e Lute) . He But. Caraiil via do; birk* Marba (daaX
1-eleu. IlMEtutg ria do; Co?et. Burn ham, Beaton 8 ?a?T{
l!tb, *te*tucr Cortu, Crcrper, San Juan; atif* Hkylaffe.
Ilenry, h \ rrk Sift If: Wiuged Arrow, itcaree. But a Sefl
11. ichr I:dl?ncl? < 1 mailed), Cathcirt. Melbourne CI day*,
via Sjrnt; lad 1 ihui
Ou'.dd*, bark Prciident Br), from Sydmy via the S>?lo*j
S dDecSl. ihiei Hurr ean?. Virr, NYark; Kate Have.,
Sa\i?B. CallAC i-.t^re teporUt ell lSlh for Valparaiee):
J*-. 2 I trk E Certing, Oravei, Ilenolnlu (?** reported old
.'Oth tor A ladjei) 3d. birki tn ma Iiadore, Oatee Hobart
T^rrn. t art e, Uoiiderscn, C ?n*o 5th, ?bip Flying Dtmob,
Hrrtcn, io; bilk Waltef Cl**ton. Af?Ua^#i, *onaocino;
^ciVrth.0 bark* Spef< (Tlv), Graham, Csllae; loth. John
Cairin iBr), Jacke, Valparai.o; 13th, ?aips M iioomia, Soota,
and ) am?' !Br), leaner, Callao.
Adv b:l* Zoa. Paty, 'or U-nclilu lPth alt.
FA Van ft ill ? Air Feb i, bark Sopbia, Caic, Boi' jn; brlaa
G L Abbot. Cole, NO-icani; Ha:ri;t Newell, Wart en, Anil
pott Me, uLr* Cataract, Ric?, ft York. V Berry, Middle**,
bath. M >. Cld tark Macon, Maro, i> aton; *ihr Oka* Wil
li m. i bc .th i r.'.t&aiun Ha.
WlIMpf GTOV, NC Air F.b fi I irk Mary Blaek<Brk
Ilcoker, Llvrra-l lr,fi* D n.ark, Gama^a, Boiuin loit a
man or rboa:i ? amid j.aur, o; OlaecMter 8 P Br??a In*
man. Havaaa, mhr* Ana Smith, Smith Ko-alojtoe, Jonea;
Wiry A Loutie adami, and Ambassador, Allan. N t ork;
Champi n, Bar lata, and Magellan. HcLe .1, Boetoa: Ann M
foaan, Providenoe. ?? .J 4th, brig John fiathaway,
tai'h < arj-iaaa, *ebriAUrie, Louriaier, and Mary PewMl,
Davia, NYcrk; 6th, brig florenee, B icklaa, lioeton. **kai
John r?rkini. Matehlnaen, d?; Piata, Helt.r
.. i- N Fork; J*
BkortwelL N London.
WICKFORD? Arr Fob S, eohr Melamora. Hard lag, It *??
falk for Diahtea; eouid net gat late Uonat Hope Bag an
oouol ef t he I?e. At anaher abev* Dutei lilaad 7th. a lacaa
m| all ttkaaaat, bound vt<

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