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The aoturt mat y##t?i day mo niar pu'?atnt .?> ?dj a?
K#nt. I'resenl ?Ii the niembera, to*# liter *? >J ljr*
CiltM ul kin edeleer, Captain
Private InuN 8 eeper.of Company D, Third Artillery,
ft Witness tailed on at the ?ngi<e?ilou o: Uilaoei Galea,
fU then sworn lilt d epoee! m follow*
Direct exenlnAtion by tbe ooa t. ? Q Do jon kasw
whether Cep'ain wardine- ft 001 to# pnbljS slort#
(mi ^*<1 any bleflnit cm tb* Kilbr . A, No, s.r, I le no t.
Q Dj job keow any faeta leading to aaot a rulief T A
JNo; ell tint I do know i? ti at Botue were looa dew* to
tie bald betvttu decks; I ??? mu? *toU aiwltut anl
SODI0 piteti.
y. Do job know wao pat them there, or h)W tbey cams
there 1 A. I do cot.
Q la whet pari of ts>? hall were thsv foual' A.
Nearly In tb? otita, on the ri?ht 1 mi* aide of tan batch
way going forward, n?er hal/ way 'rum the batohway aobl
to iue eld* of tn? vecMd, about fuur or hte real rota u?#
?Ida of the vest* I.
Q. by Coloarl Gat's ? Did yon koo w where Capt (JatM
B*r had his bed on board th? KiHy * If sa, ?lae If the
bisouit w<r# loual Ihereaboat f A. 1 don'i vnuw wL.re
bis bed iiii; bt changed tae place ??veral time*.
Pn? ate John klurpay sworn Q Ojjju koov wfc i?
Captain Gardmxr u<>* and hid aw a; any biisail fr?m ta >
pa bile storee on the Rilby ? a N >.
(J. Da you know any thin* a'?ut (be mattei? A t
beard a rumor abjui wan, but dtJ Lot ?** any
Private Warren Adams sworn? Q Do yoa ?? >w aey
about any bleeei. taken or hid by Captain Gardiner
M the Kilb)? A I saw nutuiig I Hoard a rumor u> .net
Private Lilly, rf Cot pea* I), Thirl Artillery, i*crn.
The Court re. trked that there ?ai no u'C^aiity of
Balling mure ?ilo ?> ?t to Certify to having Ue^ra ran ?ri.
Coiokei Galr? di not ine.ai tu I-* oi-ouuaUjn of the
Private KMrdg* c.f Cddjmoj n ?as ?h?a caLe 1, bit
Colonel Gatrt eai h- diO n~t w?h hi w tu t>? tximiael
The Jui.'ne A. rvld n? ka 1 o?i el ail the wit i?j
M liinied b> C'lo *? Hatae M^epti < tw >? 3e ge^a! Uj
Jttyre an'i a pr- at*, naoi^l >?.u, alio were ablaut, lud
the litter ooo no ba fi.aad
The foil' wtrig leua. from tjo'.oaei Gatei wai thta laid
befoie the Cour -
N?w Tobk. Fab, 2M8U.
JIB rHUintST, AW G*!?TI.*Vk.N ?T THt COl'IlT -
At'l e'iuie I r iil? ? ?ri"?? naiirt
Cardianr la rcla'.i^u t.i tk* ehurg iii'K in th? u^. di o tv>
Jodr? A<lTi>ca>< r oj nit c tUa bu ?ml?. 1 b ii neli an
rea?. ralilc *rri>*.d? 'or a< mg . I ??i * rc-eiefd tae 0 xo
flaii; ?ef the v auiu l n fr iu a h / iy i?fie "able n<>? o?n
mini ne4 offlc. r ? ilh a llo of ?lir in- i a-l"io li? ii,n 'hit
<euad tte biral <?. e a r"ap?aii lj?rmn , r acii tlaval > J- la
Jad made tL?ir bt<?. The ??rjaar.t wa? li-ar la hii ?? a ?? i -
Of the maUtr ?t"i I th >u?h? U dim I'd an txi"".' iatli ?
fcetera tain Cr n't ia tl a e>>oe ma n< r ti.n > h\ii I ?en
laTeetltated ?b?n (ir:rerrad apannt mi b>- Cat tain Ulfii
nir up to tl.ii day Mh.th'ir tb^?9 al efttim*
are oi.f?nr.4ed or >ot. I tu n? arfiria: tii ? projf
or failnre lieu vlfi Hi >?? *ho ffT.rel ?uoj.<?|v,J? ft mo
BewitB((!*e aid thie I atatad in toy letter aaaluilag the
complaint lo tl e Jut'?e <d?ucitJ l't Ik, IMl A? Oap
bain (iATdlaer cow pre* ol ?ua iratt r u t ?ith-tardlng I
TTopoa< d to ? I* ? ciaw ihr ta<d '?i r alot, nooa tae 1 fiat 1 It
XBlatt be donbtful wneXier t?e wi' in- ??? nun d all "t eboai
jhae aot yet brrv > x? u. iu t uj ia? w cl-i clearly anstain th s
?cmpltiot, aoo b ea ieg the i tiHIr tlon of >hnee*i(iae
between B>.? at.d Capt iaUarriln r w?i.ld matsrlall) intertere
Witli the tfo'ecte 1 >m c\ l.d to rn ike l.e >>re ihil Conr:.
1 havt tbarf'ore tc re.)u'iat aa impartial axamiaaUia may
|)0 continued in tui> rata
1 hat# tie Lcnor to be. geatl<m?\ your obedient eerrmt,
V* M l,a ?3. Poloatl T ird Ar lller/.
Tbe ObtI WMtben el. area, and t .a 1' i-ndeat dul'ed
the Judge >deuat'<< 10 toqntra of C >'Oael Ua'et what wit
aeeaee ae r?r< r;ed tu in nl? l*ttrrja?t real, at yet re
rnalBtrg to be '?x%m n?.1 Ti BO.U't al-o railed nyoa
Col. UabM to >.iate ep-rifijally wuat he cxpioMl fcBvih
Wirnestes to p?ote.
Colonel ttatea "vhea laid th? following writtoa reply bs
fore tha Ourl:?
I expect Serytsn* llcfatyrn t- rroee that CapV Oirlla*r
5a?? motej- to tli# ? I l.'ncol.i, that Capt tlarditier or
ervd rim ?wn fro r. t'je C nr> room, aod k< d h'ai ?nen bs
Wanted him be v n d >urru.er li i. ; an I ex 'i ct h-m 'n-tke:
to rrove t at lt?? iu et?r<< ?f t e pa-?> teft ><n the Kiiey,
*i? that ba ic p rt? .1 tat 'leu t?? .f tae ofaok- ri bot*?
found under ("apt 0 \rdin-r'? bo i to url. fJa <?; 1 oxpset to
froee by Private ft h that b > !oond tr ? eracxir? t.ln.aolf ia
te pltoe 1'iet oc^nphd hy Capt Gardiuor. ihaud lierewith
ftergoaat UclLiyro'e itt.er.
WM. (1ATES. C^l^nel CT. S A.
The le'ter from S.'rgeaai Mol^tjue, ailjdea to in the
aboTe, le a m fcllowt:?
Foar Wood, Teb. 10, 13SJ.
Cot-owrt. G ati.*: ?
Sin -Tb? m?n tli?r know about the flndfng ef tho bifoait,
to., oa b erd tl. Kuky, alter t.>e oHioer* lit', ere -8 rg .ant
J. 8. MclBtjre ufi. airanvK; Priva'ee : Itel -r, o^mp *uy D;
Unrpbe, oomperv i. Acamt, ootupa jy J; Lilly, ooiapaay D;
iltrlrire. eimpxcy 1)
The maa wi.o t.\in I the bltcnlt la on p?n. Any fa:ther in
(otmaticB ycu require 1 oxn ut? if reqairsd.
1 am. air, )ctir> r-npeeif.il.y,
JOS.ril 8 McINTTR*.
lergiant T. ird U. S A. Art! lery.
Th# Court decided Ifcat the te tiaioay of Felt, to prove
that crackers weri round lo tha bold or the iblp and ao
thing .more, coa 11 not ba of aey c lOMqieaca ta th#
prceent laquiry. and that the Uoart decline to wait far an
abaent wltneta fur each teitimony; aad, moreover, would
think It naeieea to take inch t#e*i(uo>y #e#n if the wlt
laeaa wer# pnteni. Toe Court d:rect-d the Jadgt Adro
cat# lo hare S rgeant Mcliityr# la attendance to mo. row,
(Thursday,) at 10 o'cloek.
The folio'
ilowing note from CMocel Gate* wai th' n r?aJ : ?
Cot* bt Boom, tfelaeiday, A. M
Mb. Pnmii rsT:-- lfot nne?mtasdiBt ye?te day that I
Wa? at liberty to withdraw fr >m tie court tor the crepara
%ion o' my de ence. 1 hare the hon ^r to ?tate that it willb#
Izpoeeibl* for me, iajnitlotte mytelf, to hare my defei##
ready before Frldae BiorB.Bg at 11 o'olook. 1 therefore ie
queei aatil that time to prepare it
WM. GATES Col. U, S. A.
The Conrt aae#nt#d to thll applieatloa.
The Oourt than went latoeesiet eeiwlon.
The Jndge Adeoeate stated to the Court that Lieu 'en
ante C S. Winder and Ctaadler had appeared aaoording
to summoni, bat had *tate<l to him (the Jndge Advocate)
that they were ocgrtiaat of bo malar not new ia eri
denoe, which was at all material or worth bringing te th#
nodlce of the Oourt
After remaining In fee ret s?*?lon for p?T#ral hoar# th#
Court adjoaraed tc meet again toil morning at 10 o'clock.
Theatre* and Kxhlbttlon*.
Boitarr Thbatrk ? ?! nele Too'i llabW" oon'lnn?? to
draw ere wda to tin* thertre. The eoenery It beautifully
dote, and iacludet paaoramai of the Ohio Md Mia
Beoadwat TiriATHi ?The gre?t fairy epestacle, Shakt
yeaie'a "Midaunmar Niaht'a Iwm," 1* to b<i pU'*<l l hi*
CTenliig for the hi ,?-fn'h ttm*; al-o th? farce o?Uvi ' in
tony and Cleopatra " The |tHt leeource* of the entab
Iirh sent enable* the manager m glee hi* pieet* tia fall
tS'ttiof iwb'ij aid otki-r a'jLnc ? A* the upeetacle
la drawice fall boatct, It la tuctatary to eeonre Mau In
the day time.
Bi RToa'K Thkatrf ? Th? anfiton** at thl* theatr* ara
highly delight* ? wiih tba pe formaaee of 3hak>p*ar?'*
tnaeinatirg cor. e j, "a M i!*ummer Night'* IlMam."
Tha astlsg, tcrnt, j and munc Ih not eicelled. It la to
U plated 10 night, with iba loaal f*rce, "Our B?it So
olaty." Butt nV baa bee* crowJed e?ery nlgM.
National Tukatk* ? Tm popula local p'eoe, "L'tUe
Katy, tb? Hot ix in Girt," i? to b? played thl* aria mono,
and U the eyenlcg 'Cms la Tem'e Cabin" ia tha attrao
Uoa. Tha Natl mal la a -'all ordered eatabliahmaat.
Waii_ack> Tbiutkk ? ' T-.e p?-fo aMM at tilt horn
&D ntfht, irrl . Ke-n- <V comedy, "Fo'ly An It Filet,"
sad Bronghair '? draii.a, ? Teai .tat ou " Bilh ploei ara
wall ea?t, and tba ililtar *1 Walleck'a will ba iai to ha
loatxacv?d ted amnrad.
KtBsca'a Dr.- cm ?Tha wecderful Niwlo Family ara
eogaged at thin a* abiiehoaent and they will appear la
their woni'erful frat? ihi* aft?*neon la tha areolae,
"Ail that Witter* ts not Sold" la to be played. The poul
try ahow will be cloned on Fi lday
Bsoahway McAi.ian ? Go an 4 nee the woa^erfnl
dwarf. He U em?l?er than T m Thumb, and, therefore,
balamaklvf a create* excitement. He la to he aetn
daring the nay aa I e? >nlng. Th? Siameee Twloi are alto
bet* with their familie*.
Bun the Bight y w>an of Ragle, glvee one of hi*
hoiraea attJlayeeaant Ia?tttate ihitcreaiag A< bi? I 'ay
amoag aa U limited hit admirera ahouM be early oa
CSwftt'h Mimrrui.* ? in hour or two can be moat
yleaia?'ly paaeed at 473 Broadwey. The original Chriity
lUaatrela are m good aa erer, aac ihtrw ia no falling off
Ja their aud ease*.
Woob'h HcsmiLiJt ? Thu popa'ar band, (hall No 444
Broadway,) ar? drawing fall t oaeet with their laat new
operatic butlefque, '1-ead Herder Sham Mr>n*y," ("L'n
da dl Uhairou'. ler i ") It la one of tho beat tbtngi of the
hied ever produced.
Cnntwt Haij ? At No. 839 Broadway tke Biokley
?*r?r. Bnl it rifflcuH to Jate ?U that;
They are rtfleff * ?ry bi^q . a btrleeque oa tha "Bo
hemiaa -trl " The;r p ograume for thla eraclng U
DU<>r"?iaa rtrr In tare* lag
1>**?AKn> llit>ainr th? Hotr Laki> ia exhibited arery
alght at (iwrar % tUil, B:.ia^w?y, mar I'rlaee atraaL It
l? aa Intern tin j and .oatractlva exhtbllioa.
J E Bot>erte. a WeaWn tia e'ian, p ayed "R'ohard
III" at tha Hrwaid Athene- 1 a, R>>t<a, on Monday.
MIm Mehrllle hu made a "hit" at the Na'.loaal aa Katy
ia "Hot Cora."
Bowtao ok tw? UiH<!<itrm - On tha trip of the Robert J.
Ward, fro? Loauviila. Manama 9ootig. wb> teal way*
doiag jaat neh teaernn* artota, f oa the teipqluei of
her poble aad fetlmg nataie. n? a ereeert oo board, on
dm of theee delliloaa atooahght nlg^ta that made la?t
week ao beaatifnl. for tha b*a?4U et the U.phan Aaylam
Hew Or lean* Hhe aang *ereral of her eh^oeat mervatu
KTeatly to the delight of tl?e pmaofri, who aostribatad
a haadacme ram for the charity In whoaa behalf thin lm
Sr'-mptn ouaoeri wae got op. .'aall, the brllliaat plaalat,
ttle Urao, the ebarmiag elollalat. and Rneea, tha elarar
?>*e?, b?f i eiegar, added their eoatrlbatloa* to the p?r
ietmaaeea of ike eeenlaf, which waa, lndaed, oae to be
peui mbwied by all wba participated la it* plaaaore* aad
?ajoymaata -jSnc OrU*nt fucrpme, Fit. 14.
Tha "Actor* Order o I Frtendehlp," at Phlladalabla,
V" Cfc'aeea Mnaenm, oa Wedaeeday eight,
%llltea Wheatley ?oor maa^r
p. SaiarUle, t celebrated es'jor. who for the Ia*t I realty
ffmtt ha* beea wont to act tba PaUia R yal aadlenoee in
? roar, <M at Faa oa Jaaaa<y 31, ta hi* tetj elfhU
Mr*. Prlaaa, a widow, formerly wan kaowa la I.iodoa
|* Mia* Henley, autre** aad Toaaltat, baa bean aeat to
mrlaoa ky the lam bath ma?Utrate. for twenty oa* daya,
plbwowa re^ueet, for bel*g draak ia the atneU.
I"TWBMAB>IAOM of Blood Rlianow*.? TV
FitdertokaburK A'nw aay*:? In the coonty in which
*rc were r*i*H, for twenty generationa back, a cer
tain (amity of wealth and rMMCtabllltr hare later
Jnarricd until there eannot be found in throe of them
ft sound nun or wonuui. One kw sort ere*, anotVr
(Ktofula, a third 1* idiotic, ? fonrth Mind, a Bfth
C avdyleir^ed. a autth with a head about the aize of a
tntrip, with not cue out of the number exempt from
? ^ywcal or roent*] de'e:ta of aome hnd. Yet thia
Uy i?n?Tert * to iiitermarry with ea ? MtS
?l ??"?'?r- o.a ? t .u
Political IbU1II|?m.
A banquet 1b honor o? John J Ur'.'t?ad>a, r?nat*r *leet
toCorg.M* from Kentucky, wat gi?e? by the per.ora
j and political frMnda of that gentlenaa at Trenkfurt, oa
tb? 16th Imt About thr** hundred g?n'.)eme? of all
partita w*r* preaent na tb* occaalsu. Mr Cii'.Uedea wu
auyported on bla right and left by Meearii Cunningham
and Wolfe, of till Stat* Senate, whllat Mr E. 8 nub, of
f laming. aixl Mr Joba W. Plnneil of Covlagtoa, presided
at th* other table*. The entertainment ?u of aa *l'?ga*t
?ad r*freahlag uature, reflecting credit upon ta? cuititu,
i?d dlipeLiiog u altera al good feeling among thoae
After the dlaaer had biaa cljcmued la the nana) maa
nar, the foliowlag regular tout* ware r-?d:?
71? I 'rim o/ the Stale*? Thrle? ho?iirad be Ita trae
frtoi i? and aupporte<e? forever a<iour??i ih* fanatical
?ptiit who would tacrlfi je the abler gi<t > of.bJj ooantry to
hU ova unhallowed aaibiiloa.
George iVa/hiri/tim ? Time will ooatlaae to Mghtoa the
?tergtoea wreath whlshtanclrele* tbe pant, t her/a brow.
llmry Clay? Hi* pnklia Ufa tbe etauaman'e io.*del; bu
grave tee patriot * ahrlne; ula fame the nation'* (lory.
ErtJutAy? Aa a S ate tbe ataod? the acknowledge* key
akw* tf vi.e ar li of tbe lTmon, and
If a bone If to be f unci In 'he wi 1* wnrl V
The heart that la p'ouduat might look for It bar*.
Ktniudy't Ilnoic Deal?
t-iono oleep tbe brer* who (Ink to r*et,
*T all tb*lr country 'a wi*b?e bleat;
Trne hot or aorcea a pllgi 1m gra?,
To blase tue turf that wrape luelr Clay.
Our Country- Efleneion with magnitude? inoreeting la
rwor at It e (large* In area? proving by the n ?it of Ita
mlrtjna that constitutional liberty on enre rigor to
crntrol mankind than ban ever tx-en f^nut In the way of
("e'pottim. May tie voinntary pilnMpe aatlt all
tie earth r'j' <o? to the biM*lt>*? of fr?* loiittu .lone
77.c Cunititutvm of the I 'nit/id Stale*? Tha work of wii*
hfa* h and ttire beaita Whatever party la In the aaaarnt
art, ray our ruler* never profane inch uuholy oand? the
p.i.?(iiuai <f i nr libt-rtiea.
T'te t'etfle? U- is their b?*t lo-er who ?arei lo te'l
teem tbe trath. He ia itelr wnrit eiwwiy who coneae1
tie truth f mm thfm Hearer rand them pa trio i an I
em t den'^icguea 'it their wuMlliort.
The Wh>g I'cnty? Having for 1U fouu'1 ati'tni truth,
- it ii*ao: patrl itlam? etaen tlaily conservatlv* In all i'n
aci* and p"tpoaet, It oan never die until liberty'* gre?t
atul ileelf la dead.
Our /" irfid at?f Otn!? -The gentleman? tha ftvt'inne,
th? patriot? polished in mmn?r? w *e aid c<n4*rv*tir*
tu councU anO arletit in hia .<??? of oouatry, la hoait
t* air* Kvtocky but horor? tie-aelf
To tfcle la?t to??t Mr CrKtamtn rMpoadel hi bl< hao
pieet a'.yl*. WblU bis p< lltioal and per. rnal frlaad* conll
bbt th < vhf le ten r of bl< r aikrk* there en
Dotting In tl < n that could give V> bi< p htl lal eae">
present tb? leai*t offenee. He eaid he w?a a whig of the
W*bHteraud ( liy aohool, ana that if he r'rhtly under
ttood the tnaaMigi of tbow great m?n he thon^ht that
when be Mrv*1! hi* country tb* iao>t he taojld be ??rr
leg hia party the leaat. The i atlocal ^aro ioracy of New
Yoik had, h* said, com* ao ntgh to Mm tmt ht would
he wUilng to uni'e In one g'aat party to auoport thi
I'nW.a and cpholl the o institution Ha tep'e<eatel
a btat* la which Uiere waa no Clauuioni.it no abahtionlat,
ao eeoeepionltt
Governor Powell reiponded ia an exceedingly happy
?P"?ch to a toast in hia honor.
The fell.-) win k preamble irnl resolutions vsr? Introduce!
In tbe Ohio Bow* ?f Representative.1! b; Mr. u'N il
Whereas, The bill to provide far *be org mix %ti >o *f the
new territories o( Nebraska ar>d rersatlr Intro
duos} Into tbe 8<<Bat? of the U oiled S.sre* by H m tfe
pheu A. Dcuglai, of Illlreie, h?s given iW to o >nei lerabls
dlicusi-lon end no small degmo of exattemeut a?i?cg the
j ecple of tbti couatry, t&erefora, la oritrtatttir md
t u.ent? of tbe prople of the S:*te of Oil >, la r*Utlon ?o
sala bill Ray be k t > keisn through taslr reprssbuta
tlveti in tbe (leuertl A isemt.ly,
Rctolvrd, by the U?o? ml A-tsembly of the BUt* of Oslo.
That tbe federal governs e.it Is oni of limi ?t l p >w?n. end
ti *t Congress hen to riuht to exeraife p >wers not epeaifl
cal'y granted b y the on.Hittuti n; :b?' (he >x?toim of
dcubtful p..w?rn 1 1 an inf. se:loi> of ibe rights of tag people
snd b'Uten. dangerous to the permanent,. ml the cna'eder
scy; sod that Use conMi'U'lon ba* not dei*g?ied t? <Jos
grwe tie right to t? abllui or prohibit slavery many of t?*
T>rrlUt;?? of ihe Urr?v. States; end that >< tney ars tee
j int property of tbe several States, acquired by tbelr
salted action, an-.1 by the expenditure of their cmoiou
bin d end treasure. they ere eotiil-dto governmei te or
ganised upon tbe theory of the f*!eral e >mp?ct, having
to tbe people thereof to enact a a oh laws in retaMon to the
dr rr.esUo institution* aa they may deem moit ooniuolve
to their welfare
Rr? ilifd, That said bill of Senator Douirls", ai amended,
rexigniite* the eound p> indoles of policy aoove enume
rated, wherein It declare* that the 1th eectina of the eo
celled Missouri ci mpromite ' being InO'Wdstent with the
prlro.plee of aon interveuti ? by Oongr#s? with slavery
in the States and Territorial as reoof nlr>-d by the legU
latlon of I860 " I* ' inoperative and void, it beiag tbe
trne Intent and meaning of this (Nebraska) act not to
If g 'slate slavery lot* the Territory or Stale, nor to *x
clnde it theteiron, bat to lenve the people thersef per
fectly free to form an* regulate their comes tio iustitu
tloei, in their own way, subject only to the sonitltnlion
of the United Btatee."
R#*;olved, That aa the people have the Inalienable
right, at all times, to govern themselves, and aa the
soieaoe of goreraBCnt, like other salens*!, U progressive
la Its nature. therefore all laws, whether oalled ejmpro
r.lees cr otherwise, are snbj?ot to repeal whenever la*
per pie demand inch repeal.
The following were introduced in the Ohio Senate on
bw 20th In?t. ty Mr. Wright:?
Whereas, Tbe existenoe of slavery la the Ualtel SUbu
snd Its Tfrrtu rte? is a great national evil, tu b< deplore 1
by every gond eltlsen; and, whereas. In tbe orLftnal o?m
p?ct, had slavery net existed In any of tb* States, no sash
ntliution would rrer have k*en rec*niied or tanarionsd
by onr governrctnt; and whereas, the his;ory of oar son
stituti n justilles the be lef that it was folly understood
by all its foundnrs, that slavery, though a g eat evil, wae
to remain tbe euree or boon of snob Slates aa ehesa te
perpetuate It; and, whereat, wa believe oar forefathers
never intended the extsnslon of the area of slavery, bat,
an jast men end patriots, ih?y loeked forward to that,
brig liter day when a people wboee liberties hadjeoet so
dearly would cease In the faoe of their 'auatsd blU of
rights to en nitre by legal sanetlon their fellow man:
ard, whereas, the instltntion oi slavery 1< at war with
every legitimate aad cberlshel instltntion of tbe land, aad
must ever mar the prosperity, Impede tbe upward and
onward march of a country in prop irtion to tbe territory
it m?y ovtrrun; and, whereas, the reputation of a faasily
chi? lif defend n pen tbe r.haricter for purity end virtue
o' its members rrspecUvely; and, wbereae. the free feeleg
sisters of tbe (lave Scatts. and d^atrlng to anetaln at horn*
aad abroad a good reputation, are anwiUlng that sny fur
ther itigma be brought up in the wrest fa.mlj to waloh
they beli<rg by the adoption of any Bore polluted daugh
ters; theiefore?
1. Resolved, by the General Assembly of the Skate of
Ohio, That this lef>lati?e body lnstiaot Mr .Sena'ors in
Congresa, and request our repreeeatattvee. to opjose any
law orgat ixlag a terrltery. or at m ttlog a Suit* into the
I'nlon, irre;pec'ive of latitude or longltu le, unlees slavery
in such Territory or Slate be fori ver excluded by said
2 lis sol red, Tjat we will ever defend the act ?f March
6, 1?2C, comxonlr railed the Mistouri a co jr imlne, as n
sol-mti compact between the North aad 8 nth. lived np
to by the N irth in food fsf.h; that wa deem it dishonset
In sr.v stateeinan to lend his aid In tbe violation of Its
provisions, that we deay that tha said compromise of
1820 ,wa>, In any part, repealed or superseded by tha
compromlM of IP 50, or that sach has even ever bean tha
cplnlon of any statesman until the tatrod nation of tha
'?Nebraska bill" by Douglas, la the pnsent C.mgreis
Washington Wilcox, ftee poller, Las haaa tlectid Trea
surar of Maine by one icajerity.
The whlga of New Bedford have nominated Mr. Wlllard
Nye as ? candidate far Mayor of that elty.
Franklin and Clinton countiee have gl>ea msjortties
against tha canals.
Police InUlllgtnre.
A PM TJiffMcay Ki-blx rj.--u9ijnr Wxstoot, of tha Fifth
ward police, on Tuesday night arrsated a man named
Joha Walker, on a charge of sl-Mng in tha assault aad
robbery of Mr. Thomas Lowe, of San Frasaifoo. at r resent
stopping at tha Aster House. It serms by the evidenoa
gtren by Mr. Lowe, that he was at the eoraer of Church
end Dnaae streets, on Tuesday night, at aoout twelve
o'clock, when he was suddenly assaulted by snms perann
from behind, receiving a blow on tha back of the head,
which knocked him down. Three mm then fell upon
ani* on? tore vif th? pocket of hut vest, narryUg with
it a gold eaten and chain v?!ue<l at one fcendrea and S'ty
dollsrs Tbe police cRl:tr hurriel to tha se^aeo' trouble,
and sslri-d hold of Walker, whom he fouad wita two
others still cn tbe compUlnact aeesol*. ng bin. Th*
fwt man made thrlr escape when the o<8 :er arretted
Walker A rhort Use prerous to thai Mr. Love say* he
was robbed by a wrman of up vardi cf forty d^llsri Tha
prlaone: dntlee tic obsge. .Imtioe O.boin, ho vers r,
aossmltted him to ptisoo for trial
An ApgravaUd Auauk on a Tsung Girl ? Teaterday
cfboer Patterson, of the lower polls* court, arrested a
Jon eg disc Dsmed Owen Deralln on a wsr.ant issued by
as (Ice Oeborn, wherein tbe accused eland* charged with
perpatra'itg a very dU?raoefal suault on the person of
a yi BB( girl named Caroline tinnier, residing wl'.h her
percnts at No. T 1 Mi ttitreet. It eeemi ty th s girl's evi
itac* that Deralln attends bar in tbe saloon k*pt by Mr.
Dibbin c rcer ot Hot eon and W?ts ftreets VThen tb*
girl went on Tuesday tasern), and after d'lag the work,
tb* acru>*4 in its J her into a "1* reou, loek*d thtdoor,
seised hoi 1 of her, and attempted aa uawarrantabl*
1 t>. tty with har She re?ul<4d him, called out fwt aetbl
anc? and ha then let h?r go. Too ??*tatrate, on taa
evidence, required Devalln to flsd ball, In -efsalt of which
he was oouuittad to prison.
Court of Oeucral ScMlona.
Hrfire bis Honor lteoordar tiilou.
Fkk .2? ThsO'urt r*eamed Its sitUug te day at th*
usual hour, notwithstanding th* day was celebrated by
our cltlven soldiery as th* anniversary of tbe birthday of
Waehlagtoa, aad eon tinned te trsnesct public ba<in**n
until two o'clock when it adjiurned The greater part
of th* day waa spent in h*arti>g argument* to decrease
bail, and In hsniing motions for puaipoan n*at o." enusee.
JfaniUrufiMtr <n ?? tAwd rt?yr?? ? .Teremlah lane, a
young man, was ptaoel at the bar to receive th* seatenc*
of the Orart, be baring b**n c evicted weak be'ore last
of having caused the death of WUhasa ayer, a U?rman by
His Honor th* Rsaon*er, la proa-vio^a* the ??ntene?
oi tb* court, cautioned bin. in a ve-y >.? -iinj inner,
whl'e yet tn th* prim* of msnbo <1 U> rrp?n t, r, i kal
for the future n life of repentance a*>l t<\> umi Tae
eetit?n?eof the &nrt w?? that he be lm >'I.>-?1 In t>t*
t**s'e t * n atSlngSia* for tbrea year* ao.1 elf ll
Tr.e I'lr'ter did nol seem the least aifoCteJ ai tits pi >t
p??^ for it>s rest t'?ee veare
C-mrf Uioey.riij^f i r nln. on being con?l?'*d of
ste.lo ? t .f o: f?.-ir, potatoes Ua rlee frsas lap
soot k , kanunnad m two yenraaad su months
r.tr.ln< meat tn th* sserMe ptlaw at Hing Su
. iUteewt 1Mb ?ajttm* to****,
! Dreadful ?toanaboat BiylMton at It Lmu
-OUAT 8UI )->SlKfl I r TOR IPJVfcU.
[Krini ?v R*r>n 4 ca?. t'.b 17 ]
lb nt feven o'clock ytater.'ay moraiii{, February
18, ?h? staiboani butler of the A I tun p.iike', Katr
Kwrnej Ne. 1, exploded with trameudois force
IShe tii just iu the set e( starting wheu tie ex ?lo
tion ten k place, lid ha4 on b ?rd al<out t ft u ty or
Ib'r f i u?*ei gert, I* idea the oflieers arid crew. Tbt
txpioaiim wai heard at a dirtaace of several squares,
ai.d ho at was its poner tnat the entiw up.ier
worisoi'tte b at, as far back as ttie wbeelso we,
were literally riddled, and tell win a crash upon
the iutiu deck.
By tbit accident a negro aid a deck band ware
Instantly killed, nvrnl were Mown int > th? river
aud drowned. A gentleman who was on an adj*
c?M boat at the tima informs ua that he saw three
m< u drown.
The number of persona acalded, ao far u va have
been able to ascertain, amounta in the aggregate to
about twestj live. He? 8. ti. Uaasaway. rtdor of
St. George's (.'Lurch. In this city, waa a passeuger,
aud waa terribly injured. His skull wan badly frac
j tnjcd, bis fac? diaflfarei], and one of hi* legs broken
In Kevera! places. When recognized, whiu'i was not
drue without mnch difficulty, he waa taken to his
resilience iu almost a lifeleaa state.
llnjor Buel, U. 8. A., was al?o en b iard, aod se
verely injured. Ilia physicians fear that he hue re
ceived iaternal Injury from the InbaUtion of steam,
and bis situation is critical. Yeatttd. ay avmog
Major Buel'a symptoms were more favorable, aud he
is expected to recover.
A short time after the explosion the wounded were
removed from the wreck aad levee, awl taken up to
the police office, and from tbere to the Sisters' Hos
pital. We paid a visit early yesterday turning to
this institution, and viated the ward where the *uf
ferrrs were confined, it was a tig it culeultted to
make the stoutest heart quake.
Fifteen men lay stretched upon beds of sufiVrlng,
their fates and liodiee moet horribly mangled aad
4i*tvurtd. while th?groaqs tbat went up frem their
agonised hearts testitied how fearfal was their aftlio
The sulftringt of tome were to acute flat they had
to ba strapped to tlieir bed* to keep them from jump
ing cut in anguish. The swolien facet, black with
the hissing iteein, was an evidence that (he work of
destnictien waa complete.
Below we give a list of the names of thssa perama
who are at the hospital, unier the charge ?f the 8i?
ten. It is proper to state that several who were
scalded were taken to the various hotels wkere they
had been stopping , to be pro vi led for.
J K. Newberry, New York, agad forty yeart.
.lohn MrCabe, Irelan 1. 2k years.
Win. Cbeeves, (colored,) Illinois, 24 year*.
Favorite Hardy, Alton, 23 year*, second engineer.
Janes O'Keefe, 2, Ireland, 3G years.
Vincent, Pittsburg.
Win. Currin, Irelaed, 27 years.
Wm. J. Stewart, 8t. Louis, 25 years, clerk.
Albert Hardy. Alton, 2-5 years, first engineer.
Cutrles Core nee. Germany, 28 years.
l*aiiiel Kaa'e, Ireland, 18 year*.
Bernard Riley.
E. J. McKetmie, Scotland 28 yetre.
Jsnies Caveiaugh, Ireland, 25 year a.
One unknown
Mr. lirowu, the mail agent, wm also on biard, aid |
standing in the social hall. He fell with the wreck j
to the nittia deck, and, atram?e to say, was ouly ,
slUhtiy njnred. One iuai, whese name we dil not
learn, sijs thai he iu standing near frie clerk s &r
flee, ano hi# tiret ?ensaUons were a gentle n?iug un
der his feet before the crash came. He was thrown i
on el>ore, ani fortunately escaped wnh only a lew j
si! irbt bruises. .. . , . . ... '
B me idea miy be gathered of the for<-e of this
explosion, from the fact that a fragment of t?e boiler,
wtu'lu."K over one hur.dred pounds, was blown with j
push Violence the distaice of a square, that it struck
tl>e wall i t fourth story of the store occupied by
Messrs ^ u s hs A Anderson, on the comer of Mar
ket ktret t aL'l t>-e levue, displaced several brUks,
and cracked th^ w all, which is two brick-tthick. One
of the fragmei ts struck a dray borr.e Btauding on the
levee, and bled him profusely.
It is i m possible, at the time we are writing, to es
timate the exact loss. A gentleman who was stand
ing oo Market street at the titne the explosion took
place, ita*?s that he saw a man some di.m.oa in the
air, with lna hands outstretched, and that he disap- j
pet! rid in the smoke. , , ... ?_j I
Capt. Bruner, we understand, is nnmjursd, and
was either on the hurricane deck, or ascending near
the wheelhouse, when the explosion took place. The 1
clerk, Mr. Jas. Godfrey, was in the ?fflce. *"d was j
somewhat injured. ^e pUot, Mr. B. R. Packed, j
bad just stepped on to the hurricane deck from the ,
wbetlhouM? when the explosion occurred ; he reoeiv- j
CVsjK7tiin, of the United States Army was on !
board, but escaped with little injury. A little bo?, .
his sou, about four or Ave years of age, was badly
bUThe first and second Engineers are at the Hos
pital, and hurt so severely, that their recovery is con
sidered hope less. Their names are A. and F. Hardy,
brAttho time cf the explosion the boat was lying
about opposite the foot of Chesnut street, bhe was
owned by the Keokuk racket Company, valued at
{18,000, and insured for|5.000, against fire, In the
telaware Mutual Insurance Company.
After the explosion took place the boat caught Are,
but it was soon extinguished.
A Mr Jones, a merchant of Linn Creek, Musouri,
Is supposed to be lost, as his baggage has been lound,
but he is missing. ... , *
Tie Louisville packet Pike arrived a few minntes
after the accident, crowded with passengers, about
fifty of whom intended to t*ke parage on the ill
fated boat, and were only prevented by being a few
minutes too late.
The Rev. B. J. Gassaway, lector of St. Gewge s
Church in this city. He was a passenger on board,
on his way to Springfield, Illinois, to which he had
been invited to deliver a course of lectuies. He was
dreadfully wounded; his skull fractured and his leg
broken in two places, be-ides the injury received by
Inhaling steam. Soaie of his friend* who went to
the levee after the explosion, recognised him only by
the white cravat be wore. When found he was
speechless, blackened, and disfigured by the explo- ,
sion. He was removed to the store of Charles Der
by, and tbence to his residence, where he expirid at |
four o'elock yesterday afternoon. Mr. ti. came to thia
city from Georgetown, D. C , as associate rector of
St. George's Church, and in that capacity, and
afterwards ss rector, he had given much satisfaction
to his iieople, and endeared himself to all true
Christians in the city who had made his acquaint
ance. It is a slagnlar and sad lisson taught by his
sudden demise. Not two week ? sinoe he buned
from his church one or his cosgragation who bad
come to an untimely end, and the taxt he then im
pressed on his hearers, was this:?
all fl??h i. M it M., and tb. glory of as. tat
flow.r of g?ass. TSe srasn withsr.ta, ?d theflowsr
tb.rool fadnth away, birt tie wort ot ths Lord eadama
for*r?r. .
True enough? true enough ! And in his own sud
den and frightful death the pastor still preaches .
Who will heed the awful word and lesson ? The
vestry of St. George's Church and the Yonng Men s
Christian Association have taken measures to mark
their sense of sorrow on this distressing occasion.
Fkvorite Hardy, Second Engineer, died yesterday
afternoon at the hospital. On the way to the hospi
tal be became Insane froiu the intensity of his suffer
inns, and releasing himself forcibly from those wha
wire removing him, ran some distance on the street
Daniel Keele, deck hand, died at the hospital.
Nace, a negro man belonging to Capt. Adams,
and George Kinney or Kinley.a negro fireman, were
killed instantly, making five person, exclusive of
those missing, who are known certainly to have per
ished by the explosion.
wormian and mssi'O.
Rrevet Major D. C Buel, Adjutant General's De
parta-.ent. U.S. Army, was severely injured bv In
haling steam. He received a woand frem a splinter
in the side. Hopes are estertainsd of his recovary.
Majer Richard C. Gatlin, Seventh U. S. Infaatry,
was wounded sJightly.
Master Gatlin, son of Major Gatlio, is serlomdy In
jured, sad fears sf a fatal tertninaHoa were enter
tained yesterday. They ara at the Planter*' House.
Of the guests at tae City Hotel, who were te leave
oa the l>oat, Wm. F. Woo'fold, or Weolfolk,U mie
si"g, wid supposed tn lie loat. .... ?
Mr. Dean, and Mr. Msntgomery, of Illinois, re
tamed, slightly Injured.
fnii the Monroe Hsnse, Mr. Long, of Kentucky,
received some slight injury. .
F It. Torhert, L'na Creek, Ma; shoulder badly
wounded, and thre* wounds on tht head.
H A Mamey.Linn Craek ; lugs affected by in
haling steam. He was thrown overboard, swam to a
boat, and was drawn out. Both are i* a eendition
of cotsiderable danger. . ~
John Jones, of the firm of Jones. MeClnrg a C?-,
of Linn Creek ; missing. His baggage was re
Of other passengers on board, Mr. Powers, railroad
engineer, was slightly wounded. Blown overboard
and swam ashore.
John Stewart, of AUon, badly scalded.
Mr. Irwin^ cf Springfield, 111., blown on shore; not
Hanson B iloreland, formerly clerk at the City
Hotel, wounded in the bead.
.1 bo I. Edwards, Chester, Illinois, badly scalded.
Ojit J ihn A. Bruner, master of the boat, w as
wm.i.dci slightly.
James Godfrey, cletk, scalded slightly.
t-cvei tl other jcrsons, perhaps five or six, whose
nai?? 1 "< tf ri0t reported, are known to have reoeiv
id s lift tit seal is or contusions.
Riroann misbiho.
Tie fnlliwlrg persons, reported to be missing,
hive -iree W ? n sreouated for and are safe:?
ltev Mr. Ilitrh and lady, and Wm. Huntley, of
V.iivuly, I il . purchased passage ticketa, hot were
| fitta'i.ei' in ti e city.
OUr:, and Miss Hanrlson, of Lebansn, HI., ara
li.'tvcfl to Vc tt. heard the Weateroer, new on a
| |A--iaga dewu tL? I'ftr.
J aha Stephana, bar kw per af the Kate Kearney,
reporif J m>s*iajr, wealed the exploeioa without in
jur? of any conwquehce.
Mr Job n Jomm in ainoag the nnmb?r of perieni
w?e hwd *>>;? o on tbe Kate Kearaey r??
trriiiy . ti.fi af whom no tidinfe bar* I.mb ra??iv*4
tiuee the d)???ter. It U koowa th?t b? ?tm oa
b '?r<, and Mttiiif at tb? time with tire fri?fid?, b>th
of whom escapsd with life, but be, it ia ptobablr, was
b'own far into tbe rirer by Uia ?Z|?loeloa, a* n<> traoea
have been loard of him, a!'.hi*?h hu frleada ware
Diakliif auxioua neareL lor him au day ie*i*rd*y. Mr.
Junes v?m oh hia way :o tue Beat, aad had ia hia
B t-taion checks far large amonota of monay. Hia
gage waa found on board the boat.
We are gratified at bei.ig able to announce, since
the above was in tjpe, that the Ear. Mr. Hitch was
?ot oa board, u? was at one ti*e snppoeed. Ha had
however, takwi ticket*; hot iraa unavoidably detained ?
this probably gave ri-e to tha apprehension that ha
Dl'f hv bare bean on board.
We bave been able to obtain a few mora partliula.-a
this morning. la addition to thoie publiahed ia our
extra of jnsterd ay.
Amoeg the pwuengera were two gentlemen by tha
name* lor P. T. and W. E. Temple, brothers. They
were both in tha social ball at* the time, and were
blown Into the river, but lacceadad it making their
t?*"f ?bore. Their injuria* wera very slight
and M. T. Bopar badly scalded. Bath these geati*
men were stopping at the Virginia HoUl.
Mr. Isaac Bnnker, merchant at Brunswick, Mo.,
was severely lajured.
/ears entertained in regard to the fate of Mr.
John Jones. of Linn Creek, Osage county, in this
6tate, are donbtiess realized. His rrieads In this city
nave made diligent starch, and no doubt remains of
bin being loot. Be together with Mr. Maury, his
j.artrer la business, tlid Mr. Torbert, wera sitting
around the fcwve in the sccial hall whsa tha exnlo
sion U>ak place. Mr. Maasey wa a blown into tha
river, and swam ashore, landing aome d-.staoae b;l*w
Market street Mr. Torbstt escaped, fortunately,
with ouly a few Flight injuries Mr. John L. Ed
ward*, of Osage county, was iejared, though not
dangerously. He is well provide* for at the resi
dence of a friend on Pine street.
A man, whoee name we did net learn, waa thrown
upon the deck of the ateamer Sam Claon, the next
bout below the Kate Kearney, with such nolens
that one a' bin arms wu breken. Me was taken by
some < f hie friend* and property attended to.
.,w.r; Base states that he was eoming on shore from
the (.rani Tower when the explosion took place, and
that lie haw three i*:r?eos thrown with the fragment*
of tinrUr in tie air a?o fall in the river.
T he Sam Cioon had the after ruard of the
la??ea cabio K>m?irhat injured.
Late I ant evening wa paid a visit to the Sitters'
Hospital, and found, amonir the list of names above
iiienii<n,ed. tiat throe had died, vir.: ? F. H?rdy the
secoi.d tnginear ; Dade) Ksefe and Ob*rlefCorence.
The latter died abont dark list evening, af^r suffer
l!!S. IS! k"*1 ??ony, haying bo;h lag*
and both ars.s broken.
..V'! J^iS1 the, ,lnfoftunate victims ssemed to be
as comfortable as the painful circumstances in which
they were placed would admit of, having the best
medical asebUnce, and provided with kind and gen
tle nri-e? to administer to\heir enfl'vrings.
Iu tbis connection we would state that great ?r*iie
is due Cunt John E. D. Courens, of the night po ice
for h s viduab e aid and exertions ia bebaif of these
pi.Ct r'j.ir n.?n. Amcmg the very fir?t at the bo?t, he
lamnvd inoeceantiy in re*cuing aiid providing far tha
sufferers ; and although the duties of his siation
dnriig the Light bad called for much of his attention
jet lie cbecrfuily devoted the dav in ministering to
the ii*cfpwiie? of the sfflicted. It ia nil ?<e flr>t
!**i C?:*n. has shown himself a true man on
similar occasions, and we voluutaiilv and cbeerfullv
accord him this prsiso. J
Wc have beard several exp'anations attempted to
be given as to the cauae of the explosion. As a com
petent tribunal will be called upon te Inquire into tha
matter we refrain from giving the varieus rumors.
Tbat there was no water in the boiler is pretty evi
dent: t be effesta of the explosion clearly indicate thia
fact. 1 he victims liad more ths appearance o! being
searched than scalded. The boat was an old ana
too old to be en ployed m a passer rer to fa# I where
?oaaany lives are daily at risk. It may be said, in
extenuation, that her employment was only tempo
rary, and growing out of the necaisity of the case?
two cf tbe Alton Company's boats having been de
stroyed this winter, ana it being a very diffioolt mat
?uIPr)1^ th#Lr P'*068 tbn? ?*rly In the seasem
Althouf h i owned by the Eoekok Company, the boat
was, at the time, in the management of tbe Alton
Compaoy, and ruuiing to connect with tke railroad.
Two gentlemen stopping at tha Plaatera' Hoasa
had engaged their passage to gooa the boat, aud had
given oiders to the porter to wake them up ia time.
By some meai.- they were a little behind, and
expressed great dia**tufactton. Intent, however,
upon getting on baaid if poeaihle, they started at
S flu) run down Chestiut street, and got npot the
levee jast ia tine to aee the boat blown into frag
uPnifn r^ri?BlTirt!!2 1<k3y P??ng?H on board,
, , . .iDd, Miss narriaon, who escaped naiaiared,
being in the ladies' cabin at the time. During the
excitement, and in their fright, they puaed over to
tliesteam^t Westerner, lvlng alongsidT
Mr. H. B. More land, of the City Hotel, was stand
iug in the front part of the boat, and "treat up and
^ed?!n; " says, with the cabin; his head
ilj^jy wc?ped without aay other seriou
The father and seme other relatives of the Messrs.
rlZhZ' ??;.,""' *"? ,"Urd'J
?e,tIcni?? WW? laggards in bed at the
I laatere House yesterday morning, and failed to
get up m lime to take their pasaage on board tha
H intended to do. It was a
fortnnate night s sleep for them. The friends of two
ot three, who knew of their lntentian to leave in
?i*n J40! et* wVe 8i*?tly relieved whea, after
on ineffectual search at the river, th?y examiaed
their rooms and found them there, safe aad sound.
[FromthaBt I/-n1* IVmiwi", K?h 111
Charles Currence, the German, both of whom; legs
f *^1*.wereL bo ken 0B 016 Kearney, has
slnco died at tbe Siiters' Hospital. While we wera
down yertsrday, E. G. McKinttra, another ef the an
fortntate sufferers, was on the point of death. A
piece ef a shirt was found on an adjoiniog boat im
mediately after the blowing np, on which was tne
name of J H. Bowman. He may be one of those
Who were drewmrd.
The friends of Major Bull are quite cenfl Jiit of
b s recovery from toe injuries sustained by the ex
plosion on ooard the Kate Kearney, on Thnreday
morning last. He was better yesterday though suf
fePDg frcm tbe truises which he received about the
btad and liom the steam thrown npon him.
D^flrnctlve Flu in PtUnbarg, V*.
tr. ratL s cnuacH irumo dowk-$120,000 w^bth
or rm.FaitTT rnrraorio.
r^ra tha P?Mr.h?rc r?b 17 ]
Last night, hbont tan minutes U eleven o'cloek,o*r
eitizaas were again aroused by tbe startling ery of
b* tbe b ir?tiag forth
from the root of the large t ibaceo fcotory en Syca
more street, occupied by Meeera. Williams A Brooke.
A few minutes after iu dieeovery fhe entire boild
r1* ln * ?beet of flame, and all efforta
to save i? proved utterly bopeleee.
The intenee heat speedily oemnunlcated to the
^ "plendid Proleataat Bpiscepa: Church,
J ??) I"1 aorth, and to the new block of
buildings on the south, whieh are now as we write
horning furicstiy from top to bottom.
Tbe Centre Warehoese, Msasra. Wj?tt t Bliek.
Iosiwetors, is also on fire, and it is Mkought will be
entirely consumed. T?e obursh U a total lam, the
ahwyle having fallen in.
_ Tne t???ouni, flre In number, were occnpied by
the following genUemea No. 1. By Mr. Wm In
gram , dealer ia teas and fancy goods. Loss, to, 0*0:
inoiired fur |5 000. ' * ' '
Mo. 2. Occupied by Mr. Samuel A. Brown, as a
and boggy wareroom. Mr. Brown's fajally
resided above, and bo owned the bmJding. Lo*
pr? bahly 110.000; insured for $3,000.
No. 3. Owned by Mr. Dinwiddle Grhrg, an! eocn
C ? hy hu below hv Moarrs. Grig* j
? ( "gl'Jl. commiaaion merchants. Mr. Grigg is Tu
si:r*d. but it is impossible at thta late honr to aaoer
tain to what amount, so great is the conateraation
No A Oeotipled bv Mr. A. n. Jae imean . recently
fW m Nortolk, a.s a ?amilv grocery, and owned by Mr.
Dinwiddie Grigg. Mr. Jagneneau is not Insured for
a dollar. We presume there is an insurance on the
No. 5. Occupied by Messrs. Wyatt A Bllck, In
spr ctcre, ai an office.
Bt Paul's Church was built about ten years ago,
we learn, at a cost of some $30,000, and U*t summer
wa?M?j>lendld,y repaired throughout. Insurance for
Never wss tbe scarcity of water so painfully mani
fest. Hal there I* en even a moderate supply of
this eesentlal element, the flre could easily have
been confined to the tobacco ftctory ia which it
Four engines were on the spot immediately, bat
nt least thirty miintes elapsed before a stream conld
be nroenred, and that gave out as soon as the pool
at Jarrat's Hotel was exhausted, for no where else
ccnld It lie cb'alaed.
The tcWoo was all rolled ont from Centre Ware
house, and Washington and Union streets, for some
distat ce, are completely blocked op with hogsheads.
As we dow close, fifteen minutes to one o'clock, be
ing compelled to do so to save our South-Side and
Northern mails, the flre is raging furi6osly, and ecri
oua fears are entertained that the southern depot
will burn. Tbe company's officers and bands, and
tbe citix**s generally, are laboring with all their
might Wo hope it may be aaved, for If that im
mee>e building earns, there i* no a&e can foretell the
ultimate result
We have since learned tke flre was confined within
the above described limita, having been subdued
abont two o'clock in the morning.
Omr Bwlw Cornip<ma?BM.
Boston, Feb. 18, 1854.
Tht Frtt Soil Convention of the Uth ? Anti Nt
brtuk* llfiblret mwl Mtetingi ? Ltgslativt
>,3oJg*ng''?MdUorial Conv?*tion-.liuch/irgt
of Noyu Mann ?A Striti ?f Forgtr u and
Fi ght of tht Furgtr?Ma.'.iachuutti Appo nt
H gid Enjorcrment of tht Liquor Law ?
L" Uill ? Catnlr tlge- Esstx County ? Tiie Su
jrrmt Crmrt m?d the L qucr Ltto?Jllneia < J tht
M*n. Sumutl Hear.
The Free Soil Contention at Fanentl Hall oa
Thursday had a fair Attendance in the forenoon, a
very foil one in the afternoon aiid a slim one in the
evening. It would bare been a much greater affair
but for the condition of the wea'hw, which was in the
fir?t half of the day '? mow above atd slush below,"
with the slush continuing. Cold*, influenzas and
ao forth, ore not to be lightly encountered, even by
the moat fiery eoalut The apeiklng was good ;
some of it very effective. There is to be a meetiog
of all parties on the question next week at the same
place, and meetings are called In other cities and
towaa. I aboald say, that with tbe increased chances
of thfcblll fceiLg killed in the House, the excitement
ia on the rise. Ten or twelve days ago, though the
opposition to the measure was perhaps as strong as
It Is at this moment, scarcely a person could be met
with wbo believed that the projsct of the Illinois
Senator could be thrown out. It was regarded as
booked for certain success. Now as naaay belie vs
that it will be beatei aa there are believers in its
success. Soma believe that the administration is in
reality and at heart hostile to the measare. As the
late Mr. Ritchie n*ed to say, we shall see.
The Nebraska resolves passed our Senate manl
measly, sixteen Senators being absent. Tae demo
cratlc members, ail of whom owe their seats to
the rotes of tit* soilers, are accused of having
" dodged the qusetion." I only know that not one
?f their number voted either for or agaiast the reso
lutions. Tbe House ad >pted them by a vote of 246 to
13. Of the 13 noes nine were coalitioa denosrata,
beaded by Mr. Whitney of Coaway, two were whigs,
and tbe other two were hunker democrats, eaeo'the
number belag Dr. Wales, the hunker candidate for
Governor. As there are about ten hunkers in the
House, the rust cither voted for the resolutions or
"dodged." There were fifty ab^ettees from the
Hoase when the rote was takea. At the final vote,
on the engrossment, the number of abscatses was
much larger. Mr. Whitney's course has astonished
Borne people, aa he his been a thorough going coali
tionist, holding office under It during the whole time
of it# existence, and elected by ite voters to the Le
gislature and to the constitutional convection. It
has always been understood that be was one of the
m<*t uKfal and pfflclsnt or those leading democrats
who had so mncb to do wUh bringing about the elej
tiou of 11 r. Bumrer to the Uu'ted States S.mate.
I understand that taere is to be aa editorial con
vention held here next we?k, for the purpose of
taking some measures fur raising priccs and otherwise
improrlBg the condition of tbe newspaper publishing
business. It is, if mv information be correct, to be
held at the Tremtti* Totep'e, on the !22d , ( Wednesday
?ext.) Something of the kinS would seen to bs highly
necessary, for while tke puces of everything ease
hsre been incretsed, that c' newspapers remains
where It was betore the placeis of California had be
come known to the world. There is likely to be a rev
olution worked ia the busiaess by thiB change of val
ues, and perhaps some establishments may go down
arnJer tbe erewuio. Itiasuppoeedjtbateffbrts will be
made, whether a convention shall meet er nr., to
raise the price of tbe tw?>-cent papers to three cents,
and that of tbe penny papers lo two cents. Noth
ing however, can be usefully done except through
concerted and conbined action. Mere individual,
disconcerted scion, except on tbe part of some few
powerful conoerns, would probtbly cause more harm
than good. 9'bere la not so much disparity, how
ever, between the Bostoa daily papers as theie is be
tween those of New Tork, in point of support, if
what we bear of the condition of tbe latter bo cor
rect The weekly i-apero, too, of Boston, arc not so
well ropported as thois of New York, sneaking gen
erally, though two or three of their nnmW are very
Noyea Mann, til was arrested and imprisoned oa
the caarge of having been concerted in the Sher
borne murder, baa been set at liberty, the grand jury
not being able to tad a bill against him. Tliia will
leave voutg Chapman to swing, now that the prac
tice ef hanging has been restored here. A.11 bat ona
of the pe rasas arretted on suspicion of having been
ooiicened in the Marlboro' murder have been dis
ehargad, Daiiiel Flvnn alone having been committed
A case ef rural forgery, or serisa of forgeries,
bac lust come to light. A jwrson whe resides in oat
ef the Middlesex county towns, near by the New
Ma saps hire border, has been taking in some of the
banks at a fine rate. He had placed the names of
men af gaed repute oa hi# pap or and precured its
discoaiit, some at one of the Middlesex banks and
the rest at a bank in Worcester county. It seams
that some of the meney thas obtained had been uied
to take up othsr forged paper. Just before the sail
ing of the California steamer of the Gih of February
the IndiTidaal left his home, with a large amouat of
Iff f*(te, and has not since been directly heard of,
but there is a good deal of circumstantial evideaoe
that leads to the eenelusion that ha sailed in the
Geergia. The Middlesex bank did not learn that it
had discounted forged paper until the 13th of Feb
ruary. Had immediate actioa been taken, be might,
perhaps, hare been arrested : for when a despatch
was sent to Nerfolk, on the day that the California
steamer sailed thenee with the Georgia's passengers,
the Teste! bad only beeu gone three hours, it is
said that he will be " sent for,'' in spite of the dis
tance, ss ai fry are some of those who have been
swindicd. The forger had previously borne a very
fair character, and was last summer appointed
i'o^tmaster of his town, from which place he
was removed in November, though aet for any
cam* iell?cting on his private charaiter. It ia
not impossible that he mav have forged notes
that have not yet " turned up." He managed
tba whole business with a good deal of shrewd
new, and showed at much skill as aught to have
made him comfortably well off if applied to the
transaction of lmsest pursuits. I bare heard ef but
lour notes that he forged, two of which he paid,
while the otbere are in the condition of most news
^r bills of the old school? aot paid, and not likely
paid in a hurry.
We nave reports that Hr. Hildreth's nomination aa
Postmaster at Lowell] has been withdrawn by the
Presieent, and that tne same disposition has been
made of the nominations of Dr. Loring, as Poetmaster
at Balem, and of Mr. Josselyn, as Surveyor of the
Port of Balem and Beverley. These gentlemen are
said to be too much abotitloniz*d for the Senatorial
WlWl A a they are ceither better nor wor* in that
respect than fifty other persons whe have been ap
pealed to office ia New Eagiand, and eoafirmed, it
seems to me that the Senate and toe admiaistraiion
are getting to be mighty nice all of a suddea.
Mr. Bourcicault had a geod benefit at the Natioaal
last evening, and made a happy speech whea ca led
out. Miss Kobertcon had a " crammed and lammed"
boiwe the aame evening at the Museum, it being her
lah? appearance. Mr. Roberti will commence a
round of tragic characters at the Howard on Mon
day evening. He oomee here w th a high reputation.
In Lowell, the Maine law Ls to be enforced with
gr< al rigor, the Board of Aldermen naving passed
aa order directing the City Marshal to act promptly
atxi vigorously ia the business, and requiring all the
police oflicers aad watchmen of the eity to report all
sa?es of violation of the statute with which they
amy become acquainted. This moat be a consider
ate disappointment to the rum sellers of Lowell,
who believed that with the downfall of the coalition
there would he an eud of the law? an infereaoe that
aufht to have been somewhatdisturbed by facts that
pawed under tbeir own eyes. After the law
went iDto deration it was stringently enforced in
Lowell and that eity wan quoted Dy all the temper
ance people ns an example of what conld be Blade te
come about with honovt men to carry oat the law's
provisions. In State politics Lowell was on the ooa
! It ion fcidc; but the municipal government was in
whig bands; ss that the laws existence was due to
one party, and 1U etifereemmt in Lowell to another.
Bat after the coalition went " down among the dead
men," the manicipai authorities of L? well, for soaie
reason or other, became slack In tbeir temperaase
movement* and rum was plentiful as sin; aad
its twin children, misery and crime, became ease
more abundant Thus things have remained
until now, when the temperance aeal of the
local government, like a fire that has bean raked np,
has biased oat, blue in its appearance and consuming
in iss wrath. It is, however, bat fair to state that
this zeal is by no means ooaflned to L iwell. There
exists a strong feellqg on the subject cf putting do wa
the liquor traillc a'l over the commonwealth, vary
fe* Ib intensity, to be sure, and more rabid in some
Cirtera than in ethers. 1 issex county appears to be
sr?t of a mast animated war, carried en by the
reformers against the demons that used to labor at
"Daacen Hues' distillery," a fleet that ooxht to be
very gratifying to the Rev. Mr. Cheerer. The cases
three are umaaroos, the caa fictions not a fhw, and
the punishments the reverse of light. Cambridge
is Mother place when the law is pretty strongly oat
ried out, the most respectable classes there? aad
Cambridge society is the very Doe gold of ' respecta
bility"'? uniting to assert the law's supremacy. But
the worst for tbeftrade has not yet been commenced,
and will not be nntll aOer the Legislature shall have
decided oc tie fate of the law itself aad the Supreme
(. tart has bad the courage tq express an opinion as
to the ooMtitatioralitj of boom of it* provWona. As
to the Legislature's action, although I find that Mm*
mambera are of opiaioa that the Uw will be repeal
ed, or ew<entially modified who thought differently
a mouth ago, I do not believe that it w 11 experiaooe
either fate. My opinion of its continuance u found
ed on political eomdd?ratieaa, as I know that
the whigs. with their absolute control over beth
bouses, will not dare to tike the responsibility of re
pealing the law. or emasculating it Bad they a
small majority they might do aoinethlng; but no*,
with their power, they dare not act, or the temper
ance mea would place everything to their aooount,
and. perhaps, stake them aufferfor It Mr. Wiggin,
1 hare to wait a while longer for the
death of the law and the triumph of the juf.
We hare accounts of what the Supreme C>urt has
done en the question of the coastitotionalitT of the
Uw, but nothing reliable. It is said that the venera
ble judges wsre very noisy and vehement in soae at
their discussions, much to the unediflcatlon of the
frequenters of tb? Law Library, hard by whioh they
brd their meetings. It is supposed that we
not have their decision in fall until some time in
I regret to learn that the Hon. Samuel Hoar is ly
ing dangerously ill at his residence ia Cjncord,
Mass. He contracted a cold some weeks alaoe, while
attending the funeral of a friend, and the disease,
whioh he at first thought lightly of, has assumed a
very tiave character. He would be muoh missed
shouldne die, he having filled a very prominent part in
Massachusetts for half a century? a member of Con
gress, and of various branches of the Stato govern
ment He is new seventy-seven years old.
Alqo MA.
' Another Tornadi In Ohle.
[Ocrrosfondoaoo of the Cincinnati Oommtreial 1
Harrison, Ohio, Feb. 14, 1864.
To-day, about four o'clock, P. M.. the town ef Har
rison, (2? miles northwest U Cincinnati) was visited
a fearful and destractive tornado, tearing down
dwellings, stables, Jtc. The course of the currant of
i I?e*rl7 the southwest to nortaeast, and
the width of its track wss about one hundred yards.
AJ.hu?.<er ?*<>??' u" frem about N. W., with
indications of a heavy rain, which was realised. Pro
?abl j tea or Iftoen miaatea after the comraencenteal
CnP'JrJb toe tornado oame dowa the White Water
him .N _r ? ofJk? t0,ra' P"1 ?kb<mt west Of Godless
mill, leaving in its tratk a prostrated and broken
fueet. It crowed the canal just north of Galley's
mill, and struck the tiwn in the direction of the
Pre ebjterian Church, and crossed tlie pike near the
east end ef the town. It left in its track such destroe
tion and desolation as we have never before seen,
?anses. stables fences, trees and out-bui'dtngs were
prostrated, and in many cases bliyru into ttw ad
joining lota. We were on the ground in a few min
utes after tba destination, and gathered up ia a his'y '
manner the items ef destruction and loss. There are
of coune many omissions in the individual losses. A.
voting msn by the ssme of Wm. Pruden had his leg
broken, a*d 1 renas Hainan was dangerously wounded,
and several others sre more or less injured, but no
lives lost It is a miraele, toe, for several houses and
aheps were entirely blown down. Ia one shop five
men were at work, and the building was entirely de
molished, yet they escaped by crawling from under
the building. Same of the items of loeeee an as
The first building the storm struck was Crat's car
penter shop. Loss about $100.
Rice & Thompson's ctrpt Liter shop was a fine two
story building, 40 by 24 It was apparently a strong
built tOiop, but the wind (strange as it may appear)
blew the lower story from uaaer the upper story?
resBOviug the former some distance, and the latter
falling nearly on the fQiniation. The reef was en
tirely blown away. The loss probably $300.
Mr Fiber's tavern utand, a bric\ bui'ding, was
unroo'td, and the nppcr ssory badly injured. Loss
John Stogre's brick house, gable end blown In,
and other injuries. Loss, $200.
Abrani L. Cloak's fine brick residence Is entirely
in ruins, the roo' and seond ?tory off, and the balance
cracked. The lose li the full prise of t*ie building.
His family was ia the lower story and nnhurt.
The Presbyterian Chursh, a new building fast
finishid, and the finaat ornament to the town. The
roof was tarn off, and the gable end blown down.
ike fine steeple stands and is not much injured.
hoae who saw the storm say that the roof rose per
pendicular, and patsed off to the northeast, entirely
over tlie steeple, and was scattered over the neighbor
ing lots and houses. The entire plastering of the
church will be ruined unless roorei in a few days.
The lees will be ftim $1,000 to $2,000.
Mr. Jackson's pottery Is badly demolished. Loss
probably $200.
Daniel Wise had a new stab'e destroyed, fences
down. Loss. *100. Cows and hogs killed.
Henry Wipe's loes in stable and fence, $75 or $100.
Mr. Yager's cooper shop blewn away, aid the roof
frem his dwelling. Everything about him a perfect
wreck. Loss, $400 or $500.
Wm. Shroyer, end of dwelling stove in by roof of
ehurch. Less, $100.
Dr. Sweeny's stable entirely demolished, bat horse
Richard Penny's dwelling damaged probably $100.
B*bt Calvin, stab's blown entirely away. Loss,
Samuel Ball lost a nsw frame building, two stories
high, 42 by 24, an entire wresk, tearing away the
Geo. Oyler, tavern stand, r ?of stove in. Loas light.
Robt Keen, stable blown down.
Oliver Miller, stable blown dewn.
P. Bruakle.d. a good stable destroyed.
Abner Garard, a good stable destroyed.
Peter Helmoy, roof off dwelling. Loss, $100.
Two or three dwellings belonging to the Cincin
nati, Harrison, and Indianapolis Railroad Company,
areaiightly injured.
Daniel Jenup, a frame dwelling, in a perfect wreck,
roof off, and aome rooms blown away. Lose, $400.
Mr. Doermeud's barn destroyed.
Mr. Dohell, stable down and other buildings in
Thos. Green, dwelling, roof off. Loss, $100.
Joeeph Barrow's shop was entirely demolished,
and his building unroorad. Loss, .$500.
Mrs. Lawrence's dwelling about the same as de
stroy ed.
There were about fifty dwellings, stablei and shops
either totally destroyed or badlj injured. The storm,
however, passed evar that part ef the town where
most were email buildings. The entire lose will not
exceed $25,000.
? We have not beard from the track of the storm
from either way southwest or northeast, but we fear
much destruction is in the track.
In the storm bere to-day, one man was blown oat
eftbe street and landed in a lot Bags of wheat
were blown ont of a wagon. Sticks of timber were
whirled through the air like feathers. There is now
a large scantling or joist sticking into the gable end
of a name building, twenty feet from the ground.
It had been taken ?p by the wind and carried along
endways with such force as to drive it through the
frame and stick there. There are various hard
varna I could tall, but they can only be believed fay
being seen.
Tin Rntalan fl??t in the Black Sea.
[From th? London AdrarlMr]
Tbe moot recent accsnnt of the Russian fleet in
tbe Black Sea wo have Is in tbe following letter from
Ode**, which gives sonic interestiag detailara
speating its present organizat?n, and which adds
that it has recently bad a portion of the officers ud
crews of the Baltic fleet transferred to it: ?
The Commander iu-Chief of all the Russian naval
force is Admiral Prince llenschikofl', aide- de-c imp
of (be Emperor. The chief commander placed im
mediately under hi* orders Is Admiral Berch, who
has under him, as chief of the staff general, Vioo
Admiral KornilofT Be has also at his disposal, far
the exigencies of tbe service, two general offioera.
Rear- Admiral Vergopoulo and lfetlioe.
Tbe active naval forces of the Black Sea are oom
poeed of the Fonilh and Fifth divisions, and attba
present moment consist of a total of eighteen ships
of tbe line and twelve frigates.
The Fourth division is placed nnder tbe command
of Vioe-Admlral Salnlapauski, who snper*ded Vwa
Admiral YurieffL It is com poiied of three brigades,
each consisting of three ships of the line aad two
frigates. The first brigade is commanded by Rear
Aomiral Novoesilsky; the second, by Rear- Admiral
Y ukovitch II.; and the third, by Rear- Admiral
The Fif h division is commanded by Vice-Admiral
Nakhimofl I.; like the other division, it also consMa
of three brigades, each of three ships of the Hoe and
two frigates. The first brigade Is commanded br
Rear-Admiral Yurakin I.; the second by Rear Admi
ral fiitastoin. and the third by Rear- Admiral WnlC
Tne nominal crew of each vessel is 1,100.
Decides tlie eighteen ohiio of tbe line and
frigates composing these six brigades, the Black Baa
fle?t also includes a number of vessels of inferior
ruk, rach as corvettes, brigs, and steamera.
The present Go*ernor of Sebaatopol ia Vice-Adm^
ral I/ermantoff; the mllltaiy commandant i, Vteo
Admiral Sinnkovitob, and the second in command la
Vice- Admiral RogooBa.
l/osa or tvb Bra**** Am ?zomia on the H ?t?
hippi? The staamer Amazonia left this port far Mam
phia Tuesday. When at Rattlesnake Landing, be
low the Maramec, she struck a rock whiah cnt aar la
two and aba sunk in five minates. After striking, tha
passengers were excited and got ashore as soon aa
thry oould. It is believed that all were aavad ax
cet ? two who were mL-eiag. Their namea are aot
known. A lady passenger waa rescued by Mr.
Highet, of the Caroline just as she waa sinking tar
the last lime in the water, aad her life saved, fha
An tzarian was in charge of Captain Join W. Oir
rol' . and has heen a regular packet in the Cairo aad
Mrranhi? trade. 8 ha waa an old bat substantial boat.
T*f Amazonia waa own ad by Captain John W. Car
roll, who wa? in command, and Captaia Johnson,
who was acting as alevk. liar value wa? $14,000,
and was insnred fnr |8,000, aa followt>? New Tark
City Agency, Stegg, agent, for *2,500; Charleston
Agency, $1,600; Columbia, $2,000, and Northwaak
nn Agency for $2 000 ? all of thia city ? St. Leai
| RifMbl'can, Ftb, IT.

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